Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 11, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 11, 1873 Page 5
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THE SCHOOL BOARD. Bids for Supplying tho Joucs School Furniture. Rio Salary Question—lnstructions in tho German Language—At , tendance. . . Tho Board of Education mot yesterday even ing, President King in tho chair. Present, In spoolers Hosing, Biohborg, Stone, Wolls, Bon flold, Qoggin, Sheldon, Calkins, Buoyant Bishop, and Prussing. FUIIHITUHE. • . Tho Committee on Apparatus and Furniture reported they had advertised for bids for seating (ho Jones Sohool, and bod received the follow ing: National School Furniture Company, $6,840.80 { Michigan School Fumlturo Company, $4,717.08; A. 11. Andrews A Co., $5,802,801 Sherwood & Co., $4,080.00; Sterling Manufac turing Company, $5,254.60. On tho recom mendation' of tho Committee, tho bid of tho Michigan Company was .accepted. SALARIES, Tho Committee on Salaries submitted a report, which was laid over oud printed. Tho report calls attention to tho fact that,while tho labors of tho officers of tho Board had greatly Increased, their salary had not boon raised during tho last five years. Qroat loss had boon suffered in con eoquonco of tho low salaries paid teachers, and It had boon found vory hard to fill vacancies. It is recommended that intermediate schools ho adopted between tho district and primary schools, which can bo so carried out as to soouro greater economy In tho management of tho cchools. A fow primary schools In thlnly soltlod localities may bo transferred into Inter mediate schools. A schedule of salaries Is then given. Those of somo of tho officers of tho Board woro raised. Tho fotnalo assistants got what thoy had before tho firo. Tho salary of tho Principal of tho High School la also raison. Tho total iuoroaso is SIO,OOO, of which about $16,000 Is on teachers. Tuo report was laid ovor till noxt week. german. * Tho subject of Gorman instruction in tbo pub lic schools was taken up, tbo question being on tbo recommendation of tbo majority of tbo Committee, that tbo beginning tbo study of Gor man shall bo optional, but, onco commenced, its continuance must bo compulsory, except ' for tbo last two years. Tho minority of tbo Committee recommended that pupils who began tbo study of Gorman and then abandoned it should not bo allowed to resume it without tbo consent of tbo Superintendent. Hr. Runyan moved, os an amendment, that tbo study of Gorman do confined to tbo first, second, and third grade of tbo grammar schools, and that it bo compulsoiy oi>aU tbo pupils. Mr. Riobborg ottered a substitute that tbo study of Gorman embrace a course from tho fifth grade in tbo grammar Bcbools t upwards, and study Gorman from two years in tbo High School. When pupils aro examined for promotion from grade to grade. they aro to bo examined in Gorman also. Pupils beginning Gorman in tho district schools must continue it till tbo close of tbo school year, and can oommonco only at tho . beginning of tbo year. On tbo written permis sion of tbo Superintendent, they may be allowed to drop it at any time. A Superintendent of Gorman is also provided for. Those various propositions wore discussed for some time, tbo majority of those who spoke, being opposed to making German compulsory, and in favor of leaving things about as they wore. Tho Superintendent stated that tbo progress made in Gorman siuco its introduction has not been what it ought to bavo been in view of tbo money spout and instruction given. No pupil bod devoted five minutes to it while not actually •in class. The only way to better matters was to grade tbo Gorman, and to have examinations in It as in other studios. Then only would tbo pupils pay any attention to tbo study. This gradation should bo independent of that for tbo English studios. Mr. Wells concurred with tho rlows of tbo Superintendent. Mr. Goggin reiterated bis wish to bavo Ger man utterly banished from tbo school*. Accord ing to him, it was on uttor and admitted failure, and was retained only on account of tbo Gorman vote. It cost moboy which could bo bettor used elsofrboro, and spoilt tbo child’s English educa tion. Expenditure for Gorman was unlawful, and could bo stopped by tho courts. Mr. Richborg’s substitute was lost; yeas, 8— Riobborg, Trussing, and Hosing. Nays, 9. Mr. Runyan’s motion was lost; yeas, B—Hosing.B—Hos ing. Trussing, and Runyan. Nays, 9. ' The report of tbo Committee was thou lost; yoas, 2—nosing and Richborg. Nays, 10. Tho substance of all this is German is loft about wbero it was. Tho Finance Committee recommended the payment of a number of bills amounting to $8,197.07, and it was so ordered. Tho Commiitco ou Medals was ordered to pro vide the number necessary for tbo prize schol ars. The Superintendent reported that during last m0uth38.823 persons wore enrolled, 18,143' in West Division, .8,283 in tbo South, and 6,770 in tbo North. Tbo average daily attendance was 28.061. Tbo attendance at some of tbo larger schools was as follows; Newberry, 1,408; Ilol don, 1,803; Franklin, 1,198; Brown, 1,855; Douglas, 1,083; Wells, 1,210; Hoyos, 1,176; Carpenter, 1,097; Skinner. 1,086. The Board adjourned till Tuesday. PERSONAL. Mr. R. M. Hooloy, of Opera-House fame, re turned from the East on Monday. L. G. Smith, of Berlin, is among tbo orriv&ls at the West Side Briggs House. Miss Glover, ono of tho throe leading ladies at Hooloy’s, has, wo loam, severed her connec tion with Mr. Hooloy’s establishment. Col. S. D, Sobers, of Philadelphia, Is at tbo West Sido Briggs Houso. Mrs Kate N. Doggott will lecture ou “Art” In Christian ■ Union Hall, No. 114 East Madison street, Friday, 3 p.m., Tbo Hon. John T. Ely, of Cedar Rapids, 1s In tbo city, and registered at tbo West Side Briggs House. Gen. A. D. Straight, of Indianapolis, was in tho city yesterday, and registered at the West Bido Briggs Houso. Tho steamer Forthia arrived at Queenstown on Monday, safe and sound. Among tho pas sengers-wero the family of tho Hon. Carter H. Harrison, and Mrs. Mil wood, of this city. , Tho Hon.;Nowton Bateman, Superintendent of Public Instruction of Illinois, of Springfield, is at tbo St. Julian. Prof. Haven's fourth lecture will be given at Christian Union Hall, No. 1U East Madison street, at 8 o’clock to-day, tho subject being "Socrates," As Mr. Socrates was quite a man In his time, and had notions of hla own, ho will undoubtedly prove an interesting toplg. Qo. State Deputy Joseph L. Drake instituted a pew lodgo of I. O. of G. T. In this city, to bo known as tho Burr Mission Lodgo No. 820.’ Tho following aro tho officers: N. Martin, W. 0. T.j Jennie Peck, W. V. T.; Walter Priest, 11. B.; Charles Borgnor, F. 8.; Doll Austin, T.; John Patohon, Chaplain; A. Y. Rogers, M.; L. 0. Kit linger, I. Q.; A. Burling, 0. S.; J. O. Brayman, P. W. 0. T., and Deputy G. W. 0. T. At tho West Sido Briggs Houso aro : Henry Wilhelm, Omaha; M. Flynn, Dos Moines; T. W. Nowell, Milwaukee ; George 0. Stanley; Fort Scott; A. B. Witmor, Lancaster, Pa,; Charles Maxwell, Toronto ; John Irvine Carr, Now York; E. B. Worthier, Milwaukee; G. W. Friend, Grand Haven ; B. K. Stone, Keene ; T. Clarke, Wisconsin { James Benedict, Now York; and 0. Wilson, Boston. Mr. Bartley T. Campbell, who acquired quite a reputation as a playwright during his connec tion with Hooloy’s Thialre, has- gone to Long Branch to enjoy tho sea-brooKO and tho society of President Grant • during tho summer. His best productions woro VRisks," *• Peril,” "Fate," and if ho had not meddled with "Ye Gentle Savage,"ho would have boon very fortunate in his Chicago career. As it is, ho has done well. He is a young man of promise, and may yofc bo‘famous.* All his friends wish him a pleasant sojourn by (he side of tlie Atlantic, The venerable Rev. Dr. Benjamin Whlttomoro (VuiYWKtUfU *wl W* « dwitUtoeit fim» Billon, tho groat disciple of Unlversalism, cele brated tholr golden wedding in Lancaster, Mass., laat week. Jeff. Davis Is writing a book. Dooohor Is advised to go to Colorado. Only cloven watering places claim Lucca for tho season. ' ' . • , < Bawoo fsnlnry-grabbor) baa not Balled for Europe, and don't know when ho will. ■ Tho Tiohborno claimant wants moro money, and honoohls lato appeal to tho British public for funds. Qoorgo Alexander, of Woodstock, is called to tho Sonata of Canada in tho plaoo of Hr. Burn ham, deceased. Qoorgo Omlkshank is to rooclvo a ponsion of £95 from tho Boyal Treasury, ond ouo of £SO from tho Boyal Academy. Fostmastor-Qouoral Campbell, of Canada, is to bo appointed Minister of Militia, Oibbs tok* lug tho Postmastor-aonoralshlp. ,* Bishop Whlpplo, of Minnesota, will preach tho sermon at tho consecration of tho Bishop's church, at Davenport, lowa, tho 18th lust. John P. Morgan, organist of Trinity Church, Now York, has resigned on account of ill health, and will soon start for Santa Barbara, Cal. William M. Parker, Into of tho Boston, Hart ford, & Erie Bailroad, has boon appointed Su- Jorintondont of tho Passumpslo lailroad. Edgar Cowan, of Qroonshurg, has boon elect ed a member of tho Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention by tho Democratic delegates at largo, in placo of Franklin B. Oowon, resigned. Qoorgo W. Beach, Superintendent of tho Naugatuck Bailroad, has for five years practised walking tho wholo iength of tho road at loast twice a year. Tho road Is not as long as tho Chicago & Northwestern. Senator Morton returned to Indianapolis on Saturday, after an absence of several weeks at Hot Springs, Ark. Tho Senator is looking much hotter than whon bo loft boro, and thinks his health Is steadily improving. Ho will-leave in a fow days for Colorado. •’ Miss Grooloy, being very desirous to obtain as manyas possible of tho loiters of hot father, tho lato Horace Greeley, will esteem it a groat favor on tho part of any of his friends having letters of Interest written by him. if thoy will kindly in oloso such letters to hor by maU, that sho may take copies, after which sho will return tho originals to tholr owners. Such friends will ploaso address Ida L. Qrooloy, Ghnppaqua, Westchester County, Now York. AMUSEMENTS. ACADEMY OP MUSIC. The Theatre Comlquo Combination still suc ceed in maintaining their bold upon tbo lovers of variety business, drawing fair houses, while other theatres aro doing no bottor. The now burlesque “Kono and Loto,” which was un derlined for last Monday evening, has failed to como to time. At tbo matinoo and evening per formance to-day tho programme will not ma terially differ from what it has been. As it is funny enough to keep tbo bouso in a roar of laughter, there ought not to bo vory much regret about its retention. “ Tbo Intelligence Office,” a humorous sketch, appears to moot with gen eral appreciation. “School” is also vory funny, with Mr. John Hart as Dunce and John Wild as Palsy Bolivar. Tbo performance concludes with J. T. Toole’s sensational drama, “Tho Convict’s Revenge,” which is not so amusing. aieen’s theatre. Tbo preparations which have boon made dar ing tbo past fortnight by Messrs. Aiken A Hess for tho production of the spectacular opera of “Zoloo 1 ’ upon a scale of unusual splendor bavo been nearly completed. Tbo management an nounce that on Monday next they will astonish tbo natives. Tbo loading characters will bo as assumed by Mr. J. F. Northrop, tenor; Henry Teakos, basso; Miss Isabella Motto, soprano, and Milo. Morlacobi as Zoloc. Tho grand transfor mation scene, upon which the management have bestowed much money and attention, will bo a fitting finale to tbo pioco. nOOLEV’S THEATRE. It did not tako Mr. Hooloy long to mako up his mind, after having onco seen “Yo Gentle Savage,” and its weakness, that it was unworthy of bis theatre. It bos boon consequently dropped from tbo bill entirely. To-day at both por formnuenn “ Miriam’s Crime” will bo followed bjf tbo farce, ( .* Booing Dillon j or, tho West Side THE CITY IN BRIEF, Templar Lodge No. 440, I. 0. 0. F., will moot this evening at its hall, comer of Washington and Dosplainos streets, and all brothers in good standing are invited to bo present. Tho members of St. John’s Mutual Benevo lent Society are requested to moot at tboir ball at 0 o’clock this morning to attend tbo funeral of Thomas Grauoy. The adjourned annual mooting of tbo Chi ago College of Pharmacy, announced to tako place yesterday, will bo bold at 3:30 this after noon in tbo Rooms at No. 77 Dearborn street. At the inquest on tho body of Herman Sic wert,who died suddenly at No. 801 East Twenty second street, on Tuesday, a Verdict of aneurism of tbo heart was rendered. Soiwort was a tailor, and loaves no family. Throe Common Council Committees are called for 3 o’clock this afternoon at tbo City Clerk’s ofllco.—tboßo on Licenses, Harbors and Bridges, and Streets ami ' Alloys of tbo South Division. It is fair to suppose that not one of those' will moot. . Henry Eicksman, a plasterer, fell from a scaf fold at No. 703 South Canal street, yesterday morning, and sustained a painful fracture of tbo right leg. Ho was removed to bis homo, at No. 81U Brown street. Tho alarm of- flro from Box 235, yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, was occasioned by tho overturning of a kettle of hot pitch in tho roof ing factory of W. Wheeler & Co., at No. 294 North Halstod street. Beyond tho burning of tho pitch thcro was no damage. Frank Bonnard, an employe of tho Chicago «k Northwestern Railroad, had his foot crushed by & freight-car, at tho corner of Hoisted street and Chicago avonuo, yesterday morning. He was removed to tho County Hospital. It is believed his foot will hove to bo amputated. Tbo Chicago Oratorio Society hold a mooting last evening at Lyon & Healey’s music store, and elected tho following gontlomen as officers for tho ensuing year: W. F. Ooolbaugh, President; Wm. Bproguo, Vico-Prosidont; J. A. Farwoll, Treasurer; W. H. Harvey, Secretary; Q. T. Hatch, Librarian; F. M. Prentiss. C. H. Davie, F. S. Pond, and 0. Blackman, Standing Com mittee. * It la becoming a Tory serious question whether & whole mite of street traffic must come to a stand still for a Quarter of an hour from thirty to forty times a day for the benefit of one or two cool and lumber dealers, while their schooners pass Into the river. There being no tides to in terfere with the shipping, it would seem that certain hours of tho day or night could bo sot apart for this purpose. An inquest was hold yesterday on tho body of of John Hanlon, who was killed on Sunday night, by being run over by a man on horso-baek. A verdict finding tho latter guilty of criminal carelessness was rendered, ~lho guilty person was drunk at tho time, and was riding a horso which he had stolon. Ho returned it to tho own er tho next morning. His name is known to tho police, and, if ho was not arrested last night, ho will probably bo this morning. Tho city editor of tho Journal mado a torriblo effort to dispose of his spare Sunday suit when ho incorporated tho following in hla '* criticism " of the performance at MeVlokor'a Theatre, on Monday evening: “ Mr. Brown mado an excel lent DickSiuivcUcr, though tho mako-up was a little off color. l)lck's drone should ho a brown body-coat, with brass buttons in front, a plaid waistcoat, soiled whito trousers, bright cheek neckerchief, a limp hat, worn wrong, with tho wrong side foremost, to hido a hole in tho brim, and dirty whito wristbands folded far back over Ids cuffs." It is a very hard-working Oommlttoe, that on Finance. If anything is asked for, it shakos U’a head and waits until proof in given that such a want really oxiats. The Police Commissioners asked for two moro hook and ladder trucks, pro vision to bo made for them in the ensuing budg et. Hence, tho Committee found it necessary to send for tho Hook and Ladder Company, and mado it stand outside the City Hall while the overworked Committee looked through tho win dow. An empty bottlo was picked up on tho lako shore, near tho mouth'of the nvor yesterday morning, which contained a small slip of paper, upon which was written, in a scrawling hand, “ Charles Nelson, lost Juno Bth." Tho bottlo wan corked tightly, so that no irutQ( could got inside, Perhaps THE CHICAGO t) thoro is a Bad story to bo ABSoaiatod with the dis covery. Or, perhaps, somebody. In n. freak of mischief, thought to dupo tho public. Tho pub lication of this paragraph may uuravol tho rays tory. Tho bottlo is in tho possession of Borgt. mills, at tho Oontrol Police Station. Amornlngnowspapor in Chicago, which Is dis tinguished for being "independent in nothing," dovotos a column or moro to tho recommenda tion that drawing should bo taught in the puhllo schools of Chicago. In vlow of tho foot that drawing woo mono a part of tho instruction in our puhllo schools two years ago, tho recom mendation Booms to bo about as timely as most' of tho suggestions that emanate from this quarter. A Journal'that Is run ex clusively in tho interests of tho Washington Ad ministration, and edited by offico-holdora and ox-office-holders, cannot bo oxpcctod, howovor, to ho vory familiar with tho condition of things at homo. Whenever tho obsequious reporters of tho Slaats Zeitung write something moan about Mayor Moditl, they enclose a slip of the article to Ills Honor, and como round iu tho afternoon to translate it for him. This is vory amusing, and but for tho frequency with which it is done, would hurt nobody. Ao It Is, tho Mayor's time is too valuable to ho wasted in this way, espe cially as each of tho throo local monof that fiapor claims to bo tho author of it, and goes nto an explanation of tho various causes which induced him thus to blast tho unfortunate Executive forovor. * Bosidonts In tho vicinity of tho Sixteenth street railroad crossing are suffering from a plnguo compared to which tho plagues of Egypt wore mild inflictions. Day,ana night, but espe cially at night, tholr oars Kro deafened by the constant shriek of steam-whistles from tho lo comotives of tho Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Bailroad. Tho engines blow tho whistlo for fun, ond answering each other’s calls vory frequently whon thoro Is no necessity for. tho noise. Mr. Harris should give orders to abato tho nuiaanco, and prohibit whistling, unless when actually Deeded. By so doing lio will merit tho blessing of many who now pass sleepless nights. Half-a-dozen members of tho Academy of Sciences mot last ovoning, and had a farowoll conversation before beginning tho summer vaca tion. President Johnson was in tho chair, and Dr. Bridges did duty os Secretary. No formal business was transacted.. Tho President stated they would moot in October iu tho now building, that tho library was hotter than ovor, and tho museum about one-fifth as large as its predeces sor. Prof. Wheeler called attention to tho phenomenon witnessed in many parts of tho city Saturday and' Sunday ovonings, whon sand-lUos swarmed from tho sonth and west ends of houses, giving tho appearance of dense smoko. Nothing was done with tho sand-files, and tho mooting adjourned until somo time iu October, when tho now building will bo dedicated. No wonder tho Slaats-Zcilunq " goes for ” tho Mayor's robuko to Mr. Aid. Jacob Longacbor. Tho Slaah-ZcUung ought to fool aggrieved. Tho accomplished Alderman did not writo tho resolution attributed to him. Ho didn’t know enough to do so. It was written by “ Little Joo," ono of tho obsequious reporters of tho Staals-ZeUung f who also wrote tho local editorials pitching into tho Mayor. Thus aro tho readers of tho Staats-Zeitung beguiled. Whon " Littlo Joo " is not soiling peanuts, ho is looking after tho interests of tho people in this solf-sacrificing way. Aldorman Longaohor mot with tho fato of tho monkey whoso fingers woro employed to got tho chestnuts from tho firo. A borrlblo accident occurred yesterday morn ing at tbo Star and Orescent flouriug-miila, on Randolph street, near tbo bridge. A man named John T. Koigor, while swooping about a pioco of upright shafting, was caught by a band, and drawn between two largo cog-wheels. Ho cried to some workman near by to stop tbo machinery, but be fore that could bo accomplished Koigor was so fearfully mangled that bo died in about an hour after bo was rescued. Tho man bad boon in tbo employ of tho mill but a few days. His rosldoaco was not known, but it is supposed that bo has a family living in ono of tbo suburban villages. Ho was 88 years of ago, and a millwright by trade. A Coroner's inquest was bold upon tbo body yesterday afternoon, at which a verdict of death by accident was rendered. Tho body was taken in charge by tbo employes of tbo mill, who will not bury it for a fow days, hoping that bis friends may call for it. Tbo brutal instincts of a man named John Merest, proprietor of tho Union Hotel, at tho corner of Clinton and Water streets, xnado itself manifest yesterday morning, in tbo treatment of tbo dead child of a Gorman emigrant named Bcbvoodor. Scbrocdor arrived in tho city from Milwaukee at 7 o'clock yesterday morning. His child, Honry, a boy 7 years old, bod boon sick for some weeks. A runner for tbo Union Honso induced Scbrocdor to tako bis family to that place. Soon after reaching there, tbo child died.' Morast informed Scbroodor that bo would bury it for $25. Scbroodor said bo bod not that amount of money, and that ho would rather bury bis child himself. Movast then grow angry, ana made tbo family talto up tboir dead and go out under a shod near by, wbero for somo hours the stricken father sat . bolding bis dead boy in bis arms. A deliverer finally camo in tbo person of a noble-hearted man, George Somers, the proprietor of tbo St. Nicholas Hotel, on North Clinton street, who took tbo-family to his bouso and kopt them till yostordayaftoruoon, when tboy met their friends. The child was buried at tbo expense of tbo coun ty, after an inquest bad boon bold, which con cluded with a verdict of death from necessary exposure during a sea voyage. The Tribune is forced to assort, and does hereby solemnly avow, that it will maintain its assertion before tbo wbolo world, that the dead dog editor of tbo Journal is tbo only writer on that ptmor who is well-informed ou passing or stationary local events, and who can bo relied upon for truthful and discriminating items ap pertaining to bis facetious department. Wo aro credibly informed that there doesn’t exist in the city a single dog whoso obituary bo hasn’t writ ten up and put in typo beforehand, in order to avoid a “ scoop ” in case of a sudden death; and when a dog dies, bo makes a lonely pil grimage to tbo animal’s last resting-place, whether it bo on a public or. sido street, and describes tbo surroundings with genuine pathos. It is rumored among literary men that this enterprising and forcible mortuary statistician is none other than tho city editor, and wo tako unspeakable delight in according him tho proper mood of pralso for bis labors. Such a thoroughly competent journalist is rarely found intbesedogonorato days. Had wo tho time and upaco t wo would dovoto not a little of each to bis “ immense dead dog ” essay in last evening’s Journal. His “ mad dog and Alderman” sketch is also worthy of an extended review. Uneducated people liko tbo members of tbo Board of Health should give them a careful perusal. MAYOR MEOILL’S POWER TO REVOKE Ll' CENSES. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune Sm: Does tho Mayor's bill, or doos it not, contain tho following clause ? Zt shall bo tbd duty of any such Mayor, when re quested by resolution, to furnish to tho legislative au thority of any such city or either branch thereof, any information in his possession or control, concerning any matter or transaction connected with the adminis tration of tho Olty Government. Does not tho City Charter of 1803—Gary’s laws and ordinances, pago 25—contain tho fol lowing provisions, not citod by Mayor ModiU in his message to tho Council of last night ? [*4 - OoraraoQ Council Is empowered] i Thirtunth— To authorize tho Mayor, or other proper olhuern of tho city, to grant and Issue licenses, and direct tho man nor of Issuing and registering thereof, and tho foes to bo paid therfor. Provided, That no license shall ho granted for more than one year, and that no moro than $5tK) shall ho required to be paid for any liconso under this act, ana tho fco for Issuing tho s&mo shall not exceed $1; hut no license for tho salo of wines or other liquors, ardent, vinous, or formoutod, at wholesale or retail, or by innkeepers or others as aforesaid, shall bo loss than SSO. Bonds may ho taken, on tho granting of license, for tho due observance of tho ordinances or regulations of tho Common Coun cil. Does not the amendatory oot of Fob. 15, 1605, not referred to by Mayor Modill in his message, contain tho following provision (Soo. 81, p. 190, Gary’s Laws) ? Licenses to soil liquor shall not bo granted to any E orson but tho party lu actual possession of tho prom os In which liquor shall bo sold; and no license shall bo granted to fomalos, except upon tho recommenda tion of a majority of tho Committee on Licenses of said city. And tho Mayor of said city may, lu his discretion, revoke nil licenses hold or granted In violation of this section; and ho may, lu addition thereto; also, revoke tho liccnno given nr 6 ranted to threo other classes of persons, namely ; All censes hold or granted to any person who may be convicted of gambling, Immorality, undkooplugu dis orderly bouao. And no license shall hereafter bo Is sued or granted to any person convicted as aforesaid, except upon tho recommendation of not loss than six rospeotohlo householders, living lu tho neighborhood of tho Applicant, and tho Board of I‘ollco, Does not Mayor Medill know that those pro visions aro contained in tho City Charter and amondmontslhoroof, and that, in faot and reali ty, none of tho sections of the charter cited by him in his message confer any authority what soever upon him as Mayor either to ismio or re voke licenses, hut that all his authority in tho promises is domed, under the (wo sections LY 'WEDNESDAY, ' JUNE 'll, 1873. above recited, through the Common Council; and that the authority derived , under the ordi nances paused in conformity with the first flec tion, and that contained in tho last recited sec tion, is all tho authority he has got, and is limit ed to thd Issuing of licenses in conformity with them, and tho power to revoke them, when issued, is restricted to the above five enumerated oases; and, being thus restricted by tho Legisla ture, cannot bo exorcised, and does not exist, in any other ease ? Tho question is not, Did tho Oommoh!Council pass any ordinances protending to clothe the Mayor with a discretionary or arbitrary power to rovoko ? but. Did tho Legislature, under tho charter and its amendments, confer upon tho Common Council tho authority to pass such or dinances, and to ololho tho Mayor with such power? By on examination of Gary's Laws and Ordi nances. containing the charter and amendments cited, it will ho soon that no such power was conferred direct upon tho Mayor, nor was authority conferred - upon tho Common Council ilsolf to oxorciso, or to dologato to the Mayor, any such arbitrary powers to rovoko. Tho power conferred is restricted .to fivo specified canon, and the ordinances cited by tho Mayor are void. THE FARMERS’ MOVEMENT. Roaolntfona of Various Assemblies* CAUUOLL COUNT*, ILL. Tho farmers of Carroll County, HI., mot at Mt. Carroll a few days ago,—Mr. D. W. Damo presiding,—and, after speeches from Messrs. D. J. Pinckney, of Oglo County, and 0. 0. Duel and J. A. Patterson, of Whitosido Coun ty, adopted tho following resolutions a j Jleaolved, That wo should disregard private differ ence, tho bettor to work reform. Jieaolved, That, an all raon aro created equal, wo be- Uovo It wrong for Congressional or State legislators to legislate for tho benefit of a class to tbo detriment of tho masses. Jleaolred, That wo arc opposed to tho retroactive act of tho last Congress, which gives back-pay to tho mem bers, aud an increase of salaries. POLK COUNTY TOWN. Tho tolograph furnished us with a synopsis of tho proceedings of tho Anti-Monopoly Conven tion at Dos Moines, Juno 7; but, oa a matter of general interest, wo subjoin a full roport of tho resolutions adopted: Tho peoplo of Polk County in mass convention assembled, vlowlug with unfeigned alarm tho on croochmouta of monopoly influonoe in tho conduct of public affairs, by tho purchase of legislators aud other Sablio Horvantfl, ns shown by tho Credit MoblUor, ustom House, and Tammany developments, and re cognizing tho fact that they cannot look to oxlstfeig political parties for roliof, do enact tho following resolutions: UFfrflJ—IThat 1 That wo will support no man for office who not, and who has not been boon, ki full sympathy with tho loading Interests of tho producer and manu facturer, oiipoolaUy as opposed to those who support tho monopolies in any form. • Second—-That our candidates must bo men [Of integ rity In every respect, with no entangling Alliances that can In any way turn them from tho patnaof duty to tho whole body politic. » Third— That all class legislation whereby any indi vidual or corporation is benefited to tho detriment of tho people, la contrary to tho principles upon which our Government was founded, and tends toward the destruction of the Republic. .... . . . * J-burfA—That tho doctrine of vested rights under which our railroad corporation eWm exemption from legislative control, belongs to a past ago aud'dospotlo rule, and as it cannot exist without Infringing ou the rights of the citizens generally It hae no legitimate place in the Jurisprudence of a free people. Fifth—! That many of our public officers aro now re ceiving enormous oolarlos for their services, dispro portionate to tho rewards of labor and industrial pur suits of tho people, tending to habits of extravagance i at variance with Republican simplicity; increasing the, burdens of taxation and creating an anstocrocy which, will sooner or later undermine the liberties of the* pconlo. and wo demand a reform in that direction. Sixth— That tho action of the members of Congress, Increasing their own salaries, was highly dishonorable, and all members of either Congress who have accept ed or shall accept, appropriate, or cause to bo appro priated this extra salary to any purpose except to Its rightful place In the United States Treasury, doiervo our severest censure, and prove themselves unworthy of oonfldonoo in any publi o trust. And also that it was equally dishonorable in tho Executive signing the bill, and wo demand that tho present Congress repeal - tho law. I Seventh—' That all who agree with the sentiments ox-' pressed at this meeting, throughout tho State, are re quested to meet iu delegate convention at tho City of UcsMolnes, ou thoiath day of August, 1873, for tho purpose of faking action In regard to tho nomination, of' State officers. iliahth —That wo arc in favor of a county convention. for tho purpose of nominating candidates to bo sup ported by tho pooplo at tbo October election, regard- 1 lean of party politics. Wo therefore recommend that tho citizens of Talk County, who are opposed to tin* encroachments of oppressive rings and monopolies on. 1 ' tho rights of tho pooplo, and who are willing to aban don existing political parties, moot In their respective* townships on Saturday, tho 6th day of July, 1873, andL choose one delegate at Urge for each township, and la," addition thereto one delegate for each 100 roles, or* fractions of fifty or over, oast by said township for • Governor In 1871, and that said delegates moot in county convention at tho Court-House in this city of Ucsmoinos, ou Saturday, tho 12th day of July, 1873, att-i 10 o’clock, a. m., and nominate a Legislative and coun- • ty ticket. Jfihth— That wo Invito tho active co-oporatlon of all. citizens favorable to tho objects of this convention. WAYNE COUNTY, IOWA. At a convention of farmers and laborers of *! Wayne County, lowa, at Corydon, May 81, tho- i Committee on Resolutions reported the follow ing, which woro adopted: First—' That wo hereby renounce nil former party bonds, nml will act as freemen, knowing our rights and; daring to mnlutaiu them. Second'—That nil the evils that afflict our country nro» directly traceable to tho politicians and policy of tho Republican and Democratic parlies, so-called, and to' their corrupt and dishonest practices. Third —That both tho parties have, by corruption and disregard of public duties, and in viola lion of pub lic trusts, forfeited all dolma to tho support of a freo

and Intelligent people. i-’our/A—That wo will not support any man for office who will tako part In, or accept a nomination from either tho Republican or Democratic parties, so-caUod. Fifth—' That wo aro unalterably attached to tho prin ciples of Freedom and Self-Government for tho peo ple, as contained and sot forth in the Declaration of American Independence and in tho Constitution of tho United States, and aro resolved to maintain tho somo at any hazard. Sixth— That wo demand that all laws, both State and National, shall bo made for tho people and in tho in terests of tho people, and so as to secure tho safety, liberty, welfare, and happiness of tho people. Seventh—That wo demand the repeal of all laws, Slato and National, whorohysalarios of officers have been In creased beyond tho amount which would reasonably compensate tho incumbent for tho services actually rendered, and demand that Congress shall at once, andk unconditionally repeal tho law passed last winter, In creasing their pay, and that ovory person, in any office, who has taken such increased pay and who refuses to return tho eamo shall bo impeached os guilty of gross malfeasance inofllco. Eighth—lhSkt wo spurn tho doctrine of tho aristo crats, that capital noons tho amplest protection, in or der that labor may “sell well in tho market” as tho first stop to tho overthrow of liberty; and proclaim our convictions to bo that labdr is older than capital ; that capital Is only tho fruit of labor, and that Just nud equal laws which leave tho working people th* fruits of tboir toil and mako capital servo the purposes for which it was created, namely, tho welfare and hap piness of tho people, by aiding them in their opera tions, and giving thorn the Incentive of freedom and reward, aro better for tho State, and tho true ground for Republican liberty. A/ntA—lhat wo demand that all laws bo made Just and equal, whether they bo State or national, com mending only what is right and prohibiting only what is wrong. • 3VntA— I That wo demand that the railroad tariffs bo regulated by Just and equal State laws, fixing rates of tariff for freight and passengers at the lowest rates consistent with the continuance of said channels of trade, and travel lu active and efficient operation. Eleventh— That wo demand tho repeal of all laws con ferring special privileges on a few for purposes of Pecuniary profit, as unjust and unequal, and tending o orlstocracy, Twel/th—lhrt wo denounce legislative gifts of tho peopled money, land or property to railroads or other monopolies, aa puhllo robuonca; that tho princely fortunes thus concentrated in tho hands of the few. have created an aristocracy by operation of law; that all sueh laws are unjust, unequal, and unconstitution al, and tend to destroy Republican liberty and estab lish aristocracy by law; • - • d'MrUenth—That wo cordially Invito all who ngreo with us to unite with ns lu an effort, by tho use of law ful, proper means, to eocuro a reform in tho laws of tho state and Nation, and In tho administration of public affairs. Fourteenth—^ That wo demand competency and hon esty in all olficora and candidates for otfico, ami in or der to eocuro this, wo will select such men ourselves, regardless of former party affiliations. Fifteenth—' That it is expedient that delegates bo ap pointed to attend a State Gouvcntion of Farmers and Laborers, when tho same assemble, and wo recoin moml that this mooting take such action. Sixteenth^ That a Central Committee of Correspond ence bo appointed for this county, composed of one member from each township, to forward our move ment, and that we meet at this place on tho day of —ln mass, to select candidates for tho county offices to he filled at tho noxt election. 0. Adcook, Jr., presented tho following addi tional resolutions, which woro aluo adopted : Find—That wo discard nil past' i>olitlcal organiza tions, in order to obtain honest and otherwise compe tent officials to servo us, that wo may cuaso to ho at tho service of our officials according to their dictation and caprice. Second—That wo will support no (man for office who has placed his name upon tho roll of infamy, by un wisely amt unjuatly identifying himself with thp Into unconstitutional buck-pay swindle, or tho many other frauds and bribes too numerous to mention, 1 , Third—* That wo will not, In tho future trust to tho political cliques and tricksters for tho nomination of candidates for olllco. Fourth—* That thoso who are most eager for office are leant worthy of trust, ns their anxiety Is only a mani festation of n love of vain glory or pecuniary solf-lu torost, ratlior than the good of tho people whom they propose to servo.' Fifth— That wo will not, in future, ho Imposed upon by uneasy otfico-soukorn and their agents, btU that wo will select our own candidates £rom >up tranquil mass oa, not In order to confer, favor upon them, but to so ouro tho Borvlcos of thoao whoso services wit! bo moat beneficial to tho public. HORRIBLE TRAGEDY. A Drunken Son Shoot* ilia Father, nml then lHlmaolf»»NoiClior arc Ux poctod to JLivo. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribane, Bloojiinqxok, Juno 10.—Tlio Daily Panta graph to-morrow will contain tho following from Dooatur, dated to-day t Tho town of Docatur was thrown into groat excitement last ovontng by tho roport of a shoot ing affray. A visit to tho promises olicitod tho following foots t A young man named Blokes, in tho hardware business in Dooatur, and who for somo time has boon drinking heavily, wont to his father's house last evening in more than an unusual state of Intoxication. Tbo family wore lust preparing to sit down to ton, and ho was invited by his mother to join thorn at tho table. As sho handed her son a cup of toa ho began to abuse hor In tho most shameful manner, becom es 00 vehement that his father ordered him to desist. Tho son drew a small revolver, and, coaching across tho table, fired at his father, who foil from his seat, Tho sou then raised up from his seat, placed tho pistol against his own face, near tho oyos and fired, fatally wounding him self. Ho was carried to tho jail, whoro ho re mained until this morning, when ho was removed to Ids father’s residence, whoro ho Is now lying at tho point of death. Tho ball lodged near tho brain. A consultation of physicians pronounced tho wound fatal. An attempt to extract tho ball was mado. Iho father was shot in tho head, tho ball en tering tho cheek and coming out just back of tho oar. Ho is not expected to llvo. A BLACK FURY. One Colored Woman Brutally Beats Another and liner 'JTxvo Children* Special DUpatah to The Chicago JW6t«w. Zanesville, Ohio, May 10.— Tills afternoon, a brutal attack was mado on a colored woman named Currie, and hor two children, ouo an in fant 2 months old, by a colored woman named Mrs. Turner. Mrs. Tumor struck Mrs. Ourrio with a gallon crook, breaking it over hor head, and with tho broken pieces attacked tho oldest child, 0 years old. Sho then ro-attackod the moth er, cutting hor sovoroly, and, after boating hor somo time with tho broken pieces of tho crook, picked hor up, and throw hor on. tho bod on top of tho other infant. Assistance came at this • time. Mrs. Turner was arrested. Both children will probably die, Mrs. Currio, tho mothor,’is badly cut and disfigured. ST. LOUIS. Forci tho Emotional Wlffc-fllurdcror— mysterious murder* St. Louis, Juno 10.—Agnes Donnelly, tho young lady who was with Mrß. Foro whoa hoi' husband assaulted and attempted to kill horwith a hatchet on tho . street, a few days ago, to-day mado * information in tho Court of Criminal Correction, charging Joseph H. Foro with an assault with intout to kill Ills wife. The preliminary examination will take place this week. A mutilated colored man, named Solomon Bhraes, was found on tho track of tho Chicago A Alton Railroad about a mile below Brooklyn, opposite this city. Near by were evidences of a severe struggle, a club smeared with blood, and a bundle of clothing, from which it is supposed Barnes was murdered and placed on tho railroad track to bo run over by a train. SHOCKING SUICIDE. Tho Abuse of a Husband Drives a TVHo to Scolc Relief in Denth«<>Sho Throws Herself Doforo a Railway Train, at Ainsworth* It is probable that tho continued abuse inflict ed by her brutal husband caused Mrs. Elizabeth Onntz to commit suicido at Ainsworth, yester day morning, by throwing herself before a train of cars of the Lake Shore fc Michigan Southern Railroad. Tho circumstances of her tragic death aro as follows : - On Monday evening, Mrs. Quntz and her daughter attended a house-warming in Aina-' worth. # Whon they returned homo at 12 o’clock they wore greeted with a-torrent of abusive epi thets from Frank Quntz, tho. husband and father. Quntz being intoxicated, tho abuse did not end until his wife had boon almost ohokod to death, and tho sido of her head cut by a bru tal blow from a club. At half-past 1 o’clock, ono of tho littlo girls relates that her mother, faint and exhausted from tho treatment she bad ; received, ' said she was going out, ' and\ Vould not return that might. To prevent her from leaving. Quntz wont down stairs after a hatchet to nail the door up. Dur ing his absence, Mrs. Quntz put on her shawl and bonnet, and, kissing her throe children, wont out. Quntz wan much onrogod when bo found she had gouo, and laid tbo hatchet under his pillow, either to kill his wife when she re turned .or to securely fasten tho door. Ho soon lay down, aud. falling into a drunken stupor, tho children, about 2 o’clock, started out to llua their mother. At tho Ainsworth station they woro told that a woman had - boon run over a few minutes before. They wont in tho direc tion in which the body lay. aud, whou they had reached it, tho youngest child, a girl of 14 years, recognizing the features of her mother in the dim morning light, throw herself on tho body, and burst Into loud cries. Tho throe children waited by tho body of their mother until it was removed Into tho station-house. It appears that Mrs. Quntz woe run over by tho incoming express train of tho Lalco Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad, about half -paat 2 in tho morning. Tlio engineer of •the train saya that, as tho engine neared tho Ainsworth etaition, he saw a woman stand jug on tho track. When tho ougino was within &'short distance of hor, sho apparently throw herself in front of tho train, and before tho en gine could ho stopped tho front wheels had passed over hor, killing her instantly. It was tho opinion of tho Coroner’s jury that sho stum bled in attempting to cross tho track hastily, and they rendered a verdict of death by accident. But tho circumstances seem rather to indicate a suicide. Mrs. Guntz was a respectable woman, and the daughter of Mrs. Schoro, of No. 83 Third ave nue. Sho was 31 years of ago, and loaves tkrbo children, tho oldest of whom is a boy of 17, and tho yoongost a girl of 11. A Now Drug House. Ur. James Boland desires to onnounco to his friends and former patrons that ho has resumed business, and Is now located at No. 63 Clark street (Ashland Block, opposite Sherman will constantly keep on hand a complete stock of drugs, chemicals, perfumer ies, etc., and will give his entire attention to tho busi ness, as ho formerly did at tho old ploro of Smith it Dwyer, afterwards E. P. Dwyer & Co., with which ho I was associated for a number of years. i* i ii >) MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. j . Now ITork Fluaucial Nows* > New Youe, June 10.—Financial matters are dull. i Money is abundant and easy, at 4 and 0 per cent. 'fi Sterling was lower, but dosed linn, ot for .‘lelzty days and 110QUOV for eight, i Gold was weaker, dodiniug from 117 Vto 117 V* Loans, 6 and 0 per cont for carrying, and flat for bor rowing. Clearings, $34,000,000. Treasury disburse . jments, $7,160,000, mainly In redemption of 6-20s. The exports of domestio produce for the week were .$6,616,000. %. Govornroents wore quiet and Arm. M State bonds ruled dull and steady. Y Blocks wore quiet nearly all day and generally firm during the forenoon, but lute in the day a raid was :made by the boars on Bt. Paul, Wabash, union Pacific, nnd O. O.As 1.0., tho prices of which were forced off • IV@3V P cr cont un( l° r heavy sales, while the remain der of tho list fell to a loss extent. Tho market closed excited. Erie was a notable exception to tho general market and closed strong at an advance of iM'per cent, Tho chief fluctuations woro : Erie, C3V®O3,V; Paclflo Mail, 40V, 40V| 397f, 40 ! Western Union, 83V, 83V. 87V i fit. ran), 64, 67V. 63, 50V» and proforod,'77@7l: Union roclfls, 28V. 20V, 27 ; 0. 0. ft I, 0., 29V, 77V • Wabash, 68V, 05; Ohio’s, 87 V, 88, V. 38 5 Now York Central, 100 V, 101 V. 100 V I i*ako Hhoro, 91V, 01V. Ol.V; Book Island, 108 V, 108 V, 108; Hartford and Erie first morlgagobouda sold down to 37, closing with ax alii. ' , . , Sterling, BV* GOVERNMENT PONDS. Coupons ’O7 i.:171V Coupons, ’OB 120 V 10-403 % .U4V Currency 6s 115.V Now 5s 116 V PONDS. Virginias, 01d........43 North Oarolluas,’ 01d..78 North Carolluas, n0w.16 Coupons, ’Bl r27V 6-70s of ’67 U7V Coupons, ’O4 H7V Coupons, ’OS Ill) Coupons, ’OS (new).. .120 V STATU Missourla 01 v Teuucsaeos, 01d......78V Tennessee*, n0w..... .78 Virginias, now fig St Paul pfd 71 Wabash 05.V Wabash pfd .- 08 Fort Wayne 03V Torre Haute 16 Torre Haute pfd..... 40 Chicago ii Alton 107 Chicago Ac Alton pfd. 11l Ohio & Mississippi,. 87V 0„ C. AC 87 o„ ii. t g 10:1 Luke Shore 91JV Canton ...100 Western Union H7V Sulcksllvor,..,, 40 dams Express 93 Wells Fargo 81 American Express... 61V United States Ex.... 71 Pacific Mail 40 Now York Central... 100 V Erie 037* Erlo pfd...,,.,,,,,.. 72V Uarlou. ~177/| Harlem pM 130 Michigan Central.,., 05 Pittsburgh 87% Northwestern;,...... 70 Northwesternpfd..,. 64 lluck Inland ~.i108% N. J. Central 100% Bt. Paul 65% Indiana Central 27% Illinois Central,.. .119 Union Pacific stock*. 97 Union Pacific bonds. 80% Central Pseiflo honds.lo3% Del. Lack. & Wostem.los% Hartford & Brio 2% Foreign ITlnrlcotn, Liverpool, Juno 10—11 a.m.—Flour, 37s CdOSSs Od. Winter wheat. 12a 3d : spring, lln ldol2s 2d: white, 12s J (1012 a 4d; club, 12a 6d. Com, 27s Bd. Pork, Css. Lard, 98s (Id. Liyebpool, Juno 10—1:30 p. in.—Breadstuff* dull. Corn 275, Rost unchanged. London, Juno 10.—Consols for monoy, 02%; for account, 02%;6-20a of’Cs, 02: do of ’07,04%: 1040s, 88%; uow ,6s, 80% ; Brio. 40. Itcflncd petroleum, 14a. Frankfort, Juno 10.—Pivtstwonltcs of 'O2, 05%, Paris, Juno 10.—Rentes, 6Cf 77c. Liverpool, Juno 10.—Cotton Arm: middling up land, B%d ; Orleans, o%d. Bales, 12,000 hales { Amer ican, 8,000; speculation and export, 3,000, • Uroadstuffs dull. Western spring wheat, 11bQ12s 2d. Flour, 27s 6d029s od, Corn, 275. Receipts of wheat for the past throe days, 32,000 quarters, of which 18,000 were American. Receipts of corn for tho same time, 18,000 qrs ; American, 8,000 qrs. ' Ilnffalo lilvo Stodc market* Buffalo, Juno 10.—Cattle—Receipts to-day, in cluding 145 cars reported to arrive, 2,507; total for the week. 0,171. Tho market opened active at strong last week’s prices, hut hoforo tho close showed some signs of weakening, although no pronounced decline was es tablished. About 1,700 were disposed of. Sales: 003 Illinois steers, av 1,025 to 1.382 11s, at t5.R2%a0.35; 104 Missouri steers, av 1,081 to 1,107 lbs, at $5.7500.00; 87 Ohio steers, av 1.140 lbs, at SO.OO ; 16 Kansas steers, av 1,281 lbs, at $0.37%; 107 Texas steers, av1,022 to 1,307 lbs, at $5.7600.12%; 324 Illinois steers, av 1.004 to 1,200 lbs, at $5.3000,12% ; 3l Michigan stockors, av 807 lbs, at $5.37%. Sheep and lambs—Receipts including tq {torted arrivals,’ 1,000; total for the week, 7,200. Mar cot not fairly opened, and prices full %o off lost week’s closing rates. Bales 1.388 Ohio clipped sheep, 00003 lbs, at $5.0008,00; 200 Michigan clipped, 83 Iba, at $5.80. . i • Haas—Receipts to-day. Including reported arrivals. 3,000; total for tho week, 10.000, Market blow anu dull at $4.6004.75. Eastern buyers aro holding off. Tho local trade supplied themselves well last week. In consequence, up to noon thoro waro not sufficient sales to make reliable quotations. Tho pens aro well filled. lionton Cattlo Market, Watertown, Maas., Juno 10.— Bekv Cattle—Ro ceipte, 687; supply light; nearly one-half Western cattlo ; fully V higher on livo weight as compared with Inst week. Choice, t10.00@10.25 ; extra,. $9.0009.76 ; flrot quality. $3.0008.75 ; second. $0.0007.75; third, f5.00@5.75. ShEsp and Lambs—Receipts, 1,103; market inao tivo; sheared sheep, 6Jrf®o#o; sheared yearlings, 70 80. Now Yorlt Dry Goods Market# New Yobk, Juno 10. —The dry goods commission agents were very qulot, and the Jobbing trade was only moderately active with near-by dealers. Cotton .goods remain unchanged in price by the agents, but nro Jobbing at Irregular rates. Men’s wear woolens are In better request by tho chffhlcrs. Cloths) beavers) doe skins, and fancy casßlmorcs aro fairly active. Joans end satinets are qulot. Shawls are dull and lower. Black grenadines, grey Japanese cloths, and wide sash ribbons aro in demand. Other foreign fabrics rule dull. PlttsburfirU Otl Mflrlccf. Prrrsmmon, Juno 10.—Crude petroleum firm at $2.2702.30 per brl aWnrkcr’a Landing; refined steady at • The Produce Market!)# NEW YORK. NjcwYontt. June 10.—Cotton—In moderate request; middling upland, lOJrfo. BncADSTOPFR—FIour unchanged; receipts, 13,000 brls. Rye flour steady at $4.7605.00. Corn meal steady; Western, $3.46. Wheat quiet; receipts, 160,000 bu; rejected spring, $1.40; No. 3 Chicago, $1.4501.40; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.60; No. 3 Chicago, $1.50@1,55; Northwestern, $1.63@1.66; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1,630 1.68; No. 1 Chicago, $1.00; do Milwaukee, $1,65 ; red winter, $1.6601.68. Rye more active; Western, 04c. Barley and malt unchanged. Corn Arm; receipts, 105,000 bu ; now mixed Western, 54@500; steamer do, C 60660 ; high mixed and yellow, C4OG6c. Oats heavy and lower; receipts, 81,000 bu; now mixed Western, 440170; white, 60053 c. Steady; Western, 17jtf@18o, GnooEniEs—Coffee active, but lower: Rio, 17,V® 10j£o. Sugar stropg; fair to good refining, 7&®a)£c. Molasses dull and unchanged. Rico quiet at Btfo. a Petroleum—Grade, 8j£08’£o; refined, Turpentine—Dull, 4C@4o^o. Provisions—Pork steadier; now mess, $10.02#; prime mess, $17.00018.00. Beef dull and unchanged. Cut moats quiet. Hams, 11013o; shoulders, 7#® 7#o.‘ Middles more active but lower; long clear, 8c ; short clear, B#®B#o. Lard lower; Western steam, 0c: kettle, 9‘fo. - hotter—Quiet; Western, 16020 c. Cuehbe—Quiet at ll#@l4#c. Whisky—More octlvo nt 93c. . CINCINNATI. Oinoinnati, Juno 10.—Bbkadbtutfs—Flour dull at $7.2507.76. Wheat quiet at $1.4601,48. Corn dull a 1450. Rye quiet at 73c. Oats duff at 86@4C0. Bar ley nominal. Pbovjsionb—Firmer. Mess pork hold at $16,600 16.75, with $16.25 bid. Lard steady ; steam, BV{c; spot, Sjd’o bid for July; kettle hold at B#c. Bulk moats firm ; shoulders, 6#c ; clear rib, B#c ; clear, B#c, Bacon Armor: cuoaldors, 7#o ; clear rib, o#o ; clear, 7#c, with Jobbing sales ' 1 - Whisky—Steady at 890. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, June 10.—Breadstuffs—Flour steady; spring extras, $7.00@7.23. Wheat llnu ; No. 1, $1.34?:; ; No. 2, sl.'27?i spot; $1.26# seller Juno; sl/25 seller July, Oats firm ; wo. 2, 23#c; No. 1, 31#c. Corn firm ; No. 2, 30c. Rye null; fair demand, but lower; No. 1,730. Barley dull and a shade lower; 2, 70c. Freights—'To Buffalo. 7o; Oswego, 130. Receipts— Flour, 13,000 brls; wheat, 221,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 0,000 brla; wheat, 65,000 bu. The receipts of Hour to-day were nearly 25u,000 bu, ngninst 42,000 bu tho samo day last year. The receipts this year exceed those of last year by over 3,000,000 bu, aud tho shipments by 3,600,000. TOLEDO. Toledo, June 10.—Breadstuffs—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat dull and lower; extra white Michigan, $1.65; No. 1 do, $1.65; amber Michigan, $1.56# snot: No. 1 r0d,51.60; No. 2, $1.63#; No. X amber Illinois, $1.65; Corn a shade higher; high mixed, 440 spot; 45#0 July ; low mixed, 43#0; yel low, 44#0; white, 47#c; no grade, 38c. Oats steady; No. I,3ti#o ; No. 2, 36#0 ; Michigan, 36#c. Freights—From Buffalo, 4#@sc; Oswego and Kingston, B®B#c. Receipts—Flour, 1,000 brls; wheat, 23,000 bu'; corn, 41.000 bu ; oats, 6.000 bu. Shipments Flour, 2,000 brls; wheat, 40,000 bu; corn, 34,000 bu; oats, 1,000 bu. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, Juno 10.—Breadstuffs—Wheat quiet, unchanged, nominal; No. 1 rod, $1.05 ; No. 2, $1.54. Corn Armor; held 40@47c. Oats steady; No. 1, 40c. Petroleum—Quiet steady, unchanged. LOUIBVIIiLEJv Louisville, Juno 10.—Breadstuffs—Flour in limited demand; prices steady. Corn steady ; 66® 680. Oats Arm ; 47049 c sacked. Provisions—pork Arm; $17.00. B&con firm; shoul ders, 7#o; clear rib, 0#o; clear, 9#c, all packed. Hams steady; plain, 13o;. sugar-cured, 13#®14#o, packed. Bulk meats quiet, but firm ; shoulders. o#c; •clear rib,- 8#o; clear, 00, all loose. Lard lower; tierces, 8#@0#o; prime steam, B#o, Whisky—Steady at 820. • NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, Juno 10.—Breadstuffs—Com quiet ; mixed easier at 680 { white, 02@C3c. . Bran—Boo. • Hay—Dull; prime, $32.00. Provisions—Pork easier at $17.25, Others unchanged. • • Cotton—Firmer; sales, 4,400; good ordinary, 16® 16jAo; low middling, 16#®17c; middling, 18#@18#c; middling Orleans, 18#®18#o; receipts, 1,330; do exports; stock, 08,122 BUFFALO. Buffalo, Juno 10.— Breadstuffs—Flour steady. Wheat dull; sales. 8,000 bu No. 2 Milwaukee at $1.40, to arrive. Corn dull; sales 2,600 bu Western In lots at46o. Other grains unchanged. Fueioiitu —Heavy ami nominally for wheat, and 9Xo for corn. PHILADELPHIA. PmiajJSLPntA, Juuo 10.— IUikausxdffs— Flour dull and lower; superfine, $4.60@5.00; extra, $5,6000.00; Wisconsin ana Minnesota, $7.20(3 8.00. Wheat Tory weak; rod, $1.01(31.60; amber, $1.75(31.80. Ryo steady at 870880. Corn dull; yellow, 69@C00; mixed Western, 60c: white. 670. Oats more active; white, 02062X0; mixed, 47@500. . i ' Puovwionb— Dull; mesa pork, $18.00010.25, . “PirmouiOM—Crude, 18>fc; refined, 10#c. Whisky—lu limited demand at 010, 1 BALTIMORE, Badtimouk, Juno 10.—BntADaTurrs —Flour very dull. Wheat dull: choice white, $1,8801,93 ;, amber, $1.90 ; Western rod, $1.0001.05. Com quiet; mixed Western, C2Xc. Oats dull; mixed Western, 47@480; white, 490. liyo quiet and unchanged, ■ Phovibionb— Dull; mess pork, $17.25017.60. Lard dull at ; sugar-cured hams, 140100. Burron—Firm and unchanged ; receipts light. Whisky—Quiet at U4o. c DETROIT. Detroit, Juno 10.—Dueidbtuffb— Flour quiet and unebaußod. Wheat steady ; extra white, $1.B1: umber, f1.03. Com quiot; No. 1, 43c bid, 410 asked, Outs quiet at 37X0, ST. LOUIS. Bt. Louie, Juno 10.—UuKADaxuvrs—Flour dull and unsettled: only small broken loU adllug. Wheat linn; sample lota prime aoft aprlng, $1.16; choice do, $1.30; No. 3 red fell. $1.40(31,43, Ooru steady : No. 3. 38>tfc f snot: 40@10.i4C> July. Outs firmer; a shade bettor: No. 3, 33*®33>tfo, spot; July ; 3a®33#e, August, Barley and rye numfual. Whisht—Dull, at 800. r Provisions Pork dull, at $17.00. Dulkmoata lower; clear ribs, B>*o \ loose clear, fl.Vo, Bacon low er for future; clear aides, 3# o fur July. Lard. dull; 80, summer. ■ * . lloos—Bolter, $3.7604.35. Oatti.e—Steady: fat Zndjan and Texan, 3>tf@4lio ; native cawa and heifers, BQ4Jfo; fair huttihora’, 4\® i) 4 ; prime to chulco S@6j^o. Memphis, Juno 10.—Cotton—In fair demand and higher; good ordinary, 16id013o; low middling, 17Mo. ; . Bueadstuffb—Flour dull and drooping at f 1.60® 10,00. ,Ooru firm at 670. Oats dull aud drooping at 43@440, llat-t-DuU and nominal. BiUH—Finn at $14.00 asked. Bacon—Dull and nominal, VutiMclu Pawuuil Detroit* Detroit, Mich., Juno 10.—Passed Down— Propa Bt. Paul, Lowell, City of Toledo, Nebraska, Raleigh, Tom post, and barge, India; barks Summer Cloud, Pride of America; sctira Kato Winslow, Magellan, Montana, Jennie Itumbnll. Passed Up—Props Woslford. Argyte, Ronnoko; barks Ponsankoe, Nelson, Lafrlnlor, Franz Slgcl; sebrs Mocking Bird,- T. Martin, li. 0. Winslow, C. J. MaglU,. 0. A. Johnson. , , Wind—Southwest. , , ♦ Detroit, Midi., June 10.—Passed Up—Prop At lantic. ... . . Passed Down—Prop Prod Kelley ; barge Sanilac, Wind—Southwest. Illinois Riror and Canal Nows# Special Ditpatch to The Chicago JWbtme. LaSalle, ill., June 10.—There has been no move ment on tho Illinois River at this port to-day. Tho canal-boat Isabella, loaded with oats from LaSalle, B assort Into tho canal, bound for Chicago. This was lo only move on tho canal to-day. 'The river Is at a stand, 27 inches of water on the dam St Henry, and 10 foot 2 inches on tho mltro-sIU of Lock 15, reported to doy. Canal Office, CniaAao, 1 Juno 10.—Arrived— T. Ryburn, Marseilles, 10,000 hu oats; Friendship, Henry, 0,450 bu com; Prop Whale, Henry, 3.800 1m com; Caroline. LaSalle, 10,500 bu oats; Plucnix, Lookport, 5,000 bu corn;‘ Banner, Romeo, 0,000 bu corn. Cleared—Prop Storm, Henry, 125 tons Iron, Mil waukee ; Henry. 0,278 ft lumber, 40 ra shingles ; Jen nie Morris, 000 brls salt ;.J. Menard. 60 pi lath ; OU tawa, 11,000 ft lumber, 128 m shingles, Joliet. SPECIAL NOTICES. Polsoningtho Sick.' There never was a specialty In medicine that was not. pirated. Hostoltor’s Stomach Bitten is no exception to tho general rule. Fraud follows In tho'track of tho Great Vegetable Roitomllro fta It makes tho circle of tho world, and offon its pernicious Imitations to tho rick at ovary tara; anxious to drench tho’public with their trash. Tho Iraltaton and counterfeiters' offer It by tho gallon, the barrel,-tho hogihoad, a«j well as by the bottle. Be ware of tbla deluge' of abominations. Boor tn mind that tho true article (a sold In bottles only, and tho im pross of gonutnonoai Is to bo found upon tho glasc Itself ,aawo\lu upon tl\o finely engraved Government stamp and the elegant label. Tho groat vegetable tonlo pre vents and cures all billons dinordors and complaints of tho dlgostlvo'organs and tho* nervous system, maladies upon which the vile Imitation* produce no moro effect than the Pope’s Bull upon the oomot.'' Hofmann’s Hop nils XIaTO been used in thousands of the worst canes of favor and ague. Intermittent favor, and damb-ngue, with as tonlahing succoss. Thor aroofTorod to tbo public, with full confidence la thoir merit. Thoy do not contain pois onous or Injurious properties, andean bo taken by adult and child with pbrfoct safety.' Thoy tiro sugar-coated and for sale by .Druggists atCO contaporbor, or sent by mail prepaid. McLain’s Oandlod Caator Oil is a dollcioui syrup of tbo caator boan, a harmloss and rollablo cathartio medicine. Also aro McLain's Vermifuge Bonbons, de lightful worm candlos. Children nro delighted with thorn. Prico for ollhor 25 conln. VAN SOHAAOIC, STEVENSON A REID, Solo Agents, Chicago. Pure Vftccino Virus, From the Heifer. Dr. J. B. FISHER & CO., ST South OJ/irk-at.. propagate from the Boaugoncy Block, through selected Heifers, mid respectfully nek PHYSICIANS to send far circulars, as tbo address of many of thorn cannot bo obtained. Vaccination fee, $2. Hr. Flshor will per sonallyattend tho otßoo from 5 to 6 p. m. Dataller's lightning Fly Killer flwoopa all boforn It. Bogus imitations am being crowd od off. Look out for them. Ask for Butcher's, tho old STOVES, RANGES, &b. Marrennaogs First .Ea Kg Am. Ins. Premium ES Ea 1871. Double Elevated Oven, Warming Cloict, Drolling Door Fender Guard, Dumping and Shaking Orate, Direct Droit.’ FULLER, WARREN <fc CO M Mamifltctuvcis, Troy, N. T« DBAMCH HOUSED—Hew Terk, Clorohnd and Chicago. DBAHO» & RUBY FURNACES. JAMES A, LAWSON, Fatontoo. For Heating Churches, School Houses, Public Build* (ngs and Private Residences. FULLER, WARREN &. CO., MaimfncturerM, Troy, N. T, BBiHCH HOUaZS-How Tcri, ClovoUnl acl Chicago. BTEWAB DTDVES. Z873 Pattern. Fon Sale nr FULLER WARREN 4 CO., Also a full OKHortment of Sloven. REAL ESTATE, FOR SALE, In Lots, Blocks, and Acres, Seven hundred and forty acres, lying together, n choice property adjacent t<t tho city: high and beautiful land, accessible by throe now railway linos, and but a short drive from the business centre. Native groves, wide streets and boulevards. Six miles of front on a boulevard SCO foot wide. Eighteen miles of front on streets 100 foot wide. Can sail tiro hundred and tilty acres In one body, free of incumbrance, with perfect title, and only two con voyanoos between the United States and the present own* er. Thin property promises a rapid and great Increased value, and will be-soid at moderate prices and on terms, with a good discount to buyers who pay all cash. S. S. HAYES, 66 laSalle-st,, Metropolitan Block. SUMMER RESORTS. GRANS ONION HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS, N, T., will open Juno 1, for tho reception of guests. Prof. J. M. Lander and bis superb band have been engaged lot the season. Rooms can bo engaged at Metropolitan Ha tel or Qilsoy House, N. Y. Address HRESLIN, CARD NElt & CO., at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. a-XjEasr house. Mount Washington, N. 11. This favnrito summer resort will bo opened Juno 13. 1873. J. M. THOM PfiON A CO. Address till Juno 1. W. & O. R. MILLIKEN, Port land. Mo. TRUSSES. Rupture. DR. MARSH'S RADICAL CURE TRUSS Is tho only Truss that ofTooUi a permanent euro. All kinds of Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Elastic Stockings, Apparatus for How Legs, Club Foot, Spinal Curvature, Crutches, 40., accurately made and applied. All instruments guar* anted. MARSH A HOWLKS. 103 Washington's!., 2 doors oast of Clark (Reaper Block). tW*A competent female to attend ladles. MISCELLANEOUS. f Owing to the very large number of advance or-\ ders for the Danbury \ News Man’s Book, “LIFE » IN DANBDEY,” we are | compelled to defer the R day of publication until I Tuesday, June 10, when jj ,a large edition will be in / idiness. / BIIRPARD 4 GILL. Boston. “BISHOP’ SSEIRAB ELIXIR” an infallible cure for “ariQVEK. .Aisno ague.” Tim truth of which Is attested by a largo number of our well-known citizens, one of the number, . , UOBICUT HKHVKY. ICh.j. 77Poarborn-Bt. For isle by all druggists. WM. M, DALE, 1M Ulurk ■t., Wholoinlu Agom, BBS film A. WILLARD, M. D., 200 blato-et., southeast oortioc Adams, euros YTfl Bunions, aud all other Diseases ol UlflilllSj thoFoot. OOENS! DR, KENLSON. ot Ida old offices, 119 Olark st. 5

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