Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 3, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 3, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. FINANCIAL. ILLINOIS ib-ajetk:- Capital. ..... . , $500,000 DXRBOTOES:, W, P, OOOLBAUOII,- Dn. N. 8. DAVIS, T.M. AVERY. • ISAAC WAIXAL,- G. M. LINDOHRBN, ONO. R. DRAKE, ANBONISTAOBIC |I. Q. POWERS, J. MoOREOOU .ADAMS, L. B. BtDWAV’ OEO. BTUUOKS. JNO, McOAFFItRY, wm. n. airroiiELL. joim dbkovkn, OTW. POTTER. OFFIOERS: BIDWAT, President. JNO.D.DRAKE, 3d V-Prest G. POWERS, V-Proa’t. JAS. 8. GlßßSrOa*hlor. Wiß open for buslnoa* on tho 2d day of Jane. 1078, In Bie building formerly oeoaplea by the union National aok, NOS. 273 & 275 MADISON-ST., (CORNER OP UARKBT-ST.) OHIOAaOj'ILXi. Will receive Savings Deposit* and pay Interest on the mnt at the rata of 8 per cent par annum, as pronflaa In lt« By-Laws. Will receive and execute trusts, and taTMt money for Individuals, Estates, Corporation#, and Bode- Mas. Will loan money on Bonds and Mortgw*. Cash Collaterals, and other good Securities, airing preference, however, to ponons of email moans who aro desirous of securing hom«et and will sell Exchange, on the principal eltioe of this Country, Europe, and the Canada*, and issue Travelers' Letter* or Credit. _ Tbls Bank has boon organised as a BTRIOTLT TRUST 4KB SAVINGS BANK, and will transact only snob bail nose as is directly connected with the receipt and care of TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, and will bo as liberal In tta btudnoee transactions aa la consistent with a sound and conservative poller and permanent safety. Depositor* desiring to do so, can bare letters addressed to them In careof the Bank, and or itbelr reopeat.these tetters will be forwarded to any other. Poet Office., They may also apply to the' Cashier for any information on matter* of business, or to bare letter* carefully addressed and forwarded. . Special arrangement* hare been made for a LADIES’ BUSINESS DEPARTMENT, In a neatly furnished room, with dressing room attached, and separate from the gen-- oral buslneaa room, entrance to which is from Market The Bank will be open for the transaction of business from 10 a, m. to Ip. m., and on Saturday Evenings from, ito 0. : OLOsma OF TUB Nortta Pacific R. S. 7.30 Loan. At a reesnt mooting of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company the following resolution was passed: “Therefore, Resolved, That the Loan of the Company, under 1U present Issue, bearing 7 B*lo per cent interest, be limited to a total amount not exceeding Thirty Millions of Dollars, and that no Isano of bonds, hereafter, by this Company, beyond the said Thirty Millions, shall bear a his/her rate of Interest than 8 per cent per annum." The limited remainder of the Seven-Thirty loan la now being disposed of through tho usual agencies, and on the basis of previous sales will soon bo absorbed, Aa the bond* of this issno are made receivable In pay ment for tho Company’s land at 1.10 they are In constant and Increasing demand for this purpose, and will continue to bo after the loan is closed—a fact which much enhances their value and attractiveness as on investment. The well-known elemonte of security posseuod by these bonds are tho following: 1. They aro the obligation of a strong corporation, with over 600 mlloa of completed road through a valuable coun try. , ' S. They are a FIRST MORTGAGE on ths Road, its Eights,' Franohlsoi, and Equipments. 8. They are a FIRST LIEN on Us net earnings, which will be large, having a largo Government trade, and will control the trade of Manitoba and Montana. 8. There U pledged, In addition, for payment of prlnel pal and Interest, a Land-Grant of 13,800 aoroa per mile through the States, and 35,600 acre* per mile through the Territories traversed, sales of which havo boon made at an average of 96 per aero—resulting In a sinking fund for ths oaoeolatlon or the 7.80 bonds. Other aoonrltles are received In exchange at market rates. For tho limited period daring which the Loan will be on tho market tho 7.80 Bondi may bo ordered from any of the Banka and Bankon that bare hitherto (old them* and from onrtalrei. All needed Information will bo famished by the Tarioaa Agents of the Loan, and by JAY OOOKB * 00. LUIfT, PEESTON & KEAN, General Agents for Sale of 7.80 Loan, Chicago, MaSllitMSi, Bankers, First National Bani.Bnluiiie, southwest corner of Stale and WasUnslon-ats., Chicago, Dealers in Gold and Silver Bullion, Bar, Loaf, Sheet, and Granulated Form for me chanical purposes. Deposits received in either currency or coin, Bubjeot to oheok without notice. Six per cent interest allowed on all daily balances. Chocks upon us pass through the Clearing- House, os if drawn upon any oity bank. Interest credited, and aooounts-ourrent rendered monthly. Coin and Currency Drafts on Hew York. Mil ESTATE LOANS. We are prepared to negotiate ioane on Improved Chica go real estate In any amount exceeding 06,000. PERKINS A WOLSBLBY, _ „„„ Hoorn 18 Kendall's Building. NORMAN O. PERKINS. W. ST. J. WOLBELBY, late with Ogden * Scudder. MONEY TO LOAN On flrst-olaaa Oity Property. ■ MEAD Sc COE, .. . , 183 LaSalle-at. IDXO_ We bate Attorneys everywhere, end collect the elelme •f Wholesale Merchant* end othen In any part of the country. No Attorney's feet In suits: so charset until collections era made. FRASIER'S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AQKNOY, I*6 Madlson-et. MONEY TO LOAN On Oollatoral Stocks, at low rates. Commercial Paper wanted by . WM, P. WATSON A CO., 105 Clark at.. Local Stock and Note Broken. STATIONERY. BLANK BOOKS la large variety re tailed at wholesale prices, . AtL. SOHIOK ft 00/8, 102 East Madison-st. WANTED. Wanted—APartner. A man with SB,OOO to 810,000 la an old established wholesale crockery establishment, dolor extensive trade. Present .partner withdrawing on account of old ago and ill LcaltlT. For further particulars apply to H. O. DUN A OO.’fl Mercantile Agency, corner Washington and BUtc-ste. Partner Wanted. In a well-established Wholesale Grocery Doom in Chicago. Reliable party, with 880,000 to B*o,ooo. can secure a de sirable businoss.and Investment. Address, wlthrefer* eaceij__WHQLKBALR_ORoOBH l Tribune otnoe. SHIPPING TAGS. ■ | A A DENNISON’S PATENT TA nV I SHIPPING TAGS. I fll_ \ OverMOmillions hate hosn used within the I UHi I past 10years, without complaint of loss by Inn II the tag beoomlpg detached. All Bspreu kv W Companies use them. Sold by Printers and Stationers Everywhere. I ■ ■ . ' r, REAL ESTATE. GREATSALE i; . • Of 120 dice Resitae Lots r.; 'J I ■' ..t I • 'I • -■ f fronting on Humboldt Boulevard, Logan ; Square, and MUwuukco-^v., lots Bach 160 to 200 Foot Deep. OnMoyaßeniooDjJme 3, at 21-2 o’clock AT 186 EAST MADISON-ST., Will be void 190 beantifnl and obotoo residence Lot*, sltn* stsd In tbe Subdivision of 89 seres tn tbo B M of tbo 8 B Jrfpf 800. 90, 40, 18. . -Tbs Lots sre well located] the ground Is high, mdtfae .whole altar overlooked by one standing on iti sarfaoo. Hamboldt Boolovsrd li being finoly. Improved) Urge trees bsvs boon ut oat nndor the direction of the Pirk OammlMlonor*.' An Artesian Well, with 1 floe flow of water, lies on either ildo of this property. - Tho facilities for reaching this ■ property’ are exoollent. Tbe depot of the O. A n!W. within sin rods SMtithe M. A St. P»nlU,_R. rans to the westward; and tho Chicago A Paolfle It. R. ontora the citron tho south. . Milwaukee *v, rani directly through it. Tbe tell U a flao loam with oiaj subsoil, rich amt prodaoUro. There la no nnlsanee whatever in tbe nolghboroood, malting it par* Ueolarly attractive for eholoo realdonoa homes. , ' It Is safe to predict that this neighborhood will doralop rapidly this summer. . Purchasers will double their Investment* in two years. If not in lota time. ' ' ' These lota will prove ono of the host Investment* ever pnt on tbe Chicago market, r _ Title to property porfoefc. Abstract of title furnished. . Terms of sale—One-third cash, balance In ono and two years at ß nor oontintoreat. ■ A deposit of sso on each lot will bo required at time of sals, anabalanoo of first payment within 80 days. Flat* of tbo proportyean be obtained at our office. . O. O. THAYER A CO., • Real Estate Auctioneers and Brokets, .186 Bast Madlson-«t. . THE OOP - Property, Wm. A. Butters & Co., vr 11T. BE M RT.TI 1 Tills Horoii at 10 o'clock, IS BOWEN BEO.’S BLOCK, Nos. 15 & 17 Eandolph-st., Between Wabash and Michiganian, EVERY LOT MUST BE SOLD. FOR SALE, SOUTH OF OITY LIMITS, Valuable, Corner Lots. B. W. oor. Vinconnes-av. and Oakwood Boulevard, 155x210 feot to 10 ft. alloy; high grove lot. - If. B. oor. Grand Boulevard and Oakwood Boulevard, 226x140 foot to 10 ft. alley. . S.B. oor. Grand Boulevard ondVlnoenneß av., 162xx160 foot to 18 ft. alley. S.B. oor. MJohlgau-av. and Forty-oightli ■t, 200x101 foot. S.B. oor. South Bark and Fifty-third-st., grove lot, facing tho highest and most beauti ful portion of the Fork. S.w. oor. Oalumot-av. and Fifty*fourth-Bt„ grove lot, 164x170 ftofc. 4 corners, Oalamefe-av. and Fifty-third-st. 4 corners; Froirie-av. and Fifty-third-st. S. B. oor. xndiono-av. and Fifty-third-st. , S. W. oor. Vinoennes-av. and Fiftioth-st., 188x340 feet. Also* a large amount of other property on all the avenues leading south. J. ESATAB WARREN, CHACE & ABELL, 184 Doarbom-st., Honore Block, DEALERS IN REAL ESTATE. I tS”gQDTgoa!a^ ,,,rtT b< ’ lw,e “ th " olt,Lln - CAPITALISTS. For sals, 843x660 fost on tho nortbwoak corner of Fifty* flr*t-*t. and Cottage Grove*av., fronting south on the ■real park and north on Filty*flnt*at. Price, 150,000. Terms, oath, balance 1, 8, and 8 years. Thl* property will ba worth gIOOtPOO In twolvo months. Inquire of JACOB WEIL A DO., comer of Madison and Dear* born-sts. *. Forty Acres Fof sale or exchange—Handaomoafc high land near Wash* Ington llslgbta; healthy: good water; beautiful groves; command* fine view of Morgan Park, with Us improve* meats, colleges, and schools.. Two good bouses on the promisee, and superior property to subdivide or bold, as railroad faoiUUes and other Improvement# are multiplying all around It. WIU take a city residence in part nay. O. It. BECKWITH A BOMB. TO RENT. FOR RENT-CHEAP. Two room* on the eeoond floor of our press manufactory, 13, U and 17 North Jefforson-at., one 84x60, and the other 24x83, with or without etesm power, well lighted, easy of access, two entrances and steam elevator. The other room is on the third floor, 24x60 feet; also well lighted, and with or without steam power. All the rooms are wall fitted for manufacturing machinery or other staple business, and will be rented at a reasonable figure. Alto for renL • third and fourth floor* and basement of my new first-class building, 17# East Monroe-st., adjoin ing Bryan Block, 60feet weatof comer of LaSalle, and fronting on both Monroe’*sl. and Aroade-oourt. Tho building la 196 feet deep and 28 feet wide, splendidly light* *d front, aide and rear, with vaults, water-closets, gas. ' steam elevator, and modern Improvements. Any desired amount ef steam power required will be furnished, and rental very reasonable; considering quality of rooms and central location. Either the above rooms rented separate* ly oraa awbole. Apply to 8. P. ROUNDS, - 18 North Jetiorson-it. For Rent. The present TRBMONT HOUSE, contain ins 76 rooms (besides servants* rooms), with kitchen range, ovens, boilers, steam boilers, passenger elevator, bar and billiard rooms, barber shop, laundry, drying room, safe, desk, and everything complete to continue business. Most admirably adapted for fam ilies, having rooms in suite, with baths and closets attached. CONGRESS HALL, having 60 rooms, with kitchen, range: ovens, gas fixtures, ana Sartlyfumishod. The whole Will bo rented >gether or separately for 10 months, with the privilege of two years more, at a low rental. Extra inducements will be offered to re oponalble parties. . . . • Apply to JNO, B. BRAKE, at Tremont House, or at Illinois Trust and Savings Rank. comer of Madison and Market-sts. To Bent. • Dense of 10rooms, furnished or unfurnished, wither without barni 1465 Pralrie*ar. Inquire of W. D, ALLEN, ' Florist, Hi BUts-»t. . . , To Rent, Cheap, In the Fsoiflo Block, on the sontbesst corner of Clark end Vsnßuren-ats., three fine storerooms on Olsrk-st., two on Vss Boren, and offlooa above, and throe flue balls suitable for lodge rooms or other societies. JACOB WEIL A CO., northwest bonier Pesrboro and Madison. BUSINESS CHANCE. FOR SALE. Lasse and furniture of a new Uotcl, centrally located, and Is doing 8 splsnded business. Apply to WM. U. SAMPSON * CO., 14* iefiaU" st., Otis Block, CARRIAGES. BREWSTER & GO., OF BROOME-ST., TVAREROOMS, Fifth-av., cor. Fourteenth-st,, NEW YORK. Elegant Carriages, In all tho fashionable varieties, from original designs of onr own and tho boat stylos of Psris sod London, exquis itely finished In all Sllk-Satlns, French Morocco, and the • finest Broadcloths. Special attention (1 called to tbo faot that every Carriage offered In our Ware rooms 1* the p re daction of oar, well known BROOHIE-BT* FACTO HY» and equal, In orory respect, to thoeo built to tho order of tho most valued onstomor. - ■ In addition to onr stock of tho LARGER vehicles, we offer a complete assortment of ROAD WAGONS, with and without tops, IN ALL WEIGHTS, for PLEASURE DRIVING OR SPEEDING, unbracing In their construe* Eon tho various improvement* introduced by u* during the past fifteen years, and which have made (he' “BREWSTER WAGON” The Standard for Quality. OUR PRICES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, order* by mail havor equal advantage* with those placed In person. To prevent confusion, the public will please remember that we aro not connected with a Joint Stock Company of {ferriage Dealer* now Booking to share our reputation by adopting a firm name similar to our own. BREWSTER & Co. f OP BROOMB-ST. Warerooms, rifth-av,, oor. Fourteenth-at. COD LIVER OIL. ■WELLBOKPS CARBOLATED GOD LIVER OIL * Isa Specific and Radical Coro for CONSUMPTION AMD BOEOHTLOTJS DISEASES. Remember the name, ** Willson’s Oarbolated Ood Liver Oil." It cornea in largo bottleh, bearing the Inventors signature, and is sold by the best Druggists. Prepared by J. H. Willson, 83 John-st., N.T, For sale by all Druggist*. IOWA AND NEBRASKA LANDS. MILLIONS OF ACRES IOWA & NEBRASKA LAIS FOR SALE BY THE Burlington & Mo. Eiver E. E. Co. On Ton Tears* Credit at 6 per oonl Interest, tW" No part of principal due until commencement of fifth yoar. Prodncts will pay for the land'and Improvements much within tho limit of thle generous credit.. The Soil of lowa and Nebraska le rich and eaally cultivated; cllnmto le warm, seasons long, crops largo^markets good, taxes low, and education ia OT Extraordinary Inducement* on freight and passage, for purohassrs and their families. A Circulars giving full particular*, gratia; oaltforall that are wanted U» read and circulate. A Sectional Map, abowiog tho ezaet location of lowa landa ia eold at 80 cento, and of Nobraaka land* at same price. For Circulars and Maps apply to GEO. 6. HARRIS, Land Oommlaalonor, Burlington, la. Or W. U. WISNER, General Agent, 69 Clark-it.. Chicago. PAPER HANGINGS. JUBILEE WEEK. PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, RACE CURTAINS, T.AM. B REQUINS, ALL KINDS OP MAT TRESSES, and other BEDDING, will be sold at as low prices as any bouse in the oity. GIVE US A CALL before purchasing elsewhere. HUGER, JENKINS & FAXON, 107 STATE-ST. REMOVALS. HOFFMANN & AMBERG'S LIVERY AND BOARDING STABLE, 166 ft 168 West Waahington-at. Oar Livery Stock and Stable bee no equal In Chicago. TtEMOVAXi. C. E DYER & CO., General Fuel Sealers, MAIN OFFICE REMOVED TO 73 Vaßhington-rt., K. E. comer Deoibom. FOR SAXE. NOTE, DRAFT, AND RECEIPT BOOKS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & CO., 118 & 120 Monroo-nt. “SPORT I” Fine Trout-Rods, Silos, oto.,and fishing tackle In every style. Breech-Loaders ' 835 W«bMh »T. Opera Glasses AT J. Q. LANGGUTH'B, Optician. tQfitfttosl,, between Washington and Randolph. Vienna Olaasos a specially, BUSINESS GARB. H. PRICE GRAVES, MBROHANI TAHOB. Removed to 167 South OluK-.t. CHICAGO, TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1873, ASSURANCE. Lonfloß Assnrance CarDoratipß cjp^ppxsr. Xiooal Committee, J. p. GIRAUD FOSTER, of Foster A Thomson. GORDON NORRIB, of Boorman, Johnston A 00. OIIARLRB M. FRY. No. 89 Wall-st. HOWARD POTTER, of Brown Bros. A 00. GOOLDII. REDMOND, of Donnlstoun A 00. Total Funds, Gold, * $13,234,425 Fire Assets, Gold,; - •- $5,004,000 GEO. 0. OLAEKE, Agent, 3 and 4 Bryan Bloolc. Insurance effected, on Bnsinoss Buildings, Merchandise, Provi sions, Dwellings and their con 'WATCHES. ' KEY AND STEM-WINDING WALTHAM WATCHES! FOB GENTLEMEN. Also, some small fine WALTHAM WATCHES! FOB LADIES, in Plain and Deco rated Cases. WALTHAM WATCHES! FOR Railway Engineers. The best Watch for tho purpose In tho market. N. MATSON & CO.. Jewelers and Silversmiths, STATE AND MONME-STS. PICTURE FRAMES, &c. SAMMONS, CLARK 1 GO, 197 & 199 S. 01inton-st., MANUFACTURERS OF. MOULDINGS, > PICTURE FRAMES, AND LOOKING GLASSES, AND JOBBERS OF G HRO M O S, Engravings, &o. The Largest Stock in the West. Call or send for Catalogue. INSURANCE. INSURANCE. Dwelling House Insurance Company, OF BOSTON. . CAPITAL, $300,000, ALI PAID DP. This Company Insures Only Dwelling House Property and Household Furniture. ARTHUR Wm. HOBART, President. HENRY F. PERKINS, Secretary. DIRECTORS: GeorgoG. Rlohardton, - Otla Norcrott, A very Ploznor, Junes 11. Beal* Alexander Strong, N. J, Brailles. Jatnea M. Beebe, Jamct X* little, Henry P. Kidder, Anguataa Flagg. Walter Hatting*, Charles Meniam, A. 8. Wheeler, > Arthur Wra. Hobart, • , John D. W. Joy. Do not join yonr hornet to the hazards of baslnott prop erty. E. S. HEWITT, Agent, Room 13 Republic 1110 Building. 0-A.3R,3D- All Eight in Boston. All Jliglit in New York. AH Eight in Chicago. All Eight Everywhere. Small linos, good assets, and oaroltal man agement, is tho basis of security offered by oqr companies. • E- ZB- sc co-3 Insurance Agents, 210 LaSalle-st. SPRING HATS. All Styles, FOR OLD AND YOUNG. J. A. SMITH & CO., 513 & 515 Wabash-av. off a m#|| You can save money U H I|IU by purchasing your Hll I HATS at J. S. BARNES UU JL II & OO.’S, No. 164 East • lMadiflon-st. GENERAL NOTICES. NO STRANGER Visiting Our City Should Fail to Call at KAEMPFER’S ; store, 127 South Clark-Bt„ Where they can tee tho Womlani of the World- POSTPONEMENT. Tho opening of tho Highland Park Hotel, for guests, is postponed to June 12. O. D. HOPKINS, Proprietor, HATS. THE JUDICIARY. Election of Thirty-one Circuit and; Two Supreme Judges Yesterday. The Cook County Circuit Bench Re-elected i Unanimously. Judge Booth Boats Gam Ashton by a Majority of Fnlly 2,500. Slim. Returns From, and a Light Vote - Cast in, the Fifth Judicial District. Tho Figures Received. Favor tho Re-election of Judge ’ Lawrence. COOK COUNTY. GUIOAOO. Tho judicial election in this city yesterday was quietly conducted, only opo disturbance taking place. It was feared in tho morning that Ash* ton’s employes wore having their own way, and polling a groat many votes. Reports come into the Campaign Committee’s headquarters from several wards that tho ambitious Samuel was ahead, and they considered Immediate action necessary to chock his progress.' Accordingly 10,000 circulars, calling attention to tho im portance of tho oicotioD, and the necessity for having a pure Bench, woro ordered to ho printed and circulated. By 4 o’clock all tho' largo business houses down-town, tho Board of Trade, and all tho prominent assembling places, for voters wore visited by boys, and every person that passed them received a circular. Tho re sult was that thousands of men rushed to tho wards in which they reside and cast their ballots for tho present incumbents. This completely, turned tho ourront, and, although Ashton carried several wards, the aggregate vote leaves him nearly 2,400 behind. Tho County Clerk seems to have been abhton’s man studay,

assisting him all in his power, and without doubt enabling him to poll many votes In tho country. A dispatch received from Austin, last evening, stated that in tho envelopes which contained tho poll-books woro enclosed hun dred’s of Ashton’s tickets. They could have boon put there only by Poliak, and henco his conduct provoked tho inquiry whether it would not bo more becoming to attend to tUe duties of his office, than to uso tho county’s envelopes for sending out election tickets. Ashton’s ddmmeiib woro unusually demonstrative, nowhere more so than at thoFonrth Precinct of the Eleventh Ward. At about 9 in tho morning word arrived at tho Oommittoo-rooms of tho fivo original Judges’ party that, at this polling place, tho Ashton ele ment was dangerously in tho ascendant, andthat tho ascendancy was being used in an improper manner. 8. W. Packard, an advocate, thou drove off to distribute the respectable ticket among tho voters. On arriving thoro ho was In terviewed by a man who complained of haying boon deluded by an Ashton bummer into voting for tho liquor candidate, a thing which ho had not the remotest intention of doing. Prominent among tho crowd was ONE PEIIIOLATE, proprietor of ft linuor-etoro on Sonih Water street, who was pedaling tbo Ashton ticket in a most energetic manner. Packard started oppo sition, buttonholed a voter and presented him with a ticket of the flvo original Judges, and ask ed him not to vote for Ashton. . Foriolato here upon assaulted Packard, pushed him round, told him to leave os soon os no know how, and said he didn't wont such “ damned oars’* in the vicinity. Failing to comply with the Asbtonito’s gentle demand, Packard remain ed and went on distributing tickets. During hia work ho noticed several parties led into the saloon of one Coda, in tho roar part of which was tho polling-place, while the bar in front was running briskly. Seeing that tho operations of tbo bar-tender were of a nature to do damage to tbo regular candidate, Packard quietly intimated to the bar-tender that he was plying his occupation IN DIBEOT VIOLATION OP THE LAW, which prohibits tho eale of liquor on general or special election days, and suggested that ho should desist. The bar-tender, true tohisAsh tonlan instincts, replied that ,( he didn't care a damn for tbo law anyhow," and went into tho polling-place and called up Coda. tho proprietor, ono of the judgOT of the election, who ordered Ur. Packard to “git, as lively as possible," which words were the signal for the surrounding crowd of blear eyed hummers to sound their war-ory and then throw Packard Into tho street. A policeman was requested to make an arrest of tho saloon-kooper for selling tho liquor and of tho rowdies who had made tho cowardly assault, but he declined on the ground of bis having no orders to make arrests for liquor-selling. WITH A VIEW OP TESTING whether there is or is not any virtue In tho ordinance which was so openly violated, Packard visited tho West Side PoQco Station and inter viewed Sergeant Johnson, in charge, who denied having authority In tho matter, whilst in there, another citizen came in, a Mr. B. Sheffield, who complained that ho had attempted to voto the regular ticket at tho precinct in question, and hod boon threatened, while many other voters were being similarly intimidated, and asked the Sergeant to send to tbo polls and mako arrests. Packard then visited Washburn's office, and mode a statement of tho ooso to him, requesting him to send A SQUAD OP POLICE tokeeptbopeaceaud prevent tho liquor-vend ing. Washburn denied having authority, and tho pair adjourned to the offico of Mayor MediU. On being made acquainted with the facts, the Mayor said that ho examined his authority in tho last preceding election, and oamo to the con clusion that ho had none to close saloons; that that authority rested with tho Sheriff, Oorouor, and county officers, and that bo had written a letter to BUEQIFF B HADLEY, requesting him to carry out tho law. The Mayor said ho wished Packard would visit the Sheriff himself, lay the matter beforo him, and get a definite answer from him ae to what bo would do in the promisee, and that, If ho refused to act, the only thing loft was to tndiot him for not do ing hie duty. The Sheriff woe found, and he, after consult ing with his legal advisor, stated that ho bad no authority to close the saloons, but could only make a complaint before a Magistrate, as ony other citizen can, and have a warrant issued. The dignified form of tho Sheriff was soon trun dling mongin a buggy to a Justice's office. Scully was not to bo found anywhere, and Sturtovant was applied to. lie bad painfully evident Indis position to do anything; thought nothing could be accomplished ; couldn't act on a VEBUAL AWIDAVIT; liadn't timo to draw out a written one, and, whilo Packard was busy drawing ono out, he and the Sheriff quietly and gently moved away, and, not withstanding a diligent search, neither of them could subsequently bo found. Bafilod at every point, tho indomitable Packard tried to find the Coroner, but he, too, was non oommo atibus, and so the warrant wasn't issued. Once more he visited tho precinct whore rowdyism reigned. Tho liquor drinking hod told well upon the crowd. They wore uoisior in their ohoenng, FILTUIED IN TUEIU TALK, more brutally degraded in their actions, and when tho persistent Packard began writing affi davits for con-registered voters, they amused themselves with paying him such attentions aa knocking off his beaver and playing foot-ball with 11, punching him in the ribs, and kicking over tbe table on which he was writing. Sud denly they stopped* A eoml-Intoxioated cheer gargled ‘ forth;, from their whleky-inllamed 1 throate, and for at loaet a minute the surround ing ether was untainted with blasphemy. Bam Ashton had arrived. The crowd closed round him. Ho. understood what they wanted as well as they understood . what, ho wanted.. Ho led them to the door' of the saloon, which closed on the kindred spirits, and tho choking. of tho glosses inside told that if Ashton dla win the election over Booth, it would bo but a repetition of. tbo old fight, fought oyer and oyer again with varying results, ox SBAIKB V. BOTTLE. . -In connection with the olootlon; 0 number of the most prominent lawyers of the olty had agfood, in the event of Ashton's election, to sign a document covenanting on their honor that they would never appear before him should he bo elected; • E RESULT. - le gives tho result in this The following tab! city t * | |if | First ID9 ‘ 188 100 161 147 10 Second 104 103 106 ICC • 67 103 Third 081 051 084 • 671 , 706 341 Fourth 1,005 1,103 1,103 1,104 1,000 80 Fifth 1,144 1,130 1,180 1,164 , 003 103 Sixth 073 003 076 077 208 633 Seventh 020 470 637 BIS 00 809 Eighth 740 60S 704 740 320 410 ■Ninth .’. 650 707 655 ‘B3O 600 340 Tenth 777 775 780 781 C 44 170 Eleventh 635 614 • 649 620 257 309 Twelfth 055 047 003 060 808 41 Thirteenth 1,035 1,033 1,030 1,043 087 61 Fourteenth 608 497 676 673 468 61 Fifteenth 1,007 068 05S 092 381 760 Sixteenth 843 820 8M 480 300 660 Seventeenth.... 048 . 039 036 044 . 04 816 Eighteenth 632 443 623 403 100 ■ 382 Nineteenth 280 282 280 285 103 183 Twentieth 460 401 470 465 204 288 Total 16,072 14,103 14,620 14,103 8,437 0,174 •Ono precinct misalag. Doolh’o majority 1b 3,303, with the Pint Pm tho Ninth Ward lacking. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, ETAHBTON. Evanston, HI., Juno 2.—Evanston polled 430 votoo for Judges, os follows/ Williams, 427; Booth, 420; Rogers, 420; Farwell, 428 : Tree, 428. No votes for any others. OI onto. Tho First Precinct of Oicoro gives 100 major ity for Booth. IN THE STATE, rata wanner, Latortnee, .1,043 00 ; 170 123 maj. Galesburg. Henry. Marshal County Prln colon El Paso Peona Bagetown, Henderson County. Oquawka, Henderson County... 64maj, Beggavlllo, Henderson County.... Floyd, Warren C0unty.......... 02 maj. Tcakinoo, Warren County Monmouth 848 maj, Sparta, Enoz County 82 maj. Ontario, Knox County 113 maj. MagnozuEnoz County Salem, Enoz County..... Cedar, Kuoz County ... Indian Point, Enoz County.«... . Uawaeha, Enoz County Knoz .....'...1. Lynn, Enoz County. ... Wyanet, Bureau County Bartln... ... C0nc0rd.......' ... Arlington 33 maj, Penn, Stark County... 39 maj, Osceola, Stark County 68 maj. Oalva, Henry County - Kowanco, Henry County 110 maj, Mercer, Mercer County.. Itorola. Now Boston Koithburg Elmwood, Peoria County, 8r1mf101d...., Morris ’Ottawa....... Peru......... Earlrlllo IMim Alton* Henderson... Tcskolwa Buda Peoria City... Lynn Cambridge... New Amdoon Monmouth LaSalle Watega .. 81 maj, ~ 26 maj, .. 04 maj, 21 maj. .. 47 maj. .. 700 maj. ICO maj, ~ 2 maj, .. 6 maj, .. IDS 110 maj, 29 SO maj. 21 485 76 maj. 13S • Sagetown 0* a Young America 100 148 Special Dhpateh to The Chicago Tribune. Peoria, 111., Juno 9.—Peoria County gives Craig a email majority. - second Dismior. Special Diepaich to The Chicago Tribune. ■ Alton, Juno 2. —Returns so far received indi cate the election of John Bcholflold for Supremo Judge, second Judicial District, and William H. Snyder as Circuit Judge of the Twenty-second Judicial Circuit. CIRCUIT COURTS. FIRST CIRCUIT. Judge William Brown, of Rockford, Is un doubtedly elected. No opposition. SECOND CIRCUIT. Waukegan gives Murphey 109, and Helium 889. Morrison, Whiteside Co., June- 2.—Tho re turns so far in Whiteside County indicate, that the county has gone for Heaton for Judge by 600 majority. Judge George W. Pleasants, of Rook Island, was the only candidate, and is, of course, elected. SIXTH CIRCUIT. Princeton.— This place gives Leland 557, and Dickey 114. Special DiepaUh to The Chicago Tribune. LaSalle, June 2.—A very light rote was Soiled at tho judicial election here, to-day, but it counting will bo finished too late for the re sult to bo forwarded to-night. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Ottawa, 111.. Juno 3.—ln the election in this city, to-day, between Judge Dickey and Judge Belaud, rival candidates for the Circuit Judge ship, tho vote was a tie. Special DiepaUh to The Chicago Tribune. Joliet. June 3. —The election for Circuit ' Judge passed off quietly throughout the county, a light vote being polled. Tho. candidates wore Joslab Mcßoborts, of this city, present Judge, and 8. W. Harris, of Morris. The former a Republican, indorsed by tho formers. . tho latter a Democrat, and - the lawyers' candidate. As far as heard from the majorities for Moßobsrts are as follows: Joliet, 835, Elwood, 28. Reed, 20, New Lennox,7s, Crete, 120, Plainfield, 326, Frankfort, 63, Dupage, 74. Harris' majorities, Lookport,. 69, Troy, 48, Manhattan, 3. . Moßoberts' majority in the county will be from 600. to 1,000. The returns from Qrondy indicate that Harris has carried the county by a small majority. Morris gives him 310 1 Aux Bauble, 53; Saratoga, 13. Molloberts' majority in the Circuit will approximate 600, according to latest advices. Special Dispatch to Th* Chicago TVlbune. Morris, Juno 2.—Harris, for Olroult Judge, has a majority here of 210. NINTH CIRCUIT. Peoria, Judo 3,—Ooohran, Farmers' candidate for Olroult Judgo, baa a majority of 503. Special Dispatch to Th* Chicago IWbuns. Peoria, June 2.—Cochrane has carried the district composed of Fooria and Stark Counties, for Olrcuit Judge, by 800 majority. ELEVENTH CIRCUIT. Judgo Ohanncey L. Hlgbee, of Pittsfield, was tho only candidate in the field, and is elected. TWELFTH CIRCUIT. Henry, Marshall Go.. Juno 2.—Turner has 83 and Burns 08 for Olroult Judgo. . El Paso, June 2.— Bums’majority here is 163. THIRTEENTH CIRCUIT. Nathaniel J. PlUebury, of Pontlao, had no op* position. SIXTEENTH CIRCUIT. Champaign, m., June 3.—Champaign County gave O. B. Smith about 1,200 majority. NINETEENTH CIRCUIT. Special Ditjnitch to Th* Chicago Tribune , Springfield, June 2.-~Zane carries this olty and township for Olroult Judge by 275 majority. It Is thought his majority in the county will bo 200 at least. No reports from Macoupin, but those well posted say his majority In that county will reach 800. TWENTIETH CIRCUIT. Judge Horatio M. Vandeveor, of Taylorvillo, had no opposition. TWENTY-SIXTH CIRCUIT. Judge David J. Baker, of Cairo, bad no oppo sition. NUMBER 288. THE l\ )DOCS. The End of War in the Lava-Bedl Wilderness. Surrender of cl f . Jack and the Remnant (**His Baud. ; Personnel ,of the Noted Chief and , , . His Lieutenants. Ban Fbancjsco, Jane 2.—Aitleoate’s House Clear Lake, Juno 1, 8:80 p, m.—A series of prolonged yells and oboors aronsod this camp from a pleasant siesta of half an hoar after the departure of my last oourior. Oen. Davis, Qen; Wheaton, and other officers, and all thb men, rushed from the house and tents to find the cause of the uproar, and at once the whole camp was in a commotion.- Down tho lovol plain, north of tho house, was a grand cavalcade of mounted horsemen. Tho steeds rushed forward at once at a furious rate, and soon ■ neared the groups of spectators scattered about tho promises. “Copt. Jack is captured/* snouted a sturdy Sergeant. Again tho valley echoed with cheers and yells. The mounted command was that of Perry. Ho had returned from a scout of twenty-throo hours. Throe miles above the mouth of Willow Creek, at half-post 10 o'clock this morning, the Warm Spring scouts struck a hot trail, and, after a brief search, tho Modoca wore discovered. Col. Pony surrounded the In dian retreat. His men wore bound to fight. Suddenly a Modoc shot out from tho rooks with' a whito flag. He fnpt a.Worm Spring, and sold Jaok wonted to eurrondor. * Throb scouts were sent out to moot Jack. He came out cautiously, glanced about him a mo ment, and then, as if giving up all hope, came forward and hold out his hand to hia visitors. Thou two of his warriors, five squaws, and'sovon children darted forth and joined him in tho sur render. The command that mode this scout was the first squadron of - tho First Cavalry, Col. D.- Perry, composed of Troop T, Lieut. Miller, and- Troop H, Maj. Trumbull, and medical officer ' Assistant-Surgeon Dewitt. The guards wore C. PuUnam and H. A. Applegate. 1 Jaok is about 40. Ho* Is five feet eight inches high, and compactly built. Ho has a largo and well-formed head and face, full of individuality. Although dressed In old clothes, he looks every inch a chief. Ho does not speak to anyone. The Modoca are grouped in tho field near tho houso, and surrounded by a guard. Spectators peer Into Jack's face with eager interest, but he hoods them not. • Ho is as still os a statue. loci of. Craig . 63 • OlmftJ, 30m»J, SOm&J. 70 m»J. 98 maj, 70 maj, 13 maj. 72 maj. 67 maj. 462 maj, 67 maj. 62 maj. 22 maj. 147 maj. Lakoell’s Valliv, Lost Rived, Oro., Green's Camp, May 81—Evening.—After a thorough examination of tbo Modoo captives gathered In during the present scout under Col. Green, it was ascertained that tho last haul netted thirty- ■ four men, women, and children, thirteen of them being able-bodied warriors, sixteen rifles of various patterns, 113 cartridges, and several loon and hungry ponies. “ Boston Charley ” and Schonsohin are anx ious about the disposition to bo made of them. The former murdered Dr. Thomas, and tbo latter mutilated Moaoham. Boston and Schonsohin look like desperadoes. Eaoh oarrioa his character in his faco. Boston is about ,28, and Bhonsohin is 80. Tho boldest warrior of the band is Soar-Faced Charley. Dr, Gabanlsse, of Yroka, the contract sur geon, after sleeping at night in their retreat, says of Capt. Jack that bo presented a most woe-bogono appearance. Tho wily warrior sat upon a roofc in \ho centre of a Uttlo lava bed, a few yards back from tbo oreat of a bluff, and seemed as lonely ss his surroundings. Ho was wrapped in a faded army blanket and his head was buried in his bands. His sis ter Mary, captured at Willow Crook the day bo fore yesterday, talked to him with tears in her eyes, and asked that ho enter our camp. He did promise that ho would surrender to-day. In the night he stole away. Tho Modoou say that Jack is msano. There fa much method in bis mad ness. 93 maj. *23 maj. 136 maj. 170 70 maj. 14 Oftpt. Hizer’s company of Oregon volunteers, numbering forty, arrived in this valley last even ing, and bivouacked near us. They will bare a chance to do some littlo scouting to-day. Appleoatb Mansion,. Clear Lake, Cal., Jane 1, p.m.—This morning the troope at the camp in LangoU’s Valley were divided into several parties and sent out on scouts after the fleeing Modocs. Just as the scouting parties loft, the Modoo captives, - with the exception of "Bogus Charley,” “Hooka Jim,” “Steamboat Frank,” and “ Sohack-Naaty Jim,” were sent to this rancho in ohargo of Lieut. Taylor, of the Fourth Artillery, and a small detachment of men. WEATHER AND WATER. Chicago, Juno 2—10:18 p.m. ; The following reports buje been received from the places mentioned below: Station. Wind. | Weather. Breckinridge..... 30.851 C 5 8., light. 'Cloudy. Buffalo s . 30.10 03 E., gentle. Clear. Cairo 80.00 74 Calm. Clear. Chicago 20.03 74 8., fresh. Fair. ‘ Cincinnati 30.07 70 8. E., light. Clear. Cleveland 30.08 64 8. E., fresh, Fair. Cheyenne 80.021 62 E., gentle. Fair. Davenport 20.081 76 8. W., fresh. Fair. Denver 30.07 50 N. E., fresh. Cloudy, Detroit 30.08 02 Calm. Fair. Duluth 20.93 47 Calm. Cloudy. Ft. Garry. 20.68 1 57 8. W„ light. Fair. . Keokuk 20.05 76 8. £., fresh. Cloudy. LaCrosse 30.05 71 8. E., fresh. Cloudy. Milwaukee 20.08 71 8., light. Fair. Omaha. 20.65 00 8, E., gentle. Cloudy. Pembina 29.70 64 8. W„ gentle. Fair. St. Paul 20.84 68 Calm. Cloudy. Toledo 80.07 00 8. E., gent! 6. Fair. PROBABILITIES. , Washington, June 3.—For Now England, light to fresh winds, mostly from ihe east and south, and clear or partly cloudy weather. For the Mtddle’States, light to fresh easterly and south erly winds, and increasing cloudiness, and possi bly light rain in Maryland and Virginia. For the Lower Lake region, easterly to southerly winds, generally cloudy weather, and areas of light rain. From the Ohio and Upper Mississippi Valleys to the Upper Lakes, southerly to westerly winds, cloudy weather, and rain areas. For the South Atlantic States, continued cloudy weather, rain, and easterly winds, the latter probably shifting to southerly and westerly, with clearing weather in Florida,Georgla, and South Carolina during Tuesday. From Alabama and Western Tennessee to Eastern Louisiana, clear or partly cloudy . weather. STAGE OF WATER. Dally report of the stage of water, with changes In the 24 hours, ending 3 p. m., June 2.1873: ORANGES. ABOVE LOW mh*«u»b. WATEB. pall. fit. r»ul 16 ft. Sin Sin. Fort Benton 6 ft, 1 in Omaha 12 ft. 8 In. Davenport 7 ft. 6 in Leavenworth. 1 ft. 3 in.' Keokuk 10 ft. 3 In A In. Cairo 83 ft. 0 In Bt. Louis 33 ft. 8 In 8 in. Pittsburgh 8 ft. 6 in 3 in. Cincinnati. la ft. 11 In 1 ft. 8 in. LoulavlUo 7 ft. 3 In, .......... 1 In. Momphl ft. 7 lu. Bln Vicksburg <0 ft. 1 in Shreveport 35 ft. o ft. 10 in 1 ft, 3 In. •New Orleans 3 ft. 3 lu. Sin..,. Yankton 13 ft. 3 In •Below high water mark of 1871. W. S. Kaufman, Observer Signal Service United fitatoa Army, Obituary* 1 San Francisco, Juno 2.—Asher M. Catos, re cently Begistor of Bankruptcy in this city, and for many years counselor to tuo late King Kame hameha, died yesterday after a long illness. New Orleans, Juno 2. E. 11. Summers, an enterprising citizen, first President of tho Cot ton Exchange and President of the Orescent Olty Bank, died to-day at Pass Christian. Sporting* Baltimore, June 3.— Baso ball—Baltimores, 12; Washingtons, 8. \

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