Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 8, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 8, 1873 Page 14
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14 TO RENT—-ROOMS. T~O^ENICpxSAiANT ,^S^S^S^BOoSsr soluble for single gentlemen, at 776 Michlgan-av. niO BENT-LARGE AND VERY DESIRABLE FUB- X aished rooms, single and double, with all modem im provements ; references required. S7 Twcnty-niui-st,, Walker’s Block. mo RENT-A NICE FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED X or unfurnished, with or without board. In private tast ily. near Union Park. Address W 96, Tribane office. T‘ ‘ o'RENT-FURNISHED BACK' PARLOR, WITH or without board; also nice front basement room, at 150 West Adaois-st. BENT—A SUITE OF 4 NICE BOOMS. AISO 8 rooms In rear, cheap. No. 225 West Randolph-st., upstairs. TO BENT—VTITH OR WITHOUT FRONT alcove room, vrttbaclotetejbot md cold water, pn 51 ego ol bath-room. No. 33 Matahaeld-av., ono bloc* west of Ashland-av. : rpO KENT— PARLOR i room, on ittito. lor gootlomon only. Bo.J3«ea Moanse-st. rpO REST—I PLEAS AXT ROOMS i WATEfi Pf -1 aide. No. 113 South Wood-at. me* ■rent'—PLEASANT FURNISHBD ROOMS FOB IWSoutliDcwboru^t.. Boom 6. rro RENT—FOUB OB TWO HOOMB, SUITABLE 1. hoSidtocpliig; will rent cheap toaeood temmt. 651 Ctatoj-iiT. _ mo BEST-TWO IXTBSIBHED ROOMS, OKB ± front. iggaWsbsoh-ST. fro BENT-TWO ROOMS TO TWO LADIES WHO J. would like to board themselves at 203 South Par.>*T., south of Twenty-sixth-st. _ T“ O BENT—TWO LARGE FRONT ROOMS. SUITA : ble forcoatloman and wife or gentlemen. HOUSE. Union and Lake-fits. . So BOOMS. FURNISHED OB 1 unfurnished, Ashland Block, opposite Shorn _n lionso. InGsim at Boom 8L Elevator In the bnUfflur. rno BENT-A BUteNISHBD BOOM, TO ONE OB _L two gentlemen. 170 Vest Moaroe-»t. rrO BENT—A COMFORTABLE BOOM FOR ONE J. cr two ladies, wither without board, who are cu tolorod through the day: terms moderate; references re quired. Inquire at 138 Twenty-second-st. mo RENT PLEASANT FUBNJSHO) FRONT X room, suitable for two persons- No. 423 West Mtdi eoD-fit. _ TO KENT—73 AND 75 EAST MONEOR-ST., FUB tiehed room., with or wiihont board, by day, week, or month. Inaolrs Boom 18. antrsneo Mjeta' Open Hons**. mo RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO SINGLE X gentlemen. Inquire at 302 North Dearbom-st. TO RENT—DESIRABLE FRONT ROOM. MCELY larnlshod. with bad-room attached,auitobla for live cantlemea; hot and cold water in bath-room on same floor; tarmi S3O par month. 73 Thirteen that. KENT—TWO LARGE UNFURNISHED FRONT room*, with use of bath and gas. In S-slory brick bouse, 638 We»t Wasbington-st. TO RENT-PLEASANT UNFURNISHED ROOMS. Alee, furnished room lot gentleman, at 755 Micnl gaa-av. _ mo RENT—NICE LARGE ROOMS AND VERY X pleasant location for the svmmer at ioSLake-st., two squares from Union Park. rro RENT—ISIX NICE ROOMS, FOUR CLOSETS; X rent SSS per month. No. 75 Marahfield-av. r RENT—A VERY COMFORTABLE AND NICELY furnished room suitable for two gentlemen, at DP Gouth Green-st., near Monroe. TO RENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFUR nistaed, for sleeping apartments. €59 State-at. rfORENT-ALODGING-BOOM FOR ONE OR TWO X gentlemen, at moderate rent, partly numshod, in a boJncM block. Call Monday. Boom 36. 105 Wert Ran dolpfa-gt. _ rnO REST—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS X single or en suite, care aad gas included, 81 and 83 Cl ark-st. Inquire at room 39. rpo RENT—ELEGANTLY-ETJRNIBHED ROOMS. BY L the day, weak, or month, at 154 and 166 East Washing* ton-st.. Room 44. . fDO RENT—PARTIES LIVING IN A PLEASANT X locality, haring three rooms suitable for housekeep ing, which they wotSd rent low to the right parties. Ad dress J 90, Tribune office. mo RENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURJJ X ed. at reasonable figures, at 740 Wabash-av. mO RENT-TWO SUETS OP FURNISHED ROOMS X for gentleman and wife, or single gentleman, with or without board. Southeast comer of Wood and In diana-ets. mO RENT—NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR 3 X gentlemen, or gentleman and lady, at ISO North Clark-st. mO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS. SINGLY .OR IN X suites. Modem conveniences. Rent reasonable. Ap ply at 2J3 West Washingtoq-u., Norton’s Block. TO RENT—FLOOR OF 10 BOOMS. NEARCORNER M.dUon ml Ctark-.ta-, $75 Off month; TOitahla for furnished rooms, suite* of rooms, for light housekeeping; sleeping-rooms £6 to $lO per month; 9 rooms on Sooth Jeffamon-st., §8; 5 rooms, sls: store and rooms, $25. EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madison-et., comer Dear born. ■ fTO KENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH 1 largo cloeete, hath, and gas, newly calcnninaa ana painted. Inquire 191 West Madison-st., »<wu to./ r RENT-372 MICHIG AN-AV.. KIOZ.JJV TTOR-. nlahed room. Also, room partly furnished, very reasonable. ■ - IT'D BEKT—4 BOOMS AT 61 WIBLIAM-STj, SEO i otid floor. $lO a month. Inquire »t 538 w rat v«n Buren-at. ttuT rent-a fiest floor, suitable yo: JL hoosskeoping. Apply 112 M Saath Jagei»on-«> i single or en suite; term*, sls to S4O. 151 South UlaiJc m/Tpi- \rr T.4.RGK HaNPaoMELY-FORN ISgEP iitfcrot board for lady only- T Terms low *o &rt -class parties only. Fleoso address J IDO, Tribune office. L mo” KENT- A PLEASANT ‘FURNISHED FRONT Troorafon first floor, for two young men, or gentleman tnd wife. Inquire at 45 Hubbard-coort. mo 1 cation. 175 Clark-st., northeast comer Monroe, Boom SI. : - To bent-furnished rooms-ohbap. to gentlemen only, at 270 West Harrison-st. mO EEST-A VERY DESIRABLB FROCT ROOM X and also a single room, with or without board, and a large barn, at 19 South Ann-st. • rfTo furnished boom to one X or two gentlemen at 51 Blue Island-ar., up-stalra. - mO RENT-A NICE BLEEPING BOOM, FURNISH -1 ej; hot ul cold voter; In » private fond),. BBS ■aWabash-av. . „ | WrjnO RENT—3 TO 8 ROOMS, FURNISHED OB UN f at 149 Sonlh Sangamon-at. S'BURNISHED COTTAGE FOR THE at 646 Hubbard-sX preferred. Inquire TO RENT-FURNISHED SUxa - two gentlemen, at 84 South Morgan-af. ROOMS FOB rro REXT-A LARGE. NEATLY TORKISHEfc * — sUsrs^V t - wiu, “ t bo “ d ’ TO KENT-TWO LARGE FRONT ROOMS, WITH or without board, at No. 44 North HaUtod-st.. next to Kerens House. ■, rrO RENT-ROOMS. A DELIGHTFUL SOTTBOS' -L front rooms; with gas, hot and cold water, closet, etc., onfarnlshod. Firit-dasi board In adjacent bonses. Appfr ho. 12 Eldodge-conrt, east of Wabash-av. rro RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS—ONE BARGE, J. cpoi room for two or four gentlemen: ono suite for housekeeping. 679 We«t Madison-yL TO RENT—HOUSES. T 0 RENT-HOUSE OF 10 BOOMS, IN GOOD LO- X cation. F. S. GARDNER, 171 East Madison-st. (TO RENT-NEW 3STOBY BRICK; ALL MODERN J- improvements, ovary comfort \ comer Indiana and Twelith-sta. Look at It; only fi minutes’ walk from Post- Office. TO JRENT _ BASEMENT COTTAGE, E BOOMS « parlor and 3 sleeping-rooms above, painted, wuh front outranco calctmlned all through, water and sewerage, complete;rum, ahicola-st., from 9 to 13. mO RENT-DR. M. W. SHERWOOD’S RESIDENCE, J. No. 143 South Wood-et., near Madison, 12 rooms; new painted, and very desirable. Root, SSO a month. Apply to SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nizon Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSalle-at. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 166 WBSTERN-AV., SIX nice rooms, near Adama-st. L. H. WHITNEY, 146 LaSallo-tt-, basement. rpO RENT-3 ROOMS AND LARGE BUTTERY. X Furniture for sale. 298 Tirenty-third-at., first door from Arcbcr-ar. rpO RENT—A STORY AND A HALF COTTAGE, 4 containing 9 rooms, on Centre-at., near Dayton, Ap ply on pro mis eg. rno RENT-ffil west tatlor-st.. six rooms x ana three closets; water in houses $25 per toontb: barn if required. rpO RENT-HOUSE NO. 13 NOBTH CARPENTER- O RENT—COTTAGE, 614 BUTTER rooms, with closet, etc. Inquire at 6H rno rent-mabble-front house, is rooms. j. Welt WuhteoMl. near Oarti,. Furnltnra for wJo, if desired. Apply to GOLDEN k FRESH WATERS, 81 and 83 South Clark-ct. “““ TO RENT—FIRBT--GLAB3 THRE E-STORY AND basement stono front corner borne, on Michigan-av with bam, famished or unfurnished. Rent moderate to eatUfagtoiy party. Address Y 73, Trftmuo office. TO RENT—HOUSE AND LOT NO. 461 WABARH ar., near Eldzidge-court; lot 40x170 feet; good bam' house baa 14 rooms; good cellar, numerous closets, etc. Rent, 8200 per month. J- usatas warrrw, ir ph«Tw. her of Commerce. a 10 RENT-ORtFOB SALE-NEW STONE FRONT U-room dwellings, modern improvements. 6G6 and 668 Monroe-el. Also. U4 Aberdeen-*!., 10 rooms and bam; 659 Monroc-st.. 9 rooms; 76. Paulina-st., 7 rooms. For terms call at 615 Moaroo-it. ' mO RENT—<3I WEST ADAMB-ST., NEW BRICE X house, 14 rooms, octagon and south front, all modem improrerarcto; very desirable bouse and location. A- Jr. NOBLE, Ream S Triahns Building. mo RENT—A COTTAGE OP FIVE ROOMS, WITH X closets and water, at $lB par month. 455 Erte-at- TO RENT—HOUSE, 7 ROOMS AND CLOSETS, ON We*tern-av., near Adsma-st. S3O. Inquire at Booms 18 and 19,162 Washiagton-st. . rpO RENT—HOUSES AND KOOKS, BY J. M* MAE* X SHALL * CO.. Beal Estatoßrokers. Rooms 9 and 10, Reaper Block : Sfff Twcnty-fourth-st- ; cottage, cheap. 147 Forcst-av., 6 rooms and 4 closets. 244 Watash-av.. entire building. . , . . 43 Vernoa-av. t 13 rooms, furnished or unfurnished, 352 Warron-av., 10 rooms and barn. 3556 Pralrio-av.; very cheap. 431 and 435 South Ciark-et. 474 West Taylor-at,; 15 rooms. 556 West Madlson-st.; cottage. Z, Sand 31 Twolfth-st. - , 9® ioM : 6 rooms. ftSIAMSBXLLiCO.. Northeast cor. Clark and Washiogtcn-sta. o HEKT—THE UPPER STO* Y OF 119 DEAR bora-6t. (BantaMeJ; S rooms, wtor, go. _ «T^OKEKT—AJTEB. JUI*YI— -QgapbeU-aT. and Tyler-gt; basement; 6 rooms, {gao. rpo BR^r_ffp A \ra TtffßLmfi. WITH BABNt TO -BEST—A. OOfa - ■: — ■ SCTM- rpo RSarr—'WßLr^j RENT-HORSES. rro RENT—BY WM. H. SAMPSON * CO.. BEAL 1 Eatato and Renting Agencj, 144 LaSaUo-at., OtU Block. • roOTH DIVIBIOS. , .. . Twp-stoiyand baaeromt.niartdo front oomorofLaoglej-av. andThlrtr-«dght-at.. 10rooms. $76 ‘lwSirTframo bonao, 28 Tweaty-olghUj-.t., 9 rooms. *T^o“??mMdbasement.brickhouse, on Vloconne»-ar near ThlrtMiehth-st. Also two-stojy brick house*, on Thirty-eighth-st- and John»on*pl*ce, 10 rooms ewb. Tiro 2-story frame houses, 24 and 26 Thirty-seventh-st., 10 rooms eaco. msron . Two-story brick home, 107 Centre-ar., 10 rooms. S6O a and basement, brick house, 648 West Adams* at.. 10 rooms, S6O a month. Store, dwelling*, and basement, 728 State-st- Ifew cottage, SW South Rob eye t, 6 rooms. $25 a month, lalrvlng-place, 8 rooms, S4O a month, between Adana* and Monroe-sU, Id Zrring-place, 5 rooms. S3O a month. 133 South Paulina-st., 3-story and basement brick house, 10 rooms, and bath-room. SBO a month. 446 West Jaoksou-st., noarThroop-st,, 8 rooms. 12 North Carpentcr-st., 10 rooms ; house in perfect order. $55 a mouth. . ~ 8& Hubbard-st,, near Ada-5t.,14 rooms. $45 a month. Three-story brickhouse, onlAfliawt., near Monroeat., 10 rooms. Furniture for sale. 132 Bebeoea-at., 10 rooms. $45 a month. 43 South Alay-»u, 6 rooms. S6O s month. . (21 Fulton-st., 9 rooms. s4sa month. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON $ CD., Real Estate and Beating Agonnr, 144 IwSalle-st., Otis Block. nio RENT BY OOODBIDOE * STOKES, HOUSE Si. ond 35 South Pmiri. State Bank, 110 West Washlngton-st. 133 South Green-st.. 30 rooms. ISO North May-st., 13 rooms, S6O. USX North Wood-st., 6 rooms. $25. Cottage, 809 Walnut-fit., with barn, s3o. 611 Fultos-st., 7 rooms. $26. Cottage, FcUcn-st.. $25. Farnlabed house. walnat-st. Store, 179 West Lake-st., near Hoisted. Houses, rooms, and stores in different locations. Homes rented and rente collected. IJIO BENT—BY Q. S. LACEY & CO., 119 DKAE SSSWrntMonro t-s t,, 12rooms, 8-story brick, all mod em Improvements and barn; SI,OOO. 1465 Indiona-aT., upper door, 5 rooms, S3O. First house south of Napoleon-place, on Stewarfr-av., 8 rooms, closets, and pantries, $35. 459 Hutlbut-tL, 2-story 9-room, cottage, 835. 569 Dayton-«t-, Brooms, S3O; all modem improvements. 46 ogden-aT., 3-stoiy frame, brick basement, all mod em improvements, $76. , ' ... , . Thirty cottages sad lots for sale cheap, best bargains in Chicago, on monlhly payments and time. mo RENT-BY BREW A NEWBURY. GENERAL X Real Estate and Renting Agoncy,Rooms 8 and,9 Bryan Block, No. Ui LaSailo-st.; - 45 Egan-av., 2-atory frame; brick basement i ovary mod em improvement. ~ . . . 64 and 66 Vinconnea-av., marble front, 10 rooms, 1800. 45 Thirty-secoad-ri,, 3-itory and basement brick. 239 Forauor-st,, 4 rooms, sl6. , __ Harrison and Loavltt-sts., two new bouses, S3O. 141 Adams-st., two tenements. 114 Abordeen-at., 2-story frame. 68 Honore-st., 8 rooms, S2O. fTO RENT—THE TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING X No. 297 Michiran-av., recently repaired throughout. For particulars apply to J. O. FARRINGTON, office of GeorgeC. Clarke, Band 4 Bryan Block. T~O RENT —A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Pralrie-av.,north of Twentieth-et.; large lot and barn. Address N 51. Tribune office. T' O RENT—CORNER CASS AND ERIE-BTS.,~A 3-storyaad basement brick, 16 or 18 rooms, ten nun ptes* walk from Court-House.; cheep. JACOB O. MA GILL, a and 83 Clark-st. nAo RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE CONVENIENT X to steam and horse ears. Inquire on premises, IS Unlon-av., second street south of Egan-av. TO RENT-OR FOB SALE-FURNISHED HOUSE, in best location In the city. Address AVENUE 26, Tribune office. ___ fTO RENT-ROUSES—TWO STORY FRAME. GOOD X repair, pleasant neighborhood, Nos. 34, 26, 2S, oo Thirty-sevonut-et., between Lake and EUls-ars.; rent rery reasonable; p. B. \VKLLS. 188 Dearborn-st. mO RENT—VERY PLEASANT HOUSE, WITH X bam, 981 South Dearborn-st., corner Thirty-ninth; fi rooms, panfry, closets, Ac. Inquire of J. W. GOULIJ, 983. TO RENT-750 MICHIGAN-AV., THREE-STORY dwelling, just painted and calcUnined; favorable terms to a good tenant. R. C. GARRABRANT, Wood raff Hotel. TO BENT-A DESIRABLY LOCATED MARBLE front house, with all modem conveniences, containing 16 rooms, partly filled with lodgers. Fumltore for sale cheap. Address J2, Tribune office.! TO RENT—3S9 WEST POLK-ST., HOUSE, WITH water and gas: also a cottago in rear. Reasonable rent to a good tenant. Apply on premises. TO RENT-FURNISHED BOUSE, TO FAMILY without children; brick: modem Improvements; east front; south of Thirty-rtrst-at. Will take rent in board,'or soil furniture. Address J, care Carrier No. 3. . TO RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK boose. 843 West Adams-sf. ; 10 rooms; modem im provements. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 La- Palle-et.. Oris Block. mO REST—NORTH SIDE, uno ijjjnM X cars, lower part ot cottage; o xuuu>», »«mdltion. sl4. A. T. GALT, 77 Dearborn-st., RoomlL mo'sbstsc6|t cottage os stot-st., at X Forty-first; 6 rooms. 8. M. MOORE A CUSI MIN.OS, 119 and 151 LsSallo-gt. T" O THE - CORNER OP SOKTH AV. and Wood-sU. moni*: ■wUl bo WBtrf cheap to ft suitable tenant. .Applyto R. CHEaXEK, T.amp Maaatactnrer, No. 4 0 RENT—A COTTAGE of SIX LARGE BOOMS No. 236 South Peoria-st. Inquire at 50 Blao laland-ar., np-etahe. ; rro RENT—A HOUSE CONTAINING 12 BOOMS i with &U modem improvements three minutes walk from State-st. bridge; the entire furniture of the noose, all new. for sale cm reasonable terms; la at present used as a ornate boarding-house, and b&e an income of S3OO per month.; tent S7O. To persons wishing to uujraffo In this business this Isa No. 1 chance, Address Q 23, Trib. one office. - TO BENT-958 INDIANA-AV., NEAR TWENTIETH at., with or without furniture, by the season or mr, or for sale; three stories, marble front. 13 rooms, bUUatJu, end barn. Possession immediate. Call between 8 and 10 a. g„ or 3 and 6 p. m. _ TO BENT-GOOD HOUSES, 818 AND 517 FULTON .t., 10 room. ■ CU.tSaQ'WMtWMhlngton-Bt. TO RENT-A BARGAIN-HOUSE ON MADISON, east of Union Park, to parties buying furniture; low rent. Those who mean business address N 64, Tribune office. TO RENT-HOUSE, AND FUKNT3 aale. Inquire at 145 South Jegereoa-at. TO BENT—A HOUSE, NO. 24 OHARLEB-PLAGE. suitable for a boarding-house or private family. TO BENT—A 2-STOBT ANT> BIUCK honS ol 14 rooms, with hot and cold wjgv b J*J; vrater-closoU, gai-fixtmjM, £l,ooo. corner Pralrtw.. and Tweaty-lonrP-tt. *««©*,««. Address if 69, Tribune office. t fTO Tt.v.KT HOUSE HO- of^OTTAQR-PLACE ; «*■ $45 a moalh; key rn»r*-^ >or « rf,o vnnTi ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH* X sv. aS* —Sdtas-st,, containing 65 rooms, Including water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. to owner on the premises. TO RENT-SIX-BOOM COTTAGE. WITH WATER, S3O pet month. Comer Campbell-av. and Tay lor-st. TO BENT—A NEW 9-BOOM BRICK HOUSE. NO. 1 GroToland-conrt (South Side).with nice grounds and shade trees, for only 850 por month to a good tenant* W. CLARKE, 107 West Kandolph-et. TO BENT-NEW SIX-BOOM HOUSE, WITH BARN, comer Ashland-av. and Erie-st. Call at 403 West Erle-et. O. W. DEAN. rpO RENT-NEW COTTAGE, SIX ROOMS, WATER, X and barn; 10 minutes' walk from, Union Park; $35. C. W, DEAN, 133 South Clark-at. ' TO BBNT-STOJfE FRONT HOUSE 333 SaUe-st., near Oak, three stortoanfr\r« ea nivpr all modem Improvements. Appi* »?■“• DUvv, Boom 21 Tribune Building. -A. cro/iTAGE containinq eight A rooms, with bam, on Thlrfy-slxth-st., between Wv bash and Michigan-avs., for S3O psr mouth. Inquire at 49 Thirty-Birth-et. TO RENT-NEW BRICK HOUSE, II ROOMS, ALL improvements, bam, Ac., $24. Sominary-av., SSO pep month. C. W. BROWN, c 2 Lake-st, (TO RENT-OR FOESALE-NEWHOUSK, 9 ROOMS, X comer, 82>£i125. lake water. Also, 4 nice rooms to ■rent. Address 1091 Jackgon-st ■ TO PER MONTH—NICE 7-BOOM COT tage and bam, on South Side, near cam. W. M, JACKSON, 113 and 130 Momoa -at. rpO BENT—SECOND STORY OF NEAT. NEW COT- X tage, 4 rooms, pantry, and closet, suitable for bouse keeping; rent sl6 per month.. Apply 910 South Dearborn* et., between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth. TO RENT-DWELLINGS NO. 8 NORTH ADi-ST.. 7 rooms; No. 231 West Randolph-st., 6 rooms over stem. OHAS BUSHNELL, 130 Dearbom-at., Booms 11 and 13. TO RENT—A FURNISHED HOUSE. FOR A TERM of years, or furniture for sale. Apply at 649 Michi gau-ar. 5T., 6 TO RENT—VERY LOW TO A DESIRABLE TEN ant, neat, new cottage on Fulton-at., near Fairfield av. Apply at 1046 Fulton-st. rRENT— SELL—OR EXCHANGE—WITH OR without furniture, my residence. North PctaL-M**- wsukae. It U the most desirable location in the North* west for a summer resort or family hotel* It contains 7 acres, and has a front of 1* 000 feet on the lake. over-look ing the bay and city; has fine grove, fruits, and garden; will be rented to a person who can keep a hotel, or be sold or exchanged oa liberal terms. Apply to JAMES IJ. BHERM4&4, Milwaukee, or JAMES SMALE, 100 Oot tage Grovs~AT.. Chicago. TO RENT—AT HYPE PARK—BUILDING OF S3 rooms, with largo and pleasant grounds. Splendid. C" cation forsnmmarboarding-houso. Rent. s76*»" • uontn * Apply to C. B. WATTE. Hyde Park. TO RENT—664 ELEGANT AL cove room -~ 4^u every convenience, suitable for gen tleman •—»wile; beautiful location, only one block trom ■ueeccars. TO RENT-ON PRAIRIE-AV., HOUSE 8 RCHJS*?, furnished complete, to party who will bo& a and wife. Address D 50, Tribune office. - / TO RENT-NEW BRICK HOUSE RHODES-# second bouse from Thlrty-»eocmd-st., 9 rooms, ArC era improvements, with or without furniture: possession. Call on premises of owner. TO KbNT-TO a RESPONSIBLE PART' > partly furnished houso, vicinity of Union Par f£Sl grounds, garden, and barn; owner wishes boat*-?" StertSsabbott. from Ito 6p. m.. at 143 W* wt *» corner of Lincoln. SvfnT mO BENT-HOUSE, SIOO PER MO NT H, rood Ba * X niton for sale ; one-half down, Union entity; in very desirable location, one bloc? P.A. AAdrw « 69. Tribune offlea. QJTfLFTrr rr>OEJtNT-AFUENISKED COTTAGl^jcolnP»rk| X for boilßok«eplnff, at X 5 Grant-Bt.. ns. or will 801 l cheap. , ALL 111 TO BENT-NEW HOUSE, 10 BOf 952 iloaros provementa, barn, 40., Sso.J** xn *t. w. SHOWN. NINE-BOOM TO BKNT-M6 BIOK honBB. BHDtKE i OOiy???irfg--^RFrET.T).KT.. gSS - fit Ootids?*-- “Oar and 813. car-BkopB; 850. —T H. Q. nnH-fpJHJB, 134 Sagth Olark-at. I Boats furnished complete. np ,uta * betWMn 1 THIS CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; BLUXUAI, JUXtt 8, 1873. TO RENT—HORSES. TO RENT—S2S PER MONTH-COTTAGE HO.’ 9 OwMOo-strNOBLE 4 RICHMOND. Room 2. Trib tma building. ' TO BENT-WEST ADAMS-ST., J^AVITT, 2-story house in complete order. KEELER, PLATT A CO-. 147 Bandolph-st., over Fidelity Bank. TO RENT-IN A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION, 164 North Doarbom-fit., one 3-story and basement brick dwelling, 16 rooms, with closets and modem im provements; tor private residence only. Apply to m. SCANLAN, 7 South Clark-fit. rpO RENT-545 AND 547 FULTON-BT., FRAME, 10 X rooms each, SSO each. D. COLE 4 SON, 188 West Madifion-st. - _ rro RENT-3 COTTAGES AND BRI OR HOUSE 10 X rooms, near comer of Park-av. and Hoyne-st. &. o. PEASE, 97 Sooth Clark-st., Boom 23. „ TO RENT—ON INDIANA-AV. A COMPLETELY forai.bodbottteof U rooma and ments to a responsible and careful party unto Oct. 1, or longer. Address N 70, Tribune olfloe. T" O RENT-A COTTAGE ON OAKLKV-ST. APPLY to A. A. LATHROr. Boom 38, 88 taSallo-rt. Suburban. TO EKNT-AT KVAKTON, TILL OCTOBER LA pieman t- and desirable boose of 10 rooms. Is eligibly located, partially furnished, and will be rented to tespon* slble tenant for moderate figure. Address &, J., care Carrier 29. ————. T~ O BENT-A VERY PLEASANT PLACE AT GE nors.. 111. F. PORTEK, 16i Mouth Wster-st. TO BENT-HOUSE AND STABLE AT BIVEBSIDE nstil Mar 1, 1874: bouse famished. Inquire at 594 Fifth-ar. 8. 0. PORE. TO RENT-AT ELMHURST-AN ELEGANT COUN try home, with fine ground and a lonro quwtiiur of fruit and ornamental trees. Inquire of BRYAN LA THROP. Room 13 Exchange Building, or JOHN E. CASE, Elmhurat, and 44 South Green-st. • L TO REKT—STOKES. OFFICES. &c. TO RENT—BT D. COLE * SON, 188 WEST MADI eoa-at.: A good rooms soluble lor a dentist corner ox Halstod and Media on. TO RENT—BY D. COLE A SON, HOUSE RENTING Agonts, 188 West Madison-st.: . . _ , . . Store 188 West Mad Ison-fit., two doors west of muted. Good basement, 188 West MadUou-st., near Hoisted. Largo store, 829 West Madisoa-st. - Large store, 343 West .Madison-st. Large store, 78 South Halatcd-st. Largo store, 800 Madiaoiwt-. rpo RENT—STORE S--80 FEET FRONT BY 183 FEET X deep, on Randolph-st., between Clark and Dearborn, to be improved. „ „ . ~. . , Will build .tore. 20. <O. 60, or 80 foot front. ind finish to suit tenants. Apply to c. M.UPDU.L. oornof Taylor-st. and Paolflo-ar. mo RENT—FINE OFFICE AND MSK-ROOM, FIRST X floor, comer buildlog, Apply to K. EL RYAN A CO., 810 LaSaUe-st. mo RENT-HALF OF STORE 119 RANDOLPH- X st„ throe doors from Clark; "very desirable tot any business; also desk-room. Apply at store. [TO RENT—A SPLENDID OPENING TOR A HOTEL X —the four-story and basement stone-front building, situated on the comer of North WelU and 80 feet front on Wells-sU., feet on Mic^an-st. Apply to JACOBS A FISCHER. No. 60 Worth Welto-st. mo RENT—ONLY 315-VERY NICE STOEEANU « X living-rooms. Halsted-st.. near Jackson. TBUBb- DELLA BROWN. 175 West Madlaon-et. mO RENT-OFFICE ON A FWE 1 light room,, np one flight for SJppermooth. WUI leave now Brussels carpet on floor. Address Qll, Trib une office. . TO RENT-FIRST AND SECOND STORIES AND basement of 63 and 70 South Oanal-^t.: also, third story 6 sad 7 West Madtson-st., both desirable. Inquire of J. M. W. JONES, 104 and 106 Madison-et. TO RENT—A FIRST-CLASS MKAT-MARKKT, AND ' fixtures for sale, cheap, now doing a good business. Inquire at market, 68W©5tern-aT, T' 6 RENT—STORES AND OFFIUES-WJf HAVE fine doable or single stores and offices in the boat loca tions in the city at very low figures. Also, sleeping rooms In first-class blocks and buildings. Apply,to J. M. MAR SHALL A CO., Beal Estate Brokers. Rooms 9 and Id Reaper Block, northeast corner Clark and Washing ton-sts. TO RENT-FINE STORE ON JACKSON-ST., NEAR State, splendidly lighted. Apply, on next floorover premises, to A. K. KELLOGG, 7? and 79 Jackson-st. O RENT-ONE ROOM IN BASEMENT. ONE ON second floor, one on third floor; low rent; with or without power; In my Apply toF. G. WELCH, ofKorr, Darison * Welch, 143 LaSallo-st. TO RENT—CHEAPEST OFFICE IN TOWN, SMALL, cheerful, and famished; vault and closets. Also desk-room. 153 Monroe-st., Boom 2. . mo RENT-OFFICES, OB ENTIRE SECOND X story, 22x75 feet; handsomely finished; high story, double lighted; or well-lighted basement, with dock, in now block comer Market. Lake, and W ater-sta., at Lake st., bridge. Apply at 13 South Market-st. 6 RENT MARBLE FRONT STORE NO. 633 WestLako-st., near Paulina: first-rate location for any kind of business; site 25xi»ieet. Apply to J» D. WEBER, on premises. Room 8, or 879 Pork-av. . TO RENT-HALF OF STORE, FOR JEWELRY business. A good repaint trade, a jeweler having just moved out. Apply at 679 West Madison-st. TO RENT-STORE; SMALL STOCK AND Fix tures for sale; rooms for housekeeping la mar of •tore; all in first-class repair. Call at store 6®Wa ba&h-av. , mO RENT-*?««, «OTTTHCLA3UWJT. 1 *t Room St oa ptomi*eg» rpo RRNT-A HALL, 9ta<o, OS SEOOTO BTOKY J. frame baildlng. Inquire 251 SontL Water-at. in basemoat. N. ZIMMER* _ mo BBST-CABRIAGB FACTORY—-A SMAiL Juunountol stock, tools, *©., fo* Ba \?» party ra n pay for In comDletiog some nnfinunea wore* in- oraddreollSl lodJona-gy. TO RENT—THE FINE STORE AND BASEMENT, 22x82. of 174 Clark-st. Second floor of »m« building, <3xß3, at a low rent. O BENT—A STORE; STOCK AIH) hoAURKS for sSe cheap. For particulars call at S63Wabash-aT. mo RENT—CHEAP, A LARGE BASEMENT, GOOD 1 stand for a barber or tailor shop, northwest comer Klnzle and Bush-sts. _• . few doors from Sherman House. TO RENT-BY DREW a NkWBUBY, qbnebal Beal Estate and Renting Agency. Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan Block. No. 164 LaSaUe-st.: Office 34x40 In the talttinff 167 and 169 Madlson-st.; suitable for an architect's office or light manufacturing purposes. _ mO BENT-CHOICE OFFICES IN TKBEtBGANT X nowctonofrontbuUdlnglmowuM to.DortHuilAing, onthonortbwootcorn.rof euu* otonr office. AppljtoW. H. SAMPSON »«i» Estate and Renting TASalIe-st«. Gtltotocn mn TJUKT—TW*»aanoS PARLORS. WELL ADAPT -1 nrt aressmsking, or professionally; also additional if required. at&£s Wabaah-av. FOB mO RENT-A LARGE LIST OP STORES AOT OF -1 flees In all parts of the city. Vf. H.SASWSON A CO., Ecal Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. TO RENT-THE NEW 6-STORY STONE FRONT now building on Madison >st., jost west of I* Silffirt. Apply toW.H. SAMPSON i CO., 144 I* Sallo-st., Otis Block. I__ mo BENT—A LARGE LIST OP STOKES HOUSES, X and offices in all part* of the city. Apply to W, H. SAMPSON & CO., Real Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSaUe-st., Otis Block. LEASE-STORES. BAfjK-BQOMS. Clark-st. mo RENT—A LARGE Bf-« N AT MS OAMJMBT .I av. CsU oraddross«l?™!2; rRRNT— LOW-2P FLOOR OVER 9, 11, AND '23 w»hairiv »«eni(mt under aame. Third floor and South Water-st. Steam elevator, SE. Hanford k CO., corner Wabasb-av. rrZ> RENT-IN THE BRICK BUILDING FORMERLY JL occupied by Corson, Plrie A Co., 839 West Madison st», the store and rooms above: 83 rooms, suitable fora boarding-house. Apply to W. B. SAMPSON k CO,, 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block. TO RENT-CHOICE BASEMENT, 173 SOUTH Clark-st., suitable for a saloon; size, £ox6s. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON k CO., Real Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalie-st., Otis Block. TO BENT-THE 6-STORY, STONE FRONT BUILD ing now building on Madison-st,, beeween Fifth-av. and Franklin-st. Apply to W. H. SAMPSON k CO., Beal Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-aL, Otis Block. r RENT-IN THE BEAUTIFUL STONE FRONT building now building on northeast comer of State and Randoiph sts. Plana at oar office. ApplytoW. H.' SAMPSON A CO., Real Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-at., Otis Block. TO RENT-STORE AND 6 ROOMS AND LARGE building In the rear, 769 and 791 State-st. rpO RENT LOBTS-FBONT HALF OP THIRD A ay X entire fourth floor, SO by 115 feet. In new fivftjsn-* stone front building, on Clark, near Madlson*sfc. did location. Five years’ lease and liberal tenpr f 43, Isfactory tenant. Address, stating bus}* Tribune office. , --— TO RENT—THE SECOND FLOQslreoa*»t floor. _Bt-c.o^lrgis^.^^J^iSH-AT7ryiRBT TO RENT STORE 44S ,S’e or miliuety, dress* class neighborhood; t&'t low to ttortfbt party. In. making, or confectionery jewelrysto*®- TaSm-TO E. UK. FLOURS SUITABLE FOR ANJ rrNEMJJKT OF4 BOOMS. VANTSD-TO BENT. TO RENT—COTTAGE OR FOUR OR .I V rooms for ikbt bouaokooping ; South or West e » j e ,46ut $25. Apply 351 ForesC-ar. =-=iTEI>-TO HENT-THBEB OB FOOB UN- V\'4nil*hed rooms, cr small cottage, within 20 minutes’ ’: of Madison-et. bridge. Address D 64, Tribune 2 : aT ANTED—TO RENT-FOUR OR FIVE BOOMS. / f Address, staling terns, D 74, Tribune office. ‘ANTED -TO RENT - A LOFT IN A GOOD building on South Side; rest cot to be over S4OO or l; to be used for a light manufacturing business. Ad* is D 70, Tribune office. . ■ TXT ANTED—TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOM, WITH- V r out board, suitable for two. in the vicinity of West Washington and Sangamon-eta.: best of reference gives. Address D, P. Q. Box 68, City. *\XTANTED—TO RENT-BY A YOUNG GENTLE *» roan, a furnished room, ehher witn or without board (breakfast and 6# dinner). Best of references. Address P 46. Tribnno office. WANTED-TO RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM, • • with accommodation for a horse and boggy at the f<rwb\n°s sidE >“* ° r w ' u « t - , bent-two rooms, unfob •tf* <“4 gentleman, co the W»t Bide. Stete price end location, uj addreaTS a. TribDne office. W A EEKT-a GOOXHSI2ED USBVBn pssrss* 19 fc^ssasss! Adta»QßWmS w ” *°“ oea<lß3o P«^Sth. WAJfTEB-TO RllNT—anywhere on sooth OalySin TTTANTED—TO SENT-A NICELY FURNISHED home to cltj or conoto, to taka chain ot while famfljaro abroad, or will board l&otlif for reatl Addroaa u 13, Trfimoa office. BOARDING AJTP I.ODOING. South Side- 2 PARK-ROW—FURNISHED OR rooms with board for gentlemen and *keir wlros, or single gentlemen. A few day-boarders wasted. Refer* ences reqolrod. Bara to rest. 5 PARK ROW -TWO NICELY FURNISHED FRONT roAp™, with board; one large and one aingle. RLDRIDGE-COURT—A DELIGHTFUL SUITE of rooms fronting on Mlobigan-av. to rent, with first board; private table if preferred. 1 O SIXTEBNTH-BT., BETWEEN INDIANA AND XJJ Prairia-ars,—A nicely famished frost room, with board. A few day boarders accommodated. *1 A ELDRIDGE-COHRT DEBIBABEE ROOMS. JLtz: one doable and one single, famished or anfurnish ed; A I day board if required. 1 Q ELDRIDGE-COUET - FURNISHED BOOM. XO with board; references required. 1 Q EAST HARRIBON-ST A SUITE OF VERT XO pleasant rooms to rent, with first-class board; terms reasonable. 1Q CONGRESS43T.-ONB SUITE FRONT BOOMS Lt7 to rent: two single rooms; one back parlor; day board, SJ. _____ IQ VINCENNES-PLACE-FINE ROOMS FOE TWO Xt 7 or throe, en suite. at reasonable prices; Tory choice; no other boarder*. Address N 84, Tribono office. OI BLDRIDGB-COUKT— A HANDSOMELY FUB jUX nished suite of front rooms to rent, with or without board; also, a suite of parlors on second floor. OQ TWENTY-FIFTH-ST. (PALACE PLACEJ-A ZO handsome alcove and other rooms, with board; honae now, near the lake, with croquet grounds. OfT COTTAGE GROVE-AY.—BOARD AND NIOB- Z t It famished room for gentleman and wile, or two •Ingle gentlemen; but lew boarders. Location pleasant ano healthy. Convenient to street cars. QQ PARK-AV.-A FURNISHED BOOM WITH OO board for gentlemen, or gentleman and wife; also, one single room. _ A 1 EIGHTKENTH-ST ONE OB TWO GENTLE jcX men and wives, or three or four single gentlemen, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and good board in a private family. Location pleasant and con vcoiont to pnbllo conveyance*. . o TWENTY-FOURTH-ST ROOMS ITIRNISH tto «1 or unfurnished, with or without board i pleasant locality; ditto rooms. A C fcOTTAGE-PLACE. BETWEEN THHITF-BIRST *S:O and Thirty-eecond-sta.—Dne large front chamber and one single room, with board. Near the lake and half a block from steam or street cars. £?1 JUDD-BT.—PLEASANT FRONT BOOM AND t>X board for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen; terms 813 per week. ■ *yn Fr-T.TR. AV.--ypBjnSHED AND UNFURNXSH iZt ed rooms, with board; near steam and streetcars. rr A TWENTY-SKCOND-ST.—DESIRABLE BOOMS I to rent, with board, famished or anfarnished; a few day-boarders can be accommodated. Barn to rent also. _ QQ TWENTY-THIKD-ST.—tURNISHED BOOM TO GO rent for two gentlemen, with board. Pay boarders wanted. c\n east habrison-st.—a new board ing tj I house: first-class rooms, with board; also day board. _ 1 ni WAHPANSKH-AV.—LARGE FRONT ALCOVE iUi room, with large closet, to rent, with board, in a private family; suitable for gentleman and wife. 1/\ q ELLIS-AV,—FRONT PABLOH NICELY FtJB XUO niahed;ono room up stairs; one block from steam and one from horse-oars; terms reasonable; reference re q aired. - 11Q COTTAGE GEOVE-AV., JUNCTION OALU JIn met.— A large front room and bedroom, hand somely furnished, very pleasant and moderate terms lot the summer. _ *ll Q AND 120 THIRD-AV.-A FEW NICELY-FDR. XiO nisbod rooms, for gentlemen and wives or single men; also, first-class day board. m l WENTY-FIRST-ST., NEAR WABASH-AV. —Two pleasant front rooms, famished, with board, for gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen. Also a lew day boarders. Use of piano, if desired. TOO COTTAGE GBOVE-AV., JUNCTION OF CAL nmet—A front room, furnished, with board; pleas ant summer location; fine shade, and croquet grounds. *i or TWENTY-NINTH-fiT.—FURNISHED ROOMS, XuO with board. T ai” OALUMET-AV.—TWO NICELY FURNISHED J xl rooms and board, suitable for four gentlemen. 1/f Q SOUTH PARK-AV.-A GENTLEMAN AND Xtvj wife can bo scoommodatod with good board *nd a suite of rooms; torma sl2 per week. TWENTY'ITIEST-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS to rent, with or without board, for goatlemen or gentlemen and thoir wire*. 1 Qrt INDIANA-ST.-A few young men can XOU be accommodated with board and pleasant rooms. Also, a fow day boarders. Iqq BURNSIDRST A FEW RESPECTABLE jLt/O boarders wanted. OOQ"EAST VAN BUREN-ST.-GOOD BOARD AND jLiZiti pleasant rooms, j , OoVISAST VAN BUREN-ST.-ENGLISH BOARD £OJ. Inc-house—6 boarders can be accommodated at $5 per weoa. OCO COTTAGE GBOVR-AV.-WANTED-A FEW jjOO respectable boarders in an English family. MICBIGAK-AV., FRONTING LAKE PARK £OO Furnished or unfurnished rooms, with board, suitable tor ggntlnmen and wives or stogie gentlemen. ZiT f> WKfSUOAN-AV.-LARGE front booh on has hot and cold water. OQK MICHIOAN-AV.-A PLEASANT FRONT room, with board, lor single gentleman; large well-f TTrnf«bßd room lor two in quiet family. OQ7 MICHIGAN-AV.-l LARGS FRONT BOOM I for gentleman and wife, and pleasant room for 1 or 2 gentlemen, with bdard; relcreucoe exchanged. Ol n THIRD-AV, SECOND HODSS BOOTH OF Al | Twollth-*it.—Two nicely famished front rooms,

single 01 on suite, with or without bonrd. In n privet, family, ______________ Otn MIOHIGAN-AV.—TWO PLEASANT front OOv room* and oio single room; day boarders accom modated. Bom to not. _ non CALUMET-iV.-A LABOR ROOM. WITH 00\J board, for tw» roans men, or gentleman and wife, with gaa and closet. 813- no A WaBASH-iV.-GENTLEMEN AND THEIR OUTC families wishing largo pleasant rooms, with board, ***** beaocoganodated. Also, a few day boarders can bo accommodate!. _ _ Of?A WAR ASHA V.-FIRST-CLASS BOARD FOR O0«7 gentlemen and wiv<w, within one minute’s walk of the Post-Office; dso, rooms for single gentlemen. Day bo ardors aocommoAtod. Q7K WABAbHAV.—ONE SUITE OP FRONT O I Urooma, alegmitir iw**i»U©4; 2 single. 9d floor; also, Sd floor room*, earn large, saitahlo tor i «*»tUmen: nlca ly furnished. Prictreaaonable. OQQ MICHIGAN-AV,—A FURNISHED OB UN ijtJU nlahed snltiof rooms: also a single room. At A COTTAOB OBOVB-AV.-A MBATLY-ITTB *4-» 7- niched frtut room la a strictly private family, eoitable for a genthman and wife, with er withont board. A-IQ AND 430 WABASH-AV.—A FEW MORS boarders cat be accommodated with famished or unfurnished rooms. A on SOUTHDEARBORN-ST.-BO ARD'FOR TWO *x£\J gootlemen <r gentleman and wife, in private (am ily; home privilege!. A Air WABASE-AV.—TWO NICE FURNISHED tc-fc I largo rooms with good board. AKA MIOBIQ4N-AV,—ROOMS EN SUITE OB stogie, wlh first-class table. . A CO WABASH-W.-WEEK AW) DAT BOARD ttuu ere wanted; good board, and prices reasonable. Arri\ WABASH-AV,—A TRW GENTLEMEN CA~S zb I U be aocomnodated with board and rooms, en£“*‘* or single; newly painted, airy, and in every respect bio. Also to rent fcn elegant front parlor anfncr au 5 Vi ,‘ A QA WABASH-AV.-HAKDSOMELY r Xvv ed room to root, with board, * men or gentleman sod wife; $8 per weqr _ Jm michtovn-av.-a miiitfJSgSfSJSSi ■— - VcT?.rT T .v’Tir HANDSOME FRONT A,(\7 0,. unfurnished, with first-class *3TU I rooms, fumijn© single room, and two rooms, board or without :al|r week, AV—VBOTT ROOM SUITABLE /i QQ WAB t eman and wife, with board; also largo jZOxJ at very moderate rates; day room for /9^»modated. boarders ace*-- >- DEARBORN-ST. (BURNSIDE), BE- A QQ keen Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth—Single and jtvy/ratt, with every modem improvement, andfirst aoubljhrd, with hotel accommodations, at s6par week; clasfore and everything new. J?)O WABABH-A V.-KLEQ ANT ROOMS FOB QEN JUO Uemen and theirwivee, or tingle gentlemen. Day board $6 per week. Bern to rent. CO/! WABASH-AV. AND HAEMON-COUBT.— %J£j\S Booms and board la private family. C 9/1 WABASH-AV.-SEVERAL NEATLY FUR tfiUT nlahed rooms, with os without boon!. Also day boarders wanted. K9Q TVABASH-AV. - PLEASANT FURNISHED KJ£jiJ and anfomithed rooms, with board, In first-class family. All KOO TVABASH-AV.-TWO FRONT ROOMS WITH OOZi modem Improvements, on suite or separate; also well furnished rooms suitable for gentlemen, with board. References. EXH WABASH-AV.—A NICE FURNISHED FRONT t/xyrpoaj; also, a single room, in a private house:good board; home comforts considered before stylo. Terms reasonable. f\r\A WABASH-AV.-A LARGE FRONT BOOM for family or gentlomon. Also single rooms, with board. Pay boarders talceo.Rafgr«wioe» exchanged. fV7WABASH-AV,—NICE ROOMS WITH FIRST y I O class board. A few day boarders a^crMpmodated. KQ7 TVABASH-AV. - BOOMS, EN SUITE OB <J(J 1 single, for married couples or single gentlemen. Day board reasonable. fi 79 WABASH-AV. THKKI? UNFURNISHED U1 JJ rooms, en suite. If with first-class board: references required and given. fiQQ TVABASH-AV.—A VOUNG MAN WOULD \J\JtJ like a room mate; also a few day boarders accom* made ted; references exchanged. npri AND 753 TVABASH-AV,—HANDSOMELY FUB- I OX niched front room for gentleman and wife; also largo square room for gentlemen, with first-class table. References required. 7£Q TVABASH-AV. - PLEASANT FURNISHED lUt) front room, with board, suitable for four gentle- 7£Q TVABASH-AV.-TWO DESIRABLE FRONT I \jU rooms, famished or unfurnished, single or en suite; also one backroom and bedroom for gentleman and wife or four gentleman, with board; modem improro meats. Terms reasonable. mMIOHIGAN-AV.— DESIRABLE SUITE FUR nishad front rooms to rent with board. House first dwelling south Twenty-secoad-et. Prices reasonablo. m WABASH-AV.—BOOMS, WITH BOARD, FOR first-class parties. References exchanged. 7QQ WABASH-AV.—TO BENT. WITH BOARD, . § Ot7 one pleasant and welHamisbed room. Q77 MIOHIGAN-AV.—ROOMS TO BENT WITH OX I board, suitable for gentleman or gentleman and lady. QO O COTTAGE GROVE-AV. - RESPONSIBLE OZjjui parties desiring board for themselves or children can find a good home where some first-class furniture would bo'iakes as pert payment; would take charge of - orphan children at very reasonable rates; house new; situation for summer very desirable. Good reference as to ability and respondbllitj. Address for one weak, MBS, J. O. GuLLETTE, above nnmbar. QO A WABASH-AV.-AH ELEGANT SUITE OF Cxitt rooms to rent, with board; can be rented separately, bat would rent more reasonably together: also, two single rooms for gentlemen; references. BOARDING AND I/ODGING. - South Side—‘Continued. QQQ WABASH-AV.-ONEI LARGE, FURNISHED 000 room, with good board, la private family; no other boarders; reference* exchanged. QQA INDIAN A-AV. , NEAR EIGHTEEN TH-ST. - OOU Very pleasant furnished room, with largo closet, bath-room adjoining. Also, ytn largo room ratable lot 9 or more gentlemen, with nrat-class board. QQ A WABASH-AY. -AN ELEGANTLY uIJJR OOtt nlsbed front room, also a suite unfurnished ex cept carpets, with or without board. _ QOP; WABASH-AY.— LARGE AND PLEASANT tjJjO rooms, on suite or single, withifirswjlas* board. Can accommodate a few more table boarders. Refer ences given and repaired. . . 007 MICHIGAN-AY.-3 VERY DESIRABLE FUR- I nished rooms to rent; first-class board for gentle* Pi*rt and wife, or3gentlemen; private family. C\rrrr INDIANA-AV., CORNER TWENTY-FIRST* t) i I sL—Nicelyfarniabed rooms, suitable forfaml* or single gentlemen, with board. Location and toolo first-class. CkQ£ INDIAN A-AV.—A VERY DESIRABLE ROOM OOU on first floor can be obtained by two gentleman, with board. Also, a few table-boarders can be accommo dated. References required. 1A OH WABAhH-AV,—FURNISHED BOOM AND XU u U board (hot and cold water), for two gentlemen. Throe or four table boarders desired. - T non WABASH-AY. (FLOBENCfi-PLACE) XUOU Largo, slty, pleasant furnished rooms, single or on suite, for families or single persons; hon» the modern improvements; locaUoa thoifinest 14 the city, livery and boarding stable in the rear. Can accommodate several day boarders. _ iAl(r WABASH-AV,—ROOMS FN AND XuiO single, famished or unfurnished. with board. *1 rtro WABASH-AV.-TWO YOUNG LADIES lUOO can find board and nlco room; also, elegantly famished front room, for gentlmnan and wife, or two gentlemen, or room will bo rented without board for a month. - . lA'TA WABASH-AV.' BETWEEN TWENTY* XU I U third and Twenty-fonrth-«U.—Front suite, on. turulahed; also pleasant famished room; no other board* «i*. inoo wabash-av.-to bent two connect- X'Jt/Z ing rooms and one alcove room, with excellent board; prices reasonable; table board $1 per week. ine WABASH-AV., NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH XXXO sL—Ono large front room, and two single rooms, with board; private family. 1 WABASH-AV.—A SUITE OF PLEASANT XO I O front rooms with board- A LADY OCCUPYING A PLEASANT BOOM ON Calumct-av., near Twonty-third-st., would like »o share it with another lady, teacher preferred, u mutually agreeable. For farther Information adores* L. M. PAtv- BONS, 613 Wabaah-ar. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY OF BEFTNEMENT can have a handsomely furnished room, with board for lady. South Side. Address D 50, Tribune office. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOM, WITH board. In a private family for two single jontlomea near Dougfas-place. Address P 85, Tribane omce. FORTY-FIRST ST.. BETWEEN COTTAGE GBOVE av. and Drezol boulevard, pleasant suite rooms with board, for gentleman and wife. - SECOND -ST. -- PurSshed front rooms fco rent with board In private family. Address N 87, Tribune office. MIOHXOAN-AV.—ITWO 1 TWO YOUNG MEN OF REFINE* meat can find a very pleasant homo, t whero tbtng is really nice; reasonable terms. Address W 00. Tribune office. _ __ MIOHIGAN-AV. —NICE AND COOL—TWO COU ple can be accommodated with elegant rooms and board, cheap, for the summer; only a few genteel board ers wanted. N 67, Tribune office- SOUTHWEST CORNER WABASH-AV. AND Twenty-third-st.—Largo front room, with board; also, accommodation tor one gent. Pleasant location. ANDS HOUSE, 116 AND US FIFTH-AV., ELE gant rooms with board, at reasonable rates. Tran sient, $2 per day. Psy board, gaper week. _ W* ITH BOARD, ONE FRONT PARLOR AND TWO largo chambers to parties who can own rooms. Call at southeast comet of Thirtyeetcnth ■t. and Wentworth-av. _ W" ABASH-AV.. NBAS HARMON CODaT-A FEW day-boarders can bo accommodated in a private fam ily. Address Z, care Carrier No. 2. West Side* a SOUTH PEORIA-ST—PEEASANT FURNISHEg D room*, with board, for gentlemen and wires or tingla gents. A few day boarders accommodated. 9 CENTRE-AV.~PLEASANT FUBNISHED BOOMS and board for gonllomen. U SOOTH SHELDOSST.-TO RENT, WITH board, a pleasant furnished room, saitah lo iOT “a* gle gentleman. T O SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.. - NICELY FUE x£ nishod rooms to rent with board; also, a Saw da/ boarders wanted. *1 O SOUTH CUBTIS-ST. ONE BEAUTIFUL X~t treat room, famished, with board, suitable for gentleman and wne, wboro bat few boarders are taken. -I Q SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-OOOD BOARD. WITH XO pleasant rooms ; also daj boarders accommodated. MABBKDEEN-ST.-AN ELEGANT FRONT ROOM to rent, with board, suitable for two or three gen tlemen. *1 rr ANN-ST.. NEAR WAS HLVGTON—ROOM AND X t board for two gentlemen cheap. IQ NORTH PEORIA-ST BASEMENT BRICK Xt J house, newly painted and papered, famitara and the MwriifliJincajirvt’y wJias^vsrtsa.*"' 1 sVitSi, %s to $9; day board, $5. • Cy ,4 BISHOP-COURT—ONE LARGE FINELY FUB- Jjri: nished front room; also two other large pleasant rooms, suitable for gentleman and wife or single gents, and room-mate for Lady. Firsbclsts board; house pleas ant In all respects. O A ABKBDEEN-ST.-PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, jLjC furnished or nnfnmlshed, with board. O A ASHLAND-AV.-FUBNISHED BOOM WITH t board. OO ABERDEEN.ST.—THE FINEST ACCOMMODA jL\j tions in the city; every aunjinor comfort ; an elegant home; terms from $7; accommodations during jubilee. 0£ ABERDEEN-ST.—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED jL\J front rooms, single or in suites, second and third stories; otherfirst-class accommodations. Termsroason ablo, 0£ BISHOP-COURT.—2 UNFURNISHED FRONT *u\J rooms, with board. OA ABEBDEEN-ST.-BOARDERS CAN BE AO OU oommodated with famished rooms, single or en Bui to, ladles or gentlemen. A Q SOUTH HALSTED-ST.-COMFORTABLE FUR ttu nlahed rooms (or gentleman and wife, or single gen tlemen; location central, convenient to can; terns rea sonable. Day boarders wanted. A O SOUTH MORGAN-ST.—A PLEASANT FRONT jcjCi roam neatly famished and first-close board, raaoon* able, for three young ladies. A Q SOUTH TA* jO ble board for a few gents. A Q SOUTH DESPLAINES-ST.. ST. CHARLES xO Hotel, will board merchants, salesmen, book keepers, etc., at 86 to 89 per week. " Strawberry short cake/* CQ SOUTH GREEN -ST. —NICELY FURNISHED uu rooms with board. KA SOUTH SHELDON-ST.-TO RENT, WITH jc board, one unfurnished front parlor; also, furnish ed room for two gentlemen. KO NORTH PEORIA-ST.-A PEW NICE BOARD weokT** ftccoimoi,^ is a private family at $4.50 per CO SOUTH HALsteD-ST MADISON t/U and Washington—Farr.«'iwi rooms, with board. Terms roaaonabie. 7 C SOUTH PEOBIA-ST—PLEASANT BOOM. I u famished, for lady and gentleman or two gentle men. A few day boarder* accommodated. IT Q ABKRDEEN-ST. —TO BENT, WITH BOARD, I V pleasant room to two gentleman; terms moderate. Q1 SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-ONE LARGE FRONT Ol room furnished or unfurnished to a married couple, with board, in private family; first-class location; house has all the modem improvements. Also a single room, foe a gentleman. 07 SOUTH GBEEN-ST., NEAR MADISON—ONE Ol large room, fnrnlahi-d, with lirst-clasa board. QQ JEFFERSON-ST. BOARDERS WANTED; VO good board, clean beds; $5 per week. 1 f)7 TOSST AD AMS-ST.—6 GENTLEMEN CAN BE AU | accommodated with good board and pleasant front rooms at $5 per week. m SOUTH HALSTED-ST.-BOARDEES WANTED bv a fint-olaas boarding-house; will have the nso of a firit-claaa piano. Tones reasonable. T|o WEST WA S HINGTON-ST. —TWO LARGE, JULO well furnished rooms, every convenience and com fort ; table first-class. First house from State and Pralrio Loan and Trust Bank. 19Q SOUTH HALSTED-ST.-TO BENT. FOR XZjO nished rooms, with beard. 1 Q/4_ WARREN-AV.. COR. WOOD-ST.-TWO UN XOt furnished rooms with closets, cecoad-stoir front; and famished front parlor, first-story front. Table first* ciaas. Terms moderate. Only one block from Madison st. ears, near Union Pork. A delightful summer-home for married couples. IQ Q SOUTH OLINTON-ST.—GOOD AND FLEAS* JLOO ant rooms, with board. Also, day-boarders. - LAO SOUTH HALSTED-ST. - FRONT PARLOR XtU and bedroom, together or separate, with board. Briok building. 7 CA TVEST ADAMS-ST. - A VERT PLEASANT .id u famished parlor, suitable for two or throe gentle- 7 Z.ZX WEST TVASHTNGTON-ST. - NICELY xxJxj famished rooms, with beard; single. $7 to fid per week: In suites, sl2 to sl6, Day board, §4.50. Iso, rooms without board, 816 to 820 per month, to sin gle men or men and their wires. Everything new. new nouaek new furniture. Parties wishing rooms or board would do well to call and see them. 7 CC CRNTRB-AV.-ROOMS, UN FURNISHED,FOR X OO gentleman and wife. 814 per week. Also fnmshod room for two or three gentlemen for $6. Good day-board. 7 ZQ TVEST MONBOB-ST.-A NICE FURNISHED XtXU front parlor to rent* with first-class board; also a nice chamber. Day board ntst-class at 84.50 per week. 7£l FAULKNER-ST.-TWO YOUNG MEN CAN AUX have board and room; private family. 7 co west adams-st—desirable day or XUXi week board, at reasonable rates. Ifiß AD.VMS-ST._ONB DOUBLE, ONE XUU stogie furnished rpom, with board. mTVEST JACKSON-ST. - FROST PARLOR, with bedrooms: centrally located, pleasant loca tion; furnished, with or without board, anoat reasonable chargee. 779 WEST WASHINGTON-ST. PLEASANT XI Zt front rooms, famished, to rent, with board. aWi single rooms. m& 179 TVEST WASHINGTON-ST—ELEQANT- Iy famished rooms with first-lass board; suitable lor t&mflies or angle gentlemen. References requited. IQO PARK-AV.-TO RENT. WITH BOARD, A XOZi suite of rooms, famished or unfurnished, for gen tleman and wire or three single gents, in private family. 7QQ WEST ADAMS-ST.. NEAR HALSTED-TO Xt/O rent, furnished front rooms to gentlemen, with or without board; also fine-class day boarding. 7QQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST,-A NICE FRONT XUU room for genUeman and wife or two gentlemen, and a single room to rent, with first-class board. Loca tion very desirable. OAO SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—A VERY DESIRABLE room, with good board. Terms moderate, nno WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—COMFORTABLE ZiXJCf rooms, with good board, for gentlemen or gen tlemen and wives, at reasonable prices. OOQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST—FRONT boom Zi\Ju tor gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, with board. BOARDING AJTD LODGING. West Side“*Contimied. Q1 /» ‘WEST WAS-INGTON-ST.-A PLEASANT iJjLL) ijngla room, with good board, for a gantlaman. O'! a SOOTH HALSED-BT—ROOMS AND BOARD 2 orß gentlemen, Private family. ‘OOO TVEST MONROE-ST. LARGE FRONT 444 r00m, suitable for gentleman and wife; also single room for two gents. Pirst-claae accommodations. .000 WEST MONHOE-ST.-A LAEGE BACK PAR -440 lor, furnished or unfurnished, to rent, with board, to gentleman and wife or aingle gentlemen; also a room for two or three gentlemen; brick house, modem improvements. OOA WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-AN ELEGANT -40\J famished parlor suite, second Boor, and other rooms with board. Price reasonable. non TO 238 WEST MADISON-ST., **MADISON Block,” located In the fauslneas portion of the 'city.. Newly inrnisbod, and fitted up oiproaslv for young men or gentlemen and their wives. Rooms single or en suite. Best of references required in all case*. A large dining-room is being fitted up; will be completed about thel&chtnst. Booma from sls to S3O per month. Table board, $5 per week. __ OOA SOUTH BANGAMON-ST. —COMFORTABLE 400 rooms, with board, for 3or 4 gentlemen. 000 WEST WABHINGTON-ST.—A FURNISHED 400 room, suitable for two gentlemen; also, single room, with board. nn? EWINO-BT—NICELY FURNISHED SINGLE 400 rooms with first-class table, for ladles and gent. Terms, $6 per week; table board, $4. GOO SOUTH GBEEN-ST.-TO RENT. PLEASANT 400 famished room, with board, for gentleman and lady; also accommodations for twoor three gentlemen. GCfi WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A PLEASANT. 400 handsomely furnished front room, lor married couple or two young men. om WEST JACKSON-ST.-A VERY PLEASANT 4 I X suite of front rooms, with board, in private family, cheap to the right parties. All improvements. Loca tion Up-top. QQC WEST BANDOLFH-ST. A FEW DAY 000 boarders wanted. onn WEST madison-st.—a few day-bo ard 4u\) era can be accommodated with finbclaaa board. Terms, $4 per week. _ £)QQ WEST FOLK-ST.—A FEW BOARDERS CAN 4uO be accommodated with firebclaaa board by the week or day; terms, $4 and $S per week. Q AfV WEST JACKSON-ST ELEGANTLY FUJI OUU olsbed rooms ea suite or single to rent, with firat board. Day boarders accommodated. Q1 n WEST HABEISON-ST—3 OB 4 GENTLEMEN Oiv can fad pleasant rooms and board. Q1 A WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—VERY DESIB- Oii able rooms to raat» with first-clam aocumiaoda- ■tiara. qqa west lake-st —a few pleasant OOU rooms, with hoard; terms moderate. Day board, SB#OQ per wsek. QQO WEST WASHISGTON-ST SINGLE BOOM, with board, lor gentleman. OOK WEST WASHINGTON-ST—ROOM TO BENT OOt/ with board. . QOfi. WEST ADAMS-BT.—GAN ACCOMMODATE OOU persons wanting hoard, with a room, nicely toi «lfhed; nrat-claes table; private family. OQQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST. -AN ELEGANT OOU suite of rooms, with first-class board; also two stngla rooms. Beferonces required. OAO WEST WABHINGTON-ST. TWO GOOD rooms to rent, newly Sumiahed; pleasant loca-» tlon; good board. ■O/i A ■WEST WABHINGTOK-BT. - GENTLEMEN Ottjb andtbelrwivesaccommodatedwith first-claas board and nicely furnished rooms. Also single gentlemen accommodated. . qin WEST WASHINGTON-ST. DESIRABLE OtD rooms, with finfrelua board. OKO FULTON-BT—FURNISHED ROOM, WITH 004 board for single gentlemen; also a few day boar* dors desired. Onr? WEST JACKSON-ST.—LARGE FRONT OO I rooms and good board. Also, room mate want- QCQ CKNTBE-AV.-TWO YOUNG HEN . CAN OUU fiud board in a private family, near Twelfth-st. QDO WEST HARBISON-ST. ~ BOARD, AND 004 pleasant room, with gas and closet, In private family, to gents. . A no WEST VAN BUBEN-ST.—VERY PLEASANT furnished or unfurnished rooms, with board, in a brick house, two blocks from Jefferson Park. Best ol references. ■ A OQ WEST MONROE-ST.—YOl* WILL FIND DE lightful rooms, furnished, with first-class board. Call and see. Ann WEST WASHINGION-ST.—ONE LARGE xDI/room furnished or unfurnished to rent with board; home comforts. _ A OCi WEST LAKE-ST.. NEAR UNION PARK— TtrOa/ Front rooms, with board, at 36 par week. CArt WASHINGTON-ST., TWO DOORS WEST OF OUO Union Park—Furnished rooms to rent with board; hot and cold water in rooms, and tbs use of bath. K*ll MADISON-ST.—THE BISHOP-COURT HOTEL, O l L located in tho very centre of Chicago, between Union and Jefferson Parks (perfect gems of art), is newly furnished, reopened on June I, The location as a sum mer resort is unsurpassed in tho West. The bouse in beauty of architecture and comfort as a family hotel is every two minutes. Price, 83.60 per day. M. D. MACK. CTI MADISON-ST. - BISHOP-COURT HOTEL t/il reopened. Specially adapted as a family-boarding hotel for those who wish to be permanent. Some of the finest suites yet to be had. CQ/I HUBBARD-ST., UP-STAJBS-TWO OEN uOx tlemoa can find board, with front room, la pri vate family. ZA f* WEST WASHINGTON-ST. —BOARD AND tyxrO one room, with largo closet, suitable far gentle man and wife; private family; pleasant location; modem improvement*. Call .Monday. • £Of\ WEST ADA3IS-ST. TWO SUITES OP OUu room*, furnished or unfurnished, with board for single genie or gent* and their wires; first-class. an A ADAMS-6T., ONE BLOCK WEST OF UNION DUx park, two desirable front suites, on firet and seo pad floor*, with board. /»H7 FT7LTON-ST.—3 YOUNG GENTLEMEN CAN v)UI be accommodated with good board and home comforts to strictly private family of two. £1 rr WEST MONROE-BT.—ROOM WITH ALCOVE. UJ. I suitable for man and wife, with board. A9QWEST ADAMS-ST.. NEAR UNION PARK— XjtUtJ One large, elegant, furnished room; also, an un furnished room, with board. AOQ WEST MADISON-ST., NEAR UNION PARK— QZiO Good board and comfortable rooms to be hsd at $5 per week. /»QQ WEST ADAMS-ST.-PLEASANT ROOMS. DOO en suite or single, with board. New brick, near Union Park. • OArr WEST MADISON-ST.-ONB LARGE FRONT Ox: | and one side room to rent with board to gentle* men and wires or to single gentlemen. OaO WEST MONROB-ST-,NEAR WOOD- Booms to let with board, singly or on suite: stone house, all modern improvements. Dinner at 6 o’clock. 17(\£* WEST MADISON-ST.-A • SUITE OF UN / I/O famished front room* to rent, with board. ffOQ WEST LAKE-ST.. CORNER OF LINCOLN— I Zip A suite of rooms, also single rooms, with board. OCA WEST MADISON-ST.-A LARGE, PLEAS OOU ant, well-furnished front room, with board, suit** ble for two gentlemen. OKO WEST LAKE-ST. GOOD BOARD AND lodging, for $4. OQ A WEST WAS H2NG TON-ST. PLEASANT Ovu front rooms with board, much more pleasant than down town among the dust and confusion. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH BOARD, SUITA bIe for two gentlemen. In a small family near Union Park. Address P 42, Tribune office. ■\TEAB UNION PARK-A BEAUTIFUL LARGE J. i front room, famished or unfurnished, in a nice brick house; private family, good board, prices reasonable. Address Pl 6, Tribnno office. JOHNSTONE HOUSE—II 4 AND 138 WEST MADI- V son-st.; everything first-class; terms, $3 per day; table-board, $5 per week. TWO BLOCKS EAST OF UNION PARK-DE- Ughtful parlor and bedroom; bay-window; hot and cold water; suitable for married couple or two or throe gentlemen. Address WW 8, 67 Clark-st., city. North. Side* A o CASS-ST.—WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. ONE *db A largo and one single front room, in a private family. This is one of the best locations in the city, commanding a fine view of the lake and convenient to business centre. Terms reasonable. no NORTH CLARK-ST. - NICELY-FURNISHED I O front rooms, second floor, first-class board, clean beds; private family, no children; $7 per week; onoxm fumlghod parlor, snltablo for roan and wife. *1 noi NORTH WELLS-ST.-ONE SUITE OP XV/02 room® and. single rooms to rent with fint-clasa board. 1 o*l Q ILLINOIS-3T.—NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT 4J.U room, with board, suitable for two gentleman. OQ A FRANKLIN-ST. - A PLEASANT ROOM Z/Ox and board, for two young men, whore there ora no other boarders. C%A Q SUBON-ST.. NEAR DEARBORN—A PRI JZtxaj rata family on the North Side would like to rent a pleasant front room, fornlshodor unfurnished, to gent and wife, or two gentlemen, with board. Call soon. OQ/> ILLINOIS-ST., SECOND DOOR FROM RUSH —Nice doable and single rooms, with or without board; only two blocks from Rnah-st, bridge. OQQ ILLINOIS-ST.. THIRD HOUSE FROM COR- ser of Bosh—One large nsfarnished front parlor, suitable for gentleman and wtte, with board, OQ 4 ILLINOIS-ST—A ROOM SUITABLE FOB two gente, with board. *VTOBTH SIDE. WITHIN 10 MINUTES’ WALK OF J.l the Oonrt-lloose—Daring the summer months fine rooms, singly or en suite, with first-class board can be ob tained by geniJazncn or families in a large airy house and fine neighborhood; terms moderate for the season, Ad dfese P 45, Tribune office, > Coiuitry, •ROARDINO FOB TWO CHILDREN CAN BE OB jD tainod In pleasant homo, with best care, near Nonna) School, Englewood. Address N 88, Tribune office. TjWAJiSTON-~SUITB OF FRONT ROOMS, BAND rjtnrwely furnished, to rant with board, to tfeaUezaaa sod wife: very pleasant place; terms moderate. Address P 23, Tribano office. • J? VALSTON—THREE BOOMS ON SECOND EWOE .Pj famished or untarnished with board. Address Post* office Box SO9I, Evanston. HINSDALE— FIRST-CLASS FURNISHED ROOMS to let vrith board: two mtnntei* walk from depot. ISAAC L. HINDS, HlowUlo. PLEASANT ROOMS, AND BOARD, IN A BEAU tlfal Bobarbsa town, £3 miles from tho city. Box 63, Highland Park. WE CAH ACCOMMODATE A COUPLE WITH famished room sod board at Englewood* Boose be&otlfally located la store, near depot. Largo grounds and pleasant snrmantungi. Address r 19, Tribune office. Miscellaneous. T7IEOST SCECB UNTtJBIfISHED. ASfD BUTTB X forniched rooms Co rent, with or without board; also nlco single room. Address P SO, Tribune office. TO RENT, WITH BOARD. WHERB GENTLEMAN and wife compose the family, three nice room* with madam convenience!* Address Q 63, Tribgae office. XtTANTED, TO BOOM AND BOARD A PARTY. Yr and toko xny pay In real estate: erery facility, and reasonable price* charged. AddranD 11, Tribune office. BOARD WANTED. . OAKbTcTaGESTKMTPMvXIETSMfi?? FOB a lad; <m Sooth Side, between Eighteenth and Twenty, sizth-st.s: no boarding-house needazunrer. Reference* ox changed. Address Ql7, Tribune office. BOAHD-BY A FBENCHYOUNG LADY, A HOME In a good family; will loach, children music, »nd fur nish nr own piano, for my board. AddrefaPlDD, Trflv one office. OARD-FQB GENTLEMAN AND TWO ntmyl dren. An agreeable young widow keeping . house, willing to mo comfortably but moderate.caa get permanent boarders to support it- Address P 99, Trib une office. B"~ OABD—FOB GENTLEMAN, AND CARE FOB two small children; North or Sooth Side, near preferred. Prices must bo low. Address P 98, Tribune office. BOARD-BY A YOUNG LAW STUDENT, IN A family where ha can give lessons In French or Eng* t|«H as compensation. The best of reference given and' required. Address £ J B, care of John Lyle Ring. 12$ South darkest. BOARD- AND ROOM IN A PRIVATE FAMILY near Halsted and Adams-«ta. by a young lady en gaged dozing the day. Please state terms to N 33; Trib une office. "DOARD—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY LOCATED BE- Jj tween Twelfth and Twonty-second-sta., east of State. Give terms, and address D 43, Tribune office. DOAED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WANTS JL> board, permanent; price not over $9. Address* with particulars, P 4s, Tribono office. EOARD-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A FIRST-CLASS' private family, or A 1 boarding house on South oar West Side. Address P65, Tribune office. BOARD— AND ROOM UNFURNISHED EXCEPT carpet for lady in vicinity of Lincoln Park. Refer ences ftxcbftnged. P 61, Tribane office. T>OARD—THREE BOOMS AND BOARD ON OKU JD of the avenues, north of Twenty-fourth-st., for two gentlemen and wives, and one single lady. Table must be first-class. References exchanged. Address, beforo 8 p. m. to-morrow, P 26, Tribune office. BOARD-AT A FARM HOUSE WITHIN a HOURS’ time by railroad from the city, for a gentleman, wife* and two children. Address D 71, Tribune office. BOARD-BY YOUNG GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. no children, unfurnished room, with board, in private family, east of Union Park, and north of Adama-st. Ad dress, with location and terms, which must be moderate*. P 66, Tribune office. Board-in exchange fob a lot in soi Chicago. Addresa Q 77, Tribune office. Board-near the lake by a young man, a room accommodating two, looking east or sooth, with or without breakfast and tea, in a social boarding house, or family, at a moderate price. Address J 98,. Tribune office, giving size of room, price, and lull partic ular with si rn of family. &HSC£XLAN£OUS. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING A PLEASANT f\ home, would like the care of two or three little giri*. Addresa P 54, Tribano office. _____________ A VALUABLE PIANO (STEINWATL WORTH new «400. to be sold at auction at X446Prairie-av., the 13th o! Jane, 1873. A obanco for a good bargain. Auction sale op sash, doors, and blinds. h n r>os, wagons, harness, paints, oils, and glass, at *0 O'clock a. m.. June 13, at 253 North-av. BESPACTABLH FAMILY OF FOUR DESIRE A child to board wharo It will toceire the best of care; a widower's preferred* Address K 72, Tribtmo office. Bnnrnr* OPENED AND CLOSED. OOffllA oated accounts adjusted, posting, eppyteg. and gen eral office work attended to. Address OM, Tribune office. UY A FARM AND GO WEST. LARGE. QUANTl tiisof good farming lands throughout the Western State*. W. J. BARNEY, 163 East Bandolph-st. "DOCKS—CASH PAID FOR OLD BOOKS. LIBEA- I > Hh. made, anti rasr-TZinea. Call oraddreMliei Old Book Stois, CHAPIN BEOS.. 2H and US EaatMadi. son-st. /COLORADO—A YOUNG MAN, HOLDING A GOOD- Vj position In acltjoffico, la doslron, ot goto* to Oolo rado for the summer for improvement of health, per asps to settle; would like to meet another young man near hiy own age (24 years) similarly inclinsd and not afraid ol a little adventure; references exchanged. Address fl 7 V Tribune office. riARPENTEKS. ATTENTION. —WANTED, ESTI- V/ mates for trimming nine (9) bouse*. AppiytoD. KITCHEN, at the Frear Stone Works# foot of ThlrtJ eeventh-st. T\ETEOnYE AGENCY—ANY PEBSON DESIRING ,J_J the services of a detective of 10 years' msttaoee, any reference required, address XJI7, Tribano office* B. AKELY, 79 WEST MADISON-ST., CUEIB acute or chronic diseases without calomel hr other noxious minerals. . „ XHIBITION BOOMS NORTH WESTERN S vectors’ Exchange, Booms 43 and 44, 137 Clark-sw The attention of capitalist*, manufacturers, an® others Is called to the models and specincatioas of latest valuable patented articles and maebineer for oo znestie.agricultural, mechanical, and other usee. Among other* ate: McK *»nney’s Continuous Tubular p»4i. having practically no joints, and the *m> face being renewable-of °nly Also hulleris Improved Brick Machine, a most cos- Government engineers and indorsed by marina under- Morse’s Patent Adjnstabl, Shalrtog. adag; ted to every place where shelves are necessary, most D# seen to be appreciated. _ Fob adoption: a *lnk, mcAi#xtfr botdady 7 weeks old (lawful child). Address Z 25, Tribune of fice. . r\ rand opening, music FROM *TO II P.Mj, lx JANSSEN’S Keatanrant and Lagar BearHalL «i W WMt Madison-at.. node, Wert Side Cigar Storo 4 BDUasd pill with grand free lunch, commencing at IS o clock* Monday, Juno 9. Our friends and the public are cordial*. ly invited to attend. I WANT EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT DR. JOHN PHILLIPS ha* a Terr large assortment of Brariiian- Pebble Spectacle* for sale, wolch be «uits by Inspection to the eye. Don't forgot the place, 12U Fourth-av., Optician* and Oculist. a few door* from HarrUon-st. The pigeon shooting match bettors Hr. Robertson, the lad from orer the sea, and Mr. Garret Sullivan, the Bridgeport batcher bojvoame off a> the Brighton House yesterday afternoon. The wsstnsr was very agreeable and promising, good sport being ta* anticipation of all. The boy from over the see gave taa butcher boy two dead birds, the match being eachto shoot at 35 birds from a ground trap, 23 yards rise. Th» sport was good, bat resulted contrary to the tloas of the champion Scotchman, who only jnueoa birds to his opponent’s 15, —making in aU 17 to Salman* with the two allowed him by his champion opponent. Betting was quietly going on in favor of Rob*rtsoa,en dsnUyto the chagrin of hla supporters, whilst tN® friauus of the butcher-boy held on to their satisfaction. Sulmm had three birds fall dead a few foet out of bounds .'mo one lost by a foal cartridge. Notwithstanding *U contrary moves, all seemed to bo satisfied that the affair arts a genuine exhibition of their skill. ; The following Is Che score : •. IWof- Sullivan....o UlllOOlOllllOOOlOllll fi-ljr Roberta’a..! 1011100110010 l 000000111—1* rpHE LADY WHO LEFT A DRESS AT MRS. PAR JL rey'a, 7S Fourth-st., please call at 274 West TeVe-st. TXT ANTED—A BANKER’S SAFE, WITH BURGLAR TT proof check. Must be cheao. Apply to F. WELCH (Kerr. Davison A Welch), 1-Q LaSalifl-st. T\T ANTED—A GOOD STOCK OF RETAIL GROCE, vf ties, with rent of store with room*. Address E- D GRIVAN, U. 8. Express office. TT/"ANTED —SEWERAGE DONE, AND PAY IN CAE it penteris work. Address Box 200, Builders* Ex change, onMonday. ' TXTANTED-TWO OR. THREE BUILDINGS TO BB W moved is the North Division. Address 743 Sedg wicket. , TTTANTED—ROOM-MATE, A GENIAL, GENTLE if manly fellow, to share comforts of & first-class room at a very moderate figure. Address N SB, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—TO PURCHASE—A GOOD GROCERY if store, either in town or country, or a first-class dry goods store. Address WX, caro of Mr. Joseph Kauff man’s Advertising Agency, northeast comer Xiyulie Madison-sU. * TIT AN TED—AS AGENTS. DRESSMAKERS AND f V all ladies who would avail themselves of the last op portunity of learning Mme. Costla’a New Patent Seif-fit-, tlug Dress Chart directly from the Inventor. Please esu for a few days at 258 West Madison-at. Patterns eut.f TITANTED-MONDAy MORNING AT INDIANA VV »». .nd Thirty-100 t«m« boxes *to haul dirt, and also 2o laborer*. RICHARD COOK* CO. ' TTTANTED—A CHILD TO BOARD; COMFORTABLBS VV home, without children. 358 Cqntre-av» ■nrANTBD-TO CONTRACT CALCIMININQ. AND VV graining by two skillful workmen. Address P 47,- Tribuna office. •„ TIT ANTED—TO BUY OR RENT, A MEAT MARKET W and fixtures, and lease, with room to pack tawt- BOELVIN A CO., 43 South Clark-st. _ TTTM. HEAS3A CO.. NO. 19 NORTH GREEN-ST., VY West Side, manufacturers and dealers is wrought* iron.washers of all sizes. - WANTED-A TICKET TO NEW YORK. VIA lt VY C. andS. Y. Cantralß. B. Addrew P33, Trihtma office, - TTYANTED—A THREE-HALE-BARBKL ICE-BOX. f T or tsro-wholo ones, at 139 Bind Island-av. WANTED-DOCTORS; I WANT -TO BUT A VT ilinlL DB. GItEBME. 190 WMt MadDon-li. WAKTED-A SECOND-HAND LAWN-MOWER good condition. Address P—. Trlbnno office- WANTED-OWNEHS AND INVENTORSOP PAT- Went rights who with to dispose of their territory tw call on STONE * SKINNER. It 9 Dearborn-st,, Booms- TIT ANTED—A NOVELTY PRINTING PRESS. T» and type, cheap for cash. Largest size Address or call on Dr. CLARKE, lo? W»t Randolph-*. INSTRUCTION. A FRENCH LADY. NATIVE OPPAIUS. DKSIB3B a home for the summer, or longer, where teactma her language would bo a compensation, Address o* *•** at No. 453 Michigan-ar. . , A SHORT-HAND CLASS, AND CLASS IN BDSD her* writing, will be organized on -jlonday ercsic* la the Metropolitan Boalnesa College, KW Madison-st. GENTLEMAN, WHO STUDIED PniLOSOi-MY at a European University, to lectnrt on mathematical branches, physics, and chemistry (the Utur both theoretical and experimental), oto. Aaa rme O, US South Uncola-st. , Bookkeeping taught by charles j. bish.- OP, Profemonal AccauaUat, 87 jenn* eiperlonca enables him to give practical jnattnePg°« TNSTHtTOTIOS GIVEN IN FA3ICT IfEEDLBWOBK, JL &ad work done to ortlor, Sfig W««hlngton-aT. _ FSTHUCTION GIVEN ON, THE PIWJOs TOBIg moderate. Call or address MtfSIO TEACHER West Lake- st. MISS THOMPSON (raOH, LONDON! BM3TO call attention to her comnleto witom erf In the pianoforte, as practised bj the great toaatar*. West Randolph-sL adamb mamhal i?motch tmSSSI riTC»prlr»t«le«*cms. CUa»e»ewjb« joined Umo. Beaidance, 183 Twgnty-thtrA-«t. PROP. DE-LOULME, OS VEST X piano, TOcal cal tors, *ia«iag, French, Uh: thorough torching at xaj room*, or jmpU •woo®*** Ity vx9 moauu CHOET-HAHD-BVKRTBODTPESIBntOAIJg appI/ &t Boon 9» 3&* ad 37 West lAkMt. qhoet-hahdwbitebs bars sio Toe*® O dsy, Second clus forms at DRKw S BMfl , . toga tomorrow walng. No cbsrgo imless QTITDKST3 BHOUU) APPLY AT O Clexie. MSWertMedieoe-rt.. modern Uuuroect*. with methemitlce, «n mo» on*hlj UQft&U

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