Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 15, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 15, 1873 Page 14
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14 TO RENT—ROOMS. 10 RENT—A LARGE, NICELY FURNISHED ROOM _ suitable for two gentlemen, with two beds: also tin •*lo room; brick house. 411 West MatUson-st. T RENT—ONB LARGE FURNISHED BOOM ON X first floor. 17 Eldrid go-court. alO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMSFOR ANY LENGTH . of time desired. Address B 59, Tribune office. TO RENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS IN A private family. No. 206 Third-av.. ri’O RENT —LARGE PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, X furnished, to gentleman or lady, 103 Wincheatcr-av.. first siroot west of Lincoln-st., between Jackson and Van Bares. mO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS TO GENTEEL X parties for any length of time. In vicinity of Union Park. Address It 46, Tribune office. ICO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM FOR TWO GKN- X tleracn, without board, at £O3 West Taylor. Refor* ciines exchanged. ffO RENT-TWO NICELY FURNISHED FRONT X rooms at 317 Tnird-av., second houss south of Twelfth. TO RENT-ROOMS FURNISHED OR TJNFUB nisbed, latter with carpets. 313 West Washtngton-st. TO RENT—I 4 NORTH HAL6TED-ST., NEAR RAN dolph., one furnished room, suitable for two gentle men. TO RENT-177 WEST RANDOLPH-ST. r LODGINGS 25and 50 cents per day; office. Room No. U. third floor. ' 3iO RENT-PLEASANT ROOMS FOR THE SEA . to gentlemen without families. Inquire of J. G. OUNG, on premises, Sd house south of hotol, at Hyde Park. (Firet-clsaa board at hotel). fpO BENT—PLEASANT SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, X unfurnished or famished;also bam withs stalls. Call after sp. m., atlOafi Wabash-av. TO RENT—AT 27 TWENTY-FIFTH-ST., TWO ELE gantly-f omlshod front rooms, overlooking the lake; board convenient. TO RENT-ONE NICELY-FURNISHED ROOM FOR one or two gentlemen; reference required. 823 Wa bash-av. TO RENT—A LARGE FRONT ROOM, NICELY famished, with 4 large windows, at 736 South State mU, between honrtccnth and Fifteenth. TO RENT—S ROOMS WITH 2 CLOSETS AT 1087 West Madison-st. TO RENT-S ROOMS AND PANTRY, WATER IN kitchen, to man and wife without children. Tyler* st., second door west of Western-av. TO RENT-3 VERY NICE ROOMS, WITH PANTRY end closet*, 818, at 933 Clark-st. Call from 9toll a. m. and S to 4 p.m. ' TO RENT-3 OR 4 NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS to one or two ladies, for tho summer or longer, as the owner is going away and wishes to leave them in' good bands; rent reasonable. For particulars addressG47, Tribuno office. T' O RENT-612 WABASH-AV., ELEGANTLT-FUR nihod front room, alio single room for gentleman. mo RENT-BEST SUITE OF UNFURNISHED X rooms on Wabaah-av., opposite Post-Office; alao good office for physician; also large baaoment. B. M. DAV ENPORT, 10 Major Block. alO RENT—TO A SMALL FAMILY FIVE BOOMS and closets. No. 150 North LaSalie-st. TO BENT-FOUR BOOMS. APPLY AT M 7 SOUTH Cliaton-st. References required. mo RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM X os second floor; gas. bath, and all conveniences on floor; single gentlemen preferred; terms moderate, lull Indians-*?. fro RENT— VERY COOL AND DESIRABLE ROOMS X for lodging or light housekeeping at 42 Gass-et.; terms reasonable. TO RENT-520 WABASH-AV., PLEASANT ROOMS furnished and unfurnished, with or wlfchont board. TUO RENT-A FURNISHED FRONT BOOM. SUIT- X able lor 2 gentlemen, sls per month; 776 Wabaah-av., near Sixioeolh-st, T* O RENT-FIRST FLOOR OF A BRICK HOUSE; newly fitted up In good stylo, with a good collar. In* qalro at 825 West Polk-ct. TO RENT—FIVE ROOMS. NO. 68 HONORE-ST. Inquire at house. • rr»o RENT-FURNISHED FRONT BOOM, BUITA- X bio forbad and sitting-room, for two gentlemen or (adyaal gontlamaa, at 16 West Randolph-at.. TO RENT-A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, pleasantly situated, furnished or unfurnished. Apply st 126 Warten-av. T" O RENT-A FRONT BED-ROOM, OVERLOOK ingibulako, famished or anfaraished, with or with cat board. Apply to-day. No. 1 Thirty-first-st. TO RENT—WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, LARGE front rooms, furnished, private family, at 33 Oak*?., near Douglas House. TO RENT-FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED rooms, at 12 Eldridge-coort, east of Wabaah-av-; all modem imprcvomenla. mb’ RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, AT 232 WEST X Washinglca-st., singly or on suite, terms reasonable; modern Improvements. rpo RENT-ROOMS, 740 WABASH-AV.*. FURNISH- X odor unfurnished, to permanent occupants, at reas onable figures. rpo RENT—ELEGANTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS, 164 X and 156 East Washington-st. TO KENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS b? the day, week, or month, at the St. Julion Euro pean Hotel, 153 Dearborn-st. fTO RENT-1 LARGE FRONT ROOM AND 9 SINGLE A rooms, well furnished, to respectable young men: pri vate house. 413 West Madison-st. TO RKNT-A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT PAR lor and bedroom, with closets, and the use of a new organ, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two gentle men; good references. 556 West Madison-st., near Union Park; or address P, 212 West Madison-st., up-stalr*. TO RENT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED suites of rooms, without board. 1058 Indlana-av. TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH bedroom attached. 170 Third*?. fUO RENT-FURNISHED SLEEPING-BOOMS FOR A gentlemen, 51 South Groon-st. TO KENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, 8 DOORS FROM MudUon-st. cars, 7 Contre-av.; new house, new oar r-ta r.nd fnrnl'-uro. modem conveniences; very pleasant and dealrab'o locality. rro r.ENT-131 SOUTH GREEN-ST., furnished 4. front parlor and bed-room at §l9 per month; also, a tflnfrlw room at 510 per month. O THIRD. AND FOURTH f floors of 173 Clark-»t., near Monroe; second floor fnr- Ib-jd. Inquire on the promises. VrO RENT-PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, NICELY J furnished, salfißno lor two gentlemen, at 330 Wabash av., near Congre*6-et. 'O RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS BY THE DAY or week. Address U 47. Tribnne office. LOOMS. INQUIRE AT 178 WEST 'O KENT—S Jacksoa-sL TO RENT-UNFURNISHED. A VERY NICE front chamber and bed-room, with all modem im provement. Private family. Locality fine. Board, if desired, cheap to desirable parties. 271 West Jackson-st. rrORECT-FCRNISIIED PARLORS. INQUIRE AT . J®® West Madison-st., Room S. Mra. THOMPSON, T' O RENT—A FURNISHED”fEONT Hubbard-court. Call to-day or ifond TO KENT—NICELY-FURNISHED BOOMS, SUlT ablo forelnglo gentlemen, at 776 ilichigan-ar., near Twcotj'-socond-st. rro RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM WITH PARLOR, X for gentleman, or lady, with board if desired, at 1348 Suto-st, rpO RENT—TWO FINE FRONT ROOMS, FOURTH J. floor, in building 84 and 88 Room SO. T O RENT—SIX ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR. OR atStS 1 * 0 U dcsirablo ‘ 307 South Halsted-st. Inquire TO SENT—STORES, OFFICES. &o. TO RENT-STORES AND OFFICES, SINGLE OR . pod localities, at very low price*. J. M. jnAKSHALX, S CO., Reaper Block, Rooms 9 *nd KL northeast corner Clark and Washington-sta. fpOR RENT—BASEMENTS, 324 AND 3CB STATE-ST. J- BisrmcnN 2280 nd S3H Suto-st., 55i64. Third floor 334 and 326 State-st., S6xßl. Third floor 230 and 323 State-st. Third floor 328 and 330 State-st. Twoofficea second floor. 326 Statoat., S3O and $35 per month- Apply to W. H. SAMPSON i CO.. Real Estate and Renting Agency. RENT-VERY DESIRABLE BRICK STORE,’ 829 X *>est MaJiion-6t., head of Aberdeen; size. 30x100* formerly occupied by Careen- Plrio t Co. ban bo rented very reaßonabto. Apply U>WM. K. SAMPSON A CO goal tslnto and Renting Agency, 141 LaSallo-at.. Otii OIOCK. * TO REISJ-VERY DESIRABLE BASEMENT OF- X fico intne Otui block, corner LaSalle and Madlson li*’ Ou5 P mik WM * H * SAMpsoN * °O-» LaSalle- T Q nP E ,?*3“ BA .^. J l EN 7 NO. 661 AND 563 SOUTH we ßJ|phlod and in good order; may bo divided into two; will be rented cheap if taken atoneo Apply to J M. MARSHALL <t CO.. Booms 9 and 10 Reaper Block, northeast comer Clark and Washing ton-sts. * T° mot-jibst floor and basement, sdit if V or reUil trade, on Slain-st. totwoon lUndolpti end Mtdlson. AdduiftS, RENT, caroCar- > RENT-BASEMENI and bakery at reX ecnablo terms. Inquire at 527 South Clark-st. qiO RENT-A STORE, WEST LAKE-ST., FOR- J mcriy used on a butcher chon, with Ice-box aid othM ?av an i 3 1 ‘ , A l'l lto R- CHESTER. Lamp Manufacturer. 4 H CSV L&JCMu * T° KE''T-BARN ROOM FOR TWO HORSES AND X carriage: planaod alloy. Ineuire ft) South Pooria-st.. la baasmont. ’ TO RENT—FINE OFFICES ON SECOND FLOOR- X also, toird floor, 40x55 feet, la building 186 and 1» South \V ator *U Apply to INGERSOLL BROS Job Printers, on tho premises. TO RENT—STORE—ADJOINING THE ORIENT Bouse, No. 299 South Stato-et. Inquire on premises up-stairs. * TO KK.Vr-CHEA PEST OI’TICE IN TOWN. SMALL, cheerful and furnished, vault and closets; also desk roam. 153 Monrce-st., Boom 2. TO rent-cheap-two fine stores, north. cat: comer Fiith-av. and Adams-st, Apply on the premises. rro RENT-BARN WITH BOOM FOB FOUR X terras, warm and dry; will rent cheap. Apply at 47 Winchestor-av., near Adams. •fTO RENT-HALF OB ALL OP FIRST FLOOR AND X basement of No. £8 North Canal-et.; first-rate loca tion. Apply on premises. rro RENT-DESK-ROOM IN LARGE FRONT OF &^ui e Cta?“ s f. 10 40 G - GOOD WILLIE, NolM no CHEAP, FOB ANY RE- L gpecsable business. 474 Wabasb-ar. PO RENT—HAL? OP A NICE LIGHT AND LARGE f- basement, at 116 and 118 East Madisomt., near Clark. TO RENT-TREES UNFURNISHED "EGOMS IN brica bouse, to a small famUjr. Hot and cold water, jnih use of bath room. Hent/SU per month,. £4O Hobl baxd-ct., corner Paulina. nun- rpo RENT-ACOESEE stork in a good lo: “ x bastae “- Appl * “ N °- “o rn° REOT-OBTICES AND BOOMS IN OPERA A House Boldins, coracr Hslsted sad Handson-sU. Apply to J, H. EEEJ.EE, office Clarkoamor iuaaison. TO RENT —STORE AND BASEMENT VERY cheap, atl9lDesplaineg-tt.» comer of Jackaoa.. rpO RENT-BRICK BARN. COB. FOURTEENTH* A (L and Micblgaa-ay. Apply at 4SO Mlohigaa-ar. TO RSKT—STORES. OFFICES. &c. TO RENT -BY W. H. SAMPSON A CO., REAL Es tate And Heating Agency, 144 LaSallo-et., Otis Block. ' stores, offices, ao. Store 915 Stato-st.,Bizc 25x43. corner Twentieth-st. New four-story and basemont stone front building on Madlson-st., just west of LaSalle. Very desirable store, basement* and lofts in tbs beau tiful stono front building now building on northeast cor ner State and Randolpb-sts.; plans at oar office. Choice stove 123 East Randolpb-st.; size, 25x64. Second and third floors, southeast corner Van Boren st. and Thlrd-ar. , „ _ _ Basement 149 Bast Honroe-st.. just east of LaSalle-st. Second floor 160 State-st.; size, 22x120, with elevator. Now four-story and basement stone front building now building on Madison-at., near, Franklin-st,; utzc, 45x181. Very choice offices southwest corner of Dearborn and Bandolph-sta. __ Basement 173 South Clark-st.; size, 29x65. Choice lofts in the splendid marble front building 135 and 187 Wabash-ar.; size, 50x170. New four-story and basement marble front building 171 md 173 Lake-st. Offices in the Doro Building, northwest comer of Stato md Madison-sts. Throo upper floors of the French Building, southwest mmer of Tifth-av. and Madlson-st.: size. 47x80. Elegant marble front building, five-stories and base ment, corner Wazhington-st. and Doarborn-place. Choice offices in the United States Express Building, Nos. 87 and 89 Bast Waahirtgton-st.. also sleeping rooms in same building. Lofts southeast comer of Stato and Lako-ots., 31x100 with steam elevator. TO RENT -BY GOODRtDGE A STOKES, HOUSE Agents. 110 West Waahington-st.: Store, with 8 rooms over, No. 83 Ann-st. Store and basement. No. 19 West Randolph-et. Store No, 100 West Lako-at. House No. 299 West Lake-st., 15rooms. House No. 891 West Lako-st., 13 rooms. Cottage and barn, No. 309 Walnnt-st,, $35. Cottage and bam on First-st.. sl3. Buildings Nos. 80. 32, 34, 96 South Canal-st. House, 6 rooms, No. 130 North Wood-at,, $25. House, 11 rooms. No. 183 Bobccca-st., $45. TO RENT-THE SECOND FLOOR OF €6 LAKE-ST.. comer Stato, 20x80, well lighted, easy access. In* quire first floor. TO RENT-FINE OFFICE AND DBSK-ROOM, FIRST floor,comer buildiog. Apply to B. E. RYAN A GO., 210 LaSalle-st. T~ O RENT—STORE, BASEMENT AND LOFTS, 836 andSSS South Clark-st. Prlco very low. Lofts well suited for manufacturing—good hoist. 8. R« HAVEN, Nc. 10 Jarvis Block. TO RENT—HALF OF STORK 119 EAST RAN* dolph-st., near Clark. Desirable location. Also desk room. Apply on premises. TO RENT-TWO STORKS ON OLYBODRN-AV., ono with four rooms in rear; other with counter and shelving; S3O. A. T. QALT, 77 Dearbora-st., Room 11. TO RENT—HALF OF STORE FOB JEWELRY buainess. A good repairing trad a, a jeweler having moved out to South Side. Apply at 679 West Madlson-st. To Sent—storb no. sss booth clabk-st., dose by the Pacific Hotel. Inquire In store from 9to 11 and Sto 4. Apply to JAMES MATHEWS. TWO BENT—TWO LOFTS, NOS. 123 AND 125 KIN (or storage and manufacturing purposes. Ap plytoWM. BORDEN, 164 Madison-st., Room 7. TO RENT—A NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT OF floe, up one Eight, at No. 190 West Madison-st.; also nowly-furnlahea rooms on same floor. TO RENT-PART OP OFFICE, WITH GOOD light, and use of vault, at 20 Tribune Building. TO RENT—A GOOD OFFICE. AT LOW RENT, ON second floor of Superior Block. No. 77 Glark-et. Ad ply at Room 2. LAWRENCE PROUDFOOT. TO RENT—WITS USB OF STRAM ELEVATOR—3 lofts, eachß2xl6o,withfotfr sldorand roar light; first loft finished, and heated by steam. These lofts aro con* trolly located, and among the most desirable in the city; and to a reliable tenant tney will be rented at an extreme. Iy low rate, much below their value. Inquire on tho premises, 21 Lake-st. rpo RENT—NIOE'OFFIOK. WITH DESK, CHAIRS. X maps, eto., furnished, sls. Call at 16, 133 Sooth Clark*!. O. W. DEAN. TO RENT—ONE STORE AND FOUR DWELLINGS on the corner of Robey and Hubbard-sts. Floors all deafened. Key over drug-store. TO RENT—CHEAP—HALF OF STORE IN ONE OP tho best business contras in Chicago—good opening for nowa and cigars. 187 LaSaLe-st. TO RENT—STORE AND 13 ROOMS, NO. 379 WA baan-av.; very cheap. H. J. GOODRICH, 135 Dearbom-st. TO RENT-HALF OF VERY DESIRABLE BTORB in the best location on South. Bide; to an acceptable party rent will bo made an object. Apply at 164 Madl- SOD-St. WANTED—TO RENT. TITANTED—TO RENT-A STORE SUITABLE FOR via fomitoro store: small first floor and largo upper floors. A. L. CROCKER, 631 State-st. TXTANTED—TO RENT-A HOUSE OF 6 OR 7 v ¥ rooms; rent not to exceed $35. Address R 30, Trib nno office. \TT ANTED—TO RENT-A PLEASANT, PERMA v v nent home for self and wife, not to exceed $75 per month. No attention paid oxcopt location and price is given. Room must be well famished and everything tirst-cla«s. Private family preferred. Addroas G 23, Tribune office. TXTANTED TO RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM Tv near Madison-st., between Halstcdand Canal-sts. Address J. B. HEYWOOD, 234 Michlgan*v. TT?-ANTED TO BENT ABOUT S ROOMS FOB TT housekeeping; no family. Address stating terms R 51, Tribune office. TO RENT-A SPLENDID NBW STORE ON THE comer of Wentworth-av. and Thirtieth-st. Good loco tion for drag store. Apply on the premises. WANTED—TO RENT—A FURNISHED ROOM Tv for & lady where she can bo quiet &nd retired. Ad dress U 49, Tribune cffico. TXT ANTED—TO RENT-ON SOUTH SIDE-TWO it rooms for light hrmsekeeplngjonly 31n family; can't pay over $lO per month. Address U 48, Tribune office. TTTANTED —TO RENT—BY YOUNG GENTLEMAN * « and wife—A pleasant suite, or single room, unfur nished, on North Si£e, south of Oak-st. References. Ad dress, with location and terms, J 38, Tribune office. TXT"ANTED—TO KENT-ON THE SOUTH SIDE, T f within the next SO days, 4or 5 rooms for light house* keeping. Only first-class accommodations will Le consid ered, for which thoadvertixer give the best of refer cnees. Address U 45, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—BY A LADY LIVING alone, two unfurnished rooms, suitable for light housekeeping; location central, West Side. Address Q5, Tribune office. TXT ANTED—TO RENT—A HOUSE BETWEEN MOR n gan-st., and HlchJgan-av., and Lake and Twelfth sts„ 7to 10 sooms. Address U 52, Tribnne office. TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RENT-COTTAGE 177 WALNUT-ST. BY ELA A PARKER, 1M Waabtngton-st., Room 35. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A IX HORSE-MBN OR HORSE-WOMEN. WHO -CLwish a nice one, are invited to call, as we have some good ones, time from 3 ;30 up; an elegant pair of matched blacks; lota of single drivers; a pacer that can beat any thing in Ulinos. Will have room to-morrow for SO more horses, and now Is the time to cell: could have sold at least a hundred more second-hand buggies, carriages, and express wagons than we bad to offer last week. Don’t spend time and money trying to dispose of your own horsoa and buggies when there la a place established hero ex pressly lor that purpose, and at a very small expense. It is 261 etate-st., sale stables of horses, boggles, and bar ness. BRADLEY A WILLS. PARLOR, 45 Ant party that will let a horse and carriage at less than livery hire, by the week or month, the whole or part of the time, to bo used in col lecting, can find an applicant by addressing U 54, Tribune office. A SECOND-HAND HACK FOB SALE, IN PER feet order, bat little used: liberal terms teresponsi bio parties. Inquire at 554 Waoash-av. A STABLE. WITH CAPACITY FOR 60 HORSES, TO rent, opposite Hay Market, on Desplaineß-Bt., be -sfS?SoS‘Si?fi n “ft, Addroaa, or call on. A. H. BEIGGS, 264 Sonth Desplalnos-Bt. A LARGE FINE BAY FAMILY HORSE, OR SUlT ablefordeliverywagon, for sale; kind, true, Ac.; can be had at a great bargain. US Sonth Clark-st*. Room 10. A FINE NEW TOP BUGGY FOR SALE AT A LOW figure. Address R 59, Tribune office. A BLACK BUGGY HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD. GOOD traveler, and very Btyllßb, for Bale, at 87 East Kin zie-st. A GOOD 6, AND THREE 4-PASSENGER ROOKA • tojs, four top and open buggies, one extension-top carnage, all second-hand, cheap, at 344 Wabaah-av, G. H. CARSON. A SECOND-HAND EXTENSION-TOP CAERIAGB sifiw A 1 ®!”. “ J ° « 325 T)ASKET PHAETON (NEARLY NEW) FOR SALE JJ cheap; work-horse for 8125. 6 yean old. BASSETT'S Boarding Stables, 19 and 21 fiannoa* court. T>OARDINO STABLES—I HAVE RECENTLY JJ enlarged and refitted my stables; can accommodate a few more boarding-horses at reasonable rates. Horses kept on first and second floors. Call and examine same. BASSETT'S, 19 and 21 Harmon-court, between Wabash and Michigan-avs. rtARRIAGES-HATDB A O'BRIEN HAVE ON V . Hand, and are conatantlj manufacturing, drat-oIcM driving and family buggies; also several second-hand bng gloa which will be sold cheap for cash. Garden City Car riage Worts, 731 and 733 Stato-st. FOR BALE-A LADY PHAETON. CHEAP; ALSO top buggy nearly new. Apply at 77 Twelfth-st. For sale-cheap, a handsome, gentle, family Morgan horse, dark bay: used to the city; any [SmaSh* 1 ’ o,m “ r g ° ln * lTOJ- Applj •* 17 ° ind TT°¥% PAIR FINE COACH HORSES AND FOUR t eiDglc bqrses last from the country for sale ♦ a A VAN NORTwICK’S Livery Stable, 43 Four teenth-at. FOR SALE—CHEAP—OR TRADE—THE BEST ud gentlest horse in tho city, top buggy and iiwnom. ivso Waoash-ar. SALE—A GOOD ‘WORKING TEAM OP ROAN wick at?** * 4150 wa *° a harness. Inquire at 744 Scdg- Fir sale or exchange-open and top buggies, business and Concord wagons, phaetons, Ac. BROCKMAN. iolaeS - “ XPOR: SALE-OR EXCHANGE—TWO BAY DRIV- A fc* horses; can trot in 8:30, or better; graymaro, can trot close to 9 minutes, good family maro: large 7 rear old horse, weighs 1,640. t¥lll exchange for a driver or good buggy • also good second-hand buggies for sale or exchange. M. O. WILBUR A BEO., 167 Michi gan -av. Fog %T;%r s , rn V? T - CL f B9 dhaft horses, j. D. COLE, Jr., Oriental Milla, Madlson-st. bridgg. Fob sale—a car-load op horses, some cheap, some good drivers; 1 coach horse, and a fast trotter. ANTHONY, 17 Sixteeath-st. • TTIORSALB-AFOHR-SEATEDFAMILTOARRIAGE. IJ T. 0. ILLSLKY, dealer in hardware, 59 Thlrd-aV. FOR ' SALE—CHEAP—OPEN AND TOP BUGGY. Bara rear 18 South Sangamon-st. For sale-two second phaeton car riages, two second-band top and open buggies, and sersral seta of single harness, at WREN’S Stable, Twenty-aixth-gt. and Cottage Grove-ar. For sale-15 horses, suitable for driving and business. Can do seen at WREN'S Stable, Twenty-slrth-at. and Cottage Grore-av. TPOR SALE-ONE YACHT BODY SHIFTING TOP JD baggy at SS3 Statc-st. Inquire of B. F. TUCKER. For sale—a very handsome, promising Andy Johnson oolL dark bay. 4 yoan old; also a nearly new Coan A Tenbroek ahifting-top, square box buggy. >o»o, Ac.—great sacrifice, gentleman going East, 153 La >all(nt., basement. TTOR SALE—a NO. 1 TEAM. NEW WAGON, AND A! harness, win trade either - for brick or lima; also a No. 1-amgle draft hone. For particulars call on Mr. BTBLLY, <37 We»tlndlaaa>fU v THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 1873. HORSES AJTD CARRIAGES. For sale-oii exchange-a fast-pacing horse; will trade for a soUalro diamond of 1 to I# karat*, or trotting wagon. 153 LaSalle-st., In basement. For sale-good light second-hand open boggy. Inquire at 140 West Madison-st. FOR SALE—COAL-BOX TOP-BUGGY, IN GOOD condition, cheap. JOHNSON, 404 West Madison-s£ For salb-the best broke and gentlest hone iniho city for a lady. Buggy and harness can bo scon at OHITTENDON’S, 1060 Wabash-av. FOR SALE-CHEAP—A SINGLE BOOKAWAT carriage. In good running order, for $75. Address Loom Is-b t., second door north of Catherine, cast side. FOR SALE-CHEAP—A HANDSOME DRIVING horse, dark bay, 6 years old, kind and gentle. Apply at bam rear of 714 Michigan-av. . For salr-a fine driving horse? may be seen at J. M. ADAMS* Livery Stable, 590 West Lake-st., to-day and to-morrow. FOR SALE-FINE, LARGE. SOUND BAT MARK, well broke, with buggy ana harness. 714 State-st. FOR BALE-A HEAVY EXPRESS RIG. OR HORSE Mono; sacrificed for cash, owner going East. Call at 53 Blue laland-ar. JOHN McOARTY. • For sale-a superb Kentucky saddle and harness horse; baa taken over 25 first premiums; has all tho saddle gaits; can rack fait; trots in 3 minntoa in harness. Address 81, Tribune office. Tjibß SALE-ONE C SPRING ROAD WAGON,NEAR. X 1 ly now: weighs 150 lbs; ono bone, buggy, and harness, ft 150; worth $200; also, one two-soated carnage, bnt little used, $250. EVANS A HAMMOND’S Livery, Sale, and Boarding-Stable, 53 and 60 Shormaa-st,, opposite R. L A P. depot. TBOR SALE-OR WILL EXCHANGE FOB A HEAVY X 1 horse, one 6-year old horse, 15# bands high, 1.000 pounds, good stylo, and perfectly gentle; a first-Clasa rood horse. Gall on O. D. AUSTIN A 00.. 260 Wabaah- FOR SALE-LIGHT. TOP WAGON, BUT LITTLE used, at half price; also, one single eot harness, at 200 Mather-sfc. For sale-i have one democrat, or business wagon; I will sacrifice it for cash, sash, doors, and blinds, or lumber, as 1 am going oat of busi ness: also a second-hand express wagon. Call Monday. G. T. STONBHaM, 44 Eidridge-oourt. FOR SALE—CHEAP—OPEN AND TOP BUGGY, Apply at barn rear 13 South Saugamon-st, For salb-closely matched gentleman’s team; will drive In leas than 4 minutes; very suitable for doctor. Apply at bam roar 172 Warren-av. FOR SALE—A SPLENDID SET OF DOUBLE OAR. riaso harness very cheap. Apply at 303 Canal-st. FOB BALE-a HORSE AND 8-SPBENO COVERED wagon: a lot of shoos and dry goods cheap for cash. Apply 416 Fxflh-av., near Polk-st. FOR SALK—SISS—CHEAP AS DIRT-HORSE. HAR noes, and two-sea tod wagon; also, a light stylish double harness, cheap; must bo sold Monday. 1 45 South Clark* st., BoomS, southeast corner Madison and Clark-sts. FOR SALE—AT HENDRICKSON’S MODEL STA blos, 804 and 806 West Madison-st.: One span of sorrel horsoa, can trot better than 8 minutes; one spaa black horses (own brothara) 6 and 7, largo; one span Iron grors; the above well mated; also, one good truck team ami harnosa for $350. T?OR SALE—OR EXCHANGE-HORSES OP ALL A grades for lumber, building material and labor, finest team of chestnuts in the city (2 minutes easy), with shift. Ing, top road wagon, polo and harness; want a cottage built in payment. Address G 27, Tribune office. For sale-a handsome chbstnut-oolor pd horse, good build, gentle, and nsod to city driving • will weigh about LOW lbs. Also an open baggy, nearly new, which was made to order for use In the city. Will be sold at a bargain. Horse and buggy can be seen dur ing the day at 1U Monroo-eL. Newspaper Union office, and morning and evening at 20 Arteoian>av. (formerly Da. vis-st.), West Side. For sale-thb celebrated race-horse Defender, 6 rears old, by John Morgan, dam Cynco nla by imp. Herald. From his fine breeding and perform. 40 a stallion. Apply to WILLIAM JENNINGS, Dexter Park. For sale-horse, express wagon, and harness, vorr cheap. Inquire at factory, corner Twoa ty-sixtb-st. and Stewart*?. FOB SALE-AN ALMOST NEW 4-INCH WAGON. » fivst-claxa team .harness, cheap for cash. Apply at 461 CUoton-et., near Twelfth, For sale-a span of hbavyblaok horses, wagon, and harness. A good chance for thngq wanting good work-team. 76 North Carpeator-st. FOB SAfE-OHKAP-AT HENDRICKSON’S BTA blcs. 864 and 806 West Madison-st., corner Soely-av.— A number of horses of all grades, left for aalo by parties leaving tho city for tho summer. Good pasturage fob horses at stons Wand farm. In Hjrdo Park. SI per week. £. Q. UjLAKK. TTORSES TO EXCHANGE-WANTED-4. LARGE. AA heavyhorte In exchange for a pair of light horses. Apply to BURNETT A CCL, 614 Cottage Gfovo-av. IF YOU WANT CHICAGO-MAKE HARNESS, OP any description, and got tho worth of yonr money, call at 469 State-st. J. A. ISLE. • I HAVE FOB SALE ONE NEW LIGHT PKDLKR’S wagon, for two borsos; ono second-hand express wagon; one second-hand platform spring-truck, for one or two horses; light and heavy express and delivery wagons of all kinds; now and second-hand baggies at 261 South Canal-et. T ANDAUS AND LANDAULETTES FROM THE XJ celebrated Kean A Lines Manufactory. Now Haven, Conn., for sale at tho California Carriage Repository, 843 to 847 State-si. ■VTOTICK TO HOBSE-MEN-ANYONE HAVING AN iv unbroken or vicions hone, or any number of colts, can have them tamed and thoroughly broken by applying to Prof. W. EL KNAUSti. at Wheeler A Cook's Stables, 140 Michigan*?., corner Monroe-st. TJASTURAQB—ABUNDANCE OP FEED, SHADE, X and water for hones. Apply to O. H. BECKWITH A SONS, 113 and 115 South Water-st. T) OCKAWAYB, PHAETONS, ISLIDE-SEATS, TOP At and open buggies, etc., in great variety, for sale at low prices. 827 Stato-st. P. L. SMITH. QADDLE PONY, DRAUGHT AND BUS \J bones, wagons, and low-bed track and harness for sale at 100 and 103 West Monroe-st. QEPARATB OB TOGETHER, HORSE, BUGGY. O and harness for salo complete rig; a bargain, 7UQ Stato-at, TXT ANTED—TO BUY, CHEAP FOR CASH. A T * etarllsh buggy, phaoton, which has boon hot little used. Call at Room 16,122 LaSalle-st. TV7ANTED—FAMILY HORSE AND BUGGY OR ft phaeton for use in the country for cost of keeping during the summer. Address GOOD CARE, 184 LaSalle* st,, basement. TIT ANTED-A FEW FIRST-CLASS BUGGIES “AND ; J carriages at cash prices, and suitable for a livery, for A 1 paper amply scoured. Address J 31, Tribnne office. Vy ANTED-TO EXCHANGE-A FIRST-CLASS tjtojun how fora good boggy horse. Apply to AT LEN A BABTLETT, 413t04al WeitYMißnwin^ W anted-a horsb or pair of horses, and i * . good top baggy, notmaebtued, and will par In WANT TO SELL A YOUNG BLACK HORSE 7 . . J B *? old » »»l«fat9oo n>». Bound, kind, and tree, not afraid of cars, works single or double; also polo and u«nt working double harness, or will trade for bigger w banioss; give or take diHeronco. Apply at 894 West Twelfth-st. UrANTED-LIGHT DOUBLE-SEAT BUGGY. OR t? jumpiest carryall, cheap for cash: send deocrip- Uon and prlco to E. H. SARGENT, 981 hilchlgan-av. V ’ANTED-TO BUY—A GOOD BUGGY HORSE* at 150 Kinzlo-et. WANTED-A GOOD EXPRESS-WAGON AND HAH TT Bos, cheap for cash, at 93 West Lako-st. WANTED-A LIGHT CHESTNUT OR SORREL s™* bo a eood driver and Btyllßb, 15}$ to 16 hands high, and weigh from 1.000 to 1.100 ponnds. Call for 3 daya at 1399 Indlana-hv., after?p.m. WAOTID-A GOOD SECOND-HAND OE NEW ’I crproia wagon, cheap for cash. 313 West Van Bn ren-st. IN PAYMENT ON3 tt half acre land at Washington HeJghte, S7OO, balance Byears. Q. W. DEAN, 133 Clark-st., Iloom 16/ W -ANTED-A GOOD EXPRESS WAGON, HORSE. - and harness. Inquire at 693 West Twelfth-st.. at 10 o'clock. ' WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A CAR-LOAD OP Jl? e .F ar !lW o horses that we can sell at low Azures Thirtoonth-Bt., between TyANTED—A GOOD HORSE, BUGGY, AND HAH- T T ness in exchange for lota or cottage and lot, at <--h valuation. JAB. R. MAY, Room 1, l&l Madison-st. WANTED-TO PURCHASE-A SECOND-HAND J 59, Tribune offlee™" •“** ter “ “ d wherß °“ 1,0 «“• WANTED-HORSE. WAGON, AND HARNESS. * r , Boconci-pand piistfniTn and counter scales, cheap for cash. Address G 61, Tribnne office. ’ PAIR OF FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE KEENEY A N > 8 YEARS OLD. LADY OR .m North IIM SEWING MACHINES. A ROVEDHOyfEMANDPACT^^ new, In perfect order, for aalo. m A i !iTh LAI) S wishing to purchase a splen did now Singer sewing machine, by addressing the H dde:e i iguod salesman, ho will call on her and give full office * att “ chmen< *- CHARLEY P. SMITH, Tribune A ¥52??? * BAKER family machine in uh ,““ p i fl .£c? rdor . for §35/ cost 865; also a couple of pr £ v ,*** SfD s? r *• at balf the usual price. 828 East Indiana, between Rush and Plno-sta. A OF SECOND-HAND SEWINO-MA chines, nearly now, embracing the Singer Whealor t ko ™f BakS. w o d iMdtoJ *° VO /?.f^ c *P» h * the Domestic Sowing ft Persons about to buy any of tho above kinds will find hero a bargain ” F O ,?, S A J; E -A NEW DOMESTIC 6 EWING.mZ for cash * cost 88.-, Address U 23, Tribune SALE-ONE 'WHEELER * WILSON MA- Addrera e 6a?T?a Sj t o\? ttaChment3 ' Ch “ Pf »'“*■ * SEWLNG-MACHINES-OEN. H 0 St ?i°x st -: branch office, 973 Wabaah- Jre iuriSd^^li e °‘h GroT l r 4 Baker .owing-machines ‘“ Pro "mcnta. and a? A - J; MKLOHERT, 215 SOUTH sold on monthly WallmentT §V&Sd r ton t .'irWißOYl H C A o! NKW FLORENCE SEWING KAOHINIH.WP jnlmni l i? a if^* n Vh ntorec:0 2 t raado in I^£} c f onoe, i. i 4 so 14,0 noir and elegant styles of ra*f*i meo l tho views of those preferring SiSf^i^.v odil i§ tb^W. k,lw V from the operatorVwe #L a^?iS?^ 0 u 0 5* which combine the desirable k° fonndtn machines made by others, with all SHA^ tt * a rn CXC^ Uenci ?». of tho Florence, EL SHARP & CO., General Agents. 254 Stato-st., Chicago. HEELER ft WILSON SEWING-MAniTTVit rttp Pile, for lie bj MISS J. Btalffi'. SI 0 , T '’ OKTHOP ATTACHMENTS gives AWAY I™ 7 poraon paroh “fc« TO LEASE. olf T . HE , KOETHWE3T COR itrnp llfSt.* 0 R - CHEBTEB - BOARDING AND DODGING. Wert Side. 6 SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, with board, suitable for gentleman and wife or single gentleman; good location: price, $6 to $7.50 por week. 1A NOBLB-ST., 1 BLOCK WEST OF ADA—IN A JuV/ private famil/, five or six gentlemen boarders e*n be accommodated. UPABK-AV., HEAR UNION PARK-PLEASANT rooms, with or without board, for gentlemen. UAND 13 SOUTH GREEN*ST.—NICELY FUR nlsbod rooms, with bath, and first-class board; also day board. *l9 CENTRE-AY.-NIOB ROOMS FOB GENTS, Jl£j with or withont board; also, day board. *1 9 NORTH SANGAMON ST.-ONB OR TWO GKN- Xmj tlemen oau havo a pleasant fnmishod room with board, in a strictly private family. 19 NORTH OURTUWST.—A LARGE FURNISHED JL4 front room, with board for two gentlemen, in small family. 10 SOUTH BANGAMON-ST.-GOOD BOARD, Xt> with pleasant rooms; also front parltfr. M NORTH GREEN-ST.—CLOAN AND COMPORT able rooms; board low. M BISHOP-COURT—TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OB taln pleasant room with good board; also room salt able for single gentleman. nANN-ST.-WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, pleasant famished rooms. ~- 1 Q NORTH SANGAMON-ST.—TO BENT, WITH JLt7 board, a large front chamber. IQ NORTH PEORIA-ST. —TO BENT BEAUTI XU folly-fomlshod rooms with good board, bouso newly paintod and papered, OA BISHOP-CT.—A LARGE, JTNKLY-FURNISHED DJT front room. 1 lame square mom, and single room; also room-mate for lady. Good table. HU ABERDEEN-ST. BEST LOCATION WEST 4\J Bide—Shady, free from dost; house large, now. and every summer comfort; best table; an elegant homo; choice rooms, on suite or single; a single lady can be ac oonunodatod. Terms from s7* qq PARK-AV. BEAUTIFUL LOCATION—A tit) pleasant; nicely furnished room, with board, suit able for two. AO LAFLIN-ST.-A HANDSOME SUITE OF ttx/ rooms on the first floor, or one largo room, partly fnmishod, in a new marble front, near Union Park. A A SOUTH MORGAN-ST., NEAR WASHINGTON l x —Two very nicely furnished rooms, with unexcep tionable board. An SOUTH PEORIA-ST.-TWO NICE UNFUB x I nlsbod front rooms, with or without board; no other boarders. An SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—3 OB i GENTLEMEN x I can obtain pleasant rooms and board. Terms moderate. . AO SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—FURNISHED ROOM At) for man and wife* to rout; also day boarders wanted. - A Q SOUTH DESPLAINES-ST 85 TO 68 PER *xO week for board and room at St. Charles* Hotel, Day-board, $4.60. First-class accommodations. 50 SOUTH . GREEN-ST. NICELY-FURNISHED O rooms to rent with board. ) &r PRICE PLACE, 4 DOORS FROM SOUTH HAL- O etod-Bt.—A fevr boarders bo with good rooms and board. CC NORTH PEORIA-ST K FEW Ni6e BOARD UU ora acoommodatod In prirato family at 94 por week. PARK-AV.—LARGE FRONT ROOM, OR SUITE, UU furnished or unfurnished, with board; modern Im provements. rj{\ SOUTH PEOKIA-ST.—ROOM FOR GENTLE- I v man and wife or two single gentlemen. A few day boarders wanted. Q1 SOUTH MORGAN-ST. A HANDSOMELY (JX famished front parlor; also one doable and one sin gle room, suitable for single gentleman, with or without nrstolass board, Hoose has all modem tmprorementa. QO ASHLAND-AV. ALCOVE FRONT BOOM; O±J also nicely famished room for 3 persons, with board, near Union Park. QO SOUTH MORGAN-ST.—A NICELY FURNISHED Ou room suitable for two gentlemen, with first-class board; honse has all modem improvements. QA SOUTH JBFFERSON-ST.—BOARDERS CAN vJ jC find good aceonunocattons; day board. $3.50: board and lodging, $4.50. On SOUTH HOYNE-ST.—A NICELY FURNISHED O I front room, with board; private family, within H block of street ears; references required. QA NORTH ASHLAND.AV.—BOARDERS WANT- U\J ed, occupants for four nice rooms, either single or en suite, only two squares from Union Park; a bath room, closets, and gas; terms reasonable. Q1 ABERDEBN-ST.-TWO FRONT FURNISHED t/X rooms for gcntlomon and their wives, or single gen tlemen; one block of Van Buron-st. can. Terms mod erate. Q7 WEST MADISON-ST. —WANTED DAY U I boarders. QQ CENTRE-AV. A HANDSOMELY-FURNISH tjtj ©d oast front room, for two gentlemen or gentle man and wife, all modem Improvements, family . references exchanged. *199 THROOP-ST.—FURNISHED OR DNFUR iaiai Dished rooms, single or en suite, or part of the bouse; all first-class modem improvements, with or with out board; good location, noar Van Bnrcn-st. can. Please call; terms moderate. IQK WEST WASHINOTON-ST. - TWO LARGE Xt 7o furnished rooms to rent withfirat-olass board. Day boarders wanted. Apply to Mrs. STEVENS. 1 HQ SOUTH HALSTED-ST.-A GENTLEMAN AND XU O lady to take a famished room and board, or two ladles employed during the day. I! zt A* o 116 WEST MADISON-ST.—PLEASANT iJ-X zooms, with board, can be had at reasonable rates. I*lo SOUTH OREKN-ST.-FURNISHED OR UN XX €7 famished parlors or bedrooms, with board, to gents, or gentlemen and tboir wives; real home comforts to ploas&nt parties; references exchanged. 19ri WASHINGTON-ST.—A FEW SINGLE X.JU\J gentlemen can be accommodated with good board and pleasant room*; also a young lady to room with another; tennaro*^"** l^ 1 91 SOUTH GEEEN-ST.. NEAR ADAMS-A FEW young men can be acoommodatod with board at reasonable rates.

1 WAWtEH-AV., CORNER WOOD-ST FUR •tOT nished and untarnished rooms, with closets. on first and second floors. Tablo first-class. Terms mod erate. Harried couples will find this a delightful sum mer-home. Only ono block from Madlaon-st, lOft WALNUT-6T.—ROOMS TO RENT. FUB IQ U nlshed or nnfarnUhed, with or without board. mWEST MONROB-ST.—TO BENT, A LARGE front parlor, furnished In nice style, all new, with good table-board, to two or three gentlemen or gent and wife; terms reasonable; also, table-board at $4 per week; IQQ WEST • WASHINOTON-ST. FURNISHED iOO rooms, with or without board. Also, good ac commodation for day boarders. Terms moderate. 1 A.C\ WABREN-AV.-A SUITE OF PLEASANT JL jIU front rooms, neatly furnished, with good board, suitable for two or throe persons. 1 AO WEST AD AMB-ST.—BOARDERS WANTED; XrxiA rooms with board. Also day boarders accommo dated. Terms reasonable. *1 yf Q WEST AD AMS-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS TO XttO rent, with or without board. Day boarders ao eommodatod. 1 A A ABERDEEN-ST.-BOOMS TO RENT. WITH XXX board, for ladlos or gentlemen. In a private lam lly; terms reasonable. 1A A SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—NICE ROOMS, WITH Xii board; also day boarders wanted; tonns reasona ble. lAQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST NEW BOARD i\tt/ ing house just opened: good board $5 per week; day board, $4. front parlor with or without board. mWEST MONROE-ST.—NICELT FURNISHED front room for one or two gentlemen; day board first-class. Also, room for a few boarders. 1 PTI SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-PLEASANT FUB XOX nished room, with board, suitable for gentlemen and wife. Also, a single room. Bam room to rent In rear. •|Cr« WEST IJ WASHINGTON-ST.—NEW AND iut/ sioely famished rooms, with or witboafc board: coolest in the city, $7 to 810 per week. Also, day board $4.60 per week, in new brick house; come and see thorn. 1 WEST AD AMS-ST.-A PRIVATE FAMILY, XO U having more room than needed, will accommodate a few boarders. Location central and pleasant. *1 nQ WABBEN-AV.-A SOUTH-FRONT BOOM, XUO with board, for two. IQ A WEST ADAMS-ST.-ANICELY-FURNISHED iUtt front parlor to rent with board to a gentleman and his wife, or 3 single gentlemen, at very reasonable terms. Day-boarders wanted. TQQ WEST AD AMS-ST. -PLEASANT FUBNIBH XO O rooms, with board; terms, $5 and $6 per week. 'ton WEST JACKSON-ST., NEAR HALSTED— XUI A few gentlemen can bo accommodated, by day or wock. rjC* WEST VAN BUREN-ST BOARDING FOB . I O four gentlemen in a private family. mAND 179 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY furnished rooms, with first-class board. Hot and cold water; location central. References required. mWEST WABHINGTON-ST.-A PLEASANT front room, suited for gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen. House modern and central. IQA PARK-AV. -TO RENT, WITH BOARD, JLOtb pleasant suit© of rooms, for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, la private family. no SOUTH PBOBIA-ST.. CORNER VAN BUREN .c/Z/ Pleasant single room; also, day board. QA WEST MADISON-ST.. OVER FRAVTfT.ry ■ t/tc Savings Bank—First-class day board. lAQ WEST WASHINGTON-BT.—THOSE DESIB ,iUO ing a comfortable bomo will find pleasant rooms id good board at the above address. O (\A SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.. CONVENIENT TO Z/Utt Van Boren-st. cars—Furnished and unfurnished rooms, with board. Oil WEST WASHINQTON-ST._A GOOD FRONT Z/JUL room, with board, for two persons, and one single day boarders accommodated; boose newly fur- 91£ WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A WELL-FUR- Z/XU nishedroom, with good board, for a gentleman and wife; also a pleasant single room for a gentle™*™ 91 A FULTON-ST.—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS. Z/XU with first-class board, for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. In brick house, with all modern im provements. 990 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.— 3O DAVRiiAPn! ZfZil/ era accommodated at reasonable prices. 999 WEST MONROE-ST. XARG’E FRONT ZZZ room for gentleman and wife ortwo gentlemen * first-class accommodations. Also, bam to rent. OOQ WEST MONROE-ST.-FBONT ROOM, WITH ZrZO board, for gentleman and wife, or single gentle men; also large back parlor; brick noose, modem im provements. 9QA "WEST WASHINGTON-ST. _ELEGANTLY Zuu famished front and back rooms, single or en suite, with board. 9QQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST._A FURNISHED ZjOO room, saltable for lor 2 gentlemen. Also, slncla room, with board. * 24:8 O N. S T._FUBN I SHRD- ROOMS WITH OKQ. WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A PLEASANT. ZJt/U handsomely furnished front room with board, suitable for married oonple or two young men. OftQ FULTON-ST.. CORNER CARPENTER mjxJU Large, well-famished room and board for gen tleman and wife or two single gontlomon; also. room and s few day boarders; all firat-cl*^. 9QH SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—PLEASANT FRONT fi Uy room, with board, for 3or 3 gentlemen in private family. OQA PARK-AV., WEST SIDE-A GENTLEMAN "v/x and wife and two gentlemen ean find pleasant rooms and pood board. Good location, large grounds, no other boarders. References required. BOARDING AND DODGING. 'West Side—Continued. 9Q7 FULTON-ST., NEAR CURTIS-A FRONT MdO I • suite unfomiabed rooms, and suite furnished rooms; also single room; In private family, with or wlth> oat board. 9QQ WARREN-AV.-ONE OR TWO GENTLE AU U men can bud a pleasant room, with board, pri vate family, bath-room, etc.; good boose and neighbor* hood. OHO WEST JACKSON-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS, with good board; day boarders accommodated. QAQ WEST MONROE-ST.. NEAR MORGAN— <J\JU Large famished room adjoining bath-room, with board; or two small rooms, also furnished; several table boarders can bo accommodated. Ol A WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-VERY DESIRA uii ble unfurnished rooms to rent with board; also day boarders accommodated. 009 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—ROOMS WITH OOZi board for gentleman and wife, or single gentle man ; best of accommodations; references required. QQ/i WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—ROOMS WITH OO x or with board. qq£ WEST ADAMS-ST.-OAN ACCOMMODATE OOU persons desiring board with a room soitablo for one; first-classtablo. qqq WEST WABHINOTON-BT. - DESIRABLE OOP rooms, with first-class board; references reqaired. qqn WEST ADAMS-ST.-TWO FRONT ROOMS, t/Ut/ with board in a private family, for three gentle mon; all modem Improvements. References required. OA q FULTON-ST—THREE VERY PLEASANT OTtO rooms, with board; all modem improvements; new brick bouse. QAA WEST WASHINGTON-ST. - PLEASANT D i J- rooms, with first-class board, for married or ain glo gentlemen; day boarders wanted. OK7 WEST JACKSON-ST. - LARGE FRONT fJ%J I room and good board. Also, room-mate wanted. qon WEST VAN buren-st.-one large aL OO V/ cove room for two or three gentlemen, and ono small room, with nse of bath room. Cars pass the door. qQ7 WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—A PLEASANT BOOM OU I with all modorn Improvements for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen; also, a few day-boarders. QQQ WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—FURNISHED OB %JUU unfurnished rooms, with board; house has all modern convenience#. AOQ WEST MONROE-ST.-ONE OF THE FINEST U locations in the city. You will find first-class rooms and board. Call and see. I£»Q WEST LAKE-ST., NEAR UNION PARK— xU U Nico front rooms, with board, at $6 per week to permanent boarders. AQA SOUTH HALSTED-ST.-NICE AND NEWLY x(JX fnmishod rooms, with first-class board, for 3geu tlemen; no other boarders. Terms, $5 per week. - • WQQ WEST MADISON-ST.—TO RENT WITH \3I.KjU board, very pleasant and newly-furnished rooms to gentlemen and tholr wires, or single gentlemen. Table boarders can bo accommodated. CAfT WEST MADISON-ST. SHARP’S BLOCK— *J\JQ pleasant rooma'to rent, with or without board. • WEST WASHTNGTON-ST., TWO DOORS OyU from Union Park.—Famished rooms to rent, with board, for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. CC7 Mtt.WAtJKEE-AV.-3 NICE LABGB FRONT kjO I rooms ($3) soltablo for man and wife, with or withont good board, $3.75 a week. - - CQQ WEST ADAMS-ST.—DESIRABLE LOCATION 1/00 near Union Park. Nicely furnished front rooms with board; also single rooms for gentlemen. Table A No. L Ann WEST ADAMS-ST. TWO SUITES OF Uuu rooms to rent, with board, furnished or unfur nished, for gents, or gents and their wires. House first class. Hot and cold water-bath, etc. An A ADAMS-ST.-ONE BLOCK west OF union UyT Park, two elegant front suites, on first and sec ond floors, with board. -• - £OQ WEST ADAMS-ST., NEAR UNION PRAK-1 U-wO elegantly famished room with board; convenien ces of all modem improvements, croquet grounds con nected, and best accommodations in the city. £QQ WEST ADAMS-ST., NEAR UNION PARK UOQ Rooms on anito and single; new brick house. A Q/I WEST MONROE-ST.-AN ELEGANT FRONT UOtt sufte of rooms, for gentleman and wife. Also, single rooms for single gentlemen or ladies, with board, famished or unfurnished. New brick, in good location, one block from Ashland-av. a AH WEST MADISON-ST.. FOUR DOORS WEST o*3; I of Paulina-st.— Pleasant rooms to rent, with board, to gentlemen and their wires, or to single gentle men. AA/L WEST MONROE-ST., NEAR WOOD-AN OUx elegant alcove room, baring every convenience, suitable for gentleman and wife; firstr-class board. 7HA WEST MADISON-ST. - BOARD, WITH A I UQ front suite of unfurnished rooms (two rooms and large closets) for gentleman and wife; $lB p«r week. 7AA WEST MONROE-ST TWO BEAUTIFUL I UD rooms, with comforts and first-class board. Charges moderate. 79Q LAKE-STo CORNER LINCOLN-BOARD, I —iO with rooms single or en suite, famished or un furnished. QQQ WEST LAKE-ST.—3 GENTLEMEN BOARD OOO era in private family of two. Call Sunday or Mon day; references exchanged. OH* WEST MADISON-ST.—A 1 BOARD AND U\JO rooms, reasonable, a short distance from the great trotting course; hundreds speed evury evening af- A PRIVATE FAMILY. VICINITY OF UNION Park, near Madison-st. cars, would lot to desirable parties one or two pleasantly famished front rooms, with board! terms moderate. Address Q 19, Tribune office. TSIBHOP COUKT HOTEL, NEWLY FURNISHED J3 &nd reopened. A few fine suites left for families. Also, duple rooms for roan; men. Fine rammer resort. One blook from Union Fork, 611 Madlson-sti T7»OUR BLOCKS BAST OF UNION PARK—A SUITE J} of rooms, unfurnished, with marble mantel and clos et, on first floor: also ono large furnished room, with closot, on second floor, for gentleman and wife or two sin* gle gents; bouse has oil modem improvements, and table board Is first-class I tonus moderate. Address B 22, Rrib nne offleo. JEFFERSON PARK HOUSE. 491 WEST MADISON st.—Nice rooms and first-class board; pleasant and healthy locality. : Large front boom and alcove to rent, with board for gentleman and wife, in private family; Sleaaant location on West Sido; no other boarders. Ad* res* G 60, Tribune office. South Side -5 PARK-ROW—A LARGE, PLEASANT, FRONT room, with board. 2 PARK-ROW—FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED rooms, with board, for gentlemen and their vires or single gentlemen. A few dayboarders wanted. Reference required. Q KLDEEDGE-COURT ROOMS EN SUITE, OB Oslngle. to let with first-class board, for families or single gentlemen. 1 O EAST BDCTEENTH-ST.—A SUITE OF FUR nished front rooms to rent with board; also one large back room. MELDRIDGE-COUHT DESIRABLE BOOMS, furnished or unfurnished. A 1 table accommodation guaranteed. Day boarders invited. EAST HARRISON-ST.-A NICE FRONT PAR lor to rent with first-class board; location pleasant. ELDRIDGE-COUET A VERT DESIRABLE famished or unfurnished room, with board. •jQ CONORESS-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, SIN- Xt 7 glo or on suite, with board, 87 to $lO per week; day board $5 per week. 90 TWKNTT-FIFTH-ST.—HANDSOME ROOMS, JmiO with board, near the take, with croquet grounds. A 1 EIGHTEEN TH-ST.-GOOD BOARD AND PLEAS jIX ant rooms for two or throe gentlemen and wives, or single gentlemen, in private family; location desira ble. near street cars. GROVE-AV.-BOARDEES WANTED. BLLIB-AV.—PLEASANT BOOMS FOB TWO gentleman, or gentleman and wife, in a private 72 no AND 75 EAST MONROE-ST. FURNISHED I O rooms, with or withont board, by day. week, or month. Inquire Room 10,. entrance Myers* Opera House, nn rWENTY-FIFTH-ST.—A SINGLE COZY ROOM, J U with or withont board;bath. gas. and home com forts ; no other boarders; near stages and oars. Q/f TWENTY-SECOND-ST.-A NICE LARGE ROOM Ox to rent, with board; also day boarders wanted. Q/4 EAST BIXTEENTH-ST.—ONE FURNISHED t/x room to rent with board in a private family. mWAHPANSEH-AV.— LARGE FRONT ALCOVE room with large closet, to rent with board for gen tleman and wife. mTWENTY-FIRST-ST., NEAR WABASH-AV.— Two famished front rooms, with board: pleasant location. Prices moderate. Use of piano if desired. OO TWENTY-NINTH-ST. FURNISHED AND .QQ unfurnished rooms, with board; terms moderate. f Q/f SOUTH PARK-AV. —LARGE FURNISHED XO x room on second floor, for two; first-olass board; near Twenty-eecond-st, depot; terms roaonable. lOK DOUOLAS-PLAOE. NEAR THE BOULK XOw yards —To rent, with board, one largo front room on first floor, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen; also, large room up-stairs. QK TWENTY-KINTH-ST.-NICELY-FURNISHED .OO rooms, with or without board. *1 C*l TWENTY - FIRST-ST. -TO RENT. WITH Xt/JL board. largo front parlor, unfurnished except carpet, or will rent both parlors together. Day board, 84 a week. ' *1 enr EIGHTEENTH-ST.—A FRONT PARLOR TO Xu I rent, with board, for gentleman and wife or sin gle gentlemen; day boarders wanted; also would take a good auborbaa lot In exchange for board. m TWENTY-FIRST-ST.—TWO LARGE PLEAS ant front rooms, suitable for two gentlemen and tbeir wives, or single gontlomon. Also a few day board ers within a few doors of State-at. OIQ AND 230 EAST WASHINGTON-ST.—BUEL ZiLO House—Furnished rooms to rent, with board. table boarders wanted. onr MICHIGAN.AV., FRONTING LAKE PARK ZjDO —A front parlor, famished or unfurnished; terms reasonable to permanent parties; table boarders ac commodated. 9QH FIFTH-AV SOUTHWEST CORNER OF ZOu Van Burcu-st. Good board; good rooms, with spring beds. $5 and $5.50; day boarders, 84- OQI MICHIOAN-AV.—NICE, ELEGANTLY FUR- ZiOX niahod suite of rooms; the use of furniture thrown In if references satisfactory. QQ7 MIOHIGAN-AV.-PLEASANT ROOMS FOB ZO I gent aud wife or gentlemen; 3 day boarders can bo accommodated. QQft SOUTH CLARK-ST.-BOARDERS ACCOM- Oou modatod: location. 1M blocks south of Pacific Hotel; house furnished with bath-rooms, Ac. Q£Q WABASH-AV A HOUSE NEWLY FUR OO ts niihcd. with modem Improvements: convenient to business, only ona minute’s walk from the Post-office. Rooms to rent single, or en suite, with first-class board, at moderate prices. QQ O WABASH-AV. BOARDERS WANTED 000 Good accommodations at H per weog; day board- OQ /f WABASH-AV.—GENTLEMEN AND TBEIR OOx families, or single gentlemen, wishing large pleasant rooms, with good board, can be accommodated. Also, day board. . irr WABA3H-AT—FURNISHED PARLORS TO ) I rent, with or without board. Day boarders ao modatod. . QQR MICHIGAN-A.V DESIRABLE BOOMS, Ot7D newly famished, to rent, with board; suitable for gentleman and wife, or gentlemen. References re QQQ MICHIOAN-AV.—ROOMS $4 TO 86 A WEEK, Ouu with or without board. if 99 WEST MADISON-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS, ttZ/Zi with good board, for gentlemen. Day boarders wanted, 84 per week. ' boarding and bodging. South Sido---Continued. 4.4.7 'WdBASH-AV— TWO NICE FURNISHED A • rooms with good board; terms reasonable. WaBASH-AV—FIRST-CLASS BOARD AND 2" . w T°° m * ftt 86.30 to 87 per week; a few rooms to let ftimisnea or nnfumlshed, with or without board. MICHIOAN-AV.-FURNISHED OB UNFUR nlahod rooms to rent, with board; largo front room with alcore; terms reasonable. Aft7 MIOHIQAN-AV. - SEVERAL BEAUTIFUL aU I rooms to rent, with or without board, furnished or unfurnished. ■ 4.7n WABASH-AV. FRONT ROOMS, WITH jJ V, boa £?» oasuito or single; everything new and oesinbu). Front parlor for rent, unfurnished. Djt boarders accommodated. Boforonces. 4.G1 WABA-SB-AV., SOUTHWEST CORNER OF JSldridgo-court.—Largo and handsomely-for siehed front room with bay window, either with or with out board; also room for 4 gontlomon; house first-class in every respect. Largo front basomeat room for rout 4.Q0 WABASH-AV.-FURNISHED ROOM TO TI,XJ £°nt» with board, for two gentlemen or gentle man and wife; $8 per week. 4-Q1 * AV t k . LARGE room, fur -7*-t/x nished, with board, for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, at moderate terms. 4.QQ SOUTH DEARBOBN-ST. (BURNSIDE), between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth—A nice, cheerful, family hotel; good rooms and table, andnosi lively the lowest prices in tho city. Call and see. KflQ WABASH- AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS FOB GEN. y'-’U tlemon and their wives,or gentlemen. Day board $5 per week. Barn to rent. Kin wabash-av.-two pleasant single rooms, with board. Apply at 306 Wabaah-ar. References required. COO WABASH-AY.—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED rooms, with or without board; private family; first-class; all modern improvements. KOO WABASH-AV.-TWO FRONT ROOMS, OOA modem improvements, en suite or separate, also other desirable -rooms, .suitable for gentlemen, with board. References. K/fQ WABASH-AV.-A FURNISHED ROOM FOR vTU two; also vacancy for a ringla gnnflwmnw. eroncee. WABASH-AV.—LARGE FRONT ROOM FOB t/Ux family or gentlemen: slsoainglo room; day board er* references exchanged. MIOHIOAN-AV.-A LARGE FRONT AND yUU rear room, famished, with board, for gents and wives, or two gents. Also day hoard. C7Q MICHIGAN-AV.—LARGE FRONT ROOM, y lO furnished, with board; choice location, private family; terms moderate. CQy4 WABASH-AY.—ROOMS TO RENT, SINGLE vOz or en suite. Could accommodate a few day boarders. Also, a good bam to rent. £Q7 WABASH-AV-TO RENT-ROOMS. WITH OR fJO I without board, to single gents or married couples; vacancy for two ladles; day board. CQ/f WABABH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS EN OVjO suite or single; terms reasonable. Table board ers accommodated. CQQ WABASH-AY.—PERSONS DESIRING A tlvt/ pleasant and quiet home will find nicoly fur nished rooms, with board, at above number. Table first class. A7O WABASH-AY.— ROOMS TO RENT WITH U I A board for gentlemen and their wives and single gentlemen. Good reference required and given. OQO WABASH-AV.—A COUPLE ACCOMMO OOO dated with room and board. Also one or more day-boarders. aQA WABASH-AV.-A SINGLE FRONT ROOM Ut7TC with board. References required. rjA n AND 748 MICHIGAN-AV.—FRONT ALCOYB I iU and single rooms, convenient to oars or omnibus lines to any part of the city. Table first-class. References. n(T\ WABASH-AV.—HANDSOMELY FURNISH- I Oi ed front room for gentleman and wife, also pleas ant back room for two gentlemen, with first-class table. rrx(\ MIOHIGAN-AY., NEARTWENTY-SECOND IOf 7 st.—A furnished or unfurnished front room with board. 77/1 mtchigan-ay.-desibablb suite fur- I It: nished front rooms to rent, with board; also, single room. Two doors south ox Twenty-second-st. Bouse has all modem QA/1 WABASH-AV.—A FURNISHED FRONT Air- Out eovo; also, a furnished back room, first floor, to rent, with or without board. QQQ WABASH-AV.—ONE LARGE FURNISHED 000 room, with good board, in private family; no other boarders; references exchanged. m WABASH-AY—LARGE FURNISHED ROOM, on second floor, for two or three gentlemen; one small famished, and one largo unfurnished room on first floor; house and table first-class; day board reasonable. Q7Q WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS TO 010 rent, with board; one front room. QQA INDIANA-AY., NEAR EIGHTEENTH-ST. 0017 Front parlor, unfurnished except carpet and enr> talus; also largo room and closet, suitable for two gents; first-class table board. QOO HICHIGAN-AY.—ONE FURXJSBED FRONT room to rent, with board. Q97 WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS, EN I suite or single: terms reasonable; table board ers accommodated. QO7 MICHIGAN-AV.-TWO LARGE DESIRABLE xj£i% furnished rooms to rent, with first-class board, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen. QfTQ WABASH-AV.-ROOMS EN SUITE OB BXN dOO glo, with first-class table. QtQ INDIANA-AV., NEAR TWENTIETH-ST. tjKjtJ Pleasant rooms, suitable for gentleman and wife, or single gentleman. lAIC WABASH-AV.—ELEGANT ROOMS. EN iUXO suite or single, with board; most desirable lo cation in the city. *IAQA WABASH-AV. (FLORENGE-PLACE) XUOI7 Large, airy, pleasant famished rooms, single or en suite, with first-class board, for families or single persons; bouse thoroughly repaired and cleaned: has all the modern improvements: location the finest in the city; livery and boarding stable in the rear. Can accommodate several day boarders. 1 C\7A WABASH-AV.— A SUITE OP FRONT XU | tt rooms, with largo closet attached; also, a large back room, unfurnished, with or without board. I AQO WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED ORUNFUR XU O £ nishod rooms to rent, with good board; private family. line PRAIRIE-AV. A FRONT SUITE OP XXUtI rooms, nicely famished, with board, for gen tleman and wife. Also, a fine Urge room for two gentle, men. Also, a good bam to rent. I - ! Q*l STATE-ST., NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH. South Side Homo—Hotel; excellent table and rooms at $5 per week; families at reduced rates. llQft PRAIRIE-AV.-A NICELY-FURNISHED ilt/P room, suitable for two gentlemen, to rent,with board; references required. 10f\ A PRAIRIE-AV.-FURNISHED OR UNFUR. nlahed rooms, for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. A FINE ROOM AND FIRST-CLASS BOARD FOB two gentlemen. Wabash-av., near Twenty-six th ■t. No boarding house. G 30, Tribuno office. BAYLEY HOTEL, 653 STATE-ST., NEAR THlß teonth-ct.—A few mom boarders wanted. Price, $6 and $5.50 per week. Call and aeo. GOOD SIZED. FURNISHED. THIRD STORY front room, with board for two, In quiet family, at moderate terms, at SSS Mlehlgan-av. MICHIGAN-AV.. NEAR TWENTY-FIFTH-ST.-A front room ana alcove, with board; fine mansion; use of horses and carriage see; reasonable terms. Ad dress U 81, Tribuno office. •\fICHIGAN-AV., NEAR BIXTEENTH-ST. (NO iu. boarding-house)— Two genteel couple and two young men can have elegant furnished rooms with A 1 board. House has just been furnished. No other boarders; prices moderate. Address R 39, Tribune offico. POOMS WITH BOARD FOR GENTLEMAN AND Lb wife in first-class mansion. 1138 Prairie-av., corner >f Twenty-sixth-et. Call to-day. CANDS HOUSE. 116 AND 118 FIFTH-AV ELEGANT O rooms, with board, at reasonable rates. Transient. 83 per day. Day board. $5 per week. TTNITED STATES HOTEL-ELEGANT SITUATION. U convenient to the business part of the city, and as a faro fly residence is unecjualod. First-class table accom modation. Transient guests 83 per day. Permanent boarders reasonable rates. Situated at corner Thirty first-at. and Cottage Grove-av. RUCKER & HAWLEx. Proprietors. D. Little, Manager. TTTABASH-AV.. NEAR TWENTY-BBVENTH-ST. Tt A small room for a single gentleman, with board; first-class in every respect; low price. Address 0 77, Tribane office. Worth. Side. OfT BAST RRIB-BT.-GOOD BOARD AND WASH- Ing, $4.50 por week. JOHN KEATING. A O CASS-ST., THREE BLOCKS FROM RUSH-ST. *i:A bridge—Neatly furnished rooms and good board. Terms, $6 per week. _ nOl NORTH WELM-ST.—ONE SUITE OF SIN .Ut)2 gle room* to rent, with Aral-class board. OAQ SEDWICK'ST.-THE VERY PLACE THIS £ v/O summer, cool, and pleasant room*, with good board; 85 a week Ol rr ILLINOIS-ST., THREE BLOCKS FROM 4A, I Statc-st. bridge—A nicely famished room, suit able for two; also, a single room. House with all modem improvements. f)Qn 232, AND 534 ONTARTO-ST.-WELL FUB iiOu, nisoed rooms, single or en suite, with nrst-ciass' board, may be had at low prices for the summer, within 10 minutes’ walk from the Court House. Pleasant and cheap rooms for young men convenient to business. 070 NORTH FBANKLIN-ST.-TWO OR THREE | <7 gentlemen can bo accommodated with pleasant, nicely famished rooms, new house, with breakfast and teai terms reasonable j one block from Wolls-st. bus, good neighborhood; references cichangod. OQ£ ILLINOIS-ST.—A FEW DAY BOARDERS O can be accommodated. * rnn NORTH CLARK-ST.—FOUR GENTLEMEN OOD boarders wanted; no other boarders; pleasant rooms, well ventilated; call Monday; references ex changed. -VTORTHWEST CORNER WELLS AND HINSDALE- Xv ste.— Front rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board; brick building. NORTH SIDE—TO RENT, ONE FURNISHED front room, with first-class board, suitable for two gentlemen. Address U 78, Tribune office. Country. AT EVANSTON. BUTTB OP LARGE FRONT rooms, beautifully famished, to rent to a gentleman and wife, with board; location very pleasant and convo niant; largo grounds and plenty of shade-trees; terms moderate. Address U 34, Tribune office. BOARDING FOR TWO OR TH£ EE CHILDREN CAN l) bo obtained in pleasant homo near Normal School, Inglewood. Address U 20, Tribune office. Englewood— i large alcove and i large back room to rent with board, cither furnished or un furnished, at a very modorato price: near the station. Address j. M, VAIL, Englewood. 111. Febst-class furnished booms to rent, with board, two minutes* walk from depot. ISAAC L HINDS, Hinsdale. . mwo large, single rooms, in new house. X hot and cola water, and nto of Lath-room, near Nor* mol School, 35 minutes’ rldo br Bock Island cars; six daily trains each way; good opportunity for families witliing first-class school facilities. Address J. H. BIGE LOW, HO East Van Boren-at,, or call on premises, next station south of Englewood, Miscellaneous, iLADY BOARDER WANTED-BY A LONE lady. Address G 66, Tribune office. Furmshed booms axd board at very moderate terms; famishes comfortable accommoda tions. Address A IS, Tribune office. mHKEE YOUNG MEN CAN HAVE FRONT 1 roam and first-class board* at 28 per week. Address U 85 Tribune oifice. BOARDING AND BODGING. MlaoeDaneoua'-Coutinnod. OIKLS CAM FIND PLEASANT ROOM AND X board by addressing O 100, Tribune tuSco. A " u TWO OR THREE YOUNG LADIES CAN BE “Iralr-fnrTilehcd room tad biSS 22 ye F r»a«an»blo term: streouSS pass ton door; no other boarders; wo sro loaosomo S3 want company. Address .1 .M H. Trihnn ”offi?*. 1 BOARD WANTED. £zr*S‘ss nlihed. Address, stating terms. BN, 713 .VoShWoj^.gL *ROAED-Ain> LODGING, WITHIN TEN BLOPirq *R OA SPT A SUITE OF FURNISHED OR UVFTTTi -L> nishod rooms, with board, in a private famti* agenUoman and wife, where thcro sro no other boarterZ Must be on South Si Jo. Address S Zi, Tribune offiS! B°iS?r? W0 BOOMS, WITH BOARD, BY TWO ; ln .1 qD l at P'- I ' o on ‘ho West Sido, whom tnoro oroao other booidor*. Addroos, giving location Md terms, 09, Tribano office. * ““ R°£?2r FOR ,4 I aEIiT * AND WIFE.TONE LAHOQ Twelfth Sd •SSS}?JH'teS* * famished rooms, between AwoulttanaTweaty-slxlh-sts., cut of State Prica not CajrterS :Bßol>Ormontb * A <hiroas JAMBS ROBB, care *R?niSSn?? R A CARRIED COUPLE AND BABY, Ji*}® 8 ,e V B -2S’ Ol i Y*.** 1 Side > ncar Union Parks privato family preferred. Address N 40, Tribune office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITH NO JJ other boordere. nosr Union Pork, hr o ronne mnlln. inon; host referoncoe glren. Addrcia G to. IVibuii. OfflCO. * TSOARD-A YOUNG MAN WANTS BOARD IN A JIJNo.I boarding-house on bouth Side. Address WO R_ SM LaSallo-at.. Room 13. *ROARD— ON THE WEST SIDE, WEST OF UNION -L# Parr, by a young man of goon character and habits- Address, stating terms, J 58, Tribune office. "D OARD—A PARTY OF FOUR WANT THREE GOOD XJ rooms and board where there are no other boarders f references exchanged. Address G 64, Tribune office. T>OARD-ON WEST SIDE. EAST OF MOBGAN-BT., X/ board and room by a young gentleman: accomaoda lions must be first-class. Address P 60, Tribnna office. "DOARD-FOB TWO LADIES (MARRIED) WHERE J J there are few boarder* preferred. Address UH. Tribune office. *D OARD-BY YOUNG GENTLEMAN A ND WIFE IN X 7 private family in some sob urban town. Raifarmw* exchanged. Address G 72, Tribune office. lOAKp-TWO ROOMS EN SHITE, WITH BOAIiU * tar throe. Address, with terms, J 38, Tribune office. T>OARD-FROM JULY 1. EITHER SOUTH SIDE -O or at some near suburb, in a private family, for gva* tloman, wife, two children, and servant. Address «J 42, Tribune office. ■pOARD-WANTED: A HOME IN A SOCIAL, CUL-‘ J-J tnred family on South Side, by a young gentleman who will give the best of references and require the same. Address Q 67, Tribune office. Board a single gentleman desires room and board on the West Sido. Please address Q 13, Tribune office. *' , BOARD-BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, ON THB West Side, in a private family, where there are lew or no other boarders. Address J 70, Tribune office. ■pOARD—IN THE CITY OR SUBURBS. A MEDIUM- X> sized room on the lake-shore, facing oast, in a large and social family, or boarding-house, with both lady *n j gentlemen boarders, and furnishing the comforts of a Home. Address U vO, Tribnno office, with terms, which must be moderate. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-A LIVE MAN WITH AC tivc brain, not afraid to work, and s*oo cash, can join mo In business, retail cash, established and' pays well. • No particulars by letter. . References exchanged- Ad drees D, Carrier 3d. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE HALF INTEREST in a nice bowling saloon, just ready to open. 32 West Madison-st. PARTNER WANTED—IN AN ESTABLISHED BA kory, doing a good trade. Address G3. Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—A REAL ESTATE FIRM, well established, will take a partner, either active or silent, who can command S3O. OCX/ or moro in cash, as wanted for special objects; SIO,OOO per annum profits guaranteed, with security; references exchang'd. Prin cipals, giving real name, in confidence may address G7/ Tribnno office. PARTNER WANTED—I WILL GIVE A SMART, active young man. with S3,<XX) in cash, a half interest in a branch of my business, already established and pay ing well, to attend to city sales; will put up equal amuuuft myself. Those meaning business only need answer. Ad dress Q 93, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE A HALF INTER cst in a well-established hardware business in this city, capital required $7,000 or $?,000: a rare opportunity for nay one desiring to embark in this business. • Inquire of JAMES SL HORTON, of the firm olWm. Blair A C 0.,. 178 Lake-st. PARTNER WANTED—I WANT A PARTNER IM mediately. with $350 ready cash. Come prepared ijc S) to work. It is a sure thing and big pay. 7a East Mad on-st.. Room 7, PARTNER WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, WELD X acquainted in the city, and having about $2,500 cash* would like to invest it in some respectable ana profitable business. Best of references given and required. Ad dress, stating particulars of business, care B. W., Car rier No. 59. 1 PARTNER WANTED WITH SOME MONEY, D* a real estate office. Address G 37, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED A MAN WITH SOMQ capital desires to enter into some established busi ness, either as employe or partner. Address G 43, Trib une office. PARTNER WANTED - CAPITAL 51,500, IN A. light, wall established business. Address G 25, Trib une office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH SI,OOO, IN A WELL X established cash badness paying 8500 per months None bat parties who are ready /or badness and hava good references need apply. 127 South Clark-st,, Boos*- PARTNER WANTED—A LIVE BUSINESS MAN,* with some means, to join me In the manufacture sed sale of article of which we hare tha exclusive control in the United States. Best of references given and required. Call Monday, between I and 3 o'clock. Room 29 Dearborn Building, northwest corner Madison and Doarbom-st*., whore we have the article on exhibition, or address G 11, • Tribune office. , PARTNER WANTED—WITH SB,OOO OR SIO,OOO AND a good credit, to join tha advertiser In a lucrative; manufacturing business, fully established. The capita# is wanted to extend the business profitably and legiti mately, and not to pay old debts with. Address Z 8,1 Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM $1,500 TO $1,809 capital to go in a manufacturing business. Profit# over 100 per cent. Large city trade established. Thar best of references given. Address R 54, Tribano office. PARTNER WANTED-A GOOD BUSINESS-MAX with 810,000 can get into a wholesale boot and shoo and manufacturing establishment with a first-class trade-* For particulars address G 78. Tribuno office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH ABOUT $7,000 CAPI- X tal. in an established business. One who is capabfar and willing to take charge of the books preferred. Ad dress G 49, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH $5,000 CAPITAL TO take charge of one of the best paying manufacturing; interests in the country. A monopoly secured to me by. tho United States Government. Will guarantee to doubla the investment in one year. Address R 57, Tribune office. ►ARTNEB WANTED-A BUSINESS MAN AND X capitalist. In the legitimate flour and grain commis sion business. Party advertising hn« long experience and extensive acquaintance; $30,000 and upward needed. Reference satisfactory. Address, confidentially, R 55/ Tribune office. PARTNER WANTJED-AN ATTORNEY WHO HAS Jl a very largo general practice, desires an energetio partner, Nono bat men of means, who can famish tha highest references and control large amount of capital for investment need apply. Address, with real name ana particulars, G 76, Tribano offico. "PARTNER WANTED—I WANT A MAN WITE JL SI,OOO to join mo In tho liquor trade, to sell bytbo> demijohn around town; also, by tbs barrel at wholesale. I have a good trade and good acquaintance. I will do tho outside work; good opportunity to tbo right man. Ad dress, with full name, 6 51, Tribuns office. ABNNEB WANTED-A GOOD, SOBER BUSINESS man, with funds, to take half Interest in a first-class merchant tailoring establishment. No man over offered & better business chance than this. J. F. LATSHAW, 79 JPearbom-st., Room 13, P ARTNEB WANTED—WITH FROM 330,000 TO established manufacturing business. Addreaa J 15, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-A GOOD BUSINESS MAN. with from $3,000 to $4,000, or good real estate security, in a legitimate business that will pay large profits and quick returns. Address U 87, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—IN LUNCH ROOM, AC.| best location in the city, near Board of Trade. Ad dress Q 78, Tribnno office. “PARTNER WANTED—WITH $3,000 CAPITAL, IN X a good, respectable, and well paying business. For farther particulars inqoiro Room 7 Exchange Building. “PARTNER WANTED—WITH SOME CAPITAL TO JL invest in outside real estate, safe and sure Jo double in one year; also Interest in office. IC9 East Madiscn-su, Room 3. “PARTNER WANTED—A RARE CHANCE FOR A X good business man to take an active part in on old <v tabllabed tobacco manufacturing business: capital »• 3 aired $7,000 to SIO,OOO. or may sell entire if wanted. Ad* res* G 67, Tribune office. “PARTNER WANTED-A LIVE, ENERGETIC MAN X with SSOO capital in a No. 1 paying buaiueas now clear* ing S4OO per monrh and can be greatly increased. Apply at Boom 4 Lind Block, 259 East Randolph-st. PARTNER WANTED—AN ACTIVE MAN WITH slo,oooto $15,000 to engage in importing business. The trade 1$ largely developed and daily increasing, and is a sure, legitimate business. Address J 33, Tribune of* -fico. ■* "PARTNER WANTED—A LIVE MAN WITH FROM X $3,000 to $5,000 cash to join the advertiser In the man ufacture and sale of a valuable article in the New East land States that will pay from SIO,CCO to $15,000 per as* num. Address U 89, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM s3,o® TO $5,000, to take an interest In a well-established fona* dry business, which the proprietor desires to enlarge; ti* znoslsatisfactory references and guarantees given. Call on or address A. B. BALDWIN, Hoorn 30, 122 LaSaOe-st* "PARTNER WANTED—IN A WELL-ESTABLISHED _L drag storo and practice: an energetic party to do ta* oaUldobnstneet; SBOO required; basin etj paying well. Address Q 30, Tribune office. F” PARTNER WANT ED—WITH 83,cn0 TO SIO,OOO, TU Jl take half Interest In an iron manufacturing bnam3» doing a good paying trade. Mora capital and a auuui business man to take chargo of the office and finance* xe* paired. Address U 29, Tribune office. _ “PARTNER WANTED—THE ADVERTISERS* WHO X aro coin? to open out on or before the Ist of Septra* ber, 1573, a new ana profitable business with a stoct ox from 815,000 to $30,000, wishes a third partner with or more. A reliable maw will find this a good iatestaeuw as the business is safe, and can be extended to an ited amount. Unquestionable reference requi*** a»» giren- Address J At. Tribune office. "PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM 31CTOTOSj.OM Jl cash to lnTest vrltn a party with an equal »monn* w business that the profits will pay tha whole amount in cas year. Address J 67, Triboao office. /ABTNEB WANTED—TO RUN A SAMPtSSoig . beer-hall. I have all tho lixturcs; 348>S SUtg-__^ OARTSEE -WANTED-Wfni FROM JL $2,500, la retail drags, paint* and oil*. AdortW W 50, T rib one office.

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