Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 14, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 14, 1873 Page 7
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i CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. Retirement of Mr. John F, Tvaoy from the Presidency of the Road. Speculations as to His Successor. Mr. John P, Tracy declines to servo os Presi dent of tho Chicago ,t Northwestern Railway Company. This intention ho announced imme diately after his re-election to tho olhco at tho Directors mooting, on tho CtU Inst. Ho contend ed that tho road had attained ouch magnitude as to demand tho undivided energies and ationtion. of He President—a requirement, with which ho could not. comply. Resides, his impaired health prevented his applying himself closely to tho duties of tho ofllco. To a certain oxtont this announcement was a comploto surprise, and tho causo of no llttlo con sternation among tho assembled Directors. In timations of such a purpose had boon given as early ns last summer; but tho defiant attitude assumed by Mr. Tracy latifc fall, after tho rasult of tho famous “corner” had prompted Horace P. Clark to bo imperiously oxacting, and h&d led thoso interested to suppose ho would tenaciously hold over. To a man possessed of several millions, tho harassing anxie ties of such a position more than offset tho prestige and emoluments it gives. Resides, one such railroad as tho Rock Island ought to satisfy tho ambition of any man. With It Mr. Tracy has boon longest identified. Ho Ims grown up with it, and is familiar with all Us de tails and operations. To tho direction of that ho retires, because It asks loss of him. While doing (his he will retain his largo interest In tho Northwestern, of which Company too wiu non. tinuo to bo o Director. Tho question of n succession is now interest- , ing. Horace F. Clark and Jay. Gould propose to have a voice in naming tho coming man. Prob ably tho matter will ho settled on Thursday next at tho mooting of tho Roard of Directors in Now York. Meantime, conjecture is very busy. Tho Board is largely \mder Mr. Tracy’s control, being elected in his interest, ond, it is claimed, ho can nominate his successor. Several considerations, however, affect tho decision. Tho many now and extensive projects of tho Company moro than exhaust tho largo not earnings, and addition al money must bo procured. To accomplish this result, a powerful President is necessary— one who is trusted and recognized as competent for tho most stupendous undertaking. An easier solution of tho problem Is possible on account of tho presence of Mr. J. L. Ton Have, Frozn, of Amsterdam, Holland, who represents tho twenty-six million a of interest tho Dutch bavo in tho Northwestern; and. as tho major port of the now supplies must come from that quarter, tho next rrosidont will havo to bo a man who can command tho confidence of tho in terested foreigners. Mr. Ton Havo Is now in this city, accompanied by Mr. M. L. Bykoa, Jr., Vice-President, and acting President. Mr, Tracy ond four other Directors aro also boro,not a sutllciont number for a quorum. Mr. Tracy's resignation has not yet boon accepted, but, should bo insist upon retiring—os bo doubtless will—bis successor will bo chosen in New York. OXYGEN AND CARBON, To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune 8m: The query of “ Oxygon,” in yoatordoy’s Tribune, in regard to carbon, may bo answered as follows: If “ Oxygon ” should undertake to run an engine by patting water into tbo furnaco and coal into tbo boiler, it would bo a similar cose to tbo ono bo refers to. Tbo fatty part of our bodies is carbou, and must bo supplied through tbo stomach or digestive organs ; wbilo tbo lean or muscular portion is oxygon, and is supplied through the lungs. Tbo combination in tbo lungs of tbo carbou and hydrogen com posing tbo black or venous blood, with tbo oxygon, causes an expansion of oxygen, which condition produces ca loric or bent, —a condition constantly necessary to animal lifo. Horo is tbo true force of lifo, which physiologists have so long won dered at, locating it in tbo heart; whereas, if tbo whole force of lifo woro located in tbo heart, it would bo torn asunder at once. Tbo molecular particles of oij-gon being much smaller than those composing tbo venous blood, oud absent from it, leaving a vacuum in tbo interstices therein, tbo oxygon rushes through the air-ves icles of tho lungs, which aro only tbo size to permit oxygon and exclude nitrogen, from tbo external pressure to 1111 said vacuum. This is the force of lifo. If “ Oxygon” will put oxygon in tbo lungs and carbon into tbo otonmeb, in proper quantities, ho will keep tho animal machine in running order. CauSon. Opium Test. When Keying was sent down, almost with a Vicoroy’a powers, from Poking to Canton, to in vestigate the opium smuggling, he began by in vestigating the lives of tho Cmnoao merchants. It is said that ho invited all tho importers to a magnificent dinner ; and they attended it with Joy, greatly honored by the invitation. But when it came timo to go homo, they woro polite ly informed that they wore to spend tho night with tboir host. This was his civil way of find ing out how many of them could livo without smoking opium. Tho next morning they found that they woro still kept in hia palace for another festival. Nor when the next night came wore they released. Before long, ouo after another Surrendered. 'Though every man of them know that to confess that ho was an opium-eater or an opium«smokcr was to sign hia own death warrant, still, ono by ono, tho poor wretches had to givo in, Thoy begged tho Viceroy to givo thorn their opium, oven if it wore for tho last time. And so, be fore many days, ho had proved to his own satis faction, by thoir own confession, that most of Ids own countrymen who were engaged in for eign trade woro themselves victims of tho appe tite which his government was trying to sup press. Tho story shows what happens when people have not complete control of their appe tite. .Didn’t Like If. A lady with a poodlo-dog entered a emoking car on a Western train, tho other day, and when the conductor endeavored to persuade her to go into another cor, she refused, saying her pres ence would deter tho occupants from smoking. A gentleman, however, look out a cigar, and be gan to smoko, when she wrenched it from his month, exclaiming: “If there is anything Ido hate, it is tobacco-smoke.” Tho passengers who had witnessed tho affair woro convulsed with laughter, but tho offending smoker suppressed whatever emotions may have boon struggling for exprosoion in words or action, and maintained throughout tbo same imperturbable gravity which had characterized him from tho first. Calmly rising from his seat, ho opened tho win dow nearest him, fastening it up, and reaching over tho seat back, took that woman's poodle dog and throw him out of.tho window as for be yond as possible, at tho same time saying; “If there is anything I do hate, it’s a poodle-dog!” LOST AND FOUND? Lost- a gold lookf.t. containing pic. tores ol a lady and tvro girls. Tho fludor Mill bo suitably rewarded by leaving tho samoattbu office of tho Rvonlng Post, Lost-in the vicinity or corner of union Park-place and (Jarroll-av., Thursday afternoon, Juno 12. a plain gold ring, 18 karats tine, engraved with the Initials of owner and Rivet's names; tho Under will please return it to No. 4ta Oarroli-av., and roeolvoat least tho thanks of tbo owner, by whom It wu highly prltod. LOST— A GROSS, ONE BIDE GOLD, CHASED, tbo other nido Jet, with a pear) in tbo centre; a suita ble reward will bo paid for its return to this otlico. L" OST-$25 REWARD-DARK OUKBKUT OR brown niaro, 14M bauds blgn, 9 years old, white spots on back; will snow signs of haring Interfered with front feet. J. B. WATSON, corner CauipLoll-sv. and Von 1710UND—ON STATE. SY., BETWEEN FORTY x’ ninth ami Flftleth-sta., a jmckot-book containing a sum c.f money which thu owner can have by proving property. Acfdrcsu KAUFMAN. tCjl A REWARD -NO QUESTIONS - RETURN •iPLW satchel taken from Ft. Wayno Depot Thursday night to 61 South Watcr-st. Cil n BEWaRD—LOST—AN ENGLISH SPOTTED V-I'•> conch dog. The above rawanl will bo paid by re turning tp n it. lIAUF.NIiUGU, Uhllch llouao, cor. Slate and Twcnty-aecnud-sis. P REWARD—LOST—ONE DARK BAY OR tpXO ehoslnui-color marc, about Ift hands high, weight 1, ICO pounds, while strip on forehead, two white spots right Immediately under Ilia saddle, law build anil rather tiour.. Returner will ho rewarded with $lB at Pit# South Jtato-st. B. MEYER. CjOK REWARD-WILL BE GIVEN FORTUKUB. turn of two cows, strayed or stolen from my promises, No. 343 Luko-av. Bntti cows small: one ail white, tho other while, spotted with red, 0150. O. CLARKE. Cl 6(\ REWARD-LOST - POOKRTHOOK U mining about SSW la currency and two promissory notes, receipts. etc.; was lost going from Kluxlo on Nui th Clark to Illinois, tlionuo Chicago and Olybourn-av. car U> Nurth-av., on North-av. to bridge. Tim above re ward will ho paid nn It* return to P. O. BAUMGART NER, -Maywood, 111., or Tribune ullloo. C~PfV REWARD—STRAYED FROM 630 WASHING* ton-sl.. Juno 6. a stylish dark bay horse. 16 hands high, weight 1,160 nomuhi, had on a blanket, hiiilcr, and vtiaiu attached. Thu above reward will bo paid to tho tinder fur returning to tho owner, D. ti. MILLS. d. rif \ 'REWARD-LOST, ON LAST WEDNESDAY JpOU tbroo weeks, a gold watch with its owner’s nanio insurihod on Bs inner caso. Tho finder will reonlvo the •Love reward hyroturnlng saino to No. 133 South Des jjlaioos-st., aod no Questions asked. CITY REAL ESTATE. T?OR BALR-MORGAN.BT.. BETWEEN TYTjTIR .I 1 und Polk—Coltsgo and lot, cast front; lot 24*106; $9,600. Honnre-st., IDO foot from Adams—B-slory And base ment brick, swell front, lot 20x126. oast front, Inside blinds, with barn i nil now; desirable neighborhood, $9,600. v , Absrde(m-st.« near Madison—9-stery frame, and base* moot, lorooms;2lxI20; s7,fioO, oast front. Grcen-st., near Moiirno—3-alory frame, andbaioraoat, IQ rooms, west front, SO,OOO, ‘ Wabash-av. mid Twouty-nlntb-st.—9-story frame, barn, summer house, grapery; KOxIDSi $19,000. • J. W. ÜBDKNBBUQ.99 East Madlson-st.,Room 4. For balk-soo feet, irvino park, tub most deslra}>io of nil { 200 foot on each corner of block, at?< cash vaiiTo! Kdown, 1 and 3 years at 8 pur cent, J. W. HEDENBERG, PI) East Madlson-st,, Room 4. TpOU HALK-BYMATSON HILL, lOSAND HO DEAR* X born*st. j - INDIaNA-AV.—vOlfatM ft. between Sixteenth and Klght«onlli*aUj $966 por foot, all oasb. Boat bargain la tho market. • • MICHIGAN-AV.-9ni175 ft. between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sUlli-sts. | S»W nor foot, >j cash. PUAllllK-AV.—l3O It, oast front between Thirty-sixth and Thlrty-aovoutU-sts. Alsu, 26 foot front near Thirty, soooml-at. ... FOU BALE-GOOD LOTS ON THR FOLLOWING streets: State, Burnside, Butterllold, Arnold, Oarl* bald), Hanover, Bailor, Wallace, Bummer, Winter, Mur* ray, and Hnlstod ; also on Wentworth, Shurtloff. PorUand and Btewart-avs; also on Aloxamfor, Twenty-fourth, Twonty.sUth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twenty-ninth, Kiri, Thirtieth, Haven, Thirty-first, Thir ty-second. Thirty-third, Thlrtyllftli, Thirty-sixth, Thirty* seventh, Fontaine, and Thlrty-olghth-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A very small payment down, five year's tlmn, 6 per cent Interest. No a/roncy buslnosa. Apply to owner, ALBERT PRANK. 879 Wabash-av. FOR SALK—WAIIABII-AV., OXI7O, ALL GROVE, oast front, 9 blocks from station at Englewood. Qo with u* and seo property at this growing suburb: 60 pas senger trains. lIULIIURD A OU., StßLaSsllo-st, - - F"“6TTBALK-L?N*dorrN PARK-LOTS FRONTING Fullorton-av., B*olno-av y Froraonl-at., and Webster, av., In tho neighborhood of Lincoln Park; street railway within a few blocks: cheap lots and on very easy toms. Apply to W. D. KKUFOOT A CO., 90 East Washing ton-st. ■ 1 TitOß SALE—WABASH*AV., 225x170 FBKT, SOUTH* fJL' oast oornor Thlrty-fourth*st.; price, $8D,000: only 56,000S 6,000 cash, balnnoonn time to suit purohssor. This la a no lot for a block of buildings. Title porfoot, J. E3AIAB WAUREN. IS Cbambor of Commerce. ' FOR SALIi—OKNTHAL PARK-LOTS FACING waablngton. Lake, MaiUsoa, Monroe, Adams, Jack* son, and l^jlton-sts.,'and Park, Warron, and California* avs., between Wostorn-av. and Ouotral Park, at, from $876 to $9,000 coob on easy toons. Apply to WM. D. KKRFOOT & CO., W JCaat-Waahlngton-st. THOR SALE-WEST TWELFTH-ST.-WB HAVE D junt msdo a^subdivision of tbo Block bounded by West Twolfth, Bampson; Robey, and Uoyno-sta, and wo are prepared to toll lots on cither of thoso streets cheap, on easy terms. Twelfth-it. or boulevard Is 160 font wido. and Is finely macadamlzod. Parties pnrohaeing lota on it now can bo sura of realising a handsome profit from tholr investment. Apply to W. 1). KURFOOT A GO.. W East Woahlngton-at. tTIOR SALB-AT A D.UIGAIN-THE DESIRABLE X 1 roeldonco, 1119 Indlana-av., oontalning 14 rooms, band* tomo saloon parlor, conservatory, brick storo-roum, two bath-rooms, hot and cold water all through tho house, frescoed ceilings, painted walls, plate. glass windows, oto., oto. Them Is also a flno bam on tbo premises, ana everything is In perfect repair. Possession given at any time. Call between 4toß on any day during tho week. TJIOR SALE—MICHIGAN-AV., 60x130 FEET. WEST i 1 front, botwoon Thlrty-fourin anil Thlrty-mth-ats.; price, S2OO por toot, easy tonns. J. ESAJAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Oommorco. TROR SALK—CHEAP—OOTAOON-FRONT BRICK J? roeidonoo, 3 stories and basomont, 10 rooms, lot 23 foot frontjoxooUontlocation; WostSldo; $9,600. HENRY WALLER, JR., 30 East Washlngton-st., Itoom4. TTtQRSALE—MANUFACTURING PROPERTY, 183%. X 1 235 foot on Twonty-socond-st., northwest oornor of Allport-st. Also other pieces. HENRY WALLEIt, JR., 36 EastWoshlngton-st., Room 4. TRORSALB—FRAMEHOUSES—MARS HFIKLD-AV., J? noar Oongrcas-st. (Tyler); 3 stories. Building lots taken In part payment, UarrUon-at., vrostofOakloy; 2 stories; $3,806. Lot In side (ire limits taken la exchange. Wiloox-st.. near Carapholl-nv.; $3,800. _BuUorfiold-st. l _noar JCgan-av.; cottage Tory cheap, HENRY WALLER, JR., Room 4, 86 Wftshlngton-st. TROR BALB-OHOIOB LOTS UPON HALTED, JJ Emerald, Dathloll, llnddan, Arnold. State. Twenty seventh, Thirty-third, Thirty-fourth, ana Thirty-seventh rta. Alio upon Wentworth, Archer, and Egan-avs. Small payment down. Fire years, 6 per cont. HENRY W. OHIPMAN. 163 Wonroo-at. . For SALE—INDIANA-AV., NORTHEAST cor* nor Thlrty-thtrd-st., C0t125 foot; liberal tornu. J, E3AIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Oommorco. TCTOR SALE—SI,6OO—A BARGAIN, NEW 10-ROOM X* cottage within fonr Block* of Union Park. TRUES DELL A BROWN. 176 West Madlson-st. TBORHALK-O. AN.W.LOTS, BETWEEN CENTRAL X' Park ami O. and N. W. car shops, a non-rosldont owner, will soil vary cheap. Also. Boulevard lots, and lots near Boulevard. Free ride, cars or carriage. PiiLNNEY A LOMBARD, 156 LaSallo-st. For sale-by h. o. morey, 77 olark-bt., b lota on Jaokson-at., blocks west of Woßtcrn-ov.. 26 foot each, S9OO. 60 foot on Madlson-st., near Control Park. CO foot on Madlson-st., noar Union Park. IIQR SALE-COTTAGE AND LOT ON TWENTY olghth-st.MiHoo, $1,600; must bo sold. TRUESDBLL A BROWN, 176 West Madlson-st. For sale-at a great bargain, on month ly payments, two now homos, 10 rooms, on Taylor-st., near Compholl-av. Inquire at 135 South Ol&rk-st., in bank. For sale-at a bargain, a neiv cottage, with lot, on Erlo-st., between Robey and lloyuos toms very cosy. S. M. BULLARD, 135 Clark-st., Room 5. TilOR SALE-AT HALF ITS VALUE, LOT NEAR X 1 Control Park, between Jackson and van Burcm sts.: mnstbo sold at onoo to close an estate. SMITH, WOOD A CO., 163 LaSallo-st. FOR BALK—MICHIGAN-AV., 60x170 FRET. EAST front, a llttlo north of Twcoty-elith-st. J. ESAIAS WARREN,' 18 Chamber of Oommorco. FOR BALE-l)tf-STORY STORE AND HOUSE ON West Madlson-st., 10t24*125; Price, $2,600; $l,lOO cash, balance long time. J. 8. GOULD, 119 Donrborn st For sale-lots in wisner-s Milwaukee. at. Addition, corner Dlvorsoy-at., noar depot, arto al.mjToll, public school, park, and boulevard, and omni um lino; titlo norfoct: prices low: long time; ground high, streets made and omamontod with trees; ImproTlng rapidly. Call at our oftioo and take a froo Hdo to boo these lots. WIBNKK 11K0S., Room 12, 146 South Clark-at: FOR 'SALE—IO ACRES ON JOIINSON-AV.. IN Hoc. 14,87, 13, oboap. ABELL A HOTCHKISS. 48 Odd Block. 1* non SALE—PRAIRIE-AV., FINE HOUSE, NINE . rooms, beautiful order, modern Improvements; lot 25 xlßo, 08*1 front, noar Twnnty-nlnlb-Bt. Posbobilod given —$8,00(1. ABELL A HOTCHKISS, 43 Otto Block. FORBALE-DY 11. O. MOREY, 77 OLARK-ST., 13 acres on Harrison-nt. and Barry Point-road, fronting oity limit*, and ratio from Central Park. 10 aoroa on Ilyman-nv., noar Hawthorno. 20 or 4U aoroa, corner For tyeovonth-nl. and Arahor*r<>nd, on lone Utuo. 3 acres on Mllwaukoo-av., comer boulevard. For bale—okntris-av.. s-rtory briok house, and lot, atn sacrifice, onlysil|,7Colf taken this week; convenient to Van Huron and Murflßun-st. care. J. KHAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. TpOR BALE-WaBASU-AV., NORTHWEST COR. X* norThlrty-fifth-st., 60x170 foot. J. ESAIAS WAR. REN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. FOR SALE-COTTAGES ON WEST SIDE, NEAR etroot cars, now and elegantly finished, largo lots, wa ter, Ac. Call and Invostlgato boforo purchasing: nrloo low and easy terms. CUSHING A BILLINGS, 2t)o La* Ballo-st. For sale-oalumet.av.. near twenty fourth-st., 60x180 foot. Van Bnron-nt., corner Contro-av., 120 foot. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSaUo-at, F)R SALK-87.000, H CASH, WILL HOY ACRES fronting on Wabash and Mloblgan-avs., in Sec. 84, 88, 14. Apply to H. J. GOODRICH, 125 Dearborn-st. FOR SALE-TWO LOTS FRONTING" HUMBOLDT Park, for SI,OOO osob, one-third cash. U. J, GOOD* RICH, 125 Doarborn-st. ftOR SALE—S6O,OOO—I WILL SELL FOR THIS SUM X' al6 yean'lease of a valuable property, well rented, and producing over $20,000 per annum after this year. A part Interest atsorao rate. Can bo paid for in Installments. No agents or trading. Address O 0, Tribune office. I [’OR SALE-NICE 8-ROOM COTTAGE AND LOT, 1 Pratrlo-QT. • $6,000. Cottage and lot, Artcsian-av,; $2,600. Octagon marble house, Mluhjgau-av.; $16,000. Terms, onlys6Uodown. LougUtno/oroillior. FOR SALE—a central-located btate-st. property, on loosed ground, well routed and produo. log a good Income. Only $li),00(J, cash down, or will trado to oxtunt of $26,000 for unincumbered city property. Ad dross Q 1)5, Tribune office. FOR BALE—MIOHIGAN-AV.—HOUSE AND LOT on Mlchigan-sv., botwoon Thlrtoonth and Four* teonth-ste.: 8-»torv marblo front: In porfoot order. J. ESAJAH WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce* For sale-the northwest corner op Saath P&tk-av. and Douglas Place, facing tho South Park or Grand Boulevard, 06x166 feat. J. ESAIAS WARREN, 18 Chamber of Commerce. IpOlt SALB-AT A BARGAIN—SEVERAL GOOD ’ houses and lots, 3 corners; also 4 nice rooms to rent. Address 1091 Jackson-st. FORBALK-BYH. O. MOREY, 77CLAUK-BT., AN elegant residence on a corner In llayos’ Subdivision on FulUm-st., east of Ashland-av. GislSrt, corner Adams, at. and Irvliig-plnoo, SIOO per foot, easy payments. Two* •twy and basement brick, Warron-ar., near Roboy-st., south front. Fob sale-targe s-story and basement house, Aberdeen, near Adams. $0,000; lung time. JACOB O. MAQILL, 81 and 83 Olark-at. TDOR SALE-BARGAIN! ELEGANT MARBLE. X* front at a aaerillco; only $3,700 cash, balance long time; just finished. JACOB C. MAQILL, 81 and U Clark-st. ______ EOU SALE—DESIRABLE RESIDENCE AND VA. cant property on West Jackson-st., near Morgan. ALFRED L. SEWELL, Real Estate Broker, 1W La ballu-st. TpOB SALE-BY 11. O. MOREY. 77 CLARK-ST.: X 1 a lot* on Boboy-st., fronting Wickot Pock, at a bar* gain. 30 lots In Wicker Bark, belonging to a non-roddout, to bo dosed out at retail. 66z1& corner Adams-st. and Oampbell-av.; cheap. Mxlilfi corner Jackson-st. and Csmpbell-av., with cot. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR BALE-FARM, WITH COAL LANDS; FARM tifSMaores, wllhlu onomlloof railroad station, with every f mllcution of ooid on tbo promises, a good spring of water, ami well adapted for a stock farm: can be ox changed for a stock of boots and shoos, clothing, or gro ceries. Apply to THOMAS E. JUUiIDAN, Mondotn, F)U SALE-A FARM OF MO ACRES, WITH IM provtmmnts, In Dolovan, Tsxowell County, 111.; land of the best quality: lories of sain very easy. Apply to PECKHAM A BROWN, Room 43, Reaper Block, corner of Olark and WashlngUm-sts. inoß salk-ou kxchange-a splendid X' farm of 1.007 acres, finely Improved, in LaSalle County. 111. Tuo whulu tract is underlaid with workable veins of coal. C. U. THAYER & CD., 180 East Madl soa-at. REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— FOR A CUSTOMER, M PERT PARK front, or noro properly worth about $3, WO. fur which will pay all cash if u bargain. ABELL Jt HOTCHKISS, 43 Oils Block. _____ ANT E li'ZacU It PHOPMItTV, WELL LOCATED, In uzuhnngo for a profitable manufacturing slock at pars If rioalrablo, small incumbrance assumed. W. F, BREWSTER, 164 LnSaltc-st., basement. T^ANTKD— BUSINESS Vr property, lur which wu wilt pay cash and A 1 acre property, and aiiuwo Uicutrbranaj. STORKS A WAUE, W Dttiulogton-it. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, JUNE U, 1873. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE* T?OR BALE—OHOIOE SUBURBAN ROTS ON THIS X l . Milwaukee Railway, six miles distant. And twenty minutes’ride, In Olybourn's Addition to Havomwood. . Those lota are laid oat Wxlti feet on 80 foot Hroota,' and will ha gold npon oaaytarms, at from S6OO to S7OO per lot. Tho facilities lor acorns to and Irom the city—the doslr* ability of tno land—lt being high and thorosghly drained —the proximity to fint-olais Improvements, churches, - schools, and society, commend ibis property as tho boat at tho prloo now In the market. Comparison challenged! The attention of the Indus-' Irlous—tho thrifty—tho osntlons-ls called to thoso lota as sites forhomesteads or Inrostmonls. Call, for a printed Abstract and plot, upon ROBERT QUEER. B4Laßalle-st.. Room 9. Eon bale-special bargains in aorb prop* orly at Washington Heights i . , 40 acres la n w k of 800. OS, 37, 18, grove and ridge. a 40 aero*ln noof 800. 86,87, 18, ridge opposite Mor gan Park. _ou acres la Vincennes Read Addition. 800. 10.17,14. al acres In Block 4, Kenogor’sßab, 800 80, 87, 14. 80 aoros vr M of u trk of 800. 24. 87, 10. SO aoros wmolsw Mt Be?. 13, 07,18.. aa aoros ridge and grave fronting south on Morg an-av, Co acres ridge and grove fronting north on Morgan-ar. 0. 0, THAYER A 00., 180 East Madison-at. TROB BALE-7 0110108 LOTS ON SEVENTY-FIFTH* X - st., oast of Grand Grossing: high land: half oasb. balanooeyoars at 8 por cent; 'bargain. uLRIOii a BOND, 87l>oarbom*st. •TJIOR BABB—AT HINSDALE—A NICE PLACE TO X 1 soil or root on most favorable terms. O. J, BTOUOH, yi and 74 Dearborn-st. - . FOR SALE—LOT ON BTATB-BT., NEAR THIRTY oUth-st., At a bargains also 83 foot on Groeawood-ar., noarOak-it., in Kgaudalo,sl,ooQ cash, balance, 8 years. Gboleo lot on Madlson-av.iilydo Park, nonrPlfty-soTonth* st,, SOO. ULRICH A BOND. 67 Dearboro-at, F' OR BALK—BEAUTIFUL SUBURBAN HOME, 40 minutes’ ride. 2-aWry.houso ami only half an acre of gabion, only s4.ttWi easy form#; monthly payments If do sired. B. W. KUOFF. 146 LaSallo-st., Room 14. POU SALK—CORNELL—IOO LOTS OR 10 ACRES, cheap. ,• Contral.Park—6o lots on long tlmo.' • • . .. 1 Elmhnnt—Aoro property. Also, flrat-clasi now dwoll- Q fiOrabard—Half-acro lots. Also, 6or 10-Aord tracts. • West tiombard—Uullding lota on monthly p&ymonta, with money famished for improvement. W, P. BRKWSTBR, . . 164 LaSalie-st., basement. POR SALIC—EVANSTON—A BEAUTIFUL SUBUR bnnhomo, $3,600: earypayroonta; tbo land la worth $3,000. JACOITq.: MAGILL, 81 and 63 Olark*st. fctOß BALK—SEVERAL DESIRABLE RKSIDENOKS JD in Kvanaion. Houlli JCvanaton, and lloenrm’ Park; also, banding lota and aoro property. ALFRED L. BKWELL, Heal Estate Broker, POR SALE-80 ACRES NKAR BLUB ISLAND. ON Uno proposed, 0., D. &V. R. U., at a great bar* gain. - - - 149aoros on Paolflo A Atlantic Railroad; station on property; at farming priooa. 10 aoros, Forty-sovcntb-st. and Cottago Grovo. . SO acres, Halstead and FKly-dfth--ats. . Aoro property and lota In city and suburbs, at bargains. KEELER, PLAT 5 ! A CU., », 147 Randolpb-st., over Fidelity Dank. T7IOR SALE—IO«* ACRES NEAR BRIGHTON, BE .T ing Lot 3of Stuart's Subdivision, 800. 1, 83,13. ED WARD fTsWEKT, altoooro Block. FOR SALE-NEW COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS, AND 6 aoros good clay Improved land, In timothy, ono-half mile from depot, at Hobart, on Fort Wayne Railroad, 83 miles from Chicago, Price $626; cash, SICO, balance sl3 por month. Ofllco days, Monday, Wednesday, and Frl day. J. O. EARLE, ownor, Room 8,163 Monroo-st. TilOR BALE—6O LOTS IN HITT’S SUBDIVISION OP J? B.E. if of 800. 8, 87, 11, Wanhlngtcn Heights, near Junction'and Dummy depots, on-1, 3, 8, 4. and 6 years' time, interest only 0 por cent: a splendid opportunity lor parties wishing to build. O. OT THAYER A CO., 188 East Madlson-st. TTIOR RALK-AT A BARGAIN-DY GOLDEN A 1? FRKSUWATERS, 63 South Olark-st., KoomlO: 40 aoros In Boo* 11, 83, 13. 40 aoroa in Soo. 16, 89.13. 40 aoros In 800. 88, 88.13, ' 10 acres hi See. 22, Ei, 12. 10 aoros in 800. 17, 88, 14. 6 aoros In Hoc, 16, 89,18. 8 aoros In 800, 1, 89, 13. lIOR SALE-LOTS AT NORTHWESTERN OAR* 1 flbopo, very low, one-sixth cash, balanoo In 4 yean. LARKIN A JBNKB, 146 LaSallo-st ITiOU SALE—BUST LOTS IN NORTH EVANSTON— X 1 Am building 3 stores, and 10 bouses. Carpenters, painters and masons wanted. O. L. JENKS, 113 La* nallo-Bt. • T7\OR BALE—DESIRABLE NBW RESIDENCES AT X* Auburn, on Rookjalancl Railroad, near Englewood and Normal school. These houses are largo and conven ient, and will bo sold with £0 or 100 foot of ground at low prices and on terms to suit. Anbum Is a beautiful subdi vision, handsomely improved with trees, sidewalks, grad ed streets, etc., oto. Rost of railroad facilities. Lots on easy terms. SMITH, WOOD A 00., 163 LaSallo-st. JilOR SALE—OR EXCHANGE FOR SMALL FARM— X 1 New house and good lot, noar tba boolovord entrance to Control Park. OLAFUN BROS. A GO., No. 131 La- Ballo-st- FOR BALE-WANTED. AHORSE AS FIRST PAY mont on half-aero lot, Washington Heights, S7OO. bal ance 6yoArsat6 percent. O. W. DEAN, No. 133 South Clark-st. ; TjlOß SALB-llf EVANSTON. A BEAUtIfIIL NKW X 1 bouse of 8 rooms, good collar, laundry, bath-room, etc., on choice lot; moo location. Four houses In North Evanston and ono In Glonooo, at low figures. Also throo honsoa to root In North Evanston, at f 16. S2O, and $25 par month. Lots In any ot the places named for sale cheap, and lumber famished those who will build. Toma for houses, offe-ftlthoosb. balance in monthly ot yearly pay ments. and lota on still batter terms. Call at my otlioe m Evanston, or Room 3, 163 Mooroe-st. Q. C. BROWNE. FOR SALE-ISVAN3TON PROPERTY-HOUSES, lota, and acres; call at oar office, 173 Madlson-st., and got a list of our property lu tho Evanston Real Estate Nows, published by us. L. O. PtTNKR A SON. IjlOR SALE-GOOD LOTS, AT $l6O TO S3OO EACH. 1 near depot, at Norwood Park; terms, sls down, ana $6 a month afterward. WILSON. PEIRCE A CO.. Room 6, No. 163 Clark-st. • Fob bale-desirable lots and aobb traotaat Montrose at prices affording a margin; no property presents batter proipoot*, or oujqn batter faclll ties for easy, quick, and cheap access. For particulars apply to REA A COATES,IM Washtogfon-st. TpORSALB-THIRTY COTTAGES ANDTWO-STORY X' bouses nt Englewood on easy terras. Apply to TIL* LOTSON -PROS., 872 and 274 Biato-rt. For sale-lots near central park; and now car works of O. <k N. W. R* It. Co . at low lirlooaand on terms to suit purchasers. S. W. KROFF, <6 LaSallc-st., Room U. - * FOR SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD, CO, 10, 6, OR |tf. aero lota at big bargains: also bandaomo grovo prop, orty noar Flfty-nlnth-st, UULBURD A CO., 808 La- Hallo-el. For sale-3 acres of land in school sec tlon, near Madlson-st.. Nt a bargain If taken t.hla weak. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON, 138 South Olark-st. T?OR SALE-SOUTH EVANSTON—RIDQE LOTS. X 1 grovo lots, close to depot, public school, otojprlco low, psymonto easy. CHASE A ADAMS, SO Bryan Block. FOR SALE-LOTS ADJACENT TO NEW OAR* ■hops O. A N. W, R. 11., on reasonable terras of pay. mont. Office ooon from 7to 8 o'clock la tho evening. A. O. ODELL, Room 10, l23Dcarborn-st. TpOR SALE-TWO BLOCKS 4M ACRES EACH- X 1 abort distance west of Northwestern car-Bhops, oon vonlont to depot. HENRY WALLER, Jr., W East Wasblagton-at., Room 4. For sale-a very desirable residence at Oakland, onEUIs-av., noar depot and horse-oars. Fornaoo, conservatory, gas. and good water: house linoly llulahod, good barn; lot 60x180 ft. to alley. Will soil at a great bargain If taken at (mao. Famished or unfurnished. Price, slß,Quo. ULRICH A BOND, 67 Doarborn-st, 1' port sale-In glenooe, one moke large 1 honso with lino grounds, and ono more house of mod erate oast. 800 this delightful village boforo baying a homo. HOVEY, Room 4 Metropolitan Block. ‘ipOß SALE-16 TO 26 LOTS, NEAR ABHLAND-AV. X 1 and Flfty-Ofth-at. Boulevard, at&bugaln. Addrosa Q 97, Tribune office. For a ale-at uavenswood-a desirable dwelling-house of 8 rooms, good brick collar, furnace, hard and soft water* Lot 142x153 foot, ornamented with fruit and shade trees. Apply to ROBERT GREER, 81 LaSallo-st., Room 3. FINANCIAL. FOR LOANS, REAL ESTATE, LAW ADVICE, money collecting, inquire at 631 Stato-at, Cheap luU near tbo boulevard. Loans on collaterals, secured notes, houses an loaeodlots, 010. L. R. CARSWELL, U9 and 151 East Madison-st. Money to loan on approved real es. tato eoourlty, at 9 por cent; $1,400, 8900 for'slx months: abort time commercial d&doi wanted. O. B. LACEY & CO.. 119 Doarbom-at. TVTONEY TO LOAN IN VARIOUS SUMS, ON CITY i>i and Cook County real os la to fox a lona of yuan. CHASE A ADAMS, 20 Bryan Block. *\fONBY LOANED ON CITY REAL ESTATE. SI,OOO irl to $20,000: roal estate paper wanted; loans on loaao bolds. D. GROSSMAN, Room 18, 178 Htato-at. •VfONEY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. Q. XVI S. HUBBARD, Jiu, 168WaahinsUm-st. Ilf ONKY AT 0 PER CENT IN SUMS FROM SIO,OOO i.»X to $60,000 on city properly; SI,QUO at 10 pur oenl. A. fi. PALMER, Jr., M Wasblngtoo-st., Rooms 16 and 17. Money advanced at lassrn's loan op tioojlato JACOBS A C0.,0n diamonds, watches, and other valuables j IT? Olark-at., corner ol Monroe, Room 6. r LOAN-MONEY on warehouse receipts, furniture, and other good collaterals. JAB. B. STOREY. M and 80 Laßallo-st., Room 25. WANTED— $13,000 ON GOOD REAL ESTATE BE curlty; will pay 10 per coat and fair commission. Addroaa M I J, Tribune office. <a>9 to LOAN FOR THREE on improved city real estate. BALD. WIN, WALKER a CO., of Hawley Building, southwest corner Dearborn and Mndison.ata,; 0 to 13, Si to 4. C-O nnfi TO LOAN ON CHICAGO REAL KB - live years. ALFRED JA’TES, southwest corner Madison and Olark-sts. ' PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE A HALF INTER ost lu a soda and winoral water factory. Address P 71, Tribune olfioo. PARTNER WANTED-A LIVE MAN WITH AO. X tlvo brain, not afraid to work, and S6OO cash, can join mo in business, retail cash, established and pays well. No particulars by letter, exchanged. Ad dress P, Carrier 80. PARTNER wantkd-to take half interest X in a nice bowling saloon, Just ready to open. 83 West iladlßim-st. PARTNER WANTED—IN AN ESTABLISHED BA- X koty, doing a good trade. Address 08, Tribuno oflleo. PARTNER WANTED—A REAL ESTATE FIRM, well established, will take a partner, cither acllro or silent, who can command $30,000 or more in cash, as wanted for apodal objects; SIO,OOO per annum profits guaranteed, with security; references exchanged. Prin cipals, giving real name, lit confidence may address Q 7, Tribuno office. PARTNER WANTED—I WILL GIVE A SMART, active young man, with SB,OOO in cash, a half intorost in a branch of iny business, already established and pay ing well, to attend to city sales; will put up equal amount inyaolf. Tltose meaning business only need answer. Ad dress G 03, Tribuno office, PARTNER*"WANTED— WITH FROM $30,000 TO X $60,000 cash, to take financial charge of a large, well established manufacturing buslnosi. Address J 18, Trlb uno nllirn. MISCELLANEOUS. CASH PAID FOR OABT-OFF CLOTHING AND miscellaneous goods of any kind, by sending a letter to L OIiLUEU, Loan Offlco, 861 Ststo-tt. TP A I.ADY"WITH SI,WO DRBIRICB TO MAKM X money, and a reputation as an actress, with an M rpo* rlonncd manager, lot her address P 78, Tribuno «. 'co. N. B.—Soourfty and host of rofurenos given. All com u.unloatlnna strictly uonlluentlsl. T ( \rAKTKD-a ''tickets to dknvhr. col., or \ I to there and return. WILL U. MOORE, Room!, 183 Madliuu-st. boarding and dodging, Wort Sido. nn AimnnF.UFf.flT.-imBT j.ooatiOn wmt AQ Stdo-Shady, free from dust: house largo, now, and every summer comfort; best table; an elegant borne; choice rooms, en suite or slnalo; a single lady oan bo ao* oommodatod. Terms from $7. AO SOUTH DKBPLAINKS-RT.-98 TO $8 PICK week for board and rhim at Bt. Ohartos’Hoiol, Dsy.board, $4.60. Flrst-dass accommodations. QK ROUTH MORQANnSt., NEAR MADISON— C3U ifutnlshnd room*, with board, suitable for families orsinglogentlemen; house flrsl-olosß, with modernlm provomoma. IQ4 WARRRN-AV., CORNER WOOD-RT.-FUR* XO‘i: nisbod and unfurnished rooms, with closets, on first and second floors; table lirst*olas«i forms modorato. Married Connies will find this a delightful summer homo. , Only ono block from Madiion-al. fJ4 A WARREN.AV.-A BUITB OP PLEASANT X'xU front rooms, noaily furnlsbod, with good board, suitable for two or throe persona. mWEST JAOKSON*BT. FRONT PARLOR, with bedrooms; centrally'located, pleasant loca tion; famished, wltb or without board, and at roaaonabio oluirgoa. ' onO WERT MONROR-BT-. , NRAU MORGAN- Out! Largo furnlsbod room adjoining bath-room, with boanl; or two small rooms, also furnlsbod 5 several fable* boarders oAn bo accommodated. b/io very pleasant OtO rooms, with board 5 allmodotn Improvmuonta; now bnok house. Cf\i\ WEST ADAJIR.RT. TWO SUITES OP roomstorent, with board, furnished or nnfnr* Dialled, for gents, or gents and tholr wires. House lint class. Hot nod cold wator-bath, oto. Gf\yl ADAMS-ST.-ONK BLOCK WEST OP UNION OUx Park, two elegant front suites, on first and boo ond floort, with board. • ’ noo WEST ADAMS RT., NEAR UNION PRAK-1 Xj£o oleganllyfarnlabodroom with board; oonrenlon* cos of all modem Improvements, croquet grounds con nooiod. and host occonimwlailons in the oliy. fjiSUOP COURT • HOTEL, NEWLY FURNISHED Jj and rooponod.' A few flno suites loft for families. Also, slnalo rooms for young men. Flno summer resort. Coo bluok from Union Park, CU Mad|gon«st. mwo YOUNG MRN OAN BROURK A NICE LARGE X room and good plain board in ft private family on tho West Sido* Address P 80, Ttlbuno ofllco. South Sido* yiQ nun nan d.o o d ut- new noAnnmo. X’O house, tlrat-olass board with rooms, $4 to $6.60 per .week, with'use ol piano; day board $4. QQ£ MICHIGAN-AV.— DESIRABLE ROOMS. OdU newly furnished, to ront, with board; suitable for gentleman and wife, or gentlemen. References re quired. ■ . AQQ SOUTH DRARBORN-BT. (RURNSIDB), J:t 7tj between Twonty-aovontb and Thirtieth—A nice, cheerful, family hotel j good rooms and table, and post* lively tho lowest prioos In tho city. Call and sco. MIOHIGAN-AV.—A LARGE front and UUU roar room, furnished, with board, for gouts and wives, or two gents. Also day board. nprt WABASH-AV.—HANDSOMELY 'FURNISH- I OX cd front room for gentleman and wlfo, also ploas ant back room for two gomlemoo, with first-oiasa table. 17 no WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM I UQ to rent, wltli or without board, suitable for four gentlemen. Terms reasonable. Q97 WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, KN o Ail sulto orsinglo: term* reasonable; tabloboavd ers aeoommodqtod, inon WABARH.AV. (FIjORENOR-PLAOE) J.vdv Largo, airy, pleasant furnished rooms, single or on suite, for families or single persons; bouso has all tho modem Improvotnonta; location the finest In tho city; livery and 1 warding stable In tho roar. Can accommodate several day boarders. ■ 107/1 WABASH-AV.-A BUITR OF FRONT X\J t jC rooms, with largo olo3otnUaohed;nUo, a largo back room, unfurnished, with or without board. il 91 BTATE-ST.. NKAR TWENTY-FOURTH. XXZiX South Side llonio—Hotel; oxoolloat table ana rooms at $6 por wook; families at roduood rates. /"lOTTAOB GROVE, NEAR FAIRVIEW STATION \J Desirable rooms, nnfiimlahml except carpet, with board. Addrosa R Bq, Tribune ofllco. %i NITED .STATES HOTEL--ELEOANT SITUATION* oonvonlont to tho business part of the oily, and as a family residence Isnnotiualod. First-class table acoom modaUon. Transient guests I*9 per day. Permanent boarders reasonable rates. Situated at corner Thirty, flrat-st. nnd Cottage Grore-av. RUCKER A HAWLEY, Proprietors. D. Little, Manager. _ North. Side. T fiOl NORTH WELL3-ST.-ONE SUITE OP SIN* XUQ2 glo rooms to rout, with first-class board. oVIQ REDWIOK-ST.-THE VERY PLACE THIS jU\rO summer, cool, and pleasant rooms, with good board; $5 a week. Country, •VnOE BOARD AT HIOIIWOOD, BETWEEN THE Xv now summer hotels of Lake Forest and Highland Park, and noar. tho splendid residence of W. W. Boyn ton: largo grounds: lako view; rofortmoo, 8. Meats, E. Ashley Moars. JAMBS DAR.NDM, £OO LaSallo-at. Miscellaneous. A NY PERSON WISHING. A GOOD FRONT ROOM, Jr. L oraulto, with modem oon,»~.aiiuos and good board, in privato family, oau And tho same by addressing R 74, Tribune office. BOARD WANTED, •ROARD—AND ROOMS FOR GENTLEMAN AND X) wife at Hyde Pork or Kouwood; breakfast and toa only for the gentleman; references ox changed. Address j <B3, Tribune office. BOARD-ROOM, WITH 11:30 DINNER: SUPPERS occasionally, Addrons Y 99, Tribnne office. BOARD-AND ROOM BY A GENTLEMAN ON WostSldolnaboQßO of modem improvement*; lalo dinners. Address J 20, Tribune olftoe. BUSINESS CHANCES. An extensive family ohooery for SALK. Solos, yearly, 860,000; profits, 810,000; slock, fixtures,

horeos, oto., 80.600. Tonus, 84,000 each; $2,600 notes, no bonus. A rare chance. Apply Immediately to McPHEH SON A CO., 162 Washington-at. A LODGING HOUSE IN. SAN FRANOISCO FOR salo. A Sno central location, containing 140 rooms, with a wen-established business. For further Information and particular address O. Q. MOXLEV, Real Estate, No. 838 Monlgomory-st.. Boa Francisco, Cal. A FINE BOOT AND SHOE STORE FOR SALE ohoan for cash, or port cash and part real estate, at 16 Mllwankoc-av. ATCERY FOR SALE. A RARE CHANCE FOR A X) llvo man; everything In good order, and doing a good business. Apply on the promises. CLARK A McOQY, g? liluo Island-av. IpOB BALE-SALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE, ’ with lease, and lloonso for noxt years hnuso can ao oommodalo 86 boarders; lurnlturo, and all in good run ning order; I will sell ehoap for cash; roasou fur selling, going to Uvo In the country. Call at 367 South Can&l-at, for a few days. First-class grocery store for bale, West Side; Crat-olaas Block and fixtures. Will bo cold cheap. Addroaa, onowook, J 3ft, Tribune olßco. THOR SALE-TUB CHEAPEST AND BEST STOCK X' of Eastern baby carriages In the city at tho Willow Wftro Manufactory, No. Uls west Madlson-st. FIRST-CLASS DRUG STORE FOR SALE. MOST desirable locality, West Sldo. At a groat saorlUoo. Apply at J. A E. W. BLOCK!, 20 Markot-at. Grocers, attention-wk know of auarb chance for an experienced retail grocer with a moder ate capital. IRUESDELL A BROWN, 175 West Madl- BOD-St, Grocery store for sale; fresh new stock, worth $3,600. Addroaa RBl, Tribune office. House, saloon, and fixtures for sale cheap: tho best location In tho city, near tho now City Hall, No. 133 Adams-st,* or No, 37 West Rsndolph-st., in tho saloon. TTOTBL. COMPLETELY FITTED, FOR SALE AND XX building to lease. Very central. Excollont oppor tualty. LEVI WING A GO., 96 Doarbom-st. Laundry for sale cheap for gash. ap. ply at 97 West MadUon-st. TIT BAT MARKET FOR SALE—STOCK AND FIX- XvXturoßofonoofthobeat vosool markets In tho city. ‘ Appiy oh promises, 310 Woat Twenty-second-st. TufEROHANT TAILORING BUSINIiSS FOR SALE. XYX ostablUhod 1863, doing a good cash trado. Stock email, rent low; location good; no bonus; poor hoaith tho cango of Bolling. Addroaa R 29, Tribune otHco. T<ffew YORK-LMASK AND FURNITURE OP A lx flrat-olasa Broadway hotel for solo. Address B H, Station D,’ Now York. ONE OP THE BEST CORNER GROCERIES ON West Side for sale; investment second to nouo; shout $3,000 will take It. Addroaa J 34. Tribuoo ofllco. KESTAURANT, WITH SALOON, FOR SALE AT A bargain. Apply to JOHN KSOiIEU. 431 South Ca pal-at. STEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS 7 run of atone, now ongloo of ample power in good or der; Is In a town of 9,000 people; good local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi River. Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDEIt- WQQD, Muscatine, lowa. QALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOR SALK Q wltliln bolt & block of tbo Rolling Mill. Apply at 10 Rawson-sl. S' ALOON LEASE AND FIXTURES NO, 173 CLARK* at. for agio cheap, or would toko partner, TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND OLOTHIERB - excellent business ohanco may bo secured by a merchant tailor and olotblor at Elgin, Rl, The bualuoas is established 85 years, possesses a fine trade, and U only disposed from 111 boaltu. Stock at present light and aolooittbo storeU fittedupoxprossly lor tbo business, and will be rented at a reasonable rate. Inquire of T. F. Phillips, No. 10 East MadUan-it., Hold, Benedict A (Jo,, comer Market and Washlngton-sta., Riddle A Boyd. 874 East Madtsou-at., or tho aubaqrlbar. fl. Mo- USKBR, Elgin, Rl. * amis stock, good will, and fixtures op X a finely-paving restaurant, with largo Indies’ trade. In' one of the best locations in tho city, for Bale; or would prefer to soil a halt Interest to a good mao. Parties seek. Ing Investment should avail themselves of this opportu nity. Pull particulars at our office, WM. D. SAMPSON A 00., lit LaSallo-st., Oils Block. TO A PERSON WHO IS WILLING TO JOIN TUB subscriber In a first-class billiard hall and saloon, who can command 85,000, can rualiro 810,001) per year; business already established. Address ft 67, Tribune office. rpHB GOOD WILL AND FIXTURES OP A WELL 'S- paying clothing and merchant-tailoring business in a f ood location in tho city, with or without stuck. For par loulara Inquire at tho office of H. A. KOUN A BUOTU ERS, 10, 12, li Lako-sU CM Ofi CASH WILL BUY A STYLISH RRBTAU •pTrt/W rant and bakery, 25i90, in complete running order, with rooms up-stalrs for 30 boarders. Good reason for selling. Apply on promises, 29 South Oanal-aU Q1 £ nOfl-A LONG LEASE ON AN IMPROVED «U>X*-/»\/V/W property centrally located, producing ovor S&,ood per annum, (or sale; $1(1,UOO cash required. Ad res* u W, Tribune office. MACHINERY. FOR BAUS-SKOOND.HAND PORTABLE, Up right. and tubular boilers, portable and stationary on glues; one Buckeyeouttluo aud bailor, Chicago Steam Roller Works, 6d Mlehlgan-lt. i’ pOR SAI.E-A FIUHT-OLAHM ENGINE, NEW, 1 Itjln.xlain. Apply Chicago Steam Unglue Works, aoulbmut corner Mtoulgan and Vranklin-sla. BUILDING MATERIAL. T\f ANTKD-M.OOQ COMMON RED BRICK. STATE vk Addressß 41, Tribune office. PERSONAL. pERSONAL-A GENTLEMAN DESIRES THE AC- X qnalulsnoo of a lady not over 30: references exchang ed. Object, matrlmouy. PJoasa address HE, KM), No. 109 South UalsUdit. TO BENT-HOUSES. mo rent-frame dwelling, with barn, JL cornor Lako and WnupansolfnT*. Apply at Cl Ellis* ar, t tamo block. mo RUNT—IN A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION, X 104 North Dnarborn-st., uno 3-Blory and hanoniont brick (Irrolllnfr. 16 rooms, with olosota nud modem lm* jimromcntat fiir prlratA ro«htoneu only. Apply to M. nOAMLAN, 7 South CMatk-st. Mb rent-mi wauabii-av., near twenty- X sooond-Bt., 3-iteryframohomo, containing 13 moms: hot and cold wator, laundry, Ao, MEAD A COE, 16.1 JiaHallo-at. a' to RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH ■ at. nnd Adams-sh, containing 65 room". Including bath-room, wator closets, laundry, hot and cold wator. Apply to ownor on tbo promises. mo RENT-ON NORTH SIDE FOR A HOTEL. THE X splendid four-itory and basement stone-front build in?, HO by 100 font, situated on ttio anulhonst cornnr of North Wells ami Mlchlgan-sts, Apply to It. A. JACOBS A FISCHER, No. M Nurlli Wolls-at. mO RENT—HOUSES—TWO-STORY FRAME; 10 X rooms; good repair; Nos. 31, CttandWThiriy-HovoniU at.. noarEllUsT. 8. K. WELLS, 188 J)oarbornst. mo. RENT—FURNISHED HOUHB, FIRST-CLASS X in over? roßpoot, and all modern Improvements.. Ap ply at 888 Onlcago-av., oast of Olark-st. rpO NEW >X homos, 14 rooms all mudorn Improvements: Leko Ylow, corner Indlana-av. and Twolftli-st. Call at house. TO RENT-A BRICK HOUSE OF 10 ROOMS HOT and cold baths, northeast nornor Tliroop and Van Bu ron-af. Inqnlro at 130 Tltroop-st. . mO RENT-614 WAIIABII-AV. : HAS MODERN IM- X provomonts, 10 rooms, and will bo rented cheap. Ap ply on promises from 13 to 4 o'clock. mo RENT-HOUSE 878 MIOUIOAN-AV., lu ROOMS X and barn, at #IOO per month, to a Rood party who will buy tho furniture at a fair prlop. Apply‘nt lit South Wator-st., comer Wahash-av., botwcou 11 and 13 a. ra. or 6 and 6 p. pi. TO RENT-BY WM. H. THOMPSON, 313 WEST Madlson-st. a Gothic cottage of 7 rooms and olosots, contrally located and nowly roUttod. Immodlato posses slon. ■ DIO RENT-1828 PER MONTH-NICE 7-ROOM COT- X taco nnd harn, on South Side, near can. W. M. JACKSON, 118 and 120 Monroo-st. __ fpO RENT—3-STORY HOUSE, WAUUKN-AV., »85 X per month; store, with 8 rooms. Madlson-st., S7O; 8-rootn tonomont, Madlson-st., $35: 6-room tenement. Madlson-st., 036; lino largo house, Madlson-st., S6O: 3 tunumouts on vmi iJiiron-Ht,, onohi S-story lunyyj, Adamant.. S4O: Kinsln-st. storo, $25. Apply to OAMP liltUi BROS., 131 Madlson-st., corner Clark. mo RENT—9-STORY HOUSE. WEST ADAMS-ST., X near Robey, In comptoto order; rent low. KEELER, PLATT A CO., 147 Itflndolph-at. over Fidelity Bank. TO RENT-WABASH-AV., HOUSE AND LOT, NO. 401 Wabaoh-av., between Peek nnd Rldrldgo-oourts, lot 40x170 font, with good ham; immodlato possession. J. US ALAS WARREN, 10 Chamber of Commerce. TO RENT-A 8-BTORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE front boaso, with all modern improvements, and furnished. Apply on tho premises 1103 Prnlrlo-av. • Tb lIENT^II 6 USE^2f NORTH CARPENTER-ST.; II ruoma, nowly papered, $00; alsolOCO Wabaah-av., SCO. K. O. OOI.E A CO.. ifa LaSalle-st. rilO RENT—NEAT CORNER STORK WITH LIGHT X basement and rooms ahove,7s WcstWashlngton-st. Apply to ALFJUfiI) L. BBWELL, 109 Latialle-BU. or to MARSHALL A DICKINSON, Room 10, Utla Block, southwest corner Madison nnd LaSallo-sU. mo RENT-OR FOR SALE-NEW 7-ROOM COT- X tago on Park-av., noar Colifornla-av. 5 vory desirable place; will soil ot rent: oho&u to Rood party. J. T. MATTHEWS A CO., northeast coruor LaSalle and Mad* Ison-sUt., in OUlsons’ Dank. T“ O RENT-CALUMET-AV., CORKER TWENTY ninth-fit.', 10-room bouao In fine orders only per month. Oalloarly. BTOUUB A WARE. Suburban* TO RENT-AT EVANSTON-TWO PLEASANT dwellings 1 also two n!co furnished houses, ono tor tho summer only. ALFRED L. SEWELL, Real Estate Broker, 159 Laaallo-st. mo RRNT-AT EVANSTON—NICE FDUNIBHKD X house of ton rooms for auromorortfll May, Address O. Q.*G. PAINE, Evanston, or U West Madlsou-st. a' 10 BENT-OR FOR SALK—AT WINNBTKA, 40 .. mlnotos’ ride, Milwaukee Railroad, house 10 rooms, bam, live acres of gardon.frult trees, evergreens, shrub* bury, otc. Call at 78 Doarbom-st., Room SI. TO RENT--ROOMS. rpO RENT—IF YOU WANT COMFORT AND ELK- X ganon go and secure a room at the tit. Elmo, 85 and 87 Doarboru-st. Charges reasonable. FIIO RUNT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, SIN- X glyand on suite, at Uonoro Hlook, comer Monroe and Dearborn-ata. Apply at Room S3. r RENT—3 FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS AT M South Morgan-st., mo RENT-ONE NICE FURNISHED ROOM FOR X 000 or two person*. No. IH2 South Halatod-et., noar Jackson. rrio RENT—TWO LARGE ROOMS. 40X100, SECOND X and third floors; Nos. 50 and C 2 East Madison-st. Can furnlah steam-power if desired (or third floor. Ap ply on promises. XL A. CJABIIMAN. rro RUNT—927 MIOniOAN-AV.—TWO OR THREE X vory desirable furnished rooms, suitable for two gon gentlemen and wives. _ _ mo RENT-912.W-PINESLEEPING-ROOM OR OF- X flee, 14x15, with water, etc., second floor. Apply at 185 Waablngton-st., Room 1. TO RENT—THREE ROOMS SUITABLE FOR housekeeping, in back part of bouse No. 871 West Hnr rlsoa-st.; rent, 918. • TO RENT-NICK FURNISHED ROOMS AT 553 BUT* lortlold-st., suitable fur housekeeping, and use ota kitchen. rpO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED BOOMS, AT 3W X Wnbaah-av. Terms vary low. a IO RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED AND . untarnished. In Ashland Block, opposite Sherman House. Inquire at Boom 81. Elevator la tho building. TO RENT—TO GENTLEMEN AND GENTLEMEN and wives (without children) now handsomely-fur nished rooms; $lO to 940. 4lClark-Bt., Room SO. Hof oroncos. TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS AT sl3 AND sls to gentlemen with references. 40 East Uarrl- Bon-st. fpORRNT—KLKGANTLY-FURNIBUBD ROOMS, 1M X and 166 East Washlngton-at. TO RENT-LARGE FURNISHED ROOM FOR TWO gentlemen; also aiilto for housekeeping for two. Call oanythtomurnbiff. 619 West MadUon-nt. > TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS by tho day, wook, or month, at the St. Jullou Euro pean Hotel, 163 Doarboru-at. mo rent—large front room furnished, X With alcovo, fronting Union Park, S2O por mouth. Address O 8, Tribune etllco. T* O RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH or without board, at 138Txvcnty-nlnth-st. TO RENT-1 LARGE FRONT ROOM AND 3 SINGLE rooms, well furnished, to respectable young men; pri vate honso. 41.1 West Madlson-st. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES, &o. alO RENT-FINE OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM, FIRST . iloor,corner buddies. Apply to E. E. RYAN i 00., 210 LaSallo-at. T" O RENT—CHEAPEST OFFICE IN TOWN, SMALL, cheerful, and furnished; vault aud olosoUs, Also 163 Monroo-sL, Room 3. mo RENT—BASEMENT 163 RANDOLPU-5T,, NEAR X comor LaSalle, a few doors from Sherman House. W. J. DAVIS, ItsMadiaon-Hi. mO RENT-STORK, BASEMENT AND LOFTS, 828 X and 323 South Olark-sU Price very low. Lofts well suited fur manufacturing—good hoist. S. R, HAVEN, No. lOJarvta Block. T’ O RENT—HALF OF STORK 119 EAST BAN dolph-st., near Clark. Desirablelocation. Also desk room. Apply on promtsow. WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED-TO RENT-A STORE SUITABLE FOR a furniture ntoro; small tint floor and largo upper floors. A. 1,. CROCKER, 621 Stalest. \\f ANTED—TO RENT—A HOUSE OP «OR 7 ' r rooms; rent not to exceed $36. Address R 80, Trib une ofllco. WANTED-TO RENT-A SMALL STORE, WITH YT ono or two good show-windows, fora retail business, In a busy part of city. A place with 4 or 6'rooms for house keeping, attached, would ho nruforabto. Address, with full psrtlouiars t _RETAIL STORE, Trllmoo otiico. SEWING MACHINES. A GROVER 4 BAKER FAMILY MACHINE IN comploto order for $25, costs 66; also acounlo of late Imprurod Singer's, nt half tho usual price. 828 East Indiana, between Uuah and Plno-afs. A LARGE LOT OP SECOND-HAND SKWING-MA chines, nearly now, embracing tho Singer, Wheeler & Wilson, Howe, Grover 4 Baker, and all tho loading machines, for Bale very cheap, by tho Domoidlo Sowing- Machine Company, at 74 Btato-st. Persons about to buy any of tho abovo kinds will lind horo a bargain, GROVER* BAKER'S SEWINO-MAOIHNES-GEN oral office, ICO Stato-st.; branch office. 973 Wabash* ft 7. Parsons having old Grovor * baker sowtng-raacblnos are invited to call end boo tbo now improvement*, and bear something to their advantage. SINGKR OFFICE OP A. J. MELCIIERT. 216 SOUTH Ualstod-st. Maoblaca cold on monthly installments. Upon evenings, QKWINO MACHINES ALL KINDS. AT HALF O mice, warranted. Repairing done. PERCY A CO., fllllß NEW FLORENCE BKWINO MAOIIINK-WB X call special attention to recent Improvements made in the Horonoo, also to tbo now and elegant styles of oases added to our list. To moot the views of those preferring ft machine feuding tbo work away from the operator, wo i&voroado Nos. 13 and 11, which combine the desirable features to bo found In machines made by others, with all tho peculiar excellencies of .the Florence. WM, 11. SHARP A CO., General Agents, 261 Stato-st., Chicago. TITUBBLKR A WILSON SKWINQ-SIAOlTimjsTl’HE IT now Improved, sold nr rented on easy monthly pay. manta. BURNHAM* FLANNERY, City Agonta, oilloo 1M Stoto-at. Cll n WORTH OP ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY •PXv/ to every person purchasing a sowing machine at 2taißtoto-at. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. IHOR HALE—FURNITURE IN A STONH-FUONT house of twelve rooms, with lease, on Wahaah-nv., near Kldrldgo-uourt: terms cash; responsible party wanted. Address (191, Tribune office. IBURNITURE OP ALL KINDS ON INSTALLMENTS, J‘ at lowest cash prices. EMPIRE PARLOR BED STEAD GO., (removed to) sS3_lVost Mndfsou-st, IPOU SALE-FURNITURE AND CONTENTS OF A ? first-class hotel. Fc»r further luformatlon apply to D. H.JVARUEN, Yankton, D. T. ** TTOUSEIIOLD GOODS ARE HULLING AT COST JX at 71 aud 73 North Wulls-st. A largo Block of furni ture must bo sold by July 1. rilllE EMPIRE IMIILOR BEDSTEAD SURPASSES X nil. New aud improved design., seven stylos, adapted to parlor, dining-room, library, otllno. nnd store, sola mi Installment* of 810 a month. EMPIRE PARLOR BED- Hi LAD GO., (r.iinuvml to) hdl West Madlson-st. TO LEASE. rnO LEASE-EAST MADISON-ST.-NINETV-NINR X years’ lease. Proposals will bo received at tho real estate ollloouf Philip Myura A Co., Room 18 Major Block, until the 31st duy of Juno, for a ulnoly-nlno years' lease of the lot fronting on Madlson-st., between Major Block amt U. O. Huvuo'o building. Particulars mado known im application at said otllno. JOHN V. FARWELL, N. H. BIIUTON. PHILIP AiVKUS.* * DIVORCES. T'VIVOROES—LEGALLY OBTAINED-FEE A ITER SJ ileuroo. Scandal avoided. Nine years’ praoUoo iu tho courts of Chicago. Address P. 6, Boa IUJ7. WANTED—MALE HELP. BooMcooporß. Clerk*. Etc. WANTIiD - JIOOKKEEPBH - LIOIIT SEEVJOEB, tt until hoosn got a situation. XVaNTRP-AN EXPERIENCED DRUG CLERK. tt Gormanprotorrod, thatspeak#English. Address R 78,_Trlbuno olfioo. , TXfANTED—A YOUNG OU MIDDLE-AGED MAN, Vi who understands bookkeeping and tho duties of a hotel clotk, logo to Mm country and take charge of an ofnon ln a hotel {small salary, Call at Boom 40 Exchange Building, to day. TITANTED—A TUAVRLLRH FOH CITY, ON COM* tt mission. 08, Tribuneoßlco. W* ' to make bhnsolf gonorAlly useful. Apply to M. W. DU PUK’H Picture Hlore, 23 Smith Doiplalaos-st., be* tween heura of 8 and lo a. in., Juno 14. iloforoncos to* qulrod. • Trndos* TXT ANTED IMMEDIATELY - A FIRfiT-OLASB VV oarrlagotrlmmof atIIBOWN A MEYERS* Oarriago Shops, Aunira, 111. WANTK GOOD JOURNEYMEN HOUSE* Vi painters. h. 0. WIUOUT, Pontiac, 18. "\\T ANTED—AT NOBTH EVANSTON, OARPKN tt tors, masons, andpalntors: 20 buildings to bo erected. 0. L. JUNKS, 145 LftSaUq-at. TA/ - ANTED—TO PHOTOGRAPHERS A FIRBT tt olaas negative rotoucblng artist, lady or gentleman. Address at onoo, stating terras, do., Look-Box 16, Ot tumwa, lowa. . . WTANTKD-6 EXPERIENCED UPHOLSTERERS! j I nay good wanes and glvo steady work. Apply to COLBY A WIBTo, 293 anti2fll Btstc-st. . \\T ANTED-ACOAT AND A VKST-MAKER; BEST VV prices paid. Inquire ol T. F. PHILLIPS, 10 Madi- Bon-at. No Irish nood apply. \VANTED-TWO.TOURNBYMENBARnERS{ GOOD TT wages aodatoady employment will be Riven. Apply at 101 Twenty-aocond-at., up atalra. OABANO. X\TANTED—ONE FIRST-CLASS MAN 'TO RUN A tt Smith's patent slicking machine. Ono flrst-olasa man to run a circular taw. At JOHN MoltWllN'S, 345 TXTANTED—ONE OR TWO GOOD TOBACCO-OUT TT torn at onoo. Inqalro at 43 R!ver-at. • "W/"ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED CORDON-PRESS W feeder; atoady work. O. 11. RIOUARDSON, 74 Madlson-st.. WANTEp-AN ORNAMENTAL JAPANNER, OB t r ono who has had aomo experience and desires U)11q« Iflli hla trade. VIVLiN A GILU 183 Lako-st. XVANTED-PLASTERER’a APPRENTICES A rr young man to loam model-making and modelling: ono woo has bad 1 or 3 years’ practice in plastering pro fnrrod: work normanent At good wages. Inquire at TERRA COTTA WORKS, corner Oathorino andLof lin-sta. TITANTKD-TIIREE GOOD OARVRRSj ALSO TWO VV laboring men at SWINEY DUO,’B Furniture Fao tory, 607 toCl3Klnzlo‘>t. ( corner Ashlamf-av. Conoiunon. Tofimators. i&o. WANTED —A MAN TO TAKB CHARGE OP YY horses anil delivery wagons, nod do tho marketing for a largo family grocery; must understand tbo business, m dona In this oily; no atnincor* nood apply. Address, with oily reference, R44, Trlbono 01800. ■ ■ ■ * Employment Ahoholoh. T\7ANTED—IO MEN FOB SAWMILL AND OTHER > Y Bllustlona furnished in city, also men with capital at 178 Stato-sk, Room 12. ' WANTBD-60 MEN FOR SAW MILLS. 600 FOR »Jf railroads,' farms, and chopping. Apply, early to ANGKLLA COAKBIt, Agents, 31 West Handolph-at. ■\\TANTED—6OO LABORERS TO WORK ON RAIL r Y roads, farmn, saw-mills. tie-choppers. etc., at good wagos and steady employment. Apply to CHRISTIAN A DING, No. 1 South Olark-st. » MiaooUanotma* WANTBD-A CLEAN OUT YOUNG MAN AT THE YY Dearborn Dining Rooms, 79 Doarbom-st, j also, a good carver. Call to-day. TATANTED—COLORED BOY TO WORK IN TUB V T kltohon at BENNETT’S Dining Room, roar No. 83 South Wator-st. TXTANTF.D—MEN—BIGGEST CHANCE EVER OF. Yr fared to mako money. A farmer cleared $63 In one week. Ono young matt m&do $37 in throo days, above nil expenses. If yoawant to mako money, don't fall to call at 99 Hast Madlaoo.Bt., Hoorn 6. \XT ANTED—SOLICITORS AND AGENTS TOR THE YY *• Penn Mutual Llfo Ins. Oo..” of Philadelphia, In' Northern Illinois. Olllco, 85 Wsahlngton-st., Chicago. WANTED-MEN BVERYWIIKHB TO SELL OUR household artlcloß* to 825 a wook easily made, In city and country. A. RAY, 8a West Lako-st. itTANTHD—AN OITIOE BOY. OAOTIELD i MAT VV TR3QN, CQLaSaUo.sU WANTED-TO LEAVE THIS DAY IOSAW-MILL VY hands and 6section hands for railroad. ApnlyatS74 South Wator-st., near Lako-st. bridge. SHAW A CO. TVTANTED—IO GOOD TEAMS TO WORK 10 MILKS YT from Onurt*Houao} $4 per day. Apply to S. MAT IIIBON, 60 West Randolph-at., Room 8. TAT ANTED—A COLORED WAITER AT 87 BOOTH VY Hoisted-at. Stranger In tbo city preferred. WANTED SALESMEN IN THE JWESTEBN States and Territories by a boot and shoo jobbing bonso; only those need apply who can influence a largo trails and are thoroughly ooqualntod with the business. Address, with roforonecs, P. O. Dot 8717 Now York. WANTED--FEMALE HELP. Domestics- TTTANTKD-A OIRL to do general house- VY work at No. 47 MLUor-st. ■nrANTED - A NURSE GIRL, GERMAN OR YY Swede, at 141 Twonty-slxth-st., between Wabash and Micblgan-avs. TAT ANTED—A OIRL TO TAKE OARE OP A BABY, Vt at 200 Ashland-av, WANTED-A GOOD COOK. WASHER, AND Ironor, to go to Evanston: small family, and good wfiIPPLE^ 0101 floor. H. WANTKD-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL housework (a small family; bis wages to a good girl. 7 Thtrty-thlrd-st. WANTED-A CAPABLE SECOND GIRL, WITU toforonoofl, atBQ Waba»h-av. TITANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHER. AND V r Ironor. Apply at 031 Jndlana-av. t Immediately. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO OENRAL honsowork, one who con como woll-recommcnded. 183 Thirty-llrat-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HODSE- work for family of four. Call at 616 RuUorflohi-at. WANTKD-A GOOD COOK. APPLY AT 17, VV North Stato-st. ■IXr ANTED—KITCHEN GIRL. GOOD WAGES VV paid. 718 Wahash-av. WANTED— A GOOD RELIABLE GIRL TO COOK at tho Boston Dining Rooms, 89 North Wolls-st., near tho depot. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK AND WASH; MUST vr bo competent and well recommended. Apply at6u9 West Adams-st. •\\7ANTRD-IMMRDIATELY-A GOOD GIRL FOR > V general housework at 1006 Indlans-av. T\7 ANTED—GOOD, COMPETENT GIRL FOR QBN- Vr oral honaowork in small private family, whore wash* lag is put out. Call at 80 Doarbom-st., Room S3. WANTED-A GOOD COOK AT PEOPLE'S DINING Rooms, 190 East Mouroo-st. Call this morning. Soamstrossos. TTTANTED—APPRENTICE GIRLS, TO LEARN THE rr dressmaking business. Apply at 314 Park-av. . \\fANTHD^aOOD'OAERATOR3 ON HOWE MA VV chines, for fine sorgo work; work Inside; must an* dorstand tho business; also, a good bos tor wanted. Ap ply at 642 Sooth Osnal-st. WANTED— COMPETENT HANDS TO WORK ON mantles and drosses; also, apprentices. 53 Pock* court. WANTED— EXPERIENCED BUIRTM AKERS ON lino shirts at COLLINS A HUNT'S, 138 Doarbom-at, Employment Agencies, WANTED - GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN VV girls for private families and hotels, at SO MUwau koo-av.; no foes. jvXisoeUanoons. T\r ANT ED—L ADY CANVASSERS, FOR A MEDI VV col work, sold only by subscription. 148 West Madl soq-at., Room 2. WANTED—AT THE DOUGLAS HOUSE KITOH VV on, laundry and dlulng-room girls. WANTKD-BEVERAL LADIES FOR THE CITY VV and everywhere In tho country, to sell my two ex cellent toilet articles, and mbbor goods for ladles. Any Indy eon make money. MRS. CALMER, Room 8, 85 West Lako-st. AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted-in every county not taken, to hnako SIOO, quick, on Lincoln's Autobi ography in fao.simlio of his .hanu-wrltUg. Prloo §1.60, Purfuct sample, post-paid, to agonU K. l , Olty agents call from 13 to 2. JAMES P. SOQTT, 143 Ototo-it. AGF.NTS WANTRD-MALB AND FEMALE, IN oily or country, lor our fast soiling and big paying goods, 100 to Buo percent, and business permanent. MRU* XHLL A 00., 2fi Wont Lake-tU A GENTS WANTED—FOR INOBRSOLL’S LIFE OF lar subsoriptlon boolts; oomo and soo our now plans and Inducements. Union Publishing Company, K& wabasb qv., Chicago. A GENTS WAtfTRD-TO SBLL OUR NRW lIUT- Xx Urn-hole cutter, uoodlo-ihroading tlilmblo, and other nowartloloa. 9i East Madtoon-at.. ItoomS. AGENTS WANTBD-FOR ORAM'S BRAUTIPUL mapofthoUnUodßfatosandWorld; can bo sold In every house. Also, now and ornamental State maps, re ligious and political charts, lithographs, photographs, oto. Send fur now circular, ana son inducements to agents. GEORGE F. GUAM, 6d Lako-st., Chicago. AGENTS WANTUD-TO BULL "SHOW CARDS* in country towns. A. BTKMPEL, 7 West Ran doiph-st., Chicago. FOR SALE. For salr-oannonh mountrd-firkaumh. auummillon, tlaes of all kinds. OUlnoso lanterns, rod and bluo lights for illuminating, tents, wagun-oovora, mil itary equipments at Government Quods Depot, 195 and 197 Rust Lako-st. XiOR SALK-A FIRST-CLASS COMBINATION LOOK J.’ vault door, Marvin’s mako, ' Apply to QUO. 0. CLARKE, 3 and 4 Bryan Illock. 1 TOOKALK-STATI2-BT., 09 YEARS’LEASE, 28XH X 1 toot;. W feet uottb of K&ndolpb-»t., oast front, throo party wallss will cost but a trillo to render available: bonus, $-i.UOO cash. TUU U tho only ground north of Mndlsnn-st. in market. Such a, leaso ought to bring »wm vfUl. J.KBAIAS WARREN, 10 Chamber of Cummoroo. Foils ALE-LONG LRASB, W YRARB, <OXI7O FEET on Wabftsh-av., north of Eldrldgo-court! fliod rate lor entire period*, 90years’ privilege of purchase; will bo siildforammternto bonus. J. RSAIAS WARREN, Id Chamber of Commerce. ii'Oß BALK-01l TO KXOIMNQB ITOR OITV I‘«OP J orty—A tot ul saleable books sud sUtlonory t 7& South Ucarlioru-Bt. IpOU, SALlfi-aUANOifU STILL CONTINUUS TO 1 «o 1 Ills oiiiinlmUlu suits at tlio Minn old fl«uro. Whom <too» In* do It y Wliy. .st IS9 aad IUJ (JUrk-at. MUSICAL. X 1 InstrumeiiUof ull kinds, will be sold at coat. 77 North Ulark-et. CkUGANS AND MIfiLODKONS TUNKD AND HlC at thu ornan factory, KlHast Indtanvjit; CLAIRVOYANTS. TLf UR. K. M, TKBD, PHYSICAL MEDIUM, 403 WEST irl Madlion-st, Seaoco this evening. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Booltkeefiofi. Olorkfi. fto. QITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN, aged 38, whoro good Intellectual ability, gentlemanly address, and unimpeachable character will secure him an opportunity of an intrmlunllon lo tho business life of Uhl* cago, Address Box 2226, Evanston, 111. _ . SITUATION WANTKn—AH UOOKKEEt’EII ,6H ft thoroughly competent man, 4ynaro’r , x. porlonco, Best of ctiy roferonon*. 'Willing to loan S-Ha or tjtfoo to his employer ou good security. Address P 70, Tribune offloo. QITUATION WANTED—IN A HOOT AND RHOH, p grocery, or hardware store, by a young man of steady bablts. Address J J_U, or call at 201 West Taylor-at. SITUATION WANTED-HY A YOUNG MAN. IN A book and atathmory store; baa had two/oam’ export* once; boat of roforonooa given. Address U 48, Trlbuno oOieo. SITUATION WANTED IMMEDIATELY—BY A porfootly compolont, rollablo business man, in or out ofonloo; vory boat references: If position of trust, beet security glvon. Address 02, Trlbuno otßoo. QITUATION WANTKD-OIIABOE. OF A SET OF O books from 4:80 lo B:tWs good roferonoo given. Ad dresser, 817 South Park-av. SITUATION WANTED—IN AN OPFIOE, OB AS travollng salesman, by a young man who Is no smarter than many others, and cannot bring letters from all tho principal dignitaries of the laud, but (s witling to work on iila own recommendation. Address A A 11, caro TUEO. WIOKBBBIIAM, Hinsdale, DuPage County. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MABUIRD O roan, where bo can make Ulmßolt generally usofa!, net afraid of work: fair ponmans good at lignroa. Address P 66, Trlbnno ofuoo. Good roferonoo. QITUATION WANTHD-BYA YOUNG MAN WELL p versed in doubloor single entry, as bookkeeper, col lector, or shipping clerk. Address it 60, Tribune otHco. SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER, OOB roapondont, secretary, or some like employment, by a .rapid and export accountant and thorough business man ol twenty years’ .experience in jobbing, commission, manufacturing, etc, s would expect to attend strictly lo business, and would bo valuable whoro bUßlnoaa was com £ Heated and accuracy and reliability necessary. Address i, 1076 Wabash-av. QITUATION WANTRDr-AH COPYIST, OORRE p snondnnt, bookkeeper, or In any position In a mer cantile office or business, by a thoroughly competent man who u wilting to work for a very moderate salary. Highest roforonoos. Address J 20, Trlbuno office. Trades. QITUATION WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL PAINT* O or and grolnor In Chicago. Addrceo CANADIAN, Post-qffleo Box ICS, Oodorloh. Ontario. QITUATION WANTED-TO TAKE OIIAROE OF p boring, sinking, drifting, tho making of self-acting inclluo planes, or any brunch of mining, except survey, lug by ono who U thoroughly versed; has a good, thorough practical knowledge of ventilation, likewise of carhonlo and hydrogen gases: well versed In working veins of coal from ft inches toßo foot thick; Ilrsl-clasi reference. Ad dress TIIOB, OUEESMAN, Mioonk, Woodford County, QITUATION WANTED-BV a graduate of a L? clvHonglnocringlnstltuto, wholsa practical enrpen* tor, no foreman, or to help, either architects, civil ongln port, or surveryora. Speaks French and English, and has boon a foreman •on building bofnro. Salary expected. moderate. • Addroia J. PRIMBAU. ObioagoP. Q. QITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS MALE k? cook lo hotel or restaurant; wagos not loss than $2.0 per week. Address P 77, Tribune oilloo. QITUATION WANTED-A8 FOREMAN IN A FUR. O nlturo manufactory, by a man of largo oxporionco in tho business, who can draw plans of any description and -understands all tbo details of tbo business thoroughly. In eluding machinery and men; can execute as well as plan. Address It 31, Trlbuno oliico. QITUATION WANTED—TO BOOKBINDERS—AS O binder and maohlno-rulor. Address JOHN MAT THIAB, IlracovlUo. Ocuudy County, lit. Coaokmon. Toamstors, &o* QITUATIONBWANTBD-DY A MAN AND WIFE, O with a baby a years old, from Canada, to go to tbo country. Address It -IS, Trlbuno olllco. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN OF 19 k/ as driver of carriage, or delivery wagon, porter, or anything to mako a living. Address Q 01, Trlbuno olllco. Miscellaneous. QITUATION YWANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED O man, to take care of farm or stock: understands tho business thoroughly: best roforonecs. AdcIrossPATUIOIC FOSTER,. Skip Tulrty-thlrd-at. QITUATION WANTED—AS COLLECTOR-WAS IN O past employ over four years 5 good references given, and reasons for leaving last plnoo. Address 11 Cl, Trlbuno otHoo. SITUATIONS WANTED—TEMALE Uomoßtios. QITUATION WANTED-BV A YOUNG GIRL, TO Odo second work and take caro of children, CallatNo. 193Brownst. QITUATION WANTED-BV A YOUNG SWEDISH k? girl, to do second work, or general housework lu a small family. Please call at 2SO West Washlngton-st. QITUATIONS WANTHD-UY TWO GIRLS, ONE O as cook, the other os laundress; good reference. Au ply at 1(0 Buttorflold-st. SITUATION WANTED-DV A GIRL, IN A SMALL private family, or general housework in a small family: can furnish good roferonoo If required: West Side pro forred. Call at 120 Gurly»st., between Aberdeen and May. Seamstresses. QITUATION WANTED-A FRENCH DRESS- O maker, from Philadelphia, will mako engagements with a few families to sow by tho day or week. Perfect tit and stylish trimming guaranteed. Address S 93, Trlbuno oliico. ftnrsos. SITUATIONS WANTED—FOR TWO WET-NURSES, O with children, 2 and 0 weeks of ago. Cali at 911 Wabash-flv. Honsokotvoors. QITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O widow indy of rolinomont o» housekeeper for a widow er or bachelor; no objection to leaving tho city; cangl/q tbo boat of roforoncos. Address li 82, Trlbuno office. CITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER, EX- O tlier for a single gentleman or a email familyt can give good references, and understands tho business thorough* ’in all its branches. Address R -10, Tribune ollico. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. ALL MEN OUGHT TO KNOW THAT THE PLACE to buy or soil n horse or buggy Is 2fil Stalo-st. 5 posi tively no deception or lo&fora permitted on tho premises: splendid stabling this morning for 60 more homos, and plenty of business. Two elegant coach teams ju*t receiv ed, and will bo sold at a bargain. Halo Stables of Horses. Buggies, and Harncsa. BRADLEY A WILLS. A BLACK BUGGY HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD, GOOD traveler, and very stylish, for sale, at 37 Hast Kin tio-gt. Bakery for sale doing a splendid storu trade, comer of Morgan and Gurly-Bts. Apply on thi promises. /"lARRIAOKS-HAYDE A O'BRIEN HAVE ON v 7 band, and aro constantly manufacturing, lirat-clasj driving and family buggies; also several second-hand bug gies which will Im> sold cheap fur cash. Garden City Car rlago Works, 731 and 733 Stato-at. TDOUR 810 CART-HORSES FOR SALE CHEAP, X* (SCO, $75, and S9O apiece; one for $25. At 747 West Madlson-st. For salb-a lady phaeton, cheap? also top baggy nearly now. Apply at 77 Twotfth-at. FOR SALE-CHEAP, ONE BROWN HORSE 1,2C6 tol.Boo lbs. weight. Apply at 81 East Wblllng-st., north of Ofaloago-av., North Slue. Must bo sold. TT'OR RALE-CHEAP, A HANDSOME, GENTLE, X 1 family Morgan horse, dark bay; used to tho city: any child can drlvo him; owner going away. Apply at ITo and 178 Bast Adams-st. IHOR SALE-ONE OR TWO-SEATED CARRIAGE ' and double act of harness for saio cheap at 221 South llolstod-st. TPOUR PAIR FINK COACH HORSES AND FOUR X 1 pair lino single horses just from, tho country for sale at ROOT A VAN NORTWIOK'S Livery Stable, 43 Four* toonth-st. TROR SALE—CHEAP—OR TRADE-THE BEST L* and gentlest horse in the city, top buggy and harness. 1060 Wauaah-ay. For sale-a good working team op roan horses; also wagon and harness. Inquire at 744 Sodg wjok-gt. For sale or exchange-open and top buggies, business and Concord wagons, phaetons, &u. Carriages and buggies to lot withuut horse*. J. U, BROCKMAN. 1W Twenty-second-at. TRAMILY CARRIAGES, JUMP-SEAT BUGGIES, X' and phaetons, at Eastern factory prices. lOondlJ Wostltandolph-st., near tho bridge, it. J. EDWARDS. FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN, ALIGHT SQUARE* box top-buggy, in good order; will take a riding pony In part payment. 451 Mlchlganav. FOR SALE—THE CELEBRATED RAOE-IIORSB Defender, 0 years old, by John Morgan, dam Oyncu uia by hup. Herald. From his lino brooding ami perform, ancos ho cannot fail to mako a first-class stallion. Apply to WILLIAM JENNINGS, Dexter Park. Landaus and landaulhttks from thr celebrated Kean A Linos Manufactory, Now Hnvoii, Conn., for salo at tlio California Carriage Repository, 813 to 817 Stato-et. TJASTURAOR-ARUNDANOI3 OF FKBD, SHADE. X and water for horses. Apply to 0. 11. lIEOICWITit 4 SONS, 113 and 115 South Water-at. ■pOOKAWAYS, PHAETONS, :SLIDE-9EATS, TOP AV and open buggies, oto., In groat variety, for sale at low prices. BJ7 State-at. I*. L. SMITH. SMALL PAINTING OFFICE FOR SALE: COM nlotoln every department; almost now. Ouoau lor cosh. Address It 63. Tribune oflloo. WANTRD-TO BUY, OIIKAP FOR CASH. A If stylish buggy, phaeton, which baa boon but UUle used. Call at llouiu It), 121 LaSallo-st. \y"ANI‘KD—HORSR FOR LIGHT DUGUY, TO US 13 If for a mouth ot two. Address or apply at Room 6, 90 Waahingtou-st., 1U to II or 4 to 5. \I7ANTED—FAMILY HORSE AND BUGGY OR If phaeton for use in tho country for cost of keeping during the summer. Address GOOD (JAKE, 151 laSullo* •t., basomept. WANTED-TO PURCHASE A OLOSKLY MATOH »r od gentleman's driving team; must bo able to travel within 4 minutes. Apply to-day at No. 403 West MadJ non-St. djonn WILL PUROHASK HALF interest in a •pOuU manufacturing business paying a good protit. Call at Room 3, lid West MudUon-st., from 10 to IS o’clock. CtQKn WILL BUY A LIQUOR STOUR, WITH npc/'JU lUturca ami lease; rent only S3O pur month. Tiio store Is doing a good local wholesale trade. Uall at or address ftki West tJhlongo-av. . _ _ TO EXCHANGE. rnOICXOIIANUH-ORFOR BALK-A KIHBT-OLAS? X liotu). lua vory proaporoua lakoolly, doing tint) bind* new, wolf routed, rJrtlil roxorvod (o glvo pusHoxxluii on buying fnrnlhiro : nuooinmoclatus UOO guoata; wator ana sans turn vlmv: #13,001) can rtunuiu ilvo yearn. Apply to U. 11. JiKOKWnil, USamlllßaouth rpb KXO II’aNOB— "AN KIiUUANTNKWRKSIDRNOK, X near Van Huron*!. ami Akhland-ay., (»r good build, log lota I email onah payment. JACUU O. AIAGILL, til ami KJHnuth Olark-af. rpo kxpi «-jXOIIANQI6—LOTS IN IUVINO PARK FOR A bihkl luiyrovtnl farm. JOHN M. SUUHIST. 130 UUrk*it.,_Uoom 5. rno KXOIIANGU—A LOT ON l-OUUTJLAV. ANO X stuck of lirut-rato olotbiujo from ift},WWlo SB,OOO. for wulMmitrovotl property iusoum bustnosa place. Address li ft}, Trlbuno oilico, fpO " KXdIIANGK— A LOT ON MfOniOAN.AV., X north-of Tbirty-ntuth-st.. forahnusu mid lot wurih from $6,000 to SO,OOO. MUS, li. 21. ItANSFOUD, It>7 Hast Madlsimst., Houm 11. ____ rKX 011 ANO 13-1,000 FHKT ON BTATR-ST. AND Wabaib*nr,. noar Knglowuoil. Will otolmngoi for good fiirm or other iiruyorty. GlLliliUT, HUM W.vLf «k OALDWKLL, W LaSuUo-at, 7

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