Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 7, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 7, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. THE SARATOGA OF THE WEST. CUTLER HOUSE, AP W. C. SHELDON’S MAGPTIC MINER!] ‘ SPRINGS AP BATHING ESTABLISHMENT, haven, js^niaHna-A-isr -33. P. STATER, Proprietor. This Summer Beaort is open for the season with the best Mineral Water In the State. Pishing, Surf Bathing, and Boating, &0., malco its attrac tions unequaled. , . I T.ATUES’ GOODS. Chas. Crossage Co 106, 108, 110 STATB-ST. An elegant stock of Batiste Embroidered Polonaise,Camel’s Hair Polonaise, Grenadine Pol onaise, Black and Colored Silk Suits, Striped Silk Suits, Black Cashmere Talmas and Dolmans, Embroidered do., Lace Sacques and Shawls, India Cornel’s Hair Shawls, and a very fall stock of all the leading styles of this season, at “LOWEST EATES." CARRIAGES. BREWSTER & GO., OF BROOME-ST., WAItEKOOMS, Fifth-av., cor, Fourteenth-st, 3STBW YOEK. Elegant Carriages, In all the fashionable varieties, from original designs of our own and tho boat stylos of Paris and London, exquis itely finished In all Sllk-Satln*, French Morocco, and the finest Broadcloths. Special attention is called to tho fact that every Carriage offered In our Warorooms Is the pro duction of our well known BROOME-ST. FACTO itY» and- equal. In every respect, to thoao built to tho order of 'tho most valued customer. In addition to our stock of tho LARGER vehicles, wo offer a complete assortment of ROAD WAGONS, with and wlthont.tops, IN ALL WEIGHTS, for PLEASURE DRIVING OB SPEEDING, embracing In their construc tion tbo various Improvements Introduced by us during tho paet fifteen years, and which have mado tho “BREWSTER WAGON” The Standard for Quality. OUR PRICES BEING FIXED AND UNIFORM TO ALL, orders by moll have equal advantages with those placed In person. To prevent confusion, tho public will please remember that we are not connected with a Joint Stock Company of Carriage Dealors now seeking to share our reputation by adopting a firm aaruo similar to our own. BREWSTER & CO., OF BEOOME-ST. Warerooms, rifth-av., oor. Foniteenth-st, RUBBER GOODS. E. B. PRESTON, ISS LAkE-ST. a RUBBER GARDEN HOSE and Fixtures, Gloves. Spittoons, Door Mata, Sheeting, Boots, Bolting, Packing, It., Aa. All kind* Rubber Goods. WANTED. PARTNER WANTED, In an established manufacturing house. Profits largo. Goods in the building line. $2,000 increased capital wanted to meet de mand for extra contracts. Goods staple. A rare chance to obtain an interest in a proc ttoal business. Address 100, Tribune office. X”VTANTED-AGBNTS--F J l°;t I 870 | I ■ M I to $260 pop month, overyv/here, to Mil one . Bla B of tho moit useful article ever Invented, j in every family. Bond for Clrou* 1 f f Ur. AilUrc. , BROOMD4CO i . 167 State-at., Chicago, 111. [ Partner Wanted. In a well-established Wholesale Grocery llonaeln Chicago, tollable party, with *26,000 to 850,000. oan seenrea de. sirablo business and Ihvestment. Address, wlUxtefev Snces! WIIOLBHALWOBOGKiI, Tribune olrfet. IRON BEDSTEADS. Iron Bedsteads AND CHILDREN'S CRIBS,’ At Van Duren and Dogplalnefl-»U. Paolory, 436 BeOg vJck-»t. Dealers mpplkd. SUMMER RESORT. JEWELRY. fio. JEWELRY HOUSE ROOM & Are now permanently located in their superb Jewelry Palace, with an une qualed stock of the choicest Novelties in FINE WATCHES & DIAMONDS, the latest and moat elegant designs in STEELING SHYER and Silver- Plated Goods, exquisite Jewelry, and everything to be round in a first-olass Jewelry Store. The policy of this house is to offer the very best goods always below the market price, and make every article just as represent ed. Their Store is one of the most notable places which should be seen by every one visiting Chicago. RODDIN & HAMILTON, 99 STATE-ST., cor. WaslstflD. STATIONERY. BOOKS, &o EMERSON & STOTT, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN STATIOffiRY, eon, and MUSIC. CEOaUBT. BEST LIST IN THE 0117. S3© WEST MADISON-ST. J. STOTT, lato with Wcatom Nows 00. Blank Books Of any also or pattern, mado to order by CULVER, PAGE, HOYIE & CO, 118 and 120 Monroe-st. BUSINESS CHANCE. TO IMUFACTURERS We have a $24,000 manufacturing establishment in Chicago, finely lo cated, and everything in the boat re pair; has a largo city and country trade which has taken many years to establish, and on account of tho poor health of the owners ore obliged to sell. To parties desiring to engage in this kind of business this is on op portunity seldom offered; 45 per cent has been the annual profits dur ing the last eight years. City real estate will be taken in part payment. E’er particulars apply to W. D. KBKPOOT & CO., 90 East Washington-st. REMOVAL. HOFFMAM & AMBERG’S LIVEHY AND BOARDING STABLE, 168.& 168 Want Washington-lit. Oar Uvary Stock and SUblo baa oo equal ip Chicago. Ogden, Sheldon & Go. Hava removed their Offloo to OGDEN BUILDING, southwest corner of Lake and Olark-nta., second floor. CLOTHES WRINGER. THE ‘‘PROVIDENCE CLOTHES WRINGER Hu tho Manilas Roll. Motol Joumol Dl.lui. Adliutalil. Ourrwl OI»mp, lloebb Spiral Ow. Look Üboloni So,- lag an inferior article. S. U. 4 B. *• II A A DENNISON’S PATENT Ann SHIPPING TAGS. ftWSSLfSKiS L ivw Companies usolhsm. Hull! by I*rlnler. uud Slulleeere Everywhere TH-B OF HAMILTON REMOVALS. SHIPPING TAGS. WATCHES. KEI AND STEM-WINMNO WALTHAM WATCHES ! FOE GENTLEMEN. Also, some small lino WALTHAM WATCHES ! FOB LADIES, in Plain and Dooo- rated Cases. WALTHAM WATCHES! FOB Railway Engineers. The best Watch for the purpose in tho market. N. MATSON & CO., Jewelers ai fcsmtlis,. STATE AND MONEOE-STS. BANKING. ILLINOIS H ail Samis B-AJSTKZ- Oapital. $500,000 DIRECTORS: W. P. COOLBAUGU, Du. N. 8. DAVIS, T. M. AVISRY. ISAAC WAIXAL, O. M. LINDOUREN, JNO. ii. DRAKE. ANSON STAGBIC 11. 0. POWERS, J. MoORKOOR ADAMS. L. H. SIDWAY, ORO. BTURGRS, JNO. .McOAFFRRY, WM. XL MITCHELL, JOHN DeKOVEN, oTw. potter. OFFICERS: L. B. SIDWAY, President. JNO.B.DRAKn.MV-Proat H. O. POWERS, V-Prue't, JAS. 8. GIBUS, Oaahler. Will open for buslnou on the 2d day of Juno. 1873, in (ho building formerly occupied by tbo Union National Bank, NOS. 273 & 275 MADISON-ST., (CORNER OF MAEKET-ST.) CHICAGO, IXiXj. Will reoelvo Saving* DopoilU and par Interest oo tho tamo at tbo rate of 6 per oont par annum, as provided la It* Hr* Laws. Will rooolve and sxeonto trusts, and invest money for Individual*, Batata, Corporation*, and Soolo tlon. Will loan mono/ on Bond* and Mortgages, Cash Oollatorali, and otbor good Hoourltloa, giving proforonoo, however, to porson* oi email moans who aro doiirou* of euouriog homo*; and will soil Exchange on tho principal ottlo* of this Country, Kuropo, and tho Canada*, andluuo Travelers’Letters of Credit. __ lL _ Thi* Bank has boon organized as a STRICTLY TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK, and will transact only such busi nos* a* is directly connected with tho receipt and care of TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, and will ho a* liberal In Its tmalne** transaction* aa la consilient with a sound and ooDiorvattvo policy and permanent safety. Depositor* desiring to do so, can have latter* addressed to them in caco of the Bank, and on their request thoao letters will be forwarded to any other Peat Office. They may also apply to tho Cashier for any Information on matter* of business, or to'bave letters carefully addressed and forwarded. . . , . Special arrangements have been mado for a LADIES’ BUSINESS DEPARTMENT, in A neatly furalabod room, with dressing room attached, and separate from tho gen* .oral business room, entrance to which Is from Market Tboßank will bo open for tho transaction of business from 10a. m.to4p.m., and on Saturday Evenings from ft to 6. BANKING HOUSE OF LIT, PRESTON & KEAN, SOUTH BEDE, j WEST BIDE, 157 and 159 Lasall6-st, Icon Hoisted & MlpM. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Bank of Discount and Deposit. Cortiflaatos of Deposit bearing Interest. Collections mado on liberal terms. Advanoos on Governments and Gold at low rates of interest. Gold Exchange. Foreign Exchange. Let ters of Credit. Also, deal in first-class soouritloa. lOHUEEI SAVINGS AN I, 10S CLARK-STm MotHodist Church Block. Six w cent Interest allowed on deposits, payable semi -m“V, JU ‘ ,I “ dJ “6 , EWoTuiB, Px«W.nt. Wax. Ksiaby Run, Ooshior. NOTE.—Until further notice, any boy or girl calling at tho Dank will bo presented with a pass book free, and one dlmudoposltoatolusorlisrorodu, which aum can bo drawn out at pleasure. _ _ EXCURSIONS. GRAM) JUBILEE LAKE EXCURSIOM! Tho largo and elegant aide-wheel Steam boat SHEBOYGAN will make ono grand Excursion. Trip on the Lake, around tho Water Works Crib and in front of the city, giving visitors and citizens an opportunity of viewing, at a glance* the wholo ofEEBUiXT CHICAGO. Leave Goodrich** Looks, foot of Michigan av., THIS (BATUBDAT) AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock. Arrive back at 0 o’clock. Kevins & Dean's Band On Board, Tiokots for trip only ONE DOLLAR* to bo had at oflloo on nooks. T. G. BPTLIN* Superintendent. _ FOR SALE. EAGLE WORKS Olosing-put Sale of Now and Second-hand Lathes, Planers, &o„ &o. The best in market. Send for olroulara. 48 Qanal-Bt. P. W. GATES. President. PROPOSALS. East Maflisonl-My-lie Years’ Lease. PrunosaU will be received at the real estate offlo* of Pldliir Myora 4 Co,, Boom 18 Major llluok, until tbeaist day of June, for a niaoty-nloe year*' lease of the lot front lug oo Madlson-at.. between Major Ulook and 11.0. HtW. bill 111 liu. FlrUculara rn.d.hnopn ou .pnllo.- Uon at »ald offloo. N B 11QUTON PiIUJP UYKlte. - CHICAGO, SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1873, REAL ESTATE. GREAT AUCTION SALE .OP OHOIOB RESIDENCE LOTS m THE VILLAGE Of Hyde Park. Wo will sell at Public Auction, on the ground, Fifty-Pour (54) Lots, each 60x160 feet, situated on Madl son-av., Adams-at., and Hyde Park av.. between Fifty-fourth andFifty fifth-sts., in the Village of Hyde Pork, on SATTTEDAY, June 7, at 1:30 p.m. Terms of Sale; 1-10 cash; 1-10 m 30 days; 1-10 in 60 days, and the balance in 1,3 and 3 years from day of .sale, with annual interest at 6 per cent. Title perfect. Printed abstract of title furnished each pur chaser within 30 days after the sale. The above lots ore situated in the very centre of the Village of Hyde Park, within two and three bleaks of .the Hyde Park Depot, and within one and two blocks of the Dummy Depot, on high and dryland, a por tion of which is beautifully timbered. Hyde Park-av. and Adams-st. are finely macadamized, and elegant drives, schools, churches, and stores within a few blocks. The property is near the Hyde Pork Ho tel, and the lake shore, and within one and two blocks of the Lake Shore South Park. Tho sale will be peremptory and bona fide in every rospeot, as the property must ond wul be sold. Groat bargains can bo expected. For plats, and farther particulars of the sale, apply to Clarke, Layton Sc Co., 120 LaSalle-at. CLARKE, LAYTON & CO. Free Train, to and from this Bale, leaving the I. C. B. B. Depot, foot of Lake-at., at 1:30 p. m., and return ing at close of Sale. REAL ESTATE FOB SALE BY CWe, Layton & Co., ISO X/iiSallo-st. We have now for sale several large tracts of land on the "West Side,near car shops. Several 10-aore blocks near Lawndale, within a short dis tance of the railroad and Douglas Dark. We have several lots also on the West Side, near Houben-st., south of Twelfth-st. Great bargains on the South Side, opposite to the Dark and near and fronting the Boulevard. Several pieces which bought at the present prices will make the pur chaser a rich man in due time. Call and see our maps and go and look at property. BEAUTIFUL HOMES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the erection of dwellings. FOR SALE. Double Store on Bast Lake-at., built upon a valuable leasehold of 20 years; then owner has to pur chase building; rented for 6 years, paying IB per cent over and above taxes on price asked. Apply at No. 195 Lake-st., up stairs. CEACE & ABELL, XB4 Dearborn-et., Honors Block, DEALERS IN REAL ESTATE. W« make a enocl&Uy of property bolwoou tbo City Lim it* •ad SOUTH aHIUAGO. Forty Acres VOR SALE. Handsomest high land nc&r Wash ington Heights; hoalthyjßood water; beautiful groves; command* tins vlow of Morgan Park, wlthlU improve monte, colleges, and aohoola. Two good houses on the promises, and superior property to subdivide or hold, u railroad laellltlceand otherunprovomunta are multiplying all around It. Will tako a oily roaldonco j^ CAPITALISTS. W# ar« authorised to toll either 91 ortSiHOfoet on Lake-st., between Waboeh and Mlohlgan-av».(wlkhparly, wall* on either aldo). Lako-it, la conceded to bo better than before the lire, and la now the loading wholesale etroot In the oily. Improved property would be taken lor part, and balance on time. AYRES A BOFP, Agent®, Investments. Blooke and Aerea for aala in vicinity of Central Park and 0. A N. W. H. W. 00.. oo Madison and Washington* *l»., Chicago and llyman-ava. . __ 10 Acres on Barry Point Road, in Sec. 16, 80, 10. 90 Acres oor. Division and Forty-clghth-al*., or Hyman* av. In view of the great ItnprovemenU being mane In thla locality, the above lands aro euro to double in value wlthlnneityoar. ,T. U. JIAUVICV. Real Batata and Doans, 171 LaHa\lo->t. TO CAPITALISTS. Groat inducements to buy acre property, SOUTH ENGLEWOOD and elsewhere. A. & A. D. BELLAMY, FOR SALE. Groat bargain. ISO feet on Mioblgan.av., west front,

between Forty-ninth and I'Tltleth-stj., s9,ow oaahj osly fur a few days. Innulreof JACOB WEIL A CO.. Corner of Madison and ppatbonvals^ M. B. JOHNSON, r)BasrTxsT 3 80 Tribono Bulldln,. DENTISTRY. REAL ESTATE, SECOND GREAT SALE •A.T -A-tTOTIOISr Oi Gloice Resin Lots, fronting: on Hnmtoldt Boulevard, Bogan Square, and Milwankoo-av,, On the grounds, on Tuesday, Jane 10, 1878. The loU ere In the Subdivision of 80 acres, In the IS H of 8 H* of 800. 30, to, 13. Tbsr are finely located, the ground la high, and tho whole city overlooked by one standing on (te surface. Humboldt Boulevard is being finely improved} large trees have boon setoutnnder tho direction of the Park Commissioners. An arteilnn well, with a fine flow of water, lies on either side of this property. The facilities for reaching this property are excellent; the depot of tbs O. AN. W. R. R. la within 2f. J rods oast; theM. A St. P. R, R. runs to tho westward, and tho Ohleago A Pa cific Railroad .enters the city on tho south. Milwaukee av., runsdlnotly through It. The soil Is a flno loam, with olay tnb-soll, rich and pro duotlve. There la no nuisance whatever in the neighbor hood,‘making it particularly attractive for choice reel deuce homos. It Is safe to predict that this nelgbhorfaood.will develop rapidly this summer, and purebasors will double tbolr Investment In two years, If not In loss time. These ; lots will prove one of the best Investments ever pat on the Chicago market. Tltlo to property perfect; abstract of title famished. Terms of sale: Ono-tblrd cash, and balanoo in one, two, and throo years, from March 10, 1870, with Interest atß pet cent. A deposit of SSO on each lot will be required at Umo of sale, and balance of first payment within 80 days. A spoelal free train will leave tbo depot of tbo 0> AN. W. B. R., corner of OanalandKinzlo-ats., at 10:18*. m. on the day of aalo. A lunch will be sorted on tbo ground. Plats of tbo property can bo obtained atthoofflcoof 0. 0. THAYHR ± 00., Real Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, Oflloo, iSgCast Madlson-st. FINANCIAL. OLOSIKC3- or TUB Mern Pacific E. R. 7.30 Loan. Ataroconl mooting of tbs Northern PaolQo Railroad Company tho following resolution was passed: "Therefore, Resolved, That the Loan of tho Company, under Its present lime, bearing 7 840 por cent Interest, bo limited to a total amount not exceeding Thirty Millions of Dollars, and that no Issno of bonds, horoaflor, by this Company, beyond tho said Thirty Millions, shall boar a higher rato of interest than 8 por oont por annum.** • Tho limited remainder of the Seven-Thirty loan Is now being disposed of through the nsoal agencies, and on tho basis of previous silos will soon bo absorbed* As tho bonds of this Issno are rnado receivable In pay ment for tho Company’s land at 1.10 they aro la constant and Increasing demand for this purpose, and will continue to bo after tho loan Is closed—a fact which much enhances tholr value and attractiveness as an Investment. Tho woll-known elements of security possessed by those bonds are the following: 1. They arotho obligation of a strong corporation, with over COO miles of completed road through a valnablo conn- S. They aro a FIRST MORTGAGE on the Read, Its Rights, Franchises, and Equipments. 8. They are a FIRST LIEN on its not earnings, which will bo largo, having a largo Government trade, and will control tho trado of Manitoba and Montana. 4. There la pledged, In addition, for payment of princi pal and Interest, a Land-Grant of 13,800 acres por mile through tho States, and 35,600 sores por mtlo through tho Territories traversed, sales of whloh have boon made at an average of $6 per acre—resulting In a sinking fond for the cancelation or tho 7.50 bonds. Other securities aro received In exchange at markoi rates. For the limited period daring which tho Loan will bo on tho market tho 7.80 Bonds may bo ordered from any of tlia Banka and Banker* that bavo hitherto sold thorn, and from ourselves. All needed Information will bo furnished by tho various Agents of tho Losn, and by JAY COOKS a co. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, General Agent® for Sate of 7.80 Loan. Chicago. IDICr. Wo have Attorneys everywhere, and collect the ol&irai of Wholesale Merchants and others in any part ot'tbo country. No Attorney’s foes in suits; no charges_untll collection" are made. FRAKIBR’S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY, 148 MadUon-st. MUSICAL. HRLETT.DATIS & CO.’S PIANOS. SEVENTY-FIVE first premiums award* Od for REST PIANOS. , . . 20,000 have boon manufactured and aro now in USE. * Franz Liszt, first of living Pianists, says It U the most admirable Instrument evor made. KTrTboso Pianos, both Grand and Square, can bo soon In Chicago, in largo numbers, with a variety of other manufactures, at the Plano and Organ Warorooms of W.W KIMBALL, STATE ANDADAMS-STS. A largo assortment of now Pianos and Or gans to KENT. Parties wishing to pay by installments can bo accommodated. TO RENT. For Rent. The present TBBMONT HOUSE, contain ing 75 rooms (besides servants* rooms), with kitobon range, ovens, boilers, steam boilers, passenger elevator, bar and billiard rooms, barber shop, laundry, drying room, safe, desk, and everything complete to continue business. Most admirably adapted for fam ilies, having rooms in suite, with baths and olosets attached. GONQHEBS HALL, having 60 rooms, with kitchen* range, ovens, gas fixtures, and partly ftirnisnod. The whole will be rented together or separately for 10 months, with tho privilege of two years more, at a low rental. Extra inducements will be offered to responsible parties. _ Apply to JNO. 13. DBASE, at Tromonfc House, or at Illinois Trust and Savings Bank, corner of Madison and Morkot-ata. To Bent, Cheap, In tho Pacino BlookJ on tho southeast corner o! Clark and Van huron-sts., three fine store rooms on 01ark-«t. i two on Van Huron, and offices above,, and throe fine halls suitable for lodge rooms or other societies. JACOB WEIL A CO., porthwoat comer Dearborn and Madison. HATS. HATS! Summer Cassimeres. The I,AUGUST uni! lIUST STOCK Id this city Is at BREWSTER’S, OOR. CLARK AND MADISON-STS. VSP H nVMI You oan save money BJfl BA ipW by purchasing your HIM | at J. S. BARNES UAA & W & CO.’S, No. 164 Bast Ijladißon-at. GAS AND STEAM FITTERS’ STOCK. .1 AND THER! WAS LIGHT," And “It Was Good,” "Was the unanimous indorse ment of the million who attend ed the Grand Jubilee Concert in the magnificent new Depot of the Michigan Southern and Hock Island Railroads, the Gas- Hitting and Gas-Fixtures of which were furnished by WM. H. PATTERSON, DBAtiBB IN • ' PLMBBHS' SUPPLIES, Gas Fixtures, Gas anfl Steam Fitters’ Stock, 1 136 STATE-ST. # CLOTHING. THE OLID PUTNAM ONE-PRICE OOTHiSE N. E. Cor.WiflMaioii-sts, IS THE LARGEST ON THE AMER ICAN CONTINENT. We are the only strictly ONE PRICE Clothing House in the Northwest. E. D. TERRY, PBOPBIETOB. FURNITURE. FASHIONABLE r FURNITURE. W.W. STRONG FURNITURE CO., 266 & 268 WAB ASH-AV. Factory, 363 & 359 West SanloliM, GENERAL NOTICES. Special Notice. Till* la to certify that IS. It. Fillold la not oar authorized agouti aod we will not nay any money which he may ob tain from persons, or any hills of hi* contracting on our account. MEBIDEN SILVER PLATE 00., West Meriden, Conn. NOTICE. From this date wo shall pay no bills con tracted by any of our employes, except on our written order authorising the some. _ CHAPIN & GOBS. ;o, June 3.1873. _ Ohiosf miscellaneous: MATERIAL FOR SCREEN FRAMES And Frames to Order, At HAIL’S MOULDING SHOP. No. S3 JoSonon «t., up »talri, betwcan X/»ko ami Hamlolpbs Two or Uiroo Vanda wante* »«*• ■mooUtln* up Iramoa. _ id lor ■mooUilng up lx H. PHIOBG&AVES, MBBOHANT TAILOR, Removed to 167 South Ol&rK-at. NUMBER 292. THE JUBILEE. Closing Scenes 1 g the Rebuild ing Fe 't val. H —— The City’s Guests | iven Through Lincoln 3 irk, I* 1 And Then Carried on tlie Belt Railway to Hyde Park. Matinee Concert for the School Children. The Ball at the Chamber of Commerce. Inauguration of Calumet Har- bor This Afternoon. LINCOLN PARK. THIS CARRIAGE EXCURSION one of the Bailout features of the Jubilee exorcises— took place yesterday, beginning at 0 o’clock In tlio morning. At that hour tbe rotundas of tbe Paclflo Hotel wore filled with distinguished strangers from at homo end abroad, principally from at homo. Thoro woro carriages to tho number of perhaps fifty, with shining panels, polished harness, oloan-shlrtod drivers,. ourry-oombod horses, and luxurious seats. Thceo vehicles woro publlo and private, tbo public ones being tho hacks hired for tho occasion, the privoto ones the property of citizens, who, prompted by a publlo spirit, and a doslro to ororclso their horses, loaned thorn for tbo occasion. They woro all quickly filled, and started off, tho object being to circumnavigate tbo city. There woro a great many persons there, all of them being men of moro or less note, as none others wera invited. Before going further tt la proper to elate WHO WERE TnnUE. There was Qov. Beveridge, to begin with, his form U erect and his whiskers as white as ever; Judge Bradwcll, in hia old-time coat of clerical cut, and wear ing bis gravo countenance; W. IT. Coolbaugh, tbo embodiment of subsUftioe and strength ; Senates Oglesby, bearing hia honors easily; Senator Logan, with his great mustacho and magnotlo eyes; Qov. Thomas A. Hendricks, “ tho great Hooaler," as In dlanltas sometimes call him, a solid, broad-shouldoredf man, with a largo head on a proportionate body, smiling eyes, and a winning manner; Qov. Noyes, of Ohio, a brunette of tho deepest eye, featured some what after tho Grecian stylo of beauty, a handsome man, with a wooden-log, tho original having been de posited for the Union on a battle-field; Qov. Bogtey. of Michigan, a large, Jolly gentleman, portly, and full of fun; Qov. Austin, of Minnesota, a quiet, retired man, with a pleasant face, surrounded by a black board of Informal cut; Qov. Washburn, of Wisconsin, » blonde, with groat breadth of beam, and bearing 9 strong family resemblance to tho Minister to Franco: oz-Qov. Flanders, of Nebraska, comes In tho Guberna torial catalogue. That made six actual Governors, and two or three who had enjoyed tbe dignity, to say noth ing of tho host of probable and improbable Governors. Gen. McNuUa, of Bloomington, member of Con gress, “tbo lesser Douglas,” as be Is sometimes styled, was present, and so was Mr. Cannon, another rural member of Congress. Tho lion. 0. B. Farwollj was as cool as a cucumber; tho lion. Jasper D, Word dilated on tbo glories of tbo West Side, and completing tho Congressional representation so far as known. Mayor Medlllwas thoro pouring wisdom into the oars of a listening audience all day, and Messrs. PrindevlUe, Carter, ana Thompson, of tbo Beard of Publlo Works, expatiated upon sewerage and. tbo luko tunnel. Tbo Judiciary was there in tho persona of Judges Rogers, Williams, and Farwell: tho Common Council in tbe persons of Aldermen Sherwood. Bowen, Carney, Pickering, Miner, dowry, and Richardson; tbo Slate Legislature in (ho persons of Senators Dow and Rehoo, and Messrs. Peltzor, Olcaon, llerling, and Lomax, of Cook County: Hon. J. A. Race, of Decatur; John P. Mlddlo coff, of Ford: Mr. Grant, of Warren, and ox-Sonator Crawford, of Wlnnofago. Tho Uou. John M. Rounton Representative In part of tho North Sido in tho Lower House of Cong—nq. not quite yet—of tbo Legislature, was shining and foquent on tho question of who will bo next Mayo/.’ Mr. U. D. Colvin, of tho United States Express Company, was disposed to gossip on tho same Interesting topic. Ur. A. 0. Hosing was sur rounded by that vehicle, which was simply gorgeous, and become hia . stylo of beauty. Tho several candi dates for Mayor in tho party were quite obsequious in their attention to him, but ho did not give a wink to encourage any particular aspirant. Ho and tho carriage woro entirely non-committal. Mr. L. B. Otis, tall and venerable, was there, and Marshal Field and Edson Keith woro great and worthy representatives of tho commercial bouses of the city. Mr. Bentley, City Comptroller, chatted on the city exchequer. Tbs parks were all represented by tho Commissioners, in cluding George W. Sanford, Henry Oroonobaum. and Charley Lading, of tbo West Sido; Paul Cornell and others, of tbo South Sido; and Mr. Culver, of tho North Side. Corporation Counsel Tuloy was on hand, and so was Ur. B. F. Culver, President of tho Board of Trade. The United States Government was embodied In tbo corpulent frame of Phil Hoyno, assisted by Mr. Mullet, tbo United States Architect. Ed. Taylor was a distinguished stranger from Evanston and Dan Shepard represented the clerical force of tho House of Representatives and tbo Republican party, of which be la the able Secretory. There were many others, too numerous to specify in detail, so they must bo massed, os follows : Ez-Judgo Smith, Madison, Wis. • U. H. Honoro. E. A. Ingalls, O. L. Mnnn, Brock McVlokor, Jonathan Y. Scam mon,JolmP. Fmnerty, Gov, Dross, J. T. Withers, Hon. George H. Harlowo, Secretary of State; 0. M. Holden, Charles Reynolds, cx-Mayor Mason, John O, Haines, S. 8. Hayes, D. F. Smith, W. Colobrook, Mr. Carpenter, of Kane, the apostle. of temperance in the House of Representatives; Dr. Rauch: Mr. Rice, father of tho Hon. J. B. Rico, from Boston; George W. Wood, Quincy Whig; J. H. McVlcker, celebrated for hia mag nificent theatre; M. M. Rawson, Maine; Robert Lin coln ; P. B. Power, New York; Benjamin Ayer. Bos ton ; Col. Bowen, Mr. Armstrong, Grundy County; J. Froulng, Alderman of tho Fifth Ward in Detroit; J, N. Pierce, of tho Third Word in the same city; 0. B. Rooney, Detroit j-We Press/ A. B. Meeker, 8. K. T. Prince, Livingston County, and a hundred or two others. THE OAVALOADE started from the hotel at p;3O, going through the La Salle street tunnel, precoked by half a dozen policemen on hocsoa. The tunnel was admired. Dearborn street was taken as the most pleasant route to Lincoln Park. Tho North Side police force turned out under Ser geant Fox, and lined tho road, four on each side, to salute each carriage as It rolled by. At Lincoln Park tho boulevard Cavalry, consisting of the park policemen on fine horses, became a guard of honor through tho Park. The small-pox hospital was duly admired, but tho party had no time to visit it. Consequently it was soon loft behind, and tho lake-shore drive was soon under tbs bonce* hods. Tho lake was full of water, as usual. A thick haze covered It, obscuring tho view of the Crib and of Milwaukee. Around the park and through tho centre of It went the cortege. Prettily-dressed people of bU ages, sizes, and sexes stood and gazed on tho show, while on lookout Mountain a band played be neath the flag which bos braved tho battle and the breeze for ninety-seven years. Tho elk wore found In good health, and the swans wore taking their morning bath. Tho trees and grass were green, the sun was bright, the people enthusiastic, tho excursionists smoking and chatting, and everything was lovely. But Lincoln Park could not monopolize all the day, and very quickly tho carriages were roll ing down LaSalle street, and out on West Washington street to Baton Park, out before Union Park was reached a turn about was ordered, and the next thing was known the occupants of the carriages had Joined the railroad party In tho train which was to convey them around the city. . THE RAILROAD EXCURSION. THERE WERE SEVEN CARRIAGES of the Northwestern Road under the control of Super intendent Hughltt, Division Superintendent Culver, and Conductor Brow. The train was under way In loss than no time, and at a few minutes past 11 was speeding past Irving Park, Melrose, and the West Parks, tho latter being pointed out by the Commission ers who have them In charge, and who lovo them and the abutting property with a first lovo. There la no use in describing all those places, ns everybody knows about them; suOlce it to remark that the distinguished strangers saw and admired, M’CORMIOK’fI .REAPER FACTORY yfi a reached before I - o’clock, and tbo party Mod through (Uo mammoth concern until thoy found (ho luncheon for which thoy longed with an eager longing. It was attacked, captured, end demolished. It was a j\uo .eproad, graco was sold by the Itov. Mr, Klt tredgo. There was plenty to oat nnd oceans to drink, including champagne, whisky, wlno and other bev erages, which cheer but do- not inebriate unless too much of thorn la Imbibed. Of course, there woro BI’EEOUES, ami. by the way, “ the fearful calamity ” wna the bur den of them ail. That calamity buo taken the place of the Involution, and all our wars a> an Inevitable In gredient in the orations of the day. Gov. Beveridge •poke briefly, welcoming hi* follow Governor# andwj

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