Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 2, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 2, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. SAitmDAV Even two, May 31. During tho past week the money markets both East and West have grown easier. It is possible, .that tbo foci that tbo National Bonks havo re ceived tho call for their statement, and naturally do not expect to havo another oho sooh, induces thorn to lot out money a little more freely, but aeido from this tho supply of money seems to bo Increasing. Deposits at the bonks are as largo os I they havo boon for six months, and tho supply of money offered in the open market is largo .enough to mako a good demand for business A sboro ia considerable currency being sent to tho various wheat markets In tho Northwest to bo used, doubtless, in paying for wheat which is now coming into tho country stations much moro rapidly than last week. Tho amounts of ,'oar roncy ordered from hero to MUwauooo, Winona, llodwing. and other places in that direction yes terday and to-day Indicate a moro active move ment of tho grain in tho Northwest, and the probability of larger receipts both hero and at liilwankoo noxt week. , Exchange was sold between banka to-day at 515 cents per SI,OOO premium. There baa boon but little done in local stocks during tho past week. The cloarlnga of tho Ohicogo banks, for tho, week were: Cltarimu - Balance* „ $3,007,647.69 $312,003.18 2,030,011.05 253,110.63 8,068,024.80 810,623.22 8,412,205.20 821,076.13 Holiday. 4,253,608.15 453,725.82. Date. . Monday.... Tuesday..., Wednesday, Thursday.. Friday.,,... laturday Total $17,272,487.28 $1,660,006.08 Corresponding week last year. .$15,100,828.18 $1,435,052.39 Messrs. Lunt, Pioslon A Kean quote aa fol lows this afternoon: Buying, ■ Billing. ~n ox no# no# ~118 118# ~llB# 110 .m*? lai# ~IW# 120, .114# lU# .no# ns x „mx us ,U7« 118 118# muQioox' 100 hint, WX H lut, 90# h lot. CsftS3 5>20a0f’62 6-2080f*64 • B-20S Of »65 8-20a0f65, Jan,and July 6-SOs of *67, Jam and July 6-208. cC ’6B, Jan. and July 10-408 U, 8. 6s (now Issue}....* Gold (full weight) Gold Coupons. Gold Exchange.... Sterling Exchange.................. Northern Tadflo Gold T-C05........ Chicago City 75... Cook Coubty Tb Illinois County and Township 10s. KOs War 1813 178 189 130s War 1813.. 186 143 160§ not War 1819 .176 - 187 120s not War 1813 133 110 .Agricultural College Land Scrip..... .... 185 Tlio following quotations of local utooka are furnished by Sfe&ers, Hammond & Qago: Bid, Atkid, Tint National Bank ISO Third National Bank 135 137 fourth National Bank.. 100 Plfth National Bank 137 IdO Union National Bank.,. 135 ... Commercial National 8ank............ 140 ... Merchants’National Bank,. 200 German National Bank 125 130 Manufacturers* National 8ank......... 105 110 Northwestern National Bank 220 Corn Exchange National Bank 120 123 City National Bank 145 Cook County National Bonk. National Bank of Illinois... National Bank of Commerce. Chicago City Bailway West Division Railway North Division Rahway Pnllman Palace Oar Elgin Watch Company 105 Chicago Gas-Light and Coke Company. 108 110 Chamber of Commerce OS 07# Traders* Ins. Co 100 ... .SALES: $10,600 Cook County National Bank at 101. 10,800 Chamber of Commerce at OS. SI,OOO Traders' Insurance at 100. LATEST, New York, May 31.—Money was very easy to-day, opening at 7 per coat for call loans, and closing at 3 to 4 per cent. Foreign exchange was stronger, and primo bankers advanced the ratc&to 108# for sixty days* sterling,and 300# for sight. The actual - business vras at a concee elon of I*lo to # from the asking quotations. There Wore Indications of a demand for remittance on no count of called bonds, and no doubt bankers advanced the rates in anticipation of an increase In this demand before the closing of next Wednesday's mall. Customs receipts to-day, $201,251. The Syndicate, estimates that only $6,500,000 gold Will be paid out In the settlement of tho $50,000,000 S-20 bonds called m for Juno 1. To-day the Assistant Treasurer at this port paid out $3,200,000 gold on this account, Washington cheeks for the same having been presented. The Notional Banks subscribed for $8,000,000 of now fires, payable in gold, •nd tho Syndicate had orders to buy gold therefor, but Tor some time past they have been picking up colled bonds, which answer the same purpose for tho Gov ernment, and facilitate the funding operation. Gold was lower in tho morning, and declined from 110# toll?#, but daring tho afternoon became firm and recovered to 118# at tho close. Tho rates paid Tor carrying ware 1,3,3,4, and 5 per cent, and llat for borrowing. . The Assistant Treasurer paid out to-dny on ac count of interest and in redemption of 6-30 bonds over $4,000,000. During the week $210,000 3 per cent cor till cates were redeemed with legal tenders, which loaves only $30,000 of those certificates outstanding. Clearances, $00,449,000. Governments were dull and steady all day. State bonds ruled quiet; Tonncasoes heavy. The stock speculation was very dull at tbo opening and close, but between the hours of 12 and 1 the deal ings were more animated. The fluctuations, outsldo of Pacific Mail, wore only # lo # per cent up to mid day, but after that tlmo a general advance of V to 1 per cent took place. This, however, was partially lost, but at the close prices advanced again to nearly the beat figures of the day, Thero was no regular call this Afternoon, out of respect to the memory of E. D. . Stanton, a member of tho Board, and this only added to the generally dull condition of affairs. Sterling, 108#. aovznKviCKT soups. Coupons, *Bl 122# Coupons »fIT. 121# 5-20s of \52 HC# Coupons, »68. 110# Coupons, 'O4 110# 10-408 114# Coupons, *55 118# Currency Os lie# Coupons,'6s(new)... 110 New ss, 115# STATS SOKPS. Missouri* *...03# Tennessee*, old 80 Tenncssooe, new 70# Virginias, now 60 Virginias, old 43 North Carollnoe, 01d..28# North Carolina*, now.lo Canton 03 - Western Union 85 •Qufckslhrer..,.. 39 Adams Express; 02 Wells Fargo.... 80 Aznerlcsn Expreas... 68#. United States Ex.... 70# Pacific Ma11;.;.:....140# New York Erie 03# Erie pfd............. 72 Harlem .....130 Harlem pfd 130 Michigan Central... .102 Pittsburgh 87 Northwestern .75 Northwestern pfd.... 83 Hocklslsnd 108# N. J. Central 105 Bk. Paul 65# St Paul pfd. . 72# Wabash. 08# Wabash pfd 80 Fort Wayne...,o3 Terre Hnata. 16 Terre Haute pfd 40 Chicago 4c Alton 109# Chicago h Alton, pfd.llo Ohio 4c Mississippi.. 41# G.,0. 4 0 87 C.,8. &Q 102 Lake Shore,. 01 Indians Central 30# Illinois Central 113 Union Pacific slocks. 37# Union Paclflo bonds. 65# Central PacJfic'bonds.lo3 # Del. Lack. It Western.lo3# Hartford & Erie..... 2# REAL ESTATE. .-•Business in real estate has been rather dull again during tbo past week in comparison with tbo speculative activity of two'months ago. There la, however, still a largo amount of every, class of property being sold except “Inside" business property and Ural-class residence prop erty in tbo central parts of tho city. Tho great bulk of the business is still in tbo sale of cheap lots for immediate improvement, at prices rang ing from S6OO to $1,500 each. Next to this the activity is still ‘ln suburban lands. Wo boar of no loss than four largo solos of land at Washing ton Heights, at prices ranging fsom 61,000 to $1,500 per acre, none of which 1 however, have been finally closed up so as to transfer the land, tbo delay in getting’ abstracts of title being the chief obstacle. Sev-: oral transactions in land near Cornell, and also near tho Northwestern car-shops, are also await ing tbo same kind of document's before they can bo completed. Tho throe neighborhoods above mentioned aro tbo only suburban ones in which' thoro is apodal activity. As for prices, there has boon no noticeable change in any quarter for a •onplo of weeks past. Owners of land In tho three above neighborhoods aro offering a groat deal of land fop sale, but, feeling seouro that the railroad facilities which they now possess must Bfenlually make their property much more valu able than now, aro not disposed to make any concessions lu prices. TUB NOUTHWESTEBN OAB-fIUOrS, The walls of tho round-house of tho North western Company aro now about 10 to 12 feot high, and tbo work is being pushed with tho greatest possible rapidity. As soon from tho Washington Street entrance to Central Park It looks as. big as Fort Homier, and, when It Is re membered that this Is only one of a dozen os big 1 that are to bo built there, It will furnish an' approximate notion of how the whole mass of buildings will help to break up the dead uni formity of tho prairio northwest of the park. . J. D. Harvey has gold within tho last ton daya quite a number of lote in tho Chicago A North western Oar*Bhop Subdivision» for resident pur poses. Tho Wost w Chlcago 'Land Company will commonco tho orootlou of fifteen six-room cot tages in this locality noxt week. A FINE nUBINRBS ULOOK has just boon completed by’the Ewing Eetato, on tho comer-'of West Madison and Peoria slrooto, to bo known as tbo “ Madison Block.” It is a spaoloda throe-story and basement brick with stone trimmings, with 150 foot frontage on Madison and 110 foot on Peoria streets, The first floor is designed for stores (wholesale and retail). Tho second floor is arranged for offices, but will havo also a largo dining hall and billiard hall.' The third floor contains lorty-fivo lodging rooms, single and on suite, which are finely finished, and already furnished and ready for oc cupancy. This iloor, in connection with tho dining-room below, is, iu fact, a now addition to tho hotel capacity of the city. Mr. George Sturgos purchased, a few days ago, two lots 25x150 each, on tho southwest comer of Pine and Huron streets, at $275 per front foot, and will build thoro this spring. Prom tho sales mode by W. D, Korfoot A 00., during the past throe weeks wo select the fol lowing as snowing about tho average range of prices in tho various localities mentioned: 40x100 foot on cast pldo of Fourth nvonuo, between Van Duron and Harrison streets, SIO,OOO. 600 foot on Dupont Blip. $35,000. 25x132 foot on north side of Washington street, be tween-Wood and Lincoln. $4,400. Cottage and lot 130 Park avenue, $5,600. 00x132 feet on south aide of Warren avenue, east of California, $2,000. 00x160 feet on oast side of of North LaSalle street, north of Oak, SIO,OOO. ' 6 lots on Van Horn Street, near Ashland avenue, $4,400. . . . , 20 acres in 800. 15, T. 38, R. 13, SB,OOO. 80 acres in Sec. 30,38,18, $13,000. 80acres in 800. 15,30,13, SB,OOO. 40 acres in See. 29, SO, 13, $40,000. Cottage No. 160 Park avenue on leased lot. SO,OOO. 85x125 foot on Hermitage aVonue Just south of Polk, $3,000. . ' 24x129 feet corner Walnut and Lincoln streets $3,125. 9 lots Dsshloll street, near Thirty-eighth street,sl,loo. TOE WEST SIDE TABES. Tho West Bldo Park Commissioners aro trying hard to put at least a portion of Control park into a condition that will mako It a pleasant . place of resort this summer. Tho sum of about $75,000 has now been expended on this Park, and though' a groat portion of it has boon for rudimentary work, such as drainage, enrichment of tho soil, oto., an area of about ono-tonth of . tbo whole pork has been beautified with green sward and trees, and only lacks now tho comple tion of a fow good walks and driveways to mako it a place of resort. It is intended to put thoso Into a condition that will mako thorn avail able for qbo so as to throw tbo oastom portion of tho Park open to tho public about tho Fourth of July. It is lust about Fontr minutes’drive at an ordinary jog-trot from tbo Oonrt-Honao to Oobtral Park in tbo present condition of tbo roods. If the streets west of Western aventio were improved with gravol or macadam, or oven it tbo dirt road wore rolled so as to bo smooth In dir weather, it would not bo more than thirty minutes’ drive. But for tbo great majority of people who cannot afford to own or biro horses, tbo chief obstacle to a visit to the pork 1b LACK 07 MEANS 07 TRANSIT. The Hodlson street. horse-cars now run no further than Western avenue, though tbo West ' Side Hallway Company have intimated that they will soon extend their track to tbo Groat Eastern Railroad, a distance of a quarter of a mile. This would bring the horse core within ono mile of Control Fork. There is also an endeavor being made by sozno of tbo owners of property between Western avenue and the park to extend tbo track the remainder of the way to the park at their own expense if tbo railway company will operate it. The West Chicago Land Company, who aro largely interested in making the land next west of the park accessi ble, will also probably aid the enterprise. The mam entrance to tbo park for carriages will bo from-Washington street, which within a week will bo roiled so as to make it good driving on tbo natural dirt road from the Great Eastern crossing to tho park. This would only loavo a gap of about % of- a mile of poor road be tween tho pavement on Warren avenue or West Washington street and the part of tbo latter street that will bo made passable in dry weather by rolling. Tbo view from tbo founda tion of - .... iu .... ICO ICS i... 176 . 180 .... 08 100 ...,100 which Btanda directly in tho lino of West Wash ington street, is flno in several directions. Look ing book toward tho city, tho tall splco of tho Union Park Church is tho control object at tho end of the stroot, and, though it is 2# miles dis tant from this entrance to Control Park, it seems not more than one. Looking directly west, tho view is equally attractive. The suburban towns of Austin, Ridgoland, Oak Park, Harlem, River Forest, Haywood, and Molroso are all strung along the Northwestern Railroad, within a dis tance of 7 miles west from tho park. Tbolluo of their location corresponds to tho lino of sight, and has tho effect of grouping them together, so that they appear to be one town, with a group of four prominent church steeples rising from clus ters of whito cottages and trees., ON CENTRAL PARK BOULEVARD connecting Central Park with Humboldt Park a groat deal of work has boon done, and it begins to show what it will bo when completed. Ou tbo entire distance between tbo two parks, about two miles, all tbo various roadways have boon graded and aro ready for tbo gravel, aud six rows of trees of a uniform height of about 25 to SO foot have boon planted which are now alive and grow ing finely. For over amilo north of Humboldt Park also the boulevard bos boon planted with a fine double row of ashes and elms at least SO foot high. In view-of tho limited amount of funds at tbo command of tho 'West Side Park Board they have done much more thah they got credit for in tho popular mind. Oho reason is that their work is, in & manner, isolated and disconnected with tho city by reason of the look of any good driving road, or any convenient means of accosa by horse or steam cars. As for ■ their work in tbo parks, and particularly iu Central Park, it is probable it will NEVER DE FULLY APPRECIATED as it ought. Tho sites of tho various West Side parks were os promising as it was possible for thorn to bo as regards beautification. They were a perfectly doad-lovol of wot, clammy soil, on which nothing but willows or cottonwoods could bo mado to grow, at all. In Central-Park a groat’ oxr ".ration baa boon mado for an ornamental lako, aud tho earth taken from it has booh used to turn tbo original fiat prairio into a gently rolling surface with ele vations from eight to nine foot above tho origi nal surface. These have been mado so natural, and begin to lock bo attractive with their green slopes and groups of trees', that uino persons out of ton would never suspect they wore not mado so by aud that art had only laid out a few walks, trimmed out tho natural growth of underbrush aud trees, and planted some cul tivated shrubs. Whereas, every feature that begins to look as if It might eventually bo made the foundation of something attractive, has boon . created by art. 1 BUMUAHY OP TnANBFEnS FOn THE were. Tho following Is tho total amount of city and suburb an property transferred during tho week ending Satur day, May 31:, City property, number of sales, 160 ; consideration, $873,124. North of dty limits, number of sales, 6; consideration, $29,310. South of city limits, number of sales, 31; consideration, $222,060. West of city limits, number of sales, 1: consideration, $28,800. Total sales, 188. Total consideration, $1,153,920. BatOuday Evening, May 31. Thofollowing woro tho receipts aud shipments of tho leading, articles .of produce in Chicago during tho post forty-eight hours, and for the corresponding day oao year ago: , HEOeiFTS. SHIPMENTS. ' Flour, brls 14,105 10,001 12.202 **10,254 Wheat, bu .... 119,010 67,695 110,780 29,228 Corn, bu..188,200 784,735 308,273 814,830 Oats, bu 187,630 314,093 120,052 160,204 Rye. bu. 3,500 15,109 725 0.104 Harley, bu 0,400 2,700 4,018 19 786 Qrtaa seed, fta..... 45,570 15,000 44,055 8 000 Flaxseed, Iba 22,650 ...... . Broom com, 1ba.... 31,810 'ai,'Bßo ’****o6o Curedmoats,lbs.*.. 168,300 204,540 1341,030 707,638 Hoof, brie 1 | 10 y 00 Fork, brla 051 123 007 ,Laid»H>B. 147,480 38,680 294,705 220,207 Tallow, lbs 79,699 45,040 78,300 Hotter, tba 132,002 134,540 73,500 180,487 Live hogs, No 20,712 82,2731 17,804 19,907 Cattle, No 6,253 6,835 8,761 0,087 Sheep, No 1,009 3,101 Ulgbwlnea, brls.... 580 . -325 385 001 Wool, Jbe 453,304 263,080 203,670 132,177 : Potatoes, bu 13,597 13,132 3,901 900 Lumber, mft 12,450 10,083 6,885 3,980 Sblugles, m 9,327 3,300 3,508 4,755 Lath, ra 708 771 607 232 Bait, brla 9,617 2,650 Withdrawn from store on Thursday and Friday for city consumption s COO bu wheat; 8,429 bu com; 8,748 bu eats; 261 bu rye; 8,620 bu barley. Withdrawn for do during the week: 8,708bu wheat; 10,407 bu com; 17,062 bu oats; 8,770 bu xyej 12,189 bu barley. Thofollowing grain has boon inspected Into store during tbe two days ending with 10 o'clock ; this morning t 204 oars wheat; 446 cars com; 0,800 bu unmerchantable do, by canal; 232 cars THE TIDE MONUMENT, COMMERCIAL. oats? 11 c’ora ryo| 2 cars barley. Total (804 cars), dOO.OOO bu. • .1 v Tho following wore tho receipts and shipments of broadslnffs and stock at this point dating.tho week ending with this morning, and for corre sponding weeks ending as dated t nsonpTs. May 01, Map 54, June I,' ' . , 397.1. 1873, 1872. Flour, brifl 49,122 48,052 83,2(141 ■Wheat, Im .839,050 202,325 160.427 Corn, \m 610,720 674,499 2,118,495 OnU, bu 618,680 420,640 846 103 llyo, bn... 12,014 14,415 01,135 hurley, bu 10,000 . 0,800 10 825 Llvo hogs, No 61,673 61,453 07,223 Cattle, No 20,109 18,029 10,007 BIIITMEKTS. Hour, Iris 41.237 ' 67,803 04,099 Wheat, bu 385,058 411,4)58 183,840 Corn, bu 810,572 704,009 1,000,479 Oats, bu 460,800 448,820 610.041 Ryo, bu 40,725 25,837 26,114 Uarloy, bu 10,883 13,111 28,174 Uvo bogs, No 41,231 46,630 48,294 Cattle. No 17,772 10,404 14,817 The rapid decrease In the amount of oar stocks of groin, especially iu wheat, Is duo to two causes. The receipts are lighter than tho aver age, except in oats, having boon kept back by bad weather, or diverted to other points through dissatisfaction with tbo inspection. Then tho shipping movement Is really a free one, and in such few hands (by loko) that shippers are able to dictate in regard to rates. This being the case, thoro is a uottor margin of profit than usual to tbo shipper. The history of tbo grain trade in tho past shows that fully two-thirds of tho timo our m&rkot has boon relatively higher than New York. Hence shippers have boon losers. Thoro is, howovor. ono important element of loss to shippers in tbo past, which Is only in directly connected with dilreroncos in prico in tho two cities, and which the shippers havo it in their power to remedy. It is a notorious fact that a great proportion of tho grain shipped from Chicago to Now York, by Chicago parties, la Bold to arrive on tho seaboard, ana that such solo lias often boon nothing moro than a call to tho Now York operator. • when thograin is taken all right if thoro bo a profit* In it ; but if iho market havo declined materially between tho times of buying and' arrival iho grain Is carefully inspected, and has often boon refused under each circumstances on the ground that It was not equal to sample. It is useless for tho shipper to protest In such cases, because he has no security, and cannot afford to pay domurrago: honco ho is obliged to .put tho grain on tho market, and perhaps soils It to tho same man ot tho market prico of that day. which may bo several cents below iho price * first agreed upon. It is no wonder that under such circum stances many would-ko shippers hold book; as only a few can wiold capital enough to ho able to tako tho chances. And this. is tho groat secret of onr present low rates of loko freight: tho absence of competition among shippers. It would scorn, howover,'that Ohlcago is now influential enough to havo a voice in the matter, and it is probable that so long as our Oliicago shippers aro obliged to take gram on tbo graded plan their best coarse would bo to insist on dolivoringit by grado, not by sam ple. They coaid then demand marginal referen ces which would prptoct thorn against tho moan evasions from which they havo so severely suf fered In tho post. A good deal. of grumbling is ' hoard on tho Board of Trade In regard to our Chicago iuspoo i tion of grain. A wlmo ago it was com : now it is wheat. A good deal of wheat has boon re cently inspected in as No. 8, which weighs SGK @57 lbs to tbo measured bushel, and is claimed' to bo sound and reasonably clean, as required for No. 2 spring, which need not weigh moro than 6G lbs to tho measured bushel. • Tho receiv ers of this grain claim that thoir principals have not Justice dono them, and will send tho rest of thoir grain elsewhere. We know nothing of tho rights of those cases. Thoro is no doubt that it would bo verr pleasant to some ■ Inspec tors to put grain iu tbo highest grade it will hear, and equally pleasant to some others to exhibit tbeir critical Judgment by spying out reasons for grading tbo other-way. • Thodnty of tho Chief Inspector is to see that neither of thoso leanings bo followed, because any departure from tho golden mean, in oithor direction, is in justice to somo. But tho rules roquiro to bo -properly interpreted, os tho gravest cruelties havo often boon perpetrated in tho namo of Justice, and in accordance with tho letter of tho law. Wo note that several parties who have hith erto resisted tho payment of fees for the oat iuspootion of grain, claiming that they did not wont such service performed, are being throat* cnod with suits, and some have paid rather than go to law. It is understood that some of those gentlemen have offered to tho Commissioners to make up a tost cose; hut that request was not acceded to. It is thought probable that the par ties interested will take concerted action, with intent to prove that tho Stato has no con stitutional right to Qx&ot fees for such service when tho owners of tho grain do not waut tho Inspectors to meddlo with It. THIS MARKETS. The lending produce markets wore moderately, active to-day, and most of them wore steady, though tho preponderant tendency was to weak* ness. Tho business transacted was nearly all of tho speculative order; selling up to Juno deals, or changing over into future months, so as to prepare for deliveries on Monday. There was not so much selling to do as was expected, many of tho shorts having boon filled yesterday. Tho weather was fine, and tho receipts largo, show* ing that in this direction there was no suspen sion of effort on Decoration Day. Dry goods jobbers report continued quiet In that department of trade, tho principal inquiry, as for some time past, being in the shape of small orders of a miscellaneous character, to complete assortments ; consequently, the tone of tho market is not particularly buoyant,though with tho exception of certain linos of goods now out of season, and some unpopular makes, the quotations aro pretty generally adhered to. Tho grocery trade was again dull, with little or no. alteration in prices. Coffees are still hold with pronounced firmness, and. syrups, molasses, spices, and rice, are also fairly firm, but asido from those there is some shading. Tho extreme low prices of ' sugars are attracting tho attention of .buyers ana liberal orders aro being placed,' but tho: market is still lacking In strength, large orders being filled ut a concession from the quotations'. Teas aro more settled and steadier. A steadily fair demand exists fof good to choice butter, and 1 stocks aro kept down to a low point. Oboico ’ yellow is ohiolly inquired for, and solos wore readily effected at 23@250. Tho poorer sorts sold anywhnro from 10c to 180. Bagging con tinues quiet and cosy at SGXo for Stark, 050 -for Ludlow, 84Wo for Lewiston, and 82X° for American, xhoro was a moderate amount of trading iu tho choose - market at the prices currant earlier in tho week, or-at 12)<@]3|£o for Now York factory, atid at 11@ 12o>£ for western do. Coal was again unsettled, tho tendency being downward. Only a small . business was doing at SIO.OO for Lackawanna and Erie; $9.00@9.60 for Dloesburg, and at SO.OO for Wilmington. In tho fish and dried fruit markets there wore no now developments, tho former continuing fairly aotivo at firm prices, and the latter ruling quiet and easy. Hay was in light supply and firmer. .Under- a good demand sellers wore asking and obtaining COo per ton advance. Tho hide and leather mar kets wore quiet as previously quoted. A liberal movement In tbo loading oils was witnessed, and carbon, linseed, turpentine, and whale wore; quoted firm. Lard oil was steady at. tho decline 1 recently noted. There, WorO no noticeable changes in paints, pig iron; iobaccO; and wood, Tho demand for lumber at tbo yards continued active, tbo movement being confined mostly to common building material and fencing. Prices are easy for tbo lower grades, but strong for the higher ones. Tho offerings at the docks wore very largo, and tho demand moderate, .and mainly from local dealers. Metals, iron, and stool wore in light request. Tho market for motals is steady at quotations. Noils aro fairly l aotivo at $5.00, with 12)£o off for 100 keg lota. Wool and broom corn easier,' unchanged. Hops woro dull aud nominally low er. Hungarian seed was in moderate request at $1.20(5)1.35. Other seeds were , quiet and un changed. Potatoes wore dull and lower. Choice' croon fruits wore in fair request and steady. < There was no change in tho poultry market: 1 choice chickens sold readily at former prices, but' turkeys wore dull. Eggs woro iu fair supply and: douiaud ab Highwlnos wore dull, and lolower than the! price at which tho lost reported sales wero.mado,, receding to tho lowest bid of Thursday, in conuo-, quoqco of tho fact that tho late advance was uoti sustained in Now York. Bales, wore reported to day of 100 brla at 000 per gallon. The market' closed ab 000 bid, and 00>£o asked. Lake freights woro loss aotivo at yesterday's reduced rates, at 4Uo for com to Buffalo; 6o (nominal) for wheat to do; 10Ko for corn, and 1 11%0 for wheat, to Kingston or Oswego; aud 25d .for corn on through rate to Boston. A total of, ? 6 charters was reported to-day, which will carry out 127,000 bu corn. Provisions woro qulofc and irregular. Moss ■ pork was weak, and declined 260 per brl, being 'freely offered on tho more deferred options, with a paucity of buyers. This caused a weakening liu cash lots, though thoro was not much on tho (market for immediate delivery. Lard was » • shade firmer, yesterday's outside quotations ho ling freely biu, but was generally held off the (market. Meats wore quiet but firm; they are 1 jboliovod to bo in very light stock and few bands, ICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY.' JUNE 2, 1873. recent shipments hiving boon liberal, and It la probable * that considerable proportion of , those now boro- aco simply awaiting shipment,' .and will bo forwarded with in a fow. days.-, Tho market closed at tho. following tango of prices i Mobs pork, cash or seller - Jane, $lo.85@10.00; do sel ler July, $10,26®10.00; do seller August. $10.4G@1d,50; lard, cash or seller Juno. $8,50 @8.65; do seller July, f8.80@8.86; uo sel ler August, $0.00; Bummer do, SB.OO. Sweet pickled hams quoted ; at 10@12o. Dry saltod moats quotable at CK@o>so for shoulders; BV@Bko for short ribs; andoK@o%o for short clear. Boxed shoulders, 09£@(mo. Eng lißb moats, B^®B^fofor short ribs; uU@oo for short clear. Bacon ia quoted at 7&o foe shoulders; Ok'c for clear riba ;0%0 for short clear, ana 18@14>£o for hams, all packed. Moss beef, $0.00@0.26; extra moss do, slo.oo® 10.25; hoof hams, ‘ 828.00@20.50. City tallow, 7#@Bo; groaoo quotable at 6v@osfo. Solos wore reported of 1,000 brls pork, seller Juno, at 10,00; ,500 brls do at $16.1)0; 700 brls do at $15.85 j I.OQO brls do seller July at $10.40; 500 brls do at $10.80; 500 brls do at $10.25; 600 brie do seller August at $10.50; COO tos lard seller Juno at $8.651 100 tes do at $8.50; 1,250 tes do seller July-at $8.80; 100 tes do at $8.75; 100,000 lbs short ribs seller July at B*s/0; 100 boxes long bams (17 jbs) at.lOj/o; Go tea sweet pickled hams (20 lbs) at 10c. ' Tho Daily Commercial Deport gives tho follow ing as tho. shipments of provisions from this point for tho week ending May 20, 1678, and since Nov. 1, 1872; also comparative flgnros: W*k odg May. 29 1,265 '8,639 1,651 811,000 968.700 Bamewook *79... 3,008 1,887 1,148 ' 329,000 687,000 Sines Nor. 1/73. 133,064 170,881 89,901 88,907,414 180.744,768 Bamotlme’Tl-Ta. 91,068 163,109 65,333 30,818,061 98,838 318 Tho shipments in dotal] wore as follows: Shoulders, 300 tes; short rib, 40 bxs; short clear, 10 bis; long clear, 04 bis: long rib, 67 bxs; Omnborlande, 10 bis: Strotfords, 95 bxs; Staffordshire, 46 bxs; South Staffordshire,76 bxs; long bains, 180 bis; Birming ham. 49 bxS; Irish out, 36 bxs; bacon, 371 bxs; Staffordshire hams, 10 bxs; dear backs, 38 bxs; bellies, 14 bxs;; middles, fats'; Belfast tongues, 60 brls; beef tongues,76 brls; beef, 876 bris: tallow, 140 pkgs ;• hocks, 0 brls; SjR, middles, 7,066 pcs; shoulders, 0,256 pcs; provisions, 800 bxs* Hour was In better demand than on Thursday, both on local and shipping account, and was steady at former prices. The inquiry woe chiefly for .Minnesota ..extras, . Bran was plenty, but Armor* Sales wore reported of 36 oris winter extras at $0.20 ; 100 brl? do on private terms; 100 brls spring extras at $8.'00; 100 brls do at $7.20: 100 brls do at $7.00: 100 brls do at $0.80; 200 brls do at $0.75 ; 1,050 brls do on private terms. Total, .2,876 brls. -Also 10 tons bran at $8.60. and 00' tons do at $6.26, both on track. . Tho following was tho closing range of prices: Fair to choice white winter extras, Rod winter extras Good to choice spring extras Low to medium.-/;......... Minutflolaa (patent)....;.... Good to fancy Minnesota Spring superflnos Rye flour 8ran....;.........'.. . Wheat, was active- and strong early; then dragged," and ruled rather weak during the regular session. The early strength was predicat ed upon the advance In Liverpool yesterday, and the‘expectation of a good demand from the abort interest, especially on cash wheat. There woe quite a Hurry about 10 o’clock, and cosh wheat sold freely at $1.80%@1.81; but the de mand was satisfied with about 50,000 bu, and the market recoded to about $1.29# for car lots, with $1.29% for round lots, closing at $1.28 asked for the latter. There was a moderate in quiry for the Juno option up to 11 o’clock, but utile afterwards, though It is believed that a 'good many trades wore left unprovided for, as somo.of the .Juno shorts think it will pay thorn best to HU in late in the mouth. Hence it was anticipated that deliveries will ’ bo' very light on and there can scarcely bo much cash wheat offered next week beyond tho current re ceipts.- Tho ; optlon opened at $1,27%, advanced to $1.28%, and recoded to $1.87% ; stood tboro for some time, then sank to $1.20%, and closed at the inside. Seller July was neglected, bnt averaged about lo below June,' closing little bet tor than nominal at $1.25%. Seller Angust was nominal *at $1.20%(g)1.21,' and seller the year at $1.14@1.15, with one or two sales early at the outside. No. X spring was.very heavy, at $1.33, closing lower. No. 8 spring closed nominal at $1.18%, and re jected ao was dull, and unsalable. Cash sales were reported of 1,200 bn No. 1 spring at $1.33; 10,000 bu No.’ 2 spring at $1.81; 85,000 bn do at $1.80%; 15,000 bu do at SI.BO ; 47,200 bn do at $1.29%; 22,800 bu do at $1.29%; 1,800 bu No. 8 spring at 51.19%; 7,200 bu do at $1.19. Total, 140,200bu. . Com wad less Active thau the average of tho past woeki though a fair business tots transacted at about tho eamo prices of yesterday. Thord was hot. much shipping demand, except for re jected, the trading being mostly in options. Seller June was relatively weak, being liberally offered by parties who nave it coming to them on Monday; while tho more deferred options were strong, as there was on extensive demand for them from tho sellers for June, who wanted to keep in tho deal without carrying tho grain. Tho general fooling, till near tho cloao, was of strength la tho futuro, as it Is thought tho receipts will bo light for several weeks yet, and It Is rumored that a combination of capitalists has bought up a largo percentage of tbo com now in crib, ana intend to hold it over till next year. Seller Juno opened at 390, advanced to 39% c, and declined to 390 at the close; seller July sold at 42%®42%0 ; seller August at 44%@450 ; and seller the month, or regular No. 2, at 88%@390, all closing at tho in side. Now receipts of No. 2 dosed at 40%0. and No. 1 at 41c. Cash solos .wore reported of 2,800 huNo. 1 at 41%0 t 8.200 bn do at 41%o;

4.000 bu do at 41o; B,flod ou yellow at41%0; 3,400 bu do at 41—0 5 4,800 budoat4lo; 2,800 bu do at 40%o; 1,600 bu do at 40%o; 7,000 bu No. 2at40%0; 10,000 bu do at40%0; 2,400 bu do at 40%o; 8,300 bu doat4oo; 4,000 bu do at 89% c; 6,000 bu do at 89%0 s 40,000 bu do at S9o; 16.000 bu do at 38%0; 10.000 bu do at 40%0. free ou board; 25,000 bu rejected at87%0; 400 bu no grade at 83o; 2,000 bu do at S2o; 2,800 bu do at 81%0. Total. 150.200 bu. . Oats were dull and %@%o lower, in conse quence of largo receipts ami aa utter absonoo of shipping demand, orders having fallen off under increasing arrivals and tho knowledge that large quantities of oats are gathered along tho linos of railroad tributary to this city waiting to como In. .V» e note here that it Is reported that nearly all the oats now hero are held on account of parlies in Ohio and Indiana. Seller Juno opened at 81%0, improved to 31% c, and receded to 91%0 ht the close. Boiler July sold' at 83%(®385g0, and seller tho month at 31%@31%0, noth oloa ; ing at tho inside. Strictly fresh receipts closed at31%0. Oafih sales wore reported of 28,800 bu at 320 5 8,000 bu at 31%0; 4,200 bu at 81%o; 16.000 bu at 31%0; 10,000 bu at 81%o; 8,000 bu rejected at 28%o; 4,800 bu do at 28%0. Total, 08,800 bu. ■ ■ Bye was In fair demand at Thursday’s prices, though the receipts wore more liberal. Sales were reported of 8,600 bu No. 2at 68% c, and 400 bn by sample at 70%0. Barley was inactive, except the sale of COO bu 03c, and nominally unchanged. The range is about 70@780 lor No. 2, C3@7sofor No. 8, and 43@490 for rejected; tbo iusldo in the Bock Island Elevator, and tho outsido in other houses. : In tho aftorno on wheat woe moderately actlvo t but weak, declining Jfo, and closing at the In aide at $1.a7K@1.27K caah ; $1.2 0% eollor Jun6, and sl.2fiW seller July. Com was quiet, and declined &fo, closing at 889£@38Ko eollor Jimp, and seller July. Other grain and provisions were neglected. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. SATunnAT Evbnino. May 91. ALCOHOL—Was in fair demand at $1.83@1.87 /or 04 per cent proof. • • ■ . . BEANS AND PEAS— I There was a moderate inquiry for beam at the prices given below, Peaa wore quiet, Oholco hand-picked navies, $3.5002.00} do mediums, $2.A0Q3.45j Inferior grades, $1.2503.00; green peas In brls), $1,4001.60} yellow do (in bags), $1.39. BUTTER—The condition of the butter market waa essentially the same as on the preceding days of tho week, a fair local and outside demand existing at nominally unchanged prices. Stocks are reported light all around, and prices appear to have about touched bottom, wo quote: Smelly choice.yellow, 93@350; medium to good, 18®20o j Inferior to common 10010 c, BAOCIINO—DeaIers report a continuance of the quiet that boa so long prevailed In this department of trade, and the feeling is still a little weak. In a small way full prices are being realized, but anything like liberal orders are filled at a concession. Wo quota: Stark. 30wo; Ludlow, Sso ; Lewiston, Sttfc; Ameri can; 6aor Ainoakeag, WMo t Otter Greek, 340; burlap w« 4 and 61m,200220; gunnies, single, X7@18o; do double, 2B02Oo; wool sacks. OT^c. BROOM CORN—Good corn Is moving freely and Is quite firm, Worepcat: No. 1 burl, O07o;;No. I stock braid, B06tfo; No. 3 do, 4(s|4Wo} No. 3 do, 303tfoj Inside green, 3)tfQ4o{ do rod Up, J®4o; do pale and a moderate inquiry. Portland cement Is steady at, $7 0007 60. Pressed brick are dull, but there Is rather more doing lu common. Quotations are as follows: Stucco, $3.0002.70} New York Blue, co casting, $3.7604.00} superfine do, $3.60@4.CU; Portland cement,. $7.0007.60 per barrel: Roscu dalo comeut, $3.2503.60} Utlcft, Louisville, and ■Akron cement, $2.00 per ,brl; marble dust, $3.33 03,50 ; lime la bulk. 85c0$l.QO; lime (brie), f1.j001.25 per brl} white sand, per tori, $2.0003.60; plas tering hair, per bu, 40060 c } Are brick, per 1,000, ; |40,0tt590.04; building brick (common), $7.0007.60; sower brick, SIO.OO ; country brick, $19.00, delivered } Milwaukee pressed, $33,60, del.} uo common, $14.00} forkt lard, Rami Bhould'n Middle*, brlti it*. ie*. 16*. 16*. .$ 8.60 011.00 . 7.00 0 8.60 . 8,26 0 7.60 . 6,00 0 0.00 . 8.00 @ll.OO . 0.50 ® 8.00 , 3.00 0 6.00 . 4.15 0 4.40 . 8.25 • ® 8.75 LATEST. Ranine pressed. 130.00, del. • do common,'sl4.oo; Indiana pressed, $22.00014.00; do common, 112,001 flw clay, per brl, *4,0006.00. The following IS the list of prices per box of 60 feet for domestic win dow gloss, from which a reduction of 60 nor cent 1s made to dealers. Fmt Doubt. .... „ ' .vmlUg, Hrenqth. 7xlo to 8x10,..,................ 0.75 flno SxUtolOxlO..... 8,10 ifloo 12x18 to 10x20 0.25 jnSJ 18lM to 18x30 H.OO 1 0 00 30x28 to 24x30 13.00 2100 80x00to40x00 .1.. KM OUEEBE—Prices underwent no quotable change. Fine goods are meeting with a tolerably fair demand, end IxJlug In moderate supply are firmly hold, but low grades are dull with prices weak ami variable. Wo re peat our list, ns follows: Now York factory, new. 13*©13*o; Elgin factory, 12*018*0; Ohio factory now, llQiQkc; Western factory, now, 11013* c, COAL—This market was unsettled, some dealers favoring a reduction of SI.OO per ton lu tho price of anthracite, while others scorn disposed to bold the market whore It Is, It is claimed tbot tho higher rates of freight, nnd (ho enhanced coat at tho mines leave but a small profit even at tho present quotations: Lehigh, lump, $12.00: prepared, $13.00; Lackawanna, $10.00; Erie, $10.00: Briar Hill, $10.00; Walnut Hill, $10.00; Blossburg, $9.0009.60; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indiana cannot coal, $10.00; In diana block, $8.50; Kirkland grate, $0.00; Mlnonk, $8.00; Wllmlngtoni fO.OO. : COOPERAGE—Was In moderate request. Wo sgaln quote: Pork barrels at $1.2501,35 ; lard tierces, SI.OO @1.70; whisky barrels, $1.0002.10} fiour barrels, 48® 87o; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do bucked or $20.00025.00; tierce slaves, rough, $20.00025.00; sawed, do backed or sawed, $25.00028,00; whisky staves, rough, $24.00028.00; do bucked, $3O.OO033;OO; Hour staves, $9,00011.00; circle flour heading, 7®Be per sot; flour hoop polos, $14.00010.00 per mj pork and tlorco poles, $30.00035.00 perm, . EGOS—Wore in better supply, and active demand on local account ot 13*0140* Sates include 425 cases at 14o; 1,600 doz at 13* c. v FEATIIEBB—Are scarce end firm, being in ex cellent demand. Wo repeat: Prime to choice live geese at 760775, from first hands; Jobbing prices, 62087 c for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, 450 70o; chicken, 6010 c, FlSH—There was not a single now feature (o note In connection with the fish market, business continu ing steadily good, while prices are firm and uniform. Tho supply Is light, both of lake and salt water descriptions. Wo quote: No. 1 whiloflsh, * bri, *3.87*07.00: No. 3 do, $5.75; No. 1 shore mack erel, * brl, $11.60011.75; No. 1 bay. $9.6009.75; No. 3 mackerel, * brl. $8,6008,75; No. i shore kits, $1.95 03.00; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.6000.76; George’s codfish, $0.7607.00; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.00 @9.60; do X brl, $4.7606.00; Labrador herring,' round, bri, $8.0008.60; do * bri,:54.2504.50; box herring No. 1, 28090 c; box herring, scaled, 05® 37c; Columbia River salmon, * brls, $10.00010,25, ' . FRUITS AND NUTS—Wore Again quoted quiet, and generally easy, prunes and blackberries alone bo- Ing firm. The market is liberally Blocked both with domestic and foreign fruits, and orders are usual ly filled at ineldo to medium figures. Wo to- Seat our . list: FonxioK—Pates, B*o9*c; figs, rums, 11014o; figs, box, 14*®10o; Turkish prunes, 9*0100• raisins, $2.8603.46; Zante currants, 7* 07* c, domestic—Alden apples, 18030 c; 'Michi gan do, 007 c; Western do, 6@s*c; Southern do, 406o;. poaches, -pared, 170lUc; peaches, halves, 606*0 ; do, mixed, 4*@6o; blackberries, 9@9*o; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 32024 c. Nuts —Filberts, 14015o; almonds, Tormgons, 21@23c; Naples walnuts, 34025 c; Brazils, o®9*o; pecans, 11013 c; African pcauuts, O*07o; Wilmington pea nuts, 7®8o; Tennessee peanuts, 4*o6c. GREEN FRUITS—Choice fruit sold readily at full gricos. 'Strawberries were In fair request at 20035 c. berries were slow at 30040 c per quart. Currants at 250. Wo quote: Apples, good to choice, $4.00® 6.00 per brl; fancy, $5.5006.80 from store. Lemons, $8.0009.00; Oranges, $8.00010.00. Pineapples, $2.50® 4.60 per doz. Bananas $3.0007,00 per bunch, ’ Goose berries, lo®l3*o per quart. Strawberries, 20@350, Cherries, 30040 c. Currants, 25c, GROCERIES—A light business was done in staple and fancy groceries at prices not ranging materially from those current yesterday. Tho demand was chiefly' In tho shape of moll orders, very fow interior mer chants bring risible. Tho following quotations aro furnished: Hi Oahu, Boda—7#@BJ/c. Coffees—-Mocha, 33®33»f0; O. O. Java, 27#@ 28#o; Java, No. 3, 20Jtf@27o; fancy Rio, 24?£® 250; olioico do, 24.!^@24#0; prims Rio, 24@24#0; good do, 23#®23,'.£c;. common do, 22#@230; ronst ig do, 21y®220; Singapore, 24,«,f@24#c; Costa lllca, fancy, 36®23#0; do, prime, 24#@21#0; Mar acaibo, 23^®340, ; Candles—t>tor, full weight, 20®20K0: stearlno, full weight, ltf@ls#o; do short weight, H@l4#c, llioe—Patna, B<rf®B#o: Rangoon, 7#®Bo; Caro lina, B#®oc; Louisiana, TjfQSJtfo, : SoaAns—Patent out loaf, 12(3113^0; crushed, pow dered, and granulated, ll#®I2o; A, standard, 10# ©llo; do No. 3, 10#®l0#c: B, 10#@10»fe; ex tra o,loj<@lo#o ; O No. 2, lOM®lo#c 5 yellow o,lo® 10#o; choice brown, 10®10#o; prime ’ do, o#® 0*£o; fair do,' o®9#o; choice moinnHca sugar, 0# <aioo; fair do, 0®0%o; Now Orleans sugar, choice, 0#®I0o; do prime, 9#(39#c; do/air, B#® o#oj common, 7#®B#c. bYnorS—Diamond drips, $1.2501.30; silver drips, extra flue, 70®73 ; good sugar-house syrup, 45@480; extra do, 50®550 ; Now Orleans molasses, choice, 80 @B3o 5 do prime, 73®780 ; do common, C5070c; Porto Rico molasses, choice, 60®0Co; common molasses, 30 @Bso. Salbiutus—Common to best, 9@loc. Spices—Allspice, 17@18o; cloves, 37@380; cassia 88ffl40o; popper, 23#®24> 1 /o; nutmegs, $1.2501.30; ginger, pure, 23®300; do No. 1,20®250; do No. 3.10 ®lVc. BoAre—French mottled, 0#®0%o; German mottled, O#03#o; Golden West, 0®0#o; White Lily, o#@ 0#o; While lloao, OK® fl#oj uroirn Windsor, 4#® 4#o » palm, o®o#c; Bavon Imperial, o#®o£fc* . HTAHou—aiossj 9^0100; corn, O0llo; laundry, 0® 7o: common, s#®oo. HAY—As tho receipts do not equal tho demand, prices are firmer, advancing 600 per ton all round. Wo quote wholesale prices paid hy dealers as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: Oh Tuaok— Timothy, boater pressed, $10.50(917.60: timothy, loose pressed, $10.01X917.00; prairie pressed, $13.50® 14.00. On Wagon—Timothy, loose. $10.00018.00; prairie, loose, $14.00010.00. For delivery of pressed, sl.oo® 1.60, according to distance. HIDES—Tho bide trade was quiet, and prices were without quotable change. Wo repeat our list as follows: Green city butchers', 7o; green cured light, 10#®llo; do hoary, 9#®10o; part cured,o® o#c; green calf, 16@10o; veal kip, 12#® 13c; dry calf, 340; dry kip, 31o: dry salted, 17@18o; dry flint, 10@30o; long-haired Up, 10#0; deacon skins. 46® 65c; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two thirds price. HOl’S—Are dull and nominally lower. Common to choice Western arc quoted at 25®400; choice Eastern, 45048 c. ' ■ • IRON AND STEEL—The trade remains about tbo same, the demand la limited to small lots, and prices rule easy for common and steady for imported stock, os follows: iron.... 4 3-10® 4 5-10 rates Horso-ehoo iron 0 ® 6 5-10 rates Plate iron, common tank, Russia Iron Russia iron, No. 1 stained 180 lb Norway Iron. 9 @ o#o Vlb Norway nail rods U# ®loo ylb Qerm&np10w8te01.............;.1l ' @l2o ylb English cast plow stool 12 ®l2tfo ylb American tool stool 17# @lßo lb Chrome tool stool ......18 @3O y lb English tool steel 21# 023 rates English spring steel IX ®l2#o rates LEATHER—Wo quote: HEMLOCK, Olty harness.. .$• 35® 41' Country harness SC® 83 Lino, city, ylb 41® 43 Kip. V lb 60® 1.10 Kip, Teals 65® 1.20 Oily upper, No. 1, yft 28® 30 City upper, No. 3, 9 « 25® 27 Country upper, No, 1«. * 35® 27 Collar, yit 20® 23 Calf, city. 1.20® 1.40 Calf, country I.lo® 1.25 Rough upper, standard 80® SS Rough upper damaged ' 37® 80 Buffaloslaughter 5010..... S3® 87 «‘B. A." solo 80® 32 Ca1f..... 1.25® I.IS Kip 78® 1,10 Harness 10® 15 French calf. Jodot 05.00@00.00 French calf. Lcmolno C0.00@80.00 French calf, 24 to SO lbs ' 1.05® 2.60 French Wp, 50 t01001b5....... . I.ol® 1.00 METALS AND TINNERS' STOCK—Moat of tho dealers report a light trade. The quoted prices aro for tho most part sustained, us follows t Yih Plate—lO, 10x11, *11.50: do, 12x12, *15.00; do, 11x20, *15.00; do, roofing, 10, *14.00; do, 20x20, *20.60. Pxo Tut—Largo, 420; 'email, 430 | bar, lie. Suket Zinc— Full caaka, lie; half casta, llAf®UX o i leas quantity, 11J4Q; stab, Oc. Sheet InoH—wo. 21, o#o rates. Galvanized InoN— No. 16020, 16o; No. 23@24,100: No. 25®2f1, 17o; No. 27.18o; No. 28,200. A discount of 20 per cent la made from tho list. Coppeh—Copper bottoms, 430; braziers, over 13 lbß, 470; tinned copper, 130. ~ „• wibe—3 to 6,6 c; 0,8, and 9, Wo; IQ to 11, llo; 19; llJrfos ISand 11,12><c; 16 and 10, Ho; 17,15o; 18, 10o* 10,10o} 20,200 ; full bundle, IS per coat dla count: foueft wire, 7#o; by car load, TAfc. NAILS—Wore In fair demand at *6.00 rates, with 12«o olf for 100 keg lots: 10@00d, per keg, *5.00 rates; 8d uo, *5.25; Cd do, 15.50; la do, $5.87*. 3d do, *0.50 ; fid do, flue. *8.00; 2d do, *8.23; clinch, $7.37,5*; off for 100 keg lots. . . ' NAVAL STORES—Continue active and steady. Wo quote : Manilla rope, lb, lOo; blbol rope, W lb, 10(3l7o: hemp sash cord, V lb, 20035 c; marline, W lb, 2l)0'i2o; tarred rope, $ lb, 170180: oakum, W bale, *5.0000.50; pitch, btl, *0.0007.00; tor, btl, bale *5.0000.00. . , ..... . OILS—A liberal business doing In this depart* mout. and prices were generally well sustained, lard oil Iwlng tho only description showing weakness. Linseed Is tending higher. Wo quote : Carbon, lOQlOJtfo; extra oil, 730j No. 1. CB®7oo, No. 2, 05c, lluscod, raw, *1.00; do boiled. $1,05 s whale,, 87c; sperm, *1.0o42.10; neats foot, oil, strictly pure, *1.10; do extra, yoc; do No. 1. 760; bauk 011, 70o; strata, 760: elephant oil, 05o; turpentine, 60067 c; naphtha, C3 oravlty, 20o; naphtha, common. 10017 c. PAliJth; COLONS, AND PUTTY-Prlcoa wore un changed, U»e following being current* WHITE LEAD. Btrlolly.puto. ,1 o uowlooo Puucy orouil* o.oofcdio.ou ziuo. Genuine VelUo Montague H.M • ooLona. llochullo B.oo® 3.76 EugUabVon. red...... *'W| English orange mineral. 10.50010.00 I‘UUburgU orange mineral EngUab rod Uad. . - 4 American rod load • *}'ssg l !*s« EngUab YoriulUou, per lb bcarbil vormlllpn Pariswhlto. Whiling.... in bulk In bladders.,,.,., 3K04 o no IKON—A. moderate amount of trading was dono nt tho annexed quololious : Scotch (according to brand), $62.000Cf1.00; Tnacnrara was, $61,00: Mas sillon, fdl.OO: Lake Superior. $60.00059.00; Olilcago filouo coal. 157.00; Mlasouri stono coal, $57,00(338.00. POULTKY—OhoIco chickens wore salable at $4,000 6.00; spring do at $2.5003.00. Turkeys wore lu light request at 12013 c for oholco, Qocao sold at $4.00. Safes comprise 14 coops extra largo chickens at $.”.00; 10 coops ot $4.50; 0 coops spring do at $3,6003,00; 3 coops geese nt $4.00. POTATOES—Wore dull and weak at 450600 for peachblown on track. Now potatoes were very slow, quotable at $3.6004.00 per brl, Sales Include 3 cars poachblows at 600 dlvd ; I car do at 450 on track. BALT—Dairy and tho finer grades vroro In fair re quest. Coarse salt Is quiet, wo quote: Onondaga and Saginaw, lino, $3.00; ordinary coarse. $3.00; coarse Diamond O, $3.10; ground solar, $3.10; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bogs, $4,6004.76; Ashton dairy, per sack, $6.60; ground alum. la’do @2.40 : Turk’s Inland, $3.00. BEEES—Hungarian mot with a moderate Inquiry, but there was very little doing In other seeds. Timo thy sold at $4.35 for prime common; millet at 78o; Hungarian at $1.3001.85. Wo note the following sates: 50 bags prime timothy ot $4.25; 106 baga choice Hun garian at $1.36: 61 bags nt $1.22#; 85 bags fair at $1,20; 38 bags millet at 760, TEAS—Wore in fair demand with prices steadier. Wo quote: Young hyson, common to fair, 46®53c; do good, 6O07Oo'; do choice to extra flno, 95c0|1.10; com mon to flue old hyson, 70@06o; common imperial, COO CSo; good to choice do, 8Oc0$MO; fine to good gun powder, 70c@Sl.00; oholcoHngsue, $1.1601.80; extra Moyuuo, $1.3501.40: choice to extra leaf Japan, 65c0 $1.00; fair to good uo, Cs@76c; common do, 40046 c; common do, 40046 c ; colored natural leaf Japan, 66 @06o; common to fine Oolong, 86®40o; good, 650 C6o; choice to extra, 86c051,00. TOBACCO—Remains steady &a previously quoted. Fine goods are Arm : Cue wino—Flno Out—Extra, 760850; choice, CSO 78o; common, BB0COo; poor, 40060 c, Pmto—Natural leaf, 75080o; half bright, 60©70o; black, sound, 46@650. Smokino—Good to oholco, 32030 c; medium, 300 01 o • common, 20028 c. WOOD—There was folr activity In tho wood market, and tho quotations wore firmly sustained: Beech, $9.00; maple, $10.00; hickory, $11.00: slabs, SO.OO, delivered. VEGETABLES—‘The market is now supplied by ibo local gardener*, and shipped stuff, unless strictly fresh, soils slowly. Pons nro lowor. xticun for nil vegetables favor buyers, as dealers are anxious to cloho out, It being Saturday. Wo quote: Peas, $2.0002.25 por bu; string beans, $3.00 per box; cucumbers, 76@900 per doz; now onions, per brl, $7.00; spinach, 60c@$1.00 per brl; radish 0b,2.'0 40c; squash, 7®Bo per lb; asparagus, 60075 a; ulo plant. 102,V0 l>or lb ; lettuce, 260500 per doz; cab bage, $1.6002.00 per doz; turnips, 30@500 per doz; bcotsat 00040 c per doz; tomatoes, $3.00: carrots, 40060 c. WOOL—Now and then sales of old aro made to West ern mills, but aside from this trade is very quiet. Harding, Oran «fc Deicey'a Hasten Wool Circular re ports a fair demand for straight lots of fleece super and X pulled and now California. Tho bulk of Uio trade has been confined to the latter clip, and a largo portion of the California clip will probably pass into tbo hands of tho manufacturers before now Western fleeces make their appearance. Prices rango from 25 @3oc. They giro tho following concerning Western wools: “ Prom Kentucky there Is nothing now to re port. Tho clip is still quite backward, and bold at ; prices above tho views of buyers ; and from all points' West now wool will bo later than usual. Even fat sheep wool comes forward slowly, but very Uttlo hav ing ns yet boon received, although tho article Is now arriving more freely at Philadelphia, and brings 350 there, k few thousand pounds sold hero at 37>tfo per lb. Fleeces nro very scarce, but cannot bo quoted over 60055 a for Ohio ami Pennsylvania, Including desira ble lots of X and XX at 62jtf06So; and straight lots of Wisconsin range from 40060 c per lb. Prices. In fact, have been quite steady during the week, nud tuo tran sactions do not indicate any ensngo.*' Old woolis quo ' table as follows: ' Tub, washed, extra medium 50@520 Tub, washed, common to fair..... 450480 Common dingy... !00160 Fleece, washed, XfcXX, light 430450 riocco, washed, XfsXX, dingy. 37@420 Fleece, washed, medium light .....430-IRo Fleece, washed, medium dingy 370420 Fleece,unwashed, XfcXX,in good condition....2Bo3Oo Fleece,'.unwashed, coarse to medium... 300330 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy..... 27030 a Super, pulled.. 88043 a Extra, pulled .88044 a Hurry wool 10@20o less. Prices for now wool will probably bo from 30Go lower than the above. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK MARKET. Uoviow for tlio Week landing Satjir - day Evening, May 31* SATirnDAy Evunihq, May 31. Tbo receipts of Uro stock during tlio week have boon as follows: Cattle. How. Sheen. (1,057 0,030 152 6,1C0 8,258 1.083 3,210 13,8-18 030 3,030 12,032 452 2.107 8,080 Cl 7 800 O.SUO 80 Monday.,.. Tuesday.... Wednesday, Thursday.. Friday..... Saturday.., Total 2CUM 63,238 3,613 Last week 17,805 48,576 6,431 Week before lost. 23,070 72,723 Shipments wore as follows : Cattle. lions. Sheep. 3,003 3,777 ...» 2,740 0,313' 404 2,043 7,002 713 2,008 0,101 2,785 8,043 Monday.... Tuesday..., 'Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday Total.. 14,737 35,885 1,110 Last week 10,704 41,243 1,520 , Week before last. 18,303 62,313 370 I CATTLE—Tho week Just closed has witnessed no ; very pronounced change In the situation of the cattle market, the quality of the stock offered for sale and the character of the demand being essentially tho samo as daring last week and the previous one. Had the supply embraced fewer good to choice steers of from 1,250 to 1,460 lbs'average, and a larger amount of butch ers’stuff, and fat pony stcera of from 1,050 to 1,160 lbs average, tho dally orrivals would not have proved oppressive, and prices would no doubt have been fairly sustained all around. Hut the receipts of fat steers of heavy weight have steadily exceeded the wants of shippers, and they have hccu enabled to All their orders at materially lower rates, the decline reaching 160250 per 100 lbs. Tho offerings of good to choice cows and light fleshy steers, such ns our city butchers seek, have fallen con siderably short of tho demand, and not only hare last week’s prices been flnnly maintained, but for tho mors desirable lota there wore ready buyers at a substantial advance. Tho present scarcity of this description of stock Is not likely to prove more than temporary, and drovera will promote their own interests by exorcising considerable caution In handling such. In stock steers only a limited amount of trading has been done, the supply proving extremely light. Prices ore nominal at $4.0004.00 for common to good grades. Now milch cows oro In fair request and In moderate supply at unchanged prices, sales making at $25.00030.00 for common, and at $33.00(345.00 for fair to choice. Veal calves are plenty, and sell slowly, at a range of $3,000 6 23, as to quality. There has been an increased num ber of Texas cattle on sale without sensibly affecting values, good to choice corn-fed commanding $4.75© 6.40, while poorer lota have sold at $4.0004.50. To-day trading was active, shippers taking hold with more than usual freedom. Tho effect was to sensibly stiffen prices, though tho Increased firmness did not amount to o positive advance. Tho fresh receipts wore light, and they, as well as most of tho stale cattle left over from yesterday, were disposed of. Sales were reported at $3.76®5.W for inferior to extra; with the hulk at $5.00®5.C3. Tho market closed steady and firm, with fair prospects for the ensuing week. QUOTATIONS, Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 Jba and upwards. • $5.8500,10 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to • 1,450 11a - ■ 6,6005.70 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 6,«a@5.40 Medium Grades—Steers in fair flesh, aver aging 1,100 to 1,250 lbs 6.0005.25 Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair steers, ■ and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4,0006.25 Stock Cattle—Common cattle. In decent flesh,averaging7ooto 1,0801ba.,......... 4.0004.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, B • slags, bulls, and scallawag steers 3,0003.75 Cattlo—Texas, Northern wintered 4.0004.50 Cattlo—Corn-fed 4.0505.40 ’ HOGS—Since our last weekly review tho ’arrivals have been 65,238, against 48,576 last week, 72,723 week before last. The receipts have boon considerably larger than had generally been anllclpotod, the fact that the farmers are now busy with their planting leading to (ho belief that the receipts would bo ma terially diminished.' Monday's and Tuesday’s arrivals trcrc somewhat below the average- of tho past few weeks,' and tho market opened active and firmer in consequence, hut under the heavy receipts of the suc ceeding' two days there woa a sharp re action, - prices receding to $4,5004.85. at which range Thursday’s market closed dull and heavy with a downward look. A. faliingoff of nearly 4,000 In Friday’s receipts, however, changed tho com plexion of tho market, and prices have worked back to about tho closing quotations of last week, or to $4.C00 4.75 for common to medium, and $4.8004.05 for good to really choice. Common, coarso, uneven, and mixed lots—now that fair to good grades are becoming more plenty—are much neglected, and can scarcely bo sold at any fair price. To-day-trading was satisfactorily active, and tbo feeling was Armor. Now York, Boston. Philadelphia, and local buyers operated on a liberal scale, and a largo number of transfers woro effected at $4.6004,05. Wo note tho following uoa BALKS. LYo, Av, price, 65 201 $4310 43 230 4.05 30 209 4.05 41 171 4.60 30 104 4.00 60 247 ' 4.H6 60 304 5.00 110 188 4.85 CO 227 4.60 04 220 4.60 0% ®7 rates 30@310 rates Ko. Av. Price. 03 201 *4.05 CO 230 4.05 61 203 4.05 43 333 4.37)4 03 IH9 4.00 133 235 4,02)4 140 200 4.00 03 207 4.60 1)3 200 4.00 40 203 4.05 ,63 21fl 4.90 51 64 205 4,80 63 100 4.00 60 204 4.05 _ SHEEP—The receipts of sheep have boon only about 3,600 head—tho lightest week's supply during the present season, There have been no established prices, the same grades of sheep Nulling from day to day at widely different prices. Shippers took 1,110 head, and (ho remainder went Into tho bauds of local butchers. Bales wero mostly within the range of $4.00 @5.50. Wo omit quotations. ft m i. Pfttalmrtfh Oil IflnrKot. PiTTßEcnou, May ai.—OruJo petroleum fiulct, weaker i nominally &W; roflued,weaker, price# nom inal ; ;%10,^e. .... 8.500 4.00 .... 3.000 3.60 I’OXTT. r , * Satuudat Evening, May 81* Lumber was In largo supply and moderate demand , at about Friday’s prices. The inquiry was maluljr from city dealers, it being the last of tho.week,: few country buyers were lu attendance; Tho market can haruiy bo called firm, though, considering the unus li tf-Jill 1 ? 0 jocclpis (ho past week, prices have booa Qoo< * i° choice strips and boards sold' . |f 1 » , OOOW , W : common to fair do, $10.00013.00; M.U«mlMnnlUtiß,llo.oo; Inlh, ta.JO; .Unglols s3.oo ; No. I do, $1.60. Tho cargo of u.-hr Howard was orro noously reported in yesterday morning's Ibsuo ns being thick clour. Wo are Informed that tho cargo consisted of mill-run lumber. Ludlugton tally, cud sold at SIB.OO. Thick clear would bo worth from $38,00040.00 perm.' Tho following sales were reported: Cargo scow Mil ton, from While Lake. M,BBB ft common strips and boardsatfll.OO; 06,717 ft Jolstand scantling at $10,00:, 11,760 pcs lath at $2.60. Hold by Blmtmon,Ku(Tdock k 00. Cargo schr North Star, 100 in piece stuff at SIO.OO ; ID m pickets at $10,00; 60 m lath at $3.60. Cargo sohr; Little Bell, from Muskegon, 120 m ft strips and board* 0t*513,35 ; 80 m loth ats2.&o, Muskegon tally. Sold by WlUlnm Meglade. 'Cargo schr Mary Collins, from Oconto, 216 m strips amt boards at $14.00; 81 mlathab $2,60. Bold by Ewer 6* Aarbous, Cargo schr Presto, from Grand Haven, 160 m strips and boards at $16.76..' Cargo schr Arab, , from Ludlugton, 135 mft mixed lumber at $11.35 for Inch, nud SIO.OO for 2-lnch. Sold by Blanchard, Borland k 00. Cargo schr N. H.' £ om Lake, 135 m common mixed ah ' SIO.OO. Cargo schr: Ids, from Grand Haven, 185 mft common strips and boards at. $11.00; 12 m ft Joist# 2?^a BCO S a * * 800 m A sawed shingles at $3.00. Cargo prop Menomonee, from Dep0r0.435 mA shlnglea at $3.00; 276 m Ho. I shingles at $1.60, 80ld 5 by Irish, Button 4i Co. EUMBKn vumairrs. Manlslwy $3 00; Ludlngtou, $2.7609.00; Muske-' $2.2502.60; Oconto, $3.60; Monomouco, $2,760 5.00; Poulwaler, $2.75; White Lake, $3.8002.76 Grand Haven, $3.60. ' . AT inn TABER. A fair degree of activity was witnessed at tho yards," tbo trotlo on both local and Interior account bdnjr good. Tho common grades arc raosUy wanted. PricM woxw without quotable change, though oaay for common? lumber: First cionr. Second clear, I Inch to 3 inch... Third clear, 1 Inch Third clear, thick.,, Clear flooring, Ist and 3d together, WUgU <6.00 040.00 Clear elding, let and 2d together 23.00 @24.00 Common Biding 20.00 @21.00 Common flooring, dressed, flrat 84.00 @BB.OO Common flooring, dressed,second..,, 28.00 @30,00 Wagon-box board*, selected, 14 inches and upward 87.00 @40.00 A Block boards .. 30.00 @38.00 D Block boards 20.00 @28.00 O Block boards 10.00 @20.00 Common boards 13.00 @16.00 Joist, scantling, email timber, fencing, ole., 10 feet and under 13.00 @14,00 Joint and scantling, 18 to 24 feet. 16.00 @20,00 Pickets, square @16.00 flat... 12.00 ■ @15.00 . Owl«ipoBl»,Bii\ll @IB.OO Cedar posts, round I7,(;o @26.00 ■ Lath 2.78 @3,25 No. 1 sawed shingles i.go ® 2.00 Aorßlnr.. 3,50 @3.75 Shingles on track 3.l2!rf@ 3.25 No. lea wed..; 1.25 @I.BO Three dollars per car to be added when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to be two inches tn thick— ness. Black-Walnut Counters, $l00.00@t50.00; clear, $C«.00(g)75.00; common, $10.00(350.00: cull. $30,000. 85.00 ; flooring, $50.00000.00. Ash—Clear, $30,00010.00; common, $20.00025.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00; flooring, $30.00010.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00035.00 : cull. $12.00018,00. Hickory—Clear, $35.00015.00; common, $25,000. 06.00; cull, $12.00018.00. • Maple—Clean $30.00010.00; common, $20.00030.00: cull, $10.00016,00. Butternut—Clear, $50.00060.00; common. $25,000 35.00. 1 Cherry—Clear, V '.00000.00; common, $25,000 85.00: cull, SI2.OO©J(-.00. Whitowood—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00 080.00 : cull, $10.00015.00. Wagon Slnri—Hickory axles, per sot, $1.0001.60 ; wagon poloA each, 450550; box boards, $35.00040.00. NEW YOEK TO OAEDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other Points in England and Wales. Tho South Wales Atlantic Stoatnohlp Company’* now fint'das* Steamships will sail from Pennsylvania Rail road Wharf, Jersey Oily; __ „ GLAMORGAN Juno IS These steamships, built expressly for the trado. are pro vided with all tholatostimprovcmunlaior tboeomioctancl COaV ° OAlllN f AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. First Cabin tJSacurwncjl Hoooml Cabin Mcarrono* Steerage Wourroncj Prepaid Steerage certificates from Cardiff...... .s&■ Drafts for £1 and upwards. For further particulars, apply lo Cardiff, at the Opm pany’* Otflcos, No. 1 Dock Chnmbors, and la New York ta v ARCHIBALD BAXTER & CO.. Ajonts^ ALLAH LIME Montreal Ocean Sleantsli Co. First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, miming on tho Shortest Sea Eoutos hotween EUROPE ATO AMERICA KATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN ns low as by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES.' Return tickets al (treat reduction, BTKERAOR Tlokota either to or from Europe; also at lowest rates, ami through to points In tbo Weil lower than by other linos. KATES OF FREIGHT; TarilT arranged on all olatios Merchandise from Liver* pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. 1 For other Information! or freight contracts, apply at tn® Company's Otficu, 72 and 71 LaSalle-at. ALLAN <fc CO.. Agents. Cabin Passage, SBO, 8100 and 8 J3O» Gold. Steerage Passage. $’M currency. Passengers and freight booked to and from all parts of Europe at lowest rates. SlghtDraft* on Great Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. “ p. U. DU VEBN/CT. Oon'l Wesfn Agent. . N. W, cor. Clark and Randofoh-sta. A r o. Av. Price, ICI IDS *O.OO 04 109 4.87# 118 310 4.05 67 107 4.60 67 279 , 4.00 65 210 4.00 GO 218 4.88 04 200 4.00 104 318 4.65 78 202 4.85 ,1 243 4.85 LUMBER. Length—Sixteen inches. IMHDWOOD. OCEAN NAVIGATION. STATE LIKE STEAMSHIP COIPAM. . NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Those elegant now steamers will sail from State Lina Pier. Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y, ns as fullws: VIRGINIA, U,COO tons Wednesday, Juno 11. PENNSYLVANIA, 2,M0 tons Wednesday, Juno 25- GEORGIA, 2,COG tons .....Wednesday, July 9* Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN k CO.. Agents, 72 Broadway, N. Y. Stoorago office, 16 Broadway, N. Y. Sailing twted a week from Now York, and carrying pas* aengera to all parts of Groat Britain, Ireland, Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin from $05 5 Steer, ago, British and Irish ports oast, $00; west, 4J3, Conti nental ports aamo as other rojjularUnoi. All payable m U. 8. currency. Apply for full information at tho Com pany'eolhccs, No. 7 UowllngOroon. Now York, andN. E. cornerLnSalloand Madlson-aU., Chicago, HUHSTDERSOET BROTHERS, Agents, . GUHAES MIL LINE. BST-AJSXjISHBID 1840. irk, Boston, and Liverpool. Steam Between New Toi ..........June! I Abyssinia......;. Jane 7 Algeria.. Juno 111 8atavia.......... And from Boston every Tuesday, Cuba.... Samaria Scotia... IMOMLINB. • Sailing from New York for Queenstown -and Liverpool every Saturday, audforLondundlroctovoryforlplght. '■ CflUn Passage SBO, S9O, ail SIOO Currency. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make early application for bertha. STUUHAGE, itW.OU currency. Prepaid steerage tlckota from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or Loudon, &U.OO currency. ■ ■ Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. . . Thu Steamships of this lino oro tbo largest In tbo trad*. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. • WILLIAM MAOALISTER, Oon’l Western Agent, ■ Northeast corner Olsrk and Usudolph-sls. (opposite now Shornmu House), Chicago. - 1 FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OF lACTIOMI CDRRIC7 von SALTS AT) TEIBUKE OFFICE. .$52.00 065.00 . 47.00 @60.00 . 88.00 @40.00 . 43.00 @45.00 , Jane 14 .Juno 19 .Juno2l

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