Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 8, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 8, 1873 Page 15
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WANTED—MALE HELP. Bookkeepers. Clerks, Etc. *ttT.ANTED—A MAN ACQUAINTED WITH THE VY city, to keep books and make himself generally use foL o*n at 230 South Hoyne-st. -- ■ -■ TIFANTED—A PRESCRIPTION CLERK. IMHEDI \Y stely. B* D. BOYD, oomer State and Thirty-ninth-- TTT ANTED—DRUG CLERK—YODNO MAN OF A VV few years* experience. Good references required, »t CHAS. RADISH'S. 212 Milwxukee-av. -irffANTED—A YOUNG MAN AS OORRESPOND VY ent, etc., in an insurance office. Address, with reference, stating age, experiences and salary expected, j D, care of Carrier 9. W~ ANTED-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS THE retail grocery business, and capable of keeping tho books. Ho most bo thoroughly acquainted with tho Easi ness; none other need answer. Address P 20, Tribune ofice.' ~ ; . ' TTT ANTED—A DRUG CLERK; ONE WHO SPEAKS -VY French preferred# Address Pl 3, Tribune office. -tttaNTED-EXPERIENOED traveling sales- YY men, with a connection. None bat those haring a Anowledco of the crockery business need apply. D. HER ataN.LQAIEB, Ifl) Madlson-sU .. . - -VVy^fTED—EXPERIENCED DRY GO3DS ENTRY YY clerks. Apply by letter to N 54, Tribune office, •etating how long experience and bow mcoh salary ex pectcu- -rXT ANTB D A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT VY bookkeeper for real estate office, me who na —fcOxstands short-hand, for taking notes fa correspon dence preferred. Adams, giving references and price, 3*40, Tribune office. TXT ANTED—A CORRESPONDING CLERK; MUST VY write well and work for a moderate salary; good references required. Address P 41, Tribuncoffice. -• WANTED —AN EXPERIENCED DJY GOODS * ' VY salesman, at SCHLESINGERS A MAYER, 136 West ■ - Madison-it.' * WANTED-A MAN TO. THE FIRE IN sorance business; must have ba4 successful expe rience In canvassing or soliciting; must be a good talker; and over 20 years of age; compensation Moderate. Apply »t ITS South Clark-st., offics No. 9. Trades. ! 'TTrANTED—A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE-TRIM t r YY mer; good wages and steady work. Address BOOTH A McOOSKER, Springfield, 111. . ■ ' WANTED-A GOOD CUSTOM TAILOR, TO GO TO VY afloarishlng town in Illinois. For farther partiou at SO and 82 Wabasb-av. ' - ' TTTANTED-A COMPETENT FOREMAN. OARPEN .YY ter, wages $5 por day; also 40 or 50 brat-clues joiners •and carpenters to work an National Bark and other build- Nmn. in Marquette, Mich. Steady wok and the highest •'Sages to ALFRED GIEBN, Axohitoct, : &e., Marqpotte, allch. • ' t ■ -WANTED-A GOOD STAIB-BUHADER, TO WORK ' VY on hand-rahs from plans: also t good tenon-machine W.rwi on door work; situation i>.Tmanent, and work eteadrto satisfactory men; state ceporienco, wages, and reference, and address GARB, AUSTIN A Du fanque, bwa. 'TTTAjrrED-A respectabib young man to Tr Ifarn the photographic art;* good chance. Call at fhotognph Gallery, 28 West Raidolph-st. . TxrAXTED—TWO INDUSTFIODS MECHANICS TO ft wilcit order* and put no mw style of door-plate; good •eager.. T. F, DAVENPORT, Builders’ Exchange, 133 Inßdle-st. WANTED— A MAN THOROOGALY COMPETENT to mn a Universal Woodwtrker. None other need apply. Call to-day, at 67 Blsmirck coart, 277 West Erie- Wanted —four good carpenters, to rork on house on Central Park boulevard. IVM. S. BUTTES. • • W ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE PAINT jr, to paint and stride nice machinery for two weeks. Apph Tuesday morning A. A. ABBOTT, corner Beach and Sebor-ets., opposite 819 South Ganal-st.. TTfANTED-A GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTER AND \ Y striper; also a good horse ehoer. G. BRIENEN, ynoston. Cook Connty, Dl. WANTED-TWO GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTERS tr Apply Immediately, to W. J. HARRIS, Joliet, liL •WANTED—A GOOD BOOTMAKER, STEADY T f work, good wages. A. WEBSTER, Momenco, DJ. WANTED—KLEOTBOTYPEES—TWO OR THREE TT young mou who have worked In electrotype foundry; good wages; steady work. SHNIEDEWEnD, LEE A CO., 11l East Madison-st. WANTED-TWO GOOD SILVER-PLATERS. AP ply immediately to L. S. BALDWIN, Caihoua place, in rear of 120 Dearbom-st, TCT ANTED-A GOOD CUTTER FOB CUBTOM- Y» work to go into the country. Inquire at OAHN. WAMPOLD A CO., 60 and 63 Wabash-av. > WANTED—OIL-FINISHER. SAMMONS, CLARK TT A CO, 197 and 199 SouthCllnUm-st. W ANTED-A NO. 1 CARRIAGE-PAINTER, TO whom good wages and steady employment will be given. Apply to W. C. GRIMES, Ottumwa* lowa, or HAYDEN A KAY, 45 and 47 Lake-st. TXTANTED—A GOOD UPHOLSTERER; NONE BUT VY first-class workman need apply. WM. paß A CO., 276 State-et. TXT ANTED—BOY TO LEARN SIGN PAINTING. TT 198 East Madison-st. EDMONDS. TXT ANTED—ROSEWOOD GRAINEES, TO WORK YY on coffins; none bnt good workmen neod apply. BOYD k HILL, corner Franklin and Tyler-ats. TXrAKTED—MONDAY MORNING, STAIR BDILD YV en at WILL A ROBERTS, corner Tyler and Frank! la-st. WANTED -A GOOD MACHINIST, TO ADJUST and pack sewing-machines. REMINGTON SEW -ING MACHINE CO., 255Stata-st. • TXTANTED GOOD DIAMOND-SETTERS AND YY jewelers at GILES, 880. A CO., SBB Wabash-av. TXT ANTED—2O STONE-MASONS, MONDAY MOHN VY ing, at the Messaaoit House, opposite Michigan OentralDepot. ALBERTLONGLEY. ANTED—PRESS BOYS FOB LIBERTY AND VT Globe presses, Monday, at 296 West Lake-st. WANTED— GOOD HOUSE PAINTERS, CALL IN basement, No. 94 East Tweaty-flfth-rt. . TTrANTBD-STONE-MASON TO CONTRACT WITH fY a reliable man to lay 100 cords of atone at Morgan .Park; materials all-famished* Inquire, Moudaymom jng, between 7 and 8 o'clock, at 123LaSaIie-st*. Builders 1 jfixchange, tor WM. H. ILIFF. rxrANTED—THREE YOUNG MEN TO RUN-MOULD YY ing machines. Garden City Manufacturing and Sup ply Company. Morgan and Twenty-eecond-sts. TTT'ANTED-A, JOURNEYMAN BARBER TO TAKE r Y charge of a shop. Apply at the BARNES HOUSE BARBER SHOP. T37"ANTED-A rTRST-CLAKS_HDESEiSHQSft,- -JU |75 West Adama-gt.'. ■ ' •TTT ANTED GOOD CUTTERS IN ‘WHOLESALE W clotSng hooMof GOODMAN, BAEBB A MAY ER, 80 an d S* Wabash-av. ' 'TTrANTED—IMMEDIATELY, AT 239 SOUTH OA - VY nal-st.. two blacksmith helpers and ono man-to Jork ggVSrcn wagons. McILWEE A DANMARB. ANTED-A FINISHER, OF STEADY HABITS. job toagnea hand. J. J. SPALDING A CO.. 158 and 160 Olark-rt. ; TTT ANT ED—CARPENTERS, TO TAKE CONTRACT W and laboring men to make streets, at High wood; «««-half cash, one-half real estate; only Protestant sober fk k9CP irrA-NTRI-AN EXPERIENCED BRICK SETTER, ' VY ErcOßlor Brick Co., 77 Doarbom-st., Room 7/ Coachmen. Teasutfirs. &o* TrrATtfED—A GOOD, RELIABLE SINGLE MAN TO VV teje care of garden, hor»3. and cctr. near the city. *Mn«i«doritaiidhisbusiness thoroughly. Addro«,with r^alV" 1 * 1 andreference*, D 45, r iribtmeoffice. TffiirTED-A smart Tctive man to drive Employment Agencies. lITANTED—CO MEN TO WORK ON GRAVEL V¥ train: company work; entirely fn»&w;gpodwages Agp& to-day (Sunday) at 274 South Water- TTTANTED—£OO RAILROAD LABORERS FOB WIS YV consin and Michigan, to loaro Monday evening; com pany work; free fare. Apply at Chicago Employment bateau, Lind Block, 259 East EaadoTph-sU 0. V. 6NKLL, Manager. ' TXT"ANTED—2OO RAILROAD MEN, M STATION YY.' men. and2swoodchoppers; 6 sawmill hands. 59 West Bandolph-«t., Room s. .tit a vtf.ti -1 000 RAILROAD MEN, 800 TO GO W Monday. * Apply at SNELL 4 SPi£rBEOK*B, 97 ■West &ndomh-st.VSocm i* This is tho best office in tho _city. MisceDaneous. •TIT ANTED—TWO YOUNG 3IEN. 16 TO 20 YEARS •VV of ago, to learn photographing. None need apply eceept those who give good references. 579 Wa* sista-av. WANIED-MEN-BIGGEST CHANCE EyBEOP- I* ierU to mnVp money. A fanner cleared $53 last wetk. o>e young man made 827 in three days, above all expend, if you want to make money, don’t tail to. call ax 9SE-H Madison-st., Roomß. _ OE THREE EXPERIENCED «i real esUe broken, for work oa a desirable eobdi- Tlsloa; liberal. Address, giving expert .PC. «ml q 34, Tribime office. WANTED-'H'O or three good canvassers to sell no iioasshold article. Apply at 65 South Q|>yjrß. t X _ MEN OP EXPKRIENC3 AND ** «*«**»■*»theoatijdawork of a city norrspa- made with tho right mca. •-^?i 3 it^« WDGn § 9 o’clock a. m. at “License Ga- State Bank, comer Waging- THE CITY. MUST commission k ll man, who can control oon- and Eastern niora, Addret* X 71. Tribnne ‘W**7J D 7 2 OAJTVAfiERS FOR ADVERTISING ” cards, Ac. D. H. Itt.tjs, 73 West Madison-st. fEN TO LEARN SHORT . Monday nhtht. Ho W THA.T IIAkJIE OUB. ““ “■ c l *- ? naU “itoL ire Statd-it., WfANTED—MEN FOR CITY ANT - cuUNTEr,~TO I «i *U noa-exploaive for kerosene. -oq to gW a week pfrmade onsmallcapital. A- HAYOS -vrest Lake-st. jCTAKTED-A GOOD SMART. AOTIW OASn BOy! |I »io resides near Union P.-irk. HOTCfitm PALM MCO.,I37»adI39St»Uwit. ua,VJU*u IrjJfTED-IN A GOOD FAMILY, A Mw pQK f general housework, cook, trash, ana iron Coxae L Speak right out. Address N 77, Tribune offic* f ANTED—GOOD POLISHERS ON \ mouldings, at O. D. ORVXS A GO’S, 49 UsTKD-. -A BOY ABODT 14 TEAKS OLD FOB A ttoro. 31S Archcr-av. ANTED —A GOOD RELIABLE COLLKCTOB; i none need apply who cannot furnish good reforea- I Inquire JAB. G. SMITH A CO.. 786 Indlana-ar. HOTED—A GOOD. HONEST BOY, jwtxwJkwJ [the area of 8 and 13, to work In a cigar atore, «o. .|We«t gaodolph-6t» Good references required. fetED—GOOD OUT-DOOR BUSINESS MAS 1 who lx willing to rely to some extent *on nl* tttjuity» bquahxted la city preferred. Call «t IS) Dearborn* foom7 a WANTED— MALE ttej/p \^ANTED-A^rr>r N^^rir^ v WII - E TO TAKE *7 «W*e or a farm near Chicago. Most understand axing care of stock. Address W, Boom 47 Exchange Building, Waahiogton-st., corner Clark. *TTTANTED—A SMART COLORED BOY, ABOUT y 16 years old for a firsbolaaa boarding-house. 475 Wabash-av. TWANTED—A FIRST-CLASS HOTEL PfiRTRB YY ~ Apply at the BARNES HOUSE. ‘ xwW"U*. TyANTED—A FIRST-OLASS _ HARNESS CLEAN! .'J or, with good reformoo. M. 0. WILBUR A BRO 167 and 166 Michigan-av. • - T " ,' TyANTKD—INTELLIGENT MEN. AT.LBAST 5 FT. YY 6 inches high, forU. S. Army, atS3 North Ca"*i-»t TTTAKTED-A BOY, 16TO 18 YEARS OF AGiLTO »T mPie himself Mneraßy neoful Around a fonjfi®£a» goods store. One wop resides with his parents and can MYtot ttS£SS.“ dßd at W^£?sL?! lasx Poa:rEß AT bdhee'sbu. WANTED— FEMALE HELP. Domestics- W^ TF - D T A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL v« family of three; good wages. No. SfiS Hedgwick-et,, op-stalre. . W COOK TO GO WITH A FAM ,7 . «y to Waukegan for the summer. Apply between e and 6 p. m. at Room 183 Matte son House. TXT ANTED—A GOOD KITCHEN GIRL, TO GO TO ,JJ Lako Forest for the summer. Apply to D. W. PAGE,- 118 and 130 East Moaroe-st. - TITANTED— GOOD COOK, WASHER* AND IRON * * er. Apply at 654 Wabash-av. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN GIRL, TO DO GEN oral housework in a small private family. Good wages for the right person; 85 Lincoln-av., near Lincoln Park. TyANTED—A GIRL THAT CAN WASH AND IRON v v well, and understands other housework, can get a situation at No. 1403 Wabash-av. A German is prefera ble- WANTED-A SWEDE. NORWEGIAN, OB GEB lron-,md doE “ Mil auted-a good giklfoe general hodse work In a small boarding hooso. Inquire at 781-West Lalco-st. Ty ANTED-AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL \ ’ for general housework; must bo a good cook. Apply at 9 Elghteenth-st. - w ANT ? D 7 A GIRL THAT UNDERSTANDS WASH * T mg.- ironing, and kitchen work; at 559 Indiana-av. WANTED-A GERMAN WOMAN TO * COOK *» loncfa, at 181 South CUnton-st. "\\r ANTED—TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, ONE AS : 7 * cook, the .other as waitress. 122 Cottage Grovo-ar. "W^ ANTED—A GOOD, CAPABLE COOK, WASHER. IT anoironer. Apply at 85 Groveland-park, opnwalte Chicago University. City references required. ANTED-A COMPETENT GERMAN GIRL TO -dogeneral housework in a small family: moat btf a good cook, wash or, and ironor. Apply at 46 Vernon-av.. near Thirty-flfth-sc. W ANTED-A RESPECTABLE GIRL THAT CAN ■ ■ wash iron, to assist in housework of a imuH family. Cali Monday at 966 Jaokion-st. W A^5? D “ A <? OOD GIRL TO GO TO COLORADO rv.ii family; German or Swedish preferred. Call at 600 West Monroo-st., for throe days. 'W A^ TED ~ A v GOOD COOK, -WASHER AND ironor; o thorough, Independent girl. Apply at C 64 West Monroo-st. TVTANTED—AT THE DOUGLAS HOUSE, DINING f T room and kitchen girls. WANTED— TWO GIRLS; ONE FOR GENERAL housework, lie other to sew and take care of chil dren. Apply at 603 West Monroo-st. TXT ANTED-A j GIRL TO TAKE CARE OP ONE Tr child and do light chamber work. References re quired. Apply at 1184 Wabash-av. TIT ANTED—A GOOD COOK, AND GIRL TO DO T T second work and take care of children. A good place for two good girls. Reference desired. Apply Mon day, at 837 ladiana-av. TfTANTED—GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK; GOOD TT wages. SS3 Waxren-rfY. TXT"ANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS, ONE TO COOK r f and do kitchen work, tho other as second girl. An ply at 76 Twcnty-fonrth-st. W ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK. Apply, Monday or Tuesday, at 61 Ellis-ar., near Douglas-place. WANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, TT cooking, washing, ironing. No. 20 Congrees-st., cp-ataira. German, Swede, or Norwegian. TX/'ANTED—A YOUNG GERMAN, SWEDE, OR TT Norwegian girl, to assist in doing housework in a small private family. Call at 857 West Tyier-st. TXTANTED-A GIRL FOB KITCHEN WORK, IN A TT private family; must be a good cook, washer, and Inmer. Apply on Monday, at SOo West Monroo-st., be tween Loomis and Lafiin. • WANTED— A FIRST-CLASS DINING-ROOM GIRL at 838 West Waahington-st. TTT ANTED—A FIRST-GLASS SECOND GIRL, GOOD T r wages paid, at 1176 Wabaah-av. TXT ANTED FOUR GIRLS IN THE BISHOP VY Court Hotel. TXT ANTED—A GIRL 12 OB 14 YEARS OF AGE TO >T take care of baby and assist in doing housework. Apply at 241 South, Monday morning. . TXT ANTED—GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK. T Y Call at 650 Hnbbard-st., for two days. German or Norwegian preferred. • _ TXTANTED-A GOOD EXPERIENCED DINING TT room girl, immediately, at St. Charles Hotel, 48 South Dcspulnes-st. TXTANTED-A COOKAND A SECOND GIRL. AP YY ply, with rcforonco, at 316 North LsSallo-st. WANTED— A GOOD COOK AND SECOND GIRL; Gormans or Norwegians preferred. 680 Michi gan-sv. • TXTANTED-A GOOD GIRL IN FAMILY OF TWO, YY at 80 East Erio-st. Apply at saloon. WANTED-GOOD GIRL FOE GENERAL HOUSE work, at 669 Wabaah-av. TTTANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN r Y girls for private families and hotels, ab 80 Milwau koo-av.; no fees. • TIT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL IN A PRIVATE FaM YY ily; one that can take chargo of kitchen, dining room, and knows bow to cook. Apply for 5 days at-N<u.7o Twenty-thlrd-ct., comer Proirie-av. TTT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL YT housework in a small family. Inquire at 109 South Bobey-st. _ xu uwa iff A . vv gonroei lamilyT to the right person good wagos and a £lcasant home.No objections to a woman with a child. ! Oaas-at. ‘ VAT ANTED—A GOOD NORWEGIAN OR SWEDISH YY girl to do general housework; good wages given. At 367 Msdiaon-st., np stairs. WANTED-A GOOD AMERICAN. OR GERMAN YY girl in a small private family; must be ablotooook ■well. Apply at 9 Eighteen th-et., near the lake. __ TTT ANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS, ONE FOR KITOH YY en and the other for second work. No Irish wanted. Apply at 1167 Wabaah-av. W ANTED-A GIRL TO ASSIST IN GENERAL housework. No. 3 Indians-av. TXT ANTED-A COMPETENT DINING-ROOM GIRL V Y for a private boarding-house. Most bo perfectly competent. Apply at 824 Wabash-av. WANTED-TWO GOOD DINING-ROOM GIRLS AT VY -the ST. DENIS HOTEL, 97 aad 99 South Dos platnes-st, . WANTED— GIRL THAT UNDERSTANDS GENER bI housework; will par liberal wages. Call at 813 West M onroe*st. T\7"ANTED—A NEAT GIRL ABOUT IS YEARS OLD VV to help with housework; email family, pood home, at 972 West Jackson-st. WANTED —A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF a- child, one who can do plain Bowing preferred. Inquire at 645 Wabaab-ov. ' WANTED— A NURSE GIRL; ALSO A SEWING girI, 293 Weat Adams-it., Monday. Wanted— at 385 west randolph-st.-,-onb first-class cook. None other neod apply. WANTED —TABLE GIRL AT MANCHESTER House, corner Archer and Stewart-avs. WANTED-AT 11U MICHIGAN-AV.. A COMPB tent girl to do light second work and take earo of rhMdreo. Call in the forenoon. TTTANTED—SERVANT. GIRL IN SMALL PRIVATE \ V . family; roicroncos required. Inquire at drug store No. 826 West Madison-st. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR COOKING. AP- ply at 24 Aberdeon-st. ■ tit ANTED— A GOOD COOK AND SECOND-GIRL VY at one o* comer of Blao Island and Wcstom-avs. Inquire of L. CALLAGHAN. tttakted-giel et a small private family VV for general housework, • Swede, Norwegian, orGer mfm. Cau at No. 40 Bt. John's-place, West £>ido. WANTED-GIRL TO COOK. WASH. AND IRON. References requltrod. 29 Indiaha-ar. f fourth house south of Thirteenth-st. _____ . TTTANTED—FIRST-OLASS SECOND GIRL; LARGE W wages paid. Apply immediately at 42 Lauin-st. —aotisd-a small girl is a small family. Apply it 91 Hastiaga-it., Sunday and Monday. ■ Apply to-day and Monday at tbs St. Julian Hotel* pp bt&lrH, 151 Dearborn-«t. TXT ANTED-A. GOOD KITCHEN GIBLj most be W a good cook, Trasksr and ironor at 48 South Carpon- ter-et. WANTED A NEAT AND CLEAN GIRL TO DO two in the family at 611 Falton-at. ANTED—A NURSE GIRL AT 86 SIXTEENTH-ST, TTTANTED —AT 296 ILLIKOIS-ST., SECOND DOOR W from Kash-fit., a smart girl for second work and take care of children. . . TTT ANTED—GIRL TO DO SECOND WORK; Al5O YY kitchen girl. N ono but those used to ft boarding house. M 3 West Adams-et. • ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework; German mSwcdlah nroforrcd at 1015 IVabaah-av., between Twenty-third and Twenty tourth-sts. - - - TITAKTED—COMPETENT GIRL FOB HO™E VV work: must bo a good cook and laundiog: Wgbost wages paid- No Mob ncod applr. Apply UOS WabaaW. -VXr ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOB GENERAL W hoasowork, to whom good wages will bo paid, at M 7 West Mobtoo-bu - WAIfTBD—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL VV hon-cWork In a small privato family. Apply lor two days at 1130 Indiana-av. ANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHER,/~AND iSioi In a family of fonrj no Irialj. Apply Monday at 343 Walnut-at. —_ TtrANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO BO 3ENEBAL W hoMoWork, at 97 TVUson-st. ■ TXTANTED—A GOOD COOK,TFASOT.P S ANKIRON- W or; pages 84 per week. Apply at £OO West Washing ton' St., comer OaEley. .. ANTED—A GOOD. STRONG GIRL TO DO GEN oral housework. a ghl» apprentice hraoU M dressier" whS «u operate the Stager machine. Apply at 145 Tvrenty-firat'St,, near Wab&an-ay. ; * vrpn a T 372 MIGHIGAN-AV., A GIHL TO. DO general housework. Permanent aituatlon. it ANTED—A GIEL TO TAKE CJAitB OF CSIL- H^dnn! 3 Annlrat 100 Honore-st., near \an Buren. TB -NTED-A GOOD GIBL TO DO OEHEKAL Family small, and good wages, ho Irish sa South Hoyno-st. WANTEVr SMAET COIL TO DO vv ORK fnttjiSi r GrovM , ‘ ml h r - .Protostanta pnlymood apply, a ANTKD-A U; nr) COOK, IVASKER. - AND tamer Is a at U29 IBchkaa-ar. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 1873. uPAmfifl-PiatAliE HELP. Domestic*—Contmnod- TO*ANTED r A GOOD GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUBET WANTED-A GOODORDER COOK AT 153 SOUTH - Halsted-sL, at $7 per week. 1 TyANTED—A NEATTsM ART GIRL WHO UNDEB- T v stands waiting on table and to assist in the kitchen; good wages. Apply at 24 Bishop-court. TXTANTED—TWO GIRLS TO DO GENERALKTTCH --ea work, at BURCICY A MILAN'S Restaurant, 167 and IC9 East Madisun-st. TyANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK » t In a private family; no. Irish. 493 West Madisou-st. -TyANTED— GOOD GIRL TO _vr housework; no children. 13 South Ann-at. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL work, at 1035 Wabash-ar. WANTED— A GOOD DLVINO-ROOM GIRL FOR private boarding house, at bis Wabash-av. . . TyANTED—AT 333 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., A A i girl to wash and iron, and to asdst in tho kitchen.. WANTEIfAT “ CBB WABASH AV."" A OlitL 77. to do dining-room work. A Norwegian or Swede preferred. GOOD GIHL FOU KITCHEN OR I* honsework. 2SI Michtg-‘ in -"^ TyANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH. AND T r Iren. Apply, on Monday, at 740 Mlchig&n-uv. W AND BEIi - B OYS A^BOEKE^ TyANTKD—A FIBST-CttRS TBONKB, KITCHEN 11 ana pantry girls. ntBUKKB’S European Hotal. WANTED-A WELL-BRED TIDY~QmL TO AB- T» slst in household work and tho care of children; $3 por woek, In eluding kind treatment. No Irish need applr unless Americanized. Address, for quo week, Mrs. J. Q. GULLETTE, 522 Cottage Grovo-av. . • Ty ANTED—A GOOD SECOND-GIRL, WITH REF * 7 eronce. In ntivato boarding-bonso. Come prepared to stay. 83d lnakum-av., near Elghteenth-st. Ty ANTED—TWO GOOD GIRLS, ONE FOR DIN • 7 r ingroom work and one for kltchon work. Jfl Con greu-st. Seamstresses. WANTED—3 FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKERS, AND ir 10 sowing girls. Apply at 1133 Stato-st. TyANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS DRESS-MAKING 7 T and two apprentices for corsets. MAD. A. MOREAU, French corset and dress-makor, 890 Stat^-st. WANTED— SEWING GIRLS. CALL PERSONAL- Iy at 159 Warren-av. Ty ANTED—FIVE DRESSMAKERS AND THREE J Y appronticos at 1563 Prairio-av. ' •WANTED-100 SEWING-GIRLS TO WORK ON VY linon and white suits. HOTCHKTN, PALMER A CO., 137 and ISO Stato-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKER. AP- ply at 660 Stato-st. TXTANTED-COOD OPERATORS WITH WHEELER Tr A Wilson machines, 90 Sooth Peoria-st., in base ment. *W*ANTED—TEN FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKERS ' YT. to trim drosses. SSS South Clark-st, . . WANTED— 10 EXPERIENCED HANDS ON THE Wheeler A Wilson, and Singer’s sewing machines at No. 115 Fraaklin-st., np stairs. TTTANTED—DRESSMAKER THAT CAN CUT AND t T fit, and take full charge of girls, at 887 West Lake-st. TT7ANTED—AT MRS. BISHOP’S -AND MADAM YY Kcndel’s Dressmaking Parlors, 76 Twsnty-fifth-st.. an extra good finisher, a machinist, and a first-class girl for general housework. RB, Tribnao office. .WANTED—A FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKER. AP- T V ply Monday morning at 143 West Jackson-st. TXT ANTED EXPERIENCED OPERATORS TO i r work on -ladies’ underwear. Cal] immediately, at 879 Fifth-ar., up stairs. TXTANTED—A GIRL TO DO PLAIN SEWING, ABLE TT to run Singer machine. Apply at 333 West Adams-st. WANTED-APPRENTTCES TO LEARN DRESS making at MBS. SEWARD'S, 359 West Madison-st, • Nurses. 'TTTANTED-A COMPETENT, RELIABLE NURSE, Tr with good references. Apply at 1092 Indiana-av. WANTED— NURSE GIRL AT 1019 WABASH-AV. References required. WANTED -GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF BABY; Swede preferred. 63 West Waahingtoa-st. W ANTED-A WET NURSE IMMEDIATELY AT 617 West Monroo-st. TTT ANTED—A WET NURSE. OR A WOMAN TO r V nurse child threo times daily at its honso. Inquire at 481 West Madison-st. Laundresses. TTTANTED—GIRLS TO WORK BY THE PIECE ON VY all kinds of work; 6 cents apiece for ironing old shirts; s!operwpok to a vest-lroher, or by piece: all must bo first-class. Call to-day. Wilson’s Grand Central Laundry, 297 and 599 St&te-st. Also, a small girl to help in housework. TXTANTED-A GOOD FOREWOMAN AND TWO VY now shirt-Ironers, at the Oriental Steam Laundry, XSO West Randolph-st. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS IRONERS AND POL labors at laundry corner Twenty-seventh and State sts.; wages from $8 to sl2 a week. TXT ANTED—ONE PERMANENT FOR FINISHING Y Y shirts and collars, and one for 3 days each week* at Occidental Laondry, 112 South Halsted-sL TXT ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRESS IN A IY private family. Good wages given to a competent girl. Apply immediately at 52 south Park-ar. TXTANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRY GIRL TO DO THE V ? house washing. Apply at BARNES HOUSE. TXT ANTED—FIVE FIRST-CLASS SHIRT IRONERS Vf at Sheahen’s Laundry, 96 North WoUmL TXTANTED—AT NO. 16 SOUTH DES ?LAINES-ST,, YY two first-class shirt ironors, 2 first-class ladies' clothes ironers. TXJ* ANTED—AT THE BALTIMORE LAUNDRY, 343 VY South Olark-st., two good shirt ironsrs, onestarcher, aad one office boy. Apply Monday morning, TIT ANTED—AT CHAMPION LAUNDRY. 191 SOUTH V Y Olark-st., a good ironer.ooe that understands mark ing and putting no clothes and general laundry work; no other need apply. • WANTE D-NEW BHIRT-IRONERS, LADIES’ clothea-ironers, washer and collar-lroncr; none bat first-class neod apply at the Lakeside Laundry. 63 and 65 SontbCaoal-st. TU - ANTED—2 FIRST-CLASS LADIES’ CLOTHES CCu || mnAra ' l.BuliH/uiim. _ —u.-tIJIXPiyC- TAT"ANTED—AT THE MAULTON HOUSE A GOOD »T steady woman for tho la an dry, comer Kinru -- " •Market-sta. HonsokooDors. WANTED —AS HOUSEKEEPER,. A MIDDLE aged lad)*; one who is willing to make herself agree able. and is thoroughly competent to take charge of a lady’s house. Good pay to tho right person. Address N ST/Tribune office. W ANTED-A YOUNG AND GENTEEL LADY TO take charge of house. One who nnderstands house keeping will find work cosy, and good pay. Address, by letter, O L G, Tribune office. • • Employment Agencies, TTT ANTED-A GOOD COOK AND A SECOND GIRL VY to work together; also cooks and houso girls forJbo boat families In city and country. Mrs. WHITTAKER, £65 East Cbioago-qy. ; WANTED-GIRL3 FOR ALL KINDS OF WORK for citrand country; families sapplied with good help. MRS. HAMILTON’S, <i6 South Unlon-at. WANTED— A LARGE NUMBER OF GOOD GIRLS for all kinds of homework la dtyand country. Ap ply at MRS. THOMPSON’S office, 1000 State-et. TT7:ANTED-200 GIRLS, FOR HOTELS, RESTAU VV rants, laundries, and private families, at No, 5 'West Madison-st. Roozz£s. Branch office. 126 West Monroe-st. ~ W ANTED- GIRLS FOR PRIVATE FAMILIES: Germans, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, or of any other nation. MISS BARTON’S office, ftS Statist., entrance on Eightecnth-at. Do not call on Sunday. WANTED— 25 GIRLS, IN PRIVATE HOUSES, boarding-houses, hotels, boats, and Teasels, for tho city and country. Apply 623 Stato-st., Mrs. REIS. TXTANTED-WE WANT SOME GOOD HOUSE VV koopors to do the work in small families. Gall Im mediately 446 Wabasb-av. Also tome good girls for Ev anston, Downer's Grove, city, etc. 446 Wabash-av,, up stairs. Miscellaneous. TTTANTED—4O YOUNG LADIES ACCUSTOMED TO > V stage business, 20 fancy dancers. Apply, from 10 till 12, atNo. 1133 Stato-st. TITANTED-A LADY TO ASSIST IN A SEW >V ing-machino office. One who understands the Howe and speaks German or Scandinavian preferred. Osnhave a permanent placo and good pay by addressing pra, Tribune office. " WANTED— SEVERAL LADIES FOR THE CHY, and all parts of the country, to sell a toilet article and rubber goods for ladies; those engaged are doing splendidly. Mrs. PALMER, Room 8, 25 west Lake-st. WANTED-LADY CANVASSER OF PLEASING address; one acquainted in the city and in tho churches preferred. Call at 182 Dearborn-at., Boom 6. Wantkd-laundry girl, scrub girl, and 4hh girls at THOMPSON’S Minins-Booms, 8 i SoaUi CUrk-st, WANTED— 20 GIRLS TO SORT RAGS AT SSI Sonth Jeffcrson-st. Nong bet experienced bands nofld apply. WANTED-A LADY RE-TOUCHER AT 180 WEST MOORE’S Phito graph Stadto. xirANTED—2S GIRLS, AT STEVENS 1 ” PATENT \T Egg-Cg.seFactory, SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Bookkeepers. Clerks. &c. SITUATION WANTED-A THOROUOLY COM nettfnt prescription druggist, ipoaking English and German, desires a situation in a small city. Address J g, 280 Olybonm-av. SITUATION WANTED—AS PHONOGRAPHIC RE porter or teacher. HARVEY WISHXRD, Crawfords- VilJe, Ind. ■ SITUATION WANTED—BY A TRAVELING HAN, whoso acquaintance Is west from Chicago through lowa, a lino of goods to sell by sample, on cpninlssion or salary; best of reference given. Andress Q S, Tribune office. • . - ■ S“ITUATION WANTED—ACCOUNT BOOi* OPEN ed. closed, or examined, accounts odjustoa, West ° r nmTATION WASTED—BY A YOUTiG MAi AS S clerk or bookkeeper in a hotel or basinets bon*, ts TrilfiS to work and Sin give good reference. for one week, J S, 474 Taylor-st. fTUATION WANEED—AS BOOKKEEPER, j slstant. or outside dork, 35 years of age, 4 ? f a r *. I deuce in Chicago, good business eroeriaaco, salary, lully competent. Address D 01, Tribune oSce* rtTTTTATION WANTED—BY A THOROUGHLY EX- bookkeeper, xtho lua good city reference. Afldrcsa P. O. Box lilS. OTITTATION WANTED—TO BOOT AND SHOE S men—As travelling salesman int&o Wert, n*ttns orrnATlON WANTED—BY A GOOD S pendent and quick writer, small f *kff < onl]f requlr^ at finSor would work /2^B^N& U i®Sae nont omployaienl was promised. Address If 89. Trinune office. SITUATION 'WANTED—H. 1. DIXON, EXPERT acommtftst, Boom 1, 113 Deurbora-st. Rook*, and closed. Complicated accounts examined •d. PosttfiEbj the d&* week* or month, on isnicmioio terms* SITUATIONS WANTED— MALE. Bookkeepers Clerks, &c.—Coattmic'ir , C ITDATIO.V .WAM'SD-BT A YOn.VQ JtA» P DTa Oroai estate or tasuranco office; has hadaf«rr ****2 experience. Addreas W» Boom 13 of CrnJATION WANTED—AS CLERK IN A STORE O hare had experience in hardware and enccHM Ha dress N 47, Tribane office. Ad. j ATION WANTED—FOR HALF OP EACH DAY —' and croajnffby an-indaatxlons ,yonc ß man ; ffood marksman and peprean. Address PM, Tribune ot&co. gITU OITDATIOJr WANTED-BY AS EXPERIKrfCBD O bookkeeper; sslUfcoUon eooronW. Addreu N 63. Tribune ofico. " NATION Vf ANTED—BY A BOY 17 YttArm np -'Wi M asiUtant bopkJcoeMr, to help iu store, or to do collecting. PJe&ao addreta J3, Trfbane otfico. QETUA. O, a*"’ Trades. CITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGINEER OP 13 Oycort’experience; understands high and low ure&auro. Boat city references. Aodroas &!, H North Grecn-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A k? marble or cut etono yard where there is good work done; has bad nearly 8 year*’ experience. Addrota O 9 Tribuneoffice. . SITUATION WANTED-TO JOB PRINTERS* A newspaper compositor pi three or four years’ eroori ence would like a chance to learn job work. Address D 69 Tribune office. ■ CITUATTON WANTED— PRINTERS: A NEWS CObH O positor would like a situation on aomo newsoeoer in the city. Address P 68, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY ~A FIRST-CLASS Q lob Printer (Union). Competent to take charge of an office. No objection to leaving city. Address K 26. Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WITH O- a fair knowledge of telegraphy; will work hard. ; a&- liver, or anything, to get chance to practice after hours Wages no object. Andress N 13, TrioutiQ CITUATION WANTED-AS FOREMAN or O agor in a cabinet factory, by one who has a thorough knowledge of the busln'tss and a good practical designer. Apply to JOHN PHILLIPS, Phillips A UftbSiteLn: Chair Makers, Chicago bridge. SITUUATION WANTED-BY A BOOKBINDER who thoroughly understand? the trade. Mr. PETER. SON. 210 West Lako-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A MAN OPTHOBOUGH O experience, as packer in a wholcsalo wine or drug bouse. Eight yean With last employer, from whom ret erence will do given. Address N 7», Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED-AS GARDENER; UNDER staads the ccroof plants, grapes andlaytng out grounds Address G E P, Box 143 Geneva lake, wls. CITAUTION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED O machine-band on a sticker, moulding machine, scroll* saw, or shaper. Address H. HADDOCK, care F Boholts. 111 Bonker-st. ’ ; SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS H£AD cook, either in a hotel or first-class restaurant. Tho best of city references. Address SUPERIOR, Tribune office. Situation wanted~by a competent .en. ginoer. ‘ Address P 55, Tribune office. Coachman. Teamsters. &o. CXTUATXON WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAJT AS O coachman in a private family, to drive and t*w> caro of horses; tho best of reference gives. Address D 54. Tribnno office. - CITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-OLASS YOUNG O Done as coachman, well acquainted is city. Address N. CHRIST, 146 North Unionist., np stairs., care of Mrs. Haoick. CITUATION WANTED-BY A NO. 1 CHORE AND O coachman; best city recommends. Address N 23. Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN AS ID coachman; la of sober and steady habits, and would make himself useful about house; is acquainted with the city. Address N 44, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN IN A PRl vato family; good character, and understands the care of horses thoroughly. Address £. TOMLIN, 258 South Park-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman in a private family: understands the care of horses. Please call oraddress JOHN JOHNSON, 464 West Madison-st, SITUATIONS WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AND his wife, new arrived from Europe; the man la a good driver, and can work in garden; bis wife is a good cook, washer, and Ironer; both sober and boncst; they are willing to work cheap, as they cannot speak very good English yet. Address N 42, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED and practical man, a situation as foreman in a livery or stable. Has had several years’ experience; can furnish unexceptionable testimonials. Address SW B, Union Stock yards, Chicago. SITUATION WANTED —AS COACHMAN IN A first-class family, by a young man (English) accus tomed to the caro of fine carriage and horses; is a good and careful driver; highest city references. Address N 60, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOSTLER BY A YOUNG man; thoroughly understands the care of hones, bar ness, and carriages. Address PlO, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN WITH A respectable family byafirst-clsss man, Dans, who is per fectly sober and trustworthy, and has the best of refer encos. Address N 52, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COLORED MAN AS coachman, willing to make himself useful. Good ref erences. Address J 70. Tribune office. Miscellaneous. SITUATION WANTED—I WISH TO FIND EM ployment, in some country town, for a boy 16 years of age, eithor in a store or at out-door work, where he could make himself useful and have a good home. Address WILLIAM JONES, caro of Carrier 71, Chicago, CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SCANDI- O navian who talks English and German as barkeeper in a saloon or liquor store. Address N ffi, Tribune office. SITUATION (OB PARTNERSHIP) WANTED—BY A responsible olderly Roman Catholic of varied business experience and credible references. Including proofs of strict honesty, etc., as clerk in a coal or other office or store, or any indoor position; would lend a solvent cm tloyor some money, u mutually suited, or invest about 1,000 as partner with another reliable elderly man, or woman near GO, whoso corresponding proofs of honesty, sobriety, etc-, would satisfy in part for capital. Disinter, estedly honest parties only, giving particulars, address J. Mo., 129 West Bandolph-et. QITUATION WANTED—BY A MAN OP SO YEARS’ O business experience, as business manager or soperia tcndcut in wholesale bouse or manufactory; can give any amount of reference. Address N ft), Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG ENGLISH • man, as waiter in a boarding-house or restaurant, first-class reXfirrnccs- AiUig*—a£Eae.' SI ruAilf/jnffAOTßn-nppf> W i. t

1 can support cucrr’iio Objection to traveling. Ad capmlgTO; Tribnna office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN thoroughly sober and willing to work; understands bis business. Please address D fl7, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN WHO HAS bad also years’ experience on the road. Address P SO, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN OF sober, steady, and industrloia habits, as a general useful man in any place of trust: not afraid of work; can give good references. Address r 82, ’iribnae office. SITUATION WANTRD-BILLS TO COLLECT, BY gentlemanly collector of five joars’ experience; would like a first-class physician's or a nercantlio house’s. Ad dress P 27, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY x CAPABLE MAN AS porter or in restaurant: can ban employer S3OO. Ad dress R. ROWLAND, 86 West Jckson-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY AYOUNG MAN TO DO chores for a private honso miming and evenings for his board. Address P 81, Tribnm offloa. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY AFOUNG HAN, AGED 25, well accustomed to laandi>work and machinery. Could fill a TxMitlon of trust in aty capacity. Apply for one week to D 61, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED —BT A RESPECTABLE married man (without children aa janitor, porter, or othor light employment; firs t-c las city references. Ad dress P 07, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMADS Domestic. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Scotch girl aa housemaid or sne in private family. Inquire at 163 Mathor-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A fOUNG WOMAN IN private family, as housemaid ©second girl: has been 9 years in her last place. Apply toiev. £. SULLIVAN. 919 Wabasb-av. SITUATION WANTED —BY A MIDDLE-AGED woman to take care of children ITom good reference. Call at 101 Bntterlield-st. for 3 days SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL AS chambermaid or to toko caro ohhildron. Inquire at 49 Foortb-it., up stairs. SITUATION WANTED-BY f RESPECTABLE young girl to do second work jr any light work. Ploase call at No. 46 Cottago Grovo.v, gITUATION WANTED-BY A OOD GIRL TO DO second work In private family. 6uth Sldo preferred, ifcrcnccs, if required. Call Monty, at 109 East Onta rio-sL, near Market. SITUATION WANTED—AS P.STRY COOK IN hotel or restaurant, or wristr housekeeper, by a widow lady; best of city rcferencesriven. Address 753 West Madlson-st. Situations wanted—by tk> respectable young girls In a private family, co as first-class cook, the other as second girl or sewinggirl: can do cither. Please call at 755 North Wells-st., 6m 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Good reference' from last cmplojr. SITUATION WANTED—BY A G*OD GIRL. TO DO second work or Mineral hoosowck in a «rn«il family. Call for two days at 663 North _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A PBTESTANT GIRL, to do second work in a private fafilr. Apply for two day at 549 West Erie-st. - SITUATIONS W J4TED—BY TTO SWEDE GIRLS, Otogother, In a private family; on as a cook or laun dress, and one as a second girl. 447 both Jcfferson-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A CRL TO DO SEO ond work, or to care for children. Apply Monday and Tuesday, at her present employer's, 11 Calnmet-ar. SITUATION WANTED —BY A SECOND GIRL. Apply Monday, at 2o2Bar™»de-«» fonth Side. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SWEDE Olady, as lady’s maid, or would do seond work In a firsts olaes family. Address CSI West Raodlphst. SITUATION WANTED—BY A G(DD GIRL, TO DO tocond work or assist in general housework. Call Monday, at 596 Waahlngtoa-av. s W«t Side preferred; good reference. If required. SITUATION WANTED—BY i RESPECTABLE girl, to do second work or general rork in a small fam lly. Address BSholto-st. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY GOO> COOK. WABH gr, and ironer. 45S Bom«ldff-st, South Dearborn). QITUATION WAXTEJD—BY A OIILTODOSi- O work or tenoral hottßowork In a snail priTat# family. Cau or addrosa 14 Anaoar-st. for tw« days. • . CITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL O In a priralo family. Call Mondv and Tuesday &t 244 South Morgan-*!,, np.stair*. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE yot mg girl to do general housework in a email or second work. Apply At J73 Tbird-ar., in tna STOATION WANTED-BY A SMART, Wilkin O ~icl, to do second work or general housework In a me*. the best of city reference If required, fdzzicall at or address No. 50 ATarandor-ft. Ration wanted-by a good, respeota^ in a prirato family to cook, wash, and Iron. iss2£Slooday and Taceday at 840 Clanc-et. ' FHStb* wantkd-to do SECOND-WOBK or would take care of a baby. Call * v TiesgQ-fcT. , WANTED-BY TWO HESPBOTABLK S mlddlMiod, on. u cook end tho other Bttibcunr wferenpw cmnh* cina. •“««rf iso s»»bonj-»T. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics—Contiimoti. CIrtTATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE jJ girl. In a first-class private family, to cook, wash, and "*9* or do second work. The best of reference ciron, and liberal voces repaired. Call at 413 South Halated-st., in the rear.. giro -jXATtON WAJiTED-BY A BE3PECTABLE do soTrtmp and assist in second work. Call or Kublo-at,, Wort Side. OITOATIONS WANTED-BY TWO SISTERS, ONB kJ to cook. wash, »nd iren, the other for S9eoad*>vork. la V&«Sid(! ' BUT- PIe » M “U “r address Si Noblo-sb, (SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY AS PASTRY- O cook. Addros* P S2, Tribune offlce. gmTATiojf w AKTED-BYA WOMAN TO DO GEN era] housework, fci a small family. f-«ii or address 123 BomsUe-it. CITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO SEC- O oud work trad wait on t&bie or light work. Aodlj at lOlSevaatecntb-ct. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDISH WIDOW Isdyas seamstress In a private family. Willing to assist in light housework or to travel. Address IT S3, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS dressmaker; wishes to go in good families; outs and fits in the latest styles. Address N 53, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED -AN EXPERIENCED O dressmaker can be found at 1134 Wabaahav. to go out by the day. Address Mrs. E. M. C. CITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG LADY AS O dressmaker, or plain sewing, in a private family. Address N 84, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—TWO YOUNG LADIES O would like a situation in a store or some private boarding house to sew; can famish own machine. Please call at C4B South Canal-st. CITUATION WANTED-AS OPERATOR, IN FAM- O lllss; understands ’ dressmaking. Terms, $1.25 per day. Address SEAMSTRESS, No. IS North Sanga mon-at. CITUATTON WANTED-A FRENCH LADY, JUST O arrived from Paris, desires to find a situation to eat and fit dresses, or to go to a private family as seam* stress. Inquire of MME. Q. SAURHET, MlState-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO SEW. ingonWhsclor A Wilson machine or general bouse. work in a small private family. Call at No. BN Third-av. Nurses- CITUATION WANTED-A LADIES’ NURSE OP O long standing would like to make a few engagements. Address D 49, Tnbuno office. • • CITUATION WANTED-LIKE ENGAGEMENTS AS O. ladies’ nurse. No objection to tbs country. Ploaso call at 860 South Halsted-st. M. F. CITUATION WANTED-WEI* NURSE—A HE A LTHY O young married English lady, who baa recently lost her baby, wishes to engage as wot nurso where she can have a pleasant home; first-class reference given; advor tlsgr refers, by permission, to DR. ELLIS, 608 State-sty SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MlD dle-sged Scotch woman, to nurse a Jody and baby, or Invalid, for the month of Jana. Coll at 101 West Adam*- at. M. M. 'SITUATION WANTED—A3 WET NURSE FORA p child 4to 6 months old. Call at Dr. FOSTER’S, ihl West Madiaon-st., or 18 North Sheldon-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN as laundress In a private family, is a first-class worker, and can famish unexceptionable references. Address H. M., 150 Maxwell-at., op to Monday evening. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS LAUN dross, to do the washing and ironing, by tbs day, in two or three private families. Call or address, 33 Archer. Honsekeenerfl. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY WITH A child 3 years old, as housekeeper for small family. Inquire at 46 South Union. QITUATION WANTED-A SMART CAPABLE LA ID dy would like a situation as housekeeper; no ob jection to a first-class hotel; has had some years experi ence in that capacity at the East. The best references given. Apply to 258 Wabaah-av., np stairs, for one week. No trlflere need apply. I mean business. gITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER. REF. srenco given. Call Monday at Homo of the Friend less. CITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS HOUSE- O. keeper; salary reasonable. References given and re* qoired. Address for one week N. S. 8., corner Fifteenth and Dearborn-sta. CITUATION WANTED-BY A NEW ENGLAND p lady of culture, in either city or country, as house keeper or traveling companion. References given and required. Address for 3 days, N 74, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WIDOW WOMAN AS housekeeper. City reference. Address N 81, Trib une office. CITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER BY A O young widow lady and stranger in the city. Address N 48, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY OP REFINE, meat as housekeeper for a widower or two or throe gentlemen; can give good references. Address Y 30, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—BY AN AMERICAN LADY O as housekeeper or to do second work in a private fam ily. Inquire at 807 Wabaah-av., on Sunday or Monday morning. CITUATION WANTED-aS HOUSEKEEPER, BY O an American woman. Apply at 818 West Wasblngtou-st QITUATION WANTED-Afl HOUSEKEEPER BYT O lady who baa had many years of exporience: will do the work in a widower’s family. Call or address 791 Ful ton-st. Employment Agencies. OITUATIONS WAN TED —FAMILIES IN WANT OF O good Scandinavian and German help, can be supplied at Mrs. PUSKE’S office, 80 Milwaukee-av. OITUATIONS WANTED FOB FIRST-OLASS O cooks, and help, of various nationalities, in every de partment ; good help a specialty. 885 Wabaen-av. MRS. BALKAM'S office. Situations wanted-by hotels, rkstau rants, aad boarding-honso cooks; also, cooks forth a lakes, and 100 girls for housework. All with references from their last employers. No. 6 West Madlson-st. ■ Room 6; Branch office 126 West Monroe-it. Star Employment Office. CITUATIONS WANTED-FOR NO. 1 COOKS AND O good girls for housework. Great Western Business Exchange, comer Union and Washlngton-sts. OIT U AT ED—FO LAS 3 O servants at Mrs. PATCHS, 1555 State-at. Best of help on hand. ~~ ■ - ■ ■ wtirouS. bn uATION WANTED—A LADY WHO CAN GIVE nrst-claw reference wishes a situation as copyist, or to ante la an office. Address N 20, Tribune office. CITOATION WANTED-BY A LADY OF CULTURE t-?aud rehnemeat as traveling companion, companion for an invalid, or bousekMper; can give good roforanecs. Ad dresa Mrs. S. E. GILMAN. P. Q. Box 33C, Bolvidore.Ui. SITUATION WANTED-ON OR ABOUT JULYTbY k? a lady from Boston, as salealadyla a first-class store* has had 15 years’ experlooeolna fancy dry goods store. Ad dress, stetingterms. etc., A. 0. HODGES, 45 North Eighth street, Philadelphia. SITUATION WANTED —AS TUTOR IN LAN- O guages. mathematics, or music. Address W. M.. 423 Homsido-st. v orruATioN Wanted a widow ladyTT O stranger intho city, desires a position as governess to teach the English branches, French and music; or would take a situation as housekeeper or traveling com panion, for small remuneration. Address D 66, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER BY A young lady, who has a sowing machine and is willing make herself useful. Call or address BOOKKEEPER. 155 South Halsied-et. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY. AS cashtar in a dry goods store; good writer. Addtcss 33 O’Brien-st., near Jefferson and Halated-sta. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, TO O travel, cither in Earopo or America, as ladies' com panion. Will endeavor to be useful and agreeable. Noa« out a real lady need answer. Address P 84, Tribune of fice. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY WITH O experience, as bookkeeper (single entry), or to take charge of a sewing machine office, or any position of trust. Can speak English and German, and furnish un exceptionable references. Address P 48, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—TO TRAVEL WITH A O family and take care of ohlldrcn; can speak German and French. Applyat Woman's Aid Association Rooms, 61 and 63 LoSalla-st. SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY or private boarding house, to do chamber work and sew; reference given. Address N 80, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS TEACHER OF ELOCU tiou by an Eastern lady who has made the study of it a specialty. Address £. O. RANDALL, 16 and 18 El dridge-court, City. SITUATION. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O young lady, as forewoman in «laundry or office girl. The best of reference can bo given. Gall, for two days, at 57 Blue leland-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY WELL qualified as bookceopcr. cash!or, or clerk. Beat of reference. Address N6B Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL IN A fancy dry goods or confectionery store. Speaks Eng lish ; has some experience. Best of city reference. Ad dress P 37, Tribune offico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY AS dork; or assistant bookkeeper or cashier. Can speak German. Address R 96, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG WIDOW O lid/ in a store- Can write a good hand. Call at 41 Halstod-st., Mrs. F„ or address R 97, Tribnne office. OETUATION WANTED—BY A LADY AS CLERK O in a cigar store or a fancy dry goods store. Address K. WILLIAMS. 74 Twooty-second-st. MUSICAL, A FINE 7-OCTAVE PIANO. CARVED LEGS, FOR sale at a bargain; boon ssed abont three months. Ad dress N 75, Tribnne office. A GILBERT & CO. ROSEWOOD PIANO FORTE, full rich tone, in fine condition: must be sold; prico only $35, worth $aW. Residence, 7 Elghteenth-st. T7DUCATIONAL SHAKE IN CHICAGO CONSERVA JLJ tory of Untie, entitling the holder to five terms pri vate lessons. Having no use for the same I will sell the share for one-haif ita value. JOHN A. FRANCIS, 151 LaSalle-st. F‘ OR SALE-CHEAP-AN ELEGANT, FIRST-. class, entirely Qgv plaao. Rl, Tribune office. lIIOR SALE-A ITVE-OOTAVE ESTEY ORGAN. ? cheap for cash; wuild take pay In monthly instal ments, or rent. Call, or adiross, 84 West Van Buren-st., op-stairs. FOB SALE—7-OCTAVE, CARVED-LEG piano at half-price. Perfootlyeonod and in good order. Also, new pianos for fiSSOjthe aoo that ar» sold by the “ big hoaaes” for $550. Ssl Part-ar. iECOND Pianos to bent aid for sale: lowest prices and best tom*. Be sure and call before joa bay or rent. N. GOOLDABftN t 13 Cottage OroTMt. TO BENT-PIANO; FIKSICLASS TNSTBUMENT; coftt s6oo# Of *clL M 3 CMrd-ftT. THE MICHIGAN ORGAN FACTORY 63 - NdUna-st., is tho cheapest place in Chicago toboy a fir*t-cUM Parlor Orzaa. Price* SSO to SI,OOO. TtTANTED-PIANO 15 EXCHANGEFOR GOuj> A V lot* near Cornell. Address W 41, Tribune office. TO LEASE. SS~SEaSB-DOOK AT BRIDGEPORT (GREAT X Eastern). Apply to E. BRAIN ABD> Boom 3d Bryan Block. • —O LEASE-A DOCK ON THE NORTHWEST SfLake*t. 1 ridge. Applyto B. CHESTER, JJ.W.P arMiqfaotarer, B>. * weet Lako-st. T O LEASE-LOTS CN KOBEi NEAR CHICA co-at., for a tam ot Tnn, rwy tar. LEiO A BOUlu< K* Midi*®-**' ■ - ■ Seamstresses- Itaundreases# IEY-ST BUSINESS CHANCES. A FIRST-CLASS RETAIL GROCERY FOR SALE,' OX doing* largo and profitable business. To anyone looking for a business of the kind this is an opportunity to secure an established paying business without bona*, as the present proprietor* must dispose of it at once. for which satisfactory reasons will bo given. Capital re quired, about $5,1)00. The business made a net profit of 52.250 for six taopths ending May I, For particolan ad dress Q 80, Tribune office. Any energetic man. hating oe $4,000 cash, can find a legitimate and permanent business that will pay double the investment first rear; security (os. inrestment. Call and investigate. WETHERILL A CO., 85 East Washlngton-st. - A FORK-PACKING HOUSE, AT EUREKA, WOOD /ord County, 111., for salo, surrounded by tho best hog-producing district is tho State.- situated on the Jun ction of the T..P. AW. B.E. and tboC. P. AS.W. R.E.; railroad switch runs to door of packing-houso. Would exchange for Chisago city or suburban real estate. For further particulars apply to A. O.CAMPBELL, 156 Wash lngtoo-st., Chicago, or J. M« MURRAY. Eureka. HI. ACOfPEB DISTILLERY APPARATUS FOR sale, at a bargain; almost new; capacity, 600 to 7CO gallons. Address Q 61, Tribune office. A CROCKERY, TIN. AND WOODBNWAKIS STORE Torsalo. Reason for selling, owner going to Europe. Apply at 71 Blue Island-ay. A N c A SF IV S BBaHSRSS MAR -WASTED WITH ax SLOW cash, to join a gentleman with equal amount and act as Treasurer to tsko charge of tho financial affairs for the manufacture of a little patent article that oosta 3 cents and sells for 5° oenta. A sore fortune; failure im poMiblo- Orders on band for 60 gross, amoonting to §2, 160. which cannot bo filled for want of above capital. Bend 50 cents for sample, or call end investigate at 85 and e7Dearbom-st., Room 23, Chicago, IU. A PROMINENT FIRST-CLASS RETAIL FAMILY grocery for sale, doing a largo and profitable busi ness, which can be groatlylncrcased by a live, energetic, pushing man, who can give his entire attention to the business. Tho owners have other business to attend to, which. Is their reason for soiling. For particulars address BURTON, PIERCE k CO., wholesale grocers, M Mich igan-av. A* LODGING HOUSE IN SAN FRANCISCO FOB sale. A fine central location, containing 140 rooms, with a well-established business. For further Information and parllcularr address O. G. MOXLEY, Beal Estate, No. 238 Montgomery-et., Ban Francisco, Cal. A daily newspaper for bale, in one of the loading cities of Illinois, or will exchange for Chi cago property. Has a large circulation and is a good bust ness investment. Address Q 83, Tribono office. A RETAIL GROCERY FOR SALE, DOING A BUST ness last year with a net profit of about $6,000. Sold on account of ill health. Address Q 87, Tribune office. A CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE STORE FOR solo; good location; no opposition. 282 West Twelfth-st. A FINE AND COMPLETE STOCK OP MILLINERY and fancy goods, with tho lease and store fixtures, will bo sold at very liberal terms: only for one week. In quire of Mr. COLE k SON, 188 West Madlson-sU A LARGE BOARDING-HOUSE, WELL FURNISH ed( dolnar good business, for sale. For particulars, kddnu MA V• Carrier 56, Chicago Post-Office. A BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY, AND NEWS DE at 7s/i^j n Lake-st. for sale cheap for cash. Apply A STOCK OF GOODS FOB SALE OE EXCHANGE J-Xfor city property, difference in cash. Inqoiro at 161 East Kinzie-st. A GOOD GROCERY AND LIQUOB STORE AT 388 Xl-Archer-av., for sale, cboap. A CUSTOM BOOT AND SHOE STORE ON MlL waukee-av. for sale, with all the improved machines; doing a good business: will take pan In real estate. A. A. WESTENGABD & CO., 145 South Clark-*t.. Boom 11. A FIRST-CLASS BUSINESS CHANCE FOR SALE cheap: the contents of tho pattern, model, and cabi net shop ox 5 years' standing. Including all machinery, tools, and fixtures, at 27 North Joffaraon-st., third floor. ELRIA E. JOHNSON. A NEATLY FITTED-UP DRUG STORE IN A GOOD locality, doing a good and increasing trade, for sale. Only small capital required. Good reasons for selling. 430 Elston-a7. A FIRST-CLASS CIGAR-STAND, IN THE BEST business part of the city, for sale; or fixtures separ ate. Apply to A. HENE, 241 East Madlson-st. A FINE MEAT-MARKET FOR SALE, WITH GOOD fixtures, tools, and cash customers, at No. 137 Arch er-av. A SALOON ON WEST JACKSON-ST., DOING splendid business, for sale; S500; most be soldal once. B. J. NOCKIN, Notary Public, 75 Doarborn-st. A SALOON ON THE NORTH SIDE,DOING A GOOD business, good location, for sale cheap for cash. Ap ply to THOS. McGOVEBN, with Swain.Barnard A Co., 43 and 45 Stato-st. A GOOD PAYING BOARDING HOUSE CAN BE bought for 9400: S2OO down, and assume mortgage of $200; loss than half the cost. Gall at 196 West Lake-st., up-stairs. A 1 RESTAURANT, IN THE FINEST LOCATION in the burnt district, for sale: would prefer partner with a cash capital from $1,200 to 3L COO. Inquire of 6. J. NOCKIN, 75 South Dearborn-st. A WELL-FITTED PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, IN a good location, with good custom, for sale cheap forcasn, as the owner is going to leave the city. Address or call at 985 State-st, Anew restaurant for sale or rent, or a good man to ran It on shares. Apply at S3 Woct Madlson-«t. Monday morning. A HARDWARE STORE CENTRALLY LOCATED and doing a good business for asle; capital required, about $2, 000. Call or address 435 South Hauted-st. Anew hotel, centrally located, con talning 40 rooms, doing a business of 10 per cent per month profit on tho investment. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON AGO., 144LaSaUe-BL, OtislJlock. A RARE CHANCE FOB A PRIVATE BOARD ing-houso; good location for day boarders. Inquire at 354 W abash- av. A RARE CHANCE FOR A FIRST-CLASS Busi ness man that can furnish from $3,000 to $5,000 cash, or security, to engage In a legitimate business, and solo control of an article already manufactured ready for sale, that will pay from $5,000 to SIO,OOO per annum in Chicago. Call to-day and see samples. Room 2,119 Dearfaom-st. A FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT AND BAR, NEAR Board of Trade, (or sale; or would taka partner to re place of ono retiring. Address N 57, Tribons office- A BOARDING HOUSE AND SALOON IK GOOD running order (or Rale. 'Will accommodate 25 board*- era- Cheap for cash. Inquire at 105 North Market-it. A GOOD LIGHT MANUFACTURING PATENT right (or salo cheap; most be sold on JUaq43Y b st bn u4sal-st.‘, between 9 s HOBBS P * Ja ' Siond * 7 aad Tnoaday. Inquire for THOS.’ A VINEGAR FACTORY, ALL IN PERFECT RUN °™°rV for eal °* »bu-ge trade established, and doing a fine btzsln&u; a splendid opportunity; offered on 4T because other engagements reader It impos sible for the present proprietor to giro the business proper attention; terns easy, or would exchange for other property- Address P 21, Tribone office. A SAMPLE ROOM AND RESTAURANT FOB sale. Inquire at State-st.. of MCDANIEL. A DISESTABLISHED GROCERY STORE, with good stock, hnrse and wagon, doing good bust sale, or will taka a partner. Annlr to 8 MATHESOW, 69 West Racdolpb-tt., Boom 3. A SMALL CIGAR-STAND FOR SALE AT §SO LESS ■CL than cost. Call or address. eSjjj North Wells-st. A SALOON ANu BORDLNG-HOUSE SITUATED within one block of the North Side rolling mill for sale; sold cheap for cash. Inquire at 83 South Canal-it. ’bOARDING.HOUSB AND .SALOON FOB SALE. £ raASSSiS'- App,r to 10018 MARCEAU - "R HiIAHD-HAXL. DOING GOOD BUSINESS. FOB .yjH take hone and buggy In part payment, or will sell half interest to party who will take charge. N 60. Tribune office. ■DOAKDBfO HOUSE FOK SALE, IN GOOD LOCA- Action. Apply at 74 West Vanßaron-st. BUSINESS FOB SALE. ANY GOOD BUSINESS < 0T $3,000 may learn of a nice oppor tunity to go into addressing P 39, Tribune of- C f^ RD . Et ? house lease and fdenitdee 111 * <*«trablo location. Pleatr of boardora and more can bo obtained. Oaoaa tor aelilnn. health. Apply at onco, 1« Worth Halalad.- ' iiic, gasss doinK a *«* baal^- CARRIAGE SHOP FOB SALE—TWO FORGES, two benches, stock, tools, lease of shop, 44 £l - Ono of the best stand* < n the city to do a nice carriage bnstness. All in complete running order. CONFECTIONARY, RESTAURANT, BAKERY, and ice cream parlors for sale. All nearly new, and fitted np good. Reasons for Belling. Inquire at W7 West Madison-at., for three days. CANAL-BOAT FOR SALE—THE UNDIVIDED ball of a good boat and team for the small mm of 8650. Will take good paper for nicety days, with interest. Apply at WILLfiT A HERRING’S Law Office, No. UP Madison-st., Room 10. • • CASH BARGAIN—32SO, AND $3.25 PER MONTH— A good shanty, suitable for a saloon or wholesale liqnor store, meat market, candy or cigar factory, tailor or shoemaker; all wanted here. Apply at next door to oemer of Twenty-ninth and Bnddan-ats., No. SS9. CHEAP rQR CASH—NEWS-DEPOT, CIGAR AND candy store, with fixtures, for sale. Only those who mean business need apply at 684 Sooth Stato-et. this day. DRUG STORED WOKtti 93.000, FOB SALK; terms reasonable; a fine paying trade established. Address J 99, Tribune office. T\RUG STORE FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, WELL XJ located and doing a good business. Inquire at 519 Wabash-ay., upstairs, between 1 and Bp. m. . Foe salb-or exchangb-the following business chances, all of which will bear Investiga tion; ■ Flour mill, Wisconsin, with all the lire stock, carriages, etc., 823.000. Drugstore, Chicago, doing a good business, $3,500.. Drygoods, with stock (a nrst-class concern), $19,000; lowa. Transient hotel and boarding-bouso, Chicago, $2,000. Dry goods and groceries. lowa, SB,OOO. Saw-mill and sningle-faotory, Michigan, $12,000. Sample-room and restaurant, Chicago, SI,OOO. In addition to the above we have over M other business chances In town and country for trade or sale. Give us an early caQ. BOILVIN A CO., Auctioneers and Gen eral Business Agents, 48 South Clark-st., cozt Sherman House. i Fine selected stock op dry goods, gbo eerlos, Ac., for salo or exchange, with splendid busi ness block, in town of 5,0C0 inhabitants near Chicago; worth about $£0.000; will take improved fans or city prop erty. SHANNON A TRXPPE, corner "Washington and Clark-ats., basement- Fixtures and tools of meat market fob sale; comer store for rent. ECO West Harrison-at. Fancy dyeing business, with cylinder proas and kettles good as now, in the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, tho second city in the State, for sale. Business good, and can bo increased to anr amount; no opposition. Prioo s£so cash; the utensils alone worth the money. The owner wishes to move West. Address JOHN GRANT. Box 236, Grand Rapids, Mich. Furniture and fixtures op a hotel. centrally located, for sale, and building to lease; good opportunity. LEVI WING A CO., 96Dearbom-st. PRUIT-STORE FOR SALK, CHEAP; DOING GOOD Jj business. Inquire at 193 State-st, Fine store and rooms, newly repaired. with cellar room, corner Twenty-third-»t- and Inal aoa-av. been used as a retail drug store, six yean trade already established. Inquire at 1063 IncQana-av. PRUIT STORE FOB SALB AT A BARGAIN. V Inquire at 200 State-rt., near Adorns. Grocers attention-wb know:of an ex ' cellent chance (in the city) for an experienced retail grtcer with moderate capital. TKUESDELLA BROWN, iTaWest Hadis on-et. - ■ I have the best place oh the south side la- confectionery ind ice cream. which I will cell it» bargan if takes won. lam engaged" In other bnataeoo,. ago Mtft attend to B. Inquire at 066K W^iaah-ar. T AUNDRY-TO A PERSON HAVING FROM 6I.CCH AJ to $1,200 capital, wo offer one of (ho greatest chances ever offered in this city for making honest money—laundry and living-room, with famitnro sufficient fora trade of sl,. 200 per month, and small family; also sole interest in otnee. which affords good trade with UtUo expense; located ia excellent commooity. For information r-Ml on C. Q. FISK, 105 Sonth Desplalnw-st. T IVEBY, STOCK AND STABLE FOR SALE; Vi XJ Chicago; desirable location; not orofits last year, f&W. For particulirs, apply to F. NICKERjON i ■ 9lßouth Wa*^r-st. T AUNDRY FOB BALE-IN FIRST-CLASS LOCAL! CUrlwt, * trade established. Apply at 191 South VEGETABLE MARKET FOR SALK. Ico-house, and all complete, doing a good *•*«=*« burinett. To be sold cheap for cash. Apply at 2GS cor ner Carroll and Elizsbeth-sta,. Chicago, IIL MAKKEI Itiß SALE, KO. <SI INDIANA- S2O. All new. Shop and 4 rooms; 2 years’ ONE OP THE BEST SALOONS IN THE CITY FOB sale. For terms apply at 97 Weatßandolph-st., Jtoom 3. ONE OF THE BEST BEKR-SALOONS IN THE dty for solo; will average SIOO a day from cow to 15th of October: most sell this week; will giro a bargain. UNO A abuiEa, 173MadlMn-»t. ONE-FOURTH INTEREST IN A WELL-ESTAB llshcd manufacturing business for sale. None but parties of some moans, and furnishing first-class refer enoea, need apply. Address Q 81, Tribono office. Restaurant, with saloon’ for sale at a bargain. Apply to JOHN ESCiIER, 431 South Co iul-ct. Rare ohancb-stook of books, statione ry, wall-paper, notions andfancy goods in flourish tag town of 10,000 inhabitants; business well established; cash business over $20,000 yearly: stock new and fresh. SHANNON k TRIPPE, corner Washington and Clark sts., basement. ■pARE BUSINESS CHANCE FOR SALK. CHEAP. JLV Wortbsl,Booayear. Suitable for gen’Jemaa or lady. Good reasons given for selling. Address w 71, Tribaa' office. Rare business chance-for sale-in onb of the largest and most active towns on the I. C. R- Acbolee drag stock and business; vaice, £7 f (X-J. Flit ores aro owned by landlord and not included la stock. Terms cash or. with approved paper, reasonable time on part. The owner is engaging m another aud larger business, requiring all hl§ time and capital. For particulars address J, care E, BURNHAM A SON. Wholesale Druggists, 155, 157, and 160 South Caoal-st . Chicago, HL ■ ’ SALOON AND RESTAURANT, 23 WEST RAN dolph-st., basement, for sale. Inquire on tho prom ises. ‘ . OTEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHE AP. HAS O 7 ran of stone, new engine of ample power in good or der; lain a town of 9.C00 people; good local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads sad MissUslapi River. Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. SALOON LEASE AND FIXTURES NO. I7J CLARK at. for aalo cheap, or would tako partner. STOCK, FIXTURES, AND LEASE OF THE POPU Ur dry goods store 460 Ccntrc-sv., at tho Junction ol Bluo Island-av., near tho new manufacturing district, for sale at a great bargain; most bo sold in the usat ton days. SALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOB SALE cheap. Splendid location. 48EaatKinzle-st, SALOON AT 135 SOUTH WATER-ST. FOB SALE cheap. Apply on premises, in basement. TO. BARBEKS-GOOD CHANCE FOR A SHOP AT 177 West Twelfth-st,; rent only sls. THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GROCERY and meat market for talc, now doing & fair business, with large chance to increase. Address U 15, Tribune office. The fixtures of a flour and feed store, horso, wagon, etc., for sale; best stand la city for grocery and feed store; present owner going into othoi business. Apply at northwest corner of Thirty-lint and ArnoM-sts. Three boarding-houses, two cioab stores, and an office, doing a good business, for sale. S4 Unjon-Bt., corner Washington. rpRANSIENT HOTEL AND BOARDING-HOUSE, A doing S3OO a woek;also a first-class aamplo-room, doing 91.200 a month over the counter; a business'max with a little cash can get possession of either. BOILVIN & CO.. 48 South Clark-sC. IDHE BRODHEAD (WI8.) INDEPENDENT OFFICE, X established 1860, for sale; splendid country office; easy terms. Apply at once to E-O. KIMBERLEY. Pro prietor, or GEORGE J. XJTU3.I7S East Madlson-st. Chicago. WE HAVE SPLENDID MANUFACTURING IN terests for sale, requiring small capital, in which them are sure fortunes. STONE A SKINNER, US Dearborn-st., Room 5. &CiX BUYS STOCK AND FIXTURES NEWS <pUcJ and notion store 537 West Racdolph-at. f;Qfjn WILL BUY A MEATMARKKT IN ONE it/VM-f of tho most populous neighborhoods on thy orth Side, including building IdxSC feet. Ice-ohest, blocks, counter, and racks; also, low lease of lot: Imme diate possession given. Apply to K. WINNE. Boom 5. No. 143 South Clark-st* Cl onn OASH WILL SECURE A DINING-ROOM and bar business, centrally located and full; equipped. Investment worth SIO,OOO a year. Address? 58, Tribune office. /LHA 1™ BUT OUT AN ESTABLISHED V-<-« TtvV liquor sioro; desirable location; reason for selling, departure for Europe. Address P M, care of letter carrier J. C. BOBZXEN, No, 94. C:1 *nn CASH. OR GOOD REAL ESTATE, WILL Vi»Vuv purchase a buslnoM worth $5,000; business a monopoly. Address N 85, Tribune office. *nn BUY A FIRST-CLASS CIGAR Vi.UuU store with sample-room attached. Botharo well stocked, including 13 woll-furnlshed rooms suitable for boarding-house, being situated in good locality with very cheap rent; satisfactory reason given for selling out; or will trade for hoaso and lot on business street. In qulre at 63 West Randolph-st. Cigar store. ' T?OR SALE-A FIRST-CLASS RAILROAD TICKET Jc to Kansas City, Mo., cheap. Address or call at &d South Casal-st. For sale-at a great bargain, two eng- Usb watches, one gold, one direr, with long gold chains attached. To be seen at 168 Cottage Grove-ar. Fob sale—one large, inside, upright show-case, cheap, at 165 South Hals ted-rt. Optician tad Oculist. Don t forgot the place ISO Fonrth* StASaSg T'X° ! &*&*S3SS F®? SALE—CHEAP—A NEW STORY AVD A half boose, 16x20, to be morod by the Ist of A turns t^ inquire of ownsr onpremises 687 WostEriMU Ao * uat * °£« SAl H*“**’ O P O a CASH-STEAM CANAL PRO! pelier. In complete running order. A MclfTßnv *4l South Water-st.. or Q. BAt. 8B &of£ nffiSP* 8 TTOR SALE—A LOT OF SECOND-HAND"LUMBER* J Jheap. Apply to A. M. GILBERT A CO., 1% State? TpOR SALE— A LOT OF GOOD PICKS AND SHOV* luJStSSSSL”*- CIU Mond *"’M pOBSALE—A COLLECTION OP AMERICAN COP ealTifisSZhibSS* ,tot 9 of -ids™* ■plOR SAXE-CHEAP-MATTHKW3 LISBON AIAR- J Ma sod, apparatoa. nil Mirtot-.t., second (W TTOR BALR-TEN TONS FEED. CHEAP. INOUiSh J at office of Waterloo Yeast Company, 9 Waba*h-av. F°* -P 0M Cine AGO TOSALT Cily> Utob ’ A ‘ ldr "“ J «. Triban. FOB SALE—CHEAP—A NEW FIRE AND BUR- manufactured by Martin ACo For particulars, call at 378 West * * r TT 0R SALE—A 6-FOOT, SILVER-PLATED SHOW ffi TjIOB SALE—S NEw OFFICE (SITTING) fmn ßoatea?'W*«W Sfew cbuotor to* scale*; Hf l etc., etc.: win be eoldcbeapj s?n°j_^UHWQSWatc r *rt., comer iVabiaix-ar., betwooa j| p orsand6p. m. | (tod'it. FOB SALK—CHEAP—TWO FIRST-CLASS BAlL road tickets for Buffalo; also, two for Cleveland; good nntli the Bth. Apply at office of Anderson’* Hotel, Foe sals or trade-a fins bheegh-load ing g-an. No. 300 South Park-ar. FOB SALE-TWO FIRST-CLASS BILLIARD TA blea at half price. STONE A SKINNER, UP Dear born-st., Boom S. FOR SALE-SAFE, NEARLY NEW; WILL RESOLD cheap. Apply it Book Stored W. PHILLIPS, 133 Dearbom-st. For sale- a french perforating machine for manufacturing perforated patterns for stamping; also one of the largest assortments of patterns in too United States, and receipts for manafaetaring all colors of powder, ana the good will of a large city and country trade; reaeona for selling, bare ether business: profiteer® ▼crylargo: will sell at a l>argala. For particulars call at 858 West Madlson-et. For s ale-at a bargain, my present laun dry fixtures, as I find itneoessaryto enlarge. Apply at WILSON’S. 2»SUte-st. lilOß SALE—A COMPLETE SODA-WATER AP JO paratos, suitable for a druggist or small factory, for loss than half oost price, at 24 North Canal-st. P. ROPZB A CO. PERSONAL-FRAUD; THANKS FOB THE IN terestyoa take. Will you make an appointment with me this week? Will give you an answer then. PRODI GAL. •PERSONAL—THURSDAY, fiTH-j5 P. If., W.: IN- X diana-ar, and Thlrty-fizst-st. write. W. H-, Car rier No. 27. PERSONAL— J. W., FORMERLY OF MlLWaU kea, learn of an old friend by addressing Q 80. Tribune office. PERSONAL—LINCOLN PARK, FRIDAY AFTEB- X noon. Address, without delay, O. W. LEE, care Tribune office. • "PERSONAL “GRANGER,” OF CLABKST., X will you accept my offer of $4,500 for those lots on North Wood-ct. It so, advise at once and address CHA3. MoHKNRY, Adrian, Hlch. PERSONAL— O. S. PEEKY. PLEASE CALL AND ioc mo immediately; important, r. J. SBiBOIJ), old address. ' PERSONAL-HENRY ASTOR, CALL AT NEW X office Monday. HATCH A LYON, Attorneys, Rooms 16 and 17, No. 99 Madl»on-»t. PERSONAL- ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD, Thursday noon— Ladv in dining-room at Mattoon— Commnnieaso with stout gentleman at next table. Ad dress N fidlWbonoofflcc. PERSONAL-A RESPECTABLE LADY OF S3 would like to mako the acquaintance of a gentleman of means and suitable age, and matrimonially inclined. Trlilers no«d not answer. Address in confidence P 29. Tribune office. Reference exchanged. PERSONAL— FLORENCE HUTTON: IP IN TOWN send address to ** PORT,” 96 Westßandolph-st. Person al-ltncoln park; Friday afier noon; will ** W.-B.” who drives fast hone, pleaaa favor one with addrcaa and oblige Ul2, Tribune office? PERSONAL-SATDRDAY «HALF past S, STAGE, West Side to Cobbs. Lady. Book. Front scat. Ad dress Q 71, Tribune office. T\IVOROEB OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW JL> bniliMi attended to. BOSH, ttt South Clark-at. TVIVOBCES—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEB AFTER JL/ decree. Scandal aroided. Nine jeara’ practice in the Marta of Chicago. Address P. O. Boa 1037. BUSINESS CHANCES. FOR SALE. PERSONA!* DIVORCES. 15

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