Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 13, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 13, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. STOVES, RANGES, & o. marrenmiie HU maaaa (Ifosaipß Wm Wa First M Haiti. Ins: H B Premium B9 NM 1871. Arable Kiraled Own, Wnrmlflii rCloMt, BrnHlng Door. Vender Guard, Dumping end Shaking Onte, Direct Drift. FULLER, WARREN & CO., Slanufuoturcn/ Tfroy, «• IT* BBiHCE 2QUQE3—IUv Tori, OUrtUal Mi CUcigO.* 1 f*%BA(V3OND Ib# 1 6c RUBY FURNACES. JAMES A. LAWBOH, Jatontoo. For Heating Cbmchcs, School Houses, Public Build*, oga and I’jivoto Residences. ..••♦. . miiß, wAnntiv & co„ Alnnutkctnren, Troy, IV* Ti USANCE BOUfllO—Nflff 7ttk, (tytajisl asft CklWgC, STEWARHI TOVES. I 1078 Fnttora. Fen Sals by * FULLER WARREN 4 00., 68andC0Lako-st., Chicago. Alio a fall assortment of fitovoa. , - 80-'snsrTorisrs HEATING FURNACES! •‘Onr llanscst "The CabinetV Cook Stove* Baltimore Healers* Hoatlngr Staves* Tuttlo A; Dailey's Resistors* dco« Those goods oro tbo Tory hott manufactured. and are reliable m otott reipocL The BOYNTON PURNAOB bu no oqnal. Ovary 60 different alma and kind* for boat*. log building# of every description. Boating ami venti lating promptly attended to. Estimates mane on abort notice. Wo invito the attention of dealer* and those wanting op orfoot working furnace or cooking arrange* moot to call and aoo o# or send for circulars. _ . IOWA AND NEBRASKA BANDS. MILLIONS OF ACRES lowaMeWalais JB'OlEi. SAXiE, On 10 roars' credit, with only 0 per cont Interest, payable annually for 4 years aftor purchase: 80 per cent deducted if one-half of land bought la Nebraska in 1873 U cultivated In 8 years alter date of purchase; one-hall faro and about one-half freight per car-load from Chicago to Missouri Hirer, and ITRISE FAIUI In lowa or Nebraska lor our land-lmyors. 90 per oont deducted for oaah down. 90 per oont deducted for )i down and ha). In 9 yean. 18 per oont deducted if paid in full In 1 year. 10 per cont deducted If paid In full in 8 years. 10 por oont deducted If paid in full in 8 years. By theso liberal terms, products will pay for the lands and Improvements. GEO. S. HARRIS* Land Commissioner, Burlington, lowa. Call for Exploring Tickets anftfull particulars, on W. H. WISNEH, General Agent,. dUFFS AND OOLLABS. ÜB6OMM MD CUFFS. ®be Greatest Variety of Stylos over offered • in Fine Goods, at WILSON BROS., S. E. cor. of State and Washiogton-Bta., 1 ** Arcade Court,*' Olark-et., south of Madison,{ Pike's OporaHoaso. Fourlb-st., Cincinnati. ~ LAKS NAVIGATION, GOOBRM STEAMERS Por Eacino, Milwaukee, Slieboyjjan, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, !) a. m. Saturday Excur sion Boat for Milwaukee, etc., do'n’t leave un til 8 p. m. ‘ For Grand Haven, Grand Eaptds, Muskegon, Spring lake, Fruitport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. m, For St Joseph and Benton Harbor, Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 11 p. m. For Green Bay Ports, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7p, m. Wednesday's Boat goes to Escanaba. GENERAL NOTICES. OAJKXL lam a traveling agent, to toll Show Cards In country towns. On my last trip I was tho victim of aollquowbo reported mo from town to town as being an infidel, Ac., Ae. Now, air, lam a alnglo man, and aland alono in this coootry. working hard to assist a sick mother In Gonna* ay; but this persecution grinds mo down. Blttor feelings creep into my soul, and i fear my mind Is wandering, and that my reasoning Is too weak to overcome the pressure. ToQUlotynymlnd, I herewith bog every person who acts •s a tool in tho above ollqne. to stato his grievances •gainst me Jo/tlosUy, and I will answer in the same cola. This I hope will give mo relief. Ido not fear open eno mles, but am powerless against backbiters. 11. FFBIL, 'No. 7 Woatßandolph-st., . Oarp of A.flUimpel. KTOTIOE, NoUoo Is hereby given that Joseph Brunswick baring failed to fulfill certain conditions of a dissolution article between himself and J. M, Brunswick, that the notes giv en by J. M. Brunswick to Joseph Brunswick, conditional of bis so fulfilling his contract will not bo paid until said conditions sro compiled with. Tho pnblla Is hereby warn ed.not to purchase or negotiate (hose motes. CIUOAQo, June 12, 1878. JOHN M. BRUNSWICK. Office of flu Ole Ins, Co,, No. 172 laSalle-st Chicago, Juno 19, 1873. Th» annual meeting©! the Stockholders of this Compa ny will be held at It* office, Wo. 173 LaSalle-at., on Wed* aeeday, the 86tb Inat., at 8 o’clock p, m. 8. P. WALKER, flee. REMOVAL. REMOVAL. I have again gone back to near my old Quarters. Nos. 69 and OX Markeb-st., whore 1 have better facilities for doing business than ever before, and. thankful for past favors, shall be happy to seo all old friends and many new, and guarantee satisfaction to all. W. B. STAJTNABD. r SHIRTS. ®IT WHI VAX TO OBDBB SHIRTSI From HARRIS A COBB, ! 171 Month Olark-»t. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. DISSOLUTION. Take notice, that the Arm and copartnership heretofore existing between Krust Orouman and Charles Range la dissolved this day by mutual consent. Ernst Orouman wilt oontiuno business at the old stand and pay all out* atandtpg Indebtedness of aald Arm. evauumg uiu « ERNST GROSSMAN, CHARLES RANCH. CHROMO, Kmw ohhomo, ENTITLED THE FRIENDS, Given to each customer by the ORBAT ATLANTIC A PACIFIC TEA 00., 118 West Waahlngton-st., l&Twen* ty-aecond-ot. This » a lino picture ot« kind-hearted boy WtfUM p ASSIGNABLE * jpUENITUBE. M. STRONG FURNITURE CO, , 266 and 268 WAMSH-A.Y,, . ' Factory, 353 k 259 Test Eanloljli-at. _■ cpn liver ou,; • ' ■WXLLSOKT’S CARBOIATED COD LIVER OIL Is a Bpoolflo and Radical Core for CONSUMPTION AMD SOBOFULOUB DISEASES. Remember the name, * 1 WEhion’s Oavbolatod Ood Liver Oil. "it comes in largo tredgoAbapod bottler bearing the Inventor's algnoture, and is sold by tho best Druggists. - Prepared by J. H. Willaon, 83 Jobn-st,, B.Y. Fot sale by all Drosgtxta. western Agents: BURLBCT A EDBALL, Chicago. RIOKARDSON A 00.. Bt. Lonls. Mo. TRANSPORTATION LINES. FJBBIGHT OFFICES OF BLUE LINE, MICHIGAN CENTRAL GREAT WESTERN RAILWAYS. ALSO FOR TUB “DAVIS REFRIGERATOR CARS," 67 Clark-st., cor. Randolph. Freight forwarded by Bloa Lino to and from New York, Boston, and Chicago, Without change of oars, via Express freight Train*. A. WALLINGFORD, Agent. Chicago. fld June. 1873. WALKER, AIMS & CO., 14 •Woll-ot., IT. T. AIMTDRBWS efts 00., XO Plaoo Vendomo, PARIS. Travelers’ Credits Issued, both In STERLING, on UNION BANK OF LONDON, . And In francs on PARIS, UNDER THE SAME LETTER. Circular KTotee, 01 £lO, £2O, and £6O on tho UNION BANK OF LONDON. Commercial Mis: Mange on London & Paris, Stocks, Bonds, and Gold bought and sold on commls rion. Railway Loan* negotiated. Money to Loan On Chicago Uoal Batato. WRIGHT A TYRRELL. Room 9. Tribune Boildh THE CHICAGO DIRECTORY. MAUDS' CHICAGO DIRECTORY. Tho canvass of tho sixteenth voltano of Edwards' Ohf oago Directory Is now completed, and tho information In tho hands of the compilers. The publisher would esteem it a favor to bo notiQsd of any changes or removals. It is of the greatest importanos to bounces mon that they should no properly and prominently represented In the book, aaditsvaloeoe a modi am for (ha dissemination of general business information and aavortUomont* can* not bo overoatlaated. The Directory, especially now In oonieqnoneo of the ex tensive changes in the location of oar business firms,* is tho country merchants* and strangers' only guide and constant book of reference, and Is tho only work that oao bo rolled on tor eorroot and proper information. The subscription for tho work Is larger than ever before, and includes a large list from the towns throughout the State, and tbs principal cities Bast. West, South, and Europe. Tho Directory will bo issued as soon os the char acter of the work will permit. • RICHARD EDWARDS. Publisher. HBOlork-at. Fireworks! THE LAIIQEBT BTOOKwe.t of Now York, sold at tho lowest prices, at lie E, J^kJS^DOXiI>Ia:-S'x , . CHAS. MORRIS, Manufacturer. N. Y. 3-PLY READY ROOFING. Anyone can apply; requires no beating. Send for earn* plea, fforaaleby WM. LITTLE'S SONS, No. 93 WeatLakO'iU, Chicago. LEAKY ROOFS. Old Sblogls or Composition Roofa’oan bo repaired by nsingourOranUeOements require* no hsating; It ready foruee. IToraaloby wA(. LITTLB’SfIONS, Wo. 73 West Lake-st., Chicago. MARINE GLASSES AT J, O. LANQGUTH’S, OpUolao, M BUte-at., between Washington and Randolph. STATIONERY, So. J. M. W. JONES, Stationer, Printer, and Blade Book Hanafaclnrer, Nos. 104 and 106 Madlson-st. BLANKBOOKS ' In large variety retailed at wholesale prlooa. AtL. BOHIOII & OO.'B, 102 Boat Madiaon-at. OrleQtalßodge.No.B9, A. V. and A. M. Oriental Hall, No. XS2 Raßalle-st. Special commanloatlon this (Friday) evening, at 73i o’clock, for work on the 3d Dcgroo. By order ol the Master. K. N. TUOICKK, Hecretary, Alt members of South Park Lodge No, <lBB.l. O. O, p.. are hereby notified to be present at tbelr Rouge Hall, cor* ner Rake and Lafialleeta., this evening, at 8 o’clock, for special business; Visiting brothers are cordially Invited. By order of the NtO, IUVIP. BwanlJa, Bsww. - FURNITURE. AND FINANCIAL. FIREWORKS. FOR SAI.E. MEETINGS. Mrtsonic. I. O. O. F, BEAD estate. OREXEIi BOULEVARD COTTAGE GROVE-AT. LOTS, On Wednesday, Juno 18,' 1873, At 3.1-2 o’clock p.m., sharp.. We will offer at public auction, on the'gwuadfj WEDNESDAY. June 18, 1673,' at o’clock p. ra.-,' Ibarp, that, flue groro block Immediately north of Mr. Jamoa Btlbeon’s flno residence, fronting eaato&Drezel fioulorard, and woai on Cottage Grovo-av., botvoou For ty-third and Forty-four tb-irta., IN FIFTY-FOOT LOTS,, to tho highest bidder, on the following terms,' vl*. t One sixth catU on day'of oslo/ona-slxth in OQ day*. - .■"*'■ balance’ in one mid two years, Interest at 8 per cent, pay. able annually. ! .. TnitLßi.tnuxr»t. ab.poma vms Aim PEREMP TORY, AND NO BIDE-BIDDINQ ALLOWED; ■ This property Is among tho most beautiful and desirable osldonco property In or around Chicago, and nooda only to be seen to bo admired. It la very choice for residence or investments. It le within throe blocks of. the Forty (hlrd-st. Station, on the'l. 0. Hyde Park R, & , and Within three block! of the Cottage Grove horso-oan, and tho Cottage Grove Dummy paasos on tho west Uno.of the block. The Cottage Grave fronts are very desirable .for either bntlnoss or roddonoo. SEWERS, GAS, 'AND WATER CONVENIENT. TITLE PERFECT. Print ed abstracts will bo famished each purchaser,. . - ‘ Call on CI/ABKE, BAYTON & CO., 120 for plots and further particulars. A FREE RIDE to ud from tbo grounds on day of aalo, both by HI. 0. R. R. and street-can. Tickets for same to bo bad at oflleo ol GLARES, LAYTON GO. Train loavoa I. O. R. 8., foot of Laks-at., atß o’clock p. m., eharp.' ' ■ CLARKE, BAYTON & CO. FOR SALE, In Lots, Blocks, and Acres, Boren hundred and forty acres, lying together, a choice property adjacent to the city: high ana beautiful land, accessible by throe now railway line#, and but a abort drive from the bustnaaa centre. Native grove a, wide afreet# and boulevards. Biz mlloa of front on aboalovard 800 feet wide* Eighteen miles of front on streets -100 feet wide. Can tell five hundred and fifty adfcoa la 000 body, free at loonmbranoo. with p orfoot title, and only, two eon* veyaneos between tbo United States and tbo present own er. Tbla property promises a rapid and groat Increase of value, and will be sold at moderate Prices and on easy terms, with a good discount to buyers who pay all cash. S. S. HAYES, 66 LaSalle-st,, Metropolitan Block. BEAUTIFUL HMDS. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ancein the erection of dwellings. FOR HAUL ' A good bargain for.capltallsts, from IS. 000 to 30,000 sens good plno land in Minnesota, within one to tbroomllos from good stream. Timber chiefly white plno, and avor agosfrom 6,000 toß,ooo feet poracre. Price, from 92.10 to $2.35 per acre. For further information apply at A. GAQNB, Boom 12 Metropolitan Block. ■ WILMETTE. We have for sale In this boauttfnl- aoborb on the Lake Sboro near Brans ton. two medium-sized new housoe, con*’ vonlont to depot. Terms vary easy. Photographs and plans of houses may bo seen at our office. GEEKNLBAF A PAUL, 12 Central Union Block, eor. Madison and Morkot-ste. Real Estate-Acre Prajortp,: Parties wishing to Inrost 88,000 should call upon ns for a bargain. BAYLES A WALKER. ■ ' 149 La Bailout. BOOTS AND SHOES. PETER KELLER, MANUFACTURER OF Ladies' and G-ents' BOOTS 311(1 SHOES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Now permanently located at 86 Washington-st. WHAR DEARBORN. BOOKBINDERS’ MACHINERY. Ali KINDS OF Boot-Binder’s lacMiery MADE OR SUPPLIED BY CULVER, PAGE, HOYNE & CO., 118 and 120 Monroo-st, LOTTERY. $300,000. Oapital Prize, $60,000. Missouri State Lottery. Grand Single Number Sobome. Draws tholaatdayof orory month. 3.680 Prlaoi, araonnt Jng to SBOO,OOO, Whole tickets, $10: flalres, $6. Bond for .Icoolirto MimitAY, UlU,£fi.OO., ilia 9.U6, 01. Loots. Mo. SUMMER RESORTS. GRAND UNION HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y,, will open June 1, for the reception of suoals. Prof. J. M. Lander and bis superb band have boon engaged for tbo season. Rooms can bo ongoHod at Metropolitan Ho tel or Gllsay House, N. Y. Address HRESLIN, GAUD NBR AGO., atSaratogaSprings. H. Y., O-LBUST HOUSE, Mount Washington, N. H. ThU favorite summer resort will bo opened dune 12. 1878. JT M. THOMPSON A 00. Address till Juno 1, W. A 0. U. MIRUKEN, Port land. Mo. WANTED. BRICK./ Wanted. 850mgood,Brick, immediate delivery, Rake* av.. near Thirty•6(tb*st. (Doagias-nlaeo.) Pay stock of a city bank or oath. UUrU RIDUtL A n0.,. X9I andlUS Lake-at- . CHICAGO, FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1873. WASHINGTON. Suit to Recover the Value of the Lee Estate at Ar lington. Wliy the Klckapoos Are Wanted on United States Soli. Representative Randall, of Defends’ the Back-Pay Steal. . Completion of tUo Ofllolnl Elxam , "■ inatlon :of tlita Polaris . v ' Survivors. •. Special Dispatch to 'The Chicago Tnpuno, . , v * ■ THE ABLSNQTON ESTATE. Washington, D. C., Juno 13.—The widow of tho lato Robert E, 1 Leo, of Virginia, proposes to make a claim upon, tho Government for tho’ voluo of the. Arlington estate, now used as a sol diers’ cemetery, It will bo remembered that bo*, fore tho close of tho Rebellion this ostato was sold for taxes and purchased at a low figure by tho Government. * Mrs. L6o alleges that at tho time of the. sale certain of her friends prepared to buy it for her, but their bids wore refused. Bho further says that her father,' George Washington Parke Custls, dying In 1867, gave her, by his will, the entire Arlington ostato. Tho 1 forms of iho will vested tho property la her • absolutely:. Be yond iho simple duties of au'oxooutor, Gon. Loo bad no control of tho property, and never, either before or slnoo, assumed or attempted to assume a single right of ownership. 'According to her statement, tbo property old' not in any sense belong to Gon. Loo. ana tho Government, she claims, hod no right to seize it. Bho does not expect to have-it restored, bat she hopes to obtain indemnity. .It. is hold - by officers of the Government., that, waiving the question of confiscation and seizure, tho Arling ton property was purchased at public solo by the Government, and that' Mrs. Loo has no claim upon it. The matter will bo brought before Congress. . Tim BIOEAPOOS. Considerable surprise is manifested at tho ef fort of the Government to got tho Kiokapoo In dians, now in Mexico, book to tho United States. The Eiokapoos formerly lived on a reservation in the United States, and being natural thlovos and depredators, emigrated to Mexico eomo yean ago, 'after having picked up enough of international law to know, that they could raid Texas from - their new stamping ground wbonovor. tl;:y choflo to do so, and crossing tho Rio Grondo would bo sheltered from punishment for their outrages. In connection with Mexican banditti they havo continued to make those raids almost monthly ever since thoy moved. across the Rio Qrando. Tho Govommont simply desires to got those Indians book on tholr reservation in tho United States in ordor that hereafter thoy can bo kept under the eye of tbo military, and promptly punished for any outrages they. may commit. THE POLARIS. Although tho Secretary of tbo Navy has been urged by certain parties to send a vessel at once in search of tho Polaris, he hos not yot deter mined to do so, though it - has been stated that tho Juniata was ordered to fit out for the Arctic regions. Oapt. Tyson and . all tho survivors of the Polaris agroo that itwonhb'bo unwise-to send a ship in search of that vessel at present, for tho reason that sbo would- probably fail to find her.- The opinion among, naval officers is general that tho Polaris will reach hero before tbo closo of ’ summer. Mrs. Hall, (ho widow of Oapt. Hull, tho Arotio explorer, arrived here to-day. Sno has not yet had an Interview with tbo Secretary of tho Navy,nor with Copts. Tyson and Myers.' It is understood that Secretary Robeson will recom mend Congress to vole Mrs. Hall sponsion equal to that of a Captain of tbo Navy. Tim BACK-PAY STEAL. Representative Randall, of Pennsylvania, ex plains his position in defending-tho Congres sional steal by stating that ho 'voted' for tho measure with his eyes wide open, dooming it a measure calculated Ito put a stop to jobbing, because, as It now stands, tho salary of Con gressmen Is altogether inadequate to the services performed, and If tho book-pay provision had not boon included, (ho proposed increase would not havo boon adopted, lie is of opinion that, bad tbo salaries of members boon more nearly adequate to tholr services, no such disgraceful spectacle os that presented at tbo last Congfloss would have occurred, and a largo percentage of tho United Statee Congress would not havo been found in tho Credit Mobilior and other jobs of lessor magnitude which never saw tho light. Mr. Randall bollovos the increase of salaries will havo a good offoct gn Congressmen, and bo an inducement tor them to resist tho temptation to make a little extra cash to enable them to got along smoothly. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. It is assorted boro that the increase from $50,000 to 8100,000 of tho capital stock of Har lan’s Daily Chronicle, of this city, wbioh was mado a fow days ago, camo from tho friends of an Associate Justice of tho United States Su preme Court, who want, and expect, to keep him prominently before tho pablio as an available candidate for tbo Presidency in 1876. [t'o the Atsociated iVcM.] THE FOIiABIS INVESTIGATION. Washington, Juno 12.— Tho Secretary of tbo Navy having completed the Polaris examination, was at the Department throughout to-day, end received a largo, number of per sona on business. In . reply to inquirioa, the Secretary Bald that tbo testimony of Oapt. Tyson and others was not yet in a shape to bo given to the press, bat may bo be fore the expiration of tbo week. It is the Inten tion of those who wore present at the examina tion to unite in a statement giving their oonolu elona on tbo question as afforded by tbo testi mony. PATENT QUANTED. The Commissioner of Patents to-day extended a patent to Andrew T. Morriman, of Chicago, for a machine for sawing stone. Bailroad Wows. Jaoebonytlle, Hi..- Juno 12.—At the annual mooting of tbo bondholders and stockholders of tbo 81. Louis. Jacksonville & Chicago Bailroad Company, hold in Jacksonville yesterday after noon, tho following gentlemen wore unanimous ly elected Directors of tho Company for the en suing year: T. B. Slackstone and John Ororor, of Chicago; George Btraut, of Peoria; N. W. Green, of Pekin; Joseph Sawyer, of Tremont; li. E. Worcester, of Whitehall; and Charles D. Hodges, of Carrollton. Subsequently tbo newly elected Board mot and elected George Straut President, T, D. Blackatone Treasurer, and B. H.Nolton Secretary of tho Company, and Messrs. Btraut. Blackatone, and Croror the Executive Committee for tho ensuing year. • . Boston, Juno 12.—The master oar-bulldora, in convention to-day, after some discussion, post poned till the next annual mooting tbo subject of wanning and ventilating oars. Invitations of citizens and corporations to partake of hospitali ties were accepted. Dubuque. Juno 12.—Tho Wisconsin Valley Bailrood will be opened, and trains run regularly between Tomah and Grand Baplds, Win.,-—a dis tance of forty-eight miles, directly through the heart of one of the richest lumber districts in tho world,—on Monday, Juno 10. ■ Special Dinnlch to The Chicago Tribune. Kansas City, Juno 12.—Tho City of Arrow Book, in Baline County. Mo., has voted $70,000 unanimously fn aid of tuo Narrow-Gauge Bail rood through that country. Bt. Louis, Juno 12.—The Evening Dispatch loams that several prominent stockholders of tho Bt. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Bailroad residing in Now York oud this city, have deter mined to investigate the affairs of that road, and that a petition will soon bo filed in the Circuit Court hero as a preliminary stop. Some of tho matters treated m tho petition ore said to bo the sale of bonds aud appropriation of tho pro ceeds of the consolidation Directors. This is said to bo tho way tho St&to lion was acquired, and it is proposed to ascertain how far tho Di rectors of a railroad corporation can dispose of a company’s real property without tho sanction of the stockholders. , , .Qjmim. JttusU.—Xlw Union fwlflo Xl»Ur9wl bridge across Iho Eikhorn Blvop is repaired, and trains ate crossing it to-day. Balt Lake City. Juno 12.—A responsible’ company was organized to-day-to build a nar row-gnogo railroad from this city’to Bingham Canon, the work to bo commenced at onoo. Br. Louis, Juno 12.—The Atlantic d? Pacific Railroad Company wtU to-morrow apply to Judge Billon, now bolding tho United States Circuit Court at Davenport, lowa, for an injunction to restrain Gov. Woodson, of this State, from ad vertizing the Missouri Paeiflo Railroad for eoloto Satisfy iho Btato lion oh tho road for some eight millions of dollars. Tho /application la peculiar inasmuch oa It asks a United States Court to restrain an Executive of a 1 Btato from carrying oht an act of tho .Legislature. Atty.- Qon. Ewing and F. J. Bowman, associate couri sol, loft for Davenport to-night to represent tho

Btato. . THE INDIANS. Gen. Davis’ Views on Hie Modoc Question. J His Address to Cap!. Jack on Sentencing! Him to Be Huhg. Invasion of Sonora, Mexico, by, Bands of Apaches. Bak Francisco, Juno 12.—The court-martial convened at Boyle's Camp, Tulo Lake, Juno 9, and tried six deserters.- The decision will bo tendered id a low days. Oon. Davis, In Conversation with a special correspondent of the Bulletin, Juno 11, gavo tlio following statement: • Whoa I arrived in the Cold, 1 found tbo troops engaged In war with a band of Indian outlaws, mardorors, words. of tho General Government, who hod revolted against Its au thority, and wore fighting mercilessly, neither giving nor expecting quarter. I then thought the captives taken ih future should bo executed upon tho spot, as tho surest and speed iest method of settling tho Uodoo problem, whoa captured while fighting against tho military forces of tho United States; and, as a separate nation or triho, I was disposed to doal with thorn accordingly. Sinco tho capturo, I hovo ascertain od that tho authoritios of Jackson Oounty, Oregon, haa found indictments against certain members of tho hand, but I havo not doomed it proper to turn thorn ovor to tho civil courts, because they woro waging war against tho Govommont at tho tlmo tho mur ders upon which tho indictments aro based and woro found woro committed; also, for tho reason that, after tholr capturo. thoy woro prisonors of tho Govommont, and not directly amenable to tho civil laws. During my command hero, I havo noticed that tho Citizens, whoa desiring protection for person or property, or Indemnification for loss, inva riably appeal to tho authority of tho United States, but now that tho wax is over, and tho marauders aro captives, both tho public and local authorities waut to tako tho punishment of the offenders la tholr own bands. Tho throats of the pooplo, and tho recent bloody act 'in this neighborhood, whoa four old defenceless captives,on route from Fairchild’s Ranch to camp, wero murdered by the civilians, indicate that a trial by civil law would bo a useless farce. Tho pooplo have made up their minds that tho prisonors are guilty. It is. suggested that a military commission wiU ho ordered to try tho criminals. If tho idea is carried out, the' officers composing-tho court should bo of high rank; and men who havo hod no immediate connection with ’ tho Modoc difficulty. Bncli commission would probably try each caso separate, and re quire about six months to perform tbo work, to 1 say nothing of tho expense Involved in such a proceeding. There will uo an immense expense to tho Govommont, besides everybody, civil os well as military, knows that tho Indians aro guilty of murder in the first degree and ought to bo hanged. I thought to avoid* unnecessary ex pense and tho farco of a trial by doing tho work myself. Owing to tho dilatory manner in which tho Modocs woro - treated by. those la obargo In tho beginning of tbeso difficulties, tho Indians obtained a fearful advantage over us, and slaughtered so many pooplo that tho coun try was astonished and oven shocked, and now fear thoy will got tho advantage in the closing scones. This same fear is disturbing tbo minds of tho citizens of tho frontier Justice has already boon very tardy coming, and is approaohing'from so many different directions in snob questionable shapo and garb that I doubt its success in mooting the requirements of tho cose. . The Indians do not rocognizo tho jurisdiction of civil or military courts, Because they aro in capable of comprehending their workings. Those Modocs cannot understand what is meant by court. Thoy havo boon interrogated on that subject. Thoy would regard a court trial, with its technicalities and testimony, as a kind of jugglery, and, if oonviotod and sentenced to death, could not bo mado to understand that justice figured in tho business at all. Thoy believe thoy havo com mitted doods that merrit death. In fact, tho real murderers havo doily expected to bo hangod. Thoy boliovo tho military havo tho powor and right to inflict punishment. Tho murder and arrests occurred in Oregon and California, and aro badly mixed. My proposed course would settle tbo question. By a single stroke, tho Gordian knot was to bo out. I boliovo it was tho best . way, on account ol tho prospects of tho Indians. Thoy ore oooped up in. touts, men, women, and children, guilty and innooout, all fearing a massacre all the time, and they must remain in this condition of suspense for months to'come. I bad proaarod.lumbor, chains, rope, and tackle, and all of tbo paraphernalia of execution, and bod selected Friday last as dooms day. On Thursday forenoon I'drow up this dec oloration of charges, which wore road to Jack later in tho day: UkADQUABTEHB DEPAHTStENT OF COLUMBIA,) In the Field, > Tdle Lake, OoU- Juno, 1879.) Jack: Since the white men first begun to travel through, or settle Id, tho country occupied by the Mo doc people, of which you claim to bo ono of iho Chiefs, tho Modoca have been known as a band of moroiloss robbers and murderers. Tho history of your tribe Is filled with murders of tho white race. Even amor 5 . Sour Indian neighbors you are known os a domlnoer )g and tyrannical tribe. Old settlers In the coun try report as many as 300 murders com mitted by your people within tbo limbs of the present generation. Along the shore of tho beautiful little tke in view of which wo now stand are tho graves of over sixty victims of Modoc barbarity, all murdered by your immediate ancestors In « brutal manner. They wore peaceful emigrants—men, women, and children, —passing quietly through tho country on public high way. For these many crimes no adequate -punish-, meat has ever bean visited upon tho guilty, either os a tribe or individually. Upon tho contrary, the Government boa tacitly overlooked' them. A few years ago, regardless of these acts of treachery, It gave you a reservation of that land for a home, where, if you choose, you could remain and enjoy the annual bounties of tho Govern ment unmolested. You all wont upon the reservation thus provided, and part of your tribe has remained, but you and your baud have preferred tho war path. 'You loft tbo reservation. You spurned tho kindness of the Government and oven nslslod tho soldiers In tho execution of their duties to force you back to tbo reservation. You hasteuod to war, emulat ing tho bloody deeds of your fathers. You again strewed tho shores of Tulo Lake with tho slain victims of your bloody band. All those victims wore peaceful citizens, unsuspectingly slaughtered while &v their dally avocations. You then tied to your stronghold, tho Lava-Hod, prepared for war, and de fied tuo power of tho Government. Still tho President at Washington ordered tho soldiers to desist until tho Peace Commissioners could have a talk with you, if possible to avoid tho shedding of more blood. Their efforts wore "fruitless. After much delay and many attempta at conciliation on their part, you decoyed tho Oommlaslonera Into your bauds. Armedor unarmed, these acts havo placed you, and your band outsldo tho rules of civilized warfare. In other words, you havo mado yourselves outlaws. Aa such, since my ar rival hero, as successor to Gen. Oauby, whom you murdered with your own hands, I have made unremit ting war upon you, until at last you havo been cap tured, after much oxpeuso to tho Government aud tuo loss of many valuable lives. Now that I havo recount ed your history, that of your trlbo, and tho recent acts of yourself aud band, X will dose this Interview by informing you that 1 havo this doy directed that you and your confederates aud members of your baud bo executed at sunset to-morrow, in presence of tho troops paraded for that purpose, ond of your people, and tho assembled citizens of tho country. While I was proparing a link of those I in toujjod to oxoouto, a courier arrived with iu- situations from Washington to hold the prison ers until further orders. After tho execution I • Intended organizing a force for the purpose of starting for Columbia, probably for Lanwais, with tho intention of seeing and talking with ns many Chiefs as possible while on route. I know 'that tbo prompt execution of tho Uodoo out laws would facilitate poaco talks among tbo In dians of Oregon and Indian Territory, os well as Californio, ahd bavo a tendency to quiet tho ..... Indians. # all' through ■ tbo country. Tho Indians all know that wo bavo captured tho Modooa. They will quickly learn tho nows, if the death-penalty Is Inflicted. The, achievement would result in a mutual benefit to both tho Indlons and tho whites., With tho pres tige tho troops bavo gained, wo could do groat good by‘such a campaign. * Ban .Francisco, June 12.—Only three or four Modocs .remainat largo.'. Tho Pitt River In-, , dians delivered eleven Modoo refugees to Gon. Davis on Saturday. Last’ Monday, a band of' Apache Indians started south, probably to’ invade Sonora. Another band is besieging Santa Cruz, Bouora, .five miles over .the border. , TRIPLE MURDER. ■ A ITIao in namllton, bnt<« Chops IIIb ; tVllo with nn Axj and. Out* tUO 1 Thfdats ht Uls Two Children. . _ Special JHtpaUh to The Chicago Tribune, ' Hamilton, O..WV June 12.—A moat horrible , itmMor wan perpetrated boro this morning by Thomas' Fields, On English workman in tho Great Western Railway shops. At an early hour ho hod a dispute vrith his wife, because sbo would not give him 80, whordby bo might con-' ' tlnuo his dissipation; About half-past 0 o’clock he went into the yard, secured an ax, re-entered tho house, and struck his wife on tho bead therewith, and loft her for dead. Re covering 'somewhat, sho escaped to tbo' doctor’s , office' to obtain relief. Daring her absence bo went to tho children’s bod, and with a largo knife out .the throats of a boy of 14 months, and a girl of years of ago. from oar to oar, horribly mutilating them. The girl was tho ohildrof a former hnsband. When tho alarm was spread and help arrived tho children wore quite poad. Completing the atrocious deed, he gave him self up at the police.station, stating that bo had murdered Lis wife, not knowing of her OHcapo. Tho wife is in'tbo hospital, wild with delirium, and doubts are .entertained of her recovery. Muob indignation exists regarding tho affair. WEATHER AND WATER. Cmc Ado, Juno 12—10:16 p. m. Bar, Thr\ rind. Station, N. W., froab, 8., gentle. N. E., gentle. S. E., fresh. E., fresh. K, E., gentle. Calm. Calm, Breckinridge.., Buffalo.. Cairo Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland...... Cheyenne Davenport ~,v Denver Detroit Du1uth....,*,.. Escanabs Fort Garry...., Ke0kuk........ La Crosse...... Marquette Milwaukee.... Omaha Pembina....... fit. Paul Toledo 8., fresh. 8.. gcnllo. Calm. 8., fresh. N., gentle. 8. E., light. 8., fresh, 8., brisk, 8. E., gontlo. 5., gentle. Calm. 8., fresh. 8. E., fresh. PROBABILITIES. Washington, Jnno 12,— For Now England, on Friday, light to fresh northwesterly to north easterly wmda, and generally clear weather. For tho Middle States and Lower Lako region, winds veering to easterly and southerly, ana foiling ba rometer, with generally clear weather over tho former, but increasing cloudiness and fresh to brisk winds over the latter. For Upper Lako region 'falling barometer, fresh to brisk south erly and woetorlv winds, oluudy-weather, and rain areas. For Tonnesso, Kentucky, Missouri, and tho Southern portions of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio,. winds veering from light to fresh southeasterly and southwesterly, and partly cloudy weather. For tho South Atlantia States, •light to fresh variable winds, and partly cloudy .weather, with areas on tho coast. For the Gulf States, light to fresh variable winds, end gen erally clear wcothor. For tho Northwest, winds veering to fresh, and probably brisk westerly and northwesterly, and clearing weather. STAGE 07 WATEB. Daily report of tho stage of water, with changes in the twenty four hours ending Op. m. t June 12, 1873: ABOVE LOW OItA * OE "- WATEn - Rise. ran. St. Paul ..'ls ft. 4 In. 4 In. .......... Omaha 18 ft.. 8 la Davenport U ft, 0 in. 6lu Leavenworth.,...: Oft. oin 6 In. Keokuk 11 ft. 6 In. ain Cairo 27 ft. 0 In., X in .-. Bt. Louia 24 ft. 10 la. I 3 in. Pittsburgh 4 ft, 6 in. 1 ft. 0 in Cincinnati 8 ft. 11 in.' 1 in Louisville 4 ft. 7 in.i ;3 ft. 7 in. Memphis 21 ft. 10 ln.j ) Hu. Vlokflburgh 38 ft. 10 In 4 iu. Shreveport 27 ft. 4 in. I 1 I in. Naahvlllo 8 ft, 0 in. I ft. 2 In. •Now 0r1ean5...... 2 ft, 8 ln.| 21n.| •Below high water mark of 1871. W, B. Kaufman, Observer Signal Service United States Army. SALT LAKE CITY. Important Decision on tlio Whisky Question. Balt Lake, Juno 12.— 1n tho liquor oases, Chief Justice McKean decided to-day that tho city ordinance extorting $l6O monthly rental Uoonso was illegal and void, because it blended taxation, prohibition, and license into one sys tem, not authorized oy tho charter. Is unneces sary, and therefore void.. In tho other case for .an In junction to re strain tho city from prosecuting tho dealers in a criminal way for Violation of tho ordinance, McKean hold that no laws exist in Utah to give a remedy to a person maliciously, prosecuted. Tho Court was not responsible for tuo uou-ox istonoo of a just law. Tho petition was de nied. It is understood tho City Council will conform to the views of Judge MoKc&n's decision, which Is well received. It is understood the Walker Houso will be of fered for solo. Tho reports from the mining camps are very favorable. •The Late minister Orr. New Youk, June 12.—The funeral of Gov. Orr, to-morrow, promises to be the most impos ing evor witnessed in New York. The proces sion will bo In the following order: Washing ton Greys $ Seventh Regiment; Grand Council of Grand Chapter; Lodges commencing with highest number j Doduworth’a Rand | Knights Templar; Keating’s Rand; Grand Lodge s hoarse sorroundod by hollow square of Knights Templars, chief mourners, Mayor, and Common Council and heads of Depart ments, Foreign Ministers and Consuls. Govern or and Lieutenant-Governor of the Stole of New York, Governors of States and Territories, offi cers of the Army and navy, officers of tho Civil Service of the United States, Judges of tho Su premo Courts of the United States, Judges of State and City Courts, members of Congress and Legislature, and citizens. The Governors of Alabama and Georgia, and tho lion. Mookoy, ;of South Carolina, have ar rived hero to attend the funeral. obituary* St. Louis, June 12.—A private telegram from Hannibal, Mo., says that Mr. Cauby, a brother of tho lato Gen. Cauby, died tbero on Monday last. San Francisco, Juno 19.—Goorgo Fisher, Greek Consul, died, to-day, in this city. Mr. Gray, Secretary of tho Now Zealand Post- Office, died at Oakland to-day. Mr. Gray oamo to negotiate for a continuance of the stoam mail lino. Being too ill to go forward, ho stopped At Oakland, and died tbero. Tho Arkansoa Governorship* Litti.m Rock, Ark., Juno 12.—1t having boon reported that Mr. Brooks would issue a procla mation declaring himself Governor, a Gaulle reporter Interviewed him this evening on the subject, Ho stated that thoro was no founda tion for the report whatever; that ho knew nothing of an intention to organize or to set up a now State Government beyond tho rumors he had heard. NUMBER 398. FOREIGN. The Ministerial Crisis in Spain at I End, , —I A Cabinet Cndci Appointed by the B I SJrlty of the C ses. Defeat of the Khi the Bus Probable Strike .of London Jour neymen Builders for One i ■ Cent ah Hour. SPAIN. London, Juno 12.—A special from Madrid ro-‘ ports that tbo Oriels in tbo’Government of Spain continues, and foars aro entertained of a serious outbreak. Tbo Cortes remained in secret sos eiontho most of yesterday. Daring Us deliber ations armed volunteers surrounded the palace. A largo foroo of police was concentrated at tbo' 1 Column of Dos Do Mayo, and troops won) posted at othor places in tbo city. The Irreconcilable press openly advocato a revolution, and the situation Is very disquieting. London, Juno 12. —A Madrid dispatch of last evening says f Tbo Irrocouollabloa aro opposed to tbo formation of a Ministry from tbo BightJ Armed Irroconoilables and partisans, and a ma jority of tbo Cortes respectively occupy strategic' positions In tbo city, and a conflict is foarod.- At a mooting of. tbo Deputies belonging to tbo majority, it was agreed, in order to consolidates tbo opponents, to propose a Ministry to bo com posed of four Conservatives and four Irrooonoll oblos. ’ • Madbid, Juno 12.—Tiio Cortes bos accepted tho resignation of tho Figuorns Cabinet, and at a mooting of the majority, last night, tho fol lowing Ministry was agreed upon: President of tho Council ana Minister of tho Interior, Sonor Pi y Morgall; Minister of tho Colonics. Sonor Bonn; of Foreign Affairs, Muzo: or War, Estavanz; of Marino, Aurioh; of Finance, Ladua; of Public) Works, 230n0t; of Justice, Gonzales. Tho authorities are determined to resolutely sustain tho majority in whatever measures they may adopt. Figueroa bos loft Madrid. Wtathtr, Fair. OlCar. Cloudy. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Clear.. Cloudy. Fair. Clear. Cloudy. Clear, Light rain. Clear, Cloudy. Fair. Fair. General Hidalgo has been appointed Civic Governor of Madrid. * Madrid, Juno 12—Evening,—Tho excitement which prevailed in Madrid for tho past few days baa greatly subsided, and the city has been quite calm to-day. Tho armed factions which woro posted at different points have been with drawn, all parties having accepted tho Mlniaty formed by tho majority of tbe Cortes last night. Sonor Figueroa has arrived at Hucsca. Hois going to Franco. j> A regiment of troops, stationed at the town of Murviodro, 14 miles from the city of Valencia, mutinied yesterday and murdered their Lieu tenant Colonel. Threaping. Clear. THE WEST INDIES. . Havana, Juno 12.—Lato advices from San Domingo hovo boon received. Tho revolution ists had been outnumbered, and compelled to retreat from Guajubiu. Whoa reinforced, it was believed they would advance again. Lato advices from Hayti state that tho Cham bers woro closed, and that a conference was being hold between tho President and General Dominquez. .Havana, June 12.—The Now York Herald cor respondent was liberated to-day. St. . Petersburg, Juno 12.—A rumor is cur rent that the Kbivan expeditionary column ua* dor Gen. Kauffman has mot with a reverse. Tho columns of tho expedition against Khiva, which started for Sjeak and Knsalivisk, effected a juncture at Ohalaot on tho 24th of April. On tho 27th of April a Khlvnn force attacked tho Russian vanguard near Ohalaot, and a sharp en gagement took place, during which two Russian Colonels wero killed. Tho Khivans woro finally defeated, and rotroated precipitately. St. Petbubbubo, Juno 12.—Midnight.—Lator dispatches from Central Asia, received in this city to-night, state that tho vanguard of a forco marching against Khiva from tho East, under command of Gon. Kaufman, reached the Amur Duria river on tho 11th of May, whore it met and put to flight a body of 5,500 Khivans with out tho loss of a single man on tho part of tho Russians. Aftor waiting until tho 14th ult., by which time tho remainder of his forco camo up, Qon. Kaufman' continued his march toward Sohurukhano. London, Juno 12.—1t is reported that a treaty of alliance has boon concluded between Germany and Italy. Berlin, June 12.—Herr Kurd Von Sohlozer, Gorman Minister at Washington, has arrived in this city. It is not likoly that ho will return to tho United States. Herr Yon Krauso, at pres ent attached to tho Gorman Legation in London, is to be sent to Washington as Charge d’Af faires. It is probable Parliament will adopt a resolu tion extending tho provisions of tho Constitu tion of Germany to Ataaoo and Lorraine. Should this measure be carried out, Alsace and Lor raine will be entitled to eloot fifteen members of Parliament. None of the inhabitants who chose French nationality will bo allowed to vote until they have sworn allegiance to Germany. Paris, June 12.—Qon. L’AdmlranU baa ap plied to the Assembly for authority to prose cute tho Communist Rano, now a member of that body. Ex-President Thiers has written a loiter to a friend, In which ho says be has retired to pri vate hfo, believing that party Government in Franco Is a mistake, and will only load to fresh divisions. GREAT BRITAIN. London, Judo 12.— Thors la a eoriouß dispute in ibo building trade of this city. The iournoy mon ask an advance of wages of a half-penny per hour, which the master builders refuse to glvo. It is feared the dispute will load to the greatest lookout ever known in the city. Theox-Emproaa Eugenio baa taken horde* parturo from England for the Continent, by way of Osteud. • St. Petsbbboro, Juno 12.— The Russian iron clad whioh has boon building for some time past in tho dock-yard at Nioolalso was launched to-day, inaugurating a revival of the Russian fleet in the Black Son. The Grand Duke Con stantino, High Admiral of the Navy, presided over the ceremonies. New Youk, Juno 19.- Ariuon Mori, tho Jap anese Minister to tho Uuitod States, according to a letter in tho JWftimtf, from Yoddo. rests under grave accusations preferred by his own countrymen. His management of the funds in trusted to bis cure is said to have been sus piciously loose, and bis conduct towards his urn Government is characterized as “perverse wil fulueus.” Woodstock, N. 8., Suuo 12.—Tbroo persons wore drowned about five miles below town, to day. wbilo attempting to board the steamer Andover. Tho Cholera* Memphis, Tonn,, June 12.—Tho excitement in regal'd to the cholera is abating. A number of people havo left tho oily, and abstinence from stole vegetables has undoubtedly had a tenden cy to doeroaso tho mortality reports, as there were only nineteen interments to-day from all diseases, against twenty-four yesterday. murderer Sentenced* Cincinnati, June 12.—At RusUvillo, lud., this morning. Jerry Ander on was sentenced to (ho Penitentiary for Ufo for the murder of Jaeub Kerr, Cfi t • Si '<l3 and Junction of Troops. KHIVA. GERMANY. FRANCE. RUSSIA. JAPAN.

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