Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 8, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 8, 1873 Page 13
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REAL ESTATE, T7IOR SALB-BY J. H. KEELER, 145 OLABK-ST.. t< corner Madison; South Park-ar., near TVcnty-fourth-st., three-story ud bawmcnt brick-houso. 11 rooms: 810,600. Xw»rity-nlnth-«t„ east of State, cottage, 8 rooms, with. E rears’ Tease of lot; immediate possession. Eatterfield-st., south of Thirty-flrst, fina basement cot tfra, ]5 rooms, and lot 25x110; 83,710. Oreeo-*t.» near Van Boren, fine basement cottage. 13 -ooms, and lot 25x116; Bd.UOO. Other houses and lota in all parts of West and South Division*- , _ n-nlson-et., east of We«tem-av., now two-story house, fi rooms, ani lot 24x125 ;only $3,600. Wabash-av., comar Thirty-first-st., XOOxIBT. Wabash-ar., near Twcuiy-nlnth-st,, 48x181; S2OO per north of Thirtieth-st., 60x125; $l5O per" *MSchigan-BV*, north of Thirty-second-at., 60x155. Wiohlgan-av., north of Filty-seventh-it., 60x165. Mlchlgan-av., near Forty-ninth-st., 100x165. Indiana-er., new Thlrty-fifth-st., 60x180, SIOO per foot, Prxirie-av., north of Thirty-fifth-st., lots from $95 to llOOperfoot. ■ Donslas-place, noar the Boulevard, some fine comers. Wcntwortb-av„ south of Twenty-ainth-sL, one or two lots, east front. Amold-st.* north of Sixtieth, two lotsst S6OO each. Seoond st., comer Oakley, 34x125. A.dams-eL, east of Wood, 20x183. Adams-st.. eastofCalifomia-av., 54x125. Aurusta-st., near Twelfth, 3 lots. s3su each. Jacuos-st., corner Lincoln, 50x125. Washington-st., near Paulina, 44x133. 10 sores east of Hawthorne. 3 acres on Chios go-av., near Grand-ar. € acres on Barry Point road, near city Umj.**, 80 sores sooth of city, on Boulevard. 90 acres near South Chicago. OB SALE—BY KERR- DAVISON * WELCH. Beal Estate Dealers and Brokers. 142 LaSalle-st. * 60 feet, West Madison-st., east of Paulina. iSTfeet, WestMadiaon-st., cornorof Biihop-conrt. 137 feet. South Canal-at., near WaahJugton-st. 63 feet, Miehlgan-av., north of Thlniotb-st, 0 feet, Indiana-av.. north of Thirtieth-st. 63 feet, eaat front, Prairio-av., north of Thirtieth-st. 60 or IDO feet, Fifth-av., between Randolph and Wash *n§?fl'eLVith buildings, Statc-st., near Harrison. sor Id-acre blocks, near Northwestern Railroad and ear-shops. ISO acres, s. w. See. 15, 33, 13. ISiSS ..e.kS f c 11. 33.13. 40 acres. Sec. 3, 39.13. 80 acres, Seo. 15,33, 13, on Flfty-fifth-st. 10 acres, near Brighton. • TJtQR SALE—B4OO—WE HAVE CHOICE LOTS BUT 8 r ndletfromtha Court-House, ncarMilwaukee-av., for 8400. ether parties charge 9600 tor them. A. G. STOREY 1 kee-ar. ‘ .. FOR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING streets; State, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi. Hanovcr.'Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray. and Halsted; also on Wentworth, Shurtleft, Portland nod gtowart-avs; also on Alexander, Twcaijr-fourlh, jfwenty-slrtb. Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Earl, Thirtieth, Haven. Thirty-first, Thir ty-second, Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, F’ontalne, and Thirty-cigbtb-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small ;>aymcnt down, five year's time. 6 per cent interest. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 872 Waba&h-av. FOB SALE-DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON lake, Washington. Fulton, Ktnzle, and other streets opposite the new Northwestern Car-Shops, west of Cen tral Park. TLe Land Company are going to build, in Jane, fifteen cottages, and will be finished to suit if par ties apply sow. J. D. HARVEY, Agent West Chicago Land Co., 174 La SsHe-st. ■ Fob sale-uncoln park-lots fronting Fnilerton-av., Raclnc-ar., Fremont-st., and Webstor ar., lathe neighborhood of Lincoln Park; street railway within a few blocks; cheap lota and cn Tory easy terms. Apply to W. D. KF.KFOQT A CO., 90 East Waabing ton-st. Fob sale-five acres, corner halsted sod Fifty-eighth-eta.; easy terms. BLANCHARD ftROS., 153 LaSaUo-st. FOB SALE-CENTRAL PARK-LOTS FACING Washington, Lake, Madison, iionroo, Adams. Jack lon, arid Fulton-ais.,’and Park, Warroc, and California ats., between Wextcrn-av. and Central Park, at front $676 to $2,000 each on easy terms. Apply to WM. D. REBFOQT A CO., 90 East Washington-st. SALE-WEST .TWELFTH-ST.—we have JD just made a Snbdivision of the Block bounded by nest Twelfth, Sampson, Roboy, and Uoyno-sts, and wo are prepared to sell lota on either of these streets cheap, co easy terms. Twolfth-st. or boulevard Is 150 foot wide, and Is finely macadamized. Parties purchasing lots on It now can bo suro of realizing a handsome profit from their Investment. Apply to W. I). KERFOQT A CO.. 90 East \7aahingUin-»:« ■ rnCR SALE-LOTS NEAR O. A N. W. R. B, OAR i> works, inside city limits, until Jane 7, 1873. at BGOO each. A W. KROFF, 145 LaSalle-st., Rooin H. t?OB SALE—6BXI9O FEET, EAST FRONT. ON LAKE -1? av.. n£V Thlrty-elghth-Ht.: no money down to party that wilfbnlld. BLANCHARD BROS., 153 LaSaUe-irL Foe sale-two 34-foot lots on harrison sU, near Robey, cheap for cash. 50 foot' on Union Park. Very eligible acreproperty near Englewood, and also nearO., B.A Q. R. R., beyond city limits. ROB ERT REID, ISO LaSalle-st. . FOB SALE-NEW 6-EOOM COTTAGE. AND LOT, No. S3 Kendall-st.: SI,OOO cash, balahoe monthly payments. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES, 9, 149 LoSallo-it. TTiOR SALE LOTS FRONTING SOUTH ON J? Twelfth-st, boulevard, near Robev; also, lots on <.Cypress and Ashland-ste.; M cash, balance I, 2, and 3 -years; a good investment. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL :<t BATES, Boom 9,149 LaSaUe-at. TI?0B SALE—TO BE REMOVED-THE LARGE X cottage 131 Sooth Le&vjtt-st, with 50 feet front fence. -Apply the premises. TpOR BALE—EXCHANGE, OR RENT—PARTLY J? fundsbod 5-room cottage, 211 Gampbell-av.; lot oQz 136, by owner, J. H. FIELD, 49 West Lake-st. Fob sale-at a bargain-the desirable residence, 1119 Indiano-av., containing 14 rooms, hand some saloon parlor, conservatory, brick store-room, two bath-rooms, hoi and cold' water all through tho house, to*™* SSgtfd^jlikSsf ereirthinr is In perfect repair. Possession given at any. thno. CaU between 4t06 on any day during tho week. OB BALE-BY LEVI WING & CO., 96 DBAB born-ct. { Some good bargains la houses, lota, and acre Property; will take part pay in good building brick, r.wyi ~wINQ A OQ. t 96I)eaxbom-at. THOR SALE— S2,2SO—HURRY, "WORKMEN; 9 FINE JD loti and email cottage, Fourth-st,, SO feet treat of Oakley: only8800down: long time; possession at once; iWton-at. it G. GOOiWuXIE, la South Olark-st. For sale—at a bargain-cottage, with finished basement, 806 Thlrty-third-at. *7 good rooms .and new bam, Inquire on promisee. ■ THOR SALE-75 FEET, EAST FRONT, ON WABASH- Jj av., south of Fortioth-st. BLANCHARD BROS., 153 LaSallo-st. TTiOB SALE—AT A SACRIFICE. AN ELEGANT X brown stone front: only $2, TOO cash required: balance •on lons time. JACOB C. MAGILL 61 and 83 Clark-st. T7!OR SALE-NO CASH DOWN IF PURCHASER J? builds—Warrea-av. lots, just outside city limits. J. H. BISSKLL, 45 Bryan Block, T?OR SALE-6 AND 10 YEARS’ TIME,B PER CENT— X Cboico boulevard and Hyde Park lots at a bargain. JOSIAH H. BISSELL, 46 Bryan Block. T?OB SALE-THE CHOICEST CORNER ON OAK- Jj wood boulevard, having south front, with east front «ua Langloy-av., being ono clock from, horse oars, stores, ntarohes, and schools. Look at it and xnako an offer. ‘ kO. H. HESS, 151 Madison-st., first floor. -- SALE-LOTS IN BLOCK CORNER THIRTY- XrC» and Wentworth-av. Cheap: longtime; no I a. \ fajaired down if improved. J. 0. BTARR, 66 SSfiL. : j- LOTS. CORNER LILL-AV. AND F°n ' ' BgAi'OHABD BROS., 163LaSallent. iST HOUSE OP 8 ROOMS, ■CIOE SALE-*. to sold for 82,300, 8100 cash, r near Central to suit. Pro. rido to tho balance In qoarU'rl? »,'??' r.I.AKI.TN BEOS. * CO., premise* by carria ffo o* cars. 131 LaSalle-et. fOE SAIE-aT tiad-av. riOR SAXE—A E-STORY F.RA3tE BOUSE, 24X10. x Ingqiiß at 165 Ohlo^t* WOE SALE-SEAT CO^T. A g® TIORRatp t?t" v BLUE ISLAyD r UttßA rrT«f * ° * r -t. cn South Wcatorn-av. i at., 100x115 foot, Cist froii ' <»gfui n«l] early, ud Price. $3,600. or will .oil one lot cot. como prepared, oe tills is not tho ora. J? £ Foe bale-to builders—a on the Sonth Side. Oj™ r ffjlSSS * part of too Improvement for the lot. Im*!'I** 1 ** • • - • U)ar A CQhBY, 120 Clarfc-«t. T?OE BALE_e9SO EACH—WHO TAKES JC * nice lots on DeKalb-at., near Harrison. *9 OOtn?. R, G. GOOD WILLIE, 134 South Clark-st. - ___■ T?OR SALE—THE THREE BRICK BUILDINGS’ OH X* the southwest corner of Michigan-av. and Madisw* at.; price $6,000. Will give a lease of the ground aty reasonable rate. J. RSAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber ot Commerce. POE SALE—ON MICHIGAN-AV., NEAR JACK •on-st,, lot4oxlß0to alloy. Will sell or exchange. E. y. BEMENT, 158 LaSalle-st. • FOE SALE-CHEAP-COTTAGE NO. 9 OWASCO st. NOBLE A KIOHMOND, No. 3 Tribune Build ing. •' • F3E sale-two lots on ckntre-st., be tiraenFrcniontaniLDajton. BLANCHARD BROS., liS LaSalle-st. pOB SALE-SPLENP3D LOTS ON WKSTERN-AV. A? and Oakley-st.. jast outside of tho fire limits, south com Madison-at.; also on Flournoy and Idaho-cts. par ties looking for rare investment* should look at these lots. No other part of Chicago Is growing so fast. Secure a home or make a good investment inthls much-favored lo cality at once, aa such an opportunity may never occur again. See plats of the best and surest bargains In Chicago with EDWIN A. BICE A CO., *47 Ban dolph-at* • ■pOB SALE—FRAME COTTAGE AND LOT, U6B A 1 West Lake-rt. Inotriro on premises Sundays, or week-days at 853 )j West Lake-et. TIOE SALE-HINBDALE—WE HATE SEVERAL f vary desirable residences in this charming suburb, for sue cheap, a-nd on easy terms; also, some very desira ble loti ana aero property. Improved and unimproved property to exchange for aeceptabftr city property or tarns. 0H.13. B/HOLMES A CO.. 71 Dearbora-st. r>OE SALE-RIVER-PROPERTY 40 ACRES IN I ' northwest of See. 85, inside city limits. SNYDER * LEE,- No, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner of Monroe and L&Salie-eta. l?OE BALSU-9 NEW HOUSES, 8 ROOMS BACH, M laSsIS* 5 ' 07 payments. WM. P. JONES, "FOE SALE—A GOOD COTTAGE HOUSE, _WITH £ .bay window and all pjodarn improvments, with lot «J96£eeton Linoola-st., near Jackson. Also, cottages «d tots on West Lako-st., nearßoboy. The above will ge aeldcheap, and on very easy terms, by H. MAUUUAJv. . H, Reaper Block, northeast corner of Clark and waahington-att. POR SALB-47M FEET NORTHWEST CORNER WA i •?*;«. and Elrhtecnth-st.. toit chew, as the owner •JuateelL PKINNEY & JXJiIbaRD, Room 1, U3L* olUt-tt. _ ■_ POK SALE—BAHGJJKS IN CORNER LOTS: L Corner Vuj Buren-st. and "Winches ter-ay. i sllO. Cotnar Thirty-first and Rockwoll-ste,; S6OO. Oamat Oakley ami VanHorn-aLi.; sßpo. jJontorßashneUandßuddan-Btn.; SMOO. S?£?wWallace and Thirtr-foarth-fite.; $750. EDMUND G. STILES, MMcdlson-st.. cor. Dearborn. POE SALE-SIX NEW COTTAGES AND LOTS ON *. naar ’Wentworth-av. and Forty-aaTpntn-Bt-; pfW-paymeot down* balance in monthly payments; auo, f? wtte, on long time, lota on Erlo-at., near Horne. Ap* Wto F. R*ITILSON. 77 Clark-at,, from 13 to 1 o’clock. }?OR SaLE-A NEW 2-STORY COTTAGE OF? ®"t*j from street cars; on easy paTiacats, for $1,650. In* of STOOPS A BT.Atr, 173 East Madison-st. j'OSJSAI.E-SODTH PAEK BOUUEVAED-74 IT. TMrtT-serentb-it.. on easy t«rmi. ~ S. M. CUMMINGS, £5 and 121 LaSMie-et. _ . CITY REAL ESTATE. TfORSAEs2BFor^rGRSiSr^S~MADHoir comer Clark: Nln ?“. ne residence sites on Adams and Jackaon.fta a .®? r «efferson Park, at bottom prices. ** i.SSTf5 t3r ‘i fiTa i 1 ? 01 ' "Mth-ttmu on Erle-rt:, oMtof AiV land-ar., two lots vacant and one oocaplod or lam now IjtOTfr»me, plnnnni for carriageor oarnontiJriiopOT ? f “5 Uy “* U P A nno chanco for onowho »uu a homeorahop and homo together. Two fino lots, having’ two areuue front*, near Fiftv w. r ;, J° r 0,0 of 81,250 oachT fimiotS; location and Tory accessible. * “*• .A few fine haJf-acro blocks of 6 lots each at rwin. wood, for 81,600 per block; one block from station* 48 trains per day; fare, 8 cents. The best “banco fora K Com,lSd Ko t tf-m Cr - “ d BOt ®“° %3B at ■Wa«hlDßlon Holghla, near Station, at same price and terms pa/d for ?ivo hfnA- ’< ' l S, n M l) 'f cro trac - ta “ mo locality, bargain aCTB ia tho timber west of the Heights. JL I"?* 3 on <»nier. within two blocks from ielUmKli-S tagoXr' 0n th ° Ml!v '‘ al<Ce Will th™‘?wS& nc . ar Unoboldt Park bonlovard, cheaper mf?iVmni d r atan o tlc>nl .'J aan ’ B location laat Tnoeday, 9 0ur J 2 bloeke from railroad frrAinidsfcof fine improvement*, free from city taxes, high and dry, porfeot title, and yet, oMh* I*”' 1 *”' 1 °“ noli fine lots, ISO to 180 foet doop, for " orC3 l J t n .K.’: c ' t Don«Ia» Park, on comer Rich mont aV ’ E Hjhteenth-*t,, very low for good cash pay-. .J. special bargains in northwestern part of the city, includlnglotaon Wllwankee-av., Oakley. Leavitt, Sho bor, Iloboy, Lincoln, Hoyno, Wood, and Park-uts., and Nortb-av. - Always ready to show property, no offence taken If yon do not buy. CHAPMAN A BARBER, 90 LA- Halsted-st,, nearDivorcy-av., Lincoln Park, and ears, large 3-story house, and lot 100x130, on easy terms, and at a groat bargain. Ohicago-av., near Dearbom-st,, SO foot, south front. Beldcn-av., near Lincoln, Slots, south front. Orobard-st,, near Sophia, Slots, east front. Clyboum-av., near Larrabce-st., 1 lot. Larraboo-st., nearLincoln-av., Ilot. Xarraboe-eL, near Willow, Hot, £1.200. Mohawk-sU, near Centre, 1 lot. si, 100. Halsted-st., near Relden-av., 2 lota. $1,200 each. Burlin.-.t., noerbophla, lot, iixlSJ, si.ioocach. Burling-at., near Beldon iiT.. lota 5U125, 51.200 each, llrexol-av., near Flfti-fifth-,t„ 2 loti, sti pirfoot. Divorey-av., near Halsted-st.. 2 lots. y Ltncoin-av., comer Lill, 2 lots. Wrigbtwocdav., near Lincoln, Slots, 91.900. Dunntng-st., noarLincoln-av., Slots. Owon-st,, near Divorsy, 2lota. . Lia-ar.. near Lincoln, 66 foot. Sheffield-av., cearDlvenov 2 lots. Haistod-st., neap Wrightwood-av., 10 lot*. Florenco-av., near Wnghtwood, lo lots, sßno. Wolfram-st., noarHalstcd, south front. BSS per foot, near Centro, cast front, S9OO per lot. iromont-st., near Centro, east front, noriot. Divorsy-av., east of Llncoln-av., 60 foot, £I.OOO. Main-si., noar Thirty-first, 1 lot, 9850. HOUSE AND LOT, NO. 29J X South Jofferson-at. : will bo sold at a bargain. Call on tho owner, D. C. GEARY, 74 West Madison-st. House vacant; title perfect. I 'OR SALE-CHEAP—OCTAG ON-FRONT BRICK residence, 2 stories and basement, 10 rooms, lot 29 w a /tt& ; “i I^ ca . U ?5 ? Wort Side; $9, BCO. HENRY WALLER, JR., 86 East Waabington-st., Koom 4. TT’QgSALE-SIA.NUFAGTUniN'G PROPERTY. J33X -4-,. 26. foot on Twcnty-socond-Bt., northwest corner of A l } Also other pieces. HENRY WALLER, JR., a? East Washlngton-at., Room 4. •» » T7t OR SALE—FRAME HOUSES—MARSHFIELD-AV., J. near Congress-st. (Tylor); 3 storioa. Building lots taken in pan payment. * Haniion-at,, west of Ooltloy; Sitorie,; $3,603. Lotln •ice fire limits taken la exchange. Wilcox-gty near Campbcll-av.; $3,600. HINRYWArife^JR.^!o D og 4: 8 »..7&S“ P - FOR SALE—TWO-STOEY FRAME HOUSE, WITH ml modern Improvements; 30 foot lot. with fine shade trees and shrubbery; on Park-av., near Leavitt, at a do clded bargain. Inquire of B; W. HOOT, with J. V. Far well A Co. - For sale-choice lots upon halsted. Emerald, DashlsU, Buddan, Arnold, State, Twenty seventh, Thirty-third, Thirty-fourth, and Thirty-seventh eta. Aioo upon Wentworth, Archer, and Egan-a vs. Small MonroJ-stf** 6 HENRY W. T?OR SALE-CHEAP—SMALL CASH PAYMENT. J* Balance on long time. 39 feet on Fifth-av., near Hairison-st., west front. JAMES AH.IRN, 819 rlltn-av. B 1o KSALE r SG,o°o, 0 °0, V CASH. WILL BUY A GOOD crick house of 10 rooms, all modem improve ments, and lot on South Side, if taken this week; It is cheap at $7,500. Address N 43, Tribune office. F°? ®u, LE I, CH FA p -I H P, brick and frame dwelling No. 12 South Market-st,; will take one fourth coat. Apply on promises to-morrow. F°&. SA f'F~'J VE Jl'jy E A HOUSE AND CORNER lot on the South Side, 8 rooms, inelegant order; we SALE $250 DOWN-BRICK COTTAGE. AND JL lot 905, Buttorfleld-«t., between Thirty-soventh and Thirty-eighth. $3 250: long time; poaseMtnn ly. B. G. GOQDWIILie, 134 South Clark-st. • FOR SALE—BARGAINS FORTY-SEVENTH-ST.. near Wentworth-av., large house and lot, $3,000. Rasy terms. R. G. GOQDWILLIE, IS4 Sonth Clarklgt. F)R SALE RESIDENCE THE choicest in market—South of the city limits, on the boulevards, parks,and main avenues. J. RSAIAS WAR* REN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. TT’OB SALE—2-STORY FRAME AND BRICK BASE- J.’ ment house, on Thirtioth-st., between Wabash and Mlcugan-avs.: all modern Improvements; good barn; lot 84i1j8. BLANCHARD BROS., 153 LaSallo-st. For sale-109 warren-ay., two-story and basement house, 11 rooms, and all modem improve giMsg x isay all moclem linprovcroenta; very desirable * tion. A. F. NOBLE, Room 3 Tribune Building. For sale-on monthly payments, cot. ' tages on Dayton-st., near Webstor-av. Inquire on promises, of SCOTT & GAGE. - For sale-business property, improved and unimproved : . Lake-st., nearWestcrn-av,, 60x150 feet. - Van Boron-st., corner Oentro-av., ISO ft. ' Wnahington-at., near LaSallo-st. and Fifth-av., £0 ft. \Vaba*h»a7., near Harriaoa-st., 10x170 ft.. Welle-it., near Jaokion. 87 ft. Shonnan-st., near Harmon, SSft. Water-et., near Clark, SSft. Bandolph-afc., improved corner, darkest., corner Ohostnnt-placo, 54 ft. Milwankee*av., near Kinzln-et., 25 ft. CANFIELD Jc MATTESON, 60 LaSalle-tt. F JOB SALE-CHEAP LOTS-CHEAP LOT3-ON j} monthlvpaymenl*. and jastoataldo of the fire-limits, eltuatod on ffwt Van Horen and Jackeon-sts., jnst west of Califomia-av., accessible by Madison and Von Bo ren st. can. Prices from 3700 to SI,OOO per lot, in weekly, monthly, or yearly payments, to suit. For farther par ticulars inquire of STEVENS & WOOD, Boom l t 18 South Olar&et. EOR SALE-THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LOTS ON West Side, fronting on Division, Leavitt. andfiho ber-sts.. near Wicker Park. Good neighborhood; lots 124 feet deop, with sidewalks and city water. Price, S6OO, S7OO and 81.000. Terms, one-third cash. Warrantee eods and abstracts of title.' A redaction on first cash payment. If required, to those who build this spring. In quire of F. ARNOLD A CO., Groenebaum’s Bank, No. 76Fifth-av. • Fob sale-by h. o. morey, tj olark-st.. first-class residence and comer lot on Fulton-at., near Sheldon. Also, 200 foot of choice residence property In same vicinity. . For sale-a first-class mtory brick res idence near Union Park, .with all modem improve* monte; gas fixtures, water, boating apparatus (costing 81.200), carpots (costing $500), a good brick bam: every* thing ia firso-class order; all for the low prico of $13,000, one-third cash, balance In 1 and 3 years at 8 por cent in* tereat. GLLLaON A DALE, 87 Doarbam-st., Room 1. For sale-ob exchange—new house i rooms, and 60 feot lot, $3,500, near northwest toll* rate and Kimball’s well, for smaller house and lot on West Side. B. G. GOODWILLIE. 134 South Olark-at. FOB SALE—ACRES, LOTS AND HOUSES IN ALL parts of the city and suburbs at real value (not In flated) and on very easy terms, by GILLSON A DALE, 87 Dearbom-et., Room 1. ' FOB SALE—LANGLET-ST,, iso feet, near Thirty-ninth. Thirty-ninth-st., near Cottage Grove,.SOOloet. Wabash-av., nearForty-slrth-st., SO foot; cheap. State-at., near Forty-finh, 60 foot; choap. Cheap lots on Thirty-first, Shartloff, Buddan, Lyman, Hayner, Arch, Bnlterfiold-st*. FRED. L. FAKE AGO., 88 Waahtngton»gt. Fob saxe—north side-sands 1 brewery Company property, northwest corner Fine and Pear* son-sts., 107x167 foot. ■ ' . A . The finest location for block of residences in the city. Southwest comer North-av. and Dearborn-st., 160 feet. Terms easy and price toit low. , , Northeast comer Cass and Indiana-sts., 75 foot; only *2OO oer foot. Must bo sold boforo Jane IS. vv l. FAKE & CO.. 83 Waahlagton-et. w (OR SALE—I4IxI7S CORNER WABASH-AV. oaut front. BLANCHARD BROS.* 153 L»SftUe-gt. —Olt SALE-NOS. 141, AND 143 WEST VAN Boron-si.* 8 stores and dwellings* lot 60x165; also cot tage No. 14 Price place, in tho rear. This property will hare some*very desirable building lots In all parti ■ of thecity. E. N. DEMENT, 153 LaSalle-st. fOR SALE-BUSINESS LOT, ONLY £9O PER FOOT, P THrislon-Bt.. 40feotwesto£ Lnrrsbee; half down. B. Q' GOODWTLLXE, 181 Sonth Clark-st. F* OR SALE—SL3OO—LOT TERRIBLY SLAUOU for cashT 6amllton-av.. 200 foot sonth of Adams .t, Dwld o &“idW. K. G- GbODWILLIE, 131 Sonth Clork-at. - OR SALB-BY W. J. DAVIS, US MADISON ST.; and lota noar Lincoln Park and LlnoOln*aT. C! K'ls Weitorn-av.. Erloand Oakloj-ste. Two-story and brick bssemont honso SotrUh Robey-s*. Two-story frame honso Wentworth-av., $3,600. Cottsco on leased ground, SSOO. Suburban lots and residences. —OR SALE-60 FEET IN THE CHOICEST BLOCK on >i irh< ga n-av. Call at 1229 Michlgan-av. T7IOB SALE-81.600-A BARGAIN. NEW 13;KOOM r cottage within four blocks of Union Park. TRUES* DELL A BROWN, 175 West Madison-st. _ F" OB SALE-OHEAP-COTTAGB NO. 799 HUB b&rd-st., with four years’ lease of lot. Apply at 117 East Kinzie-st. F- OB SALE -ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS. A TWO story frame house, with corner lot, onPalton-at.. without any caahpaymont except the first monthly inatal- coltago and lot on Socond-st., small cash payment; h'on“4 on Bnrneido-fit., nearThlrty =d w lth >t 83x110i r DlfflcHf. - 00 monthly. Room 3. Major Block. H3 LoSallo-et. FOR SALE—S2OO DOWN—NEW COTTAGE AND lot 118 Qainn-6t., noalr Arohar-aT., balanoo monthly to suit. I°. G. GOObIVILLIE. 134 South Clarh-rt. E~ ftp Rsrvlsc.jM-HOIJSE AND LOT (3-STORY trick) No IK fcentm-av., between Jackson and Van BniSrS.- J.ESAIAS WARREN, H Chamberol Cam mcroo. TTIOR SALE—THE HOTEL KNOWN AS THE THE- F moat house, corner ilichigwi-aT. and R4il9Q foot • location not to bo surpassed. la perfect oru„r. bo sold fofSSO.OOOcn easy torma. J. EfSIAS l IVAkREN, 18 Chamber o^Commorce. oiTT7 fTTf a p HOTTSS AJfP LOT OR HOUSE FSS^SiS^SSdS;batwe« ■W«} and Pan jto»T»nd in the immediate neighborhood of Me. GORUIOS'S factory. OR SALE—THE HOOSB AND LO J T ON .;?°S?i 1 Sldo, A«hlejr-rt., between IWIN i P Co ' Sl.9£o;S2oo* balance monthly. M. O. BALDWIN A w.* 84 and 86 LaSallo-it., Boom 24, : T7IOR MET OX CLIN h toa-st., between Vim Barca and Harrison. BRYWB» A LEE, No.HKiiun Building, northeast corner ol Mon tMtodLaSaUe-su* CITY RSAIi T - B : BOYDriM^WHSTTfAsS ington-£*., houses and lot* in city* r^? 9 '. 1^ 00113 I 1 ?'!’ l“-room 3-aton dwelling, bam. wi , Loirttt; * rsn ~? n Washington, between ifoyne M? n l ;'‘SSn ,ron .V °. n Clark, near Biveracy-ar.; ^ n n° ■ r * Tr^.*oU- at'a bargain for caah*' with I3 9!am’ sTi rt °J?'; nd hrifkbMompnt dwelling. .1™ i.T* I,OJ S d, ;!T n; balance, fear yoarf; Tot 25x125 ; 2- Van B JSn! 11 * “° U r “ Dt ’ Wator ’ b(,th i snd5 nd I “ t on Chlcago-aT.. between lamina and Wood; water and ga*. 82,500—25x125 on Von Huron, between Honors anti Xia 00i?,fS2nt^*l2.nt: ®**>down. balance in 4years. Vo&d Lt^o£. 3t ° a ErW *> Boath W between -81,600—5-room new cottage, and lot, cast of ‘W'eftern naonth corc> “ cour *» P cash down, balance 820 per . sl6 cach-200 lcfs,ffixl2s fcot,ln Calnmet. near new barbor; will oxchaaco for cottage and bt or good farm. F°Bt S HoonTfP Y J * F * PIERSON ' DEARBORN -75 acres in S. K. Sec. s£ 40, 13, • 10 acres in M. E. See. 11, S), l:j. - 10, 20. or 40 acres la Sec. \t, 29, J3. ’ do or 20 acres in Sec. 1, 29, 13. 5, 10, or 20 acres In Sec. 17, 83. 14, 75 acres in Soo. RO, 40, 13. • 40 acres in Sec. .25. 40, 13. or llj aerts, in N. E. if See. 27. 40. IS. ‘ ' corn ' iro f Lncglcy-av. PaS. ft Madbon-av.. near Ohcstnut-si., Hyde • StKiiff«L 011 Jtcxt north oi tho Marine Bank. J OO , 1 on Moaroe-st.. near LaSalle. or i T,? i Q V ty ' el *‘ :itil - 8t -> near Michlgon-av. Vi ntv* l l ff?* on Wabash and Mioulgan-avs.. F°S SALE —Oi PROVED - STATE-ST.. NEAR B k ore * CM - front, $6,500. Jl-story frame Loose, 9rooms, c zS eDch ' T ° ot hOUM ' ““ bMom ” nt mtMo S10?00Q I1 *’ Z1V '’ 2 '” tu f r ,ramo houae, comer. iO-foot lot. *a?JP ottaso Grore-av ‘» 2-story framo house, lot 23 foot. «?» 6W- FRED L. FAKE 4 CcC • : - 83 Washington-st. pOR SALK—BV H. C. MOREY, 77 CLARK-ST.; ;7.- Harrison st. and the el'y limits. dom* Central I ark: will subdivide to good advantage, anA makoagood Inr-stmeat. h 40 acroa comer Stoel-et. and city limits. 46 acres on Steel-at., near Hawthnma. -0 acres comer Forty-saventh-st. and Archor read. 6acroa«3mor Prsirio-av. and Seventy -ninth-Et, to ex change, with cash, fora 40 acres near Clyde, on tho 0., B. A Q. R. R. a acres fronting alilwaßkco~av. and Logan square. G * s * LACEY 4 CO., 119 DEAR .3I cotta got and dwelling?, In different parts of tho city, on easy term, and In good locations, tall and scooir list taforo you purchase; best bargains In Chicane. .d^tuw^*vs’u. , f 0 l ,” r SSh. Vaa “ urcn “ ntlfi “ rrison - ***. °* QCr ° proporty at that can not be FOR RALE BELOW BOTTOM PKIOES-HUIt. para-st., near Horne, new house and lot- SI two e°«y tonna. R. G. GOOpfclLLlK 131 South CUrl™.’ T'OR SALTS—TWENTY ACRES ON RIVERSIDE i,. ™ owd ’ a m H? °f city limits, at $1,600 per acre, cn easy terms, being SSOO per acre below other property similarly located, it is the best acre inrestmant Oommorco^ 01, • J * £SALAS WARREN, 18 Cn»mbs?of F°? ? AL Jh 2 r L P T S NEAR CENTRAL PARK boulevard forS/cfl each for one week. Adjoining *ot»Tv or © sold for ftJ.OMI each. Freo rldo, csreandJS? riages. PHINNEY A LOMBARD, No. 163 LaSallo-st. ■CiOR SALE-HOUSE ON BUTTERFIELD-ST* JUST A, south of TMrty-nintb-st., very ohoap, at SI.SCO PHDiAEY A LOMBARD, Boom?, No. 153 LaSalle-st. •pOR HALE-CHEAP - SUBSTANTIAL DOUBLE building on Erst Lako-at., 40x185, built upon a vain able leasehold of 2C years, at tho end of which owner of realty la obliged toi«ay for tho building, and now leased for 5 yearspaying 15 psr cent over and above ground wats, taxes, etc. Cost $40,000, will soil for SBO,OOO. Ad dress G G D, Tribune office. * K.W.LOTS. BETWEEN CENTRAL -T lark and O. and N. W. car .hops, a non-rosldent owner, trill toU very cheap. Also. Boulevard lota, and lota " CarriJgl! - PUUiriEy SALE-ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL HOMES A comer Indiana-ar. and Twelfth-at., $2,500 less * h * r ' Its value. I must tell. Coll ou owner, at boaso. FOR SALE—IOOxI7O TO A 20-FOOX ALLEY, BEING northwest corner Cottage Grove-av. and Forty-fifth* st.; only $8,500 for a fow days. Tola is a fine business comer, ripe to be improved, and fully worth 810,000. Go and look at it, J. WEIL, 150 Doarborn-st., Room 5. FOR SALE—IOO LOTS ON WALLACE, SUMMER, and W Intor-sts., south of Twenty-eixth-st.; ono-fifth cash, and balance la 1, 2. 3, and 4 years at 6 per cent In terest. Title perfect, and abstracts furnished. SEW ELL CLARK. Room 13 Otis Building, southwest corner State and Madieon-sts. ■pOR A McDennott-st., Puller and Hickory-ats., at bar— B-H. CUMMINGS, No. 1(0 East Randolph-st. •‘CtOR SALE—WHITING-ST., 48 FEET, JUST WEST wwT°« I^WS%«S: A?; I Ss lon road « 143 r 'cet; cheap. CAN FIELD A MATTESON. 60 LaSallo-sC. Tj'Oß SALE-CALUMET-AV., NEAR TWENTY £ _ fourth-st., 60x163 feet, CANFIELD A MATTESON. GO LaSallo-st. *. For sale-or exchange-fine stone front house cn Park-av. CANFIELD A MATTESON, GO LaSolls st. * For sale-bym. arbnsberg, igolasalle st.. hooso and lot on Twenty-fourto-st.. east of State, suitable for blacksmith shop. 3 houses and lots oa Stato ■L, betweenTwcnty-eighthand Ihlrtiath-sts. £oxll3, oa Btato-Bt.,_between T fortiot < h and Forty-firat-st.. sßQ_poe tecnth-*L, easVTronf, for*s9,ooo. ’‘North and southwest comers of Fifly-sixtb-st. and Drexel-av., each 96xl£, at -a special bargain. 100 lots on Twonty-fonrth, McGregor. Twenty-fifth, and Kouath-sts., from S9OO to $1,500 per lot* 2 houses and lots on Sonth Park-av,, cheap. THOR SALE-OX MONTHLY PAYMENTS—HAND- X* _ some and substantial cottage, Seoond-st., No. 449. 8. T. KING, 70 LaSalie-at., 1 to 9p. m. For sale—by g. p. bay. sii north clark-st. 83,000 —House and lease, No, I Rucker and Klnzle-sta. ssoo—(lota, 23xl00feot, Fullerlonav., West Side. s2,Coo—Choice 60* aero farm, adjoining Crystal Lake* s4,4oo—House, barn, and 22 by Dolton Station. slo,ooo—33jj acres. Calumet Kiror and Halsted-st. For sale-on langley-av., between for ty-fifthandKrrty-sixth-sts.. hnnan and barn: 10t25x 178 V; Price $4,000. BLANCHARD BROS., 153 La- Sallo-st. IjlOR SALE—SOxISO FEET EAST FRONT ON SHEL : don-st., between Washington end Madison, price $175 perfooL Kcash, balanco I, 2. and 3 yean by M. MAUGHAN, Room, 21, Reaper Block, northeast comer of Clark and Washiagtou-sts. For sale-no. eio michigan-av.. between Twenty-second and Twonty-tbird-sls.; 14 rooms, com plete order; bam and carriage boose in roar; low price, easy tonne. Apply on premises, or to R. M. CANNON. Board of Trade. Fob sale—at great bargains-north hal sted-st., near Centre, 2 lots. North LaSalla-st., near Chioago-av., 2 lot*. ■ Monroo-st., near Jefferson Park, Slots. First-st., near Paulina, 25x135 feet.- Jackson and Van Bunm-sts., near Campbell-av., Slots. _Lots In Cook and Anderson's Subdivision at Douglas Park. * • Lots on Axcher-ar. and other streets at Brighton. D. L. A O. Vf. PERRY. EOR SALE—S6OO; SSO CASH, S2O PER MONTH. FOR a lot near Caltfomia-av. H. J. ARNOLD, 99 East dison-st. FOB SALE—BO-ACRB FARM. OR TRADE FOB lots, horses, carriage, or merchandise; 50 feot on Mlchigan-av., near Fifty-aizth-et., S2O below market; Wobaah-av., at a great sacrifice. Apply at 1373 W»- FOB bALE-on TRADE—HOUSE. DaKN. AND 8 voars’ lease, 914 between Oakley and West em-av.; price $500; or will trade for a heavy pair of horses, or doablo carriage or omnibus that is not much used. Inquire at 239 Forquer-at. Gall early to-day. • For sale-fine new residence and barn. near Ashlami-av. and Van Buron-»t,, 54.600: will take lot near north city limits part payment. BRUxUam A MOULTON, 13 Methodist Chnrch Block. frOR SALE-COTTAGE AND LOT ON TWENTY- X) cl/fhth-st.; nrlco, $1,600; mastbssold. TRUESDELL 4 BROWN, 17a West Madiion-Bt. FOR SALE-LOTS ON MADISON AND' AD AMS* ats., just oast of Central Park; will exchange In part for boose and lot, well located. S. W. KROFF, 145 La- Salle-st., Room 14. - For saxe-by n. f. eldred & co.. reaxes state Agents, 155 Monroe-st.: I Houses and lots la the Sonth and West Divisions rang* ine in price from $4,000 to $60,030, a) acres in Section 25,29, 13, Block 12 and 14. Aero property in Washington Heights and in Central Park, near Northwestern car shops. Lots in tbo Sonth and West Divisions. 10 acres near the Bridewell. • >h-av._and FOR SALE-LOTS ON ABTF.SIAN-AV., $650, SBOO. •Lots on Wostcm-av., $650, S6OO. ■ Lots on Western-av., SI,OOO, to $1,500. Lots on Hnbbard-st. from SBSO to SI,OOO. All easy terms; annual or montbly payments. ' H. J. ARNOLD, W East Madison. InOR SALE-RENT-OR EXCH.VNGE-THE PREM \ iacs. No. 94 Calumet-av., lot 40x145,g00d bam; all modern improvements. . , ; , Also a 3-story house, In parfeot order. In wood - lawn, with lot 50x130. fronting three streets, and one block irora Woodlawn Railroad Depot. . , ' Also 200x160 deep, corner of Burnside and Sevonty-slxth stsT Apply to A. J. AJ. W. COOPER, No. 154 LaSallo st., Otis Block. DOR SALE—COOLEDGE-ST., BETWEEN MOOD 1' and Lincoln. 2 lots, at SBSO each, nsnal terms. S. M. MOORE * OPMMIKOS, 119 and 121 LaSallimt. TTIOR SALE-LOT BlilOO FEET, SODTH FHOST. u., T Ontario-st. F. J. "WEIDINtiER 4 CO,, Beal EaUto "Agent*, Koom- 61 Metropolitan Block, northvreit comer Randolph and LaSalle-ate. SALE -60X50 NEAR CORNER OFHAR- Ju rison and CanM-sta. Cheap. CHAS. B. HOLMES & ,CO., 71 Dearborn-at. • Fob sale-cheap, only ,s«o for a neat four-room cottage on Buttorneld-at. BUMMi.I4- TILLE A COUalNa, 178 Stato-sU, Room 13. T* OB SALE-NO. 609 WEST LAKR-ST.—2-BTORY h fnmo cottage, lot 63 feet front. Price and terms rea sonable. E. N. BEMENT, 153 LaSallo-st. OB SALE-HOUSE AND LOT OS CHESTNUT «t near Taylor, $1,200. Also, lot northwest corner Vanßuren-st. and Calitornla-av., £5x120 feot. cheap. DIBBLE A LaBELLE, northwest corner Halstod and Harrison-sts. ? _ Fob salb-a fink investment-lots near Soathwa.tem-nv- and T.a!fth-st., for SGJJ cachron OMTMrou. EDWLNA. BICE A CO- U7 Randolph-.!. rnon, salk-aTs-story DWKLLIXG, 13 rooms, £ xratQT. 4c.. on South Hojue-&r., ne»r Adams-at,; dolph-st. -rToil SALE 2-STORY FRAME HOUSE. LOT ajz JD m on Rf.’c;.«t., noor Jaction; easy torma. BLANCHARD BROS.. M LaSallc-at. 770H SALE-SOUTH FRONT ON ADAMS-5T.,»X Jj 125, cast of Lincoln; price, SIS) .par foot. GEO. DOOKfeB, at Field, Letter A 00.% Jj rooms, pantry, closets, . B “ itoble ioe lwo .amilles.- Apply at promises, 250 Walnnt-st, T?OB SALE-DIVISIOX-ST.. H sonth front, on Diriilon-st., ntar Wells. !?. J vTEIDIJfGEB * CO., Real Estate Ajtfnts. Roots l6l Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Bandolpn sndlA Sail o*Btß. TTiOR SALE—LOT 25 FEET, SOUTH FKONT. ON JC Emma-st-, to west of alley. west of P. J. WEIDLSO&R A CO., Real Eslato Metropolitan Block, norUmoat comer Randolph ana La- Salis-stz. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 1873 ESTATE. NT. ON CITY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE—OR EXCHANGE—AT A BARgXST"i3 lota on Park*ar.,.near railroad. ~ * u . S lots on Jdadison-it., comer of Oglesby. , . S lots on Lako*st., fronting Contra! Park k. P * r^l “» <” Washing 8 lota in Block 10, Morton’s Sub.: 4ln block 9 . 15 In Block 9. Harding’s Snb.j all of tha abovn «••'(» close pnuimity to Central Park Station. . 2 homos on Ada m s-s t., near Ash Inn r!-av. • w m trade lon Aaaßnron, in same locality; will trade. ; KiJ ■' 8 lota ou tho corner of Warron-ar.; will trade i huuso on Pralria-ar., noarTtdrtj-cUtta-at. • will trad«» fef° re aafl B0 on State-it., noapTtraatletli; will trade.* lloua.* ca Jcfferson-st., ncarMonroa; wUitrndo Sorera! fine pieces of acre property clxcan One la SoctionHA 80acres, v ■One in Section 27, 411. IS 5 40acres. • 30 actV >IOC9 *k»lcher In Section 12* 53, 13; Una piece of 80 acres in Section 83. 36.14. One in Section 9, tS, IS; 8 acres. A. P. DOWNS CO ■ • : No. 163 Washlngton-et., Rooms 18 and la. JpOB^SALE—BY JACOB C. 'JAGLLL, gl AND 83 . RESIDENCE LOTS. •Indlana-aT., nearFoartocnth-st., filots: choan. north of Thirty-scronth-st., 1 Jot; bar- Kfantoa-av., comerTblrty-aoyenth-at., 3 Iota; banraln. VaLakh-ar., comor I’Uirtj-foartb.ft., uloU bareaia. ftwt^ 1404 aT ** °* *kirty-lifth-at., 1 lot; £<« pep Srmth Park-ay.', n«?ar Thirty-thlnl-st.. 2Iot«: choao ,Vcmoa.a»., nparThirty-eccond-at., 2 Iota; cheap. V . Aloarno-fit., corner Contro-ay., 8 lota; cheap • rhroop-st., nearMonroo, Slots; bargain near Throop, 8 lou; bargain; sllO per Jackwm-st,, near Aberdeen, 2 lots; cheap. Harrison-at. and Kodzie-ay., S lota; SGOO apiece I'ourtU-st., soar Oakley, lota, SHOO apiece. Park-ay., near Lincoln. 2 Iota; cheap. FOR SALK-BY GEORGE DE LOYNES A SON. 153 # LabaUo-«t., In basement; * Michiffan-ar., o. f., corner Thirty-olghth-st., www, $175 per foot. * e * nsar Fort^'o, 60x170, SBO focl* lbaall ' 1,V ‘’ 8 ‘ 75x165, SIOO per Wabash-ar., tr. f„ near Forty-socond-st., 10x165. 3100 per loot. near Twcnty-nlnth-at., 78x115, $135 per Thlrd-ar., near Polk-sU, 60x110. $250 per foot, lulrtlcth-st., near Wabasb-ar., 2-Ixl7B, $l3O per foot State-*.*,, ncorThirtloth-it., 96x115. sl3u par foot, acre- * St ** Ccar Fifty -’ BeTon^I ‘ st ** 3 acres, $6,000 per o. f., near Sorcnty-sixth-st., $8 per Also bargains in dwellings In South and West Dlriais ions, from aiJ, 500 upwards. Large amount of aero property for sale or exchange. FOR BALE-CHE APCITY LOTS: 0400 Near McConalck ’ 8 Kcapc** Works and Western-av., Von Hornet., near Western*?., $650.’ near Western -a?., S6OO to Lathielland Wallaco-eta., noar Thirty-fifth-at., 87CO. Buthnell-tt., near Baddan-st., $950. * ’ 9 , buuerior-at., noar Leavitt, $25 monthly, 8750. near Hoyno, S3O monthly, 81.000. EDMUND G. STIf.Rb. 99 Madiaun-at., corner Dear born. Fbll SALIS NO. TYLOR-5T.—85,000—81.000- ca«ta,syean’Umo for balance. 2-etciy ond basement brick on Honoro-rt., $9,000. . 2-story and bAaemont brick on Learltt-st., P6.000. 2-atory and basement brick on Monroa-et., $13,000. ‘ 4-atory frame on Fnlton-st., noar Ada, $6,000. ■Lotsonbecr-nd-et. and Wcetom-av. at S3OO on Quarter of Koboy and Carroll-ate., S!,SW. ' . Louon Flournoy, Lexington andPolk-cU., nearCamn belJ-ar., below Market. Price on four years’ timo. ■ Corner late on Adams, Monroe, Jackson, and Van Bn ren-its., at bargains. ■ Acres at Lovett atotion, on the Chicago A Pacino Railroad• at Forest Hill, on theG. O. &I. C. Railroad: at booth Friffle wood; 7 acres on Prairls-ar., near Emtio wood, at sll t ooo. JpqiT 8/ " v- .-lALK-OR EXCHANGE COMFORTABLY fomisDcd hoafto suitable for first-claas hoarding nouße; prominent street, grand piano, nearly now. Ad dress N 63, Tribune office. CpORSALE-VERY CHEAP-MICHIQAN-AV., COR* n Eons:. Apply to owner, JOHN O. RICH BERG, 67 Olark-at. .southeast corner Randolph. FOR SALE—sß.soo—s2,6CO DOWN; 15-ROOM TWO story and brick basement dwelling, 50x125 foot lot, goou bam, all modern Improvements, locality tint-class. Tajlor-ot., near Throop; groat bargain. T. B. BOYD, IBP West Washington-st. F OR . s ,ALK-AT A aAORtrroE-DEaiRABLE REAL tjtilo. Call at PIERSON’S. 42 Fifth- ar., from Wto la in tho morning during the week. EOR SALE—EW HOUSE AND LOT, 23 UNION-AV, App;y on premises. SAXE—A GREAT BARGAIN—A GOOD HOUSE, Si bam, and lot on Oakwood-av., for $5,600. A new 34- house, with a lot fronting £0 foot on Fiftleth-st., tor and a number of fine roaideaoo lots at Irving Park. J. F. LATSHAW, 79 Doarbom-aL, Room 13. For e ale-austin-lots, blocks, and acre property. The best place in Cook County for an in vestmon.. Fora borne it presents unusual attractions; 3 milos from Chicago, and So foet higher. Cars every hour; FOR SALE—WABASH-AV.—6O BY 173 FEET, WEST between Thirty-fourth and p rico .low. Ea-y terms. SNYDER A LEE, No. 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast comer of Mon* roo A LaSallo-sta. •TT9?£ A.LE-STORE, DWELLING, AND GROUND. Co . State and Tweatloth-sta. Monroe** lSlli'q!.u * BttU<Un *- northout comer F)R SALE— A 5-STORY AND BASEMENT STONE front on Park-,.., two block, ran Union Park: 10 frbprovomonti; 811.000; cheap. JACOB O. MAOILL. 81 OR SALE—6IxI2O FEET. AT A Park-av., between Oakley and Westcrnrff’ rosldoncfl nronnrtv i» IPOR SALE—IO ACRES FRONTING ON THE NORTH , elds of the South Branch; $1,500: adjoiningproperty U held at $3,500; most be sold. aVreSAEOFf! 74 W&ablcgton-st. For sale—at a great bargain, lots on northwest comer of Twelfth-st. and Wcstera-av.; parties wishing to build no money reqtired down. In quire at 135 South Clark-st., in bank* TBOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ON MONTH- A ly payment*, two now housos, 10 room*. onTaylor-st. near Campbell-av. Inquire at 135 South Clark-st.. in bank. Fob sale-very cheap-25 peet on michi gan-av., noarTblrly-scoond-et. 25 or CO foet on Oak wood Boulevard, close to open parkway; also, 50x300 feet on Unloa-ar., close to Cottage Grovi-ar. caa. JOS. B. CHA-'DI.feR, 181 For sale—cheap lots-only a. few left— Amold-st., near Forty-fourth, $501; Forty-fourth st., near Wentworth av.. S6OO. Hurry tn if you expect them. R. G. GOODWILIIE, IS4 South Clark-st. For sale-on monthly and easy pay mentj; , Fullertan-av., near Racine-st., $2,000., near Hoync, McGrath-at., near Itoboy and Van Barm. $2,500. EDMUND C- STILES. . 99 cur. Denriorn. OK £JAX.n—A BLOCK OF (JpDTSELLIN GS ~ON West Madisou-et., offered for abort value of the ground. BOVDAWISNER, 83 Dcarbon-st. F’ OR SALE-LOTS IN BLOCK CORCER THlßTY ninth-st. and Weni»rorth-av. cheap: lonf timo: no pay ment rcauired down if improved. J. C. HMRR, ft} West K&ndolpli-st. SUBURBAN RKAIi ESTATE. FOR SA.LE-r-THE THREE VEBI HANDSOME new swell-front houses, with brick sables. Nos. 122, 134, ami 126 Park-av., between -Wood tnd Oncoln-uta. Terms to suit. Also, 4 largo lots on Tajor-st., between Wood and Lincoln-sts. FriceSl.lOOeaci. Term* very easy. Apply to tho owner, 531 West Wahington-et., or at 131 Park-av. F , °?fi OA^ 15 .7 A COTTAGE AND GROUNDS. ALSO, Tl n fi^?, bQ,Idla R lot, 75x180. Roth arola South Evans » ffood neighborhood, and within ‘ ,pl7 “ tho °” PROPERTT, AT SOUTH ~ rhicaco’s a * & * oW ,Prices and on long tiito. Evanston ‘SiniSFfibaW Ur *W»t. and best suturb. and oar. ?tnifltothelako r £ sqttaroslron ttbe centre of Evanston, on long time?.™: b ,S ut examination of the toassist thorn in budding. An LIUS WHITE A CO.. *«»■ * Inwited. JU ... -aSalle-st., Roost 1. FOR SALE-IN G rooms, lot 40x120: a groas w HOUSE, 1&-6 TORY, tionfor G. N. CROCKErI’. FOR SALE-SUBURBAN HOML* . . mgq tho I. O. B.B.; 3i{ norosof rtnm6i?J MILES OI» worth SI,BOO per year; good house. figs and grapes, bodges, evergreens, trees, Ao,; In vUiAfe'jk itants. Inquire of the owner, IL C. BtAhlo rn.r lU6O Waba.h-.v, . HEMPEN. Fob sale-by stedhan, pope t~ r , —— East Madison-st. ** 6 acres in Seo. 10. 88, IE. . SO acres tc Sec. 10, 3d, 13; good chance for sub. Several lots In Irving Park; cheap. House and lot on West Van Bnron-st. . Two lots cn West Adome-st.; price SI,OOO each. Acre lot cn River Side-drive, near Douglas Park. 10 acres West of Brighton House. For sale-washington heights-choice •lota near depot and new schools, s3t<o to $300; easy terms; freo ride to tee them. Coll any morning. L. I*. WILSON, Room 4; 122 -Sallo-st. Fob sale-5 aches, Washington heights; 13 acres, and other acres, below the market price. ±* L. WILSON, Room 4, 123 LaSallent. , TTIOESALE-OB EXCHANGE FOB A GOOD FABM J? within short distance of city, two or four- acres ol land 54 mile from Austin. Aa>ply to or address R. D. KELLOGG, No. - ISO East Waahlngten-st., Booms 23 and 23, until the 12lb Inst. ' ___ FOB BALE-LOTS IN SOOTH ENGLEWOOD (the origin.! pl&t). Do not bavin addition, ot South Englewood; eon, torm. HENBY W. BKOOKS, 12d LaSalie-st. - FOR BALE—EVANSTON PROPERTY—HOUSES, lots, and acres; call at oar oflcc, 1"3 Mndtoon-st., and gel a list of onr property in the Evanston Beal mtaia Ken*, published by os. L. O. PITSBK * SON. . FOR SALE—WASHINGTON HEIOHTS-20 ACRES north of Morgan Park, and 20 acres sooth of Morgan Park; also IGO acres in Sec. 8, 36, 14 noar Michigan L-cn* tral Railroad. J. D. HARVfiV, Heal Estate and loans, 174 LaSoJlo-st, • ‘ For sale-a beautiful farm of tb acres. 16 miles from Chicago Dopot, high land, with trcoa, house, barn, etc.; tho cheapest aero property to be fonnd anywhere. Will be sold for sl°> *f*® n within afy v? days. There U suroly a fortune In this pro?" erty. of an hour’s ride from Chicago. J. F.S A TAS WAIiKKni. 18 Chambcrof Commoroo. FOR SALE-FINE COTTAGE AT RIVEESroB, LOT 6axlsC,nsar depot:monthiy pijrmanU. i TRlPifi. comer \vuhin£ton&ml Clort-cU.. UK meat. . ‘ ~ . FOB SALK—AT HIGHLAND TAKE, EASY terms, elegant place, largo grounds, b« c3t « rC T donee, with all modern Improvements, olc * °* ' KLN'G, 70 LaSalle-st., 1 tft 2p. m FOR S.iLE-AT SOUTH BNGLEWOOD (THE FlN est suburb around Chicago)— 3 now 2-tlory froutine on Halated-st. end near the eoi block from depot; Band9rooms; baywindows* iou V 125; cheep end easy terms. _ .. .. . . nrt A u Also, lots in tho “Origins! Pint," high near the depot as yon may desire: title abstracts furnished to date of sale. Extra ofiered to parties wishing to build. Now la get a hone choap, and save rents. Call and see. NO A RICHMOND, Room 3 Tribune building. TTIOR SALE-A PLEASAKT HOME H Grcva. on Vincennes near b rooms, loiSSilSfl; Unas, only *SLOW down. btUnco on longtime; price 86,030. BDWIN A. BlOt A our,, «' Randolph's*. TCIOR SAIK—CORNELL, OB GRASU bSoSj° mS i? . acres soalhwertCOTnsr Stony Island lion Soreatj-foarth-st. 52TSTDEB «k Tj,<ViimU. pnftrttnfr nnHhmt of Mnnroe ana jjininp-i SUBURBAN REALESTATE. oiT Illinois c'en- r a* d wi ßmilo ".i Coart-House * 35 minutes 1 S'J'EVlonMjdlsensndlJntlen-evs., within one block - ?*, Troos hsio been planted, streets ended. Six nwn trams daily furnish easy access to and from the dtrr ITila property is within 3 blocks of the South Park. Price ;P 'OR SALE—AT~X T1 AT?nAtTg_-ny nnrniev i- - 6 acres in Sec. 11, 23,12 Macros la See. 15, a), 13. „ 40 Rorrs la Sec. 36, 53. 13. 10 acres In See. 23. 39, 13. 10 acres In See 17 SS. li Cacrea In Sec. 15. S3. 13. 3 acres IS Sec. l| § 13.* SAL&-GOOD Z'OJ*’. AT 8150 TO S2OO EACH, JC near dopot, at Norwood Park; termi. SlSdown. tt nrl v •. w u*so». pe&ce T’co.. Koom 6, .No.- IP3 Clark-at. -,* * tpoß sale-best LOTS AT NORTH EVANSTON. A Ambuildlnff ii stores and 10 houses. Want crm-n --rare,'masons, and painters. C. L, JENKS, Ub Ls.. Hauo-st. TjlOß SALK—I WILL OFFER FOR ONE WEEK X only ft splendid chance to secure ft suburban homo on easy terms. House and lot situated tire blocks from Evanston depot; lot 53x150, nsw house, 2 stories, with finishod basement; 9 rooms, with bath room and laundry, tot and cold water, sewerage and gas pipes, marble man tels and grate, stores and pipe connected, all neatly ar rangod, and ready for use. Pricy, SS,KW; SI,OOO cash, uaiauco on easy terms, or will dlscoont liberally for cash *J. K. FOWLER, Evanston, HI, F 5 R SALE—CORN ELL—BLOCK OF 5 ACRES, COR - .n*r «fr SeTPOty-fourth-st. and Stony Island-benlc- Tard, UMr Cornell or Grand Junction; 1-40 railroad train* ft day. SluDilliiiLKK. 11 Nixon Building, nortiicaat comer Monroo and taSnl/c-sts. Fok sale-desirable lots and acre i tracts at .Montrose at prices affording & margin t no property presents hotter prospects, or enjoys better faclii tios for easy, quick, and cheap access. For particulars apply to RaA A COATES, 168 Weihingtowt* FOR BALE-OE RENT-IN WIKNETKA—A BEAtJ- new house and ground, with barn. Price, Wmnotka* 011 * 8t ** SO; Urms oa,/ * QRAV£S » TT°? ?AJ;, E -BY WHIPPLE St CLARKSON, 133 JL aoam Clark-sL ‘ Hoaso Md I acres of land 60 minutes’ rido from Chica ffo. Choice trait and shade trees. • Choteo ?tf*ecro lot* near the Northwestern Car Shops, very cheap: one and lialf story house on Fourth-st, Si 280: down, balance monthly payments. 21lot*at the Northwestern Car Shops: £2oobown, bal ance 1, j and 3 years. F r 'OR SALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS-HYDE J Park, a beautiful cottage and lot, $3,500; on monthly wratmts. A bargain. Near cars. JACOB O, MAQILLI a and 83 Clark-st. For sale—c. an. w. lots between central Park and C. A N. W, car shop*, a nonresident owner, wUI sell very cheap. Also Boulevard lot*, and l 9&9 0 2£5?.Sl ewd ' Froe ride * car » or carriage. PHIN NEY A LOMBARD, ICS LaSallo-st. Jpo R SALE-COTT - . JAGE, THREE ROOMS AND FIVE aoros Improved land, small orchard, fow largo forest trees, cno-half milc from depot at Hobart. onFdrtWnyno Railroad. 22 miles from Chicago; price $525, cash SIOO. balauco ?13per month. Olflce days Wednesday. vhh'.v, and Monday, J« KARLE, owner. Rooms, 153 Monroo. FOB SALE-SOUTH CHICAGO—4O ACRES 01 land fronting on Seventy-fifth and Sovonty-nlnth-sta., eaat of Stony Island Bonlovard. SNYDER 4 LEE. No! 14 Nixon f Building, nortboait comer of Monroo and La* salle-Btß. F°i ►R SALE-CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS AT HTDE Hark, near depot and Great Sooth Park, only $350, on monthly payment* ol $10; a crcat bargain. Alio, lots near Stnart-av., for 8700 each. A. B. AIcCHESNEV, 133 Madlson-st., Room 7. Call be tween U and 1 o'clock. THOR SAXE-6 ACRES FOB SI,SCO. WITHIN H MILE -i.' ! or 0•. D. AV. R. R., and directly west of washing* ton Heights Station; one-half cosh. AYRES A EOFF. 74 Waahlngton-rt. EOR SALE—AT HINSDALE—AN ELEGANT SUB urban homo, on any timo desired; also, an extra bargain in acre property, on terms to suit. Inquire, from 9to 3, of O. J. oTOUOH, 73 and 74 Dearbom-st., main floor. I?OR SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD—FEET EAST • front, near tho corner of Indiana-av. and SLrty-sec ond-et. This lot is one of tho choicest in Eoglowood, situated In tho grove, only 4 blocks from the depot, and 6 blocks from the South Park. The abovo will bo sold at a bargain If taken this week. SEWELL CLARK, Room 13 Otis Building, southwest corner State and Madi son-st*. THOR SALE—I HAVE A NEW HOUSE, 7 BOOMS. TO 'J.’ sell cheap, Will take a carriage or horso and carriage HINDS 1 balance long time. ISAAC £. FOR SALE ENGLEWOOD-CHOICE LOTS ON graveled streets near tho depots; also a two-story frame boose anQstaniially built. Lake Forost—Realdcncea at Irom S2,&X) to $40,000; also choice lots of all sizes at from S2OO to $1,500 per acre; the cheapest and most desirable suburban property near Chicago. Austin—Desirable lota'on the boat streets. CANFIELD A MATTESON. TO EXCHANGE—FARM OF 135 ACRES; 15 ACRES timber. 10 acres apple orchard, 2 springs, wells, large house of 14 rooms, near Dauby, DoPago County, 20 miles from Chicago. F. J. WEEDINGEB A CO., Real Estate Agents,- Roomsl Metropolitan Block, northwest comer Randolph and LaSalle-sts. FOR SALE—AT WINNETKA—BO ACRES, ONR mile from station, in Soo. 29, T. 43, N. R. 13. F. Jr WEIDINGKR A CO., Real Estate Agents, Roomsl Metropolitan Block, northwest comer Randolph and La- Sallo-sts. Fob sale-norwood park-acres, blocks, or lots at low prices, or will exchange for city or conn try property. 3. E. WELLS, ISB Dearbom-st. TCIOB 'SALE—OB TO RENT-A COTTAGE AT JL' Englewood, and one at Rock Island Shops. Very cheap. W. J. BARNEY, 163 East Randolph-st. . ~TL°H. SALE^^KSr?u'SnrbrH^TTc"rram".'ho Aty on the C., B. A Q. R. R., tho»rm*t do«ir»bta subur ban property about Chicago, at low prices and on easy terms, Vi ill build houses for purchasers If desired. High ■Sl e l*tt oaa • * >catt£ fnl undolatlons, attractive scenery, ami 23 dally trains connecting It with tho city. For plats, in formation, and free transportation to examine the prop erty. apply to CHAS. if. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dear bom-st. * T?OB SALE-THIRTY COTTAGES AND TWO-STORY A nooses at Englewood on easy terms. Apply to TTT— LOTSON BROS., 273 and 274 State-st. FOB SALE-14 LOTS IN SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, ch s9R* - AJso * 8 lota In South Chicago and 1,260 acreslofMissouri land for sale or exchange. DIBBLE <fc LaBELLE. northwest comer Halstod and Hanisou-sts. FOR SALE—OAK PARK—4B ACRES ADJOINING town plat, rery handsomely located and will be sold on easy terms, $40,000. FRED L. FAKE A CO.. 88 Wash ington-st. For sale-acre lot-io acres adjoining . Mr. Beek's Park at Englewood, at a bargain. J.. EhAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. TBOR SALE-3 OF THE CHEAPEST LOTS IN THE X' town of Austin now in market, 1 block sooth of Madi son-at. and fronting Willow-av. These lots are 271 feet deep, and onlysls per front foot. Trains to and fro every hour. Tjwiiis to suit purchaser.. If yon want these lots yq T, ’ ,ili fraro to hurry. For further particulars inquire of owner on promises. FOB SALE-Bvw. 11. rami, I<3 LA BALLE-ST.. first floor. Major Block: * 4 fivo-acre blocks soar Northwestern Car otiuy», 7(1 an«g in blocks to suit, Sec. 1, 37,13. 80 acres. »oc. 5. 37. IS. ' ICO acres. See. 34. 3,, 13, TOacies, Sec. 5, 37, U. Can give bargains in the above property. JjlOK SALE-CIL „EAP, OR EXCHANGE FOR GOOD - P/operty inside ana money—2o acres ono mile north cast of Riverside and on tho now railroad now bolne boilt. Also 10* 20, or 40 acres on tho Ridge at Washington Heights. Apply to A. J. *J. W. COOPER, No. 154 La- SaJio-st., Otis Block. EOB SALE—.AT WHOLESALE ACRE PRICES, average SIOO per lot, 60x150 feet; all high ground, near schools, churches, stores, markets, and cars, only to minutes ride; forms $25 cash, and balance $lO per rF °cfm(r®-£ o ** to soo these lots call on ED MUND O. STILES, corner Dearborn. fpOR SALE-OB EXCHi-xCE-HOUSE AT ENGLE- A wood, on easy terms, HARWOOD. W5 South Dcarborn-st. F°? H . EhGLEWoOD-CHOICE 50- foot lota, sidewalks laid to proper* - nd improving very rapidly. Those buying at our pricer.*,, double their money In a short time. Call qua ns and see if wo don’t tell tho truth. EVANS AD«jtijj SON, ISS Clark-sL, Room S3. FOR SALE-LOTS NEAR CENTRAL PARK AND now car works of C. AN. W. R. R. Co, at low pricos and on terms to suit purchasers. S. W. KROrF, 146 LaSalle-st., Room 11. ITtOB SALE—4O FEET NORTH CLARK-ST., BE ; tween Ontario and Ohio, SSOO par foot. 40 acres. Section 21, 28, 13; easy terms. 70 acres, Section 31, 37, 13: easy terms. 40 acres, Section 11, 88. 13; easy terms. x B. N. BEM ENT, 153 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE-BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE LOTS JUST adjoining and south of city limits, lying between and fronting on Grand Boulevard andOakwood Boulevard:also on Egan-av.; this property Is known as Bowen A Smith’s Subdivision; It Is highJy attractive in appearance, and possesses every advantage that oonld bo desired for resi dence purposes; it will be sold in 50-foot lots oa terms convenient to purchasers; now is tho time to bur and to Snild while materials are ot their lowest point and skilled IVJrers in abundance at moderate wages. J. ESAIAS =JtREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. J bISALE—NICE COTTAGE AND LOT, LAKE suit. £rar Robey, only $4,500: $2,000 down; balance to 6 acres strips in s. o. ofll, S7, 13; a bargain; easy terns, offer. Ila&frabdlvlslon; lino of now railroad; want an Park, very cbc4onca and largo lot near depot, Irving improved'. will seAHo 160x173 Blocko, Irving Park; well an offer, also an eU or part, st your own price: make roach of Chi<ago. for ipt country rosldcnco within easy and land (abort 60 aeres/ct leas than improvomonta cost, property. LING A in; or exchange for city l——— ,77»0R SALE—IOU UN 8#!™°“”” Tfyr AT JD Downer’s grove, martho depot, N ACRE LOT AT price of a 60-foot lot t ln\lno*t any other gn a hill, for tha Railroad; 13paasenger tninito and the'crtSSS® 7 Tillage ha &0 lalj.b Unl, b c haretic.. railed Mhoi j: stores and shops of all ““la- “pies and lots and small farms also for sale. UU and s«?r gxiLEb A GIBBS, 130 Dearbom-st. F" OBSALE-FAKM-U»ACEE3ADJqII<H'> iTo .™ pl»t. 20 mile, out; .nlublo fo,. sjUdivUioo il'SJ™ change for citr property. EDVUNO G. 53rR ij 09 cornerDearborn, Boon?. -rfioit SALE-ACRE PBOPEKTI, OK WJ-jr I H cbancefor Inside lota, 20 or 40 ceres In Lake T* rtlp. 8 miles from city limits, on new li”° ?5; ril AI vim<i>nnpi Rjillrofidt depot to l>6 on Ibe property. Ai. Sad. Address N 73, Tribune ofsce. nT7 catF—LOTS 50 BY 150 TO ALLEY, WEST OF “ at $lO to §ls per foot, r 10 fere, tho houlorard, feottl por acre, on eaar t0%5. w!r“ire.eight block, fromlndngP.rk. cooi location, only SSOO per acre, tonreoaay. J. BOUI-BBBy. 122 LaS&He-»t., Boom 17. fOR-sgE=irag™ ; COOK O* §ON 4 wnSHKIt. 116 Xaat Baadolph-it. TinRSAIK-5 1 / ACDKS, CORNER STONY ISLAHD- F sSitieuS:: » .plendid Invoetmeat. f>sSJiSt&ftw.tonU”* the Shore drive 4 acres in v g 0 y D & wISNER, 85 Dearborn-at, cirn-n ENGLEWOOD. AN ELEGANT H U . hilf cot taco, 8 room#, bath-room, 4c,; £ •£? ££? r depot Sds ormal School. Will« 1 for iffiew than Call and Inrostote wliroo sold immediately. T. MAPLE 4 CO., Boom % bagmen t, 155 LaSallo-»t» frTOB SALE—ACRE'PROPERTY IN BLOCKS OT 2* H . acre*. In HIT* »übdMsion in Section 14,13, 20 ralnntS’walk from Monjsn-svi dopou ' Helsbts. at 8404 per sore, snitsblo for ntbolrision. Ab pl/tooko. W. HILL, 190 Mtdlion-it., Boom 9. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE, P^R^SAI^^LT^OOTH^^vXNaTONr^EVER^ J.' excellent new frame hotiaes, with cellar*, from Bto 10 room*, arranged for water and gas. and all modern im proTcwienU. Also three large and elegant brick hon*M. from l*To 17 rooms each, beside* bath-room*, closetaTand cellars; bar windows, large piazzas, lowers, do * sewer ago as good aa the city; tme view of the lake. Also hno building lota that will soon double in railne. All or any of the above property will be sold on easy terms, or terms to suit, Giro u* a call and go with us to Branalooand look for ycmnelrea. WARREN, KEENEY A CO., IfH Dearborn-st. Fob sale-the c. a n. w., car works-i hare lots and blocks near them, close to WastEorty clghlh-st. depot, which I otfor at prices which will enable bayors b* doublo their money in less thaw two years' time. C. K. CHAFTS, 54 LaSallo-st, F° SALK-EWGLKWOOD-CHOICE LOTS IN THJS Retool Subdivision. WUITT.LESEY, BU.N’- yELL it BATES, Room 9, _^^OUN^R^REAI^STAT£. F o ?r?i^^d WTH COAL LANDS* FARM rl 0 ( *cres, within oao mil© of railroad station, with orcry indication of coal oa the promise*, a good spring of 7h-!n^n?w d w °y adapted for a stock term; can beta. f!?3 n f cc * l or ? boots and shoes, clothinir. orero cedea. Apply to THOMAS K. JODfeUAN. i&ondS^ EXCHANGE—A BEAUTIFUL tom. MwSdUMSS 1 ° CaUo ° 111 ciiKriSm ti. wssnaraAiD 4 ctfkVd For sale-or exchange-for Chicago property, 25 acres of land la & flourishing town 65 mile* from Chicago, on the Hlinoia Central Railroad, w . “»7*P«>ss, largo hay-hoosos, and other bulldlntr*. and all tools suitable for a hay business; also IS horses, and other llre-atock. The location la one of tho best bay districts of Illinois, and there was, np to this time, year ly over I. W tons of bar pressed and shipped from this n=r C "f Fmh U .i“lS£l, °°- 173 W^ s tcn.TL., cor- F° JB SAXE FARMS —WE HAVE FOB SALE tlm M , Ter *f t T «*T choice stock and *rrain fa ana in Northern low figures and reasonable terms. Theao farms aro finely improved, eligibly located, and in every way de- Elni mVt OTR 450 “«*■ ostia. B. iiQX»MEL A CO., 71 Dearborn-tt. IFOR SALE-LARGE TRACTS OP LAND IN WEST, -t .° ra |S^tl^iP« r m a °fOLlowa ud Western land* for riide. SHANNON 4TEIPPE, corner Washington and Olark-eta., basement. OR SALE-FARM OF 160 ACRES IN DEKALB County, HI.. M miles from Chicago; also, 320 acres good grazing land, near farm, under good fence. Will be sold at a great sacrifice, if taken Boon. AUo, some farm- Mi^l^K o cbs^ ropertJ - A - K - REAL ESTATE WANTED. TV” ANTED—SMALL FARM IN EXCHANGE FOR 10 0031111 Plrk - TITANTED—A LOT NEAR CITY OR FIRE LIMITS »F worth from £6OO to $1,500, ■which I will pay for in ftrabclaastoard. Everything first-class, good table, etc. Address D 61, Trlbnno office. * \\T ANTED—A FARM OP ABOUT 160 ACRES OP / F good fanning laud within 20 or 30 miles of Chicago, for which I will exchange homo and lot centrally located, and balance cash. Inquire of P. L. O'HARA. 136 •fifth-ay. . TTrANTED—COTTACE AND LOT OR LEASEHOLD. f 1 ror cash and real estate or secured notes; furnished S£JL n * Give full partioulan. Address D 65. J ribuno office. WANTED—A FARM OP ABOUT 160 OR 120 ACRES. »F part improved and part unimproved, with house: or 80 acres improved, with house, etc., in Illinois. Win give from 552,000 to $2,2U0 caah for clear papers and perfect title. Immediate possession required. Will purchase horses, implements, etc., from owner. Address N 31, Tribune office. * ITT ANTED—HOUSE AND LOT, OH LOT NORTH °f thirty hfth*rt., in exchange for improved farm, lai acres. Apply at 799 Scnth State-st. TIT A NTED—4O TO 163 ACRES OF LAND, NORTH FT west of the city and In Cook County. It need not bo near railroad. Address P. Q. Box 47, Chicago. TirANTED—ACRE PROPERTY NEAR THE CIXY, ', worth from $50,000 to $80,000; will paj in elsmmt S#!r%SS, worth 000 : balance caah. LINO A HOLMES. \V^T? I H M ? RoVf:i i PROPERTY ON SOUTH f f Haistod-st., between Madison and Twenty-second •to.; must be a bargain. M. KLEIN, 183 South Clark-st. WANTED-LOTS AND HOUSES IN ALL PARTS F T of the city, and improved farms, for customers now waiting. SHANNON £ TRIPPE, comer Washington and Clark-sts., basement. WANTED- ACRE PROPERTY OR A SUBDIVTS lon west of Blue Island-ev. and south of Sixteenth st* A. LtMBEBQ A CO., 173 Washington-st-, earner tifth-av., Room 3. * 60 LaSallo-at, WANTED-TO PURCHASE, A WELL-LOOATED ♦ F piece of business property, with substantial bnild tngs. paylng a fair rental, costing from 375,000 to SIOO,OOO, on which a liberal cash payment will be made if a bar pain- Oroors having such, please call or address G. A. LELAND, 188 Dearbom-su XKT ANTED—2OO OR 300 FEET FRONTING ON THE T for a customer. F. J. WBID TJ»GER A CO., Real Estate Agents, 61 Metropolitan Block, port bwgflt corner Randolph sad LaSalle-ata. r RENT-VERY CHEAP-FINE SLEEPING room, or office, 14x15, with water and marble wash basin. Second floor 185 Waahlngton-st. Apply at Koom 1. r RENT-THREE ROOMS IN BACK PART OF house No. 371 West Harr*- ■*., —jtwt>u, tor txuuse ko«n*»»~- »«»(, «xo par month. mo mm-M rtTWEST a FIRST room and bedroom off, for a couple. SitebSSSr' 1 ’ *“ 1 ther. P^J rr° RENT-AT 3M FULTON-ST., A NICELY YUtC S' room for one or two gentlemen; first-class board if desired; tonoa reasonable* mo RENT—<6I SnOraCAN-AV.. VERY PLEASANT -L rooms, famished and nnfurn^hyL rpo RENT—TWO FURNISHED BOOMS IN A PRI- TwenS’.tirf.'ii' BoforonCM oxchxnged. Applj at 85 T 0 .?? nicely-furnished FRONT BOOM MntlATaan Stric V y pr Tato aaitablo for one or two mmtlemon; references exchanged. STB West Lako-.t. Also, a small bam, -b * T ( Lu.‘^ iT r Tn '°„ NICEL Y furnished "rooms: ■*• *“**bio/or gentleman and wife, or two sinirls trrnf Ti*i_ men. wQj West Madison-st., opposfte Centre-av. T l rer hlS;?9 lIPLET f.f7 ’ yUKNISHSD BOOM f * or homekoepimr; no children. Also, ileoning-room for gentlemen. M 7 Sonth Halsted-st. Mid‘ratS T°A. K „^Tr IF a yOU WANT COMFORT AND~EL^ jte.ftore-. g ° a ct 8 ?gs ra re^b!e. ti, ° St " Hm °- B “ dB T°v ®ENT—LARGE, PLEASANT ROOM. WITH 0 WJy " Es,oreilM » «- J n J RD floor OF NO. W i Madison-st. Good references required. For particulars, inquire at 135 West Madison-it/^^^ KEAB T‘Lk^l^«®-8T..-ONEB£omraM or wlthoat boar?; aR “' a o ™** n h =f «»“*. with T°elet^7nrnl7h™. t 85 t FRONT nOOM TO RENT-TWO ROOMS. one block from Union Park. 40 Walnut-st. Ami 1 TO RENT-AN UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM a 5 1161 Indlana-av., near Twenty-flfth-st. 10 RENT—THREE ROOMS, FURNISHED, $lB PER month; unfurnished, sl4 per month- 41 Ruckcr-st. TO RENT—6 NICE ROOMS ON WEST MADISON st., near Robey; rent only S3O por month. R. KEN NEDY, 145 Clark-st., Rooms 26 ana 27. TO RENT-A NEATLY FURNITHED FRONT BED room for single gentleman, 180 North Clark-st. TO RENT-CHEAP-A PLEASANT FURNISHED front parlor, suitable for two gents or gentleman and wife. Inqolre of DB. EMILY AKKLY, 199 Thlrd-av. OP FRONT ROOMS, NICELY g>nnvonionh with large closet; rent moderate; location ***** ««• K*» Indiaaa-ar., near T to A twc gclS^ROOlL^ra™ private family; references iJeJi plain es-st. T" O RENT-1074 WAB ASH-AV.-A SUITE OP FRONT rooms, with largo cloeetattached;also, a large back room, onfumlsfaed, with or without board. TO RENT-ONE FURNISHED ROOM FOB GZN tleman only. Inquiro at 97 West Monroest. TO RENT —PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, FUR nished, northeast oomar Franklin and Bandolph-sts. Inquiro at Room 1. • TO RENT-748 WABASH-AV ONE DOUBLE AND ono single furnished room, for gentlemen, veil fur nished. T~O RENT 460 WEST RANDOLPH-ST., FRONT room or two rooms cn suite, furnished or without board; all modem conveniences. TO RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED FRONT rooms, 179 West Monroe-st., with or without board. TO RENT—A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH USB OF kitchen If required, toman and wife or a respectable lady employed out of the homo. 858 Stato-st. T'O RENT-TWO ROOMS ON WABASH-AV.. NEAR Post Office, and 8100 v/orth of furniture for sole. Address N 65, Tribune office. TO RENT—A FRONT ROOM, WITH AN ADJOIN- In bedroom, furnished, for two gentlemen- Inquire at 38 Newberry-av. TO BRNT—THREE SPLENDID BOOMS, UNFUB nlsbec, in a brick house with all modern conveniaa eies; low rent. Inquire at 710 Mooroe-et. TO RENT-ONE, TWO. OR THREE COMFORTA . bly famished rooms, to genii omen only, 474 Wa bash-ar. TO RENT-A FRONT ROOM AND ALCOVE. FUR niihod or unfurnished; gas, closet, and bath-room: lacatioa central and good. Call at 234 West Monroo-st. ROOMS. 2 CLOSETS, 1 LARGE PAN xtu. Applj on tbs prcmiMa. ' 'gatfrfSSdlSg., t Mi'soo^-a2£^.. ROOM3 , OAS. rO REA"T-T7RLL-FnR:TISIIED rßUa,..onmt i without board, Randolphit., Mar St. Carollorit very largo and deairablo. Addrcia P IS, Tribune 'i < 'J?D ! S^^ N,0 ?.u ra S!I SHKD parlor and m e ’ *. lttl nr •wlthont board, for two ffentlo- ,,rihrickboos?, with alllmproTemtnta. mn t” U 4 > T «t cartolOilonPark. 1 rom’Ss’,M» 0 f NE HASDSOMELY-FOKNISHED room i, and wlfo; oUo two slnglo T°fo?rarf* lCKLY-FURNISHED LARGE ROOM, tip-stairs. t " ro €fontlemon, at 867 West Madison-eL, TO ~R PVT enKUte iA*pSOMELy.FIJB.VISHED BOOMS, 151 and 153 the St. Jalien European Hotel, TMdS-fJeaJl.I-KGANTLY-rtrRNISHZD FHONT in two block of o“®> for one or two gentlemen. with mnr.rrT OTT at ' car *~ PWalon-it. rrii iterator bithPMS, TWO CLOSETS. AKD PAN- i Y 7 , -ra; rent, 81g. 677 Hrlo-*t- mi T O h®S r teSS 0 ?*S^T ( ROOMB IN PRIVATE mi USHED BOOMS; r“i «»asondseWat ** -lUumt bond, IJI TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—BOOMS. T° REST-LARGE FROXT ROOM. FURNISHED? WlnchwWMF™ 11 W * Xcod reference required j Xra T °PR BOOMS AT H7 SOTTTtT T°dt E |l SSbSS-rt^ B ‘ EOOU > WITH OLO3ET . T O fr?„fH SGB - I'ICRLY FURNISHED . C-n’J j;n.;n luvl uUo or two -iaolo sen. tinmen, herb. hot and cold water. T° O i!lS?T£2Y, 11 BS°MB> ,' WITH AND Ml Apply at as MitohcUit. fAHT OP COTTAGE NO. menu “ n " e ™ u -«-. tirtlr TO RENT—TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN A comfortably famished room, at 163 South Peodi-sU FOUR -4pW ' ° aStitC ' ! '- near Twentj-nLntL. rKENT - HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT rooms, en soito or single, marble front T/J Wabash, ar.: every attention and car© given to rnndrr homo pleasant and attractive. Prices moderate. Table board next door. r RENT-ONE LARGE FRONT ROOM FOR MAN and vdfe or young man. Terms reasonable ftitD modern improvements. No. A} North Wells-sr. rp6 RENT—A NUMBER OF NEWLY FUBNISHPD ™ oa }* »t reasonablo rates. Apply at Room 11, No. lw F.ast Madiron-st. TO REST—IHONT ROOM. HITCHES,BED-ROOM, and tiro closetg,at 3d O’lirion-at. T° rest - lie wlyTursisnkd • n t w b / iclc "«idenco; all modem Improve *?“ from f ’I limit" can. one block from Llacoln Park. barn. Addroaa 713 Sedcrrtck-tt. T°onrt E .f r ~ A FINELY fursishedroomTsec- Md ,u oonrrairnijo,: slag's loffSdE^aU 1 ?. 0 ‘““““.oonronlont ti>c«B and T^l?2 E sSzX , ‘ 3 i XY i raiWISHED front ROOMS. J. ii?Jbtate-at. Ingatra on premises, orbsSSUte-efc. "TO RKNT-nf PRIVATE FAMILY, 918 WABASH- Keatloman and wile or two centlomen, nawlv room, with bath-room adjoioiJi.oon vonient to botobondrcstaaranla: relen-neoe eacimogeil. T°. auiUbla for hoosokevpin;, only $35 por monthT ISat^^tcn 0 -.^” 011 f ° raSoo ‘ furnitu «- rpo REN T—FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE OB X suites, at 155 Sonth Jcfforson-at, WITH 0K rjlO BE.Tf-I’DKmsHED PARLOR, SUITABLE FOR m two gentlemen, also single rooms, at 1063# Wabash-ar. T°l?F? T rAi P £ lU iP R FLOOR < 3 IARGE ROOMS) X la a deslrablo locatlna on Michigan*..,: also, other rooms. Addrots D 57, Tribnno oSeJ. ' T , L R KS r ‘^ EC r 0 ?' I> FLOOR OF SIX ROOMS IN t: B. ri 3org^°jjfgTwV.assg.g” “ d Aa: - U - TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, CLEAN. NEAT, and well famished. 178 South Peorta-aS. * rpO RENT—A SUITE OF SIX ROOMS, WITH PAN- A try, closet, and water. 435 May-st. T° ,R EST - T F9, FURNISHED front rooms; No. M nSS Ca^nte?-s£ ,mIU « 10 RENT—323 WAB A S H-AV. —N ICE LY-F URN IS H - ed room for gentlemen; private family. T°ai P?F T -9 S ¥ FURNISHED ROOM; 167 EAST X, Madison-st. Inquire at Room 23. /HO RENT—A FDRNISHED FRONT ROOM IN PRT o.nlt-Jw 11 !?' 115I 15 ver Reference. required. Call at 778 Wabuh av., near Slrteenth-et. furnished or X nnlnmlßlied; marblo-fronc block. 313 West Wash logtop-st. References exchanged. rpOREKT-LARGE AND WELL LIGHTED, ROOMsT * *. nd eleeawr, and newer it required. “ !*• h Clarlc-st. Apply to H. HAHIT A CO., 2S South Jefferson-at. » fro RENT—A WIDOW LADY HAS A FDRNISHED A room suitable for a gentleman and lady or two ladles gSiVUSffggs dir - Addra » ,rpo RENT-FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM X to a lady, with ,or without board. Inquire at No. 65 rlcrcO'ib IO RENT-A NICE FDRNISHED FRONT ROOM ON ■ first lloor, at 764 Wabash-av. TO RENT-A NICE LARGE CHAMBER AND closet, unfurnished. No. 20 SUver-st. References re q aired. TO RENT—SEVERAL SUITES OF ROOMS. NKW. cosy, and central, for families without children. f'One need apply who cannot give good references. Rone low, E, F. ADAMS A CO., comer Madison and State- sts. TO RENT-A VERY PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, with alcoTO and largo closet, famished, without noard. 550 Michigap-av. rpO RENT-TWO FDRNISHED RCOMS FOR X tlemea, at SB6 Michigao-av., between Kldridge and Peek-eoart. , TORRENT— BOOMS NEWLY AND HANDSOMELY fo^siibed; also one of the pleasantest snites of par lors in the city, looking up the whole length of Loomis it. (3 miles), at 4£3 West Madison-st. ; TO RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM FOB _ two gentlemen. Apply at 18 North Halited-aL rro RENT— AT 63 SOUTH HALSTED-ST., BE- X tween Madison and Washington, one front parlor, suitable for three gentlemen, or man and wife. Terms reasonable. TO IUS«T—FIVE PLEASANT ROOMS. FOR near Union Pork. Inquire at 178 West. TS^fV -303 WEST HABRISOS«r.. CORNER X Gold, grooms, water, S2O. a rro RENT-LARGE FRONT ROOM, furnished” l4wtac*Sito^?. 0r J - G °° d rcforenco nHioiredae rpo RENT-S OS 3 NICE BOOMS WITH CLOSET QnlreSi K ° r ° nfaral » h ° d - *>- p fEABANT ROOMS IN BASEMENT,* nor ot^f^r 00111 ' Applr 111 N °~ 630 Habbarf-at., cor’ rpOJIENT-EOOMS AT £lB NOETH CARPENTER. Tkns,K?' - f£? OMS ' CONVENIENT FOR HOUSE at per m 2SP I ' at drag store, B£S Cottage Grove-av., or at 823. Dr. NORTON, Dentiit. IO RBNT-TWO NrOELT.FURNISHKD BOOMS front and back parlor. 363 Wabasiyar. a ■ T 0 SUITE OP FURNISHED FRONT >S6 Rob-cca-it. ; l') minutes walk from Sine Island-av. buses and cars. mOBENT-FmiNISHED BOOMS, SmOLETOBEN M&^assKs^.jaarLflai ßent rp° rent_ oN e unfurnished room at r-i X Wabasb-av. References required. _J . mo RENT—A FINE FURNISHER Ptßroe - X a furnished bed-room, at 103 ThIrfjfiiFURNISHED rro RENT—LARGE, Afwdira. in the new brick X rooms, with or sWutVaa Suren and Franklin-sts. house sootheastuyt pleasant. Inquire Room 6, first floor. Ideation FRONT ROOMSI rp c '~tihnT without board, at No. 16 North Sheldon-iL. Union Park, near Randolph-st. rr><f RENT—THE LOWER FLOOR OF NO. 343 X South Park-av.; four rooms, closets, Ac. Apply on premises. _ __ TO RENT—SPLENDID SUITE OF ROOMS, THIRD floor, and front office, second floor. .In Hough’s Block, opposite Post-Office. B. M. DAVmPOET, No. 10 Major Block. TO RENT-A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, FUR nisbed, for single gentleman or lady, with privilege or bath-room. located noar the business portion of city. In quire on Monday at No. 40 Casa-et. TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR. SUlT able for two gentlemen, or man and wife. No. 109 West Adams-st. IO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED OH UNFURNISH ed rooms. 146 Madison-st., Room 23. _ r RENT-PART OB WHOLE OF FIRST FLOOR, partly furnished if desired. 747 Wabash-av. Rent reasonable. mo BENT—DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS, X with gas, closets, and privilege of bath, at 473 Wa basb-av. . .. n»Tw»—unFURNTSHED FRONT PAI per month, at No. 19 North Sangamon-il. TO RENT-A SUITE OF UNFURNISHED ROOMS, at 364 Wabaah-av., corner Harriaon-st. TO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED PARLORS. I*3 WestMadUon-st., Rooms. Mrs. F. H. THOMPSON. TO RENT-NICE, COOL ROOMS AT 651 WA basb-av. TO RENT —FIRST FLOOR OF A TWO-STOKY boose, • eU rooms, water, with the use of a bam. Inquire at IQ North Reuben-at. tO RENT—WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. TO TWO J. gentlemen, or gentleman and wife, a largo front room, famished, facing south on Oak-av., near Douglas House; private family. Addrcia P 15, Tribune office. TO RENT-ROOMS AND OFFICES IN OPERA- Houso gßolliiing, {corner Ralsted and Harrison-sta. Apply to J. 11. KEELER. 145 Clark-at., corner Madi son. TO RENT-40 TO 60 ROOMS IN THE FOUR-STORY stone-front building now being bnilt on northeast cor ner of North Clark ana Erle-sts.; woll calculated for pri vate hotel or boardlng-bouso; the rooms can be arranged to suit a good tenant. Apply to WM. C. DOW, Room SI Tribune Building. TO RENT-A PLEASANT FRONT PARLOR BED room and closet, nicely famished (with uso of an or gan). near Union Park and Madison-ot.. suitable for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife. Address F, or apply in person at 558 West Madlson st. rO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH ALL MOD era ImproTemeota. Apply at S3 South Cartis-iL, near Madison. _ ID BENT-VERY PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH ALL conveniences, to the right perrons. 13C4 Prairla-sr, TO RENT—344 WEST MONROE-ST.—PLEASANT famished room fortwogente, with or without boat'd; prefer to rent without board; prviato family. Terms rea sonable. TO REST—THE FIRST FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS and closets. In Uio two-story boose No. 19 South Dee plainea-st.: also, three rooms. No. 129 West Randolph-st. Inquire at No. 134 West Randolph-st., Boom 2. rnQ~Bicrr—TWO FURNISHED rooms, with or X without board, at 37X Wabaab*ar. 6’ FURNISHED FRONT room. 97 Sooth Jetfenon-st. 10 BENT-ENTIRELY NEW,' ELEGANTLY FUrT . niabod roccna, noariy opposite Shormaa Hoaro. 9ia S4O. 41 Booth CUrk-st., Room 30. Oontlgaon only. 10 RENT—ONE NICE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM fortwoUdies. Appl, at M« Wert T°iJh KN . T >r A S. U!T E OF FRONT BOOMS, WTmOR coaTOnl °°' ! «- »<>• 131 rno RENT-NKWLY furnished rooms, gas: X water. aUo nnfumuhod; ono Urge front room \ alcoTo, two large doaeta and bath-room. at Ml Wabseb-&7. 10113 FOa HOUSEKEEPING. 13 ..ORENT-NICRLV FURNISHED ROOMS. BKGM AttPSShSsr*"* a '(?■ figyr-THREg QB FOPE KgWT.V nttpH ******•*■ IQ BBHT-BOOM3. APPLY TO n WiT.T^ 13 ’B. $lO

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