Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 6, 1873 Page 7
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WISCONSIN. V The Rejection of the Land-Grant by tho Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, Intensity of Popular Indignation on Account of Such Action. The Proposed Pooling of Earnings by . the St. Paul and North western Roads. Opinion of tho Assistant Attorney-Gen eral that Snell an Arrangement Would lie Unlawful. From Our Own Correspondent, Madiscn, Wls., Juno 0, 1873. TUB LAND-OIUNT REJECTION. An attempt to prompt by post your readers ‘in re gard to (bo rejection of the Ht. Croix It Superior Land- Grant by tbo Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, Imme diately On ttio reception by tbo Governor, from PreaL dent Mitchell, of tbo official notice of non-acccptonco, was frustrated by tbo uogloot of your Post-Office to deliver tho letter till days after Its reception there, when Its main facts bad reached your readers from other sources. Bluco then, tho Governor bos made official proclamation of forfeiture, and there has been sufficient time to get an expression of public opinion XromalTparts oftboßtatoon tbo action of tbo Company. Never baa any action of ony public corporation drawn ;down upon it such savors censure M uaa this refusal to accept whet so much time, labor, and money were spent to secure,— this refusal to fulfill condition* self-imposed, attached to tbo oward of what was regarded a grcntprlzb. Such Vials of wrath never were poured on anydovotedhoads os ibo people and their organs, (ho proas, have emptied on tho devoted beads of tbo Directors of tbo Milwau kee ft St. Paul Company, And especially tho Eaelom owners'and. Directors •of that Corporation, who aro bold specially responsible. Of tho comments In nearly n hundred papers from all parts of tho ‘ fltato, and of all shades of politics, which have fallen under my observation, not more than half a dozen bavo been other than unmltigatodly denunciatory; and tbo papers In tbo northwestern and southwestern parts of tbo States, whoso pcopla *bad based tholr hopes of more railroad facilities on tho pledges of tho Milwaukee & .St. Paul Railroad, Iwvo jjardly boon able to And words to express tholr disap pointment and indignation. 1 shall not try to squeeze into your crowded columns any more of iheso expres sions than you have already published; but tho col umns which bavo been published on tbo subject would bo healthy reading for tbo Eastern railroad magnates ond Wail street operators visiting Chicago and Mil waukee this week to elect tbo otficers of tbo two great corporations who own and operate most of tbo rail roads in this State, toglvo them some idea of tbo pub lic sentiment which they bavo aroused. rooLiNa or SAnmnoa by tbo Chicago & Northwestern and tbo Milwaukee & 6t. Paul Railway Companies, of which there has been much talk, hoa been protested against with still greater vehemence and unanimity,—some hastily concluding that tbo Btato was romodlleesly at the mercy of rail road combinations: others quoting as au obstacle tbo following section of a law of 1807: Sec. 9. Tho said Mllwaukoo A St. Paul and Milwau too A Prairlo du Chinn Railway Companies, and each of them, U horoby prohibited from bolding either In thole own names or la tho name* of either of thorn, or in tho Dfunu of an; person or persons, any stock of tho said Chi cago *t Nonhwoßlorn Kailway tl onnny, or from be ing lu any way, directly or imliraoily, Interested In said stock; and tho said Chicago A North western Hallway Company la hereby prohibited from holding, either in Ita own nanio or In tho name of any perron of person*, any stock of tho said Mllwaukoo A fit. Paul or Mllwaukoo A Prairie dn Obion Hallway Company, or from twins in any way, DIRKUXLYor INDIUUOTLx, Interested In aatd stocks, or either of them; and so much of either actns authorise either tho Milwaukee A St, X’aul ortho Milwaukee A Prairlo da Cbion Hallway Com pany to Own, hold, or deal In the stocks of the Chicago A Northwestern Railway Company, or the said Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company to own, bold, or deal in tho stock of oitbor tho Mllwaakoo A Bt. Paul or tho MU. sraukoo A Prairie du Cbion Company, Is hereby so far repealed ns to prohibit any inch owning, bolding, or deal, ftng in said stooka. 1 It was felt to ho very desirable to got eome official opinion on the subject, and accordingly correspond i- euce has taken place, of which I Bond you u copy j In advance of 1U oppoornuco elsewhere, i The following letter was written by Gov. ‘Washburn: \ State or Wisconsin, Executive Department, ) .•. Madison, May 2d, 1873. f , ffJjaJlon, P. t. Spooner, Aul. AHv.-den. : Dear Sir : Hr an act of tho Legislature of Wisconsin, approved April 6, 1867, every clause and provision in tho fespooliro aots incorporating the Milwaukee A St. Paul taitway Company, tlio Mllwaukoo A Prairlo du Chleu Railway Company, and tho Chicago A Northwestern Halt- Way Company, or in any amendment to oitbor of Enid acts, or in any other act, or In any of tho articles of association Under and by virtue of which clthorof raid Companies wne organised aa a corporation. authorizing either of the' two first named to lease, operate, at pucehoso any part, or the whole, of said rood from tho Chicago A Northwestern Railroad Com pany, or to consolidate their property and stock with said Company, or authorizing tho Chicago A Northwestern Railroad Company to Iraso, operate,or purchase any part, or tho whole, of tho railroads of tho Milwaukee A St. J'nnl or Milwaukee .1 Prairlo du Cbion Railroad Com pany, was repealed, so far as to prevent any such leasing, operating, purchasing, or consolidating of said Com- Sanies, and the same was expressly prohibited; and said lllwntikco A St. Paul and Mllwaukoo A Prairlo du Obion Railroad Companies woro also prohibited from holding. In any form or in tho narao of any person, any stock of tho Chicago A Northwestern Railroad Company, and tho last named Company was prohibited In tho samo way from bolding tho stcck of tho Mllwaakoo & fit. Paul and Mil waukee d: Prairlo du Cbion Companies; and all acts ru thwitlng either Company to hold tho stock of tho other wero repealed* . .... Tho object and intentions of that law arc unmistakable. 1 It was to secure to tho pooplo tho benefit of competition between two groat corporations, which occupy nearly all - of tho woll-uovelopoa territory of tho fitato, each of which In somo form had received largo subsidies from tho < public. ■ Ills now reported that an arrangement Is In contempla tion by. which a •* pooling " of tho earnings of tho ro spooUvo companion Is to bo bod, and a division of tho same. Tho object of that movement la equally nnmls. tnknblo, and tho effect of It, if not prevented, will bo, la my Judgment, toprootlcally accomplish what tho law for bids. As tho Attorney-General is absent, may I ask you to do mo tho favor to examine tho law and glvo mo your opinion as to whether tho proposed “pooling," If carried out, would not bo a violation of It I Rospootfally yours, (Signed) O. 0. Washburn. To this tho Assistant Attorney General, n lawyer of rgo and experience, of ability ami research, who was Bu- Jtrouio Court Reporter for some years, mid flhoso opiu una on legal points are regarded with great defer ence, replied: Office of Attorney General, ) Madison, May so, 1873. j Jb IJiiExcellency, C. C. JTasAfrurn, O'octruvr; Sin—l have received your communication of tho 26tb I Inst., addressed to mo because of tho absence of tho At torney General, asking my opinion whether tho arrange- : rnont said to bo contemplated by tho Milwaukee A fit. I rani, tho Mllwaukoo A Prairlo du Chlon, and tho Chica go A North Western Railroad Companion, for “pooling" ilielr respective earnings, would nut bo a violation of tho hot of tho Legislature, approved April 9, l&H. > Tho act to which you refer, prohibits tho twooompa * Dios first mentioned, from leasing, operating, or pur chasing any part or tho whole of tho road of thoOhiougo A NoUuwcstom Railway Company, or from consolidating their stock or property with those of that Company, or from being in any way, directly or Indirectly Interested In ltd stock; and tho Chicago A Northwestern Railway Com pany was prohibiten from forming any consolidation with either of tho other companies above named, or trumbo* lug, In any way, directly or Indirectly Interested In their Stocks. Tho object of tho law was, as yon suggest, to aoenro to Iho people tho benefits of tho competition wblob would naturally exist between the several companies, so long as they remained Independent of each other. The •'pooling" arrangement, as I understand It, I* an agreement between tho several companies by which their net oarnlugs fur a given period aro to bu divided between them In certain fixed proportions, without roferonoo lu tho actual earnings of each company. Tho effect of such an arrrngemont would, of course, ho to prevent tho com petition which would otherwise oxlst between the com > amnios. I agree with yon that such an arrangement would bo a violation of tho spirit and Intention of the statute. Nor would suoh an arrangement fall far short, U any, ol violating tho luttor of tho law. After such an arrangement shall have been made, tho stocks of the several companies may remain distinct from oaoh other In name, but tho owner of a share la either of Uis companies would bo ontl- Hod to an aliquot part of tho earnlugs of all (As rum/ianfrj, < ftud not maroly of the company la which ho la nominally n stockholder. What does this lack of 'being a cousoll* Cation of the stocks of tho companies, at least in every % aspect of the question In which the public can have any 1J Interest? \l I will venture also to express tho opinion that thoar* ' \ rangoment referred to would bo unlawful, oven if thoro \ woro no statute prohibiting it. Much an arrangement la ' in the nature of a partnership. It would make common interests which thelawaud public policy require should fce kept dUtUiot, ami subject, practically, to ouo manage tnont, distinct franchises which can bo lawfully exercised I snly by tho sovoral corporations upon which they woro ro- Ipootlvely bostowod. 1 think that corporations havo no Comnioo TaW right to form such coalitions; and, If tho . fompanlos ahuvu-inoniioncd should actually form tho one ' ghioh is said to bu in cuutoniplatlon, 1 should doom It tho • duty of. the Attomoy-Uuneral to apply to tho Supremo *< Court for a leave to bring notions of quo warranto against S thorn. Very respectfully, your ohodluntsorvant, P. L. MrooNrn, Asilstant Alt’y-Gnn. In this correction, the following* bolug Sue. 1 of Art, XI., of our Constitution, Is Important; CTar/’orutioa* without banking powers or privileges may 5s formed undsr general laws, bur sliall nut bo created by special aot, except lor muulclpal purposes, and In case j < where. In tho jmiumcmt ot the LeaMauiro, the nbjooU of {bo oorporntlon cannot bo attained under ibo general awe. All ytueral hire* nr ijitelal acts tnatltil under (be i provisions if thh section muy be altered or rtjitohd by tho toglslftturo at any time alter tholr passage. This, It will bo seen, makes the charters of all rail road companies of tho State forfeitable, and Is a warn ing to their managers to obey the laws, heul the voice of the people, and deal fairly and Justly by them. If they da so, there Is no occasion for such n contest In this Stale as has arisen In sotno others. The manage ment of our roads has, for tho most part, boon rea sonably satisfactory ; but tho moans resorted to by lUo aucuU of tho Milwaukee & St. Paul Company, last winter*. Jo carry tbolr measures through tho Legisla ture. and thotr conduct this summer In “disappointing 1 rtubfia expectation,” 11 betraying lUo Inlsl mionoa In 1 Juow, and Insulting ibo dignity of Ibo Blalo,' r lisa ox ' cllorta biller fooling ngulual It 1 wlillo tho unjuat ana jilolon of connivance la wresting tho laud-grant from tbu North Wisconsin Company, last winter, ami this talk of pooling earnings, has aroused nn unfriendly reeling lowaru tho Chicago ft Norlhwofiteru Hallway fcowpauy, which tt cau h«st allay by avoiding entau- gllng alliances, and pursuing independently l(a policy of affording constantly Increasing railroad facilities to tbo podplo of (bo State. • ; A FEW fOINTfI In regard to tbo Milwaukee ft St. Paul Company’s course on tbo land-grant deserve notice. It is strange (bat a doubt of absolute title should, an alleged, prompt tbo domination of a land-grant from tbo State, and tbo issue of bonds thereon to build roads { while tho Company advertised bonds to build a bridge across tho Mississippi ou a location which ttio United States Government authorities emphatically disap prove, and to which tbo State of Wisconsin declines to f ivo assent; for tbo removal of work done in propara lon for which .tbo Secretary of War baa directed pro ceedings to ho commenced, on tho ground of obstruc tion of tbo Mississippi channel, leaving but a poor title ou which to huso tho build ing of a bridge. Ik la positively as serted (hat ft leaning Eastern Director and officer of tho Company exerted his Influence against tho renewal of (his grant by Congress; and a Now York Congress man, who had agreed to go for It, excused his going back on bis pledges by saying said Director insisted ou it. The same lulluonco is opposed (o having any road built. It Is reported that tho Eastern Directors assign asono reason ,for declining to undertake tho ro»d bulldlng proposed In tho Land-Grant bill, that they were afraid of tho Western Construction Company, tbo members of which—a ring within a ring—had made money at tho expense of the Company, in operations of the Credit Moblltor sort, heretofore. Tho Western Directors and olllccra insist that they used their utmost efforts to secure tho acceptance of tho grant, and tho building of Us proposed roads. It was confldcnlly predicted, when tho Laud-Grant bill passed, that tbo Milwaukee ft St. Taut Railroad Company , would never begin to build the roads, but its oillcors would uso tbo report of Ita having secured a rich prize to bull (heir stock, and thou sell out,—precisely what has been done. It was utao predicted that Manager Merrill, and others active In getting the land-grant having mode a good tiling out of It, would get tired of railroading, ana withdraw from tho Company. It is commonly reported that that is tho caso os to Presi dent Mitchell, Manager Merrill, and others. It Is well settled that ttio Governor will call no extra session to dispose of tho grant; also, (bat no company will tnho It under tho existing law. it is given out on pretty • good authority that tho West Wisconsin Company will build o branch from Ean Claire to Chippewa Palls, which will relievo tho Chip pewa Valley somewhat; also, (hat tho North Wisconsin Company will build another section of (ho land-grant road, of which they have before built a section, lor tho purpose of keeping tho grant, and their equitable 11110 to It, alive, and of reaching St, Croix woods, and sup plying tho wood market of Hudson, St. Paul, Minne apolis, etc. Wo shall see. Both United Stoles Senators, ITowo and Carpenter, chanced to meet hero for half-a-day, to-day. It signi fied nothing. Pujs. JOHN G. DESHLER. What Iflo Knows About Credit itlobU Her and l*o]iticit»llob Shoemaker and the Kansas Pacific Railroad Swindle—The bcmo-liiboral Pro* gramme in Ohio* From the Cohtmhus (0.) Ketrfi,Junel. John G. Deßhlor. tbo well-known banker, and Chair man of tbo Liberal Btato Coutral Committee, is, like Turn O'Bbunler’a much-ncglcctcd spouse. “ nuraiug his wrath to keep it worm,’’ Ula political wrath, wo moan. At least we Judge that is what adlnoso John is doing, from a brief conversation had with him the other day, nt bis accustomed post during hot weather, In front of hla banking-house, ou Town street. NoUbavlngbad an intimation from blm, since the memorable Blb of November Inst, as to what bo thought of tbo political situation by this time, and particularly of the Administration, at Washington, wo felt anxious to know In wbut direction he, as chief among tbo Lib* orals, now inclined, or whether bo was willing to bo counted in after last year's sad experience. Broach ing him without impertinence on this point, wo found bo was ndt averse to expressing his opinion freely, al though It did not occur tojiim (uor to ua at tho mo* merit) that anything ho said would bo repeated In print, no is evidently well acquainted with tbo aims and movements of tho Democrats and Liberals, as well as with soroo other mysterious matters. With reference to President Grant his mind has not undergone the slightest change for tbo bettor: if any* thing, ho Is harder dorm ou tbo National Executive than over. Thinks the Credit MoblUcr and other evi dences of corruption developed in tho last Congress a complete Justification of tho Liberal bolt from tbo Ho* fmbllcan party. There will ho another rich MoblUcr end struck next winter, probably, anout tho Kansas Pacific Railroad, Bob tiboemokcr, of Cincinnati, Is a loading spirit iu this enterprise. Ho (Shoemaker) has made upward of three millions out of it, and could toil a great deal fftout it that would bo mighty inteccallug to (ho public. Kansas Pacific stock is bettor known to Oolumbun capitalists than tbo stock of any other Mo biller scheme. Hu (Dcsbler) himself was ouco solicited by Shoemaker to outer tbo Kansas Pacific ring, but ho declined doing it. Tboro is one hotel proprietor in Columbus (whoso name was mentioned, but wo with hold it) who took SI,OOO lu Kansas Pacific MoblUcr stock, and bo bna received $5,000 or SB,OOO in divi dends. Tho dividends coino to him about every quarter. This indicates richness, doesn't U 7 • Mr. Dosblor continued, changing the subject: Ho had boon told by a United Stales Senator that when President Grant reappointed bis notorious brother in-law, Casey, to oibco lu Now Orleans, last winter, a private meeting of eleven straight Republican Senators was hold to consult as to tho policy of opposing tho confirmation of Cnsuy cud all appointments similarly objectionable. Tho result was that they concluded lo lot tho President have bis way lu everything and at all times, as ho wrs exceedingly stubborn, and if they wont contrary to bis wishes lu such matters, they wore afraid ho would Jobnsonizo tho party. Tbo policy or tho Liberals is to unite with tbo Democrats iu tbo coming campaign—tbo State Convention to bo called Democratic and Liberal Republican, ns heretofore. Tbo Liberals will havo ono delegate from each county, except iu largo counties Uko Hamilton uud Cuyahoga, wbero nearly half representation will bo conceded by tho Democrats. Strong ground will bo taken ugalust tbeso bugo railroad and other soulless corporations. Tom Ewing for Governor. But all aro not satisfied that Ewing Is tbo proper man. Ho is mixed up too much with tho railroads. The Democrats want to give tho Liberals ono of tbo Slate officers, and to that cud they suggest ErcdUaseaurck for Lieutenant-Governor. Hassaurck will bo acceptable to tbo two Integral parts of tbo whole pnrty. Aa for tbo platform of principles, bo (Dcsbler) had insisted, at the recent meeting of tbo Democratic and Liberal Committees, on tho policy Of going before the people on tbreo plunk*, as expressed iu tbreo words, namely, Honesty, Economy, and Capacity, Tbo noxt Legislature will contain n majority of Dem ocrats and Liberals. Senator Thurman bus a sure thing on a ro-oloctlon. These and many more, fellow-citizens, aro tbo senti ments of John Q. Dcsbler. THE INVASION OF MEXICO, Semi-Official Approval of McKenzie's Operations* Washington (June 1) Dispatch to the Xeio York Herald. As there has been much speculation throughout the country regarding the recent punishment of tho Kick* apoo Indiana in connection with the reported invasion of Mexico by a cavalry force under 001. McKenzie, tho following coml-ofliclal statement explains the attitude of tho Administration: Ik was determined last fall to atop the roving bands of Indians, give them reservations, and require them to bo on the lands designated within a reasonable timo; not later than January. The President Instructed the Secretary of the Interior to inform tho Superintend ents ftud Indian Agents located in the vicinity of tho predatory bauds that tho Great Father is exhausted, his heart is angry, and Ulu hand will he found heavy against all who do not obey him, stop their roving life, and peacefully go on tho reservations assigned them. If they do not obey him, ho will send his sol diers to punish them. Tho Modocs, Apaches, and Kickapoos wore about tho only bands which resolutely opposed tho order of the President, Tho result of the campaign against tho Modocs and Apaches Is already known. Tho Kickapoos occupied foreign territory, end for their removal Congress made ample appropri ation. It was intended to give them good lands lu tho southwestern part of tho Indian Territory, and a cav alry escort was promised through Texas to prevent any revengeful attack by the Toxuus. All propositions for their leaving Mexican soil wore rejected, and their future caro was assigned to the army. Anticipating a renewal of their forays Into Texas, and lu order that tho entire frontier might bo under ouo command, the Department of Texas was added to the Military Divi sion of tho .Missouri, under Lleut.-Qou. Phil. Sheridan. Tho visit of the Secretary of War to Torus lu March had no oiticlal significance whatever. Partly for 4 recreation and partly for tho purpose of ascertaining whether tho Department was as economically man aged 00 It should be, he accompanied Gen. Sheridan on bis inspecting tour. From the latter Col. McKenzie received instructions substantially to pursue and pun ish tho Kickapoos tho first time a decisive blow could bo struck. Nothing was said regarding nu Invasion of •Mexican tcrritoiy; and, so far as known, ho obeyed tho instructions of Ida superior ofilcer, without dis cussing tho propriety of crossing the Rio Qramlo in executing them. It is not expected that Ids oillclai re port will explain or account for any alleged violation of tho territory of Mexico. Tho first intimation will come from tho Mexican Government. It will then re main for this Government to make such defense of tho past or future conduct of Its military ofilcors on tho Texan border as tho peace and protection of our peo ple in this part of the country may demand. Tho Kickapoos. ns already stated, aro Included among tho number which have been turned over to (ho army for punishment. There Is no reason to doubt but what that order will bo strictly obeyed, while It is equally certain no order has onmuntud from tho President authorizing tho Invasion of any part of Mexican terri tory by tho Federal forces, Tho Mexican Minister has not yet received a full official account of tho particulars attending Col. McKenzie’s operations against tho Llpans and Klckn poos, and therefore Is not now prepared to represent the ease to our Government with a view to explana tions. There Is no doubt lhe?o will bo placed on tho ground of tho duty of tho Government to protest Its citizens and punish all hostile invaders of our noil wherever found, the Mexican Government being un willing or unable to prevent such incursions. It is said In military circles that tho operations of Col. McKonziu will doubtless servo as a warning to all armed bands who cross to our territory for stealing or murderous purposes. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New Vork Financial New*. New York. Juno 6.—Money closed easy ot 4Q5 por Cent, having lent aa low as 3. Sterling was higher. Lato In tho day (ho leading bankers advanced the rates to 109 X fur sixty days ami 110JJ for sight. Tho market closed with actual bust ncHs at y t below the asking rates. Gold was quiet nud steady, opening at 118 and clos ing at 117XQH7X. There were llftoen offers of gold to-day, Amounting to $0,738,000, at from U7.23X to 118.01, The amount to be sold is $2,01)0,000, Thu Government sold $2,000,000 of gold 0t from 117.30 to 118,01, THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, JUNE ti, 1873. Tlio specie shipments tonlay wore $39,000. Doans, 4 to (I for carrying. Clearings, #58,000,000. Tho Assistant Treasurer disbursed *739,000. Governments woro quiet, with a firm feeling at tho close. State bonds woro quiet, Tho stock market was intensely dull. Tho annual regatta of tho Now York Yaoht Club took n largo num ber of brokers and speculators from tbo street. Tho only movement of Importance was lu Pacino Mall, which declined from 40*; to 30#, and advanced at tho close to 40*1. Tho changes outside that stock woro unimportant. Erie roso from 03# to 63#, and loft off strong at tho highest price. There are some vague ru niorn floating about of an intended amalgamation of interests between tbo Hannibal it at. Joo and the BU Joo At Denver City Railroad*. Sterling, 108#. aovnnuMEKT nouns, Coupons, ’St 122# 6-20S of *62 110# Coupons, ’O4 110# Coupons, 'OS . ......118# Coupons, 'OS (now).. .lib# STATU Mlssouris 03# Tennessee", old 7b Tcnncssoco, now; 70# Virginias, now CO Coupons ’67 131# Coupons, ’08....,,,..120 RMOa.... 114# Currency 6b, >ll3# New Bs 116 DONDS. Virginias, old 43 North Ourollnnfl, 01d.,29 North Carolines, u0w.15 Canton 07# Western Union 86,# Quicksilver 39 Adams Express 03 Wells Fargo 79# American Express... 67# United States Ex.... 70# Pacific Mail 40# New York Central... 101# Brio 02# Erie pfd 73# Harlem.. 132 llurlnm pfd ....132 Michigan Central. ...101# Pittsburgh 87# Northwestern 74 Northwestern pfd.,.. 84 Rock Inland.. 100# N. J. Central 108# Bk. Paul 54# fit Paul pfd 79#. Wabash C 9 Wabash pfd 80 Fort Wayne......... 03 Terro Haute.... 18 Terre Haute pfd..... 40 Chicago ft A1t0n.....110 Chicago ft Alton pfd.ll2 Ohio ft Mississippi.. 41# 0., O. ft a 87# 0., B. ft Q 103 Lake Shore 01# Indiana Central 31# Illinois Central.,.. ..110# .Union Pacific stocks. 23# Union Pacific bonds. 86 Central Pacific bonds.lo3# Del. Lack. ft Western,los Hartford ft Er10..... 3# Foreign markets. LrvEnrooL, Juno 6—ll o. m.—Flour, 27a@27s Od. Winter wheat, 12s 3d ; spring, 11s lclQl2s 3d { white, I3s 2d@V2s 4d; club, 12s 6d. Corn, 27s Od. Pork, C6s. Lard, 80s. Liverpool, Juno 6—l p. m.—Broadstuffs dull and unchanged. Lard, 89s Od. Paris, JunoC.—Rentes, 67 f 10c. London, Judo 6—4 p, m,—Consols for money, 03: account, 02#; 6-20* of ’OB, 01#; do of ’O7, 04# ; 10-40s, 88# \ now 63,89# ; Erie, 48#. Tallow, 43s Od. Bullion received In tbo Bank of England, £916,000; amount withdrawn from tbo Bank ou balnnco to-day, £05,000. Tho rato of discounts for 3 months’ bills In the open market Is # below tbo Bank rate. Tbo rats of money ot tho Stock Exchange on Governments is # lower than tho Bank rate. Liverpool, Juno 4.—Cotton dull; middling up land, B#d ; Orleans, 0#: sales, 10,000 bales; Ameri can, 6,000; speculation ana export, 2)000. Brcadaluirfl dull. Beef, 82s 6d. Lard, 33s Od. Cumberland middles, 375. Short ribs, 38a Od. New York JLivc-Stock lUarlcot* New Yomc, Juno B.— Beeves— Received to-day. fll cars, or 1.4U0 bead, making 0,170 since Moudoy, against 3,840 tho same tlmo Inst week. Quality fair and tbo market a shade firmer; 60 cars native steers, medium to prime, Bold at llK@l3>sc, chiefly at 11M0 ll?Xc, and 83 cars of ordluary to good Texans at 10© HVc. Among tbo soles wore: 17 cars fair to prlmo Illinois steers, 7,1f cwt, 11K313K 0 j 6 cars fair, 6#@ o*{ owt, lljtfc: 13 cars medium to good, ?K cwt, UK ©130 ; 4 earn fair to prlmo, o*{®B cwt, lI?4QI3Mc ; 3 cars medium do. cwt, Iljtfo ; 3 care, 7 owt, j 8 cars Texas stlllors, owt, 10®10J<o; 4 cars good Cherokee cattle, C# owt, lie, with $1 per bead ou ; 6 cars of Texas, o*f» 10>tfo, aua fS oars strong., OK cwt, Utfo. Dressed beeves have been selling fairly elnco Mon day at B®llo, Cauves—Demand nctivo at G@0o; prlmo and extra, 3©loo. Sheep and Lauds—To-day. 33 cars, or 6,330 bead, making 6,000 elnco Monday. Market doproesed, with » decided downward tendency: Poor to prime sheep, B@BKc: P oor prlmo lambs, 10010 c. with a few at 18j<c. Tho Bales Include: 1 cor of Ohio sheep, av 80 lbs, at Co J 1 car, av 70 lbs, at (la; 1 oar, nv 80 tbs, At fl.Vc J 1 car, bv 01 lbs, ot o*>c} 2 cars Vlrginlalnrabs, av 60 lbs, at UK@l3c ; 1 car common Jersey, av 45 its, at lie ; 1 car prime, av 53 lbs, at 130, aud part of a car of common Kentucky, av 40 lbs, at 10c. Swine—’ lo-day, 60 cars, or 0,100 hogs; total, 10,400 since Monday. Nothing doing lu live hogs, and none on sale. Dressed hogs dull and weak at u marked de cline, closing at CK@7o for heavy and light weights. £3n£fnlo Live Stock Market* Buffalo, N. Y., Juno C. — Oattlk— To-dny,Jnclud- Ing fi9 cars to arrive, 1.490; total for week, 7,710 head. Market slow for want of stock, at about yesterday’s prices. Heavy cattle no better; light In good demand. Bales : 60 Illinois steers, nv 1,010 to 1,240 lbs. at $0.60 @o.l2>tf ; 81 Cherokee steers, nv 1,153 to 1,330 lbs. at t0.10(^0.13.Vf; 64 Michigan steers, av 1,053 to 1,237 its, at $5,65(30.00; 100 lowa steers, av 1,213 lbs, at $0.10; 82 Kansas steers, av 1,175 lbs, at $0.25; 10 Texas steers, av 1,325 tbs, at $0.00; 40 Michigan stackers, av 010 tbs, at $4.85; 43 Illinois stockcrs, av 905 to 080 Tbs, at $5.47 @5.00; 22 Canada steers, av 039 lbs. at $5.00. Sheep ahd Basics—To-day, including arrivals, 1,000; total for the week, 0,200. Market active at yes* terday’s advance. All stock lu yards dlsposodof. Sales: 2,101 Ohio dipped sheep, nv 71 to 03 lbs, at $5.60® 0.80; 105 State clipped sheep, av 82 to 120 lbs; at $5.23® 5.75; 11 Stale bucks, av 103 U>a, $4.60; 221 Michigan sheep, av 87 lbs, at $5,00, lloos—To-day, 1,600; total for tho week, 17,400. Market without life. Six loads in the pens unsold, owners aching 15.10. Buyers refuse offer over was $5.00. Eastern buyers are out of the market. Brices nominal at $5.00(35.10. Tito Produce markets* NEW YORK. New, Juno 6.— Cotton—Unchanged. ilUEADSTUKFfi—Flour—Lower, with moderate ex port demand; receipts, 18,000 brls; Buporflno Western and State, $5.4005.00; common to good extra, $0.40(3 0.00; good to choice. fG.7CQ7.00; white wheat extra, $7.9509.80; extra Ohio. $6.70@0.85 ; St. Louts, $7,050 11.73. Rye flour steady. Com meal quiet and un changed. Wheat In good export demand; receipts, 210,000 bu; rejected, $1.2501.00; No. 3 Chicago, $1.4001.42; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.4201.43 5 No. 2 Chi cago. $1.4501.60; No. 2 Milwaukee, $1.63®1,M; wln tcr red Western. $1.5601.70. Ilyo lower; Western, 04c, Dnrloy and malt unchanged. Com steady, with fair export demand; receipts, 277,000 bu; damaged ami unsound new mixed Western, 45®400 ; soft do, CO @520; steamer do, C0@540; old Western mixed, 520 Otto; high mixed and yellow, CO063o; while, 700. Oats heavy; receipts, 29,000 bu; now inlxod, 45046 c; white, 69053 c ; black, 44040 c. GnooEiutH—-CofTco quiet at Sugar strong; fair to good refining, 7J£@Bc. Wee steady at I'etbolroji— Crude, 8&08J£o; refined, lOj^o2Oc. Pkovisions—Fork-wow mess, $10.60; prime moss, $17.00018.00. Reef quiet and unchanged. Out meats quint; pickled hams, lljtfc; shoulders, 7&@7*40: middles weak; long clear, 8^0; July, B,\fc. Lara weak; Western steam, Bjsc ; kettle, oc. Rtrmm—Quiet and weak; Western, 16020 c. Cheese—Quiet and weak at 12015 c. Whisky—Firmer at 94005 c, NEW ORLEANS. Nr.w Orleans, Juue C,—BnEAusxorFß—Corn firm er ; yellow, fl()o ; white, Co®o‘io. Oats, 45@4Gc, Wriskv— Lower; Louisiana, ftta; Oluciunatl, 050, Others unchanged. CoTtoN—Bales 1,000 hales at yesterday's quotations 1 receipts, 792 bales ; exports coastwise, 2,065 bales: stock, 84,020 bales. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, Juno £>,—Bukadhtoffs—>riour gulct and unchanged. Wheat Arm ; No. 1, sl.ol# 5 No. 2, s!,24‘£ for cash ; $1,24 for Juno; $1.23 fur July. Com dull and a nhado lower; No. 2, 30c. Oita dull and a Bhudo lower; No, 2, CCp. Barley dull and nominal; No. 2, 73c. Fbeiouts—To Buffalo, Bot Oswego, 130. Bkof.ipth—Flour, 6,000 brla; wheat, 113,000 bu. SuirsiEKta—Flour, 10,000 btlfl; wheat, 117,000 bu. ijiiiLXvELPiiiii PnimDEtFiuA, Juno S. UnKADfITDiws —• Flour quiet aud unchanged, Wheat quiet; rod, $1.76; am* bor, sl. ; white, $2.10. Ilyo, 87c. Ooru dull; yellow, 02<£0!io ; mixed, 03c. Oatfl unchanged. I'Enionv.uM—kitmlo, IS&c; reQued, 10X C * Whisky— Usc. I3ALTJMOIU3. Baltimore, Juno B,—Bueadstoffs—Flour dull and unchanged, Wheat weak and lower; Western bold nt fI.C&QI/IO; Western airing, 11.R0Q1.C5. Oats dull and weak; white Western, 4Dc. Ityo quiet. Provisions—Bacon in fair demand ; shoulders. Bjtfo; rib Bides, y>fo; clear rib, lUQlO,\fo. Lard dull and nominal. JlD'XTun—Wostorn nlcacly. Whisky—Steady at 03X<J. OBWEOO. Oswnao, Jimo 5.—UuKAUhxnPKs Wboat qulot j No. 1 Milwaukee, fI.CO. Corn dull; car lota, 61@55c. UUPFALO. Buffalo, Juno s.—Bubadhtuffb—Flour steady. Wheat lower; Halos, 3,700 bu ; No. 2 Milwaukee nom inal, $1.40Q1.41; No. 1 Milwaukee, $1.47, Corn quiet and lower; sales 30,000 bu No. Snt 4So; car lots at 40047 c. Oats dull and lower: sales 8,000 bu No. 2 at Me. Fhsiohts— Wheat, llo: corn.lOo. UXNOHWATI. Cincinnati. Juno B.—Breadstuffs—Flour dull: $7.2907.78. Wheat dull at $1.50. Corn dull at 4C.Q 47c. Ilyo nominal at 70c, Oats qulot at 37Q470, Bar ley nominal, Puovihions—Pork quiet at $10,80010.78. Lard dull and unchanged. Bulk meats opened tinner, but closed qulot; shoulders sold at Ujfc,|aud closed at fi>»o ; dear rib, BtfQßj;o ; clear, BXQBXc, Bacon quiet; should ers, 7*fo ; clear rib, Whisky—Finn at Bflo. DETROIT. Detroit, Juno B.—Brkaostuffb—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady: extra white, $1,81; No, 1 do, $1.71(511.72 J amber, f1.00Q1.67. Corn qulot and unchanged. Oats In good demand at 41c. Freights—To Butlalo, 4jtfc; Oswego, Tkfo. OLUVKLANB. Cleveland, Juno 6,—Uueaustuffh—Wheat dull ond nominal. Oorn dull at 47Q18C. Oats dull nud lower; 40c. Petroleum—Steady and unchanged, KT. LOUIS, St. Louts, Juno B.—llmiAHHxurFß—Flour dull and nnehauged. Wheat dull and lower; No. I rod, $1.85 Q1.68 : No. a do, $1.40. Corn quiet; No. 2,37X0 380 ou track.; 38QU33,f0 In elevator; 44XQ450 sacked. Gain in fair demand and higher; No. 2, 31# f:i2o m elevator; 30X<S3flo Backed, Barley ami ryo nil and nnehauged; Provisions—Pork dull and unchanged nt $17.00® 17.28. Bulk moats dull and nominal. Bacon dull ami unuhnngod. Lard dull; prluio steam summer, 8o; manufacturing, 7WQ7Xo. Whisky—Steady at 000. Caftle—Qiifot and unchanged, lloua—Bull atrs4.ooQ4.Bo. TOLKDO. Toledo, Juno s.—BuEAimum—Flour dull, WhoAl lower; No. 3 white Wabash, $1.00; No. 9 white Mich igan, 11.66; amber Michigan, $1.6f1®1.60; No. IMA hcr Illinois, $1.61 ; No. 2 do, $1.68. ■ Com active bbfc

lower; high mixed, 08c, spot; 420 Juno; 49#0 July I 480 August;. low« mixed, 41#(3*l#o; yellow, 4a<v Oats quiet; No. 1, 800 S No. 2, Ofio. ; ■ Freioiits—To Buffalo, 4o for oom and wheat; ,Os wogo, • 7#o and 80. • ' . v ! Receipts—Flour, 3,000 brls; wheat, 17,000bu; com, 10,000 bu ; oats, 4,000 bu. . , . . . _ , Shipments-—Flour, 1.000 brls; wheat, 8,000 bu; corn, 23,000; oats, 3,000 hu. Vessels Pnssotl Detroit* Detroit, Mich., Juno'B.—Passed Ur-Propollors Russia, Pacific, Idaho, ConcotA and barges, Bay City and barges : schooners Snowdrop, Reindeer, Senator Blood; McGrath, Pandora, City of Green Bay. Passed Down—Propeller Dean Richmond ; harks Larhtlcr, Kato Parley; schooners Alva D, Freeman, Grace Sherwood. Wind—Northwest. _ „ Detroit, MJoh., Juno 6.—Passed Down-Props Benton, Wcuona; barks Raclue, Alexander; nchrs Jamcn Sawyer, O. P. Williams, John Rice, Aldorbaran, Philo !Scovilo, Montpelier, L. VanValdonburgh, James Joy, Cascade, O. 11. Johnson. . - . Pabhed Up—Bohra W. J» Pmloo, American, • Wind—Southeast. Illinois Hirer and Cnnnl New.. Special Dispatch la The Chicago Tribune. Laßai.i.l, 111., Juno n.—Tlio conol bonlo 8on«c» ond Sunbeam arrived at this port to-day, light, and sailed from Peoria, Thoro was four foot of water upon tho dam at Henry ond tho river falling slowly. There were no movements in tbo canal to-day at this point. Thoro wan twelve foot of water on Ibo mltro-011l of Look 18. Canal Office, Ouxoaho ,Juno 6.—arrived—Con test, Morris. 6,670 bu corn ; Brilliant, Morris, 6,000 bu corn, 60 brls blghwlnca; Also, Ellzobeth, Lockport, 910,000 tbs monl, 60 brls flour, 067 bn oats. Cleared—Lily, 80,091 ft lumber, 20,830 lath, Jollol; 20 brls salt, Aux Sable; 1 ton coal, Morris, Mldglo, 74,687 ft lumber. 14,600 lath. Joliet. Thunderbolt, 142 tons plg-lron.. Also, eevorai stone-boats, llgbt. MARRIAGES* ALLKN—POWBMr—At tho residence of tho bride’s father, in Kaunas City, Mo., on tbo Bra Inst., by the Rev. John Powoll, of Tonnosnoo, La U. Powell, daughter of Onn. W. 11. Powoll, and Charles L. Allen, of Chicago. No cards. KALBAOH—PATTERSON—On Wednesday evening, Juto 4. at tho residence of F. O. Taylor. Ksg., by tho' Itov. 12. P. Goodwin, pastor First Congregational Church, John A. Kalbaeh ami Miss Loolso Patterson, both of Oskaloosa, lowa. NEWTON—PERKINS—On Wednesday evening, Jnno 4. 1873. at Christ Rnlsoopal Church, by tbo Rev. Obarlos Edward Ohonoy, Edwin R. Nowtonjand Gertrude, oldest daughterof A. H. H. Perkins, Rsg., all of Chicago. DEATHS. DUNOAN—On June 4, of tnflaniatloa of tho brain, at Tho rcildonceof Dr. Joseph R. Duncan, 11/ Grocn-st.. Freddie, adopted son of J. R. and Mary Duncan, aged 7 roars. . * Funeral Friday. 10 a. m. nr*Knoxvllle, lowa, papers copy. # KELLRBN—On May 4, 1873, Maryßolloen, tho wife of James Killeen. Tho fanoral will (ako plnoo from her late residence. No. 883 West Polk-at., by cars to Calvary Oemotry.. CHINA, CROCKERY, &o. E G. LAWKBNGE & GO., 105 STATE-ST., CROCKERY, CHINA, uahwaki, TABLE CUTLERY, fc-M fare, AND FINE MANTEL ORNAMENTS. We soil a Wilts Pronoh China Breakfast Dinner, and Tea Sot combined, 161 Pieces, for $37.50. AUCTION SALES. By WE A. BUTTERS & CO. so BueeißsTmimes, Emms Waps, Pliaelons, Sc,, •A.T On PHIDAT MORNING, Juno 0, at 10 o’clock, at 55 and 57 South Oanal-st. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auotionoors. SXTTTIESjeiIS eg, OO.'S* RKUULAU SATURDAY'S SALK Of HonselioW Goofls, Carnets, Crockery, &c,, On SATURDAY, Juno 7, at 9>s o’clock, at our Sales rooms, 66 nndC7 South Canal-it. NYM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Anotlonoors. HUMBOLDT PARK PROPERTY .A.T AUCTION, On Tuesday Morning, Juno 10, at 11 o’olook, At oar Old Qharters, Bowen Bros.’ I)lock„ 15 and 17 Bnndolph-st. 10 Lots fronting Humboldt Pork, botwoon Beach sod Woago-avs., 36x177 foot oaob. ■* 16 Lota fronting north on Ucaoh-av., between Humboldt Park and Sherldan-st., 25x124 foot each. 16 Lota fronting south on Woage-av., between Humboldt Park and Shorldan-st., 25x131 foot each. Terms, H cash, balance land 2 years, interest at 8 per cent. Title perfect. Full warrantee deeds given. WM, A. BUTTERS A 00., Auctioneers, 5 Lots on Slmrtlßff-av.. Between Wlvitclumso and Swift-place, On Tuesday Homing, Juno 10, at 10 o’clock, At our old quarters, Bo won Bros. Block, Nos. 16 and 17 Handolph-st,, Lota 21,25,20,33 and 33, fronting on Bhurtloff.av., 21 by 125 foot doop tolQ-foot alloy. Title porfoot. Terms, 1-3 cash, balance 1-3 1 yoar, 1-3 2 years, at 8 per oont interest. WM. A. BUTTBHB & CO., Auctioneers. FRAME DWELLING AND LEASE OP* LOT Oq DoKalb-st., near Polk, wA-T A.TJOTIO3ST, On Tuesday morning, Juno XO, at 11 o’olook, at our old quarters, Bowoo Bros.'Block, 15 and 17 Ran* dolph-st. llousßontlrelynow, with4rooms, eloiats, hlghhasomont, Lease of lot, 3UIUP, 4 years to run. Terms, cash. WM, A. BUTTERS 4 00„ Auctioneers. VALUABLE LOT ON OHIO-ST, A.T On Tuesday morning, Juno 10, at IX o’olook, at our old quarters, Bowon Bros.’ Block, 15 and 17 Ran* dolplMt. Lot 8, In Block 17, Bailor, Wright 4 Webster’s Addl* tlnn, Sdfoot more or losa by 100 foot deep to 18 foot alloy. Then, 3 sewer, 3 water. and 8 gas connections, with catch-basin. Title perfect; cash, balance In 1 and 3 years, at 8 percent. WM. A. BUTTERS 4 CO., AMOthmoon. SECOND AUCTION SALE OE Real Estate, On TUESDAY, Juno 10, at 11 o’olook a, tn., at Nos. ID & 17 East Randolpli-at., in Bow* on*a Block, WM. A, BUTTERS & OO. t Auctioneers, AUCTION SAX.ES. i i By EMSOJT& FOSTER. THE SALE , OF HIGH-CLASS OH. PAINTINGS, AT AtTCTION, WILL DE CONTINUED At Store 114 East Mndlson-st., This, FRIDAY, Afternoon and Eve ning, Juno 0, at 21-2 and 8 o’clock. I EDISON & POSTER, Auationoora. 'I’K/'CTSTEIB’S PEEEMPTOEY SALE OF "V’A.XjTJ-A.SXiS BUSINESS PROPERTY, AT AUCTION, SITUATED ON* IVt 1 diigan - Botwoon Madison and Monroo-nts. Wo will Roll, without roßorro, at Auction, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON - , Juno 13, at 3 o’clock, an tho promises, a valuable nioco of BUSINESS PROPERTY, bolnp- 48 foot front by 180 foot deep. situated on Michigan av., about 50 foot north of Monroo*nt. Tormn easy, which will bo znndo known at' time of salo. Balo absolnto. , By order of ELIJAH SMITH, Trustee. / BXjISON & FOSTER, Auotionoors. \ First Grand Gale BHIIIB FBUFERTT. PEBEMPTOBY SALE OF TEI AGREE, To 1)0 Sold in Lots, AT AUCTION, On Tnesftay Afternoon, Jnne 17,* At 3 o’clock, on the promises, to close on undivided interest. Being subdivision of the S. B. 1-4 of the S. W. 1-4 of the W. "W. 1-4 of Section 12, Town 39, Worth of Eango 13, East, lying south and fronting on Sacramento Square • and Central Bark Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Saoramento-av. In this subdivision there are 10 elegant Res idence Lots fronting on Sacramento Square, which is to bo used ns a Bark; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Control Bark Boulevard, which is:26o feet wide; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Sooramento-av., which is 100 foot"wide; and 38 choice Lots fronting on Wioholls and Yagor-sts., leas than two minutes’ walk from the Depot of the O. & W. W, Railroad. This property is east of and near Central Bark, being situated on tho Grand Central Bark Boulevard, and only about throe miles from the Court Houso, and ono mile inside tho city limits. *Of all the choice property fronting tho Barks of Chi cago, none is more accessible or de sirable, or has a greater prospective value than this. Special Twin of ours will start from ‘Wolls-nt. Dopqt at S o'clock p, to.. stopping at Hnlstod-st. and Park Station, ami return at 5 o’clock, for the convenience of nil persona who would like to nttouil the sale. All ore Invited, TERMS OF SALE—M cash, balance one, two, and throe roars. A deposit of S6O will bo rcoulrod on each lot. Title perfect. Printed abstract* will bp furnished each purchaser. For Information and plat call on Messrs. Avery, Mlllor A Rlgdon, 1-1.1 Monroo-st., or to ELISOW & FOSTER, Aiotioncers. By HABRISOy. MORTGAGEE’S SALE, At Nos. 94 and 96 East Kinzie-st., FRIDAY, June G, at 10 o'clock. The entire contents of 10 rooms, consisting of Parlor and Chamber Furniture, Carpets, Rods and Bedding, Plated ware, Stoves, etc., oto. Also one Van’s Patent Cooking Range, almost now. Ur order of F. KARSTKNfI, Mortgagee. Uy TAYLOR A HARRISON, Anotlonoors. XiABGE BALE OP Household Goods, &c, jA.'T AUCTION, SATURDAY, JUNE 7. IWJ, nt 91* o'clock, Uy TAYLOR * HARRISON. Auctioneers. By GEO. P. GOlfE & UO., S3, 24 and 26 East Randulph-at. ufVT .A.XJOTIO3ST, $20,000 Wortli of HonselioM Mtiiri GREAT BARGAINS, Parlor and Chamber Seta, Marble Top Tables, Exten sion Tables. llodtsuads. Marble Top Buruaus and Com modes, Horns, Lounges, leu Ghosts ami Refrigerators, Chaim, Rcokors, Mirrors, Hall Kooks. Walnut Bureaus, and NY. fi. Bureaus, At 9 o'clock. Crockery and Glassware. At 10 o’clock, Furniture. At II o'clock, Buggies. On Saturday, Juno 7, at 0 o'clock, GEO. P. GORE A CO., Auotionoors. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. 6EEAT CLOSING OUT. TRUSTEES 3 SALE REALARD PERBONAIPROPERTY Belonging to tho CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, Oa TOaesilay, M 18th day of Juno, 1873. By flie articles of tho association of said Company, It la £ruvldud that all tho property in tho hand* of tho Trustees i tho month ol.Junn, loitt, mull bo sold at auotlou for cash, to clone tbo trust. , , . Tho realty is oontntlly located InthnOlTY OF CHI* OAQO, and is valueiUl anil composed largely of rlvor and canal frontago, dookod and ready for Immedl •tauso. Also, a largo number of vacant tote in too Immo. dlato Tlolnlly of the docks, oil well adapted for business P TToUtle to this properly la unquestioned, having boon bold and owned by tho Association for twenty years. Tho imraonal property consists of polos bearing 7 per cent interest, having from onoln flvoyoartto run. ana •mounting to about «7tt), 000. Those notes wore received for deturrud payments on land bought from tho Company by the makers thereof, and their payment U secured by mortgage on tbo same. TKIIMH OF HALE, OAHII. Tho personal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery unmodlatoly after tho sale. Purchasers of realty will bo required to make a deposit on the day of sale of 10 nor cent on the amount of their purchase, tho balance to bo paid witnln thirty days, nr as soon after tho sale as deeds oau bo made uud delivered. MAH LON D. OGDEN, 1.. ri. UKKUIIKIt, UKUUUU WATSON, Chicago, March 13, 1973. Trustees. 11. D. UQttOK, Kcorotary, „ «... .„ , OlHoo with Ogdon, Sheldon 4 Co., RoomSf, No. 1731 a* SttUß-ht. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OF FBACTIONAI CDIIEICY FOR BALK AT TRIBUNE OFFICE, 1 FLORIDA WATER. IMPERISHABLE FRAGRANCE! 10BMY & LANMN’S OELEBMTED MiAim Tiio richest, moat lasting, yot most dolloato of all Per fames, for nso on tho HANDKERCHIEF, ' At tho TOILET, And in tho BATH. As Uicrn aro Imltatlonn and counterfoils, always ask for tho Florida Water which has on tho bottle, on thn label, and on tho pamphlet, tho namoa of luIIItICAY ac LAND! AN, without which none la genuine. For ante liy nil PciTnmnM, Druggist*, nnd Drnlora In Fnney (Hindu. CUFFS AND COLLARS. UHM WES AHD GUFFS. Tho Greatest Variety of Styles oyer offered In Fine Goods, at WILSON BROS., 8, E. cor. of State and Waahlngton-sfs., I ohfoaco. •'Arcade Court," Clark at., eoulb of Madison, f tmieago. PlkoM Opera House, Fnurth-at., Cincinnati. CHROMO. 3XHE3-W OHHOMO, ENTITLED THE FRIENDS, Given li> each customer by tbo GREAT ATLANTIC A PACIFIC TEA 00., 116 West Wn*hlngton-«t., 138 Twon tv-srcond-st, This is a lino ploturo of a kind-hearted boy fncdlngjtls hrmsohold notw. ____ FINANCIAL,. FOR SALE—NOTES, SECURED BY FIRST mortgage on iiuUlo city property worth tiro limes the amount. Will dlscountlJtfjmrcflntror montb. Ap ply to TKUESDKLL A BROWN, 176 Wait Madlaon-at. M oney to’ loan on improved ohioaoo . property in any amount nxoonodlng $5,000. PER* KINS A WOIiSELISY, Room 1.1. Komlall’a Building. . Norman G. Perkin?. W. Bt. John Wolsoloy, Late with Ogdon A Scudder. •\fONEY LOANED ON CITY REAL ESTATE, *I,MO ill tog'JO.PCO: real estate paper wauled; loan* on lease held#. B. GROSSMAN, Room 13, 178 Stato-fit. MONLY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. Q. 8. HUBBARD. Jit.. 168 Washlngton-st. Money t‘6 loan on real estate and other good securities. Short paper our specially. LEVI WING A CO., 9fl Dearborn-fit. Money to loan on household furniture, houses, pianos, and olhor good chattel cocurlty. E. ROGERS, ill East Madleon-st., Room 9. Money to loan at o per cent on city property. 81,200 for 00 days, SBOO for she mouths. A. 8. PALMER, Jr., SB Washington-fit., Rooms 10 and 17, ' ONEY AT LASSEN’S LOAN OF lice; lato Jacobs A 00., on diamonds, watohoa, and other valuables. 177 Olark-ot., corner of Monroo, Room 6. • ■_ ' • MONEY TO LOAN-ON REAL ESTATE IN THIS city and county for a term of years. CHASE A ADAMS, No. So Bryan Block, comer Monroo and La- Ballo-sU. Money to loan on household furni- Hire, pianos, leaseholds, and good collateral secur ity, atil3 South Clark-fit., Room 5. K. WINNB.*. mo LOAN—AMOUNTS OF SI,OOO OR MORE ON X city real estate or Illinois farms. Reaper Block, cor. Clark and Wasblngton-sta. TO LOAN—s6,oov ON REAL ESTATE INQUIRE from 0 to 13 a. ra. of T. A. JACKSON, 680 State-st. TXT - ANTED—SIO,OOO FOR 3 OR 6 YEARS, ON IM VV proved city property on Wost Side, and $6,000 for 6 year* on real estate near Lincoln Park. 8. W. KltOFi l , 145 LaSallQ-at., Room 14. OQC nnn TO LOAN in one sum, or I will buy one purchase-money mortgage. B. h. WILEY. 131 LaHallo-st. MISCELLANEOUS. COLONY ANOTHER PARTY LEAVES FOR Southern Dakota next week. All who have gone arc delighted. Free homaa to all. For particulars, U. B, STEVENS, Id East Madlson-st., Room 8. OAHU PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending a letter to I. GELIIER, Loan Ofllco, £O4 Stato-st. I F YOU WANT TO SELL OR TRADE A BUSINESS, X call at the old-established olfico of BOILVIN & CO., Auctlnueors, etc., 48 South Olark-et.. Chicago, Money advanced to clients until Bales Directed. SHOW UABEB-AT BARCLAY’S, HI STATB-ST. Dost nnd cheapest in America, In silver and Walnut. OTSNEIVS~ INV EN TORS' BUREAU. 128 CLARK p eu, Rooms 72 to 76 and-18 to 52. I). STONER A 00., Patent Solloitors mid Brokers, do all kinds of patent bus iness. ' Wf ANTED—EVERYBODY TO CALL AT 119 DEAR IT bom, RoomC, and ecu Johnson’s Kansas subsollor. Statoand county rights for sale. WANTED— 600 MEN. AT LORING’S, 118 West Mad- Isnn-st.. to osumlno boot a mid shoos, and satisfy themselves that f-0 cunts to $2 a pair can bo saved In buying at LORINQ'S, ltd west Madlson-st, Cheapest bouse In the city. ■ WANTED-A BANKER’S SAFE, WITH BURGLAR It proof check. Must bo ohonn. Apply to I'. O. WELCH (Kerr, Davison A Welch), 112 LaSallo-st. rA/\ LADIES. MISSES. AND CHILDREN WANT OUU od at LOIIINU’S, 11(3 West Madlson-st., to try on sUucb and satisfy theinaolvoa that luring can glvo hotter goods for 25 cents to $2 a pair cheaper than any houso In the city. Look for 110 West Madiaou-st., ond go for LOItING. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-A LIVE MAN WITH brains, not afraid to work, and SBOO caah cun join mo in my business; retail canh trade, established, and pays well; no particulars by letter; references exchanged. Ad dress D, carrier Bd. PARTNER WANTED-JN A WELL-ESTABLISHED X good paving sewing machine business. Apply this week at -114 West Mndlaon-at. PARTNER WANTED-A THOROUGH BUSINESS man, of long experienco on ’Change, and with a capi tal of $4,000 to *5,000, doslrosa jmrtnorshlp In some wall catablHied house, proauco, commission. or other legiti mate business. Best of references. Address Q 69, Trib une otfico. . PARTNER WANTED—WITH SI,OOO, IN A LIGHT manufacturing business. Best thing out. Uau on BLAIR, 111 Olark-st., In basement. IJAHTNKR WANTED—WITH $5,000 TO *B,OOO, TO X tako on interest In an established wholesale and re tail business. A good opening to tho right man. Nono need answer unless they moan business. Address QlO, Tribune ollico. T)AHTNER WANTED-A LIVE MAN WHO WILL X invest SI,IXO In a patent, just out, whore $5,000 can bo made. Address, with real name, Q 81, Xrlbuuo oiliou. MUSICAL. PIANOFORTE, MADE by Gilbert A Co.,Boston,ln splendid order; pricy only $IV); ft is well worth s'2oo. llpslnonoo? Elghteonlh-at. i aVvOU"WISH TCTbUY a SPLENDID 7-OOTAvh \) carved leg piano (pcrfootly now) tor SBSO, the samo that Is sold fur SCSO tu slurcs that pay big runts t Call at 851 t’ark-nv. 17IOR SALE—A SPLENDID TONED 7-OCTAVE ’ carved leg piano (Steinway model), for only s3hos boon used just enough to tako oil tho now look. 851 I’ark-ov. Foil RALE—PIANOS Foil SALE AND TO RENT, tlio .Smith organ stylo. No. 44. with 3 hanks, of Keys, 4 cumplotn sola of roods, and 10 slops. Repairing Aim tuning at tho Chicago Plano factory, 269 East Han* dolplut., liy J. PRESTONS QILVKR B-FLAT CORNET, BANJO. FLUTE, AND O violin for sale at a bargain, Q, MuNN, 61 South GrcciMit. - CLAIRVOYANTS. ASTROLOGY - DOOTUES4S JEANETTE DR BENOIT, tho Bohemian natroloplst. palmist, and, cun bo consulted at IbSßouth llalswid-st., on physical nnd muntal uUmouts. OonsiiUatlonß in all languages. . /CHICAGO SPIRIT ROOMS, 217 WEST MADISON \J st,, HuomS. Traooo, bualucss, Clairvoyant, and Tost Mediums. M-RS. T. J. LEWIS, RELIABLE CLAIRVOYANT, Bubliiqwb mid Medical Medium, 60 West MatUeop-st. Tt THS. E. M. TEED, PHVSIOAL TEST AND XHbuslnoss medium, 4«1 West Mndisou-st. Soanco this evening. Private Bluings during the day. vrAUAMB PAHIErTIIE'WONDERFUL GIPSY. 10 J>X a. m. toll p. m. (Sundays executed). Ladles only. Foj M cents. 2i'li Wost Alndlyon-st., Upon 46, muior lloor. DIVORCES. Divorces obtained for causes. all law luialimas attended to. IIU.S 11, 317 South Ulsrk-st. D* TvOUdES-LEtIALLY'OHTAINED-FKIS AFTER decree. Suatidal aviddod. Nina years' praatioo tu the courts of Chicago. Addroaa P. Q. Ihu liKi7. INSTRUCTION. MRS. If. SIMONS, LATH OF THIRTY-NINTH* it,. Now York, English, French, and Gorman hoard. Inn and day school, plain and fancy noedlu-worlc taught; school clou's July tl£». 400 Mlchlgan-av., corner Four* toenlh-jit. BUILDING MATERIAL. IJIQR HALE—TIIII MATERIAL IN THE ADDITION X' to the Imilding 017 Wubnsh-nv.. corner of Twenty. ilrst’Hl., consisting o! brick. doors, windows, gas lUlurv*, so. Tho material Is suitable to boused inan other bund ing, and will bo sold at a bargain. Fur particulars call on HENRY J. UUODUIQH, ifl Doarbormst. BUSINESS CHANCE. AWF-LL-FITTED PHOTOGRAPH:GALLERY. IN a giuidlocatlon, with good custom, for silo; yrlUjwm cheap fur cash, as tho owner Is going toloavo thu oily. Addyosn or call at 1)35 Rtato-st. __ WANTED—MALE HEED. WANTIii)— a'yoUNG JlXN'oiruOY TOAOT AH V. I’Qrtur lu * olub-liou.iti ivuyoi uiuuurato. Apply iiumG(liatulyat47tf Wnbaßb-AT. TO BENT—HOUSES. r RENT—A HANDSOME n-RTORY AND BARR* mont marble-front house, with nil modern Improve* Dtontn; elegantly furnished and in complete order. Ap ply on the promises, 1109 Fralrlo-nv. mo RUNT-Ott FOR BALK. CHEAP, A BROOM A houao end corner lots else 4 nice rooms to root, all now 5 Inko water, walks, elo. Address lOlil Jackson-at, fr^~RKNT^mr 7 rwaßfoi mm dwelling 1 No. SOT Mlohlgan-av. lf>.n«o roonnllyput In complete order. Rent, $1,600, or, tc-r.Jug two rooms, wlirba rented for SI,OOO. . Apply to .1. FARRINOXON, 01800 of George 0. Ulnrko, Sami 4 II .- .1.1 Block. rpo RENT—HOUSES—TWO I.TORY FRA MR. GOOD .L repair, pleasant nnighbuhond, Nob. SI, So, 28, on Thlrly-aovcnfh-at.. between Lake and Ellls-ava. { rent very reasonable, h. R. WHIRLS, 168 Dcnrborn-st. mo RENT-HOTEL ON THEcorner of fifth- X av. and, containing U.l rooms, Including bath-room, water closota, laundry, hot and ceM water. Apply to ownorem llio promises. • s. rpORRNT-A NEW' ELEGANT 8-RTORY AN 5* X basement brick houso, 14 rooms, all modern Im provements, lako view. (Jnrnnr Indlamt-av. nml'Twolllh. rIUCNT— l'*Oß RUMMHfT7rMONTHS) A~COfL plotoly furnished 8-story and basement marblo-fmnl houso, ewnll front, on Pralrlo-av., to a careful tenant, 13 rooms, and all modern improvements. Apply to WM. 11. SAMPSON Si CO., 144 LaSalle-st., Oils Block, rpo lIIfiNT—HOUSES, LAltnn AND SMALL, ON X All tho principal street* of tho West Hide. Rcnl cheap to Rood (onnnls. D.-COLU A SON, lloaso Rent Ing Agents, IBS West Madlaon-Bt. fpo RENT—BIX-UOOM COTTAGE, WITU WATER, X S3O per month. Corner Oampboll-av, and Tay lor-at. rpo RENT-HOUSE, FURNISHED, OR WILLTAKH X board for pay. Apply at f.09 Mlohlgan-av. TO RENT—WEST ADAMH-HT., NEAR LEAVITT. 3-story house, In complete order. KEELER, PLATT AGO., 147 Randolph*!!,, over Fidelity Rank. TO RENT—HOUSE—AND FURNITURE FOR RALE, at a bargain, or will runt the houao furnished. Inquire ki 143 HouVh deltorstm-at. rRRNT-SRLL-OR EXOHANGK-WITII OR without furniture, my residence, North Point, Mil waukee. It lathe most desirable location In thn North west for a summer resort or family hotel. It contains? acres, and baa a front of I.OOU foot on tho take, over-look lug Ihu liny and city; has flue grove, fruits, and gardens will be routed to n person who cad keep a hotel, or no told nr oinhnugod on liberal terms. Apply to JAMES I>. RIiKRMAN, Milwaukee, or JAMES SUALE. 100 Cot. fage Urovn-av., Chicago. T“ 10 RRNTVBY H. J. ARNOLD, TO EAST MADISON* Sat. Houao of 9 rooms, at Maywood, cheap, to good parties. To' RENT-FURNISHED IIOUSR FOR ft MONTHS, bongo 3SS Ohlcago-av. Inquire on promises. TO RENT—HOUSE AND LOT NO. 461 WABASH aV, - at a renaonahlo price to a good tenant. J. E3 AI AS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Cnmmeroo. rRRNT-2-BTOHY MARBLE FRONT HOUSE ON Indlana-av., near Thirtoonth-st., with parlor", din* lug room and kitchen on first lluor.' It. F. ELDREDA 00., 155 Monroo-at. COMPLETE AND NICELY FURNIBH- X ml cottage of 8 rooms, by paying rent for bouso and boarding owner for nso of furniture. Apply or addrofil Ml Oslumot*av- . . mo RENT-NORTH SIDE, ONE BLOCK FROM X carsf nppor part of cottage, S2O; lower part, SH, each six rooms. A. T. OALT, 77 Dcarbom-at., Room 11. rRKNr-NEW HOUSE, 6 ROOMS, CLOSETS, water, ole., all In lino order, and good neighborhood, 4C6 West Krlo-at. Apply on promise*. T* 0 RENT—HOUSEj 470 WEST VAN BUREN-BT.| largo grounds, barn, oto. Apply at 131 Loamls-fit. Suburban, rpO RENT-AT OAK PARK-NICE COTTAGE. X double parlor. 0 room#, goodwoll, cistern, and collar; rentebeap. Apply to A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 86, No. 149 LaSalle-fit. . , mo RENT-AT OAK PARK-SEVERAL GOOD X bousoßWlth largo nlco lota. A T. HEMINGWAY, Boom 3ft Major Block, corner Madltmn and LaSalln-at*. TO RENT—ROOMS. mo RENT-VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED ANB X unfurnished room#, without board, either single or k cn suite, at Nn. 18 Bldrldgo-court. • riio RENT—TO A LADY, A FURNISHED FRONT X room. Price, $6 a mouth. Apply at 177 Catherine* st., up stairs. mo RENT-8 FURNISHED ROOMS AT 819, sl6, X and S2O per mouth. Apply at 40 East IlarrUoa-st. TO RENT-TWO LARGE, UNFURNISHED ROOMS, on first floor, with bath and gas. 638 Wost Washing ton-fit. *, rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, 215 WEST MAD* X ison-st., over J. B. Shay’s dfy goods store. mo RENT-FIVE ROOMS, CLOSETS, AND PAN* X try, elegantly furnhhed, and furnituro forsalo; prlct $460. 233 West Randolph-fit., upstairs. TO RENT—TWO FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, wlthclosot, water, and gas. C 9 Twonty-socond-st., near Pralrie-av. ■ TO RENT-FIRST FLOOR.6 ROOMS, GAS,WATER, and bath. 601 South Halalod-st. TO RENT-IN PRIVATE FAMILY, NICELY FUR- X nlshod front room, with gas. to gentlemen and wife ot two young men; terms reasonable. Apply at 446 Wost Jackson-it. rpo RENT FURNISHED ROOM, SUITABLE FOB X three or four gentlemen. For particulars Imiulro al 83 South Clark-fit., Room 80. TO RENT-SIX NICE ROOMS ON MADISON-ST., near Robey, very cheap. 11. KENNEDY, 145 Clark si., Rooms 28and 27. HlO RENT—LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR X gentlemen only, or for man and. wife. Call early at 679 Woat MadUon-st. fllO RENT—HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED ROOMS, X slngtoorop suite; rent, from $15t0640 per month, oaroandcaa included. Transients accommodated. 181 South Qlark-st., Room 11. TO RENT—ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR unfurnished, Ashland Block, opposite the Sbormas House.. Inquire at Room 81. Elevator In the building. TO RENT-147 WEST VAN BUREN-ST.—TWO front rooms, funilnhod ns bedrooms, lor gontlomoq or to gent and wife, with facilities for hQugokooplag. TO RENT-SEVERAL SUITES OP ROOMS, GEN trolly located, suitable for families without children 5 rent S2O to $25. E. F. ADAMS A CO., Madison end Btato-ata. T~ 0 RENT-FOUR NICE ROOMS, PANTRY AND olosots, with water In kitchen, part calclmiaod, to a small family. Apply at 193 South Wood-st. ntO RENT-TWO PLEASANT, NICELY-FURNISHED X rooms; also, ono unfurnished room,' at 263 West Mad* Ison-st. TO RENT—IF YOU WANT COMFORT AND ELR. parco go nnd secure n room nt the St. Elmo, 85 and 81 Doarborn-st. Chargea roasonabto. __ __ TO RENT— STORES. OrFICES. &o. MEAT-MARKKT, AND X fixtures fop sale, cheap, now doing a good business. Inquire at market, M Wostum-av., between Walnut and I’uuon-sta. TO RENT—PHOTOGRAPH ROOMS; BEST LO- X cation In the city; cheap rout. 67l West Laku-at. TO RENT-STORE; STOCK AND FIXTURES FOB sale cheap. For particulars call at IC3 Wabhab-av. TpO RENT—STORES—€O BY 183 PEE! X coop, on Raudulph-st., between Clark and Dearborn, to bo Improved. . . . . . _ Will build atoresM, 40, 60, or CO foot front, and finish t< suit tenants. Apply to O. M. UPDIKE, corner Taylor-st. and Pacific.qv. rilO RENT-STORE. NO. 42 SOUTH WATER S!'.. X nearWnbash-nv.. ntllnblo for any busbies, byC. A A. PRIOE, Room 1, No. 87 Waahlngton-aU Mb RENT-FINK OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM,FIRST X lloop.cornorbulldlce. Apply to B. K. RYAN A CO., 210 LaSalle-st. ■ fllO RENT-HALF OF STORE 119 EAST RANDOLPH- X st., tbroodoors from Clark; very desirable for any business; also desk-room. Apply atstoro. fHO RENT—A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A.HOTEL X —the four-story and baSomnnt utono-front building, ■ituatod on tho corner of North Wells nnd Michigau-als., 80 font front on Well*-st»., and 106 toot on Mlobla*.n-«. Apply toJACOIIS A FISCHER. No. M North WolU-st. fHO RENT-ONLY «45-VERY NICE STORK AND 4 X living.ronme. Halnted-st.. near Jackson. TRUES DELL A BROWN, 175 West Madison-st. mO RENT-OFFICE ON LABALLR-ST. A FINE 1 light room, up one Hlght for s2onor month. Will leave now Brussels carpet on floor. Address Q 11, Trib une otUoo. 1~10 RENT-STORE ON MADISON-ST., BETWEEN . Clark and Dearborn; very,reasonable figure. For particulars apply to W. D. KEIIfcOOT, No. 90Eas1 WiiablnKton-st. WANTEB—XO UENX. TirANTED-TU RENT-IMMEDIATELY, BY A VV prompt-paying tenant, n comfortable cottage on tho South fildn, not south of Twonty-nluth-st., or ou the \> cet Bide, not west of Uoboy; rent not iooxcoed s4oporraonth. Address Q 1(1, Tribune olllcu. , W" ANTED-TO RKNT-A FURNISHED ROOM OR suite of rooms lor two young Indies; no roforenuoi exchanged. Address, stating locution and tortus, Q 85, Trlbuuo ortlco. ■\\TANTKD--TO RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, >T from fi to 8 rooms, suitable for Imusokoonjng; best of roforoacoa given. Addroaa Q 48, Tribune ofliou. RKNT-aThMALL ifdUSIC, ABOUT $25 \v«r mouth, and purchaau thu furniture It good. ROILViN A CO., 48 South Clark-st. WANTED— TO RENT-GOOD HOUSE, 10 ROOMS, with barn; good neighborhood, nut nvor 3 miles from centre: rent must bo moderate, A. S. WADIIAMa A CO.. Ilk) and 103 Clnrk.nt. AGENTS WANTED. Aoents wantkd-to canvass for family Blhloa. “ Llfo of Christ and Virgin," " History o! Ireland," .vo.! good Inducements to tho right inon; no capital, but references required. KELLEY A IIU\VI - South Clark-st. Agents wantiid-kvfrybody should call anil boo Mrs. Jessup's Compartment Kettle, India* tmnsabh) to every American housohnld, and soils on sight. W. A. HARLOW A CO., WesternAgotiW, 2£>(ind 211 West LaUo-at., corner Peoria. ____ Agents wantko-wk have a new book nearly ready that will, without dmibt. have a largo fcilo by agents, via have so muohtodoHintwnoanimj attend to Its solo, and with a man thoroughly competent to nmuoao tho entire auloforus. \S o will (lay a saUry, or part salary and part commission.. If we do not midi tho right man at once wo shall wish Mote Agents for it. Mon who undcratnud tho Assistant ihan Projorrod. f OWoaa« and oiporlenou In full. Address W. J. HOLLAND A CO., Chicago. HU _ . A GENTS WANTEP-FOR THE BUTTON-HOLE JV worker: 11,000 sold the llrst week: largo prolltaj call Hi once, HD East Madlaon-M.. Room U. VOKNTS WANTRU-iIKWITT FLUTING, POL iV lulling and band Iron combined; soiling font, hcouru a county, and make money; HU East MndUou-st., Room 15. "a oents wanteiwiood canvarkkus ark JV making $lO to sl2 u day. with my noodlo books, noo dlu nacknui's, innehiuu noodlm. dross oluvator. uto.. (do. Iren. U. M. EININGTUN, 171 limit Modi tunat.j Chicago. ~A OKNTS *WANTED-TKA AOENTS-LMHES OR JV gmitlomen. In town or country; Importers’ prices. SHIPLEY ANDHAUIUB, OWcago. 'A CENTS WANTED—MEN AND WOMEN WITH JV but small capital can easily clear $36 to S4O a week with our grunt household articles: steady work hi city or country, MERRILL A CO., 25 WustLako-at. ORNTB WANTEII-TO BKU. OUR SSW HUT JV tondiolo cutter, noodlodhreadlng thimble, and ethos new articles, tilt East. Msdlaon-at., Room?? TO EEABE. rpo LBABU-DOOIC AT lIUipOKTOIIT lIIIHAT 1 Kustoru), Apply to U. UIIAINAUD, Jlopui 1W Utyn lllopk. 7

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