Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 10, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 10, 1873 Page 6
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MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. Monday Evkniko, Juno b. Tho supply of money in the local market seems to increase, and many of tho banks aro unablo to And satisfactory employment for tholr spare funds. While some of the" National Banks aro increasing tholr Now York balances for tho sake of tho interest allowed on current balances thoro, a good doal of money is also being sent from tbo Eastern cities to loan horo on collater als and on roal estate. Thus thoro aro two cur rents of money Aowing in opposite directions between tho East and Wosfc in soarohof employ ment. Boat estate paper and a certain class of speculative accommodation paper soils In tho open market at about 12 por cent por annum, though as a rule tho banks do uot tako much of it. Bor good mercantile paper thoro is a demand in the street at about 10 por cent. Now York exchange was weaker to-day than on Saturday, though thoro was but a trifling change in prices. Some sales woro mado at 250 por SI,OOO discount, but tho majority at’par. Tbo movement of currency to tho country Is moderate, but tho bulk of what is ordorod Is for tho wheat regions of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and lowa. A sensational, and wo bellovo untruthful, re- Sort was coucootod and circulated by somo of 10 impecunious scalpers “• on ’Change,” Satur day, to tho effect that Mr. Jl. F. Alien, of tho Cook County National Bank, was tho primo movor (n on apprehended corner in wnoat: that ho had recently como horo and had “ succeeded in getting himself elected Pres ident of tho bank, thereby dissatisfying many of tho stockholders“ that ho is using the money of the bank and of tfib depositors and stock holders in tho iutorostsof tho corneralso that, being a Director in tho Bock Island and North western Railroads, ho was “usinghis influence to prevent wheat from coming into this city.” Even if thoro woro no other groundis for pro nouncing this a story got up in tho interest of parties who eoom willing to resort to any moans, Uo matter how dishonorable, to carry tholr point, it Is on extremely improbable ono, for tho following reasons: First, Mr. Allen was only oloctod President of tho bank on Tuesday, and it is uot likely bo could bo using any considerable amount 'of tho hank’s money, oven if ho wore so disposed, by Saturday morning. Second, tho stock of tho Cook Coun ty Bank has advanced 6 per cent sinco tho elec tion, and soils now at 105. If any of the stock holders aro dissatlsflod with that, they would certainly bo hard to please. Wo don’t boo how any could bo dlssatisflod except those who sold' their stock at 100 just before tho election. Tho allegation that Mr. Allen, being ono of seven teen Directors in tho Northwestern, and ono of thirteen in tho Rock Island, possesses such con trol ovor both roads and Directors os to pre vent or oven interfere with tholr bringing wheat to Chicago, is only a little moro ri diculous than tho other ports of tho story, which, as a whole, la unworthy belief or consideration by any sensible man. If it woro tho rulo to put into print all tho cock and-bull stories that malice generates in-tho brains of tho scalpers on ’Change, we should have tho names of a half-dozen bankers in tho morning papers every few days. tse reran sterling and tue new trade dol- LAD. • Tho absurd custom of valuing the pound'stor- Ung at the old colonial standard of $4.44.4, and adding a nominal premium of per contto make it up to its real equivalent of $4,860.6 in tbo present standard coin of the United States, will cease ou Jon. 1, 1874. In some com ments in ibis connection, the Econo mist expresses tbo opinion that our now “trade dollar” is pretty “certain to carry a larger premium than tbo Mexican dol lar.” While there is not much reason to doubt this, It is difficult to see wherein tho now law for making tho now trade dollar worth 8 per cent more as bullion than it is as a legal tender in the payment of debts, is any less absurd than the custom of calling a pound storl -log $4.44.4 instead of its real valuo of $4.86.6. The acknowledged purposo of tho law for tho now trade dollar is to stimulate tho exportation of silver, and in this way cul tivate trade with China. If tho Chinese do not take our now trade dollar for Ua full valuo as bullion, wo should be paying a premium for Chinese trade, which would only incite other nations to offer tho same kind of a bonus. If they should take it at Its full value, there is no reason why they would not also take at its full value a silver dollar worth 100 :ents in silver, which would also bo available for circulation in this country. Tbo fractional ports of a silver dollar, as now* the United States Mint, are worth at tho rate of about 04 cents in gold on tho dollar. . If tho price of gold should over get down to a fraction below 106, it would afford the moans of a par tial resumption of specie payments at that point, , and, though gold might fluctuate be tween 100 and 106, a good supply of silver . half-dollars la this country would have a ten dency to chock the rise in tho price of gold to any Jiguro above 106. Hut tho stimulation of tho export of silver os bullion in the form of tho now trade dollar would have au influence to prevent tho accumulation of such a supply of silver. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND SIAHKET. Messrs. Lunt, Preston <t Kean quote as fol lows tills p. m. buying. Selling, .110* 117 .110* 117 .118* 110 .120 120* .121* 121* .120* 120* .114* Hi* .115* 115* .117* 117* ■ll7* 117* 118 109*®U0* 100 &lnt. 09* k lot. 09* k Int. OS£'JB 6*2osof 'O2, 6-20s of >M. 6-208 of »65 5-208 of ’C6, Jan. and July 5-20s of ’67, Jan. and July, 5-205,0f ’6O, Jon. and July, 30-408 TJ. 8. 6s (now issue) Gold (full weight) Gold Coupons. Gold Exchange...,. Sterling Exchange northern Pacific Gold 7-30s Chicago City 7s Cook County 7s Illinois county and Township 10a, REAL ESTATE. The following Instruments wore filed for rec ord on Monday, Juno 0 : CITT PBOPEBTY. Hurlbut si, bet Linden and Menomonee eta, w f, 25 ft to alloy,with improvcmentSjdated Juno S: considera tion, $3,000. Butterfield at, n of and near Thirty-third at, wf, 25 ft to alloy, with buildings, - dated Jan. 1; considera tion, $3,76 p. WeatOhlost, near aw cor of Oakley si, nf, Lota 8 and 4, dated Juno 6; consideration, $3,000. Lota 16 and 17 In Block 3, In Monroo’a Subdivision, la b a w of a w Soc. 31, 40, 14, dated May 13; consideration, $1,300. Balsted at, near n w cor of Polk st, of, Lot 13, dated June 3; consideration, $5,600. , .*** Lotfl 1 to 39, of w X Block 20, Sec. 33, 40, U, dated May 23 ; consideration, SOOO. * * DeKoven at, near a w cor of Clinton st, n f, 35 ft to alloy, dated March 1; consideration, $1,600. oat Twelfth st, near n e cor of Western av, a f,76 ft to alloy, dated Juno 3; consideration, $3,600. ’ Jefferson at. a o cor of Bunker at, Lot 30, dated Juno O; consideration, $3,800. State st, s of and near Twenty-ninth st, e f, 35 ft to alloy, dated March 33 ; consideration, $3,600, Ellen st, bet llobey and Lincoln ats, a f.Lot 34. dated May 2* ; consideration, SI,OOO. ' Fowler at, bet Boyne and Leavitt sis, u f,Lot 43. dated March 20 ; consideration, SBSO. Olybourn av,2C6% ft n w of wobalor av, n e f, 29x120 ft, with buildings, dated May 28; consideration. $1,525. . West Huron flt, s w cor of Paulina st, n f,26x124)<f ft. dated April SO; consideration, $1,850, /a * West Huron st, 26 ft w of Paulina-st.n f. 28x134kf ft, dated April 30; consideration, $1,150. 1 * Lot ‘ n mock 8, Rock v®h a AddUlon, dated May 23; consideration, $3,000. North stator corner of Kush street s f 100 ft, running to Michigan st, dated May 23 ; consid eration, $41,400. Forrest av, 160 ft Bof Thlrty-flrst st, of, 20x100 ft. dated April IS; consideration, $7,600. * Hoisted at. bet Thirty-seventh and Thlrty-elghth sts ft to alley, dated March 27; consideration, Lola 7to 11, in Block 14, in Harding’s w W n « k 800 11, 53.13, dated Juno 3 ; consideration, $3,000. Lot 10, in Block 4, in Davis’ nkofo Vofgw w of 800 36, 39,14, dated May SO ; consideration, $1,1007 Ulnman st, 75 ft w of Llnpoln st, nf, 26x1201f ft. datod May 81; consideration, $835. ' Bbober st, 215 ft n of Division st, w f, 60x135 ft. dated Juno 0 : consideration, $1,300. Hording av, 100 ft a of West Indiana st, e f, 60x126* ft, dated June 3 ; consideration, $1,200. liulman’s Lot 165, Buttorfleld’a Ad dition, dated May 31; consideration, SI,BOO. purnsldo at. s of and near Tweuty-ulnth st, wf, 25 d ft t®d April 33; consideration, $1,600, Tii o Asioiaors’ Lota 25 and 80, In Block 130, School Section Addition: also, qvof# w S f . w i , « fln &t Lot °'.j a W#*'' d’own'of Chicago, datod May 36 ; consideration, $84,000, ° 1 Howard st. w of and near Ashland av. a f Lot 45 dated May 20; consideration, $3lO ’ ' ' Clark st. 163 ft a«f Eighteenth st, wf.6o ft nmnlna to Butterfield st. dated June 4 ; consideration, $8,600. Homan av, 100 ft aof Chicago av, of. 25x121 uft dated March 14; consideration, $560. ™ 1 Lot 3, in Block 6, In Lee’s Addition, datod Auo 22 1373 J consideration, $4,000. ’ B * booth or cm limits. Blocks 10, SO, 29, and SO, of Rocs' wV, I e Vof n « U 800. 11, 88,18 (20 acres), dated Mar oil 8: considera tion, $30,000. Lot 18, la Block l t la Nichols & McCullough’s I acres ° 8 ’ u ' oct ' “■ 1873 I con- iMMERCIAL. Monday Evening, Juno 0. voro tho .receipts and shipments •tides of produce in Chicago forty-eight hours, ond for tho to ono year ago s Tbo following w of tho loading art during tho post f corresponding daii ncOBIPTfl. SHIPMENTS, _ 1B73. 1873. 1873. 1873. Hour, brio 0,830 8,950 7,3080,933 Wheat, bn 89,780 20,880 18010 3 870 Oran, bn 914,350 338,018 209 850 827 119 173,000 195,353 ICO 677 43 050 I}*®/ ba t 6,880 3,885 '400 1 660 Barley, bn.... 1,160 9,000 400 14.450 Grass seed, lbs 42,010 1,400 4,937. ’ Flax seed, tba 9,830 21,160 ........ Broom-corn, lbs,... 93,000 10,000 28.317 1*200 Cured meats, 1U.... 88,800 177,830 269|oo0 632^617 jjocr, oris.........,, ........ 14 m .a fort, tel 12ol 851 MO »>>;• 44,100 04,800 101,200 410,018 Tallow, Iba 18,020 0,330 11 440 .,,.' Dnllor, Its... 08,044 07,006 103,840 101.717 fJV“ 1*®B*. No 3,005 6,338 0,740 6 030 5“ I.™ 660 8,604 0 100 P ’ 5° 1W 800 018 183 130,300 100,030 88,000 107,717 Illgbvrinoa, brla.... 83 '476 016 'oos Wool, lt>a. 280,721 166,7001 313,080 124.800 JotalOM, bu...,,... 8,853 6,084 4 733 010 Lumber, m fMl.... 10,216 7 142 8 238 1,052 Bhlugloa, m 1,076 000 1 004 077 426 282 200 187 B«H. brla 610 4,070 ' 2,827 1,624 Withdrawn from store 01 Gumption: 4,877bacom; »Saturday for city con- 2,8d4 bu oats ; 180 bu Tho following grain has boon Inspected Into otoro, this morning, up to 10 o’olook: 200 cars wheat j 618 cam com j 6,700 bu yellow do j 0,000 bu Mo. 1 do i 6,000 bn No. 2 do, and 12,000 bn rejected do by canal ( llOJf oara oata) 4,000 bu No. 2 do, and 7,600 bn rejected do by canal * 19 oara ryo; 1 % core barley. Total (939 carol, 422,000 bu. The following ohowo tho dlalrlbntlon of bread- etutfa ablppod out from this city during tho past wook t '. ' ' Shipped, Hour, Wheat. Cbm. Oatt, Barley, 5* r*H.. S3,800 00,783 83,628 “423,1M £sM By canal. B.769 .... .... 1~7 To Buffalo.... 8,901 116,183 719,142 865,890 To KriO 3,800 .... 61^633 To Qiwcgo .. 19, (VO 10,679 11,990 To Oad’nsb’h 1,100 6,000 97,602 To Huron 9,136 .... 46,318 Othor U.S.p'a 361 .... 18,703 8,327 To Montreal. 13,473 .... .... *** . To Oolbomo 16,967 .... .... To King*ton 87,839 93,447 * Othor O. porta 14,408 Total 87,487 900,953 1,001,770 691,890 16,344 Also 7,537 ba burls/ eblppod by rail. New Yobk, Juno o.— Tho following woro tho exports from tho flvo principal seaport cities of the United States—New York, Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore—for tho week end ing Juno 7 t Flour, brla 48,D38 Wheat, bu 723,332 Corn, bu 0050,168 £ye.bu. i 6( 54 9 brla 8165 lbs 2,200,000 Bacon, lbs 4,800,000 Beef, brla 1,559 New York, Juno o.—Afloat on canals—Wheat. 1,800,000 bu 5 corn, 1.600,000 bu, ' New York, Juno 9.—ln Store—Wheat, 186,351 bu; corn. 531,895 bu; oats, 162,024 bu; ryo. 4,273 bu : barley, 13,897 bu: malt, 197.671 bus pons, 7,711. ’ Tho incipient corner in wheat Is probably ono of tho things that aro not to bo. A good many of tho deals for this month aro settled up, and there is no obstacle to a settlement of tho rest. It is unfortunate that tho narao of B. F. Allen, Esq,, should have boon so freely used in connec tion with tho matter, as tho conduct of the trad ing in Juno wheat was entirely in tho hands of B. F. Murphy ; and that gentleman has certainly showed no disposition to squeeze any ono un fairly, though ho may have insisted on his rights in regard to tho calling of margins, in a way distasteful to somo parties. TRE MARKETS. Tho loading produce markets wore quiet to day, and grain was “ off,” os a consequence of largo receipts and fine weather. It rained this morning, it is true; but nothing more than a summer shower, which was grateful to all ex cept tho few who got wot clothes thereby. Tho crop prospects are improving; there is now lit tle doubt that wo shall have a bountiful yield in all except corn, and of that there is enough old on hand to tide over a partial failure this year without difficulty. , Tho dry goods market was without now fea tures of interest, trade ruling quiet all around, with prices generally steady. Groceries wore moving with only a moderate degree of activity, and values underwent no pro nounced change. Owing to an advance in Now York of an >gc, sugars were moro firmly hold, and at tho moment tho tendency is up ward. Coffees are moro quiet. Syrups, spices, rice, and soaps were quoted steady. The butter market was without new features, as compared with its condition during last week. A larger per cent of tho receipts answer to tho description of “choico” than in former seasons at a corre sponding period, and the accumulations of low grades aro not as largo as usual at this season. Halos were effected at 10@240, as to quality,— chiefly at 16@200. Cheese was In rather better request. Dried fruits wore also moving a litllo moro freely. No decided changes wore noted in the hay, hides, and leather markets. Oils, paints, and colors were In fair request at Saturday’s prices. Pig-iron, tobacco, and wood were quiet. The demand for lumber at the yards continues fairly active at about tho same range of prices. A very large fleet arrived at tho docks yesterday. There were several buyers on tbo market, but up to noon only a few sales had been effected. Building materials wore in fair demand for tho season, at the quoted prices. Metals, nails, aud naval stores mot with a fair Inquiry, and ruled steady, Tho wool market was without percepti ble change. Old wool is in domand for Western mills; new is coming in slowly. Tho seed mar ket continues quiet aud nominal for all descrip tions excepting millet and Hungarian, which wore in moderate request. Green fruits, vege tables, eggs, and poultry, wore without essential change. Lake freights woro moro actlvo, at Saturday’s . range of rates, though shippers hold off for a further decline till lato in the session. A total of 11. charters was reported (including some on Saturday evening), wliloh win carry out 106,000 bu wheat, 155,000 bii corn, and 40,000 bu oats. Several of these charters wore propellers, which take out only part cargoes of grain. Ball rates toßuffalowero quoted at tho close at 6o on coni, and 6Wo on wheat. To Kingston rates wore 130 and lie on oom and wheat, and to Oswego about and 13%0 for do. Higbwinos were quiet and steady at tho quo tations of Saturday. Salos wore limited to 100 brls at 000 per gallon. Wo note also tho sale of 300 brls alcohol for export at 4Co per gallon, in bond. . Provisions woro quiet, but firm. Mesa pork 100 por brl higher. Lard • 100 per 100 Iba higher, and meats unchanged with no apparent demand. The only real inquiry was for moaa pork, which Boomed to bo atlmmatod by a falling off in the receipts of hogs, and a consequent stronger tone in price. But the fact is. there is abettor consumptive demand for pork at our reduced quotations than had been expected. It is stated that St. Loula will wont at least 20,000 brls from us for her Southern trade, end she has already bought several lota hero, seller Juno, which will bo forwarded as soon as delivered hero. The market closed at the following range of prices: Moss pork, cosh, or seller Juno, §15.70 @16.75; do seller July, $15.85@15.00 ; do seller August, $16.00@16.10; lard, cash or seller June, $8.40@8.48; do seller July, $8.65@8.60; doßoll or August, 68.75@8.80; summer do, SB.OO. Sweet pickled hems quoted at 10@l2o. Dry salted moats quotable at 6X@o>so for shoulders; BK@BVo for abort riba; and BjJ£@Bj<,o for short clear. Boxed shoulders, English moats, B*lV @B>£cfor short riba? 8%@8%0 for short clear! Bacon is quoted at 7Ko * or shoulders; for clear ribs; 9>£o for short clear, and 18@14Wo for hams, all pocked. Mesa beef, $0.00@0.26 s extra moss do, $10.00@10.25; beef bams, $28.00 @29.50. City tallow, 7>£@7%o; grease quotable at o#@Cmo, Bales wore reported of 100 brls mess pork at $16.76; 100 brls do (repacked) at $16.60 ; 600 brls do seller July at $16.90 : 750 brls do at $16.85; 260 brls do at $16.60 ; 600 brls do seller August at $16.00. Flour was very dull, and weak at previous quotations, as shippers hold off in anticipation of lower prices. The local trade took hold bub sparingly. Bran was weak. Bales were reported of 60 brls white winter extras (Eclipse) at $10.25; 600 brio spring extras on private terms ; 100 brls do (low) at $6.00 ; 100 brls spring super fine at $4.00. Total, 860 brls. Also, 20 tons bran at $9.00 ; and 10 tents do at $8.60. both on track: 10 tons do at $9.25 at mill: ami 10 tons middlings at $ll,OO at mill. The following woro the asking prices at the close: 7»tr to oboloe whit# winter extras | P. 60 @ll.OO Hod winter extra 7.00 @ 8.50 Good to choice spring extras 0.75 3 7,60 Low to medium 6.00 3 0.00 Minnesota* (patent) 8.00 @n,oo Good to fancy Minnesota. » f1.60 @6.00 Spring superfine# ~,,,, 8.00 @6.00 Kyeflour...... 4.10 @4.60 Bran.,,, ~ 6.60 @9.75 iJiilii OUltAtjrU DAI Lx I'lvlliUi Jbi ; TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1873; Wlioht was quiet and Irrogularlr lowor.- Oar receipts wore larger, and Liverpool woe reported dull, while th 6 Now-York odvioesworo cob par-: tloulorly opoouraglng to holders. But those facts hod llltlo to dowlththo tons of oorthai— Hot, as tho option of sollor July averaged about th° Mmo as on Saturday. Tho groat feature of tbo market was tbo diminution of tbo protnitim on Boiler this month over next, from s#o oh Saturday to 2o to-day, Tills indicated that fears of a corner were blowing by, which was a donso quonoo of the fact that tbo longs' bad shown a willingness to soltlo : and thot tuns a groat many obligations wore cleared out of tbo way in tbo loiter part of Saturday and this morning. Tbo gentleman who was charged with an attempt to corner tbo market for Juno, claims that bo wanted to do nothing of tho kind- Ho thought wb°at to bo worth tho money bo paid for it, ana tboroforo wanted tbo wheat Instead of moro differences. However, when ho found that thero was a disposition to raise an outcry, bo concluded to accept settlements rather tnon have any trouble, which ho detests. Wo may add that D. F. Murphy has always boon one of our.most houorablo traders, and was novor yot known to tako an unchristian advantage. It Is duo to him to say that in this case ho has voluntarily yielded tho opportunity to onoot a P'B&utjo squeeze “ out of tno boys,” who sold what they did not own, and then oriod out be cause they could not got hold of tho property which thoy sold on faith. There was little done to-day except in tho way of settlement, ond tho crowd was so small at times as to suggest that the operators hod all gone around “ tho corner,” instead of being in it. Sellor the month opened at $1.24#, advanced to $1.25, receded & s>‘24#, rose to $1.25#, foil to $1.24#, and cloned at $1.24#. Tho more healthy tone in options brought out a bettor In quiry for shipment, which enabled holders of cash lots to command a premium of #o ovor sollor tho month ; cash No. 2 spring closed at SpUor July sold at $1.21#@1.28, closing at $1,22%. Sellor August sold at sl.lß, and seller tho year was nominal at sl.lO. No. 1 spring was qulot at $1.29 ; No. 8 do firm at $1.14, and rejected do in good demand nt 08@98#o. Cash sales were reported of 17,400 ba No. 1 eprlng (bard) at $l.B01 400 bu do at $1.20# s 8 9 ( LV l ii 1 , c t at ® l * 29 i °. co ° bu No. 2 spring (hard) “ fc ®J*2s#; 20,800 ba do at sl*2s#; 800 bu do 40.200 ba do at $1.25) 5,800 bu do $1.24# | 800 UU No. 8 spring (special house) f 2.800 bu do at $1.14#; 11,000 bu do. $1.14; 2,400 bu rejected spring ot 08#o‘; 1.000 bu do at 08o: 400 bu by samplo at SI.OO. Total 119,400 bu. Corn was loss active, and #o lower than on ■ Saturday, being very weak till near noon, then firm at,tbo decline. There was no shipping de pend of consequence, and tbo market wos loft In tho hands of tho option dealers, who ovincod a preference for trading in August, and a disinclination for baying July, as the latter month is approaching, \vhQo they bod scarcely anything to say about this month; tho current receipts being taken up to carry into tbo future. ’ Towards the close tbo Now York market was reported Armor, which brought out a bettor de mand hero, tbo shorts Ailing in rather free ly. Seller tbo month, or cash No, 2. opened at 850, declined to S4#o, . and ! closed at 84#@84#o. Sollor July opened! at 880, declined to 87#o, and closed Arm' at 87#o. Seller August sold ot 40#@40#o. J Strictly fresh receipts of No. No. 2 closed at 1 86#o. Cash soles wore reported of 2,400 bu No. ! lat 88o; 1,000 bu do nt 87#o; 2,800 bu yellow at 88o; 1,000 bu do ot 07#o ; 2,000 bu do at 80#o on track ; 0,000 bu do at 890 afloat; 2,400 bu No. 2at 80#o ; 6,000 bu do at 8G#o; 18,800 bu do at 80o; 4,800 bu do at 85#o; 0,800 bu at 85#o s 40.000 bu do at S4#o; 60,000 bu do at 84#o ; 55-000 bu do at 84#o; G.OOO bu do at 36#0 afloat; 12.800 bu rejected at 81#o ; 81,000 bu do at 81o: 12.000 bu do at 820 afloat; 6,600 bu no grade at at 2Go ; 8,600 bu do at 250. Total, 293,400 bu. . Oats wore moderately active, but#@#o low en, though Now York was reported l@2o per bu higher. Tbo cause of tho decline was a'ropoti lion of hoavy receipts, which brought out liberal offerings. There was some inquiry for ship ment. but tho bulk of the trading was in options. - Sollor July opened at 29#0, fell off #o, and 1 closed Armer at 29#0. Seller tho mouth, or regular, sold at 28@28#0, closing at tho out side. Now receipts closed ot 28#o. Cosh sales wore reported of B,GOO buat 28#o: 4,800 bu at 28#o;3 l 000 bu at 28#o; 32,000 bu at 28#o: 10.000 bu at 28#o ; 20,000 bu ot 280 : 4,200 bit rejected at 260 ; 1,200 bu do ot 21#c ; 2,400 bu do ot 24#c; 1,600 bu by samplo at 320. Total, 83.000 bu. "jo aotivo at tho reduced quotations reached last week, tho marked decline bringing out orders, though tho receipts of this morning wore again largo. Sales wore reported of 19,400 bu No. 2at Clo; 1,200 bu by sample at Gso: and 400 bu do at 63c. Total, 21,000 bu. Barley was .inactive and nominally un changed on graded lots, while samplo lots were hoavy. Wo quote No. 2at C8@730: No. 3at 69 @C3o; and rejected at 88@40c; tho inside In tho Rock Island Elevator, and tho outside in other' houses. Sales wore limited to 600 bu No. 2at 70o; 200 bu by sample at 85o; 400 bu do at 75c • 200 bu do at 700 s and 400 bu do at 600. Total 1.800 bu. ' BUTTER AND CHEESE. The Now York Bulletin eaya: It will probably bo a surprise to most persona to know that tbo receipts of dairy products alono In tbo «ew York market exceeds that of any other article of domestic trade. The estimates of last year’s business Is as follows: £, uUor Cljoesp 15,000,000 ".w* 1 24,000,000 our 20,000,000 Corn. 20,000,000 Petroleum 10,000,000 Cut meals 12,000,000 Here wo find that the butter and cheese trade of this city amounted last year to $45,000,000, and If wo odd eggs and other articles usually ruled with dairy pro ducts, the amount will bo increased to a largo aggro goto. The receipts in this port from the commence ment of the present week to the 3d of Juno, 1373, as compared with the same period of lost year were as follows: RECEIPTS', Juno 3, Same period Increase 1873. last pear, this year. ..265,010 237,448 28,401 ~330,410 177,892 168,637 EXPORTS. Butter, pbgs, Cheese. Butter, cwta 13.0CG 20,405 Cbepßo 1C1.0C4 64,300 100,017 The export season usually commoncoa on the Ist of May, but It la later this year than usual, owing to tbo protracted winter. It will bo seen that there la a largo Increase both in the receipts and exports of cheeso year, as compared with last. The butter exports vlr tuully commence only this week, and it is expected that the trade will largely exceed that of last year. Mr. Bcott, the celebrated English agricultural statistician. In a recent letter to the London Times, reported a seri ous fall-off In the grass and forago crops this year, a fact which Is largely calculated to stimulate exports of dairy products to that country. DRBADSTUFFB. >or gives tho following: ply of groin, Including tbo stocks In Inclpal ports of accumulation, at lake rts, in transit on tbo lakes, tho New by roil, May 31, 1673: The same pap« Tbo visible supp granary at tbo prli and seaboard port York canals, and b Wheal, bu . Corn, OaU, bu, l/U, In tlore at Now York Albany Buffalo.,,, mi^Xo.v.v.:; Duluth Toledo, May 21..., Detroit Oswego fit. Louis Boston.. Toronto Montreal,.... •Philadelphia 'Baltimore Lake ahip'ta week. Kali stilpmonts..,, OnN.Y.canals 233,555 7.040 173,878 4,343.057 33,0)0 ’"mlm 55,127 55.000 858,777 28.883 427,570 185,000 187,909 870,627 197,282 1.991,507 Total-May 81, ’73. Total-May 34, ’7B. Total-May 17, *73. Total—May 10, ’7B. Total—May 9, ’73. Total—Apr. 26, ’73. Total-May 3!, ’73. 6,998,701 5,272,831 0,358,038 6,4u0,820 8,821,051 6,723,890 6,025,821 9,317,757 9,808,437 9,856,891 9,451,822 10,030,870 9,6-6,460 11,363,789 •Kitlmfttod. fl Receipts of flour and grain at ecaboard porta for tho week ended May 31, 1873: P/ourT’ Wheat, Cbm, I Oalt, Hart]/, Jive. ; 6u. 6u, bu, to. 6u. to. ! NowYark.. 83,203 609,610 863,939 197.643 16,639 31,800 1i0at0n..... 80,969 26,698 61,004 68,891 ... .7. . Portland.,. . 1,080 3,600 Montreal.. 88,264 874,173 109 144 400 Ptiiladulp’a 19,788 103,600 120,700 64,800 600 '«« Uaillmoro. 16,006 11,600 167,860 16.800 ....... 1.017 N. Orloana 0,204 83,470 84,128 .....1... T0ta1..... 196,668 1,034,880 ~849,667 865,663 ItIJM lliw Preaontw'k 177,631 747,257 ’948,829 336,111) 80 114 fcoso Mftjr 17,1873166,149 396,663 870 478 400 236 40 348 860 May 10, 1878 147|477 91?!440 6AH 146 331 666 41 084 188 May 8, 1878 168,668 303,870 639.730 860,149 13 140 1.680 May 25. 1873 231,047 441, W4 3,233,690 683.200 88,729 7olo4« And from Jau, I to May 81, inclusive, for throo years: f2. 573. 187'., 73,038 8,083,11 Flour, brlfl, Wheat, bti. Com, bu.. Oats, bu... Barley, bu. Ilyo, bu.... . 9,430,883 8,240,977 7,010,000 .13,089,733 31,169,874 13 103 470 . 7,804,048 0,806,618 4,080 080 . 1,001,453 1,337,498 460 678 . 09,848 108,303 83 680 Total 27,039,353 83,153,809 24.403,380 Foreign exporta of breadetuffa from New York for the week ending Juno 8,1&73, and tbolrdistribution: Flour, Wheat, Com, brlf. bu, bu. ... 3,018 70,421 143,206 ... 3,384 37.078 ... 3,303 30,703 4.070 20,563 * 63,477 86,396 67,063 13,065 .... 83,6q 36,163 Liverpool...... Loudon Glasgow. Bristol Cardiff........ Cork Queenstown,.., ren&rtb Hoads, W. Point.... 84,608 Londonderry 4,. .... • , 43,800 .Hamburg 7,610 6,000 8remen......... 1434 Rotterdam.. 10,703. 13,630 Dporto ! , 7,307 West Inalo 7,401 .... 4,440 I), N, Colonies 4,001 .... .... B, GulnnS 1,000 .... 400 New Grenada 165 .... .... O, America 150 .... .... B. Honduras 703 .... .... Total 22,775 406,663 833,320 Previous week 27,140 840,062 188,781 Comsnlng week 1873.. 10,673 210,405 610,411 From Jan. 1, 1873 405,470 3,641,160 6,313,000 From Jan. 1,1872,,.;..378,715 3,003,000 6,650,303 From Jin, 1,1671 848,003 6,408,164 3,774,040 From Jnn. 1,1870 740,210 5,403,171 123,771 From Jan. 1, 1809 423,118 8,603,639 1,838,600 nnr goods. • Tho Journal of Commerce gives tho following as tho Imports or foreign dry goods at Now York for tho month of May: 1871. • 1873. 1873. Msnf. of w001..... $1,880,308 $ 943,004 $ 800,318 Manf. of cotton 1,006,113 1,718,795 1,143,276 Manf. of Bilk 3,637,300 1,876,205 980,885 Manf. of flax 985,043 935,843 788,914 MUcell’a dry goods 881,079 079,763 484,804 WITHDRAWN FROM WAREHOUSE. Total. Manf. of wool $ 888,878 $ 630,168 $ 883,035 Manf. of cotton 316,120 441,807 743,729 Manf. of Bilk 480,618 603,048 734,758 Manf. of flax 800,647 880,630 496,685 MlscaU’s dry goods 129,768 188,050 160,033 Total $1,804,838 $3,433,637 $3,025,080 Add cat. for con 7,360,242 6.060,078 4,185,001 Total thr’n upon mkt,.. ,$0,154,070 $8,389,205 (7,311,071 ENTERED TOR WAREHOUSING. Manf, of w001... .$883,401 $1,107,100 $770,848 Manf. of cotton 483,799 703,784 835,834 Manf. of silk 618,681 786,836 387,188 Manf. of flax 838,548 784,038 . 352,381 Ulscell’a dry goods 183,817 823,003 181,011 Total $3,403,088 $3,004,604 $1,006,063 Addont’dforoonsmp.. 7,350,342 6,050,878 4,185,001 Totalonl’,oo3,23B $9,831,273 $6,161,043 Tho foiling off in the receipts has led to a reduction of the stock la bonded warehouses, and tho with drawals have been more than twice as largo os the en tries. • The total thrown on tho market, therefore, was (7,311,071, or more than one million la oxoeas or the quantity landed during the montli; • ‘ In tho afternoon, wheat and corn wore mod erately active and easier. No. 2 spring wheat sold at $1.23#@1.24# seller tho month, closing at ®l.24#j, and seller July, clos ing at $1.22%. Corn was a trifle lower, closing at 34%0 seller the month, 87%@07>40 seller July, closing at the outside, and io%o seller August. In provisions, sales wore reported of 600 brio mess pork at $10.06 seller August, and 250 tea lard at SB.OO seller duly. A vessel was chartered for corn to Buffalo at Co. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Monday Evening, Juno 0. ALCOHOL—Was quiet and steady at $1.8001.85. BEANS AND PEAS—'Were quiet and unchanged. Wo repeat: Choice hand-picked navies, $2.6602.76; do .mediums, $3.6002.551 Inferior grades, $1.2602.00; green poos (In brls), $1.4901.60; yellow do (in bogs), BROOM-CORN—The movement was on a liberal scale, and the market rules firm for good corn. Annexed are tho quotations: No. 1 Hurl, C#o @7#o; No, retook braid, s#(3io#o; No. 2 do, 4#o 60: No. 3 do, B#®4o; inside green, 8#04o; do red tip, S#o4#o; do pale and red, 202# o. BUILDING MATERIALS—Tho demand la fair for tho season at tho prices given below: Stucco, $2.60; especially of common brick. We quote: Stucco, $3.60 ; Now York stucco, casting, $3.7604.00; superfine do, $3.6004.00; Portland cement, $7.0007.60 per brl; Rosomlalo cement. $3.2603.60; Utica, Louisville, ami Akron cement, $2.00 per brl: marble dust, $3.2603.60; lime In bulk, 80c@$.100o; llmo (brls), $1.1001.25 per brl; white sand, por brl, $2.0003.60; pinstoring hair, per bu, 40060 c; fire brick,perl,ooo, s4o.ooooo.oo;build ing brick (common), $0,6007.00; sower brick, SIO.OO ; country brick, (12.00, delivered ; Milwaukee pressed, $33.60, del.; do common, $14.00; Racine pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, $14.00; Indlnua pressed, $22.00024.00; do common, $12,00; firo clay, per brl. 54.C006.00. The following Is tho list of prices per box of 60 feet for domestic window glass, from which a reduction of 60 por cout is mado to dealers : first Doubt* quality, ttrciujth. 7xlo to Bxlo 0.75 9.00 Bxl4 to 10x15 8.10 12.00 12x18 to 10x20 0.25 10.00 18x23 to 18x30 11.00 19.00 20x28 to 24x30 13.00 21.00 30x00 to 40x00 45.00 BUTTER—Not a single new feature was developed In tho butter market. Receipts continue liberal, but the wants of local consumers, together with tho pur chases of shippers, prove sufficient to keep stocks well down, aud prices are maintained with considerable firmness at tbo following range: Strictly cholco yel low, 20024 c; medium to good, 16018o; inferior to common, 10015 c. DAGOiNQ—Prices wore again quoted steady un changed, Grain bogs are now moving with some free dom, but other goods in tho lino are very nulct. Following nro tho quotations: Stark, 30#c; Ludlow, 350; Lewiston, S4o; American, 320; Amoskeag, 32#0; Otter Creek, 33#c; burlap bags, 4 and 6 bu, 2O022o: gunnies, single, 17018 c; do double, 28029 c 5 wool sacks, C50Q70. CHEESE—There was a fair amount of trading In this market at substantially tho prices current last week. Stocks are being steadily Improved, both os re gards size and quality, and all things considered tho market Is In o satisfactory condition. Following are tho quotations : Now York factory, 12#013#c; Elgin factory, 12#013#o; Ohio factory, 130l3#o; Western factory, 11012#c. COAL—Quotations aro tbo same os for a half dozen days past, but tho market Is more or loss unsettled for all descriptions, and an early revision of prices may bo lookodfar: Lehigh, lump, $11.00; prepared, $11.00; Lackawanna, $9.60; Erie, $9.60; Briar HIU, $9,60; Wal nut Hill, $9.60; Blossburg, $9.00 ; Cherry Mine, $9.00; Hocklug Valley, $9.00; Indiana cannot coal, $9.60; Indiana block, $8.00; Kirkland grate, $ 0.00; Minonk. $8.00: Wilmington, SO.OO. COOPERAGE There was no change to note. Following are tho prices current: Pork barrels at $1.2601.35; lard tierces, $1.6001.70; whisky barrels, $1.9002.10; flour barrels, 48067 c; pork staves, rough, $17.00020.00; do, bucked, $20.00 025.00 ; tierce staves, rough, $20.00026,00; sawed,

do bucked or sawed, $25.00028.00: whisky staves, rough, $24.00028.00; do bucked, • $30.00033.00; flour staves, $9.00011.00; circle floor heading, 7080 per set; flour hoop poles, $14.00016.00 por m ; pork and tierce polos, $30.00035.00 per m. EGOS—Wore in moderate request at 12#013#c. Sales Include 28 cases at 13o; 1,300 doz at 12#o; 10 brls (shipping order) at 13#o. FEATHERS—The demand, though not largo, Is still In oxooes of the supply, amt prune live geese are quoted 1020 higher. Other grades aro unchanged. Wo quote: Prime to cholco live gocso at 77076 c, from first hands; Jobbing prices, 860870 for assorted feath ers; mixed feathers, 45©t0c : chicken, B©loo. FISH—If wo except a slightly easier feeling In lake fish (the result of increased receipts), there was no visible change in tbo market. A steadily good demand' exists, and most descriptions are firmly hold. Wo quote: No. 1 whltollsh, #, brl, $8.75 00,87#: No. 3 do, $0.6000.62#; No. 1 ehoro mackerel, # brl, $11.60011.75; No. 1 bay, $9.50 @9.76: No. 2 mackerel, # brl, $8.6008.75; No. 1 shore kits, $1.9502.00; bank dodfleh, por 100 lbs, $0.60 00.76; George's codfish, $0.7607.00; Labrador her ring, split, brls, $0.0009.60; do,# brl, $4.7605,00; Labrador herring, round, brl, $8.0008.60; do#brl, $4.3504.60; box'horring No. 1, 280300; box herring, 1 scaled, 35087 c 5 Columbia River salmon, # bale, SIO.OO @10.25. . FRUITS AND NUTS—No Important changes were developed In tho domestic or foreign dried fruits mar ket. Trade opens a Utile more actively than last week, but the movement Is far from being satisfactory. Wo repeat oar list as follows: Foreign—Dates, B#o 0#o; figs, drums, 110 Ho: figs, box, 14#©160; Turk ish prunes, 0#©10o; raisins, $3.3502.40: Zanto cur rants, 7#07#0. Domestic—Aldeu apples, 18®20o; Michigan do, C0To; Western do, 605#0; Southern do, 405 c: poaches, pared, 18020 c; poaches, halves, 6@6#c; do, mixed, 4#ose; blackberries, 90O#o; raspberries, 40041 c: pitted cherries, 22024 c* Nuts— Filberts, 1401 flo; almonds, Terragona, 21@23c; Na ples walnuts, 24025 c; Brazils, 9©o#o; pecans, 11® 12o; African peanuts, 6#@7o; Wilmington peanuts, 7©8o: Tcnucasoe pconuts, 4#os#c. GROCERIES—Sugars aro stronger, In sympathy wltlrNow York, whero an #0 advance has Just been os-, tabllehcd, Tho extreme low prices prevalent for some time past have induced a largely Increased consump tion, and, as tho season of greatest activity is near at hand, an upward movement of prices Is confidently looked for. Coffees are more quiet, aud aro scarcely os firm os a week ego. Rico, soups, splccs, aud syrups ruled steady. Wo quote: Bi Garb Soda—7#@B#c, • OorrcEs—Mocha, 83©33#0; O. G. Java, S7#o 38#o; Java. No. 2, 28#@270; fancy Rio, 24#© 250; cholco do, 24#024#0; prime lUo, 24024#0 ; good do, 23#©23#0; common do, 22#0230; roast ing do, 21#@220; Singapore, 24#@24#0: Costa Rica, fanoy, 26©25#0; do, prime, 24# ©24Vo; Mar acaibo, 23#0240, Barley, bu. . 117,003 83,000 44,581 1,406,418 840.000 **'i62|ras 17,105 3,800 79,854 15,000 45^649 7,376 40.000 6.752 6,4£ i 8,430 85*000 183,408 95,839 8,578 11,709 80,000 48,000 238,265 883,472 195,336 17,820 8,422,467 8,507,897 8,824,482 8,453,674 8,540.907 8,455,973 4,803.667 201,049 250,318 503,263 568,00 730,836 623.858 850,780 Camulks—Star, full weight, 20@20>tfo; stoarlno, full weight, 16®lflXo; do, Bhort weight, 14®HXc. Rioc—Patna, 8^08Xo; Rangoon,7Xoßo; Carolina. 8,V@0o; Louisiana, 7X®B-Xo. Buoar»—Patent out loaf, 18013X0; crushed, pew* derod, and granulated, UX®Wo ; a, standard, lox® llo; do, No. 3,10X010/#° 5 D, 10X@10Xo; extra 0, 10X®10«o; 0 No. 9,10X@lOXo; yellow 0, lO0U)*o choice brown, 10@10Xo; prime do, OX®9X° 5 fair do, OOOXo S choice molassos sugar, OXQIOo ; fair do, O0UXo; Now Orleans sugar, choice, 0X@10o; do, prime, e; do, fair, 8X0OXo; common, 7XO bVo, Syuupo—Diamond drips, tl.i501.8O; diver drips, extra lino, 70078 c; good sugar house syrup, 45®480; extra do, 000660j Now Orleans molasses, choice, 800 83c; do prime, 70076 a; do common, OS07Oo; Porto lUco molasses, choice, Cs®fl3o; common wolusses, 30 @3So. * Balehatch—Common to best, 0® 10c. Swoes—Allspice, 17018 c; doves, 87038o; cassia, 8804Oo; pepper, 23XQ24X0; nutmegs, $i;950l,8O: ginger, pure, 20030 c; do No. 1, 20025 c; do No. 9.10 010 c. Soaps—French mottled,oX®oXo; German mottled. 6X06X0: Golden West, CQSwo; White lily, Qud OXo; While Row. 6VoflXo J nrown Windsor, 4X® AXo; palm, o®oX° 5 Baveu Imperial, OX®6Xo« Btasok—Gloss, OXQlOo; corn, 0®llo; laundry, C@ 7qj comrapm_SXoßo. QUEEN FRUlTS—Strawberries wore in light sup* ply, hut the demand was only fair, and prices ruled about the eamo as on Saturday. Apples were dull. Other fruit in request and Arm, Wo quotes Apples, good to choice, 19.0005.00 per brl, 1871. 3,800,093 ENTERED FOR consumption, LATEST. - Lem cm*. 18.00A0.00. dranges, $8.50®10.00. Pineap ples, •18.00A4.00 ror, dox. • Bananas, 13.0007,00 per bunch, Gooseberries, ISWo per quart, Btr&wbcrrlci. 15080 c. Cherries,lso2Oo. • • - ' llOP&—Remain quiet and nominal at 26®400 for Western, HAY—Tlio demand, as fora number of days post, was mainly of a local character, and, although tlio sup ply wasl moderate, an cany feeling Bemod to prevail, except for choice prcsxod timothy, which was firm ly held. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by deal ers." fpllowx, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: On Tnaoit --Timothy, boater pressed, $16.60017,00: timothy, 10080 pressed, $10,00010.60: prairie preßsod, $12.60® 13.60. On Wagon—Timothy, loose, $16.00010.00: Jmlrlo. loose, $14.00010,00. For delivery of pressed. 1.0001.60, according to distance. * HlDES—Trices range about (ho same as for a week past, where they rule steady and firm. We repeat our list as follows: Green city butchers’, 7oj green cured, light, lie; do heavy, 10o: part cured. O*01Oo; green calf, 15@lflo; veal Wp, 13o: dry calf, 240; dry kip, 210 j dry Balled, 170I8o: dry flint, 10®20o; long-haired kip, lO#011o; deacon Bklns, 45 066o; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. * IRON AND STEED—About tho average trade was enjoyed .Tho market li easy for American iron. Slcol is steady. Prices are aa follows: Iron 4 2-10® 4 4-10 rales HorsMhoo ir0n........ 0 ® 0 5-10 rates Plate Iron, common tank 0V @7 rates Ru55jajr0n............... 20@210 rules Russia Iron, No. 1 stained , iso « lb Norway 1r0n.... 0 @o* 0 slb Norway nail rods o>f @IOO Mlb Gorman plow Bloel U @l2O «lb English cost plow slool 13 ®l2!*o Mlb American tool steel 17W ®ißo »lb Chrome tool steel 18 ®aoo »jb English tool slcol 2l)f 0230 rates spring stool 11 @l2tfo rates LEATHER—Nothing now 'occurred in tho Icatbor market. Huslnoes was quiet In all departments, and values wore not subjected to any fluctuations. Holow are tho prices current: HEMLOCK, City harness $ 30® 41 Country harness 86® 88 Line, city, lb 41® 43 Kip, lb CO® UO Kip, veals 85® 1.20 City upper, No. 1, ft 280 30 City upper, No. 2. sft 25® 27 Country umier, No. 1 25® 27 Collar, it 20® 23 Golf, city. 1.20® 1.40 Calf, country. I.lo® 1.25 Rough upper, standard 30® 35 Rough upper, damaged. i...**, 1 27® 80 Buffalo slaughter 5010..,,* 83® 87 11 B, A.”solo so® 82 Calf * 1.200 1.45 K*P 76® 1.10 Harness., 40® 45 Trench calf, Jodot C5100@00.00 Trench calf, Lomolno 60.00@80.00 Trench calf, 24 to 30 lbs ].C6® 3.50 Trench kip, 60 to 100 lbs.; I.oo® 1.65 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—The trade was fair, and prices steady. Wo again quote: Tin Plate—io, 10x14, f 14.80; do, 12x12, SIB.OO ; rfb, $29 wf 6aDO ’ do ' roofln ff» IC » SK.GO; do, 20x28, Pig Tin—Largo, 420 { small, 430; bar, 44c. Sheet Zinc—Tull casks, llo; half caßkß,ll#®U#o: less quantity, H Vo; slabs, 9c. " Sheet Iron—No. 24, 6#o rates. Galvanized Iron—No. 16@20, 15c ; No. 22024,10 c: No. 25020,170 5 No. 27,18o; No. 28,20 c. A discount of 201 >cr cent Is mado from this list. Copper—Copper bottoms, 460 5 braziers, over 13 lbs. 470: tinned copper, 43c. Wnw—3 to 6, 80; 0, 8, and 0, lOo; 10 to 11, llo; 12. ll#o; 13and 14, 12#o; 15and Iff, Ho: 17,16o; 18, 1605 10, lOo; 20. 20o; full bundle, 15 por cent dis count • fence wire, 7#o: by car load, 7#c. NAILS—Were In fair demand at the following rates j lOQOOd. per keg, $5,00 rates; 8d do, $8.26: 6d do, $5.50 ; 4d do, $5.8% ; 3d do, $0,50; Sd do, fine, $6.00: 2d do, $8.25; clinch, $7.37# 5 12#o off for 100 keg lots. NAVAL STORES—Tho average amount of business was done, tho following being tho prices current: Manilla ropo, lb, 18o; sisal ropo, ft lb, lC017e: hemp sash cord, $ lb, 200250; marline, $ lb, 20032 c; tarred ropo, lb, 17018o; oakum, & bale, $5,000 0.60; pilch, $ brl, $0.0007.00; tor, brl, bale. $5.00 @O.OO. * * OILS—A liberal business was transacted In tbo oil market, and as a rule tho quoted prices were adhered to. Wo mako no change in our list os follows : Carbon, 18#019o 1 extra oil, 73c; No. 1, 08070 c; No. 2, 650; linseed, raw, $1.00; do boiled, $1.05; whale, 87o; sperm. $2.0002.10; neats foot oil, strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, OOo; do No. 1, 76a: bank oil, 70o; straits, 75c ; elephant oil, OOo; tur pentine, 600670 ; naphtha, 03 gravity, 20o; naphtha, common, 10017 c. PIG-IRON—Prices were quoted firm and unchanged, Scotch (according to brand), $02.00005.00; Tuscarawas $01,00; Massillon, $01.00; Lake Superior, $68,000 69.00; Chicago stono coal, $67.00; Missouri elono coal, $57.00058.00. POULTRY—Was In moderate supply and demand, at 12#® 130 for turkeys, and $4.9504.76 for old chick ens, ana $2.2608,00 for spring. Sales were reported of CO coops old chlckonsats4.2s; 3 coops do at $4,60; 1 coop spring at $3.00; 4 coops at $2.6002.75 ; 2 coops do at $2.26. POTATOES—Choice pcachblows ■ mot with an Im proved Inquiry, and prices wore a (rifle higher. New potatoes were very scarce. Wo noto sales of 1 car pcachblows at 450; 1 car at 40o; 1 car at 43e; 1 car at 38o; 1 car white at 43c, all on track; 1 car extra peach blows at 6O0; 1 car do at 40c, delivered. SALT—Was In fair request and steady. Wo quote: Onondaga and Saginaw, fine, $2.00 ; ordinary coarso, s2.w ; lAJoroo DiAirmnd o. $2.10 ; ground solar. $2.10 ; dairy, without bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.60© 4.76; Ashton dairy, por sack, $5.50: ground alum. $2.3002.10; Turk’s Island, $2.00. SEEDS—Hungarian and millet were In moderate re quest at former prices. Timothy, clover, and other seeds wore inactive and nominal. We quote: Timothy, $3.0004.25 ; clover, $4.5006.00 ; millet, $1.00; Hun garian, $1.1601.20; flax, $1.9002.10. Bales woro re ported of 16 bags Hungarian at $1.25; 60 bags do at $1.20; 76 bags at $1.16 ;10 bags millet at SI.OO. TEAS—Remain quiet with prices steady, as follows: Young hyson, common to fair, 450550; do good, Co®7oc; ao cholco to extra fine, 95c05i.10 ; com mon to fine old hyson, 70©950; common Imperial, 600060; good to cholco do, 80c@$l,10 ; flno to good gunpowder, 70c®$l .00; cholco Pmgsuca, $1.1501.20; extra Moyune, $1.8501.40; cholco to extra leaf Japan, 85c0$l,OO; fair to good do, C 60760; common do, 400 460; colored natural leaf Japan, 650G60 ; common to fine Oolong, 350450; good, 65@C50; choice-to extra,' 85c©$1.00. TOBACCO—Wo quota: Fine Out—Extra, 75@860; choice, C5@700; medi um ; 660 COo; poor to common, 40060 c. Plug—Natural leaf, 76®80o; half bright, 60070 c; block, sound, 45056 c. Smoking—Good to choice, 82030 c; medium, 290 81c: common, 20028 c. WOOD—Was fh good demand, and was firm at the ? notations: Beech, $9.00; maple, SIO.OO ; hickory, 11.00; slabs, SO.OO delivered. VEGETABLES—Woro in light supply aud request. Cucumbers woro lower. Following are the quota tions : Peas, $1.3501.75 por bn; string beans, $3,600 4.00 per bus cucumbers, 60c©1.00 per doz; now onions, per brl, $5.0000.00; spinach, $1.0001.25 per brl; radishes, 2O025o; squash, 6000 per lb; asparagus, 6Oc0$l.OO; pie-plant. 102#o per lb; lettuce. 160800 per doz; cabbage, $1.0001.50 per doz; turqlps, 30© 500 per doz; beets, 25©600 por doz; carrots, 4O0SOo; Bermuda onions, $3.60@4.C0 por box; tomatoes, $2.00 @53.00. WOOL—Trade Is still confined to tho wants of West ern manufacturers. New wool is coming in slowly. In some sections tho farmers are holding back their wool for better prices, but tho prospect of an advance is not regarded as probable by dealers hero. Old wool is quoted os follows: Tub, washed, extra medium 600520 Tub, washed, common to fair 460480 Common dingy ...40©450 Fleece, washed, X&XX, light 43@450 Fleece, washed, X&XX, dingy...... 87©420 Fleece, washed, niodlunf light 430460 Fleece, unwashed, X&XX,in good condition....2Bo3oo Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 300330 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 27@300 Super, pulled 88©430 Extra, pulled 38©440 Burry wool 10020 c less Prices for now wool will probably bo from 3@50 lower than tho above. A sale of 300 lbs poor unwashed was reported at 180. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Monday Evening, Juno 9. CATTLE—Received since Saturday, 6,600. In con sequence of tho heavy receipts tho market opened dull aud gave signs of weakness. Buyers wero out in goodly numbers, but thinking to fqrco a decline by holding off, they operated very sparingly at first, only about 700 head dunging hands up to llo’clock. Later,' fludlug holders determined to maintain prices, tho de mand improved, and before tbo close a fair aggregate of sales had been accomplished, at prices not varying materially from thoso current on tho dosing days of last week. Tho offerings woro only fair os regards quality, being scarcely up to the average of last week, but woro voi# well suited to the wants of the trade, and little complaint was hoard. Sales woro reported at $9.6004.75 for butchers’ stuff, at $4,8006.20 for common to medium shipping grades, and at $5,250 5.76 for good to choice do. • quotations. Extra Beeves—Graded steers, averaging 1,400 lbs ami upward 5,0030,25 Choice Beeves—Flue, fat, well formed 3 year to 5 year old steers, averaging 1,260 to 1,400 1b5.... 6,6005.75 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,160 to 1,250 tbs 6.2606,60 Medium Grades—Steers In fixlr fiosh, aver aging 1.100 to 1,250 lbs 6.0006.25 Butchers’ Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 600 to 1,100 tbs 4,0004, CD Block Cattle—Common cattle, In docent ficuh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs 4.0004.76 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, bulls, andscallawag steers.. 8,0003,76 Cattle—Texas, northern wintered 4,0004,60 Cattle—Corn-fed Texas 4.0506.40 CATTLK SALKS, Jfo, Av, Price. 14 Rood steers 1,271 <5.60 10 good steers,.,. 1,810 6.50 80 good steers 1.237 8.40 U3goodßleors I,ICS 6.37# 18 goodHtcers.... .....1.212 6.25 13 good steers 1,207 6,87# 17 medium steers 1,070 6.13# 17 medium steers 1,110 6.10 19 medium steers 1,183 6.16 12 cows , 609 4,00 17 cow 4.26 10 COW 1,160 4.45 ii COWB. 100 choice eteera, JlO choice atcora, 33 choice atooni. 18 ciioieo BUiora,. ....i!'is3 6.05 30 cowh 1,151 6.40 31 cows 837 4,00 10 cows..., ...1,053 4.23 04 goodstoßH 1,854 0.60 £B2 good steers *..1,212 5.95 18 goodsteera 1,905 6.60 114 calves , IBfl 6.12J4 noas-liocoivcd Since Saturday, 8,000.' 'itoTAibply proTlng light, a firm fooling wns early, developed, and prices wero hold 160 higher than on Saturday. This bad a tendency (0 chock trading nt the opening of the market, but buyers aoon took hold and cleared the pona at the advance, aaloa making nt $4.3504.80 for poor to common, and at $4.8004.60 for medium to choice. Tho market cloaod Arm. .. . QOO BALV.B. JVo. Av. Pr(cc.\Xo. Av. Price.. 64 300 $4.60 04 180 $4.66 40 204 4.46 60 180 4.60 162 203 4.45 50 313 4.60 00 202 4.46 127 IDO 4.60 82 207 4.46 41 208' • 4.30 91 233 4.46 100 177 4.40 61 200 4.25 47 802 4.80 48 271 4.30 80 225/ 4.40 47 207 4,30 CO 204 4.46 64 800 4.25 68 209 4.40 01 310 4.40 67 243 4.80 SHEEP—Received, 47, Thla marl and valued wore nominal at $3.00(3 choice shorn. Lambs may be quoted head. Mohdat Evening, Juno 0. The river was full of lumber-laden croft to-day, tboro being about seventy cargoes offering, and, to use the expression of a broker, n the market was sick.” There was a good attendance of buyers, and consider able lumber was disposed of, probably twenty to twen ty-flvo cargoes in all. Prices ruled, weak and irregular, and very few sales wore made nubile. Joists and scantling ora quotable at SO,OOO 10.00, common boards at $9.60010,00, fair to choice boards and strips easy at $14.00016.00. Shin -B]c» remain steady at $3.00, and a cargo of choice sold at $3.26. Lath wore 250 off, now quoted at $2.9502,60. Wo nolo tho following sales : Jcbcb, from Muskegon, 114 m boards and strips at $14.00,2,600 ft Joists and scantling at $0.60, Sold by Ewer k Aurhaus. To arrive from Saugatnok, 1,000 m B. B. Myers* A shingles at $3.16. Prop Monominoo. from Green Bay. 3,080 m A shingles at $3.00. Bold by A. Carter. Schr Regulator, from Muskegon, 120 m common boards and strips at $10.95. Sold by Blanchard. Bor land 4 00. LAKE m EIGHTS. Lumber freights are about 350 off for the east shore ports. We quote: Mnnlatco. $2.6003.00 ; Ludlnglon, $3.75; Muskegon, $3.0003.35: Oconto, $3.60; Me nominee, $3.5003.75; Pontwator. $3.3603,60; White Lake, $2.6003.76 { Grand Haren, $3.0003.35. _ ' AT TUB TABUS. ... , The donund for • lumber continues fairly active. There tv as no quotable change In prices, though they are easy for the common grades. Quotations are as follows, the Inside figures In common grades being for green lumber: ° First clear. $62.00 @65.00 Second clear, X Inch to 2 Inch 46.00 @6O 00 Third clear, 1 Inch 88.00 040.00 TUra clear, Uilck 43,00 @45.00 Clear flooring, Ist and 3d together. rough • Clear siding, Ist and 2d together Common elding., Common flooring, dressed, first Common flooring, dressed, second.... Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 Inches end upward A stock boards,. B stock boards O stock boards Common boards... Joist, scantling, smalt timber, fencing, , etc., 16 feet and under. 12.00 @14.00 Joist and scantling, 18 to 24 foot 16.00 @20.00 Pickets, square 14.00 @16.00 Pickets, flat 12.00 @15.00 Cedar poets, spilt 14.00 @IB.OO Cedar posts, round 17.00 @26.00 ** lh , 2.16 0 3.26 No. 1 sawed shingles 1.50 @ 200 ' A0r51ar......... 3.55 @8.76 Shingles on track 3.l2Sf@ 3.25 1 No. 1 sawed 1.25 @1.50 Throe dollars per car to bo added when transferred, which charge follows the shingles. Thickness—Five shingles to be two Inches In thick* noas. Length—Sixteen inches. Black-Walnut Counters, $100.000150.00: clear, $56.00075.00; common, $10.00060.00; cull, $30,000 85.00; flooring, $50.00000.00. . Aah—Clear, $30,00040.00; common, $20,00025.00: cull, $12.00016.00; flooring, $30.00040.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00025,00: •cull. $12.00018.00. ' Hickory—Clear, $35.00045.00; common. $25,000 86.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00. Maple—Clear, $30.00040.00; common. $20.00030.00: cull, $10.00015.00. ’ Butternut—Clear, $50.00050.00; common, $25,000 85.00, Cherry—Clear, $50.00050.00; common, $25,000 35.00 : cull, $12.00018.00. ' Wliltowood—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00 @30.00; cull, $10.00016.00. Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per sot, $1.0001.60; wagon poles, each, 45056 c ; box boards, $35.00040.00. Port of Chicago, ARRIVED JunoO. Barge E. E. Tyson, Menominee, 400 m lumber. Barge E. 8/Boblnson, Menominee, 400 m lumber. Bchr D. 8. Austin, Buffalo, (too ton, eoel, Rclir Gertrude, Peutwator, 70 m oak lumber. Bohr Montlcello, Little Soaus, 460 tons coal. Bohr Czar, Oswego, oou tons coat. Scow Milton, 'White Lake, 125 m lumber. Prop City of Detroit, Fort Huron, 2,700 brls salt, 273 bm fish. Barge Guiding Star, Fort Huron, 1,800 brls salt. Schr Ivor Lawson, Muskegon, 175 m lumber, 15 m lath. Schr J. M. Forrest, Manistee, 165 m lumber. Scow Annie Tontine, Manistee, 135 m lumber* Schr Dawn, While Lake, 70 m lumber. Bark Menominee, Manistee, 250 m lumber. Schr J. Catcbpole, Manistee, 120 m lumber. Scow Gladiator, Manistee, 140 m lumber. Schr £1 Tempo. Manistee, 160 m lumber. Bchr Josso Phillips, Manistee, 180 m lumber* Barge Windsor, Manistee, 260 m lumber. Schrß. P. Mason, Manistee, 160 m lumber. Prop M. Groh, Manistee, 100 m lumber. Schr J. Bates, Manistee, 74 m lumber; 68 m timber. Schr Annie O'Hanson, Manistee, 180 m lumber. Barge Apprentice Boy, Muskegon, 220 m lumber, 30 m lath. Bohr Gipsy. Muskegon, 110 m lumber, 16 m lath. Bchr Westchester, Muskegon, 140 m lumber, 20 m lath* Bchr Throe Bolls, Muskegon, 176 m lumber. Schr B Simmons, Muskegon, 220 m lumber. Schr Wm. Jones, Muskegon, ISO m lumber. Schr Seventh Ohio, Muskegon, 100 m lumber, 100 m lath. Schr Glad Tidings, Muskegon, 175 m lumber, 35 m lath. Schr Adriatic, Muskegon, 125 m lumber. Schr P. Hayden, Muskegon, 130 m lumber. Bchr Fashion, Muskegon, 146 m lumber. Bohr Advance, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. Bchr Pilot, Muskegon, 115 m lumber. Bchr Mulvn, Muskegon. 200 m lumber. Schr O. J. Boeder, Muskegon, 120 m lumber. Bchr J. O. Moss, Muskegon, 160 m lumber, 15 m lath* Bchr John Tlbbets, Muskegon, 135 m lumber. Schr Arctic, Muskegon, 75 m lumber, Schr Gamecock, Muskegon, 176 m lumber. Schr D. It. Martin, Elk Rapids, 270 m lumber, 60 m lath. - Bchr J. and A. Stronack, Frankford, 165 m lumber. Scow Laurel. Duck Lake, 70 m lumber, 31 m lath. Schr Mary N. H. Ferry, Black Creek, 115 m lumber* Prop David Balloatlno, Bay City, 800 m lumber. Schr Dispatch, Sturgeon Bay, 170 m lumber. Bohr Provence, Pontwatcr, 85 m lumber 8 m lath, Bchr Hamlet, Ford River, 160 m lumber. Bchr Mary L. Higgle, Oconto, 343 m lumber, 113 m lath. Schr City of Chicago, Oconto, 385 m lumber. Schr Wollln, Holland, 80 m oak lumber. Bchr Bello Walbridgo, Sturgeon Bay, 330 m lumber. Schr Petrel, Muskegon, 160 m lumber. Schr Herald, Muskegon, 145 m lumber, 40 m lath. * Bchr Milwaukee Bello, Little Suamico, 34 m lumber. Schr G. Barber, Ludlugton, 104 m lumber. Bohr J.‘Dreaden, Frankfort, 90 m lumber. . Sohr A. L. Potter, Milwaukee, 480 tons iron ora. Bchr G. E. Puriugton, White Lake, 125 m lumber. Schr Tuscola, Lincoln, 160 m lumber, Bchr Albatross. Cedar River, 160 m lumber. Scow South Blue, White Lake, 130 m lumber. Bchr Liberty, Muskegon, 70 m lumber. Bchr BailoiWloy, Musxogoo, 70 cds wood. Bohr'B. BcovlUo, Muskegon, 110 m lumber. Bchr Josos, Muskegon, 116 m lumber, 15 m lath. Schr Moss, Muskegon, 210 m lumber. Barge Wolverine, Grand Haven, 300 m lumber. . R9Q Prop Charles Reitz, Manistee, 160 m lumber. 100 m shingles, 40 lath, 100 cedar posts, 10 m pickets. Schr E. M. Stanton, Manistee, 160 m lumber. - Barge Harmony, Msnlsteo, 260 m lumber, 130 m shingles, 05 m lath. Schr A. J. Mowry. Lincoln, 130 m lumber, 40 m latb. Bchr Ostrich, Little Suamico. 240 m lumber, 30 m lath. Schr Maggie Thompson, White Lake, 160 m lumber, 30 mlath. Schr R. J. Sanbourno, Frankfort, 160 white ash lum ber. Scbr Imperial, Menominee, 300 m lumber. Roboxts, Pentwator, 60 m lumber, 200 m shingles. Brig N. M. Standard, Buffalo, 663 tons cool. Bark Erastus Corning, Buffalo, 1,260 tons coal. Schr Express, Mauisteque, 226 m lumber, 30 m latb. Bchr Champion. Buffalo, 850 tons coal. Bchr P. B. Marsh, Buffalo. 950 tons coal. Schr Ataunto, Buffalo, 600 tons cool. Bchr Annie Vought, Erie, 1,200 tons coal. Sohr Rod Wing, Buffalo, 1,000 tons coal. Schr Knight Templar, Oswego, 600 tons coal, Bchr Mont Blanc, Oswego, 440 tons coal. Schr Idaho, Oswego, 430 tons coal. Sohr Atmosphere, Cleveland, 600 tons coal. Schr John Wesley, Cleveland, 660tonscoal. Barge City of Grand Haven, Grand Haven, 320 m lum ber. Barge Wm. Burn, Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Scow Sea Bird, Grand Haven, 145 m lumber, IS m latb. Barge 0. O, D., Grand Haven, 800 m lumber. Sohr Jennie Lind, Grand Haven. 80 m lumber, Sohr Madison, Ludlngtou, 75 m lumber. Barge Mars, Ludlngton, 260 m lumber. Bohr Kitty Grant, Baugatuck, 75 m lumber. Bchr Fanny and Floy, Baugatuck, 70 m lumber, 60 m lath. Bchr Col. H. O. Hog, Portage Lake, 160 m lumber. Schr Surprise, Erie. 400 tons coal. Bchr O. North, Muskegon, 100 m lumber. Schr Topsey, Muskegon, 160 m lumber. Schr A. J. Travis, Muskegon, 70 m lumber. Bchr Elba, Lulling’* Pier, 60 m lumber. Boow D. O. Wright, Luiungton, tfU m lumber, 606 tele- Sroph polos, lack Hawk. Lincoln, 00 m lumber, 100 m lath. Stmr Nashua, Ogdensburg, 100 bxs fish, 447 lbs Iron, 260 bxs cheese. Bohr John Kildechouse, Erie, 001 tons coal. Sohr Manitowoc, Manitowoc, 10 bxs fish, 34 brls pork. 010 4.00 .1.010 8.C5 1,253 6.65 ,l,aW) 6.75 NIOUT AUBITALO. Btmr Muskegon, Muskegon, sundries. Xo. Av. Price. 41 333 $4.40 103 184 4.00 65 , 204 4.48 08 310 4.60 71 ’ 268 • 4.45 (61 206 4.00 34 278 4.60 300 303 4.60 00 200 4.45 70 174 4.65 tat was Inactive, 15.00 for poor to .at $1.6008.60 per LUMBER, 40.00 @49.00 23.00 @24.00 20.00 @21.00 35.00 @38.00 26.00 @30.00 37.00 @40.00 86.00 @38.00 26.00 @28.00 16.00 @20.00 12.00 @14.00 HARDWOOD. MARINE. Prop Idaho, Buffalo, 068 brio sugar and sundries* Sebr John Minor, Oconto, 360 m lumber. Prop Cuba,.Buffalo,. 1,600 brls salt, 600 brls saga} and anndrlca. . • Prop St. Louie, from Buffalo, 787 bars atoel railroad Iron, 676 brla sugar, and rmndrics. Stmr Merchant, Erie, 420 ban railroad Iron, and sum dries. Scbr Gen.*tilffcl, Manlstoo, 140 m lumber. Bchr Daniel Lyons. Oswego, 403 tons coal. . • ■> Prop Jay Gould, Buffalo, 854 ban railroad iron, 87t brls sugar, and sundries. CLEARED... ..JuneO. Bchr Minnie Slanaon, Buffalo, 24,300 bu rye. Barge William Burn, Grand Haven, 35 ede nlono. Bchr Three Bolls, Muekogpn, 17,000 brick. 6 cds atone. Prop Qon. Paine, Grand Haven, 9-tons iron, 31 kegs spike. Bchr A. J. Mowry, Lincoln, 37 pkgs sundries, * Scbr Harmony, Manistee, 400 bu cats. Schr J. A. Travis, Muskegon, 35 cds stone. Scow Black Hawk, Lincoln, sundries. Prop Mohawk, Buffalo, 23,800 bu corn, 400 brls flour, Schr Perry Hannah, Buffalo, 14,805 bu corn. Bchr W. B. Allen, Buffalo, 20,000 bu com. Scbr-O. K. Nlms, Buffalo, 33,400 bu.corn, Bohr Ironsides, Port Oolbourn, 16,303 bu corn. Prop Missouri, Dulutb, 9,600 brick. KIOQT CLEARANCES. n.uu, vbAAiunvu. Btmr Muskegon, Grand Haven, 167 bars railroad Iron, and sundries. Prop city of Boston, Ogdonsburg, 10,400 bu com) and sundries. Prop Merchant, Erie, 800 brla flour. \ Prop Japan, Erie, 30,100 bu oats, 12,400 bu cotkd 1,680 brls flour. y £rop Jay Gould, Buffalo, 600 brls flour, 1 Green Bay, sundries. 1 Wllllo Kelley, Kingston, 12,200 bu wheat. • 1 Latco Frclshta U - [uotabli «ro amiable At Co for corn and oWo for wheat W Buffalo, and for wheat to Kingston. The char* tors reported wore; To Now York via Buffalo—Prod Japan, com and oats; prop Montana, wheat 5 prop sQ Louie, oata and wheat, and prop J. risk, wheat, all' on thjough ratoa. To Boaton via Ogdonaburch—Pron City of Boston, com at 200. To Klngaton-tichra TO KoUor and D. Lyon, wheat at 18!<c. To Buffalo—Sohi L. Hannah, com at Go • W, B.iUlon, com on private terms (Saturday). To Sarnia—Prop City of Detroit and barge Guiding Star, com at 300 to Portland. Total capacity equal to 100,000 bu wheat, 163,000 bu ec"r, and 40,000 bu oats. In the afternoon the achr Starlit, 1 waa reported for com to Buffalo at Cc. iraincollancoiis* Tbo now steam bargo David BaUentlno arrived yesl terdsy. The Dallontlno was built at Saginaw and la on* «t tne nneat vessels of her class on the lakes. Tbo barge brought la 760 m foot of lumber. The Ballon* tine loft Saginaw with the now sohr A. B. Moore in tow, bdt pno of the barge's engines became disabled and eho left the achr on Lako lluron, to make the nasi sago alone. 1 t —Tbo schr Catchpolo came In contact with another vessel at the lumber docks yesterday, and both worn slightly damaged. I-?**? or ? scarce at Marquette, and vessels go* load *»ayo boon obliged to wait a long time JwnJiS .. 8 « M- T . h . o ", chr B. Moll hai licoo uoumed .1 Muquctto for a wliolo wook from til. cause. “The tug 0. P. Nagle with a tow. while ping np the river yesterday morning, collided with the tug Wood at I*ke street. The Nagle was badly bruised and a dock-hand was thrown overboard, but rescued without being hurt. , —The sohr Warren and the propeller Bertshey cob. Uded off Voddor’s Her Thursday night in a bg, The Warren was considerably injured. : —The now Iron prop Arabia, of the wj T. Co., brought Into Buffalo, on Friday lost, the lanest pro. peller cargo on record, being 1.620 tons, and drawing only 13>tf feet forward and 13 feet U Inches ift. Tha Cuba brought In 1,012 tons last season. . —At Detroit, the Government steamer, Warlngton, is loading with watcr-Umo and other material for the building of a light-house at Little Point Srableon Labe Michigan. She tows also two scows to tint point freighted with like material. Sho nil! not take her de parture for a day or two. < —Superintendent Carloton last week reported a depth of 11 feet 0 inches on tho lower miter eri of tho Sault Canal. —WAflnnroxoN. Juno 7.—From Friday, tho 20lh, a fixed rod light will bo exhibited from Pentwatcr, Mich, —Pont OoLßonux, Juno o.—The following vessels have paasod tho Welland Canal: Down—Schrs Nep tune, 8. 8. Ellsworth, Mary Battle, Day Queen, Malta, prop City of New York. Passed Down—Schrs Trini dad, Fltzbugb, Mary Grover; prop Milwaukee ; schrs Grace Whitney, Hoboken, E. Blake, Neptune, A. Fal coner ; steam barges Glagow, J. T. Mott, Notta Wood ward, Alboeoro.* ‘ —The following are tho ruling rates for freights at Cleveland: Iron oro from Marquette to Cleveland, $3.25 ;to Erie, $3.50, single trip; Eacanaba to Eno, $2.50; to Cleveland, $2.25. Coal to Chicago, down town docks firm at $1.30 free ; to up-town docks, $1.40 free; to Milwaukee, $1.25 free; to Detroit, 650 ; To ronto, $2.30 gold, straight; Hamilton, $2,3002.35 gold, straight. There Is plenty of cool but vessels oro scarce. —The. following Is a list of tho vessel transfers In which the consideration was over SSOO, which took place In tho Detroit Custom-House District during tho month of May: “ Tug Velocipede, Frank Bagor to A, M. Howard, consideration, $4,500 ; scow H. 8. Hoyld, George Bouaquofr to Ed Lohr, ono-half, $700; scow Newman,. John Buffet to Fvrto McGuire, one-half, $360 ; same to L. B. Rivard, other half. $400; propel ler Bt. Joseph, W. T. O. Co., and others to Robert? McQlnlty and others, $30,000; scow Venus, Richard Ibbcrson and Charles E. Lotts to Horace S. Fierce, $800; scow Rooster, Oliver Moore to F. Qouler, S7OO ; propeller Michigan, N. T. Co., of Ohio, to James Fow ler and others, fia.2so ; scow Norman, L. B. Rivard to Mltchol Petty, $700; steam barge. Ohio, Mary Mills- James Taylor, and others to O. M. Elroy, $18,000; turf O. Wilcox, Trowbridge estate to William Livingstone* Jr. and A. Chesebrough, $34,000.” OCEAN NAVIGATION. NATIONAL LIE. 8*111?* N *wYork for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, aud for London dirootovery fortnight. Gatin Passage SBO, S9O, and SIOO Cnrrency. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas sengers should make early application (or berths. STEERAGE, *29.00 currency. „ Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown. Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, $31.00 currency. Passengers booked to or from German and Scandina vian points at low rates. The Steamships of tiffs Uno are the largest In the trade. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and tho Continent. WILLIAM MACALISTER, Oen’l Western Agent. Northeast comer Clark and Randolpb-sta. (opposite now Sherman House), Chicago. GUMBO MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 1840. Steam Between Now York, Boston, and Liverpool. FROM NEW TORK. Samaria Juno 7 I Scotia. Abyssinia... Juno 14 I Algeria 8atavia........ Juno HI | Russia And from Boston every Tuesday. Cabin Pannage, 880, 8100 and SI 30, Gold. Excursion Tickets at Reduced Rates. Steerage Passage, 830 currency. Passengers and freight booked to and from all parts of Europe at lowest rates. Slgbtl) rafts on Groat Britain. Ireland, and the Continent. P. U. DU VERNET. Gon'l Wost’n Agent. N. W. oor. Clark and Randolphs, FOR EUROPE. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. Will sail from Now York as follows: CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, June 13, 7 A. M, CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday. Juno 14, 8 A. M. CITY OP BRISTOL Thursday, Juno 19. IP. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN ..Saturday, Juno 91, SP. M. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Her No. 4fi, North River. Cabin Paiiflage, 870 and 800 Gold. Steerage, to British Porta $30.00 Currency. Round Trip Tickets at Reduced Rales. SIGHT DRAFTS for salo at low ratoe. FRANCIS O. BROWW, . General Western Agent, 82 South Clark-st., corner Lake. NEW YORK TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON, And all Other Points in England and Woles. Tha South Wales Atlantic Steamship Company's new first-class Steamships will sail from Pennsylvania Rail road Wharf. Jersey Oltys PEMBROKE.. May 98 GLAMORGAN .... June S Those steamships, built expressly for the trade, are pro vided with all the latest Improvements for tho comfort and oouvoulenonof OAUIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. FI rat Cabin..,,,... SBO currency Second Cabin Wcurrency Steerage.. 80currency Prepaid Steerage certificates from Cardiff......... $33 Drafts for XI and upwards* For further particulars, auply In Cardiff, at tho Com pany's OJliooi. No. 1 Dock Chambers, and In Now York to ARCHIBALD BAXTER A 00., Aponte, . No. 17 Broadway. STATE LINE. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. BEL. Those elegant now steamers will sail from Btat« lino Fortnightly thoroaftor. AuSTUf iiAI.DWIN i CO.. Agents. 73 Broadway, N. V. „ SAMPLE A HARGIS, Agents, Oor. of Canal ami West MadUon»sts., Chicago. . SALVE. All Right Salvo for Rums, llolle* CORNS! SO oobU » box, DR. STEPHENS. 131 Dmbora-H* .Jane 11 •June 13 .Jane 35

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