Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 4, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 4, 1873 Page 5
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MARRIED WOMEN’S RIGHTS, i The Danger of Buying Land from Young Ladles Under Age. Right of a Married Woman to Sot Aside Conveyances Made .. When a Minor. A Decision Particularly Interest ing to Dealers In Beal Estate. The following decision of the Supreme Court of Ibis State will bo rcad.with Intercut by land-owners—nsmo \j f Barbara Kell oi at. v. O. P. A. Healey cl at.: | Opinion by lAwronco, 0. J. This was a bill In chancery, brought by Barbara Kell, and Joseph Kell, bor husband, to sot aside a conveyance of certain real estate in Chicago, raodo by eaid Barbara while . she was a minor. The deed was oxooulod by her on the 11th of March, 1853. She was then 16 years of ago. In January, 1855, she married bor co-complainant, Joseph Keif, having, at her mar riage, passed tho ago Of 18 by about flvo months. She bad an undivided interest in the premises, derived by inheritance from her father. Since the execution ox her deed the property has passed through thohands of several innocent purchasers. Tho case came to a final bearing on tho pleadings and proofs, and the Circuit Court dismissed tho bill. In view of tho length of ' time during which this claim has boon allowed to Ho dormant, and tho fact that it is now assorted against Innocent purchasers, wo Should bo glad to affirm tho decree oi iuociu--* If we could do so without disregarding well-sotUod local nrinclplos. These, however, cannot be sacri ficed to tho apparent hardship of a particular case. Counsel for appellee insist that appellant la barred by ■tcnuloscoQCO. which boo continued through so long a m to amount to a ratification, and dlo Ekcnship t. BtoaL 25. 111.. 132, ft. flooWm. In that case the Court held that one who haa con «yal laud InthW Slalo during 'SiS qulrod to atorann tho coiiyoinnco 'vlUi n llireo !»n after roacblns majority, and that a failure to do so would bo taken os a ratification. Tills ruloj for tho sake of certainty, and from analogy to that pro vision in tho limitation /aw of J033. which requires tho infant to brina his action within lurco years after tho wmovMof the dlsahhity. If tho infant in thls-caso had beonsul jurKdurlug three years, wo coiddroadly follow the authority of that decision. Such however, was not the fact, and as the rule of throe years liml- Itallon, then announced, is not a statutory bar, but is baaed merely on thorp resumption of ratification aris ing from lapse, of time, It necessarily follows that this presumption may bo rebutted. .It la rebutted, fn this case, by the proof that in less than six months oflor, tho appoHant at tjdnod the ago of eighteen she married, and has been under the disaWircy of coverture from IhatUmo ° lUs an StabUßhed d princlplo in tho construotlon of Statutes of limitation that cumulative disabilities can r not bo ronardod. When the statute has once begun to nin no BUPWTcnlng disabUUira will orrest It. It is therefore urged that as Barbara Kell had attained heir majority some mouths befou her marriage, she can not invoke her subsequent cove.lure aa a sufficient reason for not sooner disaffirming conveyance. Elf the defendant were relying upon a statuory bar, tuu position would bo correct. If tho statute of lim itations had begun to run In his favor, or in favor of those under whom ho claims, after Barlara reached her majority, and before she married, he would bo aafo from attack. But tho facts disclosed by tho pres ent record do not show that either tho statute of 1835 or of 1830 had commenced running. No residence during this period was shown under the first act, nor against the running of tho strict statutory bar, they are to bo considered whoa, as In the present case, tho (location Is purely one of presumption from the lapse of time. In such cases tho issue is to bo determined, not by a conclusive presumption created, by statute, but by whatever legitimate evidence may. bo in connection with a disputable presumption. Hero tho question is, did Barbara ratify this conveyance by her long acquiescence? Under the rule established in this State an acquiescence of throe. years would bo con sidered a ratification. But that is true only of persons sul Juris, No presumption of acquiescence can bo in dulged from tho fact of non-action on tb« part of ono laboring under disabilities, and It is Immaterial whether such disabilities exist at the time, or after ward supervened. In this case tho complainant was froo from disability only for flvo znonUrf and a few days after she attained her majority until tho filing of this bill. Indeed, in analogy to the statute of limitations of 1839, from which the three years rule was drawn by | tho Court in Blanklnnblp v. Stout übl supra, and on : which rule appollco relies, it might be said that appel lant had never boon free from disability, for that stat ute allows three years to both sexes, after arriving at the ago of 31, for bringing suit. It treats the disabil ity of infancy os continuing until that ago in all cases. Tho principle that cumulative disabilities are to bo considered when tho question Is not under tb« statu tory bar, has boon established in various cases. Heirs of Moor v. CHUUm, 1 Cold., 503; Balloy v. Jackson, 16 Johns, 313 ; Watkins v. Pick, 13 N. H., 877; Shields v. Pringle, 3 Bibb, 387. It follows,' from what has been ■aid, that Barbara Kell la entitled, in tho opinion of a majority of tho Court, to sot aside tho conveyance. There Is no statutory oar applicable to the case, and tho presumption of ratification by acquiescence Is re butted by proof of disabilities.' The decree must bo reversed and the cause remand ed for further proceedings consistent with this decis ion. • .... Reversed and remanded.' Rosenthal k Penn, for appellants. McOaqo, Polled k OtJLVEn, for appellees. PERSONAL. J. M. Gould, Moline, Is at tho Matteson. H. Assono, Japan, is at the Grand Pacific, Church Howe, Nebraska, is at the Matteeon. Mrs. Capt. Brow, U. S. A., is at tho Gardner. Qcu. M. It. Morgan, U. S. A., is at tho Sherman. J. Thomas Baldwin, Boston, is at tho Grand Patlflo. Pat Gilmore, the Jubilee Conductor, is at tho Grand Pacific, . . 001. E, E. Hardy, of Joliet, Is at the West Side Briggs Houso.' Br. J. Mackem, London, England, la. at tho Grand Pacific. Julius Botmers, of fit. Louis, is at tbs West Side Briggs Houso. H. Von Gundsll and T, W. Grose, Mexico, are at the Grand Pacific. ' MaJ. A. W. Edwards, of CorlinvllJc, is at the West Bide Briggs House. Br. M. Slocum and family, San Antonio, Tex., are at the Grand Pacific. Gen. E, A. Paine, of Monmouth, IU., Is at tho West Bldo Briggs House. Tho Hon. George Green, of Cedar Rapids, Is at the West Hide Briggs Houso. G. Vane, Secretary of the Japanese Legation, snd icrvaot, are at tho Grand Pacific. • Gen. Jomos K. Proudfit, Surveyor-General of' Now Mexico, and family are at tho Sherman. Col. M. B. Jones, a prominent lumber dealer of this State, is at tho West Bldo Briggs House. ' J. F. Harris Gastroll, Secretary of the British Lega tion, Washington, is at tho Grand Pacific. The Hon. J. W. McClelland, of Indiana, left tho West fildo Briggs Houso for Uls homo last evening. The Hon. George Nobockor, of Covington, loft the West Bide Briggs Houso last evening for his home, W. 8. Graves and wife, and maid, Liverpool; R. 8. Docton, London; W; F. Burton, England, ore at tho Grand Pacific. 44 A Taxpayer ” complains that Aid D. W, Clarkk, Jr., o! theTeulh Ward, was at Chapin 8z Gore’a when the police mode the arrests some time ago. and that he voted for. Bam. Ashton on Monday. Well, that’s Mr. Clark’s business. Every roan to his liking. E. Koysor,Philadelphia: 8. McMahon, Fort Wayne; E. Bailey, Now York; F. L. Bellow, Cincinnati; aohu F. Lyler, fit. Louis ; Charles W, Waiter, Baytou ; B. Botm&s, fit. Louis. O. J. Merrill, Alton ;A. W. Grant, Wisconsin ; James H. Salilo, Blxon, were among tho arrivals at the West Bide Briggs Houso yesterday. ■ ■ Among tbo arrivals ai tbo Gardner yesterday were tbo following: Lovl Iglchart and family, Evansville ; 3. B. Palmer, Now York; F. A. Scbulonburg, Bt. Louis: A. O. McKoo, Wheeling; Horace Williams, Iowa: Joint L. Mitchell, Milwaukee; F. E. Gregory, Boston; .£. U. Rullodo, Port Woyno; J. L. Evans, Bt. Louis, Among tho arrivals at tho Grand Pacific, yesterday, wore tbo following 1 ? A. P. Emory, Boston: Charles Stuart, Stuart, Iowa: B. J. Nortou, Louisville ;J. P. Brennan. Philadelphia; J. B. Oarsou, Toledo ;O. A. Warren and wife, Detroit j J. A. Holmes, Bt. Louis ; William Caldwell; Boston ; N. 0. Towbrldgo, Missis sippi ; 0. B, Bostwlck, Now York. Among tbo arrivals at tbo traennan, yesterday woro tbe followings W. O. Kobortsou, St. Paul; J. McDon ald St. Louis ; T. Shorties, Toronto; E. J. Unger and family, Pittsburgh ; Chan. Walker, Now Orleaus ; It. It. Cable, Hock Island; Geo. M. MoKonxlo, Now York; Geo. PetorbaUPh, Peoria; O. E. Herrick, Boston ; E. M, Suekind, San Francisco. Messrs. Brockway & ScbaiTnor havo opened tbo cigar and nows stand of tbo Grand Pacific iu entire keeping with tbo magniflconco of tbo establishment. Both gentlemen have a multitude of friends, who will bo their well-wishers In their new enterprise. Their fittings aro superb, and their lino stock of imported goods ouo of tho choicest over opened in Chicago. Mr. N. 0, Hills, of (bis city, and his brother, Mr. B. O. Hills, of Bloomlngdale. Dupage County, re* turned on Monday from their trip around iho world, having been absent a little over seven mouths, and traveled 2,600 miles by rail uud 21,000 miles by water. They visited in their route tho most interesting points in Japan, China, India, Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, and tbo countries of Conttueutal Europe. In view of tbe terrible winter wo bavo bad bore, it is an interesting fact that (ho Messrs. Hills have bad almost uninterruptedly warm and pleasant weotbor from tho flay of their start. Speaker James Q. Blalnols soon to visit Bt. Paul, Minn., on bis return from Ban Francisco. Oapt, Howard Schuyler, Chief Engineer and Aol ng Manager of Iho Denver * Jllo Grande> Railway, haa reelnnud Ida place on that road to accept the pod lon ~ Chief Engineer and Manager of the Han ixunelaco A Northern Pacific Railroad of California. : Thla In a narrow-gaugo road, txlcmliug from Ban Francisco northward to Unmboldt, 380 mllcn, , • Homy Clriuncll haa spent £>oo,ooo In Arctic oxpodl- Uoqb, and believes firmly in tho i’olar Boa. Prince Ilurlddo loft htn entire fortune 0T'1120.000 franca to his housekeeper, Milo. Paulluo Boufiar- Ugne. 1 * Ex-Gov. Jewell and family sail for Europe early In July, and expect to reach . St. Petersburg into In Augunt. A. L. Train has regained a controlling Interest In tho Now, Ilavcu i’ctHotuum, purchasing several addi tional abates. Chief Engineer O’Brien, of the Atlantic A Great Western Railroad, in to miccood. J, D. Barton In tho General Superintendent^. William J. 0. Kennoy, one of tho owners of tho Buffalo (N. Y.) Courier, and Bon»ln-lnw of tho :lalo Beau lUchmond,-tiled at Buffalo, Juno 1, aged 83. , Gen. John Tlllson, of Quincy, who was lately elected to a neat In tho Illinois Legislature, has now resigned, having boon appointed Oouootor of Internal Revenue. E. n. Goodrich, formerly' connected with lho|old LaOroßPo Road, has boon appointed Assistant Gonorol Superintendent of (ho Allanllo A Pacific Railroad Com-, pony, with headquarters at St. Louis. Tbo.Marqulß of Lome and tho Princess Ixmlacaro endeavoring to raise a buiu from which tho salaries of all clergymen of tho Church of England Bholl bo augmented if leas then X2OO per annum. Buddßoblo, it appears, didn't net bo very badly In hid dealings with tho San Francisco woman, after all. Tho woman was divorced, and tho man Snyder had no claim upon her, bo Mr. Doblo married her, and thoro ends tho romance. John A. Trimble, of Hillsboro, Ohio, Is preparing a history of tbo War of 1812, and a memoir of tho ser vices of Col. William A. Trimble, •of the old: Bulled Slates Eighth Infantry, and Senator in Congress, from Ohio, during thoPrcsldoucy of Monroe. Col. William Ross, who emigrated to Pittsfield, 111.; fifty years hence, died suddenly, lasi Saturday; tho 81st of May, at bln residence in that place. Col. Robs bos boon tbo recipient of many public honors, at one umu t/vi«> n a4*« o senator from'that District, then em bracing Adams ana ruiu uhiuim. tri»» aa.i tm,: lived to a good old ago, being nearly 00 years old at tbo Umo of his death. , DEAD-HEADISM DEAD. Western Railroad ' Managers Deter mined to Abolish Free Biding. Passes to Bo Revolted July 1, and So More to Bo Issued. Tbo Western railroads havo resolved to knock off all 11 dead-heads,” Tho fatal axo Is to fall on tho Ist cf July. Tbo men who plunged Into this soothing Rubi con mot yesterday In (bo office of tbo President of Go Illinois Central Railroad. Mr. John Nowell, who-pre sided. Mr, T, r», Dlackstono, President of the Chicago ft Alton, was absent in tho East, but bo hsd fully Instruct ed Mr. J. O. McMuUln, General- Superintendent, to vote for universal cancellation.' Mr, Walker, presi dent of tho 0., B. ft Q. R. It., loft similar f&strncUcna with Mr. Harris. They wanted every pass swept out of existence. Writing from the East, tbo two Presi dents sold they had eonsuUod with eminent railroad men in that section, who hearti ly . concurred in tbo proposed re form, and would endeavor to Join tho movement. Among tho other companies represented wore tho Chi cago ft Northwestern Railway, tho Mllwankce ft St. Paul, Illinois Central, Chicago, Rock Island ft Paclflo St. Louis, Vandalla ft Tcrro Haute, Ohio ft Mississippi) Oilman, Clinton ft Springfield, Chicago, Danville ft Vincennes, and tho Chicago ft lowa. Tho question under discussion was the passage or rejection of tbo resolution submitted. two weeks ago rendering all passes outstanding void after tbo 80th Inst., and abro gating their further issue or renewal. : Mr. Robert Harris was tho principal speaker. He contended that tho railways wore solely to blame for tho avalanche of “ doad-hoads ” and “ dead-beats ” they have brought upon themselves, and urged a vig orous effort to shako off tho incubus. A few of tbo members were opposed to such a whole sale slaughter, and counseled moderate proceedings. Tho dsyprocatod tho resolution to recall passes given for tho year, and claimed they wore under obligations to certain parties, tho return being free passes. To meet this It was allowed that, In all cases whoro there was 0 prior agreement or understanding that passes should bo given, tho privilege should not be Im mediately withdrawn. 'For Instance, It la a condition of tbo lease of their lowa lines by tbo Illinois Central and Northwsstern Companies that the stockholders of tbo respective Companies shall bavo tho right to pass over the leased lines. This, being in tbo form of a contract, cannot bo violated, and it was decided to respect tuosu cuuoiuona. A motion to allow clergymen engaged In regular pas torates to retain their half-faro tickets was voted down. A suggestion that railroad employes bo privileged to pass over tho llnca with which they arc connected during their period of aorvico, was adopted. They and those having previously acknowledged contract rights are to bo tho only privileged elastics. Having been thus discussed, the resolution was paused unanimously. Tho conditions of Its passage require tho several railroad oilieers to return their own passes to tho com panies with wbioh they exchanged, and vetoes all re quests for exchange passes of any kind. It also binds the companies represented to decline to grant any re duction whatever in the regular tariff of rates. ' In this great reform the Companies fool that they, have tho support of tho enlightened press. They avow their entire willingness to pay for all notices desired, tho same aa merchants and others do. Time will develop tho sincerity of this radical move ment. It Is by no moans general. Tho Eastern roads have not participated In the meetings, neither do they manifest an intention or inclination to Join It. Unless they should, it is not very likely tho reform will bo successful. United, honest action alone will eradicate thn evil. Some of tho officials • arc very sanguine. They cheerily anticipate tho summer excursion time, when every conductor, In response to bis demand for 44 tickets,” will receive one procured at regular rates. THE PUBLIC LIBRARY. First Annual Deport of the Board of Dlr«ctors**They Protest Arrntnst Faying tho Cxponso of Fitting-up the TmiK»-Statistlcu of the Amount of Beading matter at tho Service .of Chicago* A special meeting of the Library Blrectors was hold yesterday afternoon, President Hoyno in tho chair, Messrs. Quoal, Woodard, Rosenthal, Bhoroyl and An thony wore also present. President Hoyno presented his first annual report, of which tho ’allowing is a synopsis: Tho reading room was opened to tho public on Jan. 1, 1873. Since tho opening the total number of visitors had been 60,038; dally average, 331; weekly average, 2,319:- monthly average, 10,007; whole number of periodicals issued to the people, 83,980; doily, 285 • weekly, 1,676; monthly. 0,707. Tho report dwelt upon tho advantages of the library as a public educator. Tho library had not been ' opened to the publlo, but would bo as soon as possible. The whole number of books ou tho shelves of the library at present was 0,412 volumes; of' whlch-4,000 had boon collected since the opening of' tho library ; -6,430 were free gifts, only 070 wore purchased; 226 were presented by Chicago citizens. There nro also 3,138 pamphlets and 3,191 periodicals. " From' England tho Board had re ceived 8,630 volumes,- with 1,200 more promised by Mr. Thomas Hughes and bis friends, besides 2,600 volumes of Patent-Office reports which the Board had ordered to bo bound.- • With-tho donations from England aud Gormany,- the number would bo 10,762 volumes. ' Tho report spoke highly of tho donation from tho University of Oxford, which in pqlnt of stylo and binding could scarcely bo replaced if lost. Tho Board recommended that an appropriation of $10,009 be made to purchases proper amount of light litera ture. American prose works, and tho like. Tho report dwells at considerable length upon (ho necessity for a hulldlngof greater capacity for a pi}bl|o'library than tho present tank, and pointed out the unanimity with which both the people ■ of Chicago and . tho Federal Government hod accepted the proposition to take the old Post-Office for tho Library. Tho Board bad drawn from • the Library Fund for Oil expenses up to Juno 1, Including costs of tbe pur chase of books, $7,204.44; and bad expended tbo whole amount. Tho future success of tbo Library depended in a great measure upon tbo levy and collection of tbo tax provided by taw not to exceed tbo ono-bftb of ouo mill upon the taxable property of tbo city. Upon a valuation of $134,107,430. this should have yielded $60,332. Tbo amount actually collected on tbe brat year ami credited to tho Library Fund, by tbo Comptroller was $19,702.05 \ deducting ex jkjubo, there should remain (o tbo credit of tbo Board tbo sum of $11,648.61, Tbo Oily Comp troller bad deducted about $14,684,61 for construction of tbo present temporary structure. Tbo Board wero inclined to tbluk this unreasonable. Tbo Board bad not any title to tbo property, and as they would eventu ally relinquish It for a more convenient structure, it could 1)0 ueod for other city purposes. Tbo Library, therefore, could only bo regarded iu tbo light of a tenant of (bo property, Tbo report dwelt upon this subject in tbo mildest manner for sovon pages. With seven! clerical amendments, Ibo report was adopted. Tho report of tbe Secretary and Librarian was also submitted, giving full details of tbo matter reform! to in tbo President's report. It is tbo inten tion of tho Board to submit tbo reports to tbo Common Council this week. Navfil CandldntcsK-Kelonscrt, Council. Blows, lowa, Juno B.—The examination of applicants for appointment to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., began hero to-day, and will con clude to-morrow. Six candidates passed tbo medical examination successfully. Harry Williams, who was yesterday arrested on tbo charge of murder, was to-day released from there being no evidence to warrant bis committal. Ocean Stoatnslilp Nows, New Your, Juno 3.—Arrived—Steamship Ylllo do Havre, from Brest, aud Samaria and Scotia, from Liverpool, Liverpool, Juno 3.—Tbo steamships Fandolla. Holsatio, Adriatic. Calabria, City of Washington, ami Wyoming, from Now York. Harmatlan, from Quebec, and Manitoban, from Montreal, havo arrived out. *l-112 CHICAGO DAILY TItIDUNE: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1873* JUBILEE. GUlmoro’s Reception In Chicago Lust Kvohing-* • i A • Grand Ovation at tie Paoiflo Hotel. Tho llouto of tho Park. Surrey Cortege on Friday. ' Tho Groat Rehearsal at tho Depot Coll- soum. A decided foretaste of Jubilee was given ,l&st ovonlng. Gilmore and Ids agent, Mr. Baldwin, reached (ho city by the Michigan Southern Railway, last evening, Ills band are to nrrivo this morning. At tbo depot Mosers. Lyon’and Carpenter, of tbo Jubi lee management, met Mr. Gilmore, and the party wore escorted by Kevin’s Band to the Grand Pacific Hotel, accompanied by an Immense and { en thusiastic concourse of citizens. Arrived at ibd hotel, where a strong corps of police kept down the pressure upon tho entrances, tbo band on toted tbo houao and discoursed an excellent prelude to Jubllco In tho great office courts. > ' ■ . Mr. Gllmoro is in flno spirits, and almost immedi ately after arrival rcpalron to the groat depot, where . tbo chorus of 1,000 was In rehearsal under rhof. But terfield, with a obanco auditory of 2,000 or 8,000, who. In tho great Interior, looked like a modorato-ftlzcd Sunday-school class. Tho bufldlbg was brlUlmilly lighted, Tbo onthuelaam at Gilmore’s entree was smoo thing immense. Tlironchout lost «vA«lni7 them wnn a largo concourso attlioUrnna Staclflc, aud Mr. Ollmorow xriomtßQftVo him tho warmest of welcomes. ■ This evening, ho and other distinguished Invited gnosis will bo formally to* colved by the Reception Committees. Everything looks moat promising for tbo event now entered upon. Tho xnuslcol features, tho extem porized Coliseum, pronounced by good judges tbo fin est ball for muslo InacouEtlo •'qualities ever opened an this continent, tbo rush from tbo country,’ tbo exhibition of our Kow Chicago, and our park and boulevard system, all promise most notable results ’ for the present week. THE PBtDAT COnTEQB, The following has been decided upon by the park authorities as to tbo route of tho groat carriage cortege on Friday, to convoy a largo number of Invited guests to Lincoln Park, whoro a fine band will play from 9to U a. m: Tbo carriage cortege vrlll assemble at 9 o’clock ot. the Grand Paclflo Hotel, and from thence, preceded by & corps of mounted policemen, will proceed upon tho excursion around tho city, Tho route agreed upon by the ParkOommlsslonera and Superintendent Washburn Is ns follows: West on Jackson street to LaSalle, north on LaSalle street, through the tunnel, to Ejuzio, cast on Klnzlo to Dearborn, north on Dearborn t<r Lincoln Pork, through tho park, showing tho Lake Bboro Drive and park Improvements. Tho return route will bo vTn Clark street south to North Wells, south on Wells to Chicago avenue, west on Chicago avenue to Hoisted street, south on Hoisted to Washington, west on Washington to Ashland avenue, south on Ashland avonup to-Monroe street, oast on Monroe streotto Canal, north on Canal to tho North western depot, whore too carriage parly will join with tho five hundred guests, ond proceed, os before , or raugod, via tho bolt railway to McCormick’s reaper works, whoro a collation will bo served. Tbouoo to tho Stock Yards ond Hyde Park, when the corrlago cortege will seporato from tho railway porty, tho latter coming In over tho Illinois Central Railway at tho foot of Lake street. - __ ' ■ Tho carriage cortege will return from Hyde Park, under the escort of the Park Comrololonora, to tbo city via tho following route: Passing west on tbo Grand boulevard, showing tbo pork system, they will come down to South Pork avenue, thence north on that avenue to Twenty-sixth street, west on Twenty-sixth street to Michigan avenuo, north on Michigan avenue to Jackson, and west on Jackson to Grand Paclflo Hotel, where the pleasure journey will end. Cm IN BRIEF. The Chicago Photographic Association will meet this evening at No. 188 State street, .third floor. Otto Yabr,who was Injured on tho North Bide Street Car Company, on Monday, died at the Aloxlan Broth ora’ Hospital, on yesterday. Tbo first barrel of flour of tho wheat orop of 1673 was received In this city yesterday by Culver ft Co., of tho Chamber of Commerce. The alarm of flro from Box 178, ot 3 o’clock yester day afternoon, was cauccd by the discovery of flames In tho two-story frame house, No. 100 Church street. Damage, S6O. A still alarm of fire was given <0 engine No. 4, ot 10 o’clock lost night, for a flro in the store of Henry Moyor, at No. 333 North avenue. Damage, S2OO. In sured in the Great Western, Tbo collection of Internal revenue at the Custom- House for this district, during tbo month of May, was unusually largo, being ns follows: From liquors, $407,991.95: bder, $27,900.60; licenses, $100,005; mis cellaneous, $1,654.09. Total, $066,067.79. There was a scrub race for $26 a sldo, between Ed. Griffith’s and Charley Bradley’s “ plnge.” on tho Lake Bboro drive, yesterday afternoon. Ohurtey’s nag camo out victorious, but was chased by about o dozen policemen. Yesterday,. a Gorman named Mnnderoo, aged 70 years, was run over by engine No. 22 of tho Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, at tho corner of Clark and Thirty-third streets. Uo was so badly in- Jared that ho died at tho County Hospital soon after the accident. occurred.. Mr. Maudoroo lives at Qlon Harbor, Wls. At half-past B o’clock yesterday morning, a man named Joseph Parker, employed In an oil-mill 'on tho carper of Fulton and Green streets, became engaged in a quarrel with & follow-workman, named 11. H. Burton, about some tools. To .decide'tho dispute, Parker seized a mullet and struck Burton upon tho bead with it, breaking his uobo and injuring bis ekuU severely; Parker was arrested, and Ids case continued to await the result of Burton’s injuries. Tho cook who makes hash out of tho rooming papers for tho. Journaly in bis condensation of tho Council proceedings, has It that the Mayor vetoed the Sixteenth street viaduct ordinance, Uls Honor’s pot project I Ho meant to say. that Hie Honor vetoed that portion of tho ordinance which authorized an appropriation of SIO,OOO for a separate road at right angles oast to west on Sixteenth street to tho viaduct. It is said that tho road is not necessary, and that a pair of wooden stops la all that is necessary. A private billiard exhibition was given at the resi dence of Ira A. Holmes, Esq,, Inst evening, by Übasoy and George Sloseoh. There were about two dozen ladles and gentlemen present, all of whom were de lighted and astonished at tho marvelous skill of the Frenchman. A game of 000 points French was played,' Slocson receiving odds of 160. Übosny played extraordinarily well, as tho following score will show: 10, 4,1,1, 0, 7, 40, 08, 16, 172, 3; total, 300 • average, 27 8-11. filOHSou averaged 9 6-11 in the following sooro: 6, 4. 0, 6, 0, 2, 02, 4, 0, 16,10: total, 104. Übassy dosed the exhibition with a number of fancy shots. Opening Week at Alayo'e. Tho magnificent Jewelry houses of Wm. M. Mayo A Co., No. 163 State street, and at tho corner of Wabash avenue and Twenty-second street, were thrown ojxsn to tho public yesterday with the roost elegant stock of goods over exhibited in this city. It would bo well worth tho time that it would require, to call around and see tho coral and silver filigree Jewelry with which tho show-cases arc filled. Tho. corals wore imported directly from Naples, and are indescribably beautiful, Tho filigree work can ho compared to nothing hut-tho finest and most dollcatcly-wfought lace, The opening will continue to-day. Nobby Hats. This being Jubilee week, there is a great demand for something nobby to appear in. To those who want such Information, It will bo cheering nows that they can obtain pearl cousimoro hats Just received from New York for sl, with silk huts at $6.60 and SO, a( Willard’s, Nos; 72, 74, and 70 Madlson-st. Dank Swindler Sentenced* Boston, June B.—J, L, Savage, late Cashier of tbo Lcebroere Bank, East Cambridge, was to-day sentenced to five yean in tbo Lowell Jail, for making false and fraudulent entries in tbo books of tbo bank* MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now ITorlc Finfinclal Notvs* New Your. Juno 3.—Money was easy at 4@5, Sterling ruled quiet and steady atIOSX for for CO days, ami 100X<31097< for sight. Gold was quiet ana steady at 117?»@117X. Loans 4 <3O for carrying. Clearings, $75,0002)00. TboAssUtaut- Troasurer disbursed $1,073,000. Governments wore dull and steady. State bonds wore dull and unchanged in price. Stocks opened linn, 1 but a weakness soon net in, and prices declined. After 2 o’clock a reaction took place, and prices advanced to and closed at about tho highest point of tbo day. Tho most active dealings wero in Pacific Mall, which fluctuated as follows t 3a>(, 39X» S9K» tWJ I *, !W><, and 3'JX. Next In point or interest was Union I'aciflo, which recoded from 27 J* to 27#, but dually, under purchases by tbo Clark party, closed at 29„V. It is thought that tbo friends of Clark con i' opiate a bull movement In Union I’aciflo on bis re turn from tbo'West, bo now being on. bis way boro from Chicago. Tbo principal dealings outside of these two stocks wero in Kook Island, Chios, Lake Shore, and Now York Central, Tbo general market bos a Arm undertone, and it seems easier to advance than to depress prices. I’aciflo Mai) moves inileix.'udently of tho general market, being governed by special con sideration. GOVERNMENT PONDS, Coupons,’Bl 123 Coupons ’O7, 121J£ 6.20 aof ’O2 UOtf Coupons, ’CB, 120 Coupons,’64 U6« 1040 a U«K Coupons, *55 IW* Currency Oa llhif Coupons,’os(uew)...llU Now 6s ÜBjf STATE BONDS, Missouri* tWjtf Virginias, old 43 Tonnessces, old 70, X North Carollnas, 01d.,28 Touuosseos, new 7UX Nortli Carolina!, now.lo Virginias, now 60 , KJK9. BtPaulpfd nx WiilmaU OVi W»UaU vru W Canton 05 I Western Uni0n...... j Quicksilver 39 1 Forlvfoyno 03 Torre Haute,...1.,.. 13 Terra Haute pfd..... '4O Chicago ft Alton..;;. 110 : Chicago ft Alton pfd, 112 : Ohio ft Mississippi.. 4% 0.,0.ft0 »7 o.'b. ft q. ...io3 • Lake Shore 02 Indiana Central...... Uljf Illinois Central .112 Union Paclflo stocks. 28x Union Paclflo bonds, Rfi)< Central Paolfiobonds. 103 • Bel. Lack. ft Western.lOljf Hartford ft Erie...... 3 Adams ttzpress 03 Weii*Fakgo.;...;.:.Bo

American Express... 68 United States Ex.*.. To*< Paclflo MaU 09* New York Central...lolJX Erie...... ft2M Erlopfd Harlem ~.'.,....132 Harlem pfd.........;15l Michigan Central. •••101 Pittsburgh.. ....’ 8% Northwestern........ 74 Northwesternpfd,,.. 84 Rock Island .11% N. J. Central 1M . St.Paul.. BSK ■ 1 JToPolffn Jllarkota. '• ‘ LtVßnroor* Juno 3—ll o. ro.—Flour, 87s 0«1,, Win lor vrhoat, lS W i "I’riMJt. ’I" a, ’8 12 « 3d ; wWlo, 15. 2d@l2s<A{ club, 12s da. Corn, 27s Cd. Pork, Ms, Jimo 8-3:30 p. m.—B»»J.iuir« .Uody. 'Spring wboai! 11.18(913® oa. Host unchAiißOd: , . Ijomov, JimoO—6 p. m.-ooniol«,moiioy, 03«, Jr. Interest * account. 02).'. ox. luicrost. 6-20s of. *OS, °7w! ** ; 88« S »«w 0., 80« i 3.—Rentes, Bflf 800. ’ . LrvnnrooL, Juno Bi—Breadstuff* steady j Wert ern anting wheat, Its IdQlfisSd. Flout,- 27»029s fld. Receipts of wheat for tho post tbroo days, 24,000 qrs, American. 17,000. Receipts of corn, 0,000 qrs 5. Amer ican, 8,000. . . . Now York Dry Goods Market, ' NcwYonK, Juno 3.—Business continues qulcttln all bronchos. Tho market for'cotton goods Is'un changed and fairly steady. Light brown sheetings are more wonted for conversion purposes. Bleached shirtings oro quiet at tiro docllno. Colored cottons rule steady, but inactive. Heavy wool cwtslmorea and beavers aro in better request by clothiers. BaUnota and joahs rule dull ond lower. Job, light, and medi um ground prints oro soiling freely, Foreign goods are dull and prices rule nominal. Buffalo I,lvc-Siock market. Buffalo, Judo 3. —Oattlk —To-day, Including 133 cars to arrive, 2,COT; total for the week, 5,151. , Tho matKCt Wtui amtjulug Ut titnmi Iml neehVi «)«aIUR prices, Tho tendency was downward. About 760 head worh disposed’of, Sales* ICO Illinois ktoors, 1:160 to 1,310, at $5.7606.75 5 108 Illinois stockers. 853 to 055, at $6.40(35.8%; 170 Texas steers, 1,000, at $6.801 200 lowa steers, LOCO. at SB.OO. ' ; Sheep, Akd . Lamps— I To-aay, Including reported arrivals, 1,400; total for the week, 2,600. Market not fairly opened. Sales: 871 Ohio clipped sheep, 88 to 80. at $5.87X06.80 : 203 Illinois clipped sheep, 102, at $6.60; 142 Illinois woolcd sheep. 04, at SO.OO. Hoos—To-day, 600; total for tbo week, 14.700. Market slow ot $4.7505.00. Sales; one car of Illinois pigs. 112, at $5.00 ; 60 Illinois bogs, 148 to 176, at $6.00. Pittsburgh Oil market. Pirrsmmon, Juno 3.—Crude petroleum qalot and weak at Ce at Pittsburgh.: $2.25 per brl at Parker’s Lauding; Refined, quiet and weak at lOjtfo for June. The Produce markets. NEW YORK. New Yobs, Juno B.— Cotton—ln moderate demand; middling upland, 19Xc. - ' BnKADßTtrrys—Flour—Prices favor buyers; receipts, 12,000 brls; superfine Western and State, $5.56(30.10; common to good extra, $0.4607.00; good to choice, $7,06(33.06white wheat extra, 18.00@10.2fl ; Ohio ex tra, $0.76010.00; St. Louis, $7.15@12.00. Rye flour steady at $4.75(30.00, Cornmcsl quiet. Wheat heavy and lower; receipts, 225,000 but No.3Chlcsgo spring, $1.42@1.47; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.40@1.60; No. 2 Chi cago, do Milwaukee, $1.66(31.68; amber Michigan, SI.OO. Ryo dull; Canada, to arrive, 070. Barley and malt unchanged. Corn heavy and lower, with fair demand; receipts, 239,000 Vju ; steamer Western mixed, 65@560; sail do, 68@00o; soft do, 63@ 650; old and now mixed Western, 60#o; yellow, 63@ <364k0. Oats more active, but lower; receipts, 42,000 bu; now mixed Western, 46@i6)40; white do, 64@ 65W0; black, 45@40c. Eaoa—Ate in fair demand. Hat—Dull, Hops—Quiet. _ _ GnocxaiES—Coffee quiet; Rio, 17&310&0. Sugar steady; fair to good refining, 7)£@Bc. Slolasaca quiet; Now Orleans, 67@80c. Rico steady at TjtfOSjfo. Pbtuouhjm;—Crude, 8)<a; refined, 19j< 0 ' TtmpxNTiME—Firm st 46#@4Co. PwovisioNß—Pork firmer; now mess, $16.02)f; prime mess, $l7OlB, Beef milot and unchanged. Lard easier; Western steam, BHQBI6-IO0; kettle, 00. Btrmai—Quiet, and slightly In buyers’ favor; West ern, 170220. Cheese—Dull; falrtoprimo now State, 12016 jib. Wiosux—Firmer at 04®94k'0. DETROIT. Dxxnorr, Juno o.—Dukaubtuffs—Floor dull and a shade lower. Wheat dull and lower; oxtra white, $1.8801.84; No. 1. $1.78X01.79; amber, $1.60. Corn dull aud a shade lower; yellow, 48c. OaU dull aud lower, at 800. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, Juno B.—BusAnsTurrs—Flour dull and nominal. Wheat in fair demand, and firm ; No. 1, $1.34; No. 2, $1.20 spot: sl.2flX seller Juno. Com firm and higher: No. 2, 38c. Oats dull and lower; No. 2, 300. Barley firm ; No, 2, 76c, Ryo dull and a shade lower; No. 1, GlUc. FBEionTS—To Buffalo, 0Ko; Oswego, 120. Receipts—Flour, 8,000 brls; wheat, 160,000 bn. Shipments—Flour, 4,000 brls; wheat, 169,000 bn. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, Juno 3.—BaxAnstuffs—Flour dull; $7.40®Y.76. Wheat quiet. Corn easier; 470. Ryo qnlct; 78080 c. Gate quiet; 38050 c. Pcovihions—Firmer. Mesa pork quiet, $10.60 bid; $16.76017.00 oskod, with light offerings. Lord dull, nominal; steam, 6Xc; kettle, 8&c. Bulk meats firmer: sales shoulders, 0)jo ; clear nbs, 8X0; clear held BXO. Bacon firmer ; shoulders, 7X07,X0; clear rib, 9)«O9Xc; clear, WuisET—Firm; 90c. TOLEDO. Toledo. Jane B.—Bheadstopps—^Flour doll and unchanged. Wheat dull and lower; extra white Mich* Igau. $1.83; amber Michigan, $1.00#; No. 1 rod, sl.oo j No. 3 do, Boiler Juno. $1.58; No. 2 amber Illi nois, $1.05. Com dull and. lower; high mixed 44jfo spot or seller. Juno; 45#0 July; 47c August; low mixed, seller. Juno, Ho;. white, 600 ; no-grado, 41c. Oats 'dull and lower; No. 2, 89c. Freights—To Buffalo, 3>tf®4o; Oswego, 7@7,V0 i Kingelon, 7tfo, Receipts—liour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 8,000 bn; corn, 28,000bu; oatvSjOOO bu. Shipments—Flour, 4,000 brls;. wheat, 17,000 bu ; com, 22,000 ba; oats. 1,000 bu. NEW ORLEANS. New Orleamb, Juno B.—ButanaTarFfl—Com firm er ; mixed, 67e; yellow, 68®00c ; white, 00c, Hat—Easier; prime, $21.00®33.00 ; choice, $20.00® 27.00, Provisions— Pork dull. Whisks—Firmer; 933000. Cotton— Quiet. Sales, 2.700 boles, at yesterday’s quotations. '• Itecelpts, 9,407 bales ; exports, Ooutlnout 1,005 boles; coastwise, 2,094 bales. Stock, 03,351 bales. ST, LOUIS. St. Loots, June 3.—DnEATSTurrs—Flour qulot and weak, but unchanged, Wheat dull aud unchanged! No. 3 spring, $1.30®1.32; No. 2 red winter, $1.0001.62; No. 3, $1.4531,48. - Com qulot but Ann; No. 3 mixed, 88c on track; 88#@38&c in elevator: 88&o seller Juno;' 40#o seller July. Data dull and lower; No. 2, 31331 >4O in elevator; seller July. Barley aud rye dull and unchanged. - I'bovmiohs—Pork dull and unchanged. Bulk meats dull and nominal. Bacon dull; shoulders, 7,V®7>tfo; clear rib, . Ofto ; clear, o>;®9 *£c; Lard qulot and un changed. Cattle—Quiet and weak; fat natives, $4.2405.40; stookors, $3.00®4.25; wintered Texans, $4.76@5.35, Hoas—Dull at $4.2534.15. , BUFFALO. : Buffalo, Juno 3.—Floou—Steady. Wheat dull; cor lots-No. 3 Milwaukee ot $1.48. Coro, car lots No. 3 sold at 400-170; sample at 480. Oats dull; sales 6,000 bu No. 2 Western at 41®420, In lots. Fueiohts—Wheat, lie; corn, 10c ; oats, 3W@3’/o. MEMPHIS. Memphis, Juno B.—Bbeadstdffs—Flour dull and nominal. Corn meal dull; $3.65. Cora 'dull and unchanged. - Oats dull and lower; No. 3 43@440, Hat—Dull; f18.00®35.00. Biun—Dull: $14.50. Bacon—pull and a shade lower. Shoulders, 7#® 7tfo; sides, OtfOOJtfo. Cleveland, Judo 3.—Bukadstuffb—Wheat dull and nominal. Coru dull at 60®61c, Oats dull and uomU u&l; No. 1,44 c. Petboleom—Quiet, steady, and unchanged; stand ard white, 15,V@15#0; State teat, 22# ®230. MARINE. Port of Chicago. ARRIVED. June 9. Bchr Australia, Jacksonport, 1,600 telegraph poles, 2,009 posts. Schr Lizzie Doak, Ronton Harbor, 65 m lumber. Prop Ira Chaffee, Saugutuck, CO m lumber, 60 rolls leather. Bohr Fisher, Coral Pier, 68 eda 'wood. Bcow Ahmpoo, Baugatuck, 80 eds wood. Prop Ira 11. Owou, Eacauaus, 730 gross ions iron oro. Schr Coral, Duck lake, 2,100 railroad ties. Prop Empire State, Buffalo, 1,109 brls pig iron, 136 pkga Osh. flebr Guide, St. Joseph, 60 m lumber, BuhrOou. Grant, Manistee, 190 m lumber, 85 m latb. Btmr Corona, Bt. Joseph, 42 bxs Osh, (1 dead calves, Schr Hero, Grand Haven. CO in lumber. Largo Alert, Pcshtlgo, 860 ui lumber. Barge Nogucbay. Poabtlgo, 681 in lumber. Schr Ultty Grant, Baugatuck, 80 m lumber, fckbr Magdalena, Bt, Paul's Pier, CO eda wood. Schr G. Barber, Ludlugtou, 07 m lumber. Bchr A. J. Mowry, Lincoln, 100 m lumber, 40 m lath. Schr J. Catchpoll), Maulfltco, 120 m lumber. Btmr B. 11.I 1 . Wade, Port Huron, cargo ot sundries. Prop Colorado, Buffalo, 600 brla cement, and sun* dries. Prop Philadelphia, Buffalo, 820 bars railroad Iren. 1,200 brla salt. CLEARED.. Juno 8. Prop Oily of Traverse, Traverse Oily, 80 brla pork, and sundries. Schr E. M. Duvldeon, Buffalo, 20,931 bu wheat. Schr Evullne, Buffalo, 15,000 wheat. Schr J, O. Harrison, Buffalo, 85,000 hu corn, • Bohr Onooutu, Buffalo, 84,000 hu oats. Btmr Coroua, 81, Joseph, 140 pkga sundries. Btmr Bummer Cloud, Buffalo, 21,600 hu corn. fltinr Winona, Buffalo, 21,030 bu corn. ITop Wm. M. Tweed, 83.0(H) bu corn, 2,200 brla flour. Bchr Minnie WilUama, Buffalo. 20,000 bu corn. Bulir City of Paluosvlflo, Buffalo. 37,562 bu corn. Bchr Adlromlae, Kingston, 17,000 bu wheat. Prop B. E. Caldwell, Port Huron, 1.000 brls flour. Prop B. D. Caldwell, Mackinac. 26 urla flour, IflbtU Prop Window, Erie, 19,000 hu corn, 1,800 hrla flour. Lake FrelffUta were quoUhlo at sitf®s#o for corn oud flQOlfo for wlioat to UnO'ulo. ana 130 for wheat to Oswi'KO. Tho charter* reported vrvro; To Buffalo—Bcltw Bwutwiug arid Jfaroat, cbm fit 0*(o 5 Onrilngford and L.O. "Woodruff, corn at 8#o; nclirs Hoard of Tradtf, wheat od ptivato tends; prop 1 Nebraska, com and oats through to New York} to Bouton. via Ogdonßlinrgh, prop Oswogntclile, com at 200 \ to Portland via Hamln, barge Oliver Cromwell, coni through rate} to Kings ton, aohr Azov, wheat at 12c. • , , Vessels Passed Detroit# Drtho'it, Mich.', Jnuo 0. —Parsed Up—Props Mo hawk, Allegheny 5 barges Noutuno, Inane May ; bark Paruha ; srhrs Pelican, Donalanou, Acontiae, E. JTitz gornld, J, Bigler* Sootla, Sheldon. ’ _ ■ Parred Down—Props Union. Champlain, Cuba, Lady Franklin, Fink 1 bark Mary Merritt; sehrs Denmark, Chinn, Garibaldi, Now Dominion, John Minor.’ - ■ • ■ ' ■ DETnorr. Mloh., Juno 3,—PArrkd Down—Props ' Java, Michigan } harks Louisa, Emerald; sehrs Bona tor, Alotandrls, .Victor, U. P. Baldwin, Cossack, Bky Lark, American Union* _ Passed Uiv-Schrs Josslo, Haltlo, Howard, Lucerne, Seaman. Wind—South. Illinois Diver and Canal Nowo* Special Diepnieh fo The Chicago Tribune, LaSalle, 111,, Juno B.—Tlio M. L. Adams, No. 3, paeaod out of the canal loaded with lumber for Peru, and dropped down; Nothing else arrived or departed fay the river or canal. Tho Planet, which passed out or tbo canal yesterday, loaded with pig Iron, for St. Louis, awaits towing. Tbo steamer Doavor is expect ed up from St. Louis on Friday, Twelvofcot and four inches of water on tho mltcr-elll of Lock 15. CANAL COLLEOTOn’S CVVIOR, OIHOAOO, JIIHO 3. Abhivkd—Gypsoy Queen, Ucnrv, 0,000 fan corn ; Orion, Utica, 4,200 fan com; 3,000 fan oats; Phonlx, ( Lookport, 7,500 fau oats, 7,000 lbs rags, 7,000 old Iron. Prop Storm, Ottawa, 0,000 lbs rccdß, 1,000 lbs Iron ; Barge No. 9, LaSalle, 157 (one coal; Dolphin, Ottawa, 6,800 bu com; Morning Light, Ottawa, 6,800 Im com. Oleaukd—O. L. Booth, LaSalle, 03,761 root lumber t 10,850 lath; Elizabeth, Lookport, 4,701 bu wheat, 25 brls sugar, 33 kegs nails, 4,000 lbs sundries; Bello Franco, 80,000 ,ft lumber; Cuba, LaSalle, 78,802 ft lumber, 87,850 ft lath, 60 brls lime. miscellaneous# Tho now tug Protection made her first trip on tho Jake to-day, and proved herself a competent protec tion to all that may be entrusted to her care. —The tug Drake la being' fitted up as a passenger boat by Oapt. Ooz. She will make excursions to Lin coln Park during Jubilee week. : —The scow Mmnlo Corlotto, which capsized off Pent water recently, has been towed Into tbo harbor at that place. . —From Kingston wo I earn that the schooner Jura to ashore near Fort Peter, light. Tho tug Franklin has gone to her assistance. —The Detroit Tribune gives tho following concerning tho canal. Tho work for tho -required Improvements on tho Si. Clair Fiats Canal, which is to bo carried out this Boason, has boon contracted for by John Brown. Do also built tho canal. It is tbo intention of tho Government to widen that thoroughfare to 200 feet with a depth of 10 foot. Tho work will bo commenced immediately. On the 12th of Juno the lights leading into tbo canal will bo shut off and the passage closed until the work is completed. How long this will con tinue cannot bo definitely stated, but tho work will : bo finished at tho earliest poeßiblo period. —Captains of steamers passing up tbo St. Clair lllvor with tows are cautioned against approaching too near the Canada side, opposite Hart’s dock. By bo doing they avoid tho danger of coming in contact with two piles whloh have boon driven in sixteen foot of water, tho tops of tho same being within two foot of tho bup • face. The shore from 600 root below Oapt. Neal's dock should be given a good berth until getting well beyond tho wreck of In© propeller Boeoobol.—fMu. . —Tho Buffalo Jixprae gives (ho following concern ing the harbor at Duluth: Tbo entrance between tbo ns la 200 foot, with 14 io 16 foot depth of water, and inside tbo piers there is not loss than SO to 80 foot of water. Tho piers run northeast and'southwest. A rod light'marks the entrance to tbo harbor. Last fall a trestle frame was being erected for a light-house on tho port end (going in) of tho south pier. Tho en trance to Duluth harbor, Copt. Bushor says,' is ouo of the best on the lakes, in fact, there is no bettor harbor on tho lakes. A vessel may enter during a heavy northeast gale without tho least danger, presuming, of course,the Captain possessed of ordinary nautical skill. —The St. Paul Frees of Sunday has tho following: "Parties just from Duluth say that tho Ice still extends out into tho lake a distance of some 14 miles, and that ot different points, where one cake has shoved under another, the ice has a depth of 20 feet." SPECIAL NOTICES. Foreign Indorsement of the Stand ard Tonic of America. There scorns to bo do limit to the celebrity of nostot tor's Utomaoh Bitter*. Kvory year tho demand for It In creases and the territorial area of it* popularity expand*. It has long been tho standard tonlo, and an approved remedy for epidemic dlaoaso in tbo Republic* of South and Central America, In Brasil and tho West Indio*, and tho British Colonies on this continent. More recently Its merits have been appreciated at tho antipodes, and it Is now shipped In largo quantities to Australia and Tasraa nla. Tho reason why It Is making suob extraordinary headway In remote regions as well as In Aroorles. are Tory simple and 110 In a nutshell. It Is a medicine suited to all peoples, alt ollmatos, and all ordinary disorders and disabilities. It prevents and euros malarious diseases, relievos Indigestion, braces tho nerves. Improves tho ap petite, clears tho brain, regulates tho livor, arrests Inter mittent fever, strengthens tho physique and Invigorates tho constitution. Hofmann’s Hop Pills Ilavo boon used In thousands of tho worst casos.of fovor and ague. Intermittent fovor, and dumb-aguo, with as tonishing success. They are offered to tbo public, with full oonlldenco In tholr merit. They do not contain pois onous or Injurious properties, andean bo taken by adult and child with porfoot safety. They am sugar-coated and for salo by Druggists atW oonta per bor, or sent by mall prepaid. McLain's Candied Castor Oil Is a delicious syrup of tho castor bean, o harmless and reliable eatbart lo modlolno. Also aro McLain's Vermifuge Bonbons, do llghttnl worm candles. Children aro delighted with thorn. Prieo for either 25 cents. VAN SOIIAAOK, BTBVBNBQN & RHID. Sole Agent*. Chicago. DRESS GOODS. PME & GO. MADISON AND PEORIA-STS. DRESS ROODS INTERESTING PRICES. Lotof Dross Linens at 121-2 ots., half prico. 300 pos Twilled Cashmeres, How Shades, .28 inches wide, 20 ots. yard, worth 40. 100 pos handsome all-wool Cretonnes, ole* gant Shades, 66 ots., worth 85 ots, “Lot of Wide Japanese Stripes at 18 ots., heretofore 25 ots. IfOxeo now assortment of Dross Goods on the ohoap centre tables, at 18, 20. and 25 cts. Silk and Wool Velours and BpingUnoa, new Spring Shades, 75 ots.; regular price, $1.26. Handsome Dyons Roll Poplins, 75, 65, and SI.OO, worth SI,OO to $1.76. Extra quality Japanese Poplins, reduced to 25 Qts,', the best made. . Bargains in Japanese Silks from 40 ots up, Bl’k Ground Striped Silks reduced to 05 ots Bargains in Dark and Light Colored Stripe Silks at SI.OO and $1.25, Just received.’ '' CHEAPEST BLACK SILKS in the city • Bargains' ip Blaok Grenadines. C.W.&E. PAEDEIBGS & GO., 118 to 124 BTATE-ST. Opening (his day 1.000 plooos Japanese Pop. lins at 250, worth 50o; 100 plooos Silk and Wool Pongee at 800, others aoksi for no bottor goods. Also, a fow Real Lacos.oom prlaing Shawls, Points, Bortliao, and Barbs. Also. 1,000 dozen Kid Gloves, the best in tho World for $l, Look at our Balbriggnn Hoso for 60 to 760, others ask $1 to $1.60 for no bottor goods; Gents* British Half Hose 20c, worth 000. Also, anoxtonsivo stock of Black Alpacas and Laoo Curtains saved from Steamer Atlantic, and sold at extremely low prices. If you care to save your money, ox. amino our goods and prices before puronas jpg. READ ESTATE. Milton Heights! 1 doilro to call the particular attention of buyers (o that handsome, th!okly*woodod, high and dry. 100 acre tract, ot Washington Heights, which 1 am offering fas Bale at a special bargain. IIICNRV 15. MARBLE. _• Roomß, No. *?tl Doarhorn-ir* WINDOW SCREENS. Wire Screens, FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS, At the oldest eatabllihmont In the huslnoii. J\. W- X>- KELLEY Sc BRO., 88 Madison-at., Tribune Building. LADIES’ GOODS. SUITS. Chas. Oossage ty- Co ,, We are now offering an unus ually choice and tasty selection of Spring and Summer Suits in new fabrics, shades, and de signs. White Swiss and Lawn Suits,' with plain trimmings, and trimmed with ..Lace and Embroidery; elegant White Embroidered Lawn Suits from sl4 to $25; emb’d Linen Suits, fresh in design and coloring, from $lO to S3O; Lawn and Linen Suits, in every variety of style,.from $5 up; Braided Lin en Polonaises, Lawn and Swiss Polonaises, Embroid’d Batiste Polonaises, very stylish Cam el’s Hair Polonaises, elegant Colored and Black Silk Suits from the latest styles [extant in Paris, Berlin, and London, with a large and attractive stock of our own production, superior in style and design, at very mod erate prices. 106, 108, 110 STATB-ST. SILKS, LAGES. &r„ FIELD,LEM & CO State and Twentieth, arid Madison and Market-sts, Will offer, during the week, BAB GAIN3 in DRESS GOODS, Laces, Embroideries, Ladies’and Children’s Fumish ' ing Goods, Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods, Housekeeping & Linen Goods, Parasols, Eibbons, Ties, Fans, Gloves,Notions,&Fancy Goods, Including all the LEADING NOV ELTIES of the day. Special Bargains IN SEASONABLE SUITS, COSTUMES, Cloaks, and Shawls. IN EVERY DEPARTMENT LOW PRICES WILL BE MADE. Examination of Stock Solicited., BANK STATEMENT. Report of the Condition OF THE National Bant (if Goon OB’ OPTICA.<3O., At the Close of Business on the 25th April, 1871 RESOURCES. Loan* and discounts.. t Overdrafts.... U. 8. Hoods for circa* In lion Other Slocks and Honda ' Duo from Redeeming _ andllodorvoAgonta 8 07*830.82 Duo from Notional 11anka.......20,437.01 DuofromotuorUuuka .. mid.Uankort 10,302.70 Hmaft 10.U0U.00 n«al 0f1tat0,...., Furniture and Fix- turos Currant expenses. Premiums Cash Items, Inolml. intfStompß .........8 11*831.74 Bxoliatisob (or Clear ing House 74*320.72 Bill" of National 8anka....... 7*381.00, Fractional Currency and Nickels... 1*330.38 Legal Tender Notes., 117.422.00 212*281.84 81.051,301.13 LIABILITIES. Capitol Stock paid in 5urp1u5...,.... Protltnnd Bosh Outstanding Clroula- Di« idonda 'unonlH.... Individual deposits..B 330,074.011 OortUiod Chock 20,8(10.33 DeiKiKlts of National Bauka 157,003.53 Deposit# of other Banks and Bankers. 152,742.04 ■■■, ; ■ ■. 007.C7V17 81.051,307.18 Ho-dlacounts. Statoof Illinois, Counts'of Cook, na. I, Kdwln Maynard, Caiddor or lUo National Hank of Oomuioroo of Chicago, do Holonmly avroar that tho a boro atatomuut la true, to tuo boat of my knmrloilKn and belief. K. MAYNAItD, CaaUloc. Subioribod and Bwom to bofnro mo tbla third day of Juno. 187 J. QIUiKUT IIOHKUT.SON, Notary I’ublio. Oomot— Attest i K. R. PAUL. 1 V. M. COUHY, £ Dlroctore. P. U. MAYNARD,) . LAKE NAVIGATION. GOODRICH’S STEAMERS For Endue, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, otc., doily, Sundays excepted, 9u. in. Soturdny Excur sion Hoot lor Milwaukee, etc., do’n’t leave 1 un til 8 p, m. For Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Spring toko, Pruitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. in. For St. Joseph and Ronton Harter, Tuesday Thursday, uud Saturday, 11 p. in. For Green liay, Menominee, Oconto, and inter mediate ports, tri-weekly, 1 i, ui, CLOTHING. CLOTHING FOB TUB ' Million. EDWARDS, BLUETT & CO. Have an Immense Stock of all kinds of SUMMER GARMENTS Boys’ fear, AT LOWEST PRICES. . • PRESENT LOCATION, 38 STATE-ST., 45 yi'W. MADM, APTEK AUGUSf 1. .. Northwest comer Madison As Stato-sts. DIAMONDS. DIAMONDS. An elegant stock of gems, both set and unset, just received from the cutters of Europe, at greatly Reduced Prices. Engagement Bings of new designs. GILES) HO. & CD., 268 Wabash-av. arid 234 West Madison-st. Diamonds purchased of us dan at any time hereafter be returned and the money refund* ed, less IB per cent and the priob of setting. STOVES, RANGES, &o. Warren nanp ■BBSS- ERaBSnH First B| 19 Am. Ins. Premium B9 B 1 1871. Double Hentcd Oven, Clo»et Drolling- Door, leader Guard, Damping ud Staking Onto, Direct DnfL FVUEB, WARREN A CO., Manufacturers, Troy, Hi f. BBAHQH 809810—Hiv Tori, ClOTobnd tsl CUtigc. Diamond & RUBY FURNACES. JAKES A, LAWSOH, Patentee. For Heating Churches, School Houses, Puhlio Build ings and Private Residences. FULI/ER, WARREN &. CO., ' Manufacturers, Troy, N. Y. SHAKOS HOMES—K«w-York, Clovohni ani CUesgo. fITEWARip OTOVES.I 3.878 3?attorO« Fon Saus or PULLER WARREN A CO., ■ RSandGOLako-at., Chicago. Alio fc full assortment of StoToa. “THE COMMERCIAL,” Corner of lake and Doartom-sls., (Opposite lltemoal Housp), OPENS MONDAY MORNING, STtmo 2. Accommodations for COO Quests, $2.50 per Day. PULLING & INGRAHAM, Proprietors. GRAND UNION HOTEL, SAEATO&A SPEIN&S, N. Y„ ' will opooJanbl,'for thb reception of guests. Prof. J. 21, Lander amt bls'BQporb band have’ bnoq engaged for tho season. Rooms canba engaged at Metropolitan Ho tel or Gilsojr Houso,-N. Y. • Address BREBLIN. GARD NER A CO., at Saratoga Springs, N..Y.- ■ 9 630,807.05 8;280.(J0, 132,000.00 060.00 WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. YOUR LIFE IS SPENT IN ISISD. You - got tho Most Comfort by using * PETERS* I^U’UOVEI) Woven Wire Mattress:, Art Improvement ovrr all othert. Hold by dealers lulfurnltmo and Uoddlna, WHrn'LKSIiY 12i)_IinSnHp.(it.> 3il liner N« of Jliulliien»_ EMPIRE BEDSTEADS. - la Elis Sir Eetttf Ib the thing to oooommodato your guest* during tho Jubilee. AnElpil Piece of Fiiriiitnre, Convertible instantly into a porfoot Bod. Every room mado avail able for sleeping with out inconvenience. Bovon styles, udaptod to Parlor, Library, Dining-room, Oflioo, and Store. Prices; S2O, $35, 546, SSO, SO3. $76, SBS. SIOO. Sold on installments if desired. EMPIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD 00., __ 383 WoHt MadißOD;Bt« 8 2 M:88 4,010.0tt . 1,8, a8S:o8 Rupture. DR. MARSH'S RADICAL OURB-TR*' Truss that orer ollouu a pormammt on* Tru.sos, Hliouldur Uraoos, Rlastlo S' , (or Dow Lobs, Club Foot, Spinal &a., accurately uxaUo aud appUo' antuoi). r* lU3Waahlnztoa>st..&doors'- fy"A oowpotont fomal; . ■L.C Official Drr 47. V Bualod Mono . Rooms 6 at Mviiu.r.i 5 FOE* DIAMONDS. HOTELS, TRUSSES.

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