Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 11, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 11, 1873 Page 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE.' t'or BAr.n-.DV r. o. vtbuunq, heal estate ' Aitont, Hoom IS. ILM t nurmlilo-st., 8 homo. ami bit.. ■ llurnsldo-st., ono lot near Thlrty-flfth-st. and two near rhlrly-olghlh. Wsbash-av., 80x161 ft., nearThlrty-flflh-st. JJfy*int*av., B3 ft., near Vlnominoß-av. rrulrlo-av., mujo mid 6o . foot lot, near Twonly-foarth »t. I will bo sold cheap.' • Twonty-nluth-st., Slots, corner Bullor-st. Ashland av.. 2611., uoarTwelfth-at. Vanßuren-st.. toll., near Wostorn-av. Adnms-st., CO ft., near Llncoln-st. . Anmm-av., 46ft,, near Caldov-sf. {'hlllng-st.. 60 ft., oast of Wulu-sf. /rio-it., Bft ft., near Olark-st., south front. , ontworlh-av., homioand lot, corner MoOrogor-sb. DOR SALE—SB,OOO, ft GASH, WILL BUY A GOOD J brick house of 10 rooms, all modern improve ments, and lot on South Sldo, If taken this wook; it 1* ibeap at $7,600. Address N 48, Trlbuuo olflea. DOR SALE—AT GREAT BARGAIN, THIS WEEK, .' or will exchange for good horso and baggy, 100 foot on flfUoth-st. S. UELAMATEU, 66 Wasbington-sU, base nont. "dor sale-dy a. s. laory a go., 119 dear* 1 hornet.! ‘ Sovoral lots on Central and llnraboldt Parks and Donlo /ards, at half-price, to raise tuonoy; must bo sold. Call tnd mako an nifor. Guo lot on Flfth-av.,ono-thlrd loss than Its actual value, ,'or cash. fpl/R SALE-80 HOUSES AND LOTS; BEST BAR L’ gains in Chicago; 'easy terms, and some on monthly moments; well located, on South and West Sides. Call and soo our list. O. S. LACEY 4 CO., 110 Doarboro-st. DIOR SALE—6OxIOO, EAST FRONT, ON PRAIRIE L’ ov.. Forty-llfth-st., at a bargain, forafow days. .rl. F. COY 4 00., HBWasblngton-st. tjlOß SALE-IMPROVED BUSINESS AND BE3I v donco property, well rented. Wo can olTor aomo good largalns to those desiring to invest In rooted property. JANFIELP 4 MATTEBQN, GO LaSalle-st. ■ FOR SALE—RESIDENCE’ LOTS—7OOXI7B FEET ON Egan-av. (city limit*) oast of and near Grand Boule vard, In lot* to suit purchasers, at low prices and on ex ■romoly easy tonus; tho attention of capitalists andbulM ir* la particularly called to this properly: long tine will io given, and separate mortgages on oaoh lot; title por* cot. J. KtiAlAti WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. FOR SALE-* 50 FEET NORTHWEST CORNER OP Wnbnsh-av. and Thlrty-thlrd-st., fat low price and Adams and Jsokson-sts, west of Oalifornla-av., •hoapost lota on the West Side. . . _ $3, UIO to loon on Chicago real estate fore mra. ALFRED JAMES, Bonthwostcornor Clark and Madlson-sfa. SdOR SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING U streets; State, Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Oarl* jsPdl, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur* ay, and Halstod; also on Wentworth, Sburtloff, Portland 4 »nd Stowart-avs; also on Alexander, _ Twenty-fourth, Jwonty-slxtb, Twonty-sevoulb, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, 'Pwonty-nlnth, Karl, Thirtieth, Havsn, TnUty-flrst, Thlr*’ y-socond. Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth, Thirty-sixth, Thirty* evontb, Fontaino, ami Tblrty-olgblb-sts. Title perfect, Warranty doodß- A very small payment down, five year’s ' imo, 6 per cent interest. No agency business. Apply to ■wnor, ALBERT CRANE, 879wabaah-av. For sale—the three vert handsome now swoH-front houses, with brick stables, Nos. 183, 81, anil 186 Park-av., botwoon Wood and Linooln-sU. ?ortns to suit. Also, 4 largo lots on Taybr-at., botwoen Voocl and Llncoln-sla. Prlco fil.lOOoach. Terras very i«y. Ajiply to the owner, 534 West Washlngton-st., or TOR SALE—LINCOLN PARK-LOTS FRONTING Fullorton-av., Kaclno-av., Froraont-st, and Wobstor ,, Intho neighborhood of Lincoln railway . jlliin a few blocks; cheap lets and on very easy terms, ‘iWtoW. D. KERFOOT A CO., 80 Sait Washing* .u'OR BALE—CENTRAL PARK-LOTS FACING lu Washington, Z<ako, Madison. Monroe, Adams, Jack ion, and Fultan-sts.,land Park, Warren, and California* •vs., between Woatorn-av. and Central Park, at from •1875 to 82,000 each on easy terms. Apply to WM. D. CERFOOT AOO., Poßast Waahington-st. IFOR SALE-WEST TWELFTH-BT,—WE HAVE 0 just mado a Subdivision of tbo Block bounded v by Veit Twelfth, Sampson, Robey, and Hoyno-sts, and wo, •re prepared to sell lots on either of those streets cheap, n easy terms. Twolfth-st. or boulevard Is 110 foot wide, nd Is finely macadamized. Parties pnrohaslag lots on 16' ow can bo snro of realizing a handsomn profit from tholr nvestmont. Apply to W. D, KERFOOT A CO., 00 East Vashlngton-Bt. [FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN—THE DESIRABLE t? residence, 1119 Indlana-av., containing-14 rooms, band omo saloon parlor, conservatory, brlok store-room, two ath-rooms, hot ami cold water ail through the house, rosooed colling*, painted walls, plate glass windows, to., oto. There is also a fine barn on tbo promises, and vorythlng Is In perfect repair. Possession given at any Imo. Call botwoon 4 to6oaany day dariogthewook. FOR SALE-A S-BTORY FRAME HOUSE, 21X50. ? Inquire at 185 Ohio-st. • FOR SALE-CHEAP—OOTAGON-FRONT BRICK . rosldonoe, 2 stories and basement, 10 rooms, lot 29 tot front;oxcoUontlocstlon;WoßtSlilo; $9.5(0. HENRY WALLER, JR., 86 East Wnablogton-st., Room 4. SALE-MANUFACTURING PROPERTY, 183 X J E65 foot on Twenty-eocond-nt., northwest corner of Alhptt*aC. Also other pieces. HENRY WALLER, JR., lfiaatWasbfpgton-Bt.i Room 4. 7t OR 8 ALE—FRAME HOUSES—MARSUFIELO-AV., near OoneroM-it. (Tylor)j 2 etorlos. Building lota ikon in part payment. llarrtaon-Ht., woetof Oakley; Salaries; 63,805. Lot la* do tiro limits taken in exchange. Wllcox-st.. near Oaropboll-av.; $3,800. ■SliVAr^l4*?Vu, noo , I U K H an av ‘* cottage very ehoap. .bNUF WALLER, JR., Room 4, 86 Washington-at. ■rir- AOR SALE-CHOICE LOTS UPON HALBTED, Emorold, Dathloll, Uuddan, Arnold. Ktato, Twenty, ivenlh, Thirty-third, Thirty-fourth, and Thlrty-aovontb a. Aleo upon Wentworth, Archer, and Eaan-ara. Small t?rn?.^£ ow £j,^ ivo yea "» fi por cent. HENRY W. f-HIFMAN, ]&3Monroo-it. pSR SALE—S1 4 6oS—A BARGAIN,“NEW 13-ROOM 1 cottage wltlrln four blocks of Union Park. TRUES j;ELL/A EROWN, I*s West Madlsoa-st- * IR BALE-0. * N.W.LOTS, BETWEEN CENTRAL ;• Park and O. and N. W. oar shops, a non-rosldont rnor. will roll von cheap. Also, BouloTardlots, and lot* >&r Boulevard. Froo rido, can or carriage. PUINNEY LOMBARD, 166 LsSalle-st. tou SALE-COTTAGE AND LOT ON TWENTY, olghth-st. jprioo, $1,600: must bo sold. TRUESUELL BROWN, 176 West Madtaon-st. 10R SALK—AT A GREAT BARGAIN. LOTS ON . northwest corner of Twolfth-st. and Wostorn-av.; irtlcs wishing to build no tnonoy required down. In* tiro at 135 South Clark-st., In bank. 'IOR SALE-AT A OR’EAT BARGAIN, ON MONTH ' ly payments, two now house*, 10 rooms, on Taylor-sU, ,ar Campboll-av. Inquire at 135 South Clark-st., In nk. ’OR SALK—WITH THOUSANDS OP OARPEN ren begging for work and building material at half Ice, now is certainly tho time to build. 1 will soli that uutilul grove property, southeast oor. of Vincennes and ;an*avs., with no money down, or allow half tho par. uso money to run 6 years. Call or address owner E. W. AOERTk, Room 16, 133 Clark-st. OR SALE-A VERY CHOICE 2-ACRB PIECE. oxtondlntr from Uracohmd road to dummy road: all joly improved 5 good homo, oto., and only lulook from one cars Oilorod at a low price and on very easy terms; old bo very desirable for subdividing. For particulars >ly to SCHRADER BROS.. 123 LaSalle-st., Room 7. OB SALE-NEW COTTAGES OFBROOMB BACH? oast, west, or south fronts, near Central Park, on ‘ntbly or quarterly payments. 8. W. KROFF, 145 La lo-st., Room 14. OR SALE-LOTS ON MILWAUKEE, FULLER ton, Humboldt, Boulevard, and Armitago.avs., at low iros for a few days. O. O. THAYER AGO., 186 East dlson-at. OR SALE-VERY CHEAP-TWO VERY NICE cottages; ono on monthly payments. W, P. JONES, LaSallo-st. OB SALE—S7,OOO—HOUSE AND LOT NO. 106 Oontre-av,, 8-story brick house, S7,MO for three days.: nodlato poBsosslon; convenient to van Baron and dison-st. oars. A rare bargains must bo sold immedl •y. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 13 Obamborof Com- OR SALE-HOUSE 110 LOOMIS-BT.. HAS BEEN -alntod and oalsomlnod this month, and la ready for aodlato oooupanoy. ease 79 Honoro street 5 Immediate possession given. OHADE A ABELL. . 184 Dearbom-»t., Honoro Block. 3R SALE-HOUSES WO WEST MONROE-ST. AND 8&1 Warrnn-av. Possession given on thirty days'no . OIIACE A ABE Ll* IS 4 Doavbom-st., Honoro ck. • • JR SALE—OR EXOHANQB—A DWELLING AND business house, with stock of hardware, In a town of • Inhabitants, for unimproved land. A. HARSH HOKIt, Room 9 Tribune Building. _■ COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. 5R SALE-FARM, WITH COAL LANDS; FARM of 310 acres, within One mile of railroad station, with ry Indication of coal on the premises, a good spring of er, and well adapted for a stock farm; can bo ox ngod for aslook of boots and shoos, clothing, orgro oa. Apply to THOMAS E. JOURDAN, Mondota, 1R SALE—A FARM OF 160 AORBB, WITH IM provemontj. InDolovan. Tacowoll County, 111.{land tho boat Quality: tonns of sale very easy. Apply to JKHAM A BROWN, Room 43, Reaper Block, comer ■lark and Woshlngton-etJ. m BALE-A BEAUTIFUL FARM OF 73 AORHB, on tho Alton A St. Loots R. R., adjacent to the sta . one within Ji of an hours' rldo from Chicago depots land Is high. CO foot or more abovo tho railroad, and severed with as fino a arovo as con be found In this 3try; tltlo perfect; only slo,COO,lncluding house,barn, , In perfect order; os a speculation it cannot bo sur ■bus for cheapness ft is boyond comparison. J. MAS WARREN, IB Ohambor of Commerce. DR SALE-OR EXCHANGB-A BEAUTIFUL homo at Morrison, lib, SI,OOO. Choicest location In n. STORES A WARE. ft Washlngton et. REAL ESTATE WANTED. "ANTED—BOO FEET OR LESS BETWEEN TIIIR ty-ninthaml Flfty.fKth.sts., oast of State; a lib. cash payment fora good bargain. Parties wanting to address, giving location and prioo, R 18, Tribune of- ANTED—IO TO SO ACRES WELL LOCATED FOR subdivision. Will pay part cash and residence. fFIKLD A MATTHHON, 60 FOR SALE. HI BALE-FILL UP YOUR LOTB-200 LOADS OP .eboloo black dirt for sale. cornor Aabland.av, and iblugton-Ht. Apply Iromoulately, • iR BALE—CHEAP, 8 PATENT RAILROAD * dump ears ■ almost now. Address P 06. Tribune .'R BALE-TICKETS TO FORT KEARNEY AND . return will bo sold at a discount. LYON A KING, .‘outU Wator-at. -R SALK—AT HALF PRICE, LARGE LOT OF : rubber and leather bolting and hose; goods nowand . class. Inquire at 230 West Waahlngton-at. iRSALE—OR EXOHANGK-l HAVE A LOT OP basket Wain original packages, I want to oxohaugo Seed, sound, kind horse, notafraldofcarsiaiaoouo ugay; will sell or oxchangu for horso and pay dlllor . Coll atl49 Nowborry-av.i soon. •U SALK—AT PUBLIC AUCTION. THE FIX • Hires of a largo boarding-house, also 60 baths, in* Ing a now brick wagon. Tbo aamowlll bo sold with •oaorvo, Friday, Juno 13. 104 North CAHSTAM. It RALE—IO,OOO TAMARACK. POSTS. EQUAL to cedar for fencing. MoDONALD 4 KOU, luin- HOUSEHOLD GOODS. a bale-furniture and contents of a rat-class hotel. For further Information apply to D. rAItUUN, Yankton, D. T, ,13 EMPIRE PARLOR BHDSTBAD-SURPABBES 'll. An ulogaut piece of furniture, convertible In ly Into a luiorluus bud; aevua stylus; oil sues: • tad to parlor, library, dining-room, olllco, and store, iploa only ono-fonrtu tho spaaa of a common bod* 1, Enables you to llvo gontaully In one room. Prices ASH, $45, SSO, $65, sl6, SBS. 8100. Sold on Install ■ i K lioSroiL iktliul l I AKLOTI MEU3TJS4U .UuumU M tin, lS3 We,‘. Miknju-.i, SUBURBAN REAIa ESTATE. FOR SALE—OAKWOOD BOULEVARD, JUST south of city limits; tho commoting link between :Urand and Drexol boulevards. Beyond question this will be the most attractive,..elegant, and convenient thor oughfare, tanning east and wont, lying south of the elty limits,’ I can sell 60-foot lots on this boulevard, either north nr south fronts, between Grand boulevard ami Vlnconnosav,, at low prices and on easy terms. For bulldlugor Investment nothing superior can bo found. Tho locality Is extremely beautiful, and will command Itself tunny man of tasto. As an Investment It cannot fail to Impress every man of Judgment. Thoro Is nothing to compare .with it, cither as an Investment or place of rosldonoe, an assertion I am convinced that tfrao will verify. J, KBAIAB WARREN, 18 Ohambor of Com moroo. IDOR SALE-11 LOTS AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD, 4 X’ blocks from Ualatod-st., at acre prices. 11. J. ARNOLD, W East Madlson-et. , For sale-bvanbton grove lots, suso. in Uvo-dollor monthly payments, with no payment down. This Is the best obanoo ypt ofTcrod to got a homo. IRA DROWN,, Room 4. For sale-south park-380 feet on stony Idand-avi.; fronting tho Park, near Flfty-sovonth-st. OHAOR 4’ABELL, lg4 Doarbornst., Uonoro Block. : FOR SALE—OOUNKTiL-ONB-THIRD OF A BLOCK north of tho Watch Factory, and near tho Church, at a bargain. !OHAUE 4 ABELL, 18i Dearborn-st., Hon* oro Block. : TDOR SALE—SOUTH ENOLEWOOD-A FEW FIVE X* acre blocks on easy terms. Doferrod payments can bo so arranged as to help purchaser very much In roinlllng. 01IA0K A ABELL, 1M Dearborn s t., Honoro Block. ■ FOR BALE—I4S ACRES IN COOK COUNTY, ON Chicago 4 Pacific R. R.; now depot located on promises} will take part In Chicago property; n groat bar gain can he had In this If taken soon. Apply toGIUSON 4 lIOSMER, 116 East Randolph-tt, FOR SALE—SIOO "WILL BUY A- BEAUTIFUL LOT at Dosnlafnes, ono block from depot; they will double In value this summer; only $lO down and $5 a month until paid. IRA BROWN, 140 LsHaUo-Bt., Room 4. For balb-at englewood-b lots in a body on Fifty-sovonth-st. for SR2O oaoh, two blocks Jrom elation; 48 trains per day; faro 8 coots. A fluo chance or several who can buy together and savo rotallor’a S refits. Como and boo them. O. B, GRIFFIN, 183 ladlaon-st;, comer Clark. ■ FOR SALE-COME AND I WILL SHOW YOU lota on and near Humboldt Boulevard, 140 to 180 foot deep, in the midst of fine Improvements, only two blocks from railroad station and buses, only 4M mllos from Court-House, free from all city taxes, and 14 foot higher than tho level of tho city, with perfect title, for $360 each. Q. B. GRIFFIN, 183 Madlson-et., comer Clark, TDOR SALE—CHOICE SUBURBAN LOTS ON THE X 1 Milwaukee Railway, six mllos distant, andtwonty minutes* ride, in Clybourn'e Addition to Ravonawood. Thoso lota are laid out 60x162 foot on 80 foot streets, and will bo sold upon easy terms, nt from S6OO to S7OO per lot. Tho facilities for aoootß to and from tho city—tho desir ability of tho land—lt being high and thoroughly drained —tho proximity to first-class improvements, churches, schools, and society, commend this property as tho boat at tho prlco now in tho market. Comparison challenged! Tho attention of tho Indus* trious— tho thrifty—tho cautious—is called to thoso lots as sites for homesteads or Investments. Call, for a printed abstract and plot, upon ROBERT GREER, MLaSallo-st., Room fl. For sale-some vert desirable avenue tracts at Washington Heights. 40 acres on tbo rldgo opposite Clifton, and on Wostom and Lyons-ars. 40 acresooLrons-arM rldgo and groro. 120 acres in Sec. 23, 87, 13, rldgo and grove. 160 acres in Sco. 18, 87. 13, rldgo and grove. 24 acres In 800. 80, 87,14, adjoining Vlnoonnog*road Ad*' dltlon. 10 acres In 800. 80, 87, 18, Klnzlo’a Subdivision. O. O. THAYER A CO., 166 East Madiiou*st. T7IOR SALE—SM ACRES IN VXNOENNE3-ROAD J? Addition. Washington Heights, adjoining Morgan Park, and very near two depots; the property 1< subdi vided. streets open, Ac. O. O. THAYER A CO., 186 East Madlson-st. TFQB SALE-80 ACRES IN SEC. 27. 87. 13, HIGH, i? rolling prairie. O. O. THAYER A CO.. 186 East Madisoo-st. * FOB SALE—IN EVANSTON, A BEAUTIFUL NEW house of 8 rooms, good collar, laundry, bath*room, etc., oneboloo lot (nice location. Four houses in North Evanston and one In Glencoe, at low figures. Also threo houses to rent In North Evanston, at sls. S2O, and $25 per qpionttt Lots In any of tbo places named for sale cheap, and lumber furnished those who will build. Term* for bouses, ono.fifth cash, halanoo in monthly or yearly pay- Soots, and lots on still bettor terms. Call at my mllco in ranaton, or Room 2,163 Monroo-st. O. E. BROWNE. F)R BALK-ON SOUTH PARK. EAST FRONT, corner Fifty-fnurtb-st., 162)4 foot beautiful grovo (not surpasaod In Ohlosgo) at S2OO por foot. On Oalumot-av., west front, corner Flfty-foarth-et., 162)4 foot at SIOO per foot. 1,600 acres on Grand Calumet. 25 miles from Madlson st., out by throe railroads, at SIOO per acre. Indiana, Lako County, 2 hours from Chicago, 8,000 acres with largo lake and railroad front, all for $1,000,000, easy tlms, WM. GARNETT A CO., For salk-rksidenoe property, at south Evanston, at low prices and on long tlmo. Evanston is Chicago's oldest, largest, and boat suburb, and our property is but flvo squares from tbo centre of Evanston, close to tbo lake shore. Houses built foapurohaßors, or loans on long tlmo mado to assist them In building. An examination of tho property and terms is Invited. JU LIUS WHITE AGO;. 81 Laßsllo-at., Rooml. FOR BALE-AT A 1 BARGAIN— BY GOLDEN 4 FRESH WATERS, 63 South Olark-st., Room 16: 40acroata8oo. 11. 86, IS. 40 acres In Hoc. 16, 39.13. 40 aorosin 800. 86, 88, 19. 10 aoroa In Soo. 23, 89, 13. 10 acres In 800. 17, 88, 14. 6 acres In Hoc. 15, 89,18. 8 a ores In Soo. 1.10, 13. FOR SALE—EVANSTON PROPERTY-HOUSES, lots, andaoros; call at oar 011100, 173 Madison-st., KiH oat a lut-ntoiir rmpnrtjrjnjtbn Evanston Real Eitato own, PublUliod by tr». L. 0. PITNEK A BON. Fob sale-good lots, at sim to moo kaoil ncardonot, at Norwood Parle; terns#, girt nowu, mid 86 a month afterward. WILSON, PEIROE 4 CO., Room 6, No. 182 Clark-st, FOB SALE—DESIRABLE LOTS’ and acre tracts at Montrose at prices affording a margin; no property presents bettor prospects, or onjuys hotter faoUl* ties for easy, quick, and aheap access. For particulars applytoßEA A c6aTKB, iffwashington-st. FOR SALK-THIRTY COTTAGES AND TWO -STORY houses at Englewood on easy tonne. Apply to TIL* LQTSON BROS., 279 and 274 Stato-st. FOR SALE-LOTS NEAR CENTRAL PARK AND now car works of 0. A N. W. ILK, Co, at low prices and on terras to snlt purchasers.' 8. W. KROFF. 145 LaSallo-st., Room 14. TT'OR SALG-OR TO RENT—AT WINNETKA. MIL- X' wsukco Railroad, 40 minutes'rldo from tho city; 10rooms, barn, outhouses, Ao; 6 aerosol pardon, fruit trees, evergreens, shrubbery, Ao.; four blocks from sta tion, Q. T. CLINE, 78 Doarborn-st., Room 21. For sale-oornelu-blook of b acres, cor nor of Sovonty-fourtb-at. and Stony Island-boule vard, near Cornell or Grand Junction: 1-la railroad trains a day. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-sts. FOR SALE-100 FEET FRONT ON TUB GRAND boulevard. Also lot)foot fronton Calumot-nv., near Forty-first-st. SNYDER A LEE. 11 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallc-sts. Fob sale-lawndale-8 acres between Lawndajo and Douglas Park boulevard. SNYDER A LEE, 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroo and LnSallo-sts. . . For sale-at south englewood-ohoioe lota and. blocks, near depot and fronting Eighty seventh-at. boulevard, on 8 and 6 years' tlmo 5 no money down to parties who will bnlld Immediately; sido-walka on Eighty-sixth and Elghty-soventh-sta. loading from ufil 108 and flX^ l^ TBOR SALE-3 ACRES OP LAND IN SCHOOL BEO- X'-tlon. near Madlson-st.. at a bargain If week. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON, 110 South Qlark-st. XjlOR SALE-fi# ACRES ON WABASH AND MIOHI- X 3 gan-avs., at $6 per foot, very cheap, located on corner Elghty-sccond-st/ HENRY J, GOODRICH. 126 Doatborn-st. For sale-sio per foot will buy a good lot on comer Bovonfy-soventh-Rt., two blocks west of the lako ehoro. HENRY J. GOODRICH, 125 Dear bom-st. . TjU)R BALE—COTTAGE, THREE ROOMS AND FIVE X) acres Improved land, small orchard, low largo forest trees, ono-halfznilo from depot at Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad. 82 miles from Chicago; prioo $525. cash 8100. balance 813 por month. Office days Wednesday, Friday, and Monday; J. EARLE, owner, Room 8, 163 Moaroo-at. TBOR BALE-SOUTH EVANSTON—RIDGE LOTS, X 1 grove lots, oloso to depot, public school, oto: price low, psymenta oofly. PHASE A ADAMS, 20 Bryan Block. For salb-at englewood-ohoioe lots in every part of this growing suburb; money famished to build 80, 40, or 60 houses upon lauds of our own. UUL BUItD A 00., 208 LaSaUo-at. BO it BALE —AT ENGLEWOOD—TWO BLOCKS from depot, oast front, all grove, onWabash-av. near tJlxty-BOcond-et., Jot 83x170; fora home nothing bettor on South Side; for an investment It wHI pay a largo ad vanoo in ono year, HULBUBD A 00., 308 LaSallo-st. TBOR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD-20, 10, 6, OR «• X 1 aero lots at big bargains: also handsome grove prop erty noar FUty-ninth-st, HULIIUIID A CO.. 208 La- SaUo-st. FDR SALB-AT HIGHLAND PARK-ONE NEW gothic oottago with lot. Immodfatopossosslon. Also 1 large brlok house with largo lot. • Also tots on easy nay rnouts. Apply to WM. JT. SAMPSON A CO., 114 li- Sallo-at., Oils Block. • _ For, salb-enolewood-a substantially built frame house, on Blrtr-seoond-it., for sale oncaay toms. CANFIELD A MATTKSON. 60 LaSallo-at. FOR SALE-LOTS ADJACENT TO NEW OAR. shops O. A N. W. R. R.« on reasonable terms of pay. moot. Offloo open from 7to 8 o'clock ta the evening. A. O. ODELL, Room 10,128Doatbom.sU TROIt SALE-LAKE FOREST RESIDENCE—HOUSE i' nearly now, modem Improvomonts, grounds largo and handsomely Improved; would take good Chicago property in port parlmoot. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 La- For sale-rnolkwood-desirable lots on*. near Wallace. Those lots aro In a neighborhood that Is bolng rapidly built up with a lino class of improvomonts, and they will nrevoa splendid In vestment at tbp present price; CANFIELD A MATTE. BON. 60 LaSalle-st. . FOR BALE-KOAN.AV.-5 ACRES ON EGAN-AV., near Oallforula-av. and new cotton manufactory. Price, low,terms; one-fourth cash, balance 1, 9. and 3 yoaVs. SNYDERA LEE, No. 14 Nixon Buildings, north* east corner Monrooand LaSallo-sts. I “noil SALE—REFORM SCHOOL STATION—DEBIR . hide residence, lot 100x180 foot, cornor of Myrtlo-av.," near the Uoform SohoolStatlnn. Price, low, easy tonus. HMVUIiU 4 LEE, No. 1. Nliou Bulkin,., north.... cornor Monroe and Laßallo-ste. F“ OR SALK—AT RAVJINSWOOD—A DESIRABLE dwelling-boused Brooms, good brlok collar, furnaco, hard and soft water. Lot 143x159 foot, ornamented with fruit and shade trees. Apply to ROBERT QUEER. 81 LaHallc-st., Room 9. CLAIRVOYANTS, DU. MATHEW AND MADAM MAYNARD, BUSI- mias and modlcql mediums, RiS West Madlum-st. Madame idkll, the celebrated female uhvslolan and clairvoyant, bus no oqual In hor profes sion lit telling tho past, present, and future. Call and bo convinced ui iter wonderful power at bur rooms, 191 West Wadleon-at., Kooinsßando, fromoa. m. toßp. m. Mrs. t. j. lewis, reliable clairvoy. ant. busliiois, and Medical Alodium, 69 Weal Modi MUSICAL. AFinST-OLAKB I'IANO FOB BALE CHEAP 1011 cash, or carpenter work will be taken in payment. Address PIANO, car© of Carrier No. 97. GO TO THE FACTORY DIRECT. TO PURCHASE ft Moholsun; tho ohuapust iirst-ulass organ in Anted, oa. Price, SSO to $l,U>O. Manufaolory and salesruom, 63 East lndlans-st. ’ ANTEI)-A‘OOOD SECOND-HAND PIANO FOR dumuitlo cigars. Inquire at llUTwoaly.sooond-st., op.itflUl, 3TIE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, .TUNE 11, 1873. TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RENT-FRAME DWELLING, WITH BARN, corner Lake and Wahpanteh-BTB. Apply at6l Kills- same block. T O IIEb'T- 1 ”, a VKIIV DltmilAlll.E LOCIATION, north Dearborn-st., ono 3-story and basement brick dwelling, 16 rooms, with closets and modem lm« nrpvemouU; for privalo rohldonoo only. Apply to 61. BOANLAN, 7 Honlh Olark-st. TO RENT—A NEW 3.STOUY HOUSE. WITH MOD orn improvements, for «30 per month, Forty-llfth-st-., onojihjok wast of Cottage Orovo-av, dummy J. D, OR* TO RENT-NEW OOTTAGR, fl ROOMS, CLOSETS, water; ham If desired j 4(KJ West Erlo-sfc. Apply on premltos or 217 North Ashland-av. N. B. GRAY. f|lo RENT-057 WABABII-AV., NEAR TWENTY* J. sooond-st., U-slory framohoiuo, onutnlnlng 19 rooms; hot and cold water, laundry, do. MEAD 4 COE, 163 LatiaUo-st. TO RRNT-9 NEW FIRST-CLASS STORY AND A half houses, of 8 rooms oaoh, besides bath-room, store-room, olosots, oto., comer of Tyior-st. and Win ohostorav. Apnly to THOMAS HOOD. 28 Urlontal Building, LaSallo-st., opposlto Chamber of Oommorco. *rilo RRNT-NKW 6-UOOM HOUSE. WITH BARN, X SU3. Call Immediately. C. W. DEAN, 183 South Clatk-st., Room 16. ■ . . . rRENT-A DRAUTIFUL NEW MARBLE FRONT house, fronting on Kills Park; liouho contains ton rooms and all modem Improvements; will bo rented choap Jo a good tenant until May next; keys to bo had at No. 14 Ellis Park. CLARKE, LAYTON 4 CO., Agonts. rpo RENT-NEW 2-STORY FRAME HOUSE, B X rooms, south front, 033 Wo«t Monroo-st., close (o, Woshirn-nv. Rent low to doslrnblo tenant. Apply to JOILN WEST, 091 West Monroo-st., next door to tho abovo. TO RENT-COTTAGE AND LARGE LOT NO. 146 Wostorn-av., poarFulton-at. Apply No. 143. TO RENT-PART OR WHOLE OF FIRST FLOOR, with or without furniture, 747 Wabasb-av. Rent low. mo RENT-HOUSE OF 6 ROOMS, FOR SMALL X family. 118 South Llnooln-st., between Adams and Monroe s moo and central homo. Call after W o’clock, Rent, $35. y 3 HO RENT-HOUSE, AND FURNITURE FOR SALK. - or will will rent house fumUhod. Inquire at 145 South ofiorson-st. , TO RENT—FIRST-CLASS COTTAGE. SOUTH Side, 810: furniture for ealo. STORKS 4 WARE, 94 Washlngton-at. IDO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE. ALL MODERN X Improvements. Apply 838 Chloago-av. TO RENT-ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL NEW. homos, corner Indlano-av, and Twolftb-st. Call at house. Ohoapost rent in olty. r RENT—S3O PER MONTH-NICE 7-ROOM COT tngo tnd barn, on South tilde, near cars. W. M. JACKSON, 118 and ISOMomoo-et. mo RENT—WABABH-AV.—HOUSE ANDLOTNO.46I X Wabash-av., near Kldrldgo court; bouse has 14 rooms andlot4oxl7o; good barn: Immediate possession; rent $3,800 per annum, or $2,000 per year without barn; houno has never boon used except as private rosidouoo. J. KSAIAti WARREN, 18 Ohambor of Oommorco. TO RENT-OALUMET-AV., CORNER TWENTY nInth-st.—Beautifully papered and oalclmiuod 10* room Leases, only SSO por month; also, good 0-room brick on Indiana-av., cheap. STOllllS A WARE, 84 Wash- Ington-Bt. niO RENT AND FURNITURE FOR BALE-A X boardlng.bousoonthoßoothUldo; central location; 111 rooms, alfuiodom improvements, and barn: rent SIOO per month: 10 boarders now In tho houso; party must soil on account of 111-hoalth. U. B. LACEY A CO., 119 Doarbornst. TO RENT—HOUSE 733 MADISON-ST,, CORNER Lincoln; 7 rooms, bath-room, pantry, and olosots. In quire at aloto. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. BSB WF.ST MADIBON*ST., six rooms. Apply at 451 West Lako-at. rno RENT-ELEGANT SIX-ROOM HOUSE, WITH X water, chandeliers, marblo mantels, wlrosoroons, and every convenience. Rent, 830 per month. Also, cottage of 8 rooms, with water, at $lO por month. No. 859 West Polk-sL* • TIO RENT-HOTEL OP 10 ROOMS FURNISHED, barn, out-houaos, Ao., 6 acrca of garden; situated at a railroad station, river, plonlo-grounda, Ao. Coll at 78 Doarborn-st.. Room2l, oraddrossP. O. Box 05 Suburban. TO RENT—I WISH TO RENT MY RESIDENCE AT at River Forest, formerly known as “ Thatcher," to a first-class party, as X wish to go away for tho summer. Call or address Ronom 6, Methodist Church Block. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—THE TWO LOWER FLOORS OP ICB North Doarbom-at.; S6O por month. 110 RENT-SIX GOOD ROOMS CONVENIENT FOR . housekeeping, to a small gonlool family. Inquire at No. 76Houoro-st., orofU. M. McOANN, 12 ana 14 La- Sallo-st. a lO RENT-AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT . room with unoof parlor and piano, for two gentlemen; rent $25 per month. Southeast corner East Van Baron nnd Franklln-sts., first iloor, Room 0. mo RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM FOR ONE X or two gontlomon, few atopa from Union Fork. 66 Warron*av. TO RENT-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT rooms, onsulloor single, marblo front 707 Wabash* or.; every attention and oaru given to roudor homo picas* ant and attraotlvo. Price* moderate. Tablo board nozt door. mo RENT—VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS, SUIT- J. able (or families or slnzlo tpatlomon, in ono o( tho bost locations on tlio Wost Bido; uas nil modern convon* Icnccs; moderate rates. . Address J 77, Tribune ofllco. ntO RENT—A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, NICELY A furnished, forfloatlomon; also single room. Mi Wa bosh-av. TO nnNT—THREE ROOMS AND TIIUBD OLO3- ots; gas and water; rent S2O a month. Apply at 1469 Prairlo-aT. mo RENT-FOUR OR SIX PLEASANT ROOMS, X pantry ond olosots, water In kitchen, lust calolmlnud, cheap, to a small family. Apply promises, 193 South Wooa-st. TO RENT-831 WABASn-AV., AN ELEGANTLY furnished front room, for gentleman and wife; also sulto of rooms vary reasonable, with or without board. llouso modern Improvements. HID RENT—IP YOU WANT COMFORT AND KLIS - ganco go and soouro a room at (ho St. Elmo, 85 ami 87 Dcarborn-st. Charges reasonable. rpb RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM FOR X slocnnig to two gentlemen, or gentleman and wife, in private family, whore the comforts of a homo canto had. 168 South Dcsplalnes-at. References oxuhaugod. QIO RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED AND unfurnished, Ashland Block, opposite Sherman House. Inquire at Room 81. Elevator In tho building. rno RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS X by tho day, week, or month, at tho St. Julian Euro poan Hotel, l&SDoarhorn-st. rpb RENT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms, single or on sulto, all modem oouvenlonooe, at .No. 12 Eldrldgo-court, oast of Wabosb-ov. TpO RENT—THREE ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, X 207 South Halsted-st. Inquire £OS South Halstod-st. TO RENT-SECOND FLOOR OP AN ELEGANTLY furnished house on Wabash-av., south of Twenty elith-at.; ovory modem oonvonlonoo: private table. No other boarders. $250 per month for famllyof four. High cat roforonoca required. J 52, Tribune office. fpO RENT-1074 WABASILAV.—A SUITE OF FRONT X rooms, wltlUargo closet attached; also, a largo back room, unfurnished, with or without board. TO RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM to a gentleman. Inqulro at 26-1 West Madlson-st. r RENT—AT 183 WEST WASHiNGTON-ST., A front parlor nicely furnlshod; also a front room, aoo ond floor, fur ladies or gentlemen. TO RENT-73 AND 76 EAST MONHOE-3T., FUR nlshod rooms, with or without hoard, by day, wook, or month. Inqulro Room 19, entrance Myers' Opera-House. rpO RENT—A NUMBER OP PLEASANT FURNISH- X od rooms: also, two gontfl want roommates at 147 South Ualstod-st; also, one room at 278 West Madison-sti; moderate rent. TO RENT-SUITES OP ROOMS FOR HOUSKKKEP ing la now brick block, 132 and 131 Erlo-st. Water gad gas on each tloor. Cheap runt. Apply on promises. TO RENT —TWO OOMFORTALY-FURNIBUED filooplng-rooms; sl6 and S2O por month; gentlemen only. 474 Wabash-av. r RENT-839 WALNUT-ST.—B SPLENDID ROOMS on first floor, S3O per month; also, largo bam la roar, $lO per month. Apply on premises, or comer Canal and IGnalo-ats., np stairs. J. M. SOUTHARD. > TO RENT-TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMS, with gas and use of hath. Apply at 184 West Jackson at.; near llalstod-at. TO RENT-STORES. OFFICES, &o. mo RENT-FINE OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM,FIRST' X floor,oornor bulldleg. Apply to E. E. KxAN A 00., 210 LaSalle-st. TO RENT-A SPLENDID OPENING FOR A HOTEL —tho four-story ami baSomont stono-front building, situated on tho cornor of North Wells uud Mlehigau-aU., (10 foot fronton Wolls-st9.,and 106 foot on Mlchlgau-st. Apply to JACOBS 4 FISCHER, No. 66 North Wolls-st. IPO RENT—CHEAPEST OFFICE IN TOWN, SMALL, X cheerful, and furnished; vault and closota. Also dosk-room. 163 Monroo-et., Room 3. TO RENT-HALF OP A FINK LARGE STORE IN tho boat retail location on tho South Side; to tho rlf I% rt £o§aUost 11 b ° IOW * J * a * aillNNi£L k* Room T" 677jpT- TI JB BKOOND I'LOOU IN imiOKr building, 130 West Randolph-st., 6 rooms, ollhor to- - Bother or In aor 8 rooms. Inquire at 181 Went Randolph et.. Room *J. WANTED—TO BENT. WANTED-TO rent-one or two furnished'i rooms on tho North Sldo for uontlomanand lady; Ifl possible, with board; boat of roforoncos given. Address, lx, care Gemmn.Amorloan Advertising Agency, XBS Lai-’, Hoorn 1. ' W' ANTED—TO RENT-FIRST OR SECOND FLOOR J furniabod, for lodging only; must bo In n private* family, and on one of tho avenues, north of Twolftb-st.' Address H tQ, Tribune oftlco. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-for inoerhoi.L's life of lloraoo Grooloy, Just ready; alao, for our other pupu. larsubaoription books; come and ace our now plans und Inducements. Union Publishing Company, 835 Wabash av., Chicago. Agents wanted—47,ooo problems (more oh leas) in Interest, computed lor four dUtlnot business periods of Umo, In ono minute, at any rate pur cent. Now nritluuotlou 1 alphabet, Tho Loavor. Absolute right method of tinding oubo and square root; also an unlimit ed numbor of ways; tho roost remarkable dlsoovurlos of tho Nineteenth centaiy; book contains lIW pages. Prioo, sl. Address J. A. lIENDEUSON, A. 51,, Author, San Francisco, Cal., Box No. 88. A OENTB WANTED-FOR ORAM'S BEAUTIFUL Jx Map of tho United States and World. Can be sold in ovory bouse. Also new and ornamental Statu maps, religious and polltloal charts, lithographs, photographs, Ac, Send for now circular and boo Induoomunta to agents. QKORQK F. ORAM, ski Lako-at., Chicago. AGENTS WANTED-FOR CITY AND COUNTRY to soil patent window screen llxluro; tho cheapest and best thing outs llvo men can make money rapidly tho next twonionths. Apply, third floor. Agents wanted-mrnTnd“wom'miToFenl torprlso and business sagacity aro making a great dual of money selling our great household articles: SUI to sl6 ft day protU Is quite common. MERRILL 4 CO7, 95 WnaC Lako-at. A*’ GENTS WANTED-MALH AND FEMALE A’P _ Room J6 Central Union Block, Madiso»-et. bridge. Agents wanteu-to sell our new iTinv tondiolo cutter, tmodlo.threading thimble, and olhuc now articles. W East Madison-st., llouinG, OKNTS WANTED—TO H lCf7f7~* 'HTToW OARDB" In country towns. A. BTEMPEL, 7 WostUoa* dolph-st., Ohlesgoi BOARDING AND LODGING. West Side. nOENTRB-AV, -FURNISHED ROOM. WITH board, for gout and wlfo or single gouts, at reason, able rates. . - nsoutfi ann-St., between Washington and Randolph—Room for two gontiomon, with or wlthnnt hoard. • • hfi NORTH SANOAMON-ST. - ACCOMMODA p U Dons for gont and wife or single gontiomon, with board; pleasant rooms. A A SOUTH MOROAN-BT., NEAR WAfIUINOTON zt J: Two pleasant, handsomely-furnished aud very do* slrnble rooms, with.unexceptionable board. A n SOUTH PfioRIA-ST.-TWO VERY NICE UN* .t I furnished front rooms, with of without board; no other boarders. r •■ ’ A Q SOUTH DKBI’IiAINEB-ST., ST.’ OIIAHLKS *±o Hotel, will board merchants, .salesmen, book* keepers, oto., at $0 to $9 per week. ** Strawberry short cake.". . . . - rr n SOUTH SANOAMON-ST.—A PLEASANT ROOM JO for one or two gontiomon.’ ’ ' 01 SOUTH MOROAN-RT.-uONB LARGE FRONT OX reora furnlahod or unfurnished tea marriod*ooup)o, with hoard, in private family; flrst-olass location; house . hoe all tho modem improvements. Also a single room for a gontiomon. ' QA SOUTH MOROAN-ST.. NEAR MADISON-FUR* nlshod suite of rooms (front) to rent, with or with out board. ■ ■ • QC SOUTH MOROAN-ST,, NEAR, MADIBON OO Furnished rooms, on suito or single, with board, suitable for families or single gontloraouthousofirst-class, with modern improvements. ’ Tfl'7 WEST ADAMS-St—rOUß on ,1’IVI! GEN XU J tlomsn cad bo aooommndatod with good board and ploannnt rooms at $5 a week. . • , lir HAJ.STED-ST., NEAR CORNER MONUOE XXX Nleoly furnlsbou front rooma to rent, with board; tormfl vory reasonablo, •' IQ/1 WARREN-AV., CORNER WOOD-BT.—TWO XOtc unfurnished rooms, second story front, with olosots, for married couplos; also, accommodations for two young fiontn. Terms moderate. Only one bleak from Madlson-st. cars; a delightful summer homo. • TAA AHERDEEN-ST.—ROOMS TO RENT, WITH good board, In a private famllylonodoublo room suitable lor four loales or gontiomon at $& per woote. 1/4Q WABHINOTON-BT. - NEW ' DOARDING- house; pleasant rooms, $6 per week; also front parlor, with or without board. 179 WEST JAOKSON-ST.— FRONT PARLOR, X J £i with bedrooms; centrally located, pleasant loca tion; furnished, with or without board, and at reasonablo charges. OOn WEST WARUINGTON-BT.-ELEGANTLY juOV furnished front rooms, single or on suite, with board; suitable for gontiomon or families; to permanent parties, price will bo made satisfactory. nr£ WEST WABHINQTON-BT.-A PLEASANT, ZitJO bandeomoly-fumlshod front room, with board, aultable for married couplo, l or two young mom 900 WARREN-AV.—TWO PLEASANT ROOMS £iO*J toront to single gontlemnn, with board; well fur nished, with bath-room, So. Ono of tho host neighbor hoods on ttyo West Bide. • ' • QAA WEST JAOKSON-BT. COMFORTABLE OL/U «ooms, with good board, for goutlomon or gonllo men and their wives, at reasonable prices. ~ ■. QOn WEST ADAMB-BT.-OAN AOOOMMODATR OOU persons desiring board with a room nlooly-fur- DUhod; first-class table. ’ ‘ QQft WEST RANDOLPH-BT.— BOARD IN A O*7U private family, with nicely furnished room, suit ahlofor gontloman and wife; also 6 single room. Ann WEST ADAMB-BT.-BBAUTIFUL FRONT \j£Q parlor. Also a good barn Tory low to a good party. . nnO WEST MONROK-ST., TWO BLOCKS FROM UQZiUnlon Park—Good rooms and board. In a stouo front house with modem Improvements. 6 o'clock dinner. Four blocks bast op union park—a suite of rooms, unfurnished, with marblo mantel and clos et, on firstfloor: also otio largo famished room, with closet, on second floor, for gontloman and wlfo or two sin gle gents: house has all modem improvements, and tablo board Is first-class; terms moderate. Addressß22, Rrlb uno olKco. ' South Side* BKLDRIDGB-COURT.— ROOMS. F.N SUITE OR single, with lirst-oloaa board, for families or tingle gentlemen. M-KLDRIDGE-COURT— DESIRABLE ROOMS. Also, A 1 table accommodations. 1 Q ELDRIDGE-OOURT - FURNISHED ROOM JLQ to rent, with board; references required. QQ TWENTY-FIFTH-ST.—ALCOVE AND OTHER ZiO rooms, with board; rooms largo, and lino oroqaot grounds. A Q HUBBARD-OOURT - NEW BOARDING 'CO house, flrst-clsss board with rooms, $4 to $5.50 por wook with nso of piano; day hoard $4. An SOUTH UALSTEDST.—THREE OR FOUR *X| goutlomon con find pleasant room, and board; terms moderate. IQ/| SOUTH PARK-AV., BETWEEN TWENTY- J.Ox fourth and Twonty-fifth-sts.— Largo fumlaUod room, on second floor, for two; lint-class board; lino neighborhood; terms roasonablo. ICT TWENTY-FIRST-BT.—TO RENT. WITH XOX board, ono largo room, famished or unfnrnlshod; also, smaller room for two young gents or ladles. Day boarders accommodated.

IKQ EAST RANDOLPH-ST.—LARGE FRONT J.UO room, sultnblo for a lady and gontloman, or two goutlomon; restaurant In bouse. ey\ Q AND 233 EAST WASUINGTON-ST., BUEL XiXO Homo—Furnished or unfurnished rooms to rent, with board; also tablo boarders accommodated oor MICHIGAN-AV.-PLBASANTFRONT ROOM AiOtJ with board, for a single gentleman; well fur nished front room lor two; In a quiet family. A OA SOUTH DEARBORN-BT., NEAR TWENTY ttZiU seventh—Board for two gentlemen or gentleman and lady In private family. A QQ SOUTH DEARBORN (BURNSIDE) BT„ BE twoon Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth—Slnglo and doublo rooms, with ovory modem Improvement and nrst clbkb board, with hotel accommodations. Single rooms, $3.00. KC\Q WABASH-AV—ELEGANT ROOMS FOR GRN OUO tlomon and their wives, or aiaglo gontlomon. Day board $5 por week. Bam to rout. K/1Q WABASH-AV.-A NICELY-FURNISHRD t/ xO worn to rent, with board, also room for single gentleman; reforoaoo required. horr WABASH-AV. - ROOMS, EN SUITE OR tJO I single, for married couples or aloglo gontlomon. Day board reasonable. I? AO AND 743 MIOHIOAN-AV.—DESIRABLE I iU rooms, with ilrst*closs table, convenient to earn and omnibus linos to all parta of tho city. 7 Cl WABASH-AV.—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED I OX front rooms for gontlomon and wives; also largo square room for single gontlomon. with first-class table. /TO A WABASH-AV—ONE FRONT PARLOR, FUR- I U x Dished, toront, with board. Q7l WABASU-AV—VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS, OI JL with or wltlioab board; tabbo-boordors accom modated. QQH INDIAN A-A V., NEAR EIGHTEENTH-ST OOL! Very dcslrablo room with largo closet; bathroom adjoining; iirsUolass table board. Q97 WABASH-AV—FURNISHED ROOMS, EN I suite or nlnglo: terms reasonable; table board ers accomniodatod. ' 1 HI £ WABASU-AV—VERY PLBASANB ROOMS, suite os single, furnished or unfurnished, with board. non INOIANA-AV., NEAR TWENTY-EIGHTH XXOU st.—Pleasant rooms and board for four goptio- I Q1 A INDIANA-AV—PLEASANT'ROOMS, FUR XOXU uisbed or unfurnished, single or en suite, suit able for goutlnman and wife or slnglo gontlomon, with board; bouse has all modem Improvements: tboso de sirous of a comfortable homo with small American family will do woll to call at oooo; roforonooa required. BAYLEY'S HOTEL, 658 STATR ST., NEAR Tlllß toentb—Bearden wanted—Nice clean and oomfortablo rooms, and best of board. Prico $6.60 and 86 per week. UNITED STATES HOTEL-ELEGANT SITUATION, convenient to tbo business part of tho city, and as a family residence is unoqualed. First-class table accom modation. Transient guests 89 nor day. Permanent noardors reasonable rates. Situated at corner Thirty lira t-st. and Cottage Grovo-av. RUCKER i HAWLEY, Proprietors. D. Little, Manager. North Side. mnURON-ST., CORNER FRANKLIN. UP- Btalrs—To rent, ona front bod-room, with good board, In a private family. OQO ONTARIO-ST. FAMILIES OR GENTLE /CiOaj men wishing to find cool rooms for tbo summer and good board, ploaso apply at 233 Ontarlo-st. Miscellaneous* A BEAUTIFUL FRONT ROOM, OR SUITE; HOUSE tlrst-olofls, good bam; will glvo 10 per coot for ono mouth la advance. Address Y 65, 'fxlbuno olbco, for 6 BOARD WANTED. T)OARD—A FURNISHED ROOM OR SUITE OP A3 rooms, with board, (or two young ladles. No rofur cncos oionangod. Address J 80, Trlbuno 00100. , BOARD— BY GENTLEMAN IN PRIVATE FAMILY on North Side, convenient to Rush-at. bridge. Ad* dross, elating location and tones, Y 64, Tribune olllco. BOARD-AN AMERICAN LADY DESIRES A boarding place In a nice Gorman family, whore a lot south of city limits will bo received aa payment. Addicts It 87, Trlbuno office. TTJOARD—AND ROOM, BY A YOUNG MAN IN A X> private family on Wotre Side, 10 or 16 minutes'walk of Lake and Halatod-ata.j will pay SQ a nook. Address U 00, Tribune oflloo. SEWING MACHINES, A SPLENDID GROVER & BAKER BEWINQ-MA ohlna, Improved, bandaomo table and cover, equal to now, coat 885. price $99; roaldonoo? Elghteenth-at. GROViIR 4 DAICBB'S BBWINO-MAOHINES-OKN-' oral olHco, 150 BUto-et. ; branch 011100, 973 Wabash* ‘ uv. Persona having old Qrovor A Baker eowing-maoUlno«»» pro Invited to «&ll and boo the now Improvomouta, and* hoar something to their advantago. 5 QINOKR Omni! OP A. J. MELOHKRT. 216 SOUTH O Halstod-st. Machines sold on monthly InatoUmonta. Open evenings. QBWINO MACHINES-ALL KINDS, AT HALF; O price, warranted. Repairing douo. PERCY A CO.»* 837 West Madlson-eW V /pins NEW DXOUKNOII BKWINQ MAOIIINE-Wl! ~X call spoolal attention to reconb Improvemente made la ''the EJorouoe, also to tbo now and elegant stylos of oasua ■ taddod to our list. To moot the views of those preferring, a muohlno loading tho work away from tho operator, wo (have madw Nus. 18 and 14, which oomblno tho doslrabta fuaturua to bo found in machines mad* by others, with air , dbo peculiar oxuulUaoles of tho Florence. WM. U. .bllAllP A CO., General Agunta, 364 Slato-at.. Chicago. f'WHEKI.KU A WILBOfTSifiTONa-MAOIIINUB, THU • TV now Improved, sold or roalod on easy monthly pay ments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, 011100 d&B Stuto-at. o*l ri'WORTH OP ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY IJP.I.W to every person purchasing a sowing maohluo at ■aw.Stato-st. * PERSONAL. TO TmEVuiCHTTHU J. gentleman who broke Into my house. on Msdlson-av. Park, Kenwood, lust Saturday night, will bu kind enough to return the momoraudmn-book and papers taken ho is weloomp to tho watch, money, and goods, or 1 will pay .him for the property more than ho eau got at a pawn broker'*, and no questions asked, EDWARD F. ADAMS, core A. 11. Andrews A Do., corner tilato and Manroo-at. P“ EHSONAU—WILL OIIAULBy STILES PLEASE aund hlu address to J 61, Trlbuno ollice, aud oblige BIRDIE ? T3KRHONAL -TO W. SAME TIME TO-DAY AS X before, citing bluoks beyond itroo(, 199, BUSINESS CHANCES. A N -ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN WANTED WITH *-V 91.000 cash, to Join a gentleman with equal amount and not iu Treasurer to take charge of tho financial alfnlrs for tho manufacture of a little patent article that costs 8 cent* and sells for 60 cents. Asuroforlntio; foilaro im possible. Orders on band for GO gross, amounting to $3,160, which cannot bo filled for want of above capital. Hond bO conta for aamplo. or call and Investigate at GO and 87 Dottfboru-st; j Room 38, Uhlongo, 1 A LODGING HOUSE IN BAN FRANCISCO FOR . salo. i A flno oontral location, containing 110 rooms,, with a well-ostabllihod business. For further information and particular* address O. U. MOXLBY, Real Estate, No. 238Montgomory-st., Han Francisco, Cal. . A MEAT MARKET - FOR SALK OHICAP, 1)0. Ing a good cash business, at Olfl West A OLERK WANTED WHO CAN COMMAND «2,f00 Xv cash, good security for tho loan, and a salary of $3,600 &ronr: situation permanent. For particulars address R 69, Tribune office. Aoioar HTOUK. NO. 67H south btate-st., for sale, In connection with billiard ball. A DRUG STORK ON THIS SOUTHWEST SIDE FOR salo cheap to dissolve partnership, fiyears' lease: fix tures and stock excellent. Address for particulars V 73, Tribune office. ANEWKSTABLIHHED, VINEGAR FACTORY FOR solo, with complete fixtures, with or without build i'diffa lnv " a 01 • A GOOD. PAYING BILLIARD AND RAMPLTC room for sale on West Side. Address J 78, Tribune office. ' , A LADY DESIRING TO MAKE A REPUTATION and fortune, baring a small capital, address J 83, Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS BOARDING-HOUSE FOR SALE: rUL 81 rooms and laundry; CO regular hoarders In tho house; a flno location for business. R. KENNEDY, 145, Rooms 26 and 37. A BAROAIN-TIIIC EATING HOUSE, AT GRAND xi Rapids, Mich., is fur sale. Address P, O. Box 12D9, -, Grand Itaplas, Mien. A FIRST-CLASS RETAIL GROCERY FOR SALE,' doing a largo and'prolltablo bnslnoss. To auyona looking for a business of -the kind this is an opportunity to Boouro an established paying business without bonus, as thoprosent proprietors must dispose of it at once, for which satisfactory masons will bo glvom Capital ro* qnlrod, abnut $6,000. The business made a not profit of 63.860 for six months ending May 1. For particulars ad* dross J 85, Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS BUSINESS MAN WANTED THAT Ux. can furnish $3,000 or $6,000 cash or securities, to take tho exclusive control and salo of a manufactured article that is ns staple as dour, and will pay a not protit of from $6,000 to SIO,OOO per annum la Chicago alone. Please ad* dross J 83, Tribune office.- ' A STYLISH BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, 25X80, Inountro of business, in complete running order, with 10 rooms tin-stairs. which can bo filled with hoarders ovory night, will bo sold (or BGOO, as tho owner caimot at* tend to ft; would profora partner with SOOO, who la onna* bln to takn charge of tho business. Apply J. E. KIM BALL, 123 Dearborn-st. . , .• A FIRST-CLASS CIGAR STAND,? LOCATED IN tho host business part of tho city, for aalo; satisfac tory reasons bltoq bn application. Apply at 197 West Wodlaon-it. A SMALL HOTEL. KNOWN AS DEPOT HOUSE, No, 103 West WMor-st,, opposite Milwaukee A N. W. R, R. depot, with license and all necessary furniture and fixtures tor such house, with barn la roar, for salo on Kasonnblo toms. Apply on tho promises to JOHN ANNIQAN. • A RARE CHANGE FOR A MAN THAT OAN FUR* nlah $1,500 to $2,000 cash to secure a businosslnOhlca go that la first-class and will pay from SII,OOO to SO,OOO per annum. Call to-day at Room 2, HP Doathorn-st, A FIRST-CLASS M ISAT*MARKKT ON THE WEST Side for sale, with a gbod trado: mast bosoldat ouco. particulars address J 88, Tribune office. A FINE BOOT AND SHOE 'STORE FOR BALE cheap for oath, or part cash and part real estate, at ID MUwaukoo-av. A TEA, COFFER, AND SPICE STORE FOR BALE, at a groat bargain, doing a good business, in tho best part of tho city; present stock light; not much cap ital required. Good reasons for colling out. Address il 44, Tribune office. * fIOAL YARD FOR SALE-LOOATION GOOD FOR vJ largo and profitable business: brick office, good coal sheds, and plenty of room to handle wood If desired. Terms reasonable. Inquire at lUI North Morgan-st. CIGAR STORE, ONE BLOCK FROM THE POST ODico, foreale. Inquire atflEO# South Stato-at. Fruit store on statr-st, for sale for S2OO. Inquire at 103 Stato-st. TBAMILY GROCERY STORE, DRUG STORE, BIL JD Hard and sample room, central, Ac., fop salo. Other good openings worth Investigation. J. E. KIMBALL, i! 33 Doarborn-st. p ROOEHY FOR SALK GHEAP, RENT VERY LOW, IT and doing a cash business; no fixtures to buy. Call and boo for ynursalvos at 17tl>tf South Halatod-st.; must ho gold this week. Leased and furniture op a hotel for salo; M rooms, near two railroad depots; a dostrablo tiling for hotel man. R. KENNEDY, 145 Olark-et., Rooms 23 and 27. • 3- AUNDRY FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH, DO. Jlng a good business. Apply at Crescent Laundry, 274 West Lako-st. • TVTONEY WON’T GROW IN YOUR POOKETS. iYL Como and Investigate the chances offered by STONE A SKINNER, 119 Dearborn, Room D. All kinds of basi licas. ■ New york-lease and furniture op a first-class Broadway hotol for sale. Address B ' 11, Station D, Now York. ONE-HALF OR WHOLE INTEREST IN A RESTAU rant and sample-room for salo at 313>6 Stato-st., or will soil rostnuraut, roiotvliig bar ond fixtures. ONK-TUIUD INTEREST IN A SASH, DOOR, blind, uud stair-building business for salo In this city; well established, and In full operation; a raro chauoo for small capital and largo profits; tbo parties owning tho other iwo-tlArda furnlub all tho running oapltal. For fur tUorjnartlauUrs apply to J. F. PIERSON, 124 Doarboru et., Room 6. Restaurant, with saloon, for sale at a bargain. Apply to JOHN ESOIIEK, 431 South CJa nal-st. STEAM FLOURINO MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS 7 run of atone, now ougino of ample power In good nr* dor; Is in a town of 0,000 pouplo; pood local trade; ship ping faellitloß, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi lilvor. Terms easy. Address or call on IT. L. UNDER* WOOD, MubcbUdo, lowa. , SALOON TO BE BOLD AT A BARGAIN. GOING out of town is tho reason for Bolling. Call early and eoo for yourself. Good business. Call at 183 South Clark* at., Room 14. ■ . SALOON. RESTAURANT, AND BOARDING HOUSE for sale. Inquire at 20 West Randolph-st., basomont. QALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOR SALE p within bait a block of tbo Rolling Mill. Apply at 43 Rawson-st. THE LATEST NOVELTY-ONE DAILY CASH EN* torprlso; can bo bought, runted, or soon at&lWost Madlsoa-st., down-stairs. GjT /\A WILL BUY CIGAR STAND, STOCK AND tjDXvMJ fixtures inono of tho best locations in town. Root tbo lowest in tho city. Coll at Board of Trado Cigar Store, 131Ls Sallo-st. ■ C*l QAA-A BOARDING-HOUSE AND SALOON iDi.OUu (18 rooms, 23 bods) in a good location on the bouth Side, for sale byNOCKIN A RBICUARD, 76 South Doarbomst, ©1 A nnn IN CASH AND A PERSON WHO IS •3>XU,UUW willing to put hia shoulder to tho whool. 1 wilt guarantee a fortune. 1 will give undoubted security for tuo money, This is a monopoly secured to mo by tbo. U. S. Oovormuont, and 1 only require tbo uapltal and tbo man to make us both rich. Address R 89, Tribune ntßco. TO EXCHANGE. TO KXOHANOR-FOR HOUSE AND LOT, A a stock of groceries, and a now stock of sowing na* bhlros. Apply at 171 Madlson-st., Room 3. ■_ mp EXCHANGE—AN ELEGANTNEWREBIDENOK, X war Von liuron-st. and Asbland-av., for good build, lug lota;sma!lossb payment; JACOB 0. MAGLLL, 81 ana 63 Soath Cluk-st. ■ fftO EXCHANGE-LOT ON FOURTH-AV., NEAR X Harrlsou-st., end a stock of clothing from $7,000 to SB,OOO for Improved business property.' PAUL BO BQLE3KI, 60 >Voat Washington-st. O EXCHANGE—OR FOR SALK—A FIRST-CLASS hotel. In a very prosperous lake city, doing lino busi ness, well rented, right reserved to givo possession on buying furnitures accommodates COO guests; water and Bis: lino view i S 13,000 can remain five roars. Apply to O. . BECKWITH, UU and 116 Bouth Wator-st. TO EXCHANGE—FoiI OITF PHOPBUTf, A FHUIT farm, 120 acres, 11,000 trees; will pay Its ooat lu 8 years; Inoumbrancos assumed anon improved property; price, $14,000. Address Box 18. South Pais, 111. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—FOR FURNITURE, piano, carpets. <to., 8 lota In Omaha. Nob., and 9 lots In Ploansonton, Kan. Apply Room 91 Metro poll tan Blook, I. W. WANTED —TO KXOHANQR —A $1,200 ORDER calling for trocs of any description from a splendid nursery, to bo dollvorod at wholesale current rates lu Chicago, for real estate and part casta, or will sell for cash cheap. ' DOILVIN X CO., 45 South Olark-st. TIT* ANTED—CARPENTER WORK IN EXCHANGE YY for a now flrst-olaas piano, Address PIANO, oaro Carrier No. 97. WANTED— TO EXCHANGE TWO OHOIOB LOTH (or good harao and buggy. STORES & WARE, W ’ 'Waabington-st. I TXTANTBD-BMALL STOCK OP SHELF JIARU* 1Y waro ($0,009 to $0,000) In exchange (or house and lob or buslnssa property in a country town of 10,000 Inhabi tants within 4 hours' rldo of Chicago, or In exchange for lowa lands. Imiulro at 203 Lako-at. ■\XT ANTED—TO TRADE FORA STOCK Off DRY VY goods, notions, clothing, furnishing goods, boots and shoos, and furniture, 0 farms In Mason County. 111., all under a good state of cultivation, near market and railroad—one farm of HQ aoros, oaoor SMI norot, and one of 836 acres. Also a tine now dwelling house and 2 lots In the City of Peoria. 111., with all modem Improvements. The titles are perfect. All worth $M),0OO cash. Will trade part or all. Address Box 1413, Poona. 111. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED—IN A BUSINESS ALREADY established; best location In tho city for retail trade In men's uoodaj capital required, $1,600 to $9,01K). Ad dress A W 11, Tribune 011100. *I3ARTHUR WANTED-AN ACTIVE AND ENER- X gotlo man with $1,6000r $3,000 In a well established, legitimate, and paying business. Boat of references given and required. Address J 70, Trlbuuq 011100. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE A HALF INTICR cat in a well-established hardware business In UiU oily, capital required $7,000 nr $8,000; a rare opportunity for any ouo desiring to embark In this business. Imiulro of JAMES M. HORTON,of tholirm of Wiu. Blair * Co., 176 Lako-at. PARTNER WANTUD-A LADY IN A RK3PKOTA bio and lucrative business; must have sumo moaus, and good business (lualhlcotlous, Address Y 68, Tribune 011100. •pARTNER WANTED—I WANT A LIVE MAN TO X take )i iutoroat In a business that will pay douhlu tho investment in 00 days. Only $950 wanted. 79 East Mudlson-et., Room 6. T3ARTNER WANTED—WITH SOME MKANH, TO X extend (ho best paving business over established. Sure fortune, Practising physician preferred. Y 07, Trlbuno olllco. ♦ PARTNER WANTED-A PARTY WITH $230, TO take tho place of a retiring partner la an old estab lished money-making nlHoo business. Q. HALL, 16 South Oanol-st., Room I. PARTNER WANTED—EITHER SILENT OR AO- X tlvo, with about $9,000, In u drst-olnss manufacturing busiuuss, pitying about -Hipercent. Raforonoos given and required. Address UM, Tribune oiticn. TO LEASE. rpo LEASE-EAST MADIBCN-BT.—NINETY-NINE X years' tease. Proposals will bo rocolvod at tho real Citato olllco of Philip Myora A Co., Room lb Major Block, until tho ttjstday u( Juno, fora ninety-nine years' leaso of the let fronting on Muduon-st., between Major Blook and 11. O. Stone's building. X’nrtloulars nude known on application at said ollloe. JOHN V. FAUWELL, N, H. BOUTON, FUU4P MYEHS.* • WANTED—MALE HELP. BoolckooDora. Olorlci, Etc. TITANTED—A HOY ABOUT 15 YEARS OLD TO TT, learn tho drug business. Apply at 6ifl Walia«h-aV; WANTED -A BOOKKEEPER WHO UNDER, stands llio Inmranco business, and onn who speaks Gorman proforrod. Address Rl7, Trihuno uflloo. WANTED— IN THE GENERAL OFFIdB. OF A railroad company, a dork of soroo osporlcnoo. Ad dress, with specimen of ponmanshlp, stating knowledge of thohuslncss possessed hy applicant, RW, Trihuno of lloo. 'YXrANTED-“BATjRSMAN--DY A BOSTON BOOT TT and shoo Jobbing houso. n salesman with anoslah llshod trndo In Wisconsin and Minnesota, and also ono fnrSouthom lowa and Nebraska. Address Box S,6SI, Boston, Mass. TraUoa. • . r ' WANTED—A COMPETENT FOREMAN, OARPEN- T T tor, wages 95 per day; also do or 60 firsl-olsss joiners and carpenters to work on National Bonk and other build ings, in Marquolto. Mloh. Htoady work and tho highest wages .paid; Apply to ALFRED GREEN, Architect, Ac., Marquette, Alloh. ■ . . , WANTRD-A NO. 1 WAGON-PAINTER, AT AT tloa, Ind., by HESS A HARVEY. Call for two doys at 10 and 13 West Ilandolph-Bt., R. P. VICKERS. Steady omploymout. . WANTED- A GOOD BARBER AT THOMAS EDEN'S, 310 West Lako-st. Steady work. ■ . WANTED-TWO STAIR-BUILDERS TO MOULD rail. Nono hut good workmen need apply. Call at factory, 871 Bodgwiok-st. WANTED-A FOREMAN TO TAKE CHARGE OF a furniture factory in Chicago. Muathoaollve, in genious, capable of estimating oorroolly, understand ma chinery, and thoroughly posted In tho manufacture of tho latest stylos of furniture. Good ealary paid. Only lint cla*s mooboulos need apply. Address It 11, Tribune of fice. ' . - WANTED-A CARRIAGE BLACKSMITH WHO TT thoroughly understands tho business, and of strict ly temperate habits. To such a ono steady employment given by tho undersigned. Apply to or address WM. SLUMP ABRO., NaporvUlo, 111., on O. U. A Q. WANTRD-A GOOD CYLINDER PKKSO FEEDER. BULLETIN PRINTING COMPANY, §. w. corner Clark and Monroo-sts. WANTRD-A COAT AND VEST MAKER. IN VV qulrontT. P. PHILLIPS’, lOaud 12 Madison-st. No Irish need apply. WANTED- FIRST-CLASS FINISHERS FOR blacksmith shuns, throo lint-olnss trimmora on light work; constant employment and good wages to good work men. HALL A BARTLETT, Rockford, 111. • WANTED— GOOD POLISHERS ON WALNUT mouldings at O. D. ORVIS A CO.'S, 43VanBu. ron-Bt. WANTED— A FEW LI VIC PAINTERS AT 163 SOUTH Morgan-st.. frem7toß o'clock this morning. No aloopow need apply. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS PAINTERS TO FIGURE on n largo job, 0 miles from tho city. Material fur* ninhod. LAMP, Room 66, 136 South Clark-st. "lATANTED—TWO' GOOD GOAT AND TWO GOOD YY pants makers at PORTER, & O’CONNER’S. 66i West Lako-at. TWANTED-A STRONG YOUNG MAN TO WORK »* ..*Q a furniture store; must understand flnlsblng; Goaohmon, Xoamßtora.&o. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN (UNMARRIED) TO drive a ono«horso truck and tabo care of liorso. Ono thoroughly acquainted with tho olty preferred. A good homo and steady employment winter and summoc to tho rlghtman. Address J 75, Tribune offleo. T\TANTED-BOY, 18 OR 17 YEARS OLD, THAT YY understands driving and taking care of ahorse; good roforonco required. Address J 01, Trlbuno ollioo. Employment Agencies. WANTED— 18 RAILROADMEN. $3 PUR DAY: 25 wood-choppers, and 6 teams, 94 per day. 89 West Randolph-st., Room 3. WANTED— 200 RAILROAD LABORERS FOR TEN. noasoo; carpenters $3,76 nor day; 6 sawmill and farm hands tgo to-day. ANOELL& COAKER, 31 West Randolph-st. WANTED 6OO RAILROAD LABORERS FOR YY Northwestern Company; wages $3 por day; also saw* miH'hands; free faro. Apply at 259 East Randolph-st., Lind Block, U. V. SNELL, Agent. * WANTED-200 LABORERS FOR OUIOAGO, PlTTS burgh & Baltimore Railroad; luu for Wisconsin; Company pay; plenty of ntatlon work at big prices. Ap ply at £69 East Randolph-st., Room 4, Lina Block. O. V. SNELL. Agent. ■ WANTED— 600 LABORERS TO WORK ON RAIL roads, farms, saw-iullls, etc., at good wages and steady employment. Apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, No. 1 South Clark-st. • WANTED-100 LABORERS FOR WORK IN WIB - oonsla and Indiana; company work. Apply at 97 West Randolph-st., Room 4. SNELL A HPERIiAOK. Miscellaneous' WANTED-A PARTY WITH S7OO, SATISFACTORY security, reference, and Interest given, with steady employment at good wages guaranteed, and a good trado ionrnod. For further information see HARTMANN A QUINN, No. 23 West aiadlsoo-at., RoomT0» WANTED-TUREE OOLORED MEN; ONE TO drive private carriage and two to do dining-room work, and who can play either violin, guitar, or clarinet. Inquire at 786 ludlana-av. •\XrANTED-OARPENTERB. MASONS, TINNERS, YY cabinet-makers, furniture-dealers, grooors, painters, harness-makers, druggists, whltowasbon, and all kinds of mechanics, to rent rooms and stores on Wentworth and ShurtlofT-avs., and tako Jobs. Drinkers nood not apply. is. MEARS, »0 LaSallo-st. WANTED— DOY TO TAKE GARB OP HORSES and work in garden. Apply botwoon 8 and 9at 100 Madlson-st., Room 8. WANTED— J5 RAILROAD MEN. 83 PER DAY: 25 wood-ohonpers, and 8 teams, $4 per day.' 69 West Randolph-st., Room 8. TFANTJSO-A FIRST-CLASS CITY CANVASSER VV fortbowboJosalotradolntbobardwarollno. No. 815 Btato-st. t WANTED— A MAN TO MAKE HIMSELF USEFUL around a restaurant. 81 South Olark-et.. Apply la WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED FOREMAN FOR laundry. To ono who thoroughly understands tho business a permanent situation will uo.given. - Apply at ANDERSON’S Steam Laundry, Stato-st. and Eldrldgo court. WANTED-A FEW MEN TO SELL OUR STAPLE goods from bouse to homo; good pay guaranteed on email capital. A. RAY, 25 West Loko-st. - TyANTED—A COLORED MAN, TO WORK IN A Vr etablo. Gall at No. 167 West Jaokson-st. S. E. MIOIIAM. WANTED-A FEW GOOD MEN AS LABORERS; also three or four experienced brick setters. Apply Excelsior Press Brick Manufacturing Co., Room?, No. 77 Doatborn-at. WANTED— MEN—BIGGEST CHANCE EVER OF forod tumako mouoy. A fanner cleared $62 in ono week. Ono young man made 837 in tbroo days, above all oxponsos. If you want to make money, don't fall to call at 99 East Madlson-st., Rooms, WANTED-A GOOD MAN IN BOARDING STA bla. In rear of 118 Sonth Halstod-st. E. MOUUI SON A 00. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics. WANTED— A GOOD MEAT AND PASTRY COOK to-day, at No. 159 LaSallo-st., 6th floor. Good wagoa to tho right woman. WANTED-A GOOD. CAPABLE COOK, WASHER, and honor. Apply at 85 Grovoland-park, opposite Chicago University. City references required. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Ironor. - Apply at 814 Mlohlgao-av. : WANTED— A GERMAN OR AMERICAN GIRL 13 or 16 years old, to not as nurse girl. Inquire at No. ’ 9 Bryant-av., south of WANTED-A GIRL TO DO COOKING.WASHING, and ironing, wboro second girl Is kept. 81 Sonth Morgan-st. . •_ ■VX7"ANTED A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Vr Ironor, also second girl. Call botwoon hours of 3 and 4, Room 8, 165 LaS&llo-st. - ' WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work In a small family. Apply 834 Falton-st. ' ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR’ GENERAL house /rork In a small famllywboro a second girl Is kopti Apply with references at 79 vlacennoi-av. W" ANTED-A GOOD GERMAN, NORWEGIAN. OR Hwodo girl to do general housework la a small fatal lynt29QPark-av. • WANTED-A GOOD GIRLFOR GENERAL HOUSE work st 838 West Adaras-et. • WANTED— A GIRL T0 COOK, WASH, ANDIRON In a family of lour. Apply at B*3 lndlana\y. WANTED— AT 120 NORTH DKARBORN-ST., FE tualo cook In a first-class boarding house: ono who thoroughly understands moat and pastry cooking. To tho right person good wages. WANTED-SORUB GIRLS. DISH GIRLS, AND kitohon girls. THOMSON'S RESTAURANT, 81 South Ulark-st. Good wages. WANTED— A GIRL COMPETENT TO DO GEN oral work In a small family, at 219 South Roboy-st. TtTANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* it work la a small family. 76 North Sangamnn-st. WANTED— GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE* work in a family of throe; must wash and iron well. Apply at 658 South Doarborn-st. (Burnside), noor Thirty* lirsl-Ht. 1 • ■\ATANTKD-A GIRL TO DO SECOND WORK IN it private boarding-house. EdlStato-st. WANTED - A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE* work, washing, and ironing; no cooking to do; wages 85 * week to a good girl. Pit West Lako-st. .■ TITANTED-AGTr’LFOR a FAMILY OF FOUR. AP* IT ply in tho roar of t& West Monros-st. . WANTED-UOOD wages paid a IT competent girl to do general housework in a smalt family. Must come recommended. Corner Btanton-ar. and Thlrty-anvonttist. " ' WANTED-A good cook for the summed, at Evanston. Wages, $5. Apply at 1231 Pralrlo av. WANTED-A GOOD, TIDY GIRL FROM 12 TO 16 years of ago to care for children; English preferred. Call early to-day at ID Indlana-av., between Twelfth ana Thlrlcouthsts. WANTUD-A GOOD CHAMBER MAID, DINING room girl, and dishwasher, at Bayloy'a Hotel, 653 Btato-st., near Thirteenth. • • • nirANTKD-ONK GOOD DINING-ROOM BOY, AT VY Bayluy's Hotel, 6WSUiIo-aL; ono that oau come well recommended. WANTED— A DISHWASHER AT CLARK'S EURO poan Hotel, corner LaSalle and South Wator-st«. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IT ironor; also, a second-girl; competent ami willing girls will have good wages. Call to-duy, from 16 to ID, at SiW West Munreo-st. ■ VAfANTED-TWO GIRLS TO DO GENERAL KIT* VY ' chon work, at BUUOKY A MILAN’S Restaurant, 167 and 169 East Madlson-st. : \\TANTEI)— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL tv housework In n small family, at brick oottugo on Van Burou et., between Huyno and LoavlU-sts. WANTED-A COOK FOR A SMALL FAMILY; it good wages paid. 137 Twonty-slxth-it. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL AT 48 SOUTH OARPEN ter-st., between Washington and Madison; must bo a good cook, washer, and Ironor. . -■ WANTED-A GOODaiUL FORQKNERAL HOUSE. IV work at 71 Norlh Ourtlu at. WANTED— GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IRON nr. Apply atMlehlgan-av. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN GIRL IN A PRL v ftte family. Apply at South DtupUlaeiit. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Sonmstrosnon. TX7ANTRD-BEVERAL FIRST-CLASS - SEAM TT stresses to work on drosses anti cloaks. Apply to BIOKERTON A JEFFERY, 86 East Washlngton-sl. T\TANTItD-A GOOD SHIRT FINISHER; GUAR. antood good pay and steady work. Inquire at No. 8i West Madlsun-at. , TXTANTED—3 SEAMSTRESSES 'ACCUSTOMED TO TT trimming drosses. Apply atßs7 Wabasb-frv. - WANTED-A GOOD COAT AND VEST IRONER, tt a Unit-class collar Ironor, and two shirt Ironorsat Anderson's Btoam Laundry, Stato-st. and Eldridgo-courf. Iinml(IroH8ob' : ' WANTRD-A GOOD GIRL AS LAUNDRESS. AK ,TT ply Immediately at 283 Mlohlgan-av. WANTED— GIRLS, AT WILSON'S LAUNDRY, TO work on all kinds of work, by tho ptuoo; 0 coats for old shirts. Nos. 337 and 299 BouUißtato-st. Nurses. W a NTED-A NURSE-GTRI,, NOT OLDER THAN TT 10years. Apply at 1017 Wahash-av. STRONG GIRL 0F,15 OR 18 YEARS TT of ago. to tako charge of ababo. Shomuat bn will ing and well roeommendod.. Good wagon will bo paid to a good girl. l Apply immediately at hid Elllsav,, south of wahpanseh-av. . • ' . WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED NURSE, WITH TT good references. English preferred, to take charge of a young baby. Apply at Room S9 Ashland Block, .corner Clark and Madlson-sta. • * « WANTED-NURSK GIRL 16 TO 19 YEARS OLD TO TT take caro of Uttlo girl.. Apply at Room 6, No. 849 Houtli Wator-st. Employment Aconoios. WANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN T T girls for private families and hotels, at 60 Milwrm koo-av. ;no foes. WANTED— FEMALE HELP, GERMAN, NOR- and Swedish, Apply at 629 Slato-st. MRS. WANTED-GOOD GIRLS FOR ALL SITUATIONS in . private famllles-Gormnns, Scandinavians, French, Irish. Miss BARTON’S office, 833 Hlato-st., on trsnoo on Klghteonth.'. fiSisodlldnoons. TXT ANTED—A .GIRL TO LEARN HAIR-WORIC; T T Gorman preferreds "no thot lives with parents. 678 West Aladison-st. • ANTKD-LADIKS FOR CITY AND COUNTRY,! MRS. PALMER, Room 6, S5 Wont Lnko-nt., la of fering great inducements to such ns soli her toilet article and Thoy anil readily at a largo profit. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE.’ Booldccopors, Clorks.&o. SITUATION WANTED —BY A SCOTCHMAN, , thoroughly conversant with tho shawl trado and ou experienced bookkeeper. Security and roforancoa given. Address J97, Trlbunooffice. . SITUATION WANTED-A8 OLEUK IN A HOTEL, by ono nf experience. No objections lo going Into tbo country. .Wages small. Address Y 63, Tribune olllco. - CITUATION WANTED—DY A YOUNG GERMAN D of'good education, In a wholesale store, (oloarntbs trado} willing and able to work. Ploaso address Y 63, Tribune office, SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN. A3 oasbler, collector, .-assistant bookkeeper, entry dork, or copyist; good references and guarantees furnished. Address J 68, Tribnno oIHco. SITUATION.WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS kJ u had Ifi yean* experience in tin hardware business Ba ‘. o) ?11l bo disengaged by July 1, is acquainted with tho trado throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Blinds., Bostof roforenoesfreiri prosont and former em ployers. Address JD M, Toledo P. 0., Ohio. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN WITH THREE ‘kJ years’ experience and acquaintance with tho retail .grocers of Chicago, toi noil either a general lino of grooo nos or teas to tho retail trado. Correspondence solicited only with lint-class houses that are able and willing to nas a salary equivalent to sorvlcos rendered. Address Y Cl. Tribune olllco. * Trades, CITUATION WANTED-BY A PRAOTIOAT. PAINT* O or ondgralnor la Chicago.- Address CANADIAN, Poat-olfioo Box 165. Godorloh, Ontario. • Coachmen, Teamsters. &o. CITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED kJ and practical man, a situation as foreman In a livery or stable. Has bad several years’ oiporionco: can furnish unexceptionable tcstlmonlols. Address SWB, Union Stock Yards, Chicago. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN IN A private family, by a man who can give roforonco la tho etiy. Ploaso address Pfij, Trlbuno olllco. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO understands gardening and tho care of horses and will make himself useful. City or country preferred. Ad dreuYW, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-TO DRIVE TEAM FOR A U wholesale or retail house, or porter, or general work; good references, If required. Address li W), Tribune olSco. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED kJ mon (Swede), no children, as coachman and groom; wlfo do cooking or second work; best roforonco. Address Y 66, Trlbuno ullloo. Miscellaneous' CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN WILL kJ ing tomako himself useful In any capacity: used to machinery and laundry work; country nob objected to. Address R 83, Trlbuno olfico. SITUATION WANTED—AS RUNNER FOR WHOLE kJ sale house; would prefer upholstery, mattresses, &o.; have oxporlonco andean command a good trade. Address Y 76, Trlbuno olllco. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY 18 YEARS OP U ago as cabin-boy on a atoamor or vessel. Address ot apply to ALBERT WKSTLLNO, 27 Crobby-st., Chicago. Situations wanted-by a man and his wife, to go to tho country, oltlior with a jirivato family or on a stock farm.' Call for two days at 2W Twenty-sec ond-st., up-stalra. SITUATIONS WANTifD--FJEMALE Domestics. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL, 16 YEARS, kJ to take caroof olilidron In a private family: a homo preferred moro than wages. Please call 67 Llborty-st. ■ SITUATION WANTED -IN A RESPECTABLE American family by a Norwegian girl; is a good cook,. and onpablo of doing any otbor brunch of housework. Call at 213 North Curpontor-st., botwoon 9 and 11 a. m. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ONE"aS KJ cook ,t ho otbor as second girl: good references. Ad* ply at MWllson-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD COOK IN \ O rospootablo family. Please call for two days at No. 2GI Bluo Island-av., Chicago, 111. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO sooqnd work and tako care of children. Cull at 80S Thlrd-nv. SITUATION WANTED-AR SECOND GIRL. AP- O.plyaM Bryan-st., oil from Divlslon-ct. QITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY. RESPKOTA- O bio girl, oa second girl, or un-ataira work aud sow, or take caroof a child and bow; llrat-closs city reference. 865 Tlilrd-av. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, work, cook, wash, and Iron; can furnish tlrst-olass ref oropco. Apply for two days at 10 North SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL of 17, from tbs country; will caro for children; boat rof• oronces; no second work. Rll, Tribuao ofllco. QITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE kJ German girls, ono an cook, tho other as second girl or nurao governess; can oomo well recommended, and un. dorstand their business. Address Rl3, Tribune office. Immediately. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO take caro of a baby and sow. Pleaso address, for two days, It 84, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS OOOIC O in a largo boarding-honso wboro sbo will do nothing but cook. Also by a ilrst-claaa laundress In a private family ( would assist In otbor work. 443 Wcbasb-av.. op stairs. Seamstresses. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE lady to do plain sowing; can run Whoolnr A Wilson ma chine, or do second work. Please coll Wednesday and Tbnrsday at 781 Indlana-av. . QITUATION WANTED-BY A SEWING GIRL—UN- Oderstands dressmaking—in a private family. Caller address B, 83 Bedgwiok-at., North Side. SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY WELL DUAL- Hied, as seamstress; can out and lit children's clothes. Address It fed, Tribune office. Nurses. SITUATION WANTED—AS WET NURSE, BY A healthy young widow woman, 29 years old; can furnish milk for two babies; or ns housekeeper. Apply at comer Forty-sooond-st. and Woutworth-av. Mrs. GILMORE. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH girl, experienced sod welt-recommended, as child’s uurso and governess. 418 Wabash-av., Room 4, Employment Agencies. SITUATIONS WANTED-TWO COLORED GIRLS, with good references, can ho bad at Ullfi Wabash-av., Mrs. BALKAM'BoWoo; also a first-class laundry girl. Mißcollanoons. OITUATIONWANTED-ALADYWIIO HAS FAILED p In OTory effort to find work by which she can support herself, bogs tho address of some gentleman or Indy of in* tluonco who will assist her In obtaining employment; writing, or housekeeping fora widower or bachelor pro forrod. Address J 70, Tribune 011100. . SITUATION WANTED—AS GENERAL MAN IN A store; writes a fair hand, and has six years’ recoin* mondation. ■ U R, 102 Thlrd-av. SITUATION WANTED-AS CASHIER IN A STORE or restaurant, or to tend In a sowing machine office. Address R 88, Tribune otllco. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH lady (Protestant), as nursery governess; boat refer ences. Ul3, Tribune olHce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO LADY AS clerk, or assistant bookkeeper or cashier. Can speak Gorman. Address HIM, TrUiuoo oltioo. MISCELLANEOUS. All wishing to go west oan go at small expense with tho A. &N. Colony; ICO acres choice land, U town lots, and other advantages monred. Call and In* vostlgato at 169 East Eadison-st., Itoomii. Auction bale op sash, doors, and blinds, hones, wagons, harness, paints, oils, and glass, at 10 o'clock a. m., Juno 12, at 25a Nortli-av. CASH PAID FOR OASTOFF CLOTHING AND inUoolUnnouo goods of any kina, by sending a letter to 1. OELDKU, Loan Olßco, 801 Stato-tt. CALL AT NO. 0 SOUTH OANAL-BT., ROOM 4 (Barnes House), and see tho labor-saving, self-acting Washing Machine (iust out) In operation; it U worth In. vostlgatiug. Agents wanted. T\KTKOTIVK AGENCY—ANY PERSON DESIRING U tho services of a detective of 10 years' experience; any reforonoo required. Address Ul7, Tribune 011100. ijiKNuiNa, sodding, on ouading of anv X' .Iklnddone In the best style shout city reference. Ini ,SouthLaSaUe-st., or 110 Üborty-st. \ STONER’S INVENTORS BUREAU, 135 CLARK-ST. Rooms?;) to 76 and 48 to 69. BTONRU&CO., Patone Solicitor Attorneys, do nil kinds of patent business. A manufacturing business lor sale or exchange. WANTED-TWO TICKETS TO NEW YORK, YY cheap. Apply to WALTER, 7 Kxohougo Building* comer of Clark ami Washlngton-sts, \KT ANTED^PEIIMANENIMIOME FOU~A BOY 13 TY years old with a good. Christian man; want him font, lend sohuM;'will clothe him If ret;ulrod. Address H 16, Tribune olliou. • DIVORCES. I'VIVOROftS OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW XJ butinoss attended to. BUSH, 817 South Clsrk-st. DIVOUOKS-LEGTaLLY OBTAINED— dooroo. Sosndul avoided. Nine years' practice IQ the courts of Ohlosgg. Address V. 0, Boa iwf. 7

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