Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 9, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 9, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAL ESTATE. SEGQHD GREAT SALE A.T 0! Men Resilience Lots, Fronting on Humboldt Boulevard, Logan Square, and Milwaiikeo-av., , On tho grounds, on Tuesday, Juno 10, 1878. The lots arc in tho Subdivision of 80 acres, In the B X of 8 K* of Sec. 26, 40, 13. They are finely located, tits gronnd la high, and tho whole city overlooked by one standing on its surfaoo. Humboldt Boulevard Is bolng finely Improved 5 largo trees have boon sot out under tho direction of tho Park Commissioners. An artesian woll, with a fine .flow of water, lies on either side of this property. Tho facilities for reaching this property are excellent; tho depot of tho O, iN.W. K. It. Is within 20} rods oast; thoM. A St. P. K. It. runs to tho westward, and the Chicago A Pa cific Railroad outers tho oily on tho south. Mllwaukoo ov., runs directly through It. The soil is a fine loam, with clay sub-sol), rich and pro* duotive. There Is no nuisance whatever in the neighbor hood, making It particularly attractive for choice rosl* donee homos. It Is safe to predict that this neighborhood will develop rapidly this summer, and purchasers will double tholr investment In two years,’lf not in less time. ■g> Those lota will provo one of tho boat investments over put on tbo Chicago market. Title to property porfoot; abstract of title famished. Terras of sale: One-third Wuh, and balance Jo one,' two, end throe years,' from March 10, 1873, with Interest ■ at 8 per cent. * A deposit of SSO on eaoh lot will bo required at Umo of sals, and balance of first payment wltbin 80 days. A special free train will leave tho depot of tho O. A N. W. R. R.. earner of Oanal and Klnxlo-sta., at 10:15 a. m. on the day of sale. ( A lunch will bo served on tho gronnd. Fists of tho property can bo obtained at the office of O. O. TUAVER A CO., . Real Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, Office, 186 East Madlson-st. BEAUTIFUL MIES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the erection of dwellings. STOVES, RANGES. &c. llfarreii mm WSnS& msgfiMM KrojkEsaaaa Pa? First jm gaAm. Ins: ttw Ba Premium Ba Ga 1871. Sonbla Elrrated .Oren, Vnrmlnff ClMet, BroUlne Door, Pender Quani, Damping and Shaking Qnta, Direct Draft. rUIiLEB, WARREN & CD., Manufacturers, Troy,lV. T« SBANCB HOUSES—Hew York, Clovolind tad CMeico. Diamond & RUBY FURNACES.'. JAMES A. LAWSON, Patentee. - For Heating Churches, School Houses, Public Build ings Private Residences. FULLER, TTAIIREIT &, CO., Manufacturers, Troy, IV. T, SSAHCH SOUSES—Hot Toth Clovelwi wi Chicago. STEWAWII TOVES. I X 873 Pattern. Fob Sals nr ' FULLER WARREN 4 CO., MandWLako-st., Chicago. AUo a fall aeiortmont of Stoves. BO'SrHSTTOISPS HEATING FUMADES! ‘*Oar Favorite” -Ranges, “The Cabinet” Cook Stove, Ilultlmoro Heaters, llonllnff Stoves, Tuttle Ss Bailey’s Registers, Jkc. Theso goods are tho vory'bost manufactured, and are reliable Pn every respect. The BOYNTON FURNACE baa no equal. Ovory 00 different tits* and kinds for beat ing buildings of every description. Heating and venti lating promptly attended to. Estimates made on short ootioo. We Invito tbo attention of dealers and tboso wanting ap orfoct working furnace or cooking arrange* znont to call and see us or send for circulars. BLISS 4 BROWN, ffl Lakost., Chicago. VAN’S PATENT Hotel Ranges, Family Ranges, Broilers, Carving and Steam Tables, Coffee urns, Etc. 36 State-st,, s.w. oor. Lake, Chicago. LAKE NAVIGATION. GOOBEIGH’S STEAMERS For Eadno, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 9a, in. Saturday Excur sion Boat for Milwaukee, etc., do’n't leave nil til 8 p. m. For Grand ITaven, Grand Rapids, HnsJcgon, Spring Lake, Frnitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. m, For St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p. m. For Green Bay Forts, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 p. in,* Wednesday's Boat goes to Escanaha, SUMMER RESORT* GRAND UNION HOTEL SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. T., will opon Jane 1. for the rceoptlon of guest*. Prof. J. M. Lander and uls superb band havo boon engaged for the season. Rooms ean bo engaged at Metropolitan JIo tel or Ollsey House, N. Y. Address BHESLIN, QARD NgR A 00., at Baiatoga Springs, N. Y. O-LBOST HOtJSE, Meant' Washington, N. 11. This favorite snromar resort wiUbe opened June 13. 1878. J. M. THOMPSON A 00. Address till Juno 1, W. A O. K. MILLIKRN, Fort* land. Me. . CHKOMO. KTE3X7V OECROMO, BNTITLBD THE FRIENDS, Given to each onatomor b/ the CHEAT ATLANTIC A PAOIi'IO TEA CO., 116 Wont Wftnhlnglon-nt., 188 Twen ty-aecond-at. Thle ia »lino picture o( a kind-hoartod boy footling lila hoiiioholil pote. TO RENT. Hotel StoresToßent. Several fine Stores, about 20 by 70 eaob, under “ Tbo Commercial, on Lake and Dear* born-flta. Good for either whplosale or retail, Q. F. WORK & GO., 128 liaßallo-flt. MEETINGS. Attention Sir Knights. fit. Bernard Commandory, No. 86. K. T.. New Aiylum S°SSS£%l£9. > ’ Bi?&lSS££^lSS ,, bai2r£rsS&: g>"/"y.'ii nAWTOItD , oomm . nd „. Hnsonic. Thfl Annual Reunion of Ooriatlilnn Chapter, No. 69. It. A. 31., will taka ulaoo ‘A ,^? nd . 4 * ) . #ve * 0 . , . n K' 4 UO A** 4t OorlutUlau Hall, fsfiami 187 KlnEle-aL AII u. A. M, *r« U»riU<l. JJjordorof J. WOODMAN, U. P, FINANCIAL. GLosiisrca- op tub Mm fat® R E. 7.30 Loan. At» recent meeting of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company (ho foltonlng resolution was passed i' 'Therefore, Resolved, That tho Loan of the Company, under Ite present issno. bearing 7 8-10 per cent Interest, be limited to a total amount not exceeding Thirty Millions of Dollars, and that no Issuo of bonds, hereafter, by this Company, beyond the said Thirty Millions, shall bear a higher rate of Interest than 6 per esnt per annum," The limited remainder of tho Soyon-Thlrty loan la now being disposed of through the usual agencies, and on the basts of previous sales will soon bo absorbed. As the bonds of this Issue are made receivable In pay, ment for tho Company's land at 1,10 they are In constant and Increasing demand for this purpose, and will continue to bo after the loan Is closed—a fact which much enhances tholr value and attractiveness as an Investment. The well-known elements of security possessed by these bonds are tho following: 1. They ore tbo obligation of a strong corporation, with over COO miles of completed rood through a valuable coun try. 9. They aro a FIRST MORTGAGE on tbo Road. Us Rights, Franchise*, and Equipments. .8. They aro a FIRST LIEN on Its not earning*, which Will bo lArgo, having a largo Government trade, and will Control.tht tradb of Manitoba and Montana. 4. There’la pledged; in addition, for paymentof princi pal and interest, a Land-Grant of 13,800 acres per mile through tho States, and 25,600 acres per mile through the Territories traversed, sales of which have boon made at an average of $6 per aoro—resulting In a sinking fond for the cancelation or tho 7.80 bonds. Othor securities are received In exchange at market rates. For tbo limited period daring which the Load will bo on tbo m&rkot tbo 7.80 Bond* may bo ordorod from any of tbo Banka and Bankon that have hitherto sold thorn, and from onnelvoa. All needed Information will bo forniabed by tho varloui Agent* of tho Loan, and by JAY COOKE A 00. LTJNT, PKESTON dc KEAN, Goner*! Agent* /or Sale 0/ 7.80 Loao ( Chicago. BAJVKEVG HOUSE OP 11l PMOH & KM SOUTH SIDE, I WEST SIDE, 157 am 159 Lasallß-st. Icon Daisied & BaidolpD-sta. Ofllco boon, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Bank of Biscount and Deposit. Certificates of Boponit bearing Interest. Collections xnado on liberal terms. Advances on Governments and Gold at low rates of interest. Gold Bxohango. Foreign Exchange. Lofc tors of Credit. Also, deal in first-olasa soourities. Stocks for Sale. Chicago City Bailway, Savings Bank. Traders* Insurance, National Bazik. Dr HAMMOND A GAGE, C 4 Waahioston-ot. EQUITABLE US. CO. Very highest cash prloo paid for poUclos. Room £ Wo. 77 West Aladlaon-Bt., upstairs. IOWA AND NEBRASKA LANDS. MILLIONS OF ACRES Iflfa&MMaLais FOB SALE, On 10 yean* credit, with only 6 per coot Interest, payable annually for 4 years after purchase; 90 per cent deducted It one-halt of land bought in Nebraska in 1673 U cultivated in 3 years alter date of purchase; one-half faro and abont one-balf freight per car-load from Chicago to Mlasour River, and FREE FARE In lowa or Nebraska for oar land-buyers. 20 per coot deducted for cash down. SO per cent deducted for H down and bal. in 3 years. 18 per cent deducted If paid in full In 1 year. 15 per cent deducted If paid in full In 3 years. 10 per cent deducted if paid in full in 8 years. By tboao liberal terms, products will pay for the lands and Improvements, GEO. S. HARRIS, Land OommUslonor, Burlington, lowa. Call for Exploring Tickets and fall particulars, on W. H. WISNEU, General Agent, WClark-st., Chicago. LOTTERY. $300,000. Capitol Prize, $50,000. Missouri State Lottery. Grand Single Number Scheme* Drava the last day of every month. B. 880 Prizes, amount log to 8000,00(1. whole tickets. $10; Halves, $3. Bond for circular to MURRAY, MILLER A CO., Box 3,446, fit. Louis. Mo. FOR SALE. Tracing Linen&Paper AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE, HOME & CO., 118 and 120 Monroc-st. FIREWORKS. Fireworks! THE LARGEST STOCK west of Now York, sold at the lowest prices, at lie aa^A3sruox.x>ia:-s , r. CHAS. MORRIS, Manufacturer. WANTED. Ini to $250 per month, OTorywhoro, tosoUoool ■ of the most useful articles cror Invented I Mai noodod la every family. Send for Circa- V V Ur. Address. Partner Wanted. In a well*oatftbUahod Wholesale Grocery Ilouao In Chicago. Reliable party, with $25,000 to SBO,OOO. can secure a do. ■liable business and investment. Address. with refer* encea. WHOLESALE OIiOOKK, Tribune nfitoo. BUSINESS CARDS. J. M. W. JONES, Stationer, Printer, anil Blank book Hannfactnrer, Mob. 104 and 108 Madlson-at, GENEBAI. NOTICE. nsroTJOiHL From this date we shall pay no bills con tracted by any of our employes, except on our written order authorizing the same. ' CHAPIN & GOHB. Chioaco, June 3, IB73« Thc Bad-Pay Bnsincss to Bo Ventilated at tho Opening of Congress. An Investigation of Territorial Mail Abolition of Several Indian Super- Washington, D. 0., Juno B.—Tbo Post Office Department has concluded to send a special agent to tbo various Territories to Inspect the stago routes prior to lotting mall contracts on tbo Ist of September next. Tbo Department is under tbo impression that tboro is considerable swindling both as to length of roads claimed and tbo frequency with which moils are delivered. It is proposed to stop this sort of thing I f possi ble. It is not boliovod boro that tbo suit of tho Huntingdon estate against tbo Metropolis Pav ing Company will ever oomo to trial. Tholr answer Is duo this week, but ihoro bavo boon intimations wbiob load tbo plaintiffs to oxpeot that tho amonnt claimed will bo paid without tbo intervention of tbo courts, and tbo only anxiety now Booms to bo to keep tbo affairs of this company from bo coming public, so that tbo complicity of Con gressmen In contracts may not bo exposed in tbo newspapers. A strong effort is now being mado to induco tho executors of tbo Huntingdon estate to give up whatever papers they may have In tbeir possession whicu criminate Federal officials and members of Congress. In no quarter does thoro seem to bo any disposition to glvo tho publio tbo benefit of tbo information, which aa a matter of record would convict officials of complicity in corrupt transactions. TUB SALARY-GRAD. There la ft prospect of a warm personal discus sion in the noxt Congress on the subject of iho Bidary-stoal voted at Iho last session. The mom bora who took the money regard the action of those members who refused or returned it as an imputation on their official honor and integrity, ana they do not propose to lot it pass by unno ticed. Congressman Randall, of Pennsylvania, ban prepared a speech which ho will deliver on the first opportunity, defending tho oxtra-pay business and criticising tho conduct of those who refused to accept tho money. Ho will show that all those who wore members of tho Thirty ninth Congress in which tho salaries of Con gressmen woro raised from $3,000 to $5,000, and who were in tho lost Congress, took their back Say In 1860, although they refused it in 1878. andoll alleges that tho bach pay of tho Thirty ninth Congress was camnaignod and engineered by Senator Thurman, who introduced it Into a conference Committee. The whole thing will bo ventilated at the next session. \To the Associated Press. l INDIAN SUPERINTENDENOIEa ADOLIBEED. Under tho law enacted at tho last session of Congress, authorizing the President to appoint five Inspectors of Indian Affairs, and to abolish as many of tho existing Indian Suporintondoncies as bo should doom advisable, the President has, upon tho recommendation of tho Secretary of tbo Interior, issued an order abolishing the Snporintondeuclca of Montana, Oregon, oud Arizona, and tbo Northern Indian Sunorintendoucios which comprises Da kota and part of Nebraska, ana appointing tho following-named persona to bo Indian In spectors for assignment to duty under the law as tho interests of tho service may require: J. W. Daniel. Minnesota: «T. O. O’Coi'ner, Now lork ; J. U. ilovior, Michigan ; ii. O. Kimble, New York, and William Yandovor, lowa. Super intendents of Indian affairs • and their clerks in tho abovo named Bupcvlntondouolca will bo re lieved from duty oq tho 80tb lost. Tho Suporin toudouclea of Washington Territory, California, and New Mexico, and tho Southern Suporintond ouoj having jurisdiction over numerous triboa in tho Indian Territory and Togas are retained. Burning: of Oily Cars, and lumber In Cincinnati •• losn t $170,000 -- Fire* EUowrli«co« Cincinnati, 0., June B.—A fire doing $l7O, 000 damage occurred in tbla city to-day, burning 1,400 barrels of coal-oil, 25 freight care, mostly loaded, a lumber yard with 3.000,000 foot, mostly hard, lumber, and 17 dwellings, most of them small frame cottages. At half-post 12 o'clock, when it broke out, four alarms wore sounded colling out the entire department with re serves. Engines from Covington and Newport. came and aided. The fixe broke out in the yard, of tho Marietta & Cincinnati Bailroad in an open frame storage shod, about 800 foot long, situated on the south side of the road, between Smith and Park streets. Tho shod contained 1,400 barrels of coal oil shipped hero from Parkers burg and stored for dealers in this city. Humors are numerous as to how the fire caught. It is generally believed that a lot of boys playing sot ton firo. A young man crossing tho bridge over tho road on Smith street says bo first saw in the shed . a fiamo not larger than a hat; then saw. it burst suddenly up with several successive explosions, enveloping the entire building. Private watchmen employed by tho railroad arrived on tho spot before tho barrels exploded, and commenced rolling barrels away, when other explosions occurred so rapidly that they with difficulty escaped. A locomotive attempted to draw tho coca from a series of ad joining tracks in tho yard, but was aaahlo to ap proach on account of tho intense boat. Twenty caaa wore shoved by hand from tho track most distant from tho shod. Ton of tho cars loft ex posed to tho fire wore loaded with sulphur, tho remaining fifteen wore freighted with tan bark and lumber. Tho sulphur fumes interfered with fighting tho fire. W. H. Lancaster, of tho Marietta road, was seriously injured by inhaling thorn while trying to save tho oars. Ton of tho oars wore burned to tho ground, and most of them utterly de stroyed, while tho remaining fifteen, with their contents, were badly damaged. This loss of cars and freight falls on the Marietta & Cincinnati Bailroad. Thirty-seven, hundred dollars' worth of marble in blocks in the yard was crumbled to pieces. Bouth of tho shod tho firo spread to tho lumber-yard of E. Boborta & Co., extending on the north Bids of Second street, from Smith street nearly to Port street. This was soon en tirely enveloped in flames. The lumber was piled high and close. Bight across Second street, from tho burning lumber, sixty foot dis tant from it, wore three immense iron receivers of the Goa ‘Works. Tho Gas Company kept too men on tho top of tho tanks, with hose, throw ing water on tho heated irou. Those receivers, on tho side next tho firo, were rod hot, and mom entarily in danger of explosion, in which event it would have boon certain death to the men on top. Tho firco ompanios did oil tho intense heat would permit them. The men at last hod to forsake tho gas-holders, but by this time tho coal-oil had all burned up, and only tho lumber yards and burning dwellings on Second. Park, and South Pearl streets remained to bo quenched. The department soon got control of the firo, and the gas-reservoirs wore oat of dan ger. Tho heat was so intense as to fracture tho stone rims to tho gas lank on Second street. The fire communicated to the fence of tho coal yard of the gas company, which U completely charred. On Second street, near Park street, between Second dud South Pearl, and on South Pearl, from Park street oast to tho lumber yard, tho dwellings wore swept off. There wore eighteen of them, four of which wore two-story bricks, the remainder one aud two-story frames. They wore occupied by about forty families, most of thorn poor, Who wore turned homeless. They succeeded iu saving tho greater part of their portable household effects. A stable, with two horsos, was consumed. The principal losem of tho dwellings wore tho Marietta & Cincinnati Bailroad Company, Will iam Prist, M. E. H. Tudor, Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Qlubbou, and Iloho Gilmore. The losses will foot up about as follows : E. Bupert & Co., lumber yard, SIOO,OOO i Marietta Bailroad in oars and freight, $25,000 ; ooal oil largely owned by two firms, Alexander McDon ald, and Durolohordt, $12,000 t dwelling houses. $25,000} marble and stone, $3,800 \ household BECOMD A CO., 167 BUtd-at., Ouxoaoo, 111, WASHINGTON. Contracts to Be Made. intendencies. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, SWINDLING MAIL CONTRACTS. opnnumoN cloaked. FIRES. CHICAGO, MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1873. goods, horses, damage to Gas Company’s proper ty, loss of shod, and damage to Marietta Railroad, yard $4,200. Insuranoo on the lumber yard of Roberts & Co. $40,600 in tbo Homo of Colum bus; $2,000 In tbo Pbmnix of Hartford: $4,000 in tho iEtna; $5,000 In tbo Dayton, of Dayton;. $2,600; in tho Farmers, A Merchants' Manufac turing, of Hamilton, $2,600 nearly equal in oigbl Cincinnati companies. Tbo amount of destruction by tho flro was comparatively small, but in He perilous nature U never bod Its equal. Fortunately It broke out in mid-day during a calm at tho out set, after which a slight south wind turned tbo flames from tbo gas works directly oast of it, where aro located tbo largo depots and several immoneo factories of furniture and other articles containing much wood. Tho immense elevator was scorched, but not flrod, A smart palo from tho wostswonld have loft the lower level of tho city to tbo mercy of tho flames. Tbo insuranoo on dwellings is comparatively light, probably ono-fourtb of tbo value. At 10 o'clock to-nlgbt. tho lumber yard lights that part of tbo city, aud tbo engines are still Dispatch to The Chicago Tribttm. ’ Detroit. Alton., Juno B.—Tho losses by tho flto yesterday wore greater than first supposed; They aro now stated to bo about $200,000; throo establishment of tho iKw vSrA iflP&aldng Company, roar of 72 (üb2 Sullivan street, was destroyed by flro this morning, together with thirty norsos. Loss estimated at. $126,000; partly covered by in surance. . * Ban Francisco, June B.—A fira this evening destroyed tbo office of tbo Cooperative Printing Union, on Commercial street. Loss about SIO,OOO. ' ■ , ‘ Xja’Balle, Juno B.—A flro broke out in; Pont. 111., this morning, destroying tbroo tenement bouses near tbo Rook Island Railroad depot. Tbo probable lops is less than SI,OOO. THE INDIANS. War Department Order* Concerning tbo Trial ol tlio Captured Modocs— Two' Women Recognize tlio Murdor or* ol Thoftr Haibnndi-Tho Attempt to Avenge Ibolr Wrong*—Gen. Dari* and One of tlio Savages Slightly Wounded In iho Melee. Boris's Camp, TulbLahe , Peninsula, Jnno o.—Soon after tbo arrival of tbo Mpdoo prison ers at this comp, God. Davis sent word to tbo settlors of Tulo .Lake'and tbo Lake River country. Ho desired thorn to comoand identify tbo murderers. Among those who responded to iho call wore Airs. Boddy, andhor daughter, Mrs. Sahicra, two women who were widowed by tbo Modocs. Boddy and Schlora took up tbreo-quar tor sections of land near tbo mouth of Lost River, last August, with thoir families, and settled in tbo* country. On tbo morning of Nov. 20 Oapt. Jackson’s command attacked Jack and bis party on Lost River, and compelled them to retire. Hooka Jim and bis party wore on tbo north side of tbo rivor from Jack’s, but know hls dofcat. Tho men woto murdered by Hooka Jim and bis associates during tbo tore noon on that day, whilo cutting wood, hording fiheep, etc., within a few miles of tbo bouso, and utterly unconscious of dangor. Tbo agout of tbo Yainax reservation bad promised thorn that any offensive movement against tbo Indians should bo mode known to tbo settlors in timo to afford thorn an opportunity to obtain safe refuge. Tbo messenger sent by tbo agout failed to do bis duty, thereby facilitating tbo massacre. The ar rival of Mr. Boddy’s team without a driver, and the blood upon tbo wagon was tbo first intimation of tho terrible trogody. Those poor women, be fore noon, found tho bodies of tbo murdorod men stripped of all their clothing at different points within a fow miles of s tho house. They also mot tbo Modocs, Hooka y:m, Long Jim, Oarly-Hoadod Doctor, Ono-EyiJ Moso, Rock Dave, Humph Jerry, and Mrs. Hooka Jim, who wore implicated in tho crimo, "While the Indi ana wont to tho bouao to find more male victims, tho women escaped, traveled day and uiuht. *n»i auffoiod many hardships, and i cached Hr. Van Rapp’s la a completely exhausted condition. Qon. Davis rocoivod the women kindly and hoard thoir story. Ho assigned them to a tent and promised to assist them in tho recovery of tho stolon goods. This moruing Hooka Jim and Steamboat Frank, who bad just returned from a scout after throe or four missing Modocs, woro taken to the tent occupied by tbo women. Hooka Jim was identified by Mrs. Boddy as one of tbo Indians concerned in tho massacre in question. About the robbery bo said Long Jim took a long purao containing SBOO, and bo took a short puree Tho womon boro bocamo oxcltod. Thoy lost all control over their footings, and began crying, and started in (or desperate work. Mrs. Soheera drew a pistol and started for Steamboat Frank, and Mrs. Bodily drew a knife and dashed at Hooka Jim. Gen. Davis stopped in a moment and secured both weapons. During tbo struggle tho General rocoivod a slight cut in tho nalm of tho hand and near tho thumb. Hooka and Steamboat stood like statues. Neither spoke or offered to resist. It galls Jack and his comrades to boo Hooka Jim and Frank traveling to and fro at will, ond armed at that. Ho does not understand tbo re sult of taming State's evidence. This after noon ho became greatly oxoltod, and gave vont to bis race in a fiery oration. Ho rose in bis chains with Sconomn, and in a strong and im pressive manner recited bis grievances. Tho purport of what ho said is told by Scarfaco Charley. Ho Is mad, says Charley, to soo that tho white man no eorvo oil alike. While Jack was delivering his peroration, ond bis fellow-captives woro worming m sympathy with him. tho officer of the guard como in and compelled him to de sist. Thoro aro now 131 Modocs under guard. Juno 7.—Qon. Davis proposes to take tho cav alry, light battery of tho Fourth Artillery, and infantry and march to Klamath, to Wamor, to Harvey, ond Walla Walla for tbo purpose of in timidating tbo bad Indians. Preliminary orders for tho movement have boon Issued. Fairchild's Ranch, Juno B—28 —2 a. m.—At Ba. m. yesterday, John Fairchild and Brother Bur gess, together with Bogus Charley and ox- Bhoriff Shook-Nasty Jim, loft boro with the Modoc prisoners captured in this neighborhood for Boyle’s Camp, on tho Peninsula, to-day. 8, a. m.—Other Indians lurking in this vicin ity will most likely bo captured in a few days. D. 0., Juno B.—Tbo President and Secretary of War have already boon In formed of tho opinion of Attorney-General Williams, that such of the Modocs as are charged with offenses against the recognized laws of war may bo tried and punished by a military com mission. Tbo War Department will, In oo oordanco with this opinion, send instructions to Qon. Davis through Gen. Scofield. There is no doubt that a Commission will bo organized without delay, and tbo trial com mcnood according to tbo regulations of tbo army. Tbo proceedings and findings of a Mili tary Commission, whore tho sentence is death, are transmitted to Washington for tho review nmi approval of tho President, before sentence can be carried into effect. Several weeks must unavoidably pass before tbo punishment of tbo Modocs can take place. Railroad Accident#* Omaha. Neb., June 8, —la consequence of the late heavy rains the Elkhorn Blvor lias boon over Its banks several days. As to-day’s passenger train west, on the Union Pacific, was passing over the trestle work on the lost approach to tho Elkhorn bridge, tho engine, mail, express and baggage cars and a car loaded with fish, wont through into tho water. M. Carry, road master, is missing, and supposed to be drowned. No one else hurt. Passengers from the west will be de layed until to-morrow. No transfer can be made nntil tho track is clear. Reformed German Church* Indianapolis, Juno B.—The Synod of the Re formed Gorman Church convened in this city yesterday. A report from the Mission Institute of Mulheim, Germany, requesting greater sym pathy and assistance from this Synod was pre sented, and was adopted as far as completed.

Bov. J. H. Bentoncok, D. D., of Sheboygan, was elected editor of tuo Evangelist, a OlmroU paper at Olovelaud, O. Respited* BALTmonn, June B.—Gov. Wyhtohas respited Ilaßahan, one of the parties convicted of the murder of Mrs. Lamploy, until tho Ist of Aug ust. Fatally -Stabbed* Oambihdob Cm, Inch, June B.—About mid night last night Hugh Earley waa attacked at UU residence and stabbed flvq or six times, his physicians say fatally. A woman and an old grudge were the cause. Boston, Juno B.—This evening two men em ployed in tho Herald office, named Androw Eagan and Thomas Holoban, got into a dispute, when Eagan stabbed Holobnn in tbo abdomen, inflicting a wound of which bo will probably dlo. Eagan was arrested. OHIO. Lnrffo Mooting of Farmers nt Rians field—A JLivcly Time Over tho Reso lutions—Oliurcli Dedication* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Mansfield, 0., Juno B.—A Workingmen’s and Farmers 1 Convention was bold in tho Court- House in this city yesterday. Tbo call had boon numerously signed by men of both parties, and considerable interest was manifested by our local politicians as to wbat was its intention,' and what It would result In. At tho hour fixed for the mooting, 11 a. m., a largo representation was present, Including many of k tbo most substantial fanners in tho county. Tho convention was called to order hr ttppninttnsni of ITonry President, and Qon. B. BripkorholT as Boorotary. Com mittees on Permanent Organization, Resolutions, and Order of Business wore appointed, and tho mooting adjourned until 1 o'clock. ~ After the opening of tho afternoon session, Sormanont organization was effected by calling ohn O. Walker to'tho and .Gen. Briu kerhoff was continued as Boorettrry." Tno dilior bnt Committees reported. Thd report ortho" Committee on Bosolutlons, consisting of twonty ty-two whereases, Ac., denounced ‘the present political organizations as corrupt and unworthy of oonfldonco s repudiating tho salary-grab and increase of salary: the Credit Mohilior, railroad. Congressional, ana all other zings; donations of public lands, and extolling froo trado as a re form on which bangs our notiouarprospority. Tho reading of tho resolution produced groat excitement. Speeches wore mode by Gen, Brinkorhoff in their support, and by Messrs. Graham, 800, and Wallace, denouncing in most violent terms what they called tho attempt to turn tho Convention over to tho Liberal Repub licans, in which Qon. Brinkorhoff, the assumed loader and champion of tho movement, . was bandied without gloves. Tho opposition seomod to oomo principally from tho Administration element in tho body, the Democrats apparently enjoying tho fact that the Convention was likely to brook up in a row, and relieve them from any .danger in their local nominations shortly to bo made. After a full discussion, tho resolutions wore laid on tho table by a decisive vote, and tho Con vention adjourned without a platform, to moot again on Juno 23, at which time they would con fer as to whether they would nominate a legis lative and county ticket. Tho now Congregational church edifice was dedicated to-day, the other churches of the city omitting their services to attend tho exor cises. Bov. M.E. Slriobly, of Now York, preached the dedicatory sermon in tho morning, and Bov. Dr. E. B. Maxwell, of Cincinnati, a former pas tor. in tho evening. The clergy of tho city gen erally attended and took part m tho solemnities. In tho afternoon tho annual temperance mooting of all tho Sabbath schools of the city .was held, and addressed by visiting and homo clergymen. Tho edifice is one of tho finest of the kina in tho West,'tho main oudionco-room, including gal leries, Healing comfortably 1,200 persons. Tho cost of tho building was about SIOO,OOO. Dr. E. B. Fairfield is tho regular pastor. WHISKY TROUBLES. Fatal Affray at Fort Dodge, lowa* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Dubuque, la., June 8. —Fort Dodgo was last night tho econo of a fearful tragedy and homi cide, resulting from attempts of tho city author ities to suppress, tho whloky tr&fllwvprovlons at-, tempts at which have involved tho city in sever al heavy law-suits. The caso in question grow' out of the seizure of a barrel of whisky on tho premises of Charles Harris, a saloon-keeper, which so incensed him that ho procured a quan- tity of liquor and bogan treating tho crowd, after* which ho wont into a cigar store close at band., whoro ho was accosted by City Marshal Brooks and- Policeman Stewart, who immediately assaulted him with their canes, when Haines drew a re volver which Brooks tried to take from him. Daring tho soufllo which ensued tho pistol was discharged, tho ball taking effect in Haines* heart, causing instant death. Tho most intense excitement prevailed, considerable talk of lynch ing being freely indulged in, but bettor counsels prevailed, and all is now quiet. Brooks and Stowart are both under arrest, and tho real facts in tho cose will doubtless appear at tho trial. WEATHER AND WATER. CniCAoo, Juno S—l' The following reports have been receiv daces mentioned below: Thr\ irind. Station, N., light. IE., fresh, 8. £., fresh. E., light. *l. I£. t fresh, 1., geutlo. 1. E., fresh, l. E., fresh. Jalra, 65 Cl CO 70| Gs| 40 72 8. Cl 8. 42] 0) Breckinridge. 8uffa10....... Chicago Cincinnati ... Cleveland.... Cheyenne.... Davenport.. Detroit...... Duluth Escanaba,,,. Fort Garry.. Keokuk Marquette... Milwaukee.. Omaha St. Paul Toledo 6519. 8., fresh. 56 W., fro«li. T1 3. E., fresh. 6i19., fresh. 54 E., light. 07' W„ freab. 78jS. E., freah, 03 E., fresh. rnODABIIiITIES. Wabuiuqtok, Juno 8. —For Now England, on • Monday, light to fresh northeasterly and south easterly winds, and generally clear weather. I For tho Middle States and Lower Lake region, J northeasterly to southeasterly winds, and In-1 creasing cloudiness. For tho South Atlantic, and Gulf States, cast of the Mississippi, light to fresh southeasterly to southwesterly erally cloudy weather, and rain areas. From Tennessee to Ohio and Lower (in creasing cloudiness, rain areas, and winds, mostly from tho East and South. For Misso'cri, Illinois, lowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, winds shifting to northerly and westerly, clear und clearing weather, and rising barometer. RTAOIS or WATKB. Dally report of tho Btngo of wafcsr, with ebangoetin ho 21 bourn, endlug 3 p. in.. Juno 8, 1873: CUAKOES. ABOVE BOW ____________ WAIEK. !l(ae _ | FaU ' 81. I'.ul IS ft. 11 in. l I * •<“ Omaha 13 ft. 9 In. Davenport 9 4 In ' • Keotuk JO ft. 7 In.! j Xln 81. Loula 33 It. 11 In.l 1 J n Pllltburgh HI. 7 In 3 In Cincinnati 10ft. Sin. 11 in Lontovillo s ft. 3 In 3ln Memphis 33 ft. 11 in 11 In Naahvlllo 6 ft. 6 In 7ln •Now Orleans a ft. 6 Id.| .......... lld •Bolow Ugh water mark of 1871. W. 0. Kaufman, Observer Signal Service United States Army. RUN OVER AND KILLED. At 0 o’clock last evening, an elderly man named John Ilarlan, of No. 17 John street, was killed at tho corner of ITalstod and Twenty-sixth j streets, by being run down by a heartless sooun-, drol on horseback. Tho old man exerted him self to got out of the way, but tbo speed at, which the man was riding made his efforts una vailing. Ilarlan was not instantly killed, but died In a few minutes after receiving his inju ries. Ills skull waa fractured by a blow from one of tho horse’s feet. The murderer did not stop to find out tho extent of tho Injuries of his victim, but rodo away with increased speed. Tho affair was witnessed by a number of persons, who agroo In denouncing the reckless rider. Qo can bo identified, and unless bo has loft tbo city will probably bo ar rested to-day. Tho reckless disregard which the drivers of vehicles show for tho rights of people who frequent the streets is becoming unbearable, and should bo looked after. If it wore not necessary to walk in the middle of tho streets tho aspect of the complaint would bo changed. But since It is a necessity, foot pas sengers have rights that ought to ho respected. Xlio Cholera* . Nashville, Juno B.—lt is very evident that tho disease here, which some call cholera, is sub* siding. Power cases arc reported and milder. i♦ m . FOREIGN. Tbc Spanish Cortes Reassembles on Saturday. A Mexican Government Organ Indulges in Belligerent Suggestions. MEXICO. Matauoras, J\inoß.—Tho Vox Puptlca, Gov ernment organ, in an editorial hooded 11 Enva elon,” severely criticises tho Qon. Mackenzie expedition to Moxico In pursuit of Kickapoo In dians, denouncing tho oot as an aggression com mitted upon a nation that is too weak to resist, and intended to sorvo as a pretext to siozo addi tional territory. _. Tho Government of Mexico is urged to ozaot "immediate reparation for this violation of hor sovereignty, and concludes by saying that if it is not complied with it will bo found that tbo Moxico of to-day is not tbo Moxico of 1810.!' It Is supposed that this article reflects tho sentiments of tho Gov ernment received from tbo. City of Moxico by telegraph, and is put forward to tost tho feelings of the people of tho frontier of Moxico. •• ,W/, V- - * MAtnniyhuuo B.—The Constituent Cortes ro- Mfiomblod this morning and passed a resolution definitely proclaiming a Federal Republic by a vote of 210 yeas' antunst 2 nays, A motion-to.make' tbo day a national holiday was rejected. . < Bonor Olozaga will bo, recalled from the Em bassy at Paris, and Bonor Morel* from that at Loudpn. * - .. Proceedings in the Cortes lost night wore not final, but indicate that the now Ministry will bo announced to-day, probably os fol lows:. President of Council, without port folio, Bonor Pi y Margall; Minister of. Interior, Beuor Polonca; Minister, of State, Bonor Walsounavo : Minister of Justice. Bonor J. Ptcdicol: Miaistof of War, Honor Efltovanz ; Minister of tho Colonies, Senor Bond ; Minister of Finances, Bonor Tutan ; Minister of Marino, Bonor Orelro. , ■ During tho session of tho Cortes, to-day, tho oxtromo radicals aasorablod in largo numbers In front of tho palaco, and demanded that tb6 rod flag bo hoisted. Tho tronblo in Grenada is onded. - After five hours’ obstinate fighting, tho carbineers laid down thoir arms and surrendered to tho citi zens. Tho Egualidad, in its report of tho affair, says tho soldiers frequently cheered for Don Alphon- I zo during tho fight. Pams, Juno B.—There was an unusual attend ance at tho races to-day. Among distinguished Seraons present woroProßidontMacMahon, Duke o Broglie, M. Buffet, and several prominent members of tho diplomatic corps. The grond prize of Paris was won by Boiord, Flageolet second, and Doncaster, tho victor in tho English Derby, third. Boiard won easily, boating Flageolet by a length. Paris, Juno 8. Prince Jerome Napoleon called upbn President MaoMahon to-day, and loft his cord. Tho President returned a mos-’ sage acknowledging -the courtesy with bis com pliments. , Ze Corsairc, newspaper, has been suppressed by order of Gen. L’Admirault. GERMANY, Stuttgart, June 8.-—The Emperor of Russia has arrived in this city from Vienna. Weisbadek, Juno B.—-Tho Shah of Persia arrived hero to-day, on route to London. .OMAHA. A Dlflhonoßt Jtidg-o— flnlon Pocllic Knllroad mvlltS* , Special IHavateh to The Chicago Tribune, Omaha, Juno B.—Gon. Eatabrook was yeator day indicted by the Grand Jury for embezzling money collected by him as fines while ho was acting os Police Judge a year ago; The passenger earnings of the Union Pacific last week wore $118,130, against $81,600 for tho somo period in 1872. Six tons of bullion arrived hero from tho West y Dr. -ifoaoham, who was wounded by the treacherous Modocs, loft for tho East yesterday. CHINESE VENGEANCE. Xho Slanphtcr of Thirty Thousand Rebels* From tho Xexo York I'ribune, Juno 4. 10:18 p. m. red from the Oat of the mystery which has always envelop ed the distant provinces of China comes a frightful story of violence and blood. It Is re lated in a London telegram to the Associated Press that the Imperial Chinese forces, having captured tho City of Tali-fn, Province of Yun nan, fell upon the inhabitants, who are Moham medan letolfl, and put 80,000 of them to death. The Sultan, it is further said, poi soned himself, suicide being preferable to cap tureby the victorious Imperialists. It is hardly accurate, however, to speak of Tali-fu 'as “ tho capital of a Mohammedan State in the Province of Yunnan." The termination of tho name of the city indicates that it is tho capital of one of those districts Into which every Chinese province is subdivided. These subdivis ions correspond to the counties Into' which our States are divided, and are called 44 Fu." Tali, or Tall-fu, is the chief city of one of tho districts, or “ Fu," of the Province of Yunnan. Tho r capital of the Province Is Yunnan-fu, nearly 200 milos southeast of tho city which has just boon devastated by tho Chinese army. The Mohammedan rebellion is ono of tho chronic sores of tho Chinese Empire. It has existed sinco 1855, having swept tho ontiro western and northwestern Imo of prov inces. In 18G1-2 it attained its greatest and most formidable dimensions, ana threatened to overturn tho existing dynasty. Of late years, however, tbo Mohammedans have gravitated to ward Yunnan, a groat province in tho extreme southwestern corner of China, bounded ex teriorly by Siam, Annam, Hannah, and Laos. Ever stnoo the drat years of Mohammed, this province has boon permeated with tho infl uences of tho doctrines of tho Prophet. As long ago as tho time of Marco Polo, that Father of Oriental History found the inhab itants of Corajan, as he called Yunnan, “ chiefly Saracens and Idolaters.” Alter tho rebellion of 1855 bad made sufficient headway against tho Imperial Government, tbo Mohammedans chose a ruler or chief. At last accounts, all of Western Ynnnan was virtually an independ ent Stato, Sultan Suleiman, os ha was called, being tho head of tho Government. The Chi nese Imperial power was too weak or too indo lent to compel tho submission of those rebels or reduce this interior kingdom to subjection. Something like annual tribute was paid to tho tax-gatherers of tho province, and tho local Ohiuoso authorities having satisfied their ropaol ty.tho Eocodera were lot alono. This snddon explosion in 44 Tho Cloudy South," as tho name of tho province aptly signi fies, will attract tho attention of tho civilized world to the interior condition of China, and especially the unknown region whoro this bloody drama has boon enacted. Until Mr. T. T. Cooper, an adventurous English man, endeavored to oxploro a passage across Yunnan into Burmah, a few years ago, we knew scarcely anything of tho country, except what Marco Polo hod written of it in the thirteenth century. In 1280, Tali-fu was tho second city in Carajan, or Yunnan, and a grandson of Kanlai Khan, who rolgnod over that pact of the province or Kingdom, mode hla seat of government at tho city just cow sadly recalled to tho memory of the outside world. What is tho state of affairs in that densely populous region ? What aro tho man ners and oustoma of the peopUhaud what their political theory of governments. Those questions are more impossible of intelligent answer than similar inquiries concerning inhabitants m tho heart of Africa. Tho people aro warlike and unfriendly. Their treasures of gold and pre cious stones aro very groat. In the time of llaaolduddin, a Persian cotomporary of Maroo Folo, the country was called that of tho 41 People of tho Gold Tooth." To this day, iu Western China, an extravagant person is jocosely asked if bis father lo Governor of Yunr nan; just os wo inqulro of our glided youths if they have relatives in tho public ser vice. We throw out those hints about the Province of Yunnan, in passing, for tho benefit Weather. Oloudy. Clear. Fair. Fair. Fair. Light rain. , Cloudy. * Clear. > Cloudy. Cloudy. Fair. Fair, Fair. Cloudy. Fair. , Oloudy. (Fair. j of such of onr gold-seeking adventurers and dis ciples of manifest 'destiny os may fancy au ex ploration of tho roglon with a view, to tjifl fioflßlbllltioo of annexation. It is very deaf jnn China cannot govern those oil aj} provinces with any dignity and fliij Is. China is an onormona polyp. To lop off i go collon boro and ihoro would not seriously■ .W«cl tho vital centre. There nro neither newel ojrs nor public opinion in the empire. Tho a\ ■of thoao cofrolatlvo forces in sufficient ox c V cion of such an abnormal development of "Vat which has just provoked a bloody blow Id KH fci. Yet, it cannot bo said that tbo 1m 2bl powor is crumbling into pieces while d w a frightful punishment of rebels is possible. £ New York, Jnno B.—BishopSamuol R. w n, of Louisville, is in this city. Coroner Voting and Deputy Coroner Marsh have boon sum moned to appear before tho Grand Jury on Mon day. to testify concerning tho killing of Mans field Tracy Walworth by his son Frank. A mooting under tbo auspices of tho Grand Lodge of Masons was hold this morning, at tho Masonic Temple. Deputy Grand Master W. A. Woodthorno presided. ‘Tho following additional arrangements woro'motw regarding tho proposed obsequies to take place- in this city on the ar rival of tbo remains of .Tamos L. Orr, lato United States Minister to Russia. Owing to ab sence from tho city of Gen. Chao, Roomo, Grand Marshal of tho Grand Lodge, Hen ry Olay Preston, Past Eminent Grand Commander of the Grand Commaudery of Knights Tomplar of tho State, was appointed Grand Marshal of tho procession. U. W. Deputy Grand Master ThornO named tho following dis tinguished Masons pall-bearers at tbo funeral : M. W. Christopher G. Fox, M. W. John.L. Lewis, M. W. Clinton F. Pago, M. W. Gibson, M. W. John H. Anthon, M. W. Isaac Phillips. M. W. James Jonklnson, M. W. Nathaniel P. Waring, ■ M. W. John J.' Crauo, M. W.- Stopben H. Johnson, and the Hov. Robert Macov. Tho funeral ■wp! take place on. Thursday should tho remains arrivc'WirPuooauy, and on Friday if tho remains arrivo on Wednes day. Dr. Uopworth’s now church was definitely fixed upon as tho place whoro tho services tako place. A resolution was adopted requesting tho calling out of tho First Division National Guard to toko part in tbo ceremonies. , FRANCE. NUMBER 294. NEW YORK. A Duel Thirty Years Ago, A California paper reprints the atory of the duel, thirty yoara ago. between John Hampden Pleasants, editor of tuo Richmond Whip, and Thomas Ritchie, Jr., editor of the Richmond Enquirer* The challenge from Ploaaants to Ritoliio was one of the most extraordinary over sent: “I will bo on the Manchester aide of tho James River, near the factory between the river and canal, to-morrow morning at 6 o’cloclc, armed with rifle, pistol, and sword. Wo will advance and fire on each other till one or tho other falls.'* This was tho snbaianco of Mr. Pleasants’ chal lenge. Mr. Ritchie objected to it for va rious reasons, among which wore: “Because it gives tho challenging party ’ tho choice of time, place, and weapons, a right invariably ac corded by tho * code’ to tho challenged; bo cause its terms are savage, sanguinary, and ro voltlug to tho tastes of civilized society. Not withstanding those objections, I will bo at the Slaco at the time named, armed in tho manner escribed, and will defend myself from any at tack mode on mo.” ' Wlitfn' tho duel came off. Pleasants was mortally wounded, hat returned Ritchie’s Are and continued to advance on him, and, when within striking distance, drew hi* sword, giving Ritchie a severe cut on thonp, which was all tho wound tho latter received. Pleasants lingered only a few days, and Ritchlo ended hla life by remorseful dissipation. Weekly Hevlcw of the' Albany TClvo Stock market. Special Dispatch to The Chicago TWftufle. Albany, N. Y., June o.—Bkkves —This week’s mar kot has beno, lu many respects, much more favorable to dealers than Inst. Although profits have been small, It may bo considered a fair market. On Thurs day, at opening, attendance was good, being composed almost wholly of local buyers, who demanded con cessions, but, finding that holders of stock wero firm, purchased' fairly, the sales of the day being somewhat pnmUor than on the opening day last week, paying about the ruling prices of last week's market. On Friday, a decidedly bettor feeling was shown, attend ance was larger than on the preceding day, compris ing a good representation from the East, New York, and also a large number of local buyers. Tho sales of the day wore largo, and a good feeling was manifested, the market closing firmer and stronger. Yesterday the attendance was also largo. Buyers knowing that tho supply would bo none too large*, took hold with considerable vigor, and an active market was tho result. Buying was rapid, and before night the pens wore empty. The fact I hat only ton car-loads would bo received to-day also tended to strengthen the market and cause buyers to take stock more readily. Tho ruling of tho market showed a steady advance from the opening on Thursday, closing at a full Ho $1 lb advance over the ruling prices of last week. Receipts for the week nro about 1.600 bead short of last week, and of an average quality about the same, with a few tops, upon which there was no a Ivauco in prices. Tho following is a {able of comparative value as in dicating the mala ruling of tho market this week: This Week, Loot Week. .$7.00(2,7,10 $7.00(37.60 6.50(20.76 0.25(30.50 Premium, Extra 6.00(£C.37 6.78(30.12 0.80(30.00 6.38(30.80 6.00@5.65 4.76(35.35 4.50(44.75 4.00(94.02 First quality.. Second quality, Third quality., Inferior. Sheep and Lamos— Receipts this week light, and, with a good local demand, the market has ruled strong at an advanrp of &@Jio advance, with sales of 30 car loads. Receipts of unshorn sboop nominal. Wo quote shorn State and Western at OK@CXc per lb. A few lambs have boon received, which wore taken at 101-7 ®llc per !b. Milch Cows—Supply this week numbers about SC bead, which Is fully equal to tho moderate demand. Prices lower at a decline of $5.00 per toad from lasi week’s prices. Ruling prices are from $46.00 to SCS.OC per bead. Houses—Receipts this week about GOO head, equal to the average, and, although trade has not been quite as active, there Is no perceptible change Jn prices. Illinois River and Canal Nows* Special Dispatch to The Chicago TV/bune. LaSalle, 111., Juno B.—Tho steamer Denver arrived to-day from St. Louis, towing canal-boats D. T. Wright and Bay State, from St. Louis, loaded with duo clay, for LaSauo; also, tho canal-boat Hiawatha, from St. Louis, loaded with building stone, for Chicago. Tho steamer Katie arrived, lowing canal-bonts Metrop olis and North America, from Ohllllcothe, the former light, tho latter loaded with corn for Chicago. Th« steam tug Oriole departed for St. Louis, from Chi cago: also, steamer Beaver, light, for Henry, and steamer Katie, light, for Peru, Thirty inches of walei reported in tho dam at Henry to-day, and river falling tag Oriole, from Chicago ; tho canal boat Oak Loaf, loaded with moulding sand, from Ohanna horn, aim the canal boat Thunderbolt, loaded with pig iron, from Chicago, all bound for St. Louis, passed oul of the canal to-day. The canal boat Cuba, light, for Ottawa, the canal boat Hiawatha, from Bt. LouUk loaded with building etono for Chicago ; tho canal boat Metropolis, light, from OhtUcotbe, for Ohlcogo, and tbo canal boat North America, loaded with corn, from Ohllllcothe for Chicago, all passed into tho canal to-day. There ore 10 foot and 6 inches of water reported on the mitre sill of Lock 15 (o-day. Vessels Passed Detroit* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Detboit, Mich., Juno B.—Passed Up.—Props Chins, Glasgow, and bargoa ; barks Van Valfcenburg, Monitor, Turner; schrs 11. 0. Cleveland, Algerine, Atwater, D. M. Foster, I>. Vi. Perry, 0. M. Bond, Tod man, Ayer, Baldwin, West Bide, Hoisted, Trinidad, Skylark, Alice, 11. Fltzhugh, Kute Kelly, Queen of tho North, UcIUo, Uobokon, Ivuly DulTorin, Albatross, Middlesex, Brooklyn, Selkirk, Alva Bradley, Theo. Perry, A. Bradley, John Mott, Florida. Passed Down— Props Mary Robinson, Dubuque ; bark Austin ; schrs Thomas Ferry, Atwater. Ponokec, Maxwell, Midnight, Ana Dale. Bessie Berwick, it. J. King. Wind—Northcoat. The X’opo’H SlliivsH* From the London Lancet, Tho Pope's illness is, ns wo have all along Intimated, more serious than is officially given out. Corobro-spinal oxbaustion t the result of a Hfo-long liability to epileptoid-soizurea, is raam feat; wullo the paroxysms of coughing, duo to subaouto bronchitis, sufllco of thomsolvcs to in duoo tho congestion which brings on ono of those seizures. Locomotor ataxy is also Indi cated ; Indeed, tho medical prognosis would bo grave, oven if Ills Holiness were not a much tried octogenarian. Deep Sea NounAtnir** ITaltpAx. N. S m Juno B,—Tho toamahlp Chal lenger, with the scientific expedition, arrived at Bermuda from Halifax on tho 10th nil. Sound ings taken toud to show that tho configuration of tho bod of tho Atlantic in this region will easily admit of laying a telegraphic cable, both toward tho States and Nova Scotia, the greatest depths never reaching 300 fathoms, with an average of about 2,500, aud a gradual rise of the sea bottom at both extremities. Obituary* Noswabk, Conn., Juno B.— Chief Jaeticf Thomas B. Butler, died hero this evening,

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