Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 9 Haziran 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 9 Haziran 1873 Page 7
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WHO BURNED COLUMBIA. Statement by tho Officer Comnmnilliig tho Union Bridge Which Guarded tho City. Atchison, Kan., Juno 9,1873. XothoEHior of Tho Chicago Tribune: Bib t Aa it appears' ovory wrong answer lias boon gtvon to tho conundrum, “ Who flrod Co lumbia ?” (unless It bo tho ono, “Because It couldn’t climb a troo”), I propose to give yoa tho iruo ono. The answer !s contained in a half-dozen words; but, as a quite lengthy explanation would bavo to follow, PI! mako tho explanation first, and load up to tho answer,— keeping, like novelists, iho iutorost intensified till tho laot moment. An intensely bitter fooling was manifested by our troops from tho moment they stopped on South Carolina soil. In no other seceded Btato (and wo had soldiered in a all save Texas) was there any particulary ill fooling shown towards tho inhabitants. But, from ono end of tbo first named Stale to tho other, it might bo truly said that our march was marked by “a cloud of oxnoko by day dud a pillar of flro by night.” My recollection Is, that, outside of tho town» not a house was loft standing, unless occupied by negroes; and, from tho donso clouds of smoko a few miles each to our right and loft,— plainly defining tho march of tho columns ad vancing In parallel lines,—lt seemed that Iho same destruction was following in tho wake of those columns. Ono"instance—l could glvo twenty—will illustrate and show tho animus of tho troops: Ono ovoning, Just at dusk, I had halted within ■throe miles of camp, at a very fine mansion, whoro a strong guard had boon posted by our advance. 1 bad command of tho rear-guard, and, up to this place, bad picked up all tho sick ond all tho stragglers. Fearing this house might moot tho fato of all others, I. sent everything ahead, and relieved tbo houso-guard myself, and kept with it till wo arrived inside our piokoHlno. About midnight my at tention was called to a flro in tho di rection of that house; and, upon an inves tigation next morning, there was nothing loft to mark tho situation of that mansion save a heap of smouldering ashes. Although tbo mon had morohod twenty-seven miles that day, some of them added six more, In order to apply the torch to that honso. Thoir dreams , would bavo been troubled had that building remained tas a monument of thoir oversight or neglect. This remark would often bo hoard: “ Hero is whoro Treason began, and, by Q—dl here is where it shall end 1” This feeling of hatred was intensified as wo approo chccl Columbia. My brigade (Third Brigade, First Division, Fifteenth Army Corps), composed of the Fourth, Kinth, Twenty-fifth, Thirtieth, ond Thirty-first .lowa Regiments, had marched and skirmished almost incessantly for tho two days preceding the capture of that dty. Tho night we reached ■the Suluda and Broad Rivers, wo pushed over silently in canvas-bottom pontoon-boats, two miles above tho city, laid on our arms till dawn, ’and then attacked, carrying everything before ‘-US. The Mayor mot us near tbo city, and made a •formal “unconditional surrender.' 1 had ro- Jused any other; but, upon his accepting, at once, promised protection- for all private prop erty. As wo entered ono of tbo principal streets, tbo . sidewalks woro lined with negroes of every ago, t box, and condition, holding in thoir arms •vessels of every conceivable size aud shape, j filled with almost every conceivable kind of liquor. Horo was an old white-woolod man, who. j .with a “ Lord broas you,masßal try some die," i. offered brandy from a gourd that had boon filled 1 from tho bucket hold in hla hand. Others wore offering wines, champagne, &0., from original • packages, tin cups, crocks, etc. Officers woro at once reminded that thoir mon, 'considering thoir fatigue of the past fow days, thoir sharp fight of ■ the morning, thoir loss of sloop and food for tho toast twenty-four hours, woro in no condition to drink much liquor. j Tho temptation offered was too groat to with- ' : stand by all; and, iu spite of strenuous efforts of officers, within thirty minutes a no inconsid- , . erable number of my command woro intoxicated. , . This bad occurred daring my absonco to plant ( - our national colors on the State-House, and I ' hod returned in groat hasto, as Gen. Hampton's ' cavalry bad attacked my advanced guard aud threatened a charge on tho brigade. Harsh measures had to be adopted at once, and thoso drunk woro put under guard, and, so soon as tho enemy had boon compelled to retire, I at once had tho entire brigade distributed through tho city. ’ Up to this time no fires bod occurred in any part of the city, save thoso of public buildings And quartermasters' stores, fired by tho enemy the day boforo wo entered, I think, hat which fire hod not extended, and did not oxtond, to j any other part . of tbo city. Tho streets ‘ in some places contained bales of cotton . which had boon out open, and those caught fire . twice or throe times during the day; but those fires had been promptly put out by some of the •. firemen of tho city, aided by a detail of soldiers •. under charge of an officer. By this time, I realized how much too small • my command of 2,200 men was to properly guard : a city of 40,000 inhabitants, rich, almost beyond , conception, iu such stores as wo coveted. In *t addition to thoir own,—moro than ordinarily t found anywhere.—Richmond and Charleston .1 hod sent for safe-keeping all their surplus. I represented to Gen. Woods, commanding tho ('division, how inadequate my command was to - tho task, particularly as this was tbo Capital of . South Carolina / And, while ho expressed hlm isolf as of my opinion, ho could do nothing ; further than refer me to Qon. Logan, commaud :lng tho corps. Logan expressed himself even more strongly 'than Woods hod done, that my command was too .small for tho provost duty of Columbia; but •said Howard’s orders woro one brigade must : guard tbo city, and ho could not change them. I now had intimation that the Union officers -released by us from tho city prisons had formed h society, to whioh had boon added many mom ■hers from odr soldiers and tho negroes, aud .the object of which society was to burn Columbia. Col. D. J. Palmer, commanding my regiment, ‘the Seventy-fifth lowa, aud to whom I had in i trusted tho charge of tho most dangerous port of tho city,viz: that oirthoriver and In Cotton ■ frown," confirmed my opinion that there was a - plot to bum the city, by tolling mo several fires . Lad started in his district; that ho had succeeded in putting them out so far, but could not hold out much longer; and that in his opinion, the • poxt ono would fire tho city. The wind after sunset had increased In vio lence, and, about 0 o'clock, was blowing almost D hurricane from 001. Palmer's district right • towards tho heart of the city. All at ‘once, fifteen or twenty flames, from as many (different places along the river, shot up, and in i (en minutes tho fate of Columbia was settled. Most of tho officers, and many of tho men, - vorked like heroes all night in saving property . Amd life. ; Oon. Sherman sot the example, and often dar ling tho night 1 noticed him as hard at work os - tmy private soldier or fireman. By the next morning it was discovered tho. guard had been too small; and, although a •’ square mile of the heart of tho city had boon - eaten out, and tho men's appetite for revenge .psatiated, yet it was then considered that a cu •vision of troops was necessary for provost duty, jly command wos relieved to go into camp to .cost and reomit, os the entire command was ox fcaußted and worn out. ‘ On our march from Columbia, ono of tho re ■ Moaned Union officers noted above called on me, end stated, as bo hod board rumors that I had ' 1 fired tho city, he wanted mo to take his name . :and address, and, if necessary, use him, as his .testimony would entirely exonoratomofrom ouch .charges. .Prisoners woro always treated well by their toaptors. “Johnny" and “Yank" vied in shar ing, oaob with tho other, his last piece of corn dodger or ration of coffee. It was only when «our men got into the hands of homo-guards that . they were maltreated. While it is truo that a .-few noble Southern women visited tho prisons in Columbia, and clandestinely gave our sick soldiers such little delicacies as a cup of tea, ■ ioast, etc., yet it is no less true that some of tho , [prisoners suffered more than ono oau write. One soldier told mo that, when lu ono of tho orisons pf that city, ho had asked a woman for ’ ,something to oat, as ho was starving. For au .answer, ho Bold she spat In his face. And now, " to return to tho American Indian." -Iho true answer to the conundrum is: Columbia wae fired by an organization composed of Union .officers released from the prisons tbo day of tbo •uptime of that city, Union soldiers, and negroes, is many of my old command will read this, I hope they may iron mo k' lino, to nay whether I hove given an impartial statement or not,.and to point out any errors I may have made. < ‘ Geo. A. Stoke, Ex-Bvt, Urig, Gon, U. 6. Void. ANIMAL PUTREFACTION. A Reply to Mr« Slotiol. To tho Editor of Tho Chicago Tribune, Situ In your last Sunday's issue, tho article hooded “Animal Putrefaction” proved conclu sively, at least to Us writer, tho chemist in Otis .Block, that the Bridgeport effluvia aro not only nob dangerous, but, on tho contrary, very con ducive to our health and well-being, os tho robust scavengers, oto., amply testify. All those who aro not chemists in Otis Block must have boon astonished at tho fallaoios hold by all tho prejudiced scientists of the day, and so thorough ly refuted by tho chemist aforesaid. Being simply a layman, not versed In tho mys teries of tho oaprylio, oapronio, and butyrio series,—tho harmless result of packing and ren dering-houses, according to Hr. Slobol,—l would like to bo enlightened upon some points which that articles leaves as clear as mouldy iulr. If, as is stated by that chemist, tho products of rendering are volatile oils, condensable in coolers, why aro they not condensed in tho coolers which all tho rendering-houses use by order of tho Board of Health? Those condensers having boen tried now for several years without success tbo presumption is, that some of thoeo volatile oils, fully conscious of thoir harmlossnoss and innocence, go forth free from iho condensers to mingle, uncondonsod, with the dangerous car bonic acid of our air, and to exert that mechani cal action upon our noses equal to any “sweet-smelling flower or porfmpo,” Tho question hero occurs, whether iho use of tho Imagination in this “ scientific re search ” is legitimate. Surely, without a good deal of Imagination tho ’ comparison could hot bo made, except to show tho contrast. The class-books on chemistry state tbo elementary constituents of excrements as tho same in kind as thoeo of food. Tho relation of tho two is tho same as that of tho odor of swcct-smclling flow ers and tbo Bridgeport perfume. Carbon and nltrogon, so indesponsablo in our food, because they constitute a. largo portion of our body, aro tbo elements of prussio odd, tho most dangerous of poisons. Docs our chemist see no difference between wheat flour and prussic acid, except the atoms of water which aro present in tho one and not m the other ? Chemistry scorns to contain somo intricacies unknown in Otis Block. Another mystery is tho assertion that tho volatile oils, ammonia, and other products are more healthy (vide all fat scavengers), than tho dangerous nitrogen, carbonic acid, ana oxide of ouratmosphoro; when tho chemical catechism in the First Header teaches that all gases possess the property of intermingling and diluting each other, so that tho heavy carbonic acid will rise to the highest mountain-peak, and higher* and so bo removed from our lungs; that it will bo drank up and converted into wholesome oxygon by every leaf, every blade of grass, and every flower or tree; while the condensa ble *’ volatile oils do not rise out of our way* but hover around our noses and lungs, like Infinite compounds of musk and garlic and kutyrio acid, aud other sim ilar flagrantly fragrant perfumes, the odor of which is thoir greatest virtue, an it warns us,of tbs pestilential sporulos they carry with them, breeding small-pox, cholera, corobro-spinai meningitis, and other longer-named and quicker killing diseases. Hero I como to tho third question disposed of in Otis Flock, but not to my satisfaction, name ly : Have those putrid gases, and sources and products of decomposition, nothing to do with tho dread diseases named ? It is truo that only oholera can breed cholera, and only small-pox poison can breed small-pox, os a grain of wheat can produce wheat only. Should wo place a grain of wheat upon a solid rock, wo would havo to wait probably a rather long time for aharvost. It would probably dry, shrivel up, for want of nourishment. But if wo plaoo it into a woll- E lowed Hold, into a pilo of manuro, into a hot ouso, wo shall soon find it to sprout, and grow, and spread out. llow is it when tho merest fraction of a grain or a eporulo of cholera or small-pox ia planted into a community tho air of which is fertilized with garlic and rausk-Hko emanations of putrid matter? "Will it not multiply fruit fully in the well-manured soil ? Tho subject of soil and nourishment Mr. Siobel has ovor- looked; but it does play some role. Have you ever looked into a tank fall of tank stuff, or filled with blood, a day old, In our warm season? Blood, you will hoar at Otis Block, is carbon, nitrogen, and water—pure water. Lot a tank full of this, with tho proper label of its el ements, got twenty-four—nay, only throe-hours old, m our hot weather, aud a resurrection of the elementary particles, 'wonderful and fear ful to behold, will toko place. Myriads of blaok oyod title Imonstors will bo writhing tho pleas ure orpain of their existence,. Chinese taste might speculate upon tho mechanical action upon tho stomach of thoso thousand of maggots, when slaughtered and cooked, as really noing only tho constituents of beef or pork; hut wo poor, uneducated people, whoso tastes have not boon cultured by scien tific research, whoso stomachs might yield to so slight a provocation, boiug spoiled by* tho uso of vulgar hoof or pork, think that there ' is, perhaps, a slight difference between tbo effect or beef in its fresh state uud that after Its trans migration into tho bodies of maggots. Whoro do all thoso maggots como from ? Certainly tho air was not so thick with them, although it may havo contained tho seod for them, whioh grow and multiplied at tho expense of and out of this decaying animal offal. If blood or tank-stuff is changeable so quickly iuto maggots, why not into cholera? A chemist who was not at Otis Block, and who died lately, described, in his popular letter, on chemistry, a process ho called oromaeausis, ac cording to which any organic substance capable of ebaugo underwent such a obaugo as is in duced iu it by a certain fermontor coll; or, in other words, it matters loss what tho substance is which undergoes tho change, than what ex cites it. If cholera-poison chances to como in contact , with putrefying blood or other animal matter, a prolific yield of cholera will result; If small-pox-poison is planted in tho samo sub stances, a rich harvest of small-pox will pay for the effort; while fevers require no other manure for their cultivation. Tho name of this last chemist was Liebig. Tbo last question I have to ask is, whether tho miasma ana decaying substances really increase the strength and longevity of people occupied among it. Tho stock from which scavengers are mode is usually strong and healthy when, they outer upon thoir occupation. Looking for in formation, I have learned that their uuuluqhu hours aro fow, loss than eight; that they enter upon thoir duty with a good charge of some al coholic bovorago Inside aud a “ pocket pistol" ia thoir pocket, so they can “stand it." For eighteen or twenty hours of tho day they sloop, or pray at tbo shrine of Bacchus for strength for tho next night's work, and discuss politics and othor invigorating topics Thoir mental oxcito mont never roaches a high pitch, and the ques tion arises, whether thoir mode of lifo outside of thoir occupation, or tho latter, rounds off their forms, Thoir alcohol and tobacco-smoko aro good disinfectants, and, whenever they got sick, they have u bettor chance to die easy, aud without medical aid, than people who aro not lucky enough to bo scavengers. Should thoir occupation prove a very healthy one, wo might soon establish horo the Baratogd of tho West, where, upon acres of decaying fertilizers, tho feeble and tho weak could regain strength by reposing upon soft oouohos of maggots, and suffering that mechanical effect which swoot smolling flowers or perfumes exert. Iu Now Orleans and Memphis tho cholera ex ists ; in Now York 'tie expected ; in Russia U is found: aud, boforo winter, some emigrant-ship will bring the seed to our well-manured atmos phere. Shall wo bo safe by carrying out tho popular delusion (?) of disinfecting thoroughly; or shall wo bury our families with tho consola tion : “ This cholera came from far away, aud not from tho filth at homo?" Beware of false prophets. H. Ouioaqo, Judo 7, 1873. Ittr. Chase aud tho John Orotvu Raid From the Sew York Tribune. Although Mr. Chase gave the office of Gov ernor of Ohio a dignity and influence it never possessed until ho assumed its duties, bo hold Tt during a period of comparative quiet. An in stance which is given of his firmness and cour age during tho heated times of tho John Brown raid is thorforo tho more interesting from tho relief in which it stands. Before Brown had boon executed, Gov. ‘Wise, of Virginia, fearing, or protending to fear, au invasion of armed men from Ohio to attempt a rosouo of tho prisoners, wrote Gov. Chase informing him of tho expected movement, and warning him that “necessity may compel us to pursue invaders of our juris diction into yours," The reply of Gov. Chase is characteristic for its calmness and resolution, and is ns follows: OOLDUDOfI, Doc. 1,1853. Sas; Your letter of tbo 25Ui ult„ postmarked 20 tb, THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY. JUNE 9, 1«73. together with a copy of one of the oarao dato.mldrern. Oil by you to iho President, was received yesterday, No Intelligence other than that contained in those lot* tors hoa reached mo of any anoh preparations aa aro described In there, and the letters Uiemsolvea convey no such information In toapoot to place or persona rva Is necessary <o enahlo iho authorities of I.lilb Hlelo, In tho absence of other intelligence, to tntorpoMO with any certainty or effect. Whenever it eball bo made to op. pear, cither by evldonco transmitted by you or other wise, that unlawful combinations nro being formed by any persons or at any place In Ohio for tho Invasion of Virginia, or for tho commission of crimes against her people, it will undoubtedly become tho .duty of tho Executive to nse whatever power «bo may possess to break up such combinations and defeat tbclr unlawful purposes; and that duty, It need not bo doubted, will bo promptly performed. I observe with regret on Intimation In your letter that necessity may. compel tho authorities of Virginia to pursue invaders of her Jurisdiction into tho territo ry of adjoining motes. It In to bo hoped that no cir cumstances will arleo creating In their opinion such a necessity. Laws of tho United Slates, on well as tho lows of Ohio, Indicate tho mode In which pontons charged with crime In another State and escaping into tills may bo demanded and must bo snrrondorot); and tbe people of tbla State will require from bor authori ties the punctual fulfillment or every obligation to tbo the other members of tho Uulon. They caunot con sent, however, to tho invasion of her territory by arm ed bodies from other States, oven for tbo purpose of pursuing and arresting fugitives from Juatlco. I bavo the honor to bo, very respectfully yours.#!. P. Oiube. Ilia Excellency Henry A. Wlso, etc., etc., etc. MINORITY-REPRESENTATION. Letter from Mayor Mcrtlll. JUron’s Office, Orioaoo, May 31,1873. Eon. Samuel F. Hunt. Ohio Conotilutional Conven tion t ■ Dhau Bin: You ask mo whether tho system of minority-representation adopted in Illinois operates to tho satisfaction of our people ? I unhesitatingly reply in tho affirmative. It proves In practice to bo Just what was promised and predicted in Its behalf. Tho experiment is conceded to bo quite successful, and Is regarded as a groat improvement on tho old ouo-sidod ays-' tom of representation. It is far more popular now than It wan a year ago, before tho first elec tion under it. Then there wore doubts aa to its prac ticability. Its opponents said tho people would nob bo able to comprehend it, and that confusion would result at tho polls, that bad men would slip into tho Legislature by Its means, that it would enable the minority to rule the majority, and that the Intercuts of the people would bo harmed or sacrificed. Not ono of those prognostications of evil has como to pass. Tho voters understand tho now system without difficulty or much explanation, and discovered nothing abstruse or incompro honaiblo In It. They were quick to discern that it gavo them increased power and liberty of ac tion, and that tho old and arbitrary restrictions in tho freedom of tho ballot wore removed, and they will ho slow to consent to yield hack tho cumulative vote or totality representation. Tho now system commends itself as more democratic than the old. Tho wholo mass of tho people ore now represented in tho popular branch, instead of a more majority ns formerly. Every voter, whether a Democrat or Republican, has now the man of his choice In tho Assem bly to represent him.. Neither party is now un represented In any district. Tho minority is no longer practically disfranchised, as was previous ly the case. Tho vote of tho majority is not impaired or disturbed. The stronger party at the polls havo control of tho House, but tho weaker one is represented in proportion to its strength. The unjust monopoly of representa tion is broken. Every Democratic district elect ed two Democrats and ono Republican, and ev ery Republican district two Republicans and ono Democrat to tho House. The exception to this rule only occurred when a candidate of tbo strong er party was unpopular, or that of tho weaker party tho fitter man to such a degree as to con strain enough of his opponents to vote for him to oloct him. No party advantage was gained from thoso exceptional cases, because they, woro as numerous on ono side as the other—gainer and loser balancing each other. It was a noticeable fact that, talcon as a wholo, tbo so-callod “minority members " woro tbo ablest men. Several of tho strongest aud most; conspicuous members woro sent to tho Assembly' by tho “ plumping ” votoof tho minority, show ing that tno weaker party, as a rule, were moro careful and conscientious in making selections; of representatives than tho majority oldo. This result was predicted by tho friends of tho now system when advocating its adoption boforo tho people, but was hootod at as wholly improbable by its opponents, wbo now confess thoir errors and admit its verification. Minority representation in 'lllinois has boon demonstrated to bo an actual reform—not a Change merely, but an improvement ia tho ncl-. once of popular government, and tho people are pleased with tbo operation of tho experiment, and intend to givo it a fair and thorough trial. At first many woro hostile to its adoption ; but fow of them would now vote for its abrogation. Thoso who wore at tbo outset lu doubt as to its wisdom aro now its supporters, or willing to await future developments. Tho only oppoaora of this now system aro of tho Bourbon brood, who forgot nothing and learn nothing, or tho clan of Court-Houso parti saus who boliovo in disfranchising thoir politi cal opponents from raotivcs’of unscrupulous sel fishness and narrow-minded illiberal!ty. It is to bo hoped that your convention will at least submit ibis doctoral and representative reform ns a separate proposition to popular ratification or rejection, ami lot tbo people de cide for themselves whether they want it. Ohio baa generally boon in tbo load,- and never in tbo rear of the column of progress. Very respect fully, Joseph Mewle. Letter of Itlr. CJroclcy* From tho Sew York Tribune. The following letter of jlr. Groeloy, never be fore printed, shows hew early ho took tbo po sition of advocating tbo largest clemency to ward tboso who had taken part in tbo HobolUon. The dato is significant—this letter was written while Abraham Lincoln was moving homo to Illinois in his last triumph, and Andrew John son was clamoring for tbo blood of traitors : Ni:w Youk, April 21,1M5. Mr Futund: I have your letter. We must put down the Rebellion i wo must make an end of Slavery J for the good of tho whole human race requires both of those: but do not lot us ccom to do In wrath what In dictated bylovo. Wo may have to kill rnoroof tho Southern Bnvagce. including their chiefs; but lotus not drink their blood and Imbibe therefrom their spirit, 1 Ray in all truth that I would gladly lot thorn all go unpunished (by war) to-morrow, If they would but give up Slavery, atop tho Rebellion, ?omo back, and behave thcm«elvcß. And lam not very good nt that. If I worn bolter, I should probably ho willing (as I oneo was) to pay thorn noraethlng for their elaves; now I think they have taken Ihclr pay in rebellion, and must bo Hatludod with that. 6 my friend 1 remember “Father, forglvo them.” Wo might bo oh they avo had wo been nursed on tho tiger's milk of Slavery. Now lot m be rntlcflcd with the Inevitable woea of thla terrible war. Yours, Mva. It. M. Whipple. llon.vcu GiiEEUivl BUSINESS CHANCES. A RARE OIIANOR.-A SMART YOUNG MAN CAN eocuro onudmlf Interest In (mo of tho boat paying otllco bueiuesaoa In thacliy. Small capital r.Hiuln d, and nueipariODcu tmunKwiry. A cash proilt of .-fdou to ijM monthly. O. lIAEL, R5 South Oanal-at., Room 1. ANY ENERGETIC) MAN, HAVING 43,C00 OU$4,«» cash, can llnd a leritlnmti and permanent business (hat will pay double tlio itivustmeut tir:U year; Hocurily fur Investment. Call ami Investigate. WETIIEUILC. A CO., £5 East Wo»hlngloii-nt. A I*ORIC-PAOKINO HOUSE, AT EUREKA, WOOD fonl County, 111,, for !*nlo, surrounded by tlio bnsl hoc*produohig_dHtrlot lu tho biato, situated on tho junc tion of UioT.rP, 4\V. U.U. nurlthot). I*. AS.W. U.U.: railroad switch runa to door of pucklng-honso. 'Would exchange lor Chicago city or suburban mul citato. For further particular* apply to A. O. CAMPBELL, ISO Wash* Inirloo-flt., Chicago, or J. M. MURRAY, Kuroka, 111. AO ROOKEIiYrriN. ANJ) WOODKfiWARESTORK for sale. Reason lor nulling, owncrgolug to Europe. Apply at 71 IRun lilnnd-qy. An active business man wanted with SI,OOO cash, to join a gentleman with equal amount and act as Treasurer to tako charge of tho financial atfnlra for the manufacture of a little paiout artlolo that cunts!! cento and soil* for tUoontfl. A sure fortuao; failure lin* possible. Orders on hand fur 00 gross, ummmtlng to ull'lto. which cannot be tilled for want of above capital, bond M oenlt for sample, or call and Investigate at 8u and 87 Doarboru-at., Room £B, Chicago, 111. A' 'LODGING FIOUME in BAN FRANCISCO FOR sale. A lino central location, containing 140 rooms, with a wolt*«kUbUsliod basilicas. For further in formation ami particulars address C. G. MOXLEY, Real Estate, No. £& MontgoCTory-it., San Francisco, Cal. Aretail"6roceuy for balk, doing a BUSI* nass last year with a not protit of about sC,oiio. Bold ou account of ill health. Adarooo Q 87, Tribune oillco. AFiNR^IUIVMARiriST' FOUHALE, WlTirdOOD Natures, tools, and cash customers, at No, U7 Arch* cr-av. A HARDWARE STORE CENTRALLY LOCATED and doing a good business for sale j capital required, about $3,000. Call or address 435 Booth Halstod st* pa'll AT ONCE AND BBE MY NEW RKSTAU rant, Just opening: a oortaln suooossj In thu very heart of business. SI West Madlion-st., domi Btalra. Ti^ORBAMC—EITHER ONEdIALF OU WHOLE IN. J’ torost lu ruitaurant and sample room. Inquire of SIoDANIELS, Htato-it. I'- AUNDRY FOR BALE—IN FIRST-OLASS LOOALI* J ty, and a good trade established. Apply at lit! South Olark-st. TSJKW YORK-LUAfIE AND FURNITURE OF A J.N first-olasa Broadway hotel for salo, Address 11 H, Station D, Now York. ____ S“ TEAM FLOURING MILL FOR BALK CHEAP, HAS 7 run of stone, new engine of ample power lu good or* Oorj Ulna town of B, 000 pooploj good local trades ship* flug facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi liver. Tonus easy. Address or call on F, L. UNDER* WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. Stock, fixtures, and lease of the popu* o lar dry goods store 460 Centm-av.. at tho Junction of flluo Island-av,, near thu now umnuiaolurlug district, for sale at a groat bargain; must bo sold lu the next ton days. ; OALOON AND HOARDING-HOUSE FOR BALE p cheap. Splendid location. 48 East Klnxlo st. SALOON AT 135 BOUTH WATEU*BT. FOR BALE cheap. Apply on prcmUoi, in baicueut. OITY REAI ESTATE. FOU - NO. an, TYr,oii.ST.'-it5.000-«i,ooo cash, byeara’time foi* balance.' 2-alnry and basement brick on Hunore-aU, $9,000. 2-stnry and basement oriole on Leavltt-st., $6,006. ; 2-sinry and basement brick on Monroo-tt., IpIU.OOO. 2-atory frame on Fultou-st., near Ada, ff0.000.. Lot* on Seoond-sf. and Weslorn-av. at SWK» on quarter payments, uor. of Robey ami Uarmll-als,, sl,sw. Lots un Flournoy, taungtun and Polk-tls., near Camp boll-av„ bolow Market. .Fonryoars' lima. . Comer lota on Admns, Monroe, Jackson, andVonlla ron-sts., ntbargaln*. ’ .Acres at Lovett station, on tho Chicago A Pacific Railroad: at liorest Hill, on tha O. 0. it 1.0. Railroad: atHouth Englewood; 7acrot on Pralrlo-av., near Enolo. •Wood, at$U,«W. M U. H. TiIOMAH, Ig2l,aßftllo.nt«i Room 10, first floor. WOU BALE-GOOD LOTS ON TUB FOLLOWING XVatroota: State, Burnside. Ruttorflold, Arnold, Onrl baldl, Hanover, Bailor, Wallace, Rummer, Winter, Mur ray, and Halolod; also on Wentworth, HhurtlolT, Portland and Stowart-ava; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth. 1 wonty-slxtb, Twonly-iovonth, Tmmty-olohth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth. Karl, Thirtieth, Haven. Tmity-flrst, Thlr ty-aocund.Thlrty.lhlrd. Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh. Fontaine, and Thlrty.olgluh-ils. Tlllo perfect. Warranty dooda. A vary aniall payment down, flvo year’s time, 6 per cent Intoreat. No agency business. Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 873 Wabasb-av. k w * FOR BALK—LINCOLN PARK-LOTS FRONTING FullorUm-av.. IXaelno-RVy Fromout-st., and Webster av., Intbo neighborhood of Lincoln Park; street railway within a few blocks: oboap lots and un very oasyterms. Apply to W. D. KKUFOOT A CO., 00 East Washing ton-si. F~Oll PARK-LOTS FACING Washington, Lake, Madison. Monroe, Adams, Jack* son, and Fulton-Bla,, 'and Park, Warren, and California nvH., between Wostorn-av. and Central Park, at from SB7Mo 93.000 each on easy terms. Apply to WM. D. fcERFOQT A CO., CO East Wsablngton-at. YjlOU SAt.K-—WKBT TWISLITiI-ST.-Wl! IIAVIC Jj Just made a Subdivision of tho Block bounded by Wost Twelfth, Sampson, Robey, and Hoyno-sts, and wo are prepared to sell lota on either of these streets cheap, on easy terms. TwoUth-st. or boulevard la 150 foot wide, and Is finely macadamized. Parlies purchasing lots on It now can bo sure of realising a handsome profit from their Investment. Apply to W. D. KERFOOTA CO., 80 East Washlngton-st. • For sale—lots near o. a n. w. r. r. oar Works, insldo olty limits, until Juno 7, 1878. at SOOO each. 8. W. KROET,, Room 14. IROR SALTS—AT A BARGAIN—THE DESIRABLE JU rosldonco, 1110 Indlana-av., containing 14 rooms, band, some saloon parlor, conservatory, brick stnro-room, two bath-rooms, hot ana cold water all through the bouse, frescoed callings, painted walls, plato gloss windows, etc., oto. Thoro la also a fino barn on tbo promises, and everything is In perfect repair. Possession given at any time. Gall between 4t06 on any day during tho week. THOR SALE-A 2-BTORY FRAME HOUSE, 24X50. X 1 Inquire at 185 Oblo-st. TBOR SALE-RIVER PROPERTY 40 ACRES IN A; northwestof fioo. 86, inside city limits. SNYDER A LICE, No. 14 Nison Building, northeast* corner of Monroe and LaSallo-sts. ‘IT’OR. SALIC—CHE AP—OOTAGON*FRONT BRICK J} residence, 3 utorlos and basement, 10 rooms, lot 29 foot front! oxooIlcntlooftUon; WostSido s $9,600. HENRY WALLER, Jit., 86 East Washlngton-at., Boom 4. For sale—manufacturing property, imx 265 fool on Twoaty-sooond-st.. northwoiit corner of Allnori-at. Also other pfoooa. HENRY WALLER, JR., 60 East Waaliington-Bt., Room 4. m6BBAr,E-tTiSHBUOUBng-MAR3IIIfIKLI)AV.. X' near Oongrese-st. (Tyler); 2 atorlcw. Building lota taken in part payment. „ . llarrlson-st., woatof Oakley; astorios; $3,606. Lot In fide tiro limit* taken lo exchange. Wllcox-at-, near Campboll-av.s $3,600. Buttorfiota-Rt., near Kgan-av. 1 cottage Terr cheap. HENRY WALLER, JR., Boom i, BO Washlngton-st. For sale-oiioict' lots upon halstkd. Emerald, Daahloll, Andrian, Arnold, State, Twenty* aevonth, Thirty-third, Thirty-fourth, and Thirty-seventh ats. Also upon Wentworth, Archer, and Rgan-avs. Small payment down. Five yean, 6 per cent. • HENRY W. OIIII'MAN, 163 Monroo-st. For salb-on monthly payments, cot* (ages on Dsyton-at., near Webslor-av. Inquire on premiaoa, of SCOTT A GAGE. ] IpOR SALE—SI,6OO—A BARGAIN, NEW 13-ROOM ■ cottage wlthfri four blocks of Unltm Park. TRUES* DELL A BROWN, 17S WcutMadUon-st. __ POR SALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS, A TWO story frame house, with corner lot, on Fulton-st.. without any cashpayment except the first monthly Instal ment. Now cottage and lot on Socond*flt., small cash payment; balance monthly to suit. * Two-story frame house on Rurnsldo-at,, near Thirty* second, with tot SUxllO: small cash payment, balance monthly. It. 8. DIETRICH, Room 9, Major Block, 143 Laflnlle-st. FOR SALE-OUNTON-ST.-WxlM FEET ON CLIN* ton-si., between Van Huron and Harrison. SNz UUR A LEE, No. 11 Nixon Building, northeast corner of Uun* too and LaHr.llo-sta. IflOß SALE-CHEAP —SUBSTANTIAL DOUBLE 1 building on East Lnko-st., 40x135, built upon a valu able leasehold of 20 years, at the ond of whloa owner of realty is obliged to nay fortbo building, and now leased for 0 yearn; paying 16 per crab over and above ground* ronts, taxoi, etc. Cost SIO,OOO, will sell fop $30,000. Ad dress G (> 1), Tribune office. • 1“ nORHALE-O. A N.W.LOT3, BETWEEN CENTRAL 1 Park ami O. and N, W. car shops, a non-rosldont owner, will soil very cheap. Also, Boulevard lots, and lots near Boulevard. Froo ride, cars or carriage. PIiINNLY A LOMBARD, 165 LnSallo-st. I POR SALE—IOOxI7O TO A2O-FOOT ALLEY, BEING * northwest corner Cottage Grovo-nv. and Forty-mih *t.;only $8,600 for a few days, This is a flno business corner, ring to bo Improved, aud fully worth SIO,OOO. Go .and look at it* J. HENRY WEIL, 160 Doarbom-at., 'Room 6. FOR SALE-LOTS ON ARCHEH-AV., LOOK-BT.I MoPormott-st., Fuller aud Hickory-fits., at bar gains; must bo sold; title perfect. F. U. CUMMINGS, No. 102 East Randelph-st. IrtOß SA I.TC— COTT\(IK AND I.OT ON TWENTY* ' olghth-Rt.; price, $I.C00; mustbooold. TRUFSPFLL A BROWN, 176 WostModimm-st. IJOR BALK-LOT 3 ON MADISON AND ADAMS* ' ats., just oast of Central Park; will exchange In part fnrhouioaad lot, well located. S. W. ICUOFF, 146 La- Sallo-et., Room 14- IRORSALE-WABASH-AV.-60 BY 173 FEET. WEST : front on Walwsh-av,, between Thirty-fourth and Thlrty-fiftb-ota. Price low. Easy terms. • SNYDER & LKK, No. 14 Nixon’s Building, northerns! corner of Mon roo A LaSalle-ats. For sale—store, dwelling, AND GROUND, SOtlGSfort, northeast corner Statu and Twontloth-sta. SNYDER <t LESC. 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast corner Monroe and LaSallo-ita. * ' ITtOlt BALE—AT A-GREAT BARGAIN, LOTS ON X' northwest corner of and Wostorn-av,; parties wishing to build no money required down. In quire at 135 South Olark-st., in bank. _ 171011 SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ON MONTH* X ly payments, two now houses, lo rooms. on Tnylor-st., near Oumpboll-av. Inquire at 136 South Olark-st., In Lank. 1"nOR SALE-NICE 8-ROOM COTTAGE AND LOT, 1 on Prulrlo-av., $5,000. Elogont octagon marhlo house, Michlgan-av., 81G.000: for cither only scoo down; long time. H. MEAU3, 200 LftSallo-st. 7JIOUSALE—CAPITALISTS 1 ATTENTION—§6O PER X 1 foot below market price, a beautiful, woll-woodcd lot on Dro. T ol-av,, very near horse and steam cars, at a saorllloo. Inquire of ULRICH «t BOND, 87 Dearborn-nt. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. 1710U SALE-80.AORB FARM, OR TRADE FOR X' lets, homed, carriage, or merchandise; 60 foot on Minhigau-av., near I'Kty-sUth-nt., S3O bolow market; 688 Wabaah-av., at a great sacrltluo. Apply at 1313 Wa> bakh-av. • F~ OR fiALE-A BEAUTIFUL FARM OP 78 ACRES. 1C miles from Chicago Depot, high land, covered with trees, house, barn, etc. j tho cheapest acre property to bo found anywhere. Will bo sold lor 310,600 If taken

within n few days. Thera in surely a fortune In this prop erty. It U only A( of a milo from depot and three-quarters ohm hour's rido from Chicago, J. ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chumbcrof Oummorco. IROUSAIiR—FARM—IOO ACRES AD.IOININO TOWN X 1 plat. L’o mllos out: suitable for nubdlvislon; would ox change for city property. EDMUND G. STILES, W Madlson-st., corner Dearborn, Room 7. 1* nbu's COAL LANDS: FARM 1 of 340 acres, wl thin ono nillo of railroad station, willi every Indication of coal on thopromUua, a good apriug of water, and well adapted for a stock farm; can ho ex changed tor a stock uf boots and shoes, clothing, or gro ceries. Apply to THOMAS E. JOURD.\N, Mondoln, OR SALR-OR RXOHANGE-A BEAUTIFUL homo at Morrison, 111., $4,030. Ohotoost location In town. STORKS A WARE, tH Washlngton-tt. REAL ESTATE WANTED* ■\TTANTKD—4O TO ICO ACRES OF LAND, NORTH- Vr wojt of the city and In Cook County. It need not bo near railroad. P, O. Bex 47. Clitongo. _______ titanted-to purchase, a wellllocatkd \i piece uf business {ireporty, with HUbstaotlnl build- Imre, paying a fair rental, costing from $75,00U to SIOO,OOO, on which a liberal cash payment will ho made Lf a bar gain. Owners having such, ploaju call oraddrovs G. A, LISLAND, 18) Doavburn-st. KOHSES AND CARRIAGES. ACUTION HALE OF HORSES. WAGONS, AND il hatmm at JAMES BRENNAN'S iiorsu Market, Nos. iilil. 21/ i, anti 217 West TwoUlh-st., every Tuesday sail Friday, at 10 a. n>. GREAT VARIETY OF CARRIAGES, HOOK jV nwuys, barouche*, slide-seats, phaetons, lop ami open buggies. 27 mid 2jJ South Clinton-sl. 11. B. HILL, SALIC—VALUABLE FAMnAr HOUSE, WITH X buggy, liamouj, oto, Apply at 1121 Klnzlo-nt. TiYOll* SALE—CHEAP FOU OASII-A GOOD NEW j} grocc,y.\Vrti>on. Price, $l2O. Apply to JAMES DA VIDSOW, &3 North WolU-at. ifIAMILY CARRIAGES, JU-MP.fIE.VT BUGGIES. i. l and phaetons, at Eastern factory prloox. 10 and 12 West Itnudolph-st., near the bridge. 11. J. EDWARDS. TALWaTricn. la'zeab & Orkney, manupa(T X’ tutors of lirat-clms top and open buggies. Factory, corner Sedgwick mid Divlslon-ste. bnmaroems, 833Btato. WirsXLlC-OirKTp, FOB OABII. HQB3W, TOP JL' buggy, ami harness. Apply at 112 West Mudison-st., Monday. riOOD PASTURE FOB HORSES AT QEOBGE W? It GAGE'S Paclllo Stock Farm Lcnvo address at Pacific Hotel addressed U» GILBERT LACY. ' O P.NUINB BOSTON BLADES CARRIAGES AT 223 \T ami 221 West Waablcgleu-st, j no humbug. Aloe cheaper grades at very low figures for cash. 1L • corner of Stale, has for sale eno Olaranco carriage, team, and harness; also open and lop buggies, phaetons, Concords, do.; carriages aud buggies to rout with or without horses. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. FOB BALK-FURNITURE AND CONTENTS OF A tirst'.class bote). For further luformatlou apply to D. B. WARREN, YankUm, PERSONS DESIRING FURNITURE UPHOLSTER- X od or varnished, enroot# altered, fitted, or laid, furni ture slips out, onn have the work dono at their own houses, by addressing D 62, Tribune oOlco. WANTED" FOR OAHH, HOUSEHOLD AND TT oflioo furniture, csrpota, and general household eonds. Addros* Id, !W, WandlW Wrst Washington-#;, 'phulitering and repairing promptly.done by llrat-clan workmen. .. _ MUSICAL. PIANOS TO RENT AND FOR BALE: LOWEST X prices and best forms. Ho sure and call boloro you buy op runt. N. QUOLD d BON, la Oottago Grom-av. fiSlTn NICHOLSON ORGAN factory, C 3 bast in -1 diaua.nt., Ts (ho cheapest place In Chicago to buy a flfa(-o|«gs Parlor Organ. Prices sßOtqjMiWb» MEDICAL. TNFOIIMATION WAHTBU-OK AM TUB nI.INX), 1 and .ucli Laving oro ai.uft.of. Gall at tho Liu BiHrma ry at Dr. u. T. MOUCMN Uat, o, Ban branouco, C’.IJ, Nil, m Stalo-ftt.. OAloaiio. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. •filOR BALE—CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THR I' Milwaukee Railway, al* mllca distant,. and twenty minutes* ride, In Olybouru’s Addition to Havonswood. Those Inis am laid nut BoilC3 foaton MfontiMroots, and will bo sold upon ontylonna, at from S6OO to S.OO per lot. Tho facilities for access to and from the city—the doslr abllltyof tho land—lt being high and thoroughly dra ued -tha proximity to first-classlmprovements. obUrchos, ■dumb, and society, commend tliU property as tbo bust at UiopHoo now In tho market. ... Comparison challenged I Tho attention of tbo in ana* trimis-tho thrifty—tbo oaullotis-Is called lo those lots as altos for homesteads or investments. Call, for a printed abstract and plot, upon ROBERT QUEER, MLaSnllo-at., Room 2. TROR BALE—HI NS I) ALB—WE HAVE SEVERAL X* very desirable rosldonces In (Ills charming suburb, for rale cheap, and on easy terms; also, soma Tory doslra blo lota and aero property. Improved and unimproved property to exchange for acceptable, city property or farms. CIIAB. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dearborn-at. FOR HALB—AUSTIN—LOTS, BLOCKS, AND ACRE property. Tho host place In Cook County for an In voatmon.. For a homo It presents unusual attractions; J ndioß from Oblongo, and 50 foot higher. Cam every bnur; faro, 7Mcauls; tune, 20 roluutos. W. R. WOODBURY, 80 Waslilngtoo at. TROR SALE—EVANSTON PROI’ERTY-UOUSES, X’ lots, andaeroa; call nt our office, 173 Mnriionn-at., and got a list of our property In tho Evanstoni Roal Kfllalo Nows, published by us» L. O. PITNISR A SON, TROR SALK—CORNELL, OR GRAND JUNCTION, G J? norei southwest comer Stony Island boulevard mid Hovonty-fourlh-st. HNVDISU A LISK, No. 14 Nixon Bnlldltur, northeast corner of Monroe and LaSallo-als. •filOR SALTS—AT PAUKSTdbT ON ILLINOIS OICN- Jj tra! Railroad. Smiles from Oourt-Houso, 85 minutes’ rldo, lots on Madison and Llndon-avs.. within ono block of depot. Trees have boon planted, stroot* graded. BU tnan trains dally furnish easy neons* to and from tho eliy. This property Is within 8 blocks of tho South Park. Prloo of lots from ®<0(1 to *6OO. and will bo sold un easy pay ments. WING A FAIILIN, 85 East Washlugton-at,, Room 4. _ 1710R SALE—AT A BARGAIN—BY GOLDEN A X 1 FRESHWATER**, 83SouthOlark-st., Room 18: 40 acres In 800. 11, 38, 10. 40 acres In See. IC, 33, 13. 40 aoros in Soo. 86, 88, 18. 10 acres in 800. 23, 89,18. 10 cores fa See. 17, 88,14. 6 acres In See. 16, 89, 18. 3 aoros in 800. 1, 89. 13. Foil BALE-GOOD X.OTS. AT $l5O TO s3f)o EACH, near depot, ot Norwood Park: tormr, sls down, and $6 a month afterward. SVILSON, I’EIKOE A CO., Room 6, No. 183 Olark-st. FOR SALE—BUST LOTS AT NORTH EVANSTON. Am building 8 stores and 10 houses. Want carpen ters, - masons, and painters. O* L« JENKS, 145 La- Balle-st. P"‘ OR SALE—I WILL OFFER FOR ONE WEEK only a splendid ohanco to eccuro a suburban homo on easy terms. House ami lot situated five blocks from Evanston depot; lot 55x150, new bouse, 2 stories, with finished basomont;Brooms, with bath-room and laundry, bet and cold water, sewerage and gas pipes, marble man tels and crato, Btovoa and plnp connected, all neatly ar ranged, and ready for uso. Price, $5.(00; SI,OOO cash, balanoo on easy terms, or will rilsoooot liberally for cash. J. K. FOWLER. Kvanston. 111. FOR SALE-DESIRABLE LOTS AND ACRE traotaat Montrose at prioos Affording a margin 5 no Sroporty presents hotter prospects, or enjoys bettor fnclll -09 for o»«r, quick, and cheap access. For particulars apply to REA A COATES, 16a Waahlngtou-at. FOR SALE—O. AN. WJ.OTS BETWEEN CENTRAL Park and O. A N. w. oar shops, a non resident owner, will soil very cheap. Alio Boulevard lots, and. lota near Boulevard. Free ride, oars or carriage. PIIIN KEY A LOMBARD, If* LaHallo-st. FOR SALE-COTTAGE, THREE ROOMS AND FIVE aoroa Improved land, small orohard. few large forcat Irene, ono-half mile from depot at Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, 83 miles from Chicago; price $526, cash $lO9, balance sl2 per month. Oitloodaya Wednesday. Friday, and Monday. J. EARLE, owner. Room 3, 168 Monroe. For sale-south chioaoo-io acres of land fronting on Seventy-fifth and Sovonty-nlnth-sts,, cast of Stony Island Boulevard. SNYDER A LEE, No. 11 Nixon's building, northeast corner of Monroo nnd La sallo-Bls. FOR SALE—NORWOOD PARK-ACRES, BLOCKS, or lots at low prices, nr uill exchange for city or coun* try property. 8. E. WELLS, 188 Doarborn-at. TTIOR SALE-THIRTY COTTAGES ANDT WO-STORY X* housea at Englewood on easy tornifl. Apply to TIL* LOTSON BROS.. 272and3R Bl&tc-at. P~ OR SALIC—OAK PARK—IB ACRES ADJOINING town plat, very handsomely located and will bit sold on easy terms, 40,GU0. FRED L. FAKE A CO., 88 Wash* IngtoQ-bL FOH~BALE— BY W. H. PHARE, 149 LA SALLE-ST., lint door, Major Block: _ a tlro-acro blocks near Northwestern Car Shops. 7U acres In blocks to suit, See. 1, 37, 18. 80 acres. See. 5, 87, 18. 160 acres, Sco. 34. 87, 13. 70aoio>, Sea. 5, 37, 14. Can give bargains la iho above property. FOR BALE-LOTS NEAR CENTRAL PARK AND now car works of O. A N. W. R. R. Go ■ at low prices and on terms to suit purchaser*. 8. W. KHOFF, 145 LaSatlo-st., Room 14. For salb-oh torent-atwinnetka, mil* waukoo Railroad, 40 minutes' rlda from the city; 10 rooms, bam, outheußOS, Ao; 5 acres of garden, fmlt trees, evergreens, shrubbery, Ao.; four blocks from sta- Uon. O. T. CLINE, 78 Poarborn-st., Room 21. FOR SALE—ENGLEWOOD—OHOIGE LOTS IN TM E Normal School Subdivision. WHITTLESEY, BUN NELL A BATES. Room 0, 149_L«Sallu-st. TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHANGE.-THE FINEST FRUIT AND STOOK farm In Illinois; only GO miles from Chicago: 10,OCO bearing apple trees, from which over 18,000 bushels of choice fruit nro taken yearly; improvements No. 1; will exchange for choice suburban property In Oook County, or good improved property. L. A. GILBERT A C 0.,500 Lanallo-st. I'iO EXCHANGE-FARM OF 235 ACRES; 15 ACRES . timber, 10 noros apple orchard, 2 springs, wolls, largo house of 14 roomn, near Danby, Dul’nyo County, 2(1 miles from Chicago. F. J. WiSIPINGKR A CO., Real Estate Agents, Room 81 Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Randolph and LaSallc-atß. T~ O EXCHANGE—AN ELEGANT NEWRESIDENOR, near Van Uuron-st. ami Aahland-av., for goodbulld lug lets: small cash payment. JACOB O. MaGILL, 81 and 83 Sonth Olark-sf. _ TO EXCHANGE—NORWOOD PARK BLOCKS OR Jots for unincumbered improved property In city or country towns. S. B. WELLS, I£3 Dcarborn-at. TO EXCHANGE—FOR CITY PROPERTY A FRUIT farm, 130 acres, 11,000 trees} will pay Its coat in 3years j Incumbrances assumed upon improved property; price $14,000. Address Box 18, South Pass. 111. W" ANTED—TO EXCHANGE—FOR FURNITURE, piano, carpels, Ac., 2 lota in Omaha. Nob,, and 3 lots In Ploansontou, Knn. Apply Room 31 Metro* politan Block, I. W. WANTED-TO EXOIIANOE—MY HORSE, TOP bupgy and harness for now or good sncond*hand parlor, chamber sots and carpets; will pay difference, if any, In cash. Address L, 69 North, Room 3. WANTED-TO TRADE FOR A STOCK OF DRY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing coeds, boots and shoes, and furniture. 8 farms In Mason County. 111., all under o good atnto of cultivation. near market and railroad—one farm of 11Q notes, one of 314 acres, and ouo of 336 acres. Also a lino now dwelling house and 3 lots in tho Cltyuf Peoria, HI., with all modern improvements. The titles nro perfect. All worth $60,000 cash. Will trade part orflll. Address Box 1442, Peotln. 111. BOARDING AND LODGING. South Side* MBLDRIDOE-COURT —DESIRABLE ROOMS. Also, A 1 table accommodations. 4Q HUBBAUD-OOUUT-NEW BOARDING TO house, tint-class board with rooms, $4 to $5.60 pot week, with uso of piano; day board $4. A H\ WABASII-AV.-A PEW GENTLEMEN CAN ti: I U bo accommodated with board and rooms, cn suite or single; newly painted, airy, and inovory rospoot doslra bio. Abo to rent an elegant front parlor unfurnished. A no SOUTH DKARBORN ST. (BURNSIDE), BE ztOO twoon Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth—Single and double rooms, with every modem Improvement, and tlrnt clas# board, with hotel accommodations, ats(Jporwook; furnituro and everything now. cnb WAHABU-AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS FOR GKN tiUO tlomon and thoir wives, or single gentlemen. Day board $6 per nook. Bamtoront. SAND 3 HOUSE, 110 AND 113 FlFni-AV., ELE gant rooms with board, at reasonable rates. Tran ■lent, $3 per day. Day board, SSporwock. V/ont Side. QQ PARK-AV.—A FURNISHED ROOM WITH Ou board for gentlemen, or gentleman and wlfo; also,, one single room. /IQ SOUTH DRSPLAINES-ST., ST. CHARLES Hotel, will board merchants, ralusmon, book keepers, etc., at $3 hi $8 per week. ** Strawberry short cake.” i'/tfi SOUTH IIALSTED-ST.—FRONT PARLOR X.L’O and bedroom, together or separate, with board. Brick building. 170 WEST JACKfION-SY.—FRONT llZi with bedrooms; centrally located, pleasant loea tiou; furnished, with or without board, andatroasonobtc cliargQß. QQ?* WEST ADAMS-ST.-OAN ACOOMMODAY OOu poraouu wanting hoard, with a room, nicely fit Dished; Just-class table; private,family. J” UHNSTONE lIOUSB—II I AND HO WEST MADl mia-ot.j everything flrct-class;tonus, $3 per day; tiblo-bnnrd, tg3 per week. Misocllanonut. WANTED. TO BOOM AND BOARD A PARTY. Yr and lake my pay in real estate; every facility, ami tonpnnabla FINANCIAL. FOB LOANS, TUiALESTATE, LAW ADVICE, KTO, Imiulro nt Dhl South Stuto-#t. Lots cheat* near th Houluvaid, Lj_l). S'ANOELDICB, NotaryPuLUe. MONEY TO LOAN ONOITY BEAL ESTATE" H. UUHHAKU, JUmJM WnshlUKUm-ot. MONEY ADVANCED AT LARSEN'S LOAN OF fiuojlato JACOBS d C0.,0n diamonds, watches, and other valuables; 177 Clark-at., corner of Monroe, Boom 6. 10 LOAN— AND SIO,OOO ON IMPROVED OITY property. I). COLE d SON, Real Estate Agents, I£B West Madlson-st. fjio 'LOAN-AMOUNTS OF IfSI.CCO OB MOUIfi ON X city real estate or Illinois farms. Benner Block, cor. Clark amt Waßhlngton.Bts._B. 1.. PEASE. BUILDING MATERIAL,. pUKNA VISTA STONE, SAWED TO OUDEU. MIS. i> sour! Hootch granite, for columns, do. Vermont mnr. bio. In blocks or sawod to.slzo. Marblo tllo, J. 11. SMITH. T /VfSfl nh /1 GOOD CHICAGO BRICK. WANT. J..UUU»UUu od. Also, good city brick-yard for sale, very ohoap, for canb, or part pay will bo taken In brJeKs: must bo sold at cnoo. Address O, B. BURDIOK, Boom 6, TJ Doarborn-at. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—TO STEP INTO A SMALL X and noil ostablbhod banking house. ceu'rally located; eiiiahuaplUlrequired. Address PANIC, Trtbutta olHco. P ARTNER W^TED—THE ADVERTISER WOULD X like to most a reliable young man with from $2,1)(K1 to $23,000 to join him with equal amount In a good business, whore thoro onn bo money made; havo the place all ready. For an lutorvlow adilrum R t>, Tribune nltioe. CLAIRVOYANTS. pUIOAOO SPIRIT ROOMS. 217 WEST MADISON \J it., Boom 2. Business. Clairvoyant, and Test Me diums. VfADAME IDELL, THE CICLEUATED FEMALE IYX pbyslelan and oialrveyant, lias no equal iu her pro fession lit telling tho past, prosont, and future. Call and bn convinced ot her wonderful power at her rooms, 191 West ilndlxiu-Bt., Rooms 6 and if, from oa. tn. to Bp. m. MACHINERY. T.lOIl SALH-A BULL BUT Olf onAUKIili-JIAOIIIK- X 1 ery. In No. 1 order, at low llgurvs. Address DO.‘ 21KB, frKVL A 00.. fit. Lout,, Mo. TO BEMT--HODSES. TO RENT—A FURNISHED OOTTAOE FOR THE summon family without children preferred, ■ Inquire at 019 Hubbard-st. __ mo RENT-HOUSE NO. 13 NORTH CARPENTER- X st„ if rooms. newly painted and papered; SOO pot month! Also 1009 Wabash-av., SOO per month, E. O. OGLK A CO,i ItlS La Hallosl. rTV6~riF.NT-FUA ME IIWEM.IHO, ‘ WITH IIAJIN. X comof I>ako and Wshpansoh-ars, Apply at 01 Ellis av., game block. • . ' TWO-STORY FRAME DWELLING L No. 291 Jllohliton-OT., -To??’'*.'! For particular* apply to J. O. FARRINGTON, office of George Q. Qlarko, 8 and 4 llryan Block. T "ITRENT-FURNISHED HOUSE CONVENIENT to atoamnnd borao oars. Innnlro on promUos, 13 Unlon-av., aocond atroot Boutli of Egan-ay. rroiiifiNT-iiousKa-TWO story frame. good X repair, pleasant neighborhood, Nos. 31, 20, 28, on Thlrty-seventhst., between Lake am! Elliaavs.; ront voiy reasonable. h. K. WELLS, 188 Doarbom-tt. rro RENT—O'>3 INDIANA-AV., NEAR TWRNTIKTII- X st., with or without furniture, by the season or year, or /or sale; throo stories, marble front, 13 rooms, billiards, and barn. Possession Immediate., Call between 8 and 10 a. m., or 0 and 6 p.m. ■■ 1 rro RENT HOUSE NO. 10 OOTTAQE-Pli ACE { X $lB a month; key neat door. rnO~RENT—SIX-ROOM COTTAGE, WITH WATER, X S2O per month. Corner Campbell-ar. and Tay. lor-nt. a 10 RENT—STONE FRONT IIOU8E&36 NORTH LA . Snllo-flt., near Oak, throo storleß andl basement, with all modern Improvements.' Apply to WM, O. DOW, Room SI Tribune Building. TO RENT—IN AVERY DESIRABLE LOCATION, 181 North, ono 2-story and basement brick dwelling, 15 rooms, wllb closets and modorn im provements; for prlvato residence only. Apply to M. HCANLAN, 7 Booth Olark-st. T" O RENT—6IS AND 517 FULTON-ST.. FRAME. 10 rooms each, SSO each. D. COLE & SON, 188 West* Madlaon-flt. ■ TO lIENT-AT EVa'AtoSJ 11 I\&L OCTOBER 1, A pleasant and dnslrablo bouse of 10 rooms. Is eligibly located, partially furnished, and will bo rented to respon sible tenant for moderate figure. Address u. J., oaro Carrier 2U, ■ rno RENT—AT ELMHURST—AN ELEGANT COUN- X try home, with fine ground and a largo quantity of fruit and ornamental trees. Inquire of BRYAN LA TIIROP, Room 13 Exchange Building, or JOHN B. CASK, Elmhurst, and 41 South Qroon^t. TO RENT—ROOMS. mO RUNT-VERY CHEAP-FINE SLEEPING X room, or office, 11*15, with water and raatblo wa«h basln. Second floor 185 Washington's!. Apply at Iloom J, TO RUNT—46I MIOHIGAN-AV., VERY PLEASANT rooms, furnished and unfurnished. mO RENT -HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED ROOMS, X on sulto or single, at tho St, Jullou European Hotel, ICI and liiii Doarborn-st. rrb RUNT - HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT X rooms, on unite or tingle, marble front 707 Wnbath av. $ ovary attention and oaro given to rondor homo pleasant nnd attractive. Prloca modorato, Tablo board noxt door. • T'“ O RENT—FURNISHED PARLOR, SUITABLE FOR two gontlomen, also single rooms, ot 1002)4 Wabash-av. TO RENT-TWO NIOBLY-FUBNiaUED ROOMS; front and back parlor. jUgWabash-av. 110 RENT—IO TO M ROOMS IN THE FOUR-STORY . alone-front building now being bulltonnorlhoast cor nor of North Clark and Krle-ets. j wall oaloalatcd for pri vate hotel or boardlng-bouso; tho rooms can bo arranged to salt a seed tenant. Apply to WM. 0. DOW, Room 3l Tribono Building. TO RKNT-8 ROOMS AND LAROB DUTTRRY. Furniture for sale, 803 Tvronty-tblrd-ot., tint door from.Archor-av. mo KENT-FURNISHED ROOMS. 315 WEST MAD- Xlaon-at., over J. D. Shny't dry goods Bloro, TO RENT—ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, IN SUITES or slndo. in Davy's Block, corner Qroon and Madison* ate., by D. COLE A SON, 183 Wost Madison-at. IPO RENT-TOUR OR SIX PLEASANT ROOMS, X pantry nnd olosots, water In kitchen. Just ealolmlnod, to a small family. Apply at 193 Houth Wood-st. mb'IIENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS: X transient* accommodated. Apply at Room A 10 and X 3 Mn(llson-st., noar the lake. ■ _ TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, fiso. TO RENT-FINE OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM, FIRST floor,corner bulldiog. Apply to E. E. RYAN A CO., 310 LaSallo-st. Mb UUNT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL X —tho four-story and baEomont stone-front building, Situated on tho corner of North Wells and Miohlgan-aU., 60 foot front on Wolls-stfl., end 103 foot on Mlchlgan-et. Apply to JACOBS A FIHOHKR. No. BO North Wolta-at. TO RENT—CHEAPEST OFFICE IN TOWN, SMALL, ohoorful. and furnished; vault aud closets. Atao desk*room. 163 Monroo-st., Room 3. TO RENT—A HALL. 30x46, ON SECOND STORY frnmo building. inquire 264 South Wator-ut. in baaomont. N. ZIAIMKU. mO RENT-THE FINE STORE AND BASEMENT, X 33x82. of 174 Clark*st. Second floor of sumo building, 43x83, at a low rent. O. F. WORK A CO., 123 LftSaUo»at. mO RENT-CHEAP, A LAROIS BASEMENT, GOOD J. stand for a barbor or tailor Bhop, northwest corner Kinrlaand Rush-sts. mO RENT—AND LEASE-STORKS, BANK-ROOMS, X ollices, sleeping-rooms, and taxes paid for non-rotl dents. J. M. MARSHALL A CO., Renting Agency, 97 Olirk-st. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTFD-TO RENT—BY A RESPONSIBLE parly—A small or modiara-Birod furnished houso for tho hummer; answer giving location and toems. Address PG, Tribunooflico. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-good canvassers are making @lO to sl2 a day. with my noodlo books, noo dln packages, machine noodles, dross olovnlor, oto., oto, particulars (too. O. 21. LININGTON, 177 East Madl son-st., Chicago. A"“ GENTS WANTED—FOR INGERSOLL’B LIFE OF Horace Grooloy, just ready; alia, lor our other popu lar subiorlptlon books; oomo and goo our now plans and Inducements. Union Publishing Company, 836 Wabash av., Chicago. Agents wantbd-to sell our new but-. ton-hole cutter, noodle-threading thimble, and other now articles. 09 Eaat Madlson-at., Room 6. Agents wanted-a new thing for ladies and goals to soil; takes ovory times @8 to sl6a day for three months. Room 8, 25 West Lako-st. A*“ GENTS WANTED-FOR THE CITY. ALSO A fow men to travel. Extraordinary Inducements of fered. No capital required. Will pay salary to good can- T.iesors if doslrod. OOTTWALS A AIODONOUGiI, 207 South Olark-st. XOENTS WANTED-HEWITT FLUTING, POLISH- J\, Ing, and baud Iron combined. Flutes any . length. Gloss on each flute. 179 East Madlaon-at., Room 18. AG ENTS WANTBD-ST ATE AGENTS FOR IOWA, Wlaonnsio, Missouri, Michigan, for Sheldon Spoolers, spoolholdora, and cow throad-cuttors, for sowing ma chines. Address Sheldon Spooler Co., 179 East Madlaon. A GENTS WANTED-FOR ORAM’S BEAUTIFUL •J\. Map of tho United States and World. Can be.sold In ovary house. Also now and ornamental State maps, religious and political charts, lithographs, photographs, Ao. Send for now circular ana seo Inducements to agents. GEORGE F. ORAM, 66 Lako-st., Chicago. Agents wanted-to bell ‘‘showcards" in country towna. A. BTEMPEL, 7 Woat Ran dulph-at.. Ohtcago. SEWING MACHINES. Grover a baker's bewino-maohin es-gen. oral oftloo, 150 Stato-st.; branch office, 973 Wabash av. Persons having old Grover A Baker sowlng-maoblnoa aro Invited to call and boo tho cow Improvement*, and hoar something to their advantage. SINGER OFFICE OF A. J. MELOHERT. CIES SOUTH llalstod'Bt. hlachlnoi sold on monthly lostallmonta. Open ovonhiga. riHIE NEW FLORENCE SEWING MAOIIINE-WE X call special attention to recent iniprovemontamadoln the Floronoo, also to tho new and elegant stylos of cases added to our list. To moot tho views of those preferring a machine footling tho work away from tho operator, wo havo made Nos. 13 and 11, which combine tho desirable features to ho found In machines mode by others, with all tho peculiar excellencies of tho tloronoo. WM. 11. SHARP A CO., General Agents, 254 Stato-st., Chicago. WHEELER A WILSON SEWING-MACHINES. THE now Improved, sold or rented on easy monthly pay monto. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agonta, oiHco 166 Slnto-at. ClI H WORTH OP ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY «31XU to every person purchasing a sowing machine at Saa Stato-st. EOST AND FOUND. LOST-rOOKETBOOK CONTAINING ABOUT S7O, tho property of a poor young wan; any portion re turned to w, SPEAR, 162 Thlrd-av., near Polk-st., will bo gratefully received. L" OST—SATURDAY AFTERNOON, $76 CURRENCY, between First National Bank and LaSullo-st. Tbo Under will bo liberally rewarded by loavlug It at 123 La- Ballo-td., Room 10. IJOUND-AT MY PLACE ON JUNE 4TII, HORSE ' with bridle and harness. Owner can havo the saiuo by paying espouses. 1. KISTiiNIIROOKBR, Haase’s Park, Proviso, Oak Park station. STRAYED— FROM THE CORNER OF lIALSTED and Mathcr-sta.. Saturday evening May 81, ut 11 o’clock p. m,, a Hunt bar horse, 6 years old, with two whlto spots under tho saddle and two wind-galls on bind |<V{s, a iwn-wheulud gig, painted black, and harness. Tho Under will ho liberally rewarded by returning him to tho owner, DAVID UALLANIN. 299 Snooml-ut. INFORMATION WANTED. 1 NFORMATION WANTED—OP MARYOATIIKRINB X E. SADLER; when last hoard from was In Cincinnati; said she was going to Chicago: sho Is 17/ oars old, blue eyes, brown hair, medium bulght. Any Information given will bo thankfully received by her widowed mother, MARY ANN WILSON, Evansville, Ind. INFORMATION WANTED OF .lOHN OOOULAN, X whd left his homo at No. 76 UpperMann-st., Fortieth Park. Liverpool, England, and arrived In New York .Inn, 21, IWB. When last heard from, Juno It), lE6I, at Wal nut Grove, Sacramento County, California, ho waa going uuder the assumed name of Alfred Newton. If said In dividual will communicate with his mother, brothers or sisters, or with his slater Mary Ann Goghlan, In religion Hlslor Mary of Halut Clare, Kalnt Mary’s Convent, Notre Damo Pust-Otfiuo, Hnlnt Joioph County, Indiana. Uni ted States of America, ho will boar something to hla ad vantage. Any Infurmatlon concerning him, under cither name, dead or alive, will bo thankfully received by either of thoahovo parlies. MISCELLANEOUS. A UOTION KALI'. OP SASH. DOOU3. AND 11LINDS, J\ horse*, wagons, harness, paints, oils, and glass, at 10 o’clock a. m., Juno 111, nt 263 North-av. Books opened and closed, compli oated accounts ndjuitod, pouting, copying, »»d gen oral otUco work attended lu, Adams* O So, Tribune ohlca. P’ARPHNTERS, ATTENTION.-WANTED, KSTI », for trimming nine (0) houses. Apply toll, 111 I OIIKN, at tho Frear Ulono Works, foot of Thirty a{'y.mth-st. _ DIVORCES. T\rVOROK3 OBTAINED VOROAUHKS. ALL LAW XJ buslnoasattondod to. BUSH, 817 BtmtU Olsrk-st. T\IVOUCE9—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEU AFTER XJ decree. Hcandal avoided. Nino years' practice In thojtourU of Chicago. Address P. O-.llox 1037. - ■ • FOR SALE. IJOR HALE-63.000 CASH—STEAM CANAL PRO X’ poller, in complete running order, A. MoKIUOV, 841 Uouth Wator-st., or G. BAY, 6&3 North Oisik-st, WANTED--MALE HELP. i.. Bookkeepers. Glorks. Etc. WANTED-DRUO CLERK—YOUNG MAN OP A TT (ow years’ •rpnrtonce. Good references required. Apply atOIIAS. KADldll'S,Bl3 Mllwaukoo-av, Tratlos* •WT-ANTRO-A COMPETENT FOREMAN, OAIIPRN-4 TT tor. wages $6 per day;-alsoldor 5(1 first-class joiners and carpenters to work on Natlcmnl Jlnnk and other Imllil. lugs, in Marquette, Mlob. Hlosdy work and the highest wage* paid. Apulr to ALFRED GREEN, AruhUoct, ao., Marquette, Mien. • WANTED— A. GOOD STAIR-BUILDICR, TO WORK on hand-rails from plans; also a good (onon-machlni itand. on door work; situation permanent, and work ■toady to satisfactory men; state ozporinnoo, wages, and reference, and address OAHU, AUSTIN A CO., Du boquo, lowa. ’ TAfANTED-A GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTER ANII TT •trlpor; also agood bor#o Bhour. G. BUILINICN, Evaostoa, Cook Oonuty, 111. * WANTIW-TWO GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTERS. YT Apply Immediately, toW. J.HAUUIS, joliot, m. TITANTED-A NO. 1 CARRIAGE.PAINTER, TO T T whom good wages and steady employment will bo a v V j. O, lowa, or HAYDEN A KAY, IS and 47 Lako-st. WANTRD-OARPENTUR9, MASONS, WIIITR. TT waihors, Bhonmakors, painters, gralnors, grooors, tinners, notlon-doalnrs, oablnot-makors, furmmro-dowl ern, am! olhuri wanlinalmslnesa to rent alutoa and toko jobs. H. MKAJtS, uZioXaHallo-st. WANTED - FIRST-CLASS BARBER; $» PER TT week. 116 Klghloontli-st. INTER. CALL AT Id Wcßlorn-ar. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED VARNISHED, Tr ono that undorstandß repairing In a furnlturo stere. Apply at 650 South Stato-at. "\\T ANTED—TO DRAUGHTSMEN—A FIRST-GLASS T T architectural draughtsman may find employment at office II Olark-at., Room No. 1, first door.; WANTBD-MXLWRIOHT. TO PUT UP MAOHIN IJRO3 0ry ‘ ° Oll at M B ° Ut “ KUKSTNEII Conohmon* Toamntors. &o. TIT ANTED—A GOOD, RELIABLE SINGLE MAN TO TT take care of garden, hone, and cow, near the city. Must understand his huilnnas thoroughly. Address, with real name and roforoncoa, i) 15, Tribune ofllco. Eraploymont Atronoios. ’XXT ANTED—NX> LABORERS Foil RAILROAD SAW TT milts and farms; 1U carpontora for Teuaossoo, $3.76 porday; 6teamsters. 21 Woat lUmlolpb-st. WANTED— 600 LABORERS TO WORK ON RAIL* roads, f&nnß, saw-mills, tie-choppers, etc., at good WANTED— ONE HUNDRED MEN, FOR RAIL* roads, taw-mills, farina, cto For particulars, an. ply to ANDERSON A cb., IS South Cauai-tt,, Room 1. TITANTED—TWENTY-FIVE LABORERS TO WORK VT on gravel train, company work, and froo faro. Ap WANTED— 200 RAILROAD MEN FOR WISGON •In, to loavo to-day; steady works free faro. Apply at 259 Hast Randolph-st., Lind Block, Room 4. O. V. I&isoollatioonB. TXTANTED—MEN—BIGGEST CHANCE EVER OF* Yr ferod to make mono/. A farmer cleared £62 last wook. Ono young man made 837 In threo days, above all oxponrot. If you want to mnko money, don't fall to call at 99 Hast Madison-tt., Room 6. TXTANTED—CANVASSERS THAT HANDLE OUR tt goods make from 825 fo ff>o per wook. Goods soil un tight. A.M. RICHARDSON, 1113 Madlsan-st. TAT"ANTED—MEN FOR CITY AND COUNTRY, TO r f toll non-oxplotlvo for koiosono.' 820 to ®4O a week easily made on small capital. A. HAY, as West lAko-at. WANTED-A FEW MEN IN THE CITY AND country, to toll clothcs-wringers, and collect old wringors for repair; will pay well. 11. 8, THAYER a CO., 83 Wost Washlngton-Bt. TAT ANTED—IMMEDIATELY, AN EXPERIENCED it whlt« waiter; none other wanted. Apply at 479 Wabash-av. TXT ANTED—A WHITE BOY OR YOUNG MAN, TO tr takoctreof a horse ami to bo useful about a hon&o| only ono oxporlonood nnd with best roforoncesnood apply. Soutbwost corner Lako-st. and Wabash-av. WANTED-MEN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT TO CALL on JONES A CO., 71 South O&oal-st.; 830 to 840 a wook. sure money. • ANTED—BOY, AT BASEMENT 441 WABASH. WANTED -10 MEN TO ACT AS TRAVELING salesmen, to 801 l tho National Billiard Rcglator. To tho right men liberal salaries will bo paid. Call for two days, from 3to 4 i). tn. Olllco, 160 Steto-st. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics* *\TTANTED-A GOOD, CAPABLE COOK, WASHER* TT andironor. Apply at &5 Groioland-park, opposite Chicago Unlvoralty. City rOlorcncca required. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK. Apply, Monday or Tuesday, at OlEUis-av., nont Doaglftß-placo. TIT ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, VY cooking, washing. Ironing. No. 20 Coagross-st., up-stalrs. Gorman, Swede, or Norwegian. TIT*ANTED—A GOOD F.XPRRIRNOED DINING* .VY room girl, Immediately, at St. Charles Hotel, 49 South Pospialooß-Bt. TXTANTED-A GOOD GIRL IN A PRIVATE FAM YY lly; ono that can tnko charge of kitchen, dining room, and knows how to cook. Apply for 6 days at No. 70 Twenty-third-Bt., corner Pralrio-av. WANTED— GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND IRON. References roqullrod. 29 lndlana-ar., fourth house south of Thlrtooath«st. WANTED- A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL TT housework, at Bt>9 Uurnsldo-st., between Twenty fifth and Twonty-alxth. WANTED-A GIRL TO ASSIST IN THE KITCHEN, TT at 73 WestLakc-st., up-stalra. WANTED-A GIRL, AT 178 NORTH HALSTED st.; two In family; upstairs. Oomo boforo 8 o’clock. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY—A SWEDISH, NOR weslan, or Gorman girl for general housework in a family of two; mast understand cooking, washing, and ironing, and must speak English. Apply at £27 North Wolla-st., up-atolrs. WANTED— GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK in a small family. Good wages and steady plauo to a steady person. Inquired T. W. HUGHES, 2&B Weal Madlaon-at. \SrANTED GIRLS OP EVERY NATIONALITY Vt fnrtbohostof fatnllloslncltyaudoootnry. 21RS. WHITTAKER, 265 East Chlcago-av. WANTED-TWO GIRLS, A COOK AND A HOUSE girl, at 463 West Wastitngton-st. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL FOR GENERAL housework, who can sneak English and understands washing ond ironing. 411 West Maulsoa-at. TV" ANTED—A SMART, NEAT GIRL TO DO TT gonoral hoasowork, whoro tho washing Is put out; muat understand ohambor work. Gorman preferred. Call at 85 Dearborn, Boom S3. A good homo for tho right person. “WANTED-A GIRL WHO CAN COOK, AT BOS TT ton Oollea House and Dining Boom, 89 North Wolls-st. _ Sonmstrosßos. TfTANTKD—SHIRTMAKKRS AT M'ART’S EUREKA VV Shirt Factory, 60 West Madlson-st. Nurses. WANTED-A GOOD NURSE GIRL; ALSO A GOOD VV soamatross. Apply at No. 117 Twonty-fifth-st. Employment Agencies. WANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN girls (or private families and hotels, at bU hlllwau- Icoo-sv. ;no foes. ' Misoollanoons. WANTED—SEVERAL LADIES FOR THISUITV, YV and all parts of tho country, to soil a tollot article and rubber goods for ladles; those engaged aro dolus splendidly. Mrs. PALMER, Room 8, 25WostLake-Bt. WANTEP-A DISHWASHER AT. CLARK’S Eu ropean Hotel, corner LaSalloand nontn wator-sts. SITUATIONS WANTED—MAEE. Boolilioopors, Clorlta. &c. SITUATION WANTED-A THOROUOLY COM potent proscription druggist, speaking English and Gorman, desires a situation In a small city. Address J H, (30 Olyboum-av. SITUATION WANTED—AS SALESMAN IN A wholesale confectionery, or to sell by sample. Bcstol roforoncos will bo given, w. OARPENTER. Trades. SITUATION WANTED—AS FOREMAN OR 2IAN- O ngor In ft cabinet factory, byonowbo boa a thorough knowledge of tint business and a good praotical designer. Apply to JOHN PHILLIPS, Phillips A Llobimstoln, Clialr Blakord, Chicago bridge. SITUATION WANTED—AS GARDENER; UNDER •lands the earn of plants, grapes ami laying out grounds. Address GBP, liox 148 Genova Lake, Wts. SITAUTION WANTED —BY AN EXPERIENCED machine-hand on a sticker, moulding machine, scroll saw, or shaper. Address U. HADDOCK, oars IT. BohulU, lllßuukor-st. Coaohxnon. Teamsters. &o. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS oosebman lu a private family, to drive and take oars of horses; tho best of reference given. Address D 61, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED and practical man, a stluatlnn as foreman la a livery or stable. Has bad several years’ experience: can furnish nnoxcoptlonablo testimonials, Address 8 WU, Union Btook Yards, Chicago. ' SITUATION WANTED-AR HOSTLER. BY A O young man; thoroughly understands tho enre of horses, harness, and oarrlogos. Address 1*69, Tribune olfioo. Miscellaneous. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SOANDl navlan who talks English and Gorman as barkeeper |u a saloon or liquor store. Address N 23, Tribune otfiew. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALS Domestics. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SWEDE lady, as lady’s maid, or would do second work In a first olttss tuiuily. Address Mi West Randolph-st. SoamatrosßOH- SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO HEW- Ing on Wheeler A Wilson machine or general house work in a small private family. (Jail at No. 191 Thtrd-ar. HounokooDorn. QITUATION WANTRO-A SMART CAPABLE LA- O dywonhl ilka a situation as housekeeper; no ob jection to a first-class hotel; has bad some years experi ence lu that capacity at the East. The best references Riven. Apply to 268 Wabnsh-av., up stairs, for one weok. o trillors used apply. I moan business. Nurses. QITUATION WANTED-AS WET NURSE, BY A young married woman. Gan takein child homo 11 re* an (rod. Inquire at 01 Mather st., Wes Side. Employment Akouoloh. QITUATIONB WANTED-FAMILIKS IN WANT OF D good Hoamllnavlan and Gorman help, can bo supplier ■t Sirs. DUaKE'B office. 80 Mllwaukou-av. Miiioollnnoonß. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG LADY AS clerk, or assistant bookkeeper or cashier. Can speak Ucnuaa, Address U 96, Tilbuav ttfilw. 7

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