Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 4, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 4, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 2G, . FINANCIAL. ILLINOIS B-AJsrig- Capital $600,000 , 3DIH,BaTOIIS= Ir’S' PS9f& AUOU » Dn. N. 8. DAVIS, Jr 5J‘ . 18AAO WAIXAL, ?Wa l A& 1 £P.9li I S SN » JNO. B. DRAKE, ■ANSON STAG KIL , I|. o. POWBHB. J. MoOUBGOB ADABIS, h. U, BIDWAY. BTUHQKB. JNO. McOAFKkIIT, WM. H. MITCHELL. JOHN DsKOVEN, OTW. POTTER.. S' 5- SJP.KA& {’rffUimt. JNO. B. DRAKE, 9d V>Pro.b 11. O. POWERS, V.Proa t, JAB. S. GIBUS, Chlm. w l," opf". for bualno*. ontboSd d«y of Jano, 1873, In Bank n diDS ,ormßt *J ooonpl«l by the Union Notional NOS. 273 & 275 MADISON-ST., (CORNER OP MARKETJJT.) CHICAGO, IX.X.- Will receive Savings Deposits and par Interest on tho name at the rata of 8 percent per annum, m provlilod in Its By-Laws. Will rooolro and oxoonta trust*, and invest money for Individuals, Estates, Corporation*, and Beds* tie*. Will loan money on Bonds and Mortgagee, Cash' Collaterals, and other good Securities, (riving preference, however, to persons of small moans who ace desirous of Bocnrlng homo*; and will sell Exchange on the principal cltloe of this Country, Europe, and the Canada#,andU*uo Traveler*’ Letters of Credit-. This Bank has boon organised as a STRICTLY TRUST AND SAVINGS and will transact only such bast* nose as Is directly connected with tho receipt and care of TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, and will bo a* liberal In its business transactions os Is consistent with a sound and conservative potior and permanent safety, " Depositors desiring to do so, can have lotion addressed to them In care of the Bank, and on tbolr rennost these letters will be forwarded to any other Post Office. They may also apply to tho Cashier for any Information on vnaitora of business, or to have letter* carefully addressed and forwarded. Knoelal Arrangement* have boea tnado for a LADIES* BUSINESS DEPARTMENT, in a neatly famished room,* with droulng roam attaobod, and separate from tho gen eral bnilaeu room, entrance to which la from Market atroet. The Bank will be open for the transaction of business from 10 a. m. to 4p. m., and on Saturday Evenings from Bto 6. Banking house of ’ LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, SOUTH SIDE, j WEST SIDE,, 157 anil 159 LaSalle-st. Icor, Daisied & Banloluli-sts. Honk Of Discount and Deposit. Certificates of Deposit bearing Interest. Oouootionß made on liberal terms. Advances on Governments and Gold at low rates of interest. Gold Exchange—Foreign Exchange* Travelers* Credits. Also, deal in first-class securities. MONEY TO LOAN On Collateral Stocks, at low rates. Commercial Panel wanted by WM. P. WATSON A 00., P Ho Clark st.. Local Htook and Note Brokers. HATS. HATS. STRYKER & CO. tie teasing Hatters aMrnrrlers in tie West, SHOW THE largest ail Best Assorted STOCK or Fashionable IN THIS CITY. 231 West Madison-si, I You can save money by purchasing your HATS at J. S. BARNES & CO.’S, No. 104 East IMadiaon-st. refrigerators. REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES, PACKER’S ICECREAM FREEZERS KEDZIE’S WATER FILTERS. IVORY-HANOIED CUTLERY, AMERICAN iiANGLES, UNION WASHING MACHINES, HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. 1 DAXiTOKT eSa CO., - 80 &83 mUNroOX.Pg.BT.. near HL.Lv ORGANS AND MET.ODIONS. JUBILEE ORGANS, Tunpl., and Molodloiu. Wholeulo Waroroom. of the Northwest and South, 53 and 55 South Ado-st. R. D. WILLSON. RUBBER GOODS. E.B. PRESTON, 138 LAKE-ST. RUBBER GARDEN HOSE and Fixture*, □lore*, Clothing, Door* MaU, BpUlooni, Balia, Boots, Bolting, Fookl'igVAe., Ac. KINDS RUBBER GOODS. STOVES, RANGES, Ac. VAN'S PATENT Hotel Ranges, Family Ranges, Broilers, Carving and Steam Tables, Coffee Urns, Etc. 36 State-Bt., s, w. cor. Lake, Chicago. HOTELS. The Jubilee Can stop at Bt. Charles Hotel, oor, Dosplalnos and Washington-sts., at $2 par day. First ejaaa accommodations. ASSURANCE. LoeJbii Assurance Comoralion LOLsTDOHSr. Xj&ZgSs, in XiooaX OoxxxxnJLttoo. J. P. QIBAUD FOSTER, of Foster 4 Thomson. GORDON NORRIB, of Boorman, Johnston A Co. CHARLES M. FRY, No. 80 Wall-st. HOWARD POTTER, of Brown Bros. A Co. OOOLDII. REDMOND, of Dounlstoun A Oo« Total Funds, Gold, - $13,234,425 Flro Assets, Gold, - - $5,004,000 SEO. 0. OLAEKE, Agent, 3 and 4 Brynn Bloch:. ■ Insurance effected oh Business Buildings, Merchandise, Provi sions, Dwellings and their con tents. MUSICAL. GEORGE WOODS & CO.’S Parlor Organs. bay. oroalmf much In- MrMt nod onUmalum Among mnslclun by reason of their BEAUTIFUL QUALITY OP TONE, THOROUGH CONSTRUCTION, ELEGANT DESIGNS AND FINISH, And tho oxtrAordlnarr mneloal effects to b« obtslned' from thoir COMBINATION SOLO STOPS. s?{ fc or breathing rtop); wt a wri / i S ANA (•baritone solo, not a fan or tremolo): tontag). ( 1 “ Qolßlu wli/oh will novor^Squlm haTO »°flnirod a very oxtonilro tale In teto'.SiiSSX.iM i!£%£l.‘ ama “° m Nos. 66 and 68 Adams-st,, between State and Dearborn, OHIOAQO. «r, < uL l^7.? f . ma,l ° V® to examine tbom. Olr. enlars containing mne{o sent poetpald to any addroei. - WM&S®, 383 WABASH-AV., Corner of Van Buren-Bt.| CHICAGO. MUSIC IN EVERY FORM. PAPER HANGINGS, JMUEWffI. PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, LACE CURTAINS, LAM BREQUINS, ALL KINDS OF MAT TRESSES, and other BEDDING, wiU be Bold at as low prices as any bouse in the city, GIVE US A CAUL before purchasing elsewhere. MGER, JENKINS & FAION, PAPER HANGINGS RETAILED AT FACTORY PRICES. J. J. RATH, 174 and 176 State-st. TO RENT. For Rent. The present TREMONT HOUSE, contain- JnR 78 rooms (besides servants’ rooms), with kitchen range, ovens, boilers, steam boilers, passenger elevator, bar and billiard rooms! barber shop, launorr, drying room, safe, desk, and everything complete to continue business. Most admirably adapted for fam ilies, having rooms la suite, with baths and oloseta attached. _9£NQKEBS HATiIi, having’’so rooms, xrtth kitohon, rango, ovons, gna fixture., and partly ftirniahed. The whole will bo rented S?£<i or “®P»n>toly for 10 month., with °/ i wo reara more, at a low rental. Extra induoementa wiU bo olTerad to ro.non.iMo partio.. Apply to JNO. B. DRAKE, nt Tromont Houao, or at Ellnoia Trust and Savings Bank, corner of Madison and Markot-sts. To Rent, Cheap, In tbo Pacific Block, on tbo southeast corner of Clark and Van Buren-sta., throe floo store room* on Olark-it., two on Van Baron, snd offices above, and throe fine balls •ulUblo for lodge rooms or other societies. JACOB WKIL_A_CO II and MartUon. BUSINESS CARDS. FRESCO JAINTING. SCHUBERT & KOENIG, ARTISTS IN FRESCO, 217 BAST WASHINGTON-ST. for flno Froicp Painting .nllolUid. A. ptoo ,, 0 ( ■fctu refer to the now fihoman and Pacific Hotcle. H. PRICE GRAVES, MEKOHAWT TAILOR Bamoyed to 187 Bouth Olarfc-nt. * FOR SALE. ICE BOXES & REFRIGERATORS. Forsalo very cheap, made by Benton Gow ers, boon used about six months, in irood or. der, at IfiO South Haleted-st. EAGLE WORKS. Closing-put Bale of Now and Second-hand Soilers, "Engines, Lathes, Planers, &o„ &o. The best in market. Bond for circulars. 48 , Oanal-st. P. W. GATES, President? Jubilee Jewelry! FINE WATCHES, STERLING SILVER WARE, SILVER-PLATED WARE, CRYPTOCYLON ICE PITCHERS, RUSSIA LEATHER GOODS, FANCY GOODS, OPERA GLASSES, FANS, PERFUMERY, &C. ONE PRICE TO ALL. COME AND BEE The Handsomest Store, The Largest and Finest Stock, The Lowest Uniform Prices. N. MATSON & CO.. STATE AHD MOPOE-SIS. WATCHES. GOLD CHAINS, ELEGANT JEWELRY Opera Glasses, Spectacles, k A DABQB STOCK CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Our prices nro fully 20 per cent lower than houses that sell goods over mar oio counters, and are warranted canal in ev ery respect to any in tho market. ROSEBERRY &FALCH, Jewelers, 68 IMson-st. anfl-134 Stafe-st. fidelity savings bank, fiue, or accident. " TIIB FIDELITY Savings Bank AND Safe Depository, In thsir new Fire-Proof Building, 143, 145 & 147 Kaudolph-st., Rocolto forsafo keeping in thoir GREAT FIRE AND DURGLAR.PROOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among the best In tho world, baring cost over ono hundred thousand dollars), Coupon Bonds, Securities, Family Sriptlon 0111 ’ Dccds * wlu- » Bnd Valuables of every do. r^".'cci”dhmfi’,| l °„. tl ‘ ClrV, ' ult ‘ “ ,rcm 810lo| W 0 * TRUSTS OF EVERY KJTmRSOEtVKD AND EXE- Interest Allowed on Savings Deposits, JOHN □. HAINES. President. STATIONERY. BOOKS, &o. EMERSON & STOTT, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN STATIONERY, BOOKS, AND MUSIC. CROQUET. BEST LIST IN THE 01TY. aae ■west madibow-st J. STOTT, late with Western Now. Co. Legal Blanks Of Regular Form, or Printed to Order, by CDLVffI, PAGE, HOTNE & C 0„ 118 and 120 Monroe-at. UNDERWEAR. iisißvm, SPRING AND SUMMER, In Best Imported Mokes. Patent Fasliiefl Drawers, In Jeons and liinon, and Novelties in Men’s Furnishing Goods. SHIFTS MADE TO MEASURE. PORTER & HOYT, McVicker'a Building, Mndluon-st., and 130 Tffeiity.Becoud.Bt. “ff TP 1" ANTED—ACSMNTB—FitOm 8751 ■A# *° por mon U l » everywhere, to toll one l|l| ol the moat uioful artlolos over Invented, If M noodod In every family. Bond for Giron* ■ O Ur. Addroia, " " BKOOMB A CO., Wanted—APartner. A man with *B,OOO to *IO,OOO In nn old o.l.bllil>od wholotnlo orookory oiUblUbinoul, dolnit oitenalyo trodS: rn.oo nßrtno' nl .il'.n l on nooonut ol old an nod ill health. For further particular* apply to ll CJ. DPN * Mercantile Agency, wrni/ WMhJngton iJd •STBLLO, Partner Wanted. Inawoll-eitabllihod Wholeaalo QnjcoryllouiolnOhlcaro Reliable party, with «80,0nj to «<O,OOO. can leourt) a do'* alrable biulmwt nun investment. Audroai. wllhruf7>*. encc*. WHOLESALE OUOCEII, Tribune otfoo. '” CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1873 JEWELRY, SCo. WANTED. DIAMONDS, &o THE OLID JEWELRY HOUSE OP RODDIN & HAMILTON Are now permanently, located in their superb Jewelry Palace, with an une qualed stock of the choicest Novelties inTINE WATCHES & DIAMONDS, the latest and most elegant designs mSTERLING SILVER and Silver- Plated Goods, exquisite Jewelry, arid everything to he found in a first-class Jewelry Store. The policy of this house is to offer the very best goods always below the market price, and make every article just as represent ed. Their Store is one of the no table places which should be seen by every one visiting Chicago. RODDIN & HAMILTON, 99 STATE-ST.. cnr. ffasliinfitnn ART GALLERY. FOR QUALITY IN FfIOTOGBiPHS, CALL UPON BRAKTX), Whosowork is kept up to ttaVßßr HIGHEST STANDARD of Photo graphic oxoollonoo. S3 PBB DOZEN. Stndio, 596 Watash-qy, $3 $3 COPYING. take Toun Old Pictures of De- ceased Friends To BRAND’S to have thorn beauti fully copied and enlarged, BRAND’S ART &ALLERY, 500 Wabash-qy. WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. BEFORE YOU LEAVE TOWN CALL AND SEE THE BEAUTIFUL National ai Woven Wire Mattresses, MANUFACTURED BY THE Worn ffm lattes Coii’y, HARTFORD, CONN., AND 286 State-st., Chicago, 111, J. T. STONE, Manager. BUSINESS CHANCE. TO IAMFACTURERS Wo have a $24,000 manufacturing establishment in Chicago, finely lo cated, and everything in the best re pair; has a large city and country trade which has taken many years to establish, and on account of the poor health of the owners are obliged to sell. To parties desiring to engage in this kind of business this is an op portunity seldom offered; 46 per pent has been the annual profits dur ing the last eight years. City real estate will be taken in part payment. For particulars apply to W. D. KImFOOT & CO., 90 East Washington-st. FOR SALE. Lcmo and furniture of a now Hotel, centrally located, and U doing a splsndod business. Apply to WM. B. SAMPSON A CO.. 1H Lafialte-st.. Otis Block. REMOVALS. REMOVAL. Great Western F. and 1 las. Co. OE NEW OKIiBANS, LA., BEN. E SELI&MAN & CO., General Agents, REMOVED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE, No. 208 LA SALLE-ST., • OIIIQAOO, ILL. XTEaygOV A nr - E DYER & CO., General Fnel Dealers, MAIN OFFICE REMOVED TO 73 Vaßhington-Btii R, E. comer Doartom, QENERAI. NOTICES. NO STRANGER Tinting Our City Should Fail to Call at KAEMFFER’S Bird Store, 127 South Olark-st, Where they can boo ttio Wonders of tho World. GOLD PENS Itopointed at tho manufactory, 144 Weat Laka-st. Pens for repainting om bo loot ana returned by mall s enclose Wefor cacti pen and stamp for return postage. New dodo mauotoordertoeuUany hand. All work warranted to glTu eatUfaotlon. WAI/TUR TRKI.KAVEN. IsTOTIOHI. Prom this date wo shall pay no bills con tracted by any of our employes, except on our written order authorising the same. OHAPXJJ & GORE. . Chicago, Juno 3,1873. ashionable Millinery AND DRESSMAKING, JACKSON’S, ’OSTPONEMENT. The opening of the Highland Fork Hotel, for guests, is poatponod to Juno 12, p. D. HOP IONS, Proprietor, uiXij REAL ESTATE. GREAT AUCTION SALE OF OKCOIOEy RESIDENCE LOTS HT THE VILLAGE OP Hyde Park Wo will soli at Public Auction, on tho ground, Plfty-Four (64) Lots, each 60x160 foot, situated on Madi son-av., Adams-st., and Hyde Park av., botwoon Fifty-fourth and Pifty flith-sta., in tho Villago of Hyde Park, on SATURDAY. Juno 7, at 1:80 p. m. Terms of Sale: 1-10 cash: 1-10 in 80 days;. 1-10 in 60 days, and the balance in 1,2 and 3 years from day of sale, with annual interest at 6 percent. Title perfect. Printed abstract of title furnished each pur chaser within 30 days after tho sale. Tho above lots are situated in the very centre of tho 'Village of Hyde Park, within two and throe blocks of tho Hyde Pork Depot, and within one and two blocks of the Dummy Depot, on high and dry land, a por tion of which is beautifully timbered. Hyde Park-av. and Adams-st. arc finely macadamized, and elegant drives, schools, churches, and stores within a fbw blocks. The property is near tho Hyde Pork Ho tel, and tho lake shore, and within one and two blocks of tho Lake Shore South Park. The sale will bo peremptory and bona fide in every respect, as the property must and will be sold. Great bargains can be expected. E'er plats, and further particulars of the sale, apply to Clarke, Layton & Co., 120 LaSalle-st. $3 $3 CLARKE, LAYTON & CO. Free Train, to and from this Sale, leaving the I. O. R. R, Depot, foot of Loke-st., at 1:30 p. m., and return* mg at close of Sale. CHACE & ABELL, 184 Dearborn-st,, Honoro Block, DEALERSIN REAL ESTATE. ii^?,j , 'gouVro'iTi't^o& ro|, ° rly bol ™ n “• °»» Investments. ■ie>, Chicago and Hyman-avs. 19 A CfCS on Barry Point Road, In Soo. 15, 09, 18. 20 Acres oor. Division and Forly-oJghth-Bta., or Hyman ?. v - Wow of the groat Improvements being made la this lacallly, the above lands aro sure to double 'in valno within next year. j, d. HARVEY

Real Estate and Loans, 174 LaSalle-et- CAPITALISTS. Fop sale, SW3*GCO /oat on tbo northwest corner of Fifty nrat-at. ana Cottage Qrovo-av,, fronting south on the groat park and north on Flfty-fir»t-st. Price, $60,000. 1 PJ? 11 . 8 * caih, balance I, 3. and 3 years. This property * n * w °l*o montha. Inquire of JACOB WEIL & DO., comer of Madison and Boar bom-eta. Forty Acres For ealo or exchange—Handsomest high land near Wash ington Holghta; healthy; good water; beautiful groves; commands fino vlow of Morgan Park, with lu iiuprovo monta, eollogos, and schools. Two good houses on the promises, and superior property to subdivide or hold, as railroad faollltlos and other improvements aro multiplying all oround it. Will take a city residence In part nay. 0. 11. BEOKWITU AtiONa. AUCTION SAXES. GREAT SALE OP 100 Bums, Carries, Express Wagons, PMelons, &c., AT -A.TJCXIOISr, This (WEDNESDAY) Morning, at 10 o*ol*k, at 5S & 67 South Oanol-st. WI. A; BUTTERS & Auotionoora- GREAT OFEITma SALE OP Err Gaofls. ding, 4c, AT A-TJOTIOISr, In Bowen's Block, Nos. 15 & 17 East Ban. dolph-st., on THURSDAY, Juno 6, at 0)4 o’clock. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., _J Auctioneers. DRUGGISTS* SUNDRIES. BLISS & TORREY, IDVEPOHTEIIQ, 171 & 173 RANUOIiPH-ST., Have Just received, per Btoomor VH»U3 DB PARIS, uxo following FRENCH GOODS: ■ saws** (Joudmy’a Goods, Twoozen, RSS ltlalr W r"riißhcß. Kfifc. Trmmuncu liruahva, Flasks. I.ublu’a Kxtritola, Tooth, I.ulilo’. Mann, Omhi-t.-r., ' IlnrlnN mihlh, lluliliur tiooilw. GEOSING-OUT SALE. UpcMiliceloLaiiies Closing-Out Sale CONTINUED AT 6. MENDELSON’S. East Madison-st., oor Franklin, BecMEJ Bargains. Every Article Below Cost. MEETINGS. Masonic* Special communication of Ulanov Lodge No. 971, A. F. 4 A, M., will bo hold It) Oriental Hall. tnU oTonlnlr, at B p. m. K. O. liOWZKH, Buorutary. Statist. I. O. O. F. Chicago Lodge, No. M. I. O. O. F., will moot Wednes day oreitlng, Juno -I, at their hall, nortlieaatoornor Madl ■on and HaUted-ata. Instructions will bo given in tus work of tho order by the D, D, O. M. A lullattendance U requested, If. 0, LOOMIS. Soo'y, AWFUL TRAGEDY. M. T. Walworth, tho Novelist, Shoi and Killed by His Son. Sad Result of Family Quarrels and Bickerings. The Youthful Parricide Do. | livoros Himself to the Authorities. Tomt, Juno 3. —Frank H, Walworth, aged 10 years, shot and killed his father, Mansfield T. Wal worth, In the Sturlovant House, thl* morning. Tho‘ deceased was an author, and.boardod In tho Sturtovant House, away from hla family. ; Tonng Walworth, who lives at Saratoga,• directly after tho shooting went to tho Twonty-nlnth Precinct roheo Station and surrendered. Ho made tho follow ' ls?thor?to°: nCOnilnß thoflbooUll » “d lliß causa which :”1 rwldo with my mother, in Saratoga. N. Y mv a H? er } l4Vln ß parted from her somo years ago ’* Mv fhlsfc r J.« l V ll i»I ah . or ' ? na 1 I havo l>ceii studying Jaw. f SS JX ,brt a y “” tf " 1 > buu ° not know , n I! Myf*thor bM not Bvod with my mother since wo left hero, three/cars ago, but ho baa repeatedly sent us 1 «f u * n ® ! cUorß ‘ «is only a short r ho threatened to shoot my mother and . * B h°t him because of this, , Notlongagpimethimln tho street, In Saratoga, and!then toTd him that if ho did not ÜBf v ol ** my mother any more, I K^ ho ? **}“• I told him that there which 1 would not allow any with impunity, and especially when 5? iog 1 hlabouse m.moiSs blm to “ u ™ which _„* l bo c*me to the room I drew out a rovolver Sh^iu^i 111 *° proiniso mo ho would not threaten ruoro i which ho promised. Shortly SnEJS* V 0 h®® oo “Pairing on family matters, and ho used pome very insulting language. and tmL hla SSS^rtf 111, J\° I 1 * 11 came toward me. and I fired ith£, oole £ e V l V >ta ai , hlta ‘ Whoa I fired tho hit “hot at him, ho had mo by the collar. * •uii.s? l7 rc ® r#^ tbl ?, on account of the effect that It ♦I? my t amfljr * 1 would like Judge Barbour 72" totoroatod In tho caso before."' B| d “°t And any pistol in the pookot of fnr but fooudtho noto which haUbeenleft ■£SS?^SfSS , oS? bK " B, - im±ot - T »« fouoW »JL o ’°l^“. I .T rant 1 to tr 3 r 'm d settle some family mat lore. Call at the Bturtovant House after an hour or two. If lam not thoro, I will leave word at the office, Vonng ooramlttod the * murdorM° plaw)* 8 Prißon Ul,tu Bl, ch timo aa the inquest takes When Justice Barbour was informed of the death of Immediately adjourned his court, the gentleman being his nephew. Walworih ; arrived In this dly on Monday, to at • "ommuuloallon of tha Oraml Lodge of (to M»- how y th ° Btal ° ° f N,w »“*.wlilcU lhe ,on ° r lh « '"to Chancellor "li 0 ’ 11,0 mo,t diatlugnpjhod citizen, of Uiia State, and a man identified with tho groat Tem “, n S, I)ibl " BMloU »- The Chancellor died In 1607, aged 80 ,care. A brother of the dcceaeod ".nd, eloquent mlnelon preacher of tho Paullato, who.o religion, honoo ie In Fifty-ninth etroel. r, 661 ,?! - rark. Tho family have been largely Identified rrlth most ot the prominent Intoreeta In this c 11 the church, In education, necllona CratUr °' Ql '' “ aVB Trido Bnd mflu onllal cou ya’lMrn !“ Albany, In 1830. Ho waa S'*!' 11 {° r ‘ho legal proteealon, aud, after being ed m tb ,° har.easlatocl hie futbor for a abort time e lO , 8 j U A , niiy, but, hie profeeaion becoming dbtaatefu), ha Boon turned hie attention to literature. ““T. r “ ra ,“ 80 ' • n ‘ l th » ««al‘ of that union wo. two daughter., who are now between 10 and it >?“ ra . of aRO > cad tho aon, by whom ho loat hie life. 2,d h of.l re ??. Be £ atalM , frol P “• wife for eomo year., anw Ireoiilog an excellent oomlnary nHSUSS *c, llI «aalhooatato of tho late Chancellor otogantmylo 18 * rato < ! ‘ “Ptinge. whom ehe la Uxlng In contrlbutlone to tha uioratnra of the ? a w.™SifV}!S d , l a, a '“aoToU: “Holanur, 1 ; "Lulu.”- Warwick,» Dolaplalno,” and “ Beverly.'' 0 i Leßtlootin ff ot Msusflold Tracy Walworth this morning, waa as follows: yostorday afternoon, about 3 o'clock, Frank H* Wal ™ J? owaa «w«lffncd to room 4°* i» tor cleonlug himself from tho dust of travel, ho wont out end proceeded to tho house whoro Snrfh n/ wm bo / &rd ifi ff ’ fP rourtb *vonue, two doors ?.? r . th P? street. Bo Inquired for Mr. itolworth, and waa Informed that be was not at home. Uo then loft a note, asklug his father to call at tho □turtovaut Bouse and boo him, as bo wonted to settle up some family matters. When Mr. Walworth reached his house, he received a note which his son had left, and this morning left tho house about 8 o dwsk to go and soo him. At 0:16 Walworth entered tho Sturtevant Bouse, and Inquired of the night clerk for Frank B, Walworth. Tho clerk sent a llttlo boy up to hla room with tho card of Mr. Walworth senior, to ascertain If tho sou would then oeo him. Tho boy soon returned with an answer to show tho gentleman u . p * a vS IWD^ b ? enlor Hmn went up-ataliu, and in about 15 or 20 minutes afterward tho Bound of shots was hoard coming from tho room by the chamber maids, down stairs and Informed tho clerk. Tho dork immediately sent out for an officer, hut before be arrived Frank Walworth walked down stairs with his coat on his arm, and stated to tho dork that bo-hod shot hla father, and aaklng whoro tho noaroat police station was. After ro colvlug the desired information, ho went to tho tolo graph office and Bent off a dispatch to his undo, tolling him what ho had done, and asking him to break tho nows as gently as possible to his mother, before she f°Vir m°. a . r J? f .J*J® ftnotbcr way. Bo then proceeded f° t? 0 thirtieth Street Police Station, and, walking up to tho deck, slated to-Bcrgt. Mullen, who vu In charge, that <ho had shot his father, who was then lying deed In tho BlurloVant Houoo, at tho eeme time handing over his :J 'fcevolvor, which proved to bo one of Colt’s five-barreled. Tho Sorgoant examined tho chambers of tho-revolvor aud found that four of thorn had recently been emptied of their contents. Be then asked the. young man ,why ho committed the murder, and tho an swer was.' “Family troubles.” Bo was then token' back and locked up in one of tho colls, after which tho Sergeant went down to the Sturtevant Bouse to ascer tain tho truth or falsity of tho statement mode by the prisoner. Tho hotel clerk told him that it waa true, and showed him to the room where tho body of tho senior Walworth had been found lying on tho floor with a pool of blood about hla bead. Coroner Young soon arrived, and made on examination of tho body and wounds. Thoro were four bullot wounds—a wound in tho loft side and one in the right aide of tho chest: another in tho loft arm. and yet another In tho right side of tho face near tho . car. Thoro arc marks of powder near this, so that tho weapon must havo boon moao to the flesh when it was discharged. Tho Coroner then gave a permit for tho removal of the body, which was subsequently taken to the undertaker’s at 80. CO Carmine street. Dr. Marsh will make a post-mortem examination of tho body ot the above place to-morrow morning, aud the inquest will bo held tho latter pari of this week. Tho prisoner will remain at tho station-house until after tho Inquest, and should a ver dict bo rendered against him, bo will bo sont to tbo Tombs. Bo la but 19 years of ago, and treats tbo affair very lightly. Bo oxptesses no regret for tha murder, except In so far os tho terrible distress It will occasion his mother and family. Dr. Marsh did not fludapy pistol in tho pockets of tho deceased, but found tho nolo left for him by bis son In hla breast pocket. AVtbejtime of his death Mr. Walworth was publish ing a serial story in the Now York Weekly, and bad an other novel In prose. Xa Juno 3.—Prank Walworth, who ahot his father In Now York City, loft here yesterday morning without informing Ills mother of hlslnten* tjou. Mrs, Walworth had lately received a number it threatening letters from her late husband, Tracy Walworth, and It la supposed that young vhl worth has Intercepted similar letter to her fromhls father, as she found in her son’s room two omnt/ eu volope. to her owu addnwa slue lie loft homo./ Tho meteor thinks her sou had a 100 received teroawulng lottera from bis father. Mrs. Walworth was d/orccd from hop husband about two years ago / OUo^“° UlCr ° r " , “ lworlh 1* how on .visit to Whin. 'onil«liM the following: kn. Wei a little more than three years ago, Instituted proceedings for divorce, ond eventually outlined a bill Uo ? toe ground of cruel treatnout on the .Pbo received the sfinpatby and support °f the relatives of herself md husband, ana all friends who wore conversant with **? CMe * 8,1100 bar soparation from him, Walworth has annoyed her in various ways, princi pally by writing her abusive lottera aud occasionally threatening hot life. Ho has also reflected upon her TOrks tl* Baid ’ 40 °° lDdlrook way » ,u on ® of bis u ‘* (, “"R hl<lr of Oen, Hardin, yd llolll , a military man 0 f promlnenc. In the vlafT 8 “ IKX;l ' aly ‘“‘’“■‘Uhl.h.d dim- V al T ortb ' 00 0 commitment made out by tho Coroner, has boon removed to tho Tombs. * withiiKioh"” 011 * coh.un.tioa Hunt for a fflurdoror* RionuoND, Va.‘, June 3,—The excitement In Nbdia. • J!S I w2?‘i? ly i ° VOr tho , nmpdor 0/ Mrs - DempßeyJMM and Mrs. Hosier continues. A negro named Bmim waa arrested In Suffolk on suspicion, but. proof SSSLWi U « ht l. Wftfl 6ubeequeSl» unmistakable evidence of his guilt waa diZ covered m hU bouse, to !ho shapoS NUMBER 289, u?' r .* c " ftna p»rtlf( ! rut In purnuit of tl &rAVi,, V 1 lio l.urroumlKl In « „ I ' c »f Suffolk by , ral hmulmt dll ffinoca?n ni» y..“ l ’ lur ?- IM ‘uu oM ladle" tlialp B .rt of V,m.°o. mmt “V §i UWofoml "“ 10 S PORTING £5 Mairniilcont damn of (s nail in * YorU --Tl>o % irf. - M The Chtep .'.Tribune kiSj-wi^coSSo? :pL b & fE Sir??^? 60^*0^^ 0 P rßße nt* Tho betting WM |6O to £?.?/.T r °. f M »Klock, of tho AUftDtio Club, onhm’Jn I , t £ np . r ?‘ J h ?. R flmo at 3:<o, tho Boston* going to tho hat* In tho first Inning, tho Mutual* s<y Dn[ e ln D nn T i'Ji’ a V, d tbotblr a two. In the fourth, they got ono and tho Boston* two, Tho latter secured two mote on the fifth, making tho game ovon. Tho Birth for totUfie. 8 In tKvKcJh galnS m t 411111118 *Jgbth was blank for both. Tho ox flniiuli D nu b^ ca , 11 } 0 Intense, and, os the ninth Inning 'r }, ® 1 i?, r ,IJo scoring a run, choer upon chocr rout the air, Tho tenth and eleventh innlnim wJ^i I ? a,r< ; a ' with 2 ut l f esuU * In tho twelfth, Ooorgo ♦Sik lt BS l A ,£ u . n f ? p 1110 Boalous by tho skin of his tooto. Ihe Mutuals started offln thl* Inning with three men on base*, but neither reached homo, and the Boston* were declared winners amid tremendous an ssr, • f ***■ yPoAton, oh Mutual. oil O. WrighL s. s. ’Bamca, ab...... BpoMlug,p..., Leonard, 1, /.,,, White,o. O’Rourke, r, f... Manning,! b... Schafer, 3 b,.,, U. Wrigbt, c. f. Eggler, 0. f Bellan, 3 b Hatfield, 3 b.,‘... Start, lb Martin, r. t. Hicks, o Matthews, p..... Qcdnoy, 1. f. Holdswortb, o. *, Total. Boßtons 0, 0, 0, 2, a, 0, 1, o, o, y, o. i-d M “ tuftlß ; 1, 0, 2, 1, 0, 0, ij 0, 0, 0, 0. M»n« famed—Bostons, 0 t Mutuals, 4. ■ ’ >,S rgt Bostons, 13; Muitlal*. 31. ; Fielding errors—Bostons, BMutuals, 20. !nm« Rtf name —Two hours 65 minutes. 1 I. 0 Mutuals outbattod their opponents, but the latter were much belter fielders, Hatfield made a clwm homo run in tho third inning by a magnificent hit to centre field above Holder's heads. Bcfanfor, la tue seventh toning, got his four bases on a daisy-cutter •iPtj 2?? 10 dlrect i° n . which passed through the oontro fielder’s legs. Several two and three base hlta wero made op both sides, and Start struck a foul, which 00- tcrod the door of a restaurant on tho far right. Amomr the dn ®By' cak chcs wore two that doeervo especial men- Uon '^J?°ST ß^ri^ Ill » ,n Ul ° ninth Innlngftook a hot ono with his right hand within a few inches of tho ground, and Hatfield, in the eighth inning, Jumped ?“?^ Bb v? b J sh . ono n J vlth Ws toft hand, atlesituSS A? 8 hoad v The Mntuale changed pitcher for ,nniu ®» and rccalUxl^Mallhews Bobtoh, Juno 3.—Thla wna the flint day of the Bca-. °°“ ?S[ k ABBodaUpn races. Tho first race for horses which have noyer beaten throo minutes was won by Ben Smith. Boot time. 2:33#, Six heats trotted. 9 The second race, for horses which hare never beat en 2:o6,was won by Bon Flagler In three straight heats. Time, 2:31#. 2:31#, 2:30. y ’ Sptciai Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Ottawa, June 3.—Some excitement was created here today by exhibitions of speed between some noted horses on the County Fair Ground Track. The first was a trotting race for S2OO and mllo heals, best three In five, on a mile track. Tho best lime of the winner was 2:55. There was afterward o flno exhibition of speed bo. tween several horses, tho Chicago favorites Tom Won dor and William Clinton, tho later a 5-yoar old. both getting well down into tho thirties. Special Dispatch to The Chieaqo Tribune. OAupiunax Cixr, Ind.. Juno 3.—The prospects for tho spring races at this place wore never as favorable as at the present time. Tho track Is In the finest con dition, Among tho celebrated horses entered are Black Frank, Rod Cloud, Mohawk, Jr., Chicago, Cop. Sor Bottom, Fashion, Tom Bendricks, Jim Fisk, Lucy, oo Bowers, War Jig, Mila. Caldwell, aud many others. Everything is being done to accommodate tho vast crowd that Is expected. Thoro ore already 120 horses hors waiting for the word “ go. ’» NEW YORK. Now York Detectives to Bo Investi gated—New Suits by Dim, James Fisk-—Serious OhnrgoN—Serious Ac cidorit—Writ Denied—HlacUounoll, the Bank of England Forger-—mis collancous* ' Special Inspaleh to The Chicago Tribune. NewYonit, Juno 3,—George MaoDounell, tho Bank of England forger, was removed this evening to Font Columbus, in the harbor, and looked upln a casement •for the night. For bis supper he was given regular soldier's rations. Bo was permitted to take his Jew elry and eight boxes full of clothing with him. In tho morning ho is to bo delivered Into tho custody of Eng lish detectives, and transferred on board tho Cuba for transmission to England. Tho writ of habeas corpus. Issued by the State Courts, Is to bo disregarded. • . ■ fTo the Associated Press.} New Tonic, June' 3,—Tho pleasantry Indulged in ro B omo New York detoctivos, at the expense of tho English officers who were ■ engaged boro In the case of UaCDonpell, tho forger, threatens to result un pleasantly to tho victims. The Borne Government is to ninko an investigation, aud has asked Secretary Fish to obtain tho particulars of the so-called “ joke.’’ Lucy D. Flak, executrix of James Fiat Jr., baa begun what Is essentially a now suit againat tho union Pacific Railroad Company aud tho Credit MoblUor of America, Governor Dlx, Qoorge Opdyko, and others. A suit has been commenced by members against the founders of tho Co-operatlvo Building Association of United Cabinet-Makers, Section No. 2, wporoln tho former charge tho latter with receiving $310,000 and disposing of it to tholr own advantage, and allowing laud, which was represented to be free from all Incum brances, to rest under a heavy mortgage, to foreclose which a suit la now pending, thus,swindling tho plaintiffs out of tho largo sum contributed. Tho fall of a wall at a flro in Howard street to-day caused serious Injuries to Martin Welch aud Edward : Wilhelm, foremen of engine companies, and a number '■ of other firemen, Tho looses by tho flro omountodta - $37,650; partly insured. Judgo Woodruff, in tho United Slates District Court, to-day, denied tho application for a writ of ceritorarl 1b tho case of George MacDouuoll, tho alleged Bank ol England forger. The steamship Villa do Havre, while coming up the lower bay to-day, ran into the bark Curacao, sinking tho bark Immediately. No lives lost. i Jay Gould left to-day for tho West, on railroad busi ness. THE WHEAT CROP. Interesting: Statistics of the Yield of 1572. Milwaukee, Juno 3.—Tho Commissioner of tho Department or Agriculture, Bon. F. Watts, bos fur- 1 nlaucd the Chamber of Commerce here with a very interesting tabular statement, which was bulletined ou 'Change to-day, aud attracted much attention. It shows the number of bushels of wheat raised in each ' State of tho Union in each of the post 12 years. The total estimated production of wheat In tho United States In 1872 was 219,907,000 bushels, showing on Increase of 10.a75.000 bushels compared with the crop of 1871. Tho largest production lu any single State was In California,^2s,Boo,ooo bushels. Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and lowa, respectively, ranked next to California, ranging from 22,000,000 to 24,700,- bushels. Tho total production In tho Northwestern States named, lu 1872. was 02,298,000 bushels, tm in crease o/ 20,230,000 bushels over the crop of 1871 In tho same States. , Secretary Langston, of (he Chamber of Commerce, ia outhorUy for the statement that 43,355,000 bushels of vhoat, Including flour, hod boon received at Mil wiutoe and Chicago, and other points, up to May 31 Jest, from the crop of 1Q73, In the four great wjoaUproduclng Stales of the Northwest,—lllinois, yisconsln, lowa, and Minnesota,—which, together with flje estimated amounts for food and eocd in those Slates, loaves an available surplus still to come for ward between the Ist of Juno and tbo incoming of flour 08 * 1 liaryo3t ct 10 » 722 »°° 0 bushels in wheat oad Alloghony County (Pa.) Itopubllcan NomlimtioiiM* PmrsDDnan, Pa., Juno 3.—The Allegheny County Republican Nominating Convention met hero to-day. Over 000 delegates were in attendance. The following ticket was nominated : Presiding Judge of District Court, Thomas Ewing: Associate Judge District Court, J, W, L. While; Senator, George If. Anderson: Representatives, 11. 11. McCormicks, S. J. Mainwright, J.C. Nowmoycr, Henry GermJg, B. 0. Christy, A. B. Young, and A. 0. Hays; Prolhonulary, D. F. Ken nedy: Treasurer, Samuel Kilgore; Coroner, William McOallln ; Commissioner, August Bechet; Jury Com missioner, John McClelland. Tbo ticket Is conceded to be an exceptionally strong A aeries of resolutions woro adopted Indorsing the administration of Gov, Ilartrnuft, isuounclug tho Cougresaloual back-puymeut, Ac. War Doparliuuiu Weather I’rognos* lICM* WuanraTdH, May s,—Fur Now EnKland, wind, shifting to Bouthoastorly and southwesterly, aud clear or partly cloudy warmer weather. For tho Middle States, southeasterly to southwesterly winds and In creasing cloudiness, with rain areas from the Al leghaulos to tho Lower Lake region. For tho Caro liuas aud Georgia, easterly to southerly winds, cloudy weather, aud ruin areas. From Tennessee to Ohio aud lower Michigan, southerly and southwesterly winds, cloudy weather, aud rain areas, From Missouri to Wisconsin aud Minnesota, winds shifting to westerly and uorthorly, and clear and clearing weather, kroiu Alabama to Louisiana southerly to westerly winds, and partly cloudy weather. Obituary* St, Louis, Juno B,—John M, Lovonworth, a well known steamboat man and rather prominent politl dsn, died suddenly to-day of apoplexy. Total,

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