Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 5, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 5, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. Tho Achino-Dulch War on Sumatra. Battle Yesterday Between tho Carllsts and Spanish Republicans. Sorlons Illness of tho Emperor of Germany. SPAIN. Pants, Juno 4.—Dispatches from tho Spanish fron tier report that a battle Is in progress to-day between the Carllsts, under Dorregaray, and & force of 1,000 Republican troops. The result la as yet unknown. Batobnb, Juno 4.—The Carllsts appeared before Irun to-day, and began an attack on ibo place. At lost accounts they bad taken forty carbineers prisoners. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Lakoasteh, Ohio, Juno 4.—ln tho races to-doy, tho tint, a trot, was won by Joslo, of Zanesville. Time, 3:45 #, 2:13, 2:43#, 2:45#. Seven horses started. Tho second, a pacing race, was won by Sleepy George. Time, 2:31?*, 2:33#, 2:33#. Rattling Jim took tbo first beat in 2:20#. Tho purses were SGOO and (800 respectively. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Beloit, WJs., Juno 4.—The flrst of threo matched Samos between tho University Club of Madison, and :«lott Ooltcgo Club was played hero this afternoon. Tbo Beloit boys won by a score of 29 to 25. Madrid. Judo I.—Tbo Carllsts, by continually inter rupting tuo communications between Franco and Spain, thus rendering it difficult toobUln authentic information, seek to mako It appear that they bavo complete control of tbo frontier provinces. On tho creation of this fatso Impression abroad they base their bopo of successfully launching a loan of $100,000,000. It sbould bo understood that no faith can bo placed on their representations la tho markets of Europe. AUSTRIA. Lomdok, Juno 4.—A special from Vienna announces that tho Czar reached Schocnbrunn Palace, on his way to that city, when ho became suddenly and seriously tick, and that tbo Emperor of Austria Is constantly at hla bedside. Tho dispatch needs confirmation. Vienna, Juuo 4.—Tho reports of tlio illuoaa of Iho Emperor of Russia nro wholly unfounded. His Maj esty assisted at a review of tho troops to-day, and was present at tho Court banquet to-night. New Yonii, Juno 4.—The Vienna correspondent of tho Loudon says tho eocond great settling day on tho Vienna Exchange proved bettor than had hocn anticipated. Tho number of insolvents was Increased by about half a hundred, though there might havo boon among thoso tolled out yesterday a dozen who, a couple of weeks ago, thought they had or wore thought to be worth a million. They wore without exception now men, who had been brought to the sur face by the tide of fortune. Few wore the men among them who dated more than four or five years back. This in itself Is sufficient to set tho present crisis in its true light. There had been gambling on tho moat extended scale. For months the Exchange bad been flooded with all sorts of new stock, some of which was utterly valueless, while the price oven of thoso stocks which had some value was driven up to a fabulous height. To issue some now stock at less than 20 per cent premium was scarcely thought to bo a stroke of business, while in many in stances financial companies, which were only begin ning business, and had therefore not earned a penny, commanded a premium of 60 per cent, and oven more. GERMANY. Berlin, Juno 4.— Tho Emperor William Is slightly 411. Ho was unablo to attend tho banquet yesterday, and tbo review to-day in honor of tho Shah of Persia. The following delegates have boon appointed to rep resent Germany at tho World’s Convention of tho Evangelical Alliance, to bo held In Now York next Oc tober: Messrs. Constantin Ticbondorff, tbo distin guished philologist, Klolnert Ohristlieb Pflcideror, Kraft Vondorgotmz, Grundmann Hoffmann, and An dreas Von Bornstorff, son of the lalo Count IJornstorff. Cologne, Juno 4.—The Old Catholics have elected Prof. Belnkens Bishop. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Halifax, June 4.—lt has at length been decided to make tbo funeral of Lleul.-Qor. Howe a public one, (he Provincial and civic authorities co-operating. Tho military and naval forces and tho volunteer militia will take part. Ottawa, June 4.—Tho Governor-General leaves Ot tawa on Monday for a sojourn at Quebec. It is reported that the late Sir George E. Cartier’s funeral will take place On tho 13th Inst. Halifax. June 4.— George Brown has challenged Henry Coulter to row a race at Springfleld, Mass., for the championship of America. CUBA. ZlAtaxta, Juuo A,— ZlQpu\,Uw«n pilauuera at Zlezncdloa have been liberated. Official telegrams havo been received announcing tho killing of tbirty-two'lnsurgents in Mho Gu&rimarO Mountains, and seven in the Lazaro Mountains. Col. Felix Agulrrpy who woe ottaohedto the’staff of tho late Cuban General, Agramonto, has been cap tured. • Modesto Diaz Is moving from Sierra Bayamo to ward Manzanillo with a heavy Spanish column. Tbo Republicans aro dally gaining accessions to their ranks, and the 'party begins to assume strength. SUMATRA. Fbmaito, Straits of Malacca, June 4.— 0n0 of the Dutch men-of-war cruising off the northern coast of Sumatra fired into throe British merchant vessels, as they were leaving the harbor of 'Achcen. The Achlncao hare sent messengers to this placo asking for assistance. The Coolies here are already enlisting in their service. If the Dutch persist in war they will meet with stronger resistance than ever. The pepper plantations in the north of Sumatra are going to ruin in consequence of tbo drafting of la borers Into the ranks of the Achlncao army. ITALY. Roux, Juno 4.—Urbana Ratazzl, tho Italian states man, Is dangerously 111. Eighty-two heads of religious orders have signed a document protesting against the bIU for tho suppres sion of religious corporations, and appealing to tho Pope, the law of nations, and to God. t GREAT BRITAIN. ..London, Juno 6—C a. m.—Tho Loudon Times urges tho Immigration of the Chinese to East Africa as'a means of bringing about tho abolition of tho slave trade.. FRANCE. * London, June 6—6 a. m.—lt is reported that ox- Empress Eugenio is In Paris, and has been there for two days. Telegraphic Brevities* Tho Clnclnuoti Council Finance Committee yester day fixed the city rate for taxation at 12 4-6 mills. S. K. Fletcher, Superintendent of the extension •aw-mill of Bohre k Uaynor, at Alton, 111., was caught an tho bolting yesterday and almost instantly killed. Cue thousand eight hundred and twenty-throe west ward-bound freight-cars passed over tho Missouri Elver bridge, at Omaha, duriug tho mouth of May. A row occurred on Monday night at a dance-house In West Wichita. Kansas, lu which two soldiers of Company A, Sixth Cavalry, aud one woman wore se verely wounded. At Columbus, Ohio, tho jury In the third trial of tho caso of John Mora, Indicted and tried for tho murder of Charles Thomas, lu 1870, after being out about twelve hours, brought In a verdict of not guilty. Jack Radloy, an engineer on tho Mississippi & Ten nessee Railroad, was murdered at Hcruaudo, Miss on Tuesday, by J. 0. Satler, a roadmaster, who was can. tured and placed in Jail. Senator William B. Allison, of lowa, Is to bo mar ried at Burlington to-day, to Mrs. Mary Neely, the adopted daughter of tho lato Senator Grimes. Tho wedded pair will leave Now York for a European tour on the 18th Inst. A telegram from Houston, Tex., says: "A baud of Armed desperadoes surrounded the Jail at Waco last night, and, after securing tho keepers of th« prison sod locking them up, liberated all the prisoners, sev eral of them notorious characters.” An order will be asked for from the next term of the United States Circuit Court, by United States Attorney Webb, for tbo removal of obstructions placed In tho Mississippi lllvor about LaOrosse by the Milwaukee & fit, Paul Hallway Company. The examination at Council Bluffs of applicants for Appointment to tho Naval Academy at Annapolis was concluded yesterday,-and resulted in the selection of Edwsrd Mcßride, of that city, lie will receive his official appointment from Congressman MoDIU to day. William Simpson and John A. GUospy, who ran away from EUlottsvillo, Ind., last Wednesday, with two young girls, named Carrie Sedgwick and Ella Carter, and six horses, a wagon, buggy, and some other prop, erty, were captured in East St. Louis yesterday. Simpson is a married man. Robert L. Dudley, of Deaton, charged with re cciving and disposing of cheeks, drafts, Ac., stolon from tho mails, was yesterday hold in SIO,OOO bonds to await a requisition for his trial hofaro tho Western Pennsylvania District Court, within which Jurist!lo. lion tho alleged crimes urero committed. Our Cairo special says that Harrison’s (rial, for a murder committed in that city a year ago, closed yes terday afternoon at Mound City, Speeches wore made by Judge W. J. Allen for tho Hlato, and D. T, Llnuo gan, for the defense. Tho Jury took thooaso at 4:30 p. m. The Senate Select Committee on Transportation has thus far gathered a largo amount of statistical infor matlon. W ilhln a week or ten days, Senator Wludom, toe Ohalnnan, wiU leave Washington for Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Boston, Buffalo, other cities, to make preparations for fadlilating tho work of the Committee. A dispatch from Galveston, Texas, says that tho lato heavy rains have completely flooded the country, en tailing groat damage on tho growing corn and cotton crops. Many parts of the Statu have been visited hv the severest hall-storms ever known, entirely destroy ing the growing crops. The rivers and creeks are very high, and tho prospect of continued rains la vorv promising, J . The Mayor of Boston recommends that (be Flro De partment bo Increased, and additional safeguards against fire provided. Representatives of leading In surance companies have voted to cancsl their policies whore (ho holders make exorbitant claims for damages for removal of goods, or present claims whore a re moval wan not necessary, by reason of a fire In the building or adjacent thereto. A Roalon telegram says it is reported that warrants are out for the arrest of four detectives, named Bangs, of Now Yorks 5 Carson, of Philadelphia: Loomis, of Pittsburgh; and Elwoll, of Boston, who are oborgod with arresting Mrs. Dudley, wlfo of tho alleged mall-robbor, at her residence in Matlnpan, without legal authority, and also compelling her to assign over to them bonds and cash to o considerable amount. SIO,OOO damages aro claimed against the dotoctlvco. SPRINGFIELD. Railroad and 'Wnrotiouao Commit* •loners’ mooting—Finances of tho City School Hoard—Off for tho Jubi lee. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, SpniNOFiELU, HI., Juno 4.—Tho Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners were In scsslon'to-doy, and adopted the form of tho blank which is to bo sent out to-day to railroad companies, and on which they are required to maxo report to tho Board. It Is now In the hands of tho printers, and will bo ready In a few days. They also continued tho appointment of O. F. Eastman, of Kano County, to bo Collector of tho Inspection Department in Chicago, in place of O. W. Patton, who declined tho appointment on account of 111 health. Tho Board aro also engaged in sending out blanks to County Clerks to oblam in formation. Tho Flnanco Committee of tho School Board of this city report tbo condition of the School Board from Sopt. 1, 1852, to May 1,1673: Salaries Repairs Incidental expenses..., Furniture and fixtures, Fuel Interest on bonds, Ac., Books and stationery., Total. IVECEIPTB. From tuition * $ 429 From School fund 34,087 Total : $35,116 There is still duo from tho School fund tho sum of $38,763, which, If collected, will pay all tho indebted ness 01 tho Board, and leave aaurnlusofflo,ooo. This is a bettor condition of finances than oar Board has been able to exhibit for many years. Yonr Commit tee would recommend that tho City Council bo request ed to levy such a tax as will produce $-15,000 School fund for tho ensuing year. A largo party of ladies and gentlemen, among whom wero Gov. Beverldco, Col. G, U. Harlow. Secretary of State, and lady, left hero to-day via tho Gilman le Clin ton Railroad for Chicago, to attend tho Jublloo. An other party loaves to-night. Altogether, Springfield will awoll tho crowd a hundred or more. IMPORTANT DECISIONS. Tho Court of Claims on Some Cole* bratod Cotton Cases. Washington, Juno 4. Tho Court of Claims to-day reudorod a decision of general Interest and very groat importance. In the case of WlUlam A. Haycraft versus tho United State, which is identical in principle and conditions of fact with tho well-known Elmira J. Kelly case, likewise pending, Tho Zlaycraft • suit was brought on Julv SO, 1872, for the proceeds of certain cotton seized ana sold by the agents of tho United States Govern ment, The "captured and abandoned property act” limited tho time within which suits could be brought for tho proceeds of such seizures to Aug. 20, 1808, being two years from tho date of tho termination of the rebellion as fixed by the Presidential proclamation of Aug. 20,18C0, Tho Supremo Court decided that the amnesty proclamation of Dec. 25, 1808, re lieved all persons In the Southern States from obligation to provo their loyalty in tho Court of Claims, and Haycraft, In filing his claim in 1872, contended that in consequence of tho said am nesty proclamation and decision of the Supremo Court, disloyal cotton claimants like himself had a right to commence (heir suits at any time within six years after the date of the proclamation of Deo. 25, 18C8, under the general statute of limitation applicable to suits brought in this Court, for tho reason that bo had no standing in Court prior to the issuance of said amnesty proclamation, and that his cause of action occruod at that date, although his properly was taken In 1663. The Attorney-General filed a plea to the Jurisdiction on tho ground that all suits for cotton wore required to bo brought within the two years’ limitation of the ** captured and abandoned property act.'* The coun sel for tho claimant demurred, aud tho Court to-day overruled tho demurrer, and sustained tho plea of Ju risdiction. Tho counsel for tho claimant thoii appealed to tho Supremo Court, this decision if sustained by tho Supreme Court will bar and ex clude (he claim against tho Government for .the pro ceeds of tho cotton to tho amount of about $16,000,000. An important decision was also rendered iu the case of Walter D. Spratt, of Mississippi, to the effect that tho. claimants, who purchased cotton from tho agouts of tho Confederate Government, knowing at the time the proceeds were to bo used In the prosecution of war against tho Federal Government, acquired no title to their purchases, and therefore have no right of action against tho United States for subsequent capture aud solo of such cotton;* TUIk decision governs aud ex cludes claims to tho amount of about $9,000,000. Au appeal was taken to ths Supremo Court. Tho Court of Claims made an order referring what ore known as tho '* Vicksburg Cotton Oases,” involving tho proceeds of some 0,000 bales, to Ebcn Evolith, of Washington City, as a Special Commissioner, to disen tangle tho complicated questions of ownership, etc., and report at the next term, and then adjourned till tho third Monday of next October. Railroad {Vows* Bismarck, Dakota, Juno 4.—The track of the North ern Pacific Railroad reached the Missouri River at this place to-day, and the entire * division of 4SO miles from Duluth to Bismarck Is open to business. Tbo people are celebrating the event. Connection Is made here with tho navigation of the Upper and Lower Missouri. A lino of steamers Is established between this point and Fort Beaton, in Western Montana, and shipments, both of Government and private freight, aro being mado by this new route to tbo Northwest. Tbo railroad surveying expedition, with the military escort under tbo command of Gen. Stanley, will start West on tho 10th Inst., with tho Intention of making a final and definite location of tho lino of tho road from tho crossing of tho Missouri to tho crossing of tho Yellow Stone, and along that river to Central Montana, this being only a portion of tho route not yet determined. No serious op position from tho Indians is anticipated by those best able to Judge, Topeka, Kb.. June 4.—At tho recent meeting of tho Directors of tho Atchison, Topeka tt Santa Fe Rail road in this dty, It was determined to extend tho road at once from Its present terminus ot tho west lino of Kansas to Granada, In Colorado, fifteen miles westward, and on tho south side of tho rlvor. This extension Is for tho purpose of doing Government freight business In Now Mexico. It is also proposed to uulld from Granada to Cimarron Im mediately, as well as to continue a branch lino to Pueblo. Memphis. Juno 4.—Tho extension of tho Mississippi Central Railroad to Milan, on tho Memphis & Louis ville Railroad, Is completed. , Albany, Juno 4.*— Tho election of tbo Directors of tho New York Central k Hudson River Railroad Com pany to-day tho old officers wore re-elected unani mously. Now Jerusalem Church* Cincinnati, 0., June 4.—At tho ministerial con ference of the Now Jerusalem Church to-day, two pa pers were read, one by tho Rev. W. U. Hlnkloy, of New Orleans, upon tho most utficleut and practical method of propagating tho doctrines of tho New Church, and a second upon the conduct of ministers of tho Now Church towards those of other donomlua-' lions. A paper was also read by tbo Rev. George Field, of Toronto. Canada, upon tho distinction be tween symbols lu tho Jewish aud Christian Churches. The conference elected tho Rev. J. R. Hibbard, D. D., of Chicago, President; tho Rev. W. U. Bonado, of Pittsburgh, Secretary, aud the Rov. M. 11. Somper lj, of Providence, R. 1,, Treasurer. Adjourned slno A largo number of delegates to the general Conven tion, which meets hero on Friday, have already ar rived. More are expected to-morrow. The Walworth Parricide* New Vouk, Juno I,—Tho defense of young Wal worth, who shot his father on yesterday, will bo “in aanity.” The Inquest will bo held on Friday next. Tho mother of tho lad visited him at tbo Tombs to day, In company with Judge Barbour, tho cousin of tho dscoased. While tho scene was afi'ocllng, it was not marked by any display of extraordinary emotion. Charles O’Conor, tho distinguished advocate, is under stood to be retained for tho defense, lie had an in terview with tho prisoner. Tito Ilacout ItONtou Fire. Boston, Juno A.—A meeting of the underwriters was hold at tho Revere House this evening. Seventy compouics were represented. Chief Engineer Dam roll was present by invitation, to explain tho Impodl monta In tho way of successfully fighting tho fire. Tho Chief made a speech stating fully tho emharraßsmouls under which tho department labor. Tho meeting ad journed until Thursday evening. Great interest pro vails among the underwriters, and a strong desiro is i? thorou ßWy investigate tho management of tho Fire Department. Illinois Supremo Court* ®fT. Jlh, June 4.—Judges Brccso. Sheldon, '\u kei >? n £ SfiotupoUero * Chief Justice Lawrence will not be hero, and no others are expected. About thirty students, including one young lady from Chicago, wfi! apply for admission to the Bar. Ihe Court to-day appointed as examiners for Thurs day Judge Underwood, of Belleville; Judge Mulkoy, of Cairo, and Edficll, The examiners for Friday have not Leon announced. fitcamur Smile, Cincinnati. 0., Junoi 1.-A private dispatch from tho mate of tho Mary J3. Forsyth, to hta wife in thin, city, states that the river steamer Mary E, Forsyth bound from Now Orleans to Pensacola, sunk yester day in 60 fost of water, lu Bayou Baltoxl, Gulf of Mex ico. No lives woro lust. She was loaded with Govern ment stores, taken on at Mound City. Her owner was Oapt. Win, Hamhlotou, and her valuo SIO,OOO, BUo was partly insured here. Itnllrond Accidents* Special Diavatch to The Chicago Tribune. Madison, Wlb„ June 4.—A heavy rainstorm pre vailed hero last night, an inch and three quitters of rain falling. The track of (bo Northwestern RaUroad was badly washed near Baraboo and elsewhere, detain ing tho night train from Bt. Paul several hours. CoLuunus, Juno 4,—John Brown, of this city, was THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: TFUjksoav, .UJIVE 5, 1873, run over by a locomotive on the Short Lino Railroad, near this city, last night. • Ojkojnnatt. 0., Juno 4. Atll o’clock this forenoon. Ujo Cincinnati, Hamilton h Indianapolis Railway freight train, bound southeast, ton into a lot of cattle between OonnersvlUo and RuahvlUo, Ind. Tho loco mollvo and tender were thrown from the track, down a bank, tho engineer, Howe, being killed. Tho lire, man had both legs broken. The brakomiu was seri ously injured. Tho names of the last two are not as certainable hero. 1 out Horn, Canada, Juno i.-Whllo a train con taining Lent s circus and menagerie was coming south on tho Midland Railroad, to-day, seven oars ran off the '' track. Tho circus was damaged to tho extent of SIO,OOO, A man named while, of Bollovlllo, was instantly killed, and it Is supposed another, named Robinson, of Ham ilton, was fatally injured. Tho animals were unin jured. Roro Investigation—RacDonnoll, tho Rank of England Forger—Poor Chil dren’s excursions JDuttor and Cheese Dealers’ Exchange—more In dictments Against the Tammany Ring Another Uxoricide Right- cons Sentence. NbwYouk, Juno 4.—Carl Vogt, tho alleged Belgian murderer, has Leon committed to Fort Columbus ponding tbo argument on tho writ of certiorari. Tbo Supervisors or Brooklyn aro making an Investi gation into tbo action of tbo Supervisors of 1888 in ex pending $288,000 for a prison and work-shops that are yot unfinished. MaoDonncll, tha Bank of England forger, sailed to day in charge of a London detective. Tho Trustees of the Now York Times fund for tho poor children of this city, held a meeting yesterday, and decided to commence operations on tho 21st Inst., when <’lo first excursion will bo given, Tho relief of sick children will begin about tbo same time. Tho Trustees have now tho sum of $3,489 on hand from last year, besides some fresh contributions recently received. It is to bo hoped that tho great success that attended this nobio fund last summer will be more than repeated this summer. .One hundred and thirty dealers In butter and oheoso organized to-day, and voted to establish an exchange. It Is stated that their interests cover over $50,000,000 in annual transactions. It Is reported that now indictments havo been found by MlO Grand Jury against Tweed and ox-Clork J. B. Young, of tbo Supervisors, tho Court-House Commis sioners, and ox-Judgo Garvin, late District-Attorney. Thomas Mitchell, while drunk, boat and kicked his wlfo to death at Green Point, late lost night. The murderer iyas arrested. MoAlplno, alias McCormick, who was caught In Mr. Dlngco’s house, Clinton avenue, Brooklyn, a week ago, and who was captured through tho efforts of a daugh ter of Dlngoo. ofler firing two shots at her, was to-uay sentenced to twenty years for burglary and ten addi tional years for assault with Intent to Kill. After sontcnco was pronounced, tho prisoner told the Judge that there was another indictment hanging over him, but Judge Mooro responded that thirty years’ sentence would answer for tho present. .$35,004 Serious Conflagrations in Philadel phia, Rochester, and Other Places. Philadelphia, Juno 4,—Tho woolen mill of John Brown k Sons, on Eighth street, below Toaker street, was burned early this morning and totally destroyed. Tbo mill had a front of 300 feet, a run of 172 looms, and gnvo employment to 300 hands. Tho total loss is about $130,000 ; insurance, $145,500, of which (125,000 Js in New York and foreign companies. Tho machinery which hail recently been put up in Brown k Son’s mill, and which was destroyed, swells tho total loss to $200,000. Roouebteb, 'N. Y., Juno 4. J. T. Stewart & Sons’ boot and shoo factory, nt tho corner of Water and An drew streets, was burned this morning. The falling of ouo of tho walls carried away a portion of tho bridge over tho Goucsoe lUvor. Tho loss is $00,000: insurance, $30,000, Easton, Mo., Juno 4.—Extensive fires aro raging in tho woods at Compollolo aud in tho vicinity of I’orry and Pembroke. Howards aro offered for tho detection of thdr authors. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Toronto, Juno 4.— Tho propeller City of Chatham, laden with grain ond flour, was wholly destroyed, with her cargo, by flro shortly before midnight last night, while moored to the Groat Western dock at Hamilton. Loss, $35,000. Providence, Juno 4.—A flro nt Birch Hill, River Point, to-day, burned Pike’s planing-mllls, Brayton’s furnace, and two dwellings. Loss, $66,000; insurance. $20,000, ’ At 8 o’clock yesterday evening, a boy named Chris tian Baer, years old, In attempting to Jump on a freight train of tbo Galena Division of the Chicago fe Northwestern Railroad, near Jefferson street, fell and bad his right foot mashed, so that it bad to bo ampu tated. He was taken to his homo, In tho rear of No. 234 North avenuo. At 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, a boy named Red mond P. Homer, aged 4 years, whoso mother resides nt No. 284 Fulton street, was drowned In H cistern In the roar of No. 280 of tho same street. Tbo little fol low slipped in while crossing over tho cistern on somo boards. At 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon an aged Indy named Mrs. Btoce, who resides nt No. 400 South May street, fell Into tho river from tbo Van Burcu street bridge, while It was turning. In her descent she struck tho abutment and badly fractured hor right leg. A bravo old man named Aaron Burns plunged boldly into the water and rescued hor. Bho was taken home, and at tended by Dr. Price, Her recovery is considered very doubtful, as the Injured limb had to he amputated. Sporting:* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, Juno 4.—Two good races wore contested on Prospect Park this afternoon, Tbo first was a match for $250, mile heats, three In five, to wagons, between Clothespin and Slippery Dick, catch weight. Clothespin was the favorite and won the first heat. Dick won tho second and third amid groat ex citement. and tho betting turned a complete somer sault; Dick was now tired, however, and Clothespin took the noxt two heats, and tbo last heat by & nose. Time, 2:39# ; 2:36# ; 2:47 : 2:30 ; 2:30#. A largo amount of money changed hands, and the knowing ones were badly plucked. Tbo second evont was a match for S4OO, mile heats, three in five, between Romance, pacing in harness, and Jack Draper, trotting to wogon. The pacer won In three straight heats. Time, 2:37#; 2:39; 2:42#. Boston, June 4.—Tho Beacon Park race was well attended to-day. Tho first raco for horses, which have never beaten 2:38, was won by Billy Platter. Best.time, 2:31#. Tho second race for horses, which have never boaten 2:29, was won by Joker. Best time. 2:28#. War Department Weatltor Prognostic Washington. D. 0., June 4.—For Now England on Thursday, winds veering to westerly and northerly, rising barometer, and clear or clearing weather are probable. For too Middle (States and Lower Lake Region, winds veering to westerly and northerly, rising barometer, and clear or partly cloudy weather on Thursday. For the Southern States, oast of tho Mississippi, southwesterly to northwesterly winds, and clear or partly cloudy weather during Thursday. From tho Ohio Valley and Missouri to the Upper lakes and Minnesota, generally clear or partly cloudy weather. Occau Stoamsliip News* Liverpool, June 4.—Tho steamships City of Ant werp, Spain, and Donan, from New York, have ar rived out. London, Judo 4.—A dispatch from Shanghai says no livoa wore lost by tbo wreck of tho steamship Drum mond Castle. New York, Juno 4.—Arrived, the steamships West phalia ami Saxonla from Hamburg. Greece, end City of Now York from Liverpool, and Australia and Penn sylvania from Glasgow. End of the Arkansas Troubles* Little Rook, Juno 4,— Tho Attorney-General con cluded tho argument in the quo warranto case against the Governor before tbo Supremo Court this morning. This morning tho court mot, and four of tho flvo Judges decided that tho court bad no Jurisdiction, tbo Chief Justice, MeOlurc, dissenting. The decision of tho Court was received with tho greatest satisfaction, and tboro'is general rejoicing to-night. This Is re garded as tho end of all trouble, and hereafter Gov. Baxter will be regarded as Governor without show of opposition. Gorman Catholic Roncvolont Aasocia- Clou. Detroit, Juno 4— The Eighteenth Annual Conven tion of the Gorman Catholic Benevolent Association of tho United Slates finished its labors to-day and ad journed. Rochester was selected as the place of the next meeting. Tho following dispatch was received by Bishop Borges to-day : "Rome, 3p. m.—Tho Pone returns thanks for your congratulations, and seudahenodlcllon to all delegates of the Convention there assembled. (Signed), Cardinal Antonelli.” Tho I*oiinMy)vaiiln Democracy. Philadelphia. Juno 4. —Tho Democratic State Committee mot this afternoon, and agreed upon Aug. 37 as the time, and Wilkesbarro as tho place, for holding tho Stnto Convention. Tho Hon. Samuel Randall presided. Tho Chairman was directed to properly express in his address to the people of that Slate n sense of indignation at tho course pursued by tho Administrutlou lu the Louisiana trouble. KaxiNtiM Items* LEAYENWonxir, Juno 4.—Emigration to (his Btato during the last month has boon unprecedentedly largo. Reports from all parts of tho Btato represent tho growing crops to b« lu excellent condition, Au abund ant yield of all kinds af grain is anticipated. Tho trial of ox-Sonator Pomeroy, on a charge of bribery, begins lu tho District Court on tho 10th lust. Eminent counsel will appear on each side, and tho trial is expected to bo prolonged and sensational. ffllstalcen Identity* Cedar Ratios, la., June 4,— The man who was ar rested hero, some days sluvo, as being “Old Man Bon der,” turns ho Henry Cephas, This man an swers tho description, hut word has been received from Kansas that It is not him. Altogether Cephas is a mystery. Hu is perfectly sane, hut refuses to give an IntolUgonl’account of himself. Ho was turned out of Jail thhfmoruing, but, like Train, ho wants to re main there. llrowors’ Convention* Cleveland, Juno 4.— About 250 representatives and guests of tho National Browers’ Congress are lu this city to attend tho thirteenth United Btatos Browers Congress. The business mooting of the Congress com menccd in tho West Side Rink this morning, and will continue through tho week. Tho officers of the Con- NEW YORK. FIRES. CITY ITEMS. cations* mow am Henry olanaara, Not York, rreaiaonl! n NOTTrrA*wr. Y r“ rk,B ' Kr<>tar) ' ! Frei Pension fflaltcrdi Wabtiikotok, Jnno 4.—Tlio Oommlaatonor of Pcn ? Mccl !?‘ l * cortlflcato of donoßlL bV sure- Uoo of Ifonqr Bornoo, .Wonnotly LonaLm Agonl SJo.i. 0 , 1 ; 0 , 1 .*' of . «!1.000 fo moot .1,1, BumaVUnw- 9“” lr ™J »li yaara ago. Tlio I’onilon , tu l" tlio flrot cortlncto of neii- I s . fr 2!, n lho T»o In fovor of tho Wdow of Llout Thom,,. Killed by lilghtnlnif. Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. n ,^_VlLL,t^o,, *l” no X—-During a thunder-storm s*iL• - VO i n 1 1 ” eff » whlto washing ytM Jn ? ,nntly . Wiled dv lightning. A house M/SSS-lr 011 ™ m “ r^W “ »‘ r ““k,naon- marriages DEATHS. Jul ?? *> ct , boart dl.ra.B, W. n, Oroott. Jfroolt? 4 montlu, only ion of W. rf. and AlloaT. at 823 Michigan arooua. SS; b. p F <, S , .s.° r fJ’ n ir .- ft. il“ <l ‘ o ' th ° *" r “- FLAVlN—rhllln Flavin. »t half-past 10 o’clock, from ri«iM^? on w2f i ® o , u . , street, by carriages to /“!i» k±£, oi . •ii,H Ift diphtheria, Georgia L. Stevens, Stovo , n| ° d °* fc BOQ 000r *° w * Oarrio M. Thursday. 10 a. m.. at 1231 Pralrlo nvnnnn. MILLINERY. PUBLIC nOLS WM bo suspended dnHng two days of this wook for. tho benefit of tho Children, on account of tho JUBILEE, •And In 9 rfl 2. p <0 > Q PP>r the demand for our new SHADE HATS for Summer, wo will continue to manufacture dur* ing tbU week, and offer tho same at RETAIL, For tha benedt of those who wlah tho Latest Stylos, At Wholesale Prices. Wo hare Juat received 100 dozen of tho moat Superb Flowers ever soon in this country, bought at A great sso rlnoo; that wo will offer at 25 pot coat loss than any retail hotiso can sell same quality for. Wo bavo a full assortment of NOTIONS. HAIR GOODS, UAMB UKG EDGINGS, CORSETS, HANDKERCHIEFS, SCARFS, NECKTIES, &c. Infanfa* and Children's Normandy Hoods and Caps. I & 0 t. of i U,bb ‘J n8 fI A Ca , nl KdEo. Gros Grain and Sashes, in ahadea and quality, Is unsurpassed. NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. If you don’t boo what you want ploasa qsk for it. Call v/?S?rS^ bo t or ® b “i -ln ffi «avo mnnoyby so doing. NOTICE: An wo havono Branch Store, our Wes: Side patrons can roaoli us by State and Madlson-st. cars to °n° b l°ok fromonrilnre, corner Walmsh-av. and Vanßu ron-it. >Vost Sldo buses pass tho door every two minutes. A liberal DISCOUNT Always mado to Public and Charitable Institutions. D. WEBSTER & CO.. , Successors to WEHSTEU l)ROS.» 9 270 & 372 Wabash-av. LOST AND FOUND. L°A T T? ETWEEN SANGAMON. PKORIA, AND uashlngtoa-sto., six gold coins. Reward more than imrlnsto valno. D. H. ORAIO. 232 Washlngtoo-st. L O ?J'-; IN ' J a,!T . TrKG OFF A MADISON-ST. OAII, Wednesday afternoon, a pocket-book containing a BTn&ll amount of mono? and a ticket to Uooloy’s matinee, uho undor will bo rewarded on leaving lb at Tribune omco. OST-A LARGE DOG: COLOR, LIGHT DROWN and white; answering to the namo of Ploklca. Any ys&gssrsff***- wlll b ° Lost-note of $750, from smith and har- gont, dated May 26, 1670. LAMBERT KUNST, Lost-on decoration dav a gold chain and lookot containing photograph, pearl cross on tho outside, on reverse side a monogram. Any person loav- Ing It at SOI Huroa*st. will bo liberally rewarded, OUND-ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, ON WEST pocketbook containing money. Ap- P.iyat 77 West Klnrlo-st,, prove property, and pay for thla advorttiemont. Ran away from ta and .miwkst madison. St., on tho morning of June 4, one light ohoatnufe *bout 14M hands high, with white strip in face, and wiuto hind foot. Had silver-mounted carriage harness on when she loft. Anyone who will return hor to above numbor will be paid for hii trouble. J. J. BROWN. DTOLEN—SSO REWARD FOR THE RETURN OP M. mv two roan horses. stolon May 29; ono light, tho other dark color; weigh 1,900 lbs each; dark roan blind In left eye: light roan baa white atripo in forehead, both about 16 hands high. L. R. STILES, SB3Hast Madlsoost. OTRAYKD-ON BUNDAY“mORNINQ, A BAY O mare, 14>tf bands high, 9 while saddle spots, and a email bunch on tho left flank. Anybody returning the wme will bo liberally rewarded. OUAfI. JONAS, 909 ntate*it. OTOLBN-FROM PALMER 4 FULLER'S PLANING* p mill onTwontT-sepond-alj. bay mare; weight, 1.000; bl*ck mano and tall, with old Concord aldo spring uuggy. and black trimmed harness. A liberal reward will bo given for return of tho same to 1026 Mlohl *1 A REWARD-ESTRAYED OR STOLEN FROM «pxu No. 869 payton-at., on tho night of tho 2d, a sorrel horse aboatU hands high, small white spot in fore* head, and loft hind foot eoro. Any ono returning said •nlm.l to TOWNSEND A OKANH, « West lAko“ “ Ohjcftgo, wni rocolve the above reward. SEWING MACHINES. A GROVER 4 BAKER LATE FAMILY MACHINE. XX iaporfoefc'ordor. for $26: coat $66. Also, onefull oablnot mahogany late family Singer, Inlaid with pearl, fors7C,, cost HIM). Alio several Improved Singers at half usual price, 828 East Indlana-et.. near Rush. S9O WHEELER 4 WILSON.j IMPROVED FEED •owingmachine, cabinet case, nearly now; price, gao. Residence 7 Blgbtoontb-st, * F" OR SALE-FIFTY SEWING MACHINES AT loss than half price; all in good ordor. Must bo sold this week. Also a good horso for sale cheap at 414 West Madlson-st. Grover 4 baker's bewino-biaohines-gen* oral office, n0 Btato-st.; branch office, 972 Wabash

av. Persons having old Grover 4 Dakor sowiug*maohlnos aro invited to call and sao the now improvements, and boar something to their advantage. rpilß NEW FLORENCE SEWING MAOIIINE-WE X call special attention to recant Improvements mado in the Florence, also to tho now and elegant stylos of cases added,lo our list. To moot the views of those preferring a machine feeding tho work away from tho operator, wo havo made Nos. 13 aud 14, which combine tho dosirablo features to bo found iu machines made by others, with all tho peculiar excellencies of the Florence. WM. H. SHARP 4 CO., General Agents, 254 Stato-st., Chicago. WHEELER 4 WILSON SEWING-MACHINES. TUB now improved, sold nr rented on ooay monthly pay ments. BURNHAM 4 FLANNERY, City Agents, ollioo 135 Stato-ef. C*T A WORTH OF ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY dpXw to every person purchasing a sowing machine at Saß Stato-st. CLAIRVOYANTS. ASTROLOGY DOOTRKSS JEANETTE DK BENOIT, tho llnhomlaii astrnlouist, palmist, and physiologist, can bo consulted at IW .South Halsted-st.. on physical and mental ailments. Consultations in all languages. OIfIOAGO SPIRIT ROOMS ANDMAQNKTIO HEAL log Institute, 217WoatMadlsun-st., Room 3. Sittings, 9a. ui. to 81). m., with tho most wuudorful and Tollable business clairvoyant and test-mediums of tbo age; tell of business, absent friends, lost or stolon property. DR. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, BpSl ness and medical mediums, 105 West Madlsou-st. Mrs. t. j. lewis, reliable clairvoyant, Business and Medical Medium, 19 West Madlsun-st. Mrs. k. m. teed, physioal test and buslnoM medium, -100 West Madlson-st, Seance this evening. Private sittings during tho day. Tl/fADAM IDULL, TUB OEiSSSATBO FK.MAI.IS IVX physician and clairvoyant, has no equal In hor pro fession lu tolling the past, present, and future. Call and bo convinced of hor wonderful power at hor rooms, 191 West Madlson-st., Rooms 8 and 0, from!) a. n\, to6p. m. IJUBLIO SKANOK, 7IW WEST MONUOE-HT.; X spirits described, tests given, soalod letters answered, every uvenlng. FOR SALE. /lANAI*-BOAT FOR HALE-THE UNDIVIDED \J half of a good boat and team for tho small sum of $650. Will take good paper ol ninety dayu, with Interest. Apply at WII.LKT 4 HERRING'S Law OlUoo, No. 119 Madlson-st., Room 10. _______________________ 1* p'OII"BALK-SALOON FIXTURES AND HOUSE } hold furulturo at 28 Wesioiist. POH SALK-ONE SODA-WATER GENERATOR, with fouutaln; all copper; cost $700; used a short time. Also two corkers; will lako SIW cash. Gall at 119 Doarborn-st., Room fi. For halk-a first-class ticket to oinoin _ n*tl- Address, by O Wabash-av. TPOU BALE—S2,OOO OAHH—STKAM OANAL STONE X' propeller, lu eumploto running order. A, MoKIRDY, 211 South Wator-et., orG. BAY, 682 North (llark-at. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. /*IARPETB FOR BALE-RAG CARPETS AND IN -oLi:itatra v TO BENT—HOUSES. fjlO RENT-ATnANDSOMR B-STORY AND BASE* -X moot marble-front home, with Ml modem Improve ments | elegantly fumisbod and In complete order. Ad* ply on tho promises, llf>B Pfnlito-av, TO UENT-OU DALE-NO. 269 TWENTY-NINTH it., cottage, 8 rooms j lociiro It at onooi bandy to business. J, o. QOULD, 111 l Doarbom-st. T' O RENT - COUNTRY REHIdWoB AT WIN* notka furnished i largo bouse and grounds, frull, <ti«. i n ) . r J , i.s lo °P? Pmonl » (or Uio emmnor. Imiulroof B. A. IILKINS, Wlnnotka. rii6 RHNT-7M MIOHIOAN-AV.. BBTOUY HOUSE X of 14 rooms, In good repair. Favorable terms too good ionaot. R. O. OARUAURANT, Woodruff Hotel. HlO RENT—UNFURNISHED FIRST FLOOR, 78 X Woit Van Buron-at. \ now bltck; rent,Bß por month TO RRNT-A WELL FINISHEb COTTAGE, Ml Park-av. Apply on the promises to-day. r RENT—7 ROOMS, 166 FULTON-BT., 2d FLOOR. Fit for a boarding-house. TO RUNT-OR FOR SALE. CHEAP, A 9-ROOM •muse and corner lot: also A nlod rooms to rant, all new; lako water, walks, oto. Address 1001 Jackstm-st, rUO RKNT-THR TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING Inii, 897 Mlohlgan-ar. llouaorooonllyputlnoomplote order. Rent, $1,600, or, reserving two rooms, will ho rented for SI,OOO. Anplyto.l. O. FARRINGTON, office of George O. Olarko, Band A Bryan Block. rpO RENT—COTTAGE OF 8 ROOMS, WITH FUR- X , nlturo for sale cheap. Call at 16 Grant-st., near Lin coln Park. TO RENT-OR FOR RALE-ELEGANT MARBLE bouses, Michigan end Wabash-avs., one IB rooms, near nuslness. Cottage, Pralrlo, water, gao, mantel, S6O. a tS?» ,l . n . ( L r00,n, » Wentworth and Shuruoff-avs., cheap. 8. MBAR3. owner. 200 LaSalle. TO RKNT-2-BTORY HOUSE, 8 ROOMS IN FINE A condition, on West Adams-st.; $36 nor month. DA- VlB <i PIKE, 125 Dwhorn-st.,;Room 0. HIO RKNT-OHBAP-INDIANA-AV., NEAR SlX olh'"bmm - RftNT-HOUSKS-TWO-STORY FRAME, GOOD X repair, pleasant uolgbbobood, NcS. 21, 90, 88. on Tblrty-sovonUi-st.. between Lako and Ellls-avs. I rout very roasonable. 8. E. WELLS, 189 Doarborri-sl T lO RBNT—FOR THE SUMMER, A WELL-FUR- A nl'hod , for small family, OAN FIELD A MAITE3QN, CO LaSallo-at. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE FOR TUB SUM • mer, convenient to horse and steam cars. Inquire on promises, 13 Unlon-av., second street south of Egan- rpO RENT-HOTEL ON TUB CORNER OF FIFTH. A- av. and Adams-st., containing 65 rooms, Including oatn-room, -water elosote, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on tho promises. TO RENT— HOUSES AND TXiT, NO. 461 WARAHU. av. J. EBAIAS WARREN, 18 Oharabor ot Com moroo. TO RENT—A NEW ELEGANT 8-BTORY AND basement brick house, 14 reruns, all modem Ira. provomonts, lake view. Uorner Indfana-av, and Twelfth. rno RENT-FOB SUMMER (4 MONTHS) A COM- A ptotcly furnished B-story and baaoraont marble-front bouio, swell front, on Pralrlo-av., to a careful tenant, 13 modern Improvements, Apply to WM. U, SAMPSON A CO,, 144 L&allo-st., Otto Dlock. TO RENT—S3O PER MONTH-NICE 7-ROOM COT «l.?s9u9n?.banlr on South Sldo, near can. W. M. qaOICoON, 118anal20Monroo»Bti r RENT-HOUSES, LARGE AND SMALL, ON all tho principal stroots of tho West Sidtf. Rent cheap to good tonauU. D. COLE A SON, House Rent ing Agonts, IMWoat Madtaon-at. rpo RENT-A BOARDING AND LODGING HOUSE, Afurnlsboq coraploto and now paying handsomely. Call at 33 West Madlson-st., baaertiont. TO RENT nOARDING-HOUSB KEEPERS AT toutlon; upper part of hnuao on Forfy-sovonth-Ht., tint house west of Olark-at., S2O. R. O. QOODWILLIE, 181 South Olark-at. TO RENT—*as, DRICK COTTAGE, 5 ROOMS, SOB Rutterfiold-at.: cottage 788 Fourth-st., sls; part of houso Brooms, $lB and sl6, on Erlo-st., near unboy; hausooullnbbard-st., near Roboy, $lB. R. Q. GOOD* WILLIH, lamouth uUrk it. Suburban. TO lIItNT-A UQU3IS OP a ROOMS AND STONE collar, with hot and cold water, furnaco, range, bath, room, Ao„ at Maywood, throu mlnuton* walk from- tho donot, *4il a month, M. V. HOTCHKISS, Room 17 Lakosido Building. TO KENT—ROOMS. TO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED AND unfurnished rooms, without board, either single or on suite, at No. 12 Eldrldgo-court. r RENT-6 ROOMS, WITH WATER, PANTRY, cto., No. 2DB West Polk-at., near Blue Island-av. TO RENT-TO A' LADY, A FURNISHED FRONT room. Price, $5 a month. Apply at 177 Oalhorlno at., upstairs. r RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS WITH GAS AND privilege of bath. 472 Wabaahav. TO BENT-PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, FUR nlahod. Terms reasonable. No. 112 Twenty-nlntb-st. rilo RENT-FIRST FLOOR OF 431 DUUNSIDU-ST.. JL Brooms 2 cupboards. Inquire In rear, for four days. TO RENT-DESIRABLE SUITE OF ROOMS. WITH or without board, to gentleman and Indy. Gontocl, qulot neighborhood, bandy to cars. 671 Fullon-st. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS, CONVENIENT FOB housekeeping, at S2O par month. Inquire nfc drug store. 826 Cottagu Orovo-av., or at 828, DR. NORTON, Dentist. rpO RENT’—A SUITE OF FOUR ROOMS OVER JLJopolry store, No. 225 West Ramlolph-st. T'~o RENT—A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, NICELY 1 furnished, for gontlomou; also brlok barn with all oon * vonlonooa. 842 Wabash-av.' TO RENT—PLEASANT ROOMS, ’FURNISHED OR unfurnished. Marblo front block. Roforonoos ox« changed. 813 Wost Washlngton-at. TO HUNT—3 FURNISHED' ROOMS AT 812, 815, and 820 por month. Apply at 40 East HarrUon-at. TO RENT—FURNISHED LODGING ROOMS, WITH übo of parlor on ground floor: will rent by vrook or month; rent low. No. Soil West Polk-st. 6 RENT-TWO LARGE, UNFURNISHED ROOMS, ou lint floor, vrUh bath and gas. 639 West Washing* ton*st. rpo RENT-SECOND FLOOR OF 6 ROOMS, IN X brlok block, on Lako-st., botwoon May and Ann. T. B. BOYD, 160 Woat Waahington-st. TO RENT—SLEEPING-ROOMS. NEWLY FUIU nlshcd, during this week, at $1 per day. 161 South Olnrk-st., between Madison and Monroo, Room 11. fpO RENff-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. X Transients aooommodatod. Apply at Room 48,10 and 12 Madlaon-st., near Michigan-av. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOAIB. CAN ACCOM- X modato strangers during tho Jubilco, at No. 80 Abor* doon-Bt. rpO RENT-ONE FURNISHED ROOM FOR GEN- X tlenmu and wife or gentlemen: also one partly furnish* Qd, at 667 Wabash-av. TO RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, by day, wook, or month. 164 and 166 East Washing ton-et.. Room 44. Mrs. 11. M. VKURALL. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS. 345 WEST MAD laon-st,, ovorJ. B. Shay's dry goods a tore. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLE* men; also rooms for hooaekeeplng. 669 State»aU rpO RENT—IF YOU WANT COMFORT AND ELE- A ganco go and soeuro a room nt tho St. Elmo, 86 and 87 Doarborn-st. Ohsrgoa rosaonablo. TO RENT—S TORES. OFFICES, &o. rpO RENT—STORKS—BO FEET FRONT BY 182 FEET X deep, on Raudolph-et., botwoon Clark and Dearborn, to bo Improved. Will build atoms 20, 40, 60, or 80 foot front, and finish to suit tenants. Apply to O.*M. UPDIKE. corner Taylor-st. and Paclflo-ay. r RENT-STORE, NO. 42 SOUTH WATER-ST.. near Wabash-av., suitable for any busisos, by C, 4 A. PRICK, Room 1, No. 87 Washlngton-st, TO RENT-FINE OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM, FIRST floor,comer bolldiog. Apply U> E. 12. RYAN 4 CO., 210 Lsßallo*at. rpo RENT—BASEMENT OP NO. 153 RANDOLPH* X st., under a tlrst-olass restaurant: dosirgblu place for bath-rooms and barber shop; possession atouoe. Also, two 2*story and basement houses. W. J. DAVIS, 140 TO RENT—WELL-LIGHTED OFFICES AND LARGE lofta on Stato-at., opposite tho Palmer House, cheap. B. GROSSMAN, Room 13, 178SUto-st. TO RENT-FIRST AND SECOND STORIES AND basement of 68 and 70 South Oanal-st.: also, third story 5 and 7 West Madlion-st., both desirable, Inquire of J. M. W. JONES, lo4andlwMadlsoo-at. rpo RENT—A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL X —the four-story aud bafiomonl stone-front building, situated on tho corner of North Wolla and Miohtgan-sts., 80 foot front on Wolls-st*., and 108 foot no Mlohlgaa-st. Apply to JACOBS 4 FISCHER. No. 60 North Wells-st. T“ O RENT-ONLY $45-VBRY NICE STORE AND 4 living-rooms, llaisted-st., near Jackson. TRUES* DELL 4 BROWN, 176 West Madison-st. rRENT— THIS SUBSTANTIAL 3-STORY AND basomeut brick building with steam-power In tbo roorofia Harraon-oonrt, now oooupk-d by too “ Stand anl." Inquire of HOWARD GOODMAN, on the promt- TO RENT-A LARGE STORK, NO. 281 HALSTBD >t. luqulru on promises or jit No. 102 West Polk-at. mO RENT—NO. 879 WADASit-AV.—UASKMKNTj X good location for a harbor shop or atoro: runt low to a gooo party. H. J. GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-at. rnblllCNT-NO. 879 WABASII-AV.-STORB AND X three rooms In rear; rent low to a good tenant. U. J. GOODRICH, 125 Dourborn-at. f]lo RENT - NO. 108 MADISON-HT. MAIUILE X front store, basomont. and three storlos above tho building; la a2,'*xl79 foot, double frontage: will rent for a term of years. Apply to 11. J. GOODRICH, 125 Doar born-st. - r. RENT—OFFICE ON LABALLK-BT. A FINE light room, up one Eight for S‘JO per month. Will leavo now Brussels carpet on tloor. Address Q 11, Trib une ollioo. TO RENT-OFFICES AND ROOMS IN OPURA npnso building, corner HaUlod sts. j. 11. KEE LER, 145 Olark-at., um nor Madison. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT-ABOUT 4 ROOMS FOR housekeeping, by a neat, quiet family of 3 only. A good chance for any ono having a comfortable house, with moro room than they want. Good references and prompt pay. Address GEORGE, Oarrlor6o. WANTED-TO RENT—FIRST OR SECOND LOFT, or part of loft, about 20*W, within Imihioss centre; rent not to exceed $790. Address Palmouborg’s Wire Works, No. 05 South Uunal-st. WANTED-TO RENT-IMMEDIATELY, BY A prompt-paying tenant, a comfortable cottage on tbo South Side, not south of Twonty-nlnth-st.. or on tho West Hide, not west of Robey; rout not touxooed S4O per month. Address QlO, Tribune ollioo. \\t ANTED—TO RENT—IMMEDIATELY, BY A M young man, a furnished (Ingle room, at or west of Union Park} good roforouous. Address Q 85, Tribune olllue. BUILDING MATERIAL. For sale-a (quantity of seasoned 4 and tMiicU?.-h.iadou celling, I or 2 sides; also, 4-8, and fi culling; 4, 6, nr 8-inuh U. U. casing; stock-beards and shelving, any width. Constantly ou bund dressed lionring and Billing. An nbji’ot to buyers of car-load lots. STAR* RETT 4 BROTHER, southwest corner of Twelfth ami Lumbur-sts. ANTED—6O,OOO BlllOlC DELIVERED ON PROP- Tf orty at Ituglcwoud, on Slxty-socnml-at., east of Hal stod- CANFIELD 4 fiIATTKSON, CO LuSallu-st. on nnn feet of seasoned joists, 40., OU.WuU aud some square limber ll)il0; also, 80,000 brick for sale, cheap, or will osolmngo for real ostato. Apply toff, R. WILSON, 77SouthUlarx-it. from 13 to 1 o’clock- , BOARDING AND LODGING. South Sido> SPARK-ROW— TWO PLEASANT, NICELY FUR nlsbod, front rooms, with board. *1 /» AND 18 KLDRIDGH-OOURT-A FEW DESIR XU ablo rooms to rent, with board. Roforenool ro qulrod. 1 Q CONGRESS BT.-PARTIEB ATTENDING TUB J.t7 Jublloo will find Rood accommodation, 83 a (lav. Floaaant rooms to rant at reasonable toms | day board $6. 97 cottage grove-av.-to rent, with | board,' 111 a private family. two nlcoly-fnrnlsbod rooms, largo and pleasantly looatod, and accotslblo to tbroo linos of street-oart, and also steam Cars. Will uako toms satisfactory; zfQ IIUDHARD-OOURT - NRW BOARDING ttO liouso, first-class board with rooms 84 to 85.60 per wook with uso of piano; day board $4 {translont boarder* 81 per day with good room. A 7 AND 4P IIUBBARD-COURT - FURNISHED tel rooms, wither without board. Day boarders ac commodated. VINOENNRS-AV.—FRONT ALCOVE ROOM, UZ/ unfurnished, except oarpot; one furnished room, with board: modem house. . ma tfhLia AV.-PARTIEB WISHING ABPLEN< • XuO did roonij with board, can llnd It at this ad dress; ono block froul steam, and ono from borso oars. Roforonoo required. HO ANDI2OTUIRD-AV.-A FEW NICELY FUR XXO nlihod rooms for gnmlotnon and wives sad single men; also, first-class day board. mT WENTV-lfIRBT-8TBETWEEN WABASH and Mlohignn-nvs.—Two ptoasantfurnlibod front rooms, with board. Also, a fow day boarders, Uao of piano, if desired. m SOUTH PARK-AV.. BETWEEN TWENTY fourth and Twonty-fifth-sts.—Largo room, fur* nlibod, second lloor; good table; view of lake. 97Q SOUTH PARK-AV.—BOARD AND LODGING «IO may bo bad will! a respectable family, near borso and steam care; torroi moderate. 97Q MIOHIGAN-AV. I.AItOE FRONT BOOM ON «ly second fioor. (urnlshod; has hot and cold wAtor, Day boardora accommodated. QAQ WADABII-AV.—ROOMS TO RENT, WlTlfr (JUt/ first-class board, suitable forgontlomou and their wives; also day bnardorsaccommodated. QQ/f WABABH-AV.—GENTLEMEN AND THEIR JJ'-lX families wishing largo pleasant rooms, with board, can bo accommodated. Also, a fow day boarders can bo accommodated. OQQ JHqniOAN-AV.-ROOMS WITH oil WITH *JUU outboard; also a barn to rent. 4.0 SOUTH DEARBORN-ST., NEAR TWENTY family sovonth—Board for two gonUomon la privata A.AJI WABABII-AV.-TWO LARGE FURNISHED ** 4 rooms and ono single room, wllb good board. AZA JHOIUOAN-AV.—FINK ALCOVE SUITE, UN _XUtfc furnlshod, with llrat-olais table. 4fi7 hn^Mf l ,i OAN ' A y*-?'P . liKNT, HEVKUAT, oKUyfVlloom,l» o K U y f V l l oom,l » *»?nbhod or untumishod, with or wittiout board t toniu moderate; roforonooa exchanged. 4.R7 f»OniOAN-AV. r A PEW TRANSIENT t:u I boarders accommodated this wook, Terms roa aonamo. 4QI i!L a . i room .' "Aboard for two. at £2O a wook; also, a tow day boardora accommodated. 49Q £*I3ARBOIIN.BT. fnUßNßlf>E>,' HR. + .V:i V TCO .? Twenty-ninth and Thlrtieth-ate.— A nice/ pliuoriiil family hotel. ozcollont tabto and ozooodlnuly low prices; furniture now; Blnglorooina sopor nook. /520 ffAUASH-AV. AND IIARMON.OODBT.- Rooms and board in private family. £OO WABASII-AV.-ECE(IANTLy FURNISHED rooms to rent, with or without board; a fow day boarder* wanted. . KOO WADABH-AV.-3 FRONT ROOMS, MODERN Improvements, furnished or unfurnished,- on suite orsoparato; also, other rooms, with board. PJ4.O WABABn.AV.-A NICE FURNISHED FRONT u Try room; also, a single room, In a private house;good board; homo comfort* considered beloro stylo. Term* reasonable. WAB ABILAV. -LAROB ROOM FOR THREE iJ-iV gentlemen to rent, with board i also, furnished room for gcntlomnn and who; roforonco* Wqulrod. 'ft Oft ,WABABi"I.AV.-FAMiMEa OR GENTLEMEN y yUdoalrlng handsome rooms and first-class board can find tho same by applying at 008 Wabash-av£ Reliable parties only desired. • ft 79 WABARII-AV. - THREE UNFURNISHED U I Li rooms, on suite, If desired, with first-olssu board; refcronces required and given. 7 Aft AND 749 MICHIQAN-AV., NEAR TWENTY- I Try sccond-st., convenient to cars and omnibus lines to all parts of tbe city, desirable rooms, with first class board. Day boarders accommodated. References. 7KI WAR ASILAV.—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I Vi front room for gentleman atid wife; also, largo room for two gentlemen, with first-class table i references required. 7ftQ WABASH.AV.-TWO DESIRABLE FRONT I yw, rooms, furnished or unfurnished, single or on Billie; also, uue back room and bed-room, for gentleman and wife or four gentlemen, with board: modern lm pmvemonts. Tonus reasonable. 77zL MIOIIIOAN-AV.—DESIRABLE SUITE FUR- I I TT nlabod front rooms to rent, with board, for gent and wife, or two single gentlemen: two doors south of Twonty-socond-flt. QOA. WADASH-AV.-TO RENT, WITH BOARD, pleasant furnished single room for a gentleman. References required. Q77 INDIANA-AV., CORNER TWENTY-FIRST }/ * * st.—Mooly furnished rooms, suitable for fami lies or slnglo gontlomon, with board; location and table first-class. 1 J>VABABH AV *. (FLORENCE PLACE)- iCyU Pleasant furnished rooms, single or on suite, with first-class board. Day boarders wanted. 1 OQ9 WABASH-AV.-TWO PARLORS TO RENT; X\JO*j also other rooms furnished or unfurnished; ta bio a specialty; references exchanged; also barn to rent. A PARTY WISHING A,BUITIS OP ROOMS, ELE gnntly furnished, with board; la a small family, nice and cool, unar lake ami business, on Mlcblgau-av., ad< dross Q 97, Tribune otlloo. A PARTY WISHING ELEGANT SUITE OF ROOMS} wjih board, on Mlchlgaa a?., will dowoU to address P 8, Tribune cilice. TBLOUENOE PLACE HOTEL. 1030 WABASH-AV.— X' Rooms, with first class board, during the Jubiloo, at gflpor day. ’ C'ILINTON-OOURT HOTEL, 409 SOUTH DEAR* ) bora-at. (Burasldo-st.), noar Twonty-nintb—Excel loot table and vary low prices. Single rooms, 46 to 47. Furniture now. TVfIOHIOAN-AV., NEAR THIRTIKTH-ST. A Au. party of four gontlomon can liud first-class accommo dations In a private family, wllh excellent rooms, well furnished. Address, for ono week, M, Room 17 Portr land Block. Wont Sido, 6 SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—PLEASANT FURNISHED rooms, with board; 11 rat-class accommodation. UAND 13 SOUTH GRE GN-HT.—NIOELY FUR nlsbod rooms, with bath, and first-class board; also day-board. HO ABERDEEN-ST.—THE FIN EST AOCOMMODA xj U tlons in tho city; every summer oomfort; an ologant homo; terms from $7; accommodations during Jubiloo. A D WEST WABHINOTON-ST.-A NEWLY FUR- TtO nlshod, first-class boardhig-hnuso; board reason ablo; also, furnished and uniurnishod rooms to rent, fitting for stores or offices. A A SOUTH MORQAN-ST., NEAR WASHINGTON —Two largo, cool, pleasant, and nicely furnlsbod front rooms, with board. 79. SOUTH MOROAN-ST.—ONE WELL FUR- I xi nlshod front room,.with board; also, slnuloroom. Terms roasonablo. Day boarders accommodated. Q“l SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-TWO WELL FURNISH OX od nionie, sultablo for goutloman and wlfo, or two single gontlomon, with or without board; house first class, with modem improvements. QQ SOUTH MORGAN-ST.—A NICELY FURNISH OO od roam, sultablo for two gontlomon, with first-class board; house has all modern Improvements. on SOUTH IIOYNB-ST., HALF BLOCK FROM THE O | cars—During tho Jubilee, or for any length of time, nicely furnished rooms to rent, with board. QQ JEFFERSON-ST. BOARDERS WANTED; VO tonus, $6.00 per week; board first-class. mWEST. ADAMS-ST.-A LARGE AND VERY pleasant front room with good board; also otbor rooms at $0 per wook. IQJ WARREN-AV.. CORNER WOODST.-ONB XOtt room sultablo foryoungmarrlod oouplo, or two young gout a or young ladies; ball bod room for ono gent. Tablo superior, terms moderate. House, location, and surroundings make this a most delightful summer homo. 1 AA. SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—CAN FURNISH PAR- Xtt‘x ties with first-class day board at $4.60 per week; also a single room reasonable, 1 KQ WEST INDIANA-ST.—BOARDERS WANTED J.UO in private houso; largo rooms, elegantly fur nlshod. IKCI WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-PARTIES XOQ2 attending tho Jubiloo will find first-class accommodations at LEE BROS.' now house. Terms, $3 por day. Also, board by tho week, day, or meoL 1 Zifc WEST ADAMS-ST.—A PLEASANT FRONT luU and eldo room, furnished or unfurnished, with board. 17C SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-PLEASANT ROOMS HU with llrat-olass board. Terms ressouablo. OAQ SOUTH DEBPLAINEBRT., CORNER OP Van Duron, tho Albion Houso—Jubilee week; comfortable accommodation for visitors; terms modorato. Ol *1 WEST WASHINOTON BT. -ROOM AND SatXi. board for two gentlemen or two ladles. House newly furnished. 099~ WEST MONROE-ST, ~ LARGE FRONT Lt£i£i room fur gentleman and wife; also, small room, wltlygood board. House modern Improvements, QQK WEST WASHINGTON-BT.-A DESIRABLE OOU room, with board, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two einglo gentlemen. Q/f 9 WEST SVASHINGTON-ST.-TO RENT, TWO OxZl or throe nowly furnished rooms In pleasant loca tion. Strangers In tho city accommodated for a few days. Good board. QOO WEST RANDOLPHS!'. NIOJSLY FUR. OuO nlshod moms, einglo or on suito, with board; day boarders accommodated. AfT)(\ WEST VAN BUREN-BT.—VERY PLEAS *X4\J out rooms In pleasant location, two block* from JotTenou Park, with lirst-olass board. Best of referen ces given, /LAfi WEST WASHINGTON-KT.—ONE SUITE OF -CLH/ unfurnished rooms to rout, with board. Kno and'6w» west madlson st.—TWO ROOMS tH/O with board. A WEST WABHINGTON.BT.-PLK AS ANT tIUU rooms, on suito or singlo. furuUbod or unfnr nlshod,- with heart!. Accommodations during Jublloo, rll MAnTsON-ST.—THEIHHHdP-COUUTriOTEL, iJJ.X locatotl In the very oontro of Chicago, betwoon Union and Jolforson Parks (perieot gums of art), la nowly furnished, roopunod on Juno I*. Thu location as a sum mer resort Is unsurpassed In the West. Tho houso In beauty of architecture and comfort as a family hotol Is unequalod In Chicago. Special pains will bo taken to maku tho table ouo of tho tlrstln tho city. Tho homo Is under now inanagemnut entirely. Oars ami 'buses pass every two minutes. J'rlco, sa.6Uporday._M, D.MACK. A9H WEST WASIIINGTON ST.-A FURNISHED VJwl/ front room, and llrst-clasa board and all modern Improvements. A9Q WEST ADAMS-ST.—BEAUTIFUL FRONT Umu room and side room; will rent very low to a party who will advance one month. C(K7 MONUOE.BT.-TWO Oil TURKIC HAND UUJ some unfurnished mums, with or without board, with use oj bath and gas. References required. ftCK WESTMADIBON ST—FURNISHED DOUBLE Ut/U room, with large closet, to rent, with board, for two gentlemen orgouileman and wife, wllUauleb orderly Canadian family; aionerat 6)4 o’clock. VoiINBTONE HOUHE-IU AND 118 WEST MADI- O son-st.; everything tlrst-ciais)terms, $3 por day; table-board, $6 pet week. BOARDING AND LODGING. West Side--Continued. T ARCH ROOM AND GOOD BOARD FOR GRIT* XJ tloman and wlfo or two sbtglo gentlemen, near Union lark, In a private family, nodal ami Intelligent, wbero wo aan Bnarantoa all tho comforts of homo, and social on l1"’ 1 * bo " lh ° “*'• Ad - pltAlhlE STATE HqUSR-915 WEST POLK-ST., 8 X doors front llalstcd-st.—Persons can find Rood aocom* modatlon; tormd modorato. CT. tBURLKS HOTEL,■ OOHNEII DESPLAINES p and Washlngton-sts.—Will board morcbanls and book keepers, oto., at $0 to syr>or week. Day board, B<.M. North Side. QAQ BEDOWIOK-ST., NEAR DIVIRION-FUIU 4\JO nishod rooms, with board, tbroo minutes’ walkot tho oars. ■ Hancock house, m and 97 north olaric* at/—Oboap board and pleasant rooms can bo bad. J Country. liIIRSTGLASS FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH X 1 board; location 9 minutes’ walk from depot. JBAAO L. HINDU, Hinsdale. . BUSINESS CHANGES. A LARGE FRAME AND BRtOK DWELLING* .bouio of upward of 35 rooms, on loasdd ground, run* 1 nlng to May 1, l&Sli, at only sl2. W per month ground rent, 1 fur salo: nearly now, all modern Improvements, with' largo cellar and laundry: furnlabod throughout: all Its tint-class order and Condition, and now occupied by y.’fupr ns a private boarding-house, full of boardors.t Wishing to ebango my business, will sell tho property aif Itatande, with furniture, at much loss than its value, on would sell tho fnrnlturo and rent tho bouse to a flnt-olasil tenant. Apply to owner, on tho premises, 095 West MadU son-st., orwlllpayany agontnf&lr commission that will soil the property within &0 days. Tho host and ehoapostf property of the kind on tho West Side; location unozoop^ A HOTEL, CENTRALLY LOCATED, NOW DOINCI a good and profltablo business, for sain for 86.000 i half cash. balaiico to suit. M. O. BALDWIN A GO.- 8. anil a, llmm 31. * A FIRST-CLASS CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE/ In a gnod location s a raro chance to mako money. Ada dfose O 97, Tribune oDlco. A GOOD WINE AND LAGEU-BEER AND Dl] lard saloon for Bale cheap. Call at 877 Flfth-av. A N ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN .WANTED WITuI XL 81,000 cash, to join a goutloman with equal amount} and act as Treasurer to take charge of tho financial affair* for tho manufacture of a little patent article that costs 9 conte and sells for CO cents. A sure fortune; failure ltd* possible. Orders on hand for CO gross, amounting Ua 82,100, which cannot bo filled for want of abbvo capitals Bond M.oouts for sample, or call and investigate at & ands 87 Dearborn**}., Room 38, Chicago, lib . ASTYLISiFRESTAURANT AND BAKERY Eofif sale. Business centra, 10 rooms attached; easily} lined nightly with lodgers; raro chance; easy terms:don’t} miss It. J.E. KIMBALL, 128 Dearborn-st. A SPLENDID COItNRR FAMILY GROCERY Btoro for salo: $25,000 yearly sales j no bonus naked,l ntfflstnrosto nay for; mo chsnoo, J, K, KIMUALW lag Uearboru-Bt. grocery for sale, doing a largo and tirodtnblo boil-' ness, which can bo greatly luoruasod by a live, ouurgotlo,! pushing man, who can giro his ontlro attention to tluf business. Tho owners have other Imslnossto attond to— which is tholr mason for soiling,- For nnrtloulara call or odjjross IUJIITON, PIERCE A CO., wholosalo grooora*) M Wlchlgan-ar. ' HOTEL, OKN r A P ..oiKL, orfNTRALLY LOCATED, WELL FUIU —. ninlrtu,' luiil doing a good buolneM, for ealo: this U « good chance. LISVI NVinQ A CO. 96 Doarborn-at. A TOBACCO ROUTE FOkTbaLE, WITH HORSE.' wagon, harness, and jars. Inqulro for 10 days at 161 Hast Aunmi-st. , A LODGING HOUSE IN BAN FRANCISCO FOH sale. A fine central location, containing 110 rooms, with a woll-cstabllshed business. For further information and particulars address 0. O. MOXLKY, Real Estate*- No. 233 Monlgomory-at., Ban Francisco, Cal. A FINE AND COMPLETE STOCK OF MILLINERY, and fancy goods, with the leaao and Btoro fixtures, will bo sold at very liberal terms; only for ono week. In-* quire of Air. COLE A BON, 183 West Madlson-st. ( 'DAKBUY AND CONFECTIONERY STORE FOR -L) sale; location good; doing on extensive trade. A, party with small capital can do well. WoPHERSON AS CO., 163 East Waahlngtoa-st., Room 29. *DUSINESB FOR BALB-ANY GOOD BUSINESS -U man, having $3,000 or $3,000, may learn of a nice op portunity to go into business by addressing N IS, T/lbuno office. •nilUO STORKS FOR SALR-TO J J looking for good locations and trade call on Mo PHERBON A CO., Druggist Agency, No. ICSKast Wash* Ington-st. TTIOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE—IN PART, HOTEL J?-- building, with store and throe tenements; an hour’* rldo from Chicago; $3,000. OLAFUN BROS. A CO., 131 LaSallo-sL F’ IRST CLASS RESTAURANT AND BAR-ROOM for sale, near Heard of Trade, doing a fine trade: to bo sold on account uf other business. Address Ql,i Tribune office. F(SItISALK— CHEAP—VALUABLE HOTELPROP erty at Lisbon, Lina County, lowa, near tho O. As N.W. R. R. Depot} knomios the lowa Hnuso. Prices $1,600. Call on or address H. B. HANSBR, lows* House, Lisbon, lowa. Meat market for sale, with fixtures. (PEN FRUIT STAND, DOING A GOOD BUSINESS/ for calo. Inquire at Iw Stalo-st. ONE-HALF INTEREST FOR SALE IN AN EBTAB llsliod horsobusiness; good location: terms easy. Ad dress N 01, Tribune office. . Rare change-stock of books, station ery, wall paper, notions, and fancy goods, In nourish* Ing town, 10,000 inhabitants. Business fully established,' with cash trade of over $20,000 yearly. Stock now and fresh. Easy terms, SHANNON i TBIPPE, Reaper Block, basement. . STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS 7 run of stone, now engine of ample power In good or* dor; Is In a town of 0,000 people; good local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads aud Mississippi River. • Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. S~ TRAM SAW MILL FOR BALR, CHEAP, ANI> unoiltlmo. An undivided half interest in ono of tho very boat timber limits In Canada, containing upwards o t 60,(Macros of plhO and otbor valuable timber. There bast boon orooted and now In full operation, a atoam saw-mill.’ This property Is sltuatod near tho Ssult-Salul Marie, and on a flrst-olass harbor. For full particulars apply fora fow days. Room 609 Sbormao Homo. THOMAS SHORTKB3. STOCK AND FIXTURES OP A FIRST-CLASS GRO cory storo for aala: In splendid location, trado In creasing dally; wlfo's 111-health prevents attention toi •business; a bargain If taken soon. Address N 13, Tribuns office. ■ O RENT-STORE; STOCK AND FIXTURES FOB sale cheap. For particulars call at 663 Wabosb-av. mo CAPITALISTS, FARMERS, AND FARMERS* X Clubs. To those seeking a manufacturing business*! who have capital for Investment, or to farmers or grazer* who dosiro to engage In a manufacturing business, pro ducing an ortlolo lu use by farmers. I can offer rare In ducement*, giving a sure mvostmom, and tho moans de manded by tho farmon for producing an Indispensable farming Implement at nearly cost. W. F. BREWSTER* 15-1 Laoaile-st. rpo RENT—A BARBERSHOP CORNER TWENTY- X ilrst-st. and liluo Itland-sv. WE ARB OFFERING tfilß BEST CHANCE TO make a fortune quick In the United States. Small capital required. STONE i SKINNER, 119 Dearborn »t., Room 6. . fI»OCA WILL BUY A HALF INTEREST INONB WxiO\J of tho most profitablo light businesses In Ibo city; norlsk. Call at3< Utilon-st., corner Wasmngtgn. PARTNERS WANTED. ' PARTNER WANTED-A LIVE MAN WITH brains, not nfrafdto work, andsßoocath can Join ma in my business; retail cash trade, established, and pays well; no particulars by letter; references exchanged. Ad dress D, carrier 3d. , P' ARTNER WANTED—WITH $3,000 IN MANUFAO turlng building material; property worth raoru than double the Investment required. Address Y 47, Tribuna office. “PARTNER WANTED-AN ACTIVE BUSINESS X man, with SIO,OOO cash, as partnor In an established dry goods bouse, splendidly located and making money. Reasons: partner retiring, 1)1 health. Address W 69* Tribune ofltco, Chicago, stating particulars, etc. PARTNER WANTED—IN A WELL-ESTABLISHED good paving sewing machine business. Apply thi* week at 414 West Madlaon-at. PARTNER WANTED-A STRAIGHTFORWARD business man can, with S6OO to SI,OOO, have half In terest In a splendid grocery storo. Moro capital and help Is the object for wanting partnor. Address, for ouo week** N 05, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED - A MAN THAT MEANS business, that can furnish from SI,OOO to $3,000 cash* or security, to engage In tho manufacture of au article that will pay 100 por cent profit; staple as flour. Addrosg T 8, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—I WANT A GOOD Busi ness man. with SBSO, to tako H Interest la a business that will pay tbo Investment In 80 days. Southwest eor ner State and Madlson-sta., Room 6. PARTNER WANTF.D-WHO CAN FURNISH GOOD reference and Invest the sura of 1)1,000 in awollestab lisbed coal and real estate butinoss. Rest place ia th* oily. Address 160 West Van Buren-et. PARTNER WANTED—IN A FIRST-CLASS DIN- Ing and bar room, to take tb« placo of partner retir ing from the business: $.1,000 required; nono but those meaning business neod apply. Q2, Tribune otHco. I}ARTNRR WANTED—A LADY PARTNER IN AN X established business, paying from SI,OOO to sl,6oopo> year. Address BUSINESS, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $3,000 TO $6,000, TO join wo In purchasing a lirst-clais dining hall, jusl established, and doing a nourishing business, and suro to become the best paying institution of tho kind in tbs city. The present proprietor Is obliged to soli, and a good bargain can bo scoured. Address Q 16, Tribune office, for nn interview. _ FINANCIAL. FOR'"6ALB-SBOO NOTES, SEOURED BY FIRST mortgage on Inside city property worth Are times the amount. Will discount \y> por cent per month. Ap- o_T 11UKS DELL A AfONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED oYIICAGO JVi property in any amount oiooooding ffiB.OOU. PER* KINS A WOLSELEY, Room 13. KeudalTa Building. Norman O, Perkins. W. Ht. John Wolsoley, Late with Ogdoa_A Hcuddor, A,TONEY LOANED ON CITY RKALESTATB, SI,OOO lil to $20,000! real ostato paper wanted; loans on lease holds. B. GROSSMAN, Room 13, 178 Stato-st. Monly to loan on city real estate. 0. 8. HUBBARD, Jit., 103 Washlngton-st. M“" ONJCY TO LOAN ON HOUS EHOLD FURNITURE, houses, pianos, and other good chattel security. B. ROPERS. 177 East Madlson-at., Iloom 9. TtrONKY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE, BY SEWELL lYi CLARK. Room 13, Otis building, southwest corner Btato and Madison. MONTJY ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN OF lice; lato Jacobs A CO., on diamonds, watches, and other valuables. 177 Clark-st., corner of Monroe, Room 8. A/fONKY TO LOAN-ON REAL ESTATE IN THIS IvL city and county for a term of years. CHAHK A ADAMS, No. SO Bryan Block, corner Mouroo and La- Hallo-its. "V\T ANTED—GOOD PURCHASE MONEY NOTES, f» No commissions. Apply at No. 2, B2tl Btate-st. (PI K nnn WANTED—FOR - il“OIl*6 _ YEARS; tpIU.UUU will pay fair Interest and oommUshins; aoourily, real ostato worth $45,000, Address If 14, Trlb* uno office, MACHINERY. TJIOR BALK-PORTABLE ENGINE AND BOILER r on wheels, niadohyC. AO. Cooper Vernon, Ohio, Address JOHN DAVIS A CO., liJMlch* Igau-st.

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