Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 6, 1873 Page 4
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4 TERMS OF THE TRIBUNE. THUMB O? BDUBCmPTION (PAVADLS IN-ADVANCE). Daily. by mall $12.4)0 I Sunday B£./i0 Trl-Wookly 0.00 I Weekly 2.0U Paris of n year at tlio earno rate. . To prevent delay and mistakes, bo auto and r{to Feat Ofi;co address in full, including State and Comity. JlomUtaiieosmay bo made either by draft, express, Post OIDOO oidor, or in rocUtorod lotlors, at our risk. terms to emt ounacnmEtio. Pally, delivered, Sunday excepted, 25 cento per weak. Dally, delivered, Sunday Included, SO cont* per week. Address TUB TIUBUNB COMPANY, Corner Madison and Doarborn-atq., Chicago, 111. TO DAY’S AMUSEMENTS. IIOOLEY’H THEATRE—Randolph ntroot* botwoon Olnrk RQd LaSallo. “Yo Gontlo Savage." MoVIOKER'S THEATRE—MndIson Rtroof, between Dearborn nod Stale. Tho Kalio Putnam Troupe. Bet sor Through Fire ami Water.” • ACADEMY OF MUSIC - Hahlcd street, between Alodium and Monroe. Tboatro Comlquo Combination. MYERS' OPERA IIOUSE-Mnnroo etroet, between Btato and Dearborn. Moran A Manning s Mimtrou. AMPIHTHRATRE'-OHnlon, botwoon Washington and Randolph. Tho Georgia Minstrels. BUSINESS NOTICES. LYON’S INSECT POWDER IS USED'BY ALL ocean ntcsmcra, hotels. and restaurants, lor cloaring them of bugs, fleas, worms, ana ants. "“ROYAL HAVANA LOTTEUY-WK SOLD IN drimlmrolM April l««t th ? MOO.MO Sail" cent; Information given. J, IJ. MARTINEZ AGO., Rankers. ID Wall-st. P. O. Uoi 4085, Now York. . _ REMEMBER DURING will make tho bt»t quality of ll n1 w«IV d mS photographs at $3 nor dozen. No. WJ West Madlsonat. ▲ lino collodion of ploluros on exhibition. troo. , KIDNEYS AND LIV I£R—JAPANKBK KIDNEY nils, nor lar, 980 currency; Japanese Liver I Ills, nor Jar, currency. One jar Is sufficient to euro omior tllsoaso, radically. Registeryour letters. O. A.MOL LEUT, 431 Dupont-st., Han Francisco. Oa!., Solo Agent for North America. PERSONAL—DR. 11KLMBOLD TO THS FRONT ■gain. Wo aro glad to soo that daring tho Doctors tom. porary roaldonco In Knropo, tho Extract Uuohu-tto only known aneci lo for urlnan dls* orders and obecuro complaints In ollher sex—has boon supplied from hta formula and aiipnratua by nb roproaen* tatlro boro. Tho genuine nrtlofo bents tho Doctor s Ma* nature, and Is probably tho best known and most remedy of tho kind Intbo world. JOHN F. HENRY, Now York, solo agent-. Sije- <$&£&&& Friday Morning, Juno 0, 1873. Yesterday, five weeks after tho opening of tho Vienna Exposition, tho American Department was thrown open to tho public. It is not sur prising that it surpasses tho other departments in novelties, as tho cable announces. Stokes is believed in New York to have boon denied tho now trial ho sought from tho Court of Appeals. Judge Sutherland is authority for tho statement that tbo Court has approved the de cision of tho Supremo Court. Tho decision is not yet formally announced, but, if it bo correct ly .foreshadowed, Qov. Dix is' now the only Tofngo Stokes has from tho gallows, and that refuge is not worth much to a murderer. Full returns from tho Fifth Judicial District are not yet to baud, but some additional figures are reported. Henry County, which was said yesterday to have given Judgo Lawrence a ma jority of 180, is now credited with 500 majority for Craig. Tho majorities for tho successful candidate are increased by tho late dispatches, which give Lawrence only five of tho eleven counties heard from, Craig’s majority now stands at 2,331. Tho Chicago produce markets wore weak yes terday. Moss pork was dull and 100 per brl lower, closing at $15.50@15.65 cash, and $15.75 @15.80 seller July. Lard was dull and 10c per 100 lbs lower, closing at $8.35 cash, and $8.55 seller July. Meats wore quiet and steady, at G>£q for shoulders, 8%0 for short ribs, 8%0 for short clear, and 10@12c for sweet-pickled hams. Lake freights wore quiet and 1c higher, at 7c for corn to Buffalo. Highwinos wore Inactive and nominally unchanged, at per gallon. Flour was dull and easier.' Wheat was dull and un changed, closing at sl.2l>£o cash, sell er the month, and $1.21 seller July. Com was active and l&o lower, closing at 33#0 cash and 37)£c seller July. Outs wore active and l@l*o lowor, closing at 280 cash and 20%0 sell er July. Rye was more active and 2o lowor, at 61c. Barley was Inactive and nominally un changed, at 70@76 for poor to good No. 2. Hogs wore dull and lower, selling at $3.80@1.20. Tho cattle market was firm. Bhoop wore easy. Ratazzi, tho famous Italian statesman, who died yesterday, was tho most learned and ouo of tho most eloquent of Italian lawyers. Ho was bora iu 180S, and, whon 40 years of ago, hod achieved a lofty position as a constitutional lawyer and a loading politician.. In 1818 ho was made a member of Charles Albert's Ministry. This lasted but ton days. In 1852 ho was chosen President of tho Chamber on account of his great legal acquirements and tho moderation of his political views. Ho succeeded Count flavour in tho conduct of tho Oovornmont after tho ar mistice of Yillafranca, and in 18G2 was intrusted with tho task of forming a now Ministry. Tho policy which ho promulgated, and which regard ed Franco and England as “ tho natural allies of Italy,” and disregarded tho sauctity of tho Papal 800 by declaring that Romo was tho true Capital of Italy, was not acceptable to Parliament, and his resignation followed. In 18G7 Ratazzi again bocamo Premier, but retired in a fow months. Ho has sinco hold no oQlclal position, hut has boon an eloquent exponent of tho vlows of tho Opposition to tho reactionary party in tho Italian Parliament. THE DEFEAT OF JUDGE LAWRENCE. . Wo Imvo characterized tho defeat of Judge Lawrence no tho most brutal outrage over.per petrated in tho State of Illinois under the aus pices of universal suffrage. One such transac tion is enough to sot every reflecting person to musing on tho probable outcome of an elective Judiciary. Upon a full survey of-tho United States wo cannot discern any 'district, of equal population and territory, more likely to reach an intelligent aud safe conclusion, upon a given state of facts, than tho Fifth Judicial District of Illinois. It is full of schools, aud newspa pers, and pulpits, and thrifty, breezy villages, and reasonably prosperous farms, with com paratively few persons of foreign birth, and those of an exceptionally cloar-hoodod and vir tuous sort. And yot, with all thoso promising materials, tho Fifth Judicial District has perpe trated through tho ballot-box a flagrant aud in excusable outrage—no less than rejecting with contumely a Judge who has declared tho law to ho whal it is— rejecting him for tho reason that ho has so declared It. It Is not necessary, in or der to characterize this proceeding, to recount that Judge Lawronco is tho foremost jurist of tho State and ono of tho foremost in tho nation ; that in tho decision for which ho has’boou oust ed all tho members of tho Supremo Court concurred with him | that oust ing Judge Lawronco will not mako tho law different from what it is; and that ousting all tho other Judges will not mako it different. Thoso things scarcely aggravate tho offense. Rejecting a Judge because ho is honest, courageous, and uncompromising as to tho claims of truth is a practice which needs only to be generally adopted In the United Stales in order to plnnge the people into the boiling water of anarchy, to bsonpo thouep to the more tolera ble olimato of despotism,' as franco has done throe or four times within two generations. The causes which contributed to Judge Law rence's defeat woro thrdo or four-fold, but all had their origin and starting-point lu tho Alton Boilway decision. I, The first cause was that compound of Igno rance and fraud falsely denominated 41 Farmers' Convention. 1 * It is as well settled as anything can bo that the Princeton Convention, at which Mr. Craig was nominated, was not a farmers’ convention in the sense of being representative of the farmers of the District. It was a hastily assembled conclave of farmers, loafers, and rail road employes, In which the two first-named classes preponderated In numbers ns much as • the Inst preponderated In sagacity. It was pre sided over by a roilrood employe, and it nomi nated a as Its candidate for Judge of the Supremo Court. It was speedily repudiated by tho Farmers' Association of La Salle, tho largest county, in the district, and by tho officers of tho Farmers' Association of Knox, and by tho Secretary of tho State Farmers' Asso ciation. Nevertheless, it was heralded abroad as tho Farmers' Convention, and Mr. Craig wont into tho contest with tho prestige of tho 41 Farmers’ candidate " in an agricultural district 5 and mul titudes of farmers, with only tho most bszy no tion of what woro tho real foots in. tho case, gave their votes for tho ticket 00 labeled. n. Tho Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Rail* road Company, tbo corporation against which tho Princeton Convention was ostensibly assem bled, supported Craig, justifying themselves upon this ground,—that hero is a movement avowedly designed to mako and unmake Judges, according as they will decide this way or that way, a movement to turn law and tho adminis tration of law npsldo down, a movement specially intended to injure vs. Wo did not inaugurate this game, but we.,can play at it. Self-preserva tion is tho first law of nature. If wo are not to bavo Judges elected to decide tho law to bo what it is; if tho Supremo Court is to bo a put up job; if wo aro to Layo hired men on tho Bench, wo will have our own hired man there rather than another. Mixed with this species of self-justification was probably nstrong’uudor current of ill-feeling against Judge Lawronoo, for and on account of tho Alton Railway decision, which, as wo havo heretofore shown, woa really inimical to railway pretensions and 'in favor of tho people. That this Railroad Company did support Craig in tho recent election, wo have not tbo slightest doubt. Tho reasoning by which they justified themselves was specious, short-sighted, and im moral. They should havo said rather, Wo will sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish, with the Intelligent, fair-minded,’ law-abiding portion of tho community. There, and not elsewhere, is our safety. That Mr. Craig is under pledges to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, wo do not affirm. But that ho is under stronger obli gations to them than to any supposed Formers* Convention is apparent to every discerning mind. If any person supposes that tho railroads are likely to got more unpalatable decisions from Craig than from Lawrence, ho is grandly mis taken. Tbo probabilities aro largely the other way. m. Knox County has been torn for years with a sort of Modoo war on the county-seat question. Judgo Lawrence resides at Galesburg, and Mr. Craig at Knoxville—tho two towns so long disputing possession of tho county Court- House. Accordingly, Galesburg gives 1,600 ma jority for Lawrence, and Knoxville gives 600 majority for Craig, while tho towns affiliated with Knoxville furnish as many more,—most of those votes being given without tho slightest reference to tho legal qualifications, attainments, learning, dignity, or character of tho candidates voted for. Apart from this county-seat issue Knox County would bavo given nearly its entire vote for Judgo Lawrence, and would havo elected him. IV. Tho fourth Influence working against Judge Lawrence consisted of two newspapers published in Chicago, ouo of which represents malico, and tho other mediocrity. The former had taken offense at a decision of tho Supreme Court in a libel suit in which it was defendant, and whoro tho opinion hod been written by Judge Law rence'. Tho latter had boon lined by the Supremo Court for imbecility. Tho Chicago Times fur nished tho ideas, by which tho Craig light was kept going, and tho Chicago Jour nal furnished tho lack of ideas—both being equally important. Both theso pa pers lied with tenacity and lavishness throughout tho campaign—tho Times ably and tho Journal stupidly, but both with effect. Another Chicago newspaper, which claims to bo tho formers* friend par excellcnoo, took a neutral position, lest it should scorn to bo in dependent In something, —it being tho standing boast of this nowspapor'that it is “Independ ent in nothing.** Wo do not know how far tho temper of tho. Supremo Court may bo affected by tho defeat of Judge Lawrence, but wo can very easily translate tho language addressed to them in tho recent election. It implies that unless the Judges are smart enough and bnso enough to spy out popular sentiment in advance and pander to U;—unless they arc willing to declare tho law to ho what it is not, in oho dionoo to a temporary prejudico bogotton by low prlcos and hard times upon tho body of igno rance,— thoy arc to bQßuporeodod in their turn by thoso who will. That If, in a moloo of this kind, they offend a powerful corporation by holding tho scales of juatioo ihon Us influ ence will bo turned against them also. That if they offend a newspaper they nro to ho lam pooned and dragooned to tho ond of tho chap ter. And generally, that if they perform impar tially the high duties belonging to their position, they aro to bo driven from tho Bench with ignominy. This la tho language addressed to thorn by ono of tho most intelligent constit uencies in tho State, or in tho United States. Very likely it will havo no offoot upon them ex cept to stir their indignation. Wo holiovo that oVory ono of thorn would rather go to tho poor houso than provo false to tho oath thoy took whon thoy assumed«their oifleos. There is not ono of them who would not kick out of doors any suitor who should seek a private consulta tion with them on auy.oaso ponding iu Court. Wo cannot suppose, therefore, that thoy will al low any improper familiarities to tho majority that thoy would not accord to an individual. Novortholoss, all that can ho dono to undormino and unsettle tho administration of justico bos boon dono in tho defeat of Judgo Lawrence. " nod not the people a right to voto for Mr. Craig ?” somebody will ask. Certainly thoy had, and they hayo a right to tako the oon* THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUTE; FRIDAY, JUNE <J, 1873. sequences. They have a right to boo tho Bench demoralized, and Justice made a game of grab. They have a right to boo decisions sold to tho highest bidder. They have a right to bo fooled oud tricked by astute and powerful corporations. They have a right to loach bloody Instruction, and to sco It return to plague tho inventor. Thoro are n groat many.rights In a republic which are not written down in the Constitution. OUR COUNTRY FRIENDS. Tbo clay of Jubilee has oomo, and with it our Country Cousin and his wife, ruddy and radiant, litho of atop, honest of purpose, and croot of form. There is nobody whom wo all see bo gladly, whoso freshness wo so uniformly envy, whoso force wo respect so much, and upon whom wo so generally depend. It is ho who sends ua onr food, buys our goods, roods our newspapers, oloots our Presidents, and mokes our laws. So wo give him hearty welcome. If anybody supposes that onr Country Cous ins have turned out in such force os they pre sented yesterday, and will present to-day, on our streets, merely for tho pnrposo of hearing the Star-Spanglotl Banner and tho Anvil Chorus, in tho Michigan Southern Depot, ho Is very much mistaken. Our country friend can see os far into a millstone as tho next one, and ho has un derstood all along that tho Jubilee was playing the part tho big drum plays in tho traveling show, that it has merely boon tho moans of an nouncing to tho outsldo world that Rebuilt Chi cago is now in proper trim to rooolvo Us friends. 110 has known all along that thoro was no pre tension to groat musical gymnastics, and that, If thoro had boon snob pretension, it could hot have boon realized in the brief time sot apart for preparation. The Jubilee, though fully lip to tho measure of any reasonable ex pectation, is tho occasion of drawing au audi ence which has como to sco tho most wonderful 1 growth of modern times. It is a little prema ture, perhaps, and it would have boon better to doatpono the gathering till the autumn Exposi tion, when another summer season’s application will have finished up and rounded oIT tho enor mous work which has boon douo within oigbtoon months and with only ono building season. Bat this was tho timo fixed for tho opening of ono of tho largest railroad depots in tho ooun. try, and tho most ologant and spacious hotel In tho world,—tho Grand Pacific. Tho dedication of tho Pacific Hotel is well worth tho attention that has boon drawn to it. It is enough to ropay tho visitor tho orowds that havo gathered at half-faro rates, and as our Country Cousin looks It ovor, while Gilmore's band is play ing across tho street, ho may confidently assure himself that ho is inspecting tho moat gorgeous hostelry under tho oun. Having dono this, ho will start out in search of tho placo whoro tho firo was, and find himself as perplexed as tho Irishman, on hia first visit to London, who couldn’t boo tho town for tho houses. To properly appreciate tho difllcutly ho has in discovering tho burnt-district, ho must romombor that tho il ro covered an area of about 2,600 of donsoly-sottlod territory. During tho short season of eighteen months, tho work ho finds completed represents, not only tho building of tho houses which' ho strains his eye to measure, hut tho clearing away of tho debris* of tho old city. This work has been dene, not by new-comers, but by tho men whoso fortunes wore swept away and whoso life-work was laid low when tho firo camo. Tho marvel of energy which has produced it is scarcely greater than tho marvel of physical force that has boon expended in gath ering together and putting in shape tho wood, and brick, and mortar, and stone, and iron, and marble that make up Now Chicago. Behind both those marvels is tuo groat support of our Oouutry Cousins who .are visiting us torday who demanded an immediate resurrection, and promised to give it more vitality than they in fused into the old life. They have kept their promise, and they may look upon Chicago as mainly tholr own production. It is not .impossible that our country friends now in Chicago fondly imagine that tboy havo brought with them tho busy rush and turmoil which tboy aoo everywhere about thorn in our crowded streets. This is a mistake. It is prob- ably a largo ostlmato to say that thoro aro 25,000 more strangers than usual in Chicago at this time. Thoro aro always enough of them to’ koop tho hotels full. Such a number, iu a city of between 800,000 and 100,000 inhabitants, accus tomed to crowded thoroughfares and a rushing community, would znako but a small impression on tho geuoral aspect of tho city. Thoro may bo ono or two moro hanging on to tho back stop of ovory horse-oar, a little moro elbowing on tho sidewalks, busier dorks in the dry-goods stores, and on oxtra.offort on tho part of Chica go people to koop thoir places iu tho streets; but our Country Cousin may roly upon it that Chica- go is always protty much as ho finds it to-day,— tho eamo turmoil of people, attire, and noises; courtesies and discourtesies, ‘workers and loaf ers, magazines, repositories and hostolrlos, mag** nlflcout stores aud heterogeneous Junk-shops, marblo monuments, and dirty streets,—aud that ho can partake of it iu wolcomo at his good pleasure. . THE FARMERS* MOVEMENT FOR AN INDE PENDENT PARTY. Dwight, Livingston Co., HI., Juno 4,1873, To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sin; Prom tho many letters I Imvo received from our county, indorsing our action of May Gl, 1 lucloco you for publication a letter from S. M. Smith, Secre tary of tho State Farmers' Association, and also a let ter from A. P. Wright, of Odoll, who offers himself as candidate for County Judge upon our platform. lam in receipt of numerous inquiries for copies of the platform, and Will soon bo oblo to supply them upon application to mb by letter. S, T. K. I'uime, Boc’y Farmers' Association, Livingston Co Office Sr.o'r 111. State Faumbus’ Association,> Kkwanei:, 111., Juno G, 1873. j .9, T, K. Prime, Dwight, III.: • MvDeauHiu: I Imvo seen tho report of your moot ing. You me nil right. Wo want the same action everywhere, uud wo shall win. Yours truly, B. M. Smith. Odell, 111., JuuoG, 1873. S, T. K. Primc, Esq., Secretary of Farmers 1 Associa tion of Livingston County: Dear Bin : 1 have Just received aud read tho ad dress, declaration, and platform adopted by tho Farm ers' Association at Pontiac, on tho Glut ult. Tho platform la ono to which every candid-minded man can moat heartily assent. Clear, concise, yot comprehensive, It has the ring of true principle, and will rally to Its purport the beat men of the country. Now that tho Initiatory stop lias boon taken by thoso whoao right It waaio take It, It only remains for all who are truly In sympathy to make an active, oner- S' ’} movement forward, and tho time Is not far dls when Its power will be felt, not only through our own county, but also through tho laud. Indorsing the entire platform, I pledge it my most hearty support. Yours, bo., A. P. WniaiiT.,, Chicago Musical College. Tho summer term of flvo weeks will coimnonco on Monday, Juno 23, Pupils desiring to attend should apply early. Mr. Zlogfold and a full corps of teachers will remain through tho summer term, nod will re ceive a limited number of pupils. College building, Ho. 403 Wabash avenue, Go and 800 That Trunk. Amongst tho many traveling-equipments at tho Oroat Control Trunk House, may bo soon tho “ Sen sation "Trunk. Nothing like It in tho city. No. 204 HUUe street, between Adams and Jaeksou* TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Frightful Casualty at tho Mlclitgnn Southern Sopot. Two Painters Pall a Distance of 80 Past—One of Thom Almost : Instantly Killed. At half-past 11 o'clock yesterday morning, during a rehearsal In (ho Jubilee building, the members of tho chorus, tho orchestra, and a'small audience wore hor rified by ibo occurrence of an nealdont by which two men wore precipitated from tho apex of tho building to tho floor, a distance of eighty foot. Tho victims of tho accident wore two painters, in tho employ, of' Heath b Mllllgnu, named William Oolloyand Joint Olcson.. The latter was almost Instantly killed,but tho injuries of ‘ tho former, though severe, aro not necessarily, fatal. Tho first Indication of tho fatality was a loud report, like that of a gun-shot, from . tho north ond of tho building. Tho startled spectators had hardly turned their eyes In tho direction from whence tho report proceeded when a man Was soon whirling rapidly downward from iho apex of tho roof, at tho oxtromo north end of tho building, and then to slrlko tho floor with a violence that Jarred the floor. Ho had scarcely touched the planks when another man followed him. One of tho spectators made tho grim remark that it seemed as if a party of persons who -had resolved to commit suleldo ' Wore assembled on tho roof. Tho horror of.' tho people reached its climax only when they had tlmo to discover that ton poor follows .were still clinging to tho iron rods and beams, at the same elevation from which tho others had fallen. Happily they all clung until wllllnghands had rescued them. Their names aro F,; Johnson, T. Carloson, David Dunn, 8. Peterson. O. H. Hannon, Peter Brady, Joseph Johns, John Dlafik, S« Craven, and J. McMahon, i . When tho accident occurred tho men, having finished tho rest of tho roof, had begun to paint tho apex. Tho platform upon which they stood hadi bean; laid upon a treacherous iron boom or, tube, four Incuoa in oiroumforonco, and which was nunpoa od to have an iron rod, passing through it." Tho beam would, however, bavo' sustained tho weight placed upon It tut for a poorly fitting Joint. Two planks of tho scaffolding near tho north wall fortunately caught in some Iron rads, or tho loss of lifo would havo boon at leant doubled. Tho unfortunate man ,who fell first was not immediately killed. Ho struck (bo planking obliquely on his head ond right shoulder. His name was John * Olcson, a Bwode, and a respect able and highly esteemed young nun, alxmt SO years old. All hla teeth wero knocked oat, and his head was mashed flat. Tho wrlthinga of tho suffering 'creature wero pltahlo to witness, but they lasted but a few minutes. Tho second man who foil lighted upon bis feet, lie was for a fow momenta rendered Insensi ble by tho fall, but soon recovered and attempted to draanlmßolf out of tho way of those above him. Tho humanity of tho terrified people quickly relieved him of this tank. Ho was removed to the County Hospital, whore his wife attends him. Unless ho suffered some internal Injuries ho la not hurt fatally. Ilia loft- thigh Is' broken in two places. and the socket of tho right leg at the knee Is badly bruised. Tho Coroner hold an inquest on' tho body of poor Oleson at tho Armory yesterday afternoon. From tho evidence tho jury concluded that tho fatality was acci dental, and with ordinary precaution could not bavo been avoided by Ho alb & Milligan or tholr employes. Oleson was a single man, and a sailor. JOLIET. The Judicial BloctSonnGorman: Pie* like—Resignation ofi a Itailroad Of« flclal—TficState I'riuon—Public mar- Icct—Crime, Spestal Correspondence of The Chicago Tribune, JoLinr, 111,, Juno 4,1873. From tho best sources of Information it appears that Mcßoberts'bas n little over 000 majority over Harris In this (tho Seventh) Circuit. Tho Judge elect took tho Bench the day after election, In this city, to hold tho regular Judo term ; nut, owing to tho busy season with tho farmers, all jury eases were postponed until October.

Tho “TurnvcrolnVorwnorts/’of Chicago,fiOOstrong, aro to join tho Sharpshooters of this city, on Sunday next. In a picnic. Tho Chicago Society will bo accom panied by tbo Grand Union Baud. Extensive prepara tions aro being made here for tholr entertainment. Calvin Knowlton, Superintendent of tho Jollot Divi sion of tho Michigan Central Railroad, has resigned, as •rumor has It, to accept tho Presidency of one of our city banka. Ho Is succeeded by a Mr. Wheeler, of Michigan, Who will enter upon his duties lu a few days. The new Board of I’enitcntiary Commissioners has been lu session to-day, considering tho relation of certain contractor.* to tun State, and tho advisability of making certain changes in tho subordinates of tbo institution. Nothing of importance was developed as affecting tbo contractors, but certain •changes wore agreed upon,—among others, to appoint MoJ. Hamilton, of Quincy, as Steward. Tho preva lence of tho small-pox In tho Prison.—which, In tho opinion of tbo physician, was caught from the second hand blankets purchased by tbo old management,— baa created somo alarm. Only one death has occurred co fur; and, from what cau bo learned, tho disease la now about at Us end. Tbo blankets bnvo all boon or dered scoured. Tho greatest secrecy has been main tained about tho whole subject, and It Is almost Impos sible to get information. Tho City Council, thla afternoon, considered tho ad visability of oroctlug a public market lu this city, without coming to any conclusion, Tho subject was brought to tholr attention by a resolution adopted by tbo Central Farmers' Club on Tuesday. A boy named Devine, 1G years old, was arrested to day, and lodged In Jail, on tho charge of attempting to outrage tho person of a girl of 12 years, on Tuesday lost. W. THE LAIV COURTS. Interesting nations Corpus Cano—Tho City Scavenging Suit—Bankruptcy Matters—Tho Courts In ttcucrnt M Now Suits» Etc* Edward McQua, of this city, yesterday obtained from Judgo Gary a wit of habeas corpus, by which ho hopes to gain possession of his son Edward James, tho solo fruit of complainant's union, since dissolved, with Caroline 0. McQua. Mrs. MeGuo, on tho 14th of March last, loft complainant’s house, taking tho son with her. On arriving homo complainant learned of his family’s hcglra, hut, believing they had gono to Boston, ho concluded to await developments. On tho 16th of April last, ho found out that sho and tho boy woro living with one Ira B. Eddy, at No. 606 Fulton street, In this city. Ho learned further that his wife pretends to bavo obtained a divorce from him, and been married to said Eddy, but complain ant charges that no divorce was over obtained, to hla knowledge; and if any was obtained It was done la na illegal manner, and without notice to him. Complain ant charges that tho detention of his child by his wife and Eddy is Illegal, as is also their cohabitation. Ho states in conclusion that ho has called at tho house of Ira B. Eddy to boo his wife and to demand of her his son, but his efforts proved unavailing. TUB UNITED STATES COURTS. In tho 'United States Circuit Court, Joel •D. Harvey, Itccclvcr of tho Scandinavian National Bank, flics a pnoclpo in assumpsit against W, H. Everts : damages, 16,000 : another against F. P. Hawkins, Thomas It.. Willard, aud V. E. Itusco ; damages, SIO,OOO. John Q. Hoyt flics his pnoclpo in covenant, In tho United States Circuit Court, against David U. Banolds; damages, SI,OOO. Nicholas P. Iglchnrt flics two prroetpes in assumpsit in the United Slates Circuit Court agaiust Asa Vail; damages, SB,OOO and $136,000 respectively. Benjamin W. Thomas, assignee In bankruptcy of tho estate of Ebonozor G. Wolcott, begins suit In chancery lu.tho United States Circuit Court, to gain possession of certain property in tho Stato of Indiana, which is claimed by defendant, but which, plaintiff charges, be longs actually to the bankrupt estate. D. E. K. Stewart flics, In the United States, Court, praecipes in tha following actions : Hoe k Co. v. Hor ton k Leonard, formerly a partnership printing con cern ; assumpsit, $3.076; Stewart & Co., the dry goods merchants of Now Fork, v. W. A; Oootos; debt, $3,140, aud costs, $39; Henry Ohauwoaut ot al. v. David J. Ooibur; assumpsit, $1)300: John F. Jordan v. Tohnsn Bros, k Walker; assumpsit, $12,000; for dlffercuco in account aula rendered and sales actually made. <lllls CITY adAVEKailia CASE. The case of Cunningham & Gray v. Oily of Chicago and Alexander Hell was begun boforo Judge ■Williams yesterday. It will bo remembered that plaintiffs in tbla suit sue to have their appointment as city scaven gers, which tho Hoard of Health aubecnuoutly rescind ed, mado good, and for an Injunction restraining Alexander hell, who was appointed In their place, from proceeding with tho work. Tho case was opened by Mr. Adams, who appeared fop tho plaintiff, and Mr. Knickerbocker, hell's counsel, followed. Tho case will be resumed on Saturday, when Mr. Tuloy will mako his argument for tho city, with which tho caso will close. BANKRUPTCY MATTERS, In tho matter of Koch & horkl, a third general mooting of tho creditors was ordered to bo hold In Ot tawa on tho 7th of July next, Tho matter of 11. Llebcustoln ot 01. came up for trial yesterday, when, after evidence by petitioner, and Instructions, debtors were found guilty. A, D. Tingloy, Provisional Assignee of tho estate of Lewis llobortsou ct 01., bankrupts, filed, yesterday, a report showing a balauco of $3,437.54 in his hands. mtn. iiAiimru iu mivt*n THE COURTS IN DUIEP. Ebonozcr O. Hulgbt and John J. Kolloy fllo a pnucipo In assumpsit in tho Circuit Court against Thomas S. Dobbins. R. M. Hough, William B. Pease, John 8. Wilcox, Obauncoy T. Dowon, Goorgo J. Bowen, Harry Eox, and Goorgo Young, formerly co partners under tho name of Thomas 8. Dobbins & Co. Tho action is brought by plaintiffs to recover damages for work done uy thorn iu filling, levohng, f Hiding, and building culverts and cattle-guards on lio Chicago tt Paclflollallroad, In Judge Porter’s Court tho following coses went by default, and Judgment therein was rendered for plain tiff : Cully v. Weber, ; Goodwilllo v. Nolan, $109.02: Illinois Stoats Zcltung v. Uob, $9,739.31: How v. Eooto, $001.93; harbor v. McGrow, $361.45. William 11. Carter. Hermann, Benzo, and Charles E. hay were appointed at tho County Court, youterday, to mako special assessments 107 to 367, City of Chicago, Tho will of Timothy McCarthy * was yesterday proven, and letters testamentary wore granted to John N. Lyuch, under a bond to Ihi approved of $4,080. Tbo Grand Jury has boon Impaneled In tho Criminal Court. Mr. C. W. Sherwood was elected Chairman, and they began examining evidence Immediately. Amimiiii s, cook, gvrukg property lu Qook ([guqty, condoling of 25>tf ocrcn, part of which comes within the condemnatory grasp of iho South Park Commis sioners, oaks In tuo Circuit Court for a writ of Injunc tion restraining said Commissioners from Interfering In any way with her land. Robert w.'Compton and Goorgo Sftfford, Into part ners under the Arm name of Campion. Salford ft Co., file a pneclpo In assumpsit, In tho Superior Court, against Charles B. Landers ; damages. $9,500. William Ripley applies In tho Superior Court for a writ of attachment against Henry and John Fox, who, ho alleges, owe him $1,120.07. Defendants live in tho .village of Ahnonoc, - Wls, John McAllister flies n pneclpo In assumpsit, In tho Olronlt Court, against tho Maywood Company; dam ages, SI,OOO. In tho Circuit Court, Wilson Howe and John brawn fllo a prroclpo, In trespass In tho oaso, against tho Chi cago ft Northwestern Company; damages, fa, 800. Sarah J. RussoU flics a prroolpo In aesumpslt, lit the Circuit Court, against Cyrus U. McCormick; dama ges, $5,000. Edwin L. Drown begins suit In tho Circuit Court against Wm. A. Ewing, executor of tho ostato of tho lato G. W. Ewing',aud John Miller, 000. H, Eanmaohor. Rush,B. Donlg, and Oharloa H. Higdon. Tho lust four defendants mode a contract to build .Ewing a houso on cortalu tool estate belonging to tho ostato of whldh ho is executor, and complainant was a sub-con tractor, and tboro la duo him by tho other defendants $7,207.47. Ewing is duo them about SO,OOO, and com plainant asks for an Injunction restraining him from paying them that amount until hla claim la satisfied, and for a mcchaulca’Uon upon tho premises. , A Groat Clothing Houso. Nobody who has wandered along Clark or Adams streets can have foiled to admire tho elegant specimen of Gothic architecture situated at tho intersection of those thoroughfares, loss than a square from tho Pacific Hotel, known as tho Lakeside Publishing Homo,' Tho main floor of’this building is occupied by tho old and widely-known clothing houso of A. D. Tllsworih b Co., which, established In 1830, has flourished for twonty-threo years, outliving tho various 'financial panics which have crumbled so many other firms. Notwithstanding Its severe losses,—fo* It was twice burned out,—the houso has continued Its busi ness as If nothing had happened. There can! be no question that this Is one of tho finest stores, contain ing oho of tho heat stocks in tho city, for tho area of tho store is 60x100 feet, and it Is all occupied. W, 8. Downs and D. F, Bias aro connected with this house, In tho merchant tailoring department. The former has boon connected with the establishment for 90 years, is a young man of excellent taste and capacity, and never tires In bis efforts to please a customer, Mr. Bias, tho buyer, who Is constantly in tho market, has been for many years with tho well known importing houso of Maoullor, Williams ft Parttor, nf Boston. His long experience In foreign woolens, and choicest stylos, gives him groat advantages in selecting tho most stylish and fashionable, as well as the best, goods. Mr. Tltsworth gives his entire attention to tuo roady-raade depart ment. His clothing Is famished by tho well-known firm of Charles B. Poet ft Co., Nos. 75 and 77 Duano street. Now York, who havo tho reputation of manu facturing some of tho finest and host clothing in tho country. Among tho Stylos Wo Offer nro ilio following, particularly in favor Just now: Gents’ St. Bernard business Bulls. Gents' diagonal Newmarket coats. Gents 1 doublo-brcasted London sack suits. Gents’ Derby business suits. Gents' broadcloth and fulUdrcss’rmlts. Gents' white duck and Marseilles vests, cut both single and doublo-bronatod, in all the latest stylos. ' Gents* summer coats In white duck, black alixtcos, gray mohairs, striped mohairs, dlagono!sorgo, skeleton flannels, white cheviots, &0., so. Boys' and youths' school and dress suits of all grades, and an Immense variety of Children's suits, especially adapted for present ser vice. A. J. Nutting, the 0. 0. D. lino clothier, Nos. 820 and 822 State street. Who Buys a Piano P Wo bavo somo now pianos that have been rented from throo to six months. Also, a few that have had tho outsldo caeca Injured In moving. These will bo cold at tho Tory lowest prices—from S2OO to S3OO. A splendid opportunity to purchase a good durablo Instrument, as every piano will ho warranted to* give satisfaction or money refunded. Coll and see them at our new placo of business—Ms finest piano warerooma in the world. Heed’s Tomplo of Music, Oorucr Dearborn and Vaußuron streets. - Jowolry and Diamonds. Parlies visiting tho Grand Jubilee cannot uqo their snare timo in Chicago to any bettor advantage and greater delight than by calling at tho magnificent Jew elry establishment of Messrs. Wondoll & Hymon.No. 335 Wabash avenue, corner of Jackson street. They will And on exhibition a magnificent stock of fine jow olry, diamonds, watches, silverware, and fancy goods, n stylo and variety second to none In tho city. This s tho nearest jowolry store to tho grand depot. Strangers and Citizens should not leave the city without calling at tho popu lar wlno house of Benj. Bruce, Jr., & Co., No. 119 South Clark street, where they will find a largo assort ment of California. Port, Angelica, and sherry wines ; also, tbo very best brands of choice foreign wines anu other liquors. Tho above goods are selected expressly for family and table use. Remember No. 110 South Clark street, and call aud satisfy yourselves. Pianos aud Organs. Tho celebrated Mathushok pianos and Taylor h Farley organs will bo sold this week at manufacturers’ Juices to everybody; 35 per cent can bo saved by call ng at tbo warorooms of John Molter, No. 130 West Madison street, wboro also can bo found tho most com plete stock of all kinds of musical merchandise, books, and shoot music, at wholesale aud retail. Found at Bast. Tho lightest and moat comfortable bat of tho season, “ Tho Shell Cassimoro,” weighing only ounces, and a great success. For stylo and comfort Uls unsur passed, and, (hough Just introduced, Is already a favor ite with gentlemen. Call and sep this new Idea, at McCain k Co.’s, solo agents, No, 144 West Madison street, and No. 660 State street. A Valuable Tract of Land. While tho Jubilee Is tho present topio of conversa tion and contro of interest, it would bo as well for strangers, as well as residents, to investigate tho ad vertising columns of Tub Tuidune. Especial notice Is suggested of an advertisement of a valuable tract of land for salo by tho Hon. S. S. Hayes, whioh will bo found under Its appropriate caption. Many of tho Visitors to our Jnhlleowill naturally toko tho opportunity to stroll omoug our merchants. Those wishing to look at carriages will And a very lino assortment at reason able prices at Garland, Holmes k Co.’s, Nos. 60 and 63 North Canal street. A visit to their warerooms will repay ibo timo spent. Tomp-ernnco Convention* 'Fond du Lao. Win., Juno 6.—The State Convention of tho Catholic Total Abstinence Society will moot in Madison on Tuesday next, tho lOlh. It la by far the most prosperous and effective temperance organization in the State. JEWEIiRY, &o*. Fine Watches, Sterling Silver Ware, Silver-Plated Ware, Cryptooylon Ice Pitch- ers, Russia Leather Goods, Fancy Goods, Opera Glasses, Fans, Perfumery, Etc ONE PRICE TO ALL. COME ANP SEE The Handsomest Store, The Largest and Finest Stock, The Lowest Uniform. Prices, N. MATSON & CO., STATE AKD JIOSBOE-STa, REAL ESTATE. C^ZR/ZHj-A-Q? AUCTIOI SALE OF OHOIOB RESIDENCE LOTS IH THE VILLAGE OF Hyde Park. Wo will soli at Public Auction, on the ground, Fifty-Four (54) Lots, each 60x160 foot, situated 1 on Madi son-av., Adams-st., and Hyde Park av., between Fifty-fourth ondFifty flfth-sts., in tho Village of Hyde Park, on SATURDAY, Juno 7, at 1:30 p.m. Tenns of Sale: 1-10 cash; 1-10 in SO days: 1-10 in 60 days, and tho balance in i, 2 and 3 years from day. of sale, with annual interest at 6 per cent. Title perfect. Printed abstract of title furnished each pur chaser within 30 days after the sale. The above lots aro situated in tho very centre of tho Village of Hyde Park, within two and throe blocks of the Hyde Park Depot, and within one and two blocks of the Dummy Depot, on high and dry land, a por tion ofwhlohls beautifully timbered. Hyde Park-av. and Adams-st. are finely macadamized, and elegant drives, schools, otmrohos,. and stores within a few blocks. The property is near the Hyde Park Ho tel, and the lake shore, and within one and two blocks of the Lake Shore South Pork. The sale will be peremptory and bona fide in every respect, as the property must and wul bo sold. Great bargains can bo expected. For plats, and further particulars of the sale, apply to Clarke, Layton & Co., 120 LaSolle-st. CLARKE, LAYTON & GO. Free Train, to and from’&us Sale, leaving the 1. O. E. E. Depot, foot of Lako-st., at 1:30 p. m., and return ing at close of Sale, REAL ESTATE FOB SALE BY Me, Layton & Co., I*3o LaSaUe-st. We have now for sale several large tracts of land on the West Side,near oar shops. Several 10-aoro blocks near Lawndale, within a short dis tance of the railroad and Douglas Park. We hove several lots also on tbo West Side, near Beuben-st., south of Twolfth-st. Great bargains on the South Side, opposite to the Park and near and fronting the Boulevard. Several pieces which bought at tho present prioes will- make the pur chaser a rich man in due time. Call and see our maps and go and look at property. TO "CAPITALISTS I ipon ©.ajijiEs, 4.0 aores, having a frontage of ono-half mile upon hu niTBQLDT 7ABE and BOULD* VABD, on the line of the Ohioago & Paolflo - and tho Ohioago, MUlwaukee & St. Paul Bail, roads. 100 aoroe in tho town of Oanilold, 13 miles from tho Ohioago Oourt-Houso, on the O. & N. W. B. B. 80 aoros at tho crossing of tho Ohioago & Paoiilo and tho Ohioago, Milwaukee & St. Pan! Bailroads. Any of the above property can bo subdivide ed and sold at a handsome profit. .A.. <Sc L. S. PIERCE, 178 Dcarhorn-st, Isaac R. Hitt & Co. Real Estate. Office, 19 Major Block, COR. MADISON AND LASALLE.STS. Bargains lu Property at Wash ington Heights, Evanston,' and the West Side Parts and Boule vards. munm HOMES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling? splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the.erection of dwellings. CHACE & ABELL, 184 Doarborn-st., Honors Block, DEALERS IK REAL ESTATE. Wo tnnlco a specialty of properly botwoon tho Oily Urn- Ita ft ml SOUTH CHICAGO. Forty Acres FOR SALE. Handsomest high land near Wash* jn a ton Height*; hoaltby: good water; beautiful grove*; commands fine view ol Morgan Park, with Its Improve ments, colleges, and aoboolt. Two good hou»oa on tho promises, ami superior property to subdivide or bold, as railroad faollltlos and otborlmprovomeaU are multiplying aU around it. Will tab? a city residence In^art^a^^ Investments. Blocks and Acres for sale In vicinity of Central .Park and 0. A N. W. U. W. Co,, on MadUon and Washington* ala., Chicago and Hyman-avs. . , „ ' 10 Aorot on Barry Point Hoad, In See. 15. 89,13. 2U Acres oor. Division and Porty-olgbth-als., or Hyman* av. In vlowof tho groat Improvements being made In this locality, tho above laud* ato sura to double to value irilblnnutfour, ... .5- D. HAHVEY, Real Estate and Loans, 174 LaSajle-st. FOR SALE. Qroht b.ruftiti. 1»0 foal onMlohlgu-nr.. wo.* front, tiotwenn Forty-ninth and ruUath-.1i.. (KUO citil only for a fovr day.- Inoulro of JACOB WEIL A 00.. Uornorof Madison and Dearborn-ata. TO CAPITALISTS. ..For sale, for cub and roal estate, one or more, shares ol IprotUable manufacturing stock. Dullness largo and rauldlv increasing. Tho investment reliable. rapiuiy * WM. V. lIUEWfITKR, Financial Agqat, U1 I*fljUl»*st. e JiMcowts REAL ESTATE. SECOND GREAT SALE ■A.T A.XJaTIO3Sr Of dice Isiii Lots, Fronting on Humboldt Boulevard, logon .. r. Square, and MUwankeo-av.,. - On tlio grounds, on Tuoiday, Juno 10, 1878. Tho Into aro In tho Subdivision 0/ 89 acres, In tbo E of BTIK of Sob. 20, 40, 18. "They aro ftnaly located, tho ground high, and tho whole city overlooked by one standing obi IU a aurfaeo. Humboldt Boulevard la . being fiboly Improved 5 largo trees havo boon sot out under tho dlrocllon of tho Park Oommlaalonora. -An artesian well, with a flno flow of water, Ilea on either aide of thla property. Tho faollltloa forroaoblng thla properly aro excellent; the depot of the O. AN. W. It. It. la within SOO rods oast t IhoM. <t fit. P. R. R. runs to the westward, aud tho Ohlongo A Pa* oiflo Railroad antara the city on tho south. Milwaukee av., runs dlrobtly through it. The soil la & fine loam, with clay aub-soll, rich and pro* duotlvo. Thera la no nuisance whatever In tho neighbor hood, making It particularly attractive for choice rest* donoo homes. Tt la safe to predict that thla neighborhood will develop rapidly this .summer, and purchasers will double their 'lnvestment In two years, If not In leea time. These' lots will prove one of the best Investments ovar put bn tho - Chicago market. Title to property perfects abstract of tlUo furnished. Terms of ealot Ono-thJrd cash, ami balance in one, two, and throe years, from March 10, 1870, with Interest at ß percent. A deposit of QSO on oaeh lot will bo required at time of aalo, and balance offlrst payment within 80 day«, A apodal froo train will loaro tho depot of tho 0. A N. W. R. R., bomorof Oaual and Klozlo-iti,, at 10:15 a. nu on tho day of aalo. A lunoh will bo aorrod on tho gronnd. - Flats of tho property can bo obtained at the office of 0. 0. THAYER A CO., Roal Estate Anotlonoora and Broken*, Office, lag East Madlaon at. For Sale. 54x90 feet on the S. W. cor. Franklin-st. and Oalhoun- Place. This Lot, being so near Madison-st,, if improved,would pay a handsome percentage on the amount invested. Wifi Di KEEFOOT & C0 9 90 East Washington-st. FOB SALE, In Lots, Blocks, and Acres, Bovon hundred and forty uni, lying together, a choice property adjacentto tho city: high ana beautiful land, accessible oy tbroo now railway lines, ami but a abort drive from the baslnosa centre. Native groves, wttlo •treota and boulevards. Six mlloa of front on a boulevard SOOfoetwldo. Elghtoon mlloa of front on atroota 100 foot wide. Oan sell five hundred and fifty acres in 000 body, froo of incumbrance. with porfoot titlo. and only two con veyances between tbo Unltod Slates and tho present own er. This property promises a rapid and groat increase ol value, and will bo aold at moderate prices and on easj terms, with a good discount to buyers who pay all oath. S. S. HAYES, 56 LaSaUe-st.j Metropolitan Block. FOB SALE. Double Store on East Lako-st., built upon a valuable leasehold of 20 .years; then owner has to pur chase building; rented for 6 years, paying 16 per cent over and above taxes on price asked. Apply at Ho. 105 Lake-st., np stairs. PIANOS. Grand, Square, • Square-Grand and Upright PIANOS, a Superb Assortment of all Stylos. SMITH A NIXON, Qonoral Agonto for tho Northwest, Rtato and Monroo sta. _ PAPER HANGINGS. PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, LACE CURTAINS, LAM BREQUINS, ALL KINDS OP MAT TRESSES, and other BEDDING, will be sold at as low prices os any hpuao in the oity. GIVE US A CALL before purchasing elsewhere. HILGEE.MIIHII&ffIOH, 107 STATE-ST- STATIONERY, BOOKS, &o, EMERSON & STOTT, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN STATIOB7, BOOKS, ID MUSIC. CROOXTET. BEST LIST IN THE CITY. 289 WEST IVE-A-IDXSOISr-ST.. J._STOTT. lato with Woatorn News On._ FANCY GOODS. SONTAG & .STAUDBTGEE, WHOLESALE AND DETAIL FRENCH PORCELAIN, TinTmiyrTANT GLASS, VASES, TEA-SETS, DIMEE-SETS, PATTOY GOODS, IGO BTATE-BT.. BETWEEN MADIBOH ACT MfaNHOB FOR SAIiD* EAGLE WORKS. Olosingc-put Bale of Now and Second-hand Boilers, Flnfflnes, Lathes, Planers, &o*» Tho best In market. Send forofroularß. H Canal-Bt. P. W. QATF«- ProaidoDt,^ PROPOSALS. M Maiisoii-sl-Hinety-Nliiß Year{ Lease. dayol Juno, for o nlnoty*nlno ywr* iw , 9 91 jj, q, logon MaiiUon-at.. botwoon Major |H * • aptdloo* Btoue'a building. Particulars mi ° N k, W w IUuWKLL, Uon at said otlloo, i°B noiITON, Vium-MVEiia,

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