Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 14, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 14, 1873 Page 1
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VOLUME 26. REAL ESTATE. tat Auction Sale DKEZEL BOULEVARD AND COTTAGE BROVE-AT. LOTS, On Wednesday, Juno 18, 1873, At 3 1-2 o’clock p. m., sharp. XVo will offer at public auction, on tho grounds, WEDNESDAY, Juno 18, 1878, at o’clock p. in., sharp, that line grove block immediately north of Mr. James Stinson's lino residence, fronting oast on Drozd lloulovard, and west on Cottage Orove-av., between For ty-third and Forty-fonrth-sta., IN FIFTY-FOOT LOTS, to tho highest bidder, on tho following terms, viz.j Ono ftlxthoashondayof salo#one-sUth in 90 days, and the balunoo In one and two years, interest at 8 per cent, pay* •bio annually. '• THE SALE WILL BE BONA FIDE AND PEREMP TORY, AND NO SIDE-BIDDING ALLOWED. This property la among tho most beautiful and desirable osldcnco property in or around Obleago, and needs only to bo soon to bo admired. It Is very choice for residence orinvoatmouta. It Is within throe blocks of the Forty tbird-st. Station, on tho I. O. Hyde Park R. R., and within throe blocks of the Cottage Grove horse-cars, and the Cottage Grove Dummy fatsos on tho west line of the faloek. The Cottage Grove fronts are very desirable (or either business or residence, SEWERS, OAB, AND WATER CONVENIENT. TITLE PERFECT. Print ed abstracts will bo furnished each purchaser. Call oh CLARKE, LAYTON & CO., 120 LnSallc-st., for plots and further particulars. • A FREE RIDE to ami from tbo grounds on day of sale, both by 111. O. R. R. and street-can. Tickets for same to bo bad at office of OLARKB, LAYTON CO. Train loaves I. O. R. R., foot of Lako-st., atS o'clock p. in., sharp. CLARKE, LAYTON & CO. VALUABLE CORNER LOTS! ON lit (M-st. anfl Welister-av., TO BE BOLD -A.T AUCTION, ON THE OEOtTND, On Monday Morning, June 16, AT lOtf O’CLOCK. These Lots ore most desirably lo cated for business or residences. Sower, water, and gas connections to each lot. SALE POSITIVE. NO BBSBHVB BEDS. Terms, 1-3 cash; balance 1 and 3 yeare. WM. A. BUTTERS A 00., Auctioneers. For Sale AT A BARGAIN, (IF SOLD SOON), Four 10-Aoro Blocks in the north west quarter of the southeast quar ter of Sec. 4, 30,13. This property lies south of Division-st., near the now Northwestern Car Shops, and :is easy of access, either by railroad or private conveyance. 'CLARKE, LAYTON & 00., •A-GKEDSTTS, 120 LaSalle-st., Boom 2, FOR SALE, CHEAP 6 acres on the southeast comer of Vincennes-av. and Forty sevaath-st., with house and all improvements. Terms to suit. CLARKE, LAYTON & CO., BEAUTIFUL HOMES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the erection of dwellings. For Brain! 243x600 on tho northwest comer of Cottage Grove-av. •nd Flfty-first-st., fronting tho groat South Park. You will double your money In u month* on this property. In oulro of JACOB WELL A CO., comor Madison and Duarbom-sU. PROFESSIONAL. Eefecti™ Silt iJ Hearing. Br. J. 5. WALKER, Oculist and Amist. 181 South Clnrk-st,, Chicago. DR. WALKER attend* exclusively to the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the Eye and Ear, per forms all operations necessary to restore sight or correct deformity, and baa all modern appliance* for the relief of the DEAF AND BLIND. lie use practised In Koch* ester, N. Y., from 1851 to 1861, and Chicago from 1801 to the present time. Office and Dispensary 181 Clark-at., comer of Monroe. GENERAL NOTICE. NOTICE. All the No. 9 Gorn in the Northwestern Elevator, amounting to twonty.lhreo thousand three hundred ana sixty bushels (23,360) la outof condition, allot which is aourand hosting, end will bo delivered on tho following receipts: I>ato—l67B, No. of receipt. Amount. April 99 237 6,000. Lashe ■ April» 938 Bl!.W!mihoa May 13 BW 6,000. buahe a May VJ 303 753,09 buahe « May 19 Buß 6,000. bnaho ■ Muy 19 309 1,110.40 busbo • May 17 RM 669.18 busbo a May H R23 6.000. buaho a May 37 198 9.lßbuahola , „ . ..... 83,360. buihols 3 Corn. This Com Is contained In blna numbers 64, 68. 63, and 66. Extra storage will bo charged on tho above receipts, as per our advertised rates of storage on heated grain. Chicago, Juno 14. 1b73. CEO. AHMQUR A CO. REMOVAL. REMOVAL. I have again gone back to near my old Quarters, Nos. 60 and 01 Market-at., whore I have bettor facilities for doing business than over before, and, thankftil for past favors, shall bo hoppy to see all old friends and many now, and guarantee satisfaction to all. ' W. B. STANDARD. Wbt ■ Pax(|) ifcum FURNITURE. PIOIABLE 1 pIIRNITDBE. W.W. STRONG FURNITURE 00., 266 AND 268 WAMSH-AY. factory, 353 & 259 west MJoliM. TRANSPORTATION LINES. FREIGHT OFFICES OP BLUE LINE, MICHIGAN CENTRAL AND GREAT WESTERN RAILWAYS. ALSO FOR THIS “DAVISREFRIGERATOR CARS” 67 01ark-st., cor. Randolph. Freight forwarded by Blue Lino to and from New York, Boston, and Chicago, Without change of can, via Express Freight Trains. A. WALLINGFORD, Agent. Chicago, MJnno. 1878. FINANCIAL. P, E. WESTFALL, Prea't, SIDNEY MYEBB, oashler. THE MERCHANTS’, FARMERS’, & MECHANICS' SAVINGS BANK Incorporated 186 L Commenced Easiness 1863, 75 South 01ark-st., Chicago, Opposite Old Court Hoass. WEST SIDE OFFICE, 62 Halsted-st., near Madison. EXCLUSIYELYASAVINGS bank. lOHS^ES SATES @) BANK, 106 ODARK-STm nXetUoOlst Church Block. BU per oont latent! allowed on deposit*, payable semi annually, July 1 and Jau. 1 fa each year. „ GEO. SCOVILLE, President. Wu. Kelset Rkkd, Cashier. NOTE.—Until farther notice, any boy or girl calling at the Dank will bo presented with a pass book free, and one dime deposited to his orbor credit, which sum can be drawn ont at pleasure. ZDIGr. Wo have Attorneys everywhere, and collect the claims of Wholesale Merchants and others In any part of the country. No Attorney's foes in suite: no charges until collections are made. FRASIER'S MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY. 146 Msdlson-st. HATS. HATS! POE SUMMER WEAE The BEST STOCK is at BREWSTER’S, COB. OI.ARK AND MADISON-STB. AUCTION SALES. TO GENTLEMEN, Liven Men, and Olliers. We shall sell, on TUESDAY* MORNING. June 17. at 10 o’clock, in Bowen Bros.* Bloaic, IS and 17 East Randolph-st., regardless or price, to close consignments, 26 NEW CARRIAGES, Open and Top Buggies, Fhaetone, Democrat Wagons, and Harness, WM. A. BDTTEBB S 00., Auctioneers. WANTED. THE SOUTH PAEK coo^r^yExssionsrßus wish to purchase the land on the oast side of Western er., from Farllllon Boulevard, or Fifty-fifth-st., to the Illinois A Michigan Canal. Tho amonnt of land required 1* a strip ono hundred and fifty (160) foot In width, from the oentro on the east side of said Weiternav.; also abont three and eno-balf (8)6) acres on three of the cor ners, at the Junction of Favlllton Boulevard and West ern-av. The amount to be taken from each of the throe corners to correspond with the quantity already pur chased of John Gavin. Proposition* for the sale of the land described, from tbe owners, will be received at the office of tbe South Park Commissioner*, No. 161 LaSalle st., Chicago, 111. BRICK. Wanted, *6O m good Brick, Immediate delivery, Lake tfc b n .°a ( WL;i l fs'KL p * w A“ k 01 • W' ANTKI)~A<;UNTg— FiIOftI 875 to $360 por month, everywhere, to toll one of tho moat useful articles over Invented needed In ovory family. Bond for Circu lar. Address, BECOME A CO.. 167 Stalest., CuiOAOO, 111. TO RENT. Hotel Stores to Rent. Bovcral fluo atoros, about 20x70 oaob, no Lake and Dear* Iwrn-sts., under and opening into ‘‘The Commercial." Kents low. G. IT. WORK A CO.. 128 laSaile-st. MEETINGS. Somoimulc Tribe, No. 4, ImproTsd Order of Rod Meu. AH membon roijuostod (o be present at Kindling of Council Flro, evening of June H. »t 8 o’clock p. M.i st new Wigwam, eornur of Adtms Uuslnos*. Ado pi lon, sad nomination of ofQoora. W. W. wINTBU, Haoboiu. FOREIGN. Declaration of the Internal Policy of the Spanish Ministry. A German Military Band to Visit the United States. Henri Rochefort, the French Communist, to be Transported. ... SPAIN. Madrid, Juno 10.—In tho Cortes, to-day, an official statement of tho future policy of tho now ministry was road. It favors the speedy domorkation of tho Federal States; tho restoration of discipline in tho army I tho proclamation of martial law against tho Oorliat insurgents ; liberty of > tho Antilles, and suppression of slavery. It - estimates tho deficit In tho finances at tho end of the present month at 2,800,000 reals. Conor Muzo, tho now Minister Of War, is a friend of Caatolor. Ho aunouncos that ho will pursue the eamo foreign policy as his predeces sor. CHINA AND JAPAN. Ban Fbanoibco, Juno 13.— I The steamer Alaska arrived from China and Japan to-night. . Sho sailed from Httag Kong May 12. The Cyprones has also arrived, the-two vessels bringing ovor 2,000 Chinamen. Dates from Yokohama are to May 22, The Japanese Ministers of . Finances have resigned. They published a letter stating the indebtedness of the Empire at $104,000,000. The people are excessively taxed. The debt is increasing yearly, owing to the new schemes of the Government. Possibly the Ministers may receive an order to commit suicide. The palace of the Mikado is to bo rebuilt ac cording to European plans. An ancient Christian church was discovered in the interior. The Japan Gazette complains of the dearth of nows. ' There ianothlng going on. The resigning Ministers say Japan seems go ing ahead, bnt is actually lagging oohind, and a national financial collapse may happen at any moment, and that they clearly foresee the future calamity. The China Mail comments severely upon tbo Chinese persecutions in San Francisco. The same paper says there is no epidemic small-pox in China at the present time. It is reported that the working of coal and Iron mines and the introduction of railroads will soon be sanctioned by the Government at Pekin. CUBA. Special DUpaieh to The Chicago Tribune, New York, Juno 13.—Private advices from Cuba report that Capt.-Gen. Pioltain is about to arm 8.000 slaves with Remington rifles, recently sent tnithor from thin country. He has issued a proclamation calling on all slave-owners bo Tar nish him with one slave in each hundred that, they own. FRANCE. Paris, Juno 19.—The Government has decided to Immediately transport Henri Rochefort to Now Caledonia. It is announced that the Minister of Finance will prosecute Gustavo Courbet for the recovery of tbo sum expended by the Government in the reconstruction of the Yondomo Column. Cour bet was the chief instrument of the Commune in destroying the column. Tbo demand, of the Military Governor of Paris for authority from the Assembly to prose cute Deputy Rauo causes a profound agitation at Versailles. GERMANY. Hamburg, Jane 18.—The band of the Prince George Regiment of the Saxon army sailed from this port for New York. The band haa si*- ty members and proposes to make a concert tour through the United States. CANADA. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Halifax, June 18.—It is boliovod bore that the Hon. A. G. Archibald will be the now Lieuten ant-Governor for Nova Scotia. Sir William Young doolinoa the office. Montreal. Juno 13.— The funeral of the late Sir George E. Cartier took place to-day, and was one of tho moet imposing demonstrations bf the kind that ever occurred in Canada. Fully 10.000 people followed tho remains to tho grave, includ ing all the members of the House of Commons and Senate. The procession was 1 hour and 16 minutes in passing a given point. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Touonto. June 18.— A brntal murder occurred bore to-day. A man named Tim Murphy, who bad a disagreement with his wife last evening, at an early hour this morning, before she was awake, tied a towel over her mouth tightly, then pulled her out of bed on tho floor, and kicked and jumped on her head until her skull was broken and her brains protruded. Ho then loft her and proceeded to his work, a switchman on tho Railroad. Before doing so ho nailed the door of her room. A daughter of 17 years old, finding tho door fastened, eventually broke it in, and after some delay, secured doc tors, who expressed tho opinion that she was dying. Notice being given, the police arrested Murphy and placed him in the cells. At 5 o’clock this evening she died, and at 8 a jury was sum moned. but have adjourned till to-morrow. The murderer is said to have been a hard drinker, though sober at tho time, and used his wife very nadly. Ho displayed the utmost indiffer ence when bo was arrested. Tho affair causes quite a sensation in tho city. CINCINNATI. Tho International Business College Convention Fatal Shooting Af- fray* Cincinnati. 0., Juno 13.—Tho Internationa Business Ooiiego Association to-day elected George Soule, of Now Oilcans, President: L. L. Williams, Rochester, N. Y., Vice- President : A J. J. 0010, Peoria, 111. , Corresponding and this aftornot • adjourned to meet in Baltimore on the second- Wednesday in July next year. Charles O. Hooo, a member of the Fire De partment, this afternoon shot and mortally wounded James Whalen, a laborer. The affair occurred at 0 o’clock, at the Lawrence and Third Street Engine-House. Whalen came to the en gine-house drunk. Ho had been quarreling with a Sullivan street car conductor, with whom ho had been riding, and trouble and violence was about to ensue, whoa Hooo interfered and drew a pistol and marched Whalen about a square down the street, and delivered him to some friends. Ho then returned and wont in the engine-house. Whalen almost im mediately followed, and stopped at tho engine house door, where bo heaped the vilest epithets on Hooe, who was standing Inside, with a four barreled pistol in hand. Whalen made as if to enter. Hooo said, "If you come in I'll kill you.” Whalen wont In, and Hooo fired throe shots. Tho first entered tho loft breast, an inch below the nipple, penetrating tho lungs. The second entered tho centre of the loins, an inch to tho right of tho vertebral column, and the third out two fingers from the loft hand. Hooo was arrested. Whalen was taken to the hospital. The surgeon says ho cannot live. Rullrond Nown. Boston, Juno 13.—Tho Master Car-Diilldora' Convention to-day voted to assume tho control of tho rooms secured in Now York by members residing there, and to place them in ohargo of tho Managing Committee, with power to coll mootings not oftonor than onco a month ; made declaration that tholr resolutions wore merely in tho nature of rooommendat.jnn to managers of railroads; appointed a committee to consider tho subject or accidents by tho coupling of cars, and to report at the next convention, And thou took up iiioitpooial order of tho day, the size of axlen. Tho car-builders, after a' long discussion, adopted tho report of tho Committee rooom mending a journal inches diameter by? Inchon long. Axles wore also considered, and a vote taken to have drawings and specifications prepared of axles. Adopted. Special Dttpaleh to The Chicago Tribune, Four Wayne, Jimo 13.—The proposition of- CHICAGO, SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1873. fared by G. W, Gobs, President of tho Grand Rapids fc Indiana llollrood Company, to the con sideration of tho authorities of tho City of Kon dallvlllo, Ind., as a compromise between that Company and tho olty, as regards tho bonds issued to aid in tho construction of that road, has boon accepted. Thosubstanco of tho propo sition Is as follows t Tho oity of Kondallvillo is to iesuo $25,000 of its bonds to bo paid in ton annual Instalments of $2,500 each, on October 15,1874, the first payment to bo made without interest, 'and G por oont to bo allowed after that dale on all deferred payments. That puts a stop to tho suit, which has boon in tho Courts for a long iimo, and has caused a groat doal of oxoitemont along tho road. WALL STREET. Review of tho money, Stools* Rond* Gold, and Produce markets* Special Dispatch to Th* Chicago Tribune. New Tonic, Jnno 18.—Money continues abund ant, with the demand very moderate. Under a general covering of short contracts, more active to-day, with a general advance in prices. The improvement was most marked in a few loading shares, such as Western Union, Chios, Now York Central, and Erie. At inter vals daring tho day prices recoded slightly, bat the market closed at an advance of to 2% per cent. Western Union was tho 1 chief feature, dealings having boon especially largo in this stock.' Quito a sharp decline ’ has been observed recently in Illinois Central stock, which . has . fallen from about 120, early .in April, to 111W bid to-day. This is said to bo owing to tho Farmers' Granges movement. Tho report Is current that tho Illi nois Control will again increase its capital stock by tho issnoof $5,000,000, thus making the stock $35,000,000. It is stated that an Important con ference of railroad managers is now Doing hold, looking to tbo consolidation of interests such as . will result in a trunk lino of oommnnieation from Now York to tho western terminus of tho Union Pacific Rood, and eventually to Ban Fran cisco. It is said that Jay Gould, who controls Northwestern, is willing to fat) in with any plan that will restore that stock to somotning like its former value. As a stop to this end,. the present President of tho Northwestern Bead, Mr. Tracey, seeks to retire, ho having oo much os ho can attend to os President of tho Chicago & Book Island. Moan while, measures are being concerted by which Mr. Horace F. Clark, President of the Union Pacific and Lake Shore Roods, will assume tho Presidency of tho Northwestern. This will givo Mr. Clark control of tho trunk lino from Buffa lo to Ogden, tbo western terminus of the Union Pacific, and as tho interests of the last-named road and those of tho Central Pacific are identi cal, as also tho interests of Mr. Clark and Com modore Vanderbilt, it will ho soon that the Com modore will have in his family tho control of a trunk line across tbo continent. GOLD Armor, but littlo doing. Imports of dry’goods for the week ending to-day, $1,215,933, and the total imports for tho weak ending to-morrow will bo about $6,500,000. * t FOREIGN EXCHANGE ) ■’ steady bat quiet. • also. Bloody ond quid. Flour—Tho inquiry was light, and tbo;;mar¥et was yory unsettled and depressed. Largo' sales cau only be effected by submitting to a largo de cline. Solos, 13,500 barrels, including 5,000 bar rels for future delivery. Receipts, 12,810 bar rels. Wheat was lower, but more ootlvo, tho de mand being chiefly for export, ~ though fair for milling. Bales, 180,000 bushels ; receipts, 93,026; bushels. Pork was quiet in a wholesale way, though tho jobbing business was at steady figures, with sales of 70 barrels at 810.G2K@10.75 for new mess. For fu ture delivery no transactions, jifdno'’ is quoted at SIO.C2Ki and July at &0.75. lid-' ooipts, 63 packages. Out meats wore moderately active and prices are quoted gcnorilly firmer. The soles reported include pickled bams in bulk, 10K lbs, at 13o; 600 smoked shoulders at 0c ; 200 do, 6%0; 200 do hams, 13K<5 5 receipts, 107 packages. Bacon steady with.a small business. Sales 25 boxes long oloarfbr to-mor row, 8Ko; 100 boxes short clear, 8%0 yesterday afternoon; to-day, 100 boxes long clear at 80. Laid was moderately active and rather easier. For future delivery, 600 tes for June at BJ£o, and July at fered at 9jigo, aud September otO 3-16 c. Receipts, 360 pkgs. NEW YORK. - Tho Horton Swlndlcs—Xho Walworth l*arrlcido«*Tbe Cotton Excitomout» miscellaneous IVowo. Special DUpateh to The Chicago Tribune, New Yobk, Juno 13.—Peterson A Co., of Philadelphia, sustained no injury through tboir business with Horton. His iutcrcourso with thorn was perfectly legitimate. Horton's prin cipal operation was in raising bonds. Ho has boon living in Lancaster, Fa., for tho last six or eight years, excepting tho brief periods ho has resided in Now York. /Tho "‘operation that re sulted in tho discovery of his systematic wicked ness was mado with tho firm of Bood & Me- Gramo, of that city. Ou tho 26th of May lost that firm gavo him 200 shares of Penn sylvania Bailrood stock in exchange for 200 shares of Beading stock. It was understood by tho Lancaster bankers, that Horton stood in. excellent favor with Now York financiers, so tho stock was given him without hesitation. On Tuesday,' Horton proposed to another Lancaster firm tho eamo exchange. That firm, discovering somo suspicious marks on it. refused to transact business with him. Thoir suspicions woro aroused, and examination proved that tho stock had been raised from ono share to 100 sbaros. It did not take long for this report to got on tho street, and an examination of tho stock hold by Bood, MoGrams A Co., dis closed the foot (bat it too hod boon raised from one share to 100 shares. Meantime Horton had left Lancaster, but subsequent proceedings Jus tify the belief that ho did not do it from any fear that his misdeeds had boon discovered. Beed 4 McQrame mado tho discovery on Wednesday, but Horton was then finishing up his business in Philadelphia. Telegrams woro at once sent to Philadelphia from Lan caster, but the bird had again flown, as yet unconscious of his danger. On Thursday he appeared in Osgood & Co.’s ofllce, Broad street, with his letter of credits, but. by this time, his operations woro tho property •of Philadelphia business-men. This accounts for the dispatch sent by Peterson A Co. Tho most romariiablo thing happened while Horton was in Osgodd’s office yesterday morning waiting for a telegraphic transfer from Philadelphia. Bo sat on tho sofa in tho-offico for over an hour, and nearly opposite him was Detective Elder. They conversed together in the pleasantest manner. Detectives have boon put on the scoundrel's track. [3<o f/i« AisociaUd Preee,] New Yobk.Juuo 13.— Tho polioo have not yet found J. H. Horton, who yesterday swindled tho Arm of Osgood & Co. out of about $28,000 in gold. Bovoral wooka ago Horton entered the banking-house of P. B. Peterson & Co., in Phila delphia, and expressed a desire to open an ac count with tho Arm, and with that purpose in viow he offered to deposit on account a consid erable sum, which was accepted, and tho account was opened. Horton continued to increase his credit account by depositing several ebooks, until Wednesday, when ho stated that ho wished to go iuto certain stock specu lations in Now York, and Peterson & Co. granted him letters of credit on two houses hero, authorizing Horton to draw upon thorn for $30,000. Yeaterday'llorton mado his appearance In tho office of Osgood & Co., iu Broad stroot, and presented a letter of credit for $37,000, remarking that bo should probably want to draw all of tho mouoy and perhaps moro, as ho wished to go iuto tho stroot and speculate. Osgood & 00. demurred, whereupon Horton di rected them to sond a dispatch to his Phila delphia bankers and havo a transfer mode. Tho transfer was promptly made, and, everything being satisfactory, $26,780 in gold was bought and paid over to Horton, who had meanwhile remaitmd in tho outer office, and then vanished. Later a dispatch was received from Peterson A Go., cautioning them against paying any monoy to Horton, as tho cheeks and drafts cashed for him in Philadelphia had boon discovered to bo forgeries. It was too late. Horton’s swindling operations, it turns out, in clude 200 sbaros of Beading Bollroad stock, re

ceived for a certificate of 200 shares of Pennsyl vania Bailrood stock, from Bood A McQrame. of Lancaster, Pa., which ho had raised to taut STOCKS. OOTZBOTtEKTS rnoDUCE. amount from ono share. Horton has resided during tho past six years in Lancaster, occasion ally visiting this oity. It Is understood that tho plea to bo sot up in tho Walworth oaso will bo self defense—that tho young man was goadod on to murder by his father’s tliroate. Tho ploa of insanity will not bo roliod on in this case. Hr. Hammond, a well known export in cases of insanity, visited tho prisoner yesterday, but did not make tho result of his examination known. The excitement’continues on tho Cotton Ex change, but no additional failures have boon an nounced. It is thought that tho worst is over, and that a panic will bo averted. Tho Stock Exchange will adjourn from July 0 to tho following Monday. Unttod States Senator Windom, Chairman of tho Special Committee on Transportation be tween tho seaboard and tho interior, visited tho Produce Exchange this afternoon. Ho was re ceived by Franklin Edson, President of tho Ex change, Mr. Wobb, Chairman of tho Committee on Trado and Commerce, Mr. Stark, President of tho Northern Transportation Company, and othor prominent members, who escorted him through tho building, and then displayed to him the statistics of tho inland trade and commerce of the port, as collected by tho statistician of tho association. DUST TO DUST. Funeral of tUo Lnto minister Orr* New York, Juno 13.—-Before 1 o'clock this af ternoon a groat number of persons had assem bled In tbo City Hall Park and its neighborhood to witness tho removal of tho body of tho lato Minister Orr, while tho City Hall was filled with prominent Freemasons, members of tbd Com mon Council. and others, who had como to takj Eart in tno ceremonies. Deputy Grand lorehai Elwood E. Thome, 'in a brief address to Mayor Havomoyor. assumed charge of tho romoins. Ho thanked tno city for tho in terest tbo corporate authorities had taken in tho remains, and expressed his thanks and those of tho family of the deceased to tho Mayor and Common Connell. Mayor Havomoyor in reply expressed his acknowledgments for tho trust re posed in tho .city, and convoyed his sympathies to tho bereaved family of tbo lamented deceased. At about half-poet 2 o’clock tho officers of tho grand lodge, tho Mayor and members of tho Common Council descended from tho Governor's Boom to tho lower ball, and thence marohed slowly out to tho park followed by tho poll-bearers with tho body. A solemn dirge was played which was performed by a band , stationed m tho rotunda. The coffin was homo *by twelve Knights Templar. Tho pall-hearers, who woro distinguished by white scarfs, wore as follows s B. H. Johnson, P. G. M. ; Wilmot Q. Do Sonssoro. representing tho Grand Lodge of South Carolina; N. F. Waring, P. G. M.; lease Phillips, P. G. M.i John W. Simons, P. O. M. ; Daniel Sickles, P. G. M. ; Albert G. Mackey, P. G. M., of South Carolina ; Joseph H. E. Drummond, P. G. M.: James Jonkluson, P. G. M.; and Joseph D. Evans. P. G. M. Tho body having boon - placed in tbo, hearse, which was drawn by six white horses, covered with black netting, and each led by a colored groom, tho procession moved. Tho was headed by largo detachments of tho 1 polico-forco. Then followed tho officers of tho' Grand Lodge, and .Grand Oommandory, and' fol-. lowing,tho.Uommfvndorios of Knights Templars,- Columbian,'Morton,'Palestine, Coour do Loon, Manhattan,lvanhoo, Constantino, and York, of' this city, Dewitt Clinton, and Clinton, of Brook lyn,' and tho ' Now Jersey Kulgnts. After (ho hoarse came tho Mayor . and 1 Common Council in carriages, with tho Russian Minister and Consul-General. -Maj.-Qon. Hancock, with Cupt. 'Wharton, of nis staff, Gen. Morris, Gen. . Duryoo, aud numerous others. - The procession accompanying tbo body arrived ‘ at ih6 .‘Church of tho,Disciples about 4 o'clock, and tho casket. surrounded by tho pall-bearers and guard of ike Knlgts, was carried down tho aisle,, preceded by tho Bov. Dr. Tyng, Jr., ro?.. "tfiflng the sorvico of tho Episcopal- Church, and "was udpoait'od aVtlitf foot or the altar." .“On the altar woro placed floral offerings,\ono a wreath of tubc-ro«os and tea-roses from Mrs. O. P. Leslie, Daraowoll County, B. ' 0., and two from tbo Grand Oommandory, and one from tbo Grand Lodge, representing Masonic emblems. Tho plumed cap and relics of a Templar woro removed from tho caskot, and re ■ placed by wreaths of flowers. Tho chief mourn ers, pall-hoarora, Grand Marshal, aides. Grand Lodge, qpd Grand Commaudcry defiled slowly down tho church, bearing wands covered with crape,—tho Knights with drawn swords at tho main entrance forming a lino through which tbo procession passed. A guard of Knights,—under Eminent Q. O. John T. Conovar, followed tho casket. Tbo Bov. Dr. Hopwortb took a place at tho altar, and with him wero - tho Bov. 8. 11. Tyng, Jr., tho Rev, Dr. Yore, and the Bev. Mr. Schoonmackor, Grand Chap lain of tho Grand Lodgo. Tho Bov. Dr. Tyng officiated. After tho usual services, tho sermon was preached by tho Bov. Dr. Hopwortb. Ho said they woro standing amid tho awful stillness of death, which taught lessons of the uocer tnintios of life, ana the value of faith, which alono can smooth tho dying pillow and enable us to say, “Thy will bo done." In conclusion ho said: “May we never fear when tho Senior Warden comes to ns in tho shape of death with bis level, and lays us low. May wo not bo afraid when tho Junior Warden, whoso name is Justice, trios our lives with tho plumb, hut may bo find everything os it should bo, and may wo look up without dismay when wo boar tho call to God, tho groat architect, who built for us homos in Heaven. Thank Him for all tho blessings of the present time, and bo afraid of nothing for tho foturo. So moto it bo." No diroct reference was made in tho sermon to tho deceased. A choir of forty voices, consist ing of members of St. Cecilia Lodge, Pratt, and other lodges, under Brother Jerome Hopkins, sang tho dirge, “Peace to Memory," from “Lur lino," after which tho funeral service, according to tho Masonic rite, was performed by Grand Master Elwood E. Thorne. At tho conclusion of the service, tho remains wore escorted from tho church by a troop of Washington Greys and Seventh Regiment N. Y. S. N. 0., tho bands pitying funeral marches. Tho Grand Lodgo of tho titato preceded tho hoarse, which was surrounded by tho Grand Oommandory of tho Knights Templar of the State. Tho son of tho deceased,.with Col. Childs, of South Carolina followed noxt, after which eamo Governors of States and Territories, officers of tho army and navy, officers of tho civil service of tho United States, Judges of tho State and City Courts, members of Con gress and tho Legislature, and citizens. Tho procession moved through Madison ave nue, Forty-second street, Fifth avenue, Four teenth street, to Eleventh avenue, where tho ranks woro opened and tbo hoarse passed be tween them to tho revenue-cutter. Tho body was then taken oft and placed on board, on route for Jersey, where a train was ready for its recep tion and removal to South Carolina. Tho streets through which tho cortege passed were lined with people. THE CROPS. Groat Falling-Off In tho Wheat Crop Cxpccted--This Year Pronounced the Worst Since tho War* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, New Yobk, Juno 13.—A Washington special says : Accounts are now in from enough of tho whoat-growing States to show that tho crop of this year will, in all probability, bo loss than half what it was last year. In West ern Now York, and in fact along tho ontiro lake region of tho country, wintor whoat'is, as might have boon expected from tho unusual severity of tho post season, almost a total failure. Other crops have also boon sovoroly injured by tho lato spring. The long-continued wot weather prevails in lowa, and tho crops aro suffering greatly. There is every reason to bollovo that, with tho exception of tho fruit crops, all others will bo very short, tho deficiency being especially heavy in cereals. In fact, 1873 will probably bo tho worst year wo havo hod slnco tho begin ning of tho War. Tho wheat crop is already be ing harvested in tho Southern States, and as far lit,.ili ah tho Shenandoah Valley. In somo cases it has boon very fair, but, by tho tho time the groat bolt of tho Central States is reached, it is believed that tho falling off of tho crop will bo such an will astonish the country, and affect tho llnanclal situation. The Cholera* Evansville, June 13.—Michael ,T. Cano, a railroad laborer of Vincennes, died at 2 a. m. of what tho attendant physician pronounced cholera. Ho had imprudently drank from stag nant wator while suffering from slight dlarrhcoo, aud ihlqis believed to have hastened death. WASHINGTON. Discovery of Frauds in the Frccd- men’s Bureau. The Internal Revenue Re ceipts to Bate Exceed $110,000,000. Miscellaneous Jottings from the Capi- BATANTA AND 810 TREE. Washington, Juno ,13. —Several weeks ago Gov. Davis telegraphed to tho Secretory of tho Interior thatho would send Batanla and Big Tree to Fort Sill, to await furthor notion by tho Tex as authorities. It is hold hero, however, when those Chiefs shall bo romovod to Fort Bill tho Stato can bnvo no Jurisdiction over thorn. There seems to bo no doubt that thoso Chiefs will soon bo restored to tbolr people. PERSONAL. ; Mr. Richardson, tho Boorotary of tbo Treas ury, will loavo boro on tho 21st Inst, to attend tho* Harvard College commencement. Henry Howard, agont, and Sir. Carlisle, attor ney, for tho British Government, have gone to Newport, R. 1., whoro tho American and British Commission is in session. INTERNAL HE VENUE. Tho Internal rovonuo receipts to-day were $812,021. making a grand total for the fiscal year to unto of 8110,077,955, or nearly $78,000 in excess of estimates, The total receipts this month are $1,001,782, and It is believed that there will bo collected during tho remainder of the month about four and ahalf millions more* APPOINTMENTS. B. Q. Qroon has boon appointed Gauger for tho First Kentucky District, and Wm. B. Nicks for tho Fourth Tennessee District. CHICAGO POST-OFFICE. Tho Postmaster General to-day ordered a sta tion of tho Chicago Post-Office to bo established on tho West Hide, to bo known os tho West Di vision Station, service therein to bo commenced July 1. This station will also bo a money-order office. Orders wore also issued for enlarging tho froo delivery system at Cincinnati, authorizing tbo employment of tbroo additional carriers. THE OIVIL-BEnVIOK, New Yomr, Juno 13.—A Washington special says: Tbo most important obango in tho rules recommended by tho Civil-Sorvico Advisory Board is in relation to tho examination of candi dates for offices in various ports of tho country, and not subject them to tho expense of traveling to Washington. For ibis purpose it is recom mended that tho country bo divided into four or moro districts, each to havo a Chief Examiner, and ho to havo associated with him certain officials,or others qualified. for the . work. Itjias- leaked-out thatcduring . the recent ox ouraion'of .tho Examining Board of. tho Treasury Department'to the South',-- a Collector of Cus toms was: found who could neither read nor write. i , • the fhxcdman's bureau. Tho Secretary of War, according to a special from Washington,'has submitted to tho Depart ment of Justice a statement of the condition of afTalre found by the War Department to exist in the division of the lato Freedman’s - Bureau, charged with tbo settlement of bounties to col ored soldiers. -Tho. statement sots forth-that claimants forJwhomTroasury boon .issued and sent to .tho-.Freedman's '-Bureau for paymantv : hav«vn«ver ;ricoivod : their money, although.lUdy-WBrdlm&rkod on tbo records of tho Bureau as paid, and reported to tho Treasury by tho disbursing officer of tho Buroau as. paid, and so credited in settlement of his account. For this fraud the Secretary of War wishes to know the degree of responsibility and tbo rela tive .responsibility under tho law of Gon. O. O. Howard and his disbursing officer, Gen. Ballocb. When the War Deportment took possession •of tho records of the Bureau unpaid claims woro found amounting to $730,000, and $33,000 woro found unpaid, although entered on tbo records and reported to the Treasury, and there cred ited as paid. THE JAPANESE MINISTER Boforo Mr. Mori loft Washington ho stated to friends that ho had tendered his resignation, but that It was declined, and that, after sororal months' ho would resume his functions hero os diplomatic representative of Japan. Tho members of tho legation express much surprise at tho recently published accounts in tho news papers to his detriment, and say that Mr. Mori possesses the ontiro confidence of his Govern* moot. Ho loft Marseilles on the Bth lost., by way of tho Isthmus of Suez, for Japan, intend ing to visit Vienna on his return voyage to tho United States. RIBBONS. VELVET Tho Attorney-General has decided that volvot ribbons mode of silk and cotton oro not subject to a duty of 60 per cent under tho eighth section of tho Tariff act of 1864, and that they aro only subject to a duty of 60 per cent under that act. SPORTING. THE TURF. Special Diapateh to The Chicago Tribune. Pekin, in., Juno 13.—Tho third- day of tho racos was largely attended, and much enthusiasm was manifest. A slight rain rondorod tho track bottor, and tho races woro run with tho greatest §luok. Tho first raoo, two-milo dash, purse of 175, for 8-yoar olds, was won by Reynold's bay filly, by Zero, dam by Epsilon, boating 80110 Mahono, Fannie B. and Zebra. Tho eocond race. lawyers' purso of $260, two miles and repeat, froo to all, was won by Nick Baker, over Restless and Oapt. Hutchinson. Tho latter was distanced in tho first boat, and Rost less broko down in tho tendons of tho left fore-leg, and was entire ly ruined lu the second heat, after lopping Baker out in the first boat. Time, 3:430X5 8:48. Tho third race, match for ono half-mile be tween Horace Grpoley and First National for SSO a side, was won by tho latter in 60%. To-morrow, tho last day, will havo two races, best two in three mile boats, freo for all, for a Siirso of $l6O, and a throe milo dash, Jockey lub purso of S4OO, tho second horse to receive S6O. Special Dispatch to The Chicago TVftmue. Zanesville, 0., Juno 13.—The last day of the rncoa at tho Zaoosvillo Driving Park to-uay was attended by a largo number of visitors. Tho first was a running roco for a parse of SSOO, con tested for by Voll, Orange Girl, and Pod Jacket, mid won by YolL Orange Girl was distanced in the second heat. Time, 1:57# 5 L49#. Tho second was a trot for a purse of S6OO between Jose, Anna Collins, Billy, and Magna, and won by Jose. Time, 2:30 \ 2:38; 2:85; 2:48. CAanmiDQE City, Ind., Juno 13.—A glorious day and track to match it was for tho 2:80 trot aud tho 2:40 trot which woro sandwiched. The interest was slightly diminished from tho foot that all tho horses hod previously boon In thoso races, and tho novelty was thin. Tho 8:80 raco was won by Nick, late Blackwood, and cho 2:40 raco by Matlock. Time, 2:33#; 2:35#; 2:39#. In the froo-for-all race to-morrow there are only Block Frank and Chicago to go, as Pod Cloud is sick, and Mohawk, Jr., is not hero. No accidents and but little grumbling. GnAND Patios, Mich., Juno 18.—At 10 o'clock this morning tho races loft unfinished yesterday woro decided in one heat each. Valley City Maid taking tho first money In tho Kent County race, purse $300; Koto Messenger tho second money: kittle 11. tho third; and Lady Bell tho fourth. In class 10, for a purse of $1,700, Young Prince ton was given tho first money, Kate Hazard tho second, Kittle G. tho third, aud Vaughn tho fourth. Tho afternoon raco resulted as follows : Class bettor than 2:40. Vaughn took the first, second. 11, puree of $1,600, for horses that never trotted third, aud fourth heats, winning tho first money, Frank Palmer tho second, Hattie Fawcett tho third, and Lady Ida tho fourth. Time, 2:89#, 2:43#, 2:39#, 2:46. Classs 6. for horses 4 years old and under, owned by this county. Brown Nellie took tho first moiwy in two straight boats, George Palmer tho soooud, Clara 801 l the third. Time, 3:28, 3:31#. This race was tho boat two In throe, all others being tho host throe in five. Class 13, purse of $2,600, for horses that never trotted better than 2:21. Fred Hooper won tho first money iu three straight heats ; Pilot Tem ple, tho soooud i Byron, the third. No fourth NUMBER 299. mono? was given, Western Boy being distanced in the first neat. 1 The fair cloned to-day with a largely increased * v attendance. It has boon a success, ptfiuau-' dally at least on an advertinom - of. the grounds, the many horeomon proson, {pressing their admiration for the ocoommc ana treatment offered them. I r % . THE TRIOQEn, Special Diffpateh to The Chicago I X Ottawa, 111., Juno 18.—Tlio sli Hing-matcli"* boro was well ..attended to-day. I 2 i principal feature waa the defeat of Cent. 1 “ irdim and Hr. Thomas, through giving too £ c t odds to the country coon-hunters. Doff £in shot a match with L, Taylor, of Coon ( -iok. giving Taylor nine yards tho advantage n 1 distance, Bogardus shooting at thirty yiyaa and Taylor } twouty-ono yards, at thirty-five birds each. Bo gardus got twenty-six ana Taylor twenty-seven, winning by ono bird. Another. Mr. Taylor wono through Mr. Thomas on samowhat similar tonus. BASE BALL. Baltimore, Juno 13.—Base boll—Mutuals, 11; Baltlmoros, 8. THE INDIANS. Another Interview With the ITXodoo I .Warriora<»Oaptalii Jack Completely 1 Orusltod* Boyle’s Camp, Tule Lake, Juno 13,11 p. m.— , Last evening a party consisting of tho Hon. ‘ J. K. Luttroll, Oongrossman-oloct from tho Third District, Judge Steele, Sheriff Morgan, J. S. Mathews, E. H. Antorick, and Luttroll and Mathews arrived hero, Messrs. Luttroll and Stoolo for tlio ■ purpose of Inquiring into Indian affairs, and tho others of tho party on business and pleasure ' combined. This morning Oapt. Jock, Scar-Faced . Charley, Boston Charley, Schonchin, Mono, , William, Frlncoss Mary, and Lizzie woro os- . cortcd to tho oiHco-tont under a Corporal’s guard that Judgo Stoolo might talk with them, : and gain such -information as might throw ■ light upon certain acts which aro now • enshrouded in mystery. Jack, Schonchin, Bos- , ton, and Moso walked in chains. Tho others , Woro loose. Tho captives formed os usual Into " semi-clrclo In tho tent. Jack had on ugly, sullen i look, and was apparently displeased at being brought forth for a talk. Tho dark linos about ; bis eyes, whioh are bright and glittering, indicate couflnomont, and It is evident that tbo ' restriction of, liberty has a greater' effect on ' him than tho suspense concerning Ills future fato. Only a fow days since he told tho officer ' In chargo of tho prisoners that his Indian heart waa dead, and his body cold. All be expected was t that Lizzie, bis favorite squaw, bo allowed to sit bosido him. Tbo request was granted, and the squaw o&mo to him. During tbo interview ho and Schonchin sat on a dry-goods box, and Lizzie squatted at their foot. Jndgo Stoolo shook bands with the In dians, and sold ho was glad to moot them. No ono hut Jack removed his hat. Scar-Face was called to tho front to act ns Interpreter. Judgo Steele said ho regretted to sco that tho Indians had not followed his advice and bohayed them selves. Ho was sorry to find them in'such a bad fix. but bo bad come to have a talk, and wanted nothing but tbo truth. Then followed questions .about tho disposition of tbo property of tho Mo docs’ victims. Little satisfaction . was' obtained at first. Tbo Indians denied any knowledge . of Dr. Thomas. About Lieut. Cranston’s ring tboy told different stories, and' referred the Judgo to Hooka Jim. Shncknasty Jim. and Steamboat Frank, desiring to implicate those three worthies as much as possible. Jack’s people hato tho two Jims and-Frauk on account of their treachery, and have threatened to kill thorn or havo them killed, oven if it takes yoars to accomplish tbo Job. : Boston said tho Indians placed tbo watch un- , dor a rock, that. tho ring was burned after tbo . battle at Dry Lako. .Itrwoa' burned with Ellon’s man and bis property. After’half an .hour's • talk, Stoolo told them unless they told whoro had hid tho army guns and gave up the - watch and ring, ho would abandon thorn to tholr fato. Tho Indians have until to-morrow morn ing to consider tho matter. Judgo Stoelo, Mr. . Luttroll, Fairchild, Dr. Cabanoss, and ono or two others, loavo for homo to-raorrow, via tho lava-bod. Possibly they may load to tho capture of Miliar's Charley, Lucky Warrior, ond his squaw, who aro thought to bo liviug in tbo lava. Gon. Davis has sent a body of men to bunt up and arrest tho parsons guilty of tho maes&cro of tho Modoo captives. Photographs havo boon taken of Captain Jack and tbo wholo band oi warriors. WEATHER AND WATER. OnioAoo, Juno 13—10:18 p. m. tftatton. Bar, Thr Wind. Weather, Breckinridge,... 29.77 69 8. E., light. Clear. Buffalo 29.83 70 S., fresh. Fair. Cairo 29,81 71 S. W., gentle. Light rain. Chicago 29,79 71 8,, frosb. Fair. Cincinnati 29.80 76 8., gentle. Fair. Cleveland 29.62 64 E., gentle. Fair. Cheyenne 20.97 GCjS., gentle. Fair. Davenport 29,75 74 Calm. Clear. Denver 30,02 72 8., fresh. Fair. Detroit... 29.60 04 8., gentle. Clear. Duluth... 29.73 6SjN. W,, gentle. Cloudy. Eecanaba 29.72 M W., gentle. Fair. Fort Garry 29.68 68 8. 12., fresh. Fair. Keokuk 29.76 74 S. W,, gentle, Fair. La Crosse 29.77 CO Calm. Clear. Marquette 29.76 64 N., gentle. Foggy. Milwaukee 29.71 71 N. W., fresh, Threafnlng Omaha 29.82 70 N. W.. gontle. Clear. Pembina 29,74 G2 Calm. Clear, Bt. Paul 29.69 67 W., gentlo. Clear. Toledo 29.60 67 S. E., gentle. Clear. Yankton 29.76 70 8., gontle. Fair. PROBABILITIES. Washington, Juno 13.— For Now England on Saturday, falling baromotor, fresh southeasterly and southwesterly winds, and partly cloudy woather. For tho Lower Lako Region, falling baromotor, fresh and occasionally brisk south erly to westerly winds, cloudy woathor, and rain. For tho Middle States, falling barometer, fresh southeasterly to southwesterly winds, and in creasing cloudiness, with probably areas of light rain from Virginia to Western Now York. For tho South Atlantic and Gulf States, oast of tho Mississippi, generally cloudy woathor. rain areas and fresh southeast to southwest winds. For tho Northwest, northerly to westerly winds aud generally clear woathor, which conditions will gradually extend eastward over tho Upper Lako .region, Illinois and Missouri. From Tennessee to Ohio, cloudy woathor and rain aroas. STAGE OF WATER. Bally report of tho stage of water, with changes in tho twenty four hours ending 3 p. m., Juno 13, 1873: ADOVB LOW WATEU. 15 ft. 6 lu. 7 ft. 4 In. 13 ft. 0 In. 11 ft. 4 in. 0 ft. 1 in. 12 ft. 3 in. 27 ft. 0 in. 24 ft. 0 in. 4 ft. 7 in. 8 ft. 10 iu. 4 ft. 11 in. 31 ft. 10 in. 37 ft. 3 in. 27 ft. 2 in. 7 ft. 3 in. 2 ft. 8 in. St, Paul Fort Ecu ton, 0maha....,, Davenport... Leavenworth Keokuk Cairo. St, Louia,.... Pittsburg...... Cincinnati..., Louisville..,. Memphis Vlokuburgh... Shreveport... Nashville •Now Orleans. •Below high water mark of 1871. W. S. Kaufman, Observer Signal Service United States Army. EDUCATIONAL Graduntiuff Day at West Point. West Point, N. Y., Juno 13.—The examina tion of tho graduating class of cadets was con cluded to-day, and at 11 o’clock tho whole corps formed a square under tho trees in front of the library building, to witness tho presentation of diplomas awarded according to class-standing and rank. As each name was called, tho cadet stopped forward and received a diploma from tho President. Previous to tho distribution, Gen. Belknap, Secretary of War. made a speech to the cadets, and at tho close Gen. Sher man made a short and characteristic ad dress full of good advice. This afternoon the cadets will receive their " liberty." and by night fall most of them will have departed. Gen. Bborman and party will return to Washington this evening, and to-morrow tho President and his family will return to Long Branch. Score tary Belknap will remain until Monday. noloit Commencement. Special Diepateh to The Chicago Tribune. Beloit, Juno 13.—Tho College Commencement occurs on Wednesday, July 2. W. O. Dewey, of Toulon, 111., deliver# the valedictory. 10 in. 2 In.l j HD. 4 tn.l 1 ft. 7 in. 2 In. 10 iu,

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