Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 15, 1873, Page 16

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 15, 1873 Page 16
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16 OUR EXPOSITION. Encouraging Keports from tlie Financial Department. Contracts to the Amount of Nearly $200,000 Already Let hy the Architect. The managers of the Inter-Stale Industrial Exposition have determined to push forward the work with all reasonable speed. Mr. J. Irring Pearce, the Treasurer, reports encouragingly from the financial department, and there is no doubt that the additional SIOO,OOO of stock will be disposed of in a few days, If indeed it is not already taken. Mr. Pearce and eight other gen tlemen hare charge of the sale of the stock, but none of his colleagues have reported to him yet. Since Tuesday last, when It woe decided to issue the new stock, Mr. Pearce alone has sold shares as follows : O. J. Btongh, 1; Samuel J. Walker. 10; DanielWebstcr, 6; Biobards & Gooch, 2; O. Follansbeo & Bon, 1; Charles A. Gregory, 5; Prank Parmelee & Co., 10; John Dunlevy, 1; George H. Bozet, 6; S. H. Harris, 1; O. H. Lane, 1; Parks & Kein, 1; D. E. Eichardson, 2; A. D. Eich, 1; James B. Tyler, 1; 8. G. Taylor, 1; E. D. Peny, 1: H. N. Wheeler, 1; Colby * Wirtc, 1; Bolding Bros., 1; Steele & Price, 1. This makes 53 new shares of SIOO each sold by Mr. Pearce, besides the following additional shares sold by him to persons already holding stock: N. K. Fairbank, 9; D. B. Fr& & Co., 6- Hitchcock & Walker, li A. Seed * Son, 9. Gardner & Gould, 10. The total number of shares sold by Mr. Pearce alone Bmoe Tuesday ia 87 These shares ■were taken without solicita tion.’ If hie colleagues do as well all the •will bo taken before the end of this week. J-ho wholesale grocery men took only one share each, and it is expected that they will subscribe for four more each, making 120 shares. It will be seen, therefore, that there is no doubt of the needful being forthcoming to the full amount Boyington, the architect, has let contracts for the building as follows i Carpenter work, P. H. Docker Masonry, Wells, Beeves k Co Galvanised-iron, Dewey, Jones k Co W. Powell Pile-driving, O, B. Green Sheet-glass, Buck Island Glass Company. Fiuted-glasi, J. H. Rice Painting and glazing, Heath A Milligan.. Total *138,625 There are a few contracts yet nnavrarded, which will swell the total cost to nearly a quar ter of a million. Work will be begun on Mon day, when Mr. Green’s men will set to work driving piles for the foundation. The onter piles will be sunk 27 feet deep, and tho inner row 14 feet. Brick arches will connect the piles, and on tho arches the superstructure will rest. The bonds require the building to be ready for use by Sept. 15, though it may be finished fifteen days earlier. Of itself the structure will he a thing of beauty and a joy for a long time. Applications for space are being received by the Secretary, Mr. Reynolds, from many parts of the country, indicating that contributions will come from all over the land. Proprietors of eteam engine manufactories have offered to sup ply all the steam power necessary to move all tbft machinery free of cost, hut, of course, none of the offers have been accepted, it being too early to take decisive action. Tho outlook is cheering and full of promise. Every citizen of Chicago must feel an interest in the success of the undertaking, and if Chicago does not “ hoop up an Exposition ” in three months that will be a credit to the entire North west, it will not be tho fault of the unfailing en ergy that is embarked in the enterprise. THE DOUGLAS ESTATE. BUI to Bet Aside a. Judgment—Scheme co Suppress Publicity. Robert M. Douglas, Stephen A. Douglas, Jr., and Adole Williams, by their next friend, have begun an action in the Superior Court against Susan W. Harris and Robert Williams, to set aside a judgment obtained in the Superior Court by Sirs. Harris against the plaintiffs, for $20,628.96. It ia claimed in the bill filed that there is nothing due defendants in the judg ement. The property against which said jndg jnpont was obtained is in Cook County. Oonsid- Nerahle energy has been displayed to keep the "facts of the case away from the pnhlio, but, al though for the nonce successful, m a day or two they will bo obliged to return the hill to the files, and then the names and all about the case will receive the fullest publicity possible. ANIMAL PUTREFACTION. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune, Sm: In your issue of the 9th inst. I find a communication purporting to be a reply to my article on 44 Animal Putrefaction,” published in your columns on the Ist inst. Although I have no desire to enter into a controversy with a lay man (as thin correspondent pleases to style himanif 1 ) on & subject of scientific research, yet his perversions and misstatements axe such as to make a correction of them necessaxy. lam asked why it is that the condensers in Bridgeport rendering establishments do not con dense all the volatile oils and fumes that escape from the rendering-tanks, while I distinctly stated that these volatile substances could be il condensed or burnedin other words, that the less volatile ones could be condensed, and the others burned. Thus every sensible man must have understood it. By the way, I may state that the condensers which so far have been tried in Bridgeport are, as is generally admitted, by no means perfect, and those trials of which your correspondent speaks so emphatically have, until recently, been conducted and devised by laymen, of whom likely Mr. 44 H.,” your corre spondent, is one. Portlier on, when I state that certain of the products of putrefaction are used in other mix tures as perfumeries and flavors for eatables, nobody will doubt the truth of this statement while knowing that the butyric, valerianic, and other ethers which form a portion of the disa greeable odors in question, ore the basis of most of our artificial perfumes * and flavors, as well as of the delightful odor of many a lovely flower. Do X anywhere speak'of elementary constituents ? Are com binations of volatile acids elementary substan ces ? What does the layman's catechism say on that point ? Nevertheless, it pleases Mr. “ H.,” the layman, to make me speak of elementary constituents, in order to get up some grounds from which he can draw conclusions of his own, the nonsence of which he then proves with great complacency by his catechism on chemistry. It is a fact probably not stated in the anony mous layman's 4 * First • Reader on Chem istry,” but nevertheless correct, that, in a physiological point of view, the substances of the smell of a flower, however lovely or disagreeable it may be, boars the same relation to the flower and to vegetable life that the excrements bear to the animal and to animal life. Both the smell of the flower and that of the excrements of the animal are products of regressive metamorphosis. As to this layman's proposition, which no quotes from bis 44 First * Read or on Chemistry,” on the intermingling of gases with the atmosphere, I would advise aim to consult his 44 Second Reader,” when he gets that far. Probably he will there find something on the intermingling of vapors with the atmos phere. ... . , _ But, as to the perversion of my statements, I find some consolation in seeing that the chemist 44 whoso name was Liebig ” does not fare bettor at the layman's hands. lie goes on to. state that this chemist had described a process which he cremacausis, according to which, cholera poison, if it chanced to come in contact with putrefying animal matter, will breed new and enormous quantities of cholera-poison. Now, the fact is, Liebig written on eremscansiß, which, in plain words, means simply decay, or a process of slow combustion or oxydatioo, and so nave other eminent chemists before aod after him ; and all agree that, in this process of decay, a particular ferment is produced, which will pro duce decay or alow oxydation of dec&yable and oxydablo substances with which it comes in con tact. Bat neither Liebig nor any one of them fla/rnH or intimates that this process of erema cansis was indicative of the way by which cholera-poison was formed or multiplied. But thus it is when men try to talk wise about things which they avowedly do not understand; they are constantly mixing arguments with facts, and facts with suppositions. So Mr. 44 H.,” after picturing at great length the scene of a tub of blood filled with maggots, very cunningly asks: 44 1f blood changes so quickly into maggots, why not into . chqlera?” Bo the blood changes into maggots! A very In tcreatlng item indeed. I always thought that maggots, -the same as other animals, Y° tiply by some sexual process, and I the impression, which probably wiU not sc strange to anybody, except to thm >»ymam that “these maggots iivei and fed on the blood, in ranch thesame manner as the immense no™ l * s ” of carrion-flies will feed on a rotten carcass, or notato-hngs on the potato-plant. Aroonhng to tto layman's logic on maggots, ho would have to reasoTlike this: Myrfads of potato-bugs tor” on a potato-field; consequently this plant produced them; consequently this also prodace cholera-poison; therefore, beware of j? thelast portion of the gentleman's ques tion I would simply reply that every one, either layman or professional, who read my communi cation impartially, will not have discovered any disposition on my part to prove that the stenches in question are very conducive to health. If my article did prove this, however, to any one, —which I might believe from this layman’s own statements,—it would be all the better, and surely Mr. “H.” has proven nothing to the contrary. Concerning the general health of butchers, tanners, and scavengers,—onthe latter of whom the gentleman dwells with a special delight, not only striking incidents, but a striking history could be produced; also, of the comparative immunity from cholera and other infections diseases of the districts m which such establishments are located: but I do not desire to enlarge upon Hus matter. Ee snectfully yours, Jons E. Siebei., and Consulting Chemist, Boom S4 Otis corner Madison and LaSalle streets. “ERIN’S HOPE” TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. To the Editor of Tho Chicago Tribune: Bib : The comnranicationa signed “ Irishman ’ and “ Qlengal,” in this day’s Tbibtoi, com menting on the report of a meeting of the Erin’s Hope Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society, held on Sunday last, in Wall’s Hall, and pub lished in yonr issue of Monday, calls for a reply. It is true that some of tho speakers dealt some hard knocks at the saloon-keepers, and it is not to he wondered at that they should desire to retaliate. The remarks of “ Irishman ” I con sider entirely uncalled for. He is evidently tho champion of tho “ old Irish temperance organi zations.” If ho was at tho meeting, he would hear it announced that the new Society did not want to make war on any of the existing ones nor is it the Intention of those who projected the Society to do so. Bnt if war is made on us, and onr motives misrepresented, as 11 Irishman ’’ seems inclined to do, we will defend our prin ciples and the personal character of our members from the attacks of scribblers, either in the interest of Temperance or Intemperance. “Qlengal’’ says: “Now, before Sunday arrives, would it not be well for these workers in the good cause of Tom perance to find out what they want to do ? Well, wo have found that out already. Wo wish to establish a Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society that all may join, irrespective of age, nationality, religions opinions, natural or acci dental deformity ; a society that won't bo seen parading the streets of Chicago, with embryo Aldermen, or other political office-soekors, riding white horses as Marshals, before tho admiring gaze of politicians ; a society that will benevo lently assist the widow and orphans of a de ceased member to the amount of as many dollars as there are members ; a society that won’t necessitate members, when entering it, to ex pend $U or 916 for regalia. Onr initiation fee fa fixed at 81 for adults and 50 cents for hoys from 10 to 18 years; the monthly dues are 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for boys. I wish ** Irishmen ” to know that the Society was gotten up to fill a blank left vacant by the projectors of all the other organizations in tho city; and I further tell him to look to his favorite societies for political aspirants ; wo shall take good care of our own affairs. We are fully determined to persevere rintn the blessings of Temperance are spread all over this large city. Respectfully vours Pathick McGbeety. Chicago, Juno 11,1873. .$114,800 21,300 ~ 87,000 3,500 .. 6,000 .. 2,126 .. 7,660 .. 6,400 WATER IN CHOLERA. Tt the Editor of The Chicago Tribune: Sib : In & Chicago paper, X find an article on the treatment of cholera,-written by Dr. Jen kins, originally published in the Louisville Cou rier, in which he eaye: “ 'Whore thirst ensues, give as much cold water, if preferred, as de sired.” In another valuable treatise on the same sub ject, by Dr. Hamlin, of Constantinople, and who has had groat experience in the treatment of oholera,he says: “In all stages, and especially in advanced cases, thirst creates intense suffering. The sufferer craves water, and, as sure as he gratifies the craving, the worst symptoms re turn, and ho falls a victim to the transient grati fication. The only safe way is to have a faithful friend or attendant, who will not heed his entreaties,” etc. Now, the two statements are so entirely op posed to each other, and the point itself seems of such vital importance, that I taka the liberty of asking yon to insert this article in The Tbib ukz, in order that our leading physicians may ha able to give their views on the subject, and thus enable the public to know which course to pur sue should the occasion arise. Kespectfully yours, L. Goldsmith. How Cholera Was Abated. The sudden abatement of cholera in Now Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville may he attrib uted to cleanliness, eating only fresh vege tables, and by the free use of that valuable disinfectant, Bromo Chloralum. This is the course recommended by medical men all over the country. Let our citizens be warned in season. Holman Hunt’s •* Shadow *of the Cross*” Jf. D. Conway in Cincinnati Commercial . I abftii bo very much interested to observe what the public will say to Holman Hunt's new picture, 44 The Shadow of the Cross,” when they see it. It will he exhibited next autumn, and thus far has been shown only to the artist's friends. It is possible that no one will dare to criticise s picture for which (with rights of en graving and wrnaJl replica) the artist has re ceived near £12,000 ; bnt it will require the full weight of that awful fact to make the public admire the nude and decidedly muscular Christ which it contains. The theme of the picture is that, as time goes on, Mary, seeing no indication that all the angelic prophecies concerning her son are to be fulfilled, reinforces her faith by looking over the rich offerings made to him in infancy by three Kings, while kneeling over the open box in which she keeps these treasures, her eye is caught by a shadow on the wall. Jo ans, who has been engaged at his carpentering work (the Eastern tools, the shavings, etc., lie all around),* has paused for a moment near the window, and, as if fatigued, stretches his arm out on each side. His shadow is reflected on the wall, making, as stated, the cross which his mother observes. In this large picture—five or air square yards in area—the artist has displayed great learning, and has made the most of hie long residence in Jerusalem; bnt tbe extent to which he has introduced the carpentry shows that ho has not studied some points that he might have §ot at better in England—particularly this, that is Greek word "Tekton” applied to Joseph and translated “carpenter,” more generally means a “ builder," or house architect, which is what Joseph probably was. Nevertheless his noble picture (m many respects) indicates a de termination to break through some, at least, of the conventional notions and sentimentalities surrounding sacred subjects, and especially in his representation of Jesus as a vigorous, pinowy, bronzed . with a girdlo around the loins. The face is not so unconventional, since tbe long hair of the Nazarene is given, bnt even there the usual effeminacy is happily absent. A Spectacle Barely Witnessed. From the Rochester (.V. T.) Union. Captain Estes, a gentleman well known for many yean in command of the Lake Ontario steamen, informs us that ho was the witness a few nights since of & wonderfol phenomenon on Lake Ontario, the like of which he never saw before and does not expect to sep again. While on his way from the St, Lawrence up the lake on the steam tug of which be is master, and, when near the islands known as the False Ducks, and while standing at the wheel, there suddenly burst into view the city of Oswego,—thirty-one miles distant,—with the gas lights in the streets and all the appearances that a town lighted up would present from a bill in the Immediate vicin ity at night. The lighthouse at Oswego, as well as a dozen others on the Lake shore below as far as Sackotts Harbor, were distinctly ssen. It was a sort of night mirage. This display was witnessed for several minutes and then slowly faded away into darkness. Such wonderfuj spectacles are rarely seen either on land or water. An enlarged and improved edition of Manuel Garcia’s great work on the art of singing has re oently mado its acpcsranco in London. As sn j Voice Culture* THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, JUNE 15. 1873. observations which come from this great teacher have a greater value than from any other au thority, wo reproduce from it one paragraph which will be of groat value to teachers and scholars. Garcia says: It la generally believed that the more we open our month the more easily and powerfully can emitted, but this la quite a mistake. Too large a sep aration of the Jaws tightens the pharynx, andpo“®- quently stops a’l vibration of tba voloe, depriving Uie pharynx of its vanlt-liko resonant form. If thotootn be too nearly closed the voice will assume a gratmg character, somewhat like the effect produced by elng lug through a comb. By projecting the Ira funnel shape the notes become heaw the mouth ■ assumes an oval shape, like that of a fish, the voice Is rendered dull and vowels are imperfectly articulated andall ] j tlnguiahable; besides which the“{“£ ““ and most nnpleaslng expression. J the lower Jaw should be allowed to faU by «s orm be loose and modules, without any It at cither extremity; the muscles of the throat should be rolaied. n MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. New fork Financial New** New Yobk, Juno I*.— There was no change in money to-day. and call loans were easy at 6 to 3por cent. Gold was heavy and lower, declining from U7 to 116. At the dose, however, the market was steady, and left o(Tatll6V(4ll6K. Tho rates paid for carrying were 3V 3,1 i 2.V, and 1 per cent, and flat for borrowing. Foreign exchanges were firm, but ther ®. w little business after the closing of the mail. conkers* aixty-days* sterling could not be bonght at the dose at 109, and the quotations wero lW l-l« to 109tf. Good to prime sight bills are qnotedatUO t °Cnstoma receipt, to-day, $203,643. *48.046 000. The Assistant Treasurer paid out f»4,ooo on account of interest and in redemption of 5-30 bonds were lower. The offerings were very small, and did not satisfy the demand. State bonds wore very steady at about nominal P1 Thero was a less active business In stocks than on yesterday. This was particularly true of the after noon, when the market was very dull. After the mo mentary decline at the opening, prices moved up rap idly and for a time speculation ms active at an ad vance of IX per cent in St. Paul common, and an average Improvement in the remainder of the list of about X percent. Towards midday there was a weaker feeling again, which continued in a few cases until the close of business. Sterling, 108%. OOVEBNKKNT BONDS. Coupons, *Bl 121 Coupons *C7 JJJX 6-20* of *63 116 X Coupons, *6B. U9£ Coupons, *64 11 OX 10-40*,.... Coupons, ’fls ÜBX Currency Coupons, ’65 (new).. .119 X New 5a 116* STATE BONDS. Missouri* 1 Virginias, 01d........43 Tennessee*, old 7Ujf North Carolina*, 01d..28 Teunessees, new......79X I North Carolina*, new. 16 Virginias, now CO | Canton 100 Western Union 85% Quicksilver 40 Adams Express 93# Wells Fargo 82 American Express... 63X United States Ex 70X Pacific Mail 40 New York Central... 101 X Erie 65 Eriepfd 73 Harlem 130# Harlem pfd 133 Michigan Central.... 97X •Pittsburgh 87X Northwestern 70 Northwestern pfd.... 83X Bock Island.. 109.X N. J. Central 106H St, Paul 52X Foreign Lives pool. June 14—11 a. m.—Flour, 27a 6d028s 6d. Winter wheat, 12a 2d; spring, llri0I2a; white, 11a lld@l2a Id; clnb, 12s 4d. Corn, 26s 9d®27s. Pork, Csh. Lard, 38s 6d. _ _ . _ Liverpool, - June 14—2:30 p. m.—Broadstuffa un changed. Pork, 62a 6d. Lokoon, Juno 14—3 p. m.—Consols for money. 92# for account, 92# ; 6-20 a of ’65, 92# *. do of ’67, 92# : KMOs, 60; new 6a, 89#; Erie, 50#. rnAXKTOBD June 14.—Five-twenties of *62,96. Paris, Juno 14. —Bentos, 5Cf 75c. Liverpool, June 14,—Cotton quiet; middling up land, B#o9c; Orleans, 9#@9#c ; selca, JO, OOO bales ; American, 6,000 bales, and speculation and export, 2.000 Breadatuffa quiet. Oats market bare. Pork, C2a 6d. Beef, 81e 6d. Tallow, *ls 6d, All other articles unchanged. The NcvrTotk Produce Market. New Took, June 14.—Corros—DnU; middling np- BaEEDSxuvFS —Tlour doll and lower; receipts, 23,- 000 brls; superfine Western, $5.2505.70; common to Rood extra, $5,2506.70; good to choice, $6.75 (£7.50; white wheat, $7.5^09.50; Ohio, $6.5509.50 ; Bt. Louis, $6.95011.00. Bye flour dull and lower at $4.76(35 25. Com meal quiet and unchanged. Wheat lowerand leea active; shippers holding back; receipts, 61,000 bu; Northwestern spring, $1.47® 1.49# : No. 2 Milwaukee, $L49@1.50; very choice lowa amber, CL66; winter rod Western, $1.60. Bye heavy; West ern, first half July, 83c, Barley and malt dull and unchanged. Com less active end easier; receipts, 91,- 000 bu; new mixed Western, 54058 c; heated do, 60# ®s2e; white. 70#c; yellow, 65c. Oata unchanged; receipts, 76,000 bu. Wool— ln fair demand, but prices weak; domestic fleece, 50@50#c; medium do, 46c; unwashed, 30032 c; spring clip, California, 23030 c. £oos—Dull and heavy. Hat—Dull and heavy. Hops— Quiet and firm; 35050 c for crop of 1872. Leather— Quiet at 29030 c; Orinoco,' 27028 c. Groceries— Coffee quiet and steady at I7#ol9#c. Sugar quiet and steady ; fair to good refining, 7#o 8-, c. Molasaes quiet and unchanged. Bice quiet and steady at 7#oß#c. Petroleum— Crude, B#c; refined, 19#c, Turpentine— Quiet at 45045#c. Provisions— Pork firmer; new mess, $16.65; prime mess, $17.00018.00. Beef dull and unchanged, Cut moats—Pickled hams, ll#@l2#o. Middles un changed. Lard firm ; Western steam, B#oß 15-16o; kettle, B#o9#c, _ Butter— Quiet and firm; Western, 15023 c. Cheese —Quiet and weak; fair to prime new State factory, 12014 c. Whibet—ln fair demand at 93#c. Vesscls Passed Detroit* Detroit, Mich., Jane 14.— Passed Up— Props D. TV. Power*, W. T. Graves, Union, Passaic, Potomac, Em pire SUto, Chamberlin, City of New Tork, Nebraska, Forest City and barge; barks Bed, White, and Bine, Watson, Vanderbilt; scars Helvetia, Alice Norris,. Fly ing Mist, Laura Belle, Cascade, Bay State, Cooper, Olive Branch, JEtna, Bluing Star. Daniel Fort, Lucy Clark, Ahira Cobb, Maid of the Mist. Passed Down— Props Jarvis Lord. Toeemite, Idaho, Nashua, Cuba, Oanisteo, Merchant, Montana, Isaac May and barges. Evergreen City and barges; echrs Ferry Hanna, Rutherford, Snowdrop, Fame, Louisa. Wind—South. DENTIS TRY. CIRCULAR. Ur. I. ¥. Staool’s Dental Eorani ABE REMOVED TO No. I©3 STATE-ST., northeast corner of Monroo, opposite the Palmer House, and permanently located. He will do his beat to preserve the natural tooth en trusted to his caro, with tenderness and skill, and is as sisted by a very competent young gentleman and partner, Dr. Marvin E. Smith, formerly with Dr. B. EL JS. Car penter. He gives Vitalized Air for the extraction of teeth with out pain. The greatest chemical caro is given to tbe manufacture of gas, and it is osrtainly pare, pleasant, and safe. Be alas given to more than 14,000 persons in ihu olty this anesthetic, and not one bos complained of injury or experienced any unpleasant effect. The most fcobln and suffering Invalids take it with impunity, and safely have their troublesome aod offensive teeth re moved. Artificial tooth are insertod the same day when rwrolreo, and tbe very best denture are made in bis laboratory, either on gold or the cheap and popular rubber base. M. B. JOHNSON, 3Z>E3Sra?IST 3 80 r>lnJlsoh-9t., oi MERCHANT TAILORING. Jolie Stmnsmi, MERCHANT TAILOR, (LATH 450 WAEASH-AV.), Has removed to bis new, central, and spa cious quarters, 143 MADISBN-ST., A-nderson’s Hotel Bnilding. real estate. YOUIG MEN! Her* Is an opportunity for yon to make some money, or secure a fine lot for a home. Wo hare opened oar Snbdl ▼Uion—3 blocks from the South Evanston depot. Side walks all laid, fine trees in front of each lot, and a sewer extending to the lake. We are offering lots at such a price as to make It the best investment, with a certain and handsome profit, yon can find. ana naniuomo y™***, jv 08B0RN k g^ILLMAIT, 138 South Clark-st. GREAT SA On Monday, June 16, at 1 o’clock p, m., on the premises, EIGHTY LOTS yaptßii for Besilen li Business, State-st., Vinoennes-av., Dearborn, This choice property which we will .offer at this sale is situated between .Birty-eighth ft-nri Seventioth-sts., east of and within two blocks of the Normal School, accessible by about thirty-two trains daily, each way, on the Michigan Southern, Bock Island, and Pittsburgh & Ft. Wayne Railroads; six trams daily, each way, stopping at the JSTormal School Depot at Sixty-eighth-st.* within 3 minutes* walk of the property. Englewood is a rising suburban town $ there is much ao ■ttvityinDuildlng and improvements of au kinds. Two new churches are being erected t.hiß season; 50 to 76 dwelling: houses are now being built, and many other substantial im provements are going on. Streets are graded and graveled through the property equal m all respects to any or the avenues. Good plonk sidewalks from tno Normal School Depot to the property, and during the Summer a plank sidewalk will bo built from the Depot on Sixty-third-at. Taking this property all in all, itis of the most desirable and attractive character, and offers the best inducements for speculation and occupation of any prop erty now offered for sale in the suburbs of Chicago. This property is only seven miles from vanßuren-st. Depot; time In getting there only about 30 minutes, and the fare only 10 cents. The location is healthy, with plenty of good water. Refreshments will be furnished rroo of cost, end a free nde will be furnished all who wish to attend the sale. Terms of sale, 1-3 cash, balance in 1 and 3 fears, with 8 per cent interest. Adeposit of 50 will be required on eaob lot. Full war ranty Deed will bo given, with printed copy of abstract of title. „ a special train of cars will start from the Book island Railroad Depot on Vanßuren »t., at 12 o’clock noon, stopping at Twenty second-st., and return at 5 o’clock, free for au who wish to attend the sale. Particulars and plats will be Auctioneers, 87 Market-st. St Paulpfd 72 Wabash 67# Wabash pfd 80 Fort Wayne 93# Terre Haute. 15 Terre Haute pfd 40 Chicago & Alton 109 Chicago A Alton pfd. Ill# Ohio A SDaetosippl.. 38# 0, C. A C 87 C. t B. A Q 1W Lake Shore 92# Indiana Central. 28# Illinois Central.' 112# Union Pacific stocks. 28 Union Pacific bonds. 88# Central Pacific bonds. 103# Del. Lack. A Western.los# Hartford A Erie 2# First Grand Sale BOIiMB FEIFEET7. larketau Ite Tribune Bnildii AUCTION SAXXS. By ELISON & FOSTER. OP .A.T AUCTION, FRONTING ON and Clark-sta. PEEEMPTOET SALE OF TEH ACRES, To bo Sold in I^ots, AT AUCTION, Or Tuesday Afternoon, Jie 17, At 3 o’clock, on. the premises, to close an undivided interest. Being subdivision of tlie S. E. 1-4 of tbe S. W. 1-4 of the N. W. 1-4 of Section 12, Town 39, North of Bange 13, East, lying south and fronting on Sacramento Square and Central Bark Boulevard, and west of and fronting on Saoramento-av. In this subdivision there are 10 elegant Res idence Lota fronting on Sacramento Square, which is to be used as a Park; 10 elegant Lots fronting on Central Park Boulevard, which is 260 feet wide; lO elegant Lots fronting on Saoramento-av., which is 100 feet wide; and 36 choice Lots fronting on Nicholls and Yager-sts., less than two minutes’ walk from the Depot of the C. & N. "W. Railroad. This property is east of and near Central Park, being situated on the Grand Central Park Boulevard, and only about three miles from the Court House, and one mile inside the city limits. Of all the choice property fronting the Parks of Chi cago, none is more accessible or de sirable, or has a greater prospective value than this. _ A . Soeclal Train of car* will start front TVells-at. Depot at S o'clock!), m., stopping at Halated-at. and Park Station, and return at for the convenience of all poraone who would like to attend tbe sale. All are invited. TERMS OP SALE—it. caah, balance one. two, and three years. A dopoait of SSO will- be required on each lot/ Title perfect. Printed abstract* wlu be furnished each norebaaor. For information and plat call on Messrs. Avery* Mi iw $ Rlgdon, 143 Monroe-si., or to EUSOK & POSTER, Auctioneers* TWO MILLION dollars. 6EEAT OIOSIUG OUT. TRUSTEES’ SALE REAL AND PERSONALPROPERTY Belonging to the CHICAGO LAND COMPANY, AT FUBUC AUCTION, On Wednesday, He IBtli day of Jpe, 1873. Bt the articles of the association of said Company, It is TTrovided that all the property In the bands of the Trustees in the month of June. 1673, most bo sold at auction for located in the CITY OP CHI CAGO. and is valued at $1,300,000. and composed largely of river and frontage, docked and ready for immedi ate use. Also, a huge number of vacant lots In the imme diate vicinity of the docks, all well adapted for business P *rSe titio to this property Is unquestioned, having boon held and owned by the Association for twenty yean. The personal property consists of notes bearing 7 per cent interest, having from one to five yean to ran, and amounting to about $700,000. These notes were received for deferred payments on land bought from the Company fav the maker* thereof, and their payment Is secnreqby mortgaaeon the same. TERMS OF SALE, GASH. The peroneal property will bo ready for transfer and delivery immediately after the solo. Purchasers of realty will be required to make a deposit on the day of sale of 10 per cent on the amount of tfaeir purchase, the balance to be paid within thirty dart, oras soon after the sale as deeds can bo ana delivered. MAHLON D. OGDBN, L. 8. BEECHER, GEORGE WATSON, Chicago, March 12, 1873. Trustee*. H. BTboouz, Secretary. . . _ Office Bonthwos& com or of lAte and Clark-* ta,, Boom 8, second floor. THE ABOVE Peremptory MIS-OUT SALE OF THE CHICAGO LAD COM B"S’ Will Positively Take Place on Wednesday Morning, Jnne 18, .1873, at 10 o’clock, ON T HR GBOUND, oommendng sala at EastDivision "VrMoarrlaßSßwill Imtoi Ogden’aßuilding, comer of and CUrk-eta., from 9to 10 o'clock a. m», on IBlh irmt,. tooonTerlnten^umha^^mjmj^. AUCTION SALES. _ THE CLOSING SALE OP ME. GALE'S SUPERB OOLLEOTIOH Off OIL PAINTINGS, AT 953 WABASH-AV., "Will take place on MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 18, at 8 o’clock. W.TRQS & FOSTER, Anot’ra. Dmle 1 States Brict lacUnc Co. IN BANKRUPTCY. Wo win noU on TUESDAY MOBNINO, Jmw 17. Ot 11 o'clock, at the southeast corner of Clinton and Monrwv JtSlTtSlimttt. enacted th» UNITED STATES BEICK MACHINE CO. A.T A.-UCTION, Combtlns of lotion potent issued by the United States, EnitlandTrranoo, and Belgium, for Improvement. In brick machines. Also the office, furniture. one second engine, and machinery of all kinds* large lot of wrought, •crap, and pig iron one horse, baggy* and harness; one derrick at Madison-st. bridge, and all the personal prop erty belonging to said estate. By order of frw HIRAM L. LEWIS, Assignee. ELISON ft POSTER, Anctlonoers. BAMUTTCT! BAMRDPTCT! We will eeH on WEDNESDAY morning. JUNE 18, 1873. at II o’clock, st the brickyard of said ComDW, on the Hllnol* 4 MlcUjnm Canal, half mUe west ofßWght os, the remaining effects of the United States Brick Ms* chine Company, AC ATTOTIOIsr- One hone, 9 wagons, 94 carts. 150 brick boxes, 27 tracta. S3 wheelbarrow*, I brick machine, 12 assortment of implements and tool* of variousi kinds, large lot of Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, fto., Ac., be lousing to .aid eatate. £ LEWIS. Atelvneo. ELISON ft FOSTER, Auctioneers. FIVE LOTS ON SHTTRTLEIT-AV., Between Twmtj-nlnth-it. (fonnorlj known a» Swlft-plice) end Thirtieth-it. (formerly known u Whitehous*-pl4o6}i A. T AUCTION, ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 24, At 3 o’clock, on the ground. Bdntr Lots 34. 55, 28, 82, and S3: 94 feet front by 195 feet dSf to Sey. Tide perlecte foofti cube balance I, 2. end 3 east tercet. The*e Lota are *itoatod only fire block* of State-et., in a thickly-settled portion of valuableforrcwldeueo purposes. h2 sale can take the St*te-«t- Oar* to Thlrtieth-st., wnlcb. i* only a few minute*’ walk from thoproporty- omy a iow «““****» ELISON A pogXEB* Auctioneers. By « A- BUTTERS & CO. SALE OF VALUABLE CORNER LOTS, Business ai Residence Property, Monday, June 16, at 10:30 a. m., On the ground, comer of Clark-ert. and Weboter-ar., near Lincoln Park. Wzcl, A- Butters «Ss 00, •WILL SELL -A-TJCTXOISr, At the time end piece shore named, 4 Ohoioo Comer Lot# end 9 Inaide Lot*, suitable for stores and residence*. A good sewer passe* each lot; also water and ga*. Sale positive. Ti One-third eeab, balance is 1 and S rears. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Ancttoneora. WHISHT, WINE, ALE, Pipes, Cut Nails, &c., AT ATJOTIOW, Tuesday Morning, June 17, at 10 o’clock, At oar Salesroom*. 55 and 67 Sonth Canal-fit., 10 Brls. Monongtthela, Old Bourbon, Sour Mash, Old Crow, Silver Creek, Marshall, Bourbon, and Body Whiskies, all prime Claret \Vme. Say Pipes, Ale, &o. 20 Casks BUTTERS a CO., Auctioneer. ■WEDNESDAY, O Ui'Jß XQ, Pino new Top Buggies. Open Wagons, phaetons. Democrat and Express Wagons, Double and Single Harness, AT AUCTION, At 65 and 67 South. CanaLst.. Wednesday morning, at 10 o’clock. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer*. SPECIAL SALE. taiga and deairablo linn of Eaadj-Mada Clothing, Cloth., Caasbneroa. Ac., .A.T AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, at 9M o’clock. In Bowen Broa.’ Block. 16 and 17 Auctioneer*. DRY GOODS, Fancy Drosa Good., Straw Good*. Ac., A.T AUCTION, On THURSDAY, JUNE 19, at 9,H o’clock, tn Bowon Broa.’Block. 16and 17 CQ Auctioneers. Soul Slore Property AIT AUCTION. Is DeligJitM SiiWan Property Emtiraces Squib of the Choicest Lots on the Sonth Shore LAKE FRONTAGE AND GROVE, Win tie sell IF ns on loniay, Inne 23. This Property Must be Sold. SBB BILLS. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer*. By TAYLOK & HARRISON. ATTRACTIVE SALE OP Dry Goods, &c., at A-xrcTioisr, Wednesday, June 18, at 91-2 o’clock, Broohe and Lone Shawls, Fine Mid Mod 1 n^ Varsoll los Qoilta, Pali Assortment Damask bowels and Napkins, Now Lino of Hosiery and Handkerchiefs, Ladles Skirts. Curtains and Cnrtain Lacov Mon a Snnunor Underwear, Cloths and Csaslmeres, Fall Lino ot Notions, Ae., Ac. B, TATLOB A HARRISON, Auctioneers. • 81 and 33 South Canal-at by brush, son & CO. At 74 West Van Buren-st, TUESDAY, June 17, aflO a.m., Will bo sold FDENITDEB. OABBETS, BEDDING, Crockery, Eefrigarator, Stoves, Mirrors, etc., effects of a 11-room house. BBTTSS. SON & CO.. Auctioneers. Wednesday, June 18, at 10 a.m., •Wm be cold Parlor Sulla, Chamber Seta, Bodsteada, Bu reana, Talilca, Mattreaaea, Bedding, lanmgee, Oarpeta, Cook Stores, Parlor, Dlulm-room, and Kitohon ifuml- BRUSH. SON * CO., AncUonoora, fl South Canal-at. TO THE TRADE IN GENERAL. .A.TJOTIO 3ST S-AXiB OP GENERAL MERCHANDISE At 91-2 o’clock a. m., June 16,1873, At No* 9 West Madlaon-et. (Galt House Block}, $50,000 Stock, without reserve. A. JESSEXiX*. Auctioneer. AUCTION SALES. GEO. P. GORE & CO., as & 70 Wabaah-av., A m now opening direct from Cixstom-Houso, and will have on exhibition TO- ■ MORROW, a fine lot French Bronze anil Gilt Glacis, Bronze Figures ai Statuettes, and Fancy Cia fare. They are of the latest styles, and are select ed samples, and will be sold at auction, of which notice will be given, JDttlZr GrOOIDS!! GREAT OPENING SALE On Tuesday Morning, June 17th, at 9:30 O’Clock, In the now, elegant, and commodious quarters, 68 and l attractive line of Dress Goods In Alpacas, Delaines, Linens, Saltings, Ac., Ac. ' A splendid Line of Gent’s Slimmer Styles, Pine Felt Hats: _ . And Invoices of White Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, to OEO - p -«“ EUREKA 1 Call and See Onr New Store! The Largest and Finest Auction- House in America! The LARGEST ud MOST ELEGANT rtocl Household Furniture ever offered at auction. Bleb Parlor Saits of every description ; Martin. Wood, and Cottage Chamber Sola: Black Walnut Pillar Extension Tables: Marble-top Table*; Elegant Sideboards: Alartlo-top Bureau* and Commodes, noias. Lounge*. Cbairs, Rocker*. Bedsteads, rot*, velvet and Wool Cannot*; 15 crate* W.G. Crock Rockingham Ware. At U o’clock—Buggies and Har ness, Nov York maker*. , . , , , On Saturday. June 21. at 9 odock a. m. GEO. P. GOE2 4 CO., Auctioneer*, By HAVENS, OSGOOD & CO., Auctioneer*. 63 South C«uxal-*t. CUT THIS OUT FOB REFERENCE. Largo sale of DRY GOODS aind NOTIONS. on Thnra dayTJana 19. Also, regular aalo of Household Good*, Vew and Second-hand Furniture and General Merchan di**., °° Bmt HA*'?kN J « DB nsOOOP & CO- Auctioneer*._ AMUSEEEENTS. L. B. LENT’S TraYßlimforlfl’sFair LEVIATHAN UNIVERSALUYM EXPOSITION, METROPOLITAN MUSEUM, Monster Menagerie, Hippozoonomadon, dam van, Equesonrriotiluin, and Great NEW YORK CIRCUS! From Ita Fomth-ax. (New York) National Ajaphlthcatro and Zoological Gardena, with 500 Men and Horses, 600 Animal Captives, 5,000 Museum Marvels, And 60 Car-loads of Curiosities. HP 1E» ■Will exhibit st Chicago—SOUTH SIDE: Corner State udTVentr-Becond-stM., Monday, Tuesday,and'Wednes day, Jane 33, 34, and 25. And on the WEST SIDE: Cor ner Madison and BUzabotb-ete.. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 26.27, and 33. In Six Mammoth Marquees containing so ten distinct, dissimilar, and Colossal Shows, To all of which one ticket for the usual price ad mits. Doors open at I and 7 p. m. Now York Circus Grand Outer Circle and Equestrian Entree commencing one hour later. MIEES’ OPEEA HOUSE. LAST week: LAST WEEK. OF MOEAN & MANNING’S MINSTRELS. LAST week: A Great BUI for the Cloalns Performance. Monday, June SS*?.* ** NEW SONGS, NEW ACTS, by Manning and Moran. NEW SONGS and DANCES. byCheoTcra and Kennedy. New Lecture on •‘LIGHT,” by Unsworth. The performance concluding with Unsworth and Eo» Cane’s Burlesque Opera of TT. trovatorb, EUGENE In his creat character of. ..Leonwa UNSWORTH as the Fiery. Oonnt di Lunatic With a east comprising the entire Company. FHday Bronlng, Jane 20, Complimentary Benefit to BUjIiY AIVI MTNTG-. Qptnrf pamilyMatinea Saturday at 3 o’clock. NOETH SIDE TURNER HALL, North Clark-st. Monday evening, Jane 16, Senora La Vlen’s Grand Tb oal and Instrumental Concert, kindly assisted by the fol lowlng.artiste; Miss Fannie Goodwin- Soprano; MUaAn- Sla Bose, Meaxo Soprano; big. A. Farinl, Baritone: r. E. Schultzs, Tenor; Mr. Uno Wldestrand, Second Tenor; Beni. Owen. Condnctor, and the Great Western Light Guard Band. PROGRAMME. Q PjlbtL—L Overture—Zampa, Heroid: Orcne»tr». *• Duetto—Martha, Flotow; Si?. A. Fariai and Mr. B. SchulUo. 8. Darling (for Contralto), Millard; Senora La Vieu. 4. Aria—Lucia, Donlretti: Mr. K. Schaltxe. 5, Modi ah Modi. Donizetti, Miee xamdo Gooden. A Mai Rogondo (Duet), Verdi: Senora La Vien and Mr-tT. Wldestnmd. Past fl—l. TeU.Roe tlii Oroheetm. 3. Wanderer, Schubert; JarinL sTPretty Birds (German Song), Gmnlwrt. MUa Angita '“dJot "concert to commence at 8 p. m. T ThS U b?ni?rt Orand Plano used on this pocaalon la from the celebrated Decker Broe*. Manufactory, ud. U Vtnrtly furnished by Mr. Elmore e Music Store, on State, nearßandolph-et. GROWS OPEEA HALL, 517 Wort Madiaon-rt. Crowdedhonaoal SeTcnthFro«X*otaro. Juno 16. Thome-Llghts and of Married nfo. Free Humiliation at the cloao bf DBS. PAYNE, IBoa trated by the Groat Phrrialocical Cabinet. HOTEL. Umtal Hotel 479, 481 & 483 STATE-ST., CORNER ELDRIDGB-CODRT. TERMS, $2.60 ID-ATS - . BENJ. IT. AJTDERT) A-TT, Proprietor. irmanewt andi DaT Boarflers taten at Eeasonaßle Bates. BASE WALT. GOODS. BASE BALL. J. A PIEEOE'S BASE BAIL EMPOEIUM, 79 SOUTH CLARK-ST. BTerythlng in the Base Ball line, and Western Headquarters lor the Professional RYAN DEAD BALL. BUSINESS CHANCE. NOW!! Ii tbs tfmo to buy for caah, at a bargain, a amaU Trim ming Store, elegantly located for both MllUncij and Dreeamalcing, with a nno trade already established. Ap nlr at once. Address O 89. Trflmno office. MEDICAL. A. BISSON, Treats Chronic IMeeasea (without medicine), especially those directly associated with loss of Nerroo* Pow. m Rheumatism, Paralysis, and General DebtUty. No, 131 fndlana-etlTwtween Well* and Franklin, Chicago, Office Bonn—l 3 to 1, and 6to7p. m. AMUSEMENTS. AIM'S THEATEE, Wabash-ar. aod Oongroas-aU Under the management of Meura. FRANK E. Anrmt nnd O. D. w xsa. ENORMOUS ATTRACTIONS For the Summer Season! Hi THIS SPLENDIDLY-VENTILATED AND El- TRAORDDfARILT COOL THEATRE. MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 16. WIQ be presented every evening, and for the Matinees on Wednesday & Saturday, With MAGNIFICENT NEW SCENERY, by Halley and Smith; MECHANICAL NOVELTIES, by oar muter mechanic, O. M. Crease, and assistants; ELEGANT PROPERTIES, by Hr. H. Over and assistants; BEAU TIFUL NEW COSTUMES, by Mr. James Bolloch and aulstants; CHEMICAL ILLUMINATIONS, by Prof. Thomas Bent; and the MOST DIAGNIFICENT Transformation Scene EVER SEEN IN CHICAGO I By J. SOMER GETZ. And with a east of character* embracing each eminent names as ftlFMirtoii. TENOR. IR. HENRY PEAKES, BASSO. MISS ISABELLA ffiOTTE, SOPRANO, And tbo Feerles* HOBUCCHL The Ohannlug Spectacular Opera of ZOLOE! rounded on Anbot** ‘‘LA BAYADERE,"end CMt lali. following manner: Mr. J. Prank Northrop a 5.......... .......-Tbo Uitonnl Mr. Hsnrj Peakes as. The Grand Jnd*o OUloji Miss Isabella Motts as .--Hiaia M’Ue Jeannette a»- Mr. E. W. Banr as The Sfcjpdar Miss Cora Hyde u.. _ Mia* Katie Wil»oa as And the unrivaled Dsaseuso *nd Paatomimut M'LLK MORLACGHI ZOLOa A MClonis of 30 Selected Yoicesl A Grand Incidental Ballet! TUgw and Enlarged Orchestra, Under the Leadership of Mr. George Xioeach. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. Mt degreoo, tho entire celebrated BERGER FAMILY, Sol. Smithßussell, Have been engaged, and each evening will git* a GBAHB EM'ACT COHCHtt SCALE OF PRICES: Admission, 750r Kesorrod Orchestra, spring chslr, SI; Kesarred Orchestra Circle, spring seat sna chair; $1: Rosorrod Balcony, spring seat arm chat. 11l Second Balcony, cushioned eo£as, P rtT4t, f | 810 and 86. Aoaalsaion to Matinees—Children (under 11 f joara). Including Reserved Seat, 50c; Private Boxes, V M pr- Seats secured one week In advance without extra | charge. . | BUGLETS THEATER BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA! | TUESDAY. Juno 17— During the weekend at the Ms* \ sees, after elaborate preparation, the beautiful Society Comedy, entitled GIB 0! Mi WITB. EVERT MEMBER of this EXCELLENT COM* i- PANY In the cast. [: Act l~The Proposal. | Act 3—The Marriage. Act 3—Quick Sands. r Act 4—Deep‘Wafer- In rehearsal—A new Society Drama hj Bmcjm| ard. author of “SARATOGA,” ‘‘DIAMONDS, ««• j In preparation—“MAGNOLlA.” I Monday, Jana Ift-Benefit of Mr. JOHS DILUK * | Thr«Soriona pleooa Mr. John Dillon In tha. ot hh | great characters. - {? M’VIOKEE’S TEEATEE. Monday Evening, June 16, and until forte do- [ tice, the brilliant young artiste, [ KATIE F'UTIAI,| In » naw »nd batnllfnl Soctetr Dr»m» bl FEEDKBIC | BOOK. ESQ.. p Blade O’ Grass If SS&TI Lucy Brightly, J : r K*w And Original Song* and Daaoefc > MATINEE Saturday at 2p- j NKOFS AMPHITHEATER Commencing MONDAY, Jane 16. SatanUy M*** 3 * | CAL TTABNER’S MINST® I J. H. HAYEHLY | WITH | 24 POPULAR ARTISTS I , I a 8 TALENTED TOl j,. And Full Bras* Band- m g Prices usmL Beeerred SesU on sale st n 01 —,—• u academy op music. | An entire changn of BUI. and flirt |‘ MISS MINNIE LOW I MISS ANNIE TEAMANS. LITTLE JBSSB | MANS, and tho Now Drama, I 98! Matin eo—WEDNESDAY ANDSATDRDAL SHAEPSHOOTEE’S PAB& I*lol no. t Pleiades Lodge, Ho. 478, AP. ' Wednesday, Jane Can will laare Newbenr-ar. and Slrtrmg^-^ u.P. NEW OHDEGEmTy FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE 080 sj&sssS!ssj& Waahington-st. and o’clock jj£ Mails at. t*. Tlnkotam" 0 * ....Xibnb .Uocuou

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