Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 11, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 11, 1873 Page 3
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THE COURTS. A Curious $20,000 Trespass Suit Against Potter Palmer and Ot'acrs. The Oity Railroad Company—An Injunction Issued to Restrain ■ Building on Twelfth Street. Practical End of the Republic Suits in the United States Courts. A. Kovel Question Raised of tho Jurisdiction of the United States Circuit Court. Tbo serenity that has prevailed in tho United States Courts for a couple of days was yesterday mdoly disturbed, as a placid pool is by tho heav ing of a rock, by tho commencement of a suit by J. R. Doolittle, Jr., against Potter Palmer and others, in trespass, $20,000 damages. Tho suit is brought by tho Oakton Springs Company, a Wisconsin corporation, organized for .tho pur pose of dispensing healing mineral waters. Mr. Iglohart, ono of tho Directors of tho Company, a Chicago citizen, was onco upon a time, it ap pears, afflicted with somo sort of a disease that tho oarativo properties of this water aro said to havo cured j whereupon Iglohart advocated tho starting of a depot for soiling tho stuff in this city, offering tho Company a piece of land for tho purposo with precisely that eamo kind of generosity which will go down to agos yot unborn as Boam mony. It is yot a moot point whether tho land is his to give; and chancery has boon called up on to decide all questions rotating thereto. Mr. Potter Palmer claims an interest in tho laud, and Iglohart refusing to acknowledge snob Interest, tho matter was token into court, where it is now ponding. - - Last Saturday night or Sunday morning, as tbo complainant in this trespass suit alleges, Potter Palmer sent his brother and a force of men to tho depot, and. in tho silonco of tho stilly night, they dug like molos, and scratched like rats,-and excavated like navvies, until they undermined and entered tho collars. Then they broke the looks and doors and roamed at their snoot will through tho watery halls, of which they havo slnoo hold possession, sturdily refus ing to budge. * Meanwhile, tbo business has gone to the douce. The heroes of tho pick and shovel, never flitting, still aro sitting astride of tho mineral mediolno barrels; and. with* water, water everywhere, the believers in tho curative properties of that from Oakton Springs havo not one drop to drink. Wherefore, tho damaged Company brings suit against Pottor Palmer ot al., calling on them to justify their taking forcible possession of proper ty belonging to individuals who oro not liablo for Mr. Igleiiarts’ doings, and asking $20,000 for tho injuries they havo received. TUB CUT RAILWAY OOMPAKY. Matthew Laflln, John H. Kodzio. Martin Crow, Thomas Kearns, and Frederick Freiberg file a ' bill for injunction, in tho Superior Court, against the Chicago City Railway Company, to restrain them from laying thoir track along Twelfth street, from Clark to State. Matthew Lallin owns Lots 23, 24. 25, 26, and 88 to 42 inclusive, of M. LaAin’s Subdivision of Blocks 0 and 8, and B. Wilder's Subdivision of Blook 7, 9! Assessors' Subdivision of Blocks C, 7, and 8, part of tho E. it of N. E. Hof 800. 21, T. 89 N y R. 14 E. of 3 P, M.; Frederick Freiberg owns Lots 19 aud 21 in Block 130, School Section Addition to •Chicago; Martin Grow, Sub-Lot 5, some; Thomas Kearns, Lot 22, same; John H. Kodzio, Sub-Lots 1, 2. 8, 4, • same; all of which abut ou Twelfth street, between State and Clark streets. Complainants aver that, by reason of tho contiguity of this part of Twelfth street to railroad • stations, it is much thronged by tho heavier class of railway wagons, aud is also much frequented by other heavy teams, and by passengers. Complainants deny that defendants have any right to lay said track, and, to forestall defendants and hinder them from laying tho track on Sunday, they obtained, on Saturday afternoon, from Judge Gary, an in junction restraining tho Company from so doing. THE HEPUBLIO SUITS. Yesterday morning, in tho District Court of tho United ’Statoa, tbo following proceedings woro bad in tbo cases of Payson, Aeaignoo, agninot tbo stockholders of tbo Republic Insur ance Company: In tbo cases against J. Lorraine, R. G. Smith, and P. Shuster, represented by E. A. Small, and Paddock & Ido, tbo motions for now trials wore overruled. In tbo cases, against G. W. Barnett, T. H. Ferris, J. R. Obappoli, O. T. Johnson, Henry Ferris, and C. Hardin, represented by MoOagg, Fuller & Culver, tbo motions for now trial woro overruled, and thirty days woro given to prepare bill of exceptions, and sixty days to Alo bond. In the cose against Wilson Howe and A. S. Miller, represented by Miller, Williamson & Miller, the motion to sot asido judgment waa overruled. In tbo cases against John Black, O. Brown. R. B. Bovine, O. O. Boynton, represented by Bailey A Sedgwick, tho motions for now trial woro over ruled, and thirty days woro given for bill of ex ceptions and sixty for bond. in tho coses against A. L. Lovell and N. O. Warren, represented by the same, tho motions lor new trial woro overruled. In tho eases against B. F. Allen and R. A. {[night, represented by Jowott A Adams, tho motions for new trial wore overruled, and thirty days wero given for bill of exceptions and sixty for bond. Tho cases against J. J, Snonfer and J, J. Bnonfor et al., woro submitted in briefs. JUEIBDICTION OY UNITED STATES CODBTB. Tho interminable case of Munson v. The Princeton Loan and Trust Company, appealed to tho United States Circuit Court, crops up every little while in surprising motions. This was never an ordinary ease, whenever it was board of in the Superior Court, it turned up unexpect edly, and abounded in novel situations. It now oomoa np in the United States Court in a shape that necessitates its being taken under advise ment by His Honor Judge Blodgett.' Yester day, proceedings in that Court wore at tempted to bo pat an end to by counsel showing that tho Court had no jurisdic tion. The points mode woro that tbero had been a Anal adjudication in the Superior Court which estopped proceedings in any other court; that tho complainant chose las own forum, .and that when ho commenced tho suit bo was a citizen of one State, and when tho cause was transferred, ho had removed to another State, all of which woro bore. LINCOLN V. BOAUD OF TUADE, This suit, which promises to bo oven moro in teresting in its progress than tho Brine ease, and which is at prosant tho mala topic of con versation among tho gentleman of tho com mercial-logoi fraternity, will probably remain In statu quo for some little time yet. Mr. Bwott expresses himself as satisfied with the existing state of affairs, and says ho awaits with calm intrepidity the action of tno opposing counsel, Messrs. Bent & Black, who have been consulted in tho case by the Board of Trade, and received their instructions to proceed with their defense, which will bo opened by either an an swer or demurrer to the bill of complainant in a few days. IN BANKBUPTOT. When Lorln O. Collins proceeded to Pepin County, Wis., to take charge of tho farm and property of tho absconded bankrupt, i hn McKinnon, he found ono D. E. Clarke, a farmer who occupies tho farm adjoining that of the bankrupt, in possession of seven cows and other! live stock belonging to tho estate, which ho hod attached in lieu or payment of his services, for which he claimed tho sum of S3OO. Tho Assignee yester day represented the foots to the Court, and prayed on order to settle with tho fanner, which was granted. John O.Wuatum has petitioned for his own ad judication os a bankrupt. His debts are toler ably largo, namely, in the neighborhood of $20,- 000, for a man whoso only assets in the world consist of S2O worth of wearing apparel. A supplementary petition was yesterday filed, in tho matter of Xouls Levin, one which tho usual rule to show cause was issued, by Field, Loiter & Co., claiming as creditors to the amount of SSOB for goods supplied in March aud April last,and alleging preferential payments to Jacob, tho brother of Louis, aud others. Sanford W. Kellogg, of Waukegan, yesterday petitioned for the adjudication of William O. Poleman, claiming as creditor for S4OO and In terest, and alleging that tho debtor has suffered a judgment in favor of tho International Bank. for $1,078.50, to bo entered against him, and that ho is insolvent. SUAKAItAK A WEST. Tho firm of Shanahan & Wool was not ad judicated bankrupt, os stated in Tub Tnimmn, on tbo first proceedings instituted against them by tho original petitioning creditors. Tho credit* ora got as far as on examination of tho bank* rupta boforo tho Register, after which tbo com promise of 70 cents took place. Tbo demand on which tho present proceeding Is based Is scoured beyond all question by trust deed on Mr. Man ning's property, although that was not on issuo into which tbo Court entered. Tho verdict of tho Jury was as follows? “Wo, tho jury, find tho respondents guilty of tho suspension of their commercial paper, but not guilty of tho other charges." COURTS IK imiEP. Tho enso of Cunningham & Gray, scavengers, v. Tho City was concluded, boforo Jmlgo Will iams, yesterday, Mr. Tuloy closing tho argu ment. Tho Court said ho wouldprobnbly render a decision in tho matter about tbo bogiuniug of next Week. ' ' Before Judge Troo tho caso of Amos v. River side Improvement Company woo dismissed on motion of plaintiff’s attorney, each party to pay its own costs. In tho caso of Beniamin Holbrook v. T. M. Bradley, Sheriff, a suit for tho replevin of house hold furniture of tbo vatuo of $1,500, tried bo foro Judge Tree, yesterday, a verdict was ren dered in favor of tho plaintiff. Boforo Judgo Porter, yesterday, tho ,caso of William Baumer v. Homy Klaro, an action in as sumpsit after a jury trial, resulted in favor of plaintiff; damages, S2OO. In tho salt in as sumpsit of P. M. Holly ot aL v. M. P. Palmatory and T. 8. Portsmouth, a verdict was returned for plaintiff with $002.03 damages. Tbo suit in as sumpsit of tho H. Witbcck Company v. 8. Mo- Kochau and O. MoDougall, wont by default, with damages for plaintiff of $225.14. via tho easo of Bostwick v. Skinner. Mr. Robey, counsel for complainant yesterday filed, in Judge Gary's room, an amended bill, as ordered by the Coart. tbo amondi#onta, however, being of a technical nature, and in compliance with orders, tbo particulars of which havo already been pub lished. , ■ ; Tho trial of Edward Fltzglbbons on a charge of assaulting John Flynn ocoapiod tho Criminal Court all day yesterday. Tho affair arose out of a bar-room fight, in which Fitzgibbons, tho bar-, keeper, struck Flynn with au eight-pound weight, destroying his loft oyo. Margaro tYoang files a pnecipo In trespass, in the Superior Court, against Michael Naglo, Michael Egan. James Murphy, Star tin Smith, and John O. Kirn; damages, $5,000. Daniol K. Bryant files a pnccipo in tres pass, in tho Superior Court, against Francis F. Colo; damages, $5,000. NEW SUITS. The okited Statics Oibodtt Cotmx—Tho Oaktou Springs Company of Wisconsin v. I’ottor Palmer, mil ton J. Palm or, and Thomas Walter Palmar; trespass. $20,000. The United States Uxsrnxar Coubt—Ablol B. Ab bott. Assignee of tbo ostoto of Henry Remington In bankruptcy, ▼. Albert A. Kent at al.; restored papers and proceedings In chancery. The OzncnxT Cocbt— 1 7,200— Msigarol Young v. Michael Naglo, Michael Egan, James Murphy, Martin Smith, and John O. Elyn : trespass, $5,000. 7,201 Daniel K, Bryant v. Fronds F. Colo; trorpaas, $5,000. 7.2o3—Suppressed. - 7,203—000rg0 Sorr v. Timothy Bradleyj replevin of horso, buggy, and harness. Tub Supehiob C0’ukt.—43,055-6—Appeal, 43,057 J, B. Shay v. O. Bradley; assumpsit, SSOO, 43,658 Same ▼. 8. Porkorton; assumpsit, SOOO. 43.050—Mich ael Evans ct Edward Meagher; confession of judg ment, $451.60. 43,000— Charles Cooper ot at. v. O. Strong; assumpsit, SOOO. 43,001—The Mechanics* Na tional Bank of Chicago v. George P. Adams; creditor* bin. 43,002 —Itemson Richards v. Amos Green. George Green, Thomas 8. McClelland, Goorgo W. Snarploy, - Timothy M, Bradley; bill to remove cloud npontlUo to Lots 31 and 33, In Haywood’s subdivision of tho w 4-5 of n v V of no V ot nv gof 800 04, In T 80, IT B 14, e of 8 P, M. 43,603— Joseph W. Hamburger v. I. Phillip Bonckman; assumpsit, $199. 43.004—George O. Bandoll v. Mary J. Wheaton: assumpsit, SSOO. 43,006—Gilbert Peterson et al. v. Thomas Althrop; assumpsit. $3,000. 43,066 T. O’Neill v. John P. Prloo; confosslou of Judgment, $276. 43,007—The Saug&un Insurance Company ▼. Treadway et at; assumpsit, S7OO. 43,608 —S. E. v. Charles Briggs: divorce on' ground of desertion.' 43,609—’Wilcox Silver Plato Company v. John B. Mayo; assumpsit, SOOO. 43.670—Charles E. Blgbco ot al. v. F. W. Ash; assumpsit, SSOO. 43,071—Emanuel Von- Ordon ot al. v. Owen Maloney; assumpsit, SSOO. THE GAMBLERS 5 CASES. Brief of tlio People—What State’s At« torncy Reed Has to Say—ls It SuffU. cicut To Find Persons Pluylnff Faro In a Room to Convict For Gamb- ling 1 Tho State's Attorney has Aled tho following brief for tho Supremo Court, sitting at Mount Yornou in tho gambling coses The People v. A. L. Stevens: Tbo plaintiff la orror was convicted of keeping a common gaming bouse. The writ of error Is waived, and tbo coso transmitted by consent to Mt. Vernon, It Ib Insisted that tbo ovldoncodoos not sustain tbo ver dict, for two reasons : First, that tbo evidence failed to show that tbo room in question was a com mon gamlng-room. Tbo jury considered it sufficient, - aud 1 maintain that It was. It (tbo orldonco) shows that at tbo tlmo of tbo orrest a game of faro was being played In tho usual manner, and that the room was lilted up and furnished for a gamlng-room, and that It bad all tbo necessary tools, cards, checks, and other paraphernalia used In such places. This I deem suffi cient on this point. It is claimed, in tbo second plaoe. that tbo evidence failed to show that tbo defendant was tbo keeper of the room within tbo statute. Tbo statute (Laws of 1871 and 1873, pago 402, See, I) says: “ That whoever keeps a common gaming-house,” etc. Tbo evidence showed that - the plaintiff - In error was dealing tbo cards in a game of faro, and that bo bad solo charge of and redeemed tbo -checks which represented money, and that ho bad charge of the money used In tbo game, and that, to aU appearances bo alone was tbo solo manager and operator of the game and room at that time, and that no one else scorned to have or exorcise any control or management of tbo gamo and room. In plain English, bo was running tho “ tnacftfne.” I do not claim or protend that bo was (bo actual lessee or owner of the room. But I Insist decidedly (bat the evidence showed him to bo a keeper, within tbo moaning of tbo statute. ' The crime is & misdemeanor. In misdemeanors all aro principals; there aro no accessories. Bishop Orlm. law, Vol. 1, Beo. 027. 800. 13, pago 109, Gross* Statutes, provides that every person who Is present and aids, abets, or assists In tbo commission of crime, shall bo deemed and con sidered a principal. The evidence clearly showed that * plaintiff in orror was aiding and - assisting in run ning and operating and keeping - the room In question. This was sufficient. Tbo Court so Instructed tbo jury. Such Is tbo law. Any other construction of tho statute would defeat It, for tho actual owners and proprietors of gambling rooms could live In another State and never be known, and such places bo carried on with impunity. This State could bo filled with such rooms and tho law pow erless to prevent it. I insist that it is the duty of the courts to so con strue laws Uko this os to advance the remedy and sup press tlio evil arising from common gaming-houses. State , Clark, S3 New Hampshire, 329. THE 01 IFFICIAL COUNT. 7ho County Olor canvassing of tho n eloction, and aubjol votes by Ward and 1 irk concluded, yesterday, tho returns of tho recent Judicial fined will bo found tho official . towns: I I I ! | r I 3l:r & : r s* I • ! i : : i Pint 160 147 WO 168 101 18 Second. 104 07 105 102 ICO 103 Third 081 700 081 061 071 341 Fourth 1,096 1,000 1,103 1,103 1,104 80 Fifth 1,144 006 1,160 1,120 1,104 103 Sixth 620 314 820 614 618 010 Seventh 400 . 09 414 371 403 814 Eighth 760 820 704 660 768 410 Ninth.... 884 489 865 784 835 833 Tenth 774 044 780 776 784 170 Eleventh 62Ti • 257 665 614 620 800 Twelfth 621 483 625 616 632 26 Thirteenth.,.. 1,035 088 1,039 1,033 1,043 61 Fourteenth... 676 408 676 642 638 181 Fifteenth 1,007 281 1,043 068 072 768 Sixteenth 813 209 850 830 840 040 Seventeenth... 048 04 037 020 044 816 Eighteenth.... 624 160 622 445 403 883 Nineteenth. .. 285 00 280 283 285 183 Twentieth..., 450 204 470 401 404 888 Barrington.... 60 69 CO CO • CO 7 Bloom S3 10 83 32 83 10 Bremen 84 8 84 81 04 • ai Calumet 74 80 74 74 74 88 Olcero 340 104 247 247 242 40 EUt Grove.. 83 14 83 33 33 IB Evanston .... 427 429 428 428 428 0 Hanover 23 13 S3 23 23 20 Hyde Park.... 404 893 40T 403 407 17 Jefferson 40 30 N 40. 40 40 8 Hake 180 170 107 189 107 10 Lake View.... 107 83 100! 103 100 2T Lenient 130 118 135’ 121 130 83 Lodon 23 0 33 23 33 32 Lyons 80 SO 40 84 40 7 Maine 41 23 . 41 41 41 18 Now Trior,.,. 117 02 118 118 118 33 Niles 112 SO 113 112 113 83 NorthfleUl.... 61 3*l 61 61 61 SO Norwood Park 44 84 40 40 44 ' 10 Orland 82 83 83 S3 18 10 Palatine 81 00 81 81 bl 16 Proviso 11l 100 111 ill 110 1 Palos 32 23 32 S3 32 0 Blob 63 16 63 63 47 a*J llivcrsldo....'. 88 88 88 83 88 0 Bhuumlmrg... 68 14 60 60 60* 42 ‘Thornton 29 31 29 29 29 0 Wheeling 84 11 83 34 • 33 • 33 'W0rth...,,.,. 09 80 69 09 09 . 89 T0ta1.... .. 16,615 10,078 16,701 10,103 10,500 '0,806 STEEL RAILS. A Visit to tho Place Where They Arc Manufactured. What Was Seen at tho Joliet Iron and Steel Works. Tho Process of, Bolling Stool Eaito-- Value of Illinois Coal, Three years ago tho hundred acres of land immediately north of tho City of Jollot, and between that and tho Btato Prison, was open prairio. To-day it is occupied by (ho Jollol Iron and Stool Works, and 1,200 busy men and tho breezy hum of machinery oro constantly adding to tho wealth and tho prestige .of tho Btato. Twenty years ago, Tab .Tridunb, with, a knowledge of tho rich iron ores of Lako Superior, and tho ozhausUoss coal-fields of our own Btato, predicted that Chicago and horouironndings' must booomo ono of tho most * successful manu facturing districts of tho Union.' To-day those who then doubted can sob this prediction fulfilled on tho North aud South Branches and at Joliet. In 1871 Illinois manufactured more rails than any other Btato osoopt Pennsylvania, Last yoar Ohio boat us ; but tboao who know tho capacity of oar mills assure us that this yoar wo shall again rank noxt to Pennsylvania. Wo have nowono moro establishment for tho manufacture of Bessemer stool rails than Pennsylvania; that is, throe to her two ; but another is soon to bo started tboro, making her again equal to Illinois in that rospoot. ’ ‘ 1 • Bat to our subject. On Monday a small party, of gentleman wore invited .to . visit tho Jollot' Iron and Btool Works. They wore accompanied about tho works and on tho cars by A. B Mocker. Esq., President, J. H. Wrenn, Secretary ana Treasurer, and J. T. Torronoo, Esq:. Baperia tondent. Tho following is a Hat of tho i party?. Wm. McArthur, Ban., London, Eng.; I Cleve land Footo, of Vlbbara, Foote & Co., Now York ; W. O. Whittomoro, of D. R. Pratt A'Co.. Nowj York; Gov. Wm. Brass, Chicago; O. H. McOor-. mick. Esq., Chicago; Harries Gastwoll.' Booro tary to Bntannlo Majesty's Legation, residing at Washington; F. E. Hinckley, President Chicago & lowa Railroad; Gen. McArthur, Postmaster, Chicago: tbo Hon. J. D. Ward, Member Con gross ; It. J. Oglesby, United States Senator) aron Van Visit, Batavia, Island of Java.! Tho works must bo visited in. order that - ono may understand their groat extent, the intricacy: ana yot tho simplicity of tho processes by which important results aro reached, and the economy and rapidity with which rolls arc manufactured.-. Ono branch of tho works is used for re-rolling old nils and manufacturing them from scraps/ Tho process by- which this is. dono is mainly that.used In mills generally, but some, marked improvements have boon mado.' Tbo' stool rail mill interested us most. The iron from which tho rails aro mado comes from tho Missouri or tho Lako- Superior mines, and no other is suitable. Honco, mills in Chicago'' and vicinity havo tho advantage of being.nearer tho source of supply and to tho market for tho Sroduot, for all our loading roads' ore - putting own.stool rails as fast os their finances will per mit. Groat core is exorcised as to the quality of tbo iron. It is all fused in furnaces In a high building, whonco it is run into a rotort.—iboro aro two now in uso.—and a powerful blast Is thrown in till all imparities are driven off. Then an oro highly charged. with carbon, also molted in a farnaco sufficiently high to let tbo molton mass run into tho rotort, is poured in tbo rotort in proper quantities, and. when tho combination is thoroughly effected, tho stool is poured into moulds weighing some 10,000 pounds, and suffered to 0001. Tho charge of each retort Is somo five or six tons; that is, that amount of stool is made la each retort at every blast. These stool ingots are then taken around ou a railway to tho furnace building, whore they are boated in furnaces by gas made from Illinois cool; then rolled down to a size suitable for tho machinery that makes them ■ into rails, and thou ■ cut in two.—each Ingot, as It comes from tbo mould, containing stool enough to make two bars. After careful inspection for daws and other im perfections, they aro again heated, and : rolled Into rolls. Eighty to ninety tons aro now tbo average daily product of tho stool roils, and it is intended to 00 increase it as to mako 160 tons dally during tbo season. wo said that no coal or coke is used in this department of tbo works. Tho manner in which Illinois coal is prepared to mako tho gas is exceedingly interesting. For most of tho works tho screenings and refuse of tho mines, costing only $1.25 per ton, is used. Those screenings are thrown in large troughs Ailed with water, and by very simple machinery are thor oughly washed. The coarser, say that of tbo sizo of a walnut,* Is burned in tho furnaces and hollers, andis used for making tho gas to heat tho stool furnaces. Tho Ano stuff is thrown into tho cokiug ovens, and, being by the washing thoroughly oloonsod of all impurities, makes a very superior article of ooko. Honco the prob lem.uot only of making iron with Illinois coal, but Bessemer stool os well, is solved. Both Mr. Meeker and Mr. Torrence assured us they would rather have it than any other coal. This fact settles tho question as to tho manufacture of iron and stool In Chicago. We give oar sister city, St. Louis, notice that she must look to her paces or wo will boat her both in tho quantity and quality of our iron manufacture, as wo have in tho manufacture of Bessemer stool. We might spook of tho manufacture of Aro briok by this Company; of thoir immense blast furnaces soon to be pat in operation f of tho number and sizo of thoir buildings ; hut wbou it is known that tho Joliet works will, before tho year is out, turn out more rails than tho Columbia Company at Johnstown, Pa., somo idea may ho formed of tho energy and the en terprise of this Company, Some of their ma chinery is now, and saves a largo percentage to tbo Company. Chicago may well bo proua that tho manufacture of iron and stool hero aud in her vicinity is & groat and a triumphant success. WANTED—A BRIDGE. mooting of Property-Owners of tho West DivlslonuThoy Want a Draw Over tho South llrauch at Harrison Street—A Committee Appointed to Vrgo its Necessity 9 and Polco lip the Aldormou. A largo number of property-owners responded to the call for a mooting in Father Mathew Tem perance Hall, lost evening, to take action to se cure a bridge at Harrison street. Over one hun dred woro present, among them Aid. Bond, Dixon, Warren, and Powell. Michael Eooloy presided, and William Frazer aoted as Secre tary, , The Chair presumed all know the objeot of the meeting, and that most of them were aware of the necessity of obtaining a moro. liberal appro-' prlotion of money for tho Improvement of Har rison and contiguous streets. They had not re ceived their share, and must act If they desired to soouro their duos. At a former mooting a committee was appointed to ask for something, and they got $37,000 for a bridge at Harrison street, which was given upon tho express condi tion that tho land damages sbdiiid bo satisfac torily settled before tho bridge was built. Otherwise the money was to bo transferred to some other fund. Hence it Is necessary to do something to have those damages determined. Ex-Alderman Batoham said the puoplo had a deep interest In tho bridge. A petition for it was put in four years ogo ; it was lost, os was tho next one. Tho third was destroyed by the fire, but ho aud tho Committee succeeded in get ting an appropriation mode. Although he did not like the proviso, they had to consent to it. Tho work would have to bo done in the winter, as dredging and docking was to bo done, and It was thought a commencement would bo made this year. Tho present Finance Committee, however, bad decided to put tho appropriation to other uses, and ho had called those interested together to save it. Mr. Pago, who owns 10,000 feet of tho land which will have to be cut off to -make room for tho bridge, had offered to give it for Ellsworth street, and one-half of Sobor street, ho owning tho block on either side of thoao streets. Mamon D, Ogden, however, who owns a small plat, refuses to exchange, but demands $45,000 for his ground. This was tho only obstacle In the way .of tho bridge. Ho claimed that tho travel over tho. Harrison street bridge would exceed that on Adams, Van Bureu, or Polk; tho demand was groat, and tho city, as It had been benefited by tho im provements, should not object to allow ing tho $87,000 to bo used for tho construc tion of a bridge. Ho believed that tho Ogdon tract could bo obtained by condemna tion for a much loss sum than that asked for it. Tho question of sewerage ought to bo pressed, for sowers wore sadly needed w largo districts in tho West Division. Tho city would rouUao from taxation In a year or two more than tbo t appro* prlatlona on -account of tho enhancement • of the value of property consequent upon tho im provements.Those present should Interest their neighbors, and got a Uvo committee to oall on the Finance Committee and Board of Public Works and tho Mayor and ask thorn to do tho - best they can and to noo tho appropriation for tho purpose for which it was sot apart. Ho suggested that such a com mittee be appointed to urgo tho project forward so.that work on tho bridge can bo commenced next winter.. Mancot Taloott thought that If William B. Ogdon could bo seen, the difficulty about tho plat could bo removed. Tho pooplo on tho oast 1 pfdo of tbo rlvor word vofy anxious to havo tho bridge completed, and ho would cheerfully do all ho could to help tho movement along.! Goorgo W. Bpofford thought tho pooplo di rectly interested know how to keep silent too well to mako known their* wants, and hence im provements wore going on all around them, and they got scarcely anything. It seemed to him to bo almost criminal to deny them a brldgo. which would bo an outlet for ono of tho densest populated districts In' tho city. Tho Committee, of which ho was Chairman, found much opposi tion to tho moasuro, but thoy overcame it, and imagined that tho bridge was safe. Now came tho cry that thoy must work to savo tho money appropriated. In justice to tho pooplo tho monoy should bo. retained, and that hampering condition—-that tho pooplo sottlo tho; land damages—bo stricken out. Tho olty would bo bonoiltod by tho brldgo, and in a little time colloot by taxation moro than its cost. . After brief speeches bv Aid. Bond and'othors, tho Choir appointed tho following Committee, in accordance with the suggestion of Mr. Batoham: Ex-Aid. Batoham, M. Kooloy,- Goorgo W. Spof ford, .0. D. Elmos,' Manool Talcott, Patrick O’Neil, ox-Ald. J. E. Otis, Anton Borg, Carter Harrison; Gon. Maun, John Lousen, aud Junes O’Hern. i - . ■ Tho mooting then adjourned. MARINE. '.Fortof Chicago, .. AIIKIVED Juno 10. Bohr Karlen Egan, Oconto; 320 m lumber, 00 m lath. Bohr Pollio M. Iloagors, Detroit, 8.830 brls salt. Scow Rowona, White Lake, 103 m lumber. Schr Adda, Denton Harbor. 80 m lumber. Schr Julia D. Morrill, Manlatoo, 300 m lumber. . Bohr A. Mosher. Cleveland, 301 m lumber. . Schr Wm. B. AUan, lloolno, 176 m lumber, 07 m lath. Schr Groton, Cheboygan, 350 m lumber. Bohr J. D. Dousman, Oconto, 330 m lumber. Prop Ira Chaffee, Baugatuck, 70 m lumber, 20 pkgs flab. Dargo HersAhel,' Ludlngton. 350 m lumber, 20 m lath. Bohr Donaldson, Buffalo, 8U tons coal. Btmr Alaska, Buffalo, 840 bars railroad iron. Prop Montana, Buffalo, 3,000 socks salt. Schr Zach Chandler, Buffalo, 1,003 tons coal. ' Bohr lizzie Dook, Benton Harbor, 35 m lumber. . Bohr Amaranth, Erie, 630 m lumber. Bchr J. D. Morns, Oconto, 220 m lumber. Bohr Mediator, Ponsaukee, 310 m lumber, 28 m lath. Bchr Dlok Summers, Buffalo, COO tons coal. BChr Col. Ellsworth, Menominee, 370 m lumber, 10 m UUu. ...i , ■ . , Boow Granger, Bt. Paul's Pier, 75 zn lumber. Scow Ocean, Muskegon, 8,000 ties. • - Dark J. G. Marlin, Buffalo, 1,100 tons eoah ■ DargO AdUvo,PeShtlgo:'3som lumber. ' " I Barge Maurtehoo/Pcahtlgo. 681 m lumber. - , Bohr RalgUCampboU, Fora River, 200 m lumber, 20 Bohr An taros, Lndlngton. 150 m lumber. Bohr J. N. Foster, Buffalo, COO tons coal. Bohr Argo, Alma poo, 6,000 codsr posts, 3,100 railroad ties. Bchr Qoldhxmtor, Grand Traverse, 110 zn lumber, 70 odswood.’ Bchr George L. Soavor, Manistee. 150 m lumber. Bchr Dolphin, Ludlngton, 111 m lumber. Poop Bhlckluna, Montreal 110 cases brandy, 36 cases ■pin, 300 bags rice, 165 coses champagne. Bohr Regulator, Muskegon, 120 m lumber. Bchr Little Doll, Muskegon, 117 m lumber, SO m lath. Bchr O. O. Trowbridge, Oconto, 320 m lumber. . Schr Mary Collins, Duncan City, 210 m lumber. Bark Parana, Erie, 750 tons coal. Bchr J. Bigler, Erie, 650 tons coal. , Bchr E. Fitzgerald, Erie, CCC tons coal. Schr Schuylkill, Erie, 660 tons coal. Riant ARRIVALS, Prop Badger State, Buffalo, 884 brls sugar, 167 brls syrup, ami sundries. B&fk Onondaga, Buffalo, 900 tons coal. Bohr William Bates, St. Joseph, 160 oda wood. 6chr Arcturua, Milwaukee, 490 tons iron ore. CLEARED Juno 10. Barge Lake Michigan, Montreal, 10,960 bu corn, 800 brls moos beef, 620 brls flour, 23 bales broom ~ corn. Prop Montana, Buffalo, 82,000 bu wheat. Prop Cuba, Buffalo, 200 brls com meal, 100 brls flour.' Brig Starlight, Buffalo, 10,200 bu corn. Prop Shlciluiia, Montreal, 27 bales broom com. NIGHT CLEARANCES, Prop Nashua, Ogdousburgb, 12,000 bu corn, 200 brls flonr, and sundries. Prop Idaho, Buffalo, 12,000 bu oats, 10,000 bu com, 600 brls oorumeal, 1,000 brls flour, aud sundries. Sebr Daniel Lyons, Port Colbornc, 22,000 bu wheat. ,Bcbr Knight Templar, Milwaukee, light. I*nUo Freights# Quotable at Co for corn and Ojtfofor wheat to Buffalo. Tho charters were: To Buffalo—Schr J?. 8. Marsh, wheat at 6#o; schrs 001. Ellsworth and Orphan Boy, ryo at Go; schrs Annie Tougbt, Czar. F. M. Knapp, and Antauoto, com at Go. To Fort Colbomo—Schr J. Miner, wheat at 7o: aohrs City of Chicago and Mont Blano, com at 6>tfo, To Boston., via Ogaeusburgh— Prop Nashua, corn at 20o; via Buffalo—Prop Badger State, com ai 250; prop Java, onto through to Now York. Total capacity equal to 64.000 bu wheat, 222,000 bu com, 80,000 bn oats, and 37,000 bu ryo. Bujpalo, Juno 7.—Charters reported: Schr Foorla, coal to Kenosha as $1.60 froo; schrs Vampire and .Volunteer, cool to Tolcdy at 60c per ton, free * schrs Morning light and Winslow, com to Detroit at COc, free; aohr Melrose, railroad Iron to Detroit at SI.OO per gross ton, free; schr Mold of tho Mist, pavlng etono to Chicago at $3,00 per cord; schr Holfonsteln, wator-limo to Detroit at 6o per brl, f, o. b. ITliHooUanoous* A new schooner was launched In tho North Branch yesterday afternoon. She was built for Cap], D. Bur ton and others, and Is described as being a flue craft. Her capacity is about 16,000 bu of com or 236 m feet lumber. This schooner is named the Burton, and will cost abont $20,000. It Is expected that eho will bo ready to engage in tho lumber trade about tho 4th of July. —The schr Milwaukee Bello run into the National Elevator Monday night, and got her jlbboom knocked off. —The coal-laden schrs Lillies Pratt and Goshawk are the first soil vessels to arrive at Duluth this season.

—During the 24 hours ending Saturday evening 83 cargoes of grain, carrying In the aggregate 682,618 bu com, 124,162 bu wheat, and 133,738 bu oats, passed Detroit. —Tho borne Argonaut has taken on board 00,T60 bu of oata at Milwaukee, •.—The schr City of Manitowoc ran ashore at Racine recently, and bad to bo lightered off. —The work of rebuilding the bark Olenbnlob, which was nearly destroyed at the time of the Chicago fire, Is going on rapidly at BaDontlno & Co.'s ship-yard, and she will be ready to launch tho Ist of July. Her di mensions are as follows: Length of koel, 166 feet; beam, 29 feet'; depth of hold In shoal cat place, 13 feet. She la being built from the koel up, and will be constructed in the strongest possible manner. Bho will rate “ Al,” and will carry 82,000 bushels of com. Bho will oorry throe masts, and have a foro and aft rig, with one square sail. The Oloubuloh is Intended lor the grain . trade.— Saginaw Courier, —Some of the vessels which pass this way have had their nafnei scraped from the - quarter, leaving it visi ble nowhere else aside from the stem, where it Is diffi cult to reach at many times. Such vessels most Inva riably neglect to show the burgee in order that they may be reported, and the reporter, under those cir cumstances. is Justifiable In allowing them to pass without further notice. —Detroit Free Free*. —Pout Coldohne, Juno 7.—Down—Bohrs "W. Y. Emmy. Northumberland, Albatross, Sweden; Rocka way, ai. Lawrence, Lumlna, Now Dominion, D. Free man, Bello, J. 0. Clark} prop Cleveland, Sovereign. Up—Bohr Bismarck: prop Lawrence; bark Goo. Thurston: schrs St. Andrews, Clayton, Belle, Florida, John klark, Lathrop, Arctic; prop Empire; schrs Tel egraph, Montgomery, L. Shlckluna, u. J. Rathbun; props Buckeye, Bristol, Argylo. FLORIDA WATER. IMPERISHABLE FRAGRANCE! MURRAY MAHAN'S OELEBEATED FLORIDA WATER. Tho rlohoot, moot lasting, yet moat dolloato of all For fames, for aoo oa tho HANDKERCHIEF, At tho TOILET, And in tho BATH. As there are imitations and countorfelts, always ask for tho Florida Water which haa on tho bottle, on tho label, and on tho pamphlet, tho names of lullllllAY & JLAN.IIAN* without which nono is genuine. For aalo by nil Perfumers. Dnurfflsts. and lleiilnrw In Kanor flooils. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages OP* MOTIONAL CIIEIBM FOR BALK AT TRIBUNE OFFICE. TO RENT. 0 0 A few Very Desirable Offices, are offered for rent In the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building. i ■ Elevator running during all' business hours. These Offices ore not equaled i in the city. i The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo- ! cation. W. C. DOW, | Boom 21 Tribune Buildini NEW PUBLICATIONS. JET IS HOME WITHOUT M ORGM’ i And what will an organ now bo, without a copy /* of DITBON A CO’S now, delightful, complete . collection of Hood Organ Music, called tho ORGAN AT HOME I Every Organ noodi it I Tbo i ) Organ at Homo I Boat collection for Rood ' r '- o JLvgansl 300 not dlillonlt pieces, so or \JTanlrod that no dull mualo la In them: tbo org An. amootb, legato stylo used, but as an orgaJN; at Homs should booboorful, light -Ajvl staooatomuslo Is not excluded. At present Tbo OrgsnlnahomolsoUonsUent, for JlLome music Is not provided for It. Hero Is h .Omo-liko, easy, familiar, now maslo, at whom Everybody considers tbo best com posers. Tho publishers take pride and pleasure la pre senting such a superior book to the public, and bollevo it worthy to bo at homo in every family. Price, Boards, $3.60; Cloth, $8.00; Tull gilt, SI.OO. OLIVER DITBOII & 00., ‘OHAB. H. DITSOS & CO. BOSTON- 711 B'dway, New York, XiYOH & HEAIiY, Chicago. EXCURSIONS. GRAND PLEASURE EXCURSIONS TO LAKE SUPERIOR. Lake Superior People's Lino Steamers. dock between Madison and Washlagton-Bte. The magnificent low-proaauro Steamer PEERLESS, Cant* Allan Mclntyre, will, during tho aornmor months, make excursion trips to Oolnth (bond of Lake Superior), oaltng at all points on tho south shore, and occasionally visiting tho north shore, giving passengers atnplo timo to view tho great iron, copper, ana silver mines, and con necting at Dulnth with railroads for all potato West and Southwest. NO CATTLE CARRIED ON PEERLESS. TIME-TABLE. Leave Chicago, /.cars DufutA, Juno 31, at 8 p. m. July 1,15.29. July 8, 23. atb p. m. Aug. (3,Ttt. Aug. o, 19, at 8 p. m, Sopt. 9, S3, Sopt. 2,16, at 8 p. m. RATES OP PARE. To Duluth, including berth audmoab..... 826.00 To Duluth and rotura to Obloago, including berth and meals 60,00 To Duluth and return to Chicago by rati, not in cluding berth and mooU after leaving steamer.. 44,00 State-rooms secured abend of tlmo, and farther in formation obtained by applying to LEOPOLD & AUSTRIAN, 72 Mnrkot-st., corner Washington, Chicago. OCEAN NAVIGATION. ALLAH LINE Montreal Ocean Steams! Co; First-class Steamships, TlnenrpnsEed for Speed and Comfort, running on the Shortest Sea Kontes between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATESOF PASSAGE: CABIN as low as by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES. Rotnra tickets at groat reduction, STEERAGE Tickets either to or from Europe, also at lowest ratoß. and through to points la tho West lower tbau by other linns. RATES OF FREIGHT: Tariff Arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liver pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Obioago. For other information, or (might contracts, apply at tho Company's Olfico. 73and74LaSalln-st. ALLAN A CO.. Agents. MTIOIALIM Sailing from Now York for Queenstown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London direct ovory fortnight. CaMn Passage SBO, S9O, ai SIOO Currency. Excursion Tickets at favorable rates. Intending pas* songors should make early application (or bertha. STEERAGE, $29.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or London, $31.00 currency. Passengers booked to or from Gorman and Scandina vian points at low rates. Tho Steamships of this lino are tho largest In tho trade. Drafts on Groat Britain, Ireland, and tho Continent. WILLIAM MAOALISTEH, Oon'l Western Agent, Northeast corner Clark and R&ndolpb-sts. (opposite new Sherman House), Chicago. CUNARD MAIL LINE. ESTjAJBXiXSHBID 1840. Boston, and Liverpool. Steam Between New Yorl FROM NEW YORK. Juno IB] Abyssinia...........Juno 14 Juno 26 Batavia Juno SI And from Bostcn every Tuesday. Algeria. Russia.. Java.... Cabin FassaffOt 880* 8100 and 8130* Gold. Excursion Tickets at Reduced Ratos. Steerage Passage, 680 onrronoy. Passenger* and freight booked to and from all ports of Europe at lowest rates. BlghtDraftsonOreatßritaln. Ireland, and (hoContinent. P. 1L DU VERNET, Oon’l Wosl’n Agent. N. W. oor. Clark and Randolph-sts. NEW TORE TO CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON - , And nil Other Points in England and Wales, The South Wales Atlantia Steamship Company’s now first-class Btoamshlpa will aall from Pennsylvania Rail* road Wharf, Jersey Oily: PEMBROKE., May GLAMORGAN. Juno la Those steamships, built expressly for tho trade, are pro* rldud with all tho latest Improvements for tho comfort and convenience of CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. First Cabin..,, ~,.580 currency Hecond Cabin 66 currency moorage.. SO currency Prepaid Steerage certificates from Cardiff $33 Drafts for XI and upwards. For further particulars, apply In Cardiff, at the Com* pany'a Offices, wo. 1 Dock Chambers, and In Now York to ARCHIBALD BAXTER 1 CO., Agents, No. 17 Broadway. STATE LINE. NEW YORIC AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BEL* FAST AND LONDONDERRY. These elegant now steamers will sail from State Lido Pier, Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, N. Y. as follows: PENNSYLVANIA, 3.603 ton Wednesday, Juno 11. VIRGINIA, 9,600 tone ...Wednesday, Juno 36. GEORGIA, 9,600 tons ....Wednesday, July 0. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agents. 79 Broadway, N. Y. SAMPLE & HARGIS, Agents, Cor, of Canal and West Madlson-sls., Chicago. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. Chicago, Danville •& Vincen nes Railroad. QbkeiuiiOrnoß, 899 Wr-ar lUnnoi.rH-sT.,I Cuioaoo, idnyitt, 1b73.{ Tho annual mooting of tho stockholders of iho Chicago, Danvlllo AVinoonncillallroad Company, for tho otootlon of Directors, and tho transaction of suuh other business as may como bofota tho tnnollng, will be hold at tho flico of tho Company, No. TJ3 West Randolnb-at., In tho City of Chicago, HI., on Wednesday, Juno 10, 1073. Tho poll will be uponod at 11 o'clock a. m. - T J. 8. OAMPBElJ<,.Secretary, CHKOMO. U33'V7v7' 03EE3FS.OHWEO, ENTITLED THE FRIENDS, Giron to each customer hr (ho GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO.. 118 West Washlngton-at., IWTwon* ty.socond-st. This Is a lino ploturo of a Uind-hcartod boy feeding bis household pets. AMUSEMENTS, MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. BENEFIT MATINEE. mrSBOTS’ HOJE, THURSDAY, June; 13. EATIE PUTNAM, . AND IIKII COMPANY IN STAO-B STttXJaK. HOOLETS COMPANY, LONDON ASSURANCE. TM« nil! bo o Tmrr.t! DBNEFIT Ihronßb tbo Bonoros- Hy of twenty of our loading clllr.oni, who each give a sum •filial to lOpor oontof tbo not amount rooolvoa for tlok- Otß BOld. Admixilon, sl.- GET RESERVED SEATS NOW. MoYIOKER’S THEATRE. EVENING, Juno 9, and. until farther no tlco, tlio brilliant young artlsto, ■ 3Pia.tno.Es.2Xi, In tho Original Dramotlratlon of DICKENS’ POPULAR STOIty, tho TT^ T « „,,QLT> CUUIOSITV fln°p. TILE MASoiIIbNESB. ( KATIE PUTNAM. .A* playotl by her over 600 nighla In all tho principal olllos of America. Introducing Now and Brilliant Songs, Song# and Dances, and Banjo Hulos. Matinee Saturday at 2 p. m. MYERS’ OPERA HOUSE. IMMENSE BUOOEBS OF Moran & Manning’s Minstrels. A GREAT DILL FOE THIS WEEK. AN ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. First Umo hero of tbo groat barlosquo' Tlio Grroat tTublloo, A Now Fliat Part. Now Aote. Now Songs .and 1 Dahcoa. BUOKNIC and DNBWORTII in Now Acts. Billy Man ning’s Local Onrlosqno, OPEN ON SUNDAY. Evory. thing Now and Original. Don’t fall to secure your scats. Box Ollioo open from 9 until 6. AKIN'S THEATEE. „ , it CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY, JUNE 10, To facllltato preparations for tho grand spectacular opora KOIjOE » Which, at an actual cash outlay of FIFTEEN THOU SAND DOLLARS, wUI be presented with of^o^Blon^st^ei^Jxos, AN EXOKLLENI OPEBATIO OABT. A XTCaiTIMATE SPECTACLE for Use cultured taste. The Flnnat Transformation Soono ovor exhibited In Chi oago. Box Offloo opens oa Wednesday next. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. FIFTH WEEK OP THE STAR TWre Coin Coiliij, Several now special acta. Including TOE INTELLIGENCE OFFICE! THE ABSENT-MINDED COUPLE! Tho whole concluding with tho groat drama, HOOLETS THEATEE. Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon and night, HHTmu’s ohim] To conclude with tho Roaring Farce, SEEING DILLON; Or* The West Side Cop. Tharsdny, FVldar, Saturday afternoon and night, Tom Monday, Juno 18, Bonoflt of JOHN In roboareal, THE GAME OP LOVE, and a now Soolo ty Drama, by Bronson Howard, author of "Saratoga." "Diamonds," Ao. AIKEN’S THEATRE. JolmnyHanfl’s &ranfl Benefit Concert, FRIDAY, JXJ 3STB 18. C IT* Tlokota for salo at all Mnslo Stores and Hotels. MILLINERY. MILLINERY! REDUCED PRICES EOR SUMMER SEASON! We reduce prices of Straw Goods and Trimmed Hats to day, for the Summer Season. Just opened, more of those Elegant Imported Flowers. WEBSTEB’S, 241 WEST MADISON-ST. FINANCIAXi. LAKE SHORE & ICIIM SODTHEI RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. Bonds Due Oct* 1, 1882* with Interest at Seven per Gent* payable somUanminlly* April and October* at the oiUce of the Union Trust Go. of Now York*. $600,000, or Ton pot Cent of tho Loan, to bo retired annually by tbo Sinking Fond. Coupon Bonds of. SI,OOO eaob. Beglstered Bonds of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO esol. Price, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CHASE & GO. No. 18 Broad-st., New York. MISCELLANEOUS. CIKORfM&Ti, April 19, 1673. THE BENNETT HOT AIE FURNACE 00., having removed all tla branohea to Cincinnati, Ohio, and its manufactory and warorooms from IBaud 16 West Fifth* st. to 683, 716 West Righth-st., and having no authorized agents whatever In Illinois, except F. P. Holler and U. IJ. Chaco, la prepared t>> rooolvo onion from Individuals and from tho trado for Furnaces, Patent Room Hoators, Ventilating Columns, Laundry Heaton, and Heating Apparatus for Steam and Hot Water, . In our present location onr facilities nro greatly in creased. and wo aru prepared, with extensive improve, moats, to moot tho wants of tho community in every par* tloular. Address, Hoimott Hot Air Furnace Co., ■ CINCINNATI, OHIO. MUSICIANS’ UNION. Elootloa of officers for tho ensuing year, Thursday, Juno 13. H, 80110L3, President, UNDERWEAR, Vi Spring and Summer Merinos, An«i cola Flannels, Silk, Lisle Thread,] ■roan. Linen. Jaooonot, &0., In fine goods, at bottom prices. ] WILSON BEOS,,] 8. I?, cor. of State and Washlnglm-sUi., ) nh i-._- ' **Arcado Court,’* Olnrkst., aonin of Madison,) t ' D,c ** j And Plko’s Opera Homo, Cincinnati. f RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF- TRADLS. | Spring Arrangement, | Explanation op Rp.FKnnNCR Maium—t Saturday at I opptod. Sunday oxcoptorl. 1 Monday executed. I Ar- * rive Sunday at 8 :U0 a. in. (Dally. * . MICHIGAN CENTRAL A GREAT WESTERN RAILROADS! n C ki kr , t, ‘> foot q/- Ttcmlusecond’tU Htleft qffire, (!7 Clark ft., southeast corner qf Itandolrfi, ; nmf 75 Cnnal-W., cornet qf Madlton. ' J , Moll (viamain and atr 1in0).,..,, Day Express Jackson Accommodation AtlanlJo Express Night Express,... aIIAND RAPIDS AND PP.NXWATEn. ,Morning Express. Night Express..... • B :00 ft in. • 9:00o. m. ft 8:35 p. in, ft fi:l6 n. re, I*9:oop.m. 9,D00. m. 19:10 p. in. HENRY Gear 0. WENTWORTH, era] Pasasigor Agent. CHICAGO & ALTON R Cltieagn, Alton A.St. Louis Thrau (.Vo.) neio short route./rom Chicago Depot, West Side, near UadUon»it RAILROAD. ugh Line, an goto Kansas ft. bridge, St. Iguis A Springfield Express, tla Main Lino..., Kansas Oily Fast Kinross, via Jacksonville, 111., mid Louisi ana, Mo wonono- Lacon, Wnthhigton Kx. press (Western Division.) JpUpt * Dwight Acoomo’dallon. St. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, via Main Lino, andalso via Jacksonville Division Kansas Oltr Express, via Jack soovllle, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. Jonerson City Express Peoria, Keokuk <t Burl’a Ex * 9:15 a. a. * 9:16 a. m. * 4:10 p. ra. • 4:10 p. m. 1113:00 p. m. HflsOOp.'m. il0;00p. m. 1 9;(X) r» m. UDally. via.MainLino, ruid dal Jacksonville Division. Jl Dally. • except Monday, via Jacksonville) CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST Union Depot, corner Madison and 63 South Clark-it,, oppatUe Shernu Uy except Saturday, via via Alain Lino, and dally Division, . r. PAUL HAILWAY. Cnnal->U,; ticket OJJtee inn Home, anti at Depot, Milwaukee, St. Paul A Minneap olis Day Express Milwaukee & Prairie du Gliton Mailand Expre55,.....,,. Milwaukee, St, Paul & Mlnnoap oils Night Express * 0:80 a. m. J 6:SOa. m< •8:00p, a. ’11:00a. m. t9:30 p. m. *4:15 p. in. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON &C Depots—-Foot qf Lake-et ., /niffam and Ctonal and Stxteevth-iti. llotut, No, fig and ate KJIfJCY RAILROAD. i-ac.. and tUxteeulh-it.,, Ticket ojleel <n lirinot lepote. Acace. yirrfre,, * 7:41 a. iu. 7:46 a. m. * 9:10 a. m. •10:00 a. m. * 8:16 p. m. * 4:20 p. m. * 1:46 p, m. * 6:80 p. m. . 1.00 p. m. t0:00p. m. til :00 p. m. *11:00 a. in, * 0:15 p. m. Ottawa ami Htrcritor Passenger. I Dubuque and Sion* City Exp.... Pacific Fast Lino Galesburg Passenger Mcndota A Ottawa Passenger... Aurora Passenger*.; Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger JSunday) Dubuque A Sioux City Exp Pacific Night Express Downer’s Orovo Accommodation Downers Qroro Accommodation „ , , ILLINOIS VENTRAL Depot jool <\f nndj'oot of . Offices, 121 lian<inlj>h‘St,, near Cl RAILROAD. Ttemt{/-»eeoi Vark, St. Loulb Express Bt. Louis Fast Lino Ca1r0M011....... Cairo Kinross Bprtngflold Express.. Springfield Express, Dnbuquo 4 Sioux City Ex Dnbuquo 4 Sioux Oily Ex Kmngliam Passenger Knnkhkoo Passrugor Hydo Park and bait Woods liydo Park anti Oak Woods.. Ilydo Park and Oak W00d5....... Ilydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Wooda Ilydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Pork ami Oak Wood Hydo Park and Oak Wood* * 8:250. m t H:lsp. m 4 8:25 a. m t 8:15 p. m * 8:25 a. m t 8:15 p. m 4 9:16 a. m t fl:oop. m 4 6:ifip, m *ll ;lOp. m * 8:1(1 a. m * 7:10 a. m } 9:00 a. ra 412 ill) p, m 1 11:00 p. m * 4 :30 p. m * 6:15 p. in * 6:l0p. m *U;!(Jp. m CHICAGO & NORTHWESTI Tiefcet office, corner JtamtoJph amt Mad<ion~tt, ■ERN RAILROAD. £aS'affc,«r. ) and 81 IKmi Pacific Fast Lino.. Dubuque Dny Kx. via Ollnton.,, Pacific bight Express Dubuquo Nlgbt Rx. via Clinton, Freeport A Dubuquo Express.... Freeport & Dubuquo Express... MUwaukee Mall., Milwaukee Express MUwaukoo Passenger Milwaukee Passenger (dally).,. Oroou Bay Express Bt. Paul Express Marquette Express St. Paul Express. *lO:ir> a. m. 10:15 a. m. HOilßp, ra. lUHS p. m. * 9:15 a. m. . * 9:15 p. m. • 0:00 a. ra. , • 9:30 a. ra. , * 5:00 p. m. , sll rOO p. tn. 9:10 it. ra. *10:10 a. tn. , • 9:00 p. m. . t9;3op. ra. CHICAGO. HOCK ISLAND St . Depot, corner q/ 1 Harritnn ami Sht <33 ITett .l/adfto PACIFIC. RA! Vt’tt. Omaha, LoavonwHliAAtohlaoun* Pom Accommodation Nltfht Express Leavenworth A Atchison Express *10:15 a. in. * 3:16p, m • 6:00 p. hi. • 9:'5D a. in tl0;00 p. in. 1 7:ot)n. in tlOiQOp.m. ; 7:QOa. m LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SO Depot, earner Harrison ami Shtt northwest comer Clark ami Hand corner Canal awl Madison-its. DUTHERN RAILROAD. trmamiU. liekef o'flees . and southves Express Acoora. via Mala Lino.. 2:30 a. m. t MM), via Air Liao and Main Lino * 0:10 a. m. * 1 apodal Now York Express, via All Linn • fi:ooa. m. • ( Atlantic Express, via Air Line.. 5:15 p. m. E Niuht Express, via Mala Lino.... *f9:oop. m. *{( BlkhartAoconunodatlon.. * BHO p. m. • f Booth Chicago Accommodation.. 12:00 m. 1 CHICAGO. DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD. Passenger Depot at I*,, C, dkSt, Louie Depot, corner up Cj' naland Ktnsie-sU. i • Freight and Ticket office ICS VTashing-ton-st. 1 ,• , Leave. I Arrive, Mall.. • 7:40 a. m. l* I HO p. ti Evansville A Terra Haute Ex.... * 7:00 p. m.[t 7:30 a. a PITTSBURGH. FORT WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Express.. PactDo Express... Fast Lino Mall Valparaiso Accommodation. * 9:00 a. m. t {5:10 p. m. 5 t*9:oop. m. r * 4:55 a. m. • 1 3HOp. m. * CHICAGO & PACIFIC* RAILROAD. (OPEN TO JtOHEIiLE.) Depot comer HaUted and Aorlh Ilranch'Ste. General offi 16 Metropolitan JJloek, comer Jiandolph and LaSalle-sts, Roaollo Accommodation. Ilivsr Park Accommodation. Iliver Park Accommodation. CHICAGO, INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI THROUG LINE. VIA KANKAKEE ROUTE. iWm the Great Central Jtallroad Depot, foot of Lake-i For through tickets and eleeping-ear berths apply alo uric Ticket office, 121 Knndolph-et,, near earner Clark; ■ Osnal-et,, earner ifadiion; 96 LaSalle-it., corner H’ai ington; also foot of Twenty-second-st, Leave Chicago Arrive at Indianapolis Arrive at Cincinnati * 9:60 a. m. BH5p. i •fl:lOp. m. 6.00 a. t •10:3 pp. ro. 10:00 a. t Trains arrive at Chicago at 7:67 a. m., 8:88 a. m.. a> 7:40 p. m. Only lino running Saturday night train to I dlanapolia and Cincinnati. South End passengers can g baggage ohockod and toko train at Twenty-second-:' Depot. SCALES. PA IE BANK S' • IT".! STANDARD 0/ SCALES a. U— fj OF ALL SIZES. FAIRBANKS, MOUSE & O 111 AND 113 LAKE ' ST MEDICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN, 4M Btato-st., Ohtou, IMawell known by all readers of tho papers, that I O. Bigelow is tbo oldest established,ph/dolan In Ohloa,; Science and experience have made Dr. B. too roost:. Downed SPECIALIST of tho ago. honored by tho pre: esteemed of tho highest medical attainments by all 1. medical Institutes ofthp day, having devoted TNVEN'. YiSAHH OF HIM LIFK In perfecting remedies that v euro positively ail oases of CHRONIC AND SPEC!.. DISEASES in both sexes. CONSULTATION FREE. SEPARATE PARLO' for ladies and gentlemen. Call. GORKESPONDENi GONFIDKNTrAL. Address nil letters, with stamps, Dr. O. BiaELO'V, No. V>l SLUi.t. NO CUKE! NO PAY!! Dr. Kean 300 South Olork-st., Chicago, >’ May bo confidentially consulted, personally or by mi free of charge, on all ohruulo or nervous disease*. DR. 1 J* KEAN Is the only physician In the city whew, rants cures or uo pay. • Oroou Book sent for 60 oonte. Illustrated with num: ous lino engravings, OLIN, ho longest engaged i treatment of rli i both sexes. ■; Full lnforn’.‘»r»ii-'. t i omyQdunllaL I'-oov. ItcL/u-, <rttouthtn w* c DR. A. G. 163 South, Chicago, th most successful Spoolallst in tho t chronic, and nervous diseases in stamps for Medical Treatise, h sulfation free. Correspondence i rooms fox ladloe and geutloiuon. Arrive. Arrive. • 8;lfi p. ra. ■ • 8:00 p, ra. ; MO :20 a. m.l ft 8:00 a. m. • 1*6:30 a. m. 8:00 p. ra r *6:00 a. nv (I AoufafanV- City, Union< Arrive, Leave. 1 8:10 p. to. * 8:10 p. m. • I :*0 p. ra. * 0:40 a. ni. 117:30 p. ti. 117 :nn a.nV. i;7:i!Oa. in. I* 8:10 p. m Leave, Arrive. * 4.16 p. m. 8:00 p. M.i * 9:l8p. Mr * 3:15 p. m. * 8:00 p. m/ * 9:66 a. in. * 8:16 a. tn. * fi:Ms. m. 9:66 a. m, t 7:00 a. m. 1 6:00 a. iu« * 6:50 p. in. •7:13 a. m. Ticket Leave. Arrive. *-8:20p, m *,7:55 a. ni * 4 :45 p. m * 7:55 a. m * 4 :45 p. in * 7:55 a. m * 2:00 p. m t 7:00 a. ra * 8:20 p. ra * 9:20 a. ra •>6:48 o; m *7:45 a. ra * 8:4(1 a. ra * 9:20 a. m 410:33 a, ra V 1:45 p. m *6:20?. m * 6:56p, m * 7:40 p. ra J*ave, Arrive. •fists p. fa. ' 0:15 p. tn. tC-..T0 a. in. 6:80 a. ra,' * 2;00 p. m. * 7:00 a. m. *10:15 a. m. * 4:00 p.m. * 7:40 p. ra. } 6:00 a. m. 4 7:00 p. ra. 4.00 p. m. * 6:50 a. m, t &:20 a. nr, tLROAD. Ticket office, Leave. Arrive, Leave, Arrive. 8:65 p. m 9 ;00 p. m fl :00 p. a 8:00 a. ra 16:30 a. ra 9:55 a. ra 1»C0 p. m' Arrive, Leave, t 7:80 p. n i 6:30 a. ti 1*8:00 * 6:10 p. n 1 8:50 a. n Arrive. 6:00 p.m. 9:10a.r 6; 10:51 a.r. 3:30 p.m. 7:21p.c

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