Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 3, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 3, 1873 Page 5
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LITTLE NELL. Another Mysterious Plinso of tho ISllon Kennedy Case. Mio Little Wnlf Escapes from tho Asylum Burins Sunday Night, and Can not Bo Found. After tho furious fight of counsel In Judgo Farwoll’s Court over thoquoation of tho pro prietorship of little Nolllo .Kennedy,.. after the Vlooision of Judgo Farwoll,;which proved a pro tempore victory* for tho ladies of-tho Orphan Asylum, and after tho brilliant' coup d’etat of Mrs. Kennedy’s oounsol ln tho County Court, tho Ifi-yoor-old heroine of so much litigation and solicitude decides for horsolf in a manner so mysterious as to Invest tho case with a still greater degree of interest. On Saturday tho County- Court- appointed Mr. Whoadioy. tho guardian' of tho little waif, and on Sun day sho hoard of tho appointment. Tho ladles of "tho Asylum stato that tho news de pressed her to a groat extent. At first sho cried vehemently,-and bogged them to do what thoy could for her, 1 ond asked for on ivtorvlow with a Mlss'Dlakoj orib of' tho lady solicitors of tho Institution, wlio has, always taken a deep interest In Nellie’s welfare, and'towhom sho is, conse quently, very much attached. Sho asked Miss Blake if’ it "woro really true that “sho would have to go.’’ - Miss Blake told her that all that could bo dono to retain lior had boon dono, and that,:as matters stood, tho guardian bad a right to roipovo.hor.and would undoubtedly bo allowed to do so. At‘this Nellie’s dejection' deepened. Moodiness, however, soon gave way- to medita tion, many of tho ladies of -tho house remarking that sho was unusually quiet and thoughtful. In tho evening Miss Blake took her to tho Miohl ' can Avenue Baptist Church, and hero she entered into tho.splrit of tho services with a zeal that re flected credit upon her teachers. Thoy arrived homo at about U o’clock, when Nolllo was sent to bed. and In obedience she wont to tho dormitory. Yesterday morning tho boll of tho establishment summoned tho little inmate to arlao, and, much to tho astonishment of nil tho ladles, little Nolllo was missing. In tho dark hour of' tho night, with tho dread fear of being sent book to her borne hanging over her, she. bad orison and sto lon silently out and gone—whither, no ono can toll. Tho oxoltomont at her disappearance was Intense.’ Search was made In every nook and cor ner for* her, but without avail. Finally it bo camo apparent that further search was uso !gbs, and tho suspicion gained ground n tho Asylum that she had boon spirit ed away by her relations or tho recently appointed guardian. This idea, however, was coon exploded, for, early in tho morning, tho first visitor to tho Asylum was no other than tho mother, Mrs Kennedy, who had come to have a •talk with her daughter, and acquaint her with tho now state of affairs. When -sho learned of the disappearance of her' daughter she was In tensely indignant, and it required tho most con summate toot ana self-possession on tho part of Sho Indy who received her to avert a crisis. Sho fcoousod tho ladies of tho Asylnm of hav ing spirited her away, - said thoy know ,whore; sho hod gone to,. and stated that sho would make them find her. After venting her .wrath in a few choice sentences, tho disappointed Mrs. Kennedy retired. Later in the day Mr. jWhoadloy called for his word. and. when ho found tho state of affairs, took matters much more coolly; being a business man ho grasped Iho situation in an instant, and, after making bis best bow, retired. In the meantime both par ties to tho case will Interest themselves to find out whither tho waif has wondered. The ladies of tho Asylum thought that sho might havo gono to tho honso of Mrs. Follanaboo, who has in terested herself in tho child’s behalf, but, on Bonding thither, thoy found their supposition was Incorrect, as tho nows of Nellie’s escapade was as surprising there os it had proved in the Asylnm In the morning. And now tho question la not •‘WhoaliaUhavo,” but “Who baa got tho body of llttlo Ellon Kennedy,”—a question which it trill probably cause some llttlo trouhlo to answer. AMUSEMENTS. ZZOOUSX'O TUBAXBB. That burlesque by a company whoso forte is especially light comedy becomes an experiment K>f the'most doubtful order needs no further demonstration than a visit to Hooloy’s Theatre touring the present run, if there is one, of the best of burlesques, "Tocahontas,” or as it has boon roohristonod, with local adaptations, “ Yo Gentle Savage.” With customary liberality the man* ngomont have spared nothing in the matter of laconory and costumes to leave on impression upon the public mind, and that impression is a favorable one, but it is sincerely to bo re gretted that the- expense attendant upon .such preparations . has. not been backed by more care in other directions. It is to bo regretted for tho reason that tho public wore led to anticipate an evening of rare fun yesterday, and their anticipations wore not by any moans realized. Tho programmes at Hoo loy's have promised the production of this re ally meritorious burlesque in a manner credita ble alike to tho theatre and its. generous patrons, ‘audits appearance was looked'for with much pleasurable expectation. But it was postponed, and again postponed, and then put off, and, finally, hold over for a week, when. Mr. Hooloy decided to put it on. There has been a long season given to prepara tion, and yet tho piece is a failure for want of that preparation. Mr. Qiddous, as Poichatan, is tho only member of tho company,'with the ex ception of MissJosio Batcholdor, who showed Buy familiarity with his lines, oven Hiss Cowell tripping with Urosomo frequency. Even this defect in tho piece would have boon pardonable bad the other roles boon taken with an attempt at exhibiting an appreciation of tho spirit of the piece. And hero tho principal share of censure must fall to Miss Glover, who was expect ed to mako a hit in tho. elastic ■ character of John Smith. There are some circumstances to be taken into consideration to extenuate tho utter indifference displayed by this lady. She is suffering from a cold, ns her voice indicated, and has perhaps never boon Called upon before in her professional career to exhibit herself in tights, and a certain embarrassment in manner would, in consequence, ho pardonable. But while tho -display is so much to the lady’s advantage one would hardly sup pose tho circumstance a sufficient cause for walking blunderingly through her part with tho air of one performing a very disagreeable duty, such as a recently-ap pointed Constable levying on tho property of his into employer, or a reporter interviewing his mother-in-law in the county jail. If Alisa Olovor does not care to play the part she ought to reserve the refusal to do so for tho manage ment, and not force; it upon the patrons of the theatre.' At the very least she could have mem orized her lines, and monotoned' them like a canon in a cathedral. Tho fact is, she wouldn’t, and didn’t. Mr. Qiddons and Miss Cowell alone wore at aU tol •rahio, but tho dreariness of tho piece affected‘oven that vivacious pair, and they could uot bo compared with some who havo assumed their respective roles. As to tue piece, it is doleful to admit that it falls far short of tho original. Tho local hits are occasionally good, but oven'those fall like a lake wind uppn tho audience. As a general thing, they display v her originality, familiarity witu local affairs, nor oven humor. Air. Campbell, who revised tho original, hoe ro-rovlsod his own piece, and, like pastry, it has boon too much manipulated to bo light or rolishablo. • To bo mode acceptable tho cast must bo strengthened. If Miss Glover displays any de sire to please she can assuredly do so, otherwise “ Tho uontlo Savage” will be a bad venture for tho management, and an ovll augury for tho coming season of light dramatic entertainments. M’VIOKER’b XIIEATHE, Miss Ratio Putnam mode her oppearauoo at Mc'Vickor’B Tlioalro last evening m a play en titled “ Dot, or Through Flro ana Wntor," Tho cliaraotorfl aro: “ A dinmoud la tho rough,” “ a newspaper man," “Euchre Bill,” “ iv sprout of a Knickorhockor family,” “ a Southwestern eport.” a gontloman “awfully fond of tho Na tional Qamo,” “ a moat reliable contraband,” a “ President of a Union,” a “young lady of the noweohool,”hor counterpart, “an olalady of tho old Bohool,” and a lady “not entirely uncon nected with peanuts.” Tho Blylo of tho play may ho gathered from these description!} or tho characters who figure in it. Thoro oro five acta and fine scones. Tho first is laid on a Mis sissippi steamboat, tho second in parlors at a hotel, tho third in Fifth avenue, tho fourth in the parlors aforesaid, atid tho last in a cottage at Nyook. The ploy Is light, very light and airy, the airiness being suitable to tho approaohlug £iot season. The dialogue Is supposed to bo funny, full of puna, good, bnd, and Indifferent, and an abundance of diluted slanjfc. : To thbao fond of this kind'' of enter falnmont the play vrill bo found amusing, but to those who profor . standard comedies will bo dull and insipid. Miss Putnam Is Set and she in the samo Miss Putnam who is very well known to Chicago play-goers. Bho slugs a couple. of songs in passable voice, auditor, manner and motions are a mixture of Haggle Mitchell aud Lotta. She boa caught some of tho tricks of both, but comes up to neither. Her assistants ore fnlly-oqual to tnofr parts, but their parts are not always equal to them. There have been thousands of bettor plays in Chicago, and hundreds worse. Some persons it will please and some It won’t. Those it will f ilpasoshould go, because It will please them: hose It will not please should go too, and And out how much U does not .please them. This is food advice, aud should bo. judiciously taken, bp may-have- prejudiced tho highly moral by stating that Set appears to Jtadford in i such a' manner ne" to fill that chaste and rospodtablo person With ‘ dread,, caused by his,believing her to bo wearing “.the sliirt of Capt. Sohuylor's dead, wife.” Thls is'toobad. and for a highly moral Journal - a very depraved and cruel hoax. Mrs.Schuyler never did wear a' shirt. •• i 1 imsßs’.opmiA-aioußE. ■’Moran «fc Manning’s Minstrels took possession of Myers’ Opera-House last- evening* and pro duced a varied and • amusing bill of Taro. Billy Manning’s name Is tho groat attraction In Chica go. for with all his faulte, his admirers love him still. .Tho excellent in almost every particular 5 they sing- well, datico to per fection, and their -caricatures aro droll in tho oxtromo. Tho house watt ns full as it could com fortably bo. Tho concert' part consisted of a harmony of fiddles,'' flutes', .and. other Instru m'ohts, handled with skill. . There .woro songa by Manning, Moran, Woolsoy, Walz,- and Snynor. Tho selections woro -of tho sentimental charac ter .sweetly sung and a touch of pathos running through them all. Tho dialogue was funny, but quite’ docent and harmless; Eugene present ed ! a woman to perfection, ana Uus wortho astronomical foocuro on Venus and thoiZodlao kept tho bouse in a roar. Tho “Big Dutch is an excruciating travesty, and Mrs. Dittamus’ Party," “Hot Com," and tho Troubles of Agnes, finish a most excellent entertainment. There .Is lots of fun in tho, party, and all dispensers of fun should bo en couraged, for thoy do an iromonso amount of good physically, morally, mentally, and many other-ways too numerous to enumerate. ■ THE JUBILEE REHEARSAL. Tho great depot woa lighted up for tho first tlmo last evening for a chorons rehearsal. Ev erything was iu placo, and Prof. Butterfield had nearly 800 vocalists in tbo chorus scats, There was an auditory of over 1,000. Tho effect was marvelous, ond, from last ovoulng’s experience, wo arc prepared for tho universal verdict that Chicago will uao hereafter for a pp.snongor depot Uio finest concert hall on the continent. Tho aconstio qualities are perfect beyond com parison. A lino piano intended to bo need only last night In tho absonco of an orchestra sent its tones to tho remotest parts of tho building with such parity and clearness, that it has boon de cided to Introduce* a pianist of noto in tho con certs. Everybody was delighted with th© re hearsal and accepted tho tost as ono of marked success. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Tho regular monthly mooting of tho Board of Councillors of tho Hospital for Woman and Ohil dron will bo hold at No. 480 Wabash avonuo this afternoon at half-past 3, A strawberry festival and hop for tho bonoflt of tho Hahnomann Hospital will bo given at Con trol Hall, corner of Twonty-aocond street and Wabash avenue, this evening. Tho tickets, in cluding refreshments, oost $1.50. - Tho alarm from Box 270. at 4 o’clock yesterday morning, was occasioned by a fire at No. 252 West Washington street, ownod by Dr. Parker, and occupied by O. A. Staples. Loss, SIOO. Covered by insurance. A report of tho dedicatory ceremonies at the Hospital of tho Aloxian Brothers,yesterday, can not bo found in last ovoning’s Journal, while tho other two evening papers of tho city havo long accounts. Tho Presbyterianism of tho sa cerdotal city editor Is running our aged and foohlo neighbor into tho ground lu local matters. Yesterday morning, A. 0. Lamb, living at No, 281 West Lako street, tho onginoor in Henry W. King & Co.’s building, on Market street, baa his right arm badly broken by being drawn into tho drive-wheel, while adjusting a band. Dr, Far well dressed tho broken member. Lamb bad tho pluuk to do.iro to run hla ouglnn during tllO rest .of tho day, but bis employers compelled him to go homo. • A regular mooting of tho Police CommiHaionora was held yoetorday afternoon, President Mason in tho Chair. Firo Marshal 'Wright and Mr. Sheridan wore also present. J. M. Marshall and Jnoob Knoopflo wore appointed special police men for Speed’s Block. Officer John Buottor was arraigned before tho Board for maltreating a prisoner. Tho case was continued till Friday, and tho Board adjourned. At tho Wabash avenue firo yoetorday after noon, a young man named Z. T. Wood barely escaped a torrlblo death. Tho firo caught him in tho fourth story of one of tho buildings, and, before ho was aware of it, hla situation had be come extremely perilous. By wrapping his head andfacoin an Old sack, ho escaped down tho ■ stairway, with his hands slightly burned. His delivery was a joyful surprise to his friouds. Tho fact that throo music stores have boon visited by burglars within a week would indicate ih&k some harmonious cracksmen are preparing to take part in tho coming Jubilee. ■ Messrs. Boot & Lewis bavo lost SSOO worth of goods ; Norwinski’a store on State stroof'haß had a va cant space slnco Saturday where about SIOO worth of stuff lay: and tho firm of George F. Boot & Sous, on Wabash avouuo, narrowly es caped robbery on Sunday. Tho alleged pickpocket named William Bay. alias Bradley, and a female accomplice, named Makepeace, who is said to bo tho wife of the famous cracksman Tom White, wore brought be fore Justice Scully yesterday on a charge of lar ceny, and were bound over to tho Criminal Court under bonds of SI,OOO and SBOO respectively. A trunk which bad boon stolon from a Miss Hattie Skinner, of N0.*823 Wabash avenue, was found in the room occupied by tho prisoners, and cir cumstances point conclusively to tboir guilt. Tho Board of Public Works yesterday Issued tho following building permits s Peter Mohr, two-story brick, 50x45; on West Congress street; John McCuo. two-story brick, 21x60, on Division stfoet; W. H. Mitchell, throe-story stone, 27x 08, on Calumet avonuo; J. Fitzpatrick, one-story brick, on Twenty-second street; Keslor Bros., three-story brick tenements, Forest avonuo ; W. P. Dickinson, two-story brick, Nos. 67 and 69 Maplo street; E. F. I’ulsifor, two-story brick, Nos.' 17 and 19 Cottage Grove avonuo; and Fred. Wollswortb, throe-story brick, Nos. 05 and 07 Milwaukee avouuo. An accident occurred yesterday at noon which ought to suggest to tho city authorities that Washington street tunnel should bo bettor lighted.; As Mr. Otis Corbett, of tho firm of Scovillo, Corbett & Co., No. 14 North Clinton stroot, was driving through tho tunnel, in a buggy, with his wife, the horse shied, causing tho vehicle to run against tho curbing and bo overturned. Mrs. Corbett was thrown out and quite seriously hurt. Tho tunnel was-so dork that tho accident was not soon by tboso persons who wore behind Mr. Oorbott, and, but for bis cries to tho teamsters to stop, more injury would have boon inflicted by the occupants of tho buggy being run over than by tbo accident which hap pened to thorn. The County Commissioners mot yesterday af ternoon, President Miller la tho chair. Present, Commisalonora Jonoa, Bogue, Singor, Lonorgan, and Clough. There being no quorum, tho Board adjourned till to-day. The County Treasurer reported that tho tax for 1871' had amounted to 81,400.084.82, which bad boon ‘collected, minus tho following amounts : Appealed, $44,602.05; commiaaionu of Town OoUoctors, $10,615.00: insolvent, $03,800.85; Treasurer’s commission! $8,544.25; judgment refused, $4,600.07 ; tho taxes wore collected as follows: Aug. 1872. $110,875.20} September, $200,784.83; October $128,087.00; November, $39,004.00; December $277,420.40} January, $100,001.85} February $68,024.34} March, $143,833.82; April, $30.- 626.08} May, $35,020.87. 4 4 * Early yesterday morning a young woman, by tbo name of Jane Jones, employed in a millinery store at No. 71)5 West Lako atroot, killed herself by taking six grains of morphine. About 8 o’clock in tho night hor employer, in whoso house sho slept, board hor breathing hoarsely, got up and wont to hor- bedside, but found nor insensible. A doctor was sont for but could do nothing, and sho died about 4 o'clock. An inquest was hold in tho afternoon, when it was testified that sho had boon hoard to express a wish to die. Tho Jury rendered a verdict of “suicide." Tho - deceased was the adopted daughter of a family living on Fulton street, near Artesian avenuo, ' with whom she haa lived for sixteen years. Last week sho had a quarrel with hor mother, about what is not known, but It grew to bo so warm that it is alleged she was sent out of the house, and took refuge in -tho basement of on adjoining building. Tho inmates, learning she I’lIE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1873..'.' was there, took her In, oared for her for a few days, and finally got her a placo in tho millinery store, where she had worked for a short time, it Is probable that this expulsion, which loft her homeless, aud sent her to earning her living at a business to which sho was' unaccustomed, in duced her to kill herself. ' I THE FARMERS’ MOVEMENT. Couroiuton ot, tt'urmcr. of : Knatatn. lowiu-toglMlnltTo and County 'D'iclt ot Nomlnatoil—Tlio nanoliitlona. - , Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. , Washington, lowa, Juno 2. —The Farmers ond Laboring Mon’s Convention, hold in this city yesterday, was tho largest, convention, oyer hold in this county, or probably in eastern lowa, Every township In .this county was represented, and nearly all by full delegations. ..This conven tion strikes tho death-knoll of politicians,• and Its affects will bo folt throughout tho'State. Tho old political hooks stand aghast' how, trembling with fear, and again • furious | with rage at tho temerity of tho hard-fisted yeomanry. , Tho Convention was composed of ton dole f;atos from oaoh township,-of tho vory best men n this county, and temporarily organized at 11 1 o', mi J. G. Melvin, hitherto prominent Repub lican, was selected fts Oholrman. Harmony was' tho strength and, support..of this..Convention, and tho bostof faoling.provailod They put in nomination nfulltiokot,- and as it Is composed of tho vory best material, there Is scarcely a doubt • that "it • will' bo' elected by GOO to 1,000 majority; "About throe-fourths of tho delegates havo hitherto b'oon Republicans, tho halauco Liberals, and.Democrats.. - Tho - fol lowing resolutions woro unanimously odopted: Whereas. Tho Industrial‘classes of ourTandhavo from time Immemorial intrusted tho momentous af fairs of Government to - professional politicians, whoso Interests woro adverse to thoso of tho masses of tho • people; and ■ Whereas, Tho people’s confidence has boon be trayed in numerous .Instances, in -National* fltnto, and County GoTcmmonlß, -culminating -In the- Credit Mo odier swindle, salary-steal,- Injudicious appropria tions of public money, land - grants, - &c., In tho Gen eral Government;-swindling-contracts, unwise and unjust appropriations in Slate and county; and Whereas, The Fourteenth General Assembly of tho State of lowa, ignoring tho volco of 70,000 of her citizens, refused their just aud reasonable demand for a law regulating ratos on railroads, preferring tho money and good trill of monopolists to tho Interests of tholr constituency, thus proving themselves un worthy of tho high trust confided in them; therefore, bolt , Resolved. That It is tho Imperative duty of tho In dustrial classes of tho land to look to their own im mediate lnlorot)ts,-and uao to their utmost allhouor orablo moans to placo in office honest,- capable men, whoflo intorests arc identical with tboire. Jiaolvedf That, an railroads aro tho croaturea of iho, people, through tholr representatives, thoy havo tho legal and moral right to control them In fixing maxi mum rates, and that vr6 will support no man to repre sent us in our Legislative balls unices ho stands pledged to uso all -honorable moans to sccuro a-Ju dicious railroad tariff law. Jiuotved, That wo aro in favor of reducing (bo emoluments of county offices, and of retrenchment In every branch of tho Government service consistent with efficient service. Resolved, That wo will support no man for office unless ho elands pledged to tako no railroad passes or other bribes from any railroad company or .other cor poration. - Resolved, That this Convention elect ton delegates to represent this county in a Stato Oonvontton of a sim ilar character to this whenever tho same may bo called. Resolved, That tho acceptance of a nomination at tho hands of thin Convention is sufficient ovldonco that tho accepting candidate ignores all former political tics, and 00-oporatoa In thn Farmers’ and Laborers’ Move ment. • . In accordance with one of tho above resolu tions, ten delegates woro selected to represent tho county in a State Convention when tho same may bo called. The following is tho ticket put In nomination; Representatives, B. F. Brown and E. T. Brook way. Treasurer, J. W. Anderson, Auditor, A. Bailey, editor of tho lowa Granger . Sheriff, A. M. Bosworth. School Supormtondont, Miss Clara Harris. Surveyor, G. H. Sargent. Cor oner, J. 8. Maple. Board of Supervisors, W. McKinney. Tho farmers havo mado a now departure by placing a lady on tho ticket. Sho has admirable’ qualifications for tho office, and will bo elected. SPRINGFIELD. Illegal Lotting ot the Convict Labor at tlio Penitentiary—Olorlc of the Supreme Court—■ Filed Articles—Per sonal* Special Ditpateh to Tim Chicago 'ii Spbinofield, DJ., Juno 2.— AUornoy-thjillii'Ml 1 ' Edsall baa filed an opinion that tho contract en tered Into between tho Penitentiary Commis sioners and Emory Brothers, on the 17lb of Oc tober, 1872, in regard to tbo labor of tho con victs, was irregular, and therefore void. Tbo Commissioners advertised for bids for leasing tho labor of 150 convicts. A number of bids woro received, but all of them except two woro rejected in consequence of their being based on conditions that tho Commissioners should furnish steam-power. Emory Brothers, to whom tbo labor was awarded at coots, sub-lot tho labor of half of tho men to George E. Ponlgroo, and Ponigroo Immediately assigned them to representatives of tho Illinois Oar Com pany. Tho Attorney-General decides this illegal and.void on tho ground that tho Illinois Car Company was not organized until Jau. G, 1873, and was incompetent to transact any business through representatives prior to that timO. Sec ondly, five bids woro rejected by the Commis sions, because the party making them called for steam-power, ’which was denied, hut was fur-’ nishod to tho Oar Company afterward. Tho Stato liegister, in its issuo to-day, says : Mr. William AvTornoy, who has for a term of eighteen years Occupied the position of Clerk of tho Supremo .Court of. this Grand Division, vacated Iho ofllco, and Mr. Hamburghor, who was elected last fall, assumed tho ofllco of tho samo.. Probably no man in tho whole country, occupying a similar position, has discharged tho duties of tho ofllco lo tho more comploto satis faction of tho Bench, tho Bar, and tho people than has Mr. Turney. Tho Milau Distilling Company, capital $500,- 000, and tho Doardatown Distilling Company, capital $50,000, filed articles of Association with tho Secretary of Stato to-day. SpuinofieU), 111., Juno 2.—Hon. John Tillson, of Quincy, lloprosontatlvo from tho Thlrtv sovonth District, has tendered his resignation lo accept tho position of United States Oollootor for tho Fourth District, in this Stato, which has booh offered to him by tho President. An election to fill bis place in tbo General Assembly has boon ordered to tako place Nov. 4,1873. J. H. Barrows, who has boon tho pastor of tho First Congregational Church in this city for a year past, has tendered his resignation and will shortly leave for Europe iu search of health, tho bad condition of which constrained him to glvo up his charge. Ho is a talented young man, and possesses tlio lovo aud sympathy of his congregation. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now Vork Finnnclnl Nows* New Yomt. Juno 2.—Money won easy at 8 to 0. Sterling ruled firmer at 10311.10 for 00 days, and 109X0102;; for eight. ' Quid was weak under tbo announcement tbat tbo Government would sell $7,000,000 during tbo month, and tbo fact that the Gorman bankers wore free sellers. Tbo clique docs not appear to bo attempting to con trol tbo market. Loans, 3to 0 for carrying. Olear lugs, $04,000,000. Tbo Assistant Treasurer disbursed $1,000,000. Governments were quiet and firm. Btato bonds ruled dull and nominal. Stock speculation was orratlO In Pacific Mall, which fluctuated between 40X®30, closing at tbo lower fig ure. Tho course of the stock was influenced by rumors In regard to tbo forthcoming statements, both from tbo old and now Boards. Outside of tbo Pacific Mail tbo market was strong and higher, with Western Union, Now York Central, Bock Island,' Lake Shore, and 0., O. &1.0. as the features. Tbo advance repre sented a moderate business. Tbo market, with the ex ception of Pacific Mall, closed strong. Sterling, 108«. • • - OOVEnKMEHT BONDS, Coupons, *Bl 123 X 6-21)8 of »fIQ nflj; Coupons, »C 4 11(1 X Coupons, ’6S USX Coupons, r 6S (now).. .110 STATS Missonrls . ...03X Tecncasces, old 7% Tcuuessoos, now .79X Virginias, now CO Coupons ’67. 121|; Coupons, ’08......... 130 10-403. . /........ ,111 Currency Cs .....113 Now 58.. ~...116 UONDS. Virginias, old 43 North Carolina!), 01d..28X North Carolines, now.lo Straulpfd 72v Wabash C 9 Wabash pfd 80 Fort Wayno 03 Torro Haulo 16 Torrollautonfd 40 Chicago k Alton UOV Chicago k Alton pfd. 11l Ohio It Mississippi., iu; 0,(UO 87 0., 13. k Q 105 Lake 5h0r0,,,, oov Indiana Central...... 31V Illinois Central;... ~110 Union Padflo stocks. 27V Union Pacific bonds. 8(1 Central Pacific bouds.lUOV Del. Lack, it Wcatorn.lo4 v Hartford k Eric sj^ Canton 08 Western Union SSJi Quicksilver SO Adams Express 02# Wells Fargo 60 American Express... C 8 United States Ex.... 71 I'oclflo Mall 09 Mow York Central. ..101?; Erie.... 03itf Erlopfd 74 Har1em;........... ~131 Harlem pfd... 131 Michigan Central....l9l Pittsburgh 87Jtf Northwestern 74 Northwestern pfd.... 81 Hock Island 110?; N. J. Central ...105>* Bt. Paul 55>; Now York Llvo-Stock lUnrkct* New Youb, Juno 2.—HccelpU since Saturday, 854 ears or 000 head; total for the week 0,200, against 8,000 last week. The market opened with a dull feeling, and sales wore unusually alow for Monday at a doollno of X®XO °n R U' gradofl Ixslovr extra and fancy droves. Fair steers that sold In Buffalo at a los 4 of $5.00 and. upwards per head from Chicago, had to be sold here 1 at a loaa to tho ai>ooula(or of about $4.00 per head.' Ex clusive of a few choice steers retallod on a long cred it at 18X013X0, tho extreme range formative. alreeta was IOXOi3o, with but few going higher than 12xo. Tomb ami Cherokee cattle, all fat, ranged from o,*rfo to Bales include { 19 car-loads Illinois ntbcro, ncnut 7X cvft, Vi owt, ll«o; 6 cars, ecant 7 cwt, fl oars, 7V owt, llWoia><o2 Dears, choice 8 cwt, l2@18o; 7 cars, 7to 0 cwt/ 12013o; 7 cars, 0X cwt, 12X013140{-7 cars, good 7X cwt, HX@l2o; OB con Illinois itllfors. 1,17 a lbs, UX®U&o; 0 com Ohio sUUors, ox owt, llftllxo; IBjcaraToMun, SXowt. lOVo; Scan. SX owt, OX®, 100, and 7 eftra Missouri Bllllcfa, part Cherokee cattle.

6cwt,ll@llXc, , Bubef and Lauiw—Accepts to-day S3 can or B,TOO head, making 18,800 ...for tho week, against 17,000 lasti... week. . Tho aheap wero .. all sheared and ranged from, common to prime. Tho market was a shade Armor at 60OXo. Boring lambs oro In demand at 110145. 'The sales of sncop include 11 car-loads, nr GO to 04 Its, at C@sXc; 1' car poor, 70 tbs, at 5o; 1 car Virginia lambs, 54. lbs. 190. A bunch .of prime Jersey, 61 its, 140 and s lot of common Stato, 53 lbs, at lie, Mutton la Boiling readily at 8010 c, ■ Bwihx—Receipts63cars,or 10,100.bogs. Total for tho week, 19,820 against 85,300 last woek.. No live hogs on sale, but dealers quote good‘corn-fed nomi nally at $5.4005.00. Oily slaughtered hogs are la de mand and steady at OXO7X°* I 17017 York Dry floods Slarkpb ' New Yonx, Juno 2.—There was & slow trade roovo mont In ootton goods, but prices wore fairly steady at the lately reduced prices. Drown sod bleached cot tons wore dull in first hands. Drown drills were more wanted for export.. Washington light-ground prints have beou reduced to 100 by Jobbers. Overcoatings, doeskins, and heavy caasimoroa are taken more freely by tho clothiers, but satinets and Jeans are dull, Black grenadines aro brisk and scarce. Colored Orleans and gray Japanese cloths are active and In short supply. Phllndolphla Gnttlo ITlarkot* . rmLADXLPiiiA, Juno 9.—Cattle— Dull. Prices favor buyers, Bales,' 9,600. Extra Pennsylvania and’WosU om steers, $7.6008.00 ; fair to good, $5,0007,00 ; com mon, $6.0000.00. Sheep--Unchanged. Bales, 3,000 at 605X0. • Hoas—ln fair demand. Bales, 6,000 at $8.0008.25. Tho Produce narkotii MILWAUKEE. Milwaubeb, Juno 2.—BUEADaxarrs—Flour dull and lower; spring extras. $0.2007.00. Wheat quiet and weak; No. 1, $1.34; No. 9, $1.20 spot; $t.96X seller Juno,. Corn In fair demand, but lower; No. 2, .89X0. Oats dull and lower; No; 9, SIXo 5 white, de livered, 860. Ityo dull and a shade lower; No. l, 58c. Barley firm ; No. 9, 82c. Fjhsioiits—Steady. Buffalo, QXo; Oswego, ilXo. Receipts—Flour, 6,000 hrla; wheat, 160,000 bu. Buifuentb—Flour, 16,000 brls 1 wheat 233.000 bu. J BUFFALO. Buffalo, Juno- 3.—FLOon—Steady.- Nominally $1.42 for No. 2 Milwaukee Club; no sales.' Com heavy; car lots sold at 47X048°. Oats held at about 41c. FnmanTß wro,10o; oats, C#o. ’ New Yens, Jane 2.—-Cotton—Quiot and steady; middling upland, 10#c. .... j BueadbtuvPs—Flour dull and heavy; receipts, 33,000 brla; auperfluo Wostorn and State, $5.65@8.10 ; com mon to good, $0.40(37.00 r good to choice. *7,05@7.85; white wheat extra, $8.00(310.25; Ohio extras, $5.76® 10.00; St. Louis, J7.15@12.00. Corn meal dull. Eye flour dull at $4.76@0.00. Wheat heavy and lower; largo .receipts and firmness of freights depress tho market; receipts, 360,000 bn ; Inferior spring, $1.38® 1.37 : No. 8 Chicago, $1.46@1.48; do Milwaukee. $1.60.; No. 3 Chicago, J1.68®1.69; amber winter, $1.70. Eyo dull at 06@970. Barley and molt dull. Corn heavy. and lower, under large receipts; receipts, 254,000 ba; soft now mixed Western, 68®89o; common to prime d0,C0®620; old do In store, 630; yellow Western, 03# ®B4#o. Oats heavy and lower; receipts,. 73,000 bu; now mixed Western,'46@4Bo; white, 65@660; black, 40c, . • • Eaos—Steady; Western, 10#®I7#o. Hay and Hops —Unchangou. Ghooehieb—Ooffco quiet , and firm. 1 Sugar mod erately active, and firmer; fair to good refining, 7#® 6c. Molassoa quiet ond unchanged. lUco quiet at Crude, 8#o; refined, 19#o, Tuhpentinb—Steady at 48c. Stock or Qbain in WAnxnousE: Wheat, bu 48,000 Corn, bu..* 239,000 Oats, bu 117,000 By©} bu .. 40,000 Barley, bu,...- 17,000 Malt, bu 187,000 Pbovibions—Pork dull and nominal; now moss, U0.37#®16.62#, Beef steady; moss, $9.00@11.60; extra, $U.76@13.00. Out moats steady; shoulders, 7#o; short out hams, 10#o; clear bellies, 14 lbs aver age, 9#o; rib bellies, B#@9o. Bard steady: Western steam, Oo; kettle, o#c. Buttes—Quiet; Wostorn, 17®230. Cheese—Steady at H@lS#o. Wuiskt—Quiet but firmer at Dio. DETROIT, Dsrnorr, Juno 3.—Bseadstufts—Flour dull and a shade lower at $8.60@9.35' for choice white wheat. Wheat dull and a shade lower; extra, $1.65 asked; No. 1,$1.80#@1.81; amber, $1.63#@1.84. Corn dull and lower at 46@480. Oats dull and lower at 39340. CLEVELAND. • Cleveland, Juno 2,—BsEADSxurra—Wheat dull and 1 rod held at $1.74; No. 2 d 0,51.83. CW>n dull and nomlnafr-lljsb mixed, 83o; low mixed, quiet at 440. w '- -..changed. TOLEDO. Toledo, Juno 2.—Dueadsxcpfs—Hour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull and lower; Mo. 1 white Wa bash, $1.99; do Michigan, $1.78; amber Michigan. $1.02# opot, $1.04 July No. 1 red, sl.Cfi; No. 2 amber IlUnola, $1.04. Com dull and a shade lower; high mixed; 46#0 Rpot and Juno; 40#o July; 48#o August and white, 63c. Oats dull and a shade lower: No. 1, 440; No. 2, 39#@40c. FnEioprs—Unchanged, ■. Keoeuth—Flour, 3,000 betawheat, 18.000 bn room, 41.0001 m ; 0ata.7,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 4.000 brla; wheat, 24,000 bu; corn, 29,000 bu ; oats, 1,000 bu. BT. LOUIS. St. Louis, Juno 2.—BnEADaxurPS—Flour dull and unchanged. .Wheat .dull and lower; $1,2001.22 for No. 3 red winter '; SI.CO for No. 3; $1,4501.60 In ele vator. Com slow, In buyers’ favor; No. 2 mixed, 38#©330 in elevator; 41#c seller July. Oats dull and lower; No. 2, 30#0310 on track; 3l*f 033#0 in eleva tor; 32#0 seller Juno. Earley nominal. Byoslow; prime, CBo6flo. Provisions— Pork quiet at $17.26017.60.. Bulk meats dull and nominal. Bacon dull and unchanged. Lard dull ; manufacturing, 7#o; rofluod, oc. Whisky— Steady at 00c, , Cattle— Dull; fat 'beeves, $4.0005.00; atockcre, $3.0004,75, • Uoas—Bull and lower at $4.2504.60. CINCINNATI. . : Cincinnati, Juno 3.— Bukadbtojtfs —Flour qulot at $7.6007.00. Wheat dull at $1.6501,68. Com lower at 47048 c. Oats 38048 c. Barley nominal. • Provisions— Firm. Pork quiet, $16.60 bid; $16.76 asked. • Lard dull and nominal; steam held at 8#o; kettle, 8*£o; some choice clly hold atOo. Bulk moats firm; solos shoulders, o#c; clear ribs B#o cosh; 9#o bid buyer July; o#o buyer August; clear hold at B#o, Bacon steady, with a fair demand ; shoulders,. hold at 7#o; clear ribs sold at 6#o: clear held ot o#c. Wuibry— Firm; 00c, • : PIULADELPITIA. Philadelphia, Juno 2.—Breadstuffs— Flour un changed ; Western rod, $1.6801.00. Com In fair de mand ; mixed Western, 64c, . Petroleum—Crude, 13#e; refined, 10#c, Whisky— Firm at 050. ■ i . MEMPHIS, ■ Memphis, Juno 2.—Cotton— Firm; good ordinary, 160 ; * low middling, 170. Bueadsxojfs—Flour dull and drooping; $4,600 10.00. Cora dull and drooping; 66©570, oats dim and drooping; 43040 c. If ay—Bull; $18.00026.00. Biuh—Bull; $14.50. Oora-mealdull;s2.6o. Bacon—ln fair demand, but lower. Shoulders, 7# 7#©d; sides, O#o9#o. • . • 08WEQ0. Oswsoo, Juno: a.—Wheat dull; No. 1 Milwaukee, $1.60®1.63. Corn dull^OlQSflc. BAi/XIMOIiE. Baltimobx. June 2.—BnKADHTtmr&— Flour dull and prices favor Buyers. Wheat quiet and unchanged. Corn dull. Oats dull: mixed Western, 40QG0o. Ryo quiet, 85@05c, , ' Provisions— Dull and nominally unchanged. Whisky— 93>so. Butteq—22(324o. Lotnsvmtß. Juno 2.—Breadstuffs— Flour quiet! extra family, tfl.OO. Corn firm at 680 for shelled ana sacked. Oats scarco and linn at 47@49c including sacks. Provisions— A *hsdqfirmer; pork, $17.00. Bacon— •boulder*, 7J£®7Ko; clear rib, 9V09;<0; clear, 9#Q 9?£o, packed.- Bulk shoulders, B*-£o; clear rib, 8^0; clear, Oo all looie, ' Lard—Steam-rendered, B>«o. Wuiskt— Firm; 88@89o. ■ . NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, Jane 2.—UnEADHTtrprs—Flour dull; double extra, $5.87 5 treble extra, $0,5033.00: family, $0.00310.00. ’ Corn firmer; mixed, 670: yellow, 680 ; white, 68@C0o, Oats easier at 44c. ■ Bran—7so.' * 1 Hat—Bull; prime held at $25.00. Provisions— Pork dull at $17.50. Dry salt meats dull ; shoulders, 7J£@7>£o ; no demand for eide*. Ba con dull at TJtfo, Utfc. O’/o. Hams, 13@14c. Lard dull; tierce, Bbr®i»Afo; keg. OL / @!oji£o. Groceries— Sugar dull 5 fully fair, Bk®9o. Coffee, 18»£®20Vc. Molasses, none offering. Whisky— Dull 5 Louisiana, 020 5 Cincinnati, 060. Cotton—Quiet. Bales, 2,000 bales. Good ordinary, IB3tfe ; middling, lOjfdlTo: middling, I8V0; mid dling Orleans. 13.k’®l8*,o. Receipts, 1,772 bales ; ex ports, Great Britain, 1,122 bates; Continent, 20 bales : coastwise, 8,812 bales. Stock, 04,H1 bales, Vessels Pnssod Detroit. Detroit, Juno 2.— Passed Ur—Props Blanchard, East Saginaw, Potomac, New York, City of Toledo, Forest City and barge, Inter-Ocean and barge, Eclipse and barges, Barks Magellan, Clyde. Schrs Jennie Miller, Worthington, Minute Mueller, Passed Down—Props Ontonagon, Montana, Bt. Albans, Atlantic, Toledo, Bt. Louis, Bay City and barges, Buffalo and barges, May Flower and barges; schrs Queen of tho Lakes, Todroan. Wind—Northeast. Detroit, Juno 2.— Passed Bowk— Props Chicago, Gordon - Campbell, Burlington sud barges, Passed.Ur—Bark G. Hasten 5 schrs Rod Wing, Onondaga, Miami, Aims Bruy, Amaranth, Qarrlt Smith, Zaok Ohoiidlor, Wind—Northeast, . Alliuoin ItLvor and Canal News. Special Dispatch to The Chicago U'ribune. . LaSalle, 111., June 2.—No arrival or departure by tho river. The Robert Holmes passed Into tho canal, loaded with LaSalle* coal-for Chicago. The Planet Saesed out, loaded with plg-lroq for St. Louts, sud tho . Menard, loaded with lumber for LaSalle. 1 ■ The river is falling fast. - Canal Ornos, Chicago, June 9.— AnMyw>^-P»r»- meant, LaSalle, ICO tOhs.coaV 0,654 lbs rags, 6,610-lbs empty barrels; T.Jlyhurn, Marseilles, 0,000 bu com ; .Board of Trade, Ullonj 0,600 bu oats, 2.800 bu com; Mldglo, Ottawa, 6.600 bu com; Industry, Morris, 8,000 bu com: solf6 Franco, Mortis,' 6,000 bu doni; Lily, 1 Morris, 8,000 bu corn, • ’ • : OucanxD—M, L. 1 Adams; No, 3, LaSalle, 88,735 ft lumber, B,opolath. ■ ■ 1 • SPECIAL NOTICES. A Physician's.OOlco and Practice :•; ;i . lor Sale. . j A largo and woll-oalabllahod office boilnoss, together Vllh elegantly furnished apartmonUi Price, 83,000 cash. Apply to DR. WARREN, at No. 107 South Olavk at., Ohloago, before Juno fl. . Schonck’s Mandrake Pills. ■ These pills are composed 'oxolnalvoly of vegetable in gredients, and although they entirely supersede the use or mercury, do not leave any of its Injurious otToote. They act directly upon the liver, and aro a valuable reme dy. In all oases of derangement resulting from n disor dered state or that organ.,• Liver. Complaint, Bilious Disorders, Indigestion, Blok Headache, Typhoid Fevers, ae.. Ac., 1 all succumb to the' free use of 'Hchouck'sMan drakaJMfle. 'For sale by ell druggists and dealers. • • tACE GARMENTS, PARASOLS, SCO. Chas. Gossage <jr Co. LACE GARMENTS, In; Sacques;; and:; Dolmans,.of Bl’k andOol’d Yak Laces; Ele gant Bl’kQulpure Lace Sacques, from S2O to $100; Real Thread Lace. Shawls; Bl’k. and Wht, Llama Lace Sacques & Points; Stylish Polonaises, in Camel’s Hair, Ba,tiste, Swiss, Linen, and Lawn. Everything new' and choice in Suits of all materials. PARASOLS, With the new and stylish Oxy dized Chatelaines and Mount ings, of latest; shades, in all qualities, with new designs opening daily. (We, make, this morning, choice additions to our assortment of Children’s “Normandy” Caps and Chil dren’s Linen Suits; Ribbons, Buohings, Pans, In Oxydizfid Ornaments, ‘‘Spe cialties” in fine Hosiery and Underwear, and-a special bar gain in French Chintzes at 20 cts. (imported at 80 cts.) 106, 108, 110 STATB-ST. OIL TANKS. Sliipins Can Mitctirii Co.’s OIL TANK. ♦^ or r T f ttf ? ty ' durability, convenience, and economy, thoao Tanks are nnoqualod. They aro made of heavy Gnf. vanlzod'lron. The top cannot got out of order. The pumps aro modohi of simplicity and olTootlvoaois, pump* lag a barrel of oil In six to eight minutes. . Every Tank and Pump Warranted. Bond for Descriptive Circular and Prices. WXXiaON <So E’VTB3STX)BISr 3 40 and 48 West Lnlcc-st. ORGANS AND MEEODIONS. JUBILEE ORGANS, Temple Organs, and Melodlona. - - Wholesale Wsrorooms of the Northwest and South, 53 dud 55 Soutli. Ada-st. R. D. WILLSON. REAL ESTATE. BEAUTIFUL HOMES. GBO. SUMNER, 188 East Madisou-st., Room 4, Is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the erection of dwellings. FasMngton Heights! I deilro to call tbo particular attention of buyers to tbat handsome, thlokly-woodod, high and dry. 100-aoro tract, at Washington Heights, which I am olforlag for sale at a special bargain. HENRYK. MARBLE, * * Room fl, No. 79 Dcarborn-s?* WINDOW SCREENS. Wire Screens, FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS. At the oldest establishment In the business. *w. x>. KBXiTsEnr & bro.. • 88 Madlßon«Bt.« Trlbuno Building. SALVE. All Rlsiit Salvo for Hums. Dolls, CORNS! 28 cents a box. PIT. STEPHENS, 131 Doarborn-st. GENERAL NOTICES. Yienna Exposition. Vienna Exposition have postponed tholrmoollnga to tho Ist of July. Parties wishing to forward goods for exhibi tion can do so up to tho 10th of Juno. For further Infor mation apply to RAUULIFI)' BALDWIN, LOTTERY. LOTTERY. Official Drawing of tho Dally Combination Lottery] CLASS NO. 107, FOR JUNK 8. 1879. 89, 81. 85, 9, 61, 28, 67, 80, 71, 69. 41, 21. Sealed play* soon rod on deposit. Prise* cashed and information given by tho I SEALED DEPOSITORY. ■ , r * F. O. DAVIS, Manager, ' RoprosfltandL 161 South OUrk-st. f Branch OlUous, 837 NortVar., tUW. Madlsen-it., and 116 S. Causl-st. ! Report of the Condition LUfiT, PRESTOS & DU. As Mmlo to the Clearing lloiiM Association, al the close of Business,; April 25,1873. ' resources.-■ Notes and Dills Discounted..,.. 9 833.887.90 Loans on oslls secured by Gov- * ernmenU and other easn eol* • laterals... 901,891.1 ft •••«* . ——— $786,391.83 Qrordrafts...... .8,673.83 Furniture and fixtures... , 8,600.00 Duo from Dtnksand’Uan tors (ax> . change) • • ' • 100.8W.48 United States bonds and other securities......... 01,693.00 Gash nn hand. 9 189,179.04 Chocks on other Rank 5,......... ' 48,999.01 „ J 337,178.05 Roronuo 5tamp5,................ 2,163.66 Capital 81eck...,, Deposits, city-.r...., Doposlto, country... Exchange ®*?*S. o tlMlnoli. County of Cook, ast . • I, F. W. Crosby, of the Arm of Lunt. Preston * Kean, do solemnly swear that the above statement U'true, to tho best of my knowledge and belief. - F. W. OUOBBVV-Oathicr. Sworn to and aubscrlbed before mo, * this 1 3d' day of Juno, 1873. - ~ (Signed),.. ALBERT P. BMITII, NoUry Public.. Report of the Condition AT CHICAGO, In the State of Illinois, at the Close oi-Business, Loan* and Dlioounta . .81.45i6t7.63 Overdrafts; “17.2 M.74 U. B. Bonds to secure circulation.. ~•• . .600,000.00 U. B,'Bonds on hand...... • 8,100.00 Ot!iorfltooks,bonds,and mortgages . , .. 68.600.00 Bun from Redeeming and lie* soryeA gents. ....;$H6,696.43 - Duo from National 8ank5,,...,..., ,11.833.80 Duo from State Banks and Bankers 8,468.48 u ~“ '' Furniture and .. Taxes paid.. •" -6,187.46 Premium 29.817.79 Cash Items, Including Stamps....; ‘ 1,274.13 ’ Kxchßnffos for aiosrino H0a50..... 48,068.68 - Bills lianas 17,812.00 1 factional - Currency, Including • Nickels 1.417.80' ' Legal Tender Notes*.‘flCfl.lttß.CO $3,03,603.40 LIABILITIES. Capital stock raid In ft 600,000.00 Surplus Fund ; 100,000.00 Protltand Lois 23,835.60 National Bank Circulation out* ' T «t*nding....... 447,400.00 Individual Deposits .8993,697,84 OortUlod chocks 34,697.10 Duo to National Banks 168,749.81 Duo to Stato Banks and Bankers.. 314,616.16 Notes and bills ro.discounted..... ')63,’000.U0 • _ ' $3,633,695.40 State of Illinois, County of Cook, st, 1.-J. A. Holmos, Cashier of tbo Manufacturers* Nation al Bank, of Chicago. 111., do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. ' ‘ ' J. A. HOLMES, Cashier. , Subscribed and sworn to before me this second day of Juno. 1878. R. lIBDBR LABAOH, ~ ' Notary Public. Correct— Report of the Condition OiP CHICAGO, At tlio Close of Business, on the 26th day of Loam and Discounts $ 670.839 Ift Overdrafts Y n nm‘oa U. S. Bonds tOßOOuroclrculatlon.Bloß,6oo.oo y.S.Bondaaodaoeurltloßonhand • 1,100,000 Othor Stocks, Bondi, and Uort* ■ . Baeo* 86,087.60 Duo from Redeeming and Reserve 14J|687.60 Agents, 8 88,883.83' Duo from National Banks 8,629.68 Duo from State Banks and Bank* ora .. -4 f C91.89 Othorßoal Eitato a 17,213.43 98,1W,0 ° Fumlturoand Futures... 7,000.00 • • JJJ in • Current Expenses.,,. a M87.r0 * Taxes paid ».r»n ca Chocks and other Gash Items $ 1.800.88 Exchanges for Clearing H0m0.... 69,610.48 Bills of National Banks 83,860.00' Fractional Currency (Including - nickels)....... 1,000.73 Specie, viz.: Coin 1.697.00 LogabTondor Notes 125,000.00 ■ - 911,684,69 ' 91,053,801.66 Capital Stock paid la. Surplus Fund.... Discount... Exchange Interest Protit and Loss u is 409.74 National Bank circulation out* ' ImlfflduiS' * iilpoaiti,* * 'eubjooV "to m.SOO.QO chock.' 8429.414.96 Demand (Jortllloatcs of Deposits.. 43,883.16 - Oortltlod Chocks 8.269.80 Cashier's Chocks Outstanding.... 660.00 Duo to National Banks...:.. 180.KM.45 ' ■ >■■■■ Duo to State Banks and Bankers;. 143,100.44 - - - ■ 789 9U 81 Note# and Bills Rediscounted...., ; ss’oou.oo Slate of Illinois, County of Cook, ss.: .. I. John P. McGregor, Cashier of tho BooondNational' Bank of Chicago, do solemnly swear (bat tho above state* mentis true to tho best of ray knowledge and boliofi JOHN P. MoGHKGOIL Cashier. - Sworn to and subscribed before mo this Qd day of Juno. 1873. M. SO UWEISTUAL, ‘ Notary PybUq. . Correct—Attest: Report of the Condition Thirfl National Banlc, OP CHICAGO, At the Close of Business, April 25, RESOURCES. Loans ana Discounts 83,077,836.60 Overdraft 8,784.11 U. 8. Ronds to secure Circulation 067,000 00 Olbor bonds 66.166.f17 Duo from Redeeming Agonta $968,059.74 Duo from other National Dinks.. 107,718.03 Duo from Banka and Hanker 5...46,641.94 _ . - 431.814.71 Furniture and Fixture* 6.000 m Current Kiponso*..S3.3ffl.B7 Taxes 10,472.23 Cash Item*, Including Hovenuo 53,733.60 HUmpu.. ;.. 18,830.00 Rxohangoaxor Oloarlngvllouso... 006,209.84- Illlls of other National Banks 143,113.00 Fractional Currency and nickels. 3,658.2 d Hp 0010........... 4,134.76 Legal Tender Note*,,,, 760,465.00 1,215.660.08 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock... » 760.000.00 Surplus 80U.UXI.UO Discount * 64.666.41 ' W RicUango.. 6,660.08 Front and Loss; 60,618 63 Dividends unpaid.. ■ Circulation outstanding 687.000*00 Individual Deposits.,,?!...::::. 1,008.182.44 W7 ' OW ‘ W Cortlllod Cheeks, 58.818.7 i DuotoNatloual Uanks..,. I.HmoSS.ia Duo to other Hanks ond Hank ers, $6,498,609.60 fdl‘l V ’ p t r,o,, f‘ OmWw ot tho Third Nntlon.l B.nk pi Oblcsgo. do solemnly swear that tnu above statoinent' U true, to the boat ol my knowledge and belief, L. V. PARHONB, Osahlor. State of Illinois, County ol Cook. ■ ia?« wora k* and aubiorlbed. before me IhU Jkl day of June, 1 , BIAOK B. BRADY. Attoat) . ./ . , Nof^roUlo., J. IRVING PBABOBJ - * e; H. ouirriH.i > Directors. H. W.DWUOfI J BANK STATEMENTS. BANKBBS, *1,160,«11.55 LIABILITIES. , . . 8100.000.00 9 673.565.6 d 061,666.69. ———l,o34s M 0,19 - 31,833.07 81.166,671.36 OF THE April 25,1873. RESOURCES. IRA HOLMES. ) OH AS. COMSTOCK, > Directors. W. H. ADAMS. ) . OF THE . j 'April, 1873,- RESOURCES. LIABILITIES. 8 100,000.00 :» «*.<*■ . • 262.77 ' ■ , 1.649.48 ... . 10,930.85 91,063,831.65 J. A. ELLIS, ) J. P. MoUUfiaOR.V Directors. PHILIP P, LEU, J. OP THE 1873. 433,474.45 ■ 8,630.510.78 NEW PUBLICATIONS. CHARMIN& BOOKS SUMMER BEADING! JtJBT PtJBIiISaiiD, Justin MoOarthy’s Brilliant Wow " ' Movol,' . A ,Fair Saxon. I ” iVolVUteio. • Prioe »1.60 or jl.’eo. Mrs. Annie Edwards’ Now Story, A Vagabond Heroine. 1 Volumi), iamo. Prloo 78 Cants or $1.25. ] ■ ' BHOENT PUBLICATIONS. XMTITIjtD Saratoga in 1901. ; 800 Beautiful Dlus'tramns'by Arthur Lumley. ,’ I Vbl'. 12mo.Cloth. '"prlco $3.00. *?fjhis volume ah Immense sale-Ak l * TOrk . Paradise In tho Pacinc. 'A Bookof Trarol. n?xKL »>*• «wU,' lu the Sandwich Islands. Uy,m K.Bliss..•••-* sim iTeHand, By J. W. D0F0rMt......;....V.V.’.V.'.' l!w' La<lV Jildltha By Justin McCarthy,-., I.S& Modern Leaders;- By Justin McCarlby.....!!.! Lw Mrs.' Annie' Edward’s REGENT NOVELS, • JPlullP'Uarnsollfro /. ibnt b*mall,' poaipali),’os' iKolot ; SHEIDON & COMPANY, 677 Broadvvay.'ir. Medical. .The Most Wonderful Discovery of the Nino. •' ! ■— ’ teenthOontnry. ■ ••• V; | . DM D. HOWE-S ' . ARABIAN MILK-CURE, -" ;; FOE CONSUMPTION, • Aiid all Misuses of the THROAT, GUEST, and LUNGS nn n d ln world.) A substl nlo v?F.. * Liver Oil. Permanently euros Asthma. Bronchitis, Incipient Ooninmptlon. Loss of Voice, Short. dobs of Breath, Catarrh, Croup, Goughs, Golds, etc.. In ft few days, like magic.- Price, fclporbotlle. * ; I> £t S.D.HOWE’S Arabian Tonic Blood-Purifier, Which DIFFERS from all other preparations Is Its imme* dlate actios upon the liIVJBR, KIDNEYS, AND BLOOD. _ JMf *nd oloansos the system of all im portlos, bu^llclisit right up, and makes pure, rich blood. kinds, remores Gonitl ffiwf 1 vteVv,*:? r ;s E . l igg At ss- MOWN OONaTtTUTIONsV" ! nfiffilfSid. to rM" d o,‘'S i°SS,*'bot«:'7 boltlol ’ v " ltU ? B»nTVi gA!! l .Ss?S'£ffi’a , °F d .T7 A" 1 " b * MEP. stationery; books, &o. c EMERSON & STOTT, • r WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS Uf STATIONERY, BOOKS, and MUSIC, CROQ.nET. ; BEST LIST IN THE CITY. 1339 WEST' MADISON'-ST, _______ J. STOTT, late with Wostorn Now Go. HAKE NAVIGATION. - GOODRICH’S STEAMERS For Racine, Milwnukco, Sheboygan, etc., daily, Sundays oVcgpted, 1) a. m. Saturday Bxqut sion BoatforMlwaukce, etc., do’n’t leave un. 111 Q p. m._' . ■ * For Grand iruvuu, CtluT^T-x3it|r(Vrh, jUuolv|sv(r r Spring Lake, Fruitport, Mauietco, etc., daily, ■ Sundays excepted, 7 p. m, For St. Jwcph and Benton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p. m. For Green Bay, Menominee, Oconto, and Inter mediate porta.'trl-ffcckly, 7 p. m. - IRGEESNBAUi ISCAHABA, Tho Prop. TmcsdoU will leave for. above* named and intermediate ports; connecting at Bsoamvba with Peninsular Railroad for No gaunoo, Ishpomlng, Marquette, &a., Wednes day Evening, June 4, at 7 o’clock. . Office and Docks toot Miohlgan-dv.’ ‘ ‘ T.G.BDTLUf/supt. ;els. “THE COMMERCIAL,” Comer of Lake and Bearhorh-sta., (Opposite Tiemonf Homo), OPENS MONDAY MORNING, Jline Sim Aoootnmoddtidhs for 600 Quests. $2.50 per Day. FUILING & INGRAHAM, Proprietors. GRAND UNION HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. T., willopen June!, fortho rocoptloa gf guests, Prof. J M. Lander and tils superb band t\avo boon ongauod rot tbs season. Rooms can bo engaged at Metropolitan Ifa fl ,Y & A U “ ro H nRKSLIN, QABO WBR A 00., st Saratoga Springs, N. Y, FANOX WOODS. T. S. CONSTANTINE, Importer and DoalqT In VENEERS, Mahogany, Boaowood. Florida Hod Cedar* French' Walnut, Hungarian Ash, Walnut, and Aah Burla, &o, 17 South Jefferson-st. MEETINGS. . Masonic. Ashlar Lodge, No. 806, A. F, and A. M, Rcrulir eon munloatlon tula (Tuesday) orontng, at f) o'clock, attheL ball la Masonic Tomplo. All members of tho Lodge are ra quested to attend' aa business 01. importance wHI b< brought up. Q. il. DRANK. Bee. Attention, Sir Knights 1 “?» stsMJtxisz , -• 1 • U. B. W, LOOKH, Recorder. Funeral Notices AttenUon, Btr Knights Apollo Oommandonr, No.-K miV » u » « °hu,*w * to. Attend tbolunoral ol 88* W, SJ oW «>f* ftt® residence, fwldpu-st,, Tuesday, 9n. m,, In .droM.. 5 Qmboxa.ol Blaaoy Lodge, No; 27i, F. A A. U7 t fraternally invited to Join with us. By order of the B. o! U. B. W. LUOKIC, Koowdeu 5 ..81^11

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