Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 11, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 11, 1873 Page 8
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8 FOREIGN. The Spanish Republic Without an Ad ministration. Tho French Government Trying to Sub- sidize the Press. Proclamation of n Catholic Itc imbllo in Spain. FRANCE. Paris, Juno 10.— It is said that Count Von Arnim, the German Ambassador, has boon re called, because ho mado. unnecessary calls upon President McMahon. Tho sale of Journals in tho streets of cities and towns of tho Department of the Blilno has boon prohibited. - ■ ' ~ Versailles, Juno 10.—In tho Assembly, this afternoon,' the, Loft submitted an interpellation in regard to the suppression of Xo Corsaire nows paper by order of-tho Military Governor of Paris. < .. M. Qamhetta caused a tremendous sensation by reading tho Ministerial circular, dated the 4th inst., and addressed to tho Prefects of Depart ments. The document inquires minutely into tho position of provincial press, and suggests, confidentially, the employment of subsidies and such other moans of influence as can bo secretly brought to boar for its control. M. Boulo, Minister of tho Interior, admitted tho authenticity of the circular, and accepted the responsibility for Issuing tho same. After a protracted scone of confusion and ex citement tuo motion supporting tho Government was carried by a voto of 889 yeas against 816 nays. The result shows that tho coalition of. tho conservatives is still unbroken. SPAIN. Madrid, Juno 10. —Members of tho Ootlos ate opposed to a forced paper currency. It is prob able that a voluntoof National loan will bo called for, and in ooao of Us failure a loan will bo forced. , . _ f , . Sonor Oronso has resigned tho Presidency of tho Constituent Cortes. At tho Cabinet Council, to-day, tbo finance bills prepared by Sonor Tutan wore rejected. Tho Ministers afterwards tendered their resig nations, and during tho afternoon tho Cortes on trusted to Sonor Flguoras tbo organization of a now Ministry. After consultation with his friends and with loading members of tho Cortes, Sonor Figueras reported that bo was unable to form a Cabinet. The crisis continues, and bos a most depressing influence on tho funds. Tho Cortos holds another session to-night, when it Is probable that Sonor Nioolaa Salmoron will endeavor to organize a- Govornmont. tho members of which ho will select exclusively from tbo Bight. Should ho fail, tbo Deputies, constituting a majority of tho Cortes, will hold a mooting to-morrow, and deforming on meas ures for tho settlement of tho crisis. Tho Gaceta publishes a report that tho Cure of Santa Cruz has abandoned - tho cause of Boa Carlos, and proclaimed a Catholic Bopublio, with Calvora as President. ‘ CUBA. Havana, Juno 10.— Tho Spanish force, after a five-days bunt, came upon and dispersed a rebel bond, under Magiu Diaz, killing the.latter with twenty-nine of his twenty-two followers, and taking sixteen prisoners. FIRES. Destruction of Property Yesterday* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Mourns, HI., Juno 10.—A fire was discovered this morning at 3 o'clock in the millinery store of Mrs. Booth, of Liberty street. Tho fire brigade wore promptly on hand, but tho build ings adjoining on either side being wooden structures, the flames spread rapidly, destroying four business roomo on tho ground floor, as fol lows ; The jowolry store of F. C. Mayo, tho mil linery store of Mrs. Z. E. Booth, a vacant store room, recently vacated, and tho barber-shop of G. W. Foster. Thopioturo gallery of D. W. Field, and tho olfico of Br. A. B. Smith, occupying rooms on tho second floor, wore also a totalloss. Tho grocery store of M. K. Keller, in tho brlok build ing adjoining, was damaged somewhat by water. Prom tho rapidity with which tho flames spread, the occupants wore unablo to save tho contents of thoir rooms, with tho exception of tho barber shop, from which all was saved. Tbo insurance is very small on both buildings and stock, being as follows : Mrs. Z. E. Booth, on stock, $1,500, in Girard, and on building belonging to Mrs. Atwator, in Browers’ of Milwaukee, SOOO, and Lycoming, S3OO. Tho other parties hod no insurance. Pmsnunau, Pa., June 10.—On Tuesday of last week. W. W. Betts' extensive plauing-mill and sash rectory at Seven Valley, York County, Pa., together with a largo quantity of lumber, a store, warehouse, two adjoining brick houses, several outhouses, carriages, ana other property, wore destroyed by fire. Total loss about $40,000; partial insurance. Lowell, Mass., Juno 10.—A fire In tho Lowell Corporation mill this morning was speedily ex tinguished, but tho damage by water to the ma chinbry aim stock in tho carding and spinning departments is heavy. Cincinnati, Juno 10. —It has boon definitely ascertained that 005 barrels of coal oil was tho full number burned on Sunday. This was 40,- 000 gallons, It is now believed that tho place was fired by two unknown confederates of tbo man convicted about a month ago and sent to tho work-house for stealing coal oil in small quantities from that place. The investigation will bo prosecuted. Cincinnati, 0., Juno 10.—A fire occurred to night, shortly after 0 o’clock, in A. Buchauau & Co.’s coalrolovator, corner of Smith and Water streets. Loss total. Tho elevator cost $28,000, valued at $20,000 ; Insured for SIO,OOO in Cincin nati companies. The boiler of tho elevator burst during tho fire. Tbo alarm came from tho same box as the flro on Sunday. Fifty thousand peo ple are estimated to have flocked to see it. Tbo lire started near tho boiler-room, but it is thought by some to bo tho work of an incendiary. Tho engines had tho flro totally extinguished fa an hour. A brisk rain was falling at the time. THE DOCTORS, Mooting of the Ohio .Medical Society. Columbus, Juno 10.—Tho Ohio Stato Medical Society met in this city to-day. A number of now members were received. Papers were read on the subject of a “ Stato Board of Health," by J. R. Black, of Newark; on'‘Microscopic 01)- sorvationß," by Dr. Huff, of Ridgovillo 5 on “Tho Distinction Between tho Caseous Pneu monia. and True Tubercle," by A. T. Kcyt, of Walnut Hills, and on “The Therapeutics of Alcohol," by E. H. Hyatt, of Delaware. 'JTliu Central Illinois Medical Society* Special Dispatch to The Chicapo Tribune . Champaign, Juno 10.— Tho annual meeting of the- Central Illinois Medical Association con vened in tliis city to-day. Tbo President, Dr. J. Wright, of Clinton, called tho Convention to or der. Dr. Birnoy, Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, in an appropriate address wel comed tho Society to tho hospitality of Cham paign. Tho following officers woro elected for tho ensuing year: President, William Hill, of Bloomington; First Vico President, J. D. Gardner, Mahomet; Second Vico Presi dent, Z. H. Madden, Clinton; Secretary, W. G. Cochran, Fanner City ; Recording Secre tary, R. O. Laughlln, Bloomington; Treasurer, H. 0. Howard, of Champaign. Dr. Wright, the retiring President, delivered an able address up on “ The Relation of Physicians and Patients, and Their Obligations to Each Other.” The pa- Cor was well received. This evening was devoted y 4 tho Society to a discussion of various topics appertaining to tho profession. Tho attendance Is large and the Convention promises to bo one of unusual interest and profit. Xlirou Children Killed by an Ex* plosion of Gunpowder. Special Dispatch to The Chicapo Tribune, Steubenville, 0., Juno 10.—A terrible ox- Slosion of gnnpowdor occurred about noon to ay at the residence of Qoorge Edmonds, a coal miner, on Fourth street, near the outskirts of tho city. It seems Edmonds bought a twenty flve-pound can of powder yesterday evening to uso In blasting ooal, and put It In a cupboard In his dwelling. While ho was at work and bis wife out on an errand, his children found tho can and set fire to It. Throe of them wore killed outright, and tho fourth so badly injured that it cannot live. Tho children wero all under X 0 years of ago. Tho house was almost destroyed* Heavy Ilnlu-Slorm* Hi. loots, Juno 10.—Tho heaviest rain and tbuudor storm of tho boohou paßßod over this city loot night. It raged from Bto 8 o’olook to tlio evening, and rooommenoeu after midnlgut, continuing until morning. An immense body of Miter fell, and considerable damage was done in various parts of tho city. Several bonnes wore struck by lightning, atm the firo and pollco tele graph was intomintod. A sower on Twen tieth street caved in a distance of some sixty foot, leaving a hole fifteen foot wide ana ten to fifteen foot deep. Other Bowers wore choked up, and tho book water flooded streets and collars to the depth of several foot. Several lioness trbft Undermined, and chimneys and trees woto blown down. The tunnel excavation on Wasliingtoh avofiuo and Eighth street suf fered greatly, some four or five foot of water having drained Into It, and Its sides being badly washed In various places. SPORTING MATTERS. BILLIARDS. Yesterday Übassy and Bcssungor, through their bookers, Tom Foley and A. P. Bapp, finally arranged for tho match about which thoro has boon so much i&lk daring tho past few days. Tho game will consist of 800 points French caroms, Bcssungor receiving the odds of 800, and tho stake-money will amount to SSOO. A deposit of $125 on behalf of each player was placed In the hands of Mr. JohnM. Brunswick last evening, and the remainder of tho slake will bo put up at noon to-morrow. Tho match will bo played to-morrow evening, in tho Amphitheatre, on Clinton street, and thoro Is every reason for believing that tho audionco will ho tho largest oho that over wit nessed a public billiard exhibition In Chicago. Übassy will be afforded tho only good opportu nity ho has had to display his wonderful power, as tho game will bo a long ono, and ho excels in long games. Tho winner is to tako all tho proceeds, and defray tho ex penses incurred, and tho ono who falls to com ply with tho agreement, which is hero given in substance, forfeits his deposit. Tho table and balls will bo of tho same elzo and description as those used in tbo other games. Mr. Charles Lacoamo authorizes The Thiuuke to state that ho will matoh'XJbassy to play throo consecutive French games of SUO points each, for from SSOO to $2,600 a side, with any player in tho world,—the games to como off in Now York, previous to the throe-boll tournament. His money is now on deposit with H. W. Callen der, No. 788 Broadway. In addition, he will hot from S6OO to 82,500 that Übassy will win two games out of the throo. BASE BALL, Haring reorganized, tbo Nevada Base Ball Club is ready to receive challenges from all Junior Clubs. The proper person to address is J. H. Bees, No. 010 State street. The Tiger Base Ball Club imagines itself in a fit condition to receive challenges from all clubs composed of boys under 10 years of ago, and E. Eliot, of No. 605 Wabash avenue, will bo happy to hoar from any suoh. Tho Babcock ninn wore extinguished by the Bane, Westlake & Covert Club, yesterday, by a score of 45 to 12. The latter organization flat ters itself *that it is tho best that can bo picked from all tho manufacturing establishments in tho city, and will bo happy to receive challenges addressed to No. 222 Wabash avenue. Yesterday a nine from McVickor’s Theatre played with a similar number tfrom Hooloy’s Theatre, and defeated thorn by nine. New xobe, Juno 10.—Base ball—Bostons, 8 ; Mutuals, 7. THE TRIGGER. Tho Tolloston Shooting Club, which was until recently a private organization, bold its first meeting since .its incorporation under tbo laws Of Illinois, yesterday afternoon. Tbo old consti tution ana by-laws wore road and adopted, and also a resolution fixing tbo rights of property and tbo status of members, os in the old club. The present officers are as follows: President, Samuel H. Turrill; Vice-President, O. W. Thompson; Treasurer, S, M. Moore; Secretary, John P. Dowkor: Executive Committee, 8/ B. Haven, O. J. Peck, B. M. Ford; Trustees to hold Sronorty, J, Alder Ellis, Voinov O. Turner, Silas [. Moore; Keeper of Club-House, B. B. Hall. Tbo next meeting will bo hold toward tho close of tho week, at the Club-House. lowa City, lowa, Juno 10.— At a pigeon match bore to-day, for $125 a side and the champion ship of tho State, 60 rises from tbo trap, Dor wart, of lowa Oity, won by four birds, making the second championship won by him in throe weeks. His opponent was Penn, of Cedar Bapids. THE TURF. London, Juno 10.—Annual races on Ascot Heath commenced to-day, and wore attended by a groat crowd of people. Tho prominent races of the day wore runs for tho Prince of Wales stake?, tho Ascot stakes, and tho Qold Vase. Tho Frlnco of Wales stakes was won by Kaiser, Gang Forward second, and Oombafc third. Nino horses ran. Uhlan was tho victor in tbo run for tho Ascot stakes. Houghton camo in second, and Vaucle dookon third. The betting Just boforo tho raco was 0 to 2 against Uhlan, i to 1 against Hough* ton, and Qto 1 against Yandodookon. Nino ran. The Gold Vase was won by Thorn, Hannah second, and Stman third. Seven horses ran. GaMBBIDQE OITI, Ind., JUUO 10. — The City Is swarming with horses and horsemen. There wore nover so many good horses together in Indiana; but owing to tho rain there wore no races to-day, and ail engagements are carried forward one day. Wednesday's programme will rend thus: Trot for horses that never boat throe minutes, $3,000 purse. First premium, $1,000 ; second, $760 ; third, $560; fourth, $400; fifth, S3OO. Entries: first, J. N. Shawban, New Orleans, Fashion; second, J. 8. Hackney, Edinburg, Ind., Tom Hendricks ; third, William Oonoliay, Hagers town; Gray Alex ; fourth, J. B. Lodor. Rush County, Billy Lamberaon: fifth, Qua Qliddon, Raleigh, Blackwood; sixth, J. B. Curtis, North Vernon, Hid., Hattie Sturgeon; seventh, not named, Indianapolis, Ind., Jim Fisk; eighth, G. J. Fuller, Nashville. Tenn., Henry Todd; ninth, O. H. Peters. Richmond, Ind., Lucy; tenth, Graves Loomis, Chicago, Clementine; eleventh, B. P. Bissoll, Torre Haute, Ind., Hose Rose; twelfth, Qua Gliddon, Raleigh, Ind., Stonewall, Jackson. ■ Running race t S2OO purse; first premium, $100; second, SSO; third, $80; fourth, S2O. Entries: first, James Richey, Greenfield, Ind.; second, G. A. Howren. Millville, Ind., Nellie Armstrong; third, William Conway, Hagers town, Ind., Red Rover; fourth, Thomas Nugen, Louisville, Ind., Louisville Bob; fifth, O. H. PetteugiU, Nashville. Tonn., Comanche; sixth, W. P. Burch, Nashville, Tenn., Arab; .seventh, J. Brown, Muncio; Ind.; eighth, M. Spears, Nashville, Tenn., Captain. Every one looks Cm the rain as a blessing, which will make the track tho finest in tho world. Tho Executive Committee are untiring in their efforts, and tho knowing onos predict tho finest racing over known in tho State. Tho programme for Thursday is as fol lows : Trot for horses that never boat 2:52, $1,400; first premium, $600; second, SSOO ; third, $460 : fourth, SB4O ; fifth, $2lO. Entries: J. N. Bhawhon, New Orleans, La., Fashion : O. H. Peters, Richmond, Ind., Lucy Bay; Wm. Conway, Hagerstown, Ind., Bill Conway ;J.F. QosneU, Richland, "Ind., Richland Mold; Qus Qliddon, Raleigh, Ind.. Matt. Brower; J. H. Oaffroy, Indianapolis, lua., Materia Maid ; Gus Gliddon, Raleigh, Ind., Lady Armstrong; G. J. Fuller, Nashville, Tenn,, Henry Todd; James Wilsou, Bushvillo, Ind., Kate Bennett. Pacing race, free for all, S7OO purse; first premium. $850; second, $225; third, $125; en tries, S. Sbippcrd, Weaver's Station, 0., Billy Hopper; D. H. Ricketts, Rushyillo, Ind., Hoosler Tom; W. H. Ewing, Beaver, Penn., Copper Bottom; W. W. Shannon, Evansville, Inu., Rod Tiger.. Special Diepaleh to The Chicago Tribune, New Your, Juno 10.—Tho Prospect Park spring meeting opened this afternoon. There was a good attendance, and tho track was hi ex cellent condition.. Tho first race was for a purse of $2,000 between W. H. Allen and Huntress. J. W. Conley was entered, but was withdrawn on account of lameness. Huntress was tbo favorite at SSO to sl4, and won easily in throe straight heats. Time-2:24#, 2:27#, 2:27#. The second race was for a purse of S3OO, free for all running horses. Tho entries were: Bay Filly by Beacon oat of the Maiden, and Qorald by an imported Mickey Free. Filly carried 02 pounds, and Gerald 115 pounds. The former was tbo favorite and won tho first heat, but Gerald took the next two and the race. Time— -1:47#, 1:40#, 1:50#. Gbaud Bauds, Mich., Juno 10.— Tho first day’s races of tho Valley City Driving Park As sociation took place tins afternoon at tho Fair Grounds. Alternate sun and cloud made tho day all that could bo desired, while tho shower of tho previous evening placed the track hi the bout of condition. Tbo attendance was much larger than was anticipated, and added zest to tho perform ance of the horses. Tho first race was for horses that never trotted bettor than throe minutes, SI,OOO to the first, SSOO to tho second, SBOO to tho third, and SIOO to tho •fourth, and was won as follows: Joo Modill, first; Albert, second; Barney, third: Lady Ida, fourth. Time— 2:4o#, 2:41. 2:87#. . „, The second race, open to all horses owned in this county, SBOO to tho first, $l5O to tho second. SOO to the third, and SOO to tho fourth, resulted In Blaok Diamond getting tho first money, Kitty H the second; Ami UUunoss third, the fourth THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 1873. horse being distanced in the last heat. Time— -2i6OX, 2iB7V, 2:47 K. 4 . . - X1 4 The third and Inst race was for, horses that had never beaten 2:2G 1 S9OO to tho first, $460 to the second. $270 to tho third, and SIBO to the fourth. ; Tho first money was given to Fred Hooper, second to lUpon Boy, third to John n., Fourth to Western Boy. Time» 2:o4#j 2:Bo#} 2sOOV. The oggrogalo purses to bo trotted for to morrow amount to $4,600. Among tho most noted contestants are Mattie Morris, irod Iloopof, Western Boy, and Edgar. Pkkin, 111., Juno 10.— Tho Junomootingof the Central Illinois Blooded Horso Association at this place will oommonco to-morrow, having boon postponed one day on account of the rain hero last evening. Thoro Is now at the track tho largest field of horses that was over brought to gether at any mooting of tho kind In Uio Slate, among which are some very noted horses from tho South and West. Fast time may bo expect ed during tho week, If the weather should bo fa vorable. Sjxeial Dftpnteh to Th* Chicago Tribune. Ottawa, 111., Juno 10.—Tho friends of tho turf of this oity have raised SI,OOO In cash, for purses for fast horses, trotting, running, and pacing, on tho 4th of July. All races are open to tho world. Tho citizens also have subscribed SI,OOO for a general celebration that day. YACHTING. Special Dispatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. New York, Juno 10.—Tho annual regatta of tho Atlantic Yacht Olub of Brooklyn took placo to-day. over tho course for schooners and first class sloops, 40 miles ; for second-dlasa cabin sloops, 82 miles, and for third-class open sloops, 21 miles. Tho following yachts started: Schooners Agnes, Mystic, Peerless, Triton, Foam; first class sloops, Orion, Vision, Vixen; second-class sloops, Alert, Anna, Barbara Froitohio, Ido, Nimbus; third-class sloops, Flyaway, Undine. Tho weather was very fine, with a good light broozo from tho westward, and tho bay was fiflod with excursion boats. Olio signal was givon at 10:65 a. m. Tho Triton crossed tbo lino first at 10:57; tho Mystlo at 10:57:80; Footless, 10:68:08; Foam, 10:53:85; Agnes, 10:69:15. The sloops started together atlOtOiSO. The Myslio lost her fore-topsail off Owl's Hoad, and sho lost so much time repairing that sho virtually with drew from tbo race. Tho contest was very pretty to tbo Spit, when tho wind hanlod to the southwest and bcoamo very light.. Tho Vision roandod at 12:41:20; tho vixen, 12:40; Agnes, 12:49:80; Orion, at 12:54. Tho others lay bo calmod off the Spit for a while, until tho wind again shifted to tho southeast and freshened, sending thorn around in tho following order: Peerless, Foam, Triton, Anna, and Flya way. Tho broozo grow livelier every minutes, and tho yachts dashod merrily along. Tho Anna rounded Qodnoy channel buoy at 1:87: 25, tho Alert following at 1:40:28. Tho rest sped for tho lightship at raco horso speed, and tho contest grow exceedingly ex citing. Tho Vision passed tho lightship ahead at 1:66:80; tho Foam at 1:67:17; Triton, 1:68:86 ; Vixen, 2:03.2 : Agnes, 2:02:47 : Peerless, 2:03:44. Tho wind bolding good they camo flying homo in tho following order: Flyaway, 8:20:54; Anna, 8:27: 56; Alert, 8:29:10; Himbus, .8:47:47; Foam. 8:66:46; Triton, 8:59:45; Vision, 4:0:27; Agnes, 4:05:08; Ida, 4:06:85 ; Vixen, 4:07:27; Peerless, 4:0:27. Tho prizes of silver plate were awarded to the fol lowing yachts on allowance: Agnes, schooner; Vixen, first-class sloop; Ann, third-class sloop; Undine, third-class sloop. WRESTLING. New York, Juno 10.—Articles were signed at Bridgeport, yesterday, for a wrestling match be tween John McMahan, of Butland, Vt M and Perry Higloy, of Bridgeport, for $2,000 and the championship of America, at Worcester, Moss., between tho 10th and 20th inst. WEATHER AND WATER. Chicago, June 10—10:16 p. m. Station, Bar.'Thr irtnd. Weather. Breckinridge.... 30.01 01 N. W., fresh. Fair. Buffalo 20.73 63 8. W,, fresh. Cloudy, Cairo 21.06 08 8. E..fresh, Light rain, Chicago... 30.06 Co'B. Yr,, gentle. Clear. Cincinnati 20.08 68 N. W., gentle. Light rain. Cleveland 29.88 65 W., fresh. Cloudy. Cheyenne 30.05 63 8. E., fresh, Clear. Davenport...... 20.99 67 N,, gentle. Clear. Denver. 30.07 64 8., fresh. Fair. Detroit 29,88 62 E., gentle. Cloudy. Duluth 29.95 64 N. W., fresh. Clear. Eacauaha 30.06 68 N., gentle, Clear. Fort Garry...... 29.99 52 N., gentle. Clear, Keokuk 29.92 08 Calm. Clear. La Crosse 30.03 67 N. W., light. Phir. Marquette 29.98 61 Calm. Fair. Milwaukee 29.06 62 8., gentle. Clear, Omaha... 30.09 05 Calm. Clear. Pembina ...30.04 54 N,, light. Fair. a Bi. I’aul 29.96 61 W., fresh. Clear. Toledo. 29.88 07 N. W., gentle. Cloudy. Yankton 30,00 67 8, E., gentle. Clear. rnojUbiLixiES. June 10.—For Now England on Wednesday, winds veering to southerly and westerly. Cloudy weather and rain areas are probable, with clearing weather on Wednesday afternoon and, night. For tbo Middle States and Lower Lake region, winds vooring to wester ly and northerly, and clear and clearing weather. From Missouri and Tennessee to the Upper Lake region and Ohio, light to fresh northerly and westerly winds, and clear or partly cloudy weather. For tho Northwest, falling barometer, winds shifting to easterly and south erly, but probably clear weather. For'tho Gulf States, cloudy weather, rain areas, and southerly winds, tho latter probably shifting to northwest erly, with clearing weather on Wednesday night. For tbo South Atlantic States, southeasterly to southerly winds and partly cloudy weather. Daily report of tho stage of water, with changes in tho twenty four boars ending 8 p. m., June 10, 1873: - WATm. nta^ Bt. Paul U Bln. 6 In. Fort Bouton Oft. 8 in. 2 In Omaha 13 ft. 0 In. 1 .......... Davenport 10 ft. 3 In.! 0 in Loavonvrorlh 0 ft. 7 lu. G in. Keokuk 11 ft. 3 in. 7 In Cairo 20 ft. 0 ln.| Gin. Bt. Louis 25 ft. 3 in. oln Pittsburgh 3 ft. 3 In 3 in. Cincinnati. 0 ft. 0 in 4 in. Louisville 4 ft. 10 lu 3 in. Memphis 22 It. 10 In 6 in. Vloksburgh 30ft. 4 in. Sin. Shreveport.... .... 27 ft. Tin 2 in. Nashville 6 ft. 7 in. 7 in. •Now Orleans 2 ft. 0 in. lin Yankton 13 ft. 1 In •Below high water mark of 1871. W. H Vininriv •Below high water mark of 1871. W. B. Kaufman, Observer Signal Service United States Army, NEW YORK. New Yomr, Juno 10.— Tho Grand Jury have found an indictment against young Walworth, tho parricide, of murder'iu the first degree. Counsel for Lostor Wallack havo put in their answer to tho suits brought by several colored men who wore excluded from his thoatro. It lakes tho ground that tho establishment is con ducted oa a private business, and that the pro prietor hau a right to soil tickota or refuse them at hiu discretion, or revoke them after they are sold; that tno tickota In tho oases in question woro sold to colored men under tho supposition that they wore buying for others, and that they woro not excluded on account of their color. Wallook de clines to pwear to tho answer, and tho counsel for tho colored men will not accept it as an an swer until it is verified. Miss Linda Gilbert, of Chicago, who has boon successful in raising libraries for many State and county prisons, is in this city collecting a library for tho Ludlow Street Jail. Edward 8. Stokes has given her a hundred volumes. Eight hundred dollars was paid to-day for a box for tbo Foundling Asylum benefit perform ance at tho Academy of Music, on Thursday, Tho auction sales of boxes netted $2,600. Frank L. Taintor, the defaulting cashier of the Atl&utto National Bank, this morning pleaded “not guilty" to tho now indictment found against him yesterday. Thomas McGuiro, a lottor-c airier, was caught to-day in tho act of robbing a mail-bag In an alleyway, and was sent to tno Ludlow Street Jail. James Downey died to-night from a blow with a brick on tho head in Cherry street, on Sunday, inflicted by Martin Cronin, who was arrested. In tho Court of Oyer and Terminer to-day a long opinion was road by tho presiding Judge in tho oaso of William Warner, who applied for hia discharge from prison, where ho was sent under tho Habitual Criminal act. Tho Judgo held tho act to bo constitutional, but discharged Warner on the ground that tho proof of his previous conviction was not sufficient. Dr. Julius E. Julian to-day was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment and to pay SSOO fine for sending obscene publications through the malls. Tho present Police Justices have determined to tost tho constitutionality of tholaw logleloting them out of office. They assort that Francis Koraon and other prominent lawyers hold that ovory Police Justice is a Justice of tho Peaoo, and that tbo latter office is within the pale of the Constitution, and cannot be touched by tho Leg islature. “ Mark Twain's 11 suit to restrain B. A. Buck from publishing a book, bearing Twain’s name Jia tho author, was.argued before Judgo Ingra ham to-day, bat tho decision was referred.;. „• Ek-Judgo Leonard has boon appointed to tako testimony ns to tho proper disposition of tho stolon bonds brought to this qouutry hy .Oarl Eogt, tho Belgian* murderer. Christian Hartoll was sentenced to four years In tho State Prison for embezzling lottors from tho Poat-Ofiloo. James H. Drnko, arrested on Monday for pre senting a forged cheek at tho St. Nicholas Na tional Bank, was brought before* Judge Dowling, to-day. Ho donlod his guilt, sold ho lives in Cincinnati, and is a clerk. At a mooting of tiro Bar Association this even ing, Wm. M. Everts presiding, a resolution was unanimously adopted, that,a Committee of Fivo bo appointed by tho President to consider the expediency of petitioning Congress for a repeal. of tho Bankrupt act, or for such amendments of tho samo as shall rondor its operation loss oner ous to tho commercial and othor interests of tho community. Gen. George. B. Williams, Special Financial Commissioner from Japan to tho United States and Earopo, arrived this evening In tho steamer Algeria. , HEAVY THEFT. The latest viotim of tho nimblo-fingorod gen try is Mr. E. McWilliams, of Elkhart, Ind. Mr. McWilliams loft his native placo yesterday af ternoon, to oomo to Chicago to buy goods. Ho brought with him a bill-book, containing $l,lOO. This ho vory carelessly carried in the insido pookot of Ida coat. On tho way ho napped somewhat, and thinks tho money may navo boon taken on tho train. 'Ho put up at Anderson’s European Hotel. In tho ovoning ho wont to MoViokor’s. In passing oat of tho thoacro after tho entertainment thoro was much pressing and crowding, and Mr. McWilliams Is very confident that nimblo fingers did tho bus iness at that timo. Ho doos not think tho monoy was lost, as tho hook which contained tho monoy dropped for down in his pookot. Hr. McWilliams offers » handsome reward for tbo return of tho property. CITY ITEMS. Tho alarm of firo from Box 821 at half-past 8 o’clock was oausod by firo breaking out in a small building in tbo roar of No. 91 South Jef ferson street, owned and occupied by Austin Mo- Namara. Damage, S3O; no insurance.

At 7 o’clock last ovoning an 1 accident oc curred on tho Milwaukee Division of tho Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, which resulted in tho almost. instant death of a . hoy named Engono Ditcher. Tho boy, in attempting to Jump on an incoming train near Indiana street bridge, slipped and fell, tho wheels of ■ four cars passing over his body, and so crushing him that ho died in a fow minutes. Ho was picked up by Officer Barry and removed to tho homo of ills parents, at No. 168 Hurlbut street. Bowloa liras* & Co* New Tobk, Juno 10.—Tho Post says tho case of Bowles Brothers & Co. has como out of tho Bankruptcy Court in bottor condition than thoir most sanguine friends ventured to hopo. Tho official Assignee, wo are told, makes an offer to tho creditors of 50 cents on tho dollar, which, according. to law, releases, tho house . from liability. Tbo members of tho house, however, havo issued a statement to thoir creditors that thoy will pay tho other 50 cents, and will como under obligations to do so when they havo received thoir local discharge. Thoy propose, it is sold, to speedily resume business. London, Juno 10. —Tho caso of Bowles Bros. & Co. came up before tbo Court again to-day, but, owing to an offer of on arrangement made by tbo representatives of Apploton, the Regis trar adjourned tho boating for throo,months. Tbo Cbolcrn. Nashville, Term., Juno 10.—Tho excitement about tho cholera is greatly allayed. Tho weather has turned unusually cool, and, contrary to the expectation of physicians, tho prevailing sickness shows fewer and much more control able cases. In fact, very few, if any, oases have proved fatal for tho past few days, if thoy woro reached by medical aid iu time. Memphis, Toun., Juno 10.—Tho oholora is undoubtedly increasing. Tho interments to-day wore 18, against 11 yesterday, while tho under takers bad received at 0 o'clock orders for U for to-morrow. Tho weather continues cloudy and sultry. Tho Hon. Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the Interior under Buchanan, is danger ously 111 with tho oholora. Ex-Senator Pomeroy* St. Louis, Juno 10.—A dispatch from Topolca, Kan., says that tho reports in circulation that the caeo of ox-Sonator Pomeroy was presented to tho Grand Jury, and that a lull-of indictment was ignored, arc entirely untrue. Tho caso was never presented to a Grand Jury, but will bo prosecuted by information and not by indict ment. Judicial Election at Cleveland* Cleveland, 0., Juno 10.—In tho oleotion to-, day for Judges of tho now Superior Court, tho Republican candidates, Jonoa,.Barber, and Gris wold, wore eloctod. Obituary* London, Juno }o.—Mr. Whitty, proprietor of tho Livorpool Daily Post, and father of tho “ Penny Proas,” diet! to-day. _ PENNELL—MoQINNIS—In Gardner, Jnuo 6, by tho Rot. R. Kessler, of Wilmington, Mr. George W. Pen* no)], of Hannibal, Mo., and Miss Amelia W. McGinnis, of Gardner. HI. ' 7. DEATHS. ~ BURROUGHS—On Monday evening, Juno 9, Clara A. Burroughs, aged 33 years. 10 months, and 36 days. Funeral from tho rosidonco of hor parents, 1068-West Adams-st., Wednesday, at 10 o’clock a. m. STREET—On Tuesday morning, Jnno 10, 1878, ITolen Evalyn, agod 8 months and 14 days, youngest daughter of ■Robert B. andßvalynM. Street, ■ • . . . Funeral from rosidonco No. 14 Throop-st., Wednesday (to-day), at 11 o’clock a. m. ■WHITAKER—Tho funeral of Mrs. Prudence Whita ker will bo held at tho rosidonco of bor son, Goargo S. Whitaker. 1014 Miohlgan-av., Wednesday, Juno 11, at U a. m. Friends of tho family aro Invited to attend. LOOMIS—Tho funeral of Morgan O. Loomis will take place from his late rosidonco, 887 Mllwaukoe-av., at 12:110 p. m., to-day. Carriages to Kosehill. I*rlends invited without further notice. 60I1NITZLER—Immoral services of Robert Soholtzlor will bo bold at tho residence of K. O. Brockbnib, 419 West Van Bnron-st., at half-past 8, llth Inst. Carriages to Qracoland, where the body will bo taken from receiv ing vault and interred. , FINANCIAL. ~ ■CIOR SALE-81,200 NOTES, SECURED BY FIRST X mortgage on inside city property worth six times the amount. Will discount 2 por cent a month. Apply at IK) East Madlson-at., Room 8. TjIOR SALE-BOND AND MORTGAGE FOR $3,000. X bearing 10 pur cont lutorost for two years. Will soil at a discount of IB per cunt. Address J 1, Tribune. T CANS MADE ON COUXtKUALS, HOUSES ON XJ loosed ground. Diamonds wanted. Short date real estate mortgages bought. OTTAWAY, 79 Doarborn-st. MONBirTOILO AN ON OITY REAL ESTATE. G. S. HUBBARD, Ju.. 168 Washlngton-st. ■\TONBY ADVANCED AT LASSEN'S LOAN OF lYlfiooilato JACOBS 1 C0.,0n diamonds, watobos, and other valuables; 177 Olark-st., corner of Monroe, Room 6. ■\fONEY~IN HAND'TO LOAN ON GOOD INSIDE I\X real estate: SB,OOO in ono sum: other sums from 81,000 to 810,000: gtfna first-class short t mo commercial paper wanted. uVo. LACEY A CO., 119 Doarborn-st. rr\o LO AN -MO N EY~ON~SOUTH SIDE HEAL KS- X tftto in Bums of $3,000 and upwards. JONAH H. BIBBELL. 46 Bryan Block. TO LOAN-AMOUNTS OP SI,OOO OR MORE ON oily real ostatoop Illinois fawns. Roapor Block, cor. Clark and Washlngton-sUn Ii» L. PEASE. fTO LOAN-HUMS OF 810,000 AND OVER AT 0 PER X com; SI,OOO long time; 81,tW0short time, real estate security. A. t», PALMKIt, JB., W WashUigtcn-st., Rooms 16 and 17. isrANTED—FROM $6,000 TO 810.000, OFOOOD W rail o.t»to pspor? THOU. A. lIII.L, 123 Dear bora-si. Y/WANTED—GOOD NOTES, SECURED BY REAL W estate. Inquire at No. 3, 326 Htato-st. TXTE CAN MAKE SEVERAL SMALL LOANS, VIZ: W ftW. ai, WO. SI,OOO. MoKIN NON A mAush, 1360iark-at. fiil AfiA-$E LOANONIMPROVED »pX.I/UU city real estate, for term of years. BALD WIN, WALKER. 4 CO.. No. 7 Hawley Ilulldlng. south west corner Dearborn and Madlson-sts., - to 12, * to 4« SIQ AAA IN HAND TO LOAN AT ONCE IN •pXO.UUU ono or two sums, on first-class Improved inside property. Perkins A WoUoloy, Room 18 Kendall Block. V Norman O. Perkins, W. St. John Wolsoley, latowlth Ogdon A " 'BrnWINOMATERIAL. Ji Bourl Hootch ursnllo, for column.. *o. Vonuont m«r. blo, in blocks-or sawed to size. Marble tilo. J. 11. SMITH, 48 South Olark-st. . u“nVx“r!W. t X“n"%.‘«Ua:au>V..'uAS Plno-.U.. noUU ol w-tf r.-urk.,North BlJ«i to bo .old without reserve. O. LIPUNCOIf. TED—SEVERAL HUNDRED .THOUSAND VV iirlok. Will pay half cash and half In woll-luoatod real estate, unincumbered. BROWN A HORTON, Real Estate Agents, 160 Doarhocu-st. TO 4,CM FEET SECOND-GLASS 1 AAA AAA GOOD OUIOAGO BBIOK WANT i.UUU.UUU od. Also, good oily brick-yard for fiS.'itVu. MW Boom 6, 79 Dearboni-st. KOKSKS AND OARRIAG£B. A SECOND-HAND TOP DELIVERY WAGON. REV»* JL oml carriages mid buggloo for aalo cheap, k 82fi Wa> baah-av. PKNWOYKR, HIIAW A CO. V A T 814 WAUASILAV.-8 ROOKWAYB. 6 JUMP ,/k noala; lu top nml open bugglna, 7 Dorooorala and do* llvory wagons, 6 second-hand phaetons, and a lot of other oarrmßM. •' J. ll» PARSON, A FINRIIUKD BLACK MARE FOR BALK OIIRAPt J\. can trot In 3:40 \ also a Ilnt-olaea rond-wngon, Stivers' make, at 1 tCTLaHaU»et. A GREAT VARIETY OP CARRIAGES, ROOl£ arrays, barouches, nlldo-Boats, phaetons, ton and open biiggloe. 97 and SO South Ollnton-st. 11. O. HILL. CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE OF AN EXCELLENT grain wagon, a doubln team harneae, and other car riages, on Markot-at., on Thursday morning at 9:80 a. m.» without reserve.. . • . pAhmAOKB-UAYDR A O'BRIEN HAVE ON \J hand, and nro constantly manufacturing, llrst-olsss driving and family imagine; also several second-hand bug* gloa which will bo sold oboap for caab. Garden Oily Car riage Works, 781 and 783 Stato-st. For hale-a thorough good sound horse. between 1,000 am! 1,100, and fast; or.would exchange for a smaller ouo that could bo caod for aaddlo. A It, 800 Church-st. TjiORSALE—LUMBERTRAM, COEPLETEj OURAP X' foroaeh. Inquire at 180 North Canal-st. TpOR BALE—A NICE GENTLE MARE. WELL A' broke, alatflo or doubln, and aafo for ft lady to drlvo. Can tmt bolter Gian 8 minutes. At M. O. WILBUR A PRO.'B,-167 and 168 Mlohlgan-av. , TIIOR SAXE-LEATHER TOP BUGGY, IN USB X 1 only 9 weeksj to be aeon before Ba. m., and after 7p. nr., at 714 Wahasb-av. TpOR BALE—OIIEAP—OR TRADE FOR LUMBER— J? A first-class bualnoaa or Democrat wagon, my own tnako. Call or address O. T BTONEIIAM, 44 lildrldgo court. - •CIOR SALE OR TRADE FOR A SALOON-HORSE. JD top buggy, and baruosa. Uorao oan trot In BM. At barn, 1060 WabasU-av. ’ * Family carriages, jump-seat buggies. and phaotona, at Eastern factory prlcoa. 10 and la West Randolph-at., noar tbo bridge. 11. J. EDWARDS. For second-hand express wagon and platform spring truok: light and heavy do- Uvory wagons of all kinds, at 261 South Oanal-at. TJIOR WANT OF ROOM. I OFFER FOR BALE AT JD a bargain one light road wagon, two bualnoaa wagons, ono express, and ono doUvorjNragon, all warranted, at SS3 Oottago Orovo-av. Good pasturage for horses at stony Island farm, In Uydo Park. 81 par wook. E. Q. CLARK. ’ ri GOD PASTURE FOR HORSES AT GEOROE W. iX GAGE'S Paoilio Stock Farm Leave addroai at Paolflo Dotal addroMod to PILE BUT LACY. Genuine boston blade carriages at 22a and 534 .West Wiurtilnglon-st. s no humbug. Also cheaper grades at very low figures for cash. ' TTAY BARN, PRESSES, AND GRASS LAND, TO- I I gather or aoparatnly, ono year or longer} terms Tory favorable?. J. M; STEWART, 803 Woit Indlana-at, SIX HORSES FOR SALE CHEAP. ONE FOR S6O; big workhorse} as X got no cso for thorn, at 747 vVoit Madlaon-at. WANTED— 0 TRAMS TO DRAW IRON. APPLY at SPRINGER’S Iron Yard. 33 North OUnton-at. WAMTItD-CIOOD BOUSE FOR OKMEftAI. USE. VV worth from 8125 to $175; will nay cash. Call at onoo. P. T. DODGE, 99 South Doaplalnoa-at. WANTKD-A HORSE AND LIGHT ROAD WAGON VY as payment on lot In city or suburbs. S. OLARK SON. 183 South Olark-at. LOST AND FOUND. T OST-ON WEST MADIBON-ST., CHICAGO, ILL., Li ontboovonlngof fho Gth day of Juno, 1873, a black morocco pocket-book, containing note* totho amount of 81,400, jmynblo to Holeotnb A Co., and Asa Holcomb, ail In tho City of Mondota, 111. All persons aro tboroforo cautioned agalnat negotiating for any of those notes, as tho payers are notified not to pay any of them to any per* sons oxoopt the pursona to whom they wore given. Any Eenon finding said pookot-book will uo liberally rewarded y leaving It 837 West Madlion-sU, or sending It dlroct to Asa Holcomb. Mondota, 111. ABA HOLCOMB. Mondota, JunoO, 1873. T OST—A PACKAGE OF MONEY} SUPPOSED TO ,1 J havo boon dropped In a Madlaon-at. omnibus or car. Tho flndor will bo liberally rewarded by returning it to RoomS, 143 Eaat Monroo-st. J. M. CUTLER. . T OST—DARK CHESTNUT OR BROWN MARK, Li about UK bands high, 9 years old: white spots on back; will show signs of having interfered with front feet. Liberal reward If returned to J. L. WAISON, corner Gampboll-av. and Van Buron-at. T OST—ON MAY 31, FROM THE PASTURE IN Li •Sharpshooter’s Park, ono gray pony more, 6 years old, and a bay boreo 10 or 11 years old } lomo In front foot. Howard will bu paid by returning Uio same to 145 Mlchl gau-st., or to nuporiatoudont of Sharpshooter’s Park. FRED UOWERDE. Lost-scarf ring, enameled, between Wabash and Mlchlgon-uvs. $8 reward. Apply at 610 Wnbash-av. T OST—A BLAOK-AND-TAN PUPPY. A SUITABLE Li reward. If returned to 127 Twonty-aooond-at. Lost— dark chestnut or brown mare. about 1C bands high, between 9 and 10 years old, white atrip on tho head, and two whlto spot; right tinder tho saddle. Liberal reward If returned to B. MEYER, 1207 Stato-st.i southeast cor, of Twouty-slxth-at. T OST-JUNE 10, ONE BAY MARE. WITH WHITE Li apot la forehead and whlto hind foot: ia about 1554 bands high. A liberal reward will bo pold for return to THEO. EDOINOTON, 730 Cottngo Grovc-av. T OST-OR STOLEN—ON SUNDAY LAST, FROM Li tho corner of Krlo and Plnotls., a email Hootch terrier; hod onabluo ribbon and small boll. A reward will bo paid for bla return to 104 Pluo-at. Lost— a brown water-proof overcoat on the way from Thlrty-flrat-at, to Union Stock Yards. Tho Under will bo rewarded by returning to E. H. LAM SON, 1380 Stato-at. t OBT-A BLAOK-AND-TAN SLUT. ANSWERS TO Jj name Jonny, last Thursday, on Olark-at., between Harrison and Polk; any person returning tho anmo to 8W Uoulh Olark-at., will bn rewarded with ouUnOQUOB- Ilona ookod. . TBOUND-ON MONDAY. AP OCKET-BOOK OWN- X or can havo it by Identifying It at 1) North Oanal-st. QTBAYED-ON SUNDAY. JUNE 8. ONE DAJIK O bay or brown mule, medium elzo, -6 to 8 year* old, ronebou mftno ami tall. Tironly dollar. raid fur return of same to 8.11. SOAOE, 419 Wost Ran uolph-st. .. - CJTRAYED—A PAIR OF CREAM HORSES, 10 Q years old, black stripes on tho back; also a pair of dark bays. 7 years old, ono blind of an oyp, and while bind foot, tho other has a atar onXkotpn)io*& l and white toot. Howard paid on rotum to HENRY ADAMS, cor. Post and leavltt-sta. QTRAYED OR STOLUN-ON THE 6TII INSTANT. O team of black horses, 7 # years old, ouo awngoßltm hind log. Suitable reward for their recovery. P. DOO LEY, corner Clayton and Robey-st. _ fpAKEN UP-A COW, WHICH THE OWNER CAN JL havo bynrovlng property and paying charges. H. O. BIRD. 860 wabaah-av. rpAKEN UP-AT CORNER ELBTON-AV. AND X Snow-st., a black horses and ono bay maro; tho owner can havo tho »amo r by proving property and paying Qfe7rkKWAKD L 6M WASHING fiIOU ton-st.. Juno 6, a stylish dark bay horse. 1C irauds high, weight 1,160 pounds bad_on a blaukiet. halter, and chain attached. Thu above toward will bo E aid to tho finder for returning them to the owner, u. MILLS. INFORMATION WANTED. INFORMATION WANTED OF JOHN OOOHLAN, 1 who loft bis homo at No. 75 Upper Maim-st-Toxtolh Park, Liverpool, England, and arrived InNow York dan. 31, IBM. When last heard from,.Juno 10, 1861, at Wal nut Qrovo, Sacramento County. California, ho waa golng under the assumed name of Allred Nowton. If said in* divldnal will communicate with hi* mother, brotbpn or sisters, or with his slater Mary Ann Oogblan, in roHglon Klstorlviary of Saint Glare. Saint Mary’s Oonyent. Kntro of tho above parties. TNFORMATION WANTED-ANY INFORMATION X of Willlo Tally Will bo thankfully received by bis pa. rents at 443 Oalumot-av. Ho was 14 years old, 6 ItSln high, dark comploxlou, and wore black clothes. AUCTION SALES. By HODGES & CO. There .will ho a large sale of Furniture, Carnets, Stoves, etc., etc., at 613 WEST LAKE-ST., THIS WEDNESDAY MORNING, AT 10 A. M. Goods MUST DE SOLD, ns tlus parties are leaving the city. . HODGES A CO., Auctioneers, just beyond Union Park, sign of rod flag. Wo will soil by order of Mrs. French thq Entire Contents of 636 Fulton-st., two doors from Wood, consisting of Parlor, Dining, Sit ting, Chamber, aud Kltchea FURNITURE, one nlco Refrigerator, do., do-, ON THUBSDAX MOENING, AT 10 A. M. Also will soli tho House of Seven Eoois ai Basement, ?“i all lh ° il l o°b t aßSTO?iu.tif. 0 ~ By TAYLOXt & HARRISON. THIS MOBNINQ, Juno U, at OH o’clock, Wo will odor oar usual largo Una of DRY GOODS Comprising Swiss Twills, Victoria lawns, Permdoa. Clog, hams. Klioutlugs, Hhlrllngs, Unon Damask Towels and Hankins. Khnwls. Prooho and Wool, Pimm Hats, now slylo While Hhlrls, llosturr, Tana and hanoy Goods, Handkorohlofs, Jo. Alan, to olosu consignment, a largo lob of Kid tilorca. Hair Kota, Perfumery, Paper Collars, and Stationery. _ TO THE TRADE IN GENERAL. ATJOTIOIT S-A-XiZB OP GEpRAL MERCHANDISE At/01-2 o’clock a. m., Juno 10,1873* At No. 05 Woflt Madleon-st. (OaU House Ulook), if&O.OOO block, - without reserve, 33. A. JESSBXjXi* Auctioneer. By HAVENS, OSGOOO & CO., Auctioneers. 63 South Onual st. Will sell WKDKKBDAY, .Juno 11, at 10 a.m., A largo lot Orookory, Hilliard Tablou, OponTToip BviKKloß.TfinD Pianos, New aua Second-hand D'urnituro, Ulosant Ohromoo. ... LiiTu of Patty-Carriages. Ao.. all to bo sold wlthoul AUCTION SALES. By BLISON & FOSTER. IMPORTANT MPEREMPTORT OALH 02? HIGH-CLASS ' American anl Foreign 01FMTH, Collected by D. GALE. Esq., proprietor of tho riiilndcTplilo Art fliillery, 111? Olicst nut-Bt„ Pliilmlcl|iliio. Tho sale Wilt bo bold at Store 953 Wabosh-av., Bigelow House, near Twonty.flr#t-Bt,, and oommenoo on TUUItS* DAY, June 12, at o'clock and 8 o'clock p.m., and con tinue until all aro sold. _ . . . Tho collection contains many lino and Important works from the easel* of tho following celebrated American and Foreign Artists i O. W. Nicholson, Phils. J. B* Van Bole. London. • Alfred White, Now York. A. Doll, Munich. O. W, Knapp. Phlla. J. B. Collins, London. Paul Bitter, Now York. A. Marohalan. Paris. P. D. Briseno, Phlln. O. Jacobson. Dossoldon, Jly. Ilooso, Now York. O. Krolghofff,, Canada. W. W. Hoylo, Phlla, V. VonSevordonk, Brussels. M« Stent, lloaton. OulUlmlnet, Paris. H. Wentworth, Now York. O. Brugnor, Berlin. J. J. Zany, Now York. Mnlhranoii, Paris. . AND OTHERS. ' This collection is tho moot artistic and valuable ever of fered for public competition trt tbo art-loving citizens of Chicago, and, coming with Mr. GALE'S indorsement, tho punflo can POSITIVELY roly on all name* given. Tbo Paintings will be on exhibition, with catalogues, on Wednesday morning, Juno 11, and until time of sale. ■ ISLISON A POST Kit, Auctioneers. TBTJSTEE’S PEEEMPTORY SALE OP BUSINESS PROPERTY, AT A.TJCTIOiV, SITUATED ON MloDigan-av., Between Madison and Monroe-sts. Wo will sell, without' roHorvo, at Auction, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON. June 13, at 3 o'clock, on tho premises, a valuable piece of BUSINESS PROPERTY, being: 48 foot front by 180 feet deep, situated on xliohiffan* avy about 60 feet north of Monroo-st. Terms easy, which will bo mado known at time of sale. Salo absolute. By order of ELIJAH SMITH, Trustee. ELISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. GREAT SALE OF aaiwii nun .A.T -A.XJOTXO!Sr 3 On Monday, June 18, at 1 o’clock p. m., on the premises, EIGHTY LOTS Aflajtefl'ftr Residence ai Easiness, FRONTING ON State-st,, Vinoennes-av., Dearborn) and Clark-sta, This choice property which wo will offer at this solo is situated botwoon Sixty-eighth and Sovontiotb.Qts.i oast of and within two blocks of the Normal School, accessible by about thirty-two trains dally, . oaan way, on tho Michigan Southern. Book Island, and 3?ittabnraif.ct JPfc.w»xuaXtuUruudß ; six trams doily, each way, stopping at tho Normal School Dopot at Sixty-oighth-at., within 3 minutes’ walk of tho property. Englewood is a rising suburban town { there is muoh ac tivity in building and improvements of all kinds. Two new ohurohos are being erected this season; 60 to 75 dwelling houses are now boing built, and many other substantial im provements are going on. Streets aro graded and graveled through tho property equal in all respects to any or thoavenues. Qooaplank sidewalks from the Normal School Depot to the property, and during the Summer aplank sidewalk will bo built from tho Depot on Sixty-third-st. Taking this property all in .all, it is of tho most desirable and attractive character, and offers tho best inducements for speculation and occupation of any prop erty now offered for sale in the suburbs of Chicago. This property is only seven miles from vanßuren-at. Depot; time in getting there only about 20 minutes, and the faro only 10 oents. The location is healthy, with plenty of good water. Kofteshmonts will bo fhrnlshodfroo of cost, and a free*rido will bo furnished all who wish to attend the sole. Terms of sole, 1-3 oash, balance in 1 and 2 years, with 8 per cent interest. A deposit of SSO will be required on each lot. Full war ranty Deed will bo given, with printed copy of abstractor title. . .. A special train of oars will start from tho Book Island Bailroad Depot on Vanßuren st., at 12 o’clock noon, stopping at Tweuty sooond-st., and return at 5 o’clock, free for all who wish to attend the solo. Particulars and plate will be furnished by EDISON & POBTBB, Auctioneers, 87 Market-st. First Grand Sale PEREMPTORY SALE OF TEI ACRES To 1)0 Sold in Lots, AT AUCTION, On Tuesday Afternoon, Jnne 1?, At 3 o’clook,, on the premises, to close an undivided interest. Being subdivision of the S. E. 1-4 of the S. W. 1-4 of the N. "W. 1-4 of Section 12, Town 3D, North of Bange 13, Bast, lying south and fronting on Sacramento Square and Central Bark Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Saoramento-av. In this subdivision there are 10 elegant Eos idenoo lots iVonting on Sacramento Square, which is to bo used as a Bark; 10 elegant lots fronting on Central Bark Boulevard, which, is 260 foot wide,; 10 elegant lots fronting on Sabramonto-av.. which is 100 foot wide; and 36 choice lots fronting on Nicholls and Yager-sts., less than two minutes’ walkfrom the Depot of the O. & N. W, Railroad. This property is oast of and near Central Bark, being situated on tho Grand Central Bark Boulevard, and only about three miles from the Court House, and one mile inside tho city limits. Of all tho ohoioo property fronting tho Barks of Chi cago, none is more accessible or de sirable, or has a greater prospective value than this. Special Train of car* will atari fmm Wolls-it, Depot at 9 o'clock p, in., stopping at llalstsd-st. and Park Station, and rotiirn at 6 o'clock, for tbo convenience of all persona wlw would like to attend tho sale. All ato Invited. TERMS Olf BALE— Si caali, balanoo ono, two, and three roars. A deposit of if 60 will bo ronnlred on each lot. Title perfect. Printed abatraots will bo fumlabod oaob purchaser. For Information and plat call on Messrs. Avery, MUler A Rlgdon, 143 Mouroo-st., or to EDISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. AUCTION SALES. By ELISON .^FOSTER, Peremptory Sale CONDEMNED HOUSES -A.T ■A.TTOTIOIN'., Saturday Morning 1 , Juno li, {At 10 o’clock, 01 Ho Premises. Tho houses on block bounded by Dosplftlnet, Oarro’l, and Woyman-sta. x alio near Klnzlo-st., west of Hoisted; alio Lawronoo-plsco, corner Ann and Klnzlo-sta. { also corner Wood and Kinzlo-sla. Tbo building* mast bo ro* moved Immediately after tho sale, as the property 1* to bo used for railroad purpose*. Bale to oommenoo on Dob* plainest. Terms of-salo, CASH. A deposit will bo ro» , Qulrod of osob purchaser. TWO;MILLION DOLLARS. GBEAT CLOSING OUT. TEtTSTBES 3 SAIiE REALAND PERSONALPROPERTY Belonging to the CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. on yeflnasflay, the ism flay of Jana, 1873. By tbo articles of the association of said Company, lb la Erovlded that all tbo property In tbo hands of tbo Trustees i tbo month ot Jane, 1a73, mast bo sold at auction for cash, tooloio tho trust. Tho realty U centrally located in the CITY OP CHI CAGO, and la valued at $1,800,000. ami composed largely of river and canal frontage, docked and ready for immedi ate nso. .Also, a largo number of vaoantlots In the Itntao dhtc vicinity of tbo docks, all well adapted for business pnrpowi*. . The title tothUproperty Is unquestioned, having boom belli and owned by tbo Association for twenty years. Tbo personal property consists of notes bearing 7 per cent Interest, having from one to five yean to run, and amounting to about #700,000. Those notes wore received for deferred payments on land bought from tbo Company by tbo makers tborsof, and their payment U scoured by mortgage on the same. TERMS OF SALE, CASH. Tbs personal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery immediately after tho sale. Purchasers of realty will bo required to mako a deposit on the day of salo of 10 per cent on the amount of their purchase, tbo balanoo to oo paid within thirty dais, eras soon alter the salo as deodacaa bo made ana delivered. MARLON D. OGDEN,** L. 8. BEECHER, „ . „ . OEOUQB WATSON, Chicago, March 13,1878. Trustees. H. 11. llooUK. Secretary. Ollioo southwest comer of Lake and Clark-sts.. Room 8, second door. THE ABOVE Peremptory CLOSING-OUT SALE OF THE CHICAGO LAUD COIPAHY, -A.TJOTIO3ST, Will “Positively- Take Place on Wednesday Morning, June 18,1873, at 10 o’clock, ON THE GROUND, commencing salo at East Division* at. bridge, North Sian. _ a Froo oarrlngos will leave Ogdon 6 Building, comer of LakoandOlark-sta., from 9to 10 o’clock a. ra., on 18th lußt., to convey Intontllng purchanor* to the grounds. EUbON «t FOSTER. Auctioneers. ~By\VM. A. BUTTERS & CO. oisr tub a-Botriro. TWO-STOET DWELLING, And tot 50 feet front, OnForty-tblrd-at., oast of and noar Langloy-st., f ednesSay, Jans 11, at 31-2 o'clock p, a, m tie round, Tho house Is now, contains 8 rooms. Terms, 01,1-CO cash. $2,000 five years, balanco one year. ALSO A • Two-Story Gothic House, On Evans-ar., fourth honso north of Forty-thlrd-st. west front, Brooms. Lot, SSxlSfi. Terms—sl,6oocash;sl,oooduo Building Society, payable monthly, extending over flvs yean; balance ono year, Interest at 8 pur cent. Train loaves Illinois Central Depot at 8 p. m.. reaching Forty-thJrd-st. Station In season to commonoo too salo at nu o'clock d. m. 79 v WM. A, BUTTERS k CO., Auctioneers. GEBA.T SAJL.E) OF Haisms New Camps. Open and Top Buggies, Light Trotting and Sldo-Sprlng Wagons, Carryalls, Beach Wagons, Two-Seat Open ana Top Domnorftt Wagons, Heavy and Light Express Wag. ons. Second-Hand *lClaronce, Poddlore Wagon, Doubts ana Single Harness a.’u cxxoasr. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, Juno 11, at Bjrf o’clock, at our rooms, 66 and &7 South Caual-at. Thn aalo la noromptory to pay advanoos and charges. W. A. BUTTERS A 00., Auctionuors. BAXIEI OI 1 Dry Goods, Cliii, fe, _A_T AtTCTION, In Bowon’B Block, Wos. 15 and 17 East Ban dolph-st., on THURSDAY, Juno 13, at Otf o’clock. TO. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auotio'noors. WEST SIDE Regular Saturday Sale Household Furniture, now and worn Carpets, Bods, Bedding, .Mattresses, Parlor and Chamber seta, Ale, Groceries, Scales, oto., etc,,' on Saturday, Juno 14:, at 0:30 A. M. At 55 and 57 South Oanal-st. WM. ABUTTERS & 00. SALE OF VALUABLE, CORNER LOTS, Business aid Btsints FriiitrU, Monday, Juno 16, at 10:30 a. m,. On the ground, corner of Clark-st. and Wobstor-ar., aaai Lincoln Park. 'y/ifxxXf A. Buttora db Oo« WILL SELL -A.rraTio3sr, At tho tlmo and plaoo above named, 4 Oholoo Corner Lota and 9 Intldo Lots, suitable for stores and residences. A good sower passos oaoh lot; also water and gas. Sala positive. TERMS-Ono thlrd cash, balance in 1 and 3 years. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer*. By GEO. P. CORE & CO., S3, 34 and 93 Bast Randolpb-st. Large Line of Choice Boots, Stes&Sliers 3 BY CATALOGUE, On loinesflay, Jig 11, at 91-2 a. i We ore about to move and tbo season is ad vancing, so that these goods must go. oeo. p. aoma & co.. 22,21 and 20 Bandolph-st. BY BUUSH, SON & CO. WEDNESDAY, Juno 11. at Wa. m., wnlboaoldatous salesrooms, 41 South Oaual st., a general assortment 01 HOUSEHOLD GOODS, O.ipoH, Loo kina aioaie., n.irrlsor.lon.Horljijllodi.

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