Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 8, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 8, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. keal estate. m n | m m|T * j^xjcTionsr i GMce Heslteß Lots, rrenting on HmnMdt Bcralerard, Logan Square, and Milwaukee-av., ! On. the grounds, on Tuesday, June 10, 1573. r Thfilot*are in the Subdivision of S3 acres, in the KM rf'fi K3i of 6eo. 36, 40, .13. They are finely located* Ahagrohod is high, and the whole city-overlooked by ;one standing on its surface. • 'Hnnholdt Boulevard is being finely improved; large tress have - boon set out undos the direction of the Park Canmiirioner*. An artesian well, with a fine flow of irttsr, lies on either ride of this property. The facilities for reaching this property are excellent; the depot of the W. B. B. Is within2o3rods east; the M. A St. KB. B. runs to the westward, and the Chicago A Pa* dfis Bailroad enters the city on the south. Miiwankeo gr. t runs directly through it. Xhe soil is a fine loam, with clay snb*soU, rich and. pro* doottre. There is no nuisance whatever in the neighbor hood, tnaVing it particularly attractive for choice resi dence homes. - It is to predict that tbi* neighborhood will develop rapidly eemmer, and purchasers will double their Investment in two years, if not in less time. Tbeu lots will prove on. o£ tlio best iaTOstmentsarer pat on the Chicago market.* Title to property perfect; abstract of title furnished* Terms of sale; One-tbird cash, and balance In one, two, and three year*, from March *tß j>ercent. A deposit of SSO on each lot will be required at time of •ale, and balance of first payment within SO days. A special free train will leave the depot of the O. A If. W. R. 8.. comer of Canal and Klnzie-sts.; at 10:15 a-.m. on the day of sale. A lunch will be served on the ground. Plats of the property con be obtained at the office of O. O. THAYER A CO., Beal Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, Office. 186 East Madison-et. REAL ESTATE FOB SALE BY We, Layton & Co:, ISO LaSalle-st. We have now for sale several large tracts of land on the West Side, near car shops. Several 10-aore blocks near Lawndale, within a short dis tance of the railroad and Douglas Park. We have several lots also on the West Side, near Eeuben-st., south ■of Twelfth-st. Great bargains on .the South Side, opposite to the Park and near and fronting the Boulevard. Several pieces which bought at the present prices will make the pur chaser a rich man in due time. Call and see our maps and go and look at property. FOR SALE. Thirty acres beautiful land In the northwest Quarter of Bee. 86, 38, 14. - This tract baa a frontage of a quarter of a mile on South Chicago-av., and the same on Seventy ninth-st. It lies between the two rapidly-growing towns ef Cornell and South Chicago, and is bat a short distance from Ston* TwUwd Boulevard, which is macadamized to beyond this point. The Pittsburgh A Fort ‘Wayne, and Michigan Southern Railways pas* sear thi« land. Terms «f sale vary favorable. A good opportunity for a Subdi vision. GRACE A ABELL, - ' IS4 Doarbom-it. FOR -SALE. ■ Double Store on Bast Lake-st., built upon a valuable leasehold of 20 years; then owner has to pur chase building; rented for 5 years, paying 15 per cent over and above taxes on price asked. Apply at No.; 165 liake-st., up stairs. CHAGE&ABELL 184 lIEAiffIOEH-ST., Offer valuable building lots in various parte of Hyde Park. Particularly choice sites in Egandalo and on Grand and Drexei Boulevards. property. Acre tracts os the line of the O. M. & BL P. R. at Hawthorne and Riverride, and on the Ip* of the Illinois Central. Also on Stony Island-av., . Booth Chicago-ar., and in the vicinity of Sooth Chicago. FOR SALE. 60x120, fronting south on Douglas Place, close to the Monument Ground, which, with an unquestioned title, vill be sold cheap. The early completion of the Douglas Upaumeutis sow insured, which will make this already attractive locality still more desirable. JOS. B. CHANDLER, Forty Acres TOR SALE. Handsomest high land near Wash* Often Heights; healthy: wood water; beautiful groves: commands fine view of Morgan Park, with its improve eents, colleges, and schools. Two good houses on tho pfenuses, and superior property to subdivide or hold, as *»J*foad facilities and otnerunpeovemeate are multiplying sD around It. Will take a city residence in part pay. . O. H. BECKWITH. Por Sal©, ,i .At living Park,l6 minutes* ride to Chicago. 6 lots, “~ated and Rutledge-av., 8 min from depot; fine house, lot, and barn, with modern improvements, and valuable building-lots and houses afe , B. fine house and furniture, 25 rooms, for hotel orboard mg house, modem improvements, situated in the best part of the city. BSttoSs?it , SlSß*£SS*' COmer F «tt-»«cond.»nd Special to tao&M of hon«M «nd office*. DONAHDE a COON. Real KatAta BrtAnrs- LAKE SHORE PROPERTY, i Mle either in a lump or in parcels; also six lots, 100 feet front on the lake shore by 000 feet deep. Thcselota are 3) feet above the lake, very conveniently and beautifully usted, and are for sale on easy tonus. DAVID FALES. U Portland Block. FOR SALE. Great bargain. 150 feet on Mlchlgan-av., west front, pt*veen Forty-ninth and Flftieth-ets.. $9,000 cash; only ,wa few days. Inquire of JACOB WEIL 4 CO., - Corner of Madison and Dearborn-a ts. MERCHANT TAILORING. ANNOUNCEMENT OE felit Tailorim! GRANGER win sell the balance of his Scotch Tweed tails, to close, at a reduction of 16 per cent, and all other nits In proportion. So send in your orders early and at 128 and ISO South Clark-st. FASHIONS. OPENING! STTMmer. IP-^SKCXO^S- P-. WTANT, 85 Tweuty-fourth-st., will open, 9th lost., a beantiful and elegant selection of as^saTs-. lbs «rU^ lr^i^ Ba M on4 > Broadway. New York. All exhibited are all now and original designs MEETINGS Masonic. 639, A. F. A A. H.-Special com' IcramSv evening, atßo'clock prompt, thttoJ foil attendance of members requested, and ED. KONAYNE, VF/M. -—*SXhCE, beo. pro tern. ■. . - Masonic. °*« tea and Eaadolph-sta. By ertfcr tA TrR. G. XT' JAMES H. MILES, Gr. Sec. Masonic. 'PSSaS? B Ti OH^ P ' I 5? a N0 - s - ®- A - M.-HjlU No. Coarocation this Monday otoo- Bjorti/s tSarp“ d ” rk ra tt,M - E - M - WALTHAM WATCHES! FOR GENTLEMEN. Also, some WALTHAM WATCHES! FOR RADIES, in Plain and Deco- WALTHAM WATCHES! Railway Engineers, 'i The best Watch for the purpose in N. MATSON & CO.,' Jewelers aM SflreMlis, 228 West Madison-st., 228 IMy ai Fancy Hoods. lam offering my Complete Stock at Greatly Reduced Prices. Call and Save Money STRAW GOODS, Sound Eats and BTRAW9OODB’ STRAW GOODS, Bonneto, BTBAW MODS' STRAW GOODS, in French OMp, STRAW AMDS STRAW GOODS, Paris Leghorn*, STRAW (DODS, and every desirable braid and shape, 12.Hi etc, toss, TRIMMED HATS, Inspect TRIMMED BOHHSTB, TRIMMED BOHNETB, them, TRIMMED HATS. Lower prices than ever before offered. EIBBOHS, All colors. 818808, BIBBOHS, Gio Grain, Bushes, RIBBOIB, EIBBOBB. Fancy Black Velvet. BIBBCHS. Jnst received, a foil line of 200 Boxes French Flowers, The finest display ever made west of Sew Tort Doa*! fail to call and save money, PIBABOLB, All PASASOLB, PAHABOLS, the Newest PARASOLS, PARASOLS, Styles, PARASOLS. PRESS TRIMMINGS, GIMPS, FRINGES, at ‘WHOLE SALE and RETAIL. MHtUHHBS and URTSSMAKKrtS supplied with short lengths at LOWEST WHOLESALE PRICER IOWA AND NEBRASKA LANDS. lota&MraskaLanfls On 10 years* credit, with only 6 per cent interest, payable annually for 4 years after purchase; "30 percent deducted if one-half of land bought in Nebraska In 1873 is cultivated in. 3 years after date of purchase; one-half Care and abont one-half freight per car-load from Chicago to Missour River, and FREE FARE in lowa or Nebraska for our land-buyers. 30 per cent deducted for cash down* • 20 per cent deducted for X down and bal. in S years. 18 per cent deducted if paid in full in 1 year. 15 per cent deducted if paid in full in S years. 10 per cent deducted If paid in full in 3 years* By these liberal terms, products will pay for the lands and Improromenta. HIRRTB Uiiill* B. UAlttUO, Land Commissioner, Burlington, lowa* Call for Exploring Tickets and full particulars, cm W. H. WXSNER, General Agent, GRAND PLEASURE EXCURSIONS TO LAKE SUPERIOR. Superior People's Line Steamers, dock, between Madison and Waahington-sfcs. The magnificent low-pressure Steamer PEERLESS, Capt. Allan Mclntyre, wUI, daring the summer months, mate excursion trips to Duluth (head of Lake Superior), caliog at all points on the south shore, and occasionally visiting tbe north shore, giving passengers ample time to view the great iron, copper, and silver mines, and con necting at Duluth with railroads for all points West and Southwest. NO CATTLE CARRIED ON PEERLESS* TIME-TABLE. Leave Chicago, Leave Duluth. June 24, at 8 p. zn. July X# 15. 29. July 8, 22. at op, zn. Aug. 12, 26. Aug. 6. 19. at 8 p. m. Sept. 9, 23, Sept. 3,16, at Bp. m. BATES OP PAHB. To Duluth, Including berth and mea15...... ........$26.00 To Duluth and return to Chicago, including berth and meals 50.00 * 0 Duluth and return to Chicago by rath not in cluding berth and meals afterlearlng atcamer .. 44.00 rooms secured ahead of time, and further in formation obtained by applying to _ , ‘Leopold & Austrian. TO Market-st.. corner Washington, Chicago. [llazei&ColoredPaper o F A-liX. KINDS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE, HOME & CO., 118 & 120 Monroe-st. BLANK BOOKS SiNFOP’S INTIBIBIE M, Tor Postal Cards, etc. The writer can indicate on the address-ride of the card bow to make the writing risible. The same privacy with this Ink as with a sealed envelope. Sanford mfo< co, , 228 Fulton-st., Chicago. MARINE GLASSES EAGLE WORKS. Closing-pat Sale of New and Second-hand Boilers, Engines, liathes, Planers, Sc., So. The best in market. Send for circulars. 48 Conal-st. P. W. OATES, President, jE. H, IyCSER 6m’7. WATCHES. KEY AOT) STEM-WINCING small fine rated Cases. FOB the market. STATE AM MOMOE-STS. , UUXIHBRT. A. ACKER, LADIES’ FXJENISHDTa. LADIES’ TODERWEAR, AT EXTREME LOW PRICES. MILLIONS OF ACRES : FOB. SATiB, i EXCURSIONS, TOR SAT.y.. In large rariety retailed at wholesale prices, AtXi. SCHIOK & CO.’S, 102 East Madlson-st. AT J, Q. IANGGUTS’S. Optician,* f3 Stato-rt,, between Washington and Randolph. CHICAGO, SUNDAY, JUJVE 8, 1873—SIXTEEN PAGES. dress goods. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodoooooobo 900000000000000000000000000000000000000 HEADQUARTERS FOB Lais', Misses’ & Glim's LINEN AND LAWN SUITS, JOHN H. DATE? & Eft'S, 328 West Madison.-st, CORNER ABERDEEN. LADIES’ BUITB, at $2,60, $3.00, $4.00, $5,00, SB.OO, $7.00, $7.60, SB.OO, $3.60, $9.00, SIO.OO, $ll.OO, $12.00, $13.00, $14.00, $14,50, $15.00, and upward. misses’ suns, at $3.60, $4,00, $4.50, $5,00, $7.00, SB.OO, and upward, CHUDBEN’S BUHS, at 85 ots., SI.OO, $1.12 1-2, $1.60, $2.00, $3.00, and upward. To see the largest, Cheapest, and most Popular Bloch in this line, give ns a lech. Over 6,000 Costume, to aeleot from. MESS GOODS Cheaper titan ever. Black Iron Grenadines from 131-2 ota. to $4.60 per yard. Only a few of those 86 ota Black and Gray Bbiped Bilks left, Belling elsewhere at SI.OO. Lace Bhawli Barques, and Dolmans. A fell line at extea low prices. 600 Hew Parasols will be opened Uonday, Jane 9, prices tanging team $2.00 upward. An immense assortment in. Dress Buttons, Gimps, Fringes, Ribbons, Ties, Boohing, and Fancy Goods. Gloves, of ovary description. Hosiery and Underwear, A full .stock at way-down prices. JOHNH.DAVET& CO. 000000000000000000000000000000000000000 oooooooooooooooooooooooooopoooooooooooo FINANCIAL. ILLINOIS M ail Savins bjlzstk:- Capital. ....... $500,000 DIBECTOBS: W. F. COOtBAUGH. Da. N. S. DAVIS, T. M. AVERY, ISAAC WAIXAE. O. M. LINDOBEBN, JNO. B. DRAKE, ANSON STAGER, H. G. POWERS, J. MCGREGOR ADAMS, ÜB. SIDWAY. GKO. BTORGES, JNO. MoOAFFHRY, TO. H. MITOHEIi. JOHN DIKOVEN, O. W. POTTER. OFFICERS: L B. BIDWAT, PrMldunt. JNO. B. DRAKE, MV-Preit I. q, POWERS. V.Prea’t. JAS. S. GIBBS. Cuhler. Will open for busineei ontheSd das of June, 1373, in to building fonzterlj occupied bj tbo Union National Knk. NOS. 273 & 275 MADISON-ST., (CORNER OF MARKET-ST.) CHICAGO, XXiL. tilltooolto Saving! Depoalta and parintoioston tho at the rata of 6 per oent per annum, as provided in itsly-Laws. Will receive and execute trust*, and invest znony for Individuals, Estates, Corporations, and Sode tiea WUI loan money on Bonds and Mortgages, Cash Coflterals, and other good Securities, giving preference, bomrar, to persons of small moans who are desirous of aectting homes: and will sell Exchange on the principal eitiaof this Country, Europe, and the Canadas, and issna Tranters* Letters of Credit. TT rir , D^, Tblßank >, » | been organized as a STRICTLY TRUST ANHaTINGS BANK, and will transact only such bail* ness His directly connected with the receipt ana care of TRUST and SAVINGS FUNDS, and will be as liberal in. its bates* transactions as is consistent with a sound and oonsen&tive policy and permanent safety.- Debtors desiring to do eo, can havo letters addressed to theain care of the Bank, and on their request these lettersiiii be forwarded to any other Poet Office. They may afe apply to the Cashier for any Information on mattenof business, or to have letters carefully addressed and fonudod. _ . Speck! arrangemente have been made for a LAD IE y BUSINESS DEPARTMENT, in a neatly famished room, with dntng room attached, and separate from the gen eral bat ess room, entrance to which is from Market street. The Bj& willbe open for tho transaction of business from 10 am. to-4 p. m*, and on Saturday Evenings from 6 to 8. BANKING house OF . LI!, PISTON & KEAN. SOUTH SIDE, 1 WEST SIDE, 157 and lis Lasalls-sl br. Hals® & Mdolpl-sts. Office boon, 9 a. to. to 4 p. m. Bank ot Discount and Deposit, Certificates of Deposit bearing Interest. CoUeotioa, made on liberal terms. Advance! on Governments and Gold at low rates of interest. _ . Gold Exchange. Foreign Exchange. let ters of Credit. Also, deal a first-class securities. XSHVEE3 satosJ||bau 105 CIiARK-ST.t Methodist Church Bloclt. Six per cent in tout allowed on deposits, payable semi- JOlll J “GkS.°SCO r VUiE. Wh. KZZJBZr Rzgp, fTu.Mer- NOTE.—Until furthar notice, any boy or girl calling at the Bank will bo presented with a pass book free, and ono dime deposited tc hli other credit, which sun can be drawn out at pleasure. ' . EQUITABLE IKS, GO, Very highest cash price paid for policies. Boom 6, No. yy West Madlson-st., up-stalra. JDXOr. have Attorneys eyttnrhen. and collect the claims of Wholesale Merchants and others in any part of the country. No Attorney’s fee* in suits: til collections are mado. • FRASIER'S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY, STOVES, RaNOES, &c. YAFS PATENT Hotel Ranges, i Family Ranges, Broilers, Carring_and steam Table*, OoSeo urns, Etc. 36 State-stj s,¥. cor. Lake, Chicago. MUSICAL. STISNWiYS’ SQUARE GEM We desire to call tbs attention of those who still prefer a piano of the square form to BTEINWATS SQUABB GRANDS, with the new patented “Duplex Scale.” This improvement adds immensely both to the power and even ness of tone, and makes the STBINWAT SQUABS GRAND incomparably superior to any other Square Piano. STEINWAYS' SQUARES Surpass the Square Pianos of all other manufacturers in all the essentials cl a superior Instrument. STEINWAYS’ NEW PARLOR GRAND Is another evidence of the extraordinary value of the "Patent Ihiploi Scale.” It baa all the power, volume, and effectiveness of the former foil grand, while it is bat 6 feet 8 inches lons, precisely the length of the Square Plano, and has the farther advantage of the natural and graceful form that no Square Piano can while the price la within (50 of Stein way*’ high eat priced Square Plano. mmm Superb Uprights Are the moat desirable Parlor Planoe now made. Their volume of tone is of the most exquisite musical charac ter—pore, sympathetic, and perfectly pliable; while their capacity for long standing in tone Is most remarkable, ex celling eren the "Grand” and "Squares,” which hither to hare stood without a rival In this respect. They are the only 4 * Uprights ”■ that have stood the tost of time and the sere rest of trials, and can therefore be conscientiously recommended. SMTTHMIXON, General Horthwestem Agents, 162 State-st. FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. SECURITY FBO9I BOSS BY BOBBERY FIBE, OB ACCIDENT. THB FIDELITY Savings Baiik AND Safe DepositoSy, la their new Fire-Proof Bonding, 143, 145 & 147 Randolph-fit., Receive for safekeeping ia their GREAT TIRE AND BURGLAR-PROOF BATE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among the best in the world, having cost over one hundred thousand dollan). Coupon Bosdf, Securities, Family Plata, Coin, Deeds, "Will*, and Valuables of every de *Afio, ol rent Safe* In their Vault* at from jflO to 850 a KIND RECEIVED AND EXE CUTED. Interest Allowed on Savings Deposits. JOHN O. HAINES. President. PAPER HANGINGS. PAMHAIK RETAILED AT Factory Prices! ]. i. STGRATH, 174 and 176 State-st. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. R. M. STIVERS, 01 111, U6,148,150 aM 153 Fast TMlty-llrsKl, NEW -STORK, Is manufacturing, and has three large show rooms, equal to 400 feet long by 35 feet wide, flllea with a splendri as sorted stock of Top and Light Road Wagons, Dog Carts, Four and Six Seat Phaetons, Ladies* Pony PhaWons, Roekaways. Ao. Parties in Chicago, by calling on C. M. CLARK, Nos. 79 and 81 Sixteenth-fit.. can see aaizples, set partiodlars, and order through himtf moreemve- Sfnu B. M. STIVERS, New Yak. GENERAL NOTICES. To Tents oi Contractors. A fine building will be erected this rammer on the lot east of the Chamber of Oonuneroe. It will bare a toot of 90 feet on Waahington-st., and 187 feet on Bxchazge place. It will be arranged to stilt tenants. Contracts for building wiß be Ist during this w®k. The plans can be seen and leases will be made at the ofiee of OGDEN A SCUDDBB, Boom 9 Nixon’s Building. Notice to Capitalists, Architects, and Contractors. B. KERSEY. Plasterer. All kinds of Portland Ce ment Work a specialty. Any design broaght out on brfcx or frame bulldingß in Portland Cement, known as artifl* clal stone. He pairing in all kinds of plastering prcrap.iy attended to. Office: 801 l dors’ Exchange. XaSalhut. o g22- NOTICE. From tbfn date we shall pay no biHs con* tracted by uuy of our employes, except on onr written order same.^ Chicago. Jane 3.1873. DENTISTRY. M. B. JOHNSON, DEETTIST, ftn Madl»on-W~ cpporilo Tritigna Bnfl< SHIRTS.. "CT^wH2T]PAYTOOBDEa SHIRTS! GAS AND STEAM FITTERS’ STOCK. “lAMilt, AND THERE WAS LIGHT," And “It Was Good,” Was the unanimous indorse ment of the million who attend ed the Grand Jubilee Concert in the. magnificent new Depot of the Michigan Southern and Bock Island Bailroads, the Gas- Fitting and Gas-Fixtures of which were furnished by WM.PATTERSON, DEAT.KB US’ * PLUMBERS’ SUPPLIES, Gas Fixtures, Gas and Steam Fitters’ Stool, 136 STATE-ST. FURNITURE. SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO. FURNITURE HOUSE. Extensive Stock of Kick and Me dium FURNITURE! Of new and elegant designs and. LOW PRICES. We particularly invite an examination ofourgoods, and hope no one will huy until they have examined our stock. SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO., , 28? AND 289 WABASH-AVi REMOVALS. REMOVAL. j Great Western F. ai M. Ik. Co.’ OP HEW ORLEANS, LA., i BEN. E SELI&MAN & CO., General Agents,* REMOVED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE, No. 208 LA SALLE-ST., CHICAGO, ILL. Ogden, Sheldon & Co. Have removed their Office to OGDEN BUILDING, aouthwest comer of hake and Clark-sta.. second floor. PAIN CURE. MRS. DE. CLEVELAND’S PANAEISTON PAIN CURE. A great family medicine. Relieves pain of all lands immediately. Sore preventive fop Cholera. For sale by Druggists generally. TAYX.OB & CO., Proprietors, 341 West Madiaon-st. PERFUMERY, &o. BUY A bottla of Mann’s Hair luxuriant and Pull. r Oar Bouquet and be pleased. WASTED. PARTNER WANTED, Tn an established manufacturing boose, froflts large. Goods in the building line. $2,000 increased capital wanted to meet de mand for extra contracts. Goods staple. A rare chance to obtain on interest inaproc- Hcnl Address 100. Tribune office. Partner Wanted. Jna well-established Wholesale Grocery House In Chicago. BellaUe party, with $35.000. to can secure a de ■trabla bushiesa and in]nsstmjmt. Ao.dr«». •withrefer. wneSTWHOLESALB GROCER, Tribune office. LAUNDRY. lakeside laundry, 63 and 63 South Canal-st., (fitr doors north of Madison.) FINISHED. Closing Ceremonies of the Jubilee. Excursion by Lake and Rail to Calumet. Inauguration of the New Har bor of Refuge. Speeches by Distinguished Statesmen and Others. The Visit to McCormick’s Reaper-Works on Friday. Gilmore’s Out-Door Concert at Hyde Park. THE NAUTICAL PHASE. THE JUBILEE, like, the moon, bad several phases. There was the architectural phase, the musical phase, the suburban phase, and the nautical phase. - The nautical phase appeared yesterday, when a large number of citizens went to Calument or Sonth Chicago—a rose by either name will smell as sweet—in order to be present at the ceremonies which shonld open to the world Calomel Harbor, or, as the invitations - had it, “ inaugurate the harbor.” The space of 10 miles or so which unhappily intervenes between Chicago and- Calumet was overcome by a pair of railroad trains on the Illinois Central and Michigan Southern Boads, and by a fleet, consisting of two of Mr. Good rich’s steamers—the Alpena and the Corona— and three togs, whose names are carelessly for* gotten. The notables evinced an extraordinary preference for water, and went that way, the train being filled with citizens who are not notable, because they have not been in politics, and have sedulously devoted their lives to pri vate business. The trains were full and the boats were full, and the lake was full, and the people were full— of fun. A list of the names of those present win be found in the directory. AH the notables who went around the city on the circle of glory circumscribed on Friday were on hand. The names of the standing excursion party of Chi cago, those useful and übiquitous gentlemen who chaperone strangers, and perform other acta of kindness serviceable to the city, have been published many & time and oft,’* and will be again, until they go one by one on a final excursion to Bosehill, whence they won’t come back any more. They were all in the enjoyment of health and cigars, and were nobly eloqnent on the glories of the city they love so well. It ■ was. a (thoughtful precaution to send several boats with /the notables, so that if one went to the sandy bottom of the lake a remnant might bo saved for future trips. Everybody enjoyed the sea breeze, the ladies, the sunshine, and the view of the city, which* can be seen to fine advantage off shore. Nothing remarkable oc curred on the voyage, though it was amusing to see & West Side Pork Commissioner vainly try ins to point out Humboldt Park to an amiable stranger, who could not see across the opaque city. THg TWAINS ABETVED before 3 o’clock, and the boats steamed up the new harbor a few minutes later. There was a -largo gathering of persons on shore, which was swelled by hundreds from ithe boats. Two or three bands played, bells • rung, artillery blazed, the crowd cheered; and Christopher Columbus (since dead) was not 1 prouder when he trod the soil of a uew conti nent than Col. Bowen when he saw large steam ers for the drat time moored to the wharf of the South Chicago Canal and Bock Company. There was a stand for speakers, and about 3 o’clock Mayor Cady, of Hyde Park, called ?the meeting to order, and nominated Collector r Judd for presiding officer. Of course he was elected. WHAT KB. JUDD SAID. Mr. Judd said: Mr. Cady requested me to wel come thiß large assemblage of people—citizens of Chicago, and invited guests from other cities, and from the surrounding country—to view the opening of this harbor, which is only one of the neat number of the grand improvements about Chicago. But yesterday many of yon who are here to-day viewed with undisguised feeling of pleasure a belt rail way encircling the City of Chicago. The Chicago River, with its great system of docks to receive the freights of the world, with this new harbor, only forms one of the grandest systems of docks and landings in the world t built for the future of the growing City of Chicago. Here are harbor facilities for not only the North and West but for the entire world. Some of you here to-day remember when the harbor of Chi cago River was not nearly so prominent and promising as is this harbor that we now look upon. One of the first of the schemes for internal improvements, was the opening of a contiguous road for the pass age of steamers from the Mississippi River through what is now the Illinois & Michigan Canal. Not many days since a convention of gentlemen assembled at Bt. Louis for the avow ed purpose of discussing the best means of en larging the facilities of navigating the waters of the West, and increasing the means of trans portiijg freights to the seabord. One of the moat < remarkable things in connection with that j convention, —and I assure you there/ were few remarkable things in connection with it, —one of the most remarkable thi’Aga in connection with this great convention wee that not one word was said about the su p< jrior facilities afforded by our Illinois & Mich igan Canal and the Chicago harbor, for the very things which were said to be the object of their gathering. The existence of all we see about ; *us is no miracle, and what we have here before us is not a work of the imagination. The Gov ernment in the year 1828 first recognized the fact that such a work as has during the course of years been accomplished would in coming years be a necessity, and so early made an appropriation for the purpose of improving the faculties of navigation in this re gion. There is another thing. There was a strong conviction in the minds of the early settlers here, and in those of the early legisla tors, that greatness must attend this locality, and Judge Nathaniel Pope, after several unsuc cessful attempts, urged upon Congress that the north line of the State of Illinois must be where it now is, instead of at the lower end of Lake Michigan. Let them laugh if they will at the South. Chicago harbor. 1 tell you I expect to live to see the Chicago River united to the har bor of South Chicago by a ship canal from the Calumet * River to the Illinois £ Michigan Ca nal. It is but a short time sicca the Chicago harbor was a far more uninviting place than this harbor is to-day, and I tell yon that during the past year the duties upon the merchandise im ported into the Chicago harbor amounted to more two millions of dollars. During the past season there were nine regular steam ers which plied between this port and Montreal, Canada, and during the present season there will be eleven more, making twenty in all, carry ing heavy cargoes. This _is only one of the many developments of Chisago, and, although -some of you have not-been here so long as I have, yon do not need to be told of these things, and the grand expectations we have for all Chi cago. [Applause.] COL. HOUSTON’S BEPOBT, Col. Houston, United States Engineer, was called npon to speak, but he had deputed Sen* ator B. S. Thompson to read his ideaa, which hp ,_|j 11lIIJI l " l 'T' NUMBER 293. had conveyed in a letter tc Mayor Cadv, of Hyde Park. The letter was read, aa follows: Eon. C. M. Cady, Mayor of Hyde Park; Dear 8m: In view of the proposed opening of the harbor at Sooth Chicago, I hare thought it proper to make to yon a brief statement of the history of the Government work at that point. The ’im provement of the month of the Calumet at South Chicago by the Government was com menced in August, 1870. At that time the mouth of the river was entirely closed up, the river being separated from the lake by a sand spit about 709 feet wide. The improvement consisted in catting a channel from the river to the lake, and the construc tion of piers to prevent the channel from filling up by the action of storms and currents in the lake. The only cause tending to All up the channel is this lake ac tion, and this con only be counteracted by protection piers, which extend out to the deep water of the lake where the bottom is but slightly affected .by the waves. In 1870 Congress appropriated $50,000 for this Improvement; in 1871, $50,000: in 1872, $40,000, and in 1873, $40,000, making In all SIBO,OOO. The original estimate was $300,000. There has been expended up to date about $130,000, leaving about $50,000 to bo expended the present season. Two thou sand feet of pier have been built on the north side, and 1,000 on the south side of the channel. The chan nel is 300 feet wide between the piers, and is now eleven (11) feet deep on the north side. It is proposed this sea son to deepen the channel and extend the piers ta far as the means will permit. The expenditure of the whole amount estimated will make this harbor equal to any on the lake. This improvement opens the Calumet River—and the lakes and streams connecting with it— to vessels navigating Lake Michigan, so that, at com paratively moderate expense, miles of water front can be improved and made available to meet the growing demands of commerce and manufacturing establishments in the vi cinity of the City of Chicago. It will also provide a harbor of refuge for vessels which may be driven south of Chicago Harbor, and might otherwise be driven ashore. The success of thin work is due. in a great measure, to the faculties extended by the Calumet & Chicago Canal and Dock Company, who own the ad jacent property, and are engaged in its development. Respectfully yours, D. C. Housrox, Major of Engineers, Brevet CoL D. S. A. MB. C. H. CADY, Mayor of Hyde Park, said the opening of a har bor like that was of vast importance, and in the name of Hyde Park bo welcomed all there who indorsed the action of the Government in aiding and hastening the work. The value, as a harbor 'of refuge, of Calumet was more to Chicago than its total estimated cost. Nature had nude that for a manufacturing centre, and they were thero to solemnize a marriage between commerce and manufactures. The remainder of the Mayor’s speech was brilliant with metaphors, reference being made to Bomulns, ancient. Borne, and other once popular persons and places. GOV. BETEMDQE said that through the kindness of their es teemed friend and enterprising fellow-citizen, CoL James H. Bowen, they were present to in augorate that harbor. It was a new thing for persona to lay the foundations of a har bor, but while they lived, and forever after. Lake Michigan would sound tho praises of that day. [Applause.] Three years ago Congress made the first appropriation to Improve tho har bor, and at an expense of only $130,000, the Government had cut through a sand-bank 200 feet wide and XI feet deop. opening a way for the Calumet Biver to the lake. Thirty-one years ago he had landed in Chicago, and he had since seen wonderful events, but ho ex pected to see even more wonderful things in the next thirty-ono years. He expected to see, in the next thirty years, a town at Calumet as large as the present Chicago. [Applause.] From Evanston, his own town, to Calumet, he expected to see a population of 1,000,000 souls, and the harbor before them connected with Chicago by a ship canal. He ex pected to see St. Louis steamboat e floating in that South Chicago harbor likewise, steamboats from St. Paul and other points. He believed the whole people of Illinois wore in favor of that system of interna! improvements. [Applause.] XX-OOV. BAUKDEE3, of Nebraska, was delighted with all ho bod seen in Chicago. They might regard him as a border, ruffian [Taughter[, because be bad lived ou tho border all bis life, but he was delighted with' Chicago. He had been to the ball the night before, and was satisfied from that and what be caw elsewhere that Chicago was a well-regulated family.. ..Bat, it was not Chicagoans who-made “TUmdis, bat God Al niigfaty, who madti 6- tiie lake and the country which supplied Chicago with prosperity. Ho was from Nebraska, and that was port of tho Northwest, which was proud of Chicago. GOV. AUSTIN, of Minnesota, referred gently to divorces, and expressed his fear of the facility with which those matrimonial releases were granted in tho city. The audience saw the joke, and laughed. Bo told a nice little Minnesota story, which amused everybody. He couldn't see any town round there, but bad no doubt it would come m due time. Greatness was tho destiny of Chicago. It was simply inevitable, when God Almighty scattered from his bands the waters that made up these lakes and fashioned the ways of com merce, he meant business. [Loud laughter.] SZSATOB OGLESBY remarked that they were there to dedicate that rising town to manufactures, and that harbor to commerce. It was due in a largo measure to the generous aid given by Government. Tho spot was insignificant, but the Government looked everywhere to do good, and the gener ous arm of the nation, uphold by the confidence of intelligent voters, un locked that harbor to the civilization of the world. Twenty years benco they would bo asking themselves why they bad not invested in land now, when they could get it for $2,000 an acre, and which would then bo worth SIOO,OUG an acre: In 1868, Chauncey Bowen implored him to buy SO acres of land in that vicinity at SSOO an acre, and he wouldn’t do it. Thai laud was now worth $300,000 in gold. They should go in and invest. A lady said the stream was too narrow to bo navigated by a Kansas mosquito, but it was as wide as Chicago River thirty-five years ago. They bad better invest. He would not ha fooled a second time. [Laughter.) Hundreds of thousands of people would rejoice in tho en ergy of the capitalists who developed that ob scure and uninviting region. Lot them nave commerce and manufactures like old mother England and New England, whoso hilla were full of music famished by the sound of the anvil and tho loom. Illinois would be her competitor, and the competitor of Mother England. God had given them a soil that would not wear out in a thousand years, and what God bad not given them they made up in that strange article, Illinois and Chicago impudence. [Loud laughter.] They surpassed the world in that as in everything else. Look at Chicago. How many of them remembered the year of the great conflagration, its mins now effaced by the energy of tho peo ple. The country was looking at Chicago and the intelligent farmers of Illinois were watching them. The political creed to-day was to buy as cheap and sell as dear as theycoulo. Nomerchantd understood that better than Chicago mer chants. He would rather enter into competition with Satan himself than with a keen Chicago merchant or banker. After apostrophizing the banner of the country and the Union, the Sen ate retired amid hearty applause. COZm JAMES H. BOWES said lie could take one of the steamers twelve miles np that river. As was said, God had given them great advantages to be need, and ka had tried to utilize them for the benefit of the human family. He thanked them for being there, and hoped they would como again voiy often. [Applause]. Senator Logan was called for, but the trams were preparing to go, and the Senator’s eloquent remarks will have to bo delivered on a more op portune occasion. THE BETUBH. The trains moved off, and the boats did the same, amid the farewells of the Calnmettans on the bank. The return trip was swi:l and pleasant. Nothing happened tc make wives widows or children fatherless. There was a fine opportunity, however, The engineer of one boat bet a hat with the Cap tain of another that be wonld beat him fifteen minutes to Chicago. It was quite exciting. That hat was to be lost and won. It did no) make the slightest difference that 400 persons might be incontinently sent to Davy Jones’ locker, that 400 widows might monm their lot.:, and 1,200 children cry for them, so , long as that hat was saved. It was - pro posed to pnt Commissioner Miller ' and the Hon. John M. Bonntrce on the safety-valve of one of the boats, “ to keep her month shot,” as the Captain said. It was nip and and neck, “snout and snont,” jibboom and jlb hoom, but at last she won. Which ? It makoi not the slightest difference. ■ THAT CAEKIAOE. ■ . q The boats arrived at the dock in safety, opd c’l eyez were strained to catch a glimpse of that or.. - nege, but it was not there. Mr. A. C. llesirg came to the boat in it, but no one saw him go away in it. Some parsons saggestc-J that the horses bad taken sick or the axle wai weakening, and that Mr. Hesing was taken in. by the carriage and the subscribers "TT iSi** 7 Wwi/n 'A 1 y** j-

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