Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 5, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 5, 1873 Page 3
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A CONSUMMATE SCOUNBBEI. Doaporato Attempt of a iWoat Side Hilliard Saloon Proprietor to Outrage a Woman In Lincoln Park-no Paila In 111* Villainy, but Injures nis Victim for Llfbi ; ; On Tuesday night, In & secluded portion of Lincoln Park, the porpolroUon of a wanton outrage tfaa ot temptod upon tho parson of Mrs. CaroUno Granger,: (heylfo of orespectable Gorman residing at No. 74 whllnoy street. Tho principal In tho crlmo was a fcl. low named E. B. Qrlffcth, ouo of tho proprietors) ft billiard hall on West Madison street, near May, Ho Is said '. to >bo a married man, < and U about 33 years of ago. Mn. Orongor Is 84, and: Is tho mother of flvo children. Her neighbors testify' to her good character and proper deportment, A TAinoMB roporlor called at tho residence of' the Qrdn yeetorday afternoon,' and conversed with tho i woman,' j She fcavo tho following accoimt of hor ox* • poricnco: l On Tuesday evening she wont to visit her mother and father, at tho corner of lloubou street and; Chicago avenue. Ouhor return homo, about 8 o’clock, , •ha. called in at tho house of a friend, a Mrs. Stover! on Cornell street, near Holt,. Mrs., Granger had re sided In that vicinity until tho week before last, when her houso was burned dovm, and sbo was compelled to remove to tho North Side. She loft there about half -8«£clO0)Ll0 8° bomo: In front of tho North Bide Turiior Hally on Clark' street, sho Bays .she. was. addressed by a , man,• who asked ? Bb ! tola hlm tohM homo 'X? l Unorßtroet, and when ho offered to accompany , lQ bis buggy, tho simple-hearted woman consented to go. Instead of carrying her homo, tho aoonndrol brought her to Lincoln Park, where ho at to outrago her. In resisting his advances, which eho did successfully, she received a terrible beat ing ot nis bauds. Finding'himself foiled mhla vil lainy, ho accused her of having stolon his watch, and oogan to search her for It. ; Hla purpose ooUld not bo dJogulsed by the subterfuge; however, and tho women SS - hi™, with all hor strength, Bbb scream* fr for help, and was fortunate enough to at r*?°® ftkwiUon of n police, officer, who arrosU •Ua m D( * Qrlffllh, and brought them to i Street *BIOIIOO,. There -It was SST?*? 4 , P 1 ** I J or f«°o was In a. frightful ©ondltlon, being swollen and covered with cuts. Sev eral gashes were also found on tho backs of hor hands, proving conclusively that a; knlfo had been used upon her. Itlaprobublu that tho woman will lose hor right eye, os tho 110* were badly ’ cut. The injuries will not prove fata), but tho scoundrel'll as marked Ws victim with scars that time cannot efface. Griffith was brought before Justice Kauffman, yesterday morning, and held In $6,000 ball for further examination. lie was taken to tho jail, and subsequently hailed out. It may bo added that bo Informed a reporter of Tire Tuiddne that his watch was found under tho cushion Of tho seat of his buggy, yesterday. . look (Sit for pickpockets. l*he fact that a largo number of people aro expected In tlile city to attend the jubilee, bos drawn hither hundreds of thieves, especially' pick pockets, who ex pect to reap a rich harvest. Nearly all of them aro Btrangere to the police force, and hence It Is probable that they will work uninterruptedly. They will of course mingle with all largo crowds, and, being un detective, wbo may bo watcblngfor men of them lib, they will have things their own way unices visitors and others are unusually circumspect. The most prudent course to take is for people from tbo country to leave their money ami watches and valuables' In tbo uafos at the hotels whore they aro boarding j and, for the citizens of Chicago, to deposit what they usually carry in their pockets with an honest {nend who is not going to tho Jubilee.’ Unless this advice Is heeded, many will regret that Jhoy were so foolish as to take money and jewelry with them. For, if any pockets ore picked to-day and to morrow (and there undoubtedly will bo many), tho property stolen cannot bo recovered. The thieves will . o if nvr . a y them, and tho report of tho larceny at police headquarters will do no good. WHO KILLED SULLIVAN? The. investigation into the shooting of Thomas BulU fan, on Twentieth street, near Wood, on Monday night, ras resumed yesterday morning. A woman who Uvea on the same street, opposite Last’s saloon,' testified mat the clods and stones were thrown before Last fired at all, and whllq ho was firing. She fire four shots with the revolver, H 0 . 0 . 7 ’ ?k° ° IBO mw flve shots fired by A ? oun & maa that ho saw the crowd before they went to Last’s place, and BOiao of . them say, “ Lot’s go up and clean him oa *; , Tll oy ?Ibo fired a revolver near him. ThoCoro- JJ 00 , 8 . » l .^ r ». n ii or 0 lengthened deliberation, rendered a SSffiwSlfli 0 ? 1 ? , SulUvoa 00111010 from a - “ d THE CITY IN BRIEF. ,tat nmlll ° raciutlea will bo pro vldod by tho Btreot-cap companies forlbo oonvoymeo of pwscugoro to and from tboJubllco concerts. 1,,0n , 1 ° f Waukegan, bad a por-' non of hla foot cut off, and was olhorwiso badlyin- Jured, while jumping from a train, at th*i corner of Hoyno and Kinzlo streets, yesterday afternoon Mayor Medlll yesterday revoked tho license of Frank Schurichow, llquoixloaler at No. 144 West Madison «;^. t :l^ B » 0, u ngII J I V, or , OQ Sa *»a°y» It being* second or third violation of tho law. wiS£SS5 i W , “ , W!? slr ”ngara at Ibo First Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Clark and Washington streets, this evening. All who desire to an hour la a pleasant manner aro cordially in “ A Passenger” writes to The Tribune to inquire tho uso of tho Twenty-fifth streetcars on Cottage grovo avenue. Hq would like to know why they are not all through cars. Perhaps tho Superintendent of tho road will find time to inform mm. The store of Flschol Frank, at No. 303 South Clark street, was entered by a burglar at 2 o’clock yesterday morning. Ho was detected by tho proprietor, but made his escape, taking with him'two pocket-books containing S2O in currency. A lilUo boy, ei year, old. Bon of Oapt. Harrison, who Uvc, at No. 231 Fulton struct, fell into a cistern in uo roar of tho house, and was drowned before assist ance could bo rendered, Tho accident occurred at ftbout 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon.' The hospltoUtlcs of tho Christian Union, at No. 1U Madison street, aro tendered- to all friends and stran gers from abroad during tho present week. Tho will bo open from 0 o. m. to 10 p.m., and a cordial invitation is extended to all. «sr ß °pWa cover. Ho was drunk at tho time, • 1 , At tho Christian Union Lyceum, this evening, an T?. MrtTbSrnlon’and an ertompora Bpoecb willlbodelivered by Mr. Stoner. The following question will bo dubatod by Mcßaro. Lincoln nud Hum mer: JlaoM, Tbotlntbo trial of civil caußoa tbo iury system should bo abollßbcd. • „?. h , r „ r ?i wl i!. b , 0 “ Kri>°a vocal and Inslramsnlnl con tU B ? loa £“*, ponjjregatlonal Oliurch on next Monday evening, lu which tho following woll-Imoim SX? m 2 ™“*d.nß will _ partloipoto: Mlsu Hoe. trtitor. Miss Lewis, Mrs, Mason, Mr. Zlogfold,- Mr Ed. Sriiultze. lTofs. Booth, Klmbark, Com?, Collins, Phelps, Schultz, and Louis Falk. Tickets, 25 cents. cvfi^ leßat fi 0n i 0f bvery-atablo men, consisting of Mr. S b !’« ViUU,, l. Ul><m tbo Ma >’ or yesterday to protest against tho ordinance which places them on a'footing with hack-drivers, hut Ills Honor not appearing, tho I)arlcd * Mayor does not approve al together of tho ordinance os It now roads. th .° Coroner hold an inquest on tho body ra °f No * l2ii Sout b Clark street, who r-^ aUjl !? D y ? morning. A verdict of iealh nf^- COnt J? u ? tl J drlllklu ? ,s ’ aa rendered. Deceased °no child. Tho same verdict, was Sv o v.Zl,u“J JOd3r PUII P »>■» «!•“ S eSSth’ UahtoufrMl!™ 8 ' “ ru “ d6ac< ’> N °- s »‘ 6 °,’ c i ock y eß ]erday evening, a Uttlo boy bo d 0 ? cara °. f , °B°» named Joseph MonoguoT Rfn > i ed » a^ ay * ron ? 1 Ixlß »other at Jones’ Hotel, on Any information concerning him will bo thankfully ro ceived at No. 05 Canal street. Ho answers tothoSmo tm^ v,ra9 i“ dark colored pants and Jacket, and wore a black straw hat with a black ribbon. . Tho fjmlly at tho Nursery and Half-Orphan Asylum during the past month numbered 157, and of thcao 121 were children. Tho number of children in thoschool room was 89, and In tho nursery 12. On account of tho prevalence of measles in tho institution, It became necessary to refuse admission to forty children. Two d^ibß^S aulted fr 9 m th ® The monthly report of the Treasurer shows that tho cosh collections during May amounted to $510.25; expenses, $518.01; proceeds SLffS”, tago“ n “ tt ' M “-“- Tbe d ° a “ U ° a ” Board ot Councilors of tlio Hospital for Worn maud Children mot yesterday afternoon at No. 43fl Wabeah avenue, Mrs. Dr. Dyaa In the chair, and ulna members present Ilcporta of the Matron, i'hyslclun! Secretary, and Treasurer ware road and approved! Solicitor Mrs. L. D. Parks reported monthly donations to the amount of 1300. A vote of thanks by tho Board was tendered the parties who so admirably organized and participated In tho theatrical entertainment Riven at Uoll on the evening of May 2, and which sotted tho Hospital tho sum of $303. ’ The annual mooting of the stockholders of tho Chi cago South Branch Dock Company was held at their oOlce, No. 623 Wabash avenue, yesterday afternoon, Tho following were elected Directors for the ensuing year: William Green, East Greenwich, It. I.; William B. Sampson, It. B. Field. Cincinnati; K. B. Mason, B. a. Mason. Chicago. The annual reports of tho ofil cers were submitted, showing that tho properly of the corporation Is valued at $010,232.08 ; that It had no In debtedness ; and that 10# per cent had been paid during the year on tho capital stock—so6o,ooo. The Directors held a meeting and elected It, B. Mason. President; uudL. Q, Mason, Secretary, * Archer avenue was thrown Into a state of conslerno- Uou yesterday. A huge Texas bull, one of a herd which was being Inducted Into (he mysteries of tho slaughter house, broke oway and made a dash down the ovonuo, scottorlng destruction on all sides. Tho opparUlon of • foaming, wild-eyed hull, himself nearly mad with terror, luspfrbd no fooling of confidence among tho horses or their drivers along the crowded ovouuo. Every attempt to capture him proved voln, tho boast becoming more unmanageable every moment. Tho threatened danger was averted by opening (ho Archer avenuo bridge, and lotting tho furious creature tumble Into tho river, from which undesirable locality ho was finally hauled out with a derrick. The schooner W, O, Allen came in contact with the BUito street bridge, yesterday afternoon, and both the vomol and the bridgnwore considerably damaged, Tfio Alloo, while lying nt Ihn lower dock*, was ordered to go tin the river, and, while the tug union was towing her through, the order was countermanded nt Rush Btrcct bridge. While the Union was bearing away from , the vessel, the lines in some way slackened and got en tangled In the tug’s wheel, thus rendering her power less, and the vessel wont into the bridge. The Jib-, boom and all the bond-gear of the Allen wore carried nwny, and ehe was otherwise damaged. The bridge was also severely Injured, some any to the extent of; HOO or SSOO. ' 1 • Wo lira requested to state that tho Executive Com-' muted of tho proposed Industrial Expoailon have ro-| colvcd and examined estimates for tho construction of tho building, nml flbd that nbont two hundred and fif ty thousand dollars will bo required to carry tho plana l Into oiecutlon. This Bum mual bo* subscribed for In a I very fow days, or tho work will have to bo abandoned* .fottho nreepnt, or vdry much reduced In,lts propof-j tinna. This matter la one which appeals to (ho prldo! of ovorrclllrcn. Those who have already subscribed; should double their subscriptions, and those who have' not should do so at onoo. If completed on tho pres ent plan, tho stock cannot fall to prove a good Invest- 1 wont. Call on J, Irving Pearce, Esq., Treasurer, at, tho Third National Bans, cornel 1 of Washington and | Dearborn streets, and make your subscriptions to-day, if possible. ; • • . MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH, Now York Financial Nows. New York, Juno 4.—-Money was very easy at from 0 to 6 per cent. Tho unexpected announcement that the Dank of England bad advanced tho rate of discount from 0 to 7 per cent, caused: an advance of from if in gold and ,V@Af in foreign exchange, and a temporary depression of from jfloifln stocks. .Tho .Express says (bis advance In tho bank rate is undoubtedly a precautionary measure, as abothor installment of 10,- 000,000 sterling of French indemnity is about to be paid, Tho Bank of England, not having received tho usual supply of gold from this country during the past spring, and having to pay America 3,000,000 sterling before October next, virtually desires to check os far as possible, any drain upon tholr bullion. . Sterling was strong and hlghor, at 108K for 00 days, and 110 for eight. . Gold ruled-active and hlghor, opening 01110, ad vancing toliejf, and closing atU7»*®llß. Loons, 2@B. per cent for carrying. Clearings, $30,000,000. Tho Assistant Treasurer disbursed $437,000. , Governments wore dull but firm, stato bonds ruled dull. Loudon special dispatches report money below tho bank rate la tho open market; also, that at nono of tho continental money centres is tho rnto for discount nbovo 0 per cent, except ot Vienna, where It is 7, • Stocks oponod with considerable activity; but wore weak in tone, owing to tho advance In the Bank of England rate of discount. In tho afternoon, tho market became strong and higher with a reaction at the close. Pacific Moil advanced to 41#, and recoded to 40#. There wore many rumors afloat regarding this stock, tho most important of which was that tho President was buying 12,000 shares to turn Into the Company. This caused a general buying movement, and started the stock.up, UnioaPnclflo sold down to 28, advanced to 28#, and closed at 28#. Erlo declined from 02# to 02, and lalor in tho day recovered to tho highest point, Tho dthor changes wore unimportant. The market closed dull and steady, except for Pacific Mail which was weak. Tho statement of tho now Board of Directors Is not yet completed. Specie shipments to-dny reached $763,325. Tho Gov ernment bought to-day $500,000 of its bonds at 116,09 to 110,44. , Sterling, B#, x GOVERNMENT BONDS. Coupons. 'Bl 123*J Coupons ’O7. laiv 'B-aOs of *63 ...... ..lick Coupons, *GB... 130 .Coupons, ’O4 116*? 10*40 a U4M Coupons, ’65 . Coupons,*C3(now)... 119* Now 6a ÜBJtf STATE BONDS. ' Mlssouris..... 03* Virginias, old 43 Xennossocs, old 79* North Carollnaa, 01d.,28 Ipnncsaoos, now 79* North Carollnaa,* Virginias, now 60 STOI Canton.' 05 | Western Union...;.. 84* I Quicksilver 40 Adams Express 03 Wells Fargo 70 American Express... C 8 United States Ex.... 70* Pacific Mall 40* Now York* Erie 02* Erlopfd 72* Uaclom 182 llarlom pfd 133 Michigan Central. ...101 Pittsburgh 87* Northwestern.....,,, 74 Northwestern pfd.... 81* Rock Island 109* N. J. Central 105* Bt. Raul 54* StPaulpfd 72V Wabash 60 , Wabash pfd.... 80 Fort Wayne... 03# Torro Haute.. 15 Torre Haute nfd to Chicago St Alton 110 Chicago & Alton pfd.ll2 Ohio & Mississippi.. 10V 0., a it o 87# 0., B. St Q 103 Lake Shore 01# Indiana Central 31# Illinois Central 112 Union Paclflo slocks. 28# Union Paclflo bonds. 60 Central Paclflo bonds.lo3# Del. Lack. St Hartford & Ed 0.,,.. 2# Furolffu larkcts* Liverpool, Juno 4—ll o. m.—Flour, 27s 6d. Win ter wheat. 12s 2d ; spring. Ilald®l2s3d; while, 12a Qd@l2s 4d; club, 12a GO. Corn, 27s 6d. Pork, 655. Lard, 80s 3d. Liverpool, Juno 4—1:30 p. m.—Lard, 30b. Bread stuffs quiet and nominal. London, Juno 4—5 p. m.—The weather throughout England to-day io fair, and favorable to tho growing crops, ° 8 Tho amount of bullion gone into tho Bank of Eng land on balance to-day :s £70,000. The rale of discount at tho Bank of England advanced 1 por cent, and is now 7 por cent. Consols for money, 02#; account, 02#. Tho upward movement In tho rate of discount nt tho Bauk of Eng land checks somewhat tho business in American flccu ™w“=, SSV4S S&* d 0 of ’° 7 ' 0,,/ ‘ ■ IMOs - 88 * i Paris, Juno 4.—Rentes, 66f 00c. f'. 1 7.? UPOOI 't uno 4.—Ootlou dull and depressed: u P‘ and * , B ’f d » Orioansp o#®9#d; sales, 7 000° ’ B l )oculft^oa aad export 3,000; American, Breadstuffa quiet; rod winter wheat, 12s 2d. Flour. 27s®28Cd. Corn. 27a 6d,- 1 Beef, 83s. Lard, 30a. Cheese, 07s Cd. Cumber land middles, 37s 6d. Buffalo lilvo-SCocK market* 1 UurrALO, Juno 4.— Cattle— Receipts to-doy, Includ ing 28 cars reported to arrive, 1,071: total for the week, 6,222. Market lively at yesterday’s prices for heavy cattle. Light stock aro a shade stronger. Tho bulk of tho purchases wore made by couutry buyers Regular dealers are scarce, nud those present aro About 1.400 wore disposed of. Sales: 720 Illinois steers, l,0; d®1,33l lbs, at $5.75@0.12# : 20 Illinois stockers, 0521 L«, at $5.76: 35 Michigan steers Lio7@i,im ii)B f Ot tsMissio; as ofiXS 070<ai t 2M Ibß, *ut *5.4000.12*; • 101 SUaßoml bS 1,01001,201 lla: ut t5. 55@0.00 ; io MIBBOUri cows! 8M -A’m 60 .5 is Mlaspurl oxen, 1,678 lbs, at $0.00: 142 Texas steers, 1,067 lbs, at $5.00: 70 Michiganstockl era, 600®0C2 lbs, ot $1.40@4.00. Bueep and Lamus— Receipts to-day, Includfng ro portod arrivals, 2.000, Total for tho week 4,600. Tho market is lively at #o advauco on last week’s dosing : 003 Ohio clipped shoep, 80®88 lbs, OC $4,60(30,00. ' 9 ’ 2o °j 10401 for tho week, 16,600, Market dullnt $5.00@6.15, with choice lots a shado higher. Eastern buyers are out of tho market and trade Is confined to supplying tho local butchers* *rViv n i?SK„^Sales* 1,400 Illinois hogs, 160(3217 lbs,'at $6.10(36.17#. ' Now York Dry Goods market. NewYobk, Juuo 4.—Tho trade movement was very Blow with the agents, ond the Jobbers were Inactive. Co tton goods ruled quiet, but steady In first hands. Jobbing quotations still Irregular. Standard prints are dull, but Job lota aro selling well. Tho Daily ihtU Wm says Simpson’s white ground prints ond Anchor shirtings are down to 10#o, and Merrlmac shirtings to lOtfo. Heavy makes of fancy casslmoros and beavers a ,ro H* or * u s more freely. Foreign goods continue vorv dull la private hands, but brisk at auction* 3 Pittsburgh Oil ITiarlcct. Pmepimoir, Juno 4.—Refined peteroloum a Uttlo firmer. Sales, 10>tfo; Philadelphia delivery jtfo high er ; with ICo for f. o. b, here. Crude firm : sales: 27#c for certificates; and $2.30 on cars at Parker’s. Tho Produce markets* NEW YORK. Juno 4.— Cotton— Steady; middling up- Bueadbtuffs—Flour—Lower, with moderate de maud; receipts, 10,000 brla; suporflno Western and Blnlo, $5.80@6.00j common to good extra; $0.46(30.05: flood to chofee, $7.00®8.00: whtto wheat extra, s7.tK)@ 10.25; Ohio extra, $0.7001(1.00; St, Louis, $7.10®i2.0u. Ryo flour steady and unchanged. Corn meal more ac tive. Brandywine, $3.05. Wheat—Buyers favor with moderate export demand; receipts, 193,000 hu; re jected unring, $1.35@1.35!tf; No. 3 Chicago, sl4o@ I.42jtf; Northwest, $.15C@1,63; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.63 @1.55; do Minnesota, $1.65; No. 1 Milwaukee, $1.62. Ryo oulot at 05@97c, Barley and malt unchanged. Corn fairly active at a decline; receipts, 281,000hu; soft now mixed Western, 61®530; steamer mixed, 63Jtf@55o; good and choice yellow, 02@05o; choice old mixed Western, 070, Oats lower; receipts, 01,000 bu • now mixed Western, 45@40.jtf0; white do, 51®63!tf0: black, 46Q4f10, ’ Eaas—Steady; Western, 17@17Jtfc. Hops—Dull; 35@50c for crop of 1871, ' Lkatiiku—Steady at 28>tf®31o; Orinoco, 27@280. Wool—Prices favor buyers; mixed fleece, 6Uo. GnooKniKs—Coffee firm at 101f@19#o. Sugar ac tive aud firmer; fair to good refining, 7»/®Bo. Rice steady at 7itf@Bjtfo. ,4^ Petboleum—Crude, o#c; refined, lOltfo. Tum-UNxiNEJ-Flrraor at 4fl@4C.Jtfc. PnovisioKs—Pork quiet; now mess, sXo.37ltf; prime mess, $17.00018.00. Beef steady and unchanged. Out meats quiet: haras, ll@13o: shoulders, 7k-@7Jtfo ; middles steady; long clear, B#@BJtfo; short clear; 0@ oh{o. Lard weak; Western steam, BJtf@Bls-lGo; kot lo, OJtfc. . Butteb—Steady; Western, 18@240. Cubes*— Quiet aud steady at 12@16ifo. WnisKi— 94®94Jtfc. ■ ' PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, Juno 4.—BueAnsruFro—Flour very dull; prices unchanged. Wheat dull aud weak : red. $1.85; amber, 1.93. Rye dull at 870. Corn dull; yel low and mixed Western, 030. Oats fairly active; old white, 640; now, 61®520; mixed, 40W@480. I»eibolbum—Crude, Rijtfo; refined. lOitfc. Wuiaux—9so, ’ '* BALTIMORE. Baltimobx, Juno 4.—Dueaustupfs—Flour and wheat dull and unchanged. Corn steady; mixed Western, 030. Oats dull and heavy ; mixed Wceteru 47@480; white, 480, Rye unchanged. - * ' PnovisioNH—Quiot. Moss pork nominal. Bulk meats—Shoulders scarco and firm at 7.Vc, Shies dull and heavy; rib sides, 8#o: clear rib, 8;;@Uo, Sugar cured hams, 14®ICc. lard dull at Butteb—Active; Western, 20®230. Wuiskt—Dull at 930. BT. LOUIS, St. Lotus, Juno 4.—Bueadbtufps—Flour quiet and weak. Wheat dull aud lower: No. 3 spring, $1,16: *o. 3 red fall, $1.40@1.43 ( closing at $1,40; No. 3 red all, $1.60. Corn quiot; No. 3, 37>tf@38o on track; üß>tf@3B#o In elevator, cash; 410 July; 42@43k(0 August., Gate Armor r No, % 30#(£310 on track; | 3USJUj<o In ctovnlor; 81?M32n nollor June; OJJK'a.'Wlo dollar July, llnrloy nominal# Jlyodull; No. 3, 080, WniflKT—Sternly at 000. rnoviMOK»-Pork qitloit email lots, t17.00@17.f50. liulK mcnte, nothing doing, Dncou dull: only small onlor trade, Lira dull { roflnod, Oc. ItooH— Lower at H.000j1.80, . _ Cattle—Lower; prlran to choice native steer*, 5@ ' ' NEW _OETjKANS. • _ 1 . Nkw Onr.BANs, Juno 4.—Unjabßxurre—Flour dull, XXX.s7.oo@fl.oo; fami1y, 19.00Q10.25. Com Armor; mixed, B9o; yellow and white. COo, Oftta Armor, at 45 @47°. \ , l • ij [ UitAß-Quiot nl 750. '1 ! Hat—Dull; prime,593.00@24.00, , Provisions—Pofk dull noil lower; mess, $17.25., Dry sailed meats dull. Bacoif dull at 7kfc, Otfc, 01f@ PXo, llamn, 13tf@Uo. Lanl quiet; tleroo. Bji@oko; .keff, -■ ■ ; Guoojuuiw—Sugar dull; common, Okfo ; fair, 801 oVo. Molasses, none offering. - Coffee, 18@20ifo. , 1 Whiskt— Dull; Loulslaun,94o S Cincinnati, Oflo. Cotton—Quiet; Bales 9,200 bales : good ordinary, ICko ~ low middlings, 10&®17o; middling,lß@lß.ifc: middling Orleans, 18Jf@18J*c. Recolple, 655 bales.' Exports—Groat Britain, 3,136 bales ; Ooutlucul, 4.238 bales. Stock, 80,211 bales, * ,• . TOLEDO. ; Tot.rdo, Juno 4.—Dur.AunTurrn —Flour In fair do main], but lower. .-Wheat dull and lower; No. X while Wabash, $1.05; No. 9 do. $1.78: amber Michigan, $1,07 spot, sMotf Juno; No. 9 red, $1.50; No. 9 amber lilt note, $1.30. Corn dull and lower; high mixed, 420 spot and Juno; 43>fo July; 460 August; low mixed, 430. Oats dull and lower ; No. 2, 360 spot and seller Juno; Michigan,OStfo. Freights—'To Buffalo, 7 / , fo; Oswego, Bc, Receipts—Flour, 800 brls; wheat, 0,000 bu: corn. 13.000 bu ; onts, 4,000 bu. 7 • BnmiEirra—Flour, 000 brls; wheat, 6,000 bu; corn, none;.oats,2,ooobu, OSWEGO.* Oswego, Juno 4.—Breadstuff* Wheat dull: white Wabash, $1.05. Com quiet; 65c, CLEVELAND. Olevbiakd, Juno 4.— UnxADsTurra—Wheat dull and* lower; No. 1 rod offered at f1.05, with no huyora : No. 3 offered at $1.83. Com lower j high mixed, 48c, Oata lower; No. 1 Slate, 42c, ' • Pethoieum— Steady, alaudard while, ICAl'o: State tcet,23X@23tfc, BUFFALO. Buffalo, Juno 4.—Floor—Steady, Wlioftk dull; Bales 7,000 du No. 1 Milwaukee club at $1.47, Cora sales of 23,000 bu’No. 2 mixed Western at 470 ; sam ple at 48c. • Data firm; No. 2 Western at 41c. Oakal Fnsionrs—Firm ; wheat. Ho; com. 10c. , , . MILWAUKEE.. • Milwaukee, Juno 4.— BreaubTtjftb —Flour dull and drooping; spring extras, $f1.40®7.00. Wheat steady; .No. 1, $1.83,#: No. 2, $1.25,#, spot; $1.24# •for Juno; $1.24 for July. Corn dull and a shade low er; No. 2,380; Oats dull'and lower; No. 2, QOifc, Rye dull and lower; No. 1, 07c. Barley dull; No/ 2. 76c, Pnßionrs—To Buffalo, 7oj Oswego, 12c. Receipts— Flour, 8,000 brto: wheat, 134,000 bu. Snipansrrs—Flour, 4,000 brio; wheat, 143.000 bu. CINCINNATI. ; OmomwATT, Juno 4.—Buzadstuffs—-Flour dull; t7.550t.70, 'Wheat quiet at $1.6001.05. \oorn qulul at 47c. Rye quiet at 78Q80O, Oats quiet nt 37®48c, Pnovisions—Pork quiet at slo.sobid; $10.75 nekod, with no sales ; light offerings. Lard dull and un changed. Bulk moats Armor; shoulders, , clear riba, fltfQßKc; clear B>fQßfto. Bacon firmer: > shoulders, 7Afo; clear rib, Ojtfo: clear, OXo. « Wihskt—Firm: 80c. ’ „ MEUTSXIB. ! • Aißurms, Juno 4. — Cotton —Firm: good ordi nary, lOQlOtfo; low middlings, 17. • BnEADaxorrß—Flour and corn dull and unohang- / od. Oats dull at 43c. Com meal firm : $3.05, Hat— Dull; $10,00020.00.. Biun—Scarce and firm ; $14.00, ■ Baooh—Dull and unchanged. Toisoli Passed Detroit* Detroit, Mloh,; Juno 4.— Passed Up— Props Wm, Oowio, Thoa* Scott, Vanderbilt, City of Boston, Tem pest and barges, Pringle and barges, Pay and barges• barks Ogarita, Burnside; sebrs Russian, Berlin, Kotta weaver, J, B. Prime, Mixer, Pavorito, Danforth, Com- - brio, Qaffoo, A. n, Mosso, Fred Mono. Passed Down— Props City of Concord, Araxos, Phil. Bhoridon, Oneida, Roanoko, Sun and barges : bark Nelson; sobr Mary Battle. Wind— Southwest. Dbtooit, Juno 4.— Passed Up—Props Mineral Rock, Keweenaw, Japan: bark Marla Marlin: schra Abbio Andrews, James Platt. Passed Down—Props East, Arable, Sanilac, Huron City, Henry Howard. Orontoa; harks Vanderbilt. March, Ponsaukoo; schrs Northumberland, Mocking- Bird, Sweden, Moses Gage. ■ ° Wind —North oast, . Illinois River and Canal Nows* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribum, liA Salle, HI., Juno 4.—The steamer'Depeer ar rived from Henry last evening, towing the canal-boat Cataract from Hennepin, which passed into the canal, loaded with corn for Chicago. The canal-boats j! Maynard and Montauk were towed up from Peru, tho former loaded with corn for Chicago, and tho latter loaded -with com for Lockport, and both passed Into the canal. Three feet of water ou tho dam at Henry, nud failing rapidly. ’ CHINA. CROCKERY, &o. YOU ARE INVITED To oaU and examine our Hew and Beautiful Stock of Rich Cut Glass, Elaiit inM Ornaments, ANTIQUE BIAJOLICA, And Decorated Earthenware. Also best Silver-Plated Goode, Table Cut lery, and Common Crockery, com prising every variety, useful and ora nomentol, lor furnishing a house from parlor to kitchen. Having one

■ of the finest assortments of abovo goods in Chicago, and devoting our efforts entirely to fitting out Dwell ings and Hotels, we feel confident of giving entire satisfaction. G. Lawrence & Go., 105 State-st. HATS. For Dress, For Business, For the Jubilee. LAEffE STOCK, ENDLESS VARIETY, Everything Newand Desirable. ALL THE NOVELTIES, AT BISHOP & BARNES’ 164 STATE-ST,, cor. Monroe, Palmer’s Hotel; CUFFS AND COLLARS. LIEN HOLLARS AND GUFFS. Tho Greatest Variety of Styles over offered in Fine Goods, at WILSON BROS., ?* i 5, °9 r ‘M Slate and Wa«hlngton*Bta., . | n ., “Arcade Court," Olark-at., south ol Madison,! Oh,oft *°* Pike’s Opera House. Fourth*!.. Cincinnati. PROFESSIONAL. ’HE DOCTOR B. BEIARD, From tho Academy of Medloloe, Paris, now Profoisorand proprietor of tho Chicago Medical Institute, announces to tho ottlrons of Chicago aud surrounding country that ho scientifically treats all forma of dlsoasoa, whatsoever Its nature, at hla Drug Store and OlQoo, 188 South Ilalstml-Ht. Patients can ho consulted by mall and medicines for warded by wprow. All languages spoken. AUCTION SALES. By EUISON & FOSTER, ; - CONTINUED SALE " 1 ■' ' OF ■ 1 Ircfleeiei PMp, . AT AtTOO?ION 7 This (THHIISDAY) Morning, Afternoon, find Evening. Solo to oommouoo at 10 n. m. nnd 3,V nnd 7K p. m., at Store of A. QOLD - BMID, No. 110 South Olark-ot. EDISON & FOSTER, Auot’ra. THE BALE 1 . .of- ■ " ’ . HIGH-CLASS OIL PAINTINGS, ■ AT . AtrCTIONT, WILt Sli OOMTINUkb At Store 114 : East Madison-st., This, Thursday, Afternoon and Eve ning, Juno e, at 2 1-2 and 8 o’olook. c , ELISOR & FOSTER, Auctioneers. TBUSTBIfS EEBEMPTORY SALE . . OP .VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY, AT AUCTION^ SITUATED ON Mlohlgan-av., Between Madison and Monroo-sfcs. ■ |»B°|f;pK^s,''te^ oo ?oo 0 f A B A, f 2 ofc Bituntod on Miohigan ttVA about BO footnortn of Monroo-st, Terms easy, which will bo mado known at time of salo. Salo absolute. By order of ELIJAH SMITH, Trustee. EDISON & FOSTER, _ Auctioneers. First Grand Sale B O? SmTY PEREMPTORY SALE OF TES ACRES, * To l)o Sold In Tjots, AT AUCTION, On Taesflay Afternoon, June 11, At 3 o’clock, on the promises, to close annndivlded interest. Being subdivision of the S. E. 1-4 of the S. "W. 1-4 „of the M", W, 1-4 of Section 12, Town 39, Worth of Eango 13, East, lying south and fronting on Sacramento Square and Central Bark Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Saoramonto-av. In this subdivision there are 10 elegant Ees idonoo Lots fronting on Saoramonto Square, which is to bo used as a Bark; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Central Bark Boulevard, which is 260 feet wide; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Saoramento-av., which is 100 loot wide; and 36 choice Lota fronting on Eicholls and ITagor-sts., less than two minutes’ walkfrom the Depot of the C. & N. W. Eailroad. property is east of and near Central Bark, being situated on the Grand Central Bark Boulevard, and only about three miles from the Court House, and one mile inside the city limits. Of all the choice property fronting the Barks of Chi cago, none is more accessible or de sirable, or has a greater prospective value than this. „ Special Train of care will start from Wolla-at. Depot at f?V V°Pl'l^atllal S tod- B t. and Park Station, uf ®9 cl 9?? k * /ortho convenience of all persona TraniSs nij° {f»“r'rtf* 8 "i 10 -, 4" *n> lulled. TERMS OP BALB-V cash, balance one, two. and j^ t ro0 rL o^"*^ d . o P°" J t « 960 will bo ronulvod on each •“K perfect. Printed abstracts will bo furnished A^/°nU ) Mi)i ft 8 0«: »i° j and plat call on Messrs. Avory, MUlorAßlgdon, 143 Monroo-st., or to ELISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. By TAYLOR & HARRISON. SPECIAL SALE, This Morning, at O 1-2 o’clock. Largo lino Swiss Mulls, Victoria Lawns, Striped and Checked Mulls, Skirtings, uow lot Dross Goods, Real Llama LacobUawls and.Jackets, Bleachnd Shirtings and £L« 8 iJ n Pb. IJroC T , . ,0 . fID & Lo . n « Shawls, Striped- Shawls, ffiW Plquo Rata. Hamburg Edgings aud Insertions, White Dress Shirts, Black and Colored Silks, FlnoLln ens, Cloths, and Casslmurtui, largo stock Fancy Goods, fans, aOi ” Wo will oloso out largo linos of above goods by order of consignors. TAYLORA HARRISON, Auctioneers, 31 and S3 South Oanal-st. MORTGAGEE’S SALE, At Nos. 94 and 96 East Kinzie-st., FRIDAY, Juno 0, at 10 o’clock, Tho entire contents of 10 rooms, consisting of Parlor and Chamber Furniture, Carpels, Bods aud Bedding, Plated ware. Stoves, oto., oto. Also ono Van’s Patent Cooking Range, almost now. • By order of F. KAIISTKNB, Mortgagee. By TAYLOR A HARRIbUN, Auctioneers. By HODGES & CO. Wo will soil tho ontlro contents of tho pri vate dwelling No. 42 North Alay-st. Thursday Morning, June 5, at 10 a. m, Consisting of ologant rosewood parlor furni ture, English body Brussels, 3-ply and in grain carpets, marble top chamber furniture, Pronoh walnut marblo-top sideboard and dining furniture, kitchen range and ftirni ture, china, crockery, etc., in fact everything contained in a flrst-olass residence. Bole positive and without Rosorvo, as tho owners are going to Europe. HOBOES & CO., Auctioneers. liy GEO. P. GORE «& CO., •S3, 3J and 36 East Raadolph-st. -A.T -A.TTaTIOKT, $20,000 forth of HonsehoM Fnraitnre. GREAT BARGAINS. Sots, Marblo Top Tables, Bztea* n.AHn^ a^M o> / e( J tau adt, Marhlo Top Bureaus and Coin »•. i, lunges, lou Oliostu omT Hofrlrrorators, and W*. S°l&JJ lrrori * Walnut Bureaus, “a. iJ?S»°i oc »s* and Glassware. At Oooouk, Furniture. At 11 o'clock, Buggies. On Saturday, Juno 7, nt 0 o'olook, GEO. I*. GORE A CO., Auctioneers. i BY miusii, SON & CO. Gold and Silver-Cased Watches and Chains. At Auction, this morning, at 10 a, m., at 41 South, wlllbesold, to pay ad ranees, a find lot o( Gold Jlumlng-cascd American and English Loror Watches, Gold and Knsuelod-cased Watches, Gold Chains, etc. CHUBB, HON * CO.. Auot'rs. •AY, "JUNE' 5, 1873. AUCTION SALES. By \VM, A. BUTTERS & CO. ' GREAT OPENING SALE OF ty Goois, Clili, te, -A.T AUCTION, In Bowon’o Block, Won. 15 and 17 Bust Mad. iaon-Bt., on THURSDAY, Juno B, at OH o'clock. WE A. BUTTERS & CO., ' Auctioneers. INVOICE OP $30,000 OP Diamonds, Gold and Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Solid Gold Jowolry, &0., ' AI ATTOTIOISr, ' ' BV AV. A. BUTTERS & CO., On THURSDAY MORNING, Juno 6, at 10 o'clock, at their Salesrooms, C 6 and 67 South Oanal-at.. D^i?nn?hJ l fi«}u’ T,t, i o^ t .. roßei 7 o « hrgo and flno stock of BoHd Go?A Siir.fti 4 H , l , ? or Watchct, Gold Chains and MlobratS I « lhn watches arc from the most colours tea makers of Europe and Amorloa, yle.!- ChXinS London. Julius LaOrolx. Genera. Tniin. London. Ohas. Railed. Loolo. O?iTrlfl^PViinhrtm 0, ?j Vfl * Alfred Haimlor, Loclo. .liin n Co '' Q(| n |, ™< ChQB. IS. JaooA, Loolo. - rhilfpii; - . ,ro toll W “d mntlomon’. .lorn .nd fflSlnSSLrtrtT" “U«I«-iolAnd.r .trlot duanti hm/lS ab n O -,? ‘ill 0 '* 1 ’ Wo 7i conslaned from . Innro importing ro.otvo. d °' '‘ rtlol ° °“»«d wai bo .old without Tho frado aro ra.pootfully lu.ltod. W. A. BUTTERS 4 00., Auctioneers. BO BOBGIBS, CARBIAGBS, Express Waps, Piiaetous, Bc,, AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY. MORNING. Juno 0, at 10 o'clock, at 66 and 57 South Oanal-at. WI. A. BUTTERS & CO., . _____ Auotionoers. BTJTTEHS d) 00,’S REGULAR SATURDAY'S SALE OF HoiMoli Goods, Camels, Mery, Sc. 0 ’ 0, ° 0,I • “’** s*' ol WM. A. BUTTERS 4 00.. Anctlonoors. lUMBOIDT PABK PROPERTY -A.T -A.TJCTXO3ST, On Tuesday Morning, Jane 10, at 11 o'clock, At our Old Quarter's, Bowen Bros.’ Block, 15 and 17 Itandolph-st. 10 Lota fronting Humboldt Park, between Beach and Woago-avu., 25x177 foot each. 16 Lota fronting north on Boaoh-av., botwoon Hnmboldt Park and Sborldan-at., 35x131 foot bach. 16 Lota fronting south on botwoon Humboldt Park and flhorldan-st., 26x134 foot oaob. Terms, H cash, balancoland 3 roan, Interest at 8 per oont. Title porfoot. Fall warrantee deeds given. WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., Auotlonoon. FRAME DWELLING LEASE 03? LOOT On DoKalh-st., near Polk, -A-T -A.XJCTIO3NT 3 On Tuesday morning, Juno 10, at 11 o’clock, at our old quarters, Bowon Bros.' Block. 16 and 17 Ran dolphs, House untlroly now, with 4 rooms, olosots, high basement. Lcasoallot, 84x100, 4roars to run. Terms, cash. WM. A. BUTTERS 4 00., Auctlonoon. VALUABLE LOT ON OHIO-ST. • -A-T AUCTION, On Tuesday morning, Juno 10, at 11 o’clock, at our old quarters, Bowon Bros.'Blook, 16 and 17Ran* dolph-st. * Lot 0, In Block 17, Butlor, Wright 4 Webster's Addi tlon, C9footrooro or Icsabr 100 feat deep to IB foot altar. Thon, 3 sowor, 3 water, and 3 gas connections, with catch-basin. Tillo porfoot; H cash, balance In I and 3 years, at 8 per cent. WM. A. BUTTERS 4 00., Auctioneers. SECOND AUCTION SALE OB’ Real Estate, On TUESDAY, June 10, at 11 o’olook a. m., at Nos. 15 & 17 East Bandolph-st., in Bow on’s Block. WM. A. BUTTBBS & 00., Auctioneers, By HAVENS & CO. AUCTION SALE Of the largest and finest assortment of ELEGANT pIIiIOSIOS over offered In this city, at 63 South Oanal-st.. Thursday morning, at 10 o’clock. HAVENS A CO., Auctioneers. TWO MILLION DOLLARS, GEEAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES’ SALE REAL AND PERSONAIPROPERTY Belonging to tho CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, on ffelnesJay, tte IBtb day of mm, 1873, 8jr . t . 110 .91 9l tlio association of said Company, It U provided that all tho property in tho bands of tho Trustees in the month of Juno, 1b73, must bo sold at auction for cash, to oloso tho trust. Tho realty la centrally located la tho CITY OP OHI DAGO, ana Is valued n151,300,000. and composed largely of rlvor and canal frontage, ducked and ready for immodl ato uao. Also, a largo number of vacantlota In tho imme diate vicinity of tho docks, oil well adapted for bualnota purposes. Tno title to this properly Is uoqaestlonod, having boon hold and owned by tlio Association for twenty years. : The personal property consists of notes bearing 7 per com Interest, having from ouo to five yuan to run. and' amounting to about 4700,000. Those notes wore received for deterred payments on land bought from tho Company by tlio makers thereof, and tholr payment is aoourod by mortgage on tho same. TERMS Ol? SALE, CASH. Tho I torsonal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery mmodlntoly after the sale. Purchasers of roalty will ha required to mako a deposit on the day of sale of 10 por coni on tho amount of tholr purchase, tho balance to no paid within thirty days, orns soon after tho salo as deeds can bo made and delivered. MAHI.ON D. OGDEN, L. H. BEEOIIKU, „ t GEORGE WATSON, Chicago, March 13, 1878. Trustee*. 11. B. UoaUE, Secretary. ■ i OiHoo with Ogdon, Sheldon & Co., Room 34, No. 173 La* Snlto»Bt. ■ ■ FINANCIAL. ME SHOES & IICHIGAN SODTHEI RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Bonds Duo Oct. 1, 1882, with Interest at Seven per Cent, payable sonil-unnually, April and October, at tho olllco of the Union Trust Co. of Now York. $600)000; or Ton por Cent of tho Loan, to ho retired annually hy tho Sinking Fund, Coupon Bonds of sl,ooooaoh. Registered Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO each, Price, 94 and Accrued Interest, ROBINSON, CHASE & CO. BIA.3STICDQBS, No, 18 Broad-st,, New York. AMUSEMENTS. MoVIOKER'S THEATRE, 8 - und during tho nook, tW . KATIE FTmrAM, In Ti O. DoLoon's now Drama of IIETi or v Through Flro and Water* u Drt j With Mn»»j dance*,) KATIIS ftrloktop. ) ' > NEON’S AMPHITHEATEE. BVEBY EVENING, GEORGIA MINSTRELS! BNTIBB OICANOB OP PBOOBAMME T O-IVIG-HT. MATINEE SATURDAY. MYEES’ OPEEA HOUSE. TIIB OfiLBDRATRD MORAN & MANNING’S 3VIXZSrSTK,iBLS 3 »^.^°i r J} n ??. ~a,#t, t,R9, t P t A a,ninonfc * All tho sure up, poartn* nightly. EUOKNK, UNBWORTH. FRANK m ANNINQ, Buffalo Boys. Excelsior cite, and Superb Orchestra. A choice Programme ■QTury OTentng. . Family Wntlneo Saturday., HOOLEY’S THEATBE. IN AMERICA. Wook undent ihT Monday, Jnno 3, during tin. ““nUm of elaborate TB GENTLE SAVAGE I BGKN "o sTblKrnmrHrr, c “ ,t , ""d «n ABBAT OP od^C^ ACADEMY OF MUSIO. to-night AWOTHEB ENTIBB CiyANTin OP HILL IPTIIO- Alrt THE FAVORITES. Lookout for tho. Burlesque Extrayagnnza and tho Spectacular Drama next Monday. Matlnooa Wedneaday and Saturday. AIKEFS THEATRE. CLOSED to fooUltato preparation. for tho QBBAT SPBCTAOLB, Which is to bo produced on Monday.arTme 18. MILLINERY. EXTRAATTRACTIONS FOR THE JUBILEE WEEK. We have, concluded to offer, during Jubilee Week,extraordi nary attractions in CHOICE Millinery Goods of all kinds, including a new line of elegant Imported . Flowers and Gros Grain Ribbons in choice shades. WEBS TEE’S, OCEAN NAVIGATION. IVHARD UU LINE. ESTABLISHED 1840. Steam Between Now York, Boston; and Liverpool from nbw york; Samaria Juno 71 Scotia Abyssinia Juno 141 Algeria Batavia .....Juno3ll Ru55ia.......... And from Boston every Tuesday. CablnPosanac, 880, 8100 and 8130, Gold Excursion Ticket* at Reduced Rates. • - Steerage Passage, 430 currency. Paaaongora and freight booked-to and from all parts of Europe at lovreat rates. Bight Drafts 011 Groat Britain. Ireland, and the Continent. P. 11. DU ViyiNKT. Goal Wost’n Agent. N. 1 . cor. Clark and Itandolph-sts. SATWIAL LINE. Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool •very Saturday, andf or Loudon dlrootovory fortnight." Cabin Passage SBO, S9O, ai SIOO Currency. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make early application for berths. STEERAGE, 829.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Qeeonatown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London. 881.00 currency, * Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. The Steamships of this line are the largest In the trade. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTEB, „ . ' , , . _ Gon'l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and Randolph-ste. (opposite now Sherman House), Chicago, NEW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other Points in England and Wales. The South Wales Atlantic Steamship Company’s now : first-class Steamships will sail from Pennsylvania Rail road Wharf, Jersey Oltyj ' PKMUK0jiH.,...;..,.... M.r 28 OLAMOHOAI} Those steamships, built expressly for tho trade, aro pro vided with all the latest Improvements for tho comfortond convenience of OABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. lint qabhi.. SBO currency Second Cabin 66 currency Steerage 00ourronoy Prepaid Steerage certificates from Cardiff 833 Drafts for £\ and upwards. For f S. r^or particulars, apply In Cardiff, ai tho Com pany's Offices, No. 1 Dock Chambers, and in Now York to ARCHIBALD BAXTER k CO., Agents, No. 17 Broadway. FOR EUROPE. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now York os follows; CITY OF NEW YORK Thursday, Juno 8 IPM CITY OF PARIS... !.Haturdar, Juno ? S P M CITY OP BALTIMORE Thursday, 7A* M CITY OF MONTREAL......Saturday! Jim ft 8 a! M.* And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Plor No. 46, North River. * Cabin Paaimsc, 870 and 800 Gold. Iteorago, toßritlsh Ports 930.00 Currency. Round Trip Tickets lit Reduced Rates, SIGHT DRAFTS fur sale at low rates. FRANCIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, 82 South Olark-st., corner Lake, STATE LIKE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW BEL. sSS*" aM JMf lln " Stogrago oiHoo, V? U, °‘ Jv '*I'- 1 '- SCALES. PAIR BANKS' » STANDARD JL SCALES ■\J» fiL OF ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS. MORSE ft OO gT 111 AND 118 LAKE.BT. JUBILEE!!! TODAY! GRAND INAUGURATION! PUTNAM, T’WO COLISEUM CONCERTS! Eils (Thursday) Afternoon, 2 p, m. Mils (Thursday) Evening, 8 p, m. Door, open for tho Aflornoon Concert at 13 :H0 o'clock. Doors open for tho Eronlng Concert sb 6:30 o’clock. MAMMOTH ORCHESTRA, MAMMOTH CHORUS, MAMMOTH COLISEUM. IIOKETS, ONE DOLLAR. NO REBKRVBD BRATS. Last Concert To-morrow (Frlflay) Mernoon, 2 d. dl GRAND OHOBDS Off DIE THOUSAND CHILDREN. Twenty-Five Cents. Admission for Adults, OWE DOLL AH. To-morrow (Friday) Evening, JUBILEE BALL! IN THE Chamber of Commerce. THREE GRAND ORCHESTRAS WILL FURNISH THE MUSIC. TELE 33-t£^.KT<S>TJEIT WmbOiSeryod In tho Open Board bjr tho most celebrated tlokota will bo llmltod.thnßlnsurinccQm. fort and enjoyment to all who attend. Ample and oonve* not wUh a todanoo PrOTld ° dfor thoß ° B P° oUU)ra who do fo r th 2. Bal L"r« 9 nl * to bo procured at tho a^ufou,\jis!rTi?k;tL' n G ° ntiom * n ’ «■»! “ ch CARPENTER A SHELDON. Maoagow. UNDERWEAR. SPRING AND SUMMER, * In Boat Imported Hakes. PM FasMonel Drawers. In Joans and Linen, and Novelties In Men’s Furnishing Goods. SHIRTS MADE TO MEASURE. PORTER & HOYT, McVicker’s Building 1 , Madison-st., and miKTUL ! Spring and Summer Merinos, An. fcla' Flannels, Silk, liislo Thread, ean, Xiinen, Jaeoonet, &0,, in line goods, at bottom prices. ...June 18 ....Judo 85 TOOK BROS., B. E. cor. of State and Washtneton-sta., ) ‘Arcade Court,'J Olark-st., south of Aladiaon, {-Chicago. And Pike’s Opera Homo. Cincinnati. SUMMER RESORTS. CLARENDON HOTEL, - SARATOGA SPRINGS, Will bo open for the reception of guests from Juno 1 to October 1, 1873. All communications for apartments aaonld bo atldrossod Charles K. Inland, Sturtovant House, Now York, or Dolavan House, Albany, N. Y.. previous to tho opening. Board, 81.50 per day. CHARLES B. LKLAND, PropHotor. SALVE, AlllClffht Snlvu fur DiimH, Bolls, CORNS! 28 cents a box. DR. STEPHENS. 121 Doari>oro.«t. MISCEIiIiANEOirs. WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Providence, R. 1., Builder of tho EARRIS-OORLISS ENGINE, With Harris' Patented Improvements. Send for Clrcu nrs. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4ii Stato-at,, Chicago. R lswoll knowobyallroadpreof tho papers, that Dr. O. Bigelow la tho oldest established physician In Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. B. tho most re- Downed SPECIALIST of tho ago, honored by tho proas, esteemed of tho highest medical attainment* by all the medical Institutes of tho day, having devoted TWENTY YEARS OF IIIS LIFE in i>erfoctr n g romedieVthat wIU * eftaoa 01 CHRONIC AND SPECIAL DISEASES In both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLORS C«H. CORRESPONDENCE JONtIDESIIAL. , Address all letters, with stamps, to Dr. O. BIGELOW. No. m Stato st. ’ wIiaBMUa P B » “ SSSSff! Dr. Kean, 300 South Clork-at., Chicago, M#j bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mall, ,r ?vt» * obronlo or nervous diseases. i»U. J. KEAN is tho ouly physician In the city who war rants cures or no pay. Orpon Hook sent for 60 cents. Illustrated with numor* ous flneengraviogi. i>R. J. H. CLARK, The ahlo and well known spoolallst-at 101 East Harrison* st., between Clark and Btato-sts.—can bo consulted—day orovenlng—on all diseases and difficulties of a chronic, delicate, or conlidentlal nature—of both soxos. Special attention to female difficulties. Medicines sent byinall or exprcßi. Hotid stamp for circular to tho Married. Ad* dross DR. CLARK, 101 East llarrlaon-st,, Chicago, 111. rXR- Tho most anocessful physician in tho oltyfn tho treatment of Private Chronic, ami Qenito«Urinnry Diseases, of both soxos. All female diseases treated with safety and sue* cess. Cures guaranteed. Correspondence confidential. Bond stamps for ladles' Circular ami * * Eureka" Pamph* lot. Office hours I* u. m. to Bu. m. Hundais, ‘J to sn. m. Address DR. MONROE, 377 and 279 South Olark-st.** ±>3Et. STONE, Confidential Pbyulolan, 113 W.Madlson-at,, Chicago, 111, (Aregulargraduate In modlolno) cures all chronic and Special Diseases, of both sexes, at ronsonablo prices. Modlelncsfurulshod. Nomoroury used. Consultation free personallvor hymall. Cures guaranteed. Female diseases treated with success. Olroularsfree. X)r. TbWKTOT2ffI>; 183 SOUTH OIiARK-ST., Continues to cure all Chronic, Nervous, and Urinary Diseases of both sexes, and may be confidentially con. W«* , l.i p# 5 ioa f kU l r °.^ by . mall « frco o* charge. Fomnlo difficulties treated with aafaty and success. TVs Medical Treatise to ladles aud gentlemen sunt free. 1 PRESCRIPTION* PREE For the speedy cure of Nervous Debility, Early Dees-, sod the whole train of gloomy attendants, Loss of Menu* AJ - 3 JUBILEE,

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