Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 3, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 3, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. 1 " ‘ Monday Evmmia, inns 9. The local money market grows oaelor from day to day, and a nnmbpr of the. glad to increase itielir loans If satisfactory pap6r Wore offered.' New York exchange was loWer today, owing to a demand for. currency to settle bal ances at the Clearing-House, whore the clearings wore very largo/ln * oonsoqilobco of the heavy settlements of Juno options in tUo grain mar kets. Salos'bf Now York funds were zaado'be tween banks at par. <' It is generally .understood (hat the controlling Interest in UlO stock of. tbo Cook -County Na tional Bank of this city baa passed into now hands, the prihclpal'pattloa Id the new lutotaat being Messrs. B. F. Allen, of Iowa; JohuF. Tracey, President of the Northwestern aud the Book island Baitrqads, and Ohauncoy T.- Bowob, of this city.' The first of the above-mentioned gentlemen will toko up his residence in Chicago,\ for the purposoj.ot taking au. active pari ia the management of tho bank,—probably In connec tion inth Mr. Bowon. ..Mr. Alloa has fofmany years been a successful and popular banker at PesMoines, 10w0..-Mr. Bowen is well known in this oity os PreeldOntrof tho Board of South Bark Oommlsßlonorsi ana also as a gentlemen of in- 1 tegrlty, and an able financier. It la'probable that tho capital of the Cook County will Boon bo largely increased. 7 Should-(his be done and'tbo plans for the now management be'oompletod as now contemplated, the.bonk, will soon bo second-, to none la the city ih point, deposits,* and businosagenorally. Mr.D. B; Spencer, who., haa boon the President of the Cook County National, will probably dissolve all connection with tbai'bank, and take an active part in'tho management of the State Savings Institution, In which he.hai % vary considerable interest, - WUATIBXHBVAIiTOOFOBKENIUOSBP u , Something of a discussion has grovhi up lately In several qu&rtora .as totho Value of green backs. On the one side, Prof. A; L.’Psrry, of Williams College; Mr, Amaea Walker, the Now York Chicago Times, and several others, .-Contend that the deprecia tion; Of' gmtobacka-is more- tbou ls shown' bp fdti;;prondum!oh.. gold» - >To put dut tho, position of- those parties in a little znoro intoVxigiblo language,■ they' contend that the do- iu the value or greenbacks is greater than it is. In other words, they contend that in this case " what is, iW<.” This Ib, in fact, a proposition in .which there is no ground left for argument. With gold, at <llß, greenbacks ore Worth 84% bouts on the dollar in gold; conßO- | quenlly they art doph&olatod 15% oents.on the j dollar. It la an axiom in finances and trado that | a thing ia worth what it will sell for in money. Now we standard Of . value but gold, and as greenbacks sell for 84% cents in this universal currency, In which all values in the world ore measured, it iB conclusive that tbo real depreci ation of greenbacks ia just what* It' appears to bo, viz.: 16% cents on the dollar- when gold ia at 118, Messrs. Perry, ‘Walker, and others have all assailed the Secretary of too .‘Treasury: for 3 ft " bear" on the gold market, and thereby ig gold so cheap that it Is steadily > flowing out of tbo country. Now,' there is a much' hot ter reason than this for gold going. but of tbe : country. Xt is this:.. The American people are extravagant, and; for the last two or three years, this extravagance baa been so stimulated and increased by ' the' * fever of railroad building in tho.Far Week, that wo have been buying annually from $200,000,000 to SBOO,- 000,000 more foreign goods than we, hayo sold domestic products; in other words, we have been running in debt at the rate of $200,000,000 to $800,000,000 a year, and have boon giving our .promises to pay, in the shape of ■ railroad, state, and city bonds, to settle the difference, but noc to pay It. The interest on this indebtedness to foreigners is now so large that it is gradually draining away our stock of ready money to pay it. All that we do not pay in other products must be paid in money, viz.: in the world's gold, ilt Is the outflow of ibis interest on our Indebtedness abroad tbat Messrs. Ferry, Walker, otal., have mistaken fora "boar policy "on the part of the Secretary of tbo'Troasury. Messrs. Perry, Walker, ot al.; contend that gold should rise ii) order to ‘show the real value of greenbacks.* While We boliovo that their posi tion about the present value of greenbacks Is 7 utterly untenable, we think it probable that the ■progress of this foreign Interest dqbt Is toward a culmination incur financialaffairs, In .’which; gold will rise. The payment oif oUr anfiUal bal ance of indebtedness to Europe is steadily tak ing tbo real- mopsy; he., the gold, out of the country, i .In short, as . far as real money is concerned wo are growing poorer and poorer every yfear. ' As a logical consequence, wo ( shoaidhaye less and J loss real money in the country from year to year,bufcwe keep up the pre tense of having just as much money as over, and kbop $700,000,000 of : nominal paper money in circulation. - But as the real money loaves * the country the “ make-believe” money depreciates In value, so that its total value represents the amount of real money we are entitled to. To illustrate (his depreciation, 1 •a' table recently printedby a California paper' showing the casu' value of the mass of greenbacks and bank notes in ilay,lß72,‘&a compared with May, 1878, comes conveniently to baud,' as follows: Bob* , ZT.S, , • - Ootd JJ otfi, not-. Total, Friet. tatuj. .. . Pallar*. Dolton, Dollnrt. Dolton. Mar, 73.,.W,771.ff1r aft7.6W.Bh 691,863,408- 90 623.220,010 M»r* *»...#46,CSO.Sff 867,281,681 |noreee,-..5n,3W,600 ’ Doorcase ...... $869,387 ftjfc,Boa;7&i This is equivalent to 1 the the I volume of the paper currency Ms- increased while it 9 value in [o curronoj-orl the world has VsP-0./tacjnaJuur depreciation’of the currency/ baa taken place, it bas.beon entirely independept of any manipulations of (he cold market by iho Secretary of the Treasury.’ Ho has some power over the value of the currency, to depreciate it by an overissue of greenbacks, or appreciate it by contraction. This, howovor, is.» very differ ent thing fronf having ‘any power'over the woe of gold, as Frof., Perry and' Mr. Amasa Jho Professo* of ToSticalEconoinyin Wimarns College and Mr. Amasa \Valkor, amaleot politi- - col economists, have both made.themselves very < ridiculous by their nonsensical doctrine about I the "raolvaluo-of greenbacks." ' I - LOCAL STOCK. AND BOND KAHKET.' • • j Mosera. Lunt, Preston A Kean nuoto' as fol lows tma afternoon s ' £ uying. . -Silling, 5- of *62~,, JMOaof’M ."lie# llflj! MOaof ..117V lltf* 8-20s of-*65, Jon. and July ugv "" itn 6- of *O7, Jan, and July laiv 121 V MOa.of ‘6B, Jan. and July. llOitf 110 v jO-i0f1..;;., 113*5 IHV U. s. Ba (now issue).... 116 V usw Gold (full weight)....... ...I. .* ,117 v : ii? 2 Gold Coupons;. . . .117 V U7V £*alom exchange {counter rates).Mo dis. par, 1-10 pie! Gold Exchange ’ 117*2 Starling Exchange....;;.' losvaiOflv ioo®ffi£ Chicago ftnC* Cook County 7» .... Odvilnt. lllinoia County and Township JOa W®BB REAL ’ESTATE. Tho following Instrumehts were ■ filed for rec ord on Monday Juno 2 • ’ OITT PBOPEETY. . j Park av,near s •'corner of, Lincoln at, n /, 20# feet to alloy,. dated May 91; consideration, $13,500. Clayton st, s w cor of John at, n f, 30 010x8* 8-10 ft, dated May 6; conaidaraUon, $3,700, :• ■ • West Adams at, 63# ft w of Seeley at, n f, 'G3#xC7 ft, dated May 31; consideration, $2,100. "•Vest Jackson at, 174 V ft eof Ashland av, n /, 26x 108 &-10 ft, dated April 13; oonelderallon, $3,760, 1 West Msdlson at, awcorGreen, a /, undivided if of 128 **loxll2 ft, dated Nov. 12,1872; consideration, $50,000* •• ... aowneecd st, near nw cor of ’EIm, • f,Lot *i dated May 33: consideration, $1,030. . 33,.1n Block 13 of Xoe’a Addition; dated Oct. 18, 1872: consideration, SI,OOO. - in same, dated Oct. 16, 1B72; consideration, iota 7 and 0, to Oocbraa’a Loti 5 to 3*. In w3l of Hamilton's Subdivision, la eu.w jf, of no if'fioo. .6,39,1*. dated June 3: consldwtlon! $1,200. ■ .Lots 2* to 32, to Block geo 6, 30.1*. jlthothar property,-dated Match 30, consideration. Wood at, a vr cot of Catherine at, ef, 21x127 ft, dated June 3 ; consideration,fl.ioo. • Von Horn st, bet Ashland av and Paulina at. n f. Lots 69 and 60, dated May 7 : consideration, $1,700. * Kmerald av, a of and near Thirty-Brat at. ef. 2S ft to alley, dated May SI \ conaiderallon, $1,200? ' Lot 1 In Block 1 of Paco’a Block 16 and 16. of w W Beo 6, 39,11, dated April 20 ; consideration. $2 780 ■ Ogdon av, bet Taylor and polk all, n w f. Lot 31. dated March 17; coualderatlon, SI,BOO, ' Oaribaldi at,'a of and near Swift place, W f, Lot 03. dated May 17; oonajdooatlou, $620, * Lowe av, near Twenly-eoveuth st, of, 23 ft to alloy, doted June 3; oonalderaUon, $1,360. ” . Lowe av, near Twenty-seventh. at, e f, 25 ft to alley, dated May 37; consideration, S9OO. ’ Jt Calumet av, ■ of and near Twenty-second at, e f, *O X 315 ft, dated May 1; consideration, $30,000. ' McGregor et, near a w cor of ft to alley, dated May 26; consideration, $<375, * * Folk at, east of and near Pacific ev, n f, 20 ft. dated May 1; consideration, $6,200. ’ The premise# No, 118 Throop st, dated April 7: con •lderatlon, $6.600.. . * ~ Same as the above, dated June 2; oonaldarattun. $6,760. Lot*!, topruaatog’s* wblockcfeutSSaoruof a# V H 6O 12»- 8P; 'l3| dated April 6; oonaldsrallou, fl.oOO. * / bot,Division and Bryson ats, w t, 25 II to ftllnv. Chicago ar.-nV cor of HangairtoußU a j f, 63*100 ft. .Front Bt, 125# It west of Sangamon nt, n f, 25#x100 It, dated April 6 ; cooßiaernllon, $1,950. .&&<«, da,e l M “ y *»j i **. V . . , ' BOOTH OV CtTT UMITB. I J ■ t"°Wo,,!Olll6ck 4, ln;Mcolioauoy’a .BuMlvJalon, In |vr* Seo D/- 88,11, dated- Mnrch‘27; consideration, 'Lots 7 and 8, In Block 9, of Proul ft Oolroan’s Bnb uivldtoD, In te X 600 4,98, 14, dated fifty 81 { coaild etAllon,sl,ooor - •••*■• - • Lot 48, In Block 1, In Uoyt, Oanflold ft MaHoson's s .>4. sw#of a w #eeo 10.48,14, dated May 27{ oon- LSiudratJon,s72o. !. •-I 9 * • North 20 of a 40 ft/ Lot 14, In Block 43, Hydo Park, with Improvements,' doted April 96; consideration, $3,000. ’ * ' Lot 84. in Block IS, In Adam Bmltb’a Subillrtilon, In BjwJf ox See 00,89,13, dated June 9; consideration, JWost 68 ft of Lots'l to -O, anile 68ft of Lota 10 to Jit In Block 84, In Theological Bomiuary Bubdlvialon toHyde Part, dated April 14; consideration, SII,OOO. ' 1 -WBBT OP OITT LIMITS. Lots 10 and 11, in Block O, -in Blanchard’s Sub division, s #, g w # of n 0 # Seo 3,. 80, 11, dated March 1; oonnlderatlon, $3,760. COMMERCIAL. Monday Evxmttd, Jose 2. Iho following wore tbo receipts and shipments I tbo leading articles of produce in Chicago imng the past forty-olght-hours,-and for the Drrospoodlug'daie one yoar.'ago:^,.,' | BEO&IfTS, • • • ■[ • • fIDIPMKNTS. j -•■■■'- 1670. IB??. 1873./ • Flour. br18^.,,..,,. - ‘8,893 . 8,760 7,723 " 6,114 WTieat.bu.......... 48,760 88,320 47.918 97,998 Corn. 145,330 600,630 374,070 658,609 pate, bU 140,040 101,080 100,300 117,770 HytL bu.....i 8,710 9,277 1,300 . 4,600 Barley,hu.a.9,oso .8,350 ' 818........ OrxM aoed. 1be.,... 93,850 7,020 11,000 16,000 Flaxeccd, 1be....... 91,000.17,740 21,000 ........ Broom corn, tbs.... 18,000 ........ .13,430 18,094 Gurodmeata, tbs,... 15,180 163,970 753,387 177,640 Beef, brla 1 60 160 Port, brls 448 90 190 Lwd, 7,040 .116,300 0,683 539,499 Tallow, lbS«i.-13,890 > 38,340 .V.... Butter, tbe;........ 46,868 ' 93,030 69,780 .83,010 Dronedkogs.'NC...... .... v... Live hogfl, 7N0».... 8,031 6,033 6,030 0,310 1 Cattle, No, 680 1,004 2,900 , 2,111 fillMp. No . ‘OW) " 783 - 852 nidM, tbs 143,300 78,465 \ 80,380 86,150 'UlgllwinM, brls.... 200 100 330 337 Wool* tt*. 64,899 103,680 'BCB,OOO 1 06,071 FoUtoce,bU 6,400 8,680! . 3,700 400 Lumber, mft J. 404 . 4,808 /. 0,243 3,383 Shiligloe, 8,495 4,460 1,859 9,634 Lath, m 1,601 910 113 61 Balt,brls 1,005 ‘ 1,328 1,709 Withdrawn from stern bn S&Vurday for city consumption: 879 bti Wheat; : 602 bn corn ; 2,100 bn oata; 25i bu rye 5 790 bu barley; The following' groin ha* boon Inspoolod'intb stare this morning up to 10 o’clock i 115 cars wheat; 257c0n com; 11,800 No. 2 do, and 25,- BOObu rejected do,by canai; IB2>£ core oats ; 5,000 .buNo, 2 do, by canal ;10 cars rye ; 1)4 '■ cara barley, Total (535 cars), 280,000 bn. 'The following shows; the distribution of the breadstuff* shipped out from this city during the past weekr’ - • - - Shipped, ■ flour. Wheat, Com. OaU. Itye. g f ri11...,.,,. 37,860 iWIBQ 41110 yean'd, - 00 W.WU .... .... To Baffilo.... 8.410 80,838 681,T07 ' 142,638 06.700 To Erie 3,500 .... ll.UtV' 10,600 To Oswego.,.. 19,00 a .... .... To Ofd'aab’b 900 ■ 88,320 * SO Huron 016 .... 88,970 11,099 that U.B.p’s «J 1,700 • '9,060 11.253 .... ToMcmtrtil.. 403 17,000 • " .... .... 44 „ To Qoibome.. 20,607 91,711 To Kingston. 07,856 - .... .... .... ToOodorloh. .... 8,068 .... OtherO.ports • .... ~.. 16,000 .... ' Total -f flUi-aSi-m-W <M,6u6 ' ,0,785 'iUo 10,883 on barley ihippod by rail. • ,Tt woo reported on ’Change to-day that some No. 2 Milwaukee wheat bad arrived in Now Tork “ out of condition,” and had, therefore, boon re fused by the' parties who bought it to arrive. That Is. just what we referred to in our issue of this morning. The - thing can bo understood without an interpreter when it ia remembered that tbo New York- market was heavy on Satur day. Had it been otherwise, that wheat would probably have been all right. It is admonishing bow manyyalld reasons can be discovered for ' refusing to fulfill a contract when interest puts on the spectacles to hunt, for those reasons. Butthen, why do Western shippers deal with such men ? . . • The following amendments to ihe'tuies of the Board of Trade were submitted to-day, and will lie oyer for ten days; under tbs riilb. The road iug jv&s followed by a bearty burst of applause : Ho property shall bo tendered by mombora of tbo Board on any day on which iho Board shall hoM no business session, nor shall. any contract' for the deliv ery of property made on ony such day, or any day ho fore 9 o'clock In the xnornlng-or after 5 o’clock In the afternoon, be recognized os’ bindingl>y the Board of Directors of this association, under complaints made for the non-fullUlmout ofcontracts. ■■ TIIB' BIAEKJCTS. Tho leading produce markets were weak to* day,| chiefly aa a consequence of fine weather here, and elsewhere. The principal exception to the rule is corn, which ia widely believed to-be irrotrievablyrulned. Ail other breadstuff* tend* fed downward in anticipation of bigger receipt* and igood harvest weather. The trading wae principally speculative,' the shipping movement boin^Hlow.^ 1 »•«•«•**•»-;•»» •• - suuo mlako .• xp« movement, in dry 'goods was sluggish, local nor onteido buyers Beaming in clined to anticipate wants, but mainly confining their purchased to meeting' tho immediate re quirements of tholr trade/ Certain popular linos'of summer dress goods wore in good re quest, and prints, douizna, and bleached cottons wore moving with some freedom, hut in most departments business wasunquahfiedlydull. In the grocery market there was nothing now of im portance, the demand continuing light,'.with priceb comparatively steady. Butter -was fairly active at about last week's prices, ■ liberal sales being effected at 10@15o for Inferior to common, ahd at 16@210 for good to strictly choice dairy. Bagging mot with moro inquiry, bub was un changed in price. Tho cheese trade > remains quiet, at the prices current for a week pact. ■ The arrivals are not Urge, and as yet stocks aro not oppressive. There was no change in • dried fruits. Only a moderate movement was wit nessed either in, foreign or' domestic' varieties, •and the prevalent feeling was one of weak ness. Fish wore fairly active, with : no ' change' in quotations, oicopt . lor white fish, -which were off 12>£o por H brl. Hay was more quiet and loss firm. Hides and leather wore quoted quiet and steady. lu the ■oil market moderate • activity prevailed, .and former quotations wore maintained ; carbon at 10@lpWo; linseed, ot $1.00(5)1.05 ; extra lard at Ido; whole at 870, and turpentine at C6@s7c. . Plgriron; tobacco, wood, and paints wore steady. .There was a decline of ,Mo per ton in Lacka wanna, Lehigh, and Erie coals. Other brands were unchanged. > The yard trade in lumber continues active, the. demand being, confined mostly to common building-lumber and fencing. Prices are without .quotable change. The wholesale market was liberally supplied, ' but the trading was rather slow and prices easy. The irou 'market contin ues dull and weak; common bar-is r quoted l-100 lower. Imported- stock is steady. Metals and naval stores were in moderate request and unchanged. ; There were' no ' new features In “ho market ' for building materials ; the - demand is moderate at the quoted S rices. Wool was unchanged. ' Broom-corn moving quite freely, and the good grades, , being principally inquired-for, aro m light stock and firm; Seeds were quiet and without essen tial change. The demand for green fruits was moderate, and. prices ruled weak. and lower for domestic fruit. Potatoes were in light request at about Saturday's prices. There was a good inquiry for poultry, and the market was firm, owing to the light offerings.- Eggs were fairly active and steady, ’ Bake freights wore quiet, tint higher, car riers insisting on an advauoo. without which they averred they vtaaldsend their vessels for ore or lumber. Shippers were not - generally willing to take hold, especially as Now York was quoted hoary, but were obliged to ; yield the point for what they did want. A total of 8 charters was reported, which will take out 70,000 bu wheat, 80,000 bu corn, and 46,000 bu oats.' Bates to Buffalo were 4>£o on oats, Co on com. and fi#@ G%o on wheat.- Com and wheat to lower lake ports were quoted at Highwlnoa were more active and firm at the recent decline, there being free buyers at QQo, while holders generally asked OOhta. boles were reported of 260 brls af UOo per gallon. Provisions were dull. Measpork was 20®80o fier brl lower, under free offerings, with very few akers, 1 as the speculative business is about over, and there Is little Inducement to carry at present price#. Lard was quiet and asbadoeasler. Moats were firm, being lu good demand, but held off tho market. It was stated that there are several orders hers which cannot be filled, owing to the fact that the owners of tho meats not already sold for shipment are bolding them off the mar ket. A statement of stocks here will probably bp made about tho 6th inst.. and is ex pected : to give a very small aggregate. THE CHICAGO' DAILY TRIBUNE t TUESDAY' JUNfi’ 3, 1873, The market closed' at'the following tango'of prices 1 1 Mess pork. cash or seller JUU6, f 16.70 @16.76;. do sellar July, 916.06@10.D0 5 do seller August, ftlO.10@10.19H; lard, cash .or sailor OtmO, sß.Bo@B.oß}' do seller July, $8.7C@8.80; do sailor Augusfci ftO.OO;, sß.oo* Sweet ploklodhams quoted at 10@13C.' Dry silted moats quotable at Cs<@flWo for shoolders; for short ribs; andßK®BJJ£o for ■Bbort dear. Bored shoulders. 05£@0wo. Eng* liehmoits, for abort ri bo ; 8&@Oo for short clear. Bacon is quoted, it 9Rc for shouldors; OWo for clear nba.tpiJfC for, short clear, and 18@14#d for hims, all pocked. Moss beef, ftD.OO@U.9B; extra mess do, ftlO.OO® 10.251 bkef hams, $28.00@29.80, City tallow, 7%®00; groaso quotable at. o#@os£o. Sales were- reported of 760 brla pork, seller June, at $16.76; 260 brla do seller: July at ftlO,10; 1,000 brls do seller August at 510.12W; 260 tcsl&rd, Boiler Juno, at $8.65; 260 tes uo seller July at $8.77)$ ; 25 boxes shoulders at 6%0. , The stock of pork in Now York on ike Ist Inst, was 70,714 brla of all kinds,.against 60,700 brls a month previously, and 83,471 brls a year ago. , Flour was loss active, but weak. There was florae looking around on the pari of shippers, biit they would only take hold at a decline of 12>$c per brl, which several sellers were unwill ing to submit to. Henco the market was irreg ular. Bran was a shade firmer. Sales were re ported of 100 brls white winter extras at $0.00; 60 brls do at ft 8.75; 60 brls do on private terms t 100. brls spring extras (Elkador} at 1 $7.001 100 brls do at ft 6.00; 100 brls do ai $5.75; 000 brie do on private terms; 100 brls spring suporfines at $4.00. Total,. 1,200 brls. 'Also, 80 tons bran at SO.OO at mill, and 20 tons do at $8.60 on track. The following were the asking prices at the close j Fair to choice white winter extras......J 8,60 ® 11.00 Bed winter extras 7.00.(k 8.50 Good tb choice iprlng extras 0,75 « 7.60 Low to medium 6.00 ® 0.00 Mlnnciot&s (patent)..,. e.oo OXI.OO Good to fancy Minnesota..,.,, 0,60 0 8.00 Spring Buperflnos 0.00 0 6.00 , Rye flour 4.16. 0 4.40 Bran 8.60 0 0.00 Wheat was active, but Tory wiak, doollulng almost steadily through tho regular session tp 2o below tho InaWo bricea of Saturday., >New York' was quoted very .heavy, on Saturday .afternoon, and oar rocelpts were on ihe hioreaao; while the floor weather-gave promise ofagood yield. These things caused weakness/ which' wae hot interfered with by tho fact that this wasthellrat' business day of Juno. There wore very few do?, liveries made, as the- scarcity of -cash wheat was* snob that tho majority of tho June options hod boon settled up with alfforonoes/and tueremain der are held over in full expectation of A further doolino before it will be ncoessaiy. to fill in. It. was stated that some large operator* were trying ■ to bear the market, but tho decline woe moro probably the result of natural heaviness, many selling ahort'because they believed wheat will touch $1.15 before July* Shippers' took hold rather freely, as cash wheat recoded to within %e of tho price of seller the month* The option opened at $1.20, declined to $1;26%, rose to $1.20, and receded to $1.24% at the-close.. Seller July sold- at $1.23%@1.25; seller August'- at $1.19W@1.20, and softer thd year at Slag®. 1i16%, all closing Hi thti Ihsidb. Regular Nd/fl ' spring, closed nominal-at $1,25 j No. Ido at. $1.29% ; No. 8 do at $1.16%, and cejooted do at 08c* - Cash sales ware reported of 2,400 bu No* 1 spring (part hard) at $1.01: 1.200 bn do at $l.BO ; 400 bu do at $1.20%: 800 bU No. 3 spring at* $1*27%; 15,000bu do at Sl;27i l.flOOiju $1.20%; 14,800 bu do at $1.20%; 2,00(nm do at -81.20; 11,200 bu do at $1.26%: 2,400 bu do’ot $1.25%; 8,200 bu do. at $1.25; 13,800 bu Kb.* 8 spring at $1.17; 400 bu do $1.10%; 400 bu re* looted spring at $1.00; 1,000 bu ao at 980, To* tal. 70,200 bu. •* . Com" waa -ond lower on. the average, but .with a general fooling of strength' On cash lots, which were freely taken' hold of, both for abiptnent and for canying against July options. Deliveries wore rather liberal this toomlng, but not so free as had been expected, which mado cash. corrolatlvely strong* Thoro . was a fair inquiry for the more doforroa options at the decline ; but chiefly to All shorts,- as there was not much new investment to-day. BuyeVa seemed inclined to wait a little longer till -the future of com is known with a little more cer tainty, as they argued that tho news already re ceived ought to haye sent com booming, if there Is any boom to it. Seller the month, or regular No. 3, opened at 88% c, advanced to 83%0, and receded. to 88%0 ’at the close. Boiler July sold at 41%®42%. and seller Aug ust at 44@44%0, both closing at" tho inside. Strictly-freak receipts closed at 89% c. Gash solos wore reported of .17,000 bu- No. 3 at 40Vo: 17.400 bu do at 40%o: 6,600 bu do at 40o; 10,000 bu do at 89%o: 15,000 bu do at 38%; 76,000 bu do at 86%o; 60,000 bu do at 88%o; 05,000 bu do at 38%o; 0,000 bu yellow at 41o; 8,800 bu do at 40%o; 800 bu do at 40o; 5,600 buv do- at 40% c,. ami 6,000 bu do at 400, both afloat: 23:600 bu re jected at 370. Total, 305,400 bu. Oita were fttttive; but weak, declining %e un der liberal offerings, both for cash and future. The receipts were very large, and New York was reported dull and lower; while our receipts are expected to he very heavy this month, hence free sellers. Regular No. 2, or seller tho month, opened at 81%0, and declined to 80%0. Seller July sold at 82%@33%0. closing with the inside bid. ■ Strictly fresh receipts closed at 810. Cosh sales were reported of 12,000 bu at 81%o; 27,000 bu at 31%o; 28,000 bu at die; 6,000 bu at 80%o; 30,000 bu at 80%o; GOO bu rejected at 27%0; 6.400 bu do at 27%0; COO bu by sample at 8Go; COO bu do at 85o; 1,200 bu do at 82%0. Total, 110.400 bu. Rye was in moderate request at %o decline,, the increasing receipts causing buyers to moder ate their views. Sales were reported of -800 bu No. 2at 68%o; 2,400 bu do at 680, and 800 ba by sample »t voo. Total, 4,000 bu. Barley was dull and nominally lower, in. sym pathy with the decline in other grain. quote • No. 2 at 70@7C0; No. 3 at 60@G9c, and rejected at 40@46c, tho inside in the Rooklsland elevator, and tbo outside lu other bouses.' Gash sales were reported of 400 bu No. 2 at 760 s 400 bu No. 3 at 03o; 400 bu by sample at ?8o; and 400 bu do oi Cso. Total, 1,600 bu. , x The following were tho exports from tho five principal seaport cities of the United States—Now York, Portland, Boston, Philadel phia, and Baltimore—for ihe week ending May 31: Flour, brl* 6,471 Wheat, bu 808,854 •Coro, bu...... 719 7^*4 syot5 yo t *J U ; K,« 7 Port, brla.. 6,309 Lard, fta 9,608,000 Bacon, Jba 4,990,000 The following table exhibits tbs stock of flour in store iu this city on the first of each month for four years past: 1800. IflTO] 1871. 1872. 1873. January*... 88,230 60,691 72,835 Ix7oo "ams February : 125,930 60,076 60,760 23,813 37,484' .March 100,111 05,010 64,850 24,630 30,440 April 101,898 70,810 58,479 90,710 48,070 May..; 94,395 66,285 83,076 31,120 44,290 June 73,081 39,226 47,886 32,175 38.430 July. 60,178 41,830 40,620 40,459 .... August,,.. ...... 39,378 29,994 BL3OQ 29,308 .... September, 80,209 35,045 49,775 27,600 * .... October 31,475 48,175 20,300 30,016 .... November 34,060 01,650 10,050 35,460 .... December 62,470 46,170 28,700 26,650 ~.; * PRODUCE STATISTICS. The Now York Produce Exchange .Weekly gives tho fd Rowing" , The ivialblo aupply of grain, Including stock* in granary at tho principal points -of accumulation at lake and eeaboartl ports, In transit by rail, and on New York canals. May 34,1873, was: , . IfAeaf, Corn,OOa t | BarUy, Inilortat 6u. 6u. iu. I Au. New York.; 66,642 296,116 180,BS0 33.114 -7.4®0 1,000 99,000 25.100 .Buffalo 819,664 284,262 61 919 4 039 •OMoibo 866,304 4,623,894 1,863,613 'B5 674 Milwaukee UI.tNW 85,000 . 336,000 20 000 Duluth 149,850 ~., . Toledo 826.361 206,637 238.683 6.&3Q Detroit 96,488 46,851 .84.751 '.4 888 Oswego 876,000 60, Odd 80,000 50 000 Bt. Louis 830,253 481|683 174,630 7.860 Boston 9,436 83,672 M,263 0 118 Toronto..., . 801 163 ~,...*... 8 673 8 420 Montrasl.... 66,090 441,835 •87 154 .... • - •Philadelphia 166,000 180,000 . 66,000 1 7.*600 •8a1tim0re........ M.OIW 881,781 46,000 .......... Lake shipment*.,. 1,113,259 978,896 248.260 . . KellshjpmenUi.... 262,049 101,620 896.636 2i,*wl OnN.Y. canal*... 913,000 1,856,000 72,434 0,900 T0ta1........... 5,279,824 9.868,437 8.607,897 960,118 Total-May 17, 7P, 6,866.038 9,866,801 8.824)482 - 503 263 Total—May 10. *73. 6,4e6,820 9,451,822 1 688 096 lo al-Ma* 8. '7B. fI.Wt.OM 10,030,870 8,640,907 780 838 Total-May2s, 1 72. 6,117,869 10,446,669 8)865)611 •Kstlmated. - . foreign exports of broadatuffa from Now York for the week ending May 27, 1878, and thalr dis tribution : _ Flour, Whtat, Com, t , To . brie, 6«. b„. Liverpool G6O 85,362' 66.566 London 8,283 29,870 Qla»80W 644 19,600 is!s66 2° r *.,. 70,022 89852 Dublin 29,309 1 Bremen.B .... u’rab West Indie* 13,054 )... WiM B, K. OolonlM 1,740 * .... fuitn B. Houdura* '248 . . . * 3B NcwGreuada 471 ***’ Bratil.l,oBs .... **'* Africa... 108 ~.. T0ta1..........;... 27,140 240,062 188,761 Prevlou* week 26.730 " 804 011 300 485 Corre*ii*lug week 1873,, 11,837 136,491 459 , 066 From Jan. 1, 2673 473,704 3.134,517 4.0U 070 From Jun. 1,1872. 859,143 3,085,603 6,039 981 From Jan. 1,1871... ~.811,128 4,892,165 2.310 937 •From Jan, 1, 1870 698,783’ 4,000,739 lll'aoo From Jan. 1, 1860 894,433 8,391,885 ; 1/KiJm The San FranoUco Chronicle says that the Sacramento Mccord charges the BauFrauoiioo papers with recklessly exaggerating the probablo falling oft of tho coming wheat crop compared .with that of Ust yoaf, and proceeds to make es timates 'indicating throe-fourths of a yield. ,These figures are not sustained by the facts os gleaned from correspondents and the local papers of the heavy wheat-growing districts. IVitla tho single exception of Sonoma and Marin Counties, tho crops will ha short in every wheat-grow ing county In tho State. If the word of tho toen who own and. seed tho. ground is worth anything,:’ the enure stretch of country frbm Antioch to Grayson; on tho west side of tho San Joaquin River. will produce nothing. In the valley proper south of Sin Joaquin County tho crop Is an almost total failure. Tho foothill sections will yield a fraction of an ordinary bar* Test, hut tho acreage here'is as nothing com* Eared with the Solano and Yolo Counties ave been blighted by the north winds, and the farmers are glad to realize a few tons of bay from Holds on wbiob they! expected to harvest sniny hundred sacks of wheat. Altogether the prospect is anything but encouraging. ' John W. Qninoy, of New York, gives the fol lowing quotations: American Mg-lron—No. 1 X stocks, small; nrioo 148.00040.00; 2 X plenty, |45.0004(J.00'; Qroy forgo, *30.00043.00! mottled »nd wWUj.mOOOBI.OO. Seolch Plk-Iron—ln good supply: Olengarnock,s4B.BOosO.OO; Egllnton, $47,00049.00; Monklafld. $47.000; Cartelier riosnd CoUnesa, $60.M0M.00. : Charcoal Pig-Iron— Bcnrmond inactive demand at firmer prices; Balti more naUoable, $05.00 thorej-Sallebory and New York and Pennsylvania cor wheel, (40.00003.50. 1 • Wrought Scrap—ln plentiful supply,with fewor den, and yielding prices 1 ■ ■ ■ •'' Old Halls—Demand small j sales reported' at (46.00. Copper—Quiet; Tor Lake, 81#o; Baltimore, 80X© J Xngllah D, 8., (Do V S**' Spelter—Stocks limited: and In good demand. Silesian, TWo; American, 9Mc o'y. - r -, Load—Firm at 5!40 gold for Spanish." - r ‘ ' Tin—Quiet. Stmts, 01,Vo gold; English, alo gold. Nickel—Good demand ana scarce, $3.00 to $3.36 .Sold. ... .... ,/.. AnUmonr—Doll, 14Vc gold/" Bobbitt Metal—l3o to 250, os to quality, • •Spindle Iron—7Jfo « lb. • lit. Hops Cut Nalls—s4.Bs per ktfg, ‘VOoM-liav. . . . ; • • "Store lota are held from avtofiper cent over above .quotations. . V In the aftornoon'whoatwaß moderately,active, ■ dosing tho eamd as OU' ’Ohongo.-No.a spring ebld hfc $1»28%@1.24% ; seller tlie month closing at sL2lVand 61.28@1.38% seller July, closing at 61.33%, Cora was in, moderate demand at ;89)£@88%6 eolior'tho month, and 41%@41%0 eoUor July, the latter option closing at tho out atdo; ana 44(a) 44%0 seller August. Oats sold at 82%0 seller July. A vessel was taken for barley aha obis to Oswego, at lOVo for tho former, and lOeifortho latter..-Capacity," .15,000 barley 'and 7,000 oata. It was reported that a charter was made for corn to Buffalo at 6%c. : | CHICAGO DAILY .MARKET. j’ 1 .. Mokdae Evwana, Juno 2. ~ ’ALCOHOL—Was In fair request at $1,80®1.85 for 04 per cent proof,. , ‘ • ;■ BEAM AND PEAS—The demand la light} though' choice baud-plcked beans sell quite readily, and are BrpU owing to the light supply. Wo quote:' Choice -handiplckecl 9.45 1 Inferior. grades, $1.26®2.00 ; green peas In hrU), (1.40(31,60; yellow do (In bags), $1.35. / -BEOOM COBH—A liberal movement In tho fair to good qaltiJoa Is reported.. Tho stocks of those grade* asbxundlbg very low, and real choice, green burl la Scarcely obtainable. Annexed ' ore the . quotation* ; No, 1 boil, 0(370 i Ko. 1 Stock braid, 6®5)4f0; No.2dd, 4®4V05 No. 3 do, 3®9xo» Inside green, B#®4o;' do ‘tod Up, 8®4o; dopaleanared,3®2#c. -• . • BCXLDINa UATEUIALB—Some dealers report a fair inquiry but. the general trade Is rather slack. .There was no particular . change in priceee as foUeifs | Stucco, $3.50@2.76; New York, stucco, pasting; $3.76®4.00: superfine do, $3.50®4.00; Pert* landi cement, $7.00 ®v,6o per barrel; Roscadalo cement, $3.25@9.60; Utica,’ Louisville, and Ak-‘ ton I cement, $2.00 per brl; marble dust,: $3.25 ®3.6b; lime In bulk, 85c@*1.00; lime (brie), sl.lo® 1.36 per 'brl; white’sand,’per • tol;”$100®3.60; plas tering hair, per bu, '4o®6oo'; lire brick, per r.OOO, $40.00®90.00> -building brick- (cmmnofl). $7.00®7.TM; sewer brick, $10,00;- country brick.' $13.00, delivered; Milwaukee pressed; $92.60; del.';'ao common,'sl4.oo; Racine pressed,- s9o.oo,'del.*; do' common,'sl4.oo ;. Indiana pressed,'s32.oo®24.oo; do common', $13,00; firo clay, per brl, .$4,00@8.00, The following is tho list of prices per'box of 60 feet for domestic win dow glass; from which a reduction of GO per cent is made to dealers. 7xlo to Bxlo. 6x14 to 10x16. 12x18 to 10x20,, 18x22 to 18x30. 20x38 to 24x30. 86x60 to 40xC0..., . 45.00 BUTTER—The butter market continues moderately active at steady prices. The receipts during the past few days have increased some,' but there is no large stock of any grade, and the annexed quotation* ar», well sustained t Strictly choice' jifl6- dium togoodi 17020 c; Inferior DAOOINO—Qr»Ia b«(jo more freely, and rather better iufcVuM antalne, out there Is still some shading on fair orders. Burlaps and gunnies remain quiet and steady. Wool sacks are in bettor request. We quote: Stark, 30>fc; Ludlow, 880;- Lewiston, 3«>f6; American, 32c; Amoakeag, 83Wo l Otter Oroek, 33X©; burlap bag®, 4 and 5 hu, 30022 c; gunnies, single, 17018 c; do double, 28029 c; wool sacks, 65007X0. ' „,, t 3 , COOPERAGE —Dealers - report & light, steady trade at the following range of prices: Pork barrel* at $1.3501.35; lard tierces, $1,6001,70; whisky bar mis. $1.9002.10; flour barrels,-48007c; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do bucked or $20.00025.00; tierce staves, rough, $20.00026.00: sawed, do buck ed or sawed, $25.00028.00: whisky staves, rough, '524.00028.00; do bucked, $30.00083.00; flour staves, $9.00011.00; circle floor beading, 7060 per set; flour, hoop poles, $11.00015.00 per m; pork and tierce polos, $30.00086.00 perm. COAL—The market waa weak and unsettled, and in Lehigh,Lackawanna and Erie ws note a redaction of 600 per. ton. Other descriptions were without decided change: Lehigh, lump, $11.60; -prepared, $11.60; Lackawanna, $9.60; Erie, $9.50: Briar HIU, $9.50; Walmli Hill, so.6oßloeaburg, $9.00; Cherry Mice, $9.00: Hocking Valley, $9.00: Indiana c&nnel coal, $10.00; Indiana block, $8.60; • Kirkland grate, $9,00; Minonk, $8.00: Wilmington, $6.00. . EGGS—The supply and demand were about equal, and prices are tolerably steady at Ho for cases, 130 IStfo for loose packages. Soles include 20 brls in ship ping order at 12#o; 810 eases at lie; 1,800 doz at OOOdozatlSo. : ’ FEATHERS—The offerings are still very light, and all prime lots sell readily at the outside figures. We S'e: Prime to choice live geese at 76077 c, from hands; Jobbing prices, 82@87ofor assorted feath ers: mixed feathers. 4307Oo; chicken, 8010 c, FlSH—WhUeflsh were in bettor supply and the mar 'ket cased Off a lilUo, Ho. 1 being quoted at $8,760 0.87Jf, and No. 2 at Aside from this there were da.vislblo.changes,, Trade was fair at the following range of prices: No. 1 whiteflsh, X brl, $6.76 06.87 X; Ho. 2 do, ff1.6006.62X; No, 1 shore mack erel, x brl, $11.50011,76; No. 1 bay, $9.6009.76; No. 2 - mackerel, Xbrl. $8.6008.76; Mo. I shore kits, $1.95 02.00; bank codfish, per 100 lbs, $0.6006.76; George’s codfish, $6.7607.00; Labrador herring, spilt, brls, $9.00 00.601 do X brl, $4.7606,00; Labrador /herring;, round, brl, $8.0008.60; do X: brl,. $4.2504.60; box herring No. 1, 2803Oo; box herring, sealed,- 36037 c; Columbia River salmon, X brls, $10,00010.25. FRUITS AND NUTS—In this branch of trade there wore few changes, ,aud none worthy of nolo. The market is fully supplied, both with domestic and for. etgn assortments, and. with only a light demand to meet - the feeling among Jobbers, is -not particularly buoy ant. We .quote: Foukiqn—Dates,; BXO9XOI figs, drums, 110116; figs, box, 14M@160 ; Turkish prunes, OX01Oo: raisins, $3.3602.16; Zante currants, 7X 07Xo. bouxsTto—Aldan apples, 180200: Ulchi gun do, C07o; Western do, 606X0; Southern do, 405 a 5 : peaches, pared, 1702 0o; peaches, halves, 606X0 ; do,- mixed, 4X060; blackberries,- 9®9Xc; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 23034 c. Nora —Filberts, . 14016 c; -. almonds, Terragooa,.. 31033 c; Naples walnuts, 3«026e; Brazils, OQOjtfo; pecans, 11013 c; African peanuts, BXO7o ;• Wilmington pea nuts, 7080 t Tennessee peanuts, 4XOOo, GROCERIES—Prices ranged about the same as on the closing days of last week, when most articles in the list were steadily bold. Business was Again slack, hut there are indications of an early revival; and a rather better feeling seems to prevail among the trade generally. Coffees remain strong. Wo quote : Rx Gshd. Uona—7XoßXo- • OorFxxs—Mocha, 33®33X0;‘ O, O. Java, 27X0 88X0;' Java, No, ■3, 36X0270; fancy Rio,; 31X0 35c; choice do, 34X024X0; prime Rio, 24024X0; good d0,39X02&X0; common do, 23X0290; roaat-. mg do, 21X0220; Singapore, 21X091 Jic; Costa Rica, fancy, 26025X0; do, prime, 24X@34X0; Mar acaibo, 23x024c. * OiHDLca—etar, full weight, 20020X° ? stearine, full weight; 16016X0; do abort weight, 14® i4Xc. > • Rios—Patna. BXOBXO • Rangoon, ?X06o; Caro lina, 8X09o; Louisiana, 7lf®BXo. -• • • ;■ huoaus—Patent-cut loaf, 18019X0, crushed, pow dered, and granulated, U|/0l3c; - A, standard, 10X 011o; do No. 9, lDK01Ojto; B, lQX01OXo; ex tra O,IOXOIOXO : ONo.3.10X010X0:- yellow 0,100 10Xo; chmoe .browq, l(J01OXo; prime do, OXO 9Xo; fair de, 909X0; choice molasses sugar, OX 010 a; i fair do, O0OXo; • New Orleans ■ sugar, choice, ‘ OX01Oa: do prime, 9X0?Xo; do fair, BXO 9Xo; common, 7X09*0. • btbdps—Diamond drips, $1,3601.30; sllverSdrips,

extra fine, 70073; good sugar-house syrup, 460480; extra do> 600660: Kew Orleans molasses, choice, 80 0690;' do prime, 78076 c ; do common, 66070 c; Porto Rico molasses* choice, 65006 c; common molasses, 90 0850. i ' Balwusos—Common to beet, 0010 c. • ■ Spicks—Allspice, 17018 c; cloves, 87080 c; cassis 08040 c; pepper, 23X024X0; nutmegs, $1.3601.80*. glujer, pure, 29080 c; do No, 1,300260; do No. 3,16 010 c. Boars—French mettled, 0X00X6% Carman mottled,' 0X00X6» Golden West, 60dX o > White Lily, 6XO 6XO; White Ross, 6XOOXo : brown Windsor, 4XO 4Xo; palm, OOOX° i Baron Imperial. 6X06X0. Stakoh—Gloss. OXOIOCJ con),9011o; laundry, 60 7o; common, 5X050. QUEEN FltuiTß—Apples are dull and weak, while latuoua and oranges continue firm - and in fair request, Btrawberrie* and gooseberries are in large supply., dull, and lower. Annexed are the prices current: Apples, good to choice, $3.6006.20 per brl;' fancy, $9.6006.60 from -store. Lemons, $8.0009,00. Granges, $8.00010.00, Pineapples, $2.6001.00 per doz. Bananas. $9.0007.00 per bunch. Gooseberries. 80lUo per quart. Hlrawbenius, 10090 c, Cherries, 20080 c. Currants, 90c. HOPS—Were Inactive and nominal at 250400 for Western. HAY—Owing to something of a falling off in the demand, end a rather more liberal supply, ttys feeling was less Arm * to-day* No decided change tin prices ■25,685, 27,484 30,440' 48,670 44,290 38,430 32,700 22,813 24,630 90,710 21,120 33,175 40.450 20,368 27,600 20,016 35.450 26,660 r eekly docks in lalion at on Nsvr Oa(e, I Barley, ftu. | ' Au. iso. eso, 33.11* 30.100 4 639 85,57* 20,000 6,631 • 4,888 60,000 7,8C0 0.118 8, *3O .8*1751 80,000 174,680 9*.263 8,673 •87,16* ‘""7,*600 65,000 *5,000 2*8,260 296,536 ’si,Mi O,WO 73*. *3* 960,118 603,363 668.006 730,838 835 7W Com. bu. 66,660 18,800 89,862 11,666 6,<20 Qs)39 ; was noticeable, however, salon making at about' Satur day’* range: we quote wholesale price* paid by dealers as to eonuta 80,000 It*: Ok thick— Timothy, beater pressed, $10.60017.601 timothy, loom Sroased, f10.0Q3i7.0Q; prairie urtaaed, $10.60(118.60. * >?■•, $16.003lfl,00; prairie, loona, |U.00010.00. For dsurery of pressed, ILQOia ,1.60, according to dlatance. ■ IIIDIJB—Were lu bettor supply, but with a fair demand. Sailors wore enabled to sustain price*, the following being paid: Qroea city bulchsr»V7oj green curoil light, 110 ; do heavy, lOo; part cured, gra PMo; green calf,. 1501flo; toa! kip, 12)tfai3c; dry calf, fHoj dry kip. 210 : dry Halted, 17010 c; dry flint, 10Q20o; long-haired kip, 10#o; deacon skins, 480 B5o; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two thirds price, .... IKON AND STEEL—The demand is for small lots for current necessities. • The market hers as well as at the E&at Is weak and unsettled. Common bar is quoted 1-100 lower; irbn,< Ilorao-ehoo Iron* i., 0 @0 WO Mien Plate Iron, common tank 6X @ 7 rates Russia iron. 30®Ho latee BasMa Iron, No. l ht01ned,...... 180 Norway Iron 0 ® y n» Norway nail r0d5..,.,.. UX @lOo v lt> Gorman pJowaleel... 11 @I3o %in» English cast plow eteol 13 @I3XO Vlb American tool steel. ,17W @lßo %Mb Chrome toolsteel..... ....18 @3O • vlb English t001a1ee1.,......, SIX @23 rales English anting steel.... 11 @I3XO rates LEATIIKB—A Ught local ami interior demand ex isted for domcaUo and - ’lmported stock, and prices wore Bloody and uniform, na follow*: - • 1 QBUXOOK. ' METALS. City harness... $ 800 41 ; Country harness 800 88 Lino, city, Klb ~..; < 41® 43 Kip, V lb.. 000 1,10 Kip, veals • >B6O 1.30 City upper, No, I, ft 3Bf* ■3O City upper, No. 3, Vft........ ..... 38® 27 Country upper. Mo. 1 380 37 Collar, 9ft SO® 33 Calf, city ; 1.300 1.40 1.100 1.35 Bough upper, standard so® 35 Bough upper damaged 370 30 Buffalo slaughter 501e...... 830 87 "H, A.” eolo. 80@ 83 Call.:. Kip,.., Harness, French c*lf, Jodot 05.00@D0.00 French : ca\f, Lcmolne (K>.OO@BO.OO wrelioh call, Prehch calf* 24 to SO lbs . - 1.05® 3.60 Frofachklp, 60' to 100 1be.....» l.Oltj* 2.65 METALS AND TINNERS’ BXooll—Tha, demand Continue* moderate, at the price* given below: ■ . TJh Plate—lo.loxl4, *14.60; do, 13x13. $10.00; do, Tin—Largp, 42c; small, 430: bar. 440, .i« . Sqxet Zin o—Full casks, lie; b»U casks, lIXOHKo* loss quantity, U#o; slab. pc. Surer Ibon—No, 24, oitfo rates. • Galvanized Idok—No. 10020, Jso; No. 22334.180; No. 5532 C, 17o; No. 27,18o; No. 28,300. A discount ot 20 per cent is made from tbo list, - Copped—Copper bottoms, 450; braziers, over 13 lbs, 470:, tinned copper, 43c. Wxnx—2 to 5.8 c; 0, B, and 9, loo; 10 to 11, 1 Jo; 13. lljtfo; 13and 14,12# 0; iCamllO, l4o; 17,16 c; jg, iOo;, 10,10 c; 20, 20c; full bundle, 16 per cent dls count; fcaco wire, 7#o; by car load, 7#o. - fair Inquiry exists at tbo annexed rates: 10®<J0d, per keg, $5.00 rates; 6d do, $5.25; cd do, $5.50; 4d do, $5.87#; 3d do, $6.60; 3d do, fine. $8.00: 2d do. $8:25; clinch, $7.37# j 12#o off for 100 keg lots. ' NAVAL STOIIE&—Were in moderate request, We continue to quote: Manilla rope, lb, IOo; sisal rope, lb, Iu®17o; hemp sash cord, $ lb, 20025 a; m&rllne, V lb, 20322 c; tarred rope, $ lb, 17@10o; oakum, V ba1e,'55.0033,50;' pilch; 9 bil, $0.0037,00: tar, brl, bale, $5.0030,00. * ...... OILS—No changes took, place In prices of oils. Business continues reasonably active,'and tbo an nexed prices wore' being realized: Carbon, 10 01O#o;- extra oil, 73c; No. 1, 68370 c; No. 2, 65c; linseed, raw,'sl.oo; do boiled. $1.05: wbalo, 87o; sperm, $2.0032.10; neats foot, oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra,ooc; do No. 1.76 c; bank oil, 70o; straits, 750 ;■ elephant oil; 9Sc; turpentine) CO057o; naphtha, 03 gravity, 20q 5 napbtba, common, 10017 c. POULTRY—Oblckens wore in fair request and scarce ; quotable Arm at $4,25(35.00, Turkeys wore a trifle higher, - Sales include 1 coop turkeys otlCo; 12 coops chickens at $5.00; 7 coops do at $4.50. • POTATOES—OId • peachblowa sold at 493456' on track. Now potatoes wero dull. Wo note sales of 2 care choice peachblows at COc, dulivorod; 3 can do at 450; 1 car at 440 \'l cor at 43c, all on track. • SEEDS—Hungarian and millet wore In light request and Arm. Other seeds were inactive, and nominally unchanged: Sales include 25 bags choice Hungarian at $1.35 ;' 10 at $1.30;. 10 bags choice millet at $1.05; 18 bags at $1.00; 10 bags ot 05c. SALT—Tbo fine grades nro-Jn fair request. Wo quote: Onondaga oud Bagluaw,fine, $3.00; ordinary coarse, $2.00 ; coarse Diamond 0, $9.10; ground solar, $3,10; -dairy, without bags, $3,60; dairy, with bags, . $4.5034.75; Ashton -dairy, per sack. $5.50; ground alum, $2.3032.40 ; Turk’s Island, $2.00. I • TEAS—Continue steady at former quotations. Wore- I peat our Hat: Youug hyson, common to fair, 45355 c; do I good, 60070 c; do choice to extra fine, 05cQ$1.10: com- I mon to fine old hyson, 70@9Bo; common imperial, GO® 06o;goodtbchoicodo,6(Jc3S1.10; flue to good gun* | powder, 70c@|l.00 ; cholcePlngsue, $1.1501.20 ; extra J10yune,51.3531.40; cbnb*« *• —via loaf Japan, 85c@ I $1.00; fair to good .-ur, 05076 a; common do, 40®450; color^- , . > .T;^* ( , { .r>i icaf Japan, 65QC50; common to aie Oolong, 95®450; good, 650C50; choice to extra. lOH.OO. TOBACCO—Prices wore firm tor good goods, but . rather easy for tbs-ponror gradWv-Wc make no change In our quotations: ' Ouewino—Fine Out—Extra, 75®850; choice, Cs@ 760; common, 66®COc; poor, 40050 c. Plug—Natural leaf, 76®80o; half bright, 60@70o; black, sound, 45@C5c. | . Smoking—Good to choice, 32088 c; medium, 290 Slo; common, 200386. WOOD—Mat with a good Inquiry, and was steady and firm at tho following quotations : Beech, $9,00; maple, $10.00; hickory, $11.00; slabs, SB.OO delivered. VEGETABLES—'Were In moderate local demand. Peas, string beans, and onions wero in liberal supply and lower. Wo quote: Poos, $1.5002.00 per bu; string beans, $2.0003.00 per box ; cucumbers, 75090 a per uox; now onions, per brl, $5.5006.00; spinach,-' GOcosl.OO per brl; radishes, 25040 c; squash, 7®Ba per lb; asparagus, 600900 ; pic plant, 102#e per tb; lettuce, 25060 c por doz; cabbage, $1.6002.00 per doz; turnips, 30®500 per doz; boots at 30040 c par doz; carrots, 40060 c. WOOL—There was no change of importance. Small orders for old wool are received now and then. The stocks are very low. and pricas generally favor buyers. . New wool is scarcely quotable as yot, though dealers think 400 will be about tho price for good fleece, We quote: Tub, washed, extra medium 600520 Tab, washed, common to fair,.... 45048 c Common dingy . ..4Q®450 Floeco, washed, X AXX, light 43045 c Fleece, washed, XHXX, dingy 87042 c Pleece, washed, medium light ..43046c Fleece, washed, medium dingy .....870420, Fleece,.unwashod, XtXX,In good condition....2Bo3oo Fleoce,tnnwasbcd, coarse to medium .50@330 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 27030 c Super, pulled.,.. ..38043c -Extra, pulled ...................38044c Burry wool 10020 c loss. Prices for new wool will probably be from B<S6o lower than tho above. LATEST. Double duality. etrenqth. .. 0.75 v 0.00 9.25 11.00 4 JMOfi* 4 4-10 rates OAK. - " . CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Monday Evening. Juno 8. CATTLE—Deceived since Saturday, 5,000 bead. The large receipts, coupled vrlth tlio not, very encouraging tone of telegrams from the East, made buyers ■ “ ehy " and Induccu a weak fooling all around. The offerings . were mostly of fair to choice qualities averaging from 1,160 ti> 1,460 lbs, and for these there were uo 'buyers save nt something of s reduction from last week's prices,' concessions of 10016 c being asked. Butchers* cattle, though more pleuty than on the upeniug day of lost week, were not In excessive supply, nnd former rates were fully maintained. The range of prices paid was $3.7505.00. with moet of the transfers at $4.76® 6,60. The market oloaod dull and unsteady. QUOTATIONS, steers averaging 1,400 tbs and upwards $5.6006.10 Choice Beeves—Flue, fat, well formed S year to 6 year old eteors, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 lb 6,6005.70 Good Beeves—Well-fattened; finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 tbs 6,2606.40 Medium Grades—Steers in fair flesh, aver aging 1,100 to 1,250 iba 6.0006.26 Butchers' Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4,0006.26 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in decent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs.. 4.0004,00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulla, andscallawagsteers 9.0003.75 Cattio-i-Texas. Northern wintered.. 4.0004.60 Texas.... 4.0505,40 Ko. i Av. Price. 17 butchers’ Block 1,320 $4.75 33 butchers'stock 1,133 . 4.76 It) cows 006 4.75 13 cows ...1,133 6.00 34 cows 003 4.63>tf 47 Texas cattle 700 4.00 17cows..' 071 6.00 16 cows..' 083 4.00 10 cows 1,000 4.76 17 butchers'stock 1,300 6.25 04 Ohorokoe steers OfiO 6.13)tf 10 cows 1,160 4.03)4’ 20 COWS 1,130 4.00 » 34g00d Steers. 1,300 6,65 60 extra steers, 1.060 6.00 lOcOWB. 30.00 20 choice steers 1,203 6.76 45 HtUlers 1,124 ' 6.60 10 good steers 1,310 5.15 18 choice steer 6.C0 16 fair steer 1,110 ' 6,10 11008—llecelvcd since Saturday, 11,600 head. The bog trade opened dull this morning, and continued so to the close, There was su average turn-out of buyers, but the large receipts caused them to hold off fur low er prices, and only -a small amount of trading was done. Barlr sales were made at tolerably full rates, -but In (ho afternoon a decline of B®loo was eatabllah •d, the market closing weak, at $1,80@4.C0 for corn man, at $4.0634.70 for medium, and at $1.7634.86 for good to choice. 81IKET —The sheep market was active to the exteat' of the offerings, all selling, and at goad prices, We quote at $4.0036.60 for common to choice. LUMBER. 1 Monday Evening, June 3. The pjsrket was liberally supplied with lumber, and quite a (lumber of cargoes vhaugod bauds In the course of the day, though trading was rather sluggish. The demand! waa chlelly from local dealers, and the very largo offerings depressed the market to some extent, iieceifltuff was alow and easy at $10,00310.26 ( _aud boards and strips In fair requsst at $10,00314,36. Lath toouin study at $2.60. The following are the .galea reported: Cargo sobr Racine, from Muskegon, UO a fl strips, ab (I 'board* atsl4,oo; 35 m lath ats3.Bo. Cargo ichr Itbaoa, from Miukegon, 131 in ft strips and • boards at $13.60‘ 0 m -lath at |, ■Kdskcaon tally. Bold by William Meglade. Bchr Rust, from Muskegon,'2o6 m common boards, fencing, and 2*lnob , common, at $11,60 for 1-lnch ami SIO.OO for 2-1 noh { sold by Martin, Ryorson 6 Co. Bchr Ce cilia, from Grand Haven, 170 m atrip* and board* at 114.35,10 m Joist* and scantling at SIO,OO, 50 m lath at $3.60; Jennls Lind, from Grand Haven. BS m strips and boards at $14.12#; Mary C. Hall, from Oconto, 390 m strips and board* at $13.00,00 m lath at $3.60 ; ■old by Irish, Dalian * Co. 1 , I.VUDBR EnSlflniß, ■ Manistee,' $3.001 Ludlnglon, $3.751 Maskegon, $3.35; Oconto, $3.6003.75; Menomonee, $3.75(93.00: Padtwatcr, $2.75; WtUto L&ko, $2.6003,751 Grand Haven, $3.35. it TUB YARDS. iConllmied aellvily la dollcedat the yards, botbtbo local and country demand Is excellent. Quotations arounchangoA as follows: . first clear.; .$53,00 065.00 Booond clear, 1 inch to 2 Inch 47.00 $60,00 Third clear, 1 Inch 98.00 $40,00 Third clear,thick......... 43.00 $46.00 Clear flooring, Ist and 2d together, ''trough 40.00 $43.00 Clear siding, Ist and 2d together 93.00 $34.00 Common siding . 30.00 $31.00 Common flooring: dressed, first 84.00 SBO.OO Common flooring, dressed,second.... 28.00 $30,00 Wa&on-box boards, selected, 14 inches audupward., 87,00 $40.00 A slock boards.,..' 80.00 $38.00 Betook boards 20.00 $38.00 ■ o ßlock boards... 10.00 $20.00 Common boards; 13.00 $16.00 Jolet, scantUng, small timber, fencing, etc., 10 feet and under 19.00 $14.00 ' Joint and scantling, IB to 24 feot 15.00 $20.00 • rickets, square .....14.00 $15.00 Pickets, flat 12.00 $16.00 Codkr posts, tplil 14.00 SIB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 $26.00 lAth 3.75 $ 3.35 Ho. 1 sawed shingles 1,50 $ 2.00 Xoi star. 3.60 $3.75 Shingles on track 8.13#$ 3.36 Ho.ll.sawed..; - 1.36 $1.60 Throo dollars per car to be added whoa transferred, which charge follows the shingles. . Thickness—Fivo shingles to bo two Inches In thick -0068. ' Length—Sixteen Inches. I I . HARDWOOD. DUck-Walnut Counters, $100.000160.00; clear, . $05.00575.00; common,. $40.00050.00; cull, $30.00$ 85.00; flooring, t50.00®00.00. . ' A4h— Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00025.00; cull, $12.00018.00; flooring, $30.00040.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00040.00 ; common, $20,00025.001 cull. $13.00$1B,00« , ■ 'i • * Hickory—Clear, $39.00045.00; common, $35,00$ 96.00 ; cull- $13.00016.00. , .Maple—Clear. $30.00040.00: common, $20.00080.00; cull, $10.00015.00. ’ Butternut—Clear, $60.00060.00; common, $35,000 85.00. Cherry—Clear, . 150,00000.00: common, $26,000 86.00: cull/$12.00018.00. ' . •Whitowood—Olonr, $30.00040.00; common, $30.00 030.00 ; cull, $10.00015.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, pet Bet, IUW0I.CO; wagon poles, each, 460560; box boards, $35,00040,00. MARINE. Port of OZiioniroa ARRIVED Jane 3, Prep Bootle, Montreal, 2 hhds whisky, and sundries. Prop Sovereign, Montreal, I,DOO bxs lemons, 7 bgu rice, 150 tons pig Iron. Prop Wra. M. Tweed, Buffalo, 413 pkgs sugar, 81 ban ■ tallroadlron, and sundries. - Prop Fountain City, Buffalo, 603 bris sugar, 20 tons •• 1 pig Iron, ifl blids sugar, and sundries. Schr Cleveland, Ogdonsburgb, 321 bdla Iron, and sun | dries. Scbr Mystic, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. Schr Wo. Aldridge, Manistee, 180 in lumber. Schr Lincoln Dali, Muskegon, 190 m lumber. Schr Speed, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. Schr A. Pluggor, Muskegon, 85 m lumber. Prop City qf Traverse, Traverse City, GSS m lumber. Schr Dolphin, Ludington, 145 tu lUiobor. Prop M. Groh, Manistee, 110 m lumber. Schr Gen. Siegel, Manistee, 140 m lumber, Schr Topsy, Muskegon, 150 m lumber. Stmr City of Concord, Ogdeusburgh, cargo of sandrics. Schr Jenny Lind, Grand Haven, 84 m lumber. Schr Dal), Pentwator, 150 ra lumber. Schr J. Dresden, Frankfort, 93 m lumber, 16 pkgs flsb. Schr Robert Hewlett, White Lake, 100 m lumber. Schr S. H. Foster, Cleveland. 1,114 tons coal. • Schr John Braden, Cleveland, 575 tons coal. Schr Tri-Color, Holland, 33 m utaves. Schr Arrow, Holland, 1,000 railroad tios.' Prop Cuyahoga, Marquette, 180.toun Iron ore, 230 tons , do, 100 greeu hides. Boovr Cousin Mary, South Haven, 00 tn lumber. Bohr A. J. Itogers, Erie, C 23 tons coal. Bchr Carlingford, Cleveland, 850 tons ooal. Schr George L. Soavor, Manistee, 160 m lumber, 26 m lath. Bchr Badno, Muskegon, 140 m lumber. Prop Plymouth, Buffolo, 201 brls augar, 22 hhda sugar. ■ Bohr Zlpetwing, Grand Haven, 204 ro lumber. Bchr 0. 0. Butts, Grand Ilavou, 05 m lumber. Bchr Wm, M. Bates, ot. Joseph, 40 m lumber, Bchr 0. 8. Johnson,'Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Bchr Kate Lyons, Muskegon. 200 mlumber. . Schr A. Bust, Muskegon, 230 m lumber Bchr Magnolia, J4uakonon,4oe m Juaaber, <w m i*ttu •• Prop Meuoralnoe, Green Bay, 385 tons pig iron, 3,608 ■ m shingles. Barge E. F. Allen, Grand Horan, 160 m lumber. Schr Persia,'Willie Buko, 00 m lumber. Bohr J. P. ward, While Lake, OS m lumber, 10 m lath. Bchr 0. North, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. Bchr Emaliue, Muskegon, 12S m lumber. , gchr Ithaca, Muskegon, 136 m lumber, OS m lath. Bchr Mary McVea, Muekogon, 200 m lumber. Barge Wyoming, Barge Mary Amanda, Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Bchr Julia B. Merrill, Manistee, 200 m lumber. Bohr Mary Booth. White Lake, UQ m lumber. CLEANED Juno 2. Prop Plymouth, Buffalo, 400 brie flour, 260 bags bran. Dark 8. V. B. Wataon, Buffalo, 81,000 bu wheat. Bohr J. H, Stevens, Eeutwater, 362 bu corn, G4O bu , oats. Prop M. Grab, Manistee, cargo of sundries. Brig Lucy J. Clarke, Buffolo, 20,600 bu corn, Bohr G. G. Cooper, Buffalo, 29,000 pu com. Schr Pamlico, Buffalo, 20,906 bu corn. Bchr.S. T. Atwater, Buffalo, 20,831 bu com. Prop Arabel, Buffalo, , 800 brls com meal, 600 btl* - flour, 300 bdls sheep pelts, 76 hags seed. Prop Java, Buffalo, 70,000 bu oats, 2,501 brls floor, 17 - bales broom corn, 0 brls lard. Prop City of London, CoUlngwood, 14,408 bu corn, 23 - brls lard oil. Bchr Gallatin. Kingston, 20,639 bu wheat. Schr Hubbard, Dunkirk, 10,800 bu corn. Prop City of Concord, Ogdcnsburg, 6,000 bu wheat, 6,066 bu com. Lake Freights Grain freights were «tfo higher,’ quotable at So for corn. 6X(&&Xo tor wheat, and for onto to Buffalo. Following arc tho charters reported: To Boston via Buffalo, prop Empire State, corn and oats at 450; to Buffalo, uclira Cooper (Saturday p. in.) Winona, corn nt&o; Minnie ‘Williams, corn ou owner's account; Bummer Cloud, com on private terms; 8. V. B. Wat son, -wheat at 6it o• Evolluo, wheat ou owner’s account; E. U. Davidson, wheat ou private terms; bark Onoon ta, oala at 4#o. To Kingston, schr Adirondack, -wheat on private tonne. Total capacity oqusj to 70,000 bu wheat, 60,000 bu com, 48,000 on oats. Tho pchr Savannah was reported in tho afternoon for barley and bats to Oswego at 6Wc and 10c, capacity IS,OOO bu bar ley and 7,000 bu oats. ItlUcollauoous* Sailors* wages, $1,C0@3.00 per day. —The schr O, O. Butts, which became water-logged In the storm last Thursday night, was consldorablyin- Jurod. ’ ■ —The tug Vulcan, which has Just arrived at Detroit from Brio, reports the schr Nicholson os being on tho breakwater at that place and scuttled. There was a fresh breeze and considerable soa on, though tho ves sel was lying motionless, and it waa thought would not aufltain any serious damage. —The St. Clair Flats Canal will be the present sea son widened to 200 feet, and the depth increased to six teen feet. Work will bo commenced immediately. The lights will be extinguished on the 12th Inst., and the passage closed until the Job Is finished.' —A vessel, name unknown, went on Besbtlgo reef, in Green Bay. on Thursday night, but succeeded In freeing herself by throwing her dock load overboard. —Wednesday night a collision occurred between the tug Alanson Sumner and the acbr Jesse Scartb, near the Gap. The vessel returned to Kingston In a leak ing condition, and tho tug reached Oswego with her stem twisted off. —The high wind of Thursday was folt quite severely on I*ke Erie, ami to some extent an Lake Huron, but bo far no seriomi nccldeuls are reported. Tlie achr Empire Btiito arrived up yesterday afternoon minus her forelopmastaud with her foremast sprung. She will require a new spar before proceeding further. The barV Montgomery arrived down with her Jlbboom and & portion of her head-gear carried away. The prop Equinox, also upward bound, had reached the river, and on arriving between tho two lights took ad vantage of her helm and run on (he bank. Tho tug 'Samson wont to her relief yesterday afternoon, ana will doubtless relievo her wltliout much diiUcully.— Detroit Press. ' ■ —A new propeller, built by H. D. Root, of lllack River, for G. W. Calkins li Co., of Cleveland, Is now at that port, receiving hor engines. She wiU run tri weekly between Cleveland and Kelley’s Island. Tier length Is 140 feet, breadth of beam '26 feet, and burden near 400 tons. —Tho new steam barge Superior, of the Northern Transportation Company, was launched at Gibraltar, last week. She Is 21S feet In length overall, breadth of beam 34 feet, and depth of hold 13 feet. —Upon a request from the Secretary of War, the Treasury Department Is preparing a statement of all the vessels cleaving from the ports on the lakes or St. Lawrence River to a point at or beyond Detroit, with tho tonnage of each, for IS7I and 1872, for the' Information of the Hoard of Army Engineers, constituted by apeolal order of tho War Department, lu accordance with a recent act of Con gress, to Inquire into and report upon the practica bility of bridging, consistently with tho Interest of navigation, the chsnnol between Lake Huron and Lake Erie, —A new vessel was launched at Trenton, from Tur ner's ship-yard, last wtek, and named thu India, Sho Is full canal size, and will measure about 400 (ous. Two now vessels are now being constructed at this yard. SUMMER RESORTS. CLARENDON HOTEL. SARATOGA SPRINGS, WlUbeopenfor’thorsoeptlunof guosts from Junel to October; f, Jb7B. . All communications for apartments should be addressed Charles fe. Leland. Bturtovaut House, New York, or Delavan House. Albany, N. Y,, u, (to ItAILIIOAD TIME TABLE. MiLlfiMi 1 Spring Arrani EXPLANATION Of RStRARNOR M «pplofl* * Bundiy oicepted. t rj. rite bundny&lß;Wok.m. i Dally. MICHIGAN CENTRAL 6 GREAT ' JDtpol, Sooi qf I Aik e tt . .and f , iickHqfflee, 16 Qinat-it,, «c 188 OF TRAINS. iKomeutl t Satnrday ax. itondoy ciocptod, | Ar- 'WESTERN RAILROADS foot of ■ornnqf itadUm, Leave* Mall Ma main and air lino) Day Express Jackson Accommodation Atlantic Express...... Night Kxpross... imoiakafolib via rmu road. Wan Night Kinross, OIUND RAPIDS ilto PBMXWATKR. Morning Kipress..,,. Night Kinr055........ • BsMa m. • KtUp. m, •0:iw». m . • 8:00 p, m. 4 0;3op. m. (Io:30a. u. i 8:lBp. m. 4 8:00 a. m. t*9:oop.m. rtdOaia. *ft:Boa. tn. *B:4sp. m. TOilOp. m. *6^o*lo. P,ooa;tn. B:oop.mjf {9;lQp. m. *fl:00a. tn. HENRY 0. WKNTWORTH, General Passenger Agent. 1 CHICAGO & ALTON RAIWOAD. Chicago, Alton A .9, Louie Through Lin*, and LouUinna IJIb.) nsm ehortroute/rom OMeagoto Kamae Cilu, ■ Union J)*pol, Weet suit, near .Vadittm-el. bridge," U fit. Louis A Springfield Kipress. via Main Uno.;.. Kansas OUT Past, Express, via . Jacksonville, 111., and Loulsl “Wonons, Lsoon/ .press (Western Division.).,.... Jollot A Dwight Aconmo’clatlon. fit. Louts A Springfield Lightning Kinross, TlaMalu Line, and also , rta Jacksonville Division....... Kansas City Express, via Jack* sonriilo, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jefferson Oily Uipross. Peoria, Kookuk A linrl'n f1x..,.. * 9ilsa. m. •9 ils a. tn. * <>|op* m. * 4 tin p, m. 59:00 p. mi 59:00 p. m. fl0;OO p. m. * 9 .•00 r. m, Hpally, via Main Line, and.dal Jacksonville Dlrlslon, It Dally, a except Monday, via Jacksonville ] Hr nxoepc Saturday, rig ▼fa Main Line, and dally 1 Division. > CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & S Vhion'Depot. corner Madhan and 63 South Ciark-tl,, opposite Sh if. PAUL RAILWAY. Canat-tU.f liefe*l OJfaf an House, and at DipoQ rmii Leave, Arrive, , Milwaukee. St. Paul A Jllnnoap- i nil.Dm Kjpmu .... •»30«. m. tßito«. m.' Milwaukee A Prairie da Ohloa MallandExpreis..,.*6;OOd. m. *U:OOa. m* Mllwaukeo, Bf, Paul A Sfiniosp. V * ollaNight Ksprose tP;3Op. ta. *9:lßp. m. X>*po[»~Foot qf Lale-et., Indiana*!!/., and fHiUenth-el,,' and Canal and ■S(xieeniA*f(e, TieftH office* in Jtrioad lloute, ffo, 69 Vlark-tl, , end q< depute. i Leave, Arrive, , Man.....,..,. Mj4Ba, m. *4.16 p. mf Ottawa and Htrentor Passenger.. 7H5 a. m. flKMp.m. Dubuque and Sioux Glty Exp.... • ojlQa. ra. • SjlSp. S3 Paclllo Fast Line..... *l0:00a. m. •8:15p.m: GaJesburgPaisonnor • Sslsp. m. • BrfMp. mi Mondola A Ottawa Passenger.,, • 4;20p. tn, • 9:65 a. m, , Aurora Passenger • 1:43 p. m. • B:l6a. m. Aurora Pa55enger........... *6;3op. m. **Asa, ra. ' Aurora Passenger JSunday) I.OOp. m. 9:65 a. mi Dubuquo A Blout City Exp +9:00 p. m. 1 7:00 a. ta! Faolilo Night Expros p. m. I 8:00 a. m 3 Downer’s Orore Aooonimodatlon *11:00 a. m. • 5 :R0 p. m. Downer’s Ororo Accommodation * 6:15 p. m. * 7:18 a. tn. ILLINOIS CENTRAL KAILROAO. Depot foot qf La If eat. andfootq/ Txcenty-eteondat. Ticket? . Offices, 121 Lnndolphaf., n tar Clark, and 75 Oanot-si,, comer of .Vuclisun, Leave, Arrive. fit. Louis Ezprcig, * 8:26 a. m. * 8:S0p. to. Bt. Louis Fast Lino + 8:l6p. m. • 7:65 a. m. CaroMall. * 8:26 a. m. • 4:46 p. m. Cairo Express.. tß:l6p. m. • 7:66 a. m. BprlagiloldGsprofs..... • 8:26 a, m. * 4:46 p. m. Springfield Express f 8:16 p. m. * 7:65 a. m. Dubuque A Sioux City Ex........ • 9:15 a. m. • 2:00p, m. Dubuque 4,SiouxOlty ttx f 9:00 p. m. 1 7:00 a. m. Effingham Paasougor * p : isp. m. * 8:20 p. a. - Kankakee Passenger,..,. Mli)op. m. •9doa.m. Hide Park and Oak W00d5....... ■ 8:10 a. m. • 9:45 a. m. HydePnrkand Oak Woods • 7:10 a. m. * 7:lla. m. Hyde Park and Onk Woods I 9:00 a. ra. * 8:40 a.m. Hyde Park and Oak Woods |U:lOp. ra. * 9:30 a. ra. Hyde Park and Oak Woods 1 3;00p. m. 110:80 a. m. Hyda Park and Oak W00d5....... * 4:3 Up. ra. 4 l;45o. rat Hyde Parkand Oak W00d5....... *6:l6n. ra. * 6:20 p.m. Hyda Park and Oak Woods., • 0:10 p. ra. * 0:55 p. ra. Hydo Park and Oak Woods *ll:10p. m. * 7:40 p. ra. CHICAGO ft NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, comer Jlandofph and LaSalle-tU, and 81 TTeel iladl/on-tt. Leave, Arrive, PaelAeFastlAne;.,.-. *10:16 a. ra. * 3:16 p. ra. Dubuque Day Kx. vla Clinton..,, 10:IQa, ra, 3:15 p.m. Pacltlo Nlpht Express tlOHSp.m. 16:30 a.m. Dubuque Night Er. ria Clinton,. 10:45 p.jn. 6:30 a. ra. Freeport A Dubuquo Express * 9:15 a. ra. * 3:00 p.m. Freeport A Dubuque Express * B:13p. m. * 7:00 a.m. Milwaukee Mail * 8:00 a. ra. *10:16 a. m. Milwaukee Express * 0:30 a. m. * 4:00 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger,,,,... * 6K)Op. ra. * 7:40 p. m. Milwaukee Passenger (da11y).,... 911:00 p. m. 9 6:00 a. nu Orton CayExpresa 9:4oa.ra. * 7:oop.ra. St. Paul Express *10:10 a.m.* Marquette Express *9: oop, m. * 6:60 A. m. St. Pau1Expr058......... t9:3Up. m. 16:20 a. m. CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, (omer of JlarrUon and Sherman-eU, Ticket oStoo.' 83 )('«( MadUon~it, . Omaha.LMVAnw'iiiAAtohlflonßx *10:16 a. m. * 8:45 p. m. Poru Accommodation.,;, * 6:00 p. m. * 9:30 a. m. NightErpras*.., tlfliOOp.m. 1 7:t»o. m. Leavenworth A Atchison Express tlu :00 p.m. t 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD." JDfpot, «orn«r Harriton end Shrrman-tU. 21 ektl ofltti, nortnuut cornir Clark and Randolph*!*,, and taulMetM comer Canal and Maditon-sU. Express Accom. via Main Liao.. Moll, via Air Line and Mainline * Special Now York Express, via Air Lino * 9:ooft. m. * 8:OOp. m. Atlantia Express, via Air line.. B:15p, m. 8:00 a.m. Nluht Express, via Wain Lino.... VlhOOp.m. *19 :30 a. m. SmhartAocommodatlon,.... • BHOp. m. * 9:M>a. ra. South Chicago Accommodation.. 13:QQm, I=6o p.m. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Paeeenger Depot at P;, C, tfi St, Louie Depot, comer of Ca nal anti JCin»U-»t*. Freight and TitJcet office 168 T Yaehlngdon-ei. • 7:40 a. ro. • l:40p. m. * 7 too p. m. t 7:30 a. ro. Mall Evansville A Terre Haute Bx. PITTSBURGH. FORi WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. ...... • 9:00 a. ro. 1 1 * 4:66 a. ro. 4 * S:4op. m. * Day Express.... Pacific Express Fast Line... Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPENTOHOBELLE.) _ . „ Dipot corner HaUteil and yorlh Jirttnch'iU, General office 16 Metrojiplitan Dlock, corner Randolph and LaSalle-ele. Boaello Acc0mm0dati0n........... 6:00 p.m. 9:10 a.m. Silver Park Accommodation.. 6:16 a.m. 10:51 a.m. Bivor Park Accommodation 8:30 p.m. Tdllp.a. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE , , ■ , From the Great Central Railroad Depot, foot V Lake-eU Tor through ticket! and eleeplng-ear berthi apply at our liete JfeJhS Office, 131 Randulph-it., near comer Clark: 7a Canal-el,, corner ifadieon 9o comer R’aio. inglon { aleo Toot of Trcenty-iecond-et, Leave Chicago * 9:f*o». tn. 5 8:45 p. m. Arrive at Indianapolis * 6do p. m. I 5,00 a. m. Atrireat Cincinnati *10:30 p. m. UObOa. m. Trains arrive at Chicago at 9:07 a. ni.. 8:35 a. ra., and 7:40 p. m. Only Uno running Saturday night train to In dianapolis and Cincinnati. South Knd nassoDßoni can got baggage chocked and take train at Twanty-socond-st. Dooot. ~ MISCELLANEOUS. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Providence, 11-1., Builder of the HARRIS-GORLISS ENGINE, With Uarrla’ Patented Improvements. Send for Oixom BARLOW’S INDIGO BLUE Ts tne aheapeat and best article in the market for BLUB' ING OLOTUBB. - The goaulnehae both Barlow’s and Wlllbergar’a names on tho label, and la putupat Wlltbergor’s Drug btoro, ****** CTr*ForaalobrOroceriandPnurgUta.__ - MEDICAL CARDS. BE. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 464 fitale-st., Obicajro, It is well known by all readers of the papers, that Dr» O. Utoelow Is tlie oldest established physician In Chicago, Scleuce and experience have made Dr. u, the most re. nowuod SPECIALIST of the age. honored by tho prose, estoomed of the highest medical attainments by all the modloaUnstjtutosof the day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OP UIS LIFE in perfecting remedies that will euro positively all cases of OURONIO AND SPECIAL DISRAHItS In both saxes. _ CONFIDENTIAL. Address all letters, wlthstanips, M Dr. O. bIGELOW, No. 461 Bt*te-st> NOPATtI Dr. Kean, 860 South Clnrk-st., Chicago, May bo oonlldontlally consulted, personally or by mail* (too of charge, on all ehronlo or aorvuus diseases. DU. J. KEAN is the only physluian in the oltywhowar* nuts cures or no pay. Green Hook sent for 60 cents. Illustrated with numer ous boo engravings. 183 SOUTH OLARK-ST,, Continues to cure all Chronic, Nervous. and Urinary Discuses of both sexes, and, may bo confidentially con. °,^ by “»■«» */«« of charge. Female dltUcullloa treated with safety and success. Ill* Medical Treatlao to ladles and gcutlemuu sent fro.a. BR. 3T O KTES, OonfidontlalPbyßlolan,, Chicago, 111. (A regulhr graduate In piodlclns) cures all chronic and Spaotal Uueatua, o( both sexes, at reasonable prices. Medlelnesfurnuhed. Notneroutyuisd. Consultation fres. usnonally or by mall. Cutes guaranteed. Female diseased treated with success. Circularsfree, PBESORIPTIOBT PEEK For the speedy cure of Nervous Debility, Early P«o*- 4 and the whole tralu of gloomy attendants. Lobs or Alem'i. ra. Kuergy. Ao. AnyJroggliifc has tho Ingredients. AX’* l-drauDU. UILTONAOO.i OlnalnuaU. Ohio. Afrits, .Leave, Arrive. • «:10 p. * AtlO p. mj * l:10p, mJ *9:<o&.nw' UTjfWa. mi P? :S0 a. m? * 8 ilO p. M 1 Arrive, Leave, Leave, Arrive, 2:30 a. m. 6:40 a. m. * 6:66 p. m. 9:00 p. m. Arrive, Leave, Arrive. Leave. ; 7:30 p. m. i GJOa. m. r*8;00a. m. ' 6:10 u, m. 1 8:60 a. nu Leave, Arrive,

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