Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 5, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 5, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. THE S^MOft^DF CUTLER HOUSE, AND W. C. SHELDON’S MAGNETIC MINERAL SPRINGS AND BATHING ESTABLISHMENT, a-iR-A-nsro HAVilisr, miohxgajsr- OS. OP. STAim, Proprietor. This Summer Resort is open for the season with the best Mineral Water In the State. Pishing, Surf Bathing, and Boating, &0., makes its attrac tions unequaled. ■ WATCHES, JEWELRY, ETC. IE IMIIS & TiE-KEEFERS. GILES, BBO.& CO. Offer tho largest and moat carefully-aelootod assortment of Geneva and American Watches, Bloh Gold Jewelry, French Clocks, Silverware, and Fancy Articles to bo found in tho West. manufacturing ourselves, and through our Now York and European Houses, wo have tho advantage of offering the Newest Patterns at tho Xiowest Prices, It will bo for the interest of those about purchasing, either at Wholesale or Hotail, to compare our stock and prices with those of other manufacturers and importers. Nos. 266 & 268 Wabaah-av. and 234 West Madison-st. CLOTHING. TZECIEEJ in spm- lIMM Clothiers, S. 33. COENBB Clark andMadison-sts., 588, 570 & 572 STATE-ST., Are prepared to receive a call from all persons, whether seek ers of Jubilee Music or BOSTON SQUARE-DEALING CLOTHING. WILIOUGHBy, HILL & C 0„ PROPRIETOES. B LARGEST AO. O. COLLINS,TT LARGEST ft BOYS* || \l BOYS* I ■ CLOTHING || IM »nd IM | CLOTHING \ HOUSE II I HOUSE |1 IN U. S. U OLARK-BT. 1 IK U. 8. M SILKS, &c. Jubilee Week! IMIEIIER BROS., 224 St 226 West Madison-st., Will offer, during this week, SPECIAL BARGAINS In Qros Grain Silks, Jap. Bilks, Dross Goods, Grenadines, Shawls, Scarfs, Cloaks, Llama Points, SaoQuos, Plohus, Ta ble Linens, Napkins, Doylies, Hosiery, Em broideries, Pans, Parasols, Ribbons, Ladles*, Gents* and Children's Underwear, Cloths, Oosslmores, and Cloakings. The lowest prices will bo made in every department. MAIOHEIMEB, BROTHERS, 224 & 226 West Madison-st. ro press stand. copyi: Lawers'CojMPmsStiil, With Forty-Three Compartments, FOB LBQAL blanks. CULVER, PAGE, BOYNE & CO. 118 and 120 Mouroo-st. tm jt ■ p&tlg llwm i SUMMER RESORT. BREWSTE & GO. OF BROOME-ST., WABEKOOMS, Fifth-av., cor. Fourteenth-st nSTETW YORK. Elegant Carriages, In all the fashionable varieties, from original designs of onr own and tho best stylos of Paris and London, exquis itely finished in all Silk-Sailns, French Morocco, and tho finest Broadcloths. Special attention is called to tho fact that every Carriage offered in our Ware rooms is the pro duction of onr well known DROOMK-ST. FACTO* 11V, and oqnal, in ovoty respect, to thoso built to tho order of tho mint rained customer. In addition to our stock of the LARGER vehicle*, wo offer a complete assortment of ROAD WAGONS, with and without tope, IN ALL WEIGHTS, for PLEASURE DRIVING OR SPEEDING, embracing In their construe* tion the various Improvement* introduced by us during the past fifteen years, and which have made the “BREWSTER WAGON Tlie Standard for Quality. OUR PRICES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, onion by mill have equal advantage* with thoio placed In penon. To prevent confusion, tho pobllo will please remember tbit we are not connected with a Joint Stock Company of Carriage Dealon now looking to abare our reputation by adopting a firm name almllar to our own. BREWSTER & CO. OF BROOME-ST, Vorerooms, Fifth-av., cor. Fonitconth-at, BUSINESS CHANCE. TO IffIBFACTIEBS We have a $24,000 manufacturing establishment in Chicago, finely lo cated, and everything in the best re pair; has a large city and country trade which has taken many years to establish, and on account of the poor health of the owners are obliged to sell. To parties desiring to engage in. this kind of business this is an op portunity seldom offered; 45 per cent has been the annual profits dur ing tho last eight years. City real estate will be taken in part payment. Per particulars apply to W. D. KERFOOT & CO., 90 East Washington-at. For Rent. Tbe present TRBMONT HOUSE, contain ing 76 rooms (besides servants* rooms), with kitchen range, ovens, boilers, steam boilers, passenger elevator, bar and billiard rooms, barber shop,’'laundry, drying room, safe, desk, and everything complete to continue business. Most admirably adapted for fam ilies, having rooms in suite, with baths and closets attached. . _ CONGRESS HALL, having 50 rooms, with kitchen, rouge, ovens, gas fixtures, and partly ftirnished. The whole will be rented iogotaer or separately for 10 months, with the privilege of two years more, at a low rental. Extra inducements will bo offered to responsible parties. . „ Apply to JNO, B. DRAKE, at Tromont House, or at Illinois Trust and Savings Bonk, corner of Madison and Markot-sta. To Rent, Cheap, In tbo Pacific Block, catba aoutboaat corner of Clark and Van Buren-iti., tbroo flno atorarooma on Olark-at., two on Van Duron, and office* above, and three fine balla aultftbla (or lodge roomt or other aodotloa. JACOB WEIL A CO., norHiweatcorner Doftrboro_ancl_JHadlaog. GENERAL NOTICES. 3sT OTICE. Prom this date wo shall pay no bills con tracted by any of our employes, except on our writton order authorising aamo.^ Chicago, Juno 3,1873. “SPORTI” Floe Trout-Bode, FJlea, eto.,and flahlog tackle In every .tru, B,«cu.Lo.d«. stWu i CO.. 836 Wabub-ar. CARRIAGES. TO RENT. FINANCIAL. ILLINOIS tat ml Safin -FI A -NTTC- Capital $500,000 DIBEOTOBB: W. V, OOOI.BAUaiI, •Dn. N. B. RAWS. ,T. M. AVRKYt MAAOWAIXAI* , O. M. LINDOrfREN, .WO. B. DnAKB. ANSON STAOKR. ,„„ JL O. POWERS, ,L McOUKOOR ADAMS, L. t*. SIpWAY. GEO. STUROKB. WM. U. p0 DsKOVItN, OPPIOBHS: g?pFdiS,'7^^ “NOS. 273 & 275 MADISON-ST., (OOKNEROP MABKEMT.) ill. win rocolvo B,tlo„ D.dotlU ul KWlntereU on ttj tamo*tthe rate of 6 percent per annum, asP™vldßaia K« By-Laws. Will receive and execute trusts, and Invest mono, for ImllrlduAt., E.toWi, Oorpor.tlon., *nd BtreKj tloi. Will lo«n mono? on Bond, nod UnrtMM. OmU Travelers’ Letter* of Credit. o sinTm<TviPffnßT ThU Bank ha* been organised M a STRICTLY TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK, and will transact only each bad* ness si Is directly connected with tbo receipt andcaro<» TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, and will bo »»I beralin ita business transaction* as la consistent with a sound and conservative policy and permanent safety. .. . Depositors desiring to do so, can haveletter* addmted to them In eare of the Bank, and on their ronant these letters will be forwardedto any other Post Office. They may also apply to the Cashier for any information on matters of business, or toiiave letters carefully addressed l *rra"n gomo n(« hare been made for a LADIES* BUSIN ESS DEPARTMENT, In a neatly famished room, with dressing room Attached, and separate from tbs gen; •ral business room, entrance to which Is from Market I wlllbeopsn for the transaction of business from 10 a. m. to 4p. in., and on Saturday Bvoolng* from 6 to 8. OLOSiisra- OF TUB Northern Pacific 1K 130 Loan. At a recent meeting of the Northern Paolflo Railroad Company the following resolution was passed: “Therefore, Resolved, That tho Loan of tho Company, under Its present issno, boating 7 B*lo por cent interest, bo limited to a total amount not exceeding Thirty Millions of Dollars, and that no issno of bonds, hereafter, by this Company, beyond tho said Thirty Millions, shall boar a higher rate of interest than 6 por oont por annum." The limited remainder of tho Sovon-Thlrly loan Is now, being disposed of through tho usual agencies, and on the basts of previous sales will soon be absorbed. As the bonds of this Issno aro made receivable in pay. meat for tho Company's land at 1.10 they aro in constant and Increasing demand fortbis purpose, and will continue to bo after the loan is olosod-ft fact which much enhances tbolr rains and attractiveness as an investment. Tho well-known elemonteni security possessed by those bonds are the following: 1. They aro the obligation of a strong corporation, with over 600 miles of completed road through a valuable ooun- try. 3. They aro a FIRST MORTQAOB on tho Road, its Bights, Franchises, and Equipments. 9. They aro a HIRST LIKN on its not earnings, which will bo largo, baring a large Government trade, and will control the trade of Manitoba anti Montana. 4. There Is pledged, in addition, for payment of princi pal and interest, a Land-Grant of 19,800 acres per mile through tho States, and 35,600 acres por mile through the Territories traversed, sales of which bavo boon made at on average of $6 per aero—resulting in a sinking Innd lor (he cancelation or the 7.80 bonds. Other securities aro received In exchange at market rates. For the limited period daring which tbo Loan will bo on tho market the 7.80 Honda may bo ordered from any of the Banka and Bankers that have hitherto sold them, and from ounolroa. All needed Information will bo furnished hr ths various Agents of tbo Loan, and hr JAY OOOKB A 00. LENT, PRESTON & KEAN, General Agonta for Sale of 7.80 Loan, Chicago. BANKING HOUSE OP LOTT, PEESTOH & KEAN, BOOTH BEDE, I WEST SIDE, 157 and 159 LaSalle-st. Icon Daisied & BaMolpt-sts. Bank of Discount and Deposit. Certificates of Deposit bearing Interest. Collections made on liberal terms. Advances on Governments and Gold at low rates of interest. Gold Exchange—Foreign Exchange. Travelers* Credits. Also, deal in first-class securities. IDIGr- We hive Attorney* everywhere, and collect tho claims of Wholesale Merchants and others In any part of tbs COLLECTION AGENCY, H8 Madlson-lt. __ MONEY TO LOAN Ou llrst-class city property. MEAD A COB. 163 LaSalle-st. MONEY TO LOAN Oa Collateral Stocks, at low rate*. Commercial Paper wanted by WM. P. WATSON A 00., - •W^TIiLSOIST’S CARBOLATED GOD LIVER OIL la ft BpeolQo and Radical Coro (or CONSUMPTION AND SOEOFDIOUS DISEASES, Rorownbor the name, “ WHUon'a Carbolated Ood Liver OH." Iteomoe in large wedgo-ebaped bottles, bearing tbe Inventor*! ilgnaturo, and la eold by tbo boat DruggliLc. Proparoi by I, H, Willson, 83 John-st., N.Y. For aale by all DtnggUU. CLOSING-OUT SALE. ecialiticetoMes Closing-Out Sale CONTINUED AT &. MBNDELSON'S, East Madison-st., oor Franklin, Decided Bargains, Every Article Below t CHICAGO, .THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1873, O-ZR/18-A-T AUCTION SALE RESIDENCE LOTS Hyde Park. We will 801 l at Public Auction, on tho ground, Fifty-Pour (54) Lots, each 60x160 feet, situated on Madi son-av., Adams-st., and Hyde Park ay., between Fifty-fourth andFifty flfth-sts., in the Village of Hyde Park, on SATUKDAT, Juno 7,at1:30 p, m. Terms of Sale: 1-10 cash; 1-10 iu go days; 1-10 in 00 days, and the balance in 1,2 and 3 years from day of sale, with annual interest at 0 per cent. Title perfect. Printed abstract of title furnished each pur chaser within 30 days after the sale. Tho above lots are situated in the very centre of the Village of Hyde Park, within two and three blocks of the Hyde Park Depot, and within one and two blocks of tho Dummy Depot, on high and dry land, a por tion of whiohis beautifully timbered. Hyde Park-av. and Adams-st. are finely macadamized, and elegant drives, schools, churches, and stores within a few blocks. The property is near tho Hyde Park Ho tel, and the lake shore, and within one and two blocks of the Dako Shore South Park. The sale will be peremptory and bona fide in every respect, as tho property must and will be sold. Great bargains can bo expected. For plats, and further particulars of the sale, apply to Clarke, Dayton Sc CO., 120 DaSalle-st. CLARKE, LAYTON & CO. Free Train, to and from this Sale, 1 diving the I. O. R. R. Depot, foot of Lake-st., at 1:30 p. m., and return ing at close of Sale. REAL ES 1 We, Layton & Go. ' We have now for sale several largo tracts of land on the West Side,near oar shops* Several 10-acre blocks near Lawndale, within a short dis tance of the railroad and Douglas Dark. We have several lots also on the West Side,near Eouben-st., south of Twelfth-st, Great bargains on the South Side, opposite to the Dark and near and fronting the Boulevard. Several pieces which bought at the present prices will make the pur chaser a rich man in due time. Call and see our maps and go and look at property. CHACE & ABELL, 184 Dearbom-st., Honor© Block, dealers m REAL ESTATE. Wo make a specialty of property between tbo City Urn it* and SOUTH CHICAGO. _ Investments. Blocks and Acres for solo in vicinity of Central Park end O. A N. W. R. W. Co., on Madison and Washington its., Chicago and Hyraan-ovs. . _ 10 Acres on Barry Point Road, In See. IS, 89, 18. SO Acres cor. Division am! Forty-clghth-ats., or Hyman »t. In view of the great Improvements being made in this locality, the above lands »ro sure to double In value within next year. J. D. HARVBY, wuuin next yu«r. KgU(o and Iyoang> m LaSallc-st. For sale, 318x660 feet on the northwest corner of Fifty flrst-st. and Cottage Grovo-av., fronting south on the frost park and north on Klfty.flrst-st. Price, 860,000. onn». ,V cash, balance 1, 3, and 8 years. This property will be worth f loapOO la twelve months. Inaulro of JACOB WEIL A GO., earner of Madison ana Dear bornsts. Forty Acres For sale or exchange—Handsomest high land near Wash ington Heights: healthy: good water: beautiful groves; commands tine view of Morgan Park, with Its Improve ments, collages, and schools. Two good houses on the promises, sad superior property to subdivide or hold, as railroad facilities and other improvements are multiplying .11 .roundlt. Will trt. . .Ifl :r on.. STATIONERY. BOOKS, See. EMEESON & STOTT, WUOLBSALB AND RETAIL DEALERS IN STATUEEY, BOOKS, AND mo. CEOaUET. BEST I.IBT IN TUB 01TV. 1330 ‘WEST ayE-A.X>ISOKr-S'r- J. STOTT, UtßVflth Wntlorn Now* Co. lE&IBIMIO'V’ -A-Ij HOFFMAM & AMBERG’S AND BOARDING STABLE, 160 & 168 Woot 'WanhlnKlon-ot. , Our Urory Stock and SUtilo hag no equal in Chicago. REMOVAL. C, E DYER & CO,, General Fuel Dealers, MAIN OFFICE ÜBUOVED TO 73 Woßhington-st,, U. B. corner Dearborn, BEAL ESTATE. OF OHOIOH IN THE VILLAGE OP FOB SAME BY IJ3O DaSallc-st. CAPITALISTS. REMOVALS. LIVERY JEWELRY, &o„ Jubilee Jewelry! FINE WATCHES, • STERLING SILVER WARE, SILVER-PLATED WARE, CRYPTOCYLON ICE PITCHERS, RUSSIA LEATHER GOODS, FANCY GOODS, OPERA GLASSES, FANS, PERFUMERY, &C. ONE PRICE TO ALL. COMB AND SEE The Handsomest Store, The Largest and Finest Stock, The Lowest Uniform Prices. N. MATSON & CO., STATE AND MONEOE-BTS. WATCHES, JEWELRY, A.3NTXS Silverware, Etc., At extremely low prices, pre vious to removal to my new store, Nos. 183, 185 and 187 Wabash-av. . A. H. MILLER, IIS Slile-sl ail 12 fist Haul MUSICAL. HAILETT.DAVIS & CO.’S PIANOS. SEVENTY-FIVE flrit premium* award ed for BUST PIANOS. 20,000 bavo boon manufactured and are now In USE. Franz Liszt, first of Hying Pianists, unit U the moil admirable JnstmmontoTor made. tm'bOßO Plano*, both Grand and Square, can bo aeon In Chicago, In largo nnmbon, with a variety ot other mamiiaotorea, at tbo Plano and Organ Warerooma of W.W KIMBALL, STATE ANDADAMS-STS. A largo assortment of now Pianos and Or gans to BENT. Parties wishing to pay by inatallmenta can be accommodated. I IM tail is Sms, 283 WABASH-AV., Corner of Van Buren-st., CHICAGO, MUSIC Ilf EVERY FORM. JUBILEE ORGANS, Temple Organs, and Melodloaa. Wholesale Warstooms of the Northwest and South, 63 and 56 South Ada-st. R. D. WILLSON. PICTURE FRAMES, &o. MINS, CLARK & CO, 197 & 199 S. Olmton-st., MANUI'AOTOnnUS Off MOULDINGS, PICTUEE FRAMES, AND LOOKING GLASSES, AND JOBBERS OF CHEOMOS, Engravings, &o. The Largest Stock In the West. Coll or send for Catalogue. painti; FRt! FRESCO FAINTING. SCHUBERT & KOENIG, ARTISTS IN FRESCO, 317 EAST WASHXNGTON-ST. Order, (or lino Pointing iollolljd. At lirooli of •till ruler to tho u«w HUenmm end recltle Hotel*. H. PRICE GRAVES, MHBOHANT TAILOB, ■ Unmoved to 187 South OlarK-ut. millinery. FASHIONABLE lILLINBRY And Dress-Jinking nt 82 Slntc-st, Mr*. D, A. JACKSON, Agon! CARPETS, Sea. CARPETS A3ST3D FtRHITME! EFIiMCo, 121 & 123 State-st., oazoAoo, Having' bought of tho largest import ing firms of the sea-board and the loading manufacturers of the coun try, a largo line of their SURPLUS Spring Stock, are prepared to offer to the public thtf LARGEST and MOST DESIRABLE lino of BODY BRUSSELS CARPETS, both in STYLE and QUALITY, ever showil in this city, at prices EAR BELOW THEIR VALUE, and which must command the attention of every one. Their stock of VELVETS, WILTONS, MOQUETTES, AXMINSTERS, TAPESTRY, BRUSSELS, INGRAIN, Eto., Eto., is of recent selection, choice and desirable, and will be offered at VEBT LOW PBIOES; Having recently opened a ETJB-' NITDBB DEPABTMENT in the ad joining building, we will display the best stock of PUBNITTJBE in the West. Parties desiring to famish their houses will find it greatly to their advantage to call onus for CARPETS OR FCffITDRI. ART GALLARY, FOR QUALITY IN PHOTO&MPHS, CALL UPON 3B£X.j3LXa-X>, Whoso work ia kept up to the VERT HIGHEST STANDARD of Photo graphic excellence. S3 FBB IDOZEIST. Studio, 590 Watash-ay. COPYING. $3 $3 TAKRTOUB Old Pictures of De ceased Friends To BRAND'S to have them beauti- fully copied and enlarged. BRAND’S ART GALLERY, 896 Wabash-av. PAPER HANGINGS. JUBILEE WEEK. PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, LACE CURTAINS, LAM BREQUINS, ALL KINDS 03? HAT TRESSES, jmd other BEDDING, will bo sold at as low prices as any bouse in the city. GIVE US A CALL before purchasing elsewhere. HILGBE.JENKIRS k Fiffl, 107 STATE-ST. AUCTION SALES. GREAT OPENING SALE 6s 1 Dry Goois, elite &c„ .A.T A.TJOTIO3ST, In Bowen’s Block, Nos. 15 Sc 17 Bast Ban dolph-st., on TB.UBSDAY, Juno 5, at Otf o’alook. WM- A BtTTTEKB & 00., * Auctioneers. HOTEL. “THE COMMERCIAL,” Corner of Lato and Dcavlwra-ste,, (Opposite Tnmoot House), OPENS MONDAY MORNING, «Tuxie Accommodations for 600 Guetits. $2.50 per Day. PULLING & INGRAHAM. Proprietors. WANTED. Partner Wanted. In a well-established Wholesale Grocery llouso In Chicago. Itotlablo party, with $30,000 to SIO,OOO. can soonrqads. sltablo business and investment. Address, wllhrefor* onoei. WHOLKBALB OROUKU, Tribune office. FOR SALE. EAGLE WORKS. Oloslng-out Sole of Now and Second-hand Bailors, Engines, Lathes, Planers, &0., «o. Tbo best in market. Bond for circulars. <lB Oanal-at. P. W. GATES. Proaidont. HATS. mm ■ ihml You can savo money H fills 111 & 00.-a, No, 104 East Ijladison-Bt. WASHINGTON. Brisk Competition for the Atlantic Mall Con - lets. • r g' Postmasters OomplM of Non-Deliv ery of Poa - - .I*- hi .Conference of the P ( Slident and Cabinet with the Civil Service Corn miss "ers. Special Dispatch to Tht CMenqo Tribuns, TUB MAB3AOIIUSETX3 DISTRICT ATTOENETSfUr. Washington, D, 0., Juno A.—TJio contest over tbs vacant United States District Attorneyship in Massa chusetts is becoming interesting, from the fact that for the lint time the strength of the Boutwoll-Butlor combination, by which tho former was elected United States Senator over Dawes, Is now being thoroughly developed. The DontwfJJ-Dutlcr clique present tho name of a man for this responsible office who has only tho qualification to recommend* him .that ho woe a member of tho Legislature last winter, and voted for Boulwcll at tho Instigation of Butler* Tho protest Is made against any appointment of this character; that this position is not » political* ono, but that it requires a professional msa of acknowledged skill and experience. It is regarded hero that in this instance everything will havo to giro way to political Boutwcll has Joined forces with Butler, and tho Administration thinks it cannot afford to ignoro this powerful combination? however unreasonable may be the demands. ANOTHER UODKL CANDIDATE, James 17. Kearns, 'United States Marshal for tb* Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Is a candidate foe the Shrievalty of Philadelphia Connty, and is bached by the Cameron interest. There are on file la the Department of Justice hero papers from Judge CadwoUndcr, the United States Judge of this district, going to show that Kearns has impaneled Juries from among the Philadelphia roughs with a view to making himself popular among this peculiar class. The Judgo states that the lost Jury which thlk immaculate Marshal impaneled was so utterly reckless and deficient of all law and procodont that be was obliged, after one case bad been tried before them, to dlemlas them on the ground that their behavior would bring tbo Jury system into contempt. Cameron Id using all hie Influence to push this man upon the peo* pie of Philadelphia In the rospmuilble position of Sheriff. KON-DBMVERY OP PORTAL CABD3, The Postmaster-Ocucral Is overwhelmed with com plaints from different parts of tho country about tha non-delivery of the postal cards. It appears that tha Morgan Envelope Company, of Springfield, Mass., which has tho contract for furnishing tho cards, hoa utterly foiled to come to time. Tho contract was for 24,000,000. and tho understanding was that they would bo supplied as fust as required. Tho demand It greater than was expected, and, had tho entire 24,000.- 000 cards boon forwarded at once, tbo ' depart ment could probably have sold them. Tho con tractors have only supplied about 8,000,000, ouo* third of the amount necessary. Tho Postmaster-Gen eral, in order to moot tbo public demand, would glad ly annul tbo contract, but H appears that tho Morgan Envelope Company Is strongly indorsed by Con gressmen Dawes aud Ben Butler, and Crcsweil docs not care to incur their displeasure. Tho Company's bid was unusually tow. and the Impression, at tha Post- Office Department Is that they have discovered that there is no money in tho contract, and they are in ua burry to comply with its terms. Another fact In con nection with this matter Is that tbo last supply of cards received is said to bo below tbo standard. It is prob able that the Postmaster-General wIU be compelled to annul tho contract. The arrival of tho sloamsr Frolic, with tho survivors of Copt, Hell's Polar expedition, is dally expected at the 'Washington Navy-Yard. The Secretary of tho Mary has given orders that the officers and men Of tha Polaris, on board tho Frolic, shall not bo allowed ,to communicate with anybody until they shall first have had an Interview with tho Secretary. That official is not at all satisfied with tho numerous statements al ready published, purporting to give tho story of tha wreck of the Polaris. He proposes to ascertain, if pos sible, tho truth from Capt. Tyson and tho men who ara with him. To this end, tbo Secretary will subject each man to a separate examination, so that no one shall know what his comrade'relates. Secretary Itobeson, who is a lawyer, thinks this will be tho bent way to reach tha truth. There is a suspicion that Oapt. Hall was the object of foul play, and that there was a mutiny on board tho Polaris. The ship was under tha rules and regulations of tbo navy, and, should it ap pear that the suspicions entertained are well founded# the offenders will bo rigorously punished. . After tbe White Star Lino lias, 1)7 counsel, to-mor row. shownwhy its contract for carrying (be malls between tlio United States and England shall not bs annulled, the representatives of the Inman and Bremen will argument before (bo Postmaster-Genera) In favor of their respective claims for tho contract now bold by tho White Star Line. Tho Inman Lino carried tho mails before tho White Star Company scoured tb* coutract, and is now,seeking to recover, claiming for. Its vessels equal speed and greater reliability. Tbf steamers of tbo latter lino touch at Queens-. town. The Bremen original lino now car ries tbe malls to Germany, and, as it* steamers touch at Southampton, an effort Is being made to secure tho English mails also, there fore the competition is lively for tho honor of carrying those mails, (ho compensation for which service has, within several years, been greatly reduced. Formerly it amounted to about a quarter of a million dollars pet year. At that period the rate of letter postage be tween tho two countries was 24 cents for one-hall ounce, of which the steamers received one-third ok sea-postage. Now the rate is 6 cents per half ounce, ono-thlrd of which goes to the English, one-third ta (he United States Government, and tho remainder to the steamship lino as sea postage. Under an old law, which is stlllin existence, an American lino of steam ers would receive two-thirds of the entire rate ofppo- y tage, that is, both the inland and ocean postage. The case of tho White Star Lino Is apparently rather hope less, although the Department does not seem inclined to make a change If it can bo avoided. This line hi* repeatedly been unable and failed to carry the mails as agreed, and has just informed the Department that it will bo unable to take oat the several malls on the Mat Inst. S3 $3 DTOLEV, Tire MAIL RODDEB. Thus far the Post-Office Department has but few de*' tails of tbo arrest In Boston on Saturday last, of R. L, Dudley, the extensive mall robber, further than those obtained through the local papers of Boston. To-day, however, a letter was received from Charles Field, on® of the Special Ageuta of tho Department, stating tboc Mr. Elwol, one of his colleagues, who conducted tho search for Dudley, is quite ill from incessant work for obout four weeks In effecting this capture. Field say* Dudley la bo smart as to ca\u« much trouble and delay, ho having obtained tbe best counsel, and hopes at least to save the money, but that will not be possible, oa the proper ty taken from Dudley, amounting to sotnu SIO,OOO, it covered by the attachment of tho Adams Express Com pany, which seeks to recover a portion at least of tbs money, out of which Dudley swindled tbo Com pany by passing upon It a forged draft. Elwell intended to start with Dudley for the West as soon as the Court made tbo decision, which was ex pected to-day; but It Is evident that some further do* lay will bo occasioned by the circumstances mentioned in tho following telegram from Boston, received by ths Postmaster-General this afternoon: “Dudley is in tho hands of the United Htates Mar shal, and a desperate attempt is being made by the lawyers to get him away. I am under urient on tbe pretext of having unlawfully detained thn primmer'* wife. • (Signed) J. 8. Elwell, bp'l A«t.” The Poetmaslor-Oeneral immediately tolograjibHl Gen. Burt, requesting him to render such assistant* is Elwell as might become necessary. (7b th* Attoeiattd /*rws.l civil service mcvoiiM. Wajutinoton, May 4,—Tho Advisory Board of tlm Civil Service inut tbo President and 10-duy, by invitation, and submitted tbelr report, nmtiin-ly considered, proposed a modtflcatlun ol aoum of Dm pr*o« outrides, andaddlngsovoralnewonen. Tuw<nimpaove. , ments are designed to mokn tbo Civil Bervtco mors efficient, being based ou a strict adherence to its prln. olples, and will aid in remedying such dofecla on ex. porlenco baa shown to exist. Quo of tlu» modiflea- Lous will servo to facilitate the filling of vacancies by the prompt examination of applicants. It is under* stood that tbo Hoard baa given a careful con sideration to tbo subject of securing an equable distribution of oUlcos as regards locality. Tbu views of tbo Cabinet, so far an expressed, are m accord with tboso of the Board. Tbo modified rule* will not bs promulgated by tbe President until alter Urn next mooting of tbe Cabinet. Tbe President has postponed bis departure for Long Branch until Friday. Appearance of Hie VrottU Dlsunse in niempbls* Mbmphis, Tcnn„ Juno 4.— For tbo past ten days, a disease which was at first pronounced by tbo pbyal cisus to be cholera morbus, or malarial fever, baa nro vallod bore, but no alarm was. felt until yesterday, wbcu tbe physicians gonorally agreed that It waa cholera, eomo classing it as " sporadic,” snd others as •• Asiatic." Thus farlts ravages bavo been chiefly oon fiued to the negroes and laboring classes, and in the absence of an organized Board of Health it is dllbcuU to ostlmato tho nunibor who have died. Xna doctors say that tba disease If promptly at tended to, yielda roadlly to treatment. Among its latest • victim* was George Mooro, of the Mem phis k Loulavlllo Transfer Company, who dlod biat night. During tbo War bo was Provost Marshal of the city under tbo Federal*. and was Wghly •steomod. Reports from towns below boro on tbo river asy that tbe disease prevails there also. „ Thsro Is but Uttto excitement hero la regard to it, NUMBER 290. cc THE rOLABIS CREW. OCEAN MAILS. lono nuAuen, —r* THE ChQLERA.

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