Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 15, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 15, 1873 Page 15
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WANTED—MALE KELP. ■" Clerks. Etc. TTT » STED-S ALES M A N-B Y A BOSTON BOOT \Y shoo jobbing house, a salesman with an estab trade In Wisconsin and Minnesota, and also ono sfr Southern lowa and Nebraska. Addnaa Box 2,681, EwtoPi Slaas. ' SALESMAN IN RETAIL HARD* W ware store, Mu*t speak English and. German, un derstand city trade, and giro good city reference. Apply vinuiL Hnng particulars. s-*aUogwhen and where can gS JldaHa W. CAHILL. 19d WestTwelflh-.t,, Chic* o ..™! " firANTED-AT 237 LOOMISST., CORNER OF V V Hastings, a young man to work as clerk in a grocery Store/' ACCUSTOMED TO SELL. \M ins goods bjsamplj. Cell Monday evening south -Insi conn Peoria and Madiaon-ata., Hoorn 30. tvanted-by a wholesale house an ex- Vt perionced bookkeeper. Address, for two days, Q 70, Tribane oCice. stating qualifications and terms,. TirANTEU-2 FIRST-CLASS DRY GOODS SALKS ~\I men; also a lady to take charge of suit department. Applt to CHARLESN ETCHER, 114 and 116 Stato-st. *|T, r ANTED—FIRST-CLASS, EXPERIENCED. TEA VV salesman; one who has a trade already established srith die city retailers. Address U 46, Tribune office; lirANTED-A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS, V V accustomed to the tea trade, to solicit orders In the city. Apply to the Great London Tea Company, comer jyfß/j<*on a-ad liaistcd-sts. Trades. fIT"ANTED—AT NORTH EVANSTON. CARPRN- Tf ten. masons, and painton: 20 buildings to bo erected. C. L. JENKS, 145 LaSalia-st. - T\TANTKD_tO PHOTOGRAPHERS - A FIRST ?! class negative retouching artist, lady or gentleman. Address at once, stating terms, Ac., Lock-Box 15, Ot tumwa, lowa. Wanted-one OR TWO GOOD TOBAOCO-CUT ters at onoo. Inquire at 43 lUver-st. TirANTED—A GOOD BAKER TO GO 60 MILES IT west ol Chicago; ono who understands tho business thoroughly, and con come well recommended, can obtain a good situation. Address, until Juno lb. Box 345, Braidwood, ill. • FIRST-CLASS WASHER. AND 1 OR ti 2 men on stock. Inquire at 804 and 806 West Madison-et. * ’ Ilf ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS SIGN PAINTER. IT Steady employment to a good man. Apply to B. L. FLAGG, 182 East Madison-st. - ~WANTED—B GOOD CARPENTERS AT MADISON, VV Wis. Apply to SORRENSON A FREDRICKSON, Madison, Wis.’ . T\rANTED—AN AnCHITfiCrrS draughtsman t » who understands - construction and dotal! drawing, and who hat good references. Address U 21* Tribune office. .. - . '* “IX/" ANTED—ONE-FIRST-CLASS STEEL ENGRAV- V r or by Western Electric Manufacturing Company, 220 Bast Kjnzio-st- - WANTED-FIVE GOOD UPHOLSTERERS AND 6 11 f finishers: good wages and steady work. Apply to COLBY A WIRTS, 293 and 294 Statc-st. TtrANTED-A GOOD BLANK-BOOK FINISHER, VV at 56 and 68 Fifth-av. J. DALE. T47ANTED—PAINTERS AT 125 WEST MADISON- W 61. MARTIN A LEONARD. W' ANTED-A BOOKBINDER. COMPETENT TO charge of a bindery about to bo established in the city. Preference given to a man who has a binder; that can bo boughs. Address, during tho next three dajl, bTAATS 2EITONG JOB PJUJSTING CO., cor nerFUth-av. and Washington-st. \TrANTED-A BREAD AND CAKE BAKER AT IT Hoffman’s Bakery, ISO West Adams-st, TTFANTED—TWO GOOD PATTERN MAKERS, AT IT JOHN B. GAVIN’S pattern works, corner Jofler ion and Lako-ets. WANTED— PRINTERS, GORDON FEEDERS, A jobber to go to a city in this State. J. W. DEAN, Printers’ Exchange, No. 6 Tribune Building, TUANTED—AT 119 OAK-ST., MONDAY MORNING, IT one good trimmer; also, painter. WANTED— A PAINTER TO PAINT HOUSE FOR half acre Jot, Washington Heights; $500; balance 5 years. C. W. DEAN, 123 Clark-st., Room 16. WANTED—A YOUNG MAN TO LEARN THE PHO TT tographle art. A favorable opportunity for a young Ip>p desirous to loam. Call at SMITH’S Gallery, No. 2a West Raadolph-st. •WANTED -A YOUNG MAN OP EXPERIENCE IN IT the photographic art; wages, S2O per week, and a permanent situation. Address Q 6S, Tribune office. WANTED —A GOOD PATTERN-MAKER TO whoa steady employment will bo given. Apply at FOX A HOWARD’S Works, near North Halsted-st. bridge. WANTED— FIRS T-OLASS CUSTOM TAILORS, AT 199 West Madison-st., Monday, TT*ANTED—TWO GOOD TUCK POINTERS. AP ii ply at comer West Adams and Lincoln-sts., Mon day momlag. . WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS SHIRT CUTTER. TT State where last employed and give referenco. Ad dress J 32, Tribune office. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS HAND ON VARIETY if moulding or shaping machine. Apply at office of SWAN, CLARK A CO., Kobey-et,, near Blue Islaad-»v. TXTANTHD—4 WOOL SORTERS, 4 JACK SPIN -11 acre, 20 experienced wool weavers. I loom fixer, 2 gig hands. Apply to GIBSON 4 TYLER, North Star woolen Mill. Minneapolis. Minn. WANTED —A GARDENER COMPETENT TO IT take charge of a green-house. Apply to P. PAL MER. WANTED-2 SILVER BURNISHERS AT 118 WEST Monroe-aL, comer Desploines, in basement, on Monday. G. R. INGRAM. WANTED-ATOUNG MAN WHO HAS HAD SOME ii experience in brass finishing. Apply at No. 2 North LoKaile-st.; at 9 o’clock a. m., Monday Morning. ANTED —A PRACTICAL”MILLER, WITH $3,000 capital, to take entire chargo cf fine steam custom ynilla, a& working partner, where the capital invested by Che sleeping partner is over $22000, which will remain In the concern without interest as against tho other’s labor. W X, German American Advertising Agency, comer-Madi eon and LaStile-sts.. Coachmen. Teamsters. &c. TTrANTED-A BOY, 14 TO 16 YEARS OLD, TO 71 take caro of horse. A good homo, but small wages. Apply at 1136 Wabash-av., Monday, •before 8 a. m. TIfANTED—A MAN TO TAKE CAKE OF HORSES V t and buggy; moat be first-claxa in cvoiy respect* and work chuap. Apply at 303 (Janal-st. Employment Afrciiclciu - - TVANTED-MONDAV~gW GOOD RAILROAD LA if borers for Illinois and Indiana; good wages and steady employment. Also, 10 teams at $-1 per day. Also, farm hands, choppers. Lark-poolers, caw-nidi hands, etc. Apply for particulars to CHRISTIAN & BING, No. 1 South Claik-bt. TVANTED —SO RAILROAD LABORERS; ONE ft year's work and good wages; entirely free faro and company work. Apply 274 South VVator-at.', SHAW &. CO. TVJ’ANTED—FOR HIGHLAND PARK AND CITY, ft laundresses, cooks, r.ud girl* tor gneml housework. Apply Immediately at 446 WuLoeh-av., up-stairs. WANTED-500 RAILROAD LABORERS, CHOP it. pens, caw-mill, and farmhands; also men to Lake station work at good prices. Apply at 259 East Randolph ct, Lind Block, Monday, C. V. SNELL, Manager. Miscellaneous. TT/ANTED—MEN—BIGGEST CHANCE EVER OF tt fered to make money. , A farmer cleared £32 inono week. One young man made $27 in three days, above all expenses. If you want to jaako money, don’t fail to csUatSSEastMatli&, Room 5. TVANTED—SOLICITORS AND AGENTS FOR THE if .“Pena Mutual Life Ins. C 0.,” of Philadelphia, in northern Illinois. Office, 85 Washlngton-st., Chicago. WANTED-INTELLIGENT MEN, AT LEAST 51tC vt 6 inches high, for U. S. Army, at 33 Noah Canal-st. WANTED-A GOOD HONEST BOY TO GO ER • 1 rands and work in store. Apply 108,110, and 113 Chleagoav. WANTED-BOY ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AGE TO if learn a profitable trade; must live with his parents: £&j«t, $4 per week. Call Monday at the office of THOMAS A BOYCE, 203 West Madiion-st. TXTANTED—A GOOD HONEST BOY TO WORK IN »* a cigar store; references required. 770 West Xaks-st. - • .... TVANTED-A GEP.MAN OR NORWEGIAN BOY ,"» 14 or 16 years old who understands English to work in a grocery a tore, atllSWestlndlana-st. Call for 6 days. TVAKTED-A SMART BOY, QUICK AT FIGURES. TT not over 10 years old. Apply for one week at 623 attsmsoa-st. TTTAKTKD-A BOY OF GOOD-ADDRESS, 14 OR 16 *■ yean old, who resides with his andean give soodreforencoa. Apply Monday, June 16, between feaad9o’clock, at KNOPFEL’ShiosIo Store, 148 Statost. TV ANTED ~ FIRST-CLA SS SEWING MACHINE ' .casraaset*. To such, extra Inducement* will bo of gMGO^te'S.^ll'l 10 ” 33 “ d 21 *° W - °' TVANTED—EXPERIENCED CANVASSERS FOR 9 a. nu 67 South CUnton-et., Monday, at .WAKTED-25 TEAMS TO WORK ON THE BALTI n\\ “ore, Pittsburgh A Chicago Railroad at Brennen, wagfti, s4neroay; board, jfllper day per man and w ana 86 LaSaJio-st., Monday, Jana IS. SMITH A ALLIfiOTf. - . WANTED-A LEADER OF BAND, EITHER ENG agQ or German, to travel for the season (by rail) to? • Apply at the office of the Journal WTatl{tf2 eat ’ 159 Eearborn-st., Wednesday, June THANTED-A PARTY TO GO TEN MILES OUT OF . n j u ?.^ o » furnished house, and board owner family. Address G 48, Tribane office. TTTANTED—AN ACTIVE SOLICITOR, ONE HAV r— j°fts»goodacqnalntaoce with Michigan fruit grow pi. AJfat. Ga. Triiiuno nffirn. ■ 4 iS ED ~ MES WITH 85 TO 8100. TO COME «w . good thin, at 125 Clerk-at., Boom 67. "\V A K? D r; A EESPKGTAIiLIi MEN TO BO off.-*Ol* 0 ” 1 ?"*?* t®* iatho city; good ladncomonta jttac?*t-n L „ ' pp n y * Z lo ® Bto9 a. m. f at 74 .Metropolitan 10c ji comer Baadolpfa and LaSalle-sts. BOY WHO RESIDES Cell n*iii ß J l' and U not afraid of hard work. Ewjalo* 11 * southwest comer Peoria and want a few good men to iv-t-y „ M ealeemca for tho Victor Sowing Machine, and offer extra inducements. liAKHOWS ttua ‘ 4 CO., 2sl West iladisoo-st. D 3 UiNVASS! - R S TO SELL S NSW AND c «noeS ce f-S I p cl ? , .’ I fc . !li - sr Largo profits to "• a Eaat Mi-Jisoa ct., Hoom 15. ± J*’o. 1 FIRST-CLASS PORTER AT — lllß Rarnsa Eatue. Addlt immediately THE EXPOSITION BUILD • commence llomlaj, Juno 16, 1873... DISTRIBUTE CIHCULARS. 4 w neat Madisoa-fit. DK. MATHEW. AND WOMEN TO SELL NON. lyt t p jjJSJ O *' kerosene. Solid for 25c; costa Bc. Sells u WealLako-st. T. GOOD RELIABLE MAN WITH 61,500 Pzt, K^?nT7. *° nTPSt la a good business; pay sS,'l*X) a J Bs, Address for tiiroo days. -BELL BOY- CALL MONDAY MORN offioo ol Lake Forest 'Hotel Company, ISO COMPETES! FOHNACE SALES tako orders. Addrets J&), Tribone ofticc.' MAE to MAKE HIMSELF USEFUL fjj, 00M -» rcsUanmi, Si Sooth CJart-bt. Apply io AT42CANAL-ST., UP-STAIES, is a meat market, one driving a horse preferred. Apply WANTED—MALE HELP. _Miscollaneous—Continned. * WANTBD-A good steady man or boy to 7. t**-® of horse sad cow, and work about house offico 689 * ® UUa * and wages required, J 77, Tribune »y ANTED-A SOBER, STEADY MAN TO TAKE u t t io b a °.” m eMd '' ilßher - ** gookT wash, and iron WABASH-AV., A FIRST-CLASS ! T dining-room girl; also one to assist in tho kitchen. WANTED-A STRONG, INTELLIGENT BOY. TO fnl v aake hlmsolf gonorally use- Skn/618o T i.h Sl^iS^ E MANUFAOtBhINQ CO.. oituations wanted-by a small family h" *^nnn; agood hand willgive ono mouth’s f° r tt steady place. Address J Gts> Tribune office. W ANTED—A MAN AND WIFE CAN HAVE A* ~ good homo by running a lunch-counter, at 32 West Modlson-su. ... , T\7*ANTED—CANVASSERS THAT HANDLE .PUR Jv. K°°dß uiake from $25 to SSO per week; goods sell on right. A. M. RIUHARUBUN, 116 MudWiu-it. TT/'ANTED—IMMEDIATELY—A YOUNG MAN OF IT energy and good address; business lucralireaud Mreeable; also 3or 4 young ladles. Call at No.-lO South inton-st. from 12 to 1 o’clock Monday. ■ T\r ANTED—A GOOD BUSINESS MAN,WITH $3,000 n capital, cltlr-r as partner or otherwise, in u fcuiuncss whore the annual income trill bu guaranteed at $3,000 per annum, and the capital secured by real estate. Address R Y, care of Gorman American Advertising Agency, cor ner Madison and LaSalle-sts. T\r ANTED—AGENTS AND CANVASSER—ENEII- I» getio men with small moans can make money, flail alNo. 9 South Canal-st., Boom 4 Yates'Building. WANTED-A ROY' TO TEND MEAT-MARKET. (jail at 1073 Weal Madison-at. " WANTED--FEMALE HELP. - Domestics- WANTED AT THE DOUGLAS HOUSE KITCH co, laundry and dining-room girls. WANTED— A GOOD COOK. WASHER, AND ironer, to go to Evanston; small family, and good wSiPPLE* lUlro 300 LaSallo-et., first fioor. H. TITANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE f r work for family of four. Call at 646 Battcrliald-st. Tlf ANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE TI work. Apply at 15(Q Indlana-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL T t housework; family small. 89Foroat-ar. .'WANTED —FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK-A TT good, strong, neat, competent HrL German or Scandinavian. Xn';olrn at 513 West liandolph-at. WANTED— IN A FAMILY* OF TWO-A GOOD oook, washer and Ironor; reference required. No. 110 South Park-av. TATANTED—COLORED OR GERMAN GIRL TO DO t T housework for only 2la family to whom good wages will bo paid. Apply at 1661 Stata-sU, 3 streets south of Thirty-fifth-at. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO NURSE 1 T oabo, and do plain sewing, at Evanston. Address O, Boom 9, X 63 Waahingtoa-at. TV ANTED—A» WELL RECOMMENDED GIRL TO f » take chargo of children, and assist in housework. Call at 1430 Pralrio-av., near TlUrty-tlrst-Ht. T\f ANTED—TWO COMPETENT GIRLS FOR COOK t» and second work, thoso who havo worked together preferred. Call to-day and to-morrow at No. 603 Wash*’ ingtou-ay.; good wages. Old sitters from intelligence offices need not apply. TXrANTED—TO GO TO KENOSHA. WIS„ TWO 11 good girls, one to cook, wash, and Iron, the other for second work and sowing. Apply on Monday, 16th (to morrow), at tho office of S. H. KERFOOT A CO., 90 La- Salle-st., from 11 s. m. to 2 p. ?n. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housewoyk In small family at Oak Park, nine miles only from the city. Apply at tho office of Sherwood School Furniture Co., 105 Louth C&ual-st. TIT ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL V T housework; most bo a good cook and well recom mended. Apply at onoo at 133 EUls-av., sooth of Wah panseh. TXT ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HO USE- I T work; family small: wogos $6 per week to a oompo tontgirl. 448 West Van Burou-st. W ANTED-A YOUNG LADY (PROTESTANT) TO f T assist iu housework and sewing of a small family; will be treated as ono of the family'; most bo respectable, and havo good reference. Apply at 966 Jacksou-et. WANTED-A GIRL TO ATTEND CHILDREN AND do plain sewing; references required. Apply at 6U3 West Moaroo-at. \KT ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE -11 work: small family and good wages. 83 South Uoyne st., close to the Madlson-et. cars. WANTED— A GERMAN WOMAN TO COOK, wash, and iron, to go to the suburbs; good wages; only competent persons need apply. Call as Boon 19, Major Block, comer of Madison and LaSallo-sts. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework, Gorman or Swede preferred, at 866 Sooth State-st. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply at 8 North Klizaboth-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND IRON; small family. 79 Vlnceanes-av. WANTED —A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRESS OR 11 second girl, at 336 West Washington-st. WANTED-GOOD WAGES WILL BE PAID FOR A good cook, washer and ironcr, at 1064 "Wabash-av. WANTED-A GOOD SWEDE OR GERMAN GIRL for general honsovrork. at 1190 Prairis-av. YTTANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN IY era! housework, Gorman or Scandinavian preferred, at 308 Wost Jackson-sc. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a small family, at 111 Walnut-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK, WASHER AND ironcr, in a family of four where two other servants are kept. Liberal wages to a competent person. Apply at 29 Indiana-av., fourth house sooth of Thirtoentb-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRLFOR GENERAL HOUSE- V Y work, to go to Evanston. Apply at 157 LaSallc-st., basement, between 9 and II a. m. - TVANTED—SMART YOUNG GIRL, 12 OR 14 YEARS VY old, orphan preferred, one that can do light work, chores; ono of that description can find a good homo at 824 West Van Burcn-st. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. IMMEDIATELY; »r good wages. 706 West Monroo-st. ■WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO SECOND IV. work; at 311 Michigan-av. TVANTED—GOOD COOK IN SMALL .FAMILY. - VV Apply to Dr. B LOWELL, G55 Archor-av., from Bto 10 a.m. TVANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; t Y one Chat can wash and iron; German or Scandinavian preferred. Call to-day or Monday at 970 North Clark-st. T\TANTED-MAN _ LATTEITtO ft cook, wash, andiron, for good wages; tho former to do chores for board. Northeast comer Tyler and-Pau lina-sts. TVANTED-A GOOD, STEADY. RELIABLE GIRL 11 to cook, wash. &ud iron. Apply, Monday* forenoon, at 740 Micbigan-av. ■ - , TyANTED—A GIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS HER V Y business to do general housework in a small- family. Inquire at 60 Marshfield-av. WANTED-A GOOD WASHER AND IRONER. Apply at 1151 Wabash-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUBB work in a email private family; must bo a good cook. Apply fortwo days at 1130 Indiana-av. WANTED-A COMPETENT WOMAN FOR SECOND work. Apply, between tho hours of 2 and 4 o’clock, at Room 8/155 LaSalle-st. TVANTED-KITCHKN. LAUNDRY. AND SCRUB • Yr girls at Burdick House, comer Wabash-av. and Ad ams-fit. WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK, WASH. AND IRON In a private family, 53 South Carpenter-st. TTrANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO HELP IN HOUSE VY work and sewing, at 663 West Indiona-st., near Robey. ■ TITANTED—A NEAT YOUNG GIRL TO DO VY second work at 1204 Pralrio-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS cooking, washing, and ironing. Swede or Norwe gian preferred. Apply at 216 West Washlngton-st. WANTED— TWO SWEDE GIRLS, ONE TO COOK and the other to do second work. Inquire 665 Wa bash-av. TTTANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSB VY work In a small family at South BngloWood, Apply at UOB Prairie-av, TV ANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GEN- V Y eral housework. 1375 Wabash av. Permanent situ ation, if satisfactory. ’ WANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- V T work; a good placo and liberal wages, at 77 . South fiangamon-st., throe doors from Madison. ~ •' • WANTED— A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK, WASH and iron, In a private family; German or Swode pre ferred. Call with references at 470 Waahington-st. TTT ANTED —A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL V V hou&owork. First-class wages to one that under stands her Loftiness. 1504 Indiana-av. •’ WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework, German or Swede, at No. 180 North Ol&rk-st. - irrANTED A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL VV housework. Good wages paid. 279 Warron-av. TTTANTED-FOUR FOR GIRLS FOR LAUNDRY, V V one for kitchen, one forpantry. Call Monday morn ing at office of Lake Forest Hotel Company, 150 LaSalle-st. nr AKTED—AT ONCE, COOK, DINIKG-QmL, AND VV chamber-maid, all first-class, at the REVERB HOUSE, 610 South Canal-st. WANTED-A GOOD SERVANT GIRL TO DO general housework in a small family. Apply at 378 Mlnhlgan-av. ■ ' TrrANTED-4. YOUNG GIRL ABOUT 16 TEAM VV old, German, Scandinavian, English, or Scotch, in a small family. Callilonday morning at 105 West Polk st. t comar Clinton, la store. WASTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO, GENERAL' . W housework In a private family. Call at lfl6 C&rroll-gt. f^NTEb~TWCfGIRLS FOR DINING ROOM AND W kitchen work at the Holly Tree Coifeo Inn, 185 East ilonroo-st. Apply to-day op to-morrow, before 10 o’clock •iffANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK. WASH AND VV Iron for a private family. Nona need apply that can not bring good ntferonoo. Apply to No. *0 i. wonty-Lalrd *t., comer PraXrf vav. ANTED —AT 228 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., A good experienced cook for private boarding bouso. None other need apply. i Wanted— a. good girl to do general housework lu a small family* Apply at 6SJ South Dearbom»3t. (Burnside). ■ ANTED—A YOUNG GIRL TO .TAKE OARE OF a baby 6 months old. Call Monday. 15 Aberdeen. ANTED—IMMEDIATELY, A FIRST AOT■ iKO ond cook; also a laundry maid- 114 andllb West M&discn-st. - ANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHES, 'AND Ironor, at S3l Indians*ar. ■\xrANTED—A NEAT. TIDY GIRL FOR GENERAL W* housework in family of two; no Irish need apply. Call Monday and Tnesday at 47 North Ashtand-av. TVTANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV workat44 South Morgaa-st. AST ED-AT 13! WEST MADISOSST. 'A GIRL to do gonoral housework. ___ WANTED— GIRL TO ASSIST IN GENERAL housework, at 14 Bishop-court. - Wanted— an a no. i pastry cook at tm Continental Hotel, fitato-st., corner of Eldridge conrt- TTTANTED-A FIRST-CLASS KITOHKN GIRL AT VV the Oedoa House. Apply to the hcdcoolc. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; SUNDAY, ; JUNE* IS, 1873. WANTED—FEMALE KELP. .* Domestics—Continued. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL “ honsowork. . 18i Thlrty-llrat-et. TXT ANTED-AGIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A T T email family. EWJtf Indiana-ct. :■ T\rANTED—A GOOD COOK. AND SEiON’b'GIRLT * * at 18 East Harrlsos-st. Call early. -\y GENERAL HOUSEWORK Tr in family of four. Inqubott 615 Wabash-at., up stairs. \\TANTRD-A girt, to do general house \l Gorman, Norwegian, or hwotlo* Apply* at ISI Olrio-at. WANTED— GIRL TO 00<5k, -WASH AND IRON. Call at 477 Fultoa-*t.‘, corner Union Park-placo. WANT E D^GTRL”TO DCV~iIOU piste for two, at £3O South Jofforaon-at. WANTED (GERMAN ,OR COLORED GIRL; only 2in family. 1601 South Stato-st. Good wages. . \\F ANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- H work in a family of throo. German or Swede pre ferred. Call at 667 boath Park-ar ' WANTED-A. GOOD. STEADY GIRL TO DO GEN * » eral housework, orcopt wushlug* Apply at SCO Wa. bash-av. Seamstresses. T?7*ANTED—APPRENTICE GIRLS, TO LEARN THE J T jirossmaking business. Apply at 314 Park-av. \\t anteD - GopD OAERATOKS ON HOWE MA .* i cbmes, for fine sorgo work; work inside; must un dpTß .and tho business; also, agoodbaster wanted. Ap ply at 642 South Canal-st. WANTED-A GIRL THAT UNDERSTANDS SEW- Lt on dresses-aud can run a Whotlor A Wilson ma chine, Call at 283 West Madlson-at,, oaily Monday morn ing. \XT ANTKD-A GOOD DRESSMAKER AT 167 BLUR. »T Island-av. T\rANTKD,-SHIRTaf AKICRS AT Mo ART’S EUREKA j T Shirt Factory, 60 West Madison-st. ■WANTED-A GOOD TAILORESS THAT UNDER »t stands Slogor machine aC2I3 West MadLou-at. . VTTANTED-A GIRL TO DO PLAIN SEWING. NONE TT but noat hands need apply at 15 Lako.av. .. WANTED— 10 CIR WjTTE~MACHINES, FOR dressmaking; also, a girl (or housework, at Got) Btato-st. WANTED - TWO APPRENTICE GIRLS AT * * dressmaking. Will take pains to learn them. Apply at 196 West Madison-st., up-eralrs. \\T ANTED—SEWING GIRLS AT DRESSMAKING. I T Inquire 77 Twcnty-fourth-st. \TTANTED—EXPERIENCED SHIRT-MAKERS ON V> fine shirts at COLLINS A HUNT'S, 123 Dear bom-st. TVTANTED-A good seamstress accustom- Y Y ed to make boys’ clothing. Call at 433 West Mon roo-Bt. *TTTANTED—APPRENTICE GIRLS AT DRESS -11 making Parlors, No. 17 Twcnty-aixth-st. TYTANTED-SEWING GIRL. INQUIRE AT 479 ii South Clark-st.; up-stairs. ... YITANTED^SIX SEWING GIRLS TO it work at dressmaking. Apply at JORDAN BROS., 861 North Clark-st. . TITANTED—TWO SEAMSTRESSES ACCUSTOMED If to trimming dresses. Apply at 857 Wabash-av. TITANTED—A SEAMSTRESS; ONE WHO UNDER -11 stands dress-making. Inquire at 215 North Asb land-av. ' WANTED-A GOOD WHEELER A WILSON MA chlne operative: to furnish own machine. HOTCH KIN, PALMER A CO., 137 and 139 Stato-st. . WANTED-GOOD HANDS FOR WHITE SHIRTS and one good finisher at Trade Palace Shirt Factory, SO3 South Clark-st. TirANTED—DRESSMAKER, WHO OAN HAVE Yr tho comforts of a home in a small private family. For particulars, call at 70S Cottage Qrove-av., comer Thirty seventh-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO SEWING AND WAFT on an invalid lady. ApjJly to Mrs. FRANK WAR REN, 623 West Adams-st. WANTED— A SEAMSTRESS: ONE WHO UNDER stands dressmaking. Inquire at 216 North Ash laad-av. I«atui drosses, TTTANTED—GOOD IRONERS AT O. O. D. LAUN f T dry, 473 Wabash-av. TITANTED—GIRLS AT WILSON’S LAUNDRY. NO. Tv 297 and 299 Stato-st., to work on piece work; ocenta for old shirts. WANTED— THREE FIRST-CLASS SHIRT-TRON en and two washwomen at the HUTCHINSON ■LAUNDRY. 961 Wabash-av. WANTED-A GOOD LAUNDRY GIRL AT 65 Rnsh-st. Apply between 9 and IS &. m. TIT*ANTED—FIRST-CLASS SHIRT IRONERS AND YY ladies' clothes iroaers. Apply at Home Laundry, 633 State-st. THANTED—THE TWO BEST LADIES' CLOTHES it Ironorslntbe city, and three good washwomen. MIDDLETON’S Steam Laundry. 14 Adams-st., or 960 Wabash-av. Nnrsos tttanted-nuesk GIRL-APPLY AT ONCE TO IT 1456 Pralrio-av. WANTED-A WOMAN WITH A FRESH BREAST of milk to take chargo of an infant 6 weeks old. Apply at Nu. 240 Firat-st., above Reuben. WANTED— A GIRL FROM 13 TO 18 TO NURSE A young child. MRS. PARRY, SSS Oakloy-at. Housekeepers* WANTED-A NEAT AMERICAN LADY. WlLL ing to do tho work of a widower’s family, can find a f ood, pleasant home at moderate salary by addressing t £O. Tribuuo offiqo. "V\r ANTED—OLDISJI WOMAN AS HOUSEKEEPER, IT to do cutting and sowing (boys’clothes) on Singer machine; wstree, $4; placopermanent. ' Address U «, Tribune office. Employment Agencies* TTTANTED-50 GOOD GIRLS FOR GENERAL «t housework; also, cooks for private families. Apply At lOGO Stato-st., Mrs. THOMPSON’S office. ‘TTfANTED—SO GIRLS, GERMAN, NORWEGIAN, Tf and Swedes, in private and boardiag-bouso«, rostaa rants, for tho city and country, and boats. Apply at 529 Sutc-st. Mrs. REISS. • ANTED-GOOD GIRLS FOR CITY AND COUN try. . Families supplied with first-class help at Mrs. HAMILTON’S, 46 South Union-st. - TIT ANTED—FOR A HOTEL OUT OP THE CITY v V 'cook, chamber, and dining-room girls, all reliable help; comoat once. SSS Wahash-ay. Sirs. BaLKAM’S. XV'‘ AJ '” rED - A - GOOD SWEDISH COOK, COOK, VY waaber and irenor. German Laundress, etc.; girls for general housework. MISS BARTON’S office. 883 State-nt.; entrance on Fdghtoonth-st. Do not call on Sunday. . KliMeUanoons. WANTED-A SHOE-FITTER TO TAKE WORK out. Inquire in store 163 West Hazrison-st. . WANTED-A LADY CANVASSER—ONE AO VY quatuted In Centenary M. E. Church' preferred. State where an Interview may be had. G 52* Tribune, office. WANTED-MONDAY MORNING-TWO EXPERl cnced lady solicitors of good address; no others need apply. 60 South Canal-st. TXT ANTED-A LADY TO TRAVEL WITH AN DTYA YY Ud, between tho ago of 18 and 25 years. Must be good looking. Address Q 13, Tribune office. . - WANTED— LADY CANVASSERS TO SELL S light articles, now and low-priced. Largo profits to agents. 179 East Madlson-st., Boom 15. TIT ANTED - A YOUNG LADY TO ATTEND A YV yJ gar store. Address J 34, Tribune office. WANTED— SEVERAL LADIES FOR THE CITY and everywhere in tho country, to sell my two ex cellent toilet articles, and rubber goods for ladies. Any lady can make money. MRS. PALMER, Boom 8* 25 West Lake-at, . . TV7"ANTED—TWO GOOD LADY CANVASSERS, Yr Monday morning; call at 132 Dearbom-st., Sopm 6. TVANTED—LADY CANVASSERS TO SELL ON Y V commission tho Bazar paper patterns. HOTOH KIN, PALMER A CO., 137 and 139 State-st. WTANTED-AN EDITRESS CAPABLE OP CON i Y ducting tho fashion department of ‘a weekly journal. Must possess a spicy, epigrammatic style, ana able to' make her department eminently readable. Address X M Q,Tribune office. WANTED-LADY TO GIVE INSTRUCTION AND tend in sewing machine office. Apply at 110 Twenty second-Bt. - SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE. Bookkeepers. Clerks* &c. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN ENGLISHMAN, aged 23, whero good intellectual ability, gentlemanly address, and unimpeachable character will secure him au opportunity of an introduction to tho business life of Chi cago.Adaroes Box 2225, Evanston, 111. ' S‘ ITUATION WANtED-AS BOOKKEEPER OB cashier/ by a thoroughly competent man. 4 years* ex perience. Befit of city references. Willing to loan S4OO or 55(0 to his employer on good security. Address P 70, Tribune office. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. IN A . book and stationery store; has bad two years' experi ence; best of references given. Address R 43, Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED-OHARGE OF A SET OP books from 4:30 to 6:80; good reference givon. Ad dress T, 317 Sooth Park-av. . SITUATION WANTED—IN AN OFFICE. OR AS traveling salesman, by a young man who Is no smarter than many others, and' cannot bring letters from all the principal dignitaries of the land, bat is willing to work on ms own recommendation. Address AA H, care THEO. WICKERS HAH, Hinsdale, DuPsge County. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER, COR rospondent, secretary, or some like employment, by a rapid and export accountant and thorough business man of twenty yoant’ experience in jobbing, w-.mmlsdoa, manufacturing, cto. t would expect to attend strictly to business, and would be valuable where business was curo £licated and accuracy and reliability nscessary. Address >, 1076 Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED—AS COPYIST, COUHE spondent, bookkeeper, or In any position In a mer cantile offioo or business, by a thoroughly competent man who la trilling to work for a very moderate uolary. Hiffbstt references. Address J 26, Tribune office. SITUATION RANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER; Re ference given; satisfaction gnaranleed. Address G 75, Tribune ogjco. SITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE GRO* O eery or commission house, by a young man that la not afraid of work, and la willing to make himself generally useful. Has had some experience in the grocery oou aesa. Address RH, Tribune office. (■SITUATION WANTED—BY A. YOUNG MAN. AS O dry goods clerk. Hss been In the business throe years, and understands the business well;also a good rec ommendation from last place; htosisterw^os adtuaUcp In samo business as cashier. Call at 145 West Horon-st. SITUATION WAKTED-AM A DRUGGIST. BUT must do something: willing to go to .any part of tha United Stales; good referonocs. Q 90, .Tribona office. OITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN. 15 O years old, wb° resides with his parents, in an office: best pity reference. Address G S6, Tribono office. SITUATION WANTED —BY A YOUNG MAN AS clerk in an office, or as salesman; beat of references. Address G £B, Tribono office. ■ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS AS : sistant bookkeeper; best references. Address G67, Tribune oSco. SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER OR collector, or other outside business: 3»'ye»ra of age; fully competent: moderate salary: good business experi ence. Andress P 87, Tribune ofhce. ~~ ■ SITUATION WANTED—BY A VERY RESPECT abIe, sober, steady young man (Swede), In a hnt-cuss dry goods or clothing store: hare some experience la tho business from my carter days; best of refemccsglteo* Address JOHNSON. liTwost ladiana-st. _ WANTEE—KALE. BocirJtoepors, Claries. &o.~■ QITUATIO.V VTASTIiD -B’ A 'WHOLESALE O huu»o. by a yoauas maa ivith tbroo ycara’ m-itriouco as faleamon and stcck-la. Adflrcsa U 81 Trilmnoof liou. • : qnflATi(s?f~ n i?A?ftnD-A-) CLfciunKd' r sBTK Oping, ft rcm.-.u, packing, or uth-r valuable cipr?rieucj, quire competent, strong, iud no., airaid to work, wall recommended, good ro/crence, and bonds if wanted, age 23„ Address GB3, Tnbuao office; - n . OITUATION WANTED—AS BUYER O tog; wholesale grocery preferred, by a young man that understands the business; reference first-class. J 2j, Tribuna office. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN wiTH a knowledge of bookkeeping and iwnmanshlp, in day capacity, from Ba. m. to sp. m.; $6 par weak; good rul crencoa. Address G Si, Tribune office. ’ b CITDATION BY A YOUNG MAIL O thorough bookkeeper, with several year#’experience InbualnoM; wishes an opportunity to Invest sumo money in a good paying business. Address, with particulars G 31,/ Tribune olnea. ’ SITUATION WANTED-BY A THOROUGHLY BX . pcrlonoed bookkeeper, who has good city referenca. Address P. O. Box 12a. SITUATION WANTED—BY A BOOKKEEPER, travelog otc. ; a gentleman, married, agcdlM. liftcao rears’ experience; wishes an engagement with any good house; lumber undo preferred; references. CH, 217BtiBbngjl-st. SITUATION WANTED—AS CLERK IN A GROCERY Mtorc, by ono who understands his business; moder ate salary. Address U 33, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (SCAN- O dinaviao) who is desirous of ioaminc the dry goods business; wages uo object. Address U 41, Tribune office. S" ITUATION~WANTED—ON OR BEFORE JULY 1- In a manufacturing or wholcsalo Loure, by an expert euccd double-entry bookkeeper; references furnished. Address P 88, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, AS hotel clock; beat references. Address G sd, Tribuaa office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY MAN. IN A retail grocery or provision store no liquors are sold, with a view of investing a small amount in tall if satisfactory. Good references. Address G 65, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED bookkeeper In some mercantile home. - Address Q 14, Tribune offico. SITUATION WANTED-HAVING REGAINED MY O health, a situation at any office work. Can keep or straighten any sot of books. Muxt have work. Address W. SMITH, care N. P. U., 114 East Monroo-st. SITUATION WANTED-ACTIVE, IN A FlßST class real-estate office, by a practical business man, thoroughly experienced in correspondence and bonk, keening. Only intelligent, appreciative, and stirring business gentlemen nood rcpply. Salary must bo liberal, and will bo mostly taken in real estate. Address, for tiro days, giving full name and particulars, U 84, Tribune offico- SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WHO writes the corresponding stylo, or from 60 to 80 words per minute. Address J 40, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED —AS BOOKKEEPER, cashier, or correspondent, by competent, reliable, experienced man; reference present employer. Address U Id. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS BOOK keepor, copyist, or clerk In store; has had consider able experience in business generally; can famish boat ol references. Address, for ten days, J 63, Tribono office. Trades. SITUATION WANTED—TO TAKE CHARGE OF boring, sinking, drifting, the making of self-acting Incline planes, or any branch of mining, except survoy ing by one who is thoroughly vorsod; baa a good, thorough practical knowledge of ventilation, likewise of carbonic and hydrogen gases: well versed In working veins of coal from 18 inches to 20 foot thick; tirst-cl&as reference. Ad dross THOS. OIiEESMAN, Minonk, Woodford County, m. QITUATTON WANTED-AS FOREMAN IN A FUR- O nitoro manufactory, by a man of largo experience in the business, who can draw plans of any description and understands all the details of the business thoroughly, in cluding machinery and znon; can execute as well as plan. Address R SI, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—TO BOOKSINDERS-AS binder and machine-mlor. Addross JOHN MAT THIAS, Draoevilid. Grundy County, 111. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS EN glnecr, in city or country, capable of repairing most kinds of machinery, or would make himself useful at any kind of machinery. Address GEO. 8., 158 North Morgan-st. SITUATION WANTED—TO MILLERS—A MILLER arrived from England Is open to on engagement. Ap ply at 128 Shorman-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GRADUATE OP A civil engineering institute, who is a practical carpen ter, as foreman, or to help, either architects, civil engi neers, or surveyors. Speaks French and English. and has been a foreman on building before. Salary expected, moderate. Address J. PRIJOBAU, Chicago P. O. SITUATION WANTED—TO DENTISTS—BY A first-class operative and mechanical dentist. Ad dress J. DAINLY, 923 Broad-st., Newark, N. J. SITUATION WANTED—IN A BAKERY TO LEARN the baker’s trade. Address ET G, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A JEWELER. WHO IS a good workman; good references- Inquire or ad dress KLINE’S Hotel, corner Clark and Lake-sts. SITUATION WANTED-AS APPRENTICE BY A young man 17 years of age to leant a trade. Address D H, Tribune office. Coachmen. Teamsters. &c. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman in a private family, to drive aud take oaro of horses; best of references. Address G. PHILLIPS, 12 Hanover-st. QITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN, BY A O competent man who can give good references; Is will ing and trustworthy. Address O 34, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF 18, from England, as groom or coachman, and willing to make himself useful; best of reference. - Address Cl, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN O first-class private family; U truly sober, aod ondor- Btends the cere of bonus, harness, ana carriages; best of references given. Addrosi G 15, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachmen in a private family; understands the care nf bones, and Is a careful driver. Good dt7 references. Please cell or address J, 330 West Lake-gt. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COACHMAN. HAS been - working several years In a first-class family in tho city. Very best of references. Address & 47, Trlb . quo office. . . QITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN FOR A O private family; no pay required If ho fails to give

satisfaction. Address COACHMAN, 118 Bunulde-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SELLABLE YOUNG man to drive delivery wagon and take pare of horses; quick and willing to work. Good references. Address R £6. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A »SWEDE AS A coachman In a private family; la sober and not afraid of work: well acquainted la tbo city. Pleaso address & PETERSON, 42 Wont S~ ETUATION WANTED-BY A DANE, AS COACH man In a private family, who Is willing to work and make him so If useful. Andreas G 79, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN 25 years old, aa coachman, or to take charge of horses. Able to milk and make himself generally useful; 10 years’ experience. Address J 44, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED O man. as a first-class coachman, or to drive a delivery wagon; best of city references furnished. Please ad dress J 45, Tribnne office. - SITUATION WANTED—TO DRIVE DELIVERY wagon for some wholesale bouse or retail grocery, by a young man of steady habits. Good references. Address U 80, Tribune office. , ' SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY as coachman by a young man, a Scandinavian, who thoroughly understands his business Address J 41, Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A NO, 1 CHORE AND coach man; very best of city recommends; thoroughly understands the care of horses, carriages, cows, and tho - mtnor etceteras. Address PERSEVERANCE. Tribune office. Miscellaneous* QITUATION ’WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED O man, to take care of farm or stock: understands tho business thoroughly; best references. Addresa PATRICK FOSTER, 200 Tnirty-thlrd-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS COLLECTOR-WAS IN past employ over four years; good references given, and reasons for leaving lost place. Address R 61, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN (GEB- O man) speaking good English, in a gr> eery, or as gar donor or coachman. Address R 43, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED—BY A BOY OP 11 YEARS O to toko care of on office .and ran errands. In quire at 143 Lytle-st., np-etairs. QITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN OF SO YEARS* O business experience, as Superintendent or basinets manager; was in charge of large works East, running 300 men, for eight yean; can givenlghest testimonials. Ad dress U 23, Tribune office. ■ SITUATION WANTED—MY PRESENT KNGAGE- O meat occupies only morning evening. want om ploymcnt for afternoons In office or light outside work. Address Q 64, Tribnne office. CiXUATION WANTED—BY A BOY. WELL ABLE O to work, take care of bancs, or any snch .work; just como from the country; 18 years old. 758 Indiana-av. , in rear. SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE youth, who purposes learning a trade, in a store, or to do chores in the evening. Willing to work far board and washing. Address J 46, Tribune offieo. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BUSINESS 7JAN OF large experience in ibis city; will accept & position of trust or manager, where strict holiness Integrity *>oold be appreciated, at a moderate calary. Address Q S3, Tri bone office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. QITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- O work in a private family. Call at Ifl7 Taylor-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL, TO DO second work In a private family. Inquire for 3 days, at No. 189 Ontarlo-et., near Market. . : / SITUATION WANTED-BY A FTRST-CLASS COOK in private family; best of city reference; no washing. Call Monday, 468 Arnold-et. ■ SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG WOMAN, in a small private family, to do light general work; high wages not required. Addxots LL, £3O South Hal sted-st. : SITUATION WANTED -BY A FIRST-CLASS Swedish girl, to do dining-room work or cook fora small family, understands bothjeood references if re qnlred. Address Q 42, Tribune office. ITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY to do chamber work and sew; reference given. GBB, Tribune office. - . , SITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work in a small private family or boarding-house; ref erence given. Apply at 843 Bultcrtleld-st., noar Twenty fifth. . • SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GILS, ONE AN experienced cook, tho other house girl In a firsb-clasa private family; best of references given. Call at 606 State. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL 16 YEARS OF age, in a rocpoctablo family, to take care of a baby and do cp-stairs work. Call at 907 JoffersoQ-st- SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL 14 YEARS OLD to take care of children and help around tho house. Apply Monday or Tnosday at 95 Forquer-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE OEM. to do general housework, or kitchen work where two are kept: South Side preferred. Call Monday and Tues* dayatßCanalport-av. •• ' Situations wanted-for two first-class American girls, oaa as cook, the other as second or. dining-room girl, in private family, hotel, or boarding koose. WUn-ji-st. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domostics--Continued. CITUATXOiN WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO •k? second work in a private family; faas good reference from lost place. Apply la roar of old "Waba&h-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A NEAT AND TIDY .American Kiri Ip a email family to do general house work. West Slap preferred. Address U44, Tribune office. SITUATION W ANTKO^-liy - A RESPECTABLE young English girl, to do second work or general housework in a small family. Apply at 1324 btate-at, oa Sunday. ■ SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TOO SISTERS. ON3 O to cuok, wash, and irun, and the other to do second work in & private family. Please call or address 21 r.ubitvetV, West Side. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO CHA3l her work and s:w cn a Wheeler 4 Wilson machine. Call or address, Monday, M, D., 204 Barasidc-st.* OITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE O Ctrl, to do general housework, or second-work. Please callat&i Third-av. Situations wanted-bv two girls, one to cook, othortodosccuad-wofk: reference given if re quired • Wcat hido preferred. Cali, or address, 132 Math cr-sL, for two days. OITUATION WANTED-BY A PROFESSED COOK. Ols hotel or restaurant. Apply at 416 Wabash-av. SITUATIONS WANTED—TO DO GENERAL O housework. by two good girls. Call 838 South Clark. •qiTUATioN~ O family or take care of children. Call or address 469 West Washington-st. OITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO O cook, wash and iron. Also a situation wanted by a woman whore sbo can bring her child along. Superior stv No. I(J3, in tho basement. Cali for two days. City reference given. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK, la a private family. No washing, or second work. 31 Jackson-at., la the afternoon. OITUATION WANTED-AS COOK BY A YOUNG O woman. Call or address MO, £3 North May-st. OITUATIONWANTE A YOUNG” WOMANT O with good recommends, as n cook or laundress in a re spectable private family. Apply at 320 Third-av. SITUATION WANTED— BY A GIRLI6 YEARS OLD. O to take care of a child from Ito 3 years old: it willing to assist with sewing, Ac. Applj at 412 West Aiodison-st. SITUATIONWANTED-B Y“C gVRMAN GIRL. ~TO do chambervrork or sovring. 28 Bariington-st. Please call fur two days. Seamstresses- SITUATION WANTED—A FRENCH DRESS maker, from Philadelphia, will maku engagements with n low families to sew by tho (lay or week. Perfect tit and stylish trimming guaranteed. Address S 92, Tribune office. OmjATION WANTED-AS A SEAMSTRESS; PRI- O veto families preferred. Address 459 Warren-av. S' ITUATION A FAMILY BY A SE AM stross that understands cutting and fitting; terms rea sonable, and con furnish sewing-machiuo. Address G 88, Tribune uliico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS FlT ter and trimmer, a few more families bythodayor week. Address, by letter, 453 Wab&ahav. SITUATION WANTED AN EXPERIENCED O . dressmaker would like a few more customers, at StrJ \Vost Harrison-st.; or would go out by tlio day. ~A”'GbOD’*DRESSMAKKB would like to enlace with a few families by the day. Call or address SEAMbTRKbS, l-h> Sonin Hoisted-bu SITUATION WANTED—AS SEAMSTRESS IN A private family; understands dressmaking and can run different machines. Address hi 8, or coll at at 379 Cot tage Grovo-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SEAMSTRESS, TO sew; understands dressmaking, aqd operates several machines. Address J 66, Tribono officu. SITUATION WANTED—WORK IN FAMILIES BY a competent dressmaker. Inquire at 325 South Mor gan-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SEAMSTRESS.WHO understands dressmaking, by the day or week. 33d Butterfield-su Xiaaadresses. SITUATION WANTED—AS FOREWOMAN IN A laundry* or in a email private family, by an American woman. Call at 98 Cornolla-st., oH Milwaukee-av. SITUATION WANTED—TO DO FAMILY WASHING by a reapoetablo English woman; good drying ground, with every convenience, and dono on moderate terms. Address H W, 892 South May-et. SITUATION WANTED—A GOOD LAUNDRESS van to to do washing forgontlemon or tako washing for boarding-house oe hotel. Call Monday at 488 Aroold-at. WANTED— A FEW MORE GOOD SHIRT-IRON, era, ono collar-ironor, and a lady’s clothos-ironor, at the T-*vp*tHQ Laundry, 63 and 65 South Canal-st. Horses. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED lady’s nurse; best of city references given. Apply at £66 Waahington-av. QITUATION WANTED—A LADY TEACHER. WHO O has bad experience in attending on the sick, wishes to travel daring the summer vacation with an invalid lady, as attendant and nurse. Address Y 60, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT AMER ican lady, as companion or nurse; would travel with family. Apply at U Peck-court. MRS. M. J. BATES. S' ITUATION WANTED—AS NURSE-GIRL IN A Email family. Apply at 265 Third-av.; reference given. SITUATION WANTED-AS MONTHLY NURSE BY a lady of experience; good reference given. Address 16S Caiumot-av. SITTATION WANTED-AS WET NURSE, BY A lady whoso child is dead. Call at 323 Twcnty-thinl-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT PER son, aa child-nurse, to take charge from birth; or will take care of grown children and do family sewing; under stands Wheeler A Wilson machine. Apply at 4*B North LaSalle-st. • • QITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED Ooune. Reference from some of tho best physicians. Call or address NURSE, 303 South Pooria-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL AS nurse girl. Cell at 112 West Adams-st. Employment Agencies. CITUATIONS WANTED-BY hotel, rkstau- O rent, end boarding-house cooks; also. SO girls for gen eral housework, 7 chambermaids, 4 laundresses, and 8 girls for second work, at the bTAJt EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, No. 5 WestMadison-st., Room 5, up-stairs, and No. 126 West Monroo-st- SITUATION WANTED—FOR AN ENGLISH WOM an, to take cere of children: will go abroad with fam ily ; boat city reference. SSS Wabosn-av. MRS. BAL KAM’S. S’ ITUATTONS WANTED-FOR SEVERAL OF MY bcstcirla; oscallcnt time to select help of all kinds, at Mrs. PATCH’S, IKS Stato-st. Housekeepers. SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER IN hotel or gentleman’s family; references exchanged; good wages required. Address R 31, Tribune office. SITUATION E KEEP R R BY an American woman. Apply at 818 West Washing ton-st, QITDATION WANTED—BY A LADY OF REFINE -10 moot as housekeeper for widower or single gentleman. Good references given. Address J It, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG WIDC W lady as housekeeper. A homo more desired than wages. Address G 18, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER OR wet-nano. Gan nurse two babies. Best of references. Apply at corner of Forcy-sccond-et. and Wentwortb-av., by dummy track. QITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS HOUSE ,Okeo] »or or traveling companion. References given and required. Address U 28, Tribnne office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS HOUSE- O keeper; salary reasonable. Kcfereacos'glven and re quired. Address for one week, N. 5.8., comer Fifteenth and Dearborn-eta. QITDATION WANT ED-A LADY OF REFINE- O mont, alone, and a stranger in tho city, without a homo, wishes to keep house Tor a widower or bachelor. Can give references. Address U 80, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER OB seamstress In small family, or to do plain sewing, or would tako a situation In a store: can glv; the best of references. Call or address 856 West Washlngton-st,- SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS GOUSE kcepor In a respectable family or Hotel. No objection to children or the country- Boat of references given and required. Address J 35, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—A HIGHLY-RESPECTA bIo American widow lady wishes a good situation as housekeeper whore there arc few or no children.; bachelor or widower preferred. Or wonld take two or three small children at her own homo to caro for. Address L 53, Post- Office, for one week. MisceUaneone. SITUATION WANTED-A LADY-TEACHER, OF character and culture, wishes tho charge of pupils to live In the country ov travel during the rummer; high est references. Address li 49, Tribune office. ' SITUATION WANTED-AS COMPANION TO AN Invalid lady, or to Cake care of house daring the ab sence of family thl* summer. Inquire at 4 Rhodes-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG LADY IN A family to msko herself generally nsefol, whore her services would prove ciQuivaient for her board. Address G4l, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—A RESPECTABLE LADY wishes to go to Colorado or California with a family, or take care of an invalid. Ad dress IT 32, Tribnne office. SITUATION WANTED-A LADY DESIRES A Situ ation as costumer for a traveling theatrical troupe. Address U 43, Tribnne office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY, AS COM panion for an invalid who wishes to travel; or would take sickly children to the country daring the summer. Address U 43, Tribune offieo. SITUATION WANTED-A LADY WHO HAS FAlli ed in every effort to secure remunerative employment begs the address of somo influential lady or gentleman who will assist her to tind work by which she can earn her broad. "Writing, or housekeeping for widower or bache lor. preferred. No trlfiers need answer. Address P SO, Tribune office. _ S*“nUATION WANTED-A LADY WHO HAS BEEN looking for employment by which she can support her self, and Has failed In every effort, and is at a loss to know wfaat to do, now begs tho address of somo gentleman or lad/ of influence who will assist her in obtaining em ployment. Housekeeping for a widower or bachelor pro. ferred. Address J £9, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN LADY, school-teacher, as nurse. or governess to small chil dren. Call Monday at 446 Wabash-av. ITDATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN who understands the business, as operator on lady’s work in a «hr-e manufactory. Cull or address L. LEIGUT OITUATION V/ANTED—BY A YOUNG LADY OF Q 14. of musical talent. to lake care of children. Ad .dress Q 19. Tribune office. PERSONAL. T> EIiSOVA L—IF MR. WILSON WILL PLEASE CALL X or send his address to 461 Micfalgan-av., ho will much oblige. M. M. - P— ERSONAL-TOT. LETTER FOR YOU IN POST- Office. * N. R. G. P‘ ERSONAL=OLAUDIA, writs and let me know when I can see you again. O. A. S. Personal- will you or will you not Answer my question f Mr. W3L GRANGER, 128 gpd Tan South Clark-st. - - ' PERSONAL—IF THOMAS CUDDY OR MARGARET jl D. Cuddy, formerly of Montreal, win send their id dress (or any friend will send thc-Ir address) to 81 Jack* son-st., they will hear of something to their advantage. WATERS. T>EESONAL-GRANGER, WHY DON’T YOU X write to me, 1 have tried to Had yon at 123 and 130 Clark-st. «8. BUSINESS CHANCES. ADKUO STOBB DI 018 OF-THB MOST flourishing town in tho Northwest, doing » good and profitable business, for sale: a light and clean stock. Address LORD, SMITH A CO., Chicago, PL AFIRST.CLA.SS PLAN£NG-MTLL AND LUMBER business, with teams, tools, and lumber on hand, for sale to close a copartnership. The concern is doing a suc cessful trade; Itwiil bo sola at a bargain, or exenanged for any other cquail/ dcsirablo property that can be di vided. Address G 89, Tribune office; A RARE CHANCE TO BUY INTO A ‘WELL* ES tabllsbod cash wood-working business, central loca tion ; present profits good; terms easy: amount wanted, sls, UOU to Sa).PJO. Apply to B. Q. DUN A CO., cor> nor State and Washingtoa-st. ' ■ A WHOLESALE JEWELRY BUSINESS FOR SALE. Stock comparatively small, and wall selected. A good trade already established, making it an excellent opening for a good party. Particulars on application of parties meaning business. Address Q 45, Tribune office. A LODGING HOUSE IN SAN FRANCISCO FOR . »alo. A fine central location, containing 140 rooms, with a wall-ostablisbcd business. For further Information and particulars address C. O. MOXLBY, Real Estate. No. 238 Moutgomery-et., San Francisco, Cal. \ ViSK BOOT AND SHOE STORK FOB SAUI RMilwaaSee-av or^&rtca^l part real estate, at A GOOD CHANCBTO BUY: MUST SELL: OWNER il going to Council Bluffs; fruit-store, stock and fix tures at XyS South Stato-st, Call to-day and Monday from 10 to 7. A FIRST-CLASS MEAT AND VEGETABLE MAR kot, nicely fitted up, with a good trade, for sale cheap. Has been running two years; has a good cash trade. Reason for selling: been speculating, got in debt. Inquire at No. 23 Davis-at. this p. m. or any day from 1 to 8 o r clock p. nu AN ELEGANTLY FITTED UP CIGAR STORE AND sample-room, well located and doing a good paying business, ./or sale. For particulars inquire of F. A. BRAGG k CO., 146 Dearborn-et. A LARGE AND COMMODIOUS BOARDING-HOUSE substantially fitted; location first-class, doing a largo business, for sale. Lease, furniture, and Interest for sale at a low figure. Apply to O. £. HOLMES, No. Si South Clinton-st. A FULL STOCKED CIGAR STORE WITH FINE fixtures, doing a good business, for sale, low rent, 3 rooms, and kitchen well furnished; the whole at a bar gain; must'be sold at once. Apply at No. 116 West Van Buron-st. GOOD PAYING BILLIARD AND SAMPLE-ROO M for sale on West bide; will bo sold cheap for cash. Address P 7a, Tribune office. . • A BARE CHANCE FOR A BUSINESS MAN. TO pare base the interest of a retiring partner to a' fron ted, legitimate, and luonUva basinets, Uiorougblj es tabllnhod;Slo, required. Address U 86, Tribune office. A CITY HOTEL OF 38 ROOMS DOING A 6PLBN did business; a restaurant and 85 lv>dglng rooms at tached, paring; well: a boarding house of 31 roams, fall of boarders—jor sole. R. KENNjEDY, 145 Clark-sL, Rooms 28 and 27. A NY PARTY HAVING A GOOD BUSINESS AND xi. stock to dispose of, part cash and port real estate a 6 Sayment, may call or address MORSE, Room 31, 268 oath Halsted-st. A SALOON WITH TWO BILLIARD-TABLES FOB salo at a bargain; bongo In the roar. 714 Stato-st. A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS THAT HAS A largo demand, and is nothing like it In the entire West, tor sale; this Is tho best chance ever offered for makingmonoy. Profits aro largo. Will sell cheap for cash, or trade for real citato la the city. Call or address 358 West iladison-st. A NY PARTY WISHING A LEGITIMATE. WELL- and profitable manufacturing business at a bargain can find no better chance in this city; present amount necessary about $2,000; good reason fur selling. Address A 4, Tribune'offioo. A MEAT MARKET WITH A GOOD BUSINESS FOR .xiaale cheap. Apply at No. 40 West A dama-at. A CIGAR AND FRUIT STAND, WITH STOCK and fixtures for sale. No. 3 West Lako-at. Attention, speculators i-thk finest in. vention of tho age, just patented: full of money. Come and boo us. If you wont to make a fortune. BOIL- ViN A CO., 48 Sonth Clark-at, A DRUG STORE FOR SALE, CHEAP, TO Dlß solve partnership: fixtures and stock excellent; price, $1,300. Apply at 712 South Halatdd-st. A STATIONERY, CONFECTIONERY, AND NO tion store for salo, at 173 West Monroo-at,, near High School. Sell cheap, oa owner is going East. * A FIRST-CLASS RETAIL GROCERY ON THE West Side, for sale; In a good neighborhood, with a good paying trade which is constantly increasing; a man with common business tact and energy can clear at - least $5.0G0 per year over all expenses; no norms asked for good will; capital required, about $5,000. Address G 63, Trib une office. ■RUSINESS CHANCES—IF YOU WANT TO BELL. IJ bay. or trade for a business ebanoo. call at our old established offices, the largest in the West, where you will find bus In eases on salo or exchange requiring capital from SSOO to $20,000, and representing more thaxra quarter of a million of dollars, all of which will bear the strictest in vestigation, which wo court. Wo take no property that Is in otoer agents' hands, and wo guarantee a speedy salo or exchange. Amongst our list are the following: Splendid steam custom ™i»a (flour and food), Wiscon sin, $23,000. fine hotels, Wisconsin, $12,000 snd $20,000. Dry* goods and groceries, lowa,sales $70,000 per annum, sl2. (ii)U. Dry goods, lowa. SIO,OOO and $15,000. Station hotel ana eating-house, Illinois, $5,000. Drug stores, Chicago, well fitted up, $2.500, $4,500, and Tobacco route, with horse, wagon, and harness, SSOO. Transient hotel and boarding house, Chicago, .SI,BOO. Splendid old established jewelry business, $16,000, 1111* no is. ' FOR EXCHANGE ONLY. $4,000 stock of dry goods, notions, etc. ' . 51,500 stock of millinery goods. *I,BOO gouts’furnishing goods, clothing, etc. *1.300 shade trees from a nursery, delivered inChlcago. SI,BOO gold watches, jewelry, and silver watcho?. Most oi the abuvo businesses are old established, and will bo sold for real estate, cash, and on time. Give us a call if you want to enter trade. ’ BOILVIN & CO., • Auctioneers and General Business Agents, 48 South Clark-st., Chicago. TSOARDING HOUSE, FURNITURE, AND ACT. D complete, cheap; rent, S2O per month. 214 North Halstcd-st. • Bakery, confectionery, and ice cream rooms, with rooms and fnrniraro for housekeeping, at 7tiEgan>ar., doing a good business, for gala cheap. "OAKERY FOB SALE A SPLENDID STORE X> trade, corner uf Morgan and GurJy-ata- Apply' ou the premises. ■ "OAKERY FOR SALE. A RARE CHANCE FOR A X> live man; everything in good order, and doing a good business. Apply on tho premises. CLARK 4 McCQY, 27 Rina lafand-av, ■pOARDING-HODSB WITH FURNITURE AND D* Icaso far sale; la pood location; most bo sold im mediately. 146 North Haleted-st. ■ *I^OAHDING-HOUSB,. IN THOROUGH REPAIR, D for sale; woll fonushod; 15 rooms; locationunsur passed; leaso unobjectionable ;3e boarders. Will be sold at a bargain; good reasons for soiling.. Inquire at 113 South JcSoraou-st. CIGAR STORE IN BEST PART OF TOE CITY FOR sale; satisfactory reasons given for selling on appli cation. Apply at 197 West Mauiaoo-st. Confectionery and bakery for sale, on business thoroughfare. An active man. with small capita], this is worth year attention. McPHRRSON A 00., 163 WnahingUm-st. G IGAB STORE AT 667 SOUTH STATE-ST.. IN connection with billiani hall, for sale. CIGAR AND NEWS ROOM FOR SALK. INQUIRE at the United States Hotel, com or of Thirty-arst-sc. and Cottage Grove-av. Cash required about $l5O. ■ CONFECTIONERY AND ICS CREAM SALOON for sale: good reason given lor selling.. Inquire at 663 South C&nal-st. . CIGAR REFRESHMENT, 7ND ICE CREAM PAR lors for sale at a bargain. Apply aC9 East Kintio-st. /"CONFECTIONERY AND ICE CREAM PARLORS \_/for sale in a good location. Inquire to-day at 647 West Uadison-st. TARUG STORE FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, WELL JLJlocated, doing a good business. Inquire at 519 Wa baah-av., up-staus, from 1 m 8 p. ro. Drug store for sale, well stocked and handsome fixtures. Tratio well established. $1,500 csftbu balance real estate in city. McPHERSON A CO., ICd Waafaington-st. , DRUG STORE FOR SALE: S2,£OOCASH; BALANCE on time. Address U 61, Tribune office.. Fob sabs—saloon and boabd£No-housk, with lease, and license for next year: house can ac commodate 35 boarders; furniture, and all In good run ning order; I will sell cheap for cash; reason for selling, going to live in the country. Call at 257 South Qanal-st. lor a few days. ’ |C ~ THOR SALE—THE CHEAPEST AND BEST STOCK _D of Eastern baby carriages in the city at the Willow Ware Vnnqfactog?, No. 235 West Madisoa-at. FIRST-CLASS DRUG STORE FOR SALE. MOST desirable locality. West Side. At a great sacrifice. Applyat J. A E. W. BLOOKI, aoMarkebst. FIRST-CLASS MEAT MARKET FOB SALK, DOING a good business; will be sold cheap. Call at 68 West om-av. Grocers, attention—we know op a rare chanoo for An experienced retail grocer with a moder ate capital. IRUESDELL A BROWN. 175 West Aladi son-st. ' GROCERY-STORE; FIRST-RATE PLACE FOR A German. Present proprietor owns the real estate; has made his money in this store; will soli at coat for stock, and lease store for a term of years cheap, as bo Is going to change his business, amount of stock. $2,000. There Is a largo foed-basiness connected with this store, and plenty of room to do it- This Is a sure thing, and will Sear any investigation. Inquire of G. H. LAWTON, Room 1, 43 South Glark-st. Office hours, Bto 10 a. m. and 4to6p. m. /Gentlemen having from SI,OOO to $5,000 \JT cash or real estate to invest in bnvtnees can find a chance seldom met with by addressing Q 22, Tribuno office- 7~1 ROGERS. ATTENTION—WE KNOW OF A SPLBN \T did chance (in the city) for an experienced grocery man with moderate capital. TRUEfiDELL A BROWN, 175 West Madison-st. . GROCERY FOR SALE; PROPRIETOR HAS HADE money; owns the real estate; will lease cheap: price 8700; has all cash trade.' Inquire of G. H-’ LAWTON, Room 1, 48 South Olark-et. Office hour* Btoloa. m. and 4 to 6 p, m. GOOD BUSINESS CHANCE-CONFECTIONERY and Ice-cream parlors for sale. This business at reasonable figures; all new. Inquire at 426 Larraboo-st. Hotel completely fitted, for sale and building to lease. Very central. Excellent oppor tunity. LEVI WING A CO., 96 Dearborn-st. THAVE A NEW PROCESS FOB BURNING KERO- J. sene oil for cooking purposes at a cost of cent por hour, without smoke, smell, or dirt; can do any kind of cooking or baking that can be done by coal or wood; par ties with capital can realize a fortune by establishing themselves In any city or town; can bo sosn in practical operation. Call and investigate. WETHEBILt AGO., 8o East Washlngton-st., Chicago. Lumber team complete for sale cheap for cash. Inquire at 120 North Canal-st. Laundry and living room in same build ing, for sale, as wo need tho money in other busmoss. Fixture;, furniture, well-established offlce.sixblocks dis tant. Uno of tho best established in tht* city, in a pleas ant and paying locality. Trade SSOO per month, and in creasing. Lowest figures, SBOO. For informs; «on call at 195 South Dosplainea-st. Lager beer saloon for sale-stock and fixtures complete. Owner going In Bulling. Cheap rent; price $450. .Call on premises. No. 2u West Madison-st., basement. Millinery store to sell in a country town, now doing a reasons forpartlaa selUng, In poor health and wish to travel. Address O 85, Tribuno office. 1 _ Meat market tor sale-stock and Fix ture. of one of tho host thbol ta the cltj. A ppl, oa premhen, 310 MTeet T»entr-«econd-.t. . xfEAT MARKET FOR SALE-NO. .131 INDIANA aII it-, cheep; two Iwee, £2O per month, 6 return. BUSINESS CHANCES. Meat and vegetable market for sale cheap for .cash, owner baa business abroad: ono of the best locations on State-st., with all tho appliances; all in order, with good trade. No. iO East Mauison-st., Booms.” EECHANT TAILORING BUSINESS FOR sale; •***• established 1853, doing a good cash trade. Stick smell, rent low, location good; no bonus; poor health the cause of selling. Address R29, Tribune office. ONE OP THE BEST RESTAURANTS AND SAM ple rooms in Ghicago, clearing orcr SI,OOO per month, i° r 2fz£ at a to close a copartnership. Address J 37, Tribune office. Ti ? E BF.ST BEER SALOONS Dt THE city, for sale; moat be sold ou account of sickc-ss; in iladSson°Btf mjJto ** offor * T - Isr; A HOLMES, raNE-THiBD INTEREST IN A SASH, DOOR. V Wlad t * ad stair-building business, now in toll opera tion and doing good paying business, only $y00; a good horse, buggy and harness taken in part payment. For further particulars inquire of J. F. PXKHSON, lit Dear born-st., Room 6. ONE OF THE FINEST MEAT MARKETS ON THE South Side, for sale, reiy cheap. Inquire at 137 Ar cher-at. - rVLD ESTABLISHED DRUG STORE,FINE STOCK, V/ " marble fountain, and motal show-cases, dnine a fine prescription trade, for tala or exchange. BOJLvIN A CO., 4a South Clark-st, T)ESTAURANT. WITH ICE-CREAM FIXTURES, J-Vfor sale cheap for cash. Apply at 13-1 Norm Wcils-et, ■pKSTAUUANTAND BAR DOING A GOOD BUS I XL ness, In fine location, for sale: or would taka partner to replace ono retiring. S 27, Tribune office. RESTAURANT AND SAMPLE ROOM FOR SALE, AL or will sell range and restaurant fixtures, reserving tho saloon. MCDANIELS, State-at. R ETATL FAMILY GROCERY FOR SALE, DOING —** j * lergo and protltablo business. Location, no bettor ddWjb(v? aiC / uc V, aor 6 utic with, capital. Mo« PHERSQN i CO., Ida Washington-st. SMALL PRINTING OFFICE~FOR SALE; COM ploto in ov«nr department; almost new. Cheap for cash. Address K 63, Tribune office. STEAM 'FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS 7 ran of atone, now engine of ample power in good or der; isiaatowuof9,ooo people; good local trade; ship ping facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mls«i;sippl River. Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDEK WQQP, Muscatine, lowa. Shops, with ls-horsr engine and boiler. Bcroll saws, circular saws, 1 sharper, 3 turning lathes, all necessary machinery for carrying on the man ufacturing of furniture, lor sale or to rout. First-class location. Call on the osraor, U5 South Ulark-st., Room 13. J. H. HHf.R gALOO: —„ JN LEASE AXD FIXTURES JfO. 173 CLARK at. for gala cheap, or xroold take partner. SALOON AND BOARDING HOUSE FOR SALE cheap. Inquire at 48 Bast Kinrlo-at. SALOON AND RESTAURANT FOR SAT.p, IN qnlroat2B West Randoiph-st., basement. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GROCERY STORE, in first-class neighborhood, for sale. Good masons for selling. Apply on premises, 568 West Erie, corner Lin coln-st. rpHE STOCK. GOOD WILL. AND FIXTURES OF A a finely-paying restaurant, with largo ladles’ trade, la one of the boat locations in the city, for sale; or would • prefer to sell half-interest to a good man. Parties seek ing investment should avail themselves of this oppor tunity. Full particulars at our office. WM. H. SAMP SON A CO., 144 LaSallo-st., Otis Block. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS— ■An excellent business chance may bo secured by a merchant tailor aud clothier at Elgin. 111. The business Is established 25 yearn, possesses a duo trade, and is only disposed from 111 health. Stock at present light and select; tho store is fitted op expressly for tho business, and will be rented at a reasonable raie. Inquire of T. F. Phillips, No. 10 East Madlson-at-. Field, Benedict A Co., corner Market and Washington-sta.. Biddle A Boyd. 2TI East Madisoa-st., or tho snbscribor, b. Me- OSKER, Elgin, 111. * TO PRACTICAL MILLERS ORCAPIXALISTS-ONI2 of tho best llouring-mlil? in the State far salo, now running and paying well. It can bo bo made to pay SIOO a day. No capital needed to run it at present. BLANCHARD BROS., 133 LaSaUo-st. TO A PERSON WHO IS WILLING TO JOIN THE subscriber in a first-class billiard hall and saloon, who can command $3,000, con realize SIO,OOO per year; business already established. Address 11 67, Tribune office. TO A PARTY WHO CAN LOAN HIS EMPLOYER $3,000, will pay a salary of $2,500 and give good security for tho investment; situation permanent. Address H 52. Tribune office. THE BEST LOCATED MILL AND SASH AND doorfactory in the city for sale or rent. Other'good property token in part payment. Address G 73. Tribune office. ff HE HALF OF A SALOON AND BILLIARD HALL X for sale. JNO. F. LATHS HAW, Room 13, 79 Dearborn-st. THE WELL-KNOWN OCCIDENTAL LAUNDRY for sale—ll2 South Halsted-st.. occupying first floor and basement—on account of proprietor engaging in mer cantile business. A good chance for making a start with a small capital. Tannery and stave-mill, 90 miles from Chicago by lake, with all tho machinery for both, in good condition, lor salo. or will exchange for farm or sub urban property. H. ODELL, 56 LaS&ilo-st. The patent for half the united states, with 51,300 stock, to exchange for good real estate. A fortune lor an enterprising man. Address G 23, Trib une office. Three saloons for sale cheap, address or call on Monday at 150 West Von Burcn-st. * The good will and fixtures of a well paylag clothing and merchant-tailoring business la a good location in tho city, with or without stock. For par ticulars inquire at the office of H, A. KOUN A BROTH ERS, 10, 13, 14 Loka-st. TXTE HAVE LANDS. GROCERIES, MANUFAC v» - taring interests, and bnainsss chance 3. In some of which there aro fortune*, which we will trade for other property. STONE A SKINNER, 119 Dearborn, Room 6. \\r hole or half interest in a finely »t paying hotel, within a block of Chamber of Com* mi-rce. for sale; parti as wishing a paying investment should avail themselves of this opportunity. Apply to TVAI. H, SAMPSON 4 CO., 144 LaSalJe-«t., Otis Block. \\fE HAVE A FORTUNE FOR A GOOD BUSI >r m-ss man, in the manofacturc of hor*? slme-nails; small capital require. STONE 4 SKINNER, 119 Dear born-st.. Rooms. fifcTKfl WELL SECURE A CITY BUSL\ES.*»-NEAR* V-l-tlu ly SI,OOO worth of goods. Several iimiiaod dol’ lan* profit can be realized this summer. No. 117 West V/nsningtoa-at., basement. £9nn OS MONDAY WILL TAKR IT-STOCK, V-—>' * /1/ fixtures, and learo of small storo noar Kinzio »t. bridge. R. G. GOODWILLIE, !M South CJark-st. QJ-fin CASH” WILL IUJY A STYLISH IIESTAU rant and bakery, 25iS), in complete running order, with rooms up-stalrs for 20 boarders. Good reason for selling. Apply on Monday on premises, 23 South Canal-st. w~ WriXfiUYHALF.IKTBRE.ST.INCLUDING two horsos, buggy, and bnmsrs. in good paying business; other business canss of soulo*. Cali on mmCW. CHAFFEE, on Monday, No. 133 LaSall*- st., Ballders’ Eicb&ngo. f-CAA-A BOARDING. HOUSE AND SALOON, 8 'UUU rooms, 6 beds, on the North Side, for sale. OCKIN & RICHARD, 75 South Dcarbom-st. (2*o A A WILL PURCHASE HALF INTEREST IN A <pCyl/ manufacturing badness payings Rood profit. Call at Boom 3, 1 48 West Madlsos-st., fn>m 10 to L 3 o'clock. &QCA WILL BUY A LIQUOR STORE. WITH *pVO\J fixtures and leuo; rent only s3d par month. The store is doing a good local wholesale trado. Call at or address SCO West Chicogo-ar. *rin WILL buy a FIRST-CLASS cigar store with samplcroom attached. Bctb are well stocked, including 13 wolWorclahed rooms suitable for boarding house, being situated in good locality, wirh very cheap rent; satisfactory reasons given for selling out; or will trade lor house and lot on business street. Ad dress T. H., Tribune office. §~ nnn-ONE-HALF INTEREST IN A WHOLE. c/.UUUaalo and ro*all tea business for sale, to tako eplaco of a retiring pxtner. Ban- chance. Address O W, Carrier No. 11. C-m nnn wanted-i NOW HAVE O) DERS TO »J)XU»uUu the amount of S3O, COO for an a ‘dowhich every family must have, secured to me by let ~*u patent: 1 require the above amount to mannfactf o, and will guarantee a fortnno to the parties who will fr ni&h it, and wiUjgive ample security for the investment. Address R 68, Tribune office. £ nnn-A LONG LEASE ON AN IMPROVED <3)1.0. UUU property centrally located, producing over $5,100 nor annam, for sale; SIO,IXO cash required. Ad drosa G 96, Tribune office. MUSICAL. AN ORGANIST OF EXPERIENCE AND ABILITY is open for an engagement; a thorough acquaintance with every service. The most sa'isfaetury testimonials. Can also furnish, if desired, a highly cultivated soprano anu good reader. Address ORGANIST, 203 West Wash ington-st. A GOOD PIANO, ROUND CORNERS. SERPEN tine moulding, and carved legs, used only a year, want a less of S2OO, Bto 6 months; will pay $5 per month, giving possession of same. Address G <4, Tribune office. Anew piano, splendid make, to trade for elegant bedroom furniture. State whore Inter vjgwcan bo had. Address G 62, Tribune office. SALE-FOR SSS-A RECEIPT FOB $325 TO 1 apply on the purchase of a $575 piano. Apply at store ZX Dearborn-st. F- OR SALE-A PINE HALLBTT A DAVIS PIANO, cheap for cash. Apply at £37 West MadLttn-st., for 2wo weeks. For rale-pianos, organs, and musical instruments of all kinds, will be sold at cost. 77 North Chuk-st. Fob sale-or exchangk-a hallkt & da rls concert grand piano, the fluent instrument macu factored, for sale one-third less than coat, or will ex change for horse and p hie ton In part payment. Address G46, Tritmneo ffice. T?0B SALE-A GALE PIANO, IN GOOD TONE. J? and moderate terms. Address G 39, Tribune office. PIANOS AT REDUCED RATES—I AM SELUNG first-class pianos 8200 less than usual rates; will fur nish any piano made in the United States. “ A word to the wise Is sufficient. M 251 Park-ar. For sale-a good pair-toned rosewood piano for $125, or will rent the same for $5. Also a good organ for rent for $3, or will sell for S6O. -slPark- T R. KIEK, TEACHER OF EAN.IO MU3IO. eJ • terms reasonable; snd manufacturer of sliver hooped banjos; repairing done in general. Banjos now for sale. 53 Son*h union-st. rrnE cheapest place in Chicago to pur- J. chase a first-class parlor organ is at the Nicholson Or gan Factory, 63 East Indiana-st-_ Price, $lO to *I,OOO. _ TTTRIG H7~PIANO FORTES— 6 ' NEW SPLENDID U ooright pianos for salo; warranted to stand as wall as auy class of pianos made. Prices (rum S4CO to $600.. No, 7CB West Washlngton-st. MEDICAL. T\K. FALL WILL CUBE YOU OF STAMMERING J ) without tail, no matter what you hare tried. Office no Dearborn-it. - . MRS. LB. LOWKY.M. D-,PHYSICIAN AND AC conehenr. No. 1221 Wabasb-av. Comfortable, quiet rooms, provided with competent nurses for women during confinement. MISS L M- HENDEE, MAGNETIC AND HCLEC~ tie Physician, 340 West lAsdison-st. INFORMATION WANTED. INFORMATION WANTED-WANT THE ADDRESS A of florae© E. Hunt. Letter In tho Post-Office for Gates, Hunt A Co. Addresa Q3, Tribune otfico. INFORMATION WANTED—OP MRS. ELIZABETH X James, who cemo to Chicago April last, byJ., 610 West Washlngton-st. INFORMATION WANTED-IF MR. OEOKGE GAL. J. vin would call at 116 East Twc’lfth-at., be would bear of aonethinc to bis advantage. JOHN CAMPBELL 15

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