Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 4, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 4, 1873 Page 3
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THE LAW COURTS. transactions charged in regard to the business of tho | hank with, the Went Bide hank, except such os ho has derived from the hooka of said hank, which ho hereby .offers to bring Into court, but hols advised by confine! ' that such’ transactions were not told under the Dank* rupUtf act, Further, that ho has no knowledge of any ' other transfers of property by said Winslow to said bank, -i {. c , \ , • . j , ’-- r Respondent also admits that on the Bth of December, 1673, said bank suspended payment, and that be waa appointed Receiver thereof, and aa such came Into possession of all the assets; and that said Jenkins, hs Assignee of the bankrupt, on tho 13th of April ’ last, made a fonual demand in writing for alt such Assets of the bank as'had boon: derived from Winslow, to which respondent soottho following roiily: v Rotari S. Jeiikina. Ac.: prill*,' 87 . . Yours of tholStu insUht focCtvcd, Containing a dc* tnand.that I transfer (c you certain property therein mentioned. As you are awato, lam acting as Recclv-, er of .tho SeandinaVlau National Sank, under appoint ment by.tho Comptroller of tho Currency, nndor tho provisions of the Banking and Currency act. As aneh Receiver, I am required by taw to tako “ possession of the booku, records, and assets of every description” 6f said hank and havo no discretion, ns ouch Receiver, to surrender any of such assets without tho order of eomo court of eomnolent Jurisdiction. I cannot as aunlo to Judge whether any facta exist by reason of : which) tho claim of the Scandinavian • National hank (©.'certain securities In my possession, an Re ceiver, ehall bo dollvorod to yon aa Assignee Jjv Bank ruptoy of Ferdinand 8, Winslow. 1 will forward to 1 the Comptroller of Currency a copy of your commnnl i cation, and await Instructions from him. I am, re spectfully yours, J. D. lUnvxr, ! ... -Receiver Scandinavian National Bank. Further, ho claims that under tho Banking and Cur . ronoy act, above quoted, he has no cholco in tho mat ter, and ho therefore submits to tho Court that ho la Toady and wilting to bring Into Court all the books nnd vouchers In these matters, and to give up any and all of each assets as tho Court may deem proper, , > • ArrtIOATIOW DY AM ’INSOLVENT FOB RELEASE. , . tub oiienev oasb—a CAGE WITH a WIDE range. ' ' Samuel Malcom, who has been In the custody of (he llio Olicuoy cnao cuim up lioforo Judflo Wllliin Slicrllt fornomo \reok«, Ijyvlrluoot kcnplM od nnllßrn yoßtordny monilDg, having bocm aot for hooriug for Monday, tho 3d June, Inst. Melville W. Fnllor, cotm- ibo discharged' from imprisonment. Tho application sol for tho defendants, mado application for tho ox- rwwi resisted on tho ground that tho'slntuto did not ex tension of time for eight monlhafor tho taking of eri- jftqnd to casoa whorei mallco was tho gist of tho action, Aluco on behalf of .Icfoudaut. and! Ibo preparation of by tho case for hearing. It may bo wttl to state that un- stho statute. Tho suit was originally brought for a dor tho old chancery practice tho evidence was all Strospnss, .which consisted of a seizure of a horso and taken la writing, and complainant was mlod iocloso r^ u PB7 or tho plaintiff, and driving It off so that' It b,. evidence by . flrod Umo, oflcr' M ‘Mu'S aro also ordered to close thclrovldcnoo by a txodtimes, Ithlscaso, because tho malice was merely in npgravo and then tho causo was set for' hearing ; lsut; by ptlon.and was not tho foundation Of tho action. 1 In statute imaclod some years elnco, testimony nny bo words, that tho execution referred to oases where J*“ in Chance*• »rtta orally before fbo inconsequent*, it is tho practice of .tho Court to sot Lbo merely to enhance tho damages. tho case at some early day, and, if tho parties cannat - *:' bdit for the rent op a wadabh avenue mansion. got ready In tho intermediate time, and do not Intend - John Q. Hoyt yestcnlay commenced suit In breach te call dXmtant UioUrao. Thu», Judge Wiblama 80l thokoso, In puUro : ,lgnod a lease of No. 1030 Wabash avenue, Including ignorance of what nature tup woof wos\ going to be, f household furniture and effects, for ono year, from and how much time was really rt-jiirea Ito cot. lt in/ May l, 1873, to tho last day of April, 1873, at tho rate tho setting of tiio capo mortfiy operptug t a induce dill-. of |3,000 per year, payable at tho* rate of $250 per Sonco on tho part of parties in obtain* g\all tho i evt- month, tho last two roontUa of which ho - alleges to be oaco which they intended to take in wrtw,» • < ■ unpaid, which ho now sues for.’ JKMffISSSSs aa SESaSBIS: jSSSSSSHaSSSia tbor urged that the alleged proceeding. nblcb onl-' S, to rKw' m: ,o ,h.Tmom et cSSV.XIId mlnated in Ibo acntence of ausponalpn, wore utterly floronajn t from {f * u! 3oth of void: that, therefore, tho of. suspension was \ j ono . joto. iSTiSi void also, and tho sentence of deposition foil with \ that; that it waa claimed on behalf of complainant^ that k Bishop of the Proliant Episcopal Church of X » 1870 to WfigS 0 * P * ld dcfe “ dant the United States had power and authority Inherent s in bla office to depose or snspond any Prcabytor of;hls ,xho City of Chicago flloa its neliu^« A dloceeo without trial and conviction for any offence, Cmirtagaftmt John Svd? Qco P uotwlthslamUug the Constitution and Cations of tho p n a Olmrch for,nob (rial; and. IbeUberefero, a Civil Court could not go behind such Scntonco. NathanlolWUlis, and Karl atam eeklng for tho Many •depositions hud been token in ihla domnallon of certain land belonging to them, and re. COSO OD bchftlf Of Complainants and tho milr«rf bv flhn cltv fnp Ihn nn-nJnVr rvf -nwiTTvlLn tJtoo from tho oth of April, whou the case was aet, had % om street to Ashland avermo. boon fully occupied In cross-txamining witnesses call- TnE outmimai. oonnx ed behalf of tho complainants, to establish tho propo- TOotou Grand Juram ha* n Iw»mi nw.inmi -« aition just mentioned j that tho Inquiry involved an pwoUfl twS-thSf ■ bom obtalned oul 9* tho examination into tho history of tin early Church, tho -Nonetit iuirv will bdimmnnVd tntn n «i, Apostolic Canons, those of Gon»ral OonncU, tho Henry l Cregor was brought up before Jud*go Rogers I.%°£ tb ,° l l l i°. Q Chu^ h °* non * Oh n writ of habeas corpus and charged with hSSS law of England, and the history, Coastltution, and stealing. The evidence against him being quite in- KpUoopal Church of the oondualvo, waa discharged. 8 q d^ nd ? ui ti? fl , lßtod P^op oß0 * 1 Thomas oforien, a ohUd of 0 yo&rs of age. whom \Sr 0 » ’ JoaHcolßonwon had sent down to Jail for larceny, waa v£iil£.£5 rd ?i lip 1518110 ? of Exeter, by the Ycry also brought up on a writ of habeas corpus. 7 The t v?, D n-h ea «-M n O »L Y^ tmiDß ii Cr ’. °? d little follow, tjrho waa amall and simple of his ago, tod- P S £° ut ot Court cvidenUy dcUgUtcd wltil .Dr, John Cotton Smllh, Rev. Dr. E.‘ A. Wosb* burno. and other eminent priests of (ho Episcopalian Churon in this country, that there was no power and authority Inherent in the office of Bishop to depose or ■oapond contrary to tho Constitution and Canons thereof: that such sentence of suspension, If pro nounced contrary to (ho-Constitution ond Canons; would be absolutely void; that In the Colonies of ‘Great Britain, haring a Constitutional Government, . the situation of tho Anglican Church waa precisely i that of .any other religious body, as tho Methodist, rrcabytorian, Baptist, etc.; that It la tho settled law, of .the Afigtican Church in said Colonies, that» sentoaoo of .deposition pronounced upon a Presbyter /or disregard of sentence of suspension Is void of said sentence ot bub- - Erosion, whero pronounced in violation of the written wof too Church ; that the Presbyter is only bound by his oath of canonical obedlouco to obey such Com mands as the Bishop is by law, or by agreement of tho parties, to Impose, and that whore a trial is provided by the written law of tho Church, to whlch tho Pres byter, In becoming such, .has assented. No scntonco of suspension or deposition can be lawfully pro nounced unless tbo Presbyter baa bad a trial; that by Mesara. Keith, Mills, Thomson, and others, the do fondants proposed to prove that tho - real estate on which the edifice of .Christ erected was convoyed In manner named- in a • deed of conveyance for the express purpose of hav ing the property hold for the use. of the congregation, not subjected to the Interference of any superior ecclesiastical governing body whatever; that, tho congregation of Christ Church boa unanimously directed the wardens and vestrymen to continue to employ the Rev. Dr. -Ohonoy: that no minor ity Ims appeared at any meeting of tbo congregation, ond Insisted that the Doctor should ceaso from his ministration; that it represented the real ownership of tho property, or thatlt claimed that the congrega tion waa proceeding in violation of the laws of tho Church; that at least flvo months, considering - tho' coaeon of the year, should be-allowed defendants to make their proof In the promises OnthcSO points alone, irrespective of other points, and they aro many, which wonld bo urged upon ' Uio hearing of- tho case; and that a considerable period, should be allowed in addition to preparation of the case for argument •tier the evidence of both sides waslo, ■ •• After tbo reading of (ho above statement, Mr. Judd, counsel for complainants, argued that defendants had not used due diligence; that they know what tho Case was when tho bill was filed, and might have taken their depositions some time since. - Ho conceded that be Intended to roly, In caso ecclesiastical -proceedings wore found to have been irregular, upon the Inherent power-of tbo Bishop as above stated. Ho claimed also that tho affidavit was -not sufficiently specific In its allegations as to what defendants - intended to .prove, Eoappearanco and Further, Postponement of the • J Cheney Case, , , Answer of the Scandinavian Bank Re ceiver in the Winslow Bank-. . j ‘ rnptcy Suit, |.;i Alleged Enlawfiil Taxation of Rail-; roads and Commercial j Enterprises. Land Wanted to Open Douglas Aveniie —Habeas Corpus Petition in 1 the Criminal Court. j The Courts In Brief—Now Suits. . The Court said that the motion was not a technical, - common law motion for a cantinuancy, but waa simply ou application to the discretion of the Chancellor for more time in which to make the case ripe for hearing ; that when the ease was originally set, the Court was not aware that it Involved - questions having so wide a ' range; that os it waa conceded for complainants that depositions bad been taken to-sustain too position founded upon tbo alleged law of too Church that a Bishop's sentence waa binding by reason of too power and authority Inherent In too omoo: and ea- It appeared that the time of coun sel hod been largely taken up In ad ducing,evidence on behalf of cpmplalnantJ, and, aa toe ’questions of ecclesiastical law involved wore of such a character as to render the employment of counsel a matter of difficulty,lt was tho opinion of toe CourUtoat the time must bo extended; that too Court had .thought that the case might bo heard and decided In time to go to the Supreme Court at the next session. If either party desired to take It there,-but (hat It was Apparent in too present aspect of toe case that this would be Impossible. That the case waa of the greatest Importance was a matter of course in any view, but its Importance to too Church at large had hot boon thoroughly appreciated by tbo Court until Bow, and, In that view, too Court believed that tho oompleteit opportunity should be given to have too question thoroughly investigated. . Ur, Judd then suggested that perhaps bo would be •hie to admit all that defendants > claimed they could prove. that is to say, that witnesses would so testify, and at his suggestion tho matter wont over until Mon day next, that it may be soon if counsel could agree in meantime with regard to a stipulation os to such ad missions. TUB WINSLOW JUNKUUPTOT—nABVET'B ANEW EH. Joel D. Harvey, Receiver of the Scandinavian Bank, and toe Trustee, In answer to tho complaint of Robert, B. Jenkins, as Assignee of Ferdinand 8, Winslow, bankrupt, admits the bankruptcy of Winslow, the statements ss totho organisation of toe Scandinavian Bank, oto.; that on the 13th of July, 1873, Winslow executed to Biller, cashier of tho bank, a power of at torney. the contents of which defendant is not able to state; that on the 16th of said July said Winslow left Chicago to go to Europe. Respondent la un able to answer as to whether SUlor bad tho management of (he affairs of said Winslow after be so left. Uo admits that a noto came Into his bands aa Receiver, executed by Winslow, for $36,000, with collaterals for security for the payment thereof which oro of small value, and ho knows not to whom they were made payable, but simply that they came to the bank in tho ordinary aouree of business, and there after into bis hands as Receiver, Uo denies that said Winslow procured toe attachment of a cargo of rail toad Iron at Montreal by the bank as alleged, but on the contrary that tbo bank made largo advances on said Iron la tho ordinary course of business, on bills of lading which It held for security therefor, and, upon toe non-payment of said ad vances, the said collaterals wore lawfully sold, but toe details of .such sale respondent is unable to a tale ; and be denies that It was a fraudulent transaction. Uo admits that on tho 33d of October. 1872, said Winslow by said Biller, his attorney, executed and delivered to sold bank bla promissory note for $50,000, payable three years after date, bearing interest at 8 per sent, and, to sccurotbe payment of too lame, he pledged and assigned to aald bank tho notes of said Tullman and Jacobson in said bill described; but dentes that said pledging and assigning was fraudulent; or tost sold bank bad reasonable cause to believe sold Winslow, Further, that on tbs Sith of October, 1873. four prom issory notes of $36,000 each woro similarly executed, pjyello at one, two, three, and four years, bearing 8 fior cent interest, accompanied with the trubtdeediu he bill doieribed, which trust: deed be denies being void. Be awerU that be baa uq Information as to too BAHHntrPTOY MATTERS, The proceedings in the case of A. Charles Brown, were ordered- dismissed, unless objections are filed within ten daws. in the matter of Cyrus B. Durfoo. the Assignee's ro port 1 .was Olodlshowlng sales of real estate which were confl->?n©d, subject to objections to filed by Mouday morning inoat. In this case, on order under Bee. 28 was also moklo. The jitter'of Moses M. Boyer was continued. Also that of Mo PemuCooi Company, Howard O. Gardner otaL; d\'iUianr' Guthbort, Otis N. Needham, D. B. Phillips at VI. . Objections to) discharge in the matter of John F. Collins were ' withdrawn, and an order for diacharge was made. V. Mary A. ot 01. were defaulted for want of answer to amdmlcd petition, notice having boon given of amendment'anl 1 adjudication. In the matter ol John M. Morse, the Assignee, John MoDougall, woe or\ lered to account for all moneys ro ' ceived and expends d on tho estate. Tint oodbts nr mtnsp. Benjamin Kendall and William G. Shannon, copart ners under tho stylo, of Kendall & Shannon, flla a pod tlen for mochanl’s m n, against Thomae L. Kerapater, on house opd lot In a* subdivision of Montrose, tu the Town of Jefferson, far $101.60. - Ambrose Hanngsllwa hla bill In tho Superior Court for an Injunction restraining Derthold Mueller and Francis F, •. Mueller .iron, disposing of any of (ho property banging loathe firm of Mueller k Hcungs. complainant alleges that ho entered into copartnership with Derthold. Mueller, «ad subsequently agreed, for S9OO, to SOB ottt'hia shore of *tho business to Francis F. Mueller. TbeaMwonot him, in his Ignoranceof tho PqgUsn tongue, toydgm a document by which ho sur rendered his snare- of the business before receiving tho stipulated emolument. Complainant now. prays for on injunction ro-UraLUng defendants from parting with any part of the property of the firm; ; Anna Marla Sle£z,\wfdw, was yesterday iu the County Court, appolntod adna'nlstratriz of tbo estate Of the late Jacob Buhner,.under a bond to be approved' of $20,100. . ■ The following accounts wcro*.fllcd with Bcgister Hib bard, In bankruptcy. yeatordayi: . Mutual Security Insurance ’Company, balance in band, $60,680'.' Ferdinand S. Winslow; h&lc'nc»ia band, SO, 508.01. , Commercial Insurance Oompuny; balance In hand. .$9,686*14.,. • In Judge Woods’ part of tho Court, tho case of Henry Sloan v. J. D. CobboJi' was opened. This is an action in which plaintiff sues (Ot breach of con tract to convoy to him the N. W. of See. 33, T. 40,. N. It. 13 £. of 8 F. M., for $48,000?tln tho year 1609, sold property being now valued at $lB 0,000. 11 Summer Business Co ats.” Among tho styles of summer buslnea a coats on our counter for gentlemen to select from toe following, favorites s * White duck coats, i White mohair coats, [.'■ Block diagonal alpaca coats, Plain black alpaca coats, Black stripe£ alpaca coats, j- • Gray mohair coats, **-’ ’ Brown duck coats, Brown linen coats, Black striped gingham costs, | And 41 Dollar vardens,” or one dollar striped ooats,. by toe hundreds. Also, j Scotch ohevolt skeleton coats, ' ' White chevolt skeleton coats, ■ Blue flajmql skeleton coata. A. J. Nutting, the O. O. D, Clothier, Noe. 330 and 333 State street. 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Open, this morning, a handsome assortment of linen and while lawn suits, from $6 upward. Braided linen Bulls for ladles and children; also, another large lot of elegant Swiss polonaises, linen and white lawn shirt waists, and 600 pieces of Victoria lawn, 20 yard pieces, at $0 per piece, Uotobkin, Palmer & Co,. Nos. 137 ana 130'BUto street. Billiards. Tho opening of Oborlcs Masters' new billiard hall No. 123 South Clark street (Jarvis Block), will take place this (Wednesday) evening. Tho friends of tbo proprietor, and the public In general are cordially In vited. Tho Jubilee Hat. Chicagoans and visitors should not fall to get the Jubilee hat, ntroduced only by Parker & Tilton, No. 83 Clark street, opposite too GonrUHouae, Tho name, and Chicago, June, 1873, in every hat. —Tbo slmr Jervis Lord lias arrived at Detroit from Duluth, TUo actors Francis Palana and Bweollieart were lublde lUo harbor, ready to leave as soon as tbo lea would permit. LOST NELLIE. Strange Disappearance of the Subject of '. the Legal ami Roliijleiis Con- ; ;; ■ troversy. ' The Guardian Accuses the Asylum People of Stealing the' ;' Child., ;"; The Asylum People Accuse the Other Side of Spiriting Her Away. , ’ She Threatens to Eml the Dis pute by Drowning Herself. 1 . No action. wan taken by tlio attorneys for the .aothorand guardian of the child Ellon. Keuncdy ( yoaterday, to discover what had become' of the' body' that has occasioned so much litigation and hoart-buru- Ing. It was stated, however, that they intended to ap ply for another wnrr 07 habeas oonrcfl as soon as the names of the responsible Managers of the Orphan Asylum could bo obtained. Following I9t : LIST 07 TUB OF/IOEUBJ President—JopJahL. James, Vice-l’resldout—O, 0, Cook, Secretary—Elbridgo G. Keith, Treasurer—Charles FoUannbee. .Hoard of Trustees—George 6, Cook. Ohnrlos Follans boo, W. 0.1). Grannlfl, Ilev. Ohnilcs JJ. Oliohoy, 1), D,, Fenndo Jones; Hon. Joseph'Mcdill, H. O, Stone, AV. F. Myrlck, Leonard Hodges, Peter Van Bohaack, Byron D. 2’uorce. ■ •. • - - •*» ■ • Officers of the Board of Directresses—President, Mrs, Henry Sayrs; Vlco-Prcsldout, Mw. Henry Fuller: •Corresponding Boorotary,-Mrs. F, W. 8, Brswloy; llocorulng Secretary, Mrs. Bonnet Botsford. < . Physician to the Asylum—Dr, J, H; Bingham. • Oouootor—Mias Charlotte M. Blake,, Matron—Miss Emily Swan. WHAT MB, MOIUM BATS, ■IAIAA MIDf Mr. Moran, of Moran & English, the attorneys -of Mr. Woadloy and Mn. Kennedy, being duly put under the Interviewing proccos, said that the solo reason'of tlioir delaying to proceed wan the necessity of soloct lug a course from which It would not bd found neces sary afterwards to make a departure. After duo con* sldcratlon. it was thought that an application fur a .writ of habeas corpus was the best oourto, and that was the course that would bo adopted. As already stated, they should only wait to ascertain the proper parties to proceed against, to go into court. Their client was determined to fight this thing to the bitter end. If it waa necessary, they would Haro every in mate of tbo Asylum sworn as to what ho or sho know of tbo whereabouts of Nolly. They would take tho causo before an impartial Judge,—for tho matterof that, there wore many impartial Judges in Chicago, and no dlfilcnlty would bo found on that bead,—and they entertained no manner of doubt as to tho issue, which, under tbeso changed circumstances, could-not fall to bo In favor of tho mother and tho guardian. If tho child bad not disappeared in the way she had, tho other , side might have come into court and made a further resistance, but it was very unlikely that any Judge could bo found in '(ho City of Chicago who would countenance such a barefaced proceeding as this. There' was no doubt in 'their mlndthatthe child bad boon spirited away by the Asylam people. ' Nobody In bis senses could doubt it. Where in the-world was a child like that to go to, at that . time of. bight? Tho thing was altogether too thin, and tho people had only ono opinion on tho subject, if there had boon any doubt before, this transaction had that tbo fool ing of (ho osylmn authorities was a religious ono. They were determined that tho child should not grow up In the Catholic faith. What an absurdity It was, : tho parade they made about tho child’s love of church I —moaning tho Protestant church—and religious ob servances,—moaning Protestant religious observances’ —everybody know that tho child had -no such fervid attachments as wore hero protended.’ This was not a now struggle. Tho same sort of thing had been gono through over and over again. There was nothing now about abducting a child to prevent .her being brought up in another faith. The abducting was transparent, and tho motives could not bo concealed, Tho spirit of tbo law was against such a spiriting away; 'and tho law would be pursued to tho bitter end .before this fight would bo abandoned, • X VISIT TO THE ORPIUIf ASTLtJM elicited some interesting facts, with a- good deal of matter merely confirmatory of what- wos stated in yesterday morning’s Tiuddne, and evidencing several misstatements in tho Tima, which aro looked upon so much as a matter of course that it would bo taking up space needlessly to point them out. • When tho representative of this journal called, ho was shown Into tho visitor’s parlor, a delightfully cool, and pleasant room, overlooking a shady grass lawn, well sheltered with pino trees, a prim little lady of C or 8 years, with firm, rosy checks, bright eyes, and plump, healthy physique, acting as usher, who direct ed him to tho lady in charge. It oppeared from tbo latter that tbo Directresses wore holding their monthly meeting, with dosed doors, and tho Tima reporter had already been re fused admittance, and tho ladies could not bo dis-‘ turbed at their business, and it really wos no use, no reporters could bo admitted, and so forth, oad so on, nil to tho offcot that tho reporter might as well take bis hat and walk. Not willing -to be classed in tho samo category as a Tima reporter, bo requested tho young lady who answered his inquiries to Inform any of tho ladies present that a Tuiddne representa tive requested a moment’s audience. Mrs. Sayrs, President of the Directresses, Immo mcdlately stepped out, ond, without losing an Instant, commenced with . Wo have already refused to odmlt two reporters, one 1 from the Times and one from some other paper; and wo really can make no exception In your 11 When tho reporter interrupted, saving that ho was 'Booking no favors; but, having interviewed the attor neys on tho other side, tho result of that interview, when published, might not bo oil tho friends of the Orphan Asylum could desire, when read side by side with the statement that tho ladles had hold a secret' meeting and refused to otato the facts for publication Whereupon, Mrs. Sayrs slated that tho meeting had nothing to do with the disappearance of Nellie, that It was confined to matters of candles, sugar nnd soop. babies' drosses and nurtory requisites,! troubles ortho , lauqdry and difficulties of tho school-room: and she gave hey honor that tho subject of Nellie had been tabooed and Would not be brought up again until a special meeting could bo called, and the matter dealt with for onco and forever. Mrs. Sayers is very skeptical os to the dlsappoar "the*, 48 Generally accounted for. HerUhoory h» that ' MOTUBU’g rnrENDS HAVE STOLEN lIKU. - , Shewn! not allow that any lady connected with tho Asylum would have had anything to do *wltU abduct ing tboclilld, in defiance of the law. She Insists that every one in too establishment Is innocent of any charge of too kind. The children oven, in tho in stitution, know nothing of Nolly’s departure until .it was discovered by toe merest accident. Thero' iwa« no preparation made for it. Nobody suspected it. Nothing was further from too' thoughla of all than such a thing. Sbo waa very strong ly inclined to believe that Mr a. Kennedy’s friends in stead of tho friends of .too Asylum, had been too ag gressors, ° ibe reporter suggested that It would bo a pretty dif ficult matter to take a robust girl of-11 to 13 years of age out of a crowded house against her will without a commotion being created. Mrs. Sayre waa not satisfied of that. There wore jyay ß Of doing it. Tho doors were open after too children had gone to service on Sunday evening. TUB HOUSE WAS FULL OF UIDINO PLACES, which in future would be strictly searched. lir and out, above, below, and round-about,, there were not ample opportunities for lying concealed. Tho child might have boon surprised and carried off before she could give an alarm. She did not propound auy theory as to toe way In which it waa done; but tho thing waa possible, and toe Directresses, as a bond of ladles, had come to'too 'conclusion that the child bad been abducted by the friends of her mother.' 1. - There was hut one theory remaining, and that a ; a most melancholy one. The child had threatened, rather than bo forced to go back to 2 live with- her mother, that BITE WOULD SHOWN nEUBELF. 1 . . If the other side was not guilty, why wore they hes itating ho long about taking prowdiugo v Thpy could have applied for a writ of habeas corpus 7 They woro suspiciously stow In doing so, Bbo, as President, and too other oil!core, worn ready, to appear in Court, and bad boon waiting for a summons ever since the nows transpired. From Inquiry .and-personal l knowledge she was satisfied that none of the outside friends of the asylum had token toe ; away. She did not believe that she had gone away voluntarily, and she was certain none of the officers hod. any hand in the transaction. They felt the matter keenly. r Tboy all lamented the child, and were pnYnfniiy anxious to know what had become of her. This being about all toe President had to communi cate, the reporter loft, feeling at peace with all the world, and very well satisfied with his went of success in obtaining the slightest inkling of the ladles' secret mooting, or of their sentiments as to toe disinnear ance oi Ellon Kennedy. ; 41 BOARD OF EDUCATION. Tbo Board of Education bold an adjourned meeting yesterday evening, President King in toe obalp. pres on, Messrs Calkins, Bouflold, Stone, Sheldon, Wilco, Hosing, PruHslng, Runyon, RloUburg, Bishop, Qogglu. Tbo action of the Board in letting certain contracts for| too Rolling-Mills and , Western Avenue Primary Schools, waa reconsidered, it having been found that tbo masonry bid did not include , too cut alone, and that tbo carpenter one did not Include a.tln roof Tbo bid of Tbos. Courtney, to furnish masonry and cut stone for the two schools, for $14,U0 each, wae’ao copted, ' 4 The bid of MoKccknoy, Kirkwood, & Towers, of $8,550 each for the carpenter work, was accepted. The bid of Roomer & Jeuks of $1,350 each for too roofa, was occupied. Permission was given to the Committee on Build ings and grounds to advertise for proposals for build ing too Third Avenue Primary, when in toolr opinion It was a proper time to do so. ' The Board Adjourned, I Boat and Irritation of tho Scalp. Burnett's Oocoalae elves Immediate relict JUBILEE. JUBILEE S!! .TQ-MORROW .L GRAND INAUGURATION. ! COLIBSUi: COMETS! To-Morrow (Thursday) Afternoon, 2 p. m. i . To-Morrow (Thursday) Evening, 8 p, in, MAMMOTH ORCHESTRA, MAMMOTH CHORUS, :;-'^V-;ttAMOTH'COUSEm TICKETS, ONE DOLLAR. „ no reserved seats. , sate al'Lybn ‘A Ho'aly's Muslo Store, Bfalo-it., cor nocMonrod; and' Carpenter A Sboldon'a Bookstore, 5>S3 r Wabash-av. i and Dyoho A Co.’a Drug Store, comor llalsted and Msdlson-ats. ' ■ • ■- • .LAST CONCERT, Friday afternoon, 9 p, m. .Grand Ohdnisof-1,000 Children, • selected from tho Publlo -Schools. Tho THIRTY THOUSAND CHILDREN lu 'the Chicago Publlo Sohoola wKLattend* prosenliug ono of tho grandest spectacles over witnessed. Admission for ■'Ohildronv-TWKNTY>IVa CENTS. Admission for Adutta. ONE DOLLAR. EveUM*. JUBILEE BALL fn tho CHAMBER OP COMMERCE. .THE GRAND ORCHESTRA will xurnUlvtho tmitle. ThoDannuot will ho served - In tho Open Board by the most eolobratod of caterers. The number of tldketa will bo LIMITED, thus Insuring com > fort and enjoyment to all who attend. Ample and oonvs nlont seats will bo provided for thoen apootators wbn do not doslro to danoo. Tickets aro only to be procured at tho Jubilee Headquarters, 87 Washlngton-st., Rooms ll) and 11. Tickets, admitting Lady and Qontloman, alo: additional Ladles’Tickets, $B each. • CARPENTER A SHELDON. BoalnoM Managers. HAVANA LOTTERY. IVANA 10YAL LOTTERY May 24. mirtjf of 'V'SSi 83 600 S:;;:;1SS Ito, Prttt. .bbM.. (coo (A "o. rrixe 17003. .S3OO '17020....iW0, 17883. ...800 117«ea... .awiawu... .BSO 17071.100000 33854....ft00 17997.,.. 800 23879.. ..800 16014....800 34901....800 18091,. *BOO 25908....800 8101.. ..bOO'aSOM.,., 800 8100.. ~600 33979... .800 8140....800 34016....600 I 8344....800 34034....C00 8370....800 34079....600 0330...,500 31087,...800 8414...*800 24089....500 8123,...800 24123....800 18189....500 34137....C00 18603.,,.600 34189,...JtU0 118516,. ..800 34103....800 18687....800 34307....800 16693. „,300>24374.... 800 18636....800 24803....800 1(W<7....600 24363....800 18681....800 34449....300 18690....800 34473....800 18743..,.600 24480.. ..600 18763.. ..800:34663... .300 18H10....500 34610....800 16999..,.800 34018... .500 19039....800 24631....000 19143....800 , 5Mtf74....800 19166..,, 800J24676....800 19340....600 84819....800 19263. ...600'5M869,. ..800 19288....800,34830,. ..800 19301....600 34388....000 19334. ...800,94908... .500 19338..;.800:34917....800 19364....C00 34935....800 19389....800:24980....800 19390....800 26003....8UU 19415.... W0]26000.... 800 1948 L....800:26014....800 19433....600 36061....800 19474....800! 26100,...800 19481.. ..800125133. ...800 19493, ...800 26378.. ~600 19566. ...300,35838. ...800 119628....300 865Q0....800 1 10639....500'?5383....600 1,19670....800 26388,. ...TOO 1'19681....800'25466....800 i> 19701... .800 26497.,..800 119718....800 26656....800 i;19726....800)36673....800 '19772....800 25894....800 119775., ..800 25616....800 '119778... .300,26661. ~,800 '119674....800 26667....800 illnorv, lai Sa""iS» 80S 800 CCT 800 eai.....800 443 bOO 633 GOO 566!,.!.800 618 800 19915,...800,25769....800 1 5UU30....800 2662 C....500 1,90081... .800 35651. ...800 ,20186.,..800.26686....800 ilottnj nm'OMnn ruin 1 20297 ~.800 36933,...800 20419.. ..200.35834....C00 20425.. ..500 26938....800 150169.. 800 36919....C00 1 20615....800 26991....800 '90748.. ..Boolaooas... .800 1 .20769.. ..800.26068....300 30773.. 800'2C071....800 20777., ..600:26200.. ..300 '(20794. ...300)06304....800 2359.,.,,500 2367 800 m 2« >30849....800,26316.. ..800 >20873....800 26818....800 )909J8....8i» 20413.. ..»<> ) 5U943....800 26448....300 ) 21007.„.M0;*j6170....300 7*21063....800:26476....800 J l ,21083..„800 26526....300’ )9im....M>56dn0....800 ) 21116....800 2CC56....5M ) 21206....800'88079..26000 121228.. ..800,26865.. ..800 };2U£61...,600 26868....800 >,21378.. ..800,96874... .300 1P1408....800 26907....800 ) 21484....800 26911....600 1 21510... .300 26937.. ..800 L216C0,... 600 26990... .300 >31627....800'57016....600 121662.. ..800;27035..,.800 121660.. .800 37162.. ..800 121679*.., 800 27311..., 800 > 21711....800 37269....300 121745*. ..800,27354. ...300 1.21761.. ..800 27377....800 121771.. .600.27879... .800 I 21860...,800,27464.. .800 I 21897,...800:27471....800

121917.. 37568....600 >'81921.... 300 87662.. ..300 1.21937.. .300 27606....800 >121944....800|27621....:(00 1:21976....000 27655....800 1.25008.. ..800 37779.. ..800 122014.. ..000*27793....300 I 22071....800‘37e«5...,800 1.33124.. 27895....800 1.22108.. 600 37U€6,,.. 800 I 22171....800:28018....500 I 22221....800128096....800 I ££&!....800 21)136....800 1.22800.. ..800;2820l....800 I 22501.,..800 38229...5000 122£38 ...500128236....5U0 i; 22339... .800126474. ...800 I 32389,...800:88678,...800 1]£ffi91...10UJ [ 1W601.,..600 >,123410.. ..800 tasM. ...800 122153.. 300 28667. ...800 121468.. 800-28722....500 I 22563..,.800[28777....800 122664.. .800 28781....800 1!826ft4...,6(X1 28800....800 1J5015....800 n.’018....300 )j10037....800 116013.... 800 1 16061....500 116093.. ..800 115233.. ..800 >16260....800 1*16442....800 1;16566....800 >,15590....800 >{16614....800' >,15659....300 115710.. .1500' 1116800.. ..800; 115836.. 115915.. i;itmiß...iooo i|16923....8U0, 1.15939.. ..800, 116001.. 116233.. ..800 >16348. ...800 116353.. ..800]: >16450.. ..800, 116466.. ..800 1|16600....800 I 6529..,.800, ' C6M5....800 > 0619....800]' 6644.. , 6653....800.: 6749.. ..300 116893.. 116807:...800 116963.. .800 I 6932....800 i 6022....800 117039.. ..800 >17046....800 1 17066.. ~«W <83785.. ..800 38910....600 22702....800 ( 2»160....800 228-17.. ~800 29196.. ..800 229U6....600 2928....800 22952.. .800 29264....800 23027.. .1000 29340....800 23038.. .800 29404....800 23259.. 800 £9123..*1000 232W1....a» 1 f1RH8,...a00 22804.. ..800129560....800 23351.. ~300 29600....300 18867.;..800,29763....800 23382.. .1000 29792. ...600 *3436.. ..&»2007.. ..300 5&U....800;29&80;...600 28C09....800 290)3....800 28677.. ..80012P947.,..500 237W....800 p992;...6W 7123.. .800 T1C5....800 7220.. ..800 7243.. ..800 17336.. ..800 17446.. 17456.. ..EOO 7502.. 7507.. ..800 17531.. ..800 NATION PRIZES. 810.000. | 95,000 4631 .8200110558.. SIOO 4632.. ..200]l0S60....1(10 4620.. ..I*oo 4627.. 4C90....200 -4629....5C0 I 4630....UW irnUhod. R «k GO.. Hi l-it.. Wow Yt #IOO,OOO. 17073 ..8500 1K!S::;;SS 17075.. .000 17076.. ..500 f77....500 .i978.„.KX) 17079.. .600 17980.. ..COO I s&i..bkoo |!2iW7a..,.5i00 ilUtW7,r...2tH) i,26(J74.,. .300 ||26678...,2WJ B3J SSK:::;SBi 9078.. .200! 0080.. Prizes oa< abed and loft formation fut TAYLOP i Wo. It Wall. HATS AMD FURS. STOP AT nr & BARKS’, Oor. State and Monroe-sts,, And look at their largo Block. Kndlosa variety. Every thing now and desirable. All tbo Nmv York and Eaitora stylos. Boat stock over ahowu lu this city. COR. STATE AND MONROE-STS., MIUN OP THU Ill.Arli lll'Ali. PROFESSIONAL. TUB BB,B3STCT3: DOCTOR B. BRIAED, From the Academy of Medicine, Faria, now Professor and proprietor of tho Ohioago Modloat Institute, announces to tho oltUena nf Chicago and surrounding country that he icleatllloaUy treats all forma of diseases, whatsoever Its nature, at ills Drug Storo and Odioo, 188 South Hnlstocl-st. Patients can bo consulted by mall and modlclnoa for warded by ozprosi. All languages spoken. - MoYIOEER'3 THEATRE. - . Monday evening, .Juno 9, and.during ttio weoki tho brilliant young artiste, KATIE 3?XTTI^AJS (L 7 .InT. 0. DoLcon’s now Drama o( • . . , ' , BUT* or, Ttirongh Vlro nml Water. ' , Bat ) Wltli Canoo*,} KATIE Brlcktop. ); NISON’S AMPHITHEATRE, Ollnlon-sfc, 1 MONDAY EVENING, Jnnti 9, *. OALLENDEK’S EAMOIJS , GEORGIA MINSTRELS ! Tho King Langh-Makors.ln tholr original portraltnros of Life on the Plantation. liil reducing tho groat Camp Moot* imr Jubilee. OLD AUNT JEMIMA. ' Matlnno Wednesday and Saturday. ■ •; 1 MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. THE CELEBRATED MORAN & MANNING’S . a ■ j In their unoqaalod Entertainment, All tho Star* ap pearing nightly. EUGENIC, UNHWORTH, FRANK MOHAN. BILLY MANNING, BulTalo Boys. Kroolslor Quartotto. and Hnperb Orchestra. ■ Aolioloo Programme orory evening. Family Matinee Saturday. i ACADEMY OF MUSIC. •FOURTH WEEK OP THE GIGANTIC.- , Theatre Oomique Combination NEW PACES, NEW'AOTS, NEW DRAMAS. First tlmo of tho entirely now Drama, - - TUB RACE. . First Hmo of tbo now Specialties, POWER OP MUBIO, ’SI'IITi; MB, JNiNOOKKOH. OIIIP SACK, TIIIS OTHER FELLOW/ Ac,, Ao. Itntlro change of bill ev ery Monday and Thursday. Matlnoos'Wednesday end Saturday. ■ HOOLEY’S THEATRE. BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. AT LABTI AT LAST !—Monday, Juno 3, during tho week, and at the Matinees, after months of elaborate preparation, a localized version of YE GENTLE SAVAGE! With an unapproachable east aAd an ARRAY OP SCENIC SPLENDOR. Tho porformanoo to oommonoo eaob evening with a glorious Comedy, east to tho ontlro strength of too Star Company. In preparation—MAGNOLlA, and an ontlrolrnowCom* ody by Bronson O. Howard, author of SARATOGA. -Class f tth. Print. 23783.. S3OO ,23900....300 23803.. EITMATTMCTIOI FOR THIS ■We have concluded to offer, during Jubilee Week,extraordi nary attractions in CHOICE Millinery Goods of all kinds, including a new line of elegant Imported Flowers and Gros Grain Bibhons in choice shades. WEBSTER’S, 241 WEST MADISON-ST. LAKE SHORE & IMAS SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Bonds Dno Oct* 1* 1882* with Interest at Seven per Cent* payable semi-annually* April ami October* at tbo onice of the Union Trust Co. of New.VoWt. $600)000, or Ton per Gent of tbo Loan, to bo retired annually by tbo Sinking Fund. Coupon Bonds of SI,OOO each. Registered Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO eaob. Prioe, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & GO. BANKERS, Wo. 18 Broad-st., Wow York. NEW PUBLICATIONS. DOLLAR MUSIC BOOKS. s*'s $ $ $ $ Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Hood Organs, Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Pianoforte. Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Violin. Three vory attr&ctlTO and nqoful Instruction Hooka; .designed for thoso who with to tako a partial and easy course, lull of bright, popular mualo for nraottuo, tbo Drat two containing eaob nearly 70 tunoe, and the laat 120 tunes, besides ojorolios. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ STRAUSS DANCE MUSIC t.OO For Violin, or Fluto and Plano. $ $ $ $ $ Winner's Violin and Flute Duets I*oo ForS VlollnaorSFlutcs, or Violin and Fluto. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Winner’s Dnnd of Four (nearly ready I*oo Easy Quartets for Violin or Flute, Cornet or Olar* luuot, and 2d Violin or Violoncello,' Tho above 8 hooks oro for Tux Pxoi'US. and aro (nil of <llO bright, wfdo-awako. oasy muelo, that iaa't bard to {■lay, and la bo delightful to listeners. iss $ , $ Tho above hooka mailed, postpaid, for the retail price. OUTER DITaONii CO,, DU AS, E DITBON & CO. ■ BOSTON. 1 ' 711 B'dwayi Now York. DYON & HEADY, Ohioago. lookers, fork Pit: MEDICAL IYDROKONIA, Tho Only Treatment Uvcr Attempted for the Complete* Radical* and Permanent Cure of OATCAJEUFLXX. Introdncod and practiced only by OT.EHSON PRATT, M. 1),, No. 131 Dcarbom-at., our. of Madison. Uoforonco given to more than uno hundred oaaoa. Con sultation free. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. The Arm of ITogo A Jowoll la this day dissolved by mu tual consent. W. M. Huge acsumlog trio liabilities and continuing tho business. Signed. W. M. HOOK, Chicago, JunoS, 1873. L. U. JKWKU*. AMUSEMENTS. MILLINERY. FINANCIAL. HYDROKONIA. FLORIDA WATER. IMPERISHABLE FUGMCE! KTOMY & LOTAH'S CELEBRATED Tbo rloboai, most yot most dollcalo of all For >) ■. ftitncs,toroboon tbo - ,> i CTAWPEEaCHIEF, 1 J - At tho TOILET, . . , And in tho BATH. ■ As thorn ore Imitations and counterfoils, always ask for tho Florida Water whloh has on tbo bottle. on tho label, and on tbo.pamphlet, tho names of MUIUIAY <Sc I«ANi>IAN» without which nono Is genuine. For' dale by nil Pcrfiimorfl, Driiffalntu, nnd Brnlcfs In yaacy flomls. CLOTHING. 1.1. TOTED Are permanently located cor. Olark and Monroe-sts. Their stock of Ready-Made Clothing is large and well-selected. A fall line of Gents’ Famishing Goods. . 180&182CLARHT. OCEAN NAVIGATION. CUMRD MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 1840. Steam Between New York, Boston, and Liverpool, FROM NEW YORK, Samaria Juno 71 Scotia Abyssinia....Juno 14 Algeria.... Batavia Juno 31 ( Russia And from Boston ovory Tuesday. Cabin Passage, 880. 8100 and 8130, Gold Excursion Tickets at Reduced Ratos. Steerage Passage. 830 ourroucr. Passenger* and freight to and from Ml part* of Europe at lowest rates. Bight Drafts on Groat Britain. Ireland, and tho Continent. P. U. DU VBRNRT. GenA West’u Agent. ' N. W. cor. Clark and RandolDh-sts. ALLAN LINE •Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. Firet-dnss Steamships, Unsurpassed for Siweil and Comfort, miming on tlio Shortest Sea Kontca bohTcen EUROPE AND AMERICA RATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN os low as by any other FIRST-CLASS LINER. Return tickets at great reduction, BTKKRAQE Tickets either to or from Europe, also at lowest ratos, and through to points in tho West loner (baa by other linos. RATES OF FREIGHT: Tariff arranged on all classes Morohandlso from Liver pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. _For other Information, or freight contracts, apply at tho Company's Office, 73 add 74 LaSallo-st. ALLAN ft 00.. Agents. 'Sailing twice a week from Now York, and carrying pas sengers to all parts of Great Britain. Ireland, Continental Europe, and tits Mediterranean. - Cabin from 865; Steer age, British aud Irish ports east, S3O; west, QBS. Conti nental ports same asotborwgdtarUnos. -All payable In U. 8. currency. Apply for ftul Information at the Com pany's olSoos, No; 7 Rowling (Troon, Now York, ondN. 13. oornor LaSalle and Madlson-aks., Chicago. HBNDBRBQIT BHOa'jdJußß, Agonta. MTIOIAL UNE. Sailing from Now Tort for Queenstown mm) Liverpool every Saturday, aod (or Loudon direct over? fortnight. Gal Passage SB9, S9O, ana SIOO Cmrcncy. Excursion Tickets at Otvorahlq rates. • Intending pas sengers shooWmaka earlysrpuoMloaforberths. . . STEERAGE, 839.00 mmenDT, ■ Prepaid atseragd tickets from uveitmql. Queenstown.' Londonderry, Glasgow, Ohrdlfl; Bristol, orLondon, @BI.OO currency. . i Passengers' booked to or from Gorman aod Scandina vian points at low ratos.' . The Steamships of this lino oro the largest In the trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and tno Continent,' WILUASI 3UCALISTEB, ■ Oen’l Western Agent, Nortlioast corner Clark and Bandolph>ft«. (opposite ■ osw Sherman llouso), Chicago. . NEW TOEK TO GAKDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other Points in England and Walesa The Booth Wales Atlantic Steamship Company’s new. first-elms Steamships will-sail from Pennsylvania Rail-* road Wharf, Jersey Oily: PEMBROKE.. ; May 38 GLAMORGAN June 18 Those steamships, hnllt expressly for the trade, are pro vided with all tho latest improvements for tbo comfort and convenience of CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. • First Cabin. .SBO currency Second Cabin.,,. 66curtoncy. Rtoorago . 80 currency Prepaid Steerage certificates from 0ard111..............533 Drafts for XI and upwards. - - i For further particulars, apply In Cardiff, at ths Com pany's Offices. No. 1 Dock Chambers, and In Now York to .■■ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO.. Agents, No. 17 Broadway. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY, NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. Those olesant now atoamore will tall from State Liao Plur. Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y, at as follwa; VIRGINIA. S,MO ton* Wednesday, Juno 11. PENNSYLVANIA, 3,600 tons .Wednesday, June 25. GEORGIA, 3,600 tons Wednesday, July 9. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A QO., - Agents, 73 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage office, 46 Broadway, N. Y. ' STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. NOTICE Is hereby given that ft mooting ol the stockholders of the Peninsular Railway Companywill bo hold at the olllco of the Company la tho City of Battlo Crook, State of Michigan,, on tho 80th day of July, 1873, at 2 o’clock p. ni., for tho purpose of submitting to said stockholders, -for their sanction or rejection, an agreement made and colored Into by and between tho Directors of tho Peninsular Railway Oompsoyaad the Director# o/the Port Huron A Lake Michigan Railroad Company for the consolidation of said two companlosinto one corporation,' • ■ . : M, S. BRACKETT, Secretary. Dated May SO, 1678. Chicago, Danville & Vincen nes Railroad. General OrncE, 299 West Randolph-st., ) Chicago, MayEi, Ibis.l Tho annual meeting of Uiosteokholdors of tho Chicago, Danville A Vincennes Railroad Company, for the election of Dlrootors, and tho transaotlonof such other business as may come boforo the mooting, will be bold at the ffleo of tho Company, Wo. 290 West Randolph***., In tho City of Chicago. Ul., on Wednesday. Juno 18, 1673. - ■ The poll will he opened at II o'clock &, m.. J. S. CAMPUHLL, Secretary. OPFXCB OXP RAILROAD COMPANY. The antmal meeting of tho Stockholders o| Rook Island A Paciilo Railroad Company, for tho election of Directors, pursuant to law, and tho transaction of such other business as way come boforo thorn, will lie hold at the ollioe of the Company, la tho City of Chicago, on Wednesday, the 4th day of Juno next, at 11 o’clock a. ui. vr tt n.r,wa c . JOUN F * TIIAOV, Probldont. F, n. TOWS. Secretary. SCALES. PAXBBAKKS’ Rf**l standard 1/ SCALES of all sizes. J&aEgrfdaa faibbanks, mouse & oo 111 AND 118 LAKK-ST. SUMMER RESORT. GBHEKTBRIBB WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, West Virginia, Famoiifi' for lliclrAUcratlvo Waters and Fasli- ■ lonaUo Piitroimgo, aro Now Open. They aro 9,000 foot Bboro tldo wnton affording ontlro ro* Hof from proittntlnrt summer boat. rMpßcltyfor acoom* Tnm!atine9,oooiiorauDs. Charges, $3.50 por day, ssi pop nook, and por month. „ . . . Wo ato alsunrupriotoranf IhoßwootOhalynoatoßprinßi, 10 miles from tbo whlto, known for tholr Norrlao.Tonlo Waters and bathing advantages. • • * While Hnlphnr Water kept boro for the use of. visitors without extra charge. tts par day i fffiO por month. The route to these Springs from all points In the Woaf will bo to Cincinnati hr roll} thonoo I>y llrst-class packet* boat to lluatlmtloo (I<Vj miles), anil tbonco by thoOhoea* posko A Ohio UnilroAd to tho Wbtlo Sulphur. lAmphlotpAnbohAdfor both watering placoa At this ouloQ, and alto at the drug atom .of Vim oohaack, Slo* remoD Allotd, and Qalo A Dlookl, Chicago, 111. , I’or tlckoU, apply to Tloknt Agent. Union Depot. OHQUOIS 1,. PKYTON AGO. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL ARD DEPARTURE OF TRAINS; Spring Arrangement. Explanation of Rkfriiencr Marks.— t Saturday a* eoptod. • Sunday excepted, l Monday oxcoplod. I Ar rive Sunday atß:oon.m. 6 Dally. 1 r MICHIGAN CENTRAL & GREAT 1 Depot, font <\f /Mite, it,, mid / Tlfk/t affltr, 67 Clark H,, Mnulh* and 15 CanaM., comer qf Mad! Mall (via main ami air Hn0).,..., Day Express Jackson Accommodation Atlantic Night Express OIIAND lUPJDB AND PEHTWATEH. Morning Express Night Express HENRY ' Gent CHICAGO & ALTON R Chicago, Alton St, Lnuii Throw (Mo.) note ihori roufs/Vom Chieng< iitpot, H>«( tilde, ntor itnd<»on-$t Bt. Loafs A Springfield Express, . via Main Lino,. Kansas Oily l<ast Express, via Jacksonville, lU., and Louisi ana, Mo.. Wonona, Laoon, wn«hinoren 15 X . proxs (Western Division.) .Toilet A Dnlght Accomo’dntlnn. hi. Lo«jU-fcOi>ritiß(luUl Lightning Express, via Main Lino, ami also Tla Jacksonville Division Kansan City Express, via Jack sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. JofTonon Oily Express... Peoria, Kooknlc A Burl'q Kx UDally, via Main Lino, and dally except Saturday, via Jacksonville Division, ii Dally, via Main Line, and daily •xcopt Monday, via Jacksonville Division, CHICAGO, MIIWAUKiiITsr. PAUL RAILWAY. Uninn Depot, earner Mudieon and Canal-»(».{ Ticket OJJiei M South Clqrhtt,, opposite Sherman Home, and at Depai, ..Tone 11 .Juno 18 .Judo 35. Leave. Arrive, Milwaukee, St. Paul ft Minneap olis Dny Express * 9;SOa. m. + 6:60 a. m. Milwaukee ft Prulrio du Ohlcn Mall and Eipross... *5:Wp, m. *11:000. m, Milwaukee. Ht, Paul ft Mlnneap olisNight Express +9;BQp. m. *4;lsp.ra. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON!.OUINCY RAILROAD. Depot»~ fbot of und Qiiial and fiixteenlh-sta. Ticket offices in Lriggt i/ou<«, aYo. 59 Clark-at,, and at depot*. Leave, Arrive. JJfjH • 7:45 a. m. • 4.13 p. m. Ottawa and Stronter Passenger., 7:45 a. to. 6:00 p. m. Dubuquo and Hlou* City Exp.... • 9:10 a. in. • 2:18n. m« Pacific Fast Lino *10:00n. m. • 8:15 p. m! Oale/jborgPassongor *3:15 p. m. *fi:oop. ml MondotaAOttawa Passenger... * 4:20 p. m. * 9:65 a. m Aurora Passenger • 1:45 p. m. • 8:15 a. m. Aurora Pauongor • 5:30 p. in. * 8:56 a. m. Aurora Passenger JSundsy) I.OOp. m, 9:55 a. ra, DubuquoftSlouxOityfSxp...... flfjCflp. m. t m. Pacific Night Expros m. 16:00 a. ra; Downer's Grove Accommodation!"ll rtx» a. ra. *6: sop. m. Downer's Provo AeporamodsUonj* 6:15 p. m. *7:18 a. m. ILLINOIS VENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot foot of Lake-tt. and foot of Tifenty-ieeond-tl. Ticket Office*, 131 KauiMph-tt., near Clark, and 76 Canal-tt., corner of Jfo ditan. Leave. Arrive. Donls Express * 8:2-5 a. ra. • 8:20 p. ra! St. lxmlsl-ast Lino tSsIBp. m. • 7:55 a. m. Cairo Mall * 8:25 a. m. • 4:45 p. m. Cairo Express . f 8 : l6p. m. • 7:65 a. ra. Springfield Express.,, • 8:23 a. m. * 4:45 p. m. BprlugficW Express.,,,.. f 8;15p. ra. • 7:66 a. m. Dubuque ft Sioux Oily Ex........ V9slßa. ni. • 3:00 p. m. Dubuque 4 Sioux Oity Ex t 9:00 p. m. t 7:00 a. ra. Effingham Passenger 4 6:15 p. m. 1 8:20 p. m. PostoDiisr..... *ll;I0p.m. * 9:50 a. ra. tbdoParkandOsdcWoods • B:l0a. m. • 6:43 a. ra. flydo Park andOsk Woods 6 9 : ooa. m. • 8:40 a. ra. lk3°S ar i' aa !J9 a i?K ooc ! s t l2:l °P‘ m. * 9:20 a. m. Hydo Pork and Oak Woods 1 8:00 p. m. 610:30 a. ra. Hydn Park and Oak Wood • 4:30 p. ra. | 1:46 p. m Hyde Park and Oak Wood • 5:16 p. m. * s:3on.ra. S 4T r aa 4 sX°°1 8 ~ 8:10 p. ra. • 6:55 p. m. ilydo Park and Oak Woods *U;lOp. ra. *7;4op. ra. - CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. Ticket office, comer Otemdolph anti LaSaUest., ami SI West ' ‘ • - d/a<H«OH-«t. Leave, Arrive. Pacific Fast Lino. M 0:15 », m. * 3:15 p, m. guoaquo Day Ex. rlaOlintoa.... 10:15 a..m. 3:16 p. n. Pacific Night Express, +10:46 p. m. 16:30 a. m. Dubuque Night Ex. via Ullntou.. 10:15 p. ra. 6:30 a. m. EreoportftDubuquaKxpress..... *9:15 a. m. m. Freeport 4 Dubuqual/aprcss • 9:16 p. m. * 7:00 a. m. Milwaukee Mall • 8:00 a. m. *10:15 a. in. Milwaukee Express... • 9:30 a. m. * 4:00 p. m. M lwaakoo Passenger,,.... * 6:00 p. m. * 7:40 p.m. Milwaukee Passenger (daily) }U:O«p. m. } 6:00 Green Coy Eipross,,* 9:40 o. ra. *7:oop.ra. St. Pan! Bxnress., *10:10 a. m. 4.(W p. m. Marquette Express,* • 9:00 p. m. • 6:50 a. m. ■Bt. Paul Express. + 9:36 p. ra. t6:2oa. m. : . CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner of Utrriinn and Shertnan-tle'. Ticket office, J IS ITmI • • • • ' :Leacf. Arrive, Omaha,LoamiwHtaftAtobUonGx *10:15 a. roT • B:l5n. m Peru AccomraadatisD * 6;00p. ra. * 9:30 a. ra. Night Express +16:00 p. ra. t 7:00 a. ra. Leavenworth ft Atchison Eipross t 7:00 a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. Depot, earner ITarrUon ami SAerwan-sfs. Ticket afleet, northueel earner IVuk and arid <ou(ftu><« comer flmat and Jfgdlton.itt. Exprosa Aocom. via Main Lino.. Mall. vla Air Lino and Main Lino * Special Neff' York itxproai, via Atr Line * 0:00 a. m. * Atlantic Kinross, via Air Lino.. 6:15 p. m. NlgbtKxpress, via Main Lino.... •fO.-OOp. m, Klfchart Accommodation... * * South Obioago Accommodation.. 12:00 m. CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Fasienger Depot at i%, V. cfc St. Louis Depot, corner q/ Ca. nalaml Kinsie-tU, Freight and SUhel ntfee IG9 Washing-ton-st, Ma 11..... * 7:40 a. m. * 1:40 p. m. Evansvlllo ATorre Haute 15x.... * 7:00 p. m. t 7;30n. to. PITTSBURGH*. FORT WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express Pacific Express,,..*. Fast Line. Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. CHICAGO b PACIFIC RAILROAD. (OPEN TO UOfIRLt.K.) Depot comer ITahluland Sftnlh Hruneh-ste. General offlet ■ 16 Metropolitan Jltock, corner Hnndolph ami jMSaUe-nts. Roselle Accomtnodalloa River Park Accommodation, River Park Accommodation. CHICAGO. INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUGH m LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. IVom fas Oreut >'n tral /railroad JJtpot, foot q/ Lukf-at. /'or through U ami tlmping-car berlfu apply at out n«ic I'ithtl '\oee t |2l H'iiulolph-tt., near ronirr dirk; 71 CamW-H., corner Mail!ton; W LnSulle-tt,, corner Ifiu/v --inyton; a/ro j\<ot nf rieeit(v*(erund*(t'. Leave Chlcnaa Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Oluoiimatl 1 rains arrive at Chicago at 7:67 a. m., 8:35 a. m>. and 7HO p. m. Only line running Saturday night train to In dianapolis and Cincinnati. South End passengers can got baggage checked and take train at Twonty-eooond-st. Depot. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. G. BIGELOW CONFIDENTJALPIIVHIOIAN, -Ittl SU(o-Ht., Chicago. • It la well known by all voadora of tho nailers, that Or. O. Bigelow is tho oldest established physician in Chicago, Bclonco and experience have made Dr. U. tho most re nowned SPECIALIST of tiio age, honored by tho priMs, esteemed of Iho hiahnot medical attainment* by nil the medical institutes of tho day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OP UIS LIFE In perfecting remedies that will cure positively all cases of CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES In both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. RKPARATR PARLORS for ladles and gentlemen. Call. CORRESPONDENCE CONFIDENTIAL, Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. C. BIUKLOW, No. 4W Ktato-st. NO CUKE! NO PAY!! 300 South Olork-at., Chicago, May bo confidentially consulted, persona My or by mall, free of charge, on all chronic ur nervous (Unease*. DR. J. KhAN Is the only physician in tho city who war rants cures or no pay. Green Hook sent (or 60 cents. Illustrated with numer ous lino engravings. X3GEI. MO3NTBOE, The most successful physician In t ho city in the treatment of Private Chronic, and GonlUi-Urlnary Diseases, of both sexes. All fomolo diseases treated with safety nud suc cess. Cures guaranteed. Correspondence oonlhlontiul. Send stamps for Indies’ Circular and "Eureka" Pnmph lot. Drtloo hours 9a.m, to 81>. m. Sundays, 2to6p. m. Address DR. MONROE, 277ftnd 279 Hnulh Clark-sl. DR. A. GK OLIN, 183 South Olarjc-at,, Chicago, tho longest engaged and most successful Specialist in too troalmont of all privato, chronic, and nervous diseases In both sexes. Bond two stamps.for Medical Treatise. Full Information.. Con. saltation free.' Correspondence confidential. Separate rooms far Udios audgenUomon. Board, attendance, oto WESTERN RAILROADS foal rtf' corner of Randolph. if ion. ikave. Arrive. * 5:00 a m. • 0:00 a. m. 5 H:35 p. m. 5 5:15 n, m. T*fl;oop, m. ■ 8:15 p. in. • 8:00 p. tn. m. I 8:00 a. ni. >•6:30 a. m. o.ooa. tn. 18;10 p. m, 8:00 p. m •fliCOa. tn. 0. WKNTtt tral Fassoog tor Agont. RAILROAD. ujA Line, on. goto Katutu C it. bridge. ■I LouUinnt Uily. Union Arrive. * 8:l0p. tn. * 0:15 a. m. * 0:16 a. m. * 8:10 p. in. • 4;jup. m. * 4:10 p. m. • SHO a.’ ini 119:00 p. tn. 117:30 p.tu. 1H>;00p. m. ilOflOp. m. • fl:OOr. m. 1*7:30 a. m. Ii 7:110 a. :n. * 8:10 p. m Arrive. Leave, 6 :WS p, m. 9:(X)p. tUi 1 8:00 p. m, 8:00 n. rn, *40:30 a. m. * fI:M a. in, H6O p. in 3:30 a. m. C:<oa. m. • Arrive, Leave, : 7:30 p. m. f G:3o a. m. 1*8:00 a. m. 1 0:10 p. re. 1 8:5o a. re. * 9:00 a. m. t {5:10 p. in. } t*P:oop. m. t* * 4:65 a. re. * * 3:40 p. in. * Arrive. Leave, 6:00 p,in. 9:10 a.m. 0:15 n.m. 10:51 a.m. 3:3(Jp.m. 7;21p.m. .1* 9:50 n. in, 16 SH5p. m, . * 6:10 p, m.JJ C.uoa. m, ,|*lu:3t> p. ni.ltlO:oJq. ni. Dr. KeaD,

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