Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 9, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 9, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY, Saturday Evening, Juno T, The local monoy market, lllco that of Now York, has shown on increasing supply of funds throughout tho week. Tho banks, of oourso, maintain their rato of discount at lOpdrcont, but mauy of thorn are uuablo to llud employ ment for all their spare funds at that rate, and in some Instances aro offering monoy on call at 8 per cent. Borne oro moving their surplus of unemployed monoy to Now York, where they got 4 por cent on current balances. Frhno commercial paper sells in tho street,readily, at 10 per cent, and accommodation paper made by speculators who aro financially good, but who oro not regularly settled In any mercantile business, soils at 12 to 15 per oont. Heal oslnto paper also, secured by mortgages, and having six mouths or a year to run, soils at 12 to 15 por cent. There is considerable movement of curronoy to tho country, and particularly to tho wheat re gions of the Northwest, indicating tho probabil ity of increasing receipts of that grain. It would soora that the increasing abundance of money would stimulate tbo demand for our local stocks: banks, horso-rallways, oto., etc., which nearly all pay from 15 to 20 por cent per annum, but tho groat bulk of tho monoy in the market at present soome to bo offered for short investments. . .. Tho cleavings of tho Chicago banks lor the week woro t Clearing*. Balance*, .. $0,160,441.03 $688,064.80 ~ 6,111,507.40 030,300.43 .. 4,417,831.43 893,700.64 ... 4,430,591.70 205,666.03 4,333,386.07 374,166.33 ... 8,018,514.37 860,001.35 Dnte. Monday Tuesday.... Wednesday, Thursday.. Friday... Saturday Total *29,287,230.10 |2,811,727.U ™ 27,023,570.20 2,719,259.10 Tho following quotations of local stocks aro furnished hy Messrs. Hammond & Gage t Bid. • rfltxid. First National Bank MO ... •Third National Bank Ig }JJ Fifth National Bank 137 140 Commercial National 8ank............ 142 ... Merchant*’ National 8ank.............. 200 >•» Gorman National Bank. 125 130 Manufacturers’ National Dank 105 110 Northwestern National Bank. 220 ... Corn Exchange National Bank. .120 123 City National Bank 148 ... Cook County National Dank 104 National Bank of 111in0i5..,,.......... 112 ... National Dank of Commerce 104 Hldo and Leather Bank 110 Chicago Oily Bailway ICO ICS •West Division Hallway 175 180 North Division Hallway 08 100 I'ullman Palace Car 11l 113 EJomTVatch Company 105 ... Chicago Qaa'Light and Coko Company. 108 IXO Chamber of Commerce 00 ... Traders’ Ins, Co • : *OO 103 Sales—Blo,ooo Cook County National Dank at 106. Mosers. Lunt, Preston & Kean quote as fol lows this p. m.: Buying. Sitting, ...118# 117 ..116# 117 .118# 118# 6-308 of’63. 6-308 of *64. 6-308 of ’66. ff~2oa of ’CS, Jan. and July 110’/ 120 fc.2oa of *67, Jan. and July 131tf 121# 5.20s of ’66, Jan. and July 120# 120# }M,V, ?}‘K tT. 8. 6a (now Issue) Gold (full weight) Gold Coupons Gold Exchange Sterling Exchange ■ Northern Pacific Gold 7-Coa Chicago Cllj 7s Cook County 7e Illinois County and Township 10s. XAXO WARRANT*. 3COs war 1812 120s war 1812 1C(J» not war 1312 . 1203 not war 1812 Agricultural College Laud Scrip. IATEET. New York, Juno 7.—Money was easy to-day at 7 to 3 por cent on call, and closed at 3 to 4 per cout. Exchange was steady, with very little business, as uauoPou tiaturdnys. Gold was weaker on the bank statement, and de clined from 118 to 117*, and thou advanced to 118*. The rates paid for carrying were 4, 3,4*, and 2 per cent. Clearances, $54,073,000. The Assistant Treas urer paid out In interest and In redemption of 6-20 bonds, $381,000. Customs receipts, $204,000. Governments opened steady, and were linn at the close. State bonds were very quiet at nominal prices. Tbo promised Pacific Mail report is made public. Tbo amount of cash and bonds ou band is estimated at $309,080, but (be company owes for supplies, etc., $280,000, leaving a not amount of $20,680. The cash In tbo bands of pursers and agents not includ ed In the above is estimated at $135,870. Among tbo assets of tbo company aro 600 shares of Panama stock. 2,086 shares of California dry-dock stock; $25,000 in coll loans, duo by Isaac Taylor since 1067; $840,000 notes of the Rowe Mach ine Co., and $1,150,000 coal, and $850,000 in other sup plies. Tbo steamers are put iu without any valuation, but an appraisement by experts is promised at an early day. Tbo interest in stock speculation to-day centred chiefly in Pacific Mall and Oblos, and tho changes In tho remainder of tbo list were generally in sympathy with tbe vibrations In these shares. The bank state ment imparted a firmer tone to tbe market for a time; but at the close there was a weak feeling, and, as a rule, prices were down to the lowest point of tbe day. Pacific Mn|| declined from 89 to 38*. rose to to*, and finally sold at 30*040. Ohio receded from BO* to 38*, rallied to 88*, and closed at 37*, tbo lowest price of the week. The other changes were * to* pur cent., alternately up and down. Delaware, Lackawanna A Western, however,was stronger, and ad vanced from 105* to 100. Michigan Central was weak iml declined to 99. Tbe specie shipments to-day wore $1,344,707. Sterling, 109. oovEtiKincKT rones. Coupons 'O7. 121* Coupons, ’<sß 130* 10-40s 114* Currency 6s 113* Now nouns. Coupons, ’81......., .122* 6-20s of ’O2 117 Coupons, ’B4 117 Coupons, ’65 , ......116* Coupons, ’35 (now).. .130 STATS Virginias, old 43 North Carollaas, 01d.,29 North Carolina*, new.l 6* Miesouris 03* Teuncaaeca, 01d.,,,.,70 Tunncssecs, now 70* Virginias, now CO Canton 101 Western Union 84* Quicksilver 40* Adams Express 03 Wells Fargo 60 American Express... 67* United States Ex.... 71 Pacific Mall 80* New York Central... 101* Eric 01* Erie pfd 71 Harlem ....130 Harlem pfd 131 Michigan Central Pittsburgh 87* Northwestern 74 Northwestern pfd.... 84 Dock Island 109 N.J. Central ..106 6t. Paul 64* St Paul pfd 72* Wabash 08 Wabash pfd......... 86 Fort Wayne 03 Terre Haute 1$ Torre Haute pfd..... 40 Chicago It A1t0n.....109 Chicago k Alton pfd.ll2 Ohio It Mississippi.. 37* 0., O. A 0 87 0..8. AQ ...103* Lake Shore... 01* Indiana Central 30* Illinois Centra 1...,.,112* Union Pacific stocks. 28* Union Pacific bonds. 86* Central Pacific bonda.lo3* Del. Lack. A Wostorn.lo6* Hartford A Erie..... 3* REAL ESTATE. Notwithstanding thoro has boon some decrease in tUo volume of recorded tranafera during the paat week or two, wo believe there is more activ ity in tho real oalato’business than there was ft mouth ago, Tho volume of transfers recorded is In fact only an Index of tho condition of tho market a month previous, as it takes about that long to examine abstracts and comploto tho papers. Ono thing, howovor, Is quite certain, viz.: That confidence in tho continued growth in population, and tho consequent continued in crease in tho value of roal estate in and around this city, was never firmer than it is now. In dependent of Jubilees, or anything of tho sort, tho summer always brings us a great many capitalists from tho South who pass a portion of tholr summer holidays hero and invariably mako a great number of im portant purchases before they leave. As several magnificent now hotels aro now open, Chicago will be able to offer inducements to those visi tors to prolong their stay. Tho attractions also which this city will now afford in tho way of fino drives around tho parks aud boulevards will un doubtedly exorcise an influence in keeping stran gers hero longer than in any previous summer, and before fall will show tholr effect in increas ing tho volume of real ostatabusiness. AUCTION SALES. During tho past ton days there has been an endeavor to revive tho business of Bolling real estate by auction. Thus far the success has boon only moderate, mainly, wo think, duo to special circumstances In each caeo that have In terfered with that special auction, but not In any general character, unless it bo the faot that tbo managers of the solos have not succeeded in making It generally known. A solo of lota which took place this week at Olydo, a station on the 0., B, & Q. Railroad, between this city and Riverside, was moderately successful, in tbo faot ih&t a considerable proportion of tho property offered was sold at fair prices to legitimate buyers. Tho sale by Messrs. William A. Butters & Go., on Tuesday, the 8d instant, was not bo successful. The property offered embraced some valuable centrally located residence property, which had to bo withdrawn for want of satisfactory bids. A sale of lots on Humboldt Fork and tho adjoining boulevards, was hold by Messrs. 0. 0. Thayer A 00., and, though it was not sufficiently advertised, it was moderately successful, and a total of thirty-two lots, situated on Milwaukee avonuo, Humboldt boulevard, and other avenues, wore sold. Tho prices ranged from 614.60 to 629 per foot, which is considered a fair prioo, with tho exception of tho boulevard front property. . Lois fronting oast on tho boulevard 25x200 foot, sold for from 618 to $22 par foot, tonus one-third cash and balance in ono and two years with interest at 8 nor cent. Lots . fronting on Milwaukee avenue 25x125 foot, sold for from 614.50 to 629 per foot, ou same terms. A fow lots on Mood avenue 25x180 foot, sold for $14.60 per foot. great mnovsusMTs on Tine south parks and BOULEVARDS. Any ono who has driven around tho Bouth Parks and boulevards during tbo last throe weeks will bo agreeably surprised in tho change made In the appearance of everything along tho routo during that timo. At tho ontranco to tho South Park from tho Qrnud boulevard tho road ways. which a mouth ago woro narrow and rough, have boon widened and mode smooth. Tho whole north 40 aoros of tho park has boon sot with troos, walks havo Jjoou laid out through the northern end of tho park, and will soon af ford pleasant strolls for pedestrians who got off tho dummy train at Fifty-first atroot. About 80 acres of grobnsward have boon mado, partly by seeding and partly by sodding, in tho grounds bordering those walks. BAYARD AVENUE la a continuation of the Grand boulevard through tho park, but immediately ou entering tho park ohaugea its name and character, and, instead of tho arrow-like straightness of tho boulevard, becomes a winding road, tho general course of which is toward tho southeast. This will bo tho first good driving road through tho South Park. As yet It is in good drlviug condition forouly about half-o-mllo from tho outrauco to tbo park, but it is tho intention of tho Park Com missioners to oxlond it as rapidly as possible down tho eastern eldo of tho park, and through tho midway “Plaisauoo” (which French name, by tbo by, our western people aro not likely to ‘ adopt as readily as they did tho word boulevard) and theuco across tho South Shore Park to tho beach about half-a-milo south of tho Hydo Park Hotel. By Sept. 1, tho Commissioners bopo to havo tho whole of this route, and also a half-a-milo of tho South Shore Drive completed, so that it will afford good passage for tho carriages of pleasure seekers. Tho greatest Improvement, however, in all tho south parks ana boulevards, lately, will bo seen in tbo so-called “ DREXEIi” BOULEVARD, which, by the way, is la fact not its permanent name, nut only a temporary one until a better one can bo found. Here tho planting space between tho two driveways has been beautifully finished up with greensward, through which are winding walks, nordorod In some places with bods of geraniums, pinks, and other showy flowers now In bloom. More than a hundred fine forest trees have also boon sot out this spring in this planting space, and are distributed all the wayfromThirty-mnthstrootto Fifty-first street in a manner which docs much credit to the taste of Hr. L. B. Sidway, of tho Fork Commission, on whom this task devolved by common consent of tho Board. The opening of .116* 115* .117* 118 .117* 118 i .... 110* , .... 100 Alnt. .... 89*Aint. , .... 05008 to connect the Grand boulevard with “ Droxol ” boulevard is probably the greatest improvement the Park Commission have made in tuoir whole system this spring. This is now 100 foot wide, and has one good carriago-road its entire length. With the opening of this connecting link, the boulevards and pork afford a continuous drive of nearly six miles from Thirty-fifth street down Grand boulevard, through the park, up “Droxol” boulevard, and west on Oakwood boulevard to Grand boulevard again. Over the whole dis tance the roads are smooth, and on either side the baud of art has smoothed the rough coat of nature Just enough to make it ploasiug to look at. .170 189 .loQ 113 .170 187 .133 140 Much has boon said about South Chicago and its importance as an objective point, toward which the city must inevitably roach out and finally consolidate to make the lake front a continuous line of improvements from tho mouth of Chicago River to the mouth of Calumot River, and yet, notwithstanding all that has been said, wo hardly think that our own citizens fully appreciate tho foot that tho Calumot har bor must soon take a portion of tho increasing transportation business that is here transferred from railroads to vessels on tho lakes, and vice versa. Manufacturers are. however, beginning to see tho importance of this fact, ana within tho last six mouths no loss than four largo manufacturing establishments have boon located there. Tho woolen mills of Messrs. Sinclair & Co. will bo probably tho larg est in tho West, and now employs 125 opera tives. Tho establishment of a factory of woolen machinery aud tools' by Messrs. Kent, Baldwin & Co. will probably employ fifty operatives. Tho match factory and planing mill of Messrs. A. J. Griggs & Co. will employ probably fifty more. Tho Illinois Steam Forgo Works, whoso buildings are now being eroded, will employ perhaps a hundred men. Tho Chi cago Iron ana Stool Company aro also about to erect works. Messrs. erecting a building for the manufacture of grist mill machinery. Besides these, we hear of alargo carwhool manufacturing company having bought ground for works to bo erected this summer. The extensive lumber enterprise of Messrs. Par dee, Cook & Blanchard, who expeetto tow rafts of logs across Lake Michigan, from tho Groat Bauble River, of Michigan, ana saw them up into lumber on tbe banks of Calumot River, has boon de scribed at length by Tun Tribune and other city papers. The above mentioned establishments will,in all probability, all bo in operation at South Chicago before fall, and by next spring will bo employ ing not less than 1,000 operatives there. Those with their families, and tho population already there, bid fair to givo South Chicago a population of 6,000 pooplo within ft year, even if no other manu facturing establishments than those above men tioned should bo located there within that time. It is probable however that a good many other establishments of one kind or another will bo drawn there Within tbe year. Tho Company who own South Chicago and a vast extent of adjoin ing land are offering largo inducements to manu facturers, and will undoubtedly induce a good many more to come. With as attractive a point toward which to reach out it is reasonable to expect that the eleven miles of distance between tho mouth of Chicago aud Calumot Rivers will within a few years be a continuous lino of streets and bouses, aud that Chicago, instead of having only ono over-taxed outlet for vessels as now, will bavo two which will eventually be connected by a canal from Line Island to tho Stock Yards. auuuAnr or thaksfebs fob the week. The following 1b the total amount of city ami subur ban property transferred during tho week ending Sat urday. June 7: Oily property, number of Bales, 168; consideration, $302,183. North of city limits, number of sales, 10; consideration, $25,0X6. South of city lim its, number of sales, 91; consideration, $305,468. West of city limits, number of sales, 4; consideration, $54,000. Total sales, 203. Total consideration, sl,- 288,560. Tho following wore the recelptsand shipments of tbo leading articles of produce in Chicago during the past twenty-four hours, and for tbo corresponding dato ono year ago: heoeipts, snii’iiENia, 1873. 1873. 1873. 1873. Flour, brls 0,100 3,760 4,701 . 4,230 Wheat, bu 03,800 10,820 18.660 8.003 Corn, bu 101,076 287,600 180,708 100,230 Oats, bu 108,070 136,408 87,870 21,687 Kyo, bu 4,001 2,471 1,614 1,200 Barley, bu 1,705 2,250 Grass seed, 1b5..... 34,800 680 4,888 Flaxseed, lbs Broom-corn, 1b5.... 17,600 24,000 Cured meats, 1b5.... 34,850 08,760 334,653 60,860 Beef, brls Pork, brls 07 14 146 34 Lard, lbs 11,370 17,010 89,000 127,760 Tallow, lbs 10,300 37,480 20,000 Butter, lbs. 77,800 81,486 13,050 86,000 Dressed hogs, N0... Live hogs, No. 7,005 6,170 12,631 10,130 Cattle, No. 3,083 3,378 2,730 3,100 Sheep, No 1,200 637 Hides, lbs 49,898 87,850 01,177 70,450 IllgUwlnea, brls,... 373 381 7 810 Wool lbs 837,017 271,138 11,835 43.488 P0tat0e5,bu........ 3,850 4,435 3,070 840 Lumber, m feet.... 6,658 9,007 2,088 1,440 Shingles, m 1,620 3,700 1,876 BJ9 Lath, 150 240 278 2,020 Salt, brls 876 724 Withdrawn from store yesterday for city con sumption: 1,700 bu wheat; 1,481 bu corn; 070 bu oats. Withdrawn for do during tho week: 0,838 bu wheat; 16,100 bu com; 18,092 bu oats; 8,028 buryo; 2,187 bu barley. Tho following grain has been Inspected Into store, this morning, up to 10 o'clock: 110 cars wheat { 482 cars com; 0.000 bu No. 2 do. and OAKWOOD EOtTEEVARD south omoAoo. COMMERCIAL. fiATOBDAT EVENIKO, JUBQ 7, 0,000 bu unmerchantable do, by canal; 182 oars oats; 0,500 bu No. 9 do by canal { 11 oara ryo, Total (744 cars), 838,000 bu. Tho following wore tho receipts and shipments of broadstuffs and stock at this point during tbo week ending with this morning, and for corre sponding weeks ending as dated: skokipts. June 7, Jt Tail 81, 1873. 1872, ..... 10,308 20,109 18,003 BIUPUCKXfU .... 200 053 355,058 58,028 ..... 7,637 40,735 16,858 61,427 41,231 66,749 ... . 15,468 17,772 14,485 Flour, brln ■Wheat, bu Coni, bu , Oats, bu....... llyo, bu Untliey, bu Live hone, Ho., Cattle, Ho , Flour, brls.... Wheat, hu Com, bu...... Date, 1m llyo. bu llarloy, bu..... live hoes. No. Cattle, Ho There is now lltllo doubt that tho wheat mar ket is cornorod for this mouth, and It Is probable, therefore, that much bettor prices will bo realized for No. 2 spring wheat this month than during tho remainder of tho year; though it is possible that tho oornor may bo run into July. It is not for us to advtso country holders to rush in their wheat ibis month, because that would bo la tho interest of tho shorts. But it is permissible to call attention to one thing. If owners of wheat in tho country think it to bo to their interest to send as much of it hero during Juno as they pos.lbly can, and soil iu advance of .Us arrival, they should protect themselves by calling margins that will guard them against loss in caso tho corner should break. Tho cor- iiors in wheat and oats, of last yoar, broko boforo maturity, and caused great loss to parlies who bad grain on tho way at tho timo, bocauco they had not insisted on a pecuniary security; and tho rules of tho Board of Trado aro now in much bettor shape than then in this respect, though far from being what they ought to bo iu regard to corners. Borao of tho lumber brokers seem determined that common lumber shall not bo quoted lower tbnu SIO.OO per 1,000 foot by tbo cargo, though it is notorious that many sales have boon mndo at a much loss price. What tboy hope to gain by tho deception is uot so apparent as the decep tion itself, as no ono is cheated into buying ut tbolr quotations. It is a gamo that really turns out to bo a losing ono in tuo end, however much of advantage it may promise in tho present. THE aiAKKETS. The leading produce markets wore quiet to day, except wheat and oats, which wore active. The receipts are larger than heretofore, and the shipping movement is falling off, making tho grain markets largely artilloial. The comer in wheat attracted tho largest share of attention, drawing off operators from tho other markets, and making some of thorn quite stagnant. Quito an active husinosswasdoing in tho differ ent departments of tho dry goods market, and tho prices current earlier in the week wore gen erally sustained. Groceries were not in urgent demand, though In comparison with tho earlier days of tho week tho distribution was considera bly larger, both of staple and side goods. In prices there wore no quotable changes, the market ruling steady. Tho butter trade was quiet, with no ma terial variation in prices. During the past few days tho outward movement has boon largo, and at tho moment tho stocks in storo are light. Solos of strictly choice yellow oro easily effected at 20@240, while tho poorer sorts go slowly at 10@lCo. Tho demand for grain bags was only fair, and prices wore not particularly firm, at BC>(fo for Stark, 850 for Ludlow, 840 for Lewiston, and 820 for American. No new features wore noticeable in tho choose, coal, canned goods, and fish markets, a moderate movement Doing witnessed at former quotations. Dried fruits remain dull, with prices generally easy. Hay was steady at yesterday's quotations, ilidoa and leather were quiet and unchanged. There was a liberal amount of trading in oils at IQUdpWo for carbon, at sl.oo@ 1.05 for liusood, 7uo for extra lard, 870 for whalo, and Co@s7c for turpentine. The lumber dealers report aa active business at tho yards. Tho local trade was good, and there has boon a largo number of countiy deal ers in tho city, who have boon liberal purchasers. At tho docks a moderate business was transact- od at about former prices; good to choico boards and- strips sold at 614.00@1G.00. and commou mixed qargoos at $9.85@10.00. Lain and shingles wore unchanged. Tho demand for metals, nails, and tinuors’ stock was fair at present prices. Iron was moderately active aud unchanged. Tho inquiry for building materials is fair for tho season, and the supply is largo. Now brick are now being sold . at 6G.50@7.00 per m. Wool and hops wore quiet mid nominally unchanged.* Broom-corn is in fair Eastern demand and firm at tbo nno- ; tationa given. Tbo stocks aro getting low. Seeds woro qulot and unchanged. Green fruits mot with ft fair inquiry. Poultry was la moderate request, turkeys being ft trifle lower and chickens at about Friday’s prices. Eggs were plenty and easier. Hlgmvinoa woro a shade moro active at Fri day's quotations, sales being reported of ICO brie at 00a por gallon. Lake freights were dull, and Utile hotter than nominal at a decline of lo from Friday’s rates, though there woro but few vessels in port. Ship pers held off, as there is but little inducement to ship at present prices. A total of three charters was reported, which wiU take out from this port 82,000 mi corn, 10,000 bu oats, and 23,000 bu ryo. Bail rates to Buffalo wero Co for corn, aud Gjffc ou wheat. Through rates to Boston woro reported at iso per 100 lbs. Provisions woro dull and unchanged, except that lard was a shade firmer, having partially re covered from tho depression of yesterday. There was no demand, except for one or two lots of lard, tho moats reported having been sold last evening. Live hogs woro stronger, but not in consequence of a local demand, us tho summer packing is reported to bostopped in consequence of tho lack of demand for product. Summer killing has also been suspended at oth er Western points for tho same reason. Tbo market closed at tho following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller June, 615.60 @15.65; do seller July, 615.75@16.80 ; do seller . August, 616.87X(§ ) 10*00; lard, cash or seller June, 68.y0@8.85; do seller July, SB.‘l7K@B*6o» do sell er August, 68.70@8.75 5 summer do, 67.80. Sweet picklodhamsqnotodatlo@l2o. Dry salted moats quotable ut for shoulders; BK@Bj*o for short ribs; aud for short clear. Boxed shoulders, O%@CMg. English moats. @B>£ofor abort ribs; B%@BJ*o for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7j£o for shoulders; 9*o for clear ribs; 9>jc for short clear, and 18@14>£o for hams, all packed. Moss beef, $9.00@9.26; extra moss do, 610.00@10.25; bool hams, $28.00 @20.50. City tallow, 7j<j@7K° 5 grease quotable at s*@6s£c. Baloa wore reported of .100 bria mess pork, seller July, at $15.85; COO tee lord, seller July, at $8.60? 100,000 lbs short riba at 6}to ; 100,000 lbs do seller July at B**o. The Daily Commercial Deport gives tho fol lowing as tho shipments of provisions from this city for tho week ending Juno 6, 1873, and since Nov. 1,1872 ; also comparative figures : Vork, Lard, Ilatnt ShouttTrs JUJdlu, brlt, let, let, tbs, tbi. W'k cdg Juno 6. 1,910 I.WS 653 SBO.COO 1,929,919 Ramowoak '72... 1,810 Oil I,{MU 672,W« 692,000 Ninco Nov. 1,*72. 185.WH 171,9C81C6.5M 38,498,414 15t.071.74J bamoUmo’7l-71). 92.btt> 16fl t 450;G7,108 80,890,001 lK3.KiO.2ia Tbo shipments in detail wore oa follows; Shoulders, 3 bxs; abort rib, CO bxa; abort clear, 00 bxs; loug clear, 103 bxs; long rib, 87 bxs ; Cumberlands, bxs; Stretfords, 103bxs; Staffordshire, 4 bxs: South Staffordshire, 160 bxa; loug bams, 270 bxs ; Birmlug* him, 10 bxs; IrUb ont, OS bxs ; bacon, 244 bxs ; Staffordshire hams, 8 bxs • clear backs, 0 bxs; bellies, 0 bxs ; Wiltshire. 26 bxs; beef hams. 176 brls; grease, 100 pkgs j tallow, 1,804 brls ; pig tongues, 25; reakfaut bacon, 370 bxs; middles, 10,804 pcs; rough sides, 17 bxs ; rumps, 4 ; dried salted shoul ders, 14,000 pcs. riour was very dull, and little bettor tban nominal In an almost uttor absence of orders. Shippers wero out of tho market. Prices wore undoubtedly weak, but wo can make no change iu quotations. Bran was nominally steady. Sales wero reported of 250 brls white winter ex tras on private terms ; 100 brls spring extras at $0.40; 200 brls do on private terms. “Total, 650 brls. Also 10 tons bran at $0.50, at mill. Tbo following were tbo asking prices at tho closo : Fair to choice while winter extras 9 8.60 @ll.OO Bed winter oxtraa 7.00 @8.60 Good to choice spring extras 6.25 @7,60 Low to medium 6.00 @O.OO Miuuesotas (patent) e.OO @ll.OO Good to fancy Minnesota 0,60 @ 8.00 Spring superfine* 8.00 @6.00 Ityeflour 4.10 @4.50 Bran 0.00 @ 0.60 Wheat was very irregular and unsettled, but averaged about 80 higher than yesterday on wheat for this month’s delivery, while the option for July was dragged up slightly in sympathy. It was simply a question of comer or no corner: principally the first. 'The impression has gained ground that tho parties who are believed to bo long to tbo extent of nearly two million bu on Juno wheat, have determined to force things as fur as money can make them go. In proof of this, tho faot was cited that tuoso parties had refused to change round, or to sell differ ences, and had called margins yesterday afternoon to the extent of $250,000. though In some oases they had had to deposit SIB. against ovory $lO, tho market being that much against tho combination. There wore oilier facto stated) and ramora started, wliiob it io nob; necessary to detail ; but, olto gothor, they sot' the aborts on the jump, and caused groat e<oUoro6nt, Tbo bußlnoso done was chiefly in sottlomont of tbo Juno deal. Of course tboro was not much buying for shipment, ns our No. 2 is worth but HUlo more than $1.2% to ship to Now York now.. Tboro was, however, a liberal Inquiry for tbo otbor grades, ostensibly for shipment ( but tbo rise in,prices suggested that tbo smut mills aro being fixed up to Coin fill tbo shortage on No. 2 In tho comornow ponding. Suitor tho month or cash No. 2 spring opened at $1.20, advanced to $1,279/, declined lo roso to $1.28j/, then dropped almost liko a shoe to $1.20. when a prominent operator offered to sell “wheat that would settle with Murpboy.” os a groat many thought tho corner was break ing, and thoy rushed still further Into tho trap by soiling more short. Tbo market soon ad vanced to $1.27, then broke to $1.2%, when lb was rumored that tbo foots In tbo caso would bo published on tbo morrow, and cloned dull at $1.26. Seller July sold at si.2lJs/Gpi.24, closing ■at $1.22; eollor August sold at $1.10(5)1.20 and sailor tbo year at $1,12)/, tbo latto closing nominal ot $1,10@1.11. No. 1 opring was qniot at SI.BO. No. 8 spring closed nominal at $1.16, and rejected do at OVo. Cash salon woro reported of 800 bit No. 1 spring (special bln) at $1.82; 800 bu do nt SI.BO ; 21,600 buNo. 2 spring at $1.2%? 2.800 bu do at $1.28%; 14,800 bu do at $1.29*/ ? G,600 bu do at $1.2% ; 20.400 bu do at $1.28 ; 800 bu do at $1.27?/; 0,600 bn do at $1.27K ? 4,400 bu do at sl,2o>* : 2.400 bu do at $1.25 ; 800 bu No. 3 spring at $1.10; 11, GOO bu do at $1.16; I,GOO bu rejected spring at l)%° 5 4,‘100 bu do at 08o; 1,000 bu do nt 07Wo ; 1,200 bu do at 070 ; I,GOO bu by sam ple at $1.05. Total 111,000 bu. Corn was quiet, but firm at an average advance of per bu, The most deferred options woro tbo firmest, being in most demand, while there was littio done to buy caob lots, and shippers woro very backward. Eastern markets woro quoted strong, but tho principal reason of tbo increased finunoßS hero wan that tho recent drop brought out a good many buying orders, and holders woro loan anxious to coll, occing that tho rocont rumoi'H of hot corn prove to have been baseless, while the condition of tbo weather is very favorable for tho beeping of com hence forward. Now York has been depressed by tho receipt of corn tboro in bad order; but wo have no reason to imppouo that any of our No, 2 com now in, store will grow hot, though some of tho moro loosely Inspected com received lost winter may havo warmed up too much to suit the owners. The strength to-day was. however, largely in sympa thy with wheat, ns shown by the fact that corn declined at tho close, when wheat foil off, in spito of a reported advance of lo in Now York. Bolter tho month, or regular No. 2, opened at 850, advanced to 8%0, and recoded io 850 at tho close. Strictly fresh receipts cloeed at Boiler July sold nt 3S@33J/o, and seller August at . 41W@420, both closing with tho in eido bid. Cash sales woro reported of 27.600 bu No. 2at 37c ? 10,000 bu do at SG^o^ 11.600 bu do at OOj/c ; 10,000 bu do nt 85><o ; 16.000 hu do at 05j#o : 05,000 bu do at 35>/c ; 25.000 bu do ot 05^c; 40,000 hu do at 35c; 10,000 bu do nt 870 free on board; 6,200 bu rejected at 82><o; 25,000 budo.at32o; 400 bu no grade at 28c; 1,600 bu do at 2Go; 800 budo at 250. Total, 247,800 bu. Oats woro nctlvo and higher, though In largo supply, with small shipments in proportion to tbo receipts, ond no reported advance m Now York, while reports from tho country promise a full crop. Tboro was a good demand, probably brought out by sympathy with wheat and corn; but tho market foil off, under free oifer inga on country account towards the olobo. Boil er tho month or regular sold at 2%@28%c, clos ing at 23>/c; and seller July sold at 29-is@3oo, closing at 2%@2%0« Cash sales wore report ed of 5,000 bu nt 2%0; 23,200 bu (part regular) at 26% c; 20,000 ba at 29% c; 30,000 at 2%0; 6.400 uu rejected at 25)/o; 2,400 bu do at 25c; 2.400 do ot 2%c; 0,000 bu do at 2%c; 4,800 bu by sample at 03c; 4,200 bu do at 02c. Total, 103.400 bu. Ityo woo dull, and again lo lower, in tbo ab sence of orders, as tho receipts woro moro lib eral. Sales were 1.200 bu No. 2 at Glc, and 800 bu by sample at CBo. Barley was dull, and nominally unchanged, with no demand, ond no offerings except by eomplo lots. IVo quote No. 2at tlß@7Bo ; No, 3 at69@G3c; and rejected nt 88@40c, the inside iu the Hock Island Elevator, nml the outside in other houses. Sales woro limited to 1,200 bu by sample at 70c, aud 800 bu do at Gsc. cnor prospects. Eureka, IU., June 0, 1873. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: From preccut proopccls wo in our part expect a heavy oat-crop this year, and our wheat is in splendid condition. I have made somo inquiry in regard to tho acreage of oats sown this year compared with last season, and find about forty acres sown thla year for one iu 1873. Our grans is flrst-rato, ond of old com tboro la no umt. The corn-crop with us this year, to say tho worst of it, wifi bon three-quarter.crop anyway. L am still iu tho same notion I wno when I wrote you last week. I would sell rather than buy for July and August at tho present prices. Although the Onarga gentleman thought I had an cyo core or Bomothiug else then, I wonder if bo can see by thla time that there Ja somo corn in the country. I havo no doubt ho flnda men scar him that did plant 150 to 200 acres in otbor years that wont got out but littio this season, aud may bo somo none at all, as we havo Just such people hero. I myself planted somo years fifty or oven 160 acres, aud this year haven’t got one-quarter of uu aero plant ed, and others aro in tho same position, but this is an exception to tho rule. There aro plenty who havo tho nerve io plant U, and now havo it growing and looking well, —of course not as well as last year, and a good thing that it doesn’t, or corn would not bo worth over 16 cents. Tho Onarga man thinks I must bo short, ond if I could soo him aud got from him 44 cents for July or 48 for August, the ruling prices then for corn, I would relievo all bis doubts on that point by soiling him all ho could take ot thoso prices, and I think when tho trades woro closed ho is tho ouo who would ho short. Yours truly, Pnonuoun. WOOL. Walter Brown & Son, of Now York, write as follows:

Tho market elands to-<lay with very light slocks; prices ore a shade lower than a mouth ago. and there is hut little animation in trade. It is quite probable that with larger supplies In market, the range of prices would by this time hare boon somewhat lower. If this reasoning is correct, wo may look for such a result to follow the arrival iu market of any considerable, amount of tho now clip. In connection with this re> view of tho subject, wo may remark that circum stances aro likely to favor, if not positively to produce, a comparatively steady market during tho coming sea son. There will probably bo a much smaller number of Eastern buyers at tho opening. Wool will bo loft to take its natural course and drift Into tho hands of country dealers and store-keepers; thus while it will find Its way Into tho seaboard markets lu quantities sufficient to afford consumers a good and liberal selection, all will benefit from tho absence of tho usual excitement at clip time, and manufactur ers will avoid the Injudicious Investment of money in tho raw material so much In advance of its use, and also participate in the general advantage of escaping the fluctuations, consequent upon tho dlsturbauco of the natural and healthy marketing of n great staple. It is the impression among moneyed men. that groat caution should ho used In making obligations which will mature in tho fall, as is usually done by operators in wool; because the return of cool weather will bo likely to bring' with it the usual autumn financial stringency, effecting tho value of staple which, from the day It leaves tho sheep’s back until it passes into consumption, Is so close a representative of money. LATEST. la tUo afternoon wheat was in moderate de mand, and closed %o lower than on ’Change. No. 2 spring sold at $1.24%@1.25; seller tho month closing at $1.24%, and $1.21K@1.21% seller July closing at $1.21%. Com was active and easier, closing at 84%®04%a seller tho mohth, 87%(5)38o seller July, and 41@41%0 sel ler August. In provisions sales wore reported of COO hrls moss pork at sl6Bo,and 500 brls do at $16.85 seller July. Two propellers, names not mentioned, wore taken for com and oats to Buf falo on private terms. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Saiuhoay Evznino, Juno 7. ALCOnOL— 'Was unchanged. Wo quote: 04 per cent proof at $1.80(31.80. BEANS AND PEAS—Were in light request. Wo quote: Choice hand-picked navies, 13.C6Q3.75; do mediums, $3.60®3.65; Inferior grades, $1.26®3.00; green peas (In brla), $1.40®1.60; yellow do (In bags}, $1.26. BUTTER—In the butter market there veto no changes worthy of note. A liberal amount of trading was doito on local and outside account at substantially iho prices current on the preceding days of the week. Blocks aro moderate, and the market may bo quoted steady, oa follows : Strictly cholco yellow, 20@31o; medium to good, 17(3)100; iuferlor to common, 10($16o. BAGGING—A fair utimbor of orders for grain bags went placed,' but other grades In the Hat woro neglected, Prices underwent no appreciable change, ruling com paratively steady, as follows: Blark, 80>tfo; Ludlow, 86a; Lowlston, 84o; American, 82o; Amoskesg, 83^o; Otter Crook, burlap baga, 4 and 8 bu,20@330{ gunnies, single, 17@18o; do double, 28Q290; wool sacks, fISQC7o. BROOM CORN—Was In continued good demand and lirm. Prices aro as follows: No. 1 hurl, tX wot No. 1 stock braid, o#®o,tfQ « No* a llo » 6o: No. 3 do, Btf@4o; lusido groou, o,V®4oj do red Up, SKdUXo ? do pale aud rod, 3@2»io. BUILDING MATERIALS—The trade is fair for the season. New brick is now ou tbo market and sales ace being made at $0,6037.00. Lime ia a trifle lower, quo ted at 80(3 Wo in bulk. The supply of materials Is ample, especially of common brick. Wo quote: Blucco, $2,60; Now York stucco, casting, $8.7034.00 ; suporfluo do, $3,80®4.00; Portland cement, $7,00(37,60 per brlj lloseudale cement. $3.36(33.60; Utica, Louisville, and Akron cement, $3.00 per brl; marble dust, $3,35(38.60 ; limo In bulk, 80®B6o: lime (brU), $1.10®1.25 per brl j white sand, per brl, t3.00Q3.C0; plastering hair, per bu,4o®6oc; hro brick, per 1,000, $4(J,00Q00.00: build ing brick (common). 10.80Q7.00 ; sower brick, SIO.OO j country brick, $13.00, delivered ; Milwaukee pressed, $33.60, del.: do coumjou, $14.00; llaclno pressed, SBO.OO. debt do common, $14.00; Indiana pressed. i33.00@34.00; do common, $13.00; Are clay, per brl, j Tbo following J« tho Hit of prlcca per box of B0 fool \ for domonllo window-glass, from which a reduction of 60 her ccut la made to dealers t i fxrnt Double 1 qw'Mtu, elrcnnth, ( 7*lo lo Bxlo Wo 0.00 ( 6x14 to 8.10 13.00 i 13x18to 10x30 0.28 10.00 H.OO 10.00 1 3Qx3B to 13.00 31.00 I QQxtH) to 40x60 .... 40.00 ] CHEESE—Tbo chccso trado continues fair at «n- 1 changed prices, though tbo tendency accina to ho down ward. Stocks nro Increasing. Wo quolo J Now York factory, 12#®13#o; Elgin factory, I9#@10#o; Ohio factory ll@i3Jtfo; Western factory, ll®l2#c, GOAL—Prices remain unchanged. Tho demand Is i extremely small, consumers holding off for a further decline. Tho last monthly solo of Scranton coal In Now York showed on average advance over tho pro. ceding sale of 130 nor ton, Following aro tho quota tions j Lehigh, lump, 111.00: prepared, 111.00: Lack awanna, $9.60; Erie, 10.00; Briar UUI, $0.50; walnut Hill, $9.50 5 liloßßbnrg, SO.OO { Cherry Mine, $0.000; Hooking Volley, $0,00: Indiana canned coal, $0.60; Indiana block, SB.OO ; Kirkland grate, $ 0.00; nllnonk, $8.00; Wllmlnglou, SO.OO. COOPERAGE—'Trade conllnnoi Ught. Flour barrel staves aro io bettor supply and rather weak, though without quotable change t Pork barrels at $1,2601,36; lard tierces, $1,C0@1.70; whisky barrels,. $1.0003.10 ; flour barrels, 48057 c, pork slaves, rough, $17.00020.00 J do, bucked, $30.00 026,00 ; tlorco staves, rough, $20.00035.00 ; sawed, do bucked or sawed, $35.00028.00: whisky slaves, rough, $24.00038.00 { do bucked, $30.00030.00 J flour staves, $0.00011.00; clrclu flour heading, 7@oe per net; flour hoop poles, $14.00016.00 per m; pork and tierce poles, $30.00035.00 per in. EGGS—Owing to liberal receipts prices woro weak and unsettled. Bales of 16S eases at iflo, and 1,000 doz aud 46 eases nt 12#o woro reported. FEATHERS—Aro very scarce. Below aro tho prices j Prime to choice livu goeso at 76077 c. from flrst hands ] Jobbing prices, 02Q870 for assorted feathers ; mixed feathers, 4507f10 ; chicken, 8010 c. FRUITS AND NOTB—There was no perceptible improvement In tho demand for this lino of goods, anil tbo fooling of weakness so long prevalent is. Bill! noticeable In most articles. Woniako no change iu our quotations, ns follows : Forklon—Dates, B#@ 9#c; figs, drums, ll®Uc; figs, box, Turk ish prunes, l)>t01Oc; raisins, $2,3503.40: Zanto cur tmuo. 7*i@7;ic. Domestic—Alden apples, 1602Oo; Micbfgim do, C®7o; Western do, Southern do, 40oo: pcacbos, pared, 18020 c; peachea, halves, fl®C#c; do, mixed, blackberries, 0®0?/o; raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 22034 c, Nuts— nihcrts, 14015 c; almonds, Terragona, 91@230; Na ples walnuts, 24®200; Brazils, o®y#o; pecans, 110 12.'; African peanuts, O#07o: Wilmington peanuts, 70Uo; Tennessee peanuts, FlSH—Unsinois continues good,. and tbo mar ket retains Us Arm tono. Saltwater flsh aro in scant fiunph*, while Inko dcscriplloiis aro only In fair stork. Wo quote: No. 1 wblteftsh, # brl, $8.72® 0.37#: No. 2 do, SS.GO@O.C2#; No. 1 above mackerel. # lirl, $11,60011.75; No. 1 hay, $9.6000.76; No. 2 mackerel, # brl, $9.5008.76; No. 1 shora kit?, $1.0502.00 ; hank rodflsh. per 100 lbs, $8.50 0t>.75: Goorgn’s codfish, $0.7607.00: Labrador her ring, split, l>llf*, J9.(W®9.50; do. # brl, $4.7506.00; Labrador honing, round, brl, $8.0008.50; do# brl, $4.2504.50; box herring No. 1, 28!»30u; box herring, sealed, 35037 c; Columbia River salmon, # brls,slo.oo @10.25. GROCERIES—Tho situation of the grocery market was essentially tbo same ns on tho preceding days of tho week, a further slight Improvement In tho doinnml being noticeable, and prices agolu ruling steady and uniform. Following are tho quotations i Hi Gaud Boda—7,Vo3? l 'c, Coffees—Mocha, 3JOa3-/c; O. G. Java, 27#® 29#c; Java, No. 2, 20#0270; fancy Rio, 25c; choice do, 24#024#0 ; prime Rio, 24024>4c ; good do, 23#023#0 ; couuncu do, 22#023c; roast ing do, 21#0220; Singapore, 24#024#c ; Costa Idea, fancy, 25®23#0; do, prime, 24#®24#c ; Mar acaibo, _ , Casuleb—Star, full weight, 20®20#c ; etoarlno, full weight, 15@15#c; do, short weight, 14®li#c. Rige—Patun, B#®d#c ♦ Rangoon,7#oßc; Carolina, 8#0Oo; Loulslnua, SuflAns—Patent cut loaf, 13013#o; crushed, pow -dered, aud granulated, ll?X@12o ; A, standard, 10#® He; do, No.2,lo#®lo#o; D, 10‘«®10»fo; extra C, 10#@10#c; C No. 2.lo#®lo#c; yellow 0,10@10#c; choice brown, lO0lOj«c ; prime do, o#@9#o ; fair do, o®9#c; choice molaaao* nugur, 9#olOc : fair do, OQOU O * Now Orleans sugar, choice, U#@ioo; do, prime, 9#®9#c; do, fair, B#®9#o; common, 7#o B#c. SvntTrs—Diamond drips, $1,2501.30; Oliver drips, extra flue, 70073 c; good sugar house syrup, 45@48c; extra do, 60®550; New Orleans molusuw, choice, 80® 635; do prime, 73078 c; do common, 05070 c; Porto Rico 'molasses, choice, 55®C5c; common molasses, 30 ®3sc. BALF.RATCS—Common to best, 9®loc. Spices—Allspice, 17®18o ; cloves, 37®390; cassia, 88®40o; pepper, 23#®24#c; nutmegs, $1.25©1.30; giugor, pure, 28030 c; do No. 1,20025 c; do No. 2,10 French mottled, C#oO#c: German mottled, ; Golden Woet, C®G#o; Whtta LUy, fl«a® C#o; White Roeo, o,V®fl#o; brown Windsor, 4#® 4#c; palm, CQo#o; Savon Imperial, BrAwen—Gloss, 9ii®loc; com, 0011 c; laundry, C® To; common,6#oOc. GREEN FRUITS—For apples tho demand Is light. Other frulta sell readily. Strawberries were In liberal supply and lower. Gooseberries were a trifle higher. Woquolo; Apples, good to choice, $3.0005.00 per brl. Lemons, $3.0000.00. .Oranges, $8.50010.00. Pineap ples, $3.0004.00 per doz. Bananas. $0.0007.00 per bunch. Groaobcrrles, 12#ox»er quart. Strawberries, 18030 c. Chorrlee, 15020 c. UOl’S—Were Inactive aud nominal at 2.3040 c. HAY—No improvement was porcepUblo in tho de mand for this staple, and tbo market remains quiet and easy. Tho receipts, though moderate, woro quite equal lo tho demand. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: Ok Track —Timothy, beater pressed, $10.50017.00; timothy, loose prccscd, $18.00016.60; prairie pressed, $12,500 13.50. On Wagon—Timothy, loose, $IC.00®18.00; prairie, loose, $14.00010.00. For delivery of pressed, $1,0001.50. according to distance. HlDES—Prices were steady, ns previously quoted. A fair amount of sale* waa accomplished at the annexed rates: Green city butchers’, 7c; green cured, light, Uo; do heavy, 10o; part cured, 0#®10o; green calf, 15@10c: veal kip, 13o; dry calf, 24e: dry kip, 21c : dry called, 17018 c; dry flint, 19020 c; long-hatred hip, lO#0Uc; deacon skins, 45 055o; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. _ IRON AND STEEL—The demand was only fair. Wo again' quote: l?on * * *-10 rates | llorse-shoo iron 8 @8 6-10 rates Plato iron, common tank 8# ® 7 rates i Russia iron 20®210 rules ! Russia iron, No. 1 stained 380 7? Norway Iron 0 ® 9#o "%3 lb Norway nail rods.... 9# @loo lb Gorman plow steel ........II @l2o V lb English cast p10w5tcc1...........13 ®l2#o ylb American tool steel. 17# ®lßo 7? lb Chrome tool steel... .18 @2oa lb . English tool steel 21# ®230 rates \ English spring steel 11 Ql3#o rates . LEATHER—This market was vrtthout now features. , A fair amount of local and interior orders woro placed , at the prices given below; UEimocE. City harness ■ Country harness Lino, city, lb IClp, «> Kip, veals • City upper, No, 1, ft City upper, No. 2. ft Country upper, No. 1 Collar, V ft Calf, city. Calf, country. . Hough upper, standard Hough upper, damaged Buffalo slaughter solo “ B. A.” sole Klp.V.*. 76® 1.10 Harness. 40® 45 French calf, Jodot C6.00cqi90.00 French calf, Lomoine..... 60.00®80.00 French calf, 2* to 30 lb 1 .65® 2.60 French kip, 60 to 100 lb I.oo® 1.C5 MET ALB AND TINNEHS* STOCK—Tho demand continues active, and tho market steady for all mate rials. Wo repeat: Tih Plate—lo,loxl4, $14.50; do, 12x12, $15.00; do, •14x20, (16.60; do, roofing, IC, $14.00; do, 20x28, (20.60. Pio Tin—Largo, 420; small, 430: bar, 44c. Sheet Zino—Full casks, Ho; half casks,UX®ll%o; less quantity, 11 >yc; slabs, oc. Sheet luon—No. 24, OJtfo rates. Oaltanizkd luon—No. 16@20, 150 ; No, 22®24,160: No. 25@20, 17o; No. 27, 18o: No. 28, 200. A discount of 20 per cent Is made from this list. CorrEK—Copper bottoms, 450; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470: tinned copper, 43c. WniE—'2 to 6, 8o; 0, 6, and 0,10 c; 10 to 11, llo; 12, ICo ; 10,10 c ; 20. 20o; full bundle, 16 pur cent dis count ; fence wire, 7#o ; by oar load, 7Xc. NAILS—Tho demand for nails is very fair, and present rates are sustained. Wo quote: lOQpCOu, per keg, $5,00 rates ; 8d do, (3.25 ; fld do, (6.60 ; 4d do, $5.87« ; 3d do, $0.60; 3d do, fine, (8.00; 2d do, (3.25 ; clinchi (7.37 X : 12>tfo off for 100 keg lots. NAVAL STORES—Were in fair request at tho fol lowing prices: Manilla rope, V lb, 18c; sisal rope, ft! lb, 16@17o; hemp sash cord, V lb, 20@250; marline. W lb, 2U®220 ; tarred rope, 7? lb, 17®l8o; oakum, w bale, $5,00®0.50; pitch, brl, (0.00®7,00; tor, hri, bale, |5.00®f1.00. OlLS—There was fair activity la tho oil (rode, and tho prices current yesterday wore fully maintained. Wo repeat our list: Carbon, I8#019o; extra oil, 730; No. 1. C8@70o; No, 2, C6o; linseed, raw, (1.00; do boiled, (1.05; whale, 67a ; sperm, (2,00®2.10: neats foot oil, strictly pure, $1.10: do extra, t)0o ; do No. 1, 75u; bank oil, 700 ; straits, 7So ; elephant oU, 050 : tur pentine, D0@&7o; naphtha, 63 gravity, 20o; naphtha, common, lG®l7o, PAINTS, COLOUB, AND PUTTY—Were meeting with a liberal inquiry, and wore steady at former rales. Wo quote: wntra LOAD. Strictly pure,, Paucy brands. Genuine VcUlo Montaguo. American................ COLOSS. Maaury’s railroad colors,, I'uluee car colon, lu cans Kochcllo ocliro Kngllah Vou. red English orange mineral. Mllsburgh onmgo mineral. English red lead American rod lead ... English vermllUou, per lb.. Scarlet renulllou Paris while Whiting 0,60010,60(5111.60 0.600 3.73 4.00 10.C0010.00 13.00 12.00 ... 1.400 1.48 23.00 ... 0.503 4.00 ... 3.000 2.50 rumr, In bulk In bladders... 81*®* ° riQ IUON—Tho demand was reported fair, vrith crlcoa atwdy, u followa: Scotch (according to brand), KJa.ooaos.oo s Tuscarora was 101.00{Massillon, 101.00 J ■ Lftko Superior, fcfl.oo@oo.ool Chicago stone coal, 157.00 j Missouri stone coni, $57,00®08.t)0. ... , ■POuLTßF—Chickens wore In tolerably fait local ronucst nt $4.2504.60{ spring do at $3.2503.30, Tur kcys wore rather alow m l2>f@lßo. . BiSob Ineluflo 20 coops chickens nt f4.50j 14 coop* do el $4.25 s 3 cooiffl (extra) spring nt $3,50; Bcoops dost $3.70@3.00, 3 J»a«e, on track. New potatoes were in goodrequost, nmi choice lots wore very scarce, Sales include ! car poaohblows at 400 s 1 ear do at 460 j 1 car mixed at Mo. delivered j 1 car at 080, on track; 10 bris poor now at f4 00. HEEDS—There was a slight Inquiry for millet and Hungarian at former prices. OlUer ee-odfl wore Inao tlvo and nominal, Salea inclnde 85 bags Hungarian at 31.251 25 bags do at $1.20; 16 bags millet at 31.00. j BALT-i-Thoro was a fair -inquiry Blithe onnexod prices ; Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, 32.00 { ordl nary coarse, 32.00; coarao Diamond 0, $2.10; ground aolar. $2.10; dairy, without bags, S3,CO; dairy, with bags, $-1.5004.76: Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.60; ground alum, 32.8002.40 ; Turk's Island, 32,00. TEAS—Were unchanged, A moderate movement was witnessed at the following range of prices: Young hyson, common to fair, 450300! do good, 00®70o; uo choice to extra fine, 05c@fl.l0; com* men to fine old hyson, 70@Mo; common imperial, OO0O6o; good to choice do, B0o@$1.10; flno*.‘,o good gunpowder, 70c®$1,00; choice Hngsuca, 31.1501.20; extra Moyune, $1.8501.40; choice to extra loaf Japan, 85c®$1.00; fair to good do, C 60760 j common do, 400 4Co | colored natural loaf Japan, 660C50; common to fine Oolong, 05@460 J good, 65005 c; choice to extra, 85c0|1.00. TOBACCO—The tobacco market was quiet and firm at former rates. Following arc the quotations s Fun? Our—Extra, 760850; choice, 05070 c; medi um ; 660500 \ poor to common. 40@C0o. PlUo—Natural leaf, 75060 c; half bright, 00070 c; black, sound, 45055 c. Smoking—Good to choice, 82080 c; medium, 200 81o: common, 2C0200. WOOD—Remains firm. Wo quote ! Booch. 30.00; maple, SIO.OO ; hickory, $11,00; slabs, SO.OO delivered, VEGETABLES—'Were in good request. Peas were higher. Prices for other varieties wore a trifle off. Wo quote: Green corn ot Mo per doz; poos, $1,2501.75. perbu; string beans, $3,6004.00 per bn; cucumbers, $1.0001.25 per doz; now onions, porbri, $5.0000.00; spinach, $1.0001.25 per hrl; radishes, 20@250; squash, 60 Co pot U>; aaparagus, G0@750; pie-plant, I02)fo per lb; lettuce, 25®i1)0 per doz; cabbage, SI.OO per doz; turnips, 30®300 per doz; beets, 25@C00 per doz; carrots, 40060 c: Bermuda onions, $8,5004.00 per box; tomatoes, $3.00. WOOL—Was quiet and unchanged. The stock of old wool is quite low, and prices ore weak and favor buyers : Tub, washed, extra medium 600320 Tub, washed, common to fair... ..43048a Common dingy 40@450 Fleece, poshed, X&XX, light 480450 Fleece, washed, X&XX, dingy 87042 a Fleece, washed, medium dingy ,48@450 Flcocc, unwashed, X&XX,ingood condition. ...28@300 FJtccc, unwashed, coarse to medium 80@83o Flccco, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 27@800 Super, pulled 33® 430 Extra, pulled ..........380440 Burry wool 10®20o1mb Prices for now wool will probably bo from 3®50 lower than the above. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Bovlcw (or tlio Week Ending Satur day Evening, Juno 7» Saturday Evening, Jane 7. The receipts of live stock during the week have boon ss follows: Monday.... Tuesday.. ■Wednesday. Thursday Friday Saturday... Total 20,579 C5,C59 6,167 East week .20,381 64,089 8,723 Week before last 17,805 48,575 6,421 Weekending May 17.,........23,070 72,723 4,000 Total, four week 5........ Shipments were as follows Monday.... -Tuesday... Wednesday Thursday.. Friday Total 12.7G0 45,401 Shipped last week 17,040 41,011 1,110 CATTLE—Tho past half-dozen days have witnessed a very pronounced change in the complexion of the cattle market. Instead of there belug a uurplus of good to choice fat steers of from *1,250 to 1,450 lbs average, as had boon the case during tho preceding three or four weeks, tho supply of such has proved In adequate to satisfy tho legitimate demands of sblp liers, while butchers’ stuff, which for some time past ias been scarce, Jo now In excessive supply. Tho ef fect upon prices, of tho changed character of tho sup ply, has been marked, tho upper grades meeting with prompt sale at gradually-advancing rates, while com mon end medium qualities accumulated from day to day. and steadily depreciated in value. The tone of advices from tho seaboard has been favorable for tho sbippiug Interest, and, while tho market has been devoid of excitement, steady activity has characterized it, so far at least as shipping grades were concerned, and prices hive crept up a good 250 per 100 lbs. Common stock baa been in good request on local account, but under a too liberal supply, sales dragged heavily from tho opening to the close, at an average reduction of 250. Comparatively tho demand for stock cattle was small, but there wero buyers for all suitable offerings, and at tolerably full prices, or at f3.7CQ4.7C for common to good lots of from 700 to 1,050 lbs average. The offer ings of Texas cattle wore numerous, aud, if wo except choice corn-fed, which have sold well up to last week’s prices, the market has favored buyers. Tho best wore taken at f6.00Q5.40, while the poorer sort sold down as lowasf3.4oQ4.CO. Mow milch-cows continue in fair request aud in ample supply at f20.00@45.00 per head. Veal calves sell all tho way from f3.0U@3.25 for poor, to $5.09(35.50 for choice. To-day fair activity characterized tho demand )for tho different grades of cattle, and yesterday prices were uniformly well sustained. The receipts were somewhat larger Hum had been anticipated, but alter tho wants of buyers had been mot only o few hundred (and they of tho common sort) remained unsold. The . market closed steady. Extra Beeves—Graded steers, averaging 1,400 lbs and upward 6.0030.25 Choice Beeves—Pine, fat, well formed 8 year to B year old steers, averaging 1,250 to 1,400 lbs 6.00(36.75 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,160 to 1.250 Jus... 6,2605.60 Medium Grades—Steers in loir flesh, aver* agfug 1,100 to 1,250 tbs 5.0005.2S Butchers’ Block—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for olty slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0004.80 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in docent flesh, averaging 700 to I,oßolm 4.0004.76 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, and scallawag steers 3.0003.75 Cuttle—Texas. Northern wintered. 4.0004.50 Cottle—Corn-red Texas 4.0506.40 .( SO® 41 . 86® 38 . 41® 43 . CO® 1.10 . 85® 1.20 . 28® 30 . 25® 27 . 25® 27 . 20® 23 . 1.20® 1.40 . I.lo® 1.25 . 30® 35 . 27® 80 . 83® 37 . 80® 82 HOGS—An increase of 10.000 In tho receipts com pletely broke down prices, toe market rapidly declin ing until Thursday noon, when sales indicated an ag gregate reduction of fully 7Go per 100 lbs, $4.20 being the top of the market. Under tho lighter receipts of ?cstorday aud to-day the market assumed a firmer one, and 16020 c of the decline has been recovered, closing rates being $4.0004.35. The groat bulk of tho week’s supply changed bauds within a range of $4,000 4,25, though many sold below $4.00, while a few soles were effected early in tho week at $4.7604.85. To-day trade was active and a firmer feeling ob tained. Tho receipts were confined to some 3,300 head, and those, with most of tho stale hogs, ware dlo (posed of at 50100 advance on yesterday’s prices, sales making at $4,0004.10 for poor to common, at $4,160 4.20 for medium, and at $4.2504.35 for good to choice. Dealers look for a smaller supply next week, but thoy do not anticipate any decided advance In prices. 1.20® 1.45 2\’o. Av. Price.]. 03 Oil SU6 1 75 201 1.30 63 231 1.25 88 200 1.00 120 205 1.30 20 231 1.25 CO 200 1.10 ICB 100 1.30 37 200 1.15 117 181 1.25 61 210 1.30 SHEEP—Dave withstanding a material Increase in tbo receipts, tbore has been no very important change In prloos* Ship pers wore out of tbo market, but local butchers and feeders have kept tbo pons well cleared of stock. We quote poor to common shorn sheep at $3.00(33.75, me dium do at $1.00(31.25, and good to choice do at $4.50 @6.00, lambs aro w demand at sl.6o®,—accord ing to quality, Batupdat EvctrNO, Juno 7. The offerings of lumber were liberal, aud a fair bus!- ness was trausactcd ut about the same range of prices. Fair to choice boards and strips sold at $12.76010.00, common at $10.00010.60, aud coarse mixed at $0.35. Pino stuff at $9.00@510.00. Lath were steady at $3.60, and shingles ut $3.00. rickets, SIO.OO ; selects from Ludlngtou sold at $36. Wo noto the following sales; Cargo schr Nowhall, from Muskegon, 160 m ft com mon mixed at SU.OO for inch, and SIO.OO for 2-lnch. Cargo schr Wcscott, from Muskegon, 76 m ft lumber at $13.60 for inch, aud SIO.OO for 3-luch ; 60 m lath at $3.50. Cargo schr EraolJue, from Muskegon, 120 mft common mixed lumber at $10.60. Cargo schr Frontier City, from Ludlugtou, 60 mft selects at $35.00; 140 m ft mixed at SIO.OO. Bold by Blanchard, Borland & Co. Cargo barge City of Erie, from Grand Ilavon, 77,613 ft strips, 36,030 ft boards, at sl3; 0,084 ft Joist and scantling, 333 ft abort lumber, at $10; 1*50,100 pets lath ut $3.60; 320 m A ehluglca at $3. Cargo barge Golden Harvest, from Graud Haven, 80 m ft common strips and boards nl $lO, and pickets ot $lO. Cargo edit Co cella, from Grand Uavcu, 02,083 ft strips, 64,763 ft boards, 744 ft Joist aud scantling, and 804 ft short lum ber, all at sl4. Cargo of scow Uarmonla, from South Haven, 60 m coarse mixed at $lO. Bold by Irish, Button & Co, Cargo schr Bello, from Manistee, 40 m timber at sl3; 15 m joists and scantling at S4O, Cargo achr Bo* Gem, from Nonhots, 05 m strips and boards at $12.75. Bold by 11. K. Bickford fe Co. Cargo schr Loo, from Grand Haven, 00 ra ft common strips and boards ut SK).W) j 3.300 flat pickets at $lO M; 1,100 square pickets at $13.00; 10 m lath at $2.60. dargo schr 5, P. Word, from White Lake, 05 tu ft coawo mixed at $3.35 j lath at $3,60. Sold by Ewer & at $ll.OO. Bold by I>, 11. Jones & Co. Luarosn ymaonTS, Manistee, $3,00; Ludlngtou, $3.75 •J£j iake fi ol V Oconto, $8,60 } Monomluw, $3.6003,76; lentwoter, . 0.00010.00 Cattle, Jloga. Sheep. 8,050 13,430 685 , 3,835 16,429 014 3,629 16,979 1,163 8,293 11,01(3 1,104 . 2,063 7,005 1,200 3,900 2,300 .80,633 211,020 18,301 ITofja, Sheep, 6,570 8,135 11,103 7,097 13,531 Cattle, 3.029 1.103 1,063 8,719 2.030 QUOTATIONS, I Xo. Av. Price.] Ho, Av. Price, 141 100 $4.301131 201 SI.OO C 3 204 4.10 44 230 4.20 45 240 4.251120 252 4.25 69 200 4.35 44 272 4.25 09 271 4.10 40 2X7 4.30 71 102 4.20 69 185 4.25 44 222 4.25 113 241 4.25 CO 210 4.20 49 208 4.50 43 208 4.20103 200 4.46 49 210 4.25 48 221 4.30 01 281 4.001 65 209 4.30 toon In _ bolter doruaud, bo that, not- LUMBER, ETC. '|2.6002,75; White Lake, $2.6002.76; Grand HavonJ AT THE YAnon. ' * Tho yard trade contlnueiTaoUvo on both local and I country account* . Thero was no quotable change In , prices except for common green lumber, which Is non ■oiling at f 12.00, Cedar posts, lath, and shingles ruU steady, and good cherry lumber Arm, Following art the quotations t rirflt clear. $53,00 @55,00 Second clear, 1 Inch to 3 Inch 45,00 @60,00 Third dear, 1 Inch 09,00 @40,00 Third door, thick 43,00 @46,00 Clear flooring, Ist and 2d together, rough 40.00 @43.00 Clear aiding. Ist end 2d together..... 23.00 @34.00 Common 81uing...... 20.00 @31.00 Common flooring, dreaaod, first 03.00 @39.00 Common flooring, dressed, second.... 28,00' '@30.00 Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 Inches and upward * 87.00 @40.00 Aotock boards 00,00 @38.00 fi stock boards 26.00 @38.00 0 slock boards. 10.00 @30.00 Common boards. Joist, scantling, small timber, fencing, etc., 16 foot and under ..13.00 $14.00 Joist and scantling, 16 to 34 foot 15,00 $20.00 Molests, square, 14.00 .$16.00 Pickets, flat 13,00 @15.00 Cedar posts, split 14.00 SIB.OO Cedar posts, round 11,00 @36.00 Lath. 3,75 @8.35 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.60 @3.00 AorStar...... 8.33 @8.75 Shingles on track 9.13#@ 8.35 No. 1 sawed 1.25 1,50 Three dollars per car to be added when transferred# which charge follows the shingles. Xhlckncae—Five shingles to be two Inches In thicks neea. Loiifth— Sixteen Inches. HARDWOOD. _ Black-Walnut Counters, |100.00®160.W ; clear* $55.00075.00 ; common. $40.00080.00; oulL ISO.OOa 85,00; flooring, $50.00080.00, Ash—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, (20.00035.003 cull, $13.00016.00; flooring, $30.00010,00. Oak—Clear, $30,00040,00 { common, $20.00025.00: cull, $12.00018.00, * Hickory—Clear. $35.00045.00: common, $35,000 85.00 { cull, $12.00018.00. Maple—Clear, $30.00040,00; common, $20.00030.00 i cull, $10.00015.00. * Butternut—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 85.00. Oborry—Clear, $50.00000.00: common, $25,000 85.00! cull, $12.00018.00. Whltowood—Clear, $30.00040,00; common, $30,00 030.00; cull, $10.00016.00. Wagon Slock—Hickory axles, per set, f1.0001.80; wagon poles, each, 450630 ; box boards. $36.00040.00. The following is taken from the Grand Rapids Daily Eaglty Juno 41 By observing quotations It Is apparent (bat lumber is to-day worth as much or more in Grand Baplds as In Chicago, and little or cone of tho product of Michigan, that is manufactured away from tho laks shore, will sock a westward, as tho East sud South afford an ample market at more remunerative prices. As tho supply In tho Eastern States la be coming exhausted, while the consumption of lumber is yearly Increasing, It fellows that much of tho pro duct of mills that formerly sent lumber to Chicago will no longer look in that direction for a market. As a consequence, tho amount of lumber that will reach the Chicago market la nob likely to increase with the demand that must come from the prairie Slates. This seeming to be tho esse, it also seems that tho price of lumber must advance yearly. In comparison wlthformcr prices,the present figures for lumber may appear to buyers to bo ado. quate, but the production of lumber la constantly be coming more expensive, by tho enhancing price ol stumpago and tho greater distance logs have to be hauled to the streams, and the growing uncertainty of floatage In the smaller streams, caused by their more rapid rise and fall, In consequence, U is supposed, of the clearing of so large an area annually of too timber that once held the snows of winter till late In spring, and grodually feeding tho streams so that they wore available for several weeks for floating logs, which period lu now much lessened. During tho next three months tho amount to go for ward to Chicago and Milwaukee from tho lake shore porta Is very largo, aud any material advance from present rates In tho existing condition of the money market, is not to bo expected. Herkimer County Dairy Haricot* Little Falls, N. Y., Judo 7.—Tho market this week opened briskly for farm dairies, and prices wore better than last week, both for tho lower grades and for extra, Skimmed sold for to lltfc, according to quality, and fair to oxtra brands went at 130 to 14 Vo. The delivery was about 800 boxes. Factories wero dull of sale, tho views of holders be ing above those of buyers. The expectation among factoryracn was that prices would reach 16#o, but dealers maintained that there was a loss on the high-priced cheese of tho previous week, and that 14>fc should bo tho top price. This block In tho market Luted for a considerable time, but Anally hold ers began to give way, and tho sales wore then active. Wo glvo tho leading transactions as follows : Argus villo, : Avery & Ives, ; Bates. 14?fo; Bethel, lltfo; Oanajoharie, lltfo j Central Valley, 14Jfo • Christman, ; Cold Brook, 14*£o; Cook a Ives, Crame's Comers, I4*fc; Countryman, DalryHlU, Dunkel, 14J£c; Eatouvllle, U,Va; EmpireOhodar, 14Vfc; Eupbratua, 14){o: Old' Fairfield, 14»fo; Florida, 14«<o: Foster, 14^0; Freeman, 140 ; Henderson Homo, 14#o; J. 2>. Ives, 14?fo; Johnston’s Cross Roads, live; Keys, Mauholm Turnpike. 14Jifo t Manbelm Centre, 14*fo j Manhclm, 14^c; MlddloTllla, 14*^0; Newport, 14Jfe5 Nowvlllo Association, 14jfo; Norway, 14^0; Oppen helm Union, 14V&; Paine’s Hollow, 14»fo; Palatine Union, 14^0; Pock, ll*^o; Old Salisbury, 14?fo• Small’s Bush, 16o: Smith Manufacturing Company, j4?fo; A. Smith fc Co., UVo; Smith Creek, 14^0; Snell’s Bneh, 14^o; Snyder i Maxfleld, 14Ko; Spro k/?r, 14>fo ; St. JohnsviUo, 14?^o; Stone Arabia, 14Vo; Valley, 12Vo ; Van Eppes, 14Vo ; White Creek, 14V®; Young, 14 Vo ; Zolicr, 145f0: North Fairilold, 160. 16 will bo soon that only four factories sold above 14&o, and only two reached 160. The offerings of factories were estimated to be from. 6,000 to 7,000 boxes, about 9,000 of which wore sold. Some sent forward their goods on commission, and soma refused to sell at tho going rates, and will hold ovor until next week. Butter la dwindling down In delivery io a “email thing.” Ordinary in Welsh tube sold at from26oto2oo, and flno grass-make brought 280 for homo use. The weather in Herkimer ie warm and pleasant, and a good shower of rain on Wednesday has improved grass, but it Is still very dry, and grasa to short. TO RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witn. and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building, Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled, in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo cation. W. 0. DOW, Room SI Tribune Building. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. Omcuao, Jane 6, 1879. E. D. OUIls and H. Ooald, andor tbo firm name of Oil* U« A Ooald, heretofore doing business iu Floor and F«ed la the Store No. 634 Booth Oaoabst., bare this dajr dis solved by mutual consent. Bald Glllla la to assume all debt# and outstanding aooouota against said firm, and pay tbo same. Bald Gould la to align all unpaid account* due said firm to said GUUa. for his own use and benefit, except such ae aboil have been settled at this date bo tween said QUUs and Uould. B. D. GILUB, H. GOULD. MEDIOAD CARDS. DE. 0. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, <W Slato st., Chicago. Uis wall known by all readers of tlio paper#, that Ur. C. Bigelow la the oldest established physician In Chicago, Science and experience have made Dr. B. the most rs* uowuod SPECIALIST of the sge, honored by the proas, esteemed of the highest medical attainments j hy all the medical Institute* of the day, haring dovotci TWKNIY Ssf?SsW l Bi J 2SS ft'SiCTCTMA'H 00%'sULTAT°oV“j!bK. Dr O. HIOKI.OW, No. 461 btnto-st. ... £)E, IIIUHLOW la a regularly broil physician. HU rep utation Is best known hero m our midst, lie wants no dfa< Uni reference, bntto wull spoken of by every one on traiUiurtUf nuolvoa 10 Ilia o»ra. Wllllo Iho world omluro. ffil. ol»I» ol iihy.lolau. aro roijiilrad. ood 1( «n» 000 oood. .Soli lorrloo, 111« 01“*“ ««no.» liijportanoo to oomM mb a nun wl».« or imrlooco la »l«.l to 111. odor ol modi, ill old, and wllliont iirojudloc, or onj lolonut In nrlu r?,";tU. n ,ho truth, we recommend most cord ally auq mimlullffilli SiloU lo DU. 111U1SLOW, at Ida Oimlri liinims. 4d4Btate-at., Chicago. Dr. Kean, NO CURB! NO PAY 11 800 South Olork-st., Chicago, Maybe confidentially consulted, personally or by moll, free of charge, on all ehroulo or norvuua Uhooajj. Bit. J. KEAN is the only physician In the city who wsr rauU cures or so pay. Uroeu Book sent for 60 coats. Illustrated with numor* bus flowengraviogs. DR. A. G. OLIN, 183 South darkest., Chicago, the longest engaged and most successful Hpoclsitst iu the treatment of all private, chronic, aud nervous dlioasos in both sexes. Bond Iwi stamps for Modlual Troalliu. Full Information. Con saltation free. Oorraapouaenoo confidential, Bspsrati rooms for ladies and gentlemen. Board, atumdouoo. st* .* iioo ©u'.oo

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