Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 10, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 10, 1873 Page 5
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THE COUNCIL. The Ordinance Requiring Livery men to Take Out Licen ses Vetoed. Mayor Medill Eeprovos the Council for Asking Impertinent Questions. Itomlorlng' Tanks Must Undergo •\ • ri. pectlon In Future. .. • m Oonnoll held a regular meeting k : u ;:, .r> „■<. king, Aid. Sherwood lu tho Chair. i Richardson, Dixon,, Warron, , .ooy, MoAvoy, Sidwoll, Stone, Pick m Schmitz, Oullorton, McOlowry, •,« .•$ y, Powoll, O'Brien, Bond, Clark, • *!y.. ! (Minor, Sherwood, Mooro, Olovo \ -■* ■ • UtcQrath, Eokhaidt, Stout, Mohr, :■ ’ ,■.. 'chaffuor, Carney, Cannon, Ogdon; V't«.man. | LIVERY-STABLES. Tiiov. .m lent in a veto of tho ordinance ro ■.' ■ih ’ivjl* '-.'J |stablo keepers to tako out licenses V- v »Vo' h.ullcs, not because, it was improper lo' for tho repair of streets thoy . : ■ • y•- > • 't out, but since tho requirement ; .vV.-v ■ joouplod with such conditions os . !■« .1 ntroyod ihnir business, and at tho * 1 ro odious to the general public. -It most impossible for livory-stablo ■ comply with tho roqulromonto ■*i m imposed upon haokcoy-coach •, & dto Hconslng drivers, putting num \ 1 •.. ■ xgos, etc. Tho ordinance could, ho m *. M. t : tso amended os to secure tho rev • • , , . ,et not interfere with any one’s busl- : l ~ 1- -.!■ imeo faded to pass over tho veto— v! > ir - h.ya, 21—as follows: : ‘t- n, Warron, Oooy, Sidwoll, Trecoy, iv ~ brton, McOlowry, dowry, Balloy, Powell, ■ ;-jvu . , ."bo, Quirk, Camay, and Brandt—3l. -)■. ardnon,McGonnlaa, McAvoy,Btono,Pick- -iv.-. *,; Clark, Heath, Minor, Sherwood, Mooro, ■ 1 . tcQrath, Eckhardt, Stout. Mohr, Long i. j-. ', /. her, Cannon, Ogden, and woodman—2l. ■ ' , .Vuoiiman'inoYod to place tho whole mat tor’on Uo. It wca not agreed to—yeas, 16; nays, 21. Aid. Cullorton moved to reconsider tho vote by wbbh tho ordinance failed to pass, and it was Agrooc to—yeas, 25 ;• nays, 12. Thomottor was referred to tho License Com tnittoo—yeas, 10 ; nays, 18. AN OFFENSIVE RESOLUTION VETOED. Tho following communication from tho Mayor Was then road: Gentlemen : I herewith return, without my ap proval a preamble and resolution presented by Aid. Xongachor, and adopted at tbo last mooting of-tbo Common Council, requiring tbo Corporation Counsel to report to your honorable body by what provision of -tho charter tho Mayor Is authorized to revoke saloon licenses, and forbid tbo Clerk to Issue licenses to cer tain men or places. The preamble contains tbo follow ing whereases: **- “ WmaiEAfl, Tbo Mayor baa revoked tbo licenses of lon saloon-keepers on Saturday afternoon for a viola tion of tbo Sunday clause of tbo license; and •* Whereas, Tbo Mayor bos ordered tbo City Clerk not to issao now licenses to those ten saloon-keepers, cor to tbo bouses or buildings 'wherein said ten saloon keepers carried on tbolr legitimate business, thereby causing unwonted hardships, obstructing trade, and confiscating tbo means of livelihood of tax-payers,” I am constrained to disapprove tbo preamble and Toaolution In question for tbeso reasons : First, be cause tbo statements that “ tbo Mayor has ordered tbo City Clerk, etc.,” ore untrue—in point of fact, no such order having boon given by mo; second, because charges preferred by an Alderman against tbo Mayor, Alleging on Improper or illegal discharge of bis official duties should not bo endorsed and adopted by tbo Common Council without debate, reference, investiga tion, report of committee, or proof of any kind. The action of tbo Council in this ease la unprecedented, nnd I have no doubt it was unintentional, und dono In -udvortontly in the burry of business. lam quite sure Abe Connell does not desire or intend to appear on tbo record as denying tbo authority of tbo Mayor to re voke the licenses of tlppling-boufica for selling Intox ' tearing drinks on Sunday, or nf ceDourisg him for so (doing. I would refer your honorable body to Chapter Sec, 8, of this charter of Chicago, for the authority ■conferred on tho Common Council to license, regulate, end restrain the traffloln ardent, vinous, and lonnontoa (liquors, and 1 would especially call your attention to the . following extracts from Chapter 28, of tho Revised Ordinances, under tbo title of " Misdemeanors.” See. says: “If any person shall keep open any rippling tiouso on tbo Sabbath day or night, or shall keep open cmy bar or placo where intoxicating drinks are or may • bo kept, or shall sell or retail intoxicating drinks on tbo SabualU day or night, or sball keep a common, Hi governed, or disorderly bouse, or sufl'er any person to • play at cards or other games of chance on his promises, with or without bolting, every sucb person, on con viction, shall bo ilucd in & sum not loss than 910, nor exceeding SIOO. Bco, I forbids tbo sale of Intoxicating liquor to minors. Soc. 8 provides for tbo punishment of any person found In a state of intoxication lu tho streets or public placo within tbo city or In any private house or place in tbo annoyance of any citizen or'person. Tbo last clause of Soc. 11 declares that “ It shall bo tbo duty of tbo Mayor forth with to revoke any license given any person who shall violate any provision of Bee. Bof this chapter.” Chap ter CO Is devoted to tbo subject of spirituous liquors. Sec. 1 contains tbo terms on which the Mayor is authorized to grant licenses for tbo sale of intoxicating drinks ana to tho condi tions of tbo bond to bo given by saloon-keepers, . See. 3 declares that any license so granted may bo revoked upon written notice by tbo Mayor, whenever St shall, appear to bis satisfaction that the party so licensed shall havo violated any provisions of any or dinance of tho Common Council relating to spirituous liquors or any condition of tbo bond aforesaid.” An examination of these provisions of tbo law must make it clear that tbo Mayor is authorized to revoke saloon licenses, and that it is made bla duty to revoke them for violation of tho ordinances pertaining hereto, and therefore bo cannot properly bo charged by Common Council with “ causing unwonted hardships, obstructing trade, and confiscating tho means of livelihood of tax-payers" when ho is enforcing tho ordinances of tho city and carrying tho orders of the Common Council into effect, os hols commanded by it to do and has sworn to do. Of course, I recognize the perfect right of tbo Com mon Council to ask any legal opinion of tho Corpora tion Counsel, hut where the request is based on erro neous statements as to any action costing censure on tho Mayor for doing what ho did not do, or for doing tho very thing ho is com manded by tho ordinance of tho Common Council to do. I deem It Justifiable in mo to withhold my nssent to such allegations, otherwise I would appear tho record as admitting that tho statements in tho pre amble nnd resolutions wore true and tho censure Just. Aid. Longachor thought bo had a right at any time to call on the Mayor or Corporation Conn-. bo! for information. Ho bad that right oven under tho Mayor’s bill. As far ns the state ments of fact wore concerned, ho know tho hut of ton saloons was in the City Clerk’s olDco, and verbal orders given. not to grant any moro licenses. Ho was certain tho Mayor bad no right to revoke licenses in certain specified coses. .“Whether a violation of tho Sunday law was among them ho could not say. Aid. Sebaffuer thought tho veto a mistake, and tho Alderman entitled to his information, Tho Mayor could nut himself right on the record without vetoing the ordinance. Tho resolution was reconsidered. The resolution was referred to tho Judiciary Committee. PETITIONS. Petitions were presented and referred for tbo femoral of a car factory on the corner of Frank lin and Monroe streets; for a water-pipe on Flournoy street; for the removal of a railroad track on Ashland avonuo; against extending Wells street; for water-pipe on -Centro street; and for a Bower on Norman street. OHDEEfI. Tho Board of Public ‘Works was ordered to prepare an ordinance for paving Franklin street, from Kluzio to Chicago avonuo; to build a side walk on tho oast side of Forrester street, from Archer avenue to Cologneto place a fire-plug at tho corner of Archor avonuo and Quarry street: to report an ordinance for paving Twenty-second etreet, from tho river to Ashland avonuo, and an ordinance for paving Twelfth street, from Centro to Ashland avenue. The Board of Police was ordered to station a police'officer at tho corner of Kinzio street and Ashland avenue. COURT-HOUSE PLANS. Aid. McGrath submitted a resolution request ing tho Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds to uso all their efforts to havo tho re porters of tho city papers admitted to tho moot ings of tho Joint Committee at which it Is pro posed to allow the architects to explain tho . Court-House plans submitted by them. Aid. Bailey moved to amend by also Instruct ing the Committee to veto to allow tho eighteen architects whoso plans were first selected an op portunity of explaining them. Thus for tho Committee hod mado a moss of it. Aid. Bailey afterwards withdrew this, and Aid. McGrath's resolution was adopted. Aid. McGrath offered a resolution, which was adopted, directing tho City Clerk to report tha reason for tho delay In tho delivery of tho copies of tho revised ordinances and charter. WATER-MAINS. " Tho resolution authorizing tho Boord of Public Works to uso tho surplus water routs for tho extending of water-mains, reserving the esti mated cun-oat expenses, and Interest on tho wntor debt to tbo amount of SIOO,OOO, was passed. niwnEnir.a-TAKKH. The ordinance providing for tho inspection of rendering-tanks war pasnod. STREET IMPROVEMENTR. Tbo Board of Public Works, submitted ordl ,nances for widening Anhlaml avenue, from Dl vlblou street to Milwaukee avenue, and extend ing Try street, from Noble to Bobo, which wore referred. ■■ Tbo Board/ in reply to n rosolution, reported that Fourteenth Btroot bridge would coat SUSI,« COD. as follows : Land damages, dredging, and docking, $1()3,000 5 bridge , proper, $35,000 ; viaduct and approacbos on coat eido, $42,000 : ditto on West Bide. $171,600. . Tho Board reported they believed tho nocoH- Rory land for tbo Harrison Btroot bridge could bo obtained south of it, In exchange for n part of Ellsworth and Sober streets. North of it iho.r had boon unable to make any satisfactory arrahgemout. SCHOOLS. Tho Board of Education asked tho concurrence of tho Council lu tho bids it had accepted for building tho Harrison, street and BoUmg Mill Primaries. It was referred to (ho Oommlltoo on Fiuanoo. . Tho Council adjourned. EUREKA COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sin : Tho annivorsary-wook of Euroka Col logo has just drawn to a closo. Tho weather, which' had proved quite precarious, settled down, and but ono shower interfered with tho exorcises. Visitors camo in from various quar ters, and developed during tholr stay considered bio enthusiasm for tho institution whoso guests thoy woro. Tho town in which this College Is situated, when you aro removed a little from tho railway, is ono of tho most boautlful in Illinois. Though thoro la considerable business transacted In UiO'placo for one of not ovor 1,600 inhabit ants, tho- Oollogo la undoubtedly tho ohlot fea ture of valuo. Walnut Grove Academy has, since twenty years, developed into a college with numerous graduates, now honoring their Alma Mator iu many useful,positions through tho Stato and Nation. It possesos two fine, commodious brick buildings, beautifully surrounded; has a mod erate endowment: and draws its patronage from almost ovory portion of tho State. Tho'sooioty-Anmvorsarios constituted a promi nent feature of tho wook. Of those thoro aro no loss than four,—each presenting its exhibition and calling out a largo audience. Ono of those, tho Mathosian, is conducted by students prepar ing for tho ministry; another, tho Excelsior, is composed oxoluoivoly. of ladies; a third, tho Perioloslan, entirely of goutlomon; and (ho fourth, tho Edmund Burko, of both goutlomon and ladles. Though bo -many, those societies seemed to havo ample reserve force bohlnd that which was most prominently presented to tiro publlo, and, from! tho. various methods upon which they aro. organized,. ono might suppose that a careful eclecticism would bring forward tho host, and thus solve, among others,' ono of tho problems connected with coeducation - On Wednesday, tho '4th Inst., tho ommol ro union occurred, Prof; A. S. Fisher presided. W, A, Foyntor, resident hero, delivered an address of wolcomo; to which B. F. Davidson, of tho Chicago Evening Mail s was prevented from replying, as had boon arranged, by bia detention at your Jubilee. Prof. JQ. J. Radford, who is esteemed brilliant, and excels in oratory, poetry, and scholarship, delivered an address on “ The Aver age Man.'* It should havo been said that tho exorcises of tho wook woro hold in tbo largo and beautiful'tent which is the property of tho Ool logo, and is capable of accommodating a larger audionco than any assembly-room la town. A severe rain coming on at about tho closo of tho dlnuor-hour, tho afternoon speeches from tho Alumni woro necessarily dispensed with. On Thursday, tbo addresses of tho graduates, seven in number, woro delivered according to tho following programme; “Voices that Call Me," Georgina' Callender, Eu reka ; “ Revolutions Inevitable,’* Ammon Coumcs, Grldloy: “ Llfo’e Indirections," J. E. Harris, Ligonler, Ind.; “Pussy Wants a Corner," Janet E. Murray, Eu reka; “Tbo Answer of tho Oburcb," O. A. Richards, Burr Oak, Iowa; “Tbo Goal Lies Beyond," O.f*. Shir ley, Hartsburg; “ Hope Springs Eternal iu tbo Human Breast," G. R. Sblrloy, Hartsburg. Those addresses were certainly of avorago morlt, and woro, without.exception, well deliv ered. Tho presentation of diplomas by President Weston disclosed tho secret of his success with tho students nnd of his popularity, in tho pos session of a largo hoart, lull of fuullug foe tho students under his caro, and of unselfish joy at their success. No case of discipline has occur red during the entire year, in an average attend ance of 100'studonts, and there ia a spontane ous and universal manifestation of rospoct and esteem for both the President and his associate instructors. Thursday, at Bp. m., Elder Isaac Errott, ed itor of tho Christian Standard, of Cincinnati. 0., delivered a fine address. Mr. E. is well known as one of tho loading minds among tho Disciples,’and his utterances wore full of practi cal admonition to tho friends of one of their • leading institutions of learning. There is noth ing narrow or bigoted in tho college manage ment, though its loading spirits are devoted Christian men. Tho closing concert on Thursday evening was an enjoyable affair. On tho whole, it Is evident that our noblo State, though possessed of many institutions es tablished and sustained by tho State, cannot af ford to overlook private colleges like Eureka, which are conducted on high principles, and managed by experienced, educated, and popular mou. D. Do Not Forgot tho very attractive solo of residence lots to bo cold on. tho ground to-day, by 0. 0. Thayor A 00., Real Estate Auctioneers. (See their advertisement on first page.) This firm will also sell at same placo, 21 very de sirable lots fronting tho Boulevard and Armltago avenue. These lots aro very accessible, being located in tho immediate vicinity of Greoubaum’a depot, on tho Chicago A Pacific Railroad. They aro also near Humboldt Park. A free train on Chicago A North western Railroad leaves depot corner Canal and Klntlo streets at 10:15 a. m. Saved from tho Fire. Potter, King A Co., will exhibit and soil at cost during tho next two days tbo portion of tbolr stock saved from tho lato firo, Including two ologant side-boards entirely uninjured. Tho salo will occur at No. 290 Wabash avenue, two doors south of tho firm’s recent location. Tho Genuine Geyser Spring 1 Water is drawn by Buck A Raynor, at both tbolr stores. Indian fllotliod ok Extorting a Oon« fesoion* Tndtan Observer. The police in the mofussil have, as is well known, various ingenious methods for extorting confessions from prisoners without torture. Three of those have recently reached our oars,. and, although wo do not absolutely vouch for tho truth of them, yet we are inclined to give credit to thom'for this reason, that they are stranger than fiction would bo. Tho first isupplied to opium-eaters, and tho modus operand! fs as fol lows i Tho Chowkidar sits down opposite tho Erisonor, displaying an opium boil, which o keeps rolling iu the palm of Ids hand, thus subjecting tho unhappy wretch to tho Bufferings of tho Tantalus. Tho result is rarely unsuccessful; tho desired exchange is made, tho poliooman hearing the story, and tho prisoner getting the opium ball. Tho second method is used whoro a number of prisoners are suspected of offense, . and is happily facilitated by tho internal ar rangement of the thamm. which is generally di vided into throe compartments—ono room for tho constable, another a look-up, and tho third, in tho middle, a sort of office. Tbo prisoners si'o taken into tho lock-up and left to themselves. Shortly afterward tho Inspector sends for ono of the prisoners, who is duly conducted Into tho last compartment, (ho Inspector remaining in tho middle room all tho time with several of bis colleagues. Tho following comedy is then acted: Tho Inspector in a loud.voice auks tho prisoner if ho knows anything about tho matter. This question Is not really addressed to tho prisoner, who is iu tho side compartment, but to another Constable, who replies iu;a low voice scarcely au dible to tho men in tho other compartments. Then tho Interpreter calls out: “Bring a stick and boat him ; ,r a stick is brought, a sack is hung up in tho oornor and well-belabored, ono of tho Constables howling and crying during the opera tion. . When this is over, tho man is called upon to confess, a loud order is given for pen and ink, and ono of tbo Constables similatos tho confession m a low, mumbling voice. All this timo the prisoners have boon trem bling iu tho sido compartment, and when an other of thoir number is fetched out ho iu under tho impression that his companion has boon tor tured into tolling tho truth, and ho generally makes a full confession. Tho Inst method is by far tho strangest of tho threes Tho prisoner is stripped and laid upon his back, ana half a oo coaunt shell, with a largo stag beetle Inside It, is placed upon his body and fastened round It. Tim stage bootlcf makes frantio efforts to escape, and at last endeavors to burrow through tbo flesh of his victim. Tho pain iniliotod is trilling, but tho prisoner, whoso imagination has boon ox olfceu by sorao ominous remarks of tho Constable, already thinks ho fools tho insect preying upon his vitals, and is only too ready to toll all ho knows U tho coooanut-ahell Is removed. THIS CHICAGO DAILY :JtJNE. 10, 1873, THE COURTS. Tho loss of tho Sea Bird—Tho Owners Petition in Admiralty for a Limitation of Liti gation. The Cheney Case-—The Judge Thinks Delay the Wisest Course. Criminal Conrt Items—-Bankruptcy Notes—Tho Courts Condonsod. In tho United States District Conrt, tho Good rich Transportation Company and Albert E. Goodrich filo a potitlou in admiralty. In their petition thoy recount tho circumstances of tho total destruction by ilro of their steamboat “ Boa Bird,” which occurred on tho morning of tho Dth April, 1808, in Lako Michigan, while tho ves sel was off tho Port of Waukegan and within United States maritime jurisdiction, on hor way from tho port of Two Rivers, Wls., io Chicago, with a cargo of goods and passengers, two of whom woro tho only souls saved on board. Petitioners.’claim that tho ilro, and consequent loss of life and cargo, woro occasioned without tholr neglect or design ;'that about tho Ist of August thoy saved from tho sunken wreck tho Iron-work of tho vessel, and Its snfo; that about tho Isi'day of April, 1670, tho following poisons brought suits against tho Company for damages alleged to have boon uns tained by loss of lifo of tbo parties whoso estates they represent, lu tho Circuit Court of Cook County: Hattie E., administratrix of tho estate of Luoion F. Gaylord;. in tho United StatosCir cuit Court, Proscott VV. Boynton, administrator; of tho estate of John Sorenson; Frodorika, ad ministratrix of tho oatato of Nola T. Nelson: Bernard Ebbore, administrator of thoostato of Honry Pfoiffor; Michael Drollng. administrator of tho estate of Patrick O. Danaby; John Loy kom, administrator of tho ostato of James w. Loykom; Sophia Rolchon, oxecuiriz of tho last 1 will of Charles Rolchon; F.'Kostorulatsky, od-; minlstrator of tbo ostato of Caspar, Logro, Jr.; T. O. Shore, administrator of tho estate oft Joseph D. Doucott; August Buoeo, admin- < latrator of tho ostato of Frederick Henning; John Scbnotto, administrator of tho ostato of 1 Amos Moyer; John Nlokrohon, administrator, of tho ostato of Honry G. S, Noiman. John 8. Koohlou, administrator of tho ostato of Auguato •Wildo 5 Anthon Fuchs; administrator of tho ostato of John Fuchs ; Wonzol Schormonock, 1 administrator of tho ostato of John Migora : tho first olovon deceased Doing alleged to havo neon | passengers on the boat, tho last fivo being dock-1 hands. Those suits are still ponding, and, in ad-; dition to those, petitioners boliovo that suite will' bo brought against them as owners of tbo steam boat, for tho recovery of damages by parties, whoso goods and merchandise woro destroyed, whoroforo thoy ' ask that thoy may bo entitled to tho bonoilt of tho act of Congress, which limits tho liabilities of ship-owners, and that tho valuo of their interest in said steamboat, hor engines, hollers, oto., and hor freight, then randing at tbo timo' .of tho ilro may bo appraised that they may pay tho same into tho Registry of tho United States District Court, and that a monition may issue-] against all persons claiming damages of any kind. by reason of said lire, citing thorn to appoar be- ] foro said Court, mako proof of their respective. demands, and that tho Court doolaro tho limit of - tbo owner's liability, and upon their paying said.*! amount into court decide said owners exempt 4 from further liability; and that the Court make t a distribution among tho parties proved entitled 1 to sharo in saidaamountt t ami restrain all persons, . including tho plaintiffs in tho saits above do- ! scribed, from further prosecuting suits against < petitioners. { THE CHENEY CASE. Tho Ohonoy caso was up before Judge Will-i lama yesterday. After some little argument bo-< tween tho counsel, during which Mr. Whitohouso I offered to accept Mr. Puller’s stipulation, and time have an Immediate final hearing, tho Court decided that in view of tho peculiar importance of tho case ho had bettor continue it. Ho, oc-; cordingly, ordered n rule on defendants to have tho evidence closed by tho let of October next, i and stated that ho would sot tho case for hear ing as soon after as possible. CRIMINAL COURT ITEMS. Charles Wood was required to stand his trial before Judge Rogers yesterday morning, on a charge of assaulting a Mr, Buchanan. The as sault was committed on the South Side immedi ately after the fire, by Wood and one Garrity, the latter of whom, not being bailed, was sent for tbo offouco to tno penitentiary for fivo years. Weed, however, succeeded in obtaining bonds men and imraoclialoly after the fire loft for Now ; York.' At tho time of his first trial ho declined to appear, and his bondsmen bad tho utmost difficulty m having him brought to this city from Now York, tho Metropolis shysters making a desperate fight to retain him in their midst. On arriving in Chicago, Wood was again admit ted to bail, and yesterday morning his second, bondsmen found thomscuvcs loft in tho lurch. Andrew Kennedy, charged with soiling liquor without a license in tho Town of Luke View, pleaded guilty. Sentence was suspended. John Ohlsou, a respectable-looking farmer from Evanston, was tried on a charge of steal ing a pocket-book containing SIBO, and another containing $23. Tho prisoner accounted for tho presence of tbo articles by stating that ho found ono, aqd that ho supposed tno other hid boon deposited in his pocket by a penitential pickpocket. Tho only defense urged in the case was that of cx-Bhoriff Gray 'and a number of other highly respectable residents of Evanston, who testified to tho prisoner's general high moral character. Tho Jury, after having cououlted together for about an hour, decided that it was impossible for them to agree iu tho case, and wore consequently dis charged. , GENERAL ITEMS. John Bains makes application in tho Circuit Court for a writ of capiasmgainst 0. D. Doming and John D. Scaulan, against whom ho is about to bring a suit on a plea of trespass, for that Gonung employed Scaulan, who is a Constable, to brook into complainant’s house, on tho 27th or May last, and clean out and remove all tho fur niture therefrom, to complainant's damage of $1,000.. Tho capias was granted by Judge Tree. In tho Circuit Court John Baldwin, Jr., files hie pncoipo and declaration in ejectment against Josephus F. Thomas, whom ho charges with ejecting him from Lot 45. in William E. Dog gott’s Subdivision of Block 23, of Canal Trus ses'Subdi vision of part, of Suction 33, T. 40, N., R. 14 E. of 8 F. M., and lays damages at SIO,OOO. 8. M. Emmons files a pnecipo iu assumpsit iu tho Circuit Court against Nelson West, F. A. Austin, and William Ottaway, partners cinder tho firm namo of West, Austin & Co.; damages, SB,OOO. Barbara McMahon files a prrooipo in assump sit In the Circuit Court against D. Green and John Dooley ; damages, $2,000. Joseph Maguoro files a prrcclpo in trespass in tbo ease in the Superior Court against John Huntz; damages, $5,000. In the Superior Court, Mary Landwor files a bill in equity against Lewis. Echonborg for tho Eartition of Lot 17, Block I,‘ iu E. B. McOagg’s übdivisiou of out lot 10 in Subdivision made by tho Board of Trustees of tho Illinois «fc Michigan Canal, of tho 8. W. X of Sec. 5, T. 89 N. f R. 14 E. of 3 P. M. Paysou H. Doty brings suit in attachment in tho Circuit Court against B. W. Gillespie, S. A. Trowbridge, and A. Wokoraau. Jr., all residents of tbo State of Now York, and Indebted to him in tho sum of @2,166.63 for services rendered. In tho matter of 11. Liohonstoin ot al., Ooorgo W. Campbell was appointed Assignee. In tho matter of Goodrich & Kirby, tho order for dismissal was made absolute. In tho coso of Bloan v. Gossett, which has boon on trial in Judgo Wood’s room all last wook, in which plaintiff sought to recover damages for alleged broach of contract, a verdict was render ed in his favor for ono cent damages. The cose of Fischer v. Now wont by default in Judge Porter's room yesterday; plaintiff's dam ages, @703. In Judgo Gary’s Court only throe decrees of divorce wore entered, tho day’s work being un usually light. The case of Blako v. Thomson came up before Judgo Booth, yesterday morning, when tho Court decided that tho rule on defendant to restore bail bond was discharged. NEW SUITS. Tbs Oiucuit Court,—'7,2sl—John Salas y, O. D. Qouulng ami John 1). Bosnian ; application for writ of capias. 7,263—Charles 1). Forrest v. A. Koysoer and John Nelodniesoor; assumpsit. S2OO. 7,263 —B. M. Emmons v. Nelson .West, F. A. Austin, and William OUaway, partners under namo of «West, Austin & Co.; assumpsit, $3,000. 7,254—J0hn Baldwin, Jr., v. Jose phus T« Thomas; ejectment, SIO,OOO, 7,266 ■ \vm. C. Lluculn v. Board of Trade, etc.; hill for Injunction. 7,23o—Appeal. 7,237—Barbara McL Mahon v. D. Green and J. W. Dooley, assumpsit, $2,000, 7,258, o—Appeals. \ Tit* BOPEnidn Court—*B,Bl4—Rosa V, William L, Wadsworth i divorce, 43,045— Mary Landwor v. Louis Rlcbonborg; bill for partition. 43,048— Appeal. 43,047 —Mdses W. Powell V. Amo* F. Tompkins; confession of Judgment, $78.04, 43.8*8—Mary Y. Frederick Mll - divorce on ground of cruelty. 43,043—Joseph Mnguoro v. John lllntz ; trespass on the cmo, SAOOO. 43,850—WJHInm 11. Fitch ct af. v. 11, Dafant and Fro? Bftlro j asaumpsll, S4OO. 43,831—Same v. 15. Meagher; same, S2OO, 43,052—5am0 v. D. G. Hays and Thomas F. Scholl ? assumpsit, S4OO. 43.853—1*. M. Doty v. S. W. Gillespie, 8. A. Trowbridge, and A. Wakomau, Jr.; attachment, $2,155.03, 43,054—Suppressed for Borneo. • • " amusements. FLOWER CONCERT. A vocal and instrumental concert was given at tbo Union Park Congregational Church,’last ovoulng, under tho mauogOnlOtifc of Mr, Louis Falk, tho well known organist, , for tho purpose of providing flowers for tho church. Tho price of admission was fixed at tho .low.rato of 26 cents, and tho result wos tho attondonoo of. a very largo audionco—a fact which contains a very useful suggestion for our homo concert managers, namely, that it is bettor to obargo a small prlco and havo a full liouso thou to charge a largo prlco and havo empty benches. Thoso who assisted in' corrying ’ out tho design. of tho concert woro Miss Anna Lewis, Miss Lena Hoßtroltor, and Messrs. Gill, Ed. Bchultzo, M. Soliultz,.’Coffin, Collins, Phelps, Booth, Kimbnrk, and Falk. Tho pro gramme was a very light but pleasing one. Mr. Falk opened both parts with organ selections, tho first with a brilliant olTortoiro, and tbo sec ond with a transcription of his own of themes from “ Fra DIavolo," which was very effectively : worked up and played with his usual neatness and discrimination. Miss Hostroitor, who has boon a long timo absent from our concert rooms, contributed Bovlgnant’o florid “ Flower ’Girl," one of her favorite selections, which she sang very brilliantly and with remarkably clean execu tion, and a “ Yalso Printomps," both of which woro encored. Hor songs in reply woro tho ballad “ JnmioHoo Long Boon Courting Mo.” aud Hatton's familiar “Qood-Byo. Sweetheart. , Tho first was sung very clovorly, but tho very slow timo in which tho last was takon hurt its effect. Miss Lewis sang iu tho “Trovotoro” duo “Bi la Stanchozza" with Mr. Bchultzo, and also tho coquettish oria of Mattel, “ Oapncclosa," for her excellent performance of which sho carried off an encore, to which sho replied with “ Kathleen Mavoumoon." • A male quartette, including Mr. Coffin (first tenor), Mr. Collins (second tonor), Mr. iClmbark (first bass), and Mr. Booth (second base), sang two or , throopart songs very effectively, ©specially Hodgo’fl “ Serenade," and deserved tho encores which they got. Tbo otfaor numbers on tbo pro gramme wore tho overtures to “Tannhnuaor" ,and “ Euryautho," and tho “ Wedding March,” for pianos and organ (Messrs. Ziogfold, Phelps, Schultz, and Falk), an aria from ‘‘Don Carlos " (Mr. GUI), and ho “ Bella Si Como un Angelo," from “Orispino" (Mr. Bchultzo). Tho latter sang with excellent taste, and Mr. GUI added much to tho pleasure of tho concert by bis lias method, his truo culture, and tho admirable ex pression of his singing. If only 26 cents pro duces so good a concert as this one, it would bo well to omit tbo dollar homo concerts horoaftor. u’viorsr's theatre. Mies Katie Putnam and bor troupe of assist ante began a second week's work at this theatre last opening under auspices touch more favora ble tbau a week ago. The play of last week was; excessively stupid. A little stupidity, like the dough in plum pudding, or the water in a cock tail, is all very well, oven necessary perhaps, so that the fuu between the Intervals of stupidity may bo all the more appreciated. But a pud ding aU dough, or a cocktail all water, or a play all stupidity, are not acceptable to tho average American. Therefore was it a good and a wise and a sensible thing for Miss Putnam to abandon “Bet" and tako to something more legitimate and hotter known, in the shape of “ Old Curiosity Shop,” tho “brilliant youngartisto" herself acting tho parts of Little Nell and 2Vic Marchioness. Wo aro happy to bo in a position to say that she is a better Nell and Marchioness than a Bet; more piquant, more funny. Persons can laugh at nor antics in connection with hoc words, and pass tho time pleasantly enough. Tho concep tion. if there bo any conception about It, is not original. Lotta has boon hfiro before, and Miss Putnam belongs to tho Lotta school of acting, if it- bo a school, whiol* 1b u question. Bho jumps on tho table and swings her foot with an abandon fully equal to Lotta, and in her disputations with tho inebriated Swindler does tho best she can. There Is not a scintillation of genius in tho part, but acting which, in those warm evenings, will cause somo to laugh, while it will not oroato any unduo or unhealthy excitement. Lick Swindler (Browne)

woo passable, generally good, with once In a while a bit of badness to vary tho routine of tho goodness. Quilp (Ellis) was sufficiently hide- - ’ousand fawning, and Sampson Brass (Power) was not bad. The mantle of silence may bo cast over the balance of tho cast. There is nothing in it remarkable in any respect, They walk ami talk through their parts, and no doubt earn tho full amount of their respective stipends. On tho whole, a person having nothing else to do might do many moro foolish things than go and boo this play and got amused for a couple of hours. It is much hotter iu every way than last week's performance, and Hiss Putnam is a young and ambitious actress, whom it is well enough to encourage. Tho audience last even ing was not very largo, but it might have keen very much smaller. The same bill to-night. uoolev'b theatre. In viow of the fact that tho burlesque of “ Yo Gontlo Bavogo ” proved not to bo tbo hit it was expected, tho management of Hooloy’u have wiuoly decided to make it merely a supplement ary piece, to follow some light drama suited, by some unknown phenomenon, to tho light audiences on ticipatett during tho bents of sum mer. Tho change is one which must bo com mended, for tho burlesque is, if anything, a moro dessert to tho heavier dramatic meal which usually does, aud always ought to, precede it. Tho piece which is now placed upon tuo stage iu light and pleasing, and is too well known to tho general public os the production of Mr. It. T. Craven to warrant a lengthened notice. “Mir iam's Crime” is tho title, and though it would rather suggest something sensational, it is free entirely from any such imputation, for Miriam's crime was nothing moro than a' heroic act of self sacrifice, consisting of tho destruction of a will which left her solo heiress to a handsome for tune. This loft tbo money to the man she loved, and gained for her that devotion which wo are led to boliovo was directed in quite another channel. Not being deep in any souse of tho word, and appealing only iu a light and occasional way to tuo feel ings, tbo character of Miriam Weal gavo Miss O'Connor no very groat scope, and in conse quence she failed to make as deep an impression as she has succeeded iu doing in other parts. But she did succeed, as she usually does uudor all cir cumstances in rendering her part acceptably aud truthfully. Tho interest of tho play iu centred in two reprobates. Biles a lawyer, who was impersonated by John 1 Dillon, and Scumley. a vagabond, takou by Mr. Arnold. Of tho latter, it need only bo said tho part was thankless, and tho actor was con scious of tho fact. Of tho former, it is almost equally unnecessary to say that Mr. Dillon cre ated an Immense amount of fun, and that too by real acting, and not by buffoonery. Mr. Boggs as Muffin, an irascible lawyer, and Mrs. Maodor au Mrs. Jiahy, a boarding-house keeper, wore fair representations. “ Ye Gentle Savage ” has boon reduced and oth erwise improved, aud is uomowhat bettor acted, but the two loading ladles therein still suffer somewhat from influenza. MYERS 1 OPERA HOUSE. Tbo Moran & Manning Minstrels proaontod an excellent bill of faro to tboir patrons last evening. It was almost entirely a now bill. Tbo music m tbo brat part waa aweot, and tbo songs well sung. Woluoy warblod about “ Klllomoy," Billy Manning gave a now song. “ Way Over In Jersey;” “When tbo Moon to Out To-night Lovo," a sentimental ditty waa treated by WaTz ; Moran trolled a comio song, and Sayuor said “Qood-byo, but Como Again,” Moat of those woro ronilorod in good stylo, and tbo Interpolated oroee-oxamlu atlons of tbo end men woro extremely ridiculous, aomoof tbo puns being far-fetched, but always funny and decent. Guo thing about tho whole performance, which wo take pleasure in commending, la itaontlro freedom fromlmm ondooa and equivocations of doubtful propriety. “Tbo Ooilego Exorclßou,” at tbo end of tho concert, woro good in their way. “ Tbo Croat Jubilee,” a travesty on tbo Jublloo last week, was, in many roapoota, superior to tbo original. Moran wielded Put Qilmoro'u baton with more norvouenons and losa dignity than Fat, and took off tho great loader to perfection. Tboio was a ;>Wma aomia, which is more than can bo said of tbo Jubilee, m tbo person of Eugene, who lias great ability in Ida capacity aa a woman. Obeov eru and Kounody, in tboir songs and dances, re ceived unbounded admiration from tbo audience, and Unaworth handled his comic songs and bis volco with tho art of an old minstrel. ; Tho nlcoalo obligato solo, by Armstrong, is a nico bit of music, and *' Open on Sunday ” la a bur lesque on tho Liquor laws. The audience was quite largo and respectable. Tho samo pro gramme through tho week. . TUB JUBILBR SCHOOL CHILDREN. Tho excellent Binging of tho school children at tho rooont Jubilee, under the direction of Messrs. Whittcraoro and Blackman, tholr toaohora, has been tho thomo of vory general praise, ami, nu tho ocoasiou wan an unusual one, tho public not often having tho opportunity of hearing them, wo have obtained a complete list of tho repre sentations from tho various schoola. Tbo chorus was oompoßod as follows t High and Normal Schools, 800 ; Douglas School, 70 ? Wash ington, 66; Lincoln, 85; Newberry, 25; Oottago Grove, CO ; Ogdon, 88 ; Franklin, 1C; Moseley, 28; liavon, 00; Scam inon, 18 ; Hayes, 68; Olarko, 28; Holden, 17; Sldnnor, CO ; Brown, CO; Foster. 87; Doro, 40; Kinzlo, 00 s Holstein, S; Boiling Mills, 10; Wells, 80; ; Oarpontor, 00; total, 1,107. PEHSONAL—TUB HAND CONCERT. The announcement which has boon hitherto mode in tho daily press that Messrs. Bisoholt and X'oltz would sing at tho forthcoming conoort to bo glvon In compliment to Mr. Hand, is incor rect. Tboso gentlemen have authorized us to etato that they are not to appear on that occa sion. . . ' A RARE CEREMONY. Conuccrntlou ol an Immomo Gongrc* gallon (o tho Service of the IHcnnoU Virgin,at St* Mary’s Cntliollr Church -•The VoryUcv. Father Damon Gives Some Sound Advice to Younff Wo men* , Tho ceremony of consecrating a cbnrobful of pooplo to tho service of tho Blessed Virgin Mary could have been witnessed at Bt. Mary's, on Wabash avenue, last evening, daring tho mission services conducted by tho Jesuit Fathers of tho .Church of tbo Holy Family. In Protestant churches, of courso, such a ceremony is entirely unknown, and ovon among Catholics U is vary rare. Tho ovoning's devotions woro preceded by a short address to young women from tho Vory Bov. Father Damon, who gave them some sound advice in a homely way. Ho told thorn not to paint tholr ohooks, as it was au evidence of look of brains,’ and oxcltod suspicion of tholr virtue in tho ' minds of all sensible per sons. Ho also advised them to glvo up reading trashy Now. York weeklies and silly novels, as they woro calculated to fill tho mind with nonsensical thoughts. Women of good common souse would scorn to look at thorn. Pho timo spool in poring over tho detestable stories could no profitably employed in housework or somo other useful occupation, which aged mothers woro vory oftou compelled to do while tholr daughters wore attempting to play ladies in tho parlor. ’ Tho money spent in trashy reading ought to bo dovotod to tho purchase of papers that convey solid information. : Tho rovorond speaker also advised not to dross boyond tholr own means or tboso of tholr parents, but to uso 'every effort to roduco the family expenses to tho lowest possible figure. Tho somewhat universal fomino nablfc of tolling “ fibs ” was denounced in strong terms as boing unworthy of honorable Christian women. It frequently iod to tho com mission of gravor sins. When tho address had concluded, tbo choir sang tho Litany of tho Blessed Virgin. Father Damon again stopped on tho altar, and explain ed at somo length tho dootrino of tho Immaou lato Conception. Eospokoof what tho Blessed Virgin had dono for believers in tbo truo faith, ana exhorted Bis hearers to accord her that lovo and vonoratlon which was duo to tho Mother of God. Ho then referred to tho coromony of con secration which was about to bo performed, and requested that those in tho congregation who wished to become children of Mary should pre pare their hearts so that thoy might bo enabled to tako a becoming part in tho services. Tho act of consecration was then road by ono of a number of littlo girls dressed in white, and kneeling at tbo communion rail, and tho congre gation kuolt. Father Damon afterward offered up a prayer of consecration for all tho pooplo. Too benediction was then bestowed, and tho congregation then dispersed. The mission will bo continued this evening at tho samo church. To-morrow evening Father Damon will deliver a doctrinal locturo on the differences between Catholicism and Prot estantism. An admission foo will bo charged. Tho lecture will bo an interesting ono to all classes of Christians, as tho Bovoroud Father is ono of tho most learned Catholic clergymen In tbo United States, and ominontly fitted to per form tho task ho has undertaken. Ho I for tho Great Sale at auction, this day, of tboao beautiful residence lots froDting Humboldt Boulevard, Logan Square, Fuller ton, Milwaukee, and other avenues. To accommodate those .who desire to attend, a special free train wi;l leave the depot of tho Chicago k Northwestern Rail road,'corner of Canal and Klnzlo streets, at 10;1C o. m. The property should bo soon to bo appreciated, and wo would advise, a xoncroua attendance of buyers. Messrs. C. 0. ThajTO & Co., .Real Estate Auctioneers and Brokers, will make tho sale. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Now fork Financial Nows* New Yoke, Jimo o.—Honey was easy at 4 to 0 por cent. Sterling ruled dull at-108 15-10 to 109 for CO days, aud 110@110>* for flight. Gold was quiet, opening at 118 and closing at 117,'*® 117?*. Loans 4to 6 per cent for carrying. Cleavings, {89,000,009. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed {278,000. Governments wore quiet and Arm. State bonds were dull and steady. Stocks opened active and strong, with an advance of about 1 per cent In Chios and Pacific Mail, but under heavy offerings the market became depressed. After midday there woa a recovery from the lowest point of from Hto 2?* por cent, but the advance was not main tained iu the afternoon dealings. Western Union shares wero weak on the reported issue of 10,000 shares to purchase n controlling interest in one of the .opposition lines. In regard . to. Ohio aud Mississippi. It Is . stated that tho Directors recently authorized an issuo of $1,000,000 7 per cent . bonds, to run ten years, with an annual sinking fund of 10 por cent of this amount; $(00,009 havo been Issued and taken by tho Directors at 60. Half of tho proceeds havo - boon used to pay off floating Indebtedness and tho. bal ance to buy stool rails. No znoro of those bonds will bo Issued until the President of the Company returns . from Europe. Tho chief fluctuations were as follows: Pacific Mail, 40,41, 89?*, 40?*, 39?*, 40?*, 40?tf; West ern Union, 84?,', 82?*, 83?tf, 88?* ; Chios, 37?*. 38?*, 37?*, 88?*, 37?* ; 0., O. k I. 0., 30?*, 2U>* ; N. Y. Cen tral, 101?*, 100?*, 101,100?* ; Lake Shore, 01?*, 01?*, 01?*; Rock Island, 100?*, 108?*, 108?*. Eric was dull and steady. Tho market closed feverish. Sterling, 109. Coupons '67 121?* Coupons, ’6B 120?* 10-4 Us 114?* Currency 6a 114 Now 5a 110?* BONOS. Virginias, old 43 North CaroUnafl, 01d..28 North Carolines, now. 10 Coupons, *Bl 123 B-20a of *O2 117?* Coupons, ’O4 117?* Coupons, ’OS 119?* Coupons, '65 (now)... 120?* STATE Missouri*; 94?* TonncHsoofl, old 70 TeunoßßQCfl,’now 78?* Virginias, now.. 60 BTOI .Canton 100 Western Union 83?* Quicksilver... 39 Adams Express 93?* Wells Fargo 80?* American Express,.. 64?* .UnitedSUtoa Ex.... 71 Pacific Mall 40?* Now York Control...loo?* Erie 02?* Erlonfd 74 Harlem 129?* Harlem pfd 130 Michigan Central..., 09 Pittsburgh .87?* Northwestern 74 Northwestern pfd.... 64 Rook Island 196?* N. J, Central 106 St. Paul 04 StPaulpfd 72 Wabash 68 Wabaoh pfd 80 Fort Wayne 93 Torre Hnnto 15 Terro Haute pfd 40 Chicago k A1t0n.... .109 Chicago A Alloa pfd.lll Ohio it Mississippi.. 37?* 0., O. k O 87 0., B. k Q 103 Lako Shore 91?* Indiana Central...... 29?* Illinois Central 113 Union Pacific stocks. 28?* Union Pacific bonds. 66?* Central Pacific bonds.lo3?* Del. Lack, k Western.lo3?* Hartford t Erie,.... 2?* [nrlccts« Foreign Liverpool, June o—ll a. m.—Flour, 27s Bdo2Bn 6d Winter wheat, 12s 2d : spring, Us ld®l2* 2d; white, 12s ld©l2s id; club, 12s od. Corn, 27s 3d. Pork, 60s. Lard, 38s 6d. ■ Liverpool, Juno 0—1:30 p. m.—Market quiet and unchanged. London. JunoO—6 p. ra.—Consola formoney, 03V: . account, 02 V; 5.20s of ’OS, 01V >do of ’O7, 01V : 10-ioa, 88V; now 6b, 80V ! Frio, IBV, The rato of discount for thrco montho* bills In tbo open market Is V bulow tbo bank rate. Liverpool, Juno o.—Cotton firmer; middling up land, BJ£d ; Orleans, o}*d. Sales. 12,000 bales ; specu lation and export. 2,000; American, 8,000. Droadatuifa dull. Ued winter wheat, 12s 2d. Flour, 27s8d028sCd. Corn, 27a 3d. Obceso, 87s. Cumber land middles, 375. Now York Live-Stock market# New York, JunoO.—Uekves—Ycutordoy and to-day, 828 cars, or 6,220 head, making 8.0 W for tho week, ogalnst 0,200 last week. Tho marital ojtouod with u fair doniand at tho advanced quotations of last Friday, hut weakened toward tho close, mid tho yards woro barely cleared. Tho quality was fair, Native steers sold at ll@13o; a few extra and fancy, 131f0l3&u J Texas and Ohorokeo cattle, l()0Uo, Among the sales wore: 25 cars Illinois steers, 6V to 8V owi, 11 Wol3a ; 22 cars, 6VO7V owt, lUlQl'Jo ;11 cars, owt, 11 jkc; 7 cars, 7tf owt, 12>$®13o; 8 earn, OX owt, llxdliao ; 0 cars, IX owt, 120l3Jtfo; 0 cars, IX owt, 120130 ; 0 cars, 8V owt, 12K013KO; 12 cars, OXQIX cwt, 11 Vo; 12 cars Missouri scant, 7 owt, 11X0120; 11 cars II- Unols, OVOBW owt, and 23 curs Texas, cwt, lOvailc. .... Hubei* amu Laurs— Receipts 3,310, making 21,200 for tho week against 18,800 lout weak. Tho market waa fair, atSQOJ/o for common to extra sheep, and 10Q13o for iambs, Tho sales lucludo 11 cars sheep, 77 to 101 lbs, O0OVo; 6 cars, 77 to 08 lbs, to 83 lbs. {_ 1 oar Kentucky lambs, 50 lbs, at $5 per beau; 2 cars bolaware ami Virginia lambs, 110 ll#o; 1 car State, 110120, and 9 caw good to choice Jersey, 13>tf016o. Calves—6jtf@9>fe, with tho bulk of tbo sales at 7& @BJ<o. Hwihr—For two days, 12,440, making 84,000 for tho week, against 38,800 Inst week. Market dull; city dressed, Llvo hogs oro nominally quoted at Now York Dry Oooilm Market. New York, Juno 9.—Tho market for cotton goods was quiet at generally unchanged prices lu first hands, but thoro was a fair Jobbing distribution to tho near* by trade. Glazed fist-fold cambrics aro Jobbing at 7&o. Prints aro quiet, except for Job lots, with white grounds nnd medium effects. Bhawls rule dull and irregular In price. Cloths, overcoatings, and heavy casslmnros for men's wear are sought for by clothiers at tbo current rates. Satinets and Jeans were slug gish, with foreign goods Inactive. Plillntlolphla Cattlo Market* Pnn.ADET.PiUA, Juno o.—Cattle—Tho market was weak this week, and prices favored buyers. Bales, 3,000 extra Pennsylvania and Western steers at $7,600 6.00; fair to good, $0.6007.001 common, $5.0000,00. Sheep—ln fair demand, with sales of 10,000 at 4>tfc to O,Vc. lions—Were dull and lower, with sales of 6,000 at $7.2507,60. Tho Produce Mnrkom. NEW YORK. New York, Juno o.—Cotton—More active for ex port, and higher; middling upland, 10)tfo. Breadstopfs—Flour heavy, with only moder ate demand; receipts, 10,000 brls ; superfine aud Western and Btnto, $5.4006.00; common (o good extra, $0.4000.00; good to choice, $0,060 7.75; white wheat extra, $7.7600,76; Ohio extra, $0.06 @0.76 ; St. Louis, $7.05011.60. Rye flour dull and . unchanged. Corn meat dull and unchanged. Brandywine $3.00, Wheat firmer, with fair export demand ; rejected spring, $1.85 ; No. 3 Chicago, $1.45; No. 8 Milwaukee, $1.48 No, 1 Milwaukee; $1.65; Rye dull; Western, 04@D60. Barley and malt unchanged. Com higher; receipts 33,000 bu ; soft now mixed, 53@540; steamer do 65050 c; voryoholco dy G7@B9c ; yellow, 04006 c. Oats unchanged; receipts 23,000 bu; now mixed Western, 44047 c; while Western, 40064 c. Hay and Hops—unchanged. Groceries—Coffee quiet, but firm; Rio. 17*{®10’.io, Molasses unebaugod. Rico quiet at 7»<®Bjtfo. Petroleum—Crude, 0c; refined, 19?£c, Stock on Grain in warehouse—Wheat, 100,000 bn; corn, 633,000 bu; oats, 103,000 bu; ryo, 4,000 bu; bar ley. 14,000 bu; malt, 107,000 bu; peas, 7,000 bu. PiiovistoNS—Pork steady: now moss, $10.60; prime mess, $17,000X8.00. Beef in moderate request. Out moats quiet. Hams, ll@12o; shoulders, 7*fo. Mid dles weak; long clear, 8o; short clear, B‘io. Lard ex cited ; Western steam, o>£@o 3-16 c; kettle, 9}{o» Butter—Quiet and unchanged. Ohrrse— Quiet at WmsKT—Lower at 030. MILWAUKEE. . Milwaukee, Juno o.—Breadstuffs—Flour In spec ulative demand, nnd prices higher; spring extras, SO.OO @7.00. Wheat stead/; No. 1, $1.34; No. 3, $1.20 X cosh; $1.25 X seller Juno; $1,37 V eollor July. Oats steady; No. 3, 23#0. Corn dull and lower; No. 3, 3Go. Bye quiet; No. 1. GSjtfo. Barley quiet and weak; No. 3, 70c. ' Freights—To Buffalo, 7Xo; Oswego. He. Receipts—Flour, 7,000 hrls; wheat, 11,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 11,000brls; wheat, 184,000bn. BUFFALO. Buffalo, Juno 9.—Dreadstuffs—Flour steady. Wheat In moderate demand ; sales, 10,000 bu No. 3 Mil waukee club at $1.41. Oorn quiet; sales 25,000 bu No. 3 Western at 40c. Oats dull, at 38c. Freights—Lower at 9>tfc for corn, and 10X®10Xe for wheat. CINCINNATI. . Cincinnati, Juno 9.—Brkadstuffs—Flour quiet at $7.2507.75. . Wheat quiet at $1,4801.60, Com dull at 460. Bye quiet at 780. Oats quiet at 37040 c. Bar ley nominal. Provisions—Quiet and Arm. Mesa pork, $10.37X6* 1,050, generally holdjat $10.00010,75. Lard quiet, out bold higher ; no ofTorlnga of round lots ; steam, BKo bid, spot; BXo July i kettle nominal at BXo. Bulk moats Arm; shoulders, 0X©0Xo; clear rib hold at 6Xo ; clear, BXc, with light Jobbing sales,. Bacon steady; hold shoulders, 7Xc; clear rib, OJtfo; clear, OXc, with sales of shoulders and clear rib at quota tions, WiiiflKX—Steady at 890. DETROIT. Detroit, Juno 9,—Breadstufps Flour quiet nnd unchanged. Wheat active and higher; No. I $1.76, closing at $1.73X01.74; amber, $1.02. Com steady at 43c. Oats steady at 37X0. Freights—To Oswego, BVo. TOLEDO. Toledo, Juno o.—Breadstufps—Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull nnd lower; No. 3 white Wa bash, $1.80; No. 9 do, $1.70; amber Micbigau, $1.69 , spot $1,60 seller July; No. 1 red,sl.o3; spot, $1,65 seller Juno. Corn steady; high mixed, 440 cash sell er Judo: 470 seller August; low mixed43o; yellow, 44, Xc ; white, 47„Vc. Oats a shads bettor; No. 3, SOX ®37c; rojeotod, 350, Freights—To Buffalo, Arm at 404X<* 5 Oswego, 8© 8X« J Kingston, Bc. Receipts—Flour, 2,000 hrls; wheat, 30,000 bu ; corn, 60,000 bu ;.oats, 8.000 bu. Shipments —Flour, 4,000 brls; wheat, 18,000 bu; corn, 19,000 bu; oats, 3,000. ST. LOUIS. St. Louis, Juno 9.—BnEAnsTUFFS—FIour dull nnd drooping, wheat dull, and lower; No. 3 soft spring, $1.15; No. 3, fall, $1.40. Corn Arm; No. 3, 38X° cash; July ; 41041& C, August. Oats Arm ; No. 2, 330 cash; 33!fc, July. Barley quiet; prime, 70c. Rye quiet; prime,’osc. Whisky—Dull, at 89090 c. Provisions—Fork Urraor, at $17.00. Bulkracats more active; clear, BXo for July. Bacon, only order trade, but bettor fooling; shoulders, 7X07X0 ; clear rib, 9X(S9Xo J clear, 9X09X0. Bard dull; summer, 6c. Uoaa—Lower. $3.7604.23. Cattle—Unchanged. BALTIMORE. Baltimore, Juno 1). —Breadstuffs—Flour and wheat dull and unchanged, Com steady; mixed Western, 03c. Oats dull; mixed Western, 48@490.‘ Ryo unchanged. Provisions—Quiet and unchanged. Butter—Western steady; good to choice, 190210, WnißKT—Dull nt 94c. OSWEGO. Orwt.oo. Juno 9.—Breadbtuffb—'Wheat dull; No. 1 Milwaukee* $1,0501.00. Corn unchanged. Corn quiet; prime Illinois, 62c. » LOUISVILLE.' Louisville, Juno o.—Breadstusts—Flour un changed. Corn firm at 60000 c, sacks in. Oats firm at 4GOVJc, sacks Included. Provisions—ln round lots. Bacon*—Shoulders, 7J#c ; clear rib, Ojtfo; clear, 9,V C * Haras—Plain, 13c: fliigar-curvd, all packed. Bulk moats ami lard quiet and unchanged. Whisky—Steady at B'Jo. CLEVELAND. ■ Or.KVEL.iND, Juno 9.—Bukadbtuits—Wheat steady and unchanged. Corn steady at 450400. Oats la fair demand at 400. Petroleum—Quiet and steady; standard white, IC^o; Stuto test. 22kf@23.Jtfo. MEMPHIS. Memphis, June o.—Cotton—Firm ; good ordinary, 1601B)tfc; low middling, • Breadstuffb—Flour quiet cud unchanged. Corn dull aud drooping nt 60c. Oats quiet at 43044 c. Cora meal dull at $2,06. . Hay—Dull ut 150210. Provisions—Dull and nominal. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, June 9.—DiutADstuprs—Flour dull; suporflno, $4.7606.60 ; extra, $5.7Q@0.25. Wheat un settled; red, $1.0101.70; amber, $1.7501.60; white, $1.76. Ryo nominal. Corn dull and lower; yellow, GOOOIo ; whlto, CTo; mixed Western, 69>tf@60o. Oats steady; wh1t0,61052,Vc; mixed,47o49c. Whisky—Steady at Usc. XIIIuoIh nivcr and Canal Noxra. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . LaSalle. 111., Juno 9.—Tho steamer Beaver, from Henry, arrived to-day, towing tho canal-boat Johns town, loaded with corn from Lake Dopuo, which bout paused into tho canal, bound for Chicago. Tho steam er Beaver departed for St. Louis towing the cauul houts Ontario, Planet, and Thunderbolt, from Chicago, tho first loaded with lumber for Ohilllcotho, and the last two with pig-iron for St. Louis; also tho canal boat Oak Leaf from Ohanuahoo, loaded with mould ing-sand for St. Louis. No arrivals by canal to-day. Twenty-seven Inches of water on tho dam at. Hen ry. and ton feet and two inches of water on the mitre sill of Lock 16 reported to day. River falling. Canal Office, Chicago, Juno o.—Arrived—Catar act, LaSalle, 0,000 hu corn : North Star, Ottawa, 0,000 bu corn; Gold Hunter, Kankakee Feodor, 7,600 bu oats; Georgia, Ottawa, 4,000 bu corn, 4,000 bu oats; Maplo Loaf. Bird’s Bridge, 6,700 bu corn ; Sunrise, Joliet, 0,000 bu coni; Elizabeth, Lockport, 280,800 lbs meal, 200 brla flour; J. Menard, Ottawa, 0,000 bu coru : Gen. Sherman, Seneca, 5,800 bu 'corn ; Wave, Morris, 6,600 bu corn. Cleared—Angola, LaSalle, 83,252 lumber, 8,760 lath ; Erwin, Kunknkoo Feeder, 76,882 lumber; Har riet, 10 m lath, Joliet; Omaha, 40 m lumber, Morris ; 28,012 lumber, 30 posts, Seneca; 1,200 feet lumber, Aux Sable, Vossolii Pitased Detboit, Mich., Juuo 0—13:30 p.m.—Passed Down— Props Java, Eollpao ami bargoe, Jouoss and bargoa. Powers, Noptuuo and bargee, R. Prlndovlllo ami barges, Arizona and borgo, Sallun and bargo, Annlo Craig; barks Advance. Mary June, Wenono, Onoonta ; edirs City of Palnesvlile, City of Manitowoc, Prince Kdwnrd, John Hurt, Charles Wall, Oak Loaf, Minch, Cold Uuntor, Harvest Qucou, Emuo, Kimball. Passed Ur—Props Cordon Campbell, Oneida, Brook lyn, risk, Evergreen City, Burlington, Onto nagon ; edits Margaret Muir, Bridgewater, Ruther ford, Bam Flint, American Union, Oroslhvralto, Olay ton Bello, Monitor. Wind—Boutbwoat. Dktuojt, Mich., Juno o.—Passed Down—Props Chamberlain, Alleghany ; hargu Mohawk : harks Win. Slorao, Clyde, Jennie Graham : schrs Adiroudac, Asa Childs, Ahlra Cobh. Passed Ui*—Props Arabia, Mayflower, Yosomllo, Buffalo 5 harks Elizabeth Jones, Montgomery, Sar dinia ; Debra Senator, Vienna, Amadou, Wind—Southwest. . CUFFS AND COLLARS. LID COLLARS AID CUFFS. Tho Greatest Vfirioty of’Stylos over offered in Fluo Goods, at WILSON BROS., B. K. cor. of State and Washlngton-sts., I nhloaifo “Arcade Court," Clark «t., smith of Madison, 1 wu *oago. Pike's Oporallouso, FgurtU-it., Olnclnnatl, SPECIAL NOTICES. 100,000 Consumptives Dio An nually. Thoro Is good anthority for staling that In this country enoadnltoutof every six dlosof consumption ; nod, in* door), so prevalent and so fatal hns this dtioaso liooamo ( that It Is droadod ns the groat scourge of tho race land yot,(ntho formative Bingos, all pulmonary complaints may ho readily controlled by rosortlng to Ur. 8.1). llnwo’i Arabian Mlllc-Onro for Consumption, which soothes and strengthens tho bronchial, tubes, allaying Inllammation ami olonnslng thorn and tho lungs of nil Impurities. It Is a certain remedy for Coughs and colds, which, when Inti to thormolTos, frouuontly urlng on pulmonary complaints. It cured bronchitis offootnaHy, If taken in time. Schonck’s Mandrake Pills. Those pills are composed exclusively of vegetable in* grodlouts, nnd although they entirely supersede tho uso of mercury, do not leave any of Its injurious effects. They aot directly upon the liver, and aro a valuable reme dy In all oasos of derangement resulting from a diner derod state or that organ. Liver Complaint. Billons Disorders, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac./io., nil succumb to tho freousoot Hohonck’sMon* drake Pills. For «alo by all druggists and doalois. Pure Vaccine Virus, From tho Holfor. Dr. J. B.FIRHRR A 00.. 88 South Ulark st., propagate from the Ronugonoy stock. through solootod ilolfora, and respectfully ask PHYSICIANS to send for circulars, as tho address of many of them cannot be obtained. Vaccination foo, $3. Dr. FUhor will per sunnily attend tho offleo from 8 to 6 p. n>. , Dutekor’s Dead Shot, Per Hod Bugs. Certain Death to the Vermin. Kills on touch, destroys eggs and neats, rooU them out. Uso it and sloop In peace* 25 nnd 50 coats. Largo bottles tho ctinapnat. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. HOUSEKEEPING, XjHsTE32sT, AND DOISTICIEPARTIMTS. We shall keep these Depart ments fully stocked with every thing pertaining to the wants of Hotels and Housekeepers, and solicit attention to some very cheap lines of Bed and Table Linens, in all widths; 4-8,- 5-8, and 3-4 Damask Nap kins ; Huok, Diaper, and Dam ask Towels and Toweling; Bar bers’ Towels; Turkey Bed Toi lenettes and Doylies; Irish, French, and German Linens; Lunch Cloths and Napkins, matched in Buff, Brown, and Pink; all sizes Summer and Marseilles Quilts, both White and Colored; Lace and Crochet Tidies; Nottingham Laces, Not tingham Curtains, Guipure Lace Curtains, Beal Lace Curtains, and other choice goods, in our usual extensive and attractive assortment. A special bargain in French Chintzes, at SO cts. (imported at 80 cts). Sheets, Pil low Cases, Table Linens, &c M made up at shortest notice. Chas. Gossage 4 r Cb., STATB-ST. 106, 108, 110. MEDICAL. Tho Most Wonderful Discovery of the Nine teenth Century. DIE. S. D. HOWE’S ARABIAN MILK-CUES, FOR CONSUMPTION, And nil dlßOßtoa of tho THROAT, CHEST, and LUNOB. (Tho only medicine of tho kind la tho world.) Auubsti tuto (or Cod Liver Oil. Permanently euros Asthma, Bronchitis, Incipient Consumption, Loss of Voice, Short* noasof Broath, Catarrh, Croup, doughs, Golds, oto., In a few days, like magic. Price, $1 per bottle. DR. S. D. HOWE’S Arabian Tonic Blood-Purifier, Which DIFFERS from all other preparations In Its Imme diate action upon tho liIVEU, KIDNEYS, AND BLOOD. It Is purely vegetable, and cleanses tho system of all Ira furitics, builds It right up, and makes pure, rich blood, t cures Scrofulous Diseases of all kinds, removes Const!- . psllon. and regulates tho Bowels. For “GENERAL DU BILITY," ''LOST VITALITY.” and “BROKEN DOWN CONSTITUTIONS, 11 I *’ohnUongo tho Nina teenth Century" to find Its equal. Every bottle la worth Its weight In gold. Prloo, 81 per bottle. „ _ Sold at retail by Druggists, and wholesale by LORD, SMITH A 00.. and FULLER A FULLER. LAKE NAVIGATION. GOODRICH’S STEAMERS For Eacine, Milwaukee, Shohoygan, oto., daily, Sundays exccptod, 9a. in. Saturday Excur sion Boat for Milwaukee, otc„ do'n’t leave un til 8 p, in. For Grand Haven, Grand Bapids, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Fruitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. m, For St. Joseph and Fenton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p. ni. For Grcon Hay Forts, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7p. m. Wednesday’s Boat goes to Escanaba. SUMMER RESORTS. GRAND UNION HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. T., willoyon Juno I. fortlio reception of guests. Prof. J. M. Lauder and his superb band have boon engaged lor tho season. Rooms can bo engaged at Metropolitan Ho tol nr Gllsoy Homo, N. Y. Address BRESLIN. GAUD NEH A GO., at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. GKLBlsr HOUSE, Mount Washington, N. 11. This favorite smnnior rosorf will ho opened June 18. Ufl3. J. M. THOMPSON * CO. Address till Juuo 1, W. & U. it. WILLIKKN, Purl* land. Mo. CLOTHES WRINGER. THE “PROVIDENCE” CLOTHES WRINGER Hus tha Moulton Roll, Motal Journal Casings, Adjnstahb Curved Olatnp, Double Spiral Gear. fxwkat Übnfnrebuy ing an Inferior artlolo. S. H. A U. Y. MOOUK, tM Lnko-ct. LOTTERY. LOTTERY. Official Drawing of tho Dally Combination lottery: CLAHaNO. 117, FUI( JUNE 3, IB7D. 19. 9, 70, 87, 31. 46. 71. 28, 13. 61. 63 18. 63, 43. CLASS NO. 118, Voh i/UnlC <J, 1873. _ .13, I, 28, «, 91. M, I), 06, 37, 01, 76. M. ■ Sealed plays secured on deposit. Prizes cashed and information given by tho Sealed Depository, K. 0. DA VIS, Manager, Rooms 0 and 7. 161 South Clark-bt.; Branch Offices. 337 Nortb-av., 83 West Madison-sU, and 116 South Uanal-st. MISCELLANEOUS. CORNS! pll, KIiNISQN, .t hi. old office., UOUI.rk-.1, 5

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