Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 14, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 14, 1873 Page 8
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8 A STREET-CAR DIFFICULTY. Tho Driver Ejecta n Drunken Man and' Strikes Him on tho Head with a Car-Hook, Tho Inebriate Becomes Angry, and Throws a Stono, Which Strikes a Passenger. Both Mon Seriously Injured, Ono Dangerously. “When men aro drank they are unruly, and ex pect to bo permitted to do things which they themselves would not countenance or permit woro they sober. An exemplification of thls’took place last evening, and resulted In tho serious injury of two persons, one of them having no voice in tho affray, but sitting, unfortunately, in tho lino of a stone thrown at another. About 9 o’clock a man under the influence of liquor got on a Cottage Grove avenue car at State and Madison streets, and commenced conducting himself in euoh a disgraceful manner that tho driver told him to leave. Tho man persisted In remaining, and tho driver was compelled to eject him. A scuffle ensued before bo succeeded in getting him out of tho car, and, tho man re sisting all in his power, tho driver struck him on tho hood with bis car-hook. This incensed tho inebriate, and bo followed tho cor after tho horse bad been started, picked np a stone weighing covoral pounds, and burled it at tho driver. This individual dodged to ono side, tho stono wont through tho open door, and struck a passenger square In tbo forehead. Tho injured person became semi-unconscious, and his actions indicating that ho was seriously hurt, tho car was stopped and ho was removed to tho ofllco of Hr. Purdy, Room C Otis Block, near by. Tho physician examined the cat, which was an inch long, and found that there was slight concus sion of tho brain. Ho was unable to toll whether or not tho skull was fractured, but thought it was from tho force of tho blow. Tho man gave tho name of L. 21. Elder, and said ho was a conductor on tbo Michigan Central Railroad, and that ho lived at Kalamazoo. His injuries aro severe, and it will bo impossible to tell tbo result until two or throe days elapse. Ho vomited somewhat—an indication of concus sion of tbo brain—but tbo cursory autopsy was not suffleiont to rovool its Into extent. He was convoyed to his boarding-house on tho South Bide. Tho drunken follow who throw tho rook ran down State street toward Monroe, and es caped from several persons who pursued him. Half au hour subsequently Mr. Vail, watchman at tho Clifton House, hoard somo ono groaning in Polmor's now hotel, and, on going into one of tbo entrances on Monroe street, found a man lying on tho corrugated Iron shooting, which forms tho ceiling of tho basement. Ho appeared to bo in a very bad way, although ho could talk. Ho said ho was John Laydon, and that ho roomed at No. 876 Wabash avouuo. When asked ff ho was hurt ho said ho• was, and that a car driver had struck him on tho head with a club or a car-book. When pick ed up, a pool of blood was observed near where his head had rested, and a look at his caput and clothing—tho former being cut badly, and both being covered with gore—proved his*story to bo correct. His injuries uro thought to bo seri ous. Ho was enervated from loss of blood, and had evidently gone into tbo building to rest himself. Hosing more of life's fluid, ho made manifest his condi tion by groaning. The watchman know nothing of the difficulty with tho car-driver, and there fore called a hack, in which tho man was taken to his homo. This individual is without doubt tin ono who throw tho stono which struck Mr. Elder, and banco it is probable bo will bo ar rested to-day to await tho result of tho conduc tor’s injuries. AN IMPORTANTgARREST. Dcctlvo Ed. Miller, after a severe tussle, in which ho received nu-ugly bruise on tho loft cheek from a slung shot, yesterday evening ar rested tho notorious roughs and cut-throats, Tonne Quirk aud James Hoanio, at tbo corner of Canal and .Randolph streets, lb will bo re membered that some time last week Officer McNeornoy was surrounded, about midnight, by a crowd of roughs, at tho corner of Polk and Dosplaincs streets, who presented revolvers, and compelled the officer to walk away from their presence at a rapid pace. Tho officer, however, turned upon them as soon as he could got his revolver out, and compelled them to beat a hasty retreat. Since that time tho police have been watching for tho gang, but, until last night, none of thorn had been caught. Quirk and Hoanio wore the leaders, and, as. tho capture of two of the worst desperadoes iu the city, tho arrest is important. Miller showed much bravery, for he grappled tho villians tbo moment ho laid eyes upon them, without calling for help. Ho would perhaps have been badly used but for tbo timely arrival of Officers Hicky and Houghton. Tbo prisoners wore lodged in tho Madison Street Station. A BOLD ROBBERY. A very bold highwoy robbery was committed about 6 o’clock last evening, at the corner of Haletedand Sixteenth streets, a place which, at the hour named, is thronged with people. A man named John McMahon, whilo on his way homo, was approached by throe rough-looking follows, who, after a few moments’ conversation, assaulted him, knocked down, and robbed him of 840. Tho villains then ran away, and at a late hour had not been arrested. Hus bold assault illustrates tho doAuut disregard which tho roughs in the more remote districts, whore tho police force is small, entertain for the law. And this doAauco will continue until the police force is increased, and tho oAlccrs given something loss than three-mile boats. THE POLITICAL CORRUPTION, To the Editor of The Chicago TVfbune; Sir : There can bo no question but that our system of government, if administered by com potent and honorable men, la tho host that has over been devised by tho human mind. While this is so, the experience of tho past few years teaches ua that, when administered by incom petent and dishonest men, it con also bo made tho worst. * If tho American people wish to carry out tho design of tho founders of our Republic, they must not shut their eyes and butt their heads against tho rock of common souse, as was done by tho nation last year, and more recently by tho people of tho Fifth Judicial District of this State. Such a butting practice may do very well for certain horned quadrupeds; but, for bipods, there is danger that eventually they will'dash out their political brains. The body politic that suffers from Credit Moblliors, from back-pay and other kind of thieves; that permits robbers of tho Public Treasury to escape unpunished ; that continues In Its service notoriously-unworthy servants ; in fact, suffers from all tho ills that a body politic may bo supposed heir to,—cannot bo said to bo in a healthy condition. Tho body politic, like any living body, must remain free from corruption and other destroy ing influences, if it would live and perpetuate itself. • A Is tho American body politic free from cor ruption and other destroying influences ? No t If health aud purity aro tho re quirements for long lifo, it does not promise a lengthy existence ; ou tho contrary, it promises speedy dissolution. That tho American body politic la corrupt and morally rotten, is but too evident to any one who has unclouded eyes. The disclosures mado lost winter iu tho halls of our National Congress ex posed hut a few of tho cankers that are eating into tho vitals of tho nation. That there are other, larger and smaller ones, distributed over its entire surface, that have not yot been brought to public viow, is only too apparent. No! Our body polltio is entirely covered with cankerous ulcers, and is rotten to the core. When such a disease has fastened itself upon tho vitals, it is not ant to cure itself ; nor can wo expect Nature to help, for the human nature Involved is totally depraved. There was some talk, last year, among the physicians attached to the National Asylum for Thieves and Idiots* of attempting a cure; but Z believenothinghasboondono; at least no evi dence to that effect bos appeared, and the dis gusting sores and excrescences which wore bo plainly brought to tho view of tho National Sur geon during tho loot Presidential campaign still remain In plaoo, and. If anything, more oonspio iioub than before. It Ib true, Bovoral Burgical operations woro performed by tho bungler at Washington, but thoao wore generally oonlluod to parts of tho body which remained most healthy, If such con bo Bald of a body bo thor oughly diseased. Now, then, those in power and position having provod unablo or unwilling to airost tho disease which Is destroying the nation,—which is cor rupting and destroying every artery and vein in our moral existence,—what Ib to bo dono ? Are the people to continue electing to high position men who are bringing our Government to tho brink of destruction ? Aro tho people to continue men In public ofllco who have shown themselves utterly regardless of tho people’s interests, and false to the trusts reposed in them? Aro tho people to continue to elect'to tho Chlof-Magistraoy of the nation a living * nonen tity, to bo need as a tool for designing knaves ? In Europe, when tbo reigning monarch is of immature ago or of unsound mind, a Regency Is appointed to govern. In our Republic wo have no Regency, but, instead, wo have a “Ring” to govern, and it is a “Ring” of as unprinci pled scoundrels as over robbed a public hen roost. Tho foregoing may seem like tho fantastic dream of some ono suffering from tho night mare. Bnoh is not the case. *wo have abundant evidence of tho danger that threatens ns. That corruption and rascality do oxist in high public places is boyoud poradvonturo s and that .that ovontaally loads to anarchy, and thence to ruin, is equally certain. Wo bavo rid tho country of tho curso of slavery; it remains no’w to rid ourselves of tho low-bred, thieving sot who aro bolding tho reins of oiir Government. It cannot bo possible that all tho men in 40,000,000 of people are idiots, scoun drels. and thieves. There must bo a few men remaining who are not totally devoid of intel lect, honor, and love of country. If there are any sneb, lot them bo found and brought to light, for it is high tirao that they woro “ placed whoro tboy will do tbo most good ” to tho pooplo. N. H. H. Ouioaqo, Juno 7, 1873. FIRES. Destruction of Property In Various Places* At’twonty minutes after 12| o’clock this morn ing, flames woro soon issuing from tho building Nos. 61 and 03 North Wells street, botwoon Michigan and Illinois, and an alarm was glvon from Box No. 132. Be fore tho arrival of tho engines, tho structure, a frame, over 200 foot long by abont CO feet wide, was enveloped, and tho adjacent wooden buildings in great danger. Tbo firemen, however, succeeded la confining tbo flames to Nos.ol and 63, although tho contig uous factories wore slightly damaged. The building destroyed was a two-story frame,—a more shell,—and was not worth over $3,000. Moßsrs.G.O. Holton & Co., manufacturers of par lor furniture, lounges, ana mattrossos.ownod and occupied It. Tho fire burned very stuubornly on account of tbo combustible stock, and hence nothing in it oould bo saved. Tho firm carried a stock worth botwoon $20,000 and $25,000, and have $16,600 insurance in tbo Browers, of Mil waukee, North Missouri, Allomonia, Girard, Lycoming, and other companies. Tho origin or tho fire is not definitely known. Cincinnati, Juno 13.—An extensive fire oc curred on Commerce street, between Vino and Walnut streets, this forenoon, entailing a loss some SIO,OOO. The fire originated in a sued con taining benzine, adjoining Alexander McDon ald & Co.’s, The ebod also contained tar and rosin. The fire spread rapidly to tbo store of McDonald, injuring it to the extent of $2,500. It was insured in Marshall’s agencies, but the amount is unknown. From thence it spread to 51 Front street, occupied by Q. Wontzko, injuring it to the extent of $1,000; insured iu the dStim, $1,000; Eureka, Cincin nati. SSOO. Caldwell’s & Qravoror’s printing establishment, in the upper stories, was in jured SBOO worth ; insured for SI,OOO. No. 60 Front street, Andrews & Conklin, vinegar fac tory, lost 600 barrels of vinegar, valued at $10,000; insured in the Enterprise, of Cincinnati, for SB,OOO. The lire next attacked the store of Gunther, No. 68 Front street, causing a loss of SIO,OOO ( insured in the American Fire, of Phil adelphia,- for $2,500 ; the Lorillord, of Now York. $2,600 ; the Royal, of Liverpool, $3,000 ; tho Washington Fire, of Cincinnati, $1,500; the Imperial, of London, SO,OOO ; and tho Burnet, of Cincinnati, $1,600. Lawrence, Kan., Juno 13.—A firo last night burned the Arlington House. Loss, $7,000; in surance, $5,200. A fire on Wednesday night destroyed Bullora & Co.’s store. Lobs, $75,000; insurance, $50,000. Concord. N. H., Juno 13,—The extensive woolen mills of Edward Brierly, aiMUtou Mills, with contents, were destroyed by fire, yesterday. The loss is estimated at $75,000 or SIOO,OOO ; in sured for $25,000. The tiro caught in tno upper story among some waste. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Dubuque, lowa, Juno 13.—Beadlios & Sloe’s elevator at Crosco, lowa, together with 20,000 or 30,000 bushels of wheat was destroyed by Are this evening, involving a loss of about $60,000, on which there is only $16,000 insurance. The lire is supposed to bo the work of an incendiary, St. Louis, Juno 18. —A private telegram from Miami, Mo., soys the steamer Mary McDonald burned at Gilliam's Landing, on the Missouri Bivor, while on route from Kansas City to St. Lottie. The boat was owned by George G. and Henry Eoitb, St. Louis; John H. Galloway, of Howell, Mich.; Durfeo and Peck, of Leaven worth, and valued at $21,000. She was insured for $14,000, in the Eureka, Burnet and Enter prise, of Cincinnati, and Etna, Peabody, and Franklin, of Wheeling. PiTTSDunon, Juno 13.—The extensive tube works of Freeman & Burger, on Bailroad street, between Twenty-eighth qjid Twenty-ninth streets, wore destroyed by Are this evening at a quarter-past 9 o’clock. Tho building, a two-story iron-clad, was totally destroyed. Tho Are spread to tho Atting shod of tho Key Stone Bridge Company, which was also destroyed, Tho loss of Freeman & Burger amounts to $25,000; insurance, $12,000. The Bridge Company lose $2,000, fully insured. RELIGIOUS. Catholic Douovolent Union. Biohuomd. Va., Juno 13. —Tho Oatholio Be nevolent Union of. Virginia adopted tho report of tho Special Committee, recommending tho Irish Oatholio Benevolent Union of America, at its annual meeting in St. Louis in Oc tober next, to amend its constitution in xogard to representation of State Unions and local societies, so as to allow Each State Union to oloct one delegate for each 800 members represented in their Union, and one for oaoh fractional part thereof, and ouo del egate at largo; and that societies not attached to any State Union bo entitled to representation on tho same basis, with tho exception of a delegate at largo. Ohio Congregational Convention* Cleveland, Juno 13.— 1n tho Congregational Conference to-day, tho Revs. 8. Wolcott, Doug las, Putnam, and R. D. Hutchins wore appointed to represent tho Conference before the Constitu tional Convention on tho subject of temperance. Tho Committee who narrate tho state of relig ion mado a report favorable in nearly every re spect. The report was ordered printed. A reso lution thanking tho families of the church and their friends for tho hospitality shown the mem bers of the Conference paused, and the Confer ence closed with prayer and benediction from tho Moderator. Suicides* Indianapolis, Ind., June 13.—Borrott T. Od dio committed suicide last night by taking opium aud hydrato of chloral. Oddio has fulod the position of Supervisor of the Insane Asylum, but was recently discharged on account of his dissipated habits. St. Louis. Juno 13.—Nicholas Liehlong com mitted suicide to-day by drowning iu uaiukia Creek, East St. Louis. Cause, whisky. Special Dispatch to The Chicago 'iVibune, Detuoit. Juno 18. — James Qroovuor wos found in his sited hero, to-day, hanging by tho nook, and resting on’ his knees, dead. Ho nad committed this suicide with a log chain, and in sanity Is assigned. Mkmbiiis, Tonn., June 18.—Robert East, an Englishman, lately from Elvira, 111., while in toxicated laid down on tho railroad track near Collierville, Tonn., on Wednesday, and was run over by a train and instantly killed. Evansville, Ind., Juno 13.—Tho Journal has Erivato advices from up tho rivor saying that ion Doll, a resident of Lowisport, Ky., died on tho Morning Star this morning from on overdose of morphine and laudanum. San Fuanoiboo, Juno 13.—William Ross com mitted suicide to-day at tho Coso Hotel by cut ting his throat with a razor. Ho loft $2,000 iu the bank, aud desired the proprietor of the house to send it to bis relations in tho East. Ho did not write tholr names or address, It is sup THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1873, posed tho man was insane, lie had boon ill for a long lime. v .... ■ Washington, Juno 18.—Tlio body of Anther Anthony Orim was found in Urn I’otomoo Illvor this morning, lie arrived horo about six months ago from the Indlau country, whoro ho had boon Borving as a missionary for Homo weeks past. Ho slopped at tho Providence Hospital an institution under tho charge of tho Bisters of Charity, and wont out early this morning, it was thought for a w(ilk, and was not scon again until his body was recovered. Ho is believed to have committed suicide, jvliilo laboring under tempo* rary insanity. Tho remains woro turned over to his frionda of tho Church for burial. DES MOINES. Orange intonting—lTlrcmcu’a Conven tion Abandoned—Tho Crops—.College Items. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Des Moines, Juno 18.—There was a largo gathering of Polk County Granges horo to-day. Gov. 0. 0. Carpenter delivered au able address on tho transportation question. The State Firemen's Convention, to moot horo July 4, bas boon abandoned in consequence of tho disbaudiiiont of tho volunteer Fire Depart ment. Henry Culby, aged 20 years, was drowned near Clariuda on Wednesday. Tho weather horo has boon excellent for grow ing crops during tho wools past. Wheat and oats aro In excellent condition. Com is small and backward. Des Moines, lowa, Juno 13.—Tho annual mooting of tho Board of Trustees of tho Dos Moines University took place in this city yostor day, and JudgoP. Mott, of Wiutorsot,waß oloctod President, ond tho Rev. J. A. Nash, of Dos Moines, Boorotary. Tho University is under tho caro of tho Baptist denomination. Tho Board of Trustees of tho Simpson Cen tenary College, at Indianola, oloctod for tbo en suing year the Hon. George W. Wright, Presi dent. ' POLITICAL. The Apollo XSnll nomocracy to Vulto with Tammany* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . New Yobk, Jane 18.— Tho Apollo Hall Democ racy had an immense mooting to-night in Robin son’s Hall, Apollo Hall having boon sold for tho purpose of converting it into a theatre. Tho Hon. "William O. Barrett mado a stirring speech, advocating a union with Tammany Hall, which was received with enthusiastic applause. Other speeches of tho some tenor followed, ond reso lutions woro adopted that tho Association go into tho next campaign as Democrats only, in order that victory may bo scoured over tho Re publican party. Virginia Politics* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune . Washington, D. 0., June 13.—Tbo Adminis tration organ denies that tho President has in any way sought to interfere in tho State politics of Virginia. It states that wbilo ho has uniformly replied that ho would abide by tho action of tho regular Republican Convention, and would do all ho could to bavo its candidates oloctod, ho denies that Col. Mosby bas bod a monopoly of tho Federal offices in Virginia. Notwithstanding this, tho Republican loaders in that State assort that tho President’s appointments have had a depressing effect upon tno party, and they enter upon tho campaign with tho odds against thorn. DOMESTIC TRAGEDY. A Jealous Husband Sfiootn His Pret ty Wife and Then Takes Ills Own Life* New York, Juno 13.—0n Saturday last, in Gallatin County. N. 0., John Holcomb and his wife Julia, who nod boon married aboutouo year, bad a dispute. It appears that Holcombe sus pected his wife, who was very beautiful, of infi delity. She was about to loavo homo for a short trip to Salisbury and Charlotte. Holcombe tried to dissuade her, but failing to do so ho pulled out a pistol and shot her throe times, causing death instantly. Ho then in tho presence of neighbors shot himself through tho heart, falling dead over her body. ISlooilod Stock Sale* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Bloomington, Juno 13.— Tho sale of Kentucky shorthorns, a part of tho Chesterfield herd, of Danville, iCy., owned by Mr. James H. Davis, of that city, began at tho Fair Grounds hero yesterday morning, at 10 o’clock. This impor tant sale has attracted tho attention of all the' loading stock-fanciers, and has brought to tho city a largo number of prospective buyers from all parts of tho West. Twenty-four cows and heif ers averaged $312, tho prices ranging as high ns 8716. Throe bulls brought an average of $302 each. Thirty hood of Berkshire hogs sold at au average of S4O, running from $lO to $l6O. San Francisco, Juno 13.—Tho sale of thor oughbred stock of 8. B. Whipple, nt Sau Mateo, bus closed. It aggregated $120,000. Harvest Queen brought $10,500 ; Hamblotouiau, $10,160; Speculation, $8,600. Tho cattle generally brought largo, and some fancy, prices. Ajax wad uot sold. Tlic Isle of Shoals Murder* Alfred, Mo., June 13. —Wagner, tho Isle of Shoals murderer, was examined before tho court to-day. Ho denied tho charges made by the Government witnesses, relating to his suspicious remarks made in conversation, and proceeded to explain where ho was upon tho fatal night. Ho said ho worked for a stranger on board a vessel, baiting trawls until nearly 10 o’clock. Ho then loft and wont up to tho .town, and got so drunk that ho fell down and w&s v -imablo to rise. Ho fell asleep, and some time after awoke and got up. Ho then wont homo and got into tho house by tho back entrance. Ho slept on a lounge, and felt badly next morning on account of tins debauch, and told tho people of the house so. Ho took the 9 tram for Boston, and got shaved, and bought some clothes. Ho know nothing of the murder until ho was arrested in Boston. Comparative) Cotton Statement. New York, Juno 13.— Tho following is tho cot ton statement for tho week ending to-day: Bale*. Net receipts at oil United States ports during the week 10,057 Same week last year 13,074 Total receipts to date 3,443,902 Sams date last year 3.080,015 Exports for tlio week 23,000 Sumo week lost year 13,403 Total exports to dato 2,885,005 Same date last year: .........1,874,774 Stock at all United States porta 255,493 Same time last year 104,435 Stock at all the interior towns, loss Selma,... 61,400 Same tlmo last year 14,049 Stock at Liverpool 818,000 Sumo tlmo last year 923,000 Stock of American alloat for Groat Britain,,.. 211,000 Samo time last year 91,000 Itolliuor-mil Opening— Freaks of a Crazy ITlau. Evansville, Ind., Juno 13. —Tho first bor of railroad Iron will bo mado at tho rolling-mill to morrow rooming, and tho event will bo duly chroniolod. A Journal special says an insane Irish man at Henderson's circus at Hender son, Ky., this afternoon, injured a num ber of citizens with a largo club. Ho killed a baby aud injured a number of other persons, some of them badly, in their efforts to arrest him. Tho police shot at him throe times. ‘ Ho is now in jail. A Gang of Kobboru In IVcNt Virginia Attacked—XUo Oliluf lulled. Wheeling, West Va., Juno 13.—Advices to tho Intelligencer state that at 2 o'clock ou Wednes day morning u masked party broke into tho house of John Jennings, chief of a gang of rob bers in Wetzel County, this State. Mrs. Jen nings seized an ax to defend her hnsband.whon tho party flrod t killing Jennings and fatally wounding Mrs. Jennings. Tho iyuohors left written notices to other members of tho gang to loavo tho county ou peril of their lives. Railroad Accidents* New Tonic, Juno 13.—A. passenger train on tho Pennsylvania Railroad rau off tho track at Ber gen Cut last night, and soon afterward a Mid land Railroad tram ran into it. Both trains wore considerably damaged, hut nobody was killed. Pout Jeuvis, N. If., Juno 13.—Two trackmen, named William Carouoly and Martin Brauignn, while being towed on a" hand-car behind a tram ou tho Jefferson Brandi Railway, to-day, woro instantly killed by tho breaking of a car-wheel in front of them. Tho othor persons on the oar woro injured. Obituary* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Detuoit, Juno 13.— John R. Baker, formerly a prominent lawyer of Yuu Buron County, died at Paw Paw this morning. At Schoolcraft, this morning, W. Huhholl. a leather dealer of Detroit, was found dying (n his room at tho Traxol House and immediately ex pired. St. Louis, Juno 13.—Maj. Honry Ewing, tho principal proprietor ahd gohoral manager of th& j)aily Times, of this city, - died, to-day, of typhoid fever*, after ,an illness of ten weeks. Mr. Ewing ‘ came hero from Nashville in 1801), and bought ono-thlrd of tho Times . In August. 1873, ho purchased tho inter est of Wilson Hutchins, winch gavo him two tlilrda of tho paper. Ho was 81 years of ego: and an active, Intelligent, very popular, ana promising young Journalist. MARK TWAIN’S SUIT. Mo Taken Exception to a PuMlahorU flluthodM* From the Few York Tribune, June 11. , A curious suit came up before Judge Ingra ham, yesterday, in Chambers of tho Supreme Court, In which Samuel J. Clemons, bettor known as “ Mark Twain,” lathe plaintiff, and Benja min J. Such, a publisher, defendant. Circum stances led to tho action somo time In April, when Mr. Clemons was called npon, at his resi dence in Hartford, by a gentleman who intro duced himself as Such, and who sought to in duce Mr. Clemons to write for him an original sketch, to bo published in an advertising medium (which no was about to issue. Mr. Clemons declined, informing the stranger that it would bo impossible for him to outer into any now .engagements for tbo production of literary matter, as he expected soon to start of Europe, and was already occupied in writing a book. Ho told Mr. Such. more em phatically, that ho would not write mm a sketch for SI,OOO, but finally consented to lot him use any particular one of a certain number of sketches which had previously appeared in an English publication, and Mr. Clemons marked off tho few that ho was willing ho ehould select ono from. The stronger departed, and nothing more was board from him yntil tho day prior to Mr. Clemons’ departure for Europe. On that day, while coming to Now York on the Hudson Bivor Road, a number of pamphlets wore distributed by newsboys among tho passengers. The pamphlet thrust into “Mark Twain's” lap con tninoil on Itn lugoJottnrod COTOf the followingoatoh-pouoyheading: “Fun, Foot, and Fancy. A Collection of Original Oomlo Sketches and Choice Selections of Wit and Humor. A Carious Dream, and others Sketches. Revised and Selected by tho Author, Mark Price, 10 cents.” Tho smile which tho object first awakened changed into genuine annoyance as Mr. Clemons discovered that, instead of tho ■ ono sketch ho had consented to have published in his interview with Such, who was tho pub lisher of tho pamphlet, all the sketches ho had marked out, from which* to make tho selec tion, wore reproduced horo, and his name was used with unwarrantable freedom. Besides those tho book contained an article entitled “ Self-Made Mon.” credited also to him, although bo emphatically declines to father it. Tho very day ho loft for Europe a suit was instituted in groat baste, and Judge Fanchor granted a preliminary injunction.

Tho argument, yesterday, was made by Simon Sterne, Mr. Clemons’ counsel, for tho purpose of rendering tho injunction perpetual. Tho complainant, besides showing tho facts already stated, claims damages to have boon inflicted to tho oxtont of $26,000, as tho negotiations at that timo ponding botwoon tho complainant and certain publishers wore materially inter fered with. Mr. Twain also states that ho would not havo had his sketches appear in this form in an advertising mod Hun for $60,000, for tho simple reason that it 4s an impolitic thing for au author, whoso composition is characterized by its humor, to publish in a disjointed collection his humorous sketches. Tho defendant appeared by Messrs. Trapbagon and Matthews. Ho admitted tho conversation with Mr. Clemons substantially as stated above, but claims that bo was authorized to publish all tho sketches that were pointed out to him. As to tbo sketch notwritton, oy Twain, ho excused it by stating that ho found It in Tho iVmmiy JPhellow, credited' to Mark Twain. Judgo Ingraham took tho papers, reserving his decision. NEWS PARAGRAPHS, Tho Aldormou of Boston liavo refused to fur nish Prof. Wise $3,000 to make and start his balloon from the Common on its Atlantic voy age. —lt is said that Chamberlain, the Boldn- mur derer, has rapidly regained his sanity since sen tence was passed on him.— Cleveland Leader. —Thousands of dead pickerel have boon cast up on tho shores of Lako Como, in Oswego County, Now York. Tho fated nab are tho largest and finest, and what is also very strange, no other varieties of fish seem to bo affected oy tho apparent distemper. —Tlio Qrooufiold Gazelle tolls of a man, well known there, who borrowed money of his wife to go to Indiana and look for business, but who. Instead, procured a divorce, married again, and thou camo back to borrow moro money of his former wilo. —A littlo moro than a week ago aomo demont od newspaper correspondent in Danville, N. H., divulged the Tact that no iuauranoo agent had ever viaitod that peaceful town, and now no citi zen can tako a walk without heading a procession of them. —The May returns from twenty of tbo princi pal railroads in the country show an increase of receipts during the mouth of $638,311 over the same period lout year. The increase for the past live mouths over same period lost year has boon $3,745^838. —A .Duluth editor publishes statistics to prove that within nine years that embryo city will need fifty elevators, 1,000 steamers, and tons of thou sands of railroad cars. Ho sees it all “in his mind's eye," and is so confident all this will come to pass ho will sell a half interest in his printing ofilce for a now milch cow. —Tho fall of tho Coo Block, in Woonsocket, R. 1., Monday evening, was more disastrous than at first suspected. The remains of two persons have boon taken from tho ruins, thoso of John Sheffield, who was buying groceries in the storo when tho building fell, and of Xavior Paul, a lad, who had also keou to tho storo for peanuts. —Tho Rov. W. D. Herrick, of Amnorst. Mass., invited tho toachors of tho town to moot him at his house, last Friday evening, giving each young lady tho privilege of bringing a gentleman. Bat ns tho ladies, as one of them said, were afraid of being “mittened,” tho result was seventeen ladies and seven gentlemen, and this in a town of two colleges. —Some men at Louisville were betting on tbo weight of a largo mule, when one man, who was a good judge of tho weight of livo stock, got be hind tho mule and woe measuring, when some thing appeared to loosen up tho mule. Just beforo tho export died, he gave it as his opinion that if tho mule was as heavy all over os no was behind, ho must weigh not far from 47,000 pounds. —Tho annual commencement of Harvard Col logo, Cambridge, Mass., will tako place on tho 25th of this month. Col. John D. Washburn, of Worcester, will bo Chief Marshal. Hon. E. Rookwood Hoar. President of tho Association of tho Alumni, will preside at tho dinner, and tho Rov. Charles E. Grinnol, of Charleston, will S reside at tho Junior dinner. Next year, when to Alumni Hall is completed, tho dinner will bo hold under Its roof. Xho Janesville Guzetto Libel Suit* Special Dispatch to Ths Chicago TVf&une. Madison, Win., Juno 13.—The libel suit of Whit ney against tho Janesville Gazette Printing Com pany is still in progress before tho United States Circuit Court, ana tho testimony is all in, thoro being an argument on the reception of nearly ©very item, Tho rulings of Judge Davis are generally unfavorable to tho dofondout. Ho would not allow ono of tho editors to tostify to tho offer to publish a rotrootion of tho alleged libel if tho defendant would furnish tho facts on which to baso tho statements, tho Judgo re garding suoh an offer as adding insult to injury. He would only permit tho miter of tho article to make a partial statement of tho olroum staueos under which it was written. Tho oaso will probably bo orguod and submitted to-mor row. lOungert* Paris, Ky., Juno 13.—Joe Dimoan, colored, was banged hero to-day for tho murder of John Hawkins, colored, in April, 1873. Diuiaan was tried at tho spring term of tho Bourbon County Circuit Court, ana condemned to dio on tho 18th of Juno. All efforts to have his sentence com muted failed. Tho soono of tho execution was within a half mile of this city, and crowds attended it on foot and in wagons. Tho drop was sprung at 1 o’clock, and ho fell, but tho ropo proved too'long. Ho was taken upon tho scaffold, and tho ropo being shortened, bo was bung again, this time successfully. , St* hOlliN Items* Bt. Louis, Juno 13. J. Lostor Wallaok, of Now York, Ims sued Spaulding & Pope, of tho Olympic Theatre; this oily, for infringement of copyright, by playing “Ilotjodulo” and “ Central Parle ” at their theatre. Ham 11. lUehardson & Go., commission mer chants. of this oity, suspended yesterday. Their liabilities aro not known. Ittoavy Damages* PmsDunau, Juno IS.—Tho jury In the case of tho Pittsburgh Petroleum Company vs. the Standard Oil Company, for the use of Dr. Hos tetler, an action to recover about SIBO,OOO worth of petroleum oil, and which retired yes* torday morning, returned Into court this morn ing with a toralot for tbo plaintiff for tho sum of ♦62,070.03. • 1 Telegraphic UroyUlcn. A national convention of millers is announced to moot in Toledo, Juno 17. - The Boston Common Council boo appointed a commlttoo to oonsidor ibo expediency of reor ganizing the Fire Department. Albert Eugene Perry, who escaped from prison nt Auburn, N. Y.. on tho 14tU of January Inst, after killing tbo keeper, was captured last night, near Oswego, N. Y., and returned to tho prison. A boy of li years, named It. Qranson, while swimming in the lowa River at Elciora, lowa, was drowned yesterday. Tbo body has not yet been recovered. W. H. Day, a young son of F. 0. Day, a prom inent merchant of ot. Louis, was arrested on Thursday on a ebargo of grand larceny, for steal ing a pair of ladies' bracelets from tuo house of a friend of tho family. Tbo bracelets wore found at a pawnbroker's shop, whore they had boon “ spouted" by a prostitute, who says that young Day gave thorn to hor. Day is said to have boon in similar trouble, and is regarded os a klepto maniac by somo of his friends. In a quarrel between two farmers In Payne Township, Dlackhowk County, lowa, ono, named Writb, stabbed tbo other, named Richer, in ibo faoo with a four-tlnod fork, ono tine entering tho right eve, another lenookiog out two tooth, and a third inflicting a bad wound in tho hood. Writh and his hired man then sot their dogs on Richer. and before they could bo called oft Rlobors clothes wore almost stripped from his body, and his logs and body wero scratched and bruised and bitten in a terrible manner. JQanlc Failure at Chatham Village, If* Y. Hudson, N. Y., Juno 13.—Tho Columbloßank, at Chatham Village, conducted under tbo State Banking law by w. A. Woodbridgo & Co., bos suspended, creating groat excitement in the vil lage, as nearly every business man there bad money deposited. The cause of tbo failure is not mode public, but It is supposed tb&t tbo re ceak ootlapao of tl»« Columbia. Paper Company involved the bank heavily. Ocean Steamship Nows* NewYouk, Juno 13. —Arrived, tlio steamship Mosel, from Bremen. Queenstown, Juno 13.—Tlio steamship Olym pus, from Boston, has arrived. Bristol, Eng., Juno 18.—The steamship Lap* land, from Now York, baa arrived. Mortality in Memphis* Memphis, Juno 13. —There wore seventeen Id torments hero to-day, against nineteen yester day. The weather is still cloudy and sultry. Albany Cattle Market* Albany, N. Y., Juno 13.—Drives—Tho market opened yesterday quietly but auspiciously. There was a fair attendance of local and country buyers. The market did not show any marked degree of activity, the sales of the day .being several hundred bead Ices than on the opening day last week. To-day there was an unusually large attendance of Kow York and East ern dealers, who bought largely. AU are In want of stock, and the leading dealers hero bought freely. The sales of the day amount to 2,470 bead. Tlio market may bo quoted about #o off from laetwock’e price on common and medium cattle, with extra and tope about the same as last week. The market has ruled Arm and steady. The receipts for the week were slight ly in excess of last week, numbering 158 car-loads, against 430 car-loads last week. The average In quality Is very much Inferior fo last week. Com mon and medium steers are not so good, while there is a marked scarcity of tope. Embraced in the re ceipts was a largo nombor of Texanp of good average quality; also, a largo number of stackers. Among the sales of to-day was a notably excellent bunch of Illinois steers, the best seen hero thin week, averaging 1,400 lbs. which wore sold by Birchway & Burns to bo shipped. The receipts for the week wore: Beeves, 7,780: sheep, 13,200 ; hogs, 30,000 ; horses, 04-1. Sheep and Lambs—The receipts are considerably larger than last week, but most have gone through In first hands. This branch of trade shows little activity. Few sales were made to local and Western buyers, and the market shows per lb decline from last week’s ruling. The pons ore bare, and sales slow. Shorn, Slate, and Western at G#(3oVo: lambs, 10@12o. . * * ' Milch Cows—Receipts for tho week only 2 car-loads, which are still on (ho market. But little has been done In this branch of trade. Brices rauge from £40.00 to $60.00. Bouses—Receipts continue largo, and, although the stables are kept well filled, tho demand has falko off slightly. Buffalo blvo*Stock Market* Buffalo, N. Y., June 13.—Cattle—Receipts 10-doy, including 32 cars reported to arrive, 408 ; total for the week, 0,938 head, or 384 cars, against 472 oars tho same time last week. Tho market Is lifeless; but little stock offering, and few buyers on hand. About 500 wore disposed of.. Salas. 302 Illinois stcors, ay I,ooo® 1,108 lbs, $5,85@0.00; 78 Missouri stcors, av 1,248® 1,507 lbs, $0.0000.50: 34 Missouri oxen, av 1,488 lbs, $5.85 ;40 Michigan steers, av 949@1,126 lbs, $5.60® 6.00 ; 30 Texas stoors, av 1,120 lbs, $5.25. Sheep and Lambs—Receipts to-day, 1,200; total for tho week, 13.600, against 8,200 the same time last week, AU the offerings unsold will be shipped to-day. The market Is heavy at #o decline on last week’s closing prices. Western clipped sheep, $4,7505.62#; choice lots a shade higher. Tho only sale to-day wae 311 Ohio cUpped shoop. 102 lbs, at $5,37#. Boos—Receipts to-day, 5,000; total for tho week, 30,000, against 33,800 the same time lost week. Nearly aU arrivals are through consignments. Prices ruto at $4.60(34.85, Sales, 650 Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana hogs, 1680108 lbs, at $4.85. MARRIAGES. ROBINSON—LOOKII ART—On *7une 11, 1873, at tbo residence of 001. K. 11. Goalie 219 the Rov. 11. W. Thomas, Mr. Roland Robinson, oM-ulcago, and Miss Jozmio H. Lockhart, of Chesterfield, Essex County, N.Y. TOPLTFF—STANWOOD—At Augusta, Me,, on tho 12th Inst., hr the Ruv. J. H. Ecob.Wui. B. TopllfT.of Chi cago, 111., and Mary Webster Stan wood, of Augusta, Mo. No cards. DEATHS. SCOTT—June 13, Mr*. Mary Ann Soott, holered wife of Gapt. Jamea Scott, aged 48 year*. Funeral from their lata residence. No. 278 South Clin* ton to llosohlU by carriages. Friends of tbo family PERSONS—At Lynchburg, Va., an tho 11th Inst., Dr. Wm. Persons, father of F. Persona of this city. Ills remains will bo taken to Indianapolis for Inter UODt. rw~Roaton and Philadelphia papers plooso copy.' liOWEN—Juno 13, at 1416 Prairlo-av., of membraneous croup, aged 21 months. Nolllo Spaulding, only bolovod child of Obarloa Q. and Emma E. Bowen. Remains taken to Graooland, Friday, Jane 13, 1873. OAJIUINOTON—JanoIS, 1873, at6a. m., Bertha, only daughter of Mary E. and John W. Carrington, Jr., aged 4 months 18 dsn. Funeral sorrloo at residence of her parents, 169 Ellls st., on Saturday, 14th Inst, ab4 o’clock p. m. BJ7~Nov York papers pleaoo copy. AUCTION SALES. By ELISON & FOSTER. THE THIRD SALE OF Mr. Gale’s Sngerli Collection OIL PAINTINGS At 953 WABASH-AV., Will toko place THIS EVENING, at 8 o’clock. ELISON & FOSTER, Auctioneers. Peremptory Sale OP CONDEMNED HOUSES •A.T -A-TJCTIOISr, Saturday Morning, June 14, At 10 o'clock, oo mo Premises. Tbo houses on block bounded by Doiplalnos, Carroll, and Wayman-sts.; also near Klnzlo-st., west of Halstod; also Lawronoo-plaoo, oomor Ann and Kinzto-sta.; also corner Wood and Kinzlo-ats. Tbo buildings must bo ro. moved Immediately after tbo sale, os tho property la to bo uaod for railroad purposes. Halo tu commouco on Dos* plalnos-st. Terms of sale, OAHU. A deposit will bo re quired of oaob purebasor. KLIBQN A FOSTER, Auctioneers. 241 WEST TYLER-ST., Botwoon Morgan and Aberdeen, Genteel Household Furniture AT AUCTION, On Saturday Morning, Juno 14, at 10 o'clock, Outho promises, consisting of Parlor, Chamber, Dining- Room,, and Kllcbou Furniture, Carpets., Etc. KfilhON A FOSTER, AuoUoqeort^ XJ YiiKUSI i7sON<V:Co7 41 Houlb Oanal-st. ■ Largo lot of secondhand furniture AT AUCTION this morning, at 104 o'clock, oflocls of parties declining house keeping, comprising everything needful for housekeepers. Lookout for bargains, os all will be closed out without rs servo, to make room for our Wednesday's salo; also at noon 1 express wagon and a lot of harness. BUUSU* BON A 00., Auctioneers, il South Oanal-st. AUCTION SALES. By ELISON & FOSTER. GREAT SALE OF unworn) PROPERTY ■A.T -A-TJCTIOHSr, On Monday, June 10, at 1 o’clock p. m., on the premises, EIGHTY LOTS Aflapled for Residence and Business, FRONTING ON State-at., Vinoennes-av,, Dearborn, and Olark-ats. This choice property which wo will offer at this sale is situated between Sixty-eighth and Sevontlofch.sts., oast of and within two blocks of tho Normal School, aooossiblo by about thirty-two trains daily, oaoh way, on the Michigan Southern, Book Island, and Pittsburgh & Ft. Wayne Railroads; six trains daily, oaoh way, stopping at tho Normal School Depot at Sixty-oignth-at., within 3 minutes’ walk of tho property. Englewood is a rising suburban town; there is much na tivity in building and Improvements of all kinds. Two now ohurohon are being erected this season; oo to 70 dwelling houses are now being bunt, and many other substantial Im provements are going on. Streets are graded and graveled through the property eaual in all respects to any of tho avenues, Goodolank sidewalks from the Normal School Depot to the property, and during tho Summer aplank BldewaUc will bo built from tho Depot on, Taking this property all in all, it is of tho most desirable and attractive character, and offers the best inducements forspooulatlon and occupation of any prop erty now offered for sale in the suburbs of Chicago. This property is only seven miles from vanßuren-st. Depot; time In getting there only about 20 minutes, and tho faro only 10 cents. The location is healthy. With plenty of good water. Bofroshmonts will bo furnished free of cost, and a free ride will bo tarnished all who wish to attend the sale. Terms of sale, 1-3 cash, balance in 1 and 3 years, with 6 per cent interest. A deposit of SSO required bn oaoh lot. Full War ranty Deed will bo given, with printed copy of abstract of title. A special train of cars will start from the Book Island Railroad Depot on Vanßuron st. # at 12 o'clock noon, stopping at Tweuty uocond-st.. and rotnm at 5 o’clock, free for all who wish to attend tho solo. Particulars and plats will bo furnished by EDISON & POSTER, Auctioneers, 87 Markot-st. First Grand Sale FEEEMPTOEY SALE OF TEI ACRES, To T)o Sold in Lots, AT AUCTION, On Tuesday Afternoon, Jib 17, At 3 o’clock, on the premises, to close an undivided interest. Being subdivision of the 3. E. 1-4 of the S. W. 1-4 of the N. W. 1-4 of Section 12, Town 39, North of. Range 13, East, lying south and fronting on Sacramento Square and Central Park Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Saoramento-av. In this subdivision there are 10 elegant Res idence Lots fronting on Sacramento Square, which is to bo used as a Park; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Central Park Boulevard, which is 250 feet wide; 10 elegant Lota fronting on Saoramento-av., which is 100 met wide; and 30 choice Lots fronting on Nioholls and Yager-sts., loss than two minutes’ walkfrom tho Depot of the C. & N. W. Railroad, This property is east of and near Central Pork, being situated on tho Grand Central Park Boulevard, and only about throe miles from the Court House, and one mile inside the city limits. Of all the choice property fronting the Parks of Chi cago, none is more accessible or de sirable, or has a greater prospective value than this. Special Train of cars will start from Wolls-st. Depot at 3 o’clock p, m., stopping at Halstud-at. and Park Station, and return at 5 o’clock, fur the convenience of all persons who would like to attend the salu. All are invited. TERMS OF SALE—M cash, balance one, two, and throe years. A deposit of S6O will he required on each lot. Title perfect. Printed abstracts will bo famished each purchaser. For information and plat call on Messrs. Avery, MUIor A Rigdon, 143 Monroo-sl., or to ELISON & POSTER, Auctioneers. TWO MILLION DOLLARS. GREAT CLOSING GET. TEtTSTEES’ SALE REALAND PERSONAL PROPERTY liolcmclD, to tho CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On Wednesday, 1161811 day ol lane, 1873. By the article! of the association of said Company, Itia firovlded that nlltho property Id the hand* of the Trustoos n the month of Juno, 1873, must ho sold at auotiou for cash, to close the trust. The realty Is oont rally located Id the CITY OF OIII> OAUO, and la valued at $1,300,000. and composed largely of river and oaual frontage, docked and ready for Immedi ate use. Also, a large number of vaoantlote in the liumo* dlato vicinity of the docks, all well adapted for business purposes. The title to this property is unquestioned, having been held aud owned by the Association for twenty yean. The personal proporly consists of notes bearing 7 per cent interest, having from one to flvo years to run, and amounting to about $700,000. Those notes wore received for deferred payments on land bought (rum the Company by tho makers thereof, and their payment Is secured by mortgage on the same. TERMS Or SALE, CASH. Tho euraonal property will be ready for transfer and delivery umodiatuly after the sale. Purchasers of roalty will bo required to mako a deposit on tho day of salaof 10 per cant on tho amount of their purchase, the balance to bo paid within thirty days, eras soon after the solo as doodsoan bo made aud delivered. MAIILON D. OQDKN, L. 8. BEECHER. GEORGE WATSON, Chicago, March 13, 1973. Trustees. 11. U. lloauz, Secretary. Oliloe southwest corner of Lake and Olark-sts., Room 8, second tloor. TZECIEi .A.IBO'VIEi Peremptory AND GUHMT SALE OF THE CHICAGO LAID COIPAIY, B-sr -A.xjCTioisr 3 Will Positively Take Placo on Wednesday Morning, Juno 18,1873, at 10 o’clock, ON THE GROUND, commencing salo at Bast Division* o( Frou‘onr’riageswlU leavo Ogden's Building, corner of Lake and Clark-sls., from Dto 10 o’clock a. tu., on 18lh lust., to oouvey Intending purchasers to tho grounds, lust., to oouvey u KL $y N * FOSTER, Auctioneer*. AUCTION SALES. By WM. A, BUTTERS & CO. WEST SIDE Regular Saturday Sale Household Furniture, now nod worn Carpets, Bods, Sodding, Mattresses, Fartor and Chamber sots, Ale, Orooorloe, Scales, oto„ etc., on Saturday, Juno 14, at 9:30 A.'M. At 65 and 57 South Oanal-st, WM. A. BUTTERS & 00. Whiskey, Wine, Ale, Pipes, Cut Nails, &c., -A.T AUCTIORr, This Morning, Juno 14, at 10 o’clock. At our Salesrooms, 66 and 67 Booth Osnal-st. 10 Bbls. Monongahola, Old Bourbon, Sour Mash, Old Grow, Silver Crook, Marshall Bourbon, and Boyd Whiskies, all prime _ goods, full proof. ■ Alo - So - WM. A. BUTTBUfI A CO.. Auctioneers. saleTflaluable CORNER LOTS,. Bnsiness and Resiflence Property, Monday, Juno IC, at 10:30 a. m.. On tbo ground, eornor of Olark-st. and Webster-av., near Lincoln Park. « ■wm, IButtors «b 00, WILL BELL B-sr -A.TJcrxo3sr, At tho tlmo and placo above named, 4 Choice Corner Lota and 9 Inside Lota, suitable for stores and residences. A good aowor posses each lot; also water and gas. Sale positive. TEUMS—Ono-thlrd cash, balance In 1 Ad 2 years. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneers. WBDNESDA'2’;, JTJIMF 18 Fine now Top Buggies. Open Wagons, Phaetons, Democrat and Express Wagons, Double and Single Harness, •AT A.TTOTXO3ST, At 56 and 57 South Oanal-st.. Wednesday morning, at 10 o’clock. WM. A/ BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. SPECIAL SALE. and desirable lino of Bfltdy.Mado Clothing, Cloths, Casstmoros, Ac., AT ATTCTXOISIV On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, at 9M o'clock, InDowoo liros.V Block, 15 and 17 East Randolph.«t. WM. A. UUTTEUf? A CO., dry goods, Fancy Dross Goods, Straw Goods. <£o., AT AXJOTIOUST., P° , 19. at 9Jv' o'clock, in Boweo Bros.' Block, 16 and 17 Eavi Uandolph-st. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneers. BY GEO. P. GORE & CO., 22, 24 & 20 Uandolph-st. AT AUCTION, Another largo nnlo of thoso lino goods, at low prices preparatory to removal. iiseli Mime of ovory description. Parlor, Library. Chamber, ami Kitchen Furniture, Wardrobes, Meat Safes, Refrigerator#. Mirrors, Mattiosees, Parlor ami Ollico Desks, Snow Cases, 10 Grains W. O. OrockoiY, 6 Orates of Decorated Ware, 3 Casks Yellow and Buckingham Ware, At 11 o'clock, Boggles ami Harnesses, On Saturday, Juno 14, at 9 o’clock. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers. IDJEinr GOODS!! CHEAT OPENING SALE On Tuesday Morning, Juno 17th. at 0:30 O’clock, In the now, elegant, and commodious quarters, 68 and 70 Wahash-av. A very attractive lino of Dress Goods in Alpacas, )olalnoß, Linens, Suitings, Ac., Ac. ■A splendid Lino of Gent’s Summor Stylos, Fine Foil Iota: And Invoices of White Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Jmhrnllas, and Parasols. Yankee Notions, Ac., Ao. At 11 o’clock special offering of Ingrain barpols by the oil. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers, GEO. P. GORE .& CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants, Finding their place of business too small for their largely* increasing business, have moved to 08 Sc 70 WABASH-AV., Whore they will hold tholr noit REGULAR WBDNES* DAY AUCTION BALE OF Boots and Shoes, And to which city and country merchants arc cordially Invited to attend, as they will have the double pleasure of seeing the FINEST AUCTION HOUSE IN THB COUNTRY and the largest and best-assorted stock of goods over on sale. June 18, at 9 1-3 n. in. By TAYLOB & HABBISOST. Extensive sale of ftplfint Frailm, Etc., Atauotlon, this morning, at9:3oo’clook. Elegant oham ,her sots, fine and medium parlor sets, rich Brussels oar* pets, Hue of second-hand carpets, easy chairs, lounges, spring-beds, mattresses, crockery, ohrumus, etc., by * TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers, ■ 81 and S3 South Canal-st. PEREMPTORY SALE OP TWO EEW OPEN BUGGIES, AT AUCTION, THIS MOBNENG. By TAYLOR A HARRISON, Aoctlnnoars. 31 and 83 South Canal-st. MAGNIFICENT BRONZE CLOCK, AND ORNAMENTS. AT AUCTION, THIS MORNING, AT 13 O’CLOCK. By TAYLOR A HARRISON. Auctioneers. 81 and 33 South Canal-st. One Elegant Sideboard, Two Fine Walnut Book Cases, AT AUCTION, THIS MORNING, AT 10 O’CLOCK TAYLORA HARRISON, Auctioneers, 31 and 33 South Canal-st. ONH~SUPBBB~MABBLE-TbP CHAMBER SUIT, Cost S4BO, to bo sold AT AUCTION, THIS DAY. By TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneer*. 31 and 33 South Canal-st. 03MB LABGE BANKING-HOUSE COUNTER And GLAZED PANEL-TOP, at Auction, THIS DAY. By TAYLOR A HARRISON, Auctioneers, TO THE TRADE IN GENERAL. -A-TJCTIOUST SALE . OF GENERAL MERCHANDISE At 0 1-2 o'clock a. m., Juno 10,1873, At No. 85 West Mudlson st. (Galt House Block), $50,000 Block, without reserve. E. A. JESSELL, Auctioneer. By HAVJ3NS, OSGOOB & CO., Auctlnnoors. 63 South Cauabst. On Saturday June 14, Commencing at 9:80 a. m. sharp, at our salesroom, No. 63South Canal-st., wo will sol! at public sucllon a gen* oral assortment of Household Furniture, Including Elo* gant Parlor Bets, Whatnots, Carnots, Ilahy Carriages, and 18 chests of Japan Tea (splendid quality) t Wliu* ported Chromes, aud an extensive line of Quoonswaro and Yelluwwaro In opou lota. (Attention of dealers to this lino is especially Invited.) Onu Grand 7-Octavo Plano, by Higgins, and one Open Top Buggy: will also bo sold without reserve. Including ologant Ottioo Furul* turo, which must bo sold to pay advances. HAVENB, OSGOOD A CO.. Auctioneers, No. IB South Caual-st. AUCTION I AUCTION !! Wo will .oil tho ontlro oonlool. ol No. 125 North Well., at., commencing on Haturday evening, ‘■i a A' :iW p. raj, consisting of a retail stock of Dry Goods, Notions, and Gent's Furnishing Goods. n .. This slock will ho sold without reserve. Parties dla. Continuing business. Bo on 4no and scout* bargains. “ HAVENS, OSGOOD A UQ, AuoUonocxa

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