Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 4, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 4, 1873 Page 6
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6 MONEY AND COMMERCE i ; MONETARY. * 1 ’ ■ •j j ruxflhAyEiraHmo.'Jmil) 8. ! . There woro no foaturoa worthy of, special notice, either in tho local or general money mar kets to-day; The supply offunds hero Is grad ually increasing, and there la a fair prospect that .tho markot'WiQ bockay for sonlfimontha to eonfc. ’ There, ib a largo movement of Western products to. tho ISaet, and.tb? turning,of thoao into monoy inoroasoa tho supply of cash funds in tho West. New York oxchaugo was sold between banks to-day_at por. Tho moyompni of cur rency to tbo country is not very largo, but iho bulk of what Is going is to the Northwest; whbro It is wanted for tho marketing of wheat. ’ ‘ | 'oqarqrsin hank officers. - I Tlio change In tho management of two promt '.nent banks In this city,: which wodudioated;yes terday as probable, waa mado to-day. In the Cook Oounty'Natiohal Bank, Mr. B. F. Allen; .-late- of BosMoinos, loWa, waa oloctod President; -Mr. Chaunoey T. Bowen, of this - city, Yieo-Presldent, and O. O.Bulkloy,-Cashier. Tho new Board of Birootors are: Tlio Hon. Lyman Trumbull,-Pottor Palmer, tho HouJB. O. Oook, Thomas S. Bobbins, Charles, Btowart e • '£Noporisot,‘ > UK), B. F. AUon, the Hon. iW. > Busnnell (Ottawa.; H1.),'0. T. Bowen. B. B, Bponcor. i ■■ t * i Thb * obanko In the* management of the State Savings Institution Is in the election of Mr. Bavin B. Sponcor for President, in place of tho Hon. 'J. O. Bore, designed. Mi*. Thomas 8. Bobbins .was -elected Vice-President, Charles B. Bickford, Cashier, and Albert B. Qulldj ASslstant Oashfor. Tho Booi?d of Trustees of tho hank remain tho same as heretofore, and Us' business will undoubtedly bo •• conducted In tho-samb Conservative and satis factory manner ,whioh baa boon tho moans of giving it it's present prominent position.. / J s /r adim BMtfJOLAhow. " I , For some.time, past. there have been intima tions that < preparations wore being mado by .a bllqdo in Now York for a speculative riso in tho firied of gold similar to the ono that culminated n Black Friday of I860,! and it is not at all improbable . that somo attempt of tho hind' may *be * mado “ nbxt month, _ . The _ experience „of ,all ~ thoso atiompt'e, however, Is tho same. Their offoot is transient, and practically it is j confined to a fow of tho epooulatora.i During Black Friday, when gold* was quoted at 162 in the gold -room, it is a well known fact that cosh gold was sold in tho streets of Now York, in tho small amounts required for actual use,- at 186, which had been tub ruling price for several months. . When we have a dor ■ nor in wheat or oom in this market,'it is always, for somo special kind of delivory.WfluMly-“ seller tbo month.” Boring tho coniinuanco of ;the comer, wheat that is wanted for actual'use 1 at oboe' soils at tho somo prico as If there was no corner. Tt is plalh, therefore, that there is 1 no ebango in the value of wheat In consequence of tho eomor. - It is Bimply-a contest between cer tain speculators as to who can pat up tho most f monoy in margins. Tho laws of supply and do ;; mand for legltmiato purpoaoa -fix the prices of r things,.and thoso prices aro .disturbed very lit- any' artificial manipulations. Gold Is a commodity that is moro widely distributed than any other, and can bo moved from ono country to another moro easily and at a • dost loss pro portionate to its value than any othor. with ' tho exception of. • tho cost of transporta tion, its valuo. is uniform throughout ,, and whenever any -cause operates to increase its value in ono place above another to a dogroo that leaves a profit on its transporta tion, it qulokly flows to that place, and adjusts tho difference. - KOUOO thoro can bo no porma ment or great difference in tho valuo of gold in ..different places orconntrios, and *it is therefore ' impossible for any manipulation or speculation * to cause any but a very temporary change in tho valuo of gold, unless it could affoot tho value of - all the gold in alike, a thing altogether - improbable. . COMWJMKMTB TOOK THB BT, LOUIS PRESS. ‘ We aro at a loss to understand what kina of 'an estimate tho newspaper writers of St. Louis can put upon tho average intelligence of their readers and of tho commordiaU world at largo. While they continue to print snob tirades against Chicago .in connection with the trade of -the two -cities; Horc ia' tho 'li6pill>licari t tiH Instance, .which wo had supposed had somo decency left, : printing a whole column of such stuff as tho following:. •• Tims,. for the last twenty years, Chicago hoi atretched oat her'lron arms Into 471x000810, MlnOe •: sots, and lowa, like thb Devil-Ash in tho Tollers of tho “■' Sea. literally tucking tho Ufo-blood from three or four . tnlHlona of producers. Holding tho farmers of the Northwest at hermer - cy, Chicago waa enabled to rob them at her will. Leagued with tho railway managers, her speculators . wore'enablad to fix prlcoa arbitrarily, to-make arbitra ry olaaßlAoationa of produce, and to disgrace the com* merclal name of tho West by a aystem of railroad ox torUona,.warehouse frauds, and “corner” robberlca. -of which not lhe_ half has yet been told. We think ; these may bo called Belf-evldont propdalUonsJ There fore It u the moat rational thing in tho world to ex l»ct that any movement looking to the eman cipation of the producing classes of the West will encounter at the outset the vindictive and deperate opposition of • Chicago, Whatever tends to KW?? . rowerß Btock-ralsera of tbo Upper Mississippi Valley at the mercy of Chicago and her ’ railways and grain and stock speculators, puts broad |h bermoum,-broadcloth upon her. back, and monoy Wo believe that on the whole the merchants of Bt. Louis aro last like those of Chicago. They ojo os honorable in their dealings as mo rest of * Jho mercantile world, neither bettor nor worse, but it must bo conceded that 'tho newspaper writersof BtLonlsereelittlepeoullar. Theiridea seems to be.thattho function of journalism is to nuarepresent facts, to exaggerate cirounistanceß, and, when there Is no pretext for misrepresen tation, to make a lie out of whole cloth, A 'sam- Ele of the misrepresentation of facts by the Bt. lonia newspapers; is their persist<moo in 'mis wpresentihg the bank oloanngs of that city by adding' the debits to tho credits, thus maxing ' too total appeor'juat double what it ought "be, and "'then claiming that 'tbe’bank'cloarihgs of St. Louis -equal those of Chicago, whereas, the reported clearings in.this city, are reports of nothing but credits to the banks.- If the —-bank clearings report of Chicago ’was made up in the sanm manner it is in Bt. Louis, it would appear to be twice as largo. - LOCAL STOCK AKD BOND MARKET, Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Kean quoto as fol lows this afternoon: Buying. Silling. jlMOaof *62.... ‘. 116 V lie 6-20a0f*64 116 V uov C-3050f*65 ,117 V 118 V B-20e of *65, Jan, and July ,118 V 119 6-20s of *67, Jon. and July 1211? 121 V 6-20fl;of *6B, Jan. and Ju1y..... UOV 119 V 10-408 .. 113 V 114 XI. B. 5s (new issue) 116 115 V Gold (full weight) 117 117 V GoldOonponß 117 117 v Gold Exchange 117 V Sterling Exchange 109 @IIOV .Korthem Pacific Gold 7-30 a 100 k Int, Chicago City 7a oov'i Int. Cook County 7a WV Alnt, UUnoU County and Township 10a 95^08 REAL ESTATE. Hie following instruments woro filed for reo-~ ord on Tuesday, June 2 : OITT PHOPEBTX. i , Lot 86, In Block 3, of Block 0, Sec. S3, S3, 14, dated June 3; consideration, SBSO. . Ellii av, near TMrty-eJxth at, wf, 66x137 ft," dated Hay 80; consideration, $6,150. LoU 13,13,14,24, and 29, In Block 24, 800. 7,89, 14, datod April 24; consideration, $4,500. Lots 108 and 109, in Block 3, of o nw Jf See. 8, 89, 14|_dated May 10,1873; consideration, $3,700. Thirty-Uni st, near Stewart av, b 1, 100x113 ft, dated May 16 s consideration, $4,000. Lots 25 and 30, in Block 0. of Block 13, SUoffleld’s Addition, dated May 1; consideration, $1,260. Milwaukee av, n w of and near Noble st, b vr f, 35x144)4 ft> dated M«y 30; consideration, $4,080. Shurtloff av, north of and near Whltehoaso place, o f, 35 ft to alleyjWlth Improvements, dated May 37; consideration, $2,000. York st, 84 ft e of Hermitage av, a f, 314*13x70 B*lo ft, dated slay 24: consideration, $4,000. Sbobcr st, 140 it nof Division st, vr f, 25x125 ft, dated June 3; consideration. SOOO. Sbobcr st, 106 ft n of Division Bt, wf, 30x120 ft dated Juno 3; consideration. SOOO. West Monroe Bt, 197 ft vr of lioomls, b f, 40x16754 ft, dated April 18; consideration, SIO,OOO. . Twenty-fifth st, 60 B-10 ft w of Stewart av, bf, 25x 124 ft, datod March 4; consideration, $1,350. Twenty-fifth st, 174 ft e of Hanover at, b f, 29x134 ft, dated Feb. 11; conolderatlon, $1,350. West 81 of e 103 of n64ft of Lot 1 In Dlock 17, of le X 800 31, 99, 14. dated May 80; consideration, $8,600, . Lota 9.10,38, and 39, In Block 1, of 'Walker’s e }i See 80, 39,14, nof river, datod April 10: coasldextttlon, $6,500. Lot 43, In Block 7, In Mcßeynold's Addition, dated Juno 3: consideration, SBOO. Arnold st, near b w cor of Thirtieth at, ef, 26 ft to alloy, with buildings, dated Juno 3: consideration, $3,600. Lot 107, In Block 10, 8e07,89,14, dated May 10 > consideration, S6OO. /Prairie av, net Thlrty-fint and Thirty-second eta, w f, 36 ft to alley, dated June 3: consideration, $4,000., , Lot 16, in Block 1, of Davis’ Addition, witn improve* /?»' nonta, dated May 38; consideration, $3,800. r O' (>885x168 46*100 ft of Lot! 6, In Dlock 6, of e V a 0 V > 5 18, 89,14, dated May 30; consideration, $3,000. } if A*iU In L.D. Boone's AddlUon, dated May 10: v AftmUoa, um f&H:* ~'Nd'rlh av> b «bor of Olmrcb at, ti f, 60x104 ft • dated May 13,1 consideration, SIO,OOO, Lois 1 and 9, in filook 8, lu Cook h Anderson’s wW of noif 80024, 39,10, dated May 13 ; consideration, $13,000. j Wabash ar, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth tVm* 50 ft t0 all ° 7 ’' dnUl(l May 0 ’ oonHideratlon, Lot 5, In Block 10, of Lee’s Addition, dated April 18: oonalderalloD, $9,500. . i Lot 4 in same, dated April 18 ; consideration, $9,600, L0t.39 and 80 of Jordan’s, Lola 13 to 18, Ao., of Ofl don’s# Vof n«x Sec. 34, 39,13, dated May 1; con* alderatloo, $l,lOO. * * • ’1 Lot 17 in Bono’s oV, Block 28, Sec, 6, 89.14, dated May 31; consideration, $1,498. ; Lola 17 and 18 In tamo, dated May 31; consider!- .(ion, $9,460. Four lots In Holstein, dated Juno 0; consideration, SI,OOO. •* ■> ... 1 . . Tho premises No. 44 Kansas st, dated Jan. 1; con sideration, $9,000. Lot 8, in Block 7, Holstein, dated Juno 2; consid eration, S6OO. v, WORTH or OITT LTMTTfI. | Lota 11 and 13, In Block 10,' Kavonswood, dated April 11; consideration, ST,BOO. \ . Lot 1, in Block 4. of Hoyt ot al,‘ Subdivision, 0 M i w %ofs w % 800 lu. 38, 14, dated May 27; considera tion, $1,000,..... . Lota 20 to 22, in Fish ft Young’s Lot 8, In s a % of bW 44 600 #, 38, dated May 01; oonßlderatlon, lIJOO. , B%ofw4ofßacrtw,n and ndj s 12 acresofno %or n w 4f 80010, 38,14, dated May 22 5 considera tion;^!,ooo. • 1 • Lota 39 to 43, In Block 4, in Putnam’n Subdivision, in s wV of Bee 0, 38, 14, dated May 27: considera tion, *3,1C0.. / .Prairie ar, bol Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth ots, w f, 60 ft to alley, dated May 29; consideration, $4,260. Fiftieth st, 200 ft e of Droxol av, of, 135x283>tf ft, dated May 27 ; consideration, $8,600. Same as the above,-dated May 37; consideration, $8,600, - . ’ , J OF CITY LIMITB. Chicago av, 69 8-10 ft e of Olovoloml ar, s f, 60x135 fl, dated March 1; consideration, $1,250. COMMERCIAL. ■ Tuesday Evxntno, Juno 8. following woro tho receipts and shipments of tho leading articles , of. produce In Chicago during'Uio post twonty-four hours, and for tho corresponding dole ono year ago: . - *. . nKomrtft. amruENrs. ■ - - 1873. 1873. 1873. . 1872, Flour, brlfl 7,000 4,440 * 8,100 "jLOM bu 43,800 31,600 88,183 q, 725 Corn, bu 120,826 890,466 104:310 362,856 Oats, bu.' 103,600 109,410 01,050 05,005 'Xlyo, bu 4,007 4,330 T,900 1,803 Darloy, bu„ 700 1,750 ' 025 Grass flood, 1b5,.... 00,196 11,240 '2.744 4,131 Flaxseed, 1b5,.;...; 8,400 ’ Broom corn, 1ba.... 08,200 42,083 /1,120 Sured moalfl, 1ba.... 69,700 37,460 232,140 282,718 o«f, 10 I•, 915 705 Poik, brla 600 438 05 jArdf Ibfl 14,000 v. 10,110 06,799 239,725 Tallow, lb 9,970 27,740 77,298 ........ Butter, 1ba.;....,.. 85,726 03,090 64,797 40,808 Live how, No 12,430 10,620 6,670 0 009 Cattle, No ' 6,050 2,490 &029 2 330 Bbeop,N° 085 613 *303 H dea, lbs 108,010 00,430 91,210 68,430 Hlghwines, brla..;. 02 370 103 215 Wool, 334,160 80,000 27,002 03,347 Potatoes, ba b,064 8,908 2,716 : 397 Lumber, mft 7,904 16,054 2,208 1,663 Shingles, m 8,008 4,031 ’ 2,940 1,258 Bftlt, brla 3 ( bqq 1034 j 053 Withdrawn from store yesterday, for city con sumption : 8U bu wheat; 5,195 hu com; 0,040 bu oats; 822 bu 170; 829 bn barley. tTho following grain has been Inspected into store this morning, up to 10 o’clock: 118 cars wheat; 207 cars com; 6,800 bu No. 2 do, and 11,- COO bu rejected do, by canal; 188 cars oats; 6 cars ryo 5 2 cars barley. Total (470 cars), 225,000 bu. 1 : • Tho lumber market Is now In a demoralized condition. There Is tho best of reason to bofiovo that cargo sales woro mado yesterday at $9.25 for good piece stuff, wbilo tho lowest “quota tion” was SIO.OO. Cannot tho men who misrep resent tho state of the market boo that they aro doing their Worst to drive away trade by weaken ing confidence in tho Integrity of thoso who do business hero ? k petition is how being circulated for signa tures through tho Northwest, asking for tho au thorization or establishment of a double-track steel railroad, for carrying freight exclusively between this city and Now York. Tho advan tages which such a rood would secure, if prop erly managed, aro so many and so patent that ihO document will undoubtedly eoouro very many signatures. Tbo only difficulty in tho way is that Congressional aid for a really valuable measure can scarcely bo secured without drag-- ging in a score or more of steals from tho Treas ury of tho nation. tnfe Markets. Tho loading produce markets wore again lower to-day, tho principal exception being wheat, which went turougu its drooping phase yester day. The flue weather and large receipts caused a drop early, and tho markets wore rather strong afterword, improving somewhat from the decline. Tho shipping, movement was very slow, owing to tho firmer tone in lake freights, which sent shippers out of tho market. . Dry goods were moving a littlo moro freely, both on local and interior acoount. Tho pleas ant weather of tho post few days has greatly stimulated tho retail trade, and in staple cottons and seasonable fabrics a fair aggregate of sales was accomplished. Groceries were again quoted dull, though, in comparison with tho preceding half-dozen days, the distribution of staple and side goods, showed a respectable increase. Values wore not subjected to any quota ble change. Batter was in moder ately active demand, not only to supply local wants, bat forshlpmoat, andformorquota tions wero sustained, sales being reported at 10 @l9o for poor to good, and at 20@210 for choice. No change worthy of mention occurred in the choose, canned goods, and dried fruits markets, business continuing slack, with prices in buyers’ favor. Fish wore fairly active and firm. Hay was weak. The demand has fallen off some recently, and stocks > are beginning to "accumulate. In me bide and leather markets a fair amount of sales was accomplished at about former quotations. * Thoro was a liberal move ment in oils, paints, and colors, at very full prices. Pig-iron, paper, stock,, tobacco, and wood wore quoted unchanged. The trade at the lumber-yards continues satis factorily active, and prices are without material change. Tho wholesale market was quiet to day, though sovorul cargoes woro sold early. Fair to good boards, strips, and lath are un changed. Thomotal and iron trade is quiet; the market for the former is without particular change, but common fair iron is weak and un settled. NaOs moot with a fair inquiry, and are steady at present rates. Tho demand for build ing materials is improving, and common brick is quito active at $7.00 per m. Wool remains quiot and without quotable change. Tho dealers re port a fair trado in broom-corn, and a firm mar ket for the hotter grades. Beads woro quiet and unchanged. Tho inquiry for poultry was , fair, and turkeys were higher, owing to scarcity. The trade in green fraits is good, apples alone being slow. Eggs woro active and steady, at 13>£@ lie. Highwines were quiot and firm attbo quota* tloiiß of yesterday. Buyers bid 000 ratbor freely: but sailors bold off for 00>£@91o, seeing that Now York was quoted higher. Sales woro cou llned to 60 brla at 000 por gallon. Bake freights wore quiot and stronger. Car* rlers Insisted on %o advance, which shippers would not pay till near the close, and then {took hold rather freely, taking 0 vessels, which will' carry out 10,000 bu wheat, 180,000 bu coin, 60,000 bu oats, and 16,000 bu barley.- Sail rates'woro quoted at ou corn, and C@oVq on wheat to Buffalo, and 120 for wheat to Kings ton. Corn was taken on through rato to Bos* ton at 200. Provisions woro dull. Mobs pork was about 100 per brl lower, though not offered to any groat extent, tbo cause of tho decline being a wealton lug in tho price of live hogs, duo to larger re* ceipta. Lard was unchanged. Moats wore inac tive, but generally, quoted a shade stronger, being hold off the market, whilo it is behoved that there are very few old paeats horo that havo not been sold forehlpmont. Summer cured pro ducts have boon in good supply recently, but there is little offered now, and still loss wanted. Tho market closed at tho following range of prices t Moss pork, cash or seller Juno, $16.66 @16.00; do seller July, g16.00@16.05 ; do seller August, $10.00@10.10; lard, cash or Boiler Juno, g8.50@8.65; do Boiler July, $8.76@8.80; do seller August, gO.OO; summer do, gB.OO. Sweet pickled hams quoted at 10@12o. Dry salted moats quotable at oJtf@o%o for shoulders; 8/Hj@BKo for short ribs; andßjtf@B9£o for short door. Boxed shoulders, o%@o><o. Eng lish meats, B%@B^ofor short ribs; B><@9o for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7>£o for shoulders; OWo for clear riba; ofor short clear, and for hams, all packed. Messbeof, g0.00@U.26; extra mess do, glo.oo@ 10.25; beef hama, ®28.00@20.60. City tallow, 7%@80; grease quotable at 6>J:@ojfo. 'Boles were reported of 1,000 brls pork, sober Juno, at g16.65; 600 brls do, seller July, at $10.00; 2,000 brls do at glO.OO; 600 brls do. Holler August, at $10.12#; 260 tos lard, seller duly, atgß.Bo; 60 tea irregular lard at gB.OO. Flour was dull at tho reduced quotations of yesterday, buyers holding off both on shipping and local account, as New York was quoted duU THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1873. and oftslor. Bran was higher, tho recent dcollno having materially reduced the volumo of offdr ings. Bales wore reported of 100 brio whit® win ter oitroa at $8.25; 60 bits do at $7.50 | lOObrls do on private terms 5 160 brla spring extras At SB.OO I 100 brla do at $7.00 t CO brla do at $0.60: lOObrls do flow) at $5.25; 60 brla do (uuspimfi) at $1.00; 200 brla do on private tortile. ‘TOUT. 000 brla; also 10 tobs bran .at $0.60 at mill, aha 10 ton's uo at $9.00 on track. Tho following woro tbo aaking prlcoa at tbo oloeo t , ! Fair to choice white winter extras. ..,.,$ 8.60 Allloo Bod winter 7.00 § 8.50 pood to choice spring extras 6,98 a 7.60 I*wto medium 6.00 a 000 Mlnncsolss (patent).,.. 0.00 QlllOO Good to fancy Minne50ta............... 0.60 a 8.00 Bpring superflnes...; 8.00 ®6OO Byo Hour 4.10 a.4 60 Bran.... ....... 0.00 .a olsp Wheat waa moderately active, and irregular, averaging nearly tho same as at tho oloso Yester day. 7Tho market was early depressed by tho fnotsof flue weather and largo receipts, strength ened when Liverpool was reported higher, fell off when tho “ ttokor ” quoted, Liverpool Id dot 100 lbs lower, again hocamo firm rrhoh itwas As certained that tbo first report was oorrooL ahd broke badly at tlio oloso. The general'feellbg was ono of firmness, under a fair inquiry for shipment, insplto.of arise lb freights, and tho trading wda mostly for delivery during this tnbntb, showing that a good many of tho Juno shorts are yet unfilled. There woro fow cash lots offered outside of tho current receipts; imd, Indeed, there ia little hero, our stock-of No. 2 spring being reduced to about 170,000 bu. Never theless, there is little four of tho short Interest for this month being troubled, as; cash wheat has now recoded to within %o of tho price for Juno. Tho moro deferred options were dull, except July, which was in fair request, but gen erally hold above tho views of bnyors. Boiler tho month opened at $1.18%, advanced >to $1.21%. recoded to $1.24%, rose to $1.24%, and dropped to $1.23 at the oloso.. Sailor July Bold at $1.22%@1.24%; sollor August at . $1.10@1,20, and sollor tho year at $1.12%@1.10, all closing at • thu Inside. Cash No. 2 spring closed nominal ;at 81.23%. No; 1 spring closed nominal at 81.30, and No. 3do at sl.lO. Bojootod do was inao tivo, 000 being tho best bid. Caahßftloß wore reported 0f10,500 bn No. 1 spring (ohlofly.hard) at $1.81; 2,700 bn do at 81.80 ; 600 bu Not 2 opring at $1.26% ; 2,800 bn do at $1.26%'; 7,000 bu do at $1.26%: 19,000 bn do at $1.20 \ 10,000 bu do at $1.24% t 7*ooo bU do ht $1.24%: 1,200 bu No. 3 spring at sl.lO ; 7,200 bu do at $1.16'; 400 bb by sample at $1.82 ; 800 bn do at $1.28%; 400 bn do at $1.27 ; 400 bu do at $1.26% t 400 bu do at 01.25. Total, 80,200 bn. •,- i Corn was moderately active, and l(3)l%o lower, being steady during the greater part of tho ses sion at tho decline which took place early In tho morning. Tho influences aro. entirely local, and chiefly of tho weathor order. Though tho advance in freights had Something to do with tho drop, as It caused shippers to hold off ;tUI. they Could buy at a sufficient reduction to com pensate for tho Increased cost of transportation. Then they took hold frooly, but ohlofiy of reject ed. Our receipts aro on tho increase,, and offerings on country account wore more liberal, showing that everybody is not Working in oonfldonce that tho Oom or tho next ■ crop will bo worth its weight in gold. Tbo short in terest filled in freely, making tho market decid edly active la options. Bellor the month, or reg ular No. 2, opened at 88%0, fell to 37%0 t ; ad vanced%o, and declined to 86,%0 at tbo oloso. Sollor July sold at 89%@41%0, and seller August at 42%@43%0, both closing , with the inside Did. Now receipts of No. 2 closed at 88%0. ’Cash, sales woro reported of 4,000 bu No. 2 at 89o; 13,600 bu do at 88%o; 0,400 ,bu do at 38%0'; 85,- 000 bu do at 87%o; 20,000 bu do at 87%o; 45,- 000 bu do at 87% c; 20,000 bu do at 37%0; 40,- 000 bU do at 870 ; 10,000 bu do at 86%0 : 50;000 bu do at 88%0 afloat; 2,800 bu rejected At 85%o; 20.000 bu do at 85o: 800 bu no grade at UOo ; 1,200 bu do at 280. Total, 227,400 bu. Oats Woro moro active than usual, and extra ordinarily weak, declining 2%d from tho lowest price of yesterday. Or nearly 9 per cent, though soon-recovering from the extreme depression.' Largo receipts, and higher freights, together with sympathy with corn, wore assigned ns; tho reasons for tho weakness ; but to those must bo added tbo force of a collision between two load ing operators, in which tho boar carried the day.; Regular oats, or seller tbo month, opened at $1.21)%0, declined to $1.28, and closed at $1.20.' Boiler July sold at 80%@30%0, closing at 80%0. BtrloUy fresh receipts commanded a premium of' about %o over regular. Cash sales wero reported of 25.000 bu at 20%o; 85,000 buat 20%o: 40,000 bu at 29%0; 89,000 bu at 29%0 t 872,000 bu at 290; 80.000 bu at 26%0; 860,000 bu at 28%o; 50.006 bu at 28o; 2,400 bu rejected at 260; 4,800 bu do at 26%0; 8,600 bu do at 25%0; 1,800 bn by sam ple at 85o; 600 bu do at 880. Total 1,054,200 bu.- Rye waa drill and steady at tbo inside price of yesterday, with a limited demand and light offer ings. Bales wero limited to 2,000 bu No. 2 at 68c. and 800 bu by sample at 700. Barley was in ■ very small demand, and quito weak, there being several lots reported as on the market, if buyers bad appeared. Wo quotb. No.. 2 at 70@750 5 No. 3 at 60@C8o ; and rejected. at 40@45c, tho inside in tho Rook Island elevator, and tbo outside in other houses. Cash sales woro limited, to 600 bu No. 8 at C3o. The following aro the lootings Of tbo official report of grain in store in this oily on the even ing of Saturday lost, and at corresponding dates: whsat. J/a.yßl, Kay 24, Jum 1, 1873. 1873. ** 1679. No. 1 spring 13,434 14,729 122,349 No. 2 spring 181,811 208,808 837,708 No. 3 spring 70,807 . 80,903 88,853 No. 1 bard spring 89,021 2,065 .... No. 2 bnnl spring 39,660 00,641 Rejected spring. 28,557 22,578 25,521 No grade spring. 1,664 351 .... Total 375,260 420,078 1,060,623 conn. Wblto ....- ..... 8,21? 05,503 Yellow, 110,433 No. 2 3,520,088 4,278,768 3,071,232 Rejected 217,338 202,551 145,177 No 2 kiln dried 3,633 3,533 No grade;....; 11,000 1,748 NOW No. 2 358 ,8,895,769 4,619,600 * 9,418,636 Total. OATS. No. 1. Noi q!1...'1,081 [ari i;2BiJosß i.aiolwi llojectcd 68,079 04,201 48,810 No grade 1,973 608 ' Total 1,806,101 1,318,044 1,316.825 EYE. Ho. 1. No. a. 5,330 5,716 38,170 213,(Ml 2il,iy* 151,815 Uojoctcd.i” Q, 37B ' ajwi Total 220,765 240,663 : 191,636 SUBLET. . . , • No. a No. 0.... Rejected. Total. 61,880 68,(343 103,127 10,249 0,257 80,780 4,401 6,674 6,087 03,000 ' 74,777 141,603 Total, 6,954,506 bu. This la a decrease during tho wools of 44,813 bu irboafc; 763,760 bu corn ; 28,008 bu ryo ; 8,177 bu barley; and an Increase of 47,547 bu oats. Total decrease, 788,101 bu. CHAIN PKOSPKOTfI. Tho Now York Produce Exchange Weekly has the following j “ Tholotding countries of Europe seem to have generally small supplies of wheat. There has been more demand In the.British mar* ket for wheat for tho Continent, all of which does not show in the exports, as cargoes arriving at ports of call are purchased and token to the Continent, which wore originally intended for the markets of the United Kingdom. The quan tity of .wheat on passage is' now estimated at about 1,250,000 qrs, which will not all arrive at des tination until throe or four months later in tho season. Tho supply from imports since Sept 1, 1872, has boon about 1,200,000 qrs per month, and, with this largo supply, the stocks in grana ries have been largely diminished. .The Conti nental countries are taking a goodly number of tho cargoes originally intended for tho United Kingdom. Marseilles is taking considerable wheat, although not os much as last year. Eng land has in prospect for the next four months about 800,000 qrs per month, against 1,200,000 qrs for the last sovon months. " The movement from American Atlantloporta will givo present relief, as during tho last four weeks 1,327,093 hu have boon oleared, against 440,675 bu tho previous four weeks, and tho amount will ho augmented as Boon os free arriv als through tho Now York canals shall occur. It is evident that tho supplies from tho Ist of May to tho Ist of September will not bo over about ono-half what they woro last year from tho prin cipal wheat-exporting countries .of Europe, California shipments are already falling off, and ono-thlrd of tho surplus of Australia is already on passage. *• Tho question of supply from tbo English homo crop is yot to bo determined. Tho homo deliveries are increasing, although still below tho average of tho last ton years. If It should turn out that tho homo crop will provide a million quarters more than has boon estimated, that would to a limited extent aid In making up tho deficiency. The situation is not favorable for a very much, if any, lower rang© of prioos perma nently. “ In Prance there was a heavy rain-fall during tho second week lu May which had benefited tho wheat plant that had been previously kopt'baok-’ ward by the drouth. Tho April frosts had damaged tho rye plant, which had'already suf fered from the heavy winter rains. “At Nantes, tho weather continued favorable for tho growing crops, Trade was .cheeked by tho high prices demanded for wheat. “In Vienna, Austria,- wheat'was firm. Tilth dearer prices obtained for nntumn delivery. Tho ryo plant hod slightly suffered daring tbo winter mouths. !].;■: .. - "At Hamburg, Germany!. tho market, from reports of tho lath j Instt.hod. boon firm for aU doßorlptlons of grain, without* much • doing ox* cept In wheat, which had boon purchased freely to' 'arrive; from England and Portugal, Tho sWpkrt at points of acoummalatlon In Germany wore small, with an active demand from all parts of Germany. Tho weather.had been seasonably lino, and the growing cereals had a generally satisfactory appearatico, 11 At Btottm, Germany, tho weather had boon gbiilal and vegetation was making rapid pro* f'roßs. Tho damago that' Wari feirod from tho rests and enow during April has not boon of •tory much Importance. 1 "At Antwerp tho stock of wheat had boon touch diminished and tho California wheat was nearly all gone. Tho tono of tho market for wheat was flrth, - "At Amsterdam tho weather was milder and ffioro seasonable About tho middle of Hay. live Wia very firm. ■ • • ■ “At Berlin tbo flat weather had weakened prices of breadstuff's. Spot .wheat, was freely offered, With buyers At a reduction, and forward delivery. Future dmivOry wheat was flat. At Mngdeberg, alternate rain and sunsblnO. ; ’ "In Poath, Hungary, the offerings of wheat wore small, with concessions asked by’millers and denied by holders. . ..... . " Advices from Adelaide, South Australia, un dor dato of the 28th of March, state that wheat had advanced 6s per 60 lbs, which chocked tho export and caused a doollno In freights to . tbo United Kingdom of 70s porton. It was estima ted that about ono-thlrd- of tbo surplus of j tho wheat crop hod boon already exported. ;! ’ , VAt Genoa, Italy, the market for whoatwaa steady, .tho arrivals limited, with stocks very considerably diminished.. ; /There hod been much-rainy weather] at Posth, Hungary, and tho wheat plant was threat ened with rust. Tho harvest prospects, which lookad bo bright* short Umo ogo, had -bnehnm dubious. " At the Russian port of Riga, 887 ships ar rived. including 88 steamers, nud shipments of wheat, ryo,. and oats havo probably Leon mode oro this time. ... \ • " Tho growing crop of wheat In Germany l Is satisfactory In appearance. 4 . \ \ ' - At Odessa, the reports of 5 short whoat crop In California nod caused rising prices. Tho weather was favorable : for tho growing cereal crops, and the wheat crop was oxpootod to bo bqual Id that of 1860/* ' ' ' • • • In tho afternoon whoat and com wore active and oxcltod over tho reported failure of throo or four operators; . but recovered their equan imity before 6 o’clock, wheat closing %o higher than on ’Change.. No. 2 spring sold at (S)l.23jK seller the . month: ana .eoUcr July, .both options closing at tho outside. Corn sold at tho seller tho mouth, and 88K@30I£o seller July, tho former closing at 86%@50*,0, aud the latter at 8%o; and 82*o seller August. Oats were lower, closing at 80*o seller July. Provisions wero quiet and unchanged. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Tuxsdat Evektno, Juno 8.. AtCOnOL-wasln moderate rfcqucat at $1,8001.85 for 91 par cent proof, . BROOM CORN—The demand bos been ■ very fair tho float week and eboleo grades sro firm, owing to tho. Igbt offerings. Common corn la moving withmoro freedom, as the stocks of the better qualities are run ning low. Wo repeat: No. 1 hurl, 007 c; No. 1 stock braid, 606«<0} No. 2 do, 4©4>*o; No. 3 do, inside green, 8#04o; do rod tip, 3®40; do pale and red,2o2*c... .. ' BAGGING—Within tho past few days thoro lias been a noticeable Increase in tho donmud for grain I>nga, but this la the extent of the improvement, tho move incut m father linos of goods continuing slnpk, with prices generally easy. . Stocks are fall, but there is no considerable overplus, and no marked change In values is looked for at present. Following aro tho quotations: Stork, 80>fo; Ludlow, 86o; Lewiston, 34jtfo; Ameri can,'»2c; Amoakeag, S2)rfo ;• Otter Creek, 03jtfo; bur lap bags, 4 and 6 bn, 90022 c; gunnies, single, 17018o; do'doublo, 26029 c; wool sacks.- 06067#c. BEANS AND PEAS—Tho receipts sro light, but tho supply and demand aro about equal, so that prices aro steadily maintained. Very choice hand-picked beans soli .quite readily. We quote: Choice hand picked navies, $2,6002.60: do mediums, $2.4002.15: inferior grades.-$1.2502.00; green poos la brls), $1.40 01.60; yellow ao (In .bags), $1.25. ■ . BUILDING MATERIALS—An improved trade is .noted under this head as far os common brick and lime aro concerned. Pressed brick is dull. Tho market for common brick msy bo quoted steady at $7.00. Following ore tho prices current; Stucco, $2.6002.76; New York stucco, coating, $3.7604.00; superfine do, $3.6004.00; Portland cement, $7.0007.60 per barrel; Itoson dslo cement, $3.2509.60; TJUca, Louisville, end Ak ron cement, $2.00 per brl; marble dust, $3.25 08.60; lime in bulk, 86c0$l.OO; lime (brla), $1.1001.26 per brl; white sand, per brl, $2.0002,60; plas tering hair, per bu, 40060 a ; fire brick, per 1,000, $40.00090.00; building brick (common), $7.0007.60 ; sower brick, $10.00; country brick. $12.00, delivered; Milwaukee pressed, $32.60, dob; do common,sl4,oo; Racine • pressed, $30.00, deb; do common, $14.00 ; Indiana pressed, $22.00024.00; do common, $12.00 ; fire clay, per brl, $4.0006.00. Tho following is tho list of prices per box of 60 feet for domestic win dow glass, from which a reduction of 60 per cent is made to dealers. quality . ttrennth. 7xlo to 8z10...t.; 0.75 0.00 Bxl4 to 10x15 8.10 12.00 12x18 to 10x20, 18x22 to 18x80, 20x28 to 24X30, 80x00 to 40x60. BUTTER—The past week baa witnessed a material increase In the receipts of butter, but as there has been a corresponding Increase in the demand, the. stocks have not been augmented to any large extent,'and prices have been uniformly well sustained for all grades, save, perhaps choice yellow, which has com prised a larger proportion of the daily receipts than usual.* About an of this sort boa, however, been pick ed up, as fast ss offered, and whatever of accumula tion there may bo consists chiefly of common white and streaked lots. Shippers keep steadily at work and their purchases during the poet week show a large ag aate. Wo quote prices steady as follows: Strictly ce yellow, 2O024o; medium to good, 17019 c; in ferior to common, 10016 c, CHEESE—Under a good export demand, the East ern market has .exhibited a firmer tone, and this has operated to oheck the downward course of prices hero; but the feeling, at the moment, if* not particularly buoyant, as the supply Is Increasing, and there is con siderable poor cheese in tbo market. Really fine goods are being held with some show of firmness, but anything. r.jk answering to this description may bo ■ bought at a concession, We quoto: Now York facto- I ry, Elgin factory, 12>*@13Jrfo ; Ohlofao-I .tory, Jlol3Va; Western factory, 11012>4c. i COOPERAGE—DeaIers report a light trade at about the Bsme range of prices. Coopers’ stock Is coming in with more freedom. Wo quote: Pork'barrels st |1.Q5@1.351 lard tierces, $1.5001.70; whisky bar rels, $1.0002.10; floor barrels, 48067o; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do bucked or $20.00036.00; tierce. staves, rough, $20.00025.00 ; sawed, do buck ed or sawed, $26.00028.00; whisky staves, rough, $21.00028.00; do bucked, $30.00033.00; flour staves, $9.00011.00; circle flour ' heeding, - 708c-per sett flour hoop , polos, $14.00015.00 per zn; pork and tierce polos, $30.00035.00 per m. COAX/—The demand for coal baa boon of the most limited character, consumers restricting their pur chases to supplying immediate wants, as It is usually the case at tula season of the year when the tendency of prices Is downward. Several descriptions, among them .Lehigh, Lackawanna, Erie, Wainut Hill, and Blossburg, have suffered a decline of 600 per ton. Prices are still unsettled, and tending lower. Wo quoteLehigh, lump, $11.00; prepared.sll.oo; Lackawanna, $9.60; Erie, $9.60; Briar Hill, $9.60; Walnut Hill. $9.50; Blossburg, $9.00; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indiana canuol coal, $9.60; Indiana block, $8,60; Kirkland grate,. $9.00; Uinonk, $9.00: Wilmington, SO.OO. DRUGS AND CHEMICALS—The trade continues fairly active. An advance is noted In opium, mor aine, and quinine owing to on advance at the East, . Other articles in the list are unchanged. Wo quoto: Acid,citric, ft ..$1.70 0 1.76 Add, oxalic, ft......;..'..* 83 0 > 35 Acid, tartaric, powdered, 1b.... 00 0 66 Ammonia, earn, ft 25 0 80 Asafcolids, ft......... 60 0 66 Axle-grease, Bldwellfc, doz,.’ 1;50 0 1,65 Beans, Tauqua, ft 1.99 0 1.40 .Borax, ref., 1b..; 00 0 83 Blue-vltrol, ft..., 16 © 18 Bromo-chloralum, pts„ d0z.......... 4.00 Corrosive sublimate; 1.40* 0 1.46 Cream tartar, pure, ft 46 0 M Cochineal, Bond., ib 00 0 1.00 Chloroform, ft 1.40 0 1.60 .Glycerine, Ift bulk, ft..... 36 0 40 Gum Arabic, picked ........... 60 0 70 GumArablo, 50rt5......... 38* 0 80 Gum camphor, ft 40 0 46 Gum opium, ft 6.D0 0 8.76 Gum shellac, ft 95 0 60 Glue, white, ft 45 0 65 . iodine, ft 0.60 0 10,00 Lyo, cone, case 6.36 0 .... Morphia, sulph., oz 6.76 0 0.00 Oil, bergamot, Band., ft 0 0.90 Oil, castor, gal 1.40 0 1.76 Oil, lemon, Sanderson’s 0 6.60 Potsssa, chlor., ft 00.; 0 . 06 Potassium, cyan, fused, ft 65 0 .... Potassium, lod., ft., 7.60 0 6.00

Potash,Babbitt’s,cose 0.00 0 .... Quinine, sulph,, oz 2.80 0 3.66 Jtod prcclp., ft 1.00 0 1.06 Root ipecac, powd., lb 1.76 0 3.00 Root rhel„ K, 1,, powd., lb 1.60 ©' 1.76 oalepsom,ft 4>tfo 0 Silver, ult,.cryst.,oz ; 1.16 0 1.20 Soap, caalllo, gsu., ft 13 0 13 Sulphur, ft 6 0 • 33,081 50,466 128,038 17,605 2,517 J£GOO—Tho demand continues active. and the sup* Fir adequate, Largo looao paokagoa sold a l l3>/o, and cases at l*o. gales comprise 205 eases at lio; 1,200 dosatlUVo. . ...... FISATHEItB—Wore unchanged, Prlmo lots soil readily on arrival at full former prices. Tlio receipts are very light. Wo (mote ; X'rlino to oholco live gesso at 760779, from first bands? Jobbing prices, B*i(*io7ofur assorted feathers t mixed/calUora, i3i£)7oo; chicken, UQIUo. ' . WflJl—'Tho only now feature noticeable in ooimoctlon with this market was the development of an easier feeling In lake fish—resulting from tho more liberal receipt* of the pact few days. Other descriptions re main firm as previously (fueled, Trade continues uninterruptedly good, snd tho market seems to ho In a satisfactory condition. Following are the prices current * Kb. 1 whlteflsta, * brl, 10.780 6.87*J No. 9-dO. $6.6006.62* •* No. 1 iboro mack erel. * brl, $11,60011.70; No. 1 bay,59.6000.70; N0,9 mackerel, * hrl. $0.6008.76;- No. 1 shore kite $1.95 09.001 bankcodflab, per 100 ibe, $0.6000.76; George’* codfish, $0.7607.00 { Labrador herring, split, hrls. $9.00 ®9.60; do * hrl, $4.7606.00; Labrador herring, round, hrl, $8.0008.60; do hrl, $4.9801.60; box herring No. 1, 93030 c; box herring, scaled, 06037cj Columbia River usTmon, * brie, $10.00010.96. FRUITS AND NUTS-Iu this department of trade the pant-week baa brought no important change, There baa been an absence of anything resembling ac tivity in tbo demand for any article in tbo lint, and, if wo except prunes and blackberries, both of wlilfch are Ann, tbo.quoted prices.bavo been only indif ferently sustained. Domestic, as well as most varieties. of foreign fruits,, are. In full supply/' Wo quote}' Fobeioh— Dates,‘B*o9*c; figs, drums, 110140; figs, box. 14W01Go; Turkish prunes, 0*©10o; ralslnfi, $9,0602.40; Zanlo ourranto, 7* @7*o. Domestic— Aldou apples, 18020 c; Michl- Sun do, C07o; Western do, 60B*o; Southern do, 06o; peach os, pared, 17020 c; poaches, halves, ■630*0 ; do, mixed,' 4*060; blackberries, 909 Vo; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 290940. Nuts —Filberts, 14016 a; almonds, Tarragona, 21®930; Naples walnulo,-340960;-llrstils, 9(49*0; pecans, r llol2o;'African peanuts, o*®7o; Wilmington ptio -1 nuts, 7(300• Tonnoesoe peanuts, 4*05*0, GROCERIES—Tbo week under review has witnessed Utile or no increase In tbo demand for staple and fancy groceries. There has boon no appearance of ac tivity hi any department of tbo market, and prices, Without being quotnbly lower, have favored buyers. Tbit Is true of nearly every article in tbo Hat,coffees and spices being the only notable exceptions. To-day there was u slight Increase in tbo volume of sales, bnt values wore unchanged, We quote i Hi Card. Soda—7*oß*c, • OofTKM—Mocha,. 33033*0; O. O. Java, 97*0 98*o; Java, No. 9, 20*0270; fancy Rio, 24*0 960; choice do, 94*024* c; primp Rio, 24024*0 ; £ood do, 23*023*0; common d 0,23*0230; roast ig do, 91*0220; Singapore, 24*024* c; Costa Rica, fancy, 26025*0; do, prime, 24*024*0; Mar acaibo, 23*0240. Oandlks—Atar, full weight, 20®20*0; stcarino, fall weight, 15®16*c; do short weight, 14@14*c, Rick—Patna, 8*@8*o; Rangoon, 7*®Bo; Caro lina, B*@9o; Louisiana, 7*@B*o, Huoarb—Patent cut loaf, 13013* o; crush od, pow dered, and granulated. ll*012o; A, standard, 10* l9llu; UU No. J, ; fa, ■ ««• tra 0, lO*01O*o; 0N0.2, 10*®10*o ; yellow 0,100 10*o ; choice brown. 10@10*o; prime do, o*o 0*o ; fair do, 909*0 ; choice mol&ssco sugar, 9* ’01Oo; fair do, 9®9*o; New Orleans sugar, choice, 9*01Oc; do prime, o*@D*c; do fair, B*o 9*o; common, 7*09*0. i utnurs—Diamond drips, $1.3501.30; silver drips, extra flue, 70073; good sugar-house syrup, 4R@480 t extra do, oO066o; New Orleans molasses, choice, 80 083o; do prime. 730700; do common, 65®700; Porto Rico molasses, choice, C6QC6O; common molasses, 30 ©36 c. Baubbatub—Common to bout, 9®loc, BriOEfi—Allspice, 17018o; clovoh, 37038 c } cnsdla 800400; pepper, 33*®24*0; nutmegs, $1.9601,80;' ginger, pure, 26030 c; do no. 1, 20025 c; do No. 2,10 019 c. Soaps—French mottled, O*09*o; German mottled, O*0C*o; Golden West, C@(J*c; Whlto Lily, o*o 0*o; white Rose, o*@C*oj brown Windsor, 4*o 4*o ; palm, 60Q*o; Savon imperial, 6*06*0. Stabou—Gloss, 9*01Oo; corn,9oUo; laundry, 60 7o; common, B*®Co. GREEN FRUITS—Lemons and oranges are In' fair request, and Arm. Tbo supply of apples Is gradually becoming reduced. Prices are rather weak, os mond is light. Strawberries wore in request, fresh lots sailing readily at yesterday’s prices. Cherries were lower. Wo repent 5 Apples, good to choice, $3.5005,30 per brl; fancy, $5.6006.60 from store. Lemons, $8.0009,00. Oranges, $8.00010.00. Pineapples, $3.0004.00 per dox. Bananas, $3.0007.00 per bunch. Gooseberries, 80100 per quart. Strawberries, 13*®260. Cherries, 16022 c. Currants, 260. HOPS—Tbo trade Is still limited to orders now ond then from country. brewers for a fow halos,, Stocks are small and prices unchanged. "We quote common to prime Western at 35040 c. r HAY—A fair amount of trading has been done in this staple, both the local and outside demands being considerable. On Friday an advance of COowus noted, but during yesterday and to-day—under a smaller dc? matid—prices cased off. and now range tho same as on tbo dato of our last review t Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lie : 05 Tkack—Timothy, beater pressed, $16,60017.130; timothy, loose pressed, $10.00017.00; prairie pressed,. $13,60013.80. OH WAQOH-Timothy,- loose, slo.oo© .18.00; pralrlo, loose, $14.00010.00, For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60, according to distance. HlDES—Business in this department baa been stead ily fair, and tho market shows greater firmness (ban a week ago. * Local tanners, as wall as shippers, have operated moro freely, ami, liberal as have been ibd ro-. colpts, there is no largo accumulation. Wo, quota: Green city butchers’, 7o: green cured light, lie ; do heavy,'loo; park cured, 9*@10o; green calf, 160. IGo; veal kip, 13o; dry calf, 34c; dry kip, 21o; dry salted, 17@18o; dry flint, 10®20o; long-haired kip, 10*o; deacon skins. .46©660; grubby, scored, cut, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. IRON AND STEEL—Tho trade continues Black, and tho market for common Iron Is weak and unsettled. Imnortod stock Is steady. Wo quota: ir0n............ 4 2-10© 4 4-10 rates LATEST. Horsc-shoo iron.... 6 0 6 6-10 rates Plato iron, c0mm0ntank......... 0& 0 7 rates Russia iron 200210 rates Russia Iron, No. X stained. 180 lb Norway iron....- 0 @ OJtfo ylb Norway nail rods \>)i 010 a ' ylb 'Gorman plowstCol 11 0120 y lb English cast plow steel 12 @12)«fo ' lb American tool steel 17# @lßo 7? lb Chrome toolstceb... .......18 020 t lb Double First 0.25 10.00 11.00 10.00 English tool stool 21# @23 mica English spring steel..... 11 (S)l2#o . rates LEATHER—Not a single new feature has been de veloped in connection with the leather market within the poet half dozen days. Only a modorato movement Is witnessed either on local or interior account, and prices have not been subjected to any material fiuctu-, oilon, ruling steady and uniform, as follows: City harness .$ 30® .41 Country harness.. 80® -88 Line, city, slb 41® 43 Kip, »lb 60® 1.10 Kip, veals. 85® 1.20 City upper, No. 1, ft 28® .80 City upper, No. 2, ft 26® 27 Country upper, No. 1 26® 27 Collar, ft 20® 23 Calf, city 1.20® L4O Calf, country I.lo® 1.25 Hough upper, standard 80® 85 Hough upper damaged 27® 30 Buffalo slaughter sole 83® 87 "B. A.” solo 80® 32 Kip Harness, French calf, Jodot, French coif, Lemolno 00.00@80.00 French calf, 34 to 80 lbs 1.05(3 2.60 French kip. 50 to 100 lbs 1.010 1.C3 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—The trade con tinues moderate, and prices steady as follows:. Tim 14x30, $15.50; do, roofing, 10, $14.00; do, 30x28, (30.50. • rxa Tim—Largo, 42c; small, 43c: bar. 440. Suxbt Zino—Full casks, Ho; half casks, llj^OUX 0 ! less quantity, llltfc; slab, 9c. Sheet Iron—no. 24, 0)4o rates. Galvanized Iron—no. 16020, 150 ; No. 22@24, 16o; No. 25@20,17c; No. 37,18 c; No. 10, SOo. A discount of 20 per cent Is made from the list. Ooppeb—Copper bottoms, 450; braziers, over 13 lbs, 470; linncdcoppor,43o. wire—3 to 6, 8c; 0, 8, and 0,10 c; 10 to 11, Ho;. 13, ll)4o: 13 and 14, 16 ana 10, 14c; 17,16 c; 18, 16o; 10,19 c; SO, 20o; full bundle, 15 per cent dis count; fence wire, 7>4c; by car load, 7)40. NAILS—Were in fair request, and may bo re garded as Arm -at present rates. Wo repeat: 100 60d, per keg, $5.00 rates; 8d do, $5.25; Cd do, $5.50; 4d do, $5.87)4 ; 3d do, $0.60 ; 3d do, fino. SB.OO ; 2d do, $8.26; clinch, $7.37)4 ; 12)4o off for 100 keg lots. NAVAL STORKS—were In moderate demand. We continue to quote; Manilla rope, $ lb, 19o; sisal rope, y lb, 10017 c i hemp sash cord, y lb, 20026 c; marline, « lb, 20022 c; tarred rope, y lb, 17018 c; oakum, W bole, $5,0000.60; pith, y brl, $8.0007.00; tar, brl, bale, $5,0000.00. ' OlLS—Prices have not changed to any appreciable extent during the past week, quotations being the same as on the date of our last review, whore they ore steady and uniform. Linseed, turpentine, and lubri cating oils are selling freely, but aside from these only a moderate amount of trading la be ing done. Following are the quotations: Carbon, 19 ®19)4o; extra oil, 7So; No. 1, 08070 c; No. 2, Cso; Unsoed, raw, $1.00; do boiled. $1.05; whale, 87o; sperm, $2,0003.10; neats foot, oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 90o; do No. 1,76 c; bank oil, 70o; straits, 750; elephant oil,, 90c; turpentine, 60067 c; naphtha, 03gravity, 20c; naphtha, common, 16017 c. PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY—There Is a per ceptible Increase In the demand for goods coming under this head, and the volume of sales for the past week will compare favorably with former seasons at a corresponding period. Pricco are steady as given below: Strictly pure.. Fancy brands, ZIMO, Genuine YelUe Montague..... American .Masury’s railroad colors, Palace car colors In cans, Rochelle ochre.... English Yeu. red 4.00 English orange mineral 15.60016.00 Pittsburgh orange mineral 19.00 English red lead ' 19.00 American rod lead. . 11 .00011,60 English vermilion, per lb 1.100 1.40 Scarlet vermilion - 23.00 I’aris white 0.600 4.00 .Writing 9.000 2.60 I'uxxv, In hulk BKo?Jtfo In bladders 9, J £Qi 0 TIG HlGH—Uuslncaa has improved some within tuu met few days and prices aro being Huatniuod with rather more flrmucsß. Wo quote; Scotch (according to brand), $09.00000.00; Tusoarara was, $01.00; Mas sillon, SOI.OO ; Lubo Superior, $68.00060.00: Chicago stone coal, $67.00 ; Missouri ulon© oua), $67.00058.00. POTATOES—l'eachblowa ore selling slowly ut re duced prices; quoted at 400120 on track. Now po tatoes aro now m the market, and the demand for old has fallen off considerably. Now ere quotable at $1.0001.60. Sales comprise 2 cars choice pcaehmowa ut 15o; 2 cars at 13o; I car at 12o; 1 car at 10c, all oiT . , I’OULTnV—Chickens and turkey* wore In fair re quest, and tho latter have advanced. Chlokous were .in fate supply and steady at $3.0005.00, .Turkeys are .quite scarce and bring U@loo per lb. Ducks sold at $3.00,.. Sales include 1 coop turkeys at 10o} 1 coop do atl6o; 25 coops chickens ut $6.00; 2 coops at $-1.60; .1 coop large spring at $1,00; 1 coop smaU do at $3.00 5 1 coop ducks at $3.60. ... . . . „ BALT—Tho market is active and prices are fully sustained. The stock of salt Is very light and the re ceipts also. There Is very little sail in the hands of manufacturers, and doulctu do pot look for ouy mat©- rial iDcroMO In the supply for the noit SO days at least. After that lime now salt will begin to arrlio, Wo quote: Onondaga and Saginaw, duo. $2.00; drdlnnty coarse, (2.00 ; coarse Diamond O, (3.i0; ground solar, $3.10; dairy, without bags, (.1.80; dairy, with bags, 91.5004.7ff; Ashton dairy, per sack, (8,60; ground alum, 13.3002.40; Turk’s Island. |3,00, I SEEDS—The market was quiet and unchanged. The season for olovor and timothy is now over. They •re nominal at (8.00 and (4.0004.29 respectively. liun-‘ gnrian and millet were in light request, the former at (1.300138, and millet at (1.00. Buckwheat' sold at (1.38. Bales include 28 bags llnngarlan at $1.85; 10 bags do at (1.00; CO bags choice millet at (1.00 ;28 bags buckwheat at sl.2ff. TEAS—Aroln better request, and ore now firmly hold, prices In some instances being below the cost of Importation, The following quotations are fur nished: Young hyson, common to fair, 48058 c; donOod, 60070 c; do choice to extra fine, O5c0|l.lO: dommon jo -fine old hyson, 70005 c; common Imperial, 600086; Sood to cholco do, 8Uc0(l.lO ; fine to good guupow or, 70c®(l.00 ; ebolep PJngsuca, (t.1601.20; extra Moyuno, $1.3801,40 S choice to extra' leaf Japan; B6co (1.00; fair to good do, 650750 ; common do, 40®l0e; colored ndlural leaf Japan, 880660 i common to fine Oolong, 35016o; good, 6S0O8o; choice to extra. 85c®(1.00. j TOBACCO—Remains steady and firm for fine goods, hut low grades aro quiet and easy. We repeat our list: ,—'Natural loaf, 75Q80o; half bright, COOTOo; black, aound, 4fl@Sßc, Smoking— Good to choice, 820)30c; median, 200) Olo; common, 2G(5280. I WOOD— Ib firm at tho following quotations sßeeqh, 10.00; raaplo, sib.oo; hickory, SU.6o; Bhbc, SO.OO dtv Uvcml. _ VEGETABLES—Were In fair supply and demand. Now tomatoes sold at U6o por box. We quota; Bets, $1,0001,75 por bu; string beans, $3,0003,00 per box; cucumbers, 760300 per doz; new onions, porbrl, $£.5000,00; spinach, $1,0001.75 por brl; radishes, 35040 c; squash, 7080 por lb; asparagus, Bo@Hso ; • plo plant, por lb; lettuce, 250400 per doz; cabbage, $3.0003,25 per doz; turnips, 30050 a por doz; beets at UOO6Oo por doz; carrots, lO0f>Oo; Bermuda onions, $3,6001.00 por box; tomatoes, $3.60. market lias been very quiet. Dealers report very little uow wool In as yet. Most of that now arriving is from fat sbcop, A sale of this quality was recently made at 300. The amount of old wool on baud is small, and tbo demand for it is from the West ern manufacturers, Quotations for old wool aro as follOWa: Tun, wasaoa, extra medium.................. .600620 Tub, washed, common to fair 150480 Common dingy 400450 Fleece, was lied, XfcXX, light.. Fleece, washed, X&XX, dingy. Fleece, washed, medium light. - , -- J din Fleoco, washed, medium <Bngy ...37®420 Flccco, unwashed, X&XX,in good condition... ,38(oi30o Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 80®330 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 27®300 Super, pulled 38®t30 Extra, pulled .38®Wo Burry wool 10@20o loss. Prices for now wool will probabl lower than the above. BAILHOAD FItEIGHTS—FoUowII Hie leading Eastern points x Chicago to Now York Boston Philadelphia and Baltimore. Pittsburgh and 8e110ir0...... Albany 8uffa10.,,,,. Cleveland.... 'Washington Wheeling, W.Vo Wilmington. N. 0 Savannah, Ga.... Montreal and Prescott CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Tuesday Evening. Juno 3. Tho receipts of Uto stock sluco Saturday have boon as follows: Monday. Tuesday. Total Samo timo last week Week before last Shipments were as follows Cattle, Iloge, Sheep, Monday.. 3,020 6,570 ...... -Tho arrivals from Jan. 1 to June 1, this year and last, were as follows: January. February. March.... April.... May Total, Janmry. February, March... April May Total 209,310 1,235,304 103,203 The receipts of live stock for tbo live mouths ending May 31,’this year, compared vrlth the receipt* during the same period in 1873, show an increase of 00,880 cattle and 630,631 hogs. Our receipts of sheep have fallen off 8,601 Lead. The average weight of the hogs marketed during Mav was 317& lbs, against 213 lbs in April—on Increase of 4& lbs, CATTLE—It was a dull and unsatisfactory market day. Tbo decline of at the seaboard, taken in counocllan with the continued beovy receipts, induced o weak fooling all around, and prices were unmistaka bly In hhyora 7 favor, though, If wo except butchers’ cattle, which wore a strong Xo lower, there was no very pronounced decline in any description. The sup ply of cows and light thlnnlsh steers, such at local butchers seek, was larger than on any previous doy within tbo past four weeks or more, and, notwith standing a good inquiry existed, holders found It Salto impossible to maintain former rates, and during le afternoon there were free sellers at the reduction above noted. There' were many fine droves among the offerings, but the average quality fell con siderably below the overage of tbo post few weeks, and wo find the bulk of tbo transfers to havo been -effected at prices ranging from $5.60 downward to $4.36. The best bunch of steers seen at the yards for some time was fetched In to-day by Hobson Bros., of Wataga, HI., by whom they wore fed, Tbo drove embraced 09 head, averaging 1,610 lbs. As they wore delivered on a con tract, tbo prioo realized ($7.00) is no criterion of tho market. About 3.000 cattle remain in the yards un *old,-aud tho market closed as it opened, quiet and easy. 1.25® 1.45 760 1.10 400 45 05.00090.00 QUOTATIONS, Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,400 Iba and upwards .$5.8500.00 Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year , to 6 year old steers,' averaging 1,250 to 1,400 lbs 5.5005.70 Good Boevea—Well-fattened, finely formed - .steers, averaging 1,200t0 1.800 Iba 6,2505.40 Medium Grades—Steers in loir fieah, aver aging 1,100 to 1,250 Iba 6.0006.25 Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair atcera, and ‘ good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0006.00 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in decent lloab, averaging 700 to 1,080 Iba 4.0004.00 Inferior—Light and thin oowa, heifers, ' stags, bulls, and acallawag steers, Cattle— I Texas, Northern wintered Cattle—Corn-fed Texas, jfo, Av. Prie e. 10 good steers... .1,117 $5.45 10 choice steers 1,364 6.05 61 cholceslcers 1,200 6.60 37 Texas cattle 810 4.75 48 Texas cattle 1,265 6.12# 13 cows 000 4.25 17 fat pony steers..... '.1,050 6.30 . 14 fai pony steers .1,033 6.15 17 fat pony steers 1,030 6.25 10 medium steers ......1,034 6.00 10 choice steers 1,141 5.62# 12 cows.... ~,.1,034 4.76 21 calves 130 6.25 llbulcbors’etock.... 061 4.60 14 choice steers ..1,380 6.75 18 butchers' stock .000 ' 4.60 . 10 butchers’stock...., 084 6.15 14 butchers’ 5t0ck...... 870 4.25 15 butchers’ stock 677 6.00' 04 Texas c5tt10....... 1,110 4.45 10 butchers’ cattle 018 4.07# 20 good steers ..1,900 6.C0 17 good steers. 1,170 6.35 - 17 good steers ..1,100 6.35 177 choice steers 1,300 ; 6.65 42 good steers ...... 1,',.1,178 ’ 6.30 29 good steers 1,257 . 6.25 . 10choice steers,., 1,240 ‘ 6.50 . 82 choice steers. 1,258 6.62# 32goodsUjers •1,329 6,50 10good steers...., 1,240 6.50 , 14 good steers 'hi£S M*S 83 good steers 1,-97 6.40 >4Bchoice steers...... •*?•??? Olcholce steers..... 1,213 6.60 BOgoodsloers..... 1,108 6;BS 48 good steers 1,364 5.20 66 Texas steers 1,003 4.00 • 61 good steers 1,122 . ,6.30 60 good steers..... 1,170 6,40 ■ lloQß—Buyers had things pretty much their own way, the excessivecharacterof the supply giving them a decided advantage. Including the stale hogs there wore at least 18,000 la the pens, while one-half this number would have proved ample to satisfy the ac tual requirements of the trade. Reports of lower prices ut the East, and the fact that the approaching warm weather prevalent greatly increased the risks Incurred by shippers, led that Interest to operate with extreme caution, and It early became apparent to sell ers that they must accept materially reduced prices fop their stock. Trade opened at about 10c off, or ot 14.4504.75, but buyers wore not satisfied with thin re duction, and hefocu noon the market hud settled down to $1,3504.70, where It remained dull and weak to the close. Bales were effected at $4.3604.40 for poor to common coarse uneven and mixed lots, ut $1.4504,50 for medium, and at $4.5504.75 for good to choice. Little more than half the supply was dlsnoeod of. Among the reported transactions were the following > uoa BALKS. JVb, Av. PriceAXo. Av. Prtee.\Xo, A t>. Price, 64" 220 $4.80 07 188 $4,001 50 22tl $4,60 68 211) 4.80 140 20(1 4.00| 65 208 4,00 41 258 4.05 77 100 4.60 61 234 4.63 68 182 4.60 65 219 4.60 64 201 4.50 88 200 4.00 64 222 4.55 68 240 4.55 49 213 4.66 62 207 4.05 63 241 4.60 20 262 4.75 48 181 4.50 43 200 4.50 03 233 4.75 118 213 4.55 107 218 4.15 44 SOI 4.65 60 248 4.66 60 212 4,65 , . 9.00010.50 14.60 11.50Q 13.00 .0.60010.60013.60 .43(A450 .37(3420 .43@4G0 ly bo from 0<350 ig are tho rates to gj !|t pl ft; 5 ~o B.g& o o Si?B ? S3 s s Cattle, . Jlofjt. Sheep, ~.. 6,050 12,430 . 086 .... 4,000 14,000 600 20,430 3,485 74,178 1:733 17,600 1,109 . 0,050 .11,233 . 8,316 nsoEXYZO ik 1873. Cattle, Hoffs. Sheep, naosxVEp in 1872. Cattle. Hoge, Sheep. 8.00(33.75 4.00@4.C0 4.0505.40 OATTLS BALLS. 88 170. 4.851338 238 4.80 80 333 4.8* 40 103 4.85 87 234 4,78 803 359 48 . 212 • 4.00 4.3 350- .4.75 171 - 327, 4.8(1 .M; . !K»:i ; 4.85 LR2 ’3lO 4.70 67 303 . 4.80 63 107 4.80 01 204 ’ 4.55 80 212 ' 4.80 -82 236 4.80 60 210 4.80 00 238 4.80 60 312 4.60 40” 253 ' 4.80 CO 310 4.70 48 IfiO , 4.80 47 302 4.80 68 380 4.10 80 , 230 4.80 55 20(1 *> 4.80 *63 '503 ',4.(50 80 200 4.80 83 2.'» fT 4.60 87 ” 230 ' “4.C0 60 281 4.60 22 100 "4.78 63 7100 4.00 SHEEP—Wore in fair local and shipping demand at steady prices. The nupniy was email, and everything was qmokly disposed of. Wo quote poor to common •horn at (3.3603.76;, medium do at (4.0004.35, and good to choice do (1.8008.00. ~ j lICAGO DRY GOODS MARKET. THE Cl ToEnnAt Evxunm, Junes, Trade opened very quiet, but as the week advanced the demand improved, and, during yesterday and to day, the movement, comparatively, was active. . The pleasant weather ox the past few days has witnessed • revival of trade with the retail merchants, and dupli cate orders'aro beginning to arrive with considerable freedom. The moro Important changes noted since onr last review are tfc reduction In Lonsdale, An droscoggin, and Auburn bleached cottons; lo in Garner fancy prints, and lo In Amoakoag ticks. Carpetings have been more quiet, - and are lesa firmly held, though as yet the weakness bss not amounted to a positive decline In any of the standard makes. Stocks are ample and embrace some especially desirable paterns, The United State* Economist and Dry Good* JleporUr says of the cotton market: 41 The demand for the staple on tho spot b«m boon very moderate, with prices given, mnch to weakness. * yet not quotabiy lower. Every assistance that- tho Idoaa of speculators could bring to bear has been used, but of no avail, and the condition of the market is tho same as onr last, viz : dull and weak, with transactions of a very limited nature, and spinners who are com pelled to buy, taking only iu the most limited quanti ties. Tho fancied damage lo tho now crop was pic tured as of n hundred-fold nature, but buyers having been mislead by Just such reports in the post, are not to be caught In the same trap.” QUOTATION!!. WIOWH OOTTOK9. Atlftntto A, 4-4 VJXO areal Mil E, 4-4...1t a Atlantic n. 4-4 13 Cabot A, 4-4 13v Atlantic D t 4-4 12 Cabot W. 4-4 ll£ AtlanticiP, 4-4......U Lawrence. LL.*iU”llj< Ind an Head, 4-4....13* Agawam P, 4-4 10 Indian Bead, 3-4....11tf Shawmut, LL 11 Shirk A. 4-4.,, 18,f Swift Blvor 9tf Nashv o, 86 in 13 Hosier, 4-4 10 NoahvUJe, 301n 11 utlca O. 0 .... ram Bnownß. Nashua E, 4Mn 18 0 Dwight Star, 4-4....14 o Nashua It, 30-in 13# Continental 0 14 Nashua 0, 83-ln 13# Lawrence D 14 Poppcrol E, 40-1n...14# Newmarket A 11#, Pcpperell it, 30-1n.,.18 Massachusetts B 8..11# Pcpporoll 0,33-1n...13 Massachusetts E....10# Pcpperell N,OO-ln...ii PortsmouthP 8$ Mon-lmaoW. Plnlt...u]<o m a" , ni(ir Fancy. 0«< MorrimaoD, Fancy.. 11 Amoakong Fancy.... 0 Oochcco Fancy 11# Mourning 11 to 11# DnnnoU Fancy 11 Shining.. io to 11 Ilichmond Fancy.... 11 Mallory Pink 13 American Fancy 10# Mallory Purpie.‘!.’!!ll# Sprague Fancy 10# Manchester... ll Gloucester.,.,. ,10# Wnmaulta Fancy..., 7# OINOUAHS. Renfrew.. Lancaster Bates.... .14 o .14 .14 COB3EI Nonmlteag entlcena. .14 o Poquot Balloons 13# Laconia 13 caw lAmoflkcag Glurow.. Hartford, JtANB. IBockport ia)i« Columbian 11 Indian Orchard J3 mica. Garner Flat 8 o ■Washington 8 High colors,.} cent extra, DLEAOUED COTTONS, Slater’s Paper Manvillo paper Lonsdale cambric...22tfo Lyman, do 23 Now York Mills 21 Wamsutln 10# Prldo of tho West.... 20 Langden. GD........10 Fruit of the L00m...10 Lonsdale 15 Androscoggin, L....15 o Hill 15 Auburn, A .15 Dlockstone, AA.../-..13# Cabot..../. u Dwight Star 15 Western Product....l 3 Harris.. ,n Gold Modal 12# Social, L....:. 11# Green 0 10# Green, Q, Methuen, AA ...33 < Willow Brook, No. 1.23 Portland, AAA 25 York, 32-lnch .35 York. 30-inch 21 Paclflo 15 Swift lUver 12>; mis. Minnehaha, 4-4 85 o Minnehaha, 7-8 80 Amoakcag, AOA 29 Amoskeag, A 23 Amoskosg, B 20 Amoskeag, O 16 Ajnoakoag, D 10 DENI ,25 cl Warren, AXA S3#o Warren, BB 20# Warren. CO 17# Haymaker 14 Boston.. ,12# York Blue.. Amoshcak.. Columbian.. OU», AXA V , Otis BD..T. Otis, C 0.... sxni: Minnehaha, 0-3 23#0 I Amoskeaff, 0-3 10 I Amoikcag, 8-3 10 ) Uncofivlllo, A 14 I Whlltenlon, A.......10 o Whlltonton, C. 12# I American, C-3 14 | American, 8-3 19 WAUP, oahpei Standard •white 37>tfo Rockford, GOG 85 Reaper City 34 oAnrz Tajxttry * 1.45 Peerless 87,Jtfa Bee Hive, colored... ;85 Brussels, I Higgins | Roxhury e-Ply. • - - - - I Lowell $1.40 | Smiths it Sanlords. I.lß' train*. ) Lowell extra ; ) Lowell superfine. 5 Common wool. 5 Union femji. JJrWhl*.. Croealoy’a Thret Hartford, extra. ...fl.B2>f I Hartford, 1mp’1.... 1.46 | Inm Smith's tapestry (1.30 Hartford extra 1.20 Hartford med 1.05 Belgrade 85 lit Common p1ain,.23!rf0270 i Matt English cocoa, be5fc....850 American common.. ~650 American best ..760 Bed and wh. ohTc 4-4 . .850 Bed and wh. chic 6-4 ..40c TEE! twilled and ox. plto.. ~340 tfna. China matting 4-4 SOo China matting 6-4 35a China matting 6-4 40c Bed and wh. cblc 64. .450 etc,, 80 days, or 1 per cent Spool thread, grain bags, off 10 days. Kentucky Jeans, 010., 1 pur J days. ode, i per cent off CO, 5 pci 10 days. Domestics, cottonadcs, E cent pff SO, 2 per 10 Regular department goo cent off 30, fl per cent off 1( LUMBER. Tuesday Evtkiko, June 3. The following were the receipts and ehlimiouta of lumber, shingles, and loth for the past week as com : pared with the umo date last year: , — Received. • / — Shipjud. ’ ... 1873. 1872. . 1873. 1872. Lumber;;. 47,186 86,306 • 17,238 11,489 Bhlnglea 11,006 13,202 9,'JCO 11,305 Lath 8,603. . 4,052 . 1,360 809 The trading the past week has boon principally on local account, though quite a number of country buy ers have made their appoarance In tho last few days. The market is now clear of lumber, though trading .has been rather slow, as buyers would hold off as long as possible in hopes to obtain concessions. Good to choice strips ana boards have ruled active and steady throughout the week at $14.00® 17.00 per m. ' Good lath have remained steady at $2.60; shingles at $3.00. . Piece stuff has declined; It is now quotable at $9.25@10.00, though nothing has been reported below SIO.OO. A cargo of good piece stuff was acid yesterday at $9.25. There was a fair inquiry this morning, and about 10 or 12 cargoes wore disposed of before 9 o’clock. ■ Not a sale was reported however, and, in the absence of quotations, It la probably safe to infer that price* -for some grades oro fully as low as on yesterday. The following sale was obtained: Cargo barge Alert, Pcohtlgo; lumber, mill-run, 826 m at $14.50 j sold by J. M. Loomis A Co, LtTiTBEB rnC CHITS, iJUMUU. * Manistee, $3.00; Ludlnglon, $2.76; Muskegon/, $2.25: Oconto, $2.60; Menominee, $2.6002.76 Pentwa** ter, $2.6002.76; White Lake, $2.6002.76 ; Grand Ha ven, $2.25. XT THE TAUSB. The demand for lumber continues good' on both lo cal and Interior account. Prices are ruling strong for alt the higher grades. The trade Ibmostly in common building material and fencing, and prices for these grades are tolerably steady, llardvrood la in fair re quest. Wo quote: .First clear, .. Second clear, 1 Inch to 3 inch Third clear, linch Third clear, thick Clear flooring, Ist and 2d together, rough 7. 40.00 ®«.00 Clear siding. Ist and 3d together 23.00 (324.00 Common siding 30.00 (331.00 'Common flooring, dressed, tint...... 35.00 @38.00 Common flooring, dressed,second.... 28.00 ($30.00 Wagon-box boards, selected. 14 inches ' and upward. 87.00 @40.00 A stock boards 80.00 @38,00 Bstock boards 20.00 @28.00 0 stock boards 10.00 @30.00 Common boards 13.00 @IO.OO Joist, scantling, small timber, fencing, etc., 10 feet and under 13.00 @14.00 Jolst and' scantling, IB to 34 feet...... 10.00 @30.00 Pickets, square 14.00 @IO.OO Pickets, flat 13.00 @lo.oo* .Cedarposts,split..,. ~ 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 @25.00 Lath 2.70 @3.25 No. 1 sawed shingles...., 1.00 @3.00 Aor Blur 3.00 @3.75 Bhlnglea on track.. 3.J3X@ 3.30 No. 1 tawed 1.80 @ 1.00 Throe dollars per car to ho added when transferred, which charge follows tho shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to ho two inches in thick* ness. Length— Blxtecn inches. HARDWOOD, Dlack-Walnut Counters, $100.00(3150.00; clear $05.00(376.00; coimuou, $10.00(360.00; cull, $30.00(4 85,00; flooring, $50,000(10.00. Ash—Clear. $80.00(310.00; common. $30.00035,00; cull, $13.00018.00; flooring, $30.00(310.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00040.00; common. $30.00035.00 cull, $13.00018.00, Hickory—Clear, $35.00015,00;. common, $35.00(7 85.00 ; cull, $13,00018.00. Maple—Clour, $30.000 40,00; common, $30.00030.00 cull, $10.00016.00. Huttcruut—Clear, $50.00060.00: common. (36.000 05.00. ' ’ Cherry—Clear, $50.00060.00; common. $36,000 85.00; cull, $13.00018.00. Whltowooil—Clear, $30.00010.00; common, $30.0 030.00; mill, $10.00016.00. Wagon Block—Hickory axles, per set, $1.0001.50 wagon poles, each, 460650; box boards, $85.00040,0( —Tho steam tug Niagara, with tho aohrs Palma an Sweetheart, arrived at Detroit from Duluth In 4daj nml 4 bourn, a dlatauco of about 600 miles, Two atea) pumps on board tho Palms were neccaiaryoa U passage dowu, and oan on board tho Sweetheart, .14 0 .12* .12* .SI.BO . 1.32* .$1.90 * ... 1.05 .650750 .60®G0o .150.00 ®55.00 . 41.00 060.00 . 88.00 @IO.OO . 48.00 O 46.00

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