Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 12, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 12, 1873 Page 7
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CITY BEAU, ESTATE. T?oir BALR—WABABJI-AV.—OnOIGH PROPEItTF JL' forimprormnont or Invoatmontj , Near Fourtoftntb-at., oast front, 25*170 foot, < f • Between Martlaon and Monro«*aU.. 40x170 feet. ' ‘ * Near lUdrldge-oourt (09j years' lease), 40x170, with bntiso. oto. I i Southeast oornor of Thlrty-fourth-fet., 226x176 foot; easy term*. • • - ■ Northwest corner of Thlrty*flflU-»t., 50x170 feet; easy tonus. , Between Forty-first and Forty-socond-sts., SSilSl foot, east front. BelwconThlrty-foorthandThlrtr-fiflli-sh., 100x151 foot, east front. j, BBAIAB WAUUKN, i •fjion SAMt-MOnOAN.ST.. DBTWBBM TVLKH i.' Volk-Ooiwno «md Jot, o»t front; lot SUI0&; ftonorß*nt.» 130 foot from Adam*—fl-story «»nd baap. moot brick, awoll front, lot 29x12fi t oaat front, Imldo blind#, with bum; oil now; doslrablo neighborhood, 59. t00. . ■ „ ■; ' i Abetdoen*«t;, n Madison— 2-itorr and biso* tnenKTffrabina \ B?*i’3o { $7,600, *om( front, -• ; Oroon-il., n«ar Monroo—3-Btory frame, and Daiatnont, M rooroa, uoifcfronk ■ •• t . . Wnlianh-ar. and Twonfy-ninlh-«t.—B-ito*T iramo, earn, For hai,is-®(J,ooo. h gash, will buy a coop brick bouao of 10 rooms. nil modern improve ments, nnd lot on South Bide, 1 It token this week; Ul> cheap at $7,600. Address N 43, Trlbnnooflloo.. I POIt HALR-AT OURAT BARGAIN, THIS WEEK, nruill oiohnngo for Rood horse and huger, 100 feck on FI/Hoth-aU. 8. DELAUATBH, W Wasblngten-st., base mnnt.; s .• ■ ■, ■ . i ; ■ SALE-RESIDENCE LOTS-7MX178 FEET ON . Bgan-av. (city limits) oast of and near Grand Boule vard, )u lots to suit purofaasors, at low prices and on qx tromoly oasy terms; the nttonllon of capitalists and build*, era Ik particularly called to this properly; ‘long ilme will be glron, and separate innricsgos on each lot: title pot* loot. J. ESAI AS WARREN, IB Chamber of Commerce. TJIOR BALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING 1 JD- atrootsi State, Burnside,•••Butterfield, Arnold, Gan* fosldl, Hnnoror, Butler, Wallace, Bumpier, Winter, Mur* ray. and Halstod; also onWontworUUDhurtloiT, I’orfland atm Bio wart* ats ; else on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, i I’wonty-tlxth, Twonty.soTantbr Tweuty-olgbth, Napolonn, rwonty-ninlhr Karl, Thirtieth, Haven, Thiity-Hrat, Thlr-. ly.tocond. Thirty-third, Tbirfy-tifth. Thirty-sixth, Thirty seventh, Fonlalno, and Thlriy-olgluh-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds.. A very sm&lLpajrmont down, flvo year's time, H per cent interest,' iNe«Rcnoy-buslntM. w Apply to oaocr, ALBERT ORANBt BT2 Wabasb-av. F 1 ” OR SALB-LINOOLN PAJU?—LOTS-. FRONTING Fullorton-sv.. RsOlno-aVy Fromnnl-flt., andWobslor- St., tntho nolghuorhood of Lincoln larkt street railway within a few blocks; cheap lots and on very oftsy tortus. Apply M> W. D. kJchFOOT A C 0.,, 90 East Washing- MU'SL ; - FOR RALE-CENTRAL PARK-LOTS FACING Waihloaton, Lake, Afadlson. Monroe, Adams. Jack •on. nnd Fulton-sta..:and Park, Warren, and Onllforoln svs., between Wostorn-av. and Central Park, at from 1876(0*2,000 each on caay terms. Apply to WM. D, kERFOOTAQO.. 90 East Waahlngton st. ' ~ tfOR SALTt-WKST TWELFTH;BT. r WB“ HAVB D Just made a Subdivision of the Block bounded, by west Twelfth, Sampson, Robey, nndUoyno-sls, and we iro prepared to sell lota on either of those streets cheap, in easy toms. Twoltth-.’t. or boulevard is ICO foot wide.. md is finely macadamised. Parties purchasing lota on it sow can be sore of roalif inn a handsome profit from tfaolr nvostmont. Apply U> WH). KKRFOOT A CO..' 90 Hast washlngton-st. A BARGAIN—TUB DEBIR-ADLE donco, 1119 Indiana-av., containing 14 rooms, band* lomo saloon parlor, conservatory. briofi atoro-rooro, two iath-rooms, hot and cold water all through tho boose, frescoed ceilings, painted walls, plat* slaws windows. »(0., etc. There la also a fine bam on tho promises, and everything 1s in perfect repair. Possession glvon at any time. Call betwoon 4t06 on any 1 day during the week; ; : FOB SALB-OUBAF-OOTAaON-rnOKT lIItICK rosldenoo, 3 stories and basement, 10 ropme .lot 33 loot frontsoxcoUcntlocation} WoatSide: $9,600. HENRY WALLER, JR., 86 Kast ’Washington*!!,, Room 4. TjIOR SALE—MANUFACTURING PROPERTY, 18SX X! 866 foot on Twonty-iocond-st. .northwcit corner of Allnort*Bt. Alsootherpleoes. HENRY WALLER, JR., MJcaitWaehlngton*Bt., Boom 4. T7IORBALE—FRAMEHOUSES—MARS HFIKLD-AV., X near Oongrosa-st, (Tyler); 9 stones. Building lota taken In part payment. „ ■ ■ , . , Ilarriaon-st., west of Oakley; 9 stories; $8,805. Lot lu* side fire limits taken la exchange. Wilooz*st., noar ; $8,806.-, near Kgan-av.; cottago Tory cheap. HENRY WALLER, JR., Room 4, 86 Wssblngton-st. FOR SALE-CHOICE LOTS UPON IIALSTED, Emerald, DashiolJ, Boddan, Arnold. State, Twenty* seventh, Thirty-third, Thirty-fourth, ana Thlrty-soventn* sts. Also uiton Wentworth, Arobor, and Egan-avs. Small payment down. Five yean, 6 por cent. HENRY W. CIIIPAfAN. 153 Monroo-st. • ■piOß SALE—BI,6OO—A BARGAIN, NEW 13-ROOM Jj cottage within four block# of Union Park. TRUES* DELL & BROWN, 176 West Madiion-st. ■ For sale—o. an. w. lots, between central Park and O. and N. W. car shops, a non-roaldnnfe owner, will soil very cheap, Al»o, Boulevard lots, and Into near Boulevard. Froo tide, cars or carriage. PHINNEY A LOMBARD, 165 LaSalle-et, • • TTIOR SALE—COTTAGE AND LOT ON TWENTY- Jj plghth-«t.; i«rlco. $1,000; raustbosold. TRUESDELL A DROWN, m Wost aladlson-st. •Cion SALK—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ON MONTH* X ly payments, two now houses, 10 rooms, onTaylor*st M Oampboll-av, Inquire at 186 South Clark-sU, In TTIOR SALE-A VERY OUOIOE 9.ACRE PIECE. X extending from Gracolnnd road to dummy road: all nicely improved; good bouso, etc., and. oulyl block from street cars Offered at a low prloo and on very easy terms; would bo very desirable for subdividing. For particulars Spply to SOuRADEU BROS., IM LaSallo-at., Room 7. For sale-nkw cottages ofs rooms each. oast, wost, or south fronts,- near Central Park, on monthly or quarterly payments. 8. \V. KROFF, 145 La* BallO-st., Room 14. ' For sale-lots on Milwaukee, fullkr ton, Humboldt, Boulevard, and Armltagp-avs., allow figures for a fow days. O. O. THAYER A CO., 186 East Madlson-ofc. * Eor sale-house no loojus-st., has been painted and oolsomlned this month, and is toady for moillato occupancy. ' House 79 Honor*}street; Immediate possession given. - OHACE A ABELL, 184 Doatbom-si., Uonoro Block. FOU SALE-HOUSES 990 WEST MONUOE-bT. AND 861 Warren-av. Possnsalon given on thirty days' no* Uoo. OHACB A ABELL, l&l Dontboru-at,, Hoooro Block. ______ For sale-new subdivision, corner pul lerton and Klmbnll-avs.; lot very lowandonlong time: no cash wanted fromparties woo will build. LAU KIN A JE.VKB, 145 LnSallo-aU Ip OR SALE-SOUTH FRONT ON TWELFTII-ST. ’ Boulevard, JG3>6 ft to alloy. Lots on Cypresi-st.,'A*h land-av., Chestnut, Olivo, Ruhr*, Taylor, and all streets north of Twelftii-st., botwoon Ituboy-st. and Ogden-nv. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A. BATES, Room 9, 149 LaSallo-et. _ ' F“ OU SALE-NEW . FIRST-OLAR3.. .COTTAGE, pleasantly situated near Roney and Polk-stasmonthly PM-niont,. v/mrrr.iiaKV,- bVnmkll t hates. Room 9, 149 LaSallo-st. - «•• • ■ • t POR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, A NEW COTTAGE, with lot, on Erlq-st., between Robey and Hoyno; terms very easy. 8. M. MILLARD, 183 Olark-st., Room 5. __ ; T?OR SALE —ON LONG TIME; NO PAYAIENT 1' down If Improved. Lots on Thirtv-nlnth-st. and wontworth-nv.- $550 to' SE£O each. J. O. STARR, M West Randolph-tt. T?OR SALE —AT A BARGAIN. 4 LOTS ON GIRARD JC st.. near Milwnukoo-av. J. O. STARR, 66 West Randoiph-at. • • • ' ' For salk-by davis a pike, 125 dearborn at., 50t160, cast front, on Adama-at., only two and & alf blocks from Kenwood Depot, $65 par foot; a bargain. nOR SALE-SOUTH FRONT ON ADAMS-ST., X' east of Jilncoln-st., 33x125, at $l6O per foot. GEO, PUOKER, Field Loiter A Co,, wbolosalo. For salk-a 2-story dwelling, 13 rooms, water, Ac., on South Hoyno-av., near Adams-st.; lollSxl&O, oast front; only SI,OOO cash, balance on easy terms. GIBSON A HOaMER, 116 Bast Randolph-st. For sale-on adams-st., east of wood. lot 3dxl6U: also 66x135. corner of Jackson and Lincoln ate. J. H. KEELER, 145 Olark-st., corner of Madison. IBOR SALE-ONE LOT FRONTING CAMPBELL ' Park near, south front; loss than market price. J. H. KEELER, 145 Olark-st., corner of Madison, FJH BALE-CHEAP- BUSINESS PROPERTY, rents for 20 per cent; will tako a small farm, or honao and lot In part pay. Address R 73, Tribune otHco. FOR SALE-LOTS ONE BLOCK EAST OF DOUG las Park and near Twolftb-et., only $660 each. J. H. KEELER, 145Olark-st.; corner Wadlion. FOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT 1477 PRAIRIE-AV., ss,ooo:onlys6oooash. Mlohlgan-sv., elegant mar* bio house, $16,000. 8. MKARS, 2W LaSaJlo-st. SALE-NEW HOUSE OP 10 ROOMS. ON MON* X 1 roo-st., nearOalltornia-av., with lot 25x124. Price, only $3,500: easy forms: monthly payments if desired. 8. W. KUOFF, 146 LaHalio-at. i OR. SALE—CHEAP HOME3-IN A GOOD neighborhood, on West Side, 2 pleasant houses of 7 and 9 rooms, $2,800 and $3,800, to S6O payments; QLAFLINBhoS. AOO.. mi*SaUe-st. For sale-a new oottaob on the west Side containing 7 rooms; location good, only two blocks from tho Randolph-st. can. and 8 years' loaso, for s|,B6l>t terms easy. Apply to STOOPS A BLAIR, 178 East Madlson-st. ' FSirSALI'—A, TWO BTOlli' HOUSE, SJX2I FIIB1 1 For $360- with 4 year* 1 loaao of lot at S4O por year, No. 221 Oampboll-ov. Inquire at IG2 West Harrlson-st. Terms S2OO down, bolaaooon ttmo. Tj'OU SALE-LONG LEAS KS-93 YEARS, AT FIXED X* root, no reappraisals: Blalo*at., 23x44, bi foot north of Randolph-st., oaat front. Michigan-*?., 26x110, adjoining Hotel, corner of Con* gross-st. Wabash-a?., 40x170, soar Rldridgo-oourt, house No. 491. j. KSAIAB WARREN, 19 Chamber of Oommoroo. TCI OR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT NO. 105 CENTRE* J} av., brick house; only $7,000 for this week, J. itflAiAH WARREN, 18 Chamber of Oommorco. TJIOR SALE-DESIRABLE RESIDENCE AND VA* J* cant property on West JacUson-st., noar Morgan. ALFRED L. SEWELL, Real Estate Broker, R9 La- Ballost. For bale douolas park-rws acres, fronting cast on Douglas Park, northwest cornet of Douglas Park and Douglas Park Boulevard. SNYDER ALEE, M Nixon's Building, northeast corner of Monroo and LaSalle-sts. IJIOR SALE—A CHOICE LOT FOR RESIDENCE OR • business, 25x1«0, Wabash-av.. near i'Vmrtoonth-gt.; torros easy; very low forcash. W.P. JONES,2O2LaSaIIe. I POR BALE—AT HALF ITS VALUE. LOT NEAR 1 Central Pork, between Jackson and Van Buron-sts.; must be sold at onoo to close an ostato, SMITH, WOOD A CO., 163 LaSallo-st. , HALE—THE THREE BRICK BUILDINGS ON ' the southwest comer of Miohigan-nv. and Madison-st, Will glvo a luas oof tho ground at (a reasonable rate. J. KSAIAB WARREN, la Chamber nf Oommorco. REAL ESTATE WANTED, WANTED—4O TO 160 AGUES OF LAND. NORTH VV west or north of tbo city, and in Cook County. It need not bonoarrHilreail. Address P. Q. Box 47. ■YArANTED—BUSINESS PROPERTY, IMPROVED VV or unimproved, on Wabash, State, Clark, or Lake* its. ; will buyat oucou a bargain. Address R 27, Tribune olflco. YtTANTED-ORNTRAL BUSINESS PROPERTY! VV will assume Incumbrances. Good reilddncu and I>aying leaseholds for farm property. S. W. SEA A CO., 51 Monroust. TO LEASE. mO LEASE-EAST MADISON-ST.~NINKTY-NINR X years’ lease. Proposals will bo received at the rest Mtato office of Phllln Alyors A Go., Room 18 Major Block,, mill the 21st day of June, for a nluoiy-nlno years’ oaso of tho lot fronting on Madlson*at., between Major Block; and H. O. Stonu’s huUdlng. Particulars mado known on •iMrljoatlon atsald offioo. JOHN V. FARWELL, N. B. JBOOTOW, PHLUP MYERS,* SUBURBAN BEAU ESTATE. TJIOR fIAtW-OAKWOOn HOUT.TSVARD,. JUST JU Booth of oily limit*t tho connection link between Grand and Drexol boulevards. Beyond qnoitlon tills will be the moat attraotlre, elegant, and convenient tlmr ouabfare, running oast and* wait, lying aoulbof tlioclfy as. I can mil 50-foot lot* on ini* boulovard, either i.or eoulb fronle. botwoon Osand boulevard and Vlucolmosav., at low prloo* and on easy terms, roc building ur Invoatmont nothing superior can bo found. Tho locality U extremely beautiful, and will commend itself to any man of (Aato, Aa an Investment It cannot fail to impress over? man of Judgment. There la nothing, to compare with it, either as an iuroilmont or place hf I residence, an assertion I am convinced that time will ▼Drily. J. ItSAJAB WARREN, 18 Chamber of Oom* roorco, ' < 1 TTlOn BALK—EVANSTON QIIOVH LOTS, $550, IN X 1 llro-doliar monthly payment*. with no payment down, TUla if tho heat chanoo tot oitoced to sot A homo. IUA BROWN, 143 Ii.%8ollo»«t., Hoorn 4. T7IOU BAjIK-SOUTU PAniC-380 FKRT ON BTONY JJ laland-dTj. fronting tho Park,* neat Flfty-eovcntb-Rt. CHAOS AAimLlylMDoarhoroat., Honoro Block. ; Fm BALE—CORNELL—ONE-THIRD OF A ULOGIC’ north o! wo Watch Factory, sntl near Ibo Ohntoh, at a bargain. OiIAOE A ABELL, 1U Doarbom-st., IToo*, ore Block, ~ ‘ .• - • , TBOB BALE—BOUTII ENGLEWOOD—A PEW FIVE JJ aero blocks on easy terms. Dofsrrod payments can bo so arranged ns te help purohaaer very much In reselling. OIIAQg A ABELL, iM poflVbom-it., llonoro Block, | WOR BALE—SIOO WILL BUY A BEAUTIFUL LOT JD at Dosnlalnoe, one block from depot! they will double .tn value this anmniert only $lO down and 80 a month until i paid; i IBA BROWN, 14fl LaSaUe-frt., Room 4. j WOE SALE—AT BNOLEWOOD—S, LOTS IN A JD bod? on Flfty-saronlh-st. for $320 oaon,- two blocks, from stationi 43 trains pat day \ faro 8 cents. A lino chanoo for moral who oan buy. tosethor and save retailers, profits. Com* and boo them, O. B«. OEUTFIK,*I33 Madlson-nt., cornerOlatk. ■•■.!. • . > ; TilOß SALK-OOMI! AND T WILL BIIOW YOU JD loti on and near Humboldt Boulorara, 140 to 380 foot deep, In'the midst of fine improvement*, only two blocks • from railroad station and unset, only 4K miles from Court-House, free from all city taxes, and M foot higher thtnihoiovsl ol the city, wil b perfect till e, for $360 each. Q. B. GRIFFIN, 183 MadiiOn-st., comer Clark. .1 woivsALE-onoion atm urban lots on the JD Milwaukee Railway, six miles distant, and twenty minutes’ tide. In Olyboum's Addition to Ravonawood. Those lots arc laid out 60*163 foot on 80 foot streets, and will bo sold upon- easy terms, at from 8800 to S7OO per lot. The facilities for aocess to and from ihs elty—tbs desir ability of the laud—lt being high and|lhoroagnly drained —the proximity to flrst-olaa* improvements, char oh os, school*, and society, ocmuiond: this property os the best nt the price now in the market. . . > ...; Oomparison challenged I The attention of tho Indus ' trtoui-tho thrifty—the eautlons—U called to ibeso lots as altos for homesteads or Investments, > t Oall, for sprinted abstract and plot, upon . . ■ ROBERT QUEER. 64 LaßalU-st., RoomS. F)R, SALE-SOME VERY DESIRABLE AVENUE tracts at WashiriglonTJclghls. • ; 40 aaroa on the rldgo opposite Clifton, and on Western and-Lyons*avs,-; - r i-, . i 40 acres on Lyona.av..ridga ana grove.- - •■. , 130 acres In Hoc. 23, 8?, 13, rldgo and grove. ' lep acres In See. IS, 87. IS, rldgo and grove.. . • 91Aores In Soo. 80. 87,14,-adjoining Vlnoonnoi-road Ad* dlllon. • • 10 urn la Soo. 80, JT, 18, 1 186 Knst Madlaon-st. TjIOR SALS—LOTS AT NORTHWESTERN- OAR* X 1 shop*. very low, one-sixth cash, balance in 4 years. EaRKINvA JKNKB.I&6LaBaUe-at. ~: . ... ■ F)R SALB-NEW COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS AND 6 acres good dry Improved land,-nail mile from dopnt, at Hobart, on Fort Wayno Railroad, 83 miles from CM* cage: price 8625 cash, 8100 balanoo lu *l3 por month. Office 'days, ‘Friday,’ 'Wednesday, * and* Monday.' J. KARLS, owner, Room 8,163 Monroo-st. FOB BALB-BEBT LOTS IN NOBTII EVAMSTON- Am building 8 stores and 10 houses. Carpenters, Eaintere and masons wanted. O. L. JENKB, 145 La* alle-4t. ' ■ • ’ T7IOR SALE—ENGLEWOOD—THR MOST DESIR* JD able eubnrb in Cook County. Wo have some Tory do* Blrable lots In tho Normal School SubdlTlaion at reason* ablo prices and easy terms. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES. Room 9. I49LaSalloit. . TjIOB BALE—AT OAK PARK AND RIDGELAND, JD ■ soToral nice houses: also groat variety of vacant lots and aero property. A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room LaSallo-it. - 1 . . For sale-two lots near centrals*ark, $760 each: SI,OOO cosh, balance three years. Adjoining lota sold foe 01,000 each. Froo rldo. cars or carnages. PHINNEY i LOMBARD, 163 LaSallo-st. . TjIOR SALE—AT GLENCOE, TWO CHOICE AORB9. J? noar tho depot, and on a desirable comer. Secure it for a home. HOVE Y, Room 4 Metropolitan Block. FOB 8 ALE-47Jtf FEET NORTHWEST CORNER WA* boJh-nv, and Forty-elghth-si.ivory cheap,as tho owner must aollr- PHINNEYi LOMBARD, Room 7, 168 1a S&llo-aU TjIOB BALK—BY DAVIS A PIKE, 125 DEARBORN* J] at., 100x160, Konwood, two blocks from depot on Madlson-av., S6B per foot for a few days; a bargain. FOB BALR-14S ACRES IN COOK COUNTY, ON Ohlosgo A Pacific R. R,; now depot located on promises; will take part in Chicago property; a groat bar* Sain can be had in this if taken soon. Apply to GIBSON : HQSMER. 115 Bast Uaadolph-st.■ For sale-a baroain-6 acres near city limits, south of MsdiioQ-eU J. H. KEELER, 145 Clark-st., corner of Madison. FOR BALE CLARENDON HILLS —WE ARE offoringla this beautiful suburb, 13 miles from the oity on tho 0., B. A Q, K. R., the moat dosirablo subur ban property about Chicago, allow prices and on easy terms. Will build houses for purchasers U desired. High elevations, boaut.ful undulations, attractive scenery, and S3 dally trains connecting It with tho city. For plats, In* formatlbn, and froo transportation to examine too prop erty. apply to CUAS. 11. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dear* bora-at* For sale-by lino a holmes. 173 madison tt., 20 acres on lino of now railroad, B. K. hi Sea. 14, 87,18, ono-tblrdbolowvaluo;owoor must soil. ’ T7IQR BALK-LOTS IN EVANSTON, S3 FEET FRONT X by 160 deep, for $836; terms, $lO monthly payments, or ono-fonrth cash, balance in 1, 9, and 8 yean. Those lota aro within live blocks of dopot, two from railroad. Como, froo of oxponao, and soo tho improvements and in ducements 1 am offering. ROBERT COMMONS, 149 Lafiailo-st, • , T7IOR SALE-8 ACRES FRONTING ON DRF.XEL-AV. JJ and 6 acre* fronting on South Pack, at & bargain. 10 aoroa just south of city limits, fronting on a sewered street; a very desirable place to subdivide. Can bo bought at a bargain. THUS, A. HILL, 128 Doarboru-st. FOR BALE—CHEAP FOR CASH—SOxI2S FEET, ONE of tho handsomest corners at Maplowncd. Want money. Must soil; mako mo an oiler. Address J 49, Tribune odlco. ■ FOR SALE-ONLY 83 LOTS UNSOLD OUT OF 144, atau average price of $106porlot; GOzlCti ft high ground near cars, schools, and churches: $25 cash and glCpor month. EDMUND U. STILES, WMadison-st., comer Dearborn, Room 7. For sale—or exchange—at Norwood Pork—One of tho choicest 10 aura blocks, 30 minutes' ride from Chicago. J. R. STANLEY, 190 Pcarbora-Bt. TUOR SALE-SEVERAL HOUSES AT lIYDB PARK; •J? -one for $6,000,- S6OO cash;-one for $16,000, amplo grounds, bam, ao., noardopotialso vacant lota in Hyde Park, Kenwood, and Egandalo. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Doatbom-at. FOR SALE-SEVERAL DESIRABLE RESIDENCES in Evanston, South Evanston, and Roger"’ Park; also building lota and aero property. ALFRED L. SEWELL, Real Estate Broker, 169 LaSalle-st. For bale-ten agues in s. e. w seo. 20, 40; 14, fronting on tho Green Bay road. SNYDER A LEE. 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner. Monroo and LaSauo-sts. For sale-desirable new residences at Auburn, on Rook Island Railroad, near Englewood and Normal school. Those houses aro largo and conven ient, and will bo sold with 60 or 100 foot of ground at lew prices ana on terms to suit. Auburn ia a beautiful subdi vision, handsomely improved with trees, sidewalk*, grad* cd streets, oto., oto. Boat of railroad facilities. Lots on easy terms. SMITH, WOOD A 00., IC3 LaSalle-st. FOR SALB-8 ACRES, BED. 11, 87,13, SUBDIVIDED, at a bargain, for cash, fora fow days.. AVERY, MILLER A HIGDON, 143 ahmroo-it. TTIOR BALE-800 FEET, IRVING PARK. THE X' most deslrsblo of all, 2 blocks from depot; 200 foot on each corner of block, at $5 cash value: k down, land 3 roars at 8 per cent. ' J. W. UEDENBERQ, V 3 East, Room 4. . FOU BALE-9M ACRES IN VINOENNKS-ROAD Addition, Washington Heights, adjoining Morgan Park, and very near two depots; tho property 1* subdi vided. streets open, Ao. O, O. THAYER A CO., 186 East Madison-st. TBOR SALE-80 ACRES IN SEO. 27, 87. 13, HIGH, X tolling pralrlo. O. O. THAYER A CO.. 126 Host Madison-st. FOU SALE-IN EVANSTON, A BEAUTIFUL NEW • house of Broome, good collar, laundry, bath-room, oto., on cholco lot; nice location. Four houses In North Evanston and ono in Glonooo, at low figures. Also throo bouses to rent In North Evanston,at sl6. S2O, and $26 per .month. Lota tn any of the places named for sale cheap, l and 1 amber famished those who will build. Tonus lux bouses, ono-flftb oasb, balance In monthly or yearly pay ments, and lots on still hotter terms. Call at my otneo In Evanston; or Room 2. 163 Mooroo-st. O. E. BROWNE. For sale-bvanston property-houses, lots, andaoros; call at our otlloo, 173 Madison-st., and got a list of our property In the Evanston Real Estato New*, published by us. L. Q. PITNBR A SON. Fob sale-good lota, at sim to ssoo bach, near depot, at Norwood Park; terms, sll* down, and 86 a month afterward. WILSON, PEIRCE 4 CO., Itoom 6, No. 188 Clark-at. . FOB SALE—DESIRABLE LOTS AND ACRE tracta ut Montrose at prices affording a margin; no property presonta boiler prospects, or enjoys bettor (aolU. tlo* (or «aay, Quick, and cheap access. For particulars apply to RCA A COATES, Iw Washlngtou-st, EOR S ALB-TIHRT V COTTAGES AND TWO-STORY houses at Englewood on easy terms. Apply to TIL* TtiON BROS.. 278 and 274 Slato-st. TBOR SALE-LOTS NEAR CENTRAL PARK AND J? now car works of O. AN. W. R, It, Co . at low F rices aud on terms to suit purchasers. B, W. KUOFF, 16 Laflallo-at., Itoom 14. For bale-at south englewood-ohoiob lota and-blocks, noar dopotand fronting Eighty* aorestb-at. boulevard, no 8 and 6 years’tlrao; no monoy down to parties who will build Immediately; sldo-walks on Eighty-sixth and Blghty-aoronUi-eU. leading (rota depot to the property ’ already oomplotcd. MATSON HILL, 108 and llODearbom-nt. FIR SALE—B ACRES OF LAND IN SCHOOL SEC* tlon, near M«dUon-et.. at a bargain if taken this week. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON, 183 South Olark-st. "C'OU SALE-SOUTH EVANSTON—RIDGE LOTS, X* grove lots, oloso to depot, public school, etc; price low, payments easy. CHASE A ADAMS, Ed Bryan Block. FOU SALE-AT ENQLKWOOD-OUOIOK lots in avonr part of this growing suburb; monoy furnished to build 80, 40, orWhnuflos upon lauds of our own, HUL HURD A CO.. 808La8allo-at. Fill BALE-AT ENOLEWOOD-TWO BLOCKS from depot, oast front, all grovo, on Wabaah-av. noar Slxty-socond-st., Jot 82x170; for a homo nothing bettor on South Side; for an Investment It will pay a largo ad* ranee In one year. HULIiURD A CO., 20a LaSallo-st. FOR BALE-AT ENGLEWOOD—2d, 10, 6, OR H aero lots at big bargains; also bamltumo gruvo nrrm erty near Flfty-ninth-st. lIULIiURD A CO., Sdß La* Hallo-st. TilOR adjacent to new car* X 1 shops O. AN.W. R. R.. on reasonable turms of pay. mont. Office opon from 7 foe o’clock iu tho evening. A, O. ODELL, Room IQ, 123 Doarborn-st. IpOR SALE—EGAN*AV,—B ACRES ON KOAN-AV., 1 noar Galifornla-av, and now cotton manufactory. Price, low terms; one-fourth cash, balance 1, 2, and 8 yoarji. SNYDER A LEE, No. 14 Nixon UulMUigs, north* oast corner Alonrooaod LaHallo-ste. T7IOR SALE—REFORSI SCHOOL STATION—DESIR. X 1 able realdenoo. lot IftlxlSU foot, corner of Myrtlo-av., near tho Reform HohnolStatlon, Price, low, easy turms, SNYDER i LEE. No. 14 Nixon Buildings, northeast corner Monroo and LaSallo-ats. X} dweUlng-huußo of 6 looms, good brick collar, Imiiace, hard and soft water. Lot 143x162 foot, ornamented with fi ult and shade tress. Apply to ROBERT GREER. 81 LaSalle-st., Room 3. y * (THE CHICAGO DAILY TKJLBUJVE: THUIiSDAY, JUNE 12, 1873. COUNTRY REAU ESTATE. FOB BAtR-VALUATILR AND OHJSAP FARM OF ISO bores, InileKalb Uonnty, half a mile from rall roao. with orchard, maplo grovo, good water, well fenced | AiiunHona oountryneat in Michigan, of 1,1500, aoroa, with lake, residences, fountains, mills, oto., Ilttod up for a retired gentleman of fortune and leisure. valuu, 1150,- (WO. - . A splendid first-class stock, dairy, and fruit form of I,loo«erea, noarthoabovot $58,000. . . . Now brick residence, Id rooms, at Highland Park} $14,000. :c . . Marblo-front roitdonoo, 18 rooms, onUdlvorsUy-placo, (worth; SIO,OOO. . .• . Stock and dairy form of 240 norqa, near Elgin, 111. . Neat dwelling at Highland Parr, vpnr low; $4,000. . Call from 2t04 p. m., at Room 29 Tribune building. I~pOll BALU—FAttM, WITH COAL LANDSs FARM ' o/SlQaorcf, within onomllo of railroad station, with erory Indication of coal on tho promise*, n sood spring of water, and woli adapted for a itook farm; can.ho o*» changed for a stock of hoota and shoos. clothing, ortrro* oorloa. Apply to THOMAS IS. JOUIIDAN, Mondota, 111. • . won BALE-A farm of igo agues, withim* JD provomonla, In Deloran, Tntowull Ommty, 111; \ land of too boat quality! terms of aaln Tory easy. Apply tu , BECKHAM A BHO>VN, Jloom 4:1, Reaper Block, corner ofOlarkand Washlngtou-sts. ■ ■ ■ WOR BALE-1,280 ACRES IN A BODY, CO MILKS JD (com Chicago { price, BW,6dpor acroj on railroad Uno.' Apply toGIBSQN A xrOSMBIf, 116 East Randulph-et. ; Tii on BALn-on exoiianor-a 1 SKXurmns I? home at Morrison, |IU> - $4,000, Choicest location In town. BTOltna A WARE, til WashlngUm-st. BUSINESS CHANCES. AN 'ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN WANTED WITH 81,000 cash, to join a gentleman with equal amount' and sob as Treasurer to take charge of the financial aifaira foe the manufacture of a little patent article that costs 3 cents,aodaolle forMoontfl.. A sure fortune; failure im possible. Orders on band-for GO groat, amounting to $2,160, which cannot bo lilted for want ot above capital. B«ud 60 cento for sample, or call nnd investigate at 86 end 67 Dtintbom-ai., Room 83,’Chicago, lit.. A LODGING HOUSE IN B.VN FUANOISCO. FOR solo. A fine central location, containing HO rooms, • with ftwoll-oatabllshod business. For further Information and .particulars address O. U. MOXLLY, Real Estate, No. 2aß Montgomory-st., San Franclsoo, Oal. ■ , A RESTAURANT IN A GOOD BUSINESS LOCAL - itf for ealo nt a bargain. Apply, between tho hours of 0 and 12. at to3or 106 West Randolph-st. • • ' ■ A CLERIC WANTED WilO OAN COMMAND $3,600 J\. eatbi-good soourUy for tho lonn, and a salary nt si.OW) n yean situation permanent. For particulars address It 68, TrlDuaa'pfllco. ■ • A-BARGAIN— I TUB EATING HOUSE, AT URAND J:\ Rapids. Mich., Is for sale. Address P. O. Box 1298, Grand Itftploß,-Allen. , . ■ ■ . A SMALT, 110TKL, KNOWN AS DEPOT HOU6K,*;. No. 106 West Wator-st., opposite Milwaukee A N. 1 W. R. B. depot, with Huonse Ami all uoocssary funiituro and fixtures for such bouse, with bam la roar, foranln im reasonable tonus., Apply on (he promises,, to JOHN HANNTGAN. " •. I ' - ' - A FIRST-CLASS CONFECTIONERY STORK FOR bAIo. ' Addroea Y 70,’ Tribune oilloe. ! A FIRST-CLASS MKAT.MABKKT ON TUB WEST .Uldofor s&lo, with a good trade: must bo sold at onco. Forpattioulars address J £B, Tribune office. A FINK ROOT AND. SHOK STOUR FOB SALK cheap for cash, or part cosh and part tool estate, at 15 Mliwankoe-av. . , • A LARGE NUMBER OF LEGITIMATE BUSINESS openings on hand /ormon with 6800 to 810,600. • In vestigation solicited. J. E. KIMBALL, 138 Donrhorn-at. Bakery for sale, a hark ohanok tor a live nun: everything Id good orclor, and doing n Kood business. Apply on tho promises. CLARK A IcOOY, 27 Bine Island-av.- Billiard hall and sample room for salo; 4 now tables, . fumltnro. and fixtures, with good stock ofllquors, etc., Id good location. Call or ad* dross 45 North Clark-st., basomont. BOARDINO-HOUSR FOR SALK, CHEAP FOR cash. For particulars apply at 74 West VnnUurou-at, /'IANAL-BOAT FOR SALE—THE UNDIVIDED w half of a good boat and foam for tho small sum of SGM. Will take good papor for ninety days, with Interest.' Apply at WILLKT A HERRING’S Law OUioo. No. 119 Madtsoo-st., Boom 10. riRESOBNT LAUNDRY FOR SALE, CHEAP FOR \J cash; 974 Wost; doing a good business. /lIQAR STAND IN BARBER SHOP, AND ONE barber-chair, corner of Washington and Ilalaatod* els., for sale cheap. /CONFECTIONERY AND ICE CREAM SALOON L-f for Bale, cheap for cash. Good reaaon given for soil* log. Inquire at BPS Soutli Oanal-at. • TjIOB SALE-SALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE, X' wltli lease, and license for nozt year; hoiuo can nc commodato 86 boarders; furniture, and all In good run* nlngordor; 1 will sell oboap for cash; reason for soiling, going to live In tho country. Call at 267 South Canal-si, fora low days. Grocery store for bale? fresh new stock, worth $3,600. Address RBl, Tribuno office. Grocery for sale-no. i location; small stock; good reason for soiling. QEO. U. PEASE, Room 23, Reaper Block. TTAY BARN, PRESSES, AND GRASS I.AND, TO* XX gothoror separately, one yoarnr longer; terms very favoraple. J. M. STEWART, 363 West mdlana-Bt. TTOUSE, SALOON, AND FIXTURES FOR SALE Xlchoap:tho boat location In tho city, noar tho now Clly Hal), No. 183 Adoms-st,, or No. 27 West Randolpb-sU, in tho saloon. TIfEROHANT TAILORING BUSINESS FOR SALE, iYX ostablishod 1G53, doing a good cosh trade. Stock small, ront low, location good; no bonus; poor health tho cause of solllug. Address BS9, Tribune otfleo. VTKW YORK—LEASE AND FURNITURE OP A iv first-class Broadway hotel for salo. Address II H, Station D, Now York. * ONE-THIRD INTEREST IN A SASH. DOOR, blind, and stair-building business for sale m this city; woll ostablishod, and in full operation; a raro chance lor small capital and largo profits; tho parties owning tho otbor two-thirds furnish all tho running capital. For fur* tlior nartloulors apply to J. F. PIERSON, 191 Dearbora et., Roam 0. • f\Klt OF THE BEST BEER-SALOONS IN THE CITY \J for anlo smuat bo aolil at onoo ou oocount of sickness. LING A HOLMES, 173 Madlson-at. . Restaurant, with saloon, for sale at a bargain. Apply to JOHN ESOHER. 431 South Co nal-st. _ STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS 7 run of stone, now engine of ample power In good or* der; la In a town of 9,000 people; good local trade; ship* Ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and MNslsxlpnl River. Terms easy. Address or call on P. L. UNDER* WOOD, Muscatine, lowa. SALOON ANDBOARDING-lIOUSK (TWO YEARS’ lease) for sale, separately, II desired; location, North Wolls-st; cheap for cash. Call at 123 North Wolle-st. SALOON AND LIQUORS FOU SALE AT PUBLIC auction, atBB9M South Clark-st., Juno 13, at 11 o’clock a. m. GABOON AND BOARDINQ-HOUSR FOR SALE p within bail a block of tho Rolling Mill. Apply at 48 Rawson-st. rnURBB BOARDING HOUSES FOR SALE; ALSO X furnished rooms to rent. Cl Unlon-at. fIUIE LATEST NOVELTY-ONIC DAILY CASH UN* X . torpriso; can bo bought, routed, or soon at 83 West Madlson-st., down-atalrs. THE HALF OP A SALOON AND BILLIARD HALL for sale. JNO. F. LATSHAW, Room 13, 79 Dear* born*st. Cl Q/in- A BOARDING-HOUSE AND SALOON vX.OxJU (18 rooms. 83 bods) in a good location on tho booth Sido, forsalo bywOOKIN A ItEIOHARD, 76South Doarborn-at, QIH nna IN cash and a person WHO IS i?i.U.UUU willing to put his shoulder to tho wheel. I will guarantee a fortune. 1 will give undoubted security for tho money. This Is a monopoly scoured to mo by tho U. B. Government, and 1 only require tho capital and tho man to make us both rich. Addrocs R 89, Tribune otHco. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-fou inoersolls life of Horace Greeley, Just ready; also, for our other popu lar subscription books; como and soo our now plana and indueomonts. Union Publishing Company, 835 Wabash* av. t Chicago. Agents wanted-47.0p0 problems (more or loss) In interest, computed for four distinct business periods of time, in one minute, at any rate per cont. Now urlthmotlca I alphabet. The Leaver. Absolute right method of finding oubo and square roots also an unlimit ed number of ways; tho moat remarkable discoveries of tho Nineteenth century: bonk contains 103 pages. Price. sl. Address J. A. HENDERSON, A. M., Author, San Francisco, Oal., Box No. 85. Agents wantkd-men and women op en* torrrleo and business sagacity aro making slo to &20 a day soiling our groat household articles. Tho best chsncoovor otlurod tbosu with a small cash capital. Anywhoro from $lO to SIOO will answer. . MERRILL A CO., 25 WcatLako-st. A GENTS WANTED—FOR ORAM’S BEAUTIFUL -Cl. Map of the United Stales and World. Ounbo Hold In every house. Also now und ornamental Stale mans, religious and political charts, lithographs, photographs, Ao. Bond for now circular and boo lunuoamoata to agents. GEORGE F. CRAM. tidLako-st., Uhloagn. A GENTS WANTED—TO BELL OUR NEW BUT UX. ton-bole cutter, ncodio-tliroadlng tliirablo, and other now articles. WEagtMadlaon-st., ItoomS. AGENTS WANTED—2O AGENTS WANTED IM aimodlfttoly; big obnnco to niako monoy, at No. 0 South Canal-st., Itoom4 (Homes llougo Uulldfngj. AGENTS WANTED—TO BKT.I. "SHOWCARDS" JX In country towns. A. STEMPEL, 7 West Ran* dolph-st;. Chicago. MISCKLLANJJOUS. /Sash PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND V, mlseollanoona good* of any kind, by aondlug a Utter (o I. GELDKIt, Loan Office, Bdl Stato-tt. PEOPLE VISITING duiOAGO FROM OTHER X portions of thonorthwost, oalland Investigate liual* nogs suitable to tholrown localities. STONE A SKIN* NEU. 110 Doarborn-st. § TONER'S INVENTORS BUREAU. 125 CLARK-ST.. Rooms 73 to 76 and 43 to 62, STONER A CO-, Patent lioltor Attorneys, do all kinds of patent business. A manufacturing business for sale or exchange. THE DEBT THING IN THE MARKET" TO HELL or travel with to make money Is tho novelty glass out* tor. Agonoy, IDOUlark-et., Room 10. \\T ANTED—A PARTY TO GO IN COUNTRY AND V T tako furnished hunso, and board owner and family, Address Y 53, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—TO BUY A SMALL PRESCRIPTION TT drugstore, in good locality, by a physician of ago and experience. Address J 61, Ttlbuno office. TIT-ANTED-rUPPy, A YOUNG POINTER OR RET* Tr tor. Ploaio etato price and ago. R77, Tribune otßee. ANTED—TWO INDUSTRIOUS MEN OF GOOD habits to occupy two new houses, after paying 81U1) each on houso. OLAFLIN BROS. A QO.jai LaMuno-at. CLAIRVOYANTS. Chicago spirit rooms, 217 west madibon* et., Room 8; tost,clairvoyant, and business mediums; private sittings during tho day; mediums wanted. T\R. MATHEW AND MADAM' MAYNARD, BUSL XJ nets and medical mediums, M Weal Mndlson-st. IJUBLIO SKANOIi, 700 WEST X Spirits bo on, tests, seated loiters answered, every evening. MUSICAL. AFHIST-CIjASB PIANO XT)R SALK CHEAP FOR oasli. or carpenter work will bo taken In paymout. Address PIANO, care of Carrier No. 27. pO TO THE FAOI’ORY DIREOT. TO PUROHASB \T a Nicholson; tho cheapest first-class organ In Ameri ca. Price, S6O to tJI.WX). Alsnufaatory and salesroom, 68 East Indlana-it. PIANO. 7 vOJU ooluvo. carved logs, sorpemlno moulding tl)o sumo as other dealers charge sssu. Also a splendid 7-oo- Uvo piano to rent. 361 Park-av. . BOARDING; AND LODGING. Wait Side. O SOUTH PEORIA-BT.—TO RENT—FURNISHED-. U Front nnd side rooms, with board, for a gentleman and wlla ot tingle genUcmoo; tarmi modorato. IQ SOUTH ORKKN-St.-NICELY FURNISH] XO roorna wlllt flrat-olaas hoard. o a bishop-court, second door from mad. Zf'x Isou-it.—Ono largo finely furnished front roomi alio, two otherlsrgn pleasant room*, suitable for gentle man and wife or single gonta, and rpora-tnalo for lady. Flnt-olasa boards homo pleaiaotlnall totpeolt, Of* ABERDEEN'S!'. REST LOCATION WEST /iO Sldo-Sliady, froofrora duatihouaalargo, now. and ©very lummor comfort} bolt table} an elegant homo} olioloo rooms, on mlto or single} aelnglo lady oau bo no oommodatod. Terms from $7. i M SOUTH MOROAN-ST., NEAR WASHINGTON — l Two iijooly.furalahod and vary ploaaant rooms, with flrttrolau board. ■ A Q SOUTH DKSPLAINKS-ST., ST. OHAULEB “tO Hotel, wlllboard • merchants, asleimon, • book, koopors, oto.. al*oto fi9por week. 14 Strawberry ibott. cake.” . ' no NORTH PEORIA-ST.-A FEW NICE BOARD OD ora Accommodated In a private family at $4.00 per week, ' rrc) SOUTH MOROAN-ST.-TO RENT, WITH {■£ i board, a largo front room, donvenlont for two per. nooi; will bo lot ohosp to permanent occupants} auooln.' ttlo rooms. : i • . ’‘ 1 1 ■ Q9 ASHLAND-AV.-A NICELY TORNIStIRp O £ room, or one unfurnished, If desired, with board,* ’ ouo block south of Union Park} near oars and omnibuses. _ t'aS - WEST ADAMS-ST.—f> BOARDERS ‘GAN~RB XU I accommodated with board sod pleasant rooms at $6 per week. • ~ ...••■ ■f Q ,I“WARRBN-AV., CORNER WOOD-BT.-FUR XO*X ntshod And unfurnlabed room*; iccond story fiont, wltholosota. for married couples! also, aooommoJatlona fortwiiyniinggonls. Tonus tnodoralo. Onlyonoblook. from Madlson-st. cart} a doßghlful.awnwnct home. ; TkTsouth sanoamon:st.-pleaßant fur. XOX nWiod rooms, wltli board lor ffonUomAn and wife, or single gonlloroon; alio barn-room for hone. . . irrw WEST WASHINOTON ST.-NEWAND NIOR XOtJ lyJumUhod moiqb, with nr without board; also, day.honvtL • , inn CENTRE-AV.—UNFURNISHED SUITE OP XOl) rooms, ?18 nor week t lurniabed room for two or four gentlemen for $C per wock. D.iy-boam llmt-olftsi. mWBT jXdICSON-ST.-I’ltONT PAJILOR,. with hadreonis l , centrally IftcnAcd, ploaeanl loca tion ; furnished, with or without board, and at reasonable ohargoß. . ; ■ ■ mAND 170 WEST WASHIWOTON-ST.—DRSIRA. bio, woll-funjl-hod rooms, snitnblo for conflomnu nmi .wlfo or single guiltlomon, with accoptoulo hoard; hnusPß modem and control. ■ : C)Or\ WEST WASIIINOTON-ST.,—ROOM TO RENT, /uZjQ with board, to a single gentleman. 000 WAIIRIiN-AV.-TWO "PLRASAN.T ROOMS jUUO toront to single gentlemen, with board; woll fur nished. with bnlli-roi.m. io. Ono of tbo best neighbor-, heeds on the Wont Bide. gnQ WEST MONROE-ST., NEAR MORGAN— OW Largo furnished mom adjoining bath-room, with hoard, for goiillomon only; or two small rooms. also furnished [ aovoral tablo-honrtlcra can bo noconunodAtod.' DESIRA- 7>lo rooms lo rent, with board, with all tbo modem conveniences; toms mouevato. . nob WEST ADAMS-BT.-OAN ACCOMMODATE 000 persons wanting board, with rooms, nlcoly fur nished; flrst-olass table. . ’ ’ QQK WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-ONE NICELY-FUR-' 00 0 nished room, with hoard, for man nud wife or two single gentlemen; also, day boardora wanted. I OC WEST VAN BUREN-ST.-A VERY PLEAS .bZiU ant north-front room, in brick bouse, two blocks from Jolforaon X’ark, with tlrst-ol&as board. Good refer cncos. • ' C*f\A ADAMS-ST.-ONE BLOCK WEST OF UNION UUii: Park, two elegant front suites, on first and see end floors, with board. r»l ri WEST MONROE-ST.. NEAR UNION PAIUC OX I Pleasant room, with alcove, eultablo for man and wife, with board. ■ nnO WEST ADAMR-BT.—TWO VERY FINE largo rooms, either elegantly furnUhod or mi furnished ; croquet grounds connected; every modern con* vonioDOe. and beat aooommodatlons In the city. nnA WEST MONROE-ST., NEAR WOOD-AN OOx elegant alcove room, having every convenience, callable for gentleman and wffo; first-claas board. fTUIE SECOND FLOOR TO RENT OF A STONE- X front houno, on the West Side, near Union Park, 4 room* and bath room, furnished, with board. Address J IP, Tribune offloo. ' South Sl£o- 1 Q ELDRIDGBOOURT FURNISHED ROOM XO to rent, with board; references required. A Q HUBBARD-OOURT - NEW BOARDING *tO house, flrst-olasa board with rooms, $4 to $5.60 per

week with nao of piano; day board ;84. Arr AND 49 HUiIBAUD-COURT FURNISHED I rooms, with or without board. Pay boardora ac commodated. nQ AND 120 THIRD-AV., NEAIUIARRISON-BT.- XXO Several nicely furnished rooms with board; also day board at $B per week. non MICHIGAN-AV. —A PLEASANT FRONT 400 room, with board, for.alnglo gentleman; also, well-fnrnUhed room for two In quiet family. OOP MIOHIQAN-AV.- DESIRABLE ROOMS, OJO newly furnished, to rent, with board; suitable. for gentleman and wife, or gentlemen. Roforonooa re-, qulrod. A A n WADASH-AV.-LARGE FURNISHED ROOS18; tct: j also ono alnglo room, with flrat-elaaa board. A (in MIOHIQAN-AV.—ROOMS TO RENT, FUR ttO I nifihod or unfurnlabod, with board or without; roforcncoa otobangod. A Q1 MZOIIIQAN-AV.—FURNISHED ROOM, WITH I ±»7X board, for two; also a largo back parlor, at mod erate toms. ■ Ann waiush-av. - front room with board. suitable for gentleman and wllo; also largo aldo room for twogoutlomon; prices moderate. KQO WABASH-AV. - TWO FRONT ROOMS, fJtJjU modern improvements, on suite or separate; nlao other desirable rooms, vroll furnished trim board. Roforonocs. n CT WABASII-AV.-IIANDSOMKLY FURNISHED (ui trout rooms fur gentlemen and vivos; also largo Btiuaro room fo* atoglo goutlauioo, with flrst-closs table. > QQ/1 WADASH-AV.-AN ELEGANTLY FUR OO X nlshed front room; also a aulto unfurnished ox* copt carpels, with or without hoard* 007 WABAHII-AV.—FUiINISHKD ROOMS, EN xj Li i suite or singlet terms reasonable; Vablo board ers aooommodatod. * INDIANA-AV., NEAR TWENT!KTH-fIT. xJOxJ Pleasant rooms, suitable for one or two gontlo- (VT/T INDIANA AVENUE-PLEASANT ROOMS, cM I furnished or unfurnished, suitable for families or rlnglo gentlemen, to rent, with lirst-oiaas board. 1 /n £ WAD ASH-AV.—VERY PLEASANE ROOMS, XUXO on suite or single, furnished or unfurnished, with hoard. ’ l f\nA wabash-av.-a sum? or front XU 4 rooms, with largo cloaotattaohed;also, a largo hack room, unfurnished, with or without board. _ 1 f\oo WABASU-AV.—FURNISHED OB UNFUR- X\J<jLi nlshed rooms to rent, suitable for families or gentlemen; all tho aomforts at a homo; excellent table; tamily private. n AF MIOHIOAN-AV., NEAR THIRTY-FIRST] IJLxU at.—Two lino suites of rooms for fourgonllo* mou, or two gentlemen and vylvoa; no other boarders.. -1 1 nil et,—Pleasant rooms and board lor four gentle* irnn INDIAHA-AV.-A LARGE FRONT ROOM XUUU with alcovo to rent with board In a private family, to a gentleman and his wife; alao room lor two single gentlemen. Unm to rent also. . A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, IN A PRl vato family, on Twonty-lifth-st., sultahlo for two gontlomon; no othor boarders. Address J 12, Tribune uihco. Michigan avenub-niqe and cool, near the Lake, rooms furnished or unfurnished, with board, at vary low figures, for tho summer; everything now nud first-class In ovary respect, and only a few board* ors taken. Address J 17, Tribune oliico. UNITED STATES HOTEL-ELEGANT SITUATION, convenient to tho business part of tho city, and us a family residence is unoaualed. First-class tamo accom modation. Transient guests $3 por day. Permanent hoarder# reasonable rates. Situated at oornor Thirty- Ilrst-at. and Cottage Orovo-av. RUOKER A UAWLUy, Proprietors, D. Little, Manager. • TtrABASH-AV., NEAR EIQIiTBENTH-BT.—GEN. VV tieman ami wife can lindonoof tho pleasantest rooms, unfurnished, in the city; house |ma every convenience; table llrst-cliu.i. Addrors J 13. Tribune olllco. North Side. OMQ SRDWIOKST.-TIIK VERY PLACE THIS ZUO summer, cool, and pleasant rooms, with good board ;$S ft week. OQft ILLINOIQ-ST., SECOND DOOR FROM RUSH- Nicoly-furnlsbod rooms, double and single, with or without board. Country. "171VAK5T0N—BOARD CAN HU OBTAINED FOR A oZi gentleman ami wife, or two sluglo gentlemen, on roa* aonnblo tonus. Addrosa Hot 11!H, Evanston. Miscellaneous. A NY PERSON WISHING A GOOD FRONT ROOM, JX or suite, with modern coQvonlauura ami Rood board, in urlvato family, oun find tho samo by addroeelng U 71,1 Tribune office. ; . BOARD WANTED. I)OARD—A FURNISHED ROOM OR SUITE OF 4J rooms, with beard, for two young lodlco. No refer oncos exchanged. Address J 80, Tribune ollioo. DOARD-OY A LADY. BOARD AND ROOM, IN A X) private family on the West Side, near tho street oars.. Address, stating tonus aud location, 1123, Tribune offico. IJOARD-FOR A CHILD 0 MONTHS OLD, IN BOMB JJ rospoolablo Genuanor Amorloan family. Amwor for two days, J 01, Trlbuuo olHco. . FINANCIAL. T WANT #6OO. 1 OB 2 YEARS, CITY REAL ESTATE X security, 10 per cent, and 6 par oont commission. U 18, Tribune office, . Money to loan on household furni turo, leaseholds, pianos, and good collaterals scour* By, ot!43SoutMJlark*#t.,^llooui 6. K» WINNK. MONEY I.OANKiTO NO 1T TR KA L KSTATE, 011,000 irl to #‘JO.HUt; roalcaUte paper wanted; loanson loose* holds. B. GROSSMAN, Room 13. 178 SUto»st. MONEY TO LOAN ON GITY REAL ESTATE. O. iri H. HUBBARD, Jn.. 163 Wasldogton*st. M°NKY ADVANOKD AT LASSEN’S LOAN OF i»lf|oo:lato JACOBS A C0.,0n diamonds, watches, and other valuables; 177 Olark st., comer of Monroe, Room 0. fllO LOAN-AMOUNTS OP _ #17000 OR MORE ON X city real estate or Illinois farms. Reaper IBook, cor, Clark aud Wasblugtoa*sts. B. L. PEASE. ntO LOAN-MONEY INJ HUMS OF 83.0C0AND UP* L wards on Buutb Bido property; can oloio without do* lay. J. 11, BIBBELL. 46 Bryan Blnek. WANTED-#!. £OO AND #1,500 ON TWO NEW Y Y houses aud lots worth 64,509 each; first mortgage, It) per cent, no commission. *5 Twenty-nluth-st. WrANTED-ea.UXJ OR #4,000 FOR ONE OR TWO Vi years; wfllglvo first mortgage on Insldo property. Address, for two days, R 70. Tribune ollioo. CIIQ AAA IN HAND TO LOAN AT ONCE Iff, qpXO. UUu oneortwo sums, on llrsf*clas# Improved i inside property. Perkins <k Wolioley, Room 13 Kendall Block. Norman C. Porklns, W. St. John Wolioley, late with Ogdon A Honddor. .. OKA AAA TO LOAN - ON APPROVED COL* tptJU.UUU lateral* Real estatu and commercial paper bought. W. ii. WILLNBK, 14 Otis Block, TO BENT—HOUSES. mo RENT-FRAME DWELLING WITH UATIV, X comor Lako and WohpfttiaoU-nr*. Apply ftlol Elba nr., same block. - • DIO RKNT-I& A VERY DTMIRAIU.F. LOCATION, X IM North Dnarbom-st., «no 2-story and bMomciiß btlok dwelling, 15 rooms, wkb cloicta and modem Im nroTomonta: Tor private resilience only. Apply to M. dOANLAN, ? South Olark-Bt. fnORBNT-ANRW B-FTORY HOUSE. WITH MOD- X om Improvements, /or 930 per month, Fortr-imh-sL. bjpok wait of Ootwgo Grovo-av. dummy. J. D. OR. fltO RENT—M7"WABASH-AV., NRAR TWENTY- X aooond-al., a-r«Jty framohoUßo, com*lulu* tfli ramnst hot and laundry, do. MEAD A UOE. IC3 LaSalle-et, rilO RICNT-3 NEW FIRST-CLASS STORY AND A X half homos, of B rooms each, hnildoi bath-room, sloro.roow, oloiolsj oto., comor of T>lnr*at. and Win’.vV April, to iIIUMAR HOOD. JB Otlonlol Building, LaSaflo-at., oppoilto Chamber of OommorciV r RENT-NEW 2-BTOUY FRAME HOUSE, 8 rooms, sooth front, 893 Woit Monroo-st., cioso to Weitcm-av. Rent low to doslrablo tenant. Apply to JOHN WEST, 891 Woit Wonroo-iU, next door to tho Above. . ■mo RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OP FIFTH. J. at. and Adama-nt., containing 6ft rooms, Including bath-room, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on the promises. nio URNT—DOAUDUm-tIOUSR, 10 ROOMS, ALL X fumlsbod, and Id boarders i everything In good ordor. 176 Btate-st., Room 13. . TO RENT—OR FOR BALE-6M AND 6G9 MONROE* at., now stono front. 11-room liouio, modem improve-, monts; 11-room Knglhh basement. JOO Wood-at.114 Abcrdocn-st., with good barn}flf.9 Monroo-st., V roomn; 76 Paullna-at., 7 ruoma, near Madlaon-st; For terms, call at 616 Monroo-st. • . . all) RENT-FINE COTTAGE OF SIX ROOMS, JUST . flttl&hod, III! South Linculn-st., between Adiuni Ami Monroo-sts.; lino neighborhood, and control; will not bo for root to-morrow. Apply at homo. ■ atO RENT—PURNI9nED*IIbUST4 TO SMALL PAM . Ily who will board owner; nr will sollfumlturo, taking part pay la board. Apply at 830 West I Ako-at. DIO RENT-HOUSE 7.18 MADISON-ST., CORNER X Lincoln, 7 rooms, bath-room, pnntry and oloaota, very doilrablo. Inquire In stoto. TO RENT-NORTH SIDE. ONE fBLOOK FROM cars, upper part ht cott ago, SSO; lower part, sl4, each olx rooms. A.T. OALT, 77Doarbi)nnt», Room 11. rro RENT- DESIRABLE 1 RKSIDENOE. LARGE X lot, and barn, on Pralrle-ov., north of Rightoonth-bt. Apply to STISWAUT, tlfci Cllark-Bt., Itnom S. 11Q RENT-iIOUSE, FURnIhiIKD Oil UNFUR . nlihod. ItU}Ulro at 145 South Jetforion-Ht. mO RENT—HOUSE—IB NORTH OARYENTER-BT.} X 11 rooms, nnwly papered, C6D; also R69 Wabaah-av., S«0. K.O. OOLRACo., ISB Laßaltc-»t. fiW RENT-HOUSES AND .BOOM IN 0001) X localises, At vary low figures, by <7. M. MARSHALL A CO., Rooms 9 nml 10 Reaper Block, N.H. cor. OUric Olid Waihingtoirats, _____ niO RENT—DWELLING 231 NORTH OLARK-BT., 6 x rooms, water, nml ua» fixtures: Imldo blinds. Apply toll. H. FLEMING, Room H, 156 Wnshlngton-sL nib RRNT-A TUUNISHEb* SSTORY ANb BASE- X tnortt brick bouse, with modern Improvements,.nu In* dlnun-sl.. onatof Dearborn. Oontlemsn and two indies will board In paymunt. Inqulro at 111 WabaUnav., fourth tloor, from 10 le 13 a. m. ___ TO RISNT—WABASILAV.—481 WABASH-AV., COM modloua bouse, largo lot. rood bnms Immediate pos session. . ,). ESAIAS WARREN, Id Oluuubur of Commerce. SSubtiTban. TO RENT-AT OAK PARK-NICE COTTAGE, double parlors, 6 rooms, good well, oUtorn. and cellar. Rent cheap. Apply to A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room 33,149 LaSallo-st. • ' ' . . ' T”b RUNT—OR FOR BALE-AT WINNETKA, 40 minutes’ rido, Milwaukee Railroad, house lo rooms, barn, lito acres of garden,'fruit trees, evergreens, shrub bery, etc. CfcH&tYaDearbom-at., Room 31. rpb RENT—AT EVANSTON-TWO PLEASANT J. dwellings: olao two nlco furultbnd booses; ono lor the summer only. ALFRED L. SEWELL, Real Estate' Broker, 153 LaSalls-tt. TO RENT—ROOMS. rpO RENT-IP YOU WANT COMFORT AND ELK- X ganon go and scouro a room at the St. Elmo, 85 and 87 Dcttfboro-at. Charges rpaßOUablo. 1“ 10 RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED AND anfnralabod, Ashland Block, opposite Sherman llouao. Inqulro at Room 81. Elevator in the building. T“ O RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS by tbo day, week, or month, at tbo St, Joilon Euro pean Hotel, loSDoarborn-st. TO IlKtiT-SKCOND PLOOII OP AN ItLEOANTLY furnished buuao on Wabaab-av., south of Twenty alxth-st. t every modern convenience; private table. No otbor boardora.' $250 nor month for family of four. High est roforonooa roqulrou. J 63, Tribune offloo. rnORKNT-A NUMBER OF PLEASANT FURNIBII- X od rooms: also, two goats want roommates at 147 South Halstea-st; alio, ono room at 278 West Madison-st-; moderate rent. TO RENT—A LARGE ROOM. SUITABLE FOR 9 or 4 gentlemen, with two bods; alio alnglo room; brick boose. 411 Woat Madlaon-at. r RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED AND UN fnraUhod rooms, by tbo day or month. Third and fourth Poore, 161 and IG6 East Washington-st., Room 44. g r RENT—A SUITE OP FRONT ROOMS FUR nlshod or nnfurnUhodf (will not bo lot for houso< keeping); alto a good barn. Apply at IS6 Warron-sv. TO RENT-IN PRIVATE FAMILY, M 8 WABASH av., to gentleman and wifo, or two gentlemen, a suite of aowly famished rooms, with bath-room adjoio log; references exchanged; convenlont to hotole. TO RENT-NICE FRONT ROOM, WITH CLOSET and gaa, furnished or nnfaraiabod; rent low. 832 Woat Harrisun-st. fpO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OF WITH- X ontboard; good ventilation, well lighted, and com forts ot a home guaranteed; tonna low. 676 otato-at. rpo RENT-5 BOOMS, CONVENIENT FOB HOUSE* X keeping, at S2O nor month. Inquire at drug atoro, Bi(J Cottage Provo-av., or at 823, Dr. NORTON, Dentist. TO RENT—A LARGE, AIRY, AND NICELY FUR nlsbcd room in a private family, with or without board. 269 West Monroo-Bt. fTIO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLY OR EN X culto; terms reasonable; modern improvements. 233 iVost Washlngton-st., Norton'a Block. TO RENT-FURNISHED LODGING-ROOMS. WITH übo of parlor and bath. Apply at 636 South Dear born-at. - rpO BENT—ENTIRELY NEW, HANDSOMELY X furnished rooms, nearly opposite Bhorman House, sl6 to $lO. 41 South Olark-Bt., Room 80. Oontlomon only. TO RENT—3 ROOMS AND PANTRY, 3C3 SOUTH Afurgan-st., front pact, up-fltalrs, to a couple without uhildcon; sl2 a month. TO RENT—NIOELY FURNISHED ROOMS, DOU bio or single, at 356 liilnols-st., second door from Rash. - TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, EN suite or single, with all conveniences, without hoard. Apply at fflO Ualuiuot-av. riV6 RENT—TWO KIOBROOMS, FURNISHED NF.W X throughout, for lodging rooms. 119 South Doarburn st.,Uoom7. rpO RENT—A NICE, FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. X with gas, (or ono or two gontlemoo, at lUS South Peo rta-et., with private family. TO RENT - WELL * FURNISHED ROOMS IN strictly private family: good location; pleasant neigh borhood; terms reasonable. Inquiro at 416 West Jack- BOP-Bt. , fltO RENT-TEN ROOMS, MADIBON-BT., NEAR X LaSalle, ono floor suitable for furnished rooms, $75; 6 rooms fur light housekeeping, jfi-fti 1 • Grooms, South Jo/- forson-st., sls; firooms, $3. EDMUND O. STILES, 99 East Maimon-st., comer Dearborn. r BENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, alngto or on sulto, from sls to $49, 191 South Clark st., between Madison and Monroe, Room 11. rpO RENT-SEVERAL SUITES OF ROOMS. NEW, X cosy, and contral, (or families -Mthout children. Nono need apply who cannot givo goo Juroneos. Rent low; also (our largo stores and font witsoiuouts, sultahlo for any business. K. F. ADAMS A CO., corner Madison ami Htate-sta. . 110 RENT—BO 3 WEST IIARRISON-ST., CORNER . of Gold, fl rooms; water; S2O mo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS IN A PLEASANT X location, near tho lake. Apply Room 43, 19 and 13 Madlson-st. ; TO RENT—STORES. OITTOXS. So. TO RENT-FINE OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM, FIRST lioor,corner buildlcg. Apply to E. E. RYAN & 00,, 810 LaSalie-st. - mo RENT—CHEAPEST OFFICE IN TOWN, SMALL, X ohoorlul, and furnished; vault aud closets. Alsu desk-room. IMMonroo-st., Room 2. mo RENT—WELL-LIGHTED OFFICES AND TWO X lofts, 20x116, on Stato-at.. opposite Palmer Hold, cheap. Inquire at Room I, 17o8tato-at. alO RENT—ON MARKKT-ST., NEAR RANDOLPH, a largoonn-story building and basement, whole or part. Apply to J. L. HATHAWAY, corner Randolph audMar koUsta. rn^tItNT—DABEMItNTIKIIUNDOLPU-Sr., NEJU X cornor LaSalle, u few doors from Shot-man House. W. .1. DAVIS, U<i MadUon-ti. . rilO RENT-A large and well-lighted X basement, at 661 ami 6(i3 South Clark*st., or may bo divided Into two of 20x00 foot, at very loir figures. by J, M. MARSHALL <fc CO.Rooms 0 and 10 Reaper Bloclc. rpO RENT-STORES AND * OFFIOES-WB HAVE X «omo very lino double or single stores, in Road loca* tloos for root, at loir figures; also offices lu Reaper, Snood’s, McCormick and Kentucky Blocks, and at 117, 128 and 130, 183 and 165 South (Jlark*st. J. M. MAR BIIALL A CO.. Rooms 9 and 19 Roapar IBook, N.IS, cor. Clark ami Wasnlngton-ats. PnO RENT-DESK ROOM OR HALF OF NICE OF- X floe, wlthßvault. Inquire at Room 24 Metropolitan ißook, oornor LaSallo and Randolph-sta., from 10 to 11 a, in. or 2 to B p, w. mO RENT-HALF OF STORE. APPLY TO B. X ALEXANDER, S»a South Olark-at. WANTJSD-TO RENT. WANTED—TO RENT-ONE OR TWO FURNISHED VV rooms on tho North Side for gentleman nml lady; if possible, with board; boat of references given. Address il, oar a Ourmun-Amorloan Advertising Agency, 135 La Salto-at., Rooml. WANTED-TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, AND YY board owners. Address 1303 linßona*av. WANTED-TO RISNT—FOUR OR FIVE ROOMS on West Side, for housekeeping, at reasonable rate. Address RENT, C 3 South Wotor-st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. FOR HALE-FURNITURE AND CONTENTS OF A tlrst-clim hotel. For further information apply to D. S. WARREN. Yankton, D. T. a HIE EMPIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD-SURPASBES all. An elegant idooo of furnlluro, oonvcrtlblo In* stiintly Into a luxurious bods seven stylos; all sires;, adapted to parlor, library, dining-room. office, aud more. Occupies only <mo-fuurth tho epnoo of u common bod* stead. Enables you tu live genteelly In ono room. Prices $95, #35, #4B. #69, #(ls, #75, #BS, #10(1. Hold on install manta H desired. EMPIRE PAHLOU BEDSTEAD COMPANY, (removed to) No. Ito3 Wait MsdUon-st. BUILDING MATERIAL. FOR BALK-BUILDING MATERIAL—ABOUT SO, 000 pressed brick and a lino lot of out stone, suitable fur basement,'alono walls, windowsills, stops, oto,, at auc tion, Friday, Juno 18, at 12:30 p.ui.,on oornor Pierson and Plna*sts., north of water*wnrks. North Bidet to bo sold without rosette. O. LIPPINCOTT. WANTED-8,000 TO 4,000 FEET SECOND-CLASS YY 2-lnoh plank suitable for planking yard. Apply to or address wT WOODROW. 113 Wost Adorns st. WANTED-i,000,100 BRICK IN EXCHANGE FOR YY good brick house and lo* on South hide. D. F, HEAD, 161 LaUallo-st., basement. WANTED--MALE HELP. Boolckoopors, Clorlca, Eto- TXTANTRD—BAfiKaBIAN—BY A BOSTON BOOT Tr and shoo lobbing homo, a salesman with an estab lished trade lu Wisconsin and Minnesota, and also one fur Southern lowa and Nebraska. Address Bo* 3,631! Boston, Alans. WANTRD-AN RXPBUIKNOICD DRUG OLKUK. Oorman preferred, that speaks English. Addrois U 78, Trlbuno 011100. . WANTED— A GROCER'S OLKUK WHO THOR oughly understands tbo business. Apply with refer* onoca and salary ospootod. Address K 21, Tribune oflloo. T\TANTKD—TWO YOUNG MEN, GOOD WRITERH, TV Address, staling ago and salary oipootod, and on closing atamp, ,J 66, Tribuno ofllce. TU’ANTItD—CLERKS. BOOKKEEPERS, SALES VV men, and lit nion forsaw-nilllsssomo goodbunlncsa openings lor mon with small capital. 178 Btato-at., Room 13. TATANTED—BOOKKEEPER IN A WHOLESALE TV grocery; must bo an experienced accountant, accu rate. and of good habits. Salary, $1,200. ’ Address HARD WORK. Tribune olfloe, stating references, oto. \yANTED-AN~EXPRRIIJNOKD. CAPABLE FOIL *T naoo salesman. Address, with roforenoo, J 10, Trlbuno olllco. WANTRD-IN MY REAL ESTATE OFFICE, A good man whocan speak Gorman, English. and Scandinavian. IRA UROSvN, 119 LaSallo-st., Room 4. wanted-ayooncTman oparout w in“a Vt cigar and samplo room. Inquire at SO North Olark-nt. Trnttos, WANTEO-A COMPETENT FOREMAN, OARPIiN VV tor, wagess&pordny; also4oor6o (irat-class jolnor* and carpenters to work on National Bank ami other build ings, In Marquette, Miob. Steady work and the highest wages paid. Apply to ALFRED GREEN, Architect, Ao., Mwrquotto. Mich. WANTEU-A foreman to take charge of VV a furniture factory In Chicago. Must heaotlvo, In genious, capable of ostlraaUngcorrootly. understand ma chinery. and thoroughly posted in tho manufacture of tho latoit stylos of furniture. Good salary paid. Only first class mechanics need apply. Address It 11, Trlbtmo of fice. WANTED-A COAT AND VEST MAKER. IN qulroatT. P. PHILLIPS', 10 and 13 Madlson-st. No Irish noud apply. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS FINISHERS FOR blnuksmltb shuns, three first-class trimmers on light work i constant employment and good wagon to good work men. HALL A BARTLETT, Rockford, 111. WAKTIID-ONE PREPARER, TO WORK ON PIO. VV turo-framo moulding: also ono-carver. Apply to SCIIRAMIIUQ3. A CO., 70 and 73 Woat Washlngtonst. WANTKD - IMMEDIATELY A FIRST-CLASS carriage trimmer at BROWN A MEYERS’ Carriage Bhbps, Aurora, 111. 1 ANTRD-TWO GOOD JOURNEYMEN HOUSE painters. L. 0. WRIGHT, Pontine, IH. WANTED— 2 FINK COAT-MAKEKS AND 8 PANT ninkors; good prices and steady employment to good workmen. Call at ISA Twoniy-icoond-st., Thursday morning, W. ROBERTS. ■ . WANTED— AT NORTH EVANSTON, OARPKN tors, mason*. andpalnlorsj2obuildingsloboorcotod... G. 1.. JKN Kd. U5 Ijaallo-Bt; WANTED-GOOD WOOD WORKER ON CAR rlngo work jno other need apply. 194 East Van Burcn-sl. ■\XTANTF.D—THREE CARPENTERS; WISH TO It board them. Call In basement, northeast corner of Madison and JolTerson-sta., between 7 andßa, m, VVANTED—IMMEDIATELY, AT NO. 239 SOUTH it OlftrK-BU, a llrst-class carriage painter. \\TANTED—O ARRIAQE PAINTER"aT 871 AROH ii or-qv. TAT ANTED—AT 7 O’OLOOK SHARP THIS MORN -11 Ing, aboytotako obargo of and run Oordon and Globe presses. CLARK £ EDWARDS, 183 East Wash- Inten-st. WANTED-3 MACHINISTS TO WORK AT VlCE ■work. Inquire at 76 North Msy-st. Employment Agencies. TWANTED—2OO MEN FOR RAILROAD; WAGES. Y¥ $1.76 to $3 per day; steady work, and sure pay. 6£ WoitlUndolph-st., Room 8. TWANTED—MRS. WHITTAKER HAS SOME KX* VV oellont places for good girls, both in city and conn try. 2C5 East Chloago-av. ■UT-ANTED-800 RAILROAD MEN FOB TENNESSEE, it $3.26 pordays_soo for other Staton; 160 for farms and sawmills. ANGKLL ft OOAKER. 81 West Ran. dolph-st. WANTED-800 LABORERS TO WORK ON RAIL roads, farms, saw-mills, tlo-olioppors, etc,, at goad wages and steady employment. Apply to CHRISTIAN & BING, No. 1 South Olark-st. TIT ANTED—3OO RAILROAD LABORERS AND 60 tt choppers; alio, plenty of station work at good prices, 16 saw-mill hands. Apply at 269 East Randolph at., Lind Block. WINTED-FOR LAKE FOREST AND IHOHLAND Park, first-class pastry oook and laundress, 1 ironer, 2 washers, 2 dishwashers, and vegetable cook, immediate ly. 448 Wabash-ar., up-staira. Miscellaneous. WANTED-A PARTY WITH S7OO, SATISFACTORY Vi security, roforonoo, and Interostgivon, with steady employment ut good wages guaranteed, and agouti (rutin learned. For further information boo HARTMANN A QUINN, No, SOWcst Madlsou-lt., Room 10. \*TANTED—MEN—BIGGEST CHANCE EVER OF it forod to make money. A farmer cleared $52 in one week. One young man made 831 In throo days, abovo nil expenses. If you want to make money, don’t fall to call at D 9 Eoat Madlaon-st., Boom 6. TAT ANTED—A MAN, OR BOY NOT UNDER 16. TO Vi take charge of my reception room, at 199 couth Clark-at. DR. J. A. CLARK. VIT ANTED—FIRBT-OLASB WAITERS AT CO~N if DON’S dining-rooms, 47La35110-st. WANTED— A FEW SMART MEN FOR THE OITY. Wo otter unusual Inducements In city and country on small capital/ A. RAY, 25 West Lako-at. WANTED-MAN AND 4110R.58 TEAM TOTRAV cI through Illinois with one of Hamlin's Wizard Oil. advertising wagons. A party who can furnish four nioa horses ana drive thorn, can have a good and permanent situation for tho season. J. A. HAMLIN A DUO., 177 Flfth-av. WANTED— CANVASSERS FOR OUR OLASS-OUT tora, Button-Hole Gutter®, and other useful and rap* idly selling articles. A. 11. RICHARDSON, lit! Mad isun-st. \\TANTED-OANVAOSERS FORTIIB TEA TRADE; TT good inducements olforod: connool iou partly made. Apply at 71 Metropolitan Block*, between 8 ana 9 a. 114. WANTED-A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER ataudstho grocery business, to take charge of 4 horses, driven market wagtm, and maku hliusclf con orally.useful. Apply to uuRNET A CO., GU Cutfagu Orovo-ftv. WANTED— AUCTIONEER, TO GO INTO ONE OR mote largo towns In this State to sell staples. Ad dress, with reference, JlB, Tribune office. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domostioa. \\TANTKD—A GOOD, CAPABLE COOK, WASHER, Vr andironor. Apply at 83 Grovolaud-park, opposite Chicago University. City references required. WANTED - A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND Tf Irotiur, also second girl. Call bo tween hours of 2 and 4, Room 8,16S LsSallc-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL house .t or k in a small famllywhoxo a second girl la kept. • Apply with references at 79 Vincopnos-av. WANTED-GOOD WAGES WILL BE PAID A competent girl to do general housework In a small family. Must come recommended. Corner Stantou-ov. and Thlrty-aovonth-at. \\r ANTED—GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IRON. TT or. Apply at 888 Miolilgao-av. WANTED-FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, A 1 1 good, strong, neat, competent girt. German or Scandinavian; family email. Inquire atlalWahpsusch-av. WANTED-TWO YOUNG GIRLS, COMPETENT > 1 for second work, at 810 Miohigan-av. WANTED-A GERMAN NURSE GIRL NOT UN* dor 15 years of ago: must bo able to assist In washing and Ironing. Inquire at No. 80 SUtoouth-st., between Indiana and Prairio-avs. \ATaNTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL >T - housework hi private family. Call 196 Oarroll-at.. WANTED— 3 GIRLS, ONE TO COOK. WASH, AND iron, ono for dialog-room work. Apply at 10 Eld drldgo-court.; • WANTED-A GIRL FOR A SMALL FAMILY OF v } two persons. 1312 Prslrio-av. WANTED-A GOOD OOOK, WASHER, AND irouor; to a competent girl good wages wUI bo paid. Apply at No. 6 Robey-st,, ooroor Patk-av. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK at No. 1289 Indiana-av. ,T\rANTKD-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK AT 1115 VY Miohigan-BT., nearThlrty-fint-at. WANTED A NICE. RESPECTABLE GIRL AS cook, no .washing. 122 Cottage Qrovo-av. WANTED-GOOD OOOK, WASHER, AND IRONER VV —Protestant—at 471 West Adams. \JTANTJiD A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND »Y Iron. Boforouooa required, 24 Indlana-av., fourth house south of Tiilrtoonth-at. *|\7"ANTED—A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT GIRL > V lor general bou*o*work In a small family. 3 Thirty tUlrd-«t.- • TITANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL IIOUBB YY work In a small family, at Hyde Park. Apply to B, n. JENKINS, matAto-st. WANTED-A FIRST-GLASS TRUSTY GIRL FOR IY general honsatrork In a small family. Nona others nood apply. Call Thursday forenoon at 603 H West Wash. iugton-st. WANTED— A COOK IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT No. 418 Mlobigan-nv.; references required. WAMTUO-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL > V housework in a private family of throe i good wages. No. 855 North Hodgwlok-iit., upstairs. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work at No. B Eighteenth-st- WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work; good wages paid. Call for two days 150 West Van liaron-st. ■ WANTED-AT TUB ORIENT HOTEL, S GOOD washers and 2 shirt Ironora; none but Urst-cloas nood •l»PlY. f • ■ \\TANTED—A GIRL TO TAKE GARB OF OlilW vY dron, and who will mako horeolf generally useful. Apply to Ctifl Washingtoo-av. W' ANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work; Araorlcan or Qonnan preferred; one that can peek well. Apply at 20 Markct-st., up-stalra. WANTED-A GOOD OOOR, WASHER. AND » Ironor (ora small family: good references required. Apply Thursday morning, from lu toll, at Room No. 4, 4a duutU Glark-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL UOUHK- Vi work at No. 4? Milloc-sU . WANTED— TWO GOOD GIRLS FOR GENERAL housowork. Apply at 96 North Woml-st. . ‘ WANTED-UOQD HELP AT IKS WAUAHU-AV., if Airs. RALKAM’H ullloot help of various nationali ties and qualifications as domestics to suit each depart msnt. WANTEU—A GERMAN GIRL TO ATTEND A confectionery and cake bakery: must he oiperhmcod In tho Ims'uost: rstorcmcca required. Apply at, 44 West Madlsun-sr. TW ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO TARE GARB OF it children. Apply at No, IVlTwouiy-llfth-sl,, beiwoon Michigan and Indlana-avs. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL it housework In a stitnll family. Apply at 681 South Doavborn-st. (Uurntldo.) WANTED— AT 49 NORTH MAY-tiT , A GOOD GIRL for general housework. WANTED--PEMALE HELP. Seamstresses. tctantrd-a good shirt finisher? char- VY antortd good pay and steady work. Inquire atNo. Bl West Mndlaon-sfc. WANTKD-SHIRT-MAKICnS AT MoART’S KURI£ VV ka shirt factory, CO Wcst-Madlaon-si. lianndroksoa. . wanted-two fiiist-olars snmT mowing VV In laundry, 976 XVmrth-ftv., Thursday morning, at 8 o’clock. ■ WANTED— A GOOD lUONKROFLADIRS’UNDER* wear at tbo Snow I-lsko Laundry, 337 West Ran* dolph-»t. TITANTED-A FEW MORE GOOD SlimT-IRONERS TV and a good collar-lronor, at the Lakeside Laundry, 63 and 65 South Canal-at. Nurfioa. W ‘ANTED—A GIRL FROM 13 TO 18. TO NURSE A child. Apply to MRS. PARRY, 285 Oakley Honsokoouors. - WANTED - A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT VV housekeeper and a first-class pastry oouk Cur a hotel at Kalamazoo. Mich. Address Box ■lOl. Employment Aconoion. 'IYT ANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN VV girls for private families and hotels, at 8(J Mllwau koo-ay. ;no foes. WANTED— AT STAR EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, 5 WostMadlson-at., Room 6, and 120 West Monroo st., situations for good glrla In private famlllos, hotels, and restaurants. m • MtaooUmtoon*. WANTKD-A GOOD GIRL FOR LIGHT OFFICE VT work; must bo a good writer. Call at Room 10, 173 East Madlion-st. WANTED-AYOUNOLADYOFCOOD ADDRESS. TV with soprano voice, to travel with a troupe bolding musical conventions, and giving, lloral. concerts. Good references required. Cal) to-day at tho ofllco of tho West Bids Brills House, botwoon 10 and 8 o’clock, Inquire WANTED— LADIES FOR CITY AND COUNTRY. MRS. PALMER, Room 8. 25 West Lako-st., la of* feting great Inducement* to such aa aoll bor tollot article and rubber goods. They sell readily at a largo profit. . WANTED-A SHOE-FITTER TO TAKE WORK VV out. Inquire at thealere, 168ViosMIatrlsoo-at. SITUATIONS WANTED—MAXB. Bookkeepers, Clerks. d£c. CITUATION WANTED—A YOUNGiM AN WHO HAS O had 16 years’, otnorlonoo in the hardware business (wholesale) will be disengaged by July 1, || acquainted with tho trade throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. Best of references from present and former cm* pluyora. Address JD M, Toledo P. 0., Ohio. ~ SITUATION WANTED—AS GENERAL MAN IN A j store; writes & fair hand, and has six year*' rtcem mndation. O It, lifl Third-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS O drug dork or bookkeeper; well qualified, good rofon. Jtico and small salary. Address J 60, Tribune ofllco. SITUATION WANTED—ACCOUNT-BOOKS OPEN- Q od, dosed, ocoxaminod, account* adjusted, by an ex perienced accountant; posting, oto., attended day tiino or evenings. A. BRASHER. 76T West Madlsoo-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WHO . Is a good poutnan: has had some ozporlonoo In tbo dry {:ooda and grocery business, and Is desirous ot engaging n somo business storo ; wages no objoot: tbo best of roi oronoes given. Please address D. D. STAPLES, Alloa, milsdalo Oouaty, MtcU. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A PRACTICABLE AO. ccountantolßyoars* experience; books adjusted, and copying dono In the noatost stylo. Address W. SMITH. oaroON U, 114EastMonroo-st. QITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN IN O grocery store, as clerk or bookkeeper; hashed four spars' experience; best of city roloronooa. Addroaa R 76, Tribuno office. QITUATION WANTED —BY A. THOROUGHLY O competent man, on bookkeeper: capable of taking chargo of any sot of hooks; boat of references guaranteed. Address Xt 71, Tribune offioo. QITUATION WANTED—AO CLERK IN A GRO KJ eery store, by a young man (Swodo); has good expe rience In tho business, and can bring good references. Address U 11*. Tribune ofllco. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN OF p middle age, gouoral business oxporlonoo, good book, keeper, and importer oorroapondont. If a position of trust, best of security given. Address U7, Tribuno of* nco. Trades. QITUATION WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL PAINT p er and gralnur In Chicago. Addroaa CANADIAN, Post-office Box Itio. Goderich, Ontario. QITUATION WANTED-TO TAKE CHARGE OF O boring, sinking, drifting, tho making of self-noting Incline pianos, or any branch of mining, except survey, lug by one who is thoroughly versed; has a good, thorough practical knowledge of ventilation, likewise or carbonic and hydrogen gases: woll versed in working veins of coal from 18 inches In 20 foot (hick: flrst-olass reference. Ad dress THOR. OUEESMAN, Sllnonk, Woodford County, S‘ ITUATION V/AnTED-A YOUTH 18 YEARS OF ago, havlssg perfect knowledge both of tho English and Gorman, who was employed at a goldsmith’s la Now York nine munths, wishes to acquire accomplish ment if possible in connection with a watchmaker’s bust uois. d. It. HUHULTZU. at the Illinois Typo Founding Company, til oud £1 West Lake-st. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN A3 O gurdonor, lately from England: Is thoroughly ozporl cnoijtUn all its branches; can gtvo boat ot references If required. Address AL, 168 Monroo-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GRADUATE OP A civil onclnooring Institute, who is a practical carpen ter, ns foreman, or to help, either architects, civil engin eers, or surveyors. Speaks French and English, and baa boon a foreman on building before. Salary oxpootod, moderate. Address J. i’RIMEAU, Chicago P. O. SITUATION WANTED-AT CABINET-MAKING or gig sawing. Address SAWYER, 118 Burosldo-at. - SITUATION WANTED-AS ENGINEER OR MA cbinlst to do repairing around a factory; has his own toola; can do visa work and blacksmUhtng; also lathe work; a good man for a now factory. No objection to leave tbe city. Address II 80, Tribune office, for one week. QITUATION WANTED-AS FOREMAN IN A FUR kj niturs manufactory, by a man of largo oxporionce fa tho business,- who can draw plausof any description and understands all the details of tho business thoroughly. In. eluding machinery and men; con execute as well as plan. Address B 21, Tribune 01800, •4 Coaolimon. Toiunstora. Sso* QITUATIONB WANTED-BY MAN AND WIFE; HE O Is a first-class coachman; sbo as cook or laundress; best city rofofoocoa. Address R25, Itlbuno otHoo. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS kj coachman In a private family; undorstands thocaro of horses, a good driver, and working about tho bouse; goad city ruforouoos. Please call on or address W, £S(j West Lake-st. QITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN; TIIOU- O oughly understands tho caro of horses and carriages; Is cartful driver; willing to bo useful. Address F 0,871 South fltatoat., engaged until ti p. m. S‘ ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN in a private family as coachman; understands tho caro of horses and driving; is industrious. Apply or au swof at W West Park-av. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domostioa. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO GEN kJ eral house or kitchen work. Apply at No, 411 Mitch -011-flt. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL IN A RE spectable private family to do housework. Inquire at 188 flampaon-st., In tho roar. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS IN ONE family, la tho Town of Evanston. Address R 28, Trib une office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO second work and taka euro of children. Gall at 865 Thlrd-av. Situations wanted-by a girls in a pri vato family, one as cook and tho other to do second work. OallThursday from 8 toIIO. m., 834 West Wash lagton-st. Reference given It required. SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, in a private family, to do second work, or second work and take caro of children. Please call at £O3 Wabath-av., Thursday. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do second work and sowing In a private family, or to do general housework in a small family. Call Thursday and Friday at 130 Forqnor-st.. corner jolforson. Soamatroasos. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O Protestant girl as seamstress inaprivato family; would bo willing to assist io care of baby or children. Address J 63, Tribune ottico. Worses. QITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED O American lady of long oxporionce, as ladle's nurse. Call or address V'M North Halstod-st., up stairs. HoTiaokoODOTßi SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE widow lady of refinement os housekeeper for a widow er or bachelor; no objection to leaving tho city; oauglvo the best of references. Address R 89, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-A LADYOFREFINEMENT O \rlshoa a situation as housekeeper for widower or tin gle gentleman; good roioreocoa given. Address J Li, Tribune olHoo. SITUATION WANTED-A LADY OF EXPERIENCE doalrot to obtain a situation away from the Iniluonco of tbo lake climate; It capable to aot at matron for an in atltutlon, or housekeeper. Inquiries can ho made of I. P. QOATEB, Arm of Rea A Coatee, lt>3 Washington^.. Employment AKonoiow. gITUATIONS WANTED—FOR LADY IN A STORE, i or some light business: also cooks and girls for all ads of work. 81 Uolun-st. Miscellaneous. QITUATION WANTED-ALADY WHO HAS FAILED O in ovory cllort to lind work by which she van suppmt herself, bogs tho address of somu gontlomau or ludy ot lu fluonoo who will assist her in obtaining employment; writing, or housekeeping fora widower or bachelor pro forrod. Address J 7d, Trlbuno otlloo. CITUATION WANTED—A LADY TEACHER, WHO O has had oxperluoco in attending cm the sick, wishes to travel during summer vacation with an invalid Indy as attendant and nutso. Address Y tin, Tribune nlHoo, SEWING MACHINES. Grover a hakeu'S sewing-machines—gen oral olQos, ICO Htato st. j branch cilice, 1>72 Wabash av. Persons having old Grover A Raker sowing-machines aro Invited to call and see tho now Improvements, and hear something to their advantage. SINGER OFFICE OFA. J. MELOHERT, 215 SOUTH Halsiod st. Maohluoa uold on monthly Installments. Upon evenings. T‘ HE NEW FLORENCE HEWING MACHINE—WI3 call special attention lu recent improvements made in (ho Florence, also to tho now ami elegant styles of cases added to our list. To moot tho views of those preferring a machine feeding tho workaway trom tho uporator, wo havo made Nob. la mid H, which oombino tho desirable features (a ho found in machines madn by others, with all the peculiar oxcollonclos of tho Florence, WM. il. till ARP <i CO,, General A genie, 364 Htato-st., Chicago. WHEELER A now Improved, sold or runted on easy monthly pay ments. BURNHAM A FLANNERY, City Agents, oaioo ltsHtato-st. . 'fljl n WORTH OF ATTAOUMRNTH GIVEN AWAY •PXU toovory person purchasing a sowing machine at fedHtato-st. . INSTRUCTION. TNSTRUOTION—SHOUT-HAND WRITING OLAS3 X receives tint lodson mi Friday evening, lu tho Metro politan Business College, Ju7 Msulson-it. a" 188 iIAW lIUSINItsS'o.VN III! LBAHNRD VCtW , cheap, by addressing 11AIU-WGUK, Trlbun# olliflOt 7

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