Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 15, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 15, 1873 Page 3
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exceedingly suspicious, Startling* Revelations Concerning a Recent Diamond Rob bery. ' Gueer Conduct of a Police Captain— a Case Worth. Investigating. jbere is now in the County Jail a young man, ifbo, although convicted of a crime, is undoubt the victim of a plot concocted for the pur posa of shielding others and covering the villiany i prominent Police Captain. This youth was i with a much older man for robbing the * bagnio of Lizzie Moore, on Clinton street, on the 21st of March last. It will be remembered the house was entered early in the morning by three men, who seemed to be familiar with £e fact that Miss Moore had a largo comber of diamonds. They designated them, lod demanded that she hand over, under penal* ly of forfeiting her life, three diamond rings, a diamond cross, and a gold watch. A gentleman * friend,’* who was also in the room, was. re vested to deliver up hia watch, which he did. fbo property taken by the thieves was worth £j t OOO, and in the morning was reported. to the police buthoritica. The headquarters detectives (ailed to learn anything of the jewelry or thieves, but in a week or two throe men were arrested by 4 sergeant, and two of the rings and the cross returned to the owner hy one of the Cap* iams. One of the three men arrested was re leased from custody without a preliminary ex amination, it appearing “ that he had nothing to do with the burglary.” The other two were crtn a preliminary hearing, and wore com mitted for trial. Both wore indicted at the same tma. but one was subsequently released on bail, ,ud will probably never be tried. The re j dining . prisoner—the young man alluded 7to above—was arraigned last Thursday, and found guilty. Miss Moore was, of course, one of the witnesses, but was not permitted to tell iU ehe know. The prisoner’s attorney asked ber, while she was on the stand, if she had given any money to a certain Captain of Police for recovering a portion of her property. Shore plied that she had given him $430, and that . Ibe remainder of the sentence was not uttered, the Court checking her by saying that the Captain was not on trial. The judge then asked if there were any reporters present. Unfortunately there were none, for, tad there been, it is very doubtful if a request to conceal the Captain’s name would have been heeded. The prisoner, though fully aware that he is being sacrificed to shield some one else, re fused to reveal any of the hidden cir cumstances of the case. The suppres sion of the evidence and the loquaciousness d Mias Moore has, however, partially unfolded to the vision of a few persons something of vhich they were confident, but could not rely upon for want of proof. Prom all that can be lamed, the robbery was planned by an intimate friend of tho Captain /although be may not (have been cognizant of it). This is seemingly indisputable by tho conduct of said friend. As the story goes, the property was taken and de -7 liTerodtohim to hold until the expected ex crement was allayed. Two weeks afterwards, he met the burglars by appointment in a saloon ©Franklin street, not very far from Madison street, and was told it was about time to divide. He end he hadn’t the stuff with him then, but if they would be there on the Monday following (die interview took place on Saturday) he would bring the “swag” around. The thieves were ippireutly satisfied and separated. Two of them went to the saloon as agreed, end _ the holder of the property ame in soon after they took seats at a table. He eiid he had neglected to bring the “ stuff ” rith him, but it was near by and he wonld step areand the comer and get it. He left, and in ibeut two minutes a Sergeant <mij two polioe nen waited in and immediately arrested the two thieves. They were taken to one of the pre cinct stations and locked np. Two or three I bore afterwards, the Captain’s friend met the third man on Harrison street, and passed a policeman “planted” to catch him, udhe, too, was taken into custody. Miss Moore vas informed of the apprehension of the alleged thieves, and, upon calling at the police station, ns told that her jewelry “had been pawned in Pittsburgh,” and that it would be returned for SI,OOO. She was willing to give that amount, but, having . only $430 with .her, she tendered that sum. The Captain told tsr be could not take it from ter Imnd, but suggested that she leave it in the Üble“in the little room,” This she did, and not soring the money again, the presumption is tail the Captain got it. Ho may have forwarded it to Pittsburgh, for within a week two diamond mgs and the cross were returned to Miss Moore, riih a reminder that the other ring and two ntches would bo forthcoming when the $570 Miitional wero paid. Those facts would have wen testified to at tho time of trial if Miss Hoorn had . oeen permitted to re kM the whole stoiy. Even if the Cap aa did not keep tho money, he had to to act as the agent of the pawnbroker, udihemere taking of money under sachcir famstanpee. renders him liable to dismissal tin, ttr the rules of the Board of Police. It is Ulieved by the “knowing ones” that the )evclry never left the city, bnt of this there is m proof. The case is certainly one which jfcmla bo investigated, and if the parties who tnow 4he circumstances are not induced to "-wp quiet,” the revelations wonld astonish community, and show what has often been that some of the police officials of are corrupt. THE CITY Ef BRIEF. ___Riero is an art gallery at the Gardner House. i rooms contain twenty-four paintings, many tmem by eminent artists, and axe well worth cudjiag, The Board of Public Works have extended the » • a? 16 P a J me Dt of water rents, without in gnag the usual 10 per cent penalty, to the 16th Tie cml meeting of the Inmates and others pasted in the Washingtonian Home, will be m the chapel this evening. of the Chicago Medical Society will w neid to-morrow evening, at the office of Dr. purpose of reorganizing on a na meeting of the admirers of CoL Eilstl?.*? 1 *? at Dahl’s Hall, comer of M?® 18 streets this afternoon. The LOamuttce on Organization will report dealer, arrested by Society and fined $25 and costs for and *“• i^ Uic Worka think $400,000 biiniain to extend pipe ma-inn and / at f r -worka for the fiscal year tfOttwatsf m? 1 ' m?l 3, 1111(1 that the “come ™ wltOMrorkfl mil be insufficient therefor. Pa ! tolB ’ Association meets at 6 Chn ’ u tho 01 of the Third of Washington and , Tho Executive Committee T*? the same place at half-past i. “Appetite BUI,” e 'rl. tll6bllnko men already re- JjjKm r. Teibukb, were discharged by momi °Topon p,/ Cj tt onco* tbeir promising to leave the latoinm °° s £ av ? toen instructed to sea ■««« i. m business blocks are kept kmfSii 0 ? Bera wto lmTe no regard for lrom 411 societiesin |*»^J^ 1 5 1 P, at , 0 , m *ba ceremony of laying I ? ! >rtsabehois f - *5? of the Sacred *sj»n Etrp.t d m Ho ly Family School on I,;t ttoon. *’ near twelfth, at 2 o’clock this Jarah 4 Rj°f t ® raar afternoon, a man n»'ij‘ z - er ’ a deck-hand on the • 'ie Cctmty Hog^^ 0^011 ' He was uemoyed I SK at balf-past 11 o’clock last f IrealuTr Kafi occasioned bv a fire in Etreef 7 building No. 627 South toran;? ep - h c y mtthall 1 081 SIOO, and lb, i^ annan - " :!So i no insurance. eacoiSs St u n i’ Hie gentleman who so killed a few months S?*f? e Grar^v^ 0 “ Hh ® oUll * t*'* B * of in f5 kn infimf Tenn ® car ' I l4 * 9mto recovered . “‘iisa^V 113 l“s retimed from the ficnrt ” m ibe city. fcefonS’r 1 * 1 ? 6 ' 1 Jac °b Freedman, was astari at Hie Cmninal Court, for timed p°k mon °y from the hands oi an • berena. He was also held fnr trial, in the same amount, for stealing $5 from a poor old negro. Charles Eagan, an employe of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, while coupling cars,. at noon yesterday, on North Water street, had his left leg so badly crushed that amputation will probably be necessary. He was removed to the home of his parents, No. 187 Lincoln avenue. The Blassasolt House, opposite the Central Depot, is in the hands of mechanics, and soon there will bo a handsome $50,000, five-storr, 130 by 40, bnck hotel with stone trimmings, "where the morning after the fire there was little or A. W. Longley is the proprietor, and Mr. Boymgton the architect. Yesterday afternoon, a rickety stairway in the Columbian lion Works, on Clinton street, gave way i beneath the weight of a heavy piece of casting that some men were carrying *oni the ebcond floor to the first. One of the men. named Frank * Kooney, seriously injured. Dr, Flemming was called, who took the injured man to his residence. No. 255 South Desplaines street. It is believed that in less skillful hands Rooney would have died, but at 6 o’clock last evening ho was out of dan ger. The Times , having abandoned that filthy slash about church members, will devote a page or two to the snbject of hospitals this morning. As each member of the local staff will write what he knows from personal experience about hos pitals, and as each experience will be precisely the same (and very.painful), it ia probable that the article will be voiy uuentertaining. In the account of the police raid upon a house of notorious character at No. 88 .Hoisted Street, which appeared in yesterday’s Tbibune, it should have been stated that the second story of iho house only was occupied for rile purposes. On the first floor is tlie restaurant of Joseph.Bun jer. upon whom the article referred to unjustly reflected. It was chiefly through Mr, Bunjer’s efforts that the place was raided, and, since ho ! £*3 done everything in his power to have tho house converted to proper uses, it is but right that he should have the benefit of the public an nouncement of the facts. >Tho alarm of fire from Box SC, at half-past 2 o clock yesterday morning, was occasioned by the discovery of flames in tho two-story frame building, No. 928 South Clark street. The build ing is owned by George Norris, and occupied as a packing-house by Eufua Band. The fire originated in the smoke-house, which is said to have been very defective. Loss on building, $900; insured for $2,000 in a Detroit company. Loss on stock and fixtures, $2,000; insured for $1,600 in the Merchants’ of New York, and for SSOO in the Star of New York. A sad accident occurred at Calumet yesterday morning. Mr. Bnmelle, of the printing and pub lishing house of Habel & Bnmelle, while fishing in Calumet Lake, was drowned. The boat in which he was sitting became suddenly unbal anced, and before Mr, Bnmelle could steady it, it was capsized. There being no assistance near by Mr. Brunelle was drowned. The body was recovered after a short search and taken to tho Michigan Central Kailroad bridge, where it awaits the action of the Coroner. Mr. Brunelle was much respected, and a wide circle of friends will mourn bis sudden death. He leaves a large family. The Board of Public Works issued the follow ing building permits yesterday; Estate of Sam uel S. Boss, three-story and basement brick, 43x 44 feet, Loomis street; Hull & SidelJ, threo stoiy and basement stone front, 66x42 feet, Nos. 27, 29, and 31 Park avenue ; E. F. Pulaifer, three-story and basement stone front, 100x48 feet, Nos. 1028, 1030, 1032, and 1034 Prairie ave nue ; M. two-stoiy and basement brick, 40x30 feet, Oakenwall Addition; M. O. Walk er, two-story and basement brick, Nos. 40x170 feet, Michigan avenue; J. M. Parker, four-story and basement stone front, 40x 80 feet, Nos. 95 and 97 East Washington street; D. W. Mason, two-story and basement stone front, 24x74 feet, No. 1359 Wabash avenue ; A. M. Fenner, three-story and basement brick, 24x 60 feet, No. 376 West Madison street. John Layton, who threw a brick into a State street car, on Friday night, whereby Mr. L. M. Elder, of Kalamazoo, Mich., was seriously hurt, was arrested yesterday morning. He was not very badly injured and was able to appear before Justice Bauyon yesterday afternoon, who held him in S3OO bail to await the result of Elder’s injuries. The latter was severely .hurt, but it is believed he will recover. He was taken home yesterday morning. In the presence of the conductor of the car in which the fracas be gan, Layton did not assert so positively that. he was struck a car-hook, and it is believed that he received his injury in attempting to conceal himself in the Palmer House. The Times is informed that there was quite a Gorman meeting in Chicago on Friday, and that Mr. John F. Tracy resigned the Presidency of the. Northwestern Bailroad on the hbttia day. The particulars will be found in yesterday’s Tbtb use, and perhaps in to-day’s Times , if nothing happens. This is just like the Times, which is a good newspaper, the news always excepted. It is a good thing for the Times it is published in the same city with The Tbibune and the Evening MaU. Were it not for these two papers, there would bo no Times, It follows these papers—a long way off. Thore teas a time, a long time since, when the Times was in enterprise and news the peer of the Journal , but those days are past. Alas for those days. Alas fox the Times. A frightful runaway occurred yesterday even ing at 8 o’clock. The horses of omnibus No. 228 of the Citizens’ Line, became unmanageable at the corner of Randolph and Market streets. The driver was intoxicated, and during the progress of the team was thrown from his beat. and sustained injuries that will probably prove fatal. The horses dashed down Market street, to the comer of Madison, where they wore stopped by Officer James Carlin, of the West Side Bailway Company. Carlin exhibited a good deal of bravery in the act, os the horses were going at break-neck speed. Several ladies and getlemen who were in the ’bna at the time, were more or less braised. The driver was taken to tho Amory Police Station. His name could not be ascertained. Long ago, when men shot their way to fame and fortune in Ireland, an Irish lawyer chal lenged a friend to meet him at a certain hour, in a certain park known as “The Fifteen Acres.** His legal habits were strong, even in an invita tion to death, and the challenge read, “Meet me in the Fifteen Acres, be the same more or less.’* That gentleman's descendant must be on the local stall of the Times , and he must have written the ridiculous account of tho street-car muss which occurred on Friday evening, as all the readers of The Telbune knew. The Times did not get the facts, thongh that is nothing now. It might as well have given alncidaccount as follows: “Aman was struck with a big stone on State street this week, be the same more or less.” The gloomy corridors of the County Jail were yesterday again made the scene of a marriage ceremony. Of course Justice C. B. Bsgget, the parson of the Judiciary of Chicago, officiated. The partiee to the affair were Samuel Wilston and Mary Beale, both of whom figured some- what prominently in a bastardy trial before Justice Tan’t Wond last Thursday. Upon Wilston's consenting to marry the complainant, she withdrew the charge which sent him to prison, and herself made all the necessary ar- rangements for the consummation of the nup tials. It is probable that a love of liberty did more to cause Wilston to consent to the marriage than anything else. The bride haa pursued the fellow who was yesterday pronounced her hus band far and near, and her marriage seemed to please her very much. There are few who would begrudge her her new possession. There are a great many ways of making money. Some work for it, —a slow way; others many it, —a genteel way; others go into the confidence business, —an uncertain and mean way.- The last dodge is to got np a newsboys' and boot blacks’ pionio, rope in the little fellows, pretend they are objects of affection and solicitnde, and make money by it. Mr. Scammon has a news paper in this city, a morning publication, and as bis employes have not much to do, they propose to get up an excur sion for the gamins, under the auspices of Mr. Scammon. As Mr. Bcammon is believed to owe the school fund a large sum of money which should be applied to the education of these hoys, he can evince the sincerity of his desire to promote their welfare—present and fu ture—by forking over the amount. After that is done an excursion into the country will be in order: but until then the excursions had better be left in the hands of Dr. Miller an j other gen tlemen, who managed them well aad honestly last year. On : Friday night, at 12 o'clock, Roundsman Barthelon and Officers Noonan and Galligher mode, a visit to the gambling-rooms of Adam Smith, No. 191 Clark street. When Barthelon knocked at the door he heard an unusual amount of noise behind it, and then for a moment all was still, and pretty soon the door was opened and the officers were admitted. Three persons only were found in. the room. A vault door, which, was dosed, attracted Barthelon’s atten tion, and, under the belief that behind it a good sized crowd of gamblers were chuoklipg at the very smart trick they had so far successfully played, the officer sent down .to the Armory for mpre men. The whole party might have es rscued before the additional force arrived but for THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 1873 the fact that the gamblers in the vault and those outside could not communicate with one anoth er* ■ After waiting 45 minutes the imprisoned gamblers, six In number, opened the vault door and camo forth. They were taken to the 'Ar mory Station. Yesterday morning, they wore arraigned before Bonyon, who discharged them upon payment of costs, because they were not caught in the act of gaming. The police-officers say that it is next to impossible to secure the conviction of gamblers before Dogberry Ban yon. . . Lost Monday morning, about 7 o’clock, a Mrs* Tally, who resides on Pavilion parkway, between Indiana and Calumet avenues, in the town of Hyde Park, saw two men dig a hole near her' house, and deposit therein what * appeared to her to be ad iron box. Yesterday* morn ing the fact was reported to Capt. Binford, of tho Hyde Park police. A search in | the vicinity Indicated by Mrs. Tully revealed a I trunk of small size imbedded about throe feet under ground, which contained the ‘ body of a male infant. The child was nicely dressed, and was laid in a bed of fine shavings, some of its' clothing was marked “Cobb.” Coro ner Stephens and Dr.- Emmons, ac companied by Detective Simmons, wont out to the scone of the discovery last evening. A post- ' mortem examination showed that tho child, although of the most perfect and robust de velopment, bad been bom deadi There were s no evidences on its, body of foul play. _The , spot selected for its burial was secluded and very beautiful. It was. found that two trees near the grave had been marked. Everything indicated that the child had boon put in its coffin by tender hands; and it is not unlikely that some poor parents buried it there to avoid the expense incident to a more regular interment. A Coroner’s inquest was hold, and a verdict of “ still-born ” rendered. A MAGNIFICENT ESTABLISHMENT. Tlib New VFarorooms of tlio Wilson Company, No* 107 Mate Street* To-morrovr the now rooms of tbe Wilson Sow ing-Machine Company at No. 197 State street, next to the comer of Adams street, will be thrown open for the inspection of the public. This Company has been later than some of the others in leaving the remote parts of the city to which they were driven by the fire, but it has done so merely in order to have the time to finish off the now quarters in the richest and most expensive manner. This place fronts both on State and Adams streets, not including, how ever, the comer store. It thus runs back 120 feet, making one of the finest show rooms in tbe city. The striking feature of * h ' a room is not its size, however, but the handsome, tasteful, and even sumptuous manner in which it is fitted up. It shows everywhere that it has been done under the supervision of a man of re finement and good taste. The floor is covered with a beautiful carpet, which came from Stewart’s establishment in Now Tork, and cost $1,500. The ceiling is frescoed, by a Chicago artist, so as to form a perfect match for the car pet. There is nothing loud or exaggerated in color. The upper part of the walls is covered with arabesques, aud that part just above the base-boards is marbled, while the intermediate space is colored with a refreshing neutral tint The coat of this frescoing alono was $3,500, while the total expense for fitting up the room was nearly SIO,OOO. During the day. abundant light is furnished from the grand windows on the two streets, while by night it is lit up by six elegant gold-gilt twelve-light chandeliers. The thread, silk-twist, and needle-case, which is of carved walnut, and is surrounded by a carved walnut marble-top counter, is on the right-hand aide of the main room, near the centre. At the ends of this counter are two magnificent bronze figures, cast from patterns specially drawn for the Company, A hundred feet back from the State street entrance extends a partition of black-walnut, which, like all the handsome fur niture, is made by Patzack & Schultz, of this city. This partition is in itself a work of art, a model of simple elegance. That part of tho establishment fronting on Adams street is re served for office purposes. Still beyond on Adams street is a large room used for adjusting, whero all tbe machines go before they leave the rooms. The Company also leases the entire basement, covering an area of 5,000 square feet, which is used for packing purposes. Tho merits of the Wilson sewing-machine are too well-known to need any special praise. A purely Western machine, it has had to fight against heavier odds than any of its competitors, for they wore all united against it. Its cheapness and superiority made it a dangerous rival, to be crushed out at all hazards, if possible. But Mr. Wilson has fought his good fight, and has won against all opposition, a fact plainly proven by his ability to fit up rooms as elegant as those which are to be opened to-morrow. These ma chines have won such general favor, since they are sold at prices 25 per cent lower than any other first-class machine, and since they are simple to handle, durable, and of un limited capacity. Each purchaser also obtains a written warrant of his machine for five years. The manager of tho office here is Mr. George Sawyer, a gentleman of great business capacity, who has been here for a year, and who, daring that time, has made for himself a host of friends. This machine is not only the invention of a Western man, but it is also made in the West, tbe manufactory being at Cleveland, a five-story building 180 feet'by 60, where about 500 workmen are employed. No matter whether one wishes to buy a ma chine or not, there will be no place on State street which will be better worth visiting to-mor row than the magnificent rooms which tho Wil son Sewing-Machine Company have occupied and which are an unexcelled specimen of Chica go workmanship and good taste. Sad State off Bayth Bishop Coze, in tho account of his recent epis copal visit to ilayti, writes that for tho past six years Hr. Holly, the chief agent of the American Episcopal Mission in that island, has devoted his energies principally to work, not for the En glish-speaking people, bnt for the evangelization of the poor natives of the island, 500,000 of whom are virtnaUy heathen, though the religion of the Country is nominally Romish. The condition of most of the blacks is very like that of natives in the heart of Africa. Their re ligious condition is that of barbarism. They worship the spirit of evil, although they take their children to the Romish priest for baptism, as a charm against the incantations which they use one against the other. The cannibalism of religious superstition is still very prevalent in many parts of Hayti. Children are prepared for the rite hy first giving them a root or bark which stupefies them. Then they are fattened for the sacrifice, after which the worshipers feed upon their bodies. This sacrifice their superstition demands once a year, and both Episcopal and Wesleyan missionaries bear testimony to its existence, asserting that tho practice is systematic, and not occasional. Tho government has not sufficient strength to suppress the practice, although it has made the attempt. Bishop Coze . recalls a conversation held with the exiled President Gefrard, whom he visited in the island of Jamaica. “I did my best,** said the President, “to put down thin cursed Yaudou worship.” The Bishop asked if it were possible that they thus sacrificed chil dren to their heathen god. “Alas!" was the answer, “I was obliged to shoot eight men for cannibalism to strike terror into those whom I. could not reach. Cannibalism is strong there; and it was for that reason I am here, an exile, because I made war upon it.’* In this land marriage is an exceptional institution ; so much eo that oneof the missionaries, laboring in the mountains, reported with beaming eyes as an improvement on the former state of things that during six years he bad celebrated six mar riages. The three points which the Bishop thinks ought to bo presented first and foremost to the people of these islands are: the necessity of Christian marriage, sanctification of the Lord’s Day, and the knowledge of the Scrip tures, of which even the nominal Christians of tho islands seem very ignorant. Windfalls tor Doctors* The curiosities of medical life aud practice are endless. If we hoar very often of medical men doing arduous work for very scanty remunera tion, sometimes there is an agreeable obverse of receiving very splendid remuneration for very scanty services. We know of a medical man whose duty it is to take lunch every day at a great castle belonging to a noble lord. The household is immense; and there is just the chance that there may be some cose of indisposition demanding at tention. Ho gete some of the best company and beet lunches in England, and duly charges a guinea for each attendance. There is a very wealthy man near a great city, who cannot bear to be left for the night. There is a physician of great ability who drives out of town nightly to sleep at -his residence; ho is conse quently debarred evening society, and if he goes oat to dinner ho has to leave his friends before wine. He has to charge his patient a thousand a year, and I think he works hard for his money. Sometimes the services are such that money cannot repay them.. .A friend of mine, a young modicus. had a standing, en gagement of four hundred a rear to look after the health of an old lady. She required to be . inspected three times a day, and make an exhibi tion of her tongue and pulse. What made things so aggravating waa that ahewaa as strong as a horse, while the doctor was a delicate man. Bhewaseo selfish and perverse that ho was obliged. to:teU. her that he would have nothing to do with her case. Similarly, I knew the son of a rich man, who proposed to pay a clergyman * several hundred pounds a year for leave to spend his evenings with' him. Tho par son. however, was obliged to tell his rich friend that ho talked such intolerable twaddle that ho could hot accept his company on any terms .that could be named. Bat the* oddest of these arrangements is- the following: A medical man has been attending a patient sev eral years, and yet be has neverseen his patient. The gentleman firmly believes that ho bos an (esophagus of peculiar construction, and that ho is accordinglyliahle at any moment to be choked. That help may be at hand whenever any sudden emergency may occur, he has a physician in the house night and day. .The physician, being 1 human, must needs take his walks abroad, andi i • becomes necessary to provide a substitute for him two hours a day; Accordingly, a doctor at tends daily from 12 to 2, : fills up his time by dis ' posing of on admirable lunch, and firida the gold and' silver coin, in their usual happy combina tion, neatly put by the side of his plate, in tis sue-paper. up to tho present date he has never* had the-pleasure of exchanging words with his ;interesting patient.— From “The Romance of 'Medicine," in London Society, lUurder and Arson* New Iberia, La~, Juno 14. —Lavol, a French man, and Alexander Snaer, colored Justice of the Peace, wore brutally murdered in their store, five miles from this place, last night. Tho store was robbed and burned by three negroes. A number of citizens have gone in pursuit of the murderers. . InJ a contest as to who could, with the fewest steps, descend a staircase in the London Junior Carlton Club, Mr. Peter Graham made a spring over die handrail and fell 60 feet, causing his death. Ho was perfectly sober, and is described as proficient in athletic exercises. HAKRIAGES. WOODWORTH—HANNAHS—At tho First Baptist Church, Judo 11, by the Rov. J. Woodward (ancle of tho groom), assisted by the Rev. Dr. Everts, John M. Wood worth, M. D., Supervising Surgeon U. 8. Marine Hoeni tal Service, Washington, D. C.. and Miss Morale Celeste Hannahs, daughter of J. M. Hannahs, Esq., ol this city OLIVER—BURGESS—On May 10, by the Rev. W. H. Daniels, William S. Oliver and Lovinda H. Burgess, both of this city. BAKER—BIELBEY—By the Rov. H. O. Kinney, June H, at 667 West Monroo-aU, Mr. H. Baker and Adelaide Biol bey. BICE—MILNE—At Lockport, 111., on June 11, by the Rov. J. G. Porter, at tho residence of the bride’s parents. Mr. John J. Rice, of Peotone, and Miss Isabella Lockport. WARREN—MORLs x —June 12, at the First Congrega tional Church, of Palnorrille, Ohio, by the Rev. H. O Harden, of Cleveland. Henry A. Warren, of Chicago, and Kate Tracy Morley, of Painesville, Ohio. DEATHS. SWAN—On Jnno 3, Nellie, aged 16 months, and on Saturday, June 14, Emma, agod 3 years and 2 months, daughters of Q. R. and M. A. Swan. MULFORD—At Oakton, near Evanston, on Satorday afternoon, at 4 o’clock, Rebecca, wife of Edward H. Mnlford, in the 79th year of her age. Funeral from her late residence on Monday at S p. m. BROWN—On Friday evening, tho 18th lust., Mix. Clara Starr Brown, widow of the late Judge Henry Brown, in tho 78th year of her age. Funeral from the residence of her son-in-law, Thomas ForresL4l9 Cectre-av., on Monday next, at 8 o'clock, p. m. Friends of tho family are invited. —if wT??. 11110 Daphne G. Erby, aged 83 yean, wife of William Brbv. - Funeral from her late residence, 166 North Wslls-st., on^ Sunday, Jnno 25, at 1 o’clock, by carriages to Roto- Rochester, N. Y., papers please copy. MOFFKT—Last evening 'at half-past 6 o'clock, at his residence. 42! South May-st,, Mr. Jamas Moffet, assist ant-foreman of the Evening Journal. Funeral Monday, at 11 o'clock, to Calvary, by cars. WANTED. Partner Wanted With 53,500 to $3,000 capital, to take charge of financial part of .a well-established manufacturing business. Ad dress 8, Tribune office* WANTED. A smart energetic man of good address, to solicit orders in the South and West, Apply to 56 Major Block, LaSalle and Madiaon-sta. LAUNDRY. - LAUNDRY. Everybody that is la. need of a good, honest, and relia ble Laundry, should go to the WASHINGTON T.attn. DRV, No. 9 South Clark-st.. near Water. CLAIRVOYANTS. pHIOAGO SPIRIT ROOMS. 917 WEST MADISON \J st,. Room 3. Cabinet seance to-night; medium handcuffed and tied down to tbeCoor; hands and laces appear far above her reach. ' 1 DOCTRESS JEANETTE de BENOIT. THE BO bmnian Astro legist, Pahnlat, and Physiologist, can be consulted at 188 South Halsted-st.. on'physical mental ailments. Consultations in all languages. TYOOTRESS -JEANNETTE DE BENOIT. THE BO ±J hemian astrologist, palmist, and physiologist, can be consul bod at 183 South Halsted-st. on physical and mental ailments. Consultations in all languages. Madame fdell, the celebrated female physician and clairvoyant, has no equal in her pro fession in telling the post, present and future. Call and be convinced of her wonderful power at her rooms, 191 West Madison-st., Rooms 8 and 9, from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Madame parie-the wonderful gypsy, 10 a. m. to9p. m. (Sundays ozeepted). Ladies only. Fee, 60 cents. 309 West Madison-st., Room 45. Mrs. e. m. teed, physic a l medium, west Madison-st. Seance this evening. MISS JENNIE SHOLLKNBERGER. TEST AND business medium; private sittings during the day. 115 HaUted-st. MBS. BUTT, NATURAL CLAIRVOYANT, test and business medium; also clairvoyant. Physical examinations. 31 South Desplaines-st. Foe. sl. Mrs. t. j. lewis, reliable clairvoyant, business and medical medium, 69 West Madison-st. Madame milsom, natural clairvoyant, removed to 176 West Madison-st. Consultation to ladles only. PUBLIC SEANCE EVERY EVENING AT 7C6 WEST Monroe-st. Tests, spirits seen, sealed letters an swered. THE CELEBRATED GIPSY PALMIST IS IN TOWN again. Rooms 431 South Clark-st., up-atairs. fl nnn reward fok ant one who can -L, UUU equal Dr. Mathew and Madame Maynard, o wonderful business and medical mediums; tell* you anything yon wish to know; cures consumption, paraly sis, rheumatism, seminal weakness, and all chronic dii oases; cure or no pay. 105 West Madison-st. INSTRUCTION. A YOUNG GERMAN, OI GOOD EDUCATION, wonld liko to instruct an intelligent American lady in his native language or in French, and take, as a com pensation, lessons in EngHuh. Adores* J £6, Tribune of- A YOUNG LADY JUST OVER FROM PARIS wishes to give dally lessons in French, either to adults or children. Terms very moderate. Best of references. for three days, at 35 O’Brien-st., between Jefferson MBS. M. SMITH’S NEW TERM BEGINS ON THE Ist of July next. Gentlemen and ladies wishing to join either the French or German class, are requested to apply to her at her residence No. 808 North Wells-st.. every day from sp. m. Terms moderate. Public schools' scholars half price. MISS THOMPSON (FROM LONDON) BEGS TO call attention to her complete system of instruction ta Um pianoforte, u practiced bj Ule (treat maatere. S3B West Bandolph-st. PROF. DELOULMB, 411 WEST MADISON-ST. Piano, vocal coltore, singing, French, Span* ish. Lessons at my rooms or pupil's residence. Sam* mer terms. SHORT-HAND CLASS AT DREW’S COLLEGE Monday evening. No money until coarse is completed. Course embraces fill knowledge of the art. WANTED— TWO GIRLS CAN HAVE THE BEST chance to learn type-setting; charges for instruction moderate. Address PRINTING. Tribnne office. MATRIMONIAL. \f ATRIMONIAL—A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO 1U correspond with an unmarried lady, with a view to matrimony. References given and reo aired. Address

80x84,-Waterloo, Ind. "VTATRIMONIAL—A MECHANIC DESIRES TO itl form the acquaintance of a good-looking, respecta ble servant girl; intentions honorable. Address O 68, Tribnne office. \f ATRIMONIAL—A MECHANIC, 88 YEARS OLD, J.TJ. wishes to form the acquaintance of a respectable girl, with a view to matrimony. One who works for a Hying preferred. Please address G 70, Tribune office. *\T ATRIMONIAL—AN EDUCATED YOUNG GEN -I*l tieman (sgo. 23). good-looking, and In good circnm* stances, wishes to meet with an amiable young lady— must be tall, good-looking, and under 18. Nona need apply unless with matrimonial Intentions. References exchanged. Address RICARDO. Tribnne office. MACHINERY. FOR SALE-SECOND-HAND PORTABLE, up right. and tubular boilers, portable and stationary on gnes; one Buckeye engine and boiler. Chicago Steam oiler Works; 68 Mlehlgan-st. FOB SALE—A FIRST-CLASS ENGINE, NEW, 11x18 in. Apply at Chicago Steam Engine Works, soutbeastcomor Michigan and Franklin-sts. TTIOR SALE—OB EXCHANGE—ELEVEN GRIBT JD mills of very best make, 16,10, 34 inch stones. Will tell at a bargain. ESTMAN, No. 8 Arcade-court. WANTED-A 6-HORSE POWER SECOND-HAND engine and saw. Apply at 241 Twenty-seooud-at. TXT ANTED—KN QINE AND BOILER, 26-HOBBE IT power complete; second-hand, if good, will answer. Addrces J. H. REDFikLD, South Chicago. 111. DIVORCES' IVORGBS—LEGALLY OBTAINED—FEB AFTER ~U . decree. Scandal avoided. Nino years 1 .practice in the courts-of-Chicago. Address P. O. Box 1037. Divorces obtained for causes, all law business attended to. BUSH, 347 South Clark-et. miscellaneous. A CJOMATIO FOUNTAIN WASHING-UACIIINB fa T?* “roe, labor, and money. No humbug. Call BulldSi W ° rk at rio - 9 300111 Canal-st., Boom Yatoa* AN EXPERIENCED DRESS-FITTEK ANDTRIJL th I C° oat tbo day; none but those who will pay for skill need apply._Addre«a R H R, 265 Folton-ct. A WORTHY MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE DESIRE TO -£X take charge of a boose during absence of family: no ealary. jig Wabash-Av. ’ T3OOKS-CASH PAID FOB BOOKS OF ALL KINDS? I?,?" 7 3^"PH t7 - ,T n ? OM Bno * sto™. ohapiS oKOS., 214 and 21u East Madi&on-st. COLONY-ALL WHO WISH CAN GO WEST AT v small expanse with the A. and N. colony; 160 acres choice land, two town lota and other advantages secured. H. B. STEVENS. Boom 3, 163 E»«t MidlMm-.t. CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND • roucoHannons goods of any kind, by sending s lettor to Y. GELDER, Loan Office, 664 Stato*lt. pRRNCH MILLINERY-MAD AME A. SCHNEIDER, X French mlllinar. No. 770 Michlgan-av-, respectfully informs the public that aho ozooutes orders for bonnets in tbs most fashionable stylo and at short notice. FmS'Kc LASS ROOMS, ’ FURjTrSHEDOR UNFUR lushed with board: tabic boarders accomreodatod. •ttarorepcos oxchangod If desired. Address XY Z, Trib tine officj, TTEAVY TEAMS CAN GET WORK FOR TTTH XX season by applying at ISO South Wator-st. IF A LADY WITH $l,lOO DESIRES TO MAKE money, and a reputation as an actress, with an expo* rlonccd manager, lot her address P 78, Tribune office. Security and best of reference given. AU com munications strictly I I ; : X/ RY ® 0I>y to knoWTHAT DB. JOHN X PHILLIPS hasit very largo assortment of Brazilian Spectacles for sale, which ho suits by inspection to the eye. Don’t forgot the place. 120Fourth-av., Optician anacullst, a few doors from Harriaon-St* ■M E ;y LAUNDRY’ AT NO. <0 WEST LAKE-ST. Xi General washing done at $1 per dozen: shirts, cents oach. Clothes will bo brought and delivered. Sena your orders. N. HANSON. PARTIES HAVINGPLACES OF BUSINESS THAT X tbav wish to sell, or those wishing to purchase, are re* quested to call on or address GEO. 11. LAWTON. Room 1, 43 South Clsrk-at. Office hours Bto 10a. m. and 4toe p. m, > This is to give notice that t, jaoob Zirngibl have dissolved partnership with Frank Zlrn- on June 9, 1873, and all creditors will please settle with the said Frank Zirngibl. Business will still be con tlnnod at 604 Larrabee-at. by JAOOB ZIRNGIBL TO BUILDERS-WANTED-TO CONTRACT FOR A house worth from $3,000 to S6,CCO; some money; the balance In lots in Irving Park, centrally located, east fronts, milo each from N. W. and M. St, P. R. R, do pots. 168 Raodolph-st., Room 11. TO THE LADIES—SIRS. HUDSON’S ALABASTER cream is for sale at JO UN P. LEE'S Drag Store, car der Halstcd and H&rrison-sts.. and at BLISS <k SHARP'S, corner Wabash-ar. ana Tweaty-seccnd-st. THE PARLOR CURTAIN-SCREEN; THE LAST ' and boat oat; Is convenient and ornamental; rolls up like a curtain; it is pronounced by all the most complete screen in the market. Gu and see it. For salo by SILL TIMORE A ALEXANDER. 334 State-st. T\J" ANTED—A MEDIUM SIZED OFFICE SAFE, f f must bo a bargain. Address U 37, Tribune office. TXTANTED—A SMALL COTTAGE WEST OP HAL (T ated-st. Possession on or about Oct. 1. Will ray $3,500 cash or In suburban real estato. Address J69, Tribune office. WANTED-TO SELL-A PEDDLER’S LICENSE for tbe State of Wisconsin; good until May 31, 1874; will sell choap. Apply or address Room 6, 99 East Madi son-st., Chicago. WANTED-TO BUY-PART OF LOT IN GRACE land Cemetery. Any perron baring same for sale may find a purchaser by addressing, stating terms, O 41# Tribune office. TAT ANTED—SOME LIGHT BUSINESS IN WHICH TT S4O or SSO will buy an Interest which will pay mo oqnal to a fair salary, Ito do my share of tbe work. Ad dress for three days, describing business and stating whore a meeting can be had, F E M, Chicago Post Office. TtTANTED-PUPPT-A SETTER OR POINTER, ti State price and age. Address Q Id, Tribdne office. WANTED— FOR A HEALTHY. QUIET BOY, TWO weeks old, a homo. Ho may either be boarded or adopted. Call at the Hospital for Women and Children, comer West Adams and South Fanlina-sts., any after noon this week. T|rANTED-60J YOUNG MEN AND LADIES AT TT Crow’s Opera Hall, 517 West Madison-st., Monday night, June 16, to take partin the grand free lecture on Lights and Shades of Married life, by DR. PAYNE, tho famous anthropologist. W' "ANTED-A MAN, WHO WILL BUILD A BLOCK suitable for a museum and theatre combined, can bo secured in renting the same at good rent for a term of 30 years or longer. Must bo in good location. Address or call at Boom 1, 85 and 67 Doarbom*st. WANTED— 1 OR 9 LARGE SOAP TANKS. AD- dross G 14, Tribuno office. TTTANTED—TICKET TO ST. LOUIS AND RE TT turn: state price for one or both. Address A. J. WALSH, No. 507 Waahington-BT., Chicago. WANTED-AN OFFICE DESK. SECOND-HAND. Address stating price O 35, Tribune office. VI/"ANTED—TO BUY-A SMALL PRESCRIPTION T T drug store in good locality. Address ES, Tribune office. TXT ANTED-A WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONE, TT desires a companion, or some lady wishing to go Into tbe dress making or some other light business; no capital required. Address G 81, Tribune office. TXT ANTED—TO BUY FOR CASH THE STOCK AND TT fixture* of a retail dry goods store. Creditor* har ing a retail stock to dispose will find a ready purchaser, or I will rent a store in a good locality. Address G 87 Tribune office. TUANTED—TO BUY A RANGE SUITABLE FOR A TT small restaurant. Apply at 181 LaSalle-st. TXT ANTED—A SECOND-HAND LIBRARY OB OF IT hco desk. Address JH B, 107 Vinconne>-av, WANTED— A COUNTER AND A LINE OF NAR row shelving for a grocery store; also, a grocery wagon. Apply to the Groat London Tea Company, cor ner Madison and Ilalated-sts. ~\XT ANTED—‘WILLIAM KILROY, STONE-CUTTER, Tr ,or James Kllroy, stone-cotter, to ooli at No. aoo North-ar.. or address T. J. HUTCHINSON, same So. FINANCIAL. COLLATERAL LOANS MADE IN SUMS OF $5,000 to $10,1X0; real estate and commercial paper bought at current rates. W. M. WILLNER, H Otis Block. CLA ISIS—KNICKERBOCKER, ILLINOIS MUTUAL, Equitable, Mutual Security, and other bankrupt in surance Complies claims cashed by J. N WIT HE BELL, ISO Doarborn-st. For loans, real estate, law advice, money collecting, inquire at 534 State-st. Cheap lota near the boulevard. Loans on collaterals, secured notes. honsos on leased lots, etc. L. R. CARSWELL, 149 and 151 East Madison-st. Loans made on city real estate 6 to u months, or purchase real estate mortgagee; also loans on collaterals, houses on leasedgroun<Lhone and rig: dia monds wanted. W. OTTAWAx, 79 Dsarborn-st. Money to loan on real estate or other good securities. W. VAN O’LINDA, 219 Dearborn at.. Room 6. Money to loan in various sums, on city and Cook County real estate for a term of yean. CHASE A ADAMS, 90 Bryan Block. Money loaned on city real estate, to $30,000: real estate_paper wanted; loans on lease holds. B. GROSSMAN, Room 13, 178 State-st. Money to loan on city real estate, g. 8. HUBBARD, Jb.. 168 Waahington-st. Money at 9 per cent in sums from SIO,OOO to 850.000 on city property; SI,OOO at 10 per cent. A. S. PALMER, Jr., 94 Waihington-st., Rooms 16 and 17. Money advanced at Lassen’s loan of fice; late JACOBS A CO., on diamonds, watches, and other valuables; 177 Clark-at., comer of Monroe, Room 5. MONEY-TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE-BY SE WELL CLARK, Boom 13 Otis Boilding. a- w. cor. Stato and Madlson-ata. SEWELL CLARK. \fONEY-TO LOAN ON HOUSEHOLD FURNI irX hire, houses, pianos, and good collateral security at 143 Sonth Clark-st., Room 5. K. WINNE. TO LOAN-83,000 ON FIRST MORTGAGE PROP erty in the city. A. F. NOBLE, Room 3 Tribune Building. HO LOAN-MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE L security insums of $5,000 and upwards. Inquire of )RBW A NEWBURY, Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan Block. TO LOAN-MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS; furniture, and other good collaterals. JAS. B STOREY, Si and 86 LaSalle-at., Room 25. TO LOAN-MONEY ON SOUTH SIDE REAL ES tato. In sums of $3,000 and onwards, at 9 and 10 pew cent: can close without delay. J. H. BISSELL, 44 and 45 Bryan Block. CO LEND-MONEY IN SMALL SUMS TO SUIT ON chattel security; short time. TRUESDELL Ai IROWN, 175 West Madison-st. TTTB HAVE ONE SUM OF $25,000 ON HAND, TO; Vi lona on improved business property. Also, sums of $5,000. $2,500, SI,OOO, SI,OOO for desirable roal estate loans, which we can close promptly. McKINNON A MARSH, 135 Clark-st. TANTED-TO SELL $7,000, IN MORTGAGES, BE r ins first lien on property worth $40,000, located 60 lea from city. Address J 29, Tribnne office. WANTED— TO BORROW—S6,OOO TO $3,000 FOR fc or 6 yean, at reasonable interest. Security offered, on roal estate, buildings, and machinery worth and undoubted individual Indorsements. Address G 77, Tribune office. TTTANTED—SIS,OOO FORTEN YEARS, FIRST MORT- W gage on outside property worth SIOO,OOO. Address J 38, Tribune office. fo nnn—BL 500-81,000 TO loan for three A»UUU years, on improved city real estate. BALD IN, WALKER A CO.. No. 7 Hawley Building, south west corner Dearborn and Madlson-sts»; 9to 12, 2to 4. tf»o nnn AND $5,000 TO LOAN ON BEALES •DO.UUU tato; small sums to loon on houses on l««od land, by dEOBGE W. REED A CO., 148 La- Sallo-st. nnn TO LOAN FOB 5 YEARS, ON REAL «§)O»UUU estate. Apply, 9to 12 a, m-, to T. A. JACKSON, 680 Stato-sfc., near Twelfth. ao nnn to loanifob one year. $5,000 {t)O'UUU for foor months on real estate. J. O. Mo- OORD A CO., 109Dearborn-st. (t»rn nnA TO LOAN ON APPROVED REAL ffIOU.UUv estatesecurity, at 9 percent. $1,400. S9OO for six months at 10 per cent. Short-time commercial paper AGENTS WANTED. Agents wanted—fob ingebsoll’s life of Horace Greeley, just ready; also, for our other popu lar subscription books; come and see oar nowpUtuand Inducements. Union Publishing Company, 335 Wabash av., Chicago. Agests wantkd-to sell oot new bdtC ton-bols cutter, n-odle-threedLne thimble, »nd other now article,. 89 But MnUeon-et., Booms. CENTS WANTED—3 EXPERIENCED AGENTS to Mil Imported wine.. Applj at 87 Thlrd-ar., b»M meat. ___ GENTS WANTED—MEN AND WOMEN READY to taka right bold of a good paring business. MER RILL A CO. ,25 West Lako-st. —GENTS WANTED-EVERYBODY SHOULD CALL and see Mrs. Jessup's Compartment Kettle, indh neusable to every American household, and sells on eight. W. A- BARLOW A CO., Western Agents, 239 and MI West Lake-et., corner Peoria. —GENTS WANTED—TO SELL THE PATENT COM bination inkstand, manufactured by CLINE A KUHN, M 9 Monroe-st., Boom 6. TGKNTSWANTED-103FEMALE AGENTS, AT 298 A West Lake-st. A GENTS WANTED—FOB THE CITY; ALSO. AFEW ' A tnen to travel, to take orders for an article that everybody wants; sells at fight. GOTTWALS A MC DONOUGH, 307 Sooth Clark-st, LOST AND FOUND. Lost—*, light, gray make, -weighs 1,200 or 1,300, about 8 years old. shod before. Any party who will return the mare will be liberally rewarded. 41 and 43 Fourteenth-st. T OST—YESTERDAY, A BLACK CAPE AT HOO JU ley’s Matinee, or wring west on Randolph-at.-car. Tho finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 83 Dearborn-at., or 106 Walnht-at. T OST—SATURDAY, JUNK 7. BETWEEN JKFFER XJ son-st. and South Clark-et., one small pocketbook containing $5 in bills and some scrip. The Udder can ko?p the money and return tho book to 198 Mitchall-et. or 395 South Clark -st., and oblige R. W. LOST-IN AN AROHER-AV. *BUS, A POCKET book eontainlng $33 and some cents, the property of a poor man. The finder will be handsomely rewarded oy re turning the ssnm to PETEK PETERSON; 903 South Holsted-st. SUNDAY LAST, A BLACK CAPE. ii-S* T • and with lace. A suitable reward TwsnS-fimlrt at Boomal » 161 East Madlson-st., or I*o T OST-*5 REWARD—AT BUTTERS * CO.’S ACC JJ tlon-rooma, on Satoidw, Joss 14, . »nrtooa’« pocknt- CMO. The Raider will rpcolvo tho Above rowmrd ud oo qoMtlonjinked by returning It to Metc.lf A Oo.’« dm* store, 67 North Clark-st. DR. J. N. MORSE. * T OST-826 REWARD-DARK CHE3NUT OR XJ brown mare, bands hlgn. 9 years old, wnlte spots on back; will show signs of having interfered with front feet. J. S. WATSON, corner Campbell-av. and Van Boren-st. LO3T-8100 reward-in the neighborhood of tho curnor of Midi.on .nd Oiark-stv, . diamond vest faottoo. JOHN PARKS, 87 Waablagtoo-at., Room 28. Lost-on a small locket with Masonic emblem. The finder will bs liborsUy rewarded by lea ring the same at 497 South Canal-st. TOST-A POCKET MEMORANDUM BOOK, BE XJ tween Twenty-aecond-st. and Washlngton-stTronnol, South Side. Address H- O'HARA, 3&) Bunuide-st.. and reoolve reward. T OST-OK WEST SIDE OR STATE AND MADISON* » *kca r » tQuaro gold pin, raised band. More than ▼aloe will be gjyan for retnrn to KBS Wabash-ar. T OSTEON MADISON-ST. OAR, ABOUT 2JO P. M. £*1 Fridajlait, a pockatbook containing between sl4 and 816, also a family commutation ticket from Chicago toETauston. The Under will bo aatiafactorily rewarded by leaving the same at Room 4. 66 LaSaile-at. Lost- a gray Canadian horse aboct s years old; medium size; foundered. A reward will be given if retained to comer Twenty-first »nd Paulina* Lost -*5 reward— os, IS twocn Lake and M&di a oQ*Bta. t a gold beaded necklace, initials C. A. B. on centre drop. J. LUNT. 61 Park -at. LOST -POCKET-BOOK CONTAINING PAPERS and chock/or $70.60. The finder will be rewarded by leaving same at INOERSOLL BROS’. Job Printing Office, 186 and 188 South Water-st. LOST— $10 REWARD—FROM 253 SAMPSON-BT., on last Monday night, croam horse, white face, had lump on right side and tear on right romp. The above reward will bo given by returning or Information of Ida whereabout*. LOST— $25 REWARD-ON MONDAY. JUNE 8. A pocketboook containing money and valuable papers, on Chicago and Olyboumo av. car, or Clark-aU, between Kinzlo and Illinois. The finder will ploase«retitUrn it to P. O. BAUMGARTNER, Maywood, I'll., or If-yon want to keep the money, please return the papers to Cashier Tribune office. Lost —on stewart-av., near thirty sorouth-st., on Thursday/ a package containing parse, lace, dc. The finder will be rewarded by return. Ing purse to 25 River-st. T OST—$lO REWARD-AN ENGLISH SPOTTED XJ coach dog answering to the name of Spot or Andy; thickly spot tod; very dark on the right side of lace. The abovo will be paid: no questions asked by returning. R. HAOENBURGH, Unlich House, corner State and Twenty-eccond-sta. T OST—$lO REWARD-A BANK BOOK IN AC XJ count with W. F. Tibbite. Will pay the above reward If loft at Tribune office. T OST—SB REWARD WILL BE PAID BY THE BUB XJ scriber for the return of bis traveling bag and con tents, taken from the train on N. W. R. R., between Blmhurst and Geneva, Saturday afternoon, Jane 7. O. 8. WEBTCOTT, 115 State-st. \f IBSING-ON THE NIGHT OF THE 7TH INST. •iiX James Loughlln was lost overboard from a sailing vessel about 35 miles from Mackinac, In TAlrn Michigan. He wore a heavy ovorcoit, had dark brown hair, hazel erot, was 27 years old, and abottt 5 feet 6 inches In height. Should bis remains be discovered by any person observing this notice, they will bestow a great kindness by sending information to his bereaved sister, ANNIE, No. 1469 lndlana-av. \fISSING—YOUNG MAN MISSING AND OAN lu. not be found, named W. ANDREWS. He is 5 feet 4 inches, slim, and about 34 years old. Information want ed at 111 South OUnton-st. New York and Davenport papers pleaee copy. Fodnd-at coalyard corner of p6lk and Jofferson-sts., one bedstead, some bedding, one table, chairs, dishes, Ac., which the owner can have by calling at 101 North Morgan-st. and proving property and paying charges. TFOUND—RED SETTER SLUT; WILL BE SOLD IP J} not called for immediately. PROF. LB GENDBB, 137 East Adams-st. FOUND-AT THE BOSTON FANCY STEAM DYE Bouse, 158 Illinois-st., a sum of money; owner can have same by proving amount. ■pEWARD—SATURDAY. M’VIOKEB’S THEATRE. XV gold link bracelet; under please return to 845 Washington-st. STRAYED-ON THE EVENING OF THE 13th INST., from the premises of owner, 224 South Morgan-st., one bright bay man. Unhands high; welghtabout 1,000 lbs; black mane and tail; had on when last seen a ropo-balter, and was sick. Any one returning her to owner, or report ing whore she can be found, will be generously Ipaid for their trouble. SAMUEL L. BAILEY. STRAYED— AT 463 HUBS ARD-BT., A COW; owner proving same, by paying coat, can have her. STRAYED -FROM JEFFERSON PARK, ON Thursday, June 13, a largo swan Any person find ing the same, by giving information at the Park will be thankfully received. STRAYED— FROM AUBURN STATION. ON C., th^o3tg^tUng^vCT’a^ffm2e^ a »?9r a scar over each eye, no'shoes on; 5 rears oidrJTbe finder will receive s Liberal reward by addressing SHULL A HAYNES, Bonders, 703 State-gt. : ■ ■ • STRAYED-OR STOLEN—A BAT PONEY, FROM 384 Piret-st-, on the nlgbt of Jane 13; has 2 white feet, and white faoe; a sponge on right fore shoulder, black mane and tail. A liberal reward will bo paid if returned to BAUMEISTER A CO., 231 West or 384 First-st. REWARD STOLEN FROM NO. SB3 RAN tyfj dolph-st., a small, white dog, slightly lame 19 hind leg; answers to the name of Grant f weighs four pounds.) The above reward will be paid for his return. QOA REWARD LOST POCKKTBOOK CON tainingabout S9O In currency and two promissory notes, receipts, etc.; was lost going from Kinzie on North Clark to Illinois, thence Chicago and Clybourn-av. ear to North-av.. on North-av. to bridge. The above re ward will be paid on ita return to P. Q. BAUMGART NER, Maywood, HI., or Tribune office. QOC REWARD—WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE RE torn of two cows, strayed or stolen from my promises. No. 243 Lake-av. Both cows small: one aU. the other white, spotted with red. GEO. O. S»CA REWARD-STRAYED FROM 636 WASHING %iO\J ton-st.. Jane 5. a stylish dark bay faono. 16 bands high, weight 1,150 pounds, had on a blanket, baiter, and chain attached. The above reward will be paid to the finder for returning to the owner, D. S. MILLS. <J»CA REWARD-LOST, ON LAST WEDNESDAY throe weeks, a gold watch with Its owner’s name inscribed on ita inner case. The finder will receive the above reward by returning same to No. 133 South Des plalnes-st., and no questions asked. FOR SAUB. FOR SALE-CANNONS MOUNTED—FIREARMS, ammunition, flags of all kinds, Chinese lanterns, red and bine lights for illuminating, tents, wagon-covers, mil itary equipments at Government Goods Depot, 195 and 197 East Lake-st. FOR 8 ALB—A FIRST-CLASS COMBINATION LOOK vault door, Marvin’s make. Apply to GEO. O. CLARKE, 3 and 4 Bryan Block. FOR SALE-GRANGER STILL CONTINUES TO sell his enimitable suits at the same old figure. Where does he do it I Why, at 138 and ISO Clark-st. EOR SALE—CHEAP—A NEW STORY AND A half house, 16x30; to be moved by Ist of August. In* quire of owner on premises, 587 West Erie-st. For sale second-hand microscopes. from 200 to 1,000 diameters, at DR. JOHN PHIL LIPS’, Optician and Oculist. Don’t forget the place, 130 Fourtb-av.. a few doors south of Harrlson-st. Spec ta el 6a suited by inspection to the eye. FOR SALK-an ice box. fob SALOON pub poses. Inquire of A. BRuHN, Janitor Standard Hall, comer Micnlgaa-av. and Thirteenth-* t. FOR BALE-A VERY FINE BLACK-AND-TAN pappy, a little boauty. Inquire at 160 South Halsted-at. FOR SALE—2 BLACK WALNUT C-FOOT CODN ters, with doon and drawers: 16-foot heavy rilver monnted show-cases, at 376 South State-at. FOR SALE—ONE NEW FIRE-PROOF SAFE, AT 8150. coat 8200, warranted inparfact order. Room 6, 205 State-st. H. O. GOODRICH. For sale - oanal-boat-thb undivided half of boat and team. 8650; good paper with Interest taken. Apply 119 Madison, Room 10. IOR SALE-TWO BILLIARD TABLES, ALMOST new, very cheap. Call at 968 Sooth State-st. THOR SALB-A FAIR OF MATCHED GOATS, WELL JD broken to harness. Inquire st 13 Groreland-couxt. F)R SALK—A MOST BEAUTIFUL AND LARGE mastiff watch-dog at a bargain. Apply at 115 West Van Boron-st. (OR SALE-TWO FIRST-OLASS BILLIARD TA bles at half price. Good patents wanted. STONE A DINNER, 119 Dearborn-st., Room 5. For sale-a splendid Newfoundland dog only 13 months old, weighs 130 pounds; the best of his kind in the country; the party will tell cheap because go ing away. Inquire at 183 McGregor-at. F)R SALE-GOOD ROADSTERS—a SPAN 07 goats, well matched, and trained to drive single or double, with a complete set of single and double harness es and a nice spring buggy, can be bought cheap for cash by applylngtn person or by mail to EARL 8. POWERS, Evanston, JPL FOR SALE-TWO BARBER-CHAIRS AND Fix tures. 747 West Madlson-at. FOR SALE—OB EXCHANGE—SUFFICIENT MAG leal apparatus, in good condition and but little used, to give a two hours' show of new and popular illusions. Apply to GEO. EDKLESTEN, at Athsneum, 85 South Halsted-at. T?OR SALK—A NO. 1 SODA APPARATUS, SUITA JU bla for druggist or a small factory, for leas than half Costarica. At No. 34 North Canal-et. PAUL ROUZE F)R SALE-SHOW-CASE 8 FEET LONG, FULL white metal, in good order. B. H. SARGENT, 765 Wabasb-av. Fob sale-cheap-one babcock extin guliber and charges. For particulars inquire at 104 Bast Waebington-st. IOR SALE—TWO COUNTERS, AT 156 WEST Lake-st. For sale-three tickets tost, louisat m each, and two to Kansas City and return for 840. Also a fine ten syrup marble soda fountain, at a large discount. Apply at store 126 Dearbornct. IWO PHELAN A COIXENDER MAKE BILLIARD tables, first class, for sale cheap. 610 Caoal-tt. BTJIX/DING MATERIAL. Fob sale-a lot of second-hand lumber, for sale cheap, or exchange for a good horse, at 310 Michigan-ar. ; ' ‘ANTED—3S,COO COMMON RED BRICK. STATE price for cash. Address E 41, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE. I WANT A COTTAGE BUILT IN PAYMENT FOR Bomo fine lots at Austin and near O. A N.W.R.R. Co.’s ncwcarahops; will trade for lumber. Address G 97. Trib une office. . rpO EXCHANGE-A FIRST-CLASS COUNTRY RES- X idonceat Horicon, Dodge Co., Wls., near depot; Urge **story brick house and basement, containing 53f w |*b good brick barn, well, cistern, 6 acres of land, *sv5 A «?^. flo J re^ ■ aa^ L o . ahnxhbery, otc; cost $25,010; wii f V* eacbongo, $15,00p worth of Chicago or eabarbsu wm OT Minnesota wild lands. DIBBLE A li * UtC - »ort>«wK»™r HM- rpO EXCHANGE—A. SMALL SOLITAIRE DIAMOND J- p if, ?. nd lady f “Hd gold watch and chain, watch beautifully enameled and sot with 14 diamonds- will ex change for good top-buggy, sliver mounted show eases or' good safe. Address G4, Tribune office. r EXCHANGE— OR SALE—A NO. 1 MANUFAC turing business; goods ae staple as flour; will «*ko manufactured goods lor pay, or exchange for city or suburban proporty. L, Sl4 Stalest. TO EXCHANGE l4* GALLONS OF PURE IM ported cognao brandy, for a good horse. Apply at TTTwolfth-st. mO EXCHANGE-GRIST MILLS; ELEVEN BEST A mills lathe market, 16, 20, and 31-Inch stones, or will soli very low for cash. EASTMAN, No. 3 Arcade court. EXCHANGE-LOT AT ENGLEWOOD FOR hone and buggy or piano. Address G &4. Tribes# otiloe. rro EXCHANCE-80 acres bottom land on il- X Unois River for horse and buggy and piano, or any good property. Address G S3, Tribune office. fro EXCHANGE—FOR furniture, carpets, £°°? unincumbered suburban lots, cheap. Address GlO, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE— FURNITURE OR CASH FOR A uoQr^Ar* 0 trunk. Apply it 301 West Randolph-jt., third TOEXCHAI»OE-FARMOP23S ACRES; 15 ACRES timber. 10 acn* apple orchard 2 spring*. well*. larrt* doomi of H roomiL noar Danhy, DuPage County, SO mite from Chicago. F. J. WEIDINGER A CO.. Boat Estate Agcnta, Room 61 Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Randolph and LaSalle-ata. fJO EXOHAN 7 '' —A FARM OF 453 ACRES: VERV choice stock and grain farm; line orchard* living water, and good timber, for some canh and good Chicago property. A farm of 260 acros: extra good Improvements,, for homo and lot- A farm of 163 acres for unproved or unimproved Chicago property. Some vroll Improved city' property for a Urge unincumbered farm In Central or Northern Illinois. Also bouse and lot and one-half' block (5 acros) at Hinsdalo for a small farm and city prop-' erty. CIIAS. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dearborn-st. TO EXCHANGE-A NICE RESIDENCE ON PRAI-' rlo-av. for an Interest ia a livery business. CHAS. B. HOLMES A CO., 71 Dear born-at. TO EXCHANGE—A GOTHIC HOUSE OFB ROOMS, lot 25x125, at Wicker Park, near Milwaukee and North-are., for vacant lot, or will sell on easy tonne. O. B. HOLMES A Co., 71 Dearbom-eU TO EXCHANGE—BARGAIN—ELEGANT MARALE front for unincumbered property; small cash pay ment. JACOB C. MAOLLL, 81 and 83 Olark-at. TO EXCHANGE-MERCHANDISE, FARMS, OR timbered lands and cash for city or country real es tate. L. C. MAYNARD, Room 29 Major Block. TO EXCHANGE-CHEAP LOTS AND OFFICE FOR nltnro for horse and baggy, merchandise, or boose on leased lot. 125 Clark-Bt., Room *7. TO EXCHANGE—OR FOR SALE-STEAM CANAL pfopollortn complete running order. A. MeKIRDY. Sti South Water*st., or G. BAY, 882 North Clark. mO EXCHANGE-HOUSE OF 6 ROOMS AND TWO A years lease, Hubbard-st., near Westem-av., for good team, or wagon, or boggy. R. G. GOODWILLIE, 134 South Clark-st. TO EXCHANGE—S3,SOO—NEW HOUSE OF 8 rooms, bay window, 50 feet lot, corner Kimblo-av. and Diverscy-st., opposite school bouse;’buss runs regulariy to the proMsty, for house and lot, about $3,000; soma cash. R. G/GOODWLLLIK, 131 South Clark-st. TO EXCHANGE—SSO PER ACRE—34O-ACRE FARM* in Will County, 40 miles from Chicago, on Illinois Central Railroad, splendidly improved; want city prop erty. $45 per acre—l6o-acre farm in Kenosha County, Wls., 50 miles from Chicago, and elegantly improved, for city property. S3O por acre—32o-acre farm in Laurenco County, El.; TOO acres heavy timber, splendid farm, for suburban lots. T. B. BOYD, 180 West Washington-st. TO EXCHANGE-A SMALL STORE AT BATAVIA. 35 miles from Chicago: also, one lot onTsylor-st., near Westem-av. Apply to WARREN SPRINGER, 22 North CUnton-at. TO (EXCHANGE—SO FEET. EAST FRONT, ON Bnrlbut-st. and 50 fsot on Mobawk-st.. near Sophti st,; will take horse and carriage, or part in furniture. F. J. WEIDINGKR A CO., Real Estate Agents, 51 Metro politan Block, northwest corner Randolph and LaSalle. mO EXHANGB—SO ACRES, A SHORT DISTANCE X southwest of Irving Park, and within 1 mile of sUUox Splendid land, lying high; will take a farm worth 830,000 with'lime cash, balance on time. Also, for sale at a bargain, SO acres at Washington Heights, fronting Tracv-av.; all subdivided; a good in vestment. B. LuMLEV, 154 Madiaon-st., Room 1. TO EXCHANGE-15 LOTS EAST OF CENTRAL Park, between Van Buren and Harrison-sts., for good bouse and lot: South Side preferred. BLANCHARD BROS., 153LaSaUe-st. TO EXCHANGE-OB FOR SALE-A FIRST-CLASS hotel, in a very prosperous lake city, doing fine busi ness, well rented, right reserved to givo possession on baying furniture: accommodates SOO guests; water and gas: hue view; 813, (XX) can remain five /ears. Apply to O. H. BECKWITH, 113 and 115 South Wator-st. TO EXCHANGE—AN ELEGANT NEWRESIDENOB, near Van Boron-st. and Asbland-av., for good build ing lota; small cash payment. JACOB C. MAGILL, 81 and 83 South Clark-at, ________ TO EXCHANGE-A LOT ON FOURTH-AV. AND stock of first-r&to clothing, from $6,000 to SB,OOO, for well-improved property in some business place. Address G 98, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-A LOT ON MIOHIOAN-AV., north of Tbirty-nintb-at., for a house and lot worth from $5,000 to $6,000. MRS. B. M. HANSFORD, 167 East Madiion-st., Room 11. TO EXCHANGE—I,OOO FEET ON STATE-ST. AND Wabaab-av.. near Englewood. Will exchange for good farm or other property. GILBERT, SUMWALT A CALDWELL, 308 LaSalie-sL TO EXCHANGE—A BRICK RESIDENCE, TWO* story and basement, all modern improvements, on TTO#trt?rtu 1m < ,Wogltyi WIU- lot unimproved. JOHN U. WAITE, 188 Dearborn-ft. TO EXCHANGE-A CHOICE FARM NEAR BOONE viHe, Cooper County, Mo., on the Missouri River, ISO acres, for property in Cook County, ILL Address O 63, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-FINE GOLD . HUNTING-CASE watch for carpets, parlor furniture, or piano, ot cheap lot. Address U 93, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-FIRST QUALITY KANSAS farming and coal lands, good settlement, fine school houses, improved roads, near railroad, for dwelling and other Chicago property. Would assume incumbrance and pay some cash. Addroia P 86, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-COTTAGE AND LOT FOR cbe'p lots. Also, several farms to exchange for city property. Also, good lowa lands for suburban lots. Also, suburban lots for cottage on leased land. By L. H. WHITNEY or GKO. W. REED A CO.. No. 146 laSalle-st., basement. TIT ANTE®—TO EXCHANGE-A DESIRABLE LOT TT in grove on Arnold-st., Enslewood, for horse, wagon, and feed-store fixtures, or will sell cheap for «*-»■>»- Address Q 60, Tribune office. WANTED— TO EXCHANGE-A TWO-STORY AND brick business house, rented till October, st $75 per month, is advance, for naif cash, half in groceries, or other merchandise, a house and lot, or lots. Price. $5,000. Address WM. ATKINSON, Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas. WANTED-LUMBER OR BRICK, AND PAY FOR itrwltb 160 seres good land, near railway and county seat. Address Nicholson Organ Factory, 63 East Indiaca-st •WANTED—TO EXCHANGE—FIRST-CLASS SE TT corities, at their cash values, for good house and lot, worth from $6,000t0 SIO,OOO. Must be unincumbered. No commissi on. Address J 27. Tribune office. •WANTED-TO EXCHANGE—FOR PLASTERING, TT city lot, good location, close to horse-ears. Only small part of contract required as first payment. Call Im mediately at southwest comer of Dayton and Sophla-sts., North Side. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-A GOOD HORSE, harness, and light express wagon, and a good top buggy, for real estate on South Side. Will pay cash and tmams incumbrance. B. S. QHEENMAN, 43 Eldridgs court- WANTED-TO EXCHANGB-FOR NEW FUKNl tnre, a harness, new Coan A Ton Broeke shifting top boggy, and a fine stylish black horse, can trot easily inside ox three minutes, perfectly gentle,sotind, and with out a fault. Address Carrier 13, Fost-Omce WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-ACRE PROPERTY located? miles from Court-House for house and lot on Michigan and Wabash-avs., north of Twenty-fourtfa st,. or West Washlngton-sU. east of Wood. J. SOUB BRY, 123 LcSaUe-st., Room 17. WANTED -TO EXCHANGE A BOYINGTON V T Range for a watch or buggy. BURNHAM, 173 South Olark-st. WANTED-A GOOD BUGGY IN EXCHANGE FOR fine H second gold watch. WB L, 173 Sooth Clark-st, TTTANTEI>—B7,OOO TO $20,000 WORTH OP NORTH tt Side residence property, eaat of Cl*rk*«t., la ex change for Land Company stock. BLANCHARD BROS.. 153 LaSalle-* t. WANTED TO EXCHANGE-A GOOD LOT ON Washington Height* near Morgan Park, or by the clock factory, Hyde Park, for a small boose of furniture. Will put In some cash, if required. BOILVIN A CO., 48 South Clark-st. WANTED TO EXCHANGE-SOME GOOD LOTS and cash for working teams, suitable for railway work; also, for a good buggy-horse. W. 7. BOILVIN A CO.. 43 South Clark-et. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. FOR SALE-FURNITURE IN A STONE-FRONT bouse of twelve rooms, with lease, on Waba*h-av.. near Zldrldgo-coort; terms cash; responsible party wanted. Address Q 91, Tribune office. For sale-several marble-top chamber sets, will sell at very low figure*, and if required on credit. Address U 25, Tribune office. For bale-a goo d stewart cook stove with water-back and tin-oven, good as new; also a nice Florence sewing machine cheap. Address U SB, For sale-furniture to six rooms, at about half price, and the room* to rent. IJJNortfl Deep lain as-st. For sale-two first-class bag carpets, as good as new; also other carpets, at Carpet Clean tng Works, 44 and 46 Weet Adams-st. T7IURNITORE OP ALL KINDS ON INSTALLMENTS -P at lowett cash price* ; now and dMlanao! TIM Empire Parlor Boditoad now nauij: eTiambor.alta. par to 383 West Madlson-at. ODSEHOLD GOODS ABB SELLING AT COST &t 71 and 73 North Wolis-st. A large ctock of fumi tore must be sold by July 1. PARTIES HAVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS TO Dis pose of will find it to their Interest to call at 613 Lake st., or address HODGES A CO., Auctioneers. WANTED— TO PURCHASE—CHEAP FOR CASH, - nice bod-rooa-set of furniture. Address U 38, Tribune office. WANTED— FOB CASH, HOUSEHOLD AND Of fice furniture, carpets, and general household goods. Upholstering and repairing promptly done by first-class workmen. Address I J, 28, 30, and 33 West Washington-*!. WE WILL MAKE A LARGE SALE OF FURNl ture, carpets, Ao., atonrwarerooms, on morning, Jon* 17,10 a.m., 613WestLakect. HODGES A CO., Auctioneer*. WE ARE PREPARED TO MAKE ADVANCES ON TV all kinds of household goods and merchandise; also special attention paid to real estate: regular Saturday sale, June 21. HAVENS, OSGOOD A CO., Auctioneers, 63 South Csnal-st. * Qd YARDS GOOD VELVET CARPET FOB SALE, OOcheap, at 151 LaSaile-ft., basement. B. F. HEAD, 3

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