Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 8, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 8, 1873 Page 3
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TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. pjanS lumbard Commences Salt Against ihe Republican Executive Com mittee for His Cam paign Expenses. nje Lays His Damages at SIO,OO0 — Charley Far-well as a Humorist. The minstrel boy to the law has gone; In the ranks of the debt you’ll find him. — Moore, This refers to Frank Lumbard. No more will iia lordly baritone encourage “the party” to jrictory. Last fall ho elected Grant, and every body else worth electing, and now, they having scorned him, must fight him. Alas that a house bo great aa that of Frank Lombard should be divided against ileelf. Surely, the weaker por tion of the family, consisting of the Campaign Committee of this State, must give way. And when the time comes for the assignment to each cf his apparel, what a glorious collection of dirty Impn will be awaiting a disposal by the arbiter «t law. The sun will shine upon miserable trick sy not yet exhibited in daylight, and the noble prmy of self-sacrificing patriots who were elected to office will regret that their shabby treatment of Frank Lumbard drove that tuneful victim to ory before the courts for the money due him. Hr. Hawley had to disgorge §3OO to Frank, and now the following Supreme Court document chows that others must follow suit or become parries to one: State of Illinois, Cook County, **. ctiow/r nf The People of the State of Illinois, to the Sheriff ox said «rantvMeeting; Wo command yon that you B. Darnel Shepard, Jona •thanT Scammon, James P, 8. A. Irwin. John “W. Bunn, George W.Porker, John SttlweH, andP. H. Pone, if they yft*Ji be found in your comity, person aHvW be and appear before the Superior Court of <*Jk County on the first day of the term therejff, to he holden at the Court-House, in Chicago, in said Cook County, on the first Monday of July next, to amswer StoSank Lumbard, in a plea of tnsnaas cm toecoae coon promise, to the damage of said plaintiff, as It is Si intheVinof {IO,OOO. Ana luto jontbrn tad IhOT this writ, with anjndorsement thpreon, in what Burner you ahali taro executed the same. Witness, tSStai Jacobson, Clerk of nor mid Court and the .eal thereof, at Chicago, aforesaid, this, 7tb day of tint, A. D. 1873. L J-tconsoK, Clerk. As this means business, will not Mr. Farwell endeavor to lease his new building to the Got .m™cnt for a Post-Office forthwith, and hand is requisite amount over to his creditor ? It night eave lawyer’s fees, and some exposes. It fetobe hoped that the case will come to trial without settlement, because there are somem jocent people who don’t know how the rotes of the free and independent citizens are “ mfln inced.’’ There will be lots of fan. Though even his most bitter enemies never, Jeniedflr. C. E. Farwell the reputation of being! a nrofonnd and dignified statesman, few even of . hie supporters ventured to call him a humorist. t But ho is one, and one of his choicest pieces of f irony has come to light. There is no telling : what else may be developed during the progress' of the trial. Mr. Farwell may be proven to bo the author of “ The Beautiful Snow ” and ouet the claimants of “ Beley and I Are Out. He may even he the genuine author of “ Boughing It,” as he certainly has practised something of the kind on poor Frank. By all means Ist the trial proceed, for it is only fair to let nil bis excellence be known to the world. Why veil Burii humor from the world, and above all from ilia compatriots of the party?* Tho especial morccau. to which we allude was bis exolanation of the agreement with Frank, which will probably be his plea when the suit pnniftg off. He declares that he told Frank that tils remuneration should be “the balance of the campaign fund, after Mr. Scammon had done with it.” It was a quiet hit, and very good- Ihere was something grimly appreciative , of the financial genius of the editor of the Inter-Ocean in that neat speech. It also expressed Mr. Farwell’s belief in the gulli bility of nnmftn nature. For who would make any such agreement if .he had lived six months in Chicago? “After Mr. Scammon has done with it’’will become almost as proverbial as “ put it where it will do the moat good.” The country is indebted to Mr. Farwell for contri bution of much piquancy to its list of epigrams. What ft pity it is that the Congressional reports fail to mention flirnilar scintillations on the floor of the House, There must be some prejudice against Mr. Farwell in the reporters* gallery. Frank deserves that §IO,OOO (or giving thin bon mot to the world, if not for tinging “that party” to victory. That he did do bois evident from the following estimate of Hr. Frank Lumbard, which, coming from the Joliet Republican, a very “ loyal ” Adminifitra- Uon paper, must be correct: The Campaign Glee Club, consisting of Frank Lum fcrd, L. B. Church, J. B. Bickev, J. W, Hubbard, and Otis CiTicr,' we it the National last Thursday mom lag, These gentlemen are doing good service for |he Eepubliom party, Tho song of “B. Grstz B,” by Fnai’s friend upon the extreme left, Mr. Hubbard, more clearly demonstrates the unfitness of that dlffingulsed individual for the Vice-Presidency ttsa any argument could do it, and Frank Lumbard, with his everlasting fun and humor, never fails to get ths largest audience in just the right condition of trM to listen and be benefited by the speech which follows, wia name ft** become a household word all over the Northwest, and his presence always adds greatly to the inducements to attend a mass meeting. • Casswell bad Prank’s baggage exhib ited in his show-case, properly ■ labelled. Frank says he left it with CassweU ' and wens to bed at 12 o’clock, and about 1 o’clock CassweU inked ftft" up and wanted more security. May Frank lire until his mustache grows down to his waist, and nay no trouble or misfortune ever affect his nappy disposition. Come on McDuff Farwell, and blanked be ho who first cries hold enough; for what member of the party who holds a lucrative office admits that a loyal member of that party can hold enough? TEE SPORTING WORLD. BASE BALL. It ia very, important that there shall be a full ittendance of stockholdets of the Chicago Base Rail Association at the meeting to be held at the Chlich Kouae to-morrow evening. The follow ing important questions will be discussed: Shall we continue our organization, or soil out and quit? Shall we keep our present grounds, or : make an effort to get the lake front ? Shall we get up a nine for next year ? If so, how ? and who shall do it ? Shall , we increase the stock ? Shall the 50 per cent yet due be called in ? If it shall become neces sary,' officers for the ensuing year will be elect led. Unless otherwise instructed, Mr. T. S. Fanntleroy, Treasurer of the Association, must > sell its assets and close it up next week. * the phuadelphia-bostoh game. The following is tb© New York World's report of the Philadelphiarßoston game, played on the 6th insL, at Philadelphia: The Philadelphlas badly defeated the Bostons this afternoon on the grounds at Twenty-fifth and Jeffer iaa streets, in the presence of nearly 4,000 spectators. The weather was warm and pleasant. The Fhila ieghlaa, who were the favorite at the odds of 100 to lU, ylayed a fine fielding game in a majority of inn- #ad won easily by their heavy betting, materially ty the very poor fielding of their opponents, n»e Phlladelphias punished Spalding’S pitching fear faDy, fifteen clean hits and seventeen runs off him fa the first three and last two innings. Harry. Wright the other four innings for five runs, none of which were earned, O'Rourke and Schafer were the weak points of the Boston nine in this gome, although *2 the In-field took a hand in muffing. The umpiring m unsatisfactory, and thA game tedious and unin teresting. The following Is Philadelphia, R B * 1 4 21 Jood,2b 2 3 2 salone, c 2 3 Ol 3 3 2l fcjfcl,!.*.... 2 4 3 si on Total; 321127 |P i 0 Jnatnp*- 123466789 «B»delphia i 2 3 4 0 0 1 0 8—22 Eycn. 0 0010133 I—B earned—Philadelphia, 3; Boston, 2. fort base by errors—Philadelphia,' 14; Boston, 3. “®ea on called balls—Philadelphia, 3; Boston, 4. empire—Mr. T. Bomeisler. ■ Ua » of game—2 hours and 30 minutes, ■:-r XJITLE GAMES TESTSBDAT. yf Pastime Base Ball Club has reorganized, “duades itself in good condition to meet aB °J**s on the open field. The Secretary’s ad-. Ko. 103 Fourteenth street, the members of .tho Bine Star Base Ball, Clnb waded" themselves together under the of .Mutuals, and made their first appear {ff®thia season on Friday, when they defeated •°*B4jnidmra, 14 to 12, in five innings. yesterday defeated the Excel “S & score of 27 to 25, in 11 innings. rsiiALixpEtA, June 7.—Base ball: Athletics, 4. June •A- telegraphers’game tor o this afternoon be- D* ios tune of Cleveland and the Du plex nine of Toledo. It traa -by the Utter by 17 to 14. •■•t Nsw Voek, June 7.—Base ball: PhUadelphiaa, 12 ; Mntuala, 10. ’ ' Washtkqion, June 7.—Baao ball: Bostons, 28. Washingtons, 19. .. Then is nothing new or exciting in local' billiard circles. Übaasy went to Milwaukee yes terday, for the purpose of giving an exhibition, and it. is probable that bo will, leave for the East Immediately after his return. He is.very anxious, to play one more game with Bessunger.. in order that he may endeavor to show the peo ple better billiards than he has yet played. Why don't Bapp take that offer of Tom Foley’s, who is willing to put up $290 or more that Übassy can beat Bessunger and play 800 to 500 ? He. hasn’t lost'any mousy by the other matches, and ought to be willing to take a little risk for the sake of keeping tip the excitement. If tn© match is made, it can bo played to-piorrow’ ® r Tuesday evening, and XTbaasy will have Umoto get to New York before the dose of the week. Talk up, Bapp, and'tho people will think bettor of you. ‘ , THE SPOTTING GAZETTE. The first numbei; Q‘f the Western Sporting Ga zette, published in. Ohicago, and edited by Mr. % Z. Cowles, appealyesterday, and reflects credit on writers aJad printers in every depart ment. It deservei i the perusal of everybody who takes an interest in local, sports, as it is brimfull of really'good matter. An exhaustive description of the games between Übassy and Bessunger, and a a riticlsm of the plaving, carefully i mtten by the editor, is worth the'price of the puper to amateur biiliardists.. There is no reason in the world why the Gazette should uot prove to be a gratifying success. There will be an ex citing race on the Lake Shore Drive on Tuesday m fternoon, between Mr. James McGarry’e bar gelding and Dr. Dewar’s dun-col ored pacer. The Libbona will be handled by the owners. The &£ab eistobe an immense supper, to be devoured at XVowuing’s. or thereabouts. As the race will take in the full length of the drive way it will be very ‘in tonesting, and will give the gentlemen interested a gpod. opportunity to test the speed of their nags. Special JHsvdteh to 2Vie Chicago Tribune. New Yobe, June?.—lnhere was a comparative ly small attendance at tho opening of the Jerome Park races aftemoo&i, although the weather waa fine. A strong wind -was blowing, and the track was not very dry. .The severe storm of the previous afternoon hati rendered it in many places very still. On the* lower side, opposite the stand, it was very heavy, and, of course, any fast tame was out of trie question. Punc tually at the thna set on I the card the starters jrfor the first race put bin an appearance. *This was for the Pordham "handicap sweepstakes, seven and sj quarter miles, and * out of thirty-eight originnl entries, there were only eight starters —Mate, Preakness, Business, . Buckdeu, Gray. Planet, Hattie O’Neil,- Ortolan, Vim. In the pools Ortolan waa the favorite. Mr. Sanford’s stable, Mate and Preakness, had it all their own way, coming in first and second. Time, 2:16. Next followed the great r&ce of the day, the Belmont stakes, for which eleven were named on the programme. Four of these did not put in an appearance, but three unexpected starters showed up when the saddling bell rang. The starters were “Springbok,” “Count Dorsay,” “Strackins,” “ Beviler,” “Gal-' way,” “Breadalbano,” “Long Branch,” “ FeUowcraJt,” Clark and Grimsteads, Stonehenge. Mr. Belmont’s stable, Breadal dine and Oormt Dorsay, sold ahead in the pools. The result was an easy win for Springbok, who, being kept in good position for the first half of the race, assumed the lead after passing the club-bonse, and won in a canter by four lengths, in 3:01%. No tune was lost in getting the borses ready for the thred-quartera ox a mue dash. Eleven started ont iof the thirteen named on the card. These were 41 Sunrise,” • “Fadledeen,” “Brennus,”’ “Bingaman,” “Quits.” “Chicka biddy,” McDaniel’s “G.Maecos,” “Manitoba,” “ The and “Mildew.” Prom the start to the finisbiit was a magnificent race, the lead ing horses keeping together in a bunch all the way round the course, and so close was it at the last that •- money was put up that it was a dead heat. Unfortunately, “Mildew” when leading at the beginning of the stand swerved across the course and crossed Fadle deen, whose chance of winning was thus ex tinguished. There is little doubt he would have won, for when he got tho chance to squeeze in between Mildew and Sunrise, he overhauled them at every stride, and in the last fifty yards he got to within a short head of Sunrise. The judges ruled Mildew out for Grossing, and gave the race ( to Sunshine, Fadledeen second. Time, 1:20. The steeple-chase had three starters. “G. Duffy,” “Victor,” and “LochioL” Lochiel stumbled at the water-jump, and coming down on his knees threw his jockey, who luckily es caped with a severe shaking. Both Victor and Daffy made mistakes in the course, and the finish was remarkably close. Duffy from the last hur dles rapidly overhauled Victor, but could not get on eventerma with him, being beaten by a head. Had it bean twenty yards further he must have won, aa Victor was completely set tled. Time, 6:26. Ordination of Priest, at Snspemien Bridge. Suspension Betdge, N, Y., June 7. —Impressive services of ordination took place to-day in tiie Semi nary of Our Lady of Angels under the care of the Reverend Fathers of the congregation of the mission. The Very Eev. Robert E. V. Bice, Sector, and Bev. Thomas Shaw, Prefect of the seminaries, and Bishop Byan. of Buffalo, officiated. Those ordained priests are the Bevs. James J. Dougherty and John A* Glee eon, for the Archdiocese of New York ; Barnard McHughs, Daniel J. tiheoly, and William Connolly, for the Brooklyn Diocese: Eugene McDermott, Alonyslno. Bachman, and John Pitosa, for Buffalo ; John P. Mclnerow, and John J, Early, for Albany; Patrick Daly, for Boston, ana Patrick Danny for Portland, The Bevs. Henry A. Gallagher, and James J. Woods were not ordained, not having attained the necessary age. The Bev. Mr. Seveny and the Eev. John T. Gormley will be ordain ed at a future day; the former at Albany, and the lat ter at Botton. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Cincinnati, Ohio, Jons 7 —The-mjSn fe»tnre of ceneral interest In the proceedings of the Convention of tie Cbnrch of the New Jerusalem, to-day. wm such of the proposed amendmente to the ConatituUon as were referred to the Ecclesiastics! Committee for re port/ Of these. the two following elated much warm *to be amended ao as to read as follows; « Candidates for the office of Ordaining Minister must have been ordained as pastors or missionaries, and, when constituted ordaining; minister, to addition to the fmictions of pastors and missionaries, they shall be authorized to grant licenses and to ordain ministers, according to the provisions of this Constitution. Sec' 23 to be amended so aa to read as-follows . Ap nli cations tor oonsUtnting an ordaining minister shall be made to the General Convention, and so fmoti shall be constituted an ordaining minister without ito M The ( ptt>r’oßed section which elicited the hottest brief storm of debate was the following looking to the rt> etratot of heresy: Sec. 2* to bo amended so as to read aa follows: “■Whenever any minister or hconUato shall call In question any of the doctrines of the New Church contained to the theological writings of Eman ufil Swedenborg, or whenever his life shall be Injurious to the Church, or not conformable to the Diyine com mandments, he may be suspended from the exercise of bin function as such minister or licentiate by the General Convention, or the Association of the General 'Body of the Church, within whose bounds be may be laboring or residing ; but he shall have the right of appeal to the General Convention, or, when the Con vention la not in session, to the Committee on Ecclesi astical Affairs, whose action shall be final, when con curred in by the Executive Committee.” . The amendments will come up before (be close of the Convention, to be disposed of. The social meetings are an interesting feature of the Convention. They are dally, except on Sabbath, and have proven very pleasant. Boston* R B P Wright, s. fi.. Barnes, 2 b...... Spalding,p..... Leonard, White, c O’Bonrke, r. t**. Manning, 1 b... Schafer, 3 b.... H. Wright, c. f. Total. Proceedings In the American Institute at Homeopathy yesterday. Cluteuakd, Ohio, Jmt 7.—The American Institute of Homeopathy assembled at 10 o’clock. ■ A plan has hem proposed to centralise the colleges of the nuf into one Medical University, to be lo aded in one of the cities of the West, tho said University to be endowed with a fond of not less than *1 000 000, embracing a faculty teaching every branch a department In medicine, and covering a period of tta,e sufficient to thoroughly and folly educate its ZTi ” This drew forth eloquent remarks from of professors of distant aUof vrhhm nledped a hearty cooperation with the effort. prof 8. lilientbal, of New York, said the East would hiStnJ coooerate with the West in the establishment onSSwUniversity. A Committee-op polntedto confer on this subject, and report at tho “ AfSr'pSSig votes of thanks to thejpress and homo- the Institute adjourned to meet at Niagara Falls, Jane % 1874. Xfco 111-Fated steamer Mary E. For- syte. Special Dinatch to The CAtoogn IWhane. n.JXrir, June 7.—A letter received in Uils city from Mr.W.E. McCulloch, «td dated wHA - Mias., Juno *, gives many interesting parti cu tota reference to tie dnMng of the Quitted Msrv E Forsvth- which left Mound City, Hi,, May 32, loaded withCCdted States ordnance stores, botmd for iSmsaeola, Florida. Mr. McCullochwaaderkof the Eorsythjand the letter from him is pohUshed in the Sana thla elty. The following is » synopsis of Us BILLIARDS. THE TURF. RELIGIOUS. Xbe Swedenhorgi&n Convention. THE DOCTORS. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, .TUNE 8, 1873. coctaats; The Forsyth left New Orleans on last Saturday morning, and arrived at the Ohaudllar a ■ little after midnight, and. cast anchor to wait for daylight At 3o’clock a. m. a storm sprung up, and two tours later the anchor was lifted for the purpose of Ending a smoother sea. The soa twnmo 80 rough that at 7 o’clock a. m. all hands were ordered to cot away the lower guards and hoist the freight overboard. At 10 this was completed. For four and a half hours the men clung to the hog chains, with the waves washing over them, when she was head ed for an island. As soon as the boat grounded the surf tore away the cabin and left the crow in. a desperate condition. They noweccurcd the cmuTi boats and had fastened 'on their life-preservers, but the Golf pilot would not allow them to make on effort to reach the land. The poor fellows remained in this condition till 4 o’clock the next morning, when an oyster-boat rescued every soul, and landed thorn on the Island. The storm lulled, and they in six trips with the small boat managed to reach a dry bar, where they erected a small tent and remained exposed to the sun. The men on ah oyster boat passing that way took six of the crew, the clerk among them, and carried them to Belixi, seventy miles, being the nearest land. Arrangements were being made for the safety of the remainder of the crew. - Taken altogether, it is wonderful that not a soul perished. THE CHOLERA. Excitement Increasing in Nashville-* The Situation in Memphis* Kashvuxe. June 7. —Tho excitement about the presence of cholera here is increasing. Several deaths have been reported on the authority of the beet physi cians, but the mortality for' to-day has shown no in crease, and the physicians report some abatement. Ths deaths by cholera, which some pronounced spo radic and others Asiatic, have not on any one day dur ing the week been above seven. Mempcs, June 7.—The statement having been tele graphed from here to various xiapers throughout the North and East that the cholera prevailed here, it is but proper to state from official sources that there have been but 307 deaths in oil from the 3d day of Hay to the present time, and that, too, with a population of 66,000. Of the deaths but twenty-two can fa any way be traced to cholera, and of these all but three or four were negroes who had indulged too freely in imported cabbage and mean whisky. Four died ine day after a negro picnic, where they all filled themselves with ev erything they coaid purchase to eat or drink and ten of the twenty-two suffered death without medical attention. There is no more cholera hero now than there has been at any time at this season of. the year for the last ten years. A New Drug Store. I would announce to my friends and former patrons that 1 have resumed business. Lan now located at No. 63 Clark street (Ashland Block, opposite the Sher man House). A complete stock of drugs, chemicals, perfumeries, Ac., constantly on hand. My whole at tention will be given to the business, the same as for merly at the old store of Smith k Dwyer, afterwords E, F. Dwyer k Co., with which firms I was associated fifteen years. Bespectfully yours, - Jamei, Bouuxd. The Empire Parlor Bedstead Surpasses aIL An elegant piece of furniture, converti ble instantly into a luxurious bed. Seven styles; all Adapted to parlor, library, dining-room, office, and store. Occupies only one-fourth the space of a common bedstead. Enables you to live genteelly In one room. Prices, $25, $35, $45, SSO, $65, $76, SBS, SIOO. Sold on installments if desired. Empire Parlor Bedstead Company (removed to) No. 383 West Madison street. BIRTHS. GORDON—In this city, on the 8d lost., tho wife of Ur. Samuel Gordon of a son, Samuel Edgar. C3T-Toronto. Canada, papers please copy. MARRIAGES. RENNIE—McHBIfRY—Tuno 4, by tho lUr. Canon Kuowlos, Mr. James B. Bennie, of Chicago, and Miss Henrietta McHenry, of Bt. Louis. St. Louis papers please copy. DEATHS. MCDONALD—Jane 7, 1873, John McDonald, aged 73. Funeral Sunday, Jane 8, from his late residence, 230 Ewing-iit. By cars to Calvary Cemetery. ’ KEITH—In Barre. Vt„ June 8, Mr. Willi* Keith, aged 80 years and 9 months. MEETINGS, " Masonic. • ' ; Corinthian Chapter, No. 69, B. A. M.— Regular Convo cation Monday evening, June 9, Corinthian Hall, 187 Kin zle-st. Visiting Companions are invited. J. WOODWARD, H. P. f. O. of O. F. A regular stated meeting of Excelsior Lodge, No. S3, I. O. of O. F., will be held on Tuesday evening next, at their Hall (Methodist Church Block), southeast comer of Washington and Clark-sts. Visitors cordially invited to attend. Nomination of officers. r „ , E. D. SOHULL. Sec’y. JONATHAN DAVIS. N.O. PEANTS. JUBILEE VISITORS T?o-mninfng in town till Monday con visit POOL’S GARDEN, 07 Oakley-st, to-day, and order Dime Plants for 75 eta. per dozen, or $5 per hundred, packed for any part of the country free. H". B.—Take Bandolph-st. Cars to Oakley st, I. A. POOL. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. Tho firm taoirn sa tho GroatWoitern BUI Boating Com piny, Whittier Buffnra k Co., tiropriotora, li this dsy dis solved, Wbittlor Buffnm to osimne nil the debts contract ed \n said firm. Chicago. Jnne 8.1873. WHITTIER BUFFPM. LAUNDRY. LAUNDRY. Everybody in need of a good Laundry will try the WASHINGTON LAUNDRY, No. 9 South Clark-st,. near Water, where the best satisfaction is given lu all kinds of Plain and Fancy Washing. CITY REAL ESTATE. 7710R SALE—NEW HOUSE AND LARGE LOT; T pleasantly located: price low; tenak very easy. OHAS. LYON, 65 South Clinton-st., qp-statri. T7IOR SALS—IS OURTIS-ST., ONE-HALF BLOCK' J? north of Randolph, boose of six rooms; good neigh borhood; BLOOO boys home and lot. Inquire on the premises. TpOR SALE-2 NEW HOUSES ON LANGLEY-AV., JD between Forty-second and Forty-third-sta. Apply to »H. J. GOODRICH, 125 Doarbora-st. 7710R SALE—HUMBOLDT PARK—LOT, SO FEET, X 1 on lino of very cheap, a. J - . GOOD RICH, 135 Dearboru-st. 771 OB SALE—ON WOpD-ST., NEAR YORK. I LOT; J? price, $1,600. H. J. GpohßioH. 135 Dearborn-at. 771 OB SALE—N EAR STONY IBLAN.&.goTTT/p.vs'Rn J? and Parkside Station, la the proro, loUWijoo, 818 and S3O per foot, H. J. GOODRICH, 120 Dearborn. For SALE—24 FEET ON MICHIGAN-AV., NEAR Thlrty-cigbth-st., for S3OO per foot. Also, 184 feet near Thlrtr-clghth-st, at a bargain, by H. J. GOOD RICH, 125 Dearbom-at. For sale no. 750 ceove-av. house of 9 rooms, large lot 222 feet deep, hr 87,000. Particulars given on application to H. J. GOODRICH, 135Dearbom-st. F" OR SALE-1, 2, OR 3 ACRES IN SECTION k 88. 15. Sonth Shorn .ohdiviilon. betoOfol protwrt).« ftIO tod sl2 per fool, by H. J. GOODRICH, 135 Debr born-ot. • FOR SALE-COTTAGE AND LOT, NO. U5 NORTH Lincoln-st., cheap, if sold this wook, or will bo sold at auction, Saturday, June 14, if not previously sold, as it .must be sold; if you want a bargalacorap offer. Inquire of the owner, A-WILLEY, 499 West Juaoi eou-st. ———— SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE, Foe sale-only sbs pee acre, bo aobis good Iwd in 80, 36,14, one mile out of Thornton, Oook Co. OWNER, 63 Bust lndlan»-st. XTOETsALE-31 ACRES OF CHOICE mPEOVED Jf property, for 512.5C0, »t Wildwood. Good nr«r»led rc&rt pusses through the property. H. J» GOODRICH, jgs Dc&rborn-Bt. medical. < r niTTn aBD, DENTIST* (DATE A ofssrYork city) would rospecUully tojorai the Sllr.on.of ChloMO. that ho ha. opened on offloo »IN«. 762 Wftbaah-er.Vfor the practice of dentistry In au it# branches Having bad many year** experience in the ho“offi wSarrant oil work to bo dono n . flret-efie manner, and at the lowest prices. Teeth Mod «if'i bbt material desired, and children’* teeth regulated with care. Teethextracted without pain, ether. Artificial teeth Inserted and warranted to giro satisfaction. • —:—— ■. TTrwr TTW T TTNDERWOOD. M. D.» SUCCESSOR TO IvroßM ATION WANTED—OF A-Ll> THE BUSD, and roch baring eye diseases. Call at the Eye Infirma ■orW D. t!»TOBOAN (late of San Francisco, Cal.), jfo. 278 State-at., Chicago. • ISS I*. M. HENDEE, MAGNETIC A XiU ALSO- T«nPhTslclan. 340 West Madiaon-rt. . Sa • t IX)WRY, M. D.,PHYSICIAN AND AO* MUchSr Ifo? 121 Vabaah-ar. Comfortable, qnle* room.?pixrridoclwlth comooteat nnrwo for women during confinement. cn nnn tor a case of &I.UUU stuttering that cannot be cored by VU~ HALL, at 119 Doarborn-gt, machinery. ■pOBSALK—A PULL SETO? CJ^ KE am^ HDO JP ecLlnKo. 1 ordev. »t low fif" 8 *- Aoorosj ZIEE.WEYL * CO., St. Louie, Mo. •pOB SiW r PORTABI,E EXOffiE AKD *vSL, TTIOKSALE-ONEEIGHT-HOESBrO^BBLAiniY sgSsjfe! Inquire at Standlnaven eg Amecika’. office. IS rom-av. TTIOB ENGINE. 12 HORSE POW- Jj er. AddrcM T. B. WRIOLKT.36 North Jolimoa »t., Chicago. El. WANTEU-POKTABLE ENGDfB AND BOILER 4to 6-horio powsr. Address by letter to 36 juorman Slock. BUSSING. will be rewarded. * 'HORSES ANB CARRIAGES. A ii PEESONS nr this orrr 6e out of it» •xjl. who have carriages, bonnet, or light wagons to dis pose of, will find ready sale with us: wo bare hundreds of cost omen more tb&n we can supply. Better bo a little wise andeoll whllothere Is a chance, and the placets 261 Stato-st.. sale stables of hones, boggles, and harness, BRADLoif A 1 ~ A FINE, BLOODED BLACK MAKE FOR SALE cheap ;eaa trot in 2:40; also a first-class road wagon, at 133 LaSalle-aU * CDITON SALE OF HOUSES. -WAGONS, AN t> jCX harness at JAMES BRENNAN’S Horse Market. Nos. 213. 215, and 217 West Twelfth-at., erory Tuesday and Friday, at 10 a. m. AND IP IT IS HORSES YOU WANT TO BUY OR aell, come and see ns. Can make room to-morrow for 75 more. • Have some beauties on hand. Double team of grey ones will do it in ft minutes: green mare, young and sound, will trot in 2.60; pair of first-class heavy mules that will do anything you ask; and buggy harness at your own price. Ail at 261 State**., gale stables of hones, boggles, and harness. BRADLEY A WILLS. A FINE-BRED TROTTING MARE THAT WILL BE sold on a guarantee of trotting low down; is sound and perfect, A bargain is offered—no jockeying. Address P 44, Tribune office. A N EXCELLENT PASTURE FOR HORSES MAY _Ol be secured by addressing 618 West Indlana-at., 18 miles from the city, with a creek running through it, the whole well shaded with trees. Terms 78 cents a week. A LOT OF SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES AND BUG- J\ gies for sale, cheap, at 325 Wobash-av. PENNOYER, SHAW A CO. Boarding and sale stabling; money ad vanccd on goods left in my charge. 421 State-st. Basket phaeton for sale, or exchange for top boggy; brown mare for 850; top buggy and harness, $350, atBASSETT’S Boarding Stables, Kand 21 Hannon court. . BASSETT’S BOARDING STABLES HAVE ROOM (or a few moro boarding horses; best ventilated stables in the city: horses kept on the first and second floors at 19 and 21 Harmon court. pOB SALE-LIGHT YACHT-BODY ROAD .1' wagon, nearly now, to be aeon before 8 a. m., and after 7 p. in., at 714 Wabash-av. TCTOR BALE-SEVERAL SECOND-HAND BUGGIES; X* also, two doctor’s phaetons, at Garden City Carriage Works, 731 and 733 State-at. • FOR SALE-HORSE, BUGGY, AND HARNESS; also piano; or will trade one or all for lumbar or brick. Apply at 451 West Lake-st. T?OB SALE-CHEAP FOB OASH-A GOOD NEW X grocery-wagon. Price, $l2O. Apply to JAMES DA VIDSON, ii 2 North Wella-st. •ITIOE SAIE OS EXCHANGE—HORSE, HARNESS, X' and bnalneM wagon, at H7 Doarbaro-^t., bMement. *pOB SALB-1 TOP GROCKRY-WAGON. 1 OPEN X 1 exuros*. I democrat, S second-hand top baggie*, 2 light single seat road-wagons, at HATHAWAY’S, 600 State-st. FOB BALE—a thoroughbred black mor gmn bone; very stylish &nd fast :6 years old, and war* ranted sound in entry respect. Con be seen at BAS SETT’S stable. No. IS Harmon-court. Family carriages, jump-seat buggies. and phaetons, at Eastern factory prices. 10 and 12 West Randolph-st., near the bridge. H. J. EDWARDS. FOB SALE-HORSE BUGGY. AND HARNESS, A Wo. 1 rig, at a low figure; can bo seen at SOI West garrison-st.. to-morrow. For sale-at half price-three open *bus stages and one four-hone stage. JAMES B, STOREY, Sfand 66 LaSalle-st., Boom 25. Fine pasturage fob a few more horses, 13miles south of the city. Call at food store, 1070 State-at. Horses taken and returned. TTtOB SALE—A GOOD AND SUBSTANTIAL OPEN J? buggy, in good order; price, 880. Call at 96 West Madlson-sL, or at 269 Walnnt-st. Fob sale-a nice, light, c-sleing top buggy, of the best make; will be sold at half price. Apply at 142 West Madison-tt., Lmmodlately. FOR SALE—A HORSE AND BUGGY, AT A BAR galn. Call at Centre-av. Stable, West Madison-at. FOR SALE-GOOD BUSINESS MARE, A FAST young mare, a 6-ycar old black trotter, a beautiful trained saddle mare. CHITTENDEN, rear 1060 Wa bash-av. Fob sale-a buggy, price eso; also, light express wagon, price 875. at second bam south of Twenty-third-at., In alley west of Wabaab-av. FOR SALE SI7S—NEW TOP-BUGGY, PATENT wheel rboeu used only a few weeks; Indians polls make. T. B. BOYD, ISO West Washington-st, FOR BALE-NEW SADDLE AND BRIDLE. AD dress N SB, Trfbono office. FCR SALE-A IRON-GRAY MARE. 7 YEARS OLD. sound, and in good order, work single or doable, at 658 Arnold-st. FOR SALE-NICE PONT, NEW HARNESS, AND buggy, cheap; also, bone, harness, and peddling wagon. ALBERT EDWARDS. 967 West Lako-st. Fob sale-a top buggy, made to order for ns and but little used. Is newly painted and in good order. BLANCHARD. BORLAND A CO., 213 Booth Water-st. For sale —or exchange for real estate, a pair of large, stylish, dark bay carriage hones, fast travellers: fine carriage, and gold-mounted harness. Will nay cash difference, u neceasary. Apply to J. J. WHITEHOUSE, 7 Stato-st. For sale-a family carriage, as good as now; also a top buggy, cheap. 88 Washington-st., basement. F" DR SALE—AT 2CS SAMPSON-ST.. AS& WAGON, with a heavy set of harness, as good as new, cheap. FOR sale-carriage AND DRIVING HORSES; all guaranteed sound and to salt. M. O. .WILBUR A BRO., 167 j .... FOB BALE—CHEAP—S TOP BUGGIES. 2 PHAB tons, and one open buggy, at OSCAR FIELD'S liv ery stable, 43 and 44 Congress-at. For sale-two cheap horses and one set single and one set double harness, at OSOAR FIELDS livery stable, 43 and 44 Congrees-st. FOB SALE-ONE SORREL HORSE, SOUND AND kind, 7 yean old, weighing 1,200 S>s„ or would ex* change for a good buggy hone. Inquire of owner, J. O. BRO WN, southeast corner Madison tod Laflin-sts. FOE SALE-HORSE, HARNESS AND OPEN BUO gy for $125 cash; also top buggy and two or three work and driving bones. 70 West Moaroe-»t. TTiOR SALE-GOOD HORSE AND BUGGY, OR WILL J. sell bond alone. Inoolro at No. 89 Madiaon-st., Boom 3. Fob sale-almost new California spring road wagon, with top; weight about 185 pounds: will bo told at a bargai». Call, between U aodl o’clock, Monday, »U3 ana 50 Frmklio-st., up it&in. PR BALE-A GOOD, GENTLE FAMILY, BUBL I 1 Binoss. t&ddlo, or elpreas hone, cheap for c&sb. In quire of Foreman P. 0. <k Bt. L. R. B. Freight House, Halsted and Carroll-sta. ■tfOß BALESUPERIOR DRAFT HORSES. .E weight about 1,600 lbs. J. D. COLE, JR., Oriental Mills, Madiaon-st, bridge. TjILBTCHER, LAZEAR St CHENEY, MANUFAO- I? tutors of first-class top and open buggies. Factory, corner Sedgwick and Divlsion-sta. Salesrooms, 835 State. FOB SALE—CHEAP—HORSE, TOP-BUGGY, AND earness: horse sound, kind, land gentle; spleadidfor a lady. At barn, 1060 Wabasb-av. For salk-a fine pair of matched black horses, 16-hands high, 1.100 2)8; kind, single or double; have taken first premium two yean at Rockiord. Address TO Doarborn-st., S. COMPTON. For sale-cheap, fob cash, horse top buggy, and harness. Apply at 113 West Madlson-st., Monday. T7!OR SALE—CHEAP-TWO LIGHT DEMOCRAT J? business wagons. HAMPSON St IVES, 1M Des plalaos-st. . . . FOR SALE-CARRIAGE, HORSES. AND EAR aess; carriage is a new, handsome, park phaeton; horses are a pair of fine steppers, well matched, and black in color; harness gold-mounted. Will bo sold, ohsap for cash. Address NO, Tribune office. FOB SALE-GOOD DRIVERS AND SADDLE HOR aes; one large chestnut colt at a low figure. AN THONY, 17 Sixteenth-st. FOR SALE-HORSE AND EXPRESS CHEAP FOR

cash, with steady hauling. Apply for three days at no. 400 Third-av. . FOR SALE-ONE NEW DEMOCRAT, ONE SEC ond-band, used only 6 months, S9O; will trade one or both for lumber. 44 Eldridge-oourt- • F3E SALE-ONE SET DOUBLE CARRIAGE BAR ness, been used about one month. Inquire at SB Caaal-su Fdb sale-cheap-one-horsb lumber wagon, with large box* as good os now. Apply at 413 Third-av. SALE—A BEAUTIFUL SA” 'DLE MARE. JE 1 sound aud gentle. Will be sold cheap as parties are tgjug to Europe. Apply at 648 Wabash-av. TTS SAIiE—A NICE PAIR OF CARRIAGE HOUSES from the country; also a good single driver. At 42i and West Madlson-st. J. HENRY. F°® PAIR HEAVY HORSKS- thuob:. horsesyoung, sound, and tree; truck and sloping bottom. In- For sale—an new 4-inch wagon, Md a first-class fear* cheap for cash. Ap ply Monday forenoon, <6l CUntonV&t,. near Twelfth, TSIOB SAXE A hpTION PEDDLING WAGON, JD with 4 drawers ana&elres, for one or two horses; also a 9-year old horse, *entlo and sound: a good har ness. The whole rig l c S3OO cash. Applyat33 West Randolph-st. in the store. v FOB SALE-A SPLENmj HORSE, BUGGY. AND harness. worDi as offer. Mas* have money. Adoreaa N SS, office. TTIOB BALE-CHKAP-GOIO HORSE, SUITABLE r for delivery wagon. 26 Blu laiand-av. FOB or SINGLE spring erpreas wagon, at Livery Stable, corner of Jackson aadThird-ar. ('I OOD PASTURE FOR HOl* ES AT GEORGE wT T GAGE’S Pacific Stock FarT° £ive address at Pacific Hotel addressed to GILBEIn Genuine boston slabs, at sbb and 224 Wart WaiWngton-rt.; Alla cJiaAper grade* *t very low txgnrea ip* e^>. Horses wacted-afew cavalry hor*oa» by£. PATRICK, at T WANT TO TRADE AN ACRE OF rLw lAND IN 1 Blnadalr for ffino horao, or a tip-top pile of horses* M. D. LATRCOi llJDear boro-st. ; T HAVJB FOB SALE OSB LIGHT PjSCjfg I wacon for two horses, two second-hand Biffty-injy,. hla and heavy express and delivery-wagon* of vt 361 Sooth Canal-st* T* B. BEOOKMAN. ISO el . cornsr of State, ha* for sale one Claraace ferriage, team, and harness: also open and Concord*, Ac.; carriages and baggies to rea>wlthor without horses, * EW JjTVERY Ain> ixer Wabsah-*T. and Twentr-tblrd-st.; Rood a™, modations for boarders; orders for carriage*pronig Sadid to; also, one saddle pony and nice drWn* b*vn for sale cheap. Pasturage- abundance op Kd water for horaoa. Apply to 0. H. BLCKWII. 4 SONS, 113 and lit Booth TYater-at. oiX HOESES FOR SAL® CHEAP: O We?, Moolbs;,lJm:tßso. 747 Wart M»dlaoa-^- TTTAITEO-TO REXT-BURNTTUBB FOR 10 OR 12 ■» T rt«n* t or woaldjm™* l **® oo monthly payments. mO-tTVERY STABLE Tribune office. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. XXJ ANTED—TO EXCHANGE—HORSE FOR EX t v press wagon, also one (or plumbing. Top boggy and harness for sale cheap. 66 West Moaroo-st. T\r ANT ED-3 OR 4 GOOD WORK OR DRIVING Vr bones, to fill car to ship East; would trade boggy for pair if wanted. 63 West Monroe-st. WANTED-A LIGHT BUGGY, CHEAP FOR CASH, .»V or will exchange a very nice fadin' gold watch; will giro or take difference between them. Apply to A. CONKELY. 260 Fltth-ar. - • . WANTED-TO PURCHASE, A HORSE, SUITABLE Vf fora baggy, must be cheap for cash. 136 North Wood-st. Come up right away. WE WILL HAVE AUCTION SALES EVERY Wednesday moralog and evening. Also, for bene fit of working class, every Saturday morning and even-. Inz at 10 o’clock a. m. and 7 p. m., at oar ware rooms, 613 West Lake-st. Also, receive goods on commission for Private sales Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, ’artles can do better than any other house In the city. HODGES A CO, _ X\T ANTED—V>O TEAMS ON THE GREAT WESTERN i f R. R. of Canada to work on scrapers, grading of double track, between Chatham and Glencoe, $3 per day payable in gold, and transportation furnished to the work. Apply at Room No. 4, 441 Wsbash-av. y Chicago. TATANTED—A HORSE AS PAYMENT ON A LOT VV la city or suburbs. C. W. DEAN, No. 123 South Clark-st., Room 16. WANTED—HORSE AND BUGGY, OR PHAETON, ff in exchange for lot near Porty-slxth-st., ora cot tage and lease on Twenty-ninth, near Wabash-av. Ad dress H129, Twenty-nintb-st., or call any time to-day. ■WANTED - A WELL-MADE. STOUT, StDE '« spring top buggy in good order. G. E. HALL, 393 West Randalph-st. WANTED-TO TRADE A QUANTITY OF FUKNI turo and some cash for a horse suitable foe express. Call at 41 Racker-at. WANTED-TO BUY—A LIGHT, STYLISH TOP Vr buggy, second-hand, cheap for cash. Address B 8, Tribune office. _ __ . TTf ANTED—FOR CASH, A GOOD LIGHT ROAD YV or trotting wagon; most bo nearly a bar gain to secure customer. Address GEORGE,No.77 Clark. W’“ ANTE D—H6ESE3~TOBOABD AT 43 SOUTH Balstcd-su, corner Meridian: terms reasonable. In quire Monday ox W. H. FLINT. ■ Q*l 7K CASH BUYS A GOOD LIGHT TOP WAG «£>X lu on and hnrso 7 years old, all sound and good traveler. Call at 200 Matfaer-st. TO EXCHANGE. r EXCHANGE- -THE FINEST FRUIT AND STOCK farm in Illinois; only 60 miles from Chicago: 10,000 bearing apple trees, from which over 18,000 bushels of choice fruit are taken yearly; improvements No. 1; will exchange for choice suburban property in Oook County,' or good Improved property. L. A. GILBERT A CO., 206 Laballe-st. rpO EXCHANGE—A HORSE AND BUGGY. AND X somocasb, for real estate, ft lot worth about SI,OOO, is good neighborhood, within four milea of Court-House. Address D 58, Tribano office. r EXCHANGE—SO ACRE FARM, WELL IM proved, at Downer’s Grove, for bouse and lot; at 880 per acre. T. D. BOYD, 180 West Washington-et. r EXCHANGE-AN ELEGANT NEW RESIDENCE, near Van Baren-st. and Asbland-av., for good build ing lots; small cash payment- JACOB O. MAGILL, 81 ana 83 South Clark-st. rEXCHANGE-A RAILROAD CONTRACTOR desires to exchange good township bonds for boots, shoes, and clothing, suitable for retail on bis work. Ad dress O, care J. F. Hardin, 513# Olive-et., St. Louis, Mo. mo EXCHANGE—WILL EXCHANGE A PIECE OF X Improved real estate in this city, rented for about 814,000 a year, for unimproved property within city limits. Address ff 46, Tribune office. mo EXOHNGE—I,OOO FEET ON STATE-3T. AND X Wabaab-av., south of city limits. L. A> GILBERT A CO., 206 LaSalle-st. TO EXCHANGE-HOUSE NO. 038 FULTON-ST., X with comer lot, for unimproved city property, or sale on monthly payments. Address OWNER, P 14, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-130 ACRES, 2 MILES FROM CITY X of Ean Claire, Wis., for two pianos of good make and a good saddle-horse. Land valued at 31,400. Address P 25, Tribune office. • TO KXCHANGE-WE WILL TRADE 400 ACRES OF choice land and lots in Hyde Park for horses, furni ture. jewelry, Ac. Title perfect. STONE A SKINNER, 119 Dearborn-at.. Room 5. TO EXCHANGE-15 LOTS, BAST OF CENTRAL Park, between Van Boren and Harrisou-sto.. for good boose and lot; Sonth Side preferred. BLANCH ARP BROS., 153 LaSalle-et. TO EXCHANGE—NORWOOD PARK BLOCKS OR lota for unincumbered improved property In city or country towns. S. E. WELLS, 188 Dearborn-gt. TO EXCHANGB-AGOOD BRICK HOUSE, CHEAP, X for lots and small cash payments. JACOB O. MA GILL, 81 and 83 Olark-st. TO EXCHANGE — U3 FEET NEAR LINCOLN PARK and $5,000 mortgage notes, parable in 60 days, for residence or Iota; 527-acre farm and 82,000 cash for acre property; 400-acre farm for suburban lots. J. S. WOLFE, IX9 Dcarborn-st, TO EXCHANGE—S22,SOO WORTH OF GOOD BEAL estate for a stock of drygoods or other merchandise on a cash basis. R. KENNEDY, 145 darkest., Booms 26 and 27. . TO EXCHANGE-50 FARMS OF FROM 80 ACRES to 3,000 acres of splendid land in Illinois, for city or suburban property. B. KENNEDY, 145 Clark-st., Room* 28 and 27. TO EXCHANGE—A FIRST-CLASS LOT AT WASH ington Heights, half a block from depot, for parlor and bedroom furniture. L. L. WXU3ON, Boom 4. 122 XaSalle-ei. * TO EXCHANGE-IN PART FIRST-CLASS MILK farm of 815 acres, 3# miles of the city, 40 miles from Chicago, paying now SSOO per month, 70 cows; want residence in this city worth from SIO,OOO to 313,000, balance, time from 10 to 15 ream. Call at 145 Sooth Clark-st.. Boom 12. J. H. EHLE. TO EXCHANGE-50 FEET WITH COTTAGE BOUSE on South Side, for a suburban place within SO miles of city, worth about $3,000. Address B. H. STEPHEN, P. O. Box 8,000. TO EXCHANGE—A NEW GOTHIC HOUSE, EIGHT rooms, inside blinds, lot 50x135, at Wicker Park, near North and MUwaukoe-avs.. for a vacant lot. OHAS. B. HOLMES £ CO., 71 Dearborn-st. TO. EXCHANGE - FIVE ACRES SUBURBAN property. A fine largo residence and flvo acres at Hinsdale; and several pieces of inside improved property, for good unincumbered farms in Illinois. Several farms to exchange for city or suburban property. CHAS. B. HOLMES & GO., 71 Deaiboru-st. mo EXCHANGE-SUBURBAN LOTS WITHIN 7 i miles of Court-House, fora good, first-class piano; iotas encumbrance on lots tube assumed; lots will do put In below value. Address, with n«mo *nd place, D ffl, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE—7OO ACRES. 3 HOURS BY RAIL from Chicago; fint-clu buildings in exchange for retail stock of dry goods. Address K 99, Tribune office. mO EXCHANGE-LOTS IN NORWOOD FOR A J. house on leased lot, first-class furniture, 4c. South Side lots for horses. A new 2-story house, 8 rooms, for a first-class horse and buggy. Address S- S. MILLER, 133 LaSalle-st.. Builders* Exchange. TO EXCHANGE—A WELL-IMPROVED STOCK farm, 500 acres, with good buildings, 75 miles from Chicago; will take property ou North Side, or houses and lots, and assume about SIO,OOO incumbrance. Address R4 t Tribune office, WANTED— TO EXCHANGE-FOB FURNITURE, piano, carpets, «*c v 3 lots in Omaha. Neb., and 2 lots in Fleansouton, Kan. Apply Room 21 Metro politan Block, I. W. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-MY HORSE, TOP buggy and harness for new or good second-hand parlor, chamber sots and carpets; win pay difference, if any, in cash. Address L, 59 North Clark-st., Room 2. nr ANTED—TO EXCHANGE—A TWO-STORY AND VV brick business bouse, rented till October, at $75 per month, in advance, for naif cash, half in groceries, or other merchandise, a house and lot, or lots. Price, §5,000. Address WM. ATKINSON, Olathe, Johnson ounty, w~Vno.. WANTED— TO TRADE FOB A STOCK OF DRY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoes, and furniture, 3 farms in Mason County. 111.. all under a good state of cultivation, near market and railroad—one farm of 115 acres, one of 314 acres, and one of 335 acres. Also a fine new dwelling bouse and 3 lots in the City of Peoria, HI., with all modern Improvements. The titles are perfect. All worth $50,000 cash. Will trade part oralL Address Box 1443, Peoria. Dl. tttanted-to EXCHANGE-A LOT NEAR FIF TY ty-fifth-st. Boulevard, la part payment lor building a house. Address P 63, Tribune office. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—A FEW THOUSAND dollars of first-class securities, at market price, for selected diamonds and jewelry at cash value. Nocom- TTg4««<nn paid. Address N 45, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—TO TRADE—SOME GOOD WASHING VY ton Heights lots for some teams and wagons suitable for railway work. COL. GIBSON, Contractor, Room 7, 48 South Clark-st. Some cash will be pot in, if neces sary- - TITANTED-TO EXCHANGE-SOME GOOD LOTS VY or coon try property lor a good business; can put in f SOO cash besides, w. 5., 138 North Wood-st., Chicago. good country store preferred. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. ATTENTION! -IP YOU .HAVE_ carpota, etc., todispoao of, go to HODGES 4 CO., 613 West and satisfaction guaranteed, or ad dress HODGES 4 CO., 613 West Lako-at.; all orders promptly attended to. CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE—WE WILL SELL tho entire contents of 123 West Madison-st. Monday morning. At 10 a. m., known as the fLaclede House, eon slating of I roeowood 7-octavo piano, I largo French plate pier mirror, 1 parlor salt, carpets, 4c v dining furniture, kitchen. laundry, hall, and 13 rooms all famished. Sale positive, and without reserve. By order of R. M haPEk, Mortgagee. HODGES 4 CO., Auctioneers. CONSTABLE SALE OF FURNITURE CORNER OP Wood and Lake-sta., Tuesday morning. Jana 10, at 10 o’clock. tnoß SALE-ONE VAN COOKING-RANGE, JUST J the thing for a boarding-house or restanraot; cost SIOB- will aollfor SSO- Inqoireof A. WILLEY, 499 West MamaOP-gt. ' XnOB SALE—THE CONTENTS OP AN ELEOANT p Ir-fumiibod room, with lease for ono year. in Qoin- Un Block, 81 and S3 Clark-st., opposite Coort-Hoase. In quire Of janitor, Room 37. FOB SALE—at A SACRIFICE-A BLACK WAL not chamber sot. None but those meaning business coed Address D 55, Tribane office. tjioß sale-elegant black walnut mar. Jj bis top sideboard, for loss than half cost. If taken Boon. Address N 10. Tribune office* Household furnitdre and one year’s lease of private boardlng-bonso of eight rooms, in troed locality, for sMe cheap, if taken soon. Address F 68, Trib une office. ' tjahlob surra from s» uPwabd, at so. 93 X North fVellß'St., where yoa can find or haro made any of tho many modem styles, at tbo manufactory, thereby saving 25 per cent. T>EBSO!fS DESIRING FURNITURE UPHOLSTER* IT ed ot Tarnished, caroot* altered, fitted* or laid, fnrnl. ure slips • cut, can ha to the work dead At their own jtojcs, by Addressing D 53, Xribane office. Cave vour rent-housekeepers can save. Oojo rent of one or more roomsby rmrcbasingtbopat* enQbinet bedstead, Inst the thins for offices. Can ho bad f all sires, at No. 253 Jliiwaakoo-ar. and No. 301, com* Dearborn and Thirty-third-ets, Prices within the reachjf all. ~ XTiNT < U> FOK CASH, HOUSEHOLD AND f officefortUtnro, carpets, andffaocral household Ms. Aidreasl J, - S3, 30 and 32 West Washington-st, ~jolsterioj »rtrt repairing promptly done by first-class Slmetw - TAKEN UP. T A . SATURDAY Jose 7, a bay horse, ago about 6 least. property by calling on C. O. AVERY, at FINANCIAL. CLAIMS AGAINST THE CHICAGO AND OTHER bankrupt lasnrsnc companies cashed at highest rates by J. N. WITHERELL. 150 Dearborn-flt. _ FOR SALE-CHEAP. ONE SHARE OF STOCK IN the Chicago Law Institute. Apply at Boom 53.125 Clark-st. • For sale-25 shares of stock of the National Life Insurance Company of Chicago, for less than cost, aa the party is obliged to sell. Apply to W.AI* WILLNHR, Boom 14, Otis Block, LaSalle-st. • FOR LOANS, REAL ESTATE, LAW ADVICE, ETC., inquire at ail South Stala-at. Lota cheap near tho Boulevard, L. D. VAN GELDER, Notary Public. EOR SALE—SBOO NOTES, SECURED BY FIRST mortgage on inside city property worth five times ■ the amount. Will discount JH per cent per month. Ap ply to TRUESDELL 4 BROWN. 175 West Madiscn-at. FOR SALE-BOND AND MORTGAGE FOB $3,000. bearing 40 per cent interest for two years. Will soil at a discount of 15 per cent. Address J 1, Tribune. TTiOR SALE—SL 800 NOTE, SECURED BY BEAL E estate mortgage. Apply to tho Trustee, H.J.GOOD RIOH, 125 Dearborn-si. ■ Great western insurance claims wanted. Parties willing to sell send amount and price to Q 80, Tribune office. __ • H* ATCII 4 LYON, ATTORNEYS. HAVE RE moved to their new offices. Rooms 18 and 17, No. 99 Madlaoa-et., HATCH 4 LYON. IWANT TO BORROW SCOO OR 8700 ON A NEW house worth gl, 500. Address N 27, Tribune office. Loans made on terms, time and amounts to suit, on all kinds ofgpod so ouritr. O. G. BRYANT, private banker, 123 South Clark-st., near Madison, Room 10. . Loans made on collateral. houses on leased ground. Diamonds wanted. Short date real estate mortgages bought. OTTAWAY, 79 Dcarboro-st, HTONEY TO LOAN ON HOUSEHOLD GOODS, iYi leaseholds, pianos, and good collaterals, at US South Clark-st., RoomS. K. WLVNE. Money to loan for one year on itrst class Chicago real estate, first trust deed, SI,OOO, 82,000, or $3,500. Address N 87, Trtbnno office. Money to loan on city property at o per cent; SBOO to loan fora short time. A. S. PALM ER, Jr., 94 Washington* st.. Booms 16 and 17. Money to loan on improved Chicago property In any amount czcoeodlng 85,000* I ER KINS 4 WOLSELEY, Room 13, Kendall’s Building. Norman 0. Pcrkitu. W. St. John Wolscley. Late with Ogden 4 Scudder. Money to loan on long or short time. is soma to suit, on commercial paper, real estate, or collaterals. From SI,OOO to s2o,«tf on long time, hrst clasa real estate. G. S. LACEY A CO., 119 Dearbomst. Money to loan on city heal estate, n, W. HUNT Hoorn 16 Boone Block. 133 LaSalle-st. Money to loan, w. van o’Linpa. ns dear - born-st., Room 5. Money on Chicago real estate, m. o. BALDWIN A CO.. 84 and 86 LaSalle-st.. Room 34. MONLY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. G. S. HUBBARD, Jr.. 163 Waahlngton-st. Money to loan on real estate and other good securities. Short paper our specialty. PI WING A CO., 95 Pearborn-sU UTONEY TO LOAN ON HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, XVI houses, pianos, and other good chattel security. B. ROGERS, I<7 East Madison-st., Room 9. Money to loan-on real estate m this city and county for a term of years. CHASE A ADAMS, No. 90 Bryan Block, corner Monroe and Ba ft allo-sta. • TO LOAN—SS,OOO AND 810.000 ON IMPROVED CITY property. D. COLE A SON, Real Estate Agents, 188 West Madison-st, mo LOAN-AMOUNTS OF *I,OOO OB MORE ON i city real estate or Illtnoia farms- Reaper Block, cor. Clark and Waahlngton-sts. B. L. PEASE. TO LOAN—SS,OOo ON REAL ESTATE INQUIRE from 9 to 12 a. m. of T. A. JACKSON. 580 Stalest. rro LOAN-MONEY ON CITY REAL ESTATE, 1 ss.oooand upwards: South Side Improvedpreferred. JOSIAH H. BISSEIX, 45 Bryan Block. TXT ANTED—S2O,OOO FOBS YEARS ON BEAL ES- W tote, worth SIOO,OOO. Paper Al, no commission. Address P SB, Tribune office. WANTED— SI.CCO FOB ONE TEAR ON GOOD collateral security. Address J4, Tribune office. TITANTED—PURCHASER FOR AN SB,OOO NOTE. VY due April. 1874. last payment on property worth $30,000. Also, $1,600 tor one or three year* on good im proved property. H. C. MOREY, 77 Ciark-s.. WANTED-TO BORROW ABOUT *819,000 UPON VY unincumbered real estate In city. Address P 24, Tribune office. WE HAVE FUNDS ON HAND TO LOAN ON city real estate. J. O. McCORD A CO., 109 Dear born-st. WANTED— *4,000 FOB FIVE FEARS, ON Im proved real estate worth_s9,ooo; wUlpa/lOper cent. ■ml Order left with EL J. GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-st. . Cl KAA TO LOAN FOR SIX MONTHS ON bI.OUU strictly first-class security. Call at 166 East Washington-at., Room S3, E.BAYLEY. CO AAA TO LOAN IN ONE SUM ON REAL q)Q,UUU estate in Cook County, HUTCHINSON A LUFF. 20 Tribune Building. r.Q AAA TO LOAN ON BEAL ESTATE SECUBI OO.UUU ty. M. D. HARDIN, 183LaSdle-rt.. b»ao meat, ‘ <% a A nn-TRUST DEED NOTES SECURED BY a farm worth SIO,OOO to exchange for de sirable property. M. C. BALDWIN A CO., 84 and 88 LaSsJlo-fit., Room 24. ' o - A fin AND *3,000 TO LOAN ON BEAL ESTATE: OO.UUU small imu to loan on homos on leased land. GEO. W. KEEP A CO., 146 LaSalloet. cIQ AAA IN HAND TO LOAN AT ONCE IN ViO.UUU one or two sums, on , 5 3prov<^ inside property. PERKINS A WOLSELEY, Boom 13 Kendalf NORMAN C. PERKINS W. ST. JOHN WOLSELEY, latowith Ogdon A Scudder. Ann Ann OR $25,0C0 TO loan in one sum, or I will buy one purchase-money mort gage. B. B. WILEY, 131 LaSallo-st. (jjrn Ann TO LOAN IN SUMS to suit on JSOU.UUU collaterals. Real estate and commercial mpcrbnogbt^W^Mj^ndjNE^^^Oti^locjt^^^^ CLAIRVOYANTS.' A STROLOGT- DOCXRESS JEANETTE DE A. BENOIT, the Bohemian astrolodst. palmist, and philologist, can bo consulted at 183 Soutn Halsted-st.. on physical and mental ailmonti. Consultations in all language;. B~ ANGS CHILDREN-THESE MEDIUMS HOLD public so&ncos at 227 South Morgan-st. on Monday, Wednetday, and Friday evenings of each woelc. nHIOAGO SPIRIT ROOMS, 217 WEST MADISON \J st., BoomS. Business, Clairvoyant, and Test Me diums. ■ TVfADAM MILSOM, CLAIRVOYANT. REMOVED IVL to 176 West Madlson-st, Consultation to ladles only. No. 176. Mrs. t. j. lewis, reliable business. Clairvoyant, and Medical Medium, 59 West Madi eon-st. Madame parie, the wonderful gipsy, io a. m. to9p. m. (Sundays excepted). Ladies only. Fee 50 cents. 209V/'eitMadlson-st., Boom 45, upper floor. VCRS. E. M. TEEDjPHYSICAL, TEST. AND BUSI -31 ness medium, 406 west Madison-st. Seance Sunday and Tuesday evenings. Mbs. a. g. wood (formerly mrs, l. lover. ing), clairvoyant and magnetic physician, SSS West Madison-st. Madame idell. the oelerated female physician and clairvoyant, has no equal in her pro; fessios in telling the past, present, and future. Call and be convinced or her wonderful power at her rooms, 191 West Madison-st., Rooms 8 and 9, from 9a. ro. to Bp. ro. Mrs. butt, natural clairvoyant, test and business medium, also clairvoyant physical ex aminations. 21 South Deaplalues-st.; fee, SI.OO. H,rRS. SHALLENDIRGER, CLAIRVOYANT DOC -IVI tress. 115 South HalslM-st. MISS JENNIE, TEST AND BUSINESS MEDIUM. Private sitting every day and evening. 115 Halsted. PUBLIC SCEANCE AT 706 WEST MONROE-ST. Spirits seen, teste given, scaled letters answered, every evening. ____ The gipsy palmist is in town again. Rooms, 421 Sooth Clark-at. <2*l f\(\(\ REWARD FOR ANYONE WHO CAN Ox.UUU equal Dr. Mathews and Madame Maynard, the great business and medical clairvoyants; can tell yon anything you wish te know; cure paralysis, rheumatism, conumptlon, seminal weakness, liver complaint, drop ayr and all chronic or fomalo diseases. Positively a cure or no pay. 105Wcst_MadLsoa28t^_^^__^^^^^^^^ M> SEWING MACHINES. A GROVER i BAKER FULL CABINET SEWING _A_ machine, in good order. Price $45; cost $l3O. Call at 294 West Indian vet. A GROVER 4 BAKER LATE FAMILY MACHINE. .A la perfect order, for S 25: COAt SO. Atao. ono 101 l cabinet mahogany late family Singer, Inlaid with pearl, for $75; cost sllsO. Also several Improved Singers at halt usual price. 338 East Indlana-st.. near Bosh. A SPLENDID WHEELER A WILSON SEWING machine, new Improved feed, cabinet ease, equal to new, cost S9O, price $35. Residence, 7 Elghtoenth-st. For sale-at ho seventh enth-st. , an, im proved Howe machine for 835. Party wishes to leave the city. _ ; BOYER * BAKER'S SEWING-MACHINES—GBN^ eral office, 150 State-st,; branch office, SIS Wabash av. Persons having old Grover A Baker sewOg-macfatnea are invited to call and see the new improvements, and hear something to their advantage. SEWING MACHINES-ALL KINDS, AT HALF price, warranted. Repairing done. PERCY A CO., 837 West Madjsoa-it. SINGER OFFICE OF A. J. MELCHERT. 215 SOUTH Halsted-st. Machines sold on monthly installments. Open evenings. SEWING-MACHINE WANTED—ONE THAT HAS been bat little used. Address, stating price, B 88, Tribune office. . The NEW FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE—WE call special attention to recent improvements made in the Florence, also to tfae now and elegant styles of cases added to our list. To meet the views of those preferring a machine feeding tbs work away from the operator, we have made Nos. 13 and 14, which combine tbe desirable features to be found in machines made by others, with all the peculiar excellencies of the Florence. wM. H. SHARP A CO., General Agents, 254 State-st., Chicago. WHEELER A WILSON SEWING-MACHINES. THE - now improved, sold or rented on easy monthly pay ments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, office 155 State-st. TT r ANTED—GOOD HANDS FOB GROVER A BA IT kcr, Wheeler A Wilson, WflleozAGibbs sowing machines. 148Tblpd-av. n WORTH OF ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY to every person purchasing a sewing machine at 288 State-st. INFORMATION WANTED. INFORMATION WANTED—OF MARY CATHERINE 1 E. SADLER; when iMt brand from mln Cincinnati: said she was going to Chicago: she is 17 years old, bine eyes, brown hair, medium height. Any will be thankfully received by her widowed mother, MARY ANN WILSON, Evansville, lod. INFORMATION WANTED OP JOHN COGHLAN. J. who left his homo at No. 75 Upper Mann-sL, Fortieth Park. Liverpool, England, and armed ln New York Jan. 21. 1858. when last heard from, Juno uL 1861, at Wal nut Grove. Sacramento County, California. he was going under the assumed name of Alfred Newton. ■ I£ said in dividual will communicate with his mother, brothers or sisters, or with his sister Mary Ann Cogblao, In religion Sister Mary of Saint Clare, Saint Mary's Convent. Notre Dame Post-Office. Saint Joseph County, Indiana. Uni ted States of America, he will bear something to his ad vantage. Any Information concerning him. under either name, dead or alive, will be thankfully reewived hv LOST AND FOUND* T OST-ON THURSDAY. JUNE 6. XS A BLUR ISL XJ aaa-av, car or on or near Washington-St., between blate-st, and Wabash-av., a pocket-book containing a ratal! sum of money and two locks of light hair, which the owner will be grateful for. if returned to 3*3 South Balsted-st. LOST-FP.EDAY. fiTH INST.. PROBABLY ON PINE «t,» north of tuo Water-Works, a paper parcel con taining tho waist of a lady 7 * drew of black and whito * tripod silk, two white waists, and the card of Ghas. Gcs aage 4 Co. Tho finder will be saitably rewarded by noti fying or returning thosamo to CHA3. GOSSAGE «£ CO-, 106 .Strto-?t. LOST— SATURDAY AFTERNOON, $75 CURRENCY, botwean First National Bank and LaSalle-at. The finder will bo liberally rewarded by leaving it at 123 La- Baiie-st.. Room 1. Lost— from w oakwood-av.. on horning of 6th, a dark bay mare, about Is hands high, with ono white hind foot, heavy mane and tall, and about 7 Esarsold. A liberal reward paid for tho return of said orve, or any information leading to Ms recovery. Address D. G. O GOGINS, Union Stock Yards, or 61 Oakwood-av. LOST-ON NORTH DEARP.ORN-ST. OR IN UN colu Park, a ladies* gold block enameled watch and chain, marked "Hattie A. Fox, from father, Christmas, 1570.” Finder will bo suitably rewarded if returned to 39 Pino-sL or Fux A Howard’s office, at Msdlsoa-et. bridge. T OST-A PENSION CERTIFICATE. PAYABLE TO iJ Rebecca H. Learned. The finder will confer a favor by leaving it with BUCK 4 RAYNKR, 117 Clark-st. T OST-BETWERN I. C. R. R. DEPOT AND M. S. ±J R, R, » small balo of merchandise marked "K. Brown.** A liberal reward will bo paid for returning it to J. F. WALSH, I- O. IL R. DopoU Lost or stolen-on the tth inst., a gen tleman’s diamond pin in tho form of a cross with six stones. A liberal reward will be paid for its return. CHARLES IXJKKEE, Ulich House, comer State and Twenry-second-sta. L OST-A SMALL BLUE LOCKET, CONTAINING A a lady’s picture, on Tuesday evening, on Randolph st., near State, or on Cottage Grove or Lndiana-ar. cars. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it with JOHN ROBINSON, 58 ana 58 Wabssh-av., np stairs. LOST-BETWEEN TWELFTH AND madison-st. bridge, a part of a locket or watch charm. Too finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving tho same at 573 Stato-st., or at tho Tribuno office. . LOST— THURSDAY, MOURNING BROOCH. RE turn to Room I<J, 77 West Madison, Suitably rewarded. Lost-a large dog, dark brown and white; answers to the name of Pickles. Any one re turning h lp > to 79 South Clark-st. will bo liberally re warded. ______ LOST-JUNE 7, FROM 1258 WABASH-A.V., a. largo black Newfoundland dog. white on br-isat and foro paws, lung ears, and bushy tail. Findor will bo lib erally re ward LOST- A REWARD OF 815 WILL BE PAID FORTH E return of a gold watch and black ebony cane, taken from 256 South H»lated-Jt. Saturday, May 31, ami u<> questions naked, nr 85 will be paid for return of cane alone to W, ROBINSON, 166 East Washington-fit., Boom 25. LOST— HALF BET OF TEETH. PARTIES WILL be rewarded for thorn bj addressing N 36, Tribune < office. LOST-THURSDAY EVENING. AT THE JUBILEE, a ladles’rep double shawl, striped scarlet, black and white. The ftndor will be rewarded by addressing MACKAY, 1303 Indlana-av. EOST-OR BTOLEN-FROM CORNER CAMPBELL ar. and Van Boron-st., a dark chestnut marc, years old, 143tf hands high, audwhito spots on back; will show signs of haring Interfered with front feet. Any person retaining the same to the shore address will bo suitably rewarded. J. S. WATSON. TpOUND—POOKETBOOK CONTAINING MONEY J? and mamorandnm, on yesterday, in State-st. cor. Cali at 18 West Madison-st., on Ticket Agent. TPOUND—AT SECOND UNIVEESALIST CHURCH JD several Sundays ago, a ladies* fur cape. Call at 267 West Monroe-et. I HOUND—AT MY PLACE ON JUNE 4TH. HORSE 1 with bridle and harness. Owner can hare the same by paying expenses. I. KISTENBROCKBB, Haasa’e Para, Proviso, Oak Park station. STOLEN— SICO REWARD FOR THE RETURN OF my two roan horses, and positively no questions askod. S. R. STILES, 383 East Madison-st., Chicago. STRAYED— FROM THE CORNER OF HALSTED and Mather-st*.. Saturday evening Mav SL at II o’clock p. m., a light, bay horse, 6 year* old. with two white spot* under the saddle and two wind-galls on ulna legs, a two-whecled gig, painted black, and harness. The finder will bo liberally rewarded by returning him to the owner, DAVID HAL LAN IN, 299 Sccond-at. S’ TRAYED-ntOM STABLE NO. 636 WASHING ton-sC., «stylish brown horse, 16 hands high, weight 1.150 pounds, nod on halter with chain attacoeu. Any on© returning the horse, or giving information where h? may bo found, will be liberally rewarded. STOLEN— 8100 REWARD-MAY 27. A DARK BAY horse, weighs 1,050 lbs, black mane and tail,—tail long and bushy: small scar on loft hip; calk marks on hind foot. Now high phaeton top buggy, brown cloth lining, dark gray body, D. T. N. monogram, patent wheels, dark brown gear, with two rod stripes. DANIEL T. NELSON. M. D. 1109 Indiana-av.. Chicago. PARTNERS WANTED. Partner wanted—a thorough business man, of long experience on 'Change, and with a cap) tal of $4,000 to 85,C00. desires a partnership in some well established house, produce, commission, or otbor legl'i mato business. Best of references. Address Q sss, Trib une olfleo. _____ PARTNER WANTED-WITH SI,BOO. IN A PAYING property worth more than double tho investment required. Address N £B, Tribune office. _ PARTNER WANTED-A PARTNERSHIP IN A good produce commission bouse doing a legitimate business, by an experienced business man who has been a member of the Boaid of Trade for several years, and would cim tribute about $5,000 cash capital; satisfactory references. Address N 29, Tribune office. Partner wanted-a young man of good business experience has from SI,OOO to S2,UX) ho would like to inrrst in good safe bmine* 3. Address, with full name and particulars, D 59, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH SI,OOO, IN A SAFE, legitimate business; best location in city: alr-uuly established; large profits, business pleasant, will bear inspection. Address D 73, Tribune office. Partner wanted-with a few hundred dollars cash, in an excellent paying business. A splen did chance for a good salesman. Address P 28, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-EITHER ACTIVE •; OR silent, with $3,000 to SI,OOO, in a koo'l pajlnft businiM. Best of refereaco given, Address, with name, P til, Trib une office. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE THE PLACE OF JTooo who was compelled to rotiro on account ox other business. Apply at once, at 414 West MadUon-st. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $l3O, TO JOIN AD- Tertiser In a good paying and strictly legitimate busi ness. Call at 61 South Conal-st. R. B. B. PARTNER WANTED-TO STEP INTO A SMALL and well established banking house, centrally located ; small capital required. Address to-day, BANK, Tribune office. ______ PARTNER WANTED—I WANT A LIVE MAN TO take a half interest in a good thing. Must have $350- 70 East Madison-st., Boom 1. PARTNER WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE AND retail business on South Clark-st. Thob*«t of refer* onces given and required. Address N 83, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-A LADY OR GENTLEMAN, with $1,500. desiring to become a partner in ahrst theatrical enterprise, where the money invested can bo cleared la two months, to join an experienced man. Reference undoubted. Address P 17, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-TO FILL ORDERS IN band for goods that wo have not capital to supply as fast as orders come in. Profits large, and bualneas high, toned and artistic. P. O. Box 522, Chicago. PARTNER WANTED-A BUSINESS YOUNG MAN with a capital of SI,OOO to $1,500, to start adlntag-hcU in business part of Sooth Side; will put in same amount; giro the best of references and expect the same. Ad dress S. SXtEDNU, Tribune office, for one week. PARTNER WANTED—WITH 53,003, TO JOIN IN a profitable business. For furtherparucalara apply at Room?, Exchange Building, corner Clark and Washing tou-ste. PARTNER WANTED-SILENT PREFERRED, with $2,000. to pay labor la patting through city con tract; half prc!i*s/or use of money. Address P9, Trib une office. . PARTNER WANTED—SI,SOO IN RETAIL DRUGS; drugs; a good paying stand, well established. Ad dross J 5. Tribune office. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted—everybody should call andaeoMts. Jessup's Compartment Kettle, indis pensable to every American household, and sells on sight. W. A-BARLOW A CO., Western Agents, 239 and 2il West Lako-at., corner Peoria. A GENTS WANTED-GOOD CANVASSERS ARE j\, making $lO to sl2 a day, with my noodlu books, nee dle packages, machine needles, dress elevator, etc., ofc. ParUctdam free. C. M. LININGTON, 177 East Madi son-st.. Chicago. ■ ' __ Aoknts WANTKD-FOE INGERSOLI/9 life of Horace Groeioy, just ready; also, for our other pop-'- lar subscription books; como and see our new plans an 1 Inducements. Union Publishing Company, 235 Wabash av., Chicago. Agents wanted—to sell our new but ton-bole cutter, needle-threading thimble, and other new articles. 99 East Madlson-st., Room 5. A GENTS WANTED—LADIES AND GENTLEMEN A can make on * good thing (new) from $lO to 815 per day. Boom 61 Exchange Building, southwest corner Washington and Clark-sts. Agents wanted-travbllino agents fob the atove-honae. 239 and 341 Weat Lake->t. Agents wanted-for the button-hole worker; 11,000 sold the first week: large profits. • Call at once. 179 East Madlson-st., Room 15. A OUSTS WASTED—A SEW THING FOR LADIF3 and gents to sell; takes every time; $3 to 816 a day lor three months. Room 8, 25 Wait Lake-et. Agents wanted-in every county, yan kee Fluting Machine; price sl. Flotes foster than any sold for lasa than $5. Largo commissions or salary, as preferred. No. 2 Noitb LaSalle-st. AKSf o t South Clark-st. Agents wanted— every where, for war- Mrt Chwry Stoner. Sendi*’ “mpla ?“? c . ircn ' Hr wiUi term, of Money, fn 230 West, or bo?»Mnl2.M3t>.m.,»t 10 SouthCUntonst.. 6hi ago, RL E. J ■ WARNLR, General Agent. . ~jT GENTS WAXTED—HEWITT FLUTING, POLISH- A. In* and band Iron combined. Flutes any length. Gloss on each flute- 179 East Madlson-sr., Boom 15. gXvY3 WANTED-STATE AGENTS FOR IOWA, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, for Sheldon Spooler?, spoolholden, and now thread-cutters, for sowing ma chines. Address Sheldon Spooler Co., 179 East Madison. Agents wanted-two ladies on south Side, from Twelfth to Twenty-second-sts.; one on Wejt Side, south of Madison. Neat, light,;respectable sample. Call from Bto 9, or 13 to 2. JAMES P. SCOTT, Ui Stato-at. BUILDING MATSBI/LL. •DUENA VISTA STONE, SAWED TO ORDER. Mir D sonxi Scotch granite, for columns, Ac. Vermont mar ble, In blocks or* eared to aizo. Marble tilo. J. 11. SMITH, « South Clark-st. * . A TONS SASH-WEIGHTS FOR SALK, AT O\J per ton. Apply at Springer*# Iron Yard, 23 North Clinton-st. OAA AAA BRICK WANTED. ADDRESS J. OUU.UUU BOWERS, 2S and 37 Indiana av. 1 AAA AAA GOOD CHICAGO BRICK WANT- X.UUU.UUU ed. Also, good city brick-yard for sale, very cheap, for cash, or part pay will bo taken in 3

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