Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 6, 1873 Page 8
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01TY REAL ESTATE. Foil BALE-IJY KERR. DAVISON 4 WELCH, E««*to Dealers ami Brokers, HaLaSallo-at.* M*dt«on-ot., cast of Paulina. . IS, 4* M*dl«pu-Bt., oomerof lllahop-coart. m , eo t» ?P, u v{ Onnal-Bt., near Wnshlnnimi-st. W foot,, north of, Wf°eL Indlana-av,, north of Thlnlolh-it. .. A H * oe J* front, Pralrie-nr., north of Tlilrllqth-at. . MorUiOfoot, Flfth-av., between Randolph and Waah- Inoton-sta. Sft foet, with buildings, Slate-at., near Harrison. Borlg-aoroblooka, near Northwestern Railroad and oar-shops, • 160 acres, s. w.jk’Soe. 15, W, 13. 160 aero*, a. e, üßno, 11, 88, 18. 40 acres, Seo. 3. 89, HI. . , 80 acres, 800. in, 09, 13, on lilfty-fllth-at. 10 soros, near Brighton. X 1 at.. In 800. 83. 10 aeros on Wost Twolfthat., In 800. S3. 28 aoros on Wost Twonty-aocmul-st., hi Bco. 25. 40 aoros comer Forty-seventh and Aahlimd-av. 3 aoros corner Forty-ninth and Cottage (irovo-av. A aoros near the Block Yards, In Bco. 4, 38, 13. - A aoros on Twonty-aooond-at.. Boc« 30, 80, 14. Lots on Illuman, Clayton, anilTwonty-sooond-sts. I«ota on North Aahlaml-av., Augusta, and Emma-sta.' 60 foot cor’-sr'lwonty-tlfth and Wabnshav. 100 fo"Voornor Thlrty-eoooud and Wabaah av. Kv’.'uot, cast front, on Xforest-av., noar Thirly-aov vntb-at. 6 lots on Throon-at.. near Harrison-at. 1 lot on Oatlmrmo-st., near Lailin-nl. Sft foot on Indiana, noar Ut. Olalr-at. - 60 foot corner Van Huron and I.lncolu-.sla. „ OLINGKU 4 BALLARD. Southeast corner Dearborn and Waahlngton-sta., Fort* land Block. For sale-business propkiity, improved aud unimproved i Lnkc-st., noarWcstom-av., 60x160 foot. Van Burou-st., corner Contro-av., 120 ft. Wanhlngton-st., hoar I-aHallo-st. and Flftb-av., 20 ft. Wat)ASh*av., near Harrison-at., 10x170 ft. Wolls-at., noar Jnnkaon, 87 ft. Sborman-at., uosr Harrison, 35 ft, Wntor-st., near Clark, 88 ft. Rnndoluh-et., Improved oomor. Clark-at., corner Uhontnut-plaoe, 64 ft. Mllwaukao-nv., near Klnxlo-at., ST, ft. CANFIELD 4 MATI r fiSON, 60 LaSalle-sf. 171QR SALE—INDIAN A-AV.—N. R. CORNER INDI } ana-av. andThlrtloth-at., 100x160 foot, oboap and on easy terms. A iluo corner for a block of- residences. Indlana-av.—N. e. corner Indlana-av. aud Thirty-third •t.. OUxISS foot, at a bargain fora few days. Cottage Grovo-av., BJx‘i2o foot, oast front, south of Tbirty-iovoutn-at., only SHS por foot for this week. Wabaah-av., a. o. corner Tlilrty-fourth-st., 325x175 foot. This property can bo had at a low prlco, with vory email cash payment and long tlmo on baianco. Wabash-av., between Forty-aovonth and Forty-eighth* Its. oast front., 3ftil6l foot: prlccn 070 por foot. j. BSA.IAB WARRBn, 18 Chamber of Commerce. For salr-io lots on edan-av.. corner Stowact-av 35 loot on Langloy-av.. between Forty-second and Forty-thlrd-aU. - 49 by 160, on Khnb&rk-av., between Fifty-sixth and Fifty-aovonth-als. 60 by -160, on Indlana-av., between Fifty-third and Flfty-Amrtu-sts. hi ots on Second and Eiio-ats, between Reuben and Nob a. 60 by 170, on Mlohlgsn.av., with flrst-clsas house. 26 by 110, with 3-story frame boußOi on Fourth-av., be tween Harrison and Polk-stS. WING A FARLIN, FOR SALE—IO LOTS ON WESTERN-AY., NEAR Laughton-st. 20 lota on Laughton-st., near Wcstorn-av, lOlotsonCampbsll-st., neap Moore. Tbo abovoloU aro near McCormick's Reaper Factory,, and will bo sold on oasy payments. WING A FARLIN, FOR BALE-8100-WE HAVE CHOICE LOTS BUT 8 miles from the Court-House, near Mllwankoo-av., for JIOO. other parlies charge 8600 for them. A.G.STOREY SON, 116 South Clark-sU, Room tt, and 337 Mllwau koo-av, FOR SALE—2OXIIO FEET ON THE NORTHWEST comer of Ohio and Ooarbora-sts. SNYDER A LEE, H Nixon Building, northeast comer Monroe and LsHallo. For sale-new brick housbon vanburen st., east of Robey; h&aall tbo modern improvements; can bo had at a bargain.. MEAD A COE, 163 LaSallo-st. pOR SALE—JEFFBRSON-ST.—B7XIOO FEET ON JL 1 northwest comer of Jofforsou and O’Btlon-sU. SNY DER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Mon roe and LaSallo-sts. For sale-good lots on the following streets: State, Burnside, Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Bailor, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray, and Halstod; also on Wentworth, Shurtleff, Portland and Stowart-avs; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth. Earl, Thirtieth, Haven, TuUty-fint. Thir» ty-eocond. l Thirty-third. Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh* Fontaine, and Thlrty-eJghth-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, five year’s time, 6 per cent Interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 872 Wabaah-av. tiHjll SALE-SOUTH' PARK.AV7-100X266 feet, on X* corner Thlrty-aoaonlb-at. and SoutU Park-av. No cash payment required If nurobaaor will Improve. SNY DER A LEE, 14 Nixon's Building, northeast corner Mon roe and Laßallo-sU. FOR 3ALE—AT A BARGAIN, LOTSON "WESTERN a?., Polk and Taylor-ats., and Oampboll-av.; parties t>ulld,. no money required down. Inquire of GEORGE OAO WELL, on promises, or 136 South Clark it., In bank. OR SALK-TWO FIVE-ACRE BLOCKS IN BEO. 4, noar tbo Union Stock Yards. Fine property to anbdl ride and retail. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, nortboaat corner ot Mouroo and LaSalle-sta. FOR SALE-DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON Lako, Washington, Fulton, Klnrlo, and other stroote opposite tno now Northwestern Car-Shops, we«t of Con tral Park. Tbo Land Company aro going to bolld. In June, fifteen cottages. and will bo finished to anlt If par* tics npnly now. J. 1). UAUVEY, Agent West Chicago Land Go., 174 La Ballo-at. FOR SALE-WEST TWELPTH-ST.-WB HAVE just made a Subdivision of tbo Block bounded by West Twelfth, Sampson, Koboy. and Hoyno-st., and wo aro prepared to sell lots on olthor of those streets cheap, on easy terras. Twelfth-st. or boulevard Is 160 feet wide, oud Is finely macadamized. Pardos purchasing lots on It now can bo sure of realizing a handsome profit from thoir investment. Apply to H. C. KERFOOT d CO.. 90 East Washlngton-st. For salk-lincoln park-lots fronting l’ullotlon*av.. Raolno-ar., Fremom-at,, and Webster* av., Intbonolßhborhoodof Lincoln Park; atrootrallway within a few mocks: olioaplota and on very easy terms. - Apply to W. D. KERFOOT 4 CO., 90 East Washing* ton—at. * F9P PARK-LOTS faoikq A Washington, Lake, Madison, Monroe, Adam*, Jack* ton, and iulton-«tß.. , and Park, Warron, and California* hotwcoa Wo»torn-av. and Central Park, at from to $-.000 each on oaay terms. Apply to WM. D. KERFOOT 4 CO., 90 East Wasblogton-at. For salic—west twelfthst.-wb have juat modoatiubdirisfonof the Block bounded by west Twelfth, Sampson, Kobey, and Hoyno-ati, and no are prepared to boII lota on either of theio atroota ohoap. on easy tormo. Twolftb-at. or boulevard Is 1M feet wide, and is finely macadamised. Parties purdbaslnw lota on it now can bo sure of realizing a Imndaorao nrofit from their Inrettrnont. Apply to W. D. KBIUTOOT A CO., 60 Bast * F r- SOU LOTS ON AND NEAR HUM JJ boldt boulevard, cheaper than adjoining lota sold at Auction yesterday. Flno lota, 160 to 1M feet deep, high and dry, with quo improvomonta all around, for 8860 each. Title good. G. B. QIUFFIN, 183 Madi«on-it« corner Clark, ' SALE-STOCK YARDS-FOUR 6-AORB a. books comer Ashland-av. and Forty-eoventh-Bt.. foo.TSP^ott 0 Stock Yards. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Hulldlng, northeast cornorMonroo and LaSallo-st3. Nixon a Building, nortbosatcornerMonrooand LaSaUests TTtOR SALE— IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED ikitfa nark and suburban proporty. By M. MAUQHAN. Real k.rij°.gffegs?.“^it.? ,, ‘ ll ° r B ‘“ k ' n0rUl ““ 00m " r FOR a AIE-OOTTAOKB AND LOTS IN ALL PARTS °* tao clty. ln first-class locations; prices ranging irom«2,om ,o *4 6°o. By u, MAUOUXS, Bml K.tot3 Broker, ofilcoSl lloapor Block, northeast corner of Clark and Waablngton-ata. For Balr-indiana*av.—i23xm feet. cor. T l ].-E. C) li l K^ lanil V l > v :, n . l , ld Tblrty-aoventh-st. SNYDER ? LMS, l* Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and Laoallo-sts. P 0 }l.S*p I ;-A T GREAT BARGAINS—WEST SIDE lots 25x135 to alloy. Tho Investment will pay 26 to 50 per cent la short time. 11. WUIPPLB. 300 Laßallo-it. IDOR SALE-LOTS NEAR O. A N. W. R. R. OAR A Works, fnßide cHy Unilts. until Juno 7, 1878. at S6OO each. H. W. KKOFF, 145 taSallo-st., Room 14. POR BARGAIN, CO Oil 100 feot, Mlchlgan-ov., Do.rForty-.eoond-st.: "rf cub f.SSb. b f Ul !S 0 If," “"J 0f,9y0«t.. S. It. OUOsS.lloom 15 Major Block, 146 LaSallo-st. V'OR SALE-TWO 84-FOOT LOTS ON HARRISON* JL st., near Robey, cheap for cash. 50 foot on Union f,” k * ' ary eligible aero property noar Englewood, and «BT"g5Hi: Vl&afc-U.’ ond Cltyllmltj - rioß - f?OR 8 ALE—B3 t$X233 FEET ON J AOKSON-ST,, NEAR ft. > P a ,V loyi only SBO per foot: for Hires days. Apply at IJI Madlson-at., corner of Clark. CAMPBELL BROS. For rale oalumbt-av., near twenty* fourth-st., 60x180 feot. CANFIELD A MATTESON. eo POK BALB OR EXCHANGE —FINK STONE f™nt reliance un Park-»v., west of Union Park. UA.NFIii.LD A MATTKaOW, 60 La9al!s-at- IjlOR BALE—CORNER LOT FRONTING ON THREE • at fj„°?, t A o ‘onnluua of the North Side Stroot Rail, way; 140x140 for $6, WW, In ono, two, and throe years, at 8 percent; a groat bargain by A. PICK, No. 183 Michigan la'i 2j oruwr Office hours between lo and F OR SALE”s7,fiOo—3-STORY AND BASEMENT brick house andloton Controav., between .laokson and Van Buren-sts. Good neighborhood, convonlont to J - KaAIAB pORSALE-NEW 6-ROOM COTTAGE, AND LOT, X No. aJ Koudali*^.; SI,OOO cash, balahoo monthly puiusnti. WIIIITLESKV. XIUNNKLL A RATEsf Room 9, HOLaSallo-st. * F°R BALIS - LOTH FRONTING BOOTH OH IpOR SALE—FOREST-AV.—6O FEET FRONT ON 1 Forosl-av., near Thlrty-sooond-st. Will soil without any nmnny down to parties who will build immediately SNYDER A LEE. U Nixon Building, northern wmsr of Monrue and Laoalle-sts. F6r‘BALE-VINOIINNEB.AV.-4 acres corner yinouniioi-av. andFarty-flflh-*t. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast corner Monroe and La- Sallo-Bts. ■J7»OR HALE—ADAMB-BT., EAST Off WOOD, 80x163; X’ .lackson-st., eornsr Lincoln, 60x126. J, U, KEEL ER. 145Clark-6t,, corner Madison. For salb-humroldt pauk-6k acres, fronting-oast on Humboldt Park. SNYDER A LEE Bulldiug, northoaab comer Monroe and LaSalle- U’OiT'baLE—TO BE REMOVED—THR LARGE * . cotl *Bo 131 South Loavilt-st, with 60 foot front fence. Apply un the promises. F o^ n »iS Ai “r Do .V 0L A 8 « park-io« acres. (renting oast on Douglas Park, northwest comerol 4'S'iFl}; fiffJ U““klm I’»rk l)uulot«td. BNYDURA- J'*u *,t • V lOQ Bulldiug, northeast comer Monroe and i^uaiio-su. F?°S ?A lj^“DOU 9. LAH . PAKK-BM ACRES ON Jj Twelft i-at.. near Douglas Park. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and L*> nallu-sta. For bale-Orexel-av., onion-av„ grove i-arlc>ffay—la,t fronting 16d ftoa UreacLav., IsSfl ou unlou-av., and 160 ft on Croro Pork boulevard.* SNY JJitiI A LKK, 1, NUon’. Bußdlng, norUcut cgnt»; Monroe and LaSallo-fla, FOR BALE—EXCHANGE, OR RENT—PARTLY furnished 6-ro»ra ooltago, 911 Oamj>hell-av, i let Ua m, la owotr, J, 11. Jj'iiuX), 49 West L*kt-iU ' CITY REAL ESTATE. TpOll BALB-BY HENRY P. GEORGE, RBAL EB - tato Agent, 69 Clark-at., opposite Court-Homo; lOOfoot, Wabash-ST., corner Tblrly-flrat-st. IS !«*» corner c .°mor Forty-thlrd-at. 2ft foot, Thlrty-sqvonth-it.i near Wabash-av. 8?w/r£H Q}Bi»opa.UonißMrd, noar Cottage Grove. gOOroo .Orand.bouloTard, . nl - BouUi P * ,lt > * i n ßc l oia 9}W nplir Brighton. 10 aoros Oliloago-qv. ami Patk-houlovard. 10 aoros near great Northwostom ahop, SOaoroa at Hawthorne, for subdivision. ■ - - 40 aoroa at Lawndale, on fair tonus, • Flno houao at Hydo Park; aero property lakon. won HAi.ji-puHiNKaa piiormiTY on tub Bonlli Bljls, In nice™, from .10,ow to .100,000. Il0.1il«npi! lula or SO or 100 loot front on Iho nonne, botworn Twenty-fifth and Thlrty-nlnth-ale. Roaldnnco lota of W, 100. or Sot) foot front on alltho avenues and boulovoxds,,botwcon Tliirty-nintU and Six ttoth-sta. Acre iiroDorty on the ovonnos, noar Cornell and on Flfty-tllth-st. ooulorard, i Parllca who are looking for good Investments will find lb in tliolr mtorost to call at my offleo before buxine. .7. HENRY WICIL, 150 Poarbom st., Room 6. 7 * For Salic—by d. cole 4 son, real estate Attonta, 188 .West Madlaon-at.: fiOxlS/M foot on Madison between Lincoln ami Wood-aU. ,00 foot on Aladlion batwoon Iloboy aud lloyno. Good butlnosa preporty. 48 foot on wlnoheator-ar., near Madlion st., with two brlok bams. 60 foot on I’nnllna near Harrison, oast front. AOxlftO footon A*hlnnd-ftv,, near Adams. •' 86x188 foot on Adams noar uolToraon Park. 8 lota on Warron-av., noar Woatnrn-av. 10 lotaon Wasblnaton-at., noar Wostora-av. ft lots on Wost Lnko, noar Wostcrn-ar. SOU lots near Madison, Monroo, Adams, warron-av., Park-av., and Waahloston-st. Also aoro property oast and Wost of Central Park. Call and gut a list. OR SAMv-LONQ LRASE-09 YEARS AT FIXED rate. 88x41 foot on Btato-st., north of Randolph, east front; party walla on three aides: ourbatouo wall al ready built; can bo Improved, at small expense, so as to pay a largo poroontago on tho capital Invested. Boons, $7,000. Tho l>o»t loose and onlyonoof tho kind in tho heart of tho oily. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. IBORBALR—UYJ.T. MATTHEWS 4 CO., NORTH- D cast corner of LaSalloand Modlxon-ata., luOlUtcoa* Bank: 10 aoros In Soettnn 16, 89, 19. 8 H acres fronting Rlvoreldo Bonlovard. ft acres on Slxtoonth*at., noar Douglas Park. 2M noros on Sixteenth-it--, noar Douglas Park (a bar* gain.) 100 desirable residence lota at Lawndalo. fiU footon Polk-at., near Aahtand-av, cheap. 00 foot comer of Harrison and Uonoro-ats. ftO foot on Harrison-at., noar Bouthweatern*av. 135 foot Wasblngton-at., west of tho railroad. Luts on Warron-av., Campbell-av,, West Adams-at., and all tho principal atroota'ln tho oily, attbolowoal POR BALB UNIMPROVED. WABASH-AV., 825 foot on southeast corner of Thlrty-fourth-st.; gas. water, sewerage, 40. 200 foot at Thlrty-nlnth-at., $135. 60foetatForty-(lflb-at., S6O.,, S9O. „ 176 foot corner of Flfty-fourth-at.. S6O. Btato-at,— 85 foot atThirty-aoeond-at., $lB3 85 foot at Thirty-sixth-aU, sllO. 60 foot at Forly-liUh-st., S7O. FRED £. FARR 4 CO., 88 Waablngton-at. FOR SALE—UNIMPROVED—THE VERY OUOIOB five-acre block, fronting 813 foot, Flfty-iifth-at. Boule vard. Fronting 800 foot Wabaah-av. Fronting 800 foot, Stato-st. Attention of tuTontori Invited: being one of the moat desirable tract* now oQerod. Terms easy: title perfect. FRED L. FAKE A CO., 68 Washlngton-st. For sale-on miouigan-av., bo feet, near HUtoonth-at.,cheap. 60 foot, comer Twonty-flfth-at., SIOO. feet, between Twenty-fifth and Twonty-slxth-ats., M. foot, between Thirty-first and Thlrty-second-sts., 98 foot, corner Thirty.fonrth-st., 9200. bolwoon Thirty-sixth and Thlrty-sevcnth-ste., 160 foot, corner Thlrty-soTonth-sU, 9176. 60 foot, comer Thlrty-olgbth-sl., $176. «^JSv r 9° Ufs,SL4. o lltsklo property on alltho avonaos. FRED L. FAKE A CO., 83 washlngton-st. FOR SALE-IMPROVED-STATK-ST., NEAR _ Twonty-olghth-st., 2-story framo store, oast front, 5 0,600. Pralrle-*v., No. 14C9, S-atory framo house, 9 rooms. $6,000. • ..Wabash-av.,.No, 899, largo B-story Fronoh-roof honso, 14 rooms, brick bam, Ac., mil bo sold oboap. MlohJgan*av., No. 602, 8-story and basement marble front, easy terms, $16,000. Indlana-av., 2-story frame house, comer, 60-foot lot. SIO,OOO. • FRED L. FAKE AGO., i I 88 Waahlngton-st. “CIOR BALE—LOTS ON TIIIRTY-FIUST-ST., BUD X‘, dan-it., ShurtllfT-av., Lyman and llaynoa-ataichoao and cosy torma; FRED L. FAKE £oo..'tS Waahloir ton-at. TTOR SALE-VERY OHOIOE-OALUMET-AV., 60 X foot, east front, bstwoon Twenty-second and Twon ty-thlrd-als. The Improvement* on tula block aro among tno finest In Chicago. Pralrlo-ar., 60 font near Twontloth-rt. Kndlana-av,, 60 foot noar HSvonty-thlrd-st. Splondld trees,' shrubbery, etc. Mlohhran-aT,, 60 foot near Twenty-sixth-st., fronting east on Col. Hancock’s grounds. A largo llatjof rosldoncn and business property offorod. FRED. L. FAKE d CO., 8S Wasnington-st. FOR SALB-AT A BARGAIN—THE DESIRABLE residence, llltflndlana-av., containing 14 rooms, hand* some, saloon parlor. conservatory, brick store-room, two bath-rooms, hot and cold water all through the homo, frescoed colling*, painted walla, plato glass windows, etc., etc. There Is also a fine barn on the premises, and everything is In perfect ropalr. Possession given at any time. Call between 4t06 on any day during the week. FOR BALE—HOUSE - NO. 11l FOURTU-AV., AND lot, 35x100. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, , northeast comer Monroe and LaSalle-ati. TJIOU SALE—BELOW THE MARKET-10 OR 20 •tof°Ef > , on nnw railroad, Milwaukee Bt. r«ul. DAVID WILLIAMS. ISS South Olstk .t., Room 11. . ■ ■ TTtORSALE—THE FINEST RESIDENCE-PROPERTY ■A, In the city, fronting Lincoln Park, Ort foot to 18 foot allor: cheap, If taken this week. A. PICK, No. 183 JHohlgan-st., comer Dearborn, between 10 and 12 a. m. fOR SALE-SOUTH PARK-100 LOTS FRONTING tho booth Park, and on Jlndlion, Drexol. and Egan daio-avs. SNYDER 4 LEE, 14 Nixon’s Building, north oast corner Moaroo and Laßalle-sta. For sale-park-av., between wood and Pago-sts., 3-story and basement atouo-froat honso, 10 £»"!■{ Jf, O( i. O R. , . l i , P. r P T . 0 .? ,0nt 5.! "HI b< > «old at a saorltlco. bNYDEII A LKK [t i4 Building, northeast oornor Foil SALE—MICHIGAN-AV., BETWEEN T\VEN tjr-nlnth and Thlrtioth-ita., tbroo-itonr and baiemont ootason stono-front bouse, 14 rooms, llnUhod in tbo boat st7lo« SNYDER d Lkh. 14 Nixon Htillrtlng. northeast oornor Monroo and LaSalle-ata. OR SALIi—INDIANA-AV.-l-STORy AND BASE, raont ool*Kon atono-front, 10 rooms, modern Improve manta, on Infllnna-ar., botwoon Twenty-ninth and Tlilrti* eth-sta. BNYJ3ER i LEIC, M Niion RuUdlng, aorthoaat cornorMonroo amiLaSallo-ata. TT9J 1 BALE-BY LEVI WING A €O., 96 DEAR. X born-st.: Boms good bargains in bouses, lota, and HvWfflS 1 * oJ).« buUdlna brkil - FOR SALE-40 FEET CORNER OF WKSTEBN-AV. and Harrison-Bt.. at a lino bargain. Apply at 131 Juadlßon-at., corner of Clark, OAMPBKr.T. BROS. T?OR SALE—(BXI3S FEET ON WARREN-AV., NEAR \ ® IOO P* rffoott t on Hvo years’ tlrao. Apply atm Madfson-sl., oomerof Clark. OAMPDKLLDRO3. POR SALE-BUSINESS LOTS ON MADISON-BT.. only SOO por loot; terms easy. Apply at 131 Madl* BOD-st., corner of Clark. OAMPBET.t.brqs. FOR BALB-10 ACRES FRONTING HUMBOLDT Park Boulevard, with frontage on 3 good flnt-olasa cross streets. Only $3,000 por acre; will retail for 100por coat protlt. FRED. L. FAKE A CO., 88 Washlngton-atT TTOR SALE—INDIAN A*AV., 46x175 FEET ON Wn^ , ?te r^ lrljr Wi h, ' t ' and Indiana-av. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-at. oil, BALK-LOTS NEAR TWICLITII-BT. AND Callfornla-av. and Douglas Park, only SSOO to S6OO SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE, TPOR SALE—ENOIJiWOOD^LOTSffEAirD^POTSr X 1 on graveled streets, at low prices: also, a woU-bullb and convenient house. Lake Forest—Retidonoosat from $3,600 to $40,000: also, obolco building lota of all sixes at from S3OO to $1,600 per aero. Irving Park—Several lots, two-story frame bouses, with Jdazza, bay-window, and other Improvements, and lot 50 oet front, for *3,000. Austin—Wo have for eale some of tha most desirable properly in tbUaubnrb. Bavooswood—Choice lota near tho depot. CANFIELD A MATTE3ON. 60 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE-AT OAK PA UK AND RlDGELAND aeveralnloohousotalio groat variety of vacant lota and acre property. These beautiful towns are onlyßM miles west of olty limits, and the property 1» tho host !ffi^.jteya'lKt , . ÜBnU A * T * U^OWAV, PAIiK ROAD. NEAR FOUTY flflh-at., 100x850 foot, lako vlow: 143x335 foot, corner xvanhoo-st. ilydn pnrk lots on Kimbark and Grovo-avs CANFIELD A MATTESON, MJUSallo-st. ' For bale-choice lots inthe normal , Koliool Subdivision at Englewood. WHITTLESEY. iiUNNELL A BATES, lioom9| 149 LaSalla-at. W°, R RALE—AT RAVENBWOOD-A DESIRABLE i. dwelllnjMjonie of Brooms, good brick cellar,furnace, hard and eoft ■water. Lot 142x103 foot, ornamented wltlr fruit and aliada trees. Apply to ROBERT QUEER. B| Laoallo-at., Itoinu 2. * For sale-willow spuings-a beautiful farm of 72 acres, 10 mllos from Chicago depot; high ground, pear the station, and covered with the 'flutist grove in the county. Ibis form Is worth $16,000, but will be sold at $11,0U) If (akouwithin a few days. Good frame house, barn, well, fouplng, oto. In perfect order. A Commerce J * KSAIAB WARREN, 18 Chamber of TT°. I i 8 A I COTTAGES AND 3 STORY HOUSES v&fflaAi lS”' *“ poison Fpu baTlk—at parkside, on Illinois okn. i r V o ti ft nnM d, i» Bmllt ' , , , f r 9 n l. c ‘ ,urt * llw ‘ uo ' “ minutes* * on Madison and Llnden-ara.. within ono block streets graded. Six teen trains dally furnish easy access to and irom tho city. ThU properly Is within 8 blocks of tho South Park. Price lots from «4ou to anil will bo sold on easy pay. WING A rARLIN, 86 Hast Washington*!,, , I , N TIIY QOLDRN A X IGUiSIIWArERH, 83South Olark-st., Uunm 16: 40 acres in 800. 11, 88, 18. 40 acres In See. 15. 89. 18, ,« . „ 40soros In Sec. 80, 88,13. 10 acres In 800. a, a. la. lo sores fn See. 17, 89,14. 6 sores In See. 16, 82, 13. 2 acres in See. 1 89 18. TT?, K . CORNER FORTY-EIGHTH X’ st. and Konwood-oourt: 16(i foot on Konwoud-court, bstwoon Forty-suvonth and Forty-olghtU-sts. Will bo sold on easy payments. Tho above property is within 9 blocks of Kenwood depot. WING A FAIILIN, W East Washlngton-«t., Room 4. ’ * OR SALE—GOOD LOTS, AT $l6O TO S3OO EACH, noardopwt, at Norwood I ark storms. sl6 down, and aoVS“ n i.ia r a,; r r l il:.i. W1 “ c '‘ N - l ‘ k8l0 “ * oo- rioil SALE-AT WASiiINGTON lIKIGHTS, NEAR JL’ two denote, by the block savorsgo site of lule, 26x160 foot, at sllO per lot, Mca»h, balanoo In], 2, and i years, at 7 per ©out. Intomt. Tho bust properly for inrostmonl In Cook County. Free ticket* toioe tuts uroDorLr U v OLARKS A CO.. Room 4, IM La fialle-st. P Foil BALE-LA Id! VIEW-FOURCOiINER MTS.' J} eaob foot, frontln. aoutli, oonT.nioat to homo carat largo shade Ireoil llraUolw. Irapromnciita atnoliilogi «td tBOR SALE-TEN ACRES IN 8. E. VfißO SO 40 X 1 14, fronting ou tho Oroon Bay road. LEE. 14 Nlxoaßulldlog, northeast comer Monroe and Laoallo-sU. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. ■niOß BAI.R-.IIS AORES ON O. 4 P. R. R. SEO. B®, XV 41, 9i vory cheap. .j k . , . 40sores In so V 800. 11, trt, 11, Lenient; cheap. 40 acres In no A 800, 0, 87,13; well locntodi -- TO aoros In Austin, near depot C. A N. W. A. R, 80 aores Hoc. 18, 88, 18, O. AV,R, U, - , 80 acres 800. 88, 40, 18. M acres In w Mh w U See. 39, 40, IB t will bo aold low. js aml «• u‘ma -31 aorea on R. LR.;R.. floo. 80, 87, 14, noar station. - 80 sores 4 miles south of Ulna Island, noar the proposed ronto ofO., D. 4 V. it. R.; voir great bargain. w HO acres s&mo locality, all at prices that preyo profit able. * 70 acres at and near Wlnnotka, O. A N. W. R. R. One lino now building, 13 rooms, Lakeside, lot 100x200. Several nicely Improved places at Highland Park; also •ore property, vory desirable, same plaoo. Sft vary clioloo lota at Rnvonsvropd. 40 vory clinloo lota at Irving Park. ’* * ttnvoral nlooly Improved places at Oak Park. • SuO-acro farm at Dixon to exchange for other property. . , .By KEELER, PLATT 4 CO.. 1 - ’ 147 Ran J»lph-«t., over Fidelity Batik. THOR SALR-A BEAUTIFUL LOT M FBETiPRONT X 1 on Humboldt Park at a very low price.' Apnlrto HENRY J, OOODItIOU, 13ft Dcarbom-at. IPOR HAIJ?—AT AN EXCEEDINGLY, LOW PRIOR --7 6 ?(C?, fc .t° ntl ,W Mnmbowt Park, near thq-bonlo vo.rt4 y[ in bo sohfohoap. Apply to U. J, UOODZUOU. 133 Dearborn-st. * F°bom- y iu K “ DY A. HILIiT *123 DBAIC; Moore, lacre. Bacres. 10 aoros, 80acres, 40acres. 00 acres very near South Chicago. This Is the bolt plaoo to Invest at tho present. 8 acres, 4 acres, 15 aoros. 80 acres, 40 aoros, 80aoroe. ICO aoros noar Northwestern Oar Shops. * of tho°® * Cro "‘ <oaoro *' 80ttCITI * soroa aonthwoat 8 aoros, 6 acres, 10 aoros, IB acres noar city limits on South Sldo: a bargain. " BU glrey°ou abarsaln 10U 1110 &TOnaoiaoD &ofc!ty| lean ’.3 ‘il?i 0 S!: t ’i Bt< f on l.P n . Btato-Bt.. between Vanßoren and Jackson, a splendid place for a limlnois homo. AOBKS BBTWRKN * liulliU'ijf, nortbout ooraor Uanrae F o *;, AT MAPLKWOOD, ONLY 4 i.« 4?. i fro » l commutation fare, 8)5 2«*i U i4, U . rBO Humboldt bonlovard, Fnllertom and Wostom-avs.: sidewalks bavo been laid, and trees ■?V 0T 5 r tb? •nUroproporty; artesian well anperlor to n»£%n r tL n *r& . r ' ” ow *9? at of 8M gallons V^v!TiV?ii?)^.? ar i>' ,a .i® r '« 0C V 1 . *1 «W roapoot tothat of . 5 ? rt J os for homes would do well to visit Maplewood before purchasing. Prloo of lots from 9iUM>s9o( WING 4 F ARLIN, co East Washington* at., Room 4. . F3KBALB-M AOIIE3 IN Till! N. B, WAND 20 N '„'T; if S "°- 31 I. T - <B. «■ liNVDEIt LafiaUo ita^*^° D oorthoaat corner Monroo and TpORBALR—3O ACRES IN W. Jtf N. R. M BKO. Ol!‘t. i? -.89, R.lB. SNYDER A IJlf? 14 NUon t northeast comer Monroe and T -a3sue-atSt > ** FOR t SALR r AT ENGLEWOOD, WABASH-AV., 165x170, oast front, all grove, two blocks from station, roran mreatment. nothing safer j for a residence, noth ing bettor on the South Side. We Invito parties looking for avenue property to examine tho above. Title abto lately perfect. HULDUKD 4 CO., 808 LeSalle-st. • T?OR~BALE-AT ENGLEWOOD, OHOIOB GROVE -L property, on Waboab, Michigan, and Indlana-ava., UULaSlmTboT^l^tf 11 * 0 *” * ,tMm FORSALB-SO ACRES IN SEO.4. 80.’l8, AT A DR. elded bargain and long time. HILL A BLISS. M Dearborn-at. ECU SALE-LOTS IN ENGLEWOOD, 5600, 16138 cash, balance In 0 yearn i lota on Wallace and Ilubb- Bts^Jißar Thirty-fifth, on oaey terms. HILL A BLISS,' For sale-i will offer,’at a bargain, ib housps and cottages of from 6 to 10 rooms. In, Evans ton, North Evanston, and Glencoe, at lower figures than any party can sell (or who does not deal exclusively Intis own property; you that want houses eome direct to ms and nave the commission; one-fifth down and balance la monthly or yoarlypayraouta will bay a homo; lota In any of the places named at wholesale prices; Inmborfnrnlihea those who will build: none need apply who have not a lit tlomonoy. O. U. BROWNE, Grover’s Block, Evanston, or 163 Monroo-st., Room 3. TJIORBALE--4oXoREa IN BEO.ffl, 89, 13, S2OO PER JU aero, under market value. nir,T, A BLISS. 94 Dearborn-st. * FOR BALE-SEVERAL DESIRABLE BLOOKB Stnto-it., Wabash, Michigan, Indiana, I'rairie, Calumet,. aud South Park-avs.; oaoh block baa Cfi acres, is tmlncumborod, short UUo; all tho arcane* aro 100(1 wldo. except South Park-ar., which la 160 ft wide; land Is dry, and easy of boocm, located southeast o( Englewood and west of Oornoll. A liberal discount will be made for all cash. This property la (or the first tUno odcrod on tho market. Call at tho oHloo of HENRY J. GOODRICH, KoaUKntato Broker, 126 Doarborn-at., fur particulars, price, and tonus. 771011 HALE-lIKST LOTS AT NORTH EVANSTON, x' Am building 8 stores and 10 houses. Want earpon tors, masons, and painters. O. L. JENKB, 116 la. Ballo-st. F IOR SALK—DREXKE-AV.—ft AGUES CORNER Off ll(ty-«o7ontli-Bt. and Droxol-av. BNYDBR A LEE« M Nixon a Building, northoaib corner Monroo and L»» Bailouts. Fqn SALE—KNQLBWOOD—TIIIIWT AOIIKS ON • between Sixty-seventh and Hixty-nlath* bib. SNYDER d LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeastoos nor of Monroe and LaSallo-sts. OR SALE-SEVERAL CHOICE ACRE TRACTS woitof city limits. In town of Cicero; very cheap. UltO. V. BYRD, 165 LaSallo-gt., Room 11. FOR SALE-COTTAGE, THREE ROOMS AND PIVfl acres Improved land, email orchard, few largo forest trees, ono-half mile from depot at Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, 33miles from Chicago; prloo $626, cash 8100, balance sl3 per month. Otflco days Wednesday. Friday, and Monday. J. KARLE, owner, Rooms, 163 Monroe, noar LaSaifo. . . OR BALE-I WILL OFFER FOR ONE WEEK only a splendid chance to ecouro a suburban homo on easy toms. Homo and lot situated five blocks from LTenatpn depot; lot 65x160, now home, 2 stories, with finished basement; 9 rooms, with bath-room and laundry, hot and cold water, sewerage and gas pipes, marble man tels and grate, aloves and pipe connected, all neatly ar ranged, and ready for uso. Trice, $5,800 ; 91,000 cash, balance on easy terras, or will dtaouont liberally for cash. J. It. FOWLER. Evanston, 111. . T?OR SALE-10 ACRES IN N. E.lf OF BRO. 17, Bs, JL 1 U, being 1 block from the Hfty-flltb-st. Boulevard. Inquire of DREW 4 NEWBURY, Rooms 6 and 9 Bryan Block. FOR SALE-20 ACRES IN THE TOWN OF MAT wood, at $l,?00 per aero, on 10 years' time, with HtUa cash and trade. It ta worth $1,600 per acre on usual term., LULL ,t 11L1.13, in I)a«tlioni-.t. FOR BALE—CORNELL—BLOOKOF 6 ACRES, COR. ner of Boyenty-fourth-»t. and atony I«land-boulo« vard, near Oornoll or Grand Junction; 140 railroad tralna a day. SNYDER Jt LEE, 14 Nixon Cuildimr, aorthoaat cornarMonroo and LaSalle-ata. jr 011 " JRSALE-80ACRKS BEAUTIFUL LAND IN THE northwestM o( Section SO, 88, 14. Tills tract bus frontage of a quarter of a mils on South Ohloago-aT., and the same on aoTonty-nlnth-at. It lloe botwoen tho two rapidly-growing towns of Oornoll and South Chicago, and la but a short distance from Stony Island Boulevard, which Is macadamized to beyond this point. ThaP, A Ft. W. and M. S. R. R. pass near this land. Tonne of salo for “"‘ bdl,l,lon - FOR SALE EVANSTON PROPERTY CHEAP lots, and also a row of tbo boat lots In toms. Several Bailout* In Improved property. H. WHIPPLE, 300 La- For bale-dksirable lots and acre* trnctant Moutroaeat prices affording a margin: no property presents boUor prospects, or enjoys better faolll* ties for oaey, quick, and cbosp access. For particulars apply to REA A C6ATKB, llitf Wa.hlnrlon-.t. POR SALE-LOTS AND BLOCKS AT WEST FORTY* olghtb-at. depot, noar 0. A N. W. oar works.: tbo best Blaoo for Invoatiuont around Cbloago. 0. B. CRAFTS. I LaSallo-st. FOR SALE—IO RAVENBWOOD LOTS AT $lO PER foot, two blocks from Mt. Pleasant Station. Anyono looking for a special bargain on tbo North Bldo will do /?Ui to /snTiV,?fß, lo . l 2; 1188,1 thotu ■losj/ or together. Q. B. ORIM'IN, 133 Madlson-at., comer Clark. For sale-at 'enolewood-a few more of . tlioso half acre blocks (6 lota each) on Fifty-seventh and Flfth-elgbth-sts., $1,600 per block, SSOO por single lot. A. lino chance for a party road/to Invest $1,600, payable Inside of 3 years, Ono block from station, 48 trains nor day, faro 8 oonta. Title perfect, Tboso fuw blocks are a .pkoold ho soon this wook. O. B, QUlbl'lN, 133 Madlson-at., corner Clark. T?OH SALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON, 83 FEET FRONT n* by 150 deep, which front on wldo avenues that aro lined with shade trees, $300: terms, $lO monthly pay* monts or & cash, balance 1, 3, and 3 years: come ana boo imnrovcmenfsend Inducements. ROBERT COMMONS. 142 LaSallo-st., in basement.; • T?OR SALE—THE MANY PARTIES HAVING ONLY > one or two thoosand dollars to lovoat, and who envy largo ouorators tho profits they are making at Washing ton Heights, will do well to sea mo, as I have a lew 4-aore blocks, near Vincennes Slatlon, which I can sell at the ,Brnis Paid for large tracts. G. B. GRIFFIN, 133 Madlson-at,, comor Clark. A 1 levard, noar Palmor-placo. Will snbdlvldo advantage, and retail at largo profit. FRED L. FAKE A 0(5., POR IS THE TIME TO BUT LOTS AT South Englewood, cheap, 6 years’ time. If you will uuild, no money down. We propose graveling streets, lay. Ing sidewalks, and planting trees In front of our proporty. Dome In and aoo idol at our ottloo, 306 LaSallo-st. GIL BBRT, SUMWALT A CALDWELL. u Ull^ FOR SALK—IRVING PARK-3 ACRES ATIRVINQ Park, convenient to depot, will be sold much under tUeruUngMrtcestagroatbargaln. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon summing, northeast corner Monroo and fjyHnno-tta For salk-ouoiok suburban lots on tub Milwaukee Hallway, six miles distant, and twenty minutes’ ride, la Clybourn's Addition to Ravonswood. ihoiu lots are laid out £0x162 feet on 80 foot streets, and will bo sold upon easy tonus, at from SSOO to 9700 per lot. Iho facillllos fur accent to aud from the city—the desir ability of tho land—it being high and thoroughly draluod —the proximity to flrat-olass iniprovomouto, ohnrchea. aohouls, and eocloty. commend this property as the bust at tho prlco now iu the market. Comparison challenged 1 Tho attention of tho Indus, trtoua-tho thrllty—tho cautious—ls called to these lots as sites for homesteads or investments. Call, (or a.printed abstract and plot, npon ROBERT QUEER, M LaSallo-st., Room 9. FOR BALE—O. 4N. W, LOTH BETWEEN CENTRAL lark and O. A N. W. car shops, a non-resident owner, will roll very cheap. Also Roulorard lots, and mUnearlioiilovaril, Froo r do. oars or carrlaao. PULN NEY A LOMBARD, 165 LaHnlfe-et. TTOtt SALE—WASHINGTON IIEIQUTB-20 ACRES X’ north of Morgan Park, and SO acres south of Morgan Park r a so IbO acres in Sop. 8. Bft, 16. near Allehlgan (Ten tralßallrotd. J. D. HARVEY, Real Estate and Loan", 174 LaSalle-*!. * COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. ■HIORBALK—RYU. J. ARNOLD, 99 BAST MADI- J. aon-st. Hot on Harrison, nour Robey; Macro on Madlsoa-st., near Hyman-av. j lot in O. J. 11*11’* subdi vision, near now depot {jots for mechanics on Seymour st,,on Arteilunuv., Wostorn-av., near Grond-av. s lots at Lawndale, lake wator, cheap. • l l * TROirSALE-A FARM Off 160 AGUES, WITH IM . , ln Uelovan, TarowollCo., ill. Tho land REAL ESTATE WANTED# WAN TKD-LOTS IN BLOCK 9OF LOUIS STAVE'S subdivision of Soo. 86. Town 46, N. R. U. Addro« wim prlooaud terms, W 66. Trlbuno oflloo. r0M * MEDICAL. ffil ono F 9 l f. A , C W U . 0F "TAMMERINO OR stuttering that cannot bo cured by DU. HALL, at HO Dearbom-et. MACHINERY. TTtOR SALE-ONE M-HORSB-POWER HOISTING BUSINESS CHANCES. 'A N S« R.^a«. n « SMC'ite; •ffiSgwsyate, syass&p^jas A doppßii MsTir.r.niiT apparatus ron wu.a^s^x , i!s!aa”si(y! a ; 1>,, ,”.* o '. w . AWELtHtSTADLIBIIItD HIT.LIAHD AND SAJI, plq-toqm on the West Bid* for salat doing a good t'tir ng business; will bo sold cheap: good reasons for Mill tig. Adllm.Q M, Tribuna olllcc. A OROOiqjRY, TIN. AND WOODKNWAUK BTORI rw> .W2t. R° 4 *on fop soiling, ownorgolng to Kuropo Apply at 71 Illno Island«ar. ■ AtOhoORRRT AND GLASSWARE STORE FOR Awotfuat location; no, opposition. ‘ Ktl West; A HOTEL; OKNTRAI.Itif LOCATED. NOW DOING ft, a good end profitable .business, for. sale for ftlUMOt halfoash. baiaoee to salt. M. O. DALDWXN A 00., 64 and 86 LaSallo-st.. Room 84. A N J, A £Ji'VKrmiflmnsß man wanted with cash, to Join a gentleman with equal amount J® I “,aot aa Treasurer to take charge of the financial affairs *° f the manufacture of a little patent Srtlolo' that ooste 8 a®?** fnd sells for M dents. A sure fortnno | failure !m- SS*fih>o. Orders on band for 60 gross; Amounting to which oannot be filled for want of above-capital. Hond GO cents for sample, or call and Investigate at » and 67; Room 28, Chicago, Hi. . AMDOINO nousit IN SAN FBANOISOO FOB Bilo. A fln» o antral location. containing 140 momi, wim a welNMtabUflhod bnslnon. For farther information .ad part oalar. addreu a, G. MOXLKY, Real Kitate, No. Pa Moatgomurr-at., Baa Fraaolioo, Cal. APINRANDOOMPtETB STOCK OF MILLINKTIY »nd fancy goods, with the lomo. and stors Ilxtuni, WII ,I ba fola at tow liberal tome i only for ouo wook. In- Qulro of Mr. POLE A SOW. 188 WsaVMadlson.BU- *OUSINRSS INTERESTS SOLD, PARTNERS PRO. aj cored, flntxrato legitimate openings on hand fm 810,0005 worth .InTOsflgaUng. J, E. KIMBALL. 189 Doarbom«st. *DOARDING.nqUBB . AND SALOON FOR SALE, « BastKlS?!mV* e “°' Apply to LoUia MAROEAU, fIONPEOTIONERY AND , NEWS DEPOT FOB West aold; parties going to learo the city. ARRIAOE .SHOP FOB BALE-TWO FORGER. VJ .*wo benches, stock. tool*, and lease of shop, 44 Kl drtago-court. • Ono of iho best stands lo tho ally to do a pioo carriage business. All In oomploto tunning order. n'JK. b !'kbby nf morris to bunt, roasna. V v°? * ,T 2“ Immediately} aplondld ohanco. Would ,r H?J Jolm Siroooo/k Addros* J. W. SlMP buw, Morris, 111. STORE FOB SALK IN A BURINESS OEN- J-/tro; trade good . Call on MCPHERSON 400., Drug, gist Agency, No. 163 East Wasbington-sb. For salb-or kxoiianqe-for heal es. tato and cash j, Splendid floor mill with hones, cow*, and stock, fln# residence, atone mill, engineer's and mil* ■ lo£a houses, and 6 acres of land; $33,000*. . • Dry goods store. lowa, with stock; 810,000. Drug atorq,.Chicago 5 $9,600. Transient hotel and boarding-house; $1,600, Chicago. n Jjwalryato« and watch-maker's bnslnoas; $2,000, lljl* Tobacco, manufactory end olgav business, Ohloago, $16,000. 1 -.With upwards of M others, ranging In amount from $3.000t0 $30,000, aliof which will bo oxheangod formal oa* will boar the strictest Investigation, BOILVIN A 00,, 48 South Olark-et., next Sherman House. TBINIS DRUG STORE} FOR BALE; SMALL OABII SmmwfciTd s™fh Gi.“ k.;‘, rao 1 ->" b «w o *o»v. PIRST-OLABB SAMPLE-ROOM, DOING $1,200 A raontli, for ealo. A bargain. BOILVIN A GO., 43 oonth Olark-st., near Sherman Homo. FOR. FIXTURES: OLD. established; doing a good trade; about $3,000 atook. Apply at43o Madlaon»at. FYOD WANT TO BOY OB TRADE FOR A BUSI n««. call at thn old e.taldl.hod offleo of BOILVIN A ou„ tho Ornrt Wntora Land and Bnalnoa. Ohanco Agonoy, 48 Bourn Clark-st., Cmlosgo. TF YOU WANT TO FIND SOMETHINO ON WHICH xyou can make a fortune, In your own town, wlthsmall capital. callon STONK A SKINNER, 119 Dearborn-sU. Room 5. Patents wanted. STOOK AND STABLE FOR SALE! in oQNt 91 South Watoc-sb. ‘EAT, MARKET FOR SALE, WITH FIXTURES, . • Inquire at 81 Woat Madlson-st. OPIIWS^£J?0 PI IWS^£J?‘ BTAND . F° R SALE. INQUIRE AT T? ARE BUSINESS OHANOE-FOR SALE-IN ONE Afc of the largest and moat nctlvo towns on the 1. O. It. H. Acholoo drug stock andbuslnosa; valns, $7,000. Fixtures are owned by landlord and not Included In etoek. Terms cash or with approved paper, reasonable time on part. The owner la engaging In another and largerbualnoM. roqnlrlujfall his time and capital. For particulars address J, cam IS. BURNHAM A SON, Wholesale Druggists, 155, 157, and 159 South Canal-ct.! Oblcago, 111. . * ■R ARE QHANOE. BARGAIN, EASY TERMS, RES- Ay. taurant, coffee, and toe eream parlors for sale; 10 lodging rooms attached 5 central locations fortune for a Uto party; call early. J. E. KIMBALL, 126 Doarborn-st. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS 7 run of stone, new engine of ample power In good op* aer; Is In a town of 9,00) people; good local trade; altlp plng facilities, two Eastorn railroads and Mississippi Hlvor. Tonus cosy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER* WOOD, flluscatlno, lowa. OTBAM SAW MILL FOR SALB, CHEAP, AND O upon time. An undivided half lotorcit in one of the 5 r P’Zi wst limit* la panada, containing onwards of M,OOO acres of pino and otbor valuable timber.- There has bven erected and now in foil operation, a steam saw-mill. This property U situated near the Sault-Salnt Mario, and on a nnit-claiß harbor. For foil particulars apply for a BHOISrf&S Iloom 609 Bbormaa THOMAS CALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOR SALB. p ,Good location; low rent, and Byears' lease. Address D 40. Tribune office. mRANSIBNT HOTEL AND BOARDING HOUBB, X well situated near to two railway stations, doing a Rood business, and taking over £BOO a week, at small expense, for sate at a bargain. BOILVIN A CO.. 48 North Olark-st, < rpHB FINEST INVENTION EVER OFFERED, AND X ' one that will bo patronised by all railway and street - c6.?«°sr n lhCl. a rk b .‘t rg,>1 ° ; P*U’“to(l TXT ANTED—TO BUY OR RENT-A MEAT MARKET T T and fixtures, and tease, with room to pack moat. BOILVIN & CO.. 48 South (fisrk-at. Utn V HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A SPLENDID NEW OBOOERY OR EXPRESS ,<*c*P. Applj to Mr. TOWERS, 106 pouth Olintoa-st. * A LL , p ¥u ß ? o .^ B max as well know that rfxnow is their time to sell their sooend-band baggies and light wagons, and the place la 861 Htate-sU. sale stable* or horses, buggies, and harness. BRADLEY A WILLS. BASSETT'S b6aRDINO STABLES, 10 AND 21 Harmon-oourt, have the best of accommodations for boarding horses; horse* kept on first and second floors. TPOR SALE—OARKIAOBS, BUGGIES, PHAETONS. X' 010. A groat variety from first-class makers at tea. BRADLEY o*' 0 *' at m 866 Wcst Randolph-*t. O. L. TOOR SALE—A'DAPPLE GRAYaiIORSE, LONG JJ mane and tall, 16>f bands high. 5 years old: can show a good 3 minutes gait; lady or child can driveblm. Also, buck board road wagon, and harness. Tho horss cannot bo out-styled. A. N. HANKINSON. 44 and 46 Woat Adams-st. • FOR SALE-AGOOD DRAUGHT-HORSE, 6 YEARS old. works double or sluglo. Apply at 233 West liar rison-su TPOR SALE—OR TRADE—HORSE, TOP BUGGY. X 1 and harness. Horae the gentlest and best driver for horse in iba city. Con trot in 8:30. OiliyrKNDON'S, roar of IMO Wabasb-av. Fob sale-a 6-yeab old maub and bdsi ness buggy and harness, or will trade for groceries, or lot on West ffldo. Apply at 679 West Twelfth-»t. ?OB SALE—LIGHT YAOHT-BODY ROAD ' wagon, nearly new, to bo seen before Ba. to., and tier 7 p. tn., at 714 Wabasb-av. FOR tiALE-A LIGHT BUGGY. I-RIOE (60; ALSO _ light express wagon, price 476, at sooond barn south ot Tweoty-tmrd-at., In alley west of Wabasb-av. F)U SALE-SEVERAL SECOND-HAND BUGGIES; •M-two doctor's phaetons, at Garden City Carriage work*, 731 apd733 6tate-st. F>R SALE—HORSES—ONE LARGE PAIR STYL- Ub dapple grays, ouopalr mahogan/bay mares, oao pair chestnut sorrels, and one family horse that In a No. I lacldla and harness bone, and can bo bandied by women ami children. GEORGE H. WEST, Wheeler A Cook's stables, corner Mlohlgaa-av. and Monroe-st. Good paStubb fob houses and oaitsb at the well-known 480-Aoro Pasture llouao of John A. Brounitom, on tho North Uranoh, IWmUos west of Grace land; part heavily Umbered, securing sbado and never failing water. Crippled hones will bo attended by a practical veterinary, free, and stabled nights. Leave orders at 165 West Lako-st.. or at HOFFMAN'S Livery Stable, 13 North Cllnton-st. Horses will bo taken oat free of charge, rtIt.NUINIt BOSTON BLADU CARRIAGES AT 523 VX and 224 West Washlngtou-st.; no humbug. Also cheaper grades at very low flgnros for cash. 0.0 TO HATHAWAY'S, OOU STATB-ST,, TO BUY vX any kind of a light wagon or boggy; everything loss than ills worth. * ■CTAVETHB DEMAND FOR AND OAN BELL ANY XX amount of guud driving horses for oash, at 261 State sty sale stables of bones, bugglos, and harness. BRAD* LEV A WILLS. JR. BROOKMAN, 190 TWENTY-BUCJONDST., • cornorof State, has for sale oneOlaranco carriage, toam, and harness; also open and top buggies, phaetons, Concords, Ao,; carriages and bugglos to rent with or without horses. SIX HOBBES FOB KAMI CHEAP: ONE GOOD boggy horse for S4O. To be aeon at 747 West Madison. QPLKNDID ASSORTMENT OF OARRIAQES. BUG* Ogles, phaetons, rookaways, aldo-soaU. Ao.. Ao.,at low prices. 827 Stato-st., near Harrison. P. L. SMITH. WANTKD-1M TEAMS ON THE GREAT WESTERN if* R, R. of Canada to work on sesapers, grading of double track, between Chatham and Glencoe, $9 pur day payable In gold, and transportation furnished to the work. Apply at Room No. 4, 411 Waba»h-av., Chicago. TjfX BUY HORSE, HARNESS. AND TT phaeton, by Dr. PEARSON, corner Dosplamos and Klaxlo-sle., between 1 amTU o'clock. ■WANTED —TO PURCHASE A GOOD BUGGY vr hurso and harness; witl trade purchase-money notes at short date for same, 13d North Wood-st., near Union Park. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND-HAND PATENT hub grocer wagon, with or without cover. Call or address No. JP3 South Olark-at. *WAWfkD-ANY ONE HAVING A GOOD TRUCK, TT that will carry three Urns, call on 11. LISSBEIIQP.iI A CO., corner Clinton and Jaokson-sts. WANTKD-TO BUY-A LIGHT STYLISH TOP TT buggy, secondhand, cheap for cash. Address Q 81, Tribune ofllce. WANTED-ENGLISH OR AMERICAN LABORERS TT to work forme at Hlghwoodj one-half o{ub, one-half roal estate; only gentlemanly men, with clean clothes, need apply, drinking, lasy, dirty men. of no reference. vi.m< ie»o >uu. if, AbULiiy uuiiia. a» uaiu.-«. BOARDING AND DODGING. J C (jV ‘SodthSldd. • p paßk.r6w-furbished rooms to rent, O with board. . „ ..* 1 A. KLOUIDOR.COURT-.DKamADRE ROOMS, a~\ 2".° dquhloand one single, famished or unfurnish ed ;AI day board if required. ■ .AT. EIOnTEENTIfST.—GOOD HOARD AND NICE roomst also* four day boarders can boaooommo* dated.) „• , A-O 1 IIUDnARD.OOURT - NEW . HOARDING jFV Jjsoao* flrat«olaiß board with rooma.Q4toft6.6o par weolt rtlthnso of plaho; day board Q4. y . An. AND 49 lIUnUARD-COURT - FURNISHED I moms, with or without board. Day hoarders ac commodated. < > • RO VINOENNRB-AV.—FRONT ALOOVXC ROOM, M.T / . t,nrn . rn ' , ‘ l( oioapb oarpbbiono furnished room, with board i modern booso. 1 nq BI.LTB AV^—PARTIES WISHING A BPI.EN. Avu did room, with board, can 11ml It nt this ml grass;,onoblock from steam, and ouo from borsooara. Reference required, 11 p.AND 130 TIIIRD-AV.—A FEW NICELY FUR. •A JAJI milled rooms for Kontlomon and wires and single mon; also, first-class day hoard. lAV OALUMET-AV.-TWO ELEGANTLY FUR. nlshodroomg. and board, with a prlrato family. OfiS MipillpAN-AV.—PLEASANT, WELL FUR. OU nlshqd front rdom, with board, for Single gou tlomad, In quiet family, Room for dayooardor. qbn WABAsn-AV.-nooMB to rent, with, hrstHJlnss board, aultabio for gentlemen and iholr wires; also day boarders accommodated. ■ Qpd. WABABILAV.—GENTLEMEN”AND THEIR DUJ; families wishing largo pleasant rooms, with board,'can boaoeommodated. Also, a fow day boarders can be accommodated.- - • 499 p.° UT r it DRAUBOnN-BT. (UUnNSIDBh Bit -- -y. twoon TWoilty-nlnth and Thirtieth-ms Anlco. pnooriul family nolo), oioollnnt table and oxooodlnsly lowprlooaj furniture nowtalnglo rooma 90 per nook. KQO WABABII-AV. .AND UABMON-OOUBT. K}£i\j Rooms and board la private family; , • 624? ..ABASH-AV,-ROOMS TO RKIHT, KUR nishod or uolurhlihod, wither without board, or for honaekooplpft. K9Q WAUABH*AV.-ELEGANTLY FURNISHED y~p rooms to rent, with or without board 5 a fow day boarders wanted. fi/tn WABABH.AV.-A NIOBFURNISIIKD FRONT C/ xyroom; also, a single room, In a prlrato bousosgoou board! homo comforts considered before stylo. Tonus toasoaablo. • • • KQ7, WABASH*AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH board, for married couples; also, double room for throe or four. Terms, $6 per wook. C 79 WAIIASU-AV. THREE UNFURNISHED U I £t rooms, on salto, If desired, with flrst-claas board: references required and giron. nAC\ AND74B MIOUIGAN-AV., NEAR TWENTY -fi*2°2.“*!V,,i. oon ?P nlo P t °ara and omnibus linos to all parts of the olty, doilrablo rooms, with llr«to class board. Day boardora accommodated. Rofcronoos. RR7 WABABII-AV.- ROOMS FDRNIBIfnD OB I unfurnished j day bonnier. accommodated. 878 y lttSi BH-A.V—: ROOMS TO BENT, WITH QQJI \TABAaiI-Ay.-A-VEBY, NICE SUITE OP furnished or untarnished, with or without board. 1 House has modorn Improvements. room*, oa aulto or alnglo, with first-class board. Oan aooommodato a tow more table boardora. Rotor oncea given andlrequlrod... 1 - J.VOW Largo, airy, peasant turnlahod rooma, alnglo or on aulto, for tamlllos or single pomona; house haa all the modern Improvements; location tho finoat in tho city; livery and boarding stable in the roar. Oan aooomraodalo several day boarders. West Sldo. O A bishop-court, 2D door prom madison* at.—l largo, finely famished front room; also two other largo, pleasant rooms, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gent*; flnt-olass board 1 house pleasant In all respects. 9ft~ABBRDEEN.BT.-THR FINEST ACCOM MOD A lions in tho olty; every summer comfort; an ologaut homo; terms from $7; accommodations during Jubilee. A A SOUTH MOROAN-ST., NEAR WASHINGTON !Two very desirable, cool, pleasant nud nicely fur nlshod rooms with unoxcoptlonabfe board. A 7 SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-TWO VERY NICE UN x|| furnished rooms to rent, with board, to penile man and wife: good references required: no other board* ora. NORTH FKOBIA-ST.-A FEW NICE BOARD wU ors accommodated In private family, at $1.50 per wook.! 79 SOUTH MORQAN-BT.—ONE WELL FUR* I nlshod front room, with board; also, single room, i orma reasonable. Day boarders accommodated. HI ABKRpHBN.ST.TWO GENTLEMEN AND t/A their wlvoa, or single gontlonion, can bo acoommo* dated with rooms and board. Terms reasonable; barn to rent. ; 1 Q J -WARREN-AV., CORNER WOOD-RT.-ONE J-w X mom suitable for young married couple, or two young gents or young ladles; ball bod room fur ono gent, 'fablesuperior, terms moderate. Homo, location, and surroundings mako this a most delightful summer homo. ICC OENTRE-AV.—BOARD AND ROOM, ' UN JI.OU. furnished, for gontlonisn and wife, sl4 pot week. Single gontlomon or ladies, $6 per wook, rooma furnished.. 1 Q A WEST MADISON-ST.-LARGB FRONT ROOM. A.O X furnished, also furnished rooms for cents, with or without hoard. Day or week board. A A 7 WEST LAKK-BT.. NEAR UNION PARK-A ram 4 largo parlor, with sleeping-mom, for two gentle* men or a small family, with or without first-class board; brick house with all modorn Improvement*; private fam- ClI MADISON-ST.—THE BISHOP-COURT HOTEL, located In tho very contro of Chicago, botwcou Union and Jcflurson Parks (ported gems of art), ismmly iurnubod. reopened on Juno 1. 'iho lucatlon as a sum mer resort is unsurpassed la tho West. Tho house in beauty of architecture and comfort as a family hotel Is unoqunloa In Chicago. Special pains will ba taken to malm the tablo ono of the liratin tho city. Tho houso Is under now management entirely. Oars and ’buses pass every two minutes. Price, 92.50 porday. M. D.MAOK. QQ/\ WEST WAUIIINQTON-ST. PLEASANT Ot/U front rooms, best In tho city for tho prlco, with flrat-olass coavonlonclos; tnblo board oan bo had. ft! 7 WEST MONROB-ST.-A PLEASANT ROOM, t-IX I with atcovo, suitable) for man and wife, with board. CO/! WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—A FURNISHED front room, and first-class board and all modern Improvements. , TOUNBTONB HOUSE-114 AND 115 WEST MADI tI son-st.; everything first-classsterms, $3 per day: table-board, $5 per week. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, CORNER DESPLAINES and Wasblngton-sts.—Will board merchants and book keepers, etc., at £8 to $9 per week. Day board,jß4.6Q. North Side. mSEDGWIOK-ST., NEAR DIVIBION-FUR nlsbed roams, with board, tbroo minutes' walk of the cant. Country* Three rooms on second floor, furnish ed or unfurnished, to rant, with board, in Kvauaton. Address Post-Otlleo UoxSOOl, Evanston. BOARD WANTED. ■nOARD-BY TWO YOUNG LADIES, IN A NICE JJ quiet place; no references exchanged. Address atonoo. stating location and terms, QB.l. Tribune ottico. EOSX AND FOUND. T OST-826 REWARD-LAST EVENING AT TUB JLi jnblloo, lady's enameled gold watch, marked M. E. M. binder ploaso return to 18 Oontro-av., and sot re ward. • • T OST-IF D. P. 8., WHO TOOK BY MISTAKE MY XJ valise from the oar on M. O. R. R. Wednesday even ing. will return the same to me, at tho office of O. E, liolmw. 69 South Ullnfon-st., ho con havo hi* own in ro turn. N. W. WEBBER. T OST-A POCKET-BOOK CONTAINING $47 IN XJ currency, and ebook for SK6, and notes for 87,000; the tinder can keep tho currency If ho will return tho balance to Tribune office. EDWIN NIOKLSQN. Lost-one set of plans for two houses to bo bnllt for Mr. Baldwin. Any one returning them to my shop, on Twonty-thlrd-st., near State, will bo liberally rewarded. J. B. BWKATT. TPOUNp—ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, ON WEST A Handolph-sty a nookot-book containing money. Ap ply at 77 North lunzle-st., prove property, and pay fur this advertisement. CTRAYKD—FROM THE CORNER OF HALSTED kJ and Matbor-ats.. Saturday oveulug May 81. at U o clock p. m., a light bay horse, 6 years old, with two white spot* under the saddle and two wind-galls on hind legs, a Iwo-whoplod gig, painted black, and harness. Tho finder will be liberally rewarded by returning him to the ownor, DAVID HALLANIN, 299 Seoond-st. QTOLKN-460 REWARD FOR THE RETURN OF O my two roan horses, stolen May 89; ono light, tbs other dark color; weigh 1,200 lbs each; dark roan blind la loft eye: light man has white stripe in forehead, bath about 15 hands high. L. R. STILUS, 283 Hast Madla»n-st. STRAYED— ON SUNDAY MORNING, A DAY inaro, 14>f hands high, 2 white saddle spots, and a small bunch on the left flank. Anybody returning the same will bo liberally rewarded. OHAS. JONAS, 009 Stato-st. ' GTRAYBD OR STOLEN-FROM NO. f3d WEST O Waabiotfton-st., a stylish brown hone, 111 hands high; baa on nose bailor with chain attached. Any ono return* lug tho same will be suitably rewarded. STRAYED-LAST NIGHT FROM CORNER OF Elghloonth-st. and ludiana-av., a targe bay horse; the Under will bo rewarded by bringing him to <u State st., orleavlng word where ho may be found. o*l A REWARD—FOR RETURN OF ONBLAKGB. «pJ.U purple pojkethook, marked 0. M. 0. on cover, containing papers of no value except to owner. lost on the night of the 4th of June, at tho entrance of MoVlok ur's Theatre. The above reward will ho paid and no (lues- Ilona asked by returning It to J. O. HOWARD, otiicoof Our Fireside friend, corner Sixteenth ond Ktnte-als. SEWING MACHINES. AGUOVKUAIUKER LATE FAMILY MACHINE, in perfect order, for s2ss cost $65. Also, one full cabinet mahogany Into family olngor, inlaid with pearl, for S7B; cost #l6O. Alio several Improved Singers at half usual price. iCia East Indlaua-st., near Rush. A S9O WfiEELKR A WILSON. IMPROVED FEED sowing machine, cabinet case, n.mrly now, in per footordor; price, sl».ltealdouoo T KlgUtoontb at. TpOU SALE —FIFTY SEWING MACHINES AT X 1 lees than half price; all in good order. Must ho sold tills week. Also a good horse lor sale cheap at 411 West aladiaun-st. /"i ROVER A BAKER'S SEWING-MACHINES—GEN. \X oral uttioe, ISO; branch otilou, 973 Wabash av. Persons having old Grover A Baker sowing-machines ore invited to call and sue the now improvements, and hear something to their advantage. rplIK NEW FLORENCE SEWING MAOIIINE-WE X call special attention to recent Improvements mailo la tho Florouoo, also to tiio nowaad ologant styles of oases added to our Hit. To moot tho views of those preferring n machine feeding tho work away from tho operator, wo have mado No*. 13 and 11, which combine tho desirable features to bo fuuud in machines made by others, with all the peculiar excellencies of tho Florence. W.M. 11. SHARP A CO., General Agents, 25-1 Htato-st., Chicago, W~H EELKR.k WILSON SEW ING-M AC HI NEsTT! IE new Unproved, »old or rented on easy monthly pay. mentx. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, oilloo 1M Stato-st. « d*-| A WORTH OF ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY «PXU to every person purchasing u sowing machine at 2M Htato-st. PERSONAL. IJEBSONAI,-!). B. NIOKEBSON, OB NIOHOISONi X Did not set your letter Ultimo. Will bo at Kuhn's Hotel Friday afternoon, 5 o'clock. If you cannot bo there, addrcsshOWLEß. Trllmnnmhoo. WANTED—MALE HELP. Booldcoopftra. Gloried, Etc. W’ANrKD-DIUJGamT, AT mo west indiana- WANTKD-A nOOKKKKPBB WHO HAS HAD »F tome -Oipotlonco In the commission business, live* •t homo, { «rlll ng to work cheap | aUto prloo. Address Q 46,.Tribune ollluo. ’ , WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED GROCER, TO Ukaorder* and deliver goods. Apply at MQTwonty aooomi-at. ‘ , Trndds. TyANTED-A FIRBT-OLAB3 OARRIAOE.TRIM. A^i. m dsig^<:&i^CT ,w,k - A< “ ire,j bootu WANTEO-nOSEWOOD aRAINIiIIS TO WOIIK JI.. on nano but Rood workmen need apply. BOYD A HILL, corner b ranklla and Tylor«ata. • . WANTED— FIRST-CLANS BOOT-FITTUR AND ' maker, to tnko charge of shop in the country (inko shore town). Apply at O. H. RICHARDSON 4 00, 128 Franklln-»t., Chicago, between lo and 13 a. m., Friday and Saturday. ' ANTED—A BLACKSMITH, AT 671 AROUER-AVi WANTED— TO BOOKBINDERB-A MAN TO TAKE charge of a blank book and Joh-blndcry. A lint class man uan have a permanent situation and the highest wages. Address at tmoo I*. O, Box 663, Urbana, 111. WANTKU-AT 713 AROIIER-AV., A GOOD FLOOR. J T man to drlvo shavo j steady Job given. MALONE St OLEKSON. WANTED - 551N0 SPINNERS TO GO IN THE country. Apply to J. IT. MoNAMEB, 38 and 40 Lako-at. 'ANTED-A PHOTOGRAPH OPERATOR. DM quire at No. 79 Blue laland-av, O. J. BEST. TyANTED— A FIRST-CLASS BARBER, NO OTHER VT nood apply, at 101 northwest corner Mouroo and’ State-ats. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS TAILOR TO OUT, a . nt * J»otT If nocoßsnn'. fur tho country. Apply to FOREMAN A FRIEULANDEU, 264 Madlson-st. ■yy ANTED—PAINTERS. CALL AT .016 MICUIGAN. WANTRD-AN OLDISH MAN TO RUN A SMALL engine and attend walking machines; must come well recommended, WILSON’S Grand Central Loun dry, aoHtate-st. • Goaolunon, Toamstors. dfco. WANTRD-A good; reliable man to drive ii wagon fora wholesale house, tako oars of horses, etc.: must have boat of references. Address W 67, Trlb* one office. • Employment Agouoios. WANtRD-100 RAILROAD LABORERS, AND SB oa ri>entors: good wages: froo faro, ami com- E?K HllAffli Hoar Lako-it. \\T ANTED-ICO RAI LUO AD MEN, 10 QUARRY MEN, doU?glto?mT’ Vc °° , ‘ roi “» h “ W ""‘ 1U “- WANTK 1 LABORERS TO WORK ON HAII* - roads, farms, saw-mllls, tlo-choppor*. etc., atgood ™Ao, “Mokate” ffia.*- Al>p ' i, *" •* Miscellaneous. WANTKD-TTVO GOOD JIliN GAN FIND STEADY br “PPW"* at 290 South Olirk-it. i no caimal, but references required. WANTED-TjVKNTY GOOD MEN, TO BELL THIS '’. Novelty Glass-Cutter: host selling artlolo in tho market. J. T. WRIGHT, A6ENT, 180Ulirk-st.. Room 10. WANTED-GOOD BOYS. AT ATLANTIC ANDPA* ouao TEA COM PAN V, IMT d-*t. TWANTED-A PACKER TO PACK FIREWORKS. f f Inquire at 119 Randolph-st. CIIAS. MORRIS. n l)L„. »S R0 * 04 ™ Photographing, None neod apply pxoppt thoso who can giro good roforonco*. 870 Wa uasu-av. WANTKD-A MAN WITH «2,l»0 GASH CAPITAL, *' .J 0 a llr»t-olaes business, either with or without part- WANTED— SEVERAL MEN IN CITY AND COUN try, to soli Prof. Ilonry’o non-explosive compound lor Kerosene. Ono yonng man made 8« in six days. Call audooo our goods. A. RAY, 25 WostLako-st. WANTED-OANVASSERS THAT CAN HANDLE! Tf our goods make from 820 to *6O per week; goodasoll on sight. A. M. RICHARDSON, 146 Madison-st. W ANTE D—W AITli j IS, TO WAIT AT DINNERS _•/ . only, at Bonnolt’u Dining-Room, roar of M South Wator-st. WAITED—MEN—BIGGEST CHANGE EVER OF * T «*°£? (l to mft ko money. A farmar cleared *63 last wouk. Ono young man mado *37 in three daya, abovo all expenses. If yon want to moke money, don’t fall to call at 1)9 East Madlson-at., Room 6. WA NT E D—2 FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT waiters (whlto) at 31 West Lako-st., In basement. WAKTKD-MRN OUT •OF EMPLOYMENT TO aid ca ! on JONES A 00., 71 South Uunal-st., Q3O to BiJawook, suro money. ’ W A Pf}}Pr3}£ WHITE WAITERS, AT BUROKY A MILAN’S restaurant, 107 and 169 East Madlson iu, mule. WANTED—FEMALS HELP. Domostioß. WANTED— ISIMEDIATELY—AN EXPERIENCED, waitress for dining-room; reforoncoa roquirod. 606 WANTE D—TWO GOOD AND COMPETENT GER man girls In prlvato family; ono to cook, wash, and iron; ono lorsooond work; must speak English. 677 Wa bosh-av. TWANTED A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL w r nK 0 H sa .' ror . k , ln a Prlvato family of throo; good wages. Wo. 800 Sodgwlak-Bt., up-ttalra. WANTED-A QOOD~OICRMAN GIRL TO COOK, uiisu and Iron. Liberal wages. Apply at 1)10 Mlohl gftn»ay< WANTED— AT Bl TWENTY-SEOOND-ST., A GIRL to do second work; to ouo that suits tbo Lost of wacos will bo paid. • TyANTED—A GOOD GIRL, TO DO GENERAL IT bouaawork In a small family. Apply at No. 2Ud Darn* sldo-st., near Twentieth. "VVT ANTED—A GERMAN. SWEDE, ENGLISH, Tr bcutob, or American girl* logo to Genova, 111., for thu lummcr, to do general bousowork, Apply at 2CB and 270 East MuilLion-it. * WANTED— GIRL TO. COOK, WASH, AND IRON. References required. 23 Indlana-av., fourth housd south of Thirtoenth-st. WANTED— GOOD KITCHEN GIRL. WASHER, and Ironor, at 1174 I’ralrlo-av. T\TANTKD-AT 330 MICHIQAN-AV., a STRONG, 11 oompotont second girl. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework lu a private family. Gorman or Swed ish preferred. Good wages. Inquire at 38 Slxtoonth-at., corner of Indlana-av. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL, ABOUT SIXTEEN, ii Gorman, Scandinavian. English, nr Scotch, la a small family. Apply otstoro 105 West Polk-st., corner of Clinton. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL i i housework In a private family. Gorman preferred. 108 Carroll-at. WANTED-A GOOD COOK TO OO WITH A FAM ily to Waukegan for tho summer. Apply between 4 and 6 p. m. at Room 133 MaMeson House. WANTED-A GOOD COOK AT 418 MICHIGAN it av. Roferonooa required. WANTED-A GIRL FOR KITCHEN-WORK AT VY 1333 Indlana-av. T. B. KING. W“ ANTED—BARTENDER, AT 1M SOUTH UAL sted-st. WANTED— A SERVANT, ONE THAT CAN COOK, wash, and Iron, in a family of tbreo. Cottage bouso 911 Mlchlgau-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework: GormanorSwode preferred. Apply at No. 19 Willard-placo. WANTED-A STRONG GIRL TO WORK IN boardlog-houso. tinl Slato-st. WANTED— A GIRL TOCOOK, WASH. AND IRON; also a second girl (no Irish), at!l67 Wabasb-av. WANTED— A GOOD GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL, to do general bousowork, at I(HS Wabaahav, WANTBD-A GOOD GIRL FOR SECOND WORK. _l I Call Immediately, at 613 Sllchlgan-av. \\T ANTED—A GOOD COOK AT 1145 MICHIGAN- I I av. A girl who understands her business will liud a good place. WANTED-A GOOD OIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK. Apply at 11 South Snetdon-st. ANTE DININCMtOOM GIRLS. 848 Blue Jslaud-sv. WANTED-NEAT, TIDY GIRL FOR SECOND worn. Apply at 90 Erlo-st. WANTED-A~ FIRST-RATH COOK AND A GOOD smart aecond girl, at 452 West Washlngton-st, WANTED- A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL II boußQWork in a small family. 475 West Harrlson-st. HTAMTUU-A GERMAN OR NORWEGIAN GIRL ?» to do gnnoral housework lu a small private family it 165 South Murgun-st. WANTED-AGOOD GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF children aud sew. Apply at 9tl Aehlaud-av. WANTED— A GIRL TIIAT^CAN - WASH. IRON, boko, and do general housework In a small private family. Call to-day at 855 Wahash-uv. •\V J ANTICb-U6'6l) GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE. I v work, In an American lamlly of six persons: wages $1; at 7113 West Lako at., up-atnlrs. WANTED— ATS&3 WEST JACKSON-ST.—A COM potent girl to do general housuwork, WANTED— GIRL TO Cbi7fv, WASH, AND IRON lor family of four. Hid West Van Bnron-st. IVANTED-TWO GOOD GIRINS FOR KITCHEN ? T work. Apply at bO South Sangamou-it. W" ANTED-ONK DINING-ROOM GIRL. ALSO ONE girl fur second-work In private boarding-house; none except those who understand their business need answer. Apply, with references, at 236 Wnbash-av. Seamstresses, WANTED— A GOOD TAILORICSS; PERMANENT employment, good wages, and homo given to a com petent yuuugglrl. Address W. U. COOIIUANU. Mai u, 111. W' ANTISD-SIX OARPKT-SEWERH, AT THE BURt dick corner Wabaah-av. and Adams at. \\T ANTED—FIRST-CLASH >T other nqod apply. Also llrst-class operators on Grovor A Bakor sowtng-nmohino. UIOKBRTON A JEFFERY. U6 Hast Woshlngton-at. * \Y ANTED -SIIIRT-M AKERS. AT MoART' II Eureka Shirt factory, 60 West Madlsoii-nt. Pinnies. \Y AN ™ D - A WELL-UECOMMKNDRD WOMAN, I F to tako caro and be a good companion to a sick lady, to go tho vountiy. Nonu but really competent ones need apply. 6111 Mtohlgau-av. ,yANT —'ISD—AT loti TWKNTV-FOUUTII-HT. A COM. „• »uno-glrl whu cnu Inlug good roforoucen. Call tills afiortioon. T\r ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED NURSE TO TAKE • I carout an Infant clillil 5 only one child In family; rof* cronota romilrod 5 Dorman or English girl preferred; goud ungoa wilt bo paid a lirtt-olais nurso, Apply Immediate* ly. at fe76>a Imllnua-av. yy £lifioollauoous< TyANTED—TWO I’TRST-OLASS BPINNEUS. AD -11 dro»# Sparta Woolen Mills, Sparta, Wls. WANTED-fiItVERAL LADIES FOR THE CITV, IT und all parts of the country, to soil a toilet article ami rnbhorgnods fur ladles: (huso engaged are doing splendidly. Airs. PALMER, Roem ß, lit WostLsko-et. WANTED—PEMALE HELP. LaundrosHOf. ... . Ttf ANTED—LAUNDRESSES, IMMEDIATOIT/AT 1 -VV._.tha Burdick House, oornor.of. Jfftb»*li-ar...ftml Adama-at. . Eznploymbilt Aconoloa. TU*ANTEI) GERMAN' AND SCANDINAVIAN ,» * ■ glrlsfor private families and hotels, at 80 MUwao* keo-av. |no foes. . . . MTANTED-OLEANERS, 3 CHAMBERMAIDS, 13 .Tv laundry, fetarohem. 4 rinsers, 1 tnaohlno-aowor, ♦ Ironcra. Mra. BALKAM'Hoflleo, 886 Wabash-av. TATANTED —2OO RAILROAD LABORERS AND SAW TT'mill bands; froefaro.- Applyat4o Woatßandolph. at., Room I. SITUATIONS WANTED—MAXiE, Bookkoopors. Olotka. &o. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO k7 can apeak and write English and Oonnan, In aoma lightbuatnoaa, storeorworshouse preferred: willing I a SITUATION WANTED-BOOKB OPENED AND O oloiod, oomplloaled accounts adjusted, polling, copy. 'Trfrmno l °® co work attended• to. ■ • Addrou OM, (SITUATION WANTED -AS BOOKKEEPER, kJ ampping, or receiving clerk | aevon years' exporlenooi jw objections to going out of the city. Address Y 79, Tribune oQloe. SITUATION WANTKD-A8 SIIIPPINQ OB RE °lork, nr any plooo wboto lean make myself Tribune cm n c^ alth ro^on,noo * Address Q 47, S r^™il? N WARTED-AB CLERK} FIUBT-OLAB9 &k^at, maa * and - aoourato at bgurea, G, 830 WosD WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF » -IP tako orders and deliver for a retail urocorr: thrna yoara'experionco. Address QC3. Tribune SSSSr* SITUATION WANTED-BY A » w a Fhpl® B alo or retail storei la a graduate of Phils haaa S<tinwi!f.f 0 ot , p , har Ps* c L with five roars’ experiences SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETANT MAN* in a wholesale house: will tako any position at low wagoaj Good city loforonooa. Addrou N 31, Trlbuoa SITUATION WANTED-AH TRAVELING Uman for some good grocery bouse,*by a party of larra einerlenco In tho trade, and who can furnish wo boat of roioroncos. Address L 46, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—IN THB'oROCERY OR tJ soy other legitimate tmilncss In olttor country, by a mnn of ample experience. First-class roferonoo 00. 7C6 WoatLako-st. * * Trades. CirUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGINEER OP 19 tJyoara 1 experience; understands high and low pressure. Best city references. Addrcse M, 14 North Qroen-st. QITUATION WANTED—BY A DENTIST; REFER kJ onco oxclmnanil. Address, fop three day*, DR. Ry D, U„ St. Charles Holol, 16,17, and 19 01ark*al. ConoHmon, Teamsters. &o. i SKVA T i9s ,^l VAl r? ,III> “4S. COAOIIMAN ET k it . iiv and sobar Dano. Address 0. ANDBRSENJ Hotel Donmark. No*. 7. 9. and 11 Mllwankoo-ar. S lT ih^. i S, l i'.^ ,i T E, J- D . Y ayodno man vrud thoroughly anderatand* tbeoaro of hones, harness. aodMirlagm, AddrimMla, TribnuoomdaT . * STATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, DAND.' o fl?l l J na n « < } l fv r,rlvst ?/ &n,,1 i 5 b well MQualatei olt7t “oJ thoroughly understands tho driving and taking care of hone*. Address Q 86, Tribnno offlcoT Miscellaneous* Sffi££ r 9 N , WANTED-I WISH TO FIND EM ploymont, In lomo country town, for a boy 111 yean of 0 »i ca store or at out-door work, wboro ho could wrr r taxi®tr»w?u anJ ] iaTo & Bood homo. Address WILLIAM JONES, caro of Candor 71, Chicago. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MARRIED U man. from tho East (no family), aa farmar or coach* man; understands Hardening. Good reference. Coun« try preferred, Address D H, Central Hotel, 13 . South wator-st., Chicago. SITUATIONS . WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. CITUATION WANTED-DY AN EXPERIENCED ■on st' t0 Jo couoral housework. Apply at 857 West Jack* QITUATION WANTED-DY A RESPONSIBLE) kjProtostimt Scotch cook, in prlvato family or boardings house. Good references. 886 Wabashav. ~ QITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL,' U to do general housework In a small family: good refer, oncaa given. Call at 434 WostMadison-st. CfrUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS FOR kJ general housework; can furnlah first-class references. Please call for two days rear of 409 East Klnxlo-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO COOK/ O wash and Iron, or to do general housework In a small family. Apply, Friday, at 791 Indlana-av. Nurses. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABLTH tJ woman as wot nnrao; boat of references. Address Q 49, Tribune oiaco. Miscellaneous. QITUATION WANTED—SOMETHING TO DO BY & O woll-oduoatod lady, Quito aluno. Addrosa NOR MANDY, Trlbuno otttco. SITUATION WANTED-A LADY WHO GAN QIVB nrst-olasarcforonco wishes a situation as copyist, o» to write In an office. Address N 20, Trlbuno office. SITUATION: WANTED-DY A GERMAN In fancy dry goods or confectionery; spoaks English; has some axperlenoe; best of city roforeaco. 'Address N 23, Tribune offloo. • TO EXCHANGE. TTIOR EXCHANGE—TREES—AN ORDER FOR -L’ 81,200 to bo dollvorod in Chicago at wbulosalo eurruntt rates, from one of tho finest nurseries. BOILVIN A CO.« 48 South Olark-st. ' To EXCHANGE—TWO VERY DESIRABLE AND extensive estates in oontral .Michigan, one of 1,600 acres,: surrounds handsome lake. 1 fine residence. B tenant houses, largo barns, shops, mill, and steam brick and tile works, 1,000 acres cultivated, abundance of fruits, with stock and tools, 3 miles from city of 9,000; value, SIOO per aero; will be exchanged for large stock of goods oe otherpropoit/j wholoorpart. Also. I.lOOaorß farm, 70J acres improved. 8 tenant houses, extensive barns, water la ojroi7 hold and through bam yards; can divide; will ox» change s.valuo, sWpor aoro. Apply at 29 Tribune Build ing. T' IO BXOHANGB—THE FINEST FRUIT AffD STOOkJ _ farm In Illinois; only 60 mlloa from Chicago: 10,000 bearing applo trees, from which over 18,000 bnabola of oholoo fruit aro taken year)?; ImproTomoata So. Is will exchange for oholoo suburban property In Cook County. property. L. A. GILBERT 4 CO., 1»9 rpo EXCIIANGB-10,000 ACRES COAL AND FARM* X Ing lands Id Osage Co., Kansas; farm of 120 acres la Ilontou 0o.« Mina.: improved farm of 100 acres In Rich* land Co., 111., 8 miles from railroad station for Chicago city property. JAMES A. WHITAKER, 159 LaSallo-aY. r EXCHANGE—AN ELEGANT NBWRESIDENORy near Van Bursn-st. und Aihlandav.. for good build* lug lots; small cash payment* JACOB O. MAO ILL. 81 and 83 South Clark-sf. TO, EXCHANGE—NORWOOD PARK BLOCKS OH lots for QBlnourobnrcd improved property In olty or country towns. 8. E. WELLS, 188 Doarbom-st. mO EXCHANGE—32S,OOO WORTH OF IOWA LANDS X for city or suburban property: will assume somo In* oumbranoo or pay cash. S. W. KROFF, 145 Labslia-st.- Room 14. TO EXOIIANOB-A RAILROAD CONTRACTOR desires to exchange good township bonds for boots, shoes, and clothing, suitable for retail on bis work. Ad* dross O, care J. F. Hardin,-M3.J4 Ollve-st., St. Louis, Mo., T“ O BXOUAKGB-A FISH 600-ACBE STOCK FAEJ? on tho station of a manufacturing town; Una scenery; two hours' ride from tho city, for olty or suburban proper* ty. A. PICK. No. 183 Michlgan-st., corner Dearborn, between 10 ana 13 a. m. • mO EXCHANGE—I6O-AORE FARM (IMPROVEDI X In town of Worth, and on lino of proposed railroad, close to city, for unonoumhorod city or town property apa 33,000 cash, balance on long tlmo. This farm belongs to a party who wishes to loavo tho place to engage in other business. Price, $75 per sort), worth 3100. HILL At BLISS, 04 Doarborn-st. mo EXCHANGE—2O ACRES LYING BETWEEN X Austin Northwestern car shops and new town on At* UntloX Pacific Railroad: a good pfooo to subdivide; will tako lot worth $3,000 to jftS.OUO: j2,600 cash, balance on longtime, to trade on cash basis. HILT, J- BLISS, M Doarborn-st. mo EXCHANGE-FINE RESIDENCE AND 11 X acres of ground In (bo city of Aurora; will exchange at its cash value for Chicago property, improved or tmlm* £ roved, and pay some cash or assume incumbrance. J. T* lATTUKWS A CO., northeast oornorLaSallo and Mad* laon-sU., in OlUrens* Bank. ■ a 10EXCHANGE-ANEWGOTHIO HOUSE. EIGHT . rooms, lasldo blinds, lot COzUS, at Wicker Park, noa« North and Mllwaukuo-avs,. for a vacant lot. O. B HQLMEB <t CO., 71 Doarborn-st. TITANTED-TO PUUOHABE-A HORSE, BUGGY, TY andbanicMjwlllpaycashortradoagoodlot, BOIL* VIN A CO., 48 South Olark-st. WANTED-TO PURCHASE—A SMALL CIGAR stock and Accra: Also, some stationery,'or will trada a good lot. BOILVIW A CO., 43 Sooth darkest. WANTED-TO RXOHANGK-A MELODION ORA Ir - Arsl-clssi gold watch for a buggy horso. BOILVIfs A 00., <8 South Olark-at. WNTED-TO EXCHANGE—FOR FURNITURE,' piano, oarpola, do., 3 tots In Omaha, Neb., and 9 lots In Plonnsoaton, Kao. Apply Room 21 Matron polltnn Block, I. W» WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—A NEW BRICK AND stouo building almost completed, in thu City of OU tavra, ’Kan., for stock of drygoods. Building 6 25x65 1 store-room below, aud five (5) oiiico-rooms above. Local* ed In tho boat business block in tho city. Will trade for » TXT ANTED—TO TRADE FORA STOCK OF DRY* TT goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boot* ondshoos, and furniture, 8 farms In Mason County, 111., all uuder a good state of cultivation, near market and railroad—one farm of 116 acres, one of 211 acres, and ons oflKwaore** Also a lino now dwelling house and 3 lota la tho City of Peoria, 111., with all modem Improvements, Tho titles are perfect. All worth $60,000 cash. Will trade part oral!. Address Bor 1113. Peoria, 111. FOR SALE. fIANAL-BOAT FOR SALE-TUB UNDIVIDED \J half of a good boat and team for tho small sum of $650. Will take good paper of ninety days, with Interest. Apply ot WII.LDt A HERRING'S Law Otlloo, No. 119 Madlson-st., Room 10. TROR BALK-SALOON FIXTURES AND HOUSE* JU hold furnlturo at 23 Wosson-st. TROR SALE-TICKET TOST. PAUL, MINN. APPL! J? to Cashier, Trlbnno oflice. TROR HALE-AN IRON GARDEN ROLLER: GOOD J? asuew, cheap, Call at A. V. PUTS A 60.. It North Jelferson-st. * FOR SALK-S2.WKI CASH-STEAM CANAL RTONIft propeller, looomplato running order. A. MoKIRDYi ail South w', or O. BAY, 683 North Clark-si * TROR BALK-CHEAP, TWO SECONDHANDSODA* 1’ water apparatus, lu good order, ntSUMarket-at., aoo* oud Hear. * FOII HAIiK-A riUST-OLASR TICKET TO BUFFA 10. via Michigan boutluru Railroad, at a largo dl*. count; good uulU June B. Inquire at store bid Boar* bom-st. “ONR RAILROAD TICKET TO LIN* Inquire of CASHIER, Tribune oifloo. coin, Nob. Fpu salk—Cheap, a good wood-haw, wit# horse-power, at corner Indlana-av. and Thirteenth's!* ■fjlOß BALI2-A FIRST-CLASS TIOKKT TO OINOIN* KULLUfII IMP> laqu,ro uIU Uadiaoa-st. QUO; F)H SALE-TICKET TO CINCINNATI. INQUIRI at drug store Lake and IlaUted-sU.

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