Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 4 Haziran 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 4 Haziran 1873 Page 7
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CITY RKAt ESTATE. TIOR BAUt-lIY P. O. VIURLINO, HEAL KSTATB JL Agent, Room 18, 126 Doathorn-at. x ■ CHOICE BUSINESS AND PROPERTY 45s Ira foot on Monroo-at., noarLaHallo. 90xlP0 foot on Monroo-st., near LaSalle, foot on Mloblgon-av,, opposite Expoiltlon Bulld- foot on Mlohlgan-ar., oppoalto Exposition Build «ion topwod' property, ■ centrally located, at Q120,0U9{ #OB/ forma. • , - „ • :, RKaibßNoa property, Tinnteand lottinThlrd-av., nonr Polk-at. M foot on Whltlng-st., oxatof WolU.,' SBfooton Erlo-at., eaatof LaSalle. W foot, onWabwh-av., noarThlriy-ftUh-«t,, oast front. CO feet on Adams-ak., near Lincoln, 26 foot on Ashland-ov., near Twclfth-at. 46 foot on Watron-av,, iiearOnkloy-at. 86 foot (m'Dryant-av., near Vlnocnuca-ay. »« foot on Bnnuldo;sL. noar.Thlrly-flftb-at, 6p foot on aaino, noarThlrty-olghth-at. . Also, bonsoo and lota In all part* of tba oily. For bale-forty acres on west twelfth st., Inßoo. li . i . . 10 acres on West Twalfth-st., -In Soo. 83. S3 acres on West Twonfy-aocoml-at., In Hco. 38. 40 acres corner Forty-seventh and Aahland-AT,- 3 acres corner Forty-ninth and Cottage Grovo-sv. 5 acres noar tho Stock Yards, In See. 4, 88,13. 6 acres on Twenty-second-st.. Moo. SO, 89,14. Mite on Hlnman, Olayton, and Twonty-eocond-sts. Lots on North Ashland-ar., Augusta, and Eromn-ets. ?0 foot corner Tncaty-ftflh and Wnbitsh-av.'" 00 foot corner TbJrty-soooniLnnd Wabaali-ar. ‘ 100 foot, cast front, on EorCit-av., noar Thirty-sor* tnth-st. - •; , r r • 6lolaonTbroop%V.,hoatll*rtißfm-et.' • 1,, near Lallln-tt.. ... 85 feet on Indiana, near Ht, Clair-st. M lootoornor Van Buron and Lineeln-ats. _ . ... OLINOF.B A BALLARD. Bqutnoaat eomor Dearborn and Washlngton-sts., Port land Block. . ■ POR SALE—IB ACRES NORTH OF BARRY POINT road.iß/Jf of 8. K. jqfof 800. 15, 89, IS. ' cottage Groro-ay., between Thirty-fifth'and Thirty iDlb-sts., 78x170. , Kvans-av„ botwoen Tblrty-flfth and Thlrty-alith-als., 12x170. . Pra|rli»-aT„ nerlhOaafc.oomfir Thlrty-efTTentb-at., 193x180. Hubbard-at.. between Iloynft and Roboy. B lota. Horno-at,, between Klnzlo and.Hubbard, U lots. Robfly-st.. between Klnato *nrt MubJwml, 3 luta. CD acres. Blooka 13 and 14, Soo. 25, SO, 13. 10 acres. Son. 35. 89, 10, between rlror and Twenty-sixth gt.. and woat of Oolurabus, GKioago A Indiana Railroad. Wait Twotfth-iL, corner .Bacmmoato-av,, fronting Dmielai Park, 363x140, or will soli any portion of it. . Also, a largo list of residence, Improved bnilnsM. and property. H. F. ELURED A CO., • . 165 Monroo-»t. •EIOR BALB—BY tIKNRY P. GKOHGB, REAL ES JP fa to A front, WOlark-Bt., opposite Couri-Housos 10(1 foot, wahaah-av., coroor Tulrty-flral-Bt. I.TO foot, Indlsna-ar., comerTliirtJoUi-at. •100 foot, Krans-ar.. oomor Forfy-thlrd-sf. £> foot. Thlrty-ssronth-st., noar Wabisli*Rv. M foot, Oakwood-boOlOTard, near Oottaao Otove. SOOfoet, Orand-honlevard, near Thlrt*v*tu-al. 200 foot At Uraod-boulorart, oatra>uooi South Park; a tor? docldod speculation. R acroi Booth ol and near Jhlghtoa. 10 acres »n« rort-bmiJoTsrd, 10 acres near great Northwestern shops, 30 actoa at Hawthorno, for subdlriilno. 40 ftoros at Lawndale,’On fair terms. .... iino houso at Hjdo Park; aero property taken. If X 1 Btowart-aj ... - ■ h . Sfi foot oa'Langloy-fty., between Forty-second ana Klmbotk-ay., between Fifty-sixth and Flfty-aovonth-sla. . . * ' , . . 60 by 160, on Indlsmv-av.. between Fifty-third and Fifty-fearth-nta. . , 10 lute on Second and Erlo-ele, botwoon Roubon and 60 by 170, on Mlchlgan-ar., with first-clua houeo. 26 by 110, with 3-story frame house, on Fourth-ay,, be tween Harrison and Pulk-sU. • WINQ 4 PAULIN, 86 East Wnahlntton-at.-, Room 4. tPOR SALE-10 LOTS ON WESTERN.AV., NEAR f? Laughton-st. 20 lota on Laughlon*st., near Wcstern-av. 10 lota on OampbolLst., near Moore. The above lots are near McCormick's Reaper Factory, and will bo sold on easy payments, WING* PARIAN, ' 85 Bait WaihlngtOß-st., Room 4. EOll BAL&-STEWART.AV.—F-OAN-AV.-10 LOTS on tho northwest corner ot Stewart and2gan-avs. YD ICR A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, nortbeart corner Of Monroe and Lnßallo-ata. " FOR BALE-S4OO-WK HAVE CHOICE LOTS JUT 8 miles from too Court-Houac, near Mllwaukee-nv., for S4OO, other parties ohargo S6OO for them. A.O.STOREY A BON, 145 South Clark-aU, Room 8, and 287 Mllwau kco-sv. fifbu SALE—2OXIIO FEET ON THE NORTHWEST J} comer ot Ohio and Dearborn-sls. BNYDEHALKH, It Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSalle. rijtOß SALE—2S FT. ON VAN BURRN ST., EAST OF IX' Horne, much loss than market value. MEAD A COK. 153 LaSalle-it. f&OR SALE-NEW BRICK HOUSRON VAN BURKN UL 1 it.; oast of Robey; hsaall tho modern improvement*; ban bo had at q bargain. MKAD AOQ B, 158 LaHaUe-tt. ■t>Oß SALE-JKFFERSON-BT.-87X100 FEET ON X' northwest comer of .Toffereon and CBrlen-stj. SNY DER A LEU. I ) Nixon Building, northeast oornor Mon* koo and LaSalle-sts. . . JBOR SALE-GOOD LOTH ON THE FOLLOWING X‘ streets: Btato, liurmldc, Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray. and Halatod; alto on Wentworth, Bhurtlolf, Portland And Stowart-ava; alio on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-iovontb, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twontj.nlnth. Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Tmity.fim, Tbit iy-iecond. Thirty-third. Thirty.fl/th, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fontalno, and Thirty-elghth-ita. Title perfect* Warranty doodi. A very email payment down, five year’s time, 0 por cant Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE. 873 Wabasb-av. «BOR X* corner Thlrty-aovonth-st. and South Park-av. No gwati payment required If purchaser will improve. BNV PER A LEE, 14 Mixon's Building, northeast corner Mon goo and LsSallo-ats. .tBOH BALE—THE THREE VERY HANDSOME uL 1 now swoU.front houses, with brick stahloa. Nos. IS3, |34,-nnd 188 Park-av., between Wood and Llnooln-ats. Terms to suit. Also, 4 largo lots on Taylor-st., botwoon Wood and Llncoln-sts. Price Sl.lOOoach. Terms very easy. Apply to tho owner, 534 West Wosblngtou-st., or gt LM Parlt-av. - “ntORSALB-AT A BARGAIN, LOTSON WESTERN* av., Polk and Taylor-«te., and Campbcll-av.; parties wishing to build, m» monoy required down; Inquire of GEORGE OAD WELL, on promises, or 135 South Clark* at., in bank, ? - ... For sale-lincoln park-lots fronting Fuller! on-av., Haclnu-av., Fromont-st., and Webster nv.- In tho neighborhood of Lincoln Park; street railway within a few blocks t cheap lets and on very oavy terms. Apply to W. D. KERFOOT ft CO., W East Washing tou-st. TTOR SALK-TWO FIVE-ACRE BLOCKS IN SCO. 4. X now tho Union Stock Yards. Flno property to subdi vide and rolall. BNYDKR &*LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner of Monroo and Laanlle-its. For sale-desirable building lots on. Lake, Washington, Fulton, Klnzto, and other street* opposite Northwestern Car-Shops, west of Con* Uni Park. The i.and Company arc going to build, la June, fifteen cottages, and will bo rinisliod to suit If par lies apply now.* J. D. HARVEY, Agent West Chicago Co., 174 La Sallo-st. - foOR SALE-FOUR NEW BRIOK 2-BTORY AND JJ basement houson,octagon fronts, throughout, pn Adams-st., noar Wood, $19,14)0 and $10,500. Inquire at 643 West Adoms-sU, or at 86 North Jcllorson-et. TBOR SALE —WEST TWELFTH-ST. —WE HAVE X 1 Just tnado o Subdivision of tho Block bounded by West Twelfth, Sampson, lioboy, and Hoyno-st., and wo arc prepared to noil Jots ou oltbor of those streets cheap, on easy terms. Twclfth-st. or boulevard Is 150 feet wide, and Is dnoly macadamized. Parties purchasing lota on It now can bo sum of realizing a handsome profit from their investment. Apply to H. D. KERFOOT A CO., UOEast Washlngton-st. . ■ FOR SALE-INDIANAAV.—I23XI26 FEET. COR. nor of Imllaua-av. and Thlrty-sovunth-st, SNYDER ft LEE, 14 Nlxbn Building, northeast corner Monroo and Latinllo-st*. - . FOR SALK—at great daroains-west side. lots 25x133't0 alloy. Tho Investment will pay 25 to 60 per cant In short time. 11. WHIPPLE, 200 LaSallu-st. FOU SALE-LOTS NEAR 0. 4 N. W. R. B. OAR Works, Inside city limits, until Juno 7, 1873. at $650 each. B. W. KROfT.**, 143 LaSaUo-it., Room H. FOR SALEWA BUILDING ON AUCUER-AV., 22x CO, opposite packing houses,- elevator, plow factory, sad docku. A good stand for a man that undoratands tho liquor business. Would take a partner with SI,OOO or $3.000.* Inquire at 147 Maln-st. TTIOR SALE-LOTS IN THE BLOCK FRONTING I? * Bhnrtlcff-av.. liuddan and Thlrty-llrst-Bta; only a few loft. FRED. L. FAKE ft Co., £9 Woshlngton-st. FOR SALE-10 ACRES FRONTING HUMBOLDT Park Boulevard, with frontage on 3 good first-class orosft stroeU. Only s3,txKl per acre; will retail for ICU pop oout profit. FREu. La FAKE A CO., 88 Wui»hlngton-Bt. T76R SALK-ON EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS, X choice cottage and largo lot, Hooond-st., between Uncola and Robey, ti. T, KINO, 70 Laßalio-st., XtoU p. in. FOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN-TWO FIVE noro blocks at tho corner of Twulfth-st. and Wos tem-qy. Inquire at 136 South Olark st., in bank. FOR SALE-THREE LOTS, EACH 27)4x153. ON Lowo-av., north of Thlrty-tifth-st; and exit »( Hal stod-st. ISAAC R. DILLKII, Room 1, Ashland Block. aio RENT—COTTA RE, NO. 146 WESTERN• AV., . n-apFulton-at. ISAAC It. DXLLEH, Room 1 Aab* Sand lilock. F“ OK SALE—I MUST HAVK MONEY AND FOR Itf cash will soli a marble front hniim and lot for $7,600; S3,UOu loaa than value. Address W SI, Tribune odiuo. F~ ORBALE-OR RENT-LOT Mx7B WITH BUILD* - Ing-60x60, • two stories; In good locality foe a soda watnr. nop, beer, or a manufacturing purpoie. Room 50, Bryan Block. • ' F“ OR SALE-CHEAT A DWELLING HOUSE with store front now being occupied as a sumplivrooni. Apply botwoonaandto'clook for two days at 101 Slier* man-st. fftOß SALE—CHEAPER TUAN TUB CHEAPEST— I' Just think of paying rent while 1 offer a 4-room cot tage and 0100 lot on weutwnrth-av. lust north of Archer* I»“ for $1,400. JAMES KEDIUAN, IIP Arnolds!. tTIOR SALE—LOTS ON PRAIRIR-AV. AND INDI* F nna-av., noarThlrty-ilfth-at., 890, $93, and $1(10 per foot. J. H. KEELER, 145, corner Madison. FOR BALE-LOTS ON BURNSIDE-ST. AND Wontworl U*av., east front, just south of Twenty* ilnth-st. J. 11. KEELER, 145 Clark-bt., corner Mad* ton. triOß SALE—6O FEET FRONT ON WABASH-AV., 1} between Tweoty.slxtb and Twonty*clghth*sts., east front; a bargain. HILL A BLISS, 94 Dearborn«st. * running 90 year*, on these torma I SIOO per month un til March 1. 1575, sleo por mouth for balance of term—23 k44 feet, oast front, Id foot north of Rundolph-at. with I party walls, also sidewalk null. Thla property can ho elegantly improved for $7,000, at present prices, and will alwuys rent so as to pay bettor than n purchase of tho property posaihly could: henna required, S7,WW. J. KSAIAB WARREN, 16 Chamber of Commerce. IhOR fIALE-MIOHIC,AN-AV. HOTEL, CORNER ■ Ccngress-st. and Mlclduan-av,, In perfect order, will bo sold at a bargahi; a man of capital and enterprise could realise a speedy fortune from this property; as a Lrsl-cluss family hqlul Ita location could not bu surpassed, J. EHAIAB WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. I “noil SALE—OIIbIC U LOTS QN EQAN-AV. AND 1 Vlnconnos-av,; also, on South Park and Oakw-n.d boulevards, ot low prices and on very easy tunns. Tho must, elegant, as they they are certainly tho ahnanost rV-xidenoo lora In market. J. ESAIAS WARREN,IS Chamber of Commerce. TROR RALIS-INDIANA-AV.. 40x175 .FEET ON X’ northwest comerFuriy-snvonth-st. und Indiana-av. HNYDUU A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast c mor Moiiroo and Laßalio*Bt. it niont oot#Konstono-froiit, 10 rooms, modern Improve tnentß. on Indlano-av., hotwoou Twouly-nlnth and Thlrti* "tu'sta. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, nurthuast. (orour Monroe and latSaUtf-atß. NORTH BRANCH, I’ 63 ft on river by 397 ft (loop. HNYDhR A RLE, 14 fiUpn’A Building, twrthowl (vrucr wHalloiti I CITY REAL ESTATE. T7OR SALE-BUSINESS PROPERTY ON TUB X Hmtlb'Bltlo, Idpteoos, from 910,000 to S!OO,DVO. * ' Rouldonoo lots of 36 or lou foot front on tbo avonuos, between Twenty-fifth «ml Thlrty-ulntli-sts. Residence lota of CO, 100, or 2WI foot front on all tho avenuea and boulevards, between Thirty-ninth and Bit* tlolh-ats, . AoroprooeHy on the avenues, noar Cornell and'on Flfly-fllth-st. boulevard. Parties who aro looking for Rood invoatmonts nil) And It In thotr interest- to call at my olliro before buying, j. IIRWUY WEIL, 160 Poarborn-Bt., Room C. , . I"[lOR SALE-WELL BUILT MARBLE IIOUHKB s 'West Van Bnron-at., slo,ooos only $3, ux) down. . Mlchlgan-av,, octagon, slß,pooi s6u) cash. J ! Mlohlgan-av., slß,owt long time. Prolrio-av.. ootiago, $5,0001 SI,OOO cash. Twonty-olghlh-st., oast of State, ootiago, S6,COO{ SI,OOO cash. -ArteslMl-av,, oottago, $3,600: s6oocash. Wabash-av., S3O, WO; trill oxobiuigo. TPOR BALE—BTOGK ' YARDS—INJUR C-AURB J- 1 ' blacks cornet Aahland*av. and» ennteniODt to Stock Yards. SNYDER ALEE, 14 Nixon Bolldlng. northeast cornerMonroo and fABaUo-slB. F’ OU BALIfi—THREIt TWO-STORY BRItfK STORES on tho eomor Mlchigan-av, and Madlsen-st. Theso stores will bo Hold and sloaeeof -Uie lot cDonatalurv ruto, or they will bo rented to good tenants. J, E3AIAB WARrKN, 13 Chamber of Coiumoroo. F~"T:\ sale-house no. im fourth-av., and lot, 86x100, SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon -Building, aorlhoast oomor Monroo and La9>Us»its. ■ , . ' . IPOU, SALE—AN EXTRAORDINARY. LEASE ON ’ Wnbash-aT., 40x170 foot, on Wahnsh-av., near Kldrirtge-coart, with good fnrtno hmno, No, 461. Tim terms of Icsso arc died for. ontlro term. Tho .leoso also ‘ Inomdon 20 years’ prlrllogo of pur vboba. Tbo lot has a good barn. Thfsloaso, the boat In tho oily, will bo sold (or SIO,OOO bonus. Ono-Unlf cash, bfllanooonllraoof othor property. J. ESAIAB WAR-. REN, 19 Uhamborof Uonimorcs. liiOß SALE-SOUTH PARK-100 LOTS FRONTING X 1 the South Park, and nn Madison, Droiol, and Egan dalo-avß. MNYDKII A LEE, 14 Nison's Building, north east corner Monroo and LnSollo-its. . F" OR SALE-TWO LOTS, 83 FEET EACH, ON STATE-' sti, botwoen Thirty-eighth and‘fhlriy-nlntli-sts. t aro Tory low, and uugood Umo. UILL A BLIBB, 94 Dear born-at. TJIOII HALE—PAUK-AV,, BETWEEN WOOD AND X 1 Pago-sta., 9-story aurt b«Mmont atcuo-front honao, 10 rooms, modern Improvements: will bo sold at a saorllloo. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mouroo and LaSallo-sts. . Eon sale-lots on,in vicinity orThirty.nfUi. Lots on Hubbs-st., In vicinity of Thirty-fifth. Lota on ttmorald-av., In vicinity of Thirty-llfth st, On tbroo roars' time At (1 per cent, Jjt cash. HILL A BLISS, 01 Doftrborn-it. TPOlt SALE-164 FEET FRONT NEAR CORNER JJ Blxty-llreUat., on Wabaah-av.; SOO per foot. HILL A DLISB, 64 Dearborn-at. , FOR BALE—FOREST-AV.—6O FEET FRONT ON Forost-av., near Thlrty-aocond-at.. Will Bull without any money down topartloi who will build Immediately MN VDIiR A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner of MonrooandLaßauo-ata. ■ WOB SALE—LOT 60XICO, ON LINCOLN-AV.,NEAR .JL' Orchard, Tory cheap. lIILL A BLISS, W Dear* bom-at.. TBOR BA.LE-VINOENNKS.AV.~4 ACRES CORNER X' Vinoonnos.av, and Forty-fUtb-st. SNYDER ALICE, 14 Nixon's Building, northeast oornor Monroo and La- Balle-sts. For sale—Humboldt park—69s acres, fronting oast on Humboldt Park. SNYDER A LKU, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSalle at*. FOR BALE-60 FT., BAST FRONT, ON PRAIRIE* av.. near Forty-tlfth-it. 60 ft. on Judlano-av., Both bargains. II. F* COY A CO., For salb-a lot for scoo : sso cash, balance $25 per month, near oornor Harrison and Oalilorola-ov. H. J. ARNOLD. P9 Bast For sale-cottage, 8 rooms, with s years' lease of lot on Twonty-nlnth-»t., oast of, $1,600. J. H. KEELER, 145 Clark-at., comer, Madison. IpOH SALE-STORE, HOUSE AND LOT ONWRfIT ' Madlson-it.; price; $5,600; easy terms. J. S. GOULD, 119 Dearbom-st, For salk-miohigan-av., between twen* ty-nlntb and Thlrtlotb-stn., throo-etory and basemont octagon stone-front bonio, 14 rooms, finished in tho best stylo. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroo and LaSalle-sts. • I POR SALE-BARGAINS IN LOTS —PARTIES * wanting beautiful loti, ranging in price from S6OO to $1,600, In tho most rapidly improving part of Chicago, should examine our lists. EDWIN A. HICK A CO., 147 Randolph-at. . For sale-ohrap-new brick house and lotonOottogo-placo, near Thirty-firs t-at. PHILIP MYERS A CO.. Room 18 Major Block. ' . FOR SALE-TUB FOLLOWING SPECIAL BAR salns; Indinna-av.,-83x180ft, between Sixteenth and Kijrhtocnth-ets.; $266 por ft, alloash. Wabash-av;, 60x175 ft,nearTwenty-slxth-«t.,oa«t front. ’ Mlclilgan-av., 30x175 ft, botwoon Twonty.fiftli and Twunty.slxtb-ats.: SBOO. Allchlgan-av., 36x176 ft, noftrTwonty-elgbth-st.; $376. Slato-st., 75x161 ft, between Fifty-eovontU and Fifty eleUth.ate. \ s4(l. Mlchlgan-av., 60x175 ft, near Flfty-alxth-at,; 856 por ft. MATSON HILL, 108 and lloDoarborn-et. FOR BALE—3OOxI6S FT ON WABASH-AV.. COR not Will sell on 6 years' time, no payment down, to parties who will build Immediately. The avenue is now being pared wltb broken atone. -MAT BUN HILL, lUßandlH)Doatbora-st. FOR SALE—DOUGLAS PARK—IOH ACRES, fronting east on Douglas Park, northweat oornor of Douglas Park aud Douglas Park-boalovard. SNYDER A LEW, 14 Nison Building, northeast career Monroo and LaSalle-sts. ■ TPOR SALE—ON ONTARIO-BT., NEAR PINK. 30, 40, X 1 or Od foot, very dualrablo, and for sale at a bargain. Will take other property in part payment. O. O. TiIAY- Lit A CO., ltd East Madlsun-st. For sale-douolas park~sk acres on Twolfth-st.. near Douglas Park. BNYDKU A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroo and La« Ballo-»U. INOII SALK—AT A BARGAIN—SO FEET, WITH IM ' prOvoments, on tho ccmor of Peoria and Rnndolph sts. *, thU property U well rooted/ And paying largely on tho,price aaked. Inquire of DREW A NfiWIiUUY, Rooms 6 and V, Bryan Block. • ■ ■ 17\On HALE-CHEAP FOR OABH-LOT ON WEST ’ Wasliington-st., lust west of too city limit*. Inquire of DREW ft NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 9, Dryanßlock. POU SALE—COTTAGE HOUSE AND LOT, NO."2M Sontb Jefferson-st.: will bo auld at a bargain. Call on tlioouncr, 11. 0. (JKAIIY, 74 West Madhoa-st. Ilouao .vacant; titlo perfect. ’ . TPOR SALE-DREXEL-AVUNION-AV., GROVE X' Park-way—lx)t fronting 183 ft on-Droiel-av., 186 fb on Unlon-av.; and 160 ft on Urovo Park bonlovani. SNY DKR A LKE, 14 Nixon's Building, north oast corner* Monroo and LaSallo-ets. IJtOR BALE-SEVERAL 5 AND 10 ACRE TRACTS ’ sonfh otPark-nv., near lake shore, and noar Brighton, on Aroher-ar.; also, lota In good locations, near Stony Island boulevard: fine properly, in blocks ana half-blocks, west and east of South Park. botw«on.l'iftlflth and Fifty* fifth-sta. ULRICH A BOND, B7 Dearborn-st. WOR RALE-LOTS IN THE BLOCK FRONTING A? Shurtlctf-av., Riiddan.and Thlrty-lirat-slsj only a foil -loft. FRED. L. FAKE AOOut. t 88 Waablngton-at. B'Oll SALE-EXCHANGE, OR RE NT—PA RTL Y lurnlshcd 6-coom cottage, 211 Oatnpboll-ar.; lot sux 185, _by ownor, J. H. FIKLP, 40 West Lako-at. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. 17OR SALE-COAL LAND AT BRAIDWOOD; 80 A aoros In Saotlod 12, in Grundy County, in oontro of great coal field,.now being worked. Address MIDDLE TON. P. O. Box Iftfl, New York. FOR SAIiE-A LUXURIOUS COUNTRY SEAT IN Michigan, of 1,500 acres, withloko, rosldonoos; foun tains, mills, oto., nttod op for a retired gentleman of for tune and leisure. Value, $150,000. A splondld tirst-class stock, dairy, and fruit farm of UIOO acres, noar the above: $66,000. Now brick residence, 10 rooms, at Highland Park, 814.000. ‘Marble-front residence. 15 rooma, on University-place, (worth $16,000). «ia,aw. . . i Stock and dairy farm 'of S4O aoros near Elgin,' 111.; $10,500. Noat dwelling at Xllghland Park, very low, $4,000. • Cal! from 3 to 4 o. m., at Rooma Tribune Building. IPOR SALE—FARM OF ICO ACRES IN DEKALB } County, Dl.. 56 miles from Chicago; also, 83u acres good grating land, near farm, under good fence. Will u field ata uroatsacrifice if takon soon. -Also, some fanning lands la exchange for city property. Adorasa A. K. STILES, 823Fnlton-st., olty. FOR SALE-THREE SPLENDID FARMS. 80, 318 and 4SU acres, all Improved, and within Ufl miles of Chi cago, at decided bargains. WHIPPLE ft CLARKSON, 183 South Olsrk-st. •pOR SALE-A FARM OF ICO AGUES, WITH mi x' provemonts, InDclovau, Tazewell Co., 111. l*bolsnd Ir of tho best quality. Terms of salo very easy. Apply to PKCKUAM ft UIIOWN, Room 43, Reaper IBook, corner Clark mid Wiulflngton-sts. KEAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— I HAVE QUITE A NUMBER OP Cus tomers wanting vacant lots in the olty. on the South Side; also lota and acre property south of olty. Ona cus tomer wants Bor 10 acres la the vicinity of South Bide parks. THOMAS A. HILL, 183 Dearburn-st. WANTED-OWNERS OP HOUSES AND LOTS, >r alao vacant low. wishing to Mil, and willing toft* their price at what the; would consider a fair figure to giro II buying, will do well to call and leave the same with ur. Wo nave the cash awaltloc inch Investments. OSBORN A HKILLMAN, 138 South Clark-wt. FOR SALE. CANAL-BOAT FOR SALE—TUB UNDIVIDED balf of a good boat and team for tho auiall sum of $650. Will toko good paper of ninety days, with Interest. Apply at WJLLET A HERRING'S Law Office, No. 119 Madlson-st., Room 10. *Ii>OR SALE—SALOON FIXTURES AND HOUSE. X' . hold furniture ot Vi Weaxou-st. IjIOR SALE—S3,OOO CASH-STEAM CANAL STONE X 1 propeller. In complete running onlur. A.MOKIUDY, 841 south Wator-st., or Q. BAY, 663 North Olark-et. TTtOR BALE—A BARGAIN FOR S3OO OASH-l«* Xj atory house, to bo moved by August I. on West Erie* at., near Reboy. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON, 183 South Olark-it. . For sale-at half price, large lot op rubber and leather bolting. andl.OOU foot 4*ply hose, different sizes;goods now and llrat*olaas. Inquire 280 West Washington-at. BUILDING MATERIAL. Hydraulic pressed brick company, rt. Louis, Mo. Thu Bt. Louis Hydraulic Pressed Brick aru larger and of greater strength than tho Philadelphia or Baltimore Force Brick, and are not surpassed in an* lioaranco nr color. For Bale In nuy quantity. J. J, ,OCK WOOD, Agent. Id and 13 YVost Rnndolph-et. I>RESBKD BRICKS—RACINE AND MILWAUKEE J. pruned brick for sale in any quantity; also red press* ud and stock brick. Also aolo agent lor tho St. IxmU Hydraulic pressed brick. Call and see samples and got prions- J. J. LOCKWOOD; Agent. 10 and 13 West Raudolph-it, WANTitn-miloic and am- kinds of huiu>- tV Ing material, for which wo will glvo lota desirably ■ltuatodln and near the ally. HILL A BLISS, Ul Dear* born-Bt. . __ _ TO LEASE. TO LEASE-DOCK AT BRIDGEPORT (GREAT Eastern). Apply to E. BRAINARD, Uoum 26 Bryan Block. rpo LEASE—SEVERAL LOTS ON FULTON-BT.. . X between Oakley ami Waaisru-av. To parties wlihing tomove housns imtsldo of tiro limits this In couponing. IHAAO U. DILI.HU. Room I Ashland rno LEASE—IKi YEARS—THE VALUABLE LOT ON 1 Madlson-st. adjoining Major Block, PHILIP MYERS A Ob., lb Major Block, h THIS CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUTE: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, i«73. ! FSPBtTRIIAN REAL ESTATE. 7j'sß73ALn3qiH : valu- X’ able corner iota j A )V ,oof.VJn cnmio«• ar, and Oakwood Boulevard, 186 laid foot to 10-ft, nllov 5 high grove lot. •« , # 00 . p 19f1 , 5 <l Bpnlovani and Oakwood Boulevard, 826*140 foot to 10-/e. alloy, , f £t f°»o9. ran .'lDoulovardond Vlnconnca-av., IC2)s* ICo foot to 18-ft, alloy. •• 8. E. oor. Mlchlgan-av. and Forty-clghth-it., 900x161 foot. . H* E, cor. Bouth Park and Flfty-tldrd-st., grove lot, Prk* 1110 ® and moßt ' boantifni portiun of tho « I s*,^’« cor * Onlurootrftv, and Flfly-fontth-st., grove lot, 104*170 foot. , \ corners, Oalnmok-Av. and Flfty-thlrrt-st. 4 corners, Pralrlo-av, and Fifty-thlrd-st. H. E, oor, indlana-nv, and Fltly-thlrd-st. H. W. oor. Vluoounoa-Av. and llfllolh-Bt., 108*840 foo*. Alto, a largo amount of othor property on all tbo ave nues loading south.' ' - ,J. KBAIAB WARREN, 18 Obamtior of Commerce. For sale-tub rVERY onoion pivb acres' fronting Wnbft*h-av.,Stato-«t. ondFlfly-lUth-st-bou lorard; baa a frontage of 843 foot on boulevard and 100 foot on oaob of tbo othor streets. Will bo sold on easy' forms. Burnsldo-at., 63x123 foot, noar Forty-fourth-at. i will bo sold on long time. • , . , Wahaih-av. and Stafo-it,, CO foot each front, between Foily-llfih and lorly-slxth-sts. Allohlgan-a?., near Tblrty-Blxth-et., 60 foot, cast front: $l6B per foot, . Wftbnih-av., near corner Thirty-olghth-st., CO foot, oast front, SIOO per foot. ’ North, lOOxlMfoot, In oholoo location. . • Wabnsb-n?., 228 foot, eontbonst comer Thirty-fourth ■t. j SlWporfoot. FRED. L. FAKE A 00., - 1 1 . 89 WftsblOßton-st. li! THOR SALE-AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD—FOUR B- . ■X 1 - aero blocks, near tho debut, and fronting Eighty. Bovcnth-al, Doniorard: sidov;alks aro being made from depot to tbo property on both Elghty-alxth and Eighty sovontb-ata. A largo nnmborof htmaos aro now being bollton tho adjoining grounds:.six dummy trains oaob - way dally, to and from tho grand depot, whore tho Julil loo la being hold. Price, $1,600 per aero, payable one lirthonsb, twu-tiftbßlnSyenrn, aod two-fiftha lu 4 yofthj, wlthtlionrlTllcgonf lujlngatiy ttnio before malurllyln 1 sums of S6OO. and ohMhiiilgnrolonsoofnpro-rntApart of tbo land. Nothing bettor can bo funnd for Invommon*, or subdivlplon. Title very ohortand absolutely perfects, original abstract famished. MATSON 11LLL, 103 and lUlpjarhorn-at. " *_ ‘ ' ' ‘ ~ " ■ POR BALB-RNQLRWOOD-NRW HOUSE, WITH one or more lota; alio, ono or more lota noar doput tiravolod straota. - . . - Irving Park— HonsoandCtMontlot, now, SB,OCO, Evanston—Noar dupot, lob It(Ixl6(h , Igiko Forest—Rnsldoncoa and rosidonoo olios, some of tho most boantlfnl In tlio placo*. ... Ravonswood—Lola noar tho depot. > * Humboldt Path—Lota InThompson'a Subdivision. •’ Hyde Park-Lots on Klrabark and Oroot-ave, OAN FIELD A MATTEfION. IIP F)R BALE—EVANSTON GROVE LOTS, SB6O, IN llvo-dollar monthly payments, with no payment down. This Is tho bast ebanoo yot offered to get a homo, IRA BROWN, 143 LivSallo-et.i Room 4. TiUHI BALE-82,VTILL UUY A FINR URIOK A 1 ’house, aood barn, and one aero of land, all kinds of olioloo fruit, shado-trccs, .do.; noar do]>ot, good schools, churches, do.; In plcaaant village of 1,60u in habitant*, 00 minutes’ rldo from Oliloaso. Inuulro of \VIUPPI<K «fe FOB bale—a few more of THOSE SPLRN. did W-acro lots west of Central Park, no*' - Madison* gt„ SI.KOO. K cash, balance 1 and 3 years. WHIPPLK A CLARKSON, *133 South Ol&rk-at. FJB SALE-SEVERAL HOUSES AT HYDE PARK and Oakland, from $6,000 to $3,0000; cheat) one*, with •mall payment down, balance to aultt also, choice wild ing lota In city and south of limits. ULJtIOU A BOND, - 87 Dearborn-st. ' • For sale-i will offbk, at a HAiio*m, it houses and cottages of from 6 to 10 rooms. In Kvnna ton, North Kranston, and Glonooo, at lower figures than any party can sell for who does not deal exclusively in bis own property; you that want bouses eomo direct to xno and save tbo commission; oae-Uftb down and balance in monthly or yearly paymonta will buy a borne: lots In any of tbo places named at wholesale prices; lamborfumlshod those who will build i none need apply wbo have not a lit* tie money. O. K. BROWNE, drovers Block, Evanston, or 163 Monroo-it., Room 3. ' TTtOB RALE-AT PARKBIDB, ON ILLINOIS OBN- X; tral Railroad. Smiles from Court-House, 85 minutes' rido, lots on Madison and Llndon-avs,, within one block of depot. Trees have been planted, street! graded. Bot* toon trains dally furnish easy access to and from;the city. This property U within 3 blocks of tho South Park. Price of lota from S4OO to *6OO, and will bo sold on easy pay* monte. WING A FAJRLIN, 86 Bast Wosblngton-at,, Room 4. IB OR SALE—IBSXI6O, CORNER FORTY-EIGHTH* X 1 et. and Kemvood-oourt: 160 foot on Konwood-oourt, between Forty-seventh ana Forty-clghth-sls. Will be sold on oaiy payments. Tbo ahovo property Is within 3 blocks ot Kenwood depot* WING A FAULIN, 86 Boat Waahtngton-at., Room 4. THOR SALE-GOOD LOTS. AT $l5O TO S2OO EACH. X' near depot, at Norwood Park; tonus, sls down, and $6 a month aftorward. WILSON, PEIROE A CO., Room 6, Wo. 183'Olark-st. POR BALE-AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NEAR two depots, by the block: average also of lots, 36x150 foot, at sllO per lot, cash, balance lal, 2, and 8 years, at 7 por cent, iotontat. Tho beat property for Investment In Cook County. Froo tickets to soo tola property. B. F. CLARKE A OO. t Room 4, 123 La Hallo-st. tIQR BALE—CENTRAL PARK-LOTS FACING X' Washington, Lake, Madison, Monroo, Adams. Jack son, and Park, Warren, and Californio ava., between Wostern-av. and Central Park, nt from $875 to $3,000 each on ooay terms. Apply to WM. D. KKRI’OOT A CU., 90 East Wsshlngton-atf TPOR BALE-AT HIGHLAND PARK. ON EASY X' terms, choice place; brick residence, and all modem Improvements: Urge grounds, barn, carriage- house, oto. S. T. KING. TULatfaile-at., itoj p. m. TJIOR BALK-LAKE VIEW-FOUR CORNER LOTS, X’ each feet, froutlng south, convenient to horse cars: largo shade trees ifirat-oTnaa improvements adjoining; SSO £or foot* easy terms. WM. 0. KRIEGBit, Room 4 lotropolitan Block. ’ I POR SALE-TEN ACRES IN 6. B. jrfSEO, 20, 40. I 14, fronting on tho Oroon Ray road. SNYDER A Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroo aud OR SALE—CORNELL—BLOCK OP 6 AORGS. OOR □or of Seventy.fourtb-st, and Stony Island-boule vard, uoar Cornell or Oraud Junction; 1-10 railroad trains a day. SNYDER A LEE, II Nixon Building, northeast corny,Monroe and LaSaUo-ste. For sale-at highland park, i new goth* io cottage, with lot. Immediate posHcasiou. Ainu, 1 large brick houno, with largo lot. Aide, lota uneasy payments. WM. H. SAMPSON * CO., . 144 LaSallc-st., Oils Block, FOR BALE-OR WILL EXOHANOE-A HOUSE and lot fronting on tho Boulevard and Rutlodgo-at., iu Irvine Park; lot &dtlsß; Moll built, and ooutalnaO roomn. Price, 85,000; will exchange It for lots.. HILL 4 BLISS. 91 Dcarbom-ct. 1?OR SALE—SEVERAL CHOICE AORK TRACTS x Ji west of city limits, In town of Cicero: very cheap. GEO. V. BYRD. 155 LnSallo-st.. Room 11. IPORSALIS-M ACRES BEAUTIFUL LAND IN THE X 1 northwest)! of Section 516, 38, 14.' Tills tract has a •frontage of a quarter of a mile on South Oblcago-av., and thosamo on Sovonty-ninth-st. Itllu# between tho two ’rapidly-growing towns of Cornell and South Chicago, and la but a short distance'from Sion)' Island Boulevard, 'Which (• macadamised to beyond this point. TUoP. ft Ft. W. 'and M, 8. It. 11, pass near this land. Terras ot sale voryfavprabln. A good opportunity (or asubdivision; CIIACK A ABELL, 184 Dearborn-st. IpOR SALE—TEN ACRES FRONTING HUMBOLDT ’ Park boulevard, near Palmer-place: will subdlvido. advantagoouslv and pay largo pro 11 la. FRED. L. FAiCFS A, Co., fsj Woshlngton-st. ■ - ... *jjlOß SALIC—3O ACRES FRONTING ON.RIVEK*BT. boulevard, half a ratio woat ol oliy limits, ftl 430,0C0, on very easy terms, if takon this week; tho only place of (iroanu on which the price has not boon raised alnco tho ire. J. ESAiAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Ootmnorco. TPOR SALE-CHOICE PROPERTY IN GLENCOE: X* handsome and complete house, with block of land highly Improved In garden and laws, and having plenty of (cult and ornamental trees; an opportunity seldom of fered; owner will build again to uloncoo. lIOVEY, Room 4 Metropolitan Blook. * ■J7OR SALE - EVANSTON PROPERTY - CHEAP JL3 lots, end also a few of tho boat lota In town. Several bargains In Improved ptoporty. 11, WHIPPLE, !JCO La- l?OU SALE—AT RAVENSWOOD-A DESIRABLE V dwollLng-houso of Brooms, good brick collar,furnsoo, luirdand soft water. Lot 143x153 foot, oninmentod with fnilt and shade troos. Apply to ROIIKUT GREER, 84 LaSalle-st., Room 2. ■ ' CIOR SALE-COTTAGE OF THREE ROOMS, AND X 1 .five aoros improved land; small orchard, low largo forest trees, ono-lialf mile from dunot, at Hobart, on I<x.' Wnjmo Railroad, Vi miles from Obloago. Price. $535 i SlOOcAshr balance 8111 per month. OiUcedsys, Wcanoa anyj Ftlaay, and Monday. Room 9, 153 Monroo, near For sale-i will offer for one week only a splendid chance to eecuro a suburban homo nnooaytonna.. House and lot situated live blocks from Evanston depot; lot 55x150, new house, 8 stories, with finished basement; 3 rooms, with bath-room and laundry, hot and cold water, sewerage and gaa pipes, marble man tels and grate, stoves and plno.ooanaoted, all neatly ar ranged, and ready for use. I’rlee, $&,8U0; 61,000 cash, balance on easy terms, or will riUoooot liberally for cash. J. R. FOWLER. Evanston, HI. . T7OR SALE-FIVE ACRES LAND FOR SI,OOO CASH, X 1 balauco mi tlmo. This Is better than a savings bank. I<ota now colling at mure than double the price asked. * Call and buo tho plat. 11. L. HILL, 104 LaSalle* at., basement. 1?OR SALE—NOW IS THE TIME TO UUV LOTS AT A* South Englewood, cheap, 6yoan** time. If you will build, no money down.’Wopruporo graveling streets, ley* Ing sidewalks, and planting trooa lu front of our property. Come In and see plot at our nlllco. 206 LaSallo-st, OIL PERT, BUMWALT A CALDWELL. TOOR BALE-IRVINQ PARK-3 ACRES ATIRViNO X'. Park, convenient to depot, will ho wild much andor tho ruling prices; a groat bargain. SNYDER 4 LEE. u Nixon's Building, northeast oomorMunroeand LaSullo-ats IROR HALE—CHOICE. SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE Milwaukee Railway, six miles distant, and twenty minutes’ rids. In Olybourn's Addition to Ruvenswood, These lota aru laid nut 60x162 foot on B0 foot streets, and will bo sold upon easy terms, at from S6OO to S7OO por lot. Tho facilities for access to and from tho city—tho doelr* ability of tho land—it being high and thoroughly drained —tho proximity to Arst-aiass Improvements, churches, schools, and society, commend this property as the beet at tho price now In tho market. Comparison challenged! Tho attention of tho Indus* trlmia—tho thrifty—the cautious—U called to those lots as sites tor homesteads or Investments. Call, lor a printed abstract and plot, upon ROBERT QUEER, M Lafeallo-st., Room 2. For halb-o. a n. w. lots between central Park and O. A Ft. Wayne oar shops, a nuu-roaldont owner, will soil very cheap. Also Boulevard lots, and lota near Boulevard. Free ride, oars or carriage. I’illN* KEY A LOMBARD, ICG LaHalfo-et. “ * F" OR SALE—CHOICE LOTS IN EVERY PART OF Englowoed, ohonp. and on nney tonne; 51 dally iiah*' Bonuor trains stop at this beautiful suburb, IIULBURD & CO., 208 Laßallu*»t. TTIOU SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD, CHOICE PROPER X’ ly in the grove adjoining the beautiful grounds of John R&har ut Fitly-nlmh-st., convenient to all tho trains. Prices cannot fail to suit, IIULBURD A CO., tea LaSallo-st. . * F)R SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD. $660 WILL BUY a neat and now cottage and lot. Nothing mnro re quired but u rent el $25 per month until paid for. A raro chance for a man of modorale moans, IIULBURD A CO., floa LaSalle at. Volt BALK—AT RNOLKWOOD, ao ACHES ON i. 1 Halsted*st. i it big ohancu to subdivide; very liberal terms. UULBUUdX CO.jJiOS La-Ballo-st. TJOR SALE—WABAHILAV., EAST FRONT, ALL L 1 grove, 105x160- near Slxty-sucond-st., at Englewood. There Is nothlug liner on tho South Bide fur an luvust* muni ur u residence, Thu maoauainUlng with hrokou stone this fashlonamo Bvouuo from Thlrty-nlnth st. to 1 Kiiglownod 1b creating n Wldu-spread Inquiry for deilrabtu lots. Title aboolutuly perfect. Abstract furnished. Thir* ty mlnutra hr cars lo and from this growing aub* 'urb; M dally pnssciik'or trains. Commutullon, s46per year. IIULBURD A CO., 203 LaSallu-st. X" hOUBALE- WASHINGTON* HKiQUTH-20 AOKUS 1 north of Morgan Park, and 2(1 acres south of Morgan Park; also 1(>0 acres In boo. 6. Ul, Ift, near Allohlgan Con* tral Htliroad. J. D. UAUVEY, Real Lolaluand Loans, 174 LxbaUe-it. 1 SUBURBAN REAX. ESTATE. T?OR BALR-DY THOMAS iAv HILL, , 133 DEAR. ■x' 1 born-at. t Jfaoro.'laore. Chores, 1(1 aorov SOncrotf, 40 acres, BO aorra very near Mouth Ohibago, Tula la tho boat plaoo to Invest at tho prreant. , a norci. .4 aoros, 1A aorna. SO aoroa, <0 neroa, 60 acted, 160 ibmi nonr Northwoaloru Onr flhopa.' • ■ ’ > - lOaorpv.SOaoroa, <0 acres, 80 acre*, ICO acres southwest of tho city. a aoros, S&orofl, 10 aowi, 18 acres noar city llmlta on Bouthßldos'abargaln. . to foot to 1,200 foot on (Iso avanuoi aoulh of city t loan give you n bargain." . 23*110 foot oast front on St»(o*it.. between /Vanßuroo and Jackson, n splendid place for a bnaluoaa bostao. , - IROR SALE—LAWNDALE—B ACRES BETWEEN X l l Lawndale ami Douglas Park boulevard.. HNVDICR A LEE, M Nixon's Building, norlbooat corner Munroo and Laoallo-tta. I'pOß HALE-AT A BAROAIN-IIY. . GOLDEN A 1 lUKBHWATERfI, 63 South Olark-M., Room 16: 40 acres lu See. 11. 88, 10. 40 acroaln 800. lr>, 80, 13. ■ 40 aorca jo See. 86, 3H, 10. lOaocoftlnfloo. 83.-60. IS. loaeroaln Hoe. 17, 88, 14.- i 6 acme In 800. 18, 80, 13. 8 neroa In Soo. I, 89,18. T7IOU BALE-A COTTAGE AND GROUNDS. ALSO, X' nftnobulldlng-lot, 75*1801 Both are In South Kvans ton. on Ohloago-av., lu a good neighborhood,'and within' 2 imnutea’ walk of tbo depot. For tome apply at tbo offloo oftlio Evening Mall, 133 FifthAv. " ■ - : T7IOR BALE—NORWOOD PARK-ACRES, BLOOKfI, X l l or lota at low iitlooa, or will exchange fur olty orooun* .tryproporty. ‘ 8.'15. 'WELLS,; ", Wbß BALK-LOTS AT MAPIKWOOD, dNLY 1 X ll miloa from the Oourt-Honioi oommutatlon faro, 6)4 oontej.largo frontage on llumbomthoulovard, Fullerton, and Wastorn-ava. j sidewalks have been laid,' and trees' But oat over the entire property: arlotlan well auperlarto. any otliorlu this vicinity, flowing at rato of SCO gallons for mhtu to of pure water, omul In every roapoot to that of mkrf Michigan.' ParllOß looking lor home* wonltl do well to visit Maplewood boforo purchasing. Prion of lota from *400to$0«0. ■ WING A VAULIN, ft Eaat/Washlnglon at.j Room 4. - i , , . ■ ■ . . , ~ TT’OR BALE—RESIDENCE PROPERTY, AT SOUTH ! X' 1 Evanston, at low prldea and on long time. Rvanslim • la Oliloago'a.-oldeat, InrgosL and boat suburb, and one property la but fivoaquproa from tbo oontro of Evanston, ' oloso to tbo lake shore. Uousoa built forpiirohnsu ra, or Inana on long tirno made to nsalst thorn In building. An examination of tho property ami tonne tolntllod. JU LIUS WHITE A OO. t 81 Laßallfvst., Room I. . I‘ “iibii SALE—AN EXCELLENT BARGAIN IN ACRE 1 . ■J property anuth of the city la offered by PEOUIIAM Ai HRQ.WN. 4a Reaper Block. . > ... t.~ n • .. 7ROR SALE—HOUSES AND'LOTS AT HINSDALE, X’very ohoap and on tonne to ault. IB AAO L. HINDS. Hinsdale..' . - • - TBOR SALE-80 ACRES IN THE Nv E. HAND 20 JJ r aoros In tho N.W, k 800. 81, T. 88, R. 14. eJNYDBR- A LRK, 14 Nixon Building, northeast:corner Uonroo and) LaSalle;!!#. .. ■ ■ . . ■ , TTIOR SALE—2O ACRES IN W, HN.R. « BEG. 20, T. X 1 23, li. 13. UNVUER i LEK U Kltiin Utilldlnß. , .northeast corner Monroe and LaosUo-ita. '*T7K)R SALK—SEVERAL DRSIRAIILB i. JL I 'fronting on State-ot* Wabash, rftllchig an, Indiana,.. rrairlo, Caluraot,.and South- Parkwm,; each block baa I «,inoro(i, laoolooomber'od, abort titles all tbo avonuoa 1-arolOOft wide, oxoopt South Fark-ar., which U 160 ft* iwidn; land iadtr, and easy of acooae, located lontboMt/* of Englewood and woat-of Cornell. A liberal dUoonnt will bo made for all eaah. ThU property la .for tfaefiwt tlmo offered on tbo market. Call at tbo olHoe of lIENRa. ,J. QOUDRIOU, Real Kata to Urolcor, 12ft Doarborn-st.* Ttof particulars and prtpe of towoa. |OR SALE-BEST LOTS AT NORTH EVANSTON.' t Am building 8 storoi and 10 liousos. Want cnrpon*. masons, and painters. C, L, .TKWKfI, 146 La« > , T7« OR BALE—DREXKL-AV.—S ACRES CORNER OF JL 1 Fifty-sovonth-st. and Draxot-av. SNYDER A LEE, 1-1 Nixon’s Bonding; northeast corner Monroo and La*! fiallo-sts. . THOR SALB-SIOO WILL BUY A BEAUTIFUL LOT* X 1; at Dcsplalaos, ana black from depot; they will double s in Valoo this smnraorj only $lO down and $5 a month until' paid, IRA BROWN, 142 LaSalle-et., Room 4. _>

I tOB BALK-S0 OOTTAOBa AMO MTORY BOUSBS. l at Englewood. on oaay to mu. Apply to TZLIOTSON BROS., 878 and 674 HUto-st. OR HARE—ENGLEWOOD—THIRTY AGEES ON Ualstpd-st.. between Bliiy-soventh and Slxly-nlnlb ata. SNYDER A LEB, 14 Nixon Building, northeast cor-< nor of Moaroo and LaSalle-sts. OR SALE-10 ACRES FRONTING” HUMBOLDT Park boulevard, with frontage on 3 good flrst-elasa orosß atrootß. - Only $8,006 per acre; will retail for SIOO BUSINESS CHANCES. A RARE CHANCE FOR A GOOD BUSINESS MAN to control a manufactured article that is an actual, necessity In orory bouse In the Union; a eomnlote mon opoly to a party who can furnish from SB,OOO to $5,000’ easb, or real estate security. 1 will give a ohanco to mako I from $6,000 to slo,oooperaawnm, o&U to-day at Room, 4,116 Doarbom-st. An active business man wanted with: _ SI,OOO oaah, to Join a gentleman with oqual amount, and aet aa Treasurer to tako ebargo of the flnanotal allalra.. for tho manufacture of a Httlo patent article that costa 8 i eentß and aeus for GO qenta. A Bare fortune; failure. Ira pnaalblo. .Ordoraon baud for 60 gross, amounting to l ' SB,IOO, which cannot bo tUIod fee want of above capital, I Bond 60.cants forsample. oroaUand Investigate atMand. 1 pi Room 68, Chicago, HI. . ! A PROMINENT RETAIL FAMILY I grocery for sale, doing a largo and proHtablo bail-; nos* which can bo greatly Inoroaaod by a Bro, onorgetio, 1 pushing man, who can giro hla entire attootlon to the i business. Too owners have othor business to attend to, | Which Is thok TOMon for roHjag. For particulars call on. adrtroas BURTON, PIEROEA CO., wholesale grocers,! 64 Mlchlgaa-av. . . A HOTJtt, OnNTRALLY LOCATED. WKLL FUn-l nlshod, andMolng a good business, for sale; this U & good chaooo. LEVI WING A CO. 93 Doatbom-at. ApBOOfcKRV. TIN, AND WOODENWAHK STORK; for sale. Reason for soiling, owner going to Europe.. Apply at 71 Blue Islaod-av. • A MEAT MARKET, WITH A GOOD BUSINESS,/ for sale cheap; No. 40 West Adams-st. • . A TOBAOOO ROUTE FOR BALE, WITH HORSE, v Ux. wagon, harness, and Jart. Inquire for 10 days at 10lv» East Adams-st. : A LODGING HOUSE IN SAN FRANCISCO FOR* sale. A fino central location. containing 140 room*.' wltha woll-oatabllihud business. For farther Information' and particular* address O. O. MOXLBY, Roal-Estato. 1 No. 238Montgomsry-et.. fiaoFranclsoe, Qal. A. crockery and glassware store for.’ gale. Good location. No opposition, ■ 2*Q West; . BARGAIN-TUB EATING-HOUSE AT GRAND! Rapids Is for solo. Inquire ou tho premise* orPost- Otfleo Box 1203, Grand Bapldi, tlloh.- 1 IHNE AND COMPLETE STOCK o'? M3LLINERYS’ and fancy goods, with tho looao.and skoro fixtures, , will bo sold at very liberal terms; only forosowook. In-i quire of Mr. COLE A SON. 168 West Madlsotr-at. ] TJUTOHEU SHOP IXIR SALE CHEAP. NO. 481 IN. SJ dlana-st. ♦, everything now, cheap rent: going to the. country. • CARRIAGE SHOP FOR SALIC—TWO FORGES, ' two benches, stock, too!#, and loaio of shop, 44 El-- dridgo-oourt. One of the best stands la the city to do a •nice carriage business. All in complete running order. Apply onpremises. "■ . • DRY GOODS AND NOTION STORE FOR SALE; - doing a profitable business: about $5,000 cash re quired. Address QIOO, Tribune office. Drug stork for sals at a bargain? well located; doing a good business. Inquire at 819 Wa> basb-av., up stair*, between 1 and 8 p. in. TIT BAT MARKET.FOR SALB.Wmi FIXTURES. . IVX Inquire at 81 West Madison-st. ■DABE OIIANOE-STYUSn BAKEItF AND BUS- Av taurnnt for Bale, In centra of business, complete run ning order, with 10 rooms op stairs .which can lie tilled with lodgers or boarder* every nights very cheap. u» owner cannot attend to the LoalnasJ. J. R. KIMBALL. ISO Doarbom-et. . • , SALOON AND BQARniNQ.noiTRhi FOTt RaT.T{ cheap. Apply at 48 East Klarlo-»t. . STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS .7 run of stone, hew engine of. ample powerdn good or aor; la In a town of 9,000 people; good local trodo; ship ping facilities, two, Eastern railroads and Mississippi Terms easy. ' Address or call on F. L. UNDER i WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. • . SALOON AND BOARDING HOUSE FOR SALK. l»-W^Ihuuootffco W ” nt ’ antiß ye**®’ lease. .Address STEAM SAW MILL FOR SALE. CHEAP, AND upon time. An undivided ha If interest in one of tho yon'post timber limits in Canada, containing upwards of 60,000 acres of pine and other valuable timber. There Ima boon orooted aud how in full operation, * steam saw-mill. This property Is situated near the Sault-Salat ilarlo, aud on a first-class harbor. For full particulars apply for a - 609 Shoraum House. THOMAS TO BE DISPOSED OF IMMEDIATELY. A FlßST class boarding honse and sample room, three stories and basement, barn, do. : on one of the principal thor oughfares on the West Side. Rent small. Basement and barns sub-rented. House full of llrst-elass boarders. Satisfactory reason tor selling. For particulars address Y 84, Tribune office. . mo RENT-STORE; STOCK AND FIXTURES FOB X. sale cheap. For particulars call at 863 Wabaah-av. mO CAPITALISTS,'• FARMERS, AND FARMERS* X Clubs. To those Booking a manufacturing business, who have capital for investment, or to farmon or grazers who desire to engage la s manufacturing business, pro ducing an article In use by farmers, I can offer rare In ducements, giving a sura investment, and tho menus do maodod by the farmers for producing an Indispensable fanning Implement at nearly oost. W. F. BREWSTER, IMLaSallo-st. 10 RENT—A BARBER SHOP CORNER TWENTY firat-at. and Blue Taland-av. C?«nn WILL BUY A LONG ESTABLISHED DUSI •POw” db»b paying SI,BOO » year, no ozporlenoo oooos. ■ary, suitable for a lady or gonUomsn s good reasons given for palling. Address Z (3, Tribune place. C>l OAA WILL BUY A TEA,COFFEE, AND sploo store (with fixtures) doing a good business, in ilio boat location In tbs city. Terms, part cash, balance on time. None but thoco moaning bual nnsa nood apply. Good reason for eolUng out. Addroes AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED—AGENTS ARB MAKING $lO /V, U>A|yaday, with my neodin book, machine noodle, button h»lo cutter, etc., etc. Particulars froo. 0. M. I.ININQ.TON, 117 East MadUon-st. _____ A OKNTS WANTKb—TO CANVASS FOR FAMILY Bibles. " Life of Christ and Virgin,” *• History of Ireland,” Ao. • good Inducements to the right men; no ICUUJ!f 4 uoiv '- Agents wanted-a7,000 problems (more or lees) In laterest, computed for four distinct business norlodaof timi, in ono minute, at any rate par coot. Now arithmetic! alphabet. The Leaver. Absolute right method of tlndiig cube ana stiuaro roott alto an unllmlt odnumborof ways; tho moat remarkable discoveries of tho NiuutooutU ctuturv; book oontaina luß rusoa. Price, ft. Address J. A HENDERSON, A. M„ Author, Hau Iran cisco, Cal., fox No. 85, A GENTS WANTJD—TO CANVASS IN THE CITY •H- for au article niodod In ovury heusu; man with soma A GENTS WANTED—S2O SILVER WATCH TO aox having sold BUO worth of our goods that sell readily to ovary faially at a profit of $0 to «H a day. Os small capital, Send for papers. MERRILL A CO., 25 West Lake-at. A GENTS WANTKD_fo» THE '.'STRUGGLES OP. A Potrolotfßj V. Naiby.” Illustrated by Nost; 720 pages; S3.U). Thu Western Subscription Agouoy, Ohl page. , A GKNTfI WANTED-TEA AGENTS, LADIES OR wiffivniAKiiiaa 1 . Agents wanted-everybody should call ■ n d»oo Mu. Joifroy's Compartment KoUle, India* ponsaldoto every American bnnrohold, and sons on sight.; jY. A. IIARIAJW A CO,, Western Agents, 233hnd|3u West Late-st., ournor Peoria. *- ■ • • AQENI 8 WANTED-100 AGENTS WANTED FOR the Jubilee. All who would mako money should call at once. J W. GOODSPEED, Lakssldo Building, id Uoor, ciyaw OUrk and Adaus-iti. TO BENT—HOUSES. rrio HBNIN-A. HANDSOME-S-STOIIY AND DASR i J.l mont marble-front limine, with all modern improve ni6nta; elegantly furnished nnd lit Oomplolo ardor. Ap ply on llio premise*, llP9Prnlrlo-rtv.' riio HUNT— A FIRSViOTiASH RESIDENCE, FUR XI iilnhed, ot Highland ‘ I’ilrk, with barn, pleasant grounds, do. Apply nißnom ifiiTrihima Building. . TO 1 *t., callage, 9 room*! secure It nl ouco; handy to business, J,«. GOULD, lll» Dearborn-st. toi/nit, gi.oaitTs, 1 X 1 .pantry, wator, sink. No. 4uo Wust oumur of AslilftiiJ-ttv, st! 6. Qn promises. N. li. QUAY. rIUCNT— HOUSES—TWO-STORY FRAME, HOOD repair; pleasant neighborhood, Nrtjt, 81. 20, 28, on THlrty-soTonlh-fll., botwmm Lnko am! Elllß-nva. 5 ront Tory reasonable. H. E. WELLS, 188 Dcarborn-st. ritO RENT COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT WIN- Xuolka furnlihod j largo house mid ground*, fruit, ota.; rent, tfloopormonlh for tbo aummor. Inquire of L>. A. 1’ ILKINH, WlnnotUa. rpOlilsNT-6UWAirAaiI*AV.,PUIINrBHUDIiqyBIS Xi will) tnodom Improvements. Apply at 171 East maul, ion-si,, Room 17, ■ • rpo RUNT—WEST ADAMS-BT., NEAR LEAVITT. x 9*BU>ry house in complete ardor. KEELER, PLATT A Op., lil lUmlolph-at., over Fidelity . TO RUNT—DR. M. W. SHERWOOD’S RESIDENCE X -N0.143 South Wood-«t., partly furnlabod if doalrod. Inqulrooo tho promises or ol SNYDER A LEE, No. 14 Ntoog Bulldlug. TO RENT-ELEGANT HOUSES ON MICHIGAN, . Prairie, andWnhagh-ats., and Twenty-eighth.*!., nonr Wabnsh-av,, for SM. S. MEAItS, owner, 200 La- Salld-Bt. ' • * O RENT—WABABH-AV.—HOUSE AND LOT, NO. 461 Wahaati-av., north of Eldridgo-court: lot•10x170 foot, with wood barn; Immediate possession. 0. ÜBAIAB WAuHEN, 18 Ohambur of Commerdo. TO RENT—2-STORY DWELLING, B NORTH ADA sU, seven rooms, gas, and water. OMAR HUSH ,NELL, laiPßarbota-at., Rooms 11 nnd 12. mo UKNT-FURNISHBD HOUSE, FOR THE SUM- X mcr months..low ronl to a family without children. Call at 468 West Van Buron-st. RENT—A HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS AND STONE cellar, wltlrliot and cold water, furnace, range bath room, Ao., at Maywood, three tninnloa* walk from-tho depot,- a month, M. T. HOTCHKISS, Room 17, ,Lakbsldo Building.- TO RENT—76O MldlllQAN-AV., 8-STORY HOUSE of U rooms. In good repair. Favorable tonne to a good tenant. R. O. GARRABRANT, Woodruff Hotel. TO RENT-CHEAP—INDIANA-AV., NEAR BlX toonth-st., 10-room brick bouse; also, houses on Gain met-av., corner Twonty-nluth-st. STORES AWARE, ' &l Washlngton-at. rpO COTTAGE, WITH BARN, SIX X roomß, oloaots, water, Ao., West Side. C. W. DEAN, *l3BSouth DJark-st.. Room 10. TO RBNT-UOOSK, 7 BOOMS. ON WKSTHRN-AV., nnar Adam«.«t;, SBO.- Apply at 163 East Washington. at,,. Rooms 18 ami 13. TO KBNT-OR SALE—666 AND 668 WEST MONROE ■It.,, now stonO front dwuUioga, with modem improvements. Also. 114; 11 rooms, brick ‘ buomoot, bath-room, nntl good barn. C&’J West Moaroo st., 0 rooms. 76 i’aultoa. 7 rooms. For terms, call at 618 Monroost. TO BENT-DWELLING 476 WEST VAN BURBN. St. Boat. 860 j>sr month. Apply at 168 CIIAB. W, STEVENS. ■ mO RENT—HOUSE 651 WEST LAKK-ST., CORNER ’ X Pago.- Kitchen. atovo and osrpots, to valuo about SIOO for sale. . Inquire at house. mO RENT—A WELL FURNISHED HOUSE ON • X Wsbash-av.: for'.tho lummcr. OANFIELD £ MAT* TESOIf, COLaSaUo at. ■ TO RENT-A GOOD HOUSE OFTEN ROOMBFOU S6O per month; 645 FulUm-st. Call at 88(1 West Wash- Ingtoa-st:.. . j 1 - TO RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTII av. and Adnma-st.,- containing 65 rooms, including bath-room, water clobolb, .laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on tho promises. TO RENT—ROOMS. niO RENT-SUITE FIRST-CLASS FURNISHED X ' rooms, by tho day or wook. 161 Woit iladlaon-st. Inquire third floor. ■ ' 110 RENT-822 SBDQWIOK-ST.. FIRST FLOOR, containing Q rooms and closets salao 4 rooms In boso moot. Inquire In the roar or at 171 Randolpb-at. / mO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED AND X unfurnished rooms, without board, either siuglo or on suite, at No, 18 Eldrldgo-conrt. ?0 RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS BY THE 'day, wook, or month at 161 and 160 Eoat Woshington luqulro at Room 44. mO RENT-ELEOANTLY.FURNIBHED ROOMS X for tho Jubilee week. EM Wab&sh-av. mO RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR X unfurnished, Ashland Block, opposite Sherman House. Inquire at Room 81. Blovator in tho building. mo RENT-ROOMS FURNISHED, AND ONE WITH X alcovo. unfurnished, at 641 Wabash-av. Apply to ENOS TURNER, 66 East Madlson-at. O RENT-PLEASANT SLEEPING ROOMS; BATH room attached, at 208 South Deeplalnea-st., at $9, $lO, 816. . i. ; ; TO RBNT-A SUITE OF TWO WELL FURNISjIKD - front rooms, with closet. 69 Twonty-socond-st., Boar Pralrlo-av. . TO RENT-TO 3 OR 8 YOUNG MEN, A NICE 81T tlog-room and bed-room at 870 Twonty-ssoond-st. mo RENT-FIRST FLOOR, 5 ROOMS, BATH, GAS, X- watori and barn. 601 South Halatod-st. TO RBNT-A FURNISHED ROOM IN PRIVATE family, sl3. 854 West Adams-st. mO RENT-FOUR ROOMS WITH WATER AND X- olosote, good locality. Apply at 523 Ml tcboU-st. TO RENT—BY A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOUT board, pleasant front aleovo room, containing all Im provements, famished or unfurnished. Apply at S3 Six ioontb-st. To hunt — NiarxY FDRNiaur.n ou unfur nlshed sleeping rooms, at 146 Fast Madison-at. Call at Boom 23. TO RENT-NIOBLY FURNISHED BOOM, SUIT ’ oblo for two gentlemen. Also, alngle room. Brick bongo, with modern conveniences. 411 West Madlaon-st. T~ O RENT-LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS IN TUB hoalhiogt part of the city, for alrnnonrs, by the week. Also rooms for light housekeeping. 679 >Voat Madison-st. TO 'RUNT—HOUSE NO. WKST MADIBON-RT., Immediately opposite of, and looking op the whole length of Loomlmt. (3 miles), having boon thoroughly rejuvenated, handsomely and newly furnished through out; the rooms now ready lot rental; the suite of parlors aro a* pleasant a* any in tbo olty; modem coavouloncos. rpO RENT- FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms, ,la private family, with nso of bath, at WO Fulton-st. I~'lO RENT-SEVERAL SUITES OF BOOMS, CRN . trolly located, suitablefor families without children: rent S2O to $25. E. F. ADAMS 4 00., Madison and Btate-sts. . fpo RENT-SIX PLEASANT ROOMS. PANTRY, X and olosota, with water, just oalolmlncu, cheap to a email family. 183 Sooth Wood-at. • f|lo RENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS, X with or without board,. at £63 and £OS West Madt aon-at. TO RENT—IF YOU WANT COMFORT AND ELK ganco go and Boouro a room at tho St, Elmo, 86 and 87 Doarbom-at. Charge* reasonable. TO REMT--S TORES. OFFICES. &o. TO RENT—A SPLENDID OPENING FOB A HOTEL —the four-story and basement atono-frant building, altuated on the comer of North WoUt and Mlchlcau-ste., 80 foot front on Wolls-st. and 106 foot on 511ohigan-et. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER. No. 66 North Wolls-st. mO RENT-STORE, NO. 43 SOUTH WATKR-BT.. X near Wobash-av.. sultehlo for any busiucs, byO. A A. PRICE, Boom 1, No. 67 Washlngton-sU rpO RENT—TURKU FLOORS, HALF OF FIRST X floor, and Qltico-room; good storage for flour or wool. B. BEACH A CO., HSliaat Kinzle-et. aiO RENT-FINE OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM, FIRST floor,corner bulldlog. Apply to E. E. RYAN 4 CO.» 810 idSaile-Ht. fpO RENT-BASEMENT OF NO. 168 RANDOLPH- X ■!., uudora first-class rostanrant: doslrablo place for bath-rooms and barber shop; possession at unco. Also, Jwo 3-story and basement houses. W. J. DAVIS, Ho ladlson-st. mo RENT—WELL-LIGHTED OFFICES AND LARGE X lofts on Stato-nt.,opposite tho Palmer House, cheap. XI. GROSSMAN. Room 13. ITBState-st. mO RENT—FOR FLOUR AND FKKD, LIME. OE- X raont or other trados, a frame building, 60 foot. Iron*, on Markot-et., near Randolph. Apply to J. L, HATH AWAY, comer Market and iiandolph-ets. TO RENT—PART OF A STORE. APPLY TO Bi ALEXAND_KK I 2O3 South Olark-at. T~ O~ RENT—FIRST AND SECOND STORIES AND basement of 68 and 79 South Canal-st. t also, third story 6 and 7 West Maillson-st,, both desirable. Inquire of J. M. W. JONES, 104 and IM Madlsoo-at. mO RENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL X —the four-story and boSemnnt stone-front building, situated on tho corner of North Weils and M lohigan-sta., DO foot front on Wolls-sts.. and 100 foot on Mlohlgan-st. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER. No. 66 North Wulla-st. TO RENT-ONLY «45-VERY NICE STORE AND 4 living-rooms. llalatod*st., near Jackson. TRUES* DELL S BROWN, 175 Weal Madiaon-st. TO RENT-LARGE BASEMENT OFFICE, WITH vuultnmlJcounU'rn, complete, suitable for a banking or'commission house. Possession immediately. Apply on tho promise* 103 Bast Washliigtoa-st. W. R. PAT TEUTON. Agent 0.. P. A V. It. It. WANTED—TO KENT. WANTED-TO RENT-A NEAT COTTAGE OR Yr small bouse containing about 7or 3 rooms, with yard-room, on South Side, east of Stato-st., and north of Twontynlnth-st.; will take lease for one year. Address, price, Bo* 131, Builders’ ICxouango, 183 La- •UTANTED-TO RKNT-BY AN EXPERIENCED Vl-. hotel man. a furnished hotel in any good locality out of the city. Address AO. carol*. O. Carrier 61. TAT'ANTED—TO RENT-THREE GENTLEMEN DB- Vr airo to rent two or three furnished rooms in brick building, in thn neighborhood or ucor Lincoln Park. Ad* drosa Y 88, Trlbuno otfloe. ■UTANTED-TO urnt-on north side, near TT Olark-st., stable that will accommodate Mop mnro horses.. Any party having a building suitable for tlio Imrpoao 1 will lease thoaamofnr a term of yoara. Address, taung location and tonns, N 11, Tribune otßco. TVTANTED-TO RENT-A DESIRABLE COTTAGE tv of oor 8 rooms, la good location, on Wait Side, fur nlebod or unfurnished, Address HAVENS & CO., C 3 South Oanul-st. CLAIRVOYANTS. CHICAGO SPIRIT ROOMS AND MAGNETIC HEAL* ing Institute, 217 West Macllson-at. Throe Billing*, 9a. m. to 3 p. m., with tho most wonderful aud reliable Jmslnesa clairvoyant and toat-mudiums of the ago; toll of pualnasi, absent friends, loatoratolen property. •IVR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, BUSl .XSiieisandinudloal mediums, lUftWost Madlson-st. HISS JENNIE sYIALLENBIRO’SU, TEST AnD business medium i private sitting ovary day and evening, 116 Halstod-st. • . TUT ADAM IDBLL, THE OELUURATEI) FEMALE Jvx pliyaiulsu and clairvoyant, has no equal In her pro fession la telling the past, present, and future. Call ami bo convinced or hor wonderful power at hor rooms, ltd Wost Madlaon-st., Rooms 3 and 0, from 0 a. m. to 8 p. m. ADAME PARII27THR~WONbEUFU'IT^~iySv7*IS ivl. a. m. toB n. iu. (Hundoya oiooutsJ). Ladles only, I'QeMcouU. flu! Wost Madlsgq-at., Room IS, upper floor. HRS. T. JV LEWIS. RELIABLE CLAIRVOYANT; BuainoHs and Medical Medium, 60 West MadUon-it, PUBLIC SEANCE, 708 WEST - MONROE-ST,"; X spirits described, to»v- given, sealed letters answered, every otoulug. * • WANTED--MALE HELP. ■ BooTclcoopovfl. Glftplts* Eto. TXfANTHD —OI'FICm nOYj ONE 'WHO WRITES >V well anil roshlns with Ills parents. AldonFrnll Pro* ior>lng Coinpanyj.4li MlublKun«av t •, , • . ■ VxrXNTED-SALEHMAN TO HULL ON OOMMIS nirANTiib-A competent "bookkeeper; onk Vt who understands bis business, and la willing to work fnr » moderate salary. AUdroas with references (J 08, Tilbmio oflloo. .... .. ■\\fANTlVb-TO EMPLOYA THOROUGHLY COM- W potent business tnnii andoorrospoildonttmiddlo-Aged limn preferred;MllM ll.iroa thorough l knowledge of business. bo quick find ncat-kt corresponding, andcapn. bio of filling a responsible altuatlon, with charge of tnon obimtorilcu. Address, stating exporlonoo and full par ticulars, D'.lß, Tribuuo oftlco. . ‘ Trades. TXTANTED - PAINTERS ~ AND OALOIMINERS ; Vr also n good foreman pAlhtor who knows bovr to mix colors. Apply 2Sfi West Madlaon-at. YUANTKD-A GOOD OAUIirAOB DtAOKBMITII, TT for repairing; also a good-wheel maker. • UAYOifi AO’BRIEN, TUlstate-str ~ .... WANTKD-A GOODLASTEU FOR WOMEN'S AND nion’a alippora 1 constant employment,' at tU3 South Oanal-st. - • » TXrANTKD— B - GOOD TAILORS," ONE ON. GOOD. t T conta, four for pants and vests, at MO Stato-st, ,D. SAMUEL. • '. * ■ T\f ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE-TRIM- T T morgood wages and steady work. 'Addma BOOTH.' AMOUOBKKR. SprlngHold, 111.. WANTED - MASONS, CARPENTERS, SHOE* makers, whltowaahon, notion doalora, 1 tinners,' druggists, turhituro dealers, and all other moohanlci, to rent stores and rooms obuup and-start bualnoaa.; B. MicAUs. saiutSaiio-at; : * . . * ‘ * WANTED— TWO GOOD BARBERS ATBS6.WBST Lake st. J.W. CRAM. WANTED-A GORDON PRESS-FEEDER., DALY., VV OQULBS A CO.,,im \Vaahington-Bt.' . - • • *' TWANTED-iBARDKR TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE TT from Cblongu. No Suuday work, and liberal wages paid. Call for particulars at Roso’a bather-shop, Sonth Water-st., opposite depot. x 1 ■ • WANTED-A GOOD PHOTOGRAPH . PRINTER. Addross AIKIW A HUIiL. Etapatoil. Ill; - 1 WANTBD-TWO FURNITURE , FINISHERS -OR pollsbors. Applyatjawobystore, MWcsiMndlsou. WANTED - A . FIRST-CLASS “ORNAMENTAL painter, must bo sober and Industrious; aleo two ox* £erionood coro boys for brass work; none other need apply, ahoook Manufacturing Co., Ba, ,831 South Dosplainos. WANTED-TWO CARPENTERS AT ONCE. AP- W ply to JOHN 81. ST. JOHN, 8J Douglas-placo. WANTED— AT ONCE, TWO FIRST-CLASS WlßE workers, aud ono roan topntupwiudow-aoreon*. Apply to JOHN aiATTHKWS. l«BState-st; , TITANTED—I CARPENTERS; WISH TO BOARD YY them; Rood wages to good men; no others need call. Call in basement on northeast comer of Madison-and Jotferson-sta., from 7 to 8 a. m. TWANTICD—JOURNEYMAN BARBER. 01 EAST YY Harrleoii-at. . .. j TATANTD—GOOD STICK CANDY MAN AND HELP tI * or. LEVI J; OULU URN, Confectioner. 128 NoUh May-gt. ~ ' * WANTED-TO BUY SECOND-HAND SHELVINQ and oountor lor grocery atoro. Address QlO. Trib une ollico. WTANTBD-ONK ENGINEER TO RUN STATION YY ary engines also ton cabinetmakers. .SWINEY BROS:, 607 jClmlo-at. ... WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED FINISHER ON cabinet work. Apply to tho Empire Parlor Bod-' 1 ■toad Co., 033 WoatMftduoa-it.i ■ ■ , > • Coaohmon. Toiunsxers. &o, WANTED— A' FUIST-OLABB OSTLER AT BAS bUIT'S Boarding-Stables, 10 ami 01 Uarmon-ooutb: come early. • • • •; J ,; . Employment AroUolos* TTTANTKD-6 BOARDING-BOSSES. 200 RAILROAD YY labnremt. for Wisconsin i6O farm and aawmlll labor ers. 31 West • ; " • WAKTUD-SOO RAILROAD MBkl, » QUARRY V Y ' : men, and 12 teams; free faro r must leave to-night. 59 Waitßandolph-st.; Boomß.' • ■ WANTED TRACKLAYERS AND SAWMILL bands for Indiana and Michigan: free faro. - Apply at 259 East Randolph-st., Lind Block. O. V. SNELL, Agent. . : - . ~ .;■ . .■ WANTED-600 LABORERS TO WORK ON RAIL YY roads, farm#/ sawmills, Uo-ohoppors, etc., at good wages and steady employment. Apply to OHUISTIAN A BINO. No. 1 South Olark-st. ... j. ■ t- .. . WANTED - WOOD - CHOPPERS, SAWMILL YY bands, and railroad laborers. Steady work: free fare. Apply atW West Randolph-st.* Room 3. SNELL AHPEERUAUK. . WANTED— 800 MEN FOR RAILROAD WORK, only 40 miles from Chicago: wages $1.75 per day lor Bhoora’work. Gall at 218 North Deeplames-st., In baa©, mpnt. D. 0. KLINO, Contractor. r . X\TANTKD— 16 SAW-MILL-HANDS: HIGH WAGES s ‘YY steady work; Iroo faro; call oorlypleave at noon. 69 Wcafllanaolph-st., Room a. WANTED— COMMERCIAL TRAVELERS, SALES men and agents; 1' man for printing office with cap ital; 1 for boarding homo* and 1 for an office; 170 Stato tt., Room 12. . \ • • • Miscellaneous* TXT ANTED—TWO GOOD MEN CAN FIND STEADY YY onJplojmoot by applying at 296 South Olark-st.; no capital, but rofcrencoa required. ■ ■ ,- Wantkd-men-bigqest chance EVER OF- V Y fared to mako money; A farmer cleared-$62 lost week. Onoyoungmanniados27lnthrooda>’s,'abovo all expenses. If yon want to make money, don't fall to call atwEnstMadUon.Bt., Itoomg. . \ WANTED—CANVASSERS FOR OUR GLASS-OUT YY ton, bnlton-holo cutters, oto. Now-boglnnora clear $3 per day. A. 51. RICHARDSON, WANTED— INTELLIGENT MEN, OF GOOD AD drew, to take orders for something now; ioUs at light: will pay * liberal salary (o competent parsons. OOTtfWALSAMoDONOUOH, 207 South Clark-st. • \\TANTED—SEVEUAL LADIES FOR THE CITY, if and all parts of the country, to soil a toilet article and rubber goods for ladies; those engaged are doing ttilondldly. Mrs. PALMER, Room 8, 26 WqstLako-st, ” IVANTED-TiIREK GOOD FARM HANDS. PER. >t monontly. Nono but regular femora need apply. Call between it and 12 to-day. POPE A DAVIS, Room 8, 210 WashlngtoH-at. WANTED-A few more men, to sell non if explosive for korosono oil. Takes well everywhere. PUD to ffilu a week made by Industrious men. A. RAF. Room 6, 85 jVeat Lako-st. i ■■ • ■ T WANTED—2O RAIT7rOAD LABORERS AND SAW f t mill bands at 46 West . WANTED-MEN OUT OP EMPLOYMENT TO CALL on JUNES <t 0(J.,-7l South Canal-st. S3O to 810 a week suro tnonoy. • • . *V\T ANTED—ONE FIRST-CLASS WHITE WAITER vy at HUTCHINSON'S, corner Wabash-ar. and Twonty-aooond-st. ■ ■ ■ TITANTBD—TWO GOOD MEN TO BELL TEAS. AP- Tr plyatContralToaCo., 69SoothOanal-at. ■ • WANTEU-ERRAND AND CASH BOYS AT D. VV WEBSTER A CO.. 270 and 873 Wabash-av. ANTED—A STRONG BOY, 13 OR 17 YEARS OP age. at'tho American Steam Laundry, 129 West MadtHop-gt. , . , \ITANTED—A WAITER (MALE) TO HELP DUB f i lag dinner hours, at 134 Doarboro-et. WANTED—BOY, AT 80 BAST EHIE-BT., TO ff work inn saloon. 14years old. ■ ' . WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Dozacotios. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL f f housework, or two, one for cook and ono for second ■ work; Swede, Gonnan or Norwegian preferred; best of wages paid, at, between Indiana and Pralrio.ave, WANTED - GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN girl fur private families and hotels at 60 Milwaukee. tr. ; no fees. - WANTED-2 GIRLS, IFOR IRONING, WASHING, f f and cooking and 1 for general hoasowork. Inquire 2U Oalumot-ay. TiVf ANTED—A GIRL TO COOK. WASH, AND IRON f f In a private family; 63 South Carpaator-st. W/"ANTKD—A SWEDE, DANE. OR NORWEGIAN if girl, to do gonoral housework. Apply at No. 70 Twon ty-Uurd-at,., comer Frairlo-av. • ' ' WANTED-A GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK AT 1063 Wahash-av. ■OTANTED—A SMART. ACTIVE GIRL TO DO GEN. it oral homework for a small family; Rrolcitanla only pood apply. idOoilcgoGrovo-av,, uoarTwnty-sooond. "WfANTED—A GOOD COMPETENT GIRL FOR if general homework In a family of throo; best of wages paid. Apply at 831 Wabash-av., from 10 a. in, to I p. m. ■ •MTANTED-A GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN GIRL VV to dogonoral uousowurkfora family of 8 persons. Apply 1262 Indlana-ay. WANTED-GOOD GIRL FOR LAUNDRY AND ff kltohou work; enmo ready for work. Apply at Ht. Jsinci Dining Rooms, corner Washington anti niato-als. •\\tantrd-a girl to cook, wash, and ironT Vr Also, ono for second. work. Apply at 589 West Adsma-st. VITANTKD - GIRL TO DO GENERAL ROUSH VV work, cooking, and washing In private family. IMO Pralrio-av. • WANTED —A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL homework at 409 Woat Washlngton-st. Good refer ence required. TXT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK IN it -private family, at7o Woat Adams-st. WANTED —A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND VV Ironor; good wngos; must bo ouiopstout. Apply at No. lOH) .Mlomgau-uv. ' ■ WANTED-A GIRL (WITH REFERENCE) FOR Vr general housework In small family, Gorman, Dane, Swedo, or Norwoglau preferred. 817 Wahtwh-av. . WANTBD-IfOUII DININU-KOOU OIIU-S, AT ini if Monroe-st. WANTED-A SWEDE OR NORWEGIAN GIRL TO Vr do general housework in a email family. Gall at 163 Cslumut-av. WANTUD-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. In a email private family. Apply fur two days, 1 lifer ludlana-av. A SECOND GIRL AT 1176 WABASH- T\JANTKD-A SECOND GIRL IN A PRIVATE Vf family; references required. . Apply at K9B Michigan* WANTED-A GERMAN- OR SCANDINAVIAN girl of 14 to 18 years of ogo, to assist with tho ohlb dron and housework. In a wualnatnlly. OalUst floor, 16 Groiit-st., ooarClark-at. and North-av. •- WANTED— AT"896 WABASH. AV., A OERMArTOR Norwegian girl to do second work nud sowing. WANTED— AT THE GAULT HOUSE. SIX GOOD pnntrygirls. 11. McRINNIB. antou-a a mi, ran dHNKRAi.iiousKWpRK. must uo a good laundrossi will nay uood waxes to thojriglit ono. Call at 77U WostAdama-at. • WANTED— A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT GIRL . fjir gi'nornl housework In a family of 4: good pages: no children, Cull at 799 West Wpnhi.hgloh>Bt. family fhiu summer. Must ho llral-olsss, with bwt Of rofyroy.jji. Apply at W Indians-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL WANTED— TWO OOQD HARTENUEIIB. APPLY. at JOSEPH OAIULL'S, lU7 Wot RamlPlpltrsL : •. WANTED - TWO GOOD SORUU" UIIILB, •AT* liUUKK'B European Hotel. WANTED-A GOOD COOK; GOOD WAGES PAID; no waihlug, Apply at No, 107 North WoUs-it, WANTED—FEMALE HELP. -■ Dotnostioo—iContinnod, TX7<ANTEI>-IMMBDIATKLY, -ONB GOOD. OfjlL Tt that understands washing and Ironing aa woll as kllohen ■' { WANTED -A GOOD OIIW. FOR GENERAL iiouiowork In amall family,' Good wages, Apply at Jttl South Linooln-st. * ' \V ANTEbI4 GIRLS FOR KITCHEN WORK AT 81 ;TT South Clark-at.; highest wages paid. WANTED -COMPETENT DINING-ROOM GIRL, . worK thla fuornlog,-ot eoOStato-afc. Oomo prepared to'- WANTED-A GERMAN. BWEDE, OH NORWIS - glanglrltodo housework. Call at 86 Walaut-il., between Asnlnnd-av. and FauUna-st.. . . - c **> SoanuitrAnae*. r - - WANTED-FOUR GOOD NEW HHIRT mONERS,'. .! L. Jd Orlon <al B loom. Laundry, 420 Wo»t RandolpH'M. T\T ANTED-FIVE GOOD B*E A3? 9 TTiRRhTc H, FOR lTc«irtl?™v Mmillt D,r ' ■ App ,r 10 P ' FITZGERALD, 100 j/.. *- Thirty, thlrd-s t.,. a aoamatrou; who understands HngoPeaewlngmachine.- ■ -■ - - - . • TAT ANTED—M DRESSMAKERS'TO GO TO WORK VV at onco. HOTOHKIN, PALMER * 00., 137 and 189 Stntc-st. TXT ANTED-8 EXPERIENCED BONN F.T M A KERB 1 «r three tint-class olty trimmers, to whom tbo highest salaries will bo paid. D. WEBSTER A 00., 270 Wabash ftT, Unt'sos. TIT*ANTED—WET-NURSE. APPLY AT SCO OALU TT mot-av. First-class wages, TATANTEb-AN EXPERIENCED NURSE GIRL TO TT- take care of an JnMntehlhl," nt Indiana ar. t rofonmeoa required. Tho -girt who called- lost week, drosood In black, will plcaaocall again. • WANTKD-A WET-NURSE.' APPI.Y AT DR. R. N. •FOSTER’S, <Bl Wcat-Madlaomat.- Ldnntlroßsoß. TXT A NTR D—THIS _ DAY-.', AT- • THE IMPERIAL ;TT bmndry,&2BWMhtngton-st,B llrnt-olass ladles’ olotbei irouurs, 1 good starohor, and 6 A No. I shirt Ironera... AXTANTED-A GOOD GIRL AS -LAUNDRESS. AP |T T ply at 282 Mlohlgan-ay. • I Employment Agenolos, - "IXTANTED—TfIIUtfI LAUNDRY. GIRLS..(ONB AS iTT sUtant In pastry, to go few hours’ rldo In tbo conn* try, twr. Waba»h-av.V Mrs. R ALKAM’ft ofllco“ • 1 SITUATIONS WANTED—MAXJi* Boolikoorors,' Clorlisi 'See, SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO Ocnnsppak and write EnKlUb'hnd'Gflfmau, In some Ugntonstness, store or w&romniso-profomd;'wtuinir to CITUATION OPENED AND KJ- oloaoil, complicated eocounts-adjiubod.-pontlng. cony. Inff. and gonoral office,worltatUmdod t0... AddrSei O La. Tribune otlloo. .. v* CITUATION WANTRD-DYAYOUNO MAN OP LJ. business knowledge and oxnorloooe -(nearly in tank), an opening moornc banking or other houno: unex ceptionable rofertmccat■ Addrooß,A B, 8pa239. f. O. SITUATION WANTKD-RY.A VOUNQ..UAN WHO can epeak and writ© KngUah and Goman.. in a whole, sals business or office; la willing, tq .work for small wages {UI hotter times 5 bo*t of roforoncoi. Address IloomZfk Major Block. ; * CITUATIbN WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE BUBI kJ noisman. I# a oornpotont bookkeeper, corrospon dent, and salesman. Salary mnderaloV ‘ Beat of city ref. •reacoa. Addroas WILL SINCLAIR, Übllch House. f ' CITUATION WANTED—AS, CLERK OR OaSHIEB »■? iilryATo'm^^ o bc,t ° (cll * s Sifsasasf !««?»• « i «"- SITUATION WANTED-BY A Y.OITNQ HAN OD O good habits. In an Insdraoco', real estate, or railroad toffioo. Can giro roforoncos. or oould loan employer a small amonat of mono/. Addroas W W,- Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OB tp good education m clerk, *dflvor, orpdrtor; drnnyposl. Hon whore bo can innko himaolf uaoful. la not afraid to work: a fair ponman nud good, at figures. ’ Address Q7, Tribune otfloo. • Trades. CITUATION WANTED—AS ENGINEER.' HAS HAD .«W- «wi or .a. CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN. AS g gaa-flttor, toworknndor InstruoUonajaroare l expo CITUATION WANTED-AS ENGINEER, SEVEN p. yoaraV exporlonco. lately of Now York City. No ot». Addro “ M SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A marble or cot atone yard whom thoro Is good work oono; has had nearly Byears' experience.- Address Q97 Tribune office, . .A . . . : - • , •* .Coachmen, Xoamaters. &o». . SITUATION WANTED-BY. A STEADY* SOBER young man as coachman ln*n private family j Is not atraid to work. Call,or. address fet thro© days,P.uRBEN. 874 Coptro-av. • SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YONNQ MAN :A8 O coachroan r who la a flrat-olasa driver, end thoroughly tindorstanda tho care of oquiaos.J IStrictfy tempera toand roiiable In ovory roapoot. Tho host clty roforonco from last employer. - Address Q6, Tribune office. . . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED man ns coachman. Good releronoo. Addrosa D 11. Central Biuplro Hotel, IB South Wator-st.. Chloagb.j Miscellaneous. CITUATION WANTED-BY A PRAOTIOALFARMRR kJ as foreman or managor.of a - largo farm. . Reference gomproßont employer, Audrpas O D. oate'Caciloc M, OITTJATIONS WANTED—BY A YODNO PRRNCIL Onianand wife (don't spoak much EngllshLho as waltei ana wife as chambermaid, in a private family or rostau* fant; town or country no object. Apply fortliroo days at bit ooutnOlark-st. . . SITUATION WANTED—OB’ 60MB KIND WHERE I k? can got a living for my. wlfo and baby; bavo had nine, KJwL. * l J e . Bß, '9 l P ßrio . no °. Chicago, and raado over SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG COLORED t-> man in a store or Insurance, or other oOloos; wllUoa to makohimsslfuseful. .Good references. Address D 89 Tribune office. _ * SITUATION WANTED—AS' WATCHMAN BY A O competontman by day or night; the best of olty refer ences. .Pall atlSl goartepnth.Bt. J. H. GALT.jyfttfß; - CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN AS O bartendor or bar and billiard toodor; baa good export enoo, bolag four sears In a flrst-elass hotel; has good city references. Address Q 09. Tribune ofHoe. a days. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE ■ DomostioH. DITUATION.WANTED- BY A GIRL, TO DO OENB kJ- ral hoasowork in » small family, or socond work. Call at No. 4 Myrlok-av. _ SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD • GIRL AS p cook.;or to do genera! housework la a respectable family. Call fortliroo days at6&B North Franklin-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-LASS SEO* ond girl In a boarding homo, or to do general house, work to private faintly, inquire at No. BQOntarlo-st. SITUATION WANTED—AS PASTRY COOK IN A O hotel. Call ornddrois 239 Marwoll-at. * OITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS TO DO O second work In » private family. Apply at 43 Oanal port-av. ' .. brrUATION WANTED —BY A COMPETENT J Swedish girl, to cook iu private foully.' Apply at 103 Iremor-st. CITUATION: WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AGED p lady, la a small private family, as cook or gonoral housekeeper, Address S3 West, • ~ SITUATIONS WAKTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ‘ ONE AS 5 cook, washer, and Ironor. the other as soeond girl or gonoral housework, in small family. Please call at 851 Tweptlotb st., op-stalrs, South Side. SITUATION WAKISD-HV A YOUNO GIRL TO .. do geaeral housework in a small family; good refer, ones given. Apply or calf at 665 West Obloago-av., In roar of first floor. ' . CITUATION WANTED —BY A RBSPEOTABLE O girl os cook or laundress; private family proforred. Apply two days at 220 Tblrd-av. , CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO O work Ida restaurant nr any work wbora she can room at homo. Address Miss FANNIE, 81 South CUnton-st.. Cambrian House, Room 28. • • • SITUATION WANTED-BY A ■ MIDDLE-AGED D woman. In a small family hi tho country: la good and clnd to oblldron. Call at 235 L’hlcago-av. HonselieoDors. (SITUATION WANTED—AS . HOUSEKEEPER IN O hotel nr widower's family, by a widow lady 20 years of ago; Is fully competent, and can give beat of oily refer ences. Address 763 West GITUATION WANTED-A8 HOUSEKEEPER OH tD • goamstrots; uo objection to tho country. Address W CS,.Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BV A MIDDLE-AGED, widow Indy, na housekeeper, or would take charge of a luitum during (umUy'&ubeoncu; good rofotoueo clvon. Address Mrs. J 118, Tribune stllco. ■ ’ Estra/oyioont Apr©nolo«, CTTUATIONH WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OP' O good help onn bo supplied at Rim. THOMPSON'S Office, iWOSUto-at. . Miuoollanoons. ! . V QITUATION’WANTED—SOMETHING TO DO BY K' O well-educated lady, qulla alone. Address NOR MANDY, Tribune office. , • ‘ OItOaTION WANTED—WASHING AND IRONING O fur families: Nurih Side prolurrod. Inquire 'at WoT 25-1 North Murhol-st. ' • SEWING MACHINES;’ A GROVER & RAKER LATE FAMILY MACHINE, la perfect ordor, for $115: cost srts, A lea. onn full cabinet mahogany Into family Singer, Inlaid with pearl, lor $76; coat ©IW. Also several Improved Singers at hall usual prlco, 82a East Indlann-st., near Rush. ‘ A N SB6 GROVER A IIAKER SEWING MACHINE, ax late Improved, haudeomo tnbluaud uuvor, equal to now; prluu, S&J. 7 Elghtoontli at. Grover* hakku'S sjswing-maoiiinrs-obn. oral office, 160 Stato-at.; .brunch otfloo, 979 Wabash av. Persons living old Grdvor A Baker sowlag-maohluae aro Invited to call and-see tho now Improvements, ami boar something to tholr advantage. ■ SKWINO MACHINES ALL KINDS. AT HAU? prlco. warranted, Repairing done. PERCY A CO.; 897 \Vo»t Wadison-il. SEWING MACHINE-WH X cull special atteutlonto recent, improvements made In the Florence, alto to tho now and elegant styles of oases added to our list. To meet the views of those preferring n machine feeding tho work uway tram the opurator, wo liavu made Nos. I3und|4, which combiuo thedoslraldq aaturti to ho found In maoUluoa m&do by others, with all .o. l pacul|ar-Moeilonclos of tho Florence.. WM, U. SliAllPA CO., Oeitorul Agents, 254 Htato-st., Chicago? *IV HEELER A WILSON HEWING-MAaUINKSrTHU Vf new Uuumvcd, sold or vented ou easy monthly pay. moW '.BURNHAM A FLANNERY, Clty Agonts, pSlua If*) Kiatest.' 1 * i * '' MACHINERY. 17QUMW5-M-lIOILSB POWim KNGINIC. IN.COMi, I- 1 ” jilofo order. but'Tlttio used, cheap.- R, DKAOII A COA 111, K,.l KlnilMU-' ■'• . ■ ' . ■■■< Nrnv iinaitnYß Ewamn, bro; ' • I ond hand portable end stationary engines, end a largt assortment of iitcond-hnnd tubular Budl'iconiotlvobolior*. Chtoago Oloam Boilet Works, 06 and 7)1 Miohigaa-at. 7

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