Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 10, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 10, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. SILVERWARE. Sterling Silverware. We,have a very large assortment of the celebrated “GORHAM” STERLING SILVERWARE, which we offer at extremely low prices. Spoons,. Porks, &0., &0., sold by the-ounce. . Fancy Bieooc, in oases and trunks. Tea Sots, Cako Baskets, and Jolly Dishes. Knives, Forks, and Spoons, for children. Card Oases, Tobacco Boxes, Nap kin Rings, and Fruit Knives. The largest Stock of Silver Goods in the West. H. HATH & CO., State and Monroe-sts. FURNITURE. PIOIABLE 1 pm W.W. STRONG FUBIfUEE £O., 266 & 268 WABASI-AV. Factory, 353 & 259 West EanlolpM. COD DIVER OIL. •WXXiXiSOiNPS CARBOLATED GOD LIVER OIL Is a Specific and Radical Cure for CONSUMPTION AND SOEOFULOUS DISEASES, Remember tbo name, ** Willson's Carbolatod God Liver Oil." It cornea is largo wedge-shaped bottles, bearing tbo inventor's signature, uud is sold by tbo boat Druggists. Prepared by J. H. Willson, 83 Jobn-st,, N.T. For solo by all Druggists. PRINTERS 1 STOCK. PEITW STOCK. CARD BOARD, ALL KINDS. 7 FANCY AND GLAZED PAPERS, EVERY VARIETY. Bill Heads, Letter Heads, . Note Heads, Statements, Colored Prints, Colored Mediums, And PBINTEBB- STOCK genoroUy. T.S.GILLBTT, lie FIFTH-AY. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. Theflrmol F. KlssACo. Is diaßulvrd from this day W mutual ooniont, P. Anthony withdrawing. The romaln ing partners, B. Kiss and J. Lodoror, are alone author w‘r., t ,?, 00U^ ct . al L oul * t * ndin « dobU, ami will settle all liabilities of the firm. The business will bo continued at the old stood. Nos. 187 and 189 hUto-st. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm Dime of STEPHENS A CLARK, composed of Henry Stephens end Q.W. Clark, Jr., Is this day dissolved by maiaal consent. The pfanlng-mlll, dooxogo, storage, dressing and shipping of cargo lumber, and box manu facturing will be conducted aa formerly, by O.W. Clark, ,??, d under the Arm name of CLARK A HUTCHINS, who nave assumed all liabilities of said Arm of Stephens A Clark. All parties any way In* dented to aald Arm of Stephens A Clark aro hereby noti fied to pay the tamo to the firm of Clark A Hutchins. O. W. CLARK. JR., HENRY STEPHENS. Chicago, Junes, 1678. BISSOI.UTIOIV. Pabllq notice Ij hereby given that the copartnership now and heretofore Dilating between the undersigned, Bamuol Sykes and Tbomna Horry, under tbe firm name of Berry A 00., in tbe business of meat market, at EH MU waukoe-a?., is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Thomas Bony will continue In said business at tho above number, ana ho only la authorised to collect the dohia duo said firm, and no will pay all debts and demands sgaloit said firm. Witness our hands and seals this Olh dsyof Jane, A. D. 1673. SAMUEL HYKHB, THOMAS BERRY. FINANCIAL. XDXCr_ W<) have Attorneys everywhere, and collect tbe claims of Wholesale Merchants and others in any part of the country. No Attornoy'a fees in suits: no charges until eqlloollons are mode. FRAHIER'H MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY, Uti Madhim-st. PLANTS. THIS WEEK I GRAND CLEARING-OUT SALE. I’OOI/H GARDEN, »7 Oukloy-al. Dime Plant*. 76 ot*. per dos.; $6 nor luo. Bring your bukote and tinlih your garden#. n Large Plant* at half orioo. Country order*, with oa*b, filled aa above. v IHAAO A. POOL. MEETINGS. Masonic, Aalilnr Lodg*. No. 806, A. K. and A. M. Regular com munication tills (Tuesday) evening, at 7 % o'clock, at their hall la / -ij -nlo Vejuido, for work «*n tho M, rstorully ooroUll/ luv/ud. c, u. DRANK, Sec, REMEMBER! SBOOITD 03? Choice and Beautiful RESIDENCE LOTS, HuMill Boulevarfl, lop Spre, and Milwaukee anfl Fnllerton-avs.,- : TAKES PLACE ON THE GROUND ■37 O - 3D jQI HTV A Special Free Train of Cars will leave the Depot of the C. & W.W. R. R., corner of Canal and Kinzle-sts., at 10:16 a. m. A Free Lunch will bo served on the ground. Let all who ore in search of pleas ant homes attend this sale. 0. 0. THAYER & 00., Real Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, Office, 186 East Madison-st. FOE SALE, In Lots, Blocks, and Acres, Sbtoq hundred and forty acres, lying together, a choice property'adjacent to the city: high ana bvautlful land, oceoßsiblo or throe now railway linos, and bat a short drive from the business contra. Native groves, wide streets and boulevards. Six miles of front on a boulevard 300 (cot wide. Eighteen miles of front on atrooto 100 foot wide. Can soil five hundred and fifty aoroa In ono body, free of incumbrance, with perfect title, and only two con* veyancos between tho United States and the present own er. This properly promises a rapid and groat increase of value, and will be sold at moderate prices and on’oasy toms, with a good discount to buyors who pay all cosh. . S. S. HAYES, 56 LaSalle-st,, Metropolitan Block. BEAUTIFUL MBS. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the erection of dwellings. GENERAL NOTICE. The Calumet & Chicago HAUL & DOCK COMPANY Are now prepared to extend facilities to all Corporations and Arms for the location of Industrial Establishments, The Earhor Is now ooocsaiblo for all classes of vessels; and was formally opened on Saturday, Juno 7, M 73, The Improvement of the Harbor renders available 30 miles of river frontage. -The Railroad connections for shipment to all points East and West are complete. Loading manufacturers of Lnmbor, Iron, Steel, and Machinery have located, and will coon bo in fall tide of snooossfdl operation, at Booth Chicago. The Company have about ten miles of river frontago and other lands and locations adapted to all classes of occupation. Among the advantages of a location at South Chicago are cheap looationo, cheap lumber, llmo, gravel, brick, and sand, CHEAP GOAL, food, and residence proportv, They have ready for sale about 1,000 acres of desira ble lands, and invite all persons interested to examine their submissions, plats, maps, &o, JAMES E BOWEN, MGllt, 182 Dcarborn-at, Chicago, STOVES, RANGES. Sco. BO^ESTTOIsPS HEATING FURNACES! “Our Favorite” Ranges, “The Cabinet” Cook Stove, Baltimore Heaters, Heating Stoves, Tuttle <Sc Bailey’s Registers, <Sco. Those goods aro tho very best and are reliable in every respect. Tbs UOYNTON FUUNAOB baa no equal. Orory 60 different sizes and kinds for best* Ids buildings of every description, floating and venti lating promptly attended to. Eatlmatce made on short notloo. Wo Invito tho attention of dealers and tboeo wanting aperfoot working furnace or cooking arrange ment to call and boo na or nond for circulars. HUBS A xmoww, aa Lako-at.. Chicago. F. KIRB, j. lkorrhr, F. ANTHONY. F. KISS A CO. A.W.FABER AMD EAGLE LEAD PENCILS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE, HOYK 4 CO., 118 & 120 Monroe-st. BLANK BOOKS la large variety retailed at wholesale prices, AtL. SCHICK & CO.’S, MARINE GLASSES AT J. O. LANGOUTH’S, Optician. 82Stato-«t., between Washington and Randolph. REMOVAL. I have again gono back to near my old quarters, Noa. 60 and 01 Market-st., whore I have bettor facilities for doing business than over before, and, thankful for past favors, shall bo happy to soo all old friends and many new, and guarantee satisfaction to all, W. B. BTANNAHD. TI33MOVAXJ. McGUIRE BROS. & 00., Wholesale Liquor Dealers, Have removed to 38 NORTH OLAItK-ST. Our friends and patrons will exause the una* voidable delay on aooount of removal. REAL ESTATE. THAT THU FRONTING FOR SALE. REMOVALS. THE INDIANS. Several of the Captive Modocs i: Waylaid and Shot. Hasty Jim, Bogus Charley, and Others Find 1 the Happy Hunting-Grounds. The Deed Supposed to Be the Work of Some Oregon Volunteers, Capt. Jack and Others to Be Tried [iy Military Commission. Ban Francisco, Judo 0. —Dispatches from Doylo’s camp, dated yesterday, relate the par ticulars of tho atrocious massacre of some Mo doc prisoners, supposed to have boon done by some Oregon volunteers. . On Saturday morn ing Jatnoß Fairchild and . about a dozen other men loft Fairchild's rancho, Cottonwood Creek,' ■with seventeen Modoo captives, women and children, including Bhacknnsty Jim, Bogus Charley, Tehee Jock, Pony, and Liltlo John. The Indians wore In a wagon drawn by four mules. At tho crossing of Lost Blvor tho par ty encountered tho : Oregon volunteers, under command of Capt. Hisor. The soldiers gathered about tho wagon and questioned Fairchild, who told them that the Modocs wore all Hot Crooks, except Little John, and that there were no charges against them. Fairchild under took to push on to Boyles'camp, and .the volun-' .toors retired to, tho camp near Crawley’s. On the road ho noticed two men ahead, riding to Hooky Point, as if to intercept him. When tho team approached, one presented a needle-gun at Fairchild, saying, " Got down, you old white headed scoundrel.” “By what authority ?” saidFairchild, “By mine. lam going to kill tho Indians and you too,” was tho reply. Their loader caught hold of tho mules, unhitched and out tho harness. Fairchild, clinging to the lines, leaped to the ground. Tho poor wretches implored for' mercy, and boggod Fairchild to save thorn. Tho warriors wore unarmed, and know that resistance was usoloss. They woro tho coolest in tho party, though facing inevitable death, but tho womon and children shrieked, groaned, and wept pite ously. Fairchild hod nothing but a small pistol. Six inches from his ear was tho muzzlo of a neodio-gun. Ho says tho tears came to his oyos os bo mingled his entreaties with those of tho Modocs, in the hope that the massaoro might bo avoided. “Ohl it was a terrible econo; I never shall forgot it. I shudder whoa I think, of what I saw and hoard. Tho tearful voices of those women and children still ring in my oars, but the cowardly hounds wero not to bo baulked." A shot, and Littlo John lay doad In tho bod of tho wogon, with a ballot in his brain. The mules dashed away with Fair child and tangled him in tho linos. Fivo moro shots woro flred in rapid succession. Tohoo Jack, Pony, and Mooch, and the remaining war riors, woro doad. Littlo John’s squaw hod a frightful wound in tho shoulder. Away ahead in tho road, in tho direction of Boyle’s comp, was a cloud of dust indicating tho approach of a team. Tho murdorors espied tho dust, and in a moment woro riding rapidly away. Borgoant Murphy, Battory Q, Fourth Artillery, with ton men and teamsters, camo by team. Tho Sor goant too ohnrgo of affairs and remained with his mon on tho ground. Fairchild and tho team ster, and tho wounded squaw and bor two chil dren camo at 2 o’clock this morning. When Fairchild roachod Oon. Davis’ headquar ters, ho related his story. Teams, with escort, wore at once sent out after tho prisoners, dead and alive. No stops woro takon for tho appre hension of tho felons who performed tho bloody work. It is generally supposed that tho Oregon volunteers arc tho guilty portico. Fairohiid is of that opinion himself. Tho warriors killed woro not charged with murder. Those who know them best say they have only participated iu open fight. Every one hero condemns the affair as atrocious and with out excuse. There is no doubt but the murders wore carried out upon a carefully arranged plan, as Fairchild noticed tho horsemen on the road ahead and behind him when tho shots woro llred. Hod John Fairchild, instead of James, boon present, another murder might havo boon added to tho list, as tho Oregonians are bitter in tholr hatred to John, the old man, and other Califor nians. Tho Warm Springe have only a few weeks longer to servo. Bergfc. Clinton la fast failing. Coyle's Camp, Juno B—3 p. m.—An interview between Qon. Davis, Cant. Jock, and Sohonchiu has just terminated. The Modoo Chief says ho was incited to his cruel warfare by Allen David, the Chief of the Klamaths. Ho also denied having killed Con. Canby, and laid the blame on his boys. Bohonohln told tbo same story. San Fuanoisco, Juno 0. —The nows of the massacre of the Modoo captives is received hero with universal surprise and indignation. The atrocity is loudly denounced by every one. E. Steele, of Yreka, started for the front to day, to bo present at the closing scones of the Modoo war. The Hon. J. E. Luttrol accompanied him. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Youk, Juno 0. —A Washington special says that on investigation will bo made at once into Col. Oillem's conduct of tho campaign against tho Modoo Indians. Charges hayo ooen laid before tho War Department narrating that the command of Mai. Thomas wont out early in the morning, and though tho sound of tho uaU tic was distinctly hoard, tbo commanding officer sent no relief until 4 o'clock in tho afternoon, but was lounging all day In his tout. On ac count of this neglect a largo number of officers and men wore killed and wound ed. Dr.. Dewitt, Assist&ut Burgeon United States Army, specifically charges Oillom with neglect for leaving tho wounded on tho field for thirty-six hours before orders wore given to bring them In for treatment, and that Liout. Harris died In consequence of this negligence. The fooling among army officers Is very intense against Qiflom. They allege that ho is notorious ly incapable, and demand his trial by court martial. Washington, June 'O.—Gon. Schofield baa boon Instructed by to appoint a Military Commission to try tbo Modoo prisoners. The Rod Gloud Indians. Washington, June 0. —Tbo report to tbe Com missioner of Indian Affaire, from Special Com missioner Kollino. at the Bod Cloud Agency, says that the Indians tbero are more friendly than bo bad been led to believe, and that bo hod an informal couferonoo with Blue Horae, High Wolf, Blow Bull, and Bod Loaf, who manifested a very friendly disposition, and whoso Influence has been good and is Increasing. Tbo Special Commissioner cannot yot dotormino in regard to tbo expediency of stationing troops at tbo Agonoy, but it may bo necessary to order a mounted company to patrol the other side of tbo river, as much to prevent whisky-trading as to ■ stop stock-stealing. Tlie American tSchooHiouvoat Vienna. Tbo Now York Tribune contains a letter sign ed by Mr. W. J. Stillman, In which he makes some assertions concerning tbe American eohool bouao business at tbo Vienna Exhibition, which, from tho character of tbo writer and in tbe ab sence of any ofllcial report from the Department of State concerning tbo charges which led to tbo removal of Gen. Van Buron, merit more than casual attention. Mr. Stillman, in offeot, says that Mr. Pbilbrlok, a prominent citizen of Boston, and a man thor oughly acquainted with tbo educational systems of this country, offered to construct a school building and prepare it for shipment to Austria for tbo sum of $2,600, To this offer Gen. Van Buron replied that tho sum of money asked was too groat, and that he could have it built in Vienna at a lower cost. A 001. Bridges, who is ' said to bo a practical builder, was thou hired by Gou. Van Buron to go* to Vienna and build tbo uohool-houso, tbo contract simply being that the coat should not exceed $6,000. or nearly doublo tbe amount of money for which Mr. Bhilbriok offered to do tbo work. Tho building was al most finished on the 16th of May. and looks, ac cording to Mr. Stillman, “as much like a second* CHICAGO, TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1873. class Now England barn ” as like any known school-house. ■ It appears, therefore, that the United States are making os lino a show at Vienna architectur ally as morally, and in both respects our citizens are represented without regard to expense. WALL STREET. : Rovlow of tVio flloitoy, Gold, Rond, Stocky and; Produce Idarkeii, Social JXspateb to The Chicago Tribtmc, New Yonn, Juno 9.—Money 'continues very easy, both for*call loans and discounts. On call the rates wore 4 to 0 per cent, with most of tho business at 6 per cent, and prime paper Is taken' at OX to 8 per cent. Currency loans are offered at 7 per cent for thirty to sixty, days, a . J ‘ BfOCKS. | The stock market opened with a fair degree of activity and aulmatlbn, and a Strong tone. Pa cific Mail and Chios -advanced- about 1 per cent, and tho remainder of the list showed a slight Improvement over the closing figures of Satur day. Tho strength; however, soon gave place to depression and lower prices, on account of tho heavy offerings of stocks,' chiefly Poolfle Mall, Western Union, Chios, 0. 0. A I. 0.. Now York Central, Lake bEioro, and Book Island by parties in Chicago and Boston, * who wish to realize. Coal stocks also participated iu tho decline, and broke down }i per cent. Towards midday, and after that time, there was a recovery from the lowest point of & to 2M per cent,, but tho full, advance was not maintained’’latft la the after noon. Tho Faciflo' Mall report was mfloh dis cussed to-day. At - first the speculators wore disposed to look upon it as more favorable than previously expect ed, but this fooling wore away afterwards. Tho decline In Western Union is attributed to a recent purchase with 16,000 shares of a re served stock at par of interest hold by tho rival Atlautio ib Pacino Telegraph lino, the Atlantic & Faciflo people doubtless marketing this stock at once. The break'in Book Island can not really bo accounted for in view of tho re cent favorable statement of the Company. Chios have not recovered from the shook caused by the sale of SOOO,OOO of bonds, and tho change in tho Wall street management. a OLD was quiet. The examination of the specie aver ages of the Associated Banks as reported on the Clearing House shoots of last Saturday, shows that the Increase of 00,502,800 is distributed gen erally among all the banks, only one showing an increase of $1,000,000 ; two, of $460,000 each, and tbo remainder scattered about. This is ox- Elained by the theory that the bull clique on gold avq boon placing their large coin balance whore it would do thorn the most good.. This morning tbo gold market was made active and the premium & per cent lower by tbo adroit manipulation of the business of the Room through the broker who has boon and still is identified with the bull party. The scheme became transparent in a short time, and the tone of the market re covered. BONDS. Governments contiuuo firm. produce. Flour was rather moro active in low grades, with some slight improvement in superfine. Halos, 800 brls : receipts, 19,205 brls. Holders of wheat early in tho day advanced their prices on favorable nows from Loudon, but buy ers refused to moot them. The market closed with a faialy active demand confined to good spring at full Saturday’s prices. Com mon qualities were in demand for milling in the morning, hut at tbo close quiet. Hales, 47,000 bu;* receipts, 223,828 bu. Pork was quiet, but firm, with sales of 60 brls at slC.C2>£ for now moss. For future delivery, no transactions; $10.50 was bid for June, and $10.75 for July. Receipts. 2 pkgs. Lard was. fairly active, and higher, with sales of 230 tea at B>£o. for city. For future delivery, 500 tes for Juno sold at 0 1-IGo, and 1,600 tes for July at 9 5-IGo. 250 tes prime now to arrive in July sold at B%c. Receipts, 150 kegs and 159 pkgs. In out meats a fair business was dodo, and prifips generally ruled Arm, with sales of 3,000 piclned shoulders at 7%@7%c; 10 tes do at 8o; 1,000 hams on (Sat urday evening at ' 13>£o. Receipts, 83 pkgs. Bacon was quiet, and priuua rathor uneottlod. Long clear is quoted at and short clear offered at B><jC. SPRINGFIELD, Filed Articloa«-A Gorman Picnic Party niobbml by a Gang: of Uoufflis»Col« logo Commencement. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Bi'niNopiELD, 111., Juno o.—Tiio Virginia Pro tectionist Society of Cass County, an organiza tion to prevent larceny, and the Collinsville Coal Mining Company, of Madison County, capital $50,000, filed articles of association to-day with the Secretary of State. A disgraceful riot occurred near this city yes terday. at Kuuz’a browory and lager-boor garden. The Turners, accompanied by their wives and children, had congregated there to engage in a picnic. A party of roughs from the Springfield Helling Mills during the after noon made their appearance on the ground, and soon kicked np a row, which became gene ral, in which throe policemen and ten other per sona wore badly hurt, though nouo fatally. The Turners wore driven from the grounds, and the roughs hold undisputed sway. Mot a singly ar rest was made, nor has tboro boon up to this time, although the ring-loaders aro known. The commencement exorcises of tho Bottio Stuart Institute are now in progress. Tho bac calaureate sermon to tho young ladies graduat ing was preached last night by tho Bov. O. D. Shaw, of this city. Tho literary address will bo delivered to-morrow evening by tho Rev. Dr. Dickey, of St. Louis. . Spbinotzeld, Juno 9.—C01. T. J. Pricket t, lato of tho Quincy Whig , has purchased tho printing office of Enoch Paine, Esq., of this city, and is now removing it to Paducah, Ky., whoro ho pro poses to publish a paper, in politics Republican. Tho farmers of tnis county propose to hold a celebration on tbo 4th of July at tho Fair Grounds, near hero, on which occasion tboy bavo determined, in accordance with a circular received from the Exooutivo Council of tbo Far mers' Grange of tho Stato, to Uavo a speech de voted exclusively to thoir 'interests instead of the usual political ono. and to road a declaration of independence also furnished thorn from head quarters, which recites thoir independence from monopolies of all sorts, including political par ties. WATERSPOUT. Six Soldiers* Several Settlors* and 28 morses Drowned* Spteial Ditpatch to The Chicago Tribune, Lincoln, Nob. Juno O.—A waterspout near Blackwood Crook bariod a camp of United Btatoa cavalry. It camo on flvo foot high, and drowned Bix soldiers and twenty-eight horses. Several eottlera wore also drowned and considerable ; etooU poriebod. Bug-outs woro 'washed away. Somo soldiers, to save their Uvos, had to olimb troos and remain thoro forty-eight hours. The rains in this section have boon heavier than known for years, but tho damage is light. Several persona wore drowned hors in a cir cuit of twenty milos within two weeks. War Department Weather Prognostic cations* Washington, D. 0., 'Juno 9.— For New Eng land, falling barometer, oaaterly to southerly winds, and clear or partly cloudy weather are probable for Tuesday. For tho Middle States aud Lower Lake region, falling barometer, fresh, and occasionally brisk southeasterly to south westerly winds, and increasing cloudiness with areas of rain. For the South Atlantic States, fresh southeasterly to southwesterly winds and partly cloudy weather. For the Gulf States oast of tho Mississippi light to fresh southerly and westerly winds generally, cloudy weather and rain areas. For tho Northwest ana Upper Lako region and southward to: Missouri and tho lower Ohio Valley rising barometer, fresh and brisk northerly to westerly winds and clear and clearing weather. For Tennessee and Kentucky winds veering to westerly aud north westerly with clearing weather. Dudley’s Accomplice* Fittsouuoh, Juno 9.— A. B. Wales, the accom plice of Dudley, tho mail-cheek and draft thief,

was before tho United Statoe Commissioner this morning, whon ho waived a hearing, and was committed to jail for trial. W. It. Wales, charged by B. B. Dudley with being concerned in tho extensive mail robberies and draft forgeries In all sections of tho coun try, and now In Jail hero, is said to have mado a confession, telling tho wholo story and throwing all tho blamo on Dudley* bat tbo document (c kept concealed. FOREIGN. Stormy Scenes in the Spanish •Assembly. The Margall Ministry Repudiated by tli Cortes, and Figuoras Called Upon to Resume. Proclamation of a Spanish Federal Republic. Our Relations with Mexico—Annexation i Rumors. SPAIN. Madrid, Juno o.—Shortly after tho passage of tho resolution definitely proclaiming a Federal Republic, yesterday, tho Cortes took a recess until evening, when Sonar Pi y Margall propos ed the - following now Ministry, which' was ac cepted by tho Cortes In secret session, later: President of tho Council and Minister of tho Inte rior, Bonor Pi y Margall; Minister of State, Sonor Corverd; of Justice, J. Prodioal; of War, Esto vanzj’of Colonies, Sorni; of Finance, Corva f»al; of Marino, Oroiro; of Public Works, Pa anca. Madrid, Juno o— Evening.—TUo session of tbo Cortes,last night, was one of the stormiest on record. Owing to the confusion which pre vailed in the Chamber, the closing of the doors a portion of the time, by which the reporters wore excluded, and the late hour of aajoura mont, the morning papers wore unable to obtain complete or correct reports of the proceedings, and many false* rumors In consequence obtained currency. The state ment, among others, that the Ministry proposed by Honor I*l y Margall was approved is Incorrect. The House finally rejected his Ministry, and colled on Senor Fignoraa to re sume the control of the Government with his old Cabinet. The following is an accurate re sume of the sitting: The Cortes, after passing a resolution pro claiming the Republic, adjourned until evening for tbo purpose of completing the formation of a now Ministry. At 7 p. in. the House reassembled, and Senor Figuoras opened tbo debate. Ho advised the Republicans to bo united, and warned them that divisions in their ranks would prove fatal to the cause they hold dear. The question then camo up whether the Min isters proposed by Honor Pi y Margall should bo voted on en bloc or separately. An excited discussion followed, which was accompanied with frequent scones of confusion. A motion was made to go into secret session. Honor Castolar protested. The Cortes, ho said, owed it to the country that their proceedings should bo public. Honor Pi y Margall finally announced that, in view of the sad scones of disorder, which ho could only consider as an evidence of distrust, ho would withdraw his list of Ministers. A groat uproar followed, and could only bo silenced by Honor Fignoraa, who rose to movo that the Min isters bo directly chosen by the Cortes. Tho motion for a secret sitting was then renewed and adopted, and at midnight the galleries wore cleared and tho reporters excluded. Around tho palaco.tho streets .woro filled with an excited throng, and within tho "chamber tho greatest agitation prevailed. It was rumored at one time -that aa*rmcd-ctowd.had entered the palace and threatened to break, into tho hall. Moreover, a fightphotwoon military and people in the streets was momentarily expected. Gaatelar and Fignoraa succeeded In restoring calm in tho chamber, and exerted themselves to good effect in restraining tho populace outsider .There being no prospect of'au agreement of tho Deputies au to the composition of tho now Min istry, Figuoras, Castolar, and Margall woro suc cessively called upon to form one, but they either declined or failed in tho task after repeated con sultations. Tho whole Cortca finally appealed to Honor Figuoras to remain in power with tho old Cabinet, and ho at last consented. At 4 a. m. the doors woro thrown open and tho galleries were immediately filled. The Cortes proceeded to adopt a vote of confidence in tho Figuoras Ministry, and adjourned. The proclamation of tho Federal Republic was celebrated lost night, at Barcelona, with illumi nations and general rejoicings. . Capt.-Qon. Velarde has retired to Tortosa with the troops which remained faithful. GREAT BRITAIN, London, Juno 9. —Tho Alexandra Palace, near this city, was destroyed by flro to-day. It is re ported that soven lives were lost. London, Juno o—Evening.—Tho total loss by tbo burning of tbo Alexandra Palace is estimated at $3,000,000; insurance, $600,000. Tho firo was caused by tbo carelessness of some workmen, who wore repairing tho zlno roof. No ono was killed, as reported, but several woro injiuod. Tho supply of water was scarce, hence the ra pidity with which tho fire spread. Within half an Lour from tho time tho alarm was given tho entire structure was envel oped in flames, and, ono by ono, tho groat domes by which it was surmounted fell in. The largo organ was destroyed, but somo valua ble pictures and otbor works of art wore saved. In tho Houso of Lords to-day Earl Russell in troduced a bill for tho bettor government of Ireland, which abolishes tho office of Lord Lion tenant; and provides that tho voice of eight jurors out of twolvo will suffice for a verdict. The objoct of tho measure is to restrict tho power of tho priesthood and securo tho oonvio tion of criminals. A dispatch from Dublin says that a groat flro is raging in a timber-yard in that city. Tho crowd, whoso objoct is to plunder, wore inter fering with tho flromoa and stoned them, and a detachment of police were ordered out to pre serve order. Tho latter charged on tho mob, wounding many. Tho Mayor of tho city was hit by ono of tho stones. Intense excitement pre vails in tho viuciuity, and tbo econo during tho obargo of tho troops was fearful. Property to tho value of SIOO,OOO has already been de stroyed. ITALY. Bomb, Juno o.—Tho funeral of Signor Batazzi took placo yesterday, and was attended by a K'. crowd of people. Many persons, to show respect for tho deceased statesman, dis played black dags from their residences. MEXICO. Sx. Louis, Juno o.—Dr. D. 11. Williams, who has resided In tho State of Ooahuiia, Mexico, for two years past, has reached hero and gives .some account of affairs in that country, 110 confirms tho capture of Oon. Losado, tho rohol ohiof, and states that it was believed that ho was immediately shot. In relation to Don. Mackenzie's pursuit and attack on tho Kiokapoo Indians, on Mexican soil, Dr. Williams is of tho opinion that thoro will bo no sorious complaint mado on tho part of tho Mexican authorities, as tbo latter havo long folt tho necessity of somo mutual arrangement between tho two countries by which Indian marauders upon cither side can bo followed across the river and punished by tho Mexicans, if tho outrage is committed upon their soil, as well by tho Ameri cans, as in the Kickapoo affair. Tho Doctor ap prehends that tho Mexicans will use tho latter as a precedent, and pursue fugitives on this Bide of tho Bio Grande. They will bo sure to avail themselves of the example sot by tho Americans, if not disavowed. This may eventually load to trouble, aud plunge tho frontier into a war. Such a result would, however, bo hailed by many as desirable, as it would lead to tho oarviug out of another fat slico from tho " slok man " on our Southern border. Thero are, however, efforts being made by some of tho loading parties on the Mexican side of the Bio, which may load to a negotiation for tho annexation of moro Mexican territory, in order to strengthen tho boundary-lino, ami by which Mexico will bo enabled to pay her debts. Tho territory cov eted for this purpose embraces tho State of Nuevo Loon, Ooahuiia, Chihuahua, tho north end of Durango, Sonora, and lower Californio, known os ■ tho Mexican frontier States. This would) shorten tho boundary-lino ono-half ovor tho firosout moandorlugu of tho Bio Grande, and cave a frontier that would bo much moro easily protected by both nationalities, whereas it is almost Impossible to’ do so with the present boundaries. It would bo a vast territory, ■ with fine irrigable and mineral lands and pasturage, which are now nearly worthless to the Mexican people. CUBA. Havana, Juno o,—lbo Oaceta promulgates a decree by the Captain-General, giving the Col onization Society almost unlimited powers, Tho Chinamen whoso contracts have expired are placed under charge and at the disposal of the Society until they have signed now contracts. „ FRANCE. PAnia, .Tuno O.—Tho payment of the first in stallment of tho remaining milliard franca of war Indemnity duo to Germany on tho sth inst was completed on Saturday last. ■ ’’ At the municipal election in Lyons yesterday, hold under tho act recently passed by tho As sembly, 8G out of 80 radical nominees wore chosen. , CANADA. Tobonto, Juno o.—During o high wind on Huuday, spatlis from a ohlinnoy ot tho Llngoa minoo ignited tiro coal in tiro pit. Tho llro up to into on l Sunday night showed no signs of obat ing. An explosion is feared, and tho men refuse to approach tho mines. A fire at Rondeau. Ont., on Saturday night, destroyed Morris i Ash's extensive sawmills ana shingle factory, together with upwards of one million foot of seasoned lumber. Loss,. $75,000. RELIGIOUS, TI»o SwodonhorKlnn Convention Ve.ter- ' Cincinnati, June D.—At tho General Conven tion of tho Church of tho Now Joruoalom this morning, tho Committee on Koolosiaetioal Adairs reported tho foUowlng preamble and resolu tions. \믪o, It is acknowledged that tho right of so* looting, electing, and ordaining ministers resides In on association or other general body of the Church. WUEnsAs, At tbo s&mo tlrao,ltls proper that such ejection should receive tho recognition and sanction of tho Church at large: therefore. lieaotved, That ordaining ministers shall bo conse crated by order of tbo General Convention on applica tion of some Association or other General Body of Uio Church, and that an ordaining minister shall exorcise function of hie only in nuoh Association or Gen oral Body as shall have elected him its presiding min ister, and during tho time of such term of service, except when Invited to officiate by tho General Conven tion an Association, which Is without an ordain ing minister. Jleiolved, That It bo recommended to tho Conven tion to altor the Constitution accordingly. These resolutions wore adopted. A discussion of thorn oxplalnodthoir object to bo tho fixing of all tho functions of an ordaining minister in tho Association in which ho may rosldo, and while ho is performing professional duties. Upon severing hia connection with tho Associa tion this function ceases, nor can ho carry it with him to another association which ho mav join. . In tho transaction of business tho Convention moves slowly. It has not yet como to tho pro posed amendments to tbo Constitution. That ono upon restraining heretical Intorpro .tation, which excited quite a broozo for a fow moments on Saturday forenoon, may como up to-morrow, but it is moro likely that, sharing tho fate of several other matters, it will take reference to a committee for report at tbo next annual Convention. This evening is tbo last social mooting. All day to-morrow will bo devoted to business. Cincinnati, Juno I).—Tho Convention, .by a vote,- indorsed tho appropriation of a portion of tho oburoh fund to tho publication of the theo logical writings of Swedenborg.. Tho Executive Committee wos authorized to purchase at its discretion, as tho * funds wolUd Warrant, copies of. ■ Dr. Tafol's interlinear * trans lation of tho Scriptures. Tho address of this Convention to tho General Conference of tho New Church of Groat Britain, prepared by the Bov. James Bold, was adopted; tone forwarded through B. 8. Seward. Tuo Treasurer was di .rocloato make tho annual assessment on the vSnoirarbctiroo-repiCHonted the Convention for defraying Us expenses. The delegates to night attend a social entertainment at a private residence on Mount Anburu. Tiio mombora of tho Tract Society of tho New Church had a mooting and'referred to their President and Treasurer tho resolution to unite with tho American now Jerusalem Church Tract Society at Philadelphia. Tho Tract Society then elected tho following ofilcora for tho ensuing year s President, Bov. Oimuncy Qiios, Now York City; Secretary, Albert Smith, Brooklyn; Treasurer, Nathan Hobart, Now York. Delegates to tho Evangelical Alliance* Cincinnati, Juno o.— Tho Cincinnati branch of tho Evangelical Alliance to-day appointed tho following delegates to tho mooting of the World’s Evangelical Alliance in New York tho coming fall: The Bovs. W. E. McOuro, B. M. Hatfield; B. L. Stanton, Beuben Jeffrey, Messrs. HughMcßirnoy, A. L. Frazer, M. B. Hagans; Alternates, tho Bov. Dr. Walden, Messrs. George I*. Davis and W. J. Broedi. THE JUDICIARY. Additional Returns from the Recent : election—Report that the Supremo Court IVIII Resign In a Rody. Springfield, 111., Juno 9.— Official returns from tho following Judicial circuits have boon received at tbo office of tbo Secretary of State : Second— BoonO; DoKalb, McHenry, and Lake Coun ties ;J. D. Murphy, 3,1)16; Charles Kollum, 3,212 : ma jority for Murphy, 201. Eighth— Knox, Houclorson, and Worron Counties; Arthur Smith, 0,220 ; James H. Stewart. 2,305: ma jority for Smith, 3,031. ' ’ MntA—Peorla and Stark Counties, James W. Coch rane, 2,275; H. B. Hopkins, 1,192; majority for Coch rane, 733, Fourteenth— McLean ond Ford Counties, Thomas Tipton, 2,076 j Samos S. Ewing, 18. Fi/Uenth— Vermillion, Edgar, Clark, Coles, and Douglass Counties. A, L. Davis, 1,065; Joseph Stcolo. '8,500; Pearson, 718; majority for Davis, 717. Tho official returns from tho Second and Fifth Grand Divisions havo not boon received. Thoy oro being hurried up so that Craig and Soholfloldmay bo commissioned and be able to take thoir soats on tho Supremo Boach at Mt. Vernon. wboro tbo Court is now in session. In ibis connection tbo Register this afternoon hosau editorial baaed upon tbo report that tho members of tbo Supromo Court of tho State will, in a body, toudor thoir resignations on tho ground that tho dofoat of Judge Lawrence re boots os much upon their actions, and is as much in condemnation of thorn as upon Judgo Law rence for tho opinion which gave such offence to tho farmers was concurred in by tho wholo Court. Princeton, 111., Juno 9.—The official count of Bureau County on Supremo Court Judge gives Craig 1,690 majority, which is much larger than has boon reported. Geneseo, 111., Juno 7.—Henry County's official majority for Judgo Craig is 482, besides thirty one votos for him which oro illegal on account of misspelling the name. THE FIRE ERA. Serious Conflagration at Nowburift N* Y.-Lobs, £250,000. - Newburgh, N. Y., Juno O.—A largo flro la raging in Front street, in this oity. It com menced at 9 o’clock, in William O'Mailler A Co.'s storehouse and communicated to their barge Newburgh. The cargo and storehouse wore de stroyed. The fire extended northward and the coal yard of D. 8. Waring, the barrel foolery of James 0. French, and several oilier buildings wore destroyed. The store house of Edwin T. Skidmore is now burning, and the tiro threatens to sweep the entire river front of the oity. The damage thus far inflicted cannot bo loss than $600,000. Mayor Shutoa has telegraphed to Poughkeepsie for help. Newduho, N. Y., Juno 9.—Later— Tho flro is now under control. The barge Newburg is drifting up the river, and is still burning, with a largo cargo. The following property was ctealroy od: W. 0. Maillor A Co.'s storehouse and barge, Hobson River Hotel, French’s barrel factory, the property owned by James W. Taylor, and Hamel 8. Warring’s coal yard, Andrew Little's carpenter shop, and several other and smaller buildings. It cannot bo ascertained to-night the exact amount of losses and insurance. The total loss is estimated at $260,000. The cause of the flro is not known. Several passengers were rosouod from the barge Newburgh in small boats. One lady jumped overboard, but was rosouod. Midnight.—Tho fire is still burning, but con fined to tho limits already stated. The losses are generally covered by lusuranoe. Several persons were injured, but none seriously. NUMBER 295, WASHINGTON. Proposition to Ain J. I Guatemala . .. to tho Unitor SStatos. ■hJ ! • ■ . TJS; : Senator Mitchell, of (r&on; Advised to Hesi difi ‘ — ijsL •. Special Dispatch to 1 , IcMeago Tribune* SENATOR UITOUJSI/ I TIIOBNT PATH. Washington, Juno 9.— Tho friends of Senator Mitchell, of. Oregon, lioro state that, In view of tbo wldo currency given to tho scandals of hla early private life, ho baa boon advised to resign. Tho argument used la, thot while bis change of homo will not invalidate bis claim to a seat ial tbo Senate, and, also, that bis present anomalomf* domestic relations may not bo aufQoioht ground! for expulsion, still It is advisable that tbo State'; of Oregon should not bo represented by »'■ Senator whoso Influence will bo parolyzed by tho misfortunes which surround „him. Ife w not believed, however, thot Mltoboll will resign, but will endeavor to make as plaus iblo.a statement as possible, consistent .with tbo charges made against him. . ' ' shad FisnsniErt. ' ! Upward of a million of young shad, batched by tho Fish Oommieoionor, now employed in the [artificial propagation of flsb at tbio point, have just boon forwarded to tbo boad*wators of the Kanawha, whence it is assorted tbo Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri Klvoro will bo stocked with this brood. N. W. Clark, Fish Commis sioner of Michigan, is now here for tho purpoao of transporting young shad to bis State, with tho view of propagating them tboro. THE POLARIS, Thoro has boon bo much speculation and gos sip about tbo otory of tbo Polaris disaster that tbo Soorotary of tho Navy has concluded to pub lish not only tho report oftho Commission, now engaged In making Inquiry of tho survivors, but tho evidence in full or tho most important wit nesses. In this way tho Bccrotary thinks tho people will bo ablo to judgo for themselves as to whether tho orders of tho Department wore obeyed by those In command of tho expedition. Tho evidence of Capt. Tyson ana sever* al of tho othor oillcors was . taken in short-hand, and Is exhaustive in all the material points of tho voyage of tho Polaris. Secretary Robeson expects to oomploio tho ox* amlnotiou to-morrow. The report will bo pre pared by tho Soorotary himself, ana' before its publication will bo submitted to tho President. It is stated at tho Navy Deportment that the ev idence will hardly sustain tho reports of tho in* . torviows, eald to have boon with some of the survivors at St. Johus, and extensively publish ed in tho newspapers. * NO CHOLERA. i Tho statement telegraphed from hero to the effect that thoro aro several cases of sporadic cholera in this city la incorrect. There is at present' an unusual number of cases of diarrhea, and cholera morbus, some prevailing in aggro* voted forms, but uono with the violent and un mistakable symptoms of cholera proper. No deaths aro known to have occurred from those maladies this season, and prominout physicians aro of tho opinion that they aro caused mainly by sudden chongea of temperature. In view of tho possible appearance of the cholera this sum mer, it is desirable, however, that every precau tion should bo taken against the effects of tmd don atmospheric changes aud the use of im proper food. THE LA GHOSSE BRIDGE. Tho Attorney-General has decided that tbo railroad bridge .of tho Milwaukee it St. Paul 'Railroad Company across tho Mississippi River at LaOrosso is to bo located, by the Company and not by the Secretary of War, but that, in its con strncUon, tho Secretary of War has a supervis ory power as to tho security of navigation and ' tho convenience of access by othor railways. TUE CHESAPEAKE CANAL. So groat baa been the falling off in trade upon the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal since tbo Canal Company increased its tolls, that tho boatmen, finding tho balk of coal and other trade leaving them and starvation and ruin staring them in the foco, and no relief coming from tho Canal Board, have boon forced to reduce thoir transportation charges 10 cents per ton. MOKE MONEY-ORDER OFFICES. Arrangements have boon completed and bonds filed nt the Fost-Ofilco Department for tho es tablishment of nearly 160 now monov-ordor post-offices on the -let of July, most of which will bo in tho Western and Southern States. .This is somewhat loss than tho number of simi lar offices established at the same period last year. [To the AetociaUd Prest, 3 APPOINTMENTS. Washington, Juno 9. —The following Internal Bovonuo appointments havo boon made: Gaug ers, Sanford H. Parsons, Second District, Min nesota ; William G. Bodes, Third District, Ken tucky ; Samuel MoFaddon, for Kansas. TUK POLARIS EXAMINATION, Notwithstanding tho soorocy with which the Secretary of tho Navy is continuing his exam ination of tho Polaris survivors, tho Daily Chronicle says : "It has leaked out that Oapt. Buddington was tho main cause of tbo failure of the expedition, and with him rests tho responsi bility of having jeopardized tho livos of the Tyson-Moyors party and eight others. Shortly after the death of Capt. Hall, when all tho dis cipline of tho ship oocamo lax, and oaoh ap {)oared to work ’on bis own hook,’ ho became ntoxicated, and, with m pistol in his band, drove tho floo-of-ico party from tho ship, giving thorn a quantity of provisions, and then de liberately dosorted them. This story is entirely different from tho ono recently publish ed, that tho separation of tho Polaris from tho ico was accidental instead of boing with pre meditation.” Tho official statomout which is promised is based on tho testimony, and will give the facts in tho case. Tho examination continues, and will probably bo ended to-dny. Tbo Polaris investigation is now conducted in the largo boat-houso south of tbo Admiral's office with closed doors. Tho Tallipoosa, Imvifig ■ left boro last night with tbo Esquimaux families of Joo and Hanson, bound for tbo ooolor climate of Maine, tbo remainder of tbo ice-iloo party wore transferred from tbo Frolic to the store ship Belief this morning, whore thoy will remain until the investigation is concluded. Tho Frolio loft this afternoon for New York. IMPORTANT DECISIONS. The Supremo Court for tho District of Colam , bia havo decided tho caso of Dainoz against Oharloi Halo. Tho defendant was Consul-Gen eral in Egypt, and by virtuo of bis office exor cised judicial powers in seizing curtain goods lu which Dainez bad an interest. Judge Carter in delivering tho decision of tho Court, over ruled the demurrer, holding that a Consul had under law and treaty boon clothed with judicial powers. In the oase of Farragut against tho ship Metropolis and others, a prize caao in which au award of ovor $1,000,000 nas boon made by tho arbitrators, Gen, Butlor moved for an affirm ance of tbo award. Mr. Corwin for tho Gov ernment filed a motion, requiring tho arbitra tors to file in court the evidence, particularly that of Admirals Porter and Bailoy, and also in quiring whotbor tbo stoamor Mclloa having boon built and used by tbo United States from whom sbo was taken, should bo destroyed. The mo tion was overruled and tho award of the arbitra tors affirmed. In the District Court to-day the case of Col lins against tho Florida prize case was argued on motion to dismiss tho libel filed by the Gov ernment, on tho ground that tho seizure having taken place in a Brazilian port woe illegal. Gen. Butler appeared for the libellant and Corwin and Judge Fisher for tho Government. Judge Humphreys overruled tho motion and referred tho case to Gen. Mussoy to take testimony. Tho Florida never reached any port in tho United States, having been lost or purposely scuttled on the way. ANOTHER ANNEXATION SCHEME. New York, Juno 9.—A Washington special soys that there is a growing feeling among officials for tho annexation of Guatemala to tho United States, and that two citizens of the former country, accompanied by its accredited Minister, has assured President Grant of the desire of tho people for annexation, and of their anxiety to know when such a result could be reached. Tho Cholera* New Ohleanb, June 9.—Tho cholera is be lieved to bo on tho increase, though there is no marked increase In the mortality siuce last week. Tho interments at Elmwood have been fifty-five, against twenty-six for tho correspond ing week last year, ana an average of nineteen during the past year.

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