Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 6, 1873 Page 1
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volume; so. 9E6ARB. LEWIS MOSS, 121 Soi ClarM; DIEEOT MPOETBE HAVANA SEGABS. Dealers and consum ers will find the larg est ... and best-selected stock in the West, at prices LOWER than any bouse in this city, and as low as any oth er Importing House in the United States. ’ GOODS ALWAYS FRESH. LE WIS MOSS, Imjsrler of Havana Bejars, 121 South Glark-st. FINANCIAL. ILLINOIS Capital . . . , , , , $500,000 DIKBCTOHS: y- r. CpOLBAUGU. Da. N. 8. DAVIS, T. M. AVERY, ISAAC WAIXAL. JN°. B. DRAKE, ANSON STAGER, H. O. POWERS, JTMoORBQOR ADAMS, L. B. BIDWAY. GEO. BTURQES, JNO. MoOAFFbRT. WM. H. AUTOiikLL. JOHN DbKOVKN, OTW. POTTER. ’ OFPIOBRS; Ji* 5- €&&£& Proildout. JNO.B.DRAKE,SdV-Pro*t H. O. POWERS, V-Prea’U JAB. 8. CLUBS. Caablor. Will open for bnalno** on tho 3d day of June. 1873, to tho building formerly occupied by the Union National NOS. 273 & 275 MADISON-ST., (CORNER OP MARKET-ST.) OHIOAQO-ILL, • Will rooelro Savings DepoaiU and pay Interest on tbs aatnp at tho rato of 6 pot oont por Minnm, as provided In Its By-Law*. Will rooolvo and execute treats, and Invest money for Individuals, Estates, Corporations, and Socle, ties. Will loan money on Bonds and Mortgages, Oath Collaterals, and other good Booniitie*, giving preference, however, to persons of small moans who are desirous of BoctuinK homos; and will soil Exchange on tho principal citlos of this Country, Europe, and tho Oanadaa.andlasue Travelers 1 Letters of Orodit. a a b »* r V J °TV 4Qi ; ed .^ 1 • STRICTLY TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK, and will transact only inch boat, ness as Is directly connected with the reeolnt and core of TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, wd™ be « Übo?S? S its business transaction* as Is consistent with a round and conservative policy and permanent safety. l t° n «* n havelettoweddressed to tbomln careof the Bank, and on their request these letters will bo forwarded to any other Post OUico. Thor may also applr to tho Cashier for any. information on J 00aJ> ° r b® T * carefully addressed ■ n £jS¥U^LyL“£ otllt,n t a have been made for a LADIES' S I BDK^AR ?’ M ? N J T ' ° noatlyfurnßbsd room, 5M 1 ? ro * a^ni f room attached, and separate from the gen- Bhreot U *^ DOM 100 DJ ’ cotraoooto which is from Market The Bank will be open f«rthe transaction of bnslnou m. to 4p. m., and od Saturday Evenings from' WALKER, ANDREWS 4 CO., 14 Woll-st., N. Y. ANDREWS efts 00., 10 Plaoo Vendomo, PARIS. Travelers’ Credits lulled, belli In BTEM.INO, on UTHON BAM OF LONDON - , And ia francs on PAHIS, UNDER TUB SAME LETTER. Circular HTotea, Of XW, XBO, and XM on tho UNION BANK OP LONDON. Commercial Credits; Exchange on London & Pans. “ 4 “ ,d ™ “““••• BANKING HOUSE OF IDNT, PRESTON & KEM. SOUTH BIDE, I WEST BIDE, 157 and 159 LaMe-sL Icor. Daisied & Bandelpti-sis, Office boon, 9 a. m. to i p. m. Bank of Discount and Deposit. Certificates of Deposit bearing Interest, Collections made on liberal terms. Advances on Governments and Gold at low rates of interest. Gold Exchange, Foreign Exchange. Let ters of Credit. Also, deal in flrat-oloas securities. MONEY TO LOAN Ou iirst-class city property. MKAD A COB. 1M L>B>U»-U. CLOSING-OUT SALE, SiecialNoticetoLadies Closing-Out Sale CONTINUED AT G. MENDELSON’S, East Madiaon-st., oor Franklin. Decided Bargains. Every Article Below cost. JEWELRY, &o. THE JEWELRY HOUSE ROHM & ! HAMILTON Are|now permanently located itt ; their superb Jewelry Palaoej witb.on nner qualed etook or the choicest Novelties in PINE WATQHES & DIAMONDS, the latest 'and most elegant designs in STERLING : SILVER and Silver- Plated Goods, exquisite Jewel:y, and everything to be found in a first-class Jewelry Store.' The policy of this house is to offer the very best goods always below the market price, and make every article just as represent ed.; I Their Store is one of the . no table places which 'should be seen by every one visiting Chicago. | RODDIN & HAMILTON, 99 STATE-ST., cor. WasMn^on. ffATCHES, JEWELRY, Silverware, Etc., At' extremely low prices, pre-, vioua to removal' to my new store, Nos. 183, 185 and 187 Wabasffav. AH. MILLER, 176 State-st anil 42 West Maflison-sL LAKESIDE MONTHLY. TUB laMie Molly, FORTUNE, Contains a BBAUTJJb'Ui. BNGBATTNQ of tho GRAND PACIFIC HOTEL, With a fhll description. Also, 100 Pages of Fresh and Attractive Reading and Eliistrains. PKIOB, 3S CENTS. For Solo at all the Newsrooms. OFPIOE, LAKESIDE BUILDING. Cor. Clark and Adams-ats. .PICTURE THAMES, ~~ SAMMONS. CLARK 4 CO,. 197 & 199 S. Olinton-st., MiBUIUOTUHEM OF MOULDING-S, PICTUEE FRAMES, AND 1 LOOKING GLASSES, AND JOBBERS OP OHROMOS, Engravings, &o. Tho Largest Stock in tho West, Coll op send for Catalogue. TO KENT. For Rent. Tho prOßOnt TKEMONT HOUSE, contain. 7o rooms (besides servants* rooms), with kitchen range, ovens, boilers, steam boilers. 9 nd . Milliard rooms, barber shop, laundry, drying room, safe! tetMsfhSr* ta bttu “ and HALL, having 50 rooms, range, ovens, gas fixtures, ana Partly furnished. The whole will bo rented ♦££ e Si?£i. op separately for 10 months, with °/ swo5 wo years more, at a low tS n r t ofpoSS?JS?a C . omon,B WUI fco «“«« corner of Mndlaon and Markot.ata, To Rent, Cheap, In the PaolSo Block, on the southeast comer of Oltrk aodYanßuroo-sU., throo floo storerooms on OUrk-st.* two on Van Bureo, end offices above, and three fine halts suitable for lodge rooms or other societies. JACOB and Madison. STATIONERY. Writing Paper AND ENVELOPES, All Slies and Qualities, at Wholesale and Kotall. CULVER PAGE, HDYHE & C 0„ J. M. W. JONES, Stationer, Printer, end Blanl Boole Hannlactorer, Noa. 104 and 106 Madieonrst. BLANK BOOKS In Urge Tarioty retailed At wholesale prlcoo, At L. SCHICK & CO.'S, 102 East Modioomet, . 1 i WALTHAM, WATCHES or* JPOR GENTLEMEN. Also, some WALTHAM WATCHES! FOB LADIES, In Plain' and Deco. WALTHAM WATCHES ! The boat Watch for the purpose In ! the market. N. MATSON & CO COAL. E.L.Hedstrom&Co,, Minor* *nd Shipper* of and Dealer* In WILEES6ARREGOAL BOLE AGENTS FOR THE Olay County and Morris (Black) Coal Co.’s of Brazil, lad., AND DEALERS IN Lehigh, Blodsbnrg, Brier BUI, Wa bash, and Illinois Coals, Hat® now Afloat and for tale the following cargo®*: Bohr EntarDrlae, from Fair Haven 400 tons S. Eg*. Scar David Lyons, from Fair Haven 493 ton® L. Kg*.' Bchr Gilbert ilalllaon, from Fair Hav0n.. 493 ton* Uango. Honr Goo. Finney, from Fair Haven DOO ton* L. Eg*. SohrF. L. Danforth, from Buffalo l,m ton* Cheat. Principal Eaatorn Offloo—Buffalo, N. V. LataOntwf PiDß Porta—Buffalo, N. Y., Fair Haven. HORATIO PRATT, Agent, 71 Washington-st, Chicago, HI. COAL. HARTWELL BROS. COAL DEALEBS, Have established their prinolpal office at No. 76 Waahington-Bt., comer Dearborn. Goal at Wholesale and Botoil. Jock and yard at No. BO West Twelfth-st. TO IAIFACTDBEBS We have a $24,000 manufacturing establishment in Chicago, finely lo cated, and everything in the best re pair; has a large city and country trade which has taken many years to establish, and on account or the poor health of the owners are obliged to sell. To parties desiring to engage in this kind of business this is an op portunity seldom offered; 45 _per cent has been the annual profits dur ing the last eight years. City real estate will be taken in part payment. For particulars apply to W. 11. KBRFOOT & CO., 90 East Waahington-st. REFRIGERATORS & ICE BOXES, PACKER’S ICE CREAM FREEZERS KEDZIE’S WATER FILTERS. IVORY-HANDLED CUTLERY, AMERICAN MANGLES, UNION WASHING MACHINES, HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. T> A T c So 00., 80 & 82 BAWDOUH-ST.. near State. FRESCO J>MNTING, SCHUBERT & KOENIG, ARTISTS IN FRESCO, 217 EAST WASHINGTON-ST. Ordore for fine Frerop Fainting tolloUed. A» proof* of ■kill reforto tho now Shermqo and Pacific Hotoli. 1 THE LARGEST STOCK west of New York, sold at the lowest prices, at 11© lEt-AJSTJDOXjiPIEI-ST CIIAB. MORRIS, Manufacturer. STEM-HEATING APPMTOS, AND DEALERS IN Wrought Iron Pipe and Fittings. J. Porn A 00., 87 and 69 Weat Lake-at. Opera Glasses AT J. Q. LANGQUTirS. Optician, 83SUto et., between Wftablngtoaand lUmlolpb. Vienna Glasses aapeolal ty. 80 niftJ!aoH-«t M oppoilta Tribune Building, H. PRICE GRAVBa; MERCHANT TAIIOB Homojod to 167 South OlarJc-at, * WATCHES. KEY AND STEM-WINDING small line rated Gases. FOR Railway Engineers. Jewelers aM Silvorsmitlis, • State and momoe-sts. COAL. BUSINESS CHANCE] REFRIGERATORS. .FRESCO ’AIN TING. FIREWORKS. Fireworks! miscellaneous: b. Johnson; 33H3XTT1ST, CHICAGO, FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1873. DRESS GOODS. i SUITS POIONIISIS! BICKERTON L & JEFFERY Are now offering' a very choice etook in Beautiful Designs and .New Fabrics in White Lawn and Swiss Polonaises, trimmed with Lace; and Embroidery,, from $4.00 to $15.00. Swiss and Lawn Suits, from SB.OO to $35.00. Linen Suits and. Polo naises in every variety of style, from $4.00 to $25.00, Embroid ered and Plain. Batiste and Tasso Cloth Suits and Polo naises, Embroidered and Plain, in New and Beautiful Designs. Ohally, Cashmere, and Alpaca Suits in new styles, at very low prices. The balance of our Imported Suits we are offering at 50 per cent less than the cost of impor tation,. in Black and Colored Silk Suits, Striped Silk Suits, Serge and Poplin Suits. 36 East Washington-st. One Door from State-st. FURNITURE. pASHIOIABLE 1 FDJffllM, W.W.STKOIG, FDEITME|OO.,. 266 & 268 WABASH-AV. Factory, 353 & 259 West ErtlpW. / COD LIVER OIL. ‘WILLSOM’S CARBOLATED COD LIVER OIL la a Spoolflo and Radical Ouro tor CONSUMPTION MV SOEOFULOUS DISEASES. Rorooraber the name. *' Willson's Carholatod Cod Llvor Oil. It comes to largo wedge-shaped bottles, bearing tbo Inventors alguaturo. and la sold by tho boat Druggists. Prepared by J. H. Willson, 83 Jobn-st„ H. Y, For sale by all Druggists. STOVES. RANGES, Soo.

BcrzTsrToisr’S HEATING FURNACES! “Oup Favorite” Ranges, “Tbo Cabinet” Cook Store, Baltimore Heaters, Heating Stoves. Tattle Sc Bailey’s Registers, «fcc. Tbpso goods aro the very boat manufactured, and‘aro reliable In over? roepeot. Tbo BOYNTON FtIRNAOR baa no equal. Orory 60 different alaoa and kinds for boat ing buildings of every description. Heating and venti lating promptly attended to. Estimates made on short notice. Wo invite tbo attention of dealers and Uioso wanting ap moot working furnace or cooking arrange ment to call and see os or send for olroulars. VAN'S PATENT Hotel Ranges, Family Ranges, Broilers, Corvine and Steam Tables, Coffee urns, Eto. 36 State-st., s. w. oor. Lake, Chicago. REMOVALS. Great Western F.--M M. Ids. Co. OE NEW OBLBANS, LA., BEN. ESELIGMAN & CO,, General Agents, REMOVED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE, No. 208 LA SALLE-ST., CHICAGO, ILL. Ogden, Sheldon & Go. Have removed their Offloo to OGDEN' BUILDING, southwoat oornor of Boko and Olark-sta., eooond door. HEBTOVAIji. E DYER & CO,, General Fnel Dealers, MAIN OFFICII UNMOVED TO JiLWashington-st.i N. E. oornor Doarborn. WANTED. Partner Wanted. Inawoll-oaUblUbod WboloaalpOrocoryllouae In Obloago. Reliable party, Hltb $ 26,000 to 980,000. can acouro a do* ? nd Investment. Andros*, wrllhrofor* •Dooa. WHOLESALE QROOEU. Trlbuuoofioe. A3ST3D jJSS? Summer Resort is open for the season with the besftMinoral Water ti'ons imegfhklod! SllLnß ’ Surf Bathing, and Boating, &0., make its attrao- GEORGE WOODS & CO.’S Parlor Organs. Those remarkable Inatnunonta have created much la* torost and enthusiasm among musicians by reason of their BEAUTIFUL QUALITY OP TOrfE. THOROUGH CONSTRUCTION, ELEGANT DESIGNS AND PUNISH, And tho extraordinary musical affect* to bo obtained from their COMBINATION SOLO STOPS. s??* orbreathlng *top)j . NA solo, not a fan or tremolo); Those organs havo acquired a very extensive aolo In America and Kuropo, and all Interested in music aro In vited to oxamiuo thorn at tho wnrorooms, Nos. 66 and 68 Adams-st., botwoon State and Dearborn, CHICAGO- Alllovoreof mnslo aro Invited to examine them. Clr» oulars containing music sent postpaid to any address. JUBILEE ORGANS, Tomplo Organa, and Melodious. Wholesale Warorooma of tbo Northwest and South, 53 and 55 South Ado-st. R. D. WILLSON. BEFORE YOD LEAVE TOWN CALL AND SEE THE BEAUTIFUL National anfl Woven Wire Mattresses, MANUFACTURED BY THE ■ Worn Wire Mattress Cou’y, HARTFORD, CONN., AND 286 State-st,, Chicago, 111, J. T. STONE, Manager. PIMEE, SHAW & CO., MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN FINE CAEEIABES, OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, * 325 & 327 Walinsli-av., Chicago,- CORNER OF OONGREBS-ST. Our specialty is tho manufacture of Throo- Quortor and Seven-Eighth Top and Open Wagons, Trotting Sulkies, and Track Work, of ovory description. NO STRANGER Visiting- Oar City Should Pail to Call at ' KAEMPFER’S 331 r <3. Store, 127 South Clark-st., Whoro they cap aoo tho Wonders of tho World. Special Notice. Thla la to certify that E. R. Fiflold la not oar authorised •gont, ami wo will not nay any money which ho may ob. tain from poraons, or anybllla of hla contracting on our account. MERIDEN SILVER PLATE 00., Woat Morldoq, Conn. IsT otice. From this date wo shall pay no bills con tracted by any of our employes, except on our written order authoriaing tho same. ri . , CHAPIN & GORE, Obloago. Juno 3.1873. ■ EYE AND EAR. DR, J. R. WALKER, 181 South Olark-at.. oornor of Monroe, attonila oiolußlvclj’to Diseases amt Doformlllea iwl ** fl ud EAR. fiaUblUhod In Chicago A* D. THE SARA 1 CUTLER HOUSE, AND W. C. SHEIDOITS MAGNETIC MINERAL SPRINGS AND BATHING ESTABLISHMENT, a-HA-nsrop K^v’raisr., 1 nvnroHiia-Ajsr, ®*- STAHH, MUSICAL. Eillin, DAVIS & CO PIANOS. SEVENTY-FIV)l first premiums award* od for HBBT PIANOS. n^SOjt^Oharoboon manufacturedand arc Pmni Llsst, first of living Pianist*, ears it lathe most anmlrablo Instrument avor made. Pianos, both Omni and Square, can bo soon in Chicago, in largo nambors, with a variety of othor manufactures. at tho Plano and Organ Warcrooms of W. W KIMBALL, STATE ANDADAMS-STS. ans toSS^ 4106 * 11 °* nCWPIaaOB 0r- Pnrtios wishing to par br Installment* can bo accommodated. WOVEN WIRE MATTRESS. CARRIAGES. GENERAL NOTICES. PROFESSIONAL. SUMMER RESORT. OGA OP THE WEST. THE BOSTON SQMBi lEUfllfi Clothiers, S. E. CORNER Clark and Madison-sts. 568, 570 & 572 STATE-ST., Are prepared to receive a call from all persons, whether seek ers of Jubilee Music or BOSTON SQUARE-DEALING CLOTHING. WILIOIGM, HILL & GO, PBOPHIETOHS. HATS! STRYKER & CO., Tie Leading Hatters and Farriers of tie West, . SHOW THE Larpst and Best Assortment Fashionable ZBLAJX’iS IN THIS CITY. 231 "West Madison-st., ' 114 South Clarlc-st. mYou can save money by purchasing your mkTSatJ. S. BARNES & CO.’S, No. 104 East • Madison-st. PAPER HANGINGS. HINES RETAILED AT Factory Pricesl J. J. M’GRATH, 174 and 176 State-st. HOTEL. “THE COMMERCIAL,” Corner of Lake and Dearlwni-ste., ( Tramont llouio), OPEN’S MONDAY MOENJNQ, iTuno a. Aooommodatloa. for 800 Ouoata. $2.50 per Day. • PULLING Sc INGRAHAM. Proprietors. CLOTHING. AND HATS. 02T NUMBER 291, THE JUBILEE 1 '< Our Rebuildii | Festival an Acknowledged , Succes«. The City Thronged with Visitors from i Abroad. Between 50,000 and » 75/000 Strangers in Town. The Concerts Patronized by Immense Audi- ences. The Great Depot Pack ed Almost \o Suf focation. Gilmore, the Band, and the Grand Chorus Enthusiastically Received. An Attractive Programme Pre pared for To-Day. A Drive Round the City—A Concert and Magnificent Bail. THE STREETS. THE UNUSUAL CROWDS IN TUE STREETS. Any person accustomed to estimating tho crowds which always throng our busy streets would have seen yesterday that there was something unusual co in# on—something that attracted crowds of our coun- from all parta of this and neighboring States. Boro It was tho Jubilee, tho day of rejoicing, tho day to bo merry and glad, and wear nlco clothes. It is proper to begin in tho morning with tho sunrise, which thoao who saw it know was clear and: full of promise for tho'day. On occasions like tho Jubilee, THE WEATHER is o consideration not to be overlooked. Had there boon no weather, there would have been no Jubilee, which would have been sad; and had the weather misbehaved, and put on a wot mood, it would havo diminished tho attendance,- spoiled now clothes, and have cast a shade of gloom over tho Jubilee, and over tho beautiful new city our country friends camo to see. But tho weather behaved like a gentleman, and the dlstlngnlebed luminary vrblcb fur nishes heat for summer consumption did not supply more than was bearable and pleasant. Then tho wind blow a tempering broozo which licked up a dust uud cooled perspiring brows. THE STRANGERS camo from near and from far. In their country homoa they had heard of our fire, of our calamity, and when wo were in flora distress they generously sent us aid, which wo have not forgotten. Ingratitude s not one of tho fallings of Chicago, Then they read of tho progress being mado from timo to timo In rebuilding our city, la re storing its prlstlno glory and greatness. Tho story was liko a fablo; they could no more believe It than .the Arabian Nights’ Entertainment, and were perhaps disposed to donbt all they read, and to receive it cum ffrano wfis, which is a little quotation from an ancient tongue. They wore proud of tho city. There 1s not a man, woman, or child in tho great Northwest that dooa not fool It a good thing to dwell within ono hundred, two hundred, or ovon four hundred miles of Chicago, It la their metropolis ns much as ours who Uvs and work In it. They contribute to the prosperity, to tho trade and commerce, that has en abled Chicago to rise from her ruins more grand, more glorious, more beautiful than ever. What did they come to see, then 7 A NEW OITT. They wondered around the streets, those long streets of noble structures Ilnlug each side, the palaces of trade unsurpassed for beauty aud magnitude on tho face of tho globe, tho warehouses, the granaries of several commonwealths, tho banka whore the mone tary concerns of a continent are ‘in keeping, news paper offices finer and more useful than the best oornor building In undent Rome; churches whoso spires stand out from the celestial background In hold and grand relief; street-cars whoso comfort and elegance are unknown In tho luxurious capital of Russia; policemen In blue clothes, armed In this peaceful city with nothing but clubs; a flro department full of heroes and ablo horses; a river, not very brpad or rapid, It Is true, and not very clear, spanned by tho best of swivel bridges, and al most choked by ships, steamboats, and saucy tugs, tho servants of commerce; and a lake, on whoso undulat ing bosom tho produce they raise hundreds of miles from hero Is borno to tho consumers still further away. DOW THEY LOOKED. And they walked through the town on that fiuo summer day..aud on their way tboy gazed with aston ished optics on tho architcctual beauties that, beam from every notable build ing. Tboy were dressed in tbolr Sunday clothes In honor of tho day, In honor of Chicago, and because tboy felt happy aud good, aud there Is noth ing that conduces to happiness and goodness like a now suit of clothes In the latest stylo, Thoro were as many ladles os gtftitloracn. Every gentleman brought a lady, os ho should do, and somo brought two or three ; there wore fathers with troops of rising American citizens; old men and women had passed through this placo when It was sitting in tho mud, before froatness came to it, and now tboy camo jack .from their homos on tho pralrio or In the Umber to see tho advancement mado within the comparative ly brief space of thuir lives; thoro wore young men,— lino, clean, well-made young men, “their country’s irldo,’’ —and maidens with bright eyes and handsome oocs, a stylo of architecture unsurpassed by tho great architects of Now Chicago. This visit will bo nn event ful epoch In tho lives of many. Who knows how many destinies were united yesterday? What moro romautia to a gentleman living In the country than to ask a roung lady from tho same place, os they walked brough tho street under her parasol, with hor eyes showing sho was In a good humor, to become tho sharer of his joys ond sorrows, aud come to Chicago on hor wcddlng-trlp 7 In tho language of somebody who used to play on tho Chicago stage, “Blessyou,, my children, bless you.” In after Ufo. when bo Is mrUoularly pleased with (ho pics and calco sho makes, ie will remind hor .what a lucky thing It was they came to Chicago, and vice vena. Uow nice 1 This spocnlaUon might bo continued ad iujinilum, but what’s the uso 7 •= AT THE HOTELS. Tbo hotels were full os they could hold. Every room was occupied, and the amount of provender consumed was simply enormous. The reu* tanrants, too, did a rushing trade. Eating woe a necessary, though not an unusual, exorcise. Alt the good hotels were places of resort where friends mot, admired the “ big taverns,” and felicitated thom solves upon coming to soo them and the city, and hear the Jubilee. Of course THE JUBILEE was attraction No. 3, the now oily holng No. 1. About noon the visitors began to wander la the direction of the now depot, where the harmony was to bo pro duced, By 1 o’clock (ho crowd was immense, a Auo, orderly, rospcclahlo, well-dressed, crowd of people with their wlvca and children. Ihey waited patiently under their panvudo and umbrellas, mid In the shadow of the groat facade of thodopot until the doors were opened. Then there was a rush to get in, and a constant stream of human* ity flowed through several doors, until Iho vast area was filled with all the crowd; and In the anxiety to got good scuts, there was the utmost decorum, good nature and gentleness. All who could fiud seats took them, and those who could not borrowed chairs, or, to bo more definite, surreptitiously abstracted chairs from the room devote*! to (ho press, until the. members of

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