Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 15, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 15, 1873 Page 13
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CITY REAL ESTATE. giSmdgroia the Fourth Page.) D * KERFOOT & CO., 90 EAST 100* foot, between Schiller and Goethe, 75x149 feet, cast front, joat north of Schil feet, east front, jnst north Benton* 60x149 feet, out front, just sooth North " nap foot. *BcSorn*rt** 60x150 feet, just sooth Ncrth-av., s22sper *PetH>orn4t., 60x150 feet, oast front, north Goethe, $250 Pp*£riorn~«t.» 80x101 foot, northeastcomerChicaeo-aT., 80x150 feet, southwest corner SchlUer-et, 28x100 feet, between Dearborn and State, rwrborn, P® r foot * jadlannU, 60x100 feet, southwest corner Fine, $l5O per *OMo-6t. t 84x1C9 feot, south front, just west Stato-st., D6T «00t. owoet., 40x170 feet, southwest corner State; want an °ohie-at.. 32x100 feet, just east of Rush, S3CO per foot. Ohio-*t.. 23fcxlu0 foot. just west of Cass, S2OO per foot. Oliio-su, 40 foot, south front, between Clark and Doar wn, S3KI per foot. Chios!., 50x100 feot, northwest corner Pino, $250 per {p9t. Piae-ft., 25x100 feet, corner Ontario, $240 per foot. Pise-st., 60x100 feet, southwest corner Indiana, $250 per 50x100 foot, northwest comer Ohlo-st.. &2SO kt foot* laoaUe-Bt., feet, near Schiller, $l6O per foot. LxSalle-st., 117x150 feet, just south of horth-av., $175 per foot. _ • L»Sille-st., 65x110 feot, northwest corner Maple, S2OO per foot. laSallo-st., 57x118 feet, southwest comer Maple, S2OO per foot. laSallo-st., 60x160 feet, southeast comer Schiller, S2OO per foot. Suto-at-, 25x120 feet, oast front, near Superior, $l9O per foot. Slate-at., 25x80 feet, east front, near Erie, $224 per foot. Osk-tt., 54x100 feot, south front, between LaSalle and Wells, $125 per foot. Jforth-av., 25x100 foot, between Wells and Laßalle»sts., 1150 per foot. Clark-aU, 25x150 foot, near Goethe, $l6O per foot, darkest., 80x160 foot, southeast corner Schiller, $l6O per foot. _ , hot. Chicago-*?., 40x90 foot, eaat of Ruah-st., S2OO per foot. JS3O par foot. Supezior-Bt., 25x100 feet, near St. Clair, $l6O per foot. Ootarlo-st.. 60x100 foot, joat west of St. Clair, $167 per foot. Ontario-«t,, 30x100 foot, out of Pine, S2CO per foot. Oatarlo-st., 25x100 foot, comer Pine. $240 per foot. Srio>st., 2I)tfxlO0 fact, between Clark and LaSalle, $l6O per foot. ■ Illinois-at., £oxl9o feet, south front, between Rush and Cus, S2OO par foot D. W. KERFOOT A CO.. 90 East WabhingtOP-Bt. Fob sale-by t. b. boyd, iso west washing. ton-st.: 771 West Van Bnron-rf.—Can be had at a bargain. This property will rent fur S6OO. Want only 31.C00 down, bal ssce In four years. House new; south front. Wl South Halstod-st.— Must soil; want an offer. Rents for 81.600 per year; good store and dwelling. 85,000—25x125, 8-room bouse, water, gas, etc., on Lake* it near Lincoln; splendid piece of property. Fifties renting or haring money to invest will do well to look at the above, as it can bo bought at a figure below ths market, £3,500, S6OO down, balance in four years—2sxl2s feet on Tin Boren-st., between Lincoln and Honore; south front. • sl.Boo—House and lot 24x125 feet, on Chlcago-av., be tween Paulina and Wood-sts.; want an offer. $1,200-25x125, on Erio-st., between Wood and Lincoln; snclh treat. FOE SALE—34xISO FEET, NORTH CLARK-ST., near Elm. 90x111 feet, Oak-st., near Hash. 60x 90 feet, Dearborn-st.. near Huron. 23x110 feet. North LaSailo-st.. near Chestnut. 31x150 feet, Dayton-st., near Webster-av. KCzIOO feet comer Rush and Indiana-sts. l£Cxlso feet comer Dearbom-si. and Chicago-av. All valuable and choice residence property. B. F. CLARKE A CO., 122 LaSalle-st. Foe sale-by h. o. morey, 77 clark-st.- S lots fronting Wicker Park, onßobey-sf.; $3,750, for Slew days, the choicest residence lot in the tract; also 30 ether lots in Wicker Park tract to oloic ont tho Interest of s non-resident. _ JtOB SALE-BY G. A. LELAND, 188 DEARBORN ladiana-av., near Slzteonth-st., fine frame honso, brick basement, 13 rooms, all conveniences, stable, car fiscs house, Ac., lot 29x180; cheap and on easy terms. Michlgan-av., good frame bouse, 13 rooms, stable, Ac., krtSOxlßu, between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth-sts. Michigan-a v., near Twenty-oigbth-st., well-built frame oa brick basement, IS rooms, cemented cellar, all modem Improvements, good stable, lot 80x180, cast front. Prairie-av., near Twonty-ninth-st., substantial frame bouse, 13 rooms, in perfect order, lot 2Sxlßo. West Van Buren-st., just west of Ashl&nd-av., two new •dritc marble fronts, 10 rooms, pantry, bath-room, Ac. T?OR SALE-CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS, BY O. A. jj LELAND, 183 Dearbom-st.: Northeast comer of South Park Boulevard and Thirty •evmth-Bt., lot 100x266; no money down to parties that till improve. Indiana-av., 100x162, south, and near Twenty-nlnth-st., east front, easy terms. Indiana-av., 50x180, south, and near Slzteonth-st. Pralrio-av., 72 feat ncarThirty-fomth-st., cheap. Pralrie-av., a choico corner north of Eightceuth-st., at g low prico and on very easy terms. South Park-av., near Ray-st., 24 or 43 foet cheap. Michlgan-av.. several choice lots. FOB SALE-GOOD LOTS ON THE FOLLOWING itrweui: Stale* Burnside. Butterfield, Arnold, Gari baldi, Hanover, Butler, Wallace, Summer, Winter, Mur ray. and Hoisted; also on Wentworth, Shurtleff, Portland ana Stewirt-avs; also on Alexander, Twenty-fourth, Twanty-sirth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-eighth, Napoleon, Twantj-nintb, Earl, Thirtieth, Haven. Tnii ty-first-TUir ty-secocd, Thirty-third. Tb!rly-Pf»h, Thirty-sixth, Thlrty •ercath, Fontaine, and Thirty-oighih-sts. Title perfect. Warranty deeds. A vary small payment down, five year's ttso, 6 per cent interest. Noagoncy business. Apply to ewner, ALBERT CRANE, 87- Wabaab-av. For sale-lincoln park-lots fronting Follarton-av.. Fromout-st., and Webster er.. lathe neighborhood of lancola Park; street railway within a fetr blocks; cheap Jets and on very easy terms. Apply to W. D. KEKFOOT A CO., 90 East Waahlng ton-st. FOB * SALE—CENTRA L PARK—LOTS FACING Washington. Lake, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jack son, and Fulton-sts.. and Park, Warren, and Califorola an., between Wcucrn-av. aud Central Park, at from 8875 to $2,000 each on easy terms. Apply to WM. D. KERFODT A CO., 00 East Wrjhiagton-st. Fob sale-west twelfth-st, —we have just made a Subdivision of the Block bounded by West Twelfth, Sampson. Robey, and Hoyne-sts, and wo an prepared to sell lots on either of these atroots cheap, on easy terms. Twolfth-st. or boulevard is 150 feet wide, and is finely macadamized. Parties purchasing lot* on It now can be tore of realizing a handsome profit from their investment. Apply to W. D. ILKRFOOT A CO., SO East Waahingtoa-st. FOR SALE—THE THREE VERY HANDSOME new swell-front houses, with brick, stables. Nos. 132, 151, and 135 Park-av., between Wood and Xincoln-sts. Terns to suit. Also, 4 large lots on Taylor-st., between Wood and Lsncoln-sU. Price $l,lOO each. Terms very easy. Apply to the owner, 534 West Wsshington-st., or «131 Park-av. l?OR SALE-SOUTH FRONT ON TWELFTH-ST. P Boulevard, 152>£ ft to alley. Lota on Cypress-at.. Ash uad-avy Chestnut, Olive, Bober, Taylor, and all streets north cl Twelfth-st.. between Robey-st. and Ogden-av. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES, Room 9, 149 USalia-st- POR SALE-NEW TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE A' and lot. No. 23 Union-ar.. very cheap. Apply on premises. FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—THE DESIRABLE residence, 1119 Indiana-av., containing 14 rooms, band •wins saloon parlor, conservatory, brick store-room, two bath-roams, hot and cold water all through the house, nescood ceilings, painted walls, plate glass windows, Sc., etc. There is also a fine bam on the premises, and everything is in perfect repair. Possession given at any tee. Call between 4 to 6on any day daring the week. POR SALE—SI,SO9—A BARGAIN. NEW 13-ROOM A' cottage within four blocks of Union Park. TRUES PELL &BEQWN, 175 West Madison-fit. pOR SALE-BY H. O.‘MOREY, 77 CLARK-ST., 5 A' lotion Jackson-st., blocks west of Westom-av.. J8 foot each, S9OO. 60 feet on Madison-st., noar Central Park. 60 ieet on Madison-st., near Union Park. T?ORSALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ON MONTH- A ly payments, two now honses, 10 rooms, on Taylor-st., near^ OampbeU-av. Inquire at 135 South Clark-st., in ■plOR BALE—AT HALF ITS VALUE, LOT NEAR A Central Park, between Jackson and van Boreo-sts.; ?B*t.he *old at ones to close an estate. SMITH, WOOD ft CO., 163 LsSallert. pOE SALE-LOTS IN WISNER’S MILWAUKEE f 6T * Addition, corner Dlversey-st., near depot, arte k?? ii* fcSS, ♦*’ Perfect; price# low; long time; ground “JPAdo and ornamented with trees; improving £. nr office and take a free ride to see theao toe. WISNEE BROS., Boom 12,145 South Clark-at. pOH SALK-10 ACRES ON* JOHNSON-AV.. IN Oti.lbit' 57 ’ 13. cLcip. ABELL i HOTCHKISS, « ■pORSAM-FRAnHE-AV., FINE HOUSE, NINE heautifol order, modem improvement*; lot 25 Twenty-ninth -st. Poasosslon given 3,000. ABELL A HQTCRk-rsa, 43 Otis Block- pOBBALE-RY H. C. MOREY, 77 CLARK-ST., 13 pft» u2fj. on H*Jrf«on-«t. and Barry Point-road, fronting “d 3f mile from Central Park. 10 acres on n ***■, Hawth 0 me. £0 or 40 acres, corner For* gweata-tt. and Archer-road, on long time. 8 acrea on »u*tskee-av., comer boulevard. F£,® - Ba^E-— UENTRE-AV., 5-STORY brick »»v?SL!? d , lot ' 11 » only 56.700 If taken thi» Es ' £n R ar«n and Madlfon-st, cars. J. WARREN, is Chamber of Commerce. J'SS.?t 1E ~ OOTTA <SES ON WEST SIDE, NEAR ter av 5 ft 1 ?? ae ? an<l finished, large lots, ws- F o fS^ K ~ B i.'» o ’ H CASH. WILL BUT ACRES R ji y fcb&ah and in Sec. 84, J. GOODRICH? 125 De*rbora-*t. WTS FRONTING HUMBOLDT oa »- Ult <l Cl3tl - H. J. GOOD- WILL SELL FOB THIS SUM todfriw** lea4e of * rateable property, well rooted, P<«te«SS w » oTer ® 2o,Co, lP craiulom& ftcr this year. A Can bo paid for in Installments, oageatsof trading. Address G6. Tribtme office. F°ortSp~ A , CENTRAL-LOCATED BTAIMT. b«t oa * OM? d ground, well rented and prodac ,Un,i' €IO,OOO, cash down, or will trade iresj q for. unincumbered el'y property. Ad* A BARGAIN-SEVERAL GOOD 0rOBrB » a^4o *“ C 3 1001118 t0 roQt * F o ®j S „4?f-BY H. C. MOHEY, 77 CLARK-ST.. AN rca *dcace on a corner in Hayes’ Sub division *t ten rJffst cf Aahland-av. 62x136, corner Adams* «aj7 Sift) per foot* easy payments. Two- brick. Warren-ay., near Kobey-et., 3-STOKY AND BASEMENT *ACOBn vf£r??» near Adimp. $6,600; long timo. u< a and 83 Clark-at. AUQAIN: elegant marble aSSi 06 ; fI&s 2 £^h£WrS H«fcW T °Br STORK AND HOUSK ON Wl .laSiiS^ o, i;‘ t -’ price. «5.M0: SUM —•“"•awbagUae. J. g. GUUXB, 113 Doorlora-Bt CITY REAL ESTATE ■P 0 ® S*LE-BTMTMAIETGnAN^5 *LE-BTMTMAIETGnAN^ ton i?« l k> ““ribeact comer of fclark end Wuhlns hoYslf?^km b .'Sd™t. Wood “ 4 LlnCo!n ' t ' S,tores - wlth brick how- brick dwelling, with comer lot. bemlTodlS:^^ 0 ' * ' MTT dwelltae. and Loa s7 , J- 11 n ? w 2-etory frame dwellin*, * 1 . 1 flrl , t ' cl:l “' «ad lot 20x130 foot. * vSn^t ln ° wj ■•torr frame dwoUln* and lot, near Kobaj*tl* t ” 13 ' ,t0!7 brickbaaoment bonao and lot, near lo Wlicox- B t and Campboil-av.,' new oottaco and comer Idnopln-et.. near Lake, 3-atoiy bonao, r-llh lot. M.Hi™*.!" a S-ato I/brick, with lot. near Oaklorat. corner Carpenter, buildings, with lot CO SrtSS ad ‘ Bt ’* cott4ff * honso ancs Iot » near Carpenter r"*£r* * 6°®d 2-story and basement brick homo. West Lake-st., cottage, and lot 20x130 feet, near Robey. Indiana-st., house and lot; near Robey, store and dwellings. Lin coin-st., .near Jackson, a good cottage honsa and lot. WesfWashlngtou-st., a brick dwelling, 3-story and base ment, near Lmcoln-st. .. UNIMPROVED. Shsldon-at., between Washington and Madison. 3 lots 50x150. Bcllow-av., 7 lots, S4CO each; cheap. Wentwortb-ar., near R. I. car shops, 23 lots. . West Lako-st., £oxl2o foot, near Paalina-eU West Lake-st., 25x123 foot, ncarWood-st. Corner Commercial and Arraitseo-road*. 12 lots. Jackson-st., near Leavitt, feet, SSO per foot. Harrison-st., 48x100 foot, near Itobey-sU: cheap. Madlson-st., near Central Park, 2 lots; cheap. Wolnnt-at,, near Losvitt, 1 lot, SI,BOO. Madison-st.. near Paulina, Slots. West Lake-st., nearLaarltt, Slots, on long time. West Lako-st., between Robey and Hoyac, 3*lrlSo foot. Aahland-av.. corner Washington-nv., 4 lots. WestLakc-st., near Ann, 73x175 fool. Egan-ov., near Wentworth, 75x125 feet. For sale-by goodridge a stohes, real Estate Agents, 110 West Waahington-st.: Cottage 33x<0, ground loose paid until May, 1376. on Abordcen-st ' $475. House and lot northeast comer Fourth and Halstod-sts. Cottage and lot 133 Hubbard-st. 50 feet on ladiana-av., south of Fifty-third-st. Two lota In Riverside, near hotel, S3OO oacb. • • LotsonClyboam-av., nearLarrabeo-st. 77 foot northwest corner Carpenter aad Hobbard-sta. Cottage and lot 140 Klizahotb-st. noose and lot 409 West Washlngton-ct. Lot and buildings 501 and 501 >j South Holsted-st. Cottage and lot on Washington-av. 25 feet with building, Fulton-at:, near Elizabeth. Luts 30 feet on Socond-st.; SBOO, easy tonus. FOR SALE-MICHIGAN-AV., SO FEET, NEAR Slxtoonth-st., cheap. 50 feet, comer Twenty-fifth-st., S4OO. ISO feet, Twenty-fifth and Twimty-Blxth-Bta., 8400. 60 foot, Tfairty-tlrat and Thirty-sccond-at*., 8275. 9Sfeet, corner Thirty-foarth-at., s2uo. 60 feot, TWrty-*irth and Thirty-soventh-sta., 8165. 160 foot, corner Thirty-seventh-st., $175. 80 foot, comer Thirty-eighth-st., $175. A large list of desirable property oa all the avenues. FRED L. FAKE A GO., 88 WMhJngton-Bt. FOR SALE—IMPROVED STATEST.. TWENTY eighth-et., 2-story store, oast front, $6,600. Pralrie-ar., 1469, 2-story frame, 9 rooms, SG,OOO. Wabash-av., 899, S-storr French-roof, 14 rooms, brick barn, etc., will be sold cheap. Michigan-av., 502, 3-story and basement marble front, easy tonus, $15,000. Indlana-av., 2-story boose, comer. 60-foot tot, 310.000. FRED L. FAKE A CO., ' 88 Washlngtou-st. FORSALE-ANKW. 2 STORY COTTAGE, 7BOOMS, and 8 years* lease of lot, only $45 per annum: location good, on west Side; price, $1,6j0; terms oasy. STOOPS A BLAIR, 173 East Madison-st. For sale—at a great bargain—by a. j. a J. W. COOPER, 154 LaSaUe-st., Otis Block—The el egant 2-story and basement brick house. No. 94 Calumot ar., with lot 40x145; good bam; house has all modem Improvements. Also, the 2-story and basement brick b< use (12 rooms, all the modern improvements) No. 172 Wantm-av., between Wood and Llacoln-sts; lot 45x125; good barn. To a cosh party we will sell at a groat sacri fice either of tho above. TpOR SALK-A LADY WISHES TO DISPOSE OP X a handsome 2-story cottage and large lot on South Dearborn-st., near Twenty-seventh. Routing for S4O per month. Will sell at a sacrifice, and on easy terms. Apply at 1354 Wabash-av. For sale-on monthly payments-ful lerton-av., nearßaclno-av.; $2,000. Asbley-st., noarUoyne, SI,OOO. Desplalnos, 5U minntea* ride, $1,700. House and lot, Wood-it., easy terms; $5,000. EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madison-st., corner Dearborn. FOR BALK-THE FOLLOWING BARGAINS; S4OO will buy comer on Thirty-fiwt-st., near Weatom-av. $650, comer Oakley and van Horn-its., near Eight eenth-at. $1,400, comer Bnddan and Bnshnell-ets. SIOO to $125, 50x150, near oars at Desplaines. EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madison, comer Dearborn-st. FOR SALE-2 NEW HOUSES, 8 ROOMS EACH, IN yearly or quarterly payments. WM. P. JONES, 203 LaSaUe-st. FOR SALE-ONLY $1,250, $1,250, $1,250 CASH, YOU all can’t have this nice lot, 24x128, on Hamilton-av., near Adams-st., half block from street cars. R. Q. GOODWILLIE, 134 South Clark-st. For sale-or exchange for first-class city unimproved real estate, two now 2-story frame houses of 8 rooms each, on Union-av., convenient to steam and horse-cars. F. B. HAMILTON, Rooms 25 and 26, 132 LaSaUe-st. For sale-at a great bargain-two very desirable building low on Shurtlcff-av., near Twcnty slxth-st., 24x125 each; picket fence and sidewalk laid. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSallo-st,. Otis Block. FOR SALE-S4OO, $460, AND SSOO, ON EASY TERMS, lots near Milwankee-av. and inside of tho old city lim its, accessible by street cars and omnibus line; high ground; title perfect. Tbsse lots will bo worth SI,OOO in two years. Biggont investment in the city- Call and let us takoyou to boo them. A. G. STOREY A SON, 145 South Curk-st., Roomß. FOR SALE-ONLY A FEW LEFT OF 144 LOTS; 60x150 feot, average price SIOO per lot; near schools, churches, and depot; terms 825 c&ata, and 810 por month; you will not again see so great a bargain for so little money: come and eel free tickets to seo the property for I ourself. EDMUND G. STILES, 99 Madlson-st., corner Joarborn, Room 7. FOR SALE-NEW FIRST-CLASS COTTAGE, pleasantly eitnated near Itobuyand Polk-sis: monthly payments. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES, ildom 9, 149 L&Salls-st. For sale-at a bargain—two lots on Wentworth-av., cast front, north of Tbirtieth-st. Owner going West on Tuesday next. J. H. KEELER. 115 Clark-at., comer Madiaon-Bt. •POl RESIDENCE LOTS AT HYDE JD Park, near d-rpot and Orvat South Park, only $350. on monthly paymentsof $10; a greet bargain. Also, lots onThirty-elghth-st. for S7OO. A. B. McCHESNEY, 133 Madison-st., Room 7. Call between 11 and 1 o'clock. For sale-or exchange-pleasant two stoiy house with verandah on throe sides and large cornerlotat Maywood; southeast front, and convenient ‘to dopot; Apply to W, O. VAN EVERY, with Oallnp A Peabody, a. w. comer Monroo end Donrboro-sts. TBOR SALE-ACRE LOTS -AND TRACTS: 6 ACRES J? near cars, schools, and churches, sSloo. l-acrolots do, atDe?plaines, s'>X»tos4oo. 1-acro lots at Downer's Grove, S4OO. 6 to 3u-acro tracts at Dosplalne?, Downer’s Grove, and Wheaton. SIOO to s3uo par aero. EDMUNDG. STILES, 99 Madison-st , comer Dearborn. OR proved and grove land, adjoining thriving suburb, and 20 miles onl; would take city real estate. EDMUND O. STILES. £9 Madison-st., corner Dearborn. FOB SALK—CHEAP LOTS, ON LONG TIME, LOW price, and easy terms of payment, on Halsted. Murry, Union, Desplaines, and Wall&eo-sts., just north of the Pavilion Parkway. Persons desiring lute for houses, and those wanting a one investment, with sure prospects of increased value, are Invited to examine these lots. Call on P. H; PUTNAM, owner. Transit House, Union Stock Yards, orPOTWIN A CORBY. Agents, Il9Franklin-at. For sale-by potwin a cobby, 119 frank lia-st.: SO acres In Seo. 17, 39, 13. at a bargain. 160 acres in Sec. 23, 33, 13; low price and long time. . 8 acres near Douglas Park; very low. 8 acres in S. W. 33, 40, 13. 40 acres in S, W. Ba, 40, 13; railroad crossing. Splendid to subdivide. 5 acres in N.IW. 9, 33, 14. 5 or 10 acres In B.W. 9, 33, 14. For sale-only sio down. $5 monthly till paid for, a few loft of onr large lota only L 000 feet from throe depots at Washington Heights, high and dry; trees on every lot. Title perfect. Prices, S2OO to S3OO. Call and go and seo them. TRUESDELL A BROWN, 175 West Madison-st. For sale—io acres (subdivided) on fifty ninth-st., west of Englewood; good location, being high and dry. Will be sold for loss than its valne if sola this week. Terms easy. Also, lots on Fifty-elghth-st., 60x125 feet, near the boulevard, at $lO to sls per foot. SI or 60 acres eight blocks from Irving Park station, on sasy terms audTong time. J. SOUERBRY, 122 LaSallo- Room 17. FOR SALE—AT AUBURN, ON ROCK ISLAND Railroad, near Englewood, choice lots and desirable homes at low prices and on terms to suit purchasers. No aabnrb on the South sido possesses greater advantages. Call on SMITH, WOOD A CO., 163 LaSalle-et. EOR SALE—AT WINNETKA—BO ACRES. ONE mUe from station. In Sec. 29, T. 42, N. R, IS. F. J. WEIDINGKR A CO., Real Estate AgenU, Room 61 Metropolitan Block, northwest comer Randolph and La- Salle-sts. FOR SALE-OR RENT—PLANK ROAD, JEFFER ton. house of 7 rooms, standing In an aero of garden; well stocked with fruit-trees. FOE SALE-6 ACRES AT HINSDALE—A BARGAIN. Apply to W. 8. POWELL, 803 State-et. For sale-at knglewood-near normal School and depot, 8500 less than it* cash value, a new 2-story house, 8 rooms, bath-room, Ac., lot 50x125. B. J. paTrrrvgTT A CO., Room 2, basement, 155LaSalle-st. Foe salb-bvanston grove lots. 835p, in fivo-dollsr monthly payments, with no payment down. This is the best chance yet offered to got a nome. IRA BROWN, 143 LaSalle-st., Room 4. For salb-at a great bargain, by henry E. MARBLE, Room 6, No. 79.D6arbom-st.,l{)oacres of very choice ridge and timbered property at Washing- Heights, within three blocks of the projected Female College. Purchasers are invited to investigate. Fob sale-englbwood—a few lots in the aldrt of tbo boat improvements of tho place, and con venient to depots, churches, and schools; very desirable for present improvement. To those who propose to have a home in this most rising of Ohicaco’e suburbs this is a rare chance, ao tho owner la about to leave the city and will sell ata liberal deduction from present values. Ad dress J 57, Tribane office. . IN SRCTION 35, For sale-so acres mllos south from Chicago. Call at tho Mcholson Or g&a Factory, 63 East Indians-at. TTIOB SALE-CHOICE BESIDBSCE LOTS AT J? Hawlhomo, one mile west of Lawndale, near depot of Chicago. Burlington «t Quincy Railroad. Only 25 minutoVariTO tla Ogdcn-av. from Union Park. These lots nr© o n high ground. In the Iti of mpld Improvements. The Great WcsWrn Sailroad will pass noar Hawthorns. t Price of lota $250 to S3OO. in monthly payments of $lO. Call on JKO. O. USBOKNE, IS3 East Madison-st., Room 7. TTIOK SALE-ACRE PROPERTY-M AOREB IN X: Caro tin's Sub. In Sac. 25, 1 mllo sonth of Boutb r»rlc .odKmUo east of Cornell. 10, 20. 30, 40 acrM or whola block can be had if applied for at once. ISAAC M. PRICE, 63Hadleon-Bt, Room 4. _ Fob sale-2 acres near calumet, be tween Stony Island and Chicago a*. lionlOTards. wui exchange 10 lota tor brick. Price Imr; terms easy. uiLlr SON A DALE, 67 Dearborn-st. Room 1 For sale-englewood properit-q for sale rery cheap, on Junction-av. (or Slxtr-tniru tt.) and EncJewootl-av., between \Vallace-st« and SUw art-aT.; fonr equal annual payment*. Apply to otroors, BPOFFOKD & BVEN£> ilojin-l, aoutboart cornor Clark and M«Uwa*t. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE F°R SAIE-IN EVANSTON, A BEAUTIFUL NEW doom of 8 rooms, pood collar, laundry, bath-room, eic., on choice lot: nicelocation. Four houses in Norm Evanston and ono in Glenooo, at low figures. three• houses to rant in North Evanston, at SU. S2O, and $25 per month. Lots in an; of the places turned for sals cheap, and lumber famished those who will build. Terms for hoasos, one-fifth cash, balance in monthly or yearly pay ments, and lots on still bettor terms. Call at my office in Evanston, or Boom 2,153 Monro»-»t. O. E. BROWNE. FOB SALE-iO FEET FRONTING SOUTH ON Douglos-placo, between Cottage Grove-av. and Doug las monument, with perfect title, totj cheap. Also, 25 feet onMlcblgan-av., ncarThirty-eecond-st., and 60x200 feet oh Unlon-av., close to Cottage Grove can, either of which will bo sold at a bargain. JOS. B. CHANDLER, 184 Dearbom-st., Room 5. Fob sai.r—no aobes ok south ohioago-av., about midway between Oornoll and South Chicago, blocks of SOTCU. fifteen, or more acres, on Sonth Park Boulevard, corner Sovonty-sevontb-st. Also, blocks of 6 acres or more fronting Stoney Island-av. ana other good streets, near Cornell and South Chicago. JOS. B. CHANDLER, 181 Dearbam-it., Room 6. Fob sale—choice suburban acre prop erty, by A. J. A J. W. COOPER. No. 154 LaSalle at-, Otis Block.;. 20, 40, or 60 acres in Clifton, on tbo rldffO fronting Morgan Park and the new college. Also, SO acres one mile north and east nf Riverside, aad on tbo now railroad now being built. Bouse and lot at Wood lawn. .200x160 corner Seventy-sixth and Burnside-sts. Will sell any of tho abovo to a cash party at a great sac rifice. FOBSAUJ-SPEGfAL B ABO AIKS IN ACHE PEOP ezly at Washington Heights : f acres In nw* of Soc. S, 87,18, grove and ridge. 40 acres in n e of Soc. 25, 37, 13, ridge opposite Mor gan Park. . - . - SO acres in Vincennes Road Addition, See. 10, 87,-14. S4 acres In Block 4, Kenegor’s Sob, Soc 30, 87, 14. 80 acres w Jtf of n w U of Sec. 31. 87, 13, go acres w Hof aw £, Sec. 13, 87.13. 8o acres ridge and grove fronting south on Morgan -ar. 50 acres ridge and grove fronting north on llorgan-ar. O. O. THAYER A CO., 186 East Madison-st. TJIOR SALE-7 CHOICE LOTS ON SKVENTT-FTETH-. X 1 st., east of Grand Grossing, high land: half cash, balance 4 year* at 8 por cent; bargain. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Doarborn-st. ♦CKJR.SASE-AT HINSDALE—A NICE PLACE TO X soli or ront on most favorable terma. O. J. STOUGH, 72 aad 74 Dearborn-st. F)R SALE-BEAUTIFUL SUBURBAN HOME. 40 minutes’rido, 3-story homo and over half an acre of garden, only s4,oooteasy terms; monthly payments If do aired. S. W, kROFF, 146 LaSallo-st., Room 14. FOR SALE—CORNELL-100 LOTS OB 10 ACRES, cheap. Contral.Pnrk—SO lots on long time. Elmhurst—Acre property. Also, first-class now dwell ing. Lombard—Half-acre lots. Also, sor 10-acre tracts. West Lombard—Building lots nn monthly payments,- with money lurnished for improvement. W. F. BREWSTER, 151 LaSalle-st., basement. FOR SALE—RESIDENCE PROPERTY, AT SOUTH Evanston, at low prices and on long tlmo. Evanston is Chicago’s oldest, largest, and best suburb, and our property is but five squares from the centre of Evanston, close to tho lake shore. Houses built for purchasers, or loins on long time made to assist them in building. An examination of the property and tonus is invited. JU LIUS WHITE A CO.. 64 LaSallo-st.. Rooml. TTIOR SALE—IN THE BEAUTIFUL AND THRIV- X 1 ing City of Elgin, 111., a now house, with large lot. 60x120, and bam. The house Is two stories high, and con tains 11 rooms and plenty of closets. It is built in mod em style, and for convenience cannot bo excelled. It is centrally located In a very desirable neighborhood. The E rice will bo moderate and terms liberal. For partlcu trs Inquire of or address MRS. M. A. BINGHAM, P. Q. Box 436, Elgin, 18. - ■RIOR SALK—ENGLEWOOD—THR MOST DESIR- X 1 able snbnrb In Cook County. We have some very de sirable lots in the Normal School Subdivision at rea>>m ablo prices and easy terms. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES, Room 9, 149 LaSallo-st. For sale-evanston—a beautiful subur baahomo, $3.600; easy payments; the land is worth $3,000. JACOB C. MAGELL, 81 and 83 Clark-st, FOR SALE—BO ACRES NEAR BLUE ISLAND, ON line proposed, 0., D. AV, R. R., at a great bar gain. 149 acres on Pacific A Atlantic Railroad; station on property; at farming prices. 10 acres, Forty-sevcnth-st. and Cottage Grove. SO acres, Hslstead and Fifty-fifth-st*. Aero property and lots in city and suburbs, at bargains. KKF.LKR. PLATT A CO., OTOR SALE-NEW COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS. AND 5 X aert d good clay improved land, in timothy, ono-half mile from depot, at Hobart, on Fort Wayno Railroad, 33 miles from Chicago, Prico $525; cash, SIOO. balance sl3 per month. Office days, Monday, Wednesday, and Iri day. J. G. EARLE, owner, Room 3, 153 Monroo-gt. FOR SALE—6O LOTS IN HITT’S SUBDIVISION-OF S.E. if of See. 8, 37, 14, Washington Heights, near Junction and Dummy depots, on 1, 2, 3, 4. and 6 years* time, interest only 6 per cent; a splendid opportunity for •"xties wishing to noild. O. O. THAYER A CO., 166 East Madison-«t. TTIOR SaLS-AT A BARGAIN-BY GOLDEN A X FRESHWATKRS. 83 South Clark-st., Room 16; 40 acres in Bee. *l, 38, 18. 40 acres in Sec. 15, 39. 13. 40 acres in Sec. 38, 38, IS. io acres in Sec. 22, E9.13. 10 acres in Sec. 17, 39, 14. 6 acres in Sec. 15, S9, 13. 3 acres in See. I. 39, 13. TTIOR SALE-LOTS AT NORTHWESTERN CAR- X shops, very low, one-aixth cash, balance in 4 years. LARKIN A JKNKS, 145 LaSalle-st. For sale—best lots in north evanston— Am building 8 stores and 10 booses. Carpenters, painters and masons wonted. O. L. JENKB, 145 La- Salle-st. FORSALE-DESTRABLB NEW RESIDENCES AT Auburn, on Rock Island Railroad, near Englewood and Normal school. These homes are laiYo and conven ient, and will be sold with 50 or 100 feet of ground at low prices and on terms to suit. Auburn is a beautiful subdi vision, handsomely improved with trees, sidewalks, grad ed streets, etc., etc . Best of railroad facilities. Lois on casyterms. SMITH, WOOD A CO., 163 LaSallo-st. For sale—or exchange for small farm— New bouse and good lot- near the bouleverd entrance to Central Park. CLAFUN BROS. A GO., No. 131 La- Salle-st. FOB SALE-GOOD LOTS. AT $l6O TO SSOO EACH, near depot, at Norwood Park: terms, sl6 down, and $5 a month afterward. WILSON, PEIRCE A CO., Room 6, Wo. IS2 Clark-st. FOR SALE-DESIRABLE LOTS AND ACRE ‘ tracts at Montrose at prices affordinga margin; no property presents better prospects, or enjoys better facili ties for easy. Quick, and cheap access. Fur particulars apply to REA A COATES, Ifa Washington-*t. FOR SALE—THIRTY COTTAGES AND TWO-STORY houses at Englewood on easy terms. Apply to TIL LOTSON BROS.. 372 and 274 State-st. For sale-2 acres of land in school sec tioa, near Madison-st., at a bargain if taken: this weak. WHIPPLE A CLARKSON, 133 South Clark-st. FOR SALE-SOUTH KVANSTON-RIDGE lots, grove lots, close to depot, public school, etc: price low, payments easy. CHASE A ADAMS, SO Bryan Block, FOB SALE—TWO BLOCKS 4« ACRES EACH short distance west of Northwestern car-shops, con venieut to depot. HENRY. WALLER, Jr., 86 East Washington-it., Room 4. FOR SALE—a very DESIRABLE BESIDKNOE ut Oakland, on EUis-av,, noar dopot and horso-car*. Furnace, consorvatory, gas. and good water: boose finely finished, good barn; lot 59x160 ft. to alley. Will tel! at a great bargain if taken at once. Furnished or unfurnished. Price, SIB,OOO. ULRICH A BOND, 87 Dearbom-st. Fob sale-by mason a mills, real estate Dealers, southeast corner Clark and Madison-sts.: 40 acres at Washington Heights at §6OO. 40 acres at Washington Heights at $750. 20 acres at Washington Heights at $550. 5 acres at Englewood—Fiity-serenth-at.. $3,000. 10 acres cor Western and Cbicago-avs.. $4.5-00. 40 acres at crossing of two railroads only five miles from the Courfr-Honsa for $1,500 per aero; 200 per cent can be made by retailing. Acre property in tracts of 5 to 40 acres near all the West On*Homboldt Boulevard a few choice lots. At Wicker Park, 10 lots, cheap. , On North-av.. a comer for business. * Wo have a few lots to be sold without any present pay ment to parties who will build. For sale-a number or lots south of the city, cheap and upon easy terms; would accept in part Eayment a good family horse and two good boggles and smess. DENTON A LAWRENCE. Beal Estate Dealers, No 6 Hawley Building, southwest comer Dear born and Madison-sts. FOR SALE-AT SOUTH ENGLEWOOD (THE FlN est suburb aronnd Chicago)— 2 now 2-story cottages, fronting on Halstod-st. and near the boulevard, only one block rrom depot; 8 and 9 rooms; bay windows; lotsSOx 125; cheap and easy terms. Also, lota in the “Original Flat,” high and dry, and as nearthftdepot as you may desire; title perfect; printed abstracts famished. Extra Inducements offered to' parties wishing to build. Now Is your time to Set a homo cboap.and save rents. Call and see. NOBLE RICHMOND, Boom 2 Tribune building. FOR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD—B2M FEET, EAST front, on Indlana-av., noar Sixty-second-st. only 4 blocks eaat of depot in thegrovo. Will bo sold at bar gain. by SEWELL CLARK, Boom 13 Otis Building, southwest comer State and Madlson-nts. FOR SALE—O.4 N.W. LOTS, BETWEEN CENTRAL Park and O. 4 N. W. car shops, a non-resident owner will sell very cheap. Also, boulevard lots, and lots near boulevard. Free ride, cars or carriage. PHINNBY 4 LOMBARD, 155 LaSaUe-st. FOR SALE—S LOTS FRONTING SOUTH ON FlFTY first-sL, near P. A Ft. W. R- R,; only $2,000 cash. 8. W. KROFF, 140 LaSallo-at., Room 14. FOB SALE-CLARENDON HILLS—WE ARE OF feringln this beautiful suburb, 12 milee from the city on the 0., B. A Q, R. 8., the most desirable suburban property about Chicago, at low prices and on easy terms, wilibulld bouses for purchasers if dost rod. High eleva tions, beautiful undulations, attractive seonery, and 23 daily trains connecting it with the city. For plats. In formation, and free transportation to examine the prop erty, apply to CHAS. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dear bora-st. ■ FOB SALE—IO ACRES NORTHOFFIFTY-FOURTH st., $85,000. . _ 5 acres near city limits, north, SIO,OOO. 40 acrea near South Chicago, 812,000. CHAS. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Doarbogn-st. FOR SALE-CHEAP LOTS, NEAR DEPOT AND school, at Washington Heights; free ride any mom tag. L. L. WILSON, Room 4, 122 LaS&Uo-st. For sale-hinsdale.-several very de slrable houses and lots at Hinsdale; low prices and easy terms. CHAS. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dearfaom-et.' Fob salr-ip you want lots, blocks, or aore property at Washington Heights, Humboldt Park, Irving Park, or Norwood Park, payable one-third balance 1, 3, and 8 years, or SSO cash, balance on monthly payment*, you must call at our office. 121 La- Ball e-«t., any week day, before 8:30.lOor 13 o’clock, andgo see rbt* propertyfroo of expense. B. F. CLARKE A CO., 122 LaSalle-st. For sale-at Washington heights, near two depots, by the block; average size of tho lota 2Sx 150 feet, at sllO per lot, one-third cash, baUnoein one, two, and three years, ef 7 percent Id tercet. Tho best property for investment In Cook County. Free tickets to boo tho property. B. F» CLAKKE A CO., Room 4,122 LsSsllo-et. : ; Fob sale—a farm of 73 acres ouch grove land) only of an hoar’s rido from Chicago. Good house, fence, barn, and barn-yard, well; stetton within Vof a milo. Everything perfect and convenient. Will Ee sold very cheap. J. wSATAfi WARREN, 18 Chamber' of Commerce. For salb-at bnglkwood-.vew house, Urzolot. on easy terms: cr will trade for inside-* property. 8. HAKWOOP, 645 Sooth Dearbom-st. For bale—or ■would exchange tor a. first-olas*residence— mcranl fine block*atWaihing tos Helcbta. only three block* from Ylnoonne* Road Sta tion. ‘G. R. GRIFFIN, 133 Madison-et., comer Clark. Foe sale-acres at enolewood-4 ob a acres fronting Bock Park, eloeo to lform*lßchc»l and station, at a bargain tor 3 days. STORES A WARE, {M Wa«hiagton>«t. • T?OR SALE-BXGLEWOOD-BEACTmn. HOMES. with -large lots, close .to station and Normal School; email payment dovrn and mon:b!j payments; saroyonr rant. STORES A WARE, 94 ~VVaihlagton-gt. LOTS OR SALR-THE BEST BARGAIN IN ACRE PRO pcrty or or offered, 2 acres ncai onr Spool vision. HILLARD 4 DECKER. Boom L»S»Uo. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 1873, SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. For sale-at south evanston. several excellent new frame houses, with cellars, from a to 10 rooms, arranged for water and gas, and all modern im provement*. Also throe largo and elegant bride booses, from 13 to 17 rooms each, oosldes bath-rooms, closets/ and cellars; bay windows, large plazaas, towers; etc., sewerage as good as the city; fine new of the lake. Also fine building lots that will soon doable la value. Ail or any of tho above property will be sold on easy terms, or terms to salt. Give us a call and go with ns to Evanston and look for yourselves. WABUKtf, KEENEY A CO.. 186 Dearborn-st. T7OR SALE-SOOTH BNGLEWOOD-lO ACRES ON JP- Eighty-soventh-st., with fine 2-story house. The ground is covered, with shade and ornamental trees. The place will be sold without regard to improvements, at from 35 tofiOperoeutbolowacro prices. W. O. COLE, Moth odist Church Block. FOR SALE-SOUTH ENGLEWOOD—3O ACRES, between Halstod-st. and the railroad, frontluv on Nine* ty-first-st., at last year’s prices. W. 0. COLE. Math odist Church Block. . . FOR SALE-GREAT BARGAIN—MUST BE SOLD— At Irving Park, .only 6 milesirom Court-House, a de sirable comer, 60 feet, east front, 3 blocks from depot.- Price, £I,OOO, ono-baif cash. Address SANDERS, 13 North oangamon-st. TTIOR SALE-BY DERLEY A GODFREY. 198 LA- X 1 Sallo-efc., choice lots in tho beautiful suburb of Montrose, only 7 miles from tho Court House on tho M. A 6t., P. R. R. and C. AN.W.R. R. Building and other improvements rapidly going on. A splendid chance for an investment, as Montrose property is sure to increase rapidly. F’ORSALE-ATHINSD ALE-CHEAP. NEW HOUSE 7 rooms; terms to suit. ISAAC L. HINDS, Hins dale. For sale-or rent-two houses at north Evanston. Those bouses are desirably located near depot, and will be sold or rented for the balance of the year at a bargain. Also 200 lots, including some of the most desirable suburban property noar Chicago for •ale. To parties who will improve, on the most reason* able terms. Apply to R.H. ABBOTT, at depot. North Evanston, or H. M. KIDDER, 108 West Randolph-st. TTIOR SALE—IRVING PARK—IN BLOCK I&.CKN- X 1 -tral block of original Irving Pork Subdivision, 4 cor ner* of 200 foot each, 163 feet deep; best property in the Subdivision, and with tho building of over ICO hrst-olass houses- during the summer, property must increase greatly in value. Will bo sold low; terms oaey. Address OWNER, 205 Klnzie-st. For sals-or will exchange for oixica* * go property—A first-clans brick residence in Aurora. 111., with largo grounds, splendidly located, and of mod em style; 17 rooms, water, gas, oto. Address R 62, Trib une office. TOOR SALE-EXTRAORDINARY TERM, 5 AND 10 X 1 yean’ time, 8 per oonL : choice Hyds Park property. J. H. BTSSELL, 45 Bryan Block. pOR SALE—AT HIGHLAND PARK-ONE NEW JL 1 ' Gothic outrage with lot. Immediate possession; also one large brick house with large lot- also loti on e.uj payments. Apulrto WM. 11. SAMPSON A CO., 144 La- Sallo-at., Otis Clock. F" OR SALE—OR ' NORWOOD Park—One of tho choicest 10-acro block*. 30 minutes* ride from Chicago. J. 11. STANLEY. 190 Dcarbom-st. F" OR BALB—SBVEII HYDJ^PAIIK; odo for S6,OCC, SSOO cash; one for sl6,ooo—ample grounds, barn. 4c., near depot; also vacant lotsinHydo Park. Kenwood, and Egan dole. ULRICH 4 BOND. 87 Dcarbom-st. For sale-englewood-choioe lots on graveled streets near tho depots; also a 2-story fcamo honso, substantially built. Lake • Forest—Residences at from $2,500 to $40,000; also choice lots of all sizes at from S3OO to $1,500 per aero; tho cheapest and moat desirable suburban property near Chicago. Austin—Desirable lots oh the best streets. CANFIELD 4 MATTESON, 60 LaSalle-st. For sale-tiie cheapest house in the healthiest Tillage near Chicago; owner bound to soil. Inquire of STATION AGENT, Austin. 7o faro; 20 min utes’ ride. For sale-sioo will buy a beautiful lot at Desulaines, one block from dopot: they will double In value thU summer: only $lO down ana ssa month until paid. IRA BROWN, 142 LaSalle-st., Room 4. For sale-at highland park, choice place, large and elegant brick dwelUng.large grounds, etc. 8. T. KING. 70 LaSalJe-st.. Ito3p. m. FOE LALE-13 LOTS AT IRVING PARK, NEAR depot. 60 lots at Gloncoe, on Lake Shore. 22 lots at Evanston, and 2 booses and lota. 10 acres in Sec. 9. 33, 14, corner Stcwart-av, and Fifty third-at., one block north of bonlorard. 10 acres In Lake View, near Lake Shore. Inquire of tho owner, MERRILL LADD, 134 Madison-st., corner Clark, or at Bank in Evanston. OR SALE-FINK RESIDENCE IN ENGLEWOOD? House two stories, 23x39 foot: 10t50i234 feet, south front: good well, cistern, and fine shade sod fruit trees; two blocks from M. S., R. 1., and P. 4 Ft. W. K. R. do pots; Blxty-fourfb-at., 800 feet weat of State. A bargain if taken soon. Box 13, Englewood. FOR SALE-40 ACRES IN SEO. 34. 40, 13. NEAR 2 railroads, splendid for subdivision; a groat bargain. GEO. V. BYRD, 165 LaSalle-st., Boom IE F'or SALK-A COTTAGE AND GROUNDS. ALSO, a fine building lot, 75x180. Both aro in South Evans* ton. on Chicago-ar., In a good neighborhood, and within 8 minutes’ walk of the depot. For terms apply at the office of tho Evening Mail. 123 rlfth-sr. F' 'OR SALE-CHEAP—2& ACRES SOUTH OF COR noll, in 35, S3, 14. C&Uattbo Nicholson Organ Fac tory* 63 East Indiana-st. For salr-betwken the two boulevards, south of Forty-iirst-st., acre blocks; great bargains. GEO. DBLOYNKS, basement, 153LaSaBe-st. Fob sale-300 feet on irving park bodle vard. a big bargain. LARKIN 4 JENKS, 146 La* Salle-st, TROR SALE-BY DAVIS -A- PIKE, ISS DEARBORN* J? ’ at., 50x150. oast front, on Adams-at., only two and a half blocks from Kenwood depot, $55 per foot; a bargain. TTtOB SALE-ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS—6 NEW JJ cottages and lots on Swaun-sL, near Forty-seventh. The above are well worth the attention of those seeking a home, and will pay to examine. Cars leave Madisun-«t. bridge several times a day, and on Sunday at 3d. xn. All stop at the cottages. Apply to F. R. WILSON, T7 Olark st.,from 12 to 1 o’clock. • For sale-by davis & pike, 125 dbarborn it., 100x150. Kenwood, two blocks from depot, on Madlson-ar., $55 per foot for a fow days; a bargain. rORSALE-AT ENGLEWOOD-AT A BARGAIN— - a house and lot In Rood condition, and beautifully situated; will bo sold very cheap. YOUNG A ROWLEY, Room 2. IS2 Dearborn-st. _ _ : COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE-FARM, WITH COAL LANDS: FARM of 310 acres, within ono mile of railroad station, with «T«ry indication of coal on the premites, a good spring of water, and well adapted for a stock farm; can be ex changed for a stock of boots and shoes, clothing, or gro ceries. Apply to THOMAS E. JOCBDAN, Mendota, IIL • FOR SALE—A FARM OF 160 ACRES, WITH IM proVomonte, In Dcloran. Tazewell County, 111.; land of the best quality: terms of sale Tery'easy*. Apply to PECKHAM ft BROWN, Room 43, Reaper Block, corner of Clark and Waahington-sts. FOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE-A SPLENDID farm of 1,067 acres, finely improved. In LaSalle County, 111. Tho whole tract la underlaid with workable veins of coal. C. C- THAYER ft GO., IS6 East Madl son-fit. ■ ■ tpOR SALE-PINE LANDS—76O ACRES IN MICHI JD gan, on Muskegon River; a large tract in Canada, with over 400.000,000 pine. H* F. EII)RED ft CO., 155 Monro e-st. FIOB S AXE-OB WILL EXCHANGE FOB CHICAGO property—A first-class brick residence in Aurora, 111-. Tith ikree jrrounds splendidly located and or modern stylo; 17 rooms, water, gu, Ac. Address box H 62, Tnb uno oGco. TTIOR SALK—BUSINESS PROPERTY IN'GROW- J} log village of St. Joseph, llicb., paying 10 x>or cent set revenue. Inquire 13 Sooth Halsted-et. TJtOB -SALE—OB TO RENT —A GOOD GBIST JL 1 mill and saw mill, honse and barn, land, m a good grain country, on a never-falling stream of water, enough to drive both mlile; 45 milee northwest of Chicago, in -Mgr Henry County, and in the town of Barton. Any one who* ing to see the mill may call at the mill or at No. 290 Blue Island-av., Chicago, Dl. ANDREW WEBER. EOR BALE-TWO IMPROVED FARMS OF 160 acres each, within 20 miles of Chicago, very cheap and easy terms. A. A. WESXENGAKD A CO., lie South ■Clark-st., Room 11. TTtOR BALE—OR EXCHANGE-FIRST-CLASS FARM- J? ing land for horses, wagons, harness and buggies. Address or call at Room 23, L 26 Doarborm»t. For sale-cheap-160 aches good land, in lowa, near railway and county seat. Call at tho Nicholson Organ Factory, 63 East Indiana-st. FOR SALE-ONE MORE GOOD FARM, 160 ACRES, nearDeKalb. 111., 58 miles from Chicago; must bo sold at once: will give a great bargain and Uoeral terms. A. K. STILES, a# Fnlton-at. FOR SALE-FARMS. WE HAVE SEVERAL OF the choicest grain and stock farms in Northern ILll cols, which wo oan sell at low prices and on reasonable terms, varying in' size from 80 to 600 acres each. CHAB. £. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dearborn-Hit. F’ OR SALE-OR BXCHANGE—I, OOO ACRES OF lowa lands and 10 suburban lots to exchange for city improved property, and assume some incumbrances. B. F. CLARKE A CO., la LaSalle-st. ■JTUDB SALE-750 ACRES CHOICE, CLEAR TITLE, J} Missouri lands at sJ_por acre; a line chance for specu lation. B. F. CLARKE A CO., 123 LaSallo-st. For sale—a beautiful home near the City of Batavia, HI., a largo clogaut hrmso, 9acres of land. Ana orchard, otc., oto. Address W. L. HAR RIS, P. O. boi 373, Chicago. REAL ESTATE WAITED. XTrANTED—FOR A CUSTOMER, SO FRET PARK IT front, or acre property worth altout $2,500, for which will pay all cash if a bargain. Aitgf.L A IIOaCHKISS, 43 Otis Block. TYf ANTED—ACRE PROPERTY, WELL LOCATED, VV in exchange lor a profitable manufacturing sU>ek at par: if desirable, small Incumbrance assumed. W. P. BREWSTER, 1M LaSolle-st., basement. XyAKTKD—TO MAKE $1,50) TO $5,0)0 WORTH OP VI fine gold watches and diamonds as first payment to wards good lot or house and lot. on Sontb Side, oast of BUte-st;, north of Thirty-third. W. MARSHALL, Car rier 25. TfTANTED—FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE, WORTH TV $14,000 to SAi,OOO; first payment to bo roal cstato. CLAFLIN BROS. & CO., lil LaSailo-st. T\7"ANTED—TO BUY-RES EDENOE LOT ON NORTH Vi , Side, cast of Clark-st., corner of Jefferson; mnstbo a bargain. Address, stating location and price, R 34, Tribune office. • WANTED-I WANT TO PURCHASE FIFTY FEET front inside city limits in good neighborhood; must bo good alloy; West or South Side; part cash, balance trade.; J. K. VAN DUZEN. _ TT/ANTED-TO PUECHASE-ON TIME. A LOT TV not north of Lake-st. nor south of Vaußuren. west of Union Park; will build on same this summer. Address G 47, Tribune office. • WANTED —I WILL PURCHASE AT ANY TIME unimproved city property, on which cash payment would be S2OO to $3,000, if properly is sstUfactory in loca- Uon and price. EDMUND G. STILES, » MadiKin, corner Doarbom-si. ■njANTED—I WANT TO BUY A CORNER LOT ON VV Wabash-av., between Thirtieth and Forty-fir*t-sts-, full depth, from 60 to 100 feet front. Address U 85, Trib une office. WANTED— 50 FEET ON ROCKWELL, TfEAR Jacksoo-st.; 94,000 or ss,ooobonso. betwsea Twelfth st. and Hyde Park, In exchange for SB,OOO brick bouse, good location. Lota or house in city in exchange lor nne farm. TATANTED—TO BUY OR BENT-A SMALL FARM, IT from 80 to 160 acres, on easy terms. Address W», Tribune office. WANTED —LARGE LOT NEAR NORTH CITY LDI- Its;some cash, and assume easy incumbrance lor os sizable residence and barm worth $4.500, near J And AnhUnd-.r. fIEIOHAAiTMOULTON. 13 'Methodist Church Block. ; TTTANTED-6 TO 90 ACRES, WELL LOCATED FOB W immediate subdivision. CANFIELD A MATTE - gON, 60 LaSalle-st. REAL ESTATE WANTED. X\r ANTED-A HOUSE AlfD LOT, OB VACANT Tr lot or lots, well located, in city or convenient to “ty: will pay some cash or assume incumbrance. Address Mr. KING, care TruesdoU A Brawn, 176 West Madison. TXTANTED-LOT ON WASHINGTON, PARK, OR * ' Warren-a v*., west of Lincoln, to more No. 1 boose on. MUSaELWI&Tg. Mi West Ekko-dt. TITANTF.D-A LOT WORTU SoOO OR 81.000. FOR • » which 1 will board a party, giving first-class accom modations and low prices- Address IJ SO. Tribnno otßee. TO SENT—HOUSES. rpO RENT—FRAME DWELLING, WITH BARN, X corner Lake and Wabpanseh-avs. Apply at 61 Ellis* ar., same block. OK) RENT-957 WABASU-AV., NEAR TWENTY- X socond-st., 3-story frame house, containing 13 rooms; hot and oold water, laundry, Ac, MEAD A COE, 163 LaSalie-BL TO RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF FIFTH* av. and Adams-st., containing 63 rooms. Including bath-room, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on the premises. TO RENT-ON NORTH SIDE FOR A HOTEL, THE splendid four-story and basement stono-front build ing, 80 by 106 feet, situated on the southeast corner of North wells and Mlchlgan-ste. Apply to E. A. JACOBS A FISCHER. No. 66 North WoDa-st. /TO RENT—HOUSES-TWO-STORY FRAME; 10 X rooms: good repair: Nos. 24, 26 and 28 Thirty-sevcnth »t., near Ems-sv. S. E. WELLS, 188 Dearborn-st. TO RENT-ONE OP THOSE BEAUTIFUL NEW homes, .14 rooms all modem improvements; Lake ▼lew, corner Indl&na-av. and Twelfth-st. Call at house. TO RRNT-BY WM. H. THOMPSON. 229 WEST Madison-tfe. a Gothic cottage of 7 rooms and closets, centrally located and newly refitted. Immediate posses sion. . rpO RENT—2-STORY HOUSE. WEST ADAMS-ST., X near Robey, In complete order; rent low. KEELER, PLATT A CC., 147 Randolph-et. over Fidelity Bank. TO RENT-A 3-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE front house, with all modern improvements, and famished. Apply on the promises 1198 Pralrie-av. TO RENT—HOUSE—2I NORTH CARPENTER-ST.; ' 11 rooms, newly papered, S6O; also 1069 Wabash-av., S6O. • B. 0. COLE A CO.. 133 LaSallo-st. TO RENT-OR FOR SALE-NEW 7-ROOM COT tageon Park-av., near Callfomia-ar.; very desirable placo;will sell or rent; cheap to good party. J. T. MATTHEWS A CO., northeast comer Lasalie and Mad iaon-sts., in Citizens’ Bank. TO RENT-NEW 2-STORY FRAME HOUSE, 8 rooms, south front, 993 West Monruo-at., close to Wortom-av. Rent low to desirable tenant. Apply to JOHN WEST, 991 West Monroo-«t., next door to tho above. T' O RENT-13 ROOM MABBLR-FRONT HOUSE. West Washiagtca-st., near Curtis. Furniture for sale If desired. Apply to GOLDEN A FRESHWATERS, 81 and 83 South Ulirk-at. TO RENT-THE 2-STORY HOUSE NO. 247 NORTH ' Clark-st., suitable for a boarding-house; 12 rooms and 40 foot storo. Inquire ou prcmlsos. T" bIRENT-ON‘CEOTR&AV.-A~GOOD HOUSE OF 9 rooms, only S3O per month in advance. Inquire at . 250 Oaltnaot-av. T~ ORE NT—2-ST ORT AND BASEMENT MARBLE front house on Indiana-av., near Thirtcenth-at,. with -parlor, dining-rooms. and kltchonon main Uoor. H. P. ELDRKD 4 CO.. 155 Moaroo-st. TO RENT-NORTH SIDE, NEAR CARS, SINGLE cottage, S2O; lower pertof double cottage, sl4; both six rooms. A. T. GALT. 77 Dcarborn-st., Room 11. TO RENT-HOUSE ON ARNOLD-ST., NEAR Thirty-ninth. 6 rooms, near cars; will take plastering or carpenter work for rent, if necessary. Apply at 1234 South Halsted-at. TO RENT-FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR THE SUM mor to a family without children. Inqoiro at 653 West Indiana-st. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 201 PARK-AV. CALL from 9 to 3, eicopt Saturday and Sunday. O~RENT-2-STbRY~HOUSE — OP 10 ROOMS, IN good neighborhood. No. 623 South Dearborn-fit. In quire at 150 South LaSallo-st., in basement. W. J. Johnson, Agent. TO RENT-FURNISHED MARBLE FRONT HOUSE, 14 rooms, in tho pleasantest locality in the city; owner will board for rent. Address Q 12, Tribune office. TO RENT-NEW HOUSEL FRONTING SOUTH, ON Forty-third-at., one block west of Cottage Grove-av.; bouse contains 8 rooms. Apply at the honse adjoining. - TO RENT—ONE OF THE NEATEST COTTAGES in the city, ono block east of Union Park; rent low; furniture for aale cheap. Apply on premises, 20 North Sheldoa-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, PLEASANTLY located, east of Mlchigau-av., near Twenty-second* it. ; rent $75 per month. Address G IS, Tribouo office. RENT—A AND BASE mentbrick house;modem improvements; on Indi ana-st., east of Dearborn. Gentleman and two ladies would board for rent. Noboardlng-housekoopornocdap ply. Call at 111 Wabaah-av., fourth floor. TO RENT—A FURNISHED HOUSE, TO EXCELL ent parties, and board for rent. Family must boamall. References required. Apply at 1096 Indiana-av. TO RENT-A COTTAGE WITH FIVE ROOMS, closets, and water; rent sl6. No. 455 West Hrio-st. r RENT-A TENEMENT HOUSE OF 4 ROOMS, with clothes-closet and pantry. 487 Wost Indiana-st. TO RENT-THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE NO. 450 Bntterfield-st., consisting of 5 rooms, pantry, and 3 closets. A cozy place for a email family. Inquire in the basement. TO RENT-A BRICK BASEMENT, CONTAINING 6 room*, with closets and water, at 69 Nebroska-at. Also two 2-story houses containing 8 rooms, closets, bath rooms. 4c„ 632 and 634 Mitchell-st., near corner of Ash* land-av. Apply at. 69 Nebraaka-st. . TO RENT-A BOARDING-HOUSE FULL OF FlßST claaa paying boarders; a part or the whole of furniture for sale; cheap lease. Reason for leasing ill health. Call at 224 West Van Buron-st. , TO RENT—DWELLING CONTAINING 10 ROOMS In thorough repair. Apply at 72 Twenty-second-st., or to PEULBY A GODFREY, 166 LaSalle-st. TO RENT-NEW BRICK HOUSE, TWO-STORY and basement, No. 297 North Wells-st., comer Whit* Ing. Rent SSO per month. H. BKAUCKMAN. TO RENT—DWKLUNGNO. 211 WEST RANDOLPH st., 6 rooms over store. OMAR BUSHNKLL, 120 Doarborn-et., Rooms U and 12. mo RENT-BY D. COLE ft SON. HOUSE RKNT JL toy Agent, 138 West Madison-st., furnished honso, 9 rooms, 527 Cottage Grovo-av. TO BENT—THE 2-STORY AND BRICK BASEMENT house. No. 1110 Prairie-av., ,o£ 14 rooms, with hot and cold wator, bath, wstyr-cljs.jti’, g-jviiiturc/. marble mantels, and good c 'iiar. Rent. qJ.uJO, to a responsible tenant. Apply at bouse, orat IS2 Monroc-st., basemont; To "rentes® arrison-stT^oener Gold-st., 6rooms; water; g2U. mO RENT-HOUSE OF TEN ROOMS AND BARN, ± No. 273 Michigan-nr. . Part or all of the furniture for sale cheap. Apply at 51 South Water-su, between XI and 12 a. m. ands toGp. m. TO .RENT-A COTTAGE WITH 4 ROOMS AND baaaniont, with good accommodations, at46Scott-st., North Side, near the Lake. ■ TO RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK (new), all modem improvements; will be finished this week: 710 Waahingtoa-at. Inquire at 712 West Washing ton-st. rpO REJfT-G. S. LACEY * CO.. 119 DEARBORN. 836 West Monroo-st.. 12 rooms, 3-story brick, ail mod* era improrcmcnts and b&m; SI,OOO, First hoase south of Napolcon-placo, on Stowart-ar., 8 rooms, closets, and pantries. f}3o. - 4£9 Horlbat-st.. 2-story 9-room cottage, $35. • 369 Dsyton-st., grooms, 330; all modem improrements. Thirty cottages and lots for sale aheap, best bargains in Chicago, on monthly payments and time. TO BENT-286 ILLINOIS-ST., SECOND DOOR from Rash, 2‘BtozT and basement brick house, and furniture for saio, well adapted for & boarding-house, -being Tory convenient to the puslnes* port of the city. BENT-COTTAGE~VND~BARN, 8 MINUTES* walk from Union Park; $25 to a good party. C. W. DEAN, 133 Clark-st., Room 16. ( fpO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. NO. X 111 Twenty-ninth-sU, near Calomet-av.; rent reaaon .ablo. For particulars inquire at house, Monday or Tues day. TO BENT-A SPENDID HOUSE, 981 SOUTH DEAR born-it., corner Thirty-ninth, with bam, only S3O. Inquire of J. W. GOULD, at9Bi. TO RENT-NEW STONE FRONT, 11 ROOMS; 666 and 668 Monrae-st. 11-mom English basement, 100 Wood>st. 114 Aberdoen-st.. 9-room ;659 Monroe, 7-room; 76 Paulina, For terms, call at 618 Alonroo. r RENT—THE TWO-STORV FRAME-DWELLING. No. 297 Michigan-ar., near Eldridge-court; recently put in thorough repair. For particulars, apply to J. O. FARRINGTON, office of Geo. O. Clarke, 8 and 4 Bryan Block. • TO RENT-CALCULATED FOR A BOARDENG house or private hotel. 40 to 50 rooms, In the stone front building now being boilt on northeast comer of North Clark and Krio-ata.; the rooms will be arranged to salt & good tenant. Apply to WM. O. DOW, Room 21, Tribune Building. mo RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, BOARD OWN- X ert; privilege of rerenting rooms. J 21, Tribune office. • TO RENT-IN A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION, 164 North Dcarbom-st., one 2-atory and basement brick dwelling, 15 rooms, with closets and modern im provements ; fop private residence only. Apply to M. cCANLAN, 7 South Clark-at. TO BENT—7SO MICHIGAN-AV.. 3-STOBY DWELL- Ing.jiut painted and calciminad. Immediate posses sion. Favorable terms to a good tenant. K. C. GAR RABRANT, Woodruff Hotel. mo RENT-LOWER FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 94 A East Twonty-fifth-st., Grooms; rent, S2B- Gas and water. , mo RENT—AND FURNITUREFORBALB, 10ROOMS A in a business block, one of the best chances In the city for rooting rooms. Address J 43, Tribune office. mo RENT-ON ONE OF THE BEST OORNEBSON A Waihlngton-st.. house in splendid repair, and filled with first-class boarders, 25 In number; reason for wish ing to rent, parties going to leave the city. Address U 82, Tribune office. . TO RENT-825 PER MONTH-NICK 7 ROOM COT tago and barn, on Sonth Side, near can. W. M. JACKSON, 118andl2i)Monroo-st. O RENT—HOUSE SI WEST LAKE-ST., CORNER Page, 7 rooms; S4O. Apply onpremises. TO RENT-A NEAT COTTAGE OP 8 KOO3IS, 179 . West Van Buren-st.; S4O. Apply on the premises. o EENT-«SBUKNSIDE-ST., house SUITABLE fbrtwo families, six rooms and two closets. Inquire of WM. HANSBROUGH, 131 La3allg-<t., Room 12. TO RENT-HOUSE 738 MADXSON-ST., CORNER Lincoln; 7 rooms, bath room, pantry and closets, well arranged. Inquire at store. TO RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, WTTH ALL modem improvements, 338 Chicago-av. Inquire on promisee. mo RENT-S-ROOM HOUSE WITH STORE X 050. on Ann-st., near Carroll. T. B. BOYD, 180 West waahington-st. ROOMS. 2 CLOSETS, AND PANTRY. X with stable: water In the house; rent S3O. At 677 EriMt : . TO BENT—NO. © OAKWOOD- BODLETV ARD, bouse of 9 rooms: in good order. Apply to H. J, GOODRICH, 135 Dcarborn-st. TO RENT-BY J. 8. &A. SCOVEL, 76 EAST Aladison-st.—A newly refitted cottage with 6 rooms and closets. Convenient location. Immediate posses sion • "j TO BENT-A HOUSE OP 12 ROOMS. AND PART of furniture for sale. A good place for boarders. At uresent rooms rented for lodgers. Sickness the cause of •ale. Apply at 357 South Clark-st. Also, a grocer’s wag on for sale cheap. mo BENT-FURNISHED HOUSE TO FAMILY X wltbont children, and board owner. Apply at 336 Wo*t Lake-st. __ TO RENT-ONE OFTHB BEST-LOCATED BOARD iag-houaes on the West Side, emrlsring f i 19 moms, to be ranted cheap to a responsible pary oaly. ■ 204 South DespUinee-st., known as the Garden Cny House. TO KENT—HOUSES. fpo RENT—BY WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., REAL X Estate and Rooting Agency, 144 LaSalle-st., Otis Block: HOUSES—SOUTH DIVISION. Two-story brick boose, 138 Vincennos-av-, 10 rooms, $65 a nioatb. _ Two 2-story frame houses, 24 and 26 Thirty-seventh-st., 8 rooms each. 723 Statist., store, basement and dwellings, 8 rooms each. Nos. 24 and 30 Thlrtyeighth-st., two 2-story and base ment brick booses, 9 rooms each. Two-story brick bouses on Langley-st., soar Thirty eighth-st., 9 rooms each. _ Nos. S, 4, 6, 8.10 snd IS Johnson place, 9 rooms each. Two-story and basement marble front boose, N. E. oar* ner of Langley-sv. andTbirty-elghth-st., 10 rooms. Two-story brick house, 133 Vlncennes-av., 10 rooms. „ WEST DIVISION. Six pleasant rooms, the upper part of new bouse 743 West Tyler-st., near Boyno-st. Completely furnished cottage on Fulton-st., near Union Park. Fire rooms or lease and furniture for sale; s3oocash, near Union Park. 12 Irving-pUce, 9 rooms and water, rent S4O per month. IS Irring-place, 5 zooms with closets, Ac., S3O per month. Now basement cottage, 804 South Robey-st., 6 rooms. *45 West Jackson-si., 8 rooms, gas, «*d water, with good lot 50 ft. front; also with good bam. Bent S4O per month. 75 Flournoy-at,, 8 rooms, gas, and water. Rent $Bl per month. 13 North Carpenter-st.. 11 rooms, 8® per month. 384 Hubbard-st., near A da, 14 rooms and good barn. Two-story frame hooso at Norwood Station, 9 rooms at SSO per month. 1&2 Rebccca st,, 10 rooms; near Bine Island-av. 43South Hay-st., upper part of boose, Brooms ats6o por month, fill Fulton-et.. 9 rooms at sls per month. 409 West Madlson-st.. two-story and basement marble front boose of 14 rooms at $1,500 a year Now brick bouse on Lcavlttrst., first bonse south of Madlson-at., 14 rooms, all tho modem Improvements. Two-story and basement brick bouse, 107 Centre-av., 10 rooms at S6O por month. NORTH.DIVISION. . Very beautiful three-story and basement marblq front bouse. No. 334 North LaSalie-st,, 13 rooms, bath-rooms, and all the modem improvements. Two-story frame house on Centre-st., and two-story frame house on Davlon-at.; 7 rooms. 15 Belden-placc, IQ rooms, modem Improvements at S4O per month. Two-stoiy and basement brick house, 184 North Dear born-st.,'lo rooms, modern improvements. 24 Samlnary-ar., 13 rooms at $75 a month. A largo list of houses for rent ift all parts of the city. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., TO RENT -BY D. COLE & SON, HOUSE Renting Agents. 188 West Msdison-st.: 2 houses, 9 rooms each, 545 and 517 Fulton-st.; $45. 12 rooms and barn, 591 Faltomst. 12 rooms and bam, 717 Wasbington-st. Large Gothic homo and 70 foot of ground, 330 West Wasbington-st. 8 rooms, 333 West Madlson-st. 7 rooms, 127 West Washington-st. 8 rooms, 133 West Washington-st. 3 rooms, 410 West Monroe-jt.; sl3. 4 rooms, 117 Lake-st.; $25. 5 rooms, 123 West Washington-st.; $35. 4 rooms, 95 South Halsted-st. Wo have a large list of small homes; S2O and $25. Call and look over our list. TO RENT-BY DREW A NEWBURY, GENERAL Real Estate and Renting Agency, Booma 8 and 9 Bryan Block. No. 161 LaSalle-sC.t 45 Egaa-av., 2-story frame; every improrement; in good repair. . 16 Cottagc-place, S-story and basement house, 9 rooms, water and gas. . IttS MicbJgan-av., 2-story frame, brick basement, in good repair. C 6 Vlneonnoe-ar., 3-etory marblo front. 230 West Waahington-st., 3-story and basement marble front. : New bouses comer West Harrison and Leavltt-ats., S3O each. • 292 Walnut-st., cottage 6 rooms. Besides other houses iu all parts of the city. TO RENT—A NEW 2-BTORY BRICK HOUSE ON tbs eoruer of Brown and Taylor-sts., suitable for two families, 6 rooms on each floor, bath-room and water closet. Also a cottage of 7 rooms, and water. Rent cheap. Inquire on the premises, 328 Taylor-st., near Bine island-tv. T" ' O RENT-BRICK COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS, 905 BUT tcrfield rU, $25; possession immediately. Small cot* tags, 788 Fourth-st., sls. House of II rooms, Erie*st., near Robey, $35. B. G. GOOD WILLIE, No. 131 South Clark-st. . ■ TO RENT-BY WM. C. DOW, ROOM 21 TRIBUNE Building: Stone-front house 335 North LaSalle-st., near Oak, with all modem improvements. Brick house on North LaSaUe-st., near North-av., two stories and basement. Two brick bouses on North Clark-st., near Belden*av.; two stories, ba»ement.and sub-cellar. Famished house at Kenwood, 9 rooms, large lot, and good stable. TO RENT-A COTTAGE OF 6 ROOMS, BUTTERY, and closed with water in buttery; in first-class order; at 374 West Harrison-st. Reference rsquired. TO RENT-953 INDIANA-AV., NEAR TWENTIETH st., with or without furniture, for the season or year, or for sale, location very desirable, furniture new and handsome, billiards, bam, and modem conveniences, marble front, 13 rooms; possession immediate. Gall betweon 8 and XO a. m., and 8 and 6 p. m. TO RENT-ELEGANT HOUSE ON EGAN-AY., No. 46; all modem improvements. $75 por month. TO RENT-A GOOD HOUSE ON CHARLES place. No. 24, near Fifth-ar., lor a boarding house or private family. rpO RENT—TWO BRICK HOUSES, MODERN IM- X provemeuta, near Lincoln Park and Lincoln-av. cars. Basement at 153 Bandolph-st., suitable for barber shop or trunk store. Two-story house on South Robey-«t., near Adams; low. W. J. DAVIS. 146 MadUon-st. TO RENT-A DESIRABLE NEW COTTAGE, 283 South Wood-et., 3 blocks south from Vanßuren*st. cars; water In house. Apply on the promises. TO BENT-BY DA.VIS A PIKE, 125 DEARBOBN st.: A nicely-located andneatly-fnrnithed honso, with large yard, shrubbery, Ac., on Indiaaa-av., between Twontv-tblrd and Twonty-foartfa-ete. TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE FOR 3 MONTHS from J aly 1; no children. For particular* coll in ereu ing at 801 Fulton-st. rro RENT-A BOARDING-HOUSE, SUITABLE FOR J. accommodating 35 boarders, with a store front and all modern improvements. For information inquire at 136 Eaat Erie-su Suburban- TO RENT-THE MOST DESIRABLE BOUSE AND grounds In Evanston: near depot, lake, and public boildiogs. Has bam and all convenience* of a country residence. Will rent cheap to the right family for bal ance of year. Apply to J. B. FOWLER, Heal Estate Agent, Evanston. TO RENT-AT EVANSTON, A PLEASANT AND DE sirable bouse of 10 rooms till Oct. 1; mainly furnished; to party with best reference at moderate figure. HJ, care Carrier 29. TO RENT-IN EVANSTON, FRAME HOUSE, TWO stories; good collar under whole house? well and cis tern: centrally located. Apply to W. O. CLARKE, 150 South Clark-st., Chicago, or J. R. FOWLER, Evanston. TO' RENT-OAK PARK-FURNISHED-A NICE now house of 7 rooms, brick basement, pantries, .clos ets, hard and soft water; large lot, with fruit, shrubbery, andsbado trees; also barn. Fifteen trains into town daily. Bent very cheap to respectable party who will bo cartful of tbo place. Owner going to Europe. Address U 33, Tribune office. . TO RENT-LAKE FOREST RESIDENCE-HOUSE new: grounds handsomely improved. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—AT ENGLEWOOD-NEW HOUSE, 10 rooms, convenient to depot. ApplytoO.S. HOW ABD. corner West Twenty-second and Unlon-sts. TO KENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—IF YOU WANT COMFORT AND ELE ganoe go and secure a roam at the St. Elmo, 65 and 87 Dearboru-st. Charges reasonable. TO RENT-ONE NICE FURNISHED ROOM FOB one or two persons. No. 193 South Halsted-sfe., near Jsokson. rpO RENT-TWO LARGE ROOMS, 40X100. SECOND X and third floors; Nos. 50 and 53 Eaat Madison-st. Can furnish steam-power if desired for third floor. Ap ply on premises. D. A. CA3HMAN. TO RENT—SI2.6O—FINE SLEEPING-ROOM OB OP fice, 14x15, with water, etc., second floor. Apply at 185 Washlngton-st., Room 1. T* O RENT—THREE ROOMS SUITABLE FOB housekeeping. In back part of house No. 371 West Har rison-st,; rent, sl3. TO RENT—TO GENTLEMEN AND GENTLEMEN and wives (without children) new handsomely-fur nished rooms; 816 to S4O. 41 Clark-st., Boom 30. Ref erences. • TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS ON SECOND floor of new brick, IS4 Indiana-st.. four blocks from Clark-st. bridge; front $1.75, back SL2S a weeks Booms shown any day except Sunday. TO KENT—FOB HOUSEKEEPING, TWO BOOMS with two closets, and water on the tame floor. Apply on Monday, from 1 till 4.18 Price-place, off Desplainee-st. TO RENT-197 WEST MADISON-ST., A FRONT room, furnished, cheap to the right party. TO RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS. AP plj at 364 Wabasb-av., comer Harrison-st. TO RENT—LARGE, AIRY, FURNISHED BOOMS in Republic Life Building (use of elevator), suitable for l&diee or gentlemen; good board same floor. Inquire at DARLING'S Studio, Boom a, ISI LaSallo-st. TO BENT—A DESIRABLE ROOM, SUITABLE FOB gentleman and wife or single gentleman, and also a tingle room, famished. with or without board. Alio A largo barn. 19 South Ann-st. TO RENT—PARLOR AND BED ROOM, FURNISH* ed or unfurnished. Call at houee 761 Mlchlgan-AT., noar Twenty-seoond-st. TO BENT—A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. SUlT able for one or two gentlemen, at 53 North Maj-tt. TO RENT-PLEASANT, FURNISHED ROOMS TO gentlemen. 19 North Green-at. TO RENT-A NICE FURNISHED ROOM. WITH OR without board; gas, bath-room, do. 107 South Peorla-st. TO RENT-SUITES OF ROOMS NEAR THE Busi ness centre, for famtllaa without children, who can give the best of references. E. F. ADAMS, comer of Madison and State-eta. r RENT—FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED rooms, with or without board, at 30 Aberdeen-st. IJIO BENT—4 BOOMS AT 320 HUBBARD-BT. TO RENT-FOUR BOOMS, COMPRISING THE second floor of a two-story and basement brick house, two squares from Union Park; has closets, gas, water and bathroom; rnitabla for light housekeeping, or board furnished if desired. No. W North Ashland-ar. TO BENT— FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED rooms, with or without board. 134 Thlrd-ar. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOB GENTLE* men. WO Michlgan-ar. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM FITTED FOR small housekeeping. 679 West Madlson-st. • TO BENT PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS; also two gentlemen room-matee wanted, moderate rents. 117 South Hslstcd-sL TO RENT-A NICE SUITE OF ROOMS. PLEASANT locality. 228 West Washlagton-st. r BENT—A NICELY-FURNISHED. BOOM FOB two gentlemen in a new brick house, 145 Throop-st., with modem Improvements, strictly private family; references required. TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS AT sl3 TO sl6 per month td gentlemen with reference*. 40 East Harrison-st. TOREST— JUST GO AND LOOK AT THOSE ELE gsnlly fnrniahed room at ilcnore Block, comer Mon roe and Dearbom-sts. Apply at Room SB. lUO RENTJFUn.VLSHED FRONT BOOH AT SU J. pet month at IS2 Y ivcnty-third-st. mo RENT-IN PRIVATE FAMILY, 9«5 WABASH- I ar "tc gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, a rato of nowiy-fumtshed rooms; also, comer alcove room; house has all modem conrenieocea. TO RENT—BOOMS. TO RENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFUR nished, at 11 East Twelfth-st. Address G 62, Tribune office. TO RENT-IN PRIVATE FAMILY ON MIGHTGAN sv., near Twonty-secoud-st., a large front room with alcove; also back room, nicely furnished; modem im provementa. Address Q 40, Tribune office. TO RENT—THREE LARGE ROOMS ON iTTJT floor, famished or unfurnished, at 170 West Adama-Bt. TORENT— UNFURNISHED FRONT SUITE. ALSO, pleasant furnished room. 1070 Wabash-av., between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth-sta. TO RENT—S PLEASANT ROOMS, sls. 337 SOUTH Wostem-av. r RENT-TWO NICE SLEEPING-ROOMS. WITH cso of parlor and bath. Apply at e*J South Dear bora-st., between Thlrty-aacoad sad Thirty-thlrd-ata. TO RENT—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A NICELY furnished front room suitable for two gentlemen, with or without board, on Learirt-st., near Lake. Ad dress G 33, Tribune office. TO RENT—WITHOUT BOARD, A SUITE OF TWO rooms; suitable for two gentlemen. In good locality. Address S. V. CORNISH, BO South Canal-at. rpO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS EN SUITE, X- or single. No. 20 Congross-st., one door east ol Wabash-av. TO RENT-FOUR ROOMS DOWN STAIRS AND front. 619 COntro-av. TO, RENT-THREE NICE ROOMS WITH PANTRY and closet, to a nice family, at 1774 State-si., cornri Thirty-ninth. Inquire at the place. The horse-cars run by there. mo RENT-A FRONT ROOM HANDSOMELY FUR- X nishod at S2O a month; board if desired. 1053 Wa. baah-ar. TO RENT-FURNISHED. A NICE BACK PARLOR on first floor; one room up-stairs, and very comiorta bl* basement room, with or without board, at 150 West Adama-at. TO RENT—AN ELEGANT FURNISHED FRONT room, with room off. In private family, with or with out board. 687 West Adams-st. TO RENT—I 97 WEST MADISON-ST., UP*STAIRS, nicely furnished or unfurnished rooms for gentlemen or families with or without board; delightful locality. rro RENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS, FURNISHED OH X unfurnished, suitable for gentleman and wiloortwe or three gentlemen at 239 Supcrior-at. Inquire on second floor, or at 47 North Clark-st. TO RENI—PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS, without board; also, stable room for one pair horses. IC3 Walnat-st, TO RENT-A FURNISHED SINGLE FRONT BED. room, to gentleman; also, 4 unfurnished rooms. In qatre at 145 Sooth Halsted-st. TO RENTS-ONE LARGE ROOM. WITH CLOSET. 482 West Hubbard-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE OR EN suite, tooneor more gentlemen; reasonable terms. Apply at Room 32 Quinlan Block. 81 and 83 Clark-st. TO RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. SUlT sblefor3or3young men, with or without board; cheap rent. Apply atltil South JolTenon-st. rpo .RENT—A FURNISHED FRONT BOOM, TO X respectable parties, with or without board, in a prt vato family, at 9 East Polk-st., near State. TO RENT-FOUR ROOMS. CORVENIENT FOB housekeeping, near Union Park. Cheap—B2o pet month. D« a. INGHAM, 61 South Desplaincs-st. TO BENT-6 ROOMS, CONVENIENT FOR HOUSE* keeping, at S2O per month. Inquire at drug store, &t Cottage Grove-av., or at 828 to Dr. NORTON, Demist. TO RENT—3 ROOMS, WITH WATER. PANTRY, and closet, with or without the uao of stable, at 2SS North Pauliua-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM IN PRIVATE house, 191 Bumsido-st., near Eighteenth. Call Mon* day. TO, BENT-SUITE OF FRONT* ROOMS. FUR. nisbed, with large closet. Rent moderate. Location convenient to 3 Hues of can. 1U36 lndlana-av., near Twenty-second-st. TO RENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS ON STATE-ST., suitable for one cr two ladies. Call at 539>4 West Bandolph-st. TO RENT-41 EIGHTEENTU-ST. —T WO OR THRER very desirable furnished rooms, with board. In private family; pleasant location, near lake and public convey* ances. TO BENT-FOUR ROOMS FURNISHED FOR housekeeping, or furnished rooms for gentleman and wife, with or without board. No other boarder. Address U S3, Tribune office. r RENT-FOUR LARGE ROOMS AND A PAN try and clothes closet; water up-stairs; a bam if wanted. Rent, sl6. Apply at 275 First-et. TO RENT-A WIDOW LADY LIVING ALONE has a room to rent to single gentleman.' Please ad* dress G 71, Tribune office. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM, WITH USE OF sitting room, in a private family; no other roomers. Address Q S3, Tribune office. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM, WITH OR WITH out board; terms reasonable. Apply at house, 265 Folton-st., first floor. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS AT 188 WEST Washlngton-st., for ladies or gentlemen. rpo RENT-FURNISHED SLEEPING-ROOM FOR X gentlemen at 232 South Jefferson-st., near Van Boren. TO RENT-A FEW PLEASANTLY-LOCATED, nicely-furnished sleeping-rooms, with or without board. Inquire of R. H. FISH 4 CO.. SA West Madi •on-st. TO RENT—MO MICUIGAN-AV.—A VERY PLEAS ant, furnished front room, with alcove and closet, without board; suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen- TO RENT-THREE ROOMS, FURNISHED, FOR housekeeping, $25 por month: location, one block south of Lincoln I*ark. Apply to IJ, SO West Wasbing toa-st. TO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS, AT SH Wabash-av. Terns very low. TO BENT—FURNISHED ROOMS: TRANSIENT accommodations. Apply at Boom 43, 10 to 13 Madi aon-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR WlTH outboard, at 299and301 Sooth Halstod-at. TO RENT—296 FULTON-BT.—SUITE OP ROOMS in basement, convenient for housekeeping, to mao and wife only. Rent sls. TO BENT-A HANDSOME SUITE OP UNFUR. nisbed rooms, with or without board; desirable local- Ity; references required. 657 West Moaroe-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED SLEEPING-P.ooilS. $lO, - sls, and S2O per month, to gentlemen only. 474 VVa* baah-ar. TO RENT-TWO NICE FRONT od new, to gentlemen only; terms reasonable. Room 7, 119 Sooth Dearbora-st. TO RENT—BASEMENT OF 5 ROOMS. WITH 3 closets, 136 Sontfa Deiplaines-st; rent S2O per mouth. TO RENT-NORTH EAST OF RANDOLPH and Franklla-st., nicely famished front rooms. In quire at Room 1. TO BENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, for two or three young gentleman, at 114 South Fej zia-st. r RENT-ELEGANT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR unfurnished, Ashland Block, opposite Sherman Bouse. Inquire &t Boom 81, Elevator in the building. fTO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, FROM $lO TO X sls per month, all good and airy, and neatly titled up in first-class style. Inquire on premises, 614 Stato-st. TO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED SLEEPING room, with use of parlor, at $8 per month, No. &3 West Polk-at. Also, cottage of 3 rooms; rent, $lO per month. IJIO BENT-FURNISHED ROOM, 61 BLUE ISLAND- TO RENT-A FIRST FLOOR, SUITABLE FOB housekeeping. Apply at 112 South Joflorron-st. TO BENT-FIRST FLOOR OF 779 FULTON-ST.. corner of Hoyne, 5 rooms, pantry and closete, pouts sion about Ist July; vent $37. Apply on premises. Good cooking store for sale. TO RENT—CHEAP—A NICE FURNISHED PARLOR and bed room, or 4 rooms not famished; splendid summer residence. Evans-sv., fourth houso from Forty fifth-st. r RENT—BY H. O. MOREY, 77 CLARK-ST., rooms In second, third, and fourth stories, south west corner Clinton and West Lake-stg. Elegant suites of oSloes in Superior Block. 77 Clark-st.. partitioned off to suit tenants. TO RENT FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED, large, pleasant froutparlor. Large bam in the res r; room for 4 horses. 965 Wabaah-av. TO BENT-UPPER PART OF COTTAGE 685 CEN tro-av., 4 rooms, closets, and pantry, all new. A small American family preferred. Apply on the promisee. TO RENT-AT 8H WABASH-AV-, FURNISHED front room and back parlor. TO RENT-A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO two gentlemen or gentleman and lady, with or without board, at No. IIP North Clark-st. TO BENT-FLOOR OF 10 ROOMS, NEAR MADI son and Clark-ste., $75 per month; suitable for fur nished rooms; suites or rooms for light housekeeping; slceplng-roomss6toslo per mouth; 3 rooms on South Jet ferson-sL, $8: 5 rooms, sls: store and rooms, *25. ED MUND Q. STILES, 99 Madlson-st., comer Dcart-vra. TO RENT-ONE NICE UNFURNISHED ROOM, cheap, for one or two persons, at 231 West at., third floor. TO BENT-UPPER PART OF BASEMENT-COT tage No. 63 Shurtleff-av., consisting of six TO RENT—SIX NEW ROOMS ON PkCK-W.. near Forty-third-st., two blocks west of Cottz/* G.'v,.-. at., $35. Inquire at Ix 7 Sooth Watcr-et. r BENT-FIRST-CLASS FURNISHEL*' 1:0- for gentlemen at 931 Wabash-sv. To rent-six rooms”6n wilsr ».T \ near Robey, all in nlca order; r;>v f KENNEDY, Ho Clark-at,. Rooms 2tJ r.ud 27. TO RENT-1000 INDIANA-AV.VVuitVs<::h‘- room, without board; good board id sum ■ by at reasonable price. TO BENT-THREE VERY nicely furnished; would boar*; wr children. 874Michigan*sv. CallMuu!- TO RENT-UNSURNISHED ROOMS. WT without board, at 125 West TO REST-6 ROOikIS IN THE UPPER PAit 190 Sooth Jeflerson-st.. near Van Burcu. TO RENT-A FRONT ROOM AND Al.CO’.’r, HP: nisbed orunfumlshod; gas, ; - :i r ,; ' 1 location central and good. Call at —i ./ij-.l ji ri.o fpo EEST-AN UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM, JL vlth alcoT.; a’jo. furaUJ™*- or .nlur-WJ Kim, with or wllhnnt injard. at 657 WabMh-a., C» TO RENT—THE LOWER FLOOR (6 ROOMS) OP houa’a No. Itl Sj)n[h SatiOT^|.it.: riioa h. B. P. SHOTWELL or J. 5L HAYEh, Boom 11, M Franklln-st. ' mO~RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, SIS WEST MAD* J. lson*st., comer Sangamon. • TO RENT-FURNISHED PARLOR WITH BED* rooms fur gentleman aud wife or single gentlemen, with or without board; very moderate charge*. 173 West Jackson-st. TO RENT-ELEGANT FURNISHED ROOMS WITH largo closets and gas. 101 West Mad Ison-at.. Room IS. TO BENT-UPPER HALF SMALL NEW HOUSE, No. 50 Josepb*st., comer Archcr-a?., 3 rooms, yard, water, Ac.; no other tenants. Apply cn the premises. TO RENT—69 NORTH MORGAN-ST., FURNISHED front room and closet, suitable for two gents, sls per month. TO RENT-5 ROOMS AND CLOSERS, WITH GAS, and water. 1456 Prairia-ar., corner Thirty-sc con d -st.« at £25 per month to a responsible party. Inquire on premises. rpO RENT-ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, X wither without board, at6ll Washlngton-ar., near Union Pork. rfO RENT-4 ROOMS AND 3 CLOSETS AT 83S X West Lake-st, All newly papered and cleaned. Prioo, $25 permonth. Inquire at 287 Madison-st., up stairs Mrs. Q. D. WYCKOFP. 13

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