Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 11, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 11, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. WATOHES. PIHE WATCHES We have the largest assortment of Fine Watches in the West, which we are selling at remarkably low prices. We have just received another large invoice of GOLD GUARD CHAINS. 1. IH 4 CO. state & mums. PRINTERS’ STOCK. ' mem stock CARD BOARD, ATT VTILtnD ' FANCY AND GLAZED PAPERS/ EVERY VARIETY. Bill Heads, Letter Heads, Note Heads, Statements, Colored Prints, Colored Mediums) And PRINTERS’ STOCK generally. T.S.G-ILLETT, lie FIFTH-AV- OFFICE FURNITURE. DESKS, Tables, and Ohalrs T at DOSTWIOK’S. 113 Fifth-av. % EXCURSION. WAUKEGAN Grand Excursion, JUNE 86, 1873, SHIRTS. oebeh : PfSHIETSI From DISSOLUTION NOTICES. ioissojcuxioisr. « » . _ „ pmoAoo, Juno 7, 1878, The Ann of F» Kiss A Co. is dluolvcd from this day by mutual consent, F. Anthony withdrawing. Tho remain* |ng partnc , n, r. Kiss and J. Lodoror, are alono author* all outstanding debts, and will settle all liabilities cf the firm. , Tho business will bo continued at tho old stand. Nos 187 and 13a Statc-st. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership existing between Tbos. Goodwill!* r 0( L« ?n l r I V,P ood I Tl )l*? “uuor tho firm namoofThos. Gocmwllllo A llro., la this day dissolved by mutual con aent. , Ihoa. QoodwUlio will pay all dobta and assume all liabilities. TUGS. GOODWILLIE. Chicago, June 10. 1873. DOUGLAS QOODWILLIB. DISSOLUTION. Notice la hereby given that tho partnership heretofore existing between tho undersigned, under the name, firm, snd style of Blaohoff A Maxwell, has this day boon dis solved by mutual consent. A. BISOHOFF. Dated Juno 10. 1873. WILLIAM MAXW^TT. DISSOLUTION. Tho copartnership heretofore existing under the flna name of STEPHENS A CLARK, composed of Henir s!°. p k°. nB and G-W-9 lark / Jr -» lj this day dissolved by mutual consent. Tho pl&nlng-mUI, doexago, etoragof i alllppl 5 £ °f cargo lumber, and box manu facturing will bo conducted at formerly, by Q.W. Clark, Gl‘\it if iHS??Tn V uudor firm name of .? i « * » B »UDiod all llabllltloß 2*»’? i! ? rm 2*, B t epbona 4 Clark. All parties any way in dobted to said linn of Stephens A Clark are hereby noU fled to pay tho same to the urn of Clark A Hutchins. G. W. CLARK. JR., HENRY STEPHENS, Chicago, Juno 9,1873. DISSOLUTION. hereby glTon that tho copartnership Km.fni «>bl roto fli l fSi oxlßtl °p botwoon the undersigned; i W iS‘}h7i 10t V M harry, under tho Him name ol iJorry a Uo., in tho business of moat market, at 124 Mil. ThUm 80 *!?** ls fn lB day dissolved by matual consent. Bornr will continue lu said business at tho abovo s““h Q r, and he only la authorized to collect tho debts A,irtfl^n° nd w!} Q wUI PaJL *« d»bU and demands sf™r at. B nou our haDd « and aoala this Oth dayof Jans, A. D. 1873. KAMUKL BYKKB. CUFFS AND COLLARS, Mil COMM MD CUFFS. The Greatest Variety of Stylos over offered in Mne Goods, at WILSON BROS,, Plko*« Oporalloaeo, Fourths!.. Cincinnati. LAKE NAVIGATION. GOODRICH’S STEAMERS For liacino, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, oa, in, Saturday Excur sion Boat for Milwaukee, etc., do'n’t leave un til 8 p. in, For Grand Haven, Grand Itapids, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Pruitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. m, For St- Joseph and Benton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p, m. For Green Bay Ports, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7p. m. Wednesday's Boat goes to Escanaba, ' LOTTERY. LOTTERY. OfQolal Drawing of tho Dally Combination bottom oiiAHS no. no. forjunk 10, wa. ' , 6, 10, 33, 7. CJ, 61. 87, <O. GB, 0. £9. 88. IS, 65. 40, 38, 86, 20, 31, W, 11. 74. 50, 35, 41, 51. floalcd playa aeourud on deposit. Frizes oaabed anil Information glron by tha Soalod Dopoaltory, F. 0. DA VIS, Manager, Room* 6 and 7. 16l boutn Olark-al. s jirauob $3 $3 Rare Optm On and after June 10,1873, the sub. - eorlbers will offer AT COST, STOGKOFCLOTHUfi For Mon’s, Boys’, and Children's wear, preparatory to their removal to their New Store, W. W. corner State and Madison-sts. Edwards, Bluett & Co. Successors to O. T. BBLDINO A CO. Now at 45 & 47 West IMson-st.. and 308 State-st. WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY. GET THE BEST. Weljster’s Wipi! Dictionary. IOiOOO' Words and Meanings Not In Other Dictionaries. 3.000 Engravings; 1840 Faces Quarto. Price, 812. tST'A National Standard. Tho authority In tho Coy. amment Printing ORico at Washington, ana supplied by the Government to every pupil at west Point. Gov't Pniwnsa Omoe, I _ . . , Washington,'‘•April 23,1873.1 . Wobstor’a Dictionary 1b tho Standard authority for print ing In this odlco, and has boon for tho last four years. A. M. CLAPP, Congressional Printer. recommended by Bancroft, Prescott, Mot ley, Goo. P. Marsh, Hallock, Whlltlor. WUUs. Saxe. Ellhu Bnrrltt, Danlol Wobator, Rufus Ohoato, and tho host American and European scholars. Published by G. A O. MBRRIAM, CWSold by all Booksellers. Sprlngllold. Ms,.. FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. HARRIS A COBB, 171 Sooth Clark-at. Savings Bank r. KISS. J. LKDERER, F. ANTHONY. AND Safe Depository, In their now Fire-Proof Building, 143, 145 & 147 Eandolph-st., Receive for aafo keeping in their GREAT FIRE AND BUROLAR.PROOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among tho beat in tho world, having ooat over one hundred thousand dollars). Coupon Bonds, Securities, Family riato, Coin, Deeds, Wills, ‘and Valuables of every do* sonption. Also, rent Safes fn their Vault* at from $lO to 860 a year, according!© slro. v TRUSTS OF EVERY KIND RECEIVED AND EXE* OUTED. Interest Allowed on Savings Deposits. JOHN O. HAINES, President. IOWA AND NEBRASKA BANDS. MILLIONS OF ACRES lowa&iteMaiiils FOR KIAT.Tn, On 10 yoara’ credit, with only 6 per cent Intercut, payable annually for 4 years after purchase 5 20 por cent deduoted If ono-balf of land bought In Nebraska In 1878 Is cultivated In 2 years after date of purchase; ono-balf faro and about one-half freight per car-load from Chicago to Missouri lUyor, and FREE PARE In lowa or Nebraska lor our land-bnyora. 80 por oont deducted for cash down. 20 por cent deducted for H down and bal. In 2 years. 18 per oont deduoted If paid In full lo 1 year. 15 per oont deducted If paid in fall in 3 years. . M per oont deduoted If paid In full In 3 years. By those liberal terms, products will pay for tho lands and improvements. _ , GEO. S. OAKiUS, Lsod OommUalonor, Burlington, low*. OaU for Exploring Ticket* and fall particular*, on W• IX* WISNEII, General Agent, M Oiark-at., Chicago. WANTED— AGENT&-RROIII 87fi, to $360 per month, evorTwhoro, to soil onoj of the moat useful article* OTor invented ' needed in every family. Bond for Circa- Ur. Address, REMOVAL. I have again gone back to noar my old quarters, Nos. 60 and 61 Markot-st., wboro I have hotter facilities for doing business than over before, and, thankful for past favors, shall bo happy to see all old friends and many now, and guarantee satisfaction to all. W. B. STANNAIID. MONEY TO LOAN. P Wo have $26,000 to loan on property in tho business part of Obioago. Wo prefer property already improved. This sum could bo divided into two or three smaller sums for desirable loans. McKinnon & maush, ' 135 Olark-st. Money to Loan WniUUT . •fittiinulAl’lloomill Xriiiimo DuUdlns. ART GALLARY. 3TOR QUALITY IN PHOTOGRAPHS, OALLUPON BHA.Krr>, Whosowork is kopt up to thoVBBY HIGfHBST STANDARD ofPhoto graphic ozoollonoo. $3 PER 3DOZBIT- Btmllo, SDC Watasli-iw. COPYING. TAKE YOUE Old Pictures of De ceased Prlends To BRAND'S to have thorn boauti folly ooplod and enlarged. BRAND’S ART GALLERY, COO Wabaah-Qv. MEN’S CLOTHING. TEEm ENTIRE !Y FltO.ll lOSS BY ROBUEKY KIKE, OK ACCIDENT. WANTED. BECOME A CO., I 167SUto-6t», Chicago, 111. [ REMOVALS. FINANCIAL. 1 REAL ESTATE. Great Audi Sal DREXEL BOULEVARD COTTAGE GROVE-AV. LOTS, On Wednesday, Jnne 18, 1873, .At 3 1-2 o’clockp. m., sharp. $3 $3 Wo will offer at public auction, on tho grounds, WEDNESDAY, Juno 18, 1873, at 8X o’clock p. m„ •harp, (hat fine groro block Immediately north of Mr. Jamos 8 tin eon's flno rotldonoo, fronting oast on Droxol Bonlorard, and west on Oottago Ororo-ar., between For ty-third and Forty-fourth-»Um IN FIFTY-FOOT LOTS, to ihrfilghoat bidder, ou tho following tonne, tls. : One slxth oath on day of ealo, ono-alxth In 00 days, and tho balaneo in one and two years, Inloroit at 6 per oont, pay able annually. THE-SALE WILL BE BONA FIDE AND PERBMP TORY, AND NO SIDE-BIDDING ALLOWED. This property Is among tho moat beautiful and doslrablo oaldenoo property In or around Chicago, and needs only to bo soon to bo admired. It la Tory oholoo for roaldonoo or InToatmonto. It la Within throe blocks of tho Forty* third-st. Station, on tbo X. O. Hyde Park R, R , and within three blocks of tho Oottago Qroro bone-oars,.and tbo Cottage Groro Dnmmy paasos on tho west lino of tbo block. Tbo Oottago Grove fronts aro very desirable for. ollhor bualnoea or roaldonoo. SEWERS, GAS, AND WATER CONVENIENT. TITLE PERFECT. Print ed abstracts will bo fornlshod each purchaser. Can on CLARKE, LAYTON & CO., 120 LaSalle-st., for plots and further particulars. A. FRBB JUDE to and from tho ironodi on day of •ale, both by 111* O, B. B. and street-cars. Ticket* for •ame to bo had at offloo of CLARKE, LAYTON 00. Train loftTOi I. jO. R. 8., foot of Lako-st., at 0 o’clock p. a., obarp. CLABKE, LAYTON & CO. REAL ESTATE. Aore-Property. Hirer Bark ii ilz miles from Chicago and la naturally 1U most beautiful mburb. Tho land Is subdivided and planted with orer 6,000 of the choicest forest trees, bo» sides baring a natural forest of an hundred acre«. The ■troota aro bolng raplaly graded, and tho town will con tlnuotobrt improrod on such a liberal scale aa to Insure the permanent and growing ralne of tho property. Wo propose to bold tho major part for a largo advance, but, to moot maturing engagements, will .soil two tracts of thirty acres each In tbo original plat. Ono of those tracts Is throo blocks and tho other only two blocks from tho do. pot, and togothor they comprise some of tbo choicest of the whole preport*. Wo will explain more fully the pros, poota of Rlror Park to those who may call upon us, and gladly show It to any who contemplate buying. BATLES & WALKER, BEAUTIFUL HOMES, GEO. SUMMERS, 188 Bast Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ances the erection of dwei i i-n gn FOB IS .A, LIB BY WEARY & PURPLE, Beautiful lot* at South Englewood for SSO caah, balance $lO per mouth.* Please call at our office. No. 77 South Clark-at., Room 6, Superior Block. We have a good Hat ofcholco property on the avenues aouth. TO RENT. TO LIVERY MEN. , Iwn »bout to erect a flnt-olaas Livery Stablo. 40 foot rtTw t* * eot dofl ß l ? n l°s °n Adams-at., 50 foot oast no , r ii l J ront * , Tho bam will contain base* i A OO b or »«3, hoistway for manure, office. f« h2?*V?. ro °i?t. et u** J ngtwo stories and basement In height, with a very handsome brick and cut atone front on Adama-at. This Is the boat locality in Chicago for a TT U# # ln .°/' ! & b v° wlthl “a "tone's throw of Palmer a Grand Hotel (Wabash-ar. entrance), the Ollf* »? n S°P B Si tho Matteson House, the Gardner House the ",l lc .V! On,O J •” , V" Hoim. Tho ffiSSortU ba leased for a term of yean. Apply to Office of THE LANDOWN'eR, M^M^^^MM Chicago. WOVEN WIREMATTRESS. YOUR LIFE / IS SPENT IN BED. You get the Most Comfort by using PETERS* IMPROVED Woven Wire Mattress. An Improvement ever aft other*. Sold by dealers in Furniture and Bedding. WHITTLES BY 4PETERB, Poor N. of Mndleon. PATENT RANGES. VAN’S PATENT Hotel Ranges, Family Ranges, Broilers, Carving and Stoam Tablets, Coffee Urns, Bto. 36 State-st., s.w. oor. Lake, OMoago. STATIONERY GOODS. Office Stationery Goods OF A.LX, KITIN'IDS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. COLTER, PASS, HOIK & CO., 118 & 120 Mouroo-st. FIREWORKS. Fireworks! THE LARGEST STOCK west of New York, sold at the lowest prices, at ne ntAJxrrjoxjiPiKC-ST. CIIAS. MORRIS, Manufacturer. MEETINGS. Attention Sir Knights. Rt. nproard Coramandory, No. 85. K. T., Now Aiylum (Corinthian Hail), will ba open fur Inspection Wednesday evening, Junoll. Mr Knlgbta and tholr ladle* art) sour tommy Invltod. By order or J. A. OUAWIt'ORD, Commander. Masonic. Regular communication of Dlaney Lodge No. 971. A. K *t A. Al.. will bo bold tbla (Woduaadav) evening, |u Orbmtal Hall, at Bp. m. B. Q. BQwBKR, Soo, Mnsouic. Special oommunieatlon of. Kilwinning Lodgo. 811. A. F. and A. M., at Ourintblan Hall, Iffl Uaat Kindest, on Thursday evening at,7W o'clock. Business of Import* anoo to over/ member, By order of f A. M. THOMSON, W. M. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 1873, WASHINGTON. Speculations as to What Will Bo Done with the Modoos. Tho Postal-Card Contract—Arguments Fro and Con. < The Guatemala Annexation Scheme Officially Contradicted. Tho Position ot tho Transporta tion Committee on tho Needs of tho West. Special Disvateh to The Chicago Tribune, Washington, cans of Virginia orb complaining bitterly about some of tbo Federal appointments recently made In that State. It is charged' that many of ■ tho appbintoos are not only ox-Confederates, but that they have not, since tho close of tho rebel lion, identified themselves with iho Republican party* Tho negroes, who form tho largest part ;of tho Republican voters la tho Old Dominion, assort thot they have not boon recognized in tho distribution of the Federal patronage, while their formormastore, who wont into tho rebellion, have' bad favors showered upon them. It is charged that oil this has boon accomplished by John S. Meshy, of rebel guer rilla fame, who Is known to havo considerable Influence with tho President. Mosby, while steadily refusing office himself, has provided fop a largo numoor of his friends. Very recently two of Mosby’o cavalry, wore appointed mail agents at a salary of $1,200 each, A prominent Republican from Virginia says that on account of tho appointment made there by tbo Presi dent, tho party is much discouraged, and that it will havo a had effect upon tho ponding cam paign. b THE MODOO CAPTIVES. Tho Administration organ boro, tinder the heading of “What is to bo done with tho Mo docs," has some suggestions which have boon agitated hero in both legal and military circles for eomo time. It says that persons who profess to know are predicting that neither Cant. Jack “or any of his followers will bo hanged. Tho Military Commission will bo organized by Gen. Scofield, and will doubtless try them promptly, but the findings of that Court must bo approved by tho President, and then comes tho tug of war. The first question to bo brought before tho President by tho adherents of tho peace policy will bo ono denying tho of tho Military. Commission which is to try tho culprits, on tho ground that Gen, Oanby was not kiftod os Commander of tho in tho Department of Columbia, bat was killed while acting os a Peace Commissioner, having boon placed at tho head of tho Commis sion by a special agreement between tho Presi dent and Secretary of tho Interior, with full power in the premises. Ho could have removed a Commissioner if he thought it necessary, and was specially selected for this special duty. Tho Secretary of War, in tho order announcing Gen. Canby’s death, dated April 14, says no was killed while ho was endeavoring : to mediate for tho removal of tho Modoca from I their present rooky fastnesses on tho northern I border of California, to a reservation where tho tribe could bo maintained and protected by tho proper civil agents of tho Government. They further declare that Gen. Oanby was not sur rounded by any troops when ho was killed : but, having gone out oa a Peace Commissioner, away from ms command, mot his death, and tho mur derers cannot therefore be punished by a mili tary tribunal, but only by tho civil authori ties. As to tho killing of Mai. Thomas and those with him at a later date, the Military Commission'can tako no cognizance of that offense, as a state of war then existed between our troops and tho Modoca. Should tho President overrule those objections, the peace men will then propose to bring the whole question boforo tho Supremo Court of the United Statca by a writ of habeas corpus. Tho poaco men olaim that tho language of tho order from tho War Department announcing Qon. Canby’s death shows conclusively that ho was acting oa a Poaco Commissioner, and they quoto therefrom that portion which speaks of Gen. Canby os having gone with the Peace Commissioners, after which ho seems to havo accompanied them to a lost conference with the savage chiefs, in supposed friendly council, and there mot his death .by treachery outside of lus military linos. OOV. WALKER OP VIRGINIA. It is announced that Gov. Walker, of Vir ginia intends to take charge of a loading Rich mond paper at tho expiration of his present term. Walker’s friends, however, are now ad vocating him for a seat in tho United States Senate in the place of Senator Lewis, whoso term expires next year. TUB POSTAL CARD CONTRACT. The representatives of tho Morgan Envelope Company, of Springfield, Mass., with Gen. But ler as counsel, were hoard by the Postmaster- General to-day, in an argument Intended to show that tho Company is capable of, and prepared to comply with, its contract to furnish postal-cards, hut complained that tho water-mark required by the Department is so heavy as to be injurious to tho board upon which those postal-cards ore printed. It was shown on tho other hand that the failure thus far to fulfill the terms of tho contract had caused groat trouble and incon veniences, and had produced general public disgust; that in many instances packages of cards forwarded by the* Company , found to contain from ton to twenty-five leas than were represented, and withal the cards wore of very Inferior quality, not such as tho contract called for. It was de cided by tho Postmaster-General, however, to give tho Company a reasonable further time in which to moot its obligations, foiling in which the present contract will bo annulled, and tho work given to tho next lowest bidder, which is a Now York firm by whom tho stamped envelopes are now furnished. It is stated that tbo Com pany’s bid was at a figure about 28 cents loss per 1,000 cards than tbo Department estimate of tho actual cost of making and printing postal cords. SOUTHERN CUSTOMS OtTIOERB BADLT TREATED. Numerous complaints come hero about tho obstructions that are thrown in the way of cus toms officers in Southern coastwise duty. In dignities and insults of various kinds aro heaped upon these officials by masters and owners of vessels. The proper authorities have authorized tho vigorous prosecution of such offenders, and Collectors aro Instructed to place all cases of this character in the hands of District Attorneys for trial, expressing tho hope that tho guilty parties will be punished to the full extent of tho law. NEW POSTAL CONVENTION WITH BELGIUM. Letters of Instruction to tho Postmasters at Boston, Now York. Philadelphia, Chicago, and Cincinnati, were forwarded to-day, containing regulations for carrying into olfoot tbo now postal convention with Belgium, which goes into effect July 1, and reduces the rates on let ters from ton to eight cents per half ounce. Special Dispatch to The CMeaflo Tribune. TUE TUANBrOBTATION QUESTION. New Yobk, Juno 10.—A special from 'Wash ington says t'lt Is evident from tho tenor and tprapor of tho many communications reaching tho Senate Committee on Transportation, that tbo Government Is expootod by no small number of discontented but hopofal agriculturists, to provide a full remedy for tho degression under i i *P 0 inning interests of the country are sold to bo universally suffering, and to provide It at onoo. The Committee find such tendencies os those decidedly unpleasant, as certain disap pointment awaits all such sanguine correspond ents. Tho causes of the present depression, wherever it exists, are too many, and the prob- ■ Jem Involved in the removal of them too complex In points of law and fact, to admit of speedy action. Tbo present Commission is but on adviaonr one, with powers and duties limited, to ascertaining the necessity,'practicability, and cost of tho proposed routes of transportation, members regard it but the first stop, ana the shortest step in many, that must be taken before any effective relief can be afforded by VinoiNlA POLITICS. Iho Qovornpiont. Hostilities and rlvnlrloa in Congress, and out of It, ore to bo suppressed by discussion and management boforo oven a policy rrac< \ BU d to tho time conßumod in such ft difficult undertaking must bo added tho tlmo required for surveys and preliminary work, and, la n}Jy, tho aolual work of improvement. rho President's pooltion lias boon, . through aosign or carolcsanoßß, misrepresented or con- Buroa, according as thoso aeauming to qnoto bis position friendly or adverse to Government aid, iio Uaa never, in any manner which.can' bo prop erly cited aa an official expression of opinion, uouo more than to advieo Congress to take the question now agitating tho West and South Into consideration ho far aa to lay up knowledge against the time it might bo wanted, and this ho avowedly did on tho sound general principle that it does no barm to Book information on ft Riven subject, and very often does good. Nothing is bettor known hero than that ovorv influence known to strategy ineido politico haa boon brought to boar to induce tho Prosl dont to take up what is called in interested cir cles a flat-footed policy ” on tho question of inland water routes, and that ho has resisted such influences in tho silent, effectual manners© familiar and unwelcome to political operators of tho present ora in Washington. lib the Associated J’ress.} HIE GUATEMALA ANNEXATION SCHEME . DENIED. it Juno 10.—It was recently stated that two delegates from tho Government of Guatemala, accompanied by tho Minister from that country, called on President Grant, urging the annexation of ih&t Republic to the United States. There is the boat authority for saying that tbo Minister and Ban Salvador knows nothing 01 any Central Americans, who may bavo seen tho President with tho alleged or any other object. lie has not boon in Washington sinco tho 10th of April last, and to hia Knowledge not a single prominent native of Central America is dream ing, of the annexation of his country to tho United States. . TUB TnANSPOIITATION COMMITTEE. Senator Windom, Chairman of tho Senate Se lect Committee on Transportation, loft here to for Raltimoro, Philadelphia, Now York, and other cities in tho United States, and id Canada, to make arrangements for ’procuring commercial statistics and other information to zaouitato tho Committee’s investigations. kuotiok amp. Tbo Practice Ship Constellation will probably sail from Annapolis on Thursday or Friday, with midshipmen ou boord, for tbo annual summer cruise. THE GENEVA AWARD. Information wna received to-day from London that the Government of Groat Britain has made an arrangement through the Bank of England with certain bankers to deliver to tho Secretary of State in Washington, on or before tho 18th of September, $15,500,000 in gold, tho amount awarded by tho Genova Tribunal to tbo United States. mi VAN BCIIEN. Tho reports of the proceedings of the Board of Inquiry at Vienna, while they do not impugn the honesty of Qon. Van Boron, show hia in capacity for the business placed in his charge, and hence the “ irregularities” which led to his suspension. > APPOINTMENT. Tlio President has tendered Assistant Com missioner of Patents John M. Thatcher tbo appointment of Commissioner from the United States to the International Patent Congress, which will bo hold in Vienna next August, with tho object mainly of considering tho propriety of adopting an international system or patent laws. The oppointmont has been accepted and Judge Thatcher will soil for Europe on tho 6th EDWARD S. STOKES. The Slayer of Fislc Granted a Now Trial liy tho Court of Appoala«»TUo Prisoner’*! Demeanor* Albany, N. Y., Juno 10.—Tho Court of Ap peals. by a unanimous opinion, grants a new trial to Stokes. '■f’ho Court of Appeals wore unanimous m their opinion granting Stokes a now trial. There are two opinions written'—one by Judge Grover, and tho other by Judge Bappallo. Tho charge is hold to ho erroneous on the point that tho law presumes murder from tho act of killing, and calls on tho prisoner to mitigate or justify; also, there wore errors in excluding tho proof of throats by tho deceased to kill tno prisoner: also, on error in permitting Mrs. Morse to contradict Jonnio Turner in collateral matter called out on cross-examination of Jennie, namely: As to whether she loft Mrs. Morse’s against her wish, and because tho detectives wore said to bo after her, soon after the homici oido. There wore other points discussed, but ibooo are tho principal ones. The opinion of tho Court of Appeals in the Stokes case inforontlally declared the constitu tionality of the now jury law under which a formation or expression of opinion shall not operate to the exclusion of a juror who takes the oath that ho believes ho can reader on im partial verdict on tho evidence. New York, Juno 10.—When Stokes was in formed of tbo decision of the Court of Appeals granting him a now trial, ho expressed himself well-pleased, but added quickly and somewhat sadly: “ The report may possibly bo untrue, and the disappointment will bo all tho greater if such proves to ho tho ease.” His counsel, Mr. Dos lltssos. his relatives and friouda soon arrived at tho Tombs, and there was a good deal of rejoicing among thoso interested at tho favorable decision of tho Appellate Court. Dos Passes says: “ Upon the next trial wo will prove, to tbo satis faction of tho Now York public, that there has boon a gross misapprehension of tho o&so from the day of tbo tragedy, and wo will be ablo to establish his Innocence by evidence of an over whelming character.” Pots on the decision are In favor of Stokes. Special DiejxUch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, Juno 10.—Stokes' counsel will, it is understood, apply to have tho prisoner admitted to bail. Stokes says ho can furnish any amount. Then he adds : "I’m going to Europe, and I'll have a d—d bully time.” POLITICAL Expose of a Politico-ICollgious Aaso« elation in Brooklyn. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New York, Juno 10.—At a mooting of the Twenty-second Ward Republican Association of Brooklyn, one of tho members, Capt. James Tanner, a well known local politician, created a breeze by offering tho following resolution: Iteeolved, That, although many of ua differ radically with tbo tonota of tbo Roman Catholic faith, It la nev ertheless tho sense of this Association that tho banding together of our citizens In secret somi-poliUcal, semi roligious bodies, whore on obligation is assumed de barring members not only from supporting communi cants of tho Roman Catholic Church for any office of Subtle trust, but obligating themselves to pursue and rive out of such positions those individu als now holding them who may happen to be of Roman Catholic faith, is a violation of tho letter and spirit of tho Constitution of the United Slates, a violation of tho great principles of freedom, of thought, speech, and action, which aro tbo corner stones of our political structure, and an arrogatlon by fallible man of tho prerogatives of tho Supreme Being alone. Tho Captain, after announcing himself to bo a strict Methodist, supported this in a powerful speech in which ho charged that thoro exists in many wards of Brooklyn a branch society of a very strong secret order, calling tbomsolTOß tho Order of the American Union, whoso members are bound by the obligation described above, lie said that among his own friends, Wm. 11. Qle&uy, a master blookmakcr at the Navy Yard, was discharged; that BlaJ. George F, Tait, a one-legged veteran, was defeated for nomination to the Assembly; that Thomas F. Booney lost bis promotion to tho sorgoanoy of police, and that B. Flynn was removed from tho United Btatos Pension Oftico through tho in strumentality of tho Twenty-second ward So ciety, solely because they wore Catholics or had Catholic parents. Cant. Tanner pointed out several members of tlio order who warn in tho room, particularly Capt. John Hall, United Btatos Pension Agent, and donouncoditliom in bitter terms. Much confusion ensued. This ac counts for tho fact of Koruan running several thousand behind his ticket for Gogoruor lu Brooklyn last fall. Arrested (or ITlurdor* Philadelphia, Juno 10.—Ben). Palmer, second mate of tho bark J. B. Dulllold, of Yarmouth, England, was arrested for boating a seaman named John McDonough to death, off Capo May. Suicide* ‘ Special Dispatch to The Chicano Tribune. Dubuque, June 10.—The usually quiet neigh borhood of Fifth and Bluff streets was startled about half-past 10 this ovonlng by tho loud re port of a pistol, which investigation proved to havo been fired by a young man registered at tho Lorimor House as, A, 11. Graham, and who was found lying on thocomorof tho streets,welt ering lu his own blood, which was flowing freely from a ghastly wound in tho forehead. In his dosed list was a largo six-barreled Colt’s navy revolver. The young man was neatly attired in light pants, black coat and vosi, and checked shirt; was about 6 foot 10 Inches In height, light complexion, light hair, and cloanly-shavon face: weighs about 150 pounds. On bis person was found letters showing his right name to bo Edward W, Flint, of Salem, Mass.; somo from bis mother, dated Salem, Mass., May 11, and di rected to St. Joseph, Mo., tolling him to keep up bis spirits aud not despair; others of tho same tenor from his brother Charles, dated Ap- Eleton, AVis., May 23. A journal found showed hn_to . vo * >oon traveling from tho West to Bt. Paul. Where it ends on tho flv-loaf in pen cil Is written, “Edward W. Flint,‘Salem, Maas. Baggage at Lorimor House, Dubuque.” COAL MINE HORROR. Fire-Damp Explosion in tho Henry Ola] Mine, Soar Siiamokin, Pa. Ton Mon Taken Out Dead—Nar row Escape of Thirty-five. Elmira, N. Y., Juifo 10.—An explosion of fire damp occurred at the Henry Clay Colliery near Sbamokiu, Pa., this afternoon* Shortly after the explosion eleven persons were taken out of the mine, eight of them dead, —John Hays, the In side foreman being one of the latter. There wore from fifteen to.twenty-five persons still in the mine at the last accounts, but energetic efforts are being made to got them out. Siiamoein, Pa., Juno 10. —This afternoon an explosion occurred In the Henry Olay colliery, operated by the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company, near this placo. The col *.®l7 , . uot been inspected" for some time, but was always considered safe. It has the capacity for mining 8,000 tons of coal per month, and sixty-five men are employed in u. Conrad Brumheisor, the Inside boss, wont into an old working on the water level when the explosion immediately followed, caused, It is thought, by the fire-damp being fired, which communicated with the airways from the water level into the slope below, whore the men worked. The minors In this section of the coal region not being accus tomed to black damp, thought it was blasting powder that had boon sot on fire. They re mained in the slope until almost overcome with black damp, and then starting to come up mot tbo body of the after damp, and fell senseless. The strong men managed to got out, however. and gave the olarm to guide the others who followed, but on reaching the top of the slope, they fell back, be ing completely overcome. John Hays, the out side boss, on hearing the alarm, wont to their rescue. After proceeding about COO yards, ho foil face downwards in a.pool of water and was drowned. Enoch Magonski was found drowned by his side. Eight men woro brought out dead. There was no caving •in of the mine as first supposed, and there was no fault in the ventilations. The accident resulted from old gas exploding in a disused working. Up to 10 p. m. ton dead bodies woro taken out. Many of the men from surrounding mines came to render assistance. Tho excitement is intense. Wives and chil dren are rushing to tho scene of tho disostor, and finding tholr husbands and brothers either dead or grasufng for breath, while others woro eagerly watching tho arrivals of friends on tho slope wagons from below. Thoro woro fifty men in tho slope at tbo time of tho explosion, thirty* five of whom ore known to have escaped and will recover. William Brown, a prominent ooal operator at this place, foil down tho Daniel Webster shaft this afternoon, IGS feet deep. Ho hod a log broken, and was otherwise severely injured. THE INDIANS. Winnebago Council Near Sparta, Wis., Yesterday—TUo JYlodocN* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Sparta, Wis., Juno 10.— The Winnebago council was hold at Lafayotto,' northeast of hero, commencing at noon to-day. Nearly two hundred Indians, Including the Chiefs and prin cipal men of this tribe, wore present, and also, in behalf of tho Government, Gov. 0. 0. Wash burn, tho agent for removal, 0. A. Hunk, and Frank Mooro conducting tho council. Tho Winnobagoos adhere in the beginning to their evident purpose not to leave tho State. Gov. Washburn mado a speech to, them informing and explaining tho purpose of tho Government in respect to them, and giving them to understand that their removal was dotonniund upon, whether they wished it or not. Winniooblok, in behalf of the Indians, then asked to be assigned a reservation in some one of tho northern counties of Wisconsin, border ing on Loko Superior, which they wore told could not bo done. After a long palaver it was agreed that two of tho principal men of their tribe, Winnioshlok being one, should ho again allowed to visit tho Indian Territory and select such unoccupied parts thereof as should suit them, they stipulating that they should first bo allowed to visit Washington and confer with tho Groat Father respecting their affairs. With this understanding the council broke up. The In dians then commenced preparations for a groat barbeoue and medicine dance, which they hold to-night. Washington, June 10.—Tho massacre of tho Modoo captives at Lost River Crossing is de nounced by every one hero, and both Gen. Sher man. with tho military, and Attorney-General Williams, with tho judicial authorities, will oxeroiso every possible moans to capture and punish tho culprits. Tho Attorney-General expresses tho opinion that tho murder was committed by ruffians and outlaws, who infest that locality, and that it will bo almost impossible to catch them. Tho War Department received no dispatches on tho subject to-day. SanFbanoisco, Juno 10.—Schofield telegraphs Davie, from Boyle's Camp, that ho baa appointed a commission on tbo epot for the trial of the ; Modoc prisoners. The guard at Alcatraz was attacked with bricks, by Tom, thedMuto Indian prisoner. Tho guard flrod, and killed him, leaving six bullets m his body. Tho Orogoa papers denounco tho massacre of tho Modoca in unmeasured terms. SALT LAKE CITY. Tho Whisky Cruaadc—Sulcldo of‘n rflurdoror—Other Items. Bat.t Lake, Juno 10. —Auothor crusade against whisky has boon instituted by tho City Govern ment. Many woro arrested, and trials for viola tion of the ordinance have boon hold, and several parties sentenced to jail. Tho Territorial Courts released tho con demned on habeas corpus, and finally enjoined tho city authorities until the question of tho legality of tho ordinance is judicially de cided. On Sunday. Brigham Young in tho Tabernacle advocated tho total prohibition en forcement by tho City Council. Tne entire au dience sustained tho proposition by raising hands. Other Mormon preachers in the ward mootings lu tho evening made In temperate harangues, exciting tho mob element. There is considerable excitement over tho question, which Judge McKean decides on Thura- day. At Beaver, In tho District Court, Judge Boro man, acting as Territorial Marshal, appointed Alizoras to summons the Juries according to the decision of tho Supremo Court of tho Territory. Patrick Rally killed B. O. Robluson at Beuvor Lake on Saturday, surrendered himself, and committed suicide by poison tho same night. Willis Drummond, Commissioner of tho Laud Office, arrived last night and was received at Ogdon by ox-Dologato Hooper and & committee of Mormon ecclesiastical magnates, who show him every attention. To lie flanged, Annapolis, Juno 10. —Joshua Nicholson was to-day sentenced to death for tho murder of Mrs. Lamploy, and will doubtless suffer, on tho Ist of August, in company with his accomplice, lUUnhau., NUMBER 296, RELIGIOUS. Interesting Proceedings at the Swedenborgion Conven tion Yesterday. Presentation of Resolntio n s of Confi dence in J. Young Sc union. •j « ■ Their Withdrawal After a i-c'ig Discus sibn and the Offerin' % a Substitute. ''3: . 1 g| ' 'Si “No Entry of This of tho Proceedings on j *• Record.” Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Cincinnati. Juno 10.—Tho General Convon tlon of tho Church of tho New Jerusalem thin afternoon received another firebrand by tho In troduction of tho following tho pronmblo ancl< resolutions. which foil from tho handu of tho Bov. M. Wobator lilto a bursting bombshell: , Whereas, Reports dorogotery to tho Integrity and moral character of our brother, tho lIou.J. YoutiV ScammoD, of Ohlcago, and for several years tho Vico-. •President of this Convention, havo been industriously ’circulated among the New Churchmen and wherever Mr. Scammon la known, wllh tho evidently malign purpoßO of destroying his good name among hi* brethron and among men, ami . Whereas. Those charges havo boon declared by tho members of bis own Society to bo false, and having boon thoroughly Investigated by several .momboro 0/ tbla Convention separately and In different wavs, bub all coming to tbo common conclusion that they ar< false, therefore Iteaolved, That wo have long known Mr. Scammon aa an earnest and Intelligent Now Churchman, a Inrgr and generous contributor to the treasury of the Church, and a sincere and energetic worker with his extending knowledge of Us truths. Resolved, That wo believe him to bo wholly Incapable of the conduct attributed to him by h*e , enemies, and wo hereby docloro that, in our belief, ho is innocent of the charges against him, and declare our entire confidence in him as a man of upright purpose, and a true friend of humanity and that wo deeply sympathize with him in those malign attempts to destroy his character; and wo hereby de clare our undoubted conviction that, to the extent that the exact truth is known concerning all the transac tions in which his character la called In question, bo will bo shown beyond question to be a good citizen, an. honest man, and a sincere and devoted Christian, Tho Convention was like a liivo of disturbed boos. Members protested. Members sprung to their foot and declared that tho preamble was uncalled for and unexpected. Others said tho charges had boon found groundless, and that if Mr, Scammon needed any vindication from tho Convention, that vindication had boon given In electing him its Vico-rrosidont, tho second oifico in its gift. Others, who seemed to bo moat known, said thoso malign charges woro con ceived and instigated by Mr. Scamraon’s rivals in tho newspaper field. At this point Mr. Webster, who presented ♦'ho resolutions, was importuned to withdraw tho >, but ho persistently refused. Finally they wan tabled, but this left them alive, and so they wa:o reconsidered. Tho Rov. Mr. Hinkloy offered a substitute to tho effect that tho election to the Vice-Presidency was a vindication of Mr. Scammon. Tho Con* vontion did not want to handle tho matter at all, and therefore tho substitute was unpalatable. Oil upon tho troubled waters came at this point from tho Rov. Mr. Scammon, brother of J, Young Scammon, and tho Rov. Mr, Hibbard, hia pastor. Thoso gentlemen gave a brief history of tho transactions which originated tho charges, and tho disposition made of tho coho by tho Chi cago Society, and in conclusion united in tho re quest that the original resolutions and proposed substitute bo - both withdrawn. Their request was granted. Tho Convention thon ordered that no record of this part of proceedings should go on the books, and tho members importuned tho reporters of tho daily papers to make no men tion of it. [To the Aeeociatfd Preen. 1 Cincinnait, Ow Juno 10.—At the General Cos vontion of the Church of the Now Jerusalem, this morning, the Board of Publication reported as members added : For throe years, J. L. Wayne, Chauncoy Olios, W. B. Hayden, Samson Kood; for two years. D. L. Webster 5 for one year, 0. 11. Moday. A resolution was adopted requesting the Trustees of tho Church Fund to co-operate with the Publication Board .in tho completion of tho publication of a now edition of Swedenborg’s works. Tho following officers for tho ensuing year wore elected: Pros!- - dent, the Rev. Thomas Worcester; Vice- President, J. Young Scammon 5 Secre taries, the Bovs. Willard A. Hinckley and Francis A. Dowson 5 Treasurer, Nathan .Hobart. Executive Committee—L. 0. Jungor ich, Horvoy Lightnor. Oliver Qorrish, Sampson Rood, David L. Webster, David McCandloßs, Julion Shoemaker, Benjamin F. Glenn, M. G. Williams. Jacob L. Wayne, C. H. Meday, Lyman 8. Burnham, G. • Woolworth Colton, Adolph Ahrens, Glendy Burke, George W. Chase, C. E. Prentiss, William B. Marshall, and Frederick W. Tuork. Committee on Ecclesiastical Affairs—The Revs, Samuel F. Dike, J. R. Hibbard, Chauncoy Giles, Joseph Potta, Edward Craig Mitchell, William H. Bonado, Prank Sowall, Jaboz Fox, John God dard, James Reed, George Fields, James P. Stewart. Tho Revs. William B. Hayden, W. H. Hinck ley, and James P. Stewart wore appointed to co-operate with tho Superintendent of Missions, ' and authorized to receive subscriptions. Committees on foreign correspondence, tho publication of Swedenborg's manuscripts, and on tho Journal wore appointed. Tho Rev. M. Webster introduced a preamble to tho offoot that tho integrity and moral char acter of J. Young Scammon, of Chicago, for sev eral years Vice-President of tho Convention, had boon impugned by derogatory reports, industri ously circulated with evidently tho malign pur pose of destroying his good name among men and among his brethren, and that tho investiga tions by his own Church and by the Convention proved them false. This preamble was followed by ttVo resolutions, tho first testifying to a knowl edge of Mr. Soammou’s character by the Con vention, and tho second declaring tho belief that ho was not only Innocent, but wholly incapable of the conduct charged against him, and declar ing full confidence in him, and sympathy foi Idm, and tho'oouvicliou that all who know the facta in tho ease will exonerate him. Tho preamble was objected to as uncalled for. Tho general tonor of tho many remarks that fol lowed was in sympathy with the resolution, but it was hold that Mr. Soammon had boon exoner ated already In various ways, lastly by tho Con vention in electing him its Vice-President. Fi nally {after discussion and tho offering of a sub stitute, tbo resolutions woro withdrawn, and tho Convention ordered that no entry of this part of tho proceedings bo placed upon tho records. The Convention then adjourned to moot at tho call of tbo Executive Committee. The. Ohio OongTcgationallßts. Cleveland, 0., Juno 10. — I Tho annual Con ference of tho Congregational churches of Ohio met this evening in the Euclid Avenue Congre gational Church, tho Rev. J. E. Twitoboll, East Cleveland, President. Mr. Fairchild, of Obor liq, was elected Moderator, and tho opening ser mon was delivered by f ■* Rev. Mr. Burrows, of Kent. Thoro is a large attendance of delegates. Tho Conference will continue in session until Friday. Knllrond Accidents. St. Lome, Juno 10.—A bridge over tho river Marais dos Oygnes, on tho Leavenworth, Law rence A Galveston Railroad, in Kansas, fell un der a train on Saturday last, and the bridge aud train woro entirely demolished. Thoro were eleven persons on the train, but no one was seri ously hurt. Sjxcial Diejmteh to The Chicaao Tribune. Bloomington, Juno 10. —This morning at Hudson, on tho Illinois Central Railroad, a brakoman named Topping, had hia arm crushed while coupling cars, lie is a resident of Ambov. and was taken thoro. The Late ITlftnletor Orr. New Yomt, Juno 10.— Tho remains of the lale Minister Orr arrived this evening, on tho i’huringia. A Masonic deputation wont down to the Narrows to-day, in tho revenue steamer Jessamine, and took charge of tho remains. The Knights Templar moot at tho Battery at 0 a. m. to-morrow, to receive the remains aud escort them to church.

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