Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 12 Haziran 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 12 Haziran 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 28. CODLIVER OIL* WILLSON’S CARBOLATED COD LIVER OIL I* a Specific Mid Radical Cure {ox CONSUMPTION AND BOEOPUIOBS DISEASES, Ramonbor the oitno, "Willson's Carbolatod God Liver OIL It comes la largo wedgo-ilmpcd bottles, bearing tbo Inventor's sUrnataro, and is sold by tbo beat DraggUU. Prepared by J. H. 'Willson, 83 John-st., N.T. For aalo by all Druggists. IIDPLBUT A EDRALL? ™Moa°Hof' RICHARDSON A CO., fit. Lonls, Mo._ FINANCIAL COOK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK ODF CHICAGO, NORTHWEST CORNER Washington and Dearhorn-sts. United States Depository. CAPITAL, - - $500,000 OFFICERS: B. F. ALLEN, President. O. T. BOWEN, Vico President, O. G. BtriiKlißY, Cashier. A general DanVloa BaJlnoM tx»naacted. Accounts of Banka. Bankers, and Merchants ■oucltod. Particular attention given tooollootlona. Bills of Exchange on tho principal cities of inis coon- Hon. Lyman Trumbull, Chicago: Pot ter Palmer, Chicago; Hon. B. O. Cook, Chicago: 'Tboa. R. Dobbins, Chicago; Obu. Stewart, Neponut. III.; B. F. Allen, Hon. W. Buahnoli, Ottawa, 111.; 0. T. Bowen. Chicago; D. D. Spencer, Chicago. Money to Loan On Chicago Heal Batata. WBIOHT A TYRRELL, Room 9. Tribuns Building. 3DIG-. Wo haro Attorneys everywhere, and collect tbs claims of Wholesale Merchants and others in any part of tho country. No Attorney's fees in suits; on charges until collections am motto. FRASIER'S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY. 140 MadUon-st. PRINTERS' STOCK. PEITEIS’ STOCK. CARD BOARD, ALL KINDS. FANCY AND GLAZED PAPERS, EVERY VARIETY. Sill Heads, Letter Heads, Note Heads, Statements, Colored Prints, Colored Mediums, And PBIMTEBS' STOCK generally. T.S.G-ILLETT, lie PIPTH-AV. NEW PUBLICATIONS. D. APPLETON & CO., 540 & 551 Broadway, N. X., Publish This Bay: BRESSANT. A NOVEL. By Julian HAWrnoENE, 1 ye], Umo. Cloth. Price, 81.60. ** Mr. Hawthorne’s book forma a remarkable contrast, in point of power nnd Interest, to Ibe dreary mass of so* called romances through which the reviewer works his way. It Is notour purpose to forestall the reader by any detailed account of the story; suffice It to say that. If we can accept the preliminary difficulty of the problem, ita solution, lu all ita stops, Is most admirably worked out.*' —AfAeneum. Cooper’s Sea Tales. A Now and nandsomoly-Dluslratod Edition. THE HED ROVER. -By Ftnimohe Cooped. Illustrated with Eight Design* by Darley. I vol. 870. Paper Cover#, 75 cents. Cloth, $1.35. This la the second Uaue ol the new uniform edition of Cooper* Sea Tale* la flvo volumse, each volume tilu*. tratua with eight entirely new Illustrations from the pencil of B. 0. O. Darloy. Electricity and Magnetism. By Flxeminq Jerkin, F. R. 8. 1 vol. 12mo. 879 pages. Price, SI.W. Forming one of tbo volumes of the Text-Book* of Bclenoo, adapted for tho use ol students, also for tho self- Instruction ol working-men. The volume* already pub lished arc: Metals,'* by Obas. London Bloxam: In troduction to the Study of Inorganic Chemistry," byWm. Adam Miller; "Theoryof Heat," by J. Clark Maxwell: Tho Elements of Mechanism," by J. M. Qoodeve. Price, $1.50 each. Mercedes of Castile; 08, the VOYAGE TO CATHAY. By J. Fxnimobb Coorxn. Ivol. Umo. Cloth, 91.60. Forming tho thirteenth volume of tho now uniform edi tion of Cuopar’a Novels In 13mo. Either of the above, when not to be bad in Bookstores, oont post-paid by mall to any part of the United fitatoa, on receipt of the Orica. REMOVALS, REMOVAL. I have again gone back to near my old quarters, Nos. 60 and 61 Market-st., where I have hotter facilities for doing business than ever before, and, thankful for past favors, shall bo happy to see all old friends and many new, and guarantee satisfaction to all. W. S. BTANNARD. MISCELLANEOUS. THE SOUTH PARK oonvnnvcxssxonsTEiis wish to purchase the land on tho east aide of Western nr., from Pavilllon Boulevard, or Flfty-flfth-st., to the Illinois k Michigan Oanal. Tho amount of land required la a atrip one hundred and fifty (ICO) feet In width, from the centre on the oast aide of aatd Western*?.; also about three and ono-half( acres on three of the cor ner*, at the junction of Farillion Boulevard and West ern-av. The amount to bo (akon from each of the three cornet* to oorrespoud with tho quanUty already pur* chased of John Gavin. Propositions for the sale of the land described, from the owner*, will bo received at the office of the South Park Commissioners, No. 101 LaSalle at., Chicago, 111. SPIRIT PORTRAITS. fiend name in full, ago, and date of death, and receive likeness of spirit friend,. L fo-ilte orarua l> oluro, «&; India ink do, slot amall pencil sketch, |5. All orders at (..4.4 W on A, U.Mmvv REAL ESTATE. Great Anctii Salt DREXEL BOULEVARD COTTAGE GROVE-AV. LOTS, On Wednesday, June 18, 1873, At 31-2 o’clockp. m., sharp. We trill offer at public auction, on tho grounds, WEDNESDAY, jTuno 18, 1878, at 8)4 o'clock p. m., sharp, that flue grovo block Immediately north of Mr. James Stinson's lino residence, fronting oaatonDroiol Boulevard, and west on Oottago Qrovo-av., between For* t/.third and Forty-fonrth-sU., IN FIFTY-FOOT LOTS, to tho highest bidder, on tho following tonus, vis.: Ono slatb oaab on day of aalo, one-sUth in 90 days, and tbo balance In one and two years, Interest at 8 per cent, pay oblo annually. THE SALE WILL BE BONA FIDE AND PBRBMP* TORY, AND NO BIDB-BIDDINQ ALLOWED. This property Is among tho most beautiful and doslrablo osldonoo property In or around Chicago, and needs only to bo soon to bo admired. It la very oholoo for roeidoooo or Investments. It Is within throe blocks of tho Forty* tbird-st. Station, on the I. 0. Hydo Park XL R , and within three blocks of the Cottage Grovo horeo-cars, and tho Cottage Grovo Dummy passes on tbo west lino of tho block. • The Oottago Grovo fronts sre very desirable for elthor business or rosldonoo. SEWERS, GAS, AND WATER CONVENIENT. TITLE PERFECT. Print ed abstracts will bo furniahod each purchaser. CaU on CLARKE, LAYTON & CO,, 120 LaSallo-st., for plots and further particulars. A FREE RIDE to and from tbs grounds on da? of sale, both bjr HI. 0. R* R. and streot-oara. Tickets for same to be had at offloo of CLARKE, LAYTON GO. Train loaves I. 0. R. 8., foot of Lako-st., ato o’clock p. m., sharp. CLABKE, LAYTON & CO. BEAUTIFUL HOMES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-et., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist anoein the erection of dwellings. HATTERS AND FURRIERS. ESTABLISHED 1835. Tie OMest Permanent Business Firm In Gblcago. J. A. SMITH & CO. MANUFACTDBIKQ HATTERS AND FURRIERS, Have just opened their Now Store and Man ufactory, No. 161 STATE-ST., Two doors north of the PALMER HOUSE. Cur stock of Hats is the largest and finest in this oity, and will be sold at fair prloos. A fine stock will also bo kept at our Store, 613 WABASH-AV., for tho special aooom modotion of our South Chicago customers.' _ DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. The fins of F, Kiss i Co. is dissolved from this day by mutual content, F. Anthony withdrawing. The remain* Ing partners, F. Kiss and J. Lodoror, are alono author* Ued to collect all outstanding debts, and will settle all liabilities of the Arm. F. KISS, J. LKDERER, F. ANTHONY. . The business will bo continued at the old stand, Nos. 187 and 189SUto-st. DISSOLUTION. Notloo Is hereby given that tbo partnership heretofore existing between tbo undersigned, under the name, firm, and style of Blachoff A Maxwell, has this day been dis solved by mutual consent. A. BISOUOFF. Dated Jane 10, 1873. WILLIAM MAXWELL. DISSOLUTION. Publle notice Is hereby given that the copartnership now and heretofore existing between the undersigned, Samuel Sykes and Thomas Borry, under the firm name of Berry A Co., In tho business of moat market, at 124 Mil* waukoo.av., Is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Thomas Bony will continue In said business at tbo above number, and he only is authorised to collect the debts due said firm, and he will pay all debts and demands against said firm. Witness our hands and seals this 9th dayof June, A. D. 1673. HAMUBL BYKKB. THOMAS BlfllUY. DISSOLUTION. Tho copartnership horotoforo existing between Clark A bheffir is hereby oJaaolrad by mutual consent. Alleo. count* dno tho firm to be received and debts paid byL. M. Clark. 1., m. CLARK, Jane 11. 1878. W. 11. SHEFFER, DISSOLUTION. The flrtn known as tho Croat Western Bill-Posting Com* pany,Whittier Buffum 4 Co., proprietors, Is this day dla solrod, Wblttlor Buffum to assnmo all tho debts eon* traded by said firm. WHITTIER BUFFUM, Juno 6, 1873. DISSOLUTION. Take notice, that the firm and copartnership heretofore existing between Ernst Grossman and Charles Lange is dissolved this day by mntual consent, Ernst Grossman will continue business at tho old stand and pay aU out standing indebtedness of said firm. ERNST GROSSMAN, CHARLES LANOB. HOTXI*. ANBEBSON’S HOTEL Madm-sl, bet, (M anfl LaSalle, ANDERSON BEOS., Chicago. Centrally located, with accommodations unsurpassed. On the European plan. BOOTS AND SHOES. PREPARATORY_TO REMOVAL. BOOTS & SHOES AT GOST For the next 00 day*, at CHICAGO ONE PRICE BOOT & SHOE HOUSE, 555 South Stnto-st., Between Twolftb-at. and Ilarmon-oourfc. Ohnlco Bargains to Ml who call early. PRINTING. FI3STB 800 l andJoti Printini AT CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & CO.'S, 118 ANP 120 MONROE-ST. PLANTS. THIS WEEK I GRAND CLEARING-DDT SALE. POOL’S GARDEN, 07 Oahloy-at. Dima Plants. 75 eta. per doe.; (S per 100. Bring yom baskets and fiulsh your gardens. Largo Plants at nail price. Country order*, with cash, filled as above. IHAAO A. TOOL. WASHINGTON. The Main Facts Elicited in the Polaris Investigation. Dr. Ualt Believed to Have Died a Nat* ural Death. A Proposition to Send the Captive Modocs to Alaska. Internal Revenue Receipts for the Current Fiscal Year, $109,500,000. Expiration of tho Twenty Days Allow ed in the Louisiana Proc lamation. Special IHsvatch to The Chieapo Tribune « IXAXL'B AIIOTZO SXTEDITON. Washington, Juno 11.—Tho Secretary of tho Navy has concluded his examination of tbo survivors of tho Polaris, and has commenced tho preparation of bis report. It will bo fin ished in a few days, and, with tbo evidence of Oapts. Tyson and Myers, the Esquimaux, Joe and Hans, and several of tho crow, will bo given to the public. The result of tho Investigation will show, first, that Oapt. Hall died a natural death, ail rumors and reports to the contrary notwithstanding; second, that tbo parting from tbo Polaris by Capt. Tyson and his men was purely accidental, and that no blame on this account attaches to Oapt. Bud dington ; third, that to a great extent tho ob jects of tho expedition wore accomplished be fore tbo death of Oapt. Hall; that Is, that ho roaohod a point of latitude not attained hereto fore by any Arctic expedition. Fourth, that tho Polaris will return hero before tho end of sum mer. Senator Frollnghuyflon, of Now Jersey, and Boprosontativo Holman, of Indiana, aro among tUoae who have recently returned their back* pay eteals, but they are among the two-thirds of the repentant Oongroaamon wbo requested the United StatosTrooaurernot to divulge theirnamos probably hoping that, at Homo future time, they can triumphantly refer to their record as shown by tho books of the Treasury office, even though tho date of tboir conscience-letters aro some* what later than those of other aspirants for pub lic favor. Of the many ideas advanced as to what shall bo done with tho Modocs wbo aro not to bo tried by the Military Commission, there is one view which moots with much favor among army officers, and that is to eond tho whole gang to Alaska. Tho Bominolos woro a constant source of trouble in Florida, bnt since they woro transported to Arkansas, fif teen or twenty years ago. they bavo boon qaiot. The transportation of the Modocs to Alaska would have a beneficial effect, it Is agreed, upon hostile tribes, and servo to keep down any troublesome spirit among them. It is demanded that some very severe measures must bo adopt ed to punish tho unruly Indians, which, at the same time, will have Us effect as a warning to other tribes. Tho Sioux, for instance, a power ful nation, embracing many tribes, Laving probably 18,000 ot 20,000 warriors, now roam ovor some 000 miles of territory, from tho Bopublican Blvor, in Kansas, to the British possessions, and, should they got on tho war path, it would require thousands of troops and millions of money to subdue them. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, THE GENEVA AWARD.. New York, Judo ll.—Tho following, from official sources, affords a clear statement of the Geneva award business, which has boon mud dled by telegrams from 'Washington. Tbo sum awarded by the Genova Conference to tbo United States, In settlement of tbo Alabama Claims, is duo from Great Britain Bept. 14, and semi-official advices state that It will bo paid on tbo 10th instead of tbo 14th. According to contract this amount is duo In gold coin at Washington, but Secretory llloh arason, at tbo suggestion of tbo Syndicate, re cently called in £20,000,000 5-20 bonds, inter est to cease on Sept IG. This was done to prevent, so for as possible, any disturbance in tbo London money market winch might interfere with tbo further funding of the public debt by the Syndicate. It is likely that $16,500,000 of the colled bonds will be bought In London and transmitted in payment of the Genova award. After Sept. 6 these bonds will be virtually gold checks on the Treasury at Washington F. KISS A CO. [3% the Aitodattd Prcss.l NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD LANDS, Washington, Juno 11.—Tho Secrotary of tho Interior to-day decided that,under the sixth sec tion of tho act of Congress granting lands to aid tho construction of tbo Northern Pacific Railroad, tbo filing of tbo map of tbo general route protects tho Company from pro-emptivo settlements within tbo granted limits, which in tho States aro twenty miles on each side of lino. Of tho 45,000,000 of 3 por cent certificates oatstanding November, 1870, all but 80,000 have boon called in and redeemed. REVENUE OAUOERB. The following Internal Revenue Gangers have boon appointed: James L. Frukbann, Sixth Missouri District; Thomas W. Hazon, Sixth Wisconsin District. The Hon. Felix H. Drunot, Chairman of the Board of Indian Commissioners, and Thomas K. Orcos, Secretory, to-d&y started to moot the Sioux in council, on or about tho IGth lost. They will afterwards visit tho other portion of tho Indian country. THE NEW YORK CENTRAL TAXES. Orowloy, the United States District Attorney for Woatom New York, was at tho Internal Revenue Bureau, to-day, in consultation with Commissioner Douglass in regard to tbo suit brought by tbo Now York Central Ballroad Com pany against the Collector at Albany to recover the $468,000 taxes paid to him under protest. Tho suit will bo tried toward the last of this month at Canandaigua, judge Hunt holding the term. INTERNAL BE VENUE RECEIPTS. The Internal Revenue receipts /or the current fiscal year have reached $109,607,1-18, being with in $600,000 of tho complete estimates of tho Commissioner for tho entire year ending with present month. THE LOUISIANA PROCLAMATION. The twenty days’ notice given by tho Presi dent’s proclamation to persons attempt ing to interfere with the Kellogg Gov ernment in Louisiana. In which they woro ordered to cease their efforts in that direc tion expires to-day, and tho Attorney-General does not think there will bo any further occasion for Interference by tho National Gov ernment. The Government has been informed that the list of losses mode up by tho Commission ap pointed to examine into tho condition of affairs along tho Texan border is very greatly ex aggerated, and in many oases a loss is repre sented ton times greater than the whole valua tion of the properly destroyed. Illinois Proas Association. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Quinov, Hi., Juno 11,— I Tho ninth annual ses sion of the lilinois Press Association com menced at the Opera House, in this city, to-day. At tho opening of the session there woro about fifty editors present with their wives and lady friends, together with many citizens. Tho re ception was a hearty one, ond tho welcome ad dress by tho Mayor neat ond appropriate. Tho response by President Welch was also well said. Tho prollmiuaiy business of the meeting was then transacted, and in tho afternoon in company with tho Committee of reception, the visitors woro driven in car riages around tho city and shown tho beautiful residences and buildings of what may bo well called tho “ Gem Oily of the West." The splen did country-seat of 001. K. K. Jones was visited upon his special invitation, and tho Urge party entertained in a most hospitable and generous manner by the Colonel and his estimable CHICAGO, THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1873, THAT DAOS PAY. THE CAPTIVE MODOCS. THREE PER CENTS. THE BIOUX COUNCIL. TEXAN BORDER LOSSES. Wifo and family. Tills compliment paid tho press was duly onjovod and appreciated by all participants. Tho Fair Grounds wore next visited, and tho fino stock of Qou. Jamos Sin gleton inspected. An impromptu trotting match oamo off tor tho edification of tho visitors. This ovoning thoro is In progress, at the Opera- House, a banquet and ball, which is attended by tbo Press Association and ladies, as woll as by a largo numbor of Quincy's best citizens and most beautiful ladies. To-morrow will bo devoted entirely to tho business of tbo Association. Tho wholo pro gramme as arranged and so far carried out hr the citizens of Quinoy. refloats much credit to this good tost and opon-nandod hospitality. WALL STREET. .Review of tho money* Stock* Rond* Gold, and Produce markets* • Special Diepatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Yoiiu, Juno 11.—No change in monoy to day, and tbo bulk of tho business in call loans was at 4to 5 per cont. At close thoro was a lit tle moro demand at 6 per cent. STOCKS. Tbo Block market was moderately active in a few of tbo loading shares, but tbo general Hat was quiet and without important feature. For a short timo after tbo opening prices jforo Armor and advanced a fraction, but tbo tono of specu lation Boon changed, and towards midday stocks wore freely pressed for sale, resulting In a de cline of %to 2}£ per cent. Western Union boro the brunt of tbo attack, and went off 1 0-8 per cent. In tbo afternoon tboro was a recovery of l)i per cent in tbo general market, closing firm at a reduction of to 1 per cent from tbo lowest point. Tbo extent of tbo brook is as fol lows: Erie, ; Pacific Mail, % \ Lake Sboro, : Rook Island, % : Western Union, 1% } Central, Bt. Paul, %\ Union Pacific, #; 0., 0. &I. 0., IW; Ohio, %; Wabash, Hannibal & St. Joe, 2%. Tbo decline in prices of tbo load ing stocks puzzles students of tbo market. At tbo timo the boar raid commenced, yesterday, but few operators wore in tho room, and scarcely anyone down town could bo dignified by tbo title of loader. The market was appar ently drifting along sluggishly, and somo of tbo brokers wore seriously debating tbo propriety of going up town, when, ns if in n spirit of banter, an operator not identified with any clique, enter ed a St. Paul crowd ond offered stock down % at a timo without takers until bo bad reached }§ per cent. Ho then bid up a little and found a seller. Thereupon on active business commenced, and down wont tbo stock about 3 per cent. Tbo movement on tho remainder of the list does not appear to have boon preconcerted, but tbo boors camo *in by twos and throes, and hammered tbo market down until tbo sound of tbo gong closed tbo room at 8 o’clock. To day tbo general fooling among those who bavo boon lagging stocks against adverse combina tions was that they bad better take tbo Jirofit while they could, and average whatever css they must make by joining tho bears and soiling tbo market short. About tho only thing which remains inactive amidst all this commo tion is Northwestern common and preferred. These stocks have not recovered from tbo blow of tbo corner of lost year. Jay Gould, who was instrumental in effecting this corner, is un derstood to have throe-fourths, of tbo stock on his -bands yet, and would bo very glad to get rid of it. Indoodit is said that ho made an offer not long ago to trade a good portion of this stock for that or another Western road on somewhat advan tageous terms, but tho barter was declined. In tbo afternoon some 1,500 shares of Pacific Mail wore sold out under tbo rulo. Tbo Gorman holders of Erio, to-day, exacted 1-64 per diem for tho use of stock from thorn American cous ins, who sold property short.—.- - .. ... ST. JOSEPH A DENVBB BAILBOAD BONDS. Nbw York, Juno 11.—An oxoitod mooting of of tbo bond-holders of the St. Joseph Js Donvor City Eailroadwas held to-day. James H. Fisher, of Buffalo, presided. 0. H. Hasslor said tho meeting had been called in order that tho bond holders might look aftor their rights. Ho de scribed bow tho bonds had fallen to 31J£, and said it appeared that instead of 1,600,000 acres of land being available, tnoro wore bub 600,000 acres. A Committee of Five was appointed to roport to a future mooting. In reply to anxious inquiries, Mr. Hasslor gave his opinion that tho transfer of tbo Company's land, except on mort gage, could not bo prevented, and that tbo bonds now unsold ought to bo cancelled. GOLD lower, with increased activity at the clocline. This afternoon the carrying rate foil to flat, indicating an increased short In toroat. Tho Bub-Treasury yesterday reported a, disbursement of $2,118,000 gold in redemption of 6-20 bonds, which created considerable stir in tho gold-room, but tho official slip of tbe day's business reported total gold payments of only $307,091. On inquiry at tbo office it was learned that tho actual amount of gold and gold certifi cates paid out in redemption of 5-20 nonds only was 82,700,000, and that the difference between this amount and $2,113,000 was mado up of chocks from Washington previously paid or sat isfied at that point and sent hero to bo debited and credited on tbo books of tho Now York offioo. This stylo of doing business creates con siderable unfavorable comment on tho street. governments were strong and scarce. FOREIGN EXCHANGE was considerably firmer. DBKADSTUFFS. Flour is more active. Medium grades for spring and winter irregular and lower. Family brands very dull, but steady. Good No. 2 more salable at former prices. Superfine irregular,' but moro active. Kioto doing in city ground flour for tho Wost Indies and Central America, at about previous prices. Sales, 11,000 brls: receipts, 18,021 brls. Wheat lower, with a good inquiry for export Winter in fair demand, at tho concession. Tho sales included 15,000 bu No. 2 Milwaukee, last night, seller July, at $1.66. Solos, 7,000 bu; receipts, 89,826 bn. PROVISIONS. Pork quiet, with some business for July at a steady figure; Juno. $10.50 bid. Sales cash and regular, about 160 barrels, at about $14.00 for extra prime mess, $10.75 for Western prime mess; for future delivery, 600 barrels, July, at $10.76. Bocoipts, 220 packages. .Gut moats— limited business and prices about steady. Bales Include a lot of olo&r bollloa, 12 tbs, at Okb, and smoked bams in bulk at 140. Yesterday, 25 boxes, IQ lbs. bellies, 8o; 2,000 hams, 12%o; 2,500 smoked at 15.% @l4o. Receipts, 262 packages. Bacon rather dull to-day, no important business being report ed ; long clear quoted at 80, and abort clear at » yesterday 600 boxes tff the latter at those figures. Lard moderately active and rather unsettled; for Juno BKo bid, and Oo asked j for city Sk'o bid, and B>£o asked ; for future delivery, 250 tes Angus, 9 7-IGo ; 250 tes do, 0%0 ; 1,760 tea July at 9 8-IGo ; August, 0 7-16. Receipts, 463 packages. 9 The Late minister Orr* Special Ditpalch to The Chicago Tidtmn*. New Yobk, Juno 11.—The ooffln in which wore tbo remains of tho late Minister Orr was en closed In a largo pine box placed on tho dock on tho larboard side of tho Thurinjia. In addition to heavy noils used, tho whole was bound to gether with wires. Those wires wore in severs places secured with wax bearing the Imprint of the Hussion seal. Tho inscription on tbo box was simply “J. L. 0., Charleston.'* On tho tug tbo undertaken begun to toko off tho pine bos, which mas so securely constructed that it had to he tom apart, plank by plank. The remains were enclosed in an iron casket, which, was in turn encased in wood. Tho ornamentation was very line. The casket stood on six feet, repre senting lions* paws, which woro partly con cealed by drapery and festoons of broadcloth with a heavy velvet fringe. The side of tho casket proper woe further ornamented with a broad silver band passing entirely around, about an inch from tho edge, upon tho top wore throe rows of fluted broadcloth gathered in plaits. Between tho Inner two was an inch and a half silver fringe, corresponding with the border on the sides, Tho plate was surrounded with a beautiful silver wreath. At the top was represented in relief a oap with a triple plume, and at the bottom a Ma sonic-Maltose Cross, in black, around which was a wreath of laurel aud white rosea. Tho rosea had faded to yellow. Tho following is tbo in scription : JAMES LAWRENCE Oltlt, Bern In Cray tonvlllo, South Carolina, May 19,1892, Died iu St. Petersburg, April 23—May 0,1673, Aged 01 years. Tho double date of death is owing to the dif ference in the method of reckoning time, tho Hussions clinging to the old stylo. Ou tho plate tho true date, May 5, is inscribed under the Rus sian date, a lino being drawn between. Tho remains, not having been embalmed, are not exposed to view. Young Mr. Orr brought with him a certificate- of his father’s illness, signed by (ho Imperial physician, who stated that deceased had taken cold on his journey to Russia; that his cold brought on pnuomonlft, which resulted In paralysis of tho lungs, of which disease ho died on tho 6th of May. New Your, Juno 11.—Tho remains or tho lato Minister wore lauded from tbo stoamor at 11 o'clock this morning, and. escorted by Knights Tomplar and a detachment of tho pofico force, wore taken to tho City Hall, where they will lie iu state in tho Governor's room. The Grand Lodge will furnish guards of honor whilo tho body remains in stale. Tho church services will tako place at tho Rov. Mr. Honworth’s church, on Madison, avonno and Forty-fifth street, at 4 o’clock on Fri day. Dr. Stephen 11. Tyng, Jr., will road tho Protestant Episcopal Church service, which will bo followed by a sermon by Sir. Hoyworth, and tho Deputy Grand Master will conduct the Masouio burial services. The President, at bis express wish, was Informed last evening of the arrival o ( tho body, and ? has signified his intention of being present at tho services on Friday. Tbo Seventh Regiment was ordered to escort tho remains on Friday. Tho coskot containing tbo body was viewed by 2,000 persons at tbo City-Hall Several members of tho City Council ronlaln on watch throughout tbo night with tho Knights Tomplar guard. THE INDIANS. Oapt. Jack’s History of the War—Ho , Criminates tho Klamath Chief* Allen David —Ho Denies Having Killed Canby. Botle’s Camp, Jnno B.—Cant. Jack spoke as follows to-day, when bo had bis first interview with Gen. Davis. Ho trios to implicate Allen David, the Klamath Cbiof, and denies being present when Oon, Oanby was killed. Ho also said: “X don't know how to open tbo subject about Allen David. I received a message lost winter in tho lava-bods by old SCdnehin, a sub chief of bis, from Allen David, as follows : * 1 don't wont you to lower your gun and fight Uko a squaw, but you must fight like a man/ At first I thought this message was alio, bntitcamo so oftou that I believed it. Iwasaboartolaydown my arms,when I got tho message. Alien David told Sconebin to toll me to fight; that bo thought tbo whitos wore going to fight him, and ho would soon let Jack know what ho woa going to do. Allen said. 'Hold on to your guns, lam get ting ammunition ; will join you in a fow days, ana am selling property to buy powder.’ Allen further said: ‘Don't act liko a woman; bo a man. I will join you soon ; have lots of poo file; want to got guns first; whatever offers bo Oommissionors may make don’t bollovo what they say; they aro trying to fool you.' I was going to givo up ana surrender when 1 got this message. I expected whoa I killed tho Commiusionors that Alien David would be with mo tbo noxt day or very soon, and 1 had already given up my arms. I ate tho food of tho Government, and aid not want to do any fighting after eating tboir food. 'When I got this message, It made me act as though I acted for Alien David, and expected him to join mo. Soon Allen David caused mo to leave the reser vation. 1 had bad feelings toward tho Klam atha. Bo many such messages came that I bo ! liovod them. 1 thought he meant it; so I acted. Ho and I woro moro good friends, but ho urged mo to do this lost winter. I was going wherever they wanted mo, and wanted some quiet place not on tho rooks. Allen David was always pushing mo up. Tho Klamath Ghiofs said tho samo. They talked as though Allen David was a big Chief. He said we must not think tho Kl&matfaa woro women. They woro juot arms tQ tho whites. I had ull tho trouble, and did all tho fighting. Ho did tho looking on, and, though they tried to get mo into a scrape, I want you to know why I commenced this war last winter on Lost Bivor. Applegate and Brown camo and said tbo Big Chief was coming to talk, and we must go to the reservation, Tho soldiers camo and surrounded us before day. They hold no council. I did not expect that. I was asleep. I told thoA not to shoot when my boys got tboir gifhs. Tbo soldiers fired tho first gun. 1 did not think they wonted to talk. After the soldiers began to firo on my people, some of my boys fired bock. I did not. 1 took my things and ran as fast os I could go away to Old Scnonohhi’s reservation, who said bo Lad nothing to say for himself. He only brought message from Allen David. As to Gon. Oanby’s things ho had on, ho said: "I can't say anything about it. I wont away. The boys who killed Gon. Canby got tho things. I was there but wont off as soon as I found i could not stop thorn. Jack, on being questioned, said that Bogus Gharloy and Schaoknaaty Jim killed Gon. Canby. Allen Band advised us to kill Canby. so bo did it. JC am tolling tbo truth. I did not kill him. I had it douo, but did not do it. Ho added in conclusion : “ I don’t lie. Bring them in that saw. I want to face them. If I had my chains off I would tell on all tho men who did these things.” Schonchln says ho did shoot at Meacham, but all tbo Modoos know bo was a poor shot, and could not bit anything, Jack's answers are of courso a tissues of lies, but many agree that old Sohoncbin from tho reservation, was tho messenger, and took tbo money given him by Cant. Jock to charge Allen Bavld, Klamath Chief, with urging them to make war and kill Canby. Bt. Louis, June 11.—The Times has a letter from fort Bill, Indian Territory, dated tbo 8d inat., which says: Mr. Bido, chief clerk of Su perintendent Iloog, arrived there tho previous Friday to hold a council with tbe Kiowa and Co manoho Indians, with reforonco to tho roloaso of Bantata and Big Tree, chiefs of tbe former tribe, who have been confined in tho Texan Peniten tiary for many months pqst, but no Kiowas wore present, and but few Comancbes. Those tribes are said to bomuch disappointed because Satanta and Big Tree have not boon released according to promise, and at tho non-arrival of Gov. Davis, of Texas, who was to have boon at Fort Sill somo timo since. Tbo letter further states that it la not known whothor Gon. Davidson, commanding at Fort Bill, anticipated trouble from the disappoint ment of thoso Indians or not. On tho 2d inst.. a squadron of tbo Tenth Cav alry, under Oapt. Norval, lightly equipped for active field service, loft that post with orders to patrol tho Texas boundary, along tho line of tho Red Kivor. from tho mouth of Caoho Crook to Ploso River, and if ho found tbe trail of any war party entering Texas to follow it as rapidly as possible. War Department Weather Prognoetl* cations* Washington. Juno 11.—For Now England and tbo Middle States and tho Lower Lake Region, on Thursday, northwesterly to northeasterly winds, and clear ox partly cloudy weather. From tho Ohio Volley to tho Upper tokos, easterly to southerly winds, and clear or partly clondy weather. For tho Northwest falling barometer, fresh to brisk southerly to southwesterly wind, and Increasing cloudiness, with possibly threat ening weather. For tho South Atlantic States, light and fresh southerly to westerly winds, part ly cloudy weather and rain areas. For Kentucky, Tennessee, and tho Qulf States, oast of tho Mis sissippi, light to fresh variable wind, and partly cloudy weather, with probably occasional areas of light rain south of Tennessee. Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce* Cincinnati, June 11.—Tho Chamber of Com merce this afternoon adopted a number of im portant amendments to its Constitution. Indi vidual membership duos woro increased to SBO, and Arms to pay in pro portion to the number of persons composing tho eamo, Instead of a fixed sum, as liithorto. Tho Committees of Arbitration and Appeals are ap pointed annually, instead of monthly, and mem bers of other Chambers, Boards of Trade, and other like organizations, will have tho same privileges with members of tills Cham ber in settlement of disputes before tho Commissions aud Boards, provided tho or ganization of which they woro members have adopted a similar rule. Died of IIIn Injuries* Indianapolis, Juno 11.—A young man named Shuster, whose skull was broken recently at a Oorman picnic by a stone thrown by James Oul lum, died on Friday night. Gullum has bocn arrested, aud will ho tried for murder. New IKumpaltlro State Offices* Conooud, N. 11., Juno 11.—Tho Legislature, to-day, eloctod tho following Stato officers : Sec retary of Btato, B. F. Prescott, of Concord; State Treasurer, Solon A. Gorier, of Koouo. HlttltE. FOREIGN. A Strange Story from Italy—Re ported Death of the Pope. His Double,{Abbote Minati, Playing the Role of Holy Father. Turkey Grants Independent Na tional Powers to Egypt. A Wife-Murderer Hung in the Neigh boring Dominion. ITALY. London, June 11.—A spoolal to the Daily News from Homo says that many of the monks belonging to tho monasteries that are to bo sup pressed, will go to Bolivia, and ChlU, South America, New York, June 11.--Tho London Telegraph of May 29 says: “ The Empress of Bussia and tbo Archduchess Maria hod an interview with the Pope and Cardinal Autonolli yesterday.” Special Difnxxteh to The Chicago Tribune, New York, Juno 11,—'The Graphic publishes an oxtraot from n private letter, dated Homo. May 16, -which tolls of a rumor, prevalent in that city, that Pone Pius IX. died some days previ ous, and that his place Is filled by on old and astute priest named Abbato Minati. His story goes that whon tbo nows of the Pope’s fatal ill ness waa published, Cardinals hastened to tho Vatican to talto counsel to sother5 other upon tbo condition of affairs, hoy found tho situation an exceedingly critical one for tho Church. It seemed to them that nothing could bo more inopportune than tho doath of tho Pope, and tho election of his successor at this moment. They*determined upon a stroke of tho most daring and astonish ing character. There was a priest of the order of Benedictines. Abbato Minati, who boro a striking resemblance to Pius IX. Ac cordingly they determined that Father Minati, in tbo event of tho Pope’s death should enact tho part of Fetor’s successor. The Popo died, bat, instead of their announcing this fact to the public by bulletins from tho Vatican, they began to inform tho out sido world that tho Holy Father was getting bet tor, and finally that ho was quite well again, the fact being that tbo remains of Pius IX. woro hidden away in aomo of tho secret roeosßQs of tho Vatican .collars, and that Abbato Minati quietly stepped Into bis place. To-day tho head of tbo Church is, in plain terms, a dummy, wearing tbo form ond Keeping up tho traditions of Pius IX, even to tho extent of taking a pinch of snuff during mass, which tho amiable dead old man always did. Of courso groat caro will bo taken that this propontiff exorcises none of tho functions of real infallibilty. Ho will rocoivo deputations, smile affably, utter compliments in Latin, take a walk now and then in tho Vatican gardens, and perform such of tbo sacred ceremonies os are indispensable, but any thing boyond that be will not do. Wo shall not have any moro bulls, fulmlnations, definitions, enolyolioals, or syllabuses for the present. AUSTRIA. New York, Juno Xl.— Jackson 0. Schultz writes that tho American department of tho Vienna Exposition will bo In complete order by tho 16th of Juno, which cannot bo tho case with that of any other nation, not excepting England, which has tho advantage of a corps of workmen brought to Vienna to hasten to completion and perfect that department. Tbo Austrian Government, bo says, should havo tak en another year to proparo for tho Exposition. Not only aro tho grounds not finished, but all those facilities vrlucU tUoy UftYo promised are in complete. A special to tho London Telegraph of May 39 says that Austria has broken through tho eti quette usually observed toward tho vassals of tuo Porto by receiving Prince Nicholas of Mon tenegro without his having boon presented by tbo Turkish Ambassador. As this slop appeared to indicate a changed attitude toward the Gov ernment of tho Sultan, it has excited attention in diplomatic circles ot Vienna. SPAIN. Madrid, June’ll.— I The mutiny in the com mand of Gon. Velarde arose from Buporsodinc a Captain. Twelve hundred of the troops remain ed faithful, and retired with the General to Jeßtaaa. Tho column of troops wbicb mutinied against tho authority of God. Velarde, at Ignalida, baa boon reorganized, and is now com manded by Gon. Cabrinety. A ew York Ileral'd't Special. Madrid, June 11.— DiasenBlonB have broken out in the Oarliet camp. Dorrogarray’a removal from the command was not on account of bis wound, but in consequence of an intrigue with the Marquis Voids Esplras. TURKEY. (ITerW £pcetaL] Constantinople, Juno 11.—The Sultan has issued a firman granting to the Khedive of Eygpt an independent internal Government and authorizing mm to augment his army and con clude foreign treaties. FRANCE. Paris. Juno 11.—Several French officials have sent in (heir resignations in consequence of the circular issued by tho Minister of tho Interior on the 4th Inst. GREAT BRITAIN. London, Juno 11.—It is expected that the prosecution against tho Tiohboroe claimant will he able to zest theix case next week. Prince Amadeus and wife have arrived in England, whore they will remain daring the summer. BRAZIL. Bio Janeiro, May 23.—The conflict between the clergy and secret societies continued to agi tate Brazil. The Ministry had taken a strong gronnd.on the subject and wore gaining support for their policy. In tho Lower Houso.tho Premier made a speech defending the Fcoo-M&aoas, and promised that energetic measures will betaken to prevent tho Bishops and Jesuits from inter fering with the Society. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Ottawa, Juuo 11.—The Qovornor-Qenoral and Lady Dufferin. with their household, have left for Queboo, where they will spend a low months. Toronto, June 11.—At the annual convocation of tho Toronto University, hold yesterday, Prof. Ooldwin Smith received the honorary degree of U. A. lie was also elected a member of tho convocation. Montreal, Juno 11.—Much feeling is ex pressed In business and political circles about the funeral of Sir George E. Cartier on Friday. Tho attempt of the Government to make the funeral public is now generally conceded to have “boon a mistake, though intended by the Premier for political advantage. Tho legal pro fession of Quoboo decline to attend. Tho Hoard of Trade of Montreal also objects, as does tho Bishop’s party in tho Homan Catnollo Church, tho majority of tho volunteers, tho City Council, national sooiotios, and others. Only throe Cana dian cities have selected deputations to attend tho funeral. Tho remains havo arrived, and the final ceremony takes place on Friday morning. Barrie. Juuo 11. —This morning James Oar rulbors, the former who murdered his wife in tiie township of Essa, County of Bimooo, on the night of the 4th of December last, was hanged in tho jail-yard here, in tho presence of about twenty-five persons. For twenty years ho hod resided in tho county, and had property worth $7,000. His character for honesty was considered good, but ho loved strong drink, and this was tho primary causo of family troubles. His wifo and four children wore in tho house on tho night of tho 4th of December, and about 10 o'clock, while intoxicated, ho deliberately mid without remark struck her two or throe blows on tbo head with a wldp-stook, causing her death next morning. His trial and conviction took place at the lost County Assises. His conduct under sentence was calm. Ho admitted his Suilt, attributing it to strong drink. At 7 o clock Us morning (ho doom-bell tolled for the first time NUMBER 297. In Barrio, nod tho Sheriff, hangman, culprit, audit fow privileged spectators, lore tbo coll for tho Sallows, uo was in sound health, and boro his oora with fortitude and silence, walking firmly to tho scaffold, 110 oxhibitod some signs of emotion after kneeling on the trap-door, but llttlo previously. A bandage coWnd hie eyes, but ho wore no cap. Tho Bov. organ, roo* tor of Barrio, rood tho usual sor ana offered 1 prayers, immediately after whlj qq ho bolt wao» drawn, and tho condemned m g dropped sis l foot, which caused almost insti ”-»oous death. Tho rebound after tho first 4 'f ? caused hiu slippers to fly from bln fef 2, mo distance among tho spectators. A fow d twitch-' lops wore observable, but they t h .ot lost moror than two minutes. In half an> pir tho body was out down, and the usual ttf «g nortom hold. Ho uttered not a word after If 1 2 B pinioned In his coll. ' ** St. Catharines. Juno 11.—1 M ig tho twen ty-four hours ending Monday —„at fifty-eight Teasels passed Lock 9 in tho Welland Canal, tho largest number that ever passed through in tho same time. Halifax, Juno 11.—The firo at the Lingan, Capo Breton, colliery has boon extinguished, but the extent of tho damage is not known. Tho French war vessels D’Eslulno and Kor saint have sailed from Sydney, Capo Breton, for Newfoundland, to protect tho French fishermen. Tho Minerva and Fury dice remain at Sydney. THE WALWORTH PARRICIDE. Some of (ho CttitßOH Which Led to tho Fearful TraffAdy, Spetial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, Juno 11.—A Saratoga special gives tho following account of tho causes which led to tho Walworth parricide: Mansfield Tmoy Walworth was thrown into tho society of his stop-slstors, after his father’s morriago to tho widow of Col. Harden, and without tho idea occurring to their seniors that they would over dream*' of being anything nearer to ono another than brother and sister. Mrs. Walworth was a strict Catholic, and tho marriage between tho young people would have boon extremely distasteful to her, since, in tho views of tho Churches, this re lationship by her now marriage was such os to forbid tho forming of closer ties; but tho young people know nothing of those ecclesiastical regulations, and cared little for aught save themselves, and so grow to lovo each other strongly,—so deeply, indeed, that tbo passion after a while obscured their reason. Then they secretly plighted tho troth to each other, ana took up the relation of man and wife. A fow brief months of wild happiness followed. As was inevitable, tho secret exposed itself, whon tho betrothed wife was evidently about to become a mother. Then a scono of recrim ination followed. Tho young couplo made tho excuse that they had promised themselves to each other, ana recognized ono another by solemn words of agreement between themselves os man and wife, and that. this agreement, ac cording to civil law, was marriage. There was then but ono recourse left, and that was to make the best of an unhappy passion, and unite them by formal ceremony of tho church, To this cheerful assent was given, and it was Accord ingly done. Tho marriage that had become a necessity was formally solemnized, and throe months afterward Frank 11. Walworth was bom. As might bo expected, whon tbo passion cooled tho couplo looked upon each other with changed eyes, and each come to think that their choice would havo boon different had they not been thrown together in a com mon household. Honco it happened that they quarreled, and finally separated. Each was jealous of the other, ana each despised tba other for youthful weakness and indiscretion. Letters passed between them, containing recrim ination, and some of thoir strange missives came into tho possession of the yonng parricide. Taunts upon his mother angered him, and there is reason to believe that lie totally misunder stood tho reflections made oa tho subject of his own illegitimacy. Ho thought bis father reflect ed on his mother's chastity after marriage. Fired with false chivalry, ho did not slop to ques tion bis mother, and tho mother had naturally concealed her weakness from her son. lb was enough for him that a slur had been cast upon her name and his own. Ho took his father’s life, and thereby published his mother's early frailly to tho world. Her best friends lament this more bittterly than tho murdoi for which her son is imprisoned. The correspondent says : “ This story is freely canvassed by all residents of Saratoga, wbeio the marriage caused groat scandal at the time. It accords with what I know about tho history of tho Walworth family.” Frank IL, Walworth was arraigned In the Court of Oyer and Terminer to-day on tho clmrgo of having murdered bis father. Ho pleaded through his counsel, Judge Garvin, “Not guilty.” The counsel for tho defense are to arrange with tho District-Attorney for tho day of tho trial, which will bom about two weeks. BLOOMINGTON. Farmers’ Convention on tlio 24th lust. Collecting* 'faxes from « Railroad. Bloomington, 111., June 11. —A convention of tho Farmers’ Granges and Clubs of this county Is called to assemble in this city on the 24t.1i last., for tho purpose of deciding what course to pursue regarding tho nomination of county ofll cors. The County Central Committoo of the Farmers' Club is also uotillod to assemble at tho same time. County-Treasurer Denison yesterday levied or an engine of the Oilman, Clinton «t Springfield Hoad, at Bellflower station, for delinquent taxes. Tho authorities agreed to settle immediately, and tho engine was returned to tho Company's charge. Tho Congrogatlonalista of Normal will rebuild their church, recently burned. Railroad Accidents. Newark, N. J., Juno 11.—A passenger train from Now York and a freight train came in col lision at East Newark this afternoon. Both en gines wore demolished, and tho baggage car tel escoped into tho smoking car. One engineer was fatally wounded, and a largo number of passengers wore out and bruised. Tho passen gers in the smoking cor crawled through tho windows. Tho air-hrakos prevented a more se rious disaster. Had tho accident occurred a minute sooner, there would have boon a terrible loss of life. The engineer of tho freight train is to blame. Dubuque, lowa, Juno 11.—Frank Hamilton, a hrakoman on the Chicago & lowa Railroad, was killed to-day, at Loo, 111., while coupling oars. Ho fell under tho train, tho cars running over the body, cutting and mutilating it horribly. The CUolora. Memmis, Juno 11.—There wore twenty-four interments to-day against oightoon yesterday. There is but little exoitomont in regard to tut cholera, and but few persons have loft the city. It is generally believed that the severe rain ol last night will have a bonotloial effect. The Hon. Jacob Thompson is recovering from his attach of the cholera. A painter named E. A. Jacksoc committed suicide to-day with laudanum. Itii said that fear of the cholera was the cause. Nasuville, Tonn., Juuo 11.—Thoro is a con tinual abatement in tbo cholera boro, and tbe coses prove quite conquerable in nearly every instance. Tho mortality is decreasing. Obituary* Special Dispatch to The Chicago TWbuns. Janesville, Wis., Juuo 11.—Joseph Lull, of Harden, Carlton County, lowa, while outdriving here on Saturday last, was thrown from hja’bug gy, by the axlo breaking, and tho horse kicking, broke his right log in two places and badly out tho loft. The bones wore sot, but moniucatioo set In and caused ids death at an early hour thii morning. Tho deceased was on his way to Now York, to bo married. Xlr* Weal Acquitted of Itlurdor* Dover, Del., June 11.—Tho Jury in tho mur der case of Dr. West camo into court at ( o’clock this morning with a verdict of "not guilty," on the ground of solf-dofonso. There is still a ohargo of arson against West, which will bo tried in Octobor. It is also pun ishable with death, and conviction on that charge scorns certain. Oraugera’ Celebration* Special Diojiatch to The Chicago Tribune, Mount Pleasant, la., Juno 11,—Tho Gran gers hold a celebration hero to-day, and a lorgt number of pooplo assembled to listen to ad dresses by Gov. Carpenter and Col. Scott. Twelve hundred teams by actual account, en tered tho Fair Grounds, while tho addro'ssoi were made.

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