Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 5, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 5, 1873 Page 7
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~ city estate. jtkhTsalb^^ PN rtrt 7 i ,t 'Ar^ tb , wh ''' T *' n^rTMrtr.fonrth^t. 100 t., Wabtah-ar,, near Thlrly-fifth-st, M t., Wabaih-ar.. 88 J.. Wabaih-ay., near Forty-lirat-at, 52 noarFtirty.fifth*ai. • « t., Wabaih-ar,, nearForty-iixth-it. t*. Wabaih-a?., comer Forty-Hxth-at. 360 t., Wabaih-at., oomor Forlr.aoTenlh.Bt. , 85 !’* iYi a H?. ~l * aT, ‘ near Flfty-tlrst-at. «#»•» 5* c . « an - 4T *» noarTwonty-clghth-at. $, » fc ‘' W?l\ laha ' KJ '* noar Twanty.niuth*at, 52 «** 5J °5Mn-ar. near Thlrty-hrat-et. iiS/t* M oh gan-ar., *l2lk» i22#S‘* Mlch gan-ar., near •MR., 51 “I 1 ««»••*•» comer Thlrty-ioTontlMt. 76 ft., M oh gan-ar., !** }J chlgau-ar., noarFony-flm-at. |OO t., Mlohlgnn*ar., 529 It., Miohlgtn-ar., R., Mlohigan-av., corner Forty-llfth-at. ■. Mlchlgan-ar., SOO ft., Mlohlgan-ar., oornor Forty-olghtlut. . 160 it., Mlohlgan-ar., 800 t., Mlohlgan-ar., ICO ft,, Miehlgan-aT.. oomor Fllty-alxth-at. SB t., Indlana-ar., near Thlr(y-lirit-st. SB t., Indlana-ar., near Thlrty-flfth-at. wO t., Indlana-ar., 60 ft., Indlana-ar,) near Forfy-nfth-at. 600 ft., Indlana-ar., near Forty-aaronth-at. 100 ft., Indlana-ar., corner Forty-aoronth-at. 100 ft., Indlana-ar., oomor Forty-elghth-at. SOO ft., Indlana-ar., corner Fiftloth-it. 26 ft., Pralrle-ar., noarThlrty-aooond-afc. Mft., Pralrle-ar., noar Thlrty-nlnth-al. Goo ft., Pralrle-ar,, J5 R*i Pralrlo.-ar,, near Forty-fonrth-at. 800 ft., Pralrie-ar., corner Forty-fifth at. 50 ft,, Pralrle-ar., oomor Forty-fifth-it,- COlt., Pralrle-ar., nfctrForty-mth-it. 60 ft., Pralrie-ar., near 100 ft., Pralrie-ar., oornor Foriy-slxth-at. ICO ft., Pralrle-ar., comer Foriy-nlnth-al, CO ft., Pralrie-ar.; near 35? ;r* Vmoonnea-ar., comer Oakwoort Bonlorard. v - Vlnoannea-ar., corner Thlrty-nlnlh-at. 40 ft., Vlooennov-ar., near Thlrly-ulmh-at. GEORGE A. EMERY, : 164 LaSallo-it., biLomont. ffOR SALK-FORTY ACRES ON WEST TWELFTH f} at., InSoo. 33. - 10 acres on Wont Twolfth-at., In 800. S3. 28 aoroa on Weat Twonty-aocond-at., In 800. 35. 40 aoroa oomor Forty-aoronth and Anhland-ar. 5 acres corner Forty-nlnth and Cottage Orovo-ar. 6 aoros near the Stock Yards, in Soo. 4, 88, IS. 6 aCrea on Twanty-ieennd-st.. Soo, 80, 89„ 14. Ixitaon ulnniau, Clayton, and Twonty-inconn-ata. Lota on North Aahland-ar., Auguata, and Krama-ata. 60 foot corner Twenty-tilth and Wabaah-ar. ion feet oomor Thirty-second and Wab;ah-ar. 100 foot, east front, on Forcit-av., noar Thlrty-aor gcth-it. 0 lotion Throop-at., near Harriaon-st. 1 lot on Oatharlno-at., noar Latiln-at. foot on Indiana, noar St. Oinir-at. 10 foot oornor Van Buron and Llnooln-ats. OLLNOKU A BALLARD. Bontheaat oomor Dearborn and Waablngton-ata., Port land Block. POR SALE-10 LOTS ON EQAN-AV., CORNER Htowart-ar _ls loot no Langlujr-av,, botweon Forty-second and Forty-thlrd-sta. 49 V ICO. on Kimbark-ar., between Flfty-sixth and Fifty-ioronlu-ata. M by 160, on Indlana-sv., between Fi/ty-thlrd and Pirtr-iourtli-ato. lo lots on Second and Erlo-sts, between Reuben and Noble. Co by 170, on Mlchlgan-ar., with first-clans borne. . 9S by 110, with 2-otory frame house, on Fourth-ay., be tween Harrison and Polk-sts. _ * IVINO A FARLIN, 65 East Washlngton-st,, Room 4. FOR SALE-10 LOTS ON WESTERN.AV., NEAR Langhton-at. SO luta on Laughton-at., near Weitorn-av, 111 lota on Caiupboll-st., near Moore. The nboreloU aro near McCorralck'a Rentier Factory, And trill be sold on easy paymonte. „„ WING * FARLIN, BSKaat Washlngton-at., Room 4. T?OR SALE—STEWART-AV.—KGAN-AV.—10 LOTS i X 1 on the northneat corner of Stowart andEttan-ara. V BNYUER A LKE. It Nixon Building, northetm cornk of Monroe and Laballo-ata. PORBALK-8400-WK HAVE CHOICE LOTS BUT 8 S mllct from the Court-House, near Mllwaukee-av.. for 4 aS\v th iFii p « rll % l c M? r «£ s.®°° (? r U»am. A.G.STOREY SON, 146 South Olark-st,, Room 8, and 287 MUwau koo-ar. Tpou SALG-SOXIIO FEET ON THE NORTHWEST ± 1 corner of Ohio and pcarbom-ila. SNYDER ALEE. >4 Niton Building. northeast corner Monroe and LaSallo. Foil SALK-KUW BRIOK UOUS&ON VAN UUKKN at., enstoz Ruboy; basalt the modern improvements: • can be had at a bargain. MEAD A COK, 153 LaSalle-st. HALE—JEFFERS ON-ST 87X100 FEET ON ni?n 110 v t i h t?£? t i C . 0 -Ml epof r» J^lL n . rßoa and OMlrlon-sU, BNV- DhR A LKK, 11 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mon* too and LabaHa-sts. TpOU SALK—IiOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING r M. lr « ,i{ btAt S* Buttorllold, Arnold, Gari baldi, llanoror, Du lor, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mar : ta yj and Ualarod { also on worth, Shurtlotl, Portland and Stewarl-avs; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourtb, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-savonth, Twonty-eighth. Napoleon. Twenty-ninth. Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Thiity-first, Thlr ty-aocond, Thirty-third. Thlrty-tifih, tfblrty-slxtb, thirty. MTcnth, Foataino, and Thirty-elghlh-sts. Title perfect, a Warranty deeds. A very smell payment down, five year’s . time, 0 nor cent Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANK. 873 Wabaih-av. IVI JIOU BALE-195x«0 FKET, WITH 13-KOOM. TWO story ami brick baiement dwelling on (Jlark.*t„ near yorsoy-av. s Btri-ot oars ran to Us want an ollors moil «ell. T. B. DOYD, lap Weat Waibington at.' DOJI. BALE-TWO LOTS ON OENTRE-ST., UK. 1R03"' D “ Iton " U ' “LANoftAKD VOA SALE-BOUTII PARK-AV.-100X266 FEET,ON X coraor ThJrfjr-BoTß and South Park-av. No is (^l rof, . if J tt l^ aßor wm ImproTo. BNY no and UoD * Bulldinc, norlhoaat corner Mon- A BARGAIN, LOTS ON WESTERN- C« . r °L k ?.^ dTai ' lo r- Rtß -» and Ctitnpboll-aT.; parties i&n? £ a tAwS? P ollo * roqalfed down. Inquire of, OLORGE OADwiiLL, on premises, or 135 Soutu Clark. tt., In bank. “ITOR SALE-8900 BAOII-WHO TAKES TUEM f_3 A nice lots, on DoKalb-st., near Harrison-st. and South* woitora-av.; down. R. O. GOOD WILLIE, 181 South OB BALK-TWO FIVE-AOnE BLOCKS IN SKO. near the Union block Yards. Flue property to subdi- Wide and retail. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixou Building, northeast comer of Monroe and LaSsUe-sts. FOR . SALE-DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON Lake, Washington, Fulton, Klnzio, and othor stroots opposite the now Northwestern Uar-Shops, west of Cen trol Park. Tho Land Company aro going to build, in June, fifteen cottages, and will be finished to suit If par tloijroJjnow. J. Li. UAUVEY, Agent WoM Uhloijo Land Co., 174 La Sallo-st» For sale-85, down, balance in four yean, 12-room two-story now dwelling, water, «s§, and bath, south front; 771 West Vaußuren-st. s lot tr. x v£ alley; pnm-ifion at ouoo; cart In front. T, B. BOYD,-180 West Washington-st. For sale-four new brick 2-story and baionu.nt homes, octagon fronts, first-class throughout, on Adsms-st., near Wood, 812,600 and $10,600. Inanlro at 012 West Adams-st*, or at 28 North Jetfurson-at. OR SALE WEST TWELFTII-ST, —WE HAVE Just made a Subdivision of tho Block bounded by WcstTwolfib, Sampson, Roboy, and Iloyno-st., and wo era prepared to sell lots on either of those streets cheap, on easy terms. Twolfth-st. or boulevard Is 160 feet wide! and is finely macadamised. Parties purchasing lota on It now can ho sure of realizing a handsome profit from tholr Investment. Apply to U. D. KERFOOT A CO., 90 East Washington-st. * For sale-si,Boo-iiouse, and lot 25x124 to between Paulina and Wood-sts. X. B. BOYD, IbO westWazhtngton it. V'on sale-on adams-stTTeTst OF WOOD. 80i J.' 18J: one roaldenoo lota in the West Dlvis ion. -J. 11. KEELER, 146 Clark-st., oprnor Madison. FOR SALE—LINCOLN PARK-LOTS FRONTING Fullerton-av.. Raolno-aT., iToraont-st., and Webster av., intbo neighborliood of Lincoln Park; street railway within a few blocks; cheap lota and on very easy terms Apply to W. D. KfeltFOOT A CO., ft) Washing- FOR SALK-SOUTH SIDE PROPERTY-MU DOWN will Bocuro it to-day—Now brick cotUeo, 6 rooms, and •«*. between Tblrty-florenth and Thirty. °? K “ ,onilt ' onco * R - Q ‘ GOODWIt- IAK, llkSoulh CJark-Bt. ■nOR V BALK-OEMIIAL PARK—LOTS FACING Waahlnnton, Lake, MmlUoa. Monroe, Adam*. Jack •on, aiirt l<uUon-sii.,.anilI > ark, Warron, and California- Wo * ,or n-sv. and Contra! Park, at from SitS 11 onoaay torro*. Apply to WM. D. KICK! (JOT A CO., 00 East Waahinctou-bt. ■OOIt BALE—WEST TWEU-TlFsT.'-WK HAVE V, J u ,f‘ Suh ‘HT ,| ilon t>» tl.ol)loot bounded to iVoit i (Tolfjli, Bnmpsun, llnbcy, and lloyno-sts, and ho tfru prepared to acll Totsoaoitborof those streets cboap, TweHth-st. or boulorard Is 160 foot wide! ind is llnoljr macadamized. Porting porobaslnir lot* on il ESSA U .F 1,,/ “ '"V.XKH& W'~~ .V°{ : bALII-l iNK LOIS ON AND NBAII lIUM i. boldt boulevard. cheaper than adjoining lots aold at motion yoitorday. ItnoloU, to ISO leet doop, hlali mu dry, with llua Imjirovcinonra all arosnd, for ttUSO Btoh * if tl ? « ood< °* UIIIFFIN, lU3 MadUou-at!, Bornor Clark. • 71 OH UALK—s9,ooo—Coil2fi I'JJET TO ALLEY, tO - room two-atoiy houi». on WaabinKton-at., between iloyno and Lc&viit, anuth from; tills la certainly fho Jbiiapfiflt property offorudintbe market; street is tiared a front: water, gas. oto. T. 11, BOYX), ieo Weat Waah- QRton>at. " ' 7°%, SALK—STOCIC YAIIDS—FOUR 6-AORB bjoeka corner Aatilnnd.av. ami Fortr-eevotith-et,, ontcnioot to Stock yards. HNYDKK A I.IJK, 14 Mixon iuiidlng, Dorthoaat curoer Mooroo ami LaSallo-st3. L Wfton rtverby3‘j»7ftdaop. BEYDER A LICR, U (Uon’a Building, nortbnaatcorner Mooroonnd LaSalla-eta jIOR. SALE— IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED . buslnoaiandroaldencßjironorty In lirat-olaaa loca ions In the ailforont divisions of tbo city, and alto aero >ark and auburban property. By M. MAUGIIAN, Real latato Broker. Ollico 31, Reaper Block, northoaut corner Bark and WaihingUm-ita. jiou SAL{£-TO BUILDERS-A FINK CORNER ON 1 tho South bide, rlpo fop ImproTomont, aultablo fop Ight or ton roaldoncoa. Tbo ownor will tako apart of the loutei for tho land. Inqulro of MALLORY & COLBY. SOOlark-at. ’ AND LOTS IN ALL PARTS 'of tho city, In llrat-cIaRS locations: prices ramrlnir rom $9,000 to $4,600. Ur M. JIAUOHAN, Real Ealato ' r 5H?. r ' 9*“ c ® 21 Reaper Block, northeast cornop of Clark nd_W*»hlngtop»aU. ji'on SALE—IN DIAN A-A V.— 123X125 FISET. COU ' ThJrty-Boventh-at. HNVDIiH □ ' . Nlxou llulldiDg, northeast coratr Aloaruo and ■lOUliJ'ttii OnitAT IIABOAINS-WKST SIDB lota 26x126 to alloy* IhH Investment will pay 25 to 60 ef cout la abort Umo. 11. WlHiyLlg. 2WJ LaSallo-st. °]L s l E 7 I ; xOIIA S P, IS kor good build. J 0 . 1 * IBood1 Bood ,l0 P*e«»tl Jot on Bomb Sides bnuue iiitilnt b Kjx>ct ruoiiig, boalilea wardrobea Aud naiitrlosa Ur i’{o r lm 6 °" iuqulro of KESLKB DUOalrift Ol»tk* SALR—WANT AN OITKU-80j110 FRET. 14- ' i'i'lJ" dw*lUn». atoro 18160, barn ituldi 10 Liirees. renU ■rtSliOiior month, on llnlotocl ucarTwolfib tymont clown. T. U. HQYI). •UJU f»AIJ!-ON LANGLEY-AV." lUmvni£N“rntt: ty.flftti and I’ort/ ilxlh-iit*,, I.oubo inl baru lot si, ~ l*o* at .r* oo !Sl * ooo, fiuos!. ’JW U* in .Jll HALE-LOTH NISAB 0. 4 N. W. K. 11. OAU Works. insUla clhr limits, until Juno 7. 1073, at £tiuo cli._jß. W. XUUFF, U& /.aHallo-st., Ifcom ft. <WW 'OK BALE-LOTH IN TUB IILOCK FRONTING Hhurtletl-nr.. HncWnn and Tlilrly-lirßt-«ta:only afuw t. FRED. L. i*AKl£4 Co., ba WftßblnKton’st. 'Oil HALIS-3-BTOKV FRAME AND IIRIOKKABIt. moat liouso on Tbirtlulb-at., between Waboib anil iobigan-ava., all modern InmruromaoU, (rood barn, lot ■ liß. ULAliailAltl) MHOS., 163, * iO« HALK-I MUHT HAVR MONttV AND KOU W cash will aull a marblo front iiouaj and lot fur $7,000: iCOOIom than value. Addraii WW. Tribuao olUoo. CITY REAL ESTATE, FOR SALMON THE AVENUES fIOUTU-100 FEET U«lamqt.RT.. noar Twonty-thlrd-at. ■onthol Twonty.fhlrd-afc. • ■ comer Twonty-socondat. SW foot Bon h Park-ar., enrnor Twenty-thlrd-at, corner Forty-alxlh-et. *i2 J o 4* Oo fax-ar., oornor Thlrtylirat-it. fool OolfAi*av., north of Thlrly-iecond-at. ICU fofltßlimlca-ay,, north of Tlilrtyiecoml-it. 60 foot Mlohlgan-ar., near Thlrty-alxth-at. JfO i co i M ohlgan-nr., oornor Thlrty-ioronth-ot. l!iS i°°s M|chlgan«ar., north of Forly-thlrd-al. la 2 r°°f ( i ,l ,0 . lI, K* t >*a?„ oornor Eda-at. « J®°J Wahaih*av., oomor Thlrty-Hrst-at. Vr steS5 te S w« baah-ar., near Thlrty-fourlh-st. »»°*f Booth of WfaetWabaah-aT.,, , • « foot Walmiti-ar., near Thirty £3 100I 00 , 1 noar Thlrly-thlrd-at. -v Vr » 00 £ J n '| ana-at., comer Forly-slxlh-at. 7B foot Indlana-av., noarFlflr-accond-at. 78 foot Pori land-or., corner Twonty-ttf th-at. 80 aoroa at Knglowood ; a bargain. 20 aoros oornor Rcubon and Hovenly-flrit-at., ohoap. 40 aoroa Rouben-at,, oornor fllxty-nuith. 80 aoroa boulevard, west of Halitod-at. 40 acroi Arnhor-ar.. comer Forty-iorenlh-at. ■ HENRY L. lIIIiL, IQ-1 LaSalle-it., haieroent. FOR SALK OITY PROPERTY FOR IN rcafmontt No. 23 Twonty-alxth-st., house and lot for $4,6C0, rain able for bnilnoia tmrposei. - Oae or more fou, on Shorman-st.. noar Michigan BouthoraDoitot, oaat front, aoubUof Van Buron-sU, at 25 feet on Qnlnoy-at., cheap, and on easy forms. 6 lots on Cfnlumet-ar., near onlranco to South Park Boulorard, at $l2O. ‘ _ . • 3 largo brick stores on Monroo-at., soar Franklin. Good Investment. .. 10 aoroa noar Brighton, In oily Iknlts,'suitable for aub dividing; bargain. Good businoii property on Cottago Groro-ar., near oily limita. 34 or 48 feet on Mlohlgan-ar., north of Madlson-at., can ba bought cheap. Also several honsoa on thoaronuoi, which wo can show ouatomora. ULRTOn For salk-uy j. f. pibrson, 124 d'katiborn at.. Room 6: 1 5 aoroa In H. E. 800. 84, 40, 18. 0 acres In N. B. * Soo. 11, 89. 13. 0, 99. or 40 aoroa In Soe. 16, 89, 13. U or 20 acres In Sco. 1, 89. 18. , 10, orSU aoroa In Seo. u, 59, 14. % acre* In Soo. 80, 40, 18. 40 acres in See. 25, 40. 18. 3 InU or Uf hems In N. R. ,V 800. 37. 40, 13. ■oxl2sfoot, onForfy-flrat-at., corner Langley-ar. 60x101 feet, on Aladlaon-ar., near Cheatnut-at., Hydo Park. 80x60 feet, on Laßallo-at., next north of Marine Dank. • 46x190 foot, on Monroo-at.. noar Lnßallo. • foot, on Twonty-olghth-at., noar Mlohlgan-ar. Wabaah-av., between Forttoth and Forty-lifoi-ata., In lota to ault purchasers, on easy terms. TPOR SALE-BUSINESS PROPERTY ON THE JL 1 South Side, In nlocos, from $10,00(1 to SIOO,OOO. Residence late of 25 or 100 foot fronton the atoqucb, between Twenty-fifth and Thlrty-nlnth-ata. Residence lotai of 60, 100, Or CIKJ feet front on all tho arcnucs and boulevards, botwoon Thirty-ninth and Si x w.^. cr^,P r , opcrt 7 ° n *ko avenues, noar Cornell and on bonlorard. Parties who aro looking for good Inroalmenta will find It L™' olhco boforo buying. J, IEWRYWEIL, 160 Doarbom-at., ItoumO. FOR SALE—6O*IBO FEET. EAST FRONT, ON Lako«aT.. nearThlrtT*cifflitn«at. j no money down to laUo su at Wl * bui d ' l A^ , ' (j UAIId BROS., 163 La. Foil BALB-UNIMPROVED, WABABHAV., 228 foot on aontheut comor of Thlrly-fourth-at.: bus. water, aoworago, Ac. 200/oet at Thlrly-nSnth-at., !J125, MfcolfttFotty-fifth-at., !*Bu. 60fcotatFortIotb<at.| If 90. Btato-at— -26 foot at Thlrty-aecond-et,, 3)12i 25 footatTlilrty-itxth-at., W foot at Fortj-flUh-st., 870. FRED Tj. FAKE * CO.. ' 88Wasr- - * F STOKE AND DWELLING. «i l?« r 1 28 . t0 i By *. on We,t MaiUaou-at. Prioa, 86,600; 81,600 cash, b&lanco lons tlmo, J. B.'GOULD. ilO Dcax ooru-Bt. For sale-nick lots out of fire limits, well locafod. AV« aro authorized to sell fofwhat they milbnim, wantan oiler for cue or moro. They must be fl*cwr WUITNKY A CO., 161 Madlaon-st., first T7OR SALE-76 FEET, EAST FRONT, ON WA i'orll,th-t - blakohabd OR SALE—S3,2SO—nURRY, WORKMEN: JUST ’an ?5/, ou Wft . at . s X . n .° lola ftou small cottage, fourth* f . eot w . Citof Oakley; only S3OO down;dong timo: Eft^ff dQ UMfay * R * °* odoWxl. For sale-unimproved-the very choice vart| VI ‘ , ' a 0 book ’ frontlQ S 312 foot, Fifty-lifth-st, iloulo- FronHngJWfl feot Wabash-av. Fronting UCO feet, Stato-st. Atto'uionoflovonlors invited s being one of the most dojirablo tracts now otTored. , Terms easy; title perfect. tltltb L. FAKE A CO., 68 Washlngton-st. FOR hALK-ON MIOUIQAN-AV., 80 IfEET. NEAR Mxto«ntb-Bt., cheap. 60 feet, cornur Twontyfifth-et., S4OO. gIM feet, botwcoa Twenty-fifth ami Twonty-alxtb-eta., M. foot, between Thlrtyflret and Thirty-second-ata., 83feet, corner Thlrtyfourlh-at., S2OO. foot, between Thirty-»lxLb ana Tbirty-soTonth-ste., ICO feot, corner Thlrty-Bsrentb-st., SI7B. 80 toot, corner Thlrly-efglitb'it., $176. rKKoT 11,0,5 ” nuo ’' r IOH SALE—UEFOUE YOU PAY HIGH RBNT,SRH ■ too house and lot, 04.600 anti 01.6W, \vo can sell on .jcnthly payments. W. M. WHITLEY A. <JO., 161 Mad- Ison, tint floor. TP C U l i^ A J L1 ? -T^0 LOTS CORNER LILL-AV. AND J llahtcd.BU. BLANCHARD BROS., 158 Laß FORSALE-BY P. O. VIERLING, REAL ESTATE Agent, Room 18, 126 Dearborn-st.: - Pralrie-av., home and lot, between Twenty-fourth and 'iwamy-nftb-sts. Cmtago-placo, 1M story cottage and lot, cheap. Van Bureu-st., 60 foot, south front, near Western-av. JViirren.aT., 46f00t, south front, near Oakley-st. Vrabash-av., 60 foot, cast front, mmrThlrty-fifthst. > OU » eB “d lots, botwoon Twenty-seventh andThirty-nlnth-sis. ■ Monroe-st., 48x190 foot, near LaSalle. For sale - improved - state-st., near VO cqp ' onty-elg^hlh-st., 2-story frame storo, oast front, e/ >^ MT ’’ No. 1469, 2-story frame homo, 9 rooms, tpOaIXAI. wabash-ar., No. 899. largo 8-story Fronchtoof homo, 14 rnonis, brick barn, Ac., will bo sold cheap. °”‘ l basemont m,rbl ° «isssr ,w,> a - ,torj "“'Sife FOR SALE-LOTS ON THIRTY-FIRST-ST., BUD dan-af., ShurtHE-av., Lyman and llaynos-sta; cheap and easy terms. FRED L. X'AKE A CO., 88 Washing FOK BALE-OR RENT-ELEGANT MARBLE houses. Michigan, Prairio, Wabash-ava., only SSOO oown; longlirou, ' Cottage, Pralrio-ar., $6,000, s6oodown; longOrao. Store and home, Wontworth-av., $3,600, s6oo down. B. MKAR3, Owner, 200 LaSallo-sfc. FOR SALE-VERY CHOICE—OALUSJET-AV., CO feet, oast front, botwoon Twonty-socend and Twcu ty-third-flte. Tho Improvomonte on this block aro among the finest in Chicago. Pralrlo-ar., 60 feet near Twontioth-st. Inrtisna-av., 60 foot noar Twunty-thlrd-st. Splendid trees, shrubbery, etc. * Michigan-av., 60 foot near Twonty-slxth st., fronting cast on Col. Hancock’s grounds. A largo list iof residence'and business property oflored. I’RLD. L.' X'AKE A CO., 88 Washington-st. FOR SALE-ONLY $1,600, NORTH SIDE, WAKE up, small cottage and Jiuo lot. near Centro and Hal oT«A .'i 187 donn- “• a ' OOoWILLIB, IS, SraU, 4. BARGAIN-TUB DfiSmAIILIS X residence, 1110 ladlana-av., containing 14 rooms, baud* ■omo saloonpnrlon conservatory, brick store-room, two bath-rooms, hot and cold water all throngh tho house, frescoed colling*. painted walls, plate glass windows! etc., etc, There Is also a tine barn on tho premises, and overytbinß tsln perfect repair. Possession given 'at any time. Pali betwoon 4_to 6on any day during the vroolc. li'oii balk a-STony kramb“iiodsk7lotot; iMBiaV- n °° r “1-ANOUAIID FOR 8ALB—110U31? NO. 114 FOURTH-AV., AND lot, 25x100, BNYDKH A LEK, 14 Nlioa liuUdlDff. northoaat corner Monroo and LabaHe-tbi. •* FORSALK-SOUFH PARK—ICO LOTS FRONTING tbo boul b Park, and on Madison, Drexol, and Ifuan. aaiO'Uvs. bbiDLH <t LEH, 14 Nlxou’a liulliflng, north east corner Monroe and LaSallo-ata. K * u Foil BALK-PARK-AV., 11BTWRKN WOOD AND Paßu-sts., 3-story and basement atono-front house. 10 KNVi^Jn o * o^^ I|, 1 |, , r ra. nonl f. ; .VJ! 1 1,0 60ld ttt a eaorllico. Eoo Sm ISIiJ .U U " Udll, ‘ 1 ’ “"'“■««« »°™°r T?OR UALB-FORKBT-AV.-50 FRET FRONT ON X rorost*aT., noarThlrty-aocond-lt. Will sell without (SWfPffAMMI O^ 08 who Will build Immodlatoly. FOU HALL—VINOKNNIJS.AV.-4 ACRES CORNER yinoomiOß.Ry, and Fortyfllth-it. HNVDIiII 4 LEE, !■» hlßoni UuUdliig, northeast corner iloaroo and La- Daiio-Nts< KOn SALE—HUMBOLDT PARK-6K AORBR. A vf rcjnt l ,'*n C . R . at ou Humboldt Park. SNYDER A LKK at a Uon nortlmaat oornor Monroo and LaSalle* Foil BALB-MIOHIGAN-AV., BETWEEN TWEN ty-nlntli and TlilrtioUi-ats., throe-atory and baaemont octagon BtoDO.frantbquao, 14 ronraa, finished in tho beat atylo. BNYDISII 4 LEE, H NUoa Building, nortbo&at corner Monruo and LaSallo-ata. *POn SALR-THU IOLLOW fNO SPECIAL BAR. JL* gains: Indlana-av„ 83xlb0 ft, hotweou BUtocnthand Llgmcenth-sta. 5 $955 nor ft, all cash. JValjMh.av., Mxl7B ft,near Twenty.Blxth-Bt.,oa«t front, Mlchlgan-av., 150x176 ft, bol«ocn Twenty-fifth ■ and Twonty-nUtb-ita.t 8300. Julchlgan-nv.. ScxlTß ft, near, 5 4278. «| h Mh°7ti* ,7 s*o ft ' * ,otwoo ° iWy*MVimth and Fifty. Slloblgon’ar., V0x176 ft, near Plfly-alxth-at. 5 485 pop ft. MATSON iIILL, 103 ami 110 FOR SALE—DOUGLAS PARK—lOft ACRES, fronting east on Douglas P/.rk, northwest oornorof Ef rk ar V? noyglaa Patk-bouloTard. BN YDEK A ..... ”‘* on Building, northeast corner Monrou and l.aßalioats. F°S BAI.E-I)0U0I.A8 PAniC-6*/ AUUKS ON Iwemu-Bt., noarDauK'laa Park. BNYUKU A LEU. ii Nixon Uulldlng, northeast ooruor ilonroo nod La' Sallo-sts. JpOU SALE—BY BOYD A WIBNER, 65 DEARBORN* Wahaah.aT., corner Forty-second-at., 141x170 ft. HtAte>Bt.( comor iCgnti-AV., 1001181 ft. Brighton and vicinity, lues S3OO tn $660. Clayton (Twcnty-llret) at., near Weilorn-av.. lot* $760. Ilarlilua (Niuotooutli-ai) near Woalorn-ar,. fold S7O). __Cblcago-a»„ noarLwuUt-at., lota SSiO. J£OR BALBOA 9.STORY HQUSE.~'- ' • ~*ORY 20x31 FRET. t?4PO. jL’iwlth 4 year*' loaio of lot ats4U jior roar; No. 33lOanit>- bell-av, iDijuira at tlig Kioto, No. Itu West Il&rrlaou*at. Torma fault cnili, balance on thno. IpOll HALK-HUSOANT HOME, HI'LKNDID LOtM ' tiny, modern a-aloryaud baaomont, atono-trlmniod brick homo, and lot: II rooma, in perfect order. 800 owner on promisee. 6m West WaahtnKtoD»at. TT'OU -V South JalTflriuii-st.: will l»o told at a bargain. Call on tbo ownor, D, O. CiUAlllf, 74 Wost Aludliuu-it, Houae vacant; title perfect. FOU BALIC-DUiCXEL-AV., UNION-AV., GKOVB I ark-way-Un fruuilng IBj ft on Droiol-av., 185 ft on. VurtPVi'JS* VP tt 0B Orovo I>rtrk boulevard. SNV- F<>>‘ Oil HUNT—PAUTLY a. WSS, 11 lo * THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1873, CITY XtEAI, ESTATE. T?OR RALB-BF LINGER A DARLOW, 125 DEAH *I - < 8-room homo, with good loti Langlny-ar, and I’orty-iecond-it., near ateam ami efroot oarsi *8,600, •mall payment down, balance on long Umo. 138x187 fool corner Prairie ar, and Thlrty-aoromh-at. j SB6 nor font. 86*>26/oot on Warren, noarWoitom-ar. J $1,600. JjINGLB A DARLOW, FOR BALK-SIX NEW COTTAGKS AND LOTH ON Hwan-at., noar Wenlworth-ar. and Forty-aerontb-it. j S2OO-paymont down, balanon In monthly paymontii alio, fur loose, on long time, tots on Brio-at., noar Iloyno. Ap ply to F. R. WILSON, 77 Olark-at., from 13 to 1 o’clock.. 1“pOU BALE—I4IxI76 CORNER. WAIMBII-AV. AND ' Forty-acoond-at., out front. ULANUIIARD BROS., , 168 LaSallo-st. ■CIOR SALIC—LOT TERRIBLY BLAUGIITKRKD X* ■ for cash. Uamllton-ar., SOOfnetiouth of Adami-it. j If yon oipoot It, dooldo to-day. 11. U. UOODWiLLIE, 181 Bonth Ulark-at. . FOR SALK—INDIANA-AV.—3-STORY AND BASE mont octagon Btono-front, 10 rooms, modern franrore inonla, on Indlana-ar., between Twenty-ninth and Thlrti eth.als. SNYDER & LICK, 14 Nixon Building, northoaal corner Monroo and LaSallo-ata. 'TTIOR SALE-10 ACRES FRONTING liyiMDOLDI JD.l’ark Boulevard, with frontage on 3 good firat-olasi cross streets. Only SB,OOO per acre i will retail for 100 pot cent profit. FRED. X,. FAKE A CO.. 88 Wnshlngton-at. THOR HALE—3OOxI6S IT ON WABABII-AV., OOR- A 1 nor Flfty-aovonth-at. Will aoll on Ryoara’time, no payment down, to uartlea who will build Immediately. Thoavomin la nowbolngnavcd with broken stone. MAT SOW HILL, 108 and 110 Doarbom-at. FOU BALE—INDIANA-AV., 46x175. FRET ON northwest corner Forty-iernnlh-at. and Indiana.av. SNYDER A LEE. -14 Nixon Building, uurthonat oomor, OJI.HALE-LOTS NEAR TWELFTH-ST. AND Oalifomlh-ar. and Doitglaa Park, tmlv ilfim tn sonnn Oicb. J. 11. KEKLKU. 145!^ C0 ° SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. FOR BALE-AT SOUTH *..' l .H r ?» bl ?. oJ IV 11 ?? H 1 ? depot, and fronting Eighty ■evonth-at., llonlerard; aldowaika are being made from J‘s°n ortJr oa!, ° l t, » Elfihty.ilxth and Eighty!- m. V m .^iJi* r . M 0 uaai, iorof bouioa aro now bolnrr w«l.unJ h f«^ dJ ? , . nlnß^ ro,indß t "j* dnpimy trains onon l£« y t« nlfn- i, Ji,i fr^ n nt. t ‘ 1 ° tL™™ depot, where tho Jubl ®l»6(W P° p payable ono -iH ln a 7 onr9 - R °d two-flftba In 4 years, with tho prirllogo of paying any time before maturity in. ?M d °H ,a ;i llna a reloaao of a nro-rata part of. tho land. Nothing bettor can bo found for investment, or anbdiylilod. Tjtlorory abort and absolutely perfect; llW nM b“ b,tr L t furaUhod * WATSON HILL; TOB and FOR BALE-SEVERAL HOUSES AT HYDE PARK and Oakland, from $6,000 to $8,0000; cheap onoa, with amaU paymontdown, balance to suits nlsq, chnlre bnlld !?ttMborn aL ftQd “ oUlhof A BOND, F°Ln«. A o! 1^ I r,«M ILL at A BARGAIN, IB in te£ 8 w? < l c ? ttaßO * J °W romstolo . room «x Erins* ton, North Evanston, and Glonooo, at lowri figures tlma any party can soil fur who does not deal ozclaalvoly In hla own property; you that want bousca como dlroct to mo andanyothn oommlnlon; ono-flflh down and balance In TX h] Z 0T x« rl FPWn.4.nt.wlll hu/ a homo; lota in an? ?L\ bop l Ao^?? ra S (Rtwholos ‘ , . op « co «!l u n'»>erfurnlihri thnao who will build s none need apply who hnro not a * 9 iw°?i Pr ‘ °* ?* V, u Orovor’aBlock, Kvanatod,: or lea Bloaroo-at., Room 2. , VRS ON ILLINOIS CBN. onMadUtm and Llndon-ars., within ono block ° f donct. Ireosharo boon planted, street* graded. Six teen trains dally furnish easy access to and IromUhe city. Ihls properly is within S blocks of the South Park. Price of lots from BWO to 8600, and will bo sold on easy nay. RoomV W ' bNG 4 FARLIN, 66 East Wuhlugton-st;, "pOR SALE—I26XISB, CORNER FORTY-ElGllTlf- A at. and Konwood-court: 160 feat on Konwood-court, between Forty-aoronth end Forty-elghth-ata. Will be fold ou easy naymenta. The abovo property Is within 8 block* of Kenwood depot. WING d FAULIN, 85 East waaliington-at., Room 4. TROR BALE-GOOD LOTS. AT $l6O TO s?no EACH, X' near depot, at Norwood Park] terms, 915 down, ami 95 a month afterward. WILSdN, pJjIROE d CO., Room 6. N0.182 Clark-at. * FOR BALE-AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NEAR . twodpuots, by thoblock: averagesize of lota, 25x160 iceh at QUO per lot, Roush, balance Ini, 3, and i 5 years, CLARKE A CO., Room 4, 122 La Sallo-st. OR SALE-LAKE VIEW—FOUR CORNER LOTS, each 63 loot, fronting lootb, oonvoulcnt to bone cars: largoi shade trees; llrst-oIaM Improvement* adjoining: 860 WM - 6 - luu,!oEi “”■» 1 FOR . SA LE-TEN ACRES IN 8. E. RSRO. 80, 40. R.frmitlng on tho Green Bay road. SNYDER A LaSalle ats° Q northeast cornor Monroo and For salk-cornell-blocic of 6 acres, cor. ner of Soventy-fourtb-st. and Stony Inland-boulc yard, near Oornoll or Grand Junction; 140 railroad trains a day. SNYDER A LICE, 14 Nixon Building, northdost corner Monroe and LaSalle-sts, T7IORBALB—3O ACRJSS BEAUTIFUL LAND IN TUB £L?? rtU 'V ,l,t * °. f Motion 36, 38, M. Tills tract hat a iroQURB of a auortor of a tnllo on South Chlcaco-ar.. and *£««««■ on Sovpnty-nlath-at. It Hob botwoen tho two of , Cornßll and South Ohieaßo, iV,. I? , R B, L ort distanco from Stony Island Uoulorard \v , ««i , \? a S &d i? rn . , ? od to Wnnd this point. Tho P. «t Ft! nuar tui3 . land* Tonns of sale '° r * ,ubdW,to “' W ii'Oß SALR UVANbTON PROPERTY CHEAP X‘ loti, ami alio a fow of tho boil ion in town. Hoveral barpaini In Improrod property. U. WHIPPLE, 200 La- FOR SALIJ-A BARGAIN-TWO LOTS NEAR GEN- Adjolnlntf lota wore Bold for gi,OUJcftob. PtIINNKY A LOMUaJIU, 153 LaSallo-st. If 1011 , SAi.K-riyi; acres corner iialhtkd RltoS , l , Ki"gi!g'io‘ l .;. 1, - i “‘ANOiLUUJ FOR BALR-4JESIRABLR LOTS AND AOllK tracts at Montrose at prices alfordlng a margin: no property preionts bettor prospects, or enjoys hotter facili. lies for easy, quick, and cheap access. For particulars apply to ItKA A C6ATRB, ICa Washlngtou-Bt. P°. R BALB-AT RAVENBWOOD-A DESIRABLE \T jlwoHlng-hnußo of 8 rooms, good brick collar,furnace. B i°^ w * lor * £01142x163 foot, ornamented with fruit and ehado trees. Apply to ROBERT GREER, 81 Laaallo-st., Room 9. FOB SALE-LOTS AND BLOCKS AT WEST FORTY eighth-st. depot, near O. AN. IV. car works.: tho host msoa for investment around Chicago. C. E. (JIIAFTS. M LaoaJle-st. * Fob sale-io,ravenswood lots at qio per foot, two blocks tpnm Alt. Pleasant Station. Anyone JSSi/y .? ■Poclftl bargain on the North Sldo wilfc do G-B^URli^Sr! Bli^on b itM b c Ib nwrtlffirk. tUt{olbor ' UIOR SALE—NOR'/OOD PARK—AOUF.B, BLOCKS, L or lota at low prlco*, or will exchange for city orcoun try property 8, \\ ELLS, 183 Doaiborn-st. For salk-at'enolewood-a few more op i 4lm.° blocks (6 lota each) on Fifty-seventh ut ? 81,600 per block, 86 per single lot. A 1 ! 1 ?® chance for a party ready to invest $1,600, payable Inside of 8 > ears. One block from station, 48 trains por J?£ ft™ Those fiw blocks are a nunwifc 1 % a x. d .? hou ‘‘l 10 won ihl* week. O. B. UUIFrIN, 133 Bfadlaon-st.. oorncrClark. 17°jVt£, L . E_I ‘ 0 T? IN EVANSTON, 83 FRET FRONT < J OO P* whiela front on wide avenues that are ,a i? *£ 0 i S * ®3ool terms, $lO monthly pay * c . a ' ,h ' Improvoinontsandliifluccmonts, RODER't COMMONS, l43Lftbalio-Bt., in basement.; ' TROR SALE —THE BEST BARGAIN IN ACRE •V property for Investment In tho market. Forty noroa l»s5? ™rt\Vn M t U i? w tUo Gljlcatfo. Milwaukee A St. fhi, U rt w \v r£ aUo tne Junction of fb? U. A N. W. Dummy Road with the Wisconsin Dlrls ion. luMdoproportylakonln exchange. Apply to tho owner, 18 Republic Life Building, 181 LaSallo-sV F?visA L ”iri 1101 ? E i 'Y.° Be l.l tw ? tracts of IW acres each, ono >; and one station, and both in our original plat, at prices much lower than onu&l property can ho nought *ja tCT®. r ? I Sicash, balance on long time. bAYERB A WALKER, Owners, 149 Laßnllo-st. FOU SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD—A WELL KUILT two-story house, ,wlth one or two doop, in tho best part YOUNIf * FOU SALE-TIIE MANY PARTIES HAVING ONLY ouo or two tliou.sml dull.v. to Inro.f, imtl who onvy !!n e S!RS, r f. lor ’n! 1 l” pr “/iV* 'SwntoiniikloKat Wiuhtaii ton Heights, will do well to soe mo, as 1 havo a few 4-aore blooks, near Vincennes Station, which I can coll at tho ??nr“riPrvV n A d f V?™ l9 P a,d f °r largo tracts. U. li. OUIFFiN, 133 Madlsoo-it,, comer Clark, Tmpß SALK—in ACRES—HUMBOLDT PARK lIOU- I? lovard, near Palmer-plac». Will subdivide advantage as? "I 1411 ,ar 8° Prolit. FRBD L. FAKE A CO. w WBBmngtqn-Bt. ’ l?°Hnnn L i?“F 0W i 8 ? HH TIME TO HUY LOTS AT t7«iM B S ul " IweJpwooiJ,-cheap, dreara 1 time. If yon will Saff s'iLMwi'i.T ‘j mL F°« SALU—IRVINQ PARK-3 ACRKS ATIUVINQ Park, ooUTonlont to depot, will be sold much umlop iiio rullDC pr coa; n Kront bsrßsin. BNYDER A LBH. I I Klxon a building, northoaatocrnorMonrooiindLaSftllosta 1?0n SALK—LOTS AND AORIS PROPERTY NEAR . Knclowood, cliosp for cash, or on long time at 8 por f-wnni-Stj a 11 ";/ 1 " 0 Porfoot. Inanlro of 8. S. CHUOKHH, DIB Woat Laku-gt., or Room 18 Otis Plonk. FOU SALK-iCriSWMOUK OK THOSE KPLKNDID K,#' A ?f 0 lot f w ? lt , of Oontral Park, near Madlaon-et., ShAß'Kte’ila WUIWLBI 1? 0 IL?^ LI » C 't J ? :VI ?£ A L §, AND 10 ACRE TRACTS, . of .i Lako , bbo ,™ Pft rk, nud near Brighton, on woßt ISd' « V ar f ln b ° ] ookSStill Imlfdjlockuf worsale-ouoiok suburban ixjtb on thu :7i„.w ~1 i w ?V ko P I rVl‘l wu,r * , ell rn,,e » distant, amt twenty uitnntus’ rWo, In Clybourn’s Addition to Ilavonswood 7 aro ou . l 60x1 W foot on 80 foot strode, and HilMhh po r a OMy to " n, ‘ f / om f I WO to S7OO per lot! ‘‘Pi 1 , 111 ? 8 fo . r accus to and from tbo cllr—the doilrl ability of tho laud—lt bolnu high and thoroughly drained pro, V“ V s fl r «bo»aßs Improvements, onurohoi. •ohools, and eooloty. command this property as tbo boa’t at the piloo now in tbo market. * p *»■ tuo uost «l*aHon«oU I Tho attention of (ho Indus. I. 2 us r l, .'° *l ,r l{ty~tbo cautious—ls called to these lots as altos for homesteads or Investments. 18 aB Call, tor a printed abstract and plot, upon iTOHKUT UUKKH. 2. l ,10 i'»“rk L nml n 4 I'KTWEI'N UHKTUAf, f'Un'"iV 'V AUo 1 Bmlowrt" ”3iV l .nil KKY* LOMUAIW. ° r °" rh «“' !'»««• F>R HALIB—OIIOIOIV LOTH IN EVERY I»AUT OF Englewood, cheap, and on easy terms: M <(nllv t»a*. * c“o"ai« ■'““‘“"‘•“''■mi*; nuLifUiiD BALIS-AT KNGLKWOOD. UHOICIS PUOI’KK* ty hi tuof rove luljolnhisr the bountiful trountli of jioim Ibjbor At Fifiy-uinlii-81.. oonvoniimt s<> alllho 2o§ “i'Haffit,* CaUUOt faU *° * UULUUUD 4 do!? IflOH HALTS—A I’ hNOLKWOOIJ. ASM WILI, HUY A 1 anoat and new c«tla«o and lot. Nothlny moro re flMired but a rent of s£& per month until paid for- A raro tJO nC °* modorato ‘ uoan< * UULUUHDA l?OU BALH—AT~ISNQM£WOOI) f 20 ACUKfI ON X llnUled-at. i a lily chance to aubdlvldos vary llboral tonne. liUUmitD A CO., Suß Xjt*tiullu-at. F3R SAXK-WAUABH.AV., KABT FRONT. ALL" Krofo, 105x180, nour Wxty.Bouorul-Bt., at linglowood. •iiioro la nothing liner on thohouth Bids for an Invest ment or a tojldonoo. Tiio macadamising with lirokon •lout) this fashlonablo avonnu from Thirty.nlnth-ii, to Kiigleyroocl Is creating a wldo-aproad Inquiry for desirable lots. Tills absolutely perfect. Abstract furnished. Tlilr ty minutes hr steam cars to and from this growing sub urb: M dally passenger trains. Commutation. §ls uor year. UULHUftU A 00.. 208 Laßallost. ’ * 77*011 SALU—WASMINUTON UEf v.—,—sv.—.oirra-so aoukh north of Morgan Park, and SO aorca south of Morgan k: alio ItjOftorn In Hon. 8, lit), 10. Naur Michigan (jtm> . 7 i llallrpicl. J. I>. liAUVii*. Kcai Kitatoand Ualu, H Laballo-it- 1 ... SUDURBAN REAL ESTATE. - .H.oro. laor., Saorofl. 10 nerr-*, soaorcl, .Oacrai an &»5 r r,te 01,lo ' , ' o> »*“• »™ t pK;ig 60 »"«. 100 nAVo"”';. 201 ‘ crc, ' l ' ctc ' ,, w “ o ' o ‘- ■*> aoroa .bQttnroat 80,M t §:;i6V»fmr'«a. o n.'' , ’ rM ’ “ »"»■ "Mr oil, llraltaoa sl“ toSMM. 0 ’ ,h ° “™”"o>oouth<,roli,|lc.i - oa,t f . ron K P n . fltato-at., botwoon VanDnron and Jnckmn, a aplondld plnoo for a fmilnona homo. Inoß bale-IjAWndale-s agues imrwpitN ll£E W yj NUnn»l I ii nU ii J M" i>atk ,M ? p loranl. SNYDER ‘ U “‘ r " l "K- norti.oa.o corner Monroo °H. AT MAPLEWOOD. fiMr.vl milcafrumtho Uourt-Hmiioj onmmutatlon fare 6M n^ffr'o.tssil'isfessi-ISS; T^IOIUIALE—nOUSES AND LOTH ATHINSDAfR' Ulnasalo. Clloapandoa tprui « to ISAAC L. HINDsJ ■ntOß SALE—SO ACRES IN THE N. E. If AND "o A Ll°[(- 0, 1i n p] l°. N h'Yf ( y a °°- «. T. 88, It. u. TINYDKR LBSaUe-ata. U U “ u, ‘^ luff ' borthoait eornur Monroo and l?OR SALE-20 AGUES IN W. YN. E If RED on m' X 1 89,. R. 18. SNYDER A LKK 14-Nixon nurthenwt corner Monroo and LaSalle-ita. ° D Ua d Dff ’ P9 11 i SALE—SEVERAL DESIRABLE BLOG ICS fronting on KtAfo it., Wabash, Michigan. Indiana R3< ft nnrn« I um i c; * aU u Hoi I ,tll P«rk-ara.; each block has .►1 U milnoumborod, abort lltlet all tho arennoa w t |dn^l£mYl'.^J 1X00 !i t Uout ? which la 15of( 3"Ji land la dry, ondoaiyof aocuia, looatnd soulbenßt r Bn S» wo s. t °jf ,9 A liberal discount M!i««w m f. d i o7o^2^ea "'?* This property is for tho tint I nmmnitt ln V r & lt, ' l Call nt thooffice of HENRY, J. QOODRfOH, RoalaKstalo Brukor, 125 Dearborn at . pQR HALE-BEST LOTS AT NORTH EVANSTON. : ' ■Am building Sitoiea and 10 bouioa. Want oarpen- ’ “ d palQtort< *niNKB, 145 £a- aoreh corner of U wil^T^SlßlSr 01 ' «nd Droxol av. SNYDER A LEE, Sail at?* Du,lcUn *' northooat oomor Monroo and Liw TT 0 . 1^.13^ 1,11 -? 0 COTTAGES AND 2-STORY HOUSES Aw " i ’ ,oTILLOTSON F°i?.i.^ A A I 5“^ N 1 aLB> YP OI> ~ TIIIRT Y ACRES on it. I HvvA*i? JV b ?VOT. 8 i?. ty - |,o^"!t . 1 . nod Slrty-nlulh norbtMonroe’and^ilHiille^ta. 011 BnlUta «' ""rlhoutoor- F°Ji., 8 „ A ,y;-' s ,i :v ,i !u * i '. ci ' 01 A ° nE tracts OKO. V. D t. "nooin"!™ 1 e'u‘v 'pOH BALE—COTTAOB, THUBR ROOMS AND FIVE 57*«? C A 0a ■J nfc U orchard, few largo forest nJfhUSS *1 if" 11 # fro »n depotatHobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, &l miles from Chicago? price *CS», oash (MOO, balanoo «18 per monih. pffloo days Wednesday..Friday, and Monday, J. EAULIi, owner. Room 3, 163 Monroe! near Laaallo. • ~ - . , . ■ ’ T~ j’OR BALR-A. BKAUTTFUL LOT SO FKItT FRONT ■AO*} Humijplqt Pftfk &t a very low pilco, Addlt to HEWItY J. OOODIUCn, 125 Drarbom-et. Fob sale-i will offkb fob one wkek .only a splendid chanco to secure a suburban homo on easy tortus. House and lot situated lire blocks from Evanston depot; lot 66x160, now house, 3 stories, with finished bAsoment;9rooms, with bath-room and laundry.

«!?t-« i c . w “ t 9 r * wworage and gas pipes, marble man tola emigrate, stores and pipe connected, allnoatly nr-. rangod, and ready for nae. Price, $5, BOO; SI,OOO cash, balancooll eaaylornia, orwilldlacoont liberally for casbl J. It. FOWLER, Evanston, PI. 10R SALE—AUSTIN—FINETOTBON TUB RIDQE. and Boworodatroet, 0. E. GRAFTS, 64 TjlOR BALE-2 MORE BLOCKS ON THE AVENUES. 11. j! 0 obo°DRii?ll! 125^D^..,t0^. , 1‘‘ ‘‘° J ‘" od FOR BALK-47jtf FEET. NORTHWEST CORNER 9 f oast and south' front. PIIINNKY.A LOMBARD, IMLeSaUe-st. For sale-or rent-in winnetka. beautl a *9l* n .9 w bouß ° »nd ground wlth-barn. price $6,000: rontats46o; tormaoaay. R. M. Winnetka. * imOR SALE—WE OAN GIVE MECHANICS A COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE-COAL LAND AT BRAIDWOOD; 80 aorea In Sootlon 12, lu Grundy County, In centre of ffnsr tC r> a Vr io « ’ bolnff worlced. Address MIDDLE *i ON, P. O. Boa 1295, New York. I pOR SALE—A FARM OF 160 ACRES. WITH IM proremonts. nDeloran, Tarowoll Co., 111. Tho laud T>t-n v?t Terms of sale very easy. Apply to U;rlc.”tw..h{n I g^L N .'i.! 1 °° m ltc “ ,ot U ‘° ck - real estate wanted. W antf.d-a b welling hodse, wobth cVA^x^^ s f °^raL%tesf t ° ,c ' i?Smi ‘-- EXCHANGE. ’HIO EXCHANGE— FOR WELL-LOOATED CITY" «« ® ub V rb ??,.** r °t >ort J’» « n olouant country rooldouco, In cosy reach of ChlcsKO. Throa depots within one mlln of tho property, Client)> nt #15.000. Unincumbered, bljr discount for cash. LINO A ILOLMBB, 3711 MadUon-»t.£ T° t S w9^ANQK—STRANGERS ATTENDING TUB °»ehaneo farms or buslnosa nt f ? r Uhlcann real estate, wrilo full de scription and mall to out olQoo. J. fl» WOLFE! 11I> uoarUorn-ot, • fllO BXOAANGK-5 AHTif" - i. Park- f — ’ nO EXCAANGK-C ACRES ADJOINING IRVING ond 101 win.,-. 2,400.f00t at Morgan Park, Washington Heights, for good Improved farm ;M2.CW to 416,000. K * ,or llvo lots near I'llty-lUth Roulovnrd; 18 lots at Sixty acres^ on f ro-a v«, Englewood, for good farm of 160 rpo EXCHANGE-TWO VERY DESIIIAULH ANI> « B ‘?‘C9 in central Michigan, one of 1,600 noros, surrounds handsome lake. 1 fine raiidonco.6 tenant Btl0 »l B t l "»J. »« d «tcam Ijrloknnd tUowofk*, 1,000 noros cultivated, abundance of fruits, witli stock and tools, Smiles fromoltygl B.OCOs value, 41w> poracro;wUl be exchanged for largo stock of goods or other property, wholoorpart. Alio, l.lOOaoro farm, 700 acres ImproTod, 3 tenant houses, extensive barns, water la ovoo’field and through barn yards; can divide; will ox* Ing ■ ,#o ' Vftluo * P Qr aero. Apply at 89 Tribune liulld f 10 EXORANQB..THE FIN EST FRUIT AND STOCK Illinois; only tiO miles from Chicago; 10,000 “2 a T n V tl, ° iro< J ß » ,rom wl»lch ovor 18,000 bustioU of choice milt aro taken yearly; Improvements No. 1; will cxchango for choice suburban property In Cook Countr improved property. L. A. GILBERT & CO., 2t& rno EXpUANQE-OHpIOn KANSAS LANDS, x leetod early, noar railroad, forhmisoaud lot or otbor cmcuKO property ; would assume Incumbrance or nny oidorciico. Address with full particular* P6, Tribune T9 KXCnANGIt—FIFTEEN LOTS, EAST OF OEN- X Ira I lark, botwoon Van Huron mid Horriaon-ats.. for -ak'd lnios^mAa^ t . s ““ W"' o *' B,'Ar'oll no EXCHANGE—IO,OOO ACRES COAL AND FARM , lAtitfa in Osa&uUo., Kansas; farm of 120 aorosln onlou Co.. Mlmi. jTWiirjjvod form of 100 acres in Rich* ndCo,, 111., railroad station for ClHoaco Ity property. JAMES A. WHITAKER. 159 LaSallo-at? rpo EXCHANGE—AN ELEGANT NEW RESIDENCE X near Van Buron-st. and Ashland-av., for good build- JACOU d - MAGIiL ’ “ rp° EXCHANGE—NORWOOD PARK BLOCKS OR. X lota for unincumbered Improred properly to city or country towns. B. K. WELLS, 188 TATANTEb-TO EXOIIANOeTfor FURNFTURE. .vJi o, I ? ia , no 'r>. carpot0 ' Ac., 2 lota Ip Omaha. Nob., {tj)Uton t> ifluokri°IW.ontotl> 1 W. ontotl> kta ' Asp& WANTED— TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots onu Blmcß, and furniture, S farms In Mason County, 111.,. nil under a good state oj cultivation, near markol mid Hi yf£ ,a(^‘“ono ( a , rm ol 116 acres, onoof 844 acres, and ono fn^nn^M- , P« A I i BO n? OOI }?. wd . v l folUn ? 2 lota 1 oorla, 111., with all modern linprovomonls. iho titles are perfect. All worth $50,000 cash. Will trade part or all. Address Box 1443. Peoria. 111. • AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTRD-TO CANVASS FOR FAMILY" -ci. Blhlqa, Life of Christ and Virgin," 'Mltstoryof Ireland," Ap.; good Inducemoula to tbo right men; no \ QWSVS WANTUD—47,OOO PROBLEMS (MOIUS OH £*• .if”Jinlntoroßt, computed for four distinct Imalnona ncrlod* of llm», tn ono mlntilo, »t any rate nor cent, iiiimotloal alphabet. Tho Leaver. Absolute » ' i ? dlUK au « square root: also an nnllmit i^KSA2?JS& .Sn'iU' A °K N . T 3 WANTBD-KOII THU * I BTRUGOr.ES OB’ rojrojoum V. Naiby." Illustrated by Nast: 720 page#! 8J.60. The Weatom Subscription Agency, OhU Agents wanted-fordr. w. w. hall’bnew book. * Health at Home” or Family Hooter: good inauaomenta to tho right won. fl. M. BETTS A CO., 161 South Clnrk-st. A GENTS WANTED—SAMPLES FREE—S2U SILVER XV watch to either aox having gold 8100 worth of our goods that aqll readily to every family at a profit of $6 to fH a day. Business permanent on email capital. Send tor papers. MBUUILL A CO., 85 West A GENTS WANTED—IOO AGENTS WANTED FOR J.\. the Jubilee. All who would make money should call atonon. J. W. QOODSPEKD, Lakeside building, 2d floor, corner Clark aud Adams-sta. A 9. 1 .' :r fi rs WANTED—EVERY COUNTY, HEWITT U\. Fluting, Polishing, and Hand.lron combined. Secure a county and make money. Room Ift, 170 East Madlson-at. A GENTS WANTED—FOR INGBRSOLL’B LIFE OF Xi Horace Greeley just ready: also, for our other popular subscription books. Como ami aoe our now plans and in ducements. Union Publishing Company. 636 Wabaeh-av.. Chloago. • * A GENTS WANTED—EVERYBODY SHOULD CALL XV and hoo Mrs. Jessup’s Compartment Kottlo, India* ponsahle to hnusehold, and sella on sight. \v' ■ff I*AULOW 1 *AULOW A CO,, Western Agents, UttiaudjkU West Lako-st., oornor Peoria. A oreN'ra wantkd—• wu have a nkw book Ji. nearly ready Out will, without doubt, have a largo salo by agonta. Wo hayq ao much to do that wo cannot altoml to Its coin, anilwlahaman thoroughly comnutunt to manage tbu onllro asloforua. Wo will fiay o salary, or part salary and part commission. If wo do not Hod tho right man at onoq wo shall wlih Htoto Aesnts for H. Mon who understand tho Assistant J’lan preferred. Giro ago Go\ o yhlca 0 g r o°ll t | fuU * AU « ru “ ”• J * HOLLAND * W r " H,v ANTKD- to 81![.I. A CURIOSITY TOY. jv-r, m \ 4° Ju WS?,°tf«M»ohanco to m»k« lartfo mlus. £jyl^ii>ii°gA.tJ*LLl^ko*it.» uu»Btalm. PERSONAL. JSKUSONAL— DOI)IJ, HI£NI) MIC YOUH ADDUKHB. oij llttvo loiters from p. j|, K. for you, tad stamps. CALL AND OLOBK CON- X tract on laying sidewalk at Houth Kiiitlowoucl, You PEUSONAL-A. REWARD OP ®25, AND NOQUEB. tiuna asked, will be paid /or too return of (he prop* ««y taken from GOB Weal Wsuhlngton-at,, Tuesday morn* |n«. J. 11. WAIiiU, 43 and 44 Uaudolpli at. 7 HELP. Bookkooporn, Clarks* Etc. WANTRD-A YOUNO MAN FOR RRORIVfNO Ti i rand 1)111 clerk 5 must boa rapid and plain penman, correct, and reliable. Addrou YH, Tribune oflloo. \VANTED—AW A NO. I UOOKKKIiPKRs - ONK m - that 1b gulor and accurate.' Addrou, atatina aal* ary wanted, Y7D, Tribune otlloe. * T\f ANTKD-A COMPRTBNT ROOKKKRPICIIt ONR Tt • who understands his bualnoei. Address, with ref erences, Y7ti, Tribune cililco. RISLIARLH MAN WITH A FEW m hundred dollars to lako an.lnterest in and clmrao of my business} 611,600 poryoar and part proflu allowed. Address y 88, Trlbuno office. OOhnEHPONDINO OI.KRK AND * » person to do work on hooka generally. Addrooa, office 1 * °*l ,or * enco *ud salary ozpootod, 1) H, Trlbuno WANTRU-A COMPETENT ROOKTcRKPRU; GRK »f man dmlrablo. Address (j D 7, Trlbuno office. \vANTHD-A YOWo“MTN - WTT>t“ROMR“EirPR" 1100,1,18 * 8,9 W+fi TE .P- A . WnaT.OI.iBS BTOOKKEBPKR AT SJadlaoa aU*^ 0 * 00 corner Ilatslcd and TrnUoa. ■nrANTRD-A rinsT.or.Aß3 oarrtage-trtm. a Aii ‘’ ri ’ , “ bootu \V A ,uluP.~, . I'rjlfiT.OLAHß BPINNEIIS, A’ * " t,w flp.rt. Woolen Mill., gparla. Wii. AV A S ,i „S“9» N, f.“F I . N .S ,Kn A MUST UK CAPABLE KnnknkOT IIl“ Uy l,ablt,i *«ik«k<ra Woolen JlllUn. W A .™i ! .?„r/i N m x ? I ; RIItN0ItD PRESSMAN, ONE floor iCTonH!'PUrli?. u pr '' M 0- Al ’ l>ly « fmrHl {^ TBD “ CJA i J INJ2T-MAKERH, AT COl FULTON- UAL “ V7 w^;s: : s,i. A^.’ii Aa,nuAi ' s ' io,!MAK,ii ‘ at ® WANTKD-A NO. V MAN TO WORK IN A IIOU3R- Bholng shop as fireman. No. 970 West Lako-at, D■yyANTED—TAILORS AT \\T ANTED—ROSEWOOD OUAINERS TO WORK r,>' mmobut nood workmen need , apply. DOYD A HILL, corner Franklin and Tylur-stc. WANTED-OAURIAGE PAINTER, A RAPID /X. striper preferred; also a guo J trimmer, at HATH AWAYS, GCU Stato-st. , WA?jTI2D—OAUPIJNTER3 AT 6a AND M NORTH Jonorton-at. 111 1b mornllir at 7 o’clock. RANTED - TWO BARBERS, AT VALA DAN’S i, eliop, U7QBmio «t. WANTRD-fWO FIRST-CLASS HOTEL COOKS lilßUoat w«rob paid and stonily work. Apply at sitt Ifftat luudolph-at., Llpt! Ulock, Room 4, up-ataln. Coaobmou* Toamstora. &o. *tXTANTiEI)—COACHMAN IN A PIUVATIS FAMILY! TTlimifit bo a iirat>eUsß driver. and brlug coodrocora* montlaUon. Apply nt I>6 Walintn-av. WANTKD-A MANIAS COACHMAN, ALSO A T*; cook, that understand tliolr business. Apply at No. 14C6 Wnbash-ar. Employment Aircnoioß* “ITTANTED—2CO RAILROAD LABORERS AND SAW .»» mill lumda; Iroo faro, . Apply at 4H Woat Randolph •t., Room 1. \\T ANTED—COO LABORERS TO WORK ON RAIL »T rends, fnrmt, saw-mllls, 110-clioppora, ole., at good wages and steady employment. Apply to CHRISTIAN * RING, No. I South Clnrk-nt. WANTED-A FEW SALESMEN; ONE MAN WITH $226 for a patent; nnu with SC(>O for an olllco, and ono with $2,800. liastato-at., Room 13. TyANTED—6 GOOD BOILER-MAKERS. STEADY T». work and good wages. Also, 50 railroad laborers. Apply to A. ANDERSON A CO., 16 South Oaiinl-st. Miscellaneous. \\T ANTED—TWO GOOD MEN CAN FIND STEADY Tf cmploimont by applying nt 2115 South Olnrk-at. 5 no capital, but reiureucoa required. *\AT ANTED—MEN—BIGGEST CHANGE EVER OF- Ti fored to mako money. A farmer cleared $52 last week. One young man madu $27 lu three days, above all ‘’fRS'Jf 08 * ~I O 'O U want to rooko money, don't fall to call at 00 East Madl«on-at., Room 6. ». WANTED— IMMEDIATELY. A YOUNG MAN TO deliver papers and mako himself generally useful. f. 1 .?.!??. 0 ?! 00 .* roduirod. Apply to or address DRUG STORK, Englewood. •\\rANTKD-A FEW MEN TO ACT AS SALESMEN it lortho beat sowing maehlno. Wo will odor better torma than over bolero, BARROWS, BROS. & CO., PBI Woat Madlaon at. \\T ANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS WHITE WAITERS Yr ut HUTCHINSON'S, corner Wubooh-av. and Twonty-socend-st. WANTED-SEVERAL MEN FOR THE CITY AND country, to sell 25 fast selling articles; also non-ox ploflivo for korusono ell. sl2 to SBO a week easily made. A. RAY. 25 WestLske-st. WANTED-A GOOD MAN AH FOBEMAV IN A livery stable, 160 and iMWcst Washingtou-st. TIT ANTED—MEN AND~ BOY3't6~SJC LITI.EKaTpS tT now Pocket Guido of Chicago, “early this morn log." A good chanco to mako uunoy. Cull at 46 East Uarrisou-st. \\T ANTED—OFFICE BOY, ABOUT 12 YEARS OLD, r T American, neat and honest, with gaoa recommenda tions: one who resides wlthhU parents. Room 7, Haw ley’s Building, between 8 and 4 p. m. only. oil THREE GOOD OANVASS- V r ora, to sollft now Uouaohuld article. Call atdSSouth CUnton-et., up-stairs. WANTIID-IDO TRAMS ON THE GREAT WESTERN 11. IC. of Canada to work on scrapore, Grading of double track, between Chatham and Gloncoo, .fUpor day payable In sold, and transportation furnished to tliu work. Apply at Room No. 4, 441 Wabosh-av., Chicago. WANTED - DREDGEMEN, CRANESMEnT~AND deckhands. Apply on board White Dredge, In HU* nolß Central blip, at !J p. m. WANTKD-200 RAILROAD MEN, 12 QUARRYMEN, and 26 teams; frou faro, high pay. 60 West Ran* Wolph-Bt., Room 2. W ANTED—A STORE PORTER. Wls WANT A '» poncr to tako earoof a llrst-ola**, llnoly fittud-np atoro room on State-at. I'lret-olaaa written references re quired roßUtdlajf ability, sobriety, and honesty. A mar rlpa niaa iiretorrod. Apply for further Information at 378 iVoat Madlaou-st. TXTANTKD—A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS HAD 60MB oxporlonoo in tbo atovo-and hardware bualuca; 355 WcatMadlsoa-at. wANTKU-85MKN FOR RAILROAD WORK. CALL TI to-day between ii and 13 o'clock at 2U) North Unionist. WANTED-MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT TO f T cull on JONES & OO.v 71 South Canul-at. 5 SJSO to 840 A week euro money. TV a ntkd-onb GOOD CANVASSER ON BALA »f ry, to Boliolt oraora amonnt privoto families: also Qorman canTueser. Call after oa. m. lu9 North T\TANTED—MAN AND WIFE TO OO TO COUNTRY -I*. to work ou fana. Inquire of U. J. PARSONS, 140 West Madlaop-it. ■ \\T ANTED—A STOUT BOY THAT UNDERSTANDS .» howto varnish furniture, and mako hlmsolf ureful lo tno store, Inquireat 7(H Stale-at., wear Fourteenth. W a ntkd- iureb7lnteluoent^ien“of if. pood address. to lake orders for an nrtlolo that soils at slgut._ WIIF pay a liberal to right kind of 207 South Cl HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A T 844 WABASH AV. CAN BE SEEN FOR THIS tr _ w® o * now and Bocond-hand rookaway, top and open buggies, pbactona, alldu seats. Como aud seo ilioiu. Do* livery wagons; all at low prlcaa. J. H. CARSON. A, MILLINERY STORE DOING AN A 1 BUSINESS for aalo; location, Halited-at., between Madison umt Harrison; reason for Bolling Batlafaotory; terras very cosy to a rcupooUblo party. Addroaa Q 83, Trlbuno A SPLENDID NEW GROCERY OR EXPRESS ooutlTuflnton-ar 0 oboap * Al,pljr toMr ‘ LOWERS, Ulo OP FIRST-CLASS ROCK aways, barouplius. Victorias, plmotona, tonandopoc ouggles, at 27 and 29 South Cllntun-st. H. B. IIILL. BASSETT’S BOARDING STABLES, 19 AND*ai ilamion-court, have the boat of accommodations fot poardtng horeea; horaus kept on first and second Hour*. T WANT A. HORSE AND CARRIAGE. IN EX For sale-horse suitable for delivery op orpreas wagon; good stylo; will aoll right. 11. K. LOOMia A SON, 193 West Monroo-st. >UR HORSES FOR HALE OIIEAP AT 747 WEST Madlauu-st.; one for $45. For sale-a dapple gray horse, long mano and tall, 16>5 hands tilxh. & years old; can snow a good tl minutes gait; lady or child can drlvohlm. Also, Luck board road'-wagoti, and harness. The horse cannot be out-stylod. A. N. HANKiNSON, 44 mid 46 West Adams-st. For salk—a man bred, beautiful mare, souud and period; cun show iI:4U with but little training, wlih reasonable prospect of going very fast. A bargain is ottered to a buyer of her, nml satisfactory rea sons given for selling. Buyers for tills class of stock had bettor address D 76, Tribune oliloo. TTOII SALE—FINE CARRIAGE HOUSES OP ALL A* colon: road boraoi that can trot bettor than throe minutes. Will oschango heavy draught horses fur good b>p buggloa or ■mall driving lioraoa that aro good slop, pora. M. Q» WibbUlt A liitO., 107 and 163 Miohlganav. FOR HALK-UY MILLER A LIPPOLDT, 1 NEW delivery, 1 new half-spring, and 1 second-hand nod. Qiot’awßuon: also ail kinds of repairing promptly attend ed to, at 2» Slue Island-av., aud 86» South Halstod-st. at Konaington. 13 mile* from city 5 taken from and re turned to city. Call at 11)68 State-at. J. W. PYNIS. inOll SALE—CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, PHAETONS. X • ota. A grout variety from lirst-olnse makers at rea llliA b DL^ r y Ul< * at 863 aUj H G. L. IJIOR BALK-A STYLISH HOUSE 0 YEARS OLD. A and harness and top buggy, nearly new. at a bargain If taken In two days, luuufro at No. 316 blue Island-av. X’ and harness. Horse the gentlest and best driver for horse tn iho city. Can trot In a:3U. CHI TIENDUN'S, rear of lUCO Wabasb-av. For salk-a 6-year old mare and busi. ‘noßsbuggyand harness, or will trado for groceries. or sot on West Side. Apply at 670 West Twolfth-st. WOII SALE-LIGHT YACHT-BOHY HOAD X 1 wagon, uoarly nnvr, lo be »ocu boforo Ba. ni., und after? p.m., at 7U WuhnsL-nv. p ' u,m G° TO^?, . IA .^AY , H, 600 HTATK-BT., TO HUY »in»nlfc I fawortb ,ttl ahtW#goaoC butf,ry; oTUr J' tllln tf low OPLENDID ABHOUTMKNT OF OAItUIAUES, RUG p gioi, pbautona, rookawaya, alde-aoata, Ao„ Ao., nt low prlcca. U27 Slaloat., near ilarrlaon. I*. L. HMl'i'll. WaNTBD-A GOOD JAOI*7XO ~HH!~DELI V K 111 C U wimKffiT.X g u ,“ n fil‘i? n ’ IOW ‘- “• °- \\rANTEI)-TO MJHOHAHK FOR OAHU, A ROUnT) ? _ and reliable pony or poiiy-bullt hnrao, aultablo lor Indy or üblldreo', broken to ride or drive, mid imiae be ho warranted. Apply to GKO. A. BUUr/cLOT, du., ftj Washington at., Room lift. ' * INSTRUCTION. A °t‘*RS IN HIIOUT-IIAND WHITING il.Vi. . .1“ !? rm “! Hi; MotnipollUn Iluilnni Oollcuo, lUU Kaal aladliqm.t., on Momla, oruaiiiv neat, M™- 'I- himonh, r.ATK qp viuhty-nintii. •t.. Now York, Knsllili, tfronoli, ami (lorman Ijoatd. wg ajr and fancy noedlo-wurk taught : oloioi July U5. 460 ilichlgtu-ar., corner iiour* WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domontlosi W A H KD "A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL ttnrltt Kwn*iVft T °/lniSs W0 ' °s° f ° P °?°' t ftnrt Ono ,Dr "OCfind Sim O Ji or Nnrwoglftn preferred; best of at7B botwoon Indiana and W A rHrwTn,7 , G / U3 '!n N * N . U SCANDINAVIAN .If. .***} n,r P r,yal ° famtllos and hotels at 80 Milwaukee ar. ; no ions. \y A il. T . OIU ™. 1 FOU IRONING, WASHING, &U OnlomoUav * Rud 1 toT BBnoral housework. Inquire WANTED GIRL TO DO GENERAL llOUßE i'rairle°aT oooklu|{ ’ *** wa4lj ing la private family, 1810 WANTED -A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND S .S OQ<I "««<>•; must bo oompotoat. Apply at no. 1010 Mioblgan-ar, WANTKD-NUIIHIS Ollil, TO TIIAVItF, WITH Till! family this cummer. Must bo first-class, with Lott ot roforenoos. Apply at Ml Indlana-av. WANTED-AT 1270 INDIANA-AV., A GOOD, COM potent German girl for general housework la a small iniTUlys must ho a good washer and ironor. \\f AN TE D-1M MEDI AT E LY-AN EXPERIENCED waitress for dining-room; references required. COO Wabash-av. ’U/’ANTKD-TWO GOOD AND COMPETENT GBR » » man girls In private family? ono to cook, wash, and Iron; ono for second work; must speak English. 677 Wa fa ash-av. \XT ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE »T work. Apply at B North RUr.alioth-st. W ANTED—5 GIRLS FOR A HOTEL IN FRUIT > T port, 8 Ilnurs' sail from Chicago; chambermaid,scrub girl, good Ironor. pantry girl, and a girl to wash. Good workers well paid. Call to-morrow morning at tho Miul ton House, .North Market and Klnslo-sts. WANTKD-A 'COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL housework.- small family. Apply at 288 Walnul-al., noarLeavitt, fromlHofip. m. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- work ht a' small fanilly,' afISU WcaL Van Huron-st. \XT ANTED—A. , rHOHpUdriLYrCOMIMSTKNT OIUIT T T to cook, wash, and Iron. Apply at !!W» North Dear born-et., third hoiiao from tho corner of Maple. WANTED-Omr, FOR GENKRAX. HOUSEWORK, Apply at 610 WatiasU-qy. »T Apply, for two days, at 111(1 Pralrlo-av. WANTED— A GIRL TO HOUSE- work In a small family. 76 North Knngamon-st. TWANTED-A GIRL FOR KITCHEN WORK, AT rr Olarondon Honoo, corner North Clark and Onta* rlo-nts. WANTED-A DINING-ROOM GIRL, AT 613 WA _* I hash-av.; ono who undorstando hor business. \yANTED-A GERMAN ORBWEDB OIRLTODO T T general housework In a small family. Apply this mormug at 480 Hubbard-at., corner Ashland-av. • WANTED - A'GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a private family of throo; goodwages.- No. BAS bcdgwlck-st., up-stalm. WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED GIRL TO DO housework In a private family; good wanes. 120 rtonorc-nt., first huuao south of Van Ilurou, WANTKD-A, GOOD GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, t r wash and Iron. Liberal wages. Apply at 010 Miohl gnu-av. _ WANTED-AT 81 TWENTY-SECOND-ST., A GIRL to do second work 5 to one that suits tho best of wages will 00 paid. ■ \V ANTED—ONE DINING ROOM GIRL AND ONE ®'*"*ooormiilds none need apply nxcept those who . v£r l \ n J 1< i n,t 2 tld tbe * r boalnoa*,. Apply, with reference, at 925 Wnbai-h.av. \V r ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED GIRL TO COOK, 1 T I Tfa « c * P°r week. Call for throe days at bOO West Washingtun*st., corner Oakley. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND GIRL; MUST COME recommended or with references. Apply at (H3 Wabash-av. . *\ST ANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS, A CHAMBER. Ti maid and a second girl: Gorman, Swede, or Nor* woglan preferred. Apply EW West Madlson-st. WANTED-A WOMAN FOR GENERAL HOUSE ■ »work; highest wages to a llrst-olaas person. Inquire at 409 West Randolph-st. WANTED— A GOOD AMERICAN OR GERMAN girl for general housework in a small private family: mustboable to 000k well. Apply at No. 9 Eighteenth-, at., near the lake. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a family of throo; references required. Apply at 290 West Jackson-st. WANTED— A GOOD COMPETENT GIRL AS COOK In a small private family. Apply at H37 Indinoa-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL, TO DO GENERAL liousowork id a small family. Apply at No. 226 Burn- Hldo-st., near Twentieth. \VANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL V r housework, In a small private family. Inquire at 426 West Lako-st. •\V* AI W ,3:u “ ONE OIRL. ABOUT 18 YEARS OF AGE, *1 machine. A. U. GARFIELD A CO., 229 and 211 Lako-st. Ty-ANTED-OIRL; MUST BE A GOOD WASHER VI and ironor, and do plain cooking; family of throe. Call at 1063 lodlana-av. TATANTED-A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A 1 * family of three persons; one willing to help take care baby. Apply at 260 Calumot-av. iNTBD—COOK, AT 418 MIOHIOAN-AV. REF. cronocs required. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK WHERE t T there Is a couple of boarders, at (MS Mlchigan-av. IXT ANTED—IMMEDIATRDY, 8 PLAIN IRONERB TT at bt. Jullon Dining Hall, ISI and 163 Dearborn-at. Milliners. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MILLINER (TRlM nicr). Address Q 89, Tribune office. - Seamstresses, T\TANTED—COMPETENT HANDS TO WORK ON TV mantles and drosses; also, apprentices. 63 Took, court. WANTED— 10 EXPERIENCED HANDS ON THE Wheeler & Wilson and Slagor sowing machines. No. 116 Franklln-st., up stairs. « W’”‘ ANTED—A GOOD SEAMSTRESS AT £97 WA bach-av. WANTED- 8 OH 4 APPRENTICES TO LEARN dressmaking; roust' understand using a noodle. Splendid chance lor tho right parties. Apply at 843 West Madison-st. Latin drosses. TTfANTED-IN LAUNDRY, IMMEDIATELY, ONE T) first-class starcticr, 9 first-class washers, 1 ladles 1 clothes Ironer. 863 West Madison-it. GOOD WASUSVOMKN AND TWO good ironer* this morning, at 7 o’clock, sharp, at tho now laumlry, South Doarborn-st. • 1 . TAT ANTED—NEW SHIRT IRONERB AND LADY Vr clothes ironers, none but first-class need apply, at tho Lakeside Laundry, 63 and 85 South Oanal-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRESS AT 475 Wabaah-av. WANTED-A GOOD WASHERWOMAN ONE OR Vr two days each week for private family; roust bo nice Ironer.Apply at once, at 8-18 West Madtson-st. TVTANTED—GIRLS, AT WILSON'S GRAND CEK- V V tral Laundry, to work on piece work, two shirt-iron on, ono washer, one ladies' ciothoa-ironor, ono statelier, ono washer. 297 and 399 Stato-st. Employment Agencies, TWANTED-50 GOOD GIRLS, FOR GENERAL VV housework in city and country. Apply at MRS. THOMPSON’S, Offloo 1000 Stato-st. W’ ANTED - GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN girls for private families and hotels, at 60 Milwaa koo-av.; no foes. T\ r ANTEDr-60 KITCHEN GIRLS FOR HOTELS, V? 25 waiters, CO for restaurants, 40 15 for chamber work, 25 for second work: cooks, lann drosses, and nurse girls. Apply at 97 West Uandolph-st., Room 8. Miscellaneous. WANTED— SEVERAL LADIES FOR THE CITY, and all parts of tho country, to soil a toilet artlolo and rubber goods for ladles; those engaged are doing splendidly, lira. PALMER, Room 8, 26 west Lako-st. WANTED-A FEW INTELLIGENT LADIES TO tako orders fur something that sells • at sight. Business permanent, pleasant, and profitable. Apply at store No. 307 South Olark-st. MISCELLANEOUS. Any nsspROTARLK person tpisiiin6 to adopt a flnn boaltbr boy, of S year*, will please ad* dross or call at 103 Suporlar-st., in tho roar. OAHU AND nifHCollannouH uriods of any kind, by aondltur a letter tOl Ktato-at, pRIiR TUiALOF MV BU' ~ Jllß OUUIS FOR C3ATAIIRII _ etvon daily th fowook, atKiOWaat Kandolub-st. Ur. U. RrHYKKB (eatabliaheil In 1870). y r ADIEU WISHING SWITCHES FOR THE JUBI JJ 100 can find a Inrgo ainortincnt atUS West Madison* •t., from 43 to $lO each. This Is tho boot bargain over otlurod Id tho city. Also, a largo assortment ol curls and ornaments lor the hair. EAL ESTATE OWNERS—IF YOITWANT YOUR , .^SP n oU J n ,P°? ( J.S, t fc I ' 2J lnd at reasonable pHocs, cai( on bilOS rA MoLLNNAN, City Surveyors, Room Bd, Morrison block. ’ S'IIOW OASES—AT DAROLAY’S, 141 BTATIJ-ST. bout and cheapest In America, In silvorand Walnut. STONER'S I NYENTO R S^RUREAIL 125 CLARK* st., Rooms 72 to 70 and 48 to 63. D. BTONEU A CO., Fatout SoUoiturs aud brokers, do all kinds of patent bus' (noss. W ANTED—EVERYBODY TO CALL AT 110 DEAR. • » born, Room o, ami boo Johnson's Kansas subsoilor. State aud county rights foraalo. WANTED-TO shelving T I and counter fur grocery store. Address U Id, Trib une ofiico. TyANTED—tOO MEN. AT LOUlNQ’si'Ufl f» lion-st., to examine boots and shoos, and satisfy thomnolvos that 60 cents to 43 a pair eau bo saved In buying at LOItINQ'S, 110 West Madlson-st, Cheapest house In tho city, y •\\rANTED-TO PUUOIIABB IMMEDIATELY TUB n*turps of a tlrst-uliUa moat market. Itmalroat 825 Oottago UroTQ-ftv. ‘ W^g^'°T,ga. UA A!,AItATU3 - TITANTICD-BTENOIL . CUTTERS TO BUY HIL W ANTlin-MA.I'IVITII if Ml) TO TAKK HALF IX ,I. aatffi tsiri&rlr'- oml •»««'- IXTANTifiI)—A fIIsOOND-IJAND - BODA FOUNTAIN y V In good condition. Addroes Q 8«. Tribune oiflJol 500 fo’i'f tei%\'S;f,. l iSSSSrffl. n n , . l S fi"r H LO| l |lNU C^tJr * *‘ op HO *Veat Madlaon-at., amigo TO LEASE. T t !-. I ! EA ? B^ DO , OK .A T BRIDOKI'ORT (OBBAT Rjoik. ’■ Al,ll > K ’ BRAINARU, Room 2» Utyau TO LEASK-WB ARB PREPARING PLANS FOU A B-atory and baiemput building, 80*176 foot on Madl aumat.. just west of Clark, adjoining Andoraou'a Euro, poan Ilotol. and ahould bo ploaaod to confer with partloa rplailvololoaalngaaino, Inpartortbo whole 5 no bettor alitbt a E'lfenoau Hotel can bo found In the’ city. U * UO.» Room 3 Speed'* Block, No. IBS SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Booltkoopon, Glorta* &o. QITtTATION WANTKD-BT A YOUNG MAW WHO k) can apeak and wrllo English and German, In soma light business, store or warehouse preferred j willing to work at any llmo; roforenoos can bo glvon, If required. W> WEDDALL, 181 West Uko-st. . . • qmjATION WANTKD-DOOKS OPUNRD' AND kJ closed, complicated accounts adjuitod, posting, copy* log. and general otlloo work attended to. . Address O to, Trlfninoollico. . . SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WITH several years’ oxporloiioo (n clothing and gents’ fur. nil! "o' ”° rk 1 ‘‘“ ll SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER. 1 in» t.™u. ■ ovora J years' practical experience In keep. l, n * and can Insnro satisfaction to any good house AfffiW™SribS!iA c K 1 ““ ti “° od r “'“ ronco “ l " n - WA NTKD—BY A YOUNG MAN, WITH i?.ii 1 . ro ?» ,,ottrß ox P° r lonco, la a llnt-olnss rotall’grooonr Htaro; olty or country. Address PB. Tribune oHloo. CITUATION WANTED—IN SOME COMMERCIAL Inossbyn practical man, whole wlllltig to make CITUATION WANTED—AC6OUKT~B'obks OPKN. ~, H 8 "' c iSm2li2 rox ? m,uo & thorough accountant; posting, adjuatlng, oto. ■ attended to erenlngs or day lime. A llitAßllEß, No. 787 West Madlson-st. CITUATION WANTED —AS BOOKKEEPER. Jp. "h|pplng. or receiving clerk; seven rears’ experience; no object ims to going ont of tho city. Address V 70. irimino 011100. • aiTUATWNTwANTED-A FIRST-CLASS SALES ftLS’. “1 .J ,omnan ’ w, . ! ’ ho,, 10 « ot omnloymont far Ti^un°o«>ffic r o n * 0r,U,0n9 antl ovon,nßß * Address D 75, CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOTINO MAN IN A k-Jstnro; nine years’ oxporloneo In the grocery trade: 5° 7 " tf ana dollvortn « oril or«. Address X Trades. SITUATION .WANTED—AS ENGINEER,- SEVEN 1 of Now York city. No ob- Ym cl,y ! 5 00 ‘ 1 roforenoos. AddrossM J A, Co 9 Uaual-st., for ouowook. gIITUATION WANTED—BY AN KNOINItKK OP M Jyonie oxpcrlonoo; understands high and low pressure, ost ctly roforenoos. Address M. li North Green-at* CITUATION WANTED-TO" HOTEL KKUPKRS" Orosfanranu.or bakers, a sltuatlou by a oorapetentNoiv York bakor. Address RAKER, Tribune offles. iS^E AT A lON wantkd-to plow manufacture O ora-A competent mechanic, who has had large ox. • t l( J ~ian“ faoturoo/ alool-plowa aud ag*foul iomonts, wanta a situation oa foreman or super jntonuont after July 1; has had ezporleneo In worktmr largo numbers of men. Address Y 77; Tribune office. Si TUAT lON WANTED—BY A FIRSTCoCfsa architectural draughtsman. Address Y7B,Tribime §D.;'u“wte CIPUATION WANTED—AB STATIONARY ENOI g «?«* by a practical onainoor of over 30 years’ export. onic° b ° St ° f raforonccfl tflvon. Addro** Q4l, Tribune «™.™ Coao,unon ’ Toomatorg. &o. CITUATION WANTED—BY A MARRIED MAN, AS O coachman In n private family. Rofor to O. B. OnfrnrT Nori ftl Vm°f of L; l oin > n or c o- -'Address or call on G. UAN -BGN, lot) Loomlast., cottage In tho alley.. CITUATION WANTED—AB OOAOIIMAN BY A Ostoady and sober Dane. Address O. ANDERSEN*. »°tol Denmark, Nos. 7, 9, and 11 Mllwaukce-av. CITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN •BY A thornuKlily understands management of norsas, English: willing to make himself useful' sood reference. Address W. UAMMOND lia K(*°u!;f_ gooa S^. A TiP N WANTED-BY A MARRIED MAN AS w6iT.KS“ofiS! r °'” r ' !,,0 ° ,Ilto,li 0on “" n : ■•“ tow CITUATION WANTED—BY A MARRIED MAN. AS O coachman, wlfo to do cooking or second work* nc fiood city reference. Address ti 43, Tribun 1 CITUATION WANTED—BY A NO. 1 CHORE AND Tribuneotfloo' bo,t clty . rooomm ® ui l*«. Address Q 43, Mia c ollnnnons * CITUATION WANTED-BY A PRAOTIOALPARMKE kj ,oa foreman or manager of a largo farm. Referencs present employer. Address O D, care Carrier M, SITUATIONS WANTED-BY A YOUNG FRENCH: kjmanand wife (don’t speak much English), ho as wattoi “»* wl /o OS chambermaid, In a prlvato family or rattan- t ntry DO obJoc£ * Apply forthro ° «**».*t CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG COLORED a t s toro op itiatirauco, or otlior ofllooa; willing to* TrJbuuo I oO?oo ÜBO^Ul ’ Gofld ro^oroB ®®»- Address D S9, S I^ I i lON WANTED-BY A YOUNG NORWE 1/ wholesale honro; speaks KnglUh and roads, if required; willing to work atany tlmo. Call on or address N. ANDERSON* 113 HuhLard-st.. fora d“v° ■ Station wanted -by “an. American w 1 £ y .u mof . , S BO * best of reference given. Ad dress W 64, Tribune olheo. kj oouootor. Satlefaotory roforonoo and soourily given for a good situation. Address P7. Tribune office. “ SITUATION WANTED-BY. A GOOD, STRONG boy, 14 years old, in a farallv, to tako care of a bond and cow 5 good references from last employer. Z 29. Trib une otuoo. CITUATION WANTED-BY A CAPABLE MAN AS CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED kJ man. from tho Last (no family), ns farmer or coach man; understands gardening. Good reference. Ooun. D fl, Central Hotel, 13 South SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. CITUATION WANTED—BY A REBPKOTABLB U young girl to do tho work in a small private' family, or sooond work and cato of children. Inquire at229Twonty flrst-at., in tho roar. CrniATIQN WANTED—FOR A GOOD NORWR. *,rofi la P.9 B T. I ?J 1 .&9:J? tr lorUghthouiowork;ago, 18 years. 0 ' 883 Stato-st. Entrance on SITUATIONS WANTED—TWO DANISH GIRLS want places to do second-work. Apply at 110 Front-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK p of long experience. In a restaurant, hotel, or first-class boarding-house. Can bo soon for 2 days at 3&3 Fourlh-ar. OITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ONEA3 SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN PROT oitant girl, to do sooond work and take care of a child, or sow; also os cook in a first-class private family.. Gail at 76 Cottage Grore-av., between Twenty-third and Twenty. foorth-sta,, to-day. CITUATIONS WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK kJ and sooond girl; best of wages oipootod. Address D 43, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL TO DO OEN. kP- oral bonsowork In a small family, or do sooond work. Call at 113 Sebor-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO SEO. ondwurk, whoro there are two ortbroo girls employ od. Apply at Woman’s Home, 191 West Jacksou-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED nurse, to tako caro of children and assist la sowing; good references. AddroaeJSO North Wella-st. CITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ONRAS p first-class cook, tho other aa second girl. Call at 467 South Stste-st., to-day. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-GLASS DlN lug room girl. Call at 633 West Madlaon-st. Nurses. CITUATION WANTF.D—AS NURSE GIRL; HAS p had experience; can got references: would travel; can bo seen at 183 hast Ohicsgo-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN °* experience, as nurse or governess; ono year In last pinoo. Call at 388 Wabaah-av. Housekeepers. CITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER IN kJ hotel or widower’s family, by a widow lady 26 years of ago; U fully competent, and can give best of city refer oiicosj Address >62 West Madlson-at. SITUATION WANTKD-BY a WIDDLE-AGED kJ widow Jadf. as housekeeper, or would take charge of SITUATION NVAKTBD—BY AN AMERICAN, AS H bOMsekoopor, or take charge of a bouse during the family* absence, or ft widower's family; no objection to tbo country. Atldros* BD. Tribune olHoo. • iU SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY OF RKFINR mont u houaekoopor for a widower or two or tliroo con onic'o Q ' C4Q B ?0 800(i rot °roncofl. Addrosa Y 80, Tdbana SITUATION WANTKD-DY A RESPECTABLE kJ widow lady of rotlnomcnt, as housekeeper fora widower or bachojor. Nuohjoctloa to leaving tho city. Can clvo tho beat of references. Addrosa N ftj. TrJbuno oiHou. Employment Agonoiog, QITUATIONB WANTICD-11Y HOTEL, RESTAU kJ rant, and bonrding-hunno cooks; also. 60 girls furgfn. oral housework, for city and country, at No. D West Mad. l«on-at., Room 6, up-Blnlrs, and branch ollico No. 13ti West Monroo-st. Star Employment Ullico. QITUATIONB WANTED—FO li NO, 1 COOKS AND O girls of all nat ionality tor nil kinds of work: 34 Uulou. St., corner Washington. Mikcollarioomi. QITUATION WANTED-SOMETHING TO DOIIYA t.iwi?v U n. a !l orttcd Q'dto alouo. Address NOU MAWDY, Tribune oibuc. (SITUATION WANTISD-A UKBIMJCTAULK WO.M- Oau ( 1 rotoslant, would oaro for ultildron ami would o;:n» for iiousotiuld attain whuro b!)u would hnvo uo Ullchcn work, or can wait on a lady; wood seamstress; «ood rolor f. nc m* ‘Of lliroodnya, from 10 u. m. to 4». m., at ttio Tea ritoro, 818 Arohor-av, gITU~ JN WANTKD-AH BALKSTiADY IN A llm-olass clgar-Bloro by a ymine Judy who can «l«'o unexceptionable references, (.’a)) on, or address h, Koom 11, corner Adams-«t. and FUlh-av. j • SITUATION TUAVKIi ’WITH A O family and takocaroof children. (Jnn speak Unman and French. Apply at Woman’s Aid Association Uuoms, 61 amlKlLaßallo.U. »MUSICAL. A FINIS TONIS ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, MADE by Gilbert A Oo.,Hailoii.lii splendid enter; prloo only #tH); It In well worth $-00. Residence 7 Elghtoenlh'at. DO YOU wish" to HUY A splendidl-octave carrod leg planet (perfectly mw) lor SBSO, tho namo that la aold to r $6iU in atorca that pay big rout* f Call at Sul Bark-ay. WQB BALK—A SPLENDID TONED 7-OCTAVR X‘ carved log piano (Stolnway model), for only s3i*J: boon used just enough to Uko oil thu uuw loulc. SSI Parkav. TTIOR HAIjB-PIANOS FOU BALK AND TO KENT. X 1 tho Smith organ atylo. No. 44. with 3 banka o* Koya, 4 oomnloloaolaof rooda, and Ifl atopa. Hopalrlog s!nih-Vt!?‘f.? l -.T. ti r.i?^^§ , k L 3 ‘ a,ii> «•- rn pROAN FACTORY, S3 BAST INDIANA.BT.. la Urn cheapest place Ip Obloago to buy a llnt-olasa rgan. Prion. tyCO to $1,000; DIVORCES. T\IVOnOEa OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW U bualnoaaattondod to. BUSH, 847 South Qlark-at. . TT\IVOROBS—LEGALLY OHTAINED—FEE AFTER xy dooreo. Scandal avoided. Nina yoara* practice io the ooorte of Chicago, Audreea P. O. Ilea IW7, 7

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