Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 4, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 4, 1873 Page 8
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8 THE JUDICIARY. Very Meagre Returns from tho Lawrenoe-Oraig Con test. In Some Places Both Parties Claim the Victory. Judge Scholfield Sleeted in the Sec- ond District. Further Advices from tho Ju dicial Olr cults. SUPREME COURT, rmu Dißxmcr. Lawrence* Buwcu— Princeton.... Buda Tlskllwa Wyanot Xam0i110..... • Berlin "Concord - Arlington*... Grundy— Morris,..-.... Greenfield.... Bendtrton— . Blggsville.... Oquawka....', • flagetown.... JJenrv— • Keww&oo - G51va........ , Cambridge... Knox— 170 . 20 48 78meJ. 23 maj. 47 maj. OOmaj. ,* 380 .V. 154 Cateebtirg ~ Knoxville . Oneida..' tijmn . Poralfor.. ..... Henderson 'Walaga . Bnarta.... MaquOtt.. . 5a1em......'. Cedar . Indian P0int....... llaw Ore«k laSalU — Ottawa.. 135 03 uaj. . tofu,.. . LaSalle South Ottawa Earlville.,.,. Eden..*... .. HarthaU-~ Henry ifercer— A1ed0...... ' Hew Windsor SlvoU..-. Hew 80at0n..... KelthsbUrg..,. . JJoon#— Peoria*..., Elmwood Brlmflfcld Stark— Toulon Penn Osccolo Worren — Monmouth Cameron Young America Floyd Woodford,— - Metamora *»„*,,»,* U1 Paso 128 maj. PniKoeroH, HU June 3.—The returns from the Supremo Court election In tho Fifth District are very meagre, Knox, LaSalle, and Henderson Counties have sons for Lawrence* Peoria and Bureau hare gone for Craig, The other counties are but partially beard from. 78 m»J, “a maj. 6 maj, SI maj, SO maj. 94 maj. 92 maj. Special DUpateh to The Chicago SVftuns. Mobbis, June 3.—At (be election yesterday In Grundy County, about 600 votes wore oast for Supremo Judge, of which over 300 wont for Albert Craig, and the remainder for Alfred Craig. Lawrence received about 400 votes. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. ProniA, HI., Juno 3.—Craig’s majority In Peoria County will be about 300. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Jolibt, June B,—-LaSalle County is supposed to hare given Lawrence a majority of COO to 800. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Pxobia, HI., June B.—Returns indicate that Law rence la probably elected, Craig carries this county by a small majority. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Ottawa, June 3.—Late returns from adjoining county townships, received hero to-day. ecem to de crease tho chances for Lawrence, and both sides claim the victory. OqvAwxA, lit, June 3.—Henderson County, full re turns, Craig’s majority 411. BXCONO DIBTIUOI. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Braisonruj, Jane B.—There U noloager any doubt here of the election of Bcholflcldto the Supreme Bench for the Second Grand Division. Alton, Jnne 3.—John Scholfield, the candidate for the Supreme Judge, eamea this and the adjoining counties by heavy majorities over A. N. Kingsbury, the farmers' candidate. Jersetviluc, HI., June 3.—The Bon. John Sobol flald is certainly elected to tho Supreme Conrt to fill Thornton's vacancy. He probably hoe a majority In every county in the Second District,' CIRCUIT COURTS. SECOND omoorz. DiMuny vu^uu, Bklvisehc, m., Juno 3.—This township hag given sine majority for Murphy for Circuit Judge. The county la about even between Murphy and Kellum. Wauxsoan, HI., June S.—ln this county, at the election for Judge of tho Second Circuit yesterday, wo have these returns: Waukegan, 889 for Kollum, 103 for Murphy; Doarfleld, Kellum 37, Moiplly, 25; Shields, 26 for Kellum, 17 for Murphy, Sioauobe, June 3.—Helium's majority for Judge, JT6. DeKalb gives Murphy 35 majority; Somonaulc gives Murphy 120 majority, and Malta 13. pounxn circuit. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Avrora, HI., Juno 3.—Kendall County gives Wilcox Ml; Wheaton, 181. Elgin, HI., Juno 3.—The Hon. Sylvanus Wilcox has been re-elected Judge of this Circuit by a goodly ma jority. Tbo.circuit u composed of tbe Counties of Kane, DuPago, and Kendall, and he baa received a majority in each. sixth cinourr. SpedalDiipaich to The Chicago Tribune. Joliet, 111., June 3.—Leland is believed to bo re elected. - Special Dispaico of The Chicago Tribune. Ottawa, Junes.—The majority for Judge Leland Is this Circuit will run between 1,200 and 1,500. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Pzobia, 111., Juno 3.—James W. Cochran la elected Circuit Judge by 1,000 majority, a result that occasion! tbe greatest surprise, as It was generally conceded that Hopkins, Republican, had the Inside track. bevxnth omourr. Jolixt, HI,. June 3.—Rotorua from the judicial elec tion In this circuit are now complete enough to Indi cate He result. Tho candidates for tho office of Circuit Judge wore Hon. Joalah Mcßoborts, of this city, the present incumbent, and Hon. 8. W. Harris, of Morris, Grundy County. Harris will carry Grundy County by a majority of 300, and Mcßoborty Will County by » majority of 1,800, making Mcßoborts'majority In tbo circuit 1,600. A light vote was polled In both coun ties. xinittn omourr Oquawka. HI., Junes.—Smith’s majority In Hender son County is 104. skventh ontouiT. Uobbu, HI., Juno 3.—Harris, for Circuit Judge, re ceived, In (ho entire county, about 230 more votes than hls competitor, Uoßoberts. VOOBTEENTn CIRCUIT. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Bloominoton, 111., June 3.—Tipton Is almost unani mously elected in tho circuit composed of McLean and Ford Counties. Champaign, HI.. Juno 3.—The Hon. O. D. Smith, tbe farmers' candidate, was elected Judge of this (the Sixteenth) Judicial Circuit, composed of the Couutlos of Macon, Moultrie, Piatt, and Champaign, on yester day, by about 1.600 majority. HU opponent, Judge Gallagher, was defeated lu hfs own county (Macon) by between 600 and flyO votes, Tho election throughout tbe circuit was tbo most exoltltig over held. SEVENTEENTH CinGUIT. Special Diipatch to The Chicago Tribune.. SpsiNoriELD, June 3.—Fullerton, U la claimed, la elected In tbo Seventeenth Circuit over Lacy, ’ EIGHTEENTH OIBOOXT. Jacksonville, 111.. Junes.—The election for Cir cuit Judges in this (the Eighteenth) Judicial Circuit eased off quietly yesterday, and, owing to the farmers log busy plowing and planting corn, but a little more than half the votes of the district were polled. Returns received up to noon to-day are insufficient to Indicate with any certainty the result. The vote be tween the three candidates (Knapp, Epler, and Wood son) Is close, but Eplcr's chances seem to be the beet. NINETEENTH OICOUIT. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. SpniNariELD, June B.—ln this, the Nineteenth, Ju dicial Circuit, Zane is elected Judge, over Judge Mo- Clernard, by at least 000 majority, in this county his official majority Is 334, and, as far ns hoard from In Macoupin County, ho boats McOlernsrd 300. His ul timate majority will bo above that. TWENTY-SECOND OIHOUIT. . wimww... Alton, 111., Junes.—Returns from the election in this circuit indicate that Wm. 11. Bnydt* la elected Judge by about 3,000 majority over Levi Davis and Judge Gillespie. St. Clair County voted almost solid for Snyder, who Is a Democrat, and was a member of the last Constitutional Convention, twenty-kifth oiKovrr. Oaibo, Juno B.—Returns from tbs Judicial election in the Twenty-fifth Circuit indicate Crawford’s elec tion by over 400 majority; Union County, 660 major ity: Jackson County, 400; Williamson County, 360 majority for Crawford. Salem County gives about 460 for Duff; Franklin County, 830 for Duff, Telegraphic Brevities* The State Superintendent of Public Instruction an nounces, by circular, that an examination of teachers tairia* State certificates wW be hold at Springfield, 99 Tuesday and Wednesday, tho Ist and 2d days of July next. ' Dr. A. B. Meschsm, of Modoo massacre fame, pasted through Dos Molnoa yesterday, ou route for lowa Oily. Ills father resides at that place, and tho Doctor will remain thoro until he recovers sufficiently to permit of a journey to Washington. Ho Is still feeble, but In ex cellent spirits* ■ Another lint vein of cool of excellent nnollly ns. discovered at Dos Molnoa yesterday by tho Dca Moines Coal Company. It la sovonty-flvo foot below the bod of Coon Hirer* Edward Couch, a boy of 14. living near Bradford. Floyd County. lowa, was killed on Monday while play- Ing n game of base ball. The bat' slipped from the hands of tho batter, and striking tho boy In the stom ach caused bis death In a few minutes. George Collin, a passenger on the steamer Rook Island, bound for LaCroseo, fell overboard and was drowned on Monday night, when the boat was 10 miles above Savanna, Owing to tho storm hud darkness, all offoru to save tho body wore unavailing. Special JMtpatck to The Chicago Trihum WHAT WILL LX DONS WITS Til* UODMst Wabjurotoh, Junes.—At the regular Cabinet tricot* Ing to-day, the question as to what hllouid bo done with the Modoo prisoners Was discussed at some length, but no oonoltliloh 4fes Krrivod ah In tho first heat of IndJgnaUoh attending the massacre of Gen. Oanby, the policy of extermination was generally acquiesced in* Now, that the savages have surrendered, it la found that these orders cannot bo compiled with. In the discussion today It was evident that thb policy of the Administration will be io turn Oapt. Jack and bis tribe over U> tho Government of Oregon, to bo Indicted by the courts there for the xrinider of Oregon hoar Lost River, some six months since, and to bo dealt with as are all crimi nals of this character. tY&i&. 270 278 110 maj, 07 22 maj, 147 maj. bk THK BEACH IT MMO BRANCH. ¥he President announce* bis intention to liavo for long Branch on Thursday of the present week to apend the summer, Ho 'Sill Occasionally visit this city at odd Interims^providing that thoro Is any press* Ing public necessity for such a sacrifice on his part. dOmaJ. SOmaJ, . smubtAxec. MW. T» S, Atleo, for many years one of Iho princi pal clerks in the Indian Bureau, why was summarily removed two yean ago at the demand of Senator Chandler, on suspicion of having written a letter to a Michigan paperoontalnlngaparagraph referring too scandal about Senator Chandler then current In Michi gan, has been reinstated through the efforts of the member-elect from the Kalamazoo District, Senator Chandler kindly consenting that Secretary Delano should reinstate a clerk whoso entire Innocence of tbo off once with which bo was charged was established within a month after his removal. The removal was generally discussed at the Ume» and was alluded to in ie Senate chamber. 70 maj. 73 SBmaJ. 70aaj, 13 mtj. 73 maj. £7 znaj. t/nltod Jpjroabytorlan Asaombljr lu Bala timoro* PmLADKLUkA, Junb B.—ln the United Preabyterlan Assembly till* mohilng tho Rot. Dr. Thompson from tbo Free Italian Church was Introduced as a delegate, Bndlnafow remarks extended tho salutation of hla Church to the Assembly. Resolutions wore adopted providing for the retention of church properties In the control of tho General Assembly by & provision In tho charters Of churches | pro tenting tho olienation of propertied of congregations of tho United Presbyterian Church to other denominations, and providing that, In case they alter their ecclesiastical connections,those properties shall revert to tho Trustees of tbo General Also that tho Trustees shall bo In full com munion with tho Churchy and that the uso of ehnrch buildings for worship and for other meetings shall bo under tho control of sessions of tho Church. GTho Committee on Union reported that while cher ishing Mod and Christian regard for all Evangelical Churches, yet tho Assembly does not deem it expedient or important that It mako any appointments of dele gates or representative* to attend tho meeting of the Alliance to bo hold in Now York In October. Tbo re port was adopted. Tho report of the Committee on Seminaries was adopted as a whole. Tho report of the Committee on Missions was then taken up. and on motion, the matter of establishing normal schools among tbo freodmon of Tennessee was referred to tbo Board of Froedmon’s Missions, with instructions to report at the next General Assembly. A resolution looking to the purchase of the Froodmen’s Mission Church at Nashville was adopted. At tho evening session the report of the Committee on Homo Missions was taken up, discussed, and adopted, after which the aessaon adjourned. 6 maj. 223 maj. 168 maj. 135 maj. 00 maj. si maj. 29 maj. 69 maj. Gorman Roman Catholic Union* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Dxrnorr, Mien,, Juno 3.—Tho German Roman Catholic Benevolent Union to-day heard reports of various kinds. Tho agency at Now York during this Soar disbursed $406 aid to immigrants, and $549 at Sal mon for the same object. Tho following officers were elected: President, Hon. Henry Staunhoret, St. Louis; Vice-President, Paul Gtos, Detroit; Vfoo- Proflldenls for tho several States,—Maryland, John Estcndorff; Minnesota, F. Fasbund; Wisconsin, O. Ereyser; Pennsylvania, A. Becker; Missouri, U. Rletchtlnlch; Kentucky, K StcngcU; Illinois. John Illrtlug; District of Columbia, 0. Miller; New York, .b. P. Struck; Indiana. A, O. Flotterman; lowa, w. Hayor; Now Jersey, B. Groh; Ohio, W. Solle; Record ing Secretary, A; Bwennlnger, Cincinnati; Treasurer, F. Springinln, Cincinnati; Corresponding Secretary, F. Heffner, Buffalo. A address of fraternal regard to the Catholics of Germany was decided upon, and a committee la to be appointed to do tho work. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. SrmnonsLn, June B.—Bishop Whltchouso, of this Diocese, preaohoa at St. Paid's Church in this city to morrow night, when he will also administer tho rite of confirmation. American Institute of Ilomoopatby* Clxveand, Jnne 3.—Tho twonty-eixth seseloa and thirtieth anniversary of tho American Institute of Homeopathy, tho oldest national medical society in the United States, is now being hold In this city. A large nunber of delegates and members from all parts of tbe United States are present, Nearly every State in the Union, being represented. Prof. N, E. Small, of Chicago, President of tho In. stituUon, delivered an address at tho opening of the session, in which he reviewed the present status and future development of tho Homeopathic heal ing art. lie demanded that the Institute should Insist upon a higher standard of medical edu cation than that now to be acquired In any nodical college In the United Statce; The Secretary, Dr. McOlathoy, of Philadelphia, pre sented the report of the Committee.of Publication, In which ho announced that tho Committee had Issued during the year a volume containing tho proceedings of the last session, and tho valuable report of tho va rious bureaus of scientific subjects. The Treasurer, E. M. Kellogg, of Now York, report ed that the receipts had exceededs3,ooo; that the insti tute had paid au Its bills, and there was a balance in hls bands, .... . . . .. A resolution exempting those members who bad been in good standing for 25 years from further psymoufc of dues, wsa unanimously adopted, * Dr. J. P. Drake of Nashville, Tonn,, offered the fol lowing resolution referring to action of the Massachusetts Medical Society, allopathic, in attempt ing to expel and stigmatize such members of tho So ciety os practice homeopathy. Resolved. That the American Institute of Homeopa thy protests ogalnst the recent attempts of tho Mas sachusetts Medical Society to brand as "Guilty, of conduct unbecoming and unworthy an honorable physician," such of their members as, possessing a thorough medical education and unblemished charao -1 tors, conscientiously practice homeopathy; that such action Is subversive of freedom of thought in a sci ence which demands the most uutrammolod investiga tion, and alms adosth-blow at any improvement In medicine; that it la on insultaliko to the practitioners and the patrons of homeopathy, and that it must re-, act with the greatest force uuou* those who thus at-, tempt to destroy characters aua enslave science. The resolution was received with cheers, and unan-, Imously adopted. w .. Tho report of tho Bureau of Materia Medics, Phar macy,- and Provings, was then presented by Dr. J. T. f Talbot, of Boston. Among the many valuable papers* presented by (be Bureau was one by Dr. J. P. Duke,, of Nashville, Toun., on tho proper proving of drugs* on tho healthy as a means of ascertaining drug action. • He urged the establishment of a college of provers, centrally located, for the purpose of testing drugs, according to the homeopathic method, and publish-* lug their results annually. The suggestion was rc-*> calved with much enthusiasm, and It was thought that' there would be no difficulty in securing from tho Gov ernment tho establishment of such a valuable scientific department In connection with the Smithsonian Insti tute, or lu some other way. The Board of Censors made a partial report, by which thirty-six physicians, graduates of regular med ical schools, wore admitted to membership. Several applications were thrown out, the diplomas of tho ap plicants being regarded as irregular and insufficient. A resolution was Introduced appointing a coimnls-- slou to memorialize Congress on tbo subject of the, establishment of a college of proven. Watebtown, Uass., June B.—Cattle—Receipts, 1,057. Scarcely any change to* note In the market oaj compared with laat week. Tnado la largely confined* to Western cattle. Sales of choice at $10.00; .extra, $9.0009.60: first quality, $8.00(38.60; second, SO,OOO 7.60; third, $6.00@5.60. „ . , t SllESi* and Launa—Receipts, 1,133. Spring lambs wore received freely, with a lair supply from the North, and plenty of Western. The trade m the city does not sunn to rally, and the butchers are paying only 110 per lb, or $6.00®8.60 per head. Yearlings that are first-rate, 7M(3Bc. Boles of wool sheep, lax lots, at $3,00(34*60 each; extra, $6.6038.00; spring lambs, $6.0038.60. VEAL 0A1.VE5—53.0036,00. The St* Lamia Tobacco Fair, St. Louis, June 3.—The Bt. Louis Tobacco Fair Suaed to-day with entries from all parts of Missouri, ansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and nearly all of the Southern States. Nearly five hundred hogsheads have been entered, and several hundred visitors from abroad wore present at tbe opening to-day. An ad dress was delivered by W. B. M, Hamuel, Vice-Presi dent of the Association, allot which there was a ben nuet The premium of SI,OOO for the host aud largest crop was awarded to A. O. Kennedy, of Charlton County. Mo.,whoflo crop aggregated over 68,000 pounds. Premiums to the amount of over SIO,OOO was awarded. Ton idurden in a Fortnight* Richmond, Vo,, June 3.—A negro was murdered bv another In Bnmawick County on Saturday, making tbo tenth murder in thla State during the Iwt two weeks. WASHINGTON. RELIGIOUS. Episcopalian* Boston Cattle ITlnrkel* THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1873, FOREIGN. The War in China—3o,ooo Prisoners Put to Death. Auuearanoe of the Cholera in West ern Prussia. The Status of Christians in Japan. SPAIN. MAbfttb, June D»—ticnor Picrrou has resigned the Mluldtry of War, to which bo was appointed ad In torlnu . ' Tho Government ban received numerous dispatches from tho Provinces congratulating It on a speech mode by President Plguoras at tho tho .Constitu tional Assembly. Datonne, June B.—The Carlisle who hold tho posi tion of tho Northern Railway in Spain bate signed a convention, by which tho resumption of railway traffic will be permitted, the Spanish authorities agreeing to the neutralization of thellno from Miranda del Ebro to tho frontier. To this concession tho Railroad Com pany pays tho OarUsls (200 per day. JAPAN. Wabiunoton, Junes.—Tho Department of Stale bah received Information from Doling to tbo elToct that religious toloratloq In Japan baa not been decreed. Tho laws and Cilicia against Christianity have not been abolished, but orders have been Issued for a ro tUrh of tho banished Christiana to their homes, and for tho removal of offensive proclamations against -Christianity. Those iu tho Government councils favoring religious toleration wore said to bo still In the minority, but It was thought that tbo time was not far distant when all decrees against freedom of thought upon all subjects would bo abolished. FRANCE. Paiub, Jtmo 3,—President MaoMahcm has issued a proclamation to tho army, lu which ho says t “Tho choice of the President of tho lloptihllo from your ranks shows tho confidence of tho national Assembly in your loyalty,” Tho President has also leaned an order appointing Goo. L’ Military Gov ernor of Paris, to the oommnud of tho Army of Ver sailles. London, Juno 4—6:00 n. m.—Special dispatches to tho London Times contradict the reports that thoro Is lees cordiality in tho relations between the French and German Governments since tho oloctlon of Mao- Mahon. CHINA. LojcdON, Juno B.—A dispatch from Shanghai, giving flomo particulars of the capture hy tho Chinese forces of Taleofoo, In the Province of Yunnan, Southwestern China, says: “ Tho victorious forces fell upon their captives and massacred 80.000. The Sultan poisoned himself rather than fall into the bands of his one* mice.” Tho steamship Drummond Castle, of this city, went ashore on Chusau Island, off tho cost coast of Chins, and became a total wreck. Thirty persona. wore drowned. , , , The report that tho Hong Kong and Shanghai cable Is broken la contradicted. GREAT BRITAIN. London, Jnno 3.—A strike of tho employes of the Great Western Railroad Company commenced yester day. Borne 800 of tbo men quit work. „ . . .. London, June 3.— The Times, In an editorial, stig matizes tho proposed alteration of tho Bank act as an* attack on tbo sanctity of contracts, and an entire sub version of the cardinal principles, which have hitherto boon regarded as the key-note of business. Great preparations are making in tho city for tho reception of the Bhsh of Persia. The memorial statue of the lato Earl of Derby was unveiled at Preston yesterday, and another of Peel Inaugurated at Muddersford on tho eamo day. ' A strike of tho carpenters of London Is threatened. GERMANY. Rkblin, Juno B.— Asiatic cholera bos appeared In two Tillages in West Prussia, having boon communi cated from Russian Poland. A rigid quarantine of tho Infected districts has boon established. CANADA. Special Dievaleh to The Chicago Tribune. Halifax, Juno 3.—Neither the local nor Dominion Government having expressed any wish with refer ence to tho funeral ofs tho late Llout.-Gov. Howe, it will take place to-morrow, privately, at 1 o’clock p, ra, Tho names of the Ron. A. G. R. Archibald and S. Campbell are mentioned as successors to tbo oQlco of Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia. Toronto, June 3.—To-day Cob Denison, one of the oldest settlers In Toronto, was burled. The funeral was a military one, and was attended by the artillery, cavalry, and infantry force of tho city, as well's* by a Citoonoourso of citizens. A apodal train took-tho yto Humber HUI, the family burying-ground. Ho belonged to a military family, . . Halifax, Juno 3,—News has been received hero of (bo total wreck of tho missionary ship Day Spring, in tho Now Hebrides. Tho vessel woo built ton years ago by tho Presbyterians of theao provinces for mission service In the South seas. The schooner Jane was driven aahoro by tho Ice on Now London Capo, Prince Edward Island, on the 17th ultimo. Fourteen persons wore on board, four of whom perished from exposure and cold. marriages. WRIGHT—KIROKHOFF—At the Mattoson House, Jnno 3, at 10 o’clock a. m., by the Boy. K. B. DaTla. Mr. 1. F. Wright, of Chicago, and Mrs. Emma Kirckhoff, of Indianapolis. HEARD—LEWIS—At Grace Church,. Juno 8, by the Her. Dr. Locke. Mr. L. A. Hoard, of Cleveland, 0„ and Hiss Hattie O. Lewis, of Hinsdale, 111. * KAUOHBR—CHRISTIAN—On May 26, at the reri donee of John U. Mcßride, near Graham, Mo., by tho Rev. Mr. Shuff, tho Hon. William Kauchor. of Oregon, Holt County, Mo., and Miss Luoy 8. Christian, of Obi cage. FRY—SHELDON—In Valparaiso, Ind., on tho 8d Inst., at tho residence of tho brido’a slater, Mn. 11. F. Skinner, by tho Bov. Robert Boor, Luther B. Fry and Mary A. Sheldon, both of this oity. LOOKWOOD—HUBBARD—On Jnno 8, at tho resi dence of tbo bride's uncle, Dr. L. D. Boone, by thellor. Arthur Brooks, ftlr. John L. Lockwood, of Now York, and Miss Jolla R. Hubbard, daughter ot Mrs. Jullolto E. Hubbard. DEATHS. STERRNS-On Jane 3, of diphtheria, Georgia L. BU rons. agod 18, oldest son of George W. sod Carrie W. Stcrcns. , . _ , , Funeral on Thursday at 10 a. m.. at 1321 Prairie aronne. CLOTHING. B LARGEST AC. O. COLLINS,TT LARGEST ft BOYS' II If BOYS' U CLOTHINGS! 181 and 183 I CLOTHING \ HOUSE I I | HOUSE II IN W. 8. U OLARK-ST. X IN W. S. W FINANCIAL. FOR SALE—SBOO NOTES, SECURED BY FIRST mortgage on Insldo oil/ property worth five times tho amount. Will discount IM per cent nor month. Ap ply to TRUESDELLA BROWN, 176 West Madlson it. T WILL PAY 10 AND*2 PER CENT COMMISSIONS X for jJG.OOO 5 yearn secured by $30,000 real ostato. Prin cipals only that can furnish tbo money please address P 8, Tribune office. Loans made on collaterals, houses on leased ground. Diamonds wanted. Short data real estate mortgages bought. W. OTTAWAY, 70 Darbom st.. Room lu. TV/fONKY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED CHICAGO iVi property in any amount eioooodlng $5,000. PER KINS A WOI.SELKY, Room 13. Kendall's Building. Norman O. Porkln*. W. St. John WnUoloy. La to with Ogdon A Souduer. Af ONKY TO LOAN-AT 0 PRR'GENf. ON SOUTH iVi Hide city property. Sums over SIO,OOO. A. 8. PALMER, Ja., LU Waeblogtoo-Bt. •\,TON£Y TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE AND IVJ. otlior guml securities. W, VAN O. LINDA, 119 Doarhuro-st., lloom 6. TVfONEV LOANED ON CITY HEAL ESTATE. SI,OOO IVX (o S3O, iiOO; ronl ostuto pa pur wanted: loatu on lease holds. B. GROSSMAN, Room IS, 178 State-st. MONLV TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. G. H. HUBBARD, Jit., 168 Washlngton-st. Money advanced at lassbn’s loan of (ioo; Into Jacobs A GO., on diamonds, watches, and other valuable#. 177 Olark-st., corner of Mouroo, lloom 6. _ ___ TITANTED—S6.OOO WORTH OF GOOD REAL-ES t » tato paper; the money on band, TIIOS. A. HILL, 193 Duuruornst. WANTED— GOOD PURCHASE MONEY NOTES. No commissions. Apply at No. 3, 836 State-st, WE HAVE THREE BUMS ON HAND TO LOAN on real estate security, viz.: SI,OOO, MOO, SO,OOO. MoKINNON A MARSH, 165 Olark-st. TJTANTED—B6OO, FOR ONE YEAR OR MORE, ON TV outside security. Will pay 10 per cent, and 8 per cent com mission. OORTHKLL, Room 18, 16a Dearborn. IXTANTED—S3,OOO ON EIGHT LOTS ON IIUM VT buldt Boulevard, worth $6,000 cash 5 will pay 10 and 2)4per coni commissions. Principals only that can fur nish tbo money at onco address P 2, Tribune office. tfjO nnn WANTED-! WILL PAY 10 PER GENT and SIOO commission for 0 months. Boat Improved residence property. Address Y 63, Tribune oltioo. (PQ nnn WANTED FOR THREE YEARS ON *pO»\J\J\J brick block, 10 year loaso, cheap ground rent: cost S27,UX)} will pay 13 percent per annum and •mall commission. Principals only address P4, Tribune office. djl ft HDA first mortgages more than •PI.U.UUU amply secured upon realty aboutWrollee from Chicago, 10 per cent Interest, paid soml*annuaUy, Cine years to run, bettor and cheaper than Government omls; mutt sell thlawook. Address W 20, Tribune of fice. Cil £ nnn WANTED FOR 6 YEARS AT 0 PFR (I'J.tJ.l/v/l/centßnd lair commissions, on Inside un improved property, worthsß6,(Wo. References first-class. Y ■«, Tribune offloo. DIVORCES. TVVOROEB OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW U business attended to. BUBH, M 7 South Olark-st. DIVORCES— LEGALLY ■ OBTAINED—FEE AFTER decree. Scandal avoided. Nine years' practice In the courts of Chicago. Address P, O. Box 1 wf. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. ' TuToßMTMiinitniAviM sffsiwsii] And wn .wlr.r. skm. a ham within , this j*. next Wd daysbuggy oarnei* itialbo can save $lO on— anotigh to go the but sing. see his girl, or any other fallen h °"° h A a WD lliVti A# Al.t,-l/lllKI), tIATTLiNO DIS xX bland for second-hand buggies and light wagons, wnal have thorn. Bend In your stuff, and have It sold at good prices, to 261 BtaU-st.. sale stablesof bones, bug glog. and harness. DRAPERY AWILLS. A LAROR VARIRTY OF FIRBT-OLABB ROOK- J.X away*, baronohes, Victorias, phaetons,Jtopandopen buggies, star and 29 South Ollnton-st. H. B. HILL. ANEW TOP BUGGY FOR BALIt OHRAP. CALL on MONROB, Nos. 60. 63, and M MioUlgan-at. A T 844 WABABH-AV. CAN BK FOUND NEW AND JX s«oond*hand esmages, top* and open bnirgloi, chap* and jump scats, from S4O to SWO* J, 11, B A BARITS BOAllblNa BTADLJIBi, 19 .AND M llarmoa-court, have tho best of accommodations for boarding honest homos kept on first and second Doom, Fink tram of uonmts, weight a, 700 p6unds, capital bulk wagon and nearly now harness, warranted In every respect, for salat a bargain. BRADLEY • WILLS, Ml and 263 BUto-st. Owner referred to. FOR BALR-A BEAUTIFUL TUOROUGUBREp riding maro, particularly adapted for A lady or boy’s Use| sound and gentle le every respect, will be sold cheap. Pall at 434 Mlehlgan-ar. TjlOR SALE-FINE LARGE HORSE, DAPPLEGRAY THON& ’th V*' 10tnw- *boso!ld, AN* tiARRIAOES.' JUMP-SEAT BUGGIES JT atid phaetons at Rastem. faetory prices. JO and 13 near the bridge* ll* J» ED- TPOR BALE—BY MILLER A LIPPOLDT. 1 NKW J; dellvory, 1 new half-spring, and 1 second-hand pod dlor'a wagon i also all kinds of repairing promptly attend ed to, atSsßlnelsland-ar., and 869 South llaislcd-st. For balr-a very finh two-sbatbd fam lly carriage, nearly new, obsap for oash| must bo sold at pops. Apply at 400 North-av. For bale-a b-ybar old marb and nuai* nets buggy and harness, or will trade for groceries, or lot oo West Aide. Apply at M 9 West Twolfto-st. For bale-a day team of 1.000 founds each, well matched and good roaditen, or would ox change for A hone or mate that can tret in B minutes. Address N 12,. Tribune office. . FOR BALICcUEAP, FIND BAY MARB. PHAIS - and hSrnoas, complete, Inquire At fild Wabash*

aV., drug store, botwoflu I and 8 p. to. OR BALR-ONB LIGHT SECOND-HAND PLAT form spring trucV, one second-hand express wagon, and new wagons of all kinds, at 861 South Oanal-et* OR SALE-OPEN AND TOP BUGGY, HARNESS* and Bor 4 work and driving horses at A bargain. 68 and West Monroo-at. , . I PINE PABTDRAOB FOR HORSBS, 01 PER WEEK, • at Kensington, 13 miles from oily t taken from and ro* turned to elty. Call at 1068 Btato-st. J. W. PYNB. [TOR SALE—CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, I’EIAETONS, D otp. A groat variety from fliut-olaas makers at rea unable prides* at 658 and 806 Woet Randolph**!, Q. L. IRADL&Y, . •/G ENUINE BOSTON SLADE AT 22] \jr and 234 Weal Wasblngton-st.; nb humbug. Also, cheaper grades at very low flgnres for cash.' O’ NB PAIR OF MULES FOR SALE, f YEARS OLD, weigh 9,900 ponflds. 40 East Oblcago-av. • SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF OARUIAOBS. DUG* giei, phaetons, rookawaya, sldo-soats, do., Am. at low prtcea. 837 Btato-aU, near Harrison. F. L. SMITH. WANTED— TO PURCHASE FOR CASH, A SOUND add reliable hotly or pony-bdilt homo, suitable for lady or children; broken torldo or drive, and must be so warranted. Apply to GEO. A. BUUFELDT, Jr., IS Wasblngton-st., Room SO. WE ARB MANUFACTURING FIRST-CLASS TOP and open buggloe, road and business wagons, Ac. All work warranted, which wo anil at very low prices. FLETCHER, LAZSAR A CHENEY. Factory, comer SodgwtekanaDlvlaloo-ata. Repository, 335 Blato-at. TXT ANTED-A DOUBLE-SEATED PHAETON, NEW VY or nearly so, for which ws will give a good lot of equal value. 11 ILL A BLIBH, 91 Dearborn-si. TJT ANTED—I-HORSE 3-BBATBD COVERED RUO . »V gy, now or little nsod, cheap for cash. E. ASHLEY 'MBAitS, 200 LaHalle-st. TIT ANTED—BUGGY PHAETON, LITTLE USED. Vv good maker. If cheap for cash, call at Room 16, 123, WANTED-TO BUY. OR EXCHANGE FOR TWO or throe good driving or work torsos, want to match gray mare. 70 West Monroo-st. W ANTED-A GOOD DRIVING-HORSE, GOOD size, sound and lively. -Apply at 203 Twenty-second tt,. with horse, between 12 and 1 o'clock Wednesday. SWETT A CROUCH. TO EXCHANGE, TO EXCHANGE—TWO VERY extensive estates in contra! Michigan, one of I,COO acres, surrounds handsome lake.l fine residence,s tenant houses, largo bams, shops. mill, and steam brick and tile works, 1,000 sores cultivated, abundance of frims, with stock and tools, Smiles from city of 9,000; value, 3100 per acre; will bo exchanged for largo stock of goods or other property, whole or part. Also. l.lOOacro farm, 700 acres Improved, 8 tenant houios,oxtenslvo bams, water In every field and through barn yards; can divide; will ex change ; value, 300 per acre. Apply at 29 Tribune Build ing. ■ ■ TO EXCHANGE—I,9BO ACRES IN KANKAKEE County, Illinois, at 812.60 per aero, for suburban lota or sores. 830 acres in Cloud County, Kansas, to exchange for a lot on Mlehlgan-av.; will assume small incum brance. House and lot on Fourth-av. (Doarbom-st.), near Polk, lot 36x100, more nr loss, for good aoro or lots. We want several farms In Wisconsin, with some casta, tor which we can give good property In city and suburbs. HILL A BLISS, M Doarbora-st. rpo EXOHANGE- -TUB FINEST FRUIT AND STOOK X farm la Illinois; only 60 ratios from Chicago: 10,000 bearing apple .troea, from which over 18,000 bushels of eboloo fruit arc taken yearly; Improvement* No. 1; will exchange for choice suburban property In Cook County, or good unproved property. L. A. GILBERT A GO., 300 LaSallo-st. TO EXCHANGE—CHOICE KANSAS LANDS, BB lootod early, near railroad, for house and lot or othor Chicago property; would assume Inoumbranoo or pay dlfToronco. Address with full particulars P6, Tribune office. ' ~ • TO EXCHANGE—NORWOOD PARK BLOCKS OR lota for unincumbered Improved property In city or country towns. * B. B. WELLS, 188 Dearbom-sC. TO BXOHAMOB-FOR FIRST-CLASS FURNITURE, House andlot at Woodlawn, Just newly painted; lot 60 *l9O, front* three street*. Also, twenty lota in Bradlsh A Wiener's Addition to Riverside. Apply to A. J. AJ. W. COOPER, 1M LaßaUo-et., Otis Block. O EXCHANGE—IO,OOO ACRES COAL AND FARM- Ing lands In Osage Co.; Kansas; farm of 130 aoree In Benton Co., Minn, :Improved farm of 100 tores In Rich land Co.. ID., 8 miles from railroad station for Chicago city property. JAMES A. WHITAKEIt, 169 LaSaUo-st. r EXCHANGE- AN BLBOANTNBW RESIDENCE, near Van Buron-it, and Ashland-av., for good build- Ing.lot*; small cash payment. JACOB O, MAQILL, 81 ana 83 Sooth Olark-Bt. WANTBD-TO TRADE FOR A STOOK OP DRY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boot* and shoos, and furniture. 8 farms in Mason County. 111., all under a good state of cultivation. near market and railroad—one farm of 116 tores, one of 341 acres, and one of 836 tores. Also a fine now duelling boose and 3 lota In tlio City of Peoria, 111., with all modern Improvement*. The titles aro perfect. All worth 860,000 cash.. Will trade part orall. Address Boa 1112. Poona. 111. LOST AND FOUND. A CASH* mare talma. The finder returning 11 to A. GOLD* BMID, 116 Olark-st., will be rewarded. Lost-at randolph-bt. bridge a black Uoroooo pookotbook, with amount of money. A lib* era! reward will bo paid to the finder at SI and 86 South Water-st. Lost— on michioan-av., congress or Stato-st*., a black cashmere mantle, elegantly trimmed. Tfao finder will ploaeeloavo atWl Wabaau-av., and bo rewarded. Lost— $5 reward-tab party who took McKay’s keystone and pin from Nixon's on Monday evening, will confer a groat favor by leaving the some at 83 West Madlion-st. No questions asked. T OST-A POCKET-BOOK CONTAINING MEMOR XJ anda of real estate. Liberal reward and no questions sakodlf retnrnod to 76 Bast Madtioa-st., Room 3. LOST-OW MONDAY MORNING BETWEEN TUB comer of Van Duron and Wells-st. and tho M. O. R. R. depot, a largo pocket-book containing papers of no use to anyone except tho owner. A suitable reward will bo paid for their return toll. D, JENNINGS, at J. V. FarnoU ACo.'s. LOST-TUKSDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 8, A striped shawl, on West or South Sido. Plndor will receive thanks of owner by-returning to or addressing 600 West Waablngton-st. . LOST-ON SUNDAY, JUNE 1. A DARK, ROUGH-, haired terrier dog. weighs about 36poands. Who, evor will return the samo to lift South Uauted-st. will bo rewarded. - Found— Tuesday, jdnb a. a bay horse. which the owner can have by calling at DBS South Hal* ated-Bt,, and paying ohargoa. • STOLEN— $60 REWARD FOB THE RETURN OF my two roan hones, stolen May 29: one light, the other dark color; weigh 1,200 lbs each: dark roan blind in leftoyo: light roan has white stripe lo forehead, both about 16 hands high. L. R. STILES, 283 East Madlson-at. OTRAYED OR STOLEN—FROM NO. 868 DAYTON- O st., on the night of June 3, a sorrel horse, about 14 hands high, small whltospot in forehead, loft hind Nmt soro. Any ono returning said animal to TOWNSEND A CRANE, « WeelLako-st., will receive suitable weward. STRAYED OR STOLEN—MAY 28, FROM NO. 463, black mare, weighing 700 pounds, the property of PATRICK RYAN. Any oho returning the samo will ha rewarded. STRAYBD-ON SUNDAY MORNING, A DAY mare, llbands high, 2 white saddle snots. and a small bmich on tho loft Bank. Anybody returning the samo will bo liberally rewarded. QUAE. JONAS, M Stato-st. MISCELLANEOUS* CASH PAID FOR OABT-OFP OLOTHINO AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending & latter to 1. QELDEIt, Loan Office, fei Slatc-at. Dried bbef-a splendid article for a low price to tho trado, at tho packing house, 9 and 11 North llalsted-st. __ T ADIBS WISHING BWITOIIBS FOR THIS JUBI- Xi 100 can find a largo assortment at 868 Wist Madison* at., from $2 to SIO each. This is tho host bargain over offered in tho oily. Also, a largo assortment of ourls and ornsmenta for the hair. MR. JAMBS ROBINSON. OF HACKNEY* Road, London; Yonr wlfo and family bavo ar rivod, and aro at 99 West Adams-st, Mould bo thankful to any ono who will furnish his address. KBAL ESTATE OWNERS—IP YOU WANT YOUR land fenced In good stylo and at roasouablo prices, call on FROST A MCLENNAN, Oily Surveyors, Room 89, Morrison Blook. SHOW OASES—AT BARCLAYS, Hi STATE-ST. Best and cheapest In America, In silver and Walnut. ONE TO - iTNOW“THAT~TI IKY 1? oau get Ice-boxes and window-screens mado to order in rsar of 493 Wsboah-av. obospor than at any othor placa in the city. TETANTBD—EVERYBODY TO CALL AT 119 DEAR. Tv born, Room 6, and soo Johnson's Kansas subsollor. Elate and county rights for sale. • W ANTED—FOUR WILSON STEAM TANKS. AD TT dress STEAM, Tribune office. YITANTED EVERYBODY TO CALL AND BKB TT tho best selling god most valuable patents lu the United States* Patents wanted. 119 Dearbornst.. Rooms. ! BOARbINO AND BODGING. West Slito. UOKNTRii-AV„ AD doorsouth of madison *t.—Room for gent,and wife or slnglo gonU;also 1 room for single gont with board* 1 o bouts' ataTisSj‘.-s“ i-LfiASAKT jpnoirf X.& thorns* filrnlshod, with board, la private family! 1 desirable for gentleman and wife, for a contlsmon, or single gentleman* . . 0,1 BISHOP-OOUBT, BKOOND 8008 t'UOM MAD- Zi'x lion-iit.—Ono MrgA fitloly furnished front room, ■Uo two other largo, pleasant room*. aultablo for gonl lo nian *Hd wife’or single genu; Ufit-class board; house pleasant In all respects. on ABERDEEN- ST.— I THIS FINEST ACOOMMODA £4\j tiona In the city; every summer comfort; an elegant homo; tonne from $7; accommodations during Jubilee, QQ NORTH PUQRIA-ST., NORTHWEST CORNER OO of Lako-st.—Pleasant room for ono or two persons; good tahlo, small family* Day boarders accommodated. A Q WEST WASIIINGTON-ST.-A NEWLY FUR ttO nlshod, first-class boarding-house; board reason abloj' also, - fumUnod and unfurnished rooms to rent, fitting for atoroa or ofllooa. A A SOUTH »tonOAN : BT., NKAU WASHINGTON . xtr —Two largo, airy, pleasant and nicely furnished frotitrobtnij with oxcoflontboard. MOlitli i'KOIUA-BT.—APEW NIOB BOARD. UU ors, In private family, fit B«.M por week; visitors accommodated. . , WEST LAKK-BT.—TWO NICE FURTfiaIIEB rooms, with board, for throo young gentlemen. Ol SOUTH MOROAN.BT.~TWO WELL FURNISH OX ed moms* suitable for gentleman and wife, or tiro single gentlemen, with or without board; houso flrst claaa, with modem Improvements* QC SOUTH MOBQAN RT., NICAB jiAOTBON-FUB OO nlshod rooms, with board, suitable for families or single gentlonicn; house first-class, with modern Ira-* provements; one largo frontroom. QI7 BOUTH ORKRN-BT., NEAR MADISON—A Q | nicely furnished room, with board, aultablo for two ggatlotnon* 'WkST' ADAMS-BT.-A LABOH AND VRBY Pleasant front room with good board; also otbor rooms at $6 per week. . 11 Q WEST WABHINOTON-UT.—3 LARGE PLEAS XXOant and newly famished rooms, very, desirable for business men, 10 minutes'walk to Oourt-llouso square; tablo first-lass and orory comfort. mWEST MADISON-BT.— TWO LIGHT AND airy rooms to root, with board. Call on east smo ol hall. TO A WARREN-AV.. CORNER WOOD-ST.-ONB XO“x room aultablo for young married couple, ortwo young goals or young ladles; ball bed room for ooogent. Table superior, terms moderate The. house, location, and surroundings make this a most delightful summer homo. . A Q WEST WABUINOTON-BT.-NBW BOARD .‘tw Ing house; good roomi with board, s6pot weak; ay board, 81, , Icq WEST INDIANA-BT.-DOARDBRS WANTED XtJO la private house | largo rooms, elegantly fur nished. «___ mWEST WASHINGTON-ST. - PLEASANT front room, furnished. to rent, with board, suita ble for a gentleman and lady or two gentlemen ; also, sin glo room. 7K SOUTH FBORIA-ST. —PLEASANT ROOMS .| O with first-class hoard. Terms roaaonablo. mAND 179 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY furnished rooms, with first-class board. Rofor* ancos required. nno WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—COMFORTABLY A\JO furnished rooms, and good board, for gontlomon ami ylves or gontlomon only. Pay boarders accommo* OQQ WEST WA3IIINOTON*BT.-A PLEASANT AOO furnished room, suitable tot two gentlemen; also, single room, with board. OQn WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY FUR jjO\J nlshod front rooms, with board, to permanent parties; price satisfactory. Strangen to the Jubilee ac commodated with rooms and board; 62 per day. Q»VT BWINQ-ST—4 OR 6 SCOTCH BOARDERS AO I wanted In a private family; $5 per week. 090 WEST WABHINOTON*BT.—ALCOVE OUITK OOA wlthboard; ttrat-olasaaccommodations. ’ QQ£ WEST ADAMS-ST.-A ROOM SUITABLE OOP for 2 persons, nicely furnished, with board. Q,j n WEST WASHINOTON-ST.-TO RENT Oxa largo front room, newly furnished and pleasant locaUun;also, newly furnished smaller room, Board for a few Jays to strangon In thoclty. Good board. QQ n WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-LAROB, NICELY OUD furnished room, suitable for gentleman and wife {also a single room, with board. A ftH WEST WASHINGTON-ST—A SUITE OF UN* T,Ou furnished rooms, or one furnished, and one fur nished room to rent with board e/w WEST WASHINGTON-ST., OPPOSITE PUDUnlon Fart-Largo back parlor, with bod-room ad joining; suite of morns adjoining, with hot and cold wa ter. References oiohangod. mM ADISON-ST—TUB BISHOP-COURTUOTEL, located In the very centre of Chicago, between Union and Jefferson Parks (perfect gems of art), is newly furnished, reopened on Juuo 1. Tno location as a sum mer resort Is unsurpassed in the West. The bouse in beauty of architecture and comfort as a family hotel la onoqualcd In Chicago. Special pains will bo taken to makothotabtoonoofthodrstlntbo city. The homo Is under bow management entirely. Cats and 'buses pass every two minutes. Price, 82.60 porday. M.D.MACK. CA ft WEST WASHINGTON-ST. BOARD AND tJu:U room, with largo closet, suitable for gentleman and wlfo. Modem Improvements. £1 rr WEST MONROE-ST—A PLEASANT ROOM, OX I with alcove, suitable formanond wlfo, wlthboard. pno WEST ADAMS-ST.—ONE ELEGANTLY FUR- XjAO nlshod and ono unfurnished suite, with board. Location and accommodations vory desirable, non WEST ADAMS-ST.—BEAUTIFUL FRONT XjAO room and eldo room; will rent very low to a party who wBl advance ono month. nnc) WEST MONROE-ST., NEAR WOOD-TWO \J\jA orthroo gontlomeo can obtaincomfortable rooms, excellent board, and <1 o’clock dinners. TOIINSTONK IIOUBE-1U AND 118 WEST MADI- O ton* at.; everything first-olais; terms, 83 per day: table-board, $5 per week. PRAIRIE STATE HOUSR-915 WEST POLK-ST., 8 doors from Halstod-st.— Perrons can And good accom modation; terms moderate. OT. CHARLES HOTEL CORNER DESPLAINKB p and Washlngton-st*.—'will board merchants and book keepers, eto., at $0 to $9 per week. Day board, $1.60. South SiAo* SPARK-ROW— TWO PLEASANT, NICELY FUR* nlshod, front rooms, with board. T/> AND 18 ELDRIDGK COURT-A FEW DESIR XU ablo rooms to rent, with board. IQ EAST HARRISON-ST.-A SUITE OP FRONT XO rooms pleasantly located to rent, with flrat-claas board. TQ OONGRESS-ST.—PARTIES ATTENDING THE Xt 7 Jublloa will find good aooommodatlon, 83 a day; Pleasant rooms to rent st reasonable terms; day board 85. Ql KLDRIDQE-COURT—ROOMS TO RENT, WITH JmiXot without board. AQ HUBBARD-COURT - NEW BOARDING tO house, first-class board with rooms $1 to 86.60 per wook with use of piano; day board 8< 5 transient boarder* 81 per day with good room. An AND 19 HUBBARD-COURT FURNISHED TC I rooms, with or without board. Day boarders ac commodated. HQ ANDI3OTHIUD-AV.—A FEW NICELY FUR* XXO nlshed rooms for gentlemen and wives and single men; also, flrst-elaas day uoard. OQC MIOMIOAN-AV—PLEASANT, WELL-FUR £OO nlshed front room lor single gentleman. Barn to QQ£ WABABH-AV. BOARDERS AND DAY OOP boarders wanted; tonne reasonable. rAQ WABABH-AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS FOR GEN* OUO tlomon and their wives or single gentlemen. Day*, board 86 per wook. References exchanged. rOQ WABABH-AV.-ELEGANTLY FURNISHED %j£*j rooms to rent, wither without board; a few day boarders wanted. KA l\ WABABH-AV.—A NICE FURNISHED FRONT also, a single room, la a private bousotgood boards homo eomforta oonsldored before stylo. Terms reasonable. C A Q WABASH-AV.—LARGE ROOM FORTHREB (JurO gentleman to root, with board; also, furnished room for gentleman and w»ereferences required. /TQff WABASH AV.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, 00l rooms, on suite or single. Vacancy for two yonng ladles engaged during the day. nr\Q WABABH-AV.—FAMILIES OR GENTLEMEN 01/Odostrtng bandsumo rooms and flrst-olass board can And tho samo by applying at 608 Woboah-av. Rollablo parties only desired. nnO WABASiI-AV. - THREE UNFURNISHED Ulm rooms, on suite, If desired, with llrtt-olasa board; references required and given. M. L. WARD. n KQ MICHIOAN-AV., near TWENTY*RHOOND- I OtJ st.—FunitsbeJ or unfurnished nxmi, with board. Qnn WABASH-AV. PLEASANT FURNISHED OO I room; also largo frnul alcove room, convenient or two or throe gents. Day boarders accommodated. QQA INDIANA-AVm NEAR EIGHTEENTH-SL OOP A desirable furnished room, with largo closet, bath-room adjoining; also, vory largo room and closet, suitable for two o« throe gents, with llrat-class board. QOO MIOIUQAN-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS AND u££ board. QOO MIOHIOAN-AV.—TWO VERY DESIRABLE %jA£i roomstoront, wlthboard. 1m <7 WABABII-AV. -TO RENT, ELEGANT XUX I front alcovo room, furnished or'unfurnished, with largo closets, hot and cold water, and board: also, two handsomely furnished rooms for einglo gonla; also, parlor and bod-room on first lloor. i nno WABASH-AV.-TWO PARLORS TO RENT; also othor rooms furnished nr unfurnished; la bio a specialty; references exchanged; also barn to rent. CLINTON-COUUT HOTEL, 4£« SOUTH DEAR born nit. (Burnalrto-st.), noor Twonty-ninth-Bxoel. lent tablo and vary low prices. Slnglo rooms, $6 to $7. F umlturo now. WABASH-AV., NEAR TWENTY-SEVENTH-ST.- VY A few gentlemen, with highest reference, fanhavo first-class aocommodatlons In a small private family for $4 nor week, breakfast Included, House has every modern convenience. Addruas Y 88, Tribune otUotf. North Side, A O OABR-ST.. THREE BLOCKS FROM STATE-ST. bridge—Ono largo front parlor, furnished in Urst olass stylo and fronts cast, commanding a lino view of tho lake; with good homo Üblo. Tho house has all modern improvements. H — Tnoook iiodbk, i» and m mouth cilark st.—Cheap board and pleasant rooms oau bo had. Country- AT EVANSTON. A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, handsomely furnished, tnront, with board, to gentle man and wlfo: location very pleasant, In fact,tho tast in tho place sno othor boarders; tonua moderate. Address N 9J, Tribune olllco. ___ jj'IJIHT.OLASS FURNISIIED ROOMS TO LOT, WITH X' hoard; location 3 minutes’ walk from dopot. ISAAC L. HINDS. IHusdalo. rOARBW ANTED. BOARD— BY X GENTLEMAN, WIFiL AND TWO ..midran 8 and 13 years of ago, moderate board lu tho Bau't«U“«a'su«Mt l }fi iliij'S .is swur, slallna t*nn» and location, J. U. Uiurnui, of O. 11. Wulto A C 0.., aOStaUi-sU iin"Altn-AND ROOM BY A SINGLE GENTLE- Sldo. in bouso with modern Improve. me i!w. /ato dlunor7 will pay IlhcraHor first-class aocomo datlons. Address W 01. irlbuuo ollicu. —■. i’O RENT—HOUSES^ rno^EIENT—A COMPLETE AND NWRLY-FUU- T nishad ootiaio on Oolumot-ar., hi mi toe runtof house and boarding owner for V»9 vt fur nfturo. Address Y 80, Tribuuo oißoo. AUCTION SALES. By EDISON & FOSTER. ART SALE 200 HIGH-CLASS MODERN OH. PAINTINGS, By difttinguishod American and Foreign Artists, aoldotod from tbo prominent Art Qallorios of this country and Europe. Among this fine collection will bo found choice exam ples from tbo following eminent Artists: W. L. Bontag, I Loots Robho, |R. D. Lewis, James Northooto, 11. Von Bobon, Win, Sharp. Frank Hohn, loicllo Fertnio, IA. Van Willis, Paul lUttor, iProf. A. Doll, |R. Olomlnson, And many othors of equal eminence. Util! bn on exhibition, with catalogues. TUESDAY MORNING, Jnno 0, and will bo peremptorily sold B-y A^rraTioisr, In Wctoesday Afternoon ana Erenli, Juno 4, at 21*2 and 8 o’clock, at No. 114 East Madison-st. And continue each afternoon add evening until all aro sold. ULISON A FOSTER, Auctioneers. WE SHALL SELL, Without rosorvo, tho halanoo of Unreileenißd PMps. AtC AUOTIOKT, This (WEDNESDAY) Morning and Afternoon, at 10 o’olook a. m. and 3 p. m., at Store 118 South Clark-Bt. EDISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. First Grand Sale PEREMPTORY SALE OF TEI ACRES, AT AUCTION 1 , Ofl Tuesday Afternoon,. Jie 17, At 3 o’clock, on tho promises, to close an undivided interest. Being subdivision of the S. E. 1-4 of the S. W. 1-4 of tho N. W. X-4 of Section 12, Town 39, North of Range 13, Eost, lying south and fronting on Sacramento Square and Central Park Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Saoramento-av. In this subdivision there ore 10 elegant Res idence Rots fronting on Sacramento Square, whioh is to he used as a Park; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Central Park Boulevard, which is 250 feet wide; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Sacramonto-av,, which is 100 met wide; and 36 choice Lots fronting on NionoUs and Yager-sts., less than two minutes’ walkfrom tho Depot of the C. & N. W. Railroad. This property is east of and near Central Park, being situated on tho Grand Central Park Boulevard, and only about three miles from the Court House. Of all the choice property fronting the Parks of Chi cago, none is more accessible or de sirable, or has a greater prospective value than this. . . A Special Train of oars will start from w ells-st. Depot at 2 o’clock p. m., stopping at Halsted-st. and Park Station, and return at 5 o’clock, for the convenience of all persons who would like to attend the sole. All ore Invited. Terms of sale hereafter. ELISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. By BRUSH, SON & CO., 11South CanaVst. Wednesday, Jane 4. at 10 a- m., 1 Rosewood Oaso Plano, Pailot Suits, Marble-top, Fancy, and Plain s Chamber Hots. Bedsteads. Bureaus, Commodes. Tables, Spring Bods. Mattresses, Lounges. Looking Kuglish Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carnots, Ac. Also, I ole gantoklna Dinner Sot, cost over SIOO. Also, 10 cheats of good Tea. BRUSH. BON A CO., Auctioneers, 11 South Oaual-st. GENERAL NOTICES. CANCER CAN BE CURED! Ho Knilb. No Blood. Little or No Pain. Treatment scientific and successfully used for twenty years. Trust no •‘bloodpurUlora." Donot sunorasar gleal operation. Call and boo proofs of skill at our office, fto w.U... «■ g; Vtt&JhtA. Q. K. DALTON, M. D. Yienna Exposition. Notice Is hereby given that tho Juries of Awards at th< Vienna BiposHlon bavo postponed tbolr mootings to th< Ist of July. Parlies wishing to forward goods for oxblbl tlon can do so up to the Wtn of June. For further lufor niatlon apply to UADULIFP BALDWIN, United States Dispatch Agent, 72 Broadway?, PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-WITII SI,OOO IN A FlßST class legitimate business; location best In city: protlta largo and sure. Address, for Interview, U 21. Tribune office. • PARTNER WANTED-A LIVE MAN WITH brains, not afraid to work, And SOOO cash pan join mo In my business: retail cash trade, oatabllaliod, and para well; no particulars by letter; references exchanged. Ad* dross 1)| carrier 36* ; TJARTNER WANTKD—WITH $3,000 IN MANUFAO- X luring building material; property worth more Ilian double the Investment rouulrod. Address Y 47, Irlbuuo office. T>ARTNER WANTED—I WANT A GOOD, BUfal- X ness man, with $360, to tako X Interest in a business that will pay the Invoslraont In ttt) days, Southwest cor* ner Statu and Madlson-ata., Room 6. PARTNER WANTED—WITH 8150. IN A GOOD paying business: references given and required. Cell No. 01 South Caual-il, In biisomont, for a days. “DAiITNKR WANTED—WITH $1,600 OAI’ITAL, IN X an oetabtlshod manufactory; goods In great demand; profits largo. Address Y 23, Tribune office. TJARTNRR WANTED-WITH SI,OOO IN A MANU- X factoring business: really good legUlmatobiiblnoii openings for men with SSOO to SIO,OOO. J. E, KIMUAIaL, 326 Doarborn-st. PARTNER WANTED—AN ACTIVE BUSINESS roan, with SIO,OOO cash, as psrtnor la an established Ary goods house, splendidly louaUid and making mousy, Ueasoas: partner retiring, 111 hoaltb. Address W 60, Trlhuno 00100, Chicago, stating particulars, oto. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE HALF INTUR ostwlthmo In roal ostato busluuns; want to extend iiiybustnesß. T. R. BOYD, 160 West Washlngton-st. I>ARTNKU WAN TED —WIT 11 SO,OOO TO’s4,ooo TO -L lako a half Interest Ina good, paying bublnoss. Very boat of references girou. Address, with inimo, W 711, Tribune office, INSTRUCTION. ANOTHER CLASS IN SHOUT-HAND WRITING J.X. Hill bo formed In tho Motropolltan liiulnoss College, 100 Bant Madlson-al., on Monday evening noil. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. sto v eTwitiToop* A.' pur boiler, $25; also, self-feeding parlor store, $lB. Apply at IWjTVnpty-flrst-iit. MEDIOAX. <jri nnn for A. oabb of stammering or ypl,\J\jyf stuttering that cannot bo cured by DR. HALL, at 119 PERSONAL. "PERSONAL—IP AIIRAHAM OUOFP, OR WOOD X Qrotf, formerly of Now York State, aro lu Chicago, tpo/will ooutor a laror by aoadlug addro** to «J. D, PAN* NINO. W South UaUtod-it, AUCTION SALES. By \VM. A. BUTTERS & CO. JUBILEE WEEK r GREAT SAXE OP • Handsome new Cacrlwcs, Open and Topßngiriee, Tight Trotting and Bldo-Bprlng Wagons. Carryall*. Iloach Wagons, Two-Heat .Open and Top Democrat Wagons, Hoary and Light Rspross Wagons, Roonml-hand Olar* onoot Poddlor a Wagon. Double ana Hingis ILamtu, .AJT -ATT OTION, On WBDNUBDAY MORNING. Juno 4, at at oar rooms, 6ft and C 7 South Oaual-st. ftjr~ Tho sale U peremptory to pay advances and charges, WM. A. BUTTERS & CO.* AUCTION B lIRfl. GREAT S-AJLiB OF io Bips, Carriages; Express Wagons, Mens, k, •A.T 1 -A.TJOTIO3ST, This (WEDNESDAY) Morning, at 10 o’ol’k* at 66 & 67 South Oanal-st. WM. A. BUTTEBB & CO., _ Auctioneers. GREAT OPENING SALE op Drj Ms, Mill ie, AT A.TTOTIO3ST, In Bowon’o Block, Nos. 16 and 17 East Mad. laon-st., on THURSDAY, Juno 6, at Oy£ o’olook. WM. A. BUTTSES & CO., Auotionoors. 100 DOZ. OBINroHsTB YOUNGERS’ AND BASS’ ALE, • •A.T A.TTaXXO3ST WEONEBDAY, Juno A, athxa, ni. sharp. UAVKNB I CO., Auctioneer*. INVOICE OF SBO,OOO Diamonds, Gold and Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Solid Gold Jewelry, &0,, A.T Atrd'xxoivr, BV W. A. BUTTERS & CO., On THURSDAY MORNING. Jono 8. >t 10 o'clock, .A tbolr Snlogrooro*, 66 and 67 South Oanal-Bt. They will soil, without roaorvo, a largo and fine stock 08 Diamonds, Gold and Silver Watches, Gold Chains and Solid Gold Jewelry. Tbo watches are from tho mo»o eolobratod makers of Europe and America, vis.: Joseph Jorgenson. London. JullusLaOrolx. Conor*. Charles Jorgenson, Loudon. Gluts, liallod, Loolo. Janies Pocard. Geneva. Alfred Samiloe, Loolo* ChotlciVrncbmn, Geneva. Henri Richard. Boole. Henry Ucguolln. Loolo.' L. O. lloymonu, Loolo. A. IluangunlD. Loolo. Knillo Richard, Lode. Fred Huuugeata, 10010. William Jaoot. Loolo. 11. PnrrolotACo., Geneva. Obao. K. Jaoot, Loolo. Juo. Ploret, flennva. F. Jaoot, MatdLLooio. James Naroto. Genova. Philip 11. Padlol, Genova. ' i’ljo above goods aro ladles' and gentlemen's atom and koywlndorei and every article soldundor strict guaran tooas fopfcaenlcd. • ... , . ~ Tbo above goods wero consigned from a largo Importing house, ind every article ottered will bo sold without 9 Tho Trtdo oro respectfully Invited. .. W. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer*. BDTTBHS Sb 00/S REGULAR SATURDAYS SALE OP EonseM Goofls, Carpels, Crockery, k, On SATURDAY, Juno 7, at o’clock, at out room*, • . .. ’ WM. A. BUTTERS A 00., Auctioneer*. . SECOND AUCTION SALE. OF Real Estate, On MONDAY, June 9, at 11 o’oloolc a. m* at Woe. 16 & 17 Boat Kandolph-at., in on’s Bloolc. WM. A. BUTTERS & 00., Auctioneer*. By GEO. P. GORE & CO., 22, 34, and 96 Edit Randolph-st. Our Spring Consignments BOOTS AD SHOES ARE GOING AT 50 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR, And wo shall move «W OASES ASSORTED GOODS ad auction on WEDNESDAY, Juno 4, at Otf a. m. GEO. P. GORE A GO.. , By HODGES & CO. Wo will noil the entire oontonts of tho prl vato dwelling Wo. 43 North May-at. Thursday Morning, June 5, at 10 a, m. Consisting of elegant rosewood parlor furni ture* English body Brussels, 3-ply and in grain carpets, marble top chamber furniture, French wolnut marble-top sideboard and dining furniture, kitchen range and furni ture, china, orookory, eto., in fact everything; contained in a first-class residence. Sale positive and without Reserve, os tho ' owners are going to Europe. HODGES & CO.. Auctioneers. By TAYLOIt & HABBISON. WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, Juno 3 and 4, at OX o’olook. Our Larpst Offering for tlie Season. Swiss Mulls, Victoria, and Bishop Lawn, Piques, wblta and colored, Black and colored silks, Brecho Long and Square Shawls, 200 assorted Btrlpod All-Wool Shawls. Dress Goods, Hamburg Embroideries. 100DOZKIDGLOVES, FINE GOODS Largo lot Real Lima Laco Shawls and Saoqnos, MO dog. Lace Collars, Plquo Hats, Unon Goods, Towels, Hdkls.. large variety Fans- and Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Plated gota. Also lot 8-4 all-wool Diagonal Gass., with perempt- n s JIAUUIBON. AuoUonoor.. # 31 and S3 South Canal-st. By HAVENS & CO. Large Sale of Clinunos and Palette at Auction, On Wednesday Junn 4, at 10 a. ro., at 63 Sonth Caoal*sU The attention of the Trade Is especially Invited. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. 6EEAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES’ SALE REALAND PERSONALPROPERTY BolongUiff to tbo aiIIOAOO LAND OOMPAHr, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On Wednesday, um IBtn flay of June, 1873. ' ■ Dy tho articles of tbo association of said Company, It U provided that all tho property In thohands of tho Trustees !u tho month of Jimo, IbTS, must bo sold at auction for OACJO, and Is valued at 91.5C0,000. and composed largo); of rlvor and canal frontage, ducked and ready for Imraodl* ato uao. Alio, a largo number of vacant loti in the Imme diate vicinity of tho docks, all well adapted for uiulueM P “/Koufio to this property Is unquestioned, having boon bold and owned by tho Association fur twenty years. The personal property consist* of notes bearing 1 per cent interest, bavins from ono to five years to run, and amounting to about «71W, 000. Those notes were received for deterred payments on land bought from tho Company by the makers thereof, and their payment Is secured by mortgage ou tho same. TICUMH 01* BALIi, OAHjI. lha personal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery Immediately after the sale. Purchasers of malty will do required to mako a deposit nn tho day of sale of 10 percent on tho Amount of their purchase,- thu hulanuo to be psia within thirty days, orus suouatlor tbo sals as deedsoou bo mads and delivered. MMIUIK n. oodkn. - 1,. S. UKUIMIKII, , UItOUUK Ohlensn, March 13, 1873. U. 11. llouut, Hoorotury, „ w „ y, < OllicowithOijaoD.Slioiaon.tOo., Koom3l. No. U .'V* ttIUSIOAE, mllE OIUIAK EAOTOUY, ;tj HASTJP£Vtti<is»u i. It Urn ohuanott jilooo In Chicago (obuy a oral <}lVf organ. I‘rloo, oM to 41*000*

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