Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 13, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 13, 1873 Page 8
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THE SPORTING WORLD. The Most Remarkable Gome of Billiards Ever Played in the United , States. > Brilliant Result of tho Fourth Contest between Übnssy nml liossnngcr. The Former Victorious by a Score of; 800 to 870. ' Largo Runs and Unexampled Averages on Both Sides. Tlio Turf—-Base-Ball-—Quoitiiiff, Etc. . The most remarkable gamo In tho annals of American billiards was played at tho Amphithe atre last evening, by Übassy and Boasungor, In tho presence of nearly 1,000 people. Tho eyn opsis given below convoys but a faint idea of tho wonderful skill displayed, not alono by tho invincible Frenchman, but by his weaker oppo nent. In tho number of points played, in tbo number of largo runs, and in tho averages tho gamo is without a parallel In this country, and in all probability will remain so for many a year to oomo. Tho terms of tho match wore that Übnssy should play 800 points French carom to Bosaunger’s 600, for a atako of $360 a side and tho ontlro goto receipts. Tho lattor, as it turned out, woro far in excess of tho stako proper. A sxlo carom table of tho J. M. Bruns wick and Boiko manufacture, fitted with Collon dor cushions, was used, and together with tho balks afforded ovory satisfaction to tbo players. The only thing about tho arrangements that could bo found fault with was tho string, which contained 81 buttons on each sido, instead of 100, thus causing considerable trouble iu shark ing tho gamo. In everything olso tho manager, Mr. John McOnllagh, showed foresight and good judgment. Tho referee was Mr. T. Z. Cowles, editor of tho Western Sporting Ckuctto, who performed hia duties without partiality. Tho umpires wore Tom Foley for Uhassy, and Mr, Blako for Bossungor. Tho players advanced toward tho table about 8 o'clock, and banked for tho load and choice of balls. This was closely won by Bossungor. Ho scored 2, and loft tho balls in a good position for Übaeay, who started off in good stylo, playing as If ho wanted to make up his odds right away. Ho mode 88, missing on a lons follow ehot, Haring tlxo ran a claim of no count was mado, which was not allowed. In bis fourth inning ho got tho halls together by two or throo oxtromoly difficult cushion-shots, and nursed thorn with great delicacy for 37. Bossungor, meanwhile, had boon doing Uttlo or nothing, his total sooro amounting only to 8. Ho added 7 to it in his fifth inning by good round-tho-tablo play, but was unfortunate enough to mako a bad miscuo on a draw shot. In tho following inning ho znado a good run of 13. In his sovonth ' inning ho made 14, showing romarhahlo position play, but ending in a comparatively easy draw, all tho halls being close to tho cushion. Übassy’s play up to tho eighth was of an indifferent character. Then ho mode 12,which,of course,isnotaromark ablo run for him, but it contained somo remark able shots, which received applause. Ho missed on a difficult round-tho-tablo shot. Bossungor followed with a miss, and his opponent added 11 to hia string. Tho score then showed 100 for Übassy, to 44 for Bossungor. In his tenth in ning tho Frenchman again handled tho balls with rare skill and Judgment, making tho uirangoot shots for position that comd bo thought of, and making them successfully. His ruu closed at SO, tho third of that number mado bv him thus far in tho game. In tho succeeding inning he played oven bettor than ho had hither to done. Almost ovory shot brought down thun ders of applause. Ho accumulated 61 in tho run, and showed the moat remarkable position play ing over witnessed by an American billiard aud ieuco. After getting tho balls together, but in lino on tho lower rail, ho was forced to attempt a short bank-shot, which was next to an impos eibiUty, and ho missed it narrowly. Snob playing as ho was exhibiting was enough’ to discourage any man, and Bossungor was osriously affected by it. In six innings his highoat run was 6. Übassy turned hia second hundred in tho thirteenth inning, his opponent’s score then being 53. Bossungor picked up a little in his fifteenth inning with a run of 14, but was still far from playing his regular game. Ho showed signs of nervousness, not only at tho table, but while sitting iu bis chair. His little run of 14 was offset by Übassy with ono of 45, which was mado rapidly, and without any ap parent thought or trouble. Ho missed an easy shot when tho balls wero in a heap, and loft thorn in the best possible way. Though ac knowledged to bo a good throo-ball nursor, Bossungor only mado 10 out of what would ordinarily yield him 20 or 80. Ho did much bottor in the following Inning, making a pretty run of 21, which showed many fino shots, but was sadly deficient in Judgment. The Frenchman was inexorable, however. Ho wanted tho audiouco to know that a Uttlo ran of 20 had no terrors for him, so ho put in one of 44. missing again on a very easy cushion shot. Bossungor foUowod with 7. turning his first hundred, the score thon standing 105 to 313. In the eighteenth and nineteenth innings Übassy mado 19 and 38, playing as if for more amuse ment, and Booming to bo unconscious of tho fact that an immense number of peoplo wore watching hie every move. Tho twentieth and twenty-first innings were indifferently played on both sides. In the twenty-second. Übassy added 42 to his score. Tho ran was made fault lessly, as wore all tho others, and that is about ail that can bo said of it. A description of his play, or rather an attempt at describing it, would not give an adoquato idea of tho marvellous pre cision which ho displayed in executing shots of aU kinds. With ono or two exceptions, his misses wore of easy shots. In tho twenty-fifth and twenty-seventh innings ho mado 12 and 20. AU this time Bossungor was playing not only In bad luck, bat without judgment or confidence in his powor. Tho only favorable thing that con bo said of him is that ho was contending against terrible odds and a terrible playor —ono wuo never lots up. In his twenty-fifth inning he began to play much bottor, making a fine run of 22, and following it in tho succeeding in nines with 15,10, ana 0, aU of which wore well maao. Übassy was doing nothing at all at this stage of tho game. several misses and a few in significant runs uoing tho only results of hia play. Bossungor took heart at this carelessness on the part of his opponent, and played mag nificently, as was shown in runs of 22 and IB in the thirty-second and thirty-third Innings. At the close of the lattor his score stood at 210 to 472, putting him ahead, with his odds counted In. His friends manifested considerable en thusiasm at this favorable change in tho strings, but they prudently kept their monoy where there was an excellent ohanoo of Its doing the most good in tho long run. In the thirty-fourth Inning Übassy mado another capital run of 84, which closed In a long, single cushion hand. Nothing disconcerted, Bossungor foUowed him up with a rattling run of 53. his highest so far in the game. It was made with a skill and judg ment that his play in the early part did not fore shadow. Übassy followed with 4, and Bossun ger again with 10. Two ciphers on both sides, and then tho Frenchman mado 11, freezing when ho hod the balls to gether. Ho was oxtromoly unfortunate m this respect all through tho game, while Bos- Hunger, on the other hantL was remarkably lucky. The lattor rosumod his rapid gait in tho thirty-ninth inning, playing much better than Übassy had been for some timo. Ho rollod up 64, his largest run so far by one point, and was loudly and deservedly applauded for many bril liant position shots, with the balls well together near tho corner of the sido and hood rails, ho at tempted a masse, but overdid it, and left thorn well for his opponent. Though over 100 behind, Übassy’s imperturbable countenance showed no signs of uorvoiumosa or even anxiety. He mado 60 Just as if ho were playing a practice game in a private hall, and follow ed it with 7, Bessunger missing a difficult cushion shot. Tnree and a miss by Bessunger, and thon Übassy wont in to close up a pretty large gap. Ho camo very near doing it in a splendid nm of 41, which ho wound up with a miss of an oasy side-draw. Tho balls were loft - well foe Bossungor, both for an easy shot and after-position, but ho made adoadmlos. Übassy thon wont.ah'oad, odds included, in ft nm of 03, making the gamo stand 005 id 880. Bossuncor Improved tho look Of bin fitting a little In the following Inning .with 20, closing 1)7 making a maaeo and thon mlfiaing ono. Xu n few woil oonoelvod and woll-exoantcd position-shots, Übassy marsh olod tho balls 'on tho flldo rail, and gave tho audiouco a specimen of his .rare power as a' nuracr. Alter making DO or 40 on onosido, ho ran tho holla to tho otuor, and acoumulatod a score or bo more. Then ho got thorn on tho hood rail, and continued on to 100. When thla number woo reached, tho applause was tremendous and long-continued. The remarkable nm ended at 110, placing tho gamo at 771 to 008. While It was being made, the meet .marvelous position-shots followed each other with startling rapidity, Bofisunger made 2 as an expiring effort, and than Übassy put an end to farther disputes In tho forty-fifth inning by running out tho gamo with 29. Tho following Booty will bo found to contain more doublo-flguro runs than any pair of Ameri can eyes over saw before t DMSUHOXa. 1 UDABBT. s : iT s § | t jfl t f I ..1 ... ”q 1 38 38 a ;:: .. .... i o a ; “ 0 4 7 3 * 33 , 1 8 4 87 70 & 1 16 5 6 81 6 13 37 0 3 83 7 .0 27 7 0 83 a! u 41 8 13 08 ‘ 0 41 9 11100 10. 8 44 10 SO 180 II 1 48 11 01187' la s 60 13 1108 8 68 13 3 300 M 0 63 14 IS 313 16 14 87 18.... 46 357 17 >.. 31 08 17 44 313 10.. 0111 W. 38 370 20.. 1113 SO 1371 31 1 113 31 0 371 S3 1 111 33 43 413 33 .... 8 130 33 0 413 25 - 0 121 13 430 20.. i.. 1 193 1 *3l 37.. V. 1 123 27 20 461 38 23 145 38 17 468 30 15160 39 0 468 84 1 220 84 500 0 283137 0 510 0 283,88 « 521 0 337 40 7 578 S 9 339 a 3 581 0 330| 42 « 623 1 S3 655 45 3 370 1 23 800 10 | with odds of 300, C7O | Total #cwa—Boaiunga Übauy, 800. Averages —DosHungor, Largest rurw—Boaaun !Ti«M qf pome—Three , 810-45; Übassy, 17 05-45. jgnr/OS, 54 ; Übassv, 01,110. i hours and a quarter. THE TURF. Special Dispatch to Ths Chicaoe Tribune. Pekin, HI., Juno 12.—Tho second day of tho Central Illinois Blood Horse Association moot ing was well attended, and tho races passed off quite satisfactorily. Tho first toco was a dash of three-quarters of a mUo, for 2-year-oldfl, for a purso of SI7B, and was won by Oloyd’s Billy Buck, booting Wrall, Top-Bawyor, and.Mmnlo in 1:23^. * Tho* second race, dash of ono mile, froo to all, for a purso of SIOO, was won by F. Lloyd’s chestnut filly, boating Molroso, Nick Baker, Lanagan, ana First National in 1:44H» , „ Tho third race, milo boats, host throe in flvo, froo to all, for a purso of 3200, was won by Ban Leonard, beating Hunky Doca* Roxy, and Alla tara in tbroo straight boats. Time—l:4B, I:4UKt The racing will continue on Friday and Saturday, with largo entries for all races. Special Disvatch to The Chicago Tribune. Zanesville, 0., Juno 12.— The attendance at tho second day’s race of tho Zanesville Driving Park to-day was much larger than yesterday, and tho sport was unusually fine. The first race was a running ono for a purso of 3600, aud resulted as follows: Hartford., MollJo Oad. Latitude... Tlmo—l:4oX- Tho second raoo was a trot for a purse of SSOO, resulting as follows O&pt. Jack, Paragon, 8i11y... Magna,. Time—2:43* ; 2:47; 2:40*. To-morrow, tho lost day, the racing will be un usually fine. Several noted horses oro entered for tho running race—puree, SOOO. Qbakd Rapids. Miob., Juno 12.—-The races to day wore by for the best contested and most ex citing of any that have taken place thus far. The attendance woe about 3,C00. A largo num ber of ladies were present, tho smaller grand stand devoted to their uso being filled. A slight slowness was manifest on tho track on account of tho dust. Tho track, however, was very good, notwithstanding tho best horses kept their record as low os possible. Bill McLaughlin. Ed Brown, and John Roach challenged tho admiration of all by their excellent driving. Tho first race was for o parse of $1,500, open to horses that never trotted bettor than 2:44’; $750 to first, S4OO to second, S2OO to third, and‘sloo to fourth. Tho first money was award ed to Joe Odell, tho second to Ada F., tho third to James Hand, and the fourth to Albert. Bilot was distanced in tho first head, and Lady Ida in the second. . , The second and third races wore trotted al ternately, four heats being made in each. Owing to the lateness of tho hour those two races wore postponed until to-morrow morning at 10 o’clock. The second race is for a parse of S6OO, open to all horses owned in Kent County that hod never boaton throe minutes. Kate Messenger has two heats; time, 2:4%. 2:51; and Valley City Maid two; time, 2:50 and 2:61. In tho third race, for a puree of $175, for horses that never trotted bettor than 2:84, Young Princeton had two heats; time, 2:38. 2:87% ; Kiltie CK, one beat: time, 2:40% : Kate Hazard, one heat; time. 1 2:43#. The first boat was given to Ada 2?.? time, 2:89%; the last throe to Wells ; time, 2:34%, 2:89, 2:11. The first trot to-morrow will be for a parse of $1,600 for horses that have never boaton 2:40. Six entries. Second purse, S3OO for horses four years old and under, owned in this county. Throe entries. Third purse, $2,500, for horses that have never trotted bettor than 2:21. Amongtho entries are Pilot Temple, Fred. Hooper, Flora Bell, and other noted horses. _ . OAMuniDOE Cixr, Ind., June 12.—The Hooßiora were out to-day 5,000 strong on tho grounds to see tho 2:50 trot. It was lively, Kate Bennett was the winner in 2:39%, 2:33%, and 2:29%, Harry Todd was second, Mateno Maid third, and Fashion fourth. In tho pacing race, Copper-Bottom was first. Hoosior Tom second, Billy Hopper third, and Rod Tiger distanced. Nary jolt or jar in tho, management. ,• , . . .. Buffajxj, May 12.—'Tho pacing match over the Buffalo Driving Pork course this afternoon, be tween tho Canadian horses Caledonia Chief and Little Angus, for a puree of $3,000 in gold, was won by Caledonia Chief. Timo: 2:31%; 2:38%; London, June 12.—The race for the gold cup took place to-day on Ascot Heath, ami was won by Oromoruo, Flageolet second, and llovigny third. , 4 . The betting just before the start was oven on Ocemorne against the field, five to one against Flageolet, and five to one against Rovigoy. Seven ran. YACHTING. Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Yobk, Juno 12.—Tho Union Regatta of the Brooklyn Yacht Club, fast escaped being a fail uro to-day on account of a lack of wind. Tho utartera wore schooners Madeline, Magic, Flour doXiiai first-class sloops, Meta, Commodore. Vision, Addie, Kate, Undine, Ariadne, West Wind. T. B. Aston; socond-claaa sloops, Dudley, QuiVivo. Soograve, Mary, Albert, Goula, Emma, T.. Ada, Sophia, Marigulta, Joe Jefferson, Emily, Twilight; third-class sloops, Wm.T. Leo, Brook lyn, Elizabeth, Aquatar, Bismarck. The first gun, to prepare, was fired at 11:141 the second gun, for schooners and first class sloops, ot 11:10; the third gun. for second-class sloops, at 11:18, and tho fourth gun, for third-class sloops, at 11:10. The wind was light from tho north east, favoring tho small vessels, but hardly of any use to the largo ones. Madeline was tho last to get .off. Tho wind soon hauled around to the north, and the yachts went well enough until they reached the South Spit, which they passed in tho following order; Vision, 12 h. 48 min. 5 see.j Undine, 12 h.l Cl min. 46 see.; Meta, 12!». 64 gun.; Commodore, 12 b. 64 min. 80 see ; Bo nku in h. 65 min. 16 seo. j Ariadne. 12 m 67 min. 65 soo.; Madeline,! h. 1 min. 20 see.; -West Wind, 1 h. 1 min. 52 see.} Kato, 1 b. 2 min. 40 see.; Aston, 1 h. 2 min. 60 sec.: Brooklyn. Ih. 4 min. 60 see,; Qal Vivo, 1 h. 6 min. 10 seo.; Addle, 1 h. 6 min. 48 see.; Leagrayo, 1 b. 6 min. 66 seo.; Bismarck, 1 h. 0 min. Magic, Ih, 7 min, 46 aw-i Ehzanoth, 1 b., 8; THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1*73, min., 45 boo, | Joe Jefferson,. 1. h., 8 min., 58, eoo.t Emliy, 1 h., 0 min., 20 fioo.j Wm» T. Loo: 1 h., 9 mlu., 23 boo.; Twilight, 1 h., 9 rain., 06 Boo.t Dndloo, 1 h. 11 mln.j Mary, 1 h., 10 min., 00 aoo.t Emma T., 1 h., 15 min., 10 soo.| Ada, 1 h.. 15 min., 80 boo. , . Tho wind now hauled around to tho cwt aua dropped almost (load. Tho yachts mado Blow progroßß, to tho Godnoy Channel buoy, where they lay for along time hooahuod. The Qul Vivo became disgusted and anchored. At 2:60 a little breeze sprang up. The Qui Vivo hauled up her anchor, and the yaonta managed to round tho long intervals. Thon occurtod a tedious back ing and filling until tho wind again died out, and tho yachts drifted slowly homeward with tho tide. A good breeze could bo Boon along tho Coney Island shore, but tho largo boats found it Impossible to roach it. Somo of tho smaller \iwshtß crept Into It andbowlodmorrlly homeward. Thoso passed thohomo-stokoboat as follows! Le0,,4 b. 22 min. 80 boo; Brooklyn, 4h. 80 min, 80 boo i Bismarck, 4h. 89 min. 40 boo. Tho largo yaohta did not got In till long afterward. They wore timed as fol- Iowa: Bqpliin, 8 h. 43 min. 25 boo. Bob grave, 0 L. 47 min. B boo. Qul Vivo. oh. 00 min. 80 boo.: Joo Jofforeon,7 n. 0 min. 10 boo.; Ad», 7 h. 28 min.: Dudley, 7 h. 43 min, 20 aoo.) Vision, 7h. 48 min. 25 boo.-, Undlno, Bu. 0 min, 57 aoo.: Modolluo, 8 h. 88 min. Tho Mndollno won tho flog-ollloor’S prize ana club prlzo for aohoonore. Tho Vlalon won tho dag and club prizes, and tho Undino tho Union Srfiso for first-class sloops. Tho Sophia won tho ag and club prize a, and tbo Soagravo tho Union prlzo for second-class sloops, and tbo Win. T. Loo won tho flag-officers’ ana club prizes, and tbo Brooklyn tho Union prize of thlxd-oloas sloops. ’ , quoitino-lacrosse. Hamilton, Out., Juno 12.—Tho annual moot ing of tho United States National Curling Club was hold boro yesterday, but previous thereto a quolting match for tho “801 l Champion Quoit” took plooo, and after a well-contested match was won by W. McGowan, of Scarborough, Canada, by a eooro of 21. Among tbo matches arranged for tho next season is tho Orchard Lake, Mich igan, v. Chicago. In tbo evening a banquet was given in honor of tho occasion. • Tins afternoon tho international quoit matqh oamo off, fourteen each from the United States and Canada, and continued two hours, the score being Canada, 083, and the United States 847.' Simon Kennedy, of Scarborough, Canada, made the highest score of any single player. A Laerosso match or nine each side occupied a portion of tho afternoon, and was won by Canada in throo straight games. Tho delegates aro the recipients of ft moon light excursion to-night. THE TRIGGER. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribunt, Ottawa, 111., Juno 12.—Some very fine shoot ing was done hero to-day at tho pigeon matches, aud tho natives woro astonished at tho skill of Capt. Bogardus, Abo Klolnman, Btagg, and Thomas, and ono or two of our own marksmen. The matches will continue until to-morrow even ing. BASE BALL. New 'YobKj Juno 13. —Base ball—Boston, 11; Bosolutes, 4. _ . „ „ Philadelphia, Juno 12.—Base ball. Phuar dolphia, 10 ; Mutuals, 8. RELIGIOUS. lowa Sabbath-School Convention. Special Dispatch to Tfu Chicago Tribunt. Mt. Pleasant, lowa, Juno 12.—Tho Bunday- Sohool Convention hero increases in numbers and in interest. In tho afternoon of yesterday H. 0. Sigler, Secretary, presented hia annual re port, showing tho disbareomonta for tho year, $700.83. An animated discussion on tho question of changing tho namo “Sunday-School" to “Bible School" occupied tho Convention for two hours. It was referred to tho Committee on Resolutions, to report against tho change. Tho report on tho Helper, Btato organ, shows an outlay of s2,iioo above tho receipts, and unless individuals will undertake ita publication tbo Helper wil bo declared not an organ. A stirring and thor oughly practical speech on “ Tho Superintend ont" was mode by tho Bov. H. C. Trumbull. Dr. Hutchins spoko effectively on “ Tho Teach er," and was followed by Mr. Hartley. In the evening tho hall woo filled to ovorflow- I log, and hundreds were not-able- to find oven I standing-room. Tho Convention raised $1,085 1 for current expenses. Some one la the audl-’ onoo sent up a ring pinned to a slip of paper, on which was written ♦. 11 To mo this is worth ten times its weight in gold. It is my alabaster box." Tho ring was sold for $25. This morning 33. p. Porter, of Chicago, exhibited hla largo Sunday-school mop of Illinois, and -photograph of tho same. Ho interested the Convention by giving tho best methods of collecting statistics 1 and organizing districts for work. I A children's mooting is now in session, which is largely attended. Officers for tho ensuing year: E. O. Chapin, President; N. B. Mporo and H. S. Cook, Vice-Presidents ; R. H. Gill more, Treasurer; J. H. Dumont, Secretary. Tho I Convention has boon tho largest and most suo j cessful over hold in tho State. The next meet ing will bo at Dubuqno. 2 2 3 4 4 4 3 3 2 111 Ohio Congregational Conference* Cleveland, 0., Juno 12.— Tho third day of tho Congregational Conference opened this morning at 0 o'clock. Tho Rev. A. Hastings Boas presided. Tho Bov. Dr. Wolcott pro sontod a paper on Church policy, which was referred to tho Committee on Manual, It was resolved that a delegation, to ho appoint ed by tho Moderator, to bo instructed to appear before tho Constitutional Convention of Ohio. The Bov. 8. H. Loo, of Cleveland, was ap pointed General Secretory. Tho District i Jominiasionora wore then appointed. It was resolved that 610,000 should bo raised for tho Ohio Homo Missionary Society tho coming year. In accordance to a • >rovious motion, tho Conference now gave place : a tho Ohio Homo Missionary Society. Tho Boardof Directors recommend that SIO,OOO bo raised for tho year to como. At tho afternoon session, a motion looking to tho colling of on Ecumenical Council was refer red to tho Committee on Manual. Among other things, tho word Ecumenical was objected to. Tho next annual conference will meet in the Seventh Street Congregational Church. Cincinnati Tho Conference this evening discussed the question, “ What claim has tho cause of Christ upon tho property of professing Christians ?” It was commended that there be raised before January, 1874, tho sum of $50,000 for various purposes. THE ILLINOIS PRESS. Tho State Association Convention at Quincy— TUo salary Grab Denounced, —increased Transportation faclll* tic* Demanded* Quincy, 111., Juuo 12.— Tho Illinois Press As sociation at its mooting to-day elected tho fol lowing oflicors to servo for tho ensuing year: President. E. D. Buck, Charleston Courier / Vice-Presidents, 8. J. Bradbury, Wau kegan Patriot; E. H. N. Patterson, Ocnmwka Spectator, Chas. P. Biobards, Duquon Ti'ibune ; Recording Secretary, Cadet Taylor, Winona index; Assistant Secretary, A. Holt, Kankakee Gazette ; Corresponding Secretary, O. N. Whitney, Princeton Herald ; Treasurer, J. W. Clinton, Polo Frees ; Executive Committee, E. L, Morrill, Springfield Register. Jos. Btoaff, Paris Gazette, J. D. Moudy, lUchviow Democrat A long series of resolutions were adopted in cluding the following: Jbaolvtd, That tho press should advocate right ro> gardlcss of consequences; speak tho truth on all sub jects, plainly, fearlessly, heroically. It should bo a light in dark places, a scourgo to the wrong and a tire less champion of tho right. Resolved, That capital without labor Is valueless, and labor without capital comparatively useless, noth, under thu restraints of law and guided by knowledge and education, arc tho greatest blessings vouchsafed to man In this world of labor and rewords. Resolvent, That tho question of transportation is ono of tho moat vital of tho ago, and should havo the care ful study of tho wisest of our thinkers; that to moot tho increasing demand upon tho carrier arising out of tho wonderful development of our agricultural re sources, all of our water advantages, both rivers and canals, must bo utilized to their highest capacity, and . our railroad facilities largely increased; and that tho question of supply and demand regulate prices, other things being equal. Resolved, That tho members of the General Assem bly bo requested to pass a law dollnlug aud limiting tho power of tho Courts of this State to punish for conumpt of Court. Also, resolutions favoring temperance, tho nubile schools, and tho encouragement of agri culture and tho mechanic arts, and condemning the salary-grab and tho now Postal law ; and a sorioo of resolutions highly eulogistic of tho unexampled hospitalities of tho citizens of Quin cy. their reception and entertainment of tho members of tho Association. They leave by ioamhoat in the morning for tho West. Itallroad Accident*. Special Dispatch to Tht Chicago 'JVibune. Ibokton, O m Juno 12.—Tho passenger train on tho Iron Railroad, which should leave hero at Ip. in., was twenty minutes behind time. As It passed a curve it checked for cattle and broke a coupling. The coal train came up behind, and although every effort was made to prevent it, tho locomotiveof.tho.ooal train ran (ntq,lho roar. , passenger oar, forcing it into tbo second oar. The passengers, seeing-the train coming, en deavored to ©scape, and In so doing, Mottle Bollos, of Lawronoo Furnace, was severely in jured; Her thighs and hips word dislocated, and her bowels ate Injured, she was forced into tlio roar of tho car. Jacob Mowbry was badly, hurt, ono log being dislocated In two places. Mlko Fral was slightly Injured. ThoA woro but throo paflsengors In tlio roar oar, which was wrecked. Aurora, Hi., Juno 12.-Frhnk Hamilton, of Aurora, an employe on tho Chicago A lowa Ban-, rood, was thrown beneath tho oars at Loo Bto-, tlon yesterday morning at U 0 stonily killed, In consequence of tho creasing of a coupling, causing tho train to separate as ho woe stopping from tho lop of ono car to an other.- The deceased loaves a vrlfo aud ono child in Aurora. , , m- * ’ 1 Indianapolis, Inti., Juno 12.—Jwk Traoy, of tho oldest and best engineers on tho Indian apolis, Cincinnati «fc Lafayette Railroad, knocked down and crushed to death by * .P° n y engine, while walking beside tho track iu this city. Bin remains will bo taken to Lafayotto for Frrrsuuncm, Pa., Juno 19.—A ourrod on tho Pennsylvania Central Railroad this morning, which, although of a serious char acter, did not result in a serious injury to any passengers. As tho Pittsburgh express was nearing WaU’s Station at the usual rate of speed, a com train from the .Oak Hill mines ran across tho track. Thes engineer of tbo oxpross train applied tho patent brakes, but tho distance was so short that tho train could not bo checked. Tho engine plowed through tho obstructing train, scattering tho coal cars, and piling thorn up on both sides of tho road. Tho ongmo attached to tho coal train was thrown from tbo track, and rolled over tho embankment Into Turtle Crook. Tho engi neer aud fireman escaped with slight bruises. ■ The express engine was disabled, but no further damage was dono to tho train. NEW YORK. Counterfeit Po.tnl Currency 1 The doodricU Gaio—Opocatlc Lawtalt— OTUo Walworth Parriolfie-Doport* tire of a Vienna Comminlonorx •; Edwin Bootli-Rllacollanooust

' New Tons, Juno 13.—Counterfeits of tho ten-; cent denomination of currency wore diaoovorod; in circulation yesterday. Tbo counterfeit la un usually well engraved and printed. William W* Goodrich has requested Coroner Whitelilll. of Brooklyn, to conclude bis investi gation of tbo case of his murdered brother. Charles Goodrich, before Juno 28, os ho trill sail for Europe on that date. _ _ • , Suit has boon brought by Henry 0. Jarrett, tho operatio agent of Paulino Lucoa, to recover' $1,700 for services rendered as agent to Clara Louise Kellogg* Jarrett claims that he nego tiated her contracts with Moreteok and others, : and is entitled to the payment in such oases al lowed. On tbo other hand, it is denied that ho acted os such agent or manager, Miss Kellogg making her own contracts with Marotaok, and received no managerial aid whatever- from Jiuv rett during the operatic season, for tho reason that ho acted solely in the interest of Luooa. Tho trial of Prank H. Walworth, for tho mur der of bis father, is set down for Monday, the 23d inst. Charles H. Adorns, recently appointed one of tho now Board of Commissioners at tho Vienna Exposition, sailed for his post yesterday. Ho expresses tno opinion that nono of the suspend ed Commissioners will be restored, as, having been suspeotodfor wrong-dealing, it would not do to reinstate them, . With the close of tho present week Edwin Booth terminates bis career as a theatrical man ager, and will confine himself in future to tho duties of au actor. Busan O’Neill was fatally injured this morning by falling from tho fourth floor at No. 423 East Eighteenth street Her husband has been ar rested on suspicion of throwing hor from a win- In tho United States Circuit Court to-day, be fore Judge Smalley. In tho case of the United States against tho City of Now York, to recover $2,000 for property of tho former destroyed In tho draft riots of 1863, a vordiot for the plaintiff for 81,500 was rendered. Tho bankrupt Humboldt Elio Insurance Com pany of this city declared a dividend of 56 per cent on adjusted claims, the creditors to have until Nov. 17 to present tiioir claims. There boa been a gradual advance in spot and future delivery of cotton for tho past fow days, with rumors of a corner. Crenshaw A Co.. • brokers, of Pearl street, this afternoon notified tbo Cotton Exchange of their inability to moot their contracts. Several other foiluros on < ‘ boor ” side are rumored. Tho Cotton Exchange • voted to adjourn from July 4to 7. , . . Tho matinee, to-day, at the Academy of Music, L i n aid of the Foundling Asylum, was an immense success. Sothorn, Fochtor, Agnes Ethel,-and every prominent actor and actress in Now York appeared. Tho boxes sold at aslonishlhg prices, tho highest being 8800, paid by Albert , Weber, tho well-known pianist. The proceeds 1 of tho performance wore over 810,000. Tho ShamoKin Coal-Mine Horror* Siiamokin, Pa., Juno 12.—The body of Conrad Drumhoisor was found early this morning, hor ribly burnt and mangled. Tho following is tho ■verdict of tbo Coroner’s jury» Conrad Druxnbolaor, inside boss, came to hta death by tho oxplodoa of flro-damp, caused by tho said Con rod Drumholsor, Inslda boss, having entered a portion of tho old work with a naked lamp, causing on ox plosion. Tho jury unanimously acquit tho ’Superin tendent. A murder Trial in Now Jersey. Patemoh, N. J., Juno 13.—Tbo trial of Yon Winkle Bogort for murder, by poison, of Ban som P. Burroughs, in December, 1871, wad taken up this morning. A jury was obtained in one hour. The Coart overruled challenges baaed on tho plea that a juror had road tbo evidence and forme dan opinion, unless counsel could provo that tho juror could not give an impartial ver dict according to the evidence. Paulino JLucca Divorced. New York, June 12.—Paulino Lucca’s counsel returned from Berlin, a few days since, with an armful of affidavits sustaining tho charge against her husband. Boron von Rhode, of having com mitted adultery with an actress named MUo Grobßi. These having been presented to Judge Fauohor. his Honor has granted a decree of ab solute divorce to the fair applicant. Tho Maryland Editors. Baltimore, June 12.—Between thirty and forty members of tho Association of Maryland Editors loft boro this afternoon for Richmond, Ya., on their animal excursion. Before return ing they will visit Cincinnati, Louisville, tho Mammoth Cave, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Chicago. Telegraphic Brevities. Dr. Haolauhas boon arrested at Hastings, Mich., for adultery. Hr. Armstrong brings the complaint. Samuel and Albert Hickman, convicted burg* lars, escaped from tho Oounty Jail at Norriaton, Pa., on Wednesday night. Two men named Kollum and Ereland, broke jail at Nebraska Oity yesterday morning. Tho former was waiting his trial for forgery, and tho latter for stealing. There is a wrangle in Ban Francisco over tho 4th of July celebration. Two Committees, ono of 200 and tho other of 800, are making inde pendent preparations. Mrs. BrlnUorhoff, tho Woman’s Rights lectur er, has loft Battle Croek, Mich., with hor affin ity, Mr. Squires. Mrs. Squires and Mr. Drinker-, hoff. it is said, are satisfied with the departure of tiioir respective spouses. Atwood A. Morloy, of Yorktown, 111., was found dead yesterday six miles from Nashville, Tonu.. near Cumberland River. Ho had visited that section on a fishing excursion, and died of mor phine administered by himself. Owing to tho foot that neither tho Union Mar ket House or any other suitable place can bo ob tained for the purpose, the St. Louis Exposition Assembly have decided not to hold on industrial exposition this year. Two of tho convicts, Costa and Hatfield, who overpowered the guard and escaped from the lowa State quarries near Anamoaa, a week ago, have boon recaptured at Denison, lowa, and're turned to Warden Uolsey at the Anamoaa Peni tentiary. Norman Whltnoy, of Now Orleans, after a preliminary examination, was sent to tuo parish Eriaon without bail, charged with setting fire to is furulturo store in DiouviUo street, on May 10, The evidence against him is very strong. A negro named Carroll has been arrested In Bt. Lome, and hold to await tho action of tho Grand Jury, for tho murdor of Solomon Ramos, who was found dead on tho Chicago and Alton Railroad track, near Brooklyn, 111., on Monday night. Tho Tumor murdor trial at Kansas City is progressing slowly. Most of yesterday was spent in arguments on tho admissibility of evi dence concerning throats by Graves against Tumor, tbo object of which is to prove that Tumor was Justified in oommittiag suicide. Yesterday afternoon, at Jamestown, Wit, 4 fearful and probably fatal accident occurred to Peter Oribboll, a German, who, with a militia company; was going'through drill-oxorclßoa. When commanded to ordorarms,.tho gun foil to the ground and was discharged.* the contents lodring In his face. literally tearing ono oyo out, and otherwise shockingly disfiguring him.. / Reports from bounties along the Cedar River,, lowa, say that wheat and oats aro looking bettor than usual at tills time of year. . Corn la coming forward remarkably well, and looks very promis ing. Fully ono-fourth of lost year’s wheat crop yot remalnein tho stack, owing to (ho epizootic and deep winter snows, and tho continued spring rains preventing Us being threshed.' A Nowburg, N. telegram says t Tho testi mony havlng boon finished, Judge Fonohor to day heard tho arguments In tho long ponding ha beas corpus and certiorari proceeding for tbo discharge of Alfred E. Langravo, who lost sum mer absconded to Franco, defrauding his cred itors out of $200,000. and who was arrested there and surrendered by the French Government. EDUCATIONAL. Commencement Exorolioi at the Northwcitcni College. Napzivvillb, 111., June, 13.—Tho commence ment exorcises of the Northwestern Oollogo at NaporvlUo closed last evening, a goodly number of (be people of Naperville being in attendance, besides largo delegations from abroad. The Oliosophio Society exorcises last night at die College chapel wore especially interesting, an attractive feature of tho occasion being a publio discussion on novol-roadlug by two radios and (wo gbntlomon. Five students from this Oollogo received their diplomas as graduates at this tormv Of those, Duncan McQregory of Pontlao,Mloh., and John W. Fomor. of Wash ington, IU., graduated from thoJcoUogiaiocourso. Miss Mary Hannah, of Hinsdale, G. Fuchs, of Gardner, 111., and G. Frey, of AJonqala, IU.; wore graduates from tho Gorman Department. The vacation of tho school will extend till Aug. 38. Other Commencements. Cincinnati, Judo 13.—The commencement at Qlendolo Female College took place to-day. There wore twelve graduates. ' The. Kentucky University at Lexington, Ky., to-day graduated twenty-eight young men. The -Hooker Female Institute in the same plaoo graduated seven young ladles. The exeroiaee of the graduating olaaa of the Miami University took place at Oxford to-day. The Trustees have bod several protracted moot ings in which the policy of suspending kbo oper ations of the Miami university for a term of years was discussed. ; The proposition was much opposed, and ibe Trustees adjourned to July 1, without taking definite action. President 11. D. Hopbum ana J. Coleman. * Professor of tbo Greek Language and Literature have resigned. Cincinnati, Jane 13.—The commencement of tbo Wesleyan Female College took place In this city to-day, eighteen young ladies graduated, also the commencement of the Mount Auburn Young Ladlos Institute, ton young, ladies grad uating. ■ ' • ffllcliiinn State BXodlcal Society* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Daikon, Judo 13. —8r. Jonks, of this city, woe to-day elected President of the State Medi cal Society, now in session at Saginaw ; Vice- Proeidonte. 3S. H. Christian, Dr, Landau, L. S. Stevens, F. A. Rutherford; Recording Secretary, George E. Ranney; Corresponding Seorotary, Moeoa Foster; Treasurer, Gordon C. Hitch cook. The next Convention will be hold at Coldwator on the first 'Wednesday In May. Another Defaulter* St. Louis, Juno 12.—Wm. A. Stumpo. Cashier of the Market Street Savings Bank, of this city, baa disappeared mysteriously. An exam ination of his accounts reveals a deficit of aomo ‘ $2,000 on an overdrawn ac count of Macolot, Thompson & Co. for $7,500, which is chargeable to Stumpo. It has also been ascertained that .Stumpo borrowed $2,500 of J. P. Kroger, Jr., Caahior of tho Broad way Savings Bank. TUo Result of the Code* Richmond, Va., Juno 12.—Tho seconds in tho recent fatal duel between Mordocai and McCarty having boon refused bail by tho Police Justice during tho convalescence of, McCarty, tho surviv ing principal, modo an effort to-day to procure a writ of habeas corpus, but Judge Grigon. to whom the application was made, refused to grant it. % Matrimonial* Washington, Juno 12.—James W. Knowllon, the Washington correspondent of The Chicago Tribune, was married to-day to Mary A. Bld dlo. tho daughter of Judge Biddle, formerly of Ohio. Ocean Steamship News. London, Juno 12.—Tbo steamship City of Limerick, from New York, has arrived. MARRIAGES. TUOMABSON—NORTON—In LouiarUlo, Ky., on tho loth Inst., by tbo Right Bor. George D. Cummins, Bishop of kontucky, assisted by tbo Rev. H. Q. Perklm, at tbo residence of William A. Moriwothor. Esq.. Nelson Thomasaoo, of Ohlcago, and Miss Nina Norton, of tbo former place. No corns. BTOVER—GARLAND—On Jnno 11. at tho Ado Stroot M. 11. Cborob. by tho Rot. Thomas R. Strobridgo, Miss Addto Garland and Mr. Joseph Btoror, both of Chicago. No oards. ■ DEATHS, FULLER-At 8 a. m., Juno 11, Maggie MoElohan. wife of William U. Fuller, aged 28 years, 11 months, and 14 on Frida/, 13th, at3p. m., from tho residence of her father, M 3 Mlohlgan*av. LONG—Jane 13, 1673, Van Hollis Lone, Infant son of Eugene 0. and 11. K. Long, aged i months and S3 days. Funeral at tho realdonoo of the parent*, Kenwood, Hyde Park, Friday, 18th inaU, at 5 o'clock, p. m. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. WANTBD-AT 76 SOUTH PKORIA-ST., A GOOD girl to do Rcnoral honsowork. FINANCIAL. Af ONKY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE. $3,000 FOB M Orel.; 81.M0and$3,000(or.Umonth.. Shortlimo commercial paper wanted. O. 8. LAOBY A 00., 119 Dearbornjit. Money loaned on city real estate, to $30,000: real eetatonapor wanted; loann on loose* holds. B. OR6sBMAN, Boom 18, 178 Btato«»t. . ' ONEY TO LOAN ON CITY BEAL ESTATE. Q. 8. HUBBARD, J»., 168 Washlmrton»st. MONEY ADVANOED AT LASSEN’S LOAN OF floo slate JACOBS A C0.,0n diamonds, watohps, and other valuables; 177 Olark-st., comer of Monroe. Boom 6. mO LOAN-MONEY IN| SUMS OF 88,000 AND UP -1 wards on South Side property: can oloio without do lay. J« H. BIBSKLL, 46 Bryan Block. TO LOAN-MONEY ON SOUTH SIDE REAL E8 ; Uto, in sums of 43.000 and upwards: can close without delay. JQ3IAH H. faIfISKLL.44 amf46 Bryan Block. WE HAVE $25,000 TO LOAN ON IMPROVED business property In the city. We hare also anma of $6,000. $2,600, $1.000,51,000, and can close desirable loaaa at ouoe. MoklriNdH i Ai C AAA AT 9 PER GENT ON OITY PROPER ffiIO.UUU ty, *I,OOO aOop«r cent. Small sum short time. A. 8. pIIMER, Jr., W, Rooms 16 and 17. MISCELLANEOUS. /COLONY-ALL WHO WISH CAN 00 WEST AT small expense with tho A. 4W. Oolony; 100 acre* aholee land, two town lots, and oilier advantage* aoounid. Investigate. Address Room 3, 169 East Madlson-at. CASH PAID FOR OAST-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous good* of any kind, by wading ft loiter to I. OELDKR. Load Office. & State-U, TP A LADY Wmrei.6oo DESIRES TO MARK X money, and a reputation aa an actress, with an expo rlonoed manager, lot hor addroia P 78, Tribune office. N. B.— Security and boat of reference given. All com* muploatlona atnfltly oonßdontlal. GTONBII'S INVENTORS BUREAU. 1M OLARK-BT.. O Room#™to*Joand«to6B.. BTONBH4CO., Patent Solicitor Attorney*, do all kinds of patent business. A manufacturing busmen for sale or exchange. TT!? - ANTED—TO BUY A SMALL PRESCRIPTION W drugstore, lugood locality, by a physician of ago and oiponoooo. Adam* JM, Tribune office. WANTED- AN OFFIOE-DE9K, SECONDHAND, Addrc... stating prloa. It tP. Tribune offloo. • FOB. SAXE. -iron SALK—TICKETS TO FORT KEARNEY AND i.' return will So .old at. discount. LYON A KINO. 183 South WaUMt. ' TTIOR SALE-AT PUBLIC AUCTION. TUB FIX- D tureaofalarßoboardlng.houso, also 60 baths, In eluding a now brick wagon. Tho aamo will bo sold with* out reserve. Friday, Jane 19. 101 North Desplalnos-st, U. KARSTAM. ; FOR SALE-ONE TICKET TO ST. LOUIS. AT A discount. Apply at atom 836 Woat Madbon-au TPOR BALE—BUTCHERS’ TOOLS AND 108 BOX. A? Address 870, Tribune office. * F>R SALE—99 YEARS* LEASE ON STATK-ST,, near Randolph, 281*44 foot: a moat oitraordlnary, loaaeJprioSse.lto.* jT ESAIAB WARIUCW, 18 Cham bur of Uomuieroe. _ IP OR HALE—SANK COUNTER. DESK, AND BAL- X' niter rail I walnut ( cheap. Apply to MURRAY, carpenter, 180 LaHalloAt. FOB BALE—FRAME BARN 16X18, two stories blah,fofßso;alsoMfoetofnittani picket fence for 825. Call »t 86 Anti-el. TPOR BALE-WIRE CLOTH, AT RETAIL AND Jl wholesale. Wire screen* pot In. WM. 4 A. W. WHEELER, 815 State-et. IPOR BALK-OANNONB MOUNTED-FIREARMS. Jj ammunition, flags of all klnda, Oblnese lanterns, rod and blue UgbU for Illuminating, toot*, wagon-oovera, mlb yqulpmentj at Qorarwnont Quod* Depot, IW> ana 197 TPORBALE-DOO-ALAEatt.BLAOK.FULL.pRKD. n Nawfoumlland dog, 3 foot 6 Inches tall. and 4 foul 8 Aobo""?;,. lotW b?J. W. ABOTANUiII. nUllmu keo-av. , F* OR BALE—AN ENGLISH. BREECHLOADER, central tire, aide snap-aotlon, laminated steel, fu handsome block Uathor case, with leaden, roospoers, iholl-ouUors. oleanon, and all equipments complete, for 8w! maUb, SPENCER 4 00.. 836 Wabash-ay. AUCTION BALES. By ELISQN & FOSTER. THE SECOND SALE Mr. Bale’s Rare Collection OIL PAINTINGS At 053 WABASH-AV., Will bo resumed at 0 o’clock this evening. EDISON & FOSTER* Auotlonbora. ■XVH/tTSTIEIEi’S PEEEMPTOET SALE op •vatjXTAJßi.b BUSINESS PROPERTY, AT AUCTION, • SITUATED ON MloUlgoix-av., Between Madison and Monroe-sts. Wo will soil, without reserve, at Auction, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Juno 18, at 3 o’clock, on the premises, a valuable piece ox BUSINESS PROPERTY, boiniis foot front by 180 feet deep, situated onTttionißan av\, about BO feet north of Monroo-st, Terms easy, which will'bo made known at time of sale. Bale absolute. _ . x By order of 3SDIJAH SMITH, Trustee. EDISON & FOSTER, • Auctioneers. GREATSALE or EMEWM PROPERTY A.T A.XJCTIOI\r, On Monday, June 16, atl o’clock p. m., on the premises, EIGHTY LOTS AlajM for Resilience anH Baste FRONTING ON State-st,, Yinoeimes-av., Dearborn, and Olark-Bts. This choice property which we will offer at this sole is actuated-between Sixty-eighth and Sovontietb-sts,, east of and within two blocks of tho normal School* accessible by about thirty-two trains daily* each way* on the Michigan Southern*, Hook Island* and Pittsburgh* Ft. Wayneßailroads; aixtrams daily, each woy, stopping at the Normal School Depot at Sixty-eighth-st.. within 3 minutes* walk of the property. Englewood is a rising suburban town; there is much ac tivity Inbuilding ond improvements of all kinds. Two new churches oro being erected this season; 60 to 76 dwelling houses aro now being built* and many other substantial im provements are going on. Streets aro graded and graveled through tho property cornu in ollrespeotstoanyoztheavenuea. Goodplank sidewalks from tho Normal School Depot'to tho property, and dazing tho Summer a plank sidewalk will bo built from tho Depot on Sixty-third-st. Taking this property all in all, it is of the most desirable and attractive character, and offers tho best Inducements for speculation and occupation of any prop erty now offered for sale in tho suburbs of Omoogo. This property is only seven miles from V&nßuren-at. Depot; time in sotting there only oboufc 20 minutes, and tho faro only 10 cents. The location is healthy, with plenty of good wator. Refreshments will bo mmishedlTee of cost, and a free ride will bo ftimishod all who wish to attend the sale. Terms of sale* 1-3 cash, balance in 1 and 3 fears, with 8 per cent interest. Adoposlt of 50 will bo required on each lot. Pull War ranty Deed will bo given, with printed copy of abstract of title. A special train of oars will start from the Book Island Railroad Depot on Vanßuren st., at 12 o'clock noon, stopping at Twenty seoond-st., and return at 6 o'clock, free for all who wish to attend tho solo. Particulars and p late will bo Auctioneers, 87 Market-at. First Grand Sale PEREMPTORY SALE OF TEI ACRES To be Sold In Lots, AT AUCTION, Ob TttßsOay Mtemoon, Jib At 3 o’clock, on the premises, to close an undivided interest. Being subdivision of the S. E, 1-4 of thoS. M 7. 1-4 of the N. W. 1-4 of Section 12, Town 30, North of Range 13, East, lying south and fronting on Sacramento Square and Central Fork Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Saoramonto-av. In this subdivision there ore 10 elegant Res idence Lots fronting on Sacramento Square, which is to be used as a Fork; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Central Park Boulevard, which is 250 feet wide; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Saoromeuto-av., which is 100 feet wide; and 30 choice Lots fronting on Nioholls and Yager-sts., less than two minutes’ walk from tho Depot of the O. & N. W. Railroad. This property is east of and near Central Park, being situated on the Grand Central Fork Boulevard, and only about three miles from tho Court House, and. one mile inside the city limits. Of all the ohoioe property fronting the Parks of Chi cago, nono is more aooeasible or de sirable, orjias a greater prospective value than this. ■ ~ „ . Special Train ol out. will .tall f ram WolU-.1. Dapot at 9 o'clock p, m., stopping,at Halstod-st. and Park Station, and return at 5 o’clock, for tho convenience of all persona who would Hko to attend tho sale. Allaru Invited. • TERMS OP »ALR~« cash, balanoo ono, two, and throo years. A depositor SSO will bo nwmlred on each lot. Title porloot. Printed abstracts will bo furnished each purchaser. For Information and plat call on Messrs. Avery, MM I P 1 ‘ A Rlgdon, 143, nr to BLISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. TO THE TRADE IN GENERAL. wA.-oroTioisr sale OF GENERAL MERCHANDISE At 01-2 o'oloolc a. m., Juno 10.1873* 1 At No. 05 West Msdlsonit. (Galt Homo Block), $60,000 Stock, without reserve. B. A. JBSSELXi. Auctioneer. MEDICAL. deers, Ton, Dicers. No.or trust the Vntle. , W. o.» tho oul, Ml. lad lure nmedlu. o L , Ho. TO WlbMll-IT. AUCTION SALES. By BLlSON& FOSTER. FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 13, LAIUiB ASSORTMENT Houselol Mm. A.*traxioasr, FRIDAY MORNING, Jans (3, At 6M o'clock, it out Salesroom, 87Market*st. . BLIHON A FOSTRII, Auctioneers. Peremptory Sale CONDEMNED HOUSES ■A.T J&x: TOTIOTT, Saturday Morning, Juno 14, At 10 o'clock, ps tie rremlses, • The house# cm block bounded by Doiplalno*, Carroll, and Wayman-ate. ( aUo coar Klnrloat., west of Halt tod; also Lawronoe-placo, corner Ann and Klnilo-sii.; also corner Wood and Klnzlo-sta. The buildings most be ro morod Immediately after the sale, aa tbe property la to bo naed for railroad purposes. Bala to oomraonoo on Doi« plalnos-st. Term* of aalo, OASU. A deposit will be re quired of each purohasor. 241 WEST TYLEE-ST., Between Morgan audAbordoen, Genteel Household Furniture AT AUCTION, On Saturday Homing, June 14, at 10 o'clock, On the promises, consisting of Parlor, Chamber, Dialog* Boom, and Kitchen Furniture, Carpets., Etc. ■ ELiaOJf A FOSTER, Auctioneers. TWO MimOH. DOLMBS, GEEAT CLOSING OUT. TEUSTBES’ SALE Or REMAP FERSONALFROPERTT Belonging to the CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION* On Vednesiiay. flu 181H day or Jana, 1873, By tiie article* of the association of said Company, It la provided that all tho property la the hand* of tbe Trustee* lu tho month of Juno, 1878* mast be sold at anotloa for cash, to clots tbo trust. The realty Is centrally located In the CITY OF CHI CAGO, ana Is valued at $1,200,000, and composed larsoly of rivor and canal frontage, docked and ready for Immedi ate use. Also, a largo number of vooantlots in tbo Imme diate vicinity of the docks, all well adapted for business e to this property Is unquestioned. having boon held and owned by tho Association for twenty yean. The personal property consists of notes bearing 7 per cent Interest, having from one to nvoyo&nto run, and amounting to about 4700,000. These notes wore received for deferred payments on land bought from tbo Company by tho makers thereof, and their payment Usooured by mortgage on tbo same. TERMS OF SALE, CASH. Tbo Eorsonil property will bo ready for transfer and delivery nmediatoly after tbo sale. Purchasers of realty vrlll bo required to make a deposit on tho day of sale of 10 per oenb on tho oraount of their purchase, tho balance to be paid within thirty days, eras soon after tbo salo as deeds can bemadoand delivered. MAHI.ON D. OODEN, L. 8. BKBDHEB, GEORGE WATSON, Chicago, March H, 1878. Trustees. H. B. HOGUE, Secretary. , . _ ' Oflico southwest corner of Lake and, Boom 8, second floor. the above Peremptory AND OSMIMW m OF THE CHICAGO LAID COIPAEY, B"ST ATTCTION, Will Positively Take Place oa Wednesday Morning, Jnne 18,1873, at 10 o’clock, ON THE GROUND, commencing sale at East Dlrlilon triages will leave Ogdon's Bnllding, comer of Lake and Olatk-*U., from 9to 10 o'clock a. m., on Mia lnst«. to convey Intending purchasers to too ground*. ’ 3 EDISON A FOSTER. Auctioneer*. By W3I. A. BUITEKS & WEST SIDE Regular Saturday Sale Household Furniture, now and worn Carpels, Bede, Bedding, Mattresses, Parlor and Cbambor eoU, Alo, Groceries, Soaloa, ote., etc., on Saturday, Juno 14, at 0:30 A* M- At 55' and 57 South Oanal-at. WM. A. SUTTEES & 00. SALE OF VALUABLE CORNER LOTS, Bisitss anS Residence Property, Monday, Juno 16, at 10:30 a. m.. On tho ground, corner ol Clark-st. and WsbeUJtav., near Lincoln Park. "Wm, A. Sutters «*> 00. WILL SELL B-5T AUCTION-. At the time and pt.c. above named, 4 Choice Comer Lota and 9 Inaldo Lota, auitablo /or atoroa and roßldenoo*. A good aowor passo. oaoh lot; also water and gaa. Sato positive, TEUUB—Ono-tblrd oath, balanoo In 1 and 3 roars. ■ WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneer.. BY GEO. P. GOKB & CO., 23, 24 & 28 Kandolph-st. A.T AtTOTION, Another large Bale ol the., fine goods, at low price, preparatory to removal. Bouse Mil Furniture <»( every description* Parlor. Library. Chamber, and Kitchen l-urnllare, ll) Oratoa w. O. Crockery, & Orates ol Decorated Ware. B Casks Yellow and Ilooklnaham Wsro, At 11 o'clock, Buggies and Harnesses, On Saturday, Juno 14, at 9 o’clock. OGO. P. OORB A CO.. Auctioneers. By HAVENS, OSGOOD & CO., Auctioneers. 63 Sooth Oaual-st. On Friday Jlornlnff, commencing at 10 o'cloct a. m;, at No. 104 North Desplamcs-st., WE WILL BELL Tbe Conlenls of a Large Boarfling House p a f “ gx'bsssa"' the d»> until *ll U wfd. Tbla «1«> *«• Uiy tha ftUun i , l o f v Mf°o r flaoOD 4 00.. Auctioneers. On Saturday June 14, ?n[t 18chests of Japan To* (splendid Quality); 60 lm ported Chromes, and *a oitonmo lino < of i n rt Yellowwaro lu open lota. (Attention of dealers to tbU lino Is oapooiaVW Invited.) Qno Grand ?’9, cl V® Piano, by Higgins. »nd ono Open Top ® JiWIJ ha sold without roaorvo. Inoludlog elegant OMoo Fund* tun), which must b« sold to pay advances. turo, ww ka vHNS, OSGOOD 4 GO., Auctlonoor*. No. 63 South Oaual-st. AUCTION ! AUCTION !! VTo will toll tha eutlra contents of No. 626 North Wall** •(.. commencing on Saturday evening, »».’•« p. ro., consisting of a retail stock of Dry Good*, Notion*, and Gent’* Furnishing Good*. _ ... M . * This slock will l>« sold without reserve. Parlloi dll continuing business. floon andsaoiuobwgaw • * HAVItNS, OSGUOD 4 _GO L A.uoll°P cl jg^, By TAYLOR & HARRISON. LAKQE AUCTION BALE CUT MAGNIFICENT FDRHITDEE AND CARPETS,

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