Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 3, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 3, 1873 Page 7
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w.. ■' CITY REAIi ESTATE. sm.k-dy iiimnr p. oKonaiiTTiKArTiS mV 1 ?5 1 °'* rk- " t1 ' OPJW.Ro UOUn*I[UUIOt i lOOfunt, oomorTfilrlj.ntmtit. ITO foot, Indlana-ar., oornopThlrtloth-it. i irofooVKrans-ar., corno* Fortf-thlrdst. • - Tbjrtj Bovomh.Bt., noarWahath-aT. . . , liorraioiiUiotiuiclniisrllHibton. 1 i ' Oblc>iir>-M. .nil P^rb-bonlovard. in US™! m *'™ t Nortliwoitom nhopi. 39 “JM If •••wthiiim, tor mbilKl.lon. ■ SOT'" 1 A«lo. on loir ,« t „„. Pino liomo ,t Hjiln Parkj ocroproportytaVon. F). n BAUt-pXrO RUTLAND MAUI)LK.FI!ONT dwellings, 10 rooms and oioiatii, all modern Improve* Su?**' * <m ““ ron at> d I’aallna, 813,000; tormacaay; 26 ( 3-ltojtfahdbasementbrloh dwelling. Honoro-at,, 1M ft. from Adams, oast front, octagon, 10 rooms, with barn, air tiawi desirable neighborhood; eomplofo In all Of its op. polnlmonts | $0,600, 80zl£5; host bargain on market. House and lot west of Jaoksnn, south of Tbroop-st. • two- > •ton frame, Srooms, 26x130, 96,600. Jloußo and lot Lakdst,, corner Sangamon, IS rooms, lot l 60x126,.813,000{ longtime. “* ' i wabash-av. and Twonty-nlnlh*st., 3-story dwelling. ,Darn,-summorhoiuej JotaatfxlM; 812I0PO. ■ «T. w. HEDENniIIIO, WEastMadlaon-at., Uoom4. LOTS ON KQAN-AV., CORNER 36 loot on Langley-av., between Forty-second and cnrty-llitrd-sts. ....... ... Fmy.BovoSlhHt?s lcJrabark * a ’*r botwoon Flfty-sixUi and rmy%uruCa“? InJl,lria &T -' botwcon Fifty-third and Nt&lto 0a «? i l *lTS*' oa MlcT»U'ah*aT.,' with first-class hoiiao, • •,'wlth 3-aU»ry framo homo, nn L'mitth-av., bo twoon Harrison and Polk-sta. • * WING A PARLtN. - ■ 86 Bast Washlngton-st., Room 4. IP OR SALE—IO -LOTS ON WESTERN-AY., NEAR ' lAOghtcn-Bt. . 1 20 lota on Langhton-st., near Woslora-av. . l?J o **, on Alarapboll-Bt., noarMooro. - ■ . , ho above lots ore near AlcOonnlck's Reaper Factory, and will bo sold on easy payments. ' „ „ f WING A FARLIN, 65-Bast Washlngton-st., Room 4. iron RALE-ELEGANT 'MARBLE HOUSES ON X 1 Michigan, Prairie, Wabash, Indlana-avs., and Van Xinron-st. Cottage on Pralrlo-av., only SI,OOO down. ' ‘ Iramo house on Twonty-olgnth-at., botwoon Wabash hr. and Stato-it.; cheap. - Store and house, 409 Wontworth-av., 93,600t only S6OO flown. 1 ■ 8. MBARR, owner, 200 Lnoallo-at. For BALE-flia feet on park-av,, west of railroad, south front; non-reddont owner; wants money. 66 foot on Harrlsnn-st., near Oaklny to oxobnngo for house and lot. S. W. KROFF. M 5 LaSallo-st., Room 14. . . FORBALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, 9-STORY aud buoraont homo. 1 rooms, with Rood lot. Langloy •t., corner Forty-aoconil-sts., near steam and street cars, 83.600. LINQLE 4 DARLQW, 125 Doarhom-st. ORSALK-THREBa-STOHY BRICK BUILDINGS on tho southwest corner of Mlchlgan-av. and Msdlson ■t. Will soil tho buildings at a fair price and give a two or throo years’ lease of tho lot. J. RSAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commeaco. « . . > For sale-oheap lots for homer or in. . vestment, on Halited, Murray, Union, Dcsplalnos, and Wallace s!*. High property, full-alr.ed lots, ouo block from Pavilion Parkway, easily accessible from tho city by rail, bat a short walk from tbo Stock-Yards. Those lots are located where thoy will rapidly advance In value, and are offered at prices eo low and on tonus so favorable that tho poorest have no osoose In not Investing. Price, $375 to S6OO, on five years’ time, or in email monthly payment*. Printed abstract* furnished. Apply to P. If. PUTNAM, Transit House, Stock-Yards, or POTWIN 4 OOUUY, UP Frank! In-st. • * For sale-two lots near central park, 8760 each; adjoining lots have sold for $1,000; a bar gain. 47M feet corner webash-av. and Forty-olghth-at.' PHINNEY A LOMBARD. 163 LaSalle-SL FOR SALE—s6,ooo—sl,ooo .DOWN, 12-ROOM NEW homo and lot, modern Improvement*, 771 Wosb Van Iluren-st. T. B. BOYD, 180 WoatWashlngton-st. FOR BALE-8400-WB HAVE CHOICE LOTS BUT 8 mlloi from tho Oourt-Houae, near Mllwankoe-av., for 8400, other parties charge «600 for them. A.G.BTOREY « SON, 1-15 South Clark-at., Room 8, and 237 MUwaa* keo-av. jBOR SALK-6 OR 10 YEARS’ TIME. AT 8 PER CENT L’ _ Interest—kino Boulovard and Hydo Bark property. IQSIAU il. BIB3ELL, owner, 45Bryan Block. FOR SALE—9S FT. ON VANBURRN-ST., EAST OP Horne, much loss than market value. MEAD A <JQK, 163 LaSollo-at. i |BOR SALE-NE W BRICK HOUSE ON VAN BURBN *- st., eantof Robey; haaall the modern improvornonta: can bo had at a bargain. MEAD A COB, 163 LaSalio-at. TK)R SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING JUstreetat SUte, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Onri baldl, Ilannrer, Bntler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray, and Halstod; alio on W«ntwortb,.ShurtlglT, Portland and Stewart-avs; also on Aloxandor, - Twenty-fourth. Twenty-sixth, Twenty-sorenth, Twonty-elghth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth. Earl, Thirtieth, Haven. Thltty-firaCThlr ty-socond. Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth. Thirty-sixth, Thirty wysnth, Fontaine, and Thlrty-olghth-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, five year’s time, 0 per cent Interest. No agency business. Apply to Owner, ALBERT CRANE, 379 Wabaab-av, FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN, LOTS ON WESTERN av„, and Oaropboll-av.; parties ™°ney required down. Innulro of GEORGE CAD WELL, on promises, or 135 South Clark it., in bank. OR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ON MONTH- Iy payments, 3 now houses corner of Taylor-st. and Uampbell-ar.; fl.rooms each. Inquire of GKO. CAD WELL, on premises, or 135 South Clark-st.. In bank. FOR SALE—LINCOLN PARK-LOTS FRONTING FUllorton-av.. R*clne-av.. Fromont-at., and Webster- Kit. # neighborhood of Llaoolu Park; atroot railway wltbtn a fqw blooks: cheap lota and on very oa*y terms. D. KERFOOT 4 CO., 90 East Washing- inOR SALE-DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS OS 1 Lake, Washington. Fulton, Klntio, md other itroota opposite tho now Northwestern Car-SUopa, wost of Con* Cnl Park. Tho Lend Company ato going to build, In Jane, Uflocn cottage*. end will bo finished to suit If par- Mosspnlynow. .1. D. HARVEY, Agent West Chicago |iandCo., 171 La Sallo-it. O?0R SALE—FORREST*AV.—6O FEET FRONT ON X . Forrcit-ar.,ncnr Thlrty-socond-st. Will poll with- Mooroo and LaSallo-ats. 3POR SALE-HOUSE NO. 114 FOURTH-AV., AND X' 101, 25x100. SNYDER 4 LEE. 14 Nixon Building, giorthoaat corner Montoo and LaSallo-sts. hjtpß- SALE— FOUR NEW BUIOK 2-STORY AND JL 1 tmiome nt bouses, octagon fronts, first-class through out, Wood, $12.84)0 and $10,600. Inquire •at 0-ta West Adams-at., or at 2$ North Jotferson-at. BTOR SALR-WKST TWJiLFrH-Sf. _WII HAVE ft, Jjim made a Subdivision of tho Block bounded by .Wpai Twelfth, Sampson, Robey, and lloyno-st., and wo pro prorated to soil lots on olthor of those streets cheap, on easy terms. Twelfth-*;, or boulevard is 160 feet wido, hod Is finely macadamized. Parties purchasing lota on It now can bo auro of realizing a handsomo profit from their Investment. Apply to 11. D. KERFOOT 4 00., HJ East iWosblngUm-st. ■ • - • FOR SALE-LOTS NEAR O. 4 N. W. R. R. OAR Works, Insldo city limits, uatlljune 7, 1878, at $650 each. 8. \V. KUOtT, 145 LaSalle-st., Room H. FORSALK-A BUILDING ON AROHEU-AV., 22x GO, opposite packing houses, elevator, plow factory, snddooka. A good stand for a roan that ananratands tho liquor business. -Would take a partner with SI,OOO or $3.000. .Inquireat 147 Msln-at. . , FOR SALE—LOTS IN THE BLOCK FRONTING Shnrtlnft-av.. Budrtaa and.Thlrty-first-sta: only slow toft. tfilllD; L. frAKB ,t Uo-. M Wiiliteßtim'.t. CTOE SALB-10 ACRES l-HONTING IIUMIIOI.DT L 1 Park Boulovard. with frontage on 2 good llrst-Class sroaa slreots. Only $3,000 por aero: will rotall for 100 por loot profit. FRED. L. FAKE 4 cb.. 88Waahlngton-at, I?OR SALE—THE VERY CHOICE FIVE ACRES L 1 fronting Wabash-av., Stato-at., and I'lfly-llfth-st. ooniovard; hae a frontage of 843 foot on boulovard and *OO foot on oacb of tho otbor streets. Will bo sold on easy toms. nurosldo-st,, 88x123 foot, noar Forty-fourth-st.; will bo told nn long time. Wabash-av. and Stato-at., 60 foot each front, between Forty-fifth and Forty-slxth-ats. Mlchlganrav., noarThlrty-slxth-st., Mfoot, oast fronts 8165 par foot. ' Wabash-av., near comer Thlrty-olghth-at., 60 foot, oast Iront; SIOO por foot. North Doarbom-st., 100x185 foot, In choice location. Wabash-av.. 235 foot, southeast corner Thlrly-fonrth- Jt., sl6oporfoot. FRED L. FAKE 4 CO., ' ■ 88 WqsUlngton-at. jmORSALB-lOOxICI FEET, NORTHWEST CORNER V . Franklin and Huren-sis. HNYDEU A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSallo-sts. For salb-io acres fronting humroldt Park Boulovard, noarPalmor-plaon; will subdivide irtvanUßOously aud pay largo prollla. FRED. L. FAKE 4 CO., b8 Wnshlngton-st. FOR SALK-TUlfi CHEAPEST LOTS ON THE WEST i Sldo-8 lots on Adams st.; 3 lots on Jsckson-et., near do \ vn * balance 1. 2. and Byears. AL FRED JAMbfl, southwest corner Madison and Clark-sts; XT'OR BALE-ON EASY SIONTHLY PAYMENTS,* X; choice cottage and largo lot, Snoond-st., between Lincoln and Roboy. . S. T. KINO, 70 La Sallo-st., Ito 3 P- ID. fpOU SALE-400 FEET CORNER VINCENNES AND *• ? block of marblo fronts. F. A. DuAQQ 4 00., HO Dosborn-st. For sale-lots in block corner thirty ninth ami Wontwortb-av., long time, no money ro 3olpb d BL° Wnin “ Pr ° VOd ’ J * °* oJ'AHR, M ‘WoBtXCan- fJHOR ‘SALE-FOR 82,200 ON MONTHLY PAY- X meats, 000 o( tho neatest cottages In Chicago, on » u• , b , olwe Sl Tbirtlotli and Thlrty-drst-st. O. J. ADAMS, Room 16 Upan Block. Tf?OIl SALE—DURXEL-AV., NEAR FOUTY-FlUST barn, lot 50x190. BNY DERALUE, 14 Nixon's Building, northeast corner Mon yon and La Halle-at*. THOR SALE-10 ACRES IN 8, K. H REO. 20. 40. 14, X 1 fronting on the Qroen Bay road. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and Lu 6alle-sts. ... IPOR SALK—AT A GREAT BARGAIN-TWO FIVE ■ acre blocks at the corner of Twollth-st. and Wca ftem-av. Inquire at 185 South Olark-st-, In hank. TTCIR SALE—IIIOUIGAN-AV., BETWEEN TWBN- X* 'ty-nlnth and Tlilrtioth-sta.. throo-story and baso mentoolscon slono-front lioubo, 14 rooms, Unfilled In tho best stylo. SNYDER ALEE, 14 Nixon Building, north east comer Monroe and La Swllo-sts, FOR HALE—EXCHANGE, OR RENT—PARTLY furnished 6-room cottage, 211 Campbell-av.: lot Wx 126. by ownor, J. 11. I-TELI). 40 West Lnkn-st. REAL ESTATE WANTED. TXTANTED-I HAVE QUITE A NUMBER OP CUB TT tomors wanting vacant lota In tho oily, on tho South Blue; alio lots and aero property south of oily. Onoeua lomor wants Bor 10 acres In tho vicinity of South Side parks. 1 iIOMABA. HILL, 123 Do&rborn-st. ■nTAHTUD-tO VKBT FBONT SOUTH OF BIHF.-HT.. 0 f ° r oani " kij > WANTED - OWNICRff oP- HOURES AND IOTB, also vacant lot*, wishing to mil. and willlne lo hi tholP price at what they would consider a fair Hguro to glvo If buying, will do well to call and loavo tbo samo with ns. - Wo have the[cash awaiting auoh Invoitmente. Q,‘jHORN A HKILLMAN, 128Boutli ulnrk-xt. TO LEASE. TO LEABE—LOTS ON NOBLE—IO VKAK9-$ | PER foot. On State, no«r Boulevard, $2. On Htuwart nv., noar Rook; Island shops, $3. J. M. STEWART. 803 West Indiana. * rrio LEASE—DOOIC „AT “BniDOKroUT (GREAT I. Eastern). Apply to E. BRAINAUD, Room 29 Bryan Block. mo LEASE—FOR A TERM OP YEARS, CHEAP J- lots on Robny-st.. near Chloago-ar. Rom very lovr. LLXUiA HOLMES. 173 Mfldiiou-it. WMAiCT .1 ,l, . w ?3? ko r .Railway,■ sir miles distant, atul twonly! mlnutss’rldo. In Ollbourn’s Addition to Ravonswond. i Thp*» lota are laid opt 60*163 foot on 80 loot stroots, end Will bo-sold upon csay to rms,- at from S6OO to S7OO nor Tot. , flip J»pUUIM foe aoopis to and from the eily-the detlr-! Ability of tlio Isnd-ltbolng lilirlt And thoroughly drained —the proximity to llrst>o]slis Improvements, cnurohoi, 1 «onools,and sonloty, command till* propertyastba-boat at the price now In tho marSbt; ■■ • .iI t V? p n rl, ?f l ‘i l ‘»”opK0d I ' Tho attention of Iho lAdus lrtou«~tho Hirlfty-tho oauMoua-ls called to those lots aa altos forliomosinndu or inveatmonls. v Call, for a printed abstrsot and plot, nnon i F 1& L ° Ta BKTWEBN CENTRAL; jf r. r „'iisr.R T "«a"io r i , iv a . 0 0 n nt!a t ! fegnMagi. wMtaa?” ims - \ ' Tpo? ,BAM_OHOIOn r.OTfl IN KVBUY PART OP x Jtng owood, choapi and on easy (onus; &l dallypns-j yggt at thla beautiful suburb. HULUUHD; WOU SALK—AT ENGLEWOOD. CHOICE PROPER* f Ip, l{m grovo adjoining tho beautiful grounds of John Haber at Hfty-ninlhat., convenient to all Iho I’rlcoa cannot fail to suit. UULUURD ft 00., 809 laoalliHiti. ■CIOR BALE-AT ENGLEWOOD. $660 WILL BUY ■A- » neat and now cottage amidol.- Nothing more ro* qulred but a rent of $26 per month until paid for. A rare phwcpi-fpr-» man of moderate moans. lIULBDRD ft CO., 208 LaSaHosU IPOR SALK—AT ENOLUWOOD, 20 ACRES ON . llalatniMt. s a hlg ohanco to auudlvldo; very liberal terms. HULUURUACO., 208 La.Sallfl-st. 1?0R SALE—WARABII-AV., EAST FRONT, ALL A- Store, 185x181), near Bizty.soooad.sU, at Englewood. ThorolsnolliliiglinoronthsHauth Sido for nn luvnst montoraresldimcs. Tho macadamizing with broken stoup this fashionable avenue from Thlrly-ninth-at. to J-.nglowood Is creating a wlde-sproad inquiry for desirable lots. Title absolutely perfect. Abitraot (umlßhod, Thir ty minutes bv atoam cant to and from this growing sub urb ;; M dolly passenger trains. OommulaUon, 2ts per year. HUmUlil) A CO., 208 LaSalle «t. * * CIOR RALE-NORWOOD PAUK-AOHES, lILUCKH; X 1 or lots at low prices, or will exchange for city orcoun* try property R. K. WELLS, 183 IpOR RALE-LOTS 60X160, OHOIOE FOR RBBL donco purposes; surely profitable ns an Investment. Average price, SIOO por lot. Handy to oars.' aohools. oburobos, and markets. Only 60 minutes’ rldo. Call for free tickets to boo thla property. KUAIUNU O. STILES, Agent, 90Mndlaon-at. t Rooms 6 and 7. THOR SALE-LOTS AT MAPLEWOOD, ONLY 4 X l . Dillw from .the Oourt-lfouao i commutation faro, 6)4 contsvlarge frontago on Humboldt boulevard, FullortonT and Wcstom-avß.; sidewalks have boon laid, and trees sst out over tho ontlro property; artesian well superior to any other in this vlolnity, flowing at rate of 860 gallons {or minutei of puro water, equal in ovory rospoottolhatof 'A*? Michigan. Parties looking lor homos would do well Prleo of lot* from 8100 to $00), WING ft FARLIN, 85 East Washington. ■t., lloom t. ; FOIT SALR-83,E00 WILL BUY A FINE BRICK honio, good barn, and one aero of land, all kinds of cnqlopfruit; aliadotroes, Ao>; noardopot: good Reboots GO rolmjtas* rldo from Chicago. Inquire of WIUPPLB 4 CLARKSON, 183 Boutb Clark-st. EOR SALU—SEVERAL OUOIOR ACRE TRACTS • wost of city llmlU; In town of Clcoro; Tory cheap. uiiO. V. BYRD, 165 Laßallo-at., Room It, . ; TmORSALB-M ACRES BEAUTIFUL LAND IN TUB JL 1 northwest H of. Section 86, 80, U. This tract haaa frontage of a Quarter of a mile on Sooth Ohloago-av.. and the same on Bovonty-nlnth-at. It lies between tho two mmdly-growing towns of Cornell and South Chicago, and is but a short distance from Stony Island Uonlornrd. which Is macadamised to beyond this point. Tho P. A Ft. W. and M. B. 11. R. pass near this laud. Terras of salo ,or OR BALK-I WILL OFFER. AT A BARGAIN, 15 houses and cottagos of from 6 to 10 rooms, in Evans* wn. North Evanston, and Glonooo, at lowot figures than any party can sell for who does not deal exclusively In his own property; you that want-houses eomo direct to me and save the commission; one-fifth down and balanoola monthly or yoorlypaymonU will buy a homo; lots In any *h«Ji O J , i , K£f.P5. m a‘l 4t wholoß *L° 5 lombor furnished those who will build: none need apply who have not a lit- O. IS. IlftoWNE, .Grovers Block, Evanston, orloßMoaroo-st., Room 9. t?OR SALE-AT PARKSIDR, ON ILLINOIS CUN* i'll' t «* |,c “d.BwnM from Oottrt-House, aa minutes’ rido. lots on Madison and Llndon-ars.; within ono block f‘„ do P°L Tree*have boco planted, strooUgredod. SU toon trains dally furolsh pasy access to and fromltho city. This property Is within 8 blocks of tho South Part. Price bo told on easy pay-* RooraL W - *^ A^U,IN ’ 86 Kflßt w ";, 4 OR BALE—I26XI66, CORNER FORTY-EIGHTH st. and Konwood-pourts 160 foot on Konwood-court, oDiwoon Forty-sovsnth and Forty-elgbtb-sta. Will bo sold on easy naymonts. Tho above prqporty Is within 9 blocks of Kenwood depot. WING A PABLIN, 35 East Wasblngton-st., Boom 4. • . . t?OR SALE—MARTHA'S .VINEYARD OOTTAGE. X’ near Central Park station; eight pleasant rooms, good bam, 48 feotfronting boulevard. Free ride to tho prop erty.. OLAFUN BROS. AOO., 181 - ■ F3R SALE-GOOD LOTS. AT $l5O TO S2OO RAOIL near depot, at NonroodPark; terms. 815 down, aud {?6 a month afterward. WILSON, PEIROE 4 CO.. Room 6, No. 189 Clark-st. -;• * OR SALE-AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NEAR two denote, by tbo block: average stxo of lots, 25x160 feet, at 8110 per lot, cash, balance lal, 2, andfiyoars, at 7 per cent. Interest. Tho best property for Investment lu Cook County. Free tickets to soo tola property. 11. F. CLARKE 4 CO., Room 4, 123 La Sallo-st. For sale-central park-lots pacing Washington, Lake, Madison. ■ Monroe, Adams, Jack son, and Park, Warron. and California, a vs., between Wostora-av. and Central Park, at from 0Q oaa T tonns. Apply to WM. D, KERFOOT 4 CO., 9U East Wasblngton-st. FOR BALE—S2SO TO Saw-Ax ST, CLOUD. 25 FEET higher than tho lake, near Humboldt Park, 90 min utea’ ride from Madlson-at. bridge; lota at aero prices; terras easy; all trains on both roads stop at St. Cloud: commutation very low. WILLIAM PRICK, 133 Madison st.; H. F. COY 4 CO.. IC3 Washlngton-at- T?OR BALE-AT HIGHLAND PARK. ON EASY A term*, choice plaoo; brick residence, and all modem Impromroontaj largo grounds. bam, carriage-house, oto. B. T. KING, 70 La Hallo-at-i 1 to a p. in. IFOR SALE-LAKE VIEW-FOUR CORNER LOTS. X' each 63 foot, fronting south, convenient to homo cars: largo shade troos; ilnt-cinH* Improvement* adjoining: SCO £or footj tonus. WM. O. KRIKQUu, Room 4 For BALK-on rent, at oak park, small cottage, nearly furnished, well and cistern, an aero of ground, and choice fruit troos. $25 per month. • In quire at 1166 Indlana-av. EOR BAJ.E—LOTS IN EVANSTON, 33 FT. FRONT by 150 deep, which front ou wido aronucs which nro lined with shade trees, for $300; tonne $lO monthly pay moots, or if cash, balance 1, 3; and 3 years. Those lots are within & blocks of depot, achool, etoro, and market. Como andseo tho improvement* and Inducements lam oPoring. ROBERT COMMONS. 143 LaSallo-at. TTIOR SALE—I 6 JAORKS, FIFTY-NINTII-ST.. AT X l . $1,600 nor aero. s4,o()ocaaU, $3,000 ovnty six months. Inquire of B. B. OHOOkKR. »lh West TIOR SALE OR RENT—IN WINNETKA, A BEAU -4v house and ground, with bam. Prico, ?vlnDotk?° Nt at tenna.-.oaay,.; U. M. GRAVES) TpOR.SALE—AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE, 160 i X *l 3 ' near depot, Irving Park, water, sidewalks, 40.: will rlto special bargains; mnkoan ollor. A 15025 acres well located at Washington Height*, nn easy toms. Of fice to rentoboap. LINO 4 HOLMES, 178 Madlaon-st. For salk-at rav ens wo od-^a~desirable dwelling-house of 6 rooms, good brick collar, fumaco, bard and soft water. Lot 143x163 foot, ornamented with fruit and shade tree*. Apply to ROBERT GREER, &1 Laßallo-at., Room 3. . r|R SALE—AT NORWOOD PARK, ONE OF THE boat blocks on tho ridge, noar tho duoot: a bargain. F. M. FOX, 160 LaSallo-et, iloom D. - * - 8 ‘ FOR SALE-COTTAGE OF THREE ROOMS, AND uvo acres improved land; small orchard, fow largo forest tree*, ono-balfmilo from depot, at Hobart, on Ft. Wayno Railroad, £1 miles from Chicago. , Price, $535: .filUlCAsh; balancosl2 por month. OtUcedars, Wodncs- Friday, and Monday.. Room 8, 163 Monroe, noar OR~” BALE-1 WILL OFFER FOR ONE WEEK only a splendid chance to secure a suburban homo onoasytoms. House and lot situated five blocks from Evanston depot; lot 65x160. now house, S sforios, with finished basement; 9 rooms, with bath-room and laundry, hot and cold water, sewerage and gat pipes, marblo man tels and grato, stoves ami pipe connected, allnoatly ar ranged, and ready for use. Price, $5,800; SI,OOO cash, balanco on easy terms, or will dlscoout liberally for cash. J. R. FOWLER. Evanston, 111. TTOR SALE-30 COTTAGES AND 8-STORY HOUSES Apply to TILLOT6ON FOR SALE—I ACRES IN SCHOOL SECTION, T. 89, K* J?. noar N. W. Car Sbops un»l Madlson-st., which J will soil very low. on easy tlmo. THOS. A. HILL. 123 Dcarhorn-st. FOR BALE—NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY LOTS AT South Englewood, cheap, fl years' lime. IfyouwlU imlld, no money down. Wo proposo graveling streets, lay. ing sidewalks, and planting troos In front of our properly. Como In andseo plot at our otfico. 206 LaSallo-st. QIL BERT, SUMWALT 4 CALDWELL. * ■CIOR SALE-SEVERAL DESIRABLE BLOCKS X'fronting on Stato-st.. Wabash, Michigan, Indians, Pmlrle, Calumet, and South Park-avs.; oaoli block has 0;S acres, la unincumbered, short tltlo; all tho avonuos arclloo ft wide, except South Park-av., which Is 160 ft wido; land is dry, and cosy of access, located southeast •of KngUwpod and wost of Oonioll. A liberal discount will bo made for all cash. This property la for the first . Uftfat tbe office of HENRY J. GOODRICH, Real Batata Broker, 126 Doarbom-st.. for particulars and price of toms. J?OR RALE-10 ACRUaIN' 8. li. V SKO. 20. 40. U, JL 1 frontlngon tho Qroen Bay Road. SNYDER A LEE! 14 Nixon UulldloiTt northeast corner Alanrao and La. balle-sta. . COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE-COAL LAND AT BRAIDWOOD; 80 acres In Section 12, la Grundy County, In centre of groat coal Held, novr bolng worked. Address MIDDLE TON. P. Q. Box IWS. New York. u TBOR BALK OR EXCHANGE 240 ACRES OP I 1 land In Crawford. Co., lowa. Will oxehamro for lumber or brick. Inquire of 0. MABON A CO., la Car. roll-et. FOR WALK—a LUXURIOUS COUNTRY SEAT IN Michigan, of 1,500 acres, with lake, residences, .foun tains/- mills, etc., luted up for a retired gentleman of for tune and lolbuto. Value, $150,000. A splendid flrat-olasn stock, dairy, and fruit farm of 1,100 acres, near tho above; $06,000. ' Now brick resident'. lo rooms, at Highland Park, $14,000. ilarblo-front rosldonoo, IB rooms, on University-place, (worth $15,000). 913,000. ’ worauy inaoe, Stock and dairy farm of 240 acres near Elgin, II)., Neat dwelling at Highland Park, very low. $4,000. Call from 2 to 4 p. m.. at Room till Tribune Building. IpOR BALE—FARM OP ICO ACRES IN DEKALB ' County, 111., Mralleifrom Chicago; also, 820 acres good grating land, near farm, under good fence. Will bo sold at a great sacrifice If taken soon. Also, eeroo farming Innas in exchange for city property. Address A. K. STILUS, 828 iulton-st., city. Ip OK SALE—A FARM OP 180 ACRES, WITH IM -1 provomonts, InDolovan, TuzowuUCo., 111. Thu land la of the boat nuiility. Tortus of sale very easy. Aunlvta PEUKHAM i iIUOWN, Ileum 42, Reaper Block, corner Clark and Washlngton-sts. MACHINERY. 1)1011 BALK-BU-nOII.SE POWER ENGINE. IN OOM- V ploto order, but little used, ohuan, E, BEACH A CO., lin East Klniia-it. J POB BAIJS-ONK NIIIV IIUUKKYI! EKQINK, BUG. aud-hand portable and stationary engines, and a largo assortment of sooond-hsnd tubular and looumotlvobollon. Chicago Steam Holler Works, 66 and 72 Mlolilgan-st. WANTED-TUBULAK BOILER; ALSO A CON- I' I damned boiler, from Btu 4 foot diameter, and 12 to 20 foot long, with lluos from Bto 4 Inches. Address with prlco. DAVID UOODWILLIE. WOhJo-it. THE, CHICAGO' DAILV TRIBUNE: .itJNE 3,i «?3, BOARDING. i AND LODGING, i 1 6" 12 *Rot(d wtf«i for. gentleman and Jffll&iSSfSg? 7 ,, W ***. •««<«•,"«“S', 26 rf n «?ll^. RK^ RT^TimirlN K s T AOCOMMODA hmim, h ° cl iSi pTory summer oomfortf An elegant nowet toms from s7l accommodations during Jnblloe.; ; 4-4- £ OU 7 11 , MOnOAN-STI, NEAR WASIUJfQTON- 9 01 * futnlaliod nml plo&sant„rooui, drat, clan reasonable torma. • . • ; 1 M sodtji :q r Eli nTst.-n iokly- furnished , ; wlth llrat-cbiaa Oau lako a low day-' HI ?9 U ? !I MOHOAN.BT.~TWO WIiLL FURNISH tooma, flullabio for gentleman and wlfo, or two WJ*?Kotitloinon,' with or without board* house first* Oman; with modem Improvements. i 89 rn°oa^ n^»og- aI -- A ■ r ?«? IB . ,lm> ; mfiOUTII HALSIED-ST.-FURNISHED UOOMH with board andniopf piano; Arst-olasa In orory ro*' 'Biiooi. Sttangprawill llndgood accommodations during tlioJoblloo. Terms reasonable. • : 19Q WEST MADISON-BT. TWO, LIGHT AND airy rooms to rent* with board. Call on sast aldo' ■TQ/L warren.av., corner wood-st—onk, room, south and west light, ■ for tn&rrlod eonplo i alao, rtom f<)t two yomiff gents or young ladles. Table superior. Tonus moderate. • A delightful Sommer homo, i 1 noojia.i J-Ocl wtlli flrst-olasß boawl. ' • .. 1 1 KK.\^ 9 r WABHINGTON.BT.—NIORLY..FUR-I J.U_u2 nl*hod rooms, with board, ‘s7 to- $lO per week v comrami lon vroob ' itanslont,- $9 por day. Ao-| IW“wBTrXi)AMB.BT., NEAR Xi/cl rent, furnlshod front rooms togontlomon, with or without board; alsoflrat-olasadAy-boarolng. • ono soirfii peorxa-st.—pleasant dacki parlor to rent with board; will bo 1 rontod fur-i nlihod or nnfumlshcd; alsoroom forslnglo gontlaman. ] 9Q A BOUTII HALHTEDST. TWO STEADY young men wanting board in a private family, where tboroaro no other boarders, can And a pleasant homo by calling as above.- . Onn WEST JAOKSON BT.—PLEASANT ROOMS, with board. Day boarders aocommodatcd. • ’ QQO WEST WABHINOTON-BT.—ALCOVE SUITE with board; tirat-olass aocommudatlong.' QQft WEST ADAMB-BT.—A ROOM SUITABLE OJU for 9 porsons, nlooly furnUlted, with board. QQ4. FUI/TON-RT.—THOSE WISHING A PLEAS tJUTtjsnt hoanling.placo, ivlth good tablo, at l $6 per week, will und accommodations. ■ Also largo rohm to rent to man and wlfo or two single gents. - OQK WEST. RANDOLPH-ST.-ONR FURNISHED b room with board for JubUoo vrook y also a few day OQ ft WERT RANDOLPH-BT.-LARQE, NICELY (J famished room, snlUblo for> gentleman and wlfo; also a single room, with board.., ■ , • i WEST WAHHINOTON-ST.-TWO ROOMS -£Uu to rent, with board; situation first-class i home comforts. Rooms lornlsbod or ualnmlshod. AftH WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-ONE SUITE OP WU unfurnished rooms, and one slnglo room tojont, wlthboard. ■ ■ ■ . >. 1 MADISON-ST.-THE BISHOP-COURT HOTEL, cIXX located In the very centre of Oldcago, between Union and Jefferson Parks (porfootsems of art), Is newly furnished, rooponod on Jane 1. Tho location as a earn mor resort Is unsurpassed In the West. Tho house la beauty of architecture and comfort as a family hotel is nnequalod la Chicago. Special pains will be taken to make tho table ono of tho first In the city; The house is under now management entirely. Oars and 'bases pass every twomlnutoa. Price, S2.6oporday. M. D.MAGIC Pi A a WEST WASUINOTON-ST. - BOARD AND; t-txtvj room, with large closet, sullablo for gentleman and wife; Modem Improvoroonts. ft AO/WABASH-AV,—FAMILIES ORQENTLEMEN UUOdoalrlng handsome rooms and flrst-olasi board can find the same by applying at 000 Wabosh-av. Reliable patties only deslrod. .■ ; ft OQ WEST ADAMS-ST.,(NEAR UNION PARK— \j£nj One large, elegantly - furnished and one unfur nished suite, with board. Location aud accommodations No. 1. . * . . : TOUNBTONB HOUSE-114 AND 110 WERT MADI- W sqn-sUi everything -flrst-olaas; toms, $9 per day;. table-board, $5 per week. ■ fpWO BLOCKS. BAST OF UNION PARK-HAND , J- some parlor, with bay window, and bod-roora adjoin-, tag,supplied with hot. and cold water, suitable for gen tleman amr wife or lor two or throo single gentlomon. Address D 81. Tribune offioa. South Sldo- AQ HUBBARD-CQURT-NEW BOARDING HOUSE; “O first-elasa board, with room, $4 to 85.50 nor wook. j With use of piano; day board, 84. AfT AND 49 IIUDBARD-COURT FURNISHED' a I - rooms, with or without board. Day boarders no commodatod. i 11QAND180THmD.AV.-A FEW NICELY FUR * Bontlomen and wives and single men; also, first-olass day board. , * QYftWABASH-AV,-0 AN ACCOMMODATE AFEW SiLJirifr olojfant furnished rooms during tho u wook of tho Jnblleo, or longer If wanted. ■ • • • WAnASH-Ay.-A FEW FIIIBT-OLABBTABLB boarder*. Richly furnlshod rooms can be bad If roqulrsq. KftQ WABABH-AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS FOR GEN yyV' tlomonand tbolrwivoa or single gentlomon. Day-, board $5 per wook; Refaronces exouangod. KOn WABASH-AV.—ROOJIS FURNISHED AND’ unfuraUhod, slnglo or on suite; also two front parlors, with board. . KCft WADABH-AV.-ROOMB, WITH BOARD, TO xVU vront; also, bam. . . 7 WABASH-AV.—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED 4 front room for gontlmnnn and wlfo t also room (or gentlemen, with first-class table. Q7Q _WABABH-AV.-FUUNISHED.IROOMB TO O I USront, with boartl. oon INDIANA-AV., NEAR EIGHTEENTH-Sl’. w" A. pleasant furnished mom, with largo closet, bath-room adjoining: also, very largo room,, suitable for 8 or 3 gents, with first-class board. 1 PRIVATE EASTERN ,V family will lot two parlors, furnished or unfur nished ; also an alcove room and ono room for a gontlo man; tahlo a specialty; references exchanged. rjLINTON-COURT HOTEL, 49ft SOUTH DEAR \J bom-st. (Uarnsldo-st.), noar Twenty-ninth—Excel lent table and very low prices. Slnglo rooms, $6 to $7. Fnmtturo now. . . BOAIID WANTED. *nOARD-BY. A YOUNG . GENTLEMAN AND WIFE XJ In a.nylet family .on tbo.Weat Side, a bedroom'with board: West Adams or iianroo preferred. Toma must bornodorotc.' Addressl stating'tonus por'month, to W 67,‘Tribune;- • ■DOARD-HOME WANTED BY A YOUNG OBN- X> Roman, In a private family not over 15 minutes' walk' from Ontario and Wella-sU. Address D 37, Tribune office. T)OARD-lN A PLAIN, QUIET FAMILY, WHERE XJ there arc no otlior boarder*, by a lady soon to bo oon flnod. Addrots, to-day. W 53, Trlbuno office. . TJOARD—FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, IN A -L) private family; Miohtgan-av. preferred. Plena ad dross, ntntlng terms, G M. 222 Wasfilngton-at. •• HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AN OPPORTUNITY VKUY SELDOM. OFFERED—3 very HnoTamlly or ladles’ horses; trial of ono day gtvon. jIqIIBNKy'H, 43 Hamon-oourt. . i A LARGE VARIETY OF FIRST-CLASS ROOK awaya, barouchoa. Victorias, phaetons, top and open buggloa, at 37 and IS South Ollnton-at. H. B. HILL. A NY PERSON WISHING TO DISPOSE OF THEIR jrxhorsqs, buggloa. oroxpreas wagons will find ready sale If loft with tia, at S6l Ktato-stl. ealo ntabloa of horse*, bus glee, and hamosa. BRADLEY 4 WILLS. . ’ And we will bell a man a set of good now buggy harness bo cheap it will make Ida head swim and hla heart rojoloo, at 281 RUto-st.. sain stablos of horsos, buggies, and hnmoas. BRADLEY A WILLg. SALE—A FAMILY HORSE, SOUND, KIND, J. 1 and safei for woman or.chlld: also two or three horses for work or driving, cheap. 70 West Monroo-st. FOR “SALE-A MATOHED PAIR OP GENUINE family horsos, color black, weight 1,050 each, ago 0. sound aa a dollar, klud as a kitten, woll brokou, afraid of For sale-oheap-a very stylish road -roam, sound ana kind; also a large business borso: city broke. Call to-day, at 115 and 1-17 South Sangamnn-st. EOR SALE-LIGHT TOP WAGON. IN GOOD OR. dor; also good horso and hamosa, at a bargain. An piyat2ooMathor-gt. , * Iron SALE-FOUR HORSES, 14 TO 16 HANDS ‘ each, bumosn. and store wagons; ono-balf cash, bal- BUcoontlme. 421 Stato-st. TjIAMILY OARRIAQES. JUMP-BRAT BUGGIES ’X 1 and phaotons at Eastern factory prlcos. 10 and 12 Wost Uandolph-at.,. ■ near tho . bridge. 11. J. ED WARDS. OR BALK—A QENTLK, FAST TROTTING MARE, good stylo, sound, Qyoarsold, blnok. Inquire of own er, at Mattesoa House, at Ip. m. Price nominal. Finepasturaoe for horses. $1 per week, at Kensington. 13 mlioa from city; takon from ami re turned to city. Call at ltt>B Stato-st. J. W. PYNE. T?OR SALK—CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, PHAETONS. X' etc. A great variety from tlnt-clads makoraatroa- HRADIJSsY ° 8 ’ at 863 355 Woat RaodolpU-at. O. L. riENUINR JIOBTON BLADE CARRIAGES AT 5123 \A and 234 West Waihlnutun-st.; no humbug. Also, cheaper grades at very low figures for cash. T BALK Ll0 !f? A . ND HBAVY BXPIUIBS X and delivery wagons of all klnds.ono peddlor wagon for twohortßasalflo, ono second-hand express wogou, at 201 South uanal-at. T WANT A HORSE AND CARRIAGE IN UX. L^Ulfoi\ r KuW lUDSdml °* Addroß# M - ARE MANUFACTURING PIRBT-OLABB TOP ait a, {r °l'on buggies, road and business wagons. Ac. «in «i ifiA i * CHENEY. I'aotory, corner Sodgwlok and Dlvislon-sts, Repository, 836 Stato-at- T\rANTED-THB UHE OP A STYLISH HORSE. » T buggy, and harnou, Bor 4 months for keeping same t driyoonlv 4 or 6 miles oapbdsy, to and from business References as to responsibility, etc. Address D 85. Trib unoolMoo. * TyANTKD-HQRBEa TO BOAIID, NO. 49 SOUTH able W*U FLINT 001 " ° f Morldlan * fltl • tonus roason- CAVALRY HORSE WANTED. NOT LESS THAN V.r 15 n ? r °? 0 £ 8 JM*W°l<U end in good con dlllon. Wlllbo rooolrod by E. PATRICK, 763 Mlchl gnu-av.; PERSONAL. PERSONAL— JAMES ROBINSON, OP HACKNEY road, England, your wife ami family ato at W West Adams-st. Como uulckly. Friends will oblige by Inform ing tho above. . ■ PERSONAL— A.' L. EVANS 18 REQUESTED TO , call at my pffloo. Should bo obliged to any one who . will furnish bis address. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 19 Chamber of Ootnmoroo. j IJAN AWAY—ON MAY^22, PREDURIOK BISHOP JX BIIOWN, 12 yean old. about 4« feet light hair, gray oyos: wore a colored shirt, black and gray mixed pants ami vest, hluo Jacket, oongrusa galtors. Any person returning said boy to his home, 107 Ellla-av.. will confer a favor uu hii allllotod family. All persona are oau wlU P ° y °° dObU 0( bu FOR SALE. TjIOHSALE—93,OOO CASH-STEAM OANAL STONE ■L 1 , nropollor, lacompletoninalngordor. A. MoKIRDY. 841 Soßh Wat«r>i(., cr Q. BAY, 6ft) North Olark-sU^ TOB.ENT--Mdtrflfes rro hunt—dy unp.w * Nr.wnunv, oKNmiAr, J. Heal Hslativ an d-Renting, Agonoj, .Rooma 8' and* a No. 164L»Hallnjlt.i,. '.Vito WabMuArl, l-awry ana biuomonchomo la dom- IBTlilrlr-ioednJ-flt., lUlory andbaaomonlbrioic. ••, ' 830 West Washington's t., aitonr/md bascinontmarbh 1)4 iMmrdoon'st., S-alory frame, farloic basement. . 2fQ Walnnt-st., cottagoof 6 room*. . . , ~ 11 North Voorla-at., cotlaoo of Otodms.V : 483 Uurllml-st., cotlagoorflroom*. r.,.AUo otbor houses Id all Darla of tho city. '' ■.. . j !,mo RENTV-on nt)a balh-klkoant mardlk ..X hottiobnMlohlßnn*AT. . . ; - Cotlngn.houio on Twohty-Diirhln-it. \ water, gas,.street pavedtfW. >• ,l 1 ■ • ‘ ‘ 1 ■ • * Cottage on Pmlrlo-av.i wnter, «•*, marblomantols; 860; , ■ 14-room marble house near business.; •Biotas and room* on Wentworth and BlmrUoJT-ars. I cheap. ■ ■ < .B. MEAUb, owner, 1)00 LnSallo-Bt: i mo 21BNT**A‘ HANDSOME 8-BTOIIY AND BASK. .JL.,nnmtanatlilfl.fronthoni*, with nil modorn Improve* monUtplojtonUy fnml«hod and In pomplo to, order.. Api ply mo ‘ RENT—AFIUBT-OLABB RESIDENCE, FUR.* . X nlshed, vat, Highland . Park, .with barn, pleasant > grounds, ■'Ab, Apply at Room 89 Trtbone Building. , mo RENT—THE CORNER HOUSE IN THE NEW X brick hlonV, corner AdamssUand Henley-Sr, atSSOnok F. W, Rot>mO< 187.L>8aile-at. , < TO‘RKNT-S.BTORY. HOUSE ONi.WEBT ADAMS ■ at., 8 robrna, nflwly papered. and caloliplnod, *36 pot 'month; Furnished house on Mlchlgart-aV.. near Twontyi .riftlMt. t-lot Mxlßß| flan, front. . I>AVIB A PIKE, 115 ;jDoarborqjtf : „ £ .'a. i . , TO RE NT-OR SALE—NO. TWENTY-NINTH st>, cottage, 8 >ronmi: adcare ItiAt oncop bandy, to .bualOesl. ~ j/s. GOULD, llODcarbom-si. , ■■ \ mO RENT-HOUSE AND LOT, NO, 481 WADABH ‘ X ‘nr,, nosrKldrldgo-cmirt. 'None but responsible narJ 'ties need apply. • immediate possession. 'J*'BSAIAB j.WARREN, iSOhamberOf ;■ : | T~O RENT-TUB .LOWER PART QF HOUSE NO, 77. North Morgau-at., flvo room*,newly, paporod and ' painted. Inquire at 3lfl U&rroll-it/ .. • „ • ~-r \ .ffd RUNT—NEW. SIX.ROOM IIODBU, CLOSKTB.I -x-pantry, writer, sink; • No; 400 West Erio-at.. oomor.or Aihland-ar. $25..- On promises. N.-Bi QUAY 1 ; ! \ .mO RENT-VERY CHEAP, A TWO*9TORY HOUSE • X on southwest corner of Oalumot-av. and Twenty-sixth* at. BROWN A HORTON, 160 . . ( TO RENT-HOUSES-TWO-STORY FRAME, GOOD ■repair, pleasant neighborhood, Nos. 31, 30, 39, on I .Tlilrty-iovoDth-et.. between Lake . and RUIa-ara. i ront' < very roasonablo, ,8. E. WBLL3, IBS Doarborn-st. , TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE—IF YOU WANT a homo without •tho annnyauoo of settling, wboro everything is nice and now; hou*o with 6 rooms, and bath-i room, pantry, X closets; call to day; now rep sot. parlor burner: homo 850 por month. IlfiLlnooln-at,,, and within' •half blobk of Monroo-at., would rent furnished for $65. Suburban. mo RENT—AT; ELM U DRBT—AN ELEGANT OOUN ' A try.home/ with fine grounds and a largo quantity o( toilt and ornamental trees. Inquire of -BRYAN LA. or JOIIN "• TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—O FURNISHED ROOMS AT $lB, sls. and SBO per month. Apply at 4Q Bast Harrison-st. TO RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. WITH gas, suitable for two or (four- young men. at 45 Hub* bard-courtor WH Soothßtatb-st. • rpo RENT-SUITE FIRST-CLASS FURNISHED J- rooms, by the day or week. 101* West Madlson-st. Inqnlro third floor. ; O RENT-222 SEDGWIOK-ST., FIRST FLOOR, containing fl rooms and closets jaUo 4 roams In base* tnant. • Inquire In tho rear or at 171 Rahdolph^st. rilO BKNT-LOnGINaS. U AND M CENTS PER X night, at 177 West Raaaolph-st.,-and fornlihod rooms by week or month, • • ■ rpO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED AND ■I unfumUhedrooras, 'without board, either a Ulglo or on aulte, atWo« ISEldrlogo-oourt. - rrO RENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED OR UNFUR. A nuhod rooms for gentleman In a private family.' 638 WostMonroo-et. ■ - •- ■ - md' RENT—DURING THE JUBILEE. LARGE A newly furnubed rooms on first and second floors to prf. Sato family.- $1 a day. - Oonronlonl to oars. - 403 Ixko-ot. traakfaat and tea If desired. , ii, 3 TO RENT —GOOD, COOL SLEEPING-ROOMS, ■ nlooly fornlihod, with o«o of parlor, on ground floor ct 859 West Polk-st, Rent, $8 per month. ... . rpO RENT-TWO COMFORTABLE FURNISHED A rooms to gontlomen only. 474 Wabaah-av. mo RRNT-MI WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT FUR- A nlinpd room; also. large front alcove-room, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two or throo gentlomoni '' mORENT-NIOBLY FURNISHED ROOMS BY THE A day, week, or month at 154 and 166 East Washington t. Inquire hi Room 44. • . Mb RENIVNEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS. SINGLE A or onauite, for gontlomen only, at 161 South Olark-st-, Room 11. mq Rent-elegantly-furnishbd booms A for the Jubilee week. 884 Wabaab-av. IPO RENT—IN PRIVATE FAMILY TO GENTLE- A man and wife, or two gentlemen, a nowly-ftirnlatiod front aloqvo room, with bath-room adjoining. Bofcrenoon given and roqalrod. Apply at WO Wabaah-av., one door north of Woodruff House, 010 nENTV-A MIOEtY-PURNIBHED ROOM, SUIT- A able for two gentlemen. Brick house, with modern conveniences. Ploasant location. 411 West Madlson-et. KENT-ONE FURNISHED FRONT BOOM. AT A IU aontb Qrooa-Bt. ■ T°„P. E SJr E , I,BG . A F, T Rooms, furnished or x. utunrnubod* - Ashland. Block, , opposite Sborraon House,. Inquire at Room 81. Elevalor In the bnildlng. TO RENT—A LARGE FRONT PARLOR AND DOU ADOrfMa-it ni,,llg # room, wither without board. 80 rpO RENT-PLEASANT'' FURNISHED ROOMS. X moderate rants. 147 and 140 South Haistod-st. - o RENT—ROOMS FOR BLEEPING, LIGHT hotuokooplQS. or light bualneM, on Madlion-at., near cjiark. Floor of 13 rooms, to bo uaod as furnished rooms, btoro and 6 rooma on..TofTemon«t.I_nßar 1 _nBar Eighteenth, 830., Five rooma. 820. EDMUND Q. BTILE3, $ Madlson-at.. : corner Dearborn. r npO RENT—B72 MIOHIOAN-AV., FURNISHED JL rooma for one or two. TO BENT-IP YOU WANT COMFORT AND ELK- Banco so and secure a room at tho St. Elmo, 85 and 87 Doatbom-at. Charges roaaonahlo. TO RENT—STORES.OFFICES, &o. mo RENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL A —the foor-atory and basomont atono-fmnt building, situated on the comer of North Wells and Mlohlgan-sta., 60 feet fronton Wolla-et. and 106 feot on-Mlohiirttn-Bt. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER, No.’ 66 North Walls-at! mo BENT—A ROOM 60X75, SUITABLE FOR LIGHT ■L tnaunfaotnrlng purpoaea. .Inquire of O. MASON A CO.. IB Oarroll-at. . ■ • TO RENT—TIUIOK BARN REAR,B43 WABASII-AV. ua Agpg or 33 Chamber of Commerce. TO RENT—STORE, NO. 43 SOUTH WATER-BT., • ’npae Wabaab-av., aultablo for any builaes.'by O. i A. PRICE, Boom 1, No. 87 Woshlngton-st.- TO RENT—NO. 728 STATB-ST.; JUST SOUTH OP Fonrtoontb-st., fora packlng-bouso or for manufao- Bank* *D rP S? e OAMfiuON* ownor «CSoeoadNational mo RENT—THREE FLOORS, HALF OF.FIRST mO RENT—A NIOB CIGAR ISTORE. CENTRALLY •J- located,, with rooma attached,', also fixtures for aalo. Inquire on premises, 313 Stato-at, , mO RENT—IN LAKESIDE BUILDING, STORES X andbMomonU. from 51.2V0 to 83,600 por annum. In-, quiro for SCOTT, in the stores.' . 6 RENT—FINE OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM, FIRST WOl*lfaUo™t or^alldlotr * Apl>ljr BY AN * 00., mO RENT-LARGE BASEMENT 'OFFICE, WITH X vault and'oountors, complete, aultablo for a banking or commission houso. Possession immediately. Apply S.^J&UU 01 ? 1808 . 1 ,? 3 Washingtou-st. W. R. PAT- TttRHON, AgoniO.. P; AV. R.H. . - WANTED—-TO RENT. XAT ANTED—TO RENT—A'NEAT COTTAGE ..OR ,»» small house containing about 7or Brooms, with yard-room, on South Side, oast of SUto-at., and north of Twonty-nlnth-st. i will taka loaao for one year. Address, . etAting' price, Box 121,. Builders' Uxouango, 183 La- Sallo-st. TyANTRD-TO RENT-A ROUSE IN LAKE VIEWV J " Address stating price and location DM, Trlbuno ofllco. . . . - WANTED-TO RENT—BY AN EXPERIENCED hotel man, a furnished hotel In any good locality out or tbo city. Address AO. oaroP. O.CsrrlerM. . TTTANTED—TO RENT-A HOUSE CONTAINING 18 * r rooms. In a rsapootablo locality. Booth Side pro. foirod, suitable for first-class boarders s would board owner if agreosblos rent from $76 to SBO per month. Ad droes 421 wc»t Maalson-st. WANTED— TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM, WEST of Union Park, between Lake and Acloms-sU., for , two gentlimen. Address J. E. BISHOP, 848 Booth Wo tor-at.. Room?. ' SEWING MACHINES. A GROVER A BAKER LATE FAMILY MACHINE, Inporfoot order, lor $25; cost $66. Also, oqo lull cabinet mahogany lato family Singer, Inlaid with pearl, for $76; cost $l6O, Also several Improved Singers at hall usual price. 238 East Indlana-at.. near Rush. ; /TROVER 4 BAKER'S SEWING-MACHINES- pHN* \X end oflloo, 160 Oute-st.; branch otHoo, 072 V lash, av. Persona baring old Qroror A Baker sowlng-it Chios are invited to call and soo tho bow Improvement*/ and boar something to their advantage. milß NEW FLORENCE SEWING MAOIIINR-WR X call s|«olal attention to recent Improromonts made In the Florence, also to the now and elegant styloa ol oases added to our list. To moot tho views of those preferring, a machine feeding tho work away from tho operator, wo have made Nos. 13 and 14, which combine the desirable features to ho found In machines madn by others, with all tho nocnllar oxoellonoles of the Florence. WM, H. bllAltPA 00., General Agent*. 264 Htate*st., Chicago; WHEELER A WILSON SEWING-MACHINES, THU now Ira proved, sold or rented on easy monthly pay. Monte, • BURNHAM A FLANNERY. City Agents, olfloo 188 Htate-stJ ' 1 * BUILDING MATERIAL. For sale-a quantity op seasoned 4 and fl-tnob ?£*tMadod colling, 1 or 3 sides; also, \i % 4*B, and 9a oplUug; 4, 0. or B-lnohO. Q. easing; shwk-uoardsand shelving, any width. Constantly on hand dressed flooring ?^.«As.ivU? ot *° buyers of car-load lota. STAR* IUCI*I A BROTHER, southwest corner of Twelfth and LumboMte. • . . 17U)R SALE-A LOT OF SECOND-HAND LUMUHU } , by A. M. GILBERT A CO., WHtato-st. TTYDRAULIO PRESSED BRICK, COMPANY. BT. XXLouU, Mo. ThoKt. Louis Hydraulic Pressed Brick of greater strength than tho Philadelphia or Baltimore Force Brick, amT are not surpassed in an* i' or »alo In any quantity. J. J, • LOCKWOOD, Agoot, Hi ami 12 West Randolph-at. i PRESSED UUIOKH-RAOINE AND MILWAUKEE x pressed brick for sale In any quantity; also red press* odandsUiok brick. Also solo agent fur tho St. Louis Ilydraullo pressed brick. Call aud see samples audgot Ttelpb J :.t J ’ LOUKWOOu S Agent, iNodU West \\T ANTED—ICO CORDS OF STONE FOR FOUNDA » V Oons, 400 m brick, and other building material, in or unimproved real estate. WAUDE. STEVENS A 00., No. BSI DIVORCES. 'I'UVOROKH OBTAINED FOR CAUSES, ALL LAW XJ business attended to. BUSH, tH7 South Olark-it, 1 IVOUQES—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEB AFTER tho oouru ofc &SSS ‘JCtt, *“ BtISINESSCHANCES. JIUOTIVK, BUSINESS MAN, WANTED WITH SI,OOO cash, to join ngenlloniAn with equal amount ; *nd not as Treasurer to take charge of (ho financial affair* ,iof tholnatinfaeturoof nllttlo patentarticle that costal) coma fprW.conla. . A sure fortune j failure Imi P’*f)blo.rOrdoraon band for 00 grAsa. .amounting ti • S*»»CO. which cannot ho DIM for want of above capital Hone! BO ootiu foritample. op call and Investigate at W And 87 Dcntborn>at., Room 23, Chicago, 111. • ■ - i A- PROMINENT TIBST'OEARB RETAIL FAMILY grocery for aale, doing a largo and profltahlo bud* near, trhiou can bo greatly uiorooaod by a Ilvo, onorgetlo, tmahing man; who can giro his entire Attention to (ho business. The owners barn other business (o attend to, Which utbolr reason for soiling. For.particulars call or {ddrwi BURTON, PIKUOII A CO.,'wholesale grocer*, MMjchlgan-av. .. <: ■'. ,v ■., ■ ■ ■ A SMALL STATIONERY AND NOTION STORK .forsaloifino location! ront sl3. Apply,southwest cottier of State and Jaoksfln-ats. ■ . i A meat, market, with . a good uuaiNiiaa, for sale cheap i Wo/WWcat. Adamant.- i AgnooKicnYTriN, and woodjcnwauh'store fur anld.'’ Roaion fof aolliDffi owner going to Europe! APPly»t ?1 Bluo Island-ar. , . * A MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE IN a city of 4,000 Inhabitants, doing a good business; ar orago receipts front $26 to SSO n day through thb Imsy aeaaon. lor particulars aJJroaa, lor one week, Carrier 80, Chicago P. Q.j HI; • ■ •• r ' j A LODGING' HOUSE IN sanfranoisoo for sale, A fine central location, oonlalnlng 110 rooms; wirii a woll‘Mtabluhod business, For further Information "WmwQ* G.AioXLEY; Real Estate, No. SMMonttfomory-at., Ban Francisco, Oa . j A BAMNtJ-HOtlSl! AT OltANI) i* n t* lo premises or Post* Olneo Box 1298, Grand Rapids,’ Mlobi. • A -^{ c AND OphirLKTß STOCK OF MILLINERY Snif- ffneygooda. with the loaso and. etoro fixtures, will be told at ronr liberal terms i only. for ono week. In quira of Mr. POLE A HQNrlbd West Madlson-it. ..A Hi?fiT:° L ABS niLLIARD-lULL SALIC; 8 nl L m!lv- Rnil fl *f urM * Good reasons for Bolling. Trtbuoo offloo. ■ . r. : . .*• T)UIOK YARD ON-SOUTH BRANCH FQR SALE X> Or oxohange, rory cheap{splendidlocatlnn/oxcollont partpay wlllbo taken In bricks. Address at ouco O. 8. 11URDIOK, 79 Dear; bora-tt., Room 6. ■ • , • , - , -jT) QAUDINQ-HOUSE AND SALOON, REST LOO A -L* turn In city for transient custom, 26 bods, must bb sold on acocuptof oirnor going East. 11. J. NOOKIN, • 75 South Poarbom-Bt. . • •fIIOAR AND TOBACCO STORE FOR SALE*. ONE \J of the boat locations on South Bide,‘‘with or without stookt flxturoi, ®2ooj ront. SGO per month. -Must bo sold at onco,' UEHaNARD J. NOCKIN, 76 South Dear •born-St., Heal Estate Agent. ' pi ANAL BOAT. FOR B AXE—THE UNDIVIDED •V, half' of & good.boafe and loam for fho small sura nf ®6M.! Will take good paper of ninety days, with interest. .Apply at WILLET A UKRHLNU'B Law Olßco, No. 119 Maduon-st.; ItoomlO. - • BAKERY, AND RESTAURANT V/- for tala {location contrail 10 lodging room* connect-' • pd; rare chanoo for 91.000. Call early. KIMBALL. ISO Doarbom-st. ' aTjIAMILV, GROCERY, .DRUG STORE, BOOT AND ,JL ahoo store, tea store .restaurant, Ac., for sale. Good business openings. •J. B. KIMBALL, 186 Dcarborn-st. ! OROOERT STORE FOR SALE—A WELL KSTAB '\T llshqd and paring buslnoni in a first-class location (WeitObloago); wJllroqnlro about *5.000 capital.- No I .agontor person wishing to barter need apply,., Bar partio-' niara address E 88, Tribune olllco. - ■ ~ > TNONEOFTIIEMOST,FLOURISHING TOWNSONj •X the 0., B. A‘Q.' R. R v for sale, atoro 22x70, and ;atook consisting'of boots' and alines; bats and caps, dry ; .goods, clothing, Ac. -Inquire of-.K, O. RBIOHWALD, 165 South Wator-at. • • ■ T EASE. AMD FURNITURE Of’ A NEW IIOTEI, JU for aalot centrally located, and Is - doing a splendid business. Apply to WM, H. SAMPSON A CO., No. 144' •LaSalle-it,. Otis Plonk. : .... MEAT MARKET FOR sale, with fixtures. ■ Inquire at 81 Watt Madison-st. : • rpiß OF THE BEST PHOTOGRAPH GALLERIES •v/ in the Olty of Chicago lor tale very cheap, doing a -WiioN?rfeS^r n "“‘‘"'v Add™.,B. Si. •fiNB FOURTH INTEREST IN AWELL-KSTAB ■\J' llabod manufacturing busbioss for sale {satisfactory rcaaons given for selling; none but parties of gotno means |hgfi^Ublng^st-claaaraforoocoa seed apply. Addroaa CJALOON ON WEST VANBUREN ST. FOR SALE, b “ wto - “• ?■ Saloon: 178 olark-st., inear the corner of Mooroo, In basomont. Lease and llxturogfor«»>q. QALOON ' AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOR SALE O obeap. Apply at 48 East Kinzle-st. QTEAM FLOURING MILL FOR BALK CHEAP, HAS O 7 ran of stone, now onglno of ample power in good or der; Ulna townof 9,000 people; good local trade; ship ping • facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi tlilHu W™ 1 o*ay. .Address or call on h\ L. UNDEit- WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. . rTHE FIXTURES AND STOCK OP OR66eRIEB AT X 721 South Halsted-at, for aalo at a bargain; atoro to irent.- Inquire on the promises. mo CAPITALISTS, FARMERS, AND FARMERS 1 A Clubs,' To thpeo Booking a manufsoturlng business, jvho have capital for Investment, or to formers or grazers who desire to engage in a manufacturing tmslnoss, pro ducing an article in usoby farmers, I can oiler raro in ducements, giving * sure Investment, and tho moans de manded by tho farmers for producing an indispensable farming Implement at nearly cost. W.-P. BREWSTER, WE ARE OFFERING THE BEST OPPORTUNITY toraako a fortnno quick over offered. Small capital roqoired. STONE A SKlNNEß,ll9l)oarborn-at., Room D, C*OKn WILL BUY A HALF INTEREST IN ONE tho host paying light businesses in Chicago;' no risk. Call atmUnion-st.. corner Washington. MISCELLANEOUS. A FTER BUYING A ROUSE. BEE THAT IT IS IN- T^FORE ’ LOANING MONEY, SEE THAT YOU nv* l l? l A r ?. tflC l?. d t l, i a policy of insurance with B. B. RYAN A CO,, aiO LaSallo it., oor. of Adams. Gash .paid for cast-off olothino and r m A ll S? , ]?5?? n ? Roßt i?£ f Bn s rk,nd * b * "ending a letter w I« OELDER, Loan Ofß4e, bßt Slato-at. ' Detective aohnov—any party dksirino the services of a detective of 10 joam’ experience.' wuh nay rolercnoo required, addroaa O 78, THbuno ofllco. DISSOLUTION OP PARTNERSHIP-TUB FIRM . ™ l S£ a,l . 4 »i ant i m dlaaolvod partnership August 1, 17 East Erio-at.; and known now as BTANTOtf alono. 1 • - E. RYAN 4 00., 210 LaBALLK-BT., INSURE • miscellaneous gqods of all klnda for good people at i lair ratoa. m TV oiJNE: KKAL BSTATKOFFICE. TO DBAU bom-at;. Room fli; P. O. Upr dr, oi.icngo. ■KVOTIOK-TIIK OFFIOK OF ,*J. LIKBKNBTEIN & , -Li 00. la temporarily located at Sampson, Qllbort 4 Co., on Wabaab-av., near Vanliuren-at., and aro now ready to transact their bunlnoas aa usual, and bopo that their I frianda will not forgot them. • [PARTIES HUYINO IMPROVED REAL ESTATE f A Jn thootjintry can have tho earae insured at fair ratoa by B. B. BYAN A CO., flip LaSallo-at.; comer Adama. S' EWING-MACHINE AORNTS AND OTHERS CAN sot tbolrproporty insured in good oompantea at ofllco [Of E.-E. RYAN 4 CO., SUoLaSallo*at. PROPERTY OWNERS—YOU CAN HAVE SlDE walks layed or repaired at abort notice, and low i prices,-by addressing Q.W. HOYT, oaro of H.C. Morey, V WANTED— A SECOND-HAND BOOKBINDERS* slabber. MILLAR BROS., 12AOIark-at. WANTED— EVERYBODY TO CALL AT 119 DEAR : boro,-.Room 6, and sec Johnson’s Kansas subaollor. State and coonty rights for sale. WANTED— FOUR WILSON STEAM TANKS. AD* dress STEAM, Tribune ofllco. T\TANTED-3 FIRST-CLASS TICKETS TO CLEVIC i_Y7 _ . land, O. Addroaa JJ J, Tribune ofllco. AGENTS WANTED. I A GENTS WANTED—AGENTS ARE MAKING 8?0 jtx ' to 812 a day, with my neodlo book, machine needle, button -nolo ontter, etc., 010. Particulars froo. O. M. LININGTON, miCoat Aadiaon-st. 1 A GENTS WANTED—BBOO PER MONTH CAN HE A made selling gong door-bolls In towns and Tillage*. Addroaa JAMES F. HAYS, Chicago. l A GENTS WANTED-TO CANVASS FOR FAMILY ‘*t\. Bible*,"** Life of Christ and 'Virgin,*• *' History of Ireland," 40.; good inducements to tho right men: no capital, but references required. KULLEr 4 HOWI BON,, 295 South Olsrk-st. i A GENTS WANTED—47,OOO PROBLEMS (MORE OB XL loss) In Interest, computed for four distinct business Sorloda of time, in ono minute, at any rato per cent, 'ow arithmetical alphabet, Tho LoaTor. Absolute right mbthod of finding cube and aquaro root: also an unlimit ed number or way*; tbo most romarkebio dlsooTorlua of tho Nineteenth oonlury: book contains loa pages. Price. »1. . Address J,, A UfcNDKBSON. A. M., Author, ihm IranoUco, Oal., Box No. 65. • AGENTS .JWANTED-IN EVERY COUNTY FOR Hovfltt Fluting, Polishing, and Band Irou combined. Hoouro a ewmty aud make money. lloom 18. 171# East Madlson-st. ' •A QENTB WANTED—MEN AND WOMEN HVKRY -IX whore oan roallio more mouoysclllngourSt) articles tliaa with any other goods extant. MERRILL A CO.. 28 West Lnko-st. 'A GENTS WANTED—GOOD ACTIVE MEN TO OAN. •tX vaus for an article needed In every bouse; Ida nay. Apply at cigar stand la Builders* Exchange. 133 LaSalle* St., from 7 to 9 a. nv Agents wantkd-ioo agents wanted for the Jubilee. AU wiio would make money should call as once.* ‘ J.-W-. GOODSPEKD, Lakeside Building. 3d floor, oomor Clark and-Ariama*sts. • PARTNDBS WAN TE D, JjARTNRU WANTED—WITH SI,OOO IN A BUSINESS .• already established. References given and required. ddross O 81, Tribune office.. PARTNER WANTDD-.IN BUSINESS. IT IB THE 1; host stand outlie street for-soiling meat and vngo. tablos : will bo required to havo S3OO cash. F. OWEN. Lako-st. * PARTNER WANTED—A MAN OF 20 YEARS* FX. X porlouco In the hotel business, ami has sH,cou or $9,000 In cash, wants to join sonui parly In Chicago or elsewhere, la an established business, whore experience and capital would be appreciated. Address, statins where Interview may bo had, DB2, Tribune 011100. PARTNER WANTED—S6,OOO WANTED IN A X firat-olsss business; party may take aotlyo or special Inlorostinnyoaohovlng this amount to invest can so. cure a good return. Address SPECIAL, Tribune oflloo PARTNER WANTRD-A MAN OF BURINE'sa X Qualifications aud some capital lu take half Interest In real estate business with mo; object, to extend my busl boss. Call at once at my oflloo. T. B. BOYD. 160 West Wftslilngton-Bt. pARTNEJt WANTED-WITH' AT LEAST SI,OOO, X. for a legitimate and growing butinoss; a practical printer or thorough business mutt preferred. Address, naming itlmo and place for Interview, FAUST. Tribune otlico, PARTNER WANTEO-1N AN ESTABLISHED CON* foctlonoryand loooroamsaloons capital required film); excellent stand.; Apply to A. M. TIIUUSDELL. 178 West Aladlflon-st. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $3,0(10 TO SI,OOO IN A X business that will pay well for tho money Invested. The very best of reference given. Address W73, Tribune office. CLAIRVOYANTS. DU. MATHEW AND,MADAM MAYNARD, Busi ness aud medical mediums, Hfl West Madam milwn,clairvoyant, übmovbdto 170 West Madlsun-et. Consultation Li ladies only, MRH. T. J. LEWIS. RELIABLE CLAIRVOYANT. Business and Medical Medium, 89 West Msdlson-st! J lit o. WAWTED—MAtE HELP. ' ' ' ‘T •MTAHTBD-A.-CLERKFOR A-FEW DAYS. MALE YATANTMD A YOUNG MAN WHO ItAH .ROME T T kmmlodgo o( running aconfooUonory and leooroam •ftlooti Ami who can adrancn bla omtdoror 9300 on snail boa oarltr. -Apply to A.’Mi TIIUISaUKLL, m Wort Madli . „ ... .Trndom ' I TU"ANTED—THREE INDIA-INK WORKERS! ALSO TV two nparatora, to whom good wagtia ami aloady otn» pinrrnent will bo glfon. i Addrpaa, i with torma, HILD RETH. YOUNG A;00.,-Pi;o.;lio*9M, OUnton, JowaT ‘ WANTED-FIRST-GLASS 0 ARRt AOE-PAINTRHi TV' bmly-llnlahqr proforrod. Call or addrBsa.PAJNTEIL 803 Borontn-at., Milwaukee,' Wla. Steady jon. , i t ■nrANTED-A FEW GOOD PAINTERS} ALSO, ONE MM; GOOn OULOBBI) BARBER AT fiß4 TyANTBD - PAINTER. .APPLY IMMEDIATELY* TV atthocorDorofWentworth-aT. and Xhlttloth»E.i 1 WANTED—TWO CABINET FINISHERS. CALL TT atW WflrtMadl»on-at, ;y. . *• tr* •. ; W OB 4. BLACKSMITHS BRED TO BO* VV (• coraotlvo work. • Inquire ot A. P. EMERY, Hall, Klmbark AOo'i;, B3Mlclifgan-iiy., poltroon H and 10 a.m, TUANTEU-AT 1 819). SOlrfll STAtU-RT., A MAN YV cook: ono'that lit rollablo and Understands roe* tanrantbualnoii. t 1 ■ ■- >'• ■ ■ ■ ■- - * ‘*• - ’ ! TirANTKD-SHOICMAKnnS-A HAND TO BOTTOM TT tumoaoka. Imjnlroatatoro; 163WcatUarrUon-Ht; WANTED - PAINTERS AND OALOIMINERSI V y also a good foreman pnlntor who knuwa how to ml* coloni. Apply IXIS Wort Madlaomat. i : WANTED—FOUR GOOD COAT-MAKERS AND 3 \\T ANTED—FRNOiS.BUILDftRBj MUSTDBBTONG. Jl. a V , ?.2 , £. l l*«S ri U ,B « 1° wo«k* Apply, to-day,-to FROST A MoLKNNAN, Olty Burroyora,. RoomOTMorrisonlllook. •WANfEp-A-GOOD SIQNPAINTRR, BY O. A.I TT i: >AAWDKR, North Olark-at. ;■ . . i | WANTED-ONE CARRIAGE ' PAINTER, AT 333 TT Oottago OroTO-ar. . . , apply to thos. \vin- TV MILL, 939,\VeitModlaon-at. • > • ■ • TyANTED—CYLINDER AND - GORDON PRESS TV foodura. LANDON AGO., IWOlark-Bt. . . . WANTKD-jTWO GOOD LATHERS. APPLY TO i . „ d »y *0 KUBIWBY. Portland -.coraont' job, Monroo-st., near .Lb8b1Io» I WANTJJD-OARPENTERB. AT, CENTRAL -PARK, Tr ' Boulevard, to work on homo, Wil* 8. BUTLEB.I TIT ANTED—A YOUNG MAN _ TO LEARN THE ART j TT of photography; a irood ©bunco for a suitable pot-i son. ■ Call at SMITH'S 'Photograph' Gallery, 33 West; Randolph-st. • : • . • , ■ • • | 'W ANTED—B GOOD HOUSE PAINTERS, STEADY, ?T work for three month*. Apply 133 Blue Island-av/ j TyANTED—A GOOD CARRIAGE BLACKSMITH.', ft,#o a ß°od wheel maker. i UAYDIsI h O'BRIEN, 731Stato-at. .. . . , WANTED - FIRST-CLASS TAILORS, AT 172M1 11 'South Halsted-at. it,* GOLDSTEIN; merchant! ha«removed from 189LaSallo-st. tol72>tf South; W^m P JX?.feA..« F l RST * OLABa -MAM COOK ATi THOMSON’S Restaurant, 81 South Olark-st., Call • immediately.• ! • ••••-• , • I • • Coaohmon. Toomirtors. &o, - , ; "CTTANTED—A GOOD, RELIABLE MAN TO TAKE T i care of Uorpß and work around the honso i moat bo a 1 : good drtror. and aennalntod with' tho city. Reforonobs irequired. OallatNo. 4 Ohatuberof Oommorco, between' a and 3 o'clock. •• • ,• • I Employment Aeonoios. •WANTED-200 RAILROAD LABORERS; ALSO TT sawmill hands; Iroofaro. ■ Apply at id West Ran ■ dolph-at. •• • WANTED-C BOARDING BOSSES WITH KIT FOR .»T 60 men each, 800 railroad men, inoforsaw-mlll and farmi, 6 carpenters; 2l We4t Randolph-st. • r W ANTED-M GOOD TRACK-LAYERS FOR IN ■mfeiiK “ SNE “ 4 TyAffTRD-MO LABORERS TO WORK ON RAJL »T roads, farms, saw-mills, tie-choppers, etc.,- at Aw ! y M oaitia - . Mlftoollaneonß. Ty ANTED—TWO GOOD MEN CAN FIND STEADY > T employment by applying at 295 Sooth Clark-st.; no capital, but references required. , . i WANTED-MEN—BIGGEST CHANCE EVER OF- Tl forod to make .money. ; A (armor cleared 863 last week. Ono young man mado $27 in throe daya, above all oxponaoe. If you want to make money, don't fall to call atWEoat Maotflon-st., Room 6. ■ • WANTED— A STRONG OFFICE BOY WHO OAN write a good hand ; wholesale honso. Addrosa W 14. Tribune olHeo. WANTED-IMMEDIATELY-U MEN. TO SELL T T 1 ref. Henry's non-oxplnslvo kerosene oil In tho olty and ono for each county outatdo: sßd to 846 a week can be mado. A. RAY, 36 West Lako-st. '■ TyANTED—ONE FIRST-CLASS WHITE WAITER W at HUTCHINSON'S, corner Wabaih-ar. and ITwen ty-socond-st. ■ i , WANTKp-20 GQQD MEN TO SELL TUB NOV. olty Glass Onttor; best selling article In tho market, KwOlark-at., Room 10. ' • . , * ANTED—A MAN TO TRAVEL; GOOD SALARY and expenses paid: must etvo small security for goods. Addrosa W CB, Tribune onico. WAffOwSSIPIPf . waitebs. call eably. At KLINE'S Hotel, northwest corner of Clark and Lake-Mu. TSTANTED—CANVASSERS FOR OUR GLASS-CUT TI ton, bulton-holocultcra, oto. Now-boglnnoracleat $3 per day. A. M. RICHARDSON, ItSMadlson-st. WANTED— TWO SALESMEN. BRADLEY 4 CO.. 772 Garroll-at. . . , Wanted-a boy about 10 years old, as otuco and errand boy 5 000 living with parent* proJ lorrod; must como well rocoumondod.' Apply to-d&y at Room 7, 543 South Wator-at. • • TyANTED-A ‘STOUT BOY TO LEARN THE bakor’i trade; Gorman proforrod. Apply at 195 South Dcsplalnea-st.. D. K. MBRRIAM. . . “ WANTED-MEN OUT OP * EMPLOYMENT TO call on JONES A CO., 71 South-Oanal-st. 5 430 to S4O ovrook, suremoney. TIT YOUNG MAN TO DO DINING «rIi, room . work: Blue one smart boy to make himself gea son-«tr*‘ ,fnl ‘ HOUSE. 114 West ifadl- TITANTED—A BOY FROM 13 T6 Ifl YEARa“oi,n WANTED— INTELLIGENT MEN, OP GOOD AD. dross, to take orders for something now-. ao n. «♦ sight: will pay a liberal salary to competent mrson* GOTTWALa A MoDONOUGH, 207 Booth Olark su WANTED-A GOOD WHITE WAITERAT OOKri-' (T nontal Hotel, 479, 481, and 48? Stato-at., comer Eh.- ridge-court. ■ - • . - . WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domostlos. TyANTED—A TIDY, GOOD-NATURED'GERMAN I r girl to take care of a bey 4 yean old. do light sowing and ouamborvrork fora family boarding at 268 Warren-nv. WANTED-A GOOD FEMALE COOKFORPRI vste bosrding-housojpay $7 a week. .Comer Paulina and Twonly-second-sts. . . . . , WANTED-AT 278 INDIANA-AV., A GOOD, COM potent German girl for general housework in asmall family. Must bo a good washer and Ironer. ■■ ; ■ TITAN TED—A GOOD GIRL, TO COOK, WASH, AND IT Iron, atSl Bryaut-av., near the Douglasllouso. TITANTED—SERVANT GIRLj MDST BE AGQOO ' j 1 cook, washer, ami ironer; Bln family. ■ Apply at. No. 1 Blue laland-av., comer Hamson-st. • TITANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK it v In a private .familyl good wages. ,120 Honoro-et., first noUHo south of Van Buroo. . .. > TITANTED—A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL 110U6E . TT work, Swodo or Norwegian proforrod; wages 46 per week. ; Inquire at 400 West Randolph-at. . TITANTED - GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN .IT girl for private families and hotels at 80 Milwaukee av.; no foes. WTANI’EO-A GIRLTO- DO GENERAL HOUSE TT work;.agood, pormaneatplaoo. in/Ceotro-av. ~ WANTED— 2 GIRLS, 1 FOR IRONING, WASHING, ■ and cooking and 1 for general housework.. Inquire 214 Oalumot-av. ~ , ‘ WANTKD-OIRLTODO GENERAL HOUSEWORK 5 - Gorman, Swede: nr Norwegian; must understand English. Apply »(47u West Van Buron-st. TJTANTED-A GOOD COOK, IRONER. AND 1 r washer. Apply botwoon 3 and 6p. m., at 368 Woat' Vanßuron-st. ... WANTED— A GIRL TO OOOK, WASH, AND IRON lo a prlvnto family; 63 South Carpontor-at. WANTED— A GOOD OOOK, WASHER, AND Ironor; will givo good wages and a good homo. Ap ply at 800 West Washington-st. - ■ ' WANTED-A GOOD OOOK AT 418 MICHIGAN av.; bring roforonoo. - ■■■■■• WANTED— AT THE MAULTON HOUSE, 0 DINING room girls. Call botwoon 9a, m. and Ifl m.' WANTED-A GIRL TO DO THE SECOND WORK 1I in a small family. Nono bat thoao thoroughly com* ; potent nood apply. References required, Call,at dip Mlohlgan-qy. _ , •. , . - 'W A N’^ D - A - OIIIL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK Tv in a email family, at 6U South, Paulluvst. - Gorman or Scandinavian preferred. 1 • • WA-NTKD- HERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN' TT girls for flrsUolass situations in private families and hotels. No foot, at 663 Sedgwick-at. WANTED-A WAITER TO HELP DURING DlN ner hours, at 131 Duarborn-aL WANTED— IN A .PRIVATE FAMILY, A RESPECT* able Irish girl, to do plain cooking, washing, and ironing. Apply at 1W North Oarpeutor-at. WANTED-A SWEDE, DANE. OR NORWEGIAN II girl, to do general housework. Apply at No. 7(jTwon ty-lhlrd-at., corner Pralrie-av, r ANTED—A SECOND - OOOK. AT LAURIE'S EU- V> ROPEAN HOTEL, corner uanal ahd Madlson-sta. WANTED-A GOOD .GIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS 1 t plain cookings will havo a good homo and nloo room, 20 Aburdoon-st. . . 1 WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK AT 71 North Ana-Ht. . . WANTED-A, dim, TO 1)0 OKNKRAL HOUSE work: must bo a good cook, washer, and Ironor. Call atD79Mlomgaq-aV. •* ' _ WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL it liousowurk in a small family. Apply at 103 South Llnooln-st. atouoo. WANTED-A STRONG, ELDERLY WOMAN TO IT assist in tbo care of throo chlldron ami In general oarqof the house. No kjtohun work. Apply at 678 Woat Jaokiuu-st., with roforonoo. Milliners. WANTED - FIVE EXPERIENCED BONNET I t makurs: throo tlrst-oloss trimmers, tn whom tho highest siilarlca will ho paid, D. WEUSTKU A 00.', 870’ ami 373 Wahash-av. Hnnankeeuera. WANTED-A MIUDLK-AOED WOMAN TO OARK J’, i or l J l house and to caro for phlldron. Inquire at 166 Bastlndlaiu-ii., between k and f, for three days.- i—'li WANTED—rEMALE KEEP. - Sonmatrosiiofl. ■W A^, D flg* AT ;? 0, TATANTEIi-j FIRST-CLASS, DRESSMAKERS Ji.4 _» 69 DcmglU.pJftoo. ‘ ■ j ,••.-■ Wantkd-sevkral girls, koii Hicwwd , ?n= n ./*. ,, . , A llt,, ** r ft PP I J r whoamlcratand It thor- QPghly at D 3 Kul KlurlO li., clothing store. _ __ W A SIH?~“*n DRRBS-M AKKRB. AP -10 plKLn> LKITifiU 4 ™ n; W A .i'?w^°«V rl npon NF.w shirt ironerb, —' BtOrlonUl Htoam Laundry, 430 Wo»t Uandolph-«t* Appiy 10 Dr * u * s * W A tJ f l.^ E “ -A . a ! n . r ' 1? oil H YRARB Off AOIt TO WANTED—A-FIRST-OLAHS-'WRT NURSE ‘ IN n. ■«. FOSTER'S, «i wSt !m.«; ' Employment Agenoioi, Tty"ANTED-BOME GOOD' GIRLS 'FOROITY AND J.■ -ooimt-ry, vory hlghwagoa paldjono flril-olau lariri* •talrt a | B0 ' houaokooppra. rtß„WAbaaU-aT., op \\T ANTED—GOOD GIRLS FOR PLACES IN PRi: WMt •nSvwss ANTKD-25 GIRLS IN PRIVATE HOUSES, boarding.Home 1 , holola. boat#, and toaaola, fbr thi «»y and country. .ApplyatMflß ‘. - ; : .MißooUnnoons* . TKT LADIES AS CLERKS IN.OIGAI TT atoro on French plan; nno for (ho oily, dno ontalno. Innainof A. COLUy,- M. D.; 205 BontL W \ri£-E£gff,^goE l o A „ t !a a s r a t IH J - WAiyED-BKVBRAL” LADIES FOR- THE OITV t)n S!' tf V W Mil B>llotatUolo and SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. ; Booldcoepbrs. Glories; &e, : ■> QITDATION WANTED-BY ADRUGGIST, EITHER Iqawbolaaalo.orrotallfltoro} Da graduatoofPhlla. SS 1 . 1 ? v„?°‘T 01 R"*"'! wr., wim five MESlosg.‘f^ S'™^- I( l£.. WAN ’ I ' , . tD - A ? lIOOKKERPEIt HY A QITUA'ii&N 'WANTKU-AH CLERK-IN AREAL ?i t . 0, /°. norßl broke S* ,? p Insurance office by a young Y M,^bun°(?offlco mmon ■ Uon * ftn “ l roforoaooi,- Address CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG'MAN WHO ■ * at l» Wr Eo .English ami Gorrnnn, in lomo ■""W* 100 *?' >toro .°r warehouse, preferred: 'M f \Voit Lako^.t! 0 - * WT 4 * Station; . wanted-hooks opened and P closed, complicated accounts ai|ja«tcd, porting, coop Trffe ll n Ml nornl offlo ° WOrlt attended. to; i Address O8? HTUATJON WANTED—BY A * TRAVELER, HAY syfeboMom A* 4 "* • , J -- ’Trades^' QITUATION WANTED-A PLACE IN A TIN BHOI ;°»th° D?.te J .°.V. . Add™, GRIM. SSI ■S I J,!?, A ?PF' ;WANT J D - Irolt A OUSTOM SlimT. V,.™ 1 ' Conokmon. Xrnmik'or.. &o. - QITUATION WANTED-BY' A SOBER. STEADY **S 0 i Mbn, AP , .P rdr, T° A ,tOftin. -Can give city roforoocos.' Addrosa W 44, Tribune office. *7 7 ” 'CITirATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GERMAN 'tnri“^« C at3 «S °j ldo ” ta nfla the oaro of lieraea, garden, tfa ii/lUnjolol! ,t‘ rJ W~»", •d.droM ;OITUATION WANTED—AS- COACHMAN BY A Swede, to Uko care of hom. wd* driv£ S K«“D‘?lS„n’rt. ”°' Ul * P' 1 Addr,M SITUATION WANTED--AS COACHMAN, BY A. sober man (Dane), who thoroughly undoratanda tho care of horaoa and oarrlaßCs. and willing to make himself useful around tho hooeo. Addrosa L. JOHNSON. 49 ‘roorth-st. • . r~ • SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE ■ ,r ' • ' '-v • UomoaiioHf ■ V.. ; CITUATION ■ WANTED —BY A COMPETENT kj woman, as meat and pastry cook In largo bo&rdiog honae or small hotol. . Apply at 149 Darnaldo-st. CirUATION WANTED—IN A J PRIVATE FAMILY, kJ by a roßpootablo and competent Norwegian glrh-todo general housework. Call at 356 Indtaott-st. CITUATIONS WANTED— BY TWO GIRLS TO kJ work In a drsosmakor shop, ouo by hand, , tho otbof on machine which ehe will furnish herself. Apply at'B3l North Carpontor-st, ■ A • 1 - - OITTJATibN- WANTED—BY • A RRSPEOTABLB kJ . B */ 1 ' ft do Jthfhpn weik. or as second girl with a prl‘ rato family. -Pali, for two day, at 717 SoutliOanaUat. OITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRLi TO DO QEN&I kJ rat housework In a small family, or second work. Call at No. 4 Myrlok-av, SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK In hotel; would-tako meat or pastry In city or country Apply at ilra. THOMPSON'S, -IfrO Bteto-st. oouaif ** CITATION WANTED-DY A YOUNG PROTEST) tJont girl, to■ caro for children la * roapootable famllyr would go into the oouatry. Address W 66, Tribune offleo. situation a competent Gim 1J to cook In ft privato family. Apply at 133 Buroilde-st. situation cook And second. to Sli- "f.^^g.‘J;; on o ji,V Tu . Md,]r WodnMd., SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK! O understands' overr description of cookery, In a hotel! Boat of references.- - Call at 477 Flftli-av;‘ SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL TO Odo eoeoad work. Good reference*. iSKleton Road, near Mtlwaukee-av. , ~ •_ r* * SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL k-7 to do second work la a privato family. Good refer once*. Call for two-days,- at 73 Buttorfleld-st. CITUATIONWA NT ED -T O DO SECOND WORK O in a privato family, by a Protestant girl. Ploaso call Tuesday and Wednesday at 242 Wentworth-av. STATION U or to do chamber work. -Can bo soon at 183 East Ohl oago-av. . oommondod. Apply at & OUicago-av., near WelU-i ” S l^’irtTJS 1 f.3^ NTB S^ T . O D 0 SBOOWD-WOIIK m rofaroncos. Address M. B . 169ForqUer-st,,-cornerDesplalnos, up-stairs. ‘ *. SSin 10 !? WANTED-A8 COOK IN A PRIVATE O boarding-house by a woman • who is well accustomed to the business, with reference. .Ploaso gall at 760 fitato-sC SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RELIABLE O. girls, one as. 000k, and the other as aoeoad-glpj, in a Hafstod 1 ' ° Ca M at 106 Uubbard-at., near ;OITUATION■ WANTED—TO COOK, WASH, AND \W, /f 00 ., V*. p**™ 1 ® f*wolly* good. references. w; * Buttorflold-st., neap Eighteenth,l , ... ’ . ' Soomstrossoa- CITUATION .WANTED-TO DO PLAIN SEWING; kJ will furnish her own sowing machine. Caller ad dress 172 North Wclls-st,' > Housekeepers. CITUATJON WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER IN kJ hotel or widower’s family, by a widow lady 20 years of .agq; la fully competent, and can giro best of city refer oncoa. Address 762 West Madlaoo-st. 1. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY OF REFINE mont aa honsokooper for a widower or two or three gentlemen; ean give good roforoncos. Address Y 80. iTribnno.offleo. *- SITUATION WANTED-TO ENGAGE-AS HOUSE keeper by a highly respectable lady, and well quali fied ;no objection to go out of town. Addroes Y 87, Trib uno offleo. , • Employment ARonolos, SITUATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OP good Scandinavian and Gorman help can bo supplied at Airs. DUSKK’S otllco. 80 Milwaukoo-av. CITUATIONS WANTED-BY HOTEL, RESTAUR* L 7 ant. and boarding bouse cooks; also, 8 chambermaids, fi laundry, and 100 girls /or housework. Air. REDDY ran bo soon at No. 6 West Madlaon-st., Room 6; Branch Offleo, 196 West Monron-at., Star Employment Offleo. 1 SITUATIONS WANTED - FOIV a' FIRST-CLASS cooks; also, Nn. 1 help of all natlonalltlos, for city .ndogm,.,. QUKAT WKSTEHN. lIUBLNKBa KxJ OIIANOK, 81 Utilon-at., comer Wsablagton. SITUATIONS WANTED - SUITABLITHitLP OP O . any kind-oan always bo found at UlO Scandinavian Employment Room, 663 Sodgwiok-at. , . GJTUATiONS WANTED -FOII TWO SISTKUfii O hotel or restaurant cooking. First-class cooks foi private families and girls for Evanston: also, Norwegian! and Oorruaua. MRS. BALAAM'S office, 885 WabAi a?., few deem tenth of poat-offloe.- - - - MlaooUnnoons; SITUATION WANTED-BY A PRAOTIOALPAVtMETI P as foreman or manager of a largo farm, Rofuronoo Jroraproaontomployer. "Addroaa CD, caro earner *l' QITUATION WANTED—WASHING AND IRONING O ■ for families; North Sldo pruforrod. Inquire at T*-. i!A North Markot-st. LOST AND .FOUND, TOST-A LAORE DOG; COLOR, . LIGHT-BROWN X-f and white, answering to tha name of Pioklos. Any L" OST-FIVE DOLLARS RRWARD-FOR THE RE turn of niywhliq bull slut; wits lust Sunday ovonlng.. botwoon Twenty-tltth-sti and' Miobfgan-ar. 'llotnra la aiANNHEiaiKU BROS.. 801 and tttTWoat Madlson-at; Lost-near union park, on Sunday after noon, a black find tan tint, with white strip on breast, and a faded blue riband «m nook. A liberal reward will bn paid for her return to DR. HALL, HP Dcarborn-st. t OST-pN'IIKCOUATiON DAY. A GOLD CHAIN XJ. and lookot, containing photographj on outside • poarloroset on reverse side a monogram. Any person loavingltat334 Jlnron-at. will ho liberally rewarded. - • TTiOUNB-A HORSE AND' OPEN BUGGY, WHICH X' the owner oau liavo by calling at W Nut-sU, hotwoen Hlrtoonth and Evans. , QTRAYKD—FROM. TUB CORNER OP HALSTED p-and Mather-sta.,- Saturday oronlng, Mar 81, at U o’clock p. m„ a light-bay horao. t) years old. with two whlto spots under the saddle and two wind gallaon bind logsrntwD.whooUdglg, painted black, andharnoas. Tin Under will bn liberally rewarded by reluming him to the owner. DAVID iIALLANIN, 2U9Hocond-at. STRAYED OR STOLKN-MAY 28, FROM NO. 469 .Uubbairi-al,, black mare, weighing 701 Pounds, the property of PATRICK RYAN. Auy.cno reluming the aamo will be rewarded. . o Til AY ED-ON SUNDAY , MOUNINO, A BAY O niaro, UM bands high, a white saddle spot*, and a email bunch oirtho loft flank. Anybody returning tlia same will bo liberally rowardod.. (BIAS. JONAS, Bill btsto-st. - - < QTOLRN-rHORSB AND COVERED BUGGY; 80R- U ml horio. fthont 10 hands high, whito face, weight about LSOttlbe. The party who returns tame to mo. 671 Miohlgau av., wlllbp liboraltyrowardod. D. H. MEAD. rpAKEN UP-A HORSE AND A MARE. PLEASE 7

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