Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, June 16, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated June 16, 1873 Page 2
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2 FOREIGN. SPAIN. Madrid, Juno 14.—Pi y Margoll, Proliant of' tho Council, in a speech lost evening, in tho Cor tes, Bald that the Government must first pacify tho Peninsula In order to discourage dlsSffodtlba in Cuba. At a demonstration In Barcelona, yesterday, the speakers termed tho municipality of Iho city “ thieves," and urged vigorous measures for getting rid of tho objectionable authorities. Tho mooting broke up with cries of “ Viva la Federa tion Social 1" and "Down with tho munici pality I" London. Juno 14.—1t is said that ox-Qooon Isabella Ja about to proceed to Borne to confer with tho Bono upon tho prospects of tbo Bour bon family in Spain. Madrid, Juuo 14.— Salmoron has boon elected President of tho Cortes by 176 votes, to 74 for Flguoras. At tho session last night tho Govern ment announced that a separation of Church and State was a part of its programme. Tho Minister of Finance also submitted a proposition for tho negotiation of a loon of 000,000,01)0 reals, and the imposition of now taxes. Bayonne, Juno 14.—Tho Oorllst forces com manded by Liznrrnga and Olio, with other bands, entered the Province of Biscay to-day. An engagement, in which tho Carllsts wore victorious, has occurred near Oyarzun, Province of Oulpuzcoa. Madrid, Juno 14.—Tho majority of tbo Cortes has appointed a Directing Committee, of which Caatol&r is Chairman. FRANCE. London, Juno 14.—A special correspondent at Pavia telegraphs: "An oltlanco has boon effected between tno supporters of Thiers and the Radi cals iu tho Assembly. Thiers is said to have had frequent conferences with Qambotta since bis retirement from the Presidency." Paris, Juno 14.— Tho Assembly ban by almost unanimous vote adopted a resolution ratifying the election of Bano as Deputy from Lyons. Tho Chamber has also appointed a committee of fifteen to inquire into tho demand of Gen. Ladmlrault for authority to prosoonto Bane for acts committed during tho reign of the Com mune. Thirteen members of tho Committee aro said to bo in favor of granting the outhority asked, and two aro opposed to the demands. ITALY. Bomb, Jnno 14.—Tho Pope has completely recovered from Ids late indisposition. GREAT BRITAIN. London, Juno 14.—Desolations confirming the amalgamation of tho Anglo-American, French & Now York and the Newfoundland & London Cable Companies wore unanimously passed by tho former companies yesterday. GERMANY. London; Juno 14.—A dispatch from Berlin says that tho Emperor continues very weak and requires absolute quiet. AUSTRIA. London, June 14.—Tho limited number of strabgors in Vienna has compelled a reduction of tho high prices of living. NEW YORK, Horton, tho Swindler Commercial Consultation—Died of Yellow Fever •-Another Tamuinuy Fraud—Misccl laueouw IVcwti* New York, Juno 14. —Horton’s swindling operations arc said to amount, in tho aggregate, to $75,000. Merchants and bankers interested have intrusted tho case to a private detective agency. A reward of $3,000 is offered for his capture. About a dozen gentlemen, representing tho principal commercial interests, such as groceries, dry goods, hardware, etc., mot yesterday, in se cret session, in the rooms of tho Importers’ and Grocers’ Board of Trade, for tho purpose of conferring as to .the propriety of colling a public meeting of mercantile and other business men, to tako action upon the railroad problem. The object of tho proposed mooting will bo to ouggost measures for remedying tho abuses which, they say, tho railroad companies now in- . flict upon tho community, and to limit their charges for freight, etc. Tito shipments of specie to-day wore $393,435. F, \V. Bacon, a waiter on tho steamer Yazoo, plying between Havana, New Orleans, and Phil adelphia, it has boon mudo known, died at No, 7 Dldridge otroofc, in this City, of yollOW tOVfir, May 31. A now chapter in tho history of the Tammany frauds is about to bo made public. T. W» 800 A Co. bring suit against tho Comptroller for moro than $200,000 alleged to be duo them for stationery, Ac. H. J. Tanilor, employed in tho Comptroller's office, has mado an affidavit charg ing that tho greater part, if not tho whoTo amount of this money, was paid by tho city, and divided among E. A. woodward, and the so-call od confederates in tho late ring. The President of tho Medical Board of Belle rue Hospital has boou requested to call a meet ing of that Board to consider and report upon tbo expediency of tho removal of the Hospital, Ibal the buildings maybe taken for the proposed Bridewell and City Prison. United States Commissioner' White and Shields, and tho Clerk of tho United States Circuit Court loft for Providence', to-day, to givo testimony in tho proceedings iboro againut Joseph • 13. Perry, charged with having mado a false deposition iu Providence to bo used at tbo trial of tho Jumcl estate case iu this city. They took with them all tho records of tho court pertain ing to tho matter. Judge Blatchford to-day denied the motion to vacate tbo order holding - to kail Edwin O. B. Garcia, Consul General of Uruguay, in a suit brought against him by Nathaniel MoKay, of Boston, to recover tho amount of some notes, said to bo duo and unpaid. The Coroner’s jury to-day, In the caao of James Downey, who died from tho blow of a brick, hurled by Michael Cronin on Sunday night last, have given a verdict of justifiable homicide. Tbo Coroner, however, required Cronin to givo bail to await tho action of the Grand Jury,, and sent tho witnesses to tho House of Detention. - The twenty-ninth annual meeting of the Na tional Division Sons of Tomporouco will com mence in this city on the 18th instant. Visiting delegates will be given n public reception. Tho Germans of this city are preparing to give a fitting welcome to tho Princo Goorgo Itoyal Band of Saxony, which is expected to ar rive in a few days. Nino thousand immigrants arrived during the past week at this port? making 111,850 since Jan. 1. Among tho passengers for Europe to-day wore D. K. Konuoy, of tho Cincinnati Gazelle; tho Rov. Dr. John Hall, Princo Azmmi and suite) Saimiol J. Tildon, James B. Deck and family, Kentuckyßonn Piatt, Col. Froyo, Peruvian Minister, and George 11. Stuart. - 1 ! ' Tho District Attorney is preparing for tho now trial of Stokes, and has caused the committal to the House of Detention of the three hall-boys' of tho tit. Nicholas Hotel, tho principal witnesses in tho case. Obituary* Cincinnati, June 11.—Joseph C. Butler, Presi dent of the Lafayette Bank and of the Safe Do poeit Company of this city, died suddenly at 10:30 fast night, from rheumatism of tho heart,' on the steamer Fleetwood, a few miles below Mays villo. lie was on an excursion to West Virginia, having loft homo yesterday in apparently good health. The Chamber of Commotio, of which thn deceased was ex-Proaldont, appointed a Committee on resolutions this afternoon, con sisting of tho ex-PreaUlcntfl of that body, and adjourned out of respect to Ids memory. London, Juno 14.—John Camden Holten, publisher and bookseller, of this city, died to day. lir.ULiN, June Id.—Frederick Ludwig George Von Kaumor, the eminent historian, is dead, aged 92. New York, June 14.—Max Stretthoimer, resi dent partner at Frankfort of tho well-known banking llrm of J, «fc W. Soligman, of this city, died there to-day. Ha was United States Con sul at Stuttgart during tho administration of Presidents Pierce and Buchanan, ISfillroad Notm< Boston, Juue 1-1. —The master car-builders closed their convention last night, and elected the following oflicers for the ensuing year: President, J. H. Van llouton, Pittsburgh; Vice- President, V, D. Pony, Hartford ; Secretary, L, Gary, Now York; Treasurer, A. Hloiubuck, Reading. Portland, Me.. June 14.—Judge Rico has resigned the Presidency of tbo Maine Central Railroad, and accepted the position ot Resident Director of tho Northern Paciflo Railroad. St. Louis, Juno 14.—An Injunction was ap plied for yesterday In tho Circuit Court, by the Comity of Loclodo, lu this State, to restrain J. E. Clarke, Orville S. Grant, George S. Merrick, and others, claiming to bo Directors of the La clede & Pork Scott Railroad Company, from hold ing an election in this city on tho Kith instant; also for the appointment of a Receiver to take almrgo of tho books aud papers now in their pos session, and which arc claimed by Laolodo Coun ty. Temporary Injunction was Issued. Deal Mourns, Juno 14.—1t la how definitely eottlod that a narrow gauge raUroad will bo built from this city to Amoa, lids summer. Tho con tracts for tUo grading will bo lot in a fow days. WALL STREET. Itcvlow or tlio MConoy, Gold, Itond, Slock, nml Produce illnrkoltt. Sjxcial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribuixe . New York, Juno 14;— Money continues easy at 3@5 per coat for call loans, and at per coni for prime mercantile paper. Tho bank statement is favorblo, showing an increase of $1,156,820 in legal reserve. STOCKS. There was a lees active business in stocks than on yoslot'day, and this was particularly true of tho afternoon, when tho market ruled very dull and uninteresting. After a momentary decline at tbo opening, prices moved up rapidly, and for a time speculation was actlvo at an advance of IK por cent in St. Paul common, and an avorago improvement in tho remainder of iho list of about K por cent. Toward midday a weaker feeling was again mani fest, which continued in somo coses until tho close of business. Ik has boon discovered that Commodore .Vanderbilt is sustaining Western Union. GOT.D broke to 110 to-day, under the pressure of largo lots forced on the market by parties who have become alarmed at tho condition of affairs as reported from Washington. It appears that tho low rates for oolnago nave induced owners to send bullion to tho Mint, instead of shipping it. From this source coin is accmnmulatiug at tho rate of $1,000,000 por week. It is also stated that a call for $15,500,000 in bonds of 1802 may bo expected in a few days to moot tho Alabama indemnity. Tho foot is, that the loading bulls see no way to bold tho market up without cornering owh coin, «ud llmi cannot readily bo done in tho face of tbo July interest. After that comes out there may bo & chance to got square, but in tho meanwhile they do not wish to carry It at a loss. imports. Tho imports for tho week ending to-day foot up $0,218,013, of which $5,002,074 is general merchandise. Daring tbo week largo lots of dry goods have boon withdrawn from warehouse and sent back to tho other side at considerable profit. BONDS. Government bonds wore lower, in sympathy with gold. The .offerings wore very small, how ever, and do not satisfy the demand. EXCHANGE. Foreign exchanges wore firm, but very little business was done after tho closing of tho moil. I’ItODUOB. # Floor was much unsettled and extremely quiet, and jobbers wore only buying to supply their immediate wants. Largo sales of grades valued at $7.50@9.00 per barrel cannot bo mado without submitting to lower prices. Shipping brands are in limited demand owing to tho absence of freight room. Minnesota brands are plenty and values uncertain. Good No. 2ls in fair demand, at a decline. Sales,'4;3oo brls : receipts, 32,017 brls. Wheat was lower and fairly active. The scarcity of freight-room is tho chief impediment to trade. Tho millers are buying in small lots only. Bales, 70,000 bu j receipts, 51.330 bu. Pork was .quiet in the wholesale way. and prices nominal, with sales of 160 bris at $10.65 for now moss. For future delivery there was no transactions. The market is nominally sl6.C2>£ for Juno, $10.75 for July, and for August; Cut moats exhibit a moderate business, and prices are generally about steady, with sales of 10 boxes hollies, 12 lbs, at 9o : 200 smoked shoulders at 0c ; 2.000 do hams, last evening, 13i.<@140 for 10 ana 12 lbs average; also 100 tes western pickled hams, 10X lbs, at 12>£o. Receipts, 530 pkgs. Bacon was firmer, with a fair demand. Wo nolo solos of 850 boxes long clear at B#c. For short clear is freely bid. Lard was moderately active, and about steady. Of Western 100 tes for this month sold at 8 15-lCc. For city BVo is bid. For future delivery. 500 tes for July sold at 0 1-lCo; 1,000 tes for August at 9 5-lCc, aud 250 tes for July at 9K°* Receipts 50 kegs and 580 pkgs. ANOTHER TRAGEDY. Ono Negro Kills Another, anti Then Commits Suickco to Avoid Arrest* Hpteial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. SrniNoriELD, Juno 14.—About noon to-day, John Taylor, a negro, shot and killed another nogro, Monroo Brown, and afterward killed him self to avoid arrest. Those men had a quarrel about ton days ago, and since then Taylor has threatened to punish Brown. Taylor lived near tho northeast port of tho oily. Brown had a small farm at a short distance. This morning Taylor's children wont into ono of Brown’s fields, from which .the owner, oxpollod them. This enraged Taylor, aud ho wont into tho field, and this provoking a . quarrel. Taylor was badly punished. Ho then went to liis housoundgota uoublo-b&rrol gun, with'which ho approached tho promises, aud, seeing Brown, fired ono barrel. Tho charge took effect iu his " breast, but Brown ruahod toward tho murderer, who fired a second' charge, which struck Brown in tho head. Tho wounded man then walked across tho street, and expired as bo was entering a house. Taylor wont to his own house, told his wifowhat ho had done, and reloaded his gun. Ho then loft, declaring that ho would kill himself rather than bo taken. Tho police went to the scone of tho murder as soon as possible, and followed Taylor about three miles oast of tho city. They soon came in sight of him, and ho saw them, but did not run or try to lildo. Whoa they camo within a short distance ho halted, placed tho gun to his loft side, and fired into his body. Ho lived about two hours, and said hb killed Brown because Brown had whipped Mm, and that ho committed sui cide because ho could not afford to be tried. SPRINGFIELD. Information Wanted On tho Trans portation Question—Now stock Com panies* ’ Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. SrniKapiKLD, 111., Juno 14.—A letter woe re ceived to-day at tho ofllco of tho State Board of llailroad and Warehouse Commissioners from Senator Windom, asking for facts in relation to . extortion in freight charges, and unjust, dis crimination by railroad companies in this State. Mr. McLaughlin, tho. Secretary of tho Board, replied, giving auoh facta os are in the official possession of tho Board. The Illinois Homo Missionary Society, the Mechanics’ and Traders’ Savings, Loan, and •Building Company, of Chicago, capital $300,000 ; tho Albion Manufacturing Company, of White County, capital SIO,OOO, and tho Faitbury Sand stone and Coal Company, of Fairbmy, capital $1,000,000, have lllodcertificatoa of organization in tho office of tho Beorotary of State to-day. ~T ho Knights Templar of this city, Lincoln,’ and Bloomington will celebrate St. Jobn’s-Day by fin excursion to Mt. Pulaski. ,TI»o Jnhcavlllq Gazette.'label Stilt* Special Dispatch'to The Chicago Tribune. Madison, Wla., Juno 14.—The argument of the libel' suit of Whitney versus, the Janesville Gazette Printing Company has occupied tho day in the United States Circuit Court, aud if scorned to editorial'listeners that'if thoyad hered no more closely to truth than tho law yers, and Indulged in personal abuso to an equal extent, the defense against libel suits would be thoir culef employment. Tho Judge postponed his charge till Monday morning, and warned the jurymen not to discuss the case between them selves or with others in the meantime. - Another Shooting Affray* Indianapolis, Juno 14.— About (> o’clock this morning a shoemaker named David Dunworth.- who has a shop on Washington street, near West street, shot Joim Piorco aud Thomas Daily as they wore passing to their work. Daily brfatal ly wounded, and Pierce will lose an arm. The {lartios hud quarreled some weeks ago, but had )bcome rocouoilod, aud no sufficient cause for tho act is known. Dunworth is believed to bo of unsound mind. Tho lloochor-llotvcn-Tlllou Scandal* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Q'ribune. New York, Juue 14.—1t is stated by authority that Plymouth Church does not intend to cail Mr; Henry 0. Bowen to account for anything he may have said reflecting on Mr, Booohor; that it wili not Investigate the charges against Mr. Beecher, and that noithor Mr. Boochor, Mr. Bowen, nor Mr. Tilton will take any further notice of the scandal. Louisiana nuances. New York, June 14.—Tho Auditor of Public Aceountu for tho Btato of Louisiana gives notice that the validity is contested of 250 bonds of fI,OOO each, of the Btato of Louisiana. 7-30 nor cent, tho bonds to aid in tho construction of the Mississippi ik Mexican Qulf Ship Oanal, 'duo in 1800, ancr-advertised to bo sold at public auction In this city, Juue 16. THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY. JUNE 16, 1573. I WASHINGTON. ( 1 < Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, TUB WASHINGTON TREATY. Washington, D. 0., Juuo 14.—Tho Secretary of tho Treasury has issued a circular, addressed to Collectors of Customs, calling their attention to iho fact that on tho Ist of July Articles 18 to 80 of iho Treaty of Washington go into effect. Those articles relate to fish and fish-oil. It may also bo stated that Section 5 of tho cot of Congress, approved March 1, 1870, entitled “An act to carry into oiTcot tho provis ions of tho treaty between the United Slates and Groat Britain," oto., provides that this act shall not take effect until iho first day of July, 1873, and shall nob apply to any arliolo of merchandise therein mentioned which shall bo hold in bond that day by the custom-officers of tho United States. Tho regulations of tho Department now in force, govoning the transit of goods through tbo United States from one part of Canada to another, or through Canada from ono part of tho United States to another, will, so far as this Government is concerned, bo hold applicable to tho transportation of goods, as aforesaid, until otherwise ordered. ; RLOOKED WITH IGE. The Special Agent of the Treasury at Sault Sto. Mario. Mloh., writes to the Department that there has boon comparatively little done in com merce and navigation this season, as tbo princi pal harbors of tho south nlioro of iho lako are blocked up by at least thirty miloa of ice. the roLAma. The Boorotary of iho Navy says tho steamer Juniata will leave Now York tho latter part of next week for Disco or Upper Navlok, to roach the latter port, If possible, iutliohopoofobtaimug some Information of tbo Polaris and iho re mainder of her crow. Letters will bo famished Commander Bralno to tho Danish authorities at Disco and Upper Navlck, requesting them to co operate with that officer in scouring information or tho missing vessel. Secretary Bobouon liopoa tho Danish authorities will bo able to communi cate with tbo Esquimaux along tho northern coast of Greenland, and thereby loam some tidings of tho missing vessel. In the meantime another vessel will bo fitted out In tho nlost complete manner for tho purpose of making a more extended voyage m search of tho Polaris. If necessary she will sallTrom Now York about tho 10th of July, if tho Juniata fails to discover any trace of Budamglon and party. Tho last expedition will bo in command of experienced naval officers, and will make a thorough search. {To the A stociaUd PtcmA I‘ERSONAL. Washington, Juno 14.— Gens. Sherman and Whipple returned to-day from West Point. Secretary Belknap is expected ou Wednesday or Thursday next. THE POLABIS. New York, Juno XL—A Washington special says: 41 Tho testimony of Capt. Tyson and Sorgt. Meyer, in tho Polaris investigation, has boon received from tho stenographer, and will ho printed os soon as possible. Their statements contain together about 55,000 words. Thoontlro mass of tcstlmonyia confirmatory of tho fact that tho separation from tho vessel was accidental. Tlioro was entire unanimity among tho crow and officers in the dosiro to proceed northward, and tho discipline ou board of tho vessel was excel lent. Au were working in harmony iu carrying provisions from tho vessel, expecting every mo ment that she would bo jammed ana broken be tween tbo ice, when she separated from tho 1100, and it was wholly an accidental occurrence, so for as ihb crew could know, that Buddiugton himself was not on tho ico instead of on tho ves sel.” Secretory Robeson and others, ,who conducted tho Polaris investigation, will moot this evening to ogroo upon a report. THE INDIANS. don* Sliormau’n Views ou the iQodoc . tlucNtian* New Your, Juno 14.—Gen. Sherman hod a conversation with a reporter last evening, aud is mado to say of Gou. Jeff O. Davis, concerning his indictment of Capt. Jack and tho prepara tions for hanging him and some of his associ ates: “If the statement is correct, there is no doubt that Gou. Davis must have exceeded Lis duty, aud ho will ho hold responsible for his act. Ho should bo guided by military rules and tho law.- SVo all know they ore murderers. Tho President himself says they are murderers, and, had Gou. Davis shot them while they woro being pursued, 1 do not think that ho would have exceeded his duty. Ho did not do this, aud could not afterwards shoot them in cold blood. Qbn. Davis’ report to Gen. Scho field," Gen. Sherman sold, “may differ from that published iu tho papers. Davin is too ex perienced an officer to do anything that would bring odium upon tho army, or lay himself open to a military court martial for exceeding his duty os an officer.” Tho General thinks there will bo no difficulty about disposing of tho Mo docs who are under arrest. I’hoao found guilty of murder will ‘bo hanged or shot, and if it is proved that Iboro was an agreement for a general uprising among .tho tribes, others will receive some punish ment as a warning to Indians. Ho remarked, however, that it was a pity that tho guilty Mo docs woro not shot at first, and then all this Commission business and expense would have boon avoided. Au to the killing, already, of a few prisoners, Gou. Sherman says that those who committed tho deed are “ low blackguards " and murderers, who had nothing whatever to do with tho army. San Fiiancisco, Juno 14.—Tho reported con versation of Gou. Davis with Bunker, the repre sentative of tbo Bulletin , is unquestionably cor rect. It came hero iu the form of an interview, with questions and answers. Tho War Depart ment did not believe tho report that Davis had engaged Modocs against Modocs, and gone on a scout with them. .Events proved tho correct ness of tho account that -Davis had prepared timbers for the scaffolds to hang tho Modocs, and only orders from Washington prevented tho execution of his plans. Cochluo and XSis Hand All Quiot««So Says an Indian Agent* Washington. Juuo ■ XL—Tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs has received a letter from Thames J. Jeffords, Indian Agent at the Cochise Ileuorvation, in which Jeffords says ho has given a great deal of ottontion to tho matter of tlio alleged raiding into Mexico on the part of Coohioo’a band, of Indians, and is satisfied that tho depredations in f-Jonora aro committed by AJiacbo Indians, liv ing on that side of tho boundary lino in Mexico. In corroboration of tlun, statement, bo reports that a party of Sonora Apaches recently came to ; his agency, bringing stolon Mexican stock with them, which thoy wished to trade with Coohiso’s Indians, They wore re fused an opportunity to do so, and compelled to leave tho reservation. Jeffords, in conclusion, reports that Cochise and his band wore still on their reservation, behaving well and in strict compliance with tuo treaty. IKntlrond Accidents. Special DUpateh to The Chicane UYibune. SrniNaniLD, Juno 1-I. —Two men, who woro crossing tho, Vermilion River bridge, woro caught on tho bridge by tbo Toledo, Wabash & Western train, going oast, a little after II o'clock to-day. Ono of them wan drunk, and his sober companion tried to draw him to tho side of tho bridge to' escape tho train, bub was un able to do do, and abandoned him to save bin own lifo. Tho men in charge of tho train tried to Btop it, but woro uuablo to do bo, aud tho poor victim of whisky was thrown down by the engine, and his head completely severed from his body. Neither of their names can bo obtained hero. ' Geneva, 111., June 14.— Last evening as an engine was pushing two cars down from Geneva .to liatavia, on the Chicago & Northwestern Pall road, a man living noar at. Charles attempted to cross the track just below Geneva, on tho river road, with a flue pair of horses and buggy. Ho was not quick enough, however, and the train struck tho horses, killing them Instantly, break ing up tho buggy somewhat, but, strange to say, only slightly injuring tho man himself. Ho en joyed the exemption usual to drunken men in such cases, and so escaped unhurt. Ho couldnot have failed to see tho train, but supposed ho could cross the track before the cars would roach him, aud so lost, by Ids temerity and drunken ness, a lino spaa of borsos, valued at about $-(109, and a buggy, aud just escaped with his own life. Richmond, Tnd., June 14.—George Baker, an old man, apparently deaf, was killed yesterday near hero. Ho was run over by a train while walking on tho track. Tolctfraphiti Brevities, John F. Cook, tho English Vico Consul at Bt. Louis, is under arrest for tho alleged embezzle moat of SI,BOO from Thos. Graham. Tho Unitarian Booloty of Genova will observe their Flower Bunday to-day for tho children, aud tlioir church will bo prettify decorated. On Friday evening a young Irish woman named Dargont was burned to death at Peoria while trying to light a tire with kerosene oil. Pat O’Rioly who has boon several days on trial In the Circuit Court now in session at Ottawa, IU., for attempting to [kill tho City Marshal of Mondota, by,stabbing him with a knifo, was yes-’, torday morning' found guilty and sent to, (ho Penitentiary for four years, A bank caved In, In tho upper part of Peoria, on Friday evening, burying throe boys alive, AU wore rescued safely except one, named Cross, who will probably die from ills injuries. The Bupromo Court of Indiana has again granted Mrs, Nancy 13. Olein, whbhas boon twice convicted for tho murder of Hr. and Mrs. Young, a now trial. Jack Sailor, who murdered Jock Hadley, an engineer on tho Mississippi & Tennessee Kali road, somo ton days slneo, nk Hernando, Miss., ims boon cent to jail without hail to answer to tho charge of mardor. Mrs. Fore, of Bt. Louis, filed a petition In the Circuit Court yesterday for a dlvorco from her husband, Joseph 11. Fore, who attempted to murdot her on tho street two weeks ago. Mrs. Foro is slowly recovering from tho wounds re ceived at thohande of her husband. A Qormap woman was assaulted on Friday evening, about 8:30, at the corner of. Prospect street and Coao avenue, Cleveland, by a man who endeavored to ohoko her insensible. Her screams attracted tho attention of somo men who wore passing, and tho villain was captured after a short ohaso. Ho gave Ida name as John Bock. Tho girl was only slightly hurt. Bock turns out tone an escaped lunatic. 1 THE FIRE ERA. Sorlons Conflagration* in Texas and Canada—OtUor Fire*. Galveston. Juno 14.—A flro at Novasota thla morning laid in aahoa tho larger ■ portion of tho business portion of tho torn*. It originated In tho roar of Smith's saloon, and swept 'Washington avonuo from BroßEog’a to tho Foßt-Offleo, Tho loss is esti mated at 9200.000. The following la a partial list of tho Bufrorors t Rooriok’a photograph gal lory; Boor’s book store; Cowan & BroßaUng Bros. & Co., hardware» J. G. Obort, Dr. D. Tulwals* laboratory; 11. K. White, A. D. Korn, Robert Smith, J. 11. Wilson. Goodman <fc Book, J. Roblo, Dr. Carlo, Judge Kelson's resi dence and business house, Deidrlok Smith, L. Levy, O. Charles Miller, White & Jones. John Lovo <fc Go. About . ono-bolf of tboao sulTorora aro insured Tho insuronco will ag gregate about 970,000. Tho flro la said to have boon the work of an incendiary. Sixcial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Toronto, Juno 14.—Tho entire business por tion of the village of Maxwell was,burned to-day, with the exception of tliroo houses. Loss heavy. . New Tore, June 14.—The Oliffwood House, at Koyport, N. J., burned last night. Loss nob stated. The hotel was new, and bad just boon opened for the season. Alton, 111., June 14.—A dwelling-house in this city, belonging to John B. Morrison., was burned last night; insured for $1,200, which will cover tho loss.. Milwaukee, Juno 14.—A flro at Sauk Contra, Minn., ou Thursday, burned Alex. Moore’s flouring mill; loss $12,000. Sr. Louis. Juno 14.—Tho steamer Mary Me* Donald, which Was burned at GUbam’s Landing tho night before lost, took flro in tho hold, and. although tho deck pump, syphon pump, and steam extinguisher were immediately sot to work. - ; she soon' burned to . tho water’s edge, and is a totiff loss. An attempt was also.mado to scuttlo tho boat, but tho boat was so groat that sho could not bo approached. Almost all tho freight on board,, including IGO bales of hemp, several thousand socks of groin, and some live stock, was lost. • political. The Apollo Hall Democracy* New York, Juno 14. —Tho Apollo Hall Demo cratic General Committee made a dash at Mayor Havomoynr and his disfranchisement of adopted citizens in tho following way last evening : “ Under tho specious cry of * reform * wo find tho dead and buried carcass of Know-Nothing ism revived ; fanaticism and bigotry that would havb shocked tho sensitive natures of tho witch burners of a century ago publicly exhibited and proclaimed, and, under tho action and appoint ments of tho Mayor, tho almost absolute dis frauchioomont of adopted citizens of every race and faith.” Dosltlolnos Political Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Desmoines, Juno 14.— The Republican pri mary oloctlon to nominate county officers and select delegates to tho County Convention on tho' 91st, was hold in this county to-day. But a light voto was polled. The returns received indicate that James O. Jordan will bo nominated for State Senator, and Isaac Brandt and William Madden as Representatives. An Abductor Shot* Special Dispatch to The Chicago JViftunc, Zanesville, Ohio, Juno 14.—Last evening Dr. Lewis, a physician.of the Eighth Ward, was informed that his daughter bad loft homo with. ono Thomas Smith, chief dork of tho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad shops at this placo,- in a buggy. Lewis followed them, and found they took the fiiko toward' Now Concord, and at that point had umod toward homo, finding tho hotels all closed. Pr. Lewis mot thorn about mid night, shot Smith through tho left lung, and boat; him over, the hood severely. Tho citizens of Concord wore arousodby hearing tho reports of a pistol and the cries of mardor. Pr. Lewis took his daughter in his huggy, re turning to the city, leaving Smith in his wound ed condition. At noon, to-day. Smith was alive, 1 but in a critical state. Smith is a married man, having a wife and throe children living in this city. Lewis was arrested at S o'clock this after noon, and hold to await the result of Smith’s in juries. - Illinois Press Excursion. Special Dispatch to The Chicapo I’ribune. Kansas Citv, Mo., Juno 14.—Tho members of tho Illinois Press Association arrived hero safe, and wore welcomed to tho city by Mayor Morton this p. m. They wore taken m carriages around tho city to all places of interest. To-night they leave for Topeka, whore they spend Sunday, On Monday they go over tho entire lino of tho Atchison dc Topoka Railroad to Fort Lyon in Colorado, returning to Atchison on Wednesday,

whore moat of them loavo for homo. Tho*re mainder go to Lincoln, Nob., and on to Fort Kearney, whore tho excursion of tho Association ouds. Suicide* Indianapolis, June 14.—A farmer named Will iam Young, living near, committed sui cide yesterday. Hojs supposed to have been Insane. , Uahtfoud, Juno 14.—David Scott, who, with his brother, was sentenced to imprisonment; for life for tho murder of throe inmates of a house of ill-faroo. near Windsor Looks, iu January. 1872, commuted suicide ■ iu tho Stato Prison, at Woathorsfiold, this morning, aged 25. * , Tho Civil Bights Mill in Louisiana* New Orleans, Juno 14.—Judge E. North Culium, of tho Fifth District Court, to-day rond orod a decision of SI,OOO damage in tho case of Josephine. Drovir against tho owners of tho steamboat Gov. Allen, for refusing the plaintiff, a colored woman, cabin passage and such accom modations as wore extended to whito ladies. This is the first decision, under tho Stato law relative to common carriers. In Jtlomorium* Bt. Louis, Juno 14.—Tho members of tho city prose held a mooting at tho Planters’ House to night, and passed resolutions of regret at tho death of Maj. Henry Ewing, of tho ; Times. They will attend tho funeral to-morrow, as will, also tho Knights Templar, and the' Engineer . Corps of tho National Guards, and a largo num ber of prominent citizens, ' nig Libel Suit* New Oudbans, Juue 14.—1n the SIOO,OOO libel suit of Jacob Hawkins vs. tbo Picayune, wbioli has boon going on for throe, days before the Fourth District Court, & jury .was empanelled to* day, consisting of six white and six colored. The Court-room was crowded. Tlio President# Puit.adelpiiia, Pa., Juno 14.—President Grant has accented the invitation of the Centennial Commission to participate, on the approaching 4th of July, in the ceremonies attending tbo transfer of the grounds in Fairmount Pork to the Commission for tho exhibition in 1870. Murder and Arson. New lueuia, Da., Juno 14.—Lavol, a French man, and Alexander Snuor, colored Justice of the Peace, wore brutally murdered in their store, llvo miles from this place, last night. Tho store was robbed and burned by three negroes. A number of citizens have gone in pursuit of tho murderers. Farmers’ Mooting-# Indianapolis, Juno 14.—A largo meeting of farmers and laboring men was bold at Bhelby villo, Ind., to-day. Several addresses were made, and resolutions wore adopted condemning the salary-grabbers, railroad monopolies, and moneyed aristocracy. i SPORTING. ) ' THE TURF. nbw tonic. Special DUpaUh to Tho Chicago Tribune, New Youk, Juno 14.—Tho attendance at tho. Jerome Park races to-day woe immense and tho betting enormous. At the Paris Mutual pools alone $20,000 woro taken In, and hundreds turned away. The track was in splendid condi tion,. Tho programme was not: by any means ns full ns either of tho preceding days. Although five events wore sot for decision, tho Holds in two cases wore limited only to two -horses, the' largest being that of tho mllo-nnd-a qimrtor purse, for which oil the seven entries put in an appearance. Poforo saddling tho horses for tho first race, Survivor was tho favor ite in the pools, bnt as soon as Hayward was soon in black jacket to ride Stonehenge. a rush was made to got on tho English Colt, and ho loft off the first favorite,- selling a little bolter than Survivor. Joe Johnson • was also much favored for' this • taco, and started in good position, but, taking one of his sulks before reaching tho quarter-polo, bo lost ground, and although ho took it in hia bead to race when ho got into tho straight,'it was then too lato to bo of any service, Stonehenge ex pected to retrieve his character after bis last Saturday’s defeat, and.certainly everything was favorable for his doing so. After laying back for somo tlrao ho quioklyran through thohorsos, and coming Into tbo homo run, it looked as if lib? might win, but the moment ho was called upon ana felt the whip, ho stopped In tho most cur rish manner and refused to mako an effort, and -allowed Followcraft to pass him opposite tho ladies’ stand. Survivor, tho winner, was ridden admirably, and, after taking tho load at tbo Olub House, was novor headed. . Tho sooond race of one and throo-qu&rtor miles, for all egos, produced but two starters, but those two, Mato and Halbard, ran one of ttio boat races over aaon at Joromo I’ark. Hal bard out out. running at a good pace for a mile and a quarter, when Mato drew up, and a slashing race between them was fought out all way down, Ur. Sanford’s horse only outstaying Halbard in tho lost hundred yards. Tho Westchester cup produced allold of five, out of which Bico & M’Oonnlck's nomination was the favorite, and some heavy wagering took place. The winner turned up in Wanderer. Ho had been reserved oapociolly for thin event for aomo time past, and, as ho was backed very heavily, the confederacy won a big stako. This is tho best West chester cup, os regards time, oxcom one, and will long bo remembered, on account of tho success with which tho coup was effected, From tho momout tho flog foil,, until tho finish, Wan dorar was in tho front, increasing his load when ever called on to do so,' and winning with great ooso. True Bluo ran a good honest horse all tho way, but had no ohanoo with tho winner. ißolna was nnablo to shorten his distance, and after running second for a mile and a half was dono with. Tho gentlemen’s race, with the exception of Messrs root and Center, was badly ridden. Tho hurdle race, in consequence of Loohlol de clining to start,was declared off, but tho Stewards In tho most generous manner offered tho money in tho handicap race for Village Blacksmith and Victor, who accepted at 150 and 185 lbs, respectively. - On this occasion Victor had no opportunity of repeating lost Saturday’s Unite, for Village Blacksmith'made .all tho running, and won easily at the finish. Time, 2:83^. . .PEKIN, Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, “Peobia, 111., Juno 14.—Tho last day of tho Pekin races was slhnly attended, hut tho races wore tho host of tho mooting. " The first raco, mile boats, host two in three, for apurso of 3160, froo to ‘all, was won .by Sumner’s Bockot, by West Roxbury, dam by Eclipse, -boating Boxy and Lloyd’s Chief, in and 1:48^. Tho second race, three-mile dash, lor a purse of S4OO, froo to all, was won by Sumner’s March, by West Roxbury, dam by Marco, boating -Port Leonard, Venus, and Illinois, in o:BC>^. Tho mooting closed with tho most perfect sat isfaction to the public and horsemen, but pecuniarily it was not very profitable to tho man agers, Messrs. Douglass and Reynolds.. CAMBRIDGE OlTl". . Cambridge Onr, Ind., Juno 14.— T0-day was tho lost day of the races, and a large attendance was on the grounds. Tho first raco, a trot, free for all, was called at 2 p. m.. with-. Black Frank and Chicago only in. Bod Cloud hod gone homo sick, and Mohawk, Jr., was non est. Frank had tho call, and largo investments were made. Both wore in splendid condition. The friends of Frank exulted audibly upon ■ tho result of tho first two heats, but things took a turn, and tho folloWhig is the scoro : • • Black Frank 1 13 3 3 Chicago..... ......2 3 1 1' 1 Time, 2;28# ; 2:2BJtf ; 2:27* ; 2:28# ; 2:32. Tho knowing ones fell, and the sore ones got oven In tho running race of mile beats, with 4 entries. War Jig was tho winner, with Joe Bowers second, and Mange third, and Bitchio fourth. Time, 1:51 ? 1:55&. An impromptu race, ono-fonrth mile, closed tho exorcises. A quiet old gentleman from Ohio paid S2OO for the privilege of seeing tho hind fedt of the Nashville mare. BASE BALL* .THE PHILADELTHIAB AND ATHLETICS. 1 - Special Dispatch to the Stic York Ifor/d, Philadelphia, Juno 11.—Tho largest crowd ever congregated together on a ball field in Phila delphia witnessed the third championship game this afternoon between tho Athletics and Puiladol phloa, at least 8,000 persons completely encir cling the ground. The weather, although cloudy, was highly favorable for playing. The Athletics wore the favorites in tho betting, tho odds being 100 to 70, and an immense amount of money was invested on the result. In the third inning, errors by Moyorle and. Mack, and base-hits by Mcßride and Anson, gave tho Athletics tho first run, - the Phiiadelphios tleing on the next Inning by a throe-base hit of Malone's aided by an error by Sutton. In tho fifth inning a couple of lucky hits and two bases on called balls gave the Philadelphias one run and tho lead, which the Athletics' regained on the next inning by some very, heavy batting by McQoary, Fisher, Sutton,. and Clapp, after Bechtel had missed a chance of putting them out without scoring. Tho Philadelphias, in turn, wrested tho load froth their opponents on their seventh inning by some heavy batting, six clean hits being made, three being oil Fisher's pitching, who hod exchanged . positions with Mcßride, when two runs, had. been scored, ,both .being blanked the last two. innings. Tho Philadelphian wpri by.a score of 7 to 6. Tho game, although exceedingly exciting, was poorly played, the Athletics neither batting nor fielding up to their mark. .The Philadol phlas played very ' loosely In the sixth inning, otherwise their fielding was excellent; and as they luckily managed to got more thaq half their -■total number of base hits in one inifing, tho con sequence was they won. Trapoy and Olapp ex celled in fielding, and Wood and Fisher in bat-, ting."' Tho umpiring was excellent. Tho follow ing is a summary, oi tho game: Philadelphia, Juno 11,—'Third game of the cham pionship series between tho PhlUdulphias and Ath letics; r/fllujelphla, Hlt P A Athletic. .ItD I' A Onthbert.l. f... '0 110 McQc&ry, 0. i,. 113 2 Wood', 2u. 19 4 3 Mcßride, p,. ... . 0 10 1 Malouo. c...... 2 2 4 1 Anson, 1n.;.., 'llßl Moyorle,Bh.... 112 1 Flalor,2b 0 10 1 Bechtel;r.f..,, 0 0 1 0 Fisher, r, f...,. 1 8 2 0 Fulmer, 0. 5.... 1 2 2 4 Button,3 b„... 12 2 1. Trcooy, 0. f.,,.. 1 2 6 0 Olapp, 0 0 16 3 Maok, 1b...... 118 0 Bonneud’or, o. f, 0 0 0 0 Zettlclu, p 0 0 0 1 MoMulUn, Lf.. 10 4 0 ' Total 71227 10 Total.. 610 27 8 , ; ' BUNS BOOBED, Athletic 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 0 o—s Philadelphia 0 0 Oil 0 5 0 o—7 Buns Kuruod—Philadelphia, 3: Athletic. 0; Fjnt Base on-Errors—l’Jiilfulolplilu, 0) Athletic. 3. Umpire—N, B. Young, Washington Base Ball Club. • Time of Game—Ono hour fifty-five minutes. Philadelphia,. June 14.—Bose Ball—Philadol phias, 10 1 Atlantlcs, U, - I . Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Beloit, Juno 14.—Tho Beloit College nine de feated tho Madison University club at the sec ond match game, to-day, by 81) to 27* ■ THE TRIGGER. • Yonic, Juno 14.—Some sixty gentlemen, including Qon. Shuler. Cols. Church, Wingate, and Cullen, Orange Judd, Chester P. Dewey, ami other prominent military men and journal ists; proceeded to Oroodmoor. Long Inl and, this afternoon, to ' inspect its grounds, preparatory to the opening next wook of tho National Rifle Association. It was found that some $20,000 in addition to the SBO,OOO appropriated by tho State had boon ex pended iu laying out a range, Importing targets, purchasing rifles, etc. Don Wood's Lotteries* Newbuuqu, N. Y,. Juno 14. —Judge Fanohor, of Now York, to-day beard the argument iu this city iu tho case of Simmons against benjamin Wood, Involving Kentucky lotteries. Another Celestial World Hoard From# Drntorr, Mich., Juue 14.—A dispatch from Prof. Watson, at Ann Arbor, Utah., save s “I have discovered, In tho constellation Opuluohus, ft pliwiot hitherto unlmowni Ita irliht In 17 hotiraj 17 minutoa, audita doolimvtion. la 21 M-minutes, sotith. It shines like ft -at&rof the eleventh magnitude, and is moving north and west." • _ MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Foreign fflnrlcotn* Taysupool, June 14—11 a. m.—Flour, 27a 6d028a Cd. Winter wheat, 12s 2d* spring, lltol2s ; white, 11s lldol2a Id; club, 12s id. Com, 2650d0275. Pork, 05s. Lard, 88fl (Id. Liverpool, Jims 14—6;30 p. in.—Breadstuff# un changed. Pork, (32s 6d, Lonpok, Juno 14—3 p. m.—Consols for money, 02*£ for account, 02J$; 6-Qoa of ’OS, :do of '07,91 u ; _lO-40«, 89 j now os, 89Wj Erie, 60;/. FnAKßfoim Juno 14.—rlvo-tvrentfos of *62, 00. Paris, Juno 14.—Rentes, 60f 700. .Liverpool, Juno 14. —Cotton quiet; middling up land, American, O,WO bales, ana spooulaUon and export, 2,000. n Broadstuffs quiet. Oats market bare. Pork, 02s Cd. Roof, 81s Cd. Tallow, 41s 6d,, All other articles" unchanged. \ ffow York Dry Goods market* New Took, Juno 14.—Tbs market was very quiet, and cotton goods were without quotable change in Unit bands, and irregular with the Jobbers. Brown and bleached cottons was quiet. Denims wore in fair request. Blripefl and ebooks are slow. Prints wore quiet, except at Job prices. Woolens ruled loss ac tive. Kentucky Joans wore very dull, at nominal prices. Medium grade heavy casslraoros were In mod erate demand by the clothiers. Foreign goods ruled Inactive. The ary goods Imports for the weak were 1215,038. The Produce fflnrkoU* NEW YORK, New Tons, June 11-Cottok—Dan: middling up land, 20#o. ' BacADaTUrps—Flour dun and lower ; receipts, 22,- 000 brls; superfine Western, $5.2505.70; common (a good 37.60; white wheat, $7.60(59.60; Ohio, $5.6609.60; Bt. Louis, $6.95011.00. Bye flour dull end lower at $4,76(35,29. Com meal quiet and unchanged. - Wheat lower and loss active; shippers holding back; receipts, 51,000 bu; Northwestern spring, $ No. 9‘Milwaukee,; very choice lowa amber, $1.60: winter rod Western, $1.60. Ryo heavy: West ern, first half July, 83c. Barley and malt dull and unchanged. Oom loss active ami easier; receipts, BL OW bu; now mixed Woe tern, 54058 c; heated do, 60tf ©520; white, 70#o; yellow, 660. Oats unchanged: receipts, 70,000 bu. * Wooi/—ln fair demand, but prices weak; domestic fleece, 6O05O#o: medium do, 4Go; Unwashed, 00032 c; spring clip, California, 23030 c. Boos—Dull and heavy. Hat—‘Dull and heavy. Hors—Quiet and firm ; 55®500 for’erop of 1872, Leather—Quiet at 29030cOrinoca,) 27028 c. • Groceries—Coffee quiet and steady at 17'tf©19;tfo. Sugar quiet and steady; fair to 'good refining, 6>£o. Molasses quiet and unchanged. Rico quiet and steady at TXQtiyo, . Petroleum—Crude, 8Xo*» refined, I9>£o. Turpentine—Quiet at 46045#0, • , k ,v . Provisions—Pork firmer; n6w mow, $10.65; prime mess, $17.W©18.00. Beef dull and unchanged, Out moata-JTcklod hams, Middles un changed. Lsrd Aria; Western steam, B,VOB 15-ICo kettle, BKftWe. ■ . Butter—Quiet and firm; Western, 16023 c. Cheese—Qulot and wook; fair to prime now Stole factory, 12014 c, Wuiskt—ln fair demand at 03tfc. LOUISVILLE. Louisville, Juno 14. —BnExoaxurra—Flour dull and nominal. Grain qniot and unchanged.. Provisions—Firm; pork steady at $17.00. Bacon and bulk-moats Arm and unchanged. Lard, choice leaf at B#@9#o, Wuiskt—Steady at Wo, DETBOIT. Detroit, June 14.—UaEAnaxurre— Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat dull and a shade lower; extra white and No. 2 neglected • No. 1, $1.73#®1.73. Corn dull oud lower at 42c. Oats dull and lower at 840. MEMPHIS. Memphis, Juno IV-Cotton—Good and fins ; good ordinary, 100 i low middling, 17#o. , Bqeadbtupfs—Flour dull and nominal. Oommcal ocllvo at $2.85. Com dull and lower, at sC®6Bc. Oats dull and nominal. ' Hat—Dull and unchanged. Bran—Lower, at $13.00, .• Baoon—pull and nominal. - n ST. LOUIS. St. Louis, Junol4.— Bnz.iDßTurrs— Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat -dull and a sbado; lower on nil grades bolow No. 2 red winter; No. 3 rod winter $i;40@1.43 ; No. 4 do, $1.58(31.60. Corn.firm; No. 2, 38#®39a on track; S9#oJuly. Barley nominal, llyo dull and unchanged., Provisions —Pork dull and unchanged, at $10.76® 17.00. Bulk meats dull and nominal. Bacon more active for future; climr side*, buyer Juno, 9#o ; sollor July,9#o;.clcatribaudolewrßldcß. Co; round cash on orders—ehouldow, 7#o I clear rib, 9#o; door, 9# ®9#o. Lard dull and nominal.' WmsKT— Quiet, ut 89c. Cattle— Firm; prime to choice native, 5®0o; fair butchers’, 4#®4#c. Koqb —Quiot; most Bide* at $4.15®4.55. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, June 14.—Breadstuffo—Flour dull ami unchanged. Wheat quiet and'weak; No. 1, $1.29# ; No. 3, $1.21 cash; $1.20# Juno; sl.lß# July. Oats firm ; No. 2, 270. Com dull and lower ; N<>. 3, 340. Bye steady;' No, 1, C3a. Barley dull and nominal, —. . - . Freights—To Buffalo. 0 Vo; Oswego, 130. Receipts—Flour, 6,000 hrla; wheat, 106,000 bn. BinrxiaNXS—Flour, 0,000 brls; wheat, 1113,000 ha. Olsvz&amd, Juno 14.—Bmubbtowb—Wheat scarce and firm ; No. 1 rod, $1.65, oakod, $1.43 bid. . Com dull and lower; high mixed, 460 | low do, 43c. Oats dull and lower-; No. 1,36 c. '. ,■. > ' Pexboleum—Steady; standard- white, car lots, 16&o; small lots, B@4o State test, ’i%@23>4c. Osvraao, Juno 14.—Bueadstutfs—Wheat dull; No. 1 Milwaukee, (1.63; white Canada, (1.80. Com duliatOlkfc. Oats dull; no sales. CINCINNATI. Cisoinhatx, June 14.— Bbeadbtuvtb —Flour dull at $7.00@Y.40. Wheat dull at $1.40. Corn quiet at 42®43, Ilya quiet at 70c, O&ta dull at 35Q45C. Bar ley nominal. pbovihionb— Pork quiet; bold ,at $16.60. Lard dull and nominal;- Stfo cash; kettle, Bko. .Bulk meats held firm; shoulders, 6>*o; clear rib, clear, B&@B>*c, uud in good demand at a shado less. Ba con firm; shoulders, 7>40; sides bold at 0A£o; clear rib, 9Jic. Whisky—Arm at 89c. PHILADELPHIA. PiTTT.Angt.pnTA, June 14. —BuEADSTprvfl—Flour dull’ and declining; superfine, (4.60(35.05; extras, (5.60. Wheat dull; red, (1.60®1.6C; amber, (1.08(31.70; white, (1.80(31.90. Rye, ttr»@B«c. - Corn dull; yellow, £6® 69c: mixed Western. 66068 c. Oats In good de mand; white, C0(3620; black and mixed, 48(ft50c. Woon—Pennsylvania and Ohio tleece, 863630 ; un washed Ohio, 38(3830. , . Whisky—Dull at 'Jitfc. BALTIMORE. Baltimohb, Juno 14,—linEADBiurra^-Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat' dull; winter red Western, $1.W®1.65; rod spring, (L.46®1.60. Corn steady. Oats dull; mixed Western, 400 ; white, 4Co. Rye quiet at 6Q(o)(JOo. PnovisioHa—Dull and unchanged. J Butter—'Western good to oholco, IB@2oc. Whisky—93}<c. , . ' NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, Juno 14.—PuoviaiONB—Pork held nt $17.76, with buyers at (17.60, aud refused.. Wuihky—Firmer at 94@000. Others unchanged. v*” • Cotton—Finn; sales 3,600 bales at quo-, latloun: receipts, 846 bales ; exports, Great Britain, 7,003 bales; coast, 1,067 bales; stock on hand, 60,480- balca. • BUFFALO. :Bukpaxo, Juno 14.—Flour 26c lower. Wheat dull and lower; 3 cars No. 2 Milwaukee at $1.40. Com dull and lower; 6,000 bu No. 3 mixed Western sold at 455. Oats inactive, and nominally hold at S7o. Other grains neglected. Fiuhuuts— Firm; wheat, lOJrfo; corn, owe. TOLEDO. . T°txpo, . Juno 14.— BRKADBTorro— Flour steady. Wheat a shado’better; No'. 8 Wabash, $1.60; amber Michigan, $1.63; spot and June, $1.60 ; July No. 1 red, (1.65; No. 3, $1.60. Corn steady ;r high mixed. 38>fc, spot or June; 430 for July ; 44>;c for August. Oats dull and nominal; No. 2, s JUc ; Michigan, 34®34 J(0; rejected, 83c. - . . - - Fußionxs—Dull and unchanged. 88,000 bu ; oats, 4,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 1,000 brls; wheat, 10,000 bu; corn, 28,000 bu; oats, 4,000 bu. MARINE. , I’ort of Chicago* • ! ARRIVED 1...Jun0 14. Prop B. F. 'ffado, Port Huron, lOTbrls sugar, and bud* . 1 dries. Prop M, Grab, Manistee, 110 m lumber. Barge Windsor, Manlatoo, 1250 ra lumber. Schr Llvo Oak. Muuiatco, ICO m lumber. Prop Plymouth. Buffalo, 431 bars railroad Iron. Bchr Favorite, Buffalo, 750 tons railroad Iron. Belli Gipsy, Muskegon. 118 m lumber, 15 in lath, Bcow Harriot Ann, Wblta Lake, 85 m lumber. Beqw Granger, Bt. Paul's Pier, 40' m lumber, 39 eda I bark. Stmi Corona, St. Soseph, 1,320 cases strawberries, 22 i bifl flab. Schr MudUou. White Lake, IS m lumber, tichr Minnesota. Menominee, 100 m lumber. 390 m lath. Barge Mery Amnuda, Grand Huveu, 200 m lumber. Bohr Mount Vornon, Holland. 45 m lumber. Sebr Mosollo, Wolf River, 2,120-rallroad tics, 7,506 co dar ties. Scbr Woiliu, Holland, 37 m atavoa, Sebr Dashing Wave. Cleveland, 610 tons coal. Schr Japan* Ford River, 105 tn lumber. Bohr Senator Blood, Oswego. 423 tons coal. Barb Jeesio Drummond, Gouorloh, 9,303 brla saft Burk Cleveland, Menominee, 100 m lumber. Belli Liberty, Muskegon, 80 m lumber. Sebr Two Brothers, Menominee, 185 m lumber; Schr Lumberman, Black Crook, 120 m lumber, 100 m lath. Bohr Persia, White Lake. 05 tn lumber, tichr Jennie Lind, Grand Haven, 06 m lumber* Schr O. M. Portch, Oconto. 350 m lumber. Prop Oneida* Butfalo, 431 bam railroad Iron. Schr Wm. W. Baton, St, Joseph, 40 m lumber* Bchr Qortrudo, Point Bauble, 76 m lumber. Schr Milan, Ponaaukeo, 100 m lumber, 180 m lath, Bohr Qulijo, Ht. Joaopb, 60 m lumhor. Bohr Sea Gem, Uowauuoo, 4,600 cedar poets. 1,200 rail. . t road ties. . . Bohr Cornelia, Mouomtnee, 315 m lumber, 60 zn pth. Bdir Riba, Ludwig’s Pier, 65 m lumbar. Slmr City of London, Spanish Olty, 07 m lumber, and sundries. . „ . .. Schr Dawn, mite Lake, 60 m lumber, 26 m lath. Bchr Joses, Muskegon, 116 ni lumber, 16 m lath, tichr E, Bcoyille, Muskegon, 100 m lumber, 25 m lath. dchr Westchester, Muskegon, 140 m lumber. Schr 0. L. Johnson, Muskegon, 010 m lumber. BcUr 0. J. Boeder, Muskegon, 125 m Imnlwr. ARRIVED ...JIIDOIB. Carso Albert, PeshUga. 300 in lumber. Cargo Voquebty, Peahllgo, (384 m lumber, Bebr O, North, Ludlnglmi, 100 m lumber. Prop Dean Richmond, Buuulo, 330 barn ntcol ratio, and anmlrJofl, Prop Chicago, Buffalo, sundries. H. V. Baldwin, Escnnnba, 000 tons pig-iron, Bebr R. Nicholson. Erie, coal. Prop Fountain Oily, Buffalo, sundries. . CLEARED .June 14. Prop East, Goderich, 14.000 bn wheat, 1,600 bu corn, 00 brla mofli pork, 11 blf brls mean pork, 10 brls idmb beef,4, 800 Dullard, 1,800 lbs bsra, 200 lbs < bacon, > I’ ’ Prop Oneida, Buffalo, 17,008 bu wheat, 1,300 brla flour, ! 600 brw oom meal, 66 brla flaxseed, 40 pkga but ter, and sundries, Blmr' Corona, fit. Joseph, 298 pkgs sundrlca, Bebr Russia, Buffalo, 20,000 bu corn. Bebr Champion, Buffalo, 88,000 bu com. Bohr Mosler, Buffalo, 18,300 bu corn. Bclir Amaranth. Buffalo, 18,200 bu corn. Bebr J. Wesley, Buffalo, 22,650 bu corn. Bela Wm. Fallon, Jr„ Erie, 14,879 bu com, Bohr Christine Nllsoon. Buffalo. 23.500 bu corn. Bebr WolUn, Holland, 125 brls salt. Blmr Alpena, Muskegon, ICO bdla Iron, and sundries, Bebr O. D. Norris, Buffalo. 15,030 Im wheat, Bebr Idaho, Buffalo, 17,000 bu wheat, Bebr Prince Alfred. Prescott, 18,449 bu wheat. Bebr n. Rand, Alaska, 60 brla salt, and sundries. Barge h. 12. Tyson, Marinette, 8 brls pork, 500 brls bacon, 1 brl hams. CLEARED.... ..Juno 15, flehr Tecnmseh, Walkorsrtllo, 14,037 bu ryo. Bark A, V. Nichols, Buffalo, 20,072 bu com. I’rop D. F. Wade, Port Huron, 24,037 bu com, 909 brla flour, and sundries. Prop Michael Orob, Manistee, sundries, Bebr Georgo Steele, Kingston, 16,607 bu com. Prop City of Loudon, Oollingwood, 16,000 bucom.Bo . brla pork. * Bchr E. Fitzgerald, Port Oolbomo. 19,066 bu com iTop Doan Richmond, Buffalo, 00,000 bu oats, 2,500 brla < flour. * Prop Chicago. Buffalo, light. Prop W. M. Tweed, Buffalo, 400 brls flour. take Freights, Rates to Buffalo closed at OJfaejfc for corn, and ? a i A ' P - Nloho1 ”; com nt 6XO! «chr Rod Wing (Friday), com on private terms ; to Port Col bouruo, echr E. Fitzgerald, com at Co; to Kingston, , *. a °OT. Stoclo « 00111 on Private terms; to S **.' CoWugwood, of London, corn, through ; to Portland via Sarnia, prop B. F, Wady corn, through rata; to New York via Buffalo, props Fountain City, D, Richmond, and Colorado, corn, through; prop Nebraska, oats, through, via Erie: ?E?5A V , ln8low » cor °» through ; total capacity equal to 240,000 bu com and 78,000 bu oats. * 1 5u J?,? W‘-“Obartora reported: Darks S. V. R. Watson, City of Palnosvlllo, Winona, aud Ono onta, and schr. J. Wilcox, coal to Chicago at SI.OO free. Reported by Oapt. Tom OoJUns : Schr M. Williams, coal to Chicago, up-town, at SU2&, free: schr Bark alow, coal to Detroit at C6c, free ; schr F. E. Duuford. railroad iron to Detroit at SI.OO, f. o. b. Voftsola Fasted Detroit* Detroit, Mich., Juno 14.—Passed Up—Props D. W. Powers* W. T. Graves, Union, Passaic, Potomac, Em pire Stale, Chamberlin, Oily of Now York, Nebraska. Purest City and barge: barks Ned, White, and Blum Watson, Vanderbilt; schrs Helvetia. Alice Norris, Fly ing Mist, Laura Dollo, Cascade, Bay State, Cooper, Oliva Dranch. -Etna, Eislng Star, Daniel Fort, Lucy Clark, Ahlra Cobb. Maid of the Mlßt. Passed Down—Props Jarvis Lord, Toaorafte, Idaho, Nashua, Cuba, Oanlateo, Merchant. Montana, laano May and barges. Evergreen Clly and barges; schra Perry Hanna, Kathorford, Snowdrop. Fame. Louisa. Wind—South. • Detroit, Mich,, Juno 14.—Passed Up—Propeller Beotia: barks Naiad, Kate Davloy; schooners D. Stew art, Midnight, Emou, Wm. Grundy, Owaaco, G. Sber luan, Sweepstakes. Passed Down—Propellers Jay Gould, Alasbo, Brad bury and bark • bark BurnMdo; schooners Notts Weaver, Cambria, McGrath, Jcaso, Antelope, Frank Crawford. Wind—South. Illinois Rlvor and Canal Pfewe, Special DUpateh to The Chicago Tribune., 111., Jane 14.—The steamer Katie, arrived from Henry, having In tow the canal-boats Gypsy Queen. Ulidon. and Sunbeam—the first two from Uou ry, ana the last two from Lake Depuc—all loaded with • corn for CUicaOo. ■ They passed into the canal. Tho Rtoimoc Katie, light, and the canal-boat Mout&uk, from Chicago, loaded with lumber for Peru, departed for that port. The.canal-boat Cataract, from Chicago, loaded with flour and lumber, dropped down to Hon ‘ nopin, her destination. Tho canal-ooat Hubert Holmes, from Chicago, loaded with• lumber for -Qriggsvlllo Landing, passed out of the canal, uud awaits towage to her destination. Seven feet of water on the mllto-slll of the lock at Henry, and 9 foot 7' inches of wator on tho mitro-sIU of Lock 16, aro reported to-day. . Canal Office, Chicago, Juno 14,1:20 p. m..—Arriv ed—Schr Brilliant, Lockport, 6,800 bu com- oud several boat-loads of stone. Cleared—Prop Whale, 235 btls salt; prop Henry* 165 brls salt; prop Ottawa, 80 brls salt; prop .Seneca, 20 brls salt; prop Morris, 20 brls salt, .Joliet: prop Friendship, Houry, 97,907 foot lumber; prop Mon arch, Lockport, CD,427feet lumber, 100 m shingles; prop Phoenix, Lockport, 77,703 foot lumber, 10 m lath ; prop Board of Trade, 21,774 feet lumber, 100 m lath, 100 m shingles, 110 brls salt; prop Marseilles. 2,278 posts, Morris. Delay at the Ore A*ort<«« • A gentleman here who has several vessels engaged la tbo Iron oro trade furnishes tho following: Tho achr O. A. King, of* thin port, has been delayed at Escanaba thirteen days, waiting cargo. Tho bark Maria Martin is in pon with coal, bdugnnable to obtain an order for ore. This lost named vessel Is chartered for tho season between Eecauaba and Cleveland. Several vessels have been detained at Marquette, also, on account of the scarcity of oro at that point. miscollaunona. Tho echr Barbarian which has boon quite extensive ly repaired at Sheboygan, and la now as good as new, la at present In tbo North Branch. She has received ucw planking.,masts, spars, rigging, etc., the cost of the repairs being somewhere in the neighborhood of (8,000. Tho Barbarian is engaged in freighting lum ber, and carries about 320 m feet. —Steamers and vessels, since tbo new channel over tbo St. Ol&ir Flats has been closed, pass through the old route, whero there has been a sufficiency of water for ail vessels thus far this season. —ln the opinion of vcsaol-man at Detroit, the now schooner S. 11. Foster, of Cleveland, ban tho best ar ranged and most noatiy finished cabin of auysall-vcH scl on the lakes. Tho Foster took in 44,200 bushels of wheat at Milwaukee. She draws 13 foot C inches oft, and 13 feet 3 inches forward. —Tho value of tbo Umber rafts lost last fall on Lake Huron, beyond recovery, is said to amount to upwards 0f51,000,600. —Later advices state that tbo Mary E. Porcw is in no Immediate danger of breaking up, and, except a leak age, can be got off all right would tbo weather con tinue favorable. Tho tug don. McClellan, fitted out with steam pumps, has gone tober-aid from Detroit. —Efforts are again being made to release tho steamer Seal Bled, ashore on Kelley’s Island. —The bark O. K. Nims. laden with 33,400 bu of com, has made a quick run from Chicago to Detroit, occupying only Ihreo days and a few hours. For some distance she mot with adverse winds. ; -pTho schr Gcu. Worth, coal laden, While going up tho river at Detroit, got aground on Grassy Island, Wednesday. She has since arrived at Detroit, having bean got off without injury, —Tho Detroit Tribune calls the atlcntlou of tbo lak* -Captains to tbo following:- “The tugs Torrent and Vulcan will be engaged principally the remainder of Uio Season lu towing rafts from Lake Ilurou to Ilia „Oh(o-and Intermediate ports. Both tugs carry largo locomotive;. lights, which at night reflect back upon their rafts, thus enabling vessel maators to know they aro, approaching rafts, .aud to avoid running into them.” ” —Tito Kingston Newt says : A fog-boll has been erected In the vicinity of Simcoo lighthouse, on tbo southwest point of Simcoe Island, nine miles west of this point; and directions have been given to sound it during thick and foggy weather and during snow storms.-while tho season of navigation continues. The bell is operated by machinery aud sounded at rog ,ular Intervale* four times in each mluuU, and will probably bo hoard a distance of four miles. The stone tower at Windmill Point, near Prescott, has been con verted into a lighthouse, aud a fixed whits light nil! bo shown on the Ifitlriust. Tbo light is elevated ninety two feet above high water, and In tffenr weather ohould bo scon a distance of 16 miles. Tho illuminating ap paratus Is catoptric.' • —The Detroit papers give the following: The party" engaged in' oroctuig a lighthouse on Like Huron at Spectacle Reef Is making good progress. All tho . -requisite material is ut baud. This place is a rocky < shopl, entirely under watur, amtaboutcovou-elghths of a mile in extout north and south, aud ouc-fourth of » mile oast aud west, divided by a narrow channel, with 10 feet of water. The least water on tho reef is 7 feet. The soundings are irregular uo;iv tho reef, 5 and 13 fathoms close to. From tho reef to tho cast end of Bois Blauo tho soundings vary from 4 (0 24 fathoms,' rocky 1 bottom. On tho crib recently erected h tempo! rary light has boon established. This light will occa sionally bo obstructed in a westerly direction by the machinery In use lu constructing tho lighthouse. From the southward tho light should not Ira approach ed nearer than threo-fourths of a mile. In other direc tions give it a berth of at least one-fourth of a mile. A 10-lnch steam fog-whistle will bu sounded In thick or foggy-weather, as follows: A blast of three seconds, thou an iutorvnl of twelve suoonds; then another blase of throe seconds, followed by an interval of forty-two seconds, and so on. The steamer Peerless, of tho Peoples* Lino, arrived at this port Sunday, bringing down a full load of pas sengers aud freight. Thu Peerless is to bo ropaiuted and fitted out immediately, aud will leave 011 tho Amt pleasure excursion ou Juno 24. Mr. 11. D. Haddock, the clerk, furnishes the following extracts from the log of the downward trip, as follows: Left Mar quette Wednesday noon. Tho following vessels wur there: Orkney Lass, Clara Parker, Hattie Howard, Athenian, Sardinia, San Jacinto, O. 11, Walker, Min eral State, Hemisphere, Wuucoma, Harvest Suoon, Mary Elizabeth, Now Loudon, Win. Ogdon, J. 1!. Gilmore, ‘william Bhupp, and F, S. Mott. Left (ho canal Friday morn ing. May 13. Tho D. A. Van Valkeuburg, Middlesex, amt Selkirk passed through tho day before, bound up. Thu lug Constitution was at tho canal with tho bark Massillon, which had been uihoro at Two Heart lUvor, but y/M got off without serious damage. The now •team barge Genova, Oapl. George P, McKay, with her consorts, tho Genoa and Verona., also, the barges Bberidau aud Oliver Cromwell, unu tbo L. J. Farwelt aud Guiding Star, were-there. The Orosstwalto was ogruunrt in the Ncblah. Thu O, J. Maglll was lying at tho dock. Mot thu barge B. E. Bholdou at (ho head of Lake Ooorgo, Left Detour ou tho same evening. Tho barges Fay and Rhodes left at the some Umo. —The famous Minnoliahu Falla mid 0,300 ocrea of land aro to bo aold at auction, bolo commenc ing oa July 1.

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