Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 3 Haziran 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 3 Haziran 1873 Page 3
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A $119,800 FIRE. Total Destruction of a Handsome; Wabash Avenue Front. Potter, King & 00, and Lietenstem & 00., Furniture Dealers; : Burned Out. toss About sllo,Boo—lnßuranco ’ About $75,000. v At 12:45 p. m.; yesterday, flames were Been rising froin the roof of the buildings Nos. 282 to 288 Wabash avenue,' near Van* Biiroii street. The - buildings,; four stories'- high ; and'-fronted with marble, wore owned by ox-Alderman Otis. Tbo lower fldbr of N0.284 was occupied by'Ur Llob-‘ onsteln AOo.; dealers in undertaken ’and l np- ’ bolstering materials,': and tho hppor’floors' by Potter, King A Pp.,.manufacturers ’of furniture,, who also ocouplod ibo storo No. 280 and 288, and, tbo throe floors above. People ran from all direc- s loros wore, abandoned, bustomots and clerks suspondbd operations; and In a'fow mlri-- utoa b groat crowd nod gathered in tho ( vicinity.. It took, the engines an apparently long time to arrive, considering that tbo flames wore spread ing with fatal speed, bating . their way down and', djeombowollng the building, • ' • -• When the ongiyps wore On tho ground no,time Was lost getting onihe streams, but (bo flromon might as welt have boon spitting on tbo burning mass. Th flames roared’.-' and spread without, hindrance, and the Intense boat waSfolta block’ away/ The fourth floor was’ gone before, the water reached It, and tbo third floor was soon seized by the flames, which rose high in the air, and shot out of tbo windows, wbllo clouds of smoko enveloped the' building;' Olio- engines were puffing and blowing on every block, some flromon wore, working, frantically at a hose ele vator, and gallantly climbing it in tbo faco of tho' flames, and of boat that Boomed unendurable across tho street. They remained on tho elevator, but could do no, effective service. They roosted gradually, but on they bung. In tbo meantime tho firo ragbd with Unceasing fury on the south sldo 6f tho building.; Four futilo stroams played on tho front and ono solitary snout of water at .tcmplod to save tbo sldo wall. Tbo pipomop wore recklessly exposing ,themselves bosmo tho walls, and oyorybody expected to boo them crushed when ibo wall fou. It threatened to come' every minute. It was six’ inches out of tbo pbrpendlonlar, and began to totter, and in a fow minutes down It oamo with a tremendous crash. Tho crowd yelled, and the flromon rushed to And who woe killed. Nobody. They very wisely" got out..of tho way for a mo ment; and then rushed in again * to play tho hoso on ibo building.. It' was no use. Thoro was a plentiful look of Lake Michigan. Tho firo burnoa on. and tbo flromon worked os well as mon oould work’ under the circumstances. Tbo front of tbo’ building, licked "by tho flames, crocked oblppoa off, tho pieces flying out in tho roadway/ In naif an hoar tho oatlro struoturo was in - flames, tbo smoke rose in groat gusts, obscuring tbo sun, and thousands oi pooplo wore I oolong at tbo scone. Thoro was no hope for tbo boilc& log, but tho flromon continued tholr vain effort to subduo tboir onomy; Tho most aotlvo man around tho promises was Commissioner Wright. Ho did ; more service than oil tbo Marshals combined, not omitting tho Chief. Ho was cool and cle&r-hoadod, and did not disdain to lift a ladder and haul hoso when, necessary. Ho would make an excellent Firo Marshal. Tho Mayor was on tho grotmcL. and tho police under Copt, Hickoy and Borgt. Buckley. It was foarod tbo * adjoining buildings would succumb, but tbo walls word thick. and withstood tbo hdat. • Von Cott & Co.’s Jewelry store'was In* danger, and so was tbo Methodist Book Concern at the roar. of. tho ruined building. > The- Rov; Dr. Fowler and Aid. Dixon wdro present, ahx-‘ iously watching tbo safety of an establishment In which they wore deeply and religiously con cerned. Tlio building was singed, but.tho man ager said they suffered no loss, and ho ought to know.’ , , • ... The'proprietors.and workmen connected with the establishments that wore reduced to ashes were very much affected. Tw*o of the workmen wore crying oh the sidewalk, aa they related their Borrow for th 6 disaster,. There were some thirty men employed in Potter, King & Co.’s. The workahop.waa in the upper floor. Various theories wore circulated as to the cause of the disaster, the most authentic being that a lot of dry material used for stuffing chairs caught fire near the elevator..aottlng-flro to the elevator,severing thoropee which hold it, allowing It to drop.amass of' flames to the bottom of the' building, whence it communicated to everything around, and soon there woe a roaring column'Of Are reaching from the bottom of the null ding to the top. , , . >• Tho. fire might have,boon.conquered at on early stage, had the FiroDopartmont boon noti fied, SO that they could havo .reached the build ing twenty minutes sooner, and then had plenty of water to pour oh-lt and a brick dividing wall to confine > the fire within a smaller‘space. For some reason the alarm was delayed; for some other reason the main.on Wabash avenue is small and inadequate, and for some other reason' there was" no brick wall. The building, which was now and handsome, yesterday, stands to day a .blackened ruin. Much sympathy was expressed for the owner of the building and its occupants. With praiseworthy energy, the building was .raised and filled .with valuable goods, oiid it is hard that such pluck and enter prise should moot no bettor luck. Following .Is an account of the losses and insurances. The whole block, which embraced Nos. 280. 282.284, 280, and 288 Wabash avenue, is owned by James E. Otis, and coat 850,000. A fire-wall separated 280 from 282, dividing the block into two buildings,, and to this foot, more than any other, is duo the present condition of the north store. The , roof of this structure was partially destroyed, but the. floors . ore intact: 8,1,000 will cover the damage.* The south store, which included Nos. 284, 28G. and 288 wero almost totally de stroyed, involving a loss of about 828.000. There is 880.000 insurance on the block, divided among the following companies: Underwriters’ Agency, 610,000.; Loudon, Liverpool, and Globe, 86,000; Traders’, Chicago, $5,000 ; Girard, 85.O00; and Commercial Union, London, $6,000. The first floor of Nos. 280 and 282 is occupied by A. B. Von OotL jeweler. Loss, $250; insur ed. The second floor is oooaplod by West & 00., dealers in fonoy goods.Loss about $800; fully insured; The third’floor Is vacant. The fourth floor Is . occupied, by A. A. Tumor, hat and frame manufacturer.' Loos, 8300 ; insured for 8800 in the Adriatic. The Fire Insurance Patrol, under Capt. Bon Bulwiuklo, covered the etooks of goods in this building with oil-cloths, and, owing to the activity of the patrol, very little loss was sustained. The flrat floor of No. 281 was occupied by H. lilebooetoin’d; Oo.,'dealers In furniture. Their stock, valued at 850,000, was totally destroyed. It Is insured .for $31,000, in tho oompanios named London Assurance Association, $5.000; Manufacturers’. of Boston, $2,000 ; WUnamsburg City, $5,000; Franklin; of Indianapolis, $2,500. Michigan State, of Adrian, Mich., s2,Gooi Ban gor, $2,600; Mercantile, of Cleveland, $2,-‘ 500: Northwestern National, SI,OOO ; Homo, of Columbus, SB,OOO { Hamborg Bremen, 86,000. ;Tho latter Company also have $2,500 on fixtures. Mr. Henry Moyer, a member of the firm, lost' $6,000 worth of bis own household goods, recently brought from New York, upon which ho has no insurance. Tho first floors of Nos. 280 and 288 and' the throe upper floors of Nos. 284, 286, and 288 wero occupied by Potter, King & Co., manufacturers of and dealers in furniture. Thoir stock and fixtures' wore,worth about $86,000, and they havo policies’ representing $24,000. Tho Com panies interested arothe following : Lycoming, $5,000} German, $6,000} Penn, of Philadelphia, 82,000} National, of Philadelphia; $2,000; Western, of Toronto, $2,000 ; Alps, $3,000; Farmers’, of Milwaukee, $5,000, THE SPORTING WORLD. SOMETHING ABOUT DASE-DALL. A few of the stockholders of the Chicago Dose-Ball Association mot at tho Uhlloh House, comer of Twenty-second and State streets, yes terday evening, and indulged In an informal talk over the question of resuscitating the pro fessional game in the city. I No definite conolu slou was reached. Tho owner of tho Twontv second street grounds will bo conferred with this week, and thou:a general moeting.of stock-' holders will ho called, when, further stop© will bo taken, or tho whole matter abandoned. Tho Pony AStnaa. . defeated: the Little Woods, yesterday, by a score of 40 to 17. Tho Liberty Baso-Bah Olub is now prepared to reooLyo challenges from toil clubs whoso mem bers Are ‘not over 17 years of, ago. .The address of the Ooptaln iB No. 184-Btato street, r, |l> <J ; iipcnwo TD» BTONB. (A match at-this snort, to J>o governed by thO Oaledoniafulo9,.wlU take place on Thursday, at 'HydoTAric, between. Robertson,' the holder of the ohampfon badgO of Uio Brocfcjyn Caledonian Club, and John ,Lonlgan,.of Hyde Pork. Tbo; formof gives odds of ona foot in distance. Tbo stakes f SQ. - Robertson and Nod Haskins tvlll contest a similar match on the samo’day.for tSOasidO*' ■ i drive. ’ ’ 4 - On and oftor to-day fast driving- will bopor mltted on tho Lakoßhorodrivo, at LlnColn Park,- 6ti Tuesdays and Fridays, from2to7p. m. Tho Odmmlßsionors ought to insert one more day In tho week somewhoro/arid then everybody would bo In ahlgb stato of sStisfactlbn. 1 , 1., ... BXpxmxioK.; ~,'! ... . Übaetoy and Homy Rhinos played on exhibition f:amo at tho Bherman House bllllard-room yoa orday, and MDump" was discounted and de feated for the, first tirao in Tils life. Bovorol largo runs vforo rolled 'up on both sides, the Frenchman's highest being 63, and Rhinos* 81.’ 1 RAILROAD NEWS; 'AI General Meeting. of ."Managers to Bo Hold. To-Day. , I ’ ”.l Tlio tass Systcra---PMbal)ility That All Dead-Heads Will Do (Jut Off. Arrival of Directors'to Attend tlio •| - Annual Mootings'. •’ L ' ! i.:ui ->. - ■ • V ■ -V i t-frj ’ - There Is a ripple of oxoltomeut In railroad cir cles In regard to the gdrioral l mooting of tho Managers of- the sovortd, inlorsootlng tlio Northwest, whioh’is to ’tako placo to-day. Two. . weeks ago tho preliminary mooting was held, at which: 'tbo lino of policy; to bo adopted in viow. of ibo now jflallroad law, tbat takoß offoot on tbo Isti prox.| ; ; waß, discussed. Tho, bouso of the' mooting .was .to. endeavor, as far as ■possible, to conform to tho spiHt ’of the law. The most praoiloal'.way'bf; ncobmpllsblng this , scorned to he by incona of dlsionCo tariffs,—that iflj graduolly lnorooelng rates in accordanco with additional .mlloago.. Such a bourse would not seriously affect the Northwestern, ROck Island, or Obiohgo, 'Burlington k, Quincy, bat It would bo death 1 to tbo Illinois Central, and would, starvo tbo Alton <k Bt. Louis almost out of ox istonco. Tbo. north, and south roads would suffer because the cross linos could taki all tho .business af ovory oompot- Ing | point; add, rather than lower tholr rates sufficiently p moot this com petition, and,. thereby, on tbo uniform tariff basis, bring tbo tariff on tholr entire line bolow 'pdylng rates, tho’companies’ will doubtless' lot tbo business go at competing stations in order to maintaln thelr general standard of rates.- This was tbo aspect of tbo question da presented ,at tho mooting; but, before deciding definitely, as it was so neor tho time of homing annual meetings, decision wad deferred until consulta tion' cooia be bad with.tbo Directors. TUB PASS QUESTION was also.considered.' Mr. -Walker; President of the Chicago, Burlington AQuincy Railroad, eub mlttod a 6Treeping resolution that all passes bo canceled on tho Ist prox., and that, henceforth, over? person who should travel upon tho several railroads ehcmldpay full fare.’ ■ Officers wore not to pass over their own linos. No exception was to bo made.. To this roeolution only a quasi con currence' was. given.- Mr. S. 0. Morrill, of tho Milwaukee A St. Paul, and Mr. Biddlo, of tho Bock -Island, declined to rooord thoir views until. after . consultation with their • execu tive offloera; In. Now . York. Ponding this consultation r tho. mooting adjourned un tll to-day, whoa .the resolution Is. to come up‘for adoption, modification: or rojtotlon. Mr. Tracy expressed his ontlre.willlngnoßS to have all pass es canceled forthwith. Several of the Directors in-tho different roads think it expedient to let ih? passes expire by limitation, and positlvo ly:rofUßo:to renew any. They arc likewise In fa vor of some device by which tho offloera shall bo privileged to travel over thoir own roads without paying their way./j ■ ■ The question is not a now one. It Is a raro sport, and, Uko all evils, has spread rapidly; still It is by no moans certain that they will to-day have the nerve nmd tho sagacity-to out tho cankor out. . Should they do so, however, it would doubtless include all excursion parties. - clergymen, and others, who have heretofore had tho benefit of reduced fares. I . • THA.T “.POOL.” There is sufficient uncertainty regarding the severed pondingrailroad elections to invest them ■ with an air of interest. Around tho Milwaukee, St. Paul, and tho : Chicago A' Northwestern tho rumors are thickest./ Ever since the latter qnlot ly withdrew from. the 'fiercely-contested land grant fight in tho Wisconsin- -Legislature, start ling stories Have been current. Long ago it was said they intended :to pool ” thoir earnings, but have not done so yot. .The rejection of the grant by the Milwaukee. A . St. Paul Company has evoked a hostility that no 1 Company would .bo, in, - baste to share. Judicial opinidns have booh rendered regarding tho Jegality.of such .a combination. Some such movement was . anticipated in ’G7, when the Legislature bnactbd’a law forbidding tho Oompanioe to consolidate or to own or operate any portion of .tho railroad of tho other. Although the law dpos not.spoqify “pooling,”— that boingof subsequent growth—tho Assistant Attofney-Gohoral‘.declares that such arrange* ment' would violate tho spirit of tho law. Of course, men so shrewd os the Directors and man agers of these enterprises are not blind to the requirements of the law. and will not - wittingly risk the forfeiture of thoir charters nor any other serious penalties 1 ' - IN WIBCOKBIK. •The report la fciiculatod that Mr. Alexander Mitchell, anxious to visit his “native heath,’’ will resign the Presidency of the St. Paul Com pany and go to Europe, Mr. Morrill, tho same authority states, is also io bo placed; on "the ro - tired list. Both statements should bo taken with large Igralns of allowance.' Their mooting for the election of Directors occurs on the 11th hist. DISTINQDISUED AUDITALB. . Tho annual election of tho Northwest ern Company occurs on Thursday, tho 6th. Augustus Bobell -is already, hero. Horace F. Olarklwlll be, and unreliable rumor says Jay Gould is on route. During tho recent famous “comer" the Clark-Gould party got control of ibei ‘ common stock. Of course, this does not givn them control of tho election, but It enables them to demand certain concessions. Mr. J. L, Ton Havo Frzn, of. Amsterdam, Holland, who wields tho very powerful Gorman and Batch in terest! arrived in Now York three weeks ago, and bos boon In Chicago for several days past. Ho is accompanied by Mr. A. G. Bulman, a broker of Now York, bis American representative, and Hmaolf a Director both of ; tjio Bock . Island and Northwestern Companies. They have been up to Escauaba and beyond into the iron region. They will re main some little time after the annual mooting. Mr. M. L. Sykes. Jr., Vico President of tho Northwestern, and & H. Porter, resident Direc tor, are also of tho party. Mr. John F. Tracy, President of that and the Book Island Boad, ar rived several days ago, but has remained princi pally In his rooms in tho Pacific Hotel. Mr. B. P. k lower, another New York broker, who votes tho Henry Keep stock, arrived ou Sunday morn ing to participate in tuo election. .... THE PROBABILITY IS that tlio old will bo continued in power, and that the works they have undertaken will bo ordered forward to speedy completion. At the annual mootings—or, rather, at tho succeeding Board meetings—tho expediency of prosecuting new projects Is discussed and decided. For that reason', < therefore, oonsldorablo public interest attaches to their deliberations aud decisions. AMHERST COLLEGE. To ths Editor of Tho Chicago Tribune: Sin: Amherst College Commencement exor cises will be held July O' to 10. Sunday, July 0, Baccalaureate sermon by President Stearns ; address before tho Society of Inquiry. Monday, Hyde prize orations by members of tho Senior class; Kellogg prize declamations by members of tho Sophomore and Freshman classes; exami nation'of candidates for admission to college at 2 o’clock p/m. Tuesday/ Class-Day exorcises. Wednesday, publlo exorcises at tho gymnasium. -Thursday, Oommonoemont exorplsos. A largo gathering of the Almnnlis anticipated, as the jut of the Legislature empowering the Alumni to oloot a certain member of tho Board of Trustees; whenever vacancies - occur, is to bo accepted or rejected; . and, If accepted, rules are to bo established forth© conduct of such elec tions. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY) JUNE 3, 1873. ['• LET US HAVE PEACE. Two or Three Gathered Together to ! ‘ Have a Little Mnsicj and Talk ; About Peace. Some of the Difficulties of Bringing >! Men Round to a Placid State of Mind. The Way Women Are Going to Work to . I Sot All Mankind to Sights., A.mootlng of citizens desiring to participate in tho simultaneous peace oxbrolsos going on oil. over, the world took place last night* at tho rooms of the Christian Union, Prof. BoHavdn in tho chair.-* • • ' . : r; ■ Tho Professor said ho was not altogether dls^ : appointed at seeing so fow gathered together.: Ho had .oxpodtod It. [Thoro woro six ladies and four teen gentlemen present, including tho Secretary of'the Society, Miss Broussais, a lady pianist, and officers.] There was*one present, ho said, who would favor thorn witha llttlo mlislp. ' • r ; . ’ ■* . ./ Miss Broussais played an oxqulslto little air voty’proltily. , ( . 11 Tlio.Rev. 0. W. Wohdto, pastor of tho fourth Unitarian Church, said that this ; gathering had’ tbo true ring About It, small as-'it Was. They woro little, but earnest, arid came to spook Of peace. Man, as a rule, did not boliovo in. universal poooo. Wo bod not oomo to I that healthy' fooling yet. War was .not ahuumlVlgatod evil; cannon balls plowed,for rows tbat the eoeds -of poaco' might blossom. This might bo construed by somo as an address for war; but. not so. Tho true principles of J cans wore laid down on tbo Mount; It was that of non-resistance. This was not tbo first moot ing in, favor of poaco. Charles Fox bad organized a few gatheringsTri the peace’interest. The Qo nova arbitration was tho fruits*of poaco policy. Tbo conduct of our Government towards tho In diabs was the' fruit of poaco policy., He bad been asked to spook on two branches of this subject of poaoo, but lot itpass for this occasion. Going Into a concert at times, bo had hoard mu sicians tuning tholr instruments'; it was a chaos of : sound. •• At last ...thoi/ loader came; and , tho . movement - began, and wont through tho varying words of tlio composition In' ond vast swell of harmony. It was so In' the so cial world. -And bow did it all end? Inbarmo-, ny.i In'those mootings for Poaoo, lot ns all .units in tbo interests of harmony, co-operation, love; call it what you will, but say Poaoo. -Thai is what brought them thoro that night. , The Rev. C. Bay Noble wanted to hoar woman sdyiwbatshohadnotdono to awaken peace, in connection with tbo general subject. If she considered poaco, and would continue con sidering, tbo result would como. Ho was to ad dress them on woman’s influence for poaco. Wo nro brothers; children of ono common father. It was necessary to spook of the ex cellencies of woman, and tho speaker dldl so. cataloguing thorn off to tbo outsido limits, summing np by showing- that woman’s power was tremendous. - Sbo cannot bring peace till sbo removes tbo necessity of war. Bho can go back of war and remove the troubles of men. Ho didn’t protend to say any thing very flowery of what sbo can do, but If this was a beginning of tho oxoroiso of her power, tho roamt would appear, somo day or other. The Rev. Mr. Obamborlaln being called for. 'thought bo would rothor not. speak. Ho did not quito boo what was going on boro.. Ho bad seen no sohodulo of topics, and know nothing of the objects. If ho hod to convince any disbeliever as to.the necessity of .poaoo ho’would do it. Tho President appealed to Mr. Chamberlain. , . Mr. Chamberlain thought Mrs'. Doggett might toll them her views in a conversational-way. Mr. Wendt asked Mr. Chamberlain to do as tho disciples did, and put courage in oaoh oth er's beans.: Mr. Ohamborlaln sat looking at tho ground, smiling peacefully. ‘ Tho Chairman thought Mrs. Doggott would confer a favor by talking to thorn. 1 * Mrs. Doggott, thus appealed to, spoko conver sationally, - without • rising, as to Mrs. Howe's peaco movement. She thought that'women! in some way , she was not clear now, could do some thing to prevent men blowing oaoh other's brains up, somehow. Women devoted their lives to bringing up men, aod tho State camo 'ln and stole thoir lives. Alter tho German War a Gor man woman said to hor: “Wo have for years and years feared France; wo. have always feared she would como across the border and take away our liberty. ■ • Now things are worse, and - wo ,800 our sons scattering oil over the world.” Mrs. Howe thought the ladies should 1 got together and have a little music, and talk j themselves into a good stato of minty for working in tho cause cf peace. Mrs. Howe hod no idea of excluding men from her peace so ciety. , Bov. Mr. Wondto wanted to know why they shouldn’t havo a peace society; and no one ob jecting,.. ho moved formally that the mooting organize Itself into a peace society. Before this could be done, a gentleman, who, from his conversation, must bo an Englishman, a Mr. Phillips, proposed to toll what ho know as to the- English. Peace Society, which ho didin very .agreeable stylo, showing that the Geneva. Arbitration, which averted the miseries ; of war • between • America and England, .was duo to the agitation of profossorspf peace, lie also sketched, ia inter esting language, the history of Napoleon’s peace conference for the purpose of reducing European standing armies, Mr. WondtoVmotlon was seconded, but, for somo unexplained reason, -he withdrew it, and substituted for it a motion to appoint a commit tee to consider the question, and the latter' was carried, and a Committee of Five, consisting of Mrs. Doggett, ; Mrs. Mott,. Mdo. Wlndto, Mr. Phillips, and Prof. Be Haven was elected, to re port at their discretion. The proceedings then come to a close with music. PERSONAL, Gen. M. B. Morgan, U. S. A., was at tho Sher man yesterday. Br. J. H. Sohonok, Jr., of Philadelphia, is at tho Sherman House. The Hon. J. G. Millard, of Omaha, is at the Grand Pacific Hotel. F. W. Lyman, M. & St. P. P. B. 8., is at tho /West Side BriggsHouao. Capt. H. H. Bailqy, of Ban Pranoieco, was at tho Grand Pacific Hotel yesterday. Hon. George Nobeokor, Covington, is regis tered at tho west Side Briggs House. Tho Hon. J. G. Hilyard, Hartford, Conn,, is registered at the Grand Pacific Hotel. A. E. Pratt, Grand Central Hotel, Omaha, is stopping at the West Side Briggs House. Gen. George F. Bossoau, St. Louis, is In the city, and is registered at tho West Side Briggs House. Bismarck Hosing used the carriage presented him by tho office-holders, yesterday, In visiting tho polls and working against the re-olootlon of Judgo Booth. The following woro tho prominent arrivals at the Gardner Houso yesterday: Dr. James Ayor, Boston; O. Phelps, Portage City, Wis,; T. Z. Blakoman, New York. The following wero among the prominent ar rivals at tho Grand Paoiflo yesterday: F. H. Toms, Now York ; O. G. Dennison, Buffalo ; L. A. Bigelow, Boston; E. G. Dickson, Texas; Owen Hughes, London, England. The following wore among tho prominent ar rivals at tho Sherman House yostorday: N. M. Dibble, Now Orloaus } J, T. Barr, D. B. Flint, Boston: Goorgo V/. Taylor, Washington. D, O.t G. T. Gorham, Marshall, Mloh.j H. O. Eddy, Syracuse; B. 11. Brown, Peabody,'" Mass.; A. Voss, Texas. Among tho arrivals at tho West Side Briggs Houso yostorday woro: W. A. McDonald, lit. Paul; A. Goist, Covington; L. Lamoyno, Wash ington; 11. L. Warner, Winona; G. W. Whal lon, Bluo Earth City; D. Dllort, Johnstown. Pa.; Lovorott 801 l and family, St. Louis s W. Living ston, Frooport; llobt. L; Alien, Wilmington; D. Hammond, Canton, O.; U. Dunham, Cairo. Tho management of tho Sherman Houso has received an accession, of importance to tho hotel interests of tho olty, m Goorgo W. Pearson, one of tho host hotol mou in tho United States. For many yoars Mr. Pearson has stood la the front rank of bis calling, aud ho has troops of friends all over tho country, who know and havo toatod his qualities iu a lino whore ho has few equals, Daniel Daley and John Conway, tho two mom bora of LlpplncoU’a Battery who woro killed by the accident on. Decoration Day, were buried by their oomradoe, at 11 o’clock ~ou Sunday .last, froin the headquarters of tho’battery: Tho ceremonies ; wore'lmposing. and tho funeral cOrlogo r .attracted ■* much , attention . aa 'it' ’’ along"' " tho. etroolß. At the grave a few remarks eulogistic of tho characters of the deceased i soldiers,wore made by Ool.Xippinoott. who was followed by tho Peat Chaplain of Ransom Post, O. A. R<, In a solemn burial eorvidoi After the members had 'returned to tho. headquarters, a collection was taken up far tho benefit of the families of the deceased, which amounted to $127. Tho report of Vice-President Wilson’s aorioua illness waa not correct. ' • . klioro is a report that Brot Hfirtc Ib co (alto up hib permanent rosidonoo in England. Thomas H. Nelson, ox-Minlster to Mexico, ia • expected to resume his rosidonoo In Torre Haute, Ina., this month; r ' ’ , . Charles S. Wood, President of tho Cambria ‘lron Company,' died in Philadelphia on Tuesday ’of’last week, aged ; 73 years. Mrs. Loyrell Kenney, the mother of tho wife of Oapt. Hal), the Arotlo explorer, died in Rochoa tor, N.-H.', on tho : 22d nit., agon 99. ; A circular from Mr; Morrillj General Manager 6f the. Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, announces Lthb appointment of Mr. Russell Bngo, Jr., aa Superintendent of tho Chicago Division. L " - 6ov. Baxter, of Arkansas, in reorganizing tho militia of has appointed .Col.-Robert 0. Newton, of Pulaski, a Major-General, with jurisdiction over all tho territory south of tho Arkansas River. 1 i • • 1 Bierstadt, the artist,'while -going from Ban Francisco, on a sketching trip, was overturned in a stage coach, and had oho’of hla logs badly bruised.- -The driver, who was drunk, was killed by, the accident. • : . 1 ■ r '* A rumor was current among .railroad men yes terday.that Gon. Dodge had boon relieved from bis position as Chief Engineer of tho Texas & Pacific Railroad, and that ho was- on. his way north. It is said that Gen. McClellan has boon appointed in his place.— Omaha Herald, May 81. ..ALondbn dispatchof Thursday says:‘“The Princess : Alice, wife of .tho Crown•. Prince of .Hosso-Darmstadt, .daughter of. Her Majesty Queen Victoria, was safely delivered of a son, to-day. Both mother'and child are doing well. Young Prince Frederick fell some distance from a window in tho Palace at Darmstadt, to-day, and received terrible injuries. Ho Is 1 now 'dying.” •• • iThomas Oarlylo htmsolf could hardly bomoro bitter upon anything, British than Mr. Busklii him been when no says, while moralizing on tho thomo that this ago has'distinguished itself In the acquisition of the doe true live and tho loss of the decorative arts, thot England of to-day will, in tho eves of> itio future historian, bo ohlefly re markable. for. covering glass with pictures she , could not paint, and Killing hbr factory women In tbo manufacture of cartridges with which she would not fight. ' Inspector Hagon, a Scotland Yard (London) detective, who lias boon in attendance on tbo Prince of Wales and Prince Arthur at tho Vienna ■Exhibition, was arrested by tho Austrian polico for > pressing too close npon the princely pair as they wore leaving tho British section after tho banquet therein to tbo British workingman. Tho polico thought ho meant to harm tho Princes. and tho Inspector, vainly assuring thorn of his wish to protoot his royal master, was homo tojolL. - An old friond of tho lato Chief Justico tolls us an anecdote, showing Mr. Chaso’s olovoraoss at ropartoo. Walloon a visit to tbo Southern States, after- tho war, Mr. Ohaso . was introduced to a Tory boautiful woman, who prided horsolf on her devotion to tho “Lost 00060." Anxious that tho Chief Justico should know hor real sen timents. ebo remarked, os she gave him hor hand: "Mr. Ohoso; you boo boforo you a rebel who has not boon reconstructed." "Madame," replied ho, with a profound bow, "you aro so perfectly constructed that any reconstruction la altogether impossible." It is Elizabeth Stuart Phelps writing fash ions, in tho Independent, and indulging In ibis proposition t " Suppose that, by ono subtle, strong coup d’otat, tho thinking women of America could mako it fashionable to dross like rational beings ?" Miss Pbolps moans business. Sho has certain planks already hown for a plat form, snob as tho shortening of dross-skirts from four to six inches, tho disuse of tho biased waist and oorsot, in favor of a plaited gamp (havo wo got tbat’rigbt ?) tho " suspension of everything from tbo shoulders," Ac. Thou sho bos a new issue: "Dobs either tbo essential modesty of feminine nature, or the safety of so ciety, require drapery below tho knoos Give it up. Undo Daniel Drew, tho survivor of moro Wall stroot mortality than any man living, thus gives id his testimony at>ont his young friend, Jay Gould: “Now, Jay’s a kind o’sharp boy. Ho’a bin to tho synagogue; and they got tholr eye tooth out thoro aforo thoy’s out of tholr bibs and tuckers. Yos. bo’s sharp—mighty shorn, but bo’s rushin’ things a lectio too fast. Ho can’t book agin’tbo wholo street; be had ought to know ho. couldn't, do nothing o’ tho sort. There’s bin chaps as smart as Jay what’s tried it, and they got scooped all in d heap like. They’ll kotoh Jay on a cum ono . of those fine qaomins, and away ho’U go liko a kito. Mind my word, boys i ’ I’vo boon on tho stroot a long tlmo; I’vo saw lots o’ tho boys busted, and tboro’s gom’to bo some more o’ om busted right soon. Mark mo if thoro bo n’t." THE CROPS. , Tq the Editor qfthe Chicago Tribune: Thinking many of the readers of The Tribune would like to know what tho crop-prospects are in this part of the country, I will state that a trip through tho county and conversations with fanners load mo to tho conclusion that wheat, oats,; barley, and gross noverpromlsed bettor. Corn'is backward, but, as a rule, there will bo a good stand. A tow days, and no .ono will feel discouraged •in regard to a crop of corn. Query: , What will bo done with tho immense quantities of grain, now In tho farmers’hands, many having two full crops of grain' to dispose of, and, as they say, at loss than it coat to pro duce it? Vours, etc., . U. G. Rea. ** Our' Summer ’Vests.” White duok slngle-brCastcd vesta. . White Marseilles vests. ; ■ ‘White diiok'double-breasted, two and throe buttoned vests. ‘ ' “ White Marseilles double-breasted, two and throe but* toned vests. * White duck single-breasted “ Continental ” vests. ■ White Marsomos single-breasted “ Continental ” vesta. While duok ond Marseilles double-breasted “ Conti nental ” vests. Brown duck- M Oontlnentals. M Brown linen vests. Buff Marseilles vests,'single and double breasted.‘ Black silk vests. ■. . .. And all tho latest Broadway, New York, stylos, at A. J. Nutting’s, tho “O, O. D.” fine clothier, Nos. 820 and 822 Stale street. Branch store, No, 48 west Madison street. Tho Seal Estate Sale which will bo' bold this morning at Nos. IS and 17 East Randolph street, in Bowen’s Block, by W. A. Butters & 00., is .one which should attract tbo atten tion of real estate buyers and those who havo interest in adjacent property. This salo - will test the true market value of property, as every lot will bo sold to the highest bidder. The Great Auction Salo of Humboldt boulevard and Milwaukee avenue prop erty, our readers will please remember, takes place to-, day at 2# o’clock p. m., at' No. 180 Boat Madison street. 0.0. Thayer & 00., real estate auctioneers and brokers, will make the sale. This Is a rare opportunity to buy choice boulevard property, and It should he embraced by those seeking good investments. Tbo Jubiloo Hat. , Chicagoans and visitors should not fail to get the Jubilee hat, introduced only .by. Parker & Tilton, No. 83 Clark street, opposite tbo Court-House. The name, and Chicago, Juno, 1'879, in every hat. Tho Genuine Geyser Spring: Water is drawn by Buck A Baynor, at both their stores. TUo Population of France* Tho Journal OJficid of Paris published, Jan uary 2,1673, tho results of tho census taken last year, and compares it with tbo procoding ono of iB6O. At tho latter date tho population of Prance was 88,007,00-1, that number being, how over, subsequently reduced by 1,597.238, repre senting tho Inhabitants of the districts annexed to Prussia, aud leaving a not total of. 30,100,850. Tho population shown by tho now enumeration is 80,102.021, giving a dofleit of 800,085. Tho principal causes of this doorcase are tho war, tho epidemic of smallpox in 1670 and 1871. a falling off in tho number of marriages, aud the excess of deaths over births. Itolatlvoly to tho sexes, tho decrease is 235,680 males and 181,105 females, tho numbers at present being as follows (Mas culine, single, 0,029,227 : married, 7,062,000 {wid owers, 1,005,1631 total, 17,080,470; feminine, sin gle, 8,882,148; married,-7,820,610; widows, 1,009,- *787; total, 18,122,440, ana showing an excess of females over males to tho extent of 141.000. THE COUNCIL. •’ • , • ■ •. ; . 7 Passage of the 12 O’clock. Saloon ’l Closing Ordinance! The Mayor's Authority ‘to Revoke ' i Saloon licenses Questioned, Discussion of the‘ Sunday Liquor Ordinance. Tho Connell mot yesterday evening, Aid. Mo- Avoy in tho chair.,.present, Aid.. Bowen, .Rich-, ardson, Dixon, Warren, McGonniss,. Cooy, Mo- Avoy, Bldwoll, Btono, Tracey, Bohmitz, Culler ton, BloOlowry, Olowry, Bailey, 1 Powell, O’Brien, blarlt, Sweet, Kolioo,' Heath, Minor, Sherwood, 'Moore, Cleveland, Quirk, McGrath, Eckhardt, Mohr, Longaohor, Carney, Cannon, Brandt, Woodman. , , . VETO. . Tho Mayor returned without bis approval, tho resolution directing tho Board of Public Works to { construct ah' approach -to tho Sixteenth Street viaduct on tho oast side. of- Canal street. Ho bad made a personal examination and had decided tho. work would bo of. more In jury than benefit to property-owners.'‘Thioro wore ho houses on Sixteenth east of Canal. Tho approach’ would incommode all the household ers on ..Canal, between-Sixteenth and Seven-- teonth. The cost would bo over,so,ooo. Those using Sixteenth, oast of Canal, would find it more convenient to pass under the viaduct to tho O. B. & Q. freight-house than to go over it with their goods. Tho matter was filed. ; EOAHD OF UEALTH. ;Tho Mayor Boot in tho nomination of W. B. Batoham as mombor of tbo Board of Health to fill tbo vacancy caused by tho expiration of Mr. Hoard's tonn. Tho nomination was confirmed. . . .. PETITIONS. . I’olUions wore prosontod and roforrod from tho Trade's Assembly, for tho enforcement of tho Eight-Hour law by tho Board of Public Works, for opening" Forrest avenue; for a fire-alarm box at tho oomor of Boors stroot and Aroboravouuo; for opening McGrath street: against opening Von Baron stroot. ORDERS. Tbo Board of Public Works was ordered to take immediate stops to prevent a llbw of. water from tho Dosplainos into tho West Fork of the South Branch through the Ogdon ditch; ■to -lay a: water main oh Evans street, from Hal sted to Nutt; to cabao tbo Chicago, Burlington A Quinoy Ballroad to con struct tbo nocossary culverts on Brown stroot, botwoon Sixteenth and Twenty-second ; to report an ordinonco for opening Hinmau street, from Ashland to Bluo Island avenue :to report tho result of their negotiations with tbo property-owners for land damages at Harrison street bridge. " , The Board of Firo and Polico was ordered to put up firo alarm boxes at tho comer of Oontro avouuo and Evans stroot, and Market and Tin nols stroota. Aid/Longaohor offered a resolution, which was adopted, stating that tho Mayor had revoked tho licenses of ton saloon-keepers, and ordered tho City Olork not to issuo now li censes 'to . thorn .or to poisons at tho houses whom tholr business hadT been carried on, thereby obstructing business and do-' Driving thorn of thoir moans of livelihood, and ihoroforo directing tho Corporation Counsel to report by what provision of tho charter tho Mayor was authorized to revoke such- licenses ana forbid tholesuing of now ones. A resolution dirooting tho Board of Public Works to prohibit persons engaged in tho busi ness of street-sprinkling from using tho public hydrants, in order that they maybe kept perfect ly froo for tho nso of tho Firo Department, was Sfforod by Aid. McGrath, and roforrod to the lommittoo on Firo and Wator. STREET IMPnOVEMENTS. Ordinances wore passed for paving Wabash avonuo, from Lako to Harrison streets ; for ex tending an alloy between Third avenue and fitato street, south of Fourteenth street; for vacating an alloy in tho B. >£ of Block GO, N. W. kTof Betv 21,89,14. Ordinances wore prosontod and roforrod, for vacating a part of tho alloy in tbo Subdivision of tho Four Acres in tho 8. W. # of tho N. W. M of Bee, 6, 89,14; audfor vacating tbo alloy in Block 8, Pickett’s Second Addition. 0 RAILROAD TRACES. Tbo Commlttoo on Btroots and Alloys, W. Di, reported, rocomroouding tbo passing of tho reso lution directing tho Board of Publio Works to take up tho track of tho 0., B. AQ. Bead on Sixteenth street, between. Jefferson and Arthur. TAXES FOR 1872. A communication was received from tbo City Comptroller, Bt&ting that the taxes levied for 1872 amounted to 84,262,001.45, of which, up. to date, only. §1,509.400.75 had been collected. Unless considerable increase in payments was secured It would bo nooossaiy to borrow a largo amount of money to pay thb July interest on tbo city debt and run the various departments. Usually the city did' not go to borrowing until later in the season,, but, though the Collector had resorted to all ex pedients, the people would not pay, and it was necessary, to pass tho order directing the turning over of tuo books to tho County Treasurer as soon as possible. Tho matter was referred to tho Finance Com mittee. VERNON AVENUE. Tho ordinance for opening Vernon avenue to Thirty-ninth street was taken up. Aid. UcGouniaa moved tq amend by stopping tbo extension at Oxford court. Tho amendment was lost, and tho ordinance passed. 1 I’OUCE COURT CLERK. Tho nomination of John Amborg as Clerk of the West Side Police Court was confirmed. SIGNS. . Tbo ordinance to prevent tbo plaoing of signs on top of buildings of over two stories within the fire limits was taken np and passed. mn AVENUE. The ordinance for opening Fifth avenue, from Taylor to Twelfth, was - taken up. and after a long dlfeoussion, was sent back to the Committee on Streets and Alloys, 8. D. LICENSING VEHICLES. '' Tho amendment to the ordinance relative to., lioonsing vehicles, providing, in substance, that livery stable men snail take out a license for ovory.coaob, cab, cart, wagon, or other vehicle they lot out forjiiro, was taken up. Aid. Woodman moved os an amendment that all teams and carriages ho required to ho li censed, but got no second. Tho amendment was adopted. THE ELEVEN O’CLOCK ORDINANCE. The ordinance providing for closing the so* loons at 12 Instead of U, woe taken up. Aid. Cooy moved to postpone it for two weeks, until the oases which had arisen under the orig inal ordinance had boon disposed of. Ho be lieved strong influence hod boon brought to boar to force the 12 o'clock ordinance through. Aid. liongochor moved to table Ala. Cooy’s motion. It was tabled—yeas, 10 ; nays, 13. Tbo ordinance was passed—yoos, 23; nays, 0— as follows: yeas—Richardson, Dixon, Warren, McGonnlss, Mo Avoy, Tracey, Schmitz, GuUerlou, McOlowry, Bailey, Powell, O'Brien, Olark, Kohoo, McGrath, Bokharat, Mahr, Leugacher, Carney, Cannon, Brandt, and Wood man—23, A’nj/s—Bowen. Sidwoll, Stone, dowry, Heath, Sher wood, Moore, Cleveland, and Quirk—o. TUB SUNDAY DAW. Tho ordinance submitted by (ho Special Com mittee of uiuo, for opening tho saloons Sunday afternoon, was taken tip. Aid. McGrath moved to make it a special order for next Monday. Tho proposed ordinance might bo still further amended by providing for allow ing merely tho sale of boor and wino on Sunday. Tbo Sunday-closing ordlnanoo certainly was not observed now, oxcopt on streets whore tho police wore constantly passing. In some parts of tho city tho saloons woro constantly open, and so woro tho bars of tho hotels, if somo men thus violated tho law, and mado money by it, it scorned a moro act of. Justice to modify the law, so that all woro treated equally. Every Sunday two saloons woro open all day, In tho town of Luko View, Just across tho oity boundary, aud many of tbo strong advocates of temperance woro in tho habit of' stopping thoro, and getting their beer liko ordinary mortals. Tbo temperance people woro very well aware tho law could not bo ouforood, aud .made no effort, personally, to carry it out. Tho groat trouble arose from giving licenses to irresponsU bio persons. Many people of bad character hod. them. Thoro was tho place to begin tho reform,,' aud the ponding ordinance should bo so amend ed os to provide that thoro should bo discrimina tion in granting licenses. ' ', Aid. Bowen moved to adjourn, and it was agreed to—yeas. 13: uays, 13. AMUSEMENTS, ■'i : MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. brmiSnSoS'i'at^ 0 ” “■ *' l ' l dU,I "“ tho ™)- KATIE PUTNAM. ; ; ; .... .. Ltrr. ; t . In T. O. DeLeon's now Drama of , 1 .ÜBT< or* Through Fire nml Wnler. 1 Fob. : J With danoos,) KATIE >. Brloklop. ) ; banjo. solo*.. ) ■ PUTNAM. NIXON'S AMPHITHEATRE, • - Ollnton-st,• . •' • 1 MONDAY EVENING, jatJo3, c ' ’ ' ' C ALLENUER’SEAMOUS ‘ GEORGIA MINSTRELS ! Tho King Lahgh-MaVori, in thrilr Original portraitures of Life on tho Plantation, introducing tbegrost Camp Moot* log Juhlloo. OLD AUNT JEMIMA. ' . Matlnoo Wednesday and Saturday.: 1•. ■>> .! MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE/ ■ j : ” THEOELEtmATED MORAN & MANNING’S -: ox<rx3srs , ± , DßELS 3 ,, In their un'oqualod Entertainment.' Xll tho'fllars an ;poarlng nlghQy. EUGENE. UNBWORTH, FRANK MORAN, BILLY MANNING, Buffalo Boyar Bsoolslor Quartette, and Superb Orchestra. A obojoo Programmo every ovonlng. FAtall/MatlnSo Saturday, j ■. ,; | ACADEMY OP MUSIO. f :rotißTii.week of the'gigantic Theatre! Oomique Oombiriation i NEW FACES, NEW AOTB.' NEW DRAMAS. 1 1 x First time of; tho entirely nsvrDnuna,. u.. ■ First time of BodeSttMj?Swltß OF Muriro. *SPUTE -MB.. INNOOENCEi GRIP : BACK,*7 OTHER FELLOW. Entire change of bill or.‘ cry Monday and Thursday. Uatinooa Wednesday and Saturday. • ~ • * ~ GLOBE THEATRE.,, lALL CDEUGjA-O-O ! ‘ PLEASED WITH THE' ' Children of Cyprus! Now andßlogant Sconory. L l ‘* £: : * : Wodnoadayand Saturday Matinoea.' ; HOOLEY'S THEATBE. . BEST COMPANY. IN AMERICA. •AT LAST I AT LAST I—Monday, June 8, during the week,.and at 'the Matinees, after months] of elaborate preparation, a localised version of YE GENTLE SAVAGE I ‘ BOBNIO 'ffSSLJK each evening with a glorious OOmedy, cast to the entire Btrengthoftnoß Jn preparation—MAGNOLlA, and an ohtlrelynowOom cdy by Bronson O. Howard, antbor of SARATOGA; MILIANERY. ~ i ’ _ '' ' | ' I FOR TUB JUBILEE WEEK. We have concluded to offer, during Jubilee Week,extraordi nary attractions' in CHOICE Millinery Qopds of all kinds, including a new line of elegant Imported Flowers and Gros Grain Ribbons in choice shades. WEBSTER’S, 241 WEST MADIBON-ST, FINANCIAL. : LAE SHOES MICHIGAN ■ SOH'IEBN RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FOND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Bonds Duo’Oct* 1, 1683 V with 'lnterest at Seven per Gent* payable eomUannunlly, . April and October, at the oUlce of the Union Trust Co* of Now York* $000)000) or Ten per Gout of tbo Loan, to bo retired annually by tlio Sinking Fund, Oonpon Fonda of.. • SI,OOO caob. Eeglatorod Bonda'of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO oaob. Price, 94 and’Accrued Interest, . . ROBINSON, CHASE & GO. BA.ISriCBB.S, , No. 18 Broad-st., New York. GETTYSBURG WATER. O-BTTYSBTJRG: ■ KATAITSINE WATER. Tho United States Dispensatory, tbs authorized record of our Materia Medlos* alassos this water with tho most .renowned Alkaline or Carbonated Springs of Europe. -11 far excels anj.otbor known. In Ita soK.prOßorring proper ties, It does not deteriorate by bottling and keeping, 11 has oerer been, claimed for any other mineral water the f tower to dlssolre the urates, or'so-called ebalk formations a tho body or on the limbs and joints. This the Getty*, burs Katalyslne Water has done In hundreds of Instances. Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Dyspepsia, Grarel, Dia betes,' Kidney and Urinary Diseases generally hare all yielded to Its Inllaonoo. It uas restored Muscular Power to tho paralytic, cured Abdominal Dropsy, and glren healthy notion to the Torpid Llrer. It has * cured Chrome Diarrhoea, Piles. Constipation, Asthma, Ca tarrh, Diseases of the Blao, General Debility and Ner vous Prostration from ■ Mental - and Physical Excess es. - AU those -by the bottled water. • It Is a powerful antidote for Bsoesslro Eating or Drinking. It corrects the Stomach, promotes Digestion, and re lievos the Hoad almost Immediately. Pamphlets contain ing a history of the Spring, reports from eminent Physi cians and medical writers, marvelous and well-attested cures, and testimonial* from distinguished olUxens. wiU bo furuiatiod - 217 South I’ront-st,, PolladolphlsTrs. Gettysburg Spring 00. For sale by VANBOHAAOK, STEVENSON 4 REID. DUCK 4 RAYNER, and druggists generally.' NEW PUBLICATIONS. The Mineral Springs of the United States and Canada. 3STOW BHADY: THE MINERAL SPRINGS .. QF TUB Die! States ai Gaiiia, . , i By GEO. E. WALTON, H. D. • t | ,1 Vol, ,}2mo. Rdd pages. Price, 99. ; This hook is Intended to be a complete manual of 'all tho Mineral Spring Resort* In the United States and'Oan ads, giving the best analyses of the waters, and tho dU* oasos In which they are known to ho ImnefloUt 1 D. APPLETON & 00„ Pußlialiofs, ' ' RdO'ttn'dßßTßroadwny.N.Y.' 1 ' Sent free by mall to any address in tho United States on leoolotof thopiloo. I ‘ill JUBILEE!!! THREE . COLISEUM CONCERTS! thursdayAftorndon. Juno 5. Thursday Evoningv Juno 6. , 1 Friday Afternoon, Juno 0. JUBILEE BALL ! 1 Friday Evening, Juno O. GBANI) CAKUTAGB DAY, On FRIDAY. Special train on Dolt Railroad, to make tho circuit of tbo city, showing our guests plan and ox* lent of Chicago . GRMD LAKE DAY ON SATURDAY. . Tbo Inauguration ceremonies of tbn opening‘of Calumet Harbor, will taks placo at SOUTH CHICAGO, on Satur* days Jnno7, 1873.' ' GOV. OhVBRJDQE, amt otbor promlnoab citizens,’ will bo present and participate. - Goodrich-Steamers and Hallway Trains will make •nodal Irina for conveyance of thoso wishing to attend. Tho drive by way of.tho South Park and South Chicago* av., Is in readiness for uso. Invitations and iiokots will bo Issued at 183 Dearborn* it., Honoro Block, Juno 1, 1873; . . C. M. OADV. 1 . J, F. BONFIKLD, 1 Committee W. P. GRAY, > of MICHAEL DOYLE, | Arrangements. 11. S.TUOMPHON, J • J j ADMISSION TO COLISEUM CONCERTS, ONE DOLLAR. Ooncort Tlokots for sale at Lyon A Hoaly’s Mualo Store* corner Monroe and SlAte-sts. ( Carpenter A Sheldon's, 059 Wabash-ar.; ’and Dycho A Co.'s, corner Halstod and MauUcn-Btn. iCAI.L TICKETS for-sale at Juhlloo Rooms. Tick* ot for Lady and Gentleman, 810; each additional Ladies' Ticket, ffie. ■ In behalf of thoCoramlttoo. : • CARPENTER A SHELDON; Moasgors. OCEAN NAVIGATION. MTEOML LM . Bailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and (or London direct every fortnight. CaM Passage SBO, S9O, aal SIOO Correuoy. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make'early application for norths. .. STEERAGE, 829.00 currency. •] • Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown* Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, 831.00 currency. . ■ Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. v ,Tho Steamships of this lino are the largest la the traded Dralta on Groat Britain, Ireland, and tho Continent- WILLIAM MACALISTER, „ ■ • ■ ■ Oen'l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Itandolpb-its. (opposite new Sherman Ilouso), Chicago. FOR EUROPE. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now York as follows: CITY OP NEW YORK Thursday, Juno B. IP. M. CITY OP PARIS ..........Saturday, June 7, 2 P.' M, CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, June 13 7 A. M, CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday. Juno If, 8 A. M. And oaob succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. Gabln’PassaffOt 870 and 800 Gold. Steerage, to British Ports. sßo.oo.Currency. ; Round Trip Tickets at Reduced Rates. SIGHT DRAFTS for sale at low ratob. FRANCIS O. BROWN, Gonoral Western Agent, 86 South Markot-at., Chicago. NEW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON,' And all Other Points in England and Wales. Tho South Wales Atlantic Steamship Company's now Stoanuhlp* will sail from Pennsylvania Rail* road Wharf. Jersey .City: PEMBROKE.. 4.,.. May S3 GLAMORGAN ...V.V...V...V.....Jun0 18 These steamships, built expressly for tho trade, ore pro tided with all tho latest improvements for tho oomfort and oonvonlenoo of ' ‘. CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. FI ret Cabin,: currency Second Cabin...... 65currency Steerage.. <...; BOcurrcncy Prepaid Stoorago certificates from Cardiff. SB3 Dralta for £1 and upwards* For further particulars, apply In Cardiff, at tho Com pany's OtScor. No. 1 Dock Chambers, ami in Now York to .. ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO., Agents, *■ No. 17Broadway. CUNARD MIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 184=0. Steam Between Now York, Boston, and Liverpool* FROM NEW YORK. Jund 7 I Scotia...., Juno 14 Algeria...; And from Boston «vntr Tuesday. Cabin FasMOffo* 880* 8100 and 81 HU* uuu. Excursion Tickets at Reduced Rates. . Steerage Passage, 000 currency. Passengers and freight booked to and tram all parts o! Europe at lowest rates. BlghtDrafta on Great Britain, Ireland, and tbo Continent. P. ii, DU VKRNKT. Oon'l Wost’n Agent. ■ If. W. oor. Clark and Uandoluh-ata. Samaria.. Abyssinia. Batavia... STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. HBW i YOn^? D AN°D L^TD'S'N!i I FyS OOL ' BEL - These elegant now steamers will sail from State Lins Pier. Pulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y, nßasfollws: VIRGINIA. 8,600 tone Wednesday, June 11. PKNNSYLVANIA, 2,600 tone Wednesday, Juno 26. GEORGIA. 3.600t0n5.. {, Wodnoaday, July 9. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN 4 GO., Agonts,J2 Broadway. N. V. Steerage office, 46 Broadway. N. V. Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas*, sengorslo all parta of Great Britain. Irelnud, Continental Kurope, and the Mediterranean. Cabin from SO6; Steer* age, British and Irish ports oast. *3O; west, $32. Conti nental ports same as other rogularllnos. All payable lo U. S. currency. Apply for lull Information, at the Com* pony’s offices, No. 7 Bowling Green, Now York, and N. U. corner LaSalle and Madlson-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. NOTICE la hereby'given that a mooting of the stockholders of ths Peninsular Railway Oompanywill bo bold at the office of ths Company in the City of Battle Crook, State of Michigan, on the noth day of July, 18711, at 9 o’clock p. m., for tho purpose of submitting to said stockholders, for their sanation or rejection,an agreement made and entered into by and between tho Dlrootora of the Peninsular Railway Company and the Directors of the Port Huron A L&kt Michigan Railroad Company for tho consolidation of said two companies into ono corporation. M. S. BRACKETT, Secretary. . Dated May 80, 1879. OPPXOB OF GMcap, Roclc Island & Pacific RAILROAD COMPANY. April 25.1873. . The annnal meeting nf tho Stockholders of tho Chicago, Rook Island 4 Pacltio Railroad Company, for the ilwollou of Directors, pursuant to law, and tho transnotion of such other business as may come before them, will be bold at the office of tho Company, lu the City of Chicago, on Wednesdoy, tho 4th day of Junonoit, a ill o’clock a. m. JOHN F. TUAOY, President. P. 11. TOWS, Secretary. Stockholders’ Meeting. Notice Is hereby given that the annual’mooting of the Stockholders of Chicago South Branch Dock Company, for the election of Directors of said Company, will be hold at the 011100 of said Company, No. 623 Wabssn-av., In tho of Chicago, at 10 a. m., Wednesday,A. L). ' Secretary of Chicago South Br&nuii Dock Company, If-q , STANDARD |J SCALES Y' _'Vf HL_ •' ...OF ALL SIKES*. faibbanks, morse &oo y m AND 113 LAKE-BT. 3 JUBILEE. .Jane 11 .Juno 18 •Jana 25 SCALES. *

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